Jews want a third world war, by JB Campbell

Editor’s disclaimer: I am a pacifict and so is Lasha Darkmoon. We are against violence  in any form — except as a last resort and in self-defense. My cousin Lasha, a gentle soul who subscribes to the Hindu doctrine of ahimsa (non-injury), has nevertheless recommended the publication of this admittedly “dangerous” article by JB Campbell. Campbell  argues that unless we are prepared to take actve steps against those who seek to destroy us, there is no hope for us. We will be destroyed. Bear this in mind when reading Campbell’s article, and note again Lasha Darkmoon’s oft-repeated maxim: “Self-defense needs no defense.” (See also our General Disclaimer). — John Scott Montecristo. Editor
The Jews want a third world war. What is their plan for us?
The Jews want a third world war.
What is their plan for us?

The Jews want a third world war. Why? They are the destroyers – it’s all they know how to do – and they like it. They have destroyed everything they’ve touched. There is no exception to this rule.

They took over Russia in 1917: total destruction of society and of millions of Russians, followed by Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Byelorussians, Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Tajiks, Moldavians, Kirghiz, Lithuanians, Turkmens, Armenians, Latvians, Estonians and Abkhazians. Then came the East Europeans. Then Jewish Communism was foisted on North Korea, North Vietnam and China, Laos and Cambodia – by the Americans.

In between these political nightmares, America put Palestine under Jewish Terror.

In some sort of karma or cosmic justice, America itself is now descending into Jewish Terror, the sort that America put all those peoples under for almost a hundred years. This is how Jews say ‘Thank you’ for American help.


The above is an excerpt from the middle of the article. To read the article in full,  click HERE

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  1. lasha and monty, don’t say you are against violence, this too is antisemitic.

    the proper statement is that you are against violence to jews but completely support violence to gentiles, both gentile-on-gentile and jew-on-gentile.

    a total ban on violence would be bad for the business, without war jew is dispossessed of his biggest income source and that is highly antisemitic.

    1. On Revolutionary Violence: My personal feelings

      This thread presents an opportunity to continue the discussion on the pros and cons of revolutionary violence. My own view is simple. I am against law-breaking in any form. Killing people is not only against the moral law — ‘Thou shalt not kill’ — it’s also against the law of the land.

      As far as I’m concerned, anyone who advocates organized violence is guilty of incitement to violence.

      There may be all sorts of philosophical justifications for revolutionary violence, but I won’t go into those reasons here. The people who mounted the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution thought they had a good reason for going out and killing people. The thing is: they won. And because they won, it became legal. It wasn’t legal before.

      Generally speaking, I am against people using this site as a forum for the preaching of revolutionary violence. It gives the site a bad name. It makes us all look as if we sympathized with lawlessness and mindless anarchy and murder. We don’t.

      We allow such comments to appear on our site because they are a reflection of what people actually feel. In fact, such open calls for violence present the authorities with a valuable insight into the minds of the masses. It allows them to gauge the temperature, and, if necessary, to take remedial action. You can also be pretty sure that it gives the authorities a chance to build up dossiers on potential “troublemakers.”

      Personally, I don’t think the people who keep saying things like “Let’s kill all the Jews”, in the Comments section of this website, are necessarily Jews themselves or Zionist trolls. They are more likely to be sting operators, agents provocateurs, or, I suspect, immature and mentally unbalanced non-Jews suffering from the most virulent strain of anti-Semitism: the type of anti-Semitism that would like to see all Jews killed, indiscriminately, and makes no distinction between good Jews and bad Jews.

      Sigh. Let me state quite categorically that I am against anyone who preaches the mass extermination of the Jews, either on this site or any other site. I wish they would stop. They are not being clever, they are not being original, by repeating the tired mantra “Let’s kill all the Jews!” Frankly, I wish they would shut up. They are a severe embarrassment not only to themselves but to anyone who enters into dialogue with them.

      However, we’re not going to stop them from posting comments here. We’re not going to block them unless they become pests. They are free to let off steam here — for that, ultimately, is what this forum is all about: it’s a platform for letting off steam.

      Maybe it’s better to let off steam by screaming “Let’s kill all the Jews!” than by actually becoming a serial killer and going out and gunning down a whole bunch of innocent people outside a synagogue.

      Okay. Enough said. You know what I feel. I hope I’ve made my position clear.

      1. Fair enough. I think I understand what you’re trying to do. This is a bid for respectability. You don’t what this website to deteriorate into a forum for loonies and anti-Semitic psychopaths.

        1. Quite right. Nothing wrong with respectability. In fact, I’m desperately trying to achieve it.

        2. I do not believe she is posturing, Sardonicus. I believe she is simply articulating common sense, and an understanding that people – of any race or creed – have a potential to goodness, as well as evil (even the Jew 🙂 ).

          While I, myself, recognize the sometimes-need for just plain ol’ killin’, I place a higher value on its avoidance by the workings of diplomacy and kindness. Campbell surely fills-in the gap between for those of us who can go either way!

          That all being said, I believe the POTENTIAL for violence often precludes the necessity of it, and leads to diplomatic solutions (but I would be pretty certain Mr. Campbell does not expect his ‘soldiers’ to display their strategies on any Internet forum – he’s just very good at letting each one know he is not ‘alone’ in his thoughts or resolve).

          I like the way he writes, and I respect him. And Lasha.

        3. @ Gilbert Huntley

          “I do not believe she [Lasha] is posturing, Sardonicus. I believe she is simply articulating common sense…. I like the way he [JB Campbell] writes, and I respect him. And Lasha.”

          Yes, I know what you’re saying. We wouldn’t publish JB Campbell if we didn’t value his work. Lasha is a great admirer of his and has read every article he has ever written. She admires not only his grasp of history, his fact-based narrative, but also his style of writing: clear, simple, populist, and completely lacking in literary pretentiousness. She has told me this several times and urged me to publish his essays when I have been in doubt.

          However, Lasha is a Christian pacifist and feels distinctly ill at ease when JBC starts talking about killing cops and Jews and putting entire groups of people in front of firing squads!

          Please note that Campbell’s website is called “Extremisim Online”, so he is well aware that what he is saying is pretty “extreme”.

          Bottom line: we are moderates who wish to keep within the law. Otherwise we end up in prison. As you say, we are trying to exercise common sense — and survive.

      2. “Let me state quite categorically that I am against anyone who preaches the mass extermination of the Jews, …”

        Good! This means you are of the same view as the overwhelming vast majority of humans (the 99%) -(other than the Jewish (the less than 1%)) – including the German people -all of them- during the first half of the 20th century.

        Only the Jewish, it seems, can come up with such a vulgar desire – and proven to be among the few of “humanity” who have actually attempted to carry out such evil: Judeo-bolshevism’s mass murder of 66 million in former JewSSR, the Holodomir of Ukraine 7-10 million starved to death or sent to early death in Jewish Gulag-slave-labor camps; the African slave trade -80% controlled by Jewish, responsible for 100 million mass murdered Africans and endless problems of race and related in the JewSA; the attempted genocide of Armenians – half of them – mass murdered by a Judeo-Turk led coalition; the millions murdered around the world in Jewish instigated wars (all the so-called Judeo-communist forces against the so-called Judeo-democratic forces – such as Vietnam, Korea, the entire Middle East, (via their media and global-financial-corporate-profits control) …

      1. Stubby,

        Hey man, I would be against dealing with the jews in violent self defence if it were not for the fact they are attacking us on EVERY level and have clearly stated (and obviously acting toward) exterminating all of us.

        If you have a non-violent solution that is GUARANTEED to stop jewish aggression I’m all ears.

        1. Gilbert Huntly says:

          “……. and an understanding that people – of any race or creed – have a potential to goodness, as well as evil (even the Jew 🙂 ).”

          Still don’t fully understand judaism I see.

        2. Lonnie,

          The point attempted to be made is not about pro or con violence, but is about the MYTH of “exterminating the Jews”.

          Other than the Jews themselves, there has never been, nor ever will be any person, peoples, nations that have advocated for the “extermination” of all or even some “Jews”.

          However, this myth, brainwashed into the minds of nearly all human beings on earth, is used to halt any and all means (including the preferred method of non-violent ones) of countering the Jewish global “revolution”.

          Using the myth, as a trump card, stops nearly every rational attempt to counter the Jewish supremacists move to establish their Jewish World Order.

          Unless and until this myth is rejected – worldwide – there will be no move to counter (by any means) what the Jewish “revolution” is doing.

          Plain old truth, widely disseminated, will go a long way to halting the Jewish supremacist global movements, but even truth is stalled – almost always- by throwing down their “extermination of Jews” myth card.

          An essential truth is “the extermination of Jews” has never been, nor ever will be advocated by anyone, but nearly the entire world cannot understand this because of decades of mass psychological conditioning by Jewish control of media, education, etc.

          This myth has brought the world near to total impasse with mass violence as the last remaining alternative. This may be the only way to stop the situation, but it is highly likely, (and likely you agree) that it is the least desirable solution.

          Of course self defense, by any means, is a right of all people.

  2. jews want a third world war.

    so long as “world” does not involve jews except when it comes to holocaust industry.
    i think that vlad understands their position very well and will make sure that they get their fair share of it, ie, world includes jews.

    in which case, why not.

  3. If your legitimately covering your butt Lasha thats understandable and cool with me.

    Other than that its pure naive unrealistic fantasy. The ONLY thing that will ever end this problem IS violence.

    People have got to get over this ridiculous notion of being non-violent when it comes to the jewish problem. The only chance we have to live in and create a non-violent world (which I’m all for) is to inflict extreme violence against these people (in self defines of course) and start over.

