The poison brew of blind belief

3-monkeysHow is it that life can treat us so cruelly, when we discover that the thing that can be dearest to our hearts turns out to be the most dangerous to our lives? How is that the beguiling promise of ultimate freedom can suddenly morph into the unforgiving walls of our permanent prison? And how could it be that the thing in which we placed our ultimate trust in our most severe times of danger turns out to be a devious ruse to enslave us, which sends our souls scurrying in the wrong direction from where we actually hoped they would go?

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

108 thoughts to “The poison brew of blind belief”

  1. John Kaminski asks the question: “How is that the beguiling promise of ultimate freedom can suddenly morph into the unforgiving walls of our permanent prison?”
    It is time you all read Doris Lessing’s book, Prisons We Choose to Live Inside.
    And then, as I have suggested, Orwell, Muggeridge, Solzhenitsyn and Henry Ford’s Dearborn Chronicle.
    They explain the insidious prison us WHITEYS of the West now find ourselves interred in.
    Our nations have been multiculturalised, miscegenated and all our traditions and laws destroyed. We have been turned into filthy, dumbed-down, porn-devouring, fat slobs – Kaminski’s drugged-out, zombie-like, white trash!
    And then read the history of the Illuminati – best explained in Mrs Nesta Webster’s great book (the greatest book of modern times) World Revolution, Constable and Co, London, 1921.
    The Jews are now the dominant force in the Illuminati and the controller of its global purse.
    You are their beasts of burden, to be treated and done away with at their whim. Their SATAN rules!
    Ultimate FREEDOM was lost because no one bothered to listen to your American Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson; or Washington, or Franklin, for that matter.
    Jefferson: “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our Constitution. If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
    “Jews will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance, and jeopardized our liberty.”
    Benjamin Franklin, American Founding Father, 1787
    Your CENTRAL BANK, and controllers of the global purse – and thus, GLOBAL POWER – are your JEWS who run your private consortium of banks called the FEDERAL RESERVE.
    Until your TREASURY and YOUR RESERVE become Jew FREE, there is NO HOPE for the American people and NO HOPE for the rest of us, in such lands as Australia.
    As things stand, THE ILUMINATI RULES!

      1. Hi SARDONICUS,
        I bin everywhere man! Started off in Me-i-co and then a rapid-fire trip of the USA. Yeah, you’ve got lots of bubbas and whores, just like Australia. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world; the Americans are the fattest, closely followed by your unofficial state, Australia. I liked most of the USA people I met and saw that many of you have deep concerns about your nation. I saw so many JEWS on your idiot-boxes that I could hardly believe it! Your 2% minority are popping up everywhere! Your television news is far worse than Australia and dominated by lies and disinformation. JEWS RULE! John Kaminski is understating the case when he says Obama is a liar! HE IS THE DEVIL”S CHILD – fully constructed by your lervly JEWS!
        I cannot see why you USA citizens cannot see the dominant minority among yourselves. THE TRUTH is in front of your nose all the time! At the political level, YOU HAVE TO GET THE MINORITY OUT OF YOUR FED “OWNERSHIP”!!!!
        Passed over the chance to visit the Jewish colony called Canada! Who who want to visait that hell hole?
        Back now in my family’s embrace. My wives missed me, and I have much catching up to do.

      2. Obviously no doubt about what you say about the Fed, Max.

        “Until your Treasury and your Reserve become jew-free, there is no hope for the American people and no hope for the rest of us”

        But there was never any control to take back. Even Jefferson, as prescient as he proved to be, never fully grasped that the founding of (as Pat aptly puts it) a Cohen-stitution (or CON-stitution) represented a flawed premise for a solid framework that would promote the interest of true liberty. Subsequently, any principles reflected therein could only serve to perpetuate the flaw.

        Call me biased, but as I see it, although white men like Jefferson got as close as any to understanding what a true concept of money is supposed to look like, he and they never quite got “over the hump” by simply adopting a native-american understanding.

        In my view, the other side of the “hump” has not only nothing to do with the immoral jew invention called “interest”, where a vast majority can’t get past an acceptance of it with a mindset of, “well, banks gotta make money too” (HA! – gotcha!). My contention is that what allowed the jews to invent this perfidous thing called “the vig(orish)” [interest] in the first place lies in an initial conception of “money” seen as an intermediary of exchange. This, as inocuous as it appears, ENABLED the Vig.

        Sure, sure, in THEORY all this could be seen as being controllable if the jew were removed from the picture. But I would disagree with this view by saying that this very intermediary nature of “money” IN AND OF ITSELF” smacks of jew!

        The moral alternative to it all?

        If material life is to have a “system” for it at all, short of worldly “economic” activities consisting of “gifting” as it would concern making exchanges, then any system for it must eliminate all notions of an intermediary.

        This is what it’s coming to anyway. Adapt accordingly or take the chip.

      3. B-Hawk –

        Interest on the currency is the real killer.
        Even native-americans had wampum belts for contracts and use of land which were swapped as ‘money’… but without interest.

        I do not give Jefferson a pass. He knew better, being the owner of the largest personal library of the time and a consummate inventor and accomplished farmer. He just looked the other way it seems. I would guess he gained something to do so. BTW… he was conveniently not available to go to the Paris Treaty in 1783, where the Crown laid down the laws of debts of the colonies(states).

      1. that in itself is a strong evidence that they are the rulers, sard.
        does the team of oxen pulling the wagon know who is in the driver’s seat?
        they think that whip is the boss.


  2. Good book list, Max. I’ve found it’s important to reduce these books to teaser versions so that other people can at least know about them, and might even get around to reading them once they understand what they’re about. But most people won’t. Most people can’t read anymore. Which makes telling them what’s going on extremely difficult. It’s up to us to teach them. Who else will do it?

  3. Good article. Christianity is indeed poison for the Aryan soul. I wonder how different Europe would have turned out without that Jewish poison. Would we have been as tolerant of the Jew if we had kept our blood religions? It’s an interesting question.

    Needless to say, Hitler and the National Socialists tried to rekindle the pagan fire that Christianity had snuffed, but he didn’t succeed, as the attempt was too half-hearted. If the Germans had only gone all the way and done what was necessary, they would have wiped out all those Jews they stuffed into those Holiday Inns they set up in the east instead of caring for them until the end, only so the Jews could then stab them in the back and accuse them of genocide.

    What a fucking joke it all is. Yellowstone can’t erupt soon enough.

    1. We may have had our differences, legionairre, but I feel your pain (sorry if that sounds trite. If it does, then chalk it up to cretins like Bill Clinton). And I’ll take this opportunity to say something that’s been on my mind for awhile now about Nietzsche. If indeed the straw that broke the camel’s back of sanity for him was to see a wagonmaster whipping his horse, filling him with a rage from which he never recovered, then that alone makes him all right in my book, regardless of anything else.

      That aside, I’ll say that when push comes to shove, the Divine Mother will have the last word. In whatever form is deemed necessary.

      Here’s a brief excerpt from the book I’ve been working on. although note that the words “that will redefine a moment” are in keeping with the general context of the entire book:

      “…In remaining days leading to a showdown (that will redefine a moment) are anamolous signs in time and nature which cannot do justice to what is on the brink of happening…”

      A wholesome annihilation; a do-over

      Call it “Preos”

  4. ADMIN says:

    We will allow this attack upon Christianity to appear on our site although we are all Christians ourselves here. I find much of this long comment casuistic and superficial.

    In order to persuade the simple reader to ditch Christianity and turn his back on the evil New Testament, Mr Merc, a self-confessed Jew, doctors or fabricates a quotation from the New Testament. This fabricated quotation appears below in bolded block quotes. Mr Merc states that the quote comes from Romans 2:6. We checked in two different versions of the New Testament, the Authorized Version and the Revised Standard Version, and found no such quote there. The opening sentences were correctly quoted, but verses 9-10 have been CUNNINGLY DOCTORED to say something ST PAUL DID NOT SAY IN THE ORIGINAL!

    A TOTAL DISTORTION of St Paul’s meaning!

    We must remind ourselves that Mr Merc is not only a self-confessed Jew whose clearly stated agenda is to destroy Christianity, but who has come onto this site using a multiplicity of sock puppets, many of them also Jewish.

    Mr Merc is first and foremost among a small coterie of Jews — impossible to say if ONE Jew or half a dozen — whose role here has been to act as publicity agents for the half-Jew Ellie Katsnelson. All these Jews — or is it only ONE or TWO Jews? — profess to hate the Jews even more passionately than the most extreme anti-semites do!

    Let the reader be on guard against this simulated “anti-Semitism”. It is totally bogus.

    It is in the interests of Big Jewry to stir up anti-Semitism to fever pitch. The main force behind anti-Semitism has always been Jewish, as Theodore Herzl was one of the first to point out. “We will make the Jews thoroughly hated,” Herzl once said, or words to that effect, “and we will get the gentiles to confiscate Jewish assets.”

    (Not Herzl’s exact words — I quote from memory — but pretty much the gist.)

    Remember it’s often Jews themselves who deface Jewish cemeteries and scrawl swastikas on walls.

    Alan Merc says:

    Another fine article by one of the finest writers in this website. The more he writes, the more enamoured of him do I become.

    But, speaking of the subject of this article. Judging by the spiritual deformities it has afflicted, and the decay of growth it has effected, Christianity may easily be considered as the single most enervating blight ever to corrode a human heart, fit only for the weak, the vulgar and the unlearned. Those like me, and there are many such me’s, who enter deeper into this religion of sublime soul-murder, may at first get the impression that one is being intellectually improved and spiritually cultivated, since at first there nowhere appears to exist more elevated principles in all the religions of the world put together than in it. But the longer one loiters in its bowels and inspects its hidden crevices and chambers, hidden both from sight as well as in meaning, the more does the decayed Jewish spirit appear in full light, a spirit so abstruse, so unreal and so opposed to real human growth, as to really make one wonder, JUST AS THE JEWS THEMSELVES OFTEN SAY TO THE CHRISTIANS, ”Who knows where you would be by now had you had no Christianity!”

    And that is precisely the point, my dear Lucy, for whether you are a sceptic or a non-believer, if your soul really has gravity and will not be injured if it carefully observes and scrutinizes and judges Christianity in a way, say, no different to that which a chemist looks at and judges a crystal, you will see that, apart from the popular opinion which in all ages and in all nations really has been and is of little or no worth, Christianity has always been thoroughly in earnest in placing the Jew ahead and above those who believe in and love Christ, and that to persevere in believing wholeheartedly in this rotten Judaic creed, is, in my opinion, to gain but for a few hours that semblance of comfort which must needs be expiated by a lifetime of penance and regret, oftentimes for crimes which one has not only not even committed, but more importantly, for crimes which every thinking brain knows are more imagined than real! For, dear Lucy, please listen to these utterly pathetic words:

    ”He will render to each one according to his works everlasting glory by endurance that is good, but there will be wrath and anger, tribulation and distress upon the soul of every man who works what is injurious to the JEW!” (Romans 2:6).

