Missouri race riots: the Jewish connection

“We are witnessing the result of the Judaization of the American police in Missouri. Just as in Israel, the murders of teenagers are pretexts for the police state.”

PressTV asked JB Campbell to comment on the race riots in Missouri. Here is his brief comment:

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America has a couple of serious problems: The most serious problem is that we are run by Jews. And because of that, the police are out of control, so far. Some of us haven’t yet realized that the police are traitors and have betrayed us all. All police – federal, state and local.

We are witnessing the result of the Judaization of the American police – the early stages – in Missouri. The cold-blooded murder of a black teenager, who with his hands up was reportedly begging a cop for his life, is exactly what we see daily in Israel. Just as in Israel, the murders of teenagers are pretexts for the police state.

The source of the evil is not Israel, it is Judaism itself. Israel is what you get when Jews are in charge of society, with all means of self-defense removed from the victims.

Today we are confronted with our police departments, large and small, receiving training in brutal and merciless tactics by Israeli instructors both in Israel and here.

In addition, the cops are brainwashed by Jews from the Anti-Defamation League. They are brainwashed to protect Jewish interests and to destroy the enemies of the Jews.

This is in addition to the fact that all police are licensed to kill, for any reason or for no reason at all. That’s what started this so-called race war in Ferguson, a killer cop under the influence of Judaism. Let’s not forget – Jews really hate blacks. Most cops understand that it’s basically okay to kill blacks, all across America.

America is controlled by Jews. But the natives are getting restless and the Jews know it.

Awareness has led to hatred of Jews, which is always simmering when predatory Judaism destroys a country, as Wall Street and the Federal Reserve have destroyed us. So the Jews are exhorting the cops to get tougher against normal people, people who can’t help but resent Jewish Rule. And Ferguson is what we get, for openers.

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  1. It was revealed years ago that almost every police department in the US has a CIA liaison there permanently.
    The CIA and Mossad are tied together tightly.
    Gather facts. Connect the dots.

    1. The CIA posted this:

      “State and local fusion centers are the designated focal points connecting the federal IC to state and local intelligence collectors and analysts on counterterrorism threats. In most cases, state police manage state fusion centers. The centers’ primary mission is to move counterterrorism (CT) intelligence from the local level to the federal community and from the federal level back to local law enforcement. But as we shall see below, state-level intelligence missions go well beyond providing operational intelligence support to law enforcement CT programs. Some fusion centers have taken on broader missions, especially in the public safety arena, and have other customer sets, including state executives and the public. Others have remained narrowly focused on CT or intermediate all-crimes intelligence.”


  2. The blacks in America are, for the most part, TOOLS of the enemy. There is no way one can say Michael Brown was an ‘innocent teen’. Not even an IDF-trained po-leece man woul shoot a gangsta boon down in cold blood WITHOUT provocation – especially in a nigra neighborhood. Consider how they’re rioting, there, now. Campbell’s argument is like comparing apples n’ oranges.

    1. Gilbert, Lonnie is right.
      Blacks are our created enemies, just like the Germans were.
      The creator is the same and going after an illusionary goal ensures that the primary enemy remains unperturbed.
      For every uneducated and misguided black moron, there are 10 uneducated and misguided white morons ready to go at each other as soon as the Jew drops the (false) flag.

      1. Yeah lobro,
        You state my point exactly; and as I have explained ad nauseam, you Yankees rank a lowly 24th on OPEC educational rankings; and thinking laterally, as always, 20 years ago the Emperor of Japan berated white Americans for letting their dumb-ass, coke-sniffin’, sex-addicted nigrahs and rappa whores (their self-named “bitches”!) for letting the nigrahs destroy your culture of the free and enterprising.
        YOUR Jewish masters ARE LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO their BANKS!

    2. Gilbert – “Not even an IDF-trained po-leece man woul shoot a gangsta boon down in cold blood WITHOUT provocation..”

      You might be right. More than likely, the IDF trained goon would cut off his mouthy head, while all the other mouths fled da scene… and the IDF executioner would blame the Palestinians.

  3. Can’t accept the idea that no American cop would shoot someone in cold blood. Happens quite frequently. The difference is that blacks don’t have the license to kill, despite their tendency to violence and crime. We have the means to deal with that. Cops do have the license, which makes them more dangerous. We also have the physical means to deal with cop treachery and violence but at the moment not the mental means. The American Defense Party is being set up to provide that.

    1. Here is an example you never heard about. Black cop kills white over speech.

      Black Cop Shoots Unarmed White Veteran in Orange, TX:

      Police Officers Say Orange, TX Cop Wrongfully Killed Unarmed War Hero over Racial Slur. Now Killer Wants Back on the Force

    2. The American cops I know – sheriffs, deputies, and others – wouldn’t even CONSIDER exposing themselves to all the outcry and riotous babblings of media and Congolese erupting from the blacks and mis-guided ‘liberals’ in this country, if they could help it. From what I have read and heard and observed through pictures (I’m not there, and damn glad of it!), that gangsta had it comin’. If y’all can’t stand a justified killing, why do you promote it in all ways?? If you’re going to stir-up angst against ALL ‘cops’, you’d best be real prepared to shoot some gangsta groids on your own – or die by their hand.

      Yes, some blacks I know are just as outraged with the country’s situation as you and me. But a blanket condemnation of the constabulary is a step to eventual anarchy. In the early eighties, when I got into a semi truck and leased all over this country, I often thought how fortunate we were to have the presence of highway patrol. Otherwise, the highways would have been slaughterhouses, where no family could drive their automobiles without real risk of getting run over, or run off the road. I was OK in my Kenworth with the 600 Cummins – but I encountered MANY nut-jobs in big trucks who would have gladly RUN DOWN some sight-seeing tourists, et.al., if they’d thought they could have gotten away with it. Truly.

      Whatever it is (and I agree, the ‘jews’ are at the apex of the plot) that underlies the mayhem arising, here, it ISN’T the ‘cops’ (and I’m pretty damn sure of the ones I DO know!). Yes, some of them may be unwitting tools – but a LOT of them know the score as well as you or I.

      1. They know the score but go along with it. Look at Frank Serpico. One honest cop in the NYPD. One of out ten thousand, and he had to quit. Cops get into the job for the power over others and power corrupts.

        The highway patrol are revenuers and operate on intimidation and fear, which makes them pretty much terrorists. They don’t do a damn thing at an injury accident but wait for the medics to show up. Their job is to separate us from our money and driver’s licenses and enrich the insurance companies.

        All cops have the license to kill. They kill with impunity. Talk about gangsters… They make up the most dangerous armed gangs in America.

        1. It has been going on for centuries. Here is good snapshot of payoff for intentionally getting it wrong.

          Major General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf (August 28, 1895 – November 25, 1958) was the first superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. He is best known for his involvement in the Lindbergh kidnapping case.

          He was the father of General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., the commander of all Coalition forces for Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

        2. I’m far more concerned about cops than I am blacks.

          Lots of good and decent blacks out there despite the bad apples.

          Cops however…. not one of them are good when you understand the entire deal.

    3. cops are given the jew license to kill, but JB in Africa was not? Folks, its total BS. JB is the inventer of the militia like Frank Collin the inventor of the Neo Nazi’s. Talk to me live JB and we will see. Let us know. I will open up a talkshoe account tomooroow…………..problem absolved. Run like the chickenshit you are now.

      1. The other major problem we have to address with cops is they have been positioned between us and the jews.

        I simply do not care if a cop understands this reality or not.

        Sorry for you ignorant choice coppers. We will eventually go right through you to get to jews if necessary and it most likely will be.

        They will be spared no mercy or consideration for their ignorance.

        One of my favourite cop photos was from a few years back when Greece was first melting down financially. The banks locked their doors and people were getting violent because they couldn’t get their money.

        The photo was of two police officers on fire in front of a bank.

        I loved the black and white reality of it. If a cop chooses, whether in ignorance or not to say defend the banks vs the people…. well…. burn mofo’s. You deserve it.

        1. Well, Lonnie, don’t WAIT on your ‘license’, boy – GO for it! What do you want, everyone’s BLESSINGS??? You don’t need an audience for a righteous killing, nor should you advertise for one. If that’s what you really want, it’s a TARGET RICH environment out there! 🙂

      2. @ Gilbert Huntley

        Lonnie has only one message: LET’S KILL THE JEWS! He’s been saying that from Day One. And he never stops.

        Either Lonnie practices what he preaches or he doesn’t.

        If he practices what he preaches, then he’s a serial killer! Many Jews have died at his homicidal hands! In which case, it would seem rather silly for him to come on this site and tell the world he’s a bloodthirsty mass murderer!!!

        If Lonnie, on the other hand, does NOT practice what he preaches — i.e., if he has in fact NOT killed a single Jew! — then he’s no more that a hot air merchant, a loud-mouthed braggart, and an agent provocateur or sting agent!

        I reckon he’s the latter.

        1. I reckon your a die-hard Christian.
          —(indoctrinated to protect the jews)

          I reckon your not fully jew wise.
          —(or you would arrive at the same conclusion)

          I reckon your a coward when it comes right down to it. —(can’t completely blame you on that front but whether you like it or not being a coward will not win this war)

    1. Our great constitution protects talk like you all are doing! This is so surreal; are we in 1930’s Germany????? Grow up & become a citizen that contributes positively, instead of spreading trash!!!

      1. Deborah,

        You exist in the bubble of political correctness, the world of the mainstream media which is controlled by Jews. That’s why you think like them, brainwashed by them, imprisoned in the mainstream bubble. Everything that exists OUTSIDE the bubble seems crazy to you. This is to be expected. All who write here have escaped the bubble.

        We exist OUTSIDE the bubble of Jewish thought. You exist INSIDE the bubble. Understand?

