143 thoughts to “Rivers of Blood: The Massacre of Innocents in Gaza (video)”

  1. Go on wise/white-man, blame only the Jew, for whatever heinous your own kind do, but never forget, the Jew brings out only that, which is inside you.
    … and only in last minutes of your miserable lifetime, you have come to realize, you have become a Jew.
    66 years of unconditional US support of genocide in Palestine.

      1. Impeccable logic, Pat! Aristotle coldn’t have done better. Using pure logic, I have suddenly decided I an no longer the human being I thought I was. Thus:

        I exist.
        My hat exists.
        Therefore I am my hat.

    1. Uhelp –

      Well said: ‘…the Jew brings out only that, which is inside you.’

      That is true.

      There are good friends with whom I frequently communicate who were/are designated Special Forces, Green Beret, Seals (all of whom are ‘Airborne Qualified’), and some of them tell me that current of their brethren are ‘getting out’ as fast as they can. They understand the situation. All of them are wise,
      white men who understand how ‘terrorists’ are bred against us; and how that breeding plays right into the hand of TPTB.

      Just one Palistinian whose family is decimated by American weaponry used by Israhell can (rightfully so, too!) become an effective enemy of America. We (Americans) are, thereby FORCED into opposition with those who would have never otherwise posed a threat. We must take care of our own, if we are to call
      ourselves ‘Men’. The cleansing must start at ‘home’, wherever that may be for you.

      1. Stop lumping ALL Americans into one unit as of they shared your nightmares.
        The Jews could never bring their displayed atrocities out of me, or anyone I know, as they do proactively. It does not reside within me, or my family or friends. I would never act as vile as they do, not even in defense of my own life.

        1. I suppose your family and friends can really count on you, you worthless coward.

        2. Gilbert

          Correct. They can count on me to NOT commit the Jew-loved atrocities. Every time.
          I have no problem protecting them.
          I did my time in Nam, without killing innocents.
          Where did you so bravely serve your country in active military?

        3. Gilbert

          You do not know if I am worthless, or a coward.

          I do not know you. You do not know me.

          It was a funny remark, though…you clown.

          See how easy it is. Just a few key strokes….and you ARE a clown…LOL!!

      2. Gilbert

        I too have heard the exact same concerning Spec Ops.

        Did you happen to read the like to the civil orders given to General Ham and the joint Chiefs concerning American State Citizens and the reestablishment of the Grand Army of the Republic under Executive Order 100?

        1. No, I don’t know anything about that EO, Mr. Parsons (but wasn’t it that same ‘Grand Army of the Republic’ which fought in blue against the Constitutionalists in 1861-65?). Papers mean little when home must be defended.

          We have allowed our country to lend itself to scurrilous interests abroad. While we must expect some retaliation, we DO NOT HAVE TO – and should not – allow anyone to fight our own, here, without lethal opposition. I suppose there’s just no end to the vicious circle, until He puts a stop to it. We are engaged in war, like it, or not.

        2. Gilbert

          Yes, the Grand Army is the Army of the Corporation Trust enacted by Franklin and run by Lincoln because our organic common law republic hasn’t yet reseated their quorum. Since Planery (civilian powers) still outranks Commercial/Corporation entities and since the Crown (City of London Corp), Crown, Common Law throne usurped (I believe) by Elizabeth II, and since the Vativan City Corp who owns all the above are all in breach of trust of our 1789 treaty with them, having stolen our gold and owe us our labor due to their massive fraud under Corporations disguised as lawful Governments, orders were issued to Ham and the Joint Chiefs to resurrect the Grand Army but this time to protect all state citizens (Sovereigns) as in all inhabitance born on the land, in the States.

          Here is a link to for your persual….

          You will have to scroll down a ways to see the order to Ham etc, and Common Law Grand Jury findings.


        3. Pat

          Grand Army of the Republic under Lincoln but to understand what we want to use it for,
          See the links I have provided.

      3. Gilbert,

        What I meant by that phrase was that, the Jew never adds anything of value to a non-Jew persons personality (=what is inside) and always make sure to “bring out”, enhance and amplify whatever signifies a bad character/habit/behaviour in that person. I meant nothing more. Some examples: nowadays increase of corruption, dishonesty, addiction to drugs and pornography, …
        We all know that, Jew by nature is manipulative and always try to exploit our weaknesses, but we also have a great responsibility, to not let that to happen.

        I still beleive the suggested solution is the only good one:
        “The answer to the Jewish problem is simple,” [Ezra Pound said, according to Mullins]
        “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government” + and out of media.


      4. Obtuse, schoolboy logic again from the stupid Gilby!
        So you know “wise” Jews!
        Go to bed old man.
        Better still find yourself a Jewish old bag, whore!

        1. Max

          Leave Gilbert alone! All you do is attacks whites/ Americans and believers in Christ. You blame everything on us and can’t wait for the “Jews” racial extermination plan against us to go full blown.

          Then you LIE claiming that Jesus was an Arab from Terah when there were not even Arabs then because they came about later through Terah’s Grandson, the first born son of Abraham, Ishmael- via Abraham’s sexual union with a bond women ( a slave girl not of his race).

          Thinking one couldn’t spread more BS here, you also admit your Mother is a Jewess, thus making you a “Jew” and when we call you on it, you then switch gears and claim you were just “joking” and that you’re actually “nordic”.

          You’re mission here is divide and conquer and that is what you’re attempting to do blaming everything on the “Jews” ultimate and traditional enemy (Whites and authentic Christianity). You are trying your best to keep whites from the knoweldge that is key to their victory over the “Jew” but Gibert, others and myself will not allow you to do that.

    2. I really appreciate all your irrelevant comments and am happy for being able to entertain your Jewish state of mind.

    3. Uhelp

      I have no trust for anyone who attacks the white man as a whole. That is a purely JEWISH agenda if there ever was one because it is ONLY been the white man whose constantly, consistantly opposed the “Jew” on every grounds, on every front. It is the white man, the Anglo Aaxon, the Scandinavian, the Frenchman, the German, the Russian, the Spaniard, the Italian etc, who had opposed the “Jew” tooth and nail, booting him out of our nations some 109 times for some 2000 years until the “Jew” broke our yoke we had around their necks and took us over from within.

      No matter tho, it will be that “evil whitey” who topples him yet again and puts that “Jew” back in his rightful place at the bottom of the world where he belongs and then Uhelp, you can thank “evil whitey” for doing what no one else was ever able to do.

      1. Tyron,
        I am sorry if you got a wrong impression and thought I was generalizing. That was not my intention. Perhaps I was not so clear in pointing out that I was only referring to those few rotten individuals who have sold their soul to the devil and have become a replica of the Jew themselves, while white people are being forced to the edge of distinction by the Jews. The same Jews, who are inflicting so much pain, not only to the white people but also to others.

        1. Yeh, but Uhelp you are talking to Tyron, who is either a full-blown Jew or an idiot Gotim who has sold his soul to the Jewish abomination! Idiots like Gilbert Huntly are long part of the Red Terror!

        2. Part of the “red terror”?

          How is this? By establishing common law grand juries in America to lawfully remove all dual citizen Jews and BAR agents from Government via the authentic 13th Amendment?

          Or are you part of the RED TERROR, admitting your mother’s a “Jew” while you admittedly advocate CHAOS and lawlessness supporting Yukon who advocates that everyone start murdering all of the Cops in America to solve the “Jewish” problem?

          Here is Max’s MO folks and I quote Jack Bernstein DIRECTLY
          * First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution.
          * If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the persons giving the information.
          * If that doesn’t work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn’t been involved in sufficient scandal you are adept at fabricating scandal against the person or persons.
          * If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks.

          But, NEVER do you try to prove the information wron

  2. jew solemnly promises, makes oath, vow, swears on picture book talmud specially written for goyums, please goyums just this one time, go kill each other by millions, we’ll never make that request again.

    world war one – a war to end all wars
    sounds like a good deal, kill about 20 million goyums to save the rest of goyums, cleans the blood, clears the air, good for economy, good for rothschilds bottom line.

    so how about a genocide to end all genocides?
    does that also sound like a good deal, no need to even kill that many.

  3. Palestinian Arabs would be raping White women if they were in our nations, so they don’t get too much of my sympathy. I understand that they, like us, live under Jewish occupation, but I won’t shed tears for them.

    Still, I hope the Palestinians kill as many of the untermenschen as possible. There are few lovelier sights than seeing the nasty yids shed rivers of tears for their dead.

    1. I am in agreement with you on that point, Legionaire. I’m just about of the old mindset ‘Kill ’em all and let God sort them out.’

      1. I should qualify that, though, and say that I find no joy in seeing anyone suffer. It’s just that a man must do unpleasant things, sometimes, and not shirk the responsibility.

        Back up the thread, the ‘Pat’ asked where I had ‘done my duty’. That is one thing I should not talk about. There are many who boast that they ‘served in ‘Nam’, but who never, ever drew blood, themselves (they were usually on ships or subs)(I was too young). They could, nonetheless, be cowards. I understand the whole ‘Nam thing had its share… My stint was relatively brief, but precise. (btw, one doesn’t necessarily HAVE to have been blooded to be brave, and be up to the task when called upon.)

        1. I also don’t enjoy suffering of any kind. That’s why I believe that when the Jews meet their end, it should be quick.

          Although I wouldn’t mind seeing a few million Jew bitches get gang-raped by whoever conquers them. Muslims would be good, but I’d prefer Aryans. German and Slavic soldiers giving it good and hard to female Jews a few times over would be ample justice for what they’ve done to us.

        2. Motive from vengence never brings about the right result.

          Motives for restitution and hoping that the enemy repents, stops their evil, while even being kind and merciful when they don’t deserve it, is the way to go. I don’t discount lawful physical resistance because all of this meshes.

          Any total warfare, total punishment tactics should be reserved for the Great I AM at the end of this age.

        3. “Motive from vengence never brings about the right result.”

          Sure it does. Hannibal and his gallivanting around the Italian peninsula pissed off the Romans so much that in the Third Punic war the Romans basically exterminated all the Carthaginians (who were also a semitic people).

          “Motives for restitution and hoping that the enemy repents, stops their evil, while even being kind and merciful when they don’t deserve it, is the way to go.”

          Christian bullshit. The only way to wage war is the Aryan way: honor enemies when they deserve to be honored, and exterminate enemies when they need to be exterminated.

        4. I see, so morally I am wrong according to you. Why? Because I don’t think the right motive is to exterminate out of vengence.

          First, they control everything so if we think we can even do such a thing, we’re wrong.

          Second, law must be on our side.

          Third, if there is to be any “extermination” it will be when no one can deny their genocidal plot against us and they are all in one place.


          This brings me back to exactly what I have been claiming as the solution all along.

          Our law trumps theirs
          Our claim to Zion trumps theirs
          After their perfect storm hits they will all run to “Israel”
          When we win the war in our homelands, no one will be able to deny their intent.

        5. Ridding the world of the Jewish menace would not just be an act of vengeance, it would be a necessity to ensure the survival of civilization.

          What do you mean “law must be on our side?” Whose laws? If Whites ever take power back from the Jews we will need to write our own laws that benefit us.

        6. SPQR

          This is a complicated subject but simple once one comes to understand it. We already have our law and its written in our DNA!

          All law eminates from internal DNA and by extension, the Creator of that DNA. Whites (of Jacob-Israel) have theirs, Arabs (Ishmael) theirs and “Jews” (Esau) theirs.

