Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife (38-min. video)

A Scientist’s Case for the Afterlife 

eben-alexander-ndeNear-death experiences, or NDEs, are controversial. Thousands of people have had them, but many in the scientific community have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those people.

A highly trained neurosurgeon who had operated on thousands of brains in the course of his career, Alexander knew that what people of faith call the “soul” is really a product of brain chemistry. NDEs, he would have been the first to explain, might feel real to the people having them, but in truth they are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress.

Then came the day when Dr. Alexander’s own brain was attacked by an extremely rare illness. The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion—and in essence makes us human—shut down completely. For seven days Alexander lay in a hospital bed in a deep coma.  Then, as his doctors weighed the possibility of stopping treatment, Alexander’s eyes popped open. He had come back.

Alexander’s recovery is by all accounts a medical miracle. But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself.

This story sounds like the wild and wonderful imaginings of a skilled fantasy writer. But it is not fantasy. Before Alexander underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul.

This story would be remarkable no matter who it happened to. That it happened to Dr. Alexander makes it revolutionary. No scientist or person of faith will be able to ignore it. Learning about it will change your life.

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    1. If he is a Jew, I totally follow your reasoning.

      Yahweh is the god of fast buck, issuing fiat chosennes to fiat people, so it would stand to reason that a Jude would never be granted audience with a morally balanced deity.

    2. Correct. It could be only about sales. That goes on the US. Imagine that!

      The internet is a medium which supports the ‘battle for eyeballs’ even better than TV and newsprint. But less than 40,000 views is weak.

      This comment was good:
      “Yeah morphine and other drugs in hospital will do this to your mind. Its called dreaming.”

      I heard no proof.

      1. Pat – “morphine and other drugs in hospital will”… DOH?? i was drugged with morphine in a hospital emergency room for 3 hours (at $1000 x hour), on account of a kidney stone (they did NOTHING to it or about it), and i had NO dreams of any kind…

        One of my brothers was kept under morphine for two weeks (by LA Veteran Hospital nurses), until they murdered him with STARVATION (no food, no water)… and he had NO dreams to recall upon every wake up spell before the next deadly shot…

        Maybe you been watching too MUCH ashkenazi kosher TV? Or bobbing your head too hard at the Sin-of-Gog?

      2. heroay –
        Banging your head against the commode, from being sick, has made you so ignorant as to be under the false assumption that everyone’s bodies react exactly as yours does to all foods and drugs. In that case you should heed this warning: DO NOT ingest any dairy or eat a peanut. Those two common foods can kill people like you, whose bodies respond EXACTLY like everyone else’s in the world…. including the bodies which are lactose intolerant and given to peanut anaphylaxis.

        Or….you might want to retract your extremely stupid statement.

      1. telena helotova – What does his PHYSICAL experience has to do with his PSYCHIC experience?? Rather, HIS psychic experience, which you may call it ‘spiritual’ if you prefer, has endowed HIM to step UP on his level of understanding of the psychic (‘spiritual’) aspect of Man, the being, not the male of the species).

    3. Seymour Zak, given your ‘origins’, how can anyone trust you with your questioning of something you have NO idea about? Even, your ‘spiritual’ level makes it impossible for you to have one such experience, which, obvious, IS subliminal. Beyond your DNA, and skin.

  1. Quite a departure for Darkmoon, publishing an article like this. I had no idea she was interested in the afterlife. I thought all she was interested in was Jew-bashing.

      1. Free of the Yid menace, since they’d be sitting in a hot pile of excrement for all eternity or be confined to a large, open air prison, where gamers in another dimension take pot shots at them all day long, using napalm, DIME munitions and WP until they get blasted to death, then the next day, it starts all over!

        Now that’s Heaven!

      2. 5 dancing shlomos, “would”, or “WILL”? Infallible:
        ● Revelation 20:7 to 10 – (Christian New Testament) “for all Eternity”, not just 1000 years… And WILL.

    1. Seymour Zak, child prodigy LD, in spite of her young age, has more intellectual and spiritual (Psychic, actually) capacity, just because she is a female, and just because, fortunately, she doesn’t bear your DNA. No offense, just facts.