        (Of course “Deborah” is a Jewish name … but that’s irrelevant)

  4. @Gilbert Huntly, “gangsta”? This was an eighteen year old kid, on his knees, with his hands raised in surrender, pleading with the cop not to shoot, and yet, he was shot six times, twice in the head, and this is just one case out of many. It`s easy to sit at a safe distance from the US, and Palestine, with a pale complexion, and try to justify these Israeli trained killers, but there is no justification.. Would like to know more about The American Defense Party mentioned by JB..

      1. “There are many who describe what’s happening, many who analyze what’s behind it, who’s doing it and why. But no one else has a plan for defeating the Zionists who have destroyed America.” :

        Thanks Pat, for the link, will send it on..

        1. Ingrid, it’s simple. Make your OWN plan. It’s the general consensus among all posters on here that zionists are prevelant throughout – well, then they shouldn’t be too hard for you to spot. Do it one-at-a-time. Just think – if all you wannabe Rambos take out a couple, it would soon amount to MILLIONS (and your ‘jews’ number only about 20 of those). ‘Baby steps’, children. Don’t look for a comprehensive ‘Plan’ – that won’t happen. According to all the stuff you read on here, elsewhere, and deduce from history, it is an on-going WAR which has lasted for centuries. One battle, one little ol’ CAMPAIGN won’t stop it (but most of you are too dense to consider or admit the very real spiritual aspect of it).

          Here’s a tip: A now-deceased gentleman who, I’m sure,
          most of you know, once wrote a book entitled ‘Hunter’…
          Go for it, dude!

  5. The jews trained the blacks to kill whites, police, etc. They train cops to kill everyone, but especially whites, although usually by being passive aggressive. Overt aggression they leave to the ZOG judges who are convicting whites for blacks’ crimes all over America. Google Cooper van Huizen for starters.

    Both cops and these blacks are sociopaths. The evidence suggests the cop was in the right, at least to a greater degree.

    The jews always play both sides. It’s what jews do.

    1. Henrietta, don’t make it all about whites, ok, it’s so boring-The Jews want to enslave everyone and we are cutting out the racist rhetoric that forever proclaims white concerns are all that matter here. Now, if we wanna resist these assholes, we got to target the traitors and the disinfo artists 1st, and firmly to send a message. No going around shooting cops, just covert ops in the beginning, but of course we have to organize and dumbasses have to learn to quit cussing out their potential freedom fighters that ain’t white..So we weed out the crazy folks being led by the Jew agents towards gentile race wars and then we get serious with the traitors, before anything else

      1. Henrietta, don’t make it all about whites, ok, it’s so boring-The Jews want to enslave everyone and we are cutting out the racist rhetoric that forever proclaims white concerns are all that matter here. Now, if we wanna resist these assholes, we got to target the traitors and the disinfo artists 1st, and firmly to send a message. No going around shooting cops, just covert ops in the beginning, but of course we have to organize and dumbasses have to learn to quit cussing out their potential freedom fighters that ain’t white..So we weed out the crazy folks being led by the Jew agents towards gentile race wars and then we get serious with the traitors, before anything else

      2. Henrietta, don’t make it all about whites, ok, it’s so boring-The Jews want to enslave everyone and we are cutting out the racist rhetoric that forever proclaims white concerns are all that matter here. Now, if we wanna resist these assholes, we got to target the traitors and the disinfo artists 1st, and firmly to send a message. No going around shooting cops, just covert ops in the beginning, but of course we have to organize and dumbasses have to learn to quit cussing out their potential freedom fighters that ain’t white..So we weed out the crazy folks being led by the Jew agents towards gentile race wars and then we get serious with the traitors, before anything else. So basically I am talking here about an intolerance for living with infiltrators and a pure ground up grassroots resistance alah Michael Collins

      3. Uh, I’m a new poster on here, my comment wasn’t even singularly about jews’ focus on whites, and I think you’re being pretty overbearing. Triplicate comment is more like it…

        The masses of whites will respond more to pointing out how focused Diversity’s attacks are on us. You can go out and proselytize any way you want, I’ll do my own thing.

        1. Henrietta, I disagree. Whites have lost any racial identity too much to care about diversity. From my talks with them, they’re mostly fine with it and don’t see anything wrong with becoming a mixed-race people in the future, and I’m from the Midwest.

          The main thing to drive home is how everyone has been f’cked by the same enemy and it’s a waste of time to not cooperate. Also, by focusing too much on Whites, you make Whites themselves too closed-off to any possible solution – for instance, check out the massive operations of stormfront or the big group at dailystormer; it’s such a massive waste of that young-bloodied energy to have them focused on race issues so much. Do you think they’re gung-ho to work with a unified resistance? No, they hate every race but themselves, ignoring the fact the jew has jewed everyone. It’s totally ridiculous. There are bigger fish to fry. You need a massive unity of all gentiles focused on the same goal; a Whites only resistance is too late now. Maybe there’s a time to figure out race issues after a potential storm settles, but for now it’s best to expose how much the jew HATES everybody and is PLAYING everyone against themselves, so we better turn that around on them if we want a chance.

        2. LSPM – You are 100% correct. Almost all the white kids want a good tan….like Kobe Bryant and Beyonce.

          The facts you mention is why it is important to expose the Jews as belonging to a cult religion, no matter what their race.

        3. Henrietta, welcome to the site, but get used to getting half-baked, nonsensical replies from bubbas like Gilbert Huntly, the Controlled Slave, Mr Sardine-can, etc!

    2. … and most importantly they train Christians to NOT kill who really needs to be killed.

      1. They promote karma on the ‘nice-guy’ Christians to get a pass.

        Karma is like a lock. A lock keeps honest people honest. Bad guys break in anyway.

        Karma keeps good people from doling out the proper retribution to those who really need it.

        1. Exactly Pat.

          If karma were legit there would be no jews on earth at this point.

          Its amazing how so many cannot realize such a simple thing.

          This is exactly why I constantly state Christianity was created to protect the jews and thats exactly what it does. The end result was the plan from the get go. It didn’t become this.

        2. It is an undeniable fact that Christians protect Jews today, no matter what the motives of Constantine were in 300 AD.

  6. Shucks, it’s not like the (haha) college bound kid didn’t have it coming. Is it?
    I’ll bet one or more of his neighbors high fived.
    Just a matter of time.

    1. very good mindcontrolledslave … gentiles need to unite, all races and religions … jews are working overtime to enflame small minded squabbles

      if you notice, ziotroll hasbara sayanim dont use the word gentile … gentile is a unifying force

  7. Folks;

    To me, this thing going on in Missouri seems like yet another false flag. I am reading some info that seems to suggest this was another “training exorcise” with actors etc. I’m not positive of this yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    The way to fight against the “Jew” run system is using law as described in this link below.


    As living souls on the land we must make claim to our trusts under the United States of America 1789 while retaining our jurisdiction on the land inside the united States of America by way of filing our UCC statements in conjunction with what Anna has already worked for us.

    The entire Corporation “Government systems” are a scam run by the “Jews” of the City of London Corp. If we stand on the land, under common law and the united State of America Constitution, making our claims thus exposing the scam(s) while utilizing the Common Law Grand Juries (one has been resurrected in your county or state) we can be in position to take control of the land when the “Jews” collapse the Corporation fictions that are already bankrupt and foreclosed on.

    When they collapse the system, the only Government remaining in America will be the united States of America and the trusts we made claim to that we were unlawfully and illegally defrauded of. Other “Jewish” run Corporation Governments (China- Russia etc) will be invading America soon to try and take what they believe is theirs (They believed owed to them by the foreclosed on Jewish Fiction US Corporations). If we hold them (the “Jewish” Bankers) to the fire and the States (states) awaken, which they will have no choice to do or die- the rest of the West can awaken as well, following our lead (filing their claims to the “Jew” frauds committed in their nations as well) we can pin the “Jew” bankers down by way of Law that trumps their legal fiction(s).

    Very soon the “Jews” will commence their collapse of the West and are planning on transferring everything they have fraudulently taken from us to “Israel” to complete their JWO.

    After we win our battles (war) at home (the Missouri thing –and others will follow– is being used to facilitate the collapse) it will then be time to bring forth our claims to the land in “Israel” as well as all the assets the “Jews” have stolen from us that have been transferred there.

    Remember, we are the authentic Israelites (whites-Christians) and our claims trump theirs to “Zion” (World Gov- Land in America-UK-Colonies and “Israel”).

    After we win our claim and take back what is ours by birthright and promise, we can then proceed with “Nuremberg” type trials against the elite “Jews” (for their endless crimes) and “Jews” as a whole- having engaged in identity fraud (they are neither Judah or Israel)

    The 1925 Encyclopedia Judaica states “Edom (Esau) is modern Jewry”

    The Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Volume 10:23 proclaims “The Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelis in 1860”

    The 1980 Jewish Almanac p.3 states “strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew”

    1. Law is NOT going to solve anything.

      Dammit you people are slow.

      When dealing with people there is REASON or FORCE, thats it.

      there are 4 levels of reason:

      – political solution (get real)
      – legal solution (they don’t call it the jew-dicial system for nothing… get real)
      – peaceful non-violent protest (now they send in plain clothes cops to instigate violence so the uniformed officers can thump on you and many other shady tactics…. get real)
      – just say no (ain’t working…. get real)

      – (you can all just save the god, jesus, divine intervention garbage because thats a bigger fantasy than the other 4)

      For those of you who can’t face reality… FORCE means VIOLENCE.

      If you have a different but completely realistic non-violent solution I’m all ears…. really, I am but I’m seriously doubting it.

