Kevin Barrett : “ISIL is an Israeli mercenary army.”


An outspoken American author and Islamic studies expert says the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group is advancing the agenda of the Israeli regime.

Dr. Kevin Barrett told Press TV from Madison that the ISIL is a “mercenary army,” which has been organized by the Zionists.

The ISIL has been fighting on behalf of Zionism in order to “destabilize Syria” and “cripple the anti-Israeli resistance” across the region, Barrett said.


He also said that the ISIL ideology is similar to the Israeli forces committing crimes against the Palestinians in East Jerusalem al-Quds and elsewhere across the occupied Palestinian territories.

He strongly criticized the “Zionist-dominated” Western media for demonizing Muslims by attributing the ISIL atrocities to Islam. The analyst said that the Saudi-backed Wahhabi fanatics and ISIL terrorists were contributing to the Zionists’ global war against Islam.

“The former members of the defunct Iraqi Ba’ath Party and the supporters of slain Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein have teamed up with the ISIL in order to commit acts of terror against thousands of innocent people,” Barrett said.


The ISIL terrorists control several areas in Syria and Iraq. They have been carrying out horrific acts of violence, including public decapitations and crucifixions, against all communities in the two countries, including against Shias, Sunnis, Kurds, and Christians.

A US-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes against ISIL positions in Iraq and Syria, but there is wide skepticism about the real objective of the airstrikes as well as their effectiveness.

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told Press TV that the United States’ military strategy in Iraq and Syria has failed.


Barrett concluded by saying that Press TV is the sole news channel that has played a crucial role in exposing the Takfiri militants’ crimes.

Sourced from PressTV

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  1. “zionist global war against Islam” is really using Islam as fall guy in the tried and true schematic.

    Global war is against humanity, and Russia is the big prize

    “wide skepticism about real objective of airstrikes”

    Gotta be made to look good, doesn’t it?

  2. does everyone see remarkable parallels the same old cookie cutter approach to hunting the amalek, just like 66 million christian rus, untold millions of german civilians and presently in eastern ukraine where the ravening beast slouches toward old feeding grounds?

    ‘punisher’ junta-isis/isil-bolsheviks, satan’s serpent sloughing off one skin to emerge radiant in a new one, media+entertainment prostrate in adulation of the six-breasted hermaphrodite and demonization of the sacrificial lamb (death to islamofascists/antisemites/holocaust deniers, assad-the-new-hitler, putin-worse-than-hitler!)

    forget t-bills, forget gold, devil’s currency is blood, the legal tender for his tax payment and the universal reference, should be listed in the online exchange calculators (pound of flesh=6 pints of blood=666.6 shekels)

    st george did his job in his day, now is our turn.

  3. “An outspoken American author and Islamic studies expert says the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group is advancing the agenda of the Israeli regime.”

    Gosh? Really! This is hard to believe; I mean who would think Israel would do something like this? It would be nice to see some actual proof of this accusation. Wow, I’m always amazed at the conspiracy theories going around the web, I mean ISIS is an Egyptian god or goddess or something isn’t it? Don’t the Israelis hate the Egyptians, why would they be using their name? Isn’t Israel our gallant ally in the Middle East. This just doesn’t make sense. Muslim are evil, everyone knows this is fact because they see it on the nightly news, in newspapers and listen to it on NPR, all these people can’t be lying can they? It’s impossible to believe that television would lie about something like Israel’s premier intelligence agency the Mossad being behind the evil Muslims of ISIS. It’s like our discussion study at Bible study last Sunday, We were talking about the evil homosexuals of Sodom, it was obvious that God knew all the people of Sodom were evil that is why he had to kill everyone. Even Abraham couldn’t find a single righteous man among the Sodomites. I don’t know about that Gomorrah thing. Isn’t this ISIS thing the same? Shouldn’t we have to kill them all because they are evil? I know it’s a difficult thing, but down at the church we think it’s worth it.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      PRESSTV article : “An outspoken American author and Islamic studies expert [Kevin Barrett] says the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group is advancing the agenda of the Israeli regime.”

      ARCH STANTON: “Gosh? Really! This is hard to believe; I mean who would think Israel would do something like this? It would be nice to see some actual proof of this accusation.”

      It’s good to see a man like Arch Stanton express his contempt for this latest article on the Darkmoon site. Truly, this site is going to the dogs with its publication of anti-Jewish agitprop articles like this which are now even turning regular Darkmoon readers like Arch Stanton into Israeli supporters.

      This is what happens when a site is unfair and publishes anti-Zionist hasbara trash like this: the site members revolt and become pro-Zionist.

      Well done, Arch Stanton! You have led the way. I now expect Lobro and other hardline antisemites on this site to reassess their positions and realize that they have been mistaken to hate the Jews so much.

      Ah, it comes at last !… a pro-Zionist renaissance in the most unexpected of places… the Darkmoon site.

      1. Zak, either you are too stupid to understand that Arch Stanton’s comment is satire, or you are cooperating with his satire. Either way, your comment is – as always – superfluous.

        ISIS is indeed an Israeli false flag terrorist organization, like most modern “Islamic” terrorist organizations. Its purpose is to cause the division of Iraq into three parts and the toppling of Assad in Syria and the break up of that country too. False flag terrorism is the life blood of the Jewish state. The whole existence of Israel – nay of the Jewish people itself – is based on deception.

        That Jews have chosen a name for their fake terrorist organization resembling that of a pagan Egyptian goddess, can be explained by the fact that top Jewry is into Freemasonry in which Egyptian paganism plays a role. Besides, the name Isidore (“gift of Isis”) is since antiquity popular among Jews.

        It’s about time to “remove Israel from the page of history”, to paraphrase the unforgettable Ahmedinejad. Humanity cannot wait any longer!

  4. @ ADMIN

    I would like to suggest that Sardonicus is kicked off this site next. He should be asked to go nicely like Circassian. I am pissed off with Sardonicus for many reasons. He is now posting off-topic poems in the Red Injun style like Brownhawk.

    Brownhawk should also be asked to leave for trying to sabotage this site with irrelevant Red Injun poems. Enough already! Stick to point please.

    And why is Karen T talking about Heidegger and Vedanta and other such off-topic trash? These scatterbrained people should all be asked to leave. They are letting this site down by causing unnecessary disruptions when serious posters like me are trying to keep the discussion ON-TRACK!

    Disgusted with poor monitoring,


    1. @ Seymour Zak

      I would like to suggest that Sardonicus is kicked off this site next. He should be asked to go nicely like Circassian. I am pissed off with Sardonicus for many reasons.

      You will have your wish, Seymour. I intend to leave voluntarily because I have now made arrangements to enter a Zen monastery for a very long period. No laptops allowed! I am leaving next week for foreign parts.

      1. that’s a hard step, sard.
        even zak will miss you.

        if you come back after a short working week, i will fully understand.

        is there a zen emoticon?

      2. @ Lobro

        that’s a hard step, sard.
        even zak will miss you.

        Thanks, Lobro. Before I leave for good, I just wanted to apologize to you if I gave you any offense by anything I said in the recent Lobro / Ruth Bernstein / Circassian imbroglio. As an anti-Stalinist like Ruth Bernstein, SPQR and Lasha herself, I had no option but to back them in this debate against you.

        However, this does not mean that I looked with favor on the way Ruth Bernstein addressed you. Her rather intemperate language came as a surprise to me, but I was gratified to learn later from a long comment made by Lasha that Ruthie was probably blind drunk when she wrote all this stuff. She appears to have flipped her lid or had some some kind of nervous breakdown, so I guess we must make allowances for her.

        As a seasoned misogynist, I am saddened that her behavior only reinforces my long-held view that women, however delectable and necessary to us men, are bad news all round. If you take a poll on which sex backs the Jews more in America and Canada, you will find that support for Jewish schemes — e.g., feminism, abortion, slutty sexual behavior etc. — is more likely to come from women than men.

        In short, women have let us down. Badly. They have lower IQs on the whole because of smaller brain capacity. And are they are unfit to vote, let alone have equality with men. Within this context of negativity, I guess, it is possible to understand Ruth Bernstein’s hysterical behavior. Now I learn she has a “crush” on Lasha Darkmoon, a revelation that fills me with misgiving and makes me wonder what the hell is going on. Hmm, maybe the less said the better…! 🙂

        Anyway, friend Lobro, keep well and fight the good fight. I will miss your comments as much as I will miss the articles on this site. You are incomparably the best poster I have come across and I am sure Ms Darkmoon herself is aware of that. She is lucky to have you here, as are all the posters.

        Compliments aside, you are also a fine human being and a warrior for truth and justice. So I hope you find happiness. That is, in case you are still looking for it.

        Maybe I will return to this website one day if I can’t stand the Zen monastery and they expect me to subsist on rice gruel! Will spend the next six months, in any case, trying to finish my book Now and Zen.


    2. Mr. Zak, I’ll be leaving the site for a few days, I’ve several bottles of good wine and all of Terrence Malick’s movies.

    3. I don’t agree with you on much, Mr Zak; but I have to agree your tactics are working. You are sweeping this site bare of comments’ people and successfully pushing the pro-Jewish agenda. You are a master tactician of the Hegelian/Marxist dialectic and its associated reverse psychology. Yeah, you fool ’em all the time!
      I use reverse protocolism all the time, as it is REALLy effective; juz like Brownhawk’s injun talk!
      I quite like his red injun poetry, as it is like talking to the Oz abos, many of whom are my friends. When we are pissed down by the billabong, we talk in these short-clipped words, grunts and hand signs; and often resort to pure telepathy. I can tell when a mate has finished his stubbie and wants more beer. I can tell when a gin is after my favours. It’s telepathy!
      I have written to Oz imams about changing the name ISIS, as it is either an Egyptian god, the name of a local football team or the Isis Highway that transverses nthn Queensland. I went to the footy game and was the only one yelling out: “Stick it up ’em ISIS!” The cops told me to “shut my f***y mouth!” I ran away with the ball!
      I was once told to rak off because I supposedly made lurid sexual remarks about Lasha. But then Lucy apologised because it was an impersonator of me , using a difft TP no. Others have also been hacked. But I did not like wot Circassian said about Lasha, but also noticed he was not threatened. Are you correct in saying that Circassian has been asked to go?
      And yeah, of course ISIS is funded by the money-bags Jews, who have funded all the wars since 345 AD! When it all comes down to it, they are the only ones with the money and gold (POWER) these days! MONEY buys everyone and everything; even the pastor’s wife at my local church, who likes flowers and jewellry from me in exchange for favours. I fix her porch and taps.
      Seymour, are you rich too? Are you stooped in appearance with a prominent nasal bone? Do you buy your chicks like all the other Jews?

  5. And in Iraq: Muslim Persecution of Christians, July 2014
    November 6, 2014

    The purge of ancient Christian communities throughout Iraq that started in June culminated in great intolerance in July.
    Among other Islamic attacks, a Christian church that had stood Iraq for 1,800 years — a church that was erected less than 200 years after Christ — was reportedly torched by the Islamic State, according to countless news agencies, including Al Arabiya.
    The jihadis expelled its few monks; they said, “You have no place here anymore, you have to leave immediately.” The monks pled to be allowed to save some of the monastery’s ancient relics, but the jihadis refused and ordered them to walk miles along a deserted road with nothing but their clothes.
    The Islamic State issued a July 19 deadline for Mosul’s Christians either to convert to Islam or face execution. Islamic State members also singled out Christian homes by placing the Arabic letter for “N” — based on the Arabic word Nasara, or “Nazarenes,” the Koran’s pejorative for Christians — on the sides of their homes. The result, in the words of Patriarch Louis Sako, is that, “For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians.”
    In response to the Islamic State’s latest atrocities against Iraq’s Christian minorities, the Syriac Orthodox Bishop of Mount Lebanon and Tripoli, George Saliba, denounced not just the Islamic State but Muslims in general for their long “history of violence and oppression against Christians”:

    1. the Syriac Orthodox Bishop of Mount Lebanon and Tripoli, George Saliba, denounced not just the Islamic State but Muslims in general for their long “history of violence and oppression against Christians”

      Among other Islamic attacks, a Christian church that had stood Iraq for 1,800 years — a church that was erected less than 200 years after Christ — was reportedly torched by the Islamic State

      in the words of Patriarch Louis Sako, … “For the first time in the history of Iraq, Mosul is now empty of Christians.”

      how do we square these statements.
      muslim rulers of one stripe or another administered this land since the 8th century, we are talking about 1400 years of
      a) ruthless persecution (according to bishop salba), and
      b) christians were part of the nation since the time of christ, only NOW kicked out, an 1800 year old church destroyed NOW.
      NOW meaning, “the jews are running the show”.

      can anyone besides zaky see the contradiction between a) and b)?
      (don’t tell them zaky, you smart jew-man, no spill ancient talmud secret to goy)

      1. when contacted, both the state department and office of special investigations said they were too busy dealing with a matter of swastika graffiti sprayed inside a bus shelter in san pedro sula, honduras.

      2. All stories manufactured through Rothschilds’ Reuters and AP… do not compare to Peckinpah’s western classics. They should fold up tents and ride off on camels. No awards for these cheap (B-) movie scripts.

  6. There was Operation Gladio Western Europe during the Cold War. Now showing at theaters around the globe: Operation Gladio North America and Operation Gladio Middle East – a new Golan-Globus film produced in conjunction with the U.S. , Izrael, and Not So Great Britannia.
    In the States we usually blame the nondescript black male when we need to cover up a crime. On the world stage the above terrorist network blames a Westen Manufactured Muslim Extremist group.

  7. Sardonicus, men have let women down running about in short pants and little boy ball caps obsessed with ballgame scores and when you drop the reigns it’s up to us to pick them up….infantilized males. The Sopranos series, not good in my opinion, nonetheless became a hit because of women fans, women who ache for men.

  8. @ Sardonicus

    Anyway, friend Lobro, keep well and fight the good fight. I will miss your comments as much as I will miss the articles on this site. You are incomparably the best poster I have come across and I am sure Ms Darkmoon herself is aware of that. She is lucky to have you here, as are all the posters.

    You are not talking sense, Sardonicus. You are already half mad. Your negative comments on women, the title of your forthcoming book, and your plan to live on rice gruel in a Zen monastery for the next six months, all this makes it clear to me that you must have lost your marbles.

    In a previous post, I heard you say that you had spent a lot of your time contemplating the Zen paradox of “the sound of one hand clapping.” Well, Sardonicus, I have news for you. Anyone who sits around thinking about the sound of one hand clapping has to be bonkers.

    As for Lobro being the “best” poster here and being an asset to the Darkmoon site, how can its most DANGEROUS and SEDITIOUS poster be an “asset”? Since this man is extremely dangerous, he is more a liability than an asset. His comments will get this website shut down sooner or later.

    A site like this is better off if it has more SAFE posters, like myself, and gets rid of DANGEROUS posters like Lobro. I regard Lobro as an ever-present threat to the good health of this website. SPQR is also extremely dangerous. So is the White Supremacist neo-Nazi Franklin Ryckaert who is plotting with other White Nationalists to have a White State in the North-West of America where they plan to make Hitler worship compulsory.

    I am sad to see that the Darkmoon site has attracted such dangerous characters who would like to see another 6 million Jews put in gas ovens. My advice to White women is: forget about White men, choose black men instead as your partners. Black men are superior physical specimens, as all sports events make clear, and they are also better in bed and are more likely to give White women multiple orgasms.

    Yes, so bear all this in mind. More Jews and blacks should be encouraged to post on this site. As for Muslims, forget it! Look what these ISIS Muslims are doing! They are vicious killers cutting off people’s heads, left, right and center. They don’t like Christians either. When they have destroyed Syria and Iraq they will come to America and start cutting off White people’s heads here, you mark my words.

    All Americans are therefore under obligation to hate Muslims. The turban may be regarded as the ultimate icon of evil.

    Just my two cents worth…

    1. @Seymour- you mean you the person who has advocated for the gang rape of this site’s main writer is good for this website?

      By the way, do you know that ashkeNazi white jews hate and discriminate black jews? Do you know that jews were the ones who led black slave trade. Many black friends i have would be disgusted with your comments here, that not only shows your(and the jews) true selves but also ridicules the otherwise good black society.

      And i say muslims should also leave Us. Its judeo moronic society is a bad influence. Atleast Sweden and UK gives muslims some rights. So feel free to hate muslims.

      And finally its entirely possible that youre a white jew masquerading as a black guy. I have black friends who are on the opposite spectrum of where you are you anti-semite(indeed arabs ARE semites).

      May you find help in Real God and leave your false rabbinical diety.

  9. @ Sardonicus…”.Now and Then” Do you realize how tedious and precious that title is? Do you realize how dated it is? Do you understand that many talentless, mediocre and ineffectual men before you consoled themselves with the idea of writing a redundant, in your case Zen. book (hell, you aren’t even Japanese, what gives you the right?) Do you see how pitiful this endeavor is? I think you do, that’s why you’re running off to hide in a monastery. Can’t face yourself? Nobody, chicks especially. don’t like you? Ah well if we didn’t have such low IQ’s we’d realize what a man you are.

    1. Tut tut, dear lady . . . if you knew what I knew you would not be so hostile to me as I depart for the Realms of Gold! Don’t you know that every misogynist is a secret worshipper of the fair sex? It is because I idolize women that I hate them!

      My comment on women was not meant to be taken seriously. It was written, how should I put it, sardonically. I only posted it to see what the lovely Karen’s reaction would be. 🙂

      Seriously though — and I must tell you that I have come to like you after witnessing your slow metamorphosis on this website — what think you of Miley Cyrus? Is she not a disgrace to the entire female sex? She represents the Slut Culture, Karen, and I am sure you disapprove of this culture as much as I do.

      I will always make exceptions for good women. But you know what is happening nowadays, Karen. Look around and use your eyes. More and more women are becoming sluts like Miley Cyrus. It is hard for a good man to find a virtuous woman nowadays.

      Yes, I know what you’re going to say. It’s just as hard for a good woman to find a really decent man. And you’re right. For just as the sluts proliferate, so also do the male equivalents of the slut. Men and women in our society deteriorate in tandem. The female degenerate deserves the male degenerate she finds in the Singles bar or at the dating agency.

      I am no seer, as you rightly have guessed. But I am an honorable man seeking a bit of peace and time for reflection. The title of my book was just made up on the spur of the moment to see if it would elicit your scorn and bring you out of hiding. And it did!

      Farewell, dear lady. May you find the perfection that you undoubtedly are capable of…

      As the Prince of Denmark said, the rest is silence.

      1. Re the above banter, I have had over 500 of the so-called “fairer sex ” in my bed; and I have become like a jaded gynaecologist! Tried Buddhism for a while, but the chants and the multi-coloured flags shat me off; as did the lady-boys!
        Now I am just ME: A great Aussie bloke who wants OZ nigrah and Jew free!
        I have many ex-muslim mates who have taken up the great Aussie past-times of “getting pissed” and “chasing the sheilas.” Muslim men usually renounce Islam during Ramadahn as they long for a maccas and a six-pack of beer; and a sheila in ya hotted up Commodore car. The attrition rate in our Muslim community is quite high!…. Some go to Turkey to join the Jewish-American funded ISIS. It is all great fun, with plenty of raping and pillaging thrown in!
        Like Eric Bogle’s Willie McBride, no one bothers to “tell them the cause” they are fighting for.
        Its all grab a gun and a rape pack and start “blowin’ in the wind.” In the long run “the killing, the dying, it was all done in vain” because it all happens “again and again and again.”
        Yeah JEWS cause all the WARS and expound DEATH THEORY!
        “Jesus”, as I keep saying, “told me so”! Jesus indicated that it is best for blokes to get a wife. But Germaine Greer said housewives are “prostitutes”, as did Betty Friedan! Sarah Silverman loves dogs!
        Neil Young simply sang (in 1971) that he need “a maid” to keep his house clean! I do a great Young impersonation with guitar and mouth organ; and the young chicks love me for it! I tell ’em I wrote it!

  10. ISIS is a mercenary army… cowards killing unarmed prey.
    They can easily be defeated by the Bloods, Crips and MS13 if they haul their asses to the US.
    And if all of them get out of hand…the deer hunters here will take care of the whole damned bunch.
    No problem here.

  11. Sardonic …”showing disrespect or scorn, derisively mocking” I’ll likely be thrown off this site, but I don’t care, it has to be said. Pseudo men like Sardonicus have always made my hair stand on end. Gays, businessmen, yuppies, good old boys, bikers, white collar and blue collar, men in in general, I love them all but there exists a subspecies uncomfortable with himself and resentful of everyone else. In past eras he’d be comfortable and at peace as a eunuch.

