Our leaders are traitors — by John Kaminski

9/11 is a chicken bone in the American throat

 By John Kaminski
[email protected]

1558436_599234153464733_357901883_nHow long will it take you to wake up? Will you ever wake up? Is it no longer possible for the world to awaken?

Calculate this. The band of outlaws known as ISIS, which had formerly ravaged Syria and is now threatening to conquer Iraq, is funded by the United States through its Jewish sycophants Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Got it? The U.S. and its master Israel are funding the ISIS rebels taking over Iraq. And at the same time, the U.S. is sending troops to fight ISIS.

Which means, the Jew-run USA is funding both sides of the same struggle, not only fulfilling the Israeli strategy of keeping all its geographic neighbors in a state of permanent war and dishevelment, but also mimicking the treasonous conditions of the Vietnam war when the U.S. sent money and armaments to the USSR which were then funneled to Vietnam at the same time America was sending its young men to die in the rice paddies of southeast Asia.

OK, now for your second test question. Six months ago, the federal government advertised for people to chaperone unaccompanied children from Central America to the United States. Then, six months later, we have a massive operation dumping thousands of Latino children and teenage gang members at the Texas border. Our government claims this is an unanticipated humanitarian crisis, and magically furnishes bus and plane tickets to disperse these thousands of young illegal alien refugees throughout the nation, raising the specter that the parents of these suspicious waifs will join them in the U.S. in the very near future. What this augurs for an already overstressed social services infrastructure is nothing but catastrophe and breakdown, a disaster which also means the loss of social services for Americans waiting in long lines for their own much-needed assistance.

And still unaddressed are the diseases these young illegals will communicate to American children, as well as the practice of so many states to issue licenses to undocumented aliens, skyrocketing the financial and physical risk to all Americans on the highway. That is to say, how many more examples do you need of Americans getting hurt or losing their lives and/or financial well being after being mowed down by reckless drivers from south of the border who have no legal right to be here.

And lets add in factor No. 3, and go way back 14 years to the first few moments of the George W. Bush administration, where he ostentatiously gave away $300 to all Americans who pay taxes because we supposedly had such a surplus that everyone deserved a bonus. He actually did that twice, and if I recall correctly, and the second one was $600. We had a surplus, they said, and a short time later, it turned out that we were many trillions in debt.

It occurred to me then — and today when we are many more trillions in debt, it occurs to me now — that there has been a deliberate and consistent intent by its elected leaders to ruin America financially, to deliberately create this disaster that has left the U.S. totally pauperized and in ruins.

It is perfectly in keeping with the Israeli strategy of keeping its neighbors in a state of permanent ruin and dishevelment. Every country the Jews have controlled has been ruined because Jews control the money, buy puppet leaders and steal everything from everyone. That’s why they were kicked out of all those countries before they figured out how to buy all the leaders.

Two other major factors in this deliberate attempt to bankrupt the U.S. are the off-budget military expenditures — the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq amount to tens of trillions — and the passage of NAFTA that sent American jobs overseas back during the Clinton administration and resulted in tens of trillions more of dollars lost.

The grease that makes this satanic engine run is the media, which are totally owned and controlled by Jews. They convince the gullible public that all these criminal lies, strategies and wars are perfectly normal, and that it was just bad luck that we went broke because of them.

How long will it take you to wake up? Will you ever wake up? Is it no longer possible for the world to awaken?

And then there’s the little matter of 9/11, which is stuck like a chicken bone in the American throat, stifling common sense and suffocating whatever rare remnant of honesty that still might exist among U.S. government employees. Every single person in the government knows the official 9/11 story is a lie. They know that officials of the Bush administration (notably Dick Cheney and his Jewish handlers) conspired with the Mossad to knock down the Twin Towers and create that “foolproof” excuse to make war on the world.

I’ve made many observations since I first started writing about this subject more than a decade ago. Perhaps the most cogent of them is that every cop in America had to look the other way in order to ignore the violations of law and the coverup of facts following that terrible event. They had to overlook the most basic rules of evidence collection in order not to indict the president and his evil entourage for treason. Every cop in America is guilty of treason for participating in the coverup, as is every member of Congress, every judge, and every general. All guilty of treason and working for the invisible group of soulless capitalists who are aimed at enslaving the vast majority of Americans, or at least the ones who are permitted to continue to live.

