Refuse to cooperate with the ruling classes


Yesterday a young man came to the door with a seemingly innocuous survey. Ostensibly funded by a regional group of small businessmen, the survey questions were all very non-specific save one, a very pointed question about gun control versus support for the second amendment. This incident led me to write the following:

Jews have a penchant for gathering information. The concept began with the Jew’s monotheistic, all seeing, all knowing, omnipotent god, a god supported by Cherubim with eyes all over their bodies, changing direction while always facing straight ahead.

The Jewish movie “V for Vendetta” clearly shows how information is used. The point is made clear in those scenes where surveillance vans are driving around listening to conversations so the leadership can accurately assess the public’s mood and plan accordingly.

Information and its control provides the greatest power for an enemy. That is why the military keeps everything secret; keep the enemy guessing and use false information to misdirect enemy resources. This is an ancient concept is clearly delineated by Sun Tzu in his book the “Art of War”. When they know what you are thinking and what you are doing, they can plan counter action accordingly.

There is now constant blathering about what is effectively non-existent privacy and the terror of overt/covert data-mining. Yet the fact is the goyim willingly provide large amounts of valuable information without even being aware of their actions. Perhaps the most valuable information provided is through the vote.

When you vote, you provide the Jews two very valuable services. First, you validate their corrupt political system. Essentially the message every voter delivers is, “I believe in the system and I will continue to work within it.”

This is why the vote is so important to the Jews and why every election cycle is accompanied by constant harping to “get the vote out”, without any interest in swaying voter direction. This is also why the communist Jews made the vote mandatory in the old Soviet Union despite the fact that there was only one party and often only one candidate presented to the voters.

They do not care how you vote, only that you vote.

The second service the vote provides is that of allowing Jews an accurate assessment of where the goyim herd stands on critical issues, how many support their agendas, like queer rights, and how many are dissatisfied with these current trends.

Is gun control gaining? Just check the voting rolls! One of the primary reasons for the slaughter of the Branch Davidians at Waco, was to test public reaction to military troops attacking civilians. It posed the question, will the public call the Posse Comitatus act into account? ( Or would they accept the idea of a national security override? This attack provided justification for action against a growing militia movement. Later, the destruction of the Murrah building in Oklahoma city served to vindicate the government action against the militias, a move that began with Randy Weaver in Idaho.

The information gleaned from these staged crises led to the ultimate staged crisis: the attack on the New York Trade Towers. Note the Jew’s messaging service, Odigo, warned Jews working in those buildings of the pending disaster. Once again information played a critical role in serving the Jew’s agenda.

Randy Weaver led to Waco. Waco led to the Murrah building. The Murrah building led to the Trade Towers. Ultimately, the Trade Towers led to the buildup of the current terrorist police state in the name of the “national security” state, a state that, like its deceased Soviet cousin, keeps everything secret.

Finally, another important feature is that the vote provides a “relief valve” for those who like to believe that “their vote counts.” Though their vote ultimately counts for nothing, given that both main parties are almost identical and under Jewish control, these simpletons like to believe that they are important cogs in the democratic wheel who have helped to usher in the new government. By voting they have in effect given their consent to the new regime, even though the party they voted for may have lost.

I urge everyone to stop voting, and to stop supplying the Jews with the kind of information that helps them to manipulate us.

Do not vote. Do not respond to queries, opinion polls or surveys. Do not protest or go on demonstrations. Do not use the social medias, do not tweet or use Facebook.

In a word, remain aloof from the entire political process.

Silent and legal non-cooperation, let that be your way of showing your contempt for the tyrants who rule over you in the name of a “democracy” that does not exist.

Instead, prudently guard your fireams, just in case you need them for self-defense.

Every time you state your opinion, you are freely supplying critical information to the traditional Enemy that allows him more scope for manipulation. If your Enemy knows how to pinpoint hot spots of discontent, then that is where the lion’s share of his money and effort will go. Don’t tell the Enemy anything! Don’t cooperate with him unless it is compulsory. Keep him guessing at all times so that he has to fritter away his resources to cover all possibilities.

Remember this. You are breaking no laws if you simply stand aloof from the political process. Silent contempt for the ruling classes is not a crime for which you can be convicted, given that silent contempt can never be proved.

Since there is no chance of you getting the Utopia you want, refuse to cooperate with the ruling classes — the Jews — whose only aim is to enslave you and give you dystopia.