    Disclaimer respected from here on out.

    1. defence…. damn spell check. Accidentally hit one wrong letter and get an entirely different meaning. I gotta admit end result is humorous sometimes.

    2. @ Lonnie

      “Disclaimer respected from here on out.”

      You don’t need to leave because of the disclaimer or because of my own personal views on revolutionary violence. I urge you to continue to post here and say what you want. I value your comments because they are sincere and because you are obviously intelligent.

  4. Violence will not solve the problem. Violence is the problem. Suppose there is a revolution. After the dust clears the same people will be on top. Plus, there will be a lot of innocent people dead and injured. People are judged more by their tactics than by their motives.

    They are masters of divide and conquer. They are masters of propaganda and social engineering. They are a lot better at hurting people. They enjoy hurting people. It’s why they do what they do.

    If one really wants to hurt the powers that be the best way is to reject materialism. They are able to lead us around by the nose because of our own greed.

    We need to learn how to live more simple and self reliant lives. Gardening, hunting and fishing: things like this are more important than science or materialistic success. We need to quit living on credit. We need to quit having so many babies.

    Just my opinion. I mean no offense to anyone.


    1. Yeah, good idea. Reject material success and learn to garden. Yup, that’ll show those kikes who run the media, government, and academia.

      1. Don’t poke fun, SPQR. The man is brushing on a valid point.

        Just the other day, I was reading a quip about some guy bemoaning the fact that so much China-produced slop permeates the shelves at Wal-Mart. Know what?? DON’T BUY IT, THEN (to protest the circumstance). Each of us has a certain control over our habits, and each can start with ONE. If McCob pursues his strategy in his way, and thereby encourages others who are able to follow suit – count him as an ally.

        Old Arab (?) proverb: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’

      2. If you want to have a war go out and have a war. I am not stopping you. But don’t expect it will change the world for the better.


    2. McCob

      Agreed, we need to learn to simplify and become more self reliant but if you think that will stop the jewish issue you might as well dig you and your loved ones graves now.

      Thats an EXTREMELY naive conclusion.

      Yes, revolutions are typically jewish engineered for their benefit. This is why we must NEVER lose sight of who is the real problem and inflict force correctly.

      This entire notion of non-violence is frankly the most absurd thing I see people post. Violence is being FORCED UPON US BY THE JEWISH COMMUNITY. We have NO CHOICE but to defend ourselves in return. The key is to NOT kill each other to survive but rather the engineers of our tyranny.

      Also, this vote with our pocket book, hurt them economically notion is extremely stupid and naive. THEY OWN THE MONEY MACHINE. They really don’t give a damn if you purchase Israeli oranges. It will not make one bit of difference. They love it when people are subdued into believing these stupid ideas.

      Stop this absurd and frankly childish thinking.

      Its time to be a real man, husband and father. Really, it is.

      1. For one thing, Lonnie, only a small percentage of the world is Jewish so in order for them to wield such great power they need the help of a lot of gentiles. Did you ever stop to think that the Jews are just a front?

        You are displaying a lynch mob mentality and it isn’t going to help. Personally I think you are feckless in affecting any change in society.

        Go have your war. Nobody is stopping you. Could it be you hesitate because you don’t have enough comrades around you? Is that what a real man would do? Are you scared?

        I don’t appreciate your know it all attitude and your condescension. And I think you philosophy is bereft of any merit and has in fact been shown to be folly from world history.

        But, keep on thinking you know everything. No matter to me.

        1. Has it ever occurred to me the jews are a front?

          Wow, what a revelation… thanks for that.

  5. Lonnie definitely has a plan. You have my approval for your plan, bubba, go ahead. Do me a personal favor though – start by hanging yourself – will you.

      1. I would rather not, Lonnie. You see, I have this allergic reaction to the jewish odor.

        Btw, how old are you, punk?

        1. The people on here calling everyone a jew and constantly string up stupid shit are very suspect.

  6. @ lasha darkmoon, I cite your writing of today at 11.56 in which you write:
    We allow such comments to appear on our site because they are a reflection of what people actually feel. In fact, such open calls for violence present the authorities with a valuable insight into the minds of the masses. It allows them to gauge the temperature, and, if necessary, to take remedial action. You can also be pretty sure that it gives the authorities a chance to build up dossiers on potential “troublemakers.”

    I find this writing very curious and you seem like a person who works for a government-agency.

    Makes me wonder what the purpose is of your site? what you want to accomplish with your site? Who pays your bills considering the fact that you don’t allow advertisement on your site and considering the fact that you had “problems”in the academic world? Who is Lasha? How does your face look like?

    1. I find it amusing that you should think I work for a government agency just because I write:

      . . . such open calls for violence present the authorities with a valuable insight into the minds of the masses. It allows them to gauge the temperature, and, if necessary, to take remedial action. You can also be pretty sure that it gives the authorities a chance to build up dossiers on potential “troublemakers.”

      If I were working for a government agency, this is the last thing I would write. I would keep it quiet. Instead, I am simply telling my readers what they already know: that Big Brother is watching them, day and night, and so they ought to be very careful what they say.

      1. This is not rocket science. Snowden’s revelations have been an enormous blessing to us all. We now know that we have precious little privacy left: that all our emails are being stored, all our telephone conversations monitored, and every site we visit on the internet carefully recorded.

        Lonnie’s calls for violence against the Jews have probably been noted by the authorities. That is, if they are doing their job properly. They know who he is, they know his address, and they could pick him up whenever they wanted.

        This is why I urge caution. I am doing my readers a favor by telling them to be careful about what they say. Not only on this website but in every email they send and in every phone call they make.

        Of course they have nothing to worry about if they’re law-abiding. But if they’re planning on blowing up their local synagogue, or wiping out Congress, or assassinating Obama, in their own interests I think they ought to keep quiet about it instead of blabbing, don’t you? 🙂

        1. We’re ALL on the list Lasha, don’t kid yourself about that.

          Doesn’t matter if your calling for it or not. If your aware of them they are coming for you sooner or later.

        2. lonnie DOES have a valid point here.

          they know that we are onto them, their smokescreens are useless with us, therefore we are all equal threats to them even when we aren’t screaming kill, kill.
          we cannot be rehabbed into the noahide herd of sleepwalking cattle anymore.

          BUT, as of this minute, not sure about the next minute, they still need that semi-legal pretext that we said the word in order to gitmo us off to some rendition destination.

          given that they have plotted wholesale murder and wipeout of most of humanity, the mere fact that most of us are ready for self-defense says all that needs to be said.

    2. This illuminating exchange between Elwin and Lasha Darkmoon is instrucive. I find Dr Darkmoon’s response perfectly convincing.

      Furthermore, Elwin’s comment “Who pays your bills considering the fact that you don’t allow advertisement on your site and considering the fact that you had “problems”in the academic world?” shows that Elwin doesn’t have a clue.

      Sites like this, a family concern, can be run on a shoestring. It wouldn’t need advertisements or donations to survive. I could run a site like this for under $200 a year.

      As for Darkmoon having “problems” in the academic world, this is complete nonsense. She has had no problems in the academic world. She has never said she has had such problems, nor has anyone ever suggested that she has.

      1. Dr David Green

        Thanks for your support. I can confirm that it costs us very little to run this website, which is why we don’t need advertisements or accept donations. I can also reveal that Ms Darkmoon has never had any “problems” in the academic world.

  7. Lasha,

    “Of course they have nothing to worry about if they’re law-abiding. ”

    Thats very naive. You really should know better.

  8. Folks

    Killing is NOT, repeat NOT against the law. MURDER is against the law. The difference between the two is that killings are justified under LAW and murders are not.

    In order to take back our lands, etc, one must recognize a couple things.

    1. One is not justified in mass resistance or war unless they have the LAW on their side.
    2. The US/DC is a Corporation, a dead entity under law. It’s lawful jurisdiction is inside DC and the small enclaves they own, Guam, Puerto Rico etc.
    3. DC/US operates under LEGAL fictions and right now they have 60 million legal fiction codes and counting. The LAW trumps legal fictions.
    4. The law of the land in America is Common/Natural/Christian law. It was this LAW that the Declaration of Independence (enacting clause), Articles of Confederation and united States Constitutions and the Bill of Rights came into being under. The LAW source from where this authority comes from is the God of Nature, Natures God, Divine Providence – Jesus Christ (it was signed in the year of THEIR Lord- Jesus).
    5. The last Common/Natural/Christian law court closed it’s doors (due to the usurpation of Judaic/Economic/Admiralty legalities) in 1971.
    6. Common Law Courts are INDEPENDENT of the US/DC or any other courts.They are SUPERIOR to all courts. They are the courts of and for “we the people”- the MASTERS of all Governments, legalities, courts or Corporations that under law, are to be the MASTERS slaves- servants. What they decide trumps every and anything that any other power, Government or otherwise on this earth, declare, want or desire.
    7. The MASTERS derive their authority from the source of our Law as seen above in number 4.
    8. In the United States V Williams, SCOTUS agreed, 6-3 and upheld that the Common Law Courts, Grand Juries, are SEPARATE from Federal, etc courts oversight, control etc.
    Scalia wrote the Majority Discussion saying..

    “the grand jury is an institution separate from the courts, over whose functioning the courts do not preside….the whole theory of its function is that it belongs to no branch of the institutional Government, serving as a kind of buffer or referee between the Government and the people.”

    The Constitution of the United States, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, gives rise to a FOURTH BRANCH of Government, THE GRAND JURY. We the people have been charged with oversight of the government in our roles as grand jurors.