Every college president and every high school principal, every local city council member and every elementary school teacher, all participating in the great lie that America was attacked Muslims on September 11, 2001. Every single one of these perverted people is guilty of treason and is participating in the destruction of America.

But the ubiquitous Jewish media, which rules the minds of the vast majority of Americans, continues to insist that the false story of Osama bin Laden is true, and that Muslim terrorists in caves in Afghanistan masterminded the demolition of the World Trade Center. These are the same criminals who supported the U.S. invasion of countless countries, and who looked the other way when all of a sudden, Al Qaeda — the alleged perpetrators of the 9/11 atrocities — was suddenly and magically working for the Americans, in Libya, in Syria, and God knows where else.

The newspapers all the looked the other way. And they were all guilty of treason against the American public, as they always have been throughout American history.

After all this time, 13 years of coverup, despite all the revelations of explosives in the Twin Towers and faux Muslim poseurs who could not fly Piper Cubs, of dual Israeli American citizens running Homeland Security who let the Israeli provocateurs go free, and of Jewish newspaper owners who trumpeted stories of Iraqi drones that could strike America in a half hour, we have the same bunch poised to continue to run America, an America of corrupt judges and demonic doctors who kidnap children and poison the populace, all the while bowing down to their satanic masters in Israel and on Wall Street . . . After all this time we have the same criminals continuing to gut what used to be America, cutting it up into small deformed pieces and selling it to the Chinese, and lying to the American people while they steal their money. The vast majority of Americans have not learned a thing, and thanks to their treasonous leaders and their prostituted media, are learning less every day.

If you think you can live with that, I’m telling you, you won’t.

History tells us that the great empires never last more than 250 years. The lone exception was the Ottoman Empire, which lasted more than 1400 years. Its distinguishing feature was that it prohibited Jews from politics, banking and education. The USA is now 238 years old. It is bankrupt, decaying and irredeemably corrupt.

9/11 is a chicken bone in the American throat. That condition is usually fatal. Unless removed, the prognosis for America is terminal, assuming what we used to know as the United States of America is not already dead, as we watch its corpse deteriorating rapidly every single day.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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  1. putin will destroy zion and lead us into a new world order (scion)

    just dont say jew, if you know whats good for you … putin knows, thats why he doesnt say jew

        1. of course, there are limits to how much humor even the splendid jew comedians can take, eg,
          Don’t you touch my Old Testament, you bitch!

          Now you got Uncle Women, like Sarah Palin, who jumps on the shit and points her fingers at other women. Turncoat bitch! Don’t you fuckin’ reference Old Testament, bitch! You stay with your new Goyish crappy shiksa funky bullshit! Don’t you touch my Old Testament, you bitch! Because we have left it open for interpre-ta-tion! It is no longer taken literally! You whore in your fuckin’ cheap New Vision cheap-ass plastic glasses and your [sneering voice] hair up. A Tina Fey-Megan Mullally brokedown bullshit moment.

          of course, the shiksa-sarah-palin took it all in stride, laughed, didn’t gag but asked for another helping.
          because she is our leader, yeah, and we are ever so proud of her.

        2. @ lobro: Dog Butt Looks Like Jesus Christ In A Robe

          Sorry, your link doesn’t work.

        3. of course, only an inveterate jew hater like yours truly would note the persistent use of the word “we”.

          to a jew, “i” and “we” are synonymous and the rest of us would do well to remember this linguistic feature.

    1. Putin is Jewish..the name can not even be traced back past the grandfather, who was the cook for the Jewish Stalin ( real name JEWISON) and Lenin.

