Israel: A cornered rat

. . . by Kevin Barrett

Henry Kissinger gave Israel ten more years. Israel’s days are clearly numbered. The sooner this terrorist state  is wiped from the page of history, the better.


Israel is strong, mighty, invincible. Israel has truckloads of nuclear weapons. Israel has cluster bombs, DIME weapons, white phosphorus, and other illegal or experimental munitions with which it can kill and maim as many Palestinian civilians as it likes.

Israel is especially proficient at mass-murdering children. Israel constantly reminds us that it can exercise the “Samson option” and drop nuclear weapons on the capitals of Europe and the Middle East. Israel has even colonized America, the world’s most powerful nation, exacting billions of dollars a year in tribute. What a stunningly prepotent entity! The world stands in awe of the great and terrible Israel.

That, at least, is what the Israelis would have us believe.

But it is just an illusion. Israel is not behaving like a confidently powerful nation. Instead, it is desperately lashing out like a cornered rat in the final throes of rabies.

Israel’s genocide against the people of Gaza is sparking a seismic shift in world public opinion. Former New York Times journalist Philip Weiss, a noted Jewish critic of Israel, recently wrote: “There are more signs today that what the Israeli assault on Gaza in 2008-2009 did for the left, the latest assault is doing for the mainstream: solidifying a perception that Israeli leadership has lost its moorings, opening the floodgates of criticism.”

Netanyahu’s decision to crucify Gaza has backfired. Israel has attained none of its announced strategic objectives: It cannot destroy Hamas, cannot stop the rocket fire, cannot stop Gazans from digging tunnels. In short, it cannot stop the Palestinian resistance from building on Hezbollah’s accomplishments in its 2006 victory over Israel.

Nor can Israel attain its unannounced strategic objective, which was to destroy all prospects for Palestinian unity. Netanyahu had apparently hoped that when Israel slaughtered Palestinian children, the Palestinians would blame Hamas. Instead, the Palestinians (and the world) blame Israel.

After all, it is Israeli soldiers who are murdering and maiming Palestinian  children. Not Hamas. Every last bit of Zionist-inflicted suffering elicits more strength and determination to resist Zionism by any means necessary, and to support whoever promises to fight the Zionists the hardest. And that goes for people all over the world, not just in Palestine.

University of Victoria professor John Dolan, writing under the pseudonym of “war nerd” Gary Brecher, recently republished views from a few years ago that are even more true today:

“Israel may win this battle, but it’s lost the war already…(In 2009) they killed 1400 Palestinians, and it didn’t do much but make everybody sick to their stomachs…In a situation like this, the real winner is likely to be the Gazans…Israel had lots of chances to deal with (the Palestinians) but they had a mandate—nothing worse than a mandate—and didn’t need to make a deal with anybody. Now it’s too late. There isn’t always a good solution at this point in the game. Maybe ten moves back you could’ve won, but not now.”

Most other strategists agree, though not all have the courage to say so in public. Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brezekinski says Netanyahu “is making a very serious mistake…he is isolating Israel. He’s endangering its longer-range future.”

What longer-range future? asks another legendary National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger. In a 2012 interview with the New York Post, Kissinger made the following blanket statement:

“In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

Even Israel’s most rabid supporters admit that it is failing in Gaza.

Neocon Zionist Jeffrey Goldberg admits as much in his article “Why Is Israel Losing a War It’s Winning?” Goldberg’s attempts to answer his own question are preposterous; he lashes out like a cornered rat at Hamas, at the world’s Muslims, at anyone who is “anti-Semitic” enough to oppose Israel’s ongoing genocide.

And genocide it is. Even the Zionists admit it. Yochanan Gordon spoke for the vast majority of Israeli Jews, and their supporters around the world, when he published an opinion article in Friday’s edition of The Times of Israel openly advocating genocide. Gordon’s article, entitled “When Genocide Is Permissible,” is far more extreme and revolting than anything Adolf Hitler ever wrote.

As Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said last week, “Those who condemn Hitler day and night have surpassed Hitler in barbarism.”

Some Zionist rats are lashing out at Obama and Kerry. They believe the American President and Secretary of State are sending the wrong signals by not supporting Israel’s assault on Gaza with sufficient fervor. That is one of the main reasons Israel is losing in Gaza, according to Jeffrey Goldberg. He accuses Kerry of “indulging” Hamas.

Other Zionist rats may not be just blaming Obama and Kerry, but actually conspiring against them. Last year American Zionist Andrew Adler, editor of the Jewish Times, published an editorial calling on the Israeli Mossad to kill President Obama. Many Zionists are probably entertaining the same notion today – despite the fact that Obama has exerted even less actual pressure on Israel than previous presidents did.

Once again, the cornered rats are lashing out at the wrong target.

Israel’s real political problem in America is not Obama himself, but the young people who voted for him. Israeli journalist Peter Beinart just published an article in Ha’aretz headlined:

“On Gaza, Israel is losing the Obama coalition. As America grows less nationalistic, less hawkish, and less religious it will grow less sympathetic to an Israel defined by exactly those characteristics.”

Beinart notes that Israel’s American supporters are gradually dying off:

“According to Gallup, while Americans over the age of 65 support Israel’s actions by a margin of 24 points, Americans under 30 oppose them by a margin of 26 points.”

It seems inevitable that in the not-so-distant future, the US – Israel’s lone supporter on the world stage – will turn against the Zionist entity. When that happens, Kissinger’s prophecy that Israel will cease to exist will be fulfilled.

Israel’s leaders know that time, history, and demographics are working against them. They know that apartheid South Africa, a racist regime that was not nearly as vicious or genocidal as Israel, was erased from the pages of time by a changing current of global public opinion very similar to today’s rising tide of anti-Zionism.

The rats in Israel have their backs to the wall. They are cornered, and they know it. And as they blindly lash out in useless fury by mass-murdering ever-increasing numbers of helpless women and children, they are simply hastening their own inevitable demise.

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  1. Dear Dr. Barnett,

    I am a Swiss revisionist living in Moscow and a good friend of Ernst and Ingrid Zuendel. I have read several of your articles and I am generally in agreement with what you write.

    May I ask you why you are so optimistic that the Zionist state will disappear within a decade? No coalition of Arab nations, even helped by Iran, will be able to beat Israel in the foreseeable future, not to mention the fact that the Israelis would almost surely use their nuclear arsenal if seriously threatened. The only – admittedly very small – possibility would be a regime change in Washington and the assumption of power by an anti-Zionist government. This could ony happen by means of a military coup which would put an end to the phoney American “democracy”. If Israel were deprived of all foreign assistance it would not be viable, and the Jewish Israelis would be forced to leave the country. (By the way, the Europeans would not be terribly eager to get their Jews back.)
    Do you, Dr. Barrett, foresee such a development? It is always unwise to underestimate the strength of your adversary, so I would be a little bit more prudent. Israel is still awfully strong and supported by the US. As long as the power of the Jewish lobby in America is not broken, this will not change.

    All the best

    Juergen Graf

    1. An excellent first comment from Juergen Graf who asks all the right questions and sets out all the obstacles that lie in the path to any swift end to the Israeli terrorist state.

