Murder as public relations and social policy

Why we need to kill our government before it kills us

wash3_deesThe real money is in killing. It always has been.

Without exception, the most famous leaders in history always have been not only the most audacious thieves and swindlers, but also the most prodigious killers.

Video games teach our children to kill, but hide the fact that in real war they’ll die. This turns them into willing killers who all too often become astonished corpses without ever fully acknowledging the irrevocability of death until theirs is right in front of them and unavoidable.

Schools teach kids to give everything for their team and to die for their country, which they do — never asking why, never examining the lie that the old tell the young to keep them from stealing old men’s fortunes.

People tend to accept all the killing as long as it’s not in their neighborhood. Americans pay little attention when the Jews butcher thousands of children in Gaza, but might pay more attention when the rabid dogs of war are released in Ferguson, Missouri, which the government seems eager to unleash.

Though killing has always been a universal sport, since ancient times the acknowledged masters of killing have been the ruthless Asian nomads who for thousands of years have plundered Western civilization, surreptitiously hijacked all its governments, busily murdered most of its inhabitants, and are still on the job, ever inventing creative ways to destabilize all societies except their own.

These Khazar psychopaths have found numerous allies in crime who regard financial profit as more important than human life. The Huns never developed a society of their own and therefore became proficient at stealing the societies of others, which their descendants the Jews have done so efficiently throughout the world for thousands of years.

Each year Jews produce movies that are bloodier and more perverse than ever which further destabilize society, and produce popular music and entertainment guaranteed to destroy such ancient traditions as honor, integrity and compassion. Kids don’t realize they’re being shepherded into new forms of mental concentration camps in which the warm values of family are denigrated as retrograde and harmful.

All governments want you to forget that the most and best love you can find in this world comes from your mother. This is the bond the puppetmasters try to break so they can make you a permanently deformed child of their psycho state.

Each year the Jews increase pressure on children to become homosexuals, because that will separate them from their families, and as perverts with no allegiance except to their own gratification and set adrift among cynics who seek only to manipulate them, they will become more stealthy saboteurs and more willing killers.

Each year Jewish doctors invent new “diseases” and prescribe medication that will externalize the inner rage that compels those troubled souls who are diagnosed and treated with poison pills to kill their classmates and members of their families without ever really knowing why.

America has been a wholly Jewish enterprise at least since 1913, when Paul Warburg and his foreign friends created the Federal Reserve and the income tax, but perhaps since 1776, when George Washington’s closest assistant Alexander Hamilton, who went to Hebrew School in London, insisted the United States could not survive without a strong federal government and a central bank.

America’s No. 1 product is murder, especially mass murder. This is not something new. It has always been this way, from the slaughter of our continent’s indigenous inhabitants right down to the present moment when our government fabricates enemies — actually pays people to be our designated outlaws — to maximize profits from the sale of weapons. The more those weapons are used, the more weapons they can manufacture and sell.

The more people who die, the better the weapon, the higher the price tag, the more pure profit for the pervs who salivate over this insane syndrome, and chuckle with macabre satisfaction inside their gated sanctuaries.

The cornerstone of America’s gross national product is the sale of weapons, which are used for nothing else than the practice of wholesale murder. Since America’s beginning, it has always been at war, sometimes with itself, but mostly with someone else.

They say the murderer not only kills his victims, but also kills himself by doing so, such is the irreversible damage he does to his own soul. Kill enough people and you no longer have a soul, which is exactly the situation America finds itself in today, when the government teaches you that killing is the most important thing and not to have a soul is the primary goal. Just follow orders, souls are unnecessary. Kids playing video games can dig it. It helps them win their games and kill their enemies.

Murder as drug addiction: Ernest Becker theorized that killing someone else lessens our own fear of death, which is why men in combat feel elated and immortal once their enemy has been dispatched. The nightmares this practice brings when the soldier is home and safe and unsuccessfully trying to relate to a loving family in a peaceful world leads him to kill himself in shame for his actions and the lies that made him do it.

It is one of the most difficult things to understand that our government would actually create enemies for the purpose of increasing the number of murders, but we see it happening clearly in Iraq today, where our government has deliberately nurtured and funded criminal terrorists, and then sent our troops — our sons and daughters — in to kill them, and they wind up killing each other.

But that is not as difficult to comprehend as the fact which grows more obvious every day, that the U.S. government possesses well developed plans to kill many Americans, using tainted food, medicine, air, water and hollow point bullets to severely depopulate the entire planet and turn it into a global plantation for the ultra rich.

If you’ve been following the news at all by now, you’ll know there is a grand plan to radically reduce the population of the planet by various means. The infamous Club of Rome pronouncement that human population must be reduced by five sixths or some say seven eighths is a Jewish plot, an excuse for wholesale mass murder, endorsed by all the world’s super rich aristocrats, as most of the Club of Rome’s member were Jewish so-called intellectuals. Really they were and are homicidal maniacs.

Now with all the world’s leaders stressing the need for a smaller population, it has become open season on the people of the world, with fabricated wars, designer diseases, poisoned oceans, fake food, and cops who want to steal your property and shoot your dog whether you’ve committed a crime or not.

A truly just form of population control would be to get rid of all royalty and all bankers, lawyers and politicians. On them it should be permanent open season, and if humane values are ever again to take precedence on this planet, God willing, it will be.

A lot of people object to my pinpointing the Jews as the facilitators of our misery and the creators of our slavery.

You can’t argue with a Jew. It is a totally useless undertaking, that will lead you directly to the undertaker.

They’ll only pretend to accept your point of view, and then work indefatigably to undermine it, to sabotage it, and to prevent it. If they are unable to do that, and their attempts to blackmail you, intimidate you, make you lose your job or ruin you socially fail, then they will kill you.

The Khazar hypothesis, famous throughout the world for murder as a social policy. Never having had a country that they built themselves. The wave of pillaging extends from the days of Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun and stretches down to our present day in an unforgiving trail of blood and tears.

Unfortunately for everyone, Jews run the country and the world. This is no canard, it’s fact. Jews pick the presidents, own the networks, run the businesses, control the money, and write the songs that become part of our dearest memories.

What the Jews have done and are doing to the people in Gaza is precisely what they plan on doing to people in the rest of the world, total thoughtlessness with no mercy. It’s what their so-called religious beliefs command them to do.

The Jews have taken control of the world by turning a large part of the population into sex maniacs, who once afflicted cannot focus on anything else. Any relationship based solely on sex will not be sincere and will not last, resulting in the guaranteed destruction of the family structure.

When we detach sex from procreation, as virtually all religions have warned us against since the beginning of time, we negate the value of life, so that killing becomes a more natural response, because killing someone else is actually killing ourselves in shame for our thoughtlessness.

This is the end point of civilization, and a sure sign that we will not survive as a species.

We don’t need a government to tell us what to eat when the food they tell us is good for us is really poison and makes us sick.

We don’t need a government to tell us what to learn in school when the subjects they teach us actually make us stupider and don’t really pertain to the knowledge we need to live happy, healthy and satisfying lives.

We don’t need a government that orders us to kill millions of people in other countries when the reason is to steal commodities such as minerals and drugs that only make the bankers rich but make ordinary people poorer.

We need to terminate this government before it has a chance to kill us all, which is what it intends to do.

