Manufacturing Satanism: A Personal Memoir

Satanism and the sexualization of children: what do these two things have in common? Read on, and find out…


It has come to this: little children are now being taught Satanism in schools and encouraged to masturbate in the classroom by their teachers. These heavily medicated and dumbed down kids, without their parents’ knowledge or consent, are being systematically turned into the sex perverts and serial killers of the future.

These children don’t know how to add or subtract. They don’t know if the world is flat or round. They don’t know where the Atlantic Ocean is and they can’t find America on a world map. But they know how to use a dildo.

Little girls are being given detailed instructions how to strip and strap on these artificial penises, which they are then told to insert into the vaginas of other little girls— 6th graders aged 11 and upwards who, like themselves, are presumably ready for the raptures of sapphic sex.

Where these beginner lesbians are expected to practice their sex games—for let’s not be killjoys and call their innocent erotic pastimes “perversions”—is not altogether clear.

“Shocking images out of a classroom in Nebraska [we are told in a controversial new article] illustrate how 11-12 year olds in 6th grade are being taught under new federally mandated Common Core educational standards how to use strap-on dildos. The pictures were taken by a student with a cellphone camera. They show a teacher demonstrating how to use a strap-on sex toy in a number of different positions.

In one image, the teacher even shows how to insert the strap-on while her buttocks are in the air and her legs up over her head. In another image, the woman shows the children how to wear a harness to which the strap-on is attached.

Newly implemented Common Core educational standards have been assailed for their attempt to create a lowest common denominator form of teaching which many assert only works to dumb down lessons and prevent smart students from excelling, but these images give a glimpse into an even darker side to the federally mandated rules.

The Secrets of the Fed website also points to a book being given to 4th graders under new Common Core standards entitled It’s Perfectly Normal, which teaches children as young as nine how to masturbate.”

(See here)


Explicit: 11-12 year olds get a sex toy lesson in Nebraska.
A teacher is shown demonstrating the use of a strap-on dildo (left).
She has her buttocks thrown up over her head (right),
showing how to insert the dildo in the desired orifice.

“Common Core” — a euphemism for “Let’s corrupt the kiddies and turn them into little sex machines” — is being federally imposed on states across the nation. It is nothing less than mind pollution of minors cunningly disguised as “teaching”. Its opponents assert that it will not only eviscerate critical thinking and lower educational standards, but create adults who are little more  than zombies.

The basic rules of logic and mathematics are also being turned on their heads. As in Orwell’s great novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the protagonist Winston Smith was finally forced to acknowledge that 2 + 2 = 5, pupils in American schools today are being subjected to similar absurdities.

“Perhaps the most infamous example of how Common Core will manifest itself in America’s schooling system was illustrated by a bizarre video in which a Common Core curriculum director said that “3 x 4 = 11 could be considered a correct answer so long as students could explain how they reached that number.”

The same Alice-in-Wonderland logic, if transferred to the sphere of ethics, could have bizarre consequences. If explaining how you arrived at an incorrect answer is equivalent to arriving at the correct answer, then explaining how you came to do the wrong thing (e.g. commit murder) is equivalent to doing the right thing (i.e. not committing murder).

Applying the same twisted logic, you can be a model citizen even if you are a serial killer — provided you can give a rational explanation of why you like killing people.

Common Core’s sex education standards have also faced fierce criticism, with one group even claiming that they represent “pornography”,  which serves to desensitize children and increase their chances of sexual molestation.

“What is taught includes teaching inappropriate sexuality skills,” writes Joseph R. John. “According to child psychologists, children are not mentally equipped to [receive] sexual indoctrination in kindergarten. They are being indoctrinated in sexual practices they should never  be exposed to!”

Of one thing we can be certain. The Perversion Lobby will win in the end. They always do.


sexualized_kids.jpg - z


Our children have already undergone sexualization to an alarming degree. The average child’s first exposure to pornography is at the age of 11. Crystal Renaud, who was to write a book about her struggle with porn addiction, became addicted to pornography at the age of 11. She writes:

“Porn. Masturbation. Cybersex. Webcam sex. Phone sex. Anything you could think of, I watched, experienced and enjoyed. No matter how many times I said I would stop, I would just keep doing it.”

That porn addiction has an even more devastating effect on little boys is well known. The Oxbow Academy, an expensive boarding school in the wilds of Utah, is in fact a lock-down facility reserved exclusively for 13-to-17-year-old boys whom internet pornography has turned into virtual masturbation machines. Here they are sent by their parents to be “cured”.

As part of their therapy, Oxbow has implemented a prison-like regimen for the boys who are kept under constant supervision by staff members. Allowed only 10 minutes in the bathroom, the boys are monitored by video cameras and motion detectors at all times, even while asleep.

This is to stop them masturbating to past memories of porn which have left an indelible impression on their minds, tormenting  them with flashbacks months after their last contact with inflammatory online imagery.

Shawn Brooks, founder of Oxbow Academy, says: “They have a hard time not masturbating every 15 or 20 minutes.” 

How sad. How desperately sad! Mom in her lonely bedroom making passionate love to her vibrator. Dad in his den drooling over internet porn. Little Stella in school trying on a strap-on dildo. And Simon at university attending a lecture on Satanic Sex and the Higher Sodomy.

What’s it all about? — This is about betrayal and the loss of honor. The parents have lost their honor and betrayed themselves. They have also betrayed their children. The children have continued the cycle of betrayal, betraying themselves as well as their parents.

All have been brought to this dreadful pass by the implacable hatred of another group: the dedicated destroyers of the family, the underminers of traditional morals—in short, by the merchants of spiritual death.

Who are these underminers of morality, these destroyers of the family, these spreaders of spiritual darkness—who are the Merchants of Death? You already know who they are. If you don’t know who they are, you are part of the problem. You are complicit in your own ruin and in the destruction of all that is precious.

“Modernization is about everyone becoming Jewish,” Yuri Slezkine noted in The Jewish Century. It is the widespread adoption of “Jewish values” that have brought us to this pass. This is how “Jewified” countries behave: dumbed down and brainwashed by their Jewish media, stupefied and morally contaminated by Jewish movies, dehumanized and brutalized by Jewish porn. This is what it is like to have soul cancer.



And now, if you will permit, a short digression, a slight autobiographical detour or personal memoir whose object is to persuade you that Satanism is a real force for evil in the world and that I have personal knowledge of this based on experience. My flirtation with the black arts, though it lasted no more than eighteen months during my late teens, left a deep impression on my mind.

Truly, it was through Evil that I learned to love Good, for it was the Devil who pitchforked me into God’s arms.

When I was eighteen, I met an older man, a French aristocrat, who took a fancy to me and wanted to make me the thirteenth witch in his coven. I met him in a park. He came and sat down next to me on the bench where I was sunning myself and started leafing through a book called La Clef des Grands Mystères. I was fascinated. A little frisson ran through me and my heart skipped a beat in anticipation of arcane thrills to come. Mesmerized, I sat there in a semi-trance, waiting for the Master to speak the first word..

And so we got into conversation, the Mage and I, as if destiny had willed it. He told me he belonged to the Temple of Set and invited me back to his mist-enshrouded manor house to inspect his library.

During the walk back to his country estate, through pleasant woods and fields, he asked me with a twinkle in his eye if I would “like to be a witch”. I laughed and told him I would make a very poor witch. Later, when I got to know the man better, he would call me his “Gothic princess” and insist I wear black lipstick to please him and placate the dark gods.

Nothing of an intimate nature ever took place between us. I wouldn’t let it, having taken an oath on my 13th birthday to remain a virgin until I was thirty. He was too weird, in any case, for close human contact. Pale and cadaverous, like a tall gravedigger dressed in black, the man’s long, raven straight hair and pallid complexion resembled my own. His pet name for me was “Tiger Lily”.

Why did I hang out with this spooky guy? I had an ulterior motive. To have access to his library of rare occult books. These included books in Latin and French almost impossible to find nowadays except among the wealthiest aficionados of the occult arts.

One of the first books my newly acquired  friend showed me was Jean Bodin’s De la Demonomanie des Sorciers, published in Antwerp in 1593, one of the most important manuals on witchcraft and demonology. I had hardly sat down and he was reading me bits in French about the copulation of witches with demons.

The rarest manual on demonology ever published happened to be in his library. I was to read this later from cover to cover with the help of a medieval Latin dictionary. This was one of the few surviving copies of the notorious De Praestigiis Daemonum by Johannes Wierus, the disciple of the greatest magician of the Renaissance, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. The secrets I earned from that recondite book I have never forgotten. That forbidden knowledge brought me almost to the brink of madness.

I had more than enough exposure to Satanism over the next 18 months, so I know what it’s like to fall under its maleficient influence. Immature, as naive as a novice nun, I would nevertheless adore reading these musty tomes on demonology and black magic, kabalistic spells and incantations, the Sabbats and “the drawing down of the moon”. I would spend all night, high on strong coffee and amphetamines, poring over the esoteric works of Emanuel Swedenborg,  Eliphas Levi, and Aleister Crowley.


“DO WHAT THOU WILT shall be the whole of the law.” was Crowley’s most famous pronouncement. The great English Satanist (1875-1947) was never quite sure who created the universe, God or Satan. Nor was I during those heady days. Hence this memorable witticism of Crowley’s made me go into raptures when I first read it:

“I was in the death struggle with self. God and Satan fought for my soul those three long hours. God conquered. Now I have only one doubt left—which of the twain was God?”

Crowley was quite a character, it seems, but I found it hard to sympathize with his personal habits. They bordered on the grotesque. Thus when invited out to dinner at people’s houses, very posh houses indeed, Crowley would shock all the High Society guests by defecating openly on the drawing room carpet.

If the Host should protest, Crowley would lecture the company on “silly bourgeois conventions”, such as visiting the bathroom, and end up quoting his famous motto, “DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW!”

Reader, I didn’t make up this story. You will find it  in John Symond’s book, The Great Beast: The life and magick of Aleister Crowley.

Like all Satanists, Crowley was a sexual libertine. Promiscuous sex, masturbation on a heroic scale, and the writing of sensational poetry featured as important parts of this demoniac’s daily routine. It was in the French aristocrat’s library that I was to discover a slim volume of erotic verse by Crowley, entitled White Stains.  This bizarre volume of fleurs du mal, published privately in Amsterdam when Crowley was still only 23, was intended as a lyrical celebration of Richard von Krafft-Ebing’s Psychopathia Sexualis.

An odd combination, you might think: poetry and sexual perversion.

Being an aspiring poet myself, I was soon to learn Crowley’s dithyrambic Hymn To Pan by heart.  Lounging opposite my spooky gentleman friend on a chaise longue in his lamp-lit study, and sipping a chilled Amontillado from El Puerto de Santa Maria, fresh from my host’s cobwebbed cellars, I would recite to him this poem in my darkest, most whispery voice:

I am Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! Pan!
I am thy mate, I am thy man,
With hoofs of steel I race on the rocks
Through solstice stubborn to equinox.
And I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend
Everlasting, world without end!—
Mannikin, maiden, maenad, man,
In the might of Pan!
Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! Pan! Io Pan!

This has been a long digression. For this I sincerely apologize. My only excuse is that it  is closely connected with the subject matter of this essay: Satanism, especially the diabolical corruption of minors by the combination of sex and Satanism in the school curriculum. 

The Satanic Temple [we read here] has announced that it will provide pamphlets on Satanism to students in Florida, following the school board’s decision permitting the distribution of religious [!] materials.

The [Satanic] sect tells school children about their legal rights … to practice Satanism. Earlier this month, the school system made a decision to let any religious and atheist materials be provided in schools.

Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves explains: “We think the responsible thing to do is to ensure that these students are given access to a variety of differing religious opinions, as opposed to standing idly by while one religious voice dominates the discourse and delivers propaganda to youth.

I am quite certain that all of the children in these Florida schools are already aware of the Christian religion and its Bible, and this might be the first exposure these children have to the actual practice of Satanism. We think many students will be very curious to see what we offer.”  (Emphasis added)

The Satanic Temple came into the media spotlight recently after announcing that it intended to erect a seven-foot statue of Baphomet next to a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Baphomet, formerly a pagan idol, is, needless to say, associated with the Devil. Baphomet is always represented in art as horned and goat-footed, the goat being an ancient  symbol of lust. Baphomet moreover, according to Crowley, is closely associated with spermatozoa and is the product of sex magick, i.e., the result of a primal autoerotic act by Satan Trismegistus, the archetypal Masturbator, who decided in his wisdom that the object of the Divine Seed was to waste it.

It is quite clearly the Devil, symbol of primordial Lust, whom our children are now being encouraged to worship.

That is, of course, not strictly true. The propaganda is infinitely more subtle and therefore all the harder to resist. Our children are being offered “diversity” and “freedom of choice”. They are being offered Satanism as an “alternative” to God.

Ultimately, little John and Mary must be protected from the indoctrination of their parents — sadly trapped  as these misguided adults are by “traditional moral values” and silly old-fashioned ideals like “honor and decency”.

Instead, children must be taught to trust their liberal, neo-Bolshevik “liberators”: the elite media owners and mind manipulators who offer us all so many goodies straight out of Pandora’s box: diversity, pluralism, “choice”, moral relativism, and a wide range of “exciting alternatives” including the chance to go to hell in a handcart.

Above all, sex—sex in its most depraved forms, including propaganda for incest and bestiality—must be rammed down our children’s throats at all times so that they can think of nothing else but SEX, SEX, SEX.

I won’t mince my words. Never in the history of the world has there been such a program of black propaganda, as there is today, designed to work on the malleable minds of children and turn them into a thoroughly degenerate bunch of sexual perverts.

The other day I came across a little boy, aged about 11-12, masturbating openly over some internet porn in the library. “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked him gently.

He gave me a crooked smile. “I dunno,” he said. “Probably a serial killer.”  

I felt desperately sorry for this little boy. He could have been my own son. Blame him I could not. He was the product of a depraved erotomaniacal culture deliberately brought into being by a degenerate Jew-controlled media empire which includes our education system.

Parents remain totally unaware of the pornographic obscenities being rammed into their children’s minds on a daily basis. Here are a few examples of what our children are being exposed to at school, all in the name of “sex education”. All examples  come from a meticulously documented study by Jim Hoft, Child Pornography in the Classroom:

These include first-person narratives ostensibly informing children of real-life situations in which they might find themselves involved sooner or later: public masturbation in classrooms with “semen flying through the air”, explicit sex acts between pre-schoolers, anal sex between boys on school premises, 6-year-old boys performing fellatio on fellow first-graders in school restrooms, 13-year-olds “getting my cock sucked”, and older teenage boys enjoying the “exquisite bitter taste” of their best friend’s semen.

