Questioning the official Jewish version of history

Operation Bernhard  —Another kosher offering by the chosen ones

Adolf Burger displaying a forged £5 note
Adolf Burger displaying a forged £5 note

Beginning in 1942, the plan was to set up a team of 142 counterfeiters from inmates at Sachsenhausen concentration camp at first, and then from other camps, especially Auschwitz. The plan was to destabilize the British economy during the war by dropping the notes from aircraft, on the assumption that most Britons would collect the money and spend it, thus triggering inflation.

The scheme was not put into effect because it was postulated that the Luftwaffe did not have enough aircraft to deliver the forgeries.

The first time I heard this story I thought, “Gosh! Those diabolical “Nazis”! — will their evil plans never end?”

In review, I have a hard time swallowing the bitter herbs presented by these supposed plans. This story appears to be yet another Jewish dropping into the toilet bowl of historical fabrication. It stinks worse than last week’s gefilte fish left out in the Tel Aviv sun.

The first and most obvious problem is the plan for distribution. Dropping the notes from airplanes? How would the British government have reacted to low value notes floating down from the sky?

Considering other actions by the British citizenry during the war, can anyone truly believe they would have actively participated in the corruption of their economy by picking up the notes to go on a wild spending spree in a country where the most severe rationing was in effect? But everything turned out ok because the Luftwaffe did not have enough aircraft to deliver the forgeries? In 1942/43 the Germans did not have enough aircraft? Puuuulease! Does this make any sense? Do these Jewish forgers of history really think we are that stupid? Yes they do.

Now consider that inflation is the Jew’s proven number one tool for destabilizing and destroying western economies, including the corrupt Weimar Republic. Perhaps this is the foremost reason why this sounds so much more like a Jewish plan than anything a “Nazi” would invent. Then there is the usual claim of using Jews as “enslaved” prime contractors to carry out the most diabolical plans against those noble “freemen” of Western civilization fighting to defend democracy.

Jews are the most noted forgers in history. “Oy Vey! It vas horri-ble! Those demonic ‘Nazis’ forced us to do what we love doing!”

As usual with these Jewish tales from the sepulchers, one finds that “with full production scheduled to start the next day, the Reich Security Main Office ordered the work halted and the press dismantled.” Typical, all that work destroyed before any real evidence might become historically available or any real accounting could take place.

This sounds just like the claim the “Nazis” tried to destroy all the evidence of the Holocaust, but as usual those inept buffoons failed in their attempt, leaving tantalizing bundles of fresh notes behind as evidence by conveniently dropping them into a faraway lake instead of a nearby furnace or fire pit. Ya sure, you betcha! As usual, the story is based exclusively on “eyewitness accounts” both German and Jewish. Equally typical is how these “eyewitnesses” had ample reason to lie.

Finally there is this interesting tidbit of Jews making lemonade from German lemons.

“After the defeat of the Third Reich, large bundles of fake pounds ended up in the hands of the Jewish underground, which used the forged notes to buy equipment and to bring colonists to Palestine, among them Chaim Shurik, a Polish printer whose 20-page account of his counterfeiting days was written in Hebrew.”

Would those wearing Hoffman sunglasses be hard pressed to believe that Jews forged these notes after the war and then blamed the forgeries on the evil “Nazis”?

Here is my challenge: As with all the other highly questionable stories of this ilk, I challenge someone — anyone —  to present one  genuine (remember Jews are noted forgers) signed German wartime document that authorizes or alludes to this plan. The document must be validated by a third party with no Jewish connections or vested interest. After all,

if the Jews could fabricate the monstrous Holocaust lie, then why not an idiotic plan like Operation Bernhard?

—  Arch Stanton



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  1. A typical example not only of Jewish mendacity but also of Jewish projection. Projection is a typical characteristic of Jews. Compare what they accuse others of with what they practise themselves : “Holocaust” with their own practice of genocide in the Soviet Union, “racism” with how they treat Palestinians in Israel and goyim in general and “Islamic terrorism” with what the state of Israel practises. They are called “people of the Lie” for a reason.

  2. Funny Money is still coming from the Khazar Mob. When you understand that the HoloHOAX Museum is on the National Mall in Washington, DC, just down the street from the US Treasury, then it’s easy to see where the printing plates for all that money Israel prints up and uses comes from.

    Fake $100 bills eluded detection with rare quality

    It was the most popular counterfeit $100 bill in circulation, and for more than a decade its makers were a mystery to the U.S. Secret Service.

    Agents collected and analyzed the fake greenbacks, which first popped up in Israel in the late 1990s.

    So when Secret Service agent Adam Gaab came across four of the fake $100s on May 17, 2012, shortly after they had been detected at a Loan Max in Northern Virginia, he knew he had the rare chance to link a bill back to the person who passed it.

    The investigation evolved into a two-year international odyssey that culminated in the indictment last week of 13 Israelis and Americans of running one of the most successful counterfeiting operations in U.S. history. Hundreds of agents were involved by the time they executed raids and arrest warrants in five states in May and June that resulted in the capture of the 13 suspects and the seizure of $2.5 million in fake bills and a printing plant in a Cherry Hill, New Jersey, warehouse, according to federal authorities.

    Agents identified the ringleaders as two Russian-speaking Israelis: Itzhak Loz, 46, and Ronin Fakiro, 45. Loz and Fakiro, who have been in custody since their arrests in May in New York, made hefty profits on the sale of their bills for 20 percent to 50 percent of their face value, according to the agents and court papers.

    It’s not enough for these planetary gangsters to inflate our economy and steal wealth that way thru their ownership of the Federal Reserve and to launder that stolen wealth back to Israel thru thru those Jew owned ‘Too Big to Fail’ banks, the greedy pigs also pollute our economy with counterfeit USD’s.

  3. counterfeit money
    counterfeit tears
    counterfeit (false) flag
    counterfeit history
    counterfeit religion

    counterfeit people

    headed for real trash bin as envisioned by dante alighieri

  4. The only accurate piece of information that most Westerners know about WWII is that it happened. As for the particulars- why it happened, who caused it, how the armies conducted themselves, why certain decisions were made, who benefitted from it, etc. – they don’t have a clue.

    Fuck them. Most Westerners will live and die believing in lies. History will forget them. History will not forget the true heroes of that war, the defenders of Europe who marched under the Swastika. They marched in divisions with names like Charlemagne, Galician, Leibstandarte, Nord, Wiking, and Totenkopf. They had names like Peiper, Staudegger, Ehrlinger, Hartmann, Rudel, Meyer, Hetzenauer, Dietrich, and Wittmann; names every true Aryan should know.