It has become fashionable in recent centuries to pillory religious belief for its obvious hypocrisies, its plagiarized dogma and its camouflaged child abuse. Every civilization throughout history that has tried to achieve peace based on a central philosophy of preaching good through the reference point of an imaginary god has failed in its task because the dogma is false and its practitioners are corrupted.

And yet, we may not reach a realistic relationship with any of our friends without acknowledging that higher powers than our own create the flowers, shape the mountains and provide the bounty and the love that give us our most desirable pleasures in this life. Something bigger than ourselves — not necessarily a grumpy old man with a flowing white beard who spews venom at those who don’t follow his orders — must be acknowledged. But that acknowledgment must not be allowed to turn us into slaves who kill on command victims who have harmed no one and are cynically called collateral damage.

Patriotism is nothing but a hoax played by devious men on a feckless populace to get them to do their killing for them. True compassion requires no patriotism, no allegiance to any philosophical system, but only a forthright respect for all other living things.

Jews fight to keep us all apart, knowing the one thing that could unite the world and usher in a golden era of permanent peace would be for everyone to unite against them, and ban them from civilized society once and for all in the most effective way possible.

No matter how many Jews might be killed in this process, the total will never equal the number of innocent people the Jews have killed over the course of history.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

70 thoughts to “Murder as public relations and social policy”

  1. Yet another serious and intelligent piece by one of the most serious and intelligent truth writers on the Internet. Thank you Mr Kaminski.

    1. Marcus, you are spot on: “A piece by one of the most serious and intelligent truth writers on the Internet. Thank you Mr Kaminski.” YES, thankyou John K! …. May a loving God be with you.” And may many people have the gift to understand you and gird themselves for ACTION – REAL worldly action to deal with the hideous, JEWISH pestilence! Remember, the monstrosity is now highly visible (look at the sheer hideousness of Obama!) and ready for spears to be inserted in its side!
      John K. speaks REALITY in its broadest, most lateral-minded sense.
      Bloggers of sweet, microcosmic nothingness I warn you, this is “the real deal” and “the real TRUTH.” Add to everything, Lasha’s tour de forces on “Jewish rule” and you gain an instant intoduction to the REAL picture facing us in the West. JEWS RULE YOUR EVERY MOVE, whether you know it or not! They dictate your language and ways of thinking/writing. I keep telling you doubters and wannabees this! Yet your Jewish brainwashing shows through your every word!
      And John K correctly highlights the major dilemma we have with our “Christian do-gooders”, such as the 100 million USA Christian-Zios and Pro-Israelists : “O ye hypocrites.” End Timers, like Gilbert Huntly, who are awaiting the great celestial intervention, are just as bad! They hate the TRUTH! They think it is all just a matter of sitting around waiting! Don’t know why they bother to write! Befuddled pseudo-Christians!
      John K: “A lot of people object to my pinpointing the Jews as the facilitators of our misery and the creators of our slavery.You can’t argue with a Jew. It is a totally useless undertaking, that will lead you directly to the undertaker.” This is exactly what Adolf said in his tour de force, Mein Kampff. He said the JEWS’ sophistry and/or “illogic” CANNOT be argued with, unless, like some of our one-channelled bloggers, you want to be a madman/woman. Yes, put your blinkers back on, you arrant naves! You are part of THEIR dialectic!
      New Song goes that vital step further, as does Henry Makow and David Icke, and talks inadvertently about the wider body of SATANISTS that currently hold sway on our small planet: New Song correctly says that “THEY are not necessarily Jews”; but, “what lies behind the facade is frightening: Satanism. … Enslaved by Satanists is the reality for the people of America and just about everywhere. Until that bit of information is assimilated, the Solution remains elusive and not tangible.”
      John Carrey (Okay, not sure of spelling) made fun of the Illuminati; Beyonce told Oprah she is “in the Iluminati”!
      The Illuminati are at the head of the various bodies of the Satanist collective that now RULES the Western, English-speaking nations. Until we realize that fact we “have no options and no real choice.”
      Hopefully these words don’t just drift over microcosmic, petty, air-filled heads! ie. Those I don’t bother to read!

  2. Lasha darkmoon publishes Kaminski articles in SPITE of his anti-christian position? If this doesn’t reflect the thoughts of a true Christian, then what the hell does?

    Repeat after me everybody – “Christianity” is the antithesis of Christ!

  3. Since I can remember, I was taught martial things – along with a love of literature, and to seek the Word of God. Whatever fault lies in America is wrought by the inability to discern that EVERYTHING has its seasons, its uses, and its MERITS – even the ability to war well. The worst thing America can do, now, is keep on apologizing. We were fooled. In that, we’re no different than the rest of the world. The season is now for a reckoning. Just because some Muslim or Negro wants my blood does not mean I’ll apologize to the point of sacrificing my country for him/them. Or myself.

    Kaminski often seems to me that he’d have us scourge ourselves for past mistakes into which we allowed ourselves to be conned. Yes, the ‘douche’ must take place – but it’s really nobody else’s damn business (unless they’re willing to go to war over it). God is tempering His armies for the purging, never fear. All injustices WILL be remembered – but we all must tend to ourselves, individually, first. Everything in its order, time, and season…

    1. I know exactly what you’re saying, Gil.

      While Kaminski DOES give the impression that we’ve got it comin’, he underestimates the power of his words in effecting the changes we so desperately need. How it is through writers like him and you and me and lasha and lobro and Max, etc etc etc that Christ is relying on to bring it all home!

      Do we want to change the dialectic? Then we must stop thinking and saying that Jesus was a jew! It is demeaning! He is the Avatar! Born into an Essenic community almost 2,000 years ago before the damnable word “jew” was even invented! And “iewe”? What the hell is that?! Some variation of a female sheep?!

      He is the AVATAR for Christ’s sake!! The exemplar for human(e) behavior! There’s NOTHING exemplary about “jew”! In terms of POWER EVOKED through language there is NONE in uttering “jew”!! Compare the sounds among these words and tell me where power lies!

      jewww or joooo and AVATAR or EXEMPLAR or CHRIST – here is POWER!!! Stop this bellyaching and guessing and needing ‘proof’ and KNOW IT!! SAY IT!!


      And Max, get you bilibog ass over here and back up ol’ Brownhawk…..ON THE DOUBLE SOLDIER!!

      1. Brownhawk, as I say, “you are spot on”!
        Instead of my (above) “spears in the side of the Jewish monstrosity”, would it be possible for you and the injuns to get hold of about 3 million very sharp tomahawks?
        And Brownhawk, my mate, you correctly identify what should be the “Christians’ ” or Iroqouis’ “, or GOOD people’s mission, on our beautiful, green and blue planet: Our God/or GODS would want writers like the great John Kaminski “and you and me and lasha and lobro and Max, etc etc etc that Christ is relying on to bring it all home!” I believe this sincerely! We must “bring it home” or perish entirely.
        Yes, the pen can be mightier than the sword and we and others are supplying the information.
        But one day, as the Senate aide-de-camp recently said, “open rebellion” against the tyranny will have to commence. Hence the tomahawks will start flying; and I would rather be in the USA amongst the fighters than in dry, old barren Australia where it is difficult to conduct guerilla warfare of the kind you Americans used during your first war of independence. So effective, but we must do much under the cover of darkness!
        Hopefully, you great indigenous people can be a vital, equal part of a new USA “of the free”!~ How about a tomahawk guard for our new President? (JEW FREE!) How about all the JEWS’ savings/assets handed over to the Indian nations? They deserve it.

