Time to Resist

. . .  by Ellie Katsnelson

In this eloquent attack against organized Jewry and the moral poisons they dispense in the form of pornography and perverted sex, renegade Rothschild Ellie Katsnelson tells us it is time to make a stand and resist — for it is now either resistance or death.



I would like to begin with a brief disclaimer. The views expressed in this admittedly somewhat “anti-Semitic” article are the views of the author and the author alone and they do not necessarily reflect my own views or the views of anyone else associated with this website.

Having said that, I must nevertheless add that we would not be publishing this article in the first place if we did not broadly empathize with the author and recognize her full rights to free speech on this website.

A few words now about the mysterious author . . . a stunning blonde, I am told, bearing a striking resemblance to the actress Claudia Schiffer.

Initially, we believed that Ellie Katsnelson  (a pen name for Eleanor Kleist) was a literary hoaxer. She told us she was a fabulously rich member of the Rothschild dynasty who had quarreled with her family, and, as a result, had developed an intense hatred for elite organized Jewry.

She was now intent on exposing the sinister agenda of “the Jews”, having an intimate personal knowledge of their dark and secret machinations. We were naturally skeptical of these claims. It was as if someone had suddenly presented us with a new version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

We were soon to learn from an independent source, and from further detailed investigations of our own, that we had misjudged Ms Katsnelson. There appears to be a sound basis for her claims.

It would seem that she was not a member of the Rothschild family in the accepted sense. She was the result of an illicit sexual liaison between an unspecified member of the Rothschild family and her aristocratic German mother. In short, she was an illegitimate child who barely knew her Rothschild father, a man she grew up to dislike and regard as a disagreeable stranger. Her fabulous wealth came entirely from her aristocratic German mother, a woman she worshiped and who was to be snatched from her in a tragic skiing accident in the Alps in 1989. Ellie was 19 years old at that time. Her mother’s death was to have a traumatic effect on her.

I have been able to piece together only a part of this complex jigsaw puzzle. What is it that makes Ellie the person she is: an illegitimate daughter of the Rothschild family with an implacable hatred of the Jews? It is this. Ellie strongly believes that the autopsy of her mothers’s death—in a “skiing accident”—was fixed. An initial investigation, later quashed or covered up, had revealed that her mother had been strangled. Her neck had been deliberately, not accidentally broken.

Who was her mother’s killer? Was he a hired assassin? And if so, hired by whom?  I am not in a position to divulge this information, and I am not sure that Ellie would like me to do so. There are certain legal restrictions.

It all reads like a thriller—the perfect plot for a blockbuster Hollywood movie. The average reader is bound to be skeptical. As a character in the final line of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler exclaims incredulously, “Such things just don’t happen!”

I have decided to give Ellie the benefit of the doubt. I have no reason to disbelieve her. After all, isn’t life supposed to be stranger than fiction?

A more detailed biography of this extraordinary woman, written in her own words, appears at the end of this article. Read it, dear reader, and make up your own mind.

Here now is Ellie’s new “anti-Semitic” essay, the third we have published so far, the other two being The Death Camps to Come and The Jews and their Ways.


MoneyJewsNo question is oftener asked, and no observation is more frequently made, than the manner, the method and the means wherewith the Jews arrive at power.

And yet, a detached and honest analysis of this question invariably leads one to conclude that real power actually rests with the people, and all that the Jews have to do to arrive at and to hold that power is simply first to seize it, by whatever means possible, and then to re-direct it to whatever aims seem desirable.

In so far as servitude is concerned, there is no man on earth who has gone through life and who has not at least once marveled at the stoutness and liberty of the Romans, and the faith and contentedness of the Byzantines; and yet, so wretched was Rome in the time of Nero, and so depraved was Byzantium in the time of Theodora, that no man on earth today, knowing what he does, would ever claim that those peoples did not deserve their tyrants, particularly since knowing that it was in their power to do something about their unhappy state and yet choosing to do nothing, there is nothing that could stop those infernal creatures from seizing and re-directing that power, and, by extension, prevent them also from setting the world ablaze, as we in our own days very clearly see the Jews doing.

Of slaves, such as the good Americans have now become of the Jews, it is reasonably said by Aristotle that they are more wretched than the despots are hateful, especially since the enslavement that has subtly and incrementally taken place in the United States of America is actually voluntary and not involuntary, and voluntary slavery, of all types of slaveries, is the worst; for, having come about by our own volition, means that we could have done something about it, but, electing to do nothing and satisfy ourselves now with this excuse, now with that explanation, we have actually chosen to accept just such a voluntary servitude, and thus, in effect, hourly bear witness to that which every human being concerned for his own welfare would strive hardest to prevent: his own destruction.

‘I see no good in having a lord, let me alone be the master, me alone be the king.’

Listening to the eternal Homer speak, one is quickly constrained from attempting to refute this heartfelt wish, since we know only too well that though Americans, too, may see no good in having a lord reigning over them, in wanting alone to be their own masters and their own kings, they have in fact just such a lord and just such a king — and the name of their lord and master and king is actually the Jewish race as a whole.

One of the commonest duties of every decent citizen, whatever be his relationship between him and his country, is to be grateful for the freedom he has inherited, to be vigilant in the maintaining of it, and quickly and decisively to destroy anything and anyone who so much as thinks of endangering that freedom which he so dearly enjoys.

And yet, what a strange, strange spectacle does the American race, and, by extension, the white race itself, present to the world!

What examples shall we cite to prove that the United States of America is but a cadaverous entity? Whose deeds shall we invoke, whether Judaic or gentile, to illustrate that America is no longer the free and democratic country it once was? And what other proofs do we need to bring forward to demonstrate a shocking truth that few in the mainstream dare to acknowledge: that just as it was the Jews yesterday who brought down Germany, so it is the Jews who today are bringing down America.

Let us see, though the place where we shall begin our inquiry may come as a surprise to some, since nature has not spread equally her invaluable gift of common sense to all humanity, and accidental knowledge, such as is gained by hearsay, is but poor recompense for good common sense. A pity, I say.

Because the symptoms of a man’s gravest maladies almost always first appear in his moral sphere, I think it were best if we began our analysis of the death of the American man in that very sphere, for it being the place, as it were, where the real mischiefs always begin, one inevitably must begin there first, and slowly and gradually work one’s way up, until one reaches those limits beyond which one simply cannot go.

”Place the lure of the flesh before a man,”the evil Jews say, ” and just sit back and let nature do the rest.”

A man naturally, immediately and for ever severs his own veins the moment he begins to find pleasure in that Judaic filth that we call Pornography, that very moral disease and that very lure of the flesh which the sons and daughters of the Devil have for so long now been dangling before the Americans.

It is difficult to write about something as unpleasant as this without at least once uttering an imprecation or an invective, but as a good friend of mine, who is a scholar abroad, recently said to me, ”I mean, what more do they” (the Anglo-Saxons) ”want? Does not the world today screw in their language?”

What precisely did he mean, I asked? And as the otherwise ordinary conversation turned a corner and took on a slightly steeper and more psychological and philosophical bent, the good old friend began to expand, like all thinkers tend to do, and reminded me that, because everything has its origin in the mind, if a man wished to bring about his own subjection, the last thing he would want to do is to open wide the dangerous valve of bodily pleasure, since by doing so, said he, he would not only be unable to close it back again, but he would, more than that, be his own witness of his own downfall and servitude.

But why exactly “Judaic”, I asked him impatiently. “You are not telling me that the Jews have actually embedded those images in our brain, are you?”

“No,” he said, ”but history and experience have unfailingly shown that, whenever the Jews slate a country for destruction, pornography is the very, very first weapon they use against that doomed race, since pornography acts not only as a softener and decayer of the will, but also as its own natural, debilitating and enervating agent.”

I urged him to fully explain his argument to me and to the end, and for the next forty-five minutes he proceeded to inform me of the most monstrous and demonic absurdities which the Jews had once visited upon Weimar Germany.

”You know,” he said, ”Hotel Adlon in Berlin was once such a fine hotel, that people’s eyes would sparkle if they knew they were soon going to spend a night there. To achieve what they had long planned, the Jews, having long before softened the minds of the good Germans with lewd and awful pictures of nudity, it so came to pass that the Germans,” — yes, you heard correctly, the Germans — ‘‘the impoverished Germans, used to actually bring their naked little children right outside the doors of that plush hotel, just so that the well-clothed Jews could come out and inspect them, give some cheap money to their famished parents, and take their little offspring up into their dark rooms above.”

At the time of his recounting this, I simply could not but express my utter disbelief at his words, though I tried hard not to offend him, since his whole speech reeked of some terrible, terrible joke, and I am not one who is easily taken in. But no, he said, it was not a joke, and promising to give me hard proof of his dark claim, we continued talking about other ways and methods wherewith the Jews ruin countries and impoverish nations.

Lo and behold, when soon after I returned home, I found in my mailbox a large yellow envelope, containing just what I had been promised to be sent by the friend, and what I saw simply defied belief.

Indeed, there they were, in photographs, black and white, stark naked, German children, as young as five, the natural strength and valour of their German parents having been completely extinguished, standing timidly in front of a small group of five well-clothed adult Jews, inspecting carefully their innocent genitals, just as a cattle buyer would inspect the testicles of a bull at a cattle auction before deciding if the beast would make a good match for his cow on heat back in the farm.


WEIMAR DECADENCE. Germany, under Jewish dominance after WW1, became a moral sewer where even children were on sale to rich Jews.
Germany, under Jewish dominance after WW1, became a moral sewer
where even children were on sale to rich Jews.

“10-year-old children turned tricks in the railway stations. A group of 14-year-old Russian girls, refugees from the Red Terror in Stalin’s Communist slaughter house, managed to make a lucrative living in Berlin as dominatrices. Little girls were freely available for sex not only in child brothels and pharmacies but could be ordered by telephone and delivered to clients by taxi, like takeaway meals.” —  Lasha Darkmoon, The Sexual Decadence of Weimar Germany

Poor wretched people! thought I. But no, I quickly changed my mind and said, stupid, utterly stupid people! Where were their senses? Where their memory? How could such a fine race as the Germans have forgotten the true diabolic nature of the Jews?

Why would they not remember that if one thing is yielded to that evil race, quickly will they demand another, and yet another, and yet another, and yet another, until their demands, no longer capable of being met, they will openly and unashamedly demand their appeasement by being presented LITERALLY with the flesh of their children, as young as five, and this without any violence or threats on their part too!

Outright filth, outright Judaic filth, has always been the chief weapon the Jews have used against other races. If we wish to confirm this claim for ourselves, simply let us take a look at how badly they have ravaged and mauled the American race! See what unspeakable things they make young American sons and daughters do! and we shall see that, though such depravities are currently confined to the safety of some wretched film studio, or the soulless basement of some wretched home, it is only a matter of time before such depravities appear openly on the streets of America, just as once they appeared openly on the beautiful and tree-lined boulevards of Berlin, and horrify any and all who witness such disgusting spectacles.

With all the genuine and profound respect that I have for the American people, it must be remembered that the German race, my race, is racially much more unified than the American race is, and so it stands to reason that if it could happen to the Germans, it most certainly can and will happen to the Americans.

This is a grave truth, and if you miss it, you may never recover.

The depraved, monstrous, diabolic Jew today stands like a great Colossus in your lands, O unhappy, good, American people! He indulges his stark demonic delight by purveying the bodies of your race, of your sons, of your daughters, of your friends and of your cousins.

The Jew is not a beast that easily goes away and of its own volition. His is a hard will, a hard, hard will, a will in fact so hard and unbreakable, that soon you will reach that point in your existence in which all the guns of America combined will not be able not only to deliver you of them, but even to dislodge them one little bit.

And this is simply so because millions of Americans have willingly made themselves, in this way or that, victims to their filthy ideas, to their awful wares, to their hideous productions, wares and ideas and productions which are absolutely nothing but means wherewith the sons and daughters of the Devil seek to wreak demonic vengeance on your bodies, on your minds, on your hearts and on your souls.

Admit it. Be at least half manly: the Jew is. He simply is. And you yourselves are hourly ceasing to be.

What indignities does not the Jew daily heap upon you! How easily, quickly and mercilessly he breaks you to pieces!

ANTI-SEMITIC CARTOON, 1930s The stereotypical Jew corrupting children with candy.
The stereotypical Jew
corrupting children with candy.

“What indignities does not the Jew daily heap upon you!
How easily, quickly and mercilessly he breaks you to pieces!”

You know, so as to fortify my arguments before presenting them here to you this evening, and thus avoid any declamatory charges of injustice and wanton Jew-hatred, recently and willingly so I might add, though not without much pain and even more embarrassment, I brought some heavy, heavy misfortune upon myself, and briefly ventured into that very, very dark world that is Jewish pornography, the very world which here I so passionately censure and abhor.

And, once there, what did I see?

I saw something which no words in any language can describe! I saw one fully grown-up American man MILKING openly another fully grown-up American woman, and that in the full and unobstructed view of rather many unhappy American shoppers in some unhappy American shopping mall!

And yes, the whole wretched diabolic Jewish spectacle was conducted in the language of Shakespeare, the gorgeously beautiful English, the language of Poets, and Thinkers, and Philosophers and Writers!

One human being milking another human being!

And as awful injury upon awful injury was being heaped upon me by my own very good self, I asked myself this most pertinent question: this milking business, do cows do this? No, better still: can cows actually do this, milk one another, that is? No, of course they cannot, and even if they could, I am certain they would not exhibit such demonic pleasure as those two infernal white, Anglo-Saxon, thoroughly Jewified  Americans did.

Every single movement they made in that horrible video showed unmistakable signs of the vehemence of their inner death! Every devilish moan and groan bore openly the hallmarks of soul injury! And whatever words they uttered from their toothless and withered mouths were actually not words at all, but clear and unmistakable evidence of psychological and biological atavism, of deep, deep character and personality regression, of spiritual, corporeal and mental degeneration so profound and so incapable of ever being improved, that even the almighty God, were he to descend to earth and attempt a cure, would instantaneously be repelled at the sight of the creatures he had helped to form.

And the next few questions I asked myself before moving my eyes away from this scene most heavy, were these: those two Americans, are they actually human? I mean, their action, is it actually meant to please? And if it did mean to please, whom would it please: a man? a woman? both men and women? in what special, arcane, recondite way would it please them?

Unanswered questions!

But, alas, as the encroaching black night slowly began to erase the heavy memory of that soul-destroying unhappy evening, the answers came to me, one by one, involuntarily and without any prompting on my part, as profound answers often come, and I realized that what I had actually witnessed earlier was not at all some specific American carnal engagement, but rather a fragment of the Jewish psyche, an infernal  fragment which rages against its own self, hoisted and embedded on delicate and vulnerable but utterly, utterly dumb minds of two little Americans, a fragment which, moreover, being Judaic and thus indelible in nature, simply took hold of those two little American monsters, convinced them of the perfect rightness and inviolability of their action, and, despite the maturity of their years and even graver seriousness of their countenance, caused them to produce such visual, moral and spiritual abominations . . .  abominations so unbelievably profound, that I felt that what I had actually witnessed was nothing other than visual proof of a fallen man.

Fallen man! What a heavy word! ”Man shall fall,” Jews say secretly to each other, ”he shall not so much break as he shall fall.” Well, well, well, how the mighty are falling, indeed, how they are!

No, friends, the Jews have sown their crop. They have fertilized and watered and ploughed their American soil, and all that remains for them to accomplish their final aim, is some nasty little ”accident” or another, you know, the likes of which tend to happen from time to time, before they actually begin to uproot and cut down and burn and melt that which they have sown.

You know, when that glorious handmaiden of God, namely, nature, rejects a race, it must be clear and obvious to everyone that that race is simply not fit for living, that that race has no brothers, no sisters, no friends and no lovers. It must mean that nature herself has refused to endow it with those qualities that make one a brother, a sister, a lover and a neighbour. It must mean also that nature has denied such a race a spirit, a soul, a heart, and even a body, however corporeally the Jews may appear to us.

A body, a heart and a soul such as one has, is used to help the poor Palestinians and the poor Americans, and not to bring them death, and filth, and disease, and poverty, and ten-thousand other infernal Judaic calamities. And yet, there he is, the seemingly eternal Jew, despite nature’s forbidding injunction never to be, standing cock sure of himself, like a hyena, who alone of all the animals does not fear the deadly claws of the lion, but instead, and for all its inferior size and ugly looks, oftentimes not only stands its ground without so much as blinking an eyelid but even chases away him whom nature alone has equipped to do the chasing away of all the others, just as America frightens to death any and every nation in the world by merely coughing and yet, when it comes to the Devil’s headquarters that is Israel, it must first ask permission from the Judaic Effendi if it can clear its throat in its presence, lest the mighty Sultan interprets it as discomfort and is thus offended. Oh, how the mighty are falling, and how they are fallen!

You are not gone, not yet anyway, for just as nature has cursed you with the demonic Jews, so she has bestowed the rest of the world with the power of speech, and the power of writing, and yes, the power of the index finger, the most useful of all fingers, means wherewith we extend to one another our friendship and love and help.

It is said somewhere in the Bhagavad-Gita, that when the helpless Arjuna pleaded for God’s help, God, while wanting to help him, first asked the good soul to furnish him proof of the means and the ways which he had first attempted to help himself. When such proof could not be produced, because it did not exist, God patted him on the shoulder, wished him luck, and quickly turned his back on him and left him alone.

I believe this to be no more than an allegory, however, wherewith the Hindus in their deep wisdom attempt to show man the consequences of his own inaction.

In my painful experience with the Jews, I have always found that the worse thing one can do when confronted with a bully, is to sit back and do nothing, thus allowing him freely to continue with his torments.

Once you make it known to him however that you have physical force in mind, and that you are willing to use such force against him in your own defense, and that you are confident of succeeding, you will not only overcome the torments he seeks to inflict upon you but you will also see those same torments recoil upon his head.

What he seeks to do to you will be done to him.

In attempting to demoralize and destroy you, he will succeed only in demoralizing and destroying himself.

And should he ever again think of repeating his vile actions against you, you must whip up  your own fury with the memory of the many torments he has inflicted on you from time immemorial, you and your entire race. The humiliations you have had to swallow at his hands, the depths of misery to which this Ancient Enemy has so often brought you and your children— never forget them! never, never!

Let no evil in the world ever frighten you in reckoning your deadly account with the Jew, your implacable Enemy who seeks your servitude and slow destruction. Payback time has come. Just do it!

From unhappy exile, soon to end,

Good evening,

Ellie K.

ELLIE KATSNELSON (pen name):  Born in February of the year 1970, of a good family on my mother’s side, I come from an old German family of the branch of Kleists, who hail from Dresden, though the earliest ancestor of ours to whom I was able to trace our connection was in fact from Bonn. My mother was the daughter of Kristian Kleist, who was the owner of quite a few estates, which later passed first to my mother and then to me.

My mother’s bequest made a huge accession to my small fortune, and ever since I have supported my life entirely by this. By marriage my mother became immensely wealthy, judging by any standard, though her sobriety and goodness were never once impaired by her newly gained astonishing wealth.

In 1989, in a manner most callous, my mother was taken away from me in a mountain in Europe in what appeared to be an accident, but which was soon discovered to have been a carefully devised and executed plot to remove her from life. As I have often found my emotional life without her to be insupportable, and as my grief for her remains unabated, I have decided to steadily pursue those who were responsible for her death, and hope that one day will bear witness to the downfall of those who have made it their life’s duty to bring about and bear witness to the downfall of the world.

I live in Europe, chiefly in a small country house in France, where I have spent by far the most agreeable part of my life, though I often go over to London, where I first learned to speak English, and where I have few friends and some insubstantial real estate. I am not a globe trotting businesswoman, and I do not owe my wealth to my talents. With this last, I have not been equipped. I am, however, independent, determined, and not at all inclined to smile or view with favour those who have tried to make my life unbearable. I hope that my possible future appearance here [on this website] is met with a slightly warmer reception than it once was when I first appeared, for we should all really strive to make more friends than enemies in life.

Certain legal restrictions prohibit me from divulging at this stage more information about myself and my mother, much as I would like to, and so I hope this suffices.

Thank you.

Ellie K



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214 thoughts on “Time to Resist

  1. Outrageously outspoken and coruscatingly brilliant, this article has to remain one of the most memorable articles published on this site.

    Full marks to Darkmoon for having the perception to recognize Ellie K’s extraordinary talents, and, what is more, for having the courage to publish such controversial material.

    Articles like this, which speak the truth in eloquent accents, are of course denied to the general public by the Masters of Discourse, the elite owners of the mainstream media. A pity. More articles like this would wake people up!

    1. @ Sardonicus

      I agree. This is an excellent article. I am glad to see Truthseeker has picked it up:


      Truthseeker has also published another article from this site simultaneously:


      I’m pleased to see this site is making steady progress in the Alexa ranking system. It’s now in the first 1% of worldwide internet traffic — in fact in the first 0.5%. Which is pretty good for a site run by a bunch of self-confessed amateurs!

  2. Thank you Ms. K for a wonderful and entirely accurate depiction of what is and what’s to be. There are those few that see clearly what is coming for our American friends but have to ask as many have asked over history’s other tragedies; did they not have it coming? Are they so befuddled by what they are simply told instead of studying the ample evidence of the entirety of human history? And if they reject such evidence and continue to gobble the hook dangling in front of them despite this, who can have pity for them? Alas, Babylon has fallen!