    2. Tyron, you never learn, do you?
      THICK AS A BRICK! You are like a nigrah with a low IQ of 76 points. Your repetitive words are like repetitive gangsta rap! Do you have a beat box?
      TRUTH = “A brainwashed fool is not clever enough to realize he is brainwashed”!
      You repeat ad nauseam such lines as : “Remember, we are the authentic Israelites (whites-Christians) and our claims trump theirs to “Zion” (World Gov- Land in America-UK-Colonies and “Israel”).”
      Oh yeah, you complete IDIOT, the wandering Israelites of Torah description were WHITEYS, were they?
      TRUTH = They were ARABS out of Adam, Noah, Shem, via Terah, Abraham, etc! They wore dress-like robes, sans underpants!
      Abraham did not have to fornicate with “a slave girl of unknown race” to produce the first Arab, as your absurd mind tells you! Abraham WAS an Arab!
      TRUTH = The Middle East has always been occupied by Arab/Semitic people, just as deep in the Congo the land has been occupied by teensy-weensy pygmies, that Gilby would have trouble arm-wrestling!
      TRUTH = The WHITEYS inhabited the Germanic lands, northwards; culminating in a beautiful, blue-eyed Nordic like me!
      Us “Gods of Men” Nordics (my brother’s name is Thor and I am Maximus) did not live in 3000 BC Canaan, and we were NOT on that Arab bloke, Noah’s, large boat either! As if I would want to be on an Arab boat! We have better!
      We developed our huge knowledge base and skills far away from the cantankerous, violent nigrahs and religious-fanatical Arabs!
      Take us out of the equation and the planet collapses! Jews think they can do it without us!
      But I am asking too much for common-sense to be understood by an arrant, neurotic, nave-like, freakish, bible-bashing fool!
      Yeah, save the WHITEYS, but NOT for the reasons implored by false readings of the Torah!
      I still believe you are a Jewish misinformation-expert, tool of a man! Go f***$! yourself!
      Incidentally the dollar is for your home boy!

    3. Moderators-

      No threats here, just a promise and with all due respect; if the censorship of my posts (1 post per day) continues any longer- I’m leaving.I can’t this overt bias any-longer. Max, Pat and others have posted more than 10 a day while I am muzzled (10 a day was my average before). I can’t even keep up on the new articles at this rate.


      R1b genetic marker is traced by evolutionary scientists from Egypt to Israel, as far east as India (even China) as they then shoot north into Russia, through the Caucasian Mountains and around both the Black and Caspian seas- flooding into Europe proper. R1b Marker is synonymous with King Tut and Western European peoples between 50 and 99.6% matching.

      The 12 tribes of Israel (few in Judah remained with the house of David) are traced via scriptural record, archeology, ancient historical texts, linguistics and now genetics to follow the EXACT SAME ROUTE.

      For God’s sake Max, learn some freaking history. Maybe you should start by reading the Scottish Declaration of Independence that was penned by Robert the Bruce which states that the Scots (for example) come from the tribes of Israel which again MATCHES PERFECTLY the DNA marker evidence as well as scriptures, archeology, linguistic, the historical records of the tribes of Israel.


      First– in order to use force and not be LAWLESS one has to have the LAW behind them.
      Second- Law is Common/Natural/Christian law, which IS the law of the land in America.
      Third- the “legal system” is based upon Economic- Admiralty/Maritime- Judaic- Talmudic codes.
      Fourth- the “legal system” is the problem, not the solution (I agree) but it is COMPLETELY separate from the LAW system that trumps it. .
      Fifth- Political Solutions will never solve any of this UNTIL the legal system is brought to HEEL to the LAWFUL system and this can only happen by way of the resurrection of Common Law Grand Juries and the collapse of the US Corporation “Government” fictions across America (This part the “Jews” are doing to their own demise). The Common Law Grand Juries are the Civilian- We the People, American Nationals- State Citizens (not US 14th Amendment Citizen-slaves) domain.They are the MASTER’S/CREATOR’S of America and our ONLY lawful Government(s) (uS-US-1789). Trumping Civilian Orders have already been issued to the Joint Chiefs and General Ham to resurrect and deploy the Grand Army of the Republic.
      Sixth- Peaceful resistance is just as (or more) important than a lawful use of force. Both are needed and both are imperative.
      Seventh- God/Jesus- the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob is the LAW SOURCE of the LAWFUL system. He wrote the LAW in our hearts, minds, DNA (authentic Israelites/Judaites- white/European peoples). To say it/he- the source, the prime Creator/Savior is a “fantasy” is to say Common/Natural/Christian law is a “fantasy”- which all history proves as completely asinine.
      Eighth- When they collapse our system instigating LAWLESSNESS across America, this is so SUCKERS “those who are slow” get wrapped up in LAWLESS VIOLENCE, this will be used to “justify” their continuing Jewish controlled de facto Police state.
      Ninth- The Governments and Banks have ALREADY been foreclosed on and when they transfer all of our wealth, assets to “Israel” we will be left with only the united (and United) States of America 1789.
      Tenth- Once we win against the Jew owned and controlled Corporation forces by way of using both peaceful resistance and LAWFUL FORCE, we can THEN focus on the International Common Law Court toward complete restitution, including our lawful claim to Zion (Land in America, Uk- Colonies-Israel) couple with prosecuting charges of Identity Fraud against all “Jews” for theft of OUR de jure identity.

      Correction above (not sure if you should UCC file- just know that if you were born on mainland America you’re an American National- State Citizen- not 14th Amendment US Corporation fraud citizen-slave.

      1. The group know as ‘Republic of Texas’ tried the ‘lawful’ method of taking back JUST Texas 20 years ago. After 4 years they were either dead or in prison. They had fewer troops, tanks and helicopters than the controlling ‘illegitimate’ government of Texas, US and NATO.

        Their claims:
        “We’re not anti-government, we’re anti-unlawful government,” he says.

        The Republic’s means of protesting has been to wage a “paper war” against the state of Texas, filing liens on $93 trillion worth of state property.


        Their fate:
        The movement split into three factions in 1996, one led by McLaren, one by David Johnson and Jesse Enloe, and the third by Archie Lowe and Daniel Miller. In 1997, McLaren and his followers kidnapped Joe and Margaret Ann Rowe, held them hostage at the Fort Davis Resort, and demanded the release of a movement member in exchange for the release of the Rowes. McLaren’s wife, Evelyn, convinced him to surrender peacefully after a week-long standoff with police and Texas Rangers. McLaren and four other Republic of Texas members were sent to prison. Two other members of the group, Richard F. Keyes III and Mike Matson managed to slip away. Matson was shot dead by Texas Rangers two days later, while Keyes surrendered to the authorities on September 19. In June 1998, Keyes was convicted of burglary with intent to commit aggravated assault and sentenced to 90 years in prison.


        1. Pat

          There have been many groups who have tried to resurrect the Republics. Recently, RuSA seated (claimed to) seat all 50 states. Maine Republic (which has already been reinhabited, left and I think this had alot to do with where they were getting their (or proposed) funding from (many believed it was the enemy again. By Maine and a host of other state Republics leaving, this didn’t leave them with a lawful quorum. Where they are today, I don’t know.

          There are some 3,500 or so counties in America. Around (last i heard) 700 have been reseated in their Grand Juries of Common law- we are shooting to get them all seated. Under the original and only lawful Constitution (1789) the creator, then the individual and then the country reign supreme. The Common Law Grand Jury is the highest court in the land with the most power to overrule any state (Corp or not) statute, law- it has the power to investigate anything about anything and to issue lawful warrants toward any Government servant or individual inside or outside the Corporation Governments. The “problem” thus far is enforcement and funds, but we see this happening soon enough. The US Corporation Codes acknowledge that Common Law trumps their codes. They acknowledge they are not even a real Government. SCOTUS acknowledged that Common Law Grand Juries are separate from the Corporations and TRUMP them.

          Get to know these well!

          1. The Constitution of the United States is the Supreme law of the land. — Marbury V. Madison 5 U.S. 137

          2. The right to travel is so basic that it shouldn’t even be questioned. – Shapiro V. Thompson 394 U.S. 618

          3. No state may convert a secure liberty into a privilege and then issue a license and a fee for it. — Murdoch V. Pennsylvania 319 U.S. 106

          4. I can ignore the license and engage in the right with impunity, that means you can’t punish me for it. — Shuttlesworth V. Birmingham Alabama 373 U.S. 262

          5. An unconstitutional act is not law. It confers no rights and poses no duties, affords no protections, and creates no office. It is in legal contemplation as inoperative though it had never been passed. – Norton V. Shelby County 118 U.S. 425

          “Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them.”

          Everyone’s choice is to BOW to their fear tactics or GRAB YOUR BALLS and stand on truth and LAW cause their “Gov” fictions are about to collapse!

          Read the rest here


      2. @ Tyron Parsons


        No threats here, just a promise and with all due respect; if the censorship of my posts (1 post per day) continues any longer- I’m leaving.I can’t this overt bias any-longer. Max, Pat and others have posted more than 10 a day while I am muzzled (10 a day was my average before).”

        You have not been “censored” since you are free to say anything you want in ONE post a day. You were also given a generous allowance of 500 words… which is more than the average poster uses in a week!

        You cannt be compared to Pat or Max Binney. They are allowed to post freely here since they have never abused the system as you have. Their comments are always relevant and informative and no one has written to us complaining about them.

        You, on the contrary, have posted as many as 20 irrelevant, off-topic comments a day, many of them of interminable length! And the complaints we have received about you defy description!

        We are willing to allow you TWO posts a day, each of them 500 words maximum. If you think this is too little to accommodate your genius, you are free to leave. This is our final offer. Take it or leave it.

        1. Lucy

          As you know I dispute your beliefs about my “off topic posts” and the amount of my posts (due to having to respond to Jew agents ganging up on me) but as I said before, this is your site, not mine, so if I want to break through to people here, I will have to comply.

          As I have also pointed out, these sites are flooded with Jew agents posing as anti Jews who LOVE to complain to owners of free speech type sites to silence their detractors. It is my belief that it was mostly these people and others influenced by them that complained.