    1. @ Karen T

      Sardonic …”showing disrespect or scorn, derisively mocking” I’ll likely be thrown off this site, but I don’t care, it has to be said. Pseudo men like Sardonicus have always made my hair stand on end…. In past eras he’d be comfortable and at peace as a eunuch.”

      I wonder what makes you so bitter, dear lady. But never mind, no need to answer! Because I already know!

      As for your being thrown off this site for attacking me, even as I make my departure, you need have no fear on that score!

      Why should they throw you off this site for calling me a “eunuch” and comparing me to a gay in a bath house? or for heaping such abuse on me even as I say goodbye? After all, you were equally vicious to Lasha Darkmoon at one time, never sparing her the lash of your tongue! Don’t you remember? Every bad thing you said to her she bore with equanamity. You spat in her face more than once. She did not respond but let you do so. For every unkind cut you gave her, she gave you kindness in return.

      You know that as well as I do.

      So you see, Karen, if Lasha Darkmoon can put up with your abuse for so long and take no steps to throw you off her site, why should she throw you off now when all you are doing is attacking me — an unimportant poster who means nothing to her? a mere nonentity?

      So attack away, dear lady, now that I am going! You are quite safe! No one is going to throw you off this site.

      Someone who has spat in the face of Lasha Darkmoon so many times and survived need not worry about spitting in other people’s faces! 🙂

      1. never thought that the 2 karens are actually 1 … this one is in a different league in terms of eloquence, i always thought the other one was some saskatchewan pesticide smoking halfbreed (disclaimer: nothing against saskatchewan or 1/2-breeds, heck, even people smoking pesticeds are ok, so long as they keep their thoughts to themselves
        honestly, i don’t think they are the same.

        anyway, don’t let it spin out of bounds and you are doing admirably well, sard, you got enough zen to sell off the surplus over in ryukyu islands, i envy you on your magisterial self control.
        because i wish i had it and had had it when i was misidentified as judas iscariot who betrayed lasha, i totally lost it and in self-fulfilling characterization instantly became an unpleasant little man.
        recovery is sluggish, people tend to look aside although couple of times i was asked why am i wearing shirts several sizes too large.
        i tell them they are my brother max bilney’s hand-me-downs.

        so, travel well, keep that ashram patio swept and keep it judenfrei.

      2. hahahahaha

        Sardonicus sneaky devil
        Him no fool Brownhawk
        Him no go
        Zen monastery
        Him pull fast one
        on darkmoon clan
        Him in for long haul

      3. It doesn’t take a Zen master (or a Gypsy) to realize the Jews are already there at Zen HQ, sitting on their usurped vyasasanas, spouting truth(lies) to all who dare listen.

        The sound of one hand clapping = the silence of the other hand picking your pocket.

      4. hahahaha

        Brownhawk say
        chill with hp
        groove with Krihna
        that good medicine

        zen monastery
        Tibetan monk
        Buddha crapola
        if they say
        to serve mankind
        that bad medicine
        some call
        blue beam project
        false rapture
        Agenda 21

        Brownhawk limb shaky?
        Risk scornful wrath
        Wrathful scorn

    2. Karen T, you aint met an Oz man like me yet! Rugged, handsome, high IQ, musician, sportsman, artist and accomplished with the ladies. I know how to butter my bread, as you would find out! I am a literal anti-paranoia machine!

  12. In view of what’s come to light over the past several decades with the emergence of the Sharett diaries and the known jewish participation in all manner of sinister plots (as exemplified by 9-11); with members of the jewish “faith” sitting atop the Dung Heap that is now the US Government, with a cadre of high-ranking jews – both elected and non-elected – running an on-going program of genocide against the non-jewish population of the Middle East, and also by the presence of high-ranking jewish traitors in our government – as personified by the likes of Paul Wolfowitz and D. Feith et al. (who were largely responsible for the formulation of an anti-USA-Israel-first US foreign policy), it must be stated as forcefully as possible that the jewish yarmulke is now – and perhaps always was – the ultimate icon of Evil.

  13. That was unfair! Friday night, I’m half drunk, and you let me run on in wino vengeance and Sardonicus proves to be a nice guy after all. I’ve lost face. Sardonicus forgive me.

    1. I’ve lost face. Sardonicus forgive me.

      You haven’t lost face, dear lady. You’re just human. If there was a kiss of peace icon, I would give it to you now. Instead, all I can offer you is a smiley face. 🙂

    2. What is it lately with you women and your booze? First Ruthie B. and now Karen T.

      Personally, I think members of the fair sex should stick to the bubbly like pink champagne. You know, stuff that tickles your cute little noses and makes you silly and fun. Not to be disparaging of women mind you, just talking about when it’s party time

      Here’s a little story about how booze wreaked havoc when first introduced to indians by Europeans back in the day:

      “Rotten Grain and Strong Spirits”

      Before the European invasion, the Southeastern peoples had used no fermented drinks of any sort, and when they were introduced to hard liquor, the impact was devastating. Warriors who valued courage imagined that whiskey made them fearless. Shamans believed that rum helped them achieve a dream-like state in which they were better able to communicate with the spirit world.

      The truth was appallingly different. Lacking any tradition of moderate social drinking in the European sense – and perhaps genetically more vulnerable to alcohol’s toxic and addictive effects – untold numbers of Indian men fell victim to the bottle. Entire communities were thrown into turmoil. Rum and whiskey became one of the white traders’ most effective bartering devices for gaining an edge over their native counterparts – who in some cases were willing to trade a whole season’s supply of hides for a jug or two.

      Native leaders were not blind to such problems, and by the 1750’s many were speaking out against the alcohol trade. One of the most eloquent was a Catawba chief known as chief Haglar, who lived near the border of North and South Carolina. In 1757 he chastised traders who would “rot your grain in tubs, out of which you take and make strong spirits”, and vainly urged colonial officials to stem the flow of Caribbean rum and English whiskey into people’s villages.

      “You sell it to our young men, and give it to them, many times…it rots their guts and causes our men to get very sick, and many of our people have lately died by the effects, and I heartily wish you would do something to prevent your people from daring to sell or give them any of that strong drink.”

      King Haglar, Catawba

      Unscrupulous traders had still another potent weapon in their dealings with the Indians – easy credit. They offered valuable European goods in exchange for hides to be delivered later, the details of the transaction, typically including outrageous prices and exorbitant interest, were duly recorded on paper before witnesses. (ahem, wonder who those traders were)

      Like many European practices, buying on credit was an alien idea in native societies. To get something for nothing seemed too good to be true – and in the long run, of course it was (HA!) Credit turned quickly to debt, and eventually, no matter how hard they hunted, many Indians had little hope of ever clearing their ledgers (now where have I heard THAT before?) It is said that early in the 18th century the Yamasee tribe of S. Carolina ending up owing their Carolina creditors some 100,000 deerskins – a debt that would have taken four years of hunting to repay.

      Talk about the ‘need’ for “thinning out the herds”. Euphemism for deer (and other species) killing fields

      1. Yeah, Brownhawk, sheilas, in my wide experience, can’t handle their lickquors/grog!
        I’m sick of all the young chicks who drink to blotto levels and then demand gang bangs.
        Just the other night, 2 young female teachers lying drunk in amongst the wheelie bins at the Cairns’ pub! Dresses up around their necks in MIley Cyrus fashion.
        I recently rid myself of all my old sheilas and moved to Cairns.
        Trying to find a decent chick, but even found whores at the local church.
        Put my mug and profile on a dating site and all I get is gang-banger type birds!
        I always seem to end up with real BAD women! Is it me? Yeah, I like lots of lipstick, makeup and big boobs!
        TRUE STORY: On Monday, got to ring a 6 feet 4 inches tall blonde who slipped me her phone no at a local dance. She’s got my imagination running wild and her sister is also very tall and wonts to date with us!
        Look, the JEWS juz have to be behind all this! I’m confused! Will get pissed tonite and chase sheilas as always!


        are the bells i am hearing only in my head?
        those who have known me back in pre-darkmoon days of the xymphora blog, lasha, hp and ruth (must have been still in diapers back then) might recall one of my proudest efforts when i researched the topic of jews and north american slavery.
        briefly then …
        the very first jews who arrived in north america was a deputation of slave traders from the dutch colony (here the memory falters a bit) called new amsterdam(?), today’s rio de janheiro who made a sweetheart deal with the governor of rhode island, the proud first shabbo goy of usa.
        how the time-worm morphs … booted out of spain, the sephardi marrano filth squats in holland weeping, crying, gnashing teeth in counting houses, infests the ships to the new world, spots opportunity for enormous slave plantations in brazil, in no time hauls in 20 million africans (another 100 million perish in becalmed doldrums while crossing equatorial line from west africa, who cares), they export their brand to the caribbean basin (cuba and haiti mostly) …
        the deal is called the (infamous) triangle route, powered by seasonal trade winds, the apexes are west africa (around today’s conakry and other slave exporting ports), cuba+hispaniola and rhode island.
        slaves shipped (totally jew crewed, imagine the conditions) to cuba, put to work in sugar cane fields (i’ve seen it in the lowland swamps around cueto, backbreaking work with machette, heat, humidity, bugs), molasses ferried to rhode island to be cooked into … hear the drumming

        caribbean rum


        what not fed to red injun, delivered to african chiefs in exchange for more slaves.

        moral: jews will be jews (as long as there are jews).

        belizean patois saying: “no debil cain com, he send da rum”
        (if the devil jew can’t come, he sends the rum)

      3. John Hancock’s rum running for slaves as the source of his great wealth and inheritance has been well documented.
        Here is one book on the subject:

        The United States was born a smuggling nation. John Hancock, whose florid signature sits top and center on the Declaration of Independence, was one of the biggest smugglers of his era. His concern was not taxation without representation; he was fed up with British attempts to crack down on smuggling. As were many, many others. The Stamp Act wasn’t the last straw; writs of assistance permitting Customs inspections was the last straw.

        All through the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War, Americans traded freely with both sides. They fed the British army in Canada in 1812 and armed the South in the Civil War. It was all just business as usual in a country renown for its piracy and theft. The US government encouraged theft and smuggling of machinery, which enabled New England to build a
        worldbeating cloth manufacturing industry, all without paying licensing, royalties or even import fees. British workers were smuggled out of the country to man it all – tens of thousands of them. Foreigners were not allowed to own patents, thus permitting Americans to use the law to ensure lawbreaking.

        Andreas traces an entire smuggling circuit from the Caribbean, where Americans picked up molasses to smuggle to their rum refineries, smuggling the rum into Europe, then down to Africa to pick up more slaves for the cane plantations in the Caribbean.

        This was the mainstay of the US economy until the revolution. The US did not become the biggest slave importer for itself until after it was outlawed in the early 1800s. If it could be smuggled, it became attractive.

        The US was known as the foremost haven for international copyright piracy in the world throughout the 19th century. Why smuggle in a container of books, when you could bring one home and reprint it yourself? Even Dickens complained about the theft, and it wasn’t until an American, Mark Twain, protested, that the US became a born-again copyright evangelist. And of course it has since swung to other extreme, extending copyright (The Mickey Mouse Act) for 93 years and policing the planet in search of infringers.

        The USA looked very much like what it charges China with today, and this hypocrisy is typical of the cycle at all levels. The grand “old money” of the US – of the Hancocks and the Astors and the like – came from smuggling. They traded with the enemy and they smuggled alcohol to the Indians, and no law was too serious to even give them pause. They had the support of presidents and cabinet secretaries who participated themselves and encouraged it. The sainted Daniel Webster said in their defense: “It is not the practice of nations to undertake to prohibit their own subjects from trafficking in articles contraband of war.” Go for it!

      4. Good post, Pat

        Made me think about Lincoln, and how he was caught between his own rock and a hard place.

        I’m not sure about him, maybe you know different, unless it’s still in the realm of guesswork. Kinda like with Stalin. But I’ll just go back out on my OWN “devil’s advocate” limb, as is my custom, and say that while Lincoln of course knew full well that going up against the South on the slavery issue put the integrity of State’s rights into jeopardy, he threw caution to the wind and acted on his EMOTIONS and made a stand for its abolition. This was HIS intention that came from the heart.

        But here’s the rub… (i.e.; my guess)

        The foreign players orchestrating the whole thing were responsible for a certain suppression of something that would have effectively made the Southern States, in relative quickness come to the conclusion that they didn’t need their nigrah slaves anymore – withholding the patents for Whitney’s cotton gin and subsequent manufacture that would have maintained the Southern economy. Much like the withholding from the Japanese at the outset of WW2 in the natural resources arena (or was it WW3, or 4, you tell me, haha)

        So the Civil War happened, the Federal forces won, and the great plan for complete centralization of political power moved apace.

        So why was Lincoln assassinated? A popular school of thought is that it was because he wanted to circulate greenbacks in defiance of the jew’s evolutionary aegis of their money plan. Maybe that’s all it took, and they found their triggerman in John Wilkes Booth

        “SIC SEMPER TYRANIS!” he screamed from the stage in his greatest performance (break a leg)

        But who is the REAL tyrant? And who is just another id-iot whose useful idiocy was used up?

        Lincoln’s heart was in the right place. His head was manipulated as has been the case with all the rest of us idiots.

      5. B-Hawk –
        Lincoln killed more Americans than any other US President. He is the worst to me.
        That fact makes him worse than the treacherous Washington, Wilson and FDR.

        Just like ISIL is an Israeli mercenary group…. ALL US Presidents have used mercenaries…paid killers.

        Dead is dead. Bullet or spear.

      6. Get this Pat and lobro

        My father’s g-g-g-g- (however many greats) grandfather was the British Governor of Barbados and was a sugar plantation owner who owned SLAVES!

        My father comes along 200 or so years later and marries a Mohawk woman whose ancestors were the N. American equivalent of those very slaves who worked on those plantations!

        You can’t make this stuff up

  14. @Seymour Zak. Masters of media manipulation attack Israels enemies. It just sh*t news. I watching tv here. Maybe the news is that it’s news to someone. Heard someone say they kill different number. Maybe they not so bad… Anyway, I asking, where you coming from? esp. re. lobro?

    @Lobro says, “is it really such a gravity defying stretch of imagination to consider the possibility that putin is doing this same very thing that hitler did?”. No. Its very, very believable. It’s wot I sposed to think, right? Personally, I really like the guy. Seems intelligent. Says right things. Apparently churchgoing. Stands up to yanks. etc. Maybe its not I don’t trust him. Maybe don’t trust myself. Just seems part of bigger game. And what if he is? Then he’ll lose. Like Hitler. Because of gold. Can a fact be cynical, Pat? I hope your beer was nice. I could really do with one, too.

    @Max Bilney says, “Ignore the Jewish trolls who enter this great site”. Gonna help us all out and ID anyone, or you just paranoid? And just what the hell they want to do here Really. I no idea. Stop us printing f*ckin t-shirts?!?

    “I too am annoyed by a number of “feeble-minded fools” with their half-baked, “snarky insults”!”. You being picked on max? Maybe cos you big target? Why not take as compliments? No-one pick on me cos I nobody. No-one seem really care if I post or no! Maybe you actually as important as you say Amazed to hear that from you. Where’s that croc skin!

    “Let us dispense with the Jewish connotation

    1. “Let us dispense with the Jewish connotation ‘Goy’ and call ourselves Gentiles.” !!!

      “The JEWS are already here and they’ve stuffed us up completely!”. YES WE ARE STUFFED!!! Wot u want to DO about it??? …no, I no mention t-shirts… I come back to this.

      @LPSM says, “I just wonder about your very strange delivery, dear SL”. Thank you. No really a wonder, I strange. But, yes. One commonality we have found is our interest in those questions. Good. First…


      Ok. For some messages within messages, I have set myself limitations. Lotsa stuff most easily dismiss. Good. Better that way. Some see signs. Maybe partly understand, maybe go to library. Good. Less see rite thru. They probably think me mad, too! If only one helped, good. Also, seeing Brownhawk owned up, I, too, am also enjoying practicing creative writing. sumtime i feel this way just so much faster long as it get message thru yeh? I try casual humour, ok. this me. I cynical and sarcastic. But I try only attack message or method, not messenger. I no forget gallery. Tho some messengers so attached to their message or method they may take attack personally. Can’t help. Some things I only see after. I can no be more honest. The story of alicesfriend was real. Wot LPSMs story?

      @Lucy. 500 words actually no many!

      @you-know-who-you-all-are. !!!

      @Lucy says, “…at least 50-60 percent of the comments are garbage…”, made by “…intellectual exhibitionists, trolls, time wasters, narcissists and nutcases.” Possibly you label posts accordingly then we know where you, at least, stand? The 500 words accumulate daily if not used? Also, I feel your offer very practical. Thank you.

      1. Space Lizard,

        I wanted to understand why people were so depressed, leading meaningless lives, and overly complicated, and didn’t even seem to be aware or mind any of this. And wanting to know why eventually led to the jews. I found that they run everything of import and have set up a culture of controlled-chaos, where people have lost touch with most of what nature has intended for them and how to just enjoy the beauty of simplicity – the love of man and woman, children, your family, your people, yourself, nature, and exploration. So I hate them big time now for what they’ve brought. Nothing has a right to corrupt life like this and bring so much murder, suffering, and pointlessness, especially to each new generation of little ones who do not deserve to be molded by the jew’s way of thinking.

        On the other hand, I’m with Brownhawk in the metaphysical sense that the jew is here to push life forward and provide a contrast (just as you have an inner battle waging between contrasting aspects of yourself, there is a collective one embodied through the enemy as the jew). The jury is out though if it’s possible at this point. . . SPQR’s advice of saying that change starts with your own soul (be always like a sculpting of Arno Breker or be a toilet for the jew to “shit” in) is incredibly profound.

      2. @LSPM

        Just to clarify, whatever I said then, this is what I say now

        The contrast is provided when you realize that jooo is an imposer who, at his very worst, how shall I put it, sucks the very marrow out of your bones and then throws your dried up shriveled body up into a tree into a tangled mess of branches and left there in an ending of sheer indignity.

        It’s the classic story of the bully, is all. He pushes us around and we’ve been takin’ it for far too long to the point where his false sense of power has emboldened him to go farther and farther to see how much more outrageous shit he can get away with. But the breaking point is drawing near and his push is becoming our shove

        How are we doing this?

        When you see a bad actor acting badly, where once you looked the other way, now you get in its face. Everywhere you see it you stand up to it every day and in every way

        Look at JB’s advice as a metaphor. When some shitbag recruiter comes up to you and tries to recruit you to his little party, you don’t just say no, YOU ATTACK HIM!
        Apply it wherever you will

        Only actions reflecting this will move life forward.

  15. Take a look at the state of the world today and then imagine a German victory in WWII and how different things would be. Stalin and the Bolshevik jews would have been hanged in Red Square. The blood-soaked lunatic asylum that was USSR would have been destroyed, and thus, communism itself. China would have stayed largely agricultural and not turned into the industrial, mass-polluting monster it is today. It, plus much of Asia, would be under the control of the Japanese Empire. Europe, meanwhile, would have been run from Welthauptstadt Germania; no jews, communists, muslims, etc. on sacred European soil. From France to the Black Sea would be a civilization of order, justice, and beauty. The outlaw nations of America and Britain would have been rendered irrelevant.

    No Cold War. No Vietnam or Korean wars. No communist Cuba or North Korea. No Israel. No Islamic terrorism funded and run by Israel. No Mossad assassinations. Pornography, smut, fast food, drugs, advertising, hollywood movies, degenerate art, and all forms of ugliness stay in America instead of being smeared over the face of the earth; that is, unless fascists or National Socialists take over America, in which case that stuff is never produced to begin with. No 9/11, Iraq war, Palestinian crisis, etc. No stifling overpopulation of Africa due to the stupid western powers giving them food and medicine. No mass rapes by blacks and Muslims in Europe. No grotesquely overweight or sickly people in the West due to bad diet and unhealthy lifestyles. No militant feminism, cultural Marxism, white guilt, nihilism, or gender identity disorders pushed by the media and academic systems. No insanity.

    We could have had that. We could have lived in a sane and beautiful world run by honorable men. Even if the holocaust had happened, would anyone seriously trade all of that so that the jews could live on? Why? Why should anyone want them to go on after all they’ve done to the world? Philosemites are every bit as diseased and disgusting as the jews themselves, and they’re the ones who are responsible for the world today: the capitalists, the communists, the conservatives, the liberals, the Christians, the atheists… the biggest scumbags in human history… the ones who babble on about the “greatest generation” and “the Stars and Stripes” and “freedom” and “equality” and “Nazi atrocities” and the “miracles” of “the holocaust.” Lunatics, all of them.