          Arabs of Ishmael have the external expression of their DNA- by way of their Creator (Allah) known as Islam (found in Koran). This Governs their 12 Kingdoms in the ME that comprise one “nation” (Nation of Islam).

          The “Jews” of Esau have the external expression of their DNA- by way of their Creator (who is literally Satan)- known as Judaism from their Talmud. These legal fictions claim not only Zion, but the entire planet as a “right” of theirs to rule.

          Whites (of Jacob) law is called Common/Natural and/or Christian law. All of America’s courts were American Common Law courts but they have been usurped by Corporation legal fictions whom in their own made up legal fiction codes admit they are fictions and that our law trumps theirs as supreme.

          Why? Because our law is the law of the land in Mainland America (The UK- Colonies also have their brand of Common law) and is also the basis of any contract agreement between sovereign entities. Our Common Law has a source that is recognized within our organic/natural and lawful Governments that adjurned Sien Die (until we meet again) in 1860.

          The American Common law source can be traced back to the Mayflower Compact (Natural/Common-Sovereign) and before that the Magna Carta (Canon RCC “Christian” Law) based on Natural/Common-Sovereign law.

          The law source cited in the Mayflower Compact is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the Creator of our DNA. The Magna Carta is based on Common/Christian Natural law inside the RCC’s Canon and is the basis for our treaty of Paris with the British Monarchy and the Vatican City Corporation (Pope) that has ruled the British Monarchy since 1213 (Magna Carta).

          While the Magna Carta extended recognized Sovereignty to Nobels in the UK-Colonies, in America, all natural born white Americans became Sovereigns all of a sudden– on an equal status of both the Pope and the British Monarchy when King George “lost his mind” relinquishing all rights- all claims to the mainland in America as well as to all white Colonists. In this moment, with no claim over us, we became Sovereigns and in winning the Revolutionary War, we were recognized by them as having equal Sovereignty with the Monarchy and the Pope who then launched a massive covert war against us that is still in affect today.

          Here Cornwallis admits it to George Washington


          These two Sovereigns (with the Pope ruling over the Monarchy) became the trustees of the united States of America 1789 trust which they unlawfully broke the trust by way of sicking the “Jews” and Bar (British Accredited Registry) agents against us in acts of covert war, culminating in practically every single overt war and assassination we experienced to date (The wars up to 1860 were against them- those after their unlawful usurpation were for their interests worldwide.)

          This was orchestrated by the Monarchy and Pope’s Jews and their conqured Mason cohorts who called themselves the Illuminati created in 1776 upon American whites gaining recognized equal Sovereignty.

          Free blacks (with no masters) in America at the time we became Sovereigns (When the King reliquished) also became Sovereigns but they were not part of our lawful Governments because our Governments authority was extended to Jacob-whites who created it, as masters over it, and to whom cited their law source for those Governments as Jesus Christ (synonmus with the great I AM). Read the Declaration for verification- that our rights are inherent and irrevokable under any condition) and that they come from our Creator, The God of Nature, Divine Providence, signed in the Year of “Our Lord” who was unanimously identified as Jesus Christ and to whom has always been known since AD as the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. This is echoed in both the RCC Canon law, the British Crown’s claimed source of authority (Stone of Destiny) as well as by those who created our lawful Governments.

          When a white is born in America, they are sovereigns and our law source recognizes them as such. When the enemy extends their unlawful jurisdiction by way of illegal and unlawful adheasion contracts, this is enforced under the color of law- by way of unlawful force through the legal fiction Corporation codes.

          So, in summary, what I am saying to you is that we have a law source based on our DNA-race and our Creator, and that this is ALREADY ADMITTED by the Monarchy and Pope and Esau “Jews” to be superior to theirs (Cannon-Babylonian Talmudic-economic/Admiralty legal fictions) that presently engulf the planet.

          So the key to winning the war in America is returning to our law source which we at the Maine Republic- Grand Jury (plus all the others reseated) have done.

          The key to the defeating the “Jews” in “Israel” is by this law source as well because the God of Abraham, Isacc and Jacob promises Zion to be given to whites of Jacob-Israel at the very end of this earth age.

          So, when we win the war in America, our reseated, regenerated governing bodies must draft a lawful document in our claim to Zion against the Esau “Jews” impostors/usurpers. Once we are in the land, we can arrest all of the criminal “Jews” and have Nuermberg type trials for them using OUR LAW (Common/Natural/Christian law)- from OUR DNA-RACE, to judge them.

          I hate repeating this over and over but it seems I must to get some of you here to understand this.

    2. fuck you racist, what do you know about palestinians.?Have you lost your religion, have you become a jew?

        1. Uhelp, try telling this to all the religious wackos on this site, who are in RAPTURE, waiting for that idiot Tyron’s big “I Am” to arrive and set things right!
          Has this creep got a swollen head!
          I HAVE BEEN WARNING YOU that this DANGEROUS, deceptive, Tyron character is hung up on his very own grand LIE!
          I suspect he is the Jewish MISINFORMATION expert on this site and his sleazy ways have sucked most of you into his deceptive, evil vortex; as did Ellie K. (Oh “so beautiful”, “just like Henry James!” Ignorant Gilbert Huntly: “You are a class act!” ) SUCK, SUCK!
          How dare he pronounce such crap as: “Whites (of Jacob-Israel) have theirs, Arabs (Ishmael) theirs and “Jews” (Esau) theirs.”
          Sounds very clever (as per Ellie K and the Protocols) but it is a LIE! Tyron is into Jewish “divide and conquer!” Protocols’ stuff! DIVERSIONARY TACTICS!
          A VERY EVIL MAN!!!
          NOW THE TRUTH, again:
          There was NO mutation (or trans-mutation) of the human species involved. Arabs didn’t suddenly become WHITEYS (Nordics, for eg, like me), and Jews didn’t become Esaueans! According to silly Tyron the Arabs only remained Arabs! Yeh Tyron, TRUE SEMITES, you idiot!
          The only relevant text on this subject is the Jews’ Torah (or OT) and it says NOTHING about MUTATION of the human species! Tyron probably thinks that because Jesus is usually depicted as WHITE/European, there were WHITEYS in on the biblical acts! CRAP!
          As per the Old Testament, all the early patriarchs were Arab-Semites; and the Israelites were PURE Semitic Arabs. Noah floated around in the Middle East, where he was born and his great, great X 9 grandson Abraham was a typical Arab. THIS IS FACT! (Apart from the fairy tale involved in the whole biblical story. You know “Sinbad and his magic carpet”, “Aladdin and the magic lamp”, “Noah inside a whale”, “Burning bushes and the YHWH fire god killing all the peoples of the plains”, “the Prince of Thieves”, etc)
          Tyron has picked up his brainwashing CRAP from later, speculative biblical scholars and he has swallowed the CRAP hollus-bollus! A Marxist-Jewish educated American.
          I repeat there is absolutely proof to his spurious claim that Whites are from”Jacob-Israel.” Jacob and Israel were Arabs! END OF STORY.
          This EVIL prick is only maintaining his assigned role as an argumentative, lying diversion, to shift your focus to “mythological. pseudo-hoistory and move your mind away from the Israeli-American CRIME of Mass Genocide that is happening right now.
          Sucks like Gilby feed off Tyron like the parasites and intellectual minnows that they are!

        2. Max

          1. Show my words that say I am waiting for I AM to remove the dual Citizen “Jews” from America.

          BUZZ, times up, you can’t.

          On the contrary, I am providing information on how to reseat American Common Law Grand Juries in order to resurrect our lawful Republics that trump the “Jews” Corporation legal fiction system here, while we arrest all dual Citizen, dual loyalty traitors- most all of whom are “Jews” with “Israeli” Citizenship.Then and only then can Americans focus on helping the Pals in Gaza, further.

          2. Show one word of mine that said I believe in the Rapture.

          Buzz, times up, you can’t.

          3. Arabs are not from Ishmael? Even wikipedia states the obvious that Christianity, Islam and Judaism all recognize that the Arab Muslims claim Ishmael as their father. Since his 12 sons make their “prophets’ and Mohammad is said to be an ancestor of Ishmael,and since Mohammad and Arab believers wrote the Koran that is the Arab’s common law.

          Exactly where am I wrong?

          BUZZ times up, you can’t show where I am wrong.

          Furthermore, practically everyone on this site knows that the “Jews” find their evil INSIDE themselves. Practically everyone here sees it is inherent inside of them. Since the “Jews” wrote the Talmud which is their COMMON LAW, how am I wrong saying Talmud is an outward expression of their internal DNA?

          Herman Wouk is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of 11 novels, three plays and two works of nonfiction. In his book, This is My God; the Jewish Way of Life, serialized in the New York Herald-Tribune in 1959, he writes:
          The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe — whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists — we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.

          On top of that the “Jews” encyclopedia’s even admit they are from Esau (The Sephardics) and a host of people have well established that their mass coverts are from Ashkenaz, who is listed in Genesis (and even in the fake Jews Masoretic texts) as coming from Japeth, NOT SHEM.

          The 1925 Encyclopedia Judaica states “Edom (Esau) is modern Jewry”

          The Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Volume 10:23 proclaims “The Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelis in 1860”

          The 1980 Jewish Almanac p.3 states “strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew”

          4. American Common Law, British, and the Colonies Common Law is derived from WHITE PEOPLE. White people who claim correctly that we are from Jacob/Israel as proven in America by way of the Mayflower Compact- the first Constitution in America. It is also proven by the British claim to a Monarchy rests EXCLUSIVELY on the Monarchy being corenated on JACOBS STONE (Stone of Destiny)

          Folks, it is probably pretty obvious now that Max is exactly what he claimed I am and now is trying to cover up. Max is a Jew agent sent to do EXACTLY what he is falsely accusing me of.

          Ask yourself, why does Max attack Gilbert and me the most and with such vile haterd, using slanders, diversionary tactics, not addressing issues or proofs presented but attacking people’s characters instead?

          Anyone can verify that the lineage from Noah goes like this. Noah’s first born Shem, on down to Eber, to Terah, to Abraham.

          Ham and Japeth (Shem’s brothers make the Black and Asiatic races).

          Abraham’s first born son is Ishmael. His mom is Hagar, a women who was his slave from another race other than Shem.
          Here is where the word Arab comes from-


          Abraham’s second son is called Isaac. His mom was Sarah, his lawful wife and the same race as he, full Shemite through Eber.

          Isaac’s first son is Esau. He loses all of the rights and blessings from Adam on down to his younger brother Jacob. Jacob fathers the 10 tribes of Israel. Jacob’s youngest son (Joseph) fathers Ephriam and Manassah by way of his wife an Egyptian Priestess of Shem lineage but not Abrahamic lineage.

          Why is the information SO SCARY to admitted Jews like Max?

          Because their ENTIRE claim to the land in “Israel” is based on a MASSIVE LIE- that they are physically, genetically Israel-Judah from Jacob-where I already proved they ADMIT they are from Esau and Ashkenaz.

          Max knows this and also knows that their claim has been proven to be pure BS so now he pushes this “Arab” nonsense to stop YOU from coming to the TRUTH.

          The fact that the “Jews” claim is FICTION means that if one makes a lawful claim to the land in Israel as authentic Israel and Judah, the “Jews” have to give up the World Government they are creating for themselves to ANOTHER PEOPLE who have a rightful, a lawful, claim.

          I already showed how Western European peoples have a 99.6% match with King Tut and this proves we are from Isaac, Jacob-Ephriam and Manassah stock who have/had ruling authority over the other tribes (until Esau “Jews” usurped us).

