Requiem for a failed species

Take the pill to cure the disease you didn’t know you had
until they told you that you did — will you believe them?

EBOLA A government-created pandemic?
A government-created pandemic?

Your choice is clear — disbelief or panic! Guard against the lethal threats or pretend they are not real, just more horror stories to be believed by the gullible and unprepared.

These stories are everywhere and all the time and the media promise more to come with each new adrenaline pumping newscast. Will you believe them?

Are invisible bugs flying around the world intent on melting your internal organs after just a whiff? Or is this just another government fairy tale, planted by Bill Gates in an African lab and now embellished by doctors in white coats curing the incurable with a magic shot that they are now offering, with a glazed smile, to you. 

These passion plays are meant to obscure the grim fact that the financial system has disintegrated, and without the protective hand of totalitarianism, total chaos in the world and your early termination date are just a heartbeat away? Just let them keep bombing imaginary enemies and everything will be fine, is what they tell you.

Has America ever sunk so low? Or has it always been this low? How embarrassing to be an American these days, as our country lies to the whole world about everything, and most Americans cast their eyes downward and keep quiet. What a rotten bunch of sadistic losers! Americans allow innocent people to be killed, and then pretend not to notice, because football scores and I-phones are more important to them.

Will Ebola quarantines keep us locked in our houses until we starve to death? Or is the pandemic scare just a ruse to pin everyone in place, where those on the red list can be hauled away and squashed like bugs at the convenience of a government that has tired of our whining complaints? A government that only wishes we keep silent about their lies — just take the check and shut up!

Futurist swami Clif High is predicting planes sitting on runways full of dead bodies, with doctors refusing to board them, schools closed by parents trying to keep their children alive, churches and sports stadiums abandoned by people trying to avoid anyone who sneezes. Whose side is he on?  You get to answer.

Should you buy a gun, and/or, should you register it? Two questions in one. A handgun won’t stop a SWAT team in an armored vehicle. It could stop a desperate neighbor trying to steal your food. Registering your gun lets the cops know where you are when they decide to come and take it away. Not registering it leaves you eligible for jail time or worse when you have to use it.

If you still think America works, what bogus government agency do you work for?

And what do you tell your kids about their future? Not to worry? Daddy’s going to make everything all right?

While they are now being taught arithmetic that makes no sense to graduate level mathematicians, your children are being sterilized by laptop computers they hold in their laps that irradiate their reproductive organs. All schools, keeping up with the times, now have Wi-Fi, guaranteeing cancer down the road without even calculating the future damage already done by mandatory vaccinations, which in the case of Gardasil, have just about ruined your chances to have grandchildren.

Which might be just as well, considering the deteriorating condition of the planet, which everyone tries to hard to ignore. As the human population keeps exploding, the bees and other species keep dying off, and Siberia’s on fire. We’re still looking for a 3D printer that can produce actual food, or a way to stay alive when all the plants are dead and it’s too hot to breathe.

The brains of Americans don’t even need Ebola to melt them into a puddle of Fort Detrick gruel. They have become so eroded by worry that they can’t even understand that U.S. planes are bombing U.S. terror trainees on the back side of Syria, and the trainees are firing back and killing American pilots. This is the change Obama promised.

That, and the facts now becoming well known that vaccines don’t prevent disease, they give them to you. Just ask a Liberian, or perhaps a Sierra Leonean.

Your most likely cause of death is now being shot to death by a cop because you have committed no crime, after which the cop will not be charged nor will he be asked why he killed you. Think more than twice about calling 911 for anything as the victims are often first to get flushed in the clogged toilet of the New World Order.

The Queen sits in her palace contemplating the viruses she has spread throughout the world, viewing her crop of corpses as very beneficial to her reeling realm. I wonder if she’ll scream the day the endless legions of African savages swarm her manicured estates and rape whatever and whomever is possible, like they so often do now in other parts of England and across most of Europe.

It’s crystal clear the Beltway bandits, dancing on strings pulled by the kosher psychos, are trying to start World War III for the purpose of population reduction. Of course, they themselves, like most everybody else, don’t think they will ever die.

How did we get here? Like two horizontal lines on a graph growing farther apart from each other by the day, the lies they tell us and the knowledge we let slip away both run off the edge of different sides of the same map.

Those of us who are in the frustrating business of trying to get the lemmings to suddenly grow a brain are usually aghast at both the frequency and magnitude of indifference across our decaying landscape. The typical response we get when trying to wake up someone about something that requires public action usually is  . . . “There’s nothing we can do about that. Why worry about something we have no control over?” Then they usually return to the mind-numbing TV show they’re watching, very often a sporting event.

Idiots who think they know everything because they’ve gone to Jewish schools, been brought up by Jewish religions and weaned on Jewish media don’t really have a clue about what has happened to their country, and their world, and they have been so diminished by bad food and medicine that they don’t really care.

