Israel’s ‘Operation Protective Edge’ : Barbaric human sacrifice taking place in Gaza’s real-life Apocalypto

Gilad Sharon. . . by Mark Glenn

Despite the truly horrifying nature of the theme covered in Mel Gibson’s 2006 blockbuster film Apocalypto – namely the manner by which innocent, defenseless people are hunted down, captured and later used as human sacrifices in appeasing the Mayan god Kukulkan , nevertheless what made the film’s bloody theme and presentation sufferable was the (mistaken) notion that it was a thing of the past and not of the present…

Indeed,’ so the prevailing wisdom goes…‘we’re waaaay past that…old hat…yesteryear…passe’…water under the bridge and over the dam…’

The problem with this assessment of course is that it’s as disconnected from reality as the notion that the earth is flat or that babies arrive from heaven via some delivery service known as Stork Express. Despite not being recognized as such per se, nevertheless human sacrifice is alive and well, kicking and screaming in fact–no pun intended–moreso now than at any other time in human history.

And not just the practice itself, but the reasons for doing so as well. Now–as then–it involves primitive peoples–barely-humanoid in many respects–who’ve worked out a business arrangement with some bad-tempered deity whereby ripping to pieces innocent people results in rivers of good fortune flowing in their direction, again, no pun intended…In short time, as the affair becomes ritualistic, ceremonialized and then institutionalized, it gains ‘official’ status when priests, prophets and princes participate, at which point the gory business of Murder, Inc becomes as much a national pastime as feeding people to lions was to ancient Rome.

Indeed, as dramatized in Apocalypto, the ritual was not some ‘private matter’ simply between the victim, victimizer and the god who demanded the blood sacrifice. Rather, it was an open, public event, the beating heart of the metropolis in fact, complete with gawkers, watchers, onlookers and ‘true believers’ who cheered madly as hearts were cut out and heads chopped off.

The only difference between then and now is that today’s human sacrifice is sexier and sanitized, helped along of course with technology making it all seem more like an episode of Star Wars rather than a scene out of Apocalypto. Instead of barely-clad, bone-in-nose, unwashed warriors running barefoot through the jungle chasing some terrified 2-legged creature scheduled to be the main course at a dinner honoring the Mayan god Kukulkan, we have technicians dressed in the respectable clothing of military uniforms, sitting behind computer screens, lattes in one hand while in the other is a joystick attached to a drone that is flown into 3rd-world locales where women and children endure not just having their hearts cut out, but their entire bodies ripped to shreds via high-yield explosive warheads.

And while it is true that many of the ‘enlightened’ countries of the West such as America, Great Britain and others who worship at the altar of money, power and empire and who therefore engage in this modern-day form of human sacrifice known as serial warfare in appeasing these dark gods, there is one country in particular whose involvement in the grisly, gory business of human sacrifice operates on a very different, personal, primal, and primitive level, and that country of course is Israel.

Whereas the aforementioned countries deal in death not necessarily for death’s sake but rather as an unavoidable consequence of attaining the blessings that the aforementioned gods of money and power bring, when it comes to Israel however, the shedding of blood–innocent, defenseless blood–holds particular ‘sentimental’ significance. More personal than just business, when it comes to  the trappings, teachings and traditions of Judaism, blood is as intrinsic to its identity as bread and wine are within some Christian ceremonies.  It is, after all, that ‘old time religion’ that functions as the beating heart of the Jewish state and which sustains and maintains who it is, what it is, what it does, and how it lives.

The notion that Israel, again, THE JEWISH STATE, as her worshippers insist upon her being characterized, would engage in the business of ritualistic human sacrifice should come as no surprise to anyone who understands the ‘beating heart’ of what keeps her alive, meaning Judaism. Human sacrifice, i.e. murdering innocent human beings in order to appease the demands of some ‘higher’ power, is a theme introduced within literally the first chapters of the very first book of the Jewish Torah–the book of Genesis to be exact–where a penniless nomad named Abraham–the ‘Founding Father’ of the Jewish state as the world has been told time and again–has got it in his head to slit the throat of his own son Isaac and burn his young son’s body on a pile of stones in pleasing and appeasing the Jewish god Yahweh.

Luckily for Isaac, as the story goes, the voices in Abraham’s head telling him to engage in the very same kind of brutal black Mass depicted in Apocalypto were drowned out by competing voices telling him not to murder his son, but rather to sacrifice a nearby ram whose horns had been caught in a briar and who could not escape to save its life.

The story–whether historically true or not, is immaterial to the fact that in the minds of those whose identity is wrapped up in Israel, Judaism, Zionism, etc, a pattern and a paradigm have been set through this legend–That killing innocent, defenseless creatures that can neither escape nor fight back is the manner by which the Jewish god is appeased and satiated…

Using this–the slaughter and incineration of a ram–as the standard then, from there the Judaic practice of killing docile,  defenseless creatures for the purpose of quelling and containing the anger of Yahweh, the Judaic god, isn’t just institutionalized, but becomes the institution itself. Whether it is for atonement of sins,  giving thanks or whatever the mood of the occasion happens to be at that moment, the slaughter of living creatures becomes THE method of connecting with and ‘getting right’ with ‘the god of Israel’ (a term publically used many times by Jewish terrorists ranging from Menachem Begin to Netanyahu) as explained numerous times in the books of Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Numbers and others found in the Torah. Specifically, as the ritual dictates, by laying hands on the head of the animal to be killed, the sins of the people of Israel are transferred onto the animal, and upon its brutal slaughter, the sins are wiped away and Yahweh is appeased, to wit–

‘The priest is to place his hand on the head of the sin offering and slaughter it…Then the priest is to take some of the blood with his finger and put it on the horns of the altar and pour out the rest of the blood at the base of the altar…They shall remove all the fat and the priest shall then burn the bull, ram, or goat on the altar as an aroma pleasing to the Lord, and in this way the priest will make atonement for the people of Israel, and their sins will be forgiven…’

Paired almost simultaneously with the ritualistic practice of animal slaughter as the centerpiece of Judaic worship come the various decrees from Yahweh’s mouth to Israel’s ear that he–the angry, jealous, vengeful god who has chosen this small, seemingly insignificant tribe of ne’er do wells to someday run the world–is no longer satiated with only the slaughter of defenseless animals. Now, having developed a more ‘sophisticated’ sacrificial appetite, he demands that defenseless men, women and children must suffer the same fate as well, specifically as laid out within several passages of the Jewish Torah to wit–

When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall save nothing alive that breathes…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy…You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…’

And there begins a wedding made in hell, where ritualistic, religiously-driven animal slaughter is paired with war, genocide, invasion and conquest.

Given the inherently supremacist foundation of Judaic thought (‘God’s chosen people’, ‘light unto the world,’ etc) paired with its inherently anti-Gentile disposition, it was just a matter of time then before the two ideas become merged into one–the equating of Gentiles as animals who were fit for nothing but either enslavement or ritual slaughter, and the likely catalyst for this merger was the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by the Romans, resulting in the cessation of the Judaic practice of sacrificial  slaughter of livestock for attaining atonement from the Judaic god.

A substitution had to be found therefore if the Judaic community were to maintain any sense of religious/social cohesiveness…

The fact that Gentiles are referred to disparagingly amongst Jews as ‘Goy’ or ‘Goyim’–the Hebrew equivalent of the word ‘livestock’ or ‘cattle’–is one indication that this association between non-Jews and livestock (rams, goats, sheep, etc) used for ritualistic sacrifice has been a fait accompli now for some time. As Israel sinks deeper and deeper into her Judaism and her ‘Jewishness’, and the more powerful that the Jewish community becomes, therefore the more ‘comfortable’ certain political and religious leaders become in voicing ideas that before had to be kept hidden from the Gentile world for the sake of ‘operational security’. Of the various statements made in recent history, few compare in revealing this mindset than that made by Israel’s former Chief Sephardic Rabbi Ovadiah Yusef who stated to wit–

‘Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world, only to serve the People of Israel…Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat…With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew…’

The reaction on the part of the more ‘cautious’ elements within organized Jewish circles, from the ADL to World Jewish Congress et al was predictable in its utter duplicity, and unfortunately, swallowed whole hog by the Gentile community. One by one, powerful Jewish groups and those who lead them lined up to denounce the Rabbi’s statement despite knowing full well that it reflected the essence of Judaism and that it forms the foundation of Zionist thinking not only in Israel, but around the world. Sadly, the Gentiles, not yet comprehending the inherently deceptive nature of Judaic linguistics and theatrics, believed it, much to their own detriment.