    It doesn’t matter if they didn’t know what was to come. They made this world possible. They sided with those who sided with the jew, which means they sided with the jew. Try to imagine all the suffering since 1945 all across the planet; the wars, the terrorism, the murders, the atrocities, the rapes, the tortures, and the general insanity, the vast majority of it caused by the “victors” of WWII: the USSR, America, Britain, and Israel. All of that could have been avoided if only the leaders of the Western nations had had a shred of sanity to them and allied themselves with Adolf Hitler, the man who, in the words of Norwegian novelist Knut Hamsun, was a “a warrior for humankind and a preacher of the gospel of justice for all nations.”

    Instead what we have is global chaos. Ugliness and senselessness abound. Corrupt men lead almost every nation… pigs in human form: Obama, Putin, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, every single one of them. Rape, murder, and insanity are commonplace, and not just in the third world, but the first world as well. Cheapness reigns from Africa to America. People live and die and like animals. ISIL symbolizes what much of humanity has become: an army of maniacs run by criminal jews. And to think it all could have been avoided.

    Like I recently read on The Occidental Observer: 1945 was the triumph of evil.

    1. a very fine one, spqr, good to see a bit of emotion every so often.

      counted words (in word) – 636.

      only one, possibly two worth crossing out: putin and merkel, the latter optional, former 99% mandatory.
      say what you will but i see 2 reasons: it makes sense and one needs a ray of optimism in this deadly, stifling, oppressive sewer of talmud that the world has become.

      don’t say yes to vampires.
      634.5 great words.

      1. Very fine indeed, legionnaire.

        But you know I side with lobro on those 1 1/2 words.

        Is Merkel waiting for Putin (sounds like a play) like Stalin was, in Circassian’s view, waiting for Hitler? Kind of a ‘national dynamic in reverse’ so to speak?

        And even YOU, SPQR, one with Russian ancestry, have been stymied by the bewilderment of the Russian dollhouse.

        Maybe it’s because you’ve been TOO close to the source. Like the planet Mercury is consumed by the fire of the Sun, you are consumed by what culminated in the “blood-soaked lunatic asylum that WAS (my capitalization) the USSR.”

    2. SPQR –
      Your writing was a good effort. I liked it.

      Many have stated that Hitler did not want to exterminate Jews…just move them out of Germany. I can see that would help Germany. I do not see how that would help the rest of the world, and prevent the post-Hitler events around the world that you mentioned. Insanity would still prevail.

      1. correct about off-shoring jews, it is the ones off-shore that are always the deadliest once you declare your affection for a disease-free civilization.

        like a plague of rats (tested my stomach by chewing lunch while choosing suitable image 🙂 ), always ready to catch a whiff of threat, real or imagined (insha’allah that it is real), moist, sensitive noses wiggling in the air, greasy whiskers twitching, beady eyes glinting with existential hatred, one just has to deal with them on a globally networked basis, nail them like a ton of BRICS!

      2. ICBC(Canada)

        Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada) (“the Bank”) is a Canadian chartered bank that provides comprehensive retail and corporate banking services. The name of the Bank is changed from the previously known The Bank of East Asia (Canada) since July 2, 2010. The Bank’s new name reflects the relationship with its parent, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, the world’s largest bank by market capitalization, deposits and profitability. We are dedicated to growing our business and making sure we continue to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. We now operate a network of eight branches in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, together with a Corporate and Premium Banking Office in B.C. Province.

        With the support of strong management, leading technology, wide range of products and services and capital from the parent bank, the Bank will be actively engaged in serving both Canadian and Chinese clients while promoting bilateral trades and economic activities between Canada and China. Adhering to integrity, discipline and customer oriented business philosophy of the parent bank, the Bank will strive to become a new bridge for Sino-Canada trade and economic exchanges and a new platform for bilateral financial exchanges and cooperation.

      3. Just this month…. making gains for global currency.

        Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Designated as the First RMB Clearing Bank in North America
        Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Canada) was designated as the RMB clearing bank in Toronto, according to an announcement made by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) on November 9, 2014. This is the first time for PBOC to authorize a clearing bank for the RMB business in North America. Prior to this appointment, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (the Bank Group) has successfully established PBOC-authorized RMB clearing banks in Singapore, Luxemburg and Qatar. This appointment is also considered as an important milestone for the Bank Group’s move to promote RMB internationalization. The Bank Group is now the first merchant bank with RMB clearing network across three continents in Asia, Europe and America, couple with a 7*24 non-stop RMB clearing system.

      4. pat, it would all sound that much more plausible if you could explain to me how jews are able to enforce the counterbalanced and counteracting principle of fear and loathing that works so successfully here, namely, hysterical holocaust guilt, deep mistrust between cowardly, sick, perverts that call themselves elected politicians but are in fact micromanageable through twin dials of blackmail and fiscal enticement, terminally idiotized masses, ignorant, uncaring, apathetic and flatlining intellectually, spiritually and morally, and finally, the completely marginalized skeptics and rebels like ourselves, though “hope springs bubble eternal” or some such phrase, can’t remember …

        guilt gets no traction anywhere in the BRICS, leaders tolerably liked even after one or more terms in office, after the electorate had the chance to peek under the hem of propaganda (how long did obama last?), suggesting that they are not so easily blackmailed (what, silverstein/lowy didn’t operate pedophile clubs in moscow and beijing?), people are more ethnically and culturally homogeneous (ie, groups coalescing in spatially segregated locations), considerably less jew media control (actually, enough for even one non-jew outlet to speak out to destroy thhe house of tarot cards, which is why they always go for the absolute, 100% control).

        where my brother lives in northern ontario, he and his family have completely turned off tv and newsprint because even the national broadcaster cbc and papers like globe and star are banned, only jew stuff gets hosed down their throats, canwest, national post, all that israel asper, moses znaimer sludge.
        that’s how it works in n. america, i hear new testament banned from jails, lots of talmudic books though pushed by chabad lubavitch cult.

        so there is a difference and it is a crucial one.
        banking is only part of the octopus, without other arms the insane leverage it exerts in the west is lost.

        thus hope (springs eternal, not sure how to order the words, equally half-meaningful).

      5. You guys are thinking in black and white when you should be seeing gray.

        Maybe banking is only part of the octopus, but it’s gotta entail several of its arms. I would say no traction YET, as is their AIM. Putin has no choice FOR NOW but to play along with BRICS if he wants to be instrumental in saving the Motherland, and I wouldn’t trust China as far as I could throw ’em IN THE LONG RUN if I were him. He has to know this

        Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
        This is ALL about surrounding Russia!

      6. The point is that the Reich would be a check on jewish power. The jews wouldn’t be able to run amok the way they do today, completely unopposed.

        Nevertheless I do recognize that all nations rise and fall, and the same would eventually have happened to Germany even if it had won. However, things would have been exponentially better for everyone, apart from jews, if Germany had prevailed. That goes without saying.

        But yes, ultimately the only way of stopping jewish evil is to destroy them, not simply transfer them from one plot of land to another.

    3. @ SPQR
      November 29, 2014 at 4:18 am

      “Take a look at the state of the world today and then imagine a German victory in WWII and how different things would be…”

      An exceptionally fine comment, SPQR. One of the best I’ve read in a long time. I hope to quote from this in a future article.

      1. I can understand the anger one feels when surveying the state of degeneration the West finds itself in since WW II and the decisive role Jews played therein.

        But would a Nazi Europe really have been an attractive alternative? One can only judge by what the original plans of the Nazis were, and by the way they implemented them where they had the opportunity to do so, such as in Poland.

        Lasha, before you write your article, I would like to advise you to read the following Wikipedia articles first :

        1) New Order (Nazism) :

        See the map under the head “Establishment of a Greater Germanic Reich” where my country the Netherlands has the dubious “honor” of being annexed.

        2) General Plan Ost :

        Take a look at the stat under the head “Percentage Subject to Removal”

        3) Nazi crimes against the Polish nation :

        Take a look at the head “Crimes against children”, from which the following citation :

        “At least 200,000 children in occupied Poland were also kidnapped by the Nazis to be subjected to German indoctrination.[98] These children were screened for “racially valuable traits”[99] and sent to special homes to be Germanized.[100] After racial tests, those deemed suitable, were then placed for adoption if the Germanization was effective, while children who failed the tests were mass murdered in medical experiments, concentration camps or sent to slave labor.

        Would a Nazi Europe really be a Utopia? I don’t think so!

      2. @Franklin

        I would hope that any future article lasha chooses to write on this subject would be able to make distinctions between “nazi” and “national socialist” when it comes to a purview of intentions and whose held sway – when and where.

        And lasha would have to find this as being a daunting task with however she may construct such an article in any attempt in making these distinctions, as I’m sure SPQR would agree

        And “Nazi” Europe is the non-utopia you have NOW! It was the NS one that you DIDN’T get!


      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Would a Nazi Europe really be a Utopia? I don’t think so!

        Damn! I’ve already written the article! So this comment from you gives me second thoughts and makes me wonder if I should scrap the whole thing!

        I wish SPQR (and/or Lobro) would come in here and argue for the opposite viewpoint that if Germany had won WWII the world would have been a better place today. We would then get both sides of the picture.

        (Btw, SPQR appears to be a regular reader of TOO, so you have something in common with him).

        One of the weaknesses of your argument, which I am sure SPQR and Lobro would be quick to point out, is that ALL your links are to WIKIPEDIA — a site controlled by Jews.

        Would you go to Wikipedia to learn about the Holocaust? If so, goodbye to Holocaust revisionism!

        Would you go o Wikipedia to learn about who did 9/11? If so, you would have to believe that Osama bin Laden and his gang of Arabs were responsible!

        In fact, if you went to Wikipedia for anything about Israel, you would get a rosy picture of nice little Jews fleeing from Hitler’s Holocaust of 6 million of God’s Chosen in Nazi gas ovens. You would read glowing accounts of Elie Wiesel and Anne Frank and no mention made of this heroic Jewess’s ball point pen!

        Is Wikipedia a reliable source for the assassination of John F. Kennedy? I don’t think so! What we have in Wikipedia is a Jew-friendly encyclopaedia in which political correctness is mandatory and dissidence from the party line strictly forbidden.

        Anyway, I perceive this as the central weakness of your argument: the fact that you are relying upon a notoriously unreliable source for your information. I’m not saying Wikipedia is unreliable when it writes about Plato or the history of Ancient Greece or the life of Mozart, but it can hardly be trusted when it writes about Jewish affairs.

        * * *

        Understand also that I am not arguing that the the world would have been a “Utopia” if Hitler had won. I am just saying it might have been a marginal improvement on the present set-up. Many writers have expressed the view that “the wrong side won.” I think this is a valid view. I really do believe that Stalin was a far greater psychopath than Hitler was.

        Note that Hitler’s demonization is only possible if he exterminated 6 million Jews in gas ovens, as Wikipedia alleges. If the Holocaust is a hoax, Hitler is no more evil than Stalin or Churchill. What went on in Hitler’s concentration camps was probably far less frightening than what went on in Stalin’s gulags and in the dungeons of the Jewish cheka.

        Anyway, Franklin, if the article I’ve written ever gets published, be assured that I will mention your reservations and even quote your sentence “Would a Nazi Europe really be a Utopia? I don’t think so!”

        Bottom line: I am batting for Truth, not for Hitler. I have no reason to praise Hitler if he is in fact the monster that the Jews and the philosemites tell us he is.

        I am also trying to keep an open mind about the Holocaust. I believed in it once, as I once believed that bin Laden did 9/11. Now I have my doubts about both. Like you and everyone else on this website, I am anxious to avoid becoming a victim of the Big Lie.

      4. LD –
        There has never been an objective accounting of history written. You will not find one. All authors have a preconceived point. Even Webster left curse words, gutter words he said, out of his dictionary, which were used more than fancy words of the day. He admitted that in the introduction. He left many other groups out also. He was subjective.
        Yours will be no different. It will be good, as usual.
        Many will pick it apart, no matter what your point is.
        I recommend you just post what you like. Readers can sort it out.

      5. all i need to do is see the opening line in the linked wikipedia entry that says

        The German Nazi crimes against the Polish nation claimed the lives of 2.77 million ethnic Poles according to estimates of the Polish government-affiliated Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) and 2.7 to 2.9 million Polish Jews.
        Historians outside Poland put the number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust in occupied Poland at 3.0 million.

        (“reputable historians, every one of them, securely tenured in their richly endowed departments of holocaust studies“, yup)

        yeah right, we’ve come the full circle to the 6 million dead jew babies injected by toxic dye by “handsome dr mengele” (just like greg peck in that movie, boys from brazil, 100% true) to turn those soulful sad, suffering jew eyes blue.

        and no, frankilin, i don’t believe you can understand my anger when i see the hook, line and sinker of jew lies swallowed with pleasure by people who should know better than step on the rake labeled wikipedia.

      6. just think about what lies (in every sense, as verb and noun) behind this title:
        Polish government-affiliated Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) quoted at length by wikipedia.

        Rememberance comes before Facts, therefore no Investigation necessary

        you remember the christmas dinners with parents as kid, right?
        would you bother investigating their reality?
        of course, you wouldn’t, that’s what the rememberance is for.

        we remember 6 million dead jews, what need is there for verification.
        let’s just stick to talmud and the protocols, all the truth goys need will be mixed into their daily swill when they come grunting and pushing around the media trough.

      7. Good idea = Best idea.
        “let’s just stick to talmud and the protocols, all the truth goys need will be mixed into their daily swill when they come grunting and pushing around the media trough.”

      8. lasha

        You don’t have to praise Hitler, and any thinking in terms of “utopia” isn’t germane to the discussion, but to say “might have been a marginal improvement on the present set-up”? Or, “…if he (Hitler) is in fact the monster that the jews and the philosemites tell us he is.”

        “MIGHT have been a MARGINAL improvement?” Really?

        “IF he is in fact….? Really?

        lobro? SPQR?…….your thoughts?

      9. @ Lasha Darkmoon

        I agree that Wikipedia is an unreliable source when it comes to subjects in which Jewish interests are involved, but for someone with little time it is mostly a good first orientation. There exists a whole literature about Holocaust revisionism, in spite of Jewish controlled (dis)information on this subject in Wikipedia, but as far as I know no such revisionist literature exists about the Nazi plans for Eastern Europe (“General Plan Ost”) and Nazi behavior in Poland. In take that as a sign that the existing information is largely correct and cannot be refuted.

        It is a myth, current among Nazi-apologists, that Hitler only invaded the Soviet Union to defend Germany from an imminent attack and to “end Bolshevism”. If that really was the motive, he could easily have found allies among the Baltic states, Belorussia, the Ukraine and perhaps even a large section of the Russian people itself, fed up with Communist tyranny. But Hitler didn’t want Slavic peoples as allies, he wanted to colonize the East with Germans, while the Slavic Untermenschen would be partly exterminated, partly expelled and partly enslaved . Children with the appropriate racial characteristics were kidnapped to be adopted by SS families.

        The realization that the Allied forces and their leaders were themselves criminal doesn’t make Hitler a saint. Up until the 1950s Western countries were sane and normal. We don’t need a Nazi-cult to return to such sanity.

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          “The realization that the Allied forces and their leaders were themselves criminal doesn’t make Hitler a saint. Up until the 1950s Western countries were sane and normal. We don’t need a Nazi-cult to return to such sanity.”

          Agreed. The fact that I am reluctant to accept the demonization of Hitler does not mean that I am advocating his canonization! 🙂

          I am sure Hitler did many many bad things. He certainly wasn’t a saint. But I am sure you will be the first to admit that his demonization as the “Most Evil Man in the World” depends only on the Holocaust being true. If the Holocaust is a hoax — and I am not saying it IS a hoax — but if it is ever proved beyond all doubt that Hitler was NOT GUILTY of any such crime, then it becomes clear that Hitler ceases at once to be the Cartoon Villain he is shown to be in a thousand Hollywood movies.

          As you probably know, it is often argued by Jews and their supporters that there is something uniquely evil about Hitler’s genocide of six million Jews, i.e., that although Stalin may have killed far MORE people in the Soviet Union, the evil Stalin did was nevertheless of a lower and lesser nature than Hitler’s evil. “It’s the quality of the evil that counts,” the Jew argues, “not the quantity of evil.”

          I’ve never been able to understand this argument. Why should Hitler’s killing of six million Jews — assuming it happened — be so much more uniquely evil than Stalin’s killing of 20-60 million people in the Soviet Holocaust?

      10. LD –

        Allow me to help.
        “I’ve never been able to understand this argument. Why should Hitler’s killing of six million Jews — assuming it happened — be so much more uniquely evil than Stalin’s killing of 20-60 million people in the Soviet Holocaust?”

        I have studied this since 1953. I personally listened to Dilling, Winrod, Mullins and others.
        My best guess is that the Jews use the Holo-hoax to keep the Judeo-Christian world (and even some Muslims) under the yoke of ‘guilt’ for the slaughter of ‘chosen’ people for total mind control in religion. Public brainwashing. That is also the main reason to have a museum in DC.

      11. Franklin:

        I think it’s amusing that you bemoan the annexation of your home nation of the Netherlands when it was your country that made jews fabulously wealthy in the 16th and 17th centuries. These were the descendants of the Iberian Jews whom the Spanish had expelled after the Reconquista due to their treachery during the Moorish conquest. Many of them migrated to the Netherlands where they established their usual schemes involving money changing and of course, slavery. The Dutch didn’t seem to have much of a problem with that, kind of like modern Americans.

        “Jews also took an active part in the Dutch colonial slave trade; indeed, the bylaws of the Recife and Mauricia congregations (1648) included an imposta (Jewish tax) of five soldos for each Negro slave a Brazilian Jew purchased from the West Indies Company. Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.”

        -Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael, Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History

        What’s my point? Hitler’s goal was to remove Jews from European lands. Naturally, the only way to accomplish this was by strong-arming the surrounding nations. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You saw what expelled German Jews did when they got to America: they started agitating for war. What do you think Jews were doing in Western European nations? The only way to keep Europe judenfrei was by making sure all European nations were on the same page regarding the jewish question, and the only way to do that was to politically dominate them.

        Hitler wanted Europe united under one capital because he knew that only his government had the will to defend the European people. That meant being “mean” to some nations. That meant using force. Hitler was a leader, not a nanny. The other European nations clearly didn’t have what it took to defeat the jews and get them under control. With France’s history of bad ideas do you really think Hitler had any intention of leaving them to their own devices? Individual nations are like individual people: leave them without leadership and they self-destruct.

        Even so, when Hitler annexed and even invaded some of these countries, did he have his troops start wiping out huge numbers of people? Did he start blowing up buildings and cathedrals? Did he ravage the land and encourage mass-rape of women?

        France under German occupation:

        Note the lack of chaos and upheaval. A little different from how hellywood and modern propagandists- both jewish and judaized whites- portray German-occupied France, eh? I suspect things were much the same in other Western European nations. Compare that to what the allies did to occupied Germany: millions murdered, millions raped, and practically every building in every major city reduced to rubble.

        As for Generalplan Ost, I’m not sure how much to believe about it. If Hitler’s Table Talk is accurate then Hitler’s plan for the East, particularly around the Black Sea region, was to turn it into a kind-of resort region for Germans. I guess most Slavs would be moved to Siberia while the more Germanic ones would be asbored into the Reich.

        From my pdf copy of the book:

        The foundation of St. Petersburg by Peter the Great was a
        fatal event in the history of Europe; and St. Petersburg must
        therefore disappear utterly from the earth’s surface. Moscow,
        too. Then the Russians will retire into Siberia.

        It is not by taking over the miserable Russian hovels that we
        shall establish ourselves as masters in the East. The German
        colonies must be organised on an altogether higher plane.
        We have never before driven forward into empty spaces.
        The German people have absorbed both northern and southern
        Austria, and the original inhabitants are still there; but they
        were Sorb-Wends, members of basic European stock, with
        nothing in common with the Slavs.

        As for the ridiculous hundred million Slavs, we will mould the
        best of them to the shape that suits us, and we will isolate the
        rest of them in their own pig-styes; and anyone who talks about
        cherishing the local inhabitant and civilising him, goes straight
        off into a concentration camp !

        At harvest time we will set up markets at all the centres of any
        importance. There we will buy up all the cereals and fruit, and
        sell the more trashy products of our own manufacture. In this
        way we shall receive for these goods of ours a return considerably
        greater than their intrinsic value. The profit will be
        pocketed by the Reich to defray the price of the campaign.
        Our agricultural machinery factories, our transport companies,
        our manufacturers of household goods and so forth will find
        there an enormous market for their goods. It will also be a
        splendid market for cheap cotton goods—the more brightly
        coloured the better. Why should we thwart the longing of these
        people for bright colours?