  5. Well fuck you, too, Legionairre. Just because we Mercans are slow to awaken doesn’t mean your ass will last long if we’re against you. You’d better mind your manners.

    Though I agree with you on almost everything you state, here (except your idiotic phobia about all people who like the Bible and hold Jesus in deity), you need remember that your ‘Aryans’ were fucked in war because WE made that happen. I’ll tell you this, though: Many good soldiers (officers) in our armed forces sincerely UNDERSTAND the worth of Germany’s finest, and laud their soldiery. In fact, there is a WHOLE GARRISON of German soldiers posted right here, in Virginia, on a thousand acres at Dulles Airport. Go figure. (Dulles encompasses twelve thousand acres.)

    For the fight ahead, you should not alienate the only TRUE allies your [our] kind might have.

    1. If the people you mention are indeed our allies they will not be offended by my words, but instead view them as the inescapable truth.

      Contrary to what court historians say, Hitler did not unite a broken Germany by pandering to people’s emotions. He stood up and told the truth about what was happening across the West, and when people heard his words they looked at the behavior of nations like France, the USSR, America, England, etc. and saw for themselves that what Hitler was saying was absolutely correct.

      WWII is proof that we can’t fight our enemies while being constrained by Christian moralism, or any kind of moralism for that matter. Hitler routinely granted clemency for Soviet POWs while German POWs were worked to death in Siberia. Hitler let the Brits go at Dunkirk only so they could come back and lay waste to his country. Germany’s strict adherence to the rules of war cost them that war; the Allies showed no such constraints. They raped and slaughtered their way without a hint of remorse into the heart of Europe, then invented fake German atrocities to justify what they’d done.

      Christianity is poison. It weakens the will and swells the more feminine emotions in us. There are no rules when dealing with enemies who want you and your race dead.

      1. Excellent post. christianity is a religion for the weak and slaves, when racial survival is the end then ALL means are justified.

  6. As far as the ‘counterfeit story’ goes – THERE IS NO SUBSTANTIATION to the CONTRARY of it. No proof that it DIDN’T happen just that way. That very SAME tactic has been used, since, several times I could name (but won’t). That there is sufficient evidence the gas chambers and the Six Million didn’t happen is true enough – BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THERE WERE NO ‘CONCENTRATION CAMPS’, or Jews incarcerated therein.

    But Jewry doesn’t have a monopoly on counterfeiting. Don’t be stupid. While the concept MAY have come from ‘jewry’,there was no patent put on the process.

    1. gilbert, proving non-existence in a real, open world, where enumeration does not work (as in a box of ball bearings, for instance) is impossible.

      can you prove that leprechauns and tinkerbells don’t exist?

      and as for other points raised against spqr, though i understand your anger and counterargument, he is largely right.

      the following is true:

      jews won and won huge mostly because america shot its industrial wad against nationalist socialist germany, because it was the enormity of american aid to jew-ussr that broke the wermacht’s back.
      americans entered fighting when it was largely over, by no means was it usa that won against germany, just look at the numbers of military deaths on the western front and when did they happen.
      had it not been for america’s obedient service to jew, ww2 would have turned out quite differently.

      moreover, all the unforgivable evil, misery, death and destruction that america has rained upon the world since has been 100% at behest of jew, for his profit and america’s ruin.
      i think i saw someone come up with 300 post ww2 million dead at the hands of american golem (someone’s riposte to hp).
      what are these millions supposed to do, rise up and salute when hail to the juif is played?

      is this something that spqr and the rest of the world should hold in reverential awe, gratitude and admiration?
      my own country, canada is no different, just smaller and weaker but motivated by the same cowardly appeasement of the jew, just look at them today.
      the fact that it is populated by essentially decent inhabitants is no excuse because ignorant cowardice to face the facts is no excuse – the kitty genovese principle, remember?

      spqr stated his point forecefully and rudely but he is right and this is a sad fact.
      usa, canada, uk, australia, nz … every anglosaxon nation belongs in the hall of shame.

      west is waste

      1. You are right, lobro. BUT, my response to the legionairre was to illustrate how counterproductive it is to denigrate Americans in the beginning of their awakening. Yes, the government of America has much to answer for – but it is still not wise to tweak the beast as it considers turning on its handlers. You have to admit that our misdeeds have been largely accomplished by the masters of deceit having been in charge of our machine for too long (since really the War of Northern Agression, 1861-65). Being a southerner whose families lost much during that conflict, I was raised to be suspect of ‘Yankees’ – but I later realized THEY had been just about as victimized as WE by the circumstance. Now, many of my allies are Yankees. 🙂 Just so, I HOPE many of America’s former enemies become our allies against The Beast system. There is much to answer for, and much to forgive.

      2. … how counterproductive it is to denigrate Americans in the beginning of their awakening

        amen to that.

    2. Forgery – it’s a Jew thing. Once again this comment demonstrates an abysmal ignorance of Jewish history and culture. The Jew’s impact on forgery is much like their impact on pornography, they lead the way and dominate the field. As with pornography they are responsible for probably around 90% of the various forgeries today. Jews are infamous for their forgeries, not just currencies, but everything from Hitler’s diaries to James’ ossuary, you name it, the Jews forge it. Don’t forget, the story itself relates how the evil Nadzees used Jews to ostensibly forge the banknotes. There’s a clue, no matter the validity of the story. The Jew’s antique forgeries are so prevalent that the authenticity of all the antiquities coming out of the Middle East have now come into question. What is most interesting is how the Jews claim the Protocols of Zion are a “forgery”. Really now, whose forgery? And where is the original document from whence the forgery was made? As for proof, the onus for proof always falls upon the claimant. It is up to them to validate the authenticity of their claim, not for others to disprove their claim. The only “proof” for this story is the same proof offered for the Hollowhoax, eyewitness testimony and a bunch of forged banknotes. The banknotes only prover that somebody, somewhere forged a bunch of British banknotes nothing more. The eyewitnesses have much to gain by lying about the story. Note the microphone in Burger’s hand? He is obviously telling his story to an audience and you can bet you last shekel this was a paid appearance. Every Nadzee trotted out to support the Jew’s claims were, and are, under the gun to either cooperate or suffer the consequence. This was especially true during the following years after the war. Many of the the German’s claims are purposely fantastic, identifying non-existent places and inflated figures, in an effort to expose the Jew’s forced confession. When it comes to Jews, one can take it for granted they are lying. If it isn’t a lie, then one can be truly amazed how wonders never cease.