          With that said, 2 posts per day- 500 words max, I think I can live with since this will at least allow me to keep up with new articles posted.

          Thanks for your kind consideration- I hope this response back to you doesn’t count as one of my posts per day.

          Regards, Ty

        2. “Thanks for your kind consideration- I hope this response back to you doesn’t count as one of my posts per day.”

          No, it doesn’t count. But remember, no more than two posts a day starting from tomorrow. Working within these paramaters is actually beneficial to you. Otherwise you go off the rails. You will not be allowed to do what you did before: hog the limelight and cause endless disruptions, distractions and quarrels.

  8. Ferguson appears to have been contrived to go out of control, just like LA ’92. Daryl Gates sent his senior officers to a conference in Ventura County just before the King jury got out, left the whole thing with a young lieutenant. Then the CIA ran the chaos for Bush. In Ferguson, cop murders teen – store video indicates he paid for his stuff, which is irrelevant. Just needed an outrage – a flashpoint. CIA wants a nationwide race war, which was the plan in ’92. But it’s a big country and people are tired of being maneuvered and jerked around, over and over. This time, cops everywhere are primed for a crackdown, so the provocations may get worse.

    There is no legal way to avoid what the CIA, which is indistinguishable from the Mossad, has in store. CIA is taking our minds off Gaza and the federal/Jewish plan for world war. All the paper airplanes have been flown, all the silver bullets fired. We can only deal in lead, or at least be prepared to do so. Who do we shoot? Well, let’s say, whoever tries what was done in Boston, which is the basic plan. Warrantless home invasions, roadblocks, basic martial law.

    In LA ’92, Neighborhood Watch ran our own roadblocks, which prevented arsonists from coming over to the San Fernando Valley from the city. Only residents allowed to pass. The cops were happy with what we did. The arsonists weren’t blacks from South Central – they were Central Americans with walkie-talkies and accelerants that couldn’t be extinguished. 6000 fires, not one put out. The LA cops weren’t in on Bush’s plan. Today, 22 years later, all cops are federalized and must be viewed as traitors.

    We have to start thinking big and forget playing it safe. There is no safe way out of this, since the government has turned on us and is obviously planning for lots of us to be killed. There is nothing else the government can do other than surrender. Eventually that will happen, after a long war of attrition. The government has the malice but we’ve got the numbers.

    1. DEAD on Bruce, as usual.

      The jew wise are either going to figure out same or they are done.

    2. Folks, for those of you that no me for the truth, something I have never been accused of offending, this piece of shit is full of BS . The problem with this world is not white people, not government, not the CIA, not Chex Cereal it is the JEWS- period end of story. JB thinks its Bush or Cheney or the Fairy Tooth Monkey…………Im here to tell you……………………..Its none of them……..not a one. Its the Jews! If they tell you anything else they are full of dogshit and I mean 100% carat like the jew jewelry store.

  9. People need to open their eyes and do it quickly, before the Israeli trained police chiefs turn this nation into another Gaza.
    Don’t pay any attention to the mealy-mouth BS oozing out of Obama’s pie hole, if he wanted to downsize the cops from a paramilitary force back to cops on the beat, he could issue one of those Executive Orders, which he has a fondness for.

    Open you eyes and realize that Americans are under attack by the Jew bankers who need to keep us in line and begging for more Wal Mart junk to support their worthless USD, which many nations are now leaving behind.

    Open your eyes or the cops will give you an opening in your head, just like they gave to Michael Brown.

    P.S. Word now is that Brown had marijuana in his system, which tells me that the cop was jacked up on something like meth, or the cop is just plain fucking crazy.
    Either way, what’s the results of the blood and urine tests performed on Wilson or will we ever find out?

    Why, may I ask the more-than stupid Sardonicuss, does JB Campbell state, “In addition, the cops are brainwashed by Jews from the Anti-Defamation League”?
    ANSWER = Because the idiot MORONS of the ADL and our Congress believe in the JEWISH false concepts enshrined in the GRAND LIE: “JEWS ARE A RACE OF SEMITES.” They thus tell the cops these false concepts are REAL! Thus a cop will belt a nigrah or an anti-Jewish whitey at the drop of a hat! Get my point, my Dears?
    So do most of the idiot in these columns, because of the FACT they use these Jewish epithets as a fait accompli!
    But, as I’ve said, I know the Gilbys and Sardonicuusses’ brains do not extend that far, as their comprehension levels sit at the level of 8th graders!
    These mental defuncts (estimated IQ’s of 87 points) are of little use to the coming Resistance! Gilby could be cannon fodder!

  11. Tyrone –

    I know all of the mentioned cases very well, and numerous others referencing freedom disallowed over the years.

    I gave very detailed instruction – starting over 30 years ago – on all of the ones you mentioned, and on some very important and paradigm changing cases you left out.

    Here are just a few out of the dozens more:

    United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542 (1876)

    The Slaughter-House Cases, 83 U.S. 36 (1873)

    United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898)

    International Shoe Co. v. Washington, 326 U.S. 310 (1945)

    Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad, 240 U.S. 1 (1916) **

    Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins, 304 U.S. 64 (1938) *** especially – changed courts

    1. This ass Tyrone has no idea where the name Tyrone came from or originated, yet we are supposed to yield to his own understanding of the world past and present. I f i was named Tyrone I would at the very least realize it’s origins and look into the jew BS contradicting it. Guess he isnt interested. Tyrone comes from Tyre. Get your football helmet and drinking straws ready. Of course you can consult your jew doctor or kike professor.

  12. FAKERS!!

    In this video from CNN, it’s clear that the media is working with fake protestors and fake news into amping up emotions for the TV viewers. Watch as the news guy cues the cops by pointing the Mic and saying “I think we’re about to arrested. Then check out the woman behind the news guy yelling “We Got Rights!” over and over again. She seems like one of these hired protestors to me. But most funny of all is how the cops don’t mess with the cameraman who is behind the news guy! It’s all for show!


  13. I tell ya, The sky has been somethin to see this summer. I don’t want it to end, and from now on I’ll be searching for an endless one. Although winter snow cover is the best natural protection from the enemy. Just imagine how far back that goes.

    Inside sources say that the Iewe-O HQ is in the process of pulling up their long-held hq stakes in US and heading down-under (red dragon does Canberra).

    Why there? Two primary reasons:

    1) Sorry to reiterate, but what the hell. You fools gave up your damn guns! While we in the States have not, and WILL not, despite every last damn one of these staged massacres, phony and otherwise.

    Word is, they figure it’s not worth all the hassles we gun-toting Patriots would cause when the serious SHTF. Which of course is not to say we won’t catch our share of hellfire.

    But FEMA concentration camps for the masses and the lurid visions of Ellie Katsnelson? Fuhget about it. Aint happenin.

    But you Aussies on the other hand have been properly somnambulized, so it makes more sense to them to have their base there. No distractions from important events to orchestrate.

    Strategically, Australia’s proximity to China factors into the equation when the Big Armies go on the march

    So Max, I hope you and your sheilas, et al stay safe down at the billibogs. If I were you, as an option I’d think about building an ark and bringing it to some spot on those ancient coasts. Of course with many pairs gathered from the outback wildlife. Could be dangerous though, with some of those nasty critters on board! 😉

  14. Bravo, Brownhawk, my bro!

    I sometimes really want to BEAT THE SHIT out of Maxy (and maybe I’ll get the chance), but I think his bravado is genuine – whether or not he likes us ‘Yanks’. We know how we must behave, and we know that death is but a new beginning.

    (btw, I don’t give a DAMN about he and his ‘sheilas’.)

  15. While national news media continue to focus on race in Ferguson, Missouri, where a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, they apparently don’t think a similar case in Utah with the races reversed is that newsworthy.

    Police in Salt Lake City are continuing their probe into an Aug. 11 shooting outside a 7-Eleven convenience store, when a black police officer, whom local media are referring to as “not white,” shot and killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor, who was unarmed at the time, according to his supporters.

    Police Chief Chris Burbank said the entire incident was captured on the body camera of the officer who shot Taylor.


  16. Tyron,

    You can forget this notion of being lawful, its not a factor in this war. We do not need it on our side.

    We must crush the jews and than make the laws what they should have been all along.

  17. Tyrone – It is futile to form a group. Your statement to me exhibits just that futility. I have experienced it since I held office many decades ago.

    Your quote was accurate. The last sentence in your quote says more than any, “I don’t know.”

    Your statement:
    “There have been many groups who have tried to resurrect the Republics. Recently, RuSA seated (claimed to) seat all 50 states. Maine Republic (which has already been reinhabited, left and I think this had alot to do with where they were getting their (or proposed) funding from (many believed it was the enemy again. By Maine and a host of other state Republics leaving, this didn’t leave them with a lawful quorum. Where they are today, I don’t know.”

    “…I don’t know.”

    I was a part of John Quade’s jural efforts in California 20 years ago. You may remember him as the fat bald ugly biker in Clint Eastwood movies(Any Which Way But Loose). He was the nicest soft spoken guy you would ever want to meet, and extremely smart and religious. Even with his money and backing and influence, his efforts failed because of the same problems you mentioned above. Mainly bickering and splintering.

    See John. He is amazingly well spoken on the Constitution. He formed his own group:


    Tyrone, this is NOT the forum to conduct your efforts.
    Just post some links and the interested will go there. If they do not pick up the flag, on their own, without lectures, you would not need them anyway.

  18. Lucy

    Ok, I hear you but just keep in mind- when the Jew agent and his dupes attack- they do so in packs and with slanders, demonizations in order to try and marginalize the truth speaker.

    If one addresses only one post by them (when 5 gang up and hurl their coordinated attacks), they still control the narrative not adding ONE BIT to any logical or reasoned discourse. This is their MO.