          Do the Jews who admit they are from Esau and Ashkenaz have Egyptian DNA? Nope

          Do the Arabs who ADMIT they are from Ishmael have Egyptian DNA? Nope

          Only western European White folks do. Why don’t the “Jews’ simply go to any one of the patriarches graves in the land and use their DNA to prove their claim?

          Answer- if they did that they would PROVE OUR CLAIM- nixing both the Arabs and “Jews” from the land they call “Israel” today.

  4. the three enemies of palestine are the same three enemies of islam
    1-The U.S. and England
    2-Israel (so called)
    3-the Arab Rulers
    some the latter have been removed but the work is still at its beginning
    so far there are 4 masonic rothschild slaves dictators who have been removed
    -Kaddafy-, who even though injured, was beat up to death
    -Ali abdullah Saleh- was incinerated as he pretended to pray: he looked like a roach
    He then run to Saudi Arabia who fixed him a little then allowed him to run back to lick more jews and american boots : the u.s. finally broght his sorry ass back to new york were loads of Khat are delivered to his penthhouse apartment in manhattan for his daily relieve;
    -Mubarak- https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSycamZqP3IEBPsymYkC1y-Pr2M1VX2A99-ubrQ36kTC91Z6xZbjQ
    who insisted to continue serving the zionist masters after removed like a dog . Another dog came in but the next revolt will be definite. More blood on the nile expected soon. Mubarak was so crazy he invited netanyahoo for a ramadan breakfast when neither one of them were fasting while they starved the people of gaza who were really fasting!
    -Zine El Abidine Ben Ali- https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQF-csSUG7jDOenKL-75ws33Nj0e4SyDOKA5ANEh-tfWxAJcclF
    listening to the wester song, he took the money and run. His maffiosso wife and him stole 1.5 tons of gold. he is in saudi arabia, the gold? at rothchilds, probably.
    Bashar assad is soon to go wether shias and alawites like it or not. In syria, sunnis are 90 percent and we arabs dont care if the ruler is shia christian sunni or whatever. enough is enough.
    this last one is so sick he really believes he won by 85 percent of the vote while hidding in a russian armor.
    Slowly, the above enemies of Palestine _and Islam _ will fall; but it will take more than three or four september elevens and/or five or six exxon valdezes.

    1. Avatar

      the three enemies of palestine are the same three enemies of islam
      1-The U.S. and England
      2-Israel (so called)
      3-the Arab Rulers

      The US and ENGLAND are corporations unlawfully taking the place of our governments. Israel is a creation of the same 3 city state Corporations and has nothing to do with the English, the Americans etc. We are slaves against our will.

      The Arab rulers are cyrpto Jew established by the usurped crown (both Corp and Common) and are simply playing their part in this grand play- grand illusion.

      Don’t blame whites./Europeans, English etc, blame those who usurped us and who use our brainwashed peoples to do their bidding just like they are using Pals, via Hamas and the Saudi royal “Jews’ etc.

        1. If the basis and start point of an argument are religious, then its end point, would only demand for an unconditional submission to one of those man-made gods out there.

          Religion is for those who believe the ratio between stupidity and intelligence is always constant.

          Palestinian issue is only about LAND and nothing else.

        2. Uhelp

          I am speaking about LAW and actual LAW derives its source of authority from specific DNA-racial groups and the creator of that specific DNA-racial group. When adhered to by their own specific DNA-Race grouping, it results in what we call natural culture as it’s outward expression being enforced.

          Legal fictions are what you are under in Europe like we are in America. The legal fictions have its legal (not law) source as the Jewish Talmudic Babylonian-Economic-Admiralty “law” that is inherent in the “Jew” and the “Jews” creator.

          This results in JEWISH cultural programming and enforcement that is engaged in a CONSTANT WAR against your inherent DNA-racial programming and by extension it’s creator too.

          Hence, Uhelp, it is not “religion” that I am speaking of because the modern religions are totally under “Jewish” talmudic control, being dead Corporation entities that MUST serve their master, their creator- the Corporation Governments who made them a Corporation, enforcing Jewish Babylonian,, Economic, Admirality legal fictions within their “Churches” etc.

          In short, what I support is not “religion” but our DNA derived trumping law source in America (Called American Common/Nature/ Christian law) that trumps the “Jews” legal fictions- even admitted by them in their own legal codes.

          What I support is the Creator of our DNA-racial grouping who is superior under law, authority and power to the “Jews” DNA- Creator- who’s is literally Satan.

  5. SPQR says:

    July 25, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    “Palestinian Arabs would be raping White women if they were in our nations, so they don’t get too much of my sympathy.”

    Back in the time of the first world war it was the “HUNS” and not the Palestinians that were allegedly posing a threat to our way of life & according to the official propaganda of the time it was the GERMANS who wanted to come over here to kill us and rape our women, etc., and so according to a similar type of fallacious reasoning, it must have been wrong for anyone back in those days to have harbored any degree of sympathy for the Germans because according to the “official” (i.e. jewish) propaganda of the time the Germans were bent on coming over here and raping our women, etc …. When you look back at the hysteria of the WW I era, it’s hard not to be impressed with the effectiveness of the jewish war propaganda and how the said propaganda was internalized by great white men such as Zane Grey who should have known better. One of Grey’s novels (“The Vanishing American”) was jam-packed with anti-German war propaganda. Now let me ask you this: If even the greatest of white men are capable of being led so easily down the blind alley-way by the jews, isn’t that evidence of the jew’s intellectual superiority over the white man ??

    1. In those days, we did not have quick access to world events or motives, as we now have. Almost all of us are ‘connected’ to individuals in different theatres, and have almost-instant access to many events and occurrences. Zane Grey did not have that luxury, nor did hardly ANYONE, at that time. NOW, though, we pretty much have a basic understanding of circumstances; and let me tell you: We can really trust NO ONE.

      But your comment reminds me of something else. Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ was a highly-lauded publication in America when Houghton-Mifflin produced the first, unabridged English translation. I think only the really lower classes lent any credibility to German bloodlust. Btw, I thought I had ALL of Zane Grey’s novels. I don’t have that one, though! Apparently, from having read it, he tried to make amends in his book ‘The Desert of Wheat’.

    2. isn’t that evidence of the jew’s intellectual superiority over the white man ??

      It could be.

    3. What are you talking about? Almost all the rapes in Scandinavia are perpetrated by ugly raghead fucks from the Middle East, the type that their Semitic cousins from Israel are currently wasting.

      Do you not understand that there’s a difference between yid propaganda and reality? Germans were also accused of raping Soviet citizens during WWII when we know the reality was the opposite.

  6. In spite of Jewish media drum-beating for the last three weeks in favor of the so-called “world’s fourth most powerful army”, now the Israeli media have started admitting that Netanyahu has failed to accomplish a victory in his bloody coup against Hamas in Gaza.

    On July 22, Israel’s military propaganda site, DEBKA File, could not hide Jewish military’s frustration in failing to securing a single victory over Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters.

    “The battle for Shejaiya, Hamas stronghold on Gaza City’s outskirts, was still unresolved on Tuesday, July 22, indicating that the Islamists were not giving up,” admitted DEBKA File.

    On July 21, the Jewish army in its bid to capture Shejaiya, killed 66 Palestinians including 17 children. Hamas fighters in return killed four Israeli soldiers, while seriously wounding another nine including Israeli Golan Height Brigade commanding officer Col. Alian .

    Alian is the highest Druze official of the Israel Occupation Force (IOF). Druze community in the Zionist entity is recognized as an independent and separate religious group from Arab Muslims and Christians. Historically, Druze like Iranian Bahais, are Crypto Jews prtending to be non-practicing Shi’ites.

    Traditionally, Druze, Ahmedia, African, Christians and Bedouin soldiers killed in battle are not accounted as IOF casualties. For example, in 2007, an independent Israeli source had claimed that nearly 2,100 Israeli soldiers died during the 34-day war with Hizbullah in 2006 (Mondoweiss, September 12, 2009). However, Israeli military command insisted that only 160 Jew soldiers died as compared to 49 Hizbullah fighters.

    Shejaiya, which means the ‘Neighborhood of Braves’ in Arabic. It is named after the Muslims who died fighting the Crusaders in 1239 CE.

    On July 21, Armin Rosen reported at the Jewish Business Insider that 25 Israeli soldiers were killed during the first four days of Israeli invasion of Gaza. Israeli army has claimed that a large numbers of Gaza tunnels have been destroyed, but there is no sign of a military victory over Islamist fighters. This bode bad news for Netanyahu. On Monday, four Jewish soldiers were killed in tunnel leading to Israeli occupied territory.

    “If Netanyahu doesn’t pocket some kind of strategic deliverable, it could cripple or doom his premiership, just as the Lebanon War (with Hizbullah) greatly diminished Ehud Olmert, Netanyahu’s predecessor,” wrote Rosen.

    Professor Khaled Haroub (Northwestern University, Qatar) and author of several books on Hamas, in an interview with the pro-Israel Al-Jazeera predicted that in a future war with Hamas, Israelis could kill thousands of Palestinian civilians – but cannot defeat Hamas.

    On Tuesday, both John Kerry and Ban Ki-moon arrived in Cairo to save Netanyahu from a military humiliation. They intend to hold talks with Egyptian military dictator, Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a Crypto Jew.

    In conclusion the Jewish army is doomed to suffer another defeat as it suffered in 2000, 2006, 2008-2009, and 2012 wars with Hizbullah and Hamas.


  7. Bradley Smith
    Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust http://www.codoh.com:

    The Holocaust story serves as the Zionist Miracle Weapon that morally justifies the conquest and occupation of Palestinian land. It is an endless source of billions of dollars in reparations for Jews, and is a weapon that in the United States is used to prohibit adult behavior by congressmen, academics, and journalists alike (they all agree: you cannot “discuss” the Holocaust Question). I founded Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust to try to defuse this Miracle Weapon.

    1. In most of Europe the men and women are reduced to being neo-Eunuchs by the power of law. Plain and simple.
      In USA and Canada, they are neo-Eunuchs mainly via self censorship.
      (conscious and unconscious)

      A neo-Eunuch is a person who is unable or unwilling to say “I don’t believe 6 million died”
      “I don’t believe there were homicidal gas chambers”
      something as (seemingly) innocuous as 4-3=1. (official Auschwitz math)

      The last, (4-3=1) is an exceptionally severe case of self mutilation due to being unable to utter this elementary equation even as it is etched in bronze before their lying eyes (ears and nose).

      Now how will the unwashed retarded masses overcome the uber-demons if they cannot even inpel themselves to say(believe) 4-3=1?

      And this just for starters..

  8. This IS just one reason to remove ALL Jews from political offices at ALL levels.
    Oaths are not obligatory on them.

    KOL NIDRE (“all vows”):

    “In the tribunal of heaven and the tribunal of earth, by the permission of God—blessed be He—and by the permission of this holy congregation, we hold it lawful to pray with the transgressors.”

    Thereupon the cantor chants the Aramaic prayer beginning with the words “Kol Nidre,” with its marvelously plaintive and touching melody, and, gradually increasing in volume from pianissimo to fortissimo, repeats three times the following words:

    “All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called ‘ḳonam,’ ‘ḳonas,’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.”


  9. SPQR says:

    July 26, 2014 at 12:26 am
    “What are you talking about? Almost all the rapes in Scandinavia are perpetrated by ugly raghead fucks from the Middle East, the type that their Semitic cousins from Israel are currently wasting.”

    << Do you not understand that there’s a difference between yid propaganda and reality?