I would like to propose a new definition of Holocaust denial that has nothing to do with World War II.The things that you deny are killing you are the things that are actually killing you.  Wi-fi radiation. Leaking nuke plants. Toxic cell phone towers. Carcinogenic food, such as poison wheat. Cops.

The Holocaust is happening now, and you are its victim. The government is staging a pandemic for a disease it has created in its own labs, and now is going to order that you take a shot that will be the cause of your premature death.

Will you take it? Will you believe what they say? Will you bet your life that you can trust what the government tells you?

Sandy Hook was a hoax. The Boston Marathon bombing was a planned drill. 9/11 was a fraudulent operation.

What evidence do you have that your government ever tells you the truth? When was the last example you can think of that your government actually told you the truth? Go ahead. Tell us. It will be a surprise to everyone.

There are things that are going to kill us that we cannot correct. We can’t even correct our criminal government.

A lot of ignorant tough guys touting one preposterously delusional philosophy or another say the methane scare is a bunch of bunk. There is no other subject to think about than the disappearance of the conditions for life on this planet.

Prior to this conclusion, the world will realize that a nation that kills its own citizens, no matter its political philosophy, does not deserve to survive. Such an inhuman country cannot be dealt with by anyone, and must be eliminated. And that goes double for the moneychanging little scumbags who control it from Israel.


It all came down to believing we could live forever, and in trying to do so, we killed everything that lived.

Bequeathed with the gifts and abilities to achieve as yet unimagined greatness, perfect justice, and the respect of all living species throughout the universe, in our fear, we settled for imaginary magic men who pretended to bestow eternity on those who would kill their enemies. Thus, in their boundless fear, everyone and everything turned out to be their enemies.

As long as you harbor any hope of heaven, or dream you will return to Earth for another shot at incarnate perfection, or ask for any favor and promise to do any task or follow any rules in exchange for immunity from death, you are assisting in the murder of every living thing. As long as you fail to recognize death as a natural and proper part of life, you will kill everything you touch.

Today, as the Earth goes up in methane flames and blithering men seek to kill all who oppose their delusional desires, humanity has squandered its unique opportunity to be the kind of being that all living things aspire to be.

A friend and benefactor to all, a sustainer of those in need, a rescuer of those in danger, a loving parent to your healthy children, and a grateful child to the parents who have raised you.

Instead you are a groveling sycophant, trapped in your illusions provided by bad men who only wanted to steal your property and rape your children. This history they provided for you is exactly the opposite of what happened, but because they controlled all the news outlets, they can now get you to do anything they want you to do and make you believe you’re doing the right thing, like, for instance, attach electrical wires to an innocent person’s genitals inside Abu Ghraib prison, bombing a wedding party in Afghanistan, or administering a vaccine you know contains a fatal disease in Sierra Leone.

You’re so afraid of losing what little food you have that you keep your mouth shut when the cops mistakenly kill your neighbor and then plant drugs in his home to make it look legit.

And you wonder why you and your children and your grandchildren are not going to survive more than few years more when you don’t understand what you’ve just read on this screen, and what you should do about it to make sure these things don’t come to pass.

Then the horror of it all hits you hard when you realize that all the things described herein have already happened, and will continue to happen because you have failed to oppose them.


Recent Kaminski radio interviews with 

David Baillie’s Alba Voce program on the American Nationalist Network 10/24/14

and with Susie of the Patriot Dames on BlogTalkRadio 10/19/14

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

44 thoughts to “Requiem for a failed species”

  1. “Those of us who are in the frustrating business of trying to get the lemmings to suddenly grow a brain are usually aghast at both the frequency and magnitude of indifference across our decaying landscape. The typical response we get when trying to wake up someone about something that requires public action usually is . . . “There’s nothing we can do about that. Why worry about something we have no control over?””

    How true. The level of apathy among white Americans is both astonishing and sickening. The gullible sheeple have been throughly programmed with the “I got mine, so why should I worry?” mindset. What is most astonishing and sickening is how they do not even for a moment considerer what kind of world they are leaving for their children. Invariably the “Why worry about something we have no control over?” meme plays like a broken record from the vast majority of sheeple. The apathy runs throughout all levels of white culture (If there is such a thing), no matter the educational background. The latest variation I have heard on the nihilistic, narissistic outlook is to simply “live life and fuck” ignoring of course the utter dissolution and destruction abounding all arsorund; this clever philosophy came from a doctor no less. The very worse among the apathetic sheeple are those among the so called “greatest generation” whose friends and kin fought and died to save us from Hitler and the evil Nadzees. However, I suppose this stands to reason for those who fought to save the world so Talmudic Judaism could rape and murder it. Clearly the apathetic outlook is a product of media and educational programming. I suspect the programming runs so deep it cannot be altered by anything outside of something like cult deprogramming.