      I imagine that Kevin Barrett’s reasons for predicting the imminent end of Israel are the same as Kissinger’s when he said that he gave Israel ten more years.

      If we are to take on board Juergen Graf’s doubts about Israel’s quick demise, I think the opposite of Barrett’s scenario is more than possible: i.e., that far from collapsing in ruins any time soon, Israel will succeed in ethnically cleansing the Palestinians or genociding them… and then go on to further conquests.

      If Israel gets what it wants, morever, which is World War Three, there will be major convulsions everywhere, resulting, as always, in major territorial changes. Far from collapsing in ruins, Israel will get more land. Maybe it will get Eretz-Israel (Greater Israel) at long last, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.

      My own view is that Israel has world domination in mind and will not be content merely with Greater Israel. It will want Africa also. The whole of Africa. All to itself.

      It already has America and Canada. These are already, in essence, Israeli colonies. Or Jewish colonies.

      Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, in the not too distant future, as much as one-third of the world’s surface will be under the dominion of Pax Judaica.

      Shudder, shudder!

      1. My last pre-sabbatical post:

        It is not Israel, per se, that has world domination in mind. This bogus nation will see its useful idiocy ended and swept into the dustbin of history in joining all other goyums and their nations through this sordidness of linear time.

        There is only ONE for whom everything we see playing out is serving. Not the DENIZENS of the synagogue, but its master. And harvesting souls for another galactic go-round is its sole purpose.

        All worldly events pivot around this, and this alone.

        Lalu-lalu. Cooma-si-ka
        Alo kala

      2. They are getting Ukraine ready for the Jews after 6 million Israelis are forced to find a new home for themselves.

        If the Jews start WW3, they could be in for a big surprise. Putin could turn the whole country into a parking lot in five minutes.

        Tel Aviv will have to be renamed “Mount Rubble”.

      3. I’m afraid Kevin Barrett is engaged in wishful thinking. He thinks because Israel is morally bankrupt its physical collapse will be near too. There are no indications that that is the case. The country is militarily and economically still strong and its grip on Western nations like the US, the UK, Canada and Australia is still unbroken. In this way the country can go on indefinitely, whether it is hated by a great part of humanity or not.

        Another question is whether Israel will be able to realize its alleged dream of “Greater Israel” stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. There are no indications that there are serious Israeli politicians who cherish this dream. If there were, then surely some would have made pronouncements to that effect or papers would have been written about it by Israeli policy planners. There aren’t as far as I know. But even if this crazy idea would be seriously considered then it would be unrealizable due to the sheer size of the territory to be conquered and the population to be either expelled or kept oppressed. Theorethically Israel could defeat all the countries concerned, but then what? It would be saddled with halve the population of Egypt (43 million), the whole populations of Jordan (7,9 million), Lebanon (4,8 million), Syria (17,9 million) half the population of Iraq (18 million) and 4,5 million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and 1,6 million Israeli Arabs, together some 97,7 million people. These people would either need to be expelled or kept oppressed. Imagine if they would resist. Imagine an intifada of nearly a 100 million people! Forget about it.
        Israeli politicians may be crazy in some respects but not that crazy.

        Israel will continue to exist and so will be the corrosive power of the Jewish diaspora. The Internet does spread knowledge about the destructiveness of Jewry, but we don’t know when such knowledge will eventually translate into political power to do something about it. Untill that time, let’s continue to spread the message.

      4. Mr. Graf thank you! Are you familiar with Imran Hosein? His predictions of the demise of Pax Americana makes very much sense after reading the following: On 12 January 1952, Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich was asked to give a keynote speech to the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary. Socialists, communists, “radicals”, politically correct pressure groups of all types, and Jewish pressure groups such as the Anti-Defamation League promoted pro- Jewish policies and refuted that there is a policy to use race relations to degrade society.Here is the evidence that the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion are very real and actively being updated to synchronise with current world events and the social status as it develops: . “Greetings, my children! You have been called here to recapitulate the principal steps of our new program. As you know, we had hoped to have twenty years between the wars to consolidate the great gains which we made from World War II, but our increasing numbers in certain vital areas is arousing opposition to us, and we must now work with every means at our disposal to precipitate World War III.”

        “The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfilment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will have its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every gentile a slave! “(applause from the gathering).

        “You remember the success of our propaganda campaign during the 1930’s, which aroused anti-American passions in Germany, at the same time we were arousing anti-German passions in America, a campaign which culminated in the Second World War. A similar propaganda campaign is now being waged intensively throughout the world. A war fever is being worked up in Russia by an incessant anti-American barrage, while a nationwide anti-Communist scare is sweeping America. This campaign is forcing all of the smaller nations to choose between the partnership of Russia or an alliance with the United States.”

        “Our most pressing problem at the moment is to inflame the lagging militaristic spirit of the Americans. (The failure of the Universal Military Training Act was a great setback to our plans, but we are assured that a suitable measure will be rushed through Congress immediately after the 1952 elections.) The Russian as well as the Asiatic peoples, are well under control, and offer no objections to war, but we must wait to secure the Americans.”

        “This program will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israel, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all of the wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against gentiles. We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa.*** I can state with assurance that the last generations of white children are being born.*** Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy, will become only a memory.”

        “We will embark on an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.”

  2. the first order of business is to stop calling the Synagogue of Satan – Zionist
    Terrorist State…. “Israel”.

    the Ashkenazim “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism cannot be “Israel”…
    Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32…”Israel”…No Jews in the OT.

    Gog & Magog “Jews” will never be “Israel”.

    surely it cannot be deliberate stupidity that allows these CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL
    the “money changers & pahrisees” to make the proselytes to Talmudic Judaism
    appear to be all 12 Tribes…from Khazaria,
    who are not even real “Hebrews” nor “Semitic”…nor “Judahites”…

    …so-called “Jews” will never be “Israel”.
    speaking of cornered rats with rabies…

    Everyone the world over must come to know that the so-called “Jews” will never be the children of Israel…no matter how many stupid IDIOTS repeat “Jewish” lies
    everyday…verbatim…ad nauseum….on Talmudvision.

    1. Yes! Mr. Clifton, I believe ‘the synagogue’ has been in a long-time effort (since the War of 1812) to mitigate itself into a camouflage blend of America and Canada – and to a degree ALL the western hemisphere – and has used Palistine as a mere stepping-stone to that end. After all, most of the thrust of America and its associated entities originated from Britain, and it was Old England where the Baur dynasty,, established themselves for the final putsch (remember, they plan in CENTURIES, not little bitty decades…). From Palistine, they have made military inroads throughout the rest of the world, and soon, Palistine will serve no purpose. ‘Israel’ will no longer be useful.

      About five years ago, now, the financial expeditionary force (Goldman Sachs) established its headquarters/outpost in Beijing. I needn’t go into laborious detail of the ‘why’, here, because most of you, I’m sure, understand the strategic value of that in terms of contemporary world conquest. But suffice it to say that it is the culmination time of the ages-old conflict alluded to in the comment of
      Mr. Clifton. The final days will be uncomfortable – but the ending has been assured.

