Jews more prone to schizophrenia than non-Jews


Scientists have discovered a gene that predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to schizophrenia.  For purely genetic reasons, these Jews  are 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and related mental disorders than non-Jews, thereby proving conclusively that Jews are a ‘race’ as well as a culture.

Israeli and American scientists have discovered a gene among Ashkenazi Jews that increases their chances of developing the mental disorder schizophrenia, as well as schizo-affective disorder and manic depression. According to a study recently published in Nature Communications, the gene in question raises Ashkenazi Jews’ chances of experiencing the disorders by roughly 40%, and by 15% in the general population.

The study was conducted by Professor Ariel Darvasi, assistant dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in coordination with Dr. Todd Lencz from The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in New York. The first portion of the study included the largest-ever sample group of Ashkenazi Jews ever researched.

Of the 2,500 Ashkenazi Jews from Israel who contributed DNA samples for the study, 1,500 were healthy, while 1,000 were affected by mental disorders related to schizophrenia.

The reason for choosing Ashkenazi Jews as the subject for the study, of all groups available, is rooted in the fact that Ashkenazi Jews are considered to be an especially homogenous group, in terms of genetics. The limited genetic variation among Ashkenazi Jews allows for easy identification of differences between healthy and affected individuals. Professor Darvasi has studied Ashkenazi Jews for many years and employed the latest technology available to analyze the DNA samples he received for the study.

“Current technology allows for very comprehensive DNA analysis and the ability to read millions of SNP points – basically, links in the DNA chain – at the same time, which makes for very effective scanning of DNA,” Darvasi told Haaretz.

During the first part of the study, the scientists checked for the prevalence of the NDST3 gene, which exists in 99.9% of the population. “But there are two specific variations of it that stand out among those with these disorders,” Darvasi said. The results of the study found that Ashkenazi Jews who have the variations are 40 percent more likely to contract a schizophrenia-related disorder than those without it.

Checking the samples collected from Ashkenazi Jews was only the first part of the experiment. Following the compilation of the results, the scientists began the second stage – a more comprehensive examination of other population groups.

“After we saw that the first sample was relevant, we continued to investigate the connection between the gene and the diseases among other populations from around the world. In the end, samples from over 25,000 people were checked, including people from Europe, Asia and Africa – which basically covers all the primary ethnicities of the human race,” explained Darvasi.

The larger sample group also found a correlation between schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and manic depression and the prevalence of the NDST3 gene, although the numbers were lower. “In terms of the larger sample group, the prevalence of that same gene increased the chances of contracting the diseases by 15% on average, in the other populations that were studied,” continued Darvasi.

The study took roughly three years, and was funded by an initial grant of $2.1 million from the National Health Institute in the United States. Based on their results, the scientists earned another grant of $3 million to continue their research.

Roughly 1% of the population is affected by schizophrenia. Those with the disease lose interest in their surroundings, develop dark emotions and sometimes imagine hearing voices or seeing figures that do not exist. Many scientists believe that genes have a great deal of influence on the disease, alongside other environmental and hereditary factors. It has proven difficult to identify the genes associated with the disease, as there is clearly more than one gene responsible.

Professor Darvasi himself has been searching for the genetic connection to schizophrenia for years, primarily by researching groups of Ashkenazi Jews. In 2002, a team of scientists he led claimed that a gene called COMT is one of the causes of the disease, responsible for some 20% of all cases of schizophrenia. “We keep adding more information and discovering more genes, we hope to report in the future on more finds like this, with the help of larger samples. That’s what we’re working on now,” said Darvasi.

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, this article proves beyond all doubt that Jews are a “race.” See also the three links given under the article:

    Related articles : 1. Jews are a ‘race’, genes reveal
    2. DNA links prove Jews are a ‘race,’ says genetics expert
    3. Race or Religion? Jewish Genes Identified

    Anyone who persists in saying that Jews are NOT a race can only do so by ignoring the latest scientific evidence. It’s hard to see how merely believing in Judaism can cause a genetic propensity for schizophrenia.

    1. dr dave, monty was a bit imprecise in titling the article “Jews more prone to schizophrenia than non-Jews“.

      because the proper one would have been “AshkenazisKhazars more prone to schizophrenia than non-AshkenazisKhazars/b>”.

      and it is all just windbagging, because the resident evil creeps on in all forms of jewism, from its dark, reeking inception in mesopotamian muds some 3,500 years ago when some sulphuric vent opened down into the netherworld to exhale the plague on the unsuspecting world.
      unsuspecting then and now but ojala! less so with each passing day of lesser prophets, conspirologists, truthers, deniers voices crying in the ignorant desert.

      keep the light focused, don’t get distracted by shadow play in the swamps.

      they were booted out from over 100 countries and clearly even the father devil doesn’t want them in his cave.

      1. Yo kowz dat rat… Uh-huh and… Heaah da reel deel..

        “it is ALL just windbagging, because the resident evil creeps on in all forms of jewism”

      2. DARK haired, nosey, balding ashkenazi Neanderthal = Sewer rat from Shinar-Babel-Babylon

        ● Der Ewige Jude – The Eternal Jew – (youtube dot com/watch?v=CIQp31Oyn70)
        ● Revenge of the Neanderthal – (Willis A. Carto)

        BLOND Fin-Turk-Mongol, keeps hair into old age = Khazar. Both, non-squatters of the “land of Canaan” until 1948, and therefore are NOT the O.T. sheep-herding wanderers-squatters.

        ● The Thirteenth Tribe – (Arthur Koestler)

        ashkenazis, 95% of the garbage can, including their overlords, the RATs in London.

        ● Ashkenazi World Population – (jewishvirtuallibrary dot org/jsource/Judaism/jewpop dot html)
        ● Research Finds New Ashkenazi Mental Illness Risk.pdf
        ● Emory – Human Genetics – Basic AJ Panel.pdf
        ● The Rothschild Octopus – (Vlada Sindjelic)

        Just like their pariah squatter ‘cousins’, the Yacobites-Yehudim (NO ‘J’ in those days in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, or Latin), ashkenazis WILL be expelled from planet Earth, for EVER.

        ● Genesis 10:3 – The sons of Gomer: Ashkenaz, Riphath and Togarmah
        ● Letter ‘J’ invented – (judaismvschristianity dot com/how_the_name dot htm)
        ● Timeline of Punishment of ‘jews’ since 722 BC – (tinyurl dot com/porrc45)
        ● Revelation 20: 7 to 10 – (Christian New Testament)

    2. No, Jews are not a race, they are a criminal club. Saying that Ashkenazi Jews are a race forces a question as to who are the Sephardi Jews? Are they Jews at all, Ashkenazis are a Turkic subgroup with small semitic ingress from Persia and then, two generations later from Constantinople. Lev Gumilev actually found Khazaria and it;s major cities. The research is there, access is intentionally made difficult.

    3. @ Dr David Green

      “Anyone who persists in saying that Jews are NOT a race can only do so by ignoring the latest scientific evidence. It’s hard to see how merely believing in Judaism can cause a genetic propensity for schizophrenia.”