    1. MutedGod, that’s for people who DO drugs. The doctor doesn’t seem to. The DOCTOR, get it?

  2. Fact is we’re all heading towards the same end. The question is what are you taking with you? Is there anything of a material nature that will accompany you past this life? Is there anything of a spiritual nature you’re taking with you? If the only thing that can accompany one from this life it is of a spiritual nature, why do we spend so much time accumulating materiel things while ignoring the only thing that truly matters – that which we will take with us from this existence? There is ample evidence we move beyond this realm and then return. There are many many gifted people who have written at length about the subject.

    Even the Christians once believed in the return of the soul, but that was lost to the more practical Christians who realized that there was little motivation to improve if one believes life is repeated. The strongest control mechanism lies in fear, fear of death, fear this is the only chance one has at salvation, are tremendous motivating forces used for religious coercion.

    The Judaic belief systems strive to separate man from God and keep him separate, for if one truly has God, what else does one need? But when man is separate from god there arises a need for special intercessors who can interpret and communicate between those who are separate and those whom claim a special connection with god. Thus arises religion, the priests and their church. But there are others, many others, who work to bring about the realization, the true nature if you will, of the design. The Sufis say, “God is as close as one’s jugular vein.” Ponder that statement for a while.

    Life is a school and like its human counter part, there is far too much knowledge and experience to be gained for one class, one year or one life to suffice. The easiest way is to isolate oneself from the world, perhaps in a cave in Tibet or a monastery in Montana. The most difficult way, the almost impossible way, is to remain immersed in the world, i.e. “to be in this world but not of it” – good luck with that one. As Buddha and many others have taught, the issues we have with the world, the lessons we learn, are played out in our desires and our suffering. When one fully realizes that fact, they have taken the tiny first step to what is generally referred to as the “enlightened state of being.”

    This realization takes many lifetimes to process and once realized, the enormity of the task becomes self evident. G.I. Gurdjieff once said (I paraphrase) “I can stop an elephant at a thousand yards with my mind, but I can’t remember myself.” That is our problem we cannot remember ourselves, we change from one moment to the next. This constant change, this lack of memory of oneself, creates contrary thoughts, decisions and reactions from one moment to the next. Until,the soul is unified, until the ego and its multiplicity of selves is conquered and subdued, we go round and round and round, ending up almost where we began.

    There is no option to life and there is only one way out. Those who have glimpsed the light, exist and strive only to serve this purpose, most others consider them quite insane for doing so. One way the path is made evident is through the so called “near death experience.” or “NDE”. A study of this phenomenon reveals most people undergo a profound change in their outlook on life and often take a completely new direction after their experience. For an excellent story about the effect of the NDE, watch Clint Eastwood’s movie “Hereafter”.

    NDE notwithstanding, such a choice is a difficult one to make. Ms. Darkmoon has chosen to serve, what you see in her work is a reflection of that choice. If one desires to undertake their path, then one must ask and keep asking until the sincerity of the request is truly evident, not just a matter of passing curiosity. But a caveat, think about what is being asked for, for it will probably be far, far, different from what is expected. Once the request is answered then one must be prepared to submit their will entirely to the designer, (insert chosen descriptor here, i.e. “God,” “Allah,” “Vishnu” “Great Spirit” or my personal favorite, the Beloved.) Then, and only then, can change occur. Be patient though – it takes an eternity.

    1. Arch Stanton…one at a time:
      “practical Christians” – You meant, ‘practical Catholics’, right? Catholicism, which usurped primitive Christianity of the Master and his Disciples, is anything but ‘spiritual’.

      “spend so much time accumulating materiel things” – Not bad, if necessary to live a comfortable life, AFTER, paying our UN-constitutional RAPINE TAXES to the usurpers of government, from Zion.

      “Christians once believed” – Not only. Between both Texts, the Old and the New, there remain, in spite of censorship and removal of other references, by the PTB, 33 references to Reincarnation of the Soul, in its cycles through Life, to EVOLVE, with consciousness, with the aim to eventually return to its Origin, Source, Fountain, from where it once come ‘down’ to Earth.

      “Thus arises religion, the priests and their church” – Mostly ignorant, selfish, and greedy (parasites). And un-evolved, otherwise, they would KNOW the karma or compensation to pay, for their crime of deceit.

      “easiest way is to isolate oneself” – That’s Eastern Mysticism, isn’t it? Western, on the other hand, would ask you to merge with the crowd, and live, by reflection and observation, the many experiences of others, therefore living, symbolically, a thousand lives in one. And by following the better ways, evolve at a higher pace.

