Israel must be destroyed like a mad dog that should be euthanized


It is too late to save Planet Earth from an unprecedented catastrophe for the simple reason that people have failed — and still fail — to discern the role of Jews in the deliberate demolition of human civilization.

Whatever fate befalls Israel and the Jews for their savage indifference to the suffering of others also awaits Americans.

We are headed toward a slave society in which the Jews control every aspect of our existence and have regimented us all into a prison of their own choosing: to be exterminated, or if we’re extremely lucky, to be selected to serve them as slaves as long as we exhibit the proper servile demeanor . . .

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

75 thoughts to “Israel must be destroyed like a mad dog that should be euthanized”

    1. Dear Madam, your virulent anti-Semitism has been noticed. Rest assured that you too will be destroyed. Your days are numbered.

      Ask not the hour. You will know it when it comes. Kaminski will know it too. And Darkmoon will weep tears of blood as the hour of doom approaches for her, and the sun darkens, and her eyes become dim before the moment of death…

      Then her youth and beauty, of which I have heard much from secret sources, will avail her nothing. Nor will Kaminski’s towereing intellect do him any good in the last days.

      Those who wish evil on others, on them evil will recoil. ‘Tis the law of karma. ‘Tis the law of Sisyphus. The rock that is rolled up the hill is the rock that will roll down.

      Thus spake Zarathustra.

      1. If all you say is the case, then KARMA missed KISSINGER and Rothschild and Rockefeller and their hundreds of Jew buddies in the mansions worldwide!! They live in lavish luxury controlling their minions…KARMA FREE!! Nothing rolled back down on them!!

        You are repeating myths, fables and mumbo-jumbo. But, Santa appreciates your support.

        1. Karma seldom works in the same life. Wait until those monsters are reincarnated.

        2. The authentic name of that Zio USA PR, who placed those sociopath criminals in Chile and Argentina is Avraham Ben Eleazar. Don’t forget to inform this to the geriatric Belorussian Szymon Persky and to Polish boy Benny Zion Mileikowsky Jr. Speaking of it. Pérez even with an S at the end is not a Sephardic last name. López, Sanchéz, Martínez, Rivera sí lo son. You know me here. Calling everything by their factual names. Everything. Yes, the Peru-Argentina match was fixed. Just guess who visited that locker room of the Peru Fútbol national squad minutes before the game. Although Mr. Eleazar denied been there. Yes, he was there alright and alongside assassin Videla. Listen to the words of Peruano team Captain Hector Chumpitaz. Usual Khazarian lies. Standards of their putrid and sick DNA.
          Watch this:

      2. Zak, you mention the law of Syphilus!
        I hope you catch it as I know filthy, threatening JEWS like you carry many STD’s!
        I have placed a huge curse on you and triple stamped it!
        The syphilus will work on your bones and soon incapacitate you and all that will be left will be a huge nasal snozzle on the ground and a pile of porno magazines and DVD’s.
        Ye are of the cursed and even your YHWH hates you! Your days are numbered and all like you will not be on this planet in ten years time! I can guarantee that! The tide has turned for you scum!

  1. (That sure is a fearsome-looking ol’ pit bull, Lasha! :))

    Although I very much applaud the way Mr. Kaminski writes, and the drama he illustrates, I really don’t see much future in the idea of ANY mass exterminations of ANYBODY – or the promotion of such. Except for bearing any ill-will to Lasha or John Kaminski, I have to say that Seymour the Zak is on target about karma. I suspect Lasha would agree, too; and Seymour HAS to recognize that she NEVER has written anything for this site except well-documented and well-presented truths. That aside, it is a blessing for all of us that there are some folks like Kaminski and Lasha who are bold enough to bring these topics to the discussion forums such as this and others. The immediate Good to be derived from it is that all these considerations give us pause to examine our OWN lives against those we condemn.

    If it must come to bloodshed, I suppose I’m just as ready as the next guy. But I can always hope it doesn’t, and look for more peaceful ways – starting with myself.

