Murder by plane crash, by John Kaminski

Will tomorrow’s FEMA drill be another false flag disaster gone live?
Cui bono?
The Rothschilds and the Carlyle Group?

By John Kaminski
[email protected]

Many intelligent people have tried to piece together the significant facts about the missing Malaysian jetliner that has finally been declared crashed and lost in the unexplored recesses of the Indian Ocean near Antarctica, but one fact leaps out of this morass of tragic and confusing details that tells the whole story in a single thought.

‘Who benefits?’ is always the most relevant question. And this time, the answer seems quite clear.

What remains unclear is the reason for such an atrocious and blatant act of mass murder. What weapon could be so powerful that it would require the absolute secrecy of eliminating the lives of almost 300 people without so much as a second thought?

It should come as no surprise that the kept mass media, totally controlled by a small number of extraordinarily rich Jews, should make no mention of the principal aspects of the story involved the inexplicable disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

These principle elements include:

• The likely destination of the missing plane that mainstream media absolutely refuses to mention — Diego Garcia, the secret British-U.S. airbase in the middle of the Indian Ocean that is directly in the path of where the missing airliner was last seen headed.

• The murder of two former U.S. CIA agents who were guarding a suspicious cargo that allegedly made its way onto the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which was scheduled to fly to Beijing but was suddenly diverted to Hainan Island shortly before the plane went missing. What did the Chinese suspect was on that plane?

• According to Christopher Bollyn, <> Israel has the twin of the missing 777 in a hangar in Tel Aviv. Bollyn questions if if the Israelis aren’t planning some other atrocity comparable to what they achieved on 9/11. Furthermore, Bollyn writes that various Israelis insist that Iran has hijacked the missing Malaysian plane and is going to use it as a flying bomb somewhere. Can you say ‘another false flag attack?’

• According to the writer known by the pseudonym Jim Stone, <>, the missing Malaysian jetliner magically found its way to Florida, from where it attempted to bomb a nuclear conference in Holland, but was turned away by Dutch air defenses — no word on what actually happened to the plane.

• Tomorrow (Thursday, 3/27/14), Stone reports, a FEMA/Homeland Security exercise is scheduled to go live in Alaska that somehow involves a Boeing 777 aircraft flying from Tokyo to Seattle. Wonder what it will be delivering?

In the next few days, this drill purportedly features multiple imaginary tsunamis and aftershocks in Alaska, a simulated ship collision off the coast of San Diego, and a traffic accident near Grand Junction, Colorado that involves the transport of a nuclear weapon <>. Those more closely you scrutinize this document, the more terrified you are likely to get.

But that’s what the Department of Homeland Security is all about, isn’t it? Manufacturing terror.

If this is too much for all of you to handle, Malaysian authorities have declared that the missing 777 is many fathoms deep in the southern Indian Ocean, with all hands lost.

Which leads to the one incontrovertible fact about the missing plane — the people who died on it.

And the company that seems to have changed hands because of their deaths.

Twenty passengers on the ill-fated Malaysian jetliner worked for the Austin, Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor, an electronic warfare and military radar firm.

Freescale Semiconductor, which makes powerful microchips for industries including defence, released powerful new products to the American market on March 3.

Five days later, Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 people on board including 20 working for Freescale.

The theory of one story is that four of the five patent holders were on the ill-fated plane, although the passenger list doesn’t seem to back it up.

The patent holders are: 1) Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%), 2) Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%) 3) Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%) 4) Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%) 5) Freescale Semiconductor (20%). According to the March 8, 2014, passenger manifest (original) of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 these were not on that plane. If they were, their names were not listed.

What officials initially said, however, was as many as seven people on board were using passports other than their own. Officials also reported at one point that there were four other passengers aside from the two Iranians whose identities were unclear. Then, officials made no more public statements about this.

So the fifth patent holder of Freescale Semiconductor was none other the Jacob Rothschild. Are the other four patent holders now residing two or three miles beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean?

That remaining patent holder is the company Freescale Semiconductor. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? The answer is: Jacob Rothschild. British billionaire owns the company Blackstone, which in turn owns the company Freescale Semiconductors

And what was the device that made such a radical personnel move necessary?

And will we find out what it is tomorrow, or in the next few days?


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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  1. @ Editor Montecristo

    On how to monitor comments more carefully

    Hi Monte,

    I am glad you’ve allowed the last two threads to be monopolized by ONE topic and one topic alone, to the exclusion of all others: i.e., the necessity of revolutionary violence as the only way of dealing with the Jews.

    One poster in particular has hijacked the conversation and told us ad nauseam, in roughly 200 comments, the same old thing again and again: Kill the Jews!

    He uses different words, but that’s what it boils down to every time. This guy and his sidekicks have only one tune in their barrel organ, and they play it again and again until we are sick of hearing it.

    Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews!

    This guy gets full marks for originality: for saying the same thing constantly in differently chosen words.

    Well, as I say, I’m glad that you, Montecristo, have seen fit to let this guy and his sidekicks let off steam and vent their frustrations by hijacking the last two threads and derailing all meaningful discussion on OTHER topics that might conceivably interest your readers. That was smart of you, Montecristo. Well done, sir!

    It’s time you cracked down on these one-topic merchants, don’t you think? We now have a new topic to discuss: a mysterious plane crash. Are you going to let this guy and his fellow obsessives hijack the conversation again and get everyone to talk about the only subject that interests them: the need for extreme violence to rid the world of Jews.

    Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews!

    Is this to be the only topic from now on?

    If so, dear Montecristo, I’m outa here!

    You will lose all your best posters unless you stop these obsessives detrailing the discussion and hijacking every thread with their tediously repititious calls for the extermination of the Jews.

    My advice: block them, or put them on permanent monitoring until they learn some self-discipline.

    1. This time you have an excellent point. But be warned I only just noticed all these other articles linked via LSD’s website (she is the only one who emails me directly)… and I have read a bit about MAL370… this could take some time…

      It really was a beautiful day BTW… and from that you should be able to work out in which part of the world I live. Feel free to catch up for a beer anytime you are down this way – We are a friendly lot.

  2. One set of monomaniacs has been replaced by another. It used to be the Hitler boys. They attempted to hijack every thread by banging on about Hitler being a Jew and how he ended up in Argentina. No matter what the subject was, they would bring it back to Hitler.

    They were effectively dealt with by being blocked. The chief culprit, Gabreal Jones, was given the boot. Now we have a new Gabreal Jones. His name is Lonnie. All this guy wants to do is babble on about the need for violence and killing Jews.

    Obviously something will have to be done about this one-topic pest.

    1. You guys are right. It’s pretty much run its course. The one thing I got out of it was that it gets you thinking about your own contribution towards “killing the jews” in whatever way that may lend itself in the name of not feeling like a mere spectator in everything that’s going on. But “kill it” HOW?

      Of course there is what I’ve expressed as the spiritual posture. Call it your personal base of operations. But then there is that concern of bringing something tangible to the party in the name of effecting the highly sought-after defeat of this enemy. The satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re doing something TRULY constructive towards that end.

    2. Such people probably work for the Jews (ADL, SPLC or Israeli government). They try to regain control of the media they once had in pre-internet days. Poor dears!

      1. Jews still have control of the media, and it’s only a matter of time before they have the internet regulated as well. Don’t think that they don’t have the means to do exactly that.

        Whites are running out of options by the day.

  3. i am all in favor of giving space to 1-item guys like lonnie and spqr,
    i am all in favor of giving space to 1-item guys like lonnie and spqr,
    i am all in favor of giving space to 1-item guys like lonnie and spqr,
    i am all in favor of giving space to 1-item guys like lonnie and spqr,
    i am all in favor of giving space to 1-item guys like lonnie and spqr,
    i am all in favor of giving space to 1-item guys like lonnie and spqr …

    tell me when to stop, monty.

    i too note in passing that there doesn’t seem to be any fewer jews in the world today than yesterday.
    which makes us all very happy, yes? hey, you listening there mos-sadists?

    anyway, i actually quite agree with many points raised by these guys, they sound genuine to me, we’ll take note of their sage advice.

    on the subject of his lordship (such a fine man, exuding nobility of purpose, sir tikkun olam holding his vintage by the stem just so as he contemplates a better future for hiss fellow chosenites), does this combine in any way with the worldwide closure of israeli embassies?
    if i was the ceo of malasian airways, i’d offer them a group discount for the return flight to israhellistan, good pr ploy (whatever the flight outcome :-))

  4. The Malaysian government has agreed with the consensus of aviation and security experts that Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 390 people onboard, did not crash or blown-up in sky as result of terrorism but was hijacked 9/11-style. Its whereabouts and the fate of passengers unknown just like the fate of the four American ”commercial” planes and their passengers who allegedly took part in the 9/11 “official story”.

    The Zionist-controlled western mainstream media, like in the case of 9/11 – accused some Muslims being involved in the disappearance of the Flight 370, based on the theory that “two of the passengers on the plane were Iranians”. But what about Nikolai Brodsky, the Russian Jew aboard MH370 or another Jew by the name “Andy” (reported by Israeli newspapers Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post) who traveled by the same flight one day earlier but was not allowed to board the return flight under the advice his “observant Jew” travel agent. This reminds me the 2002 news item at the Jewish site Beliefnet – reporting how a “mysterious” Jew saved the lives of nine fellow Jews at the WTC on September 11, 2001.

    On March 11, 2014, Adam Taylor posted pictures of those two Iranian passengers at the Jewish Washington Post. However, the keen readers found out the two “terrorists” were carrying same bag, same shoes, same pants, standing in the same location on floor – which proves that the pictures were fixed.

    In order to cover CIA/Mossad foot-prints, western media yet came up with another story. It claims that the plane’s Muslim pilot could have committed suicide and took the crew and passengers with him. The CIA director, John Brenner, an Israel-Firster, said “the possibility that the plane had been brought down in a terrorist attack could not be ruled out. But no claims of responsibility over the missing jet had been confirmed or corroborated.”

    Brenner, however, was at loss to explain how come 14 countries, 43 ships and 58 aircraft which are involved in the search of plane have failed to locate it so far.

    Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines said it was investigating an Australian TV report that alleged the missing co-pilot Farid Abdul Hamid allowed South African attractive female tourists, Jonti Roos and Jaan Maree, to stay in the cockpit during a Phuket to Kuala Lumpur flight two years ago.

    Furthermore, the so-called “cell phone calls” from Malaysian Flight 370 are reminiscent to those from the allegedly hijacked airliners of September 11th, 2001. In 2006, FBI admitted that 13 of the 15 alleged 9/11 cell phone calls never happened. Amazingly, the FBI even admitted that Ted Olson never received the famous phone calls from his wife, who (Olson claimed) had supposedly called him from hijacked Flight 77.

    In 2010, I exposed Israeli Mossad links with Malaysia’s internal security agency, Bukit Aman. In 2008, then Malaysian Home Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, a US agent, admitted that both CIA and Mossad run covert operation in the country.

    Some analysts have speculated that MH370 could have been overpowered via cyber piracy and brought down to one the US military bases in the region – South Korea, Japan, Brunei, Guam, Diego Garcia or Andaman Islands.

    One of the readers, Suraj Parekh, has asked my opinion on the missing MH370. I would leave it to the readers to decide themselves who’re the evildoers behind this latest terrorist act to demean Muslims and turn Malaysia against China. You may call it “conspiracy theories”, but then truth is always called that by the criminals behind the crimes. Read here, here and here.

  5. I am not convinced on the Nuke theory where the plan flies to America. I can see that maybe a nuke was going to used against China and to kill the patent holders, but now that so many are discussing it, for this plane or a double of that 777 to be used against America, doesn’t seem to wash.

