Our Wretched Jewish State — by Gideon Levy

“Now we know: In the Jewish state, there is pity and humane feelings only for Jews, rights only for the Chosen People. The Jewish state is only for Jews.”  — Gideon Levy, Israeli correspondent for Haaretz

imagesPalestinian child (pictured), crippled by Israeli setters while playing in the streets.

July 07, 2014, Haaretz.  —  The youths of the Jewish state are attacking Palestinians in the streets of Jerusalem, just like gentile youths used to attack Jews in the streets of Europe.

The Israelis of the Jewish state are rampaging on social networks, displaying hatred and a lust for revenge, unprecedented in its diabolic scope. Some unknown people from the Jewish state, purely based on his ethnicity. These are the children of the nationalistic and racist generation – Netanyahu’s offspring.

For five years now, they have been hearing nothing but incitement, scaremongering and supremacy over Arabs from this generation’s true instructor, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Not one humane word, no commiseration or equal treatment.

They grew up with the provocative demand for recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state,” and they drew the inevitable conclusions. Even before any delineation of what a “Jewish state” means – will it be a state that dons tefillin (phylacteries), kisses mezuzot (doorpost fixtures with prayer scrolls), sanctifies charms, closes down on the Sabbath and keeps strict kashrut laws? – the penny has dropped for the masses.

The mob was the first to internalize its true significance: a Jewish state is one in which there is room only for Jews. The fate of Africans is to be sent to the Holot detention center in the Negev, while that of Palestinians is to suffer from pogroms. That’s how it works in a Jewish state: only this way can it be Jewish.

In the Jewish state-in-the-making, there is no room even for an Arab who strives his utmost to be a good Arab, such as the writer Sayed Kashua. In a Jewish state, the chairman of the Knesset plenary session, MK Ruth Calderon (from Yesh Atid – the “center” of the political map, needless to say), cuts off Arab MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al), who has just returned all shaken up from a visit to the family of the murdered Arab boy from Shoafat, impudently preaching to him that he must also refer to the three murdered Jewish teens (even after he did just that).

In a Jewish state, the High Court of Justice approves the demolition of a murder suspect’s family home even before his conviction. A Jewish state legislates racist and nationalist laws.

The media in the Jewish state wallows in the murder of three yeshiva students, while almost entirely ignoring the fates of several Palestinian youths of the same age who have been killed by army fire over the last few months, usually for no reason.

No one was punished for these acts – in the Jewish state there is one law for Jews and another for Arabs, whose lives are cheap. There is no hint of abiding by international laws and conventions. In the Jewish state, there is pity and humane feelings only for Jews, rights only for the Chosen People. The Jewish state is only for Jews.

The new generation growing in its shadow is a dangerous one, both to itself and its surroundings. Netanyahu is its education minister; the militaristic and nationalist media serves as its pedagogic epic poem; the education system that takes it to Auschwitz and Hebron serves as its guide.

The new sabra (native-born Israeli) is a novel species, prickly both on the outside and the inside. He has never met his Palestinian counterpart, but knows everything about him – the sabra knows he is a wild animal, intent only on killing him; that he is a monster, a terrorist.

He knows that Israel has no partner for peace, since this is what he’s heard countless times from Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett. From Yair Lapid he’s heard that they are “Zoabis” – referring dismissively to MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad).

Being left wing or a seeker of justice in the Jewish state is deemed a crime, civil society is considered treacherous, true democracy an evil. In a Jewish state – dreamed of not only by the right wing but also by the supposed center-left, including Tzipi Livni and Lapid – democracy is blurred.

It’s not the skinheads that are the Jewish state’s main problem, it’s the sanctimonious eye-rollers, the thugs, the extreme right wing and the settlers. It’s not the margins but the mainstream, which is partly very nationalistic and partly indifferent.

In the Jewish state, there is no remnant of the biblical injunction to treat the minority or the stranger with justice. There are no more Jews left who marched with Martin Luther King or who sat in jail with Nelson Mandela. The Jewish state, which Israel insists the Palestinians recognize, must first recognize itself. At the end of the day, at the end of a terrible week, it seems that a Jewish state means a racist, nationalistic state, meant for Jews only.

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  1. Good evening,

    A good Israeli friend of mine, possessed of robust powers of intellect, recently suggested to me that I should occupy my time in writing a little imaginary piece about the dark clouds of terror that may soon descend upon America, an idea which, I must admit, I found slightly complicated; for, knowing intimately the poverty of my powers of composition, I have always thought myself ill-equipped for the task of writing, and so, to be asked to exert myself to such extreme productions, productions which, as I said, is way beyond what my paltry talents would ever permit, and thus without the slightest hope of ever satisfying those whom I shall soon condemn to read, I, at first, and not without a little relief, declined, gently, only my friend’s unmistakeable and not exactly unforceful imputation of pusillanimity on my part ultimately caused him to prevail and the poor little Ellie me to succumb, hence my involuntary decision to satisfy his strange request, knowing full well and well in advance that no serious reader will give it full attention, and deservedly so, since, after all, what does not satisfy the writer, cannot possibly hope to satisfy the reader.

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    Here, then, is what I wrote, though I again and well in advance urge the readers not to overbrood, nor needlessly to despair, at the genuine disconnectedness and the discordances of my hideous prose; for, should they cherish the hope ever to attain to the lonely eminence of Writer, let them emulate instead the fine writings of the mysterious Lasha Darkmoon, and those of the even more mysterious Signor Montechristo, (now here’s a name to reckon with!), and not the Judaic butcheries of mine, and always to recall the honest admission ejaculated above, that if ever a person lived on this earth whose head and hands were most ill-equipped for the art of writing, then that person would most certainly be me, the woefully talentless but spirited little Ellie K.. Truth may insult, you know, but it is falsity which causes us to be despised. Thus forewarned, I shall now tell of the near future, the future which, when finally effected, and soon after consolidated, shall, by nook or by crook, extirpate all pathetic persuasiveness to forgiveness, destroy all miserable notions of mercy, annihilate all wretched claims to fairness, eradicate all appearances of goodness, and, finally, finally!, stab a rusty Judaic dagger in the hearts of all pursuers of liberty, of all seekers of freedom, and of all thirsters of virtue, since, after all, my dear friends, the future I am about to describe, shall be nothing less than the soon-to-come JEWISH RULE OF AMERICA. Thus forewarned, and the uncomplicated Preamble no longer detaining us, let me begin.

    … And so, friend, as we said, the little communities of FEMA, then, separate, decorative and pretty little quarters in and by themselves that they shall be, shall produce in you, Americans, feelings so lovely and good, that they shall almost instantaneously dismiss from your memories in particular, and from your minds in general, the idea that, outside the camp, you ever had it so good. Omnipresent communistic amenities and colourful blue-and-white decorations shall at first excise, and later obliterate, all vexations and perplexities which at first and upon entering may have perturbed your minds; for, everything being the same, same motives will prompt you, and same fears will keep you in check. Hope, that great deceiver, will be allowed you, but we, Jews, shall never allow those hopes to develop into possibilities; for, animated by the possibility which Hope not infrequently engenders in those minds whom Hope has in fact deserted, who knows to what heroic deeds you may aspire. Thus, ill-affording to allow you to entangle our enforcement of you, we shall conquer all efforts on your part that may lead you to some future schemes, however imagined, of liberty and freedom. Beating shall be instituted, (See, The Anti-Humans: Student Re-education in Romanian Prisons, 1971), spying shall be encouraged, and all the efforts on the inmates’ part, however cunning or otherwise, to overpower our resolve, and diminish their effect, to subdue them, shall result in their immediate and total liquidation. Evil Jews.

    As the time progresses and life in the camps increases in happiness, we, Jews, shall institute the collective psychological analysis of your better half, a la Christianity, that great deceiver, and bring into being confessional booths for your wives and daughters, though severe prohibitions shall be enforced upon all the males who deign approach the sacred structures previously unannounced. And, unlike the cold, musty, dark, detached, melancholy, soulless boxes of your previous religion, which we, Jews, of course, have by now destroyed, our booths shall be handsomely carved and beautify adorned, wherein our solace-distributing Jewish priests and your unhappy wives and daughters shall spend many hours uninterrupted, and your fine ladies’ formerly whispered truths shall now be encouraged to be pronounced with a chest voice – better like that. Each handsome cubicle shall be so devised, that the fair sex shall be seated ever-so-slightly above our priests, a small detail, perhaps, but one which shall make them feel all the better there, a feeling which shall quietly pronounce to them that there, and only there, within the confines of the cubicle and in the presence of the Jew does the feeling of spiritual expansiveness truly materialize. With the passage of time and the gaining of trust, your wives and daughters, previously comforted by you, shall now begin to feel discomforted in your presence, and now you, grown up men that you shall become, and faced with such unpleasantries, shall begin to seek your own admission into those confessionals, a privilege to you long prohibited, and not without reason. Of course, our long and candid discourses with your wives and daughters shall have more than apprised us of the contents of your soul, that soft metaphysical tissue of which man is really made of, so by the time you enter our enclosed space, we shall be in possession of more knowledge of you than even your own mothers ever did possess. Evil Jews.

    Infected with the same zeal as your ladies in coming to the confessional, expressing the same appreciation and fondness to us for our delicate treatment of you, every testimony of yours which you shall render in writing to the world outside the camp shall consist of nothing but of felicitous feelings, of happy and pleasant thoughts, thoughts and feelings which, though they may reach the recipients in the dead of night and in the starkest of winters, shall make them feel as though they are in the middle of summer –that’s how happy we intend to make you feel. Evil Jews.

    But of all the souls within the camp, a solemn promise shall be given you that none shall fare better than your little ones, that is, the children, who never come to life without some blessing or another. They alone shall be allowed to roam outside the enclosures, free as fawns, happy as nightingales, glad to be beaten by the winds and stumble and fall over the crooked branches. Never shall we allow them to so much as learn the pronouncing of the word ”unhappiness,” let alone teach them the meaning of it. Those inconveniences and perplexities of life which have long weighed their now-interned parents shall be postponed them for as long as it is humanly possible, and we shall endeavour to continuously entertain and induce hearty laughter and even warmer thoughts in them by presenting their impressionable young minds with the delightful little stories of our Holy Book, yes, The Hebrew Bible, the very same book which your own parents often read out to you when you were little, – remember?–, before tucking you securely into your cosy little beds. ‘Here!’ we shall say to them, ‘this is Noah’s Ark. Now, say Te-ba: ”T-E-B-A-A-A!,” shall come the refrain. ‘Great!,’ we shall say. ‘Now, say Jo-che-bed: JO-CHE-BED!,” shall chime back the sweet voices of the little ones. Little by little we shall teach them how to read and speak the language of their forefathers, that is, Hebrew, and guide them, letter by holy letter, through our own lexicons and books and point to them all the fabulous deeds which had once made the Hebrews, that is, their forefathers, ever-so-famous. As we progress through the lexicons, the letter J shall be most conspicuously and scrupulously avoided, for it is here, under this melancholy letter, that the painful name of JESHUA DI NAZARETH makes its first mournful appearance. And we shall do this for no other reason but from our genuine wish to avoid the painful perturbations which the souls of your little ones may feel upon being presented with the history of that… ”divine” slayer of the Jews. What for to deform young minds with the history of savages, eh? Remember: we have brought them in here to improve them and not to injure them. Moreover, your children, now being inured to us, may well feel the pain of their Hebrew forefathers which the great ”Redeemer” and his followers had so often and mercilessly so inflicted upon them. No, and no again!: the name JESHUA DI NAZARETH shall simply no longer ever be, not ever! ‘Wolves with wolves,’ we shall say to them, ‘and doves with doves.’ That really is how it shall be. Evil Jews.

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    And why, really, why should we, Jews, mourn your passing, eh, or, as that author has it, The Passing of the Great Race? Why should we feel for your present state? ‘Is this not,’ a cold, hard, matter-of-fact Jew will say to his American enquirer, ‘is this not what you Americans have long desired? I mean, did you not eagerly and with much gladness flung open your gates to us? Was it not you who said that you wanted us alone to renovate your lives? to make them better? happier? more cheerful? Were you not hourly told when you were little that salvation can only come from the Jews? Yes,’ the cold Jew will continue, though this time with a touch of feigned feeling, – for oh, how we, Jews, can feign! we are wholly made up of manufactured feelings! –, ‘yes: we see the sorrow that has engulfed your race, but why didn’t your men rise to obviate the danger? Where were your poets, your thinkers, your writers to warn you that, as a race, we, Jews, have no other aim in life but to destroy all order in all societies? Listen, you,’ the Jew will continue, now slightly impatiently, ‘you Americans have no Fichte, and that cathartic revolution and national bliss effected by that…’ – and here the Jew will pause –, ‘…that, Hitler, that, friend,’ the Jew will say, ‘is no more likely ever to come into being in your lands than Hope ever has of existing within those dreadful camps behind us. Come now,’ the Jew will gesture to his sad American listener, ‘come: he who neglects to commit those deeds most necessary to ensure his survival, cannot expect salvation to be handed him by those who have come here to destroy him. YOU WILL ALL DIE!’ the Jew will now unapologetically tell the heartbroken American man, ‘all of you, without exception, babes and all!’ And as the Jew speaks thus, the utterly devastated American, no longer able to combat his sorrow, forces, with great exertion, one very, very last query with his now-new Jewish lord, and asks him a most pertinent question indeed, namely, who it is that shall be doing the actual killing? ‘Wh-o-o-o-o-o-o?’ the Jew will astonishingly ask back, his eyes now veritably excited, ‘wh-o-o-o-o-o? Why, but your own Americans, my friend, your own little American brothers and sisters, that’s who. I mean, haven’t you heard of the Baptists? and the Anabaptists? and the Shmanabaptists? Don’t you know who the Christian Zionists? and the Dispensationalists? and the Luciferians are? No!’ and here the Jew will interrupt himself, his previously calm voice now raised to that neurotic, oh-so-common Judaic shriek, ‘no, and no again! It shall not be us who shall kill you, but your own American brothers and sisters; they shall be the ones who shall plunge the blades into your loins and pump hard bullets into your heads. We, hah!, we ourselves never kill, you know, our religion forbids us. Remember Jeshua, that hairy dog? Him, too, we wanted to kill, but we ourselves never laid hands on him – what for? we even shrieked at every nail the Romans drove. So,’ and the Jew will here conclude his brilliant, prosecutorial speech, ‘let me once and for all remove that burden which so visibly plagues your heart, and let me assure you, O American, that there is no better purgative for the soul than watching die those who are unworthy of life.’ Evil Jews.

    And so, and in so saying and returning to the panoramic vistas above, as you become inured to the life in the camp, outside each and every such enclosure, though never too far but not too close either, there shall come into existence sights so horrific and strange, as to make you wonder whether indeed there is any point in continuing to suffer. For, dug in a perfect straight line and stretching as far as the horizon permits, cold, black, mass graves shall hungrily await all those whom we, Jews, have deemed worthy of a bullet, that is, you. The ”deposits,”– for such shall be your new designation and not victims, – ”victims” too crude for us –, the deposits shall arrive in the dead of night and in trucks, a la Cheka: black trucks, unnumbered trucks, signless trucks, themselves as amorphic as those who navigate them. On the side of each such truck, a most homogeneous and ingenious contraption shall have been fitted, whereby as the vehicle proceeds slowly along the open graves, a mournful tray shall appear, atop which there shall roll an even more mournful conveyor belt, carrying, as such belts tend to carry, weight, though now, the black weight imposed upon them shall be in the form of dead American bodies, that is, you: bodies of babes who had only recently learned how to breathe, of handsome lasses and lads in the spring of their lives, of happy fathers and even happier mothers, whose sole wish in life had only been to see that happiness multiply. Slowly but carelessly, certainly without feelings, – we, Jews, have feelings only for the members of our own race –, as the trucks move, the belt shall begin to literally deposit those bodies, that is, you, in the shallow, cold hole below, and shall thus trudge along on its lachrymose journey, until it has reached such a point that the conveyor belt shall, by the very lightness of its load now, announce to the soul-dead American driver, probably your former neighbour, that for all its wish, it simply has no more bodies to convey to the gaping earth below. This understood, the driver shall now begin his langorous journey back, and return to the lifeless morgue, so as to reload, of course, only to immediately be supplemented by another driver, who shall continue the same grim discharge of your bodies at the point where his soul-dead colleague had left, making certain that the macabre affair will roll, and roll, and roll, and roll, until that horizon, formerly far and beyond reach, shall no longer afford a distant prospect. Evil Jews.

    At the point where the trucks of death had begun rolling, a Jew will watch. Jews like to watch, and they never read fast. With his arms crossed and hawk-like eyes firmly fixed on the inhuman task being carried out in front of him, he shall exhibit his approval or disapproval to another fellow Jew who, in the style most managerial, shall now make a motion to another, different driver and a different vehicle, both more monstrous than the one which had preceded it, to move in and to finally complete the ghastly process. A Paver and a Roller rolled into one, the vehicle shall have been constructed specially and especially for the purpose; for, its axles being inordinately wide, the steel beast shall drive over and above your graves, without touching either end, and, as it moves, its earthmoving hand in front shall deposit hard gravel over your bodies, and the massive ball-wheel behind it shall compact that hard earth, and thus, literally, seal for ever the sad fate of those Americans down below, that is, you. Evil Jews.

