Secret Surveillance

Imagine a world in which you are being spied on 24/7 by an all-seeing Eye. And be aware that Big Brother is watching you, not only from the US and Britain but also from Israel.

NSA-eye.jpg  -  1Mass surveillance is the new norm. Big Brother is watching you and listening to you always. With the help of microscopic cameras and wireless concealable microphones and precise location tracking devices, he is keeping his tabs on you twenty-four hours a day.

He is randomly searching you on trains. He is groping you at airports.  He is flagging you down in remote country locations and ordering you to open the trunk of your car so that he can inspect it for drugs, stolen children, and human heads in plastic bags. If you’re a woman, he can taser you and rape you and then put you in handcuffs for resisting arrest.

Orwell never imagined it could be quite so bad.

According to whistleblower Edward Snowden, we now have “the largest program of suspicionless surveillance in human history”.

NSA official William Binney, who resigned from the agency in protest over its systematic violation of privacy laws, has revealed that the US government has “assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about US citizens. The data that’s being assembled is about everybody. From that data, they can target anyone they want.”

Guardian correspondent Glenn Greenwald confirms this. “No human communication can be allowed to take place without the scrutinizing eye of the US government,” he tells us. “This is the animating principle of the US Surveillance State. Mass surveillance is the hallmark of a tyrannical political culture.”

Another famous whistleblower, Thomas Drake, is equally candid. “There is no constraint,” he points out grimly. “The United States is now a surveillance state. “This is the new normal.”

No digital or electronic communication you make is secure. Many of your secrets are already known to someone. Your private life is subject to the minutest and most persistent scrutiny. You may be interested to know that Snowden is so paranoid about his privacy that wherever he is—in airports, hotels, libraries—“he puts a large red hood over his head and laptop when entering his passwords to prevent any hidden cameras from detecting them.”

All your emails—past, present and future—are there for someone to read. Every day the NSA records trillions of emails and phone calls. Your calls are not only being recorded but sophisticated voice recognition devices enable some geek in a cubicle to pluck your voice out of a million other similar-sounding voices. Your online chats, your calls over Google Voice, Skype, and other voice-over-internet systems, are all on record. Every website you visit, someone knows you’ve been there and how long you’ve lingered on each item.

Did you know that the Internet giants who said to you, “Trust us, we will never betray your secrets to anyone!” have deceived you and let you down? Did you know that Google has betrayed you to Big Brother? That Microsoft has betrayed you, that Facebook and Apple have betrayed you, that AT&T and Verizon have betrayed you?

You probably heard the shocking news recently that Broadband and telecommunications giant Verizon is now offering its customers hard-core porn titles with child and incest themes. (See Verizon Defends Pimping Child Porn).

Lurid titles include “I Banged My Stepdad,” “Mom, Daughter and Me,” and “Pigtail Teens Pounded”.

Verizon’s Associate Director for Advertising, John P. Artney, defended his company’s decision to promote incest and child porn. “Consumers today have extraordinary choice,” he enthused.  “The explosion in choice is a tremendous benefit to consumers.”

This is bad enough, but it gets worse.

Did you know that Israeli security and surveillance company, Verint Systems, has for years had back-door access to all the traffic passing through Verizon? This means that anyone who uses Verizon to access incest and child porn has all his porn-viewing history automatically transmitted to Israel.

Not only do the spooks in Utah (NSA) and the spooks in Cheltenham, England (GCHQ), have their tabs on internet users at all times.

Big Brother is also watching you from Tel Aviv.

How is most of our personal data gathered?  Well, it passes under the oceans through fiber-optic cables which Big Brother has learned to tap. The tiny filaments inside the cables utilize pulsating flashes of light to transmit up to 100 billion bits of data per second.

If Big Bother is based in America, Big Sister hangs out in the UK. The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is located in Cheltenham, England. It is now commonly acknowledged that Britain is the world’s intelligence superpower. This is partly due to Britain’s advantageous  Atlantic location between the US and Europe.

“The UK has a huge dog in this fight,” Snowden told the Guardian recently. “They [GCHQ] are worse than the US.” By ‘worse’ he means better at invading the privacy of people, without any moral qualms or legal constraints.

GCHQ.jpg  -  2We learned recently that GCHQ (pictured) was tapping into 600 million telephone calls each day. A huge number of these, being transatlantic calls, are naturally of intense interest to the Americans. These calls are accessed by tapping into more than 200 fiber-optic cables that snake their way across the Atlantic like slimy, seaweed clad serpents. Each of the cables carries data at a rate of 10 gigabits per second. This works out to roughly 21 petabytes a day – “equivalent to sending all the information in all the books in the British Library 192 times every 24 hours.”

According to this writer’s calculations, if a reader set out to read all the books in the British Library at the rate of one book a day—that means getting through 13,950,000 books—it would take him roughly 6.5 million years to complete his task.

Hoovering up all the secrets of the world every day is clearly an impossible task, even if the entire population of the world were engaged in full-time snooping.

Out of the vast “haystack” of data, it is necessary only to find the “needles”. The government keeps telling us they are not interested in the minnows, only the sharks and killer fish, i.e., the terrorists.

I don’t think we should believe them, since they lie to us on principle.

Understand this: everyone, no matter how insignificant, is of potential interest to Big Brother, for anyone who has a guilty secret can be blackmailed.

Listen to Orwell who knew all about these shady characters:

“The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred.”
“The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred.”

“The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred.

The object of persecution is persecution.The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.

Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” (Here)

Yes, that’s the New World Order for you: hatred, persecution, torture, power for power’s sake. This is what Big Brother wants. He wants power. Omnipotence. One of the prerequisites of omnipotence is omniscience.

And this is why Big Brother wants to know everything about you.

The powers that be say they’re only interested in catching the big fish, i.e., the “terrorists” who are ceaselessly plotting new 9/11s. They are not interested in you and me: in our private lives, our sordid little affairs, our telephone flirtations, our Skype romances or amorous emails. Things like that don’t interest them. False! The Petraeus affair proves the contrary.

We offer the Petraeus affair as proof that terrorism is not the only thing that interests these people.

They tell you that you have nothing to fear. Not if you’re a law-abiding citizen. Did they tell that to General Petraeus, a law-abiding citizen and pillar of the community?

General Petraeus and his mistress, Paula Broadwell
General Petraeus and his mistress, Paula Broadwell

Remember this: Petraeus was careful. Mega careful not to be caught doing anything he shouldn’t.  All he was guilty of was a little extramarital flutter.

He didn’t even send his mistress, Paula Broadwell, any emails. He kept them hidden in his drafts folder, hundreds of them, so that pretty Paula, his official biographer, could access them there through a password.

The general thought he was being clever, playing the old “draft folder trick”, letting Paula read his unsent emails and then deleting them later.

In spite of all these precautionary measures to maintain his privacy, the spooks hacked into his computer and sniffed out his secret love life, forcing him to resign.

General Petraeus was not engaged in terrorism. He was not planning a military coup or an attack on the White House. He was not thinking of bombing Dimona or the Israeli Knesset. All he was doing was sending billets-doux to his mistress Paula Broadwell, saying silly things like “I love you.” And for this he was ruined and forced to resign.

Petraeus had been critical of Israel. And so the people on Israel’s payroll went into attack mode. Many Zionist Jews were delighted at his downfall.

Foremost among General Petraeus’s enemies, his chief nemesis, was US Representative Eric Cantor, highest-ranking Jewish member of Congress in its history, and, incidentally, a cosponsor of legislation to cut off all US taxpayer aid to the Palestinians.

Image: U.S. House Majority Leader Cantor takes part in a panel discussion titled "The Awesome Responsibility of Leadership" at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, CaliforniaIt was into the hands of this arch-Zionist, Eric Cantor (pictured), that General Petraeus’ private emails fell. Allegedly, they had been passed on to him by a whistleblower at the FBI.

This story is unconvincing and has never been proved.

Cantor, who is a personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, probably got his information straight from the horse’s mouth – in Israel.

Given that President Obama himself knew nothing about Petraeus’s emails, how can one explain the uncanny coincidence of the private correspondence  of a high-ranking American general, seen as hostile to Israel, falling into the hands of America’s most preeminent Israel Firster?

It cannot be easily explained.

Was the fall of Petraeus a Jewish plot? What else could it have been? The entire Petraeus affair is a cautionary tale whose moral is: Don’t cross Big Jewry.

The Petraeus affair demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that even our sex lives are of interest to Big Brother – especially to Big Brother in Israel.

The idea that we are all being spied on in a responsible way, and that we have nothing to fear unless we are terrorists, will not bear scrutiny. The famous Latin tag Quis custodes custodiet? — Who will watch the watchers? — says it all. We are referring here to Israeli infiltration.

The fact that everything known to the NSA (US) and GCHQ (UK) is also known to Israeli intelligence, through Israeli internet giants like Verint and Narus, is a cause for extreme concern.

Apart from Jonathan Pollard, a long list of American Jews have spied for Israel. Surprisingly, none of these Jews have been prosecuted and punished. Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Steven Bryen, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, Steven Rosen, Keith Weissman, Jane Harman—the list goes on—have never been brought to justice.

They cannot be indicted, no matter what crimes they commit, because they appear to be beyond the law. The law applies only to ordinary citizens — to you and me. The ruling elite, now disproportionately Jewish, remains untouchable.

