Is the US or the World Coming to an End? — by Paul Craig Roberts

Is the US or the world coming to an end? It will be one or the other. 2014 is shaping up as a year of reckoning for the United States.

END OF WORLDTwo pressures are building on the US dollar. One pressure comes from the Federal Reserve’s declining ability to rig the price of gold as Western gold supplies shrivel and market knowledge of the Fed’s illegal price rigging spreads.

The evidence of massive amounts of naked shorts being dumped into the paper gold futures market at times of day when trading is thin is unequivocal. It has become obvious that the price of gold is being rigged in the futures market in order to protect the dollar’s value from QE.

The other pressure arises from the Obama regime’s foolish threats of sanctions on Russia. Other countries are no longer willing to tolerate Washington’s abuse of the world dollar standard. Washington uses the dollar-based international payments system to inflict damage on the economies of countries that resist Washington’s political hegemony.

Russia and China have had enough. As I have reported and as Peter Koenig reports here Russia and China are disconnecting their international trade from the dollar. Henceforth, Russia will conduct its trade, including the sale of oil and natural gas to Europe, in rubles and in the currencies of its BRICS partners.

This means a big drop in the demand for US dollars and a corresponding drop in the dollar’s exchange value.

As John Williams ( has made clear, the US economy has not recovered from the downturn in 2008 and has weakened further. The vast majority of the US population is hard pressed from the lack of income growth for years. As the US is now an import-dependent economy, a drop in the dollar’s value will raise US prices and push living standards lower.

All evidence points to US economic failure in 2014, and that is the conclusion of John Williams’ April 9 report.

This year could also see the breakup of NATO and even the EU.

Washington’s reckless coup in Ukraine and threat of sanctions against Russia have pushed its NATO puppet states onto dangerous ground. Washington misjudged the reaction in Ukraine to its overthrow of the elected democratic government and imposition of a stooge government. Crimea quickly departed Ukraine and rejoined Russia. Other former Russian territories in Ukraine might soon follow.

Protesters in Lugansk, Donetsk, and Kharkov are demanding their own referendums. Protesters have declared the Donetsk People’s Republic and Kharkov People’s Republic. Washington’s stooge government in Kiev has threatened to put the protests down with violence.

Washington claims that the protests are organized by Russia, but no one believes Washington, not even its Ukrainian stooges.

Russian news reports have identified US mercenaries among the Kiev force that has been sent to put down the separatists in eastern Ukraine. A member of the right-wing, neo-Nazi Fatherland Party in the Kiev parliament has called for shooting the protesters dead.

Violence against the protesters is likely to bring in the Russian Army and result in the return to Russia of its former territories in Eastern Ukraine that were attached to Ukraine by the Soviet Communist Party.

With Washington out on a limb issuing threats hand over fist, Washington is pushing Europe into two highly undesirable confrontations. Europeans do not want a war with Russia over Washington’s coup in Kiev, and Europeans understand that any real sanctions on Russia, if observed, would do far more damage to Europeans.

Within the EU, growing economic inequality among the countries, high unemployment, and stringent economic austerity imposed on poorer members have produced enormous strains. Europeans are in no mood to bear the brunt of a Washington-orchestrated conflict with Russia.

While Washington presents Europe with war and sacrifice, Russia and China offer trade and friendship. Washington will do its best to keep European politicians bought-and-paid-for and in line with Washington’s policies, but the downside for Europe of going along with Washington is now much larger.

Across many fronts, Washington is emerging in the world’s eye as duplicitous, untrustworthy, and totally corrupt.

A Securities and Exchange Commission prosecuting attorney, James Kidney, used the occasion of his retirement to reveal that higher ups had squelched his prosecutions of Goldman Sachs and other “banks too big to fail,” because his SEC bosses were not focused on justice but “on getting high-paying jobs after their government service” by protecting the banks from prosecution for their illegal actions.

The US Agency for International Development has been caught trying to use social media to overthrow the government of Cuba.

This audacious recklessness comes on top of Washington’s overthrow of the Ukrainian government, the NSA spying scandal, Seymour Hersh’s investigative report that the Sarin gas attack in Syria was a false flag event arranged by NATO member Turkey in order to justify a US military attack on Syria, Washington’s forcing down Bolivian President Evo Morales’ presidential plane to be searched, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” the misuse of the Libyan no-fly resolution for military attack, and on and on.

Essentially, Washington has so badly damaged other countries’ confidence in the judgment and integrity of the US government that the world has lost its belief in US leadership.

Washington is reduced to threats and bribes and increasingly presents as a bully.

The self-inflicted hammer blows to Washington’s credibility have taken a toll. The most serious blow of all is the dawning realization everywhere that Washington’s crackpot conspiracy theory of 9/11 is false.

Large numbers of independent experts as well as more than one hundred first responders have contradicted every aspect of Washington’s absurd conspiracy theory.