    2. Gil

      I’d like to offer up some potentially changing perspectives

      If the first five books of the Bible are of the Torah, and given the abiding mystery of hidden truths that are surely cloaked by the writings therein, we therefore cannot definitively know what to trust

      That within its text is written that there are seasons for this, and seasons for that calls into question WHO or WHAT is responsible for a presented reality of these “seasons”? When you consider the passage suggesting there is a time for war and a time for peace, how is this to be seen?

      I will say this:

      No loving Divinity would ever conceive of such a thing as war in its Original intention for Manifestation. This we can believe….and mightily so. It suggests that ALL of that which comprises “a time for this and a time for that” could be contaminated in some fashion. But I’ll stick with this theme of war and peace for now.

      That a loving Creator would conceive of the horror and cruelty of war as having a purpose within the ineffable power of its boundless love and imagination is, to borrow my favorite new word used recently by Max, CODSWALLOP!!

      This a PROFOUND LIE! A con that has henceforth produced in the mind of Man an endless stream of rationalizations to support the credibility of war as “serving a purpose”. This is JEW CRAPOLOGY having NOTHING to do with Divine Design, and the scope of our rationales are in no way confined only to a consideration of war.

      The major by-product RESULTING from all our rationalizing is, wait for it, FEAR! We then compound our stupidity by rationalizing fear itself by saying things like how it keeps us on our toes in dealing with a human “enemy” that’s been manufactured in the FIRST place!

      Where we’re at right now is largely because of all this, and we are now faced with determining what our righteous actions are to be in administering an antidote of the same viper’s venim that we’ve inflicted on each other in the first place in facing NOW the prospect of warring that would end war.

      1. Brownhawk –

        (I started to answer you, but this phone call interrupted. Will think about this, tonight, perhaps. Later…) 🙂

  4. this guy sounds like an agent of the big bad jews. he certainly can go on and on about the evils of Asians without actually connecting the dots. but i have. jews have always played one side against the other. And, it has come to my attention that jews and their media/entertainment have been demonizing Asians (most especially SE Asians) for years, hence the reason why you will not read or hear about how products from other countries other than SE Asian countries are making people sick or dying, if true. but make no mistake about it, they are not doing it alone. keep your eyes on the mormons; the jews have thrown the evengelicals under the bus.

      1. They are indeed capable but if you had spent a lot of time among them, particularly the Chinese, as I have you would conclude that they’re generally, as always there are exceptions, not a nice people tending to be pushy, rude, aggressive, insular, grossly materialistic, unimaginative and arrogant. Think of them as the Jews of the East. Japanese though are adorable.

      2. Ha!

        Not only do they eat anything that moves, hp, would it be a shocker to say they genetically invent new species and eat them too?

        Talk about arrogance and having misguided Creator pretensions

      3. karen et al … my experience with the chinese

        toronto has a giant chinese population, generally the character described above matches.

        however, i find that among the canadian born ones, this changes quite dramatically and that by and large they make much better citizens then the run of the mill canadians of the anglo stock.

        all of a sudden, you have people who are very honest, caring, warm and loyal.
        i must also add that they were all catholic, not sure if that has anything to do with it.
        i had a canadian partner of chinese ancestry on whom i could count with absolute certainty, supremely capable, confident, punctual and of the highest integrity who also remained a good friend.

        couple of side notes: china leads the world in the number of patents filed and will soon also surpass the states in the number of peer reviewed scientific articles published.
        so the old canard about how they just faithfully copy old junk and replicate it without imagination is just that, canard.

        as for food, same story, back home they will eat 2 foot long slugs, dogs, cats, whatever doesn’t escape in time but here, a different story again.
        i met a blind girl who says that her seeing eye dog is the main reason she goes on with life and another who is the best cook of italian food i ever met.

        if we, the whites ever go under due to procrastination and inaction against the jew threat, so be it, i have confidence though that the stinkiest parasite of the solar system will find it much tougher going against these bright and adaptable eastern races, there won’t be any guilt buttons to push.

      4. lobro –

        My comment above was a result off my dealing with businessmen and friends from China, Viet Nam and Japan. The ones from China and Viet Nam were, and still are, the best. The ones from Japan maintained more loyalty to tradition and country and company rather than to recently acquired friendships.

        Having been been to Vancouver on numerous business trips, I got to experience a city where the majority of the population is Asian. The whole town is ‘China Town.’

        I was a contract employee for the world’s largest trading company, at that time, in the late 80s. It is a Japanese company, then C. Itoh, now Itochu. That was a REAL experience.

    1. That’s right, Stan.

      If you send a Chinese manufacturer your old worn out washer and dryer and tell him to make you 1000 of them, they will make you 1000 brand new, old worn out washers and dryers, never been used! FDA laws, patent laws, EPA laws, DEA laws, etc. are NOT their problem. They don’t have those laws in China. Whatever was delivered here from China was specifically ordered to be just what it is. The marketers did it.

      Booga booga BOOSHIT

  5. As a Christian, I pray the eyes of the real church open to the deception I call Americanity – a destructive synthesis of hyper- patriotism, hyper- consumerism, and Christianity. It is a false religion, a destructive fabrication, a political tool of the establishment to control the very people who could actually change the country and the world possibly in a peaceful, at least Just way with minimal violence.
    But the deceived are the moronic henchman who carry out the godless deeds, all too willing to sacrifice their sons and daughters ( esp. their enemies sons and daughters) to Molech. Wave the flag, say “The Pledge of Allegiance”, sing “The Star Spangled Banner” and the all time favorite “God Bless America”, “Get Out the Vote”, promote American Exceptionalism – all mind control techniques to keep them in line. They have been reduced to children of a lesser god.
    Jesus clearly said to his followers: “Blessed are the peacemakers they shall be called the Sons of God.”

    How can anyone who can read and think get that wrong?

    1. Ezekiel for 500, Alex

      Bread mixed with the dung of a man

      What is modern Christianity?

      God says it better

      dung pancakes, dung waffles, dung bread, dung pops, dung crunch. Served to you piping hot every Sunday morning by your churches and the living room psyclops.

  6. From a recent post on Chechar’s blog:

    “Zionist Occupied Government? Pffft!
    Zionist Occupied Culture? Closer.
    Zionist Occupied Soul? Bingo! The Inner Jew.
    —Sebastian Ronin”

    Americanism, bolshevism, Zionism, communism, internationalism, egalitarianism, Christianity, Islam, feminism, capitalism, conservatism, post-modernism, multiculturalism… all heads of the same hydra, which is the jewish destructive spirit. Some of these, such as Americanism and conservatism, did not start as Judaic movements but have since been subverted and subsequently controlled by them, and they are now our enemies as well.

    But like that quote says, before we de-Judaize the political and intellectual landscape we need to de-Judaized ourselves. Alcoholism, porn viewing, TV and movie-watching, gaming, smoking, miscegenation, etc. are degenerate activities and should be kept to a minimum for any healthy individual. Physical and intellectual strengths are absolute musts.

    More than anything else we need to create a culture of beauty and heroism to distinguish ourselves from everyone else: the rabble, the botched, the equality-preachers, the spiritual lepers. Conservatards, patriotards, and Ziotards all get the same treatment that their jewish masters get, though I won’t say what that is here.

    1. The ‘jewish masters’ may be constructs of our own doing!! Whether it is of a race – or as of a religion – they look like US!!! On the real battlefield, we won’t know the difference.