    The 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says in part as follows: “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury . . . .” You have read that 101 times. What does it mean? What is the difference between a presentment and an indictment? “The grand jury is an English institution, brought to this country by the early colonists and incorporated in the Constitution by the Founders. … “to provide a fair method for instituting criminal proceedings against persons believed to have committed crimes.” [Costello v. United States, 350 U.S. 359 (1956),]

    Read more on it here

    9. Common Law Grand Juries and Courts are opening in every 3142 counties in America.Word is, Australia, England, Ireland and all Common Law nations part of the UK are following the lead to do the same

    10. What does this mean? It means that true bills of indictment can be handed down COMPLETELY independent of the Corporation Courts and all Constitutional Officers- Sheriffs etc, are LAWFULLY BOUND to carry out their orders.

    This folks is how you have the LAW on your side when ridding our lands of the enemy. per the real 13th Amendment, we can, through lawful Grand Juries arrest, imprison, execute or banish from our lands ALL who are dual citizens, criminals, traitors!

    1. @Tyron –

      You seem to know what you’re talking about. I’d like to know more about any such court/proceedings in my own state (Virginia), and further its cause, if possible. The hosts of this site (Lasha and Montecristo) have all our email addresses, and they may give you mine, if you request it. (I would trust them to handle that discreetly, since they have ours, anyway.) I am somewhat connected to political activists who may well-facilitate the effort.

      The main issue at hand is the ENFORCEMENT arm of any such court. Considering J.B. Campbell’s comment, below, might shed some resolve on that issue.

      Gotta go back out, now…

      1. Gilbert

        I would start here. You can find people in your area organizing to meet quorums that are needed to bring Common Law Grand Juries into being.


        As if right now, 266 county Common Law Grand Juries have been seated (Met their Quorum). The idea is to have them all seated and then when they are all seated, everyone acts in one accord to hand down indictments and you already know who the prime target will be simply by virtue of who makes up the population of the criminal, traitor, dual citizen element the most.

        1. Thank you for the link, Tyron. I am very happy to hear there are those who are actively pursuing same. That action – as much as anything – can help bring things to light for many more to understand, especially if indictments are carefully and properly worded for the understanding of many. (Maybe someday I’ll write a few, myself! I can think of specific defendants….)

        2. Gilbert

          I can think of some. First, I would vote to indict every single Israeli dual citizen in any position of power in America. Immediately that would clear up 90% of the our problems. That is were I would start. Then I would put all BAR lawyers on notice that they had either drop their allegiance to the British Crown, swear back onto the Confed or uS Constitutions, or face indictment per the real 13th Amendment. Same thing goes for every person in the legal code fiction system. After this I would selectively go after all suspected of corruption and foreign allegiances in Congress and the Executive.

        3. I’ll second Gilbert’s appreciation for this link, Tyron.

          The battle lines are being drawn all over the map.

        4. Gilbert

          One last thing. Yes, the enforcement arm has always been the problem. I surmise that if we can get all of the common law courts seated in all counties before the SHTF, the enforcement will come when good folks on all levels of Government realize that it is THEY, their people, their children, who are on the chopping block. See, one won’t be able to deny it when masses of minorities, Marxist paramilitary outfits, Mexican military, Chinese troops invade America with help of those Spetznas here supported by those fighter-bombers hit targets in America, from their bases in Central America. And this done, all with the help of the DHS etc.

    2. an article: The United States Isn’t a Country— It’s a Corporation! by Lisa Guliani
      was on (from 2004) but the website isn’t to be found at the moment (someone at “the Hub” claims falsely to be the author, they said latest).
      another one (that needs updating)
      but I cannot give a judgement about these websites myself, and: the dsiscussion about common law, corporate law, has arrived in Europe also.

    3. This is perhaps the most insane thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Jews are not planning anything.

  9. Hey Lonnie, you might want to catch the first bus out of town and don’t take a lot if time packing either.
    This is ‘Mutiny on the Darkmoon’ baby!

  10. I really appreciate the courage of LD and JSM to run these essays. It’s no small thing. In almost all countries today, that would get you arrested and probably killed. We’ve got to take advantage of what we’ve still got here and take big chances with our lives.

    There’s probably nothing scarier or uglier than revolution and/or civil war. Look at the history of Missouri and you’ll get an idea of the terror such a thing can create. So I’m not pushing revolution thoughtlessly. But we are definitely descending into Jewish Terror. So many US cops are either trained in Israel or by Israelis here. If we don’t resist with greater force than they plan to use against us, we’ll become Palestinians, or even worse – 1920s Russians or 1930s Ukrainians. It’s unthinkable.

    I could be wrong but I doubt that cops will be coming for Lonnie. Same reason they don’t come for me, and I’ve been doing this for twenty-six years. They come for decent but naive people such as Brandon Raub (whom we owe a huge debt for the warning) because they make it clear that they don’t plan on fighting. I really hope that he’s adjusted his attitude, now that his lawsuit has been rejected. I hope he’s obtained a damn gun by now. Ex-marine with no gun, complaining about the NWO!

    I recommend for your own protection adopting my belligerent attitude. I say and do and write whatever the hell I want and nobody does nuthin’. They want to kill us but they do not want to fight us. I push and push and invite an attack for twenty-six years but so far… Some may say, well, you’re doing what they want, obviously. They want violence to justify a crackdown and you’re just helping them. That’s not how I read it. The experiences of Brandon Raub, Blaine Cooper and others indicate they don’t want any backtalk, especially from veterans. They want to avoid violence because if this country really gets violent, all the cops and all the soldiers won’t be able to handle even a tiny fraction of it. So they ignore my rhetoric studiously but hit hard at the ones who don’t seem very hostile.

    Anyway, that’s how I have operated since 1988.

    1. 100% agreed Bruce.

      I have long realized same. You must be willing to kill RIGHT NOW to defend yourself from these insane people and their protectors.

      Whenever someone thinks I’m being extreme I remind them of 1920’s Russia. Its a very long list but that one event sums it all up. Jews disarm you then they do what they did there.

      It couldn’t be any clearer this is exactly where we are headed and who is behind it.

      As for those thinking we are playing into their hands with engineered revolution I fully understand the jewish track record of such events. Difference this time is we must not lose sight of the real enemy and their protectors vs being engineered to fight each other.

      Your either going to fully understand what Bruce is saying/doing or your going to pay hard for not listening to the warning and acting on it.

      I live in a country where its illegal to carry, its illegal to have arms at the ready in your home and its illegal to tell the full truth regarding jews.

      I have pointed an M4 at more than one “authority” wearing a badge. Believe me, depending where you live they are very afraid of you if you fully understand how to defend yourself, how to not be identified and how to get rid of the bodies. Hell, where I live the wolves will do it for you.

      These “cops” just seem to know when they will lose. I’ve experienced it three times now.

      Take it back or lose it all.

      1. If we release ourselves entirely from Rule-of-Law, Lonnie, we don’t really improve our lot. While I am no stranger to violence and arms, I know it is better to have an enforceable and just set of rules for a society than to intentionally delve into anarchy. No nation or country I have ever heard of has come out well under those circumstances.

        But I agree with you about being PREPARED for trouble, always; but we shouldn’t feel we have to “wear it on our sleeves”, so to speak. There’s always someone bigger and tougher and meaner who itch for opportunities to challenge that attitude. 🙂

        1. Glibert,

          I’m not advocating releasing ourselves from rule of law. Not at all.

          However you must admit that jewish “law” is very out of control and one sided.

          They must be dealt with and than the legal system needs to be rebuilt. Don’t think too many would realistically disagree with that.

          As for your “wearing a sleeve” comet I fully agree and would rather not ever talk of such things. However, the jew wise just are not fully getting it and it seems they need to have it spelled out for them.

          Seriously, the self proclaimed jew wise are generally very naive as to where this is really going. If they fully understood it Bruce and people like myself would never have to say it, they would just get it and act accordingly.

        2. Lonnie

          The legal system cannot be fixed because the entire thing is de facto, legal fictions and codes, mostly written by Jewish lawyers. They don’t even have enacting clauses to make these codes lawful- in accordance with the law.

          The legal fiction judaic code admiralty system must be completely abolished as Common/Natural/Christian Law and Courts are brought back into being.

  11. The colonialist and warmongers have different meanings of violence, terrorism, self-defense and Gandhi-style non-violence.

    Violence = Any action to counter occupation.
    Terrorism = To put armed resistance to foreign occupiers.
    Self-defense = To wage more wars to maintain illegal occupation.
    Non-violence = Be a sheep to be slaughtered by the colonialists anytime.

    “We Jews are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own,” Maurice Samuels, Jewish author of 1924 book, ‘You Gentiles‘.

    1. What Rehmat refuses to acknowledge is that his admired religion-cum-theocratic system of Islam has mostly spread by violence, terrorism and colonialism.
      Does the term “jihad” ring a bell? How did Islam spread in Spain and the Balkans?

      “We Muslims are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers…”

  12. Elwin, you are perceptive. Best we can do at this point is watch the show and though we may dislike it, have to admit that it’s interesting.

  13. JB Campbell hits the nail on the head with his recommendation for adopting a belligerent attitude for your protection. And it doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of being physically violent. The key is in being confident of “right is might” not the other way around. Carrying the demeanor of a fierce countenance is a great protector as I can attest to. I feel as though my native heritage serves me well in this regard, with its powerful understanding of spirit. There is an underpinning in the subtle worlds with all that’s going on now that can’t be underestimated. They are subtle in nature of course, but have great bearing on how all this will play out. And believe me when I tell you that the demons are on the run, but not before they ‘shoot their last bolt’.

