Mind Control and Propaganda: How our reality is being distorted — Richard K. Moore

. . . by Richard K. Moore

Our present dystopia resembles Huxley’s Brave New World in many ways, but in other ways it bears a striking resemblance to Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Witness mass surveillance and the complete loss of privacy. How can we escape the matrix of propaganda and lies?



George Orwell (left) and Aldous Huxley (right)

In 1984, George Orwell paints a picture of a dark, gray world. People are afraid to say anything contrary to the official party line, and surveillance is universal. Even thinking contrary to the party is a crime, and thoughtcrimes may be treated by radical psychological intervention. Information is closely controlled by the party media, and the historical record is routinely edited, so as to conform to the latest party statements.

By contrast, in Brave New World, Aldous Huxley paints a colorful, superficially pleasant world. Personal freedom of all kinds is encouraged, even to the point of being a cultural imperative. In the book a young boy is referred to a therapist, because he doesn’t want to play sex games with a girl classmate. An adult character is considered aberrant, because he is drawn toward a monogamous relationship. Drugs and distractions are readily available for mood enhancement.

Central to Huxley’s world is the abolition of the family. Sex never results in pregnancy, and embryos are grown in a production process, based on selected seed material. As part of the production process, an embryo can be fed or starved, at various stages of its development, so as to create classes of people (alphas, betas, etc) with differing levels of intelligence and skills. Quotas are set, regarding how many people of each class are going to be needed, and should therefore be produced.

Various kinds of conditioning are then used on infants in order to get them to accept their class, along with its prerogatives and restrictions, as being best for them. Children are raised on a communal basis, with no concept of parents, siblings, or family. From embryo to adulthood, the state has fine-tuned control over the development of the person, and of their thinking. In the resulting society, people behave as they were programmed to behave, and can’t imagine things being any different.

In Orwell’s world, wrong-thought (thoughtcrime) is detected and suppressed. In Huxley’s world, wrong-thought is unlikely to arise.

Orwell’s world suppresses the individual; Huxley’s world manufactures the individual. In both cases, mind control – control over what people are able to think – is the strategy of the regime, as its means of social control generally. Orwell explores a brute-force approach to mind control, while Huxley explores a scientific approach.

The novels are useful because they each take one of these basic approaches to mind control, and follow its consequences to the end. If you really want to suppress what people think, you’d need to do A, B, and C. If you really want to program people, you’ve got to start when they’re born and do X, Y, and Z. We are able to see the architecture – the structural patterns – of each kind of mind-control regime. This can help us recognize precursors – signs that such a future is coming our way.

Echoes of Orwell 

Consider the world of mainstream journalists, in particular TV news anchors. There we have a world with echoes of 1984, where what is said must conform to the party line. Any thoughtcrime – such as an anchor commenting onscreen that he doesn’t buy the official story of 9/11, or he thinks Russia isn’t an aggressor – would be quickly punished by the equivalent of death – expulsion from the world of journalism.

Thus is maintained the Matrix, the story we are told about US benevolence, the existence of democracy, the sacredness of market forces, and all the rest. With control of major media in just a few hands, the party line can be always maintained, and current (or past) events can be interpreted within that framework. To do otherwise, for a news anchor, would be literally unthinkable. Huxley’s Ministry of Truth is at work in our world, but it is invisible, hiding away in the boardrooms of media conglomerates, and behind the doors of the White House press office.

The same kind thoughtcrime regime is operating in other arenas as well, where socially-sensitive topics are concerned. The peer-review process, and the editorial boards of the relevant journals, ensure that thoughtcrimes are suppressed, when it comes to concerns regarding genetic manipulation, pesticides, fracking, pharmaceuticals, radiation levels, etc. Again, the Ministry of Truth is invisible, residing high up in the chain of corporate boardrooms.

Even though our society doesn’t resemble Orwell’s dystopia, his mind control methods are operating in very critical places, where the population’s ‘information’ is generated. And of course we do have universal surveillance, courtesy of the NSA, omnipresent CATV cameras, and cell-phone tracking. Big Brother is with us, but he stays behind the scenes, he sees all, and he decides what stories we will be told about the world by the mainstream media.

Echoes of Huxley

Huxley wrote a review of 1984, where he talked about the two different future visions. He suggested that we might go through some kind of dark period, reminiscent of 1984, but he thinks such a regime would be unstable and transitional. He goes on to say that the scientific approach to mind control, based on programming people’s belief systems, would be the more sensible choice for a modern totalitarian society.

US Government research into scientific mind control began at least in the 1960’s, and has been ongoing. The first approach – the CIA’s Operation Mind Control – was heavy handed, reminiscent of 1984. This research involved giving people psychotropic drugs, along with post-hypnotic suggestions. Quite a bit could be (and has been) accomplished with these kinds of methods, along the lines of The Manchurian Candidate, but it didn’t provide a general solution: too much work was required to program people on an individual basis.

Research then shifted to cult creation. If people can be herded into cults of various kinds, cult dynamics themselves would serve the programming function. This provides a more wholesale approach to mind control, than the individual methods tried earlier. The CIA has never publicly claimed credit for this later research, but the experiments were very successful, including Reverend Jim Jones and the People’s Temple, and David Koresh and Waco.

In this kind of research, the first step is to identify a natural cult leader, who has already shown some success in gathering followers. Then the cult is given support of various kinds. Covert agents are sent in to join the cult, not only to observe and report, but also to provide organizational skills. Funds are channeled to the cult, and local police are warned off, so that the cult can grow unhampered.

In this way, researchers have been able to study how a skilled cult leader operates, how people are drawn into a cult, how loyalty is maintained, and how people can be pushed into extreme beliefs and actions. When everything had been learned that could be learned from a cult, the cult’s leader and members were then killed, so as to hide the evidence of what had really been going on in the experiment.

Cults and their uses

One of the first large-scale deployments of cult technology, informed by this research, was the creation of the Jihad movement by the CIA. The immediate purpose was to destabilize the Soviet regime, by tying it down in a quagmire in Afghanistan. This operation was quite successful. Since then, the Jihad cult movement – aka Taliban, Al Qaeda, Kosovo Liberation Army, ISIS, etc. – has proven to be an extremely useful tool for the purpose of destabilizing regimes, in pursuit of US geopolitical objectives. These destabilization operations in turn provide an excuse for direct US intervention, as we’ve seen recently in Libya and Iraq, and as we may soon see in Syria.

Cults generally have certain characteristics. There is usually a charismatic leader, who is able to inspire belief and loyalty in cult members. There is always a defining core belief system, that sets cult members off from outsiders, and which provides a strong sense of identity and purpose for members. There is typically an alleged ‘outside threat’ to the cult, which draws members together. There are actions and sacrifices required of members, which serve to bind them more tightly to the cult.  There are packaged arguments, that cult members are taught to employ, to repel attempts undermine the core belief system. These programming methods are very powerful, and typically intense deprogramming is needed to ply members away from a cult, once they have been thoroughly indoctrinated.

The society described in Brave New World is in fact a cult-based society. Each of the classes (alpha, beta, etc.) is a cult, and the programming begins at birth. No charismatic leader is needed, when so much control over programming is available. Each cult has its own core belief system, along with packaged arguments to maintain those beliefs. The required actions and sacrifices are simply the lifestyle which has been designed for each class. Such a society would tend to be stable, particularly since deprogramming efforts would be absent from the scene.

It is notable that Huxley’s world is not about a single cult, a uniform society, but rather about multiple cults. This makes for greater stability. Cult members have not only a model of what-to-be, they also have models of what-not-to-be. Each cult is more clearly defined, and drawn more into itself, by the existence of other cults. Being glad you’re not a beta is one of the reasons to be glad you are an alpha.

We see this same multi-cult dynamic operating in the US, in the divisiveness between liberals and conservatives. Liberals are kept in the fold by stories of conservative folly, and conservatives are kept in the fold by stories of liberal folly. In a propaganda-only system of control, there would be one party line for everyone. In this multi-cult system, there are two party lines, which we might characterize as CNN vs. FOX.

While the two party lines have many differences, in order to keep the two cults separated, they in fact share basic essentials in common. They both sustain the myth that state policy is a response to public sentiment, and they blame the other cult for providing support for the ‘bad’ policies. In fact US policy is made outside of government, by financial elites, and the state aims to control public sentiment, not respond to it. In this way we can see CNN and FOX as collaborators, sharing the common goal of hiding this fundamental truth from the people. The Democratic and Republican parties collaborate toward this same goal, using Congress as a stage, where they carry on a theater of divisiveness, providing the appearance of a democratic decision-making process.

The Barack Obama phenomenon provides an excellent example of cult tactics in action. Obama himself is obviously a natural cult leader, articulate and charismatic. He came onto the scene offering an inspiring core belief in deep reform, “The ground of politics has changed; Yes we Can!”. The dramatic effect was intense, as if we were witnessing the Second Coming. Campaign volunteers became the core of the budding Obama cult, and they were given lots of work to do, binding their identity to Obama and his professed mission. The McCain campaign was orchestrated to look like a dangerous threat by a rival cult, binding Obama supporters even more tightly.

The success of this mind-control operation was truly amazing. Obama in fact proceeded to carry on and expand everything Bush had been doing; the ground of politics hadn’t changed at all. But the cult binding was so strong that his support continued, by the very people who had hated Bush because of the same policies. Packaged arguments were put forward, to keep people in the cult, blaming Obama’s performance on Republican opposition – the standard divisiveness tactic. Even today there remain legions of Obama loyalists. Once bound to a cult, leaving becomes psychologically difficult.

Another example of mind control by means of cults is provided by global-warming hysteria. Al Gore played the role, at least temporarily, of cult leader, when he presented the core belief in CO2-caused climate crisis in his scientifically fraudulent, but very popular film,  An Inconvenient Truth. The growth of the cult was ensured by the fact that it then became a thoughtcrime in mainstream media and climate journals to question these core beliefs. Cult members are given things to do and sacrifices to make, like riding a bicycle and buying a Prius. They are given a packaged argument, that contrary views are nothing but the propaganda of an outside-threat: the evil petroleum industry.

This kind of mind control operation is much more effective than propaganda on its own. It’s not just that cult members believe in CO2-caused climate crisis, they believe they are fighting a battle against an enemy. They have been fully immunized against counter arguments to their core beliefs, and their only concern is to ‘save the planet’ by supporting anything that looks like it will reduce carbon emissions. Thus they are being led willingly down the garden path to a micro-managed society, as outlined in Agenda 21.