    1. I have said all along that KARMA is selective, Gilbert.
      You selected it to NOT include Lasha and Kaminski. You controlled it. I select it is totally fantasy.

      If you observe a few decades you will see that many bad folks never suffer at all and live long lives…. while many innocent children suffer greatly…as in Gaza.

      **The myth of KARMA is used to stop good people from taking action against the bad people. Jews just love to promote the fear of KARMA, as a suit of protective armor for them if you believe it. One already used it here.

      1. Shucks Pat, thanks for your thoughts, but are you kidding?

        Who shall we all hearken unto? Pat or the likes of Pythagoras, Goethe, Emerson, Thoreau, Tolstoy, Jung, etc., etc., etc…?

        Shucks Pat, show a little understanding and support of your superiors and if you can’t, just fake it..

        1. All those dead guys let the Jews take control hp. You can follow them. I will not.

          Eisenhaeur was a putrid heinous criminal. He was rewarded…while Patton was murdered. Karma did not live up to the claims.

          GHW Bush is pure evil, Clinton is not far behind. Dubya allowed 9-11 to happen. They have murdered millions. Karma has failed there also.

          Evil is greatly rewarded daily, while whole countries full of good people and children suffer.

          I won’t fall for Karma. I shun those fairy tales. You can keep the faith if you wish.

      2. I keep hearing this argument, so it’s time to get down to the brass tacks.
        You seem to propose a preemptive karma whereby the perpetrator is punished before the act.
        How else will a murdered child receive a satisfaction? Once Jew pulls the trigger, too late for the victim.
        So clearly the concept of karma presupposes faith in eternal, cosmic justice where wrongs are righted beyond man’s predisposition to corruption and fallibility.

        And which creature in human form is uniquely characterized by universal lack of faith and contempt for the concept of ultimate justice and thus, karma?
        (Karma according to Gilbert, Sardonicus, Lasha and others here)

        1. lobro- as the question is posed, the most correct answer would be “none.’

          If ‘creature’ had been ‘creatures’ and ‘uniquely’ had been omitted, one answer would be: Most deists, agnostics and atheists, and many others, unknown, without such labels.

          A belief in a supreme creator does not require a belief in any penalties or benefits to be meted out after death.

  2. how about purifying the Language…by telling the truth.

    Israel is not a “Jewish” state.

    Israel is a people …look for yourself…@ Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32….
    and in fact the entire Old Testament is not about any “Jews”.

    “Jews” are proselytes to Talmudic Judaism…!

    Zephaniah 3:9….a “pure” language means no lies…no 1/2 truths…! {no Jews}

    modern day so-called “Jews” will never be Israel.

    probably what John Kaminski is wanting to say is all the lies need to be destroyed
    IN THE OVENS OF TRUTH…@ Matthew 13 :39-42….
    along with the “JEW” worshipping idiots {self righteous A**HOLES}
    that believe all the
    TALMUDIC Terrorist “Jesus” hating lies from the “Jews” who are the
    Synagogue of Satan…Money Changers & Pharisees @ John 8:44.

    probably…a pure language might help.

    1. Melanie, you are correct and your SIMPLE advice is the ONLY answer!
      Let the spiritualist, hippie idiots play with their KARMA, and people like us will get onto restoring a beautiful. all-pervasive KARMA on this planet; once the filthy JEWS have departed to YHWH, the God of WAR!
      Remember, KARMA is of NO USE when you are a SLAVE!
      Unless you are an idiot!

  3. The Jews should have been wiped out centuries ago. We had every opportunity to do it.

    Trotsky, Lenin, and Stalin were all imprisoned at one point by the Russian government. Why weren’t they simply killed? The Tsars knew the Jews were engaging in widespread terrorism; countless Russian officials were being murdered and the Tsars did nothing. Unbelievable. The Romanovos paid the price for their cowardice and stupidity.