    (ADMIN: the words in bold letters have been fabricated. Nowhere do they occur in the New Testament.)

    My God Almighty! One might as well renounce the knowledge that adders poison and tigers tear to pieces!

    Now, my Lucy. You first referred to me as a Zionist troll, and then, in a beautiful and complete change of heart and mind, you went on to describe me as an intelligent and warm man, to whom, incidentally, you yourself could warm to. This is nice, but we must remind ourselves that for a serious forum such as this, there do exist more scrupulous and suaver methods in which we may communicate our feelings for one another, always keeping well before our minds the Stoic and Pyrrhonian precept that, ”Loving feelings are elevated the more, the more privately and quietly they are communicated.” But, to return to Christianity.

    Christianity has always been a religion of and for the wretched, and if its dogma is carefully dissected, one cannot but fail to see that it almost always is in collision with reality. For, by being candid, nay, deeply grateful, about its indebtedness to the Jews, it has not only enslaved itself to the Jews and thus has also retained its Judaic stamp, but even in its more elevated passages a distinctly Judaic tenor permeates through the New Testament and fills pretty much the whole of it with a distinctly Judaic spirit, since even in the more impassioned exhortations, and that of none other than Christ Himself, more specifically in John 4:22, we hear Him say to that wretched poor woman how, ”she doesn’t know what to worship, as salvation is from the Jews.” Salvation from the Jews? Fie! as our good Prince Hamlet was wont to say. No wonder he described this world as one vast unweeded garden!

    In conclusion, let me say this. The more a man accustoms himself in imagining that he will derive spiritual comfort or even salvation from Christianity, the more uncertain will his corporeal existence become, and thus also the narrower will his philosophical and reasoning principles become. Remember now: The New Testament has been cleverly joined to The Old, and this means that by the time a man finishes reading the last page of the Old and begins reading the first page of the New, he has already become a half Jew, which means, of course, that henceforth he will be reading the Christian Bible through the eyes of the Jew, and the mind of those who peruse the pages of this latter interesting book without any connection at all to the wretched and horrible Terrorism Handbook which preceded it, will be found to be not only different to those of whom I have just described above, but also they will be more in agreement to other men and women generally, and with oneself particularly, as a New Testament, shorn of its putrefying Judaic element, really would exemplify feelings and sentiments more favourable and conducive to not only human reasoning but also of happiness, since I cannot think of a loftier and nobler concept than that of Love, the only problem is, Christian Love has been employed and lavished principally upon the world’s most contemptible objects, most peculiarly reserved ”for them first and then the Greeks,” thus reducing what is most deep and sublime to what is the most vile and therefore entirely guided in the wrong direction. This is a recipe for disaster, as can be attested by the words of those poor Russians of whom Solzhenitsyn speaks in his, ”Two Hundred Years Together,” who said to the Jews of Kerch who had come to kill them, and indeed did kill them, ”But we’ve always loved you?!” That’s right! Love the Jew, and kill yourself!

    I have observed a thousand other terrifyingly dangerous injunctions in The New Testament which pertain to the Jews, such as the love of them, and which, if enunciated, would in no way meet with neither artificial nor reasoned obstacles, only I fear that the more I speak, the more I run the risk of uncovering the inner anatomy of my delicate rainbow, whose many a mean declamation have at least thrice attempted to callously disperse, since I really do believe in witches, and I really feel that they attend me here in every step, if you know what I mean.

    Dear Lucy, the nourishment of the loins and blood is no longer a mystery to be unravelled, but the nourishment of the heart and soul – that, sweetheart, to this day remains incomprehensible an undertaking to most.

    ”Ditch Christianity and save your soul. Love a woman and save two souls.” This is my motto in life.
    What’s yours, sweet Lucy?

    1. Well, well… Looks as if…
      She/he is baaaack..!!
      Long boring meaningless sentences and all.

      Admin noted:
      “Mr Merc is first and foremost among a small coterie of Jews — impossible to say if ONE Jew or half a dozen — whose role here has been to act as publicity agents for the half-Jew Ellie Katsnelson. All these Jews — or is it only ONE or TWO Jews?…”

  5. P.S. My thanks to Lobro for his earlier input. Sometimes justice is better than mercy, Lobro.

    1. @ Alan Merc

      See blockquote by ‘X’ at end of post:

      justice is always better than mercy.
      mercy is a convenient substitute when justice cannot be delivered due to shortage of information.
      at that point, the choice is between mercy and callousness and i have made my choice.

      on the subject of new testament quotes, i don’t know which way to turn, to be honest, because i am such a lousy reader that i can’t even be bothered to read it from start to finish, let alone memorize passages.

      if jesus does preach love and obedience to jews, then i’m outta there.
      but if lasha assures me that jesus said no such thing and has in fact linked them solidly to devil, then Jesus is my man.
      and lasha is my priestess.

      right now i got other things in my head … no worries about anyone ever selling me on the idea of accepting the general jewry under the same roof, neither jesus nor tyron can do that.

      so to me this whole argument can wait and it can wait a long time since i will probably never get to the source material, a new testament in koine greek with a decent translation.

      i think jesus was a righteous dude but i can’t be 100% sure about anything in this material world, can i (except the love and loyalty of my 2 yorkshire terriers, gone 11 years ago … and trust in lasha comes close second).

      and if Jesus truly was a righteous dude, no way would he have consented to any damn love affair with jews, no room in my mercy cabinet for that, only the clear-cut (and clearcut, rev up the chainsaws) justice.

      Don’t forget the Turin Shroud. You said you believed in its authenticity. Jesus would have to be far more than a mere “righteous dude” to have been the centerpiece of such a miracle. Have faith, for your faith will set you free.


      1. Let us assume Jesus did and does teach love and obedience to Jews.

        What would this have to do with Alan and his coterie of universal impersonators?

      2. I cannot stand it anymore!
        I just have to get back to my old, much-lerved style!
        Thus, again, I await scum, Jewish impersonators of me, who have used their IT connections to write in my name and thus falsify my word!
        Yeah, such as lobro, speed-read ya New Testament! Go on! I dare yuh! lobro is not a JEW!
        My original St James’ version has a NT of a mere 259 pages. I can read it in less than 30 minutes; especially so when it is a fact that the 4 gospels of Mat, Mark, Luke and John simply repeat essentially the SAME anecdiote: Yeah, Jesus comes from Nazareth, visits the insidious 2nd Temple of the JEWISH scumbags and overturns their moneychangers’ tables, upsets a few of the Temple’s prostitutes; and ends up being crucified by the SCUMBAG JEWS – who these days try to lay all the blame on the Romans! (Fully backed by the new Christian theology; which does lerv the JEWS. )
        MERCS tries to make out Jesus lerved the JEWS! He is a liar! Over 17% of the NT registers Jesus’ utter disdain/hatred for the JEWISH SCUM of the Temple. Fair dinks! Luther simply repeated Jesus’ directions on the filthy JEWS, just like your Founding Fathers. END OF STORY!
        It is ONLY the 100 million insidious Christian-Zionists who now LERV the JEWS; and the mentally disabled!
        The ONLY reason I like JESUS and his NT is His line: “Tell the TRUTH and learn the way and the (proper) LIFE.” Keats said the same: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” JEWISH lies are DEATH!
        EMBRACE THE BEAUTY and LIFE of the TRUTH! Tell the rest of the world about the JEWISH SCUMBAGS!
        C’mon be brave! Hate the bastards with an eternal vengeance!
        Here is the start of the list: Yellen, Axelrod, Immelt, Frank, Feinstein, Cohen, Geithner, Emmanuel, etc.

      3. Don’t forget the Turin Shroud. You said you believed in its authenticity. Jesus would have to be far more than a mere “righteous dude” to have been the centerpiece of such a miracle. Have faith, for your faith will set you free.

        well yes X, so i did and it still appears to be a true article of superhuman art.
        but consider the following points:
        1. even if everything in whatever version of n/t i have downloaded (there is this talking one by a bunch of hollywood stars) is the true word spoken by jesus and i happen to be uncomfortable by some of it, does it mean that i should accept it, just because he was (and presumably still is) capable of mighty miracles?
        if so, this is faith-by-fear and let me give you 3 historic personages who object to faith-by-fear system: jesus, rabbia (that shia poetess that i quote every so often) and lobro.

        1.a. the fact that there are different versions of n/t floating around (let’s say N of them) means that at least N-1 are wrong, so, the chances are that mine is wrong someplace and that gives me the freedom to say “i don’t like this and this in it, it is wrong”.

        2. jesus never wrote down a single syllable, so some old contrarian might argue that it is all psychobabble by retards who followed jesus around (any record of jesus rejecting any of his followers on account of mental incompetence?)

        3. yet, i still have faith despite all this, but a blind faith? that would be a cardinal sin against my eyes and brain, why was i given these tools if not to use them? my god, jesus and the saints said: “let’s give lobro eyes and brain, see what he does with them, maybe he shocks us by coming up with something new”.

        so, i is jest doin me job, majesty … not to say X that you should adopt my way just because lobro is cool or crazy enough to be right, i give everyone the right and encouragement to find their own way in the bewitched forest, let’s look for more treasures and miracles beside the Shroud, i want mine, found by me, not bought at the garage sale.

        like alan merc said: let’s err on the side of merc.
        (or maybe he didn’t say that)

  6. This is a most thought-provoking piece, Mr. Kaminski! It ‘sorts out’ a lot of the problems we have endured from the secular conflicts within the (broad!) spectrum of ‘Christianity’. Certainly, some have warped the perception of God and Jesus Christ to suit their own quests for power (as Oliver’s writings indicate so well). Unfortunately, for most of mankind, the conflicts among those perceptions have given rise to many troublesome times. That we can retrieve benefit from bits and pieces of MOST religions lends testimony that NONE of them are 100% on-spot. The mistake people make, as consequence, is allowing that circumstance to convince them that God and Jesus do not exist and endure.

    ‘To know wisdom and instruction,
    To discern the sayings of understanding,
    To receive instruction in wise behavior…
    … A wise man will hear and increase in learning…’
    (see The Proverbs 1:2-6)

    The solutions are there, but we have CONFUSED them.

