Jewish-owned geriatric home forces elderly residents to watch strippers

It doesn’t get any sicker. Geriatrics in a Jew-owned nursing home in Long Island are forced to watch strippers, while the Jewish lawyer acting on behalf of the owner of the home is quoted as saying: “Nothing inappropriate about it. These are adults!”

Photo4by6.jpgA wheelchair-bound woman suffering from partial dementia, 86-year-old Bernice Youngblood, is forced to watch a male stripper by the Jewish-owned nursing home in which she is a resident. Here she is being told by the staff to stuff a dollar bill down the male stripper’s underpants. (Click on picture to expland). 

A nursing home is getting sued after the son of a resident discovered a photo of his 86-year-old mother with a male stripper.

In the photo, Bernice Youngblood, a resident of East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in West Babylon, N.Y., is putting money in the man’s underwear.

“She was told by the staff that she was to put her money in his pants,” said John Ray, the lawyer representing Youngblood and her son, Franklin.

The elder Youngblood has dementia and was “humiliated and degraded” by the incident, Ray said in an interview with USA TODAY Network.

The nursing home’s lawyer says it was the residents’ idea to bring in the stripper. Lawyer Howard Fensterman, representing East Neck, said a 16-member panel of residents voted to have the stripper perform and pay him $250, reports WCBS-TV in New York.

“There is nothing inappropriate about it. These are adults,” Fensterman said, according to WCBS.

USA TODAY Network has requested comment from Fensterman. When reached by phone, a representative at the East Neck facility said “no comment.”

Ray said the New York attorney general’s office is now looking into the stripper incident at the nursing home. The attorney general’s office declined to comment.

Bernice Youngblood has lived at East Neck for five years, and now her son is “taking steps to get her out of there,” Ray said.

The Youngbloods are seeking $10 million in punitive damages and an unspecified amount for Bernice Youngblood’s emotional distress, Ray said.


30 thoughts to “Jewish-owned geriatric home forces elderly residents to watch strippers”

  1. Every time you think it can’t get any worse — it does. In many respects the degenerate slide of America has now surpassed that experienced by Wiemar Germany. Only a degenerate Jew could think this is “appropriate” behavior for nursing home residents.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. If I were a resident of that nursing home and this sort of disgusting “entertainment” were forced down my throat, I’d be tempted to cut off the balls of the f***ing perverts who thought they could spring this on me.

    2. Once again, you are correct Arch Stanton,
      Lasha’s writings on Jewish-led sexual depravities tell the story!
      Read Mein Kampf, and Hitler described the same Jewish depravities and gutter filth that was destroying German society and culture.
      The USA is now worse than the depraved Weimar Republic, with filth everywhere! As a writer described: The USA’s “culture” is nis now all about “naked women and negra-gangsta-rap”!
      On David Icke’s site that little, Jewish-mentored, monster of sexual depravities, Miley Cyrus, is shown dancing in front of the satanic pyramid and all-seeing eye. The cameras always direct to her crutch and visible gemital creases.
      Younger Goyim are trapped in this avalanche of filth; and I, a recently divorced man, am entirely sick of the women I meet whose disgusting, wanton ways mirror the examples of such as the wanton whores featured on homosexual, Jewish producer, Darren Starr’s, Sex and the City.
      The American Top 40, played over and over in my Australian gym, is pure filth, with rap songs using words like “fuck” and “nigger” repeatedly.
      The church used to provide some sort of moral guardianship; but now its noisy, pop-pulsating churches are full of the same top 40 garbage, with slightly changed words, but the message is still the same for the sexually-addicted young.
      At a local church, the pastor knows that sexual depravities occupy his “flock.” (one a distant, informative friend of mine, screwing several women) This pastor runs a wife-swapping ring; and I suspect children are involved.
      One of Oz’s great heart surgeons/pioneers – Dr Sandy Black – has just been arrested for chronic paedophilia. This is only the tip of the iceberg.
      Get the filthy Jews out!

      1. Yes Max,
        I’ve experienced the exact same thing…
        I recently was introduced to a woman on a blind date (unattractive, in 40’s) and within 5 minutes this mind-controlled mess informed me she had a negro boyfriend for the last 5 years. I from then on ignored this mess and had fun talking to the waitress….
        I also had to stop going to a local gym because of the sickening vile shit techno shit “music” they were constantly blasting…
        I’ll check out of society and engage only to earn a living….
        I will not conform to the mass insanity to “fit in”…

  2. Hey Lasha, are you sure the owners of this nursing home are Jewish? Nothing in the article about that. Mind you, this has *JEW* written all over it . . .

    1. Also, even if they are; are they religious; do they know what it means to be Jewish?

  3. Three points:

    1. I don’t believe that a 16-member panel of elderly residents “voted” to let strippers into the nursing home to “entertain” them. I think that’s a lie. If true, I bet this idea was suggested to the elderly residents by the pervy owners of the nursing home. In any case, how can the residents cast an “informed” vote if half of them are suffering from dementia and so on?