James Petras puts it like this:

Because of the power and influence of the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish organizations, Justice Department officials have ORDERED DOZENS OF ISRAELI ESPIONAGE CASES TO BE DROPPED.

Israel is a key overseas ally of the National Security Agency, as has been documented in the Israeli press (Haaretz, June 8, 2013). Two Israeli high tech firms, Verint and Narus, WITH TIES TO THE ISRAELI SECRET POLICE (Mossad), have provided the spy software for the NSA.

And this, of course, has opened a window for Israeli spying in the US against Americans opposed to the Zionist state.

(See here, emphasis added)

So here we have two Israeli companies, Verint and Narus, with unlimited access to the private data of the entire population of America. Verint taps the communication lines at Verizon. Narus does the same at AT&T. And both companies, we learn, “have extensive ties to Israel, a country with a long and aggressive history of spying on the US.”

It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.


Then there is Jacob “Kobi” Alexander (pictured), a former Israeli intelligence officer who founded Verint Systems, the Israeli company that monitors all the telephone calls at Verizon. He is now a fugitive from justice.

Former head of Comverse, parent company of Verint, Kobi Alexander is now a wanted man who fled US justice to Africa and is reportedly now hiding out in Israel.

“It is important to note,” Christopher Bollyn writes, “that Kobi Alexander and Comverse were closely connected to Odigo, the Israeli messaging service that was used to warn Israelis to stay away from the World Trade Center on 9-11.”

Wanted by the FBI on three dozen charges of fraud, theft, lying, bribery, money laundering and other crimes, Kobi Alexander’s exact whereabouts are now unknown.

It comes as no surprise to learn that two of Tobi Alexander’s top associates at Comverse, Chief Financial Officer David Kreinberg and former General Counsel William F. Sorin, were charged with similar crimes. Both pleaded guilty and are now behind bars. Like Tobi Alexander, both are Israeli citizens.

These are the criminal types who have access to the private details of millions of people not only in America but all over the world. It’s frightening. You might as well hand over the keys of your national security to the Jewish mafia.


“National security is a euphemism for Jewish rule.” – JB Campbell


This is an edited abridgement, brought up to date with the latest developments,
of a long 2-part article published last year called “Mass Surveillance in the Orwellian Police State”.
It was published yesterday on Veterans Today

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. A notably outstanding article, one of the best ever published on VT.

    Lasha Darkmoon lays bare the core problem of America today, getting rid of the zio City of London/Israeli International Zionist Crime Syndicate that has infiltrated America in 1913 and hijacked everyone of its major institutions and Intel agencies.

    These major RICO criminals have been able to buy up, compromise and “own” almost every single member of Congress to do their bidding. AIPAC is the paymaster and the inside espionage front for the IZCS, the largest, most vicious crime syndicate in the world that makes the Cosa Nostra look like amateurs.

    The good news is that these soulless scum are being exposed more and more everyday thanks to the Alternative media on the worldwide internet…

    (Posted originally on VT)

    1. Agree Dr James with all of your points.

      Remember that the original Cosa Nostra (translated ‘Our thing’) — was oddly enough a ‘resistance movement’ of sorts. Ultimately it had Christianity, and its own version of right and wrong, woven into its roots.

      The jewish crime cabal has only talmudic satanism at its core. It thrives on pure evil, inflicting pain.

    2. Great article, particularly because the author isn’t afraid to use the “J” word. Sadly, there are still many among us who fail to connect the HUGE dots between the crimes of this cabal and their demonic ideology, Judaism.

      Make no mistake: calling these creatures ruthless is putting it politely. They would LOVE to kill you, because lying and killing is all they know. (Christ wasn’t kidding).

      If there ever were “good” Jews, they crawled out of their sewer long ago and ditched the depraved ideology of Judaism. They’ve had many lifetimes to join with humanity.

      No need to feel sorry for the dirty bastards, anymore.

  2. I think that this is a great article — and the more work there is of this nature out there the better. The penny must be made to drop in ordinary people’s minds as to what is being done to them on a daily basis.

    Sadly over time people can become conditioned into accepting the unacceptable. Especially when there are no proper leaders in place to protect the population and its interests. Removing Christianity as the default position was key in being able to bring this situation about.

    George Orwell showed us that whilst you can kill everybody or enslave them — the HUMAN SPIRIT and the urge for independence and freedom CANNOT be totally crushed or controlled.

    Well done, Lasha.

    1. If we are living in a Jewish controlled police state how do you explain all the openly Anti Zionist sites on the Internet, like VT, Occidental Observer, The Ugly Truth? Will these site disappear?
      Once there were “The Chats”, every system had them and you could say what you wanted anonymously, then all of a sudden, that form was jerked (because everyone was denouncing Moma’s Baby).

  3. This is a very important article. But being the hair-splitter I am, I believe the saying is “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” 🙂
    Keep up the good work, Lasha, in fighting the good fight against the synagogue of Satan and their fellow traveler minions of the powers of darkness. And may almighty God bless and protect you!

  4. Lasha, forgive me for being a bit rude, but I think even Guardian readers know all this. What we want to know is what happens with the gazillions of bits of stored data.

    1. To suggest that this brilliant article by Lasha Darkmoon breaks no new ground and that everything it says can be picked up by reading a mainstrean newspaper like the Guardian reveals how out of touch you are.

      Surely you are aware that the Guardian is a Jew newspaper and that its Jewish advertisers and shareholders determine what gets published in it? Do you honestly think that the Guardian would ever dare to publish the quote from JB Campbell that Lasha Darkmoon ends her article with: “National Security is a euphemisn for jewish rule”?

      Not in a million years! If it did, there would be an uproar.

      Try and understand that the Guardian is a mainstream newspaper and that it is no different in this respect from the New York Times and the Washington Post — completely under Zionist control!

      1. While it’s true that the Guardian stole a march on many other mainstrean newspapers by publishing numerous articles by Glenn Greenwald who was acting as a conduit for Snowden’s revelations, this newspaper is nevertheless under Jewish control.

        There are many startling facts mentioned in the Darkmoon article that have never been revealed in the staid pages of the Guardian

        For example, never has the Guardian (to my knowledge) related the General Petraeus affair to the machinations of the Jew Eric Cantor and suggested that the fall of Petraeus was a Jewish plot to bring down a man who was seen as sympathetic to Israel.

        The Guardian wouldn’t dare to even hint at “Jewish plots” for fear of offending its Zionist readers.

        1. That’s right! And look how Diane Feinstein came out and said Jonathan Pollard should not be paroled. She knows even people with IQ’s like little fuzzy white kittens would think Jews should not be trusted. Pollard’s name could mean what it means .

    2. Finally, here’s something that was new to me in the Darkmoon article that you would never, never read in the Guardian newspaper in a billion years — I quote verbatim:

      “You probably heard the shocking news recently that Broadband and telecommunications giant Verizon is now offering its customers hard-core porn titles with child and incest themes. (See Verizon Defends Pimping Child Porn).

      Lurid titles include “I Banged My Stepdad,” “Mom, Daughter and Me,” and “Pigtail Teens Pounded”.

      Verizon’s Associate Director for Advertising, John P. Artney, defended his company’s decision to promote incest and child porn. “Consumers today have extraordinary choice,” he enthused. “The explosion in choice is a tremendous benefit to consumers.”

      This is bad enough, but it gets worse.

      Did you know that Israeli security and surveillance company, Verint Systems, has for years had back-door access to all the traffic passing through Verizon? This means that anyone who uses Verizon to access incest and child porn has all his porn-viewing history automatically transmitted to Israel.

      Not only do the spooks in Utah (NSA) and the spooks in Cheltenham, England (GCHQ), have their tabs on internet users at all times.

      Big Brother is also watching you from Tel Aviv.

      1. The fact that Big Brother is watching us from Tel Aviv is of course known to many of us. But this is not information you would find revealed in the Guardian, is it?

  5. One measure of excellence of this article (and it IS a most excellent article!) is its clear and simple application to almost anyone who reads it. Even the most boring people among us might be moved to indignance by the idea that even [their] quilting-circle gossip can be recorded somewhere in some cubicle-filled hive of human busybodies!

    Your chances of being ‘A Person of Interest’ among the worker bees is quite good, Dr. Darkmoon! 🙂 (which is also a measure of merit, IMO)

    1. I intend to circulate this article to all but the most despondent on my email list. (If they’re not interested – they aren’t really worth more consideration, anyway.)

    2. Be careful, Gilbert. Big Sister is watching you. So don’t do anything you shouldn’t! 🙂

    3. Ah yes, “a person of interest”. A distinguished appelation, doncha think? The last thing you wanna be is boring!

      But a key phrase in this typically top-notch article by Lasha is “they cannot be indicted, no matter what crimes they commit (and add to the “they” those 52 Corp. presidents) because they APPEAR (crucial key word-“appear”) to be beyond the “law”(my punctuations) Plead the 5th! being the pathetic old refrain so obviously violated per any spirit of TRUE law. And this is if any indictment proceedings were to even get THIS far.

      That they APPEAR to be beyond the law is where a focus of awakening the masses must be directed.

      Change the appearance.

      1. APPEAR to be above the law?

        What the one sided rigged Jew law? The ARE above it.