      “problem we cannot remember ourselves,” – Thank goodness for forgetfulness! After all, the NEW brain in the NEW baby in the NEW mother, cannot KNOW much less remember, the PAST experience of the ‘old’ soul. Given the nature of human life on Earth, for us to VIVIDLY remember how we were, possibly, tossed into a cliff, burned alive, eaten by a beast, hanged from a tree, or married the wrong wife… would lead to a miserable life, again. Though, with knowledge and practice, the past CAN be recalled from the perfect memory of the subconscious, the mind of the soul, and transferred to the consciousness of the new brain.

      “it takes an eternity.” – Such ‘time lapse’ would be disappointing to many. Each one of us is at the level and step that each one worked for, for nothing is granted that is not deserved. And according to “Revelation 20:7 to 10”, there ARE those who will NEVER make it. Also, deservedly. “Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be given to you. Knock and the door will be opened for you.” Best wishes for Peace Profound.

  3. Monastery in Montana? I know Montana well and I’m trying to think of a monastery there of any significance. I basically agree with Arch Stanley that we have some kind of eternal existence but it remains a mystery. I have been present for several deaths (including pets) and I have noticed that the charged atmosphere around the dead person whose body is cold and pale. ( I have listened to this tape by Eben Alexander before and even though I am both religious, spiritual, and a soul believer I have a hard time with his style—not sure what it is exactly. )

    Still, we should not be deceived by the nihilists, and the materialists who do not see beyond the veil of matter. They are just as mired in belief systems as the religious so why not have a religion with some depth of tradition rather than a shallow post modern dismal and vacuous reality, made up by the deceivers. I prefer mystery.

    It does seem that from the perspective of death this life looks jumbled and incoherent; our busy running around like lunatics, having anxiety attacks over minor events and so on is confusing to the dead. How do I know that? At one death I felt momentarily joined with the consciousness of the person who had died as if that person was in my mind and I saw the frenzy of everyone running around, making phone calls, panic stricken, and it was incomprehensible. No wonder the dead leave us alone and drift off to their other more beckoning existence.

  4. It was very fine of you to post this interview, Darkmoons. The credibility lent from Dr. Alexander should be important to many who might otherwise not benefit due to their disdain of the subject. He has rendered an important service – and has, no doubt, enhanced his professional skills thereby. God has blessed him, and us.

  5. Fact is there are many ways towards the same end. But you shall scream of fear, unknowingly, your way out, the same way you did when you entered this world. 🙂

    1. MutedGod, “scream of fear…your way out” – Most likely, only those whose life on Earth was a curse to others, and themselves. The “dark tunnel” in many references to OBE, or NDE.

      “when you entered this world” – What child won’t scream, after getting slapped by an ignorant, materialistic obstetrician, on first breath? When a child is born ‘naturally’, in a tank of water (Google), not only does he/she comes out of the womb with open eyes, even an expression of curiosity for his/her new environment, but feeling obviously and visibly “at home”, in perfect harmony with nature, and the moment of ‘birth’.

  6. So let’s see if I got this straight:

    I, the one who is writing this, and you who are reading it, are in the “life”? Then, our physical bodies die and we are then in an “afterlife”? But if we were to accept a reality of reincarnation, would the nature of our experience leading up to a re-entry to “life” then be considered as having been the “beforelife’? (funny, no red squibbly line showed up under the word “afterlife” as it did with “beforelife”. But I digress) So how does that work, going directly from “after” to “before”?

    I feel like someone or something is yankin’ my chain

    Disrupted Continuum. Suggestive of “life” as a ‘crooked pale’.

    1. Brownhawk – Life IS. Material, objective, conscious life IS. More so, ‘spiritual’ (a Roman misnomer) or Psychic (Greek) life. The ‘after’ and ‘before’, therefore, is mere rhetoric for those who cannot ‘place’ themselves. Anywhere. Within the ALL.

      “Time” is only relevant to the physical being, for the ALL is Eternal, and only its manifestations at the lower, material level, change.