      I agree absolutely. People who insist on regarding Jews as a genetically unrelated bunch of people who merely share a common culture and religious background are seldom trained in science. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Thus Ahkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews today are genetically related for the simple reason that their ancestors have been intermarrying ever since the 8th century in Khazaria, Spain, North Africa and various European countries.

      “Why is the IQ of Ashkenazi Jews so high?” Darkmoon asks in one of her articles. She answers:

      The simplest explanation for the huge IQ difference between the fair-skinned Ashkenazi Jews and swarthier Jews of Semitic appearance (e.g., Sephardic Jews) is a so-called conspiracy theory known as the “Khazarian thesis”.

      Popularized by Arthur Koestler in The Thirtheenth Tribe and accepted by notable Jewish scholars themselves (e.g. Prof. Shlomo Sand), this basically states that the Ashkenazi Jews are “false Jews” or aliens of an entirely different race masquerading as Semitic Jews.

      Originating in a region known as “Khazaria”, these Turko-Tartaric tribes converted to Judaism in the 8th century. So they were “Jews” only by religious conversion, not by blood. As such, being essentially “false Jews”, they have no historic link to the Holy Land and no Biblical claim whatever to Palestine.

      The Khazarian thesis of Koestler has been rejected by other notable scholars. Prof. Kevin MacDonald is one of these. He states categorically: “Modern population genetic studies show conclusively that Jews are indeed an ethnic entity and that widely dispersed Jewish groups are more similar to each other than to the peoples they have lived among for hundreds or thousands of years.”

      In other words, Jews are a “race” — or as Kevin MacDonald puts it, “an ethnic entity” — because a white Ashkenazi Jew has more in common genetically with a black Ethiopian Jew, though they LOOK completely different, than he has in common with a white NON-JEW who looks just like him.

      Similarly, the black Ethiopian Jew has more in common genetically with the white Ashkenazi Jew, though they LOOK completely different, than he has in common with a black African non-Jew whom he resembles physically in every way.

      See here:

      1. @ Sardonicus

        People who insist on regarding Jews as a genetically unrelated bunch of people who merely share a common culture and religious background are seldom trained in science. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

        Quite true. Professor Kevin MacDonald has published tons of articles on his site proving that Jews are a “race”, but these bright sparks claim to know better than Kevin MacDonald. Personally, I’m not interested in arguing the toss with these smartass idiots because I am mindful of Blake’s dictum, “If a fool will persist in his folly he will become wise.” 🙂

      2. Professor Kevin MacDonald has published tons of articles on his site proving that Jews are a race

        doc, do you see what you wrote or must i point out the quote marks – your own?
        is holocaust a “hoax” or is it a hoax? i’d say the latter.
        is transvestite a “woman” or a woman? i’d say the former.
        so what does it mean when you say that jews are a “race” rather than a race?
        by the way, i agree with this interpretation.

        there are ethnic-genetic coagulants inside the global jewry but as a whole, the unifying glue is a sulphuric compound called brimstone.

        some have slightly higher rat-like ability to negotiate mazes and negotiate in general, called iq, others don’t, however all have abiding love of moral perversion and until the genome of evil is sequenced, i am not going out on the limb to call them fish from the same genetic pool.
        besides, if they can’t help hatching evil thoughts and deeds, they cannot be judged anymore than a piranha can be judged.
        and i do want them judged in order to ensure that in the end of things, i have no jews as neighbors.

      3. and i don’t need to genuflect to any human authority, be it professor macdonald or colonel sanders.

        to err is human, innit and unless we accord them superhuman status, we must allow an error margin.

        nobody is infoolible.

      4. @ lobro
        @ Pat

        I don’t wish to offend either of you by insisting that Jews are a “race” and by citing Kevin MacDonald as a notable authority for this viewpoint. The fact is, I think our difference of opinion on this point is superficial, based on semantic confusion. Maybe I am using the word “race” to mean something entirely different to the meaning you (Lobro) and you (Pat) are attaching to the word.

        The Jews are obviously not a “race” in the sense that negroes — black Africans — are a race. For how can white Jews from Russia and Germany belong to the same “race” as black Ethiopian Jews or slant-eyed Chinese Jews or the swarthy Malabar Jews of South India? In making this obvious point, Pat is saying something that is undeniably true.

        OK, to return to you, Lobro. Remember that essay on Neanderthals published on this website a few months ago?

        You were among the first to remark on the striking similarities of Neanderthal man to the bone structure and facial appearance of the typical Ashkenaz Jew. You mentioned in particular the honky “Jewish” nose and the wide, “wrap-round” mouth. Now these are obviously GENETIC characteristics.

        Neanderthal type male

        Neanderthal type female. Note the beaky nose and wrap-around mouth of the typical Ashkenazi Jew×257.jpg

        With all due respects to Pat, one does not develop such a “wrap-around mouth” or honky “Jewish” nose by subscribing to Judaism or reading the Talmud! Nor does one shed these physical characteristics by suddenly converting to Christianity!

        I reject totally the bizarre idea that one ceases to be “Jewish” in the genetic sense just by “renouncing one’s Jewishness” and becoming a Christian. Israel Shamir has converted to Christianity and insists he has “shed” his Jewishness. That he is no longer a Jew. Do you believe this nonsense? Isn’t Shamir still a Jew?

        In Stalin’s Soviet Union, Jews insisted they were no longer Jews because they had renounced Judaism and all its values and become absolutely and totally atheistical Communists. Trotsky, the Ultimate Jew, kept insisting he was NOT a Jew.

        One has to be very careful of these slimy bastards who keep shifting the definition of what it means to be a Jew: sometimes a “race”, sometimes a “religion” — whatever suits them at a particular time.

        In America they want to be a “religious culture”, ceasing to be Jewish just by becoming atheists or converting to Christianity or Buddhism. In Israel, however, they insist on being a “race” so that they can claim a genetic link to Abraham and Moses. Whatever suits them best.

        But remember: the wrap-around mouth, the honky nose, the appetite for decadence and depravity, the characteristic narcissism of “a people apart” who consider themselves the “master race”, the Chosen Ones, and the rest of us goyim their chattel slaves.

      5. yes doc, we are indeed talking in circles and not even arguing, so where’s the fun of it?

        to clarify (or muddy, as the case may be):
        although we frequently mean khazar (ashkenazi) when speaking of the jew, distinction should be made.
        because khazars are an easily spotted swarm, by genotype that predisposes them to congenital deformities mental and physiological and by phenotype that brands them with oversized noses, mouths and ears as well as knuckledragging posture, greasy, puffy skin, pubic hair all over, heavy lidded eyes and a peculiar smell they exude (although this may be from overindulgence in chicken fat and dairy products).
        those are the marks of the noble khazaroid.

        but to me, a jew is a different entity with a very significant overlap with khazar.
        for the lack of a more concise term, jew is a creature of devil, ever dreaming up ways to cause harm, chaos, suffering, destruction, slavery and death on the widest scale imaginable among non-jews.
        and non-jews include the former jews like israel shamir or yossi gurvitz, whom jews would love to boil in shit-vat for eternity.
        such ex-jews abound, variously referred to as self-hating jews, mosers, traitors are targets for extermination just like the rest of us, as the example of joseph schorst, who provided the first known copy of the protocols to mme glinka in paris, 1884 shows.
        he was subsequently assassinated in egypt where he’d gone in hiding but they ferreted him out anyway.

        khazars and jews are like sicilians and mafia, lots of former (genetically identifiable) in the latter (a criminal organization) but just like there are jews/mafiosi who are not khazars/sicilians, so there are khazars/sicilians who are not jews/mafiosi.

        the main distinction between jews and mafia is that the former is multigenerational and its aims go far beyond mere economic gain … and they may indeed be sworn vassals to some chthonic deity, real or imagined (i don’t want to go there since i have no idea of whether its existence is real or ideological).

        bar mitzvah is the induction ceremony, lesser goyim serve through masonic societies, topped by b’nai brith that oversees their activities.