      I have to wonder if the blending of races isn’t RIGHT. After all – WHO is there to expound the differences?? (Surely not the dumbed-down and halt-and-lame-of-mind???!!)

      Let me tell you (and I am a bit drunk): Jeremiah 33:3 states (KJV): CALL UNTO ME, AND I WILL ANSWER THEE, AND SHEW THEE GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS WHICH THOU KNOWEST NOT.

      God has showed me things YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE, OR COMPREHEND (excepting those of you who DO). The Jews WILL suffer for their misdeeds. I promise. (So will we, btw)

      1. The mixing of races produces raceless, rootless consumers without identity while simultaneously destroying the last Aryans, who are the only people capable of defeating the archaic evil that is Judaism.

  7. The common thread running though the article is fear and fear based actions and reactions.

    Fear is the basis of all emotions.

    1. And coming away from the grip of fear is the ultimate goal

      And the farther back we leave it in the rear-view mirror, the closer we will get to the Beauty that is Truth.

      1. It is my contention that positive emotions are based on ‘fear of a loss.’ 🙂

        All psychology is theory, anyway…guesses. Should you disagree…yours are as good as mine.
        Psychology experts are crazy perverts for the most part.(a few exceptions) And many are on drugs of all types. Psychiatrists are even worse…they write prescriptions… Drug dealers in an office, not on the street corner.

      2. wow. that’s really sad. Pat, do you think it impossible to know the truth about your mind, your soul? to know reality? death? is that where you are coming from? you can just guess? then what? maybe hope, yeah? Pat, if that’s true (no, it can just be a guess), then i spose you’ve been told this b4 but, you have fallen for a ‘Big Lie’. Not that i diagree with you bout the psychologists and stuff, yeah, more nuts than most people.

        Why would my joy come from my fear of loss? That is not real. People can make up ideas with their words all they want, but they would be ignoring the reality of experience.

      3. My contention. all fear come from fear of unknown. ignorance. all fear of unknowns come from big fear of big unknown. fear of death. why unknown? cant remember b4 birth, cant see future after death. fear part of being incarnate on earth. if we remember b4 our birth and see wots happens after we die then death no really affect us, so then no fear.

        oh yeah. ‘space’. thanks. deep. better than ‘liz’.

      4. I don’t pity you Pat, I look up to you. That’s why it makes me sad. OK, will check out link tho, sumtime. PS Big Blue Swing internet radio. wot it says. woody to miller to hendrix. and most in-between.

  8. In Episode 1 of “The Adventures of Brownhawk” we saw Brownhawk get sand kicked in his face, whacked upside the head with a 2×4, and have his marbles stolen.

    It was a bad day all around.

    In Episode 2 we find him dazed and confused and all mangled-up lying amongst the branches of a big tree. With no clear idea of how he got there like that, but with a vague recollection that it had something to do with marbles, sand, and…..vultures?

    Figuring this out would have to wait. First was getting free from this tangled mess of ruffled feathers and poking sticks. Slowly and painfully getting to his talons and perching on one of the thicker branches, he noticed something odd. His wings were clipped! Now why would someone do that? It seemed so…..superfluous.

    But why would he think that? These were his wings. What defined him as this magnificient bird of prey. The great surveyor of heavenly skies and benevolent protector of the threatened land below. One who keeps the eternal vigil. Superfluous?Yet, the sad truth of the matter was a sobering one.

    Brownhawk forgot that he could fly.

    In Episode 3 Brownhawk tries to fit in to his new grounded surroundings

  9. I’d like to say that the hideous entity calling itself a government in America is not my government. It bypassed being a government a long time ago. It is more like a facade to keep people governed/enslaved. What lies behind the facade is frightening: Satanism.

    THEY are not necessarily Jews. THEY are Satanists first and foremost who serve Satan. Enslaved by Satanists is the reality for the people of America and just about everywhere. Until that bit of information is assimilated, the Solution remains elusive and not tangible.

    1. New Song –

      What you write, here, IS the bottom line. Before any of us cast stones in this glass house, spiritual and physical cleansing of OURSELVES must take place. No substitute is workable.

  10. I believe in patriotism although I think it can be used to manipulate people, not unlike religion. I don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I am both religious and patriotic but I do see both through a cynical lens. The history of the Bible from an archeological point of view might shed light on how the world became divided up into the killers and those who must be killed.

    The Bronze Age in the Ancient World ( Middle East and Egypt) which ended some time around 1200 B.C. created a syncretism of sorts where one countries gods and goddesses shared common attributes although different names: Asherah and Hathor were both mother goddesses and could even share a common shrine. So in the ancient world people didn’t fight over religion because one people’s god could be matched with another people’s. Fiefdoms did matter though and so the killing fields were still filled up on a regular basis as empire building was quite popular. You could buy off a tyrant with tribute, though. This was commonly practiced by the Assyrians who usually gave people the the choice of dying or paying and many would just pay like the Phoenicians who regularly paid. The Phoenicians were the same as the Canaanites and their poetry, and literature forms the core of the language of the Bible–only later editors took out the Canaanite deities and clothed their demonic volcano god Yahweh in the language of Baal and El.

    The Bible Age began with the end of the Bronze Age so the early settlements that became the Bible landscapes began around 900 B.C. with tribal chiefs. Their legends (half made up to suit political purposes) form the patriarchy stories of the Genesis (written in 7th Century B.C. to be re-edited for political purposes in 5th Century). Anyway, back to the ethos of killing which really started with the Persian Zoroastrians when the elites of Judah (Jerusalem) were shipped off to Babylon during the so called “Babylonian” exile. It was here that the ancient ethos of polytheism met its demise with the very sophisticated (probably Hindu influenced) religion of Good versus Evil. The Zoroastrians didn’t have a written religion and so parts of Isaiah absorbed a very high version of the monotheism of the Zoroastrians and expressed it for posterity. (Sorry for the long winded explanation…seriously is it convoluted story.)

    Anyway, the idea of cosmic Good versus cosmic Evil did not translate well into the tribalism of Yahweh whose cult had not really gotten too far until the return of the exiles. Now Yahweh was clothed with the theology of cosmic Good versus the cosmic Evil and guess who became the cosmic Evil–the other folks, those non-Yahweh people: Those that eventually became the goys. So it is now that we have the prescription for those that must be killed. In order to rescue the world from cosmic evil and so Good could triumph and bring permanent Heaven on Earth, when all the Good would bodily resurrect to enjoy the celebration the Cosmic Evil must be defeated. Those goys are the real source of cosmic evil against the cosmic good of Yahweh. The most ancient Bronze Age religion had not been translated into a time sequence and so really it was about stabilizing the forces of order and chaos rather than good and evil. Rituals were performed to appease the gods to renew creation and establish order for crops, health, etc. It was based on the cycles of the year much like our religious calendar still is and so we have a religion that is part cyclical and part time ordered. Judaism is very time bound–legends became history, if you know what I mean. All gods but Yahweh were edited out and gone. Everything was stripped down to the essentials of a very brutal almighty god of cosmic Good (never mind the contradictions) versus cosmic you know what…and we’re that.

    Here is at least one version of causality

    1. Wow! Deep stuff, Kapoore. You seem to have studied these things in great depth. May I ask your opinion on a related question which has vexed me much of late?

      Do you think that the Great Mother or Mother Goddess, known throughout antiquity under a multitude of names, eventually morphed into Christianity’s Virgin Mary? And if so, how can the Great Mother also be the Great Virgin?