If I were to ask my little 8-year-old nephew, in the presence of his parents, if he had experienced any of these abominations at school, they would look at me in absolute horror. That I should even think of these obsceneties and try to pollute the mind of their little son by suggesting he might be a suitable candidate for Sodom and Gomorrah, would be regarded by his good parents as a sure sign of my own depravity. My own complete corruption.

Lasha, How could you even THINK of such things?

Good question. But even more to the point, how can the State think of such things? How can our education authorities actually hire adults to write such filthy stories for children?  How can the government be so mindlessly stupid as to licence such sick-minded perverts to enter the same room as our children and act as their moral instructors?

It beggars belief.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

195 thoughts to “Manufacturing Satanism: A Personal Memoir”

  1. While I am as disgusted as a human being could possibly be by everything that the US has become and well aware of the most prominent influences that got the US to this level of depravity, I wanted to drill a bit into this dazzlingly grotesque article.
    The original report appears to have come from Paul Joseph Watson of but it is no longer on that website. error code 404.
    This classroom which is purported here to be in Nebraska, is in Florida according to other reports of this occurrence. That’s a red flag that suggests that more information is required.

    This reporter from Huffington Post has this to say about this sex ed article:
    Yes, yes I know: he writes for a dysinfo mouthpiece, the so-called Huf Post.
    But take it for what it is worth, the main point being that Common Core only addresses math and language.
    It does not have a curriculum for sex education.
    That certainly would not prevent Common Core from saturating every bit of its math and language curriculum with Cultural Marxist propaganda as in the infamous Toni Morrison book, “The Bluest Eye”.

    There is more than enough horror in today’s US to keep us busy: I myself cannot think of a single positive aspect that recommends it.
    But we don’t want to be stupid rubes, either, believing every crank story that shows up.
    Let us know if this tale can be verified any further for location and content.
    As of right now, I think it is a very manipulated rumor that would embarrass us if we trot it out there any further without research.

    1. Wake up all people – ignorance is turning our world into an uncontrollable mess.
      Quality people are being subjected to incompetence by way of the democratic system.
      Existing democratic system cannot support a discipline to protect all people’s interests.
      Quality people will have to take initiative and stop the stupidity created by the majority of so called financial heads misusing all people’s circumstances.
      Quality people will have to encourage all real men in the interest of women and children to remove
      all incompetent politicians from the democratic system as soon as possible.
      Please copy and paste this onto as many as possible comments available on the internet even if it is not related to the discussion – just get it spread around the world.
      Quality people can then start to redesign the democratic system in the interest of all of us.

    2. Dawnhunter, (I like the moniker)
      Your reasoning may have been relevant were it not for the photographs inside a classroom
      showing dildo demonstration by ‘teacher.’

  2. So much to consider in this essay (and it was good of you to give us some insight into your psyche). Your experience is not isolated, but has been going on with impunity for a long time – in America, too (but more so among the ‘leisure classes’ throughout Europe). I wonder if it is more peculiar to white people than to any other because it is our very disposition to Christ which threatens the practitioners of Satanic ritual…

    I sent my own daughter to a private, parochial school – mainly to try to keep her from exposure to as many bad influences as possible in her formative years – but I wonder, sometimes, what she may be even now exposed to on social media and among the world in which she mingles (she is in her early twenties). She teases me and says I am ‘archaic’ (I have to wonder where she got that!), but, at least, still seeks my approval and advice, for which I am thankful. I know so many fathers whose daughters have broken their hearts…
    When my daughter was just not quite four years old, she demonstrated an uncanny love and poise with horses, and I SEIZED upon the opportunity (I was fortunate!) to cultivate that in her, realizing that to give her a ‘direction’ in life – that she loved – would fill a part which might otherwise be filled with something much more destructive (yes, horses can kill your body, but NOT your soul!). Athletics, engines, race cars, martial arts, languages, music, painting – so many things into which a child can be directed, to avoid other, more destructive obsessions.

    Anyhow, for any who have young children, it is better to give them a direction of purpose,
    better than watch them aimlessly wander through the maize of never-ending consideration of choices and temptations – FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

    1. My city has nothing to offer teenagers but booze and bars and football.
      The first orphanage in the US was built here in 1740 outside the city by the early Methodists. Very wisely they knew those kids, rescued from pirates and pedos and forced slavery off the street, needed to have more than Bible verses and a roof. They instilled a huge, dignified work ethic that exists today there…the alumni are so grateful they send gobs of money for scholarships and expenses,
      Cows, sheep, free range chickens, goats, organic gardening…lovely place.
      I got my grandaughter into horses at 10, hoping to avoid the troubles we had with our own children. Now I had very little money…she had to got the work/ride work. Thank God!
      With our own children we thought going to church and love at home was enough…IT AIN’T.
      Humans are dynamic…they must have something to do…and if they don’t find good, wholesome things there will be bad things filling the vacuum.

      1. Responding to your final sentence “Humans are dynamic…they must have something to do…and if they don’t find good, wholesome things there will be bad things filling the vacuum” — hence Hitler created the Hitler Youth… keeping kids constantly busy with fun, wholesome activities…

  3. too stunned to respond coherently, so i will stick to the safety of the sidelines for now.

    but 1 thing i remember, rowan berkeley of niqnaq told me, he seems to have had his own dip into the mud spa of the occult.

    look at the picture of crowley, see how his eyes are bidirectional?
    the left one is meant to distract you while the right hypnotizes you and drills home some subliminal message.
    that is what the black belt magicians do.

    he (rowan) showed me how victoria nuland (nudelman, her true jew surname of her demented rabbi grandfather from ukraine) used this exact technique to force her listeners into submission.

    left eye, scary – accomplishes intimidation
    right eye, strong – accomplishes hypnotic brainwash

    1. and moreover, rowan told me that mastery of this technique distinguishes the lizards in human skin, just like the ones that icke talks about.

      what do i know, just parroting what i was told …

      1. Lobro,
        If you don’t know, don’t parrot.
        I seriously doubt the eyes alone have that power you speak of.

    2. A vertical shape of the pupils in the eye are a sure-fire sign of a non-human wolf in human sheep clothing

      I wonder if that famous you-tube video of an interview with GHW “Bush” (Schiff) showing his reptillian slit- eyes is still available?

      1. B-Hawk –

        You might have meant Sherff. The story…as it goes…
        George Bush Senior or as some call him Daddy Bush, real name is George H. Scherff Jr., he is the son of Nikola Tesla’s Nazi accountant George H. Sherff Sr.

        But… Put a white wig on Crowley and you have… Babs Pierce. Barbara Pierce Bush.

      2. Or take the wig off michael, er I mean Michelle Obama and remove his, er I mean her clothes and you have a him

      3. Pandora’s box is opened
        the portals are set free
        for lurkers at the threshold
        to come for you and me

        Can the genie be put back in the bottle, or has its cork expanded too much in this, what was once a place of unfettered beauty?

        Will I see you
        on another side
        of time
        and endless space?

        Perhaps a world
        where Truth abides
        in beauty’s
        gift of Grace

      4. @ Brownhawk

        Pandora’s box is opened
        the portals are set free
        for lurkers at the threshold
        to come for you and me.

        Hey Brownhawk, that’s good! I didn’t know you were a poet! You could give Gilby a run for his money! 🙂

        “The Lurker at the Threshold”, isn’t that the title of a Lovecraft horror story?

      5. Thanks Sardonicus

        I’ve been feelin it lately. Trying to get those words to sing. And it may sound strange, but when it comes to poetry I want to be mindful in omitting the letters, f, q, x, and z. There’s something off about them, and if they don’t exist in Sanskrit (or their equivalent) then that’s good enough for me.

        “Lurkers at the Threshold” is the title of a Lovecraft book. A great writer in my eyes, with a genius for conveying an exquisite sense of horror.

        Steven King was greatly inspired by him, and I sense that Lasha, too, is a fan.

      6. B-Hawk –

        There only 12 consonants in the Hawaiian alphabet. f-q-x-z are not there either.
        They are:
        A, B, D, E, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, T, U, V, W

      7. Right Pat, I’m familiar with the Hawaiian alphabet. My wife is from Kauai.

        I am an honorary Big Kahuna 😉

  4. checked into huffpost’s debunking of the common core claims.

    but couldn’t resist going further into the maw of the lie, eg, A Museum That Won’t Let Poland Forget
    (Warsaw’s eagerly anticipated $110-million Jewish history museum)

    Make sure to notice the smell, our guide urged us.

    It’s just supposed to be unpleasant, our guide explained, the scent of decay.

    to me this is much worse than images of six breasted baphomet with weird tattoos, this is the true face of satanism.
    really worth reading analytically, it also gives you an idea of whose mouthpiece huffpost is.
    museum of the lie, $110 million in a dirt poor central european country to grind inhabitants into sullen submission, hey pollacks, you are evil look and smell what you did to us jews, nevermind that there is not a tiniest bit of physical, historical evidence in this “museum“.

    because it is Museum of the Lie, get it?
    so there is no room for Truth in the Museum of the Lie, that much is clear to me.

    manufacturing guilt which becomes the whip to drive poles into abject slavery.

    and just look at the title of the huffpost article: Won’t Let Poland Forget … eagerly awaited.
    it puts the reader into a sympathetic bullying group with the master bully, the jew, let’s all kick poland, so much fun, isn’t it, yes all of us happy followers, americans, french, brits, dutch, even german, why not, let them breathe a sigh of relief until their turn to be piteously groveling on the ground, “oh please master jew, no we didn’t forget, we are not forgetful like our neighbors the poles, we do love your true lies”

    don’t tell me about the evil monsters lurking underground, they are right here in our faces, every breath inhaled and exhaled carries their stench of mental, emotional, moral corruption, dismemberment of honor and soul.

    and that teacher expertly poking herself with dildo in view of the full classroom, surely she was a math teacher explaining the power of ONE, hm?
    see kiddies, you take ONE (use right index finger extended towards the left hand making an “0” by joining index and thumb) and sticking it in like this, into this ZERO, we get a TEN!!!

    or maybe the tunnel and the train in the engineering anal-ogy.

    so much to learn before the grand lesson, that JEW IS THE MASTER.
    of your body, from the anus to the cranus, and the soul sucked down into his underground counting house.

    i am sure that $100 museum of the lie has its copy of the PISS CHRIST as well.

  5. This article sucks. It suggests that Lasha Darkmoon is a highly moral and righteous person who is deeply concerned about our children’s education. She comes across as very anxious to show that she is shocked by all the sexual depravity she sees around her.

    Darkmoon is a hypocrite. I can say this with complete confidence.

    For a start, just look at Darkmoon’s poetry. This is hardly an advertisement for sexual purity, is it. I mean, many of her poems are definitely depraved. Also, some of her poems have been banned for their obscenity. This has already been admitted by her own sister!

    Her favorite poet is Baudelaire, a sex addict! Think of that! And she has done numerous translations of this decadent French poet who is rumored to be a remote ancestor of hers.

    She tells us she learned Crowley’s poem, “Hymn to Pan”, by heart. Crowley was a sexually depraved Satanist. So why is she learning his disgusting poems by heart, eh? At the tender age of 18! It doesn’t make sense.

    Besides, here she is allowing herself to be PICKED UP by this French aristocrat in a park. Age 18. Not an ordinary guy, mind you, but a Satanist! A spooky guy who looks like “a tall gravedigger dressed in black” and who gives her books to read in French about angels copulating with demons!

    So what happens when Lasha and this French dude get back to his “mist-enshrouded manor house”, huh? She gives us a picture of what happens. There she is, “lounging” on a chaise-longue sipping some kind of rare Spanish wine and reciting poems to this French perv in her “darkest, most whispery voice.”

    Oh boy, I can just picture it all! And she puts on black lipstick for this guy, looking all pale and gothic. And he calls her Tiger Lily! Hey, gimme a break! This ain’t no respect’bul lady!

    Thanks Lasha, you’ve now outed yourself as a sex Satanist into Jewish kaballa! I’m outa here! I’m an innocent sort of Jewish guy, uncorrupted by the world, and I can see you’re a bad influence on morals.

    1. Zak, you didn’t read the article carefully :

      “My flirtation with the black arts, though it lasted no more than eighteen months during my late teens, left a deep impression on my mind.”

      See, it was only a short flirtation.

    2. if you look at that classroom board, 2 kids have written: “HELP ZAK”,
      meaning that either they want zak’s help or that zak needs help.

      of course, puctuation is the key and they don’t know anything about that art, so maybe it is
      “HELP, ZAK”
      meaning they have spotted zak and are appealing for help.

      the interpretations are in increasing order of probability but the aficionados of holocaust will no doubt reverse that order.

    3. Previously averred that, giving him DUE credit, life without a small, occasional dose of Zak would be duller.

      Trust the ghoul to materialise and creep out of the demon pits at Halloween.

      Four years ago german regional government published ‘educational’ booklet encouraging fathers to tickle their young daughters’ clits. This is true. Just check it out. State-ordered diversity and combating homophobic bullying programmes have depraved UK children. The parents almost all know nothing about what is forced into childrens’ every orifice.

      1. @ John the B and the D

        “Four years ago German regional government published ‘educational’ booklet encouraging fathers to tickle their young daughters’ clits. This is true. Just check it out.”

        Quite true. Lasha wrote about this in the opening paragraphs of her article:


        (This article was originally published on the Occidental Observer a few years ago under the shorter title “Sex Plague”)

    4. Charles Baudelaire a sex addict…please ; everything and everyone you vaguely know is not a caricature. Charles Baudelaire was a great poet albeit he suffered many trials and tribulations and mutual rejection of the world being endebted quasi his whole life as a misunderstood character. His “Les Fleurs du Mal” has nothing to do with Satanism.

  6. “3 x 4 = 11 could be considered a correct answer so long as students could explain how they reached that number.”

    how did i come up with this answer?
    my rabbi told me and moreover said that anyone questioning it reveals the dark, psychopathic mind of a holocaust denier, it is the same nazi thought process behind it – in short, a truther.

  7. “How can the government be so mindlessly stupid as to licence such sick-minded perverts to enter the same room as our children and act as their moral instructors?”

    Are you really that naive? Of all the governments of the world the US government is most infiltrated by satanists. It is also most infiltrated by Jews, but that is nearly the same, as you already know.

  8. “How can the government be so mindlessly stupid as to licence such sick-minded perverts to enter the same room as our children and act as their moral instructors?”

    EASY. The government might be ‘mindlessly stupid’… but the people who are running the government are very mindful and brilliant.

    They are the same smart people who keep destroying the commercial and private space travel vehicles. The hoax cannot be outed. Not yet. At NASA, having the ‘Right Stuff’ was referencing Masons…. military pilots, all ‘ring knockers’ who could keep a secret. Space travel is a hoax.