        What the hell would anyone be talking about indictment for?

        Who you going to turn them over to? Who’s going to give them a fair trial? Under what law/legal system are we gonna use?

        Man. the bullshit on this site……..

        1. You can arm yourself to the eye teeth and sleep with a pistol under your pillow every night and God bless you for it. And like hp alluded to, I don’t worry about the 2nd amendment ever since the guns went flyin off the shelves after Sandy Hook. And even though many weren’t registered firearms, TPTB still have their ways of drawing a bead. But so what? With Lasha’s article here spelling out the incredible extent to which we’re all being watched, all that means is the battle lines continue to be drawn. And like the Sean Connery character in “The Untouchables” said with his dying breath, “what are you prepared to do?”

          Personally, and in defense of good people I care about I’ll go down guns a blazin if it comes to that. No gulags for this comanchero. And once the armies of the great powers go on the march I’ll be locked and loaded. No problem there. I’ll be like the old Boston Minuteman. When I hear Paul Revere gallopin through the hood I’ll grab my musket and be ready to go.

          In the meantime I wait, as I watch the watchers. I’ll be lookin at the sky, which sadly not enough people do. Being too preoccupied with their cell phones, their laptops, and the like. Gives new meaning to having your head up your butthole.

          I’ll be smellin the air like a deer, whose ears and nose twitch at the slightest whiff of predatory malice.

          I’ll be watchin the river banks, and seein if the shallows are still shallow . And what’s up with that meltin ice?

          But I think I got this chemtrail shit figured out. To me it may be offering the biggest clue of who the REAL 800 lb gorilla in the room is. It’s what I’m referring to when I break down the esoterics of “apocalypse” as being an “epoch ellipse” or “epoch elliptic”. It’s what runs deepest in our assessment of an enemy to mankind. One which renders “jew” the biggest symptom of a greater disease.

          It boils down to the physical state of this world, and the malevolent force whose engineering seeks to maintain its present reality. Work that endeavors to keep things as they are, meaning our state in being physically exclusive makes us the sitting ducks we’ve always been. The maintainence work they’re doing therefore is of a planetary INFRASTRUCTURAL nature. This enables them to continue apace towards putting the last brick in place so they can finally have all the fish they wanna shoot in one giant barrel.

          But Mother Earth has plans of her own. Ones that will make theirs look like a walk on the beach. Another World War you say? Piece of cake. Childs play.

          It’s those crazy shamans I tell ya. While we’re all wavin at windmills, they’re tellin us the windmills are comin down.

          Like I said, we ain’t SEEN nothin yet.

          Like I said, you ain’t SEEN nothin yet

  6. Let them waste their time and energy trying to maintain control.
    They missed another beautiful day at the beach.
    Life is short.

    1. Waste their time an energy maintaining control?

      A wonderful day at the beach for these people is swimming in a body of water soaked with the blood of gentiles.

      Their having the time of their lives if you haven’t noticed.

      Never ceases to amazing me the garbage people make themselves believe to try to deal with FEAR.

      1. Oh loonie … You really should read some more of my posts to understand what you are dealing with.

        Actually, this would be worth YOU ALSO also missing another beautiful day at the beach.

        : )

  7. “Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — real ones.”

    When the People understand this, no Jew on earth will escape justice.

    George Orwell knew who was behind Communism and who controlled the media even in his time. With “double-speak”, he even named the oppressors as Jews by naming the alleged “freedom fighter” as Emmanuel Goldstein. (“savior Goldstein”). Don’t use the newspaper technique and stick the above quote in the “Memory Hole”. Repeat it to everyone, write it on walls everywhere. The Jews don’t control grafitti: write it on the walls.

    1. Good points. The communistic and plutocratic dictatorships were both dominated by Jews and National Socialism opposed them both.

      1. Eloquently put. Btw, I read your article. You would do better to write for a good Zionist website. At least that way you would be paid.

    1. exactly John Wayne.

      some call my comments extreme. Are you f’in kidding me??

      NOTHING I say is remotely extreme compared to what they are actually DOING.

      You all had better get extreme and militant or your done.

      1. Someone called your comments “extreme”? I find that hard to believe, Lonnie. I’ve read most of your comments and you come across as pretty moderate. In fact, a bit tame.

        Most of the people posting on this site I would regard as mainstream and moderate in a very lukewarm and insipid way.

        So disappointing

        1. Well Tigranna, I just don’t know what to tell you on that one.

          I’m not interested in panic and running around mindlessly like some here seem to think and say I’m acting. Not at all.
          However I’m not interested in sitting back and watching my loved ones (and fellow man for that matter) being killed off.

          Its damn well time we get frothing mad, take a full on revenge stance and get the game on.

          Really, how much more do we need to be put on notice?

    2. “Fuck Israel and the Jews.”

      Is there no comment moderation on this site?

      If Israel was brought to an end, there would be six million more Jews in America. How would you like that, you sad little antisemite.

      1. Lonnie is a frightened little troll always pushing the same violent message which is not very intelligent.

        All talk! Pay her no mind.

        1. Sorry that was meant @ SPQR… whatever… Loonie… Tigranna… the names and comments are interchangeable.

          Note Lobro’s comment about infiltration further down.

  8. The time for revolution was in the 30s, when FDR and his kikes openly supported Stalin and then waged war on Hitler. Americans should have known back then that their government was under the control of a hostile alien race and openly revolted against them to prevent another useless world war.

    On second thought, fuck that. In the 30s it was already too late, as the Last Man had had his triumph. Americans were boozed-up (Prohibition ended in what, ’33?), listening to nigger jazz, and watching kike-produced Hollywood gangster movies in their spare time. Hitler was right; America was one-half Judaized, and the other half negrified.

    So when was America’s last chance? Probably in the 1910s when eugenics was still the rage in intellectual circles, and Spengler was being taken seriously. When the so-called “Harlem Renaissance” (who could possibly label an outbreak of crass nigger music as some kind of “renaissance?”) arose in the 20s, it was mostly over, as White Americans willingly embraced this degenerate crap and exposed their souls to the rhythm of African savagery.

    It’s too late now. Americans enjoy their enslavement. Downbreeding for centuries has resulted in a sheepish American populace that cannot think beyond maybe a couple months (at most). Those racially-aware Americans are a minority, and even in that minority, most racially-aware Americans are degenerates themselves who dress like slobs, have low IQs, are uncreative, and listen to negroid “White power music.” There are maybe a couple dozen true NS/WN/traditionalist/whatever who can actually think, plan, create, lead, etc. in this country, and that’s far too few.

    The only thing that’s preventing total insanity like you have in Sweden is our First Amendment and general love of free expression and association, but what good is that when 99% of people are so fucking stupid they make the wrong decisions anyway?

    It won’t be long until White Americans are being herded into gulags. I think it was Celine who said that the jewish dream for the West is a gulag system where niggers are the guards and Whites the inmates. Looks like that’s coming true.

    Oh but the kikes will do their usual thing and blather about how they’re “combating hate” and “fighting discrimination” and “opposing oppression” and “smashing White privilege,” etc. And most White Americans, like most Russians and Ukrainians in the Soviet era, will go along with it and simply watch their families get massacred. The Russians and Ukrainians had vodka to lessen the pain, Americans have Hollywood and the media.

    Maybe this was always inevitable due to the Christian influence in the West. I don’t know. The only thing I hope is that the Third Reich was not our last gasp.

    1. Agreed SPQR.

      As JB Campbell often says, Americans have all the guns in the world but have been completely disarmed mentally for the will to use them.

      Thats all I see on this very site. Mentally disarmed.

      1. The situation in Ukraine was disheartening. Of all the peoples in the world, Ukrainians should be Jew-wise, as they are Jewry’s biggest victims. But even so-called Ukrainian “Nazis” actually allied themselves with jews and installed a jewish government, which is now- of course- persecuting them.

        How the fuck can the Ukrainians be so stupid as to ally themselves with their jewish enemies? WTF did they think was going to happen to them the moment the jews achieved power?

        If Ukrainian Nazis aren’t actually anti-Semitic then what hope do right wing Jew/Israel-loving Americans have? The vast majority of militia people/gun nuts think Obama is a Nazi! that’s how fucking brainwashed they are!

        I have no hope for a revolution in America; American right wingers are so stupid that they’ll most likely run around shooting all the wrong people.

        1. How the fuck can the Ukrainians be so stupid as to ally themselves with their jewish enemies?

          gotta make sure they don’t pull this stunt on us, you and me.
          don’t underestimate the devil’s cunning, they have a long history in the black art, judas iscariot wasn’t born yesterday.
          don’t you think that even at this moment they are trying to weasel into the position of trust here at darkmoon.
          if they aren’t darkmoon is doing something wrong and they don’t see any threat.

          i have now said several times that the first order of business in any strategy of resistance and overthrow of the jew is making absolutely sure of the members commitment and loyalty to the cause.
          i think hezbollah is using the correct approach to filtering out the traitors and informers, so it can be done, of this i have no doubt.
          discipline tripled and quadrupled, never let up, rust never sleeps, rats are gnawing at the bulwarks day and night.

          but yes, ukrainians seem stupider than most, i have some sad experience here with this observation.
          why is that, i don’t know except to say that the jew has been able to divert their hatred to the wrong target, the russians with whom they should be natural partners.

          i am even rethinking stalin who has surely endured his share of jew demonization, almost like hitler.
          hitler’s biggest mistake, a capital blooper was not to have pursued alliance with stalin.
          had that happened, we would have been living in a happier, kinder, healthier world.