    Back in the camp, the nocturnal life of the firmament having now engulfed you and your little ones, the Jews who had overseen the ghastly procession shall converge, – demons always converge after a hard day’s work –, and, ledger book in hand and cigarette in mouth, shall begin carefully to inscribe the awful happenings of the previous hours. ‘See here,’ a Moshe will say to an Ephraim, ‘five-thousand-two-hundred-and-sixty-four, and all this in a single night! Not bad, eh, not bad, he-he-he.’ Ephraim, a la manière sadistique, shall enquire with his diabolic fellow Jew, and say: ‘Excuse me, Moshe, but is that figure with or without interest? – Hah! Ha-Ha! Hah-Hah-Hah… Hahaha, Hahaha, Hahaha! Maybe both will laugh, maybe only Moshe will expose his irregular, nicotine-stained teeth – who knows. Maybe the whole room will burst in such a roaring laughter as to turn that sad, sad evening into a night most merry. Speaking of fun and murder, did you know that Roza Zemlyachka and Béla Kun, those two mighty lions of Judah, after having helped shoot 8,019 White Russians in the Crimean city of Kerch in a single night of October the eighth, 1927, had hurriedly gone back home, and, once inside, had fucked each other in blood-stained uniforms for four hours without a break! Hah! Imagine that, if you can! First you kill, and then you fuck. I told you demons converge after a hard day’s work, didn’t I? They always do. Dark Jews. Dark, dark Jews.

    Of course, with the exception of the Jews and their soul-dead American drivers, no one will have witnessed the grizzly scenes in the forest, and every trace of the crime shall carefully have been erased. Jews do not like leaving traces of their crimes, you see, and if ever they do, it is always only so as to insult the brave and eventually triumphant investigator who, upon discovering the footprints of the real malefactors, discovers also their one last distorted message to him, saying, ‘Yes, Sir, Madam, it was us, Jews, who did this. Now, what are you going to do about it?’ But, though traces of the crime shall have been removed, and no good, living American could ever bear witness to those black deeds, the nightingales will have seen, and the fawns will have felt, and the tress, oh, the trees! how they, too, will have been shaken! Jews have this power, you know, to move Earth. ‘Flectere si nequeo Superos,’ our own Sigismund Shlomo Freud was fond of saying, ‘et Acheronta movebo!’ This, perhaps, should be the motto of my criminal country Israel, eh? GIVE ME A PLACE TO STAND AND I SHALL MOVE THE EARTH! But, I have strayed. As the same heart-bleeding affair is repeated night, after night, after night, after night, with time Nature herself will begin to exhibit signs of unhappiness. Beautiful Earth will begin to hurt; for, its bowels, now filled to the brim with unwelcome corpses, and her formerly undulating meadows now stuffed with phosphorus and bile, the grand old dame will become… heavy, uneasy, oppressed, unquiet, mournful, for though She knows better than anyone else that She, too, is firmly fixed within the immutable law of perpetual flux and change, poison was never meant to be induced into Her bosom, and the unready babes, whom the Jews have rammed within Her heart, have driven a spiritual dagger through Her; for, She is a Mother, you know, our Nature, a Mother, hence our felicitous term for her: Mother Nature. But, will the darksome Jews really care? I mean, does the Devil care what happens to man and Earth? Who here, for example, – and be honest now, yes? –, who here knows that the Bolshevik Jews once withered an entire sea, eh, an entire sea, just so it could suit their diabolic purpose? Imagine that: to utterly and completely cause a SEA to vanish! O, people, a SEA! a SEA! not a lake, not a river, not a rivulet, but a SEA! I tell you: a hundred Tituses may come and go, and ten-thousand Hitlers may hold the world in awe, but never again in the life of man shall one single solitary Jew so much as feel the blade on his deathly epidermis, let alone be killed by others with it, simply and solely on account of his being a Jew. Those felicitous times are gone. And this, not because mankind possesses unbounded love for the Jew, (though such beasts are not infrequently found), but rather because the Jews, having died so much, have now conquered Death, and, as a natural consequence to that, have now themselves become Death, that is, Death personified, and who here can apprise anyone of the manner, of the fashion, of the way of killing Death? No one. Carefully observe the rubbery eyes of Michael Chertoff. Assay in your mind the bilious temper of Alan Dershowitz. Analyse and dissect the unmistakably criminal haughtiness with which Bibi, The Great, struts the world stage, and you shall see that, the more we look at them, the nearer their Father, the Devil, shall we get. Moshe, the dutiful manager of the killing fields, and Ephraim, the ugly, little, painfully dark humorist – these two spiritual invalids may have been inventions, but Michael Chertoff is not an invention and he is a Moshe; Alan Dershowitz breathes and lives and he is an Ephraim; and as does Bibi, and we all know who and where Bibi is. I tell you: all three have a place to stand; that place is called America; and, by God Almighty, how they intend to move it! Evil Jews.

    My friend, Dostoyevsky, once said to his fellow Russians that, if the Jews ever gain power in Russia, they will skin the Russians alive. They ignored him. The Jews came, the Jews saw, the Jews skinned. It is dangerous to ignore a seer, O friends!, dangerous indeed. And when in France better minds lived and worse tempers eventually prevailed, the beautiful Charlotte Corday pointed to the Jews as having poisoned the mind of Marat, and thus, by extension, soon intend to kill the soul of France. Within hours the Anti-Judaic bitch was seized, BY HER OWN FRENCHMEN!, (remember this little point), and, soon after, was her beautiful white neck separated and segregated by her captors with the aid of the more delicate part of the dreaded guillotine. ‘Some of our deepest unhappiness,’ says another friend of mine, Schopenhauer, ‘come from not acting when we ought to act, and from acting when we ought not to act.’ He knew, the irascible, little devil, he knew, for it was the German Jews who had cunningly relieved him of two-thirds of his great patrimony in a not-so-well-known now Mexican swindle. He called Jewish hands, ”diabolical clutches,” and said that, ”it is far more holier to shoot a Jew, than to go to the church.” Ha-ha! Bravo Schopi! And it is from him that the German proverb, ”Before shaking the hand of the Jew, always count your fingers,” has come down to us. But, alas, when he inscribed his honest thoughts of them on paper, the Jews patiently waited for the Bröckhaus copyright of his works to expire, just so they could purchase it, and, as Jews always do, immediately expurgated all the passages which they deemed to be offensive or unacceptable to their Jewish race. It is for this reason and this reason only that today’s readers of Schopenhauer will never be able to read those golden words again; the Jews have simply deleted them. Evil Jews.

    I tell you, and I tell you again: you Americans may strongly believe in God, and love profounder than a human heart can ever love Jesus, Christ The Lord; but, though Jesus may save the soul, and God, the Great, may move mountains, you should never, ever forget that, in a world peopled by Jews, in matters of self-preservation a gun is a more reliable friend and ally than both Father and Son put together, and now I speak reverently of Him. No nation on earth is holier than Russia; no people believe more in Him than they; and no hearts are more touched by Him than theirs, and yet…? and yet…?

    ”God has punished us,” rather erroneously declared Solzhenitsyn, – even the great err –, ”because we, Russians, had forgotten God.” Now, this utterance of the great man may sound noble, – it certainly sounds penitential –, but, if I were him, I would have said, ‘We are being killed because we are not killing our Jewish killers.’ That’s how you speak, because that’s how it was and soon shall be. For, believe me, when the evil Jews come to cut you, you shall have no time to find God, since, by such earth-shattering time as that, God himself shall have abandoned you. The Russians told us this, and this time, knowing full well their histories, we most certainly believed them, since it was us, our Jewish diabolical clutches, that all along had done their cutting: mother, father, babe and all. Eventually, He, the Beautiful He, triumphed and returned, and Holy Russia may no longer bleed, but, across the azure Atlantic, in the great lands of the brave and free, something else has also returned, and that something else is the Jews. The scourge of Cosmos may own the presses, and it may proclaim loudly that the earth and man are here to only serve their needs, but, I tell you, when the Americans, the world’s finest race, finally decide to act, there shall exist no cavity on earth that shall cover them, no lying shrieks of anti-Semitism that shall preserve them, and no appeals to the conscience that shall spare them, for, having long overplayed their withered Judaic hand, having long defamed the speakers of truth, and having calumniated and debased numberless souls, this time, the Jews, will have pushed one nation too many: America. And so, when the clarion call to arms finally comes ,– and it shall come, – and when the beasts of prey shall finally have fattened, let every long-suffering American mother hear, let every long-grieving American father take note, and let every long-offended American son and daughter prepare, for the judges of the Jews that they shall have now become, they shall break forcefully into every wretched synagogue, they shall enter violently into every Jewish home, and they shall furiously invade every counting house, for now, the long-dormant American lion shall have awakened, and, by God Almighty! he shall cut down every living Jew on earth.

    ”There is no better purgative for the soul,” said above the Jew to the American, ”than watching die those who are unworthy of life.” Unbeknown to the Jew, the American, apparently gone, was quietly listening. We, too, can be false.

    Good evening, and thank you,

    Ellie K..



    1. we strive for an image
      like says the old adage
      we want to be good
      but dont want to do good things

      that takes too much effort
      image is easier to court
      and even though our deeds are wrong
      we’ll show you a flag and sing a song

      and so lives our fallacy
      drunken in stupidity
      we play hide and seek with thee
      to hide our hypocrisy

      we are a democracy
      our barbers vote what fish should be freed
      and if you think that is ludicrous
      you should see what our politicians piss

      but I support this tribe
      because it helps me hide
      for I am a self-worshipper you see
      and amongst many you wont find me

      I will bare false witness
      to protect my pride and weakness
      and if you catch me
      ill call you a name like kobe

      facts are no good
      where I live you need falsehood
      because the truth don’t feel good
      so I create my own regardless if I should

      and so my definition
      comes from association
      for my deeds stink rotten
      and association hides it if you haven’t gotten

      yes I am better than you
      but don’t ask what ive done
      because all youll get from me
      is an association like a country

      pleased to meet you
      hope you guess my name
      hope you realize
      the nature of my game

      1. @ Joseph and the tecchnicolor confession

        “pleased to meet you
        hope you guess my name
        hope you realize
        the nature of my game”

        Yep, pleased to meet you, Joe,
        On this gorgeous summer day!
        I’d like to ask you a question though:
        What the hell are you trying to say?

    2. ”There is no better purgative for the soul,” said above the Jew to the American, ”than watching die those who are unworthy of life.” Unbeknown to the Jew, the American, apparently gone, was quietly listening. We, too, can be false.

      Yes, Ellie, many Americans know: The Jew is unworthy of life.

    3. Simple lesson to be learned, the one Ellie K. fully acknowledges is to never never! NEVER !! surrender your arms like they’ve done in the “Old World”.

      Not that most Americans reading this would ever consider it. Most I’m certain by now have stockpiled aplenty and are constantly thinking about guerrilla strategies and tactics.

      The French-Indian War stories are a personal favorite, as you may imagine.

      And like I keep saying, your whole life is but preparation for these upcoming times, and like the Sean Connery character in playing one of Eliot Ness’s men said with his dying breath to one of his comrades:

      “What are you prepared to do?”

    4. All that stuff, a veritable pulp novel’s worth of same old same old delivered in a tremulous facsimile of some ancient prophet coming down off the mountain, I found sort of amusing. Even as I admit to reading only a paragraph or two before stopping from sheer boredom of repetitious deja vu’ doom and gloom overload.

      Same old predictable pap, no matter how fancied up or (haha) profound. Helen Keller, a woman deaf, dumb and blind, could easily convey the same old Brothers Grimm, OT, Anton LaVey predictions with one hand tied behind her back. As could (and do) most everyone who comes here.
      Not exactly the 13th labor, this forecasting the end of the world with all it’s mix and match atrocities, horrors, teeth gnashing, hand wringing salt in the wound very special effects.

      Forecasting errors and mistakes galore, with their attendant hand maiden, forgetfulness, is just another easy as falling off a log, pseudo talent.

      I will admit to peeking at the end though, and yes and yes.

      Yes the Devil did it.
      Yes we all (including you, ma’am) have it coming.

      I die, therefore I am.
      Wow, imagine that! What a revelation, huh!?

      Neither ubermensch Jew nor filthy goy beggar (me) can beg, borrow, steal, connive or buy their way out of their very own up close and personal moment of death. Hardly a need for sensationalism, eh?

      Yes, how great thou were..

    5. This creature is even more DEMONIC than Maurice Samuels with his “We Jews, we the destroyers…” rant. A demon beyond any redemption.

    6. I was in as far as: ” knowing full well and well in advance that no serious reader will give it full attention, and deservedly so, since, after all, what does not satisfy the writer, cannot possibly hope to satisfy the reader. ”

      You should put more genuine effort into trying to waste everyone’s time.

    7. Ellie Katsnelson is an icon of evil. She should commit suicide. Because if she doesn’t, she will be bumped off by Mossad anyway. This is because she has betrayed the Jewish people by revealing the secret agenda of the Jewish Illuminati.

    8. Ellie Katsenlson, Jew

      before u put all of them in FEMA camps, remember the European Aristocrat of the Blood of Titus- and remember his Army, the Army of the Prince, who is now deputied to erase u all from Mid East.

      That Army is called Hezbollah- Party of God.

    9. Hello, everybody.
      Ellie is probably saying loud what the Jews are thinking or telling one another en aparté. For some reason, she must have come to loathe her community and as revenge she decided to cry out their conversation, their intention and their plans. As a sign of her genuineness (Can a Jew be genuine but as a Jew?) Ellie K. didn’t conceal the ultimate fate of the Jews: At a certain point -the Jews know it- the “Goyim” will recover their senses and acknowledge their slavery to the Jews (they’re doing it gradually right now) .Then they, overthrow the yoke of slavery and throw the Jews into the sea.
      We, the goyim might have gained a Jew to our cause, one more. Seriously.

      1. Pat
        Her friend wouldn’t have persuaded her if she weren’t willing to speak it out. May be she’s just speaking her friend’s mind.

  2. sophisticated stuff by jew-man ellie.
    a scary thing, jew telling the truth and remaining jew, gotta wonder about that, on par with samuel roth’s work, way scarier than the run of the mill sociopath that defines judaic soulessness.

    quite multilayered, a tongue that practically poked a hole in the cheek, yet delivering truth that if recognized should frighten the wits out of goy and spur him into defensive action, thus a virtuous act, yet withholding some ulterior truth, just that tiny bit and in that serving the darkness.

    ok, ellie, thanks.

    in fact, the content trumps the verbal pyrotechnics.
    the latter quite reminiscent of
    The Jews in the Eastern War Zone, The American Jewish Committee, 1916
    “… where six million human beings guilty only of adherence to the Jewish faith are compelled to live out their lives in squalor and misery, in constant terror of massacre … estimated at six million or more … of these six million people … a kind of prison with six million inmates … The persons most affected, the six million Jews of Russia … The Jews are loyal and brave, and it is most inadvisable to pursue a policy which might convert six million subjects into enemies. … the six million Jews of Russia still continued … nearly three of the six million …”

    this was just moths before the bolshevik terror started out in earnest claiming all those untold millions of russian lives.
    note the authors of the report … among numerous sulzbergers, respectable men of record, i don’t see any katznelsons but i am sure there is a strong and intimate linkage.

    the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you, goes a polish proverb.

    can’t help but wonder at which card our man ellie is hiding up his sleeve.

        1. I’m not so sure about that. Shirley Yewgeste never pretended to be a woman and more or less said he was a man right away. He told Balthaza, over a year ago when he first started posting, that “Shirley Yewgeste” was a word play on “Surely you guessed.”

          I really do feel very strongly that Ellie Katsnelson is a woman. I mean, what does a guy have to gain by pretending to be a woman? I detect female intonations there.

          I could be wrong of course…

        2. “surely you jest” is from a hollywood slapstick named “airplane”.
          i know because my son was about 6-7 at the time that we had to see that movie.
          leslie nielsen, the protagonist (and actually a truly funny actor) answered: “don’t call me shirley”.

          as for ellie, i equally detect male currents in his writing, as a jew he can play both roles but my money is on him being a man.
          although a snake like barbara lerner spectre could conceivably pull it off.

          anyway, immaterial, just a guessing sport (i guess).

  3. i think what i am trying to get at is a variation on that proverb, to capture my suspicion about ellie’s piece.

    a jew lies even while he is telling the truth.

      1. aww homer, you old spoilsport.

        didn’t enjoy those campfire boyscout evenings listening to all the flashlight-under-chin spook tales?

  4. Apparently in a Latvian ghetto during WWII the Germans made the Jews dig up the bodies of Latvians murdered by the NKVD, then made them sing Katyusha (a red revolutionary song) and then executed them.