But more effective in revealing the kinds of genocidal tendencies that have come to plague the Judaic mind than the various statements from Jewish leaders–religious and political–are the actions of Israel itself. Whereas the various statements attributed to individuals such as Ovadia Yusef and others can be compared to the distant howling of wolves announcing their impending arrival, what really defines the nature of the beast, it is the ensuing slaughter and carnage that best reveals the nature of the beast within.

That the present Holocaust in Gaza is in effect an exercise in ritualized Jewish mass murder and human sacrifice cannot be disputed by any rational human being. The deliberate targeting of civilians, the murder of women and children as if the entire exercise were nothing more than shooting fish in a barrel cannot be equated with any kind of protective or preventive military operation on the part of a stable, sane nation state. Operation ‘Defensive Edge’–like all its previous massacres–Jenin, Cast Lead, etc, etc, etc, is the modern day equivalent of the very same ritual sacrifice institutionalized within the pages of the Torah and the same human sacrifice depicted within Apocalypto and for the same reasons–Israel, a nation whose foundation is rooted in religious strains that demand the blood of innocent, defenseless animals (much like the ram in the biblical story featuring the planned murder of Abraham’s son Isaac) who cannot escape, the exact situation as pertains to the people of Gaza today. Indeed, as we read the words of the high priest in Apocalypto as he is about to plunge the knife into the chest of his captive victim, they might as well be the words of Benjamin Netanyahu or any of those within his circles–

‘We are a people of destiny…destined to be the masters of all time, destined to be nearest to the gods…’ 

‘Great Kulkulkan, whose fury could scourge the earth to oblivion, let us appease you with this sacrifice…to exalt you in your glory and make our people prosper…’

And, as in Apocalypto, when the citizens of the Mayan superstate roared with approval as the beating heart of the victim was cut out and the head chopped off, so too do we hear the roar of Jewry worldwide as the innocent victims of Gaza are ceremonially murdered on the high altar of Judaic human sacrifice. Israeli citizens gather at the border with food, drinks and other celebratory supplies, snapping pics of the carnage in celebrating Gentile slaughter and in worshipping the Judaic version of the Mayan god Kukulkan.

Not that anyone should be particularly surprised or shocked at this, since Jews worldwide have gathered together in much the same way to celebrate past instances of Gentile mass murder in religious ‘Holy Days’ such as Passover, Purim, Hannakuh and others.

Where the difference lies however between the Mayan superstate and today’s version of it–Israel–is that the Mayans did not have nuclear weapons with which to burn down the entire world in one giant human sacrifice. Let all hope and pray that the rest of the Gentile world–and particularly those with the military resources to do it–recognize that indeed this is what is in store for mankind if the beast depicted within both the storyline of Apocalypto and within the pages of the final book of the Christian New Testament–The Apocalypse is not destroyed, for if not, as Jesus Christ Himself predicted, ‘no flesh would survive’.natanyahu

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  1. Montecristo

    An excellent article with compelling, truthful and well thought out reasonings.

    A couple of points.

    1. I don’t think I need to repeat the solution to this as America, in fact, the whole white world (or nations once called Christendom) who right now stand at the precipice of GAZA II in our own lands.

    2. With that in mind your parallels to both Apocalypto and the Jewish Masoretic 900 AD texts, their Talmud (interpreter of their OT Fraud) and the fact that they see their version of the OT by the letter, and not spirit (intent in the new age Christ started) is spot on.

    3. The solution for Christian Spain to the Aztec’s ritual murder was LAWFUL FORCE. Cortez (for those who don’t know the true story) gave Montezuma a couple weeks to stop the practice because after all, their own Aztec prophesies of the WHITE MAN GOD (Quetzalcoatl) told of him returning on the EXACT date Cortez and his men showed up to execute judgment upon them. With only 700 men and 10,000 Indians (sacrificed and eaten daily) they toppled a mass murdering, human sacrificing, cannibalistic empire numbering around (arrayed military force) 200,000.

    4. With this in mind, is it any wonder that the prophesies in Obediah, Malikiah and Revelation speak not only to white Jacob’s betrayal and slaughter, but that we will regroup, organize from the 4 corners of the earth into the regenerated authentic tribes of Israel and take over the impostor “Jews” JWO? History repeats folks and just like Cortez conquered the Aztec human sacrificers, so too will AUTHENTIC Israel/Judah (whites/Europeans-authentic worshippers in truth of I AM-Jesus) do the same to their “older brother”–these human sacrificing Satan worshipers of Esau- with their Ashkenaz impostors.

  2. The West calls Israel Occupation Force (IOF) as one of world’s most “moral and powerful” armies. But in fact, the Jewish soldiers a bunch of cowards and criminals. They have failed to defeat guns and rockets equipped Hamas and Hizbullah fighters with America’s donated F-16s, French nuclear submarines, gunships, helicopters, tanks, drones and deadly missile. Once humiliated the Jew army has always took its frustration on the civilians, mostly unarmed women and children.

    This time, once again, Gaza people have refused to surrender to Israel’s Evil G-d.

  3. I read this article over at the Ugly Truth and I have to admit that I enjoyed it. Not that I enjoy what is happening to Gaza’s children (hardly) but I enjoy that Mark Glenn is lashing out at Israelis and making them look like the butchers that they are. These people are primitives, drinking their lattes and causing mass murder with a flick of their remotes.. loathsome species.

    1. There are no so-called “Judaics”,
      so-called “Jews” or any so-called
      “Jewish” people in the Old Testament.

      Genesis is about the Children of Israel {Gen. 49},
      and there are no “Jews” there….with a Talmud & Hating Jesus.

      Seriously, to be a ….so-called ….”Jew”,
      the “Jewish” stool sculpture deity cult member
      MUST hate Jesus, and adhere to the Talmud.

      The story of the Children of Israel is not about being a “Jew”.

      In Search of Isaac’s Children is an attempt to deal with and explain an extensive group of Bible passages which are seldom or never mentioned in
      JEW WORSHIPPING “Judeo-Christian” pulpits,
      but which, nevertheless, are prophecies so clear and definite, that,
      if the Bible is the Word of God, must be fulfilled;
      for they are the declared purposes of Yahweh as revealed in His Word concerning His Israel people, the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic,
      Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred people….who do not fornicate
      with Africans brought to America by “JEWISH” slave ship owners….
      there are some who declare that the History of the Children of Israel is a
      Jewish” narrative…and that miscegenation and being deaf and dumb to
      TRUTH is the EXIT STRATEGY from the “Jew” worshipping misery pit…!

      seriously….how does that work….exactly ?
      The Truth is No One on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult
      COMPOUND worshipping the “JEWS” and their stool sculpture deity…!
      Knowing the Truth is the exit strategy….John 8:32 !

      A wise man will hear, and will increase learning;
      and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:

      conversely there is the entropy of stupidity…the stupor effect,
      “How far can this all progress before it no longer has any momentum at all,
      or before something comes about that throws the totality of existence into doubt of its continuance?

      SHINOLA….you can’t climb out of the hole you’re in by using the same
      THINKING that got you into the hole in the first place….!

