Farewell Forever

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Lines Found in a Bottle at Sea

Farewell forever, Goldeneye,
so beautiful you had to die.
Come, lay your lovely head on my
shoulder and give one last sigh.

Into darkness now you go
down the path that all men know
and my love’s at last laid low
where never more green leaf shall grow.

We issue forth from Brahman’s brain
like sunbeams dancing in the rain.
When darkness falls, let’s not complain.
We live, we die, we live again.

One day all this will be thine:
the sacred bread, the holy wine,
new suns, new moons, new rainbows’ shine
and your lips, my love, on mine.

— Lasha Darkmoon, December 2014

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

25 thoughts to “Farewell Forever”

  1. ‘Tis not so hard to go, my dear
    while leaving all sad sorrows, here;
    awaiting there, my love, the while,
    your gentle touch, your lovely smile.

    Pending darkness only means
    another journey forth shall spring
    from whence these bones are laid to rest –
    Another Life. Another Quest.

    Those sunbeams dancing in the rain
    will bring New Life to us, again;
    and I promise, Love, to mark the way
    where we will meet, another day…

    Now kiss me, Love, before I leave,
    and dry your tear – and do not grieve.
    New suns and moons on us will shine
    another day, another time.

    1. Very touching, Gilbert, and beautifully written! Brings a tear to my eye. Who’s the lucky lady? 🙂

    2. i always preface my posts with claim that i cannot write poetry; that i am a poetry cripple, although that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the artform.
      but one small phrase caught my eye, “sad sorrows” and i thought to myself, what other kind is there.

      well, there is or should be and someone ought to pen a poem centered around “happy sorrows” or “joyful sorrows”.

      1. Well, damn, lobro! I read that poem that Lasha wrote, went to church last night, drank too much egg nog at post-service gathering, then came to my mother’s house to be with her, today, because the help has Christmas off. Got up, this morning, and decided Lasha’s poem was so beautiful that it deserved a beautiful response – so I wrote one. HELL, I CAN’T REMEMBER ABOUT ALL THOSE SILLY DETAILS ALL THE TIME! 🙂

      2. lobro – Gil –

        Mathematician’s poetry:

        X equals minus b, plus or minus
        The square root of four ac over two a
        So….’sad sorrow’ is ok.

  2. The Divine within Speaks to You (for it is He, Christ Jesus, Who is The Way)

    Show me all of You
    Don’t mind the fear
    I’m found, not lost
    So, let’s get near
    To the inner depths of the Universe
    Where icebergs melt and fade away the
    Scars of old, past disarray

    Forgiveness is Divine – http://JAHTruth.net/nsong.htm

    1. That’s it, hp

      Sorrow is sweetened by faith in life eternal, its sadness tempered by the joy at its core.

      1. The supreme irony..
        Everyone gets what they want; forever.

        “When darkness falls, let’s not complain.
        We live, we die, we live again.”
        “So Bhīṣma and Droṇa, being noble souls, were surely going to have spiritual bodies in the next life, or at least life in heavenly bodies for superior enjoyment of material existence. So, in either case, there was no cause of lamentation.”

        Bg 2.13

      2. Ahh, but hp, whither the nature of that “supreme irony”?

        For Bhisma and Drona to exhibit this sense of “nobility” is based on a system of merit whereby they have earned their noble status as it would be bestowed upon them by the Overseers of said system, i.e.; the Lords of Karma.

        And what would be their reward? To live a life of material happiness in spite of the fact that it would be occurring in a reality where there’s always somebody (actually many) suffering somewhere.

        Would this constitute being an acceptable basis for YOUR true desire? Would you really WANT things to ontologically work like this?

      3. “German pessimist philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) thought that nirvana, (freedom from suffering) means becoming desireless putting an end to our will. But His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada disagrees….”

        Srila Prabhupada: Yes, material life is a projection of the material will, or material desire. And nirvana means that material desires are finished. But the living entity cannot be desireless, because he is an eternal spiritual being. Thus, even when he finishes his material desires, he still has spiritual desires. In the materially conditioned state, these spiritual desires are covered by material desires, but in any case desire is the constant companion of the soul, or living entity.

        Since you are a living being, you must always have desires. If your desires are stopped, you become like a stone. So instead of trying to put an end to all desire, you should try to cleanse the diseased form of desire

        Nirvana – Annihilation or Devotion?

      4. On cleansing the diseased form of desire:

        Being, when positioned in Truth is best exemplified by the story of Christ in the wilderness when confronted with Satan his bad self. I can just imagine Jesus laughing uproariously at the “tempting” of the devil, saying that all the riches of the World would be his if he were to simply bow to him as his master.

        Yet Christ already KNEW that the “riches” being offered were/are comprised as false illusions of matter whose glittering array are in Truth the SPIRITS of an awesome imagination. And that we ALREADY “have it all” as spirits immersed in Creation’s mystery. We just forgot is all, hence, the illusion of “matter”.

