Tel Aviv, City of a Thousand Thrills

. . . by Petra Scandali

According to a new report, if you are single and looking for sex thrills, Tel Aviv is the second best place to go.  But if you are looking for gay sex and illicit sex with underage girls kidnapped in Eastern Europe and Russia, Tel Aviv is top of the list.


Meet Israel’s daylight prostitutes!


“It’s just turned 10 A.M. and escort parlors, strip joints and discreet apartments have already opened their doors for business. Many of the women who work in them are mothers.”  (Haaretz, here)

If you are single and looking for sex thrills,Tel Aviv is the second best place to go! So says Jewish writer Erica Morris. Though she does not tell you this, here you will find more strip clubs and brothels and underage girls kidnapped in Eastern Europe who will be prepared to give you a blow job for only a few shekels. 

So why not put your moral scruples aside and forget for a moment the dead and maimed in Palestine? Head for the Promised Land where you will find the hottest hotties you are ever likely to see anywhere on earth, including the most goloptious same-sex partners for those who are drawn to “the love that dare not speak its name”.

. . . by Erica Morris
Managing Editor of jspacenews

Erica Morris, sexy Jewish author of this sexy article about sexy Tel Aviv
Erica Morris,
author of this article 

Tel Aviv is the second sexiest city on Earth, at least according to a new ranking released earlier this month.

Gan Hahashmal, an area of the White City, was given the spot on Thrillist’s Top Ten Sexiest Neighborhoods on Earth. Tel Aviv fell behind only Rio de Janiero’s Ipanema neighborhood, which took first in the ranking.

“Israel’s renowned for its gorgeous citizenry, having produced the wonders that are Bar Refaeli and Gal Gadot but Tel Aviv in particular serves as a crossroads of international and domestic hotties,” writes Thrillist


Israelis are prouder of the Beautaceous Bar
than they are of their military prowess in Gaza. 
When not busy shooting fish in a barrel in Gaza,
Israelis like to drool over pics of sultry sexbomb Bar
with her poutypoo kissywissy mouth!  

“Add in the fact that Tel Aviv’s population is overwhelmingly single, and you’ll start to see how a hip neighborhood like Gan Hahashmal — with its public garden, late-Ottoman-era houses, and cutting-edge boutiques — can be a hotbed of sexy people doing sexy things.”


“The beauty of a woman cheereth the countenance,
and a man loveth nothing better.”

— Ecclesiasticus, 36:22

Tel Aviv also beat out New York’s SoHo, Milan’s Quadrilatero della Moda, and Montreal’s Le Plateau-Mont Royal, which ranked third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

Other areas to make the top ten list include neighborhoods in Sydney, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Paris and Tokyo.

It’s been a good month for Tel Aviv!

(pictures  and captions added)


Tel Aviv.jpg 000


“There are more bars than synagogues in Tel Aviv, God is a DJ and everyone’s body is a temple. Called the ‘city that never sleeps’ Tel Aviv offers a fantastic vacation destination for those whose purses tinkle with pink pounds.

Voted as one of the 10 sexiest cities in the world by the New York Times, some say the city rivals New York and London for its non stop action!”  (See HERE)



“Forget women and save your seed!
Here you’ll find all the men you need!”
— Petra Scandali, Banned Poems

“An American Airlines survey published in the Gay Cities website hailed Tel Aviv as the best gay tourism city in the world. Adir Steiner, coordinator of gay pride events for the Tel Aviv Municipality, said that the survey reflects the warm welcome gay tourists receive in Tel Aviv.” (See HERE)


“Tired of men? Never mind!
In Tel Aviv you will find
Long slim legs and lovely tits
And a thousand juicy clits!”
— Petra Scandali, Banned Poems



PETRA SCANDALI (age 25) is an unpublished poet and freelance writer whose children’s novel, Autobiography of a Goldfish, has received 36 rejections. “If I get 40 rejections,” she says, “I will give up writing and become a Buddhist nun.”


Update by Petra Scandali

“When not busy shooting fish in a barrel in Gaza,
Israelis like to drool over pics of sultry sexbomb Bar Refaeli
with her poutypoo kissywissy mouth!”  

“Not lately,” poster SPQR says in a comment below. “Lately they’ve been probably drooling over that leaked photo of her jamming a vibrator up her asshole.”

I find this comment very revealing.

Here is Israel’s most beautiful woman, lusted after by almost every single male in Israel. She can snap her fingers any time she wants and get millions of horny Israeli men to fuck her. What does she do? She chooses a vibrator instead.

A sad reflection indeed on Israeli men: that an inanimate object like a vibrator should be preferred to an erect Israeli penis.

Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman  humping a dog
Sarah Silverman humping a dog

Another astute observer of the Jewish psyche, one “Brownhawk” by name, comments dryly: “Sarah Silverman probably inspired her.”

I asked my boyfriend who Sarah Silverman was. I’d never heard of her.

He replied: “Oh, she’s a Jewish American whore masquerading as a comedian. She likes humping dogs and licking dog’s anuses.”

I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this. So I decided to check out this Silverman woman.

Sure enough, I was soon to learn that this sluttish American Jewess, adored by millions of degenerate American losers, had made a couple of videos in which bestiality was normalized in that typically Jewish fashion—by making it a subject for comedy.

Get a few cheap laughs by licking a dog’s anus and lying on a sofa with a dog between your legs—and bingo!—suddenly bestiality becomes the rage of the moment, the perversion du jour!

I hope the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again  — in a second.

That’s your Sarah Silverman again, attempting to make blasphemy and Christ hatred fashionable. All this with the full backing of American Jewry. With the help of the media, which they own, these American Jews have managed to canonize Sarah Silverman: a coarse and vulgar piece of human trash.

Note well, my friends, the double standards implicit here: you are allowed by the Jews of America, who monopolize and control  its media, to vilify the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, but you are not allowed to say a single bad word against that Jewish icon, Anne Frank. You can make fun of the Crucifixion as much as you want, but you dare not make fun of the Holocaust.

Enough of these slimy little Jews, both American and Israeli,  who give the good Jews elsewhere a bad name.

If I were a Jew, I would hate to be associated with the likes of Sarah Silverman and with the blood-spattered child killers of Gaza.

I would be thoroughly ashamed to be a Jew.


229 thoughts to “Tel Aviv, City of a Thousand Thrills”

  1. And there are still people who believe these degenerates are “God’s Chosen People”?
    And to keep this caricature of a country “safe” numerous wars had to be fought and the whole world has to be kept in danger? Where is Yahweh’s lightning when we need it?

    1. This article has received a significant update within the last hour. A long section has been added to the end of the article, incorporating some comments made by posters here.

    2. Yahweh’s lightening strikes without a flash. And those struck, won’t know they’re hit….until it’s too late to recover. Israel’s days are probably numbered, as they’ve tipped the balance from being of some use for mankind (Facebook, agriculture, they say) to a rotting filth, a burden. What is to be seen is who falls first, the host or the parasite.

    3. And there are still people who believe these degenerates are “God’s Chosen People”?”

      ONLY THE indoctrinated lobotomized prisoners who have been hexed by the devil’s chosen repeat this babbling nonsense .

      My Chosen People Revelation 2:9 synagogue of Satan? GRAPHIC

      Satanic Occult Hexagram Rothschild Zionist Fire Star Symbol GRAPHIC

      Zionist Reaper Deception Death Destruction GRAPHIC

    1. a jew is born, score is “-1” against humanity, like being dealt a bum hand in poker.

      trade for any other type creature, lampreys, tarantulas, jellyfish, skunks, still end up a relative winner.

  2. Tel Aviv is known as ‘The Pink City’,– and also prides itself being the home to 280 brothels – according to Marion Marrache (Jerusalem Post, August 31, 2001). What most ‘brainwashed’ Western Christians don’t know that Tel Aviv was built on the land stolen by European Jews from native Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

    City of Tel Aviv was established by European Jewish immigrant on September 11, 1909. The name Tel Aviv was taken from Theodor Herzl’s 1902 novel Altneuland in Hebrew. Originally design by Zionist Jewish elites as a garden suburb of the rapidly expanding Arab town of Jaffa. It was established as a preeminent symbol of the future Jewish demographic state of Israel.

    The city, according to Zionist poetry, literary and academic propaganda – was “Born out of Sand” with no Arab living around. However, the truth is that Tel Aviv though established on a sandy region near the shore – was part of a complex ecosystem that included citrus orchards and farms, Jafa and its famous port, mills, Bedouin encampments, and SIX Palestinian villages. the remnants of one village, Summel, are still visible along Ibn Girol Street. The city layout was designed by Scottish urban planner, Patric Geddes, in 1925.

    Tel Aviv is a living example of Zionists’ Talmudic racism against non-Jewish Arab natives. In 1940 the mayor of all-Jewish Tel aviv threatened the British District Commissioner that he would “blow up with bombs” a new market opened on the mutual border with Palestinian-majority Jaffa – because it would lead to greater movement of goods and people back and forth.

    After the 1948 ‘Occupation War’ – only 5,000 of Jaffa’s 70,000 Arabs stayed put. The Arab exodus pleased David Ben Gurion, who declared: “Jaffa will be a Jewish city…War is war”. In 1950, Jaffa was annexed to Tel Aviv.

    1. So Tel Aviv has 280 brothels on a population of 414,600 or if we take the metropolitan area, on a population of 1,318,300. Is that much? Well, let’s compare it with Amsterdam, another famous “sin city”. Amsterdam has a population of 812,895. Guess how many brothels it has? Eighteen only! Amsterdam has one brothel on 45,160 inhabitants, Tel Aviv one on 4,708 inhabitants, that is nearly ten times as many!
      Well, you are chosen or you are not chosen.

    2. Gee, if their desert god, YHWH, makes an appearance in 2014 AD, he will wipe this flesh pot off the map, just as he did in ancient times with the sinful cities “of the plains.” We don’t want any Sodomy do we?
      But YHWH was not talking to perverted JEWS out of Judea (the ones Jesus hated with a vengeance) was he?
      He was talking and acting on behalf of his favourite Israelites! You know, the ones that Tyron Parsons told us were ALL Whiteys out of Noah and Ishmael, etc!~ ! The good fellas!
      Tel Aviv has been extended onto television screens throughout the world with the JEWS’ programs like Sex amd the City, etc.
      Amands (Miss Catrell) can even tell her men by the taste of their ejaculations!
      No wonder the Taliban strung TV sets up on lamp posts.
      But then the Saudi Muslims just lerv their porn and bringing plane loads of white trash prostitutes over for their carnal pleasures.
      And JEWS like litt’l chidren for their ultimate sexual pleasures!

  3. I can’t help wondering how the spread of ebola is going to effect cities like Tel Aviv or Las Vegas. How eager is someone going to be to get a “blow job” when even a cab or airplane ride might be deadly. It won’t be long before lascivious Tel Aviv comes in contact with the deadly virus…an airplane ride away. This will be especially true since Israel depends so heavily on Africa for its fresh food. How do you wash ebola contaminated fruits and vegetables. I mean the possibilities for transmission are endless and then mix that with the sex crazed populace and you are looking into the face of the “masque of red death.”

      1. Sodom and Ebola?
        More like Red Cross, forced vaccinations, diamonds and oil, public panic, treatable by natural methods, and in the end martial law by the health department. There go more of your liberties. I really wouldn’t worry about the whores in Tel Aviv, nor myself.