      STOP “JEW” worshipping.
      {you can’t clean something up by rubbing “JEW” poo on it}


  4. If you think that in the light of the cruel massacre in Gaza Jews in general – not only in Israel – are insensitive to human suffering, here are some passages from an article on the Jewish website that might change your mind :

    “…How can we witness the daily struggles of our brothers and sisters in Israel and yet go about our lives as if nothing has changed? We can’t and most of us don’t. The Jews of America and even those in Israel not involved in the fight are doing acts of kindness non-stop – sending money, clothing, toiletries, gifts – and most of all prayers! In my daughter’s small neighborhood in Jerusalem, a call went out for homemade cookies to send to the troops in Gaza. They were flooded with 200 batches! The giving is amazing, inspiring, awesome and unifying…”

    “…the Jewish people is in trouble. They need our help, they need our support, they need our prayers…”

    “…It’s an aspect of sensitivity. It suggests that we don’t just care about their struggles, we identify with them. Their struggles are our struggles. Forfeit a small indulgence so that we don’t become calloused…”

    Now if you object that Jews care more about themselves than about others, Dennis Prager has the answer :

    “..In Dennis Prager’s book “Why the Jews?” he says that people attack the Jews for only caring about each other. He responds that it’s not that Jews only care about each other but rather that only Jews care about each other…”

    You see? Jews care about each other. They send cookies to their soldiers who are having a difficult time slaughtering Palestinian babies! And you anti-Semites still dare to accuse them of insensitivity?

    1. P.S. The above cited passages are from the article “It’s Not Business as Usual” by Emuna Braverman and the subtitle of that article is : “Do something daily to identify with the pain Israelis are going through.”

      Can you dear reader identify with the “pain” Israelis are going through or… are you an anti-Semite and identify with the Palestinians?

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Franklin, thanks for this brilliant post. You have helped to make me see this situation in an entirely new light. No long will I waste my time shedding tears for the wretched Palestinians, dying like flies under Israel’s high-tech missiles and phosphorus bombs.

        Instead, I will weep and wail only for the real victims of this conflict, the persecuted sons of Abraham. Ah, it must be so painful for “the most moral army in the world” to engage in shooting fish in a barrel — Palestinian fish! Truly, my heart bleeds for them.

        OK, I’ve made a decision! I’m gonna get my wife to bake the biggest batch of cookies she can and I’m gonna post them to dear old Israel for distribution to the grief-stricken mass murders…. um, delete that, I meant the victims of the Hollocaust. (Sob, sob)

    2. “In my daughter’s small neighborhood in Jerusalem, a call went out for homemade cookies to send to the troops in Gaza. They were flooded with 200 batches! The giving is amazing, inspiring, awesome and unifying…”


  5. The Israelis are showing their true colours again for the umpteenth time. What does it take for the Cattle that are Us, preferably with horns, to gore the beast in our midst? Guts, a willingness to acknowledge some facts, historical or present day, and refusal of being blackmailed. Tell that to our precious so-called leaders. They have to remove their snout out of the Jewish trough. What are the chances?

  6. kapoore

    These people are primitives, drinking their lattes and causing mass murder with a flick of their remotes.. loathsome species.

    you give them undeserved credit, kapoore, in my view generous but misplaced and ultimately pernicious gift.
    i have a friend and she uses the term “primitive” all the time to describe jews.
    it provides them with a moral shield against wrathful vengeance, like the legal dodge of “temporary insanity” so favored of criminal jew shrinks.

    you can call a botfly laying larvae onto a host that they will consume as primitive, piranhas shredding a struggling victim in water, python squeezing its prey in its coils until the heartbeat stops – primitive, even loathsome.
    but they don’t really deserve any particular blame, they are simple machines that do what they are designed to do in order to continue the species.

    well then … if jews are human, then the above paradigm does not apply to them.
    not only are they fully aware of their evil, it becomes a source of enjoyment, ie, sadism, pure and simple.
    and this is not primitivism.
    python does not enjoy what it does, its only motivation is hunger, once done swallowing the victim, it curls up and sleeps it off, maybe a whole month without bothering anyone, until its gut tells it it is time to hunt again.
    not so jew, he will cause misery for its own sake, he will be maximally creative to increase his sick joy and exercise his abominable sense of humor.

    or … do we say that jew is not human, in which case you replace every instance of he by it.
    and in which case it (jew) is completely outside our scope of moral reasoning and it can be exterminated without another thought, like rats, roaches and clostridium dificile.

    but in the former case, if we determine that the satan worshiping evil in human form is fully aware of his actions and is taking a great enjoyment in them, what then?
    is he to be spared on the hope of redemption?
    been tried, done that …

    his psychotic, one-dimensional intelligence means that any attempt to reason with him, to make him see the error of his ways is pernicious because his intelligence will enable him to anticipate the interlocutor’s aims and play the guilt and remorse game in order to gain freedom and revert to old ways as soon as able.
    this has been shown time and time again to our great cost and grief.

    aside to spqr … maybe you are right and the white race will not see the end of the century, but if that is the price of the end of the jew, it is worth it.
    the mongrelized world can continue and maybe reform into a better organization, start new cultures, identities based on respected spaces and safe distances, free from jew’s disease spreading activity.

    i say, give them a chance, i am less worried about racial purity, as much as i appreciate cultural distinction, languages, tradition and all that, than the disease of the toxic pit.

    exorcism, not psychoanalyst’s couch.

    1. Well said! Best post I’ve read in a long time. Your speculation that the Jew is “not quite human” is probably correct. These people just don’t think like the rest of the human race, as Franklin Ryckaert’s brilliant observations above make only too clear.

      I copy and paste this quote by an Israeli rabbi which I came across today. This will show you what i mean:

      “We learn in the Torah that we are required to pay for damages we cause to others. As long as the one who incurred the damage does not forgive the one who caused it, the latter is obligated to pay for the damages, even if he is not being sued. However, nowhere in the Torah does it explicitly say that causing damage to your fellow man is forbidden. It is written that if one causes damage he must pay for it, but it does not say that causing damage in the first place is forbidden….”

      — Rabbi Mordechai Halperin

      According to this twisted logic, you can kidnap a foreign tourist in Israel and forcibly steal his kidney. That’s okay, because “causing damage is not fobidden in the Torah.” What is forbidden is the refusal to pay damages.

      So if a Jew steals your kidney and offers to compensate you for your loss by paying you damages, he is now morally in the clear. He has done you damage and paid you damages. He is quits.

      A bit like kol nidre, eh?

      1. All human values have been turned on their heads by the Jew. It’s like his brain has been wired in an entirely different way.

        1. Sardonicus: “All human values have been turned on their heads by the Jew.”
          Australia’s Marxist-Fabian Society Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, said in his speech to the Australian Fabian Society Centennial dinner, in 1984, that they were out “to change the minds and moods and attitudes of the Australian people.” Hawke is a kingpin Gentile Zionist, who like Obama, is totally indebted to his Jewish mentors and controllers. “1984” is a significant year!
          So what was this CHANGE? As in the USA , we saw the 100% introduction of Jewish-Marxist orientated, crippling Political Correctness; the introduction of a total schema of morals relativism and values neutralism; the relaxation of most morals’ censorship; and the implementation of a schema of total dumbing-down in all educational institutions, etc. MEDIOCRITY BECAME THE PARAGON OF VIRTUE!
          And then we have Jew Dylan’s “get out of the old world into the new world if you can.” The NEW WORLD of 100% Jewish control!
          The English speaking nations’ citizens sit at home being brainwashed by JEWISH TELEVISION. They believe the Jews that all Arabs are evil and that, as that idiot Glenn Beck says, “Israel is our closest ally.” The New York Jews in Israel applaud every murderous shell blast! And they use American shells and missiles!
          I am sure that in a survey most Americans, Aussies, etc would say they support Israel.
          This fabulous site and others MUST turn the pendulum to the TRUTH and rid the world of Bob Hawke’s EVIL maxim! The other Australian, the insidious sexual whore Germaine Greer said: “Destroy patriarchy and Marxism will come willy nilly.” The Hawkes and Greers are the Jews’ weapons against us!

      2. everything in torah is between jew and another jew, sard, us cattle don’t eneter into any such consideration.

        thus the obligation to pay damages (if one causes damage he must pay for it) is only an obligation to a fellow jew.

        recall from talmud (can’t be bothered to look up the ref):
        what a jew steals from goy, he may keep

        1. I stand corrected. You’re right. They can steal my kidney WITHOUT offering me damages.

          If they stole a fellow Jew’s kidney, on the other hand, they would have to offer to pay him damages. Only then would the kidney thief be morally in the clear.

          What is particularly bizarre is that the kidney theft itself, according to this rabbi, is not forbidden by the Torah. It’s only the failure to pay damages that is forbidden.