    1. when berezovksy, nevzhlin and other oligocriminals ran for their lives and khodorkovsky was slow to move and paid for it with 14 years in slammer, his stolen wealth largely repatriated to russia, when chechnya was pacified, warlords eliminated, when yeltsin traitor was banished, when infrastructure, public health and education rebounded, when russia military got rebooted as a credible fighting machine, when economy grew wings again that were shorn by harvard scavengers and carpetbaggers, when the endless tide of jew-conceived, us-executed global evil ran into its first roadblock in syria.

      why do you think israel is fuming today, why weren’t they able to get past hezbollah but are collectively voiding their bowels at its mention?
      because of iran, their most feared enemy today on the immediate scale, which is why every speech by a jew today ends on “iran es delenda”.
      why is iran untouched by us carpet bombing gift that they bequeathed on 80% of world’s countries?
      because of russia.

      would any of the above have happened if russia was in jew’s clutches like it was during lenin/yeltsin eras?

      1. “…first roadblock in Syria.”

        And here comes the bombing campaign over Syria next week, just in time for Rosh Hashanah -gee, what a coincidence!

        If (when?) Assad goes the way of Saddam, Khaddafi, et al, Iran is obviously next on the hit list, and the line will have been drawn in the sand for Putin. It would be at this point where parallels could be made to equivalent points right before Barbarossa in 1941. How FAR they can be drawn is in question.

        But things appear to be timed to the mid-term US elections – the usual sickening political maneuverings of psychopathic toads with yet more innocents to die under barrages of US/NATO bombs (and I sense another PCR article around the corner)

        Then comes 2015 and the beginning of another nauseating US Presidential campaign. And as usual the fix will be in with the fixers having Iran firmly fixed in their squirming brains

      2. not only “russian” mafia but “american-italian” mafia is and was in its heyday completely run by jews, no less than say, hip hop recording industry is run by jews, nigrahs are just window dressing hiding the gears behind the scenes.

        and i have little doubt that the drug cartels in colombia and mexico, especially the most murderous, zetas who are mexican version of isis, right down to decapitations (real as opposed to staged) are also jew-run.

        goy misery translates very directly into jew’s joy.
        let’s reverse the deal, shall we?

      3. Not sure where you’re getting your info from. Russia is still a hellhole with short life expectancy (compared to most white nations, though it’s debatable if Russia is white), skyrocketing abortion rates, unparalleled corruption, rampant alcoholism, and low-IQ citizenry, not to mention crumbling architecture and mass Muslim immigration from Central Asia, which Putin enthusiastically supports as much as any western leader.

        Russia is also a bastion of philosemitism. They love Jews and hate “Nazis” and think of the non-Russian Stalin as a hero, despite the fact that he murdered more Russians than the Germans ever did. Russians are hopelessly stupid, even more so than Americans, if that’s possible. If I had my way I’d wipe their fucking country off the face of the earth for what they did to Europe in 1945. And you know what? Everyone would applaud, not only Western Europe, but also Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic. They all hate Russians with a passion, and it’s mainly due to what happened to them during WWII.

      4. SPQR –

        Patton agreed with you. He was murdered because he hated the Jews.

        I don’t know anyone there. So I am no expert on the conditions.

      5. russian life expectancy: women 75, it has been that way for some time
        male: only 63 but note that it was 58 in 2000, so a progress of 5 extra in only 10 years is not bad and i would think, bound to continue.

        Everyone would applaud, not only Western Europe, but also Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic
        do you cheer for nuland, kolomoisky, taruta, groisman, rabinovich, petro porkypig? it’s either them or putin, take your pick, i took mine.
        whoever it is that stands up to jews, i am for him.
        putin is philosemite? then why does the time magazine present him with adolph mustache, titled “the new hitler”?
        were the idf regulars on kiev maidan in support of putin?
        how come neither lenin nor yeltsin were never as slagged as putin, nor was medvedev, his main adversary in kiev who gave libya away?
        try to answer some of these.

        what “russians” did in 1945 is what “germans”, “british”, “australians”, “canadians”, “americans” and the “french” are doing today: mindlessly following jew’s wishes.
        why do you reserve your contempt for them, given that most of the raping and looting was by the tatars and mongols in ehrenburg’s army?
        putin is fighting tooth and nail jew factions (read: medvedev and oligarchs) in russia’s politburo and duma (parliament), the owners of media and many businesses still.
        i would say he is doing a helluva better job than any western leader similarly cursed with massive jew presence.

        people, open your eyes.
        putin was born after 1945, so whay blame him for events back then.

        what did yankee do to his very own kind back in 1865?
        killed indiscriminately, starved to death, raped the confederates while the kike carpetbagger cleaned up in aftermath, after having started it, just like every major conflagration in the last 1500 years.
        you really think world would be better off without russia?

        just picture it.

        i challenge you and everyone else to give me a coherent picture of the world today with russia taken out of equation.



        us, this small group of genuine jew haters?
        our heads, and that includes you spqr, would be bouncing down the pyramid steps right now.

        give me an alternate scenario that makes sense.

      6. Lobro, if Jews had wanted Putin’s Russia annihilated they would have done so a decade ago. If they actually thought Putin were a new Hitler they would have behaved the way they did in 1933: calling for an international boycott and organizing the industrialized West against him. They’ve done no such thing. The Jews like Putin. They flat-out say so.

        What happened in Ukraine was just one set of Jews taking power from another set. Their hatred of Putin is theater. Ukrainians hate Putin, and rightfully so, and Jews use that hatred to whip the populace up into a frenzy so that Ukraine breaks from Russia and becomes a part of the EU, and thus flooded with millions of shitskins to exterminate the populace. You should know by now that Jews play all sides in a conflict so that they always come out on top.

        And yes, what the Western Allies did in 1945 was similar to what the Russians did. This is why I think whites are doomed. They sold their souls to the jew, and in 1945 annihilated their own people. Whites are lost. I would never fight for such a wretched people. I’m not a white nationalist, I’m a fascist and a national socialist. The vast majority of the white race is scum.

        Putin may have been born after 1945, but Russia is in love with its Bolshevik past, and they hate anyone who opposes them. Putin, furthermore, is a Eurasianist, and after what the Asiatics did to European women in WWII that should disgust and frighten any true European. Putin’s goal is mongrelized Russia modeled after the idea of nutcase pseudo-Bolshevik Alexander Dugin. Russia is an enemy of Europe; the jews had the European genetic core of Russia exterminated in 1917 and the following decades.