      Another vexing question: Is the Sex Goddess of antiquity, representing pure libido, no more than a different aspect of the great Mother Goddess? Or are we talking of two entirely different entities or principles? Are we talking, in a sense, about Satan’s Consort?

      By no stretch of the imagination can I relate the Sex Goddess of antiquity, bursting with exuberant libidinous forces, to the chaste and austere Virgin Mary.

      1. Reply to Sardonicus:
        Yes, the Great Mother Goddess from antiquity is the Virgin Mary. It’s not a complex story but a convoluted one and not without controversy…But it goes like this:

        King Josiah who was in the Yahweh tradition found the book of Deuteronomy in the Jerusalem temple. King Josiah lived in the 7th Century B.C. and at that time there were many altars in the “high places” to the traditional Canaanite deities along with Yahweh who at that time had a place at the table of the gods but was not yet almighty. This new book of Deuteronomy started a “reform” movement that was to go on for centuries that gradually resulted in a consolidation of all the attributes of all the gods and the goddess into one major deity of Jehovah or Yahweh. King Josiah had a religious campaign throughout the countryside smashing the altars of the Goddess and other Gods with the exception of the Father God El who survived to become the Father God of Christianity. El was stripped of his attributes in writing but he lived on as did the Goddess who continued to be worshiped in the homes since the public altars had been destroyed.

        In addition during the reforms of Josiah many priestly types fled the religious persecution to Egypt and south Arabia where they continued to worship in the traditional manner. Thus the Goddess survived to become Holy Wisdom. Plus the returnees from Babylon represented a mere fragment of the population and most people had continued on with the Father/Son religion of the First Temple, i.e. fringe Canaanites. The reformers build the Second Temple with Persian money and Ezra and others (in the pay of the Persians) set about establishing second temple Judaism that did not have an anointed king and did not continue with the more cyclical worship of the first temple (the Holy of Holies of the Temple existed outside of time). Instead they had their Good/Evil theology and purity laws which were not popular as they excluded such people as women who bleed. The Jesus movement was part of the opposition to the Pharisees ( some call them Farsi) and note that Jesus broke all the purity laws with his impure association with “bleeding women”, impure food, cripples, blind, and dead people. Why he broke all the purity laws is open to question and complex like everything in the Bible research field but maybe he didn’t see them as authentic first temple practice which might have continued despite reformers. He also was called a priesthood from Mechizedek that was associated with first temple maybe even Canaanite practice. So basically the pre-reform practices probably continued despite the reformers who demonized Asherah and had Yahweh more or less replace El (the father God who is comparable to Ptah, the Egyptian god of eternity). Yet the Father/Son religion continued as did the Asherah who is often identified with God’s “Glory”. When the Christians separated from Second Temple Judaism post destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, they attempted to re-establish the First Temple practice and many of the first churches had feminine names for the Goddess of Wisdom and the Virgin Mary.

        Very long story but yes the mother goddess of Asherah is the Goddess of Wisdom and the divine mother figure of the ancient world. Was she also sexual… that I don’t know about. Still, the Virgin Mary doesn’t seem to have the same rank in the Church as did Asherah in the First Temple because she was edited out of the Bible and the Christians adopted that Bible. It’s not obvious that God’s glory is the same as Asherah. The Christians didn’t use the word Yahweh but Lord and yet the Lord is assumed to be the same as Yahweh because what’s a name and the Lord goes around smote this and that. Although the eternal, remote “father god El” also is still there as “Father” so it’s pretty confusing.

      2. Kapoore,

        Many thanks for this detailed exposition. Much of it is over my head, I confess, this obviously being an area of specialization to which most of us have not been granted access.

        I have a battered old book in my shelves called The Great Mother: An Analysis of the Archetype, by the German psychologist Eric Neumann, published half a century ago. A fascinating and scholarly tome I have only glanced at but which I hope to read one day. All I have noted from this book is that the Mother Goddess is as old as Time and is found in almost every land under different names.

        As the subtitle shows, Neumann is referring to one of the great Jungian archetypes. The book is in fact dedicated to Jung.

        Glad you think the Great Mother and the Virgin Mary are the same. I think so too. You say she appears to have a lower rank in Christianity than the goddess Asherah in the First Temple. But I can tell you this for sure: she has a rank almost equal to that of her divine Son, Jesus Christ, in the Roman Catholic Church. Or rather, she is held in the highest veneration by many Catholics. To the Protestants (Lutherans etc) she is nothing — of no account — and the “cult” of Mary (Mariolatry) is even ridiculed in these quarters.

        So, the Virgin Mary only means something VERY SPECIAL to Catholics and also, I think, to members of the Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches. They have their holy icons to her, don’t they?

        Personally, I don’t think the Virgin Mary has anything whatever to do with the Sex Goddess of antiquity. If anything, she is the reverse, representing the principle of chastity.

        My two cents worth…

      3. that was quite a lesson in comparative religion and its history, i must say that at some point my eyes glazed over reflecting the frozen mind processes, so i will have to go through it again.

        but, being more geopolitically minded, the following fragment grabbed my attention;

        Pharisees ( some call them Farsi)

        pharisees, hypocrites were actually the returnees from persia and seen as perverted outsiders by the locals.
        because farsi is the official language of iran, there is a province of fars and parsee sect in india are historic persians who by sticking to the old ways of zoroastrianism had to escape the arab muslim onslaught in the 8th/9th century and ended up as refugees in gujarat and what is today’s maharashtra (bombay) state.
        they don’t look indian at all but more like pashtun in mountains straddling afghan/pakistani border, tall with hooked noses … also damn good businessmen, traders, merchants, big emphasis on education.

        and close friendship with israel, mutual respect.

        verree inneresting …

        aside: had an iranian g/f who told me that iranian women (and even men) are obsessed with their noses, that tehran rhinoplasty industry is the word’s mightiest.
        but theirs are just big, like roman, narrow and hooked like raptors, not trunky like classical juden.

        next theoretical field lobro develops to full potential: shape+size of nose is a sure pointer (yup) of the spiritual content.

    2. Elohim is a plural form meaning “gods.” Evidently this was the original deity format for Judaism. The Elohim created the universe. The “God” that created the Garden of Eden is a lesser “God” derived from ancient Egypt. Apparently the “God” of Eden was an early king who drove Adamic man, progenitor of the Jew, from his “garden” which from Biblical descriptions, is obviously the Nile delta. This might explain why the “god” of Eden is unaware of Adam’s whereabouts in the garden. In any case, Jews have been on the run ever since, baking unleavened bread at every exodus. Why unleavened? because like the pyramids, leavening was and is considered uber Egyptian. Leavening was used in everything from their bread to their beer. Now you know why Jews chase it around the house with a feather at Passover.

      “As we are commanded by the Torah, to change our names, we are also commanded that if a food contains even a trace of chametz, we don’t eat it, we don’t derive benefit from it, and we make sure not to have any of it in our possession for all the days of Passover.”

      The Garden of Eden is a garden paradise somewhere in the desert region at the nexus of five rivers. It is described as having gold in the land surrounding the garden, gold that was graded as “good.” Then there is this clue in Genesis 13:10: “And Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered every where, before the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt.”