        My one fear is that the Ministry for Eastern Territories will
        try to civilise the Ukrainian women. These girls, bursting with
        health, would introduce a welcome strain into the race, for
        many of them are obviously of sound Germanic origin—otherwise,
        whence the fair, blue-eyed children? The best among them
        we will gradually assimilate and take into the Reich; the rest
        can remain here.

        Again, the veracity of Hitler’s Table Talk is questionable. If, however, these were indeed Hitler’s plans for conquered eastern territories, they didn’t involve mass extermination but rather relocation or assimilation into the German Reich. Compared to what other empires have done throughout history, this seems pretty humane.

        As for Poland under German occupation, remember that Poland was occupied by the Soviets, had lots of communist insurgents, lots of Jews stirring shit up, and an extremely corrupt government that had butchered ethnic Germans prior to the 1939 invasion at the coaxing of the vile British. Furthermore, are we really supposed to believe what Wikipedia says about Polish casualties?

        Would a Europe united under the Reich have been a utopia? Compared to what we have today, absolutely, though I think “utopia” usually refers to a smaller society, like a city or small nation. Europe under German rule would have looked more like the Roman Empire under Augustus.

        We can speculate all we want about what Europe would have been like Hitler, and the golems can write all their books and make all their “documentaries” about “Nazi persecution” and “Nazi atrocities” and “Nazi barbarism” but all the facts seem to contradict what they say. You have to shut out the anti-historical nonsense, much of it disseminated by jews with sick minds (to be redundant), the rest of it disseminated by dimwits and lunatics who don’t know any better (Ian Kerhsaw and his ilk).

        At the end of the day all you can do is look for yourself. Read diaries from Germans from that time period. Read the accounts of German soldiers. Look at photographs. Look at film footage. This was the reality of Germany in 1937 (16:00- 17:20):

        You can be sure there were no scenes like this the USSR, which was undergoing Stalin’s mass executions at the time. Meanwhile, in FDR’s America, unemployment was at 14%, soon to jump to 20% the following year, not to mention skyrocketing crime and all the deaths due to the dustbowl. And yet FDR gets a loving, fourteen-hour Ken Burns documentary while Hitler gets “The Rise of Evil.” That right there is proof of how sick this world is.

      12. Admin: I apparently forgot a forward slash in the closing tag for italics in the paragraph that begins with “As for Generalplan Ost,” I only meant to italicize “Hitler’s Table Talk.” If you could fix it, it’d make reading the post a little easier. Thanks.

      13. I know no such revisionist literature exists about the Nazi plans for Eastern Europe (“General Plan Ost”) and Nazi behavior in Poland. In take that as a sign that the existing information is largely correct and cannot be refuted.

        i am doubly stumped by franklin’s logic.
        the first bit seems to be saying just because someone or some entity is a proven liar doesn’t mean they can’t be given the benefit of doubt in absence of forceful refutation.
        second dangling bit is that this absence of revisionist literature is proof of guilt.

        if i say that half a billion indians were slaughtered on mountbatten’s watch as the governor of the raj, is my statement proven by the lack of refuting evidence?

        what happened to the innocent until proven guilty paradigm, now stood on its head, namely, guilty because german – until proven innocent.

        because that’s what it is, franklin.
        demonization of germans and hitler proceeds apace by the usual liars, and the liars are given blank credibility until faurisson finds time to once again shoot them down, like never ending whack-a-mole.
        this approach entirely follows the john demjanjuk blueprint, charge him with a crime and sentence him to death, if exonerating evidence shows up, drop original charges, invent new ones.
        and so on.

        a liar is a liar is a liar – forever, we don’t need to discuss anything he says seriously.
        i still remember when mukasey got sworn in as attorney general on the white house lawn, pledged solemnly as only jew can, to faithful uphold the laws of these united states of america, only days after swearing kol nidre on the yom kippur.
        oh well, why not assume that he means what he says, there is no proof that he intends to defile the oath of office, therefore it must be true.

        no reason why a hooker cannot suddenly become virgin, would you be ok with your son marrying such?

      14. It is a myth, current among Nazi-apologists, that Hitler only invaded the Soviet Union to defend Germany from an imminent attack and to “end Bolshevism”. If that really was the motive, he could easily have found allies among the Baltic states, Belorussia, the Ukraine and perhaps even a large section of the Russian people itself, fed up with Communist tyranny. But Hitler didn’t want Slavic peoples as allies

        He didn’t? Wow, then someone needs to tell that to the families of the volunteers of the following SS Divisions:

        13th “Handsharr:” 21,000 Bosniaks and Croats

        14th “Galizien:” 22,000 Ukrainians

        1st and 2nd Latvian: 30,000 Latvians

        21st “Skanderbeg:” 6,000 Albanians

        23rd “Kama:” 2,000 Croats

        1st and 2nd Hungarian: 28,000 Hungarians

        29th “Kaminski” Brigade: 15,000 Russians

        30th “White Ruthenian:” unknown number of Belarusians

        31st “Batschka:” 11,000 Hungarians

        33rd “Hungaria” and 37th “Lützow:” unknown numbers of Hungarians

        Not to mention the Russian Liberation Army, comprised of about a million Russians, the Ukrainian Liberation army, comprised of 80,000 Ukrainians who served alongside the Wehrmacht, and all the other smaller groups of Eastern Europeans who served the cause of Europe in some form, whether fighting in German units or acting as auxiliary in German-liberated territories.

        The realization that the Allied forces and their leaders were themselves criminal doesn’t make Hitler a saint.

        No one ever said he was. At the time, Europe needed a leader, not a saint.

        It’s amazing to me how people in this movement criticize Hitler for not doing enough to arm the liberated peoples of the East. First of all, food and supplies would be an issue, as the Germans had enough difficulty getting them to their own soldiers; can you imagine having to deal with millions more?

        Secondly there would be language and political barriers and issues of loyalty. The East was in a state of chaos, with various groups struggling to attain power. Who could you trust in such a situation? I was reading Sepp Allerberger’s accounts of what happened in Romania in the final stages of the war and how the Romans turned on their German allies when it was obvious that they would lose. The National Socialists rightfully questioned the pragmatism of arming these peoples.

        Third, and most importantly, a lot of people don’t understand that a lot of Soviet citizens were illiterate and completely brainwashed by Bolshevik propaganda. Thomas Goodrich spoke about this in a radio interview. These Soviets were largely uneducated and came from towns without running water and believed everything the government told them about the Germans and the war. Those were the people Ehrenburg’s speeches were aimed at: the dumb Russians that Hitler had contempt for. The ones who had no idea that Bolshevik terrorists were committing gruesome murders and atrocities in German-liberated areas dressed in captured German uniforms, as per Stalin’s Torch Man Order of 1941.

        Imagine America being invaded by a foreign power that our media has labeled “evil” and “anti-Semitic” and “genocidal.” How many Americans would be smart enough to see through that? Not many. And just think of how dumb the average American is and realize that the average Russian is even dumber.

        Up until the 1950s Western countries were sane and normal.

        No, the game was up way earlier than that. The decay was already there. Jazz, the Dadaists, French negrophilia, comic books, expressionism, etc. The movie industry was already making pro-miscegenation/multiculturalism movies like Broken Blossoms as early as 1919 (heroic Chinese guy/abused-by-evil-white-father English girl love affair). If they were sane and normal then what caused the National Socialists to form in the 20s?

        We don’t need a Nazi-cult to return to such sanity.

        If Western nations were sane at the time, they would have overthrown their corrupt leaders and allied with Hitler.

    4. SPQR says, “…imagine a German victory in WWII…”


      Difficult. Still, not as hypothetical than the virtually meaningless question, “What would Jesus do today?”. Back to that. Anyway, the first question then is ‘how?’ would Germany/Hitler have won. He’s not in a vacuum, so it all depends on what other nations do after. After what? After whatever he did differently than what he did that caused him to lose. So we need another question, the classic, ‘What was the biggest war-losing mistake Hitler made?’ Heres’s some. Invade russia. Oh no! Two fronts, faulty and traitorous intel etc. Many say it. Easy to say. To late. Trust English common sense! Fool! Oh, no patrol boats at Normandy. Way to late. Airforce in disarray. (My question. Why he no fire Goring?) But, anyway, lots of little things too. I know someone who dropped bombs on penumundo. He came back with a bullet hole in his chair. Who knows? His bombs could’ve been the ones that counted. Point is, heaps of little ifs and buts change lots of big things. My observations so far… BIGGEST MISTAKE. Very early. RETALIATION TERROR BOMBING. Harder to say. But, before that world seem on his side. Half UK on his side F*S! Churchill is weak, ridiculed. After that, no going back. NEVER going to win. Why? Churchill becomes dictator. We know how, and the rest is history. Always wanted to say that.

      And, flyingcossack says, “germans controlled the nazi party in 1938. jews controlled the nazi party in 1940.” If true, 1940 too late, too.

      So, I think my answer to SPQRs question begins with the question…

      “What would have happened had Hitler not retaliated, in kind, to ‘Churchillian’ bombing?”

      …beats me.

      Personally, I think SPQRs question is very interesting, but moot. This relates a little to other posters comments. It seems that many think being exploitable is no fault. Why not? Are we not responsible for ourselves? If evil bastards exploit my greed, who’s fault? Mine. Our weaknesses are easily exploited. If we no love gold, how they have power over us? If we no lust, how we be addicted to porn? If we no stupid, how we keep voting in bastards? So, I think the state of world is our fault. As long as we’re exploitable, we will be exploited. Even if Germany had won. Incidently, had WW2 started a little later, European cities (at least) probably would have been nuked.

      @Max. DON’T GO YOU BASTARD!!! I’m just starting to get you! Dialectic wise. Btw, I’m gonna name one of the kittens after you, well, Maxine, but ‘max’ for short. Donovan missed last verse, bastard. Oh yeah, you are acting paranoid. There’s heaps of different ‘end times’, like your own death, or the death of a civilization, age etc. People focus on different ones.

      @LPSM. Thanks. I hear ya. I only got 500 words, tho, so later.

      @loosethoughts. Thanks. Inspirational and thought provoking. Nice.

      @New Song. Ditto.

      @whomever. wot u mean takin back language? oh, i no real btw.

      1. It’s moot from a practical standpoint, yes. I wasn’t trying to advance any kind of argument in my first response to the ISIL article. I was just expressing some thoughts I had when reading it: “it didn’t need to be this way.”

        As for a German victory in WWII, it would have required two things:

        1. A far more ruthless Hitler.
        2. A more focused attempt to develop nuclear weapons.

        Hitler could have lost far more battles than he did, but if he had just pursued atomic weaponry more aggressively he could have wiped out Moscow or London, and the war would have been over.

      2. I’m like you, SPQR, playing the “woulda-coulda-shoulda” game, And while using nuclear weaponry as you describe WOULDA accomplished this, Hitler was too rooted in his OWN experience of WW1 to understand the possible efficacy of this.

        And I’m not sure about the ruthless factor.

        I’m more leaning more towards the loyalty factor in the sense of how much devotion and mileage generated by his power of conviction could be carried successfully through his followers. He himself could only be so ruthless. He couldn’t “throw the ball and catch it too.”

        That, and my strong hunch that Bormann was the game-changing saboteur

      3. @SPQR.

        Interesting then. You suggest he was not ruthless enough, while I’m suggesting his ‘fall into ruthlessness’ may have been his biggest mistake!!! You seem to have more numbers and stuff than me, and I’m no WW2 expert, but the world as a ‘better place’ after destruction of London, Moscow, New York (?), etc??? Possibly, I suppose, but you ARE ruthless, then!!! I hope you’re not following ‘ends justify the means.’!!! That’s very evil, you know! I do realise that you are comparing, though. (‘it didn’t need to be THIS way.’)

        I’m suggesting he may have been better off had he retained the (percieved, AT LEAST) ‘moral high ground’.

        I meant ‘moot’ as in I really don’t think a German victory would have made the world a better place. Well, I can’t imagine how unless individual people changed. By themselves! Voluntarily! NOT being ‘re-educated’ by well-meaning, but ruthless, heavy-weights!!! (Possibly. I don’t know what you think about that.)

        And ‘practically’ your question is possibly not moot, if we can learn anything at all. Which is the point, isn’t it? Very interesting thread, SPQR. Thanks.

        So, thanks for all the research and stuff, and I appreciate the reply.

        Oh, btw, you say…

        “[1 People don’t listen until they’re forced to listen,] *EITHER* [2 through coercion…] …*OR* through aggression… …Does a true leader… …[3 use dialectics and argumentation…] …*OR* does he use force… ?” (my [*CAPS*])

        Argument makes no sense to me. Not sound reasoning. First. False premise [1]. Demonstratively. Destroyed argument already. Second. *silly choices*. Limiting. No sound reason. Probably ‘dialectics’ or something. MAX!!! Third. False equation [2]=[3]. And more. Anyway, you DO actually have the question, “…How… …do you get people to listen?”. That makes no sense to me either. YOU don’t. THEY listen. Or YOU can FORCE, as you suggest, and then it doesn’t matter if they’re listening or not. You’d just be brainwashing them more. Can you ‘get’ people to listen? In my experience. No.

        A question, for you. What is ‘listening’?

      4. SL –

        “If we no stupid, how we keep voting in bastards?”

        HOW…. ALL important elections are ‘fixed’….they are (s)elections as the powers see fit.
        None of the Jew bankers would leave $$Billions to what the people want. NOT EVER!!

        Here is how it is done in America:
        Hacking Democracy Video of the Hursti Hack (Demonstration and Testing)
        How votes are stolen by Voting Machines!

        “Can the votes on this Diebold system be hacked using the memory card?”
        2 people voted Yes. 6 people voted No. The machine reported 7 Yes, 1 No.

        As a software “hacker” (in the proper, non-malicious definition), I can say this is definitely a completely valid and utterly shocking “hack” that may have affected countless elections over the years…

        “If I had not seen what was behind this, I’d have no reason not to, I would have certified this election as a true and accurate result of a vote.” – Ion Sancho, Supervisor of Elections, Leon County, Florida.

        From the highly underrated documentary, “Hacking Democracy”. See more about the hack and its background:

  16. MONITOR: Apologies for delay in posting. Computer glitch.

    Hail to all the posters.

    I’m just an average Canadian, but I must tell you ladies and gentlemen to lead with your hearts. Deep down inside you know the vastness of our species brings forth differences in the hearts of men, who waste no time in trying to gain the upper hand and settle their disputes in blood. Our ancestors, whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist all murdered in the belief that they were superior to each other in some manner. In reading some of the atrocities that are recorded, I can’t help but feel the ones that are not recorded are way worse. I imagine and empathize with it.

    Fortunately in the same breath there are people out there are that good. I feel a lot of you want to see things be better, but for who and what cost? Yourselves at the cost of others not like you? Why? Why not freedom and justice truly for all? I am Catholic, but I am not going to go hurt my Muslim brother because someone else burnt down a Holy Church. I cannot blame the mistakes of one person on another. Perhaps he doesn’t believe the same?

    All information is good. I’d rather know what nonsense people are talking about than be ignorant about it until it is too late. Be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves my friends. Know everything, and know that everything has a place. If it is rubbish, treat it as rubbish but do not forget it, as it may reveal some treasure in the future.

    I know there is a conspiracy at every corner. Everyone wants to win and will stop at nothing. True sacrifice comes from within. Do not be fooled. People sacrificing others are poisonous to society. But should they be cleansed (killed)? No, they should be defeated with anti-venom (knowledge) and left to slither and occasionally bite us, least we forget they ever existed and let down our guard. Knowledge is lost every generation, and I am fighting hard to gain what my forefathers discovered long ago. Who are my forefathers? They are anyone good and just. I care not if they are related by blood. We are kin in spirit, and they will understand my claim, which is yours by right as well.

    Peace and love to you forever. You all deserve it.


    1. torah scrolls (itemized bills, that’s what it is), hawk.
      like you perspicaciously noted elsewhere, christ’s primary mission was to denounce torah’s fraud.

      in simple essence, jew, the international, global parasite is engaged in arbitrage of evil, wherever there is a shortage coupled with surplus of naivety, he steps in to right the devil’s scale, africa-america-europe, jew to the rescue of faltering satanic plan, what, chinese object to smoking too much opium that is corrupting the heavenly empire? sassoon’s mercenary navy will enforce torah’s law.

      they have a fine, incredibly well developed, ahem, nose for sniffing out innocence, childlike trust and vulnerability, all intolerable affronts to his satanic majesty.

      1. Not only all that lobro, but to be seen (by them at the highest levels) as a “maintainence plan” for triumphant return of lese majestic one.

        Word on street
        Vatican stars them gaze
        Watch for big ships come
        take Mother *
        once and for all*

        Them faithful servant
        dress funny garb
        keep human silly
        they no grab bull by horn
        no see torah hobgoblin

        * SWO – Satanic World Order for all Earthly residents

      2. Jews can sniff Kings and countries also:

        How Jewish Law Became English Law – Georgetown Law Journal 1983

        The shetar:


        English law, like the English language, is an amalgam of diverse cultural
        influences. The legal system may fairly be seen as a composite of discrete elements from disparate sources.
        After the conquest of 1066, the Normans imposed on the English an efficiently organized social system that crowded out many Anglo-Saxon traditions.
        The Jews, whom the Normans brought to England, in their turn contributed to the changing English society.
        The Jews brought a refined system of commercial law: their own form of commerce and
        a system of rules to facilitate and govern it. These rules made their way into
        the developing structure of English law.
        Several elements of historical Jewish legal practice have been integrated into
        the English legal system.
        Notable among these is the written credit agreement — shetar, or starr, as it appears in English documents. The basis of the shetar, or “Jewish Gage,” was a lien on all property (including realty) that has been traced as a source of the modern mortgage.
        Under Jewish law, the shetar permitted a creditor to proceed against all the goods and land of the defaulting debtor. Both “movable and immovable” property were subject to distraint.
        In contrast, the obligation of knight service under Anglo-Norman law
        barred a land transfer that would have imposed a new tenant (and therefore a
        different knight owing service) upon the lord.
        The dominance of personal feudal loyalties equally forbade the attachment of land in satisfaction of a debt; only the debtor’s chattels could be seized.
        These rules kept feudal obligations intact, assuring that the lord would continue to be served by his own knights.
        When incorporated into English practice, the notion from Jewish law that
        debts could be recovered against a loan secured by “all property, movable and
        immovable” was a weapon of socio-economic change that tore the fabric of
        feudal society and established the power of liquid wealth in place of land

      3. Another good post, Pat, on how jewish law became english law

        In one of my little “red injun poems”, as they have been dubbed, I wrote about how after the Khazars were defeated they “slink back swamp”. Soon thereafter came the Battle of Hastings, Magna Carta, and eventually English law whereupon they were slinking back from the swamp to insinuate themselves in the manner your post indicates.

        A little while ago I alluded to certain present-day ramifications for this with the ballot vote up before N. Dakota voters on whether or not to do away with the property tax. It was voted to keep it and it made me think of your comment that all important elections are rigged. This would certainly seem to be one of them because of the potential for a dangerous precedent to be set (dangerous for them – freeing for us). The fact that it came up as a ballot question at all is interesting in and of itself. I’d bet that, say, Mandan elders involved in local politics there had something to do with it. Still f***in’ over the Indians

        Strong medicine in North Dakota. Sitting Bull is buried there. At a point in the north-central part of the State is the geographical center of North America. An interesting story of tribal origins, as told by the Hidatsa group, was about the hero named Charred Body, who led the original 13 clans of the Hidatsa on a “magical arrow that flew down from the world above to a site along today’s Turtle Creek. Here, Charred Body bested the local monsters so that his people could begin their existence as human beings”

        That there were 13 clans is an intriguing number to me. The entire legend in fact. And local monsters, eh? Time to “best” them again.

        “Oasis On The Plains”

        While the Indian wars with white America dragged on across the West, a remarkable community was flourishing as a peaceful hub of commerce on the Upper Missouri River in N. Dakota. In 1837 Hidatsa survivors of a devastating smallpox epidemic began moving upstream and by 1844 had rebuilt their old-style earth lodges on a bluff overlooking a sharp bend in the river called mua-iduskupe-hises, or “Like-a-Fishhook”. Soon they were joined by about 250 Mandan survivors of the same epidemic, seeking shelter behind Like-a-Fishhook’s protective stockade. In 1845 a fur company built a log trading post called Fort Berthold on the village’s north side.

        The location proved so advantageous for trading with Plains tribes that, by 1849, Like-a-Fishhook was said to have more inhabitants than any town in the new Minnesota Territory. In 1862 the Akira, battered by constant Sioux attacks, joined the thriving community and for the next 20 years these three tribes – all with corn-growing, earth-lodge building, highly ceremonial village traditions – kept alive a bygone era. Along the river, women continued to till the alluvial flood plain and observe rituals that kept the agricultural cycle on its proper course. The men built fish weirs, hunted deer and buffalo, and did business at the trading post.