        So yes, Europe would be better off without Russia. What do you think would happen if a new Reich were to be born in Europe, with Putin and his Asiatic rabble doing the bidding of the jew? There’d be another war between Europe and Asia unless some kind of Aryan revolution were to happen in Russia and wipe out the Jew mafia, the oligarchs, and Putin’s ex-KGB buddies.

        As for the world, I don’t give a fuck. Asians, negroes, Arabs, and mestizos are not my people.

      7. @ SPQR
        @ Lobro

        SPQR: “Russia is still a hellhole . . . not to mention mass Muslim immigration from Central Asia, which Putin enthusiastically supports as much as any western leader.”

        Here is a speech Putiin gave in the Russian Duma on August 4, 2013 about the tensions with minorities in Russia. It is his shortest speech ever and completely refutes SPQR’s half-baked views about Putin being a pawn of the Jews and doing his best to create a “mongrelized Rusasia” with Muslims running rampant everywhere and helping to bastardize Russia:

        “In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws.

        If they prefer Sharia Law and live the life of Muslims, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’.

        We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

        When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that Muslim Minorities are NOT Russians.”

        The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.

        SPQR is a highly intelligent poster but he is completely wrong about many things. FACTS and LOGIC simply do not interest him when they run counter to his deeply engrained prejudices. Changing his mind about anything is impossible and arguing with him is futile.

  7. hopeful straws in the wind.

    jew is increasingly becoming a dirty word – according to its merits.
    nazi is increasingly becoming a respected term – according to its merits.

    nazis are increasingly seen as tragically heroic knights fallen to the unclean and unholy dragon, the reptile of hell.

    people getting mad when nazi and jew are conflated, ie, “jew is just as bad as nazi”.

    could anyone have foreseen this 15 years ago?

  8. Coming from the wonderful institute for keelhauling imbeciles (wiki), Operation Bernhard certainly seems like a stretch.

    Camp inmates and printing presses, eh? Don’t they contradict themselves by promoting a story of ‘commerce’ versus a story of ‘being gassed’?

    Even if you consider supply and demand, money flying out of airplanes would not have wrecked the British pound. You have to be a Soros to accomplish that.

    “I emphasized that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit.” Samuel Untermeyer, The Public Years, p.347.

    “Germany is too strong. We must destroy her.” Winston Churchill, Nov. 1936

    Projection much?

  9. spqr,

    i try to keep things simple because complicated things make my head hurt.
    also that way i don’t go crosseyed from trying to keep track of too many bouncing balls.

    i hate jews and i look for my trench buddies among people who likewise hate jews.
    for this reason and at this stage of the game – is it endstage? – i don’t care much about aryanism and all that white stuff.
    if my own blood brother likes pro football and doesn’t hold an opinion against jews, he is not my brother.
    there is no other approach, more refined and nuanced that will work, all that ethnic, cultural and metaphysical fine tuning only dilutes the potency of the venom.

    national socialism is great, especially under a strong, intelligent, non-materialistic fuhrer – the best system tried and tested to date.
    but consider that according to its simplest, most straight forward definition, putin is a nationalist socialist.
    he loves russia, its traditions, russia loves him back and he is working to strengthen russia against outside enemies.
    this is what hitler did and even though hitler can be accused of numerous failures, including not wiping out jews when he had his chance and in fact being in cahoots with the worst of them in hope that they will prove to be faithful allies, to his tragic education, i would never say that hitler was a talmudic stooge like so many others do, simply because he erred in operational judgement and lost the grand effort.

    and for the same reason i deny that putin is a talmudic stooge like you charge him to be, despite certain superficial appearances, like letting the reeking lubavitchers pose for group shots with him.
    how can he like jews who entertain him with naked trollops squirting menstrual jizz at him, screaming kill putin, kill (patriarch) kiril, while they attend to sunday mass in moscow?
    do you think putin is so mentally deficient that he does not see the frighteningly universal depth of jewish perfidy, the absolute filth in which they wallow as happily as pigs in shit?

    i always go back to the calculations of naked survival that i was taught in the ring and from having observed its unforgiving rules over the decades, just like bestial games of survival in the wilds of tanzania and india … do not make rash judgements, play cards close to the vest until you are sure the strike will be successful … defense, defense, defense, then a quick, unexpected, unhesitating attack when your ducks are lined up in the row.

    this is what putin must do in order to survive and to survive means to win, there is no other outcome apart from deep kissass slavery.
    like i said, jawing big without followup action is just waste of time, energy and self respect, dilution of precious venom.

    maximum effect with minimum effort is the key to victory.

    for a more detailed look at what those with more time to spare and similar thinking are saying, take a look at this fedorov guy, who if i recall rightly has putin’s ear and may be his unofficial, therefore truthful spokesman.
    he says that the time for action is near, starting with a purge that will likely sweep out the jew medvedev, the betrayer of gaddafi from the power structure.

    in particular, this:
    Other essential and inevitable measures include nationalization of the Central Bank (28:34), breaking the tributary link with foreign central banks, and lowering interest rates to facilitate industrialization and job-creation.

    The liberation movement is publishing a kind of “5th column assessment card”, a formula by which anyone’s actions and position can be assessed objectively (18:27 & 43:57)

    maybe i am wrong and it is all a complicated talmudic puppetry but like i said, i have trouble following complicated games and draw the line here in my analysis.

    1. lobro, your post consists of a series of opinions and conjectures about Putin. You can conjure up theories about Putin and give rationalizations for the things he does, but the facts simply contradict what you’re saying.

      This is what Moscow looks like today:

      That is Putin’s legacy. He has spent his entire career imprisoning and oppressing Russian nationalists and pushing immigration onto Russia.

      Like I said before, everything European about Russia was destroyed by the Jews in 1917. Russia’s Nordic core was exterminated, its German-descended royal family wiped out, its French-speaking aristocracy butchered and its European churches demolished. In their place the Jews established their Asiatic tyranny, built ugly, poorly-made architecture that is already crumbling, and brought in the Asians by the millions. Putin sees himself as continuing this legacy of turning Russia into a part of Asia.

      Putin is ex-KGB and has said that the collapse of the USSR was a tragedy. He hates Europe and America because he sees them both as “fascist” civilizations. He hates the Ukrainian coup because, again, he sees it as “fascism.” It doesn’t matter that he’s hilariously wrong; what matters is that these are ideas that he has in his head. He is a typical modern “Russian,” blindly hating everything Western. If Putin thinks the West is fascist now, imagine what he’d think if Europe ever did become fascist!