  7. Left a comment exactly 7 hours ago and it still hasn’t appeared. I can’t understand some things.

    1. Khaled: See blockquote by Admin below (in bold font)

      hey hey back here to visit what has become the new Aryan nations website; I mean, not new really; this place has been around forever but “the replacement” of places like Judicial inc and the Arian nations blog, thanks to a few new members who invaded and poisoned the place.

      Here you will find white men insinuating and sometimes not so subliminally asserting it but openly blaming “the Jew” for the west´s misery! Yet they call themselves the “civilized west” while calling others “the third world”..

      Hey I am a Palestinian ready to provide, for example pictures of myself pointing at a screen that shows “darkmoon” to prove it; a Palestinian who should be happy that the white man has found the jew guilty of troublemaking; I am myself a victim of the jew. But how does a victim becomes one and who is a victim and a victimizer and how is it that one who has been abused becomes an abuser? Abused in a holocaust, for example, and later after being continuously and non stop raped and killed in camps then the abuser turns around and tries to deny he did it?

      How does someone say something like “muslims rape white women” with a straight face when and even after that person was shown statistics that clearly show that the white man commits 99.6 percent of rapes the world over and has done so since Adam raped Eve? (Loud laughs in the background)…

      You make a big logical mistake by associating the administrators of this website with the commenters who post here. We are NOT responsible for the silly opinions of our commenters and we severely disapprove of Islamophobia in all forms. Lasha and I can hardly be described as “anti-Muslim” since we are behind the Palestinian people 100 percent!

      If White Nationalist extremists make their views known on this site, why blame us? We did not post the comments. We are NOT “a new Aryan nations website”, as you erroneously state. Not once has Lasha Darkmoon or the administrators of this website used the word “Aryan” or put in a good word for White Supremacism.


      I mean how many Native American women did the white man rape?

      And how many African slaves did the white man rape and after the poor black girl gave birth, the fuc-ker SOLD HIS OWN SON?
      how further MUST I go on to explain that yes the “jew is bad” but others – the white man- are wayyyyy worse?

      So go blaming the jew for the ebola and go on – while moaning- go on typing stupid shit like “I wonder how different Europe would have turned out without that Jewish poison”

      Worse, I guess, idiot! worse because the proof is the wars between catholics and protestants that left millions dead. worse because of the crusades.

      Don’t spill your redneck beer when you scroll back up to read this, ´cause I know you will.
      go on proudly telling us you killed vietnamese and tell us the truth,
      tell us that
      you cheered when your boy george invaded iraq
      I am Khaled-Mohamed-Othman aka the avatar

      1. “How does someone say something like “muslims rape white women” with a straight face ”

        Because it’s the truth. White women have been raped by the millions over the course of centuries by Moors, Saracens, Turks, Jews, Negroes, and other mongrels.

        “when and even after that person was shown statistics that clearly show that the white man commits 99.6 percent of rapes the world over ”

        I’d like to see a source for that statistic.

        “and has done so since Adam raped Eve?”

        Fictional characters.

        “I mean how many Native American women did the white man rape?”

        Far fewer than the reverse.

        “And how many African slaves did the white man rape ”

        Far fewer than the number of White women raped by negroes since we gave them their “rights.”

        “worse because the proof is the wars between catholics and protestants that left millions dead.”

        One of the reasons why I detest Christianity.

        “worse because of the crusades.”

        They were a response to 400 years’ worth of Islamic aggression.

        “Don’t spill your redneck beer when you scroll back up to read this, ´cause I know you will.”

        I hate rednecks and beer.

        “go on proudly telling us you killed vietnamese and tell us the truth,”

        I wouldn’t have supported the war in Vietnam.

        ” tell us that
        you cheered when your boy george invaded Iraq”

        To serve the Jew, not Whites.

        ” I am Khaled-Mohamed-Othman aka the avatar”

        Wow, a Muslim named a Mohamed. Don’t you fucks have any originality? Funny how you never see Whites, not even Christians, named Jesus.

      2. catholics sunni and protestants shias that left millions dead. worse because of the crusades.

        preach on, donmeh takfir, just don’t blame the jews.
        tell us about how great isis is, their masters in herzliya, how bad shias are and how good their livers taste.
        go on, tell us, we can’t wait to learn something new and useful.

        if you were a real palestinian, you’d be with hezbollah, catching and executing informers, fighting the howling cannibals of al nusra and helping the democratically elected president of syria save his country from libya’s fate (check out his election score, overseen by osce and pronounced clean).

        but why do i suspect that you have no interest in that?
        rita katz refuses to sign the paycheck?

  8. hi all!
    it is that time of year, when the eternal question is asked.

    so this time, the subject is ebola (ebola is not an anagram for lobro, who got bored of old handle and is using this one, just once).

    here we go:
    Q did any goys die of ebola?
    A yes glory to YHVH, lots, thousands of them, in practically all the countries of n america and europe as well

    Q did any jews die of ebola?
    A never a single one glory to YHVH

    now the question which we await in joyous anticipation:
    A … (look in the back pages of talmud)

  9. >> Who are the Illuminati? I’ve never met one! Never even seen a photo of one.

    Evidently Woodrow Wilson also have never met one, not even seen a photo of one, but at least his antenna was sensitive enough (not like the antenna of Sardonicus) to detect the Beast:

    Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

    They know that America is not a place of which it can be said, as it used to be, that a man may choose his own calling and pursue it just as far as his abilities enable him to pursue it; because to-day, if he enters certain fields, there are organizations which will use means against him that will prevent his building up a business which they do not want to have built up; organizations that will see to it that the ground is cut from under him and the markets shut against him.

    The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley might give you some idea how the matrix works.

    1. AND… JFK told of it, still around, in April, 1961…

      “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence—on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

      “Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.”

      1. the only catholic president in a country which is over 50% catholic.
        go figure.

        but of course, membership in secret societies is grounds for excommunication, wonder why that rule was instituted.

        but of double-course, the second council abolished that rule in 1962, ie, it’s ok because our “elder brothers” will make sure everything is ahem, kosher.

      2. “…but of course, membership in secret societies is grounds for excommunication, wonder why that rule was instituted.”

        Because membership DUES in secret societies took lunch MONEY from the guy in the tall alligator hat, not really a Florida fan.

  10. Looks like pseudoskylax has never read the Bible, but then again this is a write in thing and it would take too long to prove you dont know the difference between a Jew and a Siberian Husky let alone a Jew and a Judahite and or Israelite, but you keep at it. Keep bashing a book you never read and never will. No, flowers are really little goat turds, the sun shining on the water is a rain storm, salmon swimming upstream a Holocaust. Certainly there must be good if it is supposed to defeat evil, but it looks like you conceded already (actually long ago before I heard of you).

  11. SPQR
    I have fortunately never suffered the indignity of rape, but once years ago I came very close. I was relaxing in High Park with my dog and a bottle of wine and was delighted when three college age white men approached me. Being young and naïve and more than a bit tipsy I presumed that they were taken with my sparkling personality but it very quickly became ugly. A black man happened by, saw my distress, intimidated them into retreating and escorted me to the nearest subway. I’m aware of black on white crime statistics but I refuse to judge an entire people en masse.

    1. what did the dog do, pretend not to notice?

      btw, we may have even met (when i was past college age) because i used to walk my 2 dogs all the way around the park for over 10 years back in 90s and early 2000s.

    2. @ Karen T

      “A black man happened by, saw my distress, intimidated them into retreating and escorted me to the nearest subway. I’m aware of black on white crime statistics but I refuse to judge an entire people en masse.

      Well said, Karen! Lasha will be very pleased to read this comment. This site has often been accused of being a “White Supremacist” site, which it is certainly not. Lasha has actually requested posters not to use the word “nigger” here and they have stopped doing so.

    3. Karen:

      You’re aware of black on white crime statistics but you don’t condemn them collectively? Do you have the same attitude towards Jews and their criminality?

      I don’t understand that kind of mentality, the white liberal mentality that says that unless 100% of the members of a race are bad, they cannot be condemned collectively. You can be sure that blacks and Jews don’t have that attitude towards Whites, who they do see collectively as evil.

  12. LD: Alan: I am glad you admit in this excellent comment of yours to having FALSIFIED THAT QUOTE FROM THE NEW TESTAMENT. That was honest of you! You also gave an excellent reason for employing such dirty tactics: in war, all tactics against the Enemy are fair, even and especially foul ones.

    Here is your philosophy, and it is of course totally Machiavellian as well as Jewish: THERE ARE NO RULES IN WAR EXCEPT ONE: MAKE SURE YOU WIN!

    Ultimately, all that matters is winning, not HOW you win. This is Israel’s policy, and it now the policy of Pax Americana under its new Jewish masters: GLOVES OFF! NO RULES! FIGHT TO WIN!”

    Nature red in tooth and claw. The predator rules. Vae victis!

    I can well understand your contempt for the Nazarene, dear Alan, he who preached the polar opposite. Love your enemies, turn the other cheek! Yes, Alan, one doesn’t have to be a Jew to say: “This is the religion of slaves! It guarantees defeat!”

    All very true! But you know something? At the end of the day, there is such a thing as a hollow victory… sometimes known as a “Pyrrhic victory.” What satisfaction can the blood-spattered Conqueror have when the red mist of rage disperses and he sees himself standing there, triumphant, with his booted foot atop a mound of corpses?

    The Devil’s victory, Alan, ’tis the Devil’s victory!

    Thus spake the Christ: “What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world, yet suffer the loss of his own soul?”



    ALAN MERC says:

    Stupidity does not consist of a vacant or an empty mind. If it did, stupidity of this kind would be considered innocent, cute, and capable of being filled with wise thoughts. Rather, stupidity consists in having numberless ideas, infinite thoughts and even more stratagems, only all stupid, such as the idea of storming a castle made entirely of quartz-stones with a battering ram, or using flame-throwers in a thick forest to ferret out a man-eating animal.

    In the fight against the Jew – if indeed this really is the aim of those who present themselves as being such fighters – who cares if we falsify our books or not? What matters if we pretend to rob our own people and blame the Jews for it? And what conscience can forbid us to poison every single well and cry, ”See, I told you: the Jews did it!” Who? What? I’ll tell you who and what: the utterly, utterly wretched and depraved Christian conscience; the religion of soul invalids, of morbid ghosts, of cadaverous nothings; the religion of the dead, for the dead, by the dead. To go forward in life by constantly thinking about suffering and penance, is to be possessed by death and not life. This perhaps explains the fact why the Jews have always ravaged Christian and not Muslim or Chinaman’s lands! And he does it by doing PRECISELY what the monotonous Administrator of this site censures and abhors: he falsifies, he cheats, he lies, he defrauds, he calumniates, he steals, he robs, he imprisons, and he kills – all falsely, just as he blamed the innocent Arabs for changing for ever the face of New York just so he can get what he wanted, and get what he wanted he did! How? By being a devilish liar and falsificator and killer! By treating the entire Christian world which he inhabits as an enemy, against whom no stratagem, however unfair or cruel, is to be spared. And yet, what have we from our still greenhorn Administrator? ”Everybody, please take note: this comment has been doctored; that comment does not prescribe to our Christian doctrine and values; the other comment may be prejudicial and thus offensive; and the other comment still …” – empty twaddle, even if exerted with the great authority of… scholars!