    Same with Hitler. He lets the Jews emigrate to America peacefully and then they agitate for the US to obliterate Germany.

    The Aryan race, it seems, is hopelessly stupid.

    1. However few Jews there are, there’s never a shortage of them.
      Sooner we’ll see maggots on the UNESCO list of critically endangered species.

    2. Of all the social engineering successes, none has been more striking than our reluctance to eliminate them, despise the colossal evil they have perpetrated upon the world. This taboo has been worked into the religion at the fundamental level and may be a sufficient cause to declare atheism.
      If called to account posthumously, one can always plead temporary sanity.
      If God is rational, he should approve.

      1. The White race is fucked. Even if all Whites knew the truth about the Jews they still wouldn’t want to exterminate them.

        The White mind short-circuits when it deals with the Jew. Whites are somehow incapable of raising a hand against them, no matter what the Jews do to them.

        That’s why I’m not a part of any White nationalist movement. If the White race is so stupid as to nurture the very Jews who are killing them, then Whites don’t deserve to live.

      2. So Lobro, whom I agree with, is correct – Let fools like Gilby play around with their mythical karma on their hippie farms and let them try to sound half intelligent, but we have been stupidly “reluctant to eliminate them.”
        ALL forms of JEWRY should be proscribed, BANNED and then eliminated!

        1. “So Lobro, whom I agree with, is correct – Let fools like Gilby play around with their mythical karma on their hippie farms…”

          For your infomation, Lobro recently made a post that indicated that he believed in the concept of karma.

    3. you are right. It’s over with the white race, with their slave-mentality.
      They deserve what they get for not willing to resist.
      Game over.

      1. Whites are not reproducing enough to stay around. It is a numbers game.

        As far as I can tell, Jews don’t have huge numbers of offspring either.

        1. Thanks for asking, melanie.
          It is not an ‘argument’, but a fact. It is only ‘stupid’ to those who do not know the facts.

          I was wrong to assume that all readers know that it takes 2.11 children per family just to stay even. It takes more than that to grow.

          Whites are reproducing at an average rate of 1.5 children per family worldwide. They are going away.

          It IS a numbers game.

          That’s why I posted it.


        Americans just lerv their JEWS! They worship their porn, their pop music and their money! The American CULTURE is nude women and gangsta rappas, mixed with mindless consumerism!
        The American sheilas dance along with the Hollywood -generated, lesso Degeneres, just lerv all the Jewish sitcoms and movies with Jewish, PC messages (such as wise, nigrah judges), and elect the filth to govern them and run their finances!
        The USA is about to go down the shute, which is what JEWRY has planned all along.
        Then they will take over their TRUE “land of milk and honey” (reources filled) and all the bubba Family Guys and pussy-licking, whorish, Degeneres worshippers will be immoral, obese, forever dumbed-down slaves; just ripe for the Bolshevik slaughterhouse!
        50 million WHITES murdered in Jewish-Bolshevik controlled Russia, and I would expect this figure to tripleor quadruple in the USA over the next 20 years! The slaughterhouse of the USA!
        Then Gilbert Huntly will be at home with his KARMA, as they lead him and his little, red-headed girlfriend to the death trenches!

        1. Haha, Maxy. It’ll take a LOT more killin’ than you welfare Aussies can imagine to do away with my lot; but, by-the-way, SO WHAT??! We all have to die – sooner or later. You, too. What puzzles me about you and guys like you is that though you seem so well-informed (and you ARE very informative, as well as entertaining 🙂 ) you seem to not recognize that your troubles won’t end with the fantastical elimination of ‘Jewry’ (Talmudism). You seem to not understand that the macrocosm of the world is so much GREATER than the microcosm of whatever-it-is which exists within the spheres of our own influences.

          IMO, ‘Karma’ is a wonderful way to describe the inevitability of the prevelance of Truth and Justice. There is no guarantee we will live to see it (in THIS life, anyway), but the world is ROUND, and TURNS; and seasons come and go; and the spark which animates your life goes elsewhere, to return again, after the flesh it now animates rots and turns to dust. That is ‘karma’.