    What I engaged in was not an attempt to “hog the limelight”. It was attacking these pathetic cowards head on when they picked a fight- as they ALWAYS DO. They shoot at me from 5 directions- I shoot back in all 5 directions and then hit a relative or two just for the hell of it. This is the only language they understand because they are immune to logic as if vaccinated against it. There is no other way to deal with these punks unless you want to be not heard while villified as they reign supreme.

    I am ex military- infantry cohort and military tactics are all one can depend upon when confronted with those who are secretly, covertly at war against you.

    So, if you find yourself in an ambush (the favortie tactic of the coward- the Jew agent- the leftist hypocrite) the only viable option is to charge full boar- otherwise they will eat you alive not allowing ANYONE to rationally validate whatever NON CONFORMIST stance you may advocate.

    I am accepting your offer of two posts a day because I know the truth wins regardless of the fact that one of it’s hands is tied behind it’s back. I will only post two a day and they will continue to post 10 plus, most directed at me or others who speak logic/truth- to try and get me (us) off topic- again to control the discourse.

    So you and everyone else should know, when they do this and DO THIS THEY WILL- you’re dealing with a JEW agent or dupes of them- the people who now have free reign on these boards.

  19. Pat

    Why is it SO HARD to get the most simple concepts through your skull? My post to Lucy above is a detailed reason why.

    You said

    “Tyrone, this is NOT the forum to conduct your efforts.”

    Who the hell do you think you are? I KNOW what you are Pat and anyone who sayw they don’t is either naive or Jew agent/dupe themself. it is YOUR ilk, not mine that shouldn’t be conducting their efforts here, but as usual, this statement in truth will go right over the heads of the deaf and blind.

    Every case you cited was a Corporation FICTION case that holds NO bearing concerning Common/Natural/Christian law. The only fuction CORPORATION cases may have for the lawful is to bind the legal fiction in their own rhetoric. Either you don’t understand the difference between LAW and LEGALISE or your jew agent/dupe their of and latter is the obvious.

    Try and get this through your head Pat. The Corporation Fictions and their Banks are COMPLETELY BANKRUPT and FORECLOSED UPON since 2012. They are only being propped up right now so as to coordinate the collapse to bring about the perfect storm in the America/UK/Colonies. When they collapse, and collapse they will, THE ONLY lawful Government(s) in America will be the united (United) States of America 1789. Then you will see patriots on the inside fighting against what remains as whole Corporation states suddenly change their Corporation seals of “authority” to their lawful one’s and WHAMMO- those who do are back in the lawful Republic(s).

    I am not debating this with you Pat because this is a FACT! If this FACT (jew collapse of their Gov fictions in order to try and exterminate whites/Christians) and its a FACT that Muncipalities- Counties and States will change back to the lawful seals of the Republic Governments because that IS ALL THAT WILL BE LEFT TO DO after the collapse! Get it? Of course not because you’re not INTERESTED in fact, truth or logic- you’re only interested in stearing people away from the truth.

    How can a person who claims to be for the truth- for logic- anti “Jew”- not comprehend plain facts presented before them? Again, I say, read my post to lucy above.


    You and your ilk will be the first casualties in this full blown WW3. Why? Because you advocate lawlessness- mass murder, making all sides your target and because of this all sides will be out to destroy you. Follow Lonnie’s ilk to your own destruction. You all have been warned.

    Brownhawk- good to see you back! Good post above and VERY true.

  20. Tyrone –

    You are correct.
    The concepts are so simple that I digested all of them over 30 years ago.

    If you are not over 80 years old, then I was studying them before you were born.

    Since you do not know me, you should know a little about who you are addressing, before you label me as some type of ‘gent’ as you have.
    Here is a PARTIAL list of my personal friends in the ‘movement’ attempts over the years, off the top of my head. Some have stayed in my home and I in theirs. Some have passed on:

    ‘Red’ Beckman.
    Glenn Ambort
    John Benson
    Robert Clarkson
    ‘Bob’ Wangrud
    ‘Bo’ Gritz
    Jack McLamb
    Phyllis Schlafley
    Howard Griswold
    ‘Larry’ Becraft
    John Trochman
    Rudy Botty
    Randy Weaver
    Chuck Harder
    Ralph Epperson

    I ‘get’ the info you presented.

    Randy Weaver told me that he had to take the $$millions from his suit for his daughters’ sakes. That really made a huge point with me.

    You do not know me. Stop the attacks.

  21. The cold-blooded murder of a black teenager, who with his hands up was reportedly begging a cop for his life….You forgot to mention the strong arm felony robbery he just committed, 6 foot 4, 300 lbs. He was man handling the store owner like a rag doll, so while walking down the middle of the street (because sidewalks are for crackers) he is confronted by a decorated police officer, when he shoves him back into his car and starts beating him, fracturing his eye socket. After running a short distance he turns around and charges the cop forcing the cop to shoot him. But facts like that don’t fit the JEW media narrative, that we’re all the same, ya know except for skin color, and white people have “good hair”.
    Everything Michael’s friend said in TV interviews has been proven wrong..

    1. Shades of (NBC) attempting to (right in front of God and everyone) frame Zimmerman via those especially edited audio tapes of him talking.
      A more pathetic snake in the grass criminal act is hard to imagine.
      True colors ..

  22. I am generally amused by this broken toilet of a website but having someone like you screaming your head off at people like the 5 IQ holders who loathe you (I inflated that number from 0.3 because I’m in a good mood overall) is awesome on an even higher level. Don’t let them keep you down, Parsons! You will succeed in the end! Or not; either way this is putting a smile on my face.

  23. Tyron,

    you said:

    You and your ilk will be the first casualties in this full blown WW3. Why? Because you advocate lawlessness- mass murder, making all sides your target and because of this all sides will be out to destroy you. Follow Lonnie’s ilk to your own destruction. You all have been warned.”

    You put many words in my mouth Tyron…

    I DO NOT advocate lawlessness. I DO advocate ignoring jewish laws concerning your guns because its obvious what they are for.

    My/our target are NOT all sides, not even close… they are jewish and their immediate non-jew protectors.

    And for the record I AM NOT anti government. I AM anti the way our governments (under jewish control) are operating. Very big difference.

    Also, I AM NOT anti cop or law. I AM anti the way police are far too often conducting themselves as well as how the legal system is being used to injure us vs what we all know its supposed to be. Again.Very big difference.

    Do you understand this or do I have to dumb it down so you can get it?

  24. @ Pat

    I wouldn’t attach too much importance to these periodic fluctuations, Pat. What goes up is sure to come down! You will see a downward trend in the next week or so.

    The reason we went up in the Alexa rating recently was no more than a stroke of good luck. A recent article was linked on rense.com. Rense always has a significant impact on ratings.

  25. Pat

    You said

    “You are correct.”

    Ok, if I am correct then why don’t you concede? Why do you attack me and then piss and moan, crying crocodile tears screeching “Stop Attacking Me” –“You don’t know me” when I give you a little dose of your own medicine?

    You said

    “The concepts are so simple that I digested all of them over 30 years ago.”

    If the concepts are so simple that you digested them over 30 years go, why don’t you concede to what I am laying forth when you say I am correct? Obviously, if what you claimed was true you would openly concede and promote it’s truth but you don’t do that- do you. Deflection and distraction is all you’re engaged in, thus in short and in typical fashion, you’re spewing more BULLSH-T wrapped in mental gymnastics the likes of which a contortionists couldn’t escape.

    Then what do you do? You try and pump up your delusional “authority” in the eyes of the naive by dropping names in this forum as if your supposed age as well as your supposed previous contacts makes your nonsensical self contradicting claptrap above – true.

    Pat, frankly, I don’t care if you’re 20, 120 or if you ate breakfast with George Washington 225 years ago. Bullsh-t is bullsh-t and you and Max are full of it. Both of you post more than I. Both of you spew mindless drivel that arrest the truth seekers cognative process in order to control the discourse, but when I strike back, I’m held “accountable” as “abusing” the site as you continue unabated. As long as I am here, I will continue to hold both of you accountable when you’re guilty of this.

    Max is the most abusive person on this site, but it’s a ok and Pat engages in endless drivel, attacking characters while mixing these slanders with carefully crafted deflections and distractions. Neither actually address the issues raised by those they attack and both work in tandum to control the discourse away from the FULL truth- much like the ole “good cop, bad cop” routine.

    To recognize this right of free speech in one’s own domain- in those who are enemies of it, is to give license to the enemy to act with impunity; the result of such buffoonery is exactly where we at today in America– on the verge of destruction. Look at Missouri- this is a DIRECT result of white folks who opposed them being SILENCED over decades. Now blacks can pull their crap with impunity as the Jewish controlled state uses them to justify their police state.

    This is why if this was my site I would boot two people off of it- for sure. They are Max and Pat. Both have proved themselves to be Jew agents/jew dupes- agent provocateurs- spewing mind numbing drivel to poison the cognitive process of those seeking truth.


    Aren’t these your words to me “You can forget this notion of being lawful, its not a factor in this war. We do not need it on our side.” I don’t think I need to mention how many times you advocated slaughtering all the “Jews”.

    You can go and murder all Jews and their protectors without the LAW (again, this is NOT the “legal system”) but if you do, you will be doing EXACTLY what they want you to do. If you want to go after the “Jews” then this is what I would do. Find a Common Law Grand Jury in your area, join with them and/or speak to them about enforcing the REAL 13th Amendment. If the Grand Jury investigates and finds them guilty (which shouldn’t be hard to show), then they can issue LAWFUL arrest warrants.

    I listed a link showing how their unlawful legalise don’t even apply to you (if you were born on the land in America) and not acting in your Corporation “personage”. So, instead of becoming a rambo, a Tim McVeigh, acting without the law behind you , join with those who are likeminded, those who know how to use the LAW to arrest all of these traitors.

    Here are two links for perusal.