    1. Not a big deal.

      OZ Rebel wrote:

      During the time that Ebola has arrived in America and allegedly killed one man in Dallas, as many as 200 people have died from choking on food, 250 from boating accidents, 3,000 from automobile accidents, 1,000 from homicides, and 5 from lightning strikes. (based on monthly averages from CDC statistics)

    2. One can always hope, can’t one? Talmudic Zionists are a festering abscess on the anus of humanity and international Jewry properly have been kicked out of more countries in the last nine centuries than one could count. This insidious group of people is in the process of being recognized by the world for the pernicious malady that they are and actions will be taken to end their evil when enough awaken.

    3. Ebola won’t take hold in Israel, Rabbis blowing their shofars and each other will ensure that.

      That and False Flags happening to others will protect Israel.

      It will probably hit Gaza, giving Israel the excuse to test out some new thermal weapons that will blast away entire Gazan neighborhoods.

  4. Babylon. I need say no more.

    Oh. How about Talmudic Babylon?

    Gosh what a thing to be proud of. Added to the rest of the general air of degeneracy ~ can no one see the filthy Commie agenda at play?

  5. “Israelis like to drool over pics of sultry sexbomb Bar
    with her poutypoo kissywissy mouth! ”

    Not lately. Lately they’ve been probably drooling over that leaked photo of her jamming a vibrator into her asshole.

  6. Yeah, I’ve bin to Tel Aviv!
    Its New York/LA on steroids! MIley Cyrus’s everywhere! WHORES and BUBBAS ram-pant!
    lobro and me told you about Jewish whores with their hooked noses, wrap-around mouths and gargantuan sexual appetites.
    As I said, I weaned off them at university after I got sick of f**** them! They are empty, soulless people! Sexual vampires who wasted my good seeds! That is why I now practise on non-Jews; all my wives and girlfriends!
    Anyways, Tell Aviv is our FUTURE, that’s if you aren’t already drowning in sexual carnality! Get you hands off your gear sticks. boys! Give it a good rest!
    THE JEWS OFFER US THE COMPLETE SCHEMA OF TOTAL HUMAN DEGRADATION; just like they offered it to Adolf HItler’s German society.
    We drown in sex whilst our minds atrophy! I have the happy medium!

    1. I don’t blame Israeli bitches for being horny. Imagine being around nothing but short, ugly, hairy jew males 24/7, whining about their joint paint and going on about their business ventures.

  7. What’s missing in all this are the many young non-Jew females from Eastern Europe promised a new life in the “Holy Land” only to end up enslaved under the control a tribal primp. With no money to escape, after they have been “used” up, their end is not unlike the non-Jew females featured in the porno films out of the San Fernando Valley run by the same tribe of creatures that have so blessed the world. They commit suicide.

  8. why someone should be turned on by bar rafaeli, a patchwork of ill fitting features photoshopped on fly, hyena eyes, obscene suction cup mouth … beyond me.

    of course, what’s the other option, beady eyed greasy queers with tongues like retractable jellied turds?

    chosen by their designer baphometh (one depiction by his notable worshiper), they created each other like some hermaphroditic nightmare.

  9. Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0 You cant save the yids lol even though sex is their only saving grace…The rest of the world is full of Archontic prudes.

  10. “Enough of these slimy little Jews, both American and Israeli, who give the good Jews elsewhere a bad name.”

    There are “good” Jews?!

  11. giving good Jews … bad name is less of a problem than
    giving bad Jews a good name.

    which has been happening too often for too long, thanks to adl’s persistence and goy imbecility.

    1. and the mythical good jews will earn their good name when they have done their share to give the rest of the jews (need i say bad) their proper bad name.

      so where are they?

      1. “So where are they?”

        Damn if this isn’t the 64-million dollar question.

        There’s Nathaniel Kapner and Henry Makow, and a smattering of others who are out there, but whose names escape me. Although Makow of course believes there was a holocaust and thinks Hitler was a Zionist agent. Not sure about Brother Nate insofar as how he may differ from Makow.

        What is it with this Kabbalah curse?

  12. if your feet are on usa soil, just go to Hollywood…that’s where the heebrews generate their well oiled machine filth….from there it is on to wall street and finally capitol hill, not to mention the white house…… I once heard a greek guy comment that one day there will be a star of david flag fluttering atop of on the capitol dome in washinton d.c…….game over…..we’re doomed…..

  13. Sexual depravity does bring down a society. Our senses instead of reaching for the highest get trapped in the lowest. I see this with babies who have not been exposed to the visual media–they are alarmed by the creepy little characters in videos meant for children. I’m saying this to affirm the basic Darkmoon premise that sexual debauhery degrades us on a subtle level. I notice the difference between pop music from the 50s and pop music from the 90s and on. The idea of real romance is impossible in the screaming maniacal sounds of late rock. The movie Supermench captures so perfectly the debauchery of the pop scene and the Jewish mentality toward it. Supermench manages the most horrific, culture debasing bands while living the rock and roll lifestyle and making tons of money. Yet at the end of the movie he wakes from a near death surgery to a paid assistant. He has no family of his own, no children, no wife. The existential nihilism of his lifestyle has led exactly where all that depravity leads..down the pathways to the BIG NOTHING.

  14. Placing sexual freedom in the box of ‘depravity’ depends on the culture. Here is an example of a different opinion about sex outside of marriage, and before mariage.

    “In American society, part of the discussion about marriage is really about sex. While sex was a part of traditional Native American marriage, marriage was not about sex. Prior to marriage, young people were expected to engage in sexual activities. Sex was not confined to marriage.

    “The Europeans, and particularly the missionaries, had a great deal of difficulty in understanding that women had power in Indian society and that they had the right to sexual freedom. Indian societies were not organized on the patriarchal, monogamous norms of European society. Christian missionaries were deeply shocked and offended by the fact that Indian women were allowed to express their sexuality. At the same time, many of the European men were delighted by this.

    “Traditional Native American cultures tended to be egalitarian: all people were equal. This is one of the things that bothered many of the early Christian Missionaries, particularly the Jesuits in New France, as they viewed marriage as a relationship in which the woman subjugated herself to the man. In Indian marriages, men and women were equals.”

      1. “May be..” means you are guessing. A good guess it is.

        My guess is that ALL religions want control of land and wealth and people.

  15. Ilya Ehrenberg, a Russian journalist, made up the 6-million Holocaust number. And Meyer Levin wrote the Diary of Ann Frank– after suing Otto Frank for the right to publish the book. (the 1st draft of which, was written in ballpoint pen– which was not. invented til 1949). The Holocaust was an Investment– which produced the Zionist State named Israel. Wars are meant to use goyim to kill other goyim. Jews are management– goyim are labor. At the 2nd Zionist Congress—1890’s, Leon Pinsker made the mission statement: “ exert irresistible pressure on the international politics of the present”– leading us to believe that Zionism is a “political movement”– when its all based on the Talmud: “to micromanage every aspect of human existence, with focus on depopulation of the goyim” . The counter-force to the Primal Will to Good, is manifest in Judaism. “Most Jews don’t like to admit it, but our God is Lucifer…” Henry Wallace Rosenfeld, aide to senator Jacob Javits in 1976. “A million Arab lives aren’t worth one Jewish fingernail,” Ben-Gurion. Its all hidden in plain sight–“Hear O Israel, you are to cross the Jordan, enter in and dispossess nations greater and stronger than yourselves”- Deuteronomy 9:1.

    1. had a good laugh with these links, everyone should take a gander into this septic tank called mind of the jew.

      they got so carried away dreaming up ways to infest and pollute gentile morality that in cultivating their exotic filth, snorkeling and scuba diving in it, they succumbed, ran out of air without noticing and are now captive to their own sadistic horror, addicted to cruel perversions without hope of redemption, sex, torture, mutilation and jew victimhood all rolled up in the same haggis, seal of approval by moloch.
      the visionaries of christian hell, dante, fra angelico, breughel, swanenburgh and hieronymus bosch would recognize a superior imagination.

      welcome to israhell indeed, promise of talmud up close and personal.

    2. the central thought that i take away from all this:

      what to an average gentile is hell,
      to an average jew is heaven

      two women, ribs showing, in scanty underwear, are posed in front of a stone wall, prisonlike, with a fire extinguisher on one side of them and a blazing open oven on the other.

      justice with a sense of black humor.

      1. so the jewess, andrea dworkin who wrote this is now in the femen-fashion complaining about how the poor jewesses are victimized by the few non-gay jews (victimhood squared).

        tell it to sarah silverman, another feminist jewess.
        also very, very funny, so talented aren’t they.

      2. so here we go, 1957, The Night Porter
        After a chance meeting at a hotel in 1957, a Holocaust survivor and the Nazi officer who tortured her resume their sadomasochistic relationship.

        nothing new, it was always there, the sickness of the jew psyche goes back many centuries.
        so blame the nazis, they made us bad, boo-hoo.

      3. Jews definitely have a Nazi fetish. A while ago I found an entire online novella about Jewish girls in a concentration camp who fall in love with their Nazi rapists. Too bad it’s fiction, as the Germans had strict laws against rassenschande. The German guards in the camps could have had a lot of fun.

  16. “so blame the nazis, they made us bad, boo-hoo.”
    ….and Nazis wrote Talmud will be in a future chapter.

  17. All this begs the question: What do you intend to do about it besides bitch and moan?

    1. They’re going to post 3,000 idiotic rants, claim victory is just around the corner…and that’s it.

  18. We are constantly reminded of the depravity of the Jews but there is never any plan broached. All throw their hands up and are resigned to the hope that “God” will deliver a response to what ails the world. More importantly people like Jim Stone and Kaminski and Yukon Jack (who hurls death threats at me) have no solution but keep coming up with the next nifty essay to titillate and preach to the choir.
    There is a solution in the works.
    It is “God’s” work. Be aware that God is the only thing that is real and all you see is illusion which you create in cooperation with other selves. You are God differentiated into human form. The reason there has been no solution up until now is that you enter into a state of denial and refuse help from those who have discovered a new way.
    War and death will never work as a solution.

    1. War and death ALWAYS work for bible believers.

      Bible translators have shown that, in the OT……
      god said to use war and death against enemies.

  19. What God giveth you don’t taketh. What we see are the results of Jewish rituals of making lamp shades out of infant foreskins. The wrath of Yahveh is upon us. Karl Marks, the Jew who penned a book entitled “world without Jews” famously claimed that circumcision is the source of Jewish pain.

  20. Crimes against children noted and to be remembered when refugees from the world’s biggest welfare state seek shelter in countries that aren’t run by degenerates.

  21. A plane -hercules c130- with the israeli flag painted on the side keeps passing above, every 15 minutes it returns from the meditteranean into Lod and Ramleh, i guessed, then turns back and returns again into the sea. All day and night, every day since 1949, i guessed it does this.
    yep, tel aviv, i have been there; got taken to the nearest police department because my uncle, a native palestinian from ramallah who took us -my brother and i- visitors from colombia, to tel aviv wore a keffiyeh –
    my uncle was surprised that the jews never touched me after i spit at them and at the israeli flag at the police department. “Touch me” i said, i will burn your fu cking embassy in bogota, “do it, go ahead” %%&&/(())=)/%·$· etc etc
    later my uncle told me that they would have really made me bleed had i not held a foreigner passport.
    it felt good to curse them in their face.
    its a huge place tel aviv. very nice and neat. a lot of real state. very western.