    That’s the kind of élan we need when fighting Jews, whether or not that story actually happened. Courageous, untroubled, mocking and violent, like Nietzsche said.

  5. Re the opening comment by “Ellie Katsnelson”

    I was tempted initially to delete the long opening comment by “Ellie Katsnelson” for two reasons: (a) it was totally off-topic, and (b) it was over 5000 words long, more than FOUR times the length of the Gideon Levy article.

    Well, I’m glad I didn’t!

    Because before I could do so, I received an email from Lasha telling me to leave the comment alone. Ellie had written a far more important and interesting piece than the article by Gideon Levy, Lasha said. She described the comment as a “pure gem”.

    Referring to its “scintillating verbosity”, she said its “long, convoluted sentences and verbal pyrotechnics” reminded her of “James Joyce writing a parody of Samuel Johnson or Lawrence Stern”. (Two 18th century writers now little read).

    She is glad that people are commenting on Ellie’s comment rather than on the article.

    1. I was thinking along the same lines as lasha, Lucy. And although I basically agree with hp:

      “yes the devil did it”
      “yes we all have it coming”
      “I die therefore I am” (hahaha – good one) ………

      for what it’s worth it seems to me that Ellie, whoever he/she/it is, knows the ways of Satan well. His m.o. I read this post and see a picture that pushes up to the apocalyptic limit, like it’s right on cue.

      But consider: jew=Satan’s engineers=the big lie

      Ellie is simply laying out the BLUEPRINT of the lie in its entirety by the looks of it. And yeah, I can see Joyce in that style as lasha observes. So I suppose we have to give the devil his literary due. A “man” of wealth and taste doncha know.

      Seeing him/her (still not sure if I agree with Ruth or lobro) as an able rep of the false-light illuminated one presents an opportunity to see how the game is ultimately played

      The devil isn’t merely a prophet. HE INVENTED PROPHECY ITSELF, and what some erroneously call “prophecy” the TRUE seers call “correction”. Satan is only a “prophet” because HE’S the one who intended all the malice in the FIRST place. You know, the one who couldn’t simply BE (cheeky ass)

      But he knows all his victories are “temporary”, as in they can only come in a temporal reality, and as I’ve been saying all along (with occasional fits of emotion – luv ya Max) evil can only reap its harvest of souls from a “temporal” setting, e.g.; this one on Earth as it has been constituted which is NOT as intended by the power of Creation (and who’s not getting this yet, that this reality represents a circumvention?) Call it Satan’s “metaphysical enabling act”. But his time of enabling is “running out” (heralding the coming correction). This puts him in full harvesting mode.

      The bulk of this post paints a graphic picture of “doom ‘n gloom overload”, like hp said, of what Satan and his minions would get to do in their fondest wet dream – full scale subjewgation of humanity, which won’t happen and Satan knows it. But that doesn’t stop him from trying by throwing enough mud against the wall and seeing how much of it sticks. How much DOES stick goes in direct proportion to 2-primary things:

      1) relinquishing your Divine Will in falling to the dark side
      2) relinquishing your weaponry (if you have any to begin with of course), whereby in effect doing the same.

      Then again, none of this is to say that the entire physical world won’t blow to smithereens making everything moot (we’ll meet again don’t know where don’t know when – when stardust gets in your eyes)

      God saying to Satan: you’ve got all you’re gonna get (for now), the rest are mine. Isn’t that right, Ellie sweetie?……. hissssssss

      And I’ll just characterize a “cosmological changeover” by saying that this isn’t a temporal World we’re in, per se, but only a temporal state of reality ‘cloaking’ the World (temporarily)

      What would a non-temporal world (e.g.; this one) look like? How would Life be experienced in such a reality?

      The 64 million dollar question.

    2. ‘reminded her of “James Joyce writing a parody of Samuel Johnson or Lawrence Stern”.

      If she meant Laurence Sterne, no, Nelson’s Cats does not remotely remind me of him but rather of one of Erica Jong’s clever little pastiches

  6. Gideon Levi, a Crypto Zionist, his trying to cover Jewish crimes by calling Israel “Jewish State” – thus anyone who criticizes (with the exception of a Jew), could be labeled “anti-Semite”. Israel is not a Jewish state, it’s US-Zionist colonial empire with some religious blending.

    Gideon Levi in November 5, 2010 Op-Ed prescribed to way how Israel can destroy Islamic regime in Tehran without attacking Iran. He suggested that the Zionist regime should stop pushing Washington to bomb Iran for Israel’s sake – and instead co-operate in in the establishment a Palestinian state under Fatah and negotiate peace with Syria (by withdrawing from the Golan Heights). This will isolate Iran from Palestinians, Syrian and bring Turkey back to Israeli lap. Thus, Islamic Republic will be left only with Hizbullah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad as is allies in the region (as all the Arab puppet regimes are afraid of Islamists).

    On the other hand, Gideon Levy believes that the hawkish Jewish plan to bomb Iran would be disastrous for the Zionist entity.


    1. Could an Arabic-speaking muslim be an anti-semite’ since his language is semitic, yet hating Jews?

        1. It is so absurd that hated to use the term, and I rarely do, even to make a rhetorical point.

  7. Jews became ‘chosen’ by Henry I and other monarchs following him.

    “Henry granted a charter to Rabbi Joseph, the chief Jew of London, and all his followers, under which they were permitted to move about the country without paying tolls or customs, to buy whatever was brought to them, to sell their pledges after holding them a year and a day, to be tried by their peers, and to be sworn on the Pentateuch. Special weight was attributed to the Jew’s oath, which was valid against that of twelve Christians. The sixth clause of the charter was specially important: it granted to the Jews the right of moving whithersoever they would, together with their chattels, as if these were the king’s own property (“sicut res propriæ nostræ”).”


  8. If the true Semites, the Palestinians are supposed to recognize Israel, then what Israel are they supposed to acknowledge?
    The one stolen from Palestine in 1948 and carved out by a corrupt, blackmailed and bribed UN that had no authority to carve out a new state from an existing one?

    Or the one that expanded by leaps and bounds after Israel’s savagely brutal 1967 war of aggression?

    Or the one that has been steadily growing ever since, with Israel stealing portions of Palestine for ‘security purposes’ that are never defined, except for the parroted reply of “Israel has the right to defend itself.”

    Israel does, but Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt don’t?

    Now let’s watch the crazed Hasidic butchers do what they like doing best; murdering, brutalizing, bombing and terrorizing the world’s largest open-air concentration camp.

  9. Ellies’ comment/article was a sophomoric psychological manipulation attempt to instill fear and awe of jews and the syntax points to Lasha as the author. Better luck next time.

    1. How spiteful of you to suggest that, without the slightest evidence.

      As a professional linguistic analyst, I can tell you that Lasha’s syntax and Ellie’s syntax are polar opposites! No two styles could be more dissimilar.

      Ellie uses incredibly long sentences, Lasha favors short ones. Ellie is incredibly verbose and beats around the bush, Lasha is concise and cuts to the chase. Ellie uses lots of commas, Lasha is sparing in her use of commas. Ellie uses semi-colons, Lasha avoids them.

      The only thing Lasha and Ellie have in common is a substantial vocabulary. You might as well say that Lobro is Ellie. Or Max Binney. Or Gilbert Huntley. Or SPQR. Anyone with a good vocabulary and a brain could be Ellie.

      You excepted, of course! Since you appear not only to have a limited vocabulary but also very limited intelligence…!

      No offense meant, but I’d love to know why you keep posting on this site if you hate it so much and have such a low opinion of Lasha? Why don’t you just stay away and post on Zionist websites where an all-too-obvious Jew like you would be more at home?

  10. I read the Ellie CRAP and simply concluded here is a whore, probably a man as lobro concludes, who is well-trained in the Jewish-Hegelian DIALECTIC!
    Some of you idiot-types seem to be in awe of her! Gilby!
    This filthy bitch is the sort of a “son of an abomination” that Jesus spoke about.
    They can tell half-truths but 2 half-truths always constitue a LIE!
    Ellie’s words are straight out of the Jewish self-help manual called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If you haven’t read it, this brilliantly demonic treatise simply lists every way possible that the human organism can exhibit plain, outright EVIL.
    You put your mind to it, as lobro has, and list every human evil you can imagine, and then try to superimpose on this every form of triple, quadruple and multiple by ten, kind of “reverse psychology” you can imagine. That is Ellie, playing with half-truths and false “motherhood” statements.
    She is goading you and showing the Jewish utter contempt for you.
    My early-life, Jewish girlfriends were quick to the fuck and the suck off, but then, like Ellie they would play with your mind. They can literally drive you mad! As lobro and I agree, they are basically very ugly people; especially as they get older and their noses start to extend like Pinnochio’s! And their tw…. get tight!
    As Adolf Hitler explained you are dealing with a form of diabolical, perverted scholarship that cannot be defined by any traditional concepts of Western scholarship. You are dealing with the deranged, many levelled layers of the Eastern mind! The Chinese can easily understand the Jew! 99.99% of us cannot! We Anglo-Saxons simply cannot understand EVIL of such a magnitude; even though, in the New Testament, Jesus calls them out for just about every kind of EVIL.
    But our modern clergy only believe in “lerv, lerv, lerv, that is all you need” and dream of a loving and caring Kumbaya ecumenicalism between the big 3 of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The ignorant, charlatan fools don’t realize that the first 2 are mutually exclusive religions. Rabbis will always see Jesus as “the son of a carpenters’ (Yes “carpenters” plural) whore, born in menstrual blood.” “The evil Egyptian-trained magician known in the Talmud as Balaam.” (Talmud) … Islam relegates Jesus to the status of a mere prophet who lauds over dumb, ready to be killed Infidels!
    So Fuck off Ellie. I have read the Protocols and all the Jewuish shitzum I can stand!
    If I could get my hands around your neck, I would ……………..!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well, I DO like the way Miss Ellie delivers what she has to say, Maxie… The ‘checkmate’ attitude – reminiscent of the eloquent (and deadly serious) Protocols of the Learned Elders. Her style is impossible not to admire – at least for ‘idiots’ like myself. (She’s probably capable of writing very good poetry, too!)

      Your limited reading comprehension probably did not grasp warning to Jewry at the end, concerning America. No, I guess it wouldn’t. Your self-absorption with the prison parcel ‘Down Under’ bolsters your bravado (and sort of reminds me of a barking chihuahua dog – raising hell, but basically ineffective).

  11. Fine. My apologies to all those I seem to have offended. I shall not do so again, as I shall not comment on this site again: it is more than apparent that my words have ticked you off. Thank you, Lasha, for seeing what others were not able to see; you have certainly proved that you alone know how to take a hint and appreciate what is good. Also, thank you for letting me comment on your fine website; it does not mean I do not like it. As for the others, I have only this to say: if only you knew of how many things I could have apprised you had you let me speak, if only!!!
    Good evening
    Ellie K.

    1. Despite our differences, Miss Ellie, I enjoyed your delivery!

      Good show, old girl! 🙂

    2. @ Ellie Katsnelson

      Hi Ellie,

      I’m not sure if the email address you provided with your sensational 5,300-word comment is the correct one, so let me say a few words here in the Comments section in the hope that you are still around to read them.

      Congratulations on having written the most memorable comment I have ever read on any website! I intend to publish an edited abridgement of this on my website soon. I hope this is okay with you?

      Unfortunately, your original comment is far too long to be published as a feature article — hence the need for a shorter version. A link to the original comment will be provided, however, so that our many readers from all over the world may have access to your comment exactly as you wrote it — in addition to my abridgement, that is. This way they can compare both versions and verify that my version is an honest attempt to convey your message to the goyim in a compressed form.

      Believe me, I know exactly what you are up to and understand your hidden motives for writing this brilliant piece. Here is my coded message to you in a single word which I hope you, and you alone, will understand: SWIFT.

      Yours sincerely,


      P.S. If you don’t understand what I am saying, write to me at my personal email address and I will explain: [email protected]

    3. No matter which side you are on…. it takes thicker skin that this to be effective. And these are JUST words, not a fist fight or war.

      If I had you literary talents I would never cower and slink away in defeat. Doing that renders you VERY ineffective, and nullifies your points.

      “Man up” and stay in the game.

      Don’t let our ‘outing’ you scare you off. That IS a Jew trait.

      What else ya’ got??

    4. And there it is.. Right on schedule.
      Why do I think – She’ll be baaaaaaaack.

      Is it because those whose mouths cannot be shut are incapable of allowing anyone (especially the other) the last word? Yes it is.

    5. Don’t go away Ellie.This site is Lasha’s and if any one else felt offended let them leave if they want to ,but they have no right to drive you away.

      1. @ Sean

        Relax! Ellie isn’t going away as long as I’m here, monitoring this atrocious website. I’ve got to keep an eye on my extended family.

  12. actually, if are to have jews commenting, i much prefer ellie to bargain basement trolls like avi.
    i don’t even mind zak, he is funny.
    but ellie is an interesting study, because he exhibits the sharpest point in the talmudic hive mind.
    i have no fear of looking into that murk, there is always something to be learned and even if ellie was satan’s little helper, something that he may well be, at least he is a commissioned officer by the appearances, not the latrine cleaner.

    so stick around, ok?

    couple of minor points.
    to ellie: your writing skills are impeccable but no need to quite show off so much, i for one would prefer if you cut to the chase a little quicker, without sacrificing the old world style of leo perutz.

    to others: even when expressing displeasure with ellie, try to match dignity, otherwise we get taken down a peg like a rowdy tail party hooligans.

    ellie can be wrong, evil, deceitful, you name it but i don’t find him boring.
    so far.
    he gives us an opportunity to look into the mind of a high level policy making operative, precisely the ones that have laid out the blueprint for the downfall of civilizations.
    otherwise we shut him up, to what advantage?
    he and others can still pick our brains by simply reading the threads.

    (ellie, ellie, lama sabachtani 🙂 )

    1. I must be part Sicilian. From an old ancestor, the product of another “prison parcel”?

      “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

    2. @ lowbrow: “ellie, ellie, lama sabachtani!” 🙂

      hay, that’s play-jeerism… ware u steel that from?

      1. from you.

        i know that you are ellie katznelson because your writing styles are indistinguishable.

        1. lol… I think jessel is a lot wittier than zak.
          Always good to see you back.

          But lobro it is impossible to argue with that hive mind that “knows” it is right. So any “discussion” becomes a one way street. What is the point?

  13. Good riddance Ellie!
    I will not be your slave at your beck and call!
    Your work reflects extreme Jewish paranoia, and you are making a meal of TRUTH!
    You are an EVIL people who promote the DEATH THEORY of that hopeless Jewish dilettante, Karl Marx.
    How many comments people on this site are old Lefties? Lessing’s stupid, brainwashed children of ’69”! I was not!
    Jesus said you will roast in the eternal fire for your sins!
    The True Torah Jews Against Zionism at least note that you are all cheating, lying hypocrites! Such vile, murderous thieves implementing genocide on the Palestinian Semites! Your YHWH still has his “face turned away from you. You ride with Satan!
    Doris Lessing described your “dead language” of the fake Marxist prophets!
    Your writing style is crap and how dare you mention “Dostoyevsky” (your spelling) as your friend! He has a HEART! You have none!
    You live with DEATH and make of my world a charnal house! The Jew, Bob Dylan: “You play with my word like it’s your little toy …. I will stand on your grave to make sure you are DEAD!”
    You mention “trucks”! How about “lorries”!
    From my book research: The Reverend Courtier-Forster, who was a British Chaplain at Odessa and the Russian Ports of the Black Sea, provided many eye-witness accounts of the bestial raping, torturing and mass-murders carried out by the Bolshevik-Jews. In the Times of London (December, 1919) he exclaimed, “The Bolsheviks are devils!” He told readers of “the House of Torture where the shrieks of people being tortured to death or having splinters of wood being driven under the quicks of their nails were so agonizing that the Jewish-Bolsheviks drove noisy motor LORRIES up and down the street to try to drown out the agony of the dying victims.” He described how “Jewish-Bolsheviks seized woman and girls from the streets and houses and carried them off to the Port or the timber yards where they were used for their own purposes. These defiled women were often found in the morning either dead or mad.” He wrote: “At night I could hear the shrill terror and despair of women being raped to death in the park opposite, screams which became nothing but hoarse cries of agony like the death calls of a dying animal. The Bolshevik devils participated in countless such bestial orgies!” This bestiality is no different to the reports of the actions of the Jewish “freedom fighters” in Palestine (the paramilitary troops of the invading Jews who were heavily supported by Hollywood and the American military establishment), where women were brutally raped on a regular basis, with other reports describing the kinds of tortures they perpetrated on women, such as cutting off their breasts and spilling their unborn children out onto the ground.

    1. Max,

      I adore your robust style and Aussie no-nonsense straightforwardness, but let me tell you that I think you are overreacting to this Ellie woman.She ain’t evil, Max. She’s telling it like she thinks it is. She’s being true to her psyche. She’s telling us goyim: “Goyim, go f**k yourselves!”