    Jews are the creators of reality, and right now the "rag heads" have been defined as the Evil Ones according to jewish-created reality. I've never had any problems with "rag heads" (Arabs) or "huns" (Germans) or "slanty eyed japs," and whenever I hear such nonsense it always evokes a realization of the only "reality" which makes any sense, namely, that the jews are controlling our perceptions through their control and outright domination of all forms of communication.

    If the Arabs can be defined as being "ragheads" and "camel jockeys" and the Germans as "huns" then it has to make you wonder what kind of jewish-invented pejorative was created for the purpose of degrading and belittling the common citizenry here in the USA.

    When the jews finally get around to sending their hordes of foreign mercenaries over here for the purpose of slaughtering us Americans, maybe it will be our just deserts since we are the world's foremost consumers and of jewish propaganda.

    Dupes of the Jews, in other words.

    Not to mention the very world's most arrogant and incorrigible Shabbos Goy.

    "We Died as We Lived, as Dupes of the Jews."

    When the carnage finally hits and we find ourselves on the receiving end of the deal for a change, maybe then, and only then, are we finally going to see the error of our ways.

    1. Jews are not the creators of reality, they are the destroyers of reality.

      When it comes to Muslims, when they attack Whites, they are portrayed as good. When they attack Jews, they are portrayed as bad.

      Two Hollywood examples: Kingdom of Heaven, where the Whites are portrayed as sadistic and bloodthirsty maniacs and the Muslims as proud, noble, and peace-loving. Then there’s Munich, where the Jews are portrayed as avenging warriors and the Muslims as dumb, barbaric, and the instigators of violence.

      You simply don’t understand how Jewish propaganda works. The way they portray race and religion depends on the context.

      As for the common citizenry in the US, they are completely stupid and in the thrall of the Jews. Go on to any kwanservative website like Breitbart and you’ll see dumbfuck Christians cheering on the Jews and hoping they give the Palestinians the Dresden treatment.

      If it ever came to outright revolution or civil war (which it won’t), millions of Whites would oppose Traditionalism or National Socialism, just as they stupidly did during WWII.

      1. Perception IS reality.
        Perception is what the Jews manufacture and promote, just as they did with OT and NT.

        How to win against them??

        Just get the Jews out of political offices for a start. If that cannot be accomplished, the rest is hopeless.

        1. Perception is not reality. Perception is reality to those who accept lies- for those who accept illusion. The “Jews” believe perception is reality and have tricked most into believing that as well, but illusions always fail in the end giving way to the truth- true reality.

          This is why one cannot beat the Jew using his MO because they are masters of lies and illusions. One only beats the “Jews” through truth and authentic reality and this is why our law (Common/Natural/Christian) trumps their legal fictions and they even admit it in their own legal fiction codes. This is why OUR LAW that is written in OUR DNA trumps theirs that is written in them.

          Darkness always has its hour but the sun always rises, in the same way, this present planetary Babylonian legal fiction matrix will have it’s hour (Its completion) but then the sun (Son- with the Son’s of light) will rise exposing their illusionary system for what it is, therefor taking over it’s reigns of power to start the “New Day”.

          These patterns I speak of are encoded in everything. They are encoded in nature, the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the Galaxies, the Universe.

          What is encoded in the macro universe is also encoded in the micro universe- its encoded in our very DNA.

        2. Wrong, again, preacher man.

          Forget about all your arguing and useless educating here.

          It matter NOT what the other guys believe if they are kicking Jews out of offices.

          Now, get a grip and…..go kick some Jews out of political offices.

        3. Pat

          Listen up you uneducated dunce. I, unlike you, am actively involved in reestablishing Common Law Grand Juries to ENFORCE the real 13th Amendment that will boot the dual citizen Jews. I, unlike you, you slandering hypocrite, am SHARING the information needed to accomplish this task and this while YOU accuse me of not doing WHAT YOU ARE NOT DOING- as you attack me.

          Humm, who’s MO is it to constantly falsely accuse others of what they are actively engaged or not engaged in?
          JEWS! Gee, you share so much with them, it really makes one wonder.

          So listen up- ONE CANNOT simply waltz into the legal fiction system and start rounding up dual citizen “Jew”. One must have LAWFUL AUTHORITY TO DO SO, and this authority must TRUMP their legal fictions but you are so dumbed down you don’t even have the FIRST CLUE of how to go about doing what we are ACTUALLY engaged in.

        4. Great!!

          Enough preachin’!!

          Now go kick some Jews out of office…and hurry up, EVERY chance you get!!

        5. Pat

          Stop telling me what to do when you WON’T LIFT A FINGER.

          We need to seat the Grand Juries in all American counties and in order for that to happen, one must understand LAW vs legalties. Since this site focues on the “Jews”, I am attempting to show people the KEY to lawfully removing all dual citizen “Jews”.

          I will KEEP PREACHING THIS whether you like it or not and by you telling me to STOP, this doesn’t HELP our situation- or that is exactly what you’re trying to do, HURT our situation??

          Me thinks so

      2. can there ever be a clearer example than this? ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal.

        here is what they do when not eating livers and other organs tossed to them by jews that are unsuitable for transplant and we the idiot goys blame islam, our natural ally:
        ISIS militants blow up Prophet Jonas’ tomb in Iraq an old shia mosque, one of the holiest shrines of both islam and christianity.

        and moreover, On Friday, the group demanded that all women in Mosul are to wear full face veils or risk severe punishment.
        so we and especially our “liberated” women blame islam again for their backward savage ways while the jew laughs behind our backs, his dyke yentas like pam geller spilling bile about repression of muslim women.

        overpowering stench of satan’s crotch reaching up from bowels of the earth, giving form to jew.

        time to stop blaming each other, blacks, whites, islam, catholicism, russians, chinese and nail the one and only culprit, the warmonger, the firestarter, the contaminator who has us slaughtering each other.

        1. Islam is not our ally. Judaism and Islam are both enemies to Aryans. Jews and Muslims have always been allied against Aryan Europe: during the invasion of the Moors, during the Crusades, during the Ottoman invasions, always. When civil war breaks out in Europe you can be sure it will Jews and Muslims against Aryans.

        2. Well said, lobro. “Divide and rule” is the oldest policy in the book and the Jews know how to do it. White nationalists say they are going to sort out the Jews, but look at them even on this site. I’ve never met a bunch of people who know more how to LOSE friends and NOT influence people!

          1. They knock Christianity (SPQR), foolishly losing 2.1 BILLION Christian allies in their war against the Jews!
          Not a smart move, SPQR!

          2. They knock Muslims at the same time and don’t mind if the Palestinians are wiped out. SPQR again, quite happy to see another 1.6 BILLION potential alllies go down the tube! Not a smart move, SPQR!

          3. They knock blacks also, calling them “niggers”, losing in the process 14% of the American populastion. Not a smart move, SPQR!

          Tell me, sir, who exactly are you going to fight your Jew wars for you? The White man? But you have just spat in the face of every white Christian n America and Europe, so why the hell should white Christians fight for you?

          SPQR is the type of guy we don’t want to have in charge. He drives away every possible ally — Christians, Muslims, blacks, you name it!

          So whos left to fight the Jews? SPQR, Lonnie, and half a dozen National Socialists who look remarkable like “neo-nazi skinheads.”

          Not knocking skinheads, just saying they’re no match for the Jews. No one likes them. They look like yobbos. So who’s going to gang up with them to fight the Jews?

          SPQR, are you a Jew, ‘cos you certainly know how to piss off a lot of people and lose BILLIONS of potential allies!

        3. Kick ALL Jews out of office for bleating this eery year:

          “All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called ‘ḳonam,’ ‘ḳonas,’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.”

        4. “They knock Christianity (SPQR), foolishly losing 2.1 BILLION Christian allies in their war against the Jews!
          Not a smart move, SPQR!”

          Christians are philosemites. They love Israel and hate “Nazis.” Catholics were the biggest demographic in Germany to vote against Hitler. There are no Christian churches that tell the truth about Jews. The Catholic Church failed for 2,000 to stop Jews from infiltrating Western society. Why should I be a Christian, exactly?

          “2. They knock Muslims at the same time and don’t mind if the Palestinians are wiped out. SPQR again, quite happy to see another 1.6 BILLION potential alllies go down the tube! Not a smart move, SPQR!”

          Muslims have waged war against the Occident for centuries now, and for most of that time they were the trusted allies of Jews. Anyway most Muslims don’t give a crap about Palestinians, that’s why they don’t let them into their lands. Furthermore, many Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia and Turkey are run by crypto-Jews.

          “3. They knock blacks also, calling them “niggers”, losing in the process 14% of the American populastion. Not a smart move, SPQR!”

          Blacks are a failed race and the Jews use them as a weapon against us.

          “Tell me, sir, who exactly are you going to fight your Jew wars for you? The White man? But you have just spat in the face of every white Christian n America and Europe, so why the hell should white Christians fight for you?”

          White Christians will fight for the Jew, as they’ve always fought for the Jew, for they are slaves to the Magian worldview just as much as liberals, communists, and Marxists are. Stauffenberg and the rest of the conservative traitors who tried to kill Hitler in the July 20 Plot were devout Christians. Christians are unreliable and they adhere to an anti-Aryan belief system.

          “SPQR is the type of guy we don’t want to have in charge. He drives away every possible ally — Christians, Muslims, blacks, you name it!”

          No. What people like me try to do is make the details of the conflict between Aryans and Jews clear.



          Read Evola’s comments on the matter.

          “So whos left to fight the Jews? SPQR, Lonnie, and half a dozen National Socialists who look remarkable like “neo-nazi skinheads.”

          Not knocking skinheads, just saying they’re no match for the Jews. No one likes them. They look like yobbos. So who’s going to gang up with them to fight the Jews?”

          Ideally there will be a revolutionary movement in the West that places the interests of Whites first and violently opposes all peoples who wish to harm us. I don’t know if it must be a National Socialist movement, but it must be somewhat similar, and have similar goals in mind.

          As for skinheads, I don’t like them. The actual National Socialists wouldn’t have liked them, either. They are degenerates, for the most part. The ideal National Socialist looks like an Arno Breker statue, not a street punk.

          “SPQR, are you a Jew, ‘cos you certainly know how to piss off a lot of people and lose BILLIONS of potential allies!”

          Idiot #275 on this site who calls me a Jew because I oppose Christian morality. lolz

        5. Addendum:

          Normally the Aryan equivalent to the Jew’s Magian culture would be Faustian if I was adhering strictly to Spengler’s system, but Spengler was incorrect in some of his conclusions. He felt that modern Jews were a part of the West (Faustian) and that they were no longer Magian in their worldview, but the truth is that Jews haven’t changed in 3,000 years. They are still a product of the Magian culture. Furthermore, the modern West cannot be separated from Classical Europe the way Spengler separated them, so instead of “Faustian” I used Evola’s term “Olympian” to describe one of the core tenets of the Aryan worldview.

        6. @ SPQR
          @ Elvin

          On the necessity for out-foxing the Jew


          You have acquitted yourself well in your answers to Elvin’s critique of you. You are obviously a man of principle and a bona fide Jew hater. But the fact remains you are not acting wisely in deciding to announce to all the Christians in the world, all the Muslims in the world, and all the blacks and colored races in the world: “You are ALL my goddamn ENEMIES and I’d like to see you all EXTERMINATED — along with the entire JEWISH EACE ALSO!!!”

          As Elvin correctly points out, you will have very few friends left to do your exterminating for you, given that you have decided to SPIT IN THE FACE of roughly 99% of the world’s population!