      Here is a challenge, take a map and find any other place in the ancient Biblical region that fits the above description. (Mormons are exempted from the challenge because they know the Garden of Eden was actually in Missouri, too bad Heebs didn’t know that in the beginning) Then too, God condemns “Satan,” literally “opposition”, to crawl in the dust the reminder of his days, a perfect description of the ancient punishment of banishment to the mines – gold mines in this case. Adam and Eve should have counted their blessings for simply being expelled from the garden.

      Unlike the modern Biblical interpretations of the serpent being a symbol of evil or “wickedness,” the serpent was long revered as a sign of learning and wisdom in the ancient world. This symbolism can be seen today in the form the medical caduceus, where two snakes are intertwined in a DNA-like spiral around the Mercury’s staff.

      Their expulsion from the garden explains the long standing, intense hatred Jews have for the Egyptians, just as the Jew’s intense hatred for Germans can be linked directly to their attempted expulsion from Germany in the 1930s. Remember their creed: Neffer forgit, neffer forgif. The Bible clearly points out the Jew’s/Hebrew’s/Israelite’s hatred of Egypt in story after story. Interestingly, despite the Jew’s animosity towards them, the Egyptians liked the Jews well enough to lend them their gold as Moses led them on their exodus out of Egypt.

      YHVH, the Jew’s personal god replaced the Elohim and more importantly, the Egyptian “god” that drove Adamic man from his garden. This god, YHVH, comes in the form of a man mentioned only once as “Melchizedek” in the five books of the Torah. This Biblical character is described as the “king of Salem” and priest of El Elyon “God most high”. The first priest mentioned in the Bible comes riding out of nowhere with an entourage to bless Abram with bread and wine. The key is in knowing that, in the fashion typical of the language, “Salem” has multiple meanings, one them being a euphemism for heaven. Who else could be the “king of heaven” but God?

      Another key is in the blessing of bread and wine Melchizedek bestows upon Abram. This is reversal of the traditional blessing to god, denoting the blessing of this deity upon his favored subject. Yeshu (Jesus) essentially performs this same act at the last supper, lending credence to Margaret Barker’s theory that Jesus was attempting to become the YHVH in the effort to replace the kohein gadol, a priest who represented YHVH in the Temple. Of course, Jesus would have had to have been a priest for this to be possible.

      Then there is Abram’s tithing of ten percent of his booty to Melchizedek, the standard amount tithed to the temple in God’s name. The reason there is a penalty of death for mentioning the true name of god, is because the true name of the Jew’s god is the name of a man. Name the man, destroy the power of god. That is why the character of Melchizedek is couched in obscure euphemism.

      Essentially Melchizedek, the first priest, (from only god knows where and of whom) serves as the voice of YHVH. So how does one distinguish the voice who speaks for YHVH from the deity itself? One cannot; therefore the priest who speaks for god is obviously taking on the role of god.

      How did the kohein gadol divine god’s word? Through cleromancy in the form of objects called “Urim” and “Thummim.” No one knows for sure what these objects were, but the conjecture is they were some sort of precious stones cast for divination much like an African witch doctor casts chicken bones to divine their gods’ decrees.

      One source says the Urim was consulted in matters concerning war and the Thummin was consulted on civil matters. Another says, “The Bible is indicating that the priest wore the ephod as a sort of portable walkie-talkie for communicating with the Lord when they were away from the main communication device, the ark of the testimony. The urim would turn on the stones in the ephod to communicate by signal, and the thummim would turn them off when communication was finished. Hmmmm, a special set of stones used to telegraph god about war plans, maybe there is a clue to the Jew’s psyche in that concept.

      Yet another source says: “Urim and Thummim essentially means cursed or faultless, in reference to the deity’s view of an accused—in other words Urim and Thummim were used to answer the question innocent or guilty.”

      However my special favorite is the Mormon take on these devices, a set of spectacles that allows one to see all things past, present, and future. Picture Moses wearing a set of these special spectacles:

      I couldn’t quite picture it either.

      Hope this clears things up a bit. Ha! Ha! Got you there didn’t I?

      1. The Garden of Eden is a garden paradise somewhere in the desert region at the nexus of five rivers.

        punjab in urdu means 5 rivers.
        pretty dry too.

      2. Possibly interest you then… There are 7 Elohim. They came together for the purpose of creating man. We aren’t finished yet. Perfect man is the religion of the gods.

      3. Interesting idea that the Garden of Eden was the Nile valley that those who became the Jews coveted. Apparently the earliest mention of the name Yahweh was in Edom among the Land of the Shasu who were like beduin of today only no camels and unlike today they also practiced raiding the rich coastal cities of Gaza and Phoenicia. Sometimes they would wander into the delta region and the powerful Egyptian army would have to chase them off. Could they have told the legend of Eden around the campfire?

        Another version of Eden according to Margaret Barker is that it was the Holy of Holies which was compared to a garden–remember the pomegranate designs on the temple veil and the palm trees. The man/Angels that fell during the Fall were the evil priests who took over the Temple post-Exile. When an anointed priest entered the holy place he resurrected into an angel and when he left he took on the flesh so to speak. The evil priests fell from Angel status to ordinary mortals–that was Fall of the Angels.

        Of course, this might seem irrelevant in these secular times but how strange that Israel is planning on building a 3rd Temple (or so it seems since they don’t seem to be stopping the Orthodox from mounting the temple mount). And even though much of the Bible is legend with historical elements here and there to be dug up by scholars who speak three ancient languages or spend hours in the hot sun shifting through dirt for clues; politicians regularly refer to Israel’s right to the land as if it were a contract written up in a law office and then also remind everyone of the Jewish people’s 3, 000 years of history…hmm history, not really, but you say so. Judaism more or less begins with Ezra post exile so that is 2500 years of history. Still, can you imagine an American politician citing the incident of George Washington cutting down the cherry tree as if it were an actual event, or claiming that the pre-Columbian Indians were practicing Catholicism.

        The whole Exodus story is at least 80% fabrication and the best possible real story is much more sordid. However, I don’t want to deconstruct the Bible down to nothing but myth and I think it is appropriate to respect other people’s ways of approaching the sacred. I can’t help thinking though that it is a misuse of holy scripture to politicize it and that might be far more cynical than anything a revisionist Biblical archeologist might do.

      4. @kapoore

        You say that 80% of of is myth? Understandable from a thinking person, but remember we are very far after these things supposedly happened. There is no doubt that miss-tranlation and interpretation have happened. However, 2 points. 1. Scripture was never written with the intention of providing proof of these events to the readers. They are not ‘history’ documents in that sense. They can never really be ‘proof’ of anything. 2. Unless a true understanding of the evolution of the earth and man has acquired, it is nigh on impossible to make any sense of a lot of things, because EVERYTHING was different then. Earth, man, animals, physics even. Probably the main mistake we make is superimposing a modern day soul onto onto the ancients. We can’t and won’t understand properly what they were saying this way. They were not like us in their heads or hearts.

        Also, consider. Many people claim that bilical stories and events have been copied from other religions or the mysteries. This is presented as evidence of the non-uniqueness of Jesus and the Christ event. A different view. The religions and mysteries FORETOLD the event that was to actually physically happen, and then did. That’s why its so easy to find ‘Christian’ stuff in older religions. They said it would happen. It did.