    What started in 1492 (this latest epoch at any rate) is entering its final phase. The protocols were launched, in effect, with those instructions of the Sanhedrin (as JB noted) to their brethren emissaries to the Spanish throne. And the lure to the monarchy for a mission to the “New World”? Why, riches of course! Boundless wealth to be ‘found’ by raping those virgin lands. But there was a little bit of nastiness withheld from their royal highnesses. Shaman “remote viewers” have reported that the black death which wiped out a big chunk of medeival Europe was bottled up and saved for a “rainy day”. The rains came, and the first point man for the protocols was one Christopher Columbus (or whatever his actual name was). The primary mission being to wipe out the native populations on two continents in order to set up shop. Columbus no doubt was unaware of the existence of this wickedness. Special jew vermin would do the dirty work of poppin the corks on the pestilent pandoras.

    Something wicked this way comes…

    One thing I take issue with from this article, and I know it’s nitpicking, has to do with the “fragile Obama”. The shamans go on to say that the ‘obama-nable’ one is just that.(some joke, eh, that he would be given this name?) According to them (as some readers know) he is a reptillian shape-shifter of the winged Draconian (draco) order. Being a Chicago street thug is right up his alley (pardon the pun). A natural habitat for his ilk.

    Sick logical progression for an entity like this to be placed as U.S. President at the top of this Federal blasphemy.

  14. Rehmat,

    Thank you for posting this very important quote. Every non-jew needs to take it very seriously.

    “We Jews are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own,” Maurice Samuels, Jewish author of 1924 book, ‘You Gentiles‘.

  15. >> Doesn’t matter if your calling for it or not. If your aware of them they are coming for you sooner or later. (Lonnie)

    >> lonnie DOES have a valid point here. (lobro)

    >> Yes, Lonnie has made a good point. Granted. And I’m glad you picked up on it. (LD)

    Sadness is probably the best word to describe the feeling I get after reading the above exchange. Even the bright ones don’t get the gist of JB Campbell’s message: don’t succumb to fears instilled in you by bastards like Lonnie, don’t succumb to fears of your own imagination. Don’t play into the hands of the bastards who are trying to paint themselves as an omnipotent force in order to paralyze your will by convincing you that resistance is futile. That is a wrong attitude – it is self-defeating.

    Are the jews coming for you sooner or later? That’s a wrong question, folks. The answer to that question is not something that has been already decided somewhere in the heavens. The answer to that question is up to you – not up to the jews. That’s what you don’t get. Don’t be so cowardly, dammit, that’s disgusting!

    Back in 2009, while living in America, I was engaged in Glenn Miller’s campaign in his bid for US Senate. At some point in the campaign, I felt strongly that our western brothers are in need not only for encouragement by a strong dose of shaming. I felt that they need to be told straight in the face, without any sugarcoating, the ugly truth about the spiritual degradation they have suffered under the jew.

    Not surprisingly, nothing has changed since then to the better. If anything, the problem has become more pronounced and more urgent for the last five years. That’s why I feel justified reproducing here my 5 years old appeal to the conscience of those in the West who still have some remnants of it (see the next comment).

    1. Reproduced from VNN Forum thread Who’ll Financially Support Glenn Miller For US Senate ??:

      My offer to match every pledge of $100 or less for financial support of Glenn’s bid for US Senate is still on the table. Since I have announced my offer only one person was willing to challenge it – that is pathetic.

      Come on, whitey, I am not asking to blow up your ass in suicide attack like Muslims do – I know you are not capable of that. But skip one meal dammit, save $10 – $20, and send it to Glenn. One, it will help you to trim your fat ass, two, you better get used to hunger, because it is coming.

      Here I am – a Muslim, a “mud”, as you call us with arrogance, extending my hand for cooperation in the fight against the common enemy, and you don’t even have the wits to take advantage of it. If even the “enlightened” whites on this forum do not give a rat’s ass about the fate of their own people, why should anybody care for them.

      Let me take a wild guess. You don’t want to sacrifice your $10 because it is a bad investment, because you’ll get nothing out of it, because you are not willing to play a losing game, because you want to be a winner without taking a chance. If so, do not send your $10; if you do not have the urge to do the right thing, do not part with your $10; if sacrificing one meal for a losing but right cause does not give you a spiritual satisfaction, hold tight to your $10.

      Now, I am going to tell you something, my fellow American, you have never heard before. All your material well-being, or almost all of it, is due to the Jew. It is the Jew who was looting the world for Americans for the last 100 years. Not because the Jew likes you, he does not like anybody but himself, but because he couldn’t do the looting without your help. Your material wealth is not due to your ingenuity, but because you have been participating in the Jewish looting of the world. You don’t mind stealing from others, do you, as long as the stealing is done for you by someone else.

      That’s how you got your fat ass. And the price for it was your soul. You got fat ass, but you lost your soul. Is that what you call a good investment?

      Muslims are blowing up themselves not because they expect to get 72 virgins in heaven, as the Jew tells you, and you repeat it like a dumb parrot. Muslims blew up themselves because they are fed up, because they want revenge, because they still have souls.

      Do you know, fat ass, that a small population of just one million Chechen Muslims defeated the mighty Russia in the first Chechen war during the Yeltsin years, when the second round of looting of Russia by the Jews was under way. I remember the headlines in the newspapers back then, saying something to the effect that the Russian bear is infuriated and is going to rip apart lone-wolf Chechen’s ass. Instead, Russia has been humiliated to a degree never seen before in the whole history of the Russian Empire; the Russians have been forced to withdraw from Caucasus with their tails under their legs.

      Why is that? Two reasons. First, Chechens are a proud people, they are and have always been good warriors; Chechens are a tribe, a unit. In “Gulag Archipelago” Solzhenitsyn has mentioned in passing that the only attempt to put some kind of organized resistance in the whole history of Gulag was the one attempted by the Chechens. Second, Russia was fucked-up by the Jew during the first Chechen War; Russia couldn’t even feed its own soldiers. You might not believe it, but Russians were trading their kalashnikovs to Chechens for food.

      In few years, Russia, when it somewhat recovered under Putin from Jew inflicted demoralization, took back control of Chechnya. And I am glad it did – I don’t want Jew controlled America messing around with my people and pitting us against Russians.

      I am not a rich man. I do not run a porno business. I am a Muslim. I do not pretend to be your friend. But I need your help, and you need my help. Alliances come to be as they needed, and they evaporate as the need for it no more. Don’t you have at least that level of common sense, whitey. If not, I feel no sorry for you. Why should I?

      The symbiotic marriage with the Jew is over, whitey. You need a divorce. Your association with the Jew does not offer any longer even the pathetic material benefits he used to pay you for your cooperation. It is the time to disassociate yourselves from Israel and the Jews. Think about it.

      Dr Kevin McDonald is right on target, when he says: If and when the whitey becomes a minority in his own country the “mud” will have no mercy for him, there will be nothing but a feeling of disgust and contempt for the whitey. Take it from a “mud”.

      Even your heroes are pathetic. Take Mel Gibson, or Marlon Brando, or evangelist Billy Graham. Why did they back off and went crawling back to the comfort of living. Didn’t they have enough money to survive? I guess Mel would rather continue to play heroes like Jesus, or Brave Heart on the screen, rather than being one.


      P.S. You, slow witted whitey, do not start punching your keyboard in fever. Take your time. Think about what I told you. And if your fever does not go away in couple of days, then you may answer me. Have a nice day.

        1. More than well said, Gilbert. Sounds like what can be hoped for as the makings of a new mission statement.

          I wish Lonnie would understand that his perspective is mostly just treating the symptom, assigning real potence to this bully coward in its controlling illusion.

          And in the interest of solving the problem of feeling that you’re not accomplishing anything, I’ll strongly recommend acting on the national-liberty link provided by Tyron, to be as he put it, a good starting point and go from there.

      1. circassian, i cannot find a single point of disagreement in the above 2 posts.
        not one, with possible exception that after all, you and lonnie may be making the same point in an important respect, which is the inevitability of armed showdown with the devil and his franchisees, the jew and his shabbos.

        every single point you raised i second 100%.
        i will write more on this but for now just one thing:
        the term aryan is a dangerous one because it is misunderstood and misused in a destructive way.

        the true aryan was like the chechen you describe, a man of honor first and foremost, in that lay his nobility.
        european societies lost it when jew seduced them into replacing the nobility of sword with the fake one of gold (think ghibelline and guelph war, which bankers won by hiring mercenaries).

        the aryans before that were tribal warriors who fought armed only with sword because they despised shields and armor, the jutes, saxons, angles, irish, helevtii, belges, goths and many other tribes.
        are there any aryans today?
        not that i know of.
        we are gentiles, the satan doesn’t care about where from, we are all equally the target and we must not waste time, will and resources with petty internecine bickering.

        those of you who think there is such a thing as an identifiable american poster boy who realistically represents the nation of 300 million had better wake up to the true image as painted by circassian’s appeal on behalf of glenn miller (not being american, i never even heard of him, which in itself is a positive endorsement – the jew media obviously hates him).
        a narcissistic tattooed permanently overmedicated lardass, ignorant of absolutely everything but the sport stats, the gullible consumer of celeb gossip, unable to conceive of anything resembling culture higher than the ebonic -themed junk served by the snering dr jew-manchu, he is the avatar of today’s majority.
        he ain’t no aryan.

        those few who hang onto vestiges of some proto-american mythology had better wake up to the reality: they are gentiles.
        and if so, we must fight the war as gentiles, whatever our ancestry, i would prefer joining the disciplined force of louis farrakhan to the informer ridden rabble hiding out in idaho hills waiting for victoria nuland’s call to pull the right sector idiocy at the indicated spot, omaha or wherever, for jew’s profit and entertainment.

        i am suspicious of anyone who comes here and rags on against hitler, jesus, putin, ahmedinejad, muslims in general, jesus-christians, national socialists and all those who truly seem to get under jew’s skin and mess up his carefully laid plans of satanic conquest.
        don’t they have a more rewarding target?
        i guess not and my jewdar starts to go ping, ping.