      6. Dr Dave –

        Thanks for recognizing my point. Our differences would not exist if we had an hour on the phone or half that time in person. I am quite sure our definitions for terms with several meanings would coincide almost completely. This is a place for comments and not deep discourse. I am generally too brief, intentionally.

        I find it curious that a ‘race’ FIRST denoted a competition… like horse race… (it also means a ‘canal’ among others) and the term was much LATER applied to people who compete for land.

        In the 17th century it was used for the first time to denote people of different languages. In the 19th century is was used for the first time to group people by genetic traits and physical features.

        With that in mind, ‘race’ would not have been found to mean a people in any ancient writings. People were separated by tribes and nations. The Hebrew Nation spoke Hebrew. The Apache Nation spoke Apache language.

        The above comments are made by my observing translations of ancient writings….and could all be mistaken…. because…
        All translations are ‘best guesses’ by translators which account for numerous versions of the same writings. 😉

      7. DR Dave –

        I am not sure why you mentioned me here…when you should not have… Because I never made any statements even close to your remarks:

        “With all due respects to Pat, one does not develop such a “wrap-around mouth” or honky “Jewish” nose by subscribing to Judaism or reading the Talmud! Nor does one shed these physical characteristics by suddenly converting to Christianity!”

        I WILL claim that not ALL Jews have the characteristics you describe. Netan-Yahooo does not have them. Neither does William Shatner or Kate Hudson or Steven Seagal or Wynona Ryder… nor did Liz Taylor or Paul Newman…. on to a huge list who do not fit ‘wrap-around’ and ‘honky’ features.

        I WILL also claim that there are those who do have those characteristics who are not Khazar Jews but are Christian Arabs. The Mid-East is full of them…overwhelmingly…. especially Lebanon and Egypt and Iraq. Even Saddam Hussein looked like a Khazar….like Walter Matthau.

        ALL Jews being of the SAME race just does NOT work for me. Too many differences.

        I do not believe much about the theory of race at all. All guesswork.

  2. (hmm. I wonder if this article made Psychology Today magazine…) (Uh-oh…my own moodiness may be due to having a joo-in-the-woodpile somewhere in my pedigree. 🙁 )

    Woody Allen did pretty well marketing his imperfections.

  3. This article proves to me beyond any shadow of a doubt….that when experts select samples of DNA from ONLY Ashkenazi Jews…the genes will be similar…. The study intentionally selected one specific group for that exact reason: “…ESPECIALLY HOMOGENOUS GROUP, in terms of genetics.”

    The article stated so:
    “The reason for choosing Ashkenazi Jews as the subject for the study, of all groups available, is rooted in the fact that Ashkenazi Jews are considered to be an ESPECIALLY homogenous group, in terms of genetics.”

    This study did not test Sephardic Jews….. a different race of Jews.
    It did not include Chinese Jews or Indian Jews…etc.

    This proves nothing about ALL Jews world-wide being the SAME RACE.

  4. Jews are not a “race” in the sense of the major human races such as there are : Negroids, Australoids, Mongoloids and Caucasoids, nor are they a subrace of the Caucasoid major race, such as there are Mediterraneans, Alpines, Nordics, East Baltics etc., but they are a stabilized mixture of Neanderthal, Negroid and various Caucasoid elements, artificially created and maintained by socio-religious taboos. It would perhaps be the best thing to call them a human cultivar. For what a cultivar is, go to :

    As for this “schizophrenia-gen”, discovered in Ashkenazis, that could hardly be an explanation for the megalomaniac-paranoid-criminal character of this group, since that is equally present in Sephardics. Keep in mind that all the criminal and absurd ideas in the Old Testament and the Talmud are the creation of non-Ashkenazi Jews. This schizophrenia-gen (probably created by intense inbreeding in ghettos) is at most an extra bonus in an already severely degenerated group.

  5. Yes, no doubt the “Jews” are race or shall we say a modern sub race through interbreeding mostly between the Sephardics of Esau and Ashkenaz/Khazars from the Atilla the Hun fame. The scriptures have a name for them as well, Gog and Magog.

    I think it would be interesting if a controlled scientific study was performed where this genetic strain of a race who’s children were adopted by white folks and raised in a typical Christian environment is studied to compare the mental disorder rate between their group and this articles findings of group raised in “Israel”. My guess is that the adopted Christian raised “Jews” would be found to have a significantly lower rate of mental disorders but still way above the white and/or other ethnic group averages.

    1. Furthermore the rabbit hole goes much deeper. Pertaining this subject matter of “Jews” genetics delineating their race, there is only really one place that I disagree with this article, which by the way is the best piece I have ever seen that explains the Babylonian/Judaic/Talmudic control Matrix. This is the best layout of the illusions that we all have been living under since our birth. Where I diagree is when it proposes that King James I was of the Reptilian bloodline. While this may be true I believe the Reptilian bloodline injected into the House of David (Common Law British Crown) was accomplished by Rothchild the “Jew” when to secure payments of debts from the Common Law Crown through trickery concerning the battle of Waterloo he obtained breeding rights with Queen Victoria producing her 9 bastard children from where the Davidic line is usurped from today.

      The rate of mental disorders among “Jews” in “Israel” is quite remarkable but not surprising to this man. Why? Because Esau mixed with the Canaanites who mixed with the fallen one’s whom I presume others identify as the Reptilians. These Esau peoples known as the Sephardic today have mixed heavily with the Ashkenaz/Khazar “Jews” and I suspect their genetic Reptilian fallen angel marker is non other than the NDST3 gene common in all “Jews”.

  6. We don’t really need science to prove what is obvious but that is our modern way of doing things. I wouldn’t say that Ashkenazi Jews are a race but they are a tribe within the general European/Asian matrix–a very distinct tribe. Not all Ashkenazi Jews look alike, and walk alike but many of them do. And in fact many children of mixed marriages show more traits from the Jewish side than from the non-Jewish, so those genes are powerful. Ashkenazi Jews inbred for at least 800 years and some scientist will tell you that at some point this creates an island population like the Scots and the Irish who also have certain genetic vulnerabilities. ( I think the Irish have a high incidence of schizophrenia as well. ) But the Scots and the Irish are not as self absorbed as the Ashkenazi Jews so we don’t hear about their island communities. Still, I come from a background with a strong Scottish component and nearly everyone in my family is gluten intolerant or celiac (also can be related to schizophrenia). African Americans have a lower level of vitamin D and so they are more at risk for vaccine injuries (chemical poisoning). Red haired kids also are more at risk for vaccine injury. One of the curious parts of the Ashkenazi tribal group is the prevalence of red haired kids, and it seems to me that there is higher risk for autism spectrum among European Jews. On the other hand it seems like Latins are less likely to be poisoned by vaccines.