      Which leads me to my most important point: if Whites were to take back their own countries in Europe, Putin would be their biggest enemy, perhaps even bigger than the United States. Or have you forgotten what happened in WWII?

  10. consider some excerpts from that fedorov interview, to get a flavor of what putin is battling, while taking lumps as if he is behind the malfeasance

    Who are the fifth column? Who are the agents of American manipulation? You have to see the big picture. Those in Russia who have an influence on events in Ukraine, and stripped Putin of the right to send in troops. Didn’t allow him a tough decision on the defense of sovereignty in the UNSC.
    Those are the traitors in the government.
    Next, the mass media.

    This is what we’ve been talking about for months. Why do they insist on lying? Why do they say the “Ukrainian Army” when referring to the collaborationist forces of the junta, the putschists? The Ukrainian Army is legal. The Russian media is saying, there is a legal Ukrainian Army, which is bombing the place using tanks and planes. Then there is the ‘militia’, a kind of neutral term, but in contrast with the Ukrainian Army it’s an illegal armed formation. So what have we got in the media? ‘Illegal armed formations’ versus the ‘legal Ukrainian Army.’ This is already support for what they call the Ukrainian Army. In reality, they are the foreign invaders’ army. Meaning, our media is on the side of the invaders. If they would simply report the truth, then we could say “you’re telling the truth”. But in fact they are lying: previously they acknowledged the fact of the armed coup d´état. From the fact of the coup, it follows that there is no Ukrainian Army, because there is no Ukrainian state. What came out of the armed coup was the illegal junta government and illegal regime, to which the Ukrainian Army cannot belong, because it is the legal state army ab initio, which means the media are lying.

    and more,
    We know that while the fifth column is in power, national liberation is not possible, or even survival of the nation in critical situations. When the situation is not critical, survival is possible, albeit with losses. But when it’s critical, as now, war, invasion, sanctions, survival is not possible. It will definitely mean destruction of the Russian nation. The method of ‘orange invasion’ is happening now via the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Industry, and so on. It’s the technology for strangling the Russian economy, which is being effected here by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman, on the command of Usaia. In such situations Russia has always carried out a purge. Always reluctantly, because it’s high-ranking people who have to be purged. Same when the Trotskyites were being purged, it was done reluctantly, because they were big bosses. But otherwise you won’t survive. Like when the hand is rotting: if you don’t cut it off, the whole body will be destroyed by the rot. So some unpopular decisions have to be made, otherwise you won’t survive. We have to understand that the fifth column in the government isn’t just causing damage. They have now fully revealed themselves. They have stupidly switched to the tactic of fully destroying the country, moreover in the near future.
    Whereas previously we were trying to win them over, to persuade them, now we have to cut them off, as has always been the case.

    [spqr, you understand whom he is referring to, right? the jews]
    This is not a new method. It’s the method which Russia has always used in analogous situations. So the conclusion is that it doesn’t matter whether Putin wants to do this or not. What matters is that Russia is moving in this direction, having gotten up on her feet to defend herself and decided not to surrender, like Ukraine did. Which means this will inevitably lead to a purge.

    if this doesn’t read like a national socialist manifesto, then i have no idea what national socialism is.

    1. If he was referring to Jews why didn’t he just say so? If Putin is powerful and in control of the situation then naming the jew in Russia wouldn’t be a big deal. Why whine about “junta governments” instead of just saying that Ukraine is controlled by Israel, and that this whole conflict is the work of international Jews?

      You can argue that Putin is playing the long game, but if he is, then he’s losing, badly. Playing that game has gotten him nothing. He’s all talk. The moment Obama put his foot down on Ukraine, Putin quietly backed off.

      Putin has no power. It doesn’t matter how many photos are taken of him riding around on horses with no shirt; the Jews would never, ever let one of the world’s biggest nuclear stockpiles fall into the hands of a goy.

      Like I said, Putin is an ex-KGB Soviet. Last year when he said that the early Soviet government was 85% Jewish, he was not insulting them, he was complimenting them. Yes, he was complimenting the people who butchered his people; assuming of course that Putin is not part Jewish himself.

      You said earlier on here that there won’t be any resistance against the Jew west of the Rhine, and that’s probably true. But there weren’t be any resistance east of the Vistula, either.

    2. lobro, your post consists of a series of opinions and conjectures about Putin.

      then you say this:
      Last year when he said that the early Soviet government was 85% Jewish, he was not insulting them, he was complimenting them.

      really? so why isn’t the present government 85% jewish.
      he likes bolsheviks? i don’t see him restoring bolshevism in any way.
      did you read the bit about how stalin put up with trotsky and jews as long as he had to but once they made open moves against russia, he had them eliminated – with extreme prejudice.
      i remember touring diego rivera+frida kahlo’s compound in mex city about 15 years ago and stood in the room where trotsky was butchered with a pickax … uncle joe sure loved jews, just like putin does.

      last year was last year, a big difference in the positional play from now.
      talk is cheap, all putin did was donate some jew books to jews and everyone takes it as sign that the sky is falling.
      putin backed down before obama?
      even i thought so, honestly, for a while and now i see that the jewboys got themselves sunk in a swamp that makes vietnam look like a drive-in visit to mcdonald’s by comparison.
      europe’s economy is tanking at free fall rate, it’s gonna be a cold winter baby, ukraine’s biggest fan, poland (western ukraine, galicia, used to be poland back in the day, where the only anti-russians are) refuses to pump lng back to ukraine because there is not enough to go around after putin put a squeeze on it.

      a few more comments.
      He hates the Ukrainian coup because, again, he sees it as “fascism.” It doesn’t matter that he’s hilariously wrong; what matters is that these are ideas that he has in his head. He is a typical modern “Russian,” blindly hating everything Western. If Putin thinks the West is fascist now, imagine what he’d think if Europe ever did become fascist!

      the use of the word “fascist” is a joke, not to be taken seriously, like that symbol of star of david with swastika inside it.
      of course that the maidan coup was wholly conceived and orchestrated by jews who scooped up all the government positions in the junta.
      think putin is unaware of it?
      he is in fact wholly european, having practically grown up in germany (east), probably been buddies with merkel and i suspect that they are still playing footsie under the guise of a hostile screaming match.
      pay attention to results, not words.
      his german is flawless, every bit as fluent as his russian.
      i say that they are quite friendly to one another and have some secret understanding … when you say putin is kgb, which he surely is, recall that merkel is stasi, which is just offshored kgb.
      they know the moves of this dance.