    1. And that is why cultured viruses and veiled pograms are needed to cull the herd!! We’re ALL cattle for someone/thing… Everybody has a BOSS. If you’re astute, you get to Choose.

  2. “Then the horror of it all hits you hard when you realize that all the things described herein have already happened, and will continue to happen because you have failed to oppose them.”

    Yes. And It was even worse in 1861, when there were no cures and sanitation and surgical successes. But, we made it through plagues and the likes of yellow fever. And wars killing millions.

    Humans can survive a lot more than is thought today.

  3. It’s not that the common people failed to oppose the Jew, it’s that the elites did; those fucking Anglo pieces of shit who sold every one of their newspapers and universities to the Jew. The same Anglo pieces of shit who earlier wrecked America in a civil war to free black savages who would never do the same for us if the situation had been reversed. They knew what they were doing. The common people are stupid and just there for the ride. That’s the way it’s always been. Progress is made by small, elite groups of men; Caesar and his followers, Hitler and his followers, etc. The mob never has, and never will, decide anything.

    1. i suspect that these “anglo pieces of shit” have been heavily judeized through intermarriage and multigenerational inbreeding, when the old catholic warrior elite was gobbled up and disenfranchised by the so-called black nobility of venetian usurers and court corrupters.

      they are now protozoic sludge devoid of brains, pride, willpower, morals, empty shells with human features spraypainted on, a wink and a nod and they spring to obey the master, as long as the liquor cabinet is fully stocked.

      just ask that poisonous cane toad churchill whose treachery to england turned cromwell green with envy.
      and are today’s any better, just take a look at the expressions (if you can call the diseased butt crack that) on blair, rudd, harper and cameron.

      i wouldn’t shake hands with any of them lest my hand end up like the one in the picture.

      1. It wasn’t just Anglos. German-Americans were mostly useless when it came to organizing a resistance against FDR and his warmongering semites. They’re still useless; when was the last time German-Americans spoke up against defamation of Germans in Hollywood movies?

        Irish Catholics are absolute scum; the Kennedys, Chris Matthews, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc. Italian Catholics are almost as bad.

        Probably 99% of my fellow Americans are pieces of shit. The Anglos, the Germans, the Catholics, not one group ever collectively stood up to the Jews in the US.

  4. I try to take one event at a time. Usually when there is a false flag event it has “fishy” components like when a 120 pound weakling loaded down with guns and ammunition eludes a security system (magically–maybe by walking through shatterproof glass) and kills school children that somehow manage to be dismally vulnerable since their teachers didn’t even bother to bolt the doors with a gunmen on the loose. Hmmm.. something just doesn’t make sense. Then the story changes twenty times in the first 24 hours and you know…false flag.

    Or when some horrific thing happens and the perps are gunned down by the FBI in cold blood or conveniently dropped into the ocean.

    But then there are other events like the ebola scare that make perfect sense: three biological weapons experimental locations in the affected countries; professors claiming that mass vaccination of poverty stricken population exposed to recombinant viruses; and oops on the part of viruses getting into the U.S. just in time for the mass vaccination program here. It has all the feel of genuine incompetence of government tainted with pure evil. Now what is happening is Obama is upset that the governors of two states seem to be usurping his lack of power. “You guys, come on, we need a real deal epidemic in the country…stop being competent.” I could be wrong but this smells more like a skunk than a fish.

  5. Darkmoon translated in Dutch. Jews and Their Ways and Time to Resist. Woohaaa! The whole world is getting to know Darkmoon. Keep em’ coming, baby!!! You rock!!!

    Ellie Katsnelson een Rotschild-bastaard van een Oost-Duitse moeder (zie haar verkorte levensloop onderaan op onderstaande website)die haar Rotschild-vader haat, roept op tot verzet. In hoeverre dit alles juist is moet nog blijken. In ieder geval is dit een interessant artikel op:
    Er is heel veel gaande momenteel wat doet vermoeden dat WW3 in zijn voorstadium verkeert. met als drijvende krachten weer de ZioNazi Rotschild’s & Co die consequent achter het jodendom blijven schuilen.en het dikwijls moeilijk is Joods en Zionist uit elkaar te houden De FEMA-concentratie-kampen in de door ZioNazi veroverde US(SSR) (via de Paperclip-operatie bezette CIA ) staan al geruime tijd klaar en is de politie gemilitariseerd met zware wapens voor de komende revolutie (zie

  6. I’d like to know if my comments are being censored, which I think they are, and also I’d like to know why???

  7. Here is the latest from Alexa’s rating for this glorious site:

    1. Daily page per views up by 10%. Nice!
    2. Daily time up by 15%. Nicer!
    3. Total number of sites linking in: 569, up from 511. Nicer still!
    4. Bouncing rate: 22% down. Nicest!