    The more we make know all the possibilities of false flags concerning events like these, the more hard it is for these lunatics to pull it off.

  6. let’s get a bit conspiratorial, such fun, yes, purim-time is fun-time, let’s cast the lots.

    according to the biblical story (irrelevant whether true or not, the main thing is it gives jew a hardon) when queen esther, the jew wife of the persian king ahasuerus supposedly foiled an uprising of persians and had 75,000 of them executed … –> iran.

    to this day they make a big deal out of it, the traditional triangular tart made to resemble the ears of the persian enemy minister haman, thus hamantaschen (haman bags).

    even the white house issued its own recipe for it this year …

    of course, everyone is a haman to jew, all equally tasty to the cannibal nation, thus the blood passover a month after casting of the lots to find out which christian community is chosen to contribute the winning, if unwilling child victim.

    jacob rothschild no doubt has his own recipe, hamantaschen following a nice freshly harvested, cold pressed extra virgin kidney pie, caspian beluga caviar for starters, don’t ask what’s for the main course.

      1. Concerning the lost plane and the airliner sitting in a hangar in Tel Aviv, Bollyn uncovered the fact that the 2 jets were delivered to a third-party company, whose top manager has a long time connection with Georgie Sorrows. You know, the one who cannot keep his grubby fingers out of financial manipulations in different countries including trashing their currency.

        … First, a planned false flag attack involving mass murder of American (oh yeah) citizens to be blamed on the two Iranians aboard MH370, in order to prompt the White House to order air strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities and air defenses; and

        Second, the blatant theft of key technology related to Freehold Semiconductor’s kinesis microchip, the world’s tiniest microcontroller, for use in miniature weapons systems that will ensure Israeli military supremacy for decades to come.

        They, Israeli diplomats and staff, hiding like rats from the sunshine all over the world now, surely is connected to the missing plane and it’s Chinese scientists and the twin airliner waiting in the wings in gay city.

        Maybe the real journalists have caught this whole drama in time and there won’t be anymore repercussions. The loss of life of MH370 is bad enough. Knock on wood.

        1. I haven’t been able to keep abreast of the latest news. Is there really any solid evidence that Israel has something to do with this Malaysian plane incident? Or is it just another conspiracy theory?

        2. “Is there really any solid evidence that Israel has something to do with this Malaysian plane incident?”

          Very fair question David and a good place to start. If we disregard the tenuous Tel Aviv “twin jet” theory (although it is a very strange coincidence if true…I couldn’t decipher the hebrew in Chris Bollyn’s links), then the only provable link is Jacob Rothschild via Blackstone’s share holding in Freescale Semiconductor Inc.

          Rehmat mentions: another Jew by the name “Andy” (reported by Israeli newspapers Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post) who traveled by the same flight one day earlier but was not allowed to board the return flight under the advice his “observant Jew” travel agent.

          Otherwise it’s the “usual suspects” (intelligence agencies) as the only ones with the ability to pull off a stunt of this magnitude… and get away with it. This implies CIA, MI5 etc … and naturally Mossad by association… and of course without any annoying questions/articles from the zionist owned MSM.

          I may add to this list after I’ve read the rest of the posts.

  7. Furthermore, the so-called “cell phone calls” from Malaysian Flight 370 are reminiscent to those from the allegedly hijacked airliners of September 11th, 2001. In 2006, FBI admitted that 13 of the 15 alleged 9/11 cell phone calls never happened. Amazingly, the FBI even admitted that Ted Olson never received the famous phone calls from his wife, who (Olson claimed) had supposedly called him from hijacked Flight 77.” I called bullshit on the cell phone angle as soon as I heard it. I urged everyone who believed the story to try it the next time they took a commercial flight. This was one lie that could be easily disproved. However what was intriguing was that apparently no attempts weer made to call “home while in flight. Evidently the spin meisters learned their lessons with Sept. 11. However calls were mad after the flight would have been grounded due to fuel starvation. Calls were made to passenger cell phones and reportedly these phones continued to ring and some even went off hook. Now that is odd because once again cell phones don’t lie. If they had been in a crash, especially a crash into salt water there is no way this would have been possible. This whole thing is very reminiscent of the Heaven’s gate alleged suicide event a few years back that disappeared quite quickly from the public mind. As for the “kill jews” problem. This is classic psyops where by the information gatherers can ferret out possible mentally defective, violent radicals that can serve their agenda with a murderous event like another school yard shooting. Failing that, it may well serve to simply insight someone to take such action on their own believing that others are supporting him and their actions will serve to awaken the masses ala Robert Matthews.

    1. I don’t think this particular one is psy-ops, Arch. To me, these one-trick ponies are reminiscent of the SA Brownshirts in Germany through the 1920’s and up to the night of the long knives in ’34.

      Probably nothing new here, but when the war got going and things got out of control (as wars always do) I believe their ‘renegade thug remnants’, along with others misrepresenting original NS intentions, were those involved in indiscriminately murdering jews. ANY jews. The ring leaders of course being the “Ashke-nazi/Zionist” element. Fast forward to today’s weary dramas, and we see the successors of this element being called the neo-nazis, now tweaked and playing their amended roles in places like what we saw recently in the Ukraine. The useful idiot brigades march on.

      As for these others such as the aforementioned one-trick ponies, I don’t know what to call them. How about “Disaffected Unter Menschen Brownshirts” (D.U.M.B.)

      1. Other than some of the new groups of skinheads (difficult for me because don’t know any, because decent traditionalists are also there) – the original SA were protecting gatherings of the NSworkers party from attacks of ther Rotfront (red front) communists and Spartakus direkted from Moscow. These years were named years of fighting. But the Communists were first to want to overthrow the order after the 1.WW as they installed the regime of horror in Hungaria under Bela Kuhn (Cohen) and the communist regime in Bavaria. Since then there were constantly street fightings. SA-men appeared to the contemporaries as normal german men and they were allieviated when a truck of SA-men arrived after a truck of Red-Front had, passed. In 1923 Hitler and Ludendorff mader their march to the Feldherrnhalle in November 9. -after the communists had tried to stage a red October and thge French troups had occupied the Rheinland (Ruhr) and all that following the worst inflation of currency in history.
        This had almost nothing to do with Jews, exception maybe the famous picture of the boycott of jewish shops in 1933 – as a reaction of the jewish boycott of german goods in the US and GB.
        In 1934 perhaps the SA leaders tried a revolt, perhaps more revolutionary mindet than Hitler, who also wanted a revolution, but more along traditional lines like together with the Church and the Army of the Reich and other values.
        So we cannot confuse this history with today and also Bandera at the time in the Ukraine was then arrested (I think) into a concentration camp for his mass murder.

        1. ” a reaction to the jewish boycott” not “of” – but the propaganda doesn’t tell things as they were connected. Also: Red Front and Spartacus had many jewish leaders, like Karl Radek of the Internationale.

        2. It is disputed and doubted if there happened indiscriminatly murdering of jews in the war. Of course there were reprisals against the partsisans and suspects, but according to the laws of war then. When the Wehrmacht marched into eastern Poland and the Baltics in 41, people found thousands of prisoners murdered by the NKVD, prisons full of blood and corpses (just also to mention Kattyn) and rhen acts of revenge may have happened. The communist commissars had been often Jews. A polish historian has described it so: Bogdan Musial. And as one knows how the Communists have lied about that all, example: Kattyn.

        3. I’ll concede that I may have let my imagination carry me away me a little bit about the Brownshirts, Fritz. Reckless on my part. For that I should probably apologize. But when someone comes on this website and makes comments about wolves taking care of the bodies, I think it’s pretty clear about the kind of thing they’re up to.

        4. one view goes, that the SA were often rough men, but we have to regard the circumstances. In 1933 they put the communists into the camps – the ones who didn’t want to join the NSworkers party. Almost all of the masses of communist workers joined the NS, and then also unemployment went better and dissapered. Workers were higher regardes by the NS than ever before. Unions were dissolved. It is sai the SA who guarded the camps in 33 were rough or often cruel to the prisoners. This may be so. But this behavior was endet in about one year, i think.

  8. I’m not sure what magic button I hit, but often a post is submitted before I am finished editing.

  9. There is an interesting program currently running on PBS about the history of the Jews. For those who are Jew aware, it is an insightful study of the Jewish mind and its workings. Of course the program is heavily funded by Jews and heavily slanted towards the usual victimization of the chosenites. However one thing is becoming quite clear, the Jews are no longer hiding. They are coming out publicly to proclaim they are the master race and as they do so their hatred and arrogance for the goyim cannot but help to be put on display. After all how does this recipe sound to non-psychopathic ears (no pun intended) “To this day they (Jews) make a big deal out of it, the traditional triangular tart made to resemble the ears of the Persian enemy minister Haman, thus hamantaschen (haman bags). Even the white house issued its own recipe for it this year …” Like the psyops agents continuously screaming “kill the Jew!” White people should be loudly cheering, Go Hymie Go! Tell it like it is! Tell us how you really feel! How you own it all, how you control it all. We goiym slaves bow to your superior racial genes. Tell us everything from your very own, special viewpoint. Eventually, Jews will provide their own final solution for their poison. Next time it won’t be an imagined Holocaust.

    1. I’m with you Arch… I’ve been noticing this phenomenon for some time. I suppose they are just showing their natural chutzpah………..

  10. Stanton

    When the “Jews” come out in the open, which you rightly say they are starting to do now, the light will shine on them. They know they have no other choice but to come out because to hide, only makes them look more guilty. But as time goes on and the light continues to shine directly upon them, their only other recourse is admitting it all and then trying to justify it in their double dose of hubris they possess. This is why they know their time is short as they gear up for mass extermination of whites-Europeans-Christendom in all of our nations. After all, they know their hubris will not allow them to stand in the face of their opposition forever so murdering the opposition is the only thing they have left to play.

    Thing is, they may murder a whole bunch of us but their time is almost up. Then, the authentic Israelites and Judaites (Whites/Europeans/Christians) who opposed them will rule, in their stead, as everything they sought to create (World Gov for themselves) is stripped of them as they are rendered the place they sought to unlawfully put us.

    Chins up folks.

  11. I don’t believe it! People are actually discussing the topic: the plane crash! Guess the guy with only one tune in his barrel organ — Let’s kill the Jews! — has taking the day off.

    Sorry for not discussing the plane crash myself. I have a reason. I don’t have a clue what actually happened to that plane or how it vanished. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all hot air and speculation and a golden opportunity for the conspiracy theorists.

    Off topic again… attempt to hijack thread and get everyone to talk about the only subject dear to my heart!

    Listen friends, we’ve gotta take action against them Jews. Them Jews dunnit! They hijacked that goddamn plane and crashed it. They need to be terminated with extreme prejudice. Right now. Violently. No point pussyfooting around. Grab your guns, everyone, and go get ’em! Shoot everyone on sight with a hooked nose!


    1. Ruth

      In defense of everyone always bringing up the “Jews”; it cannot be helped. Its like asking people to talk about baseball and then chastising them because they say the players names. Now, I am not one for “Killin all dem Joos” but the fact remains, even this airliner incident, well, many are claiming US/DC is involved.

      What is US/DC? It is a Corporation fiction owned and controlled by the elite “Jews” out of the city of London Corp directly through the Jewish owned and controlled “Federal Reserve” and City of London’s IMF.

      There is also word that “israel” has a mock 777 with a nuke on board and they tried to fly it to Belgium and now folks are saying Alaska and Denver are the target. What is one to do? Not mention “Israel”?