      What’s wrong with that? Don’t you say the same thing to the Jews every day, in different words?

      And don’t knock Gilbert so much, okay? He is an absolute charmer! A farmer who writes poetry is a thing to be treasured. 🙂

      1. You are so kind, Balthaza. I’ll enjoy hiding behind your skirts from those meanies like Maxie, from now, on! 🙂

        Anyhow, gotta go out, soon, and do my ‘farmer’ stuff most of the day. Done et my Wheaties, and done drunk my coffee, and done checked-in wif Miss Lasha’s site n’ all y’all – an’ now I got sumpin’ to think on! 🙂

  14. Hello Lasha,

    Thank you very much indeed. I appreciate your response and interest in what I have to say. Yes, I understood SWIFT, though I have heard that it has been leaked, and about this we are not at all happy: who knows how it may be used and by whom. A new one is being formulated, though not only that: the means of communicating it shall also change, as shall also be restricted the number of those who may use it.
    My former email address has been hacked into, and within 48 hours I shall find out by whom, which is rather SWIFTLY, if you know what I mean?
    Because of the inevitable alignment which is soon to take place (I hope you understand me) I think it’s important that we carry on the way we are; this will shift their mass to a position not only advantageous to us, but one out of which it will be impossible for them to escape. In the mean time, I shall try to find out who it was that gave SWIFT away.
    Yes, you may publish and re-publish my writing, mutilated or otherwise; and yes, you may also write to me at the new address, and, who knows, one day we may meet, and when we do, I shall be hard pressed not to smother you with a trillion Chevaliers d’Argouges and something else more, and I know that neither can be resisted.
    I may write something at some later date, who knows, only it’s difficult when other do not understand, nor can take a hint. Keep well. We’re watching over you, and know that all will be well.

    Good evening

    1. “SWIFT”

      As in “terrible swift sword”. But not the one you’ll be wielding, darlin’

      1. “….which I hope you, and you alone will understand.”

        lasha, if Pat is right, and that cat is ALREADY out of the bag, did you really think crack investigators who come on your website wouldn’t “swiftly” get to the bottom of it?

        Given the premise, yeah, goodbye physical money, hello microchip…….nothing new regarding THAT on the agenda.


        is there a little “bird on the wing”?

        1. Well this one has taken an interesting turn… gonna have us all chasing tales soon knowing “curiosity killed the cat”.

          And yes that misspelling was deliberate. I know quite a bit about SWIFT also. I wonder if it’s the same one.

          The question is who wants to play the guessing game?

  15. In keeping with the title of this article, a badge would help, as did the red paint in Iceland. Make it a red badge today.


    Mark placed on the dress of Jews to distinguish them from others. This was made a general order of Christendom at the fourth Lateran Council of 1215. At the instigation of Innocent III., the decision of the Council ordered the Jews, in the following terms, to bear a Badge:


  16. Brownhawk,

    Please don’t worry about it. I haven’t got a clue what Ellie is talking about in regard to the word “Swift” that I gave her. She has run away with an entirely different meaning from the one I intended! I simply meant Swift (Jonathan). I was referring to the great 18th century satirist. I will say no more. I now perceive, alas, that the word “SWIFT” can have multiple different meanings to different people.

    Just as the riddle of the Sphinx can receive 10 thousand different answers!

    1. No worries lasha

      I do tend to get carried away sometimes (talk about your understatements!) But I like to think that my references to the houyhnhnhms awhile back prompted your “Swift” intent to Ellie K.

      Yet while “The thing which is not” is something the houyhnhnhms cannot conceive of, it is has swallowed whole Ellie K. and her deranged tribe.

  17. ellie goes ka-ballistic, you poked him in his soul.

    be afraid, verrry affrraaaid … we, they goyikins have figured out the root code for fiating money on this planet and many others you have infested.

    no more, “passive participants”, neither participants nor the ants.

    this afternoon, i will place a high bid on bolivia’s valle de coca and turn it over to my minister of agriculture, gilbert huntly (El Señor).
    but first to put the boot to the cat at the doorstep that mistakenly thought i was gonna feed it (can’t stand the sneaky parasites).

    1. Of course. I have used SWIFT codes for years on international wire transfers. Each major bank in the world has one.

    2. (Our focus is more on herbal derivatives at this time, lobro. 🙂 )
      I hope [the acronym] SWIFT is not in immediate jeopardy!! How would I get my laundry money transferred to —— ???

      So much to bother about, these days…

  18. Ellie seems to be less than swift in referencing SWIFT. He should not write in code and hints, unless he purposely intends to distract readers.

    I am glad Lasha admitted not knowing what was meant, either. She is likely not in collusion with Ellie, as was the perception.

    1. Well I for one never perceived lasha to be in collusion with Ellie K. But I must admit, in my whacky imagination I WAS worried that she may be intrigued by the thought of getting an invite to the Rothschild manse as a special guest of Miss Ellie. And hey, at least it would be a classier affair than the Bohemian Grove.

      For Ellie, there’s no fun in not sharing her ill-gotten glory with the down-trodden huddling goyim masses like the puffed-up little adder she is……hssssssss

      Resist the temptation lasha! (here I go again, worry wart that I am in protecting the womenfolk) Those parties never end well anyway, once you get closer to the witching hour. But if you can’t, and insist on seeing what goes on in these gala affairs, don’t forget to bring your crucifix.

      I would say to also bring a nice little pistol, maybe a lady derringer or something that would fit in a small handbag and loaded with some freshly minted silver-tipped bullets.

      But more’s the pity, I know you don’t own firearms.

  19. SWIFT, my dear Lasha, is the code word which we in the fight against evil used to use when wishing to convey something of extreme interest and importance to each other. As you were the first to use it, I thought you were one of us, scattered around the ”place’, hence my feeling that we shall one day meet, since all fighters of Freedom and Liberty may, by extension, know who their co-fighters are. Alas, I was mistaken, though thankfully not grossly.
    Goodbye, Lasha. You have a nice voice. You may still publish my piece.
    Ellie K..

    1. Alas, the old back again with a back handed compliment trick.
      Or is it tic? (i knew that)
      And so (haha) elegantly delivered!

    2. hey katzie, caught you at typo finally.

      all fighters of against Freedom and Liberty.

      or is it Freedom from Liberty … the plot thickens.

    3. Amazing isn’t it “Ellie”, that Lasha had her “SWIFT” and coincidence of coincidences you had yours! How disappointing it must have been for you to find out that she is “merely” smitten with your supposed satirical splendor, and not to be found scattered around the “place”.

      Yet she seems to have misappropriated her naivete, unless of course the mutual musings of “SWIFT” were indeed MERE coincidences, or……..

      HA! what could be the chances!

      hmmmm, what’s this? sniffsniffsniff – why yes, it IS a satirical sch-tic after all, and with satire the tongue is always in the cheek, but if it’s good, not prominently so.

      only………the Americans……..

      “…the American lion shall have awakened, and, by God Almighty! he shall cut down every living jew on earth” and…..

      “Unbeknown to the jew, the American, apparently gone, was quietly listening. We, too, can be false.”

      In effect, “Ellie” is suggesting that no matter how many battles you win, you don’t always win a war – because of those “cold, dead hands”

      A clarion call?

      Yet to say, “we, too, can be false”………

      lasha, you little vixen 😉

  20. SWIFT stands for “silly, white, infantile, foot troopers.”
    You know, Ellie’s “masses” of dumbed-down, slave-like soldiers of the US-Israeli industrial-military complex.
    You can add every hopelessly dumbed down, Goyim Westerner!
    These soldier assholes are effectively the Jewish killing machine, murdering innocent civilians in their millions all over the world.
    In Israel, right now as I write, the Israeli-Jews are using all-American, taxpayer-donated equipment to further mop up the Palestinians; merely doing what Israel’s first President, Chaim Weizmann said: “Turning the arabs (Semites) into the dust and waste of the desert!” And the Bedouin of the Negev Desert are just about finished off by the Israeli-American war machine. No mor documentaries on them!
    Tell that to one of your Christian clergy or simpleton school teacher and he’ll report you for “ANTI-SEMITISM”!
    Jews versus Arabs (thesis); Semitic Arabs being dispossessed and slaughtered by basically non-Semitic Jews (ant-thesis); instigate simple Protocols’ reverse psychology and call Jews “Semites” and call the hordes of invading Arabs “non-Semites.” (New thesis or the achievement of the sort after END in itself!)
    Propagate the Jewish use of the new END – “We are lovely SEMITES, true dinks!”
    “So you stupid MASSES of Goyim, criticize us at your peril, you RACIST ANTISEMITIC SCUM!”
    Oh, it all so SIMPLE, the games the Jews play upon us dumbed-down Goyim!
    Ellie knows this very well and she has just sucked you all off! … SUCK, SUCK!!!!
    I will not enter the diabolical Jewish dialogue of their DIALECTIC, by accepting that the terminology “anti-Semitism” in any way applies to the bulk of Jews.
    The Jews are committing the crime of “anti-Semitism” every time they send a missile into a Palestinian home, which is what they are doing right NOW!

  21. You fools, all of you. There is no website I have not visited, and never have I come across profounder writing than this Miss Ellie K’s. Instead of reflecting seriously what she has to say, the best you fools can do is badmouth her. Lasha would do well to pay heed to her words, for there is something unmistakably sublime in them. And yes, SWIFT really was what Nelly K. said it was, but who here apart from few even believes her. Copy, paste, spread, save. That’s all I will say. Miss Nellie: please do come back.

  22. PS
    Hey lobro and the rest of you: let’s see you and the others write mate. You can’t even begin. All your sentences begin with lower case. Now that says much about you, believe me. Apologies: it should have been Miss Ellie and not Nellie. Old age…

  23. I am intrigued. This thread reads better than a spy novel. Hidden motives and coded messages. Priceless.

    And Ellie-Nelly presenting the Jewish plot, Russian style. You know, the Russian poets don’t merely enter a room and meet a person but have to give a full description of said room first. Kind of boring? Yes.

    Nevertheless: .. .-.. — …- . .. –

    1. Einverstanden!

      and @Lobro: truest and funniest comment so far:

      “now that everyone has commented on ellie’s post, i suggest that we also read it. does that make sense? first comment but then also read.”


      1. I was never a fast reader and had to finish my first round of comments but I am getting there… this is my second pass… with full reading under belt… keep going

  24. ok.
    now that everyone has commented on ellie’s post, i suggest that we also read it.
    does that make sense?
    first comment but then also read.

    someone disprove the following hypothesis;
    ellie katznelson is the best jew on earth.

    if, i, a confirmed dyslexic, who can only read baby sized chunks spoonfed to me an jessel mayer in our kindergarten for 14+ year olds, have come to such a suspicion, surely the rest of you should be able to either confirm or unfirm it.

    here is the tail end of nell’s post, tell me what is evil in it and why, my jewdar got jammed by his/her e/m blast.

    to wit:
    ”God has punished us,” rather erroneously declared Solzhenitsyn, – even the great err –, ”because we, Russians, had forgotten God.” Now, this utterance of the great man may sound noble, – it certainly sounds penitential –, but, if I were him, I would have said, ‘We are being killed because we are not killing our Jewish killers.’ That’s how you speak, because that’s how it was and soon shall be. For, believe me, when the evil Jews come to cut you, you shall have no time to find God, since, by such earth-shattering time as that, God himself shall have abandoned you. The Russians told us this, and this time, knowing full well their histories, we most certainly believed them, since it was us, our Jewish diabolical clutches, that all along had done their cutting: mother, father, babe and all. Eventually, He, the Beautiful He, triumphed and returned, and Holy Russia may no longer bleed, but, across the azure Atlantic, in the great lands of the brave and free, something else has also returned, and that something else is the Jews.

    ok so far?
    now read this, make sure to move lips.


    yuda you da man, nellie!

    not because i slaver at the thought of jews being killed, by no means – synagogues burnt, rabbis tarred and feathered out of town, yes – but because you speak the truth of mene mene tekel upharsin.

    i sincerely apologize for having knee jerked like a blind idjut at your writing.
    yes, i am an “antisemite” (don’t know what it means but i am one anyhow), yes i am a jew hater.
    and yes, the truth prevails in the end and i can see that you speak it.

    1. now i will continue reading backward toward the front …
      but come back and write or i will drag you back in by the cuff of your elegant collar.

      at first i thought you were a reincarnated ilya ehrenburg …
      ellie, ilya, lama dyslexiya (how do you like that one, jessel?)

    2. Ellie dear, lobro is right. You ARE the “best jew on Earth”, and in so saying giving new meaning to “damning with faint praise”.

      This is the best you got?

      Yes, it is.

      The Russians never forgot God.


      Americans, as you so rightly profess, shall not. (and attributing you with professing rightly is exquisitlely ironic)

      Nice try, and in citing more bittersweet irony, enough of us take to heart Mao’s cogent observation that power comes from the barrel of a gun. (his rabid psychopathic brain notwithstanding)

      Aren’t you simply adoring all this attention, lovey?……………………….


    3. “someone disprove the following hypothesis;
      ellie katznelson is the best jew on earth.”

      He/she is still alive.

  25. Oh Miss Ellie, YOU little devil you: three times I have read your text, and the more I read it the more fascinating it sounds. The gentleman above who said that her text is too long: you try and compose such words, if you can!!! Lasha may knit fine sentences, but even she pales into insignificance. No offence Lasha. The fools I mentioned above must not even be considered. I believe Ellie is speaking in code too. She has certainly awakened something in me. Certainly not the person to alienate, though judging by her GOODBYE to Lasha I think we may just have. Idiotic us!

    1. Since she is speaking in code, and we do not have the key, I would like to know exactly what she said.

      The problem with coded messages is that I can assume, like all here, and we will all assume differently

      Big words and lengthy sentences are interesting, but do not make the story true.

    2. Oh go away you utter fool, Luscombe!
      You may fool most, but not me!
      You write the same sort of half-educated, self-ingratiating drivel that that prick Ellie engages in! You reflect the semi-sophisticated rubbish and anal-retentive verbosity that is quite common in the Talmudic writings of the learned rabbis. Oh yeh, they sound REAL smart!!!!!
      The ignorant Gilby and co, have you read their shitzum like I have?
      Do you understand the Jewish dialectic and their dialectical style of writing-debate?
      Keep reading me and the lights will start to lighten up in your much unused greyness
      Ieven use typical Jewish dialecticism on your persons as a joke to suck you in and prove my point! Gilby, one minute you want me “in your foxhole” and the next you call me a simpering weekling! SMILE Gilby, I have played the DIALECTIC on you and got you to think in terms of 2 opposites, simultaneously. I have temporarily turned you into a madman. Ellie did precisely the same to you! Great Jewish psychology! As I said, Oscar Spengler explained it.
      Oh yes, they are good with mere words, but their seeming eloquence hides their hideous codes and quadruple meanings. They are the scribbles of utter madmen; the “devil’s progeny.” The vile “scribes and elders” of old, totally revived! Ellie jokes about Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn. Jews hate them like they hate Jesus and the Goyim in general. The latter was named “the old anti-Semite” because he saw through the Jewish evil.
      They attempt to “shut off the key to knowledge” from the ordinary man with their codified (in-crowd) language. They want to “sit at the top of the table.” And at present they do. The Superpower is theirs! You are all BEHOLDEN UNTO THEM.
      As I said, Ellie has SUCKED you off, as has this Luscombe sweety! Where did this prick come from! (NB: Biblical use of the word “prick”)
      “You little devil” indeed!
      She’s speaking “code” alright – straight from the diabolical Protocols or Jewish self-help manual.
      She fools only fools like that old, gullible, farmer bloke Gilby!
      Your “Jewish” days are numbered: The Goyim whites are waking up !
      PS: lobro, so you are a confessed “anti-Semite.” Are you anti-Arab then? Semites are “Arabs” you fool! Jews are highly multi-racial with most having no true Semitic genes in their human genome. Some have Turkish “warrior class” or Khazar blood in their genome, but most are Slavic, caucasian Eastern Europeans. Over one million Russian non-Semites have been admitted to the rogue-terror stae of Israel! You fools simply do not get it with your misuse of the SIMPLE word “Semite.” Thus you can only argue within Jewish-imposed restraints. Has the light bulb stated to lighten itself?

  26. @ Ellie Katsnelson

    Well, I had no idea that a simple word like “Swift” could have an already coded meaning and could be interpreted in a dozen different ways. How naive of me.

    As I say, when I used the word “Swift”, I erroneously assumed you would understand that I was referring to the 18th century satirist, Jonathan Swift. I was telling you, in an indirect way, that I approved of your long diatribe and regarded it as a Swiftian satire.

    Unfortunately, Ellie, not a single commenter on this site has arrived at the same conclusion as I have in regard to your true nature. They have all, without exception, been misled into thinking you are a vicious Jewish supremacist writing from Israel. They have described your writing as “demonic”. I beg to differ. You are not a Jew, still less an “evil Jew”. You are one of us. And what you have written, essentially, is a satirical spoof.