    Lasha, I sent a comment about a Dutch site which translated your Ellie Katsnelson article? Can’t see it. Never mind. Sorry, been giving you a Hotmail email, when it should have been Outlook. All Hotmails have now been upgraded to Outlook.

  8. Lord Regresus

    “He”, or “It” has to have a starting point. It can’t really be “ad infinitum”. Call “It” an “offshoot” that ‘shot off’ from the Divine shoot of manifested existence. “It” chose to go off the Righteous Path, and it took the unsuspecting goy with it. (goy: what eventually became hominids, then humans within an Annunaki manufacturing process (not dumb, hp, Strictly business. The Annunaki way of doing business. And ya know, I don’t wanna know HOW they did it. No more than I wanna know how hijackers do what THEY do). Annunaki are the agents of “It” who in turn use the “jew” as its primary minions “on the ground”

    SPQR is right in the sense that the National Socialists represented the last CONVENTIONAL chance to make things ‘anti-kosher’ on this planet. But here’s the rub:

    Even IF the National Socialism movement had succeeded in dismantling International Jewry, I think this would only have made for a smoother sailing in the winds of an irresistable force moving towards a Divine reunion for those who would return to its reality. A reunion that COULD come on this planet IF the planet can survive a transformation to its “finer spirit”. For others it can only be a hell of their own making, and one that’s been insinuated on the goy.

    To many, I suppose that I’ll be seen as just having put myself in SPQR’s legion of doom. But not so fast…..

    We, my fellow goyums, are in the midst of a “transitional metamorphosis”. Keep your faith, and keep being royally pissed in mirroring Mother Nature, the REAL 800 lb. gorilla in the room who’s gonna have a big say in all this before it’s over. Any physical battles should only involve defensive postures (on whatever scale) because you don’t wanna ‘go out’ in a continuing state of servility (i.e.; you don’t wanna die like that). Call “dying” a withdrawal from symptoms we’ve only CALLED “Life”. Unless of course you wanna call being under the Annunaki thumbprint “living”. The choice is ours to stay or get off its bandwagon.

    But it is BECAUSE we never firmly held the sword of Christ, and then 2,000 years later BECAUSE Hitler and his fellow NS’s failed that means this transition ain’t going as smoothly as it otherwise would have. (or, in deference to lobro’s take, Hitler AND Stalin’s failure)

    Near as I can figure it, we can keep clamoring on the deaf ears of sheeple till we’re “blue in the face”…, which brings me to my last point. While sounding the clarion call for Truth is all fine and well – we should do no less in all of its arenas – always beware of the inexorable ways of Controlled Opposition that gets us to jousting at protocol-inspired windmills.

    “As long as you fail to recognize death as a natural and proper part of life….”

    In the “end” (Kali Yuga. Apocalypse; Revelation) “natural death” will be the “death” of physical exclusivity – whose trap we’re all in. And it is the death of this state of physical exclusiveness which is the only death that is “proper”

    1. P.S.

      “Manufacturing” in the aforementioned context meaning it has nothing to do with Creation. Annunaki think they’re “all that” but they don’t create shit (or then again, in another manner of speaking that’s ALL they create.

      Think of your true self as possessing the “raw materials” of Creation, and devoid of this imposing takeover, THEN, in the embrace of TRUE Life, it’s all about being free to craft them.

      1. God is the only one Who creates anything.

        Humans, demigods, demons (and even Annaknuckleheads) just rearrange what’s already created. And, btw, do an overall crappy job of it.

        There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but..

        I THINK that I shall never see
        A poem lovely as a tree.

        A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
        Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast;

        A tree that looks at God all day, 5
        And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

        A tree that may in summer wear
        A nest of robins in her hair;

        Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
        Who intimately lives with rain. 10

        Poems are made by fools like me,
        But only God can make a tree.

      2. Yes, hp-

        The Creator is greater than the Architect. That’s why I call Pike’s writings crapola. He references the great architect of the universe.

        For the poem:
        The common theme in all you said,
        Was the shining Sun from overhead.

      3. Pat

        Just to be clear about fat Albert Pike (heyheyheyyyy!), I don’t know about 6 world wars, but the ones referred to as WW1 and WW2 WERE engineered per his master architect’s blueprint, and plans for a “third” one has been on SOMEONE’S protocolian agenda.

        But just because they pulled off the first “two” doesn’t mean the occurrence of a “3rd time’s the charm” is etched in stone.

        If it doesn’t confirms the crapola

      4. Something I have been pondering for the better part of the last 30 years, and I’m putting myself out on a limb here.

        “There is no other redemption for mankind than to realize their own divinity. You are the seeds of this understanding. As each of you realizes your own worth and value and the foreverness of your life, you will add, one by one, to the consciousness of unlimited thinking, unlimited freedom, and unlimited love.”

        “The beginning of man’s advent into the arrogance and stupidity of intellect.”