      Of course there is also proof that some of the passengers were part of a US Business Corporation doing Military work with some high tech devise that some speculate is highly destructive. The owners of this patent happened to be a bunch of Chinese who also reportedly died on the 777 and now the only patent owner left is non other than a Rothchild- a Jew.

      Add to this that the 777’s path went over Guam (which is a literal enclave, a possession of DC/US) and that many people, including intel agents say it really landed there, and what are people to say?

      Given that all 3 major control centers (London/DC-US/Vatican) plus “Israel” are controlled by the “Jews” and that they are behind practically every single false flag and other crappy events this planet has known, especially in the last 100 years, what are we to do? Ignore it and not mention that the usual suspects are involved so other “Jews” feelings aren’t hurt?

      Anyhow, seeing your last name is Bernstein, if I was you, this is what I would do, at least to start out.

      1. Admit I nor other “Jews” are not Israel or Judah of biblical fame.
      2. Expose the frauds who claim to be “Jews” and “Israel” are the impostors they are.
      3. Expose their endless crimes and their end goal (JWO out of “Israel”)
      4. Go by a physical, non “Jew” identity saying your not a “Jew” but an Ashkenaz or Sephardic by race.
      5, Start constructing a completely new identity, completely void of anything “Jewish”. I would say preferably, an Ashkenaz or Sephardic ‘Christian” but that is your call, not mine.

      Just some thoughts. Hope you have a good day

    2. It’s all about exposure… the weight of information opposing them will eventually crush them. Don’t let up.

      Expose, talk, type, share…. there will be nowhere for them to hide.

  12. O.T. Brownhawk, you’ve mentioned shamans before. I have heard of original shamans in Siberia, in Tuva and Finnland (Tibet, South Am. and… of course). What do you think of Carlos Castaneda? After his first books of drug experiences, that he later layed aside, I think he was more a (on can say) genius of collecting true aspects of shamanism.- but.. to/for a world-audience of the time. His “successors” today “Clear green” LA, seem to me a company offering workshops but with a remarkable side of business aims. CC himself, wrote in one of his last books, that humans had become victims of entities, he called “mud fliers” or something, who are eating our energy of consciousness and have implanted a mind of theirs into humans. Only very strict discipline could restore oneself. This may be sort of paranoia but an interesting although frightening idea?

    1. Alot of Castaneda’s readers believe virtually every word about his relationship with the mysterious Don Juan. Others think he made it all up with a wild imagination that I myself can get carried away with sometimes. But as is usually the case, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

      While I don’t doubt the existence of this shaman, the fiction is maybe in some of the dialogue between the two. Which is OK by me. I find it entertaining. Also, I think Castaneda put his own spin on interpreting the nature of exactly what it was he was learning from the nagal.

      Without going too long on this particular thread, I’ll say that his accounting of entities who are “stealing energy” from humans is accurate. The basic contention proferred by Don Juan is that they are very real,(not “hallucinations”-a sophomoric take on it) whose intent it is to ‘bar the way’, so to speak, to realms of discovery beyond the world of matter and the 5-senses. The skills required to enter them is called sorcery.

      Those who embark on these journeys report many encounters. Terms like “mud fliers” refers to personal experiences where entities appear in the form of blobs coming at you to muck up your travels (pardon the pun!). Kind of like Lonnie in its own way. Ha! My own relationships with shamans don’t involve these kinds of adventures any more. When I was younger but not now. A most dangerous undertaking without proper supervision, and not for the faint of heart, I can tell you that. I’ve known crazy indians who just got lost in a maze. It killed them.

      Presently I’m more interested in an approach that shares information in our cosmological surveys – developing the shaman within, if you will. For me, coming upon this website affords an opportunity to offer a different perspective. One that attempts to integrate the recognized malevolence of what we call “jew” in our parasitic characterization of it, with ideas of how and why it bars the way to a place where we would be free of its grip.

    2. Thank you Brownhawk, i understand it well enough, for me it was somehow similar..- a different perspective, for me has become the way of our elders, how they lived, what myself was told and their good heart. And what we have in this age of the media is like a curse, a hypnosis that is depopulating the lands.

  13. “Kill all the Jews!” (Or “joos’ seems a funny in-word.)
    Jews come in all different shapes and sizes; some are brown, some white, and some yellow, mixed-race, etc.
    Most (85% approx.) say they are non-religious; and a considerable number say they are atheistic. “The Father of Zionism, the Hungarian Jew, Theodor Herzl, was an avowed atheist. The Bolsheviks were revolutionary atheists.
    Of the remaining 15% there are many different forms of religious observance and belief patterns: Hence we have the “True Torah Jews against Zionism”; the “Jews For Christ”; and the rabbis/religious Jews of Zionism who are working hand in hand with the criminal Messianic settlers. Etc.
    And then we have “dissident” Jews like Uri Avnery who lives in Israel, thus qualifying as an “occupying” Zionist, but who continually takes the mickey out of the ruthless, Zionist “Hawks.” And the Jew, Noam Chomsky, takes the mickey out of all imperialists and speaks of rogue Israel!
    The subject of Jewish identity is extremely complex, and to add more frustration they are able to function on all sides simultaneously using their skills with the Hegelian DIALECTIC. Gullible Anglo-Saxons fall for this one, all the time!
    Thus, the same Jew can be Right or Left, conservative or radical, a peacnik and a war-mongerer. Uri Avnery referred to his “people’s” sense of “curious duality.” They use this mastery of the DIALECTIC to penetrate all groups, as they have, for eg, with Vets Today, which I don’t read any more; as I know Mr Dean’s “Jews”, whom he constantly defends, are sabotaging VT’s credibility!
    My observation is that as soon as you have an undefined, confused-identity Jew enter your group, that group will invariably go into free-fall, as all Jews are masters of the illogical, often-conflicting, great COMPROMISE; which is another way of saying their Talmudic-Protocols illogic/trickery has won out! They softly, softly eliminate all opposition and take charge, as they have the Western world.
    It is time the Goyim of the world sat down and asked the Jews to give a clear definition of their ACTUAL identity. If it is decided that a “Jew” has to be a religious person, their numbers become insignificant. Ditto for if they have to carry Semitic blood in their veins; or become “kosher” (clean) with porn and illicit sex. I could go on and on!
    In summary, they possess the almost undefineable IDENTITY: They are not a RACE; they are not a mono-culture; they are not an ethnic group, etc.
    What they are, is, clearly, the declared enemy of the majority Goyim.
    People like Henry Makow should explain to us their conception of their s0-called Jewish identity. He obviously hates Zionists, the BIG $$$’s Jews; and the porno masters of LA!
    If their identity becomes a laughing stock, which I know it is, we should expect them to desert their premiership club – “the Joos” – because us Goyim will continually assert their utter stupidity in belonging to a group that is indefineable!
    If all else fails, we might have to SIMPLY, ban their club from the face of the Earth! And then, such as the “Jews for Christ” can become Christians, just as in Jesus’ time!
    i. e. Play them at their own game! Turn their DIALECTIC back on them at all times! Use their reverse psychology! We need to get smart! EXPOSE the criminal, warped scum!

    1. they are not a mono-culture; they are not an ethnic group, etc.
      What they are, is, clearly, the declared enemy of the majority Goyim.

      well, there you are, max, this is what makes them a monoculture, the only “culture” they have, with “morals” to match.

      now, i’ve been thinking about the issues lonnie and buddies stirred up here and although thinking is in progress, not over by any means, here is my interim result.
      if we cannot bring ourselves to openly declare the humanely unavoidable hate and loathing for the jew, ie, not to hate or loathe him is in fact unnatural given his works, past, present and indubitably future, is it ok to hate our own traitors?
      i mean, there was a time when treason on such grand scale was punishable by death and as a capital crime took precedence to say, a pedophile serial killer, torturer and cannibal like wayne dacy or jeffrey dahmer’s instance.
      and it is right that treason was regarded thus, for it impacted with devastating consequences the totality of the society (oh well, let’s call it 98%+ of the society).
      is it ok to demand death for such traitors of our own goy disposition?
      or is it hate crime against an identifiable group, etcetc …

      because if it is not written into the law books that thou shall not kill the one who seeks to destroy your communities and enslave your family, poison your environment, enwhore your children, commit wars and genocides withour reason or purpose other than personal enrichment of himself and some tiny elite … then why not do what jb campbell, lonnie, spqr and all of them preach but against a clearly legitimate target?

      when a buffalo or moose is infested by maggots and botflies under his skin, he doesn’t consult a criminal lawyer before rubbing against tree bark to scrub them out along with diseased skin, does he?

      1. if i were to form or join a mini-army or rather self-defense group like lonnie advised, my primary task would be to ensure that no traitors were allowed to thrive within it.
        it can be done.
        everyone would be screened repeatedly, at least on a monthly basis for deceiving the group, through use of qualified and calibrated polygraphs and other software that recognizes facial expressions, various tics and eye movements and the offender would be dealt with in accordance to group laws.
        i think this is what hezbollah does and what makes them such an effective fighting force.

        eventual goal would be the network of such disciplined and well regulated units, the first stage of the chemotherapy plan.

        1. now this is constructive and honest lobro.

          imo its probably the only realistic manner in which we could go about it. A global network of mini armies.

      2. Lobro,

        No one is suggesting that Lonnie be silenced. It’s the constant repitition I object to. The hijacking of every thread by bringing every topic back to the same subject: the necessity for taking violent action aganst the Jews.

        Lonnie has a point. You think he has a point. I think he has a point. Most people here agree that he has a point. But hey, how many times does he have to keep saying it? How many times does he have to keep repeating the bleeding obvious?

        We get the message. Jews are the Enemy. We need to do something about them. Violence in self-defense is not only reasonable, it is mandatory. Either kill or be killed.

        Okay, friend Lobro, so where do we go from there? What’s the next step? On a site like this all we can do is talk. We can hardly plan a revolution or plot violence in broad daylight!

        You wanna kill Obama or Netanyahu? Okay, give me your plan! On this website. And I’ll give you mine. A 10-point plan how to bring down the Usreal Empire and hand Palestine back to the Arabs.

        Meet you at the coffee shop behind the White House to hammer out the minor details. 🙂

        1. “no one is suggesting he be silenced”

          I am, Ruth. In a manner of speaking. Lonnie has made his position clear. At least to me. To me (and others I’m sure) he represents a renegade approach that accomplishes virtually nothing. But he thinks it will accomplish EVERYTHING.

          I’ll choose to silence him by ignoring him moving forward.

        2. okay ruthie, here is the plan.
          what you do is dress seductively in gauzy veils with heavy kohl around eyes and stuff, jingling trinkets on wrists, ankles, around forehead, take some bellydancing lessons and how to bat giant eyelashes and we crash the weisshaus reception for satanyahu, me with my guitar case, eyepatch and sombrero, ok?

          i will fill you in on the rest of the details once we are inside, over the appetizers.
          don’t eat too much and start burping, that spoils the entire plan.

    2. Jews are not a religious community, not even a “race” but an ethnic Mafia engaged in parasitism with world domination as its ultimate aim. Membership of this Mafia is determined by descent (via the mother) or conversion to the tribal religion. In this way in the course of history much foreign blood has entered the community with as result different looking Jews in different locations. But the myth of a common descent and a common future (world domination !) unites them all. As a reaction to their destructive parasitic behavior Jews were frequently expelled from their host countries, which gave them a sense of “victimhood”. This idea of being “eternal victims” (entirely innocent of course !) is besides the myth of “chosenness” the defining element of Jewish identity. Thus where there is no persecution or discrimination of Jews, Jewish identity tends to erode and disappearance into assimilation threatens. This is the case in present day America where intermarriage of Jews with Gentiles is more than 50% and rapidly increasing. Thus Jewish success would ultimately lead to the disappearance of the Jews themselves. Those who think that the Jewish problem will ultimately solve itself by Jewish success in a tolerant society forget one thing : Jewish “success” in a Gentile society not only means its total exploitation but also its total ruin. And that process is going on as we speak. There is no solution other than expulsion, now for good to their own ethno-state.