      Which leads me to my most important point: if Whites were to take back their own countries in Europe, Putin would be their biggest enemy, perhaps even bigger than the United States. Or have you forgotten what happened in WWII?

      i will tell you what was the biggest mistake of wwii, by both hitler and stalin and why the jew won

      because jew convinced both of them that the other was their biggest enemy.
      read the relevant lines in the kollontai interview with stalin in ’39

      go down about 75-80% into the article to see this humongous revelation (remember that this is nov, 39, no reason for stalin to dissemble in order to snow spqr and/or lobro, the new wave antisemites):

      ‘Many matters of our party and people will be distorted and abused, above all in foreign countries and, yes, even in our country too. Zionism, in a tearing hurry for world supremacy, will be harsh on us, be vengeful on account of our successes and achievements. They still consider Russia as a barbarous country, as a raw material adjunct. And my name will also be slandered; it is being slandered even now. To me they shall attribute many a crime.

      International Zionism shall by all means attempt to destroy our union, so that Russia could never rise again. The strength of the USSR lies in the friendship of the peoples. The sharp edge of the struggles will be directed, … to the severance of the periphery from Russia. …

      Nationalism shall raise its head with special force. For some time it will dominate internationalism and patriotism; however, only for some time. Groups of nationalities within the nations shall emerge and shall enter into conflicts. Many pygmy-leaders shall emerge in these nations.

      Sharp contradictions with the West shall arise.

      am i the only fucking person on earth sane enough to be overwhelmed by the power oh joe’s intellect and geopolitical analysis?
      if this ain’t bang on prophecy, i don’t know what prophecy is, maybe he had the Holy Virgin whisper into his ear.

      still harping on about how useless all these kgb guys are, how they hate europe and the white man, etc, etc.
      jews murdered stalin and for a damn good reason – read the above passage as many times as necessary for it to sink in.

      to return to my theme:
      THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF WWII, BY BOTH HITLER AND STALIN AND WHY THE JEW WON is because instead of germany and ussr russia ganging up with japan, iran, finland, hungary, romania, croatia, turkey to clean out the contamination of the west as exemplified by that swine churchill, may he rot, the two natural partners went to war with each other, hitler rightfully frightened by jew bolshevism and not realizing that big changes were in progress in russia and stalin fearing the rise of teuto-aryan supremacist, pseudo-nitschean belief system that saw slavs as untermenschen to be subjugated in a hurry.

      and the jew party wagon rolls on.
      this is the tragedy of our times, Ojala! not to be repeated with putin and merkel.

      also sprach lobro.

      1. “really? so why isn’t the present government 85% jewish.”

        Because when free markets were established in Russia in the 90s, Jews no longer needed centralized governmental control. All they needed were the banks and media corporations to control the country, exactly like in America.

        “he likes bolsheviks? i don’t see him restoring bolshevism in any way.”

        “Bolshevism” was merely a strategy for Jewry to gain dominance in Russia. Political ideologies are simply tools for people to gain power; tools can be used and then discarded when they wear out. Bolshevism was one such tool; it worked for Jews but as the decades wore on, that system rapidly decayed until Jews decided to switch to American-style capitalism. Bolshevism may dead but Russia is still controlled by Jews.

        “did you read the bit about how stalin put up with trotsky and jews as long as he had to but once they made open moves against russia, he had them eliminated – with extreme prejudice.”

        Trotsky and a few Jews were killed by Stalin, yes… along with tens of millions of whites.

        “talk is cheap, all putin did was donate some jew books to jews and everyone takes it as sign that the sky is falling.”

        Did you read that TOO link I gave you in this comments section? Russian nationalists despise Putin because he ruthlessly imprisons them all. This isn’t about Putin paying lip service to Jews, this is about what Putin has actually done while in power.

        “the use of the word “fascist” is a joke, not to be taken seriously, like that symbol of star of david with swastika inside it.”

        The word “fascist” is not a joke to the average Russian. They don’t give a damn about the Jew murderers and torturers of the Cheka and NKVD, but say “Waffen SS” to them and they shit borscht. The Russian mind is completely bolshevized. They will accept any Asiatic tyranny, any wrongdoing by Jews, but try to explain to them why Hitler invaded his precious “motherland” in 1941 and they ‘ll just call you a fascist devil.

        “when you say putin is kgb, which he surely is, recall that merkel is stasi, which is just offshored kgb.”

        You won’t ever catch me defending that cunt Merkel.

        “i will tell you what was the biggest mistake of wwii, by both hitler and stalin and why the jew won

        because jew convinced both of them that the other was their biggest enemy.”

        Doesn’t that kind of go against your theory that Stalin was Jew-wise? If he was Jew-wise why did he listen to them and destroy Germany?

        “Zionism, in a tearing hurry for world supremacy, will be harsh on us, be vengeful on account of our successes and achievements. ”

        Of course they distrusted Zionism, as it was a nationalist philosophy. They hated National Socialism even more. As for their achievements… WTF? What achievements?

        “am i the only fucking person on earth sane enough to be overwhelmed by the power oh joe’s intellect and geopolitical analysis?”

        I don’t see what’s so overwhelming about that article, which is pretty much from a communist website. So the guy predicted turmoil in Europe. So did everyone across the globe.

        “THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF WWII, BY BOTH HITLER AND STALIN AND WHY THE JEW WON is because instead of germany and ussr russia ganging up with japan, iran, finland, hungary, romania, croatia, turkey to clean out the contamination of the west as exemplified by that swine churchill, may he rot, the two natural partners went to war with each other,”

        But they weren’t natural partners. The natural partners should have been Germany and the UK. Russia was not a part of Europe, but of Asia, like I said. Read The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer to get an idea of what Soviet civilization was like; it was completely at odds with everything Europe stood for.

        “hitler rightfully frightened by jew bolshevism and not realizing that big changes were in progress in Russia”

        What were these big changes?

        ” and stalin fearing the rise of teuto-aryan supremacist, pseudo-nitschean belief system that saw slavs as untermenschen to be subjugated in a hurry.”

        Slavs do have a lower average IQ than West Europeans, that is not in dispute. Furthermore even before bolshevism, Russians had a pretty miserable history laden with embarrassing military defeats, tyrannical leaders, and precious few actual accomplishments in spite of their enormous population and natural resources.