  7. I want to add note about the interaction between genes and the environment or epigenetic triggers. The Scots and Irish probably weren’t getting celiac disease until the new type of wheat with double the gluten became the norm but then what was latent became manifest. Females are less likely to be injured by vaccines and for that reason they are now academically more fit than the boys who succumb more easily to vaccine injuries and consequently are failing to launch: We are losing a generation of boys. Why can’t the cognitive elite Ashkenazi Jews who own the mass media not see what they are doing to their very own children and our society in general. Our society is going to crash as a consequence of epigenetic factors that are making so many kids sick. Can’t they see there is not going to be any “cognitive elite” in the future? At least not any Jewish cognitive elite. Maybe Latins or Chinese….


    According to Psychiatric News, the Journal of American Psychiatric Association, Jews are genetically prone to develop Schizophrenia.

    According to Dr. Jacques S. Gottlieb of WayneState University cause of Schizophrenia among them is alpha-two-globulin protein disorder which transmits to non-Jews with whom they come in contact.

    The increase of mental disorders in America is related to increase in Jewish population.

    In 1900 there were 1058135 Jews and 62112 mental patients in America. In 1970 Jews increased to 5868555 i.e. 454.8% times. In the same ratio mental patients increased to 339027.

    Jews are unable to differentiate between right and wrong, have aggressive tendencies and dishonesty. Hence Israel is the worst racist country.

    Evidence that Jews are carriers of schizophrenia is disclosed in a paper prepared for the American Journal of Psychiatry by Dr. Arnold A. Hutschnecker, the New York psychiatrist who once treated President Nixon.

    In a study entitled “Mental Illness: The Jewish Disease” Dr. Hutschnecker said that although all Jews are not mentally ill, mental illness is highly contagious and Jews are the principal sources of infection.

    Dr. Hutschnecker stated that every Jew is born with the seeds of schizophrenia and it is this fact that accounts for the world- wide persecution of Jews.

    “The world would be more compassionate toward the Jews if it was generally realized that Jews are not responsible for their condition.” Dr. Hutschnecker said. “Schizophrenia is the fact that creates in Jews a compulsive desire for persecution.”

    Dr. Hutschnecker pointed out that mental illness peculiar to Jews is manifested by their inability to differentiate between right and wrong. He said that, although Jewish canonical law recognizes the virtues of patience, humility and integrity, Jews are aggressive, vindictive and dishonest.

    “While Jews attack non-Jewish Americans for racism, Israel is the most racist country in the world,” Dr. Hutschnecker said.

    Jews, according to Dr. Hutschnecker, display their mental illness through their paranoia. He explained that the paranoiac not only imagines that he is being persecuted but deliberately creates situations which will make persecution a reality.

    Dr. Hutschnecker said that all a person need do to see Jewish paranoia in action is to ride on the New York subway. Nine times out of ten, he said, the one who pushes you out of the way will be a Jew.

    “The Jew hopes you will retaliate in kind and when you do he can tell himself you are anti-Semitic.”

    Dr. Hutschnecker likened the Jewish need to be persecuted to the kind of insanity where the afflicted person mutilates himself. He said that those who mutilate themselves do so because they want sympathy for themselves. But, he added, such persons reveal their insanity by disfiguring themselves in such a way as to arouse revulsion rather than sympathy.

    Dr. Hutschnecker noted that the incidence of mental illness has increased in the United States in direct proportion to the increase in the Jewish population.

    “The great Jewish migration to the United States began at the end of the nineteenth century,” Dr. Hutschnecker said. “In 1900 there were 1,058,135 Jews in the United States; in 1970 there were 5,868,555; an increase of 454.8%. In 1900 there were 62,112 persons confined in public mental hospitals in the United States; in 1970 there were 339,027, in increase of 445.7%. In the same period the U.S. population rose from 76,212,368 to 203,211,926, an increase of 166.6%. Prior to the influx of Jews from Europe the United States was a mentally healthy nation. But this is no longer true.”

    Dr. Hutschnecker substantiated his claim that the United States was no longer a mentally healthy nation by quoting Dr. David Rosenthal, chief of the laboratory of psychology at the National Institute of Mental Health, who recently estimated that more than 60,000,000 people in the United States suffer from some form of “schizophrenic spectrum disorder.” Noting that Dr. Rosenthal is Jewish, Dr. Hutschnecker said that Jews seem to take a perverse pride in the spread of mental illness.

    Dr. Hutschnecker said that the word “schizophrenia” was given to mental disease by dr. Eugen Blueler, a Swiss psychiatrist, in 1911. Prior to that time it had been known as “dementia praecox,” the name used by its discoverer, Dr. Emil Kraepelin. Later, according to Dr. Hutschnecker, the same disease was given the name “neurosis” by Dr. Sigmund Freud.

    “The symptoms of schizophrenia were recognized almost simultaneously by Bleuler, Kraepelin and Freud at a time when Jews were moving into the affluent middle class,” Dr. *Hutschnecker said. “Previously they had been ignored as a social and racial entity by the physicians of that era. They became clinically important when they began to intermingle with non-Jews.”

    Dr. Hutschnecker said that research by Dr. Jacques S. Gottlieb of WayneState University indicates that schizophrenia is caused by deformity in the alpha-two-globulin protein, which in schizophrenics is corkscrew-shaped. The deformed protein is apparently caused by a virus which, Dr. Hutschnecker believes, Jews transmit to non-Jews with whom they come in contact.

    He said that because those descended from Western European peoples have not built up an immunity to the virus they are particularly vulnerable to the disease.

    “There is no doubt in my mind,” Dr. Hutschnecker said, “that Jews have infected the American people with schizophrenia. Jews are carriers of the disease and it will reach epidemic proportions unless science develops a vaccine to counteract it.”

    1. Reading that Finklestein interview, especially the part about feeding our children to us via ground meat, recalled to mind a conversation I had with an FBI agent who informed me that the vast majority of those ‘missing children’ sought in this country are believed lost to Satanic rituals of sacrifice. He said that it was not publicly announced – but it was true, and that it had become ‘epidemic’. Perhaps the remains end-up at meat packers (?). It would be easy to facilitate, and certainly lends weight to the suspicious nature of complete ‘disappearance’…

    2. “…Jews have infected the American people with schizophrenia.”

      If we can believe Jew doctors…. piled up with Jew rabbis….

      Since ‘Jew land’ – Khazaria – is in walking distance to Europe…and Jews have been in Europe for many, many centuries…. Europeans MUST be filled with Jew diseases…like schizophrenia.

      America would not even come close to the level of MASS contamination of blood-lines in Europe.

      Royal families really exhibit it.

      I am sooo glad they hate America.