          If you allowed some common sense to percolate into your highly principled cranium, you would realize that the foxy Jews have no time for Christians either but have cleverly made use of them — hence they have managed to con Christian evengelists into winning round 60 million Christian Zionists in America to fight for the Jews. They have made allies of those they esentially hate, and will, when the time is right, cast aside ruthlessly and destroy.

          The foxy Jews have no time for the Negro either, but they have won the negro round by the Civil Rights movement and affirmative action and generally doing their best to stir up race hatred against the white man in the negro’s heart.

          When blacks commit horrendous crimes against whites — e.g., savage rapes and murders of white women — the Jews will cover up those crimes in the Jew-owned media and thus win round the black man and get the black man to wipe out the white race for them in future race wars.

          And when the black man has done the Jew’s dirty work for him, the black man will himself be ruthlessly cast aside, enslaved or killed.

          Again, though the Jew media stirs up Islamophobia, the Jews do their best to convince Muslims that they love them and so they support multiculturalism in Europe. In future race wars in Europe, you can be sure that the Jews will get Muslims to do their dirty work for them and wipe out the white race on their behalf.

          They will get Muslim immigrants to rape and kill every white woman in Scandinavia — just like the Jew Ilya Ehrenberg got the Bolshevik Ruskies to mass rape 2 million German women in the last days of WW2.

          So all I’m saying to you is this: the Jew is smart, because he cons the people he hates into doing his dirty work for him. Right now he is getting the stupid white man, the stupid black man, and the stupid Hispanic in the American armed forces to fight and die for Israel in his Middle East wars.

          Maybe the White race needs to learn something from the Jews: how to be more cunning, more foxy, more Machiavellian. Your high princples are getting in the way of your survival, SPQR. Maybe it’s low principles you need in your war against the Jews.

          He who cheats, wins.

          So far the Jew has been the victor, because the Jew has shown himself to be the Supreme Cheater.

        7. Sardonicus:

          We cannot out-Jew the Jew. The Jews have Christians, blacks, and Muslims on their side, not because they are true allies, but because the Jews lied to them and deceived them. They are tools of the Jew, not allies, and they too will ultimately be betrayed by the Jew. We cannot lie to those people and manipulate them as well as the Jews, as we don’t have the media power and we don’t have 3,000 years worth of practice in deception as Jews do.

          The Jews win because they cheat? That’s not really true. “Cheating” insinuates that Jews are somehow breaking some rules, but there are no rules in racial conflicts. If Jews win through deception, than Aryans can only win through honesty.

        8. “..we don’t have 3,000 years worth of practice in deception as Jews do.”

          Nor in the 3,000 years of practice of slaves loaded into lands for miscegenation…to dilute and change customs and laws for control.

        9. @ SPQR

          Well said! Beautifully put and impeccably argued until the final sentence which I have bolded:

          “The Jews win because they cheat? That’s not really true. “Cheating” insinuates that Jews are somehow breaking some rules, but there are no rules in racial conflicts. If Jews win through deception, than Aryans can only win through honesty.

          Something casuistic there, almost jesuitical. If there are “no rules”, as you say, then it’s a free-for-all Darwinian scramble for the upper hand. In a ruthless Darwinian world where the toughest and most unscrupulous suvive, honesty has no place.

          The Machievellian schemer, the unprincipled rogue, the man who hits below the belt, is the one who survives.

          Be honest and admit the flaw in your reasoning. The true Christian is “honest”, he plays by the “rules” of his religion and he “turns the other cheek” — and you have always been the first to maintain that this guarantees defeat — that the Christian would be better off if he took Nietzsche’s advice and refused to let Christianity emasculate and feminize him and turn him into a milksop.

          So I maintain my position: if it’s a dog-eat-dog world, then there are “no rules” and the dog who bits hardest wins. “By deception ye shall do war” is a good rule for ruthless Darwinians. To win one must lie, cheat, assassinate, and throw off every vestige of Christian chivalry.

          It was you who said that Hitler would have done better if he’d cracked down hard on the Brits at Dunkirk instead of letting them go. I agree. He lost because he was too damn chivalrous. He refused to bomb Westminster Abbey and other targets that could have really hurt the Brits.

          The Allies won WW2 because they had no moral scruples and fought like mad dogs. Witness Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the mass rape of 2 million German women.

          Your sentence “If Jews win through deception, then Aryans can only win through honesty,” is therefore a blatant contradiction of your own principles as outlined in previous posts.

        10. Sardonicus:

          I’m not saying we shouldn’t be ruthless, I’m saying we should be honest in terms of our goal. We should boldly declare that Jews are our enemy and that we are fighting for our own race, unlike the Jews, who present themselves as fighting for all “humanity.”

          If you disagree, can I ask you what exactly we should be dishonest about?

          When it comes to the actual fight, yes, we will need to be absolutely ruthless. If we take power back, we will not repeat Hitler’s mistake in allowing Jews to leave just so they can re-establish themselves elsewhere. They will be annihilated. As for other non-Whites, we’ll give them the option of leaving our lands peacefully, and if they refuse, they too will be annihilated.

        11. “If you disagree, can I ask you what exactly we should be dishonest about?”

          There’s no place for “honesty” at all in a Darwinian, dog-eat-dog world. Common sense will tell you that you don’t chivalrously inform your enemy that you intend to attack him in a particulatr location on a particular date. On the contrary, you take him by surprise and attack him when he least expects an attack.

          Deception is the very essence of warfare. You’re not playing cricket on the battlefield.

          When an unscrupulous woman wants to kill her lover, she’ll put a smile on her face and a dagger in his back.

          In any case, SPQR, all this idle talk about “exterminating” the Jews… if this is your avowed intention, you ought to keep quiet about it and not let the Jews know in advance that mass extermination is your aim!

          Jews presumably read this website. The NSA is omniscient. Big Brother knows all. And here you are on darkmoon announcing to the whole world that mass extermination of the Jews is your avowed aim.

          Like I said, if this is your aim, you have now lost the element of surprise by giving your enemy prior notice that you intend to wipe him out!

          Is that a smart move?

          Does a woman who intends to kill her husband tell him in advance, “I’m gonna to kill you in a week’s time, honey. Just thought I’d let you know!”

        12. I’m not saying we should be honest because honesty is more “moral,” I’m saying we should be honest simply because it’s easier, but also because we have no reason to be dishonest.

          Jews already believe everyone is out to exterminate them. They won’t let any true nationalists come to power. Power will have to be taken by force, and if that happens, then there’s no reason to be dishonest.

          You think the Jews can be tricked? They can’t. That’s another reason why dishonesty, at this late stage, is pointless. Jews need to be dishonest. We don’t.

          But all this is pointless. WWII was the end of the West and I don’t think the White race will survive the century.

  10. I’m starting to hate the goyim for their wretched and murderous imbecility.

  11. Kick ALL Jews out!!!

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who lost his Republican congressional primary to Tea Party-backed Dave Brat in a shocking landslide Tuesday, is the highest-ranking Jew in the history of the U.S. Congress.

    As news of Cantor’s defeat spread, Jews on both sides of the aisle ****wrestled with what his defeat meant for American Jews in politics****

    –and for Republican Jews in particular, who had long seen Cantor as a champion for their cause.

    Kick ’em when they’re down..!! LOSERS!!


  12. Tyron Parsons you dangerous idiot!
    Here is direct proof of his deceptive idiocy, in his own words!
    The fool states:
    “Max, then you LIE claiming that Jesus was an Arab from Terah when there were not even Arabs then because they came about later through Terah’s Grandson, the first born son of Abraham, Ishmael- via Abraham’s sexual union with a bond women ( a slave girl not of his race).”
    Firstly, I NEVER, EVER stated that “Jesus was an Arab from Terah.” He has made that up to libel me! Typical Jewish illogicality and deviousness! EVIL MAN!
    FACT is, experts have deduced that Jesus was probably a very typical Middle Eastern man, with predominantly Semitic genetical traits!
    Then the idiot Parsons makes the lunatic claim that, “There were not even Arabs then because they came about later through Terah’s Grandson, the first born son of Abraham, Ishmael- via Abraham’s sexual union with a bond women ( a slave girl not of his race).” THIS IS BABY-LIKE STUFF!
    Okay, you asshole: What RACE was Terah?
    So you arrant fool, if Terah was from Jordan out of Ammonite-Moabite stock (Middle Eastern people), what does it make his son, Abraham?
    And then your corrupted, childish mind deduces that because Abraham had (to quote you) “sexual union with a bond women – a slave girl not of his race”, then somehow the Arabs “came about.” Previous to that, your twisted mind tells you there were “no Arabs!” Yes, you said that in the above!
    Your mind is like a meandering sewer. Gilbert Huntly has no mind. He is a parasite!
    Anyone can see in the above that you are an arrant, ignorant fool! This is the TRUTH! You are EXPOSED!

    1. Max

      1. If the true Israelite were Arabs like you claimed, then Jesus would have been an Arab- right? That is not lible, its DEDUCTIVE REASONING based on your false statements.

      2. All 3 eye witnesses in the Roman records describe Jesus as having milky white skin, blue/grey eyes and red/blond hair. Those same witnesses describe the “Jews” as having black hair and eyes with tawny (orangish/brown) skin color. Now, one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientists to exclude Jesus’ race (Israelite/Judaite from Jacob) from both the Arabs and “Jews”, seeing his descriptions ONLY fit one race- the WHITE RACE.

      3. The “experts” that say Jesus was middle eastern are who? Jews? Are you that uneducated to realize that whites have lived all over the ME, on and off and that by way of simple migration via invasions the ethnic composition of those there today doesn’t automatically mean all historical figures in the past AD and BC share their mixed genetics.

      By your “logic”, what ever race is seen to be living in a geographical location is proof that these are the exact same people who have always lived there. “Brilliant” Max, simply “brilliant”.

      4 Terah was Abraham’s FATHER and just because he lived in a certain area (Ur in Chaldees) doesn’t mean that he was the same race as those predominately in Ur. This does NOT make him Arab. Abraham LEFT Ur and migrated with his people to Mesopotamia. Terah means wanderer, loiterer.

      Folks, you can listen to this CLOWN Max if you want, or you can read my posts above with links to show were the name Arab came from. You can simply ask any Arab Muslim where they come from and they will admit it is from Ishmael, not Jacob or Isaac. And if you end up beliving like Max that people have not mass migrated through time and that white people were never all over the ME, off and on through history, then you’re buying some of the most foolish nonsense ever, not even doing even an elementary investigation into the subject matter.

      Simply looking at an Arab one can see we have an ancient ancestor and that ancestor is Abraham who great, great grandfather was Shem. One has to only look at an Arab and see that they are not the same majority stock as us and this is because they are from Abraham, Hagar’s union (not a Hebrew) and that we are from Abraham, Sarah (both white hebrews of Shemite lineage).

    2. This slave gal of Tyron’s must have been on sexual steroids!
      My wives say that of me – 7 European Caucasians, 3 Phillipinos, 1 American, and 5 mixed race, tending towards indigenous Australian. Oh, and 2 Thai sheilas!
      So the slave gal has a sexual dalliance with Noah’s great, gggggggggggg grandson, Abraham, and gets pregnant! She then gives birth to an ARAB! AN ARAB!!!!! The FIRST ARAB!
      Meanwhile, Abraham continues as a “white Hebrew out of Shem, Noah’s son”!
      So, Abraham has a bastard son who transmutates into an Arab!
      After that, this kid must have spawned lots of this new people – the Arabs!
      My point is, (and one of my wives, a former USA geneticist before I knocked her up supports me) that this little kid was Abraham’s kid as well as the slave girl’s!
      So the supposed “ARAB” kid or implied new RACE!) is blood-line related to Noah and his son Shem.
      That’s why all the Middle Eastern people have Arabs in their jeans – I mean genes!
      Jesus, the Nazarene, lived on the main trading route and mixed blood Nazarenes were everywhere. Some of the Nazarene sheilas got knocked up by pure Semites, out of Noah!
      The fairy tales continue. Do you get off with them, like the Jews and Muslims?
      You Yankees are idiots! Ye are “of the LOST.” Ye are damned for your arrant consumerism and love of the Devil’s progeny! Anyway you are nearly all OBESE and nutritionally deprived!