  3. Ellie,

    How are you? I hope this post finds you well and I’m glad to see you back. In reading Lasha’s intro I was a little surprised to see that your lineage is also of German Aristocracy. Interestingly, I just discovered that beyond my fathers fathers line going back to the King of the Goths who were then settled in Smolland, that through my father’s mother’s line, we Parsons have relations to Austrian Aristocracy as confirmed in old family scrap books that have articles listing this relative through our line as being pf those who lost their inheritance of the throne to a rival family. This relative I found out was previously the ambassador to the united States of America helping I believe Jefferson and Adams draw up a treaty concerning the fate of Cuba.

    . I can’t help but wonder how many Americans share this type of lineage. My suspicion is many since we were originally set up as a nation of Sovereign Kings and Queens equal to that of the British Monarchy and Popes who were trusted with securing and protecting our trusts under the uSA via the treaty of Paris. This brings up another observation. While it may be true Americans are in voluntary servitude, the only one’s truly volunteering for this are those who know they were made slaves and are content to keep the status quo siding instead with evil- the devil; or for lack of another description, selling their souls for 30 pieces of silver for temporary status and comfort. Truth be told, this slavery bestowed upon all white Americans born on the land is completely unlawful, null and void under all law because our rights are inherent, given by I AM to Ephraim and Manassah through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and cannot be transferred. contracted, given or indebted away.

    As to the “mystery” of the rise of the “Jews” I would suggest that everyone look up the token blessings bestowed to Esau. This can be found in the Septuagint as well as the book of Jasper which detail that at the end of each earth age, Esau breaks the yoke of Jacob and rules by way of tyranny, murder, theft and deceit only to be overthrown by Jacob at the very end ushering the next earth age. The Romans via Titus ended the “Jews” 2000 years ago who will lead our Vespasion campaign is still open. What we are witnessing today within the awakening of Americans, whites, Christians is a beginning of that final process that puts the last nails in the evil “Jews” coffin.

    Your words are true concerning pornography. They truly enslave mankind to sin but not to the loss of personal liberty unless of course that person’s morals are such that one allows that sin, that lust all have at least dabbled in, to take away ones senses or have it instill fear that to be exposed is suffice to render his or her silence by way of blackmail concerning criminality and/or treason. Truth is always the solution even if one is neck deep in sin. Truth is what sets one free and truth is what we must speak about ourselves and the enemy of mankind because without this one cannot overcome the “World” controlled by the “Jew”.

    I was hoping you might answer this question; have you ever deeply studied the Scythians travels before and after their appearance in ancient Medes (Iraq/Iran?).

  4. She once blessed the Pope.
    She’s bilingual in four languages.
    She once pulled over a police officer.

    She is Ellie Katsnelson… the Most Interesting Woman in the World.

    Stay thirsty, goyim.

    1. @ SPQR

      Cynic! When did Ellie ever bless the Pope?!? 🙂

      The big question is, did he bless her back? I hope so. Or else I’m gonna lose faith in him.

      1. As I see it, all of these asshole organizations are hooked in series with the synagogues and Vatican. All push Agenda 21 and more.

        Common Purpose = political control.
        Singularity = technological control.

        Bill Gates, Google, CISCO…etc. are ‘all in’ on human robotics. Neither race nor religion will be a subject of discussion in the future.


  5. WOW! And again, WOW! WOW! WOW! To paraphrase Sardonicus: coruscatingly brilliant! This article should be nailed on the doors of every American school, Church and University, I think, as well as the real meaning behind the famous acronym of SPQR: Silly Prick Quashing Reality! Used to like this old warrior, I must say, but now I see that he is nothing but an ignorant hater of everything he cannot see and understand. More, not less, truth, I say. All praise to Darkmoon and Ellie K for having the courage, as Sardonicus says, for writing and bringing us painful and outrageous truths! Would love to see an article by the author on Jews and Church paedophilia though.
    On another note, somehow I just feel that Lucy Skipping had somehow helped to bring this article about. Maybe she contacted the author and insisted that she comes back, because only a few days back I said how we had torn Ellie K to pieces, and guess who has just appeared here? ELLIE K!!! Pat, please bring in your detective skills to this site RIGHT NOW! They are much, much needed! Whatever, Lucy I love, Ellie K I adore, and Lasha I deeply respect.
    Tyron Parsons, can you actually ever write anything without always bringing in Esau and the Bible? Just curious man. No offence.

    1. Amero

      To answer your rude question, yes, and I do but my people, like most people, need to have things drummed into their skulls before they come to realizations that are pivotal to their survival. Only repeating messages does the trick for some while other dismiss out of hand certain information because they have fooled themselves into thinking they learned all they need to know.

      Allow me to give you an example. You chastise SPQR for hating anything he cannot see or understand and then in the next breath you chastise me for repeating things you don’t see or understand. See how this works? Folks like you say these things not realizing that reality, all events on this earth are much like a computer program. The designer of the software is the prime creator and the elements playing their roles toward good or evil have been programmed to do so– the particular events and ultimate conclusions already decided upon and encoded to play out in an exact way.

      A smaller example of this is human DNA. DNA is literal programming on an individual level. Look at the pattern of a DNA strand, what do you see? A line with a spiral staircase around it which is the same pattern of Moses’ snake around a stick or Jesus on the Cross or the Sun traveling with the planets behind it or Jacob’s ladder or topographically the same pattern of a Pyramid or a Galaxy or of a sunflower or a sea shell and the list goes on and on. Now, why would this basic pattern of a line with a circle or spiral around it be encoded in everything, everywhere? Let me tell you, because its the symbol of life that is encoded within the entire macro and micro Universes which are like a computer program being designed and programmed in such a way as to bring about exactly everything the designer of that program wants.

      Hence, logic dictates that if one is to find the answer to overcoming the “Jews”- if one wants to understand how things will pan out for themselves, the “Jews”, the white race and/or the world, they would seek that knowledge in the place where the software designer encoded these answers for those programmed to overcome them.

      See how I keep having to repeat myself? It”s not like I haven’t answered this question before. Others and myself who sought and can decipher these things can literally lay out a basic outline as to what to expect from this year on until the “Jews” are finally overcome again. To the foolish, this knowledge is hokus pokus nonsense. To the wise this knowledge is like gold because inside of it is the key for not only their own survival, but also all of those they love if they too take heed.

      So there ya go Amero. Take it or leave it and if you leave it you will see how foolish you were later on.

    2. @ Amero

      “Lucy I love, Ellie K I adore, and Lasha I deeply respect.”

      Tut tut, man, at least give Lasha a little love also.

    3. Amero –
      “Pat, please bring in your detective skills to this site RIGHT NOW!”

      Been there, done that. Missed somewhat.

      Lasha said she is an author. Her writing is great. That’s good enough for me.

    1. i see the identical question in almost every thread.

      it is an ongoing process and this shows that putin is upping the ante

      jamestown is another jew thinktank, so try reading between lines, eg, how many times is the word “jew” carefully omitted.

      A number of Russian business leaders—including former government ministers Alexander Shokhin, German Gref and Anatoly Chubays—have expressed dismay over Yevtushenkov’s arrest. They have called on President Vladimir Putin to intervene and argued the arrest will significantly worsen the investment and business climate at a time when the country is already sliding into recession because of the Ukrainian crisis and punitive Western sanctions.

      does anyone remember the reactions of western shabbos politicians when national socialist government arrested julius rothschild for austrian banking swindles and they all frantically appealed to hitler to intervene and spring him from jail?

      can anyone name any politician since hitler who had guts to sanction the arrest of a jew robber baron?

      no, only putin, the one and only and yet some delusional posters keep insisting that he is in the supreme council of the elders of zion or something to the effect.

      how about this:
      Former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Shokhin—the head of Russia’s main business lobbying group, The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs—have publicly compared the arrest of Yevtushenkov with “the case of Yukos”.

      like i keep saying, if you don’t have nose for ferreting out the truth on your own, trust jews to do it for you, because they spot the threat of the truth like chickens spot the overhead falcon, so at least learn to read their reactions.

      anyway, the whole article is well worth reading for training purposes, since it is written entirely from jew’s perspective.

      1. forgot to highlight this one,

        This legislation may create major disruptions on the Russia media market, hitting commercial TV owners and publishing houses that invested in Russia like Disney, Discovery, Viasat, Modern Times Group, Burda, Hearst, the Sanoma Independent Media, which publishes The Moscow Times and Vedomosti, as well as Axel Springer, Bauer Media, Bonnier Publications and others


  6. on the first read i skipped the biographical stuff, gossip columns and national enquirer fodder never appealed to me much.

    besides, i was never one to shoot the messenger but always focused on the message.

    and it all comes down to this: ellie speaks the truth.

    find me one word out of place in that article.

  7. on the question of taste …

    some people find the thought of dead jews disagreeable.

    well, certainly, but it is the live ones that really turn my stomach.

  8. Scintillating stuff! I can just imagine those Jews reading this! Jewish machinations really are diabolic and they will stop at nothing, which is why hatred of them can stir such powerful thoughts. No wonder people around the world are reacting to them like this. Keep it up Darkmoon. As some of your commenters above have said, it takes courage and effort to publish writing like this. I wonder though how many more non-Rothschildian Jews in the world feel like this? Probably many more, for they say that one doesn’t have to be a gentile to hate the Jews intensely. I believe this. 10/10.

  9. I understand Tyron, and BTW sorry if my words hurt you. What I am trying to say though, is that at least Lasha and Ellie K and John Kaminskis of the world, they not only openly say who the enemy is, but they even speak of the means of getting rid of the problem, ie, problem: Jews; solution: guns. Have YOU ever spoken like this? and if not, what’s YOUR solution? Well, sorry pal, but your pyramido/galactico/ cosmologico stuff may earn you a chair in a Divinity college, but it offers ABSOLUTELY no solution to the aeons-old problem, and that is the J-E-W-S!
    Listen to this. ”One of the commonest duties of every decent citizen, whatever be his relationship between him and his country, is to be grateful for the freedom he has inherited, to be vigilant in the maintaining of it, and quickly and decisively to destroy anything and anyone (A-NY-ONE, Tyron A-NY-ONE) who so much as thinks of endangering that freedom which he so dearly enjoys,” and that of course means only the Jews. Because as an American myself, I know of no Americans who are not grateful for the freedom he has inherited.
    So Tyron, whilst you may preach and teach about the black holes, DNA, and the colour of Esau’s hair, remember that this site and articles like these are not about that. They are strictly about the Jews, the Jews, and no one but the Juden, ie, their demonic, pornographic, murderous ways of killing a nation or nations. Concentrate more on the practical side of the Jewish problem Tyron, and survive. Better to know how the Jews destroy countries through pornography than to have a degree on the patterns and strains of DNA!!!

    1. Well said, Amero! What you say is patently obvious. Let’s concentrate on the real issues instead of jabbering on about Esau and the Twelve Tribes of Israel!

      Tyron’s pseudo-academic, nitpicking niceties are not only irrelevant, they are insidious distractions. We’ve all heard the famous phrase, “Nero fiddles while Rome burns.” Nice way of putting it. One could equally well say, “Tyron twiddles while America burns.”

      He who mutters intellectual gibberish while the world is on fire deserves to perish in the flames! 🙂

      1. only someone basking in the limelight of his own self inflated
        importance would shoo shoo away what Tyrone presents in good faith


        not knowing the History of Esau “Edom” & the Children of Israel doesn’t make
        the Truth about the “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism irrelevant, it just means
        some are too shallow of mind to swim in deep waters…whether it is fear or
        arrested development that prevents an open minded inspection of the
        relevant facts remains to be seen


        In Good Faith

      2. Sardonic One-

        If the modern AshkeNAZIS aren’t the true ‘Sons of Israel’ then the Twelve Tribes need to be found elsewhere. And THAT, is the $64,000 question. So, it’s not ‘intellectual gibberish’ but the very stuff of life.

        You can disown and disempower the Deicides all you want, but to get RID OF THEM (the ultimate ‘Final Solution’) you have to DISINHERIT them of any shred of legitimacy about being the ‘Chosen People.’

        And that’s where ‘jabbering about Esau’ takes primacy of place, everytime. For ‘he is not a jew that is one outwardly,’ as St. Paul was wont to tell…..

  10. Only after 1814, the Council of Vienna and the Treaty of Verona, the Jesuits used the Jews as a front. ALL the Presidents of America have been killed by Jesuits. Lasha Darkmoon sounds like controlled opposition to me!

    1. “. . . the Jesuits used the Jews as a front. ALL the Presidents of America have been killed by Jesuits. Lasha Darkmoon sounds like controlled opposition to me!

      Yep, why didn’t anyone think of that before? The Jesuits did 9/11! With the help of the Vatican. An elaborate plot to frame Mossad . . . which in turn tried to frame Al Qaeda.

      I never did like them sneaky men in black.

      1. Lol, the Jesuits went out and hired only elite rich Jewish bankers and radical Jewish activists to take out the czar and then make anti-semitism illegal-yep, makes sense! Then to make the Jewish front more convincing, they burned down all christian churches and killed the clergy making sure not to harm the synagogues or rabiis. What a great front!

    2. whoa, what a revelation, it shows the way to freedom.

      let’s kill the jesuits and the problem solved.

      i am sure it is perfectly legal, nay, the duty of every terror fighting citizen to kill jesuits.

      so here goes the freedom manifesto:

      “The Germans Jesuits are not human beings. From now on the word German Jesuit means to use the most terrible oath. From now on the word German Jesuit strikes us to the quick. We shall not speak any more. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German Jesuit a day, you have wasted that day … If you cannot kill your German Jesuit with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, or if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German Jesuit in the meantime. If you leave a German Jesuit alive, the German Jesuit will hang a Russian Ziomerican and rape a Russian Ziomerican woman. If you kill one German Jesuit, kill another — there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German Jesuit corpses. Do not count days, do not count kilometers. Count only the number of German Jesuit killed by you. Kill the German Jesuit — that is your grandmother’s request. Kill the German Jesuit — that is your child’s prayer. Kill the German Jesuit — that is your motherland’s loud request. Do not miss. Do not let through. Kill.”

      Kill the Jesuit – that is Erik Blessing’s request (and Ilya Ehrenburg has no objection).
      Because Jews have nothing to do with it, whoever blames Jews for anything is the Jesuit controlled opposition, just like Lasha Darkmoon and Ellie Katsnelson.

      1. in that pamphlet by redoubtable ilya ehrenburg, a jew titan of the ages, feel free to substitute for “german” any group you want, all perfectly legal and approved by department of homeland betrayal.

        all except one.

        and it is the only one that matters.

    3. The Jesuits are the jewish arm of the Catholic Church. Established by Loyola, the son of conversos, ie a crypto jew. As was Torquemada. And did not the Medicis (or was it the Borgias, or was it both?) also supply popes from time to time ? The Jesuits would be better named as the Jewsuits or the Jew Suits. Take your pick.

  11. Amero

    You didn’t hurt me. I just was pointing out your hidden motive. Solution? I have pointed that out as well and was chastised for that too. Guns do no good without the law of the land behind a movement. Otherwise one becomes just like their enemy- lawless, which servers their purpose. The law of the land in America is Common/Natural/Christian law so in order to have the law behind someone, they must understand how this law differs from the “Jews” economic legal code fictions. One must also understand that this law is directly derived from scriptural law that is encoded in the DNA (heart-mind) of the authentic Israelite/Judaites (Whites/Europeans). So how does one find that encoding? It’s self evident but to realize it’s self evident one must be able to decipher the Greek Scriptures thus realizing that the external programming there matches your internal programming of your DNA.

    Like I said- these truths need to be BEATEN into my peoples heads and your not seeing this, calling it no solution is to ignore the 109 times the Christian European Nations booted the Jews. It’s to ignore that Jesus Christ our kinfolk gave us a real time example of how to turn the world on it’s head. How is this accomplished? It’s accomplished in short through both physical/spiritual martyrdom (one for the other) and physical enforcement of the law as exemplified by the Vespasian campaign by the Romans.

    Without knowing who you are the enemy has already won because they not only know who they are, but who we really are and they hide this knowledge from you so you don’t stumble on the lawful solution that will upset their end game bid constructing their JWO out of “Israel”. This identity, this knowledge, this law, I am attempting to share with people but as usual, you think you know it all.


    Let me tell you EXACTLY what’s irrelevant distractions. When people go about talking about “killing the “JEWS” or anyone who might even “think” of stealing their freedom as they get rounded up because they threatened to pull a Tim McVeigh or because they shot some random Jew or minority because they represent a threat that “thinks” of stealing our freedom. So go right ahead Rambos- go be a sucke for the “Jews” while those who are wise await the exact time and place with law behind them to make the lawful, physical and spiritual moves necessary to save America and later LAWFULLY take over “Israel”.


    The Jesuits are Jews and have always been Jews being founded as Jews. They in league with the Rothchilds created the Illuminati to act as an overiding force to bring about the Jewish owned and controlled 3 City State Corporation (Vatican/London/DC-US) JWO out of “Israel”.

    1. I believe the Jews agree with you Tyronne, resistance is futile. Tyronne has merged Albert Pike and the Protocols of Zion in with the Queen of England and the alien agenda-nice mix! 🙂 I actually agreed with Ellie.We need to make them start looking over their shoulders. We need dis info artists for the Jews to start worrying about what we are going to do to them when they get outed, not just worry about keeping Jews happy

      1. One other point about Ellie. I like what I have seen of Ellie, but putting her on a pedestal like Darkmoon and many of you are doing just makes you look like folks that believe that if you are born to wealth, you are somehow better than the rest of us. I know they do that in the Jewniverse out there but let’s leave that silliness behind. Her wealth gives her some insites and blinds her elsewhere as we all have advantages and disadvantages to overcome

    2. such thoughts have crossed my mind but as you say it is not time and will know when it is,until them revealing the truth and situation at every opporotunity with out being strident jusdt factual is only available action for now. of course one must notr worry about name calling and jews must be confronted if one is challeneged wich one wuill be as i have had them tagging and wanting in on me not!I am not to sure amelikans can be enlightened or want t to bebut we still have free speech so not using it is a sin.it is late and obstacles seem great but things cn happen real fast and results large and never fr get we arte many and only the timid get walked on alkl over they know they cnt press to fast but im just blabbing for wrapped up in this comment here

      1. Lol, By resisting, I don’t mean getting 50 people together and looking for police to kill, I mean something more guerilla and also more”What the hell just happened and who did it?”I say in an essay I wrote recently, that the 1st step is to let traitors infiltrating into our midst as one of us but not that there is a price to pay for such behavior. The Jews certainly do that in reverse. Of course to do that, people have to congregate on semi secure websites to formulate plans. It;s obvious just noting the latest Jew news and complaining about it is a win for the Jews and a substitute for action. What if paul Revere had waited or some other person, Andrew Jackson had waited for a better time to oppose the bankers? Here’s my last essay which includes a link to that article but also covers other theories I have . http://goybiscuits.com/

  12. Meanwhile, in the realms of the next staged plans of subterfuge:

    Tonight is the Autumnal Equinox. Wednesday a new moon. Thursday and Friday Rosh Hashanah.

    As the bombers jockey into position on US aircraft carriers under darkened skies.


  13. in the war of the dwarf against the giant, the dwarves never one, the giant never lost, the long war of two is already won

    1. Thanks lobro. This is good info. And a very interesting and growing view. They just might get their ‘view’ one day.

      As you have known for years, the push is on for Russia and China to unite. And for Putin to be the new ‘dictator’ of the union. “Please rule us Mr Putin,” is the cry…even from former Russia haters. The fight seems to be between the heavy-weights, Putin v Brzezinski.

      FWIW, this particular perspective comes from an agent for Alex Jones in Poland working for the NEO publication in Moscow, Konrad Stachnio. ( Jones is a Jew who married a Jewess.)

      Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”
      Address: 12, Rozhdestvenka Street, office 111, Moscow
      Phone: +7 (495) 624-40-91


      I thougtht the term *unbiased* was amusing, after Konrad bashed almost every country except Russia and China:
      “We are committed to develop NEO into a notable international networking platform offering *UNBIASED* expert opinions and open dialogue among all thinking people worldwide regardless of their nationality, race or religion. NEO editorial staff appreciates viewpoints of any reader or contributor ready to share and defend his convictions and approaches, whether commonplace or unconventional.”


      1. pat, i duly noted the lack of a word “jew” in that somewhat clumsy article, also some requisite nazi bashing, so i do take it all under advisement.

        we also must remember that the jew will never fail to hedge every bet he makes, this is simply part of what it is to be jew.

        therefore, when one day their well deserved noose tightens, their agents will be among us, casting about for their salvation by whatever means possible and necessary since there will be well-intentioned and humane goys ready to give them another chance.
        i would imagine that hp, gilbert huntly and yours truly will be among them, such is the variety of human nature, so much greater and richer than the jew’s near uniformity.

      2. lobro –

        pat, i duly noted the lack of a word “jew”

        I did as well. My comment was getting too long, too many points, so I left it out. I figured you would pick up on it. And hoped others would also.

        Thanks, again.

  14. The number one reason international jewry is out to get Iran and Syria is this. Unlike the German & Americans and rest of the world those nations do not allow the proliferation of usury nd pornography.