        Bhisma and Drona “fell” for the illusion, thus subjecting themselves to laws of karma. As have we all.

        Now, I sense that we’re in a period of Reckoning. The end of an “Age”. Do we open this window of opportunity and part company with the ways of these “laws”….or not?

  3. well anyway, i am sitting with my 1 yr old niece’s daughter, Corina, watching some animated santa claus movie, flying reindeer, north pole air control towers … of course a jew production.

    so how do they slide in the mohel’s circumcision blade into young minds?

    gradually, ever so gradually.

    parents like like typical useful idiots, clueless and irrelevant.
    santa and magical beasts speak with foreign accents, scottish brogue seguing into yiddish tones.
    at the festive end, dancing looks suspiciously like hora, kletzmer music, a bit jazzy.
    and “joking” references to “xmas sales, only $12.99, hurry while supplies last”.
    the sentimental, tear-jerking singing by fairies that sound like vegas regulars, streisand, dion …

    some jeopardy-like show (i keep asking for names of shows and hosts, forget them before the answer is completed) where santa’s helpers are these dallas cheerleader broads in skimpy red dresses, doing explicit bump+grind poses …

    yeah, little corina has a bright future.

    and the amazing thing is none of my family follow my finger pointing exhortations, though none are too enamoured of jews, they all think i am nuts, a goofy prophet jabbering in the wilderness.

    1. errata:
      corina is not my niece but my niece’s daughter,
      “mohe” should be mohel, the jew penis chopper,
      “competed” should be completed.

      if the uncle or some other administrator can fix it, they can also can the present post.

    2. @ lobro

      and the amazing thing is none of my family follow my finger pointing exhortations, though none are too enamoured of jews, they all think i am nuts, a goofy prophet jabbering in the wilderness.

      At least you can still afford to “jabber” and be humored as a “goofy prophet” among your relatives. In the world I and Lasha move in, we are allowed no such luxuries. Our lips are sealed 24/7. We might as well have duct tape wrapped round our mouths. Others speak, we dare not.

    3. that’s kind of weird, lucy.

      i mean, there is a subtribe among other darkmoons, you, lasha, uncle toby, monty, the tech support guy, ruth … so, at least 6 walking around with duct tapes, eyes shifting, eyebrows twitching, little knowing smirks.

      how do you all manage?
      there should be enough manpower there for an insurrection.

      1. @ lobro

        “There should be enough manpower there for an insurrection.”

        Hmmm… how do you start an insurrection when every time you blink Big Brother knows it? Everything you’ve said on this site has been recorded by Herr Goldstein.

        No one we know is engaged in planning a revolution and plotting the complete destruction of the status quo, but millions would whoop with delight if someone else managed to do it.

        Lasha says, “We’re all waiting for a rescuer who never comes.”

      2. i meant an in-house insurrection that declares philosemitism a capital offense.
        then move on to the rest of the village to justify high alexa 😉

  4. The beauty of eternity is the absence of material necessities and the Presence of the Creator among his creation. The other part is described by this work: unending love. Love is the only thing we can take with us into the other realm.

  5. Ra Ma Aum
    Tho Ra Ma
    Ai Mai Aumn
    I begin to feel it now, the reaction of everything combining
    In and all around me, without uncertainty and the fear of death
    From the Beauty of Pure Being that is reflecting in the Sunlight
    On this Summers Day

    Giants surround everywhere, colors of green and burnished gold
    Twin tower trees standing, frame the Sun
    A gateway beyond the pleiades
    Where the Silver Star of Babylon
    Has vowed to raise up every candidate up to Thee
    Forever into eternity
    Come witness this beautiful sight, watch the Sun, feel the exhilaration
    As it melts flooding the sky in yellow saffron light

    The Eternal Youth of Summer has come
    Descending on a big cracking current
    That passes through my coil
    Like the torch of Baphomet
    Forever now blazing across my brow

    But that was then and this is now
    Being that I am the spark that roared
    I dwell in the silence, in the eye of the storm
    Overshadowed by secret identity

    Sitting on the desert floor, one hand holds
    The scorpion, the other makes the sign of
    The unicorn,that pierces the eye and heart of
    The lion, whose grip heralded on the sound of 88’s
    Pull down the dragons fire in the Spring of the 33’rd lunar year

    Like a column of smoke by day and
    A pillar of fire by night, let it burn until
    Nothing is left except the whitest ash in
    The chalice of the triple flame

    Across the seven streams of lustral light
    That holds my vessel aloft
    Floating on currents that
    Contemplate your love that contracts
    Upon me and holds my parts together
    In the infinite spaces of your mysteries unveiled
    Gliding into pools of flooding light
    On red and yellow oars that spiral
    Around blue aspiration that thrills with the chance of union with
    The Cherished Pearl

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