      1. 🙂

        You’re a HOOT, Bilney Bilgewater! What’d you do, beat the other thirty-nine wives to death twixt now and the time before, when you claimed 57?? Have you been hired to entertain us? You do, you know. Cudos to you!

        Your students (if you’re indeed a teacher) must stay in a state of confusion (like their teacher). I know you’re no dummy, but I think you may be disturbed. Agitated. What’s wrong – not enough pussy?? Are the sheep in trouble, after all?? I hope not. Your children might get ideas…

        The sweet little redhead now asleep here in bed next to me thinks you’re a put-on. She thinks most of us on here are nuts, anyway, but she understands the amusement and the serious nature of some of the topics we discuss. Poor little thing never even heard of ‘goyim’ and such, before. It sort of frightens her (but I think that’s CUTE, don’t you?). She’s a good shot, and a good sport. Thoroughly ‘white folk’, too. About twenty years younger, but likes my easy way (I’m not the stud you are, Maxy – I only want one-at-a-time.)

        Hope your gals are good gardeners, Maxy. We’d sure hate to have you go hungry when the welfare kicks out!

        1. Gilbert H, I have ONLY 18 wives and 65 children! I have never said 57! None of us are Jews! I am Nordic, as is my USA woman (she looks like Jane Fonda!), but most of the rest are Asian or coffee coloured/mulatto! They are all beautiful and very talented. I put up with no crap from them, and yes, a beating might be the order of the day! And then, lots of lervin’!
          We are self-sufficient here in beautiful northern Queensland. We have 456 acres beside flowing water.
          We qualify for over $6,000 welfare per week, but I spend the lot! I like the horses! Your “sweet little redhead” would not satisfy me, as I am used to plenty of options.
          Yeah, I get agitated over the filthy Jews! I notice our TV only talks about the lovely Israelis! I am a Christian of the traditional type, with a big, loving family around me! Jesus had lots of women in his train!
          My gals are trained in self-sufficiency and weaponry. I was in the military as a PE teacher when young. I still teach at the Uni of the 3rd Age. I teach Anarchy and Rebellion, esp agst the Jews. My Christianity only allows for that great man Jesus’ SIMPLE TRUTHS. The Old Testament is torn out of our bibles. So no more personal anecdotes from me, Lasha and Monte. As one new reader observed: What a fabulous site! All comments’ people contribute to a very WHOLISTIC understanding of the current world, and Tyron is quite readable at times; apart from his Old Testament crap!

        2. Max said – and get this LOL

          “I have ONLY 18 wives and 65 children!” “I am a Christian of the traditional type, with a big, loving family around me!”…” I put up with no crap from them, and yes, a beating might be the order of the day!”… Jesus had lots of women in his train!”….”My Christianity only allows for that great man Jesus’ SIMPLE TRUTHS.”

          Matthew 19:4 “And he (Jesus) answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, 5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? 6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.”

          Max, showing everyone he’s followin Jesus whereever he goes cause Jesus had lots of wives and whores for sexual purposes “in his train” and just like Jesus, Max beats them whenever they got out of line (even daily)– LMAO

          Max is an admitted “Jew” and a “Christian” fraud who specializes in chaos and lawlessness — not order, law and reason which is needed to defeat the “Jew”. But hey, what else are we to expect from a man born from a Jewish Mother.

      2. Max

        I think you have been engaging in too much miscegenation since you can’t seem to grasp simple logic concerning race and having sex with a geneticist obviously hasn’t rubbed off on you. Btw, screwing a host of other races and having multiple sex objects, wives, prostitutes etc, is perfectly inline with typical “Jewish” behavior. This shouldn’t surprise us since you admitted your mother is a “Jew”.

        1. I didn’t say Ishmael was the first Arab. I gave a link to where the term was first used and explained that how today, Arab is a term used to describe those who are descended from Ishmael inside of Islam. If you deny this you are opposed to what all 3 major monotheistic religons recongize as fact- like Mohammad was from Ishmael’s linage etc.

        2. Noah was white. Shem was white. Japeth was white. Ham was white. Noah’s wife was white. Shems wife was white.

        Japeth’s wife is what we call Asiatic. This other than white race from Japeth’s wife’s genetics ended up making the Asiatics races today.

        Ham’s wife is what we would call Black African. Ham’s other than white wife is what created what we call blacks or africans today.

        Japeths and Ham’s wives were from other than white preflood racial catigories that we have given new terms to.

        Shem’s lineage made white races

        Japeth lineage made Asiatic races

        Ham’s lineage made black races

        3. Shem is also known as Melchizedek and is the founder of Jerusalem.White Semites settled everywhere from Northern Egypt to Palistine to Chaldees, Ur, modern Syria even into the Caucuses originally. This is how it started out but as time passed, mass migrations have happened like when Abraham’s group left Ur for Mesopotamia. Why you can’t understand this is amazing to me.

        4. Jesus, born in Bethlaham as the Great Pyramid in Egypt predicted was WHITE and his racial brothers of authentic Judaite stock where the small remnant in the land back then, most being in Galilee. At the time of Christ, the Kingdom of Judah had turned into a region under Roman control and had been invaded with many non whites (much like what is happening in white nations today). The Esau Jews and host of other mixed races occupied the majority of a once all white nation called Israel and later, after their civil war and split, the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah.

        Here are the 3 eyewitnesses from the Roman records PROVING Jesus’ racial identity as WHITE, looking like a typical Scot would today.


        5. Whites are pure Shemites. Pure Arabs from Ishmael are part Semites. “Jews” of Esau (Sephardics) have only a tiny bit of Shem in them because their women were raped and all their men were genocided by the Romans between 65 and 135 AD severing their paternal link to Esau, son of Isaac, son of Abraham- who was a PURE Semite.

        6. Under the Law, no whites of Shem could be slaves to other whites hence Abraham’s conqubine (slave) Hagar was a non white of Ham (blacks) and this is why Arabs look mulatto, much close to whites than say, Asiatics. This is easily observable to those who are not willfully blind.

        7. Hagar bore Abraham a child because Sarah asked her to since she initially believed she couldn’t bare Abraham children. Hagar, of Ham, black lineage in lower Egypt, was taken out of Egypt with Abraham and Sarah when they went into Palistine. Sarah would soon learn that she could bare children in her old age and did so, Isaac. In typical womenly fashion, Sarah then pushed Hagar out of the household but Ishmael sill received blessings to create 12 kingdoms inside of one nation and we see exactly that today in the ME with the 12 Arab kingdoms (nations) under the “Nation” of Islam. Ever wonder why black Americans love Islam so much? They have a shared ancestor to the Arabs if Ishmael’s external common law source- Hagar, the black women, mother of Ishmael.

        Lastly, your constant slanders for lack of intelligent retort only proves your Jewish nature via your genes that is also in line with Jack Bernstein’s description of Zionist “Jews” tactics as they NEVER prove the information presented wrong.

        1. Oh Yeah, Tyron, “preacher man”! Pat is correct!
          You self-righteous, semonising IDIOT!
          What ignorance you exhibit when you say “Noah was WHITE”! And then, “Jesus was WHITE”!
          Are you a “White Supremist’?
          Mind ya, I think we are lucky not having ya nigrahs in Australia! I hate their gangsta rap!
          My Muslim-Arab friends, Syed and Naim, have given up Islam and are with me against the United States of Jewdom, which is causing all the ills of the world! Bubbas and whores runnin’ rampant!
          You must have just watched New Zealand’s Russel Crowe in the Hollywood movie version of Noah! You are highly impressionable and naive!
          WHAT UTTER CRAP! Every one (or pair) of the planet’s 456,000 different animals (inc insects and micro-organisms) was loaded on Noah’s boat! CRAPOLOGY! Some of the animals are so teensy-weensy that Noah would have needed a nuclear microscope to detect them! Did he have food for them? Did they eat each other? Noah’s ark apparently floated around near Mount Ararat!
          I repeat there is nothing in the Bible about WHITES! All these perniciouys stories you read are PURE FICTION! All the principal actors of the Bible were spawned in the Cradle of Civilization, along the Tigres and Euphrates rivers. They were ALL middle Eastern natives. Caucasians with a bit of a tan!
          But all you read is wacky references compiled by Internet whores and human leaches. I have REAL KNOWLEDGE AND COMMON SENSE. My wives all agree with me! I am the most intelligent man they have ever met!
          And now, like a slippery Jew, you are trying to greese your way out of your arrant stupidity in stating, ” “There were not even Arabs then because they came about later through Terah’s Grandson, the first born son of Abraham, Ishmael- via Abraham’s sexual union with a bond women ( a slave girl not of his race).”
          This should make it clear to all readers that you are an ignorant, lying FOOL!
          As I keep saying, turn your attention to what is happening in the REAL WORLD – the American backed Israeli-Jewish GENOCIDE of the Palestinian SEMITES!
          And please SHUT UP! Grow up you jackass!

        2. Max

          Still using those Marxist Jew tactics of attacking character instead of proving information wrong.

          What now Max? I am the dreaded “white supremacist” because I state the fact that Jesus’ race was white? How is that white supremacist? I sure you and your Jewish ilk will be screaming for the white house to be painted rainbow and for all history books to depict the founding fathers as a mixed race of different individuals representing everyone all over the planet.

          If me PROVING Jesus was a white man makes me a “white supremacist” I suppose that your demanding that he was an Arab makes you an Arab supremacist?

          Of course not. That would defy is Jewish genetic programming. Let’s be sure that Max will always apply double standards as the “Good Jew” he is.

          As to Noah, geneticists have proven that the modern human races come from one family. Furthermore, I think you have been reading too many children’s bible stories with their manmade pictures- watching to many Jew made films you falsely accuse me of taking my beliefs from.

          The preflood land based animals (there is no mention of insects etc) loaded into the Ark had to obviously have been young pairs and/or eggs of those kinds. For example, micro evolution shows all different types of wolves came from one kind, one pair, just like we would expect with the different types of domestic cats, etc.

          Here we have a modern day “Ark” in Norway storing all of the different types of organic seeds on earth but to “brilliant” people like Max, the more advanced pre flood humans could never accomplish anything like that.I also suspect that Noah’s Ark came from inner earth and ended up landing on the surface world repopulating it.

          Nothing about whites huh? The entire Septuigant is all about race. The first promise to Adam from I AM is to his righteous seed after him. From Noah to Shem on down, strict racial laws where implamented to bring about the “second Adam”-Jesus. So if one believes the authentic narrative and can prove Jesus was white, everyone through the line of blessings and mandates back to Adam before him was White as well. Besides, we have loads of archeolgoical, lingustic, eyewitness records etc, to back up this scriptural claim of Israelites/Judaites being whites. If you want to believe he (Jesus/Noah/Adam) was Arab, go right ahead but you’re dead wrong.

          You said

          My wives all agree with me! I am the most intelligent man they have ever met!


          Spoken like a true “Jew” and if you want those Pals in Gaza to be saved, shut your mouth so I might educate my kinfolk on the elementary issues concerning our future LAWFUL claim to Zion.