      1. no you dont.you have a right to expect nothing back in a year. you only lend money you can afford to do without. it is not for investing. investing as it is today is one symptom of the sickness brought on by usuury.expecting to live off your loans is a parasitical method of life.and does no one any god at all.there are systems that make this one look like the dunghill it is .and one doesnt have to be bright to think of opther sytems but if you still have your expectations of iterest on loas you failed before starting

      2. potentially lending money to someone who has a plan to make wealth with it, yes it does. If you follow the rules I laid out, money lending would not be so attractive, as you can’t lend money that does not exist. You can call it lending or investing if that makes you feel better. The evilness associated with usery is lending receipts that have no backing in reality except the guys guarantee to pay which we all know you can’t guarantee if you lend money that’s not there

      3. You have the right ask, but not to receive. Your mind is polluted with greed. Guess who did that?

        Money is not “created out of thin air.” Money is created when our debts our published. The money, and moreover the “interest” on said money, must be repaid by the sweat of the brow.

        Besides, why should I borrow from you if there is a public bank at no interest?

        When money is created, the interest to repay the loan is NOT created. Thus is unleashed a deadly version of financial musical chairs as everyone scrambles to find what does not exist. (note my username)

        How many Federal Reserve Chairpersons (in a row) have been (openly) Jewish? What are the odds?

      4. Mind Controlled Slave.

        Since you are living up to your handle, here is a link to free your mind from control:


        Consider the difference between lending money at interest and investing in an enterprise. Money lending leaves no room for failure. Demanding 30% rain or shine is a very usurious request. It is taking advantage of the misfortunes of others. Will you come for your pound of flesh, too?

      5. it’s not usery that is the problem but lending fictitious wealth. If you couldn’t lend fictitious wealth you basically wouldn’t have pay day lenders and all the sleeze that surrounds the industry. When you are handing your own money over to someone to use as they like for a time, unless it is an act of charity, it is like any other deal between two people. Are you saying it’s your right to get the use of money from other people for free? Again, the problem with our money system is the at least 10 to one ratio these legalized counterfeiters can push on the system and like any other abuse comes about when evil people are allowed to be above the law like the Jews are with the money system, so I don’t by your “Usery is evil” religion that so many have

  15. Miss Ellie, this is an inspiring piece of writing – both for its content and its prose. Like Lasha, you are a GEM.

  16. Jews create not only virtual money out of the thin air, they create also a host of other interesting and useful virtual things. Few examples: dark energy, black holes, ISIS, WTF, Stalin The Butcher, Barak The President, Lasha Darkmoon, Masha Sunshine, Ellie Katsnelson, Willy Fucksneezen, Bin Laden, Ben Bloated. Feel free to add to the list.

    1. @ Circassian the “Jew”

      Your anti-Darkmoon comments are now perfectly understandable to me. You have already admitted that you you ARE a “Circassian” in a previous post. Which is why you took the name “Circassian”. What you never told us was that there are 4000 Circassians LIVING IN ISRAEL! — and that YOU are probably one of them!

      Today, roughly 4,000 Circassians live in Israel, where they constitute the country’s only Sunni Muslim community that sends each of its sons to the [Israeli] military… The tiny Circassian population in Israel has a history of helping Jews.”

      See “Circassians are Israel’s Other Muslims”
      Read more: http://forward.com/articles/161187/circassians-are-israel-s-other-muslims/?p=all#ixzz3E4VqNf7k

      “Sends each of its sons to the [Israeli] military…” means that Circassians in Israel serve in the IDF! They are Zionists through and through! They have “a history of helping Jews.”

      So, you are as good as a JEW, Mr Circassian! Which is why your hostility toward Lasha Darkmoon and this website (which you called a “latrine” in a previous post) now becomes perfectly understandable. If only you’d had the honesty to lay your cards on the table straight away and tell us you were that VERY STRANGE HYBRID: A MUSLIM ZIONIST! 🙂

      See here for more on Circassians and their Zionist connections:


      Quote from one of these articles:

      “The Israeli Circassians have had good relations with the Jewish community in Israel since the beginning of the Zionist immigration.”


      O Ignoble Circassian, why weren’t you honest enough to tell us right at the beginning that you were a ZIONIST living in Israel and serving in the IDF? 🙂

      1. Sard,

        I could have told you long ago that Circassian was a Zionist troll. His vitriolic attacks on Lasha and on this site were evidence enough. Now you tell us that Circassians have a long history of helping Jews and that 4000 of them live in Israel and serve in the IDF.

        That more or lest wraps it up. Circassian has been OUTED as a ZIONIST TROLL! He is probably an Israeli citizen.

      2. Circassian hadn’t posted for quite awhile until recently. That’s when the vitriol seemed to commence, So why not before, when he said he was a physicist and was in concurrence with myself and others in exposing the fraud, Einstein. THAT Circassian I liked to think of as simply being a fellow truthseeker travelling through the darkmoon site. Are they really the same guy?

        It sucks doesn’t it? Time wasted on trying to weed out these idiot distractions?

      3. sard,
        while it does seem like there is a core support for talmudism among the circassians (they are a bona fide nation grouped around the town of sochi, with a long tradition, own language, etc),
        this circassian never expressed sympathy for the jews, quite the contrary.
        i agree with him on some issues, disagree on others, nothing criminal about that.

        that said, i do take him to task for unfairly smearing lasha and ellie among others, without a shred of evidence, also his reference to “dark energy, black holes”may also be a stab at me by way of theoretical physics … not that i care or take it personally, having practically nothing to do with physics.

        all the same, these sort of underhanded tactics of stealth defecation on somebody’s reputation without supporting facts should be exposed and penalized because they seriously lower the quality of the site.

  17. Thank you Ellie, you are a friend… A and Lasha, thank you as usual, your souls are shining as lighthouses of truth, shine on sisters!!! I’ve been awake for a long time now, and its great to actually see comments not written by schills anymore, or as much, shall this one say.

  18. Here is – EXACTLY – what resistance looks like TODAY!!

    Don Casey has been a friend of mine since the mid 1990s. I have coordinated his presentation into several venues.

    Don led the way for PASSING the first ANTI-Agenda 21 Law in America.

    Don Casey (2013)
    Agenda 21 – Not in Alabama

    Don Casey on the HISTORY of Sustainability (2011):

    He does not charge for the presentation. Just reimbursement for travel and lodging.

  19. As I have said before, when a normal people allow psychopaths into their living rooms, what Ms. Ellie has outlined is the result.

    Normal Americans through misplaced trust, lack of knowledge and understanding of the psychopathic mind, religious belief that some god is going to descend and save the day, are, without a doubt, living in a “pathocracy” ruled over by “pathocracts”.

    Psychopathy is a form of human parasitism. In one way or the other psychopaths seek to live at the expense of others (normal people). Lacking real talent, the conscienceless, parasitic psychopath will, just like other parasites in nature kill the host, just like they are doing to the normal American people.

    Why? Because that is their nature. They have no choice!
    Until the mostly normal 95% American people and for that matter normal people around the world, get understanding and knowledge and a handle on this phenomenon nothing will change. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. In fact the American civilization may have already passed the point of no return.

    But never fear, Western civilization, as a whole, is also on the chopping block. One European nation under their leader in the 1930’s tied to throw off this parasite from the body politic. We all know what happened to that nation.

    The parasitic “pathocrats” always seem, with other nations under their control, able to smash down hard with the hammer of destruction any worthwhile nation that seeks to escape their tentacles.

    Dave Hodges of TCSS has outlined the state of affairs of life in America under the rule of the “psycocrats”.


  20. Capitalist system is stupid, irrational, inefficient, hideously unfair, hideously wasteful’ ran by the most stupidest, imbecilest beings from darkest hollow earth’ humanity is not being ran by the wisest beings’

    It is unfair because there is a brutal, hideous impunity for a soulless capitalist, while there is a brutal hideous injustice for the victims of plundering, for the victims of looting’

    Under capitalism women are merely suppliers of slaves to be sacrificed on the altar of greed of capitalist by neoliberal priests and priestesses ‘ whose almighty God is money and profits’
    Hillary CLinton, Doris Duke, both are Grand Dames of Satan’
    You have so much , you r worth so much’ therefore humanity is commodity merchandise under capitalism who owns a very destructive fiat money system to do as it pleases them’

    CAPITALIST SYSTEM gods are money & profits and Mother Nature and her children are simply commodity merchandise to be exploited in sexual orgies , orgies of blood, blood fests , buffet of blood & guts”

    In other words, capitalist system is pure and outright cannibalism’

    Doris Duke, for instance, she was the only child inherited millions from her fathers’ she was self sacrificed back on 1993, she offered herself to Satan, I imagine, then afterwards, her head was chopped put on a silver plate on the table to be cannibalized by the rest of the tribe members to trap all her energy”

    This is why sexuality is so important under capitalism , to feed those darkest beings from hollow earth, like vampires and draculas, they must drain all the human energy to stay alive, this is why they must constant kill goys, they can not exist without goys, goys do not need them’

    Hellywood is another MK ULTRA monarch slave enterprise ran by these soulless pimps who exist on hideous mind control tortures, sexual orgies, orgies of blood’ hellywood actors and actresses are MK ULTRA monarch slaves or Satan mistresses like Julianne Moore or robots like Angelina Jolie, she was sexually abused since her childhood by her father and brother!@!

    Rihanna was sold by her father to the CIA’ FASHION industry is another monarch slave control from the illuminaties or the dark entities, Mark Jacobs a fashion designer is a MK ultra monarch mind controller!!

    PLAY BOY useless worthless trashy pimp owners is another MK ultra monarch mind controlled his phony capitalist pimp enterprise represent a $ 40 billion dollar industry!!

    The purpose is to pollute our seven chakras, our deep connection to the universe’ Capitalist system steal husbands , wives, children to enrich a soulless capitalist master’ because they feed those darkest entities or astral entities too’ it is about energy’ if people are addicted to porno movies, they are feeding those astral entities or dark entities’ anything we do or feel, we feed those dark entities’

    There fore we must laugh and crack at them because it is so sad, hideous reality what they have to do in order to be somebody’


    Deep love, truth , wellness, peace, harmony on earth and almighty universe!!

  21. Regarding the introductory note:

    The truth is the truth. I don’t care about a person’s motives for speaking it, so long as they never attempt to mislead their audience by either lying to them or deliberately leaving things out.

    If a prospective whistle blower needs to feel personally wronged in order to “fire back” and speak the truth, then so be it, but I would like to believe that the good people of the world simply feel compelled to always do the right thing. Well, I would trust such people a bit more at least. Either way, I will reemphasize, the truth is the truth. That’s all any of us should really concern ourselves with at this point, so long as we are not being manipulated by it (partial “truths” are a necessary evil for those who aim to lead the dissent) or teased with it (just spit it out already).

    PS – I’m not a child. I’m capable of processing and handling the entire truth, and I would not want to waste my time on anything short of that. Partial “truths” are no better than flat out lies and both are the tools of the Jew. So if you take it upon yourself to be a messenger of truth, then fire away. Don’t stop short or hold back on anything.

    What I mean to say to this particular messenger is: stop spoon feeding us and going at it halfheartedly. That’s the impression I’ve gotten up to this point at least. I just think you should own up to your responsibilities as an “insider with a conscience”. We all have just as much to lose as you do (our health, our lives, our loved ones; your money means NOTHING), so let’s not excuse any holding back from anyone.

    It is in fact “time to resist”, but we need to build a proper foundation where we are not the ones who fear the “BIG BAD Jew” (this anonymity crutch needs to be tossed aside, right along with all of the partial “truths” and the messengers who deliver them). Then the back-stabbing, mass-murdering, nation-destroying, well-poisoning, nature-killing Jews would be given a strong message that they are the ones who should fear us. We know who they are! We know what they have done! We know what they intend on doing to our children! And they should be the ones concerned about their identity being revealed, not us.

    Now is not the time to hold back, and any resistance in the future must carry with it a strong foundation of fearless men and women who would never even think of compromising with or cowering to the Jew.

    I’m going to read the article now, to see just how much truth is in it.

  22. So far so good. I am going to respond as I go:

    1st and foremost, knowledge is key. The “stupid goyim”, as stubbornly blind as they might be, simply must be awakened. At any and all costs we must do our part in informing them of not only the BIOLOGICAL Jew (the Jewish RACE is committing genocide against our race, while we bicker over religion and other nonsense), but their long history of robbing, poisoning, raping, torturing, and murdering our people as well. And oh do they long for the hell that is just on our horizon, where they will be in a position to do to our children as they please, without fear of repercussion.

    Jews are not anywhere near as smart as they believe themselves to be. They have simply done as you pointed above and beat us to the punch. Filling the void and/or wrestling power away from us at any given opportunity. One thing the Jews are is bold. They go “all-in” and hold nothing back, risking far more than the mere expulsion. It seems to me they want us dead more than most of us (even those of us who are aware) want to live. I mean, in the very least we have to match their effort, but so far there’s no real sign of that amongst the Jew-wise crowd of today.

  23. As for pornography:

    I have a JewISH (1/8th) “friend” (and I say that very loosely) on Facebook, and just the other day he posed the following question:

    “Which of these do you think should be banned… and which do you think our awesome?

    interracial sex, interracial gang bangs, scat sex, bukkake, gokkun, gay sex, transsexual sex, massive group orgies – Robert Stark”

    to which I immediately responded with:

    “Who, other than a Jew, would ever even think about such disgusting filth?

    Robert is a prime example of how even a slight bit of Jew DNA can completely twist a person’s mind. That’s all it takes.

    What are you again, 1/4 Jew? 1/8 Jew? It matters not, because all it takes is a slight taint and your wires get all crossed up, you start torturing animals, you molest your little cousins, then it progresses to the truly insane from there. You (psychopathic Jews) aren’t satisfied unless someone is being beaten, raped, tortured, or murdered. Love and life will never satisfy your inner Jew, you need “sex”, gore, and a never ending flow of Gentile blood to keep you happy.

    Gentiles would not even dream such things up IF it were not for Jews pumping this filth into our heads 24/7 in their media, on their big-screen, and all over their “porn” sites (this filth goes well beyond “pornography”).

    They slowly, but surely took us from Playboy (an appreciation of a woman’s natural beauty, initially at least) to making gang bangs, scat, bukkake, bestiality, pedophilia, and things that have nothing at all to do with beauty or even sex the new norm.

    Jews all think alike. No surprises here. Keep proving me right. You just can’t help yourself. – SR”

    In any case, yes, Jews have weaponized pornography against us. That much is clear. But it is not merely just a weapon they use against us, it is a reflection of the Jewish mind. Bar none, every Jew or JewISH person I have encountered has shown similar telltale signs, and a deep affinity towards the filthy, wicked, disgusting, sick, twisted, and demented that we now witness on the “porn” sites of today.

    And there’s a virtual army of partial Jews walking the Earth today (meant to bridge the gap between the parasite and its host), who think and act like their Jew ancestors and who are all-too-willing to carry out the Jewish agenda against Whites (even when they themselves are 7/8th’s European by blood). That Jewish DNA overcomes them. Really, it doesn’t take much at all to corrupt them to the core.

    You’d think that someone who is 7/8th European by blood would at least consider that (predominant) DNA before choosing sides against it. But I digress, since I have seen no sign of any of these JewISH people giving it a second thought when they openly and actively further the Jew agenda of White Genocide (Tim Wise anybody?).

    back to “Gentiles”
    the longer Jews are ALLOWED to maintain their stranglehold over our society, the more Jewified the “stupid Goyim” themselves will become. For as great as we might be as a collective (especially during those rare instances in history when we were Jew-free, such as 1930’s Germany or in any other time just after an expulsion), as individuals we truly are sheeple (followers). So we should expect nothing less from Americans and all others who are ruled by Jews. They will not only do as they are told, they will more or less become exactly what the Jews want them to be. Those of us who resist are ostracized (as children) and condemned as “antisemites” (as adults, if and when we become wise to the Jew), but we are relatively few and far between.

    Jews have mastered Gentile psychology. They know that a certain amount of “antisemitism” is of no real threat, since the average dummy will always just go with the flow. Most people need most people to know and openly speak the truth before they will even open themselves up to it. If you get what I am saying? Thus, that threshold must be crossed little by little, with critical thinkers coming 1st and the masses coming last. With people in between falling somewhere along the line, where they each needed a little more “comforting” and company than those who woke up just before them.

    In any case, so long as Jews control the mainstream media, they will control the masses. No amount of truth we offer them will ever make a difference, no matter how powerful our delivery might be. We are left having to wrestle the control of their minds away from the Jews one by one. And the Jew-think has poisoned us all, whether most of you realize it or not. It’s one thing to learn the truth, and another to unlearn all of the toxic waste they have dumped into our minds (it doesn’t start or end with pornography, but that is indeed a very powerful weapon in the Jewish arsenal).

  24. Ellie K., what a delight to read a perfect diagnosis of the destruction of the American (and perhaps Western) soul, Jews turning everyone, male and female, into genderless kosher flesh peddlers and and/or frenzied faggots, who in each case forget the purpose of life and sabotage the cement of civilizations, which are happy families whose generations never lose their allegiance to each other. All that is obliterated now in the inchoate rush of drug-addled sensation, meant to deceive us by meaningless style into forgetting our primary task, which is to care for everything that lives. Most people remember this when it’s too late, and their sage words fall unheard on the ears of the young, who are so certain of the things they will later regret. Let us all join together, locked and loaded, against those who would profit from the wasting of lives in all these misleading false flag atrocities that ruin civilization and paralyze human potential. We know who they are. It’s up to us to neutralize them. There is no place for these disgusting rodents in a truly human society.

  25. Jews often attempt to justify everything they do by suggesting we somehow “deserve” all of this, since we are the ones who are “too stupid” to catch on or that we ultimately allow them to get away with it. But of course that is to discount the fact that they have brainwashed us since the time of our birth, they have corrupted/created societal norms, and they have worked quite hard at bringing about the absolute worst in us all.

    It’s the intent that matters, and responsibility/blame goes from the top down.

    If you have any understanding at all of human nature, then you would know that the average person is simply going to go with the flow. And when the entire flow of information is monopolized by one group, then that group is ultimately responsible for the direction that any given society goes in. To state the obvious.

    They set the norms. They write history itself. They tell us who we are even (most people are lost these days, and don’t truly fit in anywhere). They control our media, our money, our medicine, our laws, our borders, our government, and our food, but somehow they are above questioning and anyone who dares question them is a “hateful-antisemitic-Nazi”. “They” just happen to all be Jews, I didn’t make it that way, but I will not be apologizing for taking notice.

    But yeah, the fact that our economy is about to collapse, our medical industry makes more people sick than healthy, our rights are being stripped from us (one by one), our borders are being flooded (that’s genocide), “our” government is being used against us (we get closer to “1984” by the day), our food is being poisoned (those Kosher symbols let Jews know what foods to avoid), and our children are being taught from an early age that all the filthy crap you listed above is “normal” is in no way an indicator of Jewish intent, and not a single Jew is to be blamed as our society crumbles all around us. Not only that, but we’re not even allowed to talk about any of it (censored like crazy), despite the fact that it is all quite easy to verify.

    In any case, there would be no Shabbos Goy without Jews and a Jewish agenda to serve, nor would any of us be Jewified either (to varying degrees). So ALL responsibility and blame goes right back to the top, to the Jews who are poisoning us (in every way a person could be poisoned) and destroying the world around us.

  26. Without a doubt the destruction has been the entire Western (White) world. IF only the problem started and ended in America. I haven’t been to Europe in a decade, but even back then it was all-but-gone. No better or worse than America. I mean, why would it be? The same parasites are everywhere, committing all the same crimes.

      1. Hey Scott, the fact is when you obsess on one race the white race and you keep company with folks that use words like “Sand Niggers” and “muds” for Arabs and “Sub-humans” etc for blacks, you become a Jew’s best friend, never mind the accurate stuff you focus on. When you let or encourage your comrades to focus on immigration issues so as to take the focus down to non-white gentiles, you accomplish the Jew’s agenda. I noticed above you said it was only the Jew responsible. How bout getting your racist buddies in on the program then! Now you are watching your manners here because you aren’t at Andre’s.We saw you sabotage John Friend and we see the ex-cons demanding everyone give their Jew approved IDs. Funny thing about IDs, did it make Bob Dylan less of a singer because he changed his name and yes, I know he’s Jewish. Why the big focus on names. Is it a control issue for you to keep your sheep flock under control? Well, we’ve met and my name is Joe Sigur, but I prefer “Mind Controlled Slave” so tell your buds it’s me. I get tired of hearing you gatekeepers disparage a person for creating an online ID as if it was a right or wrong issue. Kind of like how you tried to take out John Friend for not following the script you guys use. Are you joining with Mark Glenn, Deanna Spingola, Michael Piper and other co-opted opposition demonizing those wanting to continue testing “Sandy Hook” bricks? Don’t focus on the facts focus on whether that person has a name approved by the CI-WN gatekeepers.That is much more important. The thing about dis-info is you can’t get lulled into a false sense of security with the setup info meant to gain your confidence because the misdirection will be here directly and I been watching the misdirection of both the left and right sides of the Jewniverse and neither is worth a flip. Are you an agent Scott? Any truly Jew wise guy that has regurgitated his programming knows it’s 99% against the Jew 1%. But here you go singling out the whites for particular importance. YOu think that’s good public relations? Oh, the truth is the truth, you say and you whites ain’t biased are ya.I know you know it, that’s why I don’t worry about the fact you have told me your Jew approved name, Scott Roberts. I worry that you are too smart to be dividing and conquering as a “useful idiot” racist and you therefore must be…… well , you figure it out! I happen to like my fake name Scott, so I won’t be using my real name again with you. I just did it this once to stop your usual fixation on the subject.Hey Scott, how come you and Facebook work so hard to know exactly who I am? Just curious-your name fixation is just one more “religion” issue to overcome concerning stupid shit! Thanks for the link to your self- promoting video. Luckily I’ve avoided your stuff till now and don’t plan to change.Till you start outing your group’s racist bullshit, you are no use to the movement and you want to know what we need to do 1st?Neutralize all the verefied agents and people have to start worrying about pissing us off for a change and not the Jew but it goes beyond your white race Scott.Way beyond it.Neutralize does not necessarily mean kill but everything is on the table.We have to get a clean movement and if clean means for you , white only, bye!