          The crime itself is okay, the failure to say “Sorry” is not! 🙂

          Weird, weird, weird . . . extraterrestrial ethics.

        2. furthermore … no morality ever comes into play with jew, the concept is unknown and meaningless.

          only THE LAW matters, the law of torah, talmud, sanhedrin, THE LAW OF LORD G-D YHWH.
          no need to ask questions whether it is right or wrong, to question motives.

          a jew obeys THE LAW blindly, unhesitatingly, this is what torah-old testament is all about, there are specific instances where jew was tested on it, to see if his atrophied morality may bring him into conflict with THE LAW.

          sacrifice of isaac is one, result: abraham is a good jew.

          destruction of amalek is another: king saul is a bad jew because in his moment of microscopic charity he spared the life of the vanquished king (for later sacrifice) as well as the virgins handpicked for later rape.
          and saul was punished by divine decree as a bad jew.

          causing maximum pain, destruction and extermination of cuthean (amalek, goy, gentile) is also decreed everywhere, as natural to jew as breathing.

          so this is the lens through which jew sees the world.
          you must always keep it in mind, slip at your peril.

          and which is why my guts convulse with retching when i hear normal people discussing old testament as a “holy” book.
          like wearing satan’s petrified turd around neck as talismanic jewelry, precious.

  7. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who, on here, are Americans from those who are not. Anyhow, for those who ARE Americans, last time I looked, our southern border is practically unguarded, and even local law enforcement is receiving threats from cartel-related gangs from below. Are WE just supposed to roll over, and ‘give it back’?

    Of course I don’t agree with the genocide going on in Palestine – but here, it will come to either being overrun and conquered, or we will have to become just as hard-line as others. The thing we have going for us is that most of those people coming across our border identify more with Christianity. Most of them are decent, hard-working people, given the opportunity. We COULD learn to mingle…

    That being said, the clash is more between RELIGIONS, elsewhere. For certain, Muslims don’t belong HERE. Watching a documentary on Pakistan the other night (FreeSpeechTV), I became aware of the fact that merely an accusation of ‘blasphemy’ against ‘the prophet’, there, can land one in jail – even on death row. What kind of fucking people ARE they, anyway??!!

    The fight in Palistine is not our fight. Of course – WE SHOULD NOT BE FINANCING THE JEW SIDE, EITHER.

    1. Christian Europeans do not BELONG in America. They slaughtered their way from the East Coast ports of Massachusetts and Virginia all the way to the West Coast, claiming all the land they stumbled upon. They are as bad as Jews. They put the indigenous people in ‘Gaza-esque’ camps – reservations – FEMA camps.
      Keep boasting freedom, BUT for whom??? Indians?? NO!!

      1. You either stick up for your own country, or you don’t, Pat. I am just as ‘native American’ as any American Indian. (Besides, some archaeologists say they’ve found evidence the white man was here BEFORE the red man, but so what?) The point is, a lot of you sonsofbitches better quit waffling and figure out who YOU are, instead of constantly bellyaching about who everybody ESLE may be. For me, I know I don’t worship Muhammad (however you spell his name), and the Talmud is not my book. It’s sickening to consider all the bleeding heart blather for other countries while we watch our own overrun with foreign minions – both racial AND religious. Of course, that is historic ‘evolution’ – BUT I DON’T HAVE TO LIKE IT OR CONDONE IT.

        1. That is spoken just like a true Iroquis or Cherokee or Adirondak, forced to be Christians or die!!
          They tried to fight the invaders but failed.
          Now invaders come from Mexico.
          What goes around….

        2. I agree with you Gilbert!
          Correct when you say: “The point is, a lot of you sons of bitches better quit waffling and figure out who YOU are, instead of constantly belly aching about who everybody ELSE may be. ”
          PRIORITY NO ONE IS: “Know thy enemy!” We have ONE major enemy on this planet = the JEWISH ABOMINATIONS that control the USA Superpower, Gt Brit and the minnows, Canada and my OZ!
          This enemy controls the world’s reserve currency and all the major financial houses. They have the ominous POWER OF THE PURSE! They BUY POWER!!!
          AS I’VE STATED, THESE JEWISH ABOMINATIONS – MIXED RACE, NON-RELIGIOUS AND NON-SEMITIC – HAVE A HEGEMONIC CONTROL OVER ALL OF US; JUST LIKE BIG BRO IN ORWELL’S PREDICTIONS! Their Goyim henchmen totally support them, which is EVERY bought, criminal politician in the USA. (starting with your pro-Israel Congress!)
          So I don’t care about your respective multi-racial DNA’s! Brownhawk is multi-racial, but as far as I know I am 100% white/Nordic, even though my Viking ancestors raped lots of Irish nuns. These nuns expected it and looked forward to our visits!
          Yes, I am Irish-Nordic, with British aristocracy thrown in – all blonde and blue-eyed! No miscegnation, even though my wives and kids are mixed-race!
          One point I agree about with the deluded Tyron: The WHITEYS from the North were the greatest inventors and the creators of the highest cultural standards and the rule of Common Law, etc. See Gibson’s Braveheart!
          I’ve told you Apocalypto’s author and my Aussie mate, Mel Gibson is totally on our side and really cops it from your Jews! See what they did to his Passion of Christ! Mel’s dad was a great friend in OZ! They lived near me at Yackandandah.
          The Chinese and Indians, etc were quite inventive but their POLITICS was always a corrupted, tyrannical sewer! Still is! The Jews are doing this to us! The Jewish knesset is the Mafia!
          You are all Goyim/Gentiles as far as the hegemonic Jewish elite is concerned! Head Jew, George Soros, has you eating out of his hands. You are being readied for total slavedom and culling.
          So forget about such as Tyron’s END-TIMER CRAP, get with the Goy RESISTANCE and fight the JEWS of today!
          And you also have to be aware that Islam is expanding its evil, violent, pseudo-religious agenda into the former great bastions of the WHITEYS; and the all-powerful Chinese are growing in POWER! It is all about MONEY and the POWER it bequeaths!
          Goyim get together and keep it simple:
          JEW = Enemy; Islam = ENEMY; Christian-Zionism = ENEMY!
          Forget about all the crap of Tyron’s!
          This idiot will still be reading the OT when a Jew slices his throat!

        3. Max

          I have laid out a 2 part plan to deal with the “Jews”.

          You and Yukon want people to rise up and start shooting Jews and Cops wherever you see them.

          That sir is not only INSANE- it’s LAWLESS and LAWLESSNESS is the domaine of the “Jew” not the white man.

          The first hurdle to overcome the “Jew” is that fact that they have control over the Corporation Governments they created without our knowledge or consent.

          The second hurdle to overcome is the fact that they plan on using Russia, China and others to physically invade our white nations when they collapse the money system.

          Thus, common sense dictates that in order to jump these hurdles we must erect LAWFUL structures. We must use LAW that trumps their legal fictions to arrest these traitors and this mandates that we CANNOT be randomly shooting COPS and anyone we think is a “Jew” at whim. If you have not figured it out yet, Cops are mostly just as victimized as the rest of us and the WORST thing one could do is get those with the guns, with the military equiptment and training in these Corporation Governments to look at us as the enemy. We NEED them on our side, not against us.

          But what other type of advise should we expect from a person who’s already openly admitted his mother’s a Jew?

          So, once we jump the hurdles in America and the “Jews” have run to “Israel” to occupy the World Government they have now finished erecting there- the delema remains that if we sit on our laurals being content that the “Jews” are not in our lands anymore, the fact remains that the “Jews” have stold all of our wealth and power, centralizing it in “Israel” from where they WILL STILL dictate to the planet whatever whim they desire.

          We face another delema in that the Eastern Powers realize the same and they don’t want to be ruled over by the “Jews” either and will be focusing on taking them over to rule the planet in their place.Thus, at this point, all eyes will be on “Israel” and it is then we must beat the eastern powers to the punch.

          Since LAW trumps Jew legal fictions and since WE the White Race have a LAWFUL claim to Zion WE MUST USE IT.