    It is EASY when opponents can be wiped out at any time.

    1. I partially agree with Pat on this one. INTERSTELLAR space is still just a myth. In my opinion, the most dangerously effective myth of all. We may have some proof one way or another in approx 14000 years (according to Nasa) as thats when one of their spacecraft will apparently reach the end of the solar system. It would be interesting to be around to see what happens. I accept that the interstellar universe ‘looks’ like what we are taught in “science”. Only looks tho. Of course, the faithful will just believe what their high priest tells them without question. They have faith that the modern materialist world conception is true. Its sorta like believing that a stick gets bent if placed in a pool of water, just cos thats what it looks like.

      And as an aside, you regular guys seem like a pretty friendly and open minded bunch. Nice one.

      1. NASA is STILL searching for a safe spacesuit for human travel beyond Van Allen Belts. Solar wind radiation is too deadly.

        Folks pick at me here, because I do not follow the script.

    2. I’m new here, so I don’t know the script. What is your idea of it? Incidentally, I happen to respectfully disagree with a lot of the comments you make, but at least your honest with your opinions. And I love a good argument! (In the nicest sense)

      1. alicesfriend,

        Beware of becoming Pat’s friend, that’s all I can say! He can be a killer. He destroyed a nice lady called “Ellie” — singlehandedly!

        (Sorry Pat, I couldn’t resist that) 🙂

      2. AF –

        Sard gave me too much credit…uhhh, blame. The ‘Ellie entity’ outed his/her self. Lots of long sentences with nothing new, anyway. Total admitted fiction. Supposedly at the Louvre every day, when it closes every Tuesday.

        In answer….
        The ‘script’ varies, depending on the commenter and narrative. I am perceived as a cynic and atheist, since I adhere to Paine’s outlook. I am not atheist. Neither was Paine.

        Many here believe in Putin as a savior. He is just another money tool to me.

        If anyone agrees with everything I say… or if many agree with just one thing….then I know I am wrong.

  9. “Siddhis are a reality, and the science behind them has been passed down from time immemorial by the rishis and preserved in the Vedic texts. In actuality nothing is mystic. Everything functions according to natural laws.”

    Meta-magician, disappear thyself

    1. “Everything functions according to natural laws”

      Except that we on this planet have been in a state of DYS-function since time immemorial.

      You could say that the world we are experiencing is in a “mystical” state. Call it a form of cover-up. An “occlusion”. We are in an occult world NOW. One which has been “occluded”, whose setting is such that “goy” are prevented from having an experience of Life in a “perfect” World.

      Yet strictly speaking, a state of perfection is an eternal work in progress. After all, how can it NOT be? There can be no finality in Eternity. The perfection is in the setting.

      But “mystic” is not to be confused with “mystery”. This insults Creator, for in a perfect SETTING of Creation is reflected the promise (Christ) of experiencing an eternal unfolding of Creator’s imagination that is the very INTENT for Being. And the only “mystery” is represented by an unanswerable question – “How is anything possible at ALL?”

      To ‘re-member’ (integrate) this Setting removes the blight on Mankind and enables Creator to say, “Now see what ‘I AM’

      This is what we “must” continue striving for…with vigor. More proclaiming and less ruminating as gleaned from musty old books

      Presto-chango. Meta-magician disappear!

      1. Not you BH, of course.
        Just some of the nonsense you dream up. (haha)

        I think you’re an upstanding man living to be even better.

      2. hp –

        FWIW… I think you both are upstanding men living to be even better.
        There are others like that here as well.

        Most of our thoughts are nonsense to others. No big deal.

        Edison and Westinghouse thought Tesla was wacko.

      3. hp,

        Catacomb: A long underground gallery with excavations in its sides for tombs or human remains

        How much you wanna bet Reptillians are guarding the Vatican catacombs and doing business down there?

        They like places like this. Feel right at home there. With gargoyles as their pets

      4. I for one certainly wouldn’t put it past them!

        The Vedas say at times even the big heavenly demigod Indra tosses and turns in his sleep, disturbed and tormented, fearful of the demons.

      5. hp

        Chapter 2 in my book is titled “Fear Itself” (Chapter 13 is titled “End of the Beginning”, and I guess I couldn’t come up with a title excerpted from a quote of Stalin’s that would complete a “Big-3 trilogy” of chapter titles that I dreamed up….ha!)

        Anyhow, here’s some more nonsense from chapter 2……directed at the demons, great and small

        “…The bestowal of free will was misconstrued. Instead, they saw it as an act of abandonment conveying a sense of being unloved. It resulted in a disconnection, and the plug to love was pulled. A feeling of insecurity ensued, and it bred what became known as ‘fear’. Love’s opposition was born, and with it the seed of evil.”

      6. “A devotee knows that after death he is going back home, back to Godhead; therefore he has no fear of death. Thus instead of depressing a devotee, advanced age helps him become fearless and thus happy.”

        SB 4.27.24

      7. Brownhawk- Dont be confused with the concept of jinn in islam with what you embrace in Disney movies. –Jinns are real and a different creation from humans. Demonic possession by jinns are real and are happening throughout the ages all over the world.
        Jinn are a creation of God, some do evil some do good, but its up to humans to follow the good.

        Its not nonsensical, but i say to you Brownhawk, its better to FEAR the hell-fire which is a surety for you if you dont believe in your Creator/God/ Ella/Allah.

      8. JEFFKL

        I’m fully aware of the reality of demonic possession, in more ways than I can relate on these threads.

        And there’s no confusion here about Disney productions. At best they are naive as to the reality behind their content, and at worst they are used as forms of controlled opposition.

        Jinn are not an INTENDED creation of the true Creator God (upper case “G”). They are spawned from an ‘off-shoot’ of Creation (i.e.; what broke away from it per the intention of Divinity)

        With the occurrence of this break came the ‘invention’ of fear itself

      1. Certainly I’ve heard of those and a whole bunch more entities and events.
        All common in the Vedas, especially the Puranas with their hosts of interacting beings from millions, billions, trillions of years past, right up until this very moment.

        So yes, I do.

      2. (P.S.) I also know how to get rid of them.

        “Ghosts and mischievous hobgoblins are also the creation of Brahma; they are not false. All of them are meant for putting the conditioned soul into various miseries. They are understood to be the creation of Brahma under the direction of the Supreme Lord.”

        Srimad-Bhagavatam 3:20:40

        The Classes of Demons, Part 3

      3. “All of them are meant for putting the soul into various miseries. They are understood to be the creation of Brahma under the direction of the Supreme Lord.”


        Ask yourselves this: What does that say about the “Supreme Lord”?

        While going through an act of dying is to be expected, an event whose experience is best gone through when seen as a piece of cake, its reality should not be seen as one of acceptability.

        This reality is a false one containing ‘minefields of mortality’.

        When you see some poor bastard squirrel get creamed by a car zippin along at 70 mph you don’t have to be reminded of what your mother already told you about lookin both ways before crossin the road. (and more’s the shame of it that mother squirrel couldn’t offer the same advice)

        This kind of experience is a product of fear, whose produced realities we rationalize till we’re blue in the face (literally and figuratively)

        “Fear” is responsible for a repetition of “life-times” experienced through endless cycles. What “Supreme Lord” would be responsible for such a mortal reality?

        More nonsensical book excerpts – from Chapter 7: “Aegis of Control”

        “…As when experiencing Life exclusively in physical matter, in an environment where the integrity of free-will expression has been compromised, being in an “afterlife” doesn’t consistently ‘move along’ the eternal learning experience (i.e.; the ever-unfolding of Imagination). There may be reminders, like participating in actions of healing and creativity, but whatever manifests in these “life” and “afterlife” settings is occurring in a contained state of programming; a controlling matrix, or ‘pale’. The illusive markers of time and space that sustain a physically confining state may not exist in an afterlife reality, but without being wise to the pretense it doesn’t make a difference. Being there is not provided a cure.”

      4. Demons are the “living dead”, spawned from the off-shoot of Darkness (Demiurge) that removed itself from the Light.

        All living things are sacred and of the Light. e.g.; cows are sacred but “sacred cows are not.

        Or, Christ is sacred, but “Christianity” is not

  10. Haven’t we Americans had enough already of these lunatic ideas coming out of education departments? When my kids were in school it was invented spelling and invented reading. I won’t go into the whole debacle of those years with instructions in ‘how to feel’ replacing the basic curriculum and the ‘anti-hero’ as the politically correct way for a young males to be…oh and let’s not forget instruction in the Jewish Holocaust with those day trips to the Holocaust museum. I had to compensate by using outside tutoring services. In nursery school children were taught to not be ashamed and so cozy time between the sexes was not frowned on. To summarize, though, my kids did survive into adulthood, jobs, and relationships. They are not addicted to porn but to work and it does seem that despite all the instructions in how to be good Jews they preferred the work ethic of good Protestants. That doesn’t mean that everyone survived, though. I can only say, Darkmoon, that I agree we should return to basic education for our children: teach them to memorize rather than analyze, teach them to read, respect their privacy and the morals of their parents, and keep the gangsters out of the bathrooms. Sad to say, though, my son is under the sway of mainstream media and the liberal agenda which he picked up in his elite college. So beware of elite colleges, parents.

    I was very intrigued by the excursion into satanism. I know the occult world well having both come of age in the so called “New Age” and ended up in the capital of the occult, that is Los Angeles. For in L.A. Manly P. Hall had his Philosophical Research Society, and the original cults of Crowley took hold and infiltrated the music and movie industry to spread the creed across the land. It’s strange, though, that in the heart of the beast it’s hard to see it. Crowley was afflicted with severe asthma and that is how he got addicted to drugs. He was also homosexual or bi-sexual, but probably closer to the first in an age of Victorian ethics. He was a spoiled brat and had some kind of character disorder. His followers are an odd brood but more boring and banal than bestial. For example, all that sex on the altar (or is it masturbation on the altar), the sperm and menstrual blood for communion, etc. looks less inviting the fourth, fifth, or fiftieth time around. Once they were young and gorgeous but now they are aging badly and it isn’t so pretty (I am supposing having seen them with clothes on) I read an article recently called something like ‘ how I left my religion’ by an X Crowleyite. He still loves Crowley but the Church (that is Thelemites) is just a perverted mockery of Christianity without any of the intellectual depth of Christianity. Eliphas Levi (pseudonym) who drew the famous goat footed figure was more of a Catholic than a Satanist. I’m very confused by all of it really and I can’t figure out how much is posturing and how much is real.

    I am sorry that you, Darkmoon, had to experience the corruption of this evil man no matter whether these philosophies of the dark arts are imaginary or real. I have to reread that novel by that French author, La Bas, or Down There. He had an experience similar to yours in that he started out exploring satanism and instead of boring narcissists posturing in black robes he had some real demonic insight and became a Catholic. So I am not sure.

  11. I have to add the vaccine component to the Common Core–not sure what it is but there is some health language in there that opens the door to dictatorship. Can children be literally taken from their parents because they haven’t vaccinated? It’s definitely a program that needs to be carefully scrutinized by parents with this criminal class in charge.

    I say this from experience because one of my children did suffer a vaccine injury and it was a very long road for her to regain her health. She still has an autoimmune disease and before she was diagnosed (by boutique doctor not your regular plan) she lived with chronic illness.

    We are poisoning a generation of kids. I can tell the signs. Unvaccinated kids don’t cry non stop, they don’t cry with high pitched screams, they don’t have emotional melt downs, they can handle stimulation well, they don’t get really sick all the time, they don’t have complex learning disabilities, they don’t have autoimmune diseases, they don’t have autism. Vaccinated kids have all of the above in spades. I pity their parents. No wonder parents are too preoccupied with serious illnesses in their children to notice that the sexual libertine teacher is pushing satanism.

    Is the medical tyranny part of the Jewish elite? I would hate to think it is but it might be because the mainstream media is pushing vaccines all the time and demonizing the anti-vaxers (who have almost all been in the vaccine schedule until their child got sick). So many of the main players are Jewish including head of the CDC. I hope and pray that this is not Jewish because it is the worst holocaust that has ever occurred. Worse than sperm and menstrual blood communions–that a person can survive. Many children will not and have not survived a visit to the pediatrician.

    1. kapoore,
      sorry to confirm your fears and point out that the reality is even worse than feared, fruition of an age old plan.

      think of it as part of the earlier version of the protocols, namely the guidelines by the grand sanhedrin in constantinople given to chemor, the chief rabbi of spain upon receiving the walking papers from isabella and ferdinand (the alhambra edict of expulsion, 1492):

      ” Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.
      The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:
      1. As for what you say that the King of Spain 3 obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.
      2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.
      3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives:


      4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.
      5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.
      6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.

      it is news to me that although sanhedrin is a court panel of judges and advisers, there seems to be one “prince”, first among equals.

      i suspect that the bolshevik party structure was organized hierarchically along the lines of the sanhedrin/politburo ruling over the council of the elders of zion/central committee and prince is the general secretary.

      either way, hear the clinking of the slavers chains as they come shuffling after your kids, all perfectly legal and enforceable, if you resist, you are antisemite, holocaust denier, terrorist and truther.

      how hard is it to uproot the traitors in our midst?
      it seems that this was the problem that plagued spain to such a degree that the inquisition was organized to deal with it, by putting them to question in the star chamber, one at the time, leading to the next one until their network was uprooted.
      and it also seems that this is a task facing us.

      and the vigilance should never cease because this pestilential rat horde simply never gives up, as long as they breathe.
      of course they infiltrated spain later on to repay the favor of expulsion, thus the spanish revolution, colored blood red.

      1. another thing worth noting, the jew prince does not limit his toxic response to spain and the spaniards, the directives apply to ALL the christians, worldwide.

        and the holy inquisition may have been given extra impetus due to this advice.
        after all, torquemada, an ex-jew, was well aware of the protocols of the day.
        it is jews like him and theobald of cambridge, like brother nathaniel and yossi gurvitz who can help us ferret out the metastasized tumors.

        further ruminations: chemor was actually based in arles.

        arles is a stone’s throw from avignon, the seat of the bunch of popes in the 14th century …

        also not far from narbonne, where according to theobald of cambridge, also an ex-jew who became a monk, the rabbis of europe gathered at each purim (the festival of lots) to toss dice (lots/dreidels?) to determine where to hunt for the young christian boy to be slaughtered, his blood mashed into the matzo dough for passover/pesach consumption in demonic mockery of the easter crucifixion.

        and of course, narbonne, prior to the reclaiming of the iberian peninsula from the moors, was the site of a major slave market, of course run by jews, where the kidnapped christian boys were cruelly castrated to be sold for the sick pleasure of wealthy beys of maghreb.

        everything seems to be connected at some profoundly bestial level.