      2. I don’t have a “group”, nor do I “keep company” with anyone. If you want to address the words I have personally spoken or the actions I have taken, then by all means I am willing to discuss it all, but I cannot be held accountable for what other people (whom I don’t even know) say or do. People who you are not even naming, so I don’t even know who you are referring to. Unless you believe I should be held accountable for what people do when I don’t even know who these people are? Is that the standard I am being held to? That would seem to be the case.

        As for John Friend, I debated him on one subject. If there is something inherently wrong with debating people, then I guess I am guilty as charged. I believe in getting to the bottom of any and all things, period.

        As for the rest of your comment, I don’t even know what you are talking about. “Scott Roberts” has been my name all of my life, and it was given to me by my mother, not some Jew.

        I “work so hard to know who you are”? Well, I failed in that regard, because I still don’t know who you are or why I should care?

  27. It’s after 10PM where I reside, and I’m visiting back on here since visiting this morning. It seems most of you previous ‘kill all the Jews’ cocksukkers on here acknowledge Miss Emie has done a good job. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOU HAVE PROMOTED ACROSS-THE-BOARD genocide against all who may be ‘jewish’?? Miss Emmie (Eleanor) has represented herself to be of Jewish paternity. How do you reconcile your (prior) mandate??!

    What it goes to show, IMO, is a bewilderment of who YOU might be, opposed to who you PURPORT [to be]. Consider Tyron Parsons and his messages. They mean something – or they mean NOTHING. If they mean nothing, neither do your rumblings and admonitions against Jewry. You mention ‘Satan’, yet you descry the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob…
    WTF kind of rational beings do you think you might be???!

    What it all boils down to is a delineation between Good and Evil. There are factions of every race which can be labelled either. Neither is exclusive to Jews, Negroes, Indians, Orientals, or Whites. I’m sick of some of ALL.

    1. gilbert, you made two strong statements here, neither that i agree with.

      1. It seems most of you previous ‘kill all the Jews’ cocksukkers on here acknowledge Miss Emie has done a good job. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOU HAVE PROMOTED ACROSS-THE-BOARD genocide against all who may be ‘jewish’?? Miss Emmie (Eleanor) has represented herself to be of Jewish paternity. How do you reconcile your (prior) mandate??!

      What it goes to show, IMO, is a bewilderment of who YOU might be, opposed to who you PURPORT [to be]

      2. Consider Tyron Parsons and his messages. They mean something – or they mean NOTHING. If they mean nothing, neither do your rumblings and admonitions against Jewry. You mention ‘Satan’, yet you descry the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob…
      WTF kind of rational beings do you think you might be???!

      each of them merit a separate answer which i will provide below.

      1. Well, before I read it, friend lobro, I must say that my NEICE, ‘Miss Emmie’, had torqued me, earlier, and I had her on my mind, I suppose, when I was talking about ‘Ellie’ Katsnelson! 🙂

        Now, I’ll go below and read what will probably be a good trimmin’ –

    2. @ Gilbert Huntley

      I agree with you absolutely that there is too much knee-jerk antisemitism on this site. If you or I were to make the simple statement, “I know quite a few Jews and they seem good people to me”, a thousand eyebrows would shoot up on this site in horror and amazement!

      Soon you would have someone screaming at you, “Are you a JEW? Are you a ZIONIST TROLL! How DARE you suggest that SOME Jews are good people?!? ALL JEWS ARE EVIL! PERIOD! NO EXCEPTIONS!”

      Yep, you get this sort of thing repeatedly here. Put in a good word for the Old Testament — not the WHOLE thing, just parts of it, like Lasha sometimes does — and it’s the same old story! Lasha is accused of being a JEW becasuse she points out politely that there are lots of beautiful passages in the OT. Even friend Lobro, for whom I have unlimited respect and admiration, throws a fit when Lasha or anyone else puts in a good word for the OT! 🙂

      This seems evdent to me: just as there ARE good Jews, there ARE good bits in the Old Terstament. Just as you cannot condemn ALL Jews as evil, you cannot condemn ALL the Old Testament as evil either.

      Gilbert has pointed out a stark inconsistency in the attitude of extreme antisemites on this site: they hate ALL Jews… without exception… but lo and behold! when Ellie K suddenly comes along and writes an article they all like, they conveniently forget that Ellie is a HALF Rothschild, i.e., HALF JEWISH.

      There is something totally SCHIZOID about this attitude and I commend Gilby for bringing it to our attention: you cannot HATE all Jews and at the samer time RAVE about an article written by a HALF JEW!!! If you LIKE what Ellie K writes, then you have conceded the point that SOME JEWS ARE GOOD PEOPLE AND OUGHT TO BE RESPECTED AND ADMIRED!


      1. Sardonicus –

        When you said ALL, that includes me and Bob in DC…and that is an exaggeration.

        Bob in DC
        September 22, 2014 at 5:35 pm
        The author, who purportedly “gets it”,
        obviously has never endured starvation.

        September 22, 2014 at 5:39 pm
        Great point!!

        My comment to Amero was that her ‘writing’ was great. I said nothing of the content which was amusing as fiction goes. To be so critical of her further would bring the wrath all here, possibly including Gilby…. and maybe even you.

      2. Thanks for the understanding, Sardonicus. Glad my point was taken by you. 🙂
        It is a wrong situation when someone like Miss Ellie might suffer abuse because of her ancestry – as well as many others we might know.

        It is an undeniable FACT that subsequent generations suffer for the ‘sins of their fathers’ – but that should just go to reinforce that we take care to watch our OWN ways, so, maybe, subsequent generations suffer LESS.

      3. lol, this site is mild, unfortunately, most people that are Jew wise, also think the white race are the real jews. I’m kidding but sometimes I wonder.It also seems to me that people that spend all their time talking about how great the white race is and are 5 months behind on the rent that they owe to the local Jew, makes an unimpressive account of himself. I think the problem is the Jew but most ordinary Jews I view like christian zionists, they are just living out their Jew programming and have never challenged it. I treat all people as people, it is not a person’s fault if they weren’t born white and white’s do not have the squeeky clean past record that many like to pretend and their need to argue it is IMO, left over programming of the Jew. Do you expect your enemy to be fair and the Jew thru the protocols has proclaimed all non-Jews enemies,? Then quit critiquing every which a way he ain’t fair. He’s never gonna be fair, ever! You can’t discount the hate that exists in the Jewish culture for non-jews and this is why any potential Jew ally has to be watched extremely closely.There’s a phrase an adversarial jew once told me, “One jew inside, all inside!” Always keep that in mind. They are the tightest secret society on the planet

      4. Even when a Jew tells the truth he/she still lies. That’s what controlled dissent is all about. They speak some truths to gain credibility in the audience they aim to mislead. That has been the case in every example that I have encountered or that some Jew apologist has brought before me. And if “Ellie” here is an exception to that rule, then she will be the 1st (the verdict is still out).

        I can’t say “ALL Jews” are “bad” (though, none of them are really needed for anything), but when that “good” Jew looks around at 9,999,999 other Jews who are -all- either actively playing a role in carrying out this genocidal agenda OR they are doing their best to cover for those who are, he need not look any further than his own people for giving him the bad name. That bad name has been more than earned, and far too much blood has been spilled for us to go trusting a Jew or even a partial Jew.

        I mean, fool us once, shame on the Jew… Fool us 109 TIMES, then shame on us. If we haven’t learned our lesson by now, then I doubt we ever will.

        PS – “HATE” is not what motivates us, it’s love, for our children and for all that is good in the world. But I must ask, should we “LIKE” the manner in which they have destroyed our economy? Should we “LIKE” the filth they show our children in their media? Should we “LIKE” the wars they have started? Should we “LIKE” the fact that they killed 10’s of MILLIONS of people in the USSR alone (hundreds of millions over the centuries)? Should we “LIKE” what they are doing to the Palestinians, Iraqi’s, Afghans? Should we “LIKE” the fact that they have deliberately compromised our borders? Should we “LIKE” being their slaves (income tax is slavery)? Should we “LIKE” all the money we are forced to send Israel? Should we “LIKE” the Kosher “tax” that is secretly put on our food (in fact, this is just their way of knowing which -toxic- products to avoid)? Should we “LIKE” the toxins they put in our food, water, air, and inject into our children? Just to name a few things people somehow think we should “like” or never speak of them doing, despite the fact that they are doing it all with a clear and malicious intent. Why? Because we might hurt the feelings of the rarest of rare “good Jews”. Oy vey, how horrible!!!

        And if we don’t “LIKE” these things and/or remain silent (like good little Goyim), does that really make us “Hateful” for calmly and peacefully telling it like it is?

        Pffft.. They’ve gone well beyond our giving any of them the benefit of the doubt. And once more, if they don’t like it, they only have their fellow Jews to blame for ruining their reputation.

        We don’t need Jews to help us in the fight against Jews, and we’d be nothing more than “stupid Goyim” if we ever allowed them in our ranks, let alone to lead the way “for” us.

    3. ” HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOU HAVE PROMOTED ACROSS-THE-BOARD genocide against all who may be ‘jewish’?? Miss Emmie (Eleanor) has represented herself to be of Jewish paternity. How do you reconcile your (prior) mandate??!”

      I’m pretty sure what I promoted was the extermination of most of them, and the sexual enslavement of their women for the lolz.

      “What it all boils down to is a delineation between Good and Evil. There are factions of every race which can be labelled either.”

      Jews don’t tell themselves that there are good and evil in all races. What is not Jewish is evil to them. That’s why when they go to war against an enemy, they leave nothing living. When you face a group of people like that you need to destroy them thoroughly. How are we supposed to tell the “good” jews from the bad ones? For our own sake, if there is ever going to be a war against them, they will all need to be considered our enemy. The Jew knows no mercy, so he will not receive any.

  28. The agenda is quite clear:
    Once we read the first goal, we must ask ourselves, “And how do ‘THEY’ propose to bring it about?”

    Regarding the ‘anti-semitic’ nature of this essay. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not reading about Semites nor is Ms. K speaking about Semites. Nowhere in this article is the word Palestinian mentioned, nor Syrian, nor Iraqi, nor Afghan. We aren’t reading about people from the middle east, but from north/northeast Europe. We are reading about the 13th tribe – Jews, and their evil ways; ways which have served them since the Khazars converted to this religion of evil. Jews worship Moloch, cleverly disguised as Yahweh. And the ignorant sheep nod and bleet……yes, they are chosen.

    And here we are, at their annual festival, Rosh Hashanah; in which they get absolution for all the lies and corruption they intend to inflict on humanity for the coming year. Happy new year goyim slaves!

  29. A small suggestion: when pursuing a murderer or murderers, don’t feel you are morally obligated to announce your intention; if you need to recruit assistance in furthering your pursuit, discretion is advised. Happy hunting.

  30. Mind Control Slave (Lucy please consider this two cause I’m finished today)

    Nice name btw. The Jesuits are Jewish and have always been Jewish. These are the crypto Jews that infiltrated the RCC long ago and are in league with the City of London Jews- Rothchild Inc. It wasn’t the Jesuits who funded anything. It was the Rothchild Jews who funded the Jesuit Jews to start the Illuminati on the same year (1776) authentic Israelites obtained their nation(s) back to rule at the end of this earth age, 2520 years after their punishment in exile (745-721 BC). This of course was to be usurped for a short time until then final end result putting the world upright again. After all, the Rothchild City of London Corp are the BANKERS for the Vatican City Corp, not the other way around. This pattern of controlling those you seem to oppose is indicative of almost anything they do and one must ALWAYS remember this when dealing inside this upside down world as it is today.

    Tell me, Mind Control Slave, why would you falsely insinuate that I say resistance is futile? Have I said anything even remotely close to this? No, I have not. I have stated unequivocally and repeatedly that resistance is paramount but in order to NOT be used by the enemy towards their goals, one must have the trumping law behind you, even acknowledged in their own fictitious codes. I have also made it absolutely clear that timing is paramount because as Ellie acknowledges correctly,”after all, the power resides in the people”. Hence, to make some STUPID MOVE before you have the people on your side (which is right around the corner just after the collapse) is not only the height of stupidity- of knee jerk non thining reactions caused by those who cant control themselves, it’s also the height of being a mind controlled sucker serving the enemies agenda making FOOLS — the Emmanuel Goldsteins of those you purport to represent- the resistance.(Read 1984 for reference).

    Let me say this to those who advocate physical moves, unlawful moves before the time is right to do so lawfully– GO LEAD THE WAY YOU HYPOCRITES! You key board instigators, you wanna be warriors, you JEW DUPES put your FREAKING money where your mouth is and DO IT so we might be rid of your asinine antics once and for all! It matters not in the long term. The game is rigged for the prime creator and his true people and there is NOTHING the enemy might do to upset the ultimate end result already PROGRAMMED to be the future ultimate reality none can deny and none can escape from!

    Scott Roberts

    I know that you, like many, want to keep their distance from my kind and this is perfectly fine with me. I mean that in a good way. After all, the path i’ve chosen to be blatant about is an “ancient one” and not popular or understood often in the modern mind set that the jew is master of. Anyway bud, I just want to say to you that I really, really respect you. You speak more truth than most i’ve ever run into and your fearlessness is an inspiration to me and I hope everyone else. Finally, I hope our illusionary differences dissipate in time and we can speak a more common language bereft of all the pretenses we employ to appeal to the masses we wish to influence,

    Here, Here is to Scott Roberts, a true patriot, a true white man, following his conscience as best he can fearlessly while speaking more truth than 95 plus % of so called Christianity today! How sad, sad indeed, yet how awesome!!. Don’t think however my “Friend” that these feelings move me from these TRUTHFUL principals I espouse….PERIOD!

    And while you’re right about the Jew race base agenda, you MUST realize that the ENTIRE authentic narrative of scriptures is RACE BASED and that the “Jews” agenda is to get us off of the inherent morality, the law, that is OBVIOUSLY written in you and me which is synonymous with the New Contract. But hey man, don’t believe it if you wish, You’ll never be able to verify this without searching the truth in this regard and you’ll NEVER win in the end without a lawful claim to what they are presently constructing and in reality that is the crux of our dispute!

    What you MUST understand is that by reestablishing the true identities not only will we win the majority of whites (WHO ARE CHRISTIANS) but it will ALSO give us a basis UNDER LAW TO TAKE OVER THEIR SATANIC JWO that is according to LAW is a FRAUD!!

    1. Lol, when I say resist, I mean gathering together and working out options. Obviously, planning comes before action if possibile. I thought you implied that it wasn’t time to to resist. If now is not the time , then when is a good time. All I know is the Jews are acting and we are just noting what we don’t like about their acting. Many do not want to change anything about their lives and find the complaining a nice substitute. People have to come together, they have to agree on the objectives, who is and isn’t included and believe me, that’s a biggie cause half the movement believes that every other race is out to get the white race. So we have to agree on objectives, get rid of folks that don’t fit in and expect discipline of thought. No more broadcasting how great your people are and how bad everyone else is. That’s necessary for any movement I am in and the most important thing, we have to keep out agents and when they sneak thru we have to nab them quick so we have to learn to look for disinfo and punish it. Being wrong is not disinfo, intentionally lying for the enemy or misdirecting behavior for the enemy’s advantage is dis-info/ Till that is removed, no movement is possible.

  31. I’ve never really seen anything from you that I did not agree with. Any differences in approach are minor, from what I can tell. Hardly worth mentioning. Race 1st, and I am ALL for your reaching out to Christians everywhere. That’s just not my thing, so I will not intervene one way or the other. If you feel I am leaving something off, then by all means pick up from that point. I just don’t care to get into religious discussions is all.


    1. race 1st? Why are you deflecting from the problem, every non-Jew is a potential ally especially Muslims who are a primary target right now. Focussing on race is like being a democrat or a republican, it’s a no win situation. We have this problem with the Jew cause of his tribalism. If all you wanna do is replace tribal conquerors, have fun at the trailer park. Look, I understand the targeting involved and the need to tell christian zionists about those issues, but all I see is segregationists repeating ad-nauseum, shit they been spouting the last 3 years that turns off every non-white when they hear it-thus why I say it does the Jew’s bidding to spout it. Again, why is it so hard not to spout your racist crap in white only groups. You just said “race 1st” and you are being extra nice away from home and all, speaking to a more liberal, if you will , audience.Of course the problem with your group is you want it to be white only and your group mostly wants all other races to fuck off.That’s why I threw you guys under the bus a year ago after you all wined and dined me for a bit. I saw the lies you guys are willing to tell about someone who doesn’t get onboard with the race hate agenda.As long as you sit quietly while your bids act out, you are part of the problem!

      1. The Jewish agenda is a race-based agenda, and they are in fact committing genocide against the White race. Should I apologize for taking notice or for being White? My original website was “The Gentile Defense Force”, but yes, I have went on to speak mostly from a White perspective over the last couple years. Shame on me, right? How dare I do so?! White people should never be allowed to have a voice, despite the ongoing genocide against them. I must be some sort of a “White-Supremacit racist Nazi” or something, for sure.

        And here you are again attempting to hold me accountable for what some unnamed people have said or done? Who are these people? And how am I responsible for what they have said or done? Mind you, I don’t run an organization, I run a website. I don’t make friends, I make videos. So how and why are you now attempting to attack me through some phantom White Nationalists?

        Should the owners and moderators of this website be forced to answer to anything said in the comments section, as though we are all part of some cult or something? Of course not. So what are you hoping to accomplish by bringing up these (unnamed) people rather than simply address any one of the countless points I have made in the 2,000+ videos I have recorded or the hundreds of articles I have written?

        I am “being extra nice”? lol Again, my name is on everything I have ever written, recorded, or done. If you want to compare my words here to what some strange person on FB has said or done, then I guess you can pretend I am putting on some sort of an act or something, but my body of work speaks for itself. Besides, I don’t believe I was holding back one bit in my comments here. Not that I ever do.

        You threw “us” under the bus. “We” wined and dined you (who are you again?)? You saw the lies “you guys” tell? What “guys”? Who are you lumping me in with? Why can’t you just stick to my actual words and the things I have actually done? I am an open book and I take criticism directly on the chin. But once more, I can’t speak for these unnamed people, nor should I be held accountable for anything these strangers do or say.

  32. A few years ago I ran across a video on the net that documented the hundreds and hundreds of Beautiful White American girls and young women who had committed suicide after “staring” in hard core pornography films. This documentary doesn’t now seem to exist in the net. These White girls and young women were the very flower of the Nordic race, the most beautiful females on this planet. No doubt most of this porno film business and the debauching of these girls and young women comes/came out of the San Fernando valley, just North of LA, a place that would give Berlin during the Weimar Republic stiff competition in Jewish filth.
    Need one ask what is it in the American culture that Nordic/White females would subject themselves to this debauchery? And then feel they have to “off” themselves because of their misdirected and misinformed choices.
    Where are the fathers, the brothers, White males in general who are allowing Jude to debauch their daughters and sisters? Let the Judaic mistreat his own females if they must. Just stay away from our most precious White girls the basic foundation if the White race is to have any future at all!

    1. I’m glad non whites don’t have this problem.Did it ever occur to you NW Native, that there might be non-whites in the room and it is more inclusive to use inclusive pronouns then exclusive nouns? Or are you implying this problem is a white only problem?

      1. When someone speaks from an Arab perspective do you make it a point to attack them with the same vigor you attack anyone who dares whisper out any concern at all for Whites?

        Would Arabs be wrong for pointing out that the Western (White) countries are being used against them in the Middle East? Should we shush and silence them OR should we acknowledge their point, despite our being White? I, for one, have not only heard their every concern, I have championed many of them myself… but even if I didn’t care one bit about Arabs or how they are adversely effected by the Jews, I would NEVER even think of going to their forum to ask them “are you implying this problem is an Arab only problem” every single time they spoke from an Arab perspective. Well, they are Arab, they SHOULD voice their concerns, from their perspective. And I would never imply they were “racist” for doing so, and neither would you, yet here you are implying that everyone here who dares speak from a White perspective -at all- is somehow wrong for doing so.

        What if EVERYONE was shushed in the same way you attempt to silence Whites? Then how could we ever expose any part of the Jewish agenda? We couldn’t. We’d be too worried about hurting each others feelings, since the Jew uses us all against each other.

        Fact is, they attack us all, in various ways. So we should ALL speak openly (without fear or hesitation) in our efforts to expose them. But again, why are you only attempting to silence Whites? That is right in line with the politically correct (anti-White) norm.

        Should a Gentile Alliance be a symbiotic relationship? Or should Whites speak up and fight in the interests of non-White Gentiles, yet be instantly silenced, while their concerns are swiftly brushed under the rug if they ever dare voice them (and risk being called a “racist”)? Should our empathy and efforts be reciprocated or should it remain a one-way street, where Whites are never even allowed to voice their concerns, let alone act in the interests of preserving their very survival?