      1. Franklin,

        You say much here that is incontrovertibly true. I’d just like to add a couple of points.

        1. If Jews are threatened by assimilation in societies that treat them kindly and in no way discriminate against them, like the US today, then obviously from the viewpoint of elite Talmudic Jewry it pays to whip up as much anti-Semitism as possible. Sites like Rense are probably being run by Jews. These sites — and the more anti-Semitic they are the better — help to scare the Jews and reinforce their idea of victimhood.

        2. “There is no solution other than expulsion,” you write, “now for good to their own ethno-state.”

        I hope you don’t mean Palestine. That belongs to the Palestinians and I don’t think these Ashkenazi Jews have any right to park themselves there. Birobidzhan, Madagascar, Uganda — they rejected them all. They wanted the Holy Land and they got it.

        But Palestine isn’t enough. As Israel Shamir once pointed out, Palestine is only their base. Their world headquarters. It’s the world they want.

        1. At this point the World ain’t big enough for the both of us. Any “ethno-state” would have to be another planet altogether. How about the planet Oblivious?

          Impractical? Far-fetched?

          My point is that the depth of assimilation implies that the ethnicity factor has been rendered irrelevant for all intents and purposes. In practical terms, the focus needs to be at the top. That whole “the fish rots from the head down” adage.

          Contrary to realities of dumbed-down Americans for whom the malaise of cognitive dissonance has rendered impotent, I still see a glimmer of hope in their potential receptivity that would lead to an understanding of what went wrong in the founding of its original documents. (at least in some who aren’t too far gone by now)

          There is enough of a resentment towards their government to make a pursuit of educating at least some of the masses a worthwhile endeavor. An education that can only lead to the formation of legitimate, although ill-advised lynch mobs that would round up what are essentially Khazarian descendants in the halls of power.

          We claim to be fighting this war, right? This means there must be no room for defeatism in the form of, for example, Kaminski’s lament that Americans collectively are too far gone for anything that would effectively turn things around for the betterment of its citizens.

          This doesn’t HAVE to be seen as being a delusional undertaking as with Hitler’s attack through the Ardennes again, the one in 1944. In continuing the metaphor, a positive spin would use the successful one in 1940.

        2. @ Sardonicus,

          1) Yes, and that is why Jews so often engage in hate hoaxes, so called “anti-semitic attacks” in reality done by themselves. Think of painting svastikas on the walls of synagogues or Jewish tombstones. They do this to reinforce their sense of “victimhood” and thus save their identity. The Jewish identity is essentially an identity “against the world” and it threatens to collapse when there is nothing to be against anymore.

          2) Yes, Palestine is actually a bad choice, but so is any territory where they can set up an independent state. Such a state would only function as a launching pad for their global crime. So a well guarded ethnic ghetto is the real solution. My favorite location is Tierra del Fuego, far from the inhabited world.

        3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          “My favorite location is Tierra del Fuego, far from the inhabited world.”

          I’m not so sure about that, Franklin. Isn’t Tierra del Fuego already inhabited by nice folk? My own favorite is Antarctica, though I think we’d have to consult the penguins first. 🙂

          Mind you, Antarctica has valuable resources buried beneath the ice and quite a few nations are jostling for control there, so maybe Antarctica isn’t such a good idea.

          The Jewish problem will easily be solved once interplanetary travel becomes the norm. Who knows, two hundred years from now, the Jews can be given their own Utopia on one of moons of Jupiter.

          One-way tickets and all expenses paid.

      2. Jews are a race. They’re connected by blood and share a common heritage and worldview; that means they’re a race. It’s just that they behave like an ethnic mafia.

        Also, intermarriage is a weapon of Jews, not a hindrance to them. Jews have been intermarrying with Whites for thousands of years now and their identity has never been lost. On the contrary, stealing White genes improves the health of their race and bloodlines; when a White marries a kike, the offspring are always raised as kikes, and when they grow up, they marry other kikes. Intermarriage is harmful to Whites and beneficial to Jews.

        As for expulsion, who’s going to expel them? Our politicians are bought and paid for by the jews. And even if they are expelled, what’s to prevent them from coming back 50 or 100 years later?

        1. @ SPQR’

          “Jews are a race”.

          Actually no. Jews are an ethnic group with the myth of a common origin but in reality they are racially mixed and that in different sorts and proportions among the various Jewish groups of the world. But because the various local Jewish groups often have practised endogamy for centuries they have become kind of homogeneous and thus have acquired secondary racial characteristics, hence the existence of “typical Jews”. But there are many kinds of “typical Jews” and many Jews don’t look like “typical Jews” at all, which becomes understandable once you know their history.

          Jewishness is a kind of mentality. It may be anchored in biology in some respects but it is not caused by that.

        2. That is like saying Catholics or even Protestants are a race…..which of course they are not, but, they are definitely religions……..

      3. @Franklin

        So who exactly is the “they” that would be populating Tierra del Fuego?

        Where’s that practical and methodical German mind at? Seems to be stuck in intellectual ruminations, which is understandable given the present situation of your country.

        Problem is, this is 2014 not 1941. Hell, this isn’t even 1944 when your nostalgia really began.

        We need final solutions to be reasonable, not whimsical.

        And you think I’M a dreamer.

        1. We are talking here about theoretical ideal solutions of course. We don’t have the power to realize them.

        2. Yes of course this is what we’re talking about, but even WITH the power…

          “jewishnwess is kind of a mentality”

          yes, of course this is what it is. So how would you go about rounding up all the mental cases and shipping them off to wherever?

          Seems to me at this point it would be like extracting individual ingredients from a jar of mayonaisse. This of course is virtually impossible because the assimilation of its ingredients is complete.

          What to do?

          You already indicated it. At this point, any form of expulsion can only come by forcing out the prevailing ‘mentality’ from its positions of State power. The question which then arises is what State signifies the “head of the snake”, whose removal of its traitorous parties will cause the body to die?

          If you said Israel then your answer is wrong. The correct answer comes from the only State in the history of the modern World that correctly and completely defined the tenets of Liberty: The United States of America. Only by restoring its true Constitutional rule of law as embodied in its founding principles will the cursed spell of the jew be broken.

          Any defeatist attitude that prevails in the hearts and minds of those who long to be free concedes victory to those who seek to deny that freedom. And it’s say hello to the JWO.

          Two means for achieving a lasting peace in the World, with the potential to avert another World War before this would, or could be accomplished are open to humanity.

          One is a military coup in America which should not be seen as being out of the realm of possibility. Again, defeatist thinking dooms its potential at the outset.

          The second comes from within the framework of the ALREADY EXISTING American Constitutional Law, whose true spirit has only to be activated.

          The time for theorizing is over. The time for concrete action is now.

    3. @ Max Bilney

      Wow! You’ve said it all. Beautifully. You’ve obviously thought a lot about the Jews and figured them out. And yet to me they remain an inexplicable mystery.

      The top Jews have an absolute conviction that they are morally superior to the rest of mankind whom they hold in total contempt.

      They genuinely want to create Utopia on earth, to build the heavenly city in which all races will live in peace and harmony under their benevolent dictatorship.

      Paradoxically, however, in order to achieve this noble end, they are willing to unleash unlimited Red Terrors and genocides, depopulating the world in the interests of universal happiness.

      (BTW, I’m not Jewish. I’ve just taken a Jewish nom de plume.)

      1. Jews have no interest in a utopia. The closest the human species ever got to a utopia was the Third Reich, and look how the kikes destroyed it.

        What jews want is to exterminate all of humanity. That’s their real dream. The ultimate jewish fantasy is to kill billions of men, women, and children in an orgy of bloodshed, like in the USSR.

        1. @ SPQR

          “Jews have no interest in a utopia.”

          You’re wrong. It’s true that most Jews, like most other people in the world, don’t give a damn about Utopia. But the wild-eyed dreamers among the Jews, the zealots and the mystical kabbalists and the followers of Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank, they certainly do.

          In a sense, it is this small minority of Jews who are the movers and shakers and wield the greatest influence on the rank and file of Jewry.

          Franklin Ryckaert undestands this best. Read and digest what he says in his perceptive post:

          “You can find Jewish “utopian” ideas in the O.T. (especially Isaiah 60 and 61), the Talmud, the Qaballah, and in pronouncements of rabbis and Jewish intellectuals.

          You can find a good summary in The Jewish Utopia PDF, which can be read on line.”

          You may not wish to believe this but even bloodthirsty Bolsheviks like Lenin had their Utopian dreams. They dreamed they could get to the earthly paradise by wading through fields of blood.

          You will never understand the Jewish psyche if you think of the Jew as a caricature of evil, a red-eyed demon with horns.

          Think of how Milton portrayed Satan in his epic poem Paradise Lost and you will get some idea of the Jew in his majestic madness and ruined splendor, the ultimate âme damnée.

      2. @ Ruth Bernstein,

        The Jewish “Utopia” is a state of the world wherein all the enemies of the Jews have been killed and the rest of humanity has been enslaved while all the wealth of the world has fallen into the hands of the Jews. To this end the Jewish elite strives, but of course for us gullible Goyim they frame their nefarious aim in “idealistic” terms.

        You can find Jewish “utopian” ideas in the O.T. (especially Isaiah 60 and 61), the Talmud, the Qaballah, and in pronouncements of rabbis and Jewish intellectuals.

        You can find a good summary in The Jewish Utopia PDF, which can be read on line.

      3. @Ruth Bernstein

        They genuinely want to create Utopia on earth, to build the heavenly city in which all races will live in peace and harmony under their benevolent dictatorship.

        Holy crap! That was a mistake, Ruthie: you have switched colors too fast, sis.

        (BTW, I’m not Jewish. I’ve just taken a Jewish nom de plume.)

        Are you sure, Ruthie? I am afraid you’ll have to take another Jewish nom de plume, and start all other again. It’s not an easy task to hide owns identity … even for a jew.

        1. no circassian, i can vouch for that … have known ruth and her ways for a few years now.
          she is agenuine gentile article, no less than you or i.

        2. I certainly hope that you are right, lobro. But I find it hard to believe that, with the intelligence demonstrated by Ruth, she would believe such utter rubbish as:

          >> The top Jews genuinely want to create Utopia on earth, to build the heavenly city in which all races will live in peace and harmony under their benevolent dictatorship

          Don’t you think?

        3. well, ruth recognizes the shifty, 2-faced jewish “morality”.
          they genuinely believe that we are but a self-replenishing resource and a bit of bloodletting (what’s a few dozen million) is good for the health of the livestock, like the hunters think that they keep the species healthy through seasonal harvesting.
          you gotta mow the grass to keep the lawn green, right?
          thus, they are doing us a darwinian favor in their minds.

          a jew cannot conceive of a jew being evil, tikkun olam baby.

          i tend to agree with her reading, all these evildoers, the destroyers believe that their deeds will benefit us along the way, of course never applying the same moral yardstick to themselves.

          we are jews, the chosen, the humans, you are but biomass that we farm for our consumption.
          if you rebel against us, you are like a cancerous growth whose cells refuse to enter into pre-destined apoptosis – this applies to us: you, me, ruth and lonnie alike.
          this is why i hate these internecine squabbles.
          we each have a point of view that contains some validity depending on the angle in which the light shines, we must make use of all valid observations before putting together a master plan.

          they have lived and thrived in the sick light of kol nidre for so long that they truly believe kol nidre is the highest expression of morality ever devised, lies are good, truth sucks.

          we need anti-protocols.
          trust me, ruth is one of us.