    2. Barret and Clifton

      Anthony Clifton has the right idea. The so called Jews are not Judah or Israel and they won’t lose “Israel” until the very end. Zionism (as in the “Jewish” political state) is slated for destruction by the elite “Jews” who control the 3 city states but the “Jewish” people are not- at least by them. The 3 city state Jews have pitted “Israel” against Islam for mutually assured “destruction” ( ideology). They also know the “Jews” in “Israel” will unleash a full blown WW3, that will begin the transfer of the power of the 3 city states to “Israel”.

      The reason for WW3 is so Russia, America, Europe, China destroy one another. It’s so the BRICS and Dollar mutually destroy one another taking down all other fiat currencies paving the way for the JWO universal chip implant currency. It’s so when “Israel” is on the verge of being physically destroyed, their “messiah” will come to “save them”. He will sit temporarily “where he ought not sit”, on the Ark of the Covenant (I AM= Jesus, earthly throne).

      I think three type of possible scenario’s will be happening at the same time when these events above unfold. .

      1. A gathering of (false and true) white Christians will overtake “Israel” let into the land because “Israel” believes it has no choice- either that or die at the hands of the Eastern Powers plus Islam.

      2. After a false gathering and entry into the land to “save Israel”, a true gathering (whites Christians) position themself to enter and take over their JWO along with the rightful heir to the seat of David (Common Law British Throne) leading them.

      3. A gathering of surviving white Christians (Israelites) is let into “Israel” as the false messiah (probably the next King of England) takes over “Israel”. He is a usurper to the Throne (David’s seat and the Ark’s throne) who then sets himself up as “King of the World” — “sitting where he ought not sit”. Then authentic Israelites separate themselves from those who would accept the NWO implant chip universal money system paving the way for the true Lord’s return, ushering in the true new earth age.

      One thing is absolutely sure. The first who sits on the Ark is the main anti Christ and if you take the chip implant, JWO money system (the Mark)- you’re DOOMED.

      Hence, other’s and myself desire to file charges in an International Common Law Court against the “Jews” in “Israel” for Identity Theft (fraud). We desire to file a counter claim to Zion (World Government and the Land) on behalf of whites/Europeans- Christians who are authentic Israel ethnically and hopefully all, spiritually. I also think that charging the “Jews” with mass murder, mass theft, slavery (list goes on and on) is in order to have grounds for Nurengurg type trials for all of their criminals.

      Will this stop the “Jews” right now? No, but it will set the stage for my kinfolk to recover from the upcoming all out genocide attempt against us. It empower us with the LAW on our side. It will be the lawful means in which to put the last nail in the “Jews” coffen in order for them to be rightly judged.

      Here are two articles I wrote on this subject matter.

      Steps to the JWO

      The Greatest Threat to the “Jews” claim to Zion

  3. “…that Israeli leadership has lost its moorings, opening the floodgates of criticism.”

    That Israeli PM Netanyahu is truly unhinged, crazier than an outhouse rat is a given, but what floodgates of criticism have been opened?

    By the USA, who can’t supply Israel fast enough the bombs, bullets, shells and missiles it used to commit war crimes in Gaza? And generously gives hundreds of millions more to fine-tune the Hard-Iron Dome, while the US Senate votes 100-0 to back Israel, ditto for the slavish US House.

    By England, who’s in the process of selling the Zionist entity 8 billion BPS worth of weaponry?

    By the UN, who had no trouble carving up Palestine to give over half to the Khazar Mongols, even though they had no standing to do so and now can only piss and moan when the Blood Libel gang sacrifices another couple thousand Gazans to their G-d of Light?

    By Turkey, whose PM is making all the right sounds to placate his Muslims, but will back down, like he did when Israel murdered in cold-blood those Turkish aid workers on the Mavi Marmara?

    Pray tell, where are these floodgates that have been kept closed for 66 years?

  4. Kevin Barret is a good writer, but I would not bet on Israel NOT being around in ten years! No way! Israel will survive because of the USA, where it effectively has the Goyim masses under lock and key as SLAVES!
    Israel will continue to control the world’s money and wealth because of its POWER in its TRUE land “of milk and honey”, the good old United States of Jewdom. Israel has always been a DIVERSION! A money-making experiment! Their money-laundering capital!
    On a slightly different matter, here is a LISTING of the Jewish members of your Congress. ALL of these people should be imprisoned ASAP, awaiting their trials for crimes against humanity. Long jail sentences are required or they should be hanged by the neck until dead. Their vast riches should be recouped by the taxpayers they have robbed. Also, the rest of Congress should be immediately suspended, their nig-nog puppet President arrested and the the lot of them should suffer the sentences of a war crimes’ tribunal; similar to the Jews’ Nuremberg!
    The loyal people in the U.S. military MUST immediately declare MARSHAL LAW and put all Jews in concentation camps.
    The VERMIN must be taken out in order to restore your Founding Fathers’ “Jew free” Republic of the FREE. The FEMA camps will do just fine for their EVIL kind!
    Here is your first grouping of ZIO-Jewish-American “dual citizens” who MUST fall under the auspices of a Goyim People’s Court: Jewish members of the U.S. 113th Congress (2013-2015) Michael Bennet, Richard Blumenthal, Barbara Boxer, Benjamin Cardin, Dianne Feinstein, Al Franken, Frank Lautenberg, Carl Levin, Brian Schatz, Bernard Sanders, Charles Schumer, Eric Cantor, David Cicilline, Stephen Cohen, Susan Davis, Ted Deutch, Eliot Engel, Lois Frankel, Alan Grayson, Steve Israel, Sander Levin, Alan Lowenthal, Nita Lowey, Jerrold Nadler, Jared Polis, Jan Schakowsky, Adam Schiff, Brad Schneider Allyson Schwartz, Brad Sherman, Debbie Wasserman, Schultz, Henry Waxman, John Yarmuth.
    This is a LIFE or DEATH matter! You have little TIME left in the USA!

    1. The other thing the American Goyim MUST do is TOTALLY BAN the Islamic faith in the USA!
      This murderous, monstrous perversion of a religion will continue to grow to POWER if you firstly do NOT get rid of your filthy Jews!
      Like JEWS, MUSLIMS absolutely HATE Christians!
      No Jewish “politically correct” issues should come into this life-saving measure.

    2. @ Maz Binney

      “Here is your first grouping of ZIO-Jewish-American “dual citizens” who MUST fall under the auspices of a Goyim People’s Court: Jewish members of the U.S. 113th Congress (2013-2015) Michael Bennet, Richard Blumenthal, Barbara Boxer, Benjamin Cardin, Dianne Feinstein, Al Franken, Frank Lautenberg, Carl Levin, Brian Schatz, Bernard Sanders, Charles Schumer, Eric Cantor, David Cicilline, Stephen Cohen, Susan Davis, Ted Deutch, Eliot Engel, Lois Frankel, Alan Grayson, Steve Israel, Sander Levin, Alan Lowenthal, Nita Lowey, Jerrold Nadler, Jared Polis, Jan Schakowsky, Adam Schiff, Brad Schneider Allyson Schwartz, Brad Sherman, Debbie Wasserman, Schultz, Henry Waxman, John Yarmuth.”

      Max, do you have a link for this list of Jewish members of Congress? And are you sure they are all “dual citizens”?