    National Liberty Alliance



    Thanks for the kind words of support! I sincerely appreciate them. 🙂

  26. Lucy Skipping –

    Thanks for the insight. Rense does a good job in getting noticed.

    I’m glad it moves. I believe 335,000(+or -) out of millions worldwide ain’t too shabby. It is in the 32,000 area in UK. Good going.

    The worry is when there is NO movement at all.

  27. Tyrone –

    You ‘preach’ freedom and want censorship of me and Max!!
    Now, that makes good sense, for someone trying to garner followers for a group in Maine.

    Keep ‘a-preachin,’ sonny. You might swerve into the truth one day.

  28. Tyron,

    Again, to clarify I’m not against the idea and necessity of law in our lives. It would work quite well without the jewish problem.

    Concerning the jews however its a lost cause. I used to take the Common Law system very seriously and fully understand your point of legalise. Then one day I woke up from it and fully understood at the end of the day they just don’t play by the rules and point guns at you if you push back too far.
    This PROVES when it comes to jews we live by the rule of the gun.

    So what exactly is your response to their aggression when they say “I don’t give a damn about your claim of Common Law standing” and put a gun to your head anyway? Its not hypothetical and has occurred.

    Disagree 100% what I advocate is doing exactly what they want.
    Playing legal games etc. with them is exactly what they want. Doing ANYTHING non-violent in large numbers against them is exactly what they want.

    You can resist the jew in many non-violent forms and they allow, encourage and even design and lead it.

    But the one thing they really really do not want is for large numbers to really draw their line and back it up.

    I explored Common Law and so have many others. Its a pipe dream.

  29. Lonnie –

    You got it exactly right.

    ALL law is fiction. It cannot be felt, touched, breathe, be killed or be buried.

    The outcome of a law being enforced is at the whim of the people sitting in judgement. It varies from country to country, venue to venue, jurisdiction to jurisdiction and case to case.

    Law is like beauty. It is in the eye of the looker. But, most are totally blind.

    Jews want Talmudic Law world-wide. The Noachim will come under Judaic Law of the Noachide Laws. GHW Bush established that recognition in March, 1991. PL102-14.

    Netanyahu passed a law that Israel will be governed under the Talmud just a couple months ago.

  30. Pat,

    Free Speech DOES NOT INCLUDE those who are on ones own PROPERTY. If you are on my property, or on my site, you have PRIVILEGES and if you don’t conform I BOOT YOU OFF at my leisure. Why? Because your rights END in my domain-on my property where my rights reign supreme- Get it? By advocating this I am SUPPORTING FREE SPEECH but only one who’s actually studied in law would know this (crap, even my 16 year old boy does).

    Lucy and the owners of this site are exorcising their LAWFUL rights and although I disagree with them it is my DUTY to conform to their 2 post rule or leave, otherwise I am being LAWLESS. My Lord, this is one of the MOST BASIC truths in law there is and upon which ALL law is founded. Anyone who has even the most basic understanding of law or even legalese gets this which shows that you’re a LIAR and agent provocateur.

    Second, I am not trying to get people to join “my group in Maine” although if there are any Mainers out there, I welcome them. The link I posted to all the grand juries seated in 49 out of 50 states thus far proves that but again- you don’t give a flying (bleep) about the truth. All you care about is doing EXACTLY what you falsely accuse me of.

    Btw- all law is NOT fiction. Legalese are fictions and law is observable, self evident reality. Ever hear of natural law? You call that a fiction? Natural law is self evident law we find in all nature, as it also applies to humans. You think you have the right to rape someone? You think you have the right to take someone else’s property? You think you have a right to force someone to do something against their will? You think you have a right to murder? You DON’T have that right you DOLT- so obviously all LAW ISN’T Fiction!!! It is SELF EVIDENT REALITY bestowed upon us, inside of us–that to which is obvious-got that? Or is that gerbil running around in your head too pooped to exorcise the wheel?

    YOU Pat are a JOKE and if you “studied law for 30 years, digesting and comprehending it all” you are honestly (and I am not being mean here) one of the most stupid son of a bitch I’ve ever met.

    Nuff said.


    You said

    “This PROVES when it comes to jews we live by the rule of the gun.”

    I agree with you but to have the most powerful position possible, we need to have the gun, the numbers (which we do) and the MORAL HIGH GROUND (hence doing this lawfully). I could site “religious” reason too but I think it would fall on deaf ears so instead of that- just consider the fact that when they collapse the Corporation system the ONLY Gov left will be the lawful ones recognized the world over (uS-US of America 1789) and common law is it’s law. Suddenly, you will see Municipalities, Counties and States changing seals to their lawful ones once their own Corporation structures collapse because they are sub corporations of the legal fiction “Federal” UNITED STATES 1871 etc, Corporation structure. Either they do this or they, their power, is finished which means they might as well just shoot themselves. There is no reason under the sun why one shouldn’t want to have the LAW on their side when using force especially when it will be right in front of you to use it.

    So, yes, again I agree with you Lonnie, if they come and point a gun at your head without regard to LAW (Common/Natural/Christian) you have the right to resist, shoot back etc. But where does this right come from? It comes from the fact you are NOT a slave. It comes from the fact you were born a free man with irrevokable rights, and they are infringing on your INHERENT rights to self preservation- your right to possess a weapon. This is part of natural law that is part of Common/Christian law too.

  31. Tyron,

    Your position is certainly valid, but Pat’s point that ‘law is fiction’ has merit. Just last week, a friend telephoned me (she is pursuing the common law grand jury route, as advocate and coordinator) who is very astute in the ways of politics/law (sometimes it’s hard to discern the boundaries! 🙂 ), and she admitted to me that her idea of the pursuit is to ‘create’ a ‘trend-of-mind’. I do not disagree that it is a noble cause – but I DO believe that the PERFECT STORM must come first before such can have enforcement teeth. Like the wonderful Thomas Jefferson is quoted with having said about the ‘Tree of Liberty’ needs blood fertilizer, occasionally. IMO, it is PAST DUE. The more I consider our circumstances, the more merit I find in JB Campbell’s and Lonnie’s and Mad Max’s contentions. We don’t have to LIKE it, but there it is.

  32. Tyrone or Tyrant?? –

    Nuff said??? Whew!! I hoped so!!

    Keep a-preachin’ sonny… You might hit the truth when you grow up.

  33. Tyron,

    You really need to think this through a lot more.


    Holy caw man, stop looking for reasons NOT to defend yourself.

    Law has NOTHING to do with it because they are the AGGRESSOR and we are on the DEFENSIVE.

    It has nothing to do with law, or religion or any other such crap. It has to do with SURVIVAL from jewish aggression. Its dead simple.

    WE HAVE THE MORAL HIGH GROUND …….. PERIOD. You had better get that sorted out.

  34. Tyron,

    Are you trying to tell us that say if Palestinian’s could suddenly get ahold of a lot of weaponry and started blowing away every Israeli they could…..

    even after everything the jews have done to them and are doing as we speak..

    even if the Israeli’s have passed thousands of laws to place the Palestinian’s in the NON-legal position…

    the Palestinian’s would be WRONG, they should care about being LEGAL or not, that they would not have the MOARL HIGH GROUND???

    Are you out of your damn mind???

  35. Gilbert-
    Men choose laws just like they choose their religions. Both are intertwined.
    Ecclesiastical Law is the essence of all the laws of men, Common Law, in a culture.

    You might not prefer Sharia ecclesiastical laws of Muslims over English ecclesiastical laws of Christians (Vatican).

  36. Kaminski wrote about “Society splitting at the seams.”
    These race riots and upheavals…always causes a change in laws.

    Oliver W. Holmes wrote the treatise, “The Common Law” in 1881.

    Here is a quote:

    “A canon of rules and principles, embodied in individual cases, aggregated by judges from different courts and with different ranks, makes up the common law system.

    “Perhaps the better way to put it is that – the common law IS a CANON unto itself.

    “Rules and principles that regulate people are always engaged in a struggle for existence, always subject to challenge and subversion by the trends and movements of culture.
    “Tested by their ability to obtain to society and to yield constructive results, they compete with one another and become canonized only if they prove fit to survive the test of time, the onslaught of new technologies, which necessitate new approaches to lawyering.

    “This is the law of the law today as always.”

  37. Holmes’ statement could be expanded to cite CASE LAW evolution being the morphing of common law – or the evolving of common law being, over time, a morphing of case law(s). SO, that makes man’s law a ‘fiction’ of sorts (NOT engraved in stone and timeless).

    We have witnessed how case law has marked changes over time in how our common law is interpreted and received. Multiculturalism knocks it all askew (the common law), and a ‘perfect storm’ MUST brew to cull out the confusions and usher in a more bearable paradigm/age (which is why society is at ‘the breaking point’!).

  38. Exactly Pat.

    But how exactly do laws prove fit to survive the test of time?

    There are only two ways when it comes down to it.
    Its a good and just law in the first place OR its forced on us by being backed up with a lot of fire power.

    One DOES NOT trump the other. Any good and just law can be subverted with FORCE.
    On the opposite side of the coin a good and just law doesn’t have the teeth to protect itself from force of firepower.

    So here we are right back to the reality of living under the law of the gun. The jews have the force and we’re living under it.

    We will either force back with firepower or we will die. At the end of the day Law has nothing to do with it.

    There is NO LEGAL or LAWFUL SOLUTION to our current situation.

  39. Gilbert

    Case Law is part of what comprises Common Law. Both are separate from statutes, which are legislated.

  40. And thats why its the ONLY way for us to turn it around.

    We will always have the might simply by numbers.

    This is why they spend so much on military technology….. THEY ARE SCARED TO DEATH OF US.

    This is why they spend so much on media manipulation to divide us and disarm us mentally. THEY ARE SCARED TO DEATH OF US.

    ….. because of or numbers.