The ‘conspiracy theory’ meme

State control of public schools and mainstream media goes a long way towards programming people’s minds. But it is not enough, particularly in the era of the Internet. There are many sources available that thoroughly debunk mainstream propaganda, and by using those sources a large number of people have escaped, at least in part, from the mind-control regime.

In Orwell’s world, the Internet would be banned. In our world, which is developing more along Huxley’s lines, other ways have been found to limit the ability of the Internet to undermine the mainstream narratives. 

The ‘conspiracy theory’ meme was launched by the CIA in the wake of the JFK assassination. The official story was so full of holes that more and more people were beginning to doubt it. While the Warren Commission was busy writing its cover-up document, the public began to learn about the existence of ‘conspiracy theorists’.

These are people, the story goes, who suffer from paranoid delusions, and sane people should pay no attention to anything they say. If someone even looks at any of those ideas, their own mental stability comes into question. 

This mind-control tactic was very effective in marginalizing research into the truth behind the JFK assassination. Anyone who presented evidence contrary to the official story was automatically seen as ‘conspiracy theorist’. By scoffing at such evidence, without looking at it, you could demonstrate that you were mentally balanced. Thus logic and reasoning are banished from the scenario. Either you believe the official story, or your mental health is called into question. 

Since then, the conspiracy-theory meme has been carefully nurtured and expanded by the mainstream party lines. This mind-control campaign has been very successful in immunizing the majority of the population against the revelations available on the Internet.

Any story not appearing in the mainstream media must by definition be a conspiracy theory, and anything that sounds like a conspiracy theory should be scoffed at and ignored. 

Thus for the majority of the population we have a tightly controlled, two-tier, mind-control regime. The thoughtcrime dynamic governs what the media says, and the conspiracy-theory dynamic immunizes people against other views. For the majority, the party line (either CNN or FOX) is ‘truth’, as in Orwell’s world, but without the need for Big Brother’s extreme methods. 

By these mind-control methods, a bubble has been created, in which the majority does their thinking. Inside the bubble are the two party-line narratives, and outside the bubble the real world proceeds, invisible to those inside the bubble. It’s a very effective system. The more outrageous the real actions of the state, the more quickly the majority rejects revelations of those actions, as being outrageous conspiracy theories. 

In some cases the FOX party line includes accurate revelations which would be thoughtcrimes in the CNN world. In such cases, the CNN world responds by classifying those revelations as  ‘right wing’ conspiracy theories. Unlike a propaganda-only system, where state crimes are always hidden, this multi-cult system enables the state to document its own crimes on conservative media, and know that the information will be disbelieved by the liberal cult. This system allows the truth to be hidden from some, through the act of revealing it to others. Very clever.

Mind control outside the bubble 

While the majority may be inside the bubble, there is a large and growing number of people who don’t have faith in any mainstream party line, and who are open to considering the various ideas they find from Internet sources. The phrase ‘waking up’ is frequently used to describe the process of escaping from the bubble. More and more people are ‘waking up’ to the reality of false-flag events, routine government lies, the deep corruption of politics and the media, and the sociopathic central bankers who exercise the reins of power from behind the scenes.

However, the Internet is not being ignored by the state, and mind-control operations are underway there as well – designed for those who have ‘woken up’.

Such operations are not aimed at moving people back into the bubble, rather they embrace the ‘awake’ ideas, aikido style, and then seek to direct the energy of the ‘awoken’ in ways that serve the state and its objectives.

An example of one of these outside-the-bubble mind-control operations, of the cult variety, is provided by the Zeitgeist Movement – which claims to be the “largest grassroots movement in the world with chapters in over 60 countries”. Peter Joseph is the charismatic leader of this cult, and he offers his set of core beliefs, backed up by persuasive evidence and arguments, in Zeitgeist: The Movie.

For those who are ‘awake’, the film is very powerful. It presents the essential truths about the world, without pulling punches, in a dramatic and compelling way. The film has gone through several versions over time, and the very first version went viral on the Internet as soon as it was released. To the ‘awoken’, it was a film of liberation, with the potential to wake everyone up and transform the world.

After the film was released, and after it gained a massive and enthusiastic audience, the Zeitgeist Movement was launched. Fans of the film flocked to join the movement, eager to ‘spread the gospel of truth’, and help ‘wake up the world’. They were joining an urgently-needed messianic cause, and this bound them to the movement, in the way cults always bind members. Peter Joseph was seen as a prophet figure, the articulator of the gospel, and the one who could lead the way to liberation – and this is more or less the textbook definition of a cult leader.

What these eager cult members fail to realize is that the very thing that attracts them to the movement also guarantees that the movement could never succeed in ‘waking up the world’. The core beliefs that are so liberating to the members are all seen as outrageous conspiracy theories inside the mainstream bubble. While members think they are pursuing a messianic cause, they are in fact a choir singing to itself, with Peter Joseph setting the tune.

The real purpose behind the cult is revealed in a press release on the movement website, entitled, ‘The Zeitgeist Movement defined: realizing a new train of thought’. Here Joseph expands the gospel, going beyond ‘revealing the truth’, and venturing into envisioning the transformed world that the movement aims to help create. Here are three key points from Prophet Joseph’s vision, with emphasis added:

2): The Scientific Worldview: The essay explores how the development of the scientific method has altered human perception and the critical importance of its recognition and larger order application, specifically with respect to the social system.
(5): The Case for Human Unity: This essay explores the reasoning for a unified global society along with tracing the source of national divisions and propensities for conflict. A relevant point is made regarding the advancement of technological warfare and how the dangers of keeping biased economic boundaries as we have could lead to rapid destruction as time moves forward.
(9): Market Efficiency vs Technical Efficiency: This essay argues the difference between true scientific (or technical) efficiency and the business practice of “market efficiency,” showing how the latter actually works against true economic optimization.

This is a prescription for a micro-managed global technocracy, under the control of a one-world government. Both the social system and the economic system are to be ‘scientifically optimized’ – which in fact means a world organized along whatever lines are set down by some technocratic bureaucracy, under the control of an enthroned global elite.

In other words, Prophet Joseph is creating an enthusiastic constituency in support of the central bankers’ long-desired New World Order. The Zeitgeist cult is an aikido masterstroke. It begins with the revelation that ‘evil bankers’ run the world, blending with the energy of the ‘awoken’, and then shifts that energy in a direction that serves the interests of those same ‘evil bankers’. Again, I must say very clever, very clever indeed. 

Zeitgeist is only one example of a mind-control operation aimed at those who have achieved one degree or another of ‘awakening’. Numerous movements have been created, characterized by well-designed websites that tell some version of the truth, drawing in audiences with some specific focus of concerns, and which lead those audiences into useless or counter-productive activities.

In Huxley’s world, we see a scientifically designed society, tightly controlled by a full-spectrum mind-control regime, based on conditioning and cult dynamics. In today’s world, we see cult dynamics being used in a variety of mind-control operations, with cults customized for various constituencies both inside and outside the mainstream bubble. Huxley’s world has achieved stabilization by such means; in our world those means are being used to facilitate a transition – to a brave new world order that is likely to resemble Huxley’s in many of its essential features.

The demise of the family? 

If the state can achieve full control over the raising of children, without parental interference, then quite obviously that would give the state the power to achieve a full-spectrum mind-control regime. Not only could the state design the society’s culture, it could tune that culture over time, by updating the conditioning process. If full-spectrum mind-control is the goal, then eliminating the family becomes a primary intermediate objective. 

If eliminating the family is indeed an objective of the New World Order project, then it is by no means an easy objective to achieve. One would be hard-pressed to imagine an institution that would be more fiercely defended than the family, or to imagine a more painful experience than being separated from ones children or parents.

Any campaign to achieve that objective would need to fly under false colors, not advertised as a campaign to eliminate the family, but rather as a campaign aimed at protecting the rights and welfare of the child. 

It is in this light, I suggest, that we consider the many revelations that have emerged in recent years regarding child sexual abuse, and the existence of pedophile rings. In many of these cases we learn that the abusive activity have been going on for many, many years, as we see in the case of pedophile priests. Why is it that these longstanding activities have only recently been ‘discovered’?

If there is to be a strong campaign for the ‘rights and welfare of children’, there needs to be first a strong impression that their rights and welfare need protecting. Exposés of child sexual abuse serve that purpose very well. When you see a police drama, where abused children are rescued by noble cops from drug-addicted parents, you are are getting images of a benevolent state, and a social milieu that requires intervention. It becomes a template that can be expanded on as time goes on. And of course there are the interminable ads, where a neglected child sits alone at home (black and white film for effect), fearful and hungry, and you can donate $3 to some child-protection agency.

I don’t recall the link, but I came across a webpage from a UN agency, promoting the virtues of children raised ‘alternatively’. These are children raised as a group, sans parents, reminiscent of Huxley’s scenario. Supposedly these children were ‘more creative’, and showed other positive signs. How very nice. Another good-intention-stone along the garden path to the demise of the family.

Last year, 2013, in both Ireland and New Zealand, constitutional amendments were adopted, declaring that the rights and welfare of the child are paramount, trumping any rights that might be claimed by a child’s parents. In Ireland, a court challenge was immediately launched, based on the fact that the government had illegally campaigned for the referendum that approved the amendment, when by law the government should have been neutral. The challenge was, not surprisingly, rejected by the courts. There is no specific formula in these amendments as to what defines the rights and welfare of children, leaving it up to the discretion of the state, as to when intervention in the family might be appropriate.

As economic conditions worsen, under the screws of austerity, privatization, and eliminated social services, it will become a struggle for an increasing number of parents to feed, clothe, and house their families. It would be all too easy for the state to mandate a ‘minimum level of acceptable conditions’, and take children wholesale into care, based on ‘economic profiling’. That’s just one possible scenario, but it’s the kind of scenario it seems we are being prepared for.


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    yes he did and does, on the most massive scale imaginable.

    the whole world is his farm, we are the plants (vegetables) yielding the precious crop, the stunted brains, shiny from daily spin cycle in the patented jew brainwasher machine.

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    1. no disputing that it is hilarious, straight out of a monty python skit or adventures of baron von munchausen.

      but it is even more tragic due to the fact that hundreds of thousands of syrians facing imminent death and destruction will fail to extend requisite gratitude and appreciation of nobleness and bravery of the american fighting man who will at jew’s behest liberate them from their sovereignty, something that new york times will not fail to point out – those ungrateful islamofascists, how narrowly did we escape yet another holocaust.