        2. be ye wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

          what a great and profound statement, worthy of a theoretical volume.

          in pharmacology, it is referred to as roc (receiver operating curve), ie, how to maximize effectiveness of a test for disease, whereby you maximize true positives and true negatives or equivalently, minimize false positives and false negatives.

          if you think that anyone other than you is a jew or traitor, you end up alone, so you must be open minded (innocent as doves).

          if you trust everybody, you get a judas’ kiss and knife in the back, so you must be vigilant for betrayal (wise as serpent).

      2. You’re so full of shit it’s coming out your earholes. Mentally disarmed on this site? Speak for yourself, numbnuts. And that goes for Campbell, too. No will to use them? Like he’s got his finger square on the American pulse. They won’t give up their guns, and they’ll damn sure use them if push comes to shove.

        Stop your bitchin and moanin pussy. Your act is getting old.

        “get extreme and militant” yeah, that’s the ticket. Great advice there rambo.

        so much for stopping internecine squabbles, eh lobro?!

        At least the roman legionnaire

        1. Now Brownhawk I would regard as an “ultra-moderate.” As for lobro, it’s hard to judge. I think he is either a moderate posing as an extremist or a would-be extremist stilll stuck in the groove of bourgeois moderation, but trying his best to sound like Robespierre persuading Marie Antoinette to eat cake.

        2. these people are LITERALLY attacking your very life and all you want to do it talk.

          Not willing to respond appropriately I’d call mentally disarmed.

          Sorry, but YOUR act is getting old.

          AT BEST I sense SOME of you would respond if they came to your home to get you.

          If you seriously think we are going to win this battle by holding off until the hammer really drops your complete fool.

        3. Lonnie, we’re all just talkin here. A few minutes out of my day and then I’m doin other shit but you still think it’s your way or the highway.

          Chill out dude.

        4. welcome to you Tigranna. glad you could join our little party. I enjoy the ride myself and its a stimulating one and that’s what you want. Hopefully to be pertinent.

        5. Brownhawk, I have to agree with your cool-headed observation of matters. It bespeaks itself of a certain ‘seasoning’ of reasoning… It reminds me of the old joke about the bulls:

          Once, there were two bulls – a young one and an old one – who were grazing on the side of the hill when a fresh herd of young heifers grazed into the adjacent pasture. The young bull said to the old bull ‘Looky here! All those young heifers! Let’s run down there and screw one!’, to which the old bull replied
          ‘No, sonny. We’ll just WALK down there and fuck’em ALL.’

        6. Good one Gilbert. That said it perfectly. Hell, we’ve got to be paid back something for old age, and wisdom would be a fine enough payment for me.

          This whole thing is feelin like deja vu all over again, and I’d like to be the one who writes his own final scene in the script.

        7. Once, there were two bulls – a young one and an old one – who were grazing on the side of the hill when a fresh herd of young heifers grazed into the adjacent pasture. The young bull said to the old bull ‘Looky here! All those young heifers! Let’s run down there and screw one!’, to which the old bull replied
          ‘No, sonny. We’ll just WALK down there and fuck’em ALL.’

          Most memorable thing I have read here today.

          Many thumbs!

    1. Jeez.

      I read the article at the link you provided.

      A few slapstick quotes:

      The program’s founders stress its importance by mentioning the recent Pew Research Center survey, which suggested that young US Jews’ affiliation with the State of Israel was weakening.

      “I live here in Israel. I am living the Israeli society,” Jay Ruderman tells Ynet, “and this is one of the greatest dangers the state is facing. It’s the biggest threat to Israel’s existence – more than Iran, more than anything. We can’t imagine a world without AIPAC, without the Jewish lobby and the lobbies defending Israel’s interests in the American administration – but this is all growing weaker and weaker. If we fail to nurture the mutual relationship, we could be left on our own against the world.”

      “When I came to Israel I saw the lack of communication and tried to develop these issues for discussion through politics and the business world,” he says. “In the current situation, it’s no wonder that the Jewish communities in the US are starting to draw away from Israel.”

      Ruderman says that $3 billion are transferred from the US to Israel annually in the form of donations, support, “foreign aid,” etc – and that is where one can find the biggest arsenal of support for the State of Israel. “If the Jews there are no longer interested in us, and in high numbers – we’ll find ourselves in a difficult situation.

      “The Israelis are busy with domestic problems and fail to see that they are losing the world’s biggest Jewish community,” Ruderman warns repeatedly, stressing that the meaning of this is not just economic. “Unlike other places in the world, here it’s not just about money but about influence. The Jews of France or Australia cannot influence their government’s policy. The US Jews definitely can.”

        1. Is there no comment moderation on this site?

          Of course there is is, darling. Only Jews are allowed to post on this site. Haven’t you noticed — we are all Jews pretending to be antisemites! 🙂

  9. just what i was saying would be the noodelman’s next move after maidan backfired so badly in her face.
    don’t for a moment think that either obama or kerry run the us foreign policy, it is noodelman in close cooperation with the jew hydra … jew is hell bent on regaining ownership of russia, otherwise he is done, this is the end game.
    NATO Plans Military Buildup in Caucasus

    just like rats, you block their access at one entry hole, they immediately start chewing another one open … jew is underneath the lot.

    1. The jew-hydra picture seems to have no access, lobro, you may have meant “Laookon-sculpture”?
      To the example (above) Hitler – Stalin — Isn’t it so, that the falsifiers of written history themselves or at least their reading followers in jewry, don’t know how it was in reality. This is a problem, because who can say with any certainty if the Putin-gvtm will resist the ongoing NWO which is also a wrong term: not an “Order” but destruction it means.
      Hitler in his secret memorandum to the 4-years-plan for economy stated, (given to 4 persons only, i think)
      (introduction is misleading – if you click on “Printed” then it will be a pdf)
      a conflict or war against bolshevism would come, likely because of the plans of the Internationale for world-revolution. This means, he considered Stalin part of it. In 37, the “famous” Hossbach-protocol (evidence in Nuernberg) states, Hitler restricted his wishes for the german people to Austria and Bohemia (Tchechoslovakia) – any other conflicts with the East would be a challenge for his successor. It means his idea was interial social buildup.

      1. when push comes to shove Putin will be on the defensive as Stalin was. And why would Stalin have been any different than Hitler in wanting to be the one to go on the attack? But like in the West, until blitzkrieg hits you, Stalin and Russia had no precedent for what it was gonna feel like. So they were overwhelmed.

        As for now? Well, if it’s war, then like you say, fritz, who knows anything? Once you start down that road there’s no telling when, where exactly and how it will end.

  10. Many profound comments here. Am I among friends or enemies? I don’t think it’s that simple. I am either among enemies who appear to be friends, but are not, or among lukewarm, moderate friends who represent the worst characteristics of the bourgeoisie.

    I think I will leave. Or maybe not.

    Let’s see how it goes … and if I receive the response that speaks to the passion in my soul and the raging extremism in my blood, I will remain. Anyway, for the time being.

    1. god knows

      god will play along as long as there is hope in the play … feel free to join the troupe … but only the ziotroupe get paid … the rest of us get paid in a currency we arent smart enough to add up yet … the ziotroupe are in power … but is 80/∞ power?

      we are the kings of the jews, we are their advocates … when we stand before god and have to present our case, we need to say something good … jews need to do something good … anything

      if you are looking for simple advice … this east v west allstar game wargame is a hoax … sit it out … let the pro-putin jews and anti-putin jews face off against each other … instead of choosing a side of time magazine, throw it in the garbage

      p.s. jews built their next house of lies in astana … so if you want to make a bet on this allstar game, bet the east, the west has been thrown under the bus … however, if the game becomes interesting, maybe god will enter … at that point you can throw out the script

      1. i don’t know what astana is but my radar says you are flying_cossack, no?

        anyway, right or wrong, lonnie has an interesting ball rolling.
        let it roll while i try to calculate its path (the future one, not what the rear view shows).

        the main issue i see at this juncture is this: how do we talk freely without jews either among us or spying whether through technology or by proxy?

        somebody throw in some ideas, not “how many i bagged yesterday or am gonna nail today”, even in nam that kind of talk was laughed at, fat army commissars sitting in a/c’d offices and counting contractor kickback dough.

        aside … while waiting my turn for dental checkup yesterday, 3 us army critters walked in, desert storm fatigues and boots, a senior daddy with nato insignia and 2 escort goons with airborne logos, one an obvious latino dyke straight from alien 2 movie.
        generalissimo looked phoney happy, hollers: “good mornun” with a million watt smile, i say: “whasup heroes, did you rappel down onto the rooftop from a chopper?”
        he stared for at least 15 sec before blasting into a roflmao bugeyed laugh, at which point airborne airheads felt encouraged (cmon troops, laugh and that’s an order) to join.

        was i glad i am not in trenches with thaat pack … unable to recognize the jew taking a giant dump on them while they are stretchered home, half the brain blown away by a similarly jew-controlled jihadi, the other half non-existent anyway …

        no, one of the basic tasks in my cell will be some minimal intelligence, morons are deadlier than traitors.