        Do you tell the Palestinians they are “racist” for suggesting the Jews are only a problem in Palestine?

        Again, I make sure to point out the Jews behind things like immigration, but “multiculturalism” is genocide, and the non-Whites of the world are in fact being used as WMD’s against the White race. Should I not mention this at all?

        Another fact for you, the parasite is undermining its hosts, all other concerns are secondary. The getting has always been good in White countries, not in any other part of the world, thus the Jews have always been attached to our hip, not any other race of people. Any and all things they are doing feed into their genocidal plans for the White race. Nothing they do is in the long-term interests of non-Whites, mother nature, or anything of this Earth, but their primary agenda is the undermining and ultimately the destruction of the White race. Once we are neutralized, the rest of the non-White world will be at their mercy. So yeah, even non-Whites would be wise to understand the angle of attack and the purpose behind it all, for their children will suffer from the hell that is just on our collective horizon as well.

  33. “Without violent, implacable opposition to, and hatred of all Jewish persons, including law-abiding ones of good will, the rabbinic work cannot advance.”– from the Kabbalistic Spirit of Purim.
    In 458 B.C. the petty Palestinian tribe of Judah produced a racial creed, the disruptive effects, of which, on subsequent human affairs, has exceeded explosives & epidemics. Judaism is not a religion but a legal system, meant to micromanage every aspect of human existence, with focus on depopulation of the goyim.
    The counter-force to the primal will to good (often called God) is manifest in Judaism (Talmud).

  34. Judeo/Christianity


    Judaism’s Strange Gods
    by Michael A. Hoffman II
    From Part One: “The weird cult of ‘Judeo-Christianity’ is an oxymoron found on the lips of many Christians including even conservative ones. This abominable ‘Judeo-Christianity” contrivance is of a piece with the cloning of human and animal genes or any of the other alchemical mixtures of two mutually contradictory substances which we have witnessed these last few decades in the modern cauldron.




    “……..Ask anyone how many principles of Jewish faith there are, and the answer is almost certain to be 13. That is a mark of the influence of Rambam, who was the first to formulate the Jewish creed in this way………….

    “Free will is bestowed on every human being. If one desires to turn toward the good way and be righteous, he has the power to do so. If one wishes to turn toward the evil way and be wicked, he is at liberty to do so…This doctrine is an important principle, the pillar of the law and the commandment …If God had decreed that a person should either be righteous or wicked…what room could there be for the whole of the Torah? By what right or justice could God punish the wicked or reward the righteous?” (Teshuvah 5: 1-6)

    Rambam leaves us without doubt that free will is one of the fundamental principles of faith, without which Judaism would not make sense. If we lacked freedom, there would be no point in God commanding us, “Do this. Don’t do that.” Nor would there be any logic in reward and punishment, both of which presuppose human responsibility for our actions. Free will is the 14th principle of Jewish faith.

    Why then in his Commentary to the Mishnah does Rambam list 13 principles, not 14? The answer lies in the context. Rambam is commenting on a Mishnah that speaks about those who “have no share in the World to Come.” He is listing, in other words, those principles, denial of which places one outside the community of faith. What they have in common is that they are beliefs about G-d. The 14th principle is not a belief about G-d, but about humanity. The first 13 summarize our faith in G-d. The 14th – the fact that G-d has granted us the freedom to choose how to behave – represents G-d’s faith in humankind.

    The Prooftext for the 14th principle comes from this week’s sedrah of Nitzavim. It appears at the climax of Moshe’s great challenge to the next generation: “This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse; therefore choose life, so that you and your children may live” (Deut. 30: 19).

    Judaism is a religion of freedom and responsibility. Against all the many determinisms in the history of thought – astrological, philosophical, Spinozist, Marxist, Freudian, neo-Darwinian – Judaism insists that we are masters of our fate. We are neither programmed nor predestined. We can choose. That is the 14th principle of Jewish faith…………..”

  35. Matthew 5:44

    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    Isaiah 45:5-10 (King James Version)

    5. I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me: 6 That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else. 7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

    The LORD the Creator

    8 Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness: let the earth open, and let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together; I the Lord have created it. 9 Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands? 10 Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou? or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth?

    “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” Romans 12:19

    Jeremiah 9:25-26 “Behold the days come, says Jehovah, that I will punish all the circumcised with foreskin – Egypt, and Judah, and Edom, and the sons of Ammon, and Moab, and all those trimmed on the [edges of their beards], who dwell in the wilderness. For all the nations are uncircumcised, and all the house of Israel – those uncircumcised of heart.”


    ……Even in the 21st century, Israeli children are taught to sing “The Whole World is Against Us”(“Ha’olam Ku’lo heg’denu”). We have not only David M. Weinberg’s defense of the “shfoch hamatcha” prayer, but even Rabbi Meir Y. Soloveichik, “The Virtue of Hate,” First Things, Feb. 2003 (available online) (“When hate is appropriate, then it is not only virtuous, but essential for Jewish well-being”). Soloveichik is not a fringe figure. He is a member of an exceedingly eminent Orthodox rabbinical family. When he wrote the article he was resident scholar at the Jewish Center in Manhattan and a Beren fellow at Yeshiva University, and was studying the philosophy of religion at the Yale Divinity School.

    Note the words “essential for Jewish well-being.” The “virtue of hate” seems to come of a positive need to be hated. The widely-published Rabbi Dr. Dan Cohn-Sher-bok, professor of Jewish history at the University of Wales (Lampeter) and author of The Paradox of Anti-Semitism (2006), says in an interview with the Independent(U.K.), March 19, 2006 (available online) that: “Jews need enemies in order to survive. . . . [I]n the absence of Jew-hatred, Judaism is undergoing a slow death. . . . We want to be loved, and we want Judaism to survive intact. . . . [T]hese are incompatible desires. . . . Why do we endure? Because we’re hated.” (Emphases added.)

    Cohn-Sherbok says of a founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl: “He warned that if our Christian hosts were to leave us in peace for two generations, the Jews would merge entirely into surrounding races.” Id. Herzl also wrote in his conclusion to Der Judenstaat (1896): “Universal brotherhood is not even a beautiful dream. Antagonism is essential to man’s greatest efforts………”


    1. Matthew 5:44
      “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”

      Matt forgot to add: “Do this, and your race will one day be just 5% of the people on earth, and soon after be destroyed and vanish.”

    2. Is anyone the least bit surprised that the Jews have taught (White) Christians to “love thy enemy, in the name of god” while having simultaneously taught (non-White) Muslims to “kill the infidels, in the name of god”?

  36. @gilbert: HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOU HAVE PROMOTED ACROSS-THE-BOARD genocide against all who may be ‘jewish’??

    you all saw lasha’s post on george galloway’s speech just last week, didn’t you.

    so let’s hear 15 seconds from it, starting at 2:06 minute mark: “95% of the israelis supported this war in gaza”

    a similar poll was conducted after the previous mass murder in gaza (cast lead) with almost identical results and moreover, the global jewry (the vermin falsely representing themselves as diaspora) also responded in a near identical fashion.

    tell me, is there another group outside the maximum security prisons and hospitals for the criminally insane that enjoyed this slaughter as much as jews — ALL THE JEWS did? (because i would bet any money that in the ugliest of the prison environments, more than 4% of the convicts would have actually opposed this unspeakably evil atrocity, something that jews have been strongly supportive since the “time immemorial”, ie, since the time of the god of abraham, isaac, jacob and other biblical heroes, something i will get to in the next post)

    what am i supposed to say, “kill 95% of the jews”?
    consider this: if we kill 90% of the jews, very judiciously, with extreme prejudice as the spooks like to say (likely a jew lawyer’s term justifying the drone attacks on wedding processions in yemen, afghanistan and everywhere else), so that only the bad jews are eliminated, among the 10% remnants, the majority will still crave you bloodied corpse for lunch.

    and you want to shove them in amongst the rest of humanity, the indians, negroes, asians, caucasians and so on.

    i am also against the sweeping statements, but let’s talk numbers.
    let’s be fair.

    when you spray your courtyard against mosquitoes in june, do you pause to consider that not only are there mosquitoes that don’t want your blood (the male ones are apparently vegetarian or something) but a whole bunch of other, perfectly innocent bugs will perish due to no fault of theirs.

    did the nice, kind god of abraham, isaac, jacob and shlomo not create bugs, breathe life (and maybe even a miniature soul – prove me otherwise if you can, therefore some doubt must linger) into their bodies, each an individual caring for their wives and eggs, no less than max bliney cares for his wives and eggs?
    so why aren’t they entitled to their share of justice and mercy, at least as much as jews, given that they are infinitely less pernicious, deadly and malevolent than jews?

    humanity and its civilization are not terminally imperiled by bugs.

    humanity and its civilization are terminally imperiled by jews.

    give it some thought when you next swing your feet up on the footstool next to the fireplace, shot of single malt in hand.

    1. In the interest of bringing some perspective in possibly pinpointing percentages:

      The ‘Big Jew in the sky’ is the owner of the harvesting combine operation (see my comment from the “Proof of Heaven article). Neocons and their ilk, globalist bankers and rabbinical psychos are the ultimate dupes offering the greatest useful idiocy to this owner. They are the ones to be brought to justice, frontier style or otherwise.

      To further illustrate the point of being duped by it all speaks directly to “human nature”, i.e.; a nature corrupted in its present state. Say for example that instead of “Israelis” populating this tiny hijacked area called “Israel”, it was populated by “Americans”. Given the claustrophobic confines of the place, and constantly reminded by the likes of Bibi NetanYAHOOOO! of being completely surrounded by enemies, I would make a hefty wager on that 95% cluster-bleep of congestion holding fast. And replete with whatever % of THEM being the derelicts with armchairs indulging in their sick idea of entertainment watching bombs falling on Gaza. The American equivalent being the bubbas in front of their TV’s during the Iraq war cheering on “shock ‘n awe”

      In the words of the immortal Archie Bunker: “can I get a beeah ova heeah?”

      P.S. Hey Amero, between me, Gilbert and lobro, so much for the mutual synchophant society, eh 😉 Everyone has differences. It’s how we learn.

      P.P.S. As an aside, when I wrote this post down earlier I was listening to Beethoven’s 5th piano concerto. Timeless music impossible to get old. The 2nd movement – God how beautiful. And the 3rd – what power!

  37. @ gilbert, second helping (i am on the roll today and will probably keep going along the tangent)
    Consider Tyron Parsons and his messages. They mean something – or they mean NOTHING. If they mean nothing, neither do your rumblings and admonitions against Jewry. You mention ‘Satan’, yet you descry the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob…
    WTF kind of rational beings do you think you might be???!

    couple of months ago lasha requested that i pay a visit to toronto’s central reference library and try to dig out the copy of talmud, soncino edition, supposedly very rare and unobtainable.
    well, i did go but got confused (or the librarians were confused) and i ended up with 14 volumes of the jewish bible, soncino edition wheeled in on a serving dolly.
    so, even though it is not the real deal, it is the next best thing, the proto-talmud, torah, old testament, take your pick of the terms.
    and i took some photos with my phone camera, lasha has them and is free to show them.
    these books are meant to be read backwards, starting at the last page (any surprise?), english translation side by side with the original hebrew.

    so let’s look at just one part, deutoronomy 20:

    יא וְהָיָה אִם-שָׁלוֹם תַּעַנְךָ, וּפָתְחָה לָךְ: וְהָיָה כָּל-הָעָם הַנִּמְצָא-בָהּ, יִהְיוּ לְךָ לָמַס–וַעֲבָדוּךָ. 11
    And it shall be, if it make thee answer of peace, and open unto thee, then it shall be, that all the people that are found therein shall become tributary unto thee, and shall serve thee.
    lobro’s translation: those that kiss your ass will become your slaves

    יב וְאִם-לֹא תַשְׁלִים עִמָּךְ, וְעָשְׂתָה עִמְּךָ מִלְחָמָה–וְצַרְתָּ, עָלֶיהָ. 12
    And if it will make no peace with thee, but will make war against thee, then thou shalt besiege it.
    lobro: ie, those that find slavery not to their taste, how evil can they get to disobey the LORD’s wishes

    יג וּנְתָנָהּ יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ, בְּיָדֶךָ; וְהִכִּיתָ אֶת-כָּל-זְכוּרָהּ, לְפִי-חָרֶב. 13
    And when the LORD thy God delivereth it into thy hand, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword;
    lobro: please mr jew-god, how about killing only 95%, show some mercy as befits the god of abraham, isaac and bernanke

    יד רַק הַנָּשִׁים וְהַטַּף וְהַבְּהֵמָה וְכֹל אֲשֶׁר יִהְיֶה בָעִיר, כָּל-שְׁלָלָהּ–תָּבֹז לָךְ; וְאָכַלְתָּ אֶת-שְׁלַל אֹיְבֶיךָ, אֲשֶׁר נָתַן יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ לָךְ. 14
    but the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take for a prey unto thyself; and thou shalt eat the spoil of thine enemies, which the LORD thy God hath given thee.
    lobro: prey? i get it, san fernando valley and the bohemian grove baron rothschild pedophile snuff parties, yes?
    oh, this god likes his chosen (well, 95%, anyway) to have some good, wholesome fun.

    טו כֵּן תַּעֲשֶׂה לְכָל-הֶעָרִים, הָרְחֹקֹת מִמְּךָ מְאֹד, אֲשֶׁר לֹא-מֵעָרֵי הַגּוֹיִם-הָאֵלֶּה, הֵנָּה. 15
    Thus shalt thou do unto all the cities which are very far off from thee, which are not of the cities of these nations.
    lobro: why stop at eretz israel bordered by nile and euphrates, let’s go to holland, america, south africa, argentina (and call ourselves poor suffering diaspora, nearly wiped out by holocaust, did you hear, wiped out!!!)

    טז רַק, מֵעָרֵי הָעַמִּים הָאֵלֶּה, אֲשֶׁר יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ, נֹתֵן לְךָ נַחֲלָה–לֹא תְחַיֶּה, כָּל-נְשָׁמָה. 16
    Howbeit of the cities of these peoples, that the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth,
    lobro: no comment needed by now i hope, LORD god of abraham, isaac and jacob has proven beyond the shadow of doubt that he is not Satan, oh no, what a heretical thought.

    יז כִּי-הַחֲרֵם תַּחֲרִימֵם, הַחִתִּי וְהָאֱמֹרִי הַכְּנַעֲנִי וְהַפְּרִזִּי, הַחִוִּי, וְהַיְבוּסִי–כַּאֲשֶׁר צִוְּךָ, יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ. 17
    but thou shalt utterly destroy them: the Hittite, and the Amorite, the Canaanite, and the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee;
    lobro: it sure throws a new light on those 4% who don’t support genocide against gaza, doesn’t it? they are actually rebelling against the god of abraham, isaac and jacob, they are the bad jews, all the rest of them are good jews …

    Also Sprach Yahweh

    so let’s hear some more from you guys about shem, phlegm, essau, dachau, netanyahau …

    1. kobro –

      Thanks for sharing this impressive information. And for taking the time at the library.
      I have spent many hours doing the same. I usually paid the 25 cents to use their copy machine, specifically designed to handle books.
      You might find a talmud in the law library at a law school.

  38. i get couple of suspicions at this point.

    paying any kind of attention, paying heed or just paying lip service to old testament is the first step in the protestant perdition, the contagion that puts one on the road to zio-christian madness.

    such are likely to provide convenient cover to themselves by ragging on various straw men, the favorite ones being the catholics, vatican, the jesuits … because yes, catholics are liable to be stupid, the vatican curia are liable to be materialistic, venal and corrupt, the popes are liable to be cowardly appeasers and were in the past debauched perverts (some, certainly not all), because jesuits may at one time have ran the inquisition.

    yet, there is absolutely no proof that the above failinngs are in any way institutionalized, there is absolutely nothing in the tracts of the jesuit sect that indicates any great love of the jew, any affiliation with him or obedience to him or the freemasonry.

    all this is pure bullshit sown by the enemies in the olde england, your various hallets who in the same breath spill utter, unverified lies about hitler.
    and all for the common purpose of providing cover the the boss jew.

    i have met couple of jesuits in chicago, loyola college and university of chicago, 2 professors, one ran some athletics or basketball facility at loyola.
    the last one was a young italian, great sense of humor, loves sports.
    the other two were supremely erudite and quite a learning experience to talk to, one a historian (medieval period), the other a physicist.
    apparently the order does not accept people without post-secondary education, most have graduate degrees and are encouraged to make their education a lifelong pursuit.
    this makes them quite rebellious and liable to support socialist movements, radicals and revolutions – read about the recent latin american history, eg, el salvador or brazil, where they were directly targeted for assassination by the cia and their underlings, the isis-types.
    also, the popes have been rightly suspicious of them for the very same reason.

    i met old cuban revolutionaries who were raised by the jesuits and they are among the finest debaters, the most thoughtful people i ever had the privilege of knowing, open to every conceivable subject: religion, jews, history, you name it.
    both fidel castro and pierre trudeau were jesuit educated and no modern leader is qualified to carry their jock straps today in terms of both intellect and character.

    if vatican parks their money with the rothschilds, so what?
    so do you, if you have a bank account.
    show me one single western bank without strong rothschild component if not the outrisght ownership.

    talk about straw men … line up boys for your congressional medals of horror.

    1. Lobro –

      I cannot prove you to be correct, but there is a great deal of evidence supporting the claim of England being the root of many problems. Here is just one example:

      Justice Marshall let the cat out of the bag as late as 1835 when he stated that only England had aboriginal title to land in the US. We all just might be squatters or sojourners or renters at best, none of which have rights, just privileges. These conditions are the result of the Discovery Doctrines issued by the Jew Popes in the 15th century.

      “…aboriginal title was inalienable, except to The Crown.”**

      Had the Revolutionary War (false flag to get a bank of England) actually defeated the Crown, aboriginal title to land would have been abolished throughout. But, as most do NOT know, the Crown dictated the Treaty of Paris, not the so called victors. All the colonies gained were fishing privileges off Nova Scotia. England gained the banking system here.
      The Marshall Court (1801—1835) issued some of the earliest and most influential opinions on the status of aboriginal title in the United States, most of them authored by Chief Justice John Marshall.
      Johnson involved a pre-Revolutionary private conveyances from 1773 and 1775; Michell v. United States (1835) involved 1804 and 1806 conveyances in Florida under Spanish rule. In both cases, the Marshall Court continued to apply the rule that aboriginal title was inalienable, except to The Crown.**


      1. it is cromwell’s england that has lost its way and its honor, pat, never regained it to this day.

        richard iii, the last of the house of york, the last of the plantagenet dynasty, the last english royal to die like a man on battlefield, the last of the catholic kings,

        is also the last legitimate monarch of great britain.

        any guesses what happened after him?

      2. So true, hp and lobro

        Since Cromwell OF COURSE we would see the epitome of arrogance ruling in its cruel sphere. And something that may be of interest to note has to do with an arcane component they use, which in the case of England points to Ares the Ram. Traits of being headstrong and unrelenting (the sun never sets…) are used in a typical psychopathic manner in creating their empire (cheeky bastards)

        To the minion “subjects” below who carry out its deeds, it’s made to look as though they’re doing “God’s work” through the masonic societal construct, and with the debauchery of the OT and the dissolution of the NT being oh so useful as the false religious underpinning guiding their actions “in righteousness” (gag me)

      3. For what it’s worth, my use of the word “dissolution” in referring to the NT isn’t to suggest being dismissive of it. I probably should have simply said, “watered down”, as if to suggest a dampening of the full message of the great burning fire that is Christ. Not to mention dowsing the fire altogether with milktoast tripe such as “turning the other cheek”, “loving your enemies as you love yourself”, etc.

        An implacable enemy is impervious to ANY notion of love. There is an outright INCAPABILITY of it for them. Hence the need for correcting a “celestial error”.

        Call the correcting actions to be taken a joint effort between God and Man. Man properly identifies “them” in the temporal sphere. God does what he must do in his.

    2. Ok. This must be brief in that I’ve slept-in sort of late (and must, nonetheless, attend to some chores, today) –

      Thank you for the time. What you describe in your Talmud research reveals that poor little Jew-babies are indoctrinated so early in life THEY ARE CONDITIONED TO HAVE THE PERSECUTION COMPLEX which is almost impossible to overcome – mainly due to the societal isolation imposed upon them by their grooms/parents from an early age. I get that.

      I know this sounds ‘bleeding heart’, but might that circumstance not also beg the question of ‘Evironment vs. Heredity’ in the outcome of their deplorable condition?? Yes, we really don’t have time for all those considerations in life, because we, too, must deal with persecution and injustices; but our old slogan of ‘Kill ’em ALL and let God sort ’em out!’ has proven inefficient. There must be a better way – and I believe our Jesus and Buddahs and other prophetic beings came here to try to lead us in that direction. We’re getting there, I believe (though maybe not in time for the poor souls who don’t think they’ll reincarnate! 🙂 ).

      This very essay by Ellie Katsnelson reinforced my thinking it terribly unjust for some to condemn ALL Jews – because (according to herself) she, too, is at least HALF one such. Should that circumstance condemn her and others?? Perhaps the FEAR of reprisal for the wrongs committed by their parentage keeps them isolated.

      Anyhow, the gist of my intent is to try to promote the GOOD above the EVIL. NONE of us knows for sure the outcome of the end to our lives, but it doesn’t hurt to hedge on the side of Kindness and Mercy. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Gotta go, for now.