        “Each entity knows before he comes here that he is not coming back to be the grand beauty or the wealthy entity or the wretched pauper. He comes here because he wants to live here and to be enterprising in emotional learning on this level – to obtain emotional understandings that he wants to fulfill in his being. That is the true treasure of life experiences, whether here or on other planes of existence, for that is the only thing that remains with you throughout eternity.”

        “Nothing can be proven by what you term facts. For facts will change as the understanding of mankind evolves and changes… It is feeling that is the greatest reality. That is where all truth lies.”

        “As long as you look outside of yourself for reasons and answers, you will never hear the voice within you – the giver of all truth and the creator of all that is. You will always be at the hands of superstitious beliefs and outrageous reasonings that blind you to the awesome power and infinite understanding that you truly possess.”

        “When man frees himself from this restrictive consciousness, with its laws and plans and rules, he will find the joy and peace of being that will allow him to love himself and all mankind.”

        “God’s only desire for you is that you know and become joy, for that is the only way you will come to know the Father and to be as he is.”

      5. A World War is where there is fighting by a country or group of countries united on more than one front.

        The phoney ‘war on terror’ and ‘war on drugs’ are on all fronts.

        WWI was not called WWI until after WWII. Before that it was ‘a war to end all wars.’

        I never saw Pike mention them in his books…. just a letter, supposedly.

        Pike’s letter hoax.

        “If you are a frequent consumer of alternative media and history you’ve no doubt at some point came across the infamous 3 World Wars letter allegedly sent by Confederate military officer Albert Pike to Italian Freemason and revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini. This alleged letter is quoted ad-nauseam on websites, in forums, by conspiracy researchers like David Icke, in books aiming to expose Freemasonry, and by those with an interest in geopolitics and conspiracy theories.”

      6. I’ll climb out on the limb with you Machnichts by saying that alot of what you quoted contains content very similar to the book I’m writing. The last paragraph really nails it.

        The only part where I have a different take is that until this very lifetime that you are writing this, and I am reading it, becoming a grand beauty, wealthy entity or wretched pauper was a major distraction to having this emotional learning you speak of. I think we are experiencing a lightbulb moment of awareness that hasn’t existed prior. Now, we truly know.

        I was a soul who lived and died through countless ages in the wayward mystic of time’s illusion. A mighty king ruling over a vast empire at the head of great armies; my pervasive command ensuring the slaughter of doomed hordes in the puppet play called history.

        Captured in the abundance of a circling blame
        A soldier in another place and time
        Upon whose given order slain
        By one whose lowering sword was mine

        A wealthy man who wanted nothing in return from the giving of a generous heart
        A starving waif, shunted to a dangerous fringe by a cruel and indifferent one
        An elegant ballerina. A surly lout. A poor beggar and ruthless tycoon

        Someone, anyone, no one
        Grounded by a weighted air
        Pulled away in a wasting machine
        There thrown into
        and where I stay
        More passing through
        fore passing away

        Now, in the stillness of triumphant time, I was overwhelming
        The truth of my conscious infinity remembered

        A glittering torrent, uncoiled in a twisted wind, and plunging to the misty hues
        of its confident fall

        A luminous blur, shooting through the enfolding glimmer
        of a birthing efflorescence

        A liberated field
        flown beyond the crooked pale

        Countless grains is its infinite shore
        Immeasurable drops its endless sea
        Each one is all, forever more
        The intent of love is always; me

        All juiced up and everywhere to go
        I donned the wings of intrepid fliers
        Soaring through looming grandness of breathtaking awe
        and looping high to an arching pinnacle
        I plunged in an endless dive
        to the rolling canopies of majestic giants
        always steadfast and immortal
        in forgiving masses

        Here I eased to a still tranquility
        There flowing a humming stream of gently winding Consciousness
        immersed in the warm luxury of its bathing glow
        joyous ever, a beautiful heart

  9. Talking about vaccines, I was listening to NPR, National Propaganda Radio, the host and a “Doctor” quest were going on about the Salk polio vaccines on Salk’s 100th birthday. Listening to these no nothings there was not one mention about how Salk’s polio vaccine piggy backed SV40, simian virus 40, into the population of children and is the main cause of the exploding rise in soft tissue cancers as the vaccinated reach middle age and beyond. A must read book on this is “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Edward Haslam.
    This is one of the most important books concerning vaccines written in the last 50 years.
    Order from one of the most courageous publishers in this country:

  10. So what’s the solution
    To shattering the delusion
    That clears up all the confusion?

    When the power of lerv overcomes the lerv of power, the world will have peace

    Jimi was right

    Lerv is all there is. Everything else is illusion

    So is Icke

    Let it be

    So’s the Beatles and Mother Mary

    So what’s this whole “illusion” thing that stops the power of lerv from winning the day? Why isn’t “it” (lerv) being left alone to be – to do its thing? Nothing against “illusion”, per se, Icke’s context isn’t meant to be dismissive, as if to say we should all aspire to “nothingness” (whatever that is) because we are all insignificant little nothings, and God is “everything”. This creates a numbing passivity (e.g. Buddhism) whose inaction contributes to a dangerous “piece of cake”, “like shooting fish in a barrel” mindset. What God would that be?