        4. @ lobro

          Thanks, lobro. I appreciate these kind words in my defense. Circassian has misunderstood me. If he takes the trouble to read my response above to SPQR, perhaps a glimmer of understanding will find its way into the obscure caverns of the Circassian mind and the cobwebs of darkness be swept away! 🙂

          Ruth Bernstein says:
          March 28, 2014 at 9:24 pm

          @ SPQR

          “Jews have no interest in a utopia.”

        5. @ Circassian

          You quote this sentence of mine with disapproval:

          “They [the Jews] genuinely want to create Utopia on earth, to build the heavenly city in which all races will live in peace and harmony under their benevolent dictatorship.”

          Your response:

          “Holy crap! That was a mistake, Ruthie: you have switched colors too fast, sis.”

          And you suggest that I have suddenly revealed myself in my true colors as a duplicitous Jew.

          Well, I don’t mind that. I am used to these slights. I remain unruffled and serene.


          Listen carefully, dear brother, and I will try to explain.

          I am not saying the Jews are extraordinarily superior people. I am saying they think they are. In their own estimation they’re the cat’s pajamas.

          I’ll give you some examples now. Try to follow my reasoning.

          Rabbi Harry Waton clarified how Communism was an outgrowth of Judaism, stating:

          “It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism; all this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews. The Jews should realize that Jehovah no longer dwells in heaven, but he dwells in us right here on earth ; we must no longer look up to Jehovah as above us and outside of us, but we must see him right within us.”

          — Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and Humanity and An Answer to All Anti-Semites, p. 148.

          Even that title oozes with moral superiority and the conviction that the Jews are the natural born rulers of the world.

          Rabit Waton went on to state (p. 99):

          “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. Now, indeed, this is the historic destiny of the Jews…”

          He also stated (p. 100):

          “Judaism is communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race.”

          Tell me, Circassian, in the context of the quotes you have just read above, surely you can now understand this innocuous sentence of mine to which you object so strongly:

          “They [the Jews] genuinely want to create Utopia on earth, to build the heavenly city in which all races will live in peace and harmony under their benevolent dictatorship.”

        6. This litte snippet may be of interest to readers here:

          Dmitri Volkoganov, former director of the Institute For Military History in the USSR, wrote:

          A little over a year later, Anna [Lenin’s sister] approached Stalin again, asserting that “in the Lenin Institute, as well as in the Institute of the Brain … they have long recognized the great gifts of this [Jewish] nation and the extremely beneficial effects of its blood on the progeny of mixed marriages.”

          Ilyich [Lenin] himself rated their revolutionary qualities highly, contrasting it with the more sluggish and unstable character of the Russians. He often pointed out that the great organization and strength of the revolutionary bodies arose precisely from the fact that 50 per cent of their members were of that nationality. [i.e. Jewish]

          (Volkoganov, Dmitri. “Lenin: A New Biography”, pp. 8-9)

          And so, contrary to what SPQR states in another post here, that intermarriage with Jews was bad for gentiles becaused it debased their blood, the Jews (and many non-Jews) believed the opposite: that the sluggish gentiles benefited enormously by the infusion of a good dose of invigorating Jewish blood.

          The English aristocracy certainly believed this and lots of inter-marriages took place between the two groups, apparently to their mutual advantage.

          Volkoganov also noted:

          Lenin once said to Gorky: “The clever Russian is almost always a Jew or has Jewish blood in him.”

          Lenin was thinking of himself. His grandfather was Jewish, and he was proud of his Jewish stock, though he kept it well hidden. Stalin buried the secret away in Soviet archives and it was only revealed (I think) several decades after Lenin’s death, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

        7. @ Ruth Bernstein

          I have listened carefully to your explanation, as you have urged me, and must confess that perhaps I have overestimated your logical skills, Ruth, to say the least.

          You start your explanation with the following statement:

          >> I am not saying the Jews are extraordinarily superior people. I am saying they think they are. In their own estimation they’re the cat’s pajamas.

          And you go quoting the Jews to prove the validity of that statement. But that’s not what I have objected to. First, I did not say or imply that you said or believed that the Jews are extraordinarily superior people. Second, neither did I doubt that many Jews are saying that the Jews are extraordinarily superior people. So, why are you trying to prove a statement that has no relevance to what I have objected to? That’s called straw man argument. I am sure that you know very well what straw man argument is, Ruthie.

          I have objected to you saying:

          >> They [the Jews] genuinely want to create Utopia on earth, to build the heavenly city in which all races will live in peace and harmony under their benevolent dictatorship.

          That is a crap. The Jews DO NOT want to create Utopia on earth, to build the heavenly city in which all races will live in peace and harmony under their benevolent dictatorship.

          If you think that you can understand what the Jews really want by reading what they wright, or by listening to what they say, you are a very naïve person. There is only one way to understand what the Jews want: by watching carefully what they are actually doing. And that is exactly what astute observer of the Jews, Professor Nilus, did – he observed what the Jews are doing, not what they are saying.

          The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a text that spells out what the Jews are doing. Jews call The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion “a forgery”. And I believe that is true: Jews could not and would not right such a text. I believe that it was written by Professor Nilus himself. But it does not matter who wrote the text. What matters is that, as Henry Ford put it: All I can say about the material is that it fits what is actually happening in the world and had been happening ever since the protocols appeared first in the print.

        8. @ Circassian

          “I have listened carefully to your explanation, as you have urged me, and must confess that perhaps I have overestimated your logical skills…”

          I am pleased for you that you think so highly of yourself that you feel confident enough to make this condescending comment.

          So, Circassian is the superior logician and Ruth Bernstein is his intellectual inferior.

          No need for further discusion.

        9. circassian, although ruth is perfectly able to defend her own thread legacy, the objectionable quote is really part of a bigger context.
          her paragraph immediately on heels of that quote says:
          Paradoxically, however, in order to achieve this noble end, they are willing to unleash unlimited Red Terrors and genocides, depopulating the world in the interests of universal happiness.

          not even sardonicus gets more sardonic than that.

          i dealt with this issue of dual morality to which they so glibly subscribe in a post above.

          let me give you a real world analogy, an argument i had with a “cultured” mexican who greatly enjoyed the bloodsport in plaza de toros in merida, yucatan.
          his counter to my statement that it is a depraved, cruel and ultimately cowardly misnomer for sport was that for a bull, dying on his feet, fighting for his life after prolonged public torture was a preferable, more honorable way to go than slipping and sliding on the terror driven excrement in a shrieking dark of a slaughterhouse.

          this is a good analog to jewish morality as it applies to us and i hope this wasteful to and fro is over.
          it gets us nowhere, assuming that we aim to get somewhere.

        10. @ Circassian

          Condescension sucks. Intelligence without humility is worthless. The inflated ego is an ugly thing.

          There’s only one person on this site whose intelligence and humility I can respect, and that’s Homer (hp).

          Everyone else oozes with self-importance.

        11. “Everyone else oozes with self-importance.”

          An exaggeration, of course. I don’t think this would apply to Lobro. Like Homer, Lobro is too intelligent to believe in his own omniscience.

        12. @ lobro

          You quote Ruth Bernstein as writing:

          Paradoxically, however, in order to achieve this noble end, they [the Jews] are willing to unleash unlimited Red Terrors and genocides, depopulating the world in the interests of universal happiness.

          . . . and then you add: “Not even sardonicus gets more sardonic than that.”

          Well, thanks for the compliment, lobro! but I don’t think even Sardonicus could have put it with such devastating irony!

          Ruth has a way with words, a verbal facility I much admire and envy, and it’s a pity that Circassian failed to note this irony.

          If he had, perhaps he would have realized that Ruth was making a good point and that to call her a “Jew” was churlish and reprehensible.

          Circassian goes down even more in my estimation by his further attempt to belittle Ruth’s logic and portray himself as a superior logician.

          Circassian has to realize that Ruth is a superior person and that he needs to show more respect for her.

        13. far be it from me to belittle to either ruth or circassian with unasked for offer of advocacy, as if they are unable to speak for themselves.

          i only wanted to put my shoulder to this vehicle stuck in the quicksand of an unnecessary squabble and get the debate, what there is of it underway again.

          this type of hairsplitting is fit only for rabbinical sweat lodges and idle talmudists.

        14. @ Ruth Bernstein

          Yes Ruth, intelligence without humility is losing much of its appeal. You sound very agitated and angry, not much humility there. Are you really sure that you are not Jewish?


          >>Circassian has to realize that Ruth is a superior person and that he needs to show more respect for her.

          Yes Sardonicus, that’s my understanding too: Ruth sounds and reacts very much like the chosen ones. The mantle of humility slid from her shoulders faster than water from the greased feathers of a duck. That’s a shame!

        15. HA! So true, lobro.

          This hairsplitting delights the Talmudic hypnosis.

          And getting back on the track to potential empowerment should move from Franklin’s words that “jew” is a mentality. One that most unfortunately has infected us all in varying degrees.

        16. @ Circassian

          Like Lobro, I’ve known Ruth for many years. She is not a Jew. She is a Christian. If she appears to be “agitated”, it’s no wonder — after your stupid, unprovoked attack on her.

          You were the guy who said you felt a strange “affinity” with her, right? And then you turn on her and sink your fangs into her flesh like a rabid dog. You don’t even have the intellectual integrity to admit that she was being ironical when she wrote:

          “Paradoxically, however, in order to achieve this noble end, they [the Jews] are willing to unleash unlimited Red Terrors and genocides, depopulating the world in the interests of universal happiness.”

          If she were a Jew, would she write that she was prepared “to unleash unlimited Red Terrors and genocides, depopulating the world in the interests of universal happiness”?

          I don’t think so!

        17. You know what I think, Circassian?

          I think you’re an intelligent and educated guy with personal problems. You’re a person who needs to compensate for your insecurities and frustrations by picking needless quarrels with people in an attempt to prove your superiority.

          If you had the slightest decency, you would apologize to Ruth for your completely unwarranted attack on her.

          Your constant jibe that she is a “Jew” when she is not one is a puerile and cowardly act — like that of a sadistic child throwing stones at a puppy dog.

          You should be ashamed of yourself.

        18. I’ve followed this angry exchange with great amusement. Allow me to note three points:

          1. There’s nothing wrong with being a Jew. The assumption that Ruth has something to be ashamed of if she is Jewish is one I will not accept. If she is Jewish, she should hold her head up high and lift her hand so as to be counted among the Elect.

          2. On balance, I don’t think Ruth is Jewish. She’s not sexy enough. She lacks that quality of delicious decadence I often find in the females of my own race. I doubt if she would ever willingly spread her legs for me and let me go down on her.

          3. I think “Circassian” is more likely to be Jewish than Muslim. In my experience, most Muslims are mentally retarded and Circassian is obviously not retarded. He shows all the qualities desirable in a good Jew: intelligence, sophisticated cruelty, reliance on the ad hominem attack in order to score easy points and win arguments, and, finally, his total conviction in his own intellectual superiority that is so typically Jewish.

        19. @Ruthie: “Everyone else oozes with self-importance.”
          True to a point but misses other important ones (imho 🙂 … like – why bother commenting at all… hard not to be hypocritical… but you did say it was an exaggeration… o/wise I get you… but WTF would I know…

  14. F P Yockey describes a people as an organic body. I believe so it was regarded in the NS. We have an immune system, but that is paralysed by over-medication, the media, education, psychology, liberal ideas. The question is, how much of an social body there is left at this time. Maybe in discussions and sharing experiences like here, but it’s virtual.. maybe around your area which should be brought to life. Forgive but i’m pessimistic here. We can hope that people still know inside from memories how living structures should be, maybe a christian group, firends of nature, bio-gardeners.. they will have an immune system which will detect subversions and heal sickness.