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  1. “Silent and legal non-cooperation,”

    “Remember this. You are breaking no laws if you simply stand aloof from the political process. Silent contempt for the ruling classes is not a crime for which you can be convicted, given that silent contempt can never be proved.

    Since there is no chance of you getting the Utopia you want, refuse to cooperate with the ruling classes — the Jews — whose only aim is to enslave you and give you dystopia.”

    Completely disagree……….. we are way beyond this point now. Following jewish law is exactly what they want you to do.

    Its time to go on the defensive. Actually we are late. Am I supplying them information by saying this? Sure, but its nothing they don’t already know. They know this is coming.

    Silent contempt is giving them information too. Its also a form of stand down. Its also a form of denial or at least distraction of what must be done.

    Face it, there is never going to be a perfect time or a perfect plan to rise up as necessary. Everyday that passes means it will be more difficult for us to win.

    1. Lonnie, it is a mixed bag of tricks, since many of us have different circumstances. Arch Stanton makes a good case – though I’d rather he had qualified it to participate in LOCAL elections (such as, mainly, the Office of Sheriff, who is rightfully and lawfully the head of local militia in that he/she may deputize ‘auxiliary deputies’ to uphold and defend…).

      Sun-Tzu admonished, also, not to attack a superior adversary HEAD-ON, but to rather play for time and position. Likewise, guerilla warfare is hit-and-withdraw (like Moseby, who was VERY effective – and was only a lawyer when the conflict erupted). What Arch Stanton is describing is a viable approach – better utilized by some than by others, no doubt – but workable if one has a PLAN beyond. Keep ’em guessing!

      1. Here, in the states, people tend to look too much to what Washington is doing, and ignore their own backyards (the counties) over which they have huge influence. The counties make the states which lend themselves to Washington. Washington is totally corrupt and compromised. Chip away its foundation as much as possible – but never forget we DO have enemies across the waters against whom we need to stay vigilant, as well.

    2. @ Mr Lonnie “Jewise”

      How did I guess that you would object to this article and think you could do better? I challenge you to write an article of your own, setting out your juvenile delinquent views, and get it published on this website.

      I bet you can’t do it!

      Because when it comes down to it you have nothing original to say. Unless you think “Let’s wipe out the Jews — it’s the only solution!” — is an indication of your towering “genius”.

      1. Sardonicus,

        Please let us know how your plan of “just say no” is going to solve this?

  2. All elections at the national level are rigged.
    All important elections locally are rigged.
    ‘Secret’ ballots allow the fraud. No chain of validation.

    Participating in fraudulent elections gives the criminals more confidence. It encourages them.

    But, please remember: Qui Tacit consentire videtur – a person who keeps silent is presumed to give consent.

    So, as long as there is a ‘secret’ ballot….we are caught in agreement with the criminals either way.

    Solution: Eliminate the ‘secret’ ballot.

    1. One good way to obstruct the workability of the ‘secret ballot’ is to have the county legislative bodies appoint the precinct administrators, kick out Diebold machines, and return to the paper ballot. That way, the vote-counters would be answerable to the people, through the locally-elected supervisors-who-live-next-door, JUST like our federal constitution supposed BEFORE the 17th Amendment.

      1. That is what was available before electronic voting machines. Dead people elected Daley and Johnson and thousands of others in that ‘secret’ ballot system.

    2. @ Pat

      Well said, Pat! This is a subject which you have obviously researched first-hand and know more about than the average person. Arch Stanton realizes the futility of voting and his article is an eloquent plea for non-cooperation. This is simply a covert form of Gandhian passive resistance. And it’s completely legal just to keep aloof from the political process.

      Sure, it isn’t going to topple the tyrant, but it will make it harder for the Jewish oligarchs to prove that America is a democracy. And that’s a good first step.

      I understand Lonnie’s impatience to crack a few heads and slit a few (Jewish) noses. But that’s okay only for Lonnie and a few hotheads like himself. Killing Jews is not something the average housewife has any time for, or the average working man. Simply surviving from day to day and paying the rent and looking after their kids, that’s all they can manage to do.

      Arch Stanton is telling them that there’s something else they can do to hurt to ruling classes who are making their lives a hell — WITHOUT BREAKING THE LAW and WITHOUT REQUIRING ANY EXTRA EFFORT.


      If Lonnie wants to hurry on the Revolution by shooting a few Jews outside a synagogue, well, that’s up to him.

      This is not the advice I’d offer the timid elderly couple living nest door.

      1. First – Arch wrote a GREAT article!!

        Thanks, Sardonicus. You are correct. I have been researching it for years.
        There can be NO freedom without valid elections.