      2. Circassian

        Well, the Muslims makes some good points but I would like to point out a couple things myself.

        1. Some Muslims are decent folks. No doubt but the problem is, for us to make alliances with you, we would have to separate those of you who are being brought into our lands as cannon fodder against whites/ Christians by the Jew, from those who would join in the fight and when the dust settles, GO HOME. Which one of you will fight against the “Jews” and THEN GO HOME afterwords? Don’t even think we will let you stay in our lands, in mass, just like we wouldn’t expect you to let us stay in your lands, in mass.

        2. The white man did not rape the world. The white man, in the past, was the single greatest blessing to all other peoples, nations and cultures the planet has ever known. Yes, we have our crimes, our mistakes, but we also blessed this planet like no other and that credit can go to our lord- Jesus Christ. I am sure you don’t want to get into a “pissing match” concerning Arab, black and Asian Muslims crimes- do you? I didn’t think so, so please, get off your high perch or at least in my presence, you will be knocked off it.

        We worked our butts off to create our nations and protect them from both Jews, Muslims and others. Only over about the last 100 years or so has the “Jew” taken us over, incrementally. And we DO share in the blame for this, the way a sucker buys the Brooklyn Bridge but doesn’t sell it. I would rather be the former than the latter, wouldn’t you?

        3. Personally, I don’t see the room for any alliances with Muslims who aren’t Arab (Whitish variety) from Ishmael. We are related to them through Abraham, us being of the line through Isaac- Jacob. The other “Muslims” tend to be the biggest white people, Jesus haters on the planet, only second to “Jews”. We have NO use for them because they would turn on us in a heart beat, raping our daughters and beheading our boys. You now it and I know it.

        4. Do not underestimate us Muslim. We may be divided and yes even fat and lazy and Jew infested, but when the SHTF, we will come together just like we always have. We will have no other choice. It will be that or die and we WILL NOT PARISH from this earth. When we have our backs against the wall, with nothing to lose, well, let me put it this way. The world has never seen a more brutal, vicious, lethally precise and creative warrior than the white man. No race on the planet even comes close to our military prowess and genius and with our creator/saviors help, we will be victorious once again- against all odds.

        So here is what this “fat- old- whitey” says. Join us but keep to your own. Act independently of us and help us and we help you toward our mutual goal but make no mistake. When we win this war in our lands, everyone, and yes even YOU will be looking to take over “Israel”. It will be that or be under the rule to that race, that people, that does and everyone, the Chinese, Indians (India), YOU GUYS and everyone else is eyeing it. I know it and you know it, but that land IS OURS. It is NOT yours or the “Jews”. You can share like others in the administration of World Government through a certain body created for that purpose just like everyone else but don’t even think of ruling it. You can have limited autonomy in your own land, control your own affairs but you and everyone else, including us in our own land, will be subject to the UNIVERSAL LAW and that law source will not, repeat NOT be your version of the prime creator. It will administered by those who THE REAL Christ desires after he and 144,000 of our people expose and take over that ABOMINATION that “Jews” and their “messiah” are creating.

      3. Like lobro, Circassian, I am in agreement with what you’re saying here. And even if you were duped by Glenn Miller, all I can say to that is join the club (and not his club necessarily) Intentions that come from the heart are what matter, and JB Campbell would be well advised in noting that.

        That aside, the thing I take away from this discourse essentially combines content from you, tyron and Campbell.

        JB’s view that belligerence is a good thing when dealing with this enemy I believe has its place. Especially when you pair it up with one of tyron’s posts when he wrote of Christ physically attacking whomever that was specifically, obviously implying that that someone had to have so richly deserved it! And you know, I don’t doubt it for a second that he did this.

        But discretion is obviously called for with this kind of action. And most importantly in Jesus being an exemplar for it is in the fact that he is CHRIST! Talk about the might of right! Pontius Pilate his bad ass roman self trembled before this man and probably pissed his toga! To say he has an imposing presence doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it.

        This of course is what they fear above all else. Lonnie simply doesn’t realize that HE’S operating from a position of fear when being dismissive of TRUE SPIRITUAL POWER.

        With the moral high ground, nay, with the ONLY moral ground on our side and being GROUNDED in it means in effect you are courage ITSELF. It becomes a given that the enemy of Life will melt into squalid little puddles of goo.

        Be like Christ. In everything you do!

      4. Excellent, Circassian.

        As an Irish/German American (whitey is cool with me, btw) I fully recognize the need – the imperative need – for us – black, brown, yellow, white, red – us all to unite against our common enemy.

        Muslims are no enemy of mine. Protestants are no enemy of mine. Buddhists are no enemy of mine. Eastern Orthodox are no enemy of mine. Atheists/Agnostics are no enemy of mine.

        I now know my enemy. I did not choose him. He Chose me. And he chose you. And he believes he’s Chosen (by some psychotic being) to rule over every last one of us who has the misfortune to survive his coming revolution.

        So the options, as I see them, are few and far between.

        Either we bring enough of our fellow men kicking and screaming into this horror show called ‘REALITY’ and clear cataracts from their eyes and bring the battle to our enemy, or we sit like toadstools in the shade, awaiting the knife to our necks. I prefer the former to the latter.

        BTW, bringing the battle to our enemy can involve much more than guns. I’d LOVE to see a national (world?) strike, where I and others refuse to open our businesses and working men and women refuse to report to their jobs. One day per month (week?) where money does not change hands. Or, more Americans (people of all nations, but I say Americans for obvious reasons) insuring their children do NOT serve the Beast as soldiers, to kill and be killed.

        There are a number of credible tactics for striking out at our enemies, not just thru violence. Personally I’d like to see us begin with a peaceful option or two…. as I only too clearly know enough of the horrors of war and bloodshed to think of it as any option other than the last.

        Either we come together and unite against our common enemy or we, and more importantly, our offspring, will suffer in ways we can hardly imagine.

      1. Any more questions around here about the ethnic origins of this poor bastard?

        Were you to follow my friendly advise to start implementing your master plan for solving the jewish problem by hanging yourself, you perhaps would be better off.

        1. Who is Circassian speaking to when he said

          “Any more questions around here about the ethnic origins of this poor bastard? Were you to follow my friendly advise to start implementing your master plan for solving the jewish problem by hanging yourself, you perhaps would be better off.”

          Was it Lonnie or someone else?

  16. the owner of the shiksa monkey troupe known as pussy riot/femen to the rescue of poor ukrainians from bad vlad:
    Jewish mogul Vadim Rabinovich running for Ukraine presidency
    this is so crystal clear, to me those who persist in bashing putin are the same ones who read nist report by rabbi dov zakheim to figure out whodun 9/11.

    you too rescue your heads from the spot where the sun don’t shine.

    1. The Ukrainians are so fucking stupid it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they actually supported that greasy kike.

      1. this is just how fucking stupid.

        obviously rabinovich’s campaign logo, the pimp will ship his goods back to tel aviv rather than sell to russian market.

        the prostitute pipeline is running south on full capacity.
        exactly what i prophesied to flying cossack few weeks ago and to cal dalton (another blethering anti-russian headcase who will take judas iscariot over vlad putin any day) few years ago, while at xymphora and they both freaked on me like i personally supervised holodomor.

        in canada we have a giant chunk of ukrainian diaspora and “our” uber-shabbos prime traitor stephen harper is over there in kiev dancing hora to rabinovich’s cracking whip, insulting russians for all he is worth, which surely isn’t much.

        1. At that time Ukrainians were Russians for me, and maybe they are more pure Russians, around Kiew, Kviv, than the Moskovites. Leaving it up to them, how they think, but this ethnik conflict may be a divide and conquer thing. In the early 1930s, holodomor, it was the marxist idea of Lenin to collectivize the farmers and industrialize agriculture under the rule of communist commissars. It was also against the ukrainian ideas of an independent Ukraine. But now the two sides accuse each other of right-wing-nationalist things. That one leader in the Ukraine got murdered.

          That doesn’t make it easy to get whar’s going on there. For us it is threats of big war – when was a time such a threat was not in the media? Possible to make the rest of petriotic feeling people, shut their mouth about the coming Free-trade-Union – Atlantic and Pacific, which gives the international corporations and finance all the right they want. Any national laws, or the rest of it will not applied to them. That means Monsanto usurping the role of the creator, and so on.

        2. not petriotic (new word?) but patriotic was meant.
          Would be interesting: is Putins gvt against these free trade agreements? and why Southstream pipeline now finished?

        3. sorry to add: Webster Tarpley says as an example: Americans will have to compete with Vietnamese wages, if that isn’t already so in parts of globalization. The details matter.

  17. What did Lonnie do to be called a bastard by an anonymous person? I missed that part. Are we supposed to feel grateful for Circassian’s criticism and for saying we got our fat asses from the Jews?

    Who and what is this person? Is he saying he supported Glenn Miller for the US Senate? Would that be the same Glenn Miller who was a federal informant at the Ft. Smith sedition trial back in ’88? That Glenn Miller lied for the feds and attempted to put my friend, Louis Beam, away for twenty years?

    Let’s not be too hasty in praising an anonymous person presenting himself as an antagonistic Moslem who throws an email grenade into the crowd. It has a federal smell of disruption to it. Of course, it’s possible a Circassian Moslem wouldn’t have known that his senate candidate was a fed.