    Yes, I, ALAN MERC, OF CHELSEY, LONDON, SW3, FALSIFIED THE QUOTE! and I will falsify everything, anytime, and anyhow if it helps me crush to the size of the little mica the enemy of the entire Cosmos! I play fair only with the fair, and most dirty with those who are dirty. Here, where injustice? Where here unfairness? And where cruelty? I’ll tell you where: in the idiotic Christian mentality, that’s where, WHICH HAS NOW COME TO TERMS THAT WITH CUNNING AND FORCE IT CAN NEVER HOPE TO DESTROY THE JEW, AND SO TRIES PATHETICALLY TO NOT ONLY LOVE HIM, BUT ALSO TO BRAND AS UNDESIRABLE ANY AND EVERY MAN WHO SO MUCH AS THINKS OF USING THE EXACT SAME WEAPONS AGAINST THE JEW WHICH THE JEW HIMSELF USES AGAINST THE POOR PORNOGRAPHIZED, ZOOLOGICAL CHRISTIANS.

    ”Against an enemy, ruse or courage – what matters!” – Vergilius

    Well, dear Administrator, for whom my feelings fluctuate between cold and hot a trillion times a second, unless you can beat the Poet, and if you REALLY want to get rid of the Hebrew bacillus who of your race has made monkeys, you had better be prepared to fight the dirtiest war imaginable, for, as things stand and with the warnings and exhortations which you trumpet to your loveless and lonely readers, you will never go beyond the level of being mysteriously pretty, which would be fine but ultimately specious and misleading, for anyone who has seen through the Jew as I have, will tell you that against him, NOTHING IS FORBIDDEN, AND I MEAN NOTHING. If I could, I would strip entirely the Christian Bible and expurgate it of every single sympathetic reference it makes to the Jews – but no, this would be too sacrilegious for some, wouldn’t it! It would offend St Paul, the most Jewish Jew of all! Ha-ha! Are you sure we are fighting the Jew in this site, Madame? Or are we, as you ever so melancholically presume me to be, pretending?

    Falsify hourly, blame daily, and… every generation of Jews. Against you, the Jew has no mercy. Why should you have any against him?

    Administrator, administrator: was it not your own esteemed and much-loved countryman who warned mankind that, ”Sickness grows the greater, the nearer we get to the Jew and the Church?” Yes, it was. Well, you may have alienated me by turning your little flock of bees against me, but I can promise you that, in the fight against the enemy of all life, it is not my type who is garrotted and raped and burned and melted, but yours and your readers’, who deem it condescending to stoop to his level and fight by using his arsenal and his weapons.

    Ah, but we have forgotten. The subject of this comment was STUPIDITY – remember? And if a man has tried for 2,000 years to solve the same problem and has not only not succeeded but tries again solving the same problem using the same method, Madame Administrator, if I may, how would we define that? Stupid, that’s how!

    (Sock puppet, sock puppet: if you keep being so damn silly and repetitious, one day every different voice to yours will be a sock puppet!) Grow up, will you!

    Sometimes I think that I am either unworthy of this site, or simply too good for it, to be perfectly honest. No offense.


    1. ”But why, if a man may speak the truth, should one not indulge against the Jew the darkest images of revenge? Point me to one passage of historical literature where a Jew has not been found dripping in human blood? Find me one race whom this devil incarnate has not violated, and burned, and beaten and enslaved? Mention one town which this awful seed has helped elevate from poverty and dependence to prosperity and success? Scrawl me the name of but one library which these demonic thieves have not ransacked and burned? Show me one neighbourhood, one gallery, one street which the sons of Zion have embellished with the beauties of their mind? Take me to one city which their Hebraic majesties have turned into a real metropolis? Read me one philosophical tractate which would elevate the whole of mankind? Point to one law which a Jewish mind has created for the betterment of nations? Mention one imagined production of theirs which one may justly pronounce profound? Speak of one man from their midst whose mind and soul is as refined as that of Kant? Write down the name of one Jew who has not attributed his genius to his own personal god? Take me to behold but one painting traced by their withered hands which is not a product of a vitiated imagination? Read out loud but one endeavour of theirs which has not ultimately led to innumerable cold graves? Recall but one exciting creation of the Jew which has not substantially promoted shame and disgust? Where amidst the Jews the eloquent divine of a Cicero? Where their poetic genius of a Shakespeare? Where their Notre Dame, their Canterbury, their Amiens and Angouleme? Where the elevated, the refined, the beautiful Jew? No, friend, nowhere, for the Jew is no embellisher of towns and cities; he is no builder of Rouens and of Autuns; he is no author and poet and painter and philosopher – he is a JEW, friend, a JEW, a creature that demands blood: dark, thick, human blood, blood which, if it could be abstracted, would be demanded by him openly, shamelessly and without delay. Ah, well, in any event, friend, if you and I do not shed his, consider ourselves fortunate if we meet our end by our own choosing and in our own times.”

      Alan Merc – a short passage from my ”Complete Fragments,” and a riposte to Lasha of the dark side of the moon. If ever again you refer to me as a sock puppet, I intend to substantially and irremediably impoverish your site by no longer gracing it with fine English prose, and instead leave the crying space to the less profitable exertions of the disrespectful few and the trifling mental vapours of the malevolent some. Would you like me to do that?

      1. Alan Merc –

        You are correct that Jews are not builders, nor are they skillful perfectionists.

        Armies are very difficult to build and perfect.

        No worries of a Jew army take-over, or marching anywhere.

    2. you make a perfectly valid point a. merc.

      eternal turning of other cheek is something that i too have trouble with and so should lasha.
      let’s see if we can work around it.
      fact is that, whether jesus actually said it or not, it was directed at the romans, not the perfidious hypocrites.

      would jesus turn the other cheek to the devil? he supposedly came to earth for the sole purpose of fighting him (i think).

      lasha has said more than once that violence in self defense is permitted, so what’s the problem?
      the problem is in the definition of self defense.
      commencing defense after you are dead is not a good plan and we are almost dead, maybe we are already and too late to do anything, turning the other cheek is just part of post mortem.

      because there is absolutely nothing to indicate that the jews have changed their essence and wish good stuff for us, show me if i am wrong.
      let those jews who deserve to live unjew themselves now, before their conversions is suspect, like cryptos, marranos and conversos of spain.
      let them follow the example of ellie, merc, toaff, atzmon, vanunu, shamir, vanunu, barret, sabrosky and a bunch of others (and even then, can’t be too sure, can never be too sure even among ourselves).

      but the jews who remain jews are our mortal enemies, their entire existence predicated on hatred of goy, his death or subjugation.
      because of them and they are in the huge majority, the self defense must be now.

      so what if alan merc lied in order to rouse the goy from his stupor, it is an honorable lie, uttered for honorable reasons.
      i prefer it to “ilya ehrenburg is here with his troops, let’s turn the other cheek, and girls, put on the best makeup, stockings and leather mini skirts” – which is the actual truth, isn’t it – ilya ehrenburg is howling at the door.

  13. And so goodbye and good riddanace to this site forever! I have been censored out!

    ADMIN: Your previous comment simply went for AUTOMATIC MONITORING! You weren’t singled out. This is a completely random process, with the computer deciding in its infinite wisdom which posts to “monitor”. This is now happening to far more posts than before and is unfortunately the only way we can screen out spam. It is a spam filtration device. Even Lasha’s posts are sometimes going for automatic monitoring!

      1. Max, that was for Alan.
        But I do understand your misconscrewing the intent, all things considered..

  14. Before I say anything else, can I please start with admission that I am a sock puppet? Yes? Thank you! That makes everything a hell of a lot easier.

    I will not swear (Heaven forbid!) nor curse at Lasha, but will only say that as far as I can see, this website is not the genuine article. Rather, it is a forum where rarely an intelligent person flies by, where occasionally an interested man or woman may drop a line or two, and where for the most part Internet addicts, unemployed bums, narcissistic fools and simply freaks who have put it in their head that Lasha loves them that make up the majority of this sad and lately incredibly boring coterie. And how immensely clever of Lasha! She has presented herself to ”her” readers as a woman, knowing ingeniously that the idea of a mysterious woman is much more capable of capturing the imagination of men than that of a man. Stupendous! How Jewish!

    Every fricking body who disagrees with her is labelled a sock puppet! Every opinion which may not necessarily be wrong but which goes against her and those of her conditioned readers is either banned, like mine many times before, or is brushed aside by warning ”her” readers of some malicious intent or another! And every support which a reader may give to another reader with whom ”she” disagrees, is immediately made to feel unwelcome!

    MONITOR LUCY SKIPPING: Why blame Lasha when I am the site monitor? Lasha has nothing to do with the Comments section. She barely has time to read the comments, let alone “censor” them.

    Automatic monitoring is not “censorship”. This is happening more frequently now on a pretty random basis and is tied to our new spam filtration policy.

    Are not Diversion and Confusion Jewish tactics? ”Lemmings,” are you listening? ”Semi-moronic apes,” do you hear? By ostensibly allowing anyone to say ”anything,” you dogs immediately and without questioning believe that this is a fair dinkum site, that here is a fellow sufferer who is risking life and limb just so ”she” can get her message across, forgetting, apes that you are, that you no more know Lasha than I know you or you me. That’s how easy it is to fool you lot! I said it before, and I’ll say it again: one day, only lobro and Lasha will be talking here, until that is Lasha gets it in ”her” head that somehow he too might be a sock puppet and then, Auf Wiedersehen with him too!

    I won’t say it’s a crap site, but I will say that it is not genuine, that it seeks to divert and ignore, and that (truth is truth) if there exists anywhere on the Internet a site with most pull, it would certainly be this one, that’s how powerful is the idea of a mysterious woman. But you are lemmings, remember, and as such deserve everything you get.

    If I ever again write a single sentence here, or even so much as type darkmoon ever again in Google, may I lose my sight.

    1. Speck –

      There is no such thing as a ‘genuine’ blog site. Like ALL governments, they ALL are fictions.