      1. i know you well enough gilbert by now that there is no need to promote your kindness to me.
        because you are indeed a kind soul and open minded.

        you just need to bring in a bit of quantitative analysis mixed in with the qualitative in order not only to gain balance but to make sure you don’t end up a sore loser.

        was it ellie that quoted some hindu script about some prehistorical guy who was nagging and wheedling god to interfere and help him out of whatever predicament he was in?

        and what was god’s reply?

        first give me proof of what you did by way of helping yourself and if you indeed tried your best and came up short, i will help you.
        well, that was it, because the guy never did anything and expected the god to do all the heavy lifting
        (while he had his feet on the footstool by the fireplace, millet whiskey (east injun favorite) in hand :-))

        all the “christians” who get regularly stared down by their morning oatmeal and expect archangels with flaming swords and other heavenly drones to bring them justice had better read that hindu parable.

      2. “it doesn’t hurt to hedge on the side of Kindness and Mercy. ”

        With Jews it does. These people have spent 2,000 years trying to annihilate us. What mercy do they deserve? None. Your kindness and mercy are the reasons why we’ve never done to them what should have been done. Kindness and mercy only prevent us from doing what needs to be done to free the world from them. If any “innocent” Jews die in the struggle, it’s their fault, not ours. We cannot be expected to waste time and energy separating the good ones from the bad.

  39. Whining about the evil Jews has its place. But falsely claiming that Americans willingly accept the Jewish subversion is bogus and false. This is incorrect: “the enslavement that has subtly and incrementally taken place in the United States of America is actually voluntary and not involuntary.” The situation in the West has come about through willful subversion, deceit and Jewish swindles and lies. No one accepts enslavement willingly, not even the dumbest African banana-eater. To claim otherwise, is to join the demon Jews in “blaming the victim.”

    As for pornography, it is not well understood that every filthy thing that comes out of Judaism revolves around the Jewish circumcised penis fetish of these Semitic Jewish dogs. Their demonic frenzy to “go forth and multiply” has created the nastiest people on earth. The rabbis are experts at sniffing Jewish women’s menstrual rags (see the Babylonian Talmud, Book of Nidah) and their rabbinical authority for sodomizing little children is built into Judaism. Quite simply, making the world “jew clean” will solve all of our problems.

    Who are the two people whom the Jews hate the worst? Answer that question and you solve the Jewish Problem because those two people solved the Jewish Problem but few people believed them. We do not have to re-invent the wheel, Folks. The Final Solution has already been enunciation.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones.

    1. “Voluntary” and “involuntary” don’t factor into the equation. Those who have power command those who don’t.

  40. actually richard iii was not the last catholic king, that would be charles i, whose death warrant was signed by cromwell.

    still, it is an interesting chronology from the jew perspective:
    1290, expelled from england by edward i,
    1492, expelled from spain by isabella + ferdinand,
    —— jews massing in netherlands like a viral infection center, financing cromwell,
    1649, the last catholic king, charles i executed on cromwell’s orders (he also devastated the catholic ireland),
    1655, resettlement of jews promoted by cromwell as his end of the deal in holland,
    protestant dynasties imported from holland and germany, orange, hanover and windsor – at behest of jews?

    i am somewhat familiar with how the infamous orangemen paraded up and down ireland and colonies such as canada, rubbing it in for defeated catholics – at behest of jews?

    a better qualified historian might want to look at the geopolitical developments of europe, levant, byzanthium and turkey to see patterns that are likely hidden from the usual curricula in order to perceive the nefarious long term strategy of talmud protocols.

    jews and their amassed stolen gold slithered through continents and centuries like a viper, directing the thrust of corruption, no doubt centrally conceived, organized and directed from some reeking pit of iniquity.

    and the history is by no means dead but very much alive, the boa constrictor’s coils squeezing ever tighter, poised for the final kill?

    1. …final kill? I doubt it. More likely just another in a long list past, present and future as the virus morphs!!

  41. Inspirational post, my friend. Time to resist was ages ago but it is never too late to join in. Passing this around should help. I like to keep in mind that herds of men fall asleep in great masses but awaken one by one to the truth ~ if we keep this exposure up!

  42. continuing on the spoor of the secret history of jews and protestantism, not ready to assign any probabilities, not yet – just catching some tantalizing glimpses in the rear view mirror.

    i wish someone better qualified for this kind of work, equipped with a disciplined, focused mind would pick up where i flounder, i am just swinging in the monkey bars, someone like tyron or ellie.

    but consider: luther and reformation started in early 1500s, one of the things he said is:
    When we are inclined to boast of our position [as Christians] we should remember that we are but Gentiles, while the Jews are of the lineage of Christ. We are aliens and in-laws; they are blood relatives, cousins, and brothers of our Lord. Therefore, if one is to boast of flesh and blood the Jews are actually nearer to Christ than we are.
    (later on he changed the tune, having realized just what pandora’s box he opened, but it was much too late)

    so this reformation started soon after they got the spanish boot, when they landed in the cities of the hanseatic league, proof that expulsions don’t work, just like cutting the tumor only speeds up the metastases.

    to me, protestantism is like an early trial version of bolshevism, floated for the same reason.

    consider too the conquest of the new world, was it not the dutch pilgrims that first squatted in new england?
    how about the intersecting major avenues in new haven (dixwell av, whalley av, and goffe st), named after the 3 charles i regicides who escaped to connecticut?

    and the filthy slavers of the new amsterdam (now rio de janeiro, brazil) were spanish conversos and maranos who bribed the rhode island governor to let jews open slave markets there along with synagogues, starting the major new branch of slaving empire (check out aaron lopez and cohorts).

    nothing involves jews by coincidence.

    so you see tyron, the orbit you launched me into with that anti-jesuit diatribe?
    with all due respect, other among your valid observations aside, here you ended up barking up the wrong tree.

    christ – new testament – jesuits – antisemitic stuff
    pharisees – old testament – protestants – unwitting tools of talmud

    thus you get the mutant golem of ziochristians who have been running the united states of america from the opening bell, the one catholic aberration (jfk) in over 200 years got quickly remedied, didn’t he.

    so what are the prospects for america, given all that age old maneuvering of the world’s most insidious satanic power?

    1. Interesting.
      “When we are inclined to boast of our position [as Christians] we should remember that we are but Gentiles, while the Jews are of the lineage of Christ. We are aliens and in-laws; they are blood relatives, cousins, and brothers of our Lord. Therefore, if one is to boast of flesh and blood the Jews are actually nearer to Christ than we are.”

      Being well versed in several languages, Luther translated a number of Latin texts and completed his German vernacular translation of the New Testament in 1521. So, he arrived at this by mistake, I’m sure.

      It could happen if he followed the myths passed down by George Buchannan, tutor of King James I&VI.

  43. Ellie,
    Methinks you used too many words
    To resist Jews
    who do not hesitate
    whatever they want, they do
    To say “Time to”
    is perhaps 2-late ?

  44. Kevin Moore and all those quoting or questioning scriptures.

    The reason why it is important to understand the correct scriptural narrative and law is because the narrative reveals the ultimate truths behind the conspiracy against the white race and by what means it can and will be overcome.

    Whites are from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. The “Jews” are from Esau who mixed with Canaanites who’d mixed with the fallen ones (Lizard- “aliens” otherwise known as Annunaki). Later in this present earth age these people now called Sephardics mixed with the Ashkenaz comprising today the “Jewish race”.

    Why is this information important? Because history repeats as it is again today.

    In the first earth age inside Eden (inside inner world) Eve was impregnated by Satan and Adam and produced two white peoples- Cain who was a hybrid human and then Able- pure Adamite. During the flood some of these hybrids escaped their punishment for trying to genocide Adamic peoples inside the caverns that riddle the planet. These people are whom in the third earth age we called Canaanites who mixed with Esau. They infiltrated Egypt mixing with the Pharaoh’s becoming the Priest Class that rejected the “corner stone” (cap stone= I AM) on the Great Pyramid trying to exterminate Adamic/Hebrew whites again. Esau infiltrated Judea 200 years before Christ, taking over the Priesthood and Kingship (Herodians) trying to exterminate Adamites/Judaites– rejecting the corner stone (cap stone) again (Jesus) by murdering him which marked the beginning of the fourth earth age.

    World Orders are always switching between good world orders ruled by Adamite/whites and evil world orders ruled by alien hybrid whites. Whites rule each earth ages to be usurped at the end by the hybrids who are then destroyed beginning the new earth age of white rule.

    Today we are witnessing a repeat of all those events but this time around, its WAY worse. Today, these hybrids literally want to exterminate all whites off the planet bringing their fallen angel masters and nightmarish genetic creations inside the earth to the surface world so as to crown their chief fallen angel (Satan) as King. Sound crazy? You don’t have to believe it but watch this video if you doubt.


    WE THE PEOPLE in America are in a very special position. The UK/Colonies are too but most don’t know it. We are born Sovereign Kings and Queens unlike ANY nation or people on planet earth and because of this we have the inherent power and right to wage a lawful physical war to free our peoples and save the planet.

    It’s true we are to love enemies and especially when it comes to our own people. However, does not the Lord say that Governments hold a sword for a reason and that reason is to punish the evil doers?

    1. Continued

      In America the LAWFUL Governments (uSA 1776-1789 to the present) is the SERVANT OF “we the people”. We are the Sovereign MASTERS whom the Lord has programmed HIS LAW inside of. As such if WE THE PEOPLE declare and/or execute a PHYSICAL WAR under LAW, the Government servants are REQUIRED TO USE THE SWORD to execute OUR WILL! Furthermore, the lawful militias are the last line of defense for our people and they comprise ALL OF WE THE PEOPLE (Those born on the land), except for a few public servants.

      When the time is right to execute the civilian orders ALREADY issued by the Common/Natural/Christians law Grand Juries which even the Corporation SCOTUS admits TRUMPS them, lawful resistance will commence. Spiritual resistance is found in being kind to one’s enemies and yet are we not being all too kind by simply allowing these genocidal hybrids to exist a little longer- hoping, praying, wishing they would quit their wars of extermnation they keep pushing on us and the rest of the world???

      This is how the “Jews” Babylon will fall (“Israel”- the seat of the JWO with the fake “Jews” ruling) Revelation 18:5for her (The Esau “Jews”) sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. 6″Pay her back even as she has paid, and give back to her double according to her deeds; in the cup which she has mixed, mix twice as much for her.7To the degree that she glorified herself and lived sensuously, to the same degree give her torment and mourning; for she says in her heart, ‘I SIT as A QUEEN AND I AM NOT A WIDOW’, and will never see mourning.’…

      Oh yes you will!!

      Obediah 1:17 But on mount Sion (Mount of Olives) there shall be deliverance, and there shall be a sanctuary; and the house of Jacob (Whites/European nations) shall take for an inheritance those that took them for an inheritance. (the “Jews” and cohorts who enslaved and tried to exterminate us again) 18 And the house of Jacob (Nations of whites/Europeans) shall be fire, and the house of Joseph (UK-Colonies/America) a flame, and the house of Esau (“Jews”/state of “Israel’) shall be for stubble; and Israel (whites/Europeans-authentic Christians)shall flame forth against them, and shall devour them, and there shall not be a corn-field left to the house of Esau (“Jews”/State of “Israel”); because the Lord has spoken….21 And they that escape (The extermination of whites) shall come up from mount Sion (Mount of Olives), to take vengeance on the mount of Esau (Jerusalem); and the kingdom (The JWO with Satan on top) shall be the Lord’s (whites/Europeans with our kinfolk Jesus ruling).

      So obviously there is a place for both spiritual and physical resistance.

      1. Tyronne, it is extremely common place and ordinary for a particular group to place themselves as uniquely special.You are proof that you can spend your whole life proving that to be so but this is what I say. No one is more important or special than anyone else. We are all insignificant and significant at the same time. THis yin-yang problem of life is exactly why people are so easily duped by manipulators to follow them into crazy confrontations and horrible atrocities. Because those leaders have become expert at telling them they their concerns and no others are worthy of consideration. That their rights are paramount and other’s rights are of little note. The Jew sees and uses this to enlist us in his evil and we have happily followed him as Jew house nigga subjecting quote unquote inferior people to exploitation and slavery because we have the “we are the only tribe that matters” mindset. Well, I am here to say, the Jews have got us fighting each other and whether you know it or not, your fixation on the white man is a gift from the Jew cause many societies located close together as opposed to one is how Jews stay in control. he tells every group that will listen what they want to hear and it’s always something bad about the other groups

  45. Tyron,

    This time I will be rude. Every fricking time you come in here, you always bore us to death with your Esaus and Adams. When the Jews come to cut you with knife, it will not interest them whether they have the law behind them or not, or whether you, Tyron Parson, possess this much or that much knowledge about the Bible. To speak as you do about Adam and Eve constantly, without not once talking about the pornographic bestiality which Lasha and John Kaminski speak, is to make it known to all of us that all you want to do is to divert us from the real issues, and this is not fair, because you really do take up more space than everyone else, and so unless you can’t be at least half as intelligent as Sardonicus and Pat and Lobro and pretty much everyone else, shut your fricking mouth!

    Now, I’ve already told the permanently cynical SPQR what I think of him (not that he cares, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him) and I will tell you too. We want intelligent inputs here, Tyron, practical suggestions, good counsels and wise thoughts. WE DO NOT WANT ESAU, AND ADAM, AND ABRAHAM, AND EVE!!! No Esau ever came to the aid of the German people, and no Abraham ever turned his eyes on the slaughtered Russians, and believe me, not even Christ will save you if you keep looking for the answers to the Jewish problem in your fricking Jewish bible! Now, Tyron, mend you ways, or I really will become just like one of those people I hate, by which I mean those who write to Lasha behind commenters back and ask her to ban them. I have never done this, NEVER EVER, but you may just force me to do it.

    F..k Esau, f..k Adam, f..k Eve and f..k Abraham, and f..k all the Jews. I want to read good and instructive and intelligent comments and essays here, and not some Jewish gibberish!!! Lucy Skipping, please take note. I’m fricking tired of this guy. Give him one more chance and after that ban him for life, and send him to a fricking Jewish Yeshiva College so he can join his Jewish brothers and together study the fricking LAW! Enough is enough! And fair is fair!


    1. Amero –

      Although I understand the urgings of Tyron to repeat his lessons, I commend your consternation. Enough is enough.

      Different writings speak to different readers. Personally, I, myself, am a champion of the Bible. There are keys found in its different translations and texts which have a uniformity about them which isn’t lost upon those to whom it is given to understand. Certainly, for the details of the ‘wherefores’ and ‘why nots’, one can rely on some of the learned scholars who comment on this site (the lobros, the sardos, the pats, et.al.) to shed light. Much is to be gained from being able to scan a variety of perspectives.

      Again, I applaud your polite – yet firm – consternation. 🙂

    2. Amero –

      He has permission to post two comments a day at 500 words each. The content is of his choosing.

      I want him to keep a-preachin. It is comical. And it defeats his own purpose. His words defeat him. We cannot do as much harm to him as he does to himself. I told him that already. He means well. He is just a bit off. He knows how to trace every Jew and every white lineage back to Noah, but can’t discern that EK is a Jew because her dad was a Jew…LOL!!! If he DID know it…then…HE’s the agent..LOL!!!

      The funny part is that he has called me a Jew agent for months…he knows what I am up to…every word I state is to deceive the good people here….on and on. Then, HE, NOT ME, runs to a Jew Israeli citizen author here with open arms. “How are you? I’m so glad you’re back.” He put it on thick as molasses to the DUAL CITIZEN of Israel..LOL!!

      Yes. Law of Return makes EK an automatic Israeli citizen, being an illegitimate daughter of a Jew. She said so.

      Joke is on him. Great entertainment, though. 😉

      I enjoy EK’s writing. I wish she would write about a country where she has lived. She has no experience of the vast spaces and freedom to drive trucks here in America. France has a population density 4 times that of America and England is 8 times population density. Those places where she lived are ghetto spawns, piled high with Jews. She should get out more often. I lived in Scotland off and on for a couple years, myself. Not much fun trying to get a beer(room temp) between 2 and 4…or anything else at the stores. ‘Tea time,’ ya knows.

      I don’t appreciate the finer things…like roiling electrical ‘brown-outs’ every week. And right while watching the ‘tele.’

      1. EK mentioned the ‘American race’ several times. That’s a new one on me. They might teach that in Paris or Westminster. That race might go back through Hiawenthe’s lineage….one of the three sons on the big canoe (ark).

      2. Ooops…My lack of Brit-ness is showing. It is ‘telly’..not ‘tele.’ Actually glad I made the mistake. We say ‘TV’ of course.

    3. @ Amero
      (re. Tyron Parsons)

      Lucy Skipping, please take note. I’m fricking tired of this guy. Give him one more chance and after that ban him for life,

      We can’t ban every poster who gets on your nerves, Amero. That would be an abuse of power and a breach of free speech. We ban posters only as a last resort when it is clear to us that they are either crazy, or malevolent Zionist trolls, or when complaints about them are numerous and never-ending.

      Tyron, however irritating to you personally, appears to be genuinely sincere. Moroever, there are several posters on this site who are happy to interact with him and even compliment him.

      To keep him in line, we have limited his output to two posts a day, with a maximum of 500 words per post. We regard this as overly generous, given that few of our other posters manage to churn out 1000 words a day.

      If Tyron’s comments annoy you, just skip them. If you don’t like strong cheese, you don’t have to eat it.

      1. contrary to what some may imagine, i have never, ever privately asked the site people to ban anyone, let them speak out on this matter, right or wrong.

        i was asked quite openly in these threads on maybe 2 occasions whether i supported banning particular posters because they were overly abusive – not merely argumentative, but just kept pouring vitriol with every single comment, nothing ever of general interest.
        in both cases i counseled restraint, to wit, joe and gabreal jones.
        eventually they dug themselves into a hole where the admin had no choice but to dump them off-site.

        what i did ask lasha privately was for the means to install an “ignore” (on/off) button beside each poster’s name so that everyone had their personal choice in the matter.
        not sure if wordpress toolkit has this option.

  46. 98% of puffed up theistic scholars get in their own way and other’s way as well.
    In reality they are little more than saboteurs of spiritual liberation.

    The Catholic fellow (monk) whom Lasha wrote an article about, a while back, said it better than any professional reciter of scripture. He said it perfectly.
    “The little ones clutching their rosaries” are the honest devotees of God and are practically all that is left of the devastated church. (take your pick)

    “Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda. Oh fool! Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death.”

    Bhaja Govindam

      1. Pat, I have no idea what that implies but only ask who in their right mind wishes to inherit the earth?

        The crux, eh?

      2. hp –

        I was inspired by the sayings on the site you posted. It said do not seek wealth, and do not boast, but be satisfied..basically…. be meek. I should have been more specific. I’m usually too curt.

  47. it looks like all of the aryan nation blog posters moved here to darkmoon. They hate jews which i like, but they hate muslims too!
    so whom to chose?
    the white murderer and crusader
    or the blood drinking jew?
    and why chose?
    fak em both

  48. it looks like all of the aryan nation blog posters moved here to darkmoon. They hate jews which i like, but they hate muslims too, which i am!
    so whom to chose?
    the white murderer and crusader, evil egotistic and atheist
    or the blood drinking jew, killer of gaza school children?
    and why choose?
    fak em both

    1. And who am I supposed to choose, as a White man? The Jewish criminals who have invaded our lands and subverted our governments or the Muslim rape machines who have also invaded our lands and are displacing us at a rapid rate?

      Fuck em both. Neither of you bastards belong anywhere near us.

  49. “In western society, women’s equality and women’s pornographization have gone hand in hand. Women’s public sexiness is said to demonstrate their emancipation from repression and inequality. Even as sexy women are the oil that lubricates planetary consumption. Capitalism without women has no legs to stand on. Or to open. Yet no woman wants to be a whore,” says Markha Valenta, an Amsterdam-based journalist with interests in politics of religion and culture in the West and the Muslim world. She wrote a very informative article on the success of Islamophobia in the West in September 2010, which is worth reading here.

    The western Zionist-controlled politicians and media – spare no time to liberate women from the Islamic oppression – but the fact is the women in the west are more miserable than their sisters in the Muslim world.

    In October 2009, I wrote a post dealing with a study conducted by professors Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers (University of Pennsylvania), which had concluded that a majority of western women feel miserable socially even though they’re economically better off than women living in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    The results of a Gallup Poll on gender equality conducted among 143 countries, released on July 6, 2012 – show that women in several so-called ‘uncivilized’ countries feel more safe than United States and many other western ‘civilized’ countries, to walk alone in streets.

    The results were based on interviews taken among more than 181,000 people in 143 countries, polling male’s and female’s feeling of safety when walking alone at night where they live. The striking outcome of this poll has been to reveal that the biggest gap between genders’ feeling of safety is in the rich and civilized countries of the West. The gap between men and women in countries like France, United States, Sweden and Belgium comes in at between 24 and 27%. In Netherland, it’s 22% while in Britain it’s 20%. By contrast, the countries where women feel most safe in the world are Muslim countries, Syria (a gap of only 4% before the current US-Israeli bloodshed for a regime change in Damascus), Bangladesh, Niger and Indonesia – with gender gap between 1 to 8%. Some of the other safer places include China, Georgia, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Burundi and Angola.