      1. WOW Heroay!

        And to think, an Oracle appears in the little ol’ darkmoon website

        Methinks you make too many pronouncements and ask too few questions 😉

  7. This article explains in depth why Jews love prescribing NDE to the Palestinians on daily basis.
    Why fight for your human rights when you can get them in afterlife? 🙂

  8. Oh, well. Dream on…… Hallucinate. Teens get hooked doing it.

    In a wide-ranging investigation of Alexander’s story and medical background, Esquire magazine reported (August 2013 issue) that prior to the publication of Proof of Heaven, Alexander had been terminated or suspended from multiple hospital positions, and had been the subject of several malpractice lawsuits, including at least two involving the alteration of medical records to cover up a medical error. The magazine also found what it claimed were discrepancies with regard to Alexander’s version of events in the book. Among the discrepancies, according to an account of the Esquire article in Forbes, was that “Alexander writes that he slipped into the coma as a result of severe bacterial meningitis and had no higher brain activity, while a doctor who cared for him says “the coma was medically induced and the patient was conscious, though hallucinating.”

    1. The mind is a terrible thing.
      (and the subconscious is even worse)

      Anyway, as per usual, there’s all kind of views about this.
      Some seemingly, eternal..

      “In August, 1975, a 48-year-old man was undergoing open-heart surgery. A half hour after being taken off cardiopulmonary bypass, he suffered
      from cardiac arrest and had to be revived by an injection of
      epinephrine into the heart and two electric shock treatments. On
      awakening, he recalled the following experience:”

      Alien dentities

    2. Pat – One problem is that NONE of us were THERE. If Alexander is lying, ONLY he knows. If he had the experience, ONLY he knows. but from his published statements, one can refer to MANY other similar experiences, plus other sources, and his comments do make sense. His description of what he ‘saw’ have to fit with his level of spirituality, his intellectual and educational background, plus his previous religious practice or experience.

      One thing though, we cannot or should not take his ‘visions’ as ‘real’. That is, the material aspect of his ‘contacts’. That was a ‘translation’ for his BRAIN, to have an understanding of what ‘happened’, that it could be accepted as factual.

      1. heroay –

        “One problem is that NONE of us were THERE. If Alexander is lying, ONLY he knows.”

        Wow!! Revelation!! A sage!!

        ANOTHER problem is…If YOU are lying….only YOU know. I am sage also!!

  9. I listened to this with interest. My mother told me that when my Dad had his second massive heart attack back in the late 60s, was declared clinically dead and came back that he told her that he floated above his body and could see everyone working on him. I believe this eyewitness testimony.

    I don’t dispute the possibility of reincarnation of humans. The scriptures says one lives one life and then is judged- one can be judged correct or incorrect, bad and/or good. But where many Christians make the mistake is that just because a person lives one life and is judged doesn’t mean that they can’t live another life in human form and be judged again. I mean, what is the resurrection anyway but a form of reincarnation?

    I also don’t necessarily dispute that when a person dies they may not see Christ, but Buddha etc. Some may see a equivalent of their own minds representation of life and truth even tho life and truth are 100% synonymous with Jesus Christ- I AM.

    Modern Christianity is full of man’s traditions these days. Most of it is identicial to the nonsense that was typical of old Judea during Christ’s first coming. It’s full (in some or many places) with Jewish fairy tales and as SPQR pointed out, it’s detrimental to whites/Europeans. The biggest exception to this truth are many of the “Christian Identity” sects and beliefs. These forms of authentic Christianity are anti “Jews” and pro whites/Europeans as well as historical and scientific truth. Why else would the Jew controlled Government have these people at the top of their “suspected terrorist” lists?

    If people (Christians esp) would simply search for the truth in scriptures by analyzing the old Greek word for word- if people would seek the archeological, historical, linguistic, genetic etc etc evidence out there they would then be able to paint a accurate picture of not only the world to date but of themselves too.

    Instead, most people go about listening to TV, Radio or education centers. They go to a Church and allow another fallible man to dictate them that which they believe as true. They listen to those around them who are programmed by the above and then are shocked when they come to realize that their world view is mostly based on lies.

    In a court of law one needs 3 eyewitnesses to establish truth. The amount of witnesses that testify to life after death well exceeds the mandate. Those who claim there is no such thing are not only basing their views on something they never experienced, they are willfully ignoring all of the millions of eyewitness testimonies and probably because the last thing they want to do is confront the truth about their miserable sin- filled lives.