    1. You realize the truth, fritz.
      There will be no shining Aryan, Islamic, Christian or any other ubermensch societies of truth, justice and peace.
      There’s nothing wrong and much correct in being a pessimist.
      (right nine times out of ten)

      Utopia? Hahaha! That’s a funny word.
      Like magic, the world’s societies of sow’s ears, these bastions of cheaters and the cheated will produce silk purses. White knights (they really weren’t so white after all), angelic humans rising from the putrid remains of barbarism they don’t even see, much less admit. A giant ‘stop me before I kill again’ collective will ‘see the light’ if only (someone else) would just leave them alone. Yeah right. Sure. Uh-huh.

      In reality there are only small scatterings of actual humans here and there, forever looking over their shoulders for the beasts disguised as altruistic saviors who are ever gaining on them.
      This is reality. A life of tortured time attempting to avoid the human beasts who will surely, like the material diseases they mimic, kill them.
      Sound familiar? Need verification? Three words. Past, Present, Future..

      Eureka! We’ve discovered the missing link between apes and human beings.
      It’s called man. The true and honest meaning of antropromorphize.

      A sure sign is (haha) human evolution, ‘advancement’ to the degree of being capable (unlike apes) of committing physical and spiritual suicide.

      The Jews just got there first.

      1. yes hp, how good written.. social structures, families, folk culture have evolved in centuries, naturally. And today it is like in a movie, artificial. If only TV would go black, people are not thinking about what they would do then. they have bo songs, no poems, no wisdom of the elders and don’t know how to grow vegetables – for most of them.

      2. You disappoint me greatly, hp. Nothing of what I’m hearing you say indicates your being grounded in an ACTUAL living reality. And by “actual” I mean the PRESENT conscious existence you are inhabiting. You sound like defeatist personified. Your air of being reflective makes you a nowhere man. Is that where you really want to be? I too was there once but not anymore.

        You blur the distinctions of life and death to where you’re not recognizing ACTUAL existence. Which takes ACTUAL courage.

        You don’t realize it, but by saying “the jews got there first” you are conceding your own living reality to the “jews”, as if THEIR existence has any true bearing in lending them credibility.

        I’m seeing this in too many posters. This sense that there seems to be nothing tangible that can be done to stop the onslaught, that we’re all just waiting around for the morbid trainwreck to happen. Ruminating when we should be liberating.

        Well I’m here to tell you that there IS an actual (i.e.; to be ACTED upon) concrete way, as I’ve indicated in my last post. And hp, I’m sorry to be picking on you here, I know you’re a good man, but you couldn’t be more wrong when you say there’s nothing wrong with being pessimistic. Being right 9 times out of 10 is DUE to your relinquishing the power of YOUR PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Where’s the fight?

        What the hell is the purpose of our being here IN THE WORLD if not to awaken to the fact that these miserable lords of death have as their eternal mission statement the perpetuation of ITS bogus sovereignty over YOU!?

      3. Homer, that was brilliant. But cheer up and take heart from the fact that your pessimistic hero, Schopenhauer, took solace from the Upanishads and would often repeat the old Sanskrit prayer, “Let me not forget my ancient strivings….”

        Don’t knock Utopia. Of course it doesn’t exist. And given the fallen nature and bestiality of man, realizing paradise on earth is virtually impossible.

        But reflect: man conquered Everest only by trying to climb it. Repeated failures, then eventual success.

        “Be ye therefore perfect…”

        One has to keep reaching for the moon.

        1. Thank you for that Xanadu. I hate that I seem to be singling out hp in my zealous intention to “fire up the troops”, if you will.

          Your website, with all its authors and commenters allows for a learning experience, if one is open for it to accomplish that. And of course learning can only come about by making missteps along the way to its fruition. In keeping with the ancient Chinese adage of success being failure turned inside out.

          “let me not forget my ancient strivings”
          “be ye therefore perfect”
          “one has to keep reaching for the moon”

          First of all, kudos to your innate ability in being concise.

          The perfection we strive for in attempts at reaching the moon must not be one whose expression merely floats through this temporal existence in our understanding of what we imagine perfection to be. Its expression of peace and freedom can only be experienced where you are PRESENTLY experiencing it.

          The “moon” isn’t the floating orb it appears to be, but a grounded tangiblity of the reality we long for. Our striving is to fight and die for it. Our actions must move towards how we might actuate its implementation. Right here. Right now.

          The “jewish” mantra of “so it is written, so it shall be done” will never wash with me.

        2. somewhere this poem was mentioned (it is set in musik to a song by Johannes Brahms)
          Night Of The Moon
          by Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff

          It was as though the sky
          had silently kissed the earth,
          so that it now had to dream of sky
          in shimmers of flowers.
          The air went through the fields,
          the corn-ears leaned heavy down
          the woods swished softly—
          so clear with stars was the night
          And my soul stretched
          its wings out wide,
          flew through the silent lands
          as though it were flying home.

      4. There’s nothing wrong and much correct in being a pessimist.

        a small but important correction, hp.

        much wrong and much correct 🙂 (notice that otherwise the parenthesis would have gone closed as in 🙁 )

  15. fritz,

    book you may find interesting (if not already read)

    conjuring hitler by guido giacomo preparata

    this might give a link to the book’s preface?

    lobro has explained several times how to link. little has soaked in.

    on my way to diego garcia searching for flt 370.

    my experience extremists tend to be provocateurs, set up agents like those cleaning the streets from “terrorist” morons.

    1. Hallo, 5ds, i have heard of the book but not read it- will find it by search also . Wish you a good journey and very good luck, but better it would be for inner peace to go for a walk around in nature.

    2. Good luck getting with 100 miles of Diego Garcia. Might be easier to go to Suzhou and see whether patent holders Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Zhihong Cheng and Li Ying are still alive.

      Unfortunately probably a few thousand Suzhoutians with the same name … and hard to trust the Chinese:

      Anyone have any contacts in Austin, Texas or better still Freescale Inc. itself? Their media site has been very quiet about MH370 since single confirmation announcement on the 8th March:

      Then there are plenty of other offices worldwide, may be one near you:

      Phone calls are cheap… even from public phones…and “no comment” is already saying something. Try asking to speak to one of them?

  16. In this thread or maybe it was the previous JB Campbell thread (wish I could find the post, I’ll keep looking) someone responded with what I and a few others have been saying with an excellent thought.

    The poster mentioned in thinking about our posts he was asking himself what if it really did come down to that and we had no other choice but to go after them? He said he was questioning what role he would play in it and how it would be done.

    I thought that was one of the most logical and and reasonable responses to our posts.
    At the very least its something individuals should be giving some thought to.

    Thanks to whomever made the great post.

    1. what if it really did come down to that and we had no other choice but to go after them?

      the question answers itself – we will go after them, there is no other answer.

      and i can see the finger tightening on that trigger.
      if they can’t see it then they are the stupidest species alive on this planet, on their sought-for exit to jewrassic park.

  17. Circassion, to help you out here remember this.
    There are only 3 groups of people here on planet earth. The Jew, the Gentile (non Jews), and the Church who are spiritual entities that are void of racial identities.

    1. Uh, no, there are two types of people on this planet: there are Aryans and non-Aryans. That’s all. If the Aryan race is destroyed, the human species has no hope whatsoever.

      1. Every ethnic group in the world thinks in that way : “us” and “them”. It’s called ethnocentrism.

  18. Ruth:

    You have to understand that Jews coat their intentions with idealistic language and universalist terminology. The Jew may blather about utopia in public or possibly even among themselves, but what they really mean by utopia is a place where jews run everything and freely kill all of their opponents (their opponents being the leaders of non-Jews who are loyal to their people and not Jews).

    As for intermarriage, you’re missing the point. When an Aryan marries a Jew the child is a Jew, period. It doesn’t matter if the mother is Jewish or Aryan, the child gets raised as a Jew. Anyone with jewish blood is a jew, unless they consciously align themselves with Aryans.

    1. @ SPQR

      You have to understand that Jews coat their intentions with idealistic language and universalist terminology… etc etc…. As for intermarriage, you’re missing the point… etc etc…”

      No sir, it is YOU who are missing the point and need to understand something clearly. Since I am aware of everything you say and never questioned it for a moment, there’s no need to lecture me as if I were an ignorant student sitting in the back row of your class and you were the instructor dishing out pearls of wisdom.

      I already knew what you were saying before you said it.

    2. SPQR

      Give it a rest with this emphasis on “whites” crap, won’t you?

      HUMAN Beings IN GENERAL are the corrupted ones, OK? Who WE (humanity) truly are in our essence is of innate goodness. If a human is not already too far gone they are redeemable.

      The corrupting force (“jews”) isn’t even human, in the TRUEST sense of “human” (i.e.; it KNOWS Love). Rather, it is the Abomination, therefore IRREDEEMABLE.

      Please all, can we get this? Ethnicity in this real spiritual context is irrelevant.

      1. “Irredeemable”… now that reminds me of something I heard in this 3 hour radio show about the Nephalim with Stephen Quayle and Tom Horn…

        So much of this was beyond me but the guys discussing it seemed genuine. It goes something like “These other dimensional beings resent us because we can be saved and they can’t and so we are the focus of their jealousy.”

        Or do you think taking consolation in that is just succumbing to another control paradigm?

        1. @ everyone

          Hate as much as you want if it makes you feel better, but recognize this. The objects of your hate are not beyond redemption, nor will they burn in hell eternally for the evil they once did and which they could not help doing, driven on by the dictates of their own nature.

          The Jew is not beyond redemption.

          Even the demons in the lowest pits of hell stand a chance of one day being redeemed.

          Roll on the gladsome day!

        2. We live in two cages: the cage of our passions and the cage of our bodies. Not very nice. If there is eternal life, there is then a third cage: the age of the Mind. Not to be able to escape from Consciousness, simply being for ever, this has to be the Ultimate Cage.

          Ah, the sweetness of total annihilation!

          What greater freedom than this — never to have been born, never to have lived, never to have died!

        3. If I take any consolation in it, I would hope not to be succumbing to anything comprised of say, some misleading “channeling” information. My focus is largely dependent on intuition, and having faith in intuiting TO Truth. Then it’s not what we CALL “intuition” any more, but simply knowing Truth.

          In the spirit of that, I would say these Beings can’t even think in terms of being “saved”. What essentially is the “psychopathic prototype” is just too far gone for that. Or more precisely, never TRULY WAS at all (was, or is, in Truth)

          They are not consumed by jealousy, per se, because to be jealous in a proper context here presumes a fear of losing something that it never perceived to have had, which is what the vast majority KNOW they have AS the Divine intention in manifesting itself. The only thing it CAN be, which is Love.

          It’s like the legend of the vampire. Those who know Truth “look in a mirror” and see that what is reflecting back is an affirmation of this Divine intent. Whereas those for whom NOTHING is reflected don’t see anything at all.

      2. Deduced, imagined, intuited or honestly heard.

        “O son of Pṛthā, in this world there are two kinds of created beings. One is called the divine and the other demoniac. I have already explained to you at length the divine qualities. Now hear from Me of the demoniac.”