      2. who said that they are a race, in proper terms?
        i never said that.

        how can “jew” denote a race, given the black falashas from ethiopia, semitic sephardis, mongoloid khazars, there are indian jews from cochin, kerala, there are proper chinamen jews – do they constitute a race?

        they are in no hurry to define themselves, thus skipping from one escape hole to the next, changing names, surnames …

        negation is more important to them than affirmation, because they always need to be able to slip away as required by the circumstances of their crimes.
        doesn’t talmud famously say that when a jew feels urge to do evil, he should do it away from his hometown where he cannot be recognized and endanger his community?

        neither race nor religion, no moral principles only the strict laws to be blindly obeyed.

        a jew is an inbred psychopath, born and bred for wickedness of the worst sort.

        and every so often, the inbreeding misfires and a jew grows conscience that disqualifies him – thus, ex-jew.

    2. “Can children be literally taken from their parents because they haven’t vaccinated? ” :
      been wondering about this a lot lately, as my grandchildren are of an age to be vaccinated, and, yes, my daughter does worry that her children will be taken from her if she refuses. I console myself with the thought that Norway is very careful in testing all medication, and that many former lethal childhood illnesses have been all but eradicated.. I, on the other hand, didn`t bother queuing up for the free `flu` shots..

    1. hp –

      Yep… Even at tent revivals….
      And at the barstool on the end…. next to the pool tables, down $200 to the kid with his own stick.

  12. Oddly enough, I believe everything in this article without having to suspend my “disbelief” as Coleridge famously said. However, the only part that I found difficult to believe was this: “Nothing of an intimate nature ever took place between us. I wouldn’t let it, having taken an oath on my 13th birthday to remain a virgin until I was thirty.”

    1. Joe Canuck,
      I don’t find it difficult to believe. I imagine oath-taking by 13 year old females is serious business.

  13. I dont see jews over in China perverting Chinese kids or Jews in Africa perverting those kids in their schools, I dont see Jews perverting Japanese schools or Jews in Afghanistan perverting their kids. The Jews ultimate orgasm is the death of the white race. The second it hatches it is on a mission and anyone and everyone in their way is going down. Anyone that knows anything about the history of jews knows that nobody truly knows exactly how perverted jews are. Perhaps perversion isnt even the word we are looking for because it is starting to make perversion look like 1950’s Sunday school. I honestly dont think a Jew enjoys anything more than smashing the soul of a young white child and nobody seems to give a damn about their own kids (whites or anyone else). Talk about chicken_ _ _ _! You wont even get mad at the grown up Audio Visual Class- my God you are all embarrassing as hell to me!

    1. “I dont see jews over in China perverting Chinese kids or Jews in Africa perverting those kids in their schools, I dont see Jews perverting Japanese schools or Jews in Afghanistan perverting their kids.”

      None of the countries mentioned, except Japan, and no countries in Africa have currencies considered as ‘reserve currencies.’ Jews control the money sources. of the world.

      1. Just look at television. Jewish controlled media dominate the whole world, even a partial holdout such as China. The Jewish crap is overwhelmingly present in Afghanistan and Japan and all over Africa. Though they are banned from Iran, there is no keeping out their satellite broadcasts. There is no escaping the degenerate nonsense. And of course everyone is sucked into watching it, because if something dramatic (murder, torture, nudity, gross talk, rape) is there at hand, it pulls people away from calmer, saner stuff. This degeneracy must be banned by every sane society. There is a world of difference between so-called “freedom of expression” (such as my freedom to display my privates in public, or show a crucifix pickled in urine) and “freedom of speech” (the liberty to defend any thesis with a calm and measured argument). Reference to freedom of expression is usually a dead give-away of something indefensibly nasty. So naturally, literary and arts festivals the world over sponsored by the usual crowd invariably proclaim their allegiance to it.

      2. “And of course everyone is sucked into watching it, because if something dramatic (murder, torture, nudity, gross talk, rape) is there at hand, it pulls people away from calmer, saner stuff.”


        …….fear sells!!

  14. Oh yeah, this is all par for the course!
    Getting to be stale news! And gettin’ WORSE by the minute!
    Of course the JEWS and their Illuminati aligned Goyim are into any kind of sexual deviance.
    SEX and MONEY are their chief weapons!~
    I keep getting back to Ms Silverstein lickin’ a dog’s anus, or the Brisbane chick (Australia) I told you about who posted a video of herself being fucked by a large dog, with the ejaculations running down her legs!
    Imagine the worst sexual dalliance you can imagine and it is now on video; watched by kids.
    Kids watch Miley Cyrus’s porn offerings and go to concerts without panties so as to copy Lady GAGA! The mums allow them, as Ellen Degenerate said it is okay!
    Just had a heated argument with one of my wives as she has been told at the local school that “it is only natural” to allow our teenage sons (many difft mothers) to watch her in the toilet and inserting and removing tampons! Yeah, the TRUTH! Told her, I then think it “is only natural” that I walk around with a ten inch erection in front of my 67 kids! She objected, the smarting hypocrite! See the trouble with having over 30 concubines/wives? No wonder I now seek greener pastures! ENDLESS ARGUMENTS!
    My Yr 12 students skip classes to go home and watch the latest LA porn movies. ANYTHING GOES!

    1. A number of years ago, the then fifteen year old daughter of a neighbour, used to raid her parents liquor cabinet when the parents were off somewhere, and sit watching porn movies all night.. Also the twelve year old son of another neighbour, pale, long black hair, claimed to be a “hobby” satanist, who would play loud satanic music all night, when his mother was off somewhere, which was quite often.. Both these kids were only slightly popular with kids who were impressed with their misdeeds..

  15. Just got to add regarding the subject of the JEWIFICATION of all Western-Goyim EDUCATION:
    Hidden in the back pages of Brisbane’s The Courier Mail (October 12, 2014) were the results of a very expensive, government-initiated survey into the state of Australian education. (Page 3 featured a full colour picture of our dog fuckin’ young lady!)
    Oh yeah, the predictable RESULT: “Teachers will need remedial grammar and Western civilization is being demonised in schools. Western culture and traditions are being taught as the great evils.”
    Malcolm Muggeridge told us all that in 1969: “Jesus Rediscovered”, Collins, 1969.
    Yah, might have guessed it: Our Communist-Fabian, man-hating feminist, immediate/ex, Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (who has won countless accolades from the Zionist lobbies in Oz and New York), appointed the Zionist-Jew David Gonski to write a national-Jewish curriculum, called the Gonski Report!
    THE GAME IS UP FOR US WISER GOYIM, who will soon be housed in prison camps!
    The RESISTANCE STARTS NOW!!!!!! C’mon you Germanics! You held back the Roman barbarians! Help us out! Get the JEWISH Prime Ministers out of Europe! Find a lervly Hitler for the West!

    1. Max,

      It is up to every man to RESIST the temptations thrown upon us and our progeny, and those within our sphere of influence. There is NO mandate requiring you to hunt for ‘greener pastures’ – there IS a duty to well-steward the ones you already graze. The ‘problem’ is not so much a ‘Jew problem’ as it is a problem of manly deficiency.

      Sometimes, I go to a nearby town or city just to wander around, alone, and observe (gives me good material to inspire writing, and an odd sort of entertainment 🙂 ). I usually end-up having coffee or tea or dinner with a stranger – most often a pretty woman – who I have engaged in conversation. What I have found is that most of them are severely unhappy or disenchanted with the lives they have pursued (not that I’m some sort of great counsellor – it’s just that I let them talk a lot, and I listen)(I live alone, and am a fairly free and eccentric agent). Our society has a deficiency of he-men. The unsung, invisible heroes are the ones who do their duties to their families and friends, and set examples to live by. You are NOT setting a good example by hunting ‘greener pastures’ if you already have THIRTY wives, Maxy! (But I’ll allow – you ARE entertaining!! 🙂 ).

      It’s easy to prey on lonely women, Maxy. It is far more noble to try and make their lives easier to endure, and will help you be more content in your own. Whether you or our friends like it or not – there ARE some Jews more noble than a lot of the chicken-shit white men of contemporary breeding. I’ve met noble gentlemen of all races and religions. Charles Taylor comes to mind (remember the Sierra Leone dictator?). I met him in the house of a friend, but didn’t know who he was, at the time. I liked him. It goes to show that one never knows WHO one is addressing in this world. My personal prejudices are simply products of my breeding and culture – as are everyone else’s.

      1. “I’ve met noble gentlemen of all races and religions. It goes to show that one never knows WHO one is addressing in this world.”

        Charles Taylor the LIBERIAN cannibalistic humanoid!!?
        Impress you, did he?

      2. Hp –

        Actually, it SURPRISED me to later learn exactly ‘who’ he was. He was well-dressed, well-spoken, and mannerly. He didn’t LOOK like a cannibal, no indeedy. 🙂

        The context was that he was a guest of someone later sought for gun-running activities related to Taylor’s endeavors, none of which had to do with my having encountered him, there (I was in my early twenties). He soon thereafter ‘lost his head’, as I understand it.

  16. I am not arguing with the basic thesis that Common Core is wrong or that the sexualization of young people is all right. NEVER!!

    I am agnostic about the forces of evil, whether this is some kind of weird acting out or whether there is something to channeling demons. Most of these magical types fit the mold of the ordinary person and not the freaky image. I once met a serious disciple of Crowley who was a mathematics professor in a computer science department of a university. I know others who are on the plain and normal side– living in cities, having children, bragging about their grandchildren. What they all have in common, though, is a virulent hatred of Christianity. A lot of them are Jewish but not the rich, ruling elite sort of Jewish (at least on the surface). Most are not knowledgeable about history, not even history of the occult. They are not what I would call talented occultists in the sense of reading complex symbols, patterns, or number riddles; but then neither was Crowley. Here is the problem as I see it: is it really possible to contact dark forces without the aid of drugs or without the aid of an altered state of consciousness brought on by shock treatment like a mock hanging, or mock death, or some other intense ritual experience. Or does satanism work its evil in more subtle ways by eerily and with stealth infecting a person’s perception of reality..a kind of dumbing down of the more exalted states. In the reverse I believe that the benefits of prayer are not immediate but a gradual opening of the powers of perception to the brightness and unity of creation. Does someone wake up one day enmeshed in a vacuous and hostile world of evil after many years of hatred of Goodness and morality. Many of these nihilists do have lives that end badly or in drug addiction, children often die in their care. But is it worse than following in the trail of the neo-liberals and taking their advice as if holy writ. I am not sure.

      1. I tend to agree with you Ingred B. To believe there actually IS a horned, cloven hooved ‘being’ who delights in the consumption or spilling of bodily fluids and the mumbling of incoherent incantations, is quite akin to the belief that there is an opposite ‘being’ who disguised himself as a burning bush and told some mythical group of wandering Bedouins to ‘kill every man,woman and child’….. several times and seem proud to admit openly, “I the lord thy god am a jealous god”. It’s also akin to the belief that someone floated up into the sky and will come floating back down, “any minute now”, for the last 2000 years to whisk away to some floating utopia city in the sky, only those who ‘believe’ in him.

        The term “God” is automatically misapplied in any western discussion about the possibility of a Divine force governing the universe. Unfortunately it is because of the corruption of knowledge on the part of those people who wrote the fabulous book of fables (bible) which currently holds sway over western minds. The ‘god’ of that book is a tribal war deity. Certainly not the One, nor anything remotely connected with universal goodness and truth.

        That is not to say there is not another realm of existence or life beyond this physical one. Only to say that the belief in this ‘devil’ is just as childish as the belief in the jewish ‘god’. They are both products of the same warped minds and designed, both in their own ways, to capture the imaginations and loyalty of either the wholesome or the degenerate. The belief in super-heroes and super-demons is as wasteful of human brain power as the Television.

        Whatever is being, or is not being taught in the schools is much more simplified as a destruction of the inherent goodness of the human spirit. While those who foster and nurture it may perhaps believe in these fairy-tale characters, the final product is the destruction of a society – not the appeasement of an invisible monster, no matter how many ‘hail satan’s’ are uttered.

        If these things are being taught in the schools they should be attacked as morally abhorrent and degrading. Not as the products of a warped delusion based religion.

    1. I saw a demon possession in a 14 year old girl whose mother had trained her to be a witch, and she was converted to Christianity and wanted to be baptized. The demon possessed her on the day of her baptism and I saw evil like nothing I had ever, in my very long life, seen before. From that I became a true believer of demonic possession, independant of anything else. The two male missionaries who were trying to help her, got thrown across the room by this possessed 14 year old girl. Believe it and fight against it anyway you can. Its real. Believe me when I say that I saw it first hand and in real life.

      1. Pegasus-Demonic possession is real . in islam we call it possession by Jinn, a creation of God made from smokeless fire, They are a different creation from angels who are created from light.
        The jinn can enter some human bodies and take possession, they can see us but we cannot see them. You may see the Youtube video titled ‘The World Of The Jinn” by Dr Bilal Phillips to know about it better.

      2. I heard of a little village somewhere in South America, where the kids started experimenting with a ouija board, all the kids developed a psychosis, the parents, and people of the village swore they were “possessed”, and were roping in priests to “drive out the demons”. The same thing happened to my daughter, who was under the influence of a weird little person, who “entertained” people locally with her ouija board. As far as I know, my daughter was the only casualty, her condition hit us suddenly, like an express train, it was THE most frightening experience of my life, but, she recovered, and is now the mother of the two most beautiful children, (my opinion), whom I will protect with my life, if necessary.. Suggestion is a powerfull thing, and I can assure you, that sufferers of psychosis are extremely strong, and are unaware of what they do at the time, it is after the fact that they begin to remember..

      3. jinn – the genie outside the bottle – lurkers pouring through the threshold

        “they can see us but we can’t see them” (gets back to that whole human eye thing)

        But, JEFFKL, I would amend your stating “creation of God” to read, say, “an offshoot of ‘evil’ that broke away, or ‘shot off’ from Creator’s intent for manifested life”

        An intent of only light – the “off-shoot” moved AWAY from the light, hence, darkness.

        This all goes back to “fear”, per my earlier post. (and being nonsensical… ha! 😉 )

      4. Hypnotic trances are real and powerful. So are hallucinogens like peyote, mushrooms, coca and thousands of others.

        At one time, the mentally ill were considered possessed by demons…. even burned at the stake.

        The human mind is the demon…. the real demon, unleashed and mostly unnoticed. The CIA knows it, but the most of us do not. That is how they program shooters…… just change their minds with drugs and hypnotics… WITHOUT demons present. Viola… controlled zombie!! aka TV viewer..!!