          The “Jews” legal (notice legal) claim to Zion is a FRAUD. They have a rock solid claim under Law to Zion as Esau, the usurper, but NOT by way of their identity theft as the people of Israel-Judah/Jacob.

          Since their identity is increasingly being exposed as the FRAUD it is, we must counter claim- exposing their true identity (which I have done here endlessly) while the White Race drafts a LAWFUL claim to Zion as true Jacob-Israel. Then we will have the LAW on our side as we marhsal our forces left over from their collapse of the west and their thwarted genocide attempt, and take over that “shitty nation”- arresting the criminal “Jews”. Then and only then can we concentrate on dealing with the Asiatics and their allies.

          Max, I have laid out this plan in great detail to others (esp Ruth) and have noticed that you JEWS here can’t show me where I am wrong at all. It is for this reason that you attack my Character- having NO intelligent retort which should awaken any truely Jewise to the fact that you FEAR this reality that is coming your way.

          Last chance, either you show us where I am wrong and why, or let everyone here know you conceed to the truth.

      2. Pat

        Christian Europeans DID NOT “slaughter their way from the east to west coast”.

        That is a JEW LIE and shows how little (again) you know of true history.

        1. Brownhawk

          The Indians were murdering, slaughtering, enslaving and cannibalizing each other for HUNDREDS of years before the white man came BACK to America- a place from where he was GENOCIDED by the Indians when they came here wanting the land for themselves. This confirmed by archeology and admitted in the Indian’s own lore.

          The Indians in N America had great numbers of people here but when the Boubonic Plague that came from Asia hit the rest of the world, the Indians numbers dropped from 10’s of millions to about 2 million. That plague also hit Europe and killed off about 1/3rd of us.

          This is when we came BACK to America and when we did, we encountered EXACTLY the same hostility as we did before. No 2 million people can claim 1/5th the surface of the world and neither did the Indians. The Indians ADMIT they had no concept of property rights but they still GENOCIDED our people whereever we peacefully assembled.

          Thus a RACE WAR ensued where the white race usually won these battles due to our military prowess, inventions and Christian civic norms that allowed us to act as one- prospering and increasing in numbers while the Indians continued their ways, screwing themselves.

          Around 1871, the White Man was tricked by the Jews of the City of London Corporation. These Jews created Corporation fiction Governments, almost completely identitical to our lawful ones, to replace our lawful ones. From behind the scenes they dictated our policy and by way of their control over the media, they fed us a false reality about the Indians most of us believed. At this point, directly due to the Indians race war against us and because they were still fighting each other, their numbers were down to around 400,000.

          Through the “Jews” fraud tactics, they BROKE all the lawful treaties the white man had made with the brave but foolish Indian tribes and enacted a UNLAWFUL war against them. They broke every single lawful treaty we made the Indian tribes and had them rounded up and put on reservations.

          Since the “Jews” couldn’t allow the white man to know he was secretly being controlled, the white man still had alot of sway in policy, thus we recongized their Sovereignty on these reservations as their numbers rebounded to about 2 million again today.

          Unfortunately the indians, like the white man, have been enslaved again but not by each other–rather by mankinds ememy- the “Jew”.

          In short, the white man and the Indian have a common stake in America and we need each other if either of us is to be freed. We must work with one another and educate ourselves about our true history- whether good or bad- so we are not divided as we fight for our mutual people’s freedom- not only in America, but freedom for the whole planet and all races therein.

        2. Tyron

          You keep running over the same theme but have yet to address two points which I’ve raised. The second of which has the potential of throwing your whole paradigm out of joint

          1) Who slaughtered natives in the countless millions for 400 years from the time of Columbus right up to Wounded Knee?

          2) Matthew 24:22 – What may constitute various interpretations of this, arguably the most intriguing of NT passages?

        3. How’s that for timing? We both posted at exactly the same time.

          While I obviously agree that all non-“jews” have to come together, and note what happened in 1871 as you relate, I have a problem with your portrayal of the white man being this wholly innocent who simply wanted to live in peace in a land he previously occupied, but the bad old savages would never let him so he had no choice but to defend himself

          The portrait of truth I find, has so many more gray areas than the ‘black and white’ picture you paint.

        4. BrownHawk

          1) Who slaughtered natives in the countless millions for 400 years from the time of Columbus right up to Wounded Knee?

          There were no “countless millions slaughtered”. That is a JEW LIE pushed by his text books and BS narratives. I already explained what transpired in North America but as for South America, let me explain that too.

          Cortez and his 700, plus 10,000 Indians defeated 200 thousand Aztecs. Why? Because the Aztecs were murdering daily, by the 10’s of thousands, other Indians tribes and then eating them (much like some of the Northern Indian tribes did).

          Right after Cortez’ victory, CONFIRMED by no less than Montezuma himself, heavy rains belted the region. These heavily rains would hit hard every couple hundred years and every time they did, diseases would break out (check the records, no small pocks etc- NO European disease did this). Hence, the Indians died off in mass, just like they had previously during the Mayan’s reign and in North America due to the Boubonic Plague.

          Besides BrownHawk, who do you think built those Pyramid structures all over central and south America anyway? “Evil Whitey” did which is confirmed not only by archeology (and mummies), but even the Aztecs own religion admit this saying that Quetzalcoatl (and his people) built everything down there teaching them civics, astrology and how to plant and grow food so they might inhabite the structures his peoples abandoned. The Aztecs religion also told of the Quetzalcoatl (a white man with blue eyes and blond hair) would return and judge them (“happened” to the be the date Cortez and his men did so) and so it was.

          2) Matthew 24:22 – What may constitute various interpretations of this, arguably the most intriguing of NT passages?

          This is speaking of when the “Jews” messiah reigns- when he “sits where he ought not sit”. Where he sits is upon the authentic Ark of the coventant (I AM’s earthly Throne) that will be revealed to the World just before he sits there. It was found in 1982 by Ron Wyatt in a cave in Jerusalem right next to the place of where the old containment wall was erected by the Judaites- House of David, during the Babylonian seige.

          The reason the days will be shorted is for the elects sake. The elect are those who not only survive the upcoming horror that will be brought on the planet because the “Jews” are ruling it, but they are of those who were elected at the foundations of the universe, to inhabite man’s body and take over the “JWO” to coincide with the authentic Christ’s return. Everyone is told to watch out because just before the true Christ returns, not only will there be the main false Christ, but other impostors will araise saying “I am the true Christ”, ” I am a true Prophet” etc.

        5. BrownHawk

          The first settlers in America were the Puritans. They were as peaceful as they come. But when our peaceful colonies kept being exterminated, the peaceful ways turned toward fighting a race war. As we expanded, the Indians retreated and many treaties were signed that were honored by both sides. Some Indian tribes refused to honor them and hence, we would fight back and expelled them further east. Unfortunately, peaceful Indian tribes also suffered for this having been removed east with the treaty breakers. For example, when one of my hero’s President Jackson expelled the Indians in what was called the “trail of tears” it was because it was self evident we couldn’t live side by side then. There were constant insurrections by the Indians so he acted on behalf of the white race, removing them where both could live in peace with his own. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the world. Races fighting for each sides survival. Jackson is also the prez who booted the Jew bankers from America, ushering in the fastest most prosperous period any peoples have ever enjoyed in the history of the planet.

        6. Tyron

          You seem so cock sure about everything

          First of all, I never insinuated that white europeans genocided multitudes of N. American Indians. No, that distinction goes to who is under all the rotten piles of history, including the one called the bubonic plague that wiped out millions around the world

          As I’ve speculated in other posts, Columbus, while knowing exactly where he was, knew nothing of what perhaps amounted to only ONE crewmember harboring diabolical intent in the form of vials containing the vile plague brew. Not much of a srtetch to imagine him releasing its contents surreptitiosly at an opportune moment, say in a native village who befriended the whites, and whose inhabitants could hardly imagine one among them and what his holocaust intentions for them were.

          And isn’t it just like them to do this nasty business by using their very own fleas from the diseased condition which defines them?

          A rat by any other name would smell as foul.

          Insofar as good will and honor prevailing between the whites and indians, there were very few exceptions of white europeans being influential in their support of the natives contributing to an honorable agreement, and even then it was of course short-lived. Relentless jews and their goy minions – witting and otherwise doncha know.