        1. In the event, the shitty little country will be wiped off the map incl. it’s settler stooges and ultra orthodox, the global crime syndicate based there has a back-up or future-up plan, however you want to call it. It’s name is Astana, capital of Kazakhstan.

          Beloved Rudy Giuliani partnered with Houston based Bracewell & Giuliani LLP, which established offices in Kazakhstan around 1997 or before to create and expand banking infrastructure and help the country go from a managed economy to free markets. I guess, we all know what that means. That little gig brings him in 1 Mio a year guaranteed. Before I get too sarcastic, here are a couple of links for the new super-duper NWO HQ.

        2. astana sure has a satanic ring, don’t it, cossack?
          thanks for the primer.

          i guess it is close enough to khazarian heartland where they will scurry home when the hell breaks loose.

          except the hell was specifically designed for them, the chosen residents of astana.
          they can have it all to themselves, the prime real estate of oligarch tribe.

        3. “whasup heroes, did you rappel down onto the rooftop from a chopper?”

          Would have liked to have been a fly on the wall… or a turtle in the obligatory waiting room fish tank.

    2. Tigranna,

      Pardon the professor in me, but “ultra moderate” is an oxymoron. Using “ultra” implies having exceeded what is otherwise “moderate”. Ergo, “moderate” would need another adjective, or none at all. You can’t be extremely moderate.

      If you stick around long enough I guarantee you’ll learn some things on this site. And if I may take the liberty, lobro, you’re no stinkin Robispierre, who was essentially as clueless as the Royals he served. No, like me he is simply one of the “peasants”, and we don’t want no stinkin cake. Been there done that. Who do you suppose developed the ability that INVENTED cake in the first place if not the “peasants” who actually know something about making a life that’s worthwhile living? (not necessarily sayin you don’t Tigranna)

      The jews are the rats under their piles of shabbo servants like Marie Antoinette and Robispierre who have simply commandeered everything and wouldn’t know how to grow a turnip to save their miserable lives.

      We all put our pants on one leg at a time, and it’s the “peasants” who know how to make clothes. The ones who see that the emperor ain’t wearin any.

  11. Brownhawk,

    “They won’t give up their guns, and they’ll damn sure use them if push comes to shove.”

    I’d say push HAS come to shove.

    Also, what is that new assault weapons law from earlier this year in I believe its was Connecticut when people had to turn them in?

    By the time we figure out we really do need to act it will be too late.

    1. I know push has come to shove. Hell, for that matter the push is always coming to shove for how long now, 238 years? just that now we’re heading into the final stages.

      Instead of always sounding the paniced alarm, just know you have truth on your side and you WILL be victorious. Don’t know how, don’t know when, but in the end you WILL always win

      Try to listen and learn more as you feel the fire in your belly.

      1. Truth alone will win this?

        Sorry man, but that complete horse shit.
        LOTS of people killed by these pricks knew the truth.

        Fine…. I’ll chill out.

        Gonna curl up with my copy of aleksandr solzhenitsyn’s the gulag archipelago and scratch my head wonder why the hell the people here haven’t REALLY learned from his experiences. You all understand what he’s saying, I’ll give you that but believe the lessons have really sunk in.

        1. I didn’t say “truth alone”. big difference. Truth arms you in ways you just aren’t seein, that’s all.

          what I’m sayin is, it’s a component in all this. Do you hear me at all?

        2. It’s not a matter of lessons not having sunk in. Not here at any rate. And you should adjust your own comments accordingly. For the most part you’re just preachin to the choir on this site. We can only knaw at the ropes that bind us, which mostly includes at least TRYING to wake up our fellow man in ways which are challenging to say the least in trying to penetrate a whole lotta indifference goin on.

          Meanwhile, the ones who have the wherewithal to pull the BIGGEST triggers are gonna do what they’re gonna do anyway.

          That’s all I meant by “chill out”. Hey, at least I’m gnawing in my own way, not just being passive in some form of blissful ignorance to what’s going on.

        3. Preaching to the choir indeed.

          Extremist ideology just forces the rest of us back into the “ultra-moderate” category.

          p.s. I like the oxymoron.

    2. C’mon man. At least tell it like IT IS, in real time. Why the phony baloney exaggeration?

      The people in Connecticut refused en masse (75%) to even register their guns, much less “turn them in.”

      1. And Connecticut is a wussy state no one even counted on to grow a pair! Liebermanville and Bushtown.

        Wait until the feds try out West (by God) Virginia and the like..

        I know it seems and to a large degree is apparent the Americans are apathetic punks but as I’ve said many times before, this is when the good times roll. It’s still relative good times here if the definition is well fed, well boozed, well sexed and plenty of sleep.

        But when the times turn bad, the bad come alive and we’re talking tens of millions who like myself and most people I know, have shot thousands and thousands of rounds over years and years.

        To tell the truth as I can’t help but notice it, the people I know and see regularly are honestly quite bored, pissed off and getting very very restless. All kinds of simmering oxymorons stewing resentments and like neo-Oklahoma Sooners, no offense to Brownhawk, ready to roll when the time comes.

        They’ll show up. what else do they have to do? What other plans do they have?

        For good or for bad Mark Twain’s very profound observation applies to the neo-rural and small town Americans.

        “It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.”

        1. No offense taken, hp. nonewhatsoever.

          in fact, I was just thinking about that post where i was giving you some constructive criticism, and I realized it was no different than if I was giving it to myself when I feel like I need boost.

          So the joke’s on me. Aho!

          But then you probably already knew that

  12. Surveillance is known for a long time, i think Echelon was a name of it. Only with the electronic technics and filtering programs its field was etended. But generally as it was said decades ago, they aim at spying on economic questions and solutions. Most other e-mails really don’t have any value to make profits from.

    1. fritz,

      What most are not getting is this surveillance system is all about PRIORITIZING. They are looking for the people who have figured it out so they can get rid of them first.

      1. On one hand, Lonnie, I’ve heard you say more than once that brave bold aware ones like your good self, those who “get it,” are fearlessly ready willing and able to shoot and are thus striking fear into the demon’s hearts so they run and hide under their beds afraid to ‘mess with the kid,’ so to speak.
        What Grettir called, I believe, “holmgang.”

        But now, today, am I hearing the opposite?
        That the demons are not so afraid of the few, the brave, the holmgang, after all and are in fact “PRIORITIZING” such demigods for extermination?

        I’m confused. Which is it?

        1. now grettir, i’ll take into my confidence, there is a man to my liking.
          when he grabs his war-ax, it’s no mere posturing.

        2. i wish i knew, x
          i know he wasn’t in the best of health and am afraid to ask.

          he may have ascended to valhalla, the menacing dude with attitude, axitude and all.
          wherever he is, i wish him the best.

        3. Yeah, grettir, the real McCoy.

          I remember the very first thing I ever said to him..

          “fuck you and the ax you rode in on.” (haha!)

        4. I wish him good luck wherever he is. His sense of humor was his saving grace. I liked his poetry too. As Lobro says, he’s probably passed on to Valhalla. His ax lies quiet at last…

  13. The insatiable lust for information is biblical. It is clearly described in the cherubim, the servants or “administrators” of YHVH. “And their whole body, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels, were full of eyes round about, even the wheels that the four had.”
    “Eyes all over the body,” a concept borne from a tiny minority attempting to control the majority, a clan of Jewish priests extorting sacrificial compliance from their followers. It has long been the number one tool of mafia extortionist and blackmailers to bring compliance among those whom they terrorize. It was the number one terrorism tool used by the Jewish Bolshevists to cow the gentile majority into submission where “one never knew who was listening.” It is a tool clearly defined in the Protocols. Mass surveillance, criminal, inhuman, in its aims, wholly and utterly Jewish in origin and like usury, wholly and utterly in opposition to Aryan or white cultural values.

    1. A good correlation, Arch Stanton! 🙂
      The Apostle Paul, in his letter to Titus @ Titus 1:14, told Titus to beware of Jewish fables/myths (and Paul, of course, had been a Jew, himself).

      Which presents a question: Once a Jew, always a Jew??? (or is transformation possible?)

      1. Paul was probably an early version of one controlling the opposition. You answered your own question. Once a jew transformation is impossible by definition.

        1. Jesus was bred by the Essene to undermine the Temple’s onerous sacrificial system. After Jesus called the Levirate laws into question with his “miracles,” people began questioning the priest’s iron-fisted rule over them. With the temple’s Byzantine legal system compromised by Jesus’s “miracles,” and his role as the Temple’s final blood sacrifice of the Paschal lamb, the Essene secretly allied with both the Romans and Jewish Zealots to finish the job. In 70 AD the Romans finally got fed up with the Jewish revolutionaries (both factions egged on by the Essene to a final confrontation) and destroyed the Temple. The Essene were ascetic masters. They lusted after neither power, wealth or other matters of this material world. Their guiding principals are clearly laid out in the teachings of Jesus and are also depicted by his simple life style. With Jesus, the Essene successfully delivered their people from the ravages of the Temple and its bloody priesthood’s sacrificial system. Their mission completed, the Essene quickly faded into the countryside and disappeared from history. You can read about the remnants at Like all opportunistic Jews, Paul realized the old order was crumbling. He sensed this was his chance to seize power among the Jews with a popular new cult established on the teachings of Jesus. With the old Temple order destroyed, there would be a power vacuum within the culture, Paul/Saul saw the opportunity to seize power during this brief period of vacuum. With a lack of sufficient numbers among his Jewish followers, Paul/Saul began filling out his ranks with gentile believers. Christianity in fact became the same religious thorn in the side of Rome that Judaism had been, but unlike the Temple, its power was greatly dispersed. Still the Romans knew that any Jewish system presented a very real danger of internal subversion, so they pursued the Christians with the same zeal shown towards Temple Jews.