  17. The guy who authored the Common Core State Standards Initiative is David Coleman, a Jew. He flat-out said that his Jewish religious upbringing influenced his ideas for the initiative.

    These ideas, Sherman speculated, stem from Coleman’s religious background. “He grew up in a family that extremely prioritized the value and importance of a deep, broad education,” Sherman said. “Those Jewish values toward education have a lot to do with his belief system: Every child should be a smart thinker, a deep thinker, someone who’s analytical and probing.” Coleman also believes that religious texts have a place in the public school curriculum.

    Of course we know what it really means is that Coleman was brought up on the Talmud and is now using his influence to shape education in a way that destroys the minds and souls of American student. At least, the ones whose minds and souls haven’t already been destroyed by Hollywood and television.

  18. God is the Darkness. It took Lucifer to create the light of the universe for us to see. Exactly what this Dark Deity did not want but was forced to act and punished emergent consciousness [sentient life] for knowing that it is the Dark Deity that is truly Evil sucking out the living daylights out of life itself in order to live. Not good. Luckily there are billions on this tiny planet who can reason for themselves. Otherwise your work is of the highest quality

    1. If God is darkness, then God is most of the universe…by a long shot…. by many QUADRILLIONS of times.

      Light is produced along with the other radiation. Light was not made for humans to see. The reverse is more likely. The eye was made to see certain frequencies.

      The ‘creator’ of the human eye left out the ability for detection of radiation of most of the AVAILABLE range of radiation in the universe.

      What humans have identified as light is just a very small portion of the constantly produced frequency range identified as electromagnetic radiation which makes up the ‘electromagnetic spectrum.’

      The ‘electromagnetic spectrum’ ranges from ELF of JUST 3 cycles per second to Gamma Rays at a WHOPPING 300,000,000,000,000,000,000 cycles per second.

      The human eyes can see the ‘visible spectrum’ which ranges from RED at 430,000,000,000,000 cycles per second to VIOLET at 790,000,000,000,000 cycles per second. That correlates to a range from 3 Hertz(Hz) to 300 ExaHertz(EHz).

      The ‘light’ humans detect, visible light, is a factor of approximately1 million tines below the frequency of of Gamma Rays to approximately 100 QUADRILLION times above ELF.

      This set of facts is just one more argument against some ‘evolution’ theories. Humans have a need to see some infrared, but cannot. I would like to see the skillet is hot before I touch it.

      1. Correction needed:
        The human eyes can see the ‘visible spectrum’ which ranges from RED at 430,000,000,000,000 cycles per second to VIOLET at 790,000,000,000,000 cycles per second. That [correlates] to a range from 3 Hertz(Hz) to 300 ExaHertz(EHz).

        [correlates] should read ‘in comparison’ since I was comparing what we see to the full EM spectrum.

      2. Hey Pat

        I’ll use this post as a bridge between your Tesla/Edison comment and this one on the human eye

        Tesla was a huge threat to the moneypower that Edison and Westinghouse played ball with. We certainly don’t see HIS name at the head of giant companies like “Edison Electric” or “Westinghouse Broadcast System” aka “NBC” – one of those humble purveyors of Truth…not!

        They weren’t about to let an idea for free energy gain any momentum, and made sure a snowball would have a better chance in hell by using the classic m.o. of finding a man’s weakness and exploiting it to destroy him.

        Suppressing knowledge is of course one of the things they do best. All of “them” (i.e.; what’s behind the moneypower) suppress so much more than what “meets the eye”.

      3. Oh, would you stop tryin’ to be a total smart arse PAt, you obnoxious fiend of a lizard. You write nothing but kabalistic, dialectically inspired NONSENSE! Like Tyron P you are an insult to this site! That ZAK creature is better than you!

      4. Maximus Bil-o-ney –

        I stopped ‘trying’ to be smart once I arrived…. long before you were dragged in from the Outback by the dingos.

      5. maxbilney said,

        “All political activity by the GOYIM – worldwide – should, once and for all, be directed at destroying the JEWISH HEGEMONY OF MONEY! There is no other story than this!”

        It seems true that the bankers hold the office previously held by economists, kings and priests. They rule over us. You know this, tho.

        But why keep dividing us? Who are you calling GOYIM? Do you see no hope for these people at all? Being rude to people who don’t know as much as you is not going to enlighten them, is it? Altho, yes it can be somewhat entertaining. On reading some of your previous posts it seems to me you are here to vent your frustration.

        Fair enuff, but I am concerned that you might be falling for the ol’ divide and conquer thing.

        Jesus drove the money-lenders from the temple.

    2. Lutz Barz,
      Please translate your name into plain English.
      ‘God is the Darkness.’ An impossibilty.

  19. 50 years ago, one could go to newspaper and get them to shine a light on some Yid perversion snaking its way into society. Not anymore, the paper will be the one praising the latest sordid Khazar incantation for one and all.

    Kansas Parents Are Outraged That A Middle School Sex Ed Poster References ‘Grinding’ And ‘Oral Sex’ January 20, 2014

    A middle school in Kansas has removed a poster that used to supplement some of the sex ed curricula for eighth graders, following complaints from one parent who took his case to the press. The poster, entitled “How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?”, lists various sexual activities like “grinding,” “oral sex,” “kissing,” and “sexual fantasy.” It sparked considerable controversy last week after one 13-year-old student snapped a photo of it and showed it to her father, who threatened to remove her from the sex ed class.

    And from the land of the never ending holoHOAX payouts, Germany, we have this:

    Oversexed Education: First-Graders Shown Explicit Sex-Ed Book

    When it comes to sex, Germans are not known for being squeamish. Yet a sex-education book that has been circulating in Berlin elementary schools has some parents up in arms.

    The book, “Where Do You Come From?” (“Wo kommst du her?”), which is recommended for ages 5 and up, shows a couple, Lisa and Lars, in various stages of arousal. In one illustration, Lisa puts a condom on Lars’ erect penis. Another shows them having intercourse. The text also veers toward the explicit.

    “When it’s so good that it can’t get any better, Lisa and Lars have an orgasm,” it reads. And, finally: “The vagina and penis feel nice and tingly and warm.”

    In the worlds of the immortal John Lennon, from his “Working Class Hero” song:

    “Working Class Hero”

    As soon as you’re born they make you feel small
    By giving you no time instead of it all
    ‘Til the pain is so big you feel nothing at all

    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

    They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
    They hate you if you’re clever and they despise a fool
    ‘Til you’re so fucking crazy you can’t follow their rules

    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

    Keep you doped with religion, and sex, and T.V.
    And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
    But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see

    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

    There’s room at the top they are telling you still
    But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
    If you want to be like the folks on the hill

    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

    If you want to be a hero well just follow me
    If you want to be a hero well just follow me

    1. Yes, the theory is that Lennon was eliminated, the ptb didn`t like the effect he was having on young minds, ie. waking them up to what was really going on.. Once hired a video which suggested that Hendrix, Joplin, and Jim Morrison were wasted for the same reason..


      Thank you for the demonstration of your Common Core education. You’re a genuine illuminary!! (not)

        1. The biggest problem I find with the likes of you and Save, and some others on this site is that you are WHITE TRASH, Maxy. Ever hear the term? Cultivate some class and good manners, and you just might gather a more effective following. 🙂

            1. Good manners dont cost anyone anyfing anyway, do they, eh?

              Altho why anyone would would want a “following” is beyond me… hey…

              Follow Me!!!

  20. my opinion – anyone who believes in god, much less some kind of psy-op religion, is a fanatic. simply because it is not possible for a reasonable person to take as a fact something that can’t be defined or explained. as a person who was repressed by catholicism i understand full well that boys would grow up to be much better men if they were allowed natural sexual expression as they were maturing. i’m sure it’s the same for females. religion is all about the repression of humans, which is all about repression of sexuality. but – teachers demonstrating geni-tools in front of a grade-school class should be a criminal matter. of course, so should circumcision and corporal punishment. i think the deeper meaning here is that we live in a hierarchical power structure society, where those with less voice catch more abuse. this in a corporate world driven only by profit motives. i will tell you it is all the spawn of establishment religious ideologies and methodologies of control. not long ago children in the usa were worked day and night in coal mines, with little to eat. starvation was the lot of some of the kids i grew up with in the fifties. these days children are the most valuable thing going for the corporate and religious machinery, if they can get to them with their branding when they’re young enough. everybody wants to get control of their minds. i see no difference between the crucifix, the star of david and any famous corporate logo. the bottom line of the bottom line is that sex sells, and children are not to be considered off limits by the corporate monster. quite the contrary. i’m well aware of the zionist conspiracy, but i think this transgression would be occurring just the same if there were no such thing as jewry. the capitalist methodology commonly-denominates everything as a series of retail commodities. capitalism will attack children for all it’s worth, because they are so valuable. look at the student loan program. certainly youngsters are damaged and polluted with pornography now, much more so with the high-tech net video. so how is it that gun or airplane manufacturers are sued out of business every time an incident occurs with one of their products, but media conglomerates are not held responsible for corrupting the morals of minors on account of the satellite porn on in everyone’s livin room on the television set? i think aleister crawley was just another huckster. ellen degeneris and miley cyrus are the new madonnas. sex show flunkies, with a little art thrown in. satanism does exist, but it’s got not much to do with any mythical devils, which do not exist. satanism is about unaccountable powerful people becoming morally degenerate on account of the atrocious acts they commit. you should be getting a mental picture of dick cheney here. these degenerates kill innocent civilians in war on a daily basis, and laugh about it. look at netanyahu. is the porno assault any worse? they don’t care. sexualization of children should be prosecuted as a crime whenever it occurs. where religion acts against it, give it credit. but you gotta bear in mind – religion is all about ripping kid’s minds off too. filling their heads up with their control program. if they can’t do that they’re out of business in one or two generations. all religious people need to get it through their heads that your religious freedom does not include the right to have the state sponsor your program. if you’re going to insist that your ten commandments be displayed at the courthouse – then you’re going to have to accept the baphomet too as a symbol of someone else’s religion. i don’t want to pay for any of it. and please don’t tell me these churches’ history is any cleaner. i don’t see in history any mass genocide and torture-murder political programs sponsored by so-called devil worshippers. but the jews and catholics have sure gotten up to plenty of that. hopefully someone will put a stop to the assault on children. lots of people are doing it.

    1. “i will tell you it is all the spawn of establishment religious ideologies and methodologies of control.”

      Yes. Agree. I stated earlier that religious difference is ONE reason for war.

      ‘Onward Christian Soldiers.’

      1. Say what you will about the Ten Commandments, you must always come back to the pleasant fact that there are only ten of them.
        (H. L. Mencken)

    2. Unfortunately Barkingdeer does not seem to be able to comprehend the difference between thinking about something and a direct perception of reality, physical or spiritual. Thoughts and thinking can only get you so far. VERY far, granted, but some realities cannot be comprehend just by “thinking” about things. Another state of conciousness is required when you hit the “edge of thinking”. Belief is not required when reality is directly perceptable.

  21. Hi Darkmoon,

    I was a victim of childhood satanic sex abuse (and many horror stories) and narrowly escaped being bumped off for going public. Because the whole public looks the other way or worse, protects it. Anyway what was in private schools now gone public. Never really got over the trauma…that’s what it is, trauma based mind control…children sexulaized for adult use and ritual magic use.

    Btw, you can blame the 60s and the Brit psyop invasion too.

    Read some of your poetry…and know your influences. Not easy being a real poet is it? I produce music and put poetry in that. Or it’s sonic poetry some of it. I also mix and master various artists out there. Been podcasting and doing indie radio for 13 years online.

    What I warned about has come. My warnings did nothing to stop it. My objection is that it all leads to murder and a totalitarian society.

    The Jewish thing…yeah it’s light and dark…not across the board but of course it’s a fallen religion like them all. I reject all organized religion but my faith is in a God totally, not this game show world.

    Take care


  22. BARKINGDEER iterated most what was available …..
    …before the European invasion and destruction of the ways of life…
    …. of the original owners of the ‘Americas.’

    I could not logically argue any points he made. Jews do that already.

    1. I’d say you are dead wrong, Pat. (I’d say) one has to have a POINT OF DEPARTURE for any worthwhile accomplishment/philosophy. If one keeps second-guessing one’s perspective, only endless, limp stances manifest. It’s like arguing 2 + 2 = 5.

      Here’s the thing about theology/belief/religion: It is so ingrained in our psyche that almost no amount of argument will change it, short of a rude awakening from God (or Satan) or whatever it is one declares his or her deity. Do we HAVE to have a deity in which we believe?? I guess not. But I, myself, DO; and I have found no man, woman, demon, dog, cat, bird, or beast worthy to measure up to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob – or what I perceive Him to be. Call me what you want. Go to Satan, then. I understand his rewards are great – for a season.

      1. Gilby –

        I did not mention any Arabic numerals…neither 2 nor 5. That is your personal narrative.

        You said:
        “It is so ingrained in our psyche that almost no amount of argument will change it”

        I say…. If that IS your position you might do better to stop bringing it up, arguing it as often as you do.

        By your own admission… it appears hopeless.

        I feel otherwise.

  23. Aleister Crowley was a grand father of George W. Bush (father of bastard Barbara Bush)…Search in the network.

  24. Gilbert Huntly wrote on November 2, 2014 at 5:17 pm …. “Do we HAVE to have a deity in which we believe?? I guess not. But I, myself, DO; and I have found no man, woman, demon, dog, cat, bird, or beast worthy to measure up to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob – or what I perceive Him to be.”

    You seem to be worshipping the very same tribal god whom the jews are praying to every Saturday morning when they’re in attendance at their synagogues.

    It’s hard to fathom how anyone can make a pretense of being the jew’s opponent while at the same time maintaining a state of abject bondage vis-a-vis the jewish tribal deity.

    Just thought I’d point out the obvious here.

    If you’re worshipping the jewish god then it follows that you must be a jew for all practical purposes.

    1. SAVE THE GOYIM, thank the good God that someone in these columns can see through the insidious vice of this dumbed-down, hay-seed. simpletom, Gilby Huntly. “If you’re worshipping the jewish god then it follows that you must be a jew for all practical purposes.” Gilby could be just that – a JEW!
      I made up the epithet, “Gilby” to denote a village idiot. As I’ve said, Gilby is a Christian-Zionist, fully under JEWISH control. I take back any peace offerings I have made to this dangereous, brainwashed idiot!
      Gilby meets a “nice” Jew so he lervs them; and becomes a JEW-apologist! He keeps on ranting in End Times terms – about his Messiah appearing and making us all LERV one another. He makes me sick!
      Yes Gilby, you do not have enough brain power to see (as S the G says) that you are “worshipping the very same tribal god whom the jews are praying to every Saturday morning when they’re in attendance at their synagogues.”
      You are nothing but a fundamentalist WANKA, who is incapable of learning. Therefore, it is no use, my dear lobro, you telling Gilby to seriously read the innate “wisdom” of my postings, because he is a “stiff-necked”, lizard of a man! I now await his CRAPOLOGY and lervin, fundamentalist crap! I won’t read him anymore!