    4. Yes SPQR, they should have been wiped out long ago.

      Too many screw ups. Thats why it pisses me off when idiot Christians say they were the only ones to throw them out. The cowards were too stupid to do the job that really needed to be done.

      Time to redeem yourselves your idiot believers…….

  4. The entire notion of KARMA is complete bullshit. Its no different than what any religion sells.

    If karma were actually real after so many thousands of years of jewish depravity we would no longer have a jewish problem today. Think about it maturely for a moment.

    Sorry folks but its another crap concept shoved down our throats to mentally disarm us so we will not take the necessary action against them, exactly like Christianity was designed to protect the jews today. Same tactic.

    As for reincarnation….. grow up people. The concept is part of the karma fraud.

    Sure seems to be working on most of you.

    1. “The entire notion of KARMA is complete bullshit. Its no different than what any religion sells.”

      I could could just as easily say to you: “Everything you say is complete bullshit. You sound no different from any Jewish agent provocateur selling nihilism and godlessness in accordance with the Marxist agenda of the Frankfurt school — a specifically JEWISH agernda.”

      The fact that you also advocate the violent extermination of the Jews makes you even more suspect in my eyes — because this is exactly what a Jew would do to get this website into trouble.

      Anyone who incites others to mass murder, as you do, you cocky little sonofabitch, is unfit to lecture others on karma and the crappiness of religion.

      1. I think Lonnie is a genuine poster with a grudge against the Jews. A simple soul who honestly believes that a bullet between the brains of every Jew in the world will usher in a new golden age. A view shared by many others on this site, especially SPQR.

        Unfortunately, the White Man is no plaster saint. Some would argue that the White race is even sicker and more prone to violence than the Jewish race. It wasn’t the Jews who wiped out the Native American Indians. It was the Whites.

        So even if guys like Lonnie got their way and the Jews were wiped out, there’s no guarantee that the world would be a better place. It could even be far worse.

        To my mind, Whites are a dead loss. And that includes me. We have allowed ourselves to go into bondage to the Jew. Why didn’t we stop them fucking up America and Europe when we had the power to do so? We just let the bastards take over. We have only ourselves to blame.

        Added to which, we have genuine antisemites like SPQR and Pat singing from the Jewish hymn book and promoting the Jewish agenda without being aware of it — without admitting it.

        I say this not in hostility to either of these two posters whom I hold in respect. But they preach godlessness. They have both been infected with the same nihilism that infects the Jew. Both hold Christianity in contempt.

        If they had been Jews, they couldn’t do better in promoting the Jewish values of Marxism and the Frankfurt School: godlessness, nihilism, pessimism, and a world without value or meaning.

        If everything is meaningless and pointless in a world without God and the Law of karma, why bother with anything? Why promote the interests of Whites?

        What do Whites matter in a world without God?

        1. Sardonicus-
          You guessed wrong about me and my lack of admission when you said:
          “Added to which, we have genuine antisemites like SPQR and Pat singing from the Jewish hymn book and promoting the Jewish agenda without being aware of it — without admitting it.”

          I am not any kind of antisemite. I am anti-Jewish religion. I am anti-Talmud worshipers, and kol nidre singers and chanters.

          Also, I believe in only one supreme creator. I do not believe in any religion.