No aware person believes that a few Saudi Arabians, who could not fly airplanes, operating without help from any intelligence agency, outwitted the entire National Security State, not only all 16 US intelligence agencies but also all intelligence agencies of NATO and Israel as well.

Nothing worked on 9/11. Airport security failed four times in one hour, more failures in one hour than have occurred during the other 116,232 hours of the 21st century combined.

For the first time in history the US Air Force could not get interceptor fighters off the ground and into the sky. For the first time in history Air Traffic Control lost airliners for up to one hour and did not report it. For the first time in history low temperature, short-lived, fires on a few floors caused massive steel structures to weaken and collapse. For the first time in history three skyscrapers fell at essentially free fall acceleration without the benefit of controlled demolition removing resistance from below.

Two-thirds of Americans fell for this crackpot story. The left-wing fell for it, because they saw the story as the oppressed striking back at America’s evil empire. The right-wing fell for the story, because they saw it as the demonized Muslims striking out at American goodness. President George W. Bush expressed the right-wing view very well: “They hate us for our freedom and democracy.”

But no one else believed it, least of all the Italians. Italians had been informed some years previously about government false flag events when their President revealed the truth about secret Operation Gladio. Operation Gladio was an operation run by the CIA and Italian intelligence during the second half of the 20th century to set off bombs that would kill European women and children in order to blame communists and, thereby, erode support for European communist parties.

Italians were among the first to make video presentations challenging Washington’s crackpot story of 9/11. The ultimate of this challenge is the 1 hour and 45 minute film, “Zero.” You can watch it here:

Zero was produced as a film investigating 9/11 by the Italian company Telemaco. Many prominent people appear in the film along with independent experts. Together, they disprove every assertion made by the US government regarding its explanation of 9/11.

The film was shown to the European parliament.

It is impossible for anyone who watches this film to believe one word of the official explanation of 9/11.

The conclusion is increasingly difficult to avoid that elements of the US government blew up three New York skyscrapers in order to destroy Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah and to launch the US on the neoconservatives agenda of US world hegemony.

China and Russia protested but accepted Libya’s destruction even though it was to their own detriment. But Iran became a red line. Washington was blocked, so Washington decided to cause major problems for Russia in Ukraine in order to distract Russia from Washington’s agenda elsewhere.

China has been uncertain about the trade-offs between its trade surpluses with the US and Washington’s growing encirclement of China with naval and air bases. China has come to the conclusion that China has the same enemy as Russia has – Washington.

One of two things is likely: Either the US dollar will be abandoned and collapse in value, thus ending Washington’s superpower status and Washington’s threat to world peace, or Washington will lead its puppets into military conflict with Russia and China.

The outcome of such a war would be far more devastating than the collapse of the US dollar.


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  1. Israel must come to an end. Out of self defense the civilised nations should bomb Israel back to the stone ages.

  2. “Rabbi Threatens Human Rights Lawsuit Against Non-Jews” (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

    Bern Switzerland (AP) Rabbi Jacob Slimeberg of the Jewish Association of Kosher Anti-Assimilationists (JAKASS) has issued a warning to the world’s non-Jewish population that was filed with the UNESCO office here in Switzerland and which states that an international lawsuit is now pending unless there is a substantial decrease in the world’s population of non-Jews .
    “Goyim aren’t dying quickly enough or in large enough numbers to satisfy us,” Slimeberg said in an recent AP interview, “and that represents a serious violation of our human rights as Jews.”
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    “I want all of the goyim to [email protected]#KING DIE and I want them to die as painfully as possible,” Silverman said.
    “If you aren’t Jewish, I just want you dead. It’s really that simple,” she said.

    1. Ever heard of “satire”? Do you really think “Rabbi Slimeberg” is a genuine name? Aren’t you aware that Sarah Silverman is a comedian?

      1. Yes, I realize that the post you link is not satire, it’s the genuine thing. But the material offered as genuine by the irony-deficient poster “Save the Goyim” is most definitely satirical. It’s important to know when one’s leg is being pulled.

  3. god help jews be smarter stronger better looking, so that they no longer murder steal and lie

  4. i have a question
    How can i post an article relating what happened to me in syria here at Darkmoon?
    thankyou for answering