    But ther girls are pretty … specially the ones in the idf. tanned with short cacky shorts; long dark hair, nice long firm legs. Polish and french i guessed.
    the plane circles and circles.
    not far, in egypt and syria,
    the mujahedeen do to and they own the night

  22. The jews are from another age, a brutal, loutish and superstitious tribal era. There’s no place for them in the future if humans are to have a future. They lack dignity and grace. Sarah Silverman isn’t good enough to go near my dogs’ anus. My dogs know who and what they are and live by a code, a code more true and life affirming than a Sarah Silverman could comprehend. There is no human future so long as the jew is treated as a human.

  23. Karen T,
    I like your straight-forward approach: Your line, “There is no human future so long as the jew is treated as a human”, puts it all in a nutshell!
    These scum of the planet, golams/orcs, out of the sex, sin and usury capital of their filthy Second Temple (now Tel Aviv; and to be Jerusalem) are the “abominations unto hell” that Jesus spent so much of His “New Testament to Mankind” raving about! WARNING US ABOUT; just like Luther, Ford, Solzhenitsyn, Hitler and Washington!
    But for 2,000 years they have prospered and now RULE THE PLANET! They hold your mortgages and your mind!
    But silly WHITE BOYS fought the Jews’ war and maybe even killed Hitler and the but’ful Eva!
    Even if you aren’t of a pure Christian inclination, their universal depravity is becoming obvious to more and more of us!
    WE CAN WIPE THEM OUT THROUGH THE EXPOSURE OF THEIR ABJECT EVIL! The Goyim need to learn to HATE the Jew! It should be standard practice to HATE Jewry!!!! See a Jew and corner him/her!
    So called “good Jews” can give up the pretence of their filthy religious code and their murder-sanctioning God, YHWH! Even the “good Jews” who are occupying Palestine; and involved in mass genocide. 97.8% of Jews support Israel! That says it all, you fools and wanka-apologists for Jews!
    We MUST end the JEWISH RULE of our planet; and whilst we are at it bring the Illuminati down with them. The scumbag Mason elite are part of their act, as are the old-money royals! “Off with their heads”!
    MASS EXECUTIONS are now required; as anyone who thinks this evil scum can CHANGE is a raving lunatic;- maybe even a worse than the evil Christian-Zionist who rule the USA’s Christian scene! Oh “let us all pray that they can finally accept Jesus, our saviour”!!!!!
    The evangelist preachers from Hell will also have to be extinquished! You cannot make this excreta grow a brain!

    1. ah, refreshing and cleansing morning rant by maxie, every word true.

      everybody squeeze some mental paste out of the tube on your mental brush, keeps parasites from festering in the brain.

      My dogs know who and what they are and live by a code, a code more true and life affirming than a Sarah Silverman could comprehend.

      i heard that all dogs go to heaven but maybe the 2% who don’t, return as jews.

      1. Hi lobro,
        The time on my rant above says 1.36 am. I wrote it at about 9 am Australian time. Maybe Karen T is an Aussie as well, given the time of her words. Funnily enuf, I was once engaged to a Karen T; but I don’t think this is her, unless she has lately grown a brain and is a sultry blonde.
        Over one million Russians have been admitted to Israel since 1948. Not all were Jews; but I think that, like most Israeli citizens (exc, Christians and Muslims) now refer to themselves as Jews! (Ie Israelis) The blond Israeli beauties are probably Russians. The big-snouted Jewesses, with the black hair are the “rap-around-mouth” variety I am talkin’ about! That Silverstein whore is typical, as was Annie Sprinkle – even Bette Midler/Barbara Streisand/ or that ugly, bespeckled whore on Big Bang. I used to root these ugly ones, but, as I said, I grew up! Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole these days!

      2. karen t is in montreal, so that gmt+0 timestamp of 12:40am would be 18:40 (6:40pm) her local time.
        you two are about 14 time zones apart but ideological neighbors.

        i suspect that as jews plan matures like splash of diarrhea ripening in the sun, new twists and tricks suggest themselves to his maggot riddled mind.

        what used to be an object of sacred mystery is now as common as soda pop, miley cyrus is a gyno vending machine, just flip couple of coins into her and out it snaps.
        so, to keep the fatigued hamsters running in the treadmills, spice must be added in ever increasing quantities, thus torture, pedophilia, unnatural acts, degradation, crystal meth, loud music around the clock to keep the prey disoriented and stumbling blindly from perversion to perversion, into the gaping maw of baal.

        remember disney’s pinocchio, when disney was walt rather than mordechai?
        pinocchio’s moral freefall and collapse into perdition, urged on by fake friends, his torturous redemption guided by protecting antisemitic fairy?

        i seriously doubt that today’s disney jews are allowing this morality play back on airwaves.
        no no, you got miley cyrus, who is one step up on lady gaga who is one step up on madonna …
        oh yeah, mustn’t forget to mention that the protocols are a forgery, yessir.

      3. Let’s just say that if given a choice all dogs would say thanks but no thanks to entering this reality. And I would say that the same applies to the goy, although many would disagree.

        But who can say with absolute certainty that “choices” we make don’t stem from having been numbed by an “opiate of amnesia”, where the goy are conned into believing their choices are acts of truly free volition? Given this premise, choices would be more aptly described as being exacerbations.

        Perhaps only by remembering who and what we really are will the “2%” be rendered null and void, which for all intents and purposes would destroy them.

        But how would actions of ‘re-membering’ accomplish this?

        What could “member” possibly mean in this context, if the war we are engaged in is to be characterized as a spiritual one?

  24. recall that i voiced a suspicion that to the paranoia stew that the media chefs are cooking up for us with terrorists, ebola, islamofascists and assorted heebie-jeebies, spiders have been added for spice, especially in anglo countries.
    here comes this morning spider to make your day in shitmepantshire, england.

    and it is usually a wholesome young white family chased out of their home+hearth by filthy, venomous foreigners hiding inside 9 inch firm bananas that the housewife cannot get enough of.

    the wonders of diversity brought to you the same entertainment+usury moguls (or is it mo-ghouls, spellcheck confused)

    1. just happened to be eating a banana when I read the article.. hundreds of dollars, AND a holiday, might be worthwhile finding a few spiders..

  25. Ms Silverstein licks dogs’ anuses! Annie Sprinkle sprinkled on anyone who wanted it! Annie Sprinkle let my mate, Fred, look at her open pussy in front of a crowded Melbourne (Australia) Town Hall. The press photo of Miley Cyrus’s concert in Sydney (a few days ago) showed her with pussy extruded and the shaved shadow of fanny hair, Jewish Marxism has turned women into monsters! Men are, as you said, suffering from “gynoecoligists’ fatigue.” Like Courtney Love, they show too much pussy!
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    The Jews are killing sex for us more mature chaps. But they are aiming it all at the young fellas who cannot keep their hormones in control. And the young chicks, covered in tattoos and piercings are only too keen to give it out in the world of the animal farm.
    Mind you that pic of Lasha with the tattoo/filagree scarf on her face sets my hormones rising. I even have thorts for the mysterious Lucy!

  26. Where youse bin max? Hey, glad to see you back agin and firin’ on 10 cylinders! But I don’t like you talkin’ about Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus like that! (Poutin’)

    I wish you was more vir’tus Max cos I lerv yer and don’t like yer letchin’ for degnen’rate females. Wish you was more virt’tus like lobro! . . . cos I lerv lobro too! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the compliment BALTHAZA!
      I try hard to be “vir’tus”, like that fine, upstanding man, lobro, but have a kind of fetish for the pics I’ve seen of Lasha Darkmoon. She appears to be the unobtainable, super-intelligent beauty of my dreams! She is Miley Cyrus’s opposite! I admit it; my imaginings on our lovely monitor, Lucy Skipping, sometimes are un-vir’tus! I used to have a thing for that Ellie K bird, but my wives put a stop to that!
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      I guess my chiselled, blonde, Nordic looks don’t help me with the NEW Woman. Henry Makow tells the TRUTH about the New, Jewish/Marxist empowered Woman. In many ways WOMEN are our weak-point; which is why Muslim men wrap ’em up and tell ’em to shut up or else! I’d put a burqa on Miss Cyrus and a chastity belt with a digital code only I would know! Paul of the New Testament said that “women should not teach.” But that maxim would NOT apply to such as Nesta Webster or our beautiful Lasha! A rare as hen’s tooth, fine woman is to be treasured! Dog anus licking Ms Silverstein is a non-human; fit to be buried like a bone!

    1. They’re a race of lunatics, dancing on the grave on civilization. The fact that the jews still exist is proof that there’s no such thing as karma.

      1. follow through on this idea a bit spqr and you will see that it makes no sense, it is a self-contradiction.

        karma cannot be a secular proposition

        why not? let me explain.
        let’s look at a concrete example: a jew sniper hero shoots a child (like that one with the head missing in the picture that lasha shows every once in a while)
        so, according to you and numerous others, karma would be established by apprehending the jew and bringing him to temporal justice of an earthly court, resulting in his execution.
        but can that be true justice?
        what about the murdered child, her life blown away without remedial possibility of returning things back to how they were, the state of innocence and love, the link between her and father, how do you console him? jew is dead, so everything is fine.
        let’s then assume you’d say, easy, if there was karma there’d be no jews.
        but extending this a bit further, karma would then preclude the possibility of every crime – stopped before it happens.
        what about freedom of choice?
        you get the idea, i am sure.

        this is something that delineates in a very sharp way the message of christ as opposed to all other religious and philosophical systems originating in the mediterranean basin, including the ancients like egyptians, minoans, greeks and romans.
        none of them worried about justice, such is the luck of the draw buddy, get used to it.

        christ said, and afaic, it is all he said: every unit of consciousness, considered as a closed system must determine its own place in cosmos.
        this is free choice.
        this is karma.

        not saying that he was the first who enunciated this idea, quite possibly others like buddha may have preceded him but in the western segment of the ancient world, not only was he first but said it with astounding clarity, like i said, it is basically the sum total of his message, you don’t need to worry about any other trappings.

        what could be more hostile to the way of the CHOSEN?
        this is why he is so feared and hated by them and our struggle is based on that polarity, however you choose to giftwrap it it, this is the reality.
        truth against the lie, justice against choseness, moral against immoral, sacred against profane, eternal and indestructible against temporal and putrefying.

      2. to add an auxiliary idea.
        when christ spoke of the Father, he might have said it for the benefit of dirteating hicks who listened to his ministry.
        Father as the abstract organizing principle, the Idea, the gamerules and the Game itself.
        And in this context, the Mother as the physical, material, the seeded matrix, Mother Nature that provides the backdrop of the world of senses into which we come.

        and the jew, with his perverted notion has disposed of the organizing principle, he is happy with just the material, he is prostituting the Mother, made her into his whore and whorehouse, YHVH the cosmic pimp.

        so place your bets, folks.
        i know where lasha and many others here have placed theirs.

      3. lobro,

        I’ll reverse that to say that justice has nothing to do with karma.

        “eternal and indestructible against temporal and putrefying”

        Creator has nothing to do with what is temporal, therefore putrefying. Karma is a SYMPTOM of existing IN the temporal putrefaction – Existence such as this is a continuous series of symptoms, and lacking this base we instead rationalize everything till we’re blue in the face, (pardon the pun)

        Buddha spoke of Karma and I wouldn’t trust this dark overlord as far as I could throw him.