        The Divine And Demoniac Natures

        1. Some resonance here…”BG 16.18: Bewildered by false ego, strength, pride, lust and anger, the demons become envious of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is situated in their own bodies and in the bodies of others…”

          And “BG 16.13-15: The demoniac person thinks: “So much wealth do I have today, and I will gain more according to my schemes. So much is mine now, and it will increase in the future, more and more.” , reminded me of this:

          Here is the full version of this who’s who of U.S. jewry: Inside Job (110mins):

  19. Brownhawk, i added a comment, to say, your imrpression was not all wrong:
    one view goes, that the SA were often rough men, but we have to regard the circumstances…
    To add to your two possibilities above (further down) – It would be difficult to compare the time before 1933 and today, because nowhere the communists openly threaten to get into power. Another thing can be compared: the crash of finance in 1929/30 and the perhaps coming today. Funny that Bernanke said, he had studied this case, he was an expert (around 2008?). But it may be that they cannot stop the bubbles and then the hope for the materialst paradize will dissapear. also with a natural desaster. If we compare again, what worries, is today social structures and structures of an alternative party are bad condition and not there.

    SPQR, to your last comment: an example of these universalist and humanitarian words and promises is Rosa Luxemburg, who after critizising it, then wellcomed the bolshevic Putsch and slaughter in Russia as a necessary stage for the freedom of the working class.

  20. Duff is reporting US forces on high alert for false flag attack on US via Jetliner

    If the Israeli’s do this–if they actually pull it off, it will be the last nail on their collective coffin because nothing- nothing will stop European-American-UK-Colonies-Russian retribution for creating the kickoff for a full blown WW3 their agents will use to justify it.

    Too many people, everywhere get the gig now. Our military knows FULL WELL who’s doing this. So now, it seems, we know why the “Israelis” closed their embassies worldwide.


    1. The Israelis closed their embassies because of a pay strike.

      There’s absolutely no proof that every single Israeli diplomat, in every single Israeli embassy in the world, then hopped on a plane and flew back to Israel to find refuge from the impending wrath of the world.

      If you have any evidence for this conspiracy theory, let’s have it.

      1. Sardonicus

        By deception thou shalt wage war- Mossad Motto

        Don’t be so naive! We are speaking of sociopaths- pathological liars. Now whether or not they use a jew liner to nuke attack is neither here nor there. The FACT they closed all their embassies shows that the GAME IS ON. The only question remains, when and where will they strike. Any wagers they don’t reopen them again “due to the strike”

    2. this is an interesting issue that escaped me until now, sard.

      i believe that the one of the standard and critically important terms of the employment contract of every foreign service on the planet, right up there with confidentiality is the waiver of the right to strike, due to definition as the essential service, like police, paramedics, firefighters, medical personnel, etc.

      do you really think that all these staff, with their highly sensitive and specialized knowledge would be allowed to just hang out aimlessly in taverns and red light zones without close supervision, at the mercy of the foreign intelligence services to capture them and turn even one around?
      exposing such vulnerability would be suicidal.

      no, they all went back to the cave of zion, every single one.
      it is most weird.
      what happened with sayan networks, were they just dumped by their handlers?
      or the ongoing recruitment programs, the mossad bred terrorists, the manchurian candidates, the ongoing clandestine data gathering efforts … would the field spooks just be left on their own without protection?
      they cannot just go back to works as usual if/when this internal crisis is over, there must be some heavy rebuilding, so it couldn’t have been a steo they would take lightly.

      … a pay dispute, what a moronic joke.

      1. utopia, dystopia, typia, myopia … what happens when i tyoe without reading glasses, too lazy to search for them.

        keyboard uncooperative, refuses to be in the right place for my two index fibgers, sort of like pay strike.

  21. The person who declared “Jews are a race” – as manifested in Race Hate Laws, “ant-Semitism” diatribe, etc. – is WRONG!
    Even their Torah spells out that their story commenced with Abraham’s father, Terah, who commenced his family’s wanderings after “hearing a voice.” And he, a typical “wandering Semite (Arab)” of his day commenced his journey to Canaanite (now Palestine/Israel) from his hometown city of Ur. (“of the Chaldeans”)
    Terah’s family of Arab-Semites did not somehow mutate into a distinct RACE of the human species some 3,000 years later! They started off with big noses, which became an inherited trait only!
    We forget that the word “Jew” is an English word that came into etymyological being in the 1100’s AD! And the word referred only to the remnants of the earlier kingdom of Judah, which, much later, in Jesus’ time was Judaea! ….. You know the religious freaks, whore-masters, usurers and gamblers who lived in the 2nd Temple! The ones Jesus hit out at!!!!
    The “Jews” of today were known as the “Ioudaios” in New Testament Greek. The Hebrew equivalent was “Yehudim”. Jesus might have said: “Get lost you filthy, lying, abominable, hypocritical Yehudim!”
    But because these remnants – as mixed-race by now as possible – could not mutate they remained “Arabs”, of dubious, mixed-racial backgrounds, inc Ethiopian blood, Khazar blood, Asian blood, etc!
    The Bible is really an Arabian story, or set of stories!
    Today’s Jews are as mixed-race as ever, and some of them still actually bear traces of Arab-Semitic blood! Esp the Sephardics.
    But many of the vile Ashkenazis of Israeli-genocide fame are pure European. Okay, they might also have some Khazar blood, Gypsy blood, Norse blood, etc – but haven’t most Europeans? What about you?
    Get hold of the Penguin, Handbook of Living Religions, where Dr. Rabbi Alan Unterman explains that “Jews possess a unique quality of soul, not found in the Goyim.”
    The LIES and deceptions just keep pouring out of this disgusting “people”, who obviously control Penguin.
    Their combined SOUL is as black as pitch and they seek to swallow up your soul too!
    “EXPOSE and IDENTIFY them to the people of the world!” , is what I say!
    And don’t forget that that other book of perfidities is waiting in the wings: The Koran!
    It says: “Get stuffed you Infidels …. Infidel women are harlots to be used, etc.
    The Arab New Testament only says “love thy neighbor as thyself” and don’t be a lying porn artist and crook! Choose your own Arab/Abrahamic faith!!!!!!

    1. Jews are spiritually no different from niggers. Niggers are parasites who destroy and Jews are parasites who destroy, they simply do it at different levels. Niggers rape and murder individuals, Jews rape and murder civilizations. That’s why it was so easy for niggers and jews to assault the White man in the 60s and on, because they’re spiritual equals.

      What jews say is irrelevant, both about themselves and Aryans. Everything jewish is a lie, including Christ-insanity. Jews believe themselves superior because they can’t accept their inferiority compared to Aryans (proven every time someone chooses Beethoven or Wagner over crap like Mendelssohn or that scratchy-voiced kike hack Bob Dylan). That’s why they run around boasting about how their god “chose” them. That’s why they destroyed the Third Reich, because every day the Third Reich stood it reminded Jews of their inadequacy.

      With the jew, all standards of civilization must be lowered, everyone needs to be degraded, everything needs to be equally worthless and meaningless, everyone must live like niggers or Asiatics, drinking, fucking, going to work, watching TV, getting paid, and eventually dying without any kind of higher thought or vision of greatness ever occurring in the minds of the masses.

      Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler…jews are fundamentally incapable of producing these kinds of men. Men who inspire, men who dream of a better future for their kindred race, men who destroy with a vengeance all that is ugly and degenerate and replace it with something that is beautiful, men who lead their people to greatness instead of slavery.

      Instead, jews produce low-quality refuse like George Soros, Tim Wise, Diane Feinstein, and Alan Dershowitz, physically inferior specimens who wage war through moral subversion and financial swindles, people who could never attract mass followings because one look at them is enough to make you want to go Einsatzgruppen on a bunch of ghetto-dwelling yids in Poland. Or otherwise jews produce tyrannical Asiatic monsters like Lenin, who instead of lifting a people to greatness, instead murders and enslaves them and turns a vast territory into a blood-soaked wasteland.

      From my perspective, jews are basically literate mongols: Asiatics on a global crusade to destroy the vitality of the West.

      1. i totally agree with how you perceive jews, they are all that and worse: exponents of cosmic malevolence, sickness and destruction entirely unique in that capacity.

        because, the inferior specimens aside, i have met many kind, decent, compassionate and honorable blacks, both in africa and in the americas, including the caribbean.
        same for asiatics, you couldn’t ask for more reliable, trustworthy business partner than a chinese or a urdu-speaking sikh, their honesty is culturally guaranteed, their own community would crush them otherwise.
        i have some personal experience in this matter, not just a theory.

        no, jews are a singular, standalone species in terms of incomprehensible, ineradicable evil, the medium which soaks them with every inhalation and they exhale it amplified tenfold, like poisonous cane toads among the garden variety.

        i am a strong believer of “to each his own” motto.
        thus africans to africa, asians to asia and whites to europe, which was precisely hitler’s idea (madagascar plan notwithstanding, sort of like toxic trash dumping off somali waters).

        the devil is in the details though, where is the reset button?
        what to do with all the displaced and misplaced millions.
        it is like quitting smoking after docs give you the lung cancer news.

        well, i don’t have all the answers, not yet.

        but unloading jews on an isolated island along with other junk species like rats and cockroaches is a good start.
        it’d be a useful switch of function for diego garcia, which after all is in madagascar macro-locality.

        (sam peckinpah, one of my favorite movie directors (i don’t really watch movies, haven’t seen one outside an airplane for over 10 years but a single jew director that i somewhat respect is the one whose name escapes me right now – made 2001 space odyssey) made a fun flick called bring me the head of diego garcia)

        1. that’s the one brownhawk, not that i was racking my brains too much.
          but he strikes me as unusually honest dealer for a jew movie director.

        2. There are “good” blacks, etc. out there, but they still don’t belong in our lands.

          I don’t know if there are any “good” jews, except maybe the ones who disavow their ethnicity and become “self-haters,” as mainstream jews call them.

          I’ve actually seen that movie you mentioned, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, it was a degenerate piece of crap. As for Kubrick, most of his work is degenerate and jewy as well, though 2001 had its moments.

          Triumph of the Will is still pretty much the only positive film made for Whites.

        3. The music was some of the greatest in cinema history. he selected it. Strauss of course wrote it . Strauss blows me away. A late musical discovery for me. He wrote alot of pretty powerful stuff.

          “Thus spoke Zarathustrta!”

          wikipedia – “from ancient eastern persia empire of Zoroaster who simplified the pantheon of early iranian gods into 2-opposing forces

          Spenta Mainyu (progressive mentality)
          Angra Mainyu (destructive mentaliy)”

          pretty obvious what that’s all about. about as concise as it gets.

          “…as it went on to influence judaism, christianity, gnosticism and islam.”

          Yep, that about sums it up.

      2. I get your sentiment, SPQR

        But using the word “einsatzgruppen” is a little unsettling. No true national socialist would pull those triggers, which only amounts to sinking down to that level of evil and proving a miscomprehension of the NS spirit.

        I abhor the word “nazi”. It represents a renegade departure from the vision as put forth in Mein Kampf, to the point where now of course bastardized appelations like “neo-nazi”, perhaps more accurately to be called “neo-ashke-nazi” cloak the real triggermen of the einsatzgruppen.

        The ones we’re seeing in the Ukraine (yet again) and in the executive branch of the white house, not to mention those ashke-nazis with dual Israeli/US citizenship polluting Capitol Hill.

        1. A true National Socialist uncorrupted by egalitarian or Christian thought would have pulled those triggers simply because he correctly saw the jews as the enslavers of his people.

          It’s true that the holocaust is mostly bullshit, but don’t think that for one moment a few kikes didn’t get smoked in the eastern territories by vengeful, pissed-off Germans and ethnic Europeans.

          And given that jews are obsessed with enslaving peoples, what happened to them during WWII was entirely justified.