        (but you-know-who was not far behind)

        The advent of land allotment (talk about your euphemisms) in the 1880’s brought an abrupt end to all this; villages were soon scattered over a 50-mile span on individual homesteads, their earth lodges torn down lest anyone be tempted to return. The community has endured; they are known today as the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation. But the original village site lies hidden now beneath a lake created in 1954 by the Garrison Dam, built, over tribal protests, by the U.S. government.

        Funny how an “historical footnote” such as this raises my ire.

        May God grant me to live long enough to see some of my younger brethren CUT SOME THROATS AND TAKE THEIR SCALPS……before I head off to the happy hunting grounds in the sky.

        But no hunt there
        Just live in peace

      4. The ‘engine’ of the ‘iron horse’ kilt Native cultures in America.
        The ‘engine of debt’ will kill ALL cultures around the globe.

  17. lobro –

    “pat, it would all sound that much more plausible if you could explain to me how jews are able to enforce the counterbalanced and counteracting principle of fear and loathing that works so successfully here, namely, hysterical holocaust guilt, deep mistrust between cowardly, sick, perverts that call themselves elected politicians…(etc)”

    Thanks for asking.
    Guilt gets no traction elsewhere because it is not needed.
    Guilt is necessary ONLY in the countries where people have FAKE freedom and public opinion is used in rigged polls as a consensus for (s)elections….. the West.

    The other countries do as their leaders tell them. No polls or consensus needed. And South Africa has been run by the Oppenheimer regimes for centuries.

    GHW Bush help set the RMB destiny in motion when he was ambassador to China in early 70s. Kissinger led the way for him under Nixon. All the Sinophiles needed it and still do. Billions of consumers to sheer.

    The West will accept China. Almost all their goods are made there. Smooth transition in a few decades.

    1. You are so right, Pat. Take a look, for instance, at the military industries. They’re ALL basically paid by the same financiers (the REAL powers-that-be). The new Chinese ‘J-31’ fighter jet is just an enhanced variation of the new Lockheed F-35 which America has been crooked into buying (and who is providing funding for Israhell to buy). SAME financiers, though – who manifest as PBOC,, but who is, still, ultimately controlled from Bank of England.

      ‘Saber-Rattling’ is LUCRATIVE business. There is no better way to enhance riches of The Beast – therefore, just a skirmish, now-and-then, to show-off some new toys (or kill-off non-desirables) is all we can really expect until The Beast shows its global uniformity by way of currency.

      1. China and India together can support a fiat currency system with interest for hundreds of years.

        Extrapolation results in 3 billion people v 300 million(US) is a factor of 10. Fed type system for the world could last 100 yrs x 10 = 1000 years. If not,change it. Peons down here in ‘fly-over’ country will never know.

      2. Gil

        I agree that Pat is right with the “traction factor”, but so are you by saying “The Beast shows its global uniformity by way way of currency.”

        But Pat would disagree with both of us in terms of what fully constitutes the Beast because then we would have to get all Biblical on him.

        My hypothesis, and I’m sure lobro will try to expand on it, as will we all, sees China as the x-factor in explaining why BRICS is instrumental wherein Russia is the “end-game prize” all along, stemming all the way back to the Khazar defeat at the hands of the Rus an entire millennium ago. For whatever reason, this would have to be the trade-off for this ultimate showdown to occur. Meaning HOW it would have to be engineered within an enormous purview of manipulating events over such a long stretch of time.

        On the geopolitical front we’ve been enticed by the rhetoric of Brezynski (wrong spelling I know) for years. But the thing to always keep in mind is the pyramidal structure of the chain of command. Ziggy’s CFR position has always pronounced that the aim is for the West to take out the East, with the “East” featuring both Russia and China. But what if China is the “sleeper” in all this, and Ziggy and co. are in effect being hoodwinked in not being privvy to the entire plan? He is a higher-up player to be sure, but not at the VERY top, and neither is Kissinger. Even for them exists the “on a need to know only basis”, where they don’t NEED to know the whole plan in keeping with the reality of just how deep runs the gamut of useful idiocy.

        I’m simply conjecturing here that at the highest levels it has been deemed crucial for China to play this role from a militarily strategic viewpoint, and I’m pretty near convinced that there’s a parallel here to Hitler’s Germany in which it was in effect ALLOWED that there be a great economic upsurge to occur before bringing Germany down through a major war

        Surrounding Russia is the primary tactic, whose overall strategy has been very long in the making.

      3. BRICS or Beast… same same same economic Order through Chaos.

        Today’s ‘terrorists’ set up banks as first order of business. A most Beastly action.

    Dr Kevin Barrett wrote some highly pertinent stuff about 9/11 and is perpetrators. (see VT)
    In FACT, his conclusion, if interpreted laterally and in its broadest sense, is akin to the pretext of using the assassination of an Austrian duke to start a hideous war!* … Now I have LOST the less intelligent who think in little, isolated boxes! … *But this time it is the pretext to get rid of Israel forever and the Jewish RULE of the USA!
    Imagine it, if you are worldly capable, if the Obama-censored 28 pages were revealed TOMORROW and it is proved that it was Israel and Saudi Arabia, working with the USA political (Jewish) elite, who masterminded 9/11!
    THAT SHOULD BE, for all time, the end of USA support of Israel and connivances with the super-rich Saudis!
    Bush, Obama, Greenspan, Emanuel, etc, etc jailed for LIFE, or executed. Yes the whole of Congress executed as well as the Jewish financial wizards!
    Can you minions get your heads around this “big truth” of the kind Hitler explained! I doubt it, bubbas!

    1. Or, the “pretext” of claiming that Iran and Iraq (even Afghanistan) masterminded 9/11 (Bushian propaganda with JEWS in tow) to bomb Iraq, etc, back to the stone age, and take over their assets of black gold and fields of lervly poppies! Have you tried their poppy mix? Avail internationally!
      LIES, LIES and MORE LIES!!!!!!
      Or the PRETEXT that the sweet man, Sadam Hussein, used his USA funding to hide a cache of American-produced WMD’s. Just another govt LIE!
      Yeah, over 5,000 USA grunts, who knew NOT “the cause”, were DOA and 5 times as many lost legs, arms, eyes, etc. And 1.3 million Iraqi lives were extinquished for Alan Greenspan’s oil!
      (Was it 50,000 young USA boys dead in the war agst Jewish-created Communism in Vietnam? The dialectic at work yet again! Follow bubbas? ie. The JEWS on both sides, as always!)
      The USA Jewish elite and their kow-towing Goyim scum (Hillary Clinton, Billy-boy, the Georges, Nancy, etc) are just crying out to be removed from the face of our lervly planet! Give ’em a kick start, with a tomahwak up their butts!
      Place their ashes down an Hawaiian volcanoe!

    2. What you postulate sounds quite nice, Max, but it has occurred to me that, by this time in history, so many of TPTB are intermingled that there is no way to determine ‘hoo de joo’ amongst all those perps – and, really, WHAT’s THE DIFFERENCE???!! Among my own kin, there are those corporate masters who are as complicit in engineering the continuity of the present scam as any – and they wouldn’t know a Rotheschilde from Cedric the Saxon. Same with nations. What the whole thing boils down to is Good vs. Evil, and THAT battle will rage on until Judgement Day (as good a term as ‘The Beast’ – but you can be your own wordsmith for its equivalent gist 🙂 ).

      1. On my own “day of judgement” I AM judge, jury and executioner!

        I AM the entire “process of arbitration”
        I AM judging right from wrong.
        I AM the jury deciding who is right and who is wrong.
        I AM the executioner executing righteous judgement on who is wrong
        For I AM…….RIGHT!!

  19. Max –

    I see you wrote an addendum the same comment to which I responded, just previous. You mentiond the figure ‘50,000’ of our casualties in Vietnam…. Well, get this: We slaughtered FIFTY-ONE thousand of OUR OWN in three days at Gettysburg, Pa. in 1863!!! I’ll give you this: The whole deal WAS, ultimately, the product of Jewry. 🙂

  20. American Jew author, public speaker and feminist activist Naomi Wolf has come under organized Jewry’s knife once again for not believing in the “beheading videos” (here and here) released by the USrael created ISIS.

    “It takes five people to stage an event like this – two to be ‘parents’,- two to pose for the camera, one in ninja outfit and one to contact the media that doesn’t bother checking who ANY of these four other people are …,” Wolf wrote on his Facebook page.

    Even after personal insults on the Facebook and the media, Naomi Wolf has refused to do ‘teshuva’ for making the above anti-Semite statement.

    British Zionist-controlled media has labeled Naomi Wolf “crackpot” for claiming that September 18 Scottish referendum was rigged during her speech in Glasgow on October 12, 2014.

    Professor Phyllis Chesler (CUNY), a self-described “radical feminist”, once chided Naomi Wolf for claiming that Muslim women enjoy more rights than their western sisters. “Don’t you read stories how women are abused in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Morocco, Indonesia and other Muslim countries,” Chesler asked. I bet Chesler is not aware of the fact that Jewish women in Israel face discrimination in eight fields.

  21. I agree that there is something Israeli about Isis or whatever it really is called. I am reminded of the Communist killing spree the way they line people up and mow them down. Also, the Israelis hate Christians as Isis does. So… Kevin Barrett could be right about Isis and Israel. Not only that I think that one of the Israeli organizations that is the Israeli equivalent of the FBI had the anagram ISIS. The problem of course is that it doesn’t matter whether Kevin Barrett is right or not because the mainstream media has the public hypnotized into thinking that ISIS is Islamic and everyone is watching Homeland on TV and believes in Muslim terrorism. It’s like the demonization of Russia–those who are paying attention believe that Putin is the good guy and the American’s the bad; problem is that no one is paying attention. It’s the BIG LIE over and over and over again.

  22. This is your FATAL FLAW, Gilbert Huntley and obviously that of your keen cheer squad aspirant, Pat.
    Lobro, could you comment on this important issue so that Gilby and Pat can learn something? (But I think these two are incapable of learning; but try anyway for my sake!)
    Gilby and Pat symbolise the pathetic state of the RESISTANCE to the JEWS!
    Gilby: “So many of TPTB are intermingled that there is no way to determine ‘hoo de joo’ amongst all those perps.” Oh, so funny Gilby! …. We face an insurmountable problem, do we Gilby? You do not know the Jewish members of Congress? The Jews who run the Fed? The Jews who run Wall St? The Jews who run the CFR? etc!
    Lobro can you determine whom are the Jews and their Goyim proxies? I know you can.
    Study this offering, oft-repeated, from Gilbert: “What the whole thing boils down to is Good vs. Evil, and THAT battle will rage on until Judgement Day (as good a term as ‘The Beast’ – but you can be your own wordsmith for its equivalent gist.” (Translated: YES MAX, RANT AND RAVE AND BE YOUR OWN LITTLE “WORDSMITH”! Thanks Gilby, you sychophantic scumbag! Oh yeah, MAX-BILONEY, PAT!)
    Pat says: “Correct, Gil.” …. Anything to hurt me from Pat, the Talmudic scholar and site destroyer!
    But, Gilby then says: “The whole deal WAS, ultimately, the product of Jewry.” So YOU KNOW, Gilby! You actually KNOW!!!!!!
    So Lasha, your writings about Jewish rule mean nothing, in their true immediacy, to Gilby and Pat, as they await their futuristic JUDGEMENT DAY! Do you understand this Lucy, or Montecristo?
    Please lobro, could you please analyse these stupid, reactionary, gentlemen’s “illogic” and END-TIMER, crippling fatalism! Should we JUST await JUDGEMENT DAY and bury our heads in the sand? I might as well go to the beach!
    If no one can tell this couple of “judgement day” procrastinators (who are really apologists for the Jewish monstrosity) that their repeated efforts on this comments site are nothing but END TIMER ILLOGIC, then I honestly give up and will leave forever!~ (I am sure Gilby and the vile Pat will be applauding loudly at this point, as they are bible-bashing end-timers, awaiting YHWH’s coming!)
    They do NOT want to understand that if Israel and your Jewish Congress were proven to be the perpetrators of 9/11, the whole Team Jew ball game would be over! And yes, the stupid/hypocritical Gilby even goes so far as to say: “The whole deal WAS, ultimately, the product of Jewry.” How stupidly DIALECTICAL Gilby!
    Gilby’s illogic equals: Thesis = the Jews are behind “the whole deal.” Its antithesis = We must allow the eternal battle btwn good and evil to continue until judgement day. End result or Jewish working THESIS = JEWS will continue to rule until idiots like Gilby’s mythical “judgement day”, which we know is utter CRAP! ie. We WIN!
    So Gilby, we DO NOTHING about modern Jewry and let the battle of good v evil play itself out to your judgement day?
    You are INSANE, and I mean it. You are a “religious crazy man”, to use Brownhawk’s lingo.
    C’mon Brownhawk comment upon their insanity. Brownhawk are you simply awaiting some futuristic JUDGEMENT DAY? … I do not think you are!
    Comment, lobro. on how dangerous they are.
    Otherwise, goodbye for me in Australia from this particular site forever. I have had enough of the continual crap several times, but this time, it is it! …. The reactionaries have won! Stupid, dangerous Pat will then have free will! Gilby can await his judgement day!
    And Lasha and Lucy will be happy that I have left; as they have NEVER given me a positive comment! One bloke used my line: “what would have happened if Hitler had won?” and gets great accolades from the management! LD = “best comment, etc.” How absurd! How bizarre! Is this a Jewish site?
    In the long run, why should I “care a damn”? Oz will survive long after the USA has fallen. The Jews like Oz more than the USA! The local sandy beach is looking most appealing.
    I await your responses to the fatalastic, do-nothing, END-TIMER monsters who are wasting so much of our precious time! I would rather read Tyron or Circassian to either of these lost gentlemen. They are end-timers awaiting judgement day! Comprehendez?

    1. Just one final comment: I know for a FACT that none of you (excepting perhaps lobro and Brownhawk) can understand my utter genius, bequeathed to me by my hereditary IQ.
      I come from 2 of the greatest and most noble families in England, whereas I can tell MOST of you come from the peasantry. and are half-crippled mentally and Jewish educated.
      Put simply, I AM TOO SMART, in my many shades of TRUTH, than any of your human go-goof balls!
      I am sick of talking to a remedial class, with such members as Gilby!
      The BEST writer is John Kaminski, and I would imagine even he gets annoyed and disillusioned with your pathetic, regressive, micrcosmic crap! If not, he is a saint of a man.

    2. Max is SPOT ON, to borrow a phrase from my British cousins. Or to interject a little self-censored crudeness of my own – RIGHT ON THE F***ING MONEY!!

      Did you read my “I AM” post, Max?

      I AM is ME! And you, and Gilby and Lobro and lasha, etc etc etc etc!

      WE are the “Divine Delegation”. What the hell do you suppose Christ was talking about in his denunciation of TORAH, that evil misguiding scroll of lies!

      People need to understand just how insidious Torah is in its ability to UNDERMINE RESOLVE by putting us off from taking responsibility FOR OUR OWN WELL BEING.


      We aren’t “God’s children” in THIS regard. We are his children WHEN we are free from this EVIL BLIGHT! And in THIS regard Christ commands us to be GOD’S GROWN-UPS!

      First things first

    3. @ Max Bilney

      “And Lasha and Lucy will be happy that I have left; as they have NEVER given me a positive comment!”

      Max, we all lerv ya! So don’t be so damn silly. We can’t boot Pat and Gilby off this website just because you disagree with something they say! If you don’t like what they say, you are free to contradict them. And you do that most eloquently.

      Anyway, Maxy dahlin’, keep posting and giving us the benefit of your wisdom. I’m not kidding when I say you have many original ideas and a unique literary style that never fails to instruct and amuse. Other posts can sometimes be a bit tedious and boring. Never your posts. I’ll give you that. You are never boring!


      1. I got yer back, Max, and the method to your “madness” ain’t lost on this ol’ injun. As far as I’m concerned you’re a godsend to this website bringing a sorely needed “awakingness”. And I’ll use some of your “Dickensonianess” with this little post.

        Words, my dears, and the letters that comprise them – with their sounds. They’re not always “mere” coincidences, if you get my dialectal drift, dahlins. We use them so flippantly when we should be getting inside them more. Writing and reading them……….carefully.

        Here’s an example:


        with a dissection of something like this: as-hk(kh)-e-n-(az)-i……(ar).
        hmmm….not bad. kind of a “lobroian” formulaic flavor to it.

        Get the idea? And I’ll bet someone can improve on that. The point being to TAKE BACK THE LANGUAGE!

    4. Maximum Bil-o-ney – aka ’10 pounds of boloney in a 5 pound bag’ – (10 in 5)

      Get your mommy to change your diaper!! It stinks…loaded…and you are wailing and screaming way too much!!
      You must really stop bobbing your head against the wall while wailing. It has made you incoherent!!

  23. Seems YOU are about as thick-headed as you accuse me of being, Maxy. The point I was trying to make (without benefit, of course, of having YOUR noble and refined lineage! 🙂 ), is that the average, run-of-the-mill jewboy is just as clueless as the average, run-of-the-mill goy.

    What’s happened to all your ‘sheilas’, Maxy, that they let you rant and rave, so?? (Must be some conspiratorial jewesses among them you need to ‘root out’!)

    1. True that Gil

      For all intents and purposes the “run of the mill jew-boys” are among the goy. “Goy” is incidental insofar as it would concern the practicalities of action needed to solve this “jewish problem” once and for all. In the strictest sense of the word, virtually all human beings are goy in that we ALL have been stuck in this world and “hypnotized” by jewish dialectal indoctrination in our various capacities of useful idiocy.

      And the useful idiots at the top of the Satanic food chain are to be the targets of our wrath – those khazarian elites in their usurped positions of power.

      1. B-Hawk –

        If you cannot tell me exactly what jew-boys learn in synagogue each week…. and “CHANT”…..
        you cannot substantiate that they are as ignorant of Jewish laws and commandments as goy.

        See this:

        Each week in synagogue, we read (or, more accurately, chant, because it is sung) a passage from the Torah. This passage is referred to as a parshah. The first parshah, for example, is Parashat Bereishit, which covers from the beginning of Genesis to the story of Noah. There are 54 parshahs, one for each week of a leap year, so that in the course of a year, we read the entire Torah (Genesis to Deuteronomy) in our services. During non-leap years, there are 50 weeks, so some of the shorter portions are doubled up. We reach the last portion of the Torah around a holiday called Simkhat Torah (Rejoicing in the Law), which occurs in October, a few weeks after Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). On Simkhat Torah, we read the last portion of the Torah, and proceed immediately to the first paragraph of Genesis, showing that the Torah is a circle, and never ends.

        In the synagogue service, the weekly parshah is followed by a passage from the prophets, which is referred to as a haftarah. Contrary to common misconception, “haftarah” does not mean “half-Torah.” The word comes from a Hebrew word meaning end or conclusion. Usually, haftarah portion is no longer than one chapter, and has some relation to the Torah portion of the week.

    2. Gil –

      “the average, run-of-the-mill jewboy is just as clueless as the average, run-of-the-mill goy.”

      Please do not fall for that. To do so allows them to live among us as if they had clean hands.
      They do not have clean hands. None do.
      They are contracted into secrecy.

      They automatically fulfill their contract with the Talmud, at age 13. They ALL are obligated.

      They are sworn to not tell you and me….goy.

      Read and know it.

      Under Jewish Law, children are not obligated to observe the commandments, although they are encouraged to do so as much as possible to learn the obligations they will have as adults. At the age of 13 (12 for girls), children become obligated to observe the commandments. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony formally marks the assumption of that obligation, along with the corresponding right to take part in leading religious services, to count in a minyan (the minimum number of people needed to perform certain parts of religious services), to form binding contracts, to testify before religious courts and to marry.

      A Jewish boy automatically becomes a Bar Mitzvah upon reaching the age of 13 years. No ceremony is needed to confer these rights and obligations. The popular bar mitzvah ceremony is not required, and does not fulfill any commandment. It is a relatively modern innovation, not mentioned in the Talmud, and the elaborate ceremonies and receptions that are commonplace today were unheard of as recently as a century ago.

      In its earliest and most basic form, a Bar Mitzvah is the celebrant’s first aliyah. During Shabbat services on a Saturday shortly after the child’s 13th birthday, the celebrant is called up to the Torah to recite a blessing over the weekly reading.

