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Please click the link below and sign the petition on behalf of Canadian citizen Arthur Topham. It will take you only two minutes to read the petition and sign it.

arthur tophamArthur Topham is being hounded by people who want to stifle free speech in Canada, by calling it ‘Hate Speech’.  You don’t have to be a member of MENSA to guess who are the people behind this; they are the same international group who bankrupted Fredrick Töben, in Australia, for his views on the so-called Holocaust and the libels being propagated about Germans.  They’ve done much the same to the British historian, David Irving and the French historian, Robert Faurisson; all honourable men whose only crime was to try and tell the truth.

Among their other pastimes, these people hound anyone who expresses negative views about Zionist, Apartheid Israel and its appalling treatment of the Palestinians, which is wrong by any standards of international law, ethics and morality; not to mention basic humanity.

If this trend against our right to freely and openly express dissent about what we feel are injustices and the illegal actions of individuals or nation continues, who knows what or who will be suppressed next? 


— Anthony Lawson

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Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

13 thoughts to “Petition on behalf of Arthur Topham”

  1. NIL DESPERANDUM, no surrender to these malevolent , supremacists who dare not let the world become aware of their egregious lies and wicked ways particularly the more recent war crime extermination of 600 children in Gaza and the 500 in Cast lead and …. and …. and ….

  2. I cant sign
    When I click on the link it takes me to a page that the only option is it tells me I need to up grade my browers


  3. “All war is based on Deception” (Sun Tzu The Art of War: 6th cent. B.C.)
    “”to exert irresistible pressure on the international politics of the present.” (Zionist Leon Pinsker)
    Talmud: “go micromanage every aspect of human existence, with focus on depopulation of the goyim.”
    “A million Arab lives aren’t worth one Jewish fingernail” (Ben-Gurion)
    “Get me the control of the money and I don’t care who makes the rules.” (Mayer Rothschild 1777)
    Holocaust (the 6million number invented by Ilya Ehernberg) was an Investment which produced the state of Israel. WW III is in progress: using goyim to kill goyim. And “without violent, implacable opposition to and hatted of all Jewish persons, including law-abiding ones of good will, the rabbinic work cannot advance”-
    Kabbalisic Spirit of Purim.

  4. whoever wrote this article is not up to snuff! a law WAS passed in the good ol’ USIsrael, i mean USA that makes it a crime to speak adversely ‘in any and all ways’ against the USI, Jews, Zionist, et al. No other peoples are ‘protected’ by such a law. INCREDIBLE IF YOU ASK ME.

  5. This man is brave beyond doubt. He knew what could happen to him if he were to rub the Talmudists the wrong way, yet he soldiered on. As a scholar, Mr. Topham has read thousands upon thousands more pages regarding this clique of Babylonian supremacists than I might in an entire lifetime. His conscience superseded tangible fear of reprisals and he’s done what was right. More men like him would surely shrug the yoke of Talmudic Judaism from the necks of ignorant gentiles around the world.

    1. Yes… Arthur IS brave, very brave.

      I saw some pics of his way younger years playing guitar while dressed and living in ‘hippie’ fashion. If the damned Talmudists would just leave people like him alone… Whew..!!

  6. Its about time that the secrecy comes to full fruition. This illusion about this so called race known as jews, is just fantasy period. These so called jews aren’t even from the MiddleEast and don’t belong there. A blood test was conducted by an Israeli and it was verified that they are in fact Khazars, from the area of Russia, Ukraine, etc. When they were destroyed as they were an evil tribe. They took it upon themselves to study and practise judaism. It was their attempt to avoid christianity or islamic religions. They have absolutely no semite in them. The B’nai B’rth is simply a british organization that is openly evil. The time has come where we must file charges against this evil when it openly engages the gentile.

  7. You can call Christians, Budhists, Muslims and Hindus – criminals but do not call Roth “Child” a criminal, if you want to avoid prison.

  8. What can be said about this bunch of??? What should we call them..’anti-humans’ , anti-biotic? as they are totally against all life including their own… no , its time to remove them completely from the conversation… and this time make it clear that they are in no way to return to our civil society… The book regarding the Germans and the substitution of the Israel word for the German word.. is telling isn’t it??
    You can’t make this stuff up… how can they think that we would so foolish as to go along with their take on how to live on this planet?? HA!
    Anything that they have had a hand in needs to be invalidated like the laws of their puppet politicians… invalidate…. the courts are poisoned by their virus… and they are dis-eased, why else would they behave so… They need testing for sociopathhy and then quarantine.

    It s up to us to make these decisions as they are incompetent to see the sickness of their ways, say no and remove the political monster who now resides at the head of the table in Ottawa… this crew has got to go.

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