          One such person was Sir William Johnson, England’s superintendent of Indian affairs in the Northeast:

          “…Johnson had moved into Iroquois country and made a fortune in land development and fur trading while at the same time earning the lifelong trust of the Iroquois nations. During the recent wars, he had led a combined force of Mohawks and colonists into battle against the French. His Mohawk wife, Mary Brant, gave him eight mixed-blood children. The Mohawk people, in turn, took Johnson into the tribe under the name Brother Warraghiyagey (He Who Does Much Business) and moved their council fire to the grounds of his estate.

          It was Johnson who negotiated the end of Chief Pontiac’s rebellion after luring the Seneca back to the British side. Then, resolving to settle once and for all the boundary between white settlement and Indian hunting grounds, he called a summit council of tribal and colonial delegates. Some 3,000 Indians showed up in 1768 to attend the meeting at Fort Stanwix on the upper Mohawk River. The outcome was a cash payment to the Iroquois and the promise of a perpetual homeland north of the Mohawk River, in return for which they gave up large stretches of territory to the south and west. But much of this region also was claimed by the Shawnee, Cherokee and others – whose expressions of outrage and open contempt brought Iroquois prestige to its lowest ebb in many years. (The only real victor was Johnson himself, who lived up to his tribal name by coming away with 100,000 acres of Mohawk Valley land.)

          The close ties between the Iroquois and Johnson would have further consequences during the next great conflict, The War for Independence. As a British official, Johnson used every opportunity to enlist the goodwill of the Six Nations on behalf of their “Father, the Great King.” When the aging Johnson died shortly before the oubreak of hostilities, The Iroquois Confederacy found itself near stage center in the drama about to unfold.”

          And after that it all came unravelled.

        7. Tyron

          “The reason the days will be shorted is for the elect’s sake”

          But what exactly is it that “shortens” them?

          And I just wanted to add something on this post, and not anything in response to what you said:

          to clarify:

          “jew”=of malevolent non-human origin; “esoteric” jew…
          jew=…among whom are its primary minions

          And here’s another point to make to all you “race aficianados” out there – We ALL, every damn one of us can trace ourselves back to this “esoteric jew” aspect. It’s called the reptillian brain.

          Do you like apples?

  8. you boys take that straining a gnat thing pretty far….

    you might try moving to the country and farming for a few generations
    to restore some sanity…

    er um logical reasoning.

    Jews are spiritual “Maggots” they are like BUZZARDS….they can only
    feed on dead flesh {spiritually}….
    hating Buzzards doesn’t change the ecological harmony/necessity for buzzards

  9. Jewish logic:

    Golda Meier’s convoluted quote:

    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing OUR children, but we can never forgive them for forcing US to kill THEIR children.”

    The Jews just HAD TO do it!!

    And now – for cookies.

  10. Are there ANY commenters or readers who have attended Jewish synagogue services on Saturday??

    There are plenty of church services on TV on Sunday, but none on TV in a synagogue on Saturday. WHY????

    What goes on in there?? Why so secretive??

    Please tell me if anyone out there knows for sure. I do not.

    1. Pat

      The “churches” on TV are completely Apostate! They are snake oil salesmen. When two or more gather ANYWHERE to pray to the Lord, Christ is there and technically, that is the definition of a TRUE Church (Which isn’t a Corporation).

      “Jews” on the sabbath believe they can do no work. Hence, many have even devised extremely complicated mechanical contraptions to turn on a light- if you have ever seen this behavior their insanity is immediately self evident.

        1. I never once called you any bad names. You have called me undeserved names several times on this site. I say undeserved, because you have no idea who I am. You even called me uneducated, when I have three college degrees.

          You are a sorry excuse for a Christian.

          Go preach to another choir.

        2. Pat

          You have slandered me mercilessly here. You have constantly brought up dead end subjects that masquerade as “solutions”. When I talk about law, the 13th, Grand Juries etc, you ridicule me when I HAVE A LEGAL DEGREE and obviously, this is the only lawful solution left at our disposal.

          I know you by YOUR WORDS and by YOUR WORDS I have judged you. You are a little snide ass-hole and a defeatist. You ask a question, I give the answer, and you come back again insinuating that I don’t know what I am talking about.

          Call me names Pat- I care not unless of course your judgment is correct- otherwise, it more of the same old nonsense that we heard endlessly out of you.

        3. As I said, GO preach to another choir.

          Stop picking fights with me and others.

          AND stop using nasty Jew-type words when pestering Ruth.

          No one here deserves your abuse.

          Go fight with Jews!!

        4. Pat,

          I say stop being a hypocrite and follow your own advise. I ain’t some dingbat that will let you get away with the crap you constantly pull. I laid out ROCK SOLID TRUTH with reason and logic to Ruth and you, and NEITHER ONE of you cry babies can even address the issues, so you attack by way of slanders against people’s character crying that people are “picking on you”.

          Boo hoo- go cry your crocodial tears somewhere else. Man- one couldn’t more Jewish in bahvior than your whiney as-.

  11. What destroys the Beast?

    Did we create ouselves? No. It is the result of only the ineffable. Therefore, I can say no more.

    But if IT brought us in, IT can take us out. If IT made us, IT can un-make us.

    From Matthew 24:22

    “…If those days are not cut short there will be no flesh saved”

    This doesn’t read, “If what goes on in those days…” Only “If those days…”

    So what would “cut them short?”

    A conclusion I would come to paraphrases Christ:

    “I came, I saw, I warned. My warning went unheeded and I was crucified. Because of this, the best possible scenario for life on the planet is that in 2,000 years or so, with the World having become so corrupted, a great cataclysmic event will occur, not unlike the one that wiped out the continent of Atlantis.”

    Who out there can definitively say this is wrong?

  12. Pat, when I had only a couple of partners, including my “Jane Fonda/Barbarella” lookalike, I lived in the Jewish, upper class part of East Malvern, Melbourne, Australia.
    I had a very expensive house bequeathed to me as an inheritance and lived beside a Jewish family. I am not Jewish, but they always invited me and my ladies into their Jewish calendar, feasting events. These were always held on Sundays, as Saturday is their Sabbath. LOTS OF FATTENING PASTRIES AND VERY DUBIOUS CREAM! They smiled when I dropped cream on my suede shoes! The c***^!
    My Jewish neighbours had all the usual Jewish, upper class accroutrements including toilets that would automatically flush on the hour on the Sabbath hours. To push a toilet flushing button is considered a big NO-NO on Saturdays as it involves “work,” Same with air conditioning, hair dryers, vibrators, mowing lawns etc. The Jewess/wife was an attractive, big-breasted woman, but she kept her hair extremely short (I often watched her through her bathroom window!) and always wore a brunette, voluminous wig in public. This is the equivalent of the Muslim’s head scarf.
    I did attend their synagogue several times and watched very ritual services. The head rabbi gave a kind of convoluted sermon about the beautificence of Israel and the criminality of the “vile Arabs.’ He said that anti-Semitism is always with the “chosen ones.” Later, the male Jews mainly discussed their businesses and their team work on stock exchange investment. They seemed somewhat contemptuous of my blonde, Nordic looks and my so-called “trophy” wives. Several sleezy Jews tried to chat up my Jane, but she is abhorred by ugly, big-nosed Jews; who all seem to have this mouldering smell about them. They do not shower on Saturdays.
    I did some emergency teaching in a local Jewish college, but could not take the cameras in every classroom which put you ounder constant surveillance. They even had cameras in the toilet cubicles.
    Ended up I had an enormous row with my next dorr Jews and told them to f^**^! off!
    I sold up and escaped to QLD, as I could see Jews taking us over!

    1. ugly, big-nosed Jews; who all seem to have this mouldering smell about them

      quite so, maxy, i noticed that pungency too, must be derived from their diet: boiled chicken fat, pickled carp, egg bread, cream cheese, greasy smoked beef, chopped liver and onions.
      all stuff that i haven’t touched in decades.

      all cultures have a specific smell, the tropicales smell spicy and musty but it does not offend me, however i cannot put up with that smell of yids, i find it unbearably vile and oppressive.