  25. The dildo packing woman (?!) is Carlyle Jansen who owns the sex toy shop Good For Her in Toronto. She occasionally does demonstrations for adult audiences and university classes (what subject in the curriculum would that be?) Crowley according to his compatriot Somerset Maugham was a fraud and Maugham loosely satirized him in his novel The Magician, making for awkward moments at social gatherings as they moved in the same circles and both worked for British Intel during WW2.

    1. They have been reading and verbalizing some comments on this site….from blokes schooled in the Outback.

      The ones who use language many rave about and say, “We just lerv you.”

      That’s where it starts….

      NOT with Jews..!!

  26. I am going to state emphatically that the illuminati/satanist/zionist/freemason/atheist agenda is to turn every human away from the submission to the creator God (Allah) to the worship of satan, our avowed enemy.
    The threat is real and the only way to counter such threats is to educate and guide our children with proper religious ( i say Islamic) values and teachings from an early age. if our children are not equipped and guided properly according religious laws, they will surely perish and fall into the trap of these followers of satan.

  27. gilb, max’s personal characterization of you is wrong, but the reasons for his anger are right.
    you have a decent soul, however it is transfixed by some powerful pavlovian spell, called protestantism (i guess of the calvin sort, rather than lutheran, don’t ask me what’s the difference, i only repeat what someone else said here, cannot be bothered to look under the hood).

    this notion that the gnarled-ugly, hook nosed, bearded rabbinical god of abraham, isaac and shlomo, the cruel, strident god is the creator of all universe, is our god and every atom in existence, therefore a good god (like we have a choice) and we must follow his laws, that we are white jews, the real jews whereas the other bad jews are exceptions to the rule and we should strive to explain the state of confusion to them, because they are cockroach brothers to us shining white space cockroaches … ugh, my head hurts already … that david is the he-man, his manhood proved by his eagerness to kill, a hero and antihero wrapped into one proud figure, not a hunchback doing the wailing wall shake … yeah, all clear to me, if only tyron was here to explain it once more, some of the manufacturer’s instructions are in chinese script.

    why aren’t you blown apart by competing urges to be merciful and independent thinking as christ requested and crank up the lantern jaw and recite the will of god, the Laws, one set for the chosen, another for the noahides, aren’t they all clearly posted on all the states’ legislatures?
    this is the common core.

    look, this is what happened.
    yeah, catholic clergy was beyond bad, especially the higher they climbed the ecclesiastical ladder, the further they got away from christ and the further they rammed their heads up the satan’s arsehole.
    people saw that, there is a famously nasty english cheese called the stinking bishop, luther picked up on that in his righteous outrage, but consider that yahweh’s chosen were already playing both sides of the fence, luther realized this when it was too late to plug the dam that crumbled.

    but once jews got behind the protestant steering wheel, look what happened, they knew the way down the victory road.
    white man was goaded into abandoning christ under the pretense of going back to the original word of jew-god, ye worketh hard, ye obeyeth Law blindly and unquestioningly, just like Brother Jew (the “elder brothers”).
    except that the holy booky that brother jew goes by is not quite the same as the one telling you to shut up and work, nose to the grindstone but you don’t have time to investigate, do you?
    he-man is the no-brain-man, intellectuals, metrosexuals, that is not for us mountain bear-wranglers.

    “ours not to reason why ours but to do and die” saith the lord to the retarded footsoldiers.

    in summation, i want to ask you this simple question:

    who is a man, one who insists on considering all things, separately within their own merit and together as fitting pieces of a harmonious whole or the one who proclaims his fearlessness in following the Law to the Letter, my Lord YHWH says slaughter my firstborn, so shall i do it.

    i cannot serve two masters and don’t see how you can either.

    jews see this quite clearly, so they kicked christ out of protestantism without the goy cattle even noticing, thus zio-christianity that makes perfect sense.

    the stink of the jew god is too overwhelming for me.
    the god of christ (the father as he called him) was is merciful and just
    WHICH JEW-GOD YHWH IS ABSOLUTELY NOT (i hate capitalizing but here i must, this is important for you to see, gilby), in fact every single word and act ever attributed to yhwh speaks clearly of his utter contempt for mercy and justice – show me a single passage in the torah/old testament where yhwh is merciful and/or just.

    now, i don’t have any physical proof of either, maybe it is all bullshit like spqr, pat and others insist, they have right for their voice to be heard, but i also have the right to make my choice as do you.

    if bullshit it be, fine, but i choose christ type of bullshit over atheist type bullshit or jew-god bullshit.

    1. some early pseudo-christian jews got into the works, lobbied the roman and byzantine emperors to pollute the word of christ with as much jew stuff as they could cram in without making the whole affair into a public laughing stock, thus the confusion about christ’s father and jew-god.

      i want to liberate christ from that nicene swamp or whatever it is (lasha, help i am out of my depth here).

      but i want to stress that christ’s father was enemy of yhwh rather than the same entity.
      if christ wasn’t clearly aware of that then he was an idiot too, but i seriously doubt that.

    2. Good morning, lobro!

      Thank you for the kindness. While I’m letting my oatmeal cook (it’s now 6:30AM, here), all I can say is that what I TRULY believe is that too many have distorted their PERCEPTION of the Almighty – and His Son/He came to us, in the flesh, to demonstrate faith and strength we could somewhat comprehend. Certainly, He condemned the Jews – but demonstrated mercy. Is that, then, too much for us to try to copy??? I say no. AND, insofar as OT rendering of the same notion, I cite Micah 6:8 (which I have penned up on my bulletin board to remind me of it). Also, I once took the time to COUNT the number of times Solomon mentioned in his Proverbs that ‘unjust weights and measures’ were ABOMINATION to the Lord: SIX times. ‘Jewish’??? I think not.

      I have not your intellect or experience, dear Lobro, so perhaps I’m in over my head, indeed. And I apologize for calling Max,, white trash. I’m probably wrong about that. I like this site very much because it produces a lot of food for thought – which counts for much in my relative solitude! 🙂

      Have a lot to do, today, so I’ll sign off.

      1. i doubt very much that solomon had anyone in mind but jews, he had another purpose for the likes of you and me, so there is no way that i accept him and his laws as any sort of authority other than as my russian outhouse insurance.

        take a look here: King Solomon’s Slaves

        The descendants of the Amorites, Hivites, Jebusites, Hittites, and Perizzites were conscripted by Solomon to work for him as slave labor. King Solomon did not take any Israelites and make them slaves because they were his government officials, military officers, captains, fighting men, and his chariot commanders.

        finally consider that the archaelogists, especially the jew ones that dug up every cubic foot of palestine looking for the tiniest trace of the judean marvel comics heroes, never found a damn thing, not a coin or cobblestone, let alone a pillar, triumphal arch, harbor pier, palace foundation, hippodrome, arms and armor – nothing, nada, zilch.
        they had to wait for more enterprising bandits to domesticate camels before they could ride their own, just like today they ride hitler’s volkwagens with impunity and are probably the largest shareholders.

        regardless, the intent of the “good” book is clear: in the eyes of this fictional solomon and his equally fictional, malevolent god, i am a slave.
        am i going to volunteer to worship them?
        i would sooner worship a bowlful of maggots.

      2. lobro –

        I agree that Solomon and his god are fictional characters…. like you said….

        “regardless, the intent of the “good” book is clear: in the eyes of this fictional solomon and his equally fictional, malevolent god, i am a slave.”

        Since they are fictions… they are easily defeatee. Break the thoughts!!

        I DID..!! (mine was Lutheranism, confirmed and all, even an acolyte)

      3. Your apology is taken Gilbert Huntly, in good grace!
        We are all learning and sharing information in the growing GOYIM RESISTANCE. “No man is an island.” TIME TO UNITE THE RESISTANCE! Otherwise our subjugation is a foregone conclusion!
        And when I say “GOYIM”, I refer to people of ANY colour-shade and ethnicity who are being trampled upon by around 34,000 fiends that comprise the JEWISH, diabolical elite. Yes, they may even number less than this!
        OUR JAILERS! C’mon USA nigrahs, stop the jive talk and rappa crap, illicit sex, etc, and join the RESISTANCE! Same for my Asian bros who surround Australia! Stop eating shark-fin soup to supposedly enhance your virility and get serious! Try horny goat weed essence, instead! The lervly Jane Fonda, “HANOI JANE” and Hollywood sweetheart, uses it, I am told! Unfortunately my Yank, geneticist wifee copies her and looks like her!
        Lobro’s line — “Jews see this quite clearly, so they kicked christ out of protestantism without the goy cattle even noticing, thus zio-christianity that makes perfect sense.” (to the Jewish dialecticians who seek to destroy and undermine Jesus’s simple TRUTHS about being a worthy* human being.) … (*One who would never lick a dog’s anus in a blue fit or refer to “Piss Christ” as “art”; or make love to crusty, old Jane Fonda!) — is spot on! Seen her latest movie! A real Yaneke, old whore!
        The “Protestantism” that my GGGGGG-grandfather, Thomas Bilney (the “Father of the English Reformation”) was martyred for, was stridently anti-Catholic (the vile, inquisitorial, suffocating, murdering European kind of the time) AND greatly ANTI-JEWISH! (aka Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice – the evil usurer- the Jewish criminal Shylock!) You know the scumbag JEWS the kings kept kicking out!
        Modern-day Shylocks (Yellen, Geithner, Emanuel, the Cohens, Axelrod, Greenspan, Immelt, etc) now exist in plague proportions in all Western governments AND OWN US! GOVERN US!
        Today’s watered down, Jesuit-run, New Age form of pseudo-protestantism-come- JUDAISM is the brainwashing product of our JEWISH hegemony – hence, as lobro says, “zio-christianity” has reared its monstrous, diabolical head! A ZIO-CHRISTIAN is worse than a piece of chicken shit!
        Most of you, as I keep telling you, are Zio-christian-judeo brainwashees and pieces of shit! You can’t explain this to most brainwashees as they are brainwashed and out of their minds in Talmudic confusionism.
        Gilby, take on the spirit of a Bilney or a Luther and tell us, like Jesus (I quoted HIM several comments back!) HOW MUCH YOU HATE AND LOATHE THE JEWISH PESTILENCE THAT IS RIDING WITH IMPUNITY ALL OVER OUR COLLAPSING PLANET!
        C’mon be a man! Get a voice all of you! Be a Christian! Be like Lasha, Kaminski and the courageous ones!
        Jesus did not tell us to sit around and wait for an End Time! He told us to rigorously identify and fight our enemy – the abominations unto Hell, called JEWS!!!!!

      4. Sol-omon

        Fictional as a personage, but some sort of a cosmological ‘frame-up’?

        Akin to the purloining of Sanskrit-related swastika and “star of david”?

        dammit, hp, we gotta get to those catacombs. If we dare.

    1. Yeah, great one lobro! So much symbolism! Good metaphors too!
      The brave I AM (remember Tyron P?) on top of the rotting carcass of the formerly great USA (whale)!
      Yeah an Aussie bloke!
      Around the rotting carcass, the sharks of JUDAISM and perverted Christianity swarm!
      That’s how I see it! … Do you see it Gilby?
      Lucky the whale was not a live one or I might have been swallowed like Jonah!
      It might have sucked me in like plankton, or like the JEWS have sucked pseudo-Christians into their dogly, scruffy orifices! The fickin wolves!
      Who’d want to be a lamb in these times? Or a whale? The jackals are unleashed!

      1. So you wanna emulate Christ, eh?


        At every turn, but NEVER turn your cheek to it, especially the ones down below. They like it when we do THAT, as we’ve been doin’ for eons. Literally and figuratively. Right Max?

        “Please sir, can I have another?”

        And don’t turn a blind eye to it either. Or your back. Christ has got your back and you his.

        And spit in the eye of “ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do (take the chip) or die”


  28. Just completed your last article, Lasha. Good work!

    Where I live the topless bars are now houses of backroom fellatio, pardon my “French”. Back in “the old days” the line would be out the door for that kind of illicit activity, but surprisingly it’s not. Internet porn has replaced the human element of sex involved in fellatio with electric imagery.

    These people are content with this new satanic counterfeit of sex called cypberporn.

    These girls got 200 dollars only a couple of years ago for giving a guy an honest blowjob. Now they’re lucky to get 40 bucks. It’s a dwindling clientele, thanks to cyberporn.

    This is so reminiscent of the days of Sodom and Gomorrah but in some ways even worse. And, this is why our pending judgement, as it has been written, will be worse than theirs.

  29. in their never ending battle against christ, in order to evict him from “christian” churches, one of the first things jews did was to ban the crucifix in protestant churches

    The preference of a plain cross (i.e. the objection to a crucifix) by many American Protestants has its roots in a serious division that arose early in the Reformation between Martin Luther and the more radical reformers. Some of the reformers objected to Christian artwork of any kind, and judged the crucifix-which had been in use for a thousand years-to be a “graven image” that must be removed from churches. Luther soundly refuted this opinion in numerous writings.

    “idolatry of graven images” is given a s a reason.
    but below, another excuse; it scares the kids.
    Vicar has ‘horrifying’ statue of crucifixion removed from church

    now, i don’t care much either way, i live my life well clear of churches and whether there is a crucifix or not does not rob me of my sleep.
    but when i hear these umpteen excuses, i do smell a jew, don’t you?

    simply put, jew is the landlord in protestant churches (as luther realized too late) and jew finds any reminder of christ on his property offensive.

    and i am quite sure that a move is afoot to banish the crucifix from catholic churches as well or at least give satanism an equal opportunity, aren’t we all in favor of diversity and diversion?

    1. lobro –

      You have shown more reasons for wars and contests about fictions, religions, whether on battlefields or in courtrooms or barrooms.

      Religions cause wars.

    2. religions excuse wars, rather than cause them, pat.

      as in “watcha lookin at” signaling a barroom brawl – having eyes is not incentive to fight.

      george w bush saw me reading my pet goat, also his favorite and assured me that jesus said, “we must fight terrorism in iraq and effect regime change by impalement”, but he was ahead on the curve, i never got that far in my bible studies.

      my theory, too advanced for the west point is that it takes 2 things to start the conflagration of war: jew is the match, goyums are the logs.

  30. Dr. Darkmoon – This is one of many reasons why those anti-Semite Islamists like Ayatullah Ali Khamenei and Sheikh Nasrallah are fighting to keep their societies door closed on to the “enlightened” western civilization – which according to US vice-president Joe Biden was donated by Jews to Americans.