    1. Because he thinks I’m jewish Bruce.

      I’m very white, not that that matters one damn bit. The only thing that matters is I’m not jewish, never have been nor will ever be. Wasn’t even born into it by fate of birth.

      He has a difficult time with the fact that I have not had my brain destroyed by religion. He not only appears to be christian but CI. He also has a hard time with the fact that I have fully realized the ONLY way to ultimately stop this jewish mess is to take it down with violence.

      Thats the bottom line for his reactions.

      1. Lonnie

        Circassian is CI? Really? It seems more like he is Muslim than CI. Or are you speaking about me? When did I attack you?

        1. Apologize Tyron, wasn’t trying to imply you attacked me.

          You might be correct, he appears to be muslim. Well, I have equal problem with ALL religion.

          Hard to keep track of everyone here sometimes and what their ‘thing’ is.

          So I will make it extremely clear:

          I’m NOT jewish. I happen to be white (again, not that that matters). I am completely anti-jewish/judaism and fully understand the only way to deal with them and their protectors is violence in self defence. Jewish history makes this realization very clear to anyone who is honest with themselves.
          I’m also very anti-religion, details just don’t matter at this point, it all needs to go.

          People (jew wise or not) can call me whatever they want, they can speculate about what I think/feel/believe about anything all they want, however the above two points stand hard and fast.

          Born white by fate of birth, extremely anti-jew in great part due to not having my head screwed up by religion (and a sizeable list of other forms of indoctrination that failed to work on me).

          Now back to realizing what we have no choice but to do in dealing with the jewish problem.

          I don’t give a damn what colour any of you are, what ethnic background you are, I do not give a damn what ethnic background your spouse is, and to a certain degree what your religious “beliefs” are. I do not care what area of the world you are from or currently reside.

          I care that you fully realize our NUMBER ONE PROBLEM IS JEWISH. (not zionism, or the elite bankers, or the illuminati or any of that intentionally distracting crap)




    2. @ JB Campbell

      >> Are we supposed to feel grateful for Circassian’s criticism and for saying we got our fat asses from the Jews?

      Yes, Sir, you are supposed to. I don’t know who you are, but if you are what you say you are, you have to be grateful to me for telling you the truth – not to insult you, but for your own sake.

      >> Who and what is this person? Is he saying he supported Glenn Miller for the US Senate? Would that be the same Glenn Miller who was a federal informant at the Ft. Smith sedition trial back in ’88? That Glenn Miller lied for the feds and attempted to put my friend, Louis Beam, away for twenty years?

      This paragraph alone tells me more about your arrogance than anything about Glenn Miller, about whom you are trying to educate us. Let me ask you a few questions, Mr. Campbell.

      Have you ever met Glenn Miller? Why do you frame your question as if Glenn Miller’s being a federal informant is a proven fact? Do you know who Dr. William Pierce was? Do you know that William Pierce and Glenn Miller worked closely together? Do you trust William Pierce? Have you ever heard Pierce saying that Miller was a federal informant? Did Miller put your friend, Louis Beam, away for twenty years? Who and what is this JB Campbell?

      >> Let’s not be too hasty in praising an anonymous person presenting himself as an antagonistic Moslem who throws an email grenade into the crowd. It has a federal smell of disruption to it.

      Good and prudent advise, Mr. Campbell, being hasty hardly ever pays. Take your time, brother. I am here to help you to identify who I am. Would you like to come to Moscow to visit me and have a little chat?

      1. Miller was a witness for the federal government against Louis Beam and others.

        Pierce asked me to represent his NA in Los Angeles, and announced me in one of his 1993 bulletins as a coordinator, though I’d never agreed to be one. He sent his representative, Will Williams, to the big recruiting meeting I’d organized. Williams, an officer in Special Forces, destroyed the meeting. Williams stayed with me for several days before the meeting.

        I called Pierce and asked why the hell he’d sent this maniac to represent him? Pierce said he had no choice – they were partners. They were co-owners of the Klassen COTC property in NC. So to say that Glenn Miller worked with Pierce means nothing to me. Pierce told me that his two novels were just for entertainment purposes, not to be taken seriously. I told Pierce I couldn’t help him again. Pierce was all theory rather than practice, in his own words.

        Did Miller put Beam away for twenty years? No, but he sure tried. Louis warned the jury to watch for Miller’s nervous signs of lying. Miller was a federal witness who perjured himself for the feds. That goes beyond being a federal informant.

        What do you mean, come to Moscow for a little chat? You don’t know as much about Pierce as I do and you appear to be very credulous regarding Miller’s version of himself.

        1. BLAH !!!!!

          And he thinks I’m Moslem !!!
          (assuming you we’re referring to me)

          I CAN’T STAND ALL RELIGION. Get it? NEVER fell for that crap and NEVER will.

        2. @ JB Campbell

          You don’t seem to have much of opinion about Dr. Pierce or his lifelong work, do you Mr. Campbell?

          I think I’ve got a fairly accurate sense of who you are. No further questions for this witness, your honor.

  18. I am happy that Lasha has found protective words from dr. David Green.

    The question is who is this Lasha, maybe a jewish rebecca, a jewish esther?

    I do not believe a thing she writes, controlled opposition!!!

    Guys watch out, this is a jewish site!!!

    1. jens,

      I’m not going to speculate whether this is a jewish site or not.

      The most important point to understand is WHO CARES?

      I have said the exact same things directly to the face of many jews.These people are very afraid of threatening force. I don’t give a damn if this site originates in Tel Aviv. Do you seriously think they do not know exactly who everyone of us on here are despite the screen names most use? Do you not realize they have a detailed file on each of us?

      Do you not realize yet you cannot hide in fear from this problem and no amount of screen names or cautious wording is going to protect you?

      Do you really believe say Lasha is buying herself say an extra year of time due to disclaimers and cautious wording over anyone else on here stating what must be done to deal with the jewish problem?

      NOTHING is going to protect any of us short of an in-your-face threatening gang who will back it all up with fire power.

      Time to face the hard truth.

  19. Circassian,

    JB Campbell is infinitely more of a legit real man and fighter than your obviously capable of understanding.

    Seems to me Pierce was a little suspect.

    Federal ANYTHING is a problem.

    1. Lonnie,

      JB Campbell seem to have affinity with you. That’s all I care to know about this gentleman.

      1. Yeah, he knows the jews are the problem and what the solution is.

        He also know religion is complete BS.

        Pretty complicated ……………………..

  20. Circassion, you’re ignorance, racism, and inferiorty complex that pervades your thinking are most appreciated. Thank you for your output, you are most entertaining.

    1. You are welcome, JohnG. You sound a bit upset though, would you like to tell us what is troubling you?

      Hopefully it’s light indigestion, or something like that.

      1. Agreed JohnG, Circassian is very entertaining.

        Its also interesting to observe how much his “entertainment” distracts front the core issue.

        1. Listen, Lonnie: You are full of zeal (been there myself!). Circassian, you are diplomatic. BOTH OF YOU are on the same side. So is Lasha. That each one’s approach is different is NO reason to fuss. All of us, including even the intellectual, lobro, entertain different perspectives varient from our own. IT DOES NOT MAKE US ENEMIES!

          And let me tell you, the more we harp AGAINST the Jew, the more determined he will be to destroy our hopes. (I WOULD, if I were him). I believe there are a very few who do not desire peace…

          Call me a ‘naive’ goy,

          I am,


    1. Thanks for posting this very important link 30.06.

      This is why I constantly hammer the so called “jew wise”. They tend to be a very naive group and do not generally fully understand what they are dealing with.

      They are a little slow to realize the only way to face this threat.

      1. I am not saying you’re WRONG, Lonnie… I just would rather NOT slaughter anybody.

        While I understand their shortcomings, I understand my own, as well. I am no saint. Nor am I a hypocrite. I feign to entirely condemn – based on that circumstance. 🙂

        1. Gilbert,

          I’ll make it perfectly clear, I’d rather no one every have to kill anyone, EVER.
          I’m not jewish so I don’t have that psycho indoctrination.

          When you observe what they have no issue doing to all others, not even that, they tell you they have the right, even the duty to do all this to you……does it ultimately really make any sense what-so-ever to not resist this actual and real violence in countless forms toward us with ONLY non-violence?

          If that all somehow makes perfect sense to you your a better man than I.

          Frankly when it comes right down to it I think people who make themselves believe we must only proceed with non-violence do it out of complete fear. I’m not trying to attack you with that statement but lets be honest here, really honest… if we could magically snap our fingers and the jewish problem would be wiped out immediately and forever to end this brutal suffering inflicted on the world would you not choose this option?

          Or would you sleep well knowing tomorrow some Serbian children will be shot by Israeli snipers, many children in North America will have the sickest poisons injected into them via jewish vaccines or what we all know they are doing to Palestine and the innocent people there. The list is so endless …

          If your cool with allowing this to continue while we SUPPOSEDLY walk the moral high ground than again, your a much better man than I.

        2. “shortcomings” Gilbert? C’mon man! You’re better than that and you know it. They don’t HAVE flaws, they ARE flaws!

          You praise them with faint damnation

  21. Gilbert et all..

    I’m sure by now most of you jew wise people know of Brendon O’Connell and his experiences in Australia.

    Please watch this entire interview with him since he was released from prison a couple months ago.

    After being very aware of the jewish problem and fighting it much harder and more active then most, listen very very carefully to his conclusions after all his experiences in the last several minutes of the interview.