        Voting is a privilege, not a right. Men are dying right now to have that privilege available to them and to qualified citizens. If they can die for that privilege, all of us should be willing to sacrifice a little time and energy to accomplish legitimate and valid elections.

        One of the problems is that people want the results back in microwave time fashion, the next day. So, most would not be willing to take the time necessary to run a valid election. It should not matter that a valid election might take a month to accomplish.

        That said, a ‘show of hands’ is the only way I know to secure valid elections.

        1. Pat,

          I disagree, Mr. Stanton did NOT write a great article.

          Sure, fundamentally I get what he’s saying and essentially agree.

          But there’s some unintentional double speak. The unintended essence of the essay MENTALLY DISARMS people.

          “Protect your firearms”. How? Give money to the NRA?
          Bury some? (we all know the saying “if its time to bury your guns its time to dig them up”.). Resist silently and legally?

          When push comes to shove the only way to protect your guns is to use them.

          So how do we play legally to protect our guns like Mr. Stanton suggests?

          Jewish laws for say trigger locks, locked safes, unloaded weapons, restricted mag sizes, places that do not allow concealed carry etc. etc……. (not to mention places that have banned guns all together)….we all know these laws are to FORCE us not to be ready when we really need them.

          These are Jewish LAWS. By suggesting we follow them Mr. Stanton is MENTALLY DISARMING us.

          And before any of you get any bright ideas I am in no way implying Mr. Stanton is doing that on purpose. He is not… but that IS the end result.

          We will NEVER win this fight by following the law.

        2. Lonnie- You are correct about silence.
          Silence IS approval.
          My explanations are short. Sometimes too short. Disease keeps me from writing a lot.

      2. Pat, that was CHICAGO – not Backwater, USA, where the
        populations are more homogenous. I truly believe that when people understand the futility of the ‘big picture’ (as aptly described by Arch Stanton), they will take more interest in the local (Backwater, USA) circumstances. I very often see my local delegate in the State house. He has a business, nearby. The sheriff is a ‘homie’, too, and approachable. Washington is not.

        I had to quit the ‘voting scene’ years ago, in order to correctly articulate that I was not a component of the ‘forum contractus’, not to be boot-strapped into that fraudulent scheme. That I exercise some influence in local and state affairs is because they know I am willing to reduce myself for the better cause. It lends itself to followings – but I can no longer run for office. Yes, Arch Stanton proposes a way I have followed, now, for some time – but it STILL requires some input and exercise of concern.

        1. I said Johnson (LBJ)…which was ‘backwater usa – Texas’ known as ‘Texas hill country’….where it is even worse than Chicago.

          It is a problem in ‘every county usa’….not just Chicago.

          Country-folk politicians are sometimes even more corrupt than in big cities.

          Just look at the national elections handled in Florida’s panhandle in this century. That is as rural ‘backwater usa’ as it gets.

        2. @ Gilbert Huntley: “Yes, Arch Stanton proposes a way I have followed, now, for some time – but it STILL requires some input and exercise of concern.”

          Yes, I know what you mean. What Arch Stanton is suggesting is not intended to be a modus operandi for toppling the government and initiating a revolution. Maybe Lonnie can take care of that and draw up a plan for effective regime change…?

          Needless to say, no revolution can take place without organized violence — actions that are invariably classified as “terrorism” by the occuping government. Thus the Zionists acquired their state by terrorism against the British mandate in Palestine. Thus Hamas are “terrorists” to the Israeli occupation. Thus any American resistance to Washington’s Jewish tryanny will be seen as “terrorism”.

          What Arch Stantion is proposing is entirely different. The beauty of it consists in its legality. No one can put you in jail right now for NOT voting. And if they do that at some future stage, that will only make it clear that they ARE goddamn tyrants… for twisting your arm and forcing you into the voting booth.

          They made voting compulsory in the Soviet Union, and we have Jews to thank for that. If they make voting compulsory in the US, it will drive home the point that America is no different from the Communist USSR with all its repression and its gulags.

          So far, silent contempt for the government is not against the law and should be practiced by everyone. Though contempt for the government may be made a crime, contempt would have to be proved. And it cannot be proved if the contempt is concealed under a mask of politeness.

          Aloof indifference to the political process: that is the formula. Don’t watch TV either. Don’t read their newspapers. Don’t watch any more Jew movies. Cast a cold eye on them. Spit on them in your hearts.

