Leaderless America, by John Kaminski

"THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND" Painting by James Tissot
Painting by James Tissot

Look around you. Look anywhere you like. Where are you going to find a presidential candidate who will fulfill the promise of America? Who will protect the people he is sworn to serve? Who will tell the truth about what the U.S. government is actually doing?

You look for somebody like that, and you’re looking for something that never was and never will be.

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18 thoughts to “Leaderless America, by John Kaminski”

  1. Once, someone asked me the question of who I was fighting for. Was it for all these braindead Americans who refuse to recognize and confront the lies they had been forced to swallow? These drecks who no longer know right from wrong and think that despite all those other innocent people losing their lives to corporate Jewish tyranny that somehow they would remain unscathed? Or worst of all, those self-styled political experts who confidently insist “it’s not all Jews” and, in their ignorance, claim it is the Illuminati, or Zionists, or Communists?

    that’s a nice, soothing image, of the braindead drecks dreamily floating on gentle waves of hasbara.

    i feel safe among all these innocent jews and virgin whores.

  2. Not being able to find any fault with what Kaminski writes, here, the only thing I would add is that NONE of this could have happened without complicity of non-Jews. Quit thinking the Jews are that powerful. They aren’t. Their greatest power lies in our own proclivities to weaknesses. ‘Guilt’ and ‘Innocence’ are matters of perspective.

  3. Gilbert’s philosophy: “It takes two to tango.”

    So he ascribes equal blame to the goyim and the Jews.

    If Gilbert were to reflect a little more profoundly, he would realize that the corrupter and the corrupted are not equally to blame.

    If that were so, the child who accepts candy from her pedophile seducer and then allows him to molest her would be as much to blame as her molester. This is clearly not so. The child is innocent. She is not to be blamed for her own corruption.

  4. the age old argument, gilbert and sard.
    if someone falls victim to hiv infection, who is to blame, the sufferer or the virus?
    or is there anyone to blame, maybe just a matter of fighting back.

    certainly, if someone contracts the virus while aware of risk, he or she is fully complicit and deserving of their fate.

    the stupidest of all are the ones moralizing with the immoral.

    1. Gilbert is a farmer. Thinking is not his strong point. He should stick to riding tractors and writing soppy poems.

    2. Aside from ‘moralizing’ about anything (which, in essence, is unproductive but for the sake of argument), consider the scrip in your wallet. The NOTE is owned by a private, mainly jew, banking cartel. It came into being by our own people’s susceptibility to a great con. It was not as if our people hadn’t been warned – countless times. They just didn’t listen – or were too lazy to listen and act – can’t tell which.

      It is sort of summed up by something Thomas Jefferson(?) is credited with saying: ‘We have created the near perfect republic; but I fear the people, in the resultant plenty, will forget the price we paid for freedom – and lose it.’

      Jefferson, along with Ben Franklin, petitioned the constitutional convention to add a codicil to prohibit Jews from Citizenship. We were warned.

      1. With that, I b’leeves ah’ll joist got on out on my John Deere and go feed some cows! 🙂

        1. Hey, no offense meant, dear Gilbert! I was just kidding. I am actually a great admirer of your poems. I experienced a distinct pang of envy after reading this one … truly a gem:


          It left me feeling so inadequate. I write poetry myself, but it has been described by others as “doggerel.” So I am naturally jealous of other poets who know how to express their emotions as well as you do.


          P.S. BTW, I look a bit like the girl in the picture illustrating your poem … just thought I’d let you know.

        1. Don’t apologize, dear lady. Almost everyone encountered on this site has been rude at times – including myself! I am surprised Lasha Darkmoon has accommodated it with such patience! 🙂 (If it weren’t for her, I would never publish any of my poetry, anyway, at this point. It’s just a fluke this dumb farmer can write well enough for her to take notice! Truly.)

          As far as Jews are concerned, I have no doubt of their role in efforts to subjugate the entire world. History lends testimony to it. But, in all fairness, I cannot condemn them while ignoring our OWN faults. It is hypocrisy, and that offends my sense of justice. Sorry. BUT, this place is a great forum for learning about [it]. There are some here who are so full of knowledge, I am amazed! (Of course, there are those full of crap, too…) 🙂

      2. Think about it Gilbert.
        In essence the goy bystanders (our people) got screwed twice.

        Once by the Jew bankers and then again by their (haha) democratically elected representatives in cahoots with the Jew bankers.

        ‘Our people’ ultimately boils down to our representatives.

        At this very moment how many of our people want these stinking wars? Very few. Someone does, though. Don’t ‘they’?

        Short of ‘get a rope’ (count me in) there is not much our people can do when hog tied by lawless traitorous representation.

  5. John Kaminski is right: all the candidates and potential candidates stink. OK we have Rand Paul who I almost trust except he is clueless about GMOs and it’s hard to pick where the greater threat lies: whether in the mad, mad medical cartel or the mad, mad zio-neoconized war machine. The medical cartel threatens us with global population extermination and the war machine threatens us with nuclear disaster and grizzly war crimes. Let’s see… we have hilarious Hillary who laughs like a wild dog over unconstitutional wars and murder, who loves to toss off beer and liquor and falls down drunk occasionally (or maybe those falls are caused from her rumored addiction to diet cokes that may trigger brain tumors). She is obviously the Zionist’s pick, that is hmm war machine. Seriously, Hillary Clinton? I would NEVER under any condition vote for Hilary. OK we have this baffoon Chris Christie. I have no idea who this goof ball is except that the media has decided to X him out of the race but given that his state is home to the big fat pharmaceutical machine that is plotting to kill half the population of the world you have to pause for a moment and wonder why he is governor there. He is probably the medical cartels pick, in which case we’re all as good as dead. Nope I would NEVER vote for Chris Christie. Possibly some extremely yin candidate will appear on the Independent ticket, someone on the autistic spectrum who might have just missed that we are in deep doo doo. So.. out of despair I vote third party. Who will win? Probably Chris Christie.. Does that mean the New World Order has trumped the Ziocons in the invisible war of unseen powers. No, fat slob chris christie can’t win and neither can hilarious hilary… it’s impossibly terrible in either case.

    1. “Let the image burn itself into your subconscious mind and learn how you have been deceived and by whom. Understand that the same jewish con artists are pushing the Pauls, gold, revolution and secession on you. Now ask yourself who plans to benefit from all of this?”


      There are still people who believe in the benevolent power of the elected, congress and the senate. Come to think of it, there are still people who think their vote makes a difference. Indoctrination has done it’s job. If you don’t vote, you have no voice, that’s what they want us to buy into. Guess what, I don’t have a say anyways in my country’s affairs. Voting doesn’t change a damn thing. So, I gave up on that years ago.

      Boy, I just wish I could find that picture Noor had posted of the Rabbi poking his nose and providing his own meal. My suggestion was to deposit his find on the wailing wall. Maybe he did, and Rand, the younger Paul, could participate in it.

  6. when you begin to see into people’s souls
    partaking in psychological games seem infantile roles

    are they ignorant? are they innocent?
    either way, i think they are magnificent

    am i asking obvious questions? am i dumb
    do you really want to send me back to where im from

    mirror mirror of my soul
    why do you show me things i dont want to know

    if people only knew the things they called stupid
    they would never stop laughing at what the mirror denuded

    in her eyes the mirror of your dreams
    now im quoting children’s songs, how foolish my means

    and what is this poem doing under a kaminsky column
    makes as much sense as going straight up a downhill slalom

    god save the jews, help them repay their crime
    why not continue this strange rhythm, be my valentine

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