    I’m seein piles and smellin rats

    But because of what I see as too much potential for misconstruing the word “illusion”, I would have titled that most important work of Icke’s “Lerv is all there is. Everything in manifested existence is produced as figments of its imagination”

    So I vote for a preponderance of beautiful figments

    But I’ll take Max one step farther

    Bleep money. It’s ALL filthy lucre. You wanna storm the Wall St. Bastille with 6-million bionic men? Go ahead and entertain that delusion of jousting with windmills. Any Civilization calling itself “advanced” that’s worth its salt would be one composed entirely of givers….Period!

    This after all is what God the Provider does. We take what Creator gives, but aren’t we also supposed to emulate the Giver in all ways possible to match the intent?

    Let it ALL wither and die on an ostracized vine. Time to pull the plug on that shit and watch the wicked witch of the west melt before your very eyes.

    Does that trump Jesus, who allegedly stormed the temple and upturned the carts of the moneychangers…….?


    Some NT “they said he said” tripe

    1. B-Hawk –

      Destruction is not always the fault of humans. I cannot call the species ‘failed’ like Kaminski does. I do not believe there should be a yoke of a ‘mission’ placed an anyone, since consent is not required for one’s birth.

      You might have the answers to your many questions when you can stop events like this:

      1. Yeah,

        Like I said in another post, the 800, er I mean 666 lb. gorilla in the room.

        BIG. Whatever the poundage

    2. Having your head removed is no illusion.

      I’m not so sure I know what love is.
      Yeah, I know what lust and fondness and compassion, perhaps a smidgen of empathy and certainly “the triumph of imagination over intelligence” is. But Love? Real Love?

      So I’m not asking anyone to love me.
      I’m just asking that you don’t harm or kill me for no good reason. (pretty please)

      Is that too much to ask of those who present themselves as human beings?
      Too much to ask of (haha) philosophers, (haha) intellectuals, of mendicants and all the various and sundry show bottle spiritualists and word juggling shysters?
      Evidently it is..

      In societies of cheaters and the cheated, people will by rote cheat themselves.
      Besides, what’s to be expected from miscreants who do not even know how to behave around other living beings?

      The answer is, of course – not much.
      Not much at all.

      See. We really do get what we ask for.

      1. Ok already, we hoisted

        But you don’t have to be THAT hard on yourself

        Can we at least agree that there was say, an ‘element’ of the con?

    3. That’s the thing, Brownhawk, we supposedly have free will. But we also have duality. So, everyone get’s a shot at something of their choosing. Once the balance is lost, we get a case of the Costa Concordia.

      My choice: ship the triple bionics without a heart together with the nuke waste to the next black hole never to be seen, heard of or smelled again. Maybe then we have a fighting chance. Although, I doubt it would make much of a difference. We still have to deal with ourselves. Not sure if equilibrium (peace) could be attained that way.

      “Wither the vine!” You’re right, time to reset the clocks, preferably without glowing in the dark dials.

      1. Man will have his say in tandem with the mysterious Divinity. Evil has been getting its licks in since time immemorial. Now, they’re getting the last of them in

        Call the “con”, or “sting” of the spider as having caused a ‘dismemberment’, with this particular lifetime offering a window of opportunity to re-member and break the spell Mankind has been under. Broken by those who would return to its true reality as a “member”.

        Being true right now. No “penance” inferring manufactured time.

  11. Beauful lobro! The new RESISTANCE style to a T!
    Hit their apathy and indifference between the eyes, as I did to a Jehovah’s Witness who wandered onto my property yesterday! These religionists have hid under rocks for too long!
    To quote: ” “Anglo pieces of shit have been heavily judeized through intermarriage and multigenerational inbreeding … they are now protozoic sludge devoid of brains, pride, willpower, morals, empty shells with human features spraypainted on, a wink and a nod and they spring to obey the master, as long as the liquor cabinet is fully stocked.”
    This is the new SHOCK TREATMENT for the toxic sludge! Tell it, as it is, in our JEW WORLD! FILTH EVERYWHERE! Total degradation! As in pre-WWII Germany!
    Today’s (Brisbane) The Courier Mail (Queensland’s major newspaper, p13) included a large article about a leggy, blonde, 25 year old female (complete with tiny denim shorts and bra-exposing top; as per 8 inch photo!) who has done the rounds with herself having sex with a large dog! Another Ms Silverstein imitator! I viewed the video clip (now withdrawn, as the slut is also up for drug charges, etc) and the dog is actually pumping its long member into the young lady. It is growling with pleasure! Its ejaculation hangs down her legs! What diseases are we now creating? Any chance of a new breed of humo-canines? She also licks the dog’s balls and anus hole! Just like Silverstein, who is now selling out theatres for her upcoming Australian tour ! The Goyim sludge just lerv it!
    In a values neutral, morals relative, Marxist-JEWISH world there is no censorship! Anything goes! Re dog-sex, young men at my gym say it is all through Facebook, etc.
    Most WESTERNERS ARE NOW ANIMALS! Beasts of burden! Feminist filth dominates our women! And illicit sex is king! We are a failed species, just ripe for more and more diseases!