          I would profess as Paine did:

          “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any Church that I know of. My own mind is my own Church.” [Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason]

        2. What a dumbed-down fool you are Sardonicus!
          You have NOT read my entries, which if you comprehend closely, explain, just as lobro said, the TRUTH!
          You repeat two grand LIES/brainwashings of the highly dumbed-down Goyim class of SLAVES; even though I am constantly explaining the TRUTH to certain village idiots who bumble their way through on this site.
          Firstly, you grand IDIOT, Jews ARE NOT A RACE! You say: “Some would argue that the White race is even sicker and more prone to violence than the Jewish RACE.” Check my previous for explanations and learn to retain knowledge, all of you childish, retrograde fools!
          Secondly, JEWS are NOT SEMITES! You say: “We have genuine antisemites like SPQR and Pat singing from the Jewish hymn book…” See my previous TRUTHS, you moron!
          Really, isn’t it time you grew up and got a brain?
          And, really, I do not know why I bother to educate such dunder-heads! Ye are of the LOST!
          But I am a teacher, after all, and like to dispel ignorance from such fools as you, Gilby and the evil Tyron Parsons!

        3. Max – CORRECT!!!
          Jews ARE NOT A RACE!!!! They are members of an evil religious cult, following the Talmud!!
          There are people who have CONVERTED to Judaism, such as Sammy Davis Jr.
          NO ONE can CONVERT from their RACE to another RACE!!

        4. @ Max Binney

          “Firstly, you grand IDIOT, Jews ARE NOT A RACE! …. Secondly, JEWS are NOT SEMITES!”

          Yes, yes, so I have been told a thousand times by hairsplitting pedants like you! I pay no attention to people who try and put across their views by SHOUTING — with the help of exclamation marks after every sentence!!!

          First of all, I hold to Kevin MacDonald’s opinion (based on the latest genetic research) that Jews can be described as a “race” because even white Jews and black Jews have common DNA characteristics that make them more like each other than whites or blacks lacking these same “Jewish” genes.

          As for your comment that Jews are not “Semites”, I am familiar with that argument too. Unlike you, I do not necessarily hold to the Khazarian theory of Koestler to which you cling — nor does Kevin MacDonald. Koestler’s theory has not been proved. It is still no more than a hypothesis.

          We all know what a “Jew” is. Call them Khazars or Ashkenazis if you like and maintain they are not “Semitic” if it gives you satisfaction. That cuts no ice with me.

        5. Nice job Sardonicus. Taking some wind out of Maxs’ sails. Pedantry is as pedantry says.

          But “she’lla” continue to blow hard from her billibog nonetheless.

          Woncha Maxine sweetie? 😉

        6. Max is a sem-antic-al pot calling the ped-antic kettle black, and vice versa, who lapses into fits of pedantry and shem antics like many posters, myself deluded.

          Bottom line for “race” “semite” “antisemite” “khazar” “white” “black” “red” “yellow” “blue” “green” “christian” “muslim” “hindu” “buddhist” ad nauseum:

          know them by their deeds
          deeds reveal intent

          codeword: jew

      2. OR………

        Maybe I’m just a dude who’s extremely educated on the jewish problem, am so completely sick of them and know the only option we have left..

        Just because its difficult for you to get all the way out of the rabbit hole doesn’t mean it is for others.

        1. … and don’t short-sell us “simpletons” suggesting we’re so dumb that the world without jews would be no better.

          We have plenty of understanding and plenty of ideas and motivation to make this world a much much better place.

          How dare you suggest just because we KNOW violence is the only answer that that is all we’re about and understand.

          YOU sir are the simpleton sonofabitch.

          You will NEVER NEVER NEVER have a CHANCE at making the world a better place without dealing with the jew and that means violence.

          As for your notion of what kind of world would this be for whites (anyone for that matter) without god…. man your thinking is small.

        2. I would assume that among 7 billion human humans there would be at least couple of hundred others who share not only your hatred of Jews and trust me that I rank high on that scale but also a rock solid lack of belief in any non-material, non-temporal supervision.
          My question is why in all the recent decades, the only dead Jews received their long overdue justice at the hands of Hezbollah and Palestinians.
          After all, every journey starts with the first step and there are millions waiting for this first step.
          Meanwhile the Jews are moaning about tunnel carpal syndrome from having pulled the trigger so often.
          Maybe we need a Jew-hating Jew to get the ball rolling since the Pavlovian code is embedded so securely inside our brains.
          Atheism clearly doesn’t give you inside track in facing the menace.
          Look at all the whites slaughtering white brothers in Novorossya, does the religion and race hold them back?
          Clearly, the problem is elsewhere and we are all barking up the wrong tree argument about merits and disadvantages of karma, divine retribution etc.