  9. Ode to the Ashkenaz:

    “Lizard People”
    Lizard People got.. no reason
    Lizard People got.. no reason
    Lizard People got.. no reason
    …..To live

    They got big claws
    And evil beady eyes
    They all slink around
    Tellin’ great big lies
    They got huge noses
    And rotten big teeth
    They wear cheap dirty shoes
    On their crusty mottled feet

    And, I don’t want no Lizard People
    I don’t want no Lizard People
    I don’t want no Lizard People
    ….`Round here

    No way!!

  10. got at least couple of things under the beady gaze of monitor lizard … one of them only mentions c1rcass1an half a dozen times.

    hope it resurfaces before ww3 is over.


    1. this is the diagram that to the adepts explains the secrets of the universe.

      however, the monitor says my written explanation is too much too soon and would cause global unrest, collapse of judaism and would set all the animals howling at darkmoon.

  11. The House of Judah, which was comprised of the Tribe of Judah, the Tribe of Benjamin and some Levites (their priests) were racial Jews. Converts to Judaism retain their race, i.e. Khazar, but are not Jews racially; they are therefore counterfeit-Jews; not racial Jews.

    Converting to a particular religion does not / cannot change a race into being a racial Jew.

  12. Madame Butterfly’s piece blaming the introduction of schizophrenia on Jews is a good example of what now would be called epigenetic in nature. In another study it was the Irish who brought schizophrenia and it probably had to do with the change from poverty to better living conditions and safer births with more of chance for those at risk actually living rather than dying. But Jews did introduce vaccines or at least had a lot to do with it and that has been such a disaster since stressing the immune system creates inflammation and whatever is lurking in the gene pool then comes out–whether allergies, RH, neurological disease, bipolar disorders–you name it. The new paradigm is that inflammation is disease.. so why are we inducing inflammation. Once medical theory said that the more anti-bodies floating around in our system the better…right? Now we call high titers of antigens AIDS or autoimmune disease.

    There is something, though, about this particular gene pool lacking a moral sensibility. I don’t think science has studied that one but it does seem to have truth.

    1. Many, both blame and credit Jews when it might be unfounded.

      Ben Franklin lamented not allowing a vaccination:
      In 1736 I lost one of my sons, a fine boy of four years old, by the small-pox, taken in the common way. I long regretted bitterly, and still regret that I had NOT given it to him by INOCULATION.

      This I mention for the sake of parents who omit that operation, on the supposition that they should never forgive themselves if a child died under it; my example showing that the regret may be the same either way, and that, therefore, the safer should be chosen.

  13. This is old news, it’s been long documented that Jews have among the highest rates of mental illness on the planet, just take a look at Woody Allen the poster boy for neuroses.
    The Israeli navy is about to receive its fourth submarine and the first of three nuclear-capable subs purchased from Germany.

    By: Jewish Press Staff

    Published: September 3rd, 2014

    The IDF is about to receive its first nuclear submarine, which is sailing this week from Germany to Israel.
    Israel’s first German-made Dolphin II nuclear-capable submarine is on its way to Israel, Israeli Navy Commander Vice Admiral Ram Rothberg said at a naval ceremony in Haifa Tuesday night.

    The German weekly “Der Spiegel” reported that the submarines have a nuclear capability and will help Israel defend against an Iranian nuclear threat.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has denied that the submarines have a nuclear capability but sources have noted that all indications from Germany’s Defense Ministry are that the submarines can carry nuclear weapons.

    Dubbed INS Tanin, the Hebrew word for “crocodile,” the sub “can dive deeper and further and for longer and work more powerfully than anything we have previously known,” the naval commander said.

    In five years, the scheduled arrival of two more nuclear submarines from Germany will bring to six the number of subs in the fleet.

    The boat on its way to Israel can remain under water for extensive maneuvers for weeks without surfacing, far longer than the submarines now in the fleet.

    The Tanin officially was launched by Israel two years ago, as seen below, but it remained there for trial runs and the finishing touches before sailing to Israel this week.


    Think about it. Do you feel safe knowing a race of murderously insane psychopaths have been armed to this level by the stupid, corrupt and dissolute leadership of the guilt-ridden goyim? And to think the Jews have led the gullible goyim in gnashing their teeth and rending their garments over the fear that Iran might – MIGHT – develop a nuclear weapon. How stupid can the sheeple be? This stupid.

    1. Nuke subs pose very little threat. Main reason…once missiles are launched from them, in a real attack, all the crew know…today… that they have a maximum of 20 minutes to live….they are toast…from retaliation. Telemetry is instantly worked back to their precise location. The subs have to be close to the surface to launch missiles….. Easy to find. Nuke subs are a boastful bluff from the weak, feigning toughness.

      The greatest threat to all the world from any nation is REMOTE controlled jets…of all sizes and types….with huge devastating payloads of weapons. We all saw the WTC damage…without a huge payload of weapons….before the collapses….just fuel. The world will not be surprised when it happens again… and it will. We are groomed for it now. “We didn’t think of that” will not be an excuse.

      Drones TRULY pose another very REAL threat. But there is not much chatter there. That means Jews have them since US does….and not telling…like they told of nuke powered sub…FOR BLUFF. Some Jew will probably be credited with designing the system..LOL!!

      Do not fear the nuke powered subs. They are distractions. Never to be used in battle…just built with huge amounts of debt currencies….to help IMF. Jew Rickover developed them….for that purpose…. increase debt. Not needed by military, except for fear.

      BTW – MIRV warheads have never been tested… 12 to 16 nuke explosions above ground all at once has never happened.

  14. Hi, nearly drowned in piss over the Xmas break. Lots of fightin’ and rootin’. Slightly sober for a cupple of hours so read my galfriend’s website. Okay I show a pic of Lasha around the pub.
    Yes, it is interesting that a recent study-report dealing with the racial ethnic origins of the “Jewish” people is doing the rounds of the intelligentsia in Israel and the Jewish sectors of New York. The pricks don’t like it, but already have a dialectically concocted plan in place, which is just to clever for you cattle.
    It seems 90% of the planet’s 20 million “Jews” are genetically Khazars and not Arab-Semites. Seems plans are afoot for the Khazars to move back into part of their old Khazaria, namely the southern and eastern Ukraine. Jewish-Khazars are very prominent in today’s Ukraine, in the person of the Prime Minister, etc. Besides the Israeli-Khazars know that the criminal state of Israel is a living time-bomb, about to implode on itself and its dimwit Yankee co-conspirators and the zombie taxpayers of that collapsing nation of the USA, who provide the Israeli scumbags with their WMD’s and money to buy lots of chicks.
    Some of you dimwits have tried to describe a “Khazar” with pitiful results as per usual. Only the great lobro was correct: It should be ANTI-KHAZAR, seeing that is what European or ASHKENAZI Jews really are!
    Khazars are a highly mixed-breed lot: Originally they were an Indo-European people. Early 9th century descriptions said they were a red-haired, blue-eyed, light-skinned, extruded-nasal-passages kind of people. In fact, around 1200 BC, the coast of Anatolia was settled by blue-eyed, handsome Greeks. (Greek versions of myself but not as tall!) Then the Turks, Hittites (the ones the Israelites were supposed to have genocided!) , Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Egyptians, Huns, Mongols moved into Khazaria and a real polyglot, mixed-breed came about. There was lots of rapin’ and rootin’! Some remained red-haired, etc, but many became dark and swarthy, if not Mongoloid. The huge nasal bones persisted as a multi-chromosomed-dominant gene; hence today’s “JEWS” with large noses and wrap-around, matching mouths. Eg Barb Streisand and real ugly chick on Big Bang!
    Who then was that doc idiot that claimed “JEWS are a race”? This moron has to be a socio-path who lervs spreading misinformation.
    But I’ve told you morons all this before, so it is back to the pub for me for a few days, perhaps a few weeks! Happy New Year! Have one on me! Drink from a poison chalice and throw your cares away!