      1. OK, Pat

        But I wouldn’t get too caught up on the word “goy”. If you read what I’m saying CAREFULLY you would at least have a better perspective on who of them would take correction and who needs to be strung up to the nearest yardarm

        Would you agree?

        In what terms do you suppose Hitler thought? I’ve been wondering lately about German scientists and how far they got with their understanding of genetic science in trying to figure out what makes the little buggers tick!

      2. “Would you agree?”

        No. ‘Goi'(goy) is their word, not mine. No non-Jew knows its full meaning and ramifications.

        You need to put in more time learning about your enemies….which you said to keep closer than friends. Learn what they are taught in order to keep them closer. Due diligence is necessary.

        The word “Gentile” corresponds to the late Hebrew “goi,” a synonym for “nokri,” signifying “stranger,” “non-Jew.”

      3. Thanks, Pat. That is very edifying. Yet, my own observations commute a ‘falling away’ of the young Jews from the rote. I’ll give you one, small example:

        A very wealthy and philanthropic Jewish scrap dealer I knew (now deceased) had a wife (now widow) who is the PRIMO example of Jew separatism. One of their sons married a WASP girl who was secretary to my own brother-in-law. Jew momma had a FIT about it, but Jewish father (a very kind and gentle and sweet man) ‘rolled with the flow’, so to speak. (A lot of my own family has been involved in railroads for many years, and has, therefore, an established connection with the scrap industry.)

        My point is, there is – and has been for awhile – a blending of Jew and gentile to the point we must examine ourselves aside from our inherent ancestry. The world is changing. What are we going to do when our country is (openly) attacked by another? You and I can be loyal to only ONE patriotic oath at a time. Hopefully, it won’t come to that anytime too soon because our Dollar is ALREADY under siege, and
        likely to lose. Yes, I know ‘hoo de joo’ in THAT equation – but it embraces both you and I as targets ALONG WITH THE PERPS, who happen to be represented by the USA, too. Truly, we’re in a helluva fix, but in the case as it happens to be, now, Israhell (including Britain and Canada) might be our only ally.

        We just have to keep on being Americans, preparing for the worse, but hoping for the better. (Remember, too: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.) (to a degree 🙂 )

      4. It is only your “guess” that I need to put in more time learning about my enemies, or that I don’t keep them closer to me than I do my friends than you do to you and yours.

        And how we parse the word “goy” is incidental to having a proper identification of the enemy

      5. Gil –

        People will be betrayed, when they least expect it, from the enemy of their enemy.

        “My point is, there is – and has been for awhile – a blending of Jew and gentile to the point we must examine ourselves aside from our inherent ancestry.”

        That it what you believe…while the Jews hold onto their Talmud, kol nidre, Purim….etc. They are sworn NOT to tell you.

        A friend of my father in the 50s said “this repulses me” every time the invocation was read at the American Legion meetings, when Jesus’s name was mentioned. After noting he did it every time, I asked him why. He said he was required to as a Jew. He was the Post Adjutant and Service Officer. He was a Jew lawyer…. Leo Wulfsohn. My dad was Post Commander. Both WWII vets. He told us some of the idiosyncrasies about Jew laws. My dad had to help him in physical tussles with the mob over illegal gambling at the post club. He trusted my dad. My dad NEVER trusted him.

      6. B-Hawk –

        The parsing was not performed by me…or ‘we’. It is a direct quote taken from the Jewish Encyclopedia:

        The word “Gentile” corresponds to the late Hebrew “goi,” a synonym for “nokri,” signifying “stranger,” “non-Jew.”

        It is THEIR ‘parsing’ of THEIR word. Study is needed.

      7. Further ‘parsing’ of ‘goi’ by Jews from Jewish Encyclopedia:

        “Goi” and “goyyim,” however, are employed in many passages to designate nations that are politically distinct from Israel (Deut. xv. 6; xxviii. 12, 36; Josh. xxiii. 4). From this use is derived the meaning “stranger” (Deut. xxix. 24; comp. II Chron. vi. 32 =”‘amme ha-‘areẓ”). As the non-Israelite and the nokri were “heathens,” “goi” came to denote a “heathen,” like the later “‘akkum,” which, in strict construction, is not applicable to Christians or Mohammedans (see below). In its most comprehensive sense “goi” corresponds to the other late term, “ummot ha-‘olam”

      8. Perfect segue, Pat

        “They” HAVE no words, strictly speaking. “Goy” can’t be traced back to where it would belong to them (“have”) in the sense of it containing meaning other than what “they” want it to convey.

        You gotta go farther back. WAY back. I’m sure hp could offer up some useful info, and I’ll offer some of mine.

        e.g.; what may be construed from the gaelic, with references like these:

        1) to goilim (golim)
        2) goill (g-o-and the next letter I can’t type – looks like an upside-down “y”)
        3) to keep a coil (disturbance)

        Where we then link to, coil: earlier form of “cull”, used in the sense, to select; choose

        “to ensnare like a serpent into a fixed, or constrained position”
        “inspire the ether…” (serpentine)

      9. “in the sense of it containing meaning other than what “they” want it to convey.”

        That is the nature of words…. I old you humans are trapped therein…within their vocabularies…

        AND within their own meanings of those words. No one else can ever fully comprehend the meaning in another’s words as they relate to both of their thoughts.

        BUT…. it is ‘all we got.’ Ergo…our best GUESS!! I guess….. 😉

      10. Goyim:

        Goyim (7 Occurrences)
        Genesis 14:1 And it cometh to pass in the days of Amraphel king of Shinar, Arioch king of Ellasar, Chedorlaomer king of Elam, and Tidal king of Goyim,
        Genesis 14:9 with Chedorlaomer king of Elam, and Tidal king of Goyim, and Amraphel king of Shinar, and Arioch king of Ellasar; four kings with the five.
        Numbers 24:20 And he seeth Amalek, and taketh up his simile, and saith: ‘A beginning of the Goyim ‘is’ Amalek; And his latter end — for ever he perisheth.’
        Joshua 12:23 The king of Dor, at the elevation of Dor, one; The king of the Goyim of Gilgal, one;
        (YLT NIV)
        Judges 4:2 and Jehovah selleth them into the hand of Jabin king of Canaan, who hath reigned in Hazor, and the head of his host ‘is’ Sisera, and he is dwelling in Harosheth of the Goyim;
        (YLT NAS NIV)
        Judges 4:13 and Sisera calleth all his chariots, nine hundred chariots of iron, and all the people who ‘are’ with him, from Harosheth of the Goyim, unto the brook Kishon.
        (YLT NAS NIV)
        Judges 4:16 And Barak hath pursued after the chariots and after the camp, unto Harosheth of the Goyim, and all the camp of Sisera falleth by the mouth of the sword — there hath not been left even one.
        (YLT NAS NIV)

      11. YLT in quotes above:

        Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) is a translation of the Bible into English, published in 1862. The translation was made by Robert Young, compiler of Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible and Concise Critical Comments on the New Testament. Young used the Textus Receptus (TR) and the Majority Text (MT) as the basis for his translation. Young produced a “Revised Version” of his translation in 1887, which he based on the 1881 Westcott–Hort text. After Robert Young died on October 14, 1888, the publisher[who?] released a new Revised Edition in 1898.

      12. Don’t get me wrong, Pat

        With this post my intention is not to pick on you. Let’s just say I’ll conveniently use you as my foil in making my point that reflects on all of us.

        We expose ourselves when writing here, of that there can be no doubt. True colors tend to rise to the surface. You, with your “I told you this, and I told you that” shows a kind of pedantry that prides itself in being clever with this overemphasis on guesswork. The nature of your fear is one that’s afraid to KNOW. While having all the facts is obviously important, you hide behind them.

        But KNOWING goes beyond the often drab analysis of proper wordsmithing and into the realm of POWER. As in POWER OF CONVICTION. This is where you find ENERGY and SPIRIT. Many of us aren’t getting it. or I should say BRINGING it. We have become too much like the silly little joooos we rail against with too much kvetching. Do you notice this? It’s true. We all do it, and the only exceptions I see who are consistent in their lack of it are Max and SPQR.

        Max’s often times endearing buffoonery aside, it’s his PASSION and CONFIDENCE that is his strength which sets him apart. With SPQR there is the clear-sightedness of a virtuous man, but one whose faith in his fellow man, like all the rest of us is being severely put to the test. To this I would simply say to be reminded of Goethe, when he said to “show a man what he ought to be, and you help him to become what he is capable of being”. This grasps Christ in a nutshell, doesn’t it? And while Hitler, like Christ knew the enemy of Man as well as they can be known, he too had this lack of seeing worthiness in his fellow man with his pre-occupation with preserving the White race. Don’t get me wrong, this was his righteous aim and honorable mission. He wasn’t Christ, but Christ-like. But like with all of us, there’s something missing

        Why the virtue in all of us calls for us to always…..STRIVE

      13. B-Hawk –

        “With this post my intention is not to pick on you.”
        If it weren’t… I could not tell it all that much. And…you missed a really good chance. 😉

        I guess if I used coarse and foul language I would not be seen by you as being so pedantic.

        Do not fall for the Jews’ wishes to decrease pedantry among goyim. Jews do not want pedantic goyim. But they demand it in their teachings of other Jews and in their synagogue chantings.
        If pedantry were more common-place the Jews would not be able to conceal their perfidy.

        Pedantry is paying close attention to details. Nuclear engineers are some of the best at it. You know… high pressures and radiation and all… where mistakes yield deaths.

        The oceans and battlefields and super-highways and hunting grounds are full of the remains of those who lacked sufficient pedantry to make it back home. Some go at age 20. My 20 year old grandson lacked sufficient pedantry while serving in Turkey in 2012. Killed in an accident at Incirlic.

        Yes. I am as guilty of pedantry as those who argue over what they guess Hitler and Stalin had in their dreams…. and what would be if either of them had lived 30 more years or had been successful. And just as much as those who tell me what Moses thought and did…down to the last pedantic detail. And just as much as those who criticize me.

        I do not mind it… I seek it. I survive because of it. My teams and companies have always shown excellent pedantry… and they win.

        Pedantry…. being pedantic… COUNT ME IN, my friend. A compliment to me. Thanks for noticing. Thanks for this chance to use you as you used me…. as ‘foil.’

        BTW – I just told my grand-daughter to be pedantic while driving. Because I care enough to want (send) the very best. (Uh-oh…Hallmark was pedantic) 😉

      14. PAT!!!!!!

        I see I hit a nerve. ABOUT TIME!!!!!

        But you’re right. My bad. “Pedantic” is the wrong word. In the context you put it I can see its merits. I’ll bury my hatchet over that one. But why don’t you give me a more appropriate word that would be defined as : an over-emphasis of guesswork at the expense of KNOWING without “facts”.

        To you this is absurd, and apparently there aren’t enough words for me to use that would make you understand why it isn’t.

        P.S. It’s trivial, but disregard that earlier post when I replied to your sarcasm (which I liked, btw) 😉

      15. ‘Presumptive’ might work.
        The bad thing about writing with words…. is that the reader gets to interpret the meanings and assume the synonyms.
        That’s why I try to write using words without many syllables.
        “See spot run.”

      16. Thanks, Pat. I needed that. And I appreciate your wisdom in certain things. Reminds me to choose my words more carefully. Gotta respect your elders (haha – Brownhawk just kiddin around) Maybe your “see spot run” is the equivalent of my “red injun poetry”

        It’s good to hold each other’s feet to the fire sometimes. I wonder if this has anything to do with my Iroquois background. They did this LITERALLY to their enemies.

        “Outsiders referred to the Iroquois as the “iriakoiw” – an Algonquian word that meant “rattlesnakes”. To them they were the Haudenosaunee.”

        “No one wanted to become an Iroquois captive. Led back to the enemy village, the prisoner would be beaten, sometimes bitten, and forced to run naked through a gauntlet of alternately angry and festive villagers. If he stood up bravely to this abuse, he might be adopted into a family who had lost a son in battle. Otherwise, his fate was sealed. His captives would tear his hair, pull out his fingernails, burn his flesh with hot coals, break his bones. At the end he would be put to death. Sometimes the villagers would eat bits of his flesh in a sacrificial rite designed to appropriate the victim’s wisdom and strength.”

        Chilling stuff, but I will FIGURATIVELY hold your feet to the fire by asking you to give me your take on what I said before:

        In what sense do we know without facts?

      17. “In what sense do we know without facts?”

        Other than the five anatomical senses, which cannot be denied…. there are three. Thirst and hunger need no knowledge to be recognized….. and the third one is based on perception from the five senses…. fear.

        It has been said that a newborn chick will cower when the shadow of a hawk is shown. It could not do so without the sense of sight.

        Partial infrared vision, very minute, allows some to see auras, glows around people and animals, due to heat. That means they can ‘know’ what others cannot know….and are called psychics or ‘seers.’

        Who ‘knows?’ 😉

  24. … And don’t misread me: I KNOW we must be Jew-vigilant and Jew-wise (or we wouldn’t have gotten into this fix, in the first place) – but here we are. AND, despite what a lot of you might claim, the newer generations of Jews have been ‘diluted’ to the point THEY aren’t as gung-ho about Jewry anymore, either. Consider the WASP congressmen who have been bought-and-paid for: Are THEY any less complicit???

    Let me know when a necktie party starts at the old lampposts. I’ll help. But I will DEMAND that only ‘he who is without blame’ casts the first stones! Otherwise, we’re all just hypocrites (like that blivit, Bilney).

  25. @ Lasha Darkmoon

    (to have some more space I answer you in this new comment)

    The reason why the Jews depict the Holocaust as “uniquely evil” is that they consider themselves as uniquely superior to Gentiles. Killing of Uniquely Superior Beings is therefore a uniquely evil crime.

    Jews know that they can’t say this openly, therefore they use all kinds of fake arguments such as that the Holocaust was uniquely evil because it happened on an industrial scale or because a single ethnic group was targetted etc. But if you listen carefully to these people their real reason becomes clear. I read for example about a lecture about the Holocaust in which the fate of the Gypsies was compared to that of the Jews. A Jewish woman stood up and protested loudly : “How dare you compare Gypsies with Jews! How many Nobel Prizes have the Gypsies won? How many scientists, poets or artists have they produced?” Other Jews complain that in the Holocaust so many potential geniuses were lost.

    Anti-Semitism also is uniquely evil because it is an attack of inferior people on Uniquely Superior People. Abraham Foxman said that anti-Semitism is an attack on God’s Chosen People and therefore on God Himself.

    The life of a single Jew is of immensely more worth than that of a goy. An Israeli rabbi stated : “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” Once one has understood this mentality one can understand why Israel always overreacts when Jews are harmed in their conflict with the Palestinians. Three Israeli soldiers are kidnapped by Lebanon (2006), therefore half the country is destroyed, 1200 people killed, one million people displaced and the border region littered with clusterbombs. The recent reactions of Israel on Gaza showed the same type of insanely disproportional response.

    All this behavior can be explained if you understand that Jews see themselves as vastly superior to ordinary men.

    1. Their boastings of superiority are merely masks for their sense of inferiority, as well as their natural insanity. Almost everything about them is an affront to nature.

      “Jewish scientists, poets, and artists.” lol.

      What, “scientists” like Stephen Jay Gould? Sigmund Freud? Franz Boas? These men were not scientists, they were fanatically opposed to the scientific method and only became influential by forming personality cults around themselves and viciously attacking those who disagreed with their “findings”…. findings which, of course, were never backed up by any data.

      Who is their Darwin? Tesla? Copernicus? Aristotle? VON BRAUN? They don’t have any. Aryan science got us around the world, to the poles, and to the moon. Jewish science has given us “The Authoritarian Personality” and other rubbish.

      Jewish poets? Who? Allen Ginsberg? Or maybe by “poets” they mean those jews who wrote all those “Christmas” pop songs like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Yes, that’s where the jewish genius manifests itself best, when it’s being used to debase a foreign culture.

      Artists? Here’s some jewish art:

      No doubt both pieces have been used in many laudatory New York Times articles about “elite” artists, most of them written by trolls with surnames ending in -stein, -witz, -baum, -feld, and -berg. Jewish paintings are like jews themselves; devoid of beauty.

      So we have science, poetry, and art covered. What’s left? The financial industry! “Oy gevalt, how many potential Lloyd Blankfeins did we lose at Auschwitz? A broch! Ze hate!” And think of all the potential pedophiles, spies, terrorists, perverts, criminals, and slave traffickers that were lost! Think of all the potential Trotskys buried at Treblinka! lmao.

      But even more pathetic is how many stupid people uncritically accept their viewpoints. The jew is in bullshit mode 24/7. A lot of us have trouble understanding this. We have ‘off’ switches when it comes to bullshitting people. The jews don’t. It’s inconceivable to a lot of us that a race of people have been bred to be liars and cheats. Those of us who are jew-wise know better than to ever listen to them.

      1. Legionarre

        I agree with your contention. To embellish (I AM a poet), I direct your attention to ‘Maya Anjelou’, the negress poetess arraigned by PC to be our ‘poet laureate’… HOW COULD THAT SHIT BE without stupid people accepting the viewpoint vended them by the Jews who want to derail our society???! She is no poet – just a negress expressing her nigicity for sympathy. White folk seem to SUCK IT UP.

      2. Yep.
        White folk seem to SUCK IT UP….
        …..with the same fear brought on by guilt that allows the Jews to be accepted, praised,
        …..because of the Holo-hoax.

  26. @spqr

    thanks for digging up this information.
    it totally puts to lie the foul propaganda aginst hitler that people fall for.

    i just don’t get it why people who are (nearly) perfectly aware of judaic perfidy still eager to lap it up as gospel truth.

    i guess it demonstrates the power of the Matrix and why max is is boiling mad and trying to prod people into cleansing anger.

    a good and unselfish man who only lived and fought for the common good of the european man, not the nordic asshole aryan – all of them, which is why they loved him and willingly died for him – all of them, finns, slavs, hungarians, romanians, persians and even the bush negroes of africa.

  27. germans controlled the nazi party in 1938
    jews controlled the nazi party in 1940

    understand that and all the events of WWII fall into place … it explains how german war strategy changed from educating/arming/occupying to suicide … it explains why germans made poor use of rus states and rus allies after 1940 (and actually killed million of pows that could have been used to fight zionism) … it explains why germans backed out of a lot of deals with european countries – it is not a germanic trait to backstab

    1. during stressful times, we listen to the most confident voice, not the most intelligent … it wouldn’t take much to shoehorn germany in the wrong direction – one or two jews in the nazi party giving disinformation – or one or two bribed generals

  28. Maybe lasha, you SHOULD scrap the article you’ve already written. Remember the “cringe factor”. Once your words are published it’ll be too late to take them back

    My feeling is that based on your reply to Franklin R. your position is just too weak to bring the necessary power to bear on the subject of Hitler and Germany. At the very least you need to seriously take in all of SPQR’S excellent commentary and perhaps re-read Mein Kampf.

    In my view, when it comes right down to it, in ways of grasping sheer practical necessity Hitler understood Christ more than any of us lesser mortals. And I won’t reiterate here my sense of what went wrong when the SHTF in 1939 and the war was on, I’ve written plenty of posts to cover that. But the reason I feel as strongly as I do about this is in knowing that Hitler tried to make up for almost 2,000 years of failure with the unprecedented power of his will – He was a phenomenon unlike anyone since the time of Christ and certainly since in this regard. He too failed, and now the world finds itself on the brink of the complete dissipation of the Christ message to be replaced by a total engulfment of the Satanic scourge.

    Both Christ AND Hitler were intimately aware of “something evil this way comes”, and as writers we owe them no less than bringing as much power of our words to bear as we can if we want to make a true impact.

    And if we think that is what we’re doing we’d be wrong because I haven’t seen them being anywhere near where they need to be.

    A combination of SPQR’s extensive knowledge and Max’s scathing fire might constitute a pair to beat a full house.

    1. Hitler tried to make up for almost 2,000 years of failure with the unprecedented power of his will

      you said it hawk, it is the overarching truth.
      all this whimpering about hitler done us wrong, invaded this, annexed that, we don’t like germans, we like brits, french, yanks, even while pretending we don’t like king yid, is just girlie posturing.
      i, for one, not being a racial german though in possession of a pint of blood, would without hesitation welcome anyone who would slay the serpent of eden, primarily hitler but also putin, ahmedinaejad, even stalin if need be.
      just get rid of jew is all i ask, eden can be rebuilt.

      and who is better qualified to rebuild eden than the germans? poles?
      having my morning laugh here … the superiority may be a cultural attribute more than genetic, which is what hitler may have alluded to when he objected to germanization of poles, it was an objection to what amounts to “diversity” today, all those immigrants arriving in germany, learning german and polluting the society with their foreignness.

      once again, i await the victory of russia like a cargo cultist, the pickings are slim.
      maybe i am stupid but not so stupid to expect the relief to arrive from benelux, the shabbo nest of hanseatic merchant appeasers, the lesser jews.