      1. This may help.

        ALL Jews in congress serve TWO masters.

        **LAW OF RETURN**
        Anyone who is born into a Jewish family is automatically a DUAL citizen; a citizen of their country of birth and a CITIZEN of Israel. This goes deep; even to spouses of grandchildren.

        In 1970, Israel took another historic step by granting automatic citizenship not only to Jews, but also to their non-Jewish children, grandchildren, and spouses, and to the non-Jewish spouses of their children and grandchildren. This addition not only ensured that families would not be broken apart, but also promised a safe haven in Israel for non-Jews subject to persecution because of their Jewish roots.

      2. Yes LD, they are ALL Israeli-Jewish-Americans!
        In the very centre of the great global financial implosion of 2009 your Congress could NOT schedule an emergency assembly of Congress because all your dual citizens were on their holidays in Israel – basking in the warm Palestinian sun in their expansive dachas, with their white whores and prostitutes in hotels nearby!
        Like the precious Saudi Arabian Muslims (the filthy bastards!), they like to travel with white whores at a ratio of 5 whores to every Muslim!
        Even Goyim Australian billionaires like Kerry Packer used to join them in their sexual frivolities. I have the records!
        Many of your traitorous Goyim politicians are also invited to holiday in Tel Aviv, where they get supplied whores and money for themselves and their electioneering. I am not sure what the EVIL-beyond-EVIL Dianne Feinstein does, but I am sure she likes a good licking!
        Your 2 parties are funded by Jewish $$$$’s, most of it fresh from Janet Yellen’s, Ben Bernanke’s and Alan Greenspan’s Federal Reserve printing presses.
        It is ALL as SIMPLE as that, even though pedantic smart-arses will say “it could not be so”! YES WE ARE THAT DUMB! Churchill’s “arrested development” extraordinaire!
        THIS IS THE REAL WORLD! SEX!!! Jewish and MUSLIM SEX, enacted on the bodies of ready-willing-and able WHITEY whores! Ellen Degeneres and Oprah DESTROYED and PERVERTED white women!
        This is a topic Lasha and Henry Makow deal with: SEX and BIG $$$$$$”S!!! Most is supplied by the American majority- Christian taxpayer!

        1. Packer wasn’t a jew. Just a fat nihilistic mammon worshipper. Murdoch is a jew. Or At least his mother was.

      3. ALL Jews everywhere in the world are AUTOMATICALLY citizens of Israel; no action is needed by the parents or that person to qualify. Just be born to a Jewish mother or father.

        That means Jews in office anywhere in the world have a loyalty to their country, Israel!!

        Until about 25 years ago, the qualification was through the maternal birthright only. Now if a child is born to a non-Jewish mother, but the father is a Jew..BINGO!! Another citizen of Israel just popped out.

        Jews in office in America, Australia, Canada, Britain….. everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, are Israeli citizens. No oaths or actions necessary!!

        LAW OF RETURN.

  5. The end of Israel is tied at the hip with the end of the Jews as the dominant tribe in world affairs. That involves the entire global financial system. Israel is the result of Jewish dominance in finance, politics and propaganda world-wide. So saying the end of Israel is near means the end of Jewish dominance in the West is near. Is it? At the moment even questioning the Holohaux is a criminal offense in Western Europe. Is the West ready to liberate itself from the Jew? As far as what Kissinger said, why would anybody listen to what somebody like that says in public?

    1. @Max
      @John (

      Remember that one of the characteristics (often discussed on this site) of ‘the Jews’ is their ability to blend-in to suit their needs. They blended into America, almost from the beginning, despite warnings from prominent men who knew better. First, some of their tribe made themselves indispensable to England, thereby getting for themselves access to THE WORLD (‘the sun never set on the British empire’ – and all that). Never think that an end of Palestine/Israel is an end to The Synagogue. It will take more than that.

      1. Gilby, The Synagogue will keep talking until the perverted, anti-Christian, pseudo “faith” of the JEWS is totally proscribed from our planet.
        As I’ve said, this faith is really all about $$$$$’s and POWER FOR POWER”S sake! And illicit SEX AND FILTH!
        Take the POWER of money creation from them and they are NOTHINGS! Their religion, Judaism, which approx. 20% of their world-wide 20,000,000 try to observe, will become the ONLY identifiable, trifilingly insignificant reminder of them. Remember that when we on this site speak of JEWRY per se, we are only referring to the insidious POWER of their smallish group of $billionaire TOP DOGS – commencing with George Soros, Janet Yellen, Timothy Geithner, Bibi Natanyahu, etc and ALL members of your Congress! And then there are the Jewish moguls of Hollywood who work with them in their evil bastardry!
        And as I’ve said, it is now past RIPE to commence legal proceedings – aka Nuremberg – against the JEWISH ABOMINATION UNTO HELL!
        In the meantime, your kingpin JEWS must be incarcerated, water-boarded and tortured! All their criminal assets taken from them!
        Marxist Newspeak, which currently forms our dialogue (not mine!) must be banned!
        This means that the all-powerful JEWISH propaganda arms – Hollywood, pop music, entertainment, the mass media, etc. – MUST be shut down ASAP, to be replaced by totally Goyim products. (sans any Islamic presence)

  6. Israel’s days are numbered.

    Everyone who posts regularly here has stated the Jews are parasites. They are bad builders, farmers and even bad warriors, evidenced in Gaza. The Jews cannot support themselves. They must have a host(s) for their very existence. Walter Rothschild got them Palestine. They never carved out anything, anywhere; they can’t. Reverend Manning’s claims applies to Negroes AND to Jews also.

    Israel’s days are numbered. The times have drastically changed. The Jews prevailed before the days of TV and social media. (There were NO cell phone cams in 1917 or in 1947.) Even the Jew Hollywood has been weakened by the new social media. Their techno-advances backfired on them.

    There were NO blog-sites like this one when Israel gained its false prominence!!! (Thanks to John and Lasha!!) There are more coming. The march to rid the flea-like infestation is huge and growing!!

    Israel’s days are numbered. Their sky IS falling, no matter how they twist and turn.

  7. A lot of deep doo doo bullshit! (Not redundant, either.) The author needs a good psychiatrist.

  8. Israel is cornered? No, we’re the ones who are cornered. We’re the ones being displaced, raped, oppressed, and murdered by the day. We’re the ones who have nowhere to go. And furthermore, the Jews don’t just have Israeli nukes, they also have American, Russian, and French nukes at their disposal, which means they own almost all the nukes in the world.

    The majority of the “West” loves Israel. Not just politicians, but the mob as well. But even if a majority of the mob hated Israel, it wouldn’t matter one bit, as they have no political power. And to top things off, all the major “right-wing” movements in Europe are pro-Zionist and philosemitic, except for Golden Dawn.

    In order for Israel to fall, pro-White revolutions must happen not only in America, but Europe and Russia as well. Israel needs to be economically strangled, and its people need to be prevented from migrating into other nations. It would be a disaster if the right took over Europe and let Israelis immigrate into White lands once again. The West must be Judenrein.