    1. Max – YOU ARE CORRECT on race.

      And….The term ‘race’ is only a couple of centuries old…!!

      The theories of ‘races’ are all crap from the beginning. They have NO validity…. except for control of groups of people who look different from the ones in charge.

      Government forms now have ‘Hispanic’ and ‘Afro-American’ and ‘Chinese’ as races… making them up as time goes along…LOL!!

      Khazars are not a ‘race’ at all. Jews are not a ‘race’ either. They are mixed, like the rest of us.

      The THEORY of different ‘races’ denotes only three distinct races. Caucasian, Negroid and Mongoloid.

      “The concept of race is a social and cultural construction. . . . Race simply cannot be tested or proven scientifically,” according to the policy statement issued by the American Anthropological Association. “It is clear that human populations are not unambiguous, clearly demarcated, biologically distinct groups. The concept of `race’ has no validity . . . in the human species.”

      Race is a socially defined concept that is used to categorize people according to their physical characteristics, and as such, a biologically meaningless category. It would be obvious by now that most people misuse the term “race,” since the ‘pure races’ or genetically homogeneous human populations alluded to, do not exist, nor is there any valid evidence that they have ever existed. Unfortunately, these antiquated racial concepts persist as social conventions that serve to foster institutional discrimination.

      Race has a social and political significance because of racism, such ideas as biological superiority or deficits among races, the assumption that intelligence, learning ability, physical endurance and such are somehow linked with genetic characteristics that differ systematically between “races,” have often been used to support this racism.

  15. OOPS, Archie-boy Stanton, you are wrong in saying: “Do you feel safe knowing a RACE of murderously insane psychopaths have been armed to this level?”
    Jews a “RACE” lad? You idiot! The Khazars have sucked you right into their cavenous mouths!
    You try to sound like a real smart-arse, but all you are is the latter!

  16. Finally, check ya Bibles. I told ya Abraham’s daddy, Terah, journeyed in a NNW direction into Turkey (or wot would be Turkey) Abraham lived in SanLucia Turkey for over 25 years. He, an Arab from UR, would have mixed with the mixed-race future Turks, particularly lervly Greeks and Hittites, who lived along the southern borders.
    Tyron P said Abraham screwed a mixed-race “slavegirl” and managed to progenate an Arab and a whitey.
    I do not know about this, but I lerv Tyron because he defends us poor whiteys who the Jewish-Khazars are trying to bastardise out of existence. That is if they are not sodomizing us first.


    1. Max

      One must understand the travels of the peoples we are speaking of and their Genome type to understand this correctly. The Khazars are from Japath. Their lineage can be found in Genesis 10:3. They are a Asiatics mixing of those from Turkey and Mongolia. When the 12 tribes of whites left ancient israel they held up for sometime in Medes (modern Iraq/Iran) they broke free of the Assyrians and traveled into the caucuses. Between 600 BC and 200 AD there were no Mongrels or Turks in the region of the Caspian or Black Seas. By 200 AD they had moved westward leaving only a few behind due to being attacked- pushed west. The Khazars at this point inhabited that land south from Turkey. They peoples are brothers- related to the Mongrels Asiatics. The Khazars/Ashkenaz adopted Judaism/Talmudism when their King Joseph adopted it from the Sephardic “Jews” around 900 AD. The Mongrel invasions of the Israelite whites of Europe (east and west) left their footprint not only in some eastern European white peoples but also within the Ashkenaz because by this time the Rus Vikings had already defeated the Khazars as they ended up spreading into Eastern Europe.

      So what I am saying here is that the source genetics of the Ashkenaz are not whites/Europeans although over the centuries due to mixing and rapes in war have given some of them white genes. Neither of course are the mongrels white folks but those we know as Ashkenaz today are Asiatic Turk-Mongrel mix with many over the last 100 years (planned due to their rise) interbreeding with whites thus each generation giving them a more and more white looking appearance that helps them hide their true identity among us.

      But make no mistake. The Jew doesn’t care at all if they have some white in them. What they care about and how they group and act is completely based now upon the genome type listed in the article, just like they don’t care if one practiced judaism/Satanism/Islam, is a Atheist Buddhist or “Christian” . They ONLY have to have the uniting gene (race) to be considered a “Jew”. However, there is one deal breaker that gets a Jew booted from their ranks. In no way shape or form can a “Jew” worship Jesus Christ for this means they have sold out on everything, adopting the belief and faith of their prime number one enemy- whites/Europeans- Christians- Jesus’ kinfolk.

      1. Well said Tyron! …. Yeah, I think your facts are basically correct. That’s if we are to believe ancient biblical manuscripts!~ Tyron, please don’t let it take over your work again.
        So these JEWS who “rule us” (as per, Churchill, Ford, Hitler, Lasha, John Kaminski, Preston James. David Icke, Rense, etc) are majority of Khazar stock; and at best, given the years of intense racial mixing along the great trade routes, (Marco Polo rooted sheilas everywhere!) have only the tiniest skerricks of Semitic blood in them, if at all. So much for their RACIAL claims on Palestine!
        So why is the majority Christian taxpayer of the USA, and my idiot country, Australia, donating so much money for the welfare and armament of the evil state of Khazars (WITH A FEW GENUINE jEWS THROWN IN i.e. Israehell!)??? We know why: They control the piggy bank and therefore are the omnipotent POWER of our planet! Most of us are shit scared of ’em! I hate ’em!
        JEWS ARE NOT A RACE! That’s if you are being relevant and talking about today’s lot of mixed-race Jews! The Jews of Jesus’ Judaea were a mixed-race. They lerved spending and making money, collecting gold and mass fornications and blood sacrifices. Just like New York, Tel Aviv, Denver and Hollywood today!
        Yeah and ALL modern JEW-people HATE JESUS and his legacy!
        As I say, tell that to the heinous Christian-Zios!

  17. “Roughly 1% of the population is affected by schizophrenia. Those with the disease lose interest in their surroundings, develop dark emotions and sometimes imagine hearing voices or seeing figures that do not exist…”
    Lets see now. This quote seems to fit Moses to a Tee.
    The pre WW2 Poles knew and had first hand knowledge and experience with these chips off the old Neanderthal block. Polish nut houses were full of these inbred mental cases.
    For more on the Neanderthal theory and fact look at the work of half-Jew Michael Bradley:
    There seems to be a genetic inbred component to the Ashkenazi-Khazar Jewish tribe’s
    dislike (hatred?) of White people (Cro-Magnon man) and enlightened Christianity, which the Jew originally created in the first place to disarm the non-Jew. And of course most White’s are just as repulsed by the “looks” and actions of the off kilter Ashkenazi- Talmudist. That is except for the Christian-Zionists air-head idiots.