    2. Even if 16 oldsters DID vote for strippers, it doesn’t follow that a responsible management should cave in to their wishes. If prisoners voted unanimously to have prison visits paid to them by hookers, do you think the prison governor would say, “Sure, no problem! This is a democracy!”

    3. The object of stripping is to evoke lustful desire for sex. This is the last thing 86-year-old women like Bernice Youngblood want for themselves. To lay on this sort of degrading entertainment for old people can hardly be called “appropriate.” Appropriate for Jew perverts maybe, like the owners of this shithole, but not for old people doing their best to preserve their grace and dignity.

  4. Times are tough, but who would could they find to do such a vile stunt? Captain Underpants might have throttled whoever solicited him for the job and done everyone a favor.

  5. “There is nothing inappropriate about it. These are adults,” Fensterman said

    three years plus a day

  6. It’s not hard to imagine how this came about. The 16 member panel of residents were told it would be happening, and knew from previous experience that, whatever their wishes might be, the management and staff of this “home” would do exactly as they wanted, for “the good of the patients.” So they acquiesced. Given that most of the residents come from an era when sex was rarely discussed outside of marriage, it seems rather unlikely they would volunteer to have a strange man’s crotch thrust into their faces, and expect their relatives to pay for it. Hope the Youngblood’s take these perverts to the cleaners.

  7. Hope the Youngblood’s take these perverts to the cleaners.

    I hope so too. But I suspect it will be thrown out of court. This is New York, remember. Jew lawyers, Jew judges, Jew-stuffed juries. And the plaintiffs are black, which means they’ll probably end up with nothing.

    In Jew World therre ain’t no justice — except for Jews.

  8. I’m curious to know what Pope Francis has to say about it.

    Last month, Rev. Kevin D. Annett, secretary International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) has announced that criminal proceeding against Zionist Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio), Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon, and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby (with Jewish family roots) will go ahead on March 31, 2014.

    1. With all the child abuse cases by the church coming to light, it is no surprise that someone like Kevin Annett and his is gaining popular or should I say sheeple support. After all, we want the culprits to face justice.

      But, you have to remember that Kevin left or was kicked out of the United Church in 1996/97. So he is no reverend anymore. And, imo, his so called court proceedings etc. etc. are a giant hoax to fool people into believing they have a say in those kinds of affairs. And, of course, line his own coffers.

      For your perusal, and you really have to do some reading to get to the bottom of it: and the most informative:

      And I live in the Republic of Kanata, a feat Kevin has accomplished as well as dissolving Great Britain in 2012.

        1. Non-Reverend Kevin Annett, his one man web site and his so-called international tribunal which has no legal standing whatsoever is a desperate attempt of self-promotion. He has hitched his wagon to public concerns and the business of victimhood which seems to be making good money. Do we detect any correlation between the Annett business and the main topic of this website?

          He is all over the net, same as the weasels and the franks.

          I’m always amazed how people fall for an official looking presentation and a title before or after a name.

          And you must know that most of the time “the” church doesn’t kick out their wayward clergy. They just send them to another unsuspecting community.

        2. The “Rev. Kevin D. Annett” has no credibility whatever. He was defrocked for his anti-Christian activities and now runs a one-man blog from a seedly basement room in Toronto. He is living on welfare and by scrounging money from various sources.

          He calls himself “Secretary” of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), allegedly based in Brussels, and has announced that criminal proceedings are to be taken against the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury” for various crimes against humanity.

          As there is no such organization as the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) registered in Brussels, and since Mr Annett is no more than an unemployed defrocked priest running a one-man blog from Toronto, one can only laugh at all this nonsense.

          Rehmat as usual is wasting our time.

          He has posted an off-topic comment here which has no relevance to the subject under discussion, i.e., strippers in a Jew-owned geriatric home.

  9. Of course someone with a name like Fensterman would think this appropriate. I wonder if his Hassidic auntie in another home would be equally appreciative of such entertainment. People of this generation were not raised to that sort of filth and I cannot imagine them being terribly thrilled about it. Tasteless. Tasteless. Crass.

  10. “Rabbi Threatens Human Rights Lawsuit Against Non-Jews” (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

    Bern Switzerland (AP) Rabbi Jacob Slimeberg of the Jewish Association of Kosher Anti-Assimilationists (JAKASS) has issued a warning to the world’s non-Jewish population that was filed with the UNESCO office here in Switzerland and which states that an international lawsuit is now pending unless there is a substantial decrease in the world’s population of non-Jews .
    “Goyim aren’t dying quickly enough or in large enough numbers to satisfy us,” Slimeberg said in an recent AP interview, “and that represents a serious violation of our human rights as Jews.”
    “We’ve been fomenting war and disease in just about every conceivable way, and yet the goyim are still refusing to die in adequate numbers. There is only one thing left at our disposal right now, and that is to file this lawsuit.”
    Media personality Sarah Silverman, who was in Switzerland recently, was on hand to give her official support to Rabbi Slimeberg and the lawsuit.
    “I want all of the goyim to [email protected]#KING DIE and I want them to die as painfully as possible,” Silverman said.
    “If you aren’t Jewish, I just want you dead. It’s really that simple,” she said.