        2. sentus populusque romanus, i agree with everything you said with one correction: strike out the word “mostly”.

        3. OK, I guess “true national socialist” is the wrong term.

          But when true justice time rolls around, they will get their trials. We’ll hold them in Nuremburg. And hang them there too.

        4. Agreed there’s no maybes about holocaust. But what are you saying, lobro and SPQR? That you don’t have a problem with incidents of NS men rounding up jews, ANY jews like women or some shlemiels and killing them indiscriminately?

          Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that this came down to being a war of survival for Germany and that NS intentions served a righteous cause, and that, hey, shit happens. But you lose me if you can honestly say that if you were in that position you would have had no compunction in pullin those triggers with the justification that “all is fair in love and war”. Do you really characterize this as killing in self-defense?

          Pilate “washed his hands” of that whole sordid affair and look who got killed because of it. He was the head Roman honcho of the day with the power to condone it or not in representing a State that wouldn’t have chastised him for his decision because he was after all, “keeping the peace”.

          “Hey, if they want to kill one of their own who am I to say no?” One of their own? Who’s the “their” being referred to?

          Moral to the story: Be careful who you’re killing there, pardner.

          And if a reader thinks all I’m saying amounts to nothing more than there is no difference between some poor schmuck and Jesus Christ, then you’re missing the greater point.

          “let he who is without sin…”

          There’s better ways to handle it.

        5. I stand by my original statement about a true national socialist.

          you say “uncorrupted by Christian thought” What Christian thought is that? Sounds more like moral turpitude to me. Not that it makes any difference to the World, but this makes you no different than nazis who corrupted national socialism, upon whose honor in the guise of a Roman legionnaire is sorely misplaced. Given of course that it’s hard to assign any approbation to the action. How can it not be understandable?

          Yet here we are 2,000 years later, and being afforded the luxury of easily identifying ALL the guilty parties is long gone. For SOME this remains the case, and how sweet justice would be for the convening of a TRUE war crimes tribunal in Nuremburg.

          For the rest, it can only be more difficult in varying degrees, but the same basic criteria applies – know them by their deeds

          Vides quid loquor?

  22. Max Bilney

    Taken from;JC and Paleo Christianity; the Cure, not the Judaic Disease part I

    …. The first Christians were separated from the other inhabitance of Judea through belief and faith in Jesus Christ. They were both
    Judaites and Israelites [2]. The ethnic Judaites are whom the Greek New Testament called in Strong’s Concordance, the word (2453) Ioudaios, meaning “belonging to the tribe of Judah,” or (2455) Ioudas, meaning the posterity of Judah. Interestingly, there is a related word, word number (2451), Ioudaikos, which is translated as “resembling a Judean, Jewish.” To “resemble” someone is not the same as authentically being that.. One who resembles someone can easily impersonate the real thing.

    Ethnic Israelites were called “Greeks” and “Gentiles”; a term that actually is translated as “ethnic
    kinsfolk- Nations”. [3][4][5] . As one can see, this is a different definition than the “Jewish” one that says “gentiles” are “non Jews”. Put another way, Gentiles and Greeks were scattered Northern Israelites. [6] Were there others not of this ethnic group who adopted belief in Christ thus becoming part of the fold? Yes, of course, as there are today, and here is
    one of many examples; Acts 8:27-40

    The first Christians (followers of Jesus) were the original 12 disciples, later titled Apostles. Joining their group were countless other citizens of Judea as well as “gentiles” inside and outside the region. The first Christians believed that Jesus was not only God incarnate [7], but that he was also the “son of man” referencing the Adamic lineage that held the ruling authority, promises and blessings through Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Israel- Judah [8].

    They believe that this person named Jesus was their ethnic kinfolk[9] and that he would redeem the 12 tribes of Israel, saving the people of true Jacob/Israel as well as the whole world from the enemy who were deemed primarily “Jews”. [10] They came to understand that this was to be done though exposing the enemy and by way of repentance from Satanic, unethical or wrong practices [11][12]. The salvation of the ethnic Israelites/Judaites was proven by the flourishing of the
    Christian/Israelite “gentile” peoples, exemplified in their national histories over the last 2000
    years. This is also proven by the destruction of the “Jews” courtesy of the Romans by 135 AD
    [13]. No scholar of any worth denies Jesus’ historicity, or the fact that European/white
    Christendom (in one form or another) has dominated the planet for some 1600 years……..
    During the Maccabees the last ethnic King of Judah was John Hycranus. [40] This King
    allowed the Esau/Edomite/Idumeans into Judea much like America did the “Jews”
    between 1881 and 1914.[41] Josephus writes “Hyrcanus took also Dora and Marissa,
    cities of Idumea, and subdued all the Idumeans; and permitted them to stay in that
    country, if they would circumcise their genitals, and make use of the laws of the Jews
    (Judaites) … they were hereafter no other than Jews (Citizens of Judea)” [42] The
    International Standard Bible Encyclopedia supports this narrative as it declares that “In 126 BC the
    country (Idumaea) was subdued by John Hyrcanus, who compelled the people to become
    Jews (Citizens) and to submit to circumcision. Antipater, governor of Idumaea, was made
    procurator of Judæa, Samaria and Galilee by Julius Caesar. He paved the way to the
    throne for his son Herod the Great. With the fall of Judah under the Romans [70 A.D.],
    Idumaea (Esau “Jews”) disappears from history”. [43] Shortly after 126 BC the ethnic
    impostors instituted the Babylonian Talmud to which the late Rabbi Stephen F.
    Wise, formerly the Chief Rabbi of the United States agreed. He is often quoted as saying,
    “The return from Babylon and the introduction of the Babylonian Talmud mark the end
    of Hebrewism and the beginning of Judaism.” The consequences of these naturalization
    acts both in their historical and contemporary contexts have been devastating for whites, Christians; the real Israelites.


    1. Well done Tyron Parsons!
      The gist of it is that “the Jews” are the really bad guys – the left-over excrement – of the Terah and his son, Abraham’s “story.”
      “lobro” is correct and I like his words: “They are the exponents of cosmic malevolence, sickness and destruction.”
      David Icke might say they function against any GOODNESS in the Universe! He gives an excellent commentary on the evils of modern Israel; the genocidal-bound, rogue state. Where is the UN? (Under American-Jewish control, of course!)
      As I previously said, these human pariah ruled over their own Sodom and Gomorrah which we call the “Second Temple.” (Netanyahu and his comrades are currently planning the construction of a Third Temple.) This will be the centre-piece of their planned “Supreme Court of Mankind.”
      The “multitudes” around Jerusalem were brainwashed by them and their POWERS, just as , in this modern day, the Western World is brainwashed by their cult of consumer-materialism (Karl Marx’s “matter in motion”), as well as under their total financial and mass media control.
      These days we do not have a man as strong as Jesus who is willing to step in and tell the world that these Jews are destroying us all. Perhaps Hitler tried in his own way; perhaps Putin is inadvertently trying!
      Most citizens of the West live within the parameters set by the insidious, Jewish paradigm of life (death theory?) which is all you see on your television.
      “Smile,” I say, “you have been Jew-dized.” (Perhaps Judaized; perhaps Talmudized; perhaps Kabbalized as in Hollywood’s “red, wrist-band” set; perhaps turned into a mindless, slave Orcs of their satanic underworld; to be used and abused at their disgression.)
      The great Doris Lessing wrote that most of us are “Marxists but we do not know it (but that) … we choose our prisons to live inside.” My words are: “Most of us are Jewish-slaves, but we do not know it.”
      In the USA, the dumbed-down Goyim MUST love their controlling Jews, as they let them run their administrations and their banking accounts; as well as accepting their pornographuic perversions and seeking false “gallantry” in the endless killing-fields of the Jewish wars. Yes, the 50,000 dead Americans in Vietnam could tell you all about THE CAUSE! … Like MOST stupid, ignorant Gentiles they LOST all perspective of cause and effect!

  23. Max

    Check out this link. It is to the Book of Obadiah.

    In here you will see the events that will quickly come to pass concerning the UK,US-COLONIES and other true Israelites- their nations, culminating in the end of this and beginning of the next, earth age.

    Here is a key to some of the word’s for a better translation, as I understand them

    Idumea- the “Jews” fake “Israel” today

    Chananites- “Jews”

    Land of the Chananites- the land the “Jews” possesses in “Israel” today.

    Esau- the “Jews”

    The House of Esau (Sephardic and Ashkenaz “Jews” inside and outside of “Israel” today)

    the Nations- US/UK-Colonies

    Gentiles- Northern true Israelite Nations

    The Eagle – America

    The Stars – True Israelites- True Israelite tribes

    Jacob- physical true Israelite people of the 12 tribes (Jacob- Union Jack rules over them)

    House of Jacob- House of David- The Common Law British Crown

    Strangers – Illegal Invaders- Minorities in our midst

    Jerusalem- modern day context UK-America which is to say Ephraim and Manassah who now have ruling authority

    Joseph – UK proper and America (Britain-/Ephraim/ America-Manassah, these are the two Son’s of Joseph and national/ethnic Tribes of Joseph of the 12)

    Judah- Southern tribes within White/European Nations

    My holy mountain – World Government

    Mount Sion- Where the true Lord Rules World Gov from after the False Messiah rules World Gov first.

  24. No one mentioned Phillip Wood yet but Kaminski referred to the website, but the comment is screwy: “the missing Malaysian jetliner magically found its way to Florida (???), from where it attempted to bomb a nuclear conference in Holland(???), but was turned away by Dutch air defenses — no word on what actually happened to the plane.” …..

    Personally I find Jim Stone a little unreliable. Still for interests sake, this was his original story on Phillip Wood:

    ” One of the American passengers, Phillip Wood, a technical storage executive at IBM, who was aboard the now missing Malaysian Airlines flight, keystered his iPhone 5 in his anus after the Boeing 777 carrying 239 people was hijacked by military personnel while on route to China.

    He then sends blank photo(?) and email message: “I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.” ”

    Stone also points out in detail how the Exchangeable Image Format (EXIF) image data is the “smoking gun”, writing:

    “The Exif is intact. Exif data gets embedded in every image by every camera and includes the circumstances under which the photo was taken. It can be viewed by saving the image to your desktop, and then right clicking it and selecting image properties. Hit the details tab. You can see that the image was taken on March 18 with an iPhone 5, with the ISO at 3200 and a shutter of 1/15. The coordinates are included in the exif data because the iPhone knows where it is, and the coordinates are for Diego Garcia. THE FIRST TIME A BLANK PHOTO SAID IT ALL.”

    I actually did this and sure enough the coordinates are Lat: 7:18:58 Long: 72:25:36… (although strangely no NS, EW indications ?) , which is close to the original:

    Still I think this would be easy enough to fake as many of the shills suggest.

    Anyway there is a photo of a hangar of Diego Garcia supposedly with these exact coordinates in this story:

    and out.

  25. Another odd coincidence:

    “Prince William and Kate jetted off to the Maldives for a ‘week-long holiday‘ just a month out from their three-week tour of New Zealand and Australia,” SBS reported (but that link is no longer available).

    “But it has surprised many royal watchers,” the Daily Express said. “William, 31, is just nearing the end of an intensive 10-week course in agricultural management at Cambridge University, intended to prepare him for a future role managing the Duchy of Cornwall estate when he is heir to the throne.”

    “Was Prince William, therefore, informed MH370 passengers would be taken to Diego Garcia, thus explaining his surprise arrival in the Maldives the day the plane went missing and his disappearance after his 4-7 day supposed romantic holiday in the Maldives, for three weeks, supposedly on an “Asia Pacific tour”? No Asian or Pacific nation official or media reported his visiting them at that time.”

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