        As for the NS policy towards Slavs, they were regarded as inferior, but they were far better-treated by the Germans than Germans were by Slavs. For instance there were no mass rapes and mass executions of Slavic peoples by the Wehrmacht or Waffen-SS. At no point did the German military behave in Russia as Russians did in Germany.

      2. A final comment: there’s a reason why Russia is hated by pretty much every country in Eastern Europe. The Lithuanians hate Russia. The Estonians hate Russia. The Latvians hate Russia. The Poles hate Russia. The Ukrainians of course hate Russia. I’m fairly certain that the Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, and Romanians also dislike Russia.

        Their hatred of Russia stems primarily from Russian behavior during WWII. Those people remember the trains to Siberia, they remember the NKVD death squads, they remember the demolition of beautiful churches and statues of national heroes, they remember the horrendous atrocities that came with Soviet occupation. That’s why those nations honor their SS veterans to this day while the fucking Russians whine about “fascism” and “neo-Nazism” on their way to staring at Lenin’s corpse in Red Square. Russians bitch every time some ugly statue of a Bolshevik “hero” gets torn down in those nations.

        If Europe has any hope, it comes from those nations that honor their SS veterans.

      3. spqr, i see that our analyses are at the loggerheads and neither budging, so let’s drop it.
        of course, each likely considers himself flexible as per facts on the ground and the other, dogmatically obstinate in his view, c’est la vie.

        but i want to toss in couple of pebbles before moving on.

        Of course they distrusted Zionism, as it was a nationalist philosophy. They hated National Socialism even more. As for their achievements… WTF? What achievements?

        i certainly don’t want to be stalin’s salesman, nor for that matter any of soviet or post soviet leaders.
        kremlin politburo is rougher than any mma steel cage bloodletting or swimming with sharks, nice guys don’t last past the entrance door.

        but to say that stalin merely distrusted zionism in the course of things because he more generally distrusted nationalism is like adjusting horse blinkers into eye patches.
        he didn’t even say that the Third Reich was in a tearing hurry for world supremacy, he very specifically indicated zionism, ie, the jews, including the jews that threatened him withing his own circle, just like they threaten putin today.

        i put the threat of jews way above my dislike of any world leader, today or ever, and will support them if they are willing to direct their fighting resources against the jew.
        this includes stalin, putin, lukashenko, mugabe, assad, the current n. korean guy no matter that he may be as bad as painted by the jew press, although i will never call him a personal friend.

        I don’t see what’s so overwhelming about that article, which is pretty much from a communist website. So the guy predicted turmoil in Europe. So did everyone across the globe.

        i never referred to stalin’s amazing gift of prophecy regarding “turmoil in europe”, that’s a straw man for sure.
        i am merely amazed that 2 leaders of the time, hitler and stalin, despite being the only ones in the world fully aware of the nature of the disease, chose to fight each other and took themselves out of the power equation and did jew the greatest favor imaginable.
        i cannot get over it.
        stalin is to blame but so is hitler, no less.

        and why would the uk (jew-k since cromwell in 17th cent) be a more natural ally of germany?
        uk never had a single ally on the continent in its entire history after the norman conquest.
        maybe the saxon natives may have sided with gaul resistance against caesar, but that was in bc.

        german ethnic stock has been solidly shot through with slavic blood and the latter mingled with viking (kiev started out as a viking outpost).
        moreover, i recall reading some study (genetic anthropology/anthro-genetics? i know nothing about natural sciences, forget the mechanics 5 min after reading but the geopolitical and demographic impact remains) in archaeology using genetic tools to establish the spread and purity of caucasian stock.

        as memory serves, the purest ones come from northern afghanistan (i recall an ex-girlfriend, an iranian, telling me how women in iran always considered afghan men the best looking in the whole world), kurdistan and certain tribes in rajasthan, measuring some gene marker shows how the purest of the euro-caucasians are in belarus, western russia, ukraine, then baltic states, norway, sweden, etc … at the bottom rung are euronigrahs, portuguese, sicilians, greeks, provencals, irish, hungarians … english (of the true european stock) barely qualify as white, germans more so.

        so, the whole story of iq (as far as it measures “intellect”, a very dubious proposition invented by shrinks who are 95% jews) is just a red herring.
        anyone can improve their personal iq score by repetitive exposure to tests, you learn tricks, shortcuts and how to race through the easy ones, return to tougher questions later, how to improve odds by eliminating obviously wrong answers in the multiple choices, ie, how to think like a jew.
        it is designed by the jews, for the jews and they brag about it endlessly, “jews are the best yiddish speakers in the world!” – yeah right.

        but what do i care?
        for the umpteenth time … i keep my eye on the ball.
        jews, jews and jews.

        and given the state of the field, putin is by far the best this sorry world has to offer today, apart from the lesser ones like nassralah of hezbollah or sadly gone ahmedinejad and chavez, fidel castro too old and decrepit but still smarter than all the rest stacked on top of each other.
        and yes, merkel, cunt though she may be, is way ahead on my list of the human kelp packing the presidencies, parliaments and cabinets of europe.

  11. Lobro –

    Thanks for your clarification. Even from my own unlearned perspective, your point is well-perceived (though I don’t care for ANY type of ‘socialism’ – ‘national’ or otherwise)(I think).

    And, btw, I think it’d take an awful lot of twists to torque YOUR fine mind! 🙂

    1. gilbert, accept my non-trivial thanks, because right or wrong, you always try to maintain balance on the swaying bicycle.

      socialism for me means putting interests of the society ahead to those of individual.

      ergo, it comes down to purely personal sympathies, like preferring tall, slender women to curvaceous ones, not to argue coherently that one type is better than another – sorry for the crude analogy (maybe i am just trying to draw max into the discussion, although i suspect his board is well covered regardless of preference).

      americans like yourself have been nurtured on the mythos of rugged individual enforcing god’s law at the end of colt 45 while carving out the living space for his family out in the vastness of wyoming in the shadow of the tetons and any notion of the desperately teeming, lice infested ghettoes of baltimore and detroit is repugnant in the knee jerk fashion.
      socialism, on the other hand, arose from the need to marshal tight resources intelligently in constricted environment of developed european cultures, to establish traffic rules in order to minimize damage and suffering due to lawless plunder and rapine that can arise in such situation (read: jews – any surprise?)

      think in terms of you riding your dirt bike or a quarterhorse out in the country.
      would you take kindly to me setting up red plastic pylons telling you where you can and cannot ride?

      on the other hand, do you think that if residents of boston took to riding enduros down the subway stairs at full throttle, barging into the trains and racing between the seat aisles, that would be a welcome development?

      it boils down to that, imo.