  11. Kapoore, well done with your exposition! … Pretty spot on, although archeologists generally say that King Josiah intoduced the book – supposedly “Deuteronomy” – as an educational reform aimed at making his population literate.
    From this book, other scrolls miraculously appeared, like today’s newspapers, and bit by bit, a monothesitic GOD – YHWH – came into being. This YHWH was like the great GOD, Thor, or an Indian war god – he went around smiting and wasting the designated enemy. “Clearing the way” so to speak!
    Hence the Canaanites, Jebusites, Hittites etc had to be left in a “non- breathing” state! (Deuteronomy)
    Just like the Israeli-JEWS’ plan to turn the Arabs into “the dust and waste of the desert” (Chaim Weizmann), the good 2014 AD Jews are just “clearing the way”! And MOST Americans, Aussies etc support them with their taxes and religious affiliations! The Jehovah’s Witnesses use God’s name, JEHOVAH, or sans vowels – JHVH! They love modern Israel!
    But don’t waste much time on all this mythical, anachronistic religious stuff! As WE say: REALITY IS NOW and we are staring down the gaping abyss of the ILLUMINATI’s all-devouring mouth! The planet’s “rich-men” JEWS are big in this, as are their minions of Illuminati-devoted Goyim scum! Crowley is your eg! He loved anal sex and devil worship, big time! The Home Office invited him to their child-sex/child sacrifice parties.
    What would have happened if the man called Jesus had NOT made his journey to the Second Temple?
    What would have happened if, unimpeded by Jesus, the hideous religionists and money-changers of the Temple had spilled out from their “den of thieves” and permeated the whole planet?
    My answer is obvious: “Why, it would be exactly like the USA today, where experts are saying that we have “a population living in a state of deep trauma”, where the average person does not believe in anything anymore and is effectively drugged out and “zombified”, with endless illicit sex and pornography the only alternative,” (Muggeridge)
    JEWS ARE THE DEN OF THIEVES! The Illuminati includes MOST of your puppet-2-partied government Goyim! Hillary Clinton, John McCain, John Bohner and Obama, etc, etc are your moneychangers and sexual deviants; whilst rich, international guest speaker, Bill Clinton, is simply a destroyer of little ladies’ blue dresses and weird user of Round Office cigars as dildos on aides! Bill had a great time and most Americans love him! The press told them so!

    1. Max you have been reading loads of rubbish, but nevertheless, you were sounding quite reasonable b4 about anti-jew t-shirts and stuff. One query tho. Have you considered that you may be unwittingly aiding your enemy by providing them with the perfect excuse to agitate for more ‘anti-discrim/hate’ laws wotever. Have you considered the pros vs cons really is all I’m asking. I know we all want to do something.

  12. Dare to think outside the cataleptic box

    See this: Creation is not Divine. WE only make it so by the beauty WE bring to it with the beauty that exists inside us THROUGH our thoughts and actions. Creation is an eternal work in progress. Nothing “done deal” about it, and dependent upon what MAN makes of it.


    I’ll say it right here, right now: That we show this lack indicates the suppression and blasphemous misdirection of….wait for it….TORAH! How do ya like DEM apples, all you scholars out there, hmmm?


    Is your blood boiling? Yes? Do you keep it so by putting an end to all the speculative nonsense and put your scholarliness in the RIGHT perspective… dears?

    “RIGHT” as in taking this that and the other thing AWAY from the false paradigm of JOOOO dialectics and into realms of TRUE POWER where it belongs.

    “RIGHT” as in seeing the purview of history being one where our experiences in all their “lifetimes” have been the products of ‘re-design’ and set in motion to be the ultimate form of controlled WOULD-BE opposition at the very OUTSET of these experiences.

    The TRUTH was revealed to you 2,000 DAMNED YEARS AGO! CHOOSE TO KNOW and dispense with the passive and impotent “guesswork” of this MOST important reality


    1. Brownhawk, spoken like a great chief of the prairies, mountains and endless sky; and a man with great and purposeful conviction:
      “The TRUTH was revealed to you 2,000 DAMNED YEARS AGO! CHOOSE TO KNOW and dispense with the passive and impotent “guesswork” of this MOST important reality.” ……. Yes, too many people engaged in meaningless guesswork!
      My point, often repeated, is that these venomous JEWS are the SAME Jews Jesus encountered. Their schemata for living actually represents DEATH. …… Jesus tells us that every day! His story is really all so simple!
      They would kill the magnificent eagle as it soars over the endless prairies; they would poison you with drugs and chemically-enhanced food. They would corrupt and pervert your politics and education. They would drown you in pornographic filth. They would teach you to lie and hurt others. “Dog eat dog!” “Suck the dog’s anus”, Sarah Silverman! Enjoy your filth! Fill her Goyim audiences!
      Jesus was the good chief of mankind: He told us to surround ourselves in everything that is good, all that is loving and kind, but especially the TRUTH.
      Muhammad and YHWH spoke of infidels existing OUTSIDE their chosen covens. “Death to the infidel.” “Kill the best of the Goyim.” “Lay waste to their cities.” ….. They expound DEATH THEORY.
      As King Fasal said: “Zionism is the father of Communism.” He was killed.
      The Rothschilds are the “red shield”/cloud that is enveloping us all and turning us into zombie-slaves and creatures marked for premature death. Like Custer was ordered to do with the plains’ Indians! I clapped when he made his last stand! The mindless grunts went down to their master!
      Hitler saw the TRUTh in his own particular way: He reacted to the extremities and traumas of his time. The murderous Jewish-Bolsheviks and the vile, in-bred aristocracies of Europe (the ILLUMINATI, as Mrs Nesta Webster explained in 1921) were clamouring from within and from without. They did not want a strong Germany – they only wanted their great air-cooled VW and their atomic secrets; and flaxen-headed German women to torture and rape!
      American citizens are currently in trauma. They are drowning and gasping in the vile “red cloud” of JEWRY, that other founding fathers saw coming. The Illuminati are gleefully in their final stages of their take over. The MADWOMEN, of Ruth B’s “BAD” – Hillary Clinton, Janet Yellen and Nancy Pelosi are laughing; Obama and his comrades are counting their spoils! Michelle Bachmann pretends concern via the FOX network!
      I see the trauma and try to make a life for myself. It is hard and lonely within a world of JEW-bait and zombies. Yes, zombie movies are all the rage. The JEWS are laughing at us! Have you learnt to walk like a zombie? Will you die like one? Will Brad Pitt kill you?
      The sickening TRUTH of the New Dark Ages is staring us in the face every day on Jewish television and our heinous mass media. More Big Bang Theory or Resurrection, my dears? More zombies? More sex on tap?
      All our politicians speak with multi-forked tongues of the devil-demon. They are a “two-rollered steam-roller (of the Left and Right) who are intent on flattening us.” (Solzhenitsyn) The Left and Right are their DIALECTICAL constructs! Understand this! You are the victims in the middle. They “are playing with your world.” (Dylan)
      Again, beautiful TRUTH Brownhawk: “Creation is not Divine. WE only make it so by the beauty WE bring to it with the beauty that exists inside us THROUGH our thoughts and actions. Creation is an eternal work in progress. Nothing “done deal” about it, and dependent upon what MAN makes of it.”
      Henry David Thoreau: “To affect the quality of your day; that is the highest of the arts.”
      Reject JEWISH/Illuminati-inspired HATRED, PESTILENCE, PORNOGRAPHY and PERVERSION and get with “the way, the truth and the life.” (Jesus) Make that the starting point of your day. Ignore all those insidious, heretical pro-Israel/pro-Jewish “Christians” out there! They are the devil’s kin. BRAINWASHED!
      Do not let OUR planet “become a lifeless void, moving endlessly through space,” (Hitler) Do not wait around as your rivers and sky die under the macabre JEWISH monstrosity! Save your children now! Give them LIFE!
      RESIST!!!!!!!! Have no fear! …. Jesus is with you. …. Life is with you.