  13. “Rivers of Blood” had me in tears. If not for these brave doctors and cell phone pictures this massacre of innocence would have been as silent as the massacre of the Russians and the post WWII Germans. The internet and photographic evidence are beginning slowly to transform awareness but we as Americans are still the guilty party here. These are our guns, our tax dollars at work. I’m going to take the advice of a woman I heard on Press TV who recommended that we copy pictures of dead and wounded children and include them in letters to our Congressmen and women with the message “not in my name.” What if Congress was inundated with gory pictures of this massacre; they may not change their minds because they are bought and sold but at least they can’t claim American complicity and we don’t appear so indifference and silence. I, of course, live here in a Jewish world surrounded by people who have that silence and indifference, people who buy wholesale the idea that due to the Holocaust the Jews deserve a homeland that requires the removal of Palestinians and ethnic cleansing. Of course, many here know and I truly appreciate their knowledge that the Holocaust is mostly fabricated and the Biblical claim to the land also comes from very late in the rewriting of the Bible–there was no Exodus and there was no Conquest ( of Canaan) and much Biblical poetry and epic literature comes from the very people who were supposedly conquered–that is, the Canaanites, who as far as I can tell became the Palestinians. I can see no valid claim to this land by Jews because both reasons: God gave it to us, and the Jews need a homeland due the Holocaust can be disputed and disproven. The U.S. government must cease supporting this illegal state immediately.

  14. marvel comics are non-canonical apocrypha pulled out of the same yahweh’s asshole as savory leftovers from torah/old testament.

    they relate every bit as much to actual truth as their illustrious forefathers and backfathers.

    i am a bit more familiar with them, so let me state a few truths up front and out the back:

    shadu-the-shady banged praxagora to begat the line of reaveners of whom zorn and ultron were the greatest and fought in a strip joint for the favors of stellaris, whom vril rok stole when no one was looking in the melee and in threesome with shanna-the-she-devil produced skaar and abyss, the inbred progenitors of today’s punisher battalion currently wreaking vengeful havoc in christian novorossya at behest of igor kolomoisky, him of impressive bulk, favored of yahweh.

    say it ain’t so joe …

  15. @ Tyron Parson

    Please post less. Almost every second post is yours. You are hogging the limelight and driving good posters away. Have you no modesty? Can’t you stop babbling and take a back seat for a moment and allow better posters like Lobro to get a word in edgewise.

    Your posts are not only too frequent, they are too long. You are suffering from verbal diarrhea. I have now started skipping your posts because you are pissing me off by your incessant babbling.

    I would like to see you put on permanent monitoring and allowed no more than 100 words a day. You need to be severely rationed.

    1. I agree Ruth!
      Tyron, shut up!
      Mind ya, I’ll pull my head in for a while, as I’ve had too much space as well. The garden is going to rack and ruin! No one is milkin’ the cow!
      My 18 wives are sick of me being on the computer as they need my attention.
      But Tyron’s utter obsession with the Old Testament is putting people off this site! HE is a DIVERSION from the good writers I enjoy!
      I wish we could deal more with what these barbaric Jews are currently doing in Palestine. Lasha and Monte are setting the example, as is the great David Icke whose “headlines” give a daily commentary on Israel’s EVILS!
      And the close corollary: What you Americans are doing about your all-powerful dual citizens, at the grass roots level? I know some very nice Americans who live near me. They “had” to get out of the collapsing USA!
      If you read my 100 or so contributions, I have supplied all the pertinent FACTS about these mixed-race, non-Semitic, non-religious, marauding monsters; and I have decried the American Congress’s 100% support of the megalomaniac, Bibi Netanyahu and his GENOCIDE.
      So, over and out for a while!

      1. Max

        You’re just pissed I’m exposing your admittedly “Jew” ass proving my contentions while in typical Jewish hubris, you attack my character trying to silence me

        Have a nice day Jew boy 🙂

    2. Ruth

      If you count up my posts in comparison to other regular posters over the last 4 or so threads, you will see I have less than them. So, I will continue to respond in kind to slanders- otherwise, for example, under law, in court, an unresponded to charge stands as truth.

      I would like to see what you desire to be put on me on all admitted Jews like, humm, you and Max for example.

      1. @ Tyron Parsons

        You remind me of another poster who used to post on this site quite lot and finally had to be banned: a guy called Gabreal Jones. Like Gabreal Jones, almost ALL your posts are OFF-TOPIC and go on for far too long on relatively dull subjects. Infinite hair-splitting about Old Testament tribes and crap like that which is designed to create a distraction from the subjects that matter and which always, always are tedious and boring in the extreme.

        Like Lobro, I infinitely prefer the lively and irreverent posts of Max Binney, a raving lunatic admittedly but one who never fails to entertain and amuse. I don’t mind off-topic posts if they amuse and give a laugh. (Not too many of course).

        Trouble is, your posts are not only OFF-TOPIC, they are also EXTREMELY LONG and EARNEST. Don’t you ever have anythimg to say that is both RELEVANT to the discussion as well as INTERESTING?

        So you need to pipe down, post less, try to be relevant and on-topic. If you cannot be interesting, at least you can have the modesty to say less and speak less often.

        I want to hear more from Lobro, Sardonicus, SPQR, Arch Stanton, and Kapoore, who are not only incredibly clued-up but discuss the things we all want to hear discussed.

        I like hearing from Gilbert Huntley, too, because Gil is a nice guy and always keeps his cool and strikes me as being a traight shooter as well as a gentleman.

        Max Binney? He gets my vote too. I can forgive all his excesses because he never fails to entertain and make me smile. Same with that old devil Seymour Zak. Jew or spoof-writing non-Jew, Zakky is always good for a laugh. He also knows the art of posting only infrequently.

        I would have no complains against you personally if only your posts could be shorter, less frequent, less tedious, and actually made an attempt to discuss the actual article!

        Sorry for being so frank and truthful. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. I’m just trying to improve the quality of this forum.

        Most newcomers to this site, finding post after post by you on their arrival here, all of these posts of yours long, tedious, pedantic, hair-splitting, and invariably off-topic, would just go away and never come back.

        1. Ruth

          More misdirection which is EXACTLY what we should expect from a “Jew”- lovers of silencing their truthful critics. The topic here is what? the Mass slaughter of innocent Pals in Gaza- right?

          So, how does a majority stock American stop this when both “Israel” and the entire Corporation US structure is owned and operated by the elite “Jew” bankers through their City of London Corp, IMF, UN Corporations? How does one stop this slaughter in Gaza when in America, “Israeli” 5th columns control all key aspects of the Corporation US structure enforced by Jewish legal code fictions? “protest” and write “Jews are bad in Israel” on the internet? I couldn’t think of a more USELESS endeavor as we sit and watch the perfect storm that is about to hit America.


          A majority stock American can only stop this by..

          1. Enacting Common/Natural/Christian law Grand Juries in their counties. This means one must understand our law source that trumps the legal fictions, hence knowledge of our DNA- OUR RACE’s true origins and the Creator of our Race’s record (authentic OT/NT), is PARAMOUNT.
          2. Issuing trumping America Common Law based civilian orders to the Military to erect a counter military force (Grand Army of the Republic) to protect all American assets, American State Citizens from the upcoming collapse of the west and foreign military invasion of America that seeks to take EVERY left that we have while GENOCIDING the founding and majority stock here.
          3. Give reason for these orders explaining how the 3 City States (Vatican City/City of London- DC/US Corporations) are USURPED by the “elite Jews” who want to transfer all their stolen wealth to “Israel” to complete their JWO there.
          4. Erect Common Law Country Sheriffs and Militia forces to ENFORCE the law while we resurrect our Republic Governments adjured Sien Die in 1860- issuing REAL MONEY based on the average production of the American worker plus whatever real assests that were not already STOLEN by your racial kinfolk.

          Part 2 on saving the Pals from their Jewish Slaughter.

          Since the “Jews”- YOUR RACIAL ILK RUTH- will all run back to “Israel” after collapsing our nations, murdering most of our people and steal most all of our wealth, how do we act against “Israel” seeing we are in shambles? How do we save the Pals from their genocide at JEWISH hands?

          1. We gather the surviors of the GENOCIDE PLOT AGAINST WHITE RACE at the four corners of the earth and elect one LEADER!
          2. We marshal what we have left of our people, our arms, our material and military equipment to be under ONE COMMAND.
          3. We CHALLENGE the impostor “Jews” on their LEGAL claim to Zion that’s based on an UTTER LIE.
          4. We do this by drafting a LAWFUL document under Common/Natural/Christian/Sovereign law that TRUMPS THEIR LEGAL FICTIONS in their own codes. a. We demanding that the IMPOSTOR JEWS VACATE THE LAND (Zion) BECAUSE WE ARE TRUE ISRAEL/JUDAH FROM ABRAHAM, ISSAC AND JACOB. AND THAT WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO THAT LAND- NOT THOSE OF ESAU AND ASHKENAZ.
          d. If these lawful orders are not met, then we the WHITE RACE FROM JACOB/ISRAEL will INVADE “ISRAEL” bringing upon their head a double dose of what they have done to true Shemites from Jacob and true Shemites from Ishmael.

          Ruth, if you can’t get this through your thick skull, if you can’t get how what I speak of is the ONLY course of action to not only save us but the Pals in Gaza, then it’s too bad- you ought to learn, understand and SUMBIT to it least you suffer the same fate as your IMPOSTOR “Jew” kinsmen.

          Nuff said!

        2. Thanks for being t-ruthful, Ruth 😉 (my mother’s name btw, thats right, Iroquois woman with a Christian name. Nothing at all uncommon about that, in fact). I’d like to hear from more women on this site. It’s important to get your voices heard so I hope to see more of it.

          Some stories on Iroquois women:

          “A candidate for sainthood, Kateri Tekakwitha was a Mohawk woman who in 1677 became the first Indian nun. So great was her piety, it is said, that when she died a miracle occured: Smallpox scars that had disfigured her face since childhood abruptly disappeared.”

          A Verdict For Mary Jemison

          “One summers day in 1764, the chiefs and elders of Little Beard’s Town, a Seneca village on the Genesee River in New York, met to decide an issue of vital importance. More than a year had passed since the end of the last French and Indian War, and the British colonial government was now offering a bounty for the return of all settlers taken hostage during the conflict. Most were overjoyed. But at least one, 21-year old Mary Jemison, wanted to stay where she was. Ever since her capture six years earlier, during a raid on her parent’s wilderness farmstead, Mary had lived as a Seneca. Her captors treated her with kindness and affection and had adopted her into the tribe; she had taken a native husband and had given birth to a Seneca son. Since her parents had been killed in the raid, this was now her family.

          And so the chiefs of the village met around the council fire, in front of the main longhouse, to hear the senior clan mother plead Mary’s cause. (By tribal custom, Mary did not attend.) Beyond their fondness for their adopted sister, the council’s decision had larger implications. According to Iroquois belief, each individual possesses an inner spiritual power, which contributes to the overall strength of the tribe. To ransom Mary back to the white men would be to barter this power for money. Such a thing seemed unthinkable, and Mary was told she could stay as long as she wished

          But money itself is a powerful force, and a few days later a high-ranking Seneca chieftan arrived at the village to take Mary away. The villagers were outraged. One Seneca brother showed his defiance by offering to kill Mary rather than give her up. Faced with this option, she fled into the woods with her infant son until the chieftan departed and passions cooled. Then she returned, to the joy of her adopted tribespeople. She remained among them, raising five Seneca children and numerous grandchildren, until her death in 1833 at age 91.”