      1. I understand your point, lobro, and agree, EXCEPT I believe there’s no use in socialism of any type unless the elements – PERSONS, INDIVIDUALS, etc. – are of the same cultural background. ‘Multiculturalism’ throws a wrench in ALL the works.

        On another note: Glad to see Max back on here, too. He makes me laugh!:)

  12. @ SPQR, September 14, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    “Sardonicus, that speech was a hoax. Putin gave no such statement to the Duma…. I accept your apology.”

    Well, SPQR, I certainly apologize if what you say is true. I’ve been following your long exchange with Lobro and I must say I am impressed by many of your observations. At the same time, however, I think Lobro is holding his corner very well against you. I am myself, like Lobro, a Putin supporter. Also, like him, my confidence in the man has taken a few knocks recently.

    Ultimately, I think you will agree, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Sooner or later we can expect a major conflagration. It remains to be seen which way Putin will jump when the chips are down.

    Simple fact, SPQR: the neocons and the Jews are hurling abuse at Putin and beating the war drums against him. Witness Ukraine. They want a war with Russia. So if you against Putin, you are for the Jews.

    You cannot, logically, be against them both if they are against each other.

    1. In spite of Putin’s lack of hostility towards Jews, I can see them bumping him off simply because they feel they could get an even bigger philosemite in power. Look at what they did to the Tsars. Contrary to Jewish propaganda, Jews were fabulously wealthy and privileged in Tsarist Russia. The Tsars used them to economically exploit elements of the population such as the Ukrainians. The Jews also freely engaged in human trafficking and other crimes without the Tsars ever interfering. Even when Jewish terrorists started assassinating one Russian official after another, the Tsars did nothing except maybe jail a few Jews here and there. In the end, of course, the Tsars paid the ultimate price for their earth-shattering stupidity and ineptitude. They were butchered by the very Jews they catered to.

      1. @ SPQR

        I have to say I agree with you absolutely about the leniency of the Tsars toward the Jews. Most Jews, of course, would throw up her hands in horror at the sheer idea that they were ever treated leniently in Tsarist Russia. For them it’s one pogrom after another and endless perscution. They invariably fail to mention the extreme provocations to which they put the Tsarist regime as well as the Russian people.

        The pogroms were also, according to Solzhenitsyn, grossly exaggerated. The Jews invariably exaggerated the number of Jews killed. Sometimes no Jews were killed at all — there was merely destruction of Jewish property. At other times the Jews claimed that the Russian police would incite or gang up with the Russian populace against them. In actual fact, the police were sent in to protect the Jews.

        All this occurred in the pogroms after 1881 when the Jews assassinated the Tsar.

        I fully agree with your previous comment, made a few months ago, that the Romanovs would have kept their throne and there would have been no Judeo-Bolshevik Revolution at all, if only the Tsars had had the good sense to EXECUTE the Bolshevik troublemakers when they had the power to do so. There would have been NO RED TERROR if the Tsar had executed Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and the other Communist fanatics.

        I remember reading a biography of Stalin by Montefiore. I was amazed to read how many times this terrorist thug was packed off to Siberia for a short stay — maybe SIX times! — instead of being executed. Life in Siberia, I learned, was not that difficult or onerous. The “prisoners” were not kept locked up in prison. They lived in cottages where they could keep their mistresses and send for books from Moscow. Stalin was even free to hunt and fish all day! All he had to do was ask someone in Moscow or St Petersburg to send him some money and he would hop on a train and return to civilization from Siberia. Escape from Siberia was easy. The Ocrana (or Secret Police) were extraordinarily lax.

        All this changed when the Bolsheviks came to power. Then we had the cheka. A regular killing machine headed by Jews, ruthlessly efficient.

        Bottom line: the Tsars brought about their own demise by becoming namby-pamby liberals. Tolerant and stupid to a degree. The last Tsar, Nicholas II, was the most tolerant and stupid of them all — more a milksop than a man.

  13. Almost every ISM (Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Zionism, Fascism, etc.) – has been created and maintained to serve the interests of a small rich minority and their not-so-rich collaborators. All these ISMs have been worshipped and protected like some divine religions. The high priests (mostly Jews), who conceived these ISMs, made sure that their doctrine is accepted blindly by the great majority of world’s middle-class and poor people.

    The rich and parasites, who have been the main beneficiary of capitalist system – also created wage-disparity, bankruptcy, loan, paper-money, credit cards, and world monetary organizations like World Bank, IMF, Frderal Reseve, etc. – to keep their grip over world monetary system, so much so, that during every recession – it’s the poor majority which suffers, while the rich become richer on the expense of their victims – the taxpayers.

    Capitalism is based on shear philosophy of loot – where the major shareholders of banking institutes take public money (deposit) against lower interest rates and then loan the same money (invest) to businesses and individuals against much higher interests rates to earn profits. The projectors of this system call it ‘the risk taking’ – that if banks’ investment suffer a loass – the depositor is still ensure of his/her ‘profit’ in the shape of interest. However, in practice it never happens that way. The bank loss is always covered by ‘low or no annual raise’ for the employees or some additional ‘service charges’ to the customers – or the banking institution declaring an outrght bankruptcy- which is usually put on the taxpayers’ shoulders – for the fear of more layoffs and thus increased unemployment – while the rich bank shareholders keep receiving their fat salaries and annual bonuses.

    Americans have a long history of recessions – but ironically, the fat fish always emerged from them – more fat than before the recession. During the 1930s US recession – 10 million Americans became unemployed while approximately 30 million Americans were without any income at all. However, US president Hoover in his self-denial declared: “Nobody is actually starving.” In the 1970s, American went through another recession as result of OPEC raising the price of crude oil (for America’s blind support for Israel) – resulting in greater trade deficit of tens of billions a year to pay for the additional cost of oil imports. Then came the Black Monday – on October 19, 1987 – the great crash on the stock market – evaporating of US$900 billion in stocks within a few days.

    According to Federal Reserve, in 1990 – the richest one percent of US owned 40% of its wealth – while the richest 20% owned 80% of America – meaning that 80% of Americans only owned only one fifth of country’s wealth.

    While Bush administration’s War on Terror for Israel and American arms and oil industries is about to reach US$1 trillion mark – American taxpayers’ are asked to bailout the same crooks, most of whom were behind the Amercan invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and now are demanding that more US soldiers die in Iran for the sake of Zionist entity.

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