    Listen very closely. Do you not fully understand what he is telling us? If you don’t your denial is so deep rooted I’m not sure what it’s going to take to get you all to truly face reality.!3oZwnYTA!JY3tahGHwpU-M2tmOZO9GDhJldjMEFEMMkOPoMVb5Es

    1. Lonnie

      You and I and lobro and lasha and Circassian and Sardonicus and Gilbert, and JB, et al are flawed. “They” are FLAW ITSELF. We are redeemable. They are abominable. Therefore, they are to be hated. But when we go around hating in our hearts we have IN ESSENCE disarmed ourselves of the kind of ammunition necessary to win THIS war.

      A fierce countenance reflects true potency only when it derives its fierceness from Love. What it sees can come only from the heart. Its penetrating glare is what trembled Pilate. and it is only THIS indomitable power that ultimately destroys our common enemy with armaments whose cache is impossible for them to find. These are weapons that can’t be forged overnight and taken to the streets or Global fields of battle. They are only to be found within, and stockpiling THEM can only come when you’ve allied yourself with ITS overwhelming might.

      This ain’t religion, brother. It is TRUTH!

  22. No, I am no better man, Lonnie. I can kill very well, thank you. But my own strategy is this: Think in your opponent’s perspective. Really, I doubt ANY one of us – Jew or otherwise – desires lethal confrontation. Why promote something which GUARANTEES that outcome?? That is Satan’s game. I’m for trying not to play it.

    There are despicable Jews, yes. So are there despicable Christians, No one alive has a monopoly on virtue. No one alive can absolutely ascertain their inherent lineage. Is being a Jew a circumstance of race – or creed?? Or both? Either could be argued. All we’re really given is Biblical perspective, and a lot of folks deny that source… So, HOW CAN WE EVER ARRIVE AT AN ABSOLUTE AGREEMENT on the matter???

    I am simply not for mob-condoned, massive bloodshed on such shaky ground. I’d rather live with a clear conscience as long as the three score years and ten which is my allowance. (If the worst comes, though, you can count on me to shed my share of blood, cousin :). )

    1. I understand the distinctions you’re making, Gilbert, regarding the need for temperance in discerning just exactly who “they” are. Insomuch as we know the reality of our flaws, we most importantly must know that where we are striving TOWARDS moves us ever closer to having removed them to a distant place of memory.

      My respectful admonition to you, or anyone else for that matter comes from an intention to ‘ratchet up’ awareness VISCERALLY in the name of bringing righteousness to bear, and REAL empowerment is what we seek

      1. Thanks, Brownhawk. Although I do not articulate as well as you and some others, I’m glad you’re able to make sense of it.

    2. what gets me gilbert is not that we don’t have monopoly on virtue but that they have virtual monopoly on vice.

      as if all traces of human spirit has been sucked out of them, if it ever existed.
      how else to explain that a fraction of 1% of the population is responsible for over 99% of the most massive wrongdoing in history.

      work out the simple math, a jew is 10,000 times more likely to commit a crime against humanity than a gentile.
      must be something beyond more upbringing, imo.

  23. Obviously I’m not for killing all the Jews. Yet I see that the U.S. is sliding down into the pit under Jewish rule, and there is no point in arguing that it isn’t Jewish rule just because Obama isn’t Jewish or John McCain is not Jewish… Jews own the media totally..Jews run the financial systems totally… the presidents obey their advisors who are Jews well placed to have the ear of the president. And Congress is threatened, bribed, and paid off to do what the Jews want. So it is Jewish rule and it …. is awful.

    Still, it is confusing because I live in a Jewish world and I don’t see the puppeteers, I don’t see the guy pulling the string; what I see instead are people duped, hypnotized by CNN and the New York Times. It’s like the Wizard of Oz when the wizard gets discovered behind the screen–“that little man, you think is causing all these terrible problems, no it can’t be.” What is behind this whole quest to destroy the world…well, number 1 is the fake story of the Holocaust. Jews have this delusional heritage that they are the world’s greatest victims and nothing short of nuclear war will prevent another Holocaust. Also, Jews have not forgotten the Russian pogroms and that (believe it of not) haunts the vast majority of the tribe on a daily basis. It would be like those of us who had ancestors who crossed the continent in a covered wagon thought daily about salt pork for dinner or scarlet fever or broken wagon wheels. There is this folk culture that goes beyond kitsche to the zenith. It’s untouchable, it’s unquestionable, it’s more important than life itself… you know chicken soup??

    So… what should we do. And what will be the outcome. I actually thought that no one would eventually take them seriously. Look Germany decides not to follow the sanctions that Obama so mightily imposed on Putin. Then another country bails and another. Eventually it’s kind of a ho hum. Not that it is OK to kill people, to take over countries, to destroy people’s lives for some whim or afterthought. It’s disgusting. But that is the Jewish way and the little man behind the screen… will have his day and then his last day. That is how I see it.

    1. kapoore ,

      I highly suggest you apply yourself to become more jew wise than where you are now.
      Lots of great resources out there to get a better understanding of who these people really are.
      Glad your aware of them but you need a deeper understanding to grasp just how ugly these people really are in order to gain more conclusive thoughts on them.

  24. something i’ve been wondering about (and aloud too in these threads).
    the sneaky art of surviving jews at elite levels by saying one thing (ostentatiously kissing jew ass) while doing another (slipping banana peels under the protocols parade)

    this very bright and ruthless woman, angela merkel is a past master of the art, germany may yet cross over to the gentile side in payback to jew after all the years of slaughter, plunder and humiliation of the german people.

    moreover, i contend (going even further out on the limb, but wtf, i am on the crystal ball roll) that obama may well be the sneakiest person i have ever heard of, a true genius of deceit.
    in other words a grand master of the art that jews value so much and it may in the end prove their undoing.
    because there will always be goys who are talented enough to out-jew the jew at his own game and backstab him at the critical moment, just when he thought he had his goy victim in complete bondage.
    i think that obama hates jews and may be plotting a payback of his own.
    look, putin was the first to pull the jiu jitsu stunt of harnessing opponents aggression to unbalance him and flip him on his ass and now there may be new aspirants to the black belt emerging in merkel and obama.
    we know that merkel is very intelligent and has her ego under total control.
    obama may well be another, i think that he purposely let syria and ukraine develop into fiascos for the jew program while singing hosannas of the zion glory.

    apart from those two, i don’t see another western pseudo-leader with iq above 85, they are all shit eating cowards, good for fertilizer only.

    but jew may be headed for a string of future disasters ending in his ultimate and welcome demise.
    all based on swallowing his own medicine, evil chickens coming home to roost.
    who lives by deceit, dies by deceit – insha’allah!

    1. another way of looking at it: who lives by darwin, dies by darwin.

      jew justifies his parasitism by making it into something exalted, proof of his natural and g-d given superiority, he is the herder, we the cattle that are bred for his steakhouse.
      but the simple fact is that jew cannot survive for 2 days and nights in fresh air on his own in this world, completely apart from gentiles, because he lives by destroying but what if there is nothing to destroy – we, the gentiles are the creators and when we stop, the tank empties and the nightmare bus stops running, out of fuel.
      so, the jew is doomed to always rely on gentiles to keep gentiles under control.
      therefore, as much as it pains him, he must trust certain gentiles with his life, yet he bred and raised these gentiles to betray their own kind in order to benefit the jew.

      see the trapdoor opening under the jew?

      yes, there will at some point be gentiles so devious that they will destroy the destroyer, the worshiper of kol nidre undone by his gullibility.

      1. pretty fascinating stuff lobro. which coming from you makes it most intriguing.

        I have a female friend with whom I’ve argued quite alot over the years. (and I refer to her gender because I think it’s pertinent regarding this observation of yours). She, like me, has a native background on her mother’s side (Lakota Sioux, mine Iroquois), and we both lean towards believing the veracity of the shamans when they report that Obama is not a human but a draco reptillian. But this is appropo to what exactly?

        She has held out from day 1 that perhaps he is all that you say he may be. Perhaps she is sensing that although at the outset Obama, in keeping with the nature of his particular species was on board with his fellow ‘obamanible’ ones, but that at this point even HE is repulsed by the extent to which these destroyers will go.

        This is what I’m also sensing (and btw, congrats on getting in touch with your feminine side-aho!) He is maybe lyin’ in the weeds. And maybe the earmarks are there, because after all, he DID manage to piss off Netanyahoo awhile ago, didn’t he?

        But just consider this. This may in its core be an internecine squabble between 2-dracos (the dracos in this context being the primary mindset behind what we call “jew”). Given that (and I know how this is a difficult pill to swallow-these shamanic understandings), perhaps the right perspective is to see Obama as a rebel to the “jewish” cause, and one who will contribute towards effecting any potential outcome to this whole mess.

        You see, the shamanic “world view” sees the existence of many different kinds of entities. Their understanding of what we call “man” sees man as short for man-ifestation. You got what they call your “Primary Man”, e.g.; hu-man, repto-man (e.g.; dracos), etc. Then there is “Secondary Man” such as “standing man” (trees) and other Beings in the plant and animal worlds.

        The bottom line in all this, no matter what type of “man” you are, is in your heart’s intentions. And what you’re thinking, about “emerging black belts” with these world players may be right on the money.

        1. Lots of wishful thinking in both of you looking very desperately for someone/something to take care of this problem for you.

          You going to have to act yourselves. I know its hard to face.

        2. thanks b-hawk, you gave something to think about, like one of those doors hidden inside smooth walls that open in my kid’s online fantasy games.
          this code which classifies beings not by physical appearance but by type of consciousness is well worth considering in more detail.

          i have almost no experience with shamanic ways, yet i am very respectful of them and wish to have had more exposure in my years in mexico, not to mention canada.
          and i also discovered that they exist in central europe and always did, just like in the nordic lands, central asia and so on.

          essentially it boils down to the ability to “see”.
          and in order to develop this, i must recognize what you call my feminine side, sadly neglected, without which i am incomplete and powerless, shooting blanks.

          ok brownhawk, off to my cave to think 🙂 thanks again.