          Compare what you have read here with the magical, mystical bullshit Christians believe. Ask yourself is this in keeping with Jewish cultural and historical tradition? Can you see a similar scenario occurring in Israel or some other Jew infested country today? Is this scenario typical of the type of long-term complex machinations carried out by modern Jews. Jesus and the foundation of Christianity is just another big lie told by Jews in their never ending attempt to seize more power and wealth. The Jews know this story and that is why they hate the Christians so vehemently. From time to time when I have told parts of this story to various Jews they have said, “My Rabbi once told me a similar story.” Or “a Rabbi I know once said a similar thing.” They don’t want the gentiles to ever know that Christianity was in fact nothing more than an internecine struggle between two Jewish factions. More to the point, the story highlights the utter corruption of the Temple and its bloody sacrificial system; a system that was quite literally bleeding the people to death. A system now replicated in Jewish economic systems like the central bank and its enforcement arm the IRS.

      2. But you can still hate yourself.

        I maintain hope for the brainwashed masses – jew and non-jew.

  14. I came on this website only by chance. I’m glad I did because I’m now going to report you to the ADL for saying things that would never be permitted on national TV or in the New York Times.

    1. oh c’mon golda.
      can’t you see we wuz just talkin and jokin and all?
      just cross-examine lonnie, the witness for the aryan defense league (is that what you meant by ADL or maybe “A” stands for “antisemite”).

      besides how do you know nooyahk times wouldn’t jump on the chance to publish this but are afraid of copyright infringement, i mean, they publish and we get a bunch of ambulance chaser jew lawyers to sue their thongs off.

      lasha also says no way can jew find out who we are, we are safe and besides jews are just regular folk minding their own business, usury, organ theft, child snuff, drug trade (eg, david sassoon – can’t remember whether he is the founder of monsanto or the one behind the opium war against china – aw, give him credit for both), colored pussy riots in global maidans … the list of philanthropy goes on.

      why do you like them so much anyway, almost sounds like you are jewish / sorry, a jewess, that is more politically correct, right? such sensitive souls, all.

      1. Thank you for responding to my concerns. I did not expect a response, let alone a relatively polite one. However, I detect a note of irony in your tone and this increases my general sense of unease about this website.

      2. i too greatly appreciate good breeding golda and would like to invite you to our conspiratorial, revolutionary cell.

        at first i balked but lonnie sent me a secret communication pre-approving you with an introductory offer of monthly membership for only $59.99, all amenities included (towels extra or bring your own).

        1. look at it this way golda; for less that $2 a day, you can be part of history making developments in our cave in sierra maestra (granma province, cuba), with funky paintings by unserer fuhrer and funky lampshades.

          sabbaths excepted.

  15. For starters: Everyone here should get ahold of Alison Weir’s superb “Against Our Better Judgement”—it chronicles the tragic and gullible absorption of the Zionist creed by (the US’s) president after president—up to and including that perfidious, cowardly haberdasher, Harry Truman, who traded (apparently) a suitcase full of $2+M for his official advocacy and sponsorship of the “new” state of Israel. The sections on that supercating pustule, Menachan Begin, are worth the price of the book alone.

    If we all reverse our telescopes, and look back through millenia, we can see that an endogamous, self-seeking clan which calls itself “The Chosen People” invariably was able to sew disaster wherever it landed. On balance, the Jews, despite the good they have done, have been perhaps the most irritating and fatal disease humanity has ever imposed upon itself. And by imposing, I mean tolerating. Without the Jews’ vile influence, there would be elevated arts (not monkey-diarrhea on canvasses), relatively benign cultural statements and decent, egalitarian and Libertarian societies. Instead we have state socialism following Orwell’s every prediction.

    As usual, it is the acolytes, not the originators, who take things too far. Now we have a marijuana-deranged, inerudite ignoramus Porch-monkey bringing down on our sheeplike brows the full blossoming of Jewish autocracy—something which the Jews would have never been capable of bringing into being themselves. It is also noteworthy that the Jews always seem to avoid the consequences of their social theories. Hypocrisy is their name.

    Another way to view Israel is that it is the paradigmatic example of Jews running away from themselves and their image, which they so accurately project upon the world. They can run, but, since they are utterly–even spectacularly–incapable of leaving people alone, they cannot hide. My approximation of the Jews’ “contributions” to mankind are Socialism, Communism, Freudianism, crappy art and neurotic literature.

    Through all historic time, the Jews have caused all that has befallen them. Now Israel, with its indefensible policies of aparthied, genocide, theft and predation of all imaginable sorts, will cause jihad after jihad. Their hubris will be awarded, as usual.

    Best we drill our own oil and gas, put Europe on an alternative tit, screw Putin and the rest of the sordid world, use our Navy to gain total control of all the “choke points” in the southern Asian archipelago (thereby controlling China) and then let the rest of the planet’s populations sort out their own problems. Oh, and target Israel with our best, stealthy nukes—just in case they decide to end the world when it doesn’t go their way.

    I’d LOVE to put a Bernie Madoff statue right next to one of the Yids’ ubiquito¨s “Holocaust Memorials”, which befoul our cities. There is hope, since our local Hibernians from time to time, scratch lewd references on that ghastly glass icon just NW of Boston’s Government Center. Somehow, this all seems to tie together……

    Carrion regardless

    1. It’s our fault that the kikes are where they are now: in a position to wipe out all of the West- and possibly the world- with their Samson Option. We were always too lenient with them, even the Romans, who were not poisoned with Christian or egalitarian moralism in those days. If only the Romans had done to the Jews what they did to the Carthaginians, the Jews would have been an obscure semitic tribe that met its end 2,000 years ago.

      But instead we merely dispersed them and let them continue to follow their awful, nature-hating religion. We let them organize and live in our countries, and if they pissed us off, we merely kicked them out instead of doing the right thing, which would be exterminating them. Then years later they would come back and resume their nation-wrecking ways with the support of treacherous elites.

      I really don’t see a way out of it now. The vast majority of Whites practically worship jews and will fight for them against their own race because they honestly believe that jews are helpless, morally superior victims and Whites are big, bad oppressors when the reality is the complete opposite. But this points to a bigger issue: even if Jews WERE helpless victims that doesn’t mean we should be nice to them. Our problem is our moral universalism.

      Its like the holocaust debate: too many WNs think that debunking the holocaust will get more Whites to our side, but it wouldn’t, because the very fact that most Whites see the holocaust as a bad thing is proof that we are a weak people. A strong people wouldn’t give two shits if their enemies were actually gassed and shot by the hundreds of thousands. In fact, they’d celebrate it, since jews are our worst enemy.

      The kikes have put a moral hurdle before us, and it is the holocaust: the lie that the Germans tried to exterminate jews. Most Whites cannot clear this hurdle because they view exterminating their enemies as morally wrong. The fact that the holocaust is bullshit isn’t the point: the point is that Whites think it to be a bad thing. If we were a healthy people we would listen to their stupid survivor tales and become giddy with joy at the thought of Germans massacring jews. The fact that we don’t is proof that we don’t have what it takes to beat them.

      Unfortunately I think the best we can hope for at this stage is a nuclear war that ends humanity forever, including the jews. It’s too bad that it had to come to this.

      1. Completely agree SPQR, we have been way too lenient on them. NO MORE. This is why I say the things I do.

        We all talk of learning from the lessons of the past. Bullshit. I don’t believe for one second that the majority of the self proclaimed jew wise have REALLY learned the lessons or they would all be saying the same thing you and I are.

        This is why I say they are either naive or cowards full of fear, or both.

        How much more information on these people and their history do you need people?

        Talk about over diagnosing a problem………

        1. Back down to earth. No-one is arguing about the problem, Lonnie… Just the solution.

          Feelings of anger, resentment, frustration, helplessness and futility are felt by all of us to different degrees and we ALL have different ways of dealing with them… ignorance, escapism, violence, discussion, philosophy, humour, transcendence… sometimes different things on different days.

          I personally don’t believe violence is a feasible, realistic or even (and not least of all) successful solution. One bullet and you are dead or end up in jail or whatever… maybe you think that is a good use of your life but I think I can do a little better than that.

          But certainly attacking each other on this website is the least productive of all possibilities not to mention playing right into their hands… which is why I refer you to my earlier comments about you & co. from previous LSD articles.

          “Doing as you suggest would only hand them back the moral justification for their otherwise immoral actions. Perhaps that is your deeper intention.”

          It is raining today…

      2. How about just say end jew forever. Humanity will just move on to somewhere else. Make that All scatter on the winds to all over the universe.

        You really gotta laugh. It’s ridiculous how many habitats are out there. Like I say, this is a piece of cake.

    2. Two very eloquent posts here from Fearless Freddie and SPQR. Both pessimistic in the extreme but nevertheless sincere and reality-based. So where do we go from here?