      Churchill..mother Jenny Jacobson

      FDR..real name RosenFelt, changed to Rosenvelt..then to Roosevelt

      Hitler family DNA taken of 39 members show..Jewish Descent

      DNA of hair from Eva Braum..Jewish

      Obama ..mother Jo Ann Newman..Jewish

      Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia is of Jewish Origins

      Hillary Rodham Clinton..Rodham changed from Rosenberg

      Kerry changed from Kohn

      Angela Merkel..daughter of Hitler and Eva Braum..Jewish

      Eisenhower..the Swedish Jew

      Truman..Bush ( not their real name, look it up)..B.Clinton

      Cameron, england..German Jew

      el-Sisi Egypt..mother Jewish

      The list is Endless

      DNA proves jews are not Jews but ..Gentiles..Khazars aka AshkeNazi’s..look it up

      1. Well said, American! Lots of useful info here. Wish you’d given a few links though.

        One thing I don’t buy: that Hitler was a Jew. This is pure Jewish disinfo.

  2. once america is destroyed, where do you think jews plan on scavenging next

    rhetorical question, that infrastructure is already built

    1. I doubt very much the objective is to completely ‘destroy’ America – just humble it, and reduce its population to a more ‘manageable’ herd (with a brownish hue).
      Too much arable, productive land, here. Even the global plantation overseers have to EAT! 🙂

      1. Huntly

        They have a literal genocidal plan and this will soon be plainly evident.

        1. @Brownhawk
          @Tyron Parsons

          Sorry, Brownhawk! You DO know what I mean, though. Your (other) ancestors, the Iroquois, did not stand for infusion much, either, so don’t rag on me :).

          Mr. Parsons, you and I agree on so much I shouldn’t even HAVE to say I know what you mean. I am now reading and comparing my Septuagint (which I got from Pastor Peter J. Peters) to my KJV and New American Standard version. I still adore the KJV, because it is so beautifully written. It speaks to me. Some say that certain books therein are ‘Jewish’ – well, of COURSE they are. After all, it is just a story (the story of Israel), and without the Jews, we wouldn’t even have a measure of Jesus Christ! So, you see, it all fits into God’s Plan. Far be it from we mortals to challenge Him (OR Satan, for that matter!).

          I tire of reading the ‘intellectual’ bullshit spewed by those who wish to challenge a god (ANY GOD; much less, even, our Own). They are fools. I pray the good ones realize their error, someday. You are doing a GREAT job of informing! Thank you.

        2. I wasn’t ragging on you, Gil. Pure tongue-in-cheek is all.
          Just the meta-comedian in me.

        3. Huntly

          Thanks for your kind words and yes, it seems we agree on a lot.

          I am not trying to nit pick here but you said:

          “and without the Jews, we wouldn’t even have a measure of Jesus Christ! ”

          When you said Jews above, do you mean the Esau-Edomite infiltrators (Those who resemble Judaites) or do you mean ethnic Judaites who are white people (probably found today in the Scots)

  3. On July 8, 2014, Sheikh Naim Qassem, deputy general secretary of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah, accused Washington for sponsoring ISIS, which he said was aimed at dividing the region on sectarian basis. He also asserted that Washington would be the first to pay for its evil activities.

    “ISIS is an American trademark adopted and sponsored by America and oil and its first mission is to divide the region and drown it in sectarian war and chaos. Whoever believes they can take advantages of ISIS as they please are mistaken as ISIS operatives will be the first to pay the price,” said Qassem.

    Before ISIS “victories” in Iraq, the terrorist group which is funded by American proxies in the region like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan, were trained in Jordan by the US and Israeli military officials. ISIS and other US-funded terrorist group (Western jihadis) fought a 3-year bloody war against Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad till they were defeated by Syrian army with assistance from Hizbullah a few months ago. Watch a video below showing ISIS “jihadis” being trained by US soldiers.

    Last month, even the Zionist prime minister Netanyahu confirmed that ISIS is helping Israel in destablizing the region.

    Last month, Barack Obama asked additional $500 million from US Congress to fund the anti-Assad rebels in Syria. Hizbullah is the only armed resistance group which in 2006 proved that it’s capable of defeating in battle the Jewish army which was widely considered one of the most effective militaries in the world.

    I remember, Gilad Atzmon, Israel-born British writer, author and musician penned a satire for peacepalestine website on August 7, 2006, entitled ‘Operation Security Roof’.


  4. John

    Good article and many good points but I would like to point out a couple things.

    The Christian Byzentine Empire lives just over 1000 years- the Ottoman Empire was not an extention of it.

    Second, it is true that DC/US Corp has done what you said and this is their MO in practically all of their ploys.