    On May 22, 2013, the Jewish daily, The Weekly Standard, reported that in an address at the Jewish American Heritage Month reception in Washington DC, on May 21, the US vice-president Joe Biden acknowledged the “immense” and “outsized” Jewish power and influence over shaping Americans’ lives and country’s foreign policy.

    “The truth is that Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it’s fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage. The Jewish people have contributed greatly to America. No group has had such an outsized influence per capita as all of you standing before you and all of those who went before me and all of those who went before you,” said Biden.

      1. My city in Georgia was founded in 1733 and banned Jews, Catholics, lawyers and negroes. But a yellow fever epidemic began and a ship off shore with Jewish doctors was allowed in…thank God for them. The jewish people here have been a great blessing. This website is full of anti semitic lies. As for the satanic stuff…takes one to know one. The Bible says to set your mind on God and holiness…not evil.

    1. in dante’s canto 34 (if i recall), the tightest circle of hell, reserved for the worst of traitors like judas iscariot, it is said that satan/lucifer squats in the center of earth, shovels these traitors into his giant maw, chews and crunches them, digests them and excretes them back out for another tour of eternal duty.

      seems like it is happening to joe biden even as we speak, jew media shits him out every few days with his statements.

    1. circassian –

      Everyone mentions the ‘oligarchs’ in Russia…and never names any of them.

      Please name some.

      1. Circassian –

        Thanks. I asked my great-grand daughter….she found this…

        Putin’s friends:

        Russian Oligarchs are everywhere. Whether they’re losing billions in Sochi investments, escaping sanctions over the Ukranian occupation, or fearing a new front in the crisis, they seem to pop up like boogeymen whenever the media talks about Russia. But who exactly are these shadowy figures? To put it simply, they’re extremely wealthy men that wield an incredible amount of influence in Russian politics. Think the Koch brothers or George Soros multiplied by a thousand. To understand anything about Russia, you have to understand the oligarchs. Here are six of the most prominent:

        Alisher Usmanov
        The richest man in Russia and the 40th richest person in the world, Alisher Usmanov started in the metal industry, but now has interests in telecommunications, media, and sports. Last year, he invested about $100 million in Apple. The former fencing champion spent six years in an Uzbeki jail on fraud and extortion charges, but was eventually cleared by a Soviet court. Usmanov is close with Putin, firing managers of a magazine he owned after it printed ‘anti-Putin’ photos. Last July, he was given the Order for Service to the Fatherland, Russia’s highest civil award.

        Oleg Deripaska
        Oleg Deripaska spent $1 billion of his own money to fund the Sochi Olympics, but he’s best known to western audiences for the $15,000 he spent to construct a dog shelter and save some of Sochi’s strays. That good publicity is something of a rarity for aluminum magnate Deripaska, as he was embroiled in ‘yachtgate’, when two prominent British politicians boarded a yacht he owned. Nevertheless, he remains a favorite of Putin, and he’s still worth $6.5 billion, which is nothing to sneeze at.

        Mikhail Prokorov
        Mikhail Prokorov owns the Brooklyn Nets, rapped on Russian TV, and has backflipped on a jet ski. If that weren’t exciting enough, he’s even criticized Vladimir Putin. In public. Although Prokorov got rich through metals, his current concern is politics.

        Roman Abramovich
        An oil tycoon, former governor, and owner of the world’s largest yacht, Roman Abramovich is one of Putin’s closest allies. He also happens to be the 137th richest person in the world. Not just a businessman, Abramovich was governor, then Duma chairman of Chutokta, an icy province in Russia’s far east. At times controversial, Abramovich had a major falling out with former bussiness-partner and Putin king-maker Boris Berezovsky, who committed suicide after his $5 billion lawsuit against Abramovich was unsuccessful.

        Leonid Mikhelson
        Leonid Mikhelson sold his Soviet car in order to take part in the first rounds of Russia’s privatization. He’s now CEO of Novatek, one of Russia’s largest natural gas producers, and his fortune is estimated at $15.6 billion.

        Mikhail Khodorkovsky
        Perhaps the most well known oligarch isn’t really an oligarch at all, as he’s only worth $170 million.

    2. thanks Circassian for the link to the podcast. Mike Whitney recently published an interview he did with The Saker, on CounterPunch..

  31. Attack on Lasha Darkmoon by gang of Jewesses on VT

    Poor Lasha! She is still licking her wounds over the hostile reception her new article has received from a cluster of female commenters on Veterans Today who are probably hopping mad Jewesses working as a gang. Why is it always the females who hate Lasha so much? Most males aren’t like like.

    Here, for example, is a really nice compliment from a male poster at Veterans Today, Dr Preston James, who also happens to be a top VT columnist:

    Preston James, Ph.D
    November 2, 2014 – 9:59 pm

    “Another outstanding article by Lasha Darkmoon. 100% accurate in her conclusions as usual. Highest commendations for this fine work. More please.”

    . . . but suddenly a gang of hate-crazed females move in for the kill. They are full of irrational spite and loathing of Lasha that is hard for me to comprehend:

    Susan M. LaFleur
    November 2, 2014 – 10:14 pm

    “One method of disinformation of the criminals in charge have used for decades and decades is first that I know of to cover one of their crimes is to make the opposition so extreme and unbelievable that any normal person would just turn away and not listen. I suspect this is the case with what this author is putting out. Doesn’t anyone kinda question whether a grade school teacher would have pictures like that taken in her classroom? I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.”

    The inattentive Ms LaFleur has deliberately ignored the fact that the picture of the dildo incident was taken secretly by a student on his cell phone. Ms LaFleur attempts to score points by suggesting that no teacher in her right mind would allow a professional photographer into the classroom to take such compromising pictures of her… and so Lasha must be unbelievably stupid to fall for such a story.

    Here is another hostile comment from a woman who doesn’t even know how to spell “there”:

    Denyse Pez • Top Commenter • Toronto, Ontario

    I find this to be a bit much to swallow I understand that their (sic) are those of course who would love this but it would be such a small minority that it would never happen…

    Finally, this nasty gibe, again from a female oozing with personal animosity toward Lasha Darkmoon:

    Phyllis Price:

    OK I couldn’t even finish this piece of crap. This is so in your face inciting anger and hysteria it’s almost laughable. That people would let someone called “Lasha Darkmoon” push their buttons is pathetic in this day of immense disinformation and hate baiting. Who the hell is Lasha Darkmoon? If you click the link it comes up 404 error.

    I use (sic) to read here for information, but lately this site is the yellow journalism of the Net it falls right in line with the Supermarket tabloids. Common.

    Are these women all Jewesses with an ax to grind? Or are they just jealous and frustrated people with personal problems…? I wish I knew.

    1. “Why is it always the females who hate Lasha so much?”

      A: Women are jealous of smart women….. and jab at their superiors in intellect.

      Why not men?

      A: WESTERN men are taught to be polite to women… not make them walk ten paces behind them. They allow them to drive cars as well.

    2. maybe this explains it.

      from another link:
      Each female also sports a pseudopenis, a seven-inch-long, fully-erectile clitoris that mimics a male hyena’s genitals with an accuracy that can stump even a seasoned biologist trying to tell the sexes apart.

      1. it also completely describes both the character and physiology of sarah silverman.

        one might ask, but lobro, is she a jewess or a hyena,
        to which i would answer with a question of my own:
        what’s the difference.

        it moreover explains her pose with the dog in that picture.

      2. @ lobro

        Masculinized female hyenas, eh? I had no idea female hyenas led such a harshly competitive life in the wilds. In the article, you will notice it says that the masculinized female hyenas do much better for themselves than the other female hyenas. This is because they are more aggressive and make sure their cubs are fed, driving away the cubs of the more female hyenas.

        One thing surprises me though. Among humans, most males would prefer a feminine woman to a masculinized one. The male hyena, however, doesn’t seem to discriminate in this way against the butch female. He seems to mate with her with as much enthusiasm as he would mate with the femme hyena.

        Nature’s ways are very strange…

      3. @ Montecristo

        “He [the male hyena] seems to mate with her [the butch hyena] with as much enthusiasm as he would mate with the femme hyena. Nature’s ways are very strange…”

        Not really, Monty. All female hyenas look alike in the dark. And that’s when I reckon they do most of their mating.

        Even in the daylight maybe the male hyena can’t tell the difference between a butch and a femme female. Maybe looks don’t count that much among hyenas. What matters is probably the scent they exude. The more powerful the scent, the more the male hyena is turned on.

        Of course I’m only guessing. I don’t know a damn thing about hyenas.

        Except that they laugh a lot. 🙂

      4. One thing surprises me though. Among humans, most males would prefer a feminine woman to a masculinized one.

        monty, we are talking about jews here …

      5. I seem to recall the “harshly competitive life in the wilds” in barrooms at last call.

        When ALL those female hyenas looked gorgeous 😉

    3. All these Jewesses obviously have large snozzles, huge, wrap-around mouthes and lick dogs’ anuses!
      Besides that they are all sexually frustrated and totally neurotic/madwomen!
      The Vet Today JEWS are playing their DIALECTIC on the enraptured Mr Dean’s etc.
      The JEWISH presence diminishes this site!
      Besides ugly Jewesses exhibit Winson Churchill’s described “envious malevolence of the JEWS” upon the beautiful, intelligent person of our LASHA.

      1. Maximum-
        The Deans use many names, depending on the sites. Their stances change from name to name.

  32. Lol, why did you make the lettering so big over at VT? Oh, I may be wrong about all this debauchery but the Jews who are implementing it are only doing it till they take over with the anti christ installed. After that, there will just be the occasional child sacrifice. No kidding though, read the protocols. this is simple subversion and they plan to walk this shit back when they stand in the sun!

  33. The picture was not taken in a classroom of 11 year olds but all the same it is ugly, not sexy. Sex is good, but this monster and her ilk have twisted it into a grotesquerie beyond bad taste.

    1. @ Karen T

      Sex is good, but this monster and her ilk have twisted it into a grotesquerie beyond bad taste.

      Are you talking about the woman you owns a sex toy shop in Toronto… the one you named? How come you recognized her? I mean, I can barely make out her features because of the blurred effect of the photo.

  34. The picture was taken in 2012 at a “Pride Day” event at Brock University to demonstrate safe sex and yes the woman is Carlyle Jansen. Someone didn’t do their homework, tsk tsk.

    1. @ Karen T

      Tsk tsk indeed, naughty Lasha! To give Lasha her due, however, she was misled by the website from which she obtained her information, Patriot Rising. This website stated erroneously that the “dildo incident” had taken place in Nebraska. See here:

      As you know, there have been conflicting reports about where this incident actually took place. Thus the Tea Party website tells us it took place in Jacksonville, Florida. Other websites say “”somewhere in France.” However, everyone now agrees that it actually took place in Toronto, as you correctly state.

      I know for a fact that Lasha was very pleased and impressed with your amazing revelation that you had recognized the woman as the owner of a sex toy shop in Toronto and that you actually knew her name — Carlyle Jansen. In fact, Lasha quoted your comment on Veterans Today where she had been under attack for “misleading” the public by placing the incident in Nebraska.

      Do you happen to know if this woman Carlyle Jansen is Jewish? From the look of her, I’d say she was almost certainly a butch lesbian. I’m only guessing though.

  35. Alicefriend,

    Do you believe that there are people in the world whose mind is so keen that no matter what they can always detect what others can’t? Just wondering. Be happy.

    1. @ Marcus

      Excellent link! Thanks for this. Lasha will be delighted when she reads this. It confirms all she has been saying.

    2. Hopefully they will learn that AIDS is transmitted, mainly, through anal intercourse.
      The receiver of semen is at risk. The giver is not.
      Native and ancient tribes have used anal sex as birth control, both homo and heterosexual. That is why aids is rampant in Africa and Haiti. Homosexuality is normal in many areas there.
      Prostitutes in the west have a high incidence of AIDS because their customers use them for anal sex.

  36. I too wanted to be the one to teach my child about sex, love, and how important it is to respect woman. But I am afraid, unless your state is not one of the four that declined the stimulus money Obama was handing out in 2009, under “The Fast Track” … then you have Common Core already in your School Districts.

    They are clever, almost diabolically so. Like a thief in the night they quietly, without fanfare, without your consent, have Nationalized or Federalized State School Districts. It is every bit as bad as Lasha says and more.

    Thank you Lasha for bringing this insidious program “Common Core” out of the dark shadows and into the light. I very much enjoyed your article, and believe there is a connection with these monsters that sacrifice your young, figuratively and literally. It is a brave article to write, for these Satanists are formidable opponents.

    They have been stealing our young for decades. When I speak of sacrifice, I imagine both the brave soldiers who they sacrifice in mass and the young that they molest, mind control and rape.

    Common Core is something that needs to be stopped in its tracks, I urge you to watch Dr. Duke Pesta, who eloquently lays out exactly what Common Core is, https // — there are many other material that are fact based and explain Common Core here http // …

    I could write pages on how I believe this is one of or THE most dangerous initiatives of the State: to take control and indoctrinate our children, create complacency and hyper-sexualize them through mild trauma, but trauma all the same.

    Their young brains are not equipped to understand the graphically sexual reading material, and so they will
    have to use emotion to deal with it, and what they don’t understand at that age then is dealt with as fear or anger, so they are what you might call “low hanging fruit”.

    By some estimates, many hundreds of thousand of children go missing each year. These Cults are responsible for some of the most heinous abuse imaginable —sexual abuse, brainwashing, torture, murder/sacrifice.

    If anyone has watched “Why Johnny can’t come home” about John “Johnny” Gosch a 12-year-old paperboy in West Des Moines, who was kidnapped by a very well funded child sex ring, (1982), they will know what I’m talking about.

    Noreen Gosch, his mother, reveals how her son was not to be found — she fought the sheriff, the FBI and could not get anyone’s help in finding her young son. In fact they were specifically ordered to stand down by someone very high up. The only help she could get was from a mysterious man sent from organized crime. His comment to her was, “he was sent to help because they didn’t do little children”.

    Yes, it is it so bad that Organized Crime has more morals than our elected officials and our FBI and police department!

    Common Core has many tentacles that will bring windfalls of money to the multiple corporations that bought and paid for program. Bill and Hillary Gates to date have donated 2.5 billion, hell they paid 5 lobbyists 150 million to write it. So it’s time for us to wake up and stop this in its tracks, it has already reached the schools. It does not benefit anyone but corporations, the requirements, by law, the schools will have the above curriculum as Lasha points out, by also a they will feed your children, breakfast, lunch and dinner, (GMO always on the menu I am sure) they will require the latest technology to be in every school and no older than 2-3 years old, that will include software, 3-d printers, laptops for every child, i am sure since state owned, but paid by from you, they will have the latest technology of facial recognition cameras to identify emotions, pressure sensitive m ice, remote MRI to scan your child’s brain and testing, lots of testing with child size blood pressure device.