          We all agree on one thing: whatever the worth of the white race, the world would be a much better place without Jews.

        3. Fucking word completer mutilated my post, much better off trusting my dyslexic 1 finger approach

        4. Lobro what better adjective to describe the material than devolution. Even Pi has it coming..

          To answer your question I’d say it’s because Sayyed Nasrallah is a bona fide Ubermensch directing exceptional associates..

          His religion ain’t a coincidence.

        5. Yes Homer, Nasrallah is my choice for CEO of the solar system. Also like that Russian rebel commander Ivan Ivanovich Strelkov.
          True Spartan, speaks laconically, gets stuff done on the battlefield.

        6. Lonnie, you need to be like mad Gilby Huntly and all the other Christian-Zionists, and go into ga-ga dreamland on the good ship KARMA!
          Then you can relax and let the tide of LIFE pass you by with never a whimper! Take your gun into lervly Homeland Security!
          Remember Sardonicus, lobro actually said: “And which creature in human form is uniquely characterized by universal lack of faith and contempt for the concept of ultimate justice and thus, karma? (Karma according to Gilbert, Sardonicus, Lasha and others here)”
          According to lobro “the concept of karma presupposes faith in eternal, cosmic justice where wrongs are righted beyond man’s predisposition to corruption and fallibility.”
          Oh yeah, goody-goody gumdrops, so KARMA is like a benevolent GOD! We should let the JEWS do there thing on this here planet with complete impunity (the currrent status quo) and pray to the BENEVOLENT GOD to set things right in the spiritual, after-death land! Oh yeah! CRAPOLOGY, spewing billiousness!
          Lonnie, next thing in your spiritual awakening we will have you LERVIN all human creatures, including the 20,000,000 lervly JEWS! “I lerv the meeces to pieces!”
          Then you won’t want to “kill ’em all” as any rational person would do! (or place them on a deserted island near Antarctica) In fact, you can buddy up to them and tell them where to whip you, or penetrate you!
          Then you can thank the LERVLY, peacenik JEWS for all the reasons given by the lovely author of Thankyou Jews!

        1. Not really, Maxy. This is just a conversation forum. Nothing gets solved, here. I LIKE to read and consider the different perspectives, no matter how outrageous. I don’t have to agree – or disagree. I even pluck the GOOD tidbits out of YOUR bullshit, and discard the rest. 🙂

          I seriously doubt you’d prevail against me in a mortal match – of any kind. You may have the spunk, but you don’t have the real cojones it takes to “take it to the limit.” You’re a fake – but an entertaining one, nonetheless. I like reading your posts! 🙂

  5. lonnie you are right. The system is corrupt, full of corrupt devious jews.
    there is just one way for them to leave the system! they will not go volontary.

  6. Well, I’ve heard it all and I’m not impressed. Jews are evil bastards and we should wipe them out. Thus spake Lonnie and his numerous cheerleaders. How original.

    No facts ever come from this quarter. Just chest-thumping machismo. “I’m a tough guy and I wanna kill Jews! Who’s for mass extermination? Gimme a call. The name’s Lonnie. And Melanie is my secretary. Though she don’t know how to spell proper. And I don’t know where to put my goddamn apostrophes. Yep, can’t tell the difference between ITS and IT’S.

    So what? I’m a hero and I wanna wipe them Jews out and get this website shut down pronto by preaching incitement to violence.

    God? Nope, there’s ain’t no God. Because that’s what I learned from Marx and them Frankfurt School Jews. Up with the Whites! We genocided all the Red Injuns, didn’t we? We’re seasoned killers. Karma? Fuck karma!