    I realized this only because I had read your piece right to the end, meticulously, unlike these others who probably skipped whole paragraphs and read what you had written with insufficient attention to detail. The fact is, you reveal your hand only right at the end, in the final paragraphs.

    Of course, there will always be doubts. Having decided that you, Ellie, are an “evil Jew”, many of the commenters will be unwilling to admit they are wrong. Their inflated egos and fundamental lack of humility will make them stick to their guns. And doubtless, to salve their egos, they will start despising me and thinking me a fool for daring to differ from them.

    Anyway, Ellie, I intend to publish your piece but cut out all the rambling longueurs. It will be much shorter this time. And this time it will be clearer to intelligent readers, I hope, that “Ellie Katsnelson” is not what she appears to be on the surface: an evil Supremacist Jew, but rather a writer of Swiftian satire.

    1. OK, I’ve already started to write my edited abridgement and I am not finding it easy. It is vitally important to write it in such a way that it is NOT obvious to readers that what they are reading is a tongue-in-cheek spoof.

      The more readers who believe it is the genuine article, and whose emotions are moved to anger and indignation, the better. A satirical spoof that is obviously a satirical spoof is a pretty poor thing in comparison.

      So, Ellie, full marks to you. Well done!

    2. I intend to publish your piece but cut out all the rambling longueurs.

      save the langurs!

      let them ramble through the jungles of literate minds.

      1. Save the Houyhnhnhm langurs!

        Driving off those mischief making miscreants with their prattling proboscises who’ve strayed from their penitent pales!

        …………………………………..sorry, had to untwist my tongue.

        Ellie’s signature style is in her longueurs

        And if she is “one of us” she needs her langurs, too.

  27. Dear Lasha,

    Thank you for your kind words, and also my thanks to those who have apologized and finally have at least an inkling about me. When you said SWIFT, it send shudders through my spine, since I know that no one has been permitted to use the word for the last 13 days at least, for it betrays the person who does. Seeing that we share the same or similar thoughts but you are yet to be introduced to those in the inner circle, I must, of necessity, curtail my direct revelations to you through the email you have provided me, though I shall certainly not stop writing long comments here on your fine website, even if perforce I am limited to expositions of maximum 5,000 words.

    However remote you may be, and whatever words the misaligned imagination may produce in those who do not think you genuine, less still me – oh, how they hate me! – my gut feeling tells me that you have a beautiful soul, so much so in fact that, in so far as such a measurement can even be carried out, it far, far diminishes the grandioseness and pompousness of my prose. I merely tell; you, fine beauty, speak: not the same.

    You will find that mutilating what is good almost always turns out badly, though, as I said, my expose is in your hands: do with it what you will. If I have your permission – and I can only return if you permit me – I would like, after my vacation in Lorraine, (by the way, since 1998, the Chevaliers d’Argouges I promised you have been and still are partly mine) to say something more about the Judaic killers stalking America, though I must take Russia as my starting point – again! The dizzying sentences will be shorn of their death- defying turns, and I shall make the prose more… palatable. Thus said, I await your response.

    With affection such as you have never been acquainted before,
    Ellie K..

    1. Well, dear Ellie, you are certainly a rara avis, I’ll say that! Stars like you only drop from the skies once in a generation.

      However, I feel we are kindred spirits and speak the same language. Lasha Darkmoon, though a sombre recluse living in a sunless land, has travelled in imagination the same realms of gold that the exotic Ellie Katsnelson has traversed in reality. Maybe you have walked in the paradise gardens; I have only longed for them.

      (Note, I am using English spelling here, because that’s how I was educated, though in my articles I try to spell the American way.)

      In regard to asking my permission to post on this site, of course you have it. But please understand that, though the site is in my name, it is owned and run by my editor-cousin John Scott Montecristo. He’s the Big Boss and takes all the important decisions. I’m just a dogsbody, contributing the occasional article and getting all the abuse.

      If you decide to post comments here regularly, do try to keep them reasonably short in your own interests. Most readers nowadays have very short attention spans and are likely to skip a 5000-word comment! If what you are writing in not really a “comment” but an article in disguise, then try and make it the length of an average article: 1500-2500 words. Yes, there are longer articles — and I’ve written longer ones myself — but these tend to be ponderous and academic, and, for the average reader, quite a strain to read.

      By the way, I don’t understand your reference to the Chevaliers d’Argouges. Can you explain?

  28. Dear Lasha,

    Thank you, sure, and will do: no more than 2,500 words. Chevaliers d’Argouges are the world’s finest chocolate makers in the world, and they are in Moyon, France. Being a silent owner of one part of the remaining third, I swim in them, whilst others queue for them: somehow I seem to adapt more to the blows and pains that are the more sweetly and exclusively delivered to me.

    I must admit, though, that I came to this heart-fluttering business not through any business acumen of my own, though I know that not a little of it I do indeed possess, but rather through, as I said, my patrimony, which, if a little immodesty is permitted, surpasses almost, almost, anything I have ever contemplated of inheriting: good people really do get their just deserts, if you know what I mean.

    You may live in a sunless land, but I would exchange the loneliness which I occasionally feel with your sunlessness any day. After all, was it not YOUR poet who said that, ”…We must always love, for without it, life would be like a sunless garden?” Mention Love, and I am seized!

    But, I must bid you adieu, for I must take my dog for a walk.
    ‘He who is blind to his weaknesses, falls either in debt or in love. The former hurts, and the latter even more.’ I hewed this phrase in my brain when I was 25.
    Au revoir for the day…

    1. Henry James. That’s who you remind me of. His prose style, I mean. The long, convoluted sentences and endless subordinate clauses. How come you have ended up writing in this old-fashioned Victorian way when you are a modern person living in the 21st century? Very odd, it seems to me!

      1. Imagination, lasha, and a very vivid one at that.

        I hope you’re right about her, that she’s not merely a rhesus posing in langor clothing

        1. A person, no matter how awesome he/she might be, can only smear so much lipstick on a medium size langur.

  29. I have noticed over the years that even sophisticated ramblings usually lead to unexpected revelations and arguments established therein.

    When I read the claim that ‘we must always love’ in one paragraph and that ‘love is a weakness’ in the next paragraph, I note extreme confusion.

    If that is code, it means to me, with my key, that ‘we’ should always be weak, and submit.

    1. The exact quote I referenced above:
      “You may live in a sunless land, but I would exchange the loneliness which I occasionally feel with your sunlessness any day. After all, was it not YOUR poet who said that, ”…We must always love, for without it, life would be like a sunless garden?” Mention Love, and I am seized!
      “But, I must bid you adieu, for I must take my dog for a walk.
      ‘He who is blind to his weaknesses, falls either in debt or in love. The former hurts, and the latter even more.’ I hewed this phrase in my brain when I was 25.”

    2. Pat
      Didn’t you notice that this philosophy “‘He who is blind to his weaknesses, falls either in debt or in love. The former hurts, and the latter even more.’ “fits perfectly to the moral of her “evil jews”? AS banksters they do put people in dept but never run in debt themselves. So, weeknesses are not permitted even in love.There is indeed power in love but there must be some kind of weekness in loving, otherwise…

  30. we live in interesting times here at darkmoon, don’t we.

    ellie delivers a ton of truth but odd discordant notes are heard in the symphonic majesty, like a raspberry in a world class orchestra – is it my ears only?
    i hate to be:
    a) wrong,
    b) unfair,
    c) sit back and say nothing when things are as tricky as this.

    so let’s err on the side of infallibility.

    if ellie would agree to answer some questions, it would go a long way to dispelling certain niggling doubts that remain.
    i don’t care whether ellie is a jew or jewess or a gentile with a fake mustache, wire rim glasses and nose (;-)) a la groucho marx, so long as her motives are honorable.
    a (-n honorable) case in point is ruth bernstein, one of my favorites here or anywhere.
    my tastes in things are too proletarian and egalitarian to be swayed by “horses d’ avignon” chocolate bars, not trying to slight them.

    so, i will start picking bugs out of the exquisite bouquet of roses and exotic flowers, maybe the bugs are are benign, maybe they carry a sting.

    1. “is it my ears only?”

      In a word – “No.”

      Please bear in mind all the tacit false assumptions as you pick nits.

      1. Two concepts have governed judaism from the start:-
        Genocide of the Untermenschen, and
        It’s EXACTLY the same Catechism from which the other nazis took their lessons, and is described in the earliest jewish texts as the ideal:- mass-murder (without mercy, according to Deuteronomy/elsewhere) and theft of the property of those murdered.
        There’s nothing secret about the policy: in fact it’s bragged about.
        They even invented a DIY god to rubber-stamp the process.

        Why the world puts up with such crap is the real question.

        1. ps….. Note that the wanton genocide of the canaanite tribes ~ men women and children ~ is the first-ever case of genocide in the history of the world.
          ….as was the (biblical) ‘Holocaust’ ~ another jewish invention.

        2. Why the world has fallen for the bible is the real issue.
          Men do not translate any works for power to be given to another person or group.

  31. ellie,
    you exhibit some kind of noblesse oblige.
    but obliged to whom, that is the question.
    references to elitist pleasures in france make me wonder if you are some sort of rothschild, all of whom went to the best schools, know their genteel manners better than the royals – yet not only remain the jews but the bedrock of devil’s cadre, a symbolic empty yet hopeful seat reserved for him at each dinner table in their chateaus.

    what would you gain by getting lasha’s trust?
    for one thing, if a famously secretive writer that animates this blog were to drop her guard (and it is not that much of a real, actual guard, as we all know, as if the intel services need more than a nanosecond to ferret her out), it would be a proof of the concept, namely that even the best of goyim are hopelessly gullible and at mercy of their gentile emotions, a little confirmatory joke, a little bet won, like the bloody tail at the end of a fox hunt.
    and it would of course be a further spirit breaker for the struggling resistance against the black tide that rises to engulf the world.

    now mind you, i am not saying that this is your intent, only speculating from the perspective of being devil’s devil’s advocate (is christ devil’s devil just as the latter is anti-christ?)

    you say you belong to some hyper secret super duper double smack conspiracy club that plots sub rosa to emancipate nose picking goyums like us from the awful fate of being skinned alive just like in the past.
    how would an aristocratic jewess gain entry to premises of such a club without even bothering to disguise herself, sweeping in while smacking lips smeared with chevaliers d’ (help me here) … “horsemen of the eye gougers” or something.
    if you are genuinely opposed to judaic program of ancient (and cosmic, in your words)
    nastiness, how did you evade the baleful red glare of that swiveling, never sleeping eye of mordor in order to sound the noble clarion (again your words, > or <)?

    if you are as above, how about some genuine news, something that not only we never heard before (jews are baaad) but is useful, maybe some practical advice.

    ok, enough pokes and questions for now, see if you can answer them sensibly, while i respectfully resume my seat in the pews.

    1. of course, your words of armed upheaval sound … shall i say … very interesting.

      none of us ever considered such a thing, i hasten to say, cross (or is it circle) my heart and hope to die (all vows, oaths, anathemas …).

      it is most useful to see them in print by someone who is clearly above law.
      well a wise jewess proposes such a course of action, what say you fellow cattle, do i see nods or disparaging shakes of mute heads?

      for this i thank you ellie, whether intended or not but definitely useful and worthy of consideration.

      1. lobro, YOU da man! Meta-comedian heal thyself!
        (and the audience)

        Because you surely do amuse the Hell out of me..

        1. “meta-comedian heal thyself”

          hahahaha – hp, you and lobro both da Man

          I laugh therefore I am

      2. Good points, well taken.

        Ellie, like other elitist poets, has the ability to skip the basic needs of human life, such as, air, water, food, sleep, excretion and shelter, and jump right to love as the primary need for existence.

        It might sound mean and brutish, but, that is a major false assumption.

        1. as opposed to skipping the basic need for love and jumping right into excretion 🙂 (jews have been there, done that too)

    2. let me continue a bit more (and a bit more … and a bit more, until i run of bits).

      when poor lasha alluded to SWIFT in all her luddite innocence, your reaction was amusing, as if some awful, all powerful secret was revealed, jeopardizing the plan of cosmic salvation and redemption.

      you were going to have the name and location of the turncoat in 48 hours to mete out the awful fate to the deserving …
      how come you by the super-mario powers?

      i don’t doubt them for a moment, just wondering, can i have them too, please pretty please?
      i always wanted super-mario powers but figured you need to rub a magical golden coin in order to assume them.

      this in particular smacks of typical jewish humor.

      move on to the next bit – are you getting pissed at me yet?
      because if not, you should be eager to set me straight, to liberate me from wayward delusion, set me back on the path to truth, yes?
      and i shall be ever grateful and apologetic (until the next niggling bit, but hey, i am just a doubtful lobro, the tomcat forever ungrateful even after being fed).
      you should take it in stride though, feed the tomcat, walk the dog, save the goyim from the brink of extinction.

      it is almost as if (note the emphasis on “as if”, ie, not a real accusation, only an “as if”) lasha darkmoon was psycho-profiled through her poetry, personality reverse engineered and custom fitted with your persona for maximum effect.
      you write as well as her, as well as henry james (who as a homosexual could pull off sounding womanly if so inclined), you seem to mirror her artistic sensibilities, dreamy solitary life of pensive penitence … a soulful kinship, yes?
      don’t have to apologize, if that is what you are, that is what you are, just sayin’.

      the part where you write about hell-spawned bela kun porking rosa luxemburg (or whatever), two murderous jews in blood stained bolshevik uniforms, for hours is out of character, yet not so out of character in light of some of the wilder darkmoon poetry.
      as a passionate and multitalented person, darkmoon has her demons, always did and they undoubtedly pursue her now and will for the rest of her life, no matter that she lives a cloistered and chaste life.
      i suspect that all people have their personal demons swarming up from the pit every so often, the challenge is not to slay them because they are immortal archetypes but to control them, face them and wrestle them down.
      i have no doubt that lasha has succeeded in doing so, though still a prey occasionally.
      women have fears, men have raging desires … and jews exploit them all, being demons of the pit themselves.

      do you know all of this ellie?
      the ball has been bouncing in your court for some time now.

  32. to the list of caveats i might add this one.

    careful with chevaliers lest you end up looking like a cheval.

    two obese broads with puffy red pimpled skin fighting over the last box of chocolates is not the parting memory we who are left behind would cherish.

  33. I think Lobro & Co are right to be very skeptical about this Ellie Katsnelson entity who gives out very sinsiter vibes in my opinion. Lasha, bless her little cotton socks, could be barking up the wrong tree in jumping to the bizarre and hasty conclusion that this chocolate-munching Rothschild woman is a satirist in the manner of Jonathan Swift. I see very little evidence that this is the case.

    1. Lasha, you are dicing with death. Step back before you plunge into the abyss. You are falling into the toils of a very manipulative woman who could turn out to be a man working for Mossad.

      1. Sardonicus,

        u r a fule, u dont no wot u r torking abowt. dont lissen to lobro, he nose nuthing an is always bieng rood 2 me jus coz im jewish. hes very antisemtick.

        tink 4 yoresel plis! i tink ellie is nice and rites verry gut englische an i wish i cood spel like hir. and hay, i woodnt mind a box of fancey shockolits iether!

        sory abowt my spellin, but i hav bin strugling with dislecksia all my lif an i haf now giffen up in dispare … u woodnt tink a gal who spels like me had an IQ of 150 but i haf! and my mom kalls me a infint prodigee.

        buy 4 now, sardonicus.

        jessel meyer (age 14)

  34. My email doesn’t work, otherwise I’d blow-off steam to someone who matters (and someone who really COUNTS) – but there may be some of you who do, and THAT is to whom I address this remark…

    Anyhow, I just got back to my place, from Lexington, Virginia, and there had discovered that the now-president of Washington & Lee University has ordered that the Confederate flags (even the Stars and Bars) be removed from Lee Chapel. The Jews you berate herein are at work!!

    W&L – of which I (and Eustace Mullins) am an alum – is a traditional school, catering to the sons of the South, and by which it (once, in recent past) became noted for its integrity and professor/student ratio. No longer! It has tried to ‘be all things to all people’, and has become just another school-of-indoctrination (albeit an expensive and prestigious one) and with its alumni-funded $1.78 BILLION dollar liquid fund, has invited all niggers, etc., to populate its domain. The Jew fucks (of whom you, Lasha, have taught me through your revelation of the Frankfurt School) (I am ignorant – but not STUPID) have defeated yet another great traditional institution. I thought you should know.

    Anyhow, I am quickly becoming less conciliatory, and more radical – as of today. Thank you so much for your stalwart education process, dear princess!!! Please be careful with the warm invite of Miss Ellie.

  35. Congratulations Ellie for writing, as Lasha herself said, the best “comment” ever. It is not difficult to see why you have so many venomous detractors: coupled with your astonishing talent to write and an even more astonishing way to deliver truth, you have also just told us that you are rich too. I’m afraid it’s too much. As Lasha herself said: when commenting here, always bear in mind the type of people who come here and who are ever so ready to snap the neck of all those who are superior to them.
    Good job girl/boy. When is the sequel coming?
    Peter Albrecht.