    Oh, and my favorite part, clinics and pharmacies right on campus! So you won’t have to worry if they detect in their data mining of your child and they find he/she is anxious. they can just pass out the prescriptions right on campus and all that sexual material, well when they do get in trouble they can and will be able to take your children off campus for an abortion, without your consent.

    There really is no need for a parent at this stage is there. They will take care of you children for you. The United Nations “Your Children are Our Children”. Somehow this does not make you feel comfortable.

    Bravo Lasha, I look forward to more of your articles!

    1. not only are your revelations about common core of talmud shocking but the truly sad part is how shocked i was to realize an american can express herself in such a correct, literary style.

      i am pretty sure this skill was for all purposes extinct in the generations who graduated from secondary schools beyond say, 1975.

      i know of several that have voted with their feet, tossed away their citizenship and are hunkering down in more benign parts of the world, and not all just to avoid clutches of the irs.

      myself, if forced to travel anywhere near, i will gladly pay extra fare in order not to have to connect through a us port of entry, because i know about the recognition, mind and emotion reading technology (it only takes a minute of calibration for them to convert your mental images into the (3d?) printed ones) and i don’t want having to guard my thoughts about abe foxman or netanyahu.

      hate thought law is at your doorstep, regard for truth equals terrorism with all its rewards of waterboarding, electrical shocks, prolonged sensory deprivation and stress positions, mastiffs ripping out your gonads and other forms of torah entertainment that will be recorded for classroom instruction and private jew viewing pleasure.

  37. This is the scum porno society America deserves, since it fought & won the world for Jewish-communism in WWII.

  38. The Elite are doing this because these young children were the hope of the world. These were the New Kids that were the next step in Evolution, from HOmo Sapien Sapien to “Homo Stellaris.”

    This kids were Spiritual Entities coming in enmasse, worldwide, to change the status quo, and the Elite knew it., and have done everything possible to stop them.

    And really, who is responsible for this?

    The parents….that allow this to go on. The sheeple parents.

  39. All part of the plan to bring in a Satanic One World Government. Who do you think is behind all of this? Satanists and pedophiles, 2 categories that largely overlap. If you look at virtually ant major center of power you will see that the people who run it are members of secret societies. As has been well documented, these Secret Societies are mostly interlocking and at the top controlled by Satanists. THAT is the mechanism by which they will try to bring in a One World Government and why it will be Satanic if we let it happen.

  40. This insulting and defamatory comment about me appeared today on Veterans Today. I took the liberty of deleting the comment, as is my right. I am getting sick to death of being used by aggressive, testosterone-flushed males as a punching bag and spitting bowl.

    The coward who posted this comment would not dare to make such insulting allegations about Gordon Duff or editor Jim Dean or any other male bigwig at Veterans Today. But it seems that women like me, perceived as vulnerable and unprotected, can be beaten up with impunity by sadistic male bullies on VT.

    The comment is made by a coward who hides behind the name “Dan”, yet thinks it OK to abuse me for using a “fake name” which he suggests “sounds too much like a black op to be ignored or casually dismissed.”

    Excalibur, if you come back to the thread, be careful. LD routinely posts articles by John Kaminisky (sic), a no-joking, bona fide psychopath, and, you would assume, therefore reflects LD’s own views.

    “John Kaminisky” (sic) is probably a fake name like LD, which in the latter case sounds too much like a black op to be ignored or casually dismissed.

    LD’s past articles regarding the Jews would also appear actionable, like Kaminisky’s (sic) or many at VT, and therefore suggest they’re protected psyops whose intent is to cause demoralization and inaction by overwhelming the audience with horror, much as Alex Jones does.”

    Some points to note:

    [1] Not a single word in criticism of the article. Note that this wiseass seems to know all about John Kaminski except how to spell his name!

    [2] It is suggested that I must be a psychopath because this website publishes John Kaminski, an alleged psychopath whose psychopathic views must reflect my own views. Wrong! Even if it were true that Kaminski is a psychopath, my views do NOT reflect Kaminski’s views.

    I am a committed Christian, for example, and Kaminski is a virulent anti-Christian. Our views are diametrically opposed to each other. In any case, I have no control over what gets published here. I do not own this website, nor am I its editor, so I am not responsible for the publication of John Kaminski’s articles.

    [3] I have never had any contact with Alex Jones, so why I should be lumped together with him is a mystery to me. The last time I checked into an Alex Jones site was over 5 years ago. I was not particularly impressed.

    [4] I am incensed at being called an agent of demoralization since in every single article I have written I have expressed concern about the systematic demoralization of the goyim by the Jews. For example:

    Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviancy and Mass Demoralization

    1. I would not spend much time worrying with rebutting punks.

      We KNOW Kaminski ‘s name is real. He has been a journalist for decades. He even puts his address on his posts. He is easy to reach.

      I would take the road that states, “Love me or hate me, just don’t forget me.”

    2. they’re protected psyops whose intent is to cause demoralization and inaction by overwhelming the audience with horror

      in a hurry, so the post may be a bit scrambled. there is one point i wish to make that i think has escaped everyone’s attention. will get to it in a moment.
      first of all i see no evidence of testosterone in someone who ambushes well mannered, polite women like lasha, just the opposite, i see a sniveling hunched over girlie-boy looking to pick on an easy victim, like kids who set cats tails on fire – very heroic act.
      he may disagree with the content or the way it is expressed, he may state it is a falsehood, maybe even evidence of an intentional one, ie, a lie.
      if he has grounds for that, let him state it.
      but to claim with seeming confidence that lasha is a “protected psyop”, bereft of a shred of acceptable evidence just shows what kind of a man he is, certainly not someone i want at my end of the trench.

      since he doesn’t seem to have any problem with the story’s veracity, then he is basically saying that it is a psyop expressing a truthful, factual condition.
      if so, give me all the psyops you can think of, i am fine with that.

      but the main point is this.
      you want to go to war with jews but are squeamish about what they do, it deflates your heavy swinging cajones?
      stay home and knit warm blankets for those with the stomach for the rough stuff, buddy.

      or do you prefer hearts and flowers stories about how jews are naughty boys, let’s exclude them from our hopskotch games, we won’t hold hands with them in our kumbaya circle.

      anything closer to the talmudic core is just sooo horrifying i cover my face in hands and go running to bury myself in my mom’s skirts, war cannot go on until the pms is over.

      1. Damn! Lobro’s just beaten me to it! He’s said all I wanted to say in more punchy language than I could possibly muster!

        Just wanted to add one point. You’re too sensitive for your own good, Lasha. Toughen up, lady! At least you’re getting talked about. When everyone agrees with you and says what a model of decorum you are, that’s when you need to get really worried.

        To quote our friend Pat who has a way with words:

        I would take the road that states, “Love me or hate me, just don’t forget me.”

      2. Lasha’s tougher than you think, Dr Green. For a lady she’s got some brass ones

        One of the reasons why we lerv her

    3. I felt a little pang.
      Chin up!
      You have options, blessings to do what you will!
      Very good stuff!

    4. “…Kaminsky is a virulent anti-christian. Our views are diametrically opposed to each other.”

      Lasha, I’m not in any way disputing your saying this when I ask, how exactly would you characterize Kaminsky’s position as a “virulent anti-christian”?

      I’m not disputing, but I AM mindful of there being many different takes on what constitutes being a christian in defining it.

      1. @ Brownhawk

        Lasha . . . how exactly would you characterize Kaminsky’s position as a “virulent anti-christian”?

        How would you describe someone who thinks that the world would be better off without Christianity and that every single Christian alive today, myself included — that’s 2.4 billion people — are little better than raving lunatics for believing in a false God?

        Mildly anti-Christian? 🙂

      2. Without Christianity, Dante could never have written the Divine Comedy. Without Christianity, Beethoven could never have written his Ninth Symphony or Mozart his Requiem. Without Christianity, Tolstoy could never have written War and Peace or Dostoevsky The Brothers Karamazov.

        Did you know that Newton spent more time reading and writing about the Bible and its mysteries than he did working on Physics?

        Anyone who has the presumption to think he knows more than the great men I have just mentioned or takes a superior and condescending attitude to the collected wisdom of our noble ancestors is a man profoundly to be pitied.

        I admire the atheism of men lie Darwin and Kevin MacDonald. They keep it to themselves. With modesty and humility. They don’t try and thrust their unbelief on the rest of the world with shrill histrionics and cruel abuse, like Richard Dawkins and his contemptible crew of God haters and Christ bashers.

        It’s just a question of knowing how to behave. With kindness and respect for the deeply held beliefs of others. Reverence for the sacred: this is what these people lack.

      3. Thanks Pat and Lasha for the heads up on JK . Using the word “virulent” is definitely apt. I simply didn’t know this about the man

        As you are well aware, lasha, many posters appear on the darkmoon website with a disbelief of Christ common to JK and similarly spew their venom behind it, but who are otherwise as keen and astute an observer as he on the evil ways of this world and its primary culprits. it’s just that they simply “don’t know what they don’t know”, and are “in thrall of their woe” to coin a phrase from my own book. (Did I get that from somewhere or is it my own? Maybe you know?) Instead they trot out the tired old canard saying in effect, “If there was a Christ and all-loving Creator then why is the world the way it is?”

        Simply put, IMHO it boils down to an overload of the brain at the expense of the heart that creates an imbalance and prevents a proper perspective to what I perceive to be a life-long attempt to understand the intriguing and often enigmatic words of Christ instructing his followers to be “in the world but not OF it”

        As we plod on….

  41. I sent it on to about 50 people and a MD asked, Who owns Dark Moon?
    Another has a friend that is a school board trustee and stated that no such sex education
    is being taught in South Florida where he resides.
    Please send me specific other sources that this sex education is being taught.
    We agree on the drift of what you stated in terms of where it is heading but
    I need to quote specific instances and schools that are teaching the content
    you state, otherwise it causes me loss of credibility with my group.
    Thank you, AdvisorX

    1. @ advisorx

      In her original article, Lasha said that the dildo incident involving the teacher took place in Nebraska. Lasha asserted this in all good faith, relying on the information she had obtained from the Patriot Rising website. You will find Nebraska mentioned here:

      Lasha now admits that Nebraska is the wrong location. She was misled by her source, i.e., the Patriot Rising website. To muddy the waters further, conflicting accounts placed the dildo incident in a school at Jacksonville, Florida, or at school somewhere in France, or, finally, at a high school in Toronto.

      It’s now commonly acknowledged that the most likely venue for this event is the Toronto high school. Most commentators seem to agree on this. One of our more clued-up posters, Karen T, has actually identified the teacher and given her name:

      KAREN T
      November 4, 2014 at 1:52 am

      The picture was taken in 2012 at a “Pride Day” event at Brock University to demonstrate safe sex and yes the woman is Carlyle Jansen.

      If you need any further information, maybe Karen T will be able to help you.

      Lasha is not an expert on the dildo lady and wishes to point out two things: (a) the dildo incident is not the epicenter of the article but constitutes only ONE-TENTH of the total material covered; (b) the important thing surely is that the event actually took place, as evidenced by THE PHOTO ITSELF, not WHERE it took place.

      It’s a different ballgame entirely, of course, if the photo has been faked — but how likely is that, given that the dildo demonstrator has now been outed as Carlyle Jansen? As far as I know, Ms Jansen has not denied that the incident took place, so it’s safe to assume that the incident is an authentic one.

      1. Dear Mr. Montecristo,

        This site states you are the owner and editor of this site. This site also states that it encourages free speech and debate. Therefore, I sincerely thank you for your help in enabling me to practice those freedoms that I value highly, and that led me to being blessed with a most extraordinary and humbling experience.

        Upon reflection, I have one deep regret. On occasion, I have treated Holy Scripture with flippancy and disrespect. Whats done is done. I apologize to you, Mr. Montecristo, for defacing your forum with those passages to which I am refering to. Also, I fear that some readers may have been offended or shocked with the way I used Holy Scripture in my method and message. Ironies abound, but I digress. I feel deeply I must, and here do so, offer my sincere and heart-felt apologies to those readers for any offense I have caused.

        In my own estimation, the irreverence evident in my so-called humour, is an indication of emotional immaturity. No doubt, participating on your forum has contributed to my growth as a human being in many ways. I thank you for this, also.

        Some readers, for many reasons, may think me foolish. They may be right. However, the fact that I was able to do what I did, can only lead me to conclude that this site is a force for good in the world.

        I wish you well in your endeavours.

        Truly, the Lord moves in mysterious ways.

        Yours sincerely,


        “STAND fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” Gal. 5, 1

      2. @ alicesfriend

        Ah, ’tis the wicked witch Alicia again! She makes her general confession for her many shocking misdeeds and craves Montecristo’s forgiveness for her numerous misdemeanours, infractions, and transgressions. Pardoning her will not be easy, for this lady has dabbled in darkness and here admits it brazenly.

        The wicked Jezebel writes thus:

        “Upon reflection, I have one deep regret. On occasion, I have treated Holy Scripture with flippancy and disrespect. What’s done is done. I apologize to you, Mr. Montecristo, for defacing your forum with those passages to which I am referring to. Also, I fear that some readers may have been offended or shocked with the way I used Holy Scripture in my method and message. Ironies abound, but I digress. I feel deeply I must, and here do so, offer my sincere and heart-felt apologies to those readers for any offense I have caused.”

        Lady Alicia, how could you have sunk so low as to quote scripture in the devil’s defense? Have you no heart? Ironies indeed abound. Forgiveness will not be easy. I doubt if Montecristo will ever be able to forgive you. You have abused his chaste website by peddling the products of darkness, the devil’s honey cakes. Damnation will not be easy to avoid , dear Alicia, but know this: I will intercede on your behalf with the Almighty. Trust me.

        You continue:

        “Some readers, for many reasons, may think me foolish. They may be right. However, the fact that I was able to do what I did, can only lead me to conclude that this site is a force for good in the world.”

        Well said, Alicia! Some readers may indeed think you foolish. In fact, many readers — if not all — may do so! But not me, Alicia. I stand apart from the multitude. I regard you as wise as the Serpent of antiquity, the Serpent who tempted our first mother to sin, the accursed Eve!

        Go in peace, Alicia. I just wanted to let you know that I am willing to forgive you for the many injuries you have done me personally by your extreme wickedness and feminine depravity. Provided you promise to behave yourself in future and conduct yourself more angelically, as befits your ethereal nature.

        Bye for now, Alicia. Until next time then…


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