        Krishna comes close to representing complete understanding, and Christ nails it (pardon another pun – seems I can’t to resist making them)

        “Free” Will has been WAYLAYED. The devil didn’t MAKE you do it, but he DID make “it” possible to be done at all.

      4. i am speaking in terms of pure abstraction, b-hawk, not meat and potatoes, don’t know buddha personally or even by 6-degrees of separation.

        whether one chooses to view the material corruption and entropy as work of some devil or an inherent feature of the great game is up to the individual viewer’s taste.

        chess masters can play the game without the board but i am not one of them and this game is a bit more complex and complicated.

        karma is neither an english word nor a natural western construct, so everyone is welcome to their shot at it, mine is that it is a footprint left by one’s lifetime of free activity that determines future outcomes, thus “justice”.
        isn’t it said that the world is a stage? critics can argue all they want but since i am not a follower of the theatrical scene, i don’t have much to contribute on that score.

      5. This might help to understand there are in fact, three types of karma.
        Then again, it might not..

        “The intricacies of action are very hard to understand. Therefore one should know properly what action is, what forbidden action is, and what inaction is.”

        “One should understand the nature of karma, vikarma and akarma, and one must act accordingly.”

        Karma, akarma and vikarma are very clearly described in the Bhagavad-gītā.

        Actions that are performed in terms of one’s prescribed duties, as mentioned in the revealed scriptures, are called karma.

        Actions that free one from the cycle of birth and death are called akarma.

        Actions that are performed through the misuse of one’s freedom and that direct one to the lower life forms are called vikarma.

        karma – vikarma – akarma

      6. If an IDF sniper kills a child and is not punished, he will go on killing children and increasing the world’s misery. If a Jew kills a child and is then killed himself, no more children will die, and misery is prevented. As for that first child, nothing can bring her/him back and nothing can help alleviate the parents’ grief, but the knowledge that the killer is dead will at least bring closure to the family.

        As a non-Christian, I don’t think wrong can be undone and I don’t think all crimes are forgivable. Nor do I think it’s healthy to crush your emotions and wait for karma or “god” to take care of everything. There’s something nihilistic in that.

        There was a White girl named Amy Biehl who was brutally murdered by black subhumans in Africa. They stabbed and stoned her to death. During their trial they laughed out loud at the testimony. They were all pardoned by the black government of South Africa. Amy Biehl’s parents not only supported the pardon, but they shook the hands of their daughter’s murders and forgave them. They now run a foundation that gives money to “disadvantaged” blacks in Africa.

        You know what my reaction was when I first read that story? I not only wanted to brutally torture and kill every single one of those n*ggers, I wanted to do the same to her parents.

      7. spqr, don’t put words in my mouth.

        i never said “do not kill the jew sniper that murders children’ did i

        in fact i said that killing him would not fulfill the requirements of karma meaning it is inadequate and not the real justice

        the real justice is unobtainable in life

      8. @ lobro

        “karma is neither an english word nor a natural western construct.”

        Karma may not be an English word but it certainly IS a natural western construct. You will find the idea is given repeated emphasis in the New Testament, especially in St Paul’s famous dictum:

        “God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap,”

        The doctrine of karma could not have been more clearly stated.

      9. Here’s another example from the New Testament in which the doctrine of karma is laid down clearly:

        “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.”

        — Revelation 22:12

      10. xanadu, i have no argument with any of that.

        my point is that the concept did not exist in the west prior to christ, therefore it is relatively foreign (only 2000 years and only to a select few who are not calvinists and don’t buy indulgences as a way out of karma, so they can be jews during life and members of the beatific host afterwards).

      11. ” the real justice is unobtainable in life”

        Except that this isn’t “life”

        Why is it such a bombshell to say that this is death?

        “He who ‘loses his life’ will find it through me”

        I would say that among karma, vikarma, and akarma that the last, “akarma”, is the only one that’s truly legitimate, which essentially is saying NO karma. The other two reflect symptoms of what we only THINK of as “life”

        What is the little girl’s karma, or vikarma? Or her grief-stricken father’s? As far as I’m concerned they are both but components of the Big Lie.

        Into this house we’re born. Into this world we’re thrown. Riders on a storm that’s always brewin’ on the devil’s playground whose games the goy are getting sick and tired of playing. It’s time to take OUR ball and go home. We’ll leave the jews to rot in the putrid stew of THEIR making.

        But does this mean Planet Earth is “relinquished”? Transformed? Are they one and the same?

        Here’s how I see where the rub lies, my fellow goyum friends.

        God made a mistake when it came to this whole business of free-will (whoops!) How was he to know that some of his creations of singularity (i.e.; individuals) would have the wrong take on their singular creation? That they would see it as having been abandoned by the Divine Mother when this could never happen! And that as a result we, the goy, would fall under a spell that finds us marooned in the quarantine of a strange land where we perceive ourselves to be “living”?

        Inexplicable. But I believe this is exactly what happened.

        “God made a mistake, Brownhawk? But that’s outrageous….after all, He’s GOD. Therefore He’s PERFECT.”

        Yeah, I said it, and I won’t retract it. “Perfection”, after all, is something that can only be STRIVED for. A never-ending journey with a never-arrived at “destination”. What happens when you “finally” get there? What ever could be “final” about ANYTHING except the jew, say, at least in our little corner of the galaxy.

        Correcting this mis-take is the answer, and solely by thinking through the problem will not provide the solution

        This is mostly a matter for the heart, for which we need to power up.

      12. “God is not mocked: For whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”

        First and foremost, these ‘trappings’ of cause and effect in this tempo-reality represent symptoms of a hijacked existence. And when are we gonna stop this sophomoric assignation of an arbitrary authority personage status to the true nature of Creator’s power? There IS no God of Truth that would be mocked.

        God is Love. Pure and simple. And It is MAN who possesses authority and is responsible for the proper maintenance of Creation as its trustees.

        And If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. We dropped the sword.

        Beware those symptom-treaters like “Paul” who’ve been given the status of Saint. Some of whom are deserving of its acclaim, while others….


    By Nicholas Lysson

    The Palestinian website published this, which exposes the forgotten Holocaust that the promoters of the other holocaust don’t want you to know about — the one committed against the Ukrainian Christian people by the Jewish leaders of Bolshevik Russia. Although there have been literally thousands of films and documentaries on the Holocaust (the one with the capital H, trademark applied for) you will have to wait in vain for films or novels or remembrances anywhere but in the Ukraine where this unspeakable genocide occured. The truth is that all genocides are equally evil, they all involve the slaughter of the innocent. But, when it comes to the Jewish dominated news and entertainment industry, some genocides, actually one genocide is more equal than the others. It is the glue and soul and sinew of the continued occupation, murder, torture and theft of Palestine so it is thrust before us in some form in every day of our lives.

    — Dr. David Duke

  28. If justice is unobtainable in life then there’s no such thing as justice.

    therefore, according to this formula, there can be no justice for a murder victim.

    the only allowed restitution is a talmudic one, eg, 4 sheep + 1 camel for a murdered son, 2 sheep + 1 goat for a daughter and so on, wronged patriarch compensated for economic damage arising from loss of useful offspring.

    it all goes back to basics, so no point following this since we are at loggerheads axiomatically, ie, consciousness is just a particular electrical impulse, twitching of meat.

    1. “If justice is unobtainable in life then there’s no such thing as justice.”
      “therefore, according to this formula, there can be no justice for a murder victim.”

      Correct, lobro…..

      Justice varies according to venues and jurisdictions. According to customs and laws.

      In S Africa Pistorius will possibly serve just 10 months for murder.

      1. pat, it goes back to the original, unsolvable dilemma.

        either consciousness survives the organic carapace that it inhabits or it is part of that carapace and perishes along with it.

        the second alternative leaves no possibility of justice and obviates the need for any reasoning based on morality, ie, it is the jewish model and it is the logically correct one, you just do whatever you want, provided you don’t get caught and also at all times maximize your personal gain and if this tactic (always subject to change based on momentary calculations, just like the game of monopoly) involves shifting alliances, backstabbing, betrayal and deceit, that is fine, that’s how the game is played.

        so why blame the jew then?
        he plays the game and he is winning and we are just sore losers, bitching about how it is “no fair”.
        this is precisely jew’s argument, he wears the team jersey with the yellow star of david and we wear an assortment of jerseys so we don’t know who is who.
        and this is spqr’s argument, let’s all be jews without long noses and play by the exact same rules and we’ll win … against the jew.
        and then what, what is there to keep any semblance of social cohesion, why not go cannibal on each other after we’ve dealt with the original, non-contributing parasites.
        why observe any loyalty to the new society when the individual strategy of drinking each other’s blood is so much more advantageous instead of working, german style,for the common good, with all the painful sacrifices and all?

        note that nowhere above do i go all spiritual and stuff …

      2. Your argument doesn’t make sense. There’s no way we can “be” Jews unless we convert to Judaism. Group cohesion and aggression are not Jewish traits, they are traits adhered to by many races and tribes. They’re also traits that work.

        Backstabbing, deceit, and betrayal? When did I ever praise any of that? Again, we are biologically distinct from the Jew, which means we produce inherently different art, architecture, and societies, which means we can never be like them. Nevertheless, our identity needs to be protected with aggression, aggression that is either greater than or equal to the Jew’s aggression.

      3. But lobro, doesn’t even CONSIDERING that Consciousness may not survive the “organic carapace” reflect a lack of faith? To me this contributes to a definition of “jew”

        Expressing either doubt, or an outright rejection in saying, “this is all there is, then, eternal dirtnap.”

    2. There can be justice in the sense that the offender is punished according to a society’s laws. But one society’s laws might not match those of another.

      For example, how many Allied leaders got away with mass murder in WWII? Pretty much all of them, as they called the legal shots. So how do you bring them to justice? You have to formulate your own sense of justice without resorting to legalism. It may not be justice in a court of law, but it’ll at least be satisfying, and that’s pretty much all you can hope for, given your circumstances.

  29. in other words, the atheist model that does not recognize independence of spirit from its organic fuselage logically leads to parasitism, whereas the one that posits independence and survival of spirit beyond corporeal decay allows for the cooperative social structures.

    the first, parasitical model only makes sense in presence of a host, ie, a responsible society run by individuals who believe in what we call for short- karma.

    therefore, to say let’s all be parasites is self-defeating.

    meanwhile, the second, moral, cooperative model entailing individual’s moral responsibility based on the idea of ultimate justice can survive perfectly well in a parasite-free environment, and this is the goal that i am working towards.
    i have absolutely no moral qualms with eliminating the parasites, on the contrary, it is precisely my social duty.

  30. and look, jews have this perverse religion based on fear and intimidation by yahweh-devil.

    why do they need it?
    in order to maintain tribal order, so they don’t turn on each other, basically like any criminal gang.

    gangsters are not nice people and the only way to police them is by the fear of instant, severe punishment, any appeal to their morality falls on deaf ears.
    and explaining to them that ripping off each other in drug deals is not nice means nothing, dousing the transgressor in lighter fluid and setting him on flame for example to the rest does the trick.
    this is torah (instills the so-called fear of g-d), talmud is the manual on how to move ahead.
    so even jews have a sort of crippled karma going.