    Third, DC/US Corp DOES NOT have lawful jurisdiction over the uS mainland. They extend an unlawful jurisdiction of usurpation over our living souls and our land as they rape, steal and destroy everything in their wake.

    The 3 Corporation City States (Vatican-London City-DC/US Corp) are the enemies of not only America but also the planet.

    Here is a link ALL people here ought to read.

    If Ham decides this it is time, we may just see the resurrection of the Grand Army of the Republic to defend America, our creator given rights and all of our assets.

    Civil Orders June 10th and July 4th 2014 to General Ham and the Joint Chiefs


  5. If patriots were to ever regain control of America, a new flag would be required. The Stars and Stripes are soiled. No honest American can fly the American flag with any kind of pride. The Stars and Stripes have brought mammonism and ugliness to all corners of the globe for the past century.

    When the National Socialists took power in Germany they knew they had to get rid of the Weimar tricolor, which represented German defeat. They replaced the tricolor with the Swastika, an ancient Indo-European symbol to emphasize the National Socialist’s loyalty to race and tradition as opposed to cosmopolitanism and nihilism. Of course when Germany was destroyed the Weimar tricolor was restored, symbolizing the fact that once again Germany was a Jewish slave state. Seeing all those Germans flying the tricolor after their victory yesterday was pathetic.

    I firmly believe that only a National Socialist government can truly restore America, or any Western nation for that matter, so I support resurrecting the Swastika as the new flag, or perhaps the Sig Runes or Roman aquila.

    1. Legionairre –

      It cannot be done because Americans now – and forever – wanted to free themselves from the tyranny we (you and I) oppose. REAL Americans, that is…

      While I applaud your bravado and your earnest appeal, I tell you that THESE THINGS MUST PLAY OUT. (In other words, the opposition must have its victory, for ‘a day’.)

      Until (the Remnant) we understand this, any collective putsch will be in vain. Some must die. Some will live. Accept this, and you will be an effective soldier.

      1. BrownHawk

        are you aware that most Indian tribes sided with the South?

        The Confederacy extended almost equal rights (privledges) to Indians (inside the Confederacy) unlike the Union who basically gave the Indians no privledges at all.

    2. SPQR

      I agree with you about the flag. Once the lawful Republics (Including the Cofenderation that predates the uSA) in America is resurrected, once the Grand Army of the Republic is brought into being again, I am for this flag that was debated about in RuSA (of which the Maine Republic left)


  6. The religion of the Christian, at least in theory, is give, give, give.
    The religion of Judaism, in fact, is take, take, take.
    Both religions a product of the Hebrew. Get the picture?
    Everyone should read Eustace Mullins’ booklet “The Biological Jew”. Once read then
    the reader will truly understand what is going on and why.

    1. NW native

      The “Jews” are not Hebrews. The term Hebrew is derived from Eber who was between Shem and Abraham’s paternal bloodline, ethnic/racial lineage. The Egyptians (whites) were Semites but not of Ebers (Hebrew- whites) bloodine.

      The so called Jews in the OT and NT were from Esau-Edom who mixed with Canaanites (who had fallen angel genetics). They had some Semite (from Shem) and Hebrew in them because their father was Esau, first son of Isaac who lost both the dominion and fruitfulness blessings of Adam to Jacob, Esau’s young brother.

      Isaac did give Esau a “token blessing” if you want to call it that. Their “blessing” is to usurp their younger brother Jacob at the end of every earth age through tyranny, lawlessness, destruction and war.

      Jacob’s blessing dictates that he takes dominion back from these usurpers at the last moment of every earth age, ushering in every new earth age to dominate it until they are usurped again at the end, repeating this cycle.

      These impostor “Jews” infiltrated ethnic Judea 125 years before Christ was born that was then filled with ethnic Judaite remnants of the tribes of Levi, Judah and Benjamin plus one line of the House of David.

      Can you see the repeated parallel being played out again in all of the white/European formerly Christian nations at the four corners of the earth?

      I hope so because that ios exactly what has happened yet again.