  2. This is an excellent piece using critical thought to break down present day false paradigm. As I read through it i was looking for something to criticize but really couldn’t find anything to disagree with. I found that all I could do was add to it to try and push the envelope a little further. With this in mind consider the question of truth vs lies- reality vs illusion. I wrote an article on this topic here…


    I would argue that the destruction of the family is paramount in order to achieve a New World Order. When I say family, I mean natural family. The family that operates outside of their paradigm. Those who work within the false matrix are not its enemy because those parents are working agents of those who control the stare.90% of those whom Child Services go after are completely healthy families. In order for Zeitgeist’s vision to become a “reality” the elite must have real time control over all individuals and this is where the mark of the beast (chip implant one world money system) comes into play at the very end of this earth age.

    The fact that Zeitgeist attacks the authentic Greek Biblical narrative is a tacit admission that the Greek scriptural reality is the true historical, contemporary and future reality. Zeitgeist does what the duped are falling more victim to and that is to push a rewrite of scriptural history onto the reader turning the truth of the pre and post flood earth ages on it’s head to control the present. If people understood the reality of the scriptural narrative they would see through investigation that all true science and archeology totally back it up. Some of the hidden truths concealed from people are as follows

    1. Giant Skeletal (30 plus feet tall) remains have been found everywhere
    2. “alien” (fallen angel) remains as well as hybrids have been unearthed
    3. The Great Pyramid points to the dates of Christ’s two comings.
    4. Micro and Macro universes are identical to one another
    5. All created things are based on Pi.
    6. A Water Canopy residue layer still exists as the last layer of pre flood earth’s atmosphere
    7. All evidence suggests that there indeed a hollow earth- inner world
    8. The constellations, our solar system- the seasons and months are patterned after the 12 tribes of Israel.

    Understanding that Monotheism came first, then paganism, then a false monotheism followed by destruction of each age is key to comprehending the true from false present realities.

    To completely remove ones self from these ever increasing cult matrix-es one must understand that the “World is a Stage” and every act of Corporation Governent is just that- an ACT and it’s controllers are ACTORS in a play.

    Understanding the language that separates the great play from true reality is key to separating yourself via jurisdiction from the illusion so one can be firmly planted in truthful reality. Case in point…


    1. All your 8 points are themselves part of an illusory matrix if you believe in that nonsense : remains of giants, “fallen angels” and hybrids, hollow earth, the constellations and our solar system are patterned after the twelve tribes of Israel*) etc. Give me a break. You want to exchange the illusions of modern society for even greater illusions.

      *) So when “God” created the constellations and the solar system He patterned them after the 12 tribes of Israel who therefore must have existed before they came into existence? Are you sane?

      1. Franklin,

        I am in full agreement with you about Tyron Parsons. He does not exist in the same solar system as the rest of us! It is for this reason that the proprietors of this fine website have rationed him to a maximum of two posts per day. He wanted more, but they refused.

        It says much for their tolerance that they allow him to post at all.

        Maybe they believe, in their wisdom, that a small space must be set aside on darkmoon.me for the kooks and weirdos. 🙂

      2. @Franklin, Sardo

        Stop that. Both of you sound like the ‘conspiracy theorist’ accusers cited in Mr. Moore’s fine piece. While I don’t find much to believe about ‘hollow earth’ – the rest is certainly plausible. Moreover, paragraph-by-paragraph, Tyron Parsons’ posts actually MERIT consideration.

      3. Franklyn

        TRUE science dictates that one must be able to see something in a controlled enviroment repeating itself over and over in order for it to become a scientific fact. Today’s Jewish controlled Marxist Athiestic-Evolutionary “Science” is chalk full of theories completely proven false that “science” calls fact.

        Constellations and our Solar System.

        “Science” claims an ever changing number of planets that circle the sun. I guarentee you, before it’s all over everyone will know there are 12 planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune), the dwarf planets (Eris, Pluto, and Ceres) plus the one the Sumarians show in their planets chart, Nirubu. The western Zodiac is based on ancient Israelite Astronomy and the constellations, planets, seasons, months etc, show that the program of creation and the 12 tribes etc, were decided at the foundations of the universe before the tribes even came into existance. Western Astrology’s “signs” are based the 12 patriarches of Israel that correspond to the 12 planets.
        Giant Remains

        I could post pics and articles of Giant remains but let this piece of evidence suffice for now. In South Africa there is a Giant footprint 4 feet long. Try and explain that away

        Fallen Angels

        Anyone who thinks we are alone in this universe is not only delusional, they are practicing the height of arrogance. Angels is what we call today “aliens”. Although there are many other “alien” remains here is one of the lastest discoveries


        Hollow Earth

        According to “sciences” universal theory, if even one planet is found to be hollow then all planets are hollow. This would mean that the center of gravity is not to be found in the core but in the crust that separates the “two worlds”. No one (or so they claim) has ever been to the center of the earth thus to claim the theory that the earth is solid is a THEORY and NOT a fact. Russian scientists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences published papers a while back claiming the Moon was hollow. American Scientists agreed with their reasoning. I say hollow planets fits the scriptural narrative and the patterns of creation (Core in the middle of fruits-seeds have cores-Human Heart with two chambers- Great Pyramid’s King’s Chamber sits in the middle of the Pyramid that is mathamatically patterned after the earth’s dimensions). When there are earthquakes on earth, the earth rings like a bell. Sound waves do NOT penetrate the “shadow zone” in the middle of the earth. If it was solid or liquid, sound waves would penetrate.

        Here are some interesting supposedly “hacked NASA photos”.


        Now you and Sardonicus can believe whatever you want but you cannot disprove what I believe using the rules of ACTUAL science.

      4. Of course there is so much that don’t meet the eye

        Hollow planets. Why not? Just hollow-grams anyway. Or the Sun. Whaddat exactly, as this great illusory ball of fire? What is any of it supposed to be ANYWAY but the imaginative projections of the Great Spirit in an illusion of matter. Not an illusion to be dismissive of, but to play with. Like building blocks. Illusive playthings.

        From the creation of a great cathedral, in spite of whatever dogma of man is being disseminated with words inside its walls, or a great symphony whose song remains in the ether forever, to the tiniest widget. All to be enjoyed with what is supposed to be creative fun, and then the waves come and wash it all away like the sandcastles they really are. The slate is wiped clean and then you just start crafting something anew. But the music is always there.

        Simply God’s playground

        And then are these miserable purveyors of fear still around spewing their poison like they always do. Not for long though. While we want to say, and want to see, that evil ends here, on our watch, in our imagining and intentions for this world to be free, individually at least we know there will always be a beautiful place somewhere to go. This should never be a concern for true warriors.

  3. Good piece.

    We all, everyone, have a different and diverse perceived reality.

    Orwell told us of ‘flat screens’ everywhere, showing wars and propaganda. But, even he would be surprised at the ‘jumbo-trons’ like the 60 yard long one at Jerry-World.

  4. @ Max Bilney

    You have made some highly personal comments about Lasha Darkmoon and Montecristo on a previous thread which I do not wish to quote.

    Lasha has asked me to give you this message:

    “Please refrain from making any further comments of a sexual nature about me and my cousin Montecristo. Such scurrilous abuse of me and Monty is disrespectful and hurtful. We have done nothing to deserve it. If you have even a scintilla of decency in you, you will apologize.

    1. I apologize. Humbly and abjectly. And I promise never to do it again.

      The reason I spoke about Lasha and Montecristo in this inappropriate way is that I was DRUNK when I wrote those posts. I’d been drinking steadily all evening after a woman in a bar turned my advances down, refusing to become my 66th concubine.

      I have PRIDE! I am a 6’4″ Aryan warrior with a PRICK from here to China! Being turned down by the fairer sex is something I find it hard to handle! Women usually swoon into my arms. This woman refused! Looked me straight in the eye and said, “PISS OFF!” I couldn’t believe it. yeah, I almost HIT her. And I would have done so if her boyfriend hadn’t shown up suddenly — a muscle-bound 6’7″ giant built like a tank!

      Humiliation, that’s what I felt! I crept off back to my lair like a whipped HYENA! Nursing my sores and plotting revenge on the Jews and ragheads and the nigras and the evil bastards who are allowed to post on the darkmoon site … guys like Tyron Parsons, Pat, and Gilbert Huntley. How I hate them all for daring to contradict me!

      So that’s why I wrote those posts, seething with lust and resentment and hatred for everything under the Aussie and non-Aussie sun. Forgive me! I was kicked in the head by a kangaroo a couple of years ago and I’ve never been the same again…

      1. What’s the matter, Bilgney??? Got a little weenie?? I thought so. The Jew psychologists usually have it right about guys like you.

      2. no gilbert, please show some magnanimity to max.

        actually, max’s apology, as overdue as it is was done in excellent grace, complete, no caveats and in great humor, i busted my gut laughing.

        when my turn comes to apologize for crossing the line, and i fully intend to cross it repeatedly, i would do well to learn the art of fun, yet true apology from max.

      3. Nursing my sores and plotting revenge on the Jews and ragheads and the nigras and the evil bastards who are allowed to post on the darkmoon site … guys like Tyron Parsons, Pat, and Gilbert Huntley.
        How I hate them all for daring to contradict me!

        the master stroke :-D, can’t you see the self deprecating humor, gilbert?

      4. Oh, Hells’s Bells, lobro – I was just trying to torque him. 🙂
        It’s fun to get him riled-up! He’s really a lot of fun, even though he wants to kill me. 🙂

      5. Besides, he had me in good company, with the likes of Tyron and Pat! Can’t hate him for that, anyway…

      6. Hey Max… Max Bilony!!
        Thanks for the kudos…
        I wear your condemnation as a badge of honor to dispute the great ‘most Bil-o-ny’ usually spelled bologna!! The ‘Max Bologna’ … Your name indicates your fullness of it..LOL!!

  5. Yes, this site is awesome. Everyone involved is awesome and I wish them all the luck and love in the world.

  6. let’s suppose noah’s ark story was true.
    it landed on top of mt ararat after floodwaters strated receding (at which point the landmass was much less than 1% of today’s, only the pekas higher than ararat poking through.
    urartu is what, 5100 m? (check … 5137.
    of the gigantic african continent, only a few square meters of kilimanjaro and mt kenya would show, not even one millionth.
    australia? not even a square centimeter.
    so 2 kangaroos jumped ship and headed in a straight line, swimming toward australia, 8500 km away, hopefully the waters leaking into the earths interior quickly enough that by the time they arrived at mt. kosciusko, 2228 m above today’s sealevel (ie, 3000 m of loss of water level, the inside of earth must be absolutely sloshing with water, will let you do the volumetric math), they could start breeding fresh kangaroos.

    or maybe they paused along the way, say on k2 in pakistan.
    in which case, one would assume there to be traces of kangaroos, fossils, etc along the way as generations of roos doggedly pursued the dream of aussie outback.

    hmm … as far as i know, the only kangaroo signs are right there, next to max before he relocated to tijuana.

    but hold on … noah was a jew, wasn’t he.
    said his kol nidre and all and kol nidre makes all impossible things possible, 6 million kangaroos did swim to australia, in fact moses parted an 8500 km roadway for them to hop in a straight line without wasting time on stopovers, with food kiosks along the way stocked with pringles or whatever kangaroos eat.

    the road from bible to australia is paved with kangaroo shit.