    1. Of course Ellie is clever. But so are Mossad agents. Don’t be taken in by her as Lasha has. Lasha is too trusting. I fear she is about to walk into a deadly trap. To want to publish this woman’s comment as a full-length article, it’s madness. I can’t believe it. Lasha is showing a complete lack of judgment and total recklessness.

      1. Sigh. I could be wrong of course. I’m getting on, I’m no longer as young as I was. Maybe I’m losing my marbles.

    2. P.A. –

      Miss Ellie is eloquent and mysterious. Miss Ellie is attractively quaint. Yet, there is something about her writing which gives credence to Mr. Sardonicus’ warning to Lasha…

      Maybe Lasha wrote it for the sake of speculation – but maybe she didn’t. We don’t know. All we can do is ponder the question, and depart from the premise of our teachings. It looks real (but Lasha can make that happen, if she desires).

      I really LIKE the style and content of Miss Ellie. But that doesn’t mean I swallow it ‘hook, line, and sinker’. There are far more intelligent people than I, here, on this site. Elaborate!

      1. Gilbert,

        Put aside these idle speculations that Lasha could have written this Ellie Katsnelson concoction. As linguistic analyst Dr David Green has already pointed out above, Lasha’s style and Elie’s style are “polar opposites”. Lasha would never write such long, verbose sentences. Besides, she is too busy to waste her time writing a 5000 word comment. Why write she write a 5000-word comment when she could write two full-length articles in the same time?

        1. Sardonicus –

          I look at the time-frame in which ‘Ellie’ made the FIRST comment, and I know that it had to pre-arranged, perhaps… That is all. Did you not note it??

        2. It didn’t have to be “pre-arranged”, Gilbert. I have written the FIRST comment myself over TEN times! This doesn’t mean it’s “pre-arranged” or that I AM Lasha, does it?

          C’mon, SOMEONE’s gotta make the first comment!

        3. The longer this blog has continued the more I have been thinking EXACTLY the same thing… but now that I have almost finished reading everything else I will read the remainder of that first comment last (see my opening comment). I will have to read the original article again too as I honestly can’t remember anything from it. Ellie has really stolen the show…

          What an interesting journey this has been this morning, and “armed” with all this prescience, I feel like the groom on wedding night anticipating the goodies.

      2. Perhaps I do wrong to describe Ellie’s style as “verbose”. Perhaps “ornate” would be a kinder word. Lasha mentioned Henry James. I think the answer lies here. Ellie has written a parody of Henry James. Ellie sounds just like him.

        1. A 5,000 word commet HAD to be pre-arranged, Sardo – like the Patriot Act, before 9/11. (most likely, anyway)

        2. For what it matters, I don’t CARE. Miss Ellie (whoever she might be) has enough to say – and very well said – that it should attract attention. It has. Good.

          What most cannot grasp is the idea that she might be REAL (Dr. Green grasps it). I hope she is. But I also urge caution on Lasha’s behalf, though she’s a smart girl, anyway, and is on her own.

        3. “A 5,000 word comment HAD to be pre-arranged, Sardo.”

          Not so, Gilby. ANYONE can send in a 5000-word comment and it would be published automatically. Of course, if it was rubbish or spam, it would be deleted.

          In fact, the monitor (Lucy Skipping) said she was about to delete the comment because of its extreme length, but then Lasha had told her to leave it alone because Lasha had just skimmed through it and decided it was worth keeping.

    3. yours is the second best comment ever, peetah.
      i don’t think there is any controversy about jessel mayer’s being the third best comment ever.

      and it has nothing to do with all three being by jews, just like the fact that einstein was voted the greatest genius ever.

      does this post qualify as the best by a goyum ever?
      keep the noise down, b-hawk, hp, gilbert, sard and the rest of you, i asked first.

      1. Hard to keep my terrible swift sword from rattling in its scabbard, not to mention an itchy trigger finger.

        So many mighty weapons, so few fumbling fingers.

    1. Right – could be classic “controlled opposition”. You have been playing this game more than long enough to know that!
      Anyway…. to the goodies….

  36. BTW thx LSD saved me a dollar: http://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-1.603232

    Still doesn’t make up for the other times I have been ripped off by this mob although I am a little curious to see what their own have to say to this damming article… but like I said earlier, one can’t argue with those who “know” they are right.

  37. Miss Ellie, please do not allow yourself to be discouraged by the insults.
    You have knocked more Jewish heads with a single posting of yours than all these groupies put together ever can. Keep up the fight.

  38. to clarify the everpresent blogmurk.

    i don’t mean to run down poor miss ellie.
    provided that she is poor miss ellie, that is.
    in which case, chapeau off to the 4 chevaliers d’ apocalypse chocs and everything she said, long may she run.

    but she must understand that us, even poorer downtrodden nigs down here is a bit suspicious, having been read the liars oath once too often, so we is suspicious, yowsah.

    i in particular have a protective attitude to our precious icon, the beautiful, talented and mysterious dark moon and would not wish here to be trucked off bound and gagged to some interrogation hole in petah tikva (my favorite jewtown).
    so i put a couple off creampuff questions to you that i am sure you can answer with disdainful ease.

    so do it and then i will defend you from all comers (almost) equally staunchly.

    1. @ lobro


      Thanks for your kind words, my long time friend and supporter. I would ask you to believe me when I say that I am in no way responsible for writing the long comment by Ellie Katsnelson, as has been somewhat maliciously suggested by Karen and Gilbert Huntley.

      Such baseless accusations can only damage my reputation, since they suggest I am an irresponsible hoaxer who has nothing better to do with my time than fool around and write 5000-word comments that lead everyone up the garden path.

      Well, dear friend Lobro, you know very well that I love my New Testament more than I love my own life, and that I love my dearest dead mother too, and so I swear now on the New Testament and on the soul of my mother that I had nothing to do with writing this comment by Ellie Katsnelson.

      I have no motive for pulling such a stunt.

      I could have written at least two full-length feature articles in the same time it probably took to write that interminably long comment.

      Apart from which, Ellie’s style of writing is completely unlike my own. Even if I’d wanted to, I would have been incapable of writing in Ellie’s unique style.

      I know you will believe me when I give you these solemn assurances, though I doubt if Karen or Gilbert Huntley will believe me. Once people like this begin to attack you, they never stop. I don’t expect apologies from them either, or want them, since they seek to damage my reputation by their mischievous and hurtful accusations.

      1. I sheepishly mea culpa any conclusion jumping I may have contributed towards with my “vixen” reference to lasha. (vixen in only a good way, assuredly. As in smart, funny, adorable foxy lady and lady-like.)

        I’m confident in saying that many of us here have fanciful imaginations that are fond of the idea of serving a good queen as the beknighted protectors of a true sovereign (how’m I doin’, Tyron?) Corny ol’ Brownhawk

        At thine bequest, my lady, and yes, we reserve the right to retain the silly boy in us 😉

        Satire. It’s all in the satire you (us) goofs.

      2. hey darling, don’t swear at me 🙂

        really no need, it embarrasses the heck out of me.
        it would never have occurred to me, especially given that i detect differences in style as well as content between you and redoubtable miss ellie.
        so don’t take it seriously, nor for that matter gilbert’s ruminations, i am sure he meant no harm, in fact was even a kind of compliment, the one that i would never qualify for.

        i can do a creditable mimic of jesse meyer but not ellie.

        so gilbert, are you listening, i do solemnly swear on my shopworn kabbalah that i never posed as jess meyer, however suspicious you may be, multiply pissed that your alma mater is pulling tricks for shekels and your girlfriend quit in huff after insulting your poetry as having too many commas (and leaving you in coma).

        1. Neither comma comma comma chameleon nor exemplar eremite be. Nor abashed in making small fun of Nellie’s grandiose fun.

          How else might the boobousie enjoy such heavenly association, if not via imagined triumphs!

        2. I gotta stop reading you guys while having my lunch.

          I just spilled some of it on my freshly laundered shirt.

          And here I’ll 2nd the emotion for Gilbert Huntley as 1st minister of agriculture in new world land of Judenfreedonia.

          All in favor say aye aye

      3. Good of you to emphatically address it, Lasha. Don’t worry, I won’t “apologize”, either, because my own speculation was NOT malicious – just participation in the dialogue. (Karen’s WAS malicious, seemingly, and unlike my own.)

        That I think you are a versatile enough writer to be able to play both sides should be taken as a COMPLIMENT instead of an insult. After all, are you not a literary aspirant/success??

        Perhaps they don’t have balls enough to say it, but I’d suppose there are others on here who suspected. Your friend, lobro, is just an eloquent waffler.

        1. gilbert, i’ll gladly take a bullet for the team, even if due to friendly fire.

          since my speculation was not malicious either.

  39. Jonathan Swift was the Monty Python of his day (John Cleese giant frantically bound by Lilliputian ants), who was at the height of his writing prowess in an England where the jews were swarming into the halls of power, eager to to move full throttle at the helm of the British navy ship of state. (Rule Brittania! God save the queen! or were the testicles back in play by then? I lose my way with these royal successions. but I digress) Calling card for the empire builders in cunning appeal to the haughty Brits listening to the fallen angel portside.

    Swift was in the thick of it all, and learned well the wise reasoning of my Wakan Tanka in possessing two listening devices and one hole for reporting what was heard, and pie, all the while being smack-dab in the middle of big bang repercussions from Cromwell’s folly, jewdust far from settling on the grounds of lightbulb moments, prescient enough like Dickens after him in seeing the protocol-ridden handwriting scrawling across the mortaring Walls of masonic lodgings.

    Fast forward 300 years, and HEY, my fellow Americo Vespuccians (who was he again?) how many more dead Palestinians will it take before too many cannon missiles fly? How much more blood needs to pool up from the ground of your TRUE ancestors before the winds blow hot in the real home of the braves and languishing land of the free?

    The ghost of the mighty Geronimo stirs as the sacred drumming continues apace.

    While Obamanero fiddles and the sleepy Aromaco burns, awaiting the terrible swift resolve.

    1. Even the mighty, and truly terrifying warrior chief, Geronimo was lured by Judaic money into traveling the fair circuit. He died of pneumonia, after falling from his horse, intoxicated, lying in a creek all the cold night.

      But, that did not stop Prescott Bush from stealing his skull for 322 at Yale.

      1. yeah, but I’ll stick to when he was truly terrifying, like in picturing how he gets his skull back

        1. My point was that if Geronimo could have been so ‘whupped’… by the lure of fame and money… anyone can be bought for those rewards. Very few in any land today are as tough as and determined as he was.

        2. “Pat says:
          July 11, 2014 at 2:07 pm

          My point was that if Geronimo could have been so ‘whupped’… by the lure of fame and money… anyone can be bought for those rewards. Very few in any land today are as tough as and determined as he was.” :

          not the Palestinians, other than mega traitor Abbas, most Palestinians would rather be dead, than succumb to the psychopathic usurpers of their land..

        3. I’ll never hold it against him though. He got his fair of whole heads, never mind scalps. One fearsome Apache he.

          Damn demon rum. Damn jews.

          I’ll quote the inimitable Ellie:

          “the American lion shall have awakened, and, by God Almighty! he shall cut down every living jew on earth”

          and their heads……then put ’em on stakes……like their impaling hero Vlad

          Revenge is sweet so sayeth apache goy

        4. Geronimo was named “Goyathlay” – “One Who Yawns”, as if to say to the whiteman, who could never capture him in a fighting scenario, “is that all you got?”

          He DID surrender though. Twice in fact. The first was in

          “…..Mexico’s Sierra Madre to the American General Crook, where he accepted a 2-year imprisonment 2,000 miles away in Florida. But along the way, while being led to nearby Fort Bowie by Apache scouts, he and a handful of followers broke free again.”

          “At this point, the army replaced Crook with another General with 5,000 troops and 400 Apache scouts under his command. Even when confronted by a force of this magnitude – augmented by a civilian militia and Mexican military assistance – Geronimo’s band of 38 men, women and children still eluded their pursuers for six months. When Apache scouts finally talked him into laying down his gun in early September 1886, the surrender was bloodless and strangely anticlimactic. Recounted Geronimo’s cousin, Jason Betzinez: Kayitah (an Apache scout) delivered General Miles’s message. The general wanted them to give themselves up without any guarantees.”

          “The Indians seemed stunned. Finally Geronimo’s half-brother, White Horse, spoke out. ‘I am going to surrender. My wife and children have been captured. I love them, and want to be with them.’ Then another brother said that if White Horse was going, he would go too. In a moment the third and youngest brother made a similar statement.”

          “Geronimo stood for a few moments without speaking. At length he said slowly, ‘I don’t know what to do. I have been depending heavily on you three men. You have been great fighters in battle. If you are going to surrender, there is no use in my going without you. I will give up with you.’ “

  40. “wretched jewish state”
    wretched belief system.
    israel is judaism without restraints.
    diseased minds with lies and hate for brain cells.

    finest chocolates are
    2) chocolates trapa, spain (originally trappist monks)
    1) chocolates ghraoui, syria,

    1. any nabatean remnants in syria shlomo?

      i think christ may have been nabatean and would like to do a tour of their former range, excluding the (temporary) land of the (eternal) deviants.

  41. @hp

    Well! Back inside (I DO have some work to do, occasionally), and wish to respond to your comment about me and the ‘boobousie’ (did you spell that correctly, smart guy – or did you hurry too much in your attempt to put somebody down, as is your customary mode of comment??)(Does it make you feel more adequate, puddin?)

    Admittedly, I am comparatively crude and uncultured to some on here. But I really like to visit, and I was sincere in my praise of Ellie, and cannot be said to have EVER intentionally offended Lasha Darkmoon. I am very glad she finally and emphatically resolved any doubt I had, but I would like for her to know that I certainly ment no harm.

    So, anyhow… Despite your poor opinion of my eremitic (wow! Such cultured and suave usage of language!) attempts, I’d certainly be willing to drive out toward (isn’t it Ohio?), to meet you and settle this in more manly fashion. I go to Lehman’s, occasionally, and it would be a pleasure to plan such a picnic with you, smarty. Oh, yes, I’ll bring a second – and, maybe, a ‘third’ – just to ensure honesty (you may, too, of course); and I promise I’ll not try to maim or kill you – just teach you some manners. Lasha has my email address, and she may share it with you. (Hey! Someone can video it, and share it on Darkmoon! 🙂 )

      1. But if you insist, since you challenged me, I choose ping pong.
        With sandpaper paddles!!
        P.S. (better pack a lunch)

        1. Once again Gilbert, the post which set you off was not aimed at you. This is easily seen and this is all I’ll say on that matter.

          It’s apparent to me you’re still simmering from my honest but smart-ass critique (“penned by a 12 year old girl”) I wrote about your (love) poem which appeared here many moon ago. Yesterday those embers burst into flames, fanned by my critiques and perceived slights towards the virtuous and talented Ellie’s neo-classical theatrics.

          Because, despite your stifled warrior macho leading with your chin at the wrong times, you are a sensitive person who empathizes with poor beaten upon Ellie(Eliza Harris) by me(Simon Legree).

          And this might even be accurate, but so what?
          What will you do, beat up every smart-ass and unsavory critic from Shenandoah to the Allegheny foothills in an attempt to quench – what?

          That sir, is the question.

    1. Gil!

      Am lovin your feistiness of late, and wanted you to know that I was thinking the same thing about imagining lasha showing some versatility with my favorite form of writing – the satire. I ask myself if I, too, could pull it off and in so doing fool the illustrious Dr. Green, but as I remember, lasha alluded to a 5,ooo word satirical treatise, especially with seemingly endless, comma-ridden, and longeur-laden sentences being a most dubiously daunting and dangerous task to undertake……………..whew, and that was just one little ol’ paragraph.

      I don’t know how Ellie does it.

      1. just wanted to add, in echoing lasha if I may, that even though I don’t know hp personally, or ANY of you for that matter (although it feels like it sometimes, and I’m planning to read Nugent’s “Reincarnation” article soon), you have to know of his admirable self-effacing nature (and brilliant humorism I might add – between he and the redoubtable lobro they remind me of those crazy belly laughs I used to get as a kid where you couldn’t stop laughing to save your soul (or your lunch). Or when you were really small and a swarm of puppies would endlessly lick you every which way and produce the same result. The best memories, bar none.

        So when the dust settles on what I imagine to be your beautiful spread down thar in Vaginya, you’ll know what ahm talkin about.

        And remember, full moon tomorrow. I always count to ten 😉

        1. @Brownhawk, Lasha, and lobro –

          Good morning, Brownhawk. (It is not MY ‘beautiful spread’, Brownhawk. It belongs to my family, who have several, and I just try to ‘hep’ out, because I like the mountains and the streams and the solitude. I need it, now 🙂 ). (Which is probably why I visit here more often than I should. I am not being a very good ‘hermit’ – getting lonely sometimes with my self-inflicted position!)