  11. “Lord Brahmā, approaching the Lord, addressed Him thus: My Lord, please protect me from these sinful demons, who were created by me under Your order. They are infuriated by an appetite for sex and have come to attack me.”

    Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.20.26

  12. watch a programme on Press TV called “The Monarchy”, which highlights all that is wrong with the UK establishment.. apparently, the present Tory government, used taxpayers money, to hire hotel rooms in Manchester, in 2011, to the tune of 2000 plus, in order to hold gay sex parties..
    It was also reported that filthy, wealthy, oldies, would drug, and rape, children as young as nine in the UK, and pretty much get away with it..
    Seems the UK establishment is composed of poofs, pedophiles and perverts..

  13. Jews allowed Black to rape my dying sister in her anus… sodomy. She was frail, 79 pounds. Jews owned or operated is. I know personally, not just the 40,000 pages of research I have on my website (read towards end not earlier ones which were just autobiographical) that Jews own or operate the nursing homes for elderly Whites in and around Chicago which is a huge number. I was told by my Polish American friend who worked for the nursing homes her entire life. It was a job and paycheck. What she didn’t realize is that Jews enslaved my entire nation of Poland, 900 years, until today, and was home of their hidden Jewish empire. What Jews perfected in Poland, even Jewish banking, which now controls all White countries, perhaps world, Jews brought here to USA. Jews silenced Poland for nearly a millennium, it is no wonder we are all silenced except for a few on internet. My brother took my sister to hospital and indeed the medical report said that my 74 year old White sister had a tear in her rectum. Yet, Jew lawyers and Blacks who Jews use as tools against Whites, will take it to their courts, even US Supreme Court which consists of 4 Jews, 1 Black, 1 Brown, and no Protestant White males who Jews sought to destroy and takeover their White USA country. Even by Jew’s own admission, in New York Times and Wall Street Journal, their Jew reporters admit they control the USA. Hence the world. We are only their dumbed down puppets and bodybags as my White US Marine Purple Heart from Viet nam who fought the Jew-Chinese Communists. But the Communists won; Whites even White Christians lost terribly. I saw in 5 hour youtube “Must Watch Synagogue of Satan, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock” that if Communism dies, the Jews die with it. Today, Black Obama and his wife are both full fledged Communist members, since Frank Marshal Davis, Chicago Communist leader and publisher of Communist newspaper, was Obama’s mentor for many years. Jews claim the soul of Black Michelle Obama who grew up 5 blocks from me in South Chicago, (while my Polish American White family starved), for Michelle’s uncle is the top Jewish (Communist) Rabbi in the USA, perhaps world. It’s terrible for Whites unknowingly to be part of a Jewish religion that is in process of genociding us.

  14. ps. See above. You will “not” see Jews forcing their Jewesses to watch strippers. Jewess all throughout history have tried not to give their husband’s sex. Only 1 or 2 times to get babies to get his fortune. They hate their Jew husbands so much they can’t stand to be in same bed with them. On top of that, Jewess’ throughout history, pushed their husbands into raping White women, as in Germany, prior World War II. There are loads of police reports to that effect. A Jewish doctor raped me in Chicago, and threatened me for life if I told anyone. For as he said in his own words, “If you tell anyone this would ruin me and my Jewish wife and kids.” Today, the Jewess is on a pedestal, and the rest of us grovel under her feet adoring her. Obviously, word “pedestal” means above everyone, or one that should be worshipped. For doing absolutely nothing but coming up with the most clever scheme of getting supported for herself and offspring for doing nothing but causing Wars, murders, casualties. In USA she is called JAPP, Jewish American Princess on a Pedestal. Where does that leave you, or your Mama, daughter, sister, friend, wife?

    1. The jew usually doesn’t even care if his jewess wife is out fucking…
      A single russian jew gym friend of mine told me point blank he doesn’t care who else any woman he may be having sex with is fucking…as long as she is attractive and he is getting laid…. He disgustingly keeps a steady count of numbers and is obsessed with the volume of woman he gets…He was a virgin until he was 30 and at 38 has had about 10 woman (usually on vacations)…
      The last one (a goy russian) he met a party, drove her home…somehow had sex with her and when they woke up in the morning she was asking him his name…He never saw her again…(both vile…).
      Jews are completely vile and disgusting….
      I would prefer to stay celibate than hook up with a modern day sick, jew brainwashed whore…

  15. “A Jewish doctor raped me in Chicago, and threatened me for life if I told anyone. For as he said in his own words, “If you tell anyone this would ruin me and my Jewish wife and kids.” ”

    I sincerely hope you reported it and ruined those kikes’ lives forever.

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