    Finally, the Samson Option threat needs to be neutralized, otherwise it’s all pointless. The technology doesn’t even need to be developed by Whites, the East Asians could do it. Either way, that technology should be distributed to all nations worldwide to prevent Israel from launching its nuclear weapons.

    After that, it’s time to send the armies into Israel and annihilate it once and for all.

  9. Briefly (too) in Germany … couple liters of Augustiner and pondering. Germans, the finest, Jews, the worst the world has to offer. Take a German and put him down anywhere and he grows roots into soil and makes things to improve life on Earth. A Jew cannot grow roots, Father Devil’s prohibition, neither soil nor soul for Jew. Ergo, German makes, Jew steals, thus eternal hate borne of envy.
    End transmission, switching to Huber Weissbier ( or is it “bear”).

    Re EKR, the risk of undeserved malice always outweighs the risk of undeserved generosity. Picked that up in Gentile Almanac.

    1. My cousin, living not far from the Hofbraeuhaus, sporting a Kaiser Wilhelm beard – talk about retro – and being a member of a snuff tobacco club, tells me it’s Bier and not bear :-). But you knew that, didn’t you?

      Anyways, I hope you didn’t have to put 5 grams of tobacco up your nose to win a contest. The last winner I know of needed a super nose and plastic fingernails. Although I don’t think its a Jewish sport.

      I guess, it doesn’t hurt to take a pinch of snuff together with a couple of liters. But does it beat a Cuban? Stupid Bavarians.

  10. According to Alexa, brought in another 40,000 positions increase from yesterday. Now increase of over 113,000 from 3 months ago.

    The number one keywords from searches – at 34% – were larry silverstein. That was almost 3 times as many as the number two.


  11. Kevin Barrett always writes great articles. Wow.. Graf Juergen..a revisionist hero although I disagree with him about the potential for Israel to fail.

    It doesn’t seem to me that Israel has much of a plan other than violence. And isn’t this more or less what happened with Russia as well–they had their coup and didn’t have the real power that comes with authority from popular support so they started killing and the killing went on and on. With Germany it seems they bamboozled the U.S. into doing the killing for them and that worked fairly well although thanks to revisionists the true history of WW II is beginning to come out. Power that comes from the barrel of a gun is what Jewish rule has to offer. Can Jewish rule be stopped? The way I take Kevin Barrett’s analysis (through Kissinger) is that Israeli Jews don’t like living in discomfort (bottle rockets falling from the sky qualifies) and they generally aren’t religious. So… many Israeli Jews (in particular the more productive and educated ones) are moving to the colonies as Darkmoon calls them (U.S. and Canada). This leaves half educated religious fanatics and educationally deprived Arabs to run the Israeli economy. As America goes into demise it has less of the billions to offer, also as it struggles with a lot of neo-con induced economic woes–maybe even another war (God forbid). The agenda might be less less zio-centric. Is that ten years away, twenty years away, or has it already begun? At some point Americans are going to wake up to the evils of Israel and protest every time a bill comes up. Right… America isn’t a democracy but it tries to be a fake democracy and when Americans call their Congressmen/women and won’t get off the phone, giving the poor office spokesmen hell for hours on end day after day as happened with the potential Syrian war then the money won’t flow as easily. The younger generation as Kevin Barrett points out is not keen on Israel or religion and it seems ever more absurd that God gave that land to them…the movie Exodus is dated. Do Jews (American and Canadian) want their neighbors to think of them as mass murderers or will they choose to intermarry to escape the culture (I can think of a very personal example of that myself). In other words, the downfall will be like getting nibbled to death by ducks, or small cuts or whatever saying you choose. Oh..maybe like the palisades of the west coast that house the fabulous mansion and yet crumble nonetheless into the sea when the very foundation under them begins to fail.

  12. Hamas rocket fire?

    The USA, Britain and even Israel have spy satellites flying over that ‘SLC’ constantly, so where’s the satellite photos showing Hamas launching those bottle rockets? Israel also has drones flying over head 24/7, and I ask again, where’s the drone pics showing Hamas rocket launchers?
    I’ve seen a couple–on FOX–that were obviously staged by Israel to garner sympathy for their genocide of the Gazans.

    Plus, that rocket–or rockets–that were launched towards Tel Aviv that made airlines shut down flights to Israel, stopped as soon as the airlines enacted the sensible boycott of the Tel Aviv airport. Since all it took was a few rockets launched at Tel Aviv to raise hell with the Israeli economy, why didn’t Hamas keep shooting rockets in that direction?

    Why? Because those rockets were launched by Israel to help frame Hamas and give the Zionist butchers the sympathy and pity of the world when they were committing war crimes.

    1. Yep! And such a great display of Israeli military strength and prowess, also, as they ATTEMPT to topple the military giant of Gaza.

      David vs a mouse!

  13. Reading these comments is like listening to the paranoid incoherent ramblings of a group of mental patients.

  14. Last evening, I had on the TV in my kitchen, and I heard Bill O’Reilly advertising his show for the next hour, wherein he would address the ‘rise in anti-semitism’ in the USA.
    I don’t care for him, so I didn’t bother listening (had to go to bed early anyway because I had to pick up a new hay baler, today, and time and adjust it, and bale up a field of hay). It isn’t too hard to guess how he approached that ‘news’ – but perhaps more Americans are wising-up. Don’t know what good it will do at this late hour, but it guarantees some sort of reaction – which may be inconvenient for the perps of America’s decline.

    One thing for sure: This site has made ME more aware of the ‘why’ of things. 🙂

  15. As always I will keep REPEATING the SIMPLE TRUTHS until we Goyim get our definitions correct!
    No Goyim RESISTANCE can even start to operate until we get our terminology absolutely correct. i.e. A dog is a dog; a cat is a cat; a Jew is a Jew AND NOT A SEMITE!!!!!!
    (Incidentally lobro, Aussies’ Kerry Packer and his son, James, could be Jewish, but they hide it very well! Certainly James, who is currently trying to establish a huge casino in Las Vegas has bedded mainly Jewish whores like actresses/models Kate Fischer and Jodi Meares, etc) But so did I in my youth as they were easy cum!)
    The matter of being clear on your definitions is is what I stress to my many students as the precursor to any DIALOGUE they engage themselves in! That is the kind of absolute TRUTH Adolf Hitler spoke about in his brilliant and TRUE book, Mein Kampff – now best-selling in Europe.
    Etymologically, when we use the words SEMITE or SEMITISM in ANY context (which includes the Jewish-pepetrated and false derivative ANTI-SEMITISM) we are talking about Arabs ONLY!
    As I have explained at length, MOST Jews are NOT Semites! (Or if they are, some may have tiny skerricks of Semitic blood in their DNA)
    SO STOP accepting the JEWS false language by even using any connotation of the word SEMITE to describe them!!!!!!!!!!
    If you HATE Jews you are ANTI-JEW!!
    That is crystal clear! Also DO NOT speak of Israelis as it is another grand FURPHY – Israelis are JEWS!
    People, like that O’Reilly ass-hole, like to utilize the Jewish dialogue because they are serving the Jews!
    Do NOT be drawn into their LIES!