    2. If I … even so much as type darkmoon ever again in Google, may I lose my sight.

      easy meester swift, easy.

      had you been brought up like us catholics, you’d do it until you need glasses.

      and remember this, once you decamp from here, you are back in an even more moronic herd, which is why everyone, no matter how pissed at the admin, eventually return, bleary and rheumy eyed.
      we are the herd of prize goys, won blue ribbon at every alexa fair.

      because i am not fashion conscious, i have nothing against sock puppets, provide the socks are washed every so often, it kind of gets stale otherwise.

      and this to administration: your job is not to wage campaigns at the drop of the hat.
      somehow you are getting more belligerent in old age.
      either people say what they want or publish a list of inclusion/exclusion criteria on each conceivable topic so people can decide before committing to the site.

  15. Your moderation is awaiting comment.

    ADMIN: See below on new spam filtration policy. The longer the comment, the more likely the computer is to send it for automatic monitoring. Lasha’s own comments are often going for moderation. Too bad, serve her right!!!

    1. ys, sr nderstood.
      in my shop u wil find bst selekshn f subprime mtges, penis xtenders, c1al1s, v1agra made in mudagascar, go 4 it, frget p0lit1cs & jews – jst lo0k 4 sign that sez lobr0 + jessel d0llar st0r, 40% discunt to dysluxix

  16. waiting for …

    2 hours ago i posted a comment, the best comment of my too short life, so good that i almost remember what it was all about.

    so maxy, don’t run yet, you are in the stellar company of the mode-rats.

  17. The dog was a pup, 6 or 7 months, and I frequented the park in the late 70’s early to mid 80’s, before moving to Montreal. Beautiful park though, even nicer than Mount Royal.

  18. Gilad Atzmon quote:

    An Israeli Facebook page launched earlier this month to assist Israelis in escaping their apocalypse through migration has now gone viral reaching more than 700,000 Israelis. It is called Olim Le-Berlin, ‘Ascending to Berlin,’ using the same positive Hebrew expression ‘Aliya’ attributed to the Jewish Diaspora emigrating to Israel.

    Apparently, the confident Zio-patriotic balloon has been burst by a few Palestinian rockets landing in Tel Aviv. In truth, this implosion is occurring because the Jewish State is an inconvincible concept. As much as the Jews yearned to return to their phantasmic ‘homeland,’ they failed to make Palestine into a true home. On the contrary, Israel has become the definitive showcase of every problematic Jewish ideological and cultural trait: it is racially supremacist, it is exclusive, it is an abusive ghetto suffocated with goy hatred, and its treatment of its own people and especially its poor is despicable.

    Yesterday, I learned from Israeli TV Arutz 2 that the migration campaign organizers have applied directly to German Kanzlerin Angela Merkel to request 25,000 temporary work visas. They did so in response to more than 9000 calls from desperate Israelis. Some Israeli patriots are clearly devastated by the recent dash to mass migration, they labeled the new campaign as an “insult to all Holocaust survivors.” “See you in the gas chambers,” commented one critic on the Facebook page. If any of these WMD obsessed Israelis really want to witness the way in which my exile Israeli friends interact artistically with me, jazz chambers rather than ‘gas chambers’ is probably the best place to do so.

    According to Israeli officials, the number of Israeli ‘deserters’ is offset by incoming Jews from Eastern Europe, America and France, who tend to be “more religious and right-wing.”

    Israeli officials also admit that Western metropolitans are more attractive to Israeli secular and educated youngsters. A growing numbers of educated Israelis understand that Israel’s fate is pretty much sealed.

    It is crucial to remember that for more than a few years, Israelis of European descent have been queuing at German, Hungarian and Polish consulates for foreign passports. Their Sephardi brothers are also eagerly awaiting for the Spanish parliament to approve a plan to grant nationality to no less than three million Sephardi Jews.

    The take home message is devastatingly clear. Israel has now officially entered its final terminal phase. The catastrophic situation has entered into Israeli collective awareness. Israelis are now running for their lives and they have good reason to believe that Europe will soon close its gates to avoid the Hebrew tsunami.

    Predictably, it wasn’t the watery Soros funded ‘non-violent’ BDS movement that brought the Jewish State to its end. It was effectuated by authentic Palestinian resistance; an Islamic motivated willingness to fight and a fierce determination to win. It is the ability to send a ballistic message to Tel Aviv and Haifa that delivers the unmistakable message to Israelis that they are dwelling on stolen land.

    Again, we see that it doesn’t take much for the Jews to reveal their flimsy ideological and spiritual bond to nationhood. If the IDF and Zionism initially inspired the fearless Jewish combative warrior; a few sirens in Tel Aviv revealed the feeble nature of Israel’s ideological bond and the depth of Israeli hedonistic inclinations. From a psychoanalytical perspective, it may be that the murderous barbarism Israel exhibited in every recent round of violence is the result of a desperate attempt to conceal the weakness and the crumbliness of Jewish nationalism.

    1. Israelis moving to Germany has nothing to do with the conditions in Israel. They’re moving to Germany to finish it off for good, and to rape German girls in acts of “vengeance.”

      1. Raping German men seems even more likely…..

        Many moving back are young women.

        Berlin is among the cities that now attract ‘the type who made Tel Aviv cool’, young, single, non-religious and often female graduates, and Berlin is now deemed a safe place for Jews, according German tabloid Bild, having among others a left leaning online magazine in Hebrew, Spitzmag

      2. German men are such effeminate pussies today I wouldn’t be surprised if they think that fucking jew bitches is being disrespectful to them. At the same time they probably love the idea of jew males fucking German women.

        Germany should never have surrendered in 1945. They should have fought to the last man, woman, and child instead of accepting mental enslavement by the Jew.

    2. Olim Le-Berlin, ha. Trying to revive the decadent twenties, I suppose. Don’t forget Webinat Weimar, where, a few years ago, they wanted to establish their own autonomous region within Germany based on the arts. And Ihor Kolomoyski of Ukrainian fame together with the Chabad Lubavitchers wants to rebuild Khazaria in Ukraine.

      But, you have to give it to them:
      “Finally the symbolism is appropriate: The 12 stars – The 12 Tribes of Israel”, referring to the European flag. They inaugurated their own Jewish Parliament on Febr.16, 2012 with 120 members modeled after the Knesset. Location? Same as the European Parliament in Brussels.

      Joel Rubinfeld from Belgium, stressed that the challenges “which concern nothing less than the future and the place of more than 3 Million European jews in their respective countries are huge.” In this case Kolomoyski is a vice and plays second fiddle at least outwardly.

      So, I guess, if the Israeli Crime Syndicate based in Israel looses control of their herd of sheep there will be nets flung all over the place to catch them. Meanwhile, Eretz Israel is still in the making.

    3. Oh dear…..”First we’ll take Manhattan then we’ll take Berlin” – Mr Cohen. Next stop – who knows – maybe Ukraine…..

  19. this is going to be large but it is just a giant quote

    from the waters flowing eastward by paquita smishareff, 1950, subtitled
    The War Against the Kingship of Christ
    this is supposed to be the most exhaustive investigation ever of the protocols of zion.

    part i zionism
    CHAPTER II. – The Jewish Community: its Spirit and Organization
    The authority of the Jewish leaders, … had already in the time of Augustus been widely extended by a learned but unscrupulous priesthood over an ignorant, superstitious people.
    … during the siege of Jerusalem by Vespasian, they won, by the betrayal of the Jewish cause, the favour of the Roman conqueror, and … entrusted by the imperial government with the administration of Palestine. Moreover, with the sack of Jerusalem, the destruction of the temple, and the death of the patriotic leaders, the common people found themselves utterly dependent, … upon these same self-styled societies of the learned, who alone possessed the secrets of the priesthood and copies of the sacred texts. By interpreting, altering, and augmenting the rules and ritual these texts contained, and by a system of espionage and assassination, the new rulers established a strict control over the daily life of their coreligionists. … this clique easily placed its laws above the ten commandments, and formed a government whose control over its subjects was absolute.
    This government became henceforth known as the Kahal.
    The dispersion of the Jews which followed in 135 A.D., instead of destroying the Kahal, served on the contrary to set it on a new and firmer basis, on which it has continued ever since.
    Wherever Jewish emigrants settled, they founded communities apart under the direction of the fraternities, and held to the precepts of the Talmud. Each community had its representative, its rabbi, its synagogue: it was a miniature Kahal. … For if the ruling clique or caste had begun by grinding down its own race,” it now saw that, by drafting them into its organization, it could exploit the gentiles on a far grander scale.” The number of fraternities was increased by the addition of trade unions, every trade in which the Jews engaged being represented. To strengthen its control and to advance the interests of the Jews as a whole, it developed and perfected that system of espionage which it still maintains.

    The following paragraph deserves a special emphasis
    It sent agents to watch over Jewish affairs at police stations, and, when opportunity offered, distribute gifts to the employees. Other agents were posted at the doors of shops, hotels, business houses, lawcourts, and even in the private households of government officials. These trained agents had each a special field to cover: police, export, import, exchange, government supplies, lawsuits, etc. The duty of an agents assigned to lawcourts was to keep constantly in touch with the proceedings, or with the official, meet the petitioners and, when practicable, fix the sum they must pay for a favourable judgment. This concluded, the agent took all necessary steps, and often succeeded in obtaining a decision contrary to justice. But in every case, the first duty of the agent was to note all errors and irregularities committed by the court, and all scandals brought out in the course of trial: these, reported and carefully recorded in the files of the Kahal, could be used as weapons against any person involved, who might later wish to act contrary to Jewish interests.
    Thus the order derived strength from three sources: advance information on trade conditions, bribery, and blackmail. It is quite easy to understand the reasons of the concentration of trade in the hands of the Jews, wherever they have settled in sufficient numbers.