      From 65 AD to 135 AD the Romans killed all these Esau “Jew” impostors and raped their women thus severing their paternal line to Esau, leaving only the maternal genetics. These maternal Esau-Canaanites (Sephardics) would later bring talmudic Judaism to the Ashkenaz of Japeth (not Shem) mixing with them too.

      This is why Talmudic Judaism today claims that a “Jew” is a “Jew” from mother’s womb, which in true fashion, turns the paternal seedline mandate of scriptures, of Adam on down to Jesus (a white ethnic Israelite of Judah and Levi), on it’s head.

      But what else should we expect from these people who forever confuse the masses by turning the truth completely on it’s head with every word they speak?

      They are only doing what their program dictates in their genetics.

    1. i admit, i’d also like to see more of her writing, if only to ascertain what mental corner she is coming from, is the sweetness monsanto aspartame or real syrup.

      1. In creative writing classes one lesson that always stuck with me was to make your best efforts at the very beginning and very ending. (1st and last impressions)

        What impressed me was her very ending, and what may prompt your question.

        “We, too, can be false.”

      2. b-hawk, i noted that too and my thinking (on several parallel tracks, this being one) is:

        jews predisposition to lying is practically invariant, the one thing they can be relied on.
        so, is she really saying that they can be false to the very trait that defines them, ie, by her failure to lie she has betrayed her roots?

        because “we too can be false” sounds like she professes some exception to the rule, the rule being lying, the linchpin of their existence.
        otherwise there is nothing special about their lying, as in we too can be are false.

        an inverted shabbo, as it were.

        no, where she tickles my suspicion are some other issues that i put to her without reply so far.

        1. Or is it a matter of not knowing the American was quietly listening implying that they were proven wrong by being FALSE in assuming they were on top of it all. That in their arrogance they thought they had the unsuspecting goyim fooled all the way to what would be the bitter end of:

          “watching die those who are unworthy of life”

          They trusted that they had all the bases covered

          Busted trust
          false assumptions

          And an old Sicilian girlfriend was the first to tell me what happens when you assume.

        2. I can’t resist trying to decode Ellie either, hp

          Maybe the quietly listening Americans represent a 10% sliver of opportunity, using her math. Sometimes that’s all you need. (and who doesn’t love a longshot?)

          I’m reminded of the siege of Leningrad in 1941 when Russian lend-lease saved their bacon by funneling supplies over a narrow corridor from the Arctic Sea, the other 90% (or thereabouts) of the surrounding area being held by the Germans.

          Withstanding the siege and turning the tables.
          What the game is all about

      3. @ lobro

        i admit, i’d also like to see more of her writing, if only to ascertain what mental corner she is coming from…

        A major article based on the controversial comment by Ms Katsnelson is scheduled to be published on our website this coming weekend. It will knock your socks off. Totally stunning. I urge every reader on this site to share the article with their friends and email it to the editors of other anti-Zionist websites. It deserves widespread circulation.

        1. thanks for headsup monty.

          if among all the disparaging opinions i drag around i can drop even one – or even flip it around – burden lightened, one mental carbuncle burned off.

          i can think of joys other than imagining jews sizzle in their nasty fat.

    1. The video is a very ‘EMOTIONAL’ double-speak appeal to send the message that

      Putin is looking out for the bankers???

      “….trillions of burned virtual money.” Virtual money cannot be burned. It is virtual.

    2. well, i don’t know pat, i am as torched as anyone by donbas genocide right at putin’s doorstep and he professes his liking of jew poroshenko and all.

      maybe i am grasping at straws but he is a product of the soviet school.
      like they used to say: “moscow does not recognize tears” or something to that effect.

      if there is one positive effect in donbas-gaza very public exhibition of the black core of jew, it is that jew-hate is rising worldwide.

      rising, rising, like the yellowstone supervolcano.
      let it blow.

      1. Same here.
        Leopards keep their spots as they hide in the grass.
        He was the shining star in all that was hated by the West. He rose from the ashes of the cold war.
        I feel he will join the likes of Gorby, Mr Green Cross with Hollywood support, in the one world order when all is said and done.

      2. Don’t think you’re grasping, lobro

        Hitler had “his” jews , too, and then, as now, I just don’t see them all reading from the same zio-talmud playbook. Putin has a handle on ’em and isn’t about to let anything get in the way of keeping a strict vigilance.