    Yep, I reckon I know it all. Except I don’t know where to put my goddamn apostrophes.

    Low quality commenters. Dunces who can always be relied on to get a cheer by chanting, “Let’s wipe out the Jews!”

    You know something? Even a Zionist troll can say that.

    1. 🙁

      thanks for the grammar lesson … id gladly let you claim my mind if it freed your soul … thats what friends are for

      while we are on the topic of friendly advice, heres some:

      giving it back and telling the truth is the cheapest penance

    2. there was plenty of land in europe … im afraid it wasnt european farmers that wanted land in africa or americas

      that you tricked and trolled whites to do the dirty work for you, doesnt mean they profited from it … you continue to trick and troll whites … but its not working any more … ukrainians arent fighting ukrainians, nor russians … only blackwater (or academi or whatever the jewish black army is called these days) is shooting people and things up … and then jewish reporters are lying, not unlike lobro and roberts, that its west shooting east up, or vice versa, or whatever the artificial gentile v gentile construct is

      we are beginning to see right through jewish lies … imperialism is a jewish idea

      1. Hate and murderous thoughts are not going to solve anything. Someone is stoking the fire for sure. In my earlier days it was East versus West, later they said it was going to be North versus South. That hasn’t really panned out. But no matter what, there was going to be strife.

        The mathematical improbability of peace is being supported by a rock solid lack of belief in non-material and non-temporal oversight. Of course that clouds one’s vision and is a major problem we face today. The prevalent, materialistic mindset does not allow for much leeway.

        1. Go back to ga-ga land you pedantic IDIOT, MachNichts or whatever you call your miserable self!
          The more STUPID the name the more stupid the sender! Who’d have a name like Gilby Huntly? – sounds like an uppish squire or an Ozzie Bilby!
          Where did you copy this bit of CRAPOLOGY from? To quote: “The mathematical improbability of peace is being supported by a rock solid lack of belief in non-material and non-temporal oversight.” Typical Marxist CRAP! MeansNOTHING and is not meant to mean anything! Just like the EVIL Lord Balfour’s great line. “nothing reallymatters and nothing matters at all!”
          Work that one out you village idiot!

        2. Hate and murderous thoughts is all the Jews understand. That’s ‘all they got’ themselves.

  7. Low quality commenters. Dunces who can always be relied on to get a cheer by chanting, “Let’s wipe out the Jews!”

    Low quality commenters with one or two notable exceptions. Dr David Green and Sardonicus are the only ones talking sense here. And Gilbert Huntley for agreeing with Dr Green.

    1. i fear the devil’s carrot more than his sword

      some swords swing for a lot larger than 80 years, not the devil’s

  8. Work this one out all you pseudo-intellectual, smarty-pantses on this site!
    You know, the Sardonicusses, Gilbys, Tameasses, assorted pseudo doctors, religious freaks, karma-sutras, Tyron, Christian-Zionists, Jewish infiltrators, anarchists, etc!
    WARNING: I hope the EVIL Zak does not get it right, but he probably will! I hope Lonnie gets it correct!
    “If a bat and ball cost one dollar and ten cents and the bat costs one dollar more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?”
    My answer tomorrow, with explanations of great gravity attached which will impinge upon you! I will prove why JEWS RULE!