    1. “6 million kangaroos did swim to australia”…..

      each with a platypus riding piggy back….

      calling the ostrich along…

      as the water was sucked into space, since there was nowhere to drain.

    2. Lobro

      Here is my theory- belief concerning the flood. Pre flood earth was protected by a thin- vapor water canopy when Pangaea was upon the earth. This water canopy created a highly oxygenated, pressurized environment that was also protected from the Sun’s radiation allowing pre flood animals and planets to grow to humongous sizes living very long lives.

      The first creation of man was on the surface world. The second creation of man (Adam and Eve) was inside the earth and both could intermingle since traversing to the two “worlds” was not that difficult. The inner world is where both paradise and hades exist. Paradise is where the Garden of Eden is to be found. Hades, the other “chamber” is Satan’s domain and is where he was booted to after losing the galactic rebellion against the prime creator with 1/3rd of the angels-aliens.

      An asteroid penetrated the water canopy, hitting the earth causing the canopy break up and rain down while also cracking the crust of the earth causing the water inside to spill forth on both the surface and inner worlds creating the great flood. The Asteroid also caused Pangaea to split rapidly into the Continents; coming to a stop when crashing into one another under the waves. Some species would survive the flood (esp water dwelling types) as they hid inside of the maze of caves inside the crust layers.

      Noah, his wife and the 6 others floated out of one of the “orifices” found at the Poles. The symbology here is the earth like a womb and when a women gives birth the water sack breaks as the baby is born coming out of the birth canal. Likewise, Noah and his crew would be “birthed” to the surface world coming to rest in modern day Turkey thus repopulating the earth.

      This explains giant remains, “alien” remains, Neanderthal remains (pre flood humans who’s teeth rings show they lived to be 300 years old) and it would also explain why fossilized clams, some the size VW Bugs can be found on top of the Andes as well as Mount Everest which is 8,848 (29,029 ft) above sea level.



      in short, archaeological evidence supports the young earth theory as well as the authentic Greek Scriptural narrative.

      I ask you and everyone here- what is it that the “Jews” who control Atheistic “science” and academia FEAR and HATE the most?

      Answer- white people and authentic paleo Christianity.

      Why? Because whites are the TRUE ethnic Israelites/Judaites and authentic Christianity’s Greek Scriptural narrative is the TRUTH that destroys their lies- their illusions they use to CONTROL the masses.

      1. Congratulations! You earned your certificate, but not in science or even reason. Rather it is a certificate said of one who is called “certifiable”.

      2. couple of quick observations, tyrone, not trying to make fun of you but hope you don’t shoot yourself in the foot needlessly.
        An asteroid penetrated the water canopy, hitting the earth causing the canopy break up and rain down while also cracking the crust of the earth causing the water inside to spill forth on both the surface and inner worlds creating the great flood.
        water vapor condenses into liquid when cooled, how would asteroid have done that?
        you describe punctured earth spilling its interior like putting a staple into a water balloon.
        now balloon is made of rubber, ie, elastic, ie, stretches when stressed, shrinks back to normal consistency otherwise – is earth’s surface elastic like that?
        moreover, when water balloon breaks, the water escapes, where? in direction of gravitational pull, which is where?
        centre of earth

        when a planet (allowing this for the sake of argument) filled with water is punctured, where does its water want to go?
        in direction of gravitational pull, just as with the balloon, which is towards
        centre of earth.
        in other words, that water would have stayed put apart from a big splash.
        had it been pumped out in giant quantities, the emptied volume would have to be replaced by something else preventing it from leaking back in, some sort of grout or filler, any candidates?
        (asteroids that wiped out majority of life in the past would have been maybe 1 km in diameter, hardly the volume to displace water several times the volume of present day oceans, even the moon would not have done the trick.

        — if himalayas rose from the ocean floor to the present height of 8,800 m, assuming the depth of ocean at a measly 1,000 m, that would imply that the himalayas are pushing up at the rate of 2.5 m/year or 20 cm/month, something you could measure yourself with a cheap gps receiver.

        are you willing to bet that in 10 years mt everest would have gone up by 250 m, ie, over 9 km in total?
        i would happily accept your bet, right here.

        by the way, science has very little to say about god and godly stuff, one way or another and scientists come in all shades and stripes, some atheist, many not.
        yes, there is some jew propaganda in all of the science, mostly regarding the “unbelievable genius of einstein, the kabbalah poster boy”, the emphasis on ‘unbelievable”.
        but they cannot spin the basic stuff of experimentation-theory-experimentation dynamics.

        … pre flood humans who’s teeth rings show they lived to be 300 years old
        i will let you back out of teeth rings debate gracefully, the less said the better. 🙂

      3. re. himalayas rapid rise … assuming 4,000 creationist years rather than 2 million years or whatever their age.

    3. Now I’m all pumped up to hear about the origin/exodus of the platypus!

      (the Aussies eat kangaroos (and platypus), don’t they?)

      1. Platypus = opossum with beaver tail.. a delicacy for ‘Big Biloney’ down under in oz.

        Aussie road-kill victims.

  7. Great article. Darkmoon never disappoints, although one would love to see them write an article on Christianity, or rather, an expose in which they would show how Christianity is the real enabler and protector of the Jews. What do you think, Darkmoon? I am sure you can do it. You owe it to at least some of your readers. Good day.

    1. When many of you condemn ‘Christianity’, I have come to take it you condemn the TWISTING of the Christian (read: Belief in The Christ) faith. Yes – it has certainly been TWISTED to/by whomever for self-serving agendas, one of which is the glorification of jewry through the STRONG DELUSION of qualifying the Chosenites,e.g., see 2nd Thessalonians 2:11 and thereabouts, before and after.

      Most people who claim identity as ‘Christian’ are about like many who were born into ‘Jews’ or any other myriad of classification. They really don’t give it much thought, and are easily deceived and deluded. Hence, there are a lot of ‘conversions’ of people who are, simply, pissed-off and disenchanted by the religion imposed upon them from birth. They don’t stop to consider that just about any ‘ism’, in its ideal state, is pretty workable – BUT THERE JUST AREN’T ANY IDEAL CONDITIONS in this temporal existence. So, we tend to tailor our beliefs to fit our lives. The thing many of us DO have in common, though, is an affinity for Truth, and an aversion to Deceit. Those are the haves and have-nots of discussion forums like this one. (and, btw, Truth is most often a subjective circumstance!)

      1. Christianity has only been twisted in that it now has become a cash cow for Israelis. Other than that, Christianity itself is poison. It feminizes, subverts, and eventually decays all Aryan civilizations it touches.

        You no doubt condemn what the West has become, but you refuse to accept the fact that this was part of the deal: the modern West is not a result of abandoning Christianity, as Europeans still cling to Christian morality. It is a result of Christianity itself.

        Christianity places the Jew front and center in the minds of Aryans, who find themselves kneeling to a Jewish carpenter, his Jewish mother, and their presumably Jewish god. This can result in anti-Semitism but it can also result in extreme philosemitism, which has always been a problem in Europe.

        This omnipresence of Jews in European thought is what led us to where we are today. If we had retained our own gods the Jew would have always been a strange racial alien, worshipping their messiahs, their miracles, and their one god. Jewish thought would never have made sense to us. It was Christianity that brought us under the jewish jackboot.

      2. Charles I, Charles the Great, Charlemagne, played a major role in forcing free-thinking Saxons to accept Christianity(circa 800 AD). He murdered thousands of families to do so, on the demands of the poop in Rome.

      3. ‘Subjective circumstance’… in regards to facts, distortion or perception?
        In the way facts are shown to ‘you’, how ‘you’ see them (or imagine them to be) from your own point of view… or in both ways, veiled under illusory perspectives.
        Please, do not confuse anybody with facts. Likewise… when food is ingested… assimilated and fully processed; food must be treated like any other ‘alien’ substances. We only get better when we reject fecal matter accordingly to your diet and customs. Memory could be very treacherous in creating either belief systems or bodies of falsehood. A tree will only grow one ring at a time, once it has rejected unwarranted elements and processed chemicals.
        The key is within ‘you’. The lens is ‘yourself’, whether concave or convexe… or else. Any amount of reasoning by the ‘person’ could justify any good or any evil for any given singular situation or purpose. There is no better or worse person disregarding any affiliation to any religious denomination or… institution.
        It will take time till humankind digests all the facts… whether under karmic laws or else.
        Many people remain at the ‘personal’ level… from the tribe (emotionally, spiritually, etc…). They will die, never to be aware of what a ‘qualified individual’ really is. The true nature of any identity obviously lies beyond the facts and certainly before anyone so-called ‘truthful’ has lied with impunity either under oath with some good books under the arms… limited perception, knowledge in closed circuit… or simply by ignorance, self interests.
        True identity is revealed in due time; no doubt Avatars are ‘Self-groomed’ illuminated Maters for the task.
        Any dialectic spiritualism… here? Only if we ignore ‘sign language’.
        Hum… maybe too much for some multi-lane traffic and a GPS… dear Aristotle!

    1. More appropriately, HP: Christianity is ABUSED by parasitic minions. I have been one, myself (an abuser – not a parasite). Jesus Christ did NOT teach any of the abuses we observe today. Rather, He taught against those proclivities. I am certainly no ‘model’ Christian, but I do not condemn the faith because of my wretched personna. Daily, I give thanks to Him for allowing me to breath and be healthy and reside in a beautiful land. To Whom would we otherwise give thanks??? (Certainly, neither you nor I had naught to do with our nativity!)

      When my spark of life exits this body, it is my hope that it not be plunged into Darkness or interminable torment. It depends on my actions, here, and my belief in His grace to grant me such avoidance. What else could a man hope for?? We all must die. Some of us may live, again. Pray we retain some wisdom from our prior sojourn. (‘Souls’ are something we cannot picture or hold or incarcerate – but that does NOT render them non-existent.)

      Don’t speak of Jews and Satan if you do not believe in God. One substantiates the other.