    Money quote that explains the “good jews”.
    For if on the one hand the individual Jew is the slave of the Kahal, his submission on the other hand is rewarded by its support in his struggle with non-Jewish competitors.
    He can count on the immediate help of his fraternity, and where necessary of the whole organization, and thus is assured of the victory over any single gentile. The teaching in the synagogue incited its following to a thorough exploitation of their gentile neighbours, care only being taken not to excite hostility to the extent of endangering the whole community. This doctrine, popular from the start, was eventually embodied in its most concrete form in a book of the Talmud, called the Shulchan Aruk. A few quotations will suffice to show its character:
    “When a Jew has a gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same gentile, lend him money and in his turn deceive him, so that the gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a gentile (according to our law) belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has the full right to seize it.”
    “When a Jew makes a deal with a gentile, and another Jew comes up and deceives the gentile no matter in what manner, whether he give him false measure or overcharge him, then both Jews must share between them the profits thus sent by Jehovah.”
    (the sum total of jew “religion”)
    “Although it is not a direct obligation for a Jew to kill a gentile with whom he lives in peace, yet, in no case, is he allowed to save a gentile’s life.”
    “It is always a meritorious deed to get hold of a gentile’s possessions.”
    “Marriages taking place among gentiles have no binding strength, i.e. their cohabitation is just as the coupling of horses, therefore their children do not stand as humanly related to their parents.”
    Of the spirit which taught that all non-Jews were animals to be stripped of their property for the benefit of Jewry, and which united the community in a common aim and a common hatred; of the Shulchan Aruk which transmitted this aim and this hatred from generation to generation, Jewish leaders of the last fifty years have written :
    “The Shulchan Aruk is not the book that we have chosen for our guide, but the book that has been made our guide, whether we would or not, by force of historical development: because this book, just as it is in its present form, with all its most uncouth sections, was the book that best suited the spirit of our people, their condition and their needs, in those generations in which they accepted it as binding on themselves and their descendants. If we proclaim that this is not our law, we shall be proclaiming a falsehood; this is our law, couched in the only form which was possible in the middle ages, just as the Talmud is our law in the form which it took in the last days of the ancient world, just as the Bible is our law in the form which it took while the Jews still lived as a nation on their own land. The three books are but three milestones on the road of a single development, that of the spirit of the Jewish nation.”

    Here comes a very important part – know your jew
    A Jewish community, in the midst of a gentile population on which it preyed, depended for its success on two things: the absolute subordination of its members and the secrecy of its proceedings. The Kahal concealed its activities from the outside world under the guise of religion. “The Jews were loyal subjects like their neighbours, but to them faith was life, and they were constantly preoccupied with the observance of their ritual “, it told the world.
    Kapoore, note the above
    But this was not a sufficient screen. As in all secret organizations there are traitors and renegades whatever the penalty.
    The Kahal was obliged to shroud itself in mystery and mysticism, even from its members. The multiplicity of the ritual laws, the voluminous civil code, the secret instructions of the fraternities, the continuance of obsolete forms, all served to create such a confusion that no non-Jew confronted with the documents could distinguish what was fundamental from what was prolix ritual or irrelevant.

    The general scheme of the Kahal, which has been in operation since the second century A. D., remains in force to this day. Its essential characteristics may be outlined as follows: a) The council of elders or geronsia,”(r) presided over by a patriarch or exilarch. Its functions were purely formal; it represented the Jews in official relations with foreign governments, acted as their spokesman when they wished to arouse public sentiment in their favour, but had no direct responsibility in the secret government whose existence it served to conceal. Composed of leading members of the fraternities, it could discuss at secret meetings questions of general interest, leaving their practical solution to the fraternities. …

  20. Very interesting….. and the sentence below, give a reason why there are NO TV cameras to record synagogue services, as there are in others’ services.
    “The Kahal concealed its activities from the outside world under the guise of religion.”

    1. exactly, pat.

      this is why we need to beware of the phrases like ‘religious jew” or “observant jew” or a “good jew” most of all.

      and harken back to that video by gurvitz where he uses the term “darkei shalom” or “pretend to be nice”.

      i remember how one jew on niqnaq, born in rochester, ny, living in israel, all very intellectual and expert on religion and philosophy, exceedingly well read and literate, always saying how he disapproves of brutalities by israelis but you know how it is, they are forced into it by violent, mindless palestinians, so sorry, wishes it could be different and all could live in peace – when i linked to that video, he absolutely lost it, went apeshit that gurvitz had no right, because he was taught deep mysteries of the rabbinical trade and on an on.

      totally freaked on gurvitz and to me that was very telling, someone pulling back the drapes on kahal, the wizard of judaism.

      1. “Have a nice day” is their slogan of deceit. And the ‘smiley face’ is the logo. 🙂

        I know a large store owner, who hates Jews, who will find a reason to get rid of any employee who says, “Have a nice day.”

      2. Yep……”We had a nice day” harkens back to the butchery of Esther and Mordechai’s time….they love rubbing the stupid goyim’s noses in it………………….

  21. OK, here goes my turn for a longish post (and snicker if you must)

    We’re having a NLE (Near Life Experience). What you think of as your “life” is really your ‘”death”. Which isn’t to be dismissive of this experience and passively surrender to just anything and anyone. Proper perspective is all. Better to say, “fight to the life”, instead of “fight to the death”.

    Christ: “Whoever loses their life will find it through me” – being in the world but not of it.

    But “surrender” is the wrong word anyway. Better to say, “embrace the RIGHT thing”. It’s what the “fight is really all about.

    Call it an inversion of sorts – turning the outside in, and therein lies Truth.

    “Life” in this reality is one of captivity. Annunaki fodder.

    Legend has it that it was an Annunaki chieftan whom Christ encountered in the wilderness (“Satan” – and don’t “they” love it when you question the existence of Christ – makes things a piece of cake for them). it goes on to say that “they” are “fashion designers” for what eventually became human beings (and who can say how they invented “genetics”?) However it was done, in effect, who and what we (goy) really are IN ESSENCE were ‘kidnapped’. (Essence=true home)

    But here’s the rub:

    This mysterious act of “kidnapping” could only occur with the ‘designs – that – r – us’ being in a state of dense matter. So of COURSE the finished product would always be an inferior one to the Divine no matter HOW advanced became their expertise. And given the premise, the “know them by their deeds jews” could be seen as the worldly taskmasters comprised of a greater density of matter. This is what goes with THIS territory.

    Now, in these “end-times”, in their delusion they (Annunaki) see THEMSELVES as Creator, with the mindset of “we brought you in, and we can take you out”.

    Their run is almost done, and questions remain. Will you continue to run with them? And why did they kidnap in the first place?

    Why indeed!

      1. Why is there is an “end” at all? – therein lies one of the rubs.

        Like in being “rubbed the WRONG way”.

    1. The end times have already passed. Look around you and you will not see a world, but a wasteland, and not men inhabiting this wasteland, but golems, or non-men, save for a few living souls.

      “The only thing that we know is that we are no more.” -Ludwig Klages

      1. @ SPQR

        Not only beautifully put but philosophically profound. How you can manage to fluctuate between extreme nihilism on some days and a mystical sublimity on others is a mystery to me! Underlying your worldview is a deep-seated pessimism. Here is something, I believe, you could have said: “If God created the universe, God help us!”

      2. You remind me of that ancient Greek philosopher who said: “The second best thing that could happen to man is to die, but the best thing is never to have been born.”

        Not his exact words. I’m quoting from memory. I can’t remember what philosopher said it, but it was probably one of the Cynics.

      3. SPQR –

        My guess is that the end times began when this planet stopped its serene travel through space and was captured by ‘sol’ just like the others in this ‘sol’ar system.

        That catastrophic event included a sling-shot effect, which was the cause of the deluge, and it placed this planet close enough to be destroyed by heat over the next couple million years or so…. eventually resembling Mars, which was captured millions of years before this planet space ship with a muddy surface and liquid rock and metal core.

        The surface temperature will continue to rise, while fluctuating from century to century, as this ship of crust and core is drawn closer to the heat source with each orbit around ‘sol.’

        Entropy is king.

      4. as the gods of coincidence and synchronicity would have it, was reading my daily email by mike king of the tomato bubble, where he talks about a correspondent of his who could have been spqr, in fact, i am 50-50 sure that it is or his philosophical clone.

        here are the parting words of unserer Führer, shortly before his death

        “More than thirty years have now passed since I in 1914 made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the first world war that was forced upon the Reich.

        In these three decades I have been actuated solely by love and loyalty to my people in all my thoughts, acts, and life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions which have ever confronted mortal man. I have spent my time, my working strength, and my health in these three decades. It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted the war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interest.

        I have made too many offers for the control and limitation of armaments, which posterity will not for all time be able to disregard for the responsibility for the outbreak of this war to be laid on me. I have further never wished that after the first appalling world war a second against England, or even against America, should break out. Centuries will pass away, but
        out of the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred against those finally responsible whom we have to thank for everything, international Jewry and its helpers, will grow.”

        – April 29, 1945

        yes, the only thing that matters, not to be diluted with mindless contempt for other races, cultures and religions (including atheism, which is a religious belief after all, entirely faith-based).

        hatred of the jew stands ilya ehrenburg’s exhortations on its head and totally justified for change, not to hate them is sign of a weak and cowardly mind.

      5. And yet Hitler, in spite of the fact that he and every other National Socialist knew that the Jew was a cancer, didn’t do a damn thing to them. Instead he stuck the Jews into summer camps and ordered them to be cared for until the end, while his fellow Germans were being incinerated from the war they instigated.

        As much as I admire Hitler and the National Socialists, his obliviousness about the Jews simply astounds me. He lost the war; the least he could have done was take Europe’s Jews with him by ordering them all to be starved to death or shot. Instead he made sure they lived, and when they were freed by their American and Soviet minions, they went around the world telling horror stories and defaming the very people who kept them safe.

        The gods curse those who help the Jews.

      6. As unrealistic as it was, Hitler was confident about winning the war even after Stalingrad and beyond. Perhaps the crazy drug concoctions conjured up by his evil jewish doctor Morrel would help to explain that. The whole time thinking that as long as Germany won the war, the “jewish problem” would acquire its “final solution”.

      7. SPQR, you make a very profound statement: “The end times have already passed. Look around you and you will not see a world, but a wasteland, and not men inhabiting this wasteland, but golems, or non-men, save for a few living souls.”
        I feel like this all the time – that the world is already moved into the era of the YAHOO or non-man!!
        My neighbours are ORCS! They are monsters only interested in filth, illicit sex and material objects.
        The people I talk to have no brains. They are robots. They are glued to their televiewers and cell phones for their directions! BIG BROTHER is their GOD! … JEWS ARE THEIR HEROES!
        Our youth are out of the slime: Covered in tattoos and piercings, rude and uncouth, sexually diseased.
        THE JEW HAS WON! He presides over the NEW MAN: The brain-dead, obese, fucking YAHOO of the mud slimes! FILTHY ORCS!
        Enjoy your few years remaining, you children of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, BEFORE THE BIG SLIME TAKES US OVER! Enjoy your memories!
        Our chidren know nothing of our previous world, seeing the JEW WORLD as all there is!
        Middle Earth is DEAD!