      Personally, I believe that history has a big surprise up its sleeve. This is based on a premonitory dream of mine to which I attach great importance.

      The Jews may well have taken over America, but that’s not the end. Not by a long chalk. America itself is due for a big fall and will, I feel sure, be severely punished in due course for its moral turpitude.

      America will be brought low and laid waste and millions of Americans will die. But the good news is, American Jews will die with them and Israel will be wiped out in the process.

      The world will then make a startling recovery, minus world Jewry and a cancer-stricken America.

      1. A simple question. What if Russia were cornered and had reached a stage where it had a stark choice: either to accept a crushing defeat and servitude under a tyrannical America run by bloodthirsty Jews or commit collective suicide?

        And let’s say its leader decided that suicide were preferable to defeat and dishonor. What then?

        Russia could then make a nuclear first strike on Israel, destroying 6 million Jews in 6 minutes.

        Would America respond by nuking Russia if it knew that by doing so it was writing its own death warrant? I don’t think so. Six million dead Jews are not going to be restored to life by nuking Russia.

        By accepting the annihilation of Israel, America will have already signaled its defeat at the hands of Russia.

        Know this: Russia could destroy Israel at any time and get away with it.

        What would American Jewry do once Israel was destroyed? Their game would be up in America. And America itself would become a dry husk… as the realization set in that America had been brought to this nadir of humiliation by the pesky Jews among them.

        Curtains for America.

        1. First of all, the Jews in Russia would assure that Russia would accept servitude under the Jewish/American system, so the rest of your post is irrelevant.

          But hypothetically, if Russia launched nukes at Israel, America WOULD respond with a nuclear strike of its own. America serves Israel, and it will do anything to defend it.

          However, Israel’s Iron Dome defense system would take down around 90% of Russia’s missiles. The remaining ten per cent would probably be enough to destroy it, but Israel would simply initiate its Samson Option and nuke the rest of the world.

        2. “Iron Dome defense system would take down around 90% of Russia’s missiles.”

          Yeah, right.
          Iron Dome is at best a fairly successful propaganda devise. Even that’s suspect.

          Just two weeks ago Iron Dome intercepted just 3 of 40 rockets fired into S. Israel. Not the first non-display of interception. Just one of many non-displays.

          When the Yakhont/Brahmos/Klub supersonic cruise missiles come screaming in at mach 3, thirty feet altitude, Iron Dome might as well be an ATM.
          (The Delilah Option)

          BTW, you have heard of Topol-M? Bulava?

        3. Russia could then make a nuclear first strike on Israel, destroying 6 million Jews in 6 minutes.

          Would America respond by nuking Russia if it knew that by doing so it was writing its own death warrant? I don’t think so.

          i don’t think so either, because germany has prepaid the deal.

      2. I know I leave myself wide open to criticsms of “wishful thinking” but I agree history will surprise us in a big way… no dreams mind you… it’s more a deep trust in the ultimate triumph of good over evil… it may not even be humanity in the end… but there is every chance it could be…

        1. Well, turtle – don’t vex yourself. For ONLY $59.99, lobro and hp and Sardo will introduce you to the ‘cave’ enclave, and then you’ll KNOW FOR SURE! (Maybe they’ll give us a VOLUME DISCOUNT if we both join at the same time!) 🙂

  16. If that were to happen SPQR I would hope all the Middle Eastern countries surrounding Israel would gang up on them right at that moment and flatten them forever.

  17. The US/UK/France/Germany/Canada and Australia are as much under occupation, and surveillance as Palestine, and are held hostage by their so-called “governments”..

    1. Thought we’d lost you. Welcome back! Apologies for any offense given in previous posts. No offense intended.

      1. I read strength into that response.

        A human being is so fragile and helpless on its own that it seems almost insane when one human being – intentionally, or otherwise – is hurting another. And yet, very few have the wisdom and strength to abstain completely from doing just that.

        The lucky few, I guess.

        1. I’ve missed reading your posts over the last few days. So I also apologize if I offended you by anything I said. Fact is, I can’t even remember what I said! 🙂

        2. I guess the important thing to remember is that we’re all on the same side. Unnecessary infighting only weakens our cause.

        3. good point Sardonicus. What was that I said? No doubt if we read all our posts going back however long there would be a whole lotta cringin goin on!

        4. If you keep your mouth open long enough, your feet are sure to make their way there. Whereas the earholes can’t accomodate them…

          I feel a Chinese proverb coming on.

  18. the english here could bear improvements but the information is of the best quality

    this document outlines the strong argument that ukraine is nearly identical with khazaria as the cradle of ashkenazis, the most depraved and criminal lifeform known in the milky way.
    catherine the great knew what she was doing when she quarantined them to the settlement of pale.

    a couple of selected quotes
    Indeed, nowadays in Ukraine there is no other national group (even the largest Russian) which has so many national organizations as Jewish minority has: 500 social-cultural and religious organizations, 236 Jewish communities, 5 religious centres, which produce more than 40 periodicals and 5 TV programs; have more than 60 religious buildings and so on

    The striking point is that among the richest people (both in Ukraine and Russia) the majority are Jews, especially those Jews who never had any talents before recent times – average lawyer V. Medvedchuk, “supplier” G. Surkis, modest official of provincial university V. Pinchuk, taxi-driver O. Feldman, prisoner V. Rabinovich (of the pussy riot/femen fame as i never tire of pointing out)
    … and just how do they get their head start on plunder given that many goys may harbor likewise criminal tendencies? the global jew network, including the mythical “majority of good jews”.

    if there is one reason for me to convert to orthodox faith, it would be this (clear recognition by church authorities of cannibal sacrifice of children in celebration of the crucifixion of jesus)
    In well-known orthodox and apostolic rules it is stated that a Christian who take(s) part in celebration of Jewish Pesach should be excommunicated.

    antisemitism is an indication of robust mental health, an umbrella term for those who abhor moral perversion.

    1. i think they have their secret futures commodities exchange run on odigo system whereby a jew can prepay future lucrative crimes in return for the share in the loot, like picking winners in horse races … $30,000 on igor kolomoisky … oh man, i backed the wrong horse, put $100,000 on khodorkovsky, a clear favorite in gazprom sweepstakes, only to have him disqualified by putin, etc.

      1. Just remember, lobro: the JOCKEYS should be considered as much as the horse, when throwin’ down your money! (i.e., WHO’s skinnin’ the mule???)

    2. among tangential spinoffs on that link, consider that khazars were historically a substantial burden on ukraine-russia-ussr.
      the rulers couldn’t simply expel them by way of deportation as in other countries where they were clearly an invading swarm from outside, so what you do is kick them back out.
      in russia, they were native khazars, which is why stalin gave them birobidjan far out by the lake baikal in siberia to hopefully keep them away from infecting humans.

      it also highlights the difficulties putin is facing in dealing with them.
      they were rooted like deep metastatic colonies in their millions, so when i hear these american ignorants decrying putin’s servitude to them, it is clear that they thoroughly misunderstand the essence of the deal, namely that not only did putin had no option but to at least present a facade of amicability, given their international clout but numerous homegrown backstabbers like leonid kuchma had already done the heavy damage for which now putin must take the blame … banking, media, industrial and mineral resource giveaways, building synagogues by the hundreds and so forth.

      just like america today takes the brunt of the blame for the world’s slaughters, so the russians were unjustly hated in the ussr satellites for the crimes of the jew commissars who used russian people as their stalking horses.

  19. speaking of stalking horses, this little known story of how mossad used a kennedy run covert op in cuba to in fact assassinate jfk and preemptively shut robert kennedy up is illuminative of jew’s ways.

    if they had such a deep influence in american intelligence circles back then, consider how straitjacketed obama must be today.
    i am tempted to actually feel sorry for the garden gnome.

    1. No doubt in my mind Obama’s first act as president-ELECT, never mind having already been sworn in, was to view the Zapruder film and to be asked afterwards, “any questions?”

  20. from straws in the wind department.

    must see this.

    as the writer points out, may not be too scientific because it is not a properly designed and sampled survey.
    his “possible” beef that one reader could have banged away multiple times at a single choice is fairly unrealistic given that even these online polls prohibit multiple clicks from a single ip address, the simple fact is that the typical independent reader may not fit the nationwide average profile but so what, maybe the nationwide based poll would propel putin into even starker relief.
    more importantly, those who felt compelled to vote may have had special motivation, something that a properly designed survey would adjust or control for … but it’s all nitpicking.

    but of course, the poll did not include netanyahu, the obvious favorite 🙂

    seriously, some fuhrer in waiting, who managed to grow a pair might someday soon seize on this on go after the jew mano-a-mano without fear and standard groveling polluting the political space nowadays.

    why do you think 82% voted putin?
    this is uk after all, america’s closest ally in the world, the traditional shoulder to shoulder bud and lookit that.

    interestingly, the readers sensed that angela merkel, the runner up is more of a real personality, flat and unemotional though she appears in public, than the local gelatin man cameron.

    what i take away from this is the


    people waiting for king edward the confessor to release them from the mortal suffering.

  21. couple of points i think are worth noting and my interpretation:

    Snowden is so paranoid about his privacy that wherever he is—in airports, hotels, libraries—“he puts a large red hood over his head and laptop when entering his passwords to prevent any hidden cameras from detecting them.”