  5. So the world is finally starting to realize that America has created itself as the Great Satan – Sodom and Gomorrah extraordinaire!
    For 2 decades I have loathed everything about the American experience, so much so that I recently refused a free, all-expenses-paid trip to the USA. What do you learn from such as Sex and the City? How to catch an STD in Jewish New York? How American women think through their pussies?
    To get an idea of why I think this about the USA just spend some time watching crowd behaviour at the WWE (wrestling) colisseums. (controlled by Jewish entrepreneurs) Those brainwashed, simpleton, mixed-race degenerates shouting “USA, USA, USA!” are what the USA is now all about. Add nude, wanton, filthy women and gangsta-rappers for “culture” and you see nothing but a zombie civiklization, taking its last gasps of highly polluted air. No wonder your zombie movies are loved by the kids!
    Paul Craig Roberts is correct: “Across many fronts, Washington is emerging in the world’s eye as duplicitous, untrustworthy, and totally corrupt.”
    The USA has lost any soul that it used to have: It is now the world’s pariah, along with its insidious client state Israel. It is involved in EVERY iniquity you can imagine!
    The sooner the rest of the world isolates this Great Satan the better.
    You stupid white Goys, who would not listen to the words of your Founding Fathers, Henry Ford, etc, can live with your beloved Jewish controllers and your racially-miscegenated, coffee-coloured stew of brewing evil. Your jails are full of thieving, murdering psychopaths and sociopaths because your “culture” and satanic educational systems breed them like J R Tolkien’s filthy Orcs and let them loose on the wider society in order to create havoc!
    The only way for the USA is progressively down the chute to national suicide. The world will be a lot better off without your depraved, corrupt presence.
    On the positive side, once you have attained complete rack and ruin, hopefully there will be enough white Goyim left with guns to start the rebuilding process, which can be done in a landscape that is still bounteous and probably the richest in the world.
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  6. No wonder the Jewish Lobby hate Paul Craig Roberts. He believes in “conspiracy theories”. Abraham Foxman is worried Roberts may question the new Jewish religion aka Holocaust.

    Two days ago, Israeli media reported that Russia is negotiating to buy 500,000 barrels Iranian oil on daily basis. So goodbye US$$$$.

    On September 26, 2001, Lt. Gen. Gul Hamid, the former Chief Spy of Pakistan’s intelligence Agency, ISI, – became the first intelligence officer who blamed the US government and Israeli Mossad for executing the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the US.

  7. Much is now spoken about the coming US resistance to its Jewish controllers. Militias are supposedly growing in number and gun sales are at record highs. There are signs the vets might be awakening.
    I think it is time a very visible listing of the heinous Goyim traitors and their Jewish commanders was be put in place.
    At the top, I would put all living presidents, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the head honchos of the Repubs and Democrats, Christian-Zionist leaders, and, of course all the head honcho Jews.
    Their photographs should be included in an easy to read identification manual, so that they can be picked out amongst the coming chaos.
    This mamual will also put them on notice.

    1. easier to shortlist the ones who did not peddle their miserable souls to baphomet.
      you could number them on fingers of one hand.

      all the rest of them barely qualify for fish bait.

    1. On June 17, 2010, British newspaper, The Times, published an Op-Ed by former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar (a Crypto Jew), claiming that “if Israel goes down, we all (entire West) go down“.

      However, there is another side of Spain which is rarely mentioned in the Jewish-controlled media. As the Easter approaches (April 18), many Christians will visit bars, pubs and taverns to drink their favorite drink called Matar Judios (Kill Jews in Spanish). This traditional drink is made from red wine mixed with water, sugar and lemonade.

      The said tradition is attributed to King Ferdinand the Catholic, when he signed the decree expelling the Jews from Spain, “For every lemonade that I drink, there are a Jew that I pulverize” is a possible origin of the expression reached by oral transmission that evolved becoming “kill Jews”.

  8. So the kids English homework after Easter will be to read this great article… plus Save the Goyim’s great example of satire and Max Bliney’s emotive example of descriptive writing.

    Then we will all watch “Zero” together. Non-stop fun here!

    1. “turtle”, what is this unintelligible crap that you have written?
      “Emotive example?” – You idiot, read all the articles on darkmoon, Vets today, etc. and then give your learned qualification as to what constitutes emotive writing! And whilst you are at it, read as much from the ZIO-Jews as possible – Yes, their world view of turning Earth into a people-less void if they don’t get their way etc.
      You mindless fool, just read the lateast 2 articles on this site by Roberts and Kapler and you can start your much needed education!
      And then learn to write honestly and intelligibly so that people can understand your limp-brained, confused pseudo-meanings!
      Idiots like you should not read beyond their puerile depth!

  9. …. is likely: Either the US dollar will be abandoned and collapse in value, thus ending Washington’s superpower status and Washington’s threat to world peace, or Washington will lead its puppets into military conflict with Russia and China.
    It is impossible Washington will lead its puppets into military conflict with… not GB, people wouldn’t follow – and only Turkey has a bigger army these days. But one can expect the $$ will not be given up so easy.

    1. “the end is nigh”

      But what exactly is it the end OF?

      Could it be the “end of the Beginning”, wherein the “Beginning” of Genesis would suggest a disingenuous pose of Time effected by “capturing the aeons” and fashioning cloaks called “spirals of time and space” per the Einsteinian physics? (would-be euphemism for ‘cosmological jew conspiracy’)

      If the Great Spirit is the Alpha AND the Omega (“O”) with NO beginning and NO end, then how and why is it that expressions of itself (us, we-choose your pronoun) experience their Being through these demarcations of “Time”?

      But with the damage done, are we to ‘now look forward’ to some form of correction? A “Cosmic re-call”. A “Dharmic do-over”?

      How might this occur?

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