      8. As much as I admire Hitler and the National Socialists, his obliviousness about the Jews simply astounds me. He lost the war; the least he could have done was take Europe’s Jews with him by ordering them all to be starved to death or shot. Instead he made sure they lived, and when they were freed by their American and Soviet minions, they went around the world telling horror stories and defaming the very people who kept them safe.

        The gods curse those who help the Jews.

        yes, unfortunately agree with every word.
        people simply don’t realize that hitler was a naturally very kind person, a real softie, his photos with dogs and children were genuine, not staged.
        he banned cooking of live lobsters, was a lifelong vegetarian … and treated jews like people, a fatal mistake.

        what would have been the difference had he taken those 6 million down with him?
        in terms of jew pr, none, the same movies would have been made no matter what, same old hypocritical weeping and screaming going on day and night for the past century while they go about genociding country after country after country without any intention of pausing in the bloodfest orgy.

        if there is such a deal as afterlife consciousness, he must be kicking himself, because the jews that survived caused deaths of millions of innocent goys.

  22. That thought makes a lot of sense, Brownhawk. While reading the quote by lobro, I was thinking how much the circumstance is reflected in our ‘legal system’ right here in USA. I have been part of it. I have witnessed it. Now, I am out – but, beware! – it is not an easy path, to abandon sneaky priviledges and public status. And all the culprits are not, necessarily, Jews, by a damn sight, although I am finally studying enough (thanks to many of you) to begin an understanding of their ancient wiles.

    Sometime next week, I intend to stop at the UVa library to look for the volume containing the quote by lobro. (I like HARD COPY 🙂 ), which reminds me: So many young children are being provided with computers, these days, that soon it will be the only thing they consult for historic reference. As we all know, whatever is displayed on these screens is subject to revision…

    1. gilbert, some information to help you look it up

      The War Against the Kingship of Christ
      by L. FRY
      Edited and Revised by
      The Rev. Denis Fahey, C.S.S.P., B.A., D.Ph., D.D.
      (Professor of Philosophy and Church History)
      P.O. Box 10726 New Orleans, LA. 70181

      it seems that paquita shimareff got (re)-married (?) and ended up as mrs. fry.

  23. i think that there is a lot to reflect on in this.

    when you have lost your way and in throes of existential angst, there is always jewish medicine.

  24. SPQR
    Blacks and Jews have nothing in common. Gullible blacks have been conditioned by the Jew to see Whites as evil. The Jew is the root of evil.

      1. Neither belong in White lands.

        Maybe. But the genie is out of the bottle, and there’s no putting it back again. It’s a fait accompli we must lean to live with. To rage against the irreversible is futile.

      2. To rage against the irreversible is futile.

        jews are reversible, though.

        let’s cure cancer first, then worry about the hangnail.

      3. I’ll always be in favor of good ol’ Roy Bean frontier justice – first we’ll try ’em, then we’ll hang ’em. This is as it should be, insofar as it goes. But I think in ultimate terms.

        If by “losing” your life, and then “finding” it through Christ reflects the key message in understanding the truth of existence, which I believe it does, then curing the cancer means ‘expunging’ the temporal. No being born. No dying. No in-between.

        A conundrum

        If by finding your life through losing it represents victory, then is it a pyrrhic one? Strictly speaking it is, if your loss “costs” you your “life”. Yet, it can’t be detrimental because of the life you’ve found.

        The “goy” wouldn’t be securing “victory” for future generations. ‘Gene’-rations is integral to the overall hoax we only THINK of as Life, per this temporary reality. For all intents and purposes, what Christ was really speaking of, his promise, was the end of “life”, with its interruption called “death”.

        Call this battle a “rear-guard” action as we fight our way out of “Dodge” – the temporal mudpit.

    1. Yeah KAREN T,
      The JEWS always star nigrahs and part nigrahs (Denzel Washington and co.) in their action thrillers; usually fighting against and killing the evil, WHITE criminals!
      And then the JEWS promote the nigrah, gangsta-rappers to multi-millionaire status and feed them endless white whores and drugs so that they will have a short life span.
      Your USA nigrah people are in serious health decline – feeding only on drugs, illicit sex, musical filth and fast food.

      1. Oh, I forgot to include your 75% of the USA population who have reached obese BUBBA status, including, I suspect, many of our half-witted comments’ people.
        Went to your shopping malls and saw nothing but huge-arsed nigrahs and gluttonous, white bubbas!
        Can you pigs stuff your faces!!
        The average IQ of the USA whitey would have to be in the low 90’s and yuh nigrahs in the low 70’s!
        You are ALL fed on shit! What can one expect?
        And the JEWS control yuh bank accounts! And dictate every facet of your miserable, myopic lives via their control of George Orwell’s “televiewer”!
        The planet will be better off MINUS USA cretins!

  25. Brownhawk,
    strictly European speaking, you are in heaven when the chef is Italian, the mechanic is German, the lover is French, the cop is English and the whole thing is run by the Swiss. Stereotypical attributes of the people of different countries.

    Hell is where the chef is English, the cop German, the mechanic French, the lover Swiss and the whole thing is run by an Italian. You’d have to figure something out on the North American end of things. Ja, the temporal mudpit, I like that. Just passing through, hopefully without too much mud on my face, so I can exit through the third floor and not the basement.

    1. Nice European set-up you lay out there, Machtnichts. Now the trick is to bottle-up all those fine attributes to be experienced at one’s beck ‘n call and outside the vagaries of entropy

      Temporal mudpit: The hoax that ‘gene-rates’ a captivity in matter through the illusion called genetics.

      To be clear, this shouldn’t be dismissive of the cultural realities which come about due to this ‘creation gene-ration’. Call it essentially (i.e.; who all “goy” are in essence) the mystery of imagination that is responsible for the characterizing features of “cultural identity”. But consider an advent of genetic engineering as representing say, a ‘corraling’ of imagination, and that goy are seen by the perfidious ‘ranchers’ as cattle to be herded into corrals (“jwo”) using a false social engineering lure of the “melting pot”. A conglomeration where the power of the individual is diminished with a deception of “all is one” with, e.g.; the allure of a false rapture.

      All made possible by a temporal reality of “matter” (with its reincarnation perpetuation) where divisiveness among “races” are sown through enough human conflicts so as to result in a “justification’ of achieving “eternal peace” through a one-world order.

      The mudpit is the enabler for all this, and the “goy” are those who’ve “flown into”, and been caught in one of its defining features – a web.

      More thinking outside the box:

      “Spider’s Betrayal”

      A planet called Earth:

      “It was a pristine world of perpetual Grace and harmony whose condition never wavered because of the sacred responsibility to Life honored by all who dwelt there. It had a vibrancy of ethereal composition confiding a trusted consistency. A magical place of wonder reflecting the unified minds maintaining it, divined from what Love provided. Exquisite to behold and embraced with joy. There was nothing to disrupt the confluences of connection in an integrated state, meaning it was imperishable. Call it Coalescence. The survival of the fittest law of the jungle was non-existent. That pox was yet to come

      The fearful ones (“esoteric jew”) had a great advantage. There was no precedent for those happy beings (goy) to experience malevolence. No need for a safeguard of eternal vigilance. It was the Innocence, and the fruits were ripe for the picking. They would come up with a method of control by duplicating an unspoiled realm, whose enactment has thrust a knife that slices through the continuum of True Life.

      In an original setting of Creation, what the deceivers did as their first act of imposition is almost too startling to believe. In short, they would catch their prey in an invisible illusion, and paralyze them with the sting of a numbing intoxication. For malevolent Beings to do this meant they had to somehow ‘get their hands on them’ from positions of estrangement. What was done created a method of ‘siphoning’ by drawing off true forces of spirit through a ‘tunnel’, and sending it to the obscurity of an odd assimilation, and it would prove to be a seamless effort. Call it the Original trespass.

      In these sublime places Beings were enjoying the handiwork of an ebullient Creation. It was always excellent weather for flying, with no sense of the entanglement that awaited. Once in the trap, an opiate of amnesia would mar their dreams for countless eons, marooned in the quarantine of a strange land.”

      The Divine Light was now a beacon

      1. From the Fourteenth Tablet:
        “Will Mankind, in our image created, our attainments and failures repeat?
        Enlil was silent. As he stood up to leave, Enki to him his arm extended.
        Let us lock arms as brothers, as comrades who together challenges on an alien planet confronted!
        So did Enki to his brother say.
        And Enlil, grasping his brother’s arm, hugged him as well.
        Shall we meet again, on Earth or on Nibiru? Enki asked.
        Was Galzu right that we die if we to Nibiru go? Enlil responded. Then he turned and departed.
        Alone was Enki left; only by the thoughts of his heart was he accompanied.
        How it all began and how it thus far ended, he sat and pondered.
        Was it all destined, or was fate by this and that decision fashioned?
        If Heaven and Earth by cycles within cycles regulated,
        What had happened will again occur? Is the Past – the Future?
        Will the Earthlings the Anunnaki emulate, will Earth relive Nibiru?
        Will he, the first to arrive, the last to leave be?
        Besieged by thoughts, Enki a decision made:
        All the events and decisions, starting with Nibiru to this day on Earth,
        To put in a record, a guide to future generations to become;
        Let posterity, at a time by destiny designated,
        The record read, the Past remember, the Future as prophecy understand,
        Let the Future of the Past the judge be!
        These are the words of Enki, Firstborn of Anu of Nibiru.

        From ‘The Lost Book of Enki’ by bitchin’ Sitchin.

    2. Sometimes, Machnichts, I think that I’m tapping into an ancient memory that comes from an occasion where I was privvy to the Akashic records and can see it all. Beyond time and space.

      Now, here we are watching it all go by…. again

      Here’s are some excerpts from my book. It’s from the chapter following one titled, “Preos”, the title for which is meant to convey a theme of “darkest hour before the dawn”. It’s followed by a chapter titled:

      “Forward to the Passed” (the word “precessors” suggests an idea of “Divine Interveners”):

      “…In essence, what is called “apocalypse” is a rebellion of Consciousness against the co-opting of its Divinely intended free-will expression.”

      “…the situation at this juncture is such that it demands that the slate be wiped clean through what could be called a ‘redeeming outrage’, however this may occur, ensuring a complete withdrawal of inhibiting symptoms and reunion of Divine integration. It means a profound change in the nexus of “time”. Without the intrusion of a ‘super-imposition’, abstract notions of living in the “here and now” become perceptual experiences in TRUE realities.

      The precessors have arrived at their date with a destiny which has been here all along, truth be told. Time on this planet is a car geared in forward ‘eening’ out of control. It has always ‘passed’ where its truth is always sitting, whether careening or not. Right now, its illusory engine is blown out, and the momentum that has kept it going is finally coming to a stop in the PRESENCE OF ITSELF.”