    One has to set back, in view to what has and is going on, and ask, just what in the hell is going on here? Is it possible that we are in an age old battle between the off spring of Cro-Magnon man and a tribe of people in which Neanderthal DNA runs rich in their veins?
    Can there be any question that the latter have, at this time, the upper hand?
    Michael Bradley also contends that not only Khazar-Jews but many of the so-called non-Jewish tribes of the Middle East also have a percentage of Neanderthal DNA in their genetic makeup. Considering on how the Muslim males treat their females, this makes a lot of sense. Bradley also contends that the further East and West from this part of the world one goes, there is less and less Neanderthal DNA until in Europe proper and East Asia you find the pure descendants of Cro-Magnon.

    As a final note, think about the individualism natural to Western man and the tribal socialism-communism that seems to have sprung from the slanted foreheads of the Asiatic Jew.

    1. What if that quote doesn’t fit the true Moses to a tee, but a false portrayal of him?

      False portrayals and lies EVERYWHERE you turn. Christ tried to set the record straight regarding the OT, with Moses being central to that effort. Instead we’re left with a morass of confounding dialectics in the form of a jar of mayonaisse whose ingredients are a puree of truth and lies.

      How may a seemingly impossible task of extraction begin?

      Perhaps with knowledge revealing that Moses and Jesus were virtually the same avatar dude who had in common the “Christ Consciousness”?

      Who can definitively say I’m wrong?

      …………….thought so

      1. @BH i see u finally payin attention to me. good, then my work here no in vain.

        @pat. transparent?

        @alison. i think maybe ? in wrong place, but it a very nice poem still.

      2. Thank you, Mr. Lizard. Yes, I was wondering about that question mark, myself. You can probably tell that I’m not a poet! Certainly not up to the standard of the poets gracing this site! You said you were using a PSP!?! Cellphones are easier! Here is some gospel I’d like to share with you, SL, I know you love it!

        “For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,
        Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people;
        A light to lighten the Gentiles,
        and the glory of thy people Israel.”

        PS Ms. Darkmoon, I was in tears reading your lovely poem. The picture seemed beautifully appropriate, too. You are a very talented lady, if I may say so. Thank you.

      3. Space Lizard say
        Her get through Brownhawk
        Him say
        Him there all along
        Her must be legend
        in own mind

        Him say
        Great Spirit call
        Light at end
        of ancient tunnel
        Time chillins come home
        Big reunion in works

      4. @Pat. Rockin song, btw. Can’t help but take it a bit personal tho’. Transparent. I thinkin vote wise. It sorta look like only if everyone no vote, it could be a ‘transparent’ election. I know it sound daft. Thought that wot you and lobro mite be getting at.

        @Alison. It’s ‘Space’, please. 🙂 Got one now, but this swipey thing hard to get hang of, and browser just p*ssing me off! Gonna try to install winamp for shoutcast radio. Actuly I gone a bit partial to Bob Marley over the holidays, but then i’ve always liked german cars. Cheers.

        @Shouty type people and the like. With all due respect, look, we all get frustrated sometimes, yeah? But it make my eyes blurry. Lets just take a deep breath, calm down and start again. Better still, a big wet fish across the face, works wonders, sorta like maxs’ posts!

        @everyone. Happy New Year!!! Time for resolutions! With G-ds will, we will prevail. Kia kaha.

        @Toby. I forgot to welcome you. Welcome. 🙂 I spose you probly notice some of these other posters was just talkin bout each other half the time. Glad to see they back on the serious issues. It all very interesting. You doin a good job. I happy to stay under moderation, btw. PS have you banned _circ? Hope not, he was sorta cool, but you the boss i spose. Maybe he just need a long break, i hope he ok, you no think he really do anything silly eh? I sure hope he just joking.

        @Lasha. I think your website is very cool, and even i learning to appreciate poetry! 🙂

      5. Space, Thanks for the advice concerning browsing second-hand stores. I have found some good books (I mean, they have found me!) at the local sallies. I have just read an interesting newspaper article about the new spy laws in NZ. This type of media/information control really does worry me sometimes. I wonder if one group really can own and control all of it. A frightening prospect for the future, if so. Aren’t you concerned all your posts are being read by the government? PS I get your jokes, Space, and I think your quirky sense of humour is charming. 🙂

      6. Space: you really are a selfish pr*ck, aren’t you?

        Lizard: Ha! I know why you say that, but you wrong, you no blame victim!

        S: no! You are p*ssing me very off!

        L: well have a f*kin ciggie then ya whinging dick.

        S: now you just tryin to trick me again! I no that stupid!

        L: yes you are. You no even able to throw half your pay away for g-d. Where your faith? U a hypocrite? U no really a very good dude yet, at all space. U need to pray more. Be with your love. Think of your friends and family. You know what reality is. Live it.

        S: no. F*k your hypocrit joke. I want to roll a big fat joint and mellow out at the beach.

        L: you just waitin for mushroom clouds. U a war porn addict? Or just a junkie?

        S: arrrrgggghhhh!!! I just like peace.

        L: we know you better than that, space. You like dreaming. But you know love is reality. Wot the F*k are you doing? Makin crappy jokes? This is real, dude. Get ya sh*t together.

        S: sigh… Ok. Roses are red, violets are blue, i’m not schizophrenic…

        L: …and neither am i. Feel better now?

        S: ahhh, no. Not really.

        L: sigh… um, well at least finish with something biblical, eh?

        S: forgive me.

        L: no, i meant a bible quote.

        S: it was, ya prat.

        L: fine, you being a dick, i’ll do it…

        “Ye that fear the Lord, praise him;
        all ye the seed of Jacob, glorify him;
        and fear him, all ye the seed of Israel.”

        Psalm 22:23

        S: oh i f*kin trembling.

      7. @alison. Thanx. Yeah i know wot u mean. Thinkin that people are hacking my emails and reading my personal thoughts would be embarrassing to say the least but i no mr asia or nuthin. Is this the article u were reefering 2?

        The statement starting “We can draw…” seem a very strange admission for someone sposedly keepin secrets. I no really understand the politicians cept that they lie.

        @pat. It seem to me that language is the main way to tell ‘races’ apart. It is culture and thought and it must shape people as much as food etc.

        @admin. i know link not really on topic but it about spying and world government and stuff so thought it may be useful 4 conspiracy types.

        @BH. Yep. I gonna rule world!!!

  18. Russians Rage Against America

    This article depicts the situation pretty accurately with one correction only required: the word “hate” should be replaced with the word “disgust” for America is not strong enough to trigger the feeling of hate in Russians, but ugly enough to invoke the feeling of utter disgust.

  19. Russians rage against America

    This article depicts the situation pretty accurately with one correction required only: the word “hate” should be replaced with the word “disgust” for contemporary America is not strong enough to trigger the feeling of hate in Russians, yet ugly enough to invoke the feeling of utter disgust in every decent person.