  3. A confession. I never cooperate with the cops unless I’m forced to. If I see someone shoplifting in a supermarket, I let them do it. I don’t report them. I feel sorry for them. In a fair world they wouldn’t need to shoplift. I see the shoplifter as a victim of rapacious capitalism.

    On my country walks, I often see strange things. Once I saw a naked (dead) woman lying under a bush in the woods. On investigation, I found it wasn’t a real woman. It was a plastic mannequin, the kind you see in shop windows.

    I continued my walk in meditative silence. I asked myself what I would have done if it had been a real dead woman. Would I have called the cops?

    Thirty years ago, when I was a young man, I would have done so. I respected the cops then. I believed we were all on the same side, battling for law and order. No longer!

    Now, if I ever see any corpse in the woods — man, woman or child — the last thing I will do is call the cops. That’s because I don’t trust them an inch. For a start, they would spend 10 hours interrogating me. They would make me the chief suspect. They would visit my house and confiscate my computer to see what websites I’d been on. They would search my house to see if I had any corpses lying under the floorboards.

    I tell you, friends, being a “good citizen” just isn’t worth it. For reporting a crime, they treat you like a criminal. If they can’t find anyone else, you stand the risk of them actually framing you. They could plant DNA evidence on you. They could fix your computer to make you look like a serial killer.

    If I found a corpse in the woods, I would tell the cops its location by an anonymous letter sent from a distant post office… just to make sure they didn’t put me away for a crime I didn’t commit. That would ease my conscience and at the same time keep me safe.

  4. @Sardonicus
    @Arch Stanton

    We are all on basically the same side. I know YOU understand this, Sardo – but it seems sometimes that many do not. We all have our different ways of opposition, and a forum such as this is a good a peaceful way to see others’ perspectives. For instance, several years ago, I would have thought some who are featured on this site outrageous. Now, I do not. There is always a lot to learn (then we die, dammit!)(ain’t FAIR sometimes).

    Anyhow, as long as your critics are on the same side, don’t force them into lockstep with your own views (‘the enemy of my enemy…’, and all that). For one, I myself hold many ‘jews’ I know in good esteem. Blacks, too (and I don’t mind being called ‘racist’, ’cause I AM). Setting aside differences for the sake of expediency is what a good fighting cadre does. I doubt any of you would disagree that we aren’t ‘at war’ – to some degree or other. Life, itself, is mostly conflict – internal or external.

  5. I’m not buying the silence aspect of this essay one bit. Its just no longer the time for that.

    Ultimately we have to be bold or die in place …. silently.

  6. Oh yeah, Pat and the dumbed-down naive: Insisting on “valid elections” in your situation of JEWISH RULE is as stupid as Tyron insisting on bringing back Common Law!
    These things have long gone down the memory hole and are now irretrievable!

  7. Only a Meeting of One Million Guns in a very large paddock, in the middle of nowhere is NOW the ONLY solution.
    If attacked by the National Guard let the 2nd American Revolution commence under a hail of one million times thirty bullets!

  8. Silent resistance works right…. ???

    “New Army Manual Calls for the Use of Lethal Force Against Peaceful Protesters”

    The new Army manual, known as ATP 3-39.33, provides discussion and techniques about civil disturbances and crowd control operations that occur in the continental United States (CONUS) and outside the continental United States (OCONUS).

    This document, just published this past Friday, August 15, 2014, promises to change the way the “authorities” deal with protesters, even peaceful ones. The consequences of ATP 39.33 could prove deadly for protesters. Further, the provisions of this Army manual could prove to be the end of the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble.
    In section 1-2., the manual states that “Civil unrest may range from simple, nonviolent protests that address specific issues, to events that turn into full-scale riots“. This section of the manual clearly states that protesting is a right protected by the Constitution. However, the authorities leave themselves an out to “legally” engage in lethal force toward protesters when the manual states that “peaceful protests can turn into full-scale riots” and field commanders have the right to make that determination. Subsequently, all protests, peaceful or not, need to be managed by the potential for violence. In other words, all protests are to be considered to be violent and handled accordingly.

  9. @Sardonicus, “Killing Jews is not something the average housewife has any time for”, I have no time, or stomach, for killing anything, but I sometimes get a desire to lie in ambush, Robin Hood style, somewhere in occupied Palestine, with a bow and arrow, waiting for some rabid settlers, or IOF thugs in uniform, to come along..

  10. Voting???

    LAWFUL elections must be PUBLIC.

    AUSTRALIA was the first country to use the fraudulent election system of SECRET BALLOT elections.