      1. “If a bat and ball cost $1.10, and the bat costs $1 more than the ball, what does the ball cost?
        Pat, congratulations, you have an IQ of at least 110 points! This explains why 82% of your comments are actually TRUTH-tending! But then you resort to utter CRAP!
        Over 72% of respondents got the wrong answer and said “10 cents.” Henry Makow said 10 cents!
        92.6 of American nigrahs got it wrong – av IQ of 69.73%
        78% of American WHITEYS got it wrong – av IQ of 96.51%
        46% of northeastern Asians got it wrong – av IQ of 111.64 %
        And 23% of JEWS got it wrong – av IQ of 116.76%
        People with IQ’s of less than 100 points cannot understand such concepts as RACE, SEMITES, etc, which includes MOST of the commentators on this site; particularly the would-have-been warrior, Gilby (Yes Gilby, my Viking height and strength would punish you severely in a man-Max to girl-Gilby confrontation), the crazy injun Brownhawk and the infantile, no brainer Sardonicus. (Who has the brains of a sardine!)
        This type of low intellgence organism (cro-magnan-tending) can actually read the TRUTH, but as Merlin said “still persist with their lunacy.”
        I repeat: Modern JEWS are NOT a RACE of Semites. They are NOT a RACE per se! FACT AND TRUTH! End of story!
        My point, which the idiot Sardonicusses, etc, are NOT intelligent enough to understand, is that our huge armoury of RACE HATE LAWS and populist catch-cries of ANTI-SEMITISM are founded on completely FALSE premises! There are NO race-haters of JEWS, or people directing ANTI-SEMITISM at JEWS. There are only people who are ANTI-JEW! Like ME!
        Has the light in your idle grey matter starting to glow? Or are you still too dumb? STOP using the populist JEWISH dialogue, as it shows your personal brainwashing. Create a new Goyim DIALOGUE! Be brave!
        “The ignorant cannot see they are brainwashed because they are brainwashed.” Count Leo Tolstoy.
        I quote this to my undergrads all the time! And my 18 wives! The beautiful Yankee geneticist is really dumb, but very sexy! The Asian wives are smart!
        Now read this TRUTH 100 times and the bell of intelligence might finally start ringing.
        Jews with an av IQ of 116.76 are thus SMARTER and thus RULE the dumbed-down, obese American bubba!
        The average IQ in the USA is 92.56% which is barely enough to pass your driver’s test or pass 9th grade.
        The results of recent OPEC standardized-testing showed Americans had fallen to 24th ranking on the achievement scale. (Australians 7th) You are on the bottom rungs with the Kenyans, Albanians, Congo pygmies and the New Guinea highland savages. Take away law and order and you bubbas would riot and commence raping and pillaging in about 5 minutes! I would not trust a tomahawk-bearing, fire-water crazed injun like Brownhawk!
        Thus, with brain power like that, it is no wonder you are ruled by a Kenyan-cum-WHITEY-man-lover/ex prostitute out of the criminalized back blocks of Illinois, who is a JEWISH appointee!

        1. Max,

          Believe it or not, I said 5c but Pat beat me to the keyboard is all.

          Me crazy injun, but me no dumb one.


    1. Max frightens me. He is more a force of nature than a human being. If he were human, I would challenge him to a duel.

      1. Oh, Sardonicus – he couldn’t FRIGHTEN you, really. He’s just an entertainer! Mouthy guys like him get their comeuppance soon enough. It’s KARMA, you know. 🙂 I just bet if he and I were set against each other somewhere unobserved, I could make him SHIT his pants before he begged me not to kill him.
        (But I’d probably have a laughing fit, and help him collect himself, and set him on his way. I am merciful.)

        1. Gilby, I am taking up an offer to tour the USA; as I think it is right and proper to ACTUALLY SEE how you JEW-RULED Yankees are going.
          I would like to follow you up and show you what a real man does!

  9. @Max

    I would like to meet you! 🙂
    Whether or not we cross blades will be provided for (I like stix, blades, hand-to-hand – and, of course, GUNS – but I don’t want to kill you). I am 6 foot, one inch, and weigh 200lbs. (just to give you size – but you certainly SOUND bigger!). Are you a ‘Viking berserker’?? Caution: I am not a very nice guy when necessary (but I don’t like to fight much, anymore.)(I GREW UP well-tutored, and can TAKE a beating, too. :))

    Here’s the deal: I will send a second to a designated place, to meet YOUR second – which may, under the circumstances, be one of your wives. That man will lead your second to you, then both of you to me. Details can be agreed nearer the time.

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