      1. And intrinsic with trying to make up for this failure was, as well as his understanding would allow, the unraveling of historic consequences which, insofar as the East was concerned, to me always gets back to the Russian dollhouse in the sense that it takes a keen eye of righteous outlook in seeing what is worth preserving upon the invading of other countries.

        As I alluded to in my post directed at Pat, and I’m sure you and SPQR can address this, the primary question I have concerns that would-be keenness of Hitler in determining the worthiness of a culture based on distinguishing between true righteous behavior in a People and their proclivity towards moral turpitude

        But SOMETHING had to be done, and SOMEONE had to be the one to lead.

        People like Franklin will never get this, and say instead that NO ONE has such a right. But like you said, Eden can be rebuilt

        And when it is, THEN Goethe’s wisdom in saying to show a man how he ought to be, based on the moral righteousness of what Christ commanded, will evolve to helping him be what he is capable of being.

  29. @ SPQR, November 30, 2014 at 6:56 pm.

    1) Yes it is “amusing” I bemoan annexation of my country. We “deserved” it because some Dutch Jews were engaged in the slave trade some 400 years ago! Usually nations don’t like to be annexed. Perhaps you have noticed this strange phenomenon.

    2) So Hitler the great civilizer wanted to destroy the cultural cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow and then boast how primitive and uncivilized the Russians are!

    Here is an illustration of how “uncivilized” the Russians are and how much in need they were of German Kultur (ahem). The picture is of the Grand Stairs in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg :

    @Lobro, December 1, 2014 at 2:01 am.

    “…a good and unselfish man who only lived and fought for the common good of the European man…”

    This shows that you are a pious believer in the religion of Hitlerianity and I know it is useless to try to reason with “true believers”. All information contrary to the cherished myth is dismissed (as Jewish lies of course). I advise you not to read Hitler’s Mein Kampf or his Table Talk where he openly talks about Germany’s need for Lebensraum in the East and the inferiority of Slavs. Here are two passages from Mein Kampf :

    About the need for Lebensraum :

    “Without consideration of traditions and prejudices, Germany must find the courage to gather our people and their strength for an advance along the road that will lead this people from its present restricted living space to new land and soil, and hence also free it from the danger of vanishing from the earth or of serving others as a slave nation.”

    “The National Socialist Movement must strive to eliminate the disproportion between our population and our area—viewing this latter as a source of food as well as a basis for power politics—between our historical past and the hopelessness of our present impotence.[31]

    And about the inferiority of Poles :

    “Not only in Austria, however, but also in the Reich, these so-called national circles were, and still are, under the influence of similar erroneous ideas. Unfortunately, a policy towards Poland, whereby the East was to be Germanized, was demanded by many and was based on the same false reasoning. Here again it was believed that the Polish people could be Germanized by being compelled to use the German language. The result would have been fatal. A people of foreign race would have had to use the German language to express modes of thought that were foreign to the German, thus compromising by its own inferiority the dignity and nobility of our nation.[39]

    This can mean only one thing : Jews have written Mein Kampf !

    1. F.R.:

      1. Did you not read what I wrote? Of course nations don’t like to be annexed. That doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary from time to time. Germany awoke in 1933. The Netherlands didn’t. The rest of the West didn’t. It was up to Hitler to wake them up. That involved using force, either soft power (annexation) or hard power (invasion).

      “I must be cruel only to be kind.” – Hamlet

      2. Funny you should post a picture of the Hermitage. I sat through a tedious film called Russian Ark, which was filmed in it. While I appreciated the subtle anti-communist subtext- and in fact there’s a great scene where the Tsar’s murdered children appear- I couldn’t help but think that this great “Russian” museum was filled with art that was primarily done by Westerners. The Winter Palace itself as we know it was designed by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, a Swiss-Italian.

      As for Hitler’s views on Eastern Slavs, so what? Even he knew that there were Slavs who were Aryans. The Kiev Rus was founded by Scandinavians the Slavs referred to as Varangians, after all. There’s a reason why Western Europe turned out the way it did and Eastern Europe turned out the way it did.

      1. And there is also a reason why peoples don’t like to be invaded, enslaved or even “awakened”.

      2. And there is also a reason why peoples don’t like to be invaded, enslaved or even “awakened”.

        And that’s totally irrelevant. American fuckheads don’t like to be reminded that they’re fuckheads. They don’t like to be told that they fought on the wrong side in WWII. They don’t like to be told that their government, media, financial system, and academic institutions are run by mentally-ill people who call themselves “jews.” That doesn’t distract from the fact that they serve and protect the very people who are responsible for their undoing.

        What was Hitler was supposed to do, distribute leaflets around Europe containing brief summaries of the reasons why jews are hostile to Europeans? Use radio and print to expound the history of Judaism, from its beginnings as a profanation of Egyptian polytheism to its modern Bolshevik tendencies? Who would have listened? How many people listen today? Does Kevin MacDonald have any influence on the intellectual establishment of America? Did professor of classical philology Revilo Oliver?

        Your attitude is unrealistic. People don’t listen until they’re forced to listen, either through coercion (such as jews controlling the narrative through overwhelming media influence) or through aggression (Hitler and most powerful leaders throughout history). How else do you get people to listen? Does a true leader play the role of the democrat and use dialectics and argumentation to win people over or does he use force to get it done?

        Hitler wasn’t a “saint?” So what? Augustus Caesar, a darling of historians worldwide, once had around 300 Roman senators and members of the equestrian order (upper class Romans) executed in a mass sacrifice to honor his assassinated “father,” who was then deified as a god. By comparison, the most Hitler ever killed was eight-five or so opponents during Operation Hummingbird when he purged the Strasserist morons, and that was an act of political necessity, not some kind of ritual sacrifice for the sake of image. Yet where are the documentaries on the “brutality” and “tyranny” of Augustus?” Why has no one made a movie called, “Augustus: The Rise of Evil?”
        There’s one Hitler.
        There’s another.

        If you want to lead a nation that’s built on intellect, beauty, physical strength, and pride, as well as things like environmentalism, animal rights, and scientific progress, you need to defend it with force. If you want to export those virtues to other nations you need to use force. You can’t simply ask them to do it. Picture number one above is only made possible by picture number two. Augustus is hailed for initiating the Pax Romana (200 years of peace) but that was only made possible AFTER had Augustus crushed his enemies (namely Antony) in open warfare. It would have been the same with Hitler if he had won, and used warfare to bring peace and stability to Europe.

        I already quoted Hamlet, but here’s another quote by Rilke which is probably even more appropriate for Hitler:

        “Every angel is terrifying.”

        1. @ SPQR

          To FRANKLIN RYCKAERT: “Your attitude is unrealistic. People don’t listen until they’re forced to listen, either through coercion (such as jews controlling the narrative through overwhelming media influence) or through aggression (Hitler and most powerful leaders throughout history). How else do you get people to listen? Does a true leader play the role of the democrat and use dialectics and argumentation to win people over or does he use force to get it done?”….I already quoted Hamlet, but here’s another quote by Rilke which is probably even more appropriate for Hitler: ‘Every angel is terrifying.’”

          Eloquently put, SPQR. Machiavelli would approve! All I can say is this: if you ever rose to power like Hitler, heads would roll! The guillotine would be working overtime.

          Two related observations:

          (1) I am a great admirer or Kevin MacDonald (whom you mention) and have often wished that a man like this — of unimpeachable integrity and with the deepest insight into what is wrong with America — could be made dictator for six months. Like Cincinnatus in Ancient Rome.

          Like Cincinnatus, he would resign after six months, having introduced a set of sweeping changes to put America back on course. I have no doubt whatever that America would be a far better place if KMD had supreme power for six months. But tell me: do you think he would have to resort to violence, or could things be done peacefully? Is violence always the midwife of change? Must blood always flow to make the world a better place?

          (2) Assuming violence is necessary — and I myself cannot see how radical change is possible without “rivers of blood”, to quote Enoch Powell — can’t you see that purges and coups and bloody revolutions, all attempts to stamp out the evil Old Order and usher in Utopia, have failed dismally to make the world a better place?

          You mention Augustus and the blood he had to shed to improve the situation. But how long did the Golden Age last in Rome? Wasn’t Augustus soon followed by Nero and Caligula and a whole bunch of the most bloodthirsty tyrants? Everything, it seems to me, returns to corruption and decay. All attempts to make the world perfect end in failure. This is because man himself is imperfect, little better than a beast. The masses you so despise will always remain despicable. Small chance of them changing. In short, dystopia is the natural habitat of the Untermenschen.

          The world can only change when men change. A perfect world can only exist when all men are perfect.

      3. “Every angel is terrifying.”

        What a quote. . . Thanks, SPQR. I respect you a lot for what you write here.

      4. I am a great admirer or Kevin MacDonald (whom you mention) and have often wished that a man like this — of unimpeachable integrity and with the deepest insight into what is wrong with America — could be made dictator for six months. . . . But tell me: do you think he would have to resort to violence, or could things be done peacefully? Is violence always the midwife of change? Must blood always flow to make the world a better place?

        Well, Kevin MacDonald is an intellectual, not a leader. I can definitely see him advising a “dictator” on certain matters but there’s a reason why it was Hitler who came to power and rebuilt Germany and not Alfred Rosenberg. Nonetheless, MacDonald’s writings on jews are absolutely indispensable. Even when I first became jew-wise five years ago by reading up on their crimes in the USSR, I didn’t fully understand their psychology and motivation until I read MacDonald’s blog.

        (2) Assuming violence is necessary — and I myself cannot see how radical change is possible without “rivers of blood”, to quote Enoch Powell — can’t you see that purges and coups and bloody revolutions, all attempts to stamp out the evil Old Order and usher in Utopia, have failed dismally to make the world a better place?

        Most bloody revolutions have been led by lunatics and criminals. Hitler came to power peacefully. Furthermore I don’t think any of us has any interest in building a utopia: we want White nations run by White patriots, not pathological Marxists and jew tools who actively hate their own people.

        However, things are different now, as our homelands are filled with millions of violent third worlders who are raping and murdering us by the thousands every year. Their crimes are covered up by the media while the academic institutions and politicians incite further violence against whites with their BS about “white privilege” and “systemic racism.” This is absolutely a racial war and a form of genocide.

        So yes, violence will be necessary. The invaders will not leave on their own. We shouldn’t shy away from being harsh and cruel to our enemies; after all, whenever Whites found themselves at the mercy of non-Whites in history, they showed us no mercy. Morality is for the losers.

        You mention Augustus and the blood he had to shed to improve the situation. But how long did the Golden Age last in Rome? Wasn’t Augustus soon followed by Nero and Caligula and a whole bunch of the most bloodthirsty tyrants?

        Yes, but these tyrants like Nero and Caligula were themselves followed by the “Five Good Emperors:” Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. Hadrian was and is much-hated by jews. They staged a bloody uprising against him due to his “virulent anti-Semitism” (a direct quote from one of Abe Foxman’s ancestors) but were wiped out by Hadrian’s legions. With Judea under control, Hadrian turned Jerusalem into a city with temples dedicated to Roman gods, outlawed Judaism and jewish nationalism, and even renamed the land “Syria Palaestina” to remove all traces of Jewishness from its history. Unfortunately Hadrian died two years later, leaving his struggle incomplete. I view both him and Augustus as spiritual predecessors to Adolf Hitler.

        Everything, it seems to me, returns to corruption and decay. All attempts to make the world perfect end in failure. This is because man himself is imperfect, little better than a beast. The masses you so despise will always remain despicable. Small chance of them changing. In short, dystopia is the natural habitat of the Untermenschen.

        The world can only change when men change. A perfect world can only exist when all men are perfect.

        The very idea of perfecting the world seems pathological to me. Our ancestors had no such ideas in their heads. To me it’s another example of humans becoming increasingly mechanized in their thinking as they continue to be cut off from Life. Klages described it as spirit conquering soul. I’d recommend reading The Biocentric Worldview, which is a collection of his essays, for more on this.

      5. @ SPQR

        Many thanks for these illuminating thoughts. For my part, I cannot see the emergence of a Hitler any time soon as a rescuer and redeemer. Even his rise to power in Germany depended on a unique set of circumstances. The Jews are now so firmly entrenched that they would nip in the bud any incipient schemes to dislodge them.

        Though it is obvious to all of that the Jews control America, it astonishes me that they still keep pretending they don’t. They appear to be very concerned right now that the Chinese might get the “wrong idea” that they control America! They would obviously like to dupe the Chinese into thinking they are quite harmless. Or else the Chinese might take steps to limit their power in China and prevent them gaining a foothold. How they would like to start buying up the Chinese media and begin the systematic “Jewification” of the Chinese people.

        All this is suggested to me by the title and opening paragraphs of this new article by Kevin MacDonald on TOO:

        I haven’t read the article yet, but I intend to do so. Apparently India is now cuddling up to Israel. It would be tragic if China followed suit.

      6. @ Lasha Darkmoon

        “…Though it is obvious to all that the Jews control America, it astonishes me that they still keep pretending they don’t..”

        It wouldn’t astonish you if you knew about what is called “agressive mimicry” , which is defined thusly :

        “Aggressive mimicry is a form of mimicry in which predators, parasites or parasitoids share similar signals with a harmless model, allowing them to avoid being correctly identified by their prey or host”

        From Wikipedia, aggressive mimicry.

        Link :

        Jews are parasites who want to exploit, control and eventually destroy their host, but because they are everywhere a small minority they must resort to certain strategies not to be identified and expelled. First of all they do that by hiding their identity (assuming non-Jewish names, “converting” to another religion etc.) and by staying as much as possible in the background (as “adviser” of a leading figure but not as the leader himself). Secondly they project the image of themselves as harmless, powerless or even as oppressed and persecuted. Hence the stress on the Holocaust story. This is in the human sphere what is called in biology “aggressive mimicry”. Jews become hysterical when they are identified 1) as Jews, 2) as rich and powerful, 3) as harmful parasites. Therefore they don’t want to be seen by the Chinese as in total control of America. China is their next host and they need to be seen as harmless, hence they practise also there aggressive mimicry.

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          “Jews become hysterical when they are identified 1) as Jews, 2) as rich and powerful, 3) as harmful parasites. Therefore they don’t want to be seen by the Chinese as in total control of America. China is their next host and they need to be seen as harmless, hence they practise also there aggressive mimicry.”

          Well, let’s hope the Chinese are smart enough to avoid the fate of the Americans. America is now little more than a slave colony dominated by Jews.

          That the Americans were unable to learn from history — from the complete takeover of Germany and Russia by the neo-Bolshevik parasites — is a sad reflection on the American character. Didn’t they see it coming? If they did, it seems they weren’t too bothered: like the English who threw in the towel long ago and were quite happy to accept serfdom under the Jews: (a) provided it was dressed up as “democracy”, and (b) provided the loot was divided up in such a way that the gentile aristocracy were not excluded from a place at the pig’s trough.

          The Brits and the Americans, you could say, were willing to make a Faustian pact with the parasites: that as long as the parasites made a few of them rich, letting them be part of the exploitative elite, there would be no complaints. Hollywood is a case in point, and wherever celebrities like Madonna are made. Fabulous wealth is showered upon these degenerates as long as they serve their Master the Jew faithfully.

          I’m not sure the Chinese will be any more successful than our Western countries in resisting the wiles of the Jews. Bribery and blackmail may well do the trick.The important thing is to keep the masses sedated. As long as the slaves are allowed to think they are in control and are made to enjoy their slavery, life will go on.

          This quote by Aldous Huxley says it all:

          “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

      7. Franklin –
        Maybe yes…Maybe not so much.

        …one might think that the Chinese are free to make up their own minds about the subject based on rigorous academic research. Think again.

        “Do the Jews Really Control America?” asked one Chinese newsweekly headline in 2009. The factoids doled out in such articles and in books about Jews in China—for example: “The world’s wealth is in Americans’ pockets; Americans are in Jews’ pockets”—would rightly be seen to be alarming in other contexts. But in China, where Jews are widely perceived as clever and accomplished, they are meant as compliments. Scan the shelves in any bookstore in China and you are likely to find best-selling self-help books based on Jewish knowledge. Most focus on how to make cash. Titles range from 101 Money Earning Secrets From Jews’ Notebooksto Learn To Make Money With the Jews.

        The Chinese recognize, and embrace, common characteristics between their culture and Jewish culture. Both races have a large diaspora spread across the globe. Both place emphasis on family, tradition, and education. Both boast civilizations that date back thousands of years. In Shanghai, I am often told with nods of approval that I must be intelligent, savvy, and quick-witted, simply because of my ethnicity. While it is true that the Chinese I’ve met are fascinated by—rather than fear—the Jews, these assertions make me deeply uncomfortable.

      8. Remember that Jews are technically Asians, and Asians are naturally cruel and materialistic. China and India will welcome them with open arms because they’ll see the jews as a cash cow. Jews may have a bit more trouble worming their way into Japan, but not much.

        The reason why Jews have spent much of their history subverting us is because they hate us. They’ve spent 2,000 years trying to destroy us. They haven’t done this with Asia because they have no history of conflict with Asia.

        did Jews so seamlessly blend in Turkish, Indian, and Chinese civilization with no pogroms, persecutions, etc.? Because the jewish worldview doesn’t conflict with the Asiatic worldview, but it sure does conflict with the Aryan one.

      9. “The idea of perfecting the World seems pathological to me”

        And just so you know, SPQR, I agree with this. The reason I felt the need to say this is hopefully for it to provide perspective on that “spirit/soul” post I just wrote

      10. @ Pat

        But that only confirms my point! The Chinese acknowledge that the Jews are powerful, but the Jews feel uncomfortable with that. As parasites they want to appear as harmless and powerless. That’s their aggressive mimicry strategy. It is the same in the West when Jews are praised for their intelligence. They feel uncomfortable with that because it would make them appear powerful.

      11. @LD

        That quote by a true insider, Huxley, really does say it all. “Killing them softly with their swoon”

        On a national level, are the Russians to be the only ones who won’t faint over it? Would we be dreaming with pipes envisioning an American military coup d’etat?

      12. @ Lasha Darkmoon

        We can only hope that the Chinese will be able to avoid being corrupted by the Jews. Their high intelligence, realism and traditional values might be of help, but we must also keep in mind that they already have been once victims of the destructive ideology of Communism, which is Jewish after all. Under Communism the Chinese repudiated their traditional values, condemned Confucianism as “feudal” and during Mao’s Cultural Revolution even destroyed centuries old art treasures. If one Jewish ideology could subvert them once, another one could do it for a second time.

    2. could the reason germany invaded the low countries was their act of betrayal?

      Herr von Ribbentrop said that Germany had received unimpeachable proof that the Allies were engineering an imminent attack through the Lowlands into the German Ruhr district wherefore the Germans felt compelled to take corresponding measures. (In January 1923, France and Belgium invaded the Ruhr, a vital industrial area of German bordering their own countries. The region is full of factories and coalmines. After the German currency had collapsed, the French and Belgians stole the Ruhr’s resources in lieu of unpaid World War I reparations.)

      1. The Netherlands were neutral in WW I and expected to remain neutral in the new conflict. They were utterly unprepared for a war. That’s why they lost in 5 days. The idea that the Netherlands were preparing to cooperate in an Allied attack on Germany is preposterous. The reasons von Ribbentrop gives smack suspiciously of the fake excuse most aggressive nations give for an attack : ” We were threatened and had to react preventively.” If self-defense were really the motive, then why did the Germans proceed to annex the Netherlands?

  30. i am presently leaving bosnia+herzegovina after 1.5 years there.
    the finest, warmest, most welcoming people i ever met, they are now my family.

    but to the man, the grieve the departure of the austrian empire, the salad days.
    even the turkish rule was greatly preferred to this miserable european union (read: us/jewish) protectorate.
    they all look forward to another war when they will have their showdown with cruel serbs but on equal terms this time, not as helpless rape victims.
    and the local war will happen when the global war rages all around, ignoring the battling mice.

    there was a global survey to rank how different nations were perceived by different nations.
    germany predictably came out on top, israel even more predictably owned the bottom, worse than north korea.

    as for the dutch, i look at their history and see nothing but avarice, cruelty and betrayal, from the time they welcomed vermin fleeing spanish wrath, to colonization of the far east (their cruelty to indonesians, moluccans and timorese was legendary), to perpetual intrigues with england and denmark against germany does not endear them to me, they are marginal europeans, like all the ones used to leeching off other lands’ labor and resources – like i said, wannabe jews.

    real europe is the central europe, where people accept that their livelihood comes from the sweat of own brow and nobody exemplifies this better than the germans.