    1. Tyron Parsons – “many Christians make the mistake” – Because Christians were misled since the 5th C. AD., when the Church removed the Doctrine of Reincarnation from the Texts, so it could control Christendom with the fear of DEATH, leaving only one direct reference of it for the Christ. Or so they thought. There are 33 references between both OT and NT, that the ignorant translators and ill intended ‘editors’ left.

      “Christian Identity”… for your knowledge, ‘something’ has come up with these people, and now they are changing their logo to “Racial Identity”, since the many flaws of their system of thought are clashing with… revised history, archeology, science, and the suspicion that C.I. was ‘inspired’ by ashkenazi (‘jew’) subversives, to inject their Fairy Old Tales into the ‘white’ race, and ultimately conquer them from within, as these ashkenazis (‘jews’) did with ‘Christianity’ (Churchianity), when they joined the OT and the NT in the last century or so, two different and opposing religions, into one ‘bible’. “Myth of Judeo-Christian Tradition – (New Dawn Magazine #23 – Fb-Ma-1994)”

      From the very lips of the Christ: “your father the devil…” Is the ‘father’ of the Christians, even the C.I. followers, THE DEVIL?? Leave that for the ‘jews’ of the times, the Pharisees. Today, their usurpers, the ashkenazi world plague who rapes and terrorizes Palestine, and every other country in the world, through fiat money and unending wars, ARE of their father, the devil. And so were their cousins, the Yacobites and Yehudim (no J’ in those times), who sacrificed children to Molech. True Christians need not touch the OT for their religious practice.

      1. HERODAY

        I don’t necessarily reject reincarnation but you make some charges I would like you to back up. Namely, show me some type of proof that paleo Christianity (meaning the Apostles) removed texts that BTW had not even been codified or written in totality yet to make the NT in 5 AD.

        Also, when I say CI I don’t mean all CI. I am simply stating that many CI groups are VERY close to the truth of the Greek narrative since they have the ethnic identities correct. CI can be argued to start when the Apostles first started writing their letters for it was THEY who the 12 tribes of Israel scattered abroad as their main target for influence. Also, I too have read many, many of the books not codified by the early councils so I am not speaking from ignroance here. Also, you make another charge saying that all Christians including all CI worship Satan but if this was the case then why is it that YHWH is the “Jews” God and I AM THAT I AM/Jesus is the believers God in the Greek? You say they are the same? please provide some back up besides some mainstream magazine from 1994 and FYI, we who know our true ethnic identity can back it up with scriptural, archeological, historical, linguistic and genetic evidence.

        Show me where I “touch the OT” for religious practices and MOST IMPORTANTLY show me where the NT advocates egalitarianism which is a modern “Jewish” invention ONLY for whites/Europeans.

        In parting, I do want to say that you seem to have sought and found many things as true but please, I would advise keeping some of your judgements in reserve least you reap the harvest of condemnation upon all whom might differ from you especially when you claim all Christianity, including all CI is worshiping Satan.

        In Christ’s time there were the Esau “Jew” infiltrator impostors and the white Judaites whom they persecuted, including Jesus Christ — based on his race and authentic Hebreic law, custom.

        Have a good day and look forward to your response.

      2. Heroay

        I want to ruminate on this particular reincarnation post of yours. In about 10-12 hours (gotta pay some tribute money to Rothschild)

        For now I’ll just say this: Never underestimate the extent to which we’re ALL under the spell of “controlled opposition”. From before the cradle, through the cradle, after the cradle, to the grave, and after the grave.

        It’s a real bitch

      3. Heroay

        Ultimately, an acceptance of a reincarnation reality is based on faith. No other logical conclusion can be arrived at regarding this. Yet, an act of faith is ALSO demonstrated by trusting in Christ when he promises eternal life. A promise which does not NECESSARILY infer that experiencing a continuation of Life is dependent upon reincarnation, and regardless of any notion of what exactly may constitute the evolution of the “soul”.

        This in turn cannot preclude the validity of other notions as to how this “evolution” may occur, and ALL of it must call into question what exactly would define it.

        Insofar as suppressing information regarding reincarnation for the purpose of maintaining a fear of death, this would have to include a suppression of the Christ promise, and to the best of my knowledge no such suppression is evident in even the most convoluted of Biblical texts.