        3. Don’t take anything wrong from me, Tyron. I’m listening to your message and what’s there to disagree with? It’s spot on.

          I think your call will be acted on by those who will, and we all have to act in service to the new world we are creating in various ways as we see fit. And just from among posters on this site alone could you have decision makers in a TRUE new world order sitting around a council fire.

          Have to keep believing and acting on your beliefs

          It WILL come together

        4. @ Tyron Parsons

          My good advice is wasted on you. The post you have just made has all the features I advised you to avoid. It is yet another long, verbose, pedantic, tedious, off-topic post. Thank God you didn’t mention Shem and Japeth (?) yet again! That’s one consolation!

        5. Ruth

          Yes, please don’t give me any more of your bad advise Jew. I know your next move before you do.

        6. You are not even smart enough to know, like most everyone else on this website, that I not Jewish. Having the IQ of a newt, you were misled by my name. Please go away and bore someone else with your long-winded pedantries. I intend to skip all your posts in future.

        7. Ruth Bernstein

          Don’t tell me what to do JEW. You’re not my master. A person with the IQ of Koko the Gorilla can read and see I have been addressing the topic of the articles, yet you PISS AND MOAN because you don’t like the solutions I laid forth. You can’t argue against it so instead, you slander me saying I am not addressing the topics and when I lay it all out again, proving I am, you then claim “My good advise was wasted on you”.

          I mean, my God JEW- how the HELL are the American people to stop what is going on inside Palistine when they DONT EVEN CONTROL THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT FOR F-CK SAKE? A Corporation Government owned and run by a bunch of criminal dual citizen “Jews” hell bent on collapsing our Government and making America into GAZA II

          How in the F-CK can we remedy the situation in Palistine if we are as F-CKING DEAD AS THEY ARE?

          You ever think about that miss “high IQ”?

          Or is this SIMPLE F-CKING LOGIC AND TRUTH TOO MUCH for you?

          Only a self absorbed F-CKING MORON can’t see that Americans need to arrest the criminal Jews in America FIRST before they can do ANY F-CKING THING about what is going on the ME.

          So do me a favor you silly jewish wench, shut the F-CK up and run back to your criminal hideout where we will take care of you evil f-cks, once and for all!

  16. i read with interest the spqr-elvin exchange, more needed because here we deal with a pragmatic issue,
    to defeat the jew, who and what should the liberation army be comprised of

    this should be the goal and object of this blog, rather than theosophical fantasies, which are ok once in a blue moon but to the best of my knowledge blue moon is not 24/7.

    because once the shape and ingredients of the anti-jew army is determined, it can also be constructed.

    now spqr, you know your history of rome, republic and empire alike.
    you know full well that in its prototypical stage as a city state founded by romulus and rem, it relied exclusively on the muscular honor, skill and bravery of its free citizens, to defeat etruscans, sabines and so on, up to and including the rival city of carthage, across the straits of messina.
    it was good stuff, the bedrock on which the mythos of rome rests on.
    but to become the world power, rome expanded in times of caesar, pompey and crassus into a multinational machine, designed and honed on old principles of treating war like business, engineering taking precedence over individual courage.
    they allied with cisalpine gauls and spaniards to defeat belgae, britons and germans across the rhine, they used mercenaries from nubia and mauretania to defeat african states like egypt, entire legions composed of black soldiers that eventually fought as far north as dacia (today’s romania), they used cretans, armenians and nabatean arabs to fight the partians.

    without them, rome would be an interesting historical footnote like sparta and thebes today.

    no good having us simon pure offspring of the root european stock fight the jew if he is able to raise the rest of the world against us.
    been tried by the national socialists before, as you know and you also know the outcome.

    my point: what is the focus of the fight?
    is it white purity?
    or is it the jew.

    i think it is down to this in order to keep the discussion simple and focused.

    1. what would adolph do, knowing what we know.

      adolph was actually far from a teutonic puritan, look at all his muslim divisions, his correspondence with the likes of the grand mufti of jerusalem and mahatma gandhi, he got along just fine with persians (they named the country iran in his honor, “iran” being “aryan”), turks and so forth.

      imagine if hitler, with his vision, heart, brains, courage, charisma and oratorical powers had the power and scope of internet.

      i don’t think he would limit himself to sermonizing to the peasants of tyrol and steiermark.

      1. The Jews did to Hitler what they always do to the most gifted and intelligent Goyim! They crucified him!
        They said he was a lousy artist, writer etc, whereas people are now realizing that he, Luther and Geo Washington were correct about the insidious, spreading RED TERROR of the Jews.
        In our schools they demonise and alienate the clever Goyim! Germans are starting to wake up, and that is good!
        I think the FLAGSHIP of the West is finally strting to LIGHT up!
        Sites like this are important in spreading the LIGHT around the planet! Thankyou again, Lasha (the but’iful one of my imag’n) and handsome, dashing Monte (der cunt – sorry COUNT – of Montecristo!)

      2. he was a sight finer artist than every single jew painter i ever heard of.

        until a month ago i would have exempted rembrandt van riijn but i have since discovered that he was not a jew but a through and through dutch christian.

        jews mock hitler’s art because it is representational, ie, not dadaist or cubist abomination they prefer.

        so what is at stake here?
        “representational” means “truthful”, doesn’t it.

        oh-oh, someone doesn’t like the truth, offensive and anti-semitic.

        so we children of g*d go for
        “some things are true that never happened, rebbe and some things that happened (and hitler painted them as such) are not true, therefore aren’t worth twenty bucks on the art market and mein kampf cannot be sold in canadian bookstores”.

    2. Great ideas.
      Formulate a design.
      Use the Jew codes against the Jews in office.
      Put them in jail!!
      Kol nidre grunters have breached their oaths of office.
      They are possibly guilty of Misprision of Felony.
      Even if suits lose, they bring attention to the liars.
      Subsequent suits may be perfected through trial and error.
      First- find a ‘friendly-eared’ lawyer or retired judge who is tired of Jews and Israel.
      Go from there.

      1. Misprision:
        “The failure to perform a public duty.”

        Misprision is a versatile word that can denote a number of offenses.

        It can refer to the improper performance of an official duty.

        In Arkansas, for example, rule 60 of the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure provides that a judgment, decree, or order may be vacated or modified “for misprisions of the clerk.” In this sense misprision refers to neglect, mistake, or subterfuge on the part of the court clerk who performed the paperwork for the judgment, decree, or order.


    3. Here’s a step 1, exhibit ‘A’
      Doesn’t even require words or sound. (optional)
      Something the euro-eunuchs, especially, might consider, if they actually ever consider their servile bondage even a little bit.

      This doesn’t take long, can be accomplished multiple times every day and requires minimal effort for something worth its weight in gold.

      Hey all you Euro-Eunuchs! (and everyone else)


    4. The focus of the fight depends on the perspective. From my perspective, and the perspective of European survival, the focus is both White purity and the defeat of the Jews.

      As for the focus of other races/nations, that’s up to them to decide.

      1. think in terms of bubonic plague.

        would it make sense to only wipe out the pathogen in white countries or in the whole world?

        would you leave it a reservoir for further mutation and return with renewed vigor and vengeance?

        1. I’ve said many times that the Jewish race needs to be demolished. Obviously, however, if Whites kick the Jews out of the West and the Jews simply move into Asia, we’re not going to invade Asia. That’s why, if we ever take power back from the Jews, we’ll have to prevent them from leaving our lands and deal with them immediately and directly.

      2. SPQR

        I hear what you’re saying but as we sit looking over the cliff the elite Jew devised collapse of America, we will never be able to stop the majority of the rats from abandoning the ship they put the explosives on.

        If we were to enforce the real 13th, we could probably get some of them, if that is we do so before the explosion but the rest will voluntarily leave.

        I don’t see the “Jews” running to China etc. Whomever they have there are already in place and these eastern nations would never allow masses of “Jews” inside. Why?

        Because they have been dealing with the super elite Jews for some time now. They have accepted the “Jews” plan to build them up at our expense but in the case of China, they also know who has stolen all of their gold. The Chinese know that even their Brics alliance is controlled by the City of London Jews hence they realize (because most in the east do now) that all the military pressure put on them today as well as the last century is via these same Jews.

        The Chinese especially, are extremely racially aware. Their top people are racial supremacists only second to the “Jews” and they know this will all boil down to the fact that whomever controls “Israel” will control the planet.

        For this reason when the majority of the rats escape the USS Titanic they will run to one place and one place only- “Israel”, and this is why we must not only enforce the 13th, but when we win this war the “elite Jews” are bringing on white nations to exterminate us, we then must marshal our forces- make a lawful claim to Zion and invade that “shitty little” state.

        If we don’t we will have ignored the fact that the problem with dealing with the “Jews” in the past is that they have always had multiple places to run to, to set up shop again. Not this time- nope-this time they will have all been gathered in ONE PLACE and because of this, we can solve the other problem we always had- there was always a place for whites to run from tyranny, but no more.

        So, if we make a lawful claim to Zion, invade and arrest the criminals that have now all gathered there, we can shoot two birds (actually 3 birds) with one stone. We can finally deal with the “Jews” once and for all and by way of taking over OUR land promised to US- we can secure not only our people’s future, but also rescue the planet form certain destruction.

  17. btw, love reading max’s posts, i don’t even care whether he is right or wrong (i suspect, right) or whether he tosses a few insults my way, it’s ok and worth it.
    bright and entertaining to-the-max.

    1. lobro, lerv readin’ ya as well, as do a couple of my wives.
      They think ya must be good lookin’ to have such a great mind. Are ya?
      Keep it up, my friend!
      Even out of the utter DARKNESS the LIGHT can shine through!
      Over and out, as I said!
      PS: Looks do not make the beauty of the person, which is within.

    2. Agreed

      I’d miss ol’ Max if he left the site, and internecine squabbles aside, we’re all on the same page in keen recognition of who is so richly deserving of the tomahawk- chop. 😉

      And I hope the legionnaire takes a long hard look at what lobro’s post is saying with regards to the Romans and Hitler in enlisting the aid of the “enemies of my enemy”

      Sure legionnaire, all appearances certainly indicate that too much water has poured over the dam for this to be a factor anymore. But the obvious response to that kind of fatalistic thinking should be that this is EXACTLY what the enemy WANTS you to think.

      Hey, I’m as nostalgic as the next guy when it comes to those glorious days of yore when men were men and women were glad of it. Now, we take that where we can find it and CULTIVATE it so it might grow.

      Like that filthy jew Cantor and building on the FACT that a traitor who vows no allegiance to the Republic he’s sworn to uphold has been OUSTED! Like the reality of technology making a small world smaller by sending pictures of these NEVER-ENDING atrocities in Palestine AROUND THE WORLD. This can’t help but have a positive impact and it has to be seen in that vein

      Just keep pounding the drums

  18. “Rivers of Blood” wanted world-wide – not just Gaza.

    Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones said Friday that he sent a letter to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, charging him for all the illegals in his jail.

    He got death threats from drug cartels…Ha!

    So…how did cartels know about letter to the Mexican Prez??? C’mon, man!!

    1. all vows, cartels, oaths, cabals and anathemas …
      surely you know who owns cartels, don’t you.

      read up a bit on zetas, their origin, where-how they were trained, by whom.
      then compare their operational methods to those of aq/isis-isil, who as my post elsewhere here shows were also trained where-how, by whom.

      i am sure that when they carve up live victims and before beheading, the organs are safely stored for transport to the same central rothschild organ bank.

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