  31. There’s no way we can “be” Jews unless we convert to Judaism

    to me judaism is simply a smokescreen for sanctioning criminality and perversion of the worst, most depraved kind, the spirit of mass psychosis, all directed at exploitation of a group whose organizing idea is that of decency and communal cooperation in a constructive rather than destructive way.
    there is nothing else to it, it is empty of every other thought and idea,

    our art and culture is by no means genetic or ethnic or racial (whatever that means).

    it is a product of free exchange of ideas, just like we are having here.
    this is the non-jewish way.
    i am not out to “beat” spqr in a debate but improve the logical structure of the philosophical system by which i live, if you point out my error, i will learn and strengthen that structure, otherwise you might do the same, so in the social way, it is win-win, either i gain substantial improvement or you do, no one loses.
    this unselfish cooperation underpins all of art and culture, social and scientific progress
    this is why we are not jews and because jew doesn’t think this way, he is a jew.

    “jew” is an idea, like mara salvatrucha is an idea, albeit a sociopathic one, by and for lifeforms that are too deformed to survive by their own skillset and attributes, like the difference between bees and tse-tse flies.

    Backstabbing, deceit, and betrayal? When did I ever praise any of that?
    whether you praise them or not is irrelevant, because to you a moral system is not the backbone of existence like to someone who projects his existence beyond the mortal coil, it is something that may or may not be useful at times, thus the partial justice based on ad hoc legal system of the given social group, something relative rather than absolute (i think tyron parson referred to it as “common law” and in that he was right).

    if the ultimate goal is to ensure that your group, however defined, is victorious in struggle against another group, then backstabbing, deceit and betrayal are all legitimate tactics.
    but beware of the fact that how you define your group may not correspond to how another perceived member defines it, ie, if he is within an even tighter, more secretive subgroup, he will backstab you with impunity because his primary loyalty is to this subgroup to which you don’t belong.

    the price of relativity.

    1. speaking of bees.
      i don’t think they are religious but the essential component is the one of necessary self-sacrifice, without which the society is nonsense.
      this is what made germans the world’s most advanced society and the most fearsome fighting force in history.
      it is a form of religion in the sense that individual’s reward transcends his own lifetime.

      it is what separates bees from cockroaches and why we have affection for one bug and revulsion for the other.

      1. You made me laugh, not spiritual, eh? What do you propose as an alternative reality? If this materialistic world is all there is, God can take it and shove it. I’d rather disappear into oblivion.

        But that is not the point, is it? We just have to duke it out the best way we can. At one time, we might be able to get off this Moebius strip called karma, the never-ending spiral. Knowing and understanding what happened in the past sure would be helpful. Too bad, the Jews burned all the libraries.

        A little tidbit of Annunaki history as translated by Sitchin, aimed at you, Brownhawk, after our last exchange, too:

        “After much experimentation in the House of Life, the oval of an Earth female with Annunaki male essence they put together; the fertilized egg into the womb of Ninmah by Enki was inserted; there was conception! (They tried using Earth’s ‘wild ones’ as breeders, didn’t work, so finally Ninmah took it upon herself to carry and give birth to a genetically engineered child to produce the slaves we are now.)

        The curious part, after the male child was born:

        “They looked at his malehood; Odd was its shape, by a skin was its forepart surrounded,
        Unlike that of Annunaki malehood it was, a skin from its forepart was hanging!
        Let the Earthling from us Annunaki by his foreskin be distinguished! So was Enki saying.”

        From the ones with a foreskin:


        compared to the ones without you posted earlier.

      2. Impressive drillteam, Machtnichts

        I wonder if Erich Wessel is any relation to Horst Wessel? The prototype of a true soldier. The NS anthem “Horst Wessel Song” is a favorite of mine.

        Humble and honorable, with a certain power of righteous loyalty that rings through

  32. Search YT

    Babylon before Hitler … one of the short vids from….. Adolf Hitler the greatest story never told…. by Dennis Wise

  33. LUCY SKIPPING: Max, I have no idea why your comments are being delayed by going for automatic monitoring. This is not our doing. Maybe you are using some key word which triggers this response from the computer. I wish I knew the cause.

    “There’s no way we can “be” Jews unless we convert to Judaism” – So some one said. WRONG!!!!!!!!! NOT REALITY!
    Only about 10% of our planet’s 20,000,000 Jews define themselves as religious observing. Most are atheists, Marxist revolutionaries, murderous land-grabbing Zionists and putrid, sex-driven, pornographic-aligned scum. Some actually work for an honest living; but Israel is kept alive with donations from the American taxpayer.

    The religious ones are mainly the rat-tailed, big-nosed, rank-bearded, flea-bitten scum you see walking our streets. They call themselves rabbis or teachers. Their miserable lives revolve around studying the dialectical conundrums of the loony-tunes Babylonian Talmud and its later essays, with some small recourse to the Torah/5 Books of Moses. They use the latter to justify the messianic settlers’ ongoing land grabbing and MASS GENOCIDE of the Palestinian people. “Leave none breathing”, they say! (from Deuteronomy)

    A small minority of these religious JEWS are strictly non-Zionist, such as The True Torah Jews Against Zionism.
    But even the latter-mentioned bastards hate Jesus – the “impostor” – and his followers.
    Tell that to the lunatic, heretical Christian-Zionists!

    1. Dear Lucy,
      Someone, as I have said is playing around with my computer. Perhaps it is the JEWS who run Yahoo, Google and everything else. I have been hacked again and keep changing my password. My friends are being sent porn in my name – even from Hotmail sources! And I checked and it includes Ms Silverstein type material with blonde bimbos being penetrated by donkeys, dogs and bears. Even a lion is involved with one woman.
      Perhaps I will soon use another name and another supplier.
      But if they have placed their NSA devil/gremlin in my computer I MUST buy a new computer or go bush.
      THE WAR is about information dissemination. Their tentacles occupy every crevice; just like a huge Alsatian gave it to Ms Silverstein!
      BIG BROTHER is starting his/her mop-up preparedness.
      Soon the WAR will commence in earnest and many of us will have sudden heart attacks (usually from material placed in your milk) or be interred. They can easily enter your refrigerator.
      The JEWS lead the Illuminati of Satan and they nearly have absolute POWER.
      As John Kaminski said: They face a word of doped out, brain-dead Goys, who, they have decided MUST be wiped out once and for all!
      Their second tier of command is the rich Goys who have sold their souls.
      As writers have said, the Illuminati are hardly human. They are crazy psychopaths across the board!

      1. I get e-mails, supposedly from well known people I have e-mailed, inviting me to join them on some website or other, and I doubt the person in question knows anything about it..

  34. b-hawk … But lobro, doesn’t even CONSIDERING that Consciousness may not survive the “organic carapace” reflect a lack of faith? To me this contributes to a definition of “jew”

    i am speaking hypothetically to bring to light the inescapable pathways of one choice or the other.

    it boils down to the 2 options:

    materialistic atheism (the kind that does not recognize the survival of consciousness beyond bodily death) cannot reconcile itself with notion of complete justice and leads to parasitism as surely as a “forced check mate in 8 moves” with the attendant collapse in responsibility and morals, and all the mind numbing depravity — therefore one becomes indistinguishable from jew, and

    conviction in perfect justice likewise forces acceptance of independence of consciousness and body, one immaterial and persisting, the other devolving back to elements and this allows and strongly encourages cooperation required for establishment and functioning of a healthy, strong, unselfish society, which is anathema to parasitical jew.

    i don’t want to keep reiterating the steps that establish this argument in detail, they are all outlined in the above posts.

    just understand that it is futile to search for a third alternative.
    both you (saying that i ditched the idea of perpetual consciousness) and pat who is thankful that i don’t yammer about spirituality per se are on the wrong track.
    this is not my personal manifesto, just laying out of a deductive process that establishes the polarity of 2 mutually exclusive clusters (materialism, jew, moral swampland, parasitism – versus – the exact opposite of the attributes in the 1st cluster).

    1. furthermore note that each domain can be uniquely identified with just one of the attributes, they are all inescapably linked to each other, like scaly skin identifies an alligator as surely as the toothy jaw.

      as xanadu would say, you can’t serve the two masters, right? 😉

    2. “When you come to a fork in the road…TAKE IT!!” – Yogi B.

      It IS just that simple. As simple as LIVE or DIE.
      Fear causes consternation….confusion, therefore the lengthy expoundings.

      1. Yogi also said, “90% of the game is half-mental”. Classic.

        But I don’t expound lengthily out of fear. Call it winding back the lengthy expounding of falseness caused by fear itself.

      2. My favorite Yogi-ism…about a favorite watering hole…
        “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.”

        But, yours is becoming a close second…
        “I don’t expound lengthily out of fear. Call it winding back the lengthy expounding of falseness caused by fear itself.”
        (Not out of fear..but caused by fear…)

        I said it was caused by fear….. so did you.

    3. Funny that, lobro

      I mildly chastise myself for jumping the reactionary gun and not seeing by now the consistency you’ve established when you hypothesize. Your logic is virtuously always impeccable, insofar as it goes

      And therein lies THAT rub. The conundrum of the would-be “3rd alternative”.

      It is this “devolution back to elements”, the very nature of this material reality that I have a problem with. I see it as in and of itself being that which cannot avoid the parasite thus enabled. They’re part and parcel. Kit ‘n kaboodle.

      Do we dare not venture outside the Aristotlian box and into the nebulous open-air of an intuition fraught with the dangers that would wreck the ships that enter its channels?

      1. Make that “virtually” always impeccable. Although I never question your virtuosity 😉

      2. Surely lobro you are correct that the jew has commandeered the word “spirituality” as he has everything else he gets his slimy hands on. So in countering the slime with what could be seen at the very least as thoughts attempting to properly define “spirit”, I’ll offer this:

        The parasite is enabled when “matter”, as the orientation of spirit that it is, is in a state of non-malleability. Which of course must prompt the question:

        What makes matter malleable?

        If, as hp suggests, Grace could be seen as being the “3rd alternative”, then how may a definition of it as it would pertain to the actions of human beings be reconciled to the reality of a “matter-malleability” state of existence?

        Grace: 1) Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion
        2) Good will (i.e.; “will” in a malleability context having to do with the
        power of intent)
        3) Divine love and protection bestowed freely upon mankind
        4) A virtue or gift granted by God

  35. b-hawk, the reason i am skittish about using the word “spirituality” is that jews have hijacked it like so many others (like saying i had a gay old time last night) and harnessed it to their nefarious ends – they can do it through their media, publishing and entertainment dominion.
    to me it now evokes images of tattooed punks wearing pentagram jewelry, skateboards, ratty drug orgies all the while chanting mindless mantras, the whole new age barf bucket.

    much worse than that is that in erasing the line between spiritual and occult, it strips the requirement of purity and morality from spiritual and opens the door for kabbalah and black jew magic to mainstream respectability, thus madonna meditates and pursue kabbala voodoo at the same time and so do most of the hollywood retards.

    the results are predictable; corruption and prostitution of original thought, dalai lama is a zionist whore no less than the christian preachers and vatican curia and through that jew manages to sully the image of christ and buddha by association (someone called buddha the dark lord).
    now i don’t know much about buddha except that if one were to encapsulate his teaching, it would be the one of compassion and empathy for all living, suffering things, big and small, the brotherhood of spirit.
    and this right away puts him squarely into the proper camp, just as with christ.
    that people are unable to see that and allow themselves to be led astray is not the fault of the founders but the followers who prefer the artificial to the natural.

    so now the jew with rasta dreadlocks squats in lotus pose on the beach between his shifts pulling the lanyard on the howitzer shelling gaza, muttering “om” and “heavy man, heavy”.

    he is spiritual and i guess i am something else.

    the toxic parasite overcomes its host by injecting venom that paralyzes immune system, causes hemorrhaging and eats flesh so that it can feast on the rotting carcass in peace.

    the silver bullet against the vampire is Responsibility.
    because it implies justice which implies continuation of being.

    and machtnichts, i don’t see why to you karma is a moebius strip of an endless loop.
    i see it as an ongoing construction project, one floor at the time, the foundation firmly anchored in absolute, inescapable justice.
    it is the foundation and the crowning glory, the whole reason for the heavy lifting.

    i know that hp uses the etymologically, historically and linguistically correct version and i thank him for it but at the same time i like my own, homespun one.