  12. SPQR is always short and to the point!
    Quote: “Probably 99% of my fellow Americans are pieces of shit. The Anglos, the Germans, the Catholics, not one group ever collectively stood up to the Jews in the US.”
    My point exactly! Your Founding Fathers would be gnashing their teeth in anger! THE JEWS RIDE TRIUMPHANT! Their BLACK ANGEL OF HELL is smiling in victory. Your Christian clergy hide in their dilapidated whorehouses of churches and preach JEWISH political correctness! MOST just lerv Israel; genocides and all!
    Ya nigrah song has taken over! Whoopie Goldbergs everywhere! Joy Behars setting the agenda! Ms Siverstein preaching her kind of morality!
    Tom-toms in the sunset, directly out of the bestial-savages’ heart of Africa! Boom box paradise! 70% of new nigrahs born with no father in attendance or even known! 38% of white females doing the same!
    Australians have joined the American disease. Monkey and dog diseases on the rise! I even know of a bloke who rooted a crocodile and a feral pig!
    Yet only 2% of your population and 1.2% of Australia’s! But they OWN the media, Orwell’s televiewer and all popular entertainment; inc dog anus licking! They OWN the filthy Obummer and your dead man’s Congress!
    There is only one kind of lervin in this scenario; actually 2: 1. The lerv of MONEY 2. The lerv of dogs’ scrotum!
    LERV of the idyllic kind can only appear in a JEW-FREE world where the “progeny of the devil” and the “anti-life”(Jesus speaking) have been vanquished! The only alternative is more dog anus lickin”! I guess we will soon have to call that LERV!
    “LERV, LERV, love … that is all we need … and no religion too!” (Beatles)

  13. Just one more: On the subject of LERV, here is a snippet from my latest book:
    “The Black Eyed Peas were correct in singing their question: “Where is the love?” … The world we live in speaks of love: Love in the backseat of a fine limousine; love as between two nubile celebrities on heat; love between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee as shown in a porno movie; love as between two infatuated human beings practising the gentle art of bottom bonking, as per the girly trash magazine mentioned earlier. … Perverted religions also speak of LOVE, or should I use their modern lexicon, “lerv”? … Love of their faith. Love of them having the upper hand on God. … “Your religion is all wrong, and mine is right! … And then there is perverted and maniacal love implied in: You are Shiite and I am Sunni; I am a Jew and you are not; I am a Roman Catholic and we are the Mother Church. And let us not forget Ms. Olmi’s all-consuming love of her Zionist Jews! … Somewhere above all this confusion, including its invitation to confrontation and inevitable violence, there is a God who loves unconditionally. … Can it all be just as simple as the Beatles’ words, “Luv, luv, luv, that is all we need”? … When applied the right way, even “gramophone voices” have their benefits. Shouldn’t their flip-side simply be playing this message to mankind? … “I am the way, the truth and the life … Follow me in my journey … Love is great and love is kind. … The TRUTH is all that counts. … Thou shalt not murder and kill! … Thou shalt not use thy God’s name in vain and break his covenants.”

    1. Oh I just gotta add: (5 rest days following): 90% of the 20,000,000 planetary Jews are non-religious. Their YHWH has his “face (permanently) turned away from” the filthy, sinful monstrosities.
      Yeah, you go and read the Fifth Book of Moses and learn the FACTS! The JEWS are stiil in pergatory and dragging you in with them!
      YHWH’s 10 Commandments have been TOTALLY defiled by these scum, pretend JEWS since Jesus’s time, at least! … JESUS HATED THE HUMAN SHIT! He even kicked a dog out of the 2nd Temple! And let the captive doves fly free!
      The TRUE TORAH JEWS AGAINST ZIONISM KNOW this very well; and, to be honest are quite nice, honest JEWS to speak with! They tell me they would NOT break the Commandment on usury in a blue fit; would not have sex with children; would not kill or covet their neighbours’ wives; and would not sleep with an unclean or blood-issuing female! ETC! The laws of conduct are listed in the Torah/OT!
      Rabbi Cohen-Smith of Melbourne told me that YHWH instructs on utter cleanliness of hands, sexual organs, food and the mind. Even the blood around the altar must be cleaned, with blow torches if necessary.
      So the Jewesses’ (Ms Siverstein, etc) licking of dogs’ anuses is the province of the devil and is most un-YHWH like! It is most unclean! Wot if the dog just had a shit?
      The good rabbi said that MOST unclean JEWS should be tossed out of JEWRY!
      Trouble is, that would only leave a couple of thousand JEWS on the planet! Like the story of Christ not being born in Italy because they could not find a virgin or 3 wise men! By the way, the Medici popes just lerved INCA gold! It is stiil in the Vatican! The pope and his boyfriends lerv rolling in the gold like Scrooge in his vault! Disney production, out of JEWLAND!