    1. Yes, I agree ‘anti-Semite’ is not correct – but I was QUOTING him. We know what the asshole implies… AND we know he will put his/their spin on any coverage of it (which is mainly why I didn’t bother tuning into it)(besides often having an urge to shoot the TV/kill the messenger!) when network shows like that are aired.

      If one can believe ‘ratings’, it has been said that a lot of those network news/talkshows are in severe decline. No wonder. Maybe people ARE awakening, in large degree.

      1. Btw, it’s 5:30AM here, Maxy. Considering your last post-time, you are somewhere in the American Mountain Time zone… How so??

  16. It’s okay maxy, though you are right, I am lazy and laziness is stronger than right. So, if hating Jews makes me antisemite, then in my world Arabs are no longer semites but just random goyums like yours truly. Truly.
    Of all the perversions of language forced onto the daily usage, “antisemitism” is the one I can live with. It is the ones flying under the radar that we must watch out for.

  17. Much of the proof of the huge outcry against Israel is being hidden by MSM.

    Here is an action taken by an office-holder in Rothschild’s cadre in Britain. Russia reported it.

    UK Foreign Office minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has resigned from government, saying she can “no longer support” its policy on Gaza.
    She told her Twitter followers that she was leaving with “deep regret”. She was previously chairman of the Conservative Party.
    Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on 8 July, which to date has killed 1,800 Palestinians and 67 Israelis causing outcry across the globe.
    Lady Warsi had called for action on Gaza via Twitter before her resignation. On 21 July, she Tweeted: “The killing of innocent civilians must stop. Need immediate ceasefire in #Gaza. Leadership required on both sides to stop this suffering.”

    “As the minister for the International Criminal Court, I’ve spent the last two and a half years helping to promote, support and fund the ICC. I felt I could not reconcile this with our continued pressure on the Palestinian leadership not to turn to the ICC to seek justice.”

    The British Foriegn Office is ‘urgently investigating’ claims that a British aid worker has been killed in Gaza, according to reports from British media.

    British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond called the rising death toll caused by the Gaza offensive “intolerable” and called for a long-term humanitarian ceasefire on both sides.

    He added that “a broad swathe” of British public opinion felt “deeply disturbed by what it is seeing on its television screens coming out of Gaza.”

    1. Thanks. Good article. Great quote:

      “Judaism and Jewish culture are neither ethical nor universal. They are legalistic and tribal. The great Israeli philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz made this point in the 1970s. He argued that Judaic legalism serves as a replacement for ethical thinking. Instead of an authentic ethical judgment, the Jew is asked to follow orders. Judaism provides protocols for correct behaviour. Accordingly, the Ten Commandments are an affirmation of the paucity of Jewish ethical thinking; ethical people don’t need ‘commandments’ to know that murder or theft are wrong.”

      1. I wonder if Atzmon is himself engaging in deception. Judaism is not universal, but it is ethical: Jews help one another. That’s very ethical, it’s just not ethical from a universal standpoint.

        Jews are the ethical and moral ones; Whites are the unethical and immoral ones because we do not help one another. Maybe what Atzmon is trying to do is encourage us to be more altruistic, which is actually the opposite of what he would be saying if he were trying to help us.

        1. I have no idea of his motives.
          If you will attend any farm show, of which there are hundreds every year, you will see white folks bending over backwards to help each other. In New Ulm, Minnesota, for example, many still leave their doors unlocked.

          Go to York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and you will see the Amish doing the same.

          Whites helping whites happen all throughout the US, BUT MSM keeps it hidden.

          “Germans Have More Fun” is this year’s theme:

        2. Those “good” White folks you speak of are probably the same types of Whites who initiated the Hellstorm of 1944-1947 that murdered Germany.

          As far as I’m concerned, a White person is not good unless he is a National Socialist.

        3. SPQR,

          (This is for below, where you and Pat are going back and forth)

          You forget most people never actually think/contemplate much of anything and just follow whatever their society gives them. That’s why you need saints like Adolph Hitler that loved his people immensely and wanted to raise them up higher, and you need the jews banished. Maybe there will be a chance for it some day, or maybe it’s too late now. . . Still, all the best, and I guess try and have compassion for your fellow White man. He’s a buffoon that doesn’t know he’s a buffoon and deserves pity in my eyes – he doesn’t know what he’s missing. How can you not feel bad for him knowing had badly he’s been brainwashed? Not many have a strong enough individual will and intellect to penetrate through generations of being fed bullshit. The only ones that deserve death and your contempt are traitors that know exactly what they’re doing.

        4. LSPM:

          The only difference between the traitors and the buffoons is a moral difference, and Whites cannot take morality into account when it comes to our survival as a people. Traitors and buffoons are our enemy, and they will need to be vanquished as much as the Jews.

          Like Thomas Goodrich said, the American soldiers during WWII had nothing in between their ears but air. They believed everything the Jews told them about Hitler and the Reich, and they committed unspeakable atrocities against the German populace. I don’t care if you think it makes me immoral, I’m glad for every single dead Allied soldier in WWII.

        5. SPQR

          The world breaks everyone. Those it doesn’t break it kills.

          If you don’t feel insulted by me, feel insolvent. 😉

          I even made a Rothschild vomit just two stories back, with just a few keystrokes, sitting in my underwear. LOL!!

        6. As a white living in a neighborhood with mostly white people I see examples of solidarity and friendship most every day. Ordinary people who listen and help one another is the rule not the exception around here.

          I think I can follow Atzmon’s reasoning, “There are no jewish universal values, because when jewish becomes universal it stops being jewish” Just like Atzmon himself, who now says he is part of the human race.

          I have difficulty with; “jews are the ethical and moral ones, because they help one another”. ??

        7. SPQR,

          I don’t think that comment makes you immoral at all. It just means you understand the depth of what was lost and what was done.

          In reference to the present time, there is a huge difference between a buffoon and a traitor though. One literally has little to no self-awareness and is just in survival mode and not really living for anything whatsoever, being totally jewed, and one is more aware and consciously conspiring against us. Of course the latter is quadruple worse. You’d have almost no one left if you just wanted to rid of all the buffoons. One of the most profound gifts of National Socialism is racial consciousness, embracing your race as a part of yourself and wanting to see them reach their full potential. So you’d want to raise them up/wake them up if you could, and if not, then, there’d be too few of us anyway.

  18. Max Bilney says:

    August 5, 2014 at 11:19 am

    “The other thing the American Goyim MUST do is TOTALLY BAN the Islamic faith in the USA!
    This murderous, monstrous perversion of a religion will continue to grow to POWER if you firstly do NOT get rid of your filthy Jews!
    Like JEWS, MUSLIMS absolutely HATE Christians!”

    CAUGHT !!! YOU’VE BEEN CAUGHT I SAY !! You’ve been caught red-handed in the JEWISH ACT of pitting one group of goyim (Christians) against a completely different group of goyim (Moslems) in the hope that they will fight it out to the death while you sit on the sidelines watching and enjoying the show !!! Thriving on strife and chaos and never letting a good “crisis” go to waste ….. Stereotypical jewish behavior !! But it’s not really your fault, is it ?? You just can’t help it because it was encoded in your jewish genetics !!!