    1. I would say…

      “the silver bullet against the vampire is -” …. removing interest on currencies.

    2. like cutting a tumor, pat, it will only grow back with vengeance unless the disease is dealt with at the root level.

      and from a purely demagogic perspective, materialism is invitation to corruption at all levels.

      sure there will be half ass attempts at fake heroism, honor, ennobling gestures by knights of malta, the templars, rosicrucians, freemasons, all these elitist secret societies that will say, we, the gifted ones (1 step from chosenness, isn’t it) must lead the rabble to utopian bliss, through (our) education, (their) hard work, we shall conquer the unfeeling cosmos (just read some of bertrand russell’s bullshit, however well meaning – although i have doubts about that as well), all men shall be happy, free of disabling fear of dark religion and blind faith, er, um, so long as we lead them and they obey us (and our talmudic overseers, just don’t tell anybody).
      the word “bolshevik” comes from the slavic root for “better”, like “better ballet”, i guess, they had ideas of betterment – within a narrow sense, better for jews, the real humans.
      kick out the god-karma-eternal (whatever your favorite word), say hello to jew, it’s inevitability must be crystal clear.

      and this is the best case scenario.

      1. Then, I would say…. using fewer syllables…

        “the silver bullet against the vampire is -” …. removing interest on currencies….

        …and KEEP IT REMOVED.

      2. Sometimes a silver bullet(s) is just a silver bullet.
        In my misbehaving youth my nickname was Loup Garou. (lou for short)

      3. FYI : “Bolshevik”

        The Bolsheviks, originally also[1] Bolshevists[2] or Bolsheviki[3] (Russian: большевики, большевик (singular); IPA: [bəlʲʂɨˈvʲik]; derived from большинство bol’shinstvo, “majority”, literally meaning “one of the majority”) were a faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) which split apart from the Menshevik faction[4] at the Second Party Congress in 1903.[5]
        Source : Wikipedia, Bolsheviks.

        Bolshoi (Russian: большой, meaning big, large, great) may refer to:
        * Bolshoi Theatre, a major ballet and opera theatre in Moscow, Russia
        o Bolshoi Ballet, resident ballet company at the Bolshoi Theatre
        Source : Wikipedia, Bolshoi.

    3. I’m the one who said Buddha was a dark lord. His “compassion and empathy” being a feint of controlled opposition. And I wouldn’t say something like that lightly. You alluded to it yourself by referencing the Dalai Lama, and with which I agree.

  36. might as well say, be steadfast
    keep your eyes on the ball,
    stay focused … and so on.

    we are talking about continuity of purpose, and how do you ensure that against the temptation which never ever gives up.
    a dry drunk can always easily become a wet drunk.

    how about this

    xanadu: as you sow, so shall you reap (the essence of a moral (“karmic”) person)
    jew: as you sow, so shall i reap (the essence of parasite)

    1. ‘might as well say, be steadfast”


      Or as ‘Chief’ Dan George said in Outlaw Josey Wales said…

      “Endeavor to persevere.”

  37. @ Xanadu

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with your idea that the NT concept of moral retribution is the same as the Indian idea of karma.

    The idea of karma in all Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism) is always connected with the doctrine of reincarnation. One is rewarded or punished for the good or bad actions of this life in a future life. And one’s good or bad fortune of this life is the result of good or bad actions in a previous life.

    The higher religions of the Middle East (Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam) don’t believe in reincarnation. They believe in a Day of Judgement on which the living and the resurrected dead will be judged to eternal heaven or hell. That is what your two quotes (Galatians 6:7 and Revelation 22:12) refer to.

    We are talking here about two entirely different concepts of moral retribution.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Xanadu: Sorry, but I have to disagree with your idea that the NT concept of moral retribution is the same as the Indian idea of karma.

      The idea of karma in all Indian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism) is always connected with the doctrine of reincarnation. One is rewarded or punished for the good or bad actions of this life in a future life. And one’s good or bad fortune of this life is the result of good or bad actions in a previous life.

      The higher religions of the Middle East (Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam) don’t believe in reincarnation. They believe in a Day of Judgement on which the living and the resurrected dead will be judged to eternal heaven or hell. That is what your two quotes (Galatians 6:7 and Revelation 22:12) refer to.

      We are talking here about two entirely different concepts of moral retribution.


      I am totally aware of what you are saying and I would be in full agreement with you if your original assumption were correct: viz., that “we are talking about two entirely different concepts of moral retribution”: i.e., reincarnation strictly reserved for the Oriental religions in explaining the doctrine of karma and the Day of Judgement concept strictly reserved for the monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Islam in explaining retribution after death.

      You are perfectly correct up to a point, but your distinction between “the two entirely different concepts” breaks down and becomes simplistic once you understand and admit to one fact: that reincarnation was a widely held belief among both Jews and early Christians until it was banned by the Catholic Church in later times and became a “heresy”.

      Here is proof that even Christ was familiar with the concept of reincarnation.

      Physical disease is one of the unpleasant expressions of past karma. It even shows itself in infants, who may come into life with such marks. The compilers of the New Testament give evidence of having recognised this fact in the question recorded in The Gospel according to Saint John 9:2: “Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?”

      See this 15,000-word essay on karma:

      From this New Testament quote you will see that reincarnation was NOT a doctrine confined to the Oriental races but had made its way to Palestine even before the official birth of Christianity.

      Here is another example of reincarnation being openly discussed by Jesus and his disciples:

      Matthew (16:13-14) records that when Jesus asked his disciples “Whom do men say that I am?” they replied that some people said he was John the Baptist (who had been executed only a few years before the question was asked). Others thought he was Elijah, or Jeremiah, or another of the prophets. Later in Matthew (17:13), far from rejecting the concept of rebirth, Jesus tells his disciples that John the Baptist was Elijah.

      The Oriental doctrine of karma therefore certainly does have an application in Christianity, given that reincarnation was a belief that Christ himself had (see above quote) and was widely assumed to be the truth among the early Christians.

      You, dear Franklin, are basing your arguments upon the official, orthodox view of the later Catholic Church, but you are forgetting that Christ himself and his disciples believed in the “heresy” of reincarnation! 🙂

      1. People speak of Christianity as if it were wholly derived from Judaism. Very little of it is. It is, in its theology, almost wholly derived from misunderstood Greek thought, mainly, from the Neopythagorean and Neoplatonic systems; and this is obvious to anyone who reads the writings of those who are called the great doctors of Christian theology, such as Dionysius, the so-called Areopagite, whose system is, in essentials, entirely taken from the Neoplatonic philosophy.

        From the dark ages we have happily emerged. They are past, and a great cycle of opportunity is before us, but the old false dogmas have left a stain, not yet wiped out. Among those obliterated teachings which were essential to an understanding of life was that of reincarnation. It was believed in the early centuries of this era, but discouraged by the Church when it became a political power. Finally at the second Council of Constantinople, AD 553, the teaching was anathematized. Thus, gradually, the knowledge of it faded out in the dark night which followed.

        Josephus, the Jewish historian who lived during most of the first century AD, records in his Jewish War (3, 8, 5) and in his Antiquities of the Jews (18, 1, 3) that reincarnation was taught widely in his day, while his contemporary in Alexandria, Philo Judaeus, in various of his writings, also refers to reimbodiment in one or another form.

        Moreover, there are passages of the New Testament that can be understood only if seen against the background of pre-existence of souls as a generally held belief.

        After the original generations of Christians, we find the early Church Fathers, such as Justin Martyr (AD 100-l65), St. Clement of Alexandria ( AD 150-220), and Origen ( AD 185-254) teaching the pre-existence of souls, taking up reincarnation or one or another aspect of reimbodiment.

        Examples are scattered through Origen’s works, especially Contra Celsum (1, xxxii), where he asks: “Is it not rational that souls should be introduced into bodies, in accordance with their merits and previous deeds . . . ?”

        And in De Principiis he says that “the soul has neither beginning nor end.” St. Jerome (AD 340-420), translator of the Latin version of the Bible known as the Vulgate, in his Letter to Demetrias, states that some Christian sects in his day taught a form of reincarnation as an esoteric doctrine, imparting it to a few “as a traditional truth which was not to be divulged.”

        See “Reincarnation as taught by the Early Christians.”

      2. John 9:2: “Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?”

        However… next verse…
        John 9:3 – Jesus refuted reincarnation/karma:

        Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

      3. Xenophanes says about Pythagoras..

        They say that once, as passing by he saw
        A dog severely beaten, he did pity him;
        And spoke as follows to the man who beat him:
        “Stop now, and beat him not; since in his body
        Abides the soul of a dear friend of mine,
        Whose voice I recognized as he was crying.”

        – Pythagoras

      4. Xanadu

        Christ may have confirmed a reality of reincarnation, but nothing of what you referenced speaks in length of its complete nature as it would involve the general body of humanity compared to his incarnating in the roles of avatar. These incarnations COULD be seen as, say, actions of a “necessary evil”.

        And as you must know, I’ve written plenty of posts that go into this. No need to reiterate here.

      5. @ Pat

        October 23, 2014 at 9:29 pm
        John 9:2: “Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?”

        However… next verse…
        John 9:3 – Jesus refuted reincarnation/karma:

        Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.

        No, Jesus does NOT refute the doctrine of reincarnation/karma in the next verse, as you erroneously state. He simply gives another explanation for why this particular man is blind: so that “the works of God should be made manifest in him.”

        As usual, you show a very poor grasp of logic.

        Someone once said to Picasso: “Is that color in your painting blue or purple?” Picasso replied, “It is neither. It is violet.” The fact that Picasso denied that the color was blue or purple does not mean that he “rejects the existence” of blue or purple as colors!

        However, I don’t expect that a person of your intelligence will grasp these fine logical distinctions.

        If you’d had the patience to read on carefully, you would have found that Jesus accepts the doctrine of reincarnation in this particular passage:

        Matthew (16:13-14) records that when Jesus asked his disciples “Whom do men say that I am?” they replied that some people said he was John the Baptist (who had been executed only a few years before the question was asked). Others thought he was Elijah, or Jeremiah, or another of the prophets. Later in Matthew (17:13), far from rejecting the concept of rebirth, Jesus tells his disciples that John the Baptist WAS Elijah.

        Pray tell me, nitwit, how can Jesus be “rejecting” reincarnation when he states quite clearly that John the Baptist, recently dead, is the SAME person as Elijah who had died long ago?

      6. @ hp

        Thanks, Homer. What a lovely story! It illustrates perfectly my point that reincarnation was not exclusively an Oriental belief, though the idea had undoubtedly originated, flourished, and been refined there over centuries before making its way westward to Ancient Greece — the cradle of Western civilization.

        Reincarnation was an esoteric doctrine among Greek philosophers of a mystical bent: Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Dionysius the Areopagite and Plotinus. Needless to say, the doctrine of karma was inextricably bound up with reincarnation. However, reincarnation was known under different names in Ancient Greece: “metempsychosis”, “rebirth”, and “the transmigration of souls”.

        It is common knowledge that Christianity was heavily influenced by the Greek philosophers and that the doctrine of reincarnation/karma formed the very bedrock of early Christian beliefs. This wasn’t to last, however. What was formerly a firmly held belief by Christ and his apostles was later made a “heresy” by the Catholic Church.

        As I said in my post above:

        “Reincarnation was believed in the early centuries of the Christian era, but discouraged by the Church when it became a political power. Finally at the second Council of Constantinople, AD 553, the teaching was anathematized. Thus, gradually, the knowledge of it faded out in the dark night which followed.”

        Those who do not wish to believe in reincarnation and karma are of course entitled to their views. I have no quarrel with them. All I am at pains to establish is that the early Christians, including Christ himself, believed in reincarnation — as is apparent from Christ’s statement that John the Baptist was the prophet Elijah reborn.

      7. Dr Dave –

        I am amazed YOU must actually believe those fairy tales, written many decades after the supposed fact.

      8. C’mon Xanadu,

        You have to expound on what is meant by “believing” in reincarnation. By saying Christ “believed in reincarnation” a difference must be considered between believing, or knowing that it exists, and being ACCEPTING of its existence.

        For Christ to know that it exists, and accepting its existence doesn’t necessarily suggest this to represent a positive affirmation of eternal life. In fact, just the opposite could very well be the case. That reincarnation represents a mechanism of control that runs contrary to being in the best interest of humanity in exercising their true actions of free-will.

        As I stated in a recent post, I’ve written alot on this subject over the last couple of years. And its content seems to have gotten short shrift.

        Oh well.

      9. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was beginning to think that all the “Christians” on the web were absolutely ignorant of reincarnation and karma. To everyone else, you should all listen very carefully to Xanadu. Life before birth is the churches BIGGEST secret. The NT needs to be studied very deeply. Do not expect the all mysteries of the cosmos (which the NT expounds (!) ) to be easy to understand. It is a mystery after all. Don’t be so hard on Pat and the others who are unable yet to think with the crispness required. Thanks again.

  38. “greater person” — “больший человек” — “bolyshee chelovek”

    so either way, not far off.

    the point i was making is that as the talmudists overthrew the romanov dynasty and replaced it with sheer terror and genocide of goy christians, they did it under the altruistic guise, they the bolsheviks were “common men” working toward betterment of all people, brothers one and all – and antisemitism was punishable by summary death, immediately after the fall of the christian monarchy.

    so, the materialistic altruism is almost a contradiction in terms.
    i say almost, because it may not start out this way but the downward slope to naked evil is too steep and slippery to resist for long.

    1. “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”
      – H. L. Mencken

  39. Black Jews: White race is ‘Devil’ and women are ‘Whores’

    A Pennsylvania appeal court recently upheld the ‘Black Chosen Peoples’ rights to spew hateful slurs at passerby on city-owned property in Philadelphia. Unlike over 8 million American Muslims, these hatemongering Black Jews, known as the Israelite Church of G-d in Jesus Christ, have been calling White folks DEVIL and women being WHORES based on their interpretation of the Bible. They also claim that both Moses and Jesus were Blacks from Nazareth and Egypt. Watch a video below.

    I wonder if these Black Jews know that the very Bible they quote to curse the Whites and women, calls their tribe Synagogue of Satan.

    The court in its ruling cited Black ‘Judaism’ rights under American Constitution. Apparently the Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan doesn’t has similar rights to call the Israel Lobby, Satanic Jews.

    The Black Jewish cult was founded in 1886 by F.S. Cherry, who claimed to be the promised biblical Messiah sent to unite the true descendants of the twelve sons of prophet Jacob (Israel). They most often cite the 28th Chapter of the book of Deuteronomy as proof that the predicted condition of the Israelites more closely matches their own, than that of today’s Caucasian Ashkenazi, and Sephardic practitioners of Judaism.

    In case some readers are curious how these Black Jews feel knowing that Blacks, both Jews and non-Jews are treated like dogs in Israel? It seems they don’t have any problem with that as Black Jewish communities live on Palestinian stolen lands in Dimona, Arad and Mitzpe Ramon in southern Israel.

    Interestingly, these Black Jews also believe in the so-called “conspiracy theory” that Ashkenazi and Sephardic are not Semite people but are descendants of Khazar Turks and Edomites. Read more here.

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    1. “Apparently the Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan doesn’t has similar rights to call the Israel Lobby, Satanic Jews.”

      Even as much as I admire Farrakhan for his honesty, C’MON MAN!
      Farrakhan calls Jews AND white people devils frequently, loudly and clearly.

    2. Watched about four minutes of the video, couldn`t stomach it, it didn`t look to me as though too many people were paying attention to big black jew mouth..

  40. “Death to America, and Curse on the Jews”

    and long live the houthis

    it all shows that other players are fast learning the ropes of colored revolutions, iranians in particular, what goes round comes round …

    “Now, the one who is mighty is the Yemeni and the one who is poor is the Saudi. This is not in financial terms or in terms of weaponry and international ties but terms of creating geopolitics and making history. We are now in a state of transformation.”

    The Iranians are long term planners. The Saudis, in contrast, are anything but.

    you mean they weren’t taught long term planning at the school of americas, at ft bragg? shocking …

    … and now, how are the chief opponents of the houthis? al-qaeda to the rescue, who else is there to defend us 🙂

  41. Who really cares one iota about “spirituality, karma, materialistric altruism, devolution back to basics, reincarnation” and all the UTTER CRAP you pseudo-intellectuals engage your silly-selfs in!
    This is Doris Lessing’s “dead language” of New World Marxism!
    Do you eagerly watch Resurrection, the USA’s leading TV show? In Australia we are told you bubba-zombies just lerv this sort of Jewish crap! In fact, you just lerv your Jewish masters! Fortunately, as John Kaminski says, the rest of the world is seeing through all your corrupt Yankee, Jewish-led garbage! A Jewess licking a dog’s anus indeed! Do you ALLl do that, you fuckas? Would NOT surprise me!
    Bubbas, you are writing for your in-crowd! What you say turns intelligent readers off!
    Your writing is inconsistent, full of half truths, lies and exaggerations. You are playing with sematics and meaningless rhetoric, whilst THE JEWS RULE a very simplistic MONEY and MEDIA controlled world. They rule over you nihilitic simpletons! I’ll bet that injun does not even have a tomahawk, preferring dog-love on his reservation.
    Oh well, you can continue your practice of meaningless scribes whilst in prison!
    I notice that half-breed injun, Brownhawk, is trying hard to pretend he has a brain! Where is Gilby Huntly and his nonsense? As for Pat, he is a 2-faced piece of excreta, who always manages to say absolutely NOTHING!!~
    As I’ve said, you bubbas have had a good Jewish education. You are the DIALECTICS unto yourselves; and you are not smart enough to understand! Tools of the JEWS!

    1. Who really cares one iota about “spirituality, karma, materialistric altruism, devolution back to basics, reincarnation” and all the UTTER CRAP you pseudo-intellectuals engage your silly-selfs in!

      I do! I jus lerv talkin ’bout spiritual subjicts! Who wants to tork ’bout SEX all the time, huh? YOU do! You got sex on the brain Maxy. Change yer toon! Tork intellectual! Tork ’bout reincarnation like Xanadu. That’s Lasha y’know. That lady don’t wanna tork ’bout sex all the time!

    2. You’re the only tool I see here you raving lunatic.

      Why don’t you take yourself and your precious Doris Lessing back to the Bilibog and your many alleged wives, You could make her, what would it be, wife #65?

      You’re a fraud, you little Aussie pussy. Why lobro and others take a shine to you, I don’t get. You don’t even make for good comic relief anymore.

      Very sad

      1. The only sad thing is that a part injun is runnin’ rampant on this site! I know you don’t have a tomahawk or a wigwam; or even a squaw! I really think you are a JEW! You are into diversions and disinformation. I would diagnose an anal complex.

      2. Some may think it’s mean-spirited, this take I have on Buddha.

        I’m reminded of Arch Stanton’s post about the Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man”. The one where aliens with long Easter Island heads present themselves as benevolent Beings whose only interest is to be of service to Mankind while displaying “compassion and empathy”. Only to find out in the end that “To Serve Man” was the title of a cookbook.

        I see the Buddha in the same light. Come across as this larger than Life figure of Benevolence in keeping with the old saying of, “you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar”. But it’s my suspicion that Buddhism is but a component of the long-range INTENT and plan of deception that in effect is all part of the protocol agenda. We all know by now the protocols to be a work of incredible craftiness and diabolical genius. Is Buddhism to be seen as being separate from its insidiousness? Ask yourselves, are we to view its adherents as being truly independent-minded people? I think it all ties in with this “Great Work of Ages” marching towards a “one-world” agenda-21 order.

        Remember Ellie K.’s portrayal of a doom ‘n gloom Fema Camp scenario? Where through the long strain of history with its social engineering, in the end the goy have been made to enjoy their servility, having been twisted into a false sense of nirvana in acceptance of their innate inferiority.

        Don’t be fooled. And you can put the deception called “Theosophy” into the same camp.

        “Ommmmmmm” indeed

        P.S. Is that better, Max? How’s that for “diversionary dis-info”, getting in the face of the “dialectics”? Would your new Matilda Doris approve?

        Your act is wearin’ thin with me, boy. You come across as this humorous and aware person who’s sounding the alarm, when in fact you’re really just a rude, vulgar, and obnoxious little boor.

        You were away from this site for several weeks. Why don’t you go away again and this time stay away.

    3. Max Bil-o-ney – –

      I say, “Absolutely nothing!” 😉

      Careful. Dr Dave will get you for belittling karma.

      1. Karma is the state of your OWN head! Ya OWN HEAD!!!!! Not anyone elses’!
        If ya head is all awry, you are FUCKED, man!
        I am a totally relaxed, beautiful child with NATURE who believes in Jesus’ concept of the TRUTH! If I want a new wife I tell her so! That’s the TRUTH! Women lerv a strong man like me and lerv being my possessions!
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        Most people these days see their world through JEWISH glasses! You can’t have KARMA when you are totally brainwashed. You might think you have IT in your wildest imaginings, but the brainwashing and TV commands really control your personal perception-deception. (read the great David Icke!)
        I get KARMA deep in the Daintree Rainforest. No JEWS enter my world here, or half-breed injuns, etc.
        I just watched a small, male blow-fly mount his large mate – obviously a large, all-devouring female. He writhed away and then dropped exhausted to the damp forest floor, where a sugar ant killed him and soon dismembered him. I will not let this tragic sexual act destroy my peaceful KARMA! … Unfortunately, then I saw a dingo who stared at me in peace; but my peace and KARMA was shattered by the images I’d watched the previous evening of a dog rootin’ Ms Silverstein and then her licking its anus! I imagined her doing that to my beautiful, forest dingo! And so Nature is perverted by the JEWISH presence; these “abominations unto Hell and the progeny of the devil” (Jesus speaking)
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  42. And men, perhaps the TRUTH will be, as lobro says it: “al-qaeda to the rescue, who else is there to defend us”??
    I’d rather be in Muslim prayer/worship position in a mosque, fighting off the fart that the bent-over bum in front of my nose just emmitted, than watch Ms Siverstein lick a dog’s anus!
    Muslim men live in a great MAN’s World, where, as I’ve said the whores (inc, most Western women) are totally subjugated and kept away from the mat-covered, main mosque floor space,
    At the moment Western men are being destroyed and subjugated via JEWISH-led PUSSY POWER! Young boys lust over Miley Cyrus’s arse on display!
    Put em in burqas and head coverings and make the whores suffer! Lerv seeing the whores on a very hot day!
    A good-looker like me can still have multiple wives for cooking and f****G, but I’d only choose the attractive ones; as I would demand a look under their burqas, which is what really happens! They don’t marry sight-unseen as Westerners think they do!
    As for Ms Ellen Degeneres, she can be led down to the pit and duly stoned. Same for those kissing pooftas or pretty boys in the pic above.

    1. Hot DAMN!! Checking into this site was getting BORING without you, Maxy! 🙂
      Go ahead – lay it on me, you glorious bastard! (I can take it.)

      1. All in good fun Gilby!
        You have the best of sentiments; and we are basically ON THE SAME SIDE.
        Sorry to keep criticising you USA citizens, but we have all your Jewish crap “streamlined” (as they say) over here and all my neighbours and everywhere I travel in Oz has look-alike- Americanized-Judaized bubbas and fat whores!
        I still think (esp after travelling in the USA) that there is now a distinct in appearance, mannerisms, etc USA citizen. You lot probably can’t see this! There is something really soft and weak in your menfolk; and I know the Jewish casters in LA/NY/Hollywood would rather the stronger facial features and manliness of Aussie males, Irish males and Brit males. You simply could not produce a Liam Neeson, Russell Crowe or a Daniel Craig. You are Jew-bred and educated, weak-chinned, soft-looking, rather tubby looking moms’ boys! Too much crap food and TV! Your Brad Pitt is a weak looking squirt of a man who just lervs making Jewish war-propagands movies; in order to get more stupid white boys to die fighting Jewish wars. Your nigrahs are getting weaker by the minute and soon won’t even appear in world athletic records! Too many drugs and high-fives; and too many fat arses!

      2. Max – –

        You forgot to mention you gave the world the biggest Jew in the media today… the Aussie… Rupert Murdock !!!

  43. To Xanadu (?!)

    MONITOR LUCY SKIPPING: Why the question mark and exclamation point? “Xanadu” is not a sock puppet as you have foolishly implied in previous posts. It is Lasha Darkmoon’s widely known POSTER NAME. She has used this name for the last seven years, even before she adopted the name “Lasha Darkmoon.”

    , and for Lobro, whose latter’s hatred of Jews and inimitably eloquent expressions thereof I share and enjoy. Xanadu too is… eloquent, but in my opinion she cuts it too fine and enmeshes herself needlessly in religious sophistry when she says Christians do not owe much to the Jews: yes, they do, sweetie: they owe everything to the Jews, and this is the sole reason why Christianity is often called merely the branch of the one and the same tree, i.e., the wretched Judaism. Simply put, no Judaism, no Christianity. Admit it.

    LUCY SKIPPING: Lasha DOES admit it, you numbskull! You use saw straw man arguments, ascribing to Lasha beliefs she does NOT hold and putting words into her mouth that she NEVER said! “No Judaism, no Christianity,” you say. “Admit it.” This is precisely what Lasha has argued on this site repeatedly. So she DOES admit it!

    At no point was Lasha attempting to minimize the Jewish influence on Christianity. She was simply at pains to emphasize that the Ancient Greeks had influenced MYSTICAL Christianity much more than Judaism had,i.e., through the influence of the neo-Platonists such as Plotinus.

    Before you attack Lasha Darkmoon, perhaps you ought to acquaint yourself with her ACTUAL views rather than rely on the IMAGINARY beliefs you ascribe to her!

    You can reason all you want: at the end of the day, all you Christians are half Jewish, whether you like it or not. Which Pope was it that said, ”It was the Jews who gave the world a conscience.” No longer willing to quote! Been… offended too long. Let Lucy Skipping (?!) find the quote!

    And besides, sadly I have been warned to confine myself to my own space, and not creep in here and cause pain and headaches to others, and this despite the fact that my words, if only they are listened to, can instantly transport others to the farthest reaches of the Universe. What is never seen or heard, cannot be thought of as neither good nor bad… Pfh! To only think that Maxy has more admirers than me here! Sorry Max. I envy Lobro. Him, everyone likes!

    Yours truly,
    The Rejected and the Unloved
    A M

    LUCY SKIPPING: Why conceal the fact that you are ALAN MERC and that you have been using at least TEN sock puppets to propound your views here and attack this site?

    You are welcome to put your views here, but you are not welcome to disrupt the flow of discourse and create endless distractions and jangling discord!

    Also, kindly refrain in future from fabricating quotations from the New Testament and ascribing false views to Lasha Darkmoon so that you can then have the pleasure of rebutting those same false views!

    Finally, please do your best to make us love the Jews a bit more — as maybe they ought to be loved — by behaving with some semblance of honour and dignity!

    1. to rejected and unloved.

      ellie, you are neither, it’s all in your head, so stick around and be a good girl on understanding that every time you kick pat in the shin he will kick you back.

  44. too bad my time zone squeezes me out of max’s field of fire when he opens up on bubbas and injuns, i sleep thru all the fun.

    Why lobro and others take a shine to you, I don’t get.

    let me tell you (part of) why, bhawk.

    ever heard of the old pirate saying:
    “beatings will stop when the morale improves”

    and that is exactly what max does and gilbert has caught on and so have i over a year ago (oh yeah, max used to take it out on me too until i couldn’t suppress laughter anymore)

    every good site needs a talented insulter and only grettir (recently known as “db”) is in max’s league.
    a good insulter does not mince words like some occasional hit+run douchebag around here, he does his business in the middle of the ring, mexican style.

    max’s motto, whether he knows it or not is “nothing wrong with being wrong as long as you say it loud and clear”.
    and he does pop in a truth, more than just every once in a while.

    by the way, max … how do you come up with measurement of 6.4 m for a humping croc, are they so into it that they are safe to approach with measuring tape?
    that sounds like a lot of croc … 🙂

    1. OK lobro, I can dish it out and take it with the best of ’em

      But Max hits below the belt when he characterizes me as being a diversionary dis-info agent when nothing could be farther from the truth.

      If you are what lobro thinks you are, maxxy, then you’ll re-acquaint yourself with the Queensbury rules and play fair.

      1. bhawk, you must keep in mind that the true scoreboard is in the minds of the readers.

        maxy can say whatever he wants but if you can keep the smile on while the cajones are jangling, you da man.

      2. Dear BROWNHAWK.
        I just read wot I’d said about you and I have been unfair, so I apologise. I am on your side and do like reading much of your contributions.
        The only trouble with you being part of the growing RESISTANCE to the JEWISH hegemony of our planet is the fact that your red injun religion precludes you from attacking the enemy at night.
        Injuns fear the night as the time of the devil-gods rising. So that is why you happily rode up in broad daylight to circled wagons and got pinged off at the settlers’ leisure. Then you thought the daylight would take you to your Happy Hunting Ground of a 1,000 virginal, thin squaws. But wot did you do at night? You hid under the fat bodies of your ugly squaws! Your barbaric religiosity was as restrictive as the Talibans who also believe after acts of violence they meet beautiful virgins!~.
        The JEWS’ faith is purely a worldly faith and does not talk of an after-life. Theirs’ is all about FUN in the here and now. They lerv illicit sex, gazing at pussies and rolling in money and POWER! They have a great time.
        Christians believe in resurrections (pun/JEWISH TV show! ) and being rewarded in some after life, if they are good boys and gals! But are they really good boys and gals? Many whores and lechers hang around Christian churches! And grand maturbators amongst the clergy!
        I believe, like David Icke, in a CREATOR of the Universe who is basically benevolent and lervin, but who likes to release nasty gremlins to fuck up our potential for paradise. You’ve got to have the yin and yang as a yardstick! The JEWS are the principal gremlins HE has given us to contend with! F**** THE BASTARDS!

      3. The mould didn’t just break when Creator made you Max. The guldarn thing shattered in a million pieces!

        Speakin’ for myself, and no other of my native brethren, I suppose the other half of my breeding is responsible for overcoming any fear of the night. I’ll slip up to the unwary enemy and slit their throats before they even figure out why all of a sudden they’re in the presence of their heavenly virgins, thank you very much!

        But ya know Max, it wasn’t our loving Creator who released those gremlins. No sir. If you were fortunate enough to have lerving parents this would preclude THEM from doing nothing less than simply lerving and protecting you at all costs. No different than Creator.

        I’ve written extensively on my theory that those we generally call “jew” for some inexplicable reason thought they were ABANDONED by Creator instead of being loved because NOTHING can manifest at ALL without love. Because of this mis-take on their part FEAR was ‘invented’, or more to the point, it became a reality. Hence….the gremlins.

        And thanks for the apology, you glorious bastard. A great distinction paid to you by our friend Gilbert. To be put in the same company of the the great Field Marshall Rommel, doncha think 😉

  45. @xanadu,
    thanks for the enlightenment on jesus’ take on karma and reincarnation.
    for disreaders like me, having people like you is treasure, someone trustworthy who spoonfeeds me just the right information in correct dosage for my brain to absorb without rejecting.
    otherwise i could have just let my eyes slide uncomprehendingly over such a passage like it was waxpaper for broiling turkeys, which is what happened every single time i tried to read these scriptures-without-pictures.

    i am glad my man jesus said all most of the things that seem rational to me, such as that sarah silverstein should be tossed into a chum machine to be shredded for fish bait instead of letting her molest random dogs and cheat them out of their innocence, so that no self-respecting bitch would ever look at them, let alone consent to having puppies with him.

    but i am done with karmaration topic other than to revert briefly to my building site analogy.
    done right, one life is like a storey of a building, you stack them atop one another to improve the view from the penthouse.
    done wrong, it is castles in the sand that are bound to be repeated with each wave or rainfall.

    and … zingg (a thought, a thought, oh my, i just had a thought) … what if everyone gets his due according to his wish.
    those who insist on being perishable meat are just that, their wish is pre-granted and the meat itself is reincarnated (re-meated) by being consumed by other crawlies.
    because what is this biomass but a self-devouring, self-perpetuating entity, twisting, writhing, deforming and reforming through the nauseating eons, back in the day there were little bumps and zits called dinosaurs that were submerged into the biomass to reappear as wooly mammoths and presently as darkmoon posters, not a gob of organic matter wasted.

    and this explains why we can’t get rid of jews any more than chemo-resistant cancer.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words and wise ruminations, star Poster!

      “I just lerv readin’ yer thorts,” as Mad Max might say. “Don’t go away bubba or I’ll kill yer!