        The Russian time is coming, and they’ve been through so much shit for so long that they may as well have invented “patience is a virtue”. They know that the game now is the one of inevitable forced showdown, and will know when the iron is hot.

        Stone-faced cold sober bring it on.

        1. lobro,

          Perhaps I should amend that to read, “all jews have by definition a proclivity towards ‘zio-talmudism’, yet…”

          Just say both are leopards where the jewcat’s spots never change, whereas those of the russocat are positioned within the confluence of their camoflauge.

  7. It is not only in America where the leaders are traitors.

    This fall another general election will be held in Sweden. The Swedish Democrats, a far right-wing party, has been climbing in the polls. It is an anti-immigration party first and foremost.

    To make sure that the zionists have all the bases covered, from right to left, they send out their envoys to infect the fabric of another (former) sovereign Country;


    In order to keep people fighting about this issue, this lovely ambassador of the tribe, has been working tirelessly to make sure voters in Sweden are FOR immigration;


    1. she is one of the most venomous reptiles known to universe.

      anyone who says jews are people just like us with a few bad apples ought to study her, her work and her manners.
      bernard henri-levy, as radioactive as he is has nothing on her.

      every molecule of their dna is bent on destruction, corruption and evil and they are smoothly smiling while they do it.

      swedes would do well to keep track of her.

  8. I hear you lobro, few can say it like you can.

    This evil woman is waging a cultural war on all of Europe with Stockholm as her head office, ‘smoothly smiling while she does it’


    In John 8:44, Jesus Christ speaking of these people said: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.”

    1. i believe that kol nidrei arose in direct response to the words of jesus.

      rabbis’ enclave in babylon was convened for the purpose of formalizing the credo of “their father”.

      it is true that he is riding on a wave of success.
      it is equally true that we are called upon to provide some slippage to his ride.

    2. Siljan

      Exactly spot with John 8:44

      Again, this is because he was speaking with Esau-Canaanite “Jew” impostors/infiltrators who were back then, as today, falsely claiming they were both ethnic and spiritual Israelite/Judaites. These fake Jews had fallen angel genetic through the Canaanites hence they would be doing their father’s will, who’s the devil, a liar and murderer from the beginning.

      When the Devil speaks of his own and is lying, he is speaking of his own kinfolk- those with his genetics (“jews”) and he is lying even more claiming they are true Judaites/Israelites when they aren’t.

      The proof of these impostors not being Judah or Israel (who ethnically speaking are whites/Europeans) is when in that passage you quote the “Jews” say to Christ that their father is Abraham. Christ says their father may be of Abraham (meaning they are from Abraham, Isaac and Esau paternally at this time) but they are not Abraham’s children (referencing Jacob/Israel who has the fruitfulness and dominion mandate). Further proof is when these “Jews” claim later in that passage you quote that they have never been slaves of anyone. Well, true ethnic Israel/Judah were slaves in Egypt, but Esau impostor’s were not hence they again proved their impostor status.

      Think about it folks. True Scriptures in the original Greek is the key to winning the controversy of Zion. The Controversy of Zion is in dispute between Esau and Jacob’s children (“jews” and whites/European-true Christians).

      The controversy started when Jacob/Israel obtained the dominion and fruitfulness mandates and Esau has conspired endlessly to murder true Jacob/Israel and steal his rights under the law.

      Esau is allowed to do this only for short periods of time at the end of each earth age and while true Jacob/Israel ALWAYS wins everything back in the end.

      This is why I go to great lengths here to explain to people these facts and tell you not to worry because the “Jews” will fall as whites/Europeans-Christians of true Jacob will win (along with people of all races, nations etc, who believe in Jesus).

      If you read that whole passage you will see that

  9. thats a nice advertisement lobro, but this isnt a class president campaign

    is putin uniting russian gentiles with american gentiles (with all the gentiles in the world) … or does he not even mention jew or gentile

    putin barks about the west and washington, the same way the west barks about the east and moscow … also, jewish latenight comedians rail against obama and put putin on a pedestal … what are jews selling us with putin?

    this east vs west rhetoric creates another artificial gentile vs gentile conflict, it also masks international jewry

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