    Wanted by the FBI on three dozen charges of fraud, theft, lying, bribery, money laundering and other crimes, Kobi Alexander’s exact whereabouts are now unknown.

    so, it would appear that snowden who seems to be on the most wanted lists of fbi, nsa, cia of all the fugitives, and who knows so much about his pursuers tracking abilities also believes that shoving his head in the bag to enter passwords can keep them safe, as well as whatever he does online.
    think about it: either he knows that their spying capacity has definite limits or he is a double spy still on nsa/cia’s payroll playing out this elaborate con game.

    and what about odigo alexander, we are told his whereabouts are unknown?
    yeah right.
    they are perfectly known but fbi could care less, the great rabbi in the sky told them to keep hands off our boy kobi.
    he was tracked down by a journalist through use of skype locator in sri lanka.
    i am very curious about 9/11 and many other things he could talk about.
    i also think that svr (russian foreign intel service) is keeping a close eye on him too for the same reasons.

    1. I don’t think Snowden’s a double agent. I don’t see the kind of detached deportment that would be a prerequisite for it. When I take in all my impressions of him – words used in their particular bearing, speech inflections, body language, etc., I see genuineness. His ending up in Russia is just a natural consequence of a longstanding east vs. west paradigm, in whatever guise it takes per the times. Once the cat got out of the bag it became a simple asylum scenario for him.

      Nothing really elaborate at all in my view. He’s more like your basic “windtalker”.

      1. I just wanted to add that for the spook agencies the damage is done. Capturing him at this point is off the table. They know the majority of people are applauding him, dimwits who follow Fox news notwithstanding. Time to move on for them.

        But for the rodents under the piles, getting him is of course all part of their whole raison d’ etre. What good is any of this if they can’t get some exquisite pleasure from torturing him?

        Right Zakkie?

  22. “think about it: either he [Snowden] knows that their spying capacity has definite limits or he is a double spy still on nsa/cia’s payroll playing out this elaborate con game.”

    So what is your attitude to Snowden right now? Is he to be trusted or not?

    My own view is this: no matter whether he is to be trusted or not, I think he has done us all a great service in revealing the vast extent of surveillance to which we are all subjected. We all knew before Snowden that Big Brother existed, but we never knew — until Snowden spelled it out — that all our emails and telephone calls and internet surfing history were being carefully monitored by the spooks.

    Now we know that we are being watched by Big Brother 24/7 — not only by the NSA (in the US) and by GCHQ (in the UK) but also by Israeli intelligence.

    Big Brother cannot be pleased that we are now on our guard against him, totally aware of his presence every time we go on the internet or make a phone call or send an email.

    1. As for the people who keep recommending violence against the Jews on this site, what could be more manifestly absurd, given that everything these radicals write here is being closely monitored by Big Brother and his minions?

      Planning a revolution on the internet, you will have to admit, has to be the ultimate idiocy.

      1. Planning yes. Provoking thoughts never.

        So long as we don’t prove to be useful idiots

      2. My thoughts exactly LSD. I should have read “newer comments” first.

        But given that we all now know BB is watching everything, this conveniently becomes a universal defense for us all. Why would any of us be serious???

        “Oh did I upset someone? What was it that I said exactly?….”

    2. well, i don’t have a solid opinion formed around snowden.
      i’d like to think that he is a genuine article but something holds me back from unreserved endorsement.
      it can also be the case of him being an unwitting dupe of the agencies in question, what they call a limited hangout, because his goods are of somewhat lukewarm quality, probably because of lack of access to dynamite stuff like 9/11, jfk, london tube, car bombing campaigns, rooftop snipers in venezuela, honduras and numerous other israeli conceived and executed assassinations, black ops and false flags around the world.

      but it is of interest that he thinks or knows that visually screening his laptop with some good ssl protection affords him sufficient safety and privacy.
      if this is the case, it is important for us to take note of.
      of course, if he is fake than this is just another useless stunt … quien sabe?

      1. Right Lobro…. and put Julian Assange in the same questionable category… operating from that multi million James Bond villain like bunker in Sweden:…. And his evil transgender sidekick Chelsea (nee. Bradley) Manning:
        who downloaded thousands of state secrets while gaily lip syncing along to Lady Gaga…

        Mike Myers eat your heart out, in some ways you have to give the scriptwriters some credit.

        BTW I feel much safer since I stuck some gum over my webcam.

  23. What do you honestly think would happen if the Barack Obama came out and told the world that “Yes, the CIA working with Mossad were responsible for the tragedy that occurred on September 11 2001. And the U.S. government had full prior knowledge.”

    1. And I hope LSD’s website does not now get seriously hacked by some agency because of that careless statement of possibility.

  24. @ Monitor

    The poster known as “turtle” made 22 successive posts yesterday. I think this is excessive. Even the Zionist troll “Joe” who did his best to screw up your website did not make 22 posts in a row.

    1. Sardonicus,

      He is a lot like me, I believe, in that he visits this site during brief intervals of the day or night (I mostly visit very early in morning, while having coffe or tea – or later in the day if I finish my chores, earlier). My OWN benefit is from learning – and being entertained while so doing! You, lobro, hp, and Brownhawk say a lot which is very worthy of consideration (besides our most excellent hostess, Lasha), and I perceive the same of ‘turtle’ – though I think his visitations are even less frequent than mine. 🙂

      Not to unduly flatter, but you and those others I have named (besides a few less frequent posters) help make this site worth visiting! I don’t believe Mr. Turtle means any harm…

      1. You miss the point, Gilbert. When have YOU ever made 22 posts one after the other?

        Anyone who hogs the comment board like that has to be an insensitive lout.

        Even the RealOriginalJoe, who had to be banned from this site for his gross misbehavior, didn’t make 22 successive posts!

        1. @ Sardonicus

          Turtle is an intelligent poster and we have nothing against his posts. He often makes a good point. And it’s true that he doesn’t post very often.

          Sardonicus, you are a stickler — and I would advise you to be a bit more tolerant of other people’s eccentricities.

        2. Turtle’s just catchin up with his peeps, Sardonicus. Gets a little dizzy going back and forth reading his posts, but always good to hear from him. No harm no foul.

          hmmm. his? him? Not that it matters much, and writing style often indicates it, but just for the fun of it I like guessing the genders of our illustrious posters. Is Brownhawk a ‘hawkess’? Sardonicus ‘Sardonicette’? Ruth Bernstein Ray Bernstein?


    2. Hey Sardonicus… I felt like I was adding layers of paint to a beautiful canvas yesterday… and had many a good laugh in the process. I give credit to everyone who posts here for an intelligent and entertaining discussion. I admit I got a bit carried away towards the end… just ran out of spaces to fill…

      LSD is more than welcome to paint over my mistakes and you are welcome to add any texture where you think is appropriate. Anyway you’ll be glad to know the rain has cleared up so this is the last you’ll hear from me for a while. Have a very nice day!

      To the rest of you thanks for your support. Curious to know what it is I say that people find trollike…I try and keep it original:

      1. Go in peace, you old scapegrace. I’ve nothing against you per se and welcome your penetrating insights. But 21 posts in a row is overdoing it a bit, don’t you think?

        So what part of the world do you live in where the sun is suddenly putting in a belated appearance after several months of sulking? I guess it would have to be Britain.

        Byron said something witty about the English climate. He said something like: “In England, winter ends in July and begins in August.”

        It’s been particularly bad this year — the worst in living memory. Endless rain and beclouded skies. I sometime wish I could live in a country where Spring is eternal and youth is eternal and all the women are like beautiful lilies. Ah, strike up the violins…!

    3. P.S. I would like to register a protest. That was Brownhawk’s 22nd comment on this discussion… but who’s counting…

      1. Protest lodged turtle. the way I look at it, so long as protests aren’t based on comments being boring (death knell for a writer), then have at it!

        speaking of having at it – thanks for the segue. #23:

        “Time is a jew”

        The story goes…

        THIS VERY WORLD was once in a state of Truth among the best of them.(“best” meaning say, the Great Spirit’s imagination was goin on overdrive when coming up with THIS beautiful place.)

        “In those sublime places Beings were enjoying the handiwork of an ebullient Creation, where it was always excellent weather for flying, and with no sense of the entanglement in a web that awaited.”

        The “web” could be interpreted to suggest the makings evoked from the black magic of Kabbalah – The Great Blasphemer.

        Spider’s Betrayal>

        “….in short, they would catch their prey (Divinely intended Man) in an invisible illusion, and paralyze them with the sting of a numbing intoxication.

        What they did was to create a method of ‘siphoning’, by drawing off forces of Spirit (Divine Will en-forcing its actions) through a ‘tunnel’, and send it to the obscurity of an odd assimilation, and it would prove to be a seamless effort. Call it the Original Trespass. Once in the trap, an opiate of amnesia would mar their Dream for countless eons (the “a” in “aeons” having been removed), marooned in the quarantine of a strange land.”

        The Divine Light was now a Beacon

        more later. can’t make these threads too long.

  25. if not pleased that your emails are being read, get a lavaboom account.

    what it means is that you are in sole possession of your encryption key, so even if lavabit company were forced to divulge it, it couldn’t because it wouldn’t have it anymore, the result os the so-called zero-knowledge policy.

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