    The ONLY way for our numbers to until and rise is around COMMON ENEMY. And the ONLY way to unite around that is to get MAD for their behaviour.

    ….. and that means FORCE.

  41. Gilbert

    No one here can give one single reason why they SHOULDN’T use the Law of the Land in America when acting in group defense of our people and our nation. Until someone can give me a reason why it isn’t a good idea to use the law- they have absolutely NO valid point, but are promoters of lawlessness.

    Yes, Gilbert, I too agree that it seems the perfect storm will hit before the lawful orders are issued and sad to say, there is nothing we can do about that because otherwise we won’t have the people, the resources or the collective will (among allies everywhere in America) to counter attack.


    “Might makes right” Huh? On my Lord!! SEE PEOPLE? DO YOU SEE IT NOW? Might DOES NOT make right and the only people who believe such evil crap are those who side with the “Jews” and their allies. RIGHT makes MIGHT. Right is authentically MORAL. It is LAWFUL. Right is TRUTH.

    Right here we see the fundemental difference between the Jews and their dupes and those they HATE the most. Why do they hate them the most? Because those they hate those who have RIGHTOUSNESS, TRUTH AND LAW (ie:good) on their side while those on the “Jews” side promote LAWLESSNESS-EVIL-LIES-IMMORALITY.

    Pat and everyone else here– if you disagree with what I said above you will have NO MORAL RIGHT to bitch one iota when the enemy MURDERS your children, your people, your family and friends. You have NO RIGHT to bitch when the “Jews” murder Palistinians.

    Why? Because they (“Jews”) had the might thus logically, they were RIGHT (according to the foolish) in killing your loved ones- in killing innocent Palistinians!

    BTW Pat, case law for common law is different than case law for Corporation legal codes. Common Law Grand Jury findings.judgements and orders TRUMP all case law statues or ordinance (the latter two being suggestions that don’t need to be followed) Why? BECAUSE we the people, if one a Common Law Grand Jury have the right to judge EVEN THE LAW- to throw it completely out! (Both Corp fiction legalise “case law” and Common Law Case Law).

    Stop trying to confuse people!


    I do agree with you about us already having the moral high ground since we are the oppressed and they are the oppressors (exactly how many understand this today?) but without the LAW behind you- you will alienate the very people inside and outside of the Corporation Government fictions on our side. You will also alienate those inside the lawful Government(s), plus the militias and the majority of all white people who are absolutely imparitive to have on your side to accomplish the goal. This is why I said your ilk will be the first casulaties cause everyone will be against you.

    Unless of course you think you and your rag tag followers numbering what? 100 at most?– can arrest, try and punish all the dual citizen “Jews” and their protectors while taking on the traitor US troops and all the alphabet agency Corp Mercs, and then kill off those 20,000 Spetsnaz here and those Chinese regulars over the border and all the Mexcian Marxist paramilitary units (inside and outside America) armed to the teeth by Holder and Obama.

    I don’t know- just call me “crazy” but I don’t think you’ll be able to.

    But hey Rambo, good luck with that!

    As for the Pals, is someone actively shooting at you Lonnie? No, so for you to commence your Tim McVeigh plan, that would not only be unlawful, it would be unwise (you would hurt the movement). We need both the LAW and the support needed any group ty[e military moves and this is EXACTLY why I am advocating what I AM while pointing out the serious flaws in your thought process!

    Ferguson- the REAL race war


    Black man speaks some truth!!


  42. Tyron,

    Your completely fooling yourself believing the law is going to protect you from the forces on your list.

  43. Tyron, you are easy to pick up for loose, overly-assumptive absurdities, even though you think you are so smart!
    You state: “When they collapse, and collapse they will, THE ONLY lawful Government(s) in America will be the united (United) States of America 1789. …. (When the collapse occurs) its a FACT that Muncipalities- Counties and States will change back to the lawful seals of the Republic Governments because that IS ALL THAT WILL BE LEFT TO DO after the collapse! Get it?”
    What utter crapology! Tyron, you wera rose-coloured blinkers!
    Oh yeah, when the JEW-BOYS have their well-planned TOTAL COLLAPSE, lobro’s state of “lawlessness” will set in, with JEW armies issuing people into FEMA concentration camps annd carrying out mass executions. As I’ve said, 50 million WHITE CHRISTIANS murdered by the JEWISH BOLSHEVIK POLITBURO in Russia, and I expect this to be much more in the USA under Jewry’s FINAL RULE!
    So REALISTS like me and Lonnie will refuse to cooperate and walk into FEMA camps and will be in the front-line, fully armed Resistance groups. It will be an orgy of blood with millions killed, but, hopefully us brave REALISTS will come out on top.
    Tyron, you can ( cap in hand) take your absurd jottings and naive beliefs about restoring Common Law and “lawful seals of the Republic Governments” directly to the JEWISH POLITBURO in New York; and I am sure they will laugh at you and then execute you for your blind, arrogant, childish and rather nasty stupidity! You cannot educate the brainwashed like you, because you are brainwashed. Abraham was an Arab, from Shem, you fool! Your points about genetics are utter crap!

  44. JB Campbell summarises the absolute TRUTH in a nut shell, when he states: “America has a couple of serious problems: The most serious problem is that we are run by Jews. And because of that, the police are out of control. Some of us haven’t yet realized that the police are traitors and have betrayed us all. All police – federal, state and local.” Campbell could have added your politicians are totally out of control, as are your courts! Think LATERALLY you myopic fools! Do you know what RULE means?
    As John Keats said, “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, that is all ye know and all ye need to know”, so I say: ALL you “need to know” is that you are RULED by JEWS and the cops and most of the military, plus Christan-ZIOS and the majority of dumb nigrahs are on the JEWS and their puppet Obummers side!
    You know Obummer and his transvestite wife Michelle, whose real name is Michael, the ex gridiron player! Kids adopted!
    And this is the situation in which this Tyron Parsons character thinks he can restore Common Law and state rights? As David Icke explains: “Yes, be an idiot and try to reason with the crazies who RULE OVER US!”
    Yeah Tyron. go and have a kindly chat about RIGHTS with Larry Silverstein who detonated his WTC7 building, 7 hours after the 2 towers fell; and then made $squillions in insurance claims! I am sure he will just LERV a simpleton like you! He might give you some freshly printed $100 bills from Janet Yellen’s press and tell you to fuck off! I would!
    Well Tyron, you just get the crazy, fire-water drinkin’ injun Brownhawk and the village idiot Gilby Huntly and go to Washington and try to instal your Common Law and state rights!
    You 3 idiots will be jailed for the crime of being Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest!

  45. Tyrone-

    Your ‘Ty-ranting’ was way over the limit.

    Keep a-preachin’ kiddo. You will learn to count when you grow up.

  46. If when the endgame is clear for all to see, no sane, healthy male has any right to die without taking at least one of them along for the last ride.

    Shouldn’t be an impossible task.
    All it takes is at most 20 million bad Christians.

  47. Odd that JB and Mike Rivero are usually on the same side. Did anyone dare think that the police are as much victims as the Black neighborhoods are? JB was in Africa as I was and did he not serve as a policeman there?

    Leaven of the Pharisee’s. Claiming all police are dirty rotten scoundrels is Jewish imho. I am not a cop and never have been but I know cops are risking their lives in these Black neighborhoods the Jews brought here specifically to destroy the white race. Maybe we should allow JB to take care of the situation himself.

    1. Means absolutely nothing in this Romper Rooom Twilight Zone, proving there is no actual reality in this. Where is Kevin MacDonald? Where is Edom Michael Jones? Where is David Duke and his Channakuh supporting sidekicK? Where is Donnie Black Schvartz of Stormfront? Where is Texe Marrs? Is this about a talk show or is this about the truth? I can be reached anytime…let me know. I am touchable.

  48. Max, I’m starting to wonder about you, boy.

    Is it dyslexia, sarcasm, or something else? Are my suspicions about you unfounded? Maybe it’s some form of Turrets, or what’s the name of what ailed old Joe? Long-time posters will know.

    That aside, you and Lonnie are putting WAY too much emphasis on discussions of law. How about this for a definition:

    Individuals have the RIGHT to Life and liberty, and experienced in quiet enjoyment, respectful of other’s RIGHTS to the same. PERIOD.

    Unfortunately, as Tyron intimates, most Americans are lobsters in pots slowly coming to a boil. They THINK they are experiencing this inherent right, but should they be bitterly disabused of this notion as ones who DON’T possess firearms, and are on the verge of being herded into “FEMA Camps” (aka-agenda 21), they will come to see those who DO as being true defenders of “Common Law”.

    And talk about having that “lightbulb moment” at the 11th hour – 11:59 to be exact. This is the sad reality we face. But for us to have a necessary strength in numbers it’s not gonna happen before that all too common trait of human nature comes to pass – most not waking up until they ‘see stars’ after being knocked upside the head with a 2×4.

  49. Ha-ha, Brownhawk!

    The ‘seeing stars’ may be indeed experienced by Maxy if and when I meet him. Almost every day, I include nunchuks in my workouts.
    I think it’d be FUN to let him have any weapon (except pistols) in a duel – as long as I have those chuks… What FUN that would be!!:)
    (I think I’d crack his balls, so his slutty wives would make fun of his stupid, bombastic ass!) (or I’d crack his fucking head so we’d hear from him NO MORE.)

    What say you?? 🙂

  50. Lonnie

    I brought up to Gilbert that no one has given a reason WHY the law shouldn’t be used in group defense of our people and nation. You have FAILED yet again to address this. Give us a reason why…

    Did I say the “law” would solve it? I said in order to have the most powerful position and not alienate the VERY people needed to accomplish the goal, there is no REASON not to use the law (Common/Natural/Christian).