        3. lonnie, quit that bitching.
          i ain’t looking for anyone to take care of my problem, it has never been my style.

          however, it pays to choose your combat buddies carefully, fog of war, friendly fire, fragging and all that stuff that i don’t need.
          and i don’t need one-eyed cavemen throwing rocks at everything they can’t figure out.

    1. Lonnie,

      Talk to us about discernment. It’s kind of important, doncha think?

      I mean, it doesn’t look to me like much of it can come from the 10-gauge shotgun you seem to be using.

      1. Lets be honest, every non-violent angle has been exhausted.

        I’m all for it, if that were reality. Who wouldn’t be?

        When it comes right down to it the jews are nothing more than a gang who are completely unwilling to reason.

        If you have a realistic non-violent way to beat this gang short of using a larger gang to do it I’m all ears.

        1. A larger gang to do WHAT exactly?

          I asked you about discernment. And all you talk about is violence. But whose violence would produce any potentially viable results short of say Putin and the Russians in what looks like will be their upcoming position of self-defense in an all-out defining war. And then there’s thoughts of how THAT will all play out in terms of who the true friends would prove to be. Unless of course you’re gonna trot out that tired old “cryptic jews, just more wolves in sheep’s clothing” canard.

          And where’s YOUR army, General?

  25. Well it sure ain’t most of the jew wise crowd.

    Yes, discernment is necessary but I asked all of you to face the hard reality and still don’t think you get it. A few obviously do but most don’t appear to.

    You ALL need to form you own very little armies. That SHOULD BE obvious but doesn’t appear to be.

    1. Here’s what I’m thinking what you’re all about, and I’m betting many here have come to the same conclusion. Frankly, I’m surprised your ilk hasn’t surfaced earlier on these threads, at least not to the extent of your appearances (and no, this isn’t exactly Gabriel Jones here).

      First of all, I’ll simply say that you do a great disservice to the original cause of which you claim to be honorably serving. That cause shall remain nameless, but I’m confident many here know what it is. And your brand of it was rendered obsolete when your ‘useful thuggery’ was no longer deemed necessary. Yet remnants like you continue to flourish to this day, like some kind of mall-cop wannabes who dream of the glory but haven’t got a clue of how a mission can be properly executed. (although the crass and repugnant “execution” part you and your little army of punks have probably got down pat) And you just go right ahead and try to pull that same lame shit on me that you did to Circassian. A crazy indian like me is the LAST guy you wanna tangle with, believe it.

      A word to the wise, Montechristo, if you’re getting my drift here. This is one degenerate you don’t want messing up your otherwise classy and responsible website anymore.

  26. Grew up with crazy Indians for a good part of my life Brownhawk. Spent a lot of time with some actually.

    Well, you cats are all welcome to talk thinking your going to solve this issue.

    1. “Well, you cats are all welcome to talk thinking your going to solve this issue.”

      Can’t you think of anything new to say? No other tune in your barrel organ?

      What are doing yourself EXCEPT TALKING?!?

      How may Jews have you actually killed in the last few days? 🙂

    2. I don’t know what kind of crazy indians you hung out with. But THIS one is crazy like a fox, not some rabid wolf.

  27. You guys don’t have a clue what is really going on in Ukraine. The protests there were against the corrupt government of president Viktor Yanukovich. The people there are just desperate to find a way out of the horrific post-soviet reality that they had to endure for the last 22 years. It would be inaccurate to say that all this movement have been engineered by people like Nuland and the like.

  28. You people seriously need psychiatric attention. This stuff about Jews is nonsense. I can recommend a great website for you, however. Check out jared Taylor’s website

    1. You’re either a kike yourself trying to divert attention from your tribe’s enslavement of the West, or a dumb White who refuse to acknowledge facts.

      Either way, FOAD.

  29. Bruce Campbell is a courageous man. I hope he is not a provocateur trying to do some agitation on behalf of the Zionist Bankers to help to bring about the Martial Law in the US.

    Our problem is a spiritual one and it is better to not initiate violence.

    As long as the world allows the Zionist Bankers to rob them through the private central banking system there will be more wars and more trouble for all countries. It is time to get rid of these parasites!

    This is what we need to do instead of thinking about physical violence.

  30. I’ve read EVERY comment listed here! … Phew!
    I am a BIG PICTURE person who can easily wade through all the endless CRAP (I’ve read it all 100’s of times for over 35 years; or, go back to Henry Ford 1916, to find the same thing!) ; but most people don’t want to hear the big picture as it deters from their paranoid, conspiratorial, mini-dramas and preoccupation with trifling detail. This is what Vet Today’s Jewish writers do – WASTE our time on highly contentious, so-called “factual” details and mini-dramas! Diverting attention, as usual! How many completly useless words and mere conjectures have already been wasted on the MH370 mystery?
    It is like those fools who honestly believe “exposure of 9/11” is the absolute key to the demise of the Jews’ world POWER HEGEMONY. So what, the CFR, the Jews, the Saudis and the US administration did it, but where do you go from there? And then there is JFK, etc. … “Run, screaming into the streets?” “Fools!!!”
    There is only ONE way to take the Jews off our backs and end their global POWER hegemony! This is to end their total control of the PUBLIC PURSE; or the global financial system. It is not so much their ideas (Marxism, NWO’s, retributional feminism, indigenism, multiculturalism, universal carnality and pornography, Zion, Supreme Courts, reverse and triple psychology, etc.) that dominate us, but the fact that we have to go to them cap in hand , like to our mummy’s and daddy’s, to get that token stuff ($$$$$$’s) in order to be able to live – clothe, feed and educate ourselves. Shakespeare gave the universal message in his Merchant of Venice: We are now controlled by a whole world of (at least, say, a couple of million of them) insidious, money-grabbing Shylocks. All major Western political parties are in debt to them; hence you have a choice of Team A or Team B in the USA which both follow their Jewish Masters’ agenda. (ditto for Australia, Gt Brit, etc)
    Any new political grouping would have to do it entirely off their own backs and get grass-roots support; and keep Jews out of it completely. (Including Lasha’s “good Jews.” … Then again, I could consider what I say below, but it has proven DANGEROUS!) )
    I believe that IF THE GENERAL PUBLIC could be convinced that the warnings of the Founding Fathers about the Jews were totally ignored and that Jews – Yellen and co – now hold every cent of the public/taxpayers’ purse, and organize this mega-money for their own ends, then you have a chance to rectify the current situation.
    Put simply, the key is the OBLITERATION of the Jewish banks’ private consortium, called the American Federal Reserve, and the Jewish-run Wall Street. People never respond to my analogy that IF the Fed and Wall Street (and we could add the Federal Treasury) were proven to be RUN/organized by any ONE of, the Zoroastrians, Scientologists, Druids, Muslims, Jehovahs. or Mormons, then the whole nation would be in uproar!
    Take the MONEY POWER away from the Jewish hierarchy and they are but a toothless tiger; in the USA some 6 million ordinary citizens without hegemonic POWER.
    Let them have their stupid, violence/genocidal-inspiring, nonsensical Arabic religion, which 85% of them couldn’t give a damn about anyway – so preoccupied are they with using the POWER OF THE PURSE to buy us out and turn us into their slaves!
    A “good Jew” is a non-money-power aligned, non-Zionist, hard-working person whose life is not run by the Protocols’ like objectives of the Babylonian Talmud and the “don’t kill” /yet again “leave none breathing” (Deuteronomy) hypocrisies/maxims of the Old Testament/Torah.
    Let’s get real: END THEIR TOTAL POWER OF THE PURSE THAT FOOLS LIKE OLIVER CROMWELL ORIGINALLY SET UPON US! In the past they mass-deported them when they had gone too far! Today, we can demand that they CHANGE, via acts of parliaments demanding Jews observe “Equal Opportunity” principles (the principles that they authored!) ensuring that their POWER and INFLUENCE is in proportion to their numbers in the wider population! eg: Why should Jews always inherit the top CEO positions in their Fed? Why does Obama have so many Jewish POWER czars in his administration? Why did the Zionist spokesman and former White House counsellor, Abner Mikvner, make it clear that: “Barack Obama is the first Jewish (made) President.” ? Why did Pauline Dubkin (Chicago Jewish News, 24/10/2008) quote a long-time Jewish observer of the political scene, in saying: ” Jews made Barack Obama. Wherever you look there is a Jewish presence.” ??
    Finally, the words of Thomas Jefferson: “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility, existing against the principles of our Constitution. If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers’ conquered.” … VETS Today: “45,000 Homeless vets.” PITIFUL!!!!!

  31. I am a former German Jew. I occasionally look at the website of Campbell.
    Mostly for laughs of an obsessed character. About Jews, he does not know his
    backside from a hole in the ground. Maybe he got bitten by a Jewish owned dog

      1. Gegen Dummheit kämpften Götter selbst vergebens.
        (Even the gods have fought stupidity in vain.)

    1. @ Otto Schiff

      Otto, I agree with you. This is a shocking website! I think the owners of this site should be tried for treason and executed at once. As for the people who oppose Jewish world domination on this site, quetching and complaining all the time about Jews, they need to be put in front of a firing squad without delay.

      This is the Jewish way of dealing with the goyim — exterminate them all!

      What say you, Otto? Drastic remedies for drastic diseases, no?

      1. ruthieee

        please don’t throw me to the lions, i’ve tried to be the best goy i can be, isn’t that enough for a reprieve?

        besides the lions’ breath stinks, i am retching already.

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