    Originally, political parties printed their own ballots, listing only their candidates. Voters took ballots from the party of their choice and deposited them in the ballot box within full view of other voters. As a result, vote choices were PUBLIC.

    Since 1888, however, state governments have printed ballots that list all candidates for all offices. Votes are cast in secret. Because Australia was the first country to adopt the secret ballot, this ballot is called the Australian ballot.

    Elections in the United States use one of two kinds of Australian ballots:

    The office-block ballot (also called the Massachusetts Ballot): Candidates are grouped by office.
    The party-column ballot (also called the Indiana Ballot): Candidates are grouped by party.

  11. Max,

    If you could orchestrate a pipe dream such as a meeting of one million guns in the middle of nowhere that would then fan-out over the American countryside inciting a 2nd Revolution I would put you up alongside the greatest Patriots of all time.

    Announce and prove that this contingency is far-flung in representing every State in the Union and Puerto Rico to boot to show solidarity – this ain’t no fluke!

    Besides, isn’t some semblance of a scenario like this what we’re coming too anyway?

  12. Thats right Ingrid B.

    If enough housewives witness their children being killed they will go to arms.
    We have seen it over and over again throughout history.

    Having said that, if people like Sardonicus were real men our wives wouldn’t have to face this.

    @Sardonicus, “Killing Jews is not something the average housewife has any time for”

  13. Yes it is! The only answer NOW is the violent insurrection and dragging the JEWS and their Goyim lapdogs to the gallows! THERE is no longer any opportunity for a peaceful, political SOLUTION!


    “After that incident, I was followed by MI5 (MI6) agents and my £600 digital camera was pick-pocketed! Then, a Sunday Times reporter YUBA BESSAOUD REPORTER knocked at my door and made death threats to me and my son and accused me of hosting a French “terrorist” website STCOM.NET and suggested that I talked to him if I did not want the visit of the British Special Sevices next. I knew the threat came directly from Nicolas Sarkozy! In order to protect myself, I asked for help from France and a French journalist and friend of mine Smaïn Bedrouni posted the following warning addressed to Nicolas Sarkozy on his French website at”

    (The Voice of the Oppresssed – “La Voix des Opprimés” – LVO):

  15. Too many take my thoughts as an either or or scenario, i.e. be silent or stand up. However this is not my point. Whatever else one does, they would do well to keep their personal information, their ideas, attitudes, likes, dislikes to themselves. Don’t tell the enemy what you are thinking or planning. Participating in their contrived events, surveys, elections, polls etc. will eventually come back to haunt. As for active participation, imagine the reaction of the politicos if everyone refused to show up for their contrived voting party. Imagine their chagrin in finding out no one is willing to play their political game any longer because everyone rejects their lies. Would the system break down and stop functioning or would it continue on exactly as before? If it did continue on with no interruption (I surmise nothing would change in either government operation or policy) then would not the true impact of one’s “voice in government” become glaringly apparent?

    Whatever else one does, they would do better to keep the enemy uniformed and misdirected. This should not be taken as advice to sit down and shut up. View this more from a strategic point of view, what serves the best interest of the desired outcome? Does providing information that gives the enemy leverage against my position help or hinder my cause? Consider how the enemy handles their information, do they tell you upfront what they are doing, or do they omit, obfuscate and misdirect their information?

    Personal story: I once worked in a position that handled and dispensed toxic chemicals, “Hazmat” as they now call it. One day I got a call from a local TV station requesting an interview. They said they simply were doing a story on the various operations on the region. The request seemed totally innocuous, just a story about regional business. I told them I would have to clear the interview with the boss. I called him and he emphatically told me “no interviews with any media” – period. I pointed out the story might provide publicity for his operation, but he was adamant in his position so I called the station back and told them I could not do the interview. A few weeks later the story came out from one of our competitors, a complete hatchet job on the industry. The upshot was a story intimating that our chemicals operations were poisoning everyone in the region and this was being done intentionally and purposefully to the terrible detriment of the community. The story brought unwanted focus to our competitors operation, consisting of a lot of calls with questions that tied up his phone lines lines preventing his customers from getting through. There were some other minor incidents costing time and money that were also directly attributable to the “news” story. I was certainly glad that I had called to clear it with my boss as no doubt I would not have had a job the minute the story had broken. I later learned the reason for his intractable position, years before he had suffered the results of a similar interview and was well aware of the media’s duplicity concerning such matters. He understood how silence worked in his best interest.

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