    2. Brownhawk –

      Greetings! Back inside, and I remember that I said I’d write you about Christianity, Jesus, and other things… Well, of you need to know – I HAVE encountered a fortification of my belief in God. Truly. It had to do with Satan (demonic encounters), and the antithesis enforces the theory of THESIS. (No, I have not encountered The One.)

      Let me tell you, look up The Monroe Institute. My one-time ‘significant other’ is a director. Those associated with it are VIPs, and not lightweights. It was there where I encountered another dimension. It served to reinforce my strong understanding of God. He is real. So is Jesus.

      I have to laugh at those who constantly vocalize an opposition to Faith. They are fools. While Max Bilney is verbose and entertaining, do not give him credence in the spiritual realm. You are above that.


  13. “Each year Jews produce movies that are bloodier and more perverse than ever which further destabilize society.”

    As I have said and written many times in the past, if you want to see the inner workings of the Jew mind, just watch their movies, especially those of the so-called “horror” genre. When one reads the Old Testament, they see the very same mind at work.

    I recently read a review someplace of the movie “Adams Family Values.” The author was quite clear that the vicious little girl in the movie is clearly a dark haired, dark eyed Jewess roasting blue eyed blond people on a spit. According to the author of that article, the Jew’s hatred for the white race is clearly on display in the movie. I’ll just have to take the author’s word for it as I have no intention of filling my mind with more depraved perversion from the Jew’s sick, debased productions. However, that movie and its ilk are the Jew mind writ large and they seem to be writing “JEW” more and more largely everyday.

    1. @Pat, been following much of the unrest in Fergusson, and other cities, on Press TV, and one question springs to mind, Maidan anyone? false flag? snipers `n looters?. If you listen to Dr. Randi Short, you might understand why this is happening. I agree with him 100% when he says that African Americans need to get out from under the jackboot of capitalist America. How about dividing up the united states? several southern states for African Americans, several northern states for the PNACI or native americans, and all the rest for everyone else..

      1. Don’t forget the property owners who planned to burn their own places to get the insurance money. Then there are the big new construction contracts coming soon. Economy bumped up. Provocateurs galore. New bank building in a year. Smell a Larry Silverstein?
        THEN…more laws!!

        That’s reality. Money for nothin'(and the chicks are free). Now that’s really Dire Straits. 😉

      2. Yes, according to Short, blacks are being kicked out of their property, which is then confiscated by big brother, stinks to high heaven, the same stink which is permeating occupied Palestine..

      3. Big Brother = Big Jew Banker

        It happens to white folks also. WTC was race non specific, except Jews were warned. Jews gained.

        This is a case taking white woman’s land, which caused Sandra O’Connor to give up her seat on SCOTUS. It is incredible. Pfizer did nothing with the land as it promised. Vacant lot to this day:

  14. Reply to Space Lizard on the Exodus:
    I separate religion from Biblical history. I realize it’s hard to do and I’m not always good at it myself but if you see God as Truth that leads to all Truth then that applies to the history of the Bible as well. If we cover up the truth in order to protect a belief system we are engaging in lies and even Christ said that the Father of Lies was Satan. I don’t believe in ultimate evil but I also don’t believe in covering up truth. I still think we can have faith that Truth will lead us to a higher good.

    In terms of the Exodus, the record is very sketchy. The Egyptians have no record of a mass migration of Jews out of Egypt in the time period when the Exodus was suppose to take place. There was a mass invasion, rule, and expulsion of Canaanites in the 1550s or so BC called the Hyksos Invasion but this was long before Judaism or the Bible. The Bible place names during the Exodus were from a later time. The City of Ramses was from another time. There is not the slightest imprint in the Sinai of the Exodus where even a campfire from thousands of years ago leaves evidence. Nada, nothing, no clues. So what happened? That is the 80% that was fabricated where legends from the Hyksos persisted in Canaan and were reused in the Exodus along with a lot of other elements from here and there. There is an explanation that is too convoluted here that involves a story told by Egyptian writers in the 2nd Century that contains some truth and that in the end of the day is much better than no explanation at all.

    1. OK. Trying to discover historical truths is history i spose. cupala things tho. 1. the timeline u are using is not necessarily correct. i contend it is not. i suggest studying the ‘new chronology’ or just try some velikovsky to start with. ‘ages in chaos’ is a good overview. 2. important one. um, just thinkin’, wot are you actually looking for, wot is your question? If you are trying to ‘verify’ biblical history with archeology etc, it will be tough and endless. if you are trying to discover the actual truth of the evolution of earth and man, past and future, then the bible is the place to look. But, very big but, it can only really be a guide for you to discover truths yourself. with your own soul. there is no point in relying on ‘physical evidence’ for to convince an intellect with ‘proof’.

      Spiritual reality can not be tested with material tools. You already have the spiritual tools potentially available, in your soul. the idea is to get them made and working properly.

      all the best with your searching.

      1. What am I looking for? Well, I grew up on the Bible and so I have always been interested in archeology of the Bible and have pretty much read it all. But more recently I am working on an historical project that involves the occult, which grew out of the rejected parts of the Temple tradition and ancient worship of the gods and goddesses–those parts that were not included in the Bible and yet everyone knew had been there. The writers of late antiquity like Philo of Alexander and Josephus and Origen and so on wrote about parts of the tradition that had either been discarded or were lost and this idea that something was lost or missing eventually created a whole tradition that fed into the occult–in fact it is the occult. In order to understand the roots of the occult I had to understand the history of the Bible.

    2. “I separate religion from Biblical history”, then definitely read ‘worlds in collision’, yes veli. no its not gospel, but its multi-disciplinary and very exciting. ok i’ll say it, no true scientist has not read velikovsky.

      1. @ hp. what did you get from those books, btw? yeah. got ’em. read ’em. probly didn’t finish ‘as it is’. long time ago.

    1. If that was an answer to my question, then sorry, I have no idea what you just said. If it wasn’t then, well nevermind. But, anyway…

      @hp. I think you ask me this. i said i’d get back. “why so hard for so many people to break out of brainwash” or sumink like that. Cupala things…

      One idea. when we were young some time some place maybe at school, we gave up. most of us. wot i mean? we stopped trying to understand. for many reason, wotever. just learned to give correct answers. but some of us never satisfied. some always ask questions. ask no question you in line for picket fence etc. ask questions? …well, you know. you no find out much important with info only given to you. useful stuff only found with questions. must find out yourself. must have right questions. so picket fencers no even have chance to find out they brain washed, never mind anything else. to busy. rat-racing. family. normal life etc.

      Another. opiate. tv. its true cos its ‘reality’ and evryone feel comfy back in predictable snug zone. most magical. future archeologist go ‘look, temple main part of house, very religious people’! You try to get someone to quit that! no way. can only guide. their world come crumbling down bit by bit, or crashing, wotever, as reality encroach. they must find out themselves. or they just get more sick. nervous disorders from cognitive dissonance. type stuff. OR. spose could play the game. wots that? back to you on that one.

  15. All of the good in this earth came from a loving God. And it’s not an old man with a flowing beard. It’s beyond the author’s comprehension- it’s beyond my comprehension. God is not a man.
    Good article.

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