      1. And another thing: It is written that God created us in His own image. Also, that He created us to have the same emotions as Himself. That He ‘chose’ some to be ‘a peculiar people unto Myself’ is perogative of a god. Who are we to challenge that??
        Now, be diligent in trying to discern ‘who’ He chose, and you will understand the Bible, for that is to whom the stories were written down. It has abided a looong time.

        He is written to have said of David that he (David) was a man after His own heart, albeit a bloody and adulterous and profane fellow. Well, if that’s OK with God, it’s OK with me! I am a bloody and adulterous and profane man – yet, I have the blessing of His grace. (and THAT is subjective; and it, to me, is MY Truth).

  8. Franklin

    When a person doesn’t address the issues raised but instead name calls, it’s the most tactless way of admitting they lost the debate.


    No, Noah was not a “Jew”. Noah was an Adamic WHITE MAN. The first person of Judah was Judah himself, 4th Son of Jacob/Israel. As I have showed via outright admissions out of their Encyclopedia Judaica, they are neither Semites (Shemites) Hebrews, Israelites or Judaites but what do you guys care? You keep pushing the false “Jewish” 900 AD Masoretic text narrative as strawman arguments anyone can dismantle as if this is what support when I don’t.

    NASA satellites have confirmed far more hydroxyl in the hydrosphere than current models predict. The parent molecule of hydroxyl (OH) is water (H2O). Because ultraviolet radiation from the sun breaks down water in Earth’s upper atmosphere into hydroxyl and hydrogen, a large amount of water must have previously existed.

    I postulate that the asteroid BROKE the canopy creating a vacuum behind it’s trail culminating in the vapor becoming water, raining down ALL over the earth. Hence the Asteroid’s heat at the position of entry isn’t the factor here but the vapor cooling as it descended downward worldwide is.

    If a large asteroid hit the earth splitting Pangaea, the now separated plates would have been in massive flux heaving upward and downward acting like a pump to push the interior water reserves outside until it all stopped. As I already explained, the waters contained inside the earth would have spilled into the inner and outer world because the center of gravity is NOT the center of the earth but the crust layer that separates the “two worlds”. The force of the impact would have shattered the surface plate into many. By the plates shifting across the globe whatever hole was caused by the asteroid could have been covered by plates coming to a stop over it or would have been filled by the sediment settling and plugging it. If one looks at the sediment layers in the earth, everything found therein is IDENTICAL to if one were to put dirt inside of a glass and shake it up. After shaking, sediment layers are naturally formed due to the different densities of the material. The mountains were formed quickly by the many plates/continents crashing into one another not over millions of years.

    I’m not backing down from a debate on the rings inside Neanderthals teeth- you are. Forensic scientists use teeth rings to date the age of Skeletal remains and Neanderthals teeth rings show he hit puberty at 40 dying around 300, and besides, if you or I lived to be 300, we would have a massive skull the same size as Neanderthal’s because the head is the only portion of the body that doesn’t quit growing. Computer models have been creating showing how a human would look if they lived to 300 and they look identical to Neanderthal.

    1. Continued…

      I believe the earth is around 15,000 years old not “millions and millions”. There is absolutely NO scientific evidence to show the earth being millions of years old. Carbon dating is COMPLETELY useless being that it’s been proved to be notoriously incorrect when dating objects of known age. Its also based upon the assumption that the Sun has always put out the same level of radiation and the earth has always received the same amount of radiation. Without having witnesses to verify the radiation levels when an object was first formed, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use their levels today to conclude its age.

      If a professor in “Jew” controlled academia brings up any of our creationist evidence and arguments, they will promptly be FIRED just like if they speak out against “Israel” or stick up for the white race.


      No doubt the majority of modern day “Christianity” is in Corporation Apostasy in service of the so called “Jew”, but this has NOTHING to do with the reality of creation or the authentic Greek scriptural narrative. Jesus was WHITE not a “Jew”. Adam, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel/Judah- 12 tribes were WHITE people- not “Jews”. So what the “Jew” has done is to hijack Christianity, it’s greatest foe, from the inside to promote a FALSE narrative by way of stealing the white mans true ethnic identity.If Apostate “Christianity” were to put the scriptural ethnic identities straight again, Christianity would destroy the “Jew” and this is why they HATE and FEAR authentic Christianity like no other belief system.

      Today, the masses have been communized by the “Jew” and that is when the “Jew” is protected. 95% of the “Jews” are atheist human secularist- evolutionists like you guys here opposing Gilbert and I. If authentic Christianity were still the norm in the white/European nations, the “Jew” would have never risen to power. Proof of this is the 109 times healthy Christendom BOOTED the “Jew”. Besides, most whites still identify with basic Christian beliefs (creation-Jesus etc) so if the white man is to take on the “Jew” the authentic identities MUST be reestablished empowering the white masses while making impotent the “Jew” by exposing his criminality including their identity fraud.


      The only areas of Europe without a Christian majority in 800 AD were the Scandinavian nations. Most whites adopted Christianity by way of peaceful conversion or because their King adopted it which was a practice common place the world over.


      Excellent posts and I agree with you. I personally am throughly corrupted (my flesh) but my spirit, my conscience, my heart is I AM’s/Jesus’. It’s the duality of life. Evil Flesh makes us want to do evil- good spirit, heart, mind, fights against it. Paul speaks of this duality saying that the part of him that sins is not “him” concluding- who can save me from this body of death? Come oh Lord Jesus!

      1. @ Tyron Parsons,

        I did not “lose the debate”, it is simply impossible to debate with a certifiable idiot. I have been through this with you on TOO already, remember?

        Tyron : “Come oh Lord Jesus!”
        Jesus : “Here I come dear Tyron, and I will bring you straight to the Darwin-school-of-rationalism right on the 4,5 billion years old earth!”

  9. Tyron –

    Whether the Earth is 15K years of age or 15 millions or billions is something we will certainly never know in this life. As far as I’m concerned, I DO believe it is much, much older than a mere 15,000 years.

    I recall hearing preachers claim it was 6,000 years old (!) because ‘the Bible says so through the creation of Adam!’. Hogwash. (Hell, CHINESE recorded history goes back 13,000 years – or so I am told!)

    Listen: In the book of Genisis (in our Bible, which is nothing more than a compilation of stories and prophecies of and about things concerning the Adamic race-cum-Israelites), the story is told of Cain going out into ‘the wilderness’, and was afraid of being murdered out there… BY WHOM?? For WHOM and with whom did he build a city (as is written)??? Certainly not his parents. There had to have been OTHER PEOPLE inhabiting the earth outside the domain of Adam, Eve, Cain, and Able (if one believes some truth in the Bible stories). At Genisis 6, it is written that giants (the nephelim) roamed the earth in those days. There are giant bones discovered in many digs – including right here in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!

    THERE IS NO WAY anyone can definitively state the age of this planet. A myriad other things – including the existence of ‘other gods’ (see the First Comandment) – lend themselves to endless speculation. Just thinking, for instance, of the fallacies of the Peak Oil Theory is enough to make one wonder about such things… 🙂

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly,

      (Hell, CHINESE recorded history goes back 13,000 years – or so I am told!)

      “Written records of the history of China can be found from as early as 1200 BC under the Shang dynasty (c. 1700–1046 BC).” Source : Wikipedia, History of China.

      So that is only 3200 years.

      1. Maybe the iPads and computers invented by Louis Farrakhan’s ancestors were not waterproof. No records available.

    2. gil, you ever seen them giant bones?

      if you say yes, you did and checked them out – i suppose that as a hunter you should know bones from bakelite – then i will believe in the nephelims, they will be as real as goyim and jewim.

      1. Mornin’, lobro. FYI, those giant bones were discovered near
        Elkton, Virginia, in what was an apparent gravesite/cemetery accidentally excavated when the particular area was being prepared/excavated/surveyed for a new Coors brewery, there (across the road from Merck Chemical! Lol).

        And, yes, I have seen evidence in the mountains of something large and intelligent (high, green tree limb breaks where no boulders or storms could have damaged, or no bear left claw marks or had reason to rummage around), as well as once finding a natural mortar & petal of sorts near a cave opening, where white oak acorns had been ground (you can tell white oak acorns from red oak acorns because the latter are bitter, while the white oak acorns are far more palatable). A friend in Rappahannock has been gathering evidence (‘Bigfoot’, ‘Squatch’) for years, now, here in the Allegheny and Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains.

        Horses are good alarm systems for bears and such, but I never had a horse balk as I did once high-up near the Appalachian Trail last year, when I rode near a place where I had previously discovered that cave last year. It was eerie. Best to leave horses at home when you go exploring in these mountains. My own theory about nephelim is that they are multi-dimensional, and it is therefore understandable that photos are rare. Go ahead. Laugh. I do not. There are, thankfully, things in this world which we are yet to discover – or which are YET to be revealed. 🙂

        Gotta go do some stuff, now, for the rest of the day…

      2. not laughing, gilby, or when laughing, then not at you but with you.

        i am not very sensitive to eerie and have very few such incidents to remember, being by nature given to thick armor of cynicism, not always the best option.

        one time i will remember for the rest of my life was back in 70s, driving eastbound on trans-canada in an ancient beat-up vw beetle with my buddy mark.
        we had crossed the quebec-new brunswick border at riviere-de-loup and headed eastward looking at a suitable place to camp, bushed from all-day drive from ontario.

        it was a small, insignificant looking roadside provincial park, quite deserted, so we pulled into the gravel parking lot on a low hill rise, got out in the dark, lit cigarettes and considered where to set up.

        instantly, simultaneously, we were beset by a direct, nasty feeling of an immediate and deadly threat in the dark forest and neither of us were given to freaking out easily, having done all night acid trips in algonquin park with bears and moose running around, owls hooting, twigs cracking, etc.

        the nearest i could think of that parallels this is david lynch’s twin peaks series, eg, the initial credits with the falls tumbling over or those big douglas firs swaying in the wind – old lynch knew …

        we just looked at each other, hair stood up on end, jumped into the car and raced out, tires smoking.

        must have been a micmac burial ground and the guardian told us to clear out in no uncertain terms.
        a horse would have dumped us in a heartbeat and bolted long ago.

      3. Good advice Gil

        Leave your horses in the lowlands! Combine being on a steep incline with the potential for something to spook an ultra-sensitive horse, and I’ve known plenty, and you got the makings of disaster.