          I apologize for getting pissy. Words do have consequences, though, and we should all bear that in mind before we shoot off our yaps. My own sense of humor is a little bit devious, lobro, so I reckoned Lasha’s could be, too. Sorry. She intrigues me. So does this ‘Ellie’, who, therefore, I thought might be one-and-the-same. Carefully having read Lasha’s poetry caused me to discern a versatility of mind there which might lend itself to dark humor I thought she might have in common with me. Very ‘Jewish’ of me, I suppose, as y’all might say…

          Enough. I’ll shut my mouth, now, before I offend someone, again. Bye.

        2. it is just fine, gilbert, you are a crowd favorite although i had to bite my tongue not to fan the flames by springing to homer’s defense earlier.
          he is an absolutely irreplaceable being and i, like lasha have known him for maybe 10 years now.
          never a false note.
          and by the way, he was a street fighter in his younger days, having come up from the wrong side of the tracks in his texas youth.
          and come up a long way, to become as un-texan-like as imaginable.

          maybe we rogue old buffaloes should actually head out to some field to swap a few shots just so we can then head back for a pint and exchange some ideas in person.

          too bad grettir is not around, he’d be at the airport already.

        3. @ lobro
          @ Gilbert

          Gilbert is feeling sore at me for what he perceives as my “humorlessness”. I ought to have taken the attitude that it was all a bit of “fun” fooling around and pretending to be an “evil” Jewish supremacist described elsewhere in these columns as “positively demonic” (Franklin Ryckaert).

          Yes, it IS fun, Gilbert, and it used to be even greater fun in the old days when I used to go on the xymphora website — maybe 10 years ago — and pretend to be an evil Jewess! My name was “Miriam K” and the guys on xymphora were always taken in and rose to the bait and attacked me like I was the genuine article.

          But I came clean in the end and confessed that I was “hoaxing” and the xymphora crowd accepted me as their resident joker. Lobro and Homer were there and will confirm this.

          So I am not entirely “humorless” and a “can’t-take-a-joke” type of person, if that’s what you’re thinking, Gilbert.

          If you must know the truth, Gilbert, I was concerned about being accused of being Ellie because it seemed so unfair to Ellie. I mean, give the woman credit. She is brilliant. By saying someone else wrote was she wrote is a kind of miscompliment to her, can’t you see?

          It diminishes her brilliance by making out that someone else must have written her inspired piece, because she herself, the humble Ellie, could not possibly have written it.

          It’s for this reason I had to put you right, Gilbert, not because I am a humorless old stick with no sense of “fun”.

        4. @ lobro

          “too bad grettir is not around…”

          A fleeting suspicion actually crossed my mind that the Ellie Katsneslon piece was a satirical stunt pulled by Grettir. Would Grettir have been capable of it? I don’t know. It’s not his style of writing. But maybe if he’d just been reading a lot of Henry James he could have pulled it off.

          This is not a “miscompliment” to Ellie, for Grettir was a literary genius with an enormous sense of humor as well as a taste for practical jokes.

      2. did it occur to anyone how devious lasha’s mind would have to be to in alter-ego’s post refer to obscure elitist chocolates only to feign complete ignorance of what the alter was talking about in the response post?

        other examples abound … frankly, i’d be scared hanging around someone that devilishly insidious, i could never picture lasha being such a person and if she was, i’d vote myself off this blog instantly.

        1. Shades of Sybil?

          Or could it come from a mind of stupendous imagination capable of say, resisting MK-Ultra control mechanisms, with subject in seeming abeyance but in actuality a double, triple, quadruple, etc. ‘alter-agent’ with intentions of turning the tables on controller’s alter-plants?

          hypnotist: “take a bite out of this nice juicy apple.”

          seeming subject to himself: ok, I’ll play along and keep my face from contorting, knowing it’s an onion

        2. I forgot to add that it wouldn’t necessarily reflect a devious mind, but one putting themselves to the challenge of pulling off a satirical work with messages craftily woven throughout so as to sublimate what would otherwise show bulge in cheek made by tongue.

          hmmmm – I wonder if it would take a little tongue touching on inside of cheek to stop onion-chomping effect from contorting rest of face?

  42. @ Gilbert

    Hey C, I bear you no ill will! Sincere apologies if I rubbed you up the wrong way. I did wrong to put you in the same category as Karen. Karen meant to hurt, and stamped on my toe deliberately. You stubbed my sensitive toe accidentally, meaning no harm. That’s the big difference.

    If you had written to me privately, voicing your suspicions that I was up to no good, that might have been better. I could have assured you I was innocent and you would have believed me. But to accuse me of being a literary hoaxer in public felt like a stab in the back, especially after all the nice things you had said to me in private. Honestly, it felt like a betrayal.

    I find it all the stranger that you of all people should think me capable of writing like Ellie when your own style of writing is far closer to Ellie’s style than mine. You have the same long sentences with lots of commas and subordinate clauses. And the same quaint Victorian vocabulary. This is meant as a compliment, by the way, since Ellie is a most accomplished writer.

    1. Thank you. I did not realize I was accusing you of beig a ‘literary hoaxer’. You certainly are NOT (a hoaxer). I thought you might be just having some fun, and I wanted to know (which I doubted you’d tell me in private, anyway, so I didn’t ask). If you ever trust anybody on this thing, you can trust ME. I get a lot out of your writing, knowledge, and perspective – and I APPRECIATE it. You are as courageous as any woman could be, given the circumstances, and I know it must be a chore to moderate all the goings on at this site. I am sorry I inconvenienced you. No harm intended.

      You may, still, give that anusuarus my email, as he might like to meet me, sometime. I do not play ping-pong, though. I play hardball. I have decided I do not like him, among smart-Alec’s, here.

      1. Btw, I’m leaving this house, soon, for the evening, and will not be able to respond to him tonight.

      2. Dear C,

        I’m sorry I misjudged you. Accept a bear hug, honey. Friends again, okay? 🙂


        No, I’m not going to give Homer your email address because I don’t like to see you guys quarrelling. I’ve known Homer for years and he’s a gentle soul who believes in ahimsa. I doubt if he would even swat a fly unless it really annoyed him! So challenging him to a duel is just plain silly. That’s like challenging Gautama Buddha to a fist fight!

        If you want to challenge anyone to a duel, challenge me! I’m a killer! I could sort you out in no time at all! 🙂

  43. PUTIN IS A FUCKING JEW, see https://fjc.ru/president-putin-support-israel/

    President Putin: I Support Israel
    July 10, 2014

    Support for Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s military effort to stop Hamas’ incessant rocket attacks against Israel’s civilians, is coming directly from the Kremlin.

    “I am closely tracking what is happening in Israel,” Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked in a meeting on Wednesday with a delegation of Chief Rabbis and representatives of the Rabbinical Center of Europe.

    The purpose of the meeting, according to the Kremlin, was to discuss joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history, the fight against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

    “It is important to discuss the subject of the Holocaust of the World War II era. There are Holocaust survivors among the rabbis, they have their personal, dramatic stories,” Rabbi Alexander Boroda, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, told Interfax-Religion.

    Boroda was seated across from Putin during the meeting, alongside Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau and others.

    At one point during the meeting, Rabbi Yosef commented that “hours before I flew here, a rocket landed near my house in Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish nation.”

    “It goes without saying there is great anxiety among my children and grandchildren who were forced to enter bomb shelters, for no fault of their own,” he said, adding that it is “hard to describe the emotional damage that is being done to them. All this is just for the crime that they were born to the Jewish nation.”

    The Chief Rabbi concluded by asking the president to use his power “to bring a stop to the violence. There cannot be a situation where people use religion to slaughter the innocent.”

    Most of the Israeli population is currently living under the threat of rocket fire. Life between sirens, in and out of bomb shelters, has become the daily reality for millions of Israelis.

    Hamas terrorists in Gaza have fired more than 200 rockets at Israel since Operation Protective Edge began on Monday, July 7 – and over 650 rockets since the beginning of 2014.

    According a news report, Putin replied by asking Rabbi Yosef to pass along a message to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Russia is a true friend of Israel and of the Prime Minister.

    “I support Israel’s battle that is intended to keep its citizens protected,” he said about the Israel Defense Forces’ operation to restore quiet to the region and stop Hamas terrorism.

    “I also heard about the shocking murder of the three teenagers,” Putin added about the kidnapping and murder of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrach and Gilad Shaar, three Yeshiva students in Israel. “This is an unconscionable act and I ask that you bring my condolences to the families.”

    By COLlive reporter. Pictures: Kremlin.ru &

    1. Eileen,

      Too bad there is no video of this meeting. Then maybe we could detect slight bulge in Putin cheek

    2. There is not enough evidence in the report to conclude Putin is a Jew.

      And there is no quote by Putin to support this claim:
      “According a ‘news report’, Putin replied by asking Rabbi Yosef to pass along a message to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Russia is a true friend of Israel and of the Prime Minister.”

    3. all putin really did was nod his head, smile patiently and say: “jews are nice”.
      because he has 20% of the earth’s land surface to run while jews own directly or indirectly about 75% of planet’s commercial wealth and nearly 100% of the world’s politicians, banks, media and academic faculties.

      and yes, 100% of the major crime is theirs too.

      if you were talking to say, al capone, would you spit in his face, however much you wanted to?
      and he was less than zero compared to their power and malice.

      easy does it, including the fact that he is sacrificing thousands of his fellow russians in donbas (don river basin) right now, leaving them to the mercy of psychotic jews like kolomoisky.
      but the world watches, the world steams while it goes on, while the sadistic rape of gaza goes on simultaneously, while the jew-inspired and directed butchery of iraq and syria go on.
      and the righteous hate and anger are building, building.

      it will happen, eileen.
      just like ellie said so memorably in her post.

      1. Who doesn’t believe the Ukrainian Russians are exacting a huge toll from the adversary? That they aren’t receiving support from Russia in various extremely vital areas.

        “Experts” are there and across the border, performing their duties expertly, as well as supplying strategic weapons.
        The neo-Great Equalizers, RPG and MANPADS aren’t famous and soon to be legendary, for no reason and there are various ECM and perhaps other “unknowns” as well.

  44. I’ll have to wait for another time to read completely through Ellie’s Swiftian piece. I believe in prophets and diviners but I am not one. This Mid-East bloodbath could go on and on like a sick child that won’t stop screaming. If FEMA camps come to America it won’t be gulag style but American style–you know disgusting packaged GMO food, vaccinations, and generally drugging of the senses by big pharm. And it will all no doubt be done in the name of do good neoliberalism tainted by the bureaucratic flavor of Health and Human Services.

    I read through Volume II of To Eliminate The Opiate by Rabbi Marvin Antelman and it opened my eyes to a couple of realities only possible to glimpse from inside the Jewish state of mind. Antelman isn’t well informed about all his topics but I suspect he knows what happened to the Jews in Russia and his brief description of the Jewish fate under the Czars impressed me with the difference between the Jewish American experience and the Jewish Russian experience. The Jews had a vendetta against Imperial Russia and that “almost” explains the gulags and the mass executions. I don’t think the Jews have a big vendetta against the Americans, and I don’t think most Jews would be comfortable with full scale slaughter of Americans–not to say that subtle forms of killing might not be acceptable under the guise of the greater good.

    The other thing that impressed me about Antelman’s book was his chapter on Zionism where he discusses the commandment to inhabit the land. For the first time I saw the entire gestalt of Israel/Palestine. Religious Jews are commanded by God to possess the land, and they mean the entire Biblical lands. (This, of course, means that the U.S. in supporting Israel is violating its own Constitution that prohibits the establishment of a state religion but oh well.) Also, forget Biblical archeology or modernism or any such minor contradiction here. These people are obsessed to possess and they will not emigrate any time soon… I don’t see any less resolve on the part of the Palestinians who at this point have the support of the international community. Generally, with few exceptions the American Jewish community lives in a cultural bubble where Israel is right because “The Jewish people Must Survive” and if “we don’t slaughter them then they will slaughter us” type mentality. The hysteric level of paranoia really comes through in Antelman’s book where he gives multiple examples of Jews who didn’t listen to the warnings of impending doom in Europe and of course died en mass in the “Holocaust.” What makes Antelman’s book unique, of course, are his insights into Frankism, Reform Judaism, Conservative Judaism, etc. and their intimate relationship to Communism. This poses a greater threat to Americans because neoliberalism (Clinton politics and most of the Democratic party) has been embraced by the intellectual classes in America which makes them blind to mass murder if done in the name of a neoliberal cause…not unlike the case for Jewish “survival.” Consequently the insidious nature of our decline echoes back the blood bath of the Middle East.

    1. Good comment. I agree.

      I have found that ‘neoliberals’ and intellectuals in America are NOT blind to mass murder, they promote it, just as their leaders of the past promoted Bolshevism with bankers’ help, such as the Warburgs.

        1. In the article he described the Jews who came to America and treated the original inhabitants like they treat Palestinians today…guilty of existing on their own land.

          The Jews used Judeo-Christianity to wipe out millions in Lincoln’s war(?). They use the same antithetical excuses today.

          “Where did this very un-Christian “religion” of violence come from? The answer to this question is that it first developed as a part of New England’s neo-Puritanical “Yankees” in the early and mid-nineteenth century. It reached its zenith in the 1860s when, finally in control of the entire federal government, the New England Yankees waged total war on the civilian population of a large part of their own country, mass murdering fellow Americans by the hundreds of thousands, and then singing a “religious” song that described it all as “the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

        2. Pat

          “Judeo Christianity” was INVENTED during WW2. It had no part of Paleo Christianity.

          Authentic Christianity is based upon Common/Natural/Christian law which ALL THE COURTS INSIDE AMERICA utilized before the “Jew” slow takeover of mainland America starting between 1913 and 1936.

          Violence” is justified in certain circumstances for both individuals and Governments under the law, or would you say “This is UNJUST” to the man, the thief who hung next to Christ admitting he got what he deserved?

          Would you say the Roman’s were wrong? Would you chastize Christ and say he was unjust too for approving of the admission of thief who hung next to him saying he deserved what he got. Would you say Christ was wrong when after the admission, Christ said to the thief “today you shall be in paradise with me”?

          Or maybe Christ himself was “evil” in your thinking when he prophesied that the “Jews” would literally be genocided by the Romans, an event that came to pass between 65-135 AD?

          Everything has it’s place inside the law including violence.

          Further more, the Indians started a RACE WAR against whites/Christians and whites were in America BEFORE THE INDIANS. Secondly, whites/Christians did not genocide the Indians.

          When the Corporation 1871 came into being, this was the first foothold the “Jews” of the City of London got in America since the Revolution. Then the “Jews” who ran DC but not the mainland of America, broke all the treaties our LAWFUL Christian/Common/Natural Governments/the Republics had honored.

        3. Tyrone..

          You can keep guessing. That will not work for me.

          Christ is a fairy tale from the Jews.

        4. Tyron

          “Furthermore, the Indians started a RACE WAR against whites/christians and whites were in America BEFORE THE INDIANS. Secondly, whites/christians did not genocide the Indians.”

          Please, not in your own words, but give me SOURCES for your information. And by “sources” I don’t mean the Bible with YOUR interpretations. What you say is starting to smell like irresponsible journalism from whatever it is you’re smokin’.

        5. Pat

          It won’t work for you? Ok, then I guess you’re one of the WEEDS Christ spoke of destined to be gathered for the fire.


          Have you every heard about Kennewick man? It’s the oldest remains in America. How about Soltran man? Yep, another “evil” whitey who’s remains outdate the Amerindians.

          Have you not heard of your own lore where your kinfolk ADMIT they chased the white man into caves and murdered them off to steal the land? The forensic evidence/record proves this to be true. There are white mummies all over North and South America- ALL predating any supposed indigenous peoples.

          Go do a simple search for the evidence of these remains I speak of (and I am only listing a few proofs). I’m not wasting my time doing simple footwork for you. If you love truth, you will do it yourself and not LIE about the self evident conclusions.

          How about the fact that the Aztec’s God (Quetzaquadal) was described to be a WHITE MAN? Yes, he was said to have not only built ALL of the pyramids but that he and his people taught the Aztecs all about astronomy, agriculture giving him his structures and informing him that on a certain EXACT date, his people would return to judge them.

          What happened? “Evil Whitey” Cortez with 700 soldiers landed ON THAT EXACT DAY giving Montezuma and his people weeks to repent of their mass genocide and cannibalism.

          They refused so ‘Evil Whitey” went to war with the Aztecs people that ate their own routinely for dinner and took over their empire that never again saw the sun rise in the morning (seeing the sun rise in the morning was their supposed excuse to mass murder and eat their own kin).

  45. (hp – I still don’t like you, but let us refrain from aggression on this site, OK?)

  46. Haha! Gilbert, anything else? Any other hoops or Cracker Jacks boxes to juggle?

    Dude, look at your convolutedness! Too much whiskey?

    Let’s reconnoiter. .
    First you attack me verbally, challenge me to a duel and threaten me with bodily harm over YOUR misinterpreted slight and then after a moment of contrition/realization(?) YOU offer me a peace treaty which I accept. All is well.
    There it is, directly above. OK so far?