        At any rate, this brain sees only incontrovertible logic.

  10. Yes, sir. There are many facets of mind and quantum physica. PROVEN by successes in ‘remote viewing’, and out-of-body travel (in which there is an element of both). Personally, it enhances my own belief that reincarnation is a reality (for some – not all). Furthermore, besides experiencing remote viewing, ‘spoon bending’, and out-of-body travel, I have WITNESSED and experienced what is called ‘quantum healing’. It works. It is similar to ‘quartz’ resonances, but can be actually applied from farther away locations (expounding on Royal Raymond Rife’s pioneering).

    I would venture to guess that most of you who visit this site have had, at least, brushes with an extra sensory encounter – and you just mat not understand or know what you’re dealing with. I CERTAINLY believe Lasha Darkmoon understands it! 🙂

      1. Pat – “MK Ultra” – And how did MK Ultra fared? Wackos. Psychos. Criminals. Dead. You cannot teach Literature in First Elementary. There is a time and a place for everything. Even, having a psychic experience, and living to tell it.

      2. heroay –
        Answer: MK Ultra….big success!!!

        You asked, then answered your own question:
        “And how did MK Ultra fared? Wackos. Psychos. Criminals. Dead.”

        Your answer is correct. That WAS and IS the goal. They make the psychos with the drugs to do the shooting and kill them at the scene, hopefully. The dead cannot talk. The Aurora shooter, Holmes, is still kept too drugged to talk. He was not supposed to survive there. All the psycho-shooters have been under psych care and drugs…MK Ultra….big success.

      3. Big success is right, Pat

        And that’s only taking into consideration the 20th Century to now mind control m.o.

        How far back you wanna go to find the genesis of the “manchurian candidate”?

        hmmm… Manchuria is a pretty ancient place, eh? 😉

  11. there is x% chance that dr alexander is telling the truth.
    there is y% chance that dr alexander is lying (y=100-x).
    everyone is welcome to assign their own number to “x”, provided it is 0<…<100, ie, no certainty either way, since there is no one who can prove this certainty.

    so, mr yid, what's your bet, that x=0?
    actually, yid likes to own the opposition, doesn't he, so his yahweh is the god of atheism.

    yahweh preaches the crassest, ugliest materialism liberally coated with malice, so in his book of laws and rules he instructs (look up a random page of deutoronomy) his chosen on how to lie, steal, rob and swindle their generous host nations, while nurturing absolutely otherworldly hate and contempt.

    so now listen to where dr talks about how the visual aspect of deity corresponds to each faith’s avatar, the unifying principle being the one of love.
    right? he did say that didn’t he.

    so where does yahweh and his chosen pseudo-humans with their pattycaked souls belong in this loving circle of acceptance?
    i don’t see a suitable spot, other than hell, which is truly the abode of the jew, where he gets taught the object lesson of throwing your lot with pure, shameless materialism, enjoy the porno-world now, not gonna pay later (our daddy guarantees it).

    i think we are down to the brass tacks here, all the silly arguments about who believes in whom and what are waste of the numbered breaths.

    as per the words and described life of jesus, he was such a polar opposite to judaism that the very reminder of his existence throws die juden into paroxysms of hateful frenzy, precisely for the above reason – they are reminded of a possibility of failure, all their rabbinic game theoretic schemes may be less than worthless and in the end, it is the “poor, suffering, kind” jude, all 6 million of his magic clones, holding the bag with its overheated contents.

    in the end, i might say something like “i believe because i am not a jew”.

    1. His yahweh is the god of atheism, and atheism = nothing is heartfelt. a complete lack of conscience

      If one is on the RIGHT side of the conscience equation, then the simple math problem “proving” the existence of heaven is solved

      1. quite so, b-hawk.

        it is simple, really, no deep voodoo required, just a clear head and conscience.

        you follow the development trail of pure atheism and you end up snorkeling in the sewers, so to me it is a matter of taste, literal more than figurative.

        i see the word “jew” dangling at the end of the hook and this little fish heads the other way.

  12. what goes round … and all that.
    apparently, esquire and luke dittrich are not too particular about hygiene either:

    The most damning statement in regards to the inaccuracy of the Esquire article comes from Dr Laura Potter, Dittrich’s prime witness against Dr Alexander.