        And that’s an interesting discovery you made down there with evidence of Bigfoot. Personally, I’ve been in deep wilderness places where I got some eerie vibes, along with the typical scenario of major foliage disruption. Weren’t no bears. Bigger. And if they’re bigger than a bear and with the earmarks of the scene being the doings of one beast…

        I’ve never seen one in settings like this, although I know some indians who claim to have seen them. Fleetingly of course, but with all the classic descriptions. Then there’s the footprints, which as they tell it were old, but not too old to see it was a huge footprint. I want to hear about finding their megaturds. I’ll call them sa-squats 😉

        But yeah, I think they’re multi-dimensional Beings. My own theory is that they simply flit in and out of realities. Somehow, some way.

  10. hey max, make sure you count your children at bedtime.
    last week there were 65 plus whatever new ones your multiwives cranked out since.

    are the kidmans jews?

    kid-man = man who likes kids for wrong reasons …

  11. Most of the emails attributed to me, under my pseudonym “max bilney”, were not written by me. Someone has hacked into my computer, or my email address and is writing these evil articles. They are not even in my style and I, personally, have not communicated with darkmoon.me for over 3 weeks. The Sept 14 entry is false as are the ones for the previous 3 weeks. I know the JEWS see me as the most dangerous writer!
    Henceforth, I will NOT write in at all; and you can see if the hacker keeps on using my name and falsly impersonating my style. I cannot be bothered reading HIS/HER CRAP where I have supposedly denigrated Lasha and Montecristo, as I did not write it!
    I am actually taking myself off all sites!
    Yours Sincerely “max bilney”

    1. Max, we are sorry to hear this. I will do a check of the IP numbers and email addresses to see if they correspond to your details or if they are different. If they are different, then this could be anyone who knows you … and he/she wouldn’t need to hack into your computer to do this. Anyone can impersonate anyone else just by using their user name and giving a false email address.

  12. Hi Lucy Skipping and other readers.
    When I first wrote to this site I said that the Jews who run Yahoo and Google (I use Yahoo email) have PUNISHED ME considerably in the past for saying the WRONG things.
    For eg, for saying Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard – the retributional, extremist feminist, Secretary of the Oz Communist Party and extremist pro-Zionist etc. – was a CRIMINAL who had fucked all the married men, big union head honchos, in order to get her PM job, I was taken off Yahoo for one month. For criticising the powers of the Oz Zionist lobby in private emails I was also suspended, among others. Other readers have had this happen to them.
    Re Gillard she is now finally facing a Royal Commission into her criminal union activites and should be gaoled – but probably won’t!
    Yet a young friend of mine, Michael Christian of Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia was convicted, heavily fined and branded a “racist, anti-semite” for jokingly saying “go Nazis” to a Melbourne Jew! Because I supported him I had a number of death threats and was victimized in my teaching job.
    As you all KNOW, the corruption, deceit and hatred is now so deeply entrenched that all of our lives are in jeopardy. They are using the Internet to play their Protocols’ EVIL upon all of us! Soon we must commence to fight back, because short of them commencing their slaughtering, things could NOT get much worse.
    I love reading Lasha and her articles are the very BEST. She is a fine, super intelligent lady and courageous freedom fighter.
    Finally, I will give it all a rest for a couple of months, but keep reading darkmoon.me, David Icke and Vets Today. The latter has truly upped the ante and is finally leading a charge into the hideous horrors of 9/11 and its US Govt, Mossad-Israeli, Saudi and British connections! I ASK: What would the American people do IF, tomorrow, the TRUTH came out in a definitive statement? What punishments upon the heads of your politicians, bankers, dual citizens, etc? Would the US military declare marshall law and arrest your filthy Congress and the evil, kingpin, dual citizens who are decimating your fine lands and destroying your children?
    And, Michael (Michelle) Obama may be about to come clean in the OUT magazine. What can be done about these homosexuals’ blatant lies?
    And then the Colombian Women’s Cycling Team appeared sans bottom-coverings in Yahoo, etc, yesterday. My children asked me why these ladies do not wear pants! Apparently the female celebs are currently lining up to show their nudity to the world. I thought Coutrney Love’s legs apart stances were enough, but now we have all the celebs’ porno tapes doing the rounds! SUCH JEWISH DEPRAVITY WAS WHAT RILE ADOLF HITLER!
    Over and out for now, Max

    1. @ Max Bilney

      I’ve done a quick check and I accept your assurance that you were not the author of this particular comment:

      Max Bilney
      September 14, 2014 at 12:19 pm

      I apologize. Humbly and abjectly. And I promise never to do it again.

      The reason I spoke about Lasha and Montecristo in this inappropriate way is that I was DRUNK when I wrote those posts. I’d been drinking steadily all evening after a woman in a bar turned my advances down, refusing to become my 66th concubine.

      Etc. etc….

      I now believe that someone else wrote this amusing parody of your style. The IP number used is not your usual IP number and the email address given is a false one.

      Feel free to resume posting whenever you wish. We welcome your comments.

  13. I cannot believe the back and forths taking up space on this website. One important point missed is how the Soviets pioneered the technique of the communal upbringing for children. These techniques were later toned down and transferred to the Kibbutz of Israel. I have weird and wonderful photo of Jewish infants and toddlers in outdoor cages on a Kibbutz, is it any wonder they are neurotic psychopaths? Of course the communist Jews projected their child-rearing horror on their evil Nadzee golem, but the fact is National Socialists stood four square in favor of the family, elevating mothers to hero status in the Reich. The Germans never forcibly separated the children from their parents as did the communist Jews. The communist’s book of tactics lay out very specific objectives, like immediately taking control of all media sources as soon as the revolution gets underway. Another important tactic is to take control of the children after the revolution, for they are the future. The old school can always be dealt with though harsh means, but when the children are Young Pioneers willing to turn in their parents for wrong thinking, then total victory has been achieved. This is truly a dark, dark world we live in.

    1. One of the many reasons I admire the National Socialists is the hero status of mothers in the Reich. Much like the status afforded in the Iroquois clans. Especially to the grandmothers, who were the real chief honchos.

      The dynamics of the women behind the men in these tribes was truly powerful medicine. Good for the jew? Most certainly not. And as ever, the gold standard question.

  14. Gilbert

    The age of the earth is important and yes, some Christians have claimed the earth is 6,000 years old but they didn’t add things up right or maybe they were infiltrators speaking nonsense to discredit the scriptures. You can believe it is much older and that’s ok. All I am saying is what I believe and why, while presenting scientific evidence (circumstancial- physical etc) to back up the Greek narrative concerning the pre flood earth. See, atheists have ZERO scientific evidence to back up their beliefs yet believers do have a witness to the creation ( I AM) and those he communicated through.

  15. Guys I am not trying ti break the rules here..this is the rest (or should have been) of my post

    Hi Franklin,

    Yes, we went at it at TOO and you and your cohorts (outnumbering me about 8 to 1) got the snot kicked out of you. Kevin MacDonald was VERY sympathetic to my (our) plight. You atheist-evolutionists who are duped by the “Jews” in your world view had a hissy fit every time I said anything and gang attacked me on every single post I made- even if I agreed with you for God’s sake. You all couldn’t take any opposing views, any evidence not “ok’d” by your ilk and like now, all they had was vicious demonizations for lack of intellegent retort. It got so bad Kevin politely asked me in private to leave because my mere presence was making the atheists go ape -shit. I said ok, I left because I didn’t want my presense to further bother Kevin by way of your ilks behavior toward me and and even after I left voluntarily you guys still wouldn’t act civilized so he shortly thereafter closed the entire comment section down. Frankly. I don’t blame him one bit.

    Kevin recently stated “The Jews are scared of whites taking Christianity (authentic) seriously” and I would add, so are Atheist whites. Now why would he conclude that? I’ll tell you. Kevin knows as I and others do that authentic Christianity diameterically opposes the “Jews” on every level and is their worst nightmare. Let me state unequvically that authentic Christianity is so important for whites, those of us who hold onto it will be of those who take over their JWO putting an end to their planetary tyranny, once and for all. The choice for whites will be this, accept authentic Christianity or stand an almost certain fate of not being among those who rule as servants over the entire planet.

    Btw, Marx, the Atheist Jew LOVED Darwin just like you even though Darwin didn’t even believe his own BS at the end of his life. I mean come on!

    Earth is 4.5 billion years old? Ok, so tell us who among you SAW the earth 4.5 billion years ago.

    Answer- NONE OF YOU DID so you are BREAKING the FIRST RULE OF SCIENCE by claiming your asinine theory as “fact” whereas I state my BELIEF in my theory using actual science while adhering to it’s rules to back up my claim (authentic Christian claim). HUGE difference!

    1. Gilbert continued….

      I agree with you about other peoples besides Adam and Eve being created. In fact one can find reference to this insde of Genesis. I detailed that in my post above. Also, I would suggest reading the Books of Adam and Eve that were taken out of Egypt when the mixed multitude (Mixed Egyptains-Israelite stock) and Israelite stock left.

      If you add the 6 days of creation plus the day of rest, it comes to 7000 years. In the books of Adam and Eve it says they didn’t even last a day before Satan tricked them. Hence, lets add 500 years. After Adam and Eve leave the Garden they are given the great 5,500 year promise from I AM saying that he would come then in the body of a man and die in order for Adam’s righteous seed to be saved and that was about 2000 years ago. Add it all up and one has 15,000 years. The Chinese claiming they can trace their ancestry back 13,000 years I believe to be nonsense. The Chinese love to play the old “we are ancient peoples and you’re not” claptrap when in reality, they are just as old as all the races including us whites from Shem.

      The first earth age was Adam inside the Garden. The next earth age was from the expulsion to the flood. The next from the flood to Christ’s first coming. The one we are in now is from Christ’s first coming to his next coming (probably around 2028 if one’s believes the timeline in the Great Pyramid). The next earth age will be from Christ’s second coming to when Gog and Magog (“Jews”) rise again with the peoples of the earth and march on Christ’s New World Government getting utterly destroyed, yet again. Then the books of life are opened and final judgement is rendered where those not found inside of the book are blotted out as if they never existed. Then I believe the universe is “rolled up” and a completely new paradigm- an entirely new reality takes over probably existing inside a completely different dimension.

      So, to bring all saved among mankind (who’s number is 6) completely back to its original incorruptiable Adamic-Angelic bodies will have taken 6 earth ages. This, at least, is where I’m at in my understanding.


      Holy ba tsh-t crap man- we’ve been duped! Anyone who believes this supposed aussie needs some serious mental help. Freakin entertaining tho, that I’ll give em…lol

      1. Tyron –

        It doesn’t MATTER what we believe to be true. We (you and I, et.al.) are who we are. Be happy with that. Be thankful. Quit trying to convince Those Who Are NOT. Who cares???! Many superb intellects post on this site. There is much to learn from them. I so much enjoy their diatribe (yours, too!), but don’t get vexed with the put-downs!!