      1. . . . all cultures have a specific smell . . . however i cannot put up with that smell of yids, i find it unbearably vile and oppressive.

        Lobro appears to be a diet expert with highly developed olfactory talents. I reckon he checks out his future girlfriends by sniffing around them to ascertain if they give off an odor of “boiled chicken fat, pickled carp, egg bread, cream cheese, greasy smoked beef, chopped liver and onions.”

        If they do, he’s off like a shot! 🙂

        Seriously though, do vegans smell nicer than carnivores?

        There’s also the complicating factor of deodorants and perfumes which can mask a woman’s underlying natural smell and make her smell nicer than is.

      2. do vegans smell nicer than carnivores?

        a definite yes, and i speak from experience with some different women.
        meat and dairy products impart a certain whiff …
        there are women who know how to choose an accompanying perfume that accentuates her naturally occurring pheromones as well as the ones who are atrociously bad at it and the combo can be downright offensive.

        i am a bit picky about these things, actually quite picky.

        if i don’t like the smell of the woman, her looks are wasted on me and vice versa, some fairly homey looking women can grow to be quite attractive to me over time because of the fragrance of their body, natural, healthy, gentle … it can evoke thoughts of home, family, hearth, … babies.

        after all, consider the smell of animals penned inside zoos, ever smelled a hyena compound?
        it is absolutely repulsive, compared to say, buffalo.

        1. A former Marine Corp friend who fought in the trenches on the beaches of the Pacific battles of WWII, told me he was amazed that the bodies of dead Japs did not stink at all. But, he said he could not bear the smell of rotting Americans, his dead buddies which he had to lie along side of, as they were pinned down under fire.

          I told him it was the difference in diet. Japs ate little meat. Americans ate a lot of meat.

          My friend, now deceased, said the main reason he survived was that the Japs were such bad shots. He was an East Texas country boy. He, like Audie Murphy, was shooting everything he could to feed the family of 14 kids in the 30s and 40s.

    2. @ Max Bilney

      “My Jewish neighbours had all the usual Jewish, upper class accroutrements including toilets that would automatically flush on the hour on the Sabbath hours. To push a toilet flushing button is considered a big NO-NO on Saturdays as it involves “work,” Same with air conditioning, hair dryers, vibrators, mowing lawns etc.”

      Are you sure about this?

      I can understand religious Jews not mowing the lawn on the Sabbath (Saturdays) because this involves extra “work”. But your inclusion of vibrators (must not use on Sabbath) strikes me as being bizarre. You mean they can use vibrators with a clear conscience on Fridays, but on Saturdays they must refrain because this involves extra work… i.e., using their finger to press a button?

      So what happens if they want to wipe their asses on the Sabbath? I reckon that involves a lot more physical “work” than pressing a vibrator button! 🙂

      1. Sardonicus, my Jewish neighbours told me they are not allowed to press the buttons of any mechanical/techno object during their Sabbath. This includes hair dryers, toasters, heaters a/c’s, TV’s, drills and vibrators, etc.
        They use those French bidet things and are allowed to use a towel if one is avail..
        My Muslim friends hope this means they will NOT push the buttons of their American supplied nuclear weapons on Saturdays.
        But in Gaza they are sending missiles any time of day!
        Their religious observance has always been a joke anyway, although Gerry Seinfeld insisted on kosher conditions in his Melbourne, Australia, hotel. But he was not kosher with Aussie whores who lined up in the corridors.
        The WHOLE “Abrahamic religious thing” is a sad joke on humanity! We need to get PAST it! Look what it has done to madmen like Tyron!

    3. Thanks Max. Very amusing.

      That “mouldering smell” might have been from the matzo or matza, however that crap is spelled.

  13. SPQR said blacks/your nigrahs are a “failed race.”
    Not quite TRUE is his summation, for left to their own devices in the rich and beautiful lands of Africa they would have continued with their magnificent, but very BRUTAL tribalism. Would make a great theme park!
    By now the strongest, the Zulus, would be well and truly on top and would have extinquished such lesser nigrah groupings as the Bushmen and the Pygmies of the Congo. Pick on the smallest first!
    Trouble is, the Jews ran the slave trade – just as they trade in expensive bodily parts today – and they took ’em to the European colonies as no-cost labour.
    Hence, today much of the USA and central America has a major nigrah problem! Hence all your typical nigrah, jungle like rappa music and illicit sex out of control!
    They are all pumpin’ like bike pumps!
    Of course the JEWS adjusted as always to the “freeing” of the slaves, and now have the real bad nigrahs in private jails or as 2-bit actors, where they usually masquerade as the wise judges, criminal lawyers, defenders of humanity.
    As others have said, your USA nigrahs are a very failed people – 20% in jail, 42% unemployed, high drug use and fatherless families everywhere. And you put a half nigrah, half whiteman in as President of the new Jewish republic!
    But the Jews will use them to kill the white man.
    Yes the nigrahs are Goyim, but they are of not much use to us! My mate who was in the USA First Airborne during Vietnam era, told me that they never recruited nigrahs into their squad as “they were too dumb and could not be trusted.!
    I absolutely loathe the whole American filthy, dirty rappa scene!
    And I’m sick of the nigrah high-fiving and SHIT!
    And I’m sick of all the “intelligent” nigrahs on Jewish television!

    1. Certainly, I agree with you on the TV darkees and the ‘rappa scene’, Bilney! We got a lot of the ‘dregs’ of Africa, here, in USA. A Zulu at an embassy party clued me in on that a long time ago. The Zulus and the Songalese (sp?) of the lower Sudan were the great tribes, and held disdain for the lessers.

      Arabs were actually in the African slave trade long before European Jews. That is one way the ‘Arabian’ breed of horse found its way to world-wide appeal and notoriety (well-deserved). The Songalese kings coveted their Arabian horses (acquired by trading captured blacks to Arabs) above all else they possessed. To this day, one will find the best horsemen in the world among those blacks who are descendants of those tribes (Obama has that blood, I am told).

      It wasn’t until 1455, or so, that a Florentine banker financed an expedition to the west of Africa to acquire black slaves for his indigo plantation on Madeira. SHTF, then, because it drove the price of slaves higher (the Arabs had competition), as well as the price of good horses. 🙂 The Songalese kings became fabulously wealthy, and, ultimately, the West African slave trade boomed from demand from Britain and Portugal, especially via their agents to supply labor to the West Indies, America, and Brazil. America being longer in it, the pickings became slimmer, as well as more costly. (The biggest African slave broker in America, in the later years, resided on a yacht near New Orleans, and was a Zulu.)

      This is recalled from recollections of reading various accounts, but is loosely accurate, to the best of my knowledge.

    2. Max

      “And you put a half nigrah, half whiteman in as President of the new Jewish republic!”


      No WE didn’t! The JEWS put Obama in power- they control both parties and the ballet boxes via computerized voting machines they change the tallies on to their whim. Stop blaming US when it’s the “Jews”!

      1. Sorry Tyron, but he is YOUR PRESIDENT and Americans voted for him to be their Commander and Chief!
        Yes, your 2 parties are Jewish controlled!
        This, as I’ve said, is because the Jews have bought the American Goyim completely off!
        In Australia there is still more honesty allowed and Australia’s recent retiring Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, declared that “Jews control Australia’s foreign policy.” Where are your politicians and public figures telling the TRUTH?
        This TRUTH is staring you all right into your eyes, but you cannot, as a population, declare it. YOU ARE ALL TOO SCARED!
        Australians are freer and more enterprising and lead the world into research on the Holocaust myth, etc.
        I want the citizens of the Superpower to get a backbone, and start admitting the TRUTH.
        This is what Jesus told you to do, no matter the cost.
        And boy, have I suffered because I tell the TRUTH!
        Time for my and Yukon Jack’s REVOLT/REVOLUTION, as you will never win at the ballot box.
        As Solzhenitsyn and your Founding Fathers predicted: ALL HOPE HAS GONE FOR THE GOYIM IN YOUR JEWISH-CONTROLLED AMERICA. SOLUTION = FIGHT, FIGHT AND FIGHT! Restore the Republic of the FREE!