  20. from berbers to khazars to yids
    talmud+fake history gives diseased minds with lies and hate for brain cells

    a cloak of many foreskins my rebbe gave to me.
    i am protected from truth.
    i am unchanging. i do not evolve.

  21. Max Bilney has it wrong. Khazar is a race, but they are not racial Jews. Jew is a race. They are descendants of Abraham; half-brothers to the Arab people through Abraham. Jews are Semitic. Khazars are neither Jew or Semitic. Converting to Judaism does not make someone a Jew. Grafting-in racially was a privilege granted to Israelites by God. Following The Torah is that which was to bind all men together instead of dividing us. Khazars have bastardized The Torah where it is no longer The Torah, but a book by another name: The Talmud.

    23:2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the “I AM”; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the “I AM”.
    23:7 Thou shalt not abhor an Edomite; for he [is] thy brother: thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian; because thou wast a stranger in his land.
    23:8 The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the “I AM” in their third generation.

    Schizophrenia is a mental disorder and any connection to DNA markers is not credible. Scientist may know how to examine DNA, but they make a poor analysis of their data.

    1. You are a very astute individual, New Song. Thank you for the explanation. I hope some of these understand it.

      1. NewSong –

        You are making your own version of the words in the history books…bibles. That is known as a revisionist translation. That’s what Jews did….. revisionist acts. When there are choices for me to interpret, I toss them all as meaningless guesses.

        I could not find ‘I AM’ which you used in any version of Deut 23:8

        New International Version
        The third generation of children born to them may enter the assembly of the LORD.

        New Living Translation
        The third generation of Edomites and Egyptians may enter the assembly of the LORD.

        English Standard Version
        Children born to them in the third generation may enter the assembly of the LORD.

        New American Standard Bible
        “The sons of the third generation who are born to them may enter the assembly of the LORD.

        King James Bible
        The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the LORD in their third generation.

        Holman Christian Standard Bible
        The children born to them in the third generation may enter the LORD’s assembly.”

        International Standard Version
        Their grandchildren may participate in the assembly of the LORD.”

        NET Bible
        Children of the third generation born to them may enter the assembly of the LORD.

        GOD’S WORD® Translation
        Their grandchildren may join the assembly of the LORD.

        Jubilee Bible 2000
        The sons that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the LORD in their third generation.

        King James 2000 Bible
        The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the LORD in their third generation.

        American King James Version
        The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the LORD in their third generation.

        American Standard Version
        The children of the third generation that are born unto them shall enter into the assembly of JEHOVAH.

        Douay-Rheims Bible
        They that are born of them, in the third generation shall enter into the church of the LORD.

        Darby Bible Translation
        Children that are born to them shall come into the congregation of JEHOVAH in the third generation.

        English Revised Version
        The children of the third generation that are born unto them shall enter into the assembly of the LORD.

        Webster’s Bible Translation
        The children that are begotten by them shall enter into the congregation of the LORD in their third generation.

        World English Bible
        The children of the third generation who are born to them shall enter into the assembly of YAHWEH.

        Young’s Literal Translation
        sons who are begotten of them, a third generation of them, doth enter into the assembly of JEHOVAH.

  22. New Song –

    I’d like to add, though, that Max and Pat are not so wrong, either. Both yours and their approaches arrive at the same conclusion: a MIX.

    Consider horses, for instance. The oldest known breed (replace ‘race’ with ‘breed’, for purpose of illustration) is the Tarpan. The Mongolian horsemen rode the Tarpan, when conquering eastward under Khan command. Then came the breed ‘Arabian’, and so on, etc., until, finally, the little miniatures people like to keep for pets… The other breeds still exist, and have a little bit of all the others in them, the ‘Thoroughbred’ being the most carefully conceived for speed; the ‘draft’ varieties originally bred for battle, etc.

    Most of humankind is not so careful with their own progeny as they are with their horses and hounds. Or cattle. (A cross between a Hereford and Angus and Charolais makes for a very hardy and productive beef – but you can’t call it by any name but ‘commercial cattle’.)

    People’s ‘breeds’ have evolved the same way, in many cases; and, I agree, ‘race’ is as much a component of culture than of breeding. The Bible being a poetic, prophetic, and historic compilation of the people Israel, it need be remembered that certain aspects of it are provincial, and other aspects are worldly – just as is Shinto, or Hindi, etc. (Siddartha was just a man looking for the Christ, 400 years earlier.)

    1. Gil

      “…’race’ is as much a component of CULTURE (my capitalization) than of breeding.”

      Whoa Nellie! (a little horsey phrase there 😉 )

      You got that right, and I would go beyond that to say it is a component that OVERRIDES breeding when it boils down to real actions of intent by evil-doers as have affected (or IN-fected) mankind.

      1. Thanks for not mentioning my grammatical and geographic errors, Brownhawk. 🙂

        Yes, the breeding thing is not hard to figure out, but it is painfully obvious to all, nowadays, that SOME genes die very hard. (Just consider the predominant color of the current rioters in America.)

        Here is where the argument is well-made for SEGREGATION. Many tried, but the (dare I say ‘jewish’ ?!) interests prevailed…

  23. It is not that difficult to understand.
    US of America is a country. A geographical area. Its dwellers are Americans, which are not a Race of people.
    German is not a race of people.
    Hawaiian is not a race of people.
    Khazaria is a geographic area. The dwellers there now and in the past are not a race of people.

    It would not be valid for anyone to put on any form or to claim in any manner that their race is Khazar.

    Jew is not a race either.
    Jews are cult members and have NO aboriginal claim to any land anywhere.

    1. Obviously, your illustration is fact, Pat. Somewhere during the breeding, though, groups/tribes/families found it a matter of survival to keep to themselves – and then, as languages and the concept of territories developed, they assigned themselves an identity (or had it assigned TO them! Lol). It is apparent, though, that ALL eventually recognized there was a god(s), and their concepts of (Him)(Her?) evolved as diversely as their physiques..and…UNLESS one accepts that a God/Supreme/I Am created a breed apart for ‘His own’, it is an endless surmise.
      (Somewhere along the process, my own dyslexic faults occurred as a result of careless breeding; and, as a result, I HAVE NO DEFINITIVE UNDERSTANDING…) 🙂

      1. When “all is said and done”, Gil, we will define our understanding through intentions of the heart – what “stands under” all the illusive distractions above.

        But the “all” in this context that will be “said and done” is merely the end of a troubling dream, and the beginning of living in Truth 😉

      2. Gil –

        Yeah …. When they huddled together for many centuries for protection…they ate the same diet…which was different from those doing the same thing 5000 miles away. Physical structure changes were inevitable. Selective adaptation came into play….still does somewhat. Chinese diet is different… from Europe and ours….and vice versa…etc. Amoun t of sun and clothes…elements…all different. Adapted. But, no change in species.

  24. Perhaps they should test for prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in the jewish community. If they find a high instance, maybe all infected could be forced to dose colloidal silver until the infection is irradicated. Just a thought.

    1. Yeah, eradicating infection is to be the running theme to it all, ain’t it? However it’s applied

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