        I have been drinking a lot of homemade wine. I am particularly drunk, and awaiting the visitation of a special lass who makes my sojourn more pleasant. Fuck the sin of it. Our God knows my heart is for Him, and I do not give a shit about who says I am a Jew! (I am not, btw). So don’t worry about these intellectual nay-sayers, Tyron. You are a wonderful, informative man, and I certainly applaud your service to us! 🙂


      2. Oh Yeah Tyron Parsons, the old relationship with your home boy keeps reasserting itself. Eg ” Gilbert continued…. I agree with you about other peoples besides Adam and Eve being created. In fact one can find reference to this inside of Genesis.”
        Get a LIFE you fundamentalist lunatic!
        Oh yeah, and Jonah got swallowed by a whale and Abraham had a kid by “a slave gal of unknown race” and thus progenated the first Arab; and Noah built an ark and saved life on this planet! You try to brainwash us with this JEWISH CRAP, Tyron! PLAIN EVIL!
        Oh yeah, it is ALL TRUE according to this fundamentalist bigot, because “the Bible told him so”! But the Bible tells you NOTHING about his mythical characters (Ismael, Shem, etc) whom he says created the racial divisions on this planet! NOTHING!!!!!
        Can the neanderthal. brainless readers like the village idiot and lover-boy Gilby Huntly, even commence to understand my TRUTH? Watch out Gilby, you might get swallowed by a whale, or end up on an ark, captained by Tyron and his gay boys! You’d probably thus fall into RAPTURE!

  16. Hi All,
    Please note that I am being hacked by obviously a JEWISH impersonator!
    He was NOT amusing and his attempts to copy my style failed miserably! Wot was his crap about a kangaroo?
    Yeah, I have lots of ’em on my property in NTH Queensland but I lerv ’em as mates who sharpen up me boxin’!
    Wot the moron DOES NOT know is that I work for a Resistance Intelligence Service that is locating this speciman of human excreta for me! I need a good work-out and soon I will knock on his door. He lives in a mid-western state of your USA! (Ya know the one that is about to be invaded by the riff-raff that currently surrounds me here in ME -I, Co!
    Woe betide him, when I fall upon him with a vengeance like an Ozzie Tiger Snake. My new Mexican girlfriend can use his balls for garters! AND YES, I AM NOW IN MEXICO! I spread my seed wherever I go and give the gift of new LIFE! I like these Latin chicks! They hang around me like moths to a flame! I am the flame of the SEX God and Righteousness! Now, THAT IS MY STYLE!
    Thankyou, the but’iful Lucy Skipping for checking out the TRUTH of my claim. Lucy commented: “I now believe that someone else wrote this amusing parody of your style. The IP number used is not your usual IP number and the email address given is a false one.” See I told ya all! I AM ABSOLVED! Halleluyah!!!!
    And wot are you American good ‘ol boys and bubbas up to? More of the same tautological, rhetorical CRAPOLOGY! But I do accept that I like your reposts, arguments and opinions, as they contribute to a sound WHOLENESS! As Lash said once: “It’s the JOOS!” REMEMBER THAT and be mates! I will fight with Gilby Huntly and others!
    Once again, great stuff on Vets Today and Mr Dean is getting better and better as his anger grows!
    I hope he and his colleagues have a strong pull upon the hearts and minds of the US military and all vets!
    As I’ve said, things are too far gone with the stinkin’ JEWS and I believe a short term military government is in order. Hang Bush, Mrs Bush, the Clintons, the homosexual-transvestite Obama’s, the complete Congress and ALL JEWs involved in banking and finance. And then a swift tactical nuclear attack on Tel Aviv!
    So now I await my imitator to write in; and then I will have him in my snare!~ He is totally fucked in the head!
    He is a dead man walkin’!

    1. @ Max Bilney

      Thankyou, the but’iful Lucy Skipping for checking out the TRUTH of my claim. Lucy commented: “I now believe that someone else wrote this amusing parody of your style. The IP number used is not your usual IP number and the email address given is a false one.” See I told ya all! I AM ABSOLVED! Halleluyah!!!!

      “I am absolved”??? Not so, Mad Max, not by a long chalk! You wrote that silly email yerself from a friend’s computer! Or from an internet cafe or library! That would account for the “false” email address and the different IP number!

      C’mon dahlin’, confess! YOU wrote it! It’s got yer style . . . and I LERVED it! Yeah, man, as a tall Nordic blonde (6’1″) with the looks of a deeLISHIOUS fingerlickin’ Aphrodite and 6 sex-crazed studs a-swoonin’ round me like flies round a honeypot, I can spot a fake Nordic gigolo MILES away! And that’s YOu, Mad Maxamillion! . . . pretendin’ to be a hunky stud with a harem of bimboes cavortin’ a-round youse!

      Ugh! . . . Unbel-EEEVABLE!

      1. MAXINE, you ignorant bitch! Try using your friends’ email identifier and it will be received by Lasha and Lucy with their identifier on the top of the email. There is no way you can change their identifier, or in your feeble mind get it to come up “max bilney.” So learn how the Internet works my dear, before you, like the hapless fool, Tyron P, launch into your FALSE diatribes! I offfer you this once in a lifetime opportunity to use your computer to write under my pseudonym ‘max bilney” and to try to COPY my unique style. YOU WON”T BE ABLE TO DO IT LERV! Your email identifier will be sent to Lucy and she will know you are false. Because Yahoo is Jewish, they CAN do anything that pleases their EVIL minds and they can play around with false IP’s, passwords, and addresses! THAT IS MY POINT YOU SANCTIMONIOUS IDIOT!

      1. Pat, you are a vile, evil man who probably is in bed with the whores like Tyron, Maxine and Gilby! Even a cafe gives an identifier, etc my lerv! I am sure Lucy could check this out!
        Are You really Tyron’s alter ego? Your lerv-hate relationship hides your totally CAMP relationship. I can sniff out poofs like I can sniff out JEWS!
        And I know the many JEWS who use this site to spread misinformation are targetting ME, as they know I have the TRUTH on my side! I repeat: TYRON IS THE DEVIL HIMSELF! BAN HIM!

      2. Max Bil-o-ney… as in full of it…

        The only time you can be sure you are smelling a Jew is when you bend over and grab your ankles and stick your head up your arse… and inhale!

  17. MAXINE, what crap from your feeble mind! I use only my computer and 30% of the emails identified as my pseudonym “max bilney” were not written by me AND I DO NOT PLAY SUCH PETTY GAMES!
    Lucy Skipping is CORRECT!
    You are an idiot! So according to you I have now shrunk to 6 feet 1 inch! Learn to read love! I am 6 feet 4 inches and Nordic as I say! I have over 30 concubines and 67 children. I have featured in magazines in Australia. And I am in Mexico and have a new girlfriend. And Tyron Parsons is what MUTED GOD says: “An Israeli fetish minded idiot”! the village idiot, Gilby Huntly is his HOME BOY!

  18. Gilby Huntly, give your cretinous mind a rest and take a holiday!
    You, like the fundamentalist Tyron P, are a major blight on this site; and the highly intelligent 5 or 6 writers can see through you dip-sticks like clear glass!
    You think you are doing good, BUT YOU ARE DOING GREAT HARM! All you crazy fundamentlisat Christians are fucked in the head and only one stage away from being full-blown Christian Zioinsts! And C-ZIOS are every bit as EVIL as the filty, life-sapping JOOS!

  19. @ Mad Max

    I’ll give you the bad news now rather than later. You have been diagnosed as a Jekyll-and-Hyde character. You have a split personality. One part of you, the bad part, is Max. The other part of you, the good part, is Maxine.

    I am your alter ego, the original part of your personality, and I am female. You have managed to break away from me and develop a fictitious male persona, And you have called this bogus personality “Max Bilney”. I wish you wouldn’t do this to me and try and take over my personality like Mr Hyde tried to take over Dr Jekyll. It’s wrong, it’s hurtful, and it’s very sick! You are destroying me: Maxine Bilney, the Original You!

    Please stop posting on this site from an internet cafe pretending to be a man. Come home. I am waiting for you to realize that you are female and that YOU ARE ME — Maxine Bilney!

    Grow up! And stop pretending to be a man! Return to your therapist and seek guidance!

    1. MAXINE says: “You are destroying me: Maxine Bilney, the Original You! Come home. I am waiting for you to realize that you are female and that YOU ARE ME — Maxine Bilney!”
      Maxine, I will be YOU when I am chock-a-block UP YOU!
      NOW I HAVE IT!
      YOU could be one of my many concubines posting as “max bilney.” Some of them get very jealous when I spend too much time cavorting and showering attention on my favourites! They have got my password and are driving out of the Daintree Rainforset, where we live, and 85 kms down the road to Port Douglas! And I am in Mexico with 2 favourites and 2 new Latin women in tow! 5 in bed is fun!
      But I still KNOW I have been hacked. Soon I will retire “max bilney”, disassociate from the Jewish YAHOO, and use Oz’s BIGPOND email: A new identifier offers. A new call out name, etc.
      MAXINE if you are genuine I would love to meet such a twisted sister! I would sort you out in bed and you would thus be at my beck and call! I have named one of my new daughters, Maxine.
      MY SERIOUS POINT is about the fundamentalist freak-show, Tyron Parsons who always has his Torah on his hip! But Maxine, do not take this to mean that I am NOT fallin’ in lerv with you! You appear lervly!

    2. Maxine, “come home. I am waitin’ for you”, you say! This is REALLY your message!
      Is this Skye writin’ from my workshop in The Daintree, QLD?
      I know you lerv me, my dearest, but I have work to do in Mexico.
      I explained this to all of you when I last made lerv to you all.
      Please rid yourself of the green eyes of jealousy. Enjoy the comforts our your sister travellers.
      Lucy and Anne are okay, and we have 2 new women to add to our property.
      They bring a Latin flame and will add much to our sex lives and add more hands to our crop planting; and feet to our wine troddings.
      Re the serious business, we now have Yankee vigilantes manning the border crossings. We will get them pickled out on drugs and Mexican women! They are nuthin’ but rednecks, bubbas and pickled good ‘ol boys!
      I met a Russian here yesterday. He looked quite Nordic and is, like me, committed to releasing the USA from the clutches of the insiduious JEWS. We have many Germans joining us and I have appealed to the Scandinavian countries. The Mexicans, whilst ostensibly easily-led into corruption, thanks to the JEWISH-NWO drugs that have been washed into this country, are basically honest people. They HATE Tyron’s highly racist, Old Testament/Torah teachings and believe in an all-encompassing, lervin GOD of the UNIVERSE! They lerv the Man Jesus and know he embraced all honest, lervin’ people on this planet. The JEWISH pestilence will END SOON and I will return to the hiddens of the Daintree Rainforest. How different is the dry landscape here beside the river of the Rio Grande!
      So, if it is you, Skye, please stop it! If it isn’t you, ask the other gals. It might be Muriel, Karen or Diane. And I don’t trust You-know-who!