      P.S. In an upcoming post I’ll explain what I mean by “superimposition” as briefly as I can

      1. Excerpts from “Con’s Blueprint”:

        “….the trespasser’s goal was to change the composition of Coalescence, the Divinely intended reality…”

        “…experiencing Life in an unmolested realm is secured by matching Divine intent in a state of unified connectedness. To im-pose upon it means its position is altered, resulting with a disruption in its state of confluent integration. This changed pose could be called a ‘superization’, meaning its place is fixed; a superimposition. The fix was in, and a state of separateness resulted.

        What could be seen as a malevolent action of ‘spiraling out’ (the co-opting of true time) was exacted for the purpose of controlling other Beings and bringing those naive ones into a superimposed state. What was formulated as a direct result of this surreptitious defense taken against their will was a condition of ‘cloaking’ – the illusion of matter as a fixation, and no longer functioning as it would in its “preternatural”, or “supernatural” state of what could be called for example, “energy moving at various rates of vibration, or different frequencies.” [note: even more to the point would be to call the true state of matter ‘pure imagination’, with one’s intent (when operating in an unfettered state of existence) determining the nature of experiencing it by making it malleable. What is called “physical” being a particular orientation of spirit]

        A state of virtual reality was made, the insidious world that emerged from the spider’s tunnel.”

        “…an intent of malignancy would be to impose illusive formats that, e.g.; convey perceptions of distance to be isolating. To implement what would essentially become a desultory state REQUIRED this illusion of cloaking (concealed; hidden. Occluded; occult = c-l-o-u-c-t)

        With this indicating a faulty expression of Divine Consciousness, the illusory nature of matter is put in a proper context, and its disjointedness would be insinuated on the unsuspecting. It would become an enforcer, with the devising of programmed systems (i.e.; life as we experience it) serving to control what the imposer’s fear: perceived threats in the forms of integrated Beings, who exist as myriad manifestations in rarified realms.”

  26. true, never heard of IsraHeaven.
    i know there is dog-heaven, where they are free of sexual abuse by sarah silverman.

    there must be a giant drainhole where they all go for reprocessing.

  27. I probably shouldn’t comment on blind belief because I have such an entirely different point of view and I don’t want to get in a blogger argument….oh well. First of all, John Kaminski doesn’t know much about Biblical history or the archeology of the Bible or the textual history of the Bible which makes it very easy for him to give us his snap shot version of Biblical faith. I have spent the last twenty years reading about the archeology of the Middle East including Egypt and so what is the point of even saying anything. But I might as well give back my own snap shot version of blind faith.

    I don’t find religious faith as blind and strange as some of the liberal ideologies that kids come back from school believing in…like all the trash that is still peddled by the atheistic Frankfurt School. What about the blind faith exhibited by people who turn their small infants over to the pediatrician to be injected with 5 vials of extremely toxic slurry of human fetuses, animal products from tortured monkeys, and other species, and carcinogenic materials mixed with heavy metals. When the baby is never the same after the “well baby visit” then the true believer thinks that it was the babies fault–you know bad genes. What about the blind faith that your average citizen puts in the main stream media, or the office of the president, or the military. Don’t get me wrong I really wish all was well in our contemporary world from our universities to our doctors to our military but I can objectively see it isn’t.

    Still, I am definitely a true believer in a divine reality and I believe that somehow the Good will outlive the bad and that is because evil has ontological reality. But I am willing to admit I might be wrong about that….

  28. What I meant to say is that evil has NO ontological reality. I do not believe in dualism; I am following here the Christian Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite who wrote that evil has no independent reality but is a mixture of Being and Nothingness and that is what we are made up of…being and nothing and we either increase one or the other. Yet I can appreciate the complexity of dualism in the tradition (and I don’t mean Zoroastrianism) but much more relevant to Christian tradition: Enoch 1. Still, what is so evil about Zoroastrianism, which was actually a fairly tolerant religion of the ancient world and part of the ancient heritage. Oh well… I generally make a habit of not ever discussing belief with atheists who for the most part are just true believers of another ilk.

    1. i am only interested in metaphysical views of those who don’t wish to express them 🙂
      so you say that evil has no ontological reality, ie, good has that ontological substance in varying degrees, like difference between gas and solid.

      couple of observations (and it would be appreciated, in this corner anyway, if you were to report a bit more on the belief structures of aeropagite guy and his egyptian predecessors, if for no other reason than the lack of exposure to jew-induced perception of the world that plagues this era)

      in orwell’s 1984, the big bad brother also employed the same unitarianism in order to eviscerate the power of language and thus the verbal thought.
      thus the word ‘bad’ was banished and we had ‘good’, ‘plus good’, ‘double plus good’, ‘ungood’, etc.
      so that is something to think about, from the operational aspect anyway if you know what i mean, ie, is effectiveness lost?

      secondly, evil has NO ontological reality is a lopsided statement in that it can be easily flipped on its head, thus good has NO ontological reality.
      and in truth, i see much more evidence in the world to support the latter claim – unfortunately.
      if there is silver lining, it is in forced rejection of the unitarian view, ie, unacceptable that there should only be degrees of evil and thus there must be a countervailing force for good – hey lookit what we got here – an embryonic God, and ontologically solid one at that.
      let’s water the scrawny thing and see what it may flower into.

      i am like you and like to play my cards close to the vest, simply throwing the above out for your amusement if not serious consideration.

      1. Sorry Lobro you lost me but I can at least answer the first question of who Pseudo Dionysius was, give you a sense of his philosophy of Evil, and some thoughts on dualism.

        Pseudo Dionysius is a pseudonym for a 5th Century Christian writer who describes the contemplative methods of the positive way (that is describing God with words, concepts, and symbols) and the negative way (that God is indescribable). His books include Angelic Hierarchy, Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, Mystical Theology, the Divine Names, and the Letters. It sounds like a lot but all his writings fit into one volume of about 290 pages. Basically he inspired most Christian mysticism in the West including St. Francis, Bonaventure, Nicholas of Cusa, St. John of the Cross etc. He believed the human mind could not adequately conceptualize God and therefore all names, concepts, and symbols fall short and yet we can approach the “brilliant darkness of unknowing” or the “cloud of unknowing” by contemplating the divine names and then discarding them as inadequate, while retaining what is true to move upward until language fails and we are empty of thought.

        Being and Good are the two highest divine names. Being describes the interconnected nature of reality and Good describes its essential quality. Since the Good is the only truly Real it is like the sun, everything strives toward it out of necessity because without it life falls into non-existence, much like a plant will grow toward the sun and wither in a dark room. Demons and the like are not completely evil since existence is impossible without some share of the Good. They are hungry for the Good but lack the capacity to retain it since they continually seek it in a distorted way. Evil is like illness. It infects health and in the process of trying to survive destroys the body it feeds on and it eventually destroys itself since it has no capacity to create. For example, if you looked at the extreme evil of Jewish Bolshevism you see a parasite feasting on a rich source of cultural goodness but when it has reached a certain point in destroying the host it requires a lot of external support to survive and without that support it dies.

        OK… I know that Christianity comes out of dualism having come from the Enochian Judaism rather than Zodakite Judaism, and I know it is filled with apocalyptic language but I see this within the context of the ancient temple system. I believe Christianity came from First Temple Judaism and the battle (or difference) between the two priesthoods or theologies grew during the Second Temple period. There are demons, Satan, Hell, Judgement, and all of that so evident in Christian art because the First Temple was a visionary place and the Second Temple was not. But I also know that in the First Temple the visions took place in a timeless realm (the Holy of Holies was viewed as outside of time where one read the entire blueprint of heaven). The Deuteronomy based Judaism that came in with the reforms of King Josiah in the 8th Century B.C. took the legends and made them history and so Judaism is a history based religion–very complex how all this happened. So, the visionary realms don’t easily fit into history and I am not sure that you can translate them out of their original context. Judaism forbade visionary realms, metaphysical ascents, etc. To understand the difference between Judaism and Christianity requires understanding the splits that occurred before and after the Babylonian Exile, and the priestly editing of the Bible.

        All that aside, I am a practicing Christian in the most mundane of ways because I need a place to go to refresh spiritually and to lay my burden down. Materialists bore me because they refuse to accept that what they can’t see doesn’t exist. As Bonaventure said, they can’t see the light that illuminates because it is invisible and so they don’t believe it exists.

        I like philosophy and theology but generally try to stay away from “God talk,” particularly of the modern variety. I should have lived 500 years ago. Now I’m spent out.

      2. not to worry, kapoore and thanks for the effort.

        i need a bit of time to chew through all this, before commenting (if).

      3. while the rest is a bit esoteric for me (maybe it will sink in with repeat tries), i have no argument with the following:
        Evil is like illness. It … destroys the body it feeds on and it eventually destroys itself since it has no capacity to create.

        it ties in with my previously developed idea that refusal to accept separate identities for flesh and spirit and the preservation of the latter beyond physical death of the former with the attendant burden of responsibility for past which dictates the blueprint for future, ie, a smooth continuation, forces the outcome whereby the materialist entity eventually succumbs to evil and becomes its tool and a purely destructive parasite incapable of creation.

        no survival of spirit beyond physical death means no justice.
        no justice means no life and the loop is closed, the entity in question chained to a dreary treadmill of materialism.

        let me see if i can approach the subject of “reverse ontology” from another angle (no plan how am i going to do it at this point, maybe i just give up after a couple of lines)

        some despicable entity could argue that good has NO ontological reality, meaning that the so called Creation has no independent existence, it only exists in order to provide sustenance to evil and this is its sole reason for existence.
        do you see this?
        can you think of such an entity? it is easy, the main topic of the darkmoon site.
        this is the essence of talmud, what every rabbi says privately to the followers and some don’t mind trumpeting it to the whole world.

        that they are evil and we, (sometimes) good, has no relevance to them, everything non-jewish is just grist to yhwh’s mill.
        lack of balance, lack of justice and responsibility goes hand in hand with gross materialism that allows no possibility of retribution, sickness and madness is their refuge, their comfort zone.

        and because my mind has trouble accepting a chaotic world of nonsense, insane, unbalanced, unhinged world without anchorage and moral center, i am practically forced to accept the existence of evil’s opposite, a creative force that struggles with evil – namely, a duality.

        this can be chased further into the philosophical jungle but enough for now, i too feel like i am running on fumes.

  29. Then there are those ideas which manifest in the material.
    Ideas which, if you drop them on your foot evoke a EUREKA!

    (just imagine the paperwork and departmental egos bruised or (gulp) reputed)


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