    After I sigh a big big sigh of relief you then commence with your Part II passive/aggressive aggression in the form of – “I still don’t like you, but let us refrain from aggression on this site, OK?” Huh? What aggression again was it I instigated?
    Retorts in self defense are universally accepted as legal, I simply assumed.

    My aggression(fun) with Ellie was just that. With Ellie, not you. Ellie (not you) is obviously a big girl with big (way too big) ideas and even bigger sentences full with the very sort of excessive flowery world juggling distractions I find boring and (gasp) even counter productive due to an air of sappy overt pretentiousness. OK?

    That after you know full well I was not aggressing upon your overly sensitive sensibilities and in fact was aiming those darts(so small they can’t even be considered arrows) at myself, yet you just can’t let it go, inspires a new thought about “Ellie” and that penning of that article..

    Oh no! Please Lord, stop me before I aggress again.. C’MON MAN!

  47. In my previous comment I mention Rabbi Antelman’s book To Eliminate The Opiate as representative of the Orthodox Jewish perspective on the Israeli conflict. Antelman was head of an organization called the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America, Inc. (at least before he moved to Israel) whose Declaration includes the following quote:

    THIS HOLY COVENANT PRESUPPOSES (the “Holy Covenant” being the B’rit milah or ritual circumcision) That God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, can transfer his absolute title to every portion of His creation, to whomsoever He pleases. He did so in giving the Land of Israel to the people of Israel.

    So essentially Antelman is saying that the Bris confers title to the land based on the Covenant. God gave the land of Israel to the Jews is a statement of fact and title. All the Jews have to do is keep up the good work of practicing the Bris and all should be fine. Antelman also states that any war with Israel is a war against God.

    The other point of view that represents the non-religious Jews in America and Israel is Holocaustianity, which justifies possession of the land as a way of preventing another Holocaust. Furthermore, this quasi religious concept/guilt trip demands that the non-Jewish world owe Jews a steady stream of financial support in payment for years of past anti-semitism.

    Given that these positions have an absolutism that won’t admit contradictory evidence the Israeli/Palestinian conflict seems to be spinning out of control. If all else fails Israeli’s secret/not so secret nuclear arms can back up both positions with a threat of mass annihilation.

    Stephen Geller in his essay The God of the Covenant sees Covenant religion quite differently than Rabbi Antelman. For Geller Covenantal religion is more like a love relationship, with Yahweh’s “Oneness” meaning not absolutism but alone or only. So the Jews are called to love Yahweh only. This implies dialectic, relationship, and individuality. A single, loyal individual can in being true to Yahweh save the entire nation gone astray like Elijah. This covenant relationship implies interiority and questioning. Children are not punished for the sins of their fathers because the Covenant Religion favors the individual, and longs for relationship like a lover.

    Stephen Geller is a professor of Bible at Jewish Theological Seminary and this essay is found in a book that includes scholars of Assyriology, Egyptology, and ancient history. In the dialogues between the scholars I get the impression that Professor Geller knows ancient Akkadian, Hebrew, Greek, and Ugaritic–in other words he knows the ancient context in which the Bible was written. Bible scholarship is ultimate deconstructionism where like pottery layers of archeology these researchers have labeled the different writings and rewritings of the Bible–using letters to designate periods.. When Professor Geller analyzes the Covenant religion he does so on the basis of understanding that the rewriters didn’t invent the language, poetry, epic, wisdom literature as much as edit it for a purpose of conveying a an idea, that of a God of Covenant. Much of the language of the Bible comes from a deep layer of oral Canaanite tradition and so includes language addressed to Yahweh as storm god, nature god, etc. And personally I think that Rabbi Antelman and his ilk have mistaken the Yahweh of the storm god (who is in fact Baal) for the Yahweh of the Covenant. In other words, Antelman and the so called Jewish Orthodox/settlers are the heretics along with the Jewish Communists. They have entirely misunderstood the Bible religion of Covenant. Their god is more like a raging storm god who is appeased with rituals to keep him a bay.

    Could a Judaism based on the Prophets and on the Covenant of love relationship take us to higher ground? I offer these comments as if in a Medieval Sentence book that a random reader might take them to heart.

  48. Here’s the nub: there are thousands upon thousands of words above this comment. What, in essence, do they say? Well, I quote: “Brevity is the soul of Wit”. We need to go to the source. The Jews are immaterial without their unwitting acolytes.

    Therefore, know this (briefly)—there’s little need to huff and puff about who’s who in the commentary. Just know that the international Jew has fallen into the most fertile soil imaginable over the past millenia. The AVERAGE IQ in the West is c. 103-4. The average Hebe-ish IQ is upwards of 10-15 points higher. So, is there any wonder that the Jews feel superior? Look at American liberals, as perhaps THE prime example of where this room-temperature IQ gets us. The “average” American voter is either: 1) a rampant Dumbocrat, pissing away his own earned livlihood at the voting booth, or 2) “undecided” (usually up to, and well into, the first Tuesday after the first Monday, etc.). What does the latter tell you? If you’re “undecided”, you should never, EVER cast a vote, since all your vote consists of is a momentary lapse in, or override of, common sense and a lifelong manifestation of insufficient intelligence to give deliberative thought to what goes on around you. The Jews cannot be wholly blamed—they plopped down in a pasture just packed, wall-to-wall, with cud-chewers.

    Prime, paradigmatic example of the REAL problem: a largely Christian school district in Texas just announced its choice for a senior AP US History class’ text—Howard Zinn’s diatribe against WASP America.

    Cardinal Mazarin (Sp?) was correct—let the state educate the children until they’re 6. It’s been done. Education (not the media, et al) is the crux, the nut. We have, over the past 60+ years, handed our future (is there any other term for our school-children?) over to the Jews of the 1960’s radical movements.

    The dimensions and impact of their influence will be felt for generations, and, without a scintilla of a doubt, never be undone. We have, in the West, been collectively “asleep at the switch” and the massive train derailment is just commencing. I fear for my grandchildren, theirs will be indeed Huxleyesque and Orwellian. For this, thank the Jews, but also, their far-more-numerous useful Goy idiots.

    1. You used averages. The good thing is that there are enough Americans with the IQ of 115 or higher to outnumber ALL the Jews world-wide, by more than double, no matter the Jews’ IQs are.

      Not a problem.

      1. Pat

        That is true and the average IQ of a Nordic American is around 112 as I don’t believe the “Jews” average is 115.

        Also, the white man has invented practically everything on this planet and our rate of genius is higher than any another other race, but our rate of low IQ is high too, bringing our average lower than some which is facilitated by the “Jews” nerfarious schemes against us.

  49. But it’s the vast, oceanic mass of Amurricun Goy nincompoopitude that allows the clever and devious self-seeking Jews to run the show. There may be more Americans with high enuff IQ’s to outnumber worldwide Jewry, but we’re so disparate, politically split and disorganized, we fail—especially at the ballet box. Have you noticed the double irony—-socialism (one of the Jews’ big inventions—the others being Freudianism and communism) is being installed at a frightening pace. So, Amurricun liberals are massed under the standard of socialism, AND YET are innocently following an anti-semitic black president. Nothing is apparently ALL bad. America gets mortally wounded—-but so does Israel (in world opinion).

    Alison Weir in her “If Americans Knew” website is trying, but the bovine masses are mostly oblivious. Her most recent article on Israel blasting Gaza and killing hundreds will NEVER hit the American media, so fully run by Yids, but it may be a start.

    I’ll be honest, I absolutely LOATH liberals and lefties of any description. They should be hanged, shot, deported, sterilized, etc.—ironically all actions they have supported, historically. Non-the-fookin’-less, liberals are turning on their masters, the Hebes.

    As I have mentioned before—the poor lady up the street whose army-captain son was killed in Afghanistan was helped a bit when I gave her Pat Buchanan’s peerless “Whose War?” article from the American Conservative. She’s now joined the ranks of anti-war Americans. This time, however, we are not abandonning Southeast Asians to a horrible communist fate—we’re getting ready to let Israel fight its own wars. Most Americans with a measurable IQ in the 1940’s OPPOSED the “foundation” of Israel. Truman, Ike, et al, especially. But Harry was ever the corrupt coward, and got “bought off” for c. $2 million. Lovely. So we let the Hebes, who suffered mightily during WW II—for their own inexcusable actions over the millennia—-wedge their way into the Levant. We, like the morons we are, then proceeded to lavish money and arms on their undeserving heads. All this leading to 9/11. As a retired navy officer, I know all about those rotten ingrates—USS Liberty, etc. Can’t see the Hebes ever losing their grip, though, since they’ve completely ruined education in this country, own the media and are devising ways to keep our Great Unwashed poor, simply by bribing them with their own money. As Ann Coulter said recently, re America: “Thanks America, it was great while it lasted!”

  50. “Yes: we see the sorrow that has engulfed your race, but why didn’t your men rise to obviate the danger? Where were your poets, your thinkers, your writers to warn you that, as a race, we, Jews, have no other aim in life but to destroy all order in all societies?”


    There is little I can say that has not already been said, except, and at the risk of reopening a can of worms and pissing off everybody on this site for which I really have no desire, as having been visiting this site irregularly for a couple of years and read through all the comments on this particle article (twice now), I feel I am getting to know you all to different degrees and think you’re an intelligent, entertaining and for the most part civil and nice bunch of people, not that my opinion need be of any value to anyone either way and likely isn’t to most anyway, and in the majority of your minds the issue has been pretty much settled already; BUT could it be that while clearly two separate individuals, LSD and Ellie could still be working together in a novel blog discussion experiment?

    I don’t think my best effort at a longuer was even half as good as Ellie’s. Maybe s/he can come back and edit it for me… and answer lobro’s very fair and genuine questions while it’s here.

    Brevity indeed. And now I will depart… swiftly… like an angel in the whirlwind…

  51. Jews have another reason for wars in Gaza to Ukraine and Kosovo. And even Haiti.

    Each human body has organs worth over $1million in all.



    Interpol hunts two Israelis for Kosovo organ trafficking
    Moshe Harel among seven indicted for membership of a criminal group trafficking people into Kosovo to remove human organs for transplant; another Israeli citizen, Zaki Shapira, identified as co-conspirator.

  52. The solution to the strife in the world caused by Jews is coming.
    It will not come from Anti-Jewish bloggers.
    The Jews have led the goyim down the conventional route is opposing them as they do control the conversation and expect what is proffered as the solution to their evil.
    This will come a s surprise to Jews and Goyim alike.
    Man is not the most evolved being in this galaxy.

  53. For Fearless Freddie,

    Yes education is part of the answer but the other part of the answer (in my opinion , of course) is to stop injecting neuro-toxins into the brains of infants beginning at the day of birth in the name of illnesses that have no relevance and a maternal blood test could clearly identify hepatitis B (for example) which is rare in the U.S. We have to admit that it isn’t just he Jews but that we live in a corporate fascist state with a revolving door between government and industry. Part of the problem is political. Yet as enmeshed as I am in the Jewish world I have to say that somehow there is a connection with our decline that cannot be shoved under the rug that is Jewish–unfortunately. And as silly as it sounds I haven’t as yet figured it out. I think the basic truth if there is one is that anything so called “Jewish” is probably a lie and anything so called ” mainstream media” is probably a lie, and anything from the New York Times is probably a lie, and you go from there on down the lie line: Israel, Holocaust, etc. etc. all not what they seem and probably based on lies. And who knows if you descend the ladder to the very abyss of hell you might find an answer that is the truth and not a lie…

  54. The ‘Wretched Jewish State’ exists because of the wretched Jewish religion…PERIOD!!

    Religion = Confusion. The Book of Acts confirms that for me.

    There was never any mention of Zeus or Jupiter in the old testament, supposedly written when Zeus(Jupiter) was the main god.

    BUT…Zeus and Hermes WERE mentioned in Acts, 70-100 years after the mythological christ was gone.

    The people still had a temple where they worshiped Zeus. The priest of the Temple of Zeus was there. The people considered Barnabus to be Zeus and Paul to be Hermes.


    11When the crowds saw what Paul had done, they raised their voice, saying in the Lycaonian language,

    “The gods have become like men and have come down to us.”

    12 And they began calling Barnabas, Zeus, and Paul, Hermes, because he was the chief speaker.

    13The priest of Zeus, whose temple was just outside the city, brought oxen and garlands to the gates, and wanted to offer sacrifice with the crowds.…

    Sicko’s (James I and VI) version:
    King James Bible
    And they called Barnabas, Jupiter; and Paul, Mercurius, because he was the chief speaker.

  55. Best starting position, in my view, is to IDENTIFY the sources of our problems (not the least of wh/ is cultural domination by the Jews), ISOLATE these sources and either ignore them, or expose them for what they are. Finally, COUNTER them. If Jews are going to spew filth and sedition, let’s counter that by producing similar anti-Israel products. Nothing like an anti-Israel “war game” for kids to assume. Doesn’t even have to be directly anti-Israel, just very pro-Palestinian. Now THAT would drive the Jews utterly nuckin’ futs!!!!

    Expose EVERY lie, point out the disasterous consequences of our idiotic support of the Jews and consumption of their slime, and get all this into print—THEN just sit back and see what happens. My bet is that there will be a whiny Kosher shit-storm and then a slow public awakening of the consequences of bowing to our intellectual betters, whether they be Jews or their moronic Goy puppets. Every time an Amurricun soldier dies, point out it was because he was fighting Israel’s wars for it. Every time you have to replace a “normal” light-bulb with one of those dangerous, expensive worm-like ones, thank a Jew and a liberal. Ditto, getting arrested for not wearing your seat-belt. YOUR seat-belt! And, above all else, start countering all the socialist/Jewish bilge being spooned into your childrens’ minds. THAT disaster is of our own making—the teachers didn’t leave the kids’ minds empty—the parents did. The teachers, pinko almost all of them, are simply filling a vacuum!

  56. Mr Levy,
    It is almost overwhelming to grasp the concept of Jews being so resented all over the World.
    And in the last several years Americans as well.
    I grew up in post-war communist Poland born to german Father and polish Mother.
    Being Lutheran did not help and I do know what real racism feels like.
    Two ‘events’ in recent months shook me to a core, and I am ashamed to say it took almost decades to seek and see the truth.
    One of the events was “BloodMoon” in April.
    I was curious, started to look for what it is, what it means, and one one website it was an article explaining the “Blood Moon” history and what it means…
    …toward end of the article the author said that only Jews will survive as the people guarded by God to be the only persons without sin allowed to prosper after the armageddon.
    It stoke me kind of funny, as I would imagine a load of people of various faiths and beliefs are worthy God’s attention.
    Another event was couple of weeks later when a neighbour asked me to drive his UK visitors to Auschwitz. I agreed but refused to be their “guide”. No problem, paid tour was inexpensive and few hours later we were on our way home.
    The obviously Jewish couple attacked me in the car with accusations: ‘ you knew and did not prevent the killings’…
    I heard the same sentence many times before living in States (permamnently for over 30 years, last few in Poland taking care of my Mother)…
    anyway…I did not say anything, but I was so charged I was ready to breathe fire…
    At home I checked Auschwitz Museum official site and stated somewhat little over million deaths! I was stunned!!
    What? I visited Auschwitz few times with school field trips, was told in school about 6 milion…so what the hell happened to 5 million Jews?
    Start digging info and I am not amused!
    Suddenly all puzzles from my childhood started to fall into place, a picture emerged and I was
    I no longer felt the guild placed upon me, and most importantly I no longer felt like I was raised in a family of NAZI’s!
    The manufactured lie and history (written by the victors as Churchill so fameously said)
    is catching up with people who play the victim making them selves better slaughtering little children in Palestine…
    …anticipating God’s approval on judgement day…

    1. Joanna, I loved your comment. Well done! Please read this short article on the Holocaust by Darkmoon and you will be even more indignant:


      You will be shocked to learn that the “gas chamber” shown to visitors at Auschwitz is a “mock-up” or fake gas chamber constructed AFTER the war. Yet the guides at Auschwitz have deliberately lied to the public, FOR THE LAST 60 YEARS, by telling them it is a genuine gas chamber built by the evil “Nazis”!

      As Faurisson has repeatedly said, “Show me a gas chamber!”

      After all these years of lies, the Jews have been unable to show anyone an actual gas chamber.

  57. What’s the matter, Mr Rothschild, has Ellie K rattled your viper’s nest, has she? Well, guess what? We all believe her, and your days are numbered. Stay tuned…
    (To everyone else, not to the Jewish scumbag above). Is it just me, or do I detect truthfulness in these emails sent to her by the vipers’ brood? There’s just something about them that seems too spontaneous and purposeless to be faked. What ever for? I really can hear the honest voice in them. But, then again, I’ve been hearing a lot of things lately in my head!!!
    Someone? Anyone? Please, your thoughts on this?

  58. ROMAN
    One may go to a fortune teller , hears religiously from her and asks her to tell him more.Has he got ta fake anything? Or does it make of a him a “fortune-tellist”?

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