    In September 2002, Canadian Jewish academic Henry Makow Ph.D wrote: “The Muslim woman’s focus is her home, the “nest” where her children are born and reared. She is the “home” maker, the taproot that sustains the spiritual life of the family, nurturing and training her children, providing refuge and support to her husband. In contrast, the bikinied American beauty queen struts practically naked in front of millions on TV. A feminist, she belongs to herself. In practice, paradoxically, she is public property. She belongs to no one and everyone. She shops her body to the highest bidder. She is auctioning herself all of the time.” Read full article here.

    And finally, a gem from a US-Ukraine Jew professor Milton Diamond (University of Hawaii) whose research stated that (legalized) child pornography could be beneficial to society, because “potential sex offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children“. If you want to read more on this subject, I recommend reading of Pandora Pushkin’s December 8, 2012 article here.


  50. if gentiles took back control of russia from jews, how/when/where did this happen?

    lobro you have completely avoided the question again

    but i understand … you cannot provide logistics of the event because the event doesnt exist

    instead, you go on about side plots, lampshades, the three little pigs, and what happened at chuck e. cheese … if putin is a good person, why does he lie about 911, holocaust, and WWII … if putin has done something good, why is syria and iraq warzones, and palestine a desert … putin is playing the eastern part of this east v west hasbara

    but i was not asking for your story this time, i was asking for katsnelson’s … she has put a target on america as if england, italy, russia, germany, india, australia, are free of jewish control … this east v west hasbara has got to end … only let the paid sayanim distribute it and expose themselves

    controlled opposition, just like Lasha Darkmoon and Ellie Katsnelson

    thanks for the confession lobro, but most people think you are being sarcastic … it is good to tell the truth, while pretending not to … prevents the head from boiling … atleast now people can understand what borat was doing when he sang ‘throw the jew down the well’

    you guys already dropped your pretenses to me … but i understand if you have to keep them up in front of the world … i understand … but, the truth is the only thing that will set you completely free


    1. let’s reverse the flow for a bit and tell me how it feels.

      let me apply your methodology to you, ie, flying cossack’s inquisition method applied to flying cossack.

      you say that you consider jews a menace to the world, right?
      so, how many jews did you kill yesterday?

      what, none?
      did you at the very least, the cowardly least, go marching through your neighborhood bearing a placard that says
      “Jews Did 9-11! Down with Jewish Usury! Jews Pollute Our Moral Environment! Jews Turn Our Kids Into Whores!”

      answer this honestly, if not to the present forum then at least to yourself.
      why didn’t you do any of the above, if you so care about the shape of the world and to at least provide an example to vlad putin, ellie katsnelson, lasha darkmoon and lobro who do nothing but sit on dead ass all day?
      what’s the problem, more imprtant things interfered, lawn needed mowing, leaves raking, oil change on the car, jew owns mortgage on the home and better not to piss him off?
      maybe a grownup kid just started work as a bank teller and hopes for promotion into the accounting?

      so take your pick from the multiple choice of answers below:
      1. flying cossack is a jew
      2. flying cossack is a shabbos goy working for jew (just like putin)
      3. flying cossack is concerned with survival of his family and understands the danger of open hostility when exposed and powerless (just like putin is concerned with survival of his NATION and understands the danger of open hostility when exposed and RELATIVELY powerless – compare military budget of the united states with that of russia)
      4. flying cossack will express his opinion openly and maybe even take personal action when he feels the time is right (just like putin)

      on the other hand, forget it.
      go on with snide remarks, you seem to have secured your niche in the threads, why rock the boat by thinking.

      1. if you do not profit from your ancestors’ sins, you are not accountable for them

        give everything back and tell the truth … only a house built on truth will last


      2. poetry 101:
        hypocrisy rhymes with easy
        (and easy rhymes with hypocrisy, so maybe we are onto something)

        your pretense is wearing kind of thin, cossack.
        all you do is toss in these innuendos without slightest effort at substantiation, so now people like myself and brownhawk are no longer even sayanim but jews.
        got proof? where is your evidence?

        the rules of proof is something not taught in yeshivas, there they teach sophistry and backhanded tricks, how to sow confusion by switching tracks and smearing the opponent.

        1. The evidence or argument that compels the mind to accept an assertion as true.
        2. a. The validation of a proposition by application of specified rules, as of induction or deduction, to assumptions, axioms, and sequentially derived conclusions.

        5. Law The result or effect of evidence; the establishment or denial of a fact by evidence.

        so is this the best you can do?

        just what is your “truth”, the verbal crutch that you use to hobble from post to post?

        i now wonder what the word cossack stands for.
        when i was a pre-teen, i read some action novel about cossacks (pretty sure cossacks, not tartars), how there was this hero in the ben hur mold, name tarras bulba (yes? you heard of him?).
        he fought against (help me here please: a) russians, b) turks, c) poles, d) germans) to liberate his homeland from occupying force and was martyred at the end, a real el cid charlton heston heroic tearjerker).
        do you model yourself on him?
        if you do, the answer above is obviously a).

        but the difference at any rate was that bulba fought like a man, spear, horse, sword.
        the least you could do is use some sequential deductive process.

        instead, you present these statements worthy of a lobotomized eunuch:
        if you do not profit from your ancestors’ sins, you are not accountable for them
        give everything back and tell the truth

        hey people, what’s he saying here?
        that i am a jew, a child of christkillers, that my possessions, such as they may be are inherited wealth looted by my talmudic ancestors.

        at least be a man, however retarded and say it straight.
        don’t worry about proof and evidence, such concepts are far, far over your bailiwick.
        maybe that poetry 101 lesson is where you should start the rebuilding effort.

      3. lobro, you crafty devil … it is a shame that your real audience is so small … too few appreciate how clever you are

        it is nice of you to include some of my personal details and my family’s … i know you guys are watching me … i can smell you from another galaxy … but you can turn your infrared and xray off, i wont show them anything … instead of worrying where your end is coming from, you should know that if you continue apace, you will be ended … your focus should be on changing while you have a chance

      4. use some sequential deductive process.

        lobro knows my personal details
        the only people that know personal details are secret service
        all secret service are mossad
        lobro is mossad

  51. Art’s resisting.

    Art is a very real ‘resister’ in the trenches and he is moving forward with some success, finally.

    September 24th, 2014

    Dear Readers and Supporters of Freedom of Speech,
    After eight years of unrelenting legal harassment (commencing in 2007) on the part of the Canadian government and the masonic Jewish lobby group B’nai Brith Canada I’m most pleased to announce that the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) has assumed a positive leadership role in offering its support to both myself and RadicalPress.com in the current sec. 319(2) CCC “Hate Propaganda” charge which was laid against my person and RadicalPress.com back on May 16th, 2012.


    Please take the time to read this short pdf file containing the OCLA’s statement on – R v Arthur Topham.

  52. “Time to resist”

    In a practical sense of things I’m reminded of what must be an ancient memory of fighting an ancient enemy. Right away I’ll think of old Blood ‘n Guts exhorting his troops to be the poor dumb sonsofbitches that kill the other poor dumb sonsofbitches who want to kill YOU.

    Sigh. Come what come may.

    But what really gets me salivating is the thought of hit squads formulating plans as we speak and aimed at the Big Fish scumbags in our midst. We’re all well familiar with the names. And let me pause here to say hello to any mossad/cia type dupes who I’m certain visit this site on a regular basis: Hiya fellas! You know what I’m talkin’ about.

    But I digress

    When the serious SHTF to a neighborhood near you, dear reader, and all hell breaks loose as it is right now in suffering Syria, the list will be well-known to all the involved parties, and the logistics well-thought out as the squads take their orders and fan out in their deployment. And Tyron is right in terms of timing being everything

    Then it’ll be good old frontier justice time, and depending on any particular circumstance they MAY get a trial. But they WILL always get a hangin’

    P.S. I wonder where Lonnie is? I at least like to think that this is the kind of thing he’s hinting about, and takes the importance of the timing factor to heart. Or if not him then whoever it is that’s inclined to take these roles upon themselves.

    Godspeed to All

    1. you dont need to threaten me brownhawk, im well aware how you jews butchered millions of ukrainians and russians … and are salivating at the chance of doing it again … undoubtedly, your death squads have truthers targetted everywhere … and after the day of the deed, you will advertise kristallnacht – the evil jews have died … when the truth will be the opposite

      if you want to say hello to mossad/cia lackeys, look to the cubicle next to you … or write a post-it … he is about to clock in, soon it will be morning in petah tikvah

      it is plainly obvious who are the sayanim on payrolls … the people selling gentile v gentile wars

  53. Well, first of all I would like to sincerely apologise to Lobro, whom I thoughtlessly offended I think. Lobro: Pat and Sardo have shown enough grace and have accepted my apology, and I would like you to do the same please. Thank you.

    Now, Flying Cossack: Just as Lobro said: could you please tell us what YOU did to enlighten and warn and instruct and counsel us good members of this little community? And also, how exactly did your most enlightened understanding lead you to the ”corruscating” conclusion, (to paraphrase Sardo), that Lasha Darkmoon and Ellie Katsnelson are sayanim and controlled opposition? Did you ”Sneeze The Truth” as your Jews say, whilst you were relieving yourself, or did you drink something from the ” Yiddishe barzel” that made you arrive at those two ”profound” truths?

    Well, Mr flying Jew, if you had been here long enough you would know a couple of things: first, when you criticize one of ours, we are ready and prepared to ram it in as hard as it goes, if you get my drift, and second, you would know from our voices and our words who here is a troll and a shabbos goy and who not. Those two outstanding individuals whom you have just criticised are beautiful and intelligent women, who do precisely what you do not Mr flying Jew, and that is, teach, warn, enlighten and instruct; and if YOU YOURSELF, to paraphrase you, do not learn from the dark sins of your own Jewish ancestors, then, when soon, (may we live in interesting times!) we get hold of you, the first thing we will do to you is to quickly undress you, just for a quick check up, you know, and if we see that your Jewish member has been shorn of the more delicate part, we may as well re-circumcise you while we’re there, because I’m sick of trolls like you coming here and upsetting the energy and derailing our thoughts, and I have made it my duty now to slowly, slowly kick out all the Jews and shabbos goys out of this great site, (not including Tyron, who really is a good soul!!!), and see the back of you Yiddishe creatures once and for all. I know I have Lucy Skipping’s blessing. After all, she herself said that Zio agents are not welcome here. Either good or nothing. That’s the unwritten rule here, pal.

    Pat, Sardo, Lobro and everyone else: if you’ve ever wondered what I look like, take a look at this:


    That would be me in the red jacket, BUT!!! BUT!!! WITH MUCH, MUCH more brains, thank Almighty God. Keep well, friends.

    Until the next post,


    1. hopefully you are a better driver too.
      the more i find out about russians and all the other slavs, the more i like them, they don’t have much talent for pretending and putting on airs.

      anyway, yes about tyron, he is a good parson (how could i pass up the opportunity 🙂 )

      if only he would stick his head in a cold shower when it gets overheated by old testament gas oven, everything else he says is on the ball.

      1. Ditto that

        I have a definite affinity for those wild and crazy goys. And in the spirit of Amero’s revelation of who he resembles, I’ll just say of myself that contrary to an image of me that I’m sure many readers have, given my Iroquois connection, I’m a spittin’ image of my father, who is of mostly English ancestry. And seeing as Max is at least gone for now from this site, I’ll pick up the slack a little by saying I’m 6’2″, 200-plus pounds with a classic “distinguished gentleman” look (although i shaved off the moustache about 15 years ago – my father, who’s 91 still has his after 70 or so of those years) and in pretty good shape for a guy almost 64 years old. I wonder if maybe I look like lasha’s father? 😉

      2. I forgot to add that the one native-american feature I’ve retained is the spiked-hair look. Although not a full Mohawk like when I was a kid (I should say the spiked-LESS hair look 😉

      3. I’ll answer my own question, Pat.

        Nothing wrong with a little windiness once in awhile. And talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

        Alot of things seem “sooooo amusing” to you. Life is one big lark – is that it? Que cera cera? Whatever will be will be?

      4. b-hawk, i somehow don’t think pat was referring to you as windy.
        his response was in all likelihood to my comment about “old testament gas oven”.

        anyway, let’s keep it civil, i don’t want tyron to feel bullied, just get the basic message that this particular sermon is wasted on guys like us.

        i am not anti-religion but my eyes glaze over like poached eggs when i even pass by a church, let alone hear about some bible character named schmaus who fathered all the white people.

        if i ever met someone with some validity to holiness claim, it would have been an ancient, long gone teacher in a sikkim monastery who went by name karma kala rinpoche … i will leave it at that, only add that even with him i couldn’t help making little skeptical jokes and he took it in great good humor – we got along just fine, never harangued me for my lack of proper respect – hope tyron does the same.

      5. Brownhawk –
        lobro is correct. I did not put his name in the box, nor yours… it was meant as a comment for a preacher he referenced above…it fell under you.

        You know how that happens.

        All good here. LOL!!

      6. lobro

        karma kala rinpoche? haha. sounds like he gave himself that name WANTING to get some much- welcomed snickers. It shows a genuine humility in being almost apologetic for having the thoughts he must have had pertaining to a religious genre. But at the same time being satisfied with having them

        It’s the basic love of learning that I admire. That and the meta-comedian in him 😉

  54. Lucy

    Thanks for you chiming in and for the defense of my rights.


    Let me be direct to you as well. I rewrote this in light of your last post using kinder words/ Kevin Moore suggested that scriptures doesn’t give license for physical resistance. I showed him he is wrong. Lobro brought up Luther’s falling for the identity fraud suggesting that even the GREEK scriptures is a Talmudic tool. I showed that Luther was wrong and its not a Jew tool.

    The Greek scriptures are NOT Jewish but are anything but. The GREEK SCRIPTURES are the white man’s ORIGINALS while they, the “Jews” use a FRAUD rewrite (Masoretic) comprised 800 years after Christ!

    White man scriptures haters I have a hard time not despising and for a good reason. Why? While I get whites being turned off due to Jew twisting of scriptures, what I don’t get is their refusal of Greek scriptures, of creation as a “Jew ploy”. The “Jews” programs the masses with their fairy-tale “scientific” claptrap to derail folks from the ONLY viable solution and people fall for it even when the entire natural world screams creation! Has it even DAWNED on the naysayers why people with my particular scriptural beliefs are at the TOP on the “Jews” “terrorist” watch lists while those who have adopted their majority root world view don’t even make it on there? Think about this please, for your own sakes.


    While we can learn from different perspectives, truth is NOT subjective. It’s not Jesus is the “TRUTHS”, rather Jesus is TRUTH. Its SINGULAR not plural. Thus I dig to find the TRUTH to which “perspectives” have no baring. If you’re inclined, check out the link I put up on my post yesterday about alien “Jews”. I think you might find it enlightening.

    Read up our claiming our trusts the “Jews: are again attempting to steal. After the war in America is over it’s pretty evident we will make another claim under law but this time for identity fraud and possession of Zion-“Israel” and JWO headquarters in order to obtain our promises (inheritance) as well as restitution for all of OUR assests they will have stashed there.



    All you ever do is slander and demonize for lack of intelligent retort while NEVER proving any of the information wrong. This is the MARK of the “Jew agent” . I have not run to Ellie but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt hoping that she is unlike 99% of the “Jews”. First time we met I came out swinging but then I thought that was a little unfair. So I informed her that until she shows otherwise, I will “befriend” her. And BTW, our forefathers considered American Whites as a separate race from Europe and the UK and they were right knowing we are Manassah who’s banner and heraldry is encoded in every seal and emblem of the uSA.

    1. Tyrone –

      I must say you have lost your job as ‘Jew Agent Sheriff” of Darkmoon Forests. You failed. Barney Fife would do better. You not only befriended a Jew Agent, but a full-blown Jew Israeli dual citizen, writing at the behest of another Jew Israeli friend of hers, who suggested to write a fictional demise of America, to demoralize good white people. (She said so.)

      You have enabled a Jew right here. You have become a willing duped Jew Agent.

      Here is how to recognize a Jew Agent. The Jew Agent gladly welcomes a Jew dual Israeli citizen to Darkmoon and praises their commonly shared European Ashkenazi(German Jew) ancestry… just like this:

      Tyron Parsons
      September 22, 2014 at 2:53 am
      “How are you? I hope this post finds you well and I’m glad to see you back. In reading Lasha’s intro I was a little surprised to see that your lineage is also of German Aristocracy. Interestingly, I just discovered that beyond my fathers fathers line going back to the King of the Goths who were then settled in Smolland, that through my father’s mother’s line, we Parsons have relations to Austrian Aristocracy as confirmed in old family scrap books that have articles listing this relative through our line as being pf those who lost their inheritance of the throne to a rival family.”

      Ellie ‘catfished’ you right out of the pool. You, who can detect a Jew anywhere in the world, or so you claimed.
      I am glad you like digging deeper and deeper holes for yourself. It is soooo amusing.

      No one needs to provide proof or evidence of claims against you. You bring more than ample evidence to the table yourself. You make it too easy. LOL!!!

      Keep a-preachin, sonny. It’s as much fun to read as a Dell Comic book. Post another gem. I know you are saving your last one today for me.

      In the words of Bart Scott…”CAIN’T WAIT!!”

    2. “our forefathers considered American whites as a separate race from Europe…”

      This helps to explain Ellie’s reference of “American race”. And why wouldn’t it, if we were to accept her status as a classic insider at, or near the top of the pyramidal food chain.

      Reminds me of that crucial time synchronicity when early English settlers met up with the Iroquois of the new “Council of Peace” Confederation founded by Hiawatha and Deganawidah. This was of course quickly quashed, per the protocols.

      1. Brownhawk –

        Who knows?

        I doubt that EK would know Manassah from molasses or from his younger brother Ephraim for that matter. She lives in France and is London educated. Maybe an Oxford school. She would not know an American race (her invention BTW) if she were standing next to one in McDonald’s, where she sneaks out for lunch every day.

        It is doubtful a Jew like her is into upholding the claims presented by those in the ‘Identity’ movement. That would invalidate ALL the Jews’ claims to lands they have stolen.

    3. Tyrone –

      “And BTW, our forefathers considered American Whites as a separate race from Europe and the UK and they were right knowing we are Manassah who’s banner and heraldry is encoded in every seal and emblem of the uSA.”

      I never read that anywhere. If that is the case they were not only stooges for the Crown, but idiotic as well. No wonder they had to have the Crown set up their banks for them. A person’s race does not change when they set foot in another country. Holy crapola!!

      If you actually believe that, I can see now how you have gotten all balled up about the lineages you claim to know so much about. Ham and his wife must have turned into Negroes just by going a little farther south to an African country. Their races changed instantly upon arrival into a new country, as European settlers did in America..!!

      Preacher. Preacher. WHEW!!

      1. Pat

        You are misreading Tyron’s intention for his use of the word “race”. And by extension, Ellie’s too (oh I forgot, she’s that scriptwriter, right?)

        Seriously though, does this make the word inappropriate, in consideration of a greater context for understanding?

      2. Brownhawk –

        Thanks for chewing on me a bit….. then, agreeing with me.

        All good here. LOL!!

        BTW… Lasha did say Ellie was writing a fiction novel, and would include our silly comments. It could easily be turned into a script. Not so far off…huh?

      3. sorry asap, er I mean Pat

        I can be overly sensitive at times. Gotta lose that chip I guess. I’ll be the 1st to admit to taking myself too seriously at times. But I gotta ask, don’t you consider yourself to be able enough to write an article from which are elicited “silly comments”. Would that then make you a silly writer?

        And yeah, of course I can see Ellie K. as a scriptwriter. I’ve been reading J. Swift lately, and with a keen eye for satire you can get much value from it.

        Tonight I’ll read an essay of his titled: “AN ARGUMENT TO PROVE THAT THE ABOLISHING OF CHRISTIANITY IN ENGLAND May, as Things Now Stand, Be Attended with Some Inconveniences, and Perhaps Not Produce Those Many Good Effects Proposed Thereby”

        Talk about your understatements, when viewed in retrospect, eh?

        Written in 1708 – around the time when Cromwell opened the floodgates for the ensuing jew swampland.

        I’ll report back later 😉

      4. Sure asap Brownhawk

        Silly is in the words of the writer. It is absolutely silly to believe any of this communication can really change things. It makes great fiction novel material.

  55. Avater

    Before the “Jew” took over America we had no problems with one another. You were in your lands and we in ours. But the Jew has you in our our lands attacking us while they have our military attacking you in yours. Concentrate on the Jew and not the white man or our lands at the 4 corners. Be satisfied with what you were given and do not try to take Zion as your possession or you will be destroyed with the “Jew”.

    The New Song

    I see you’re one of Jah’s disciples? I ran into and spoke with Jah some time ago and also read his book. Lot’s of truth in it that’s for sure, however, I’m not convinced of his claim to being Christ incarnate. It seems the best I can do is await to see who sits on the Ark first and then I will know for sure “who’s, who”.. BTW, I was entertaining that the Lord’s Prayer put to music was the new song. I went to the link you provided and it doesn’t give a new song to listen to. Can you be more specific? Please tell Jah I send my regards.


    I would suggest that Muslim women feel safer on their streets in their nations because it’s homogenous whereas white women don’t feel safe on our streets because we are now much less homogenous. This is especially true in regard to Arab-Black- Paki Muslims in the UK/Europe that are constantly raping our women.