    1. in other ways as well, he is always trying to drag people down to the cockroach plane of ambition

      i think the name is a misnomer … it’s jews that need saving … zombies will exit this world the same way they entered … vampires are headed for a dark place

    2. Save the Goyim, another illiterate NUT case on this website! Really NOT WORTH replying to!
      You deplorable village idiot, if you read my entries you will observe that I never cease pointing out the JEWISH Red Terror us dumbed-down (the majority) Goyim live with!
      Most comments’ people, like the great lobro, Gilbert Huntly, etc are SMART enough to know that! Tyron Parsons lives in his micro world of lunatic O.T. dogmas!
      Secondly, I warn the Western Christian majority to be VERY aware of the second crazy Abrahamic religion that is swamping our shores – VILE ISLAM!
      They will have idiot scum like you in religious straight jackets and your whorish female friends in burqas! For surely only a dumbed down, ugly whore would bed with you!
      If you are Sunni elected, the Shi’ite will get you and vice-versa. They might even ask an idiot of your intellectual dimensions to wear a suicide vest with 25 sticks of gelignite attached. You are the type they like! You would believe 1,002 virgins await you in Allah’s Heaven! POOF!!!!!!!!
      Listen you PRICK, learn to read slowly and comprehend!
      Your histrionic “Jew ALERT!” is actually typical of a malevolent JEW, which is the sort of utter vermin I think you are!
      Go hang yourself before I get my hands on you, you piece of human excreta!

      1. is the devil spinning the jews’ wheels really fast these days … or do you get paid by the word … you seem to come from the same esteemed school as originaljoe – a strange part of lobro’s mind … but having more minds doesn’t give you a soul … hopefully you are having more luck with christianity v islam than lobro is having with america v russia

        when you leave with the katsnelson caravan, are you going to take the permanent caravan with you … would there still be a website … are you guys hiring? i need a job and am willing to negotiate with the devil … i play a lyingcossack better than a flyingcossack … my precious precious child, truly i tell you, i can play jesus better than jesus himself

  19. zion will die
    and with it all the world’s races, cultures, traditions
    in one devilish masterstroke
    to be replaced with colourless faces, colourless races, colourless tastes
    a bigger better zion
    you can even choose it’s name
    the west will bite the bullet
    western jews are guilty, eastern jews are innocent
    and when the time is right, all jews will be eastern jews
    zuckerburger married a chinese girl, he is eastern goody two shoes now
    in putin we trust
    just don’t say jew if you know what’s good for you

  20. Peace be with the reader,

    Israel, the USA, and Egypt, are birds of a feather, they flock together.
    Covert military dictatorships.

    The faithful one

  21. Unfortunately, a toxic roach brigade plagues the site and threatens to fill the small darkmoon boat to the gunwales, possibly with the view to sink it. Limited by catastrophic myopia, they undertake to delve into the minds of other posters, presuming to divine their true nature, who is a Jew with multiple personality disorder, so that as soon as I turn away from site, however briefly, out they creep from woodwork like termites, conflating me with banned poster Joe, being a Jew, &c.
    I mean, what’s your problem, lonely and in need of boyfriend?
    Can’t see the world outside basement window?
    One easy connection (easy for those with 2 neurons within hearing distance of one another) is that administration explicitly banned Joe and if I am Joe and we share the IP address and I am allowed to post comments, that means we are all in cahoots, shut the porch door ma, jam the chair under the handle, Jews are trying to bust in.
    In which case I suggest another site, obviously, so this one can get on with its nefarious activity in peace.

    1. lobro-
      I didn’t think anything about the ‘joe’ comment until you explained it. It would have passed unnoticed but for a few ‘old-timers’ who knew.
      No one is able to delve into anyone’s minds on any blog-site anywhere, including here.
      It really doesn’t matter. Writing is cathartic only for the writer.
      Facts presented are no good anyway until properly vetted. There is no such thing as an accurate smell test when the only odor is the visitor’s own surroundings.
      We can handle it. No need for fear.

      1. I see you are just another pathetic, smart-arse, pseudo intellectual Pat!
        You and your type need to be “thoroughly vetted” and put down in the dog pound! YOU ABSOLUTE WANKA!

    2. the closer you walk to the light, the more exposed you get … that’s why it’s not so easy

      jesus loves you

  22. Here is something for all you dumbed-down, confused, idiot Yankees to read which TOTALLY vindicates why I am so critical of you obese bubbas, good ‘ol boys and fat, grubby-looking whores, who all seem to speak like tiny, little girls! Is it the hormones in your junk food diets?
    Remember it is YOU slobs who have allowed the Jews to take over your nation! And reading MOST of you for a few months now explains why!
    Jeffrey Berwick’s editorial comment in The Daily Bell: (Read the TRUTH you Yankees! Take it like the useless bubbas that you are!)
    “An absolutely monumental shift is in process that most have not recognized yet. The truth, or at least some truth, is about to be shown to the American masses about 9/11. I say American masses because everywhere I’ve gone in the world outside of the US, with few exceptions, almost EVERYONE knows that the US government conspiracy theory on 9/11 is for people with tinfoil hats that are either completely zombified or are under mass hypnosis. Most of the rest of the world looks on the US like “The Truman Show” and can’t believe how many people in the show don’t realize it’s not real.”
    That is why I keep saying GET REAL to you Big Bang Show-Degeneres/Oprah-the View, John Stewart, Fox News, Robin Williams, Miley Cyrus, Super Bowl, Obama-loving, etc, BRAINWASHED FREAKS!
    You consume MORE rubbish (and ENERGY) than MOST of the planet’s non-Americans, you fuck up the planet with your continual wars and you let your unbridled JEWS fuck up my bank account! And then there is your filthy porn!
    The TRUTH is you are “completely zombified or are under mass hypnosis.”
    Because you live in your SHIT nation you cannot understand any of this, even those of you smart-arses who think you are concerned and “intelligent”! You DUMBNESS IS INSTITUTIONALIZED! Soon you will be living in shanties under bridges.
    My last comment for a long time (if ever again!) as I am sick of the utter CRAP of so many of you zombified, under-hypnosis, mothers’ boy, brainless as chicken-shit, Yanks!
    Like the ignorant Tyron Parsons, that nut-case injun, Brownhawk, and now stupid Pat, you bastards keep going around in endless circles, saying essentially nothing because you are mental zombies with not an ounce of CREATIVITY in your bodies, minds and empty, Jewish-ruled souls! YOU ARE YANKS! The JEWS have long yanked you off!
    C’mon you morons, put on your tinfoil hats and start chanting: “USA,USA, USA, USA!” YOU ARE ALL THE JOKES OF HUMANITY!
    The inhabitants of the GREAT SATAN!

    1. Max, you are hilarious!! You are telling us you are sick of spoofing us.
      You… writing from a merry-go-round, while throwing claims that we are going around in endless circles!!!
      It cannot be.
      We will miss your tongue-in-cheek threats from Harlem!!
      Please stay. You make the rest of us look like supreme scholars. For that, alone, you will be missed.

  23. Here is an article written recently by Dr Preston James at VT.

    One ought to realize- one ought to consider who PULLS THE STRINGS at the top and if a person doesn’t realize this (these) entities end game- they won’t be able to make sense of why the 3 who sponcer (Vatican City- City of London- DC/US Corporations) “Israel” and the “Jews” are now turning on them. I wrote about it above (and on other threads) but read Preston’s article for further insight as to where we are at now.