    1. And to that I would remind SPQR to be careful when quoting the melancholy Dane, and I paraphrase, “gotta be cruel to be kind”

      This falls into the dangerous territory of the psychopath. This even encapsulates the satanic mind, and justifies the onerous agenda-21 plan. Conquer all these countries around the world to “pave the way for democracy”. Even if millions are slaughtered, it’s “kind” in the long run, and “for their own good” They just don’t know what’s best for them is the psychopathic reasoning

      Better to say “know the righteousness of your conviction to be kind”

    2. “gotta be cruel to be kind”?

      cruelty is vice, perversion, weakness, pleasure of diseased mind, jew’s joy.

      i would agree with “gotta be just to be kind” and through “gotta be brutal to deliver justice” (when necessary) it collapses (however temporarily and under strong constraints) to “gotta be brutal to be kind”.
      that logic i can follow and apply without fear.

      because once justice is violated, the footing is lost and one falls into abyss and it takes special strength, determination and focus of orpheus to pull one back out, after the dues are paid in full.

      1. Jews enjoy cruelty for its own sake. Ideas of justice and kindness never figure into their actions unless they benefit their fellow jews.

  31. Max’s often times endearing buffoonery aside, it’s his PASSION and CONFIDENCE CONVICTION that is his strength which sets him apart.

    very true.

    at these desperate times, chauvinistic navel gazing and narrow minded preoccupation with local affairs reveals to me insidious jew-induced myopia, most easily seen in mass psychosis at sporting events, the most revolting manifestations in the us college ball games, where you often see normally uptight profs blank eyed, drooling and screaming like demonically possessed.
    all this talk of “american history”, what madison said to quincy adams in reply to jefferson’s remark is just that, pointless navel gazing.
    none of these bewigged people were great, their focus was on shameless wealth agglomeration while smugly moralizing to lesser classes and the results were consequently not great either.
    canadian history is a byword for lethal boredom, callous old farts railing against intrusion into their privileged cricket grounds.
    the only thing that matters is, iudea est delenda, bury the hatchet into satan’s neck.

    you tell ’em, max, and if they are offended by your proclamations of 1700 DQ (multiple of dick length times iq), that’s good, it means the slumber is disturbed, snoring lost rhythm.

    1. Remember, lobro, when Max said to stop calling ourselves goy and say gentile instead? To that I would throw in a qualifier.

      I note with exquisite irony that Hitler made it against the law to put lobsters in pots of boiling water, and yet here we are, those very same lobsters coming to a slow boil ourselves in pots of comfortable numbness.

      You can’t make it up

      But upon further review, if we disobey this order, with it being representative of disregarding admonitions directed at wrong behavior in general, then this is what MAKES us goy – what would relinquish our rights as gentiles

      And speaking of Max, the G-20 bastards left Brisbane, and right after they were gone left their calling card in the form of big destructive storms. Did anyone else see this?

      Max, are you OK brother?!

  32. Every angel is terrifying (spqr)

    pardon if pointing out the obvious but i didn’t see its meaning instantly, so must record it for my own clarification.

    of angels and men.

    what makes jew a jew is that he is what is left of human after the soul has been torched and gutted, ie, he is a psychotic semiautomation whose only pleasure conduit is harming others.
    why he is that way, is it through own perdition or was he a helpless victim of circumstances and evil intent of something more enduring is a question for another discussion (seemingly never ending string of them).

    but the point is that in every human there is a measure of psychopathy, to wit, lying and prevarication in order to further one’s goal and status at the expense of a fooled and befuddled victim.
    it’s a matter of degree, the less judaism in a person, the healthier mentally, spiritually and morally he is, closer to human ideal.

    the hallmark notion of a neutered, frolicking cherub, pink and clueless as a newborn puppy is a commercial lie, such a construct makes absolutely no sense in religious context, if they are indeed god’s thoughts incarnate, what is a god then but a smirking mongoloid? suits the jew, i guess.
    no, an angels is terrifying because he sees.
    you cannot play little passive-aggressive mind games to twiddle his emotions, skew them in a way that is favorable to your desired outcome, he sees your inner filth, clear as day.

    which is indeed panic inducing, the deeper one’s fall, the more existential terror of being seen, gollum and the jews skulking in underground burrows and bone littered caves.

    1. The neutered, frolicking cherub reminds me of pictures of Christ in their judeo-christian settings. The only ones you see are the soft and loving ones that I believe should be reserved for women, children and animals.

      But you never see the fierce Christ that would be reserved for real men whose duty it is to PROTECT those receipients of the soft look.

    2. “…or was he a helpless victim of circumstances and evil intent of something more enduring is a question for another discussion.”

      i can appreciate pondering this (as I have metaphysically*) in a way equivalent to the possibility of German genetic scientists at the time, who to the best of their ability may have selected jooos from the concentration camps to study them and see what made ’em tick.

      * this ties in to SPQR’s comment on the beginnings of Judaism being a profanation of Egyptian polytheism. Getting to the bottom of “tarot/torah”

  33. I can accept Rilke’s claims.
    Anyone who can accept this quote from Rilke would be able to accept the contention that all emotions are based on fear, even love. Beauty is terror means beauty is fear. Every angel causes terror….great fear.

    He wrote:
    Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the Angels’
    Orders? and even if one of them pressed me
    suddenly to his heart: I’d be consumed
    in his more potent being. For beauty is nothing
    but the beginning of terror, which we can still barely endure,
    and while we stand in wonder it coolly disdains
    to destroy us. Every Angel is terrifying.

    1. Rilke’s claims are simply more rationalizations stemming from this experience we’re having that we call “life”, where it is really the symptom of a diseased spirit. It is reflected by an inability for most of us to answer: how do you KNOW without “facts” (note the quote unquote)

      Listen to what he’s saying

      Love is based on fear. NO – Love is the ABSENCE of fear
      Beauty is the beginning of terror. NO – Beauty is the ABSENCE of terror
      Beauty coolly disdains to destroy us. NO – This presumes “us” to be who we truly ARE.

      But it isn’t. Who you truly are cannot be destroyed

      The kind of “knowing” I’m talking about can only dwell in the heart. You know, that thing about the mind being a terrible thing…..

      You know when you know……you know?

      Got milk? Got Krishna? Got Christ? What is this faith we claim to have?!

      SPQR referenced Klages: “spirit conquering soul”, and this may sound far-fetched, but I think had Germany won the war, this may have created the start of laying the groundwork for the spirit eventually conquering the soul – and I don’t rule this out NOW, either. The joooos haven’t won a goddamned thing!

      Like I said, I wrote this book. It delves deeply into this idea of spirit conquering soul. Did I access the “seer” in me? Who can say? Who knows? There’s a chapter titled, “The Aegis of Control”. The Aegis is death itself – the Great Usurper!

      Here’s one paraphrased excerpt that goes into an aspect of what the soul might be (it’s pretty far out there, so bear with me. And I look forward to some Krishna excerpts from hp) 😉

      “…the truth is, to say “we are all sinners” ultimately means that this “life” in and of itself is the symptom of a diseased spirit. We all “live a life of sin” as intrinsic to being under a ‘cloak’, and to commit egregious “acts of sin” is a damning exacerbation in the experience of this corrupted place.

      For all intents and purposes we are on our own, and need to seek our own guidance when it comes to having “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” the Beings that constitute and inhabit true realms of Spirit. The Truth is always within, and waiting to be prompted by stalwart hearts, and not by illusory minds. For there is an infinite number of “other sides” to be accessed by “intended imagination”. Not just a controlling time-warp called the “Afterlife”, but places of TRUE existence.

      These surroundings of the “Afterlife” are quaintly referred to as “The Great Beyond”, “Sweet Bye and Bye”, Pearly Gates”, “Great White Light”, etc. But there is a new vehicle that contains our experience. Life’s journey now travels in what’s been called the “soul body”, also known as the “astral body”, but are they really two sides of a trick coin used in a strange magic act?

      Keeping in mind the co-opted nature of life as we’ve known it, a key to understanding it sees the fragmentation of Consciousness in our total experience. As Consciousness in action reflecting the verb “to man”, I think this means that when in an uninterrupted and unfettered state, we are intended into existence and manifest as its presences – the “who” of what we are. From here, intention is the continuing power by which we move THROUGH our environments (“where”) on a ‘curve’ of constant learning, growing in an expansion of imagination with “who and where” making integral connections (one is all). When true reality is imposed upon, everything is altered, and what we call our “soul” takes over the “who”. The equally controlled “astral” is the “where” – environments subject to an external control with its bogus subsidiary called the “underworld”; all impediments to existing in places of true freedom.

      I see this state we’re in as being a kind of shadow that’s been cast because Divine Light has been blocked. To be clear, this external control represents a dis-connect to the Source. When we return fully connected to the Divine, WE are the ones in control of our “who” aspect, and instead of being under this subjugation of having “souls”, we could be seen as say, “spirits of consciousness”.

      1. Here is your true arsenal:

        “Lo tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for I KNOW thou art with me.”

        This is the kind of knowing that CONQUERS FEAR and BANISHES DEATH. It thwarts, and wards off these “angels of terror”. STOP GIVING THEM YOUR POWER! It stops them cold in their tracks at every turn, meaning, everywhere you move through THEIR MANUFACTURED “VALLEY”, KNOWING LOVE renders these scornful rascals IMPOTENT! It allows you to continue on your journey.


        We talk about reincarnation, eh? HA! What do you suppose is being remembered with these words you are reading? What? You PRESUMED that all memory of your experience “between lives” is totally and irrevocably lost? BULLCRAP!

        Just remember my dears. Then you know.

  34. @ LD

    Having just read the article you linked from Occidental Observer, written by Kevin MacDonald (concerning Jew/American influence over China affairs)(I am unable to comment on TOO), a recollection comes to mind of how I was informed by certain high-ranking CIA personnel contemporary to Chairman Mao as to HOW CIA HELPED HIM ACHIEVE POWER in China. The two gentlemen were absolutely vital to Mao’s achievement – for whatever long-range reasons our State Department envisioned. (One is now deceased, the other is a very old man, now.)

    IF Jew-controlled United States was being Jew-manipulated in those days (1949-1953)(which, because of the Money Issue, probably WAS…), it stands to reason that China will succumb to the same influences, by long-range design and inevitability. Actually, the proof-is-in-the-pudding. Goldman Sachs is based there, NOW, in Beijing. China has a powerful military arm, as did/does America. East and West may be combined for as simple an objective as to complete the global plantation. (Consider the recent gold referendum in Switzerland – NO regime is immune.)

    1. No regime is immune….

      Easy come. Easy go. Jew bankers can pull down any country’s economy at any time.

      I remember when they did it to JAPAN….when the 10 largest banks in the world were ALL Japanese.
      They can do it to China, since Chinese admire the Jews so much.

      Flashback to July 26, 1989:
      “For the first time, the 10 largest banks in the world are all Japanese as Citicorp, the biggest U.S. bank, has fallen out of the top ranks, according to American Banker. Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Ltd. is Japan`s and the world`s biggest banking company, with assets of $387 billion at the end of March.”

      $387 billion is pocket change today. US derivativs total $287 Trillion

  35. The 3-most important occurrences in history including and since the time of Christ, IMO

    1) When Jesus Christ walked the Earth with the intent to blast away the Torah Big Lie like dynamiting a mountain of rock

    2) The SPIRIT, if not the wording in its entirety of the Declaration of Independence, best exemplified by Thomas Paine – “these are the times that try men’s souls”

    3) The phenomenon of Adolph Hitler, who represented the taking of desperate measures in his attempt to roll back evil (and with all-3 representing said attempts)

    And all-3 had their evil counterparts:

    1) The scumbags killed Christ’s body, as he predicted they would.

    2) The scumbags insinuated themselves and successfully undermined the potential of American Spirit; living in peace with the freedom to realize true spirituality

    3) The scumbags defeated the 3rd Reich bringing humanity to the gravely dangerous plight it finds itself in today

    The battle rages on…

  36. The Chines do not have access to the majority of the internet. So, they might not get YouTube or ever see this clip below.

    When the ‘chosen’ ones, Jews, are exposed, the public praises them. Most exclaim, “Oh, wow. That’s cool.” It appears the Chinese would react the same way, according to the The Occidental Observer article, posted by Lasha earlier.

    This song has been played and heard by many millions over the last 20 years. Just this version alone has 2.5 million views in 5 years. It reveals some surprising names. The only surprise to me, when I heard it in the mid 90s, was Dinah Shore.

    “The Chanukah Song” is a novelty song written by comedian Adam Sandler with Saturday Night Live writers Lewis Morton and Ian Maxtone-Graham and originally performed by Sandler on Saturday Night Live  December 3, 1994. Sandler subsequently performed the song as part of his stand-up act, later updating it with new lyrics.

  37. Who da Jews in China – – – –

    It is too late for China to be wary of Jews. They have been there for many centuries. They brought their drugs and international trade deals already. They caused the Opium Wars.
    The Jews are in the Chinese government.
    The Chinese banks, the largest in thee world, are members of global banking organizations controlled by Jews from London and Ireland. HSBC is controlled from London.

    Zionism is praised there!! The Chinese founder felt a connection to the plight(?) of Jews.

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China, held admirations for the Jewish people and Zionism, and saw parallels between the persecution of Jews and the domination of China by the Western powers. He stated, “Though their country was destroyed, the Jewish nation has existed to this day… [Zionism] is one of the greatest movements of the present time. All lovers of democracy cannot help but support wholeheartedly and welcome with enthusiasm the movement to restore your wonderful and historic nation, which has contributed so much to the civilization of the world and which rightfully deserve [sic] an honorable place in the family of nations.

    Various Jewish Chinese individuals worked in government service and owned big properties in China in the 17th century.

    Shanghai’s first wave of Jews came in the second half of the 19th century, many being Mizrahi Jews from Iraq. The first Jew who arrived there was Elias David Sassoon, who, about the year 1850, opened a branch in connection with his father’s Bombay house. Since that period Jews gradually migrated from India to Shanghai, most of them being engaged from Bombay as clerks by the firm of David Sassoon & Co. The community was composed mainly of “Asian,” (Sephardi) German, and Russian Jews, though there were a few of Austrian, French, and Italian origin among them. Jews took a considerable part in developing trade in China, and several served on the municipal councils, among them being Silas Aaron Hardoon, partner in the firm of E. D. Sassoon & Co., who served on the French and English councils at the same time. During the early days of Jewish settlement in Shanghai the trade in opium and Bombay cotton yarn was mainly in Jewish hands.

    Sinofication of yehudi names:
    During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai (艾), Shi (石), Gao (高), Jin (金), Li (李), Zhang (張), and Zhao (趙); sinofications of the original seven Jewish clans’ family names: Ezra, Shimon, Cohen, Gilbert, Levy, Joshua, and Jonathan, respectively. Interestingly, two of these, Jin and Shi, are the equivalent of common Jewish names in the west: Gold and Stone

    Jewish life in Shanghai had really taken off with the arrival of the British. Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East came as traders via India and Hong Kong and established some of the leading trading companies in the second half of the 19th century.

  38. Mullins told me of this. He was close to Leese:

    YES, but it was JEWISH when it started.
    The following article by Arnold Leese is reprinted from Gothic Ripples, No. 49, dated 28th February, 1949. It shows that the seeds of Bolshevism were planted in China by Jews, who also tended and trained the growth that resulted. The corruption of the regime of Chiang Kai‑Shek caused many of the masses in China to turn to Communism for relief, since Chinese Communism is mixed with Nationalism and discourages the old Chinese curse of official corruption; but Communism in China has the same de­humanising effect on the people as it has elsewhere.
    It was the Sassoon family which turned the normal Chinese dislike and distrust of foreigners into hatred. David Sassoon made the Opium Trade in China from 1832 until he died in 1864. His family carried on the Trade under our Flag and made huge fortunes. The British took the blame, and now the Chinese loathe us; just as we took the blame for the Jewish atrocities at Nurem­berg, Spandau and elsewhere in Germany, so that the Germans now hate us.
    Backed by the Sassoons, the Shanghai Opium Monopoly existed until 1917 under the Jew Edward Ezra, its Managing Com­mittee being composed entirely of Jews and Indians. Not only did the British Flag protect the Sassoons in this abominable trade which the Manchus did all they could to prevent, even to the extent of war, but also these Jews were welcomed in England instead of being ostracised. Royalty petted them and they intermarried with Aryan aristocrats. Some became Baronets and one a Minister of the Government.
    When the Freemason, Sun Yat‑Sen, began his revolutionary movement at Canton, the Jew Morris Cohen, a British subject, be­came his aide‑de‑camp and was sent by Sun around the globe to get military experts for his revolutionary army. On Sun Yat‑Sen’s death bed this Jew was commended to Chiang Kai‑Shek and he was employed as liaison officer between the Canton Government and all foreign Consulates‑General. Cohen became known in China as Moi‑Sha, and was made Military Counsellor to the Cantonese Forces, and a General, although still a British subject.
    As late as 1939, Cohen was travelling the high seas under the protection of our Flag. The last we heard of him was late in 1945 when he emerged from a Japanese prisoner‑of‑war camp. The South African Sunday Express described him as “the guiding genius behind the War‑Lords of China”.
    The Soviet Jew, Jacob Borodin (real name M. Grusenberg) was sent by the Kremlin with the Jew Joffe, in 1923, to try and bolshevise Sun Yat‑Sen and became Chief Political Adviser to the Kuomintang. His wife, a Jewess, spied in China for the Soviets. When Sun died, Borodin was left in charge and it was he who appointed Chiang Kai‑Shek to succeed Sun in 1926. However, in 1927 a raid was made by Chang Tso‑Ling on the Soviet Embassy at Pekin, which revealed the scope and extent of the Soviet plot to bolshevise China, and the Borodins were arrested and imprisoned.
    In 1923 the notorious Jew, Trebitsch Lincoln, ex‑M.P. in Britain, headed a Chinese mission to get arms for Wu Pei Fu, a War‑Lord with a fine character, but failed, probably purposely, in the attempt. After that, Lincoln drifted about, too mistrusted in China for any other important role.
    The Soviet General, B. K. Galen, who was really a Jew called Chesin, and was nicknamed Blucher, accompanied the “Armenian” Soviet Delegate Karachan to Pekin in 1924 where a treaty was made with Chang Tso‑Ling by which the Chinese Eastern Railway was handed over to the Soviets. This placed the movement of troops at the mercy of the Bolsheviks. The intrigues and bribery by which this surrender by Chang Tso‑Ling was obtained were carried out through the medium of a Jewish timber magnate called S. Skidelski. At once, the Railway was placed in charge of the Jews Gekker, Koslowsky and Snamensky (Zamyensky). To continue with the career of General “Galen”, he became Chief Military Adviser to Chiang Kai‑Shek in1926.
    Now for the Soviet Jew S. A. Gekker: As early as 1922; he has been Military Adviser to the Mongolian Bolshevik Government, and in 1924 he was made Head Political Commissar on the Chinese Eastern Railway aforesaid. This appointment was at the hands of the Jew, M. D. Lashewitz, who was President of the Board of Railway Control in Moscow.
    Nor must the Jew, A. Joffe, be forgotten. We have already met him as head of the Soviet Mission to Sun Yat‑Sen, when, with the Jew, Jacob Borodin, he tried to develop Sovietism. Later he became Political Adviser to Chiang Kai‑Shek in 1926 and orga­nised the Red Section of the Kuomintang.
    High up in the Political Department of the Red Army in China were also the two Jews, W. N. Levitschev and J. B. Gamarnik, who in 1936 was its head.
    The Nanking Ministry of Finance has always been dominated by Jews, viz: Kann, L. Rajchman and R. Haas. In England, the Jew Billmeir helped, with his merchant fleet, to take Soviet arms to China in 1938.
    Finally, the Jew Ben Kizer (U.S.A.) was appointed head of Unrra in China, and as everyone knows, it fell to pieces in corrup­tion.
    Enough has been said to prove that every real key‑position in the process of the Bolshevik destruction of China has been Jewish. Lastly we remind our readers that Chiang Kai‑Shek himself is a Freemason, having reached the 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite!
    NOTE.—In the above article, no mention was made of Eugene Chen, Borodin’s Colleague and Cantonese Foreign Minister in 1925. Some people think that Chen was Cohen, but there is in­sufficient evidence as to that. He was born in Trinidad, British West Indies, where he was called E. Bernard Acham. He qualified as a solicitor in England, and it can only be guessed why he became the revolutionary enemy of Britain in China.
    Published by Arnold Leese, 20, Pewley Hill, Guildford, Surrey.

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