      1. Yeah Max.

        Those same Medici Popes who liked to diddle little boys.

        A brief story about money offering a particular perspective: (and sorry regulars, I know I’ve told this before)

        “Certain legend has it that the origin of ‘money’ on this planet can be traced to the arrival of two races of Man. Interstellar Beings who imposed themselves on the Earthlings by coercing them into gouging the mountains for gold, one of whom were harsh taskmasters who enslaved their captives underground. It is suggested they were ancient galactic enemies engaged in an interminal war, and in this early history of Earth their battles resumed, where the less malevolent ones between them prevailed and freed the subterranean prisoners, replacing them with their captors. Some of those set free were grateful, and felt beholden to their liberators, getting on board with a ‘money plan’.

        Soon thereafter many of the Beings now on and under the planet started mingling, human and otherwise, leading to their living together and propagating. From here stemmed the many races of Earthly residents, whose proliferation resulted in all the civilizations of known history. Growing from an initial act of coercion which conceptualized into what became known as money, its malignant root has spread its disease throughout the whole of humanity, and produced materialistic blooms in a desecrated wasteland. Meanwhile, many of the indigenous peoples who resisted this co-mingling had for the most part been left to their own devices, and went on with their lives without embracing its multifarious ways. They would stay poised in the natural world, where the impulse for Coalescence remains constant; dreamtime of the natural mystic. Dwelling on a keen edge of awareness, the most perspicacious among them sensing the superimposed state of the realm. Those who see the material illusion of ‘veins of gold’ as the wise rivers of imagination they truly are. Frozen in a rolled up reservation of time, knowing that one that’s let its hair down is coming around the thawing bend.

        The others would ‘develop’ the world, and use money as a pivotal tool. A world which would come to reflect those early traits of imposition, coercion, enslavement, despoilation, gratefulness, conflict, and ‘tempered malevolence’, which sublimated into compliance, with the perceived need to ‘make a living’. Another legend tells of baboons who have the ability to speak human language, but choose not to because they know that humans would put them to work.

        Money has played a crucial role in maintaining the hypnotic grip of illusion, and as the virtual reality continues to settle in, it has become entrenched to the point where those who impose it see their subjects as beholden to them for their very existence. In their perverted delusion they see THEMSELVES as the Divine Source, with the position that IT is what makes Life possible.

        As long as those who would match Divine intent are constrained by these binding illusions, the conditions for their subjugation will go on, ad infinitum. Their symptoms forever treated, preventing them from knowing who they really are.”

    2. maxie, you and brother jesus are right about lerv … but the real lerv, which sex ain’t, not that i object to it but no point polluting the idea of lerv with sex, this is another jew meme.
      men take pleasure in hunting, mixed martial arts, war but is it lerv?
      i don’t think so … jew does, oh yes, all of it is jew lerv.

      because it enables him to extend lerv to toddlers, 3 years plus a day bunch, lerv of snuff porn and organ harvest, lerv of wiping out the world full of amalek without leaving a single live thing breathing, women, children, newborns, dogs, cats, budgies – kill them all because thisi s jew lerv.

      and i just want to point out the distinction, because sex is the shaky bridge between true love and jew love.
      we need to dynamite that bridge so there is no crossing from one side to the other.

      sex is nothing but a recreational drug, not that i am necessarily against those, matter of free choice although i would counsel moderation either way – tickles the brain, reduces stress, reestablishes hormonal balance.
      but let jews make a religion out of it, we goyums don’t need his depraved seduction.

      and lerv without possibility of corrective outlet, a vent known as hate is the lerv of neutered eunuchs, nothing can come (accidental pun) of it.
      hating the jew and his works is good and right, it reaffirms the love of the good and right.

      i am certain jesus would agree.

      here is the thing he said, let everyone who bitches about the “turning of other cheek” meme take note – important (matthew 5:30):


      And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

      1. MachtN –

        Everyone in the UK who wishes they had one.
        Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa.

      2. Machtnichts


        How are you able to put those two little dots (what’s the word for that?) over the “i” in “naive”?

        Special keyboard?

    1. Advantage of home-schooling #151… gun handy…. in safe hands.
      Where gun control means use both hands.

  14. ­BH, I have no clue how that happened. ­My keyboard is half English half French, nothing out of the ordinary. But it makes it confusing sometimes.

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