        1. Lap it up CLOWN you even refused an invitation to see how things are here first hand and now you lecture me who’s lived here his whole life?

          LOL- go home Jew boy, your a jew plant and anyone with a freaking clue knows it.

      2. I’m getting some kind of clue about Max Bilney, Tyron.

        The writing really doesn’t change much. Time to time though he seems to sound genuine. Is that simply when he reels himself in a little?

        Damn satire

        Hey Maxine, give us a different timbre with your writing. Maybe something emotionally moving down-home style, without all the histrionics

        1. Read me and you will learn you total idiot! You and your buddy Tyron are JOKES! Everything you dumb-wits say is repetitious CRAP!

        2. Read Maxine and know everything there is to know. Is that about the size of it, dearie?

          Ol’ Matilda has ALL the information you’ll ever need and anything less then reflecting everything she’s got to say is total crap.

          “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

          No shit

  14. East of Eden – The Beginning of the Hebrew Tribal Dynasty

    Adam – First Lord of the Hebrews

    After leaving Eden, Adam and Eve begin to prodigiously beget offspring. The opening verse clearly indicates that Adam now appoints himself the first “Lord” of the Hebrew race – To wit: “And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.” This admission or claim from Eve validates Adam’s status as the first Lord of the Hebrew Race. From this point forward we find Adam referred to by this title. It is not until the conception of Seth do we see Adam’s name mentioned again. This is to become the foundation of the Hebrew’s patriarchal leadership methodology.

    The Story Cain and Able – A Lesson in Manipulation

    Like many of the teaching stories of the Bible, the story of Cain and Able has several important lessons to impart to the aspiring Hebrew priest. The first of these lessons is the importance of cattle over crops. Abel was “a keeper of the sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.” Note the order in this reference? Although Cain is first born, he is quite specifically mentioned second in the reference of labor qualification after Abel’s birth.

    The Importance of the First Born Son

    The first born son in the ancient Hebrew culture was of paramount importance. In today’s urban society the meaning of a first born son has lost the original significance it held in agrarian times. What a son meant to a farmer or rancher was an increase in his production. The first born son was the beginning of the farmer/rancher’s labor force and as the Hebrew system of patriarchy originally passed along its heritage through its sons, this birth signified the foundation of a family dynasty. This concept was quite visible right up to the television age in shows like Bonanza where Ben Cartwright runs his personal empire with the help of his three sons. Three is a significant number for sons in the Torah and we shall see the theme of the three sons repeated again in future stories.

    Until very recent times agriculture was a highly labor intensive activity that required tremendous strength and effort and in ancient times, especially prior to the application of the plow, this was even more the case. The lone farmer quickly reached his maximum production level simply because he could not physically accomplish any more. A son would allow him to effectively double his effort and therefore his production. As we know the sex of an offspring is largely determined by the father and some fathers simply do not produce sons. So a first born son indicated the joyful condition of a couple’s ability to produce those much valued sons who would not only join their father in the fields, but comprise an army and expand the evolving tribal dynasty. In this larger cultural context sense, sons would became the soldiers whom the Lord could use to conquer and enslave other cultures. So in recognition of the first born son’s signaling the ability of a family to contribute to the advancement of the culture, the Hebrew father gave the first born son a double blessing or portion of his wealth; but this favoring of the first born son had yet to occur at the time of Cain and Able.

    The Lesson of Red Meat – Its Importance as a Dietary Staple

    The story of Cain is a two fold lesson. The first Lesson is the importance and desirability of meat over vegetable matter as a primary food source. This value becomes quite evident when one considers the energy required to produce one pound of beef or lamb versus one pound of grain. But this desire for meat is more than just a preference for a more energy intensive food; there is a very good physical reason for eating meat. Despite what all the modern experts say about how harmful meat is in as a dietary mainstay and despite what experts say about the value of a vegetarian diet, the fact is that meat is a requirement in the male diet for strength, endurance and aggressiveness.

    A vegetarian diet is fine if the male is going to sit behind a desk and push papers all day long, but if he is expected to endure hard physical labor and/or fight an enemy he must have red meat as a dietary staple. I have personally experienced the difference in these diets in my own life. Abundant evidence for the value of a diet based on red meat can be found throughout history. This preference is apparent right up to the beginning of the 1960s when it begins to rapidly be replaced by the vegetarian dietary fads.

    Due to the various types of non-physical labor that predominate our present society, few males actually apply themselves to hard physical labor on a daily basis. Therefore few people were the wiser as to the fallacy of the rapidly exploding vegetarian dietary claims. However, like the Lord God of Eden, the ancient Hebrews well understood that vegetarian diets produce an overall culture of weak, submissive, males. It is primarily for this reason the Hebrew priesthood based their society on the production and consumption of red meat.

    To Divide and Conquer

    The second lesson is a bit more subtle, but is in fact a most important lesson in the manipulation of human nature. It is the lesson of divide and conquer. The Lord (Adam) indicates a preference for Abel’s sheep over Cain’s wheat. We also find the beginnings of the sacrifice in Cain and Abel’s offerings to their father. Cain brings the fruit of the ground and Able brought his young tender sheep to the Lord. And the Lord had respect unto Able and to his offering but unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. We then find that Cain is wroth over his father’s rejection of the fruits of his labor.

    The division caused by favoring one son over another results in the murder of Abel by his older brother Cain. This rejection of Cain’s produce and the resulting murder of Abel serve as further reinforcement for the disdain of yeomanry in the Hebrew culture; the pointed lesson for those in authority however is clearly that groups can be effectively manipulated in the same manner as Cain and Abel. Any accepted authority showing favoritism for one group over another will eventually result in enmity and aggravation between the groups. This division can be manipulated in numerous ways, but ultimately it is a method for using one group to destroy another. Later this lesson will be found to be most effective when employed between differing races.

    Some authorities conjecture that Cain and Abel are in fact representative of differing tribes and this possibility seems to be born out at the end of the story. Having learned his lesson from the Lord God of Eden, the Lord Adam curses the ground Cain works and banishes him to the life of a vagabond. For some reason Cain professes fear at being murdered, so the Lord (Adam) promises sevenfold vengeance (there’s that number seven again) against anyone who murders Cain. Then Lord Adam marks Cain in some manner lest any finding him should kill him. The idea of Cain and Abel representing differing tribes seems to be born out by Cain’s fear of vengeance. Remember, at this point there is only the Lord Adam, his wife Eve and their surviving son Cain. This being the case, it is unclear who exactly would be available and likely to care enough to intervene in this family dispute and take an extreme measure like murdering Cain, unless there are perhaps larger groups involved beyond the immediate family members described in the story.

  15. Once I was on a political rant/tirade directed at someone during the Obama/Soetoro comeuppance to the Presidency. Standing off to the side, listening, was a very senior clandestine services gentleman who later took me aside and asked me the philosophical question ‘What is Truth?’. After a moment’s serious consideration, I responded ‘Truth is that which is not a lie.’. He was very satisfied with that answer, then observed that in our search of Truth, we are constantly evaluating EVERY piece of information we consider, if we’re ‘honest’ in our pursuit.

    HONESTLY considering a lot of the comments on here, I am beginning to better distinguish the difference between the Old and New Testaments of the Bible insofar as what-is-true and what-is-Truth. What is merely ‘true’ is more or less a subjective value. What is Truth is universal. Observe the quotes of Jesus in the NT. They are applied WITHOUT application to a particular race or people, and they have no objective other than to free the spirit of oppression. The OT is more temporal; and though I love the stories, they lack the universal appeal of the teachings of Jesus – which may just be too much for a lot of us judaeized crowd to get our minds around. 🙂

    When Jesus said ‘I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel’ (Matt. 15:24), He might have very well meant that WE need the MOST liberation from our oppressive and monotonous ways. Who was He? He was styled ‘Teacher’.

    One thing for sure: A ‘judaeized’ crowd is of the impression that all ‘truth’ is subjective to THEMSELVES. It isn’t.

    1. ‘Truth is that which is not a lie.’
      You might want to add ‘nor a mistake’. A false assumption.
      There are possibly more false assumptions floating around than outright lies.

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