    1. Good for VT.

      This article buttresses Kevin Barrett’s article here:

      “Israel is now a sinking ship brought about by its Apartheid, blockade, horrific tyranny and mass-murder against Palestinians. The World has become very well informed and will just plain not put up with it anymore.”

      As ‘cornered rats’… JOOS LOSE!!

    2. That is an excellent article, Tyron. It should remind everyone who reads it that NO group/race is indispensable to the plans of TPTB, now. Everybody ‘in the way’ is fair game – but I do think they have underestimated Americans. We’ve proven time-and-again that we can make blood flow more abundantly than just about any race/people in all recorded history. (It’s our BRITISH background, you know! 🙂 )

  24. Darkmoon site doesn’t like to post my comments so here is one more try.
    Books to read by the following authors: Eustace Mullins, Michael Hoffman (Judaism Discovered), Douglas Reed (the Controversy Of Zion), Edgar J. Steele (Defensive Racism), Shlomo Sand (The Invention of the Jewish People), Thomas Goodrich (Hellstorm), Johann A. Eisenmenger (The Traditions of the Jews, 1700) just for starters.
    Heir Kissinger’s 10 year prediction for the destruction of Rothschild Land may be correct more or less. Israel was set up as a catalysis for world conflagration.
    The first phase of the great war of the 20th and 21st centuries, called WW1 was to establish Jewish Bolshevism in Russia. The 2nd phase known as WW2 was to save Bolshevik Russia from the Germans and many, many other Europeans that sided with Germany, demonize the Germans, and move millions of Eastern European Khazar Jews into Palestine.

    The third and final phase running hot and cold starting with Korea, is nearing the final conflagration.
    It has been said that Israel has smuggled nukes into 20 to 30 major US cities. Maybe Europe too. (The 9/11 towers, all three, were taken down by nukes). The preplaced Samson Option so to speak. In Orwellian fashion the world is being divided roughly into two camps; the pro Christian-Jew-Zionist West under threat of the preplaced Samson Option and the Russian, Chinese, brics nexus.
    Don’t you think the Chinese remember when the British Empire under Rothschild-Sassoon control used force (1840s) to stuff opium down their throats. Surely Putin and his Russians remember when the Jew Bolsheviks took over Russia when they and the half Jew Stalin ended up killing millions of Ethnic Christian Russians with many of the Jews themselves ending up on the chopping block by the paranoid Stalin.

    How could the Ukrainians not remember the 7-9 million Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin and his willing Jewish helpers.
    One of the first acts of FDR was to give diplomatic recognition to the USSR. With this status Stalin and his Jews were able to sell on the world’s open market the food stuffs taken out of Ukraine to raise the funds to help prop up the faltering Bolshevik experiment in Jewish psychopathy.

    Now here we stand on the brink, East v. West, Christian-Zionist v. Islam, Brown v. Black, Brown and Black v. White, this v. that, and on top are the megalomaniacs in their counting houses rubbing the hands in psychopathic glee at the prospect.

    1. “Don’t you think the Chinese remember when the British Empire under Rothschild-Sassoon control used force (1840s) to stuff opium down their throats.”

      They don’t. Most Chinese probably don’t even know about it. The Chinese are very philosemitic.

      ” Surely Putin and his Russians remember when the Jew Bolsheviks took over Russia when they and the half Jew Stalin ended up killing millions of Ethnic Christian Russians with many of the Jews themselves ending up on the chopping block by the paranoid Stalin.”

      Again, they don’t. If they did, they would have rebelled against the Jews and joined the Germans in their crusade against Stalin. Russians are ignorant and uneducated and don’t care who rules over them, as long as they have cigarettes and vodka.

      “How could the Ukrainians not remember the 7-9 million Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin and his willing Jewish helpers.”

      Because Jews control their country, and like Russians, Ukrainians are a stupid people who don’t care about history or who rules them.

      1. @ NW Native

        “Surely Putin and his Russians remember when the Jew Bolsheviks took over Russia when they and the half Jew Stalin ended up killing millions of Ethnic Christian Russians…”

        You are misinformed. Stalin was NOT half Jewish. There is no evidence whatever for this. He was a Georgian.

        Maybe you are getting Stalin mixed up with Lenin who was one-quarter Jewish.

        Yes, there are many references to Stalin being Jewish on the internet, but none of these sources are reliable sources or provide solid proof of his Jewish ethnicity. Not one of Stalin’s biographers has ever mentioned that he was Jewish.

        1. In fact, Stalin gained the reputation of being a virulent anti-Semite in his final years… which makes him being a Jew even less likely.

        2. There’s a tendency with people who are aware of the jewish problem to assume that many leaders are part-Jews or cryptos, not realizing that one of the strengths of organized Jewry is to get compliant non-Jews to front their movements/nations/whatever. Hence the “FDR was a Jew,” “Churchill was a Jew,” “Putin is a Jew,” declarations.

      2. SPQR- I agree on all counts.
        To show how different things are today…. China is the number one supplier of heroin to the US.

        $$$ speaks more loudly than history today.

    2. @ NW Native

      Darkmoon site doesn’t like to post my comments so here is one more try.

      We are doing nothing whatever to block your comments. Don’t be so darn paranoid! If you can’t post a comment, it’s a computer anomaly. Dozens of people have had the same problem.

    1. Cornered ‘Rat-faced’ Netanyahu needs to close his laptop, grab a gun and a helmet, and LEAD the charge.

  25. Another doctor who thinks Jews are Israel, Dr. BarKochbabarret, Dr. Fester, Dr. Sabrosky (of the movie Bachelor Party) and Dr. Baden of Fox News………all jews are doctors and all jews lie. They keep you guessing or try to at least.

  26. While I agree that Israel in its current location is a pest, it will exist nevertheless in one form or another. If there is an Irish state, Japanese state, UK, US, Canada, Germany, Poland etc, why on Earth should there be no Jewish state? Even an Islamic State is currently being formed and as we speak it holds a territory equal to Great Britain…

    The main postulate of the Zionists, namely a demand for a Jewish state, was and remains justified. Unjustified is however a formation of a new state (or: re-formation of an Ancient one…) on a territory that has become a home to other people. This and this alone makes Israel such a den of crimes against humanity. In a different location it might behave like a normal statehood after all.

    There are four possible location for the future Jewish state – whether it will still keep the name “Israel” or not – four countries which, on the basis of the vastness of their territory and limited population, can offer space for this purpose. In the alphabetic order these are:

    United States

    As long as they refuse to cede a territory to Jews (let us say that of the size equal to Hungary or Romania), so long the current Israel will remain the pestilence in the Near East (Israel is not located in the “Middle East”). If however the current Israel disappears and is not re-created in any new location, thus forcing these several million Jews to relocate either to Europe or USA, then the “Jewish question” as it had been defined earlier will remain where it is, unresolved and bursting out in periodic upheavals as it used to happen before.

    Any glee over the coming “wipe-out” of Israel WITHOUT its relocation elsewhere will in fact solve nothing.

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