    Come on Pat- tell us the logic, the virtue, the reasoning behind your belief that might makes right.. LOL

    You’re so pathetic and I’m so bored with you–you’re so impotent on these boards, I feel like a Cat smacking a dead mouse around the kitchen floor…. MEOW

    I counted 47 lines and generally there are 10 words per line. You’re such a weakling,
    Truth be told, I see no reason why this site doesn’t just boot you now- if not because you’ve been totally exposed as the agent provocateur you are, then for ratings sake- for God’s sake.


    Take a look at this link so you understand how America operates.

    The Other Americas of which few are aware!


    Max, I am an American National/State Citizen (“Sovereign”)- you are from Oz and a citizen-slave of the Crown (City of London Corp-Throne), so don’t presume to tell me how it will go on my own turf especially when you don’t even understand the true basics of our system.

    Did I say lawlessness wouldn’t set in? No, I have said it will, but lawlessness will be the norm for the minority groups with the far majority of whites fleeing and grouping up in the country- later joining with the lawful Republics-Militias/GAR.

    I am well aware of how many white Christians were murdered in Soviet Russia, and our countrymen know too,(evidently Oz forgot when they gave up their guns) but white Russian civilians didn’t have 500 million weapons (they had about none like you in Oz). They didn’t have the largest Army on the Planet. They didn’t have a population FULL of well armed Veterans, hunters, active duty military members that total around 50 million with another 50 million armed European-American civilians. They didn’t have patriots at every level of the Jew controlled Corporation structures ready to make moves to purge the traitors when the SHTF.

    You are comparing apples and oranges.

    On another thread you said you wanted the Republic to rise, now you mock it which is typical of your schizophrenic mindset and constant double speak.

    Keep laugin Max, I know who will laugh last.


    “The pure Arabs are those who claim to be descended from Joktan or Qahtan,
    whom the present Arabs regard as their principle founder…The ‘Arabu ‘l-
    Musta’ribah, the mixed Arabs, claim to be descended from Ishmael. They
    boast as much as the Jews of being reckoned the children of Abraham.(A Dictionary
    of Islam, pgs. 18-19)

    the son of Abraham and Hagar, Sarah’s handmaid: the ancestor of 12 Arabian tribes (Genesis 21:8-21; 25:12-18)


    the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of Isaac. He is traditionally considered to be the forebear of the Arabs.



    Anything to try and keep the true identity of whites/Europeans from them, huh, Jew agent?

  51. Well said, Tyron. My tirade toward that aussie Max last evening is illustrative of frustrated violence – which comes about when people have ‘ had enough’. (It’s good we’re just whipping keyboards, here – but I agree: We white Americans are very good at killing when we need to be.)

    The idea of ‘ob chaos ordo’ might NOT go the way the JWO/NWO plans.

  52. Tyrone-

    You said:
    “I feel like a Cat …. MEOW.”

    Great!! You confirmed you are a real puss. Mice fear you…LOL!!!

    Keep a-preachin’ kid. You’ll catch on one day.

  53. I don’t know, Gil. Either he’s already cracked in the head or there’s something else about this guy that’s raising my suspicion meter.

    For one thing, the entertainment factor is getting a little stale. Maybe due to the fact that he doesn’t really present any new material, but pretty much the same rabble-rousing schtick with its full compliment of hurled insults and criticisms thrown in.

    Are my suspicions unwarranted in thinking he’s some form of controlled opposition? Or is it merely that we’re hitting a nerve when we call him out about how the Aussies meekly surrendered their guns after the Port Arthur massacre several years ago, and now he gets back at us by overstating our own “eternal vigilance failures” in the U.S.?

    And hey Max, if the latter is the case then why don’t you allay my suspicions with a post that demonstrates some solidarity in recognizing that you’re not the only one offering good insights about humanity’s predicament and how to effectively deal with it.

    One thing I’ll say about you though, if you’re for real then I can understand where your bombastic style comes from. It’s in making up for your Aussie lack of being true freedom fighters, given the history of being the British dumping ground. At least here we created a bill of rights to forestall the wolves from crashing down the door, but I don’t want to pour salt in the wound. This isn’t meant to throw a good-natured tomahawk at you 😉 but only in acknowledgement of how that history can bring your own frustration and righteous hatred to a boiling point.

  54. And for the record, Max, my fire-water drinking these days is reduced to a couple of cold ones after long summer days of hauling rocks around my property out here in the northern new england boondocks.

    They don’t call it the Granite State for nuthin’, and I got a million of ’em here. So I figure to make good use of them by building a nice, long stone wall.

    Good hard work with a finished product of great satisfaction. And boy do those micro-brews go down smooth at the end of the day! Followed up with a nice fish-fry of trout caught from a clean, cool stream who generously give
    themselves to hungry humans (the only flesh I ingest I might add).

    This is the kind of living these arrogant bastards want to deny us. And over my dead body if it comes to that, with cold hands still holding their grip.

  55. HA!

    His alleged brother could barely stifle a laugh after that picture fell off the wall!

    Jesus, how stupid do you have to be to keep believing this shit?

  56. Everyone

    Do you remember when pointed out how the “Jew” Agents and their dupes operate? When they can’t defeat your logic which goes against their attempts to push you into lawlessness — to lead people to destruction- when they are exposed mudding the conversation into useless drivel to control the narrative? They attack your character. When that doesn’t work, they all run to the owners of sites to try and silence you so ONLY THEY can control the narrative. Now, I hope you do remember this because I (and I believe others) said it many times.

    Max and Pat are obvious false oppostion operatives but now I am thinking Lonnie might be so as well. Why? Dave at the Maine Republic Email Alert site forwarded me this message sent to him from Lonnie who’s engaged in the last tactic they play before (if they can) physically assault you. This is an obvious sign of complete desperation.

    Here it is…


    Someone recently sent me this email. He complains that you’re citing the MAINE REPUBLIC EMAIL ALERT at the end. I thought you’d like to know.


    From: b h
    Sent: Monday, August 25, 2014 8:30 AM
    To: Dave Robinson
    Subject: Re: Hey, Tyrone

    Whoever he is, he is a real jerk pasting your website in many of his insulting comments.
    He is abusive and disparaging.
    He is a discredit to you and your movement.
    You should distance yourself from him.
    You should post a disclaimer.
    He is a nut case, even calling himself a cat.”

    Lonnie can’t defeat the logic and his ilks attempts to silence me at Darkmoon have failed so now he tries to slander me at the Maine Republic in hopes of dividing and/or silencing me/us over there.

    Lonnie- I am a jerk and insulting to you because I expose your lawlessness. I am “abusive”, according to you, because you can’t defeat the logic put forth. Why I am a “discredit” to the Republic type movements is an interesting charge. I thought you didn’t support them. So why is now that you are trying to divide us and/or silence me over there? If, like you’ve claimed, the Republic movements are the wrong move for people and what you advocate is what really ought to be done, it would seem to me that you would WANT me to be associated with the Republics to “discredit” them– like you try to discredit them on these boards.

    But at the end of the day Lonnie, your charge of me being a “nut” and believing I’m a “cat” only serves to EXPOSE you for the Agent Provocature you are acting.

    Lonnie, when you promote lawlessness to the American people toward their destruction- when you get mad because your nonsense gets shot down; when you act the hypocrite and try to silence me– I won’t “Give you a break” and you sir can take that to the bank!

  57. Tyrone –

    “Max and Pat are obvious false oppostion operatives but now I am thinking Lonnie might be so as well.”

    OBVIOUS!!! Oh, yeah!!

    With that one word, OBVIOUS, you expose yourself as purely frivolous, if not provocative, when you have no idea who ANYONE is who comments on this site. You are GUESSING, at best.

    You are your own worst enemy when you call out good commenters here, JUST because they disagree with you!! Especially the ones who have commented here for years.

    Grow up!!

  58. Pat

    You say I am guessing about who people are because why? I can only read what they write? Actually, I can both read what they write and gage them by their actions. If we were to take your criteria for knowing what is “obviously” true about me, then you are violating your own methodology- principal. Why? Because all you have to go on is my writings and actions, just like me, but unlike me, you hypocritically go about saying you know something about me while denying me the same ability via your own criteria thus violating your own principal. This is the difference between “not agreeing” and the truth. Almost every statement you make is a contradiction in terms-double speak, hypocrisy on steroids..

    You constantly accuse others of what you’re actively engaged in and NEVER admit when you’re OBVIOUSLY wrong. You NEVER prove your opposition wrong but instead

    1.You slander those who speak truth that hurts the “Jews” agenda- especially in regard to whites/Christians.
    2. You steer conversations away from the truth by way of endlessly posting mostly senseless topics.
    3. You join up with your ilk to gang attack anyone to whom your tactics above have not worked on.
    4. Then, if that doesn’t work, to regain control of the narrative, you try to silence them by running to site owners to complain that they hurt your feelings — much like Lonnie just did and you did the other day on two different occasions.

    I have disagreed with many on this site and they with me, and that’s perfectly OK. There are many posters here but I don’t charge those whom I disagree with as being an agent provocateur- Jew agent/dupe and I certainly don’t seek their removal UNLESS they habititally engage in the subversive activities outlined above and as of right now, it’s only YOU and Max I make this charge toward as I am “THINKING” that Lonnie might be in your gang as well. Time will tell about Lonnie.

    Commenting at a site “for years” doesn’t disqualify one of being a agent provocateur.The Jews have 10’s of thousands paid agents out there and the Intel agencies they control in the west have 10’s of thousands more. Most park themselves at anti Jew “free speech” type sites like this that allow them to stay.

    Take a good long look in the mirror Pat and take your own hypocritical advise. I know what you OBVIOUSLY are!

  59. From “b h”?

    Curious, this gap between the “b” and the “h”.

    Curious, bu it ain’t me 😉

  60. well I have seen posts on bulletin boards by baptist churchs calling for protests for teyvon and the other monkey from geruson

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