    Mind Control Slave

    If different breeds of dogs were discussing how to be the Afgan (Jew) in a race who’s winner would decide everyones slavery or freedom they wouldn’t be discussing “its unfair that the poodle was born a poodle” but rather, they would back the Greyhound (whites) because they all know he’s their only chance at freedom. The “Jew” hates the white man the most because we are the ONLY ones who ever beat him in the past and we are the ONLY ones who will beat him again- they know it and you should recognize it too otherwise you’re simply aiding them in everyone’s slavery whether you know it or not.

    Usury is indeed the problem. Usury puts people into debt and debt makes people slaves of others. We could create a credit system based upon the average production of the American worker. We could base it on the material assets of our lands. We could base it on gold, silver or anything else but in order for people’s to be healed and to love one another, slavery must be outlawed and forgiveness encouraged and even enforced via. In other words, the motive of making wealth on the backs of others misfortunes would be (actually is) against the law thus if you loan you loan out of the goodness of your heart not expecting anything back in return and if you don’t want to do that, you don’t loan at all.

  56. Tyron –

    Good morning. Do not think I do not understand you. To some of us it is given – but to some it will NEVER be given. Sometimes you remind me of one of the reasons I never go to church meetings, anymore. The preachers (most of them), never cease to talk about ‘Salvation’ – and get bored with it, and offer twists and turns to it which totally corrupt its meaning BECAUSE THEY NEED TO CONTINUE THE ATTEMPT TO FILL THE PEWS AND OFFERING DISHES. You remind me of them, sometimes.

    So, let’s just be thankful to be White boys, act like white boys, and try to be more of a BLESSING (which is our Divine Mandate) than a fucking CURSE. 🙂

    1. I gotta tell you, too, Tyron: I know you understand King David. He did what had to be done, and a lot of folks (especially among the ‘softie’ types one finds posting on this site) condemn those stories of his manliness. Our God loved him, though. (He is MY favorite Bible character, too, btw). What many can’t digest is that our God – though loving and kind and merciful (Glory be!!!) can also be one mean Fellow. Solomon said ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. What, perhaps, the ‘Jew’ has done is attempt to mitigate that properly-placed fear with one of improper focus, to meet his own needs. So many people fear their man-made governments more than they fear the government of their god. It is a matter of perspective, and it is a matter of Who You Are. It takes all kinds to make a (temporal) world. We can’t all be the same. It would make God insignificant. He won’t let that happen.

  57. Gilbert Huntly wrote on September 25, 2014 at 12:54 pm :

    “Tyron –
    I gotta tell you, too, Tyron: I know you understand King David. He did what had to be done, and a lot of folks (especially among the ‘softie’ types one finds posting on this site) condemn those stories of his manliness. Our God loved him, though.”

    Gilbert Huntly wrote on September 25, 2014 at 1:09 pm :
    “I gotta tell you, too, Tyron: I know you understand King David. He did what had to be done, and a lot of folks (especially among the ‘softie’ types one finds posting on this site) condemn those stories of his manliness. Our God loved him, though.”

    Since you love David of the OT Bible so much, consider this ….. In all likelihood David of the Bible is a fictional character, but since you love Him so much I was thinking that it would be eminently logical if you proceeded full circle by professing your love for David Berkowitz a.k.a. “The son of Sam killer.” Berkowitz was a “softie” compared with David of the Bible, since he only managed to kill a dozen or so defenseless goyim, and your hero was certainly a much greater killer than even Ted Bundy or Jack the Ripper. Hallelujah !!! I just love speaking with jewified goyim like yourself !!

  58. Say there Gilbert,

    I just got to wondering about you and your connection with our jewish brethren.

    When you attend synagogue services in beautiful Virginny with your fellow jews, do you partake in ritual blood sacrifice after the congregation lets out ?? We need to be more understanding and sympathetic here because the Jews are just doing what needs to be done, just like their fictional hero David.

    1. so, Mr. Save the goyim

      Do you like killing cats? I’m starting to think that even the ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon was a psyop. Children always sympathize with the mouse. It’s knee-jerk with some people to see the more fierce countenance as ‘the bad guy’. Did they mold you through your emotions and then arrest your development? If you think the Israelites and David were bad for genociding the Canaanites (who are still here), how can you sympathize with Hitler, who genocided the jews (who are still here)? And, what about the white man, who genocided the Injuns ( who are still here), and even went so far as to name almost every State after them?

      Do you feel like a savior to mice (and a hero to ‘Tom and Jerry’ watching children) when you kill cats? How do you feel about killing ticks (who, like Israeli, have a right to exist)? Fleas? Bed bugs?

      I really gotta wonder if ‘Tom and Jerry’ wasn’t the most elementary of indoctrinations.

      I also gotta wonder why people get a thrill by killing cats. Payback for Jerry?

  59. What a strange and sad tale that Ellie tells! I can hardly believe how diabolical the elite Jews were to the Germans and how they lacked all morality in relation to beautiful German children.

    Still, I don’t recognize this type of behavior as widespread in the States. I like Ellie am a shiksa deeply involved in the Jewish world but not from the same class. Middle and upper Middle class Jews generally match values with their non-Jewish equivalents. They are not soliciting gentile children for sex, but trying to get their kids into prestigious schools or trying to afford the move into wealthy neighborhoods. It does matter how many Bentleys are in the parking lot of the synagogue on the high holidays and those poorer Jews probably don’t want to show up–they get their spiritual direction from 12 step programs. No question that America is in decline and losing its freedoms, but equally true is the general incompetence of government officials who probably are all watching porn rather than tending to their jobs. In the end, it’s easy enough to slip through the cracks even in big cities. In fact, I’ve noticed that some of the most hypnotized and pathetically controlled areas in the U.S. are the small town elites who still subscribe to the established order. And those people aren’t Jewish at all, although they are in the clutches of the Jewish press. It’s disgusting and makes me glad I live in crazy L.A. where it seems like all kinds of mischief starts from questioning 9 11 to questioning the holocaust, to opting out of vaccine mandates…it is as they say the left coast but it’s also got the underground, which is not in Montana, not among those earnest professional classes.

    But we in the U.S. do seem as doomed as the Roman Empire and it doesn’t look like we can do much about it. I did call my Congressmen to stop this war in Syria to no avail. So… we can save a small piece of freedom for ourselves but it does appear that our unelected president is that nitwit Bibi… and his demonic army of neo-cons who are running this country into the ground… And maybe in their plush enclaves on the east coast they are involved in the sex trade…wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Kapoore –
      “Still, I don’t recognize this type of behavior as widespread in the States.”

      It is not. The tales are imaginary. The pics she saw were likely perverts from the Jew infested ghettos. They like to pile up in on top of each other in the ghettos. That the origin of the term.

      The term “ghetto” originated from the name of the Jewish quarter in Venice, established in 1516.

      We are ok here, except NYC and Miami. Europe is infested with Jews.

  60. Gilbert

    Have you noticed how I hardly ever address you in my posts? Why should I? You don’t attack the Greek narrative, you don’t attack Christ. You don’t attack Common/Natural/Christian law. You denounce the “Jew” so most of the time there is no reason to. Do you think I like repeating myself? Let me tell you, it literally drives me crazy but regardless of how I feel– how many hate me or say rude, slanderous things toward me, or how popular I could become if I refrained, it would be a dereliction of duty to conscience to keep my mouth shut in defense of truth.

    I am totally convinced that majority all of us whites around the world are going to die soon and the only way for us to “survive” is to return to I AM/Jesus, his ways, his law and use his law to take over the JWO.

    Please Gilby, if you don’t like my posts just skip over and ignore them.


    My policy is if they speak truth, are anti Jew, exhibit loyalty to the white race, to humanity, its enough to hear them out and be kind.

    Why don’t you post Ellie’s words where she said “I am an Israeli dual Citizen and am writing a book to demoralize good white people”

    YOU CAN’T you slandering punk. I am NOT going to be rude to Ellie or denounce her without just cause- PERIOD! Why the administrators don’t boot you for qualifying as an “obvious Jew agent troll” is beyond me because if there is anyone here who doesn’t prove their opposition wrong and resorts to habitual slanders-one who constantly posts typical and generic “pro white” or “anti Jew” posts to cover their tracks, ITS YOU!

    The American white race is both “Israel” (as in having all the ethnic tribes represented) but also Manassah specifically.America (Manassah) would have a tribal national blessing as “A great Nation” while the UK/Colonies (formed the same way) as Ephraim would have a double blessing as the trumping co- ruler of the rest of the ethnic/national tribes of Israel in Europe (and at the four corners). Soon this will end and a remnant of all 12 tribes will reorganize equally and take over the JWO.

    Manassah’s emblems-banners- America. 13 colonies represent 12 tribes and Christ as it’s head.




    Do you see me ever addressing you to try and directly get you to believe? No, I simply defend when you or others make rediculas comments against the Greek renderings, creation or Christ as a whole.

    Save the Goyim

    Question- is there any such thing as a lawful killing or is ANY taking of a human life unlawful?

    1. Tyrone-

      Senator from KY:
      ” Yes, sir,” said Mr. Davis ; ” it is a CLOSE WHITE corporation.
      You may bring ALL of EUROPE, but none of Asia and none of Africa into our partnership.”

      On a civil note, I was wanting to see what you had in order to buttress your claims. I was actually requesting help. But you took it as an affront.

      Three or four decades ago I was in search of those answers, because I made similar claims as you did at my seminars. I had to prove everything I stated when it was new to the audiences, which, as you well know, is required. Of course that was long before the www and I had to rely on law libraries and newsletters and mimeographed material and faxes and phones. (Even the Liberty Lobby Newsletter was mimeographed back then.)

      I read the auto biographies of numerous founders, but came up with the same masonic type emblems and insignias and sayings…etc. (Hieronimus did a good job there in his book in 1989).

      But, I finally found some official documentation from Robert Wangrud(dec) in Oregon. I was a subscriber to his ‘Behold’ newsletter, and spoke with him often, and faxed a lot, since the www was not up thirty years ago. Randy Geisler was his partner.

      He provided me with the quotes from President Andrew Johnson’s Senate.

      I have been aware that the US is a corporation for well over three decades. It was when it was founded.

      According to Senator Davis(D-KY)…it is a CLOSE corporation. It is a WHITE corporation. It allows ONLY European partners.


      It is easier to answer what it is not a riot than what it is, and I say that
      a negro is not a citizen.” ‘

      ” Well, that is a lucid definition,” said Mr. Clark.

      ” Sufficient for the subject,” said Mr. Davis.

      ” That is begging the question,” Mr. Clark replied. ” I wanted
      to find why a negro was not a citizen, if the gentleman would tell
      cue. If he would lay down his definition, I wanted to see whether
      the negro did not comply with it and conform to it, so as to be a
      citizen ; but he insists that he is not a citizen.”

      ” I will answer that question, if the honorable Senator will per-
      mit me,” said Mr. Davis. ” Government is a political partner-
      ship. No persons but the partners who formed the partnership
      are parties to the government. Here is a government formed
      by the white man alone. The negro was excluded from the
      formation of our political partnership ; he had nothing to do with
      it; he had nothing to do in its formation.”

      “Is it a close corporation, so that new partners can not be
      added?” asked Mr. Stewart, of Nevada.

      ” Yes, sir,” said Mr. Davis ; ” it is a CLOSE WHITE corporation.
      You may bring ALL of EUROPE, but none of Asia and none of Africa into our partnership.”

      “Let us see,” said Mr. Clark, “how that may be. Take the
      gentleman’s own ground that government is a partnership, and
      those who did not enter into it and take an active part in it can
      not be citizens. Is a woman a citizen under our Constitution?”

      ” Not to vote,” said Mr. Davis.

      ” I did not ask about voting,” said Mr. Clark. ” The gentle-
      man said awhile ago that voting did not constitute citizenship.
      I want to know if she is a citizen. Can she not sue and be sued,
      contract, and exercise the rights of a citizen ? ”

      ” So can a free negro,” said Mr. Davis.

      ” Then, if a free negro can do all that,” said Mr. Clark ; ” why
      is he not a citizen?”

      “Because he is no part of the governing power; that is the
      reason,” Mr. Davis replied.

      ” I deny that,” said Mr. Clark, ” because in some of the States
      he is a part of the governing power. The Senator only begs the
      question; it only comes back to this, that a ni–er is a “ni–er.”

      ” That is the whole of it,” said Mr. Davis.

      If you want to get a real shock and education of the early thoughts in American law, just read Johnson’s RETURN of the Civil Right Bill and Freedman’s Bureau Bill. It starts on p.246. It is only a couple pages long. He stated he would NOT support PERMANENT MARTIAL LAW in the US that these Bills presented, as pushed by Republicans, and he would obey only the US Constitution. He was a Democrat. Lincoln had been a Republican.

      For presenting info like this I have been called way worse than your names. I have been booted from motels, restaurants and banks meeting rooms all across the country for holding patriotic meetings with discussions like this. That is in the rear-view mirror. I don’t get around anymore.

      1. PS… Johnson was impeached for retuning those two bills which were overridden by the 39th Congress. He was a good guy.

  61. you … make ridiculous comments against the Greek renderings, creation or Christ as a whole.

    not sure what this means, tyron but will do my best to give you whatever credit is available.
    i said before and repeat; that you seem like an essentially benevolent and well meaning sort and i have no personal animus against you.

    but just as you think that i make ridiculous comments, i likewise think that you make ridiculous comments.

    i too value christ’s contribution but strip his image to the bare essentials, casting the uninterpretable stuff away because imo, it does not contribute to the impact.
    by uninterpretable i mean all the miracles, eg, virgin birth, etc.
    not denying it because i can’t prove it didn’t occur but it neither makes sense nor does it have any value to me.
    but the words and actions of christ have enormous value because he was the history’s first and greatest jew-fighter, antisemite in modern parlance, he clearly recognized what they stood for – the Devil, in whom i am forced to believe as a major force that shapes the history, the present and the future of humanity and the planet’s life.
    whether this devil is a physical or figurative entity is immaterial, his work is ever-present and the reason we congregate in these online caves like darkmoon.

    so, let’s keep it simple, economical and effective.

    and your harping on old testament, which to me is pure devilry, is neither economical nor effective in fight against jew-devil and it is truly ridiculous to boot, riddled with errors of logic and ethics, contradictions that would be comical once you remove the tragical.

    i hate repeating myself, it nauseates me and it probably nauseates others who must read the same stuff for the umpteenth time.

    i stated clearly that old and new testaments are polar opposites, totally incompatible.
    i won’t poke deeply into the excremental sludge of o/t but let me just ask you o/t boys and king david worshipers whether you agree that he is a real man, a real man of real god, upright and worthy of admiration.
    you know the story of his loyal general uriah whom david had sent off to lose life in a battle so david could cornhole his wife.
    this is part of david’s character, in fact i would say, pretty close to 100% of his character, the character which you find salutary and respectable.
    well – hey gilbert, you listening? – what if your neighboring farmer’s wife was real hot and signaling you with eyes and little flirts, would you connive for her husband to have an accident and be mashed inside the harvester blades so you could finally take a closer peek at the widow’s offerings?

    what would jesus do? according to your view, exactly the same.

    well, my jesus wouldn’t, not that he is gay or anything.
    his god is not the god of o/t, who smiles benevolently at david’s shenanigans, peccadilloes and wanton murder sprees.
    and this is just one tiny slice out of the giant shit bucket that is o/t, greek, egyptian, babylonian or new yorkian.
    looking for delectable bits in order to save the whole work is like looking at the well used toilet paper and saying that there is good clean paper underneath, let’s save it.
    well, the devil wiped himself with o/t and my nose is a bit sensitive, you know how it is with us softies.

    these gods are mortal enemies, to the end of the age of universe because the god of o/t is no god at all but devil wearing a god-head mask like a bank robber.

    linking o/t with n/t gives christ a bad name, just like saying that hitler was a rothschild agent, educated at tavistock institute that played chess with lenin and had eva braun shit on his face while he counted his zionist shekels.

    so, in the end, i don’t even care that you present a ridiculous spectacle with o/t ravings and rantings, it’s a free country (like they used to say in my youth, no one bothers with this charade anymore), but i do get rightly pissed that you, however inadvertently slag jesus christ (as a whole, to borrow your term).

    so please stop.
    what do we need otherwise, an exorcism ritual like in that movie?
    “jesus compels you!”

    1. Lobro –

      For myself, I DO connect the O/T and the N/T. Also, I just about COMPLETELY understand and appreciate Tyron’s posts, EXCEPT I have to wonder why he continues with it, and hasn’t ‘shaken the dust’ (so to speak). (If you don’t recall that admonition of the Apostle Paul, I suppose you’re not as familiar with the Bible as you seem to be with most everything else.)

      As for King David – he was NOT a Jew. He was, of course, of Judah – but more than anything, he was simply a ‘man after God’s own heart’. The Bible stories certainly did NOT acclaim him as sinless and perfect (and he was foremost in accepting his due from his sins). Yet, he knew the pecking order: God was/is The Big Boss Man. What the Pharisees-cum-Jews did was to gnit-pick little bits and pieces of ‘law’ in order to keep themselves in power – as they do, today. David was a SUPREME example of a mortal man – with all our flaws, too. (Michaelangelo certainly made his magnum opus after David!)

      As for the farmer’s wife-next-door: Naawww… No. She don’t DO IT for me! 🙂

      1. Oh, and btw, though I like to write poetry, and try to always be kind and polite, I am NOT opposed to righteous killing. There are DEFINITELY those who ‘need it’. 🙂

      2. Sorry, Tyron – I was making reference to Jesus’ words at Matthew 10:14. You should consider them, carefully. 🙂

  62. someone may say: “aha, but even though you don’t deny the virgin birth and other miracles, you deny holocaust, is it not hypocritical”.

    no, it isn’t.
    because the former is a miracle, ie, universally acknowledged as something that is noncompliant with the known laws of nature, therefore in the realm of pure belief, take it or leave it, whereas the latter is claimed as a physical fact – and you don’t get the “take it or leave it” choice either, you must take it, swallow it without chewing and comment on the tragically wonderful flavour.

  63. Congrats Darkmoon. Here is a partial list of the sites that have picked up your latest Ellie Katsnelson’s article. Keep it up!

    Alternative Social

    Wolna Polska (Polish Nationalis Website)

    Herster Republiek




    Two more: a Serbian Nationalist website and a Russian one, but I can’t access their sites at the moment.

    PS I agree entirely with Lobro. Jesus has disarmed us. Love him, but in the fight against the Jew, don’t need him. Sorry.

    1. Amero,

      You left out some important sites, in particular “Truthseeker”, an extremely popular site where LD happens to be a columnist. If an article is picked up by Truthseeker, it’s then picked up by many other sites.


      Incidentally, Ellie’s second article for this site (“The Jews and their Ways”) was not very successful. Truthseeker gave it a miss, as did most other websites. Why was this? Because of Ellie’s insistence that the article should remain UNEDITED, complete with its interminably long paragraphs (hard on the eye) and extremely long, convoluted sentences (hard to understand easily for most readers).

      I don’t think Ellie realizes that her articles need to be edited by Ms Darkmoon in order to be presented to the world in a more palatable form. Shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs are essential. It would also help if Ellie knew the difference between English and German punctuation. She doesn’t. She may be bilingual, but she has not yet mastered English punctuation!

      I would urge Ellie to submit humbly to editorial guidance. At least Ms Darkmoon is a consummate stylist and knows where to put her commas! 🙂

      1. Amen to that, Dr. Green

        Just try reading Swift. Whew

        With an exception being Gulliver’s Travels, IMO. That definitive work should be read without giving in to the temptation to pause over its sometimes difficult diction.

        Just let it flow and let it go

  64. if i may add a little but maybe telling observation to the foregoing.

    the o/t god, the protestant one is all about laws, obey the law or face the wrath, fear the lord, etc.
    it a purely feudal system based on fear, blind obedience, thunder, fire and punishment.
    free choice or free anything does not figure in this equation, it is written, you can’t read but you can bend your head to the grindstone and work for the chosen.
    this is why the protestants (not defending catholics, btw, they are herded into the same animal pen) are happy beasts of burden, protestant work ethic, work all day without questions, then munch hay in the barn for the night.
    maybe all these body piercings speak to the same sentiment, i want my nose ring and join the happy herd, tattoo the ranch ownership logo in unintelligible symbols lest i get the ideas of bolting into freedom.

    well, don’t tell me about god’s laws, i got neither time nor use for them, i’d rather be a mangy mutt roaming the dump sites than a well fed and pampered jew’s pet.

    who was it (pat?) that quoted that muslim poetess, rabia? lemme look it up instead of paraphrasing.
    got her, rabia al basri
    If I adore You out of fear of Hell,
    Burn me in Hell!
    If I adore you out of desire for Paradise,
    Lock me out of Paradise.
    But if I adore you for Yourself alone,
    Do not deny to me Your eternal beauty.

    this sounds a lot closer to the freedom gospel of jesus than the homicidal croaks of old testament.

    i’d much rather convert to islam (shia/sufi style) than any of the lutheranian offshoots.

  65. Brownhawk –

    I was reviewing some info in my files and came across a ‘resister’ you can appreciate. His parentage is Celt and Navajo. There are many unreported battles of resistance. Jim was the County Attorney for Catron County, the largest in area in NM. He was a friend, but I have not spoken to him in years. He resists the EPA and other government interferences. He is amazingly honest for a lawyer. Good person.


    1. Thanks for that link, Pat

      God bless resisters like him

      “Armed dangerous wild and free”

      Armed and dangerous if that’s what it takes to be wild and free
      And non-negotiable

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