      1. Finally, and I will draw a close to this unfortunate exercise! Too much time wasted on this charlatan! Thankyou for your patience, the lervly Lucy and Lasha!
        My identifier/call sign is NOT as Maxine says! That is “@ Mad Max”!
        I have an impostor or impersonator who has been using @Mad Max!! Different IP, at a location over 1500 kms from me, here in Mexico!
        This person is FEMALE! This person IS IN LERV WITH ME! I can tell, just as I know Gilby Huntly lervs Tyron P! Unrequited LERV, pure and simple!
        If you are a wide-mouthed, huge-nosed, whorish Jewess, I am NOT interested! Had many of your kind and only got STD’s!

  20. Max

    How many times have you claimed you’re a “real Christian”?
    How many times have you said after this that your fighting with ISIS and a Muslim?
    How many times have you also said you have what- 26 concubines (wives) and what again- 27 children?
    How many times have you said you cheat on your wives?
    How many times have you said you beat your wives and children?
    How many times have you said you wanted to kill all the whites/Christians in America?
    How many times have you said you were now in Mexico, getting ready to cross the border to do so?





    Do I believe in the ancient texts (Septuagint, creation, books of Adam and Eve, Greek NT etc) ?

    Yes, absolutely but I also use the RULES OF SCIENCE to back up my beliefs knowing that these texts are the originals while your Jewish texts (masoretic etc) are frauds.

    How can you claim to be a Christian or Muslim and then chastise a person for taking the scriptural account seriously enough as to investigate it using scientific rules?

    Your belief systems as expressed here are nothing more than what you accuse me of. Namely, LIES, SLANDERS, DEMONETIZATION’S IN SERVICE OF THE JEW and the MOST OBVIOUS ploy yet of yours was when you used someone else’s computer to make sexual advancements (which you’ve done before) toward Lasha then claiming that “someone hijacked your account”.

    I want to ask EVERYONE HERE to come forward and state whether or not they believe Max is a JEW AGENT PROVOCATEUR or not!!! And if so, do they want the administrators to BOOT him.

    Don’t wussy out folks, I am calling you OUT! Lets be done with this BS!

    I VOTE YES, he is an Israeli Jew agent as any RETARD could plainly see and YES I want the administators to BOOT THE JEW!


    1. Just checking!
      I set a bait for the great I Am!
      And, YES, he took it: “Yes, yes, yes!!!!!”
      Here goes the lunatic fundamentalist Tyron P yet again with his fabrications: Listen to him and THINK! Think what an EVIL man this crook is!
      Tyron: ” Jesus was WHITE not a “Jew”. Adam, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel/Judah- 12 tribes were WHITE people- not “Jews”.” Oh yeah, Tyron you have definitive proof that Adam was WHITE? And your version of Abraham was WHITE too? And his slave gal bred him a pure Arab? Not one skerrick of your crap is included in the Bible or Torah you love so much! You have made all the lies up! You are a Jewish liar, thief and criminal! You are plain filth personified. STOP TRYING TO FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE WITH YOUR SATANIC WISDOM OF THE DEVIL! I can see right through your kind of inverted, predatory dialecticism! I see an ugly, little man masturbating furiously beside his computer! Have I pictured you, Tyron?
      This is where the man is very sick. Scriptural purity does not talk about the benificence of Tyron’s WHITEY creations. (C’mon support me you well-read Christians out there! Are you scared and gutless?)
      His white tribes are in his maniacal, dilettante head. He is a Zionist-Christian heretic!
      Jesus spoke of loving ALL people on this planet! {Paul travelled widely to spread his message of pure love!) The JEWS, like Tyron, hate the concept of universal LOVE! Tyron wants his WHITES to sit forever on a pedestal; always “commanding the top seats of the table” (NT)
      And then he says: ” HOW MANY OF THOSE THINGS (My supposed evils such as liking multiple sex partners and keeping lovely concubines happy!) ARE ANYWHERE SYNONYMOUS WITH WHITE OR Christian behavior?” Oh yeah, so NO whites sleep around Tyron! So you hate the brilliant lobro too, as he has also tasted the carnal pleasures of Jewesses’ flesh! Tyron, did ya mum put a chastity belt on You? Is that ya problem?
      Ya see, he thinks WHITEYS can ONLY be good; esp of his TRUE Christian variety! He is Jewish and thus he speaks of his superior WHITEYS as the REAL “Chosen Ones.” This is what so urks the intelligent, like A MERCS etc. That is why they leave this site in droves!
      Then the idiot who has been cut back by Lucy, etc, says I should be cut off! He states: “I want to ask EVERYONE HERE to come forward and state whether or not they believe Max is a JEW AGENT PROVOCATEUR or not!!! And if so, do they want the administrators to BOOT him.”
      What a hypocrite and WHITEY supremacacist! The biggest Jew on this site is Tyron! As A MERCS said, he should be whipped and belted!
      Please, Lucy and Lasha shut this fucka up! He can take his diabolical CHOSEN WHITEYS’ illogic with him!
      “Don’t wussy out folks, I am calling you OUT , Tyron PARSONS!” Get the insidious Jew, OUT!
      And Gilby take off that stupid dress you goddam village idiot , Home Boy extra ordinaire!

      1. Max

        How can you accuse me of being a “fundamentalist” when you claim to be both a “true Christian and Muslim”? How can you say you support Jesus while promoting the exact opposite of his words and positions? What Max means is, be an atheist, so as thou wilt and then you’ll be a “believer in Christ”.

        Jesus was a PURE Adamite. He had red/blond hair, blue/grey eyes and skin that TANNED due to the sun (only the white races do this) as testified by the 3 eyewitnesses in the official Roman records. So, if one believes Jesus was of Adam’s pure lineage, Adam HAD to be white.

        Likewise, Abraham had to be white because he is in the direct pure lineage of Adam to Jesus. The slave girl produced what we call “Arabs” today and as everyone knows, Arabs have a genetic link to Africans. Black Nubians were slaves in Egypt then where he bought her.

        Just because I point out the fact of the true biological Israelites doesn’t make me “evil”. Am I a ‘Jewish” Zionist “heretic”? YEP, according them because I OPPOSE THEM advocating for Christ Jesus to come and take over the “Jews” fraud JWO, booting their anti Christ (who comes first) thus ruling the planet out of TRUE Zion as the King and High Priest of Heaven and the World (as the Lord’s prayer directly calls for).

        Paul was sent onto the BIOLOGICAL tribes of Israel and went where? Greece, Italy, France and England. From there Christ’s word spread to the rest of the tribes.

        The Kingdom is open to ALL peoples of ALL races who believe and have faith in Jesus Christ). If while saying this, this means I “hate” other races while you say you “love all races”, how can that be as you OPENLY plot to genocide Christ’s kinfolk (race) and all Christians in America? LOL

        Difference between typical white/Christian behavior and “Jewish” behavior is that whites/Christians admit to their sinful ways NOT BOASTING ABOUT IT- playing as if they are forever more sinless- like you do CONSTANTLY.

        I AM chose whites/Europeans based on their biology to SPREAD Christ’s word. Whites/Christians are CHILDREN OF THE PROMISE (Heirs to the Land and to serve in God’s World Gov). Other races can be grafted into and become Children of God based on their belief/faith in Christ becoming EQUAL CO HEIRS of the Kingdom of God (serve in World Gov and also rule their own allotted nation(s). The spiritual principal TRUMPS the biological principal in authentic Christianity but Christ will not destroy all his kinfolk- he always saves a remnant of his biological people. The “Jews” claim “Chosenness” based on the biological principal alone to rule the planet based on their race and why shouldn’t they? Their master is Satan and YOU MAX push their anti white- anti Christ agenda ALWAYS!


  21. Oh, come ON, ‘homey’! 🙂

    Max is just a smart crack-pot, or saboteur of this site. No harm in him. He’s ENTERTAINING (especially when village idiots like me get in, take a shower, sit down to supper and get on this I-pad!). At first, I thought he was for real. Now, I very much doubt it. His ass would be grass, by now, if he were indeed in Mexico and if he were indeed the he-man he makes himself a target of being. I know. Besides probably being able to take him down, myself – even if he IS so brutish – I know small-statured guys who could eviscerate him in, oh, about five seconds. He ain’t so nasty. And if he’s REALLY a 6foot4inch brute, he’s an EASY target! 🙂


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  24. lucy, we are getting a fair bit of fresh new perspectives on the old issues coming through now.

    not sure if these add to alexa ratings.

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    i think they do it in order to increase their google visibility through spurious links and thus increase revenue from their advertisers.
    web navigation can be like canoeing down the cuyahoga river

    1. You must put it in simpler language for me to understand what you are saying. I interpret you as saying this: You are recommending that everyone who wishes to make a comment must in future register and get a password and that this will prevent this site being inundated with SPAM posts. Are you sure that this will cut out the spam?

      Unfortunately, there is a downside to this: half our regular commenters would leave. They don’t want to jump through bureaucratic hoops in order to post comments. Many give false email addresses because they wish to remain untraceable and not be pestered with Newsletters. Neither Lasha nor I would ever have posted on xymphora if Xymph had been fussy and insisted on registration and passwords. As soon as Xymph became fussy and imposed new restrictions, what happened? A mass exodus of posters. The site almost collapsed.

      Experience has taught us that the best way to drive away posters is to make your commentary section an exclusive club, a club for the elite who must register and get passwords. Moreover, the reason we have attracted so many good posters is because we have ALMOST made this site a “free speech zone.” Posters know that they may say almost anything they wish here, within reason, including pour abuse on this website and on my dear long-suffering sister, and yet not have their comments deleted. Where else would you find a site that censors almost nothing and even allows the most repugnant and dangerous opinions to be expressed?

      Having said this, we may well have to adopt your suggestion of imposing certain restrictions on posters (registrations and password) if the spam situation deteriorates.

      1. Lucy –

        FWIW – I do not post where passwords are required. Too much trouble.

        This is the only site I post on. The last one, Richard Edmondson, booted me for being critical of Putin. I said he was too much KGB to change. LOL!!

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