    “I am saddened by and gravely disappointed by the article recently published in Esquire. The content attributed to me is both out of context and does not accurately portray the events around Dr. Eben Alexander’s hospitalization. I felt my side of the story was misrepresented by the reporter. I believe Dr. Alexander has made every attempt to be factual in his accounting of events.” —Dr. Laura Potter

  13. can you imagine this judeoturd anywhere but twisting and squirming in a blast furnace?
    i can’t understand russian but the picture of Коломойский враг says it all.
    i have learned that “враг” mean the devil and i can hardly think of a more fitting image than Коломойский.

    kind of the inverted image of the one presented by eben alexander.

  14. Science and medicine are brainchild of humans, and therefore, are not rational criteria to challenge ones faith. Science has yet to prove (in a test tube), the existence of God, Allah or the Supreme Power by other names. Therefore, peoples’ belief cannot be based on scientific discoveries alone. It all depends on ones’ conscience to believe in Nature’s mysteries. There are many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism and Atheism, which don’t believe in life after death. Judaism that only pious Jews would be resurrected after death and rewarded in Heaven while the Jewish Evildoers would never resurrected to be punished for all the crimes they committed during their lives on Earth.

    Rabbi Haim Ovadia, Kahal Joseph Congregation in Los Angeles, California explains his belief about Christianity and Islam which most Zionist Jews and Christians wouldn’t agree.

    1. Rehmat – “Science has yet to prove (in a test tube), the existence of God”. Will these suffice? Google:

      >”Does God Exist?” – video
      >”Is God a Mathematician?”
      >”Life’s Ultimate Question – Does God Exist?”
      >”The Fine Tuning of the Universe”

  15. Must say I`m kinda dissappointed, thought I might hook up with people I`ve known, and liked, when I kick the bucket..

  16. there is nothing new about the subject. The first doctor to write about the subject was DrRaymond Moody many years ago in his book “life after life”
    So what this guy wants to do now writing a book is money making. I had the experience myself and did not write a book ! hahahah
    In actual fact i do not care if there is nothing else after death…but this experience tells me that there is. On my experience there was no God punishing people as the religious “teachers” are trying to frighten us with Satan etc.I was also shown the Akashic records which at that time i never knew it had a name and others new about it !!! I am talking about the decade of the 60’s…and only dared to open up and talk about my experience when Dr Moody’s book come out as i thought people would think i was crazy.
    The experience changed my life and i realized that what religion teaches us is not the reality.I become very spiritual but not on the way religion made us to believe.

  17. he is a proven liar.He made it all up/ it was revealed and verified monyths ago(that he lies and made it up)why? becuase he is a fuckin liar and wanted soem kicks.but that doesnt nueter others pds. here is one line i came across these light tunnels are tricks,reincarnation is recycling our souls and ebnergy keeping us here in a closed sytem to be reppeatedly recycled and harvested. which i think coud be true. what good are all these past lives when we have no use of things learned allwayxthey say we learn more need to learn lessons and we spend very litrtle time in this blissful place before being sent back down. I have no wish to try this again and i havent remebered previous lessons but have many in this one.i like to moive on not go back so do not go into the light turn around and go where you are not being led to go.a good way to know is anything or anybody wearing clothes(after body death) is a deciever.

    1. Well said Telena

      This business of recycling souls is a GIANT CON.

      If learning is the REASON OF existence, and pursuing it the REASON FOR existence, then any “learning curve” of Life would had to have been sidetracked as the result of a harvesting mechanism.

      So what do we humans do but RATIONALIZE everything to death, not realizing that the rationales are symptoms of the work done by the harvester’s machinery. Rationales best exemplified by religion and government (i.e.; “states”)

      This world is a silo, and seeds garnished from ‘that year’s’ harvest are planted for ‘next year’s crop.

      The recycling continues……

  18. We really need not waste time listening to this guy describing near death experiences, go speak to any Palestinian, they have lived 70 years in a perpetual near death existence…..

  19. About health –

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    1. B-Hawk –

      Leviticus and Deuteronomy says ok. And good enough for bbq(burnt offering) for god…good enough for me.

      1. I’d rethink that one, Pat

        Recall the story of Christ, who was sickened by the stench, AND at the reality of the gentle creature being slaughtered. You know. The “lamb of God”?

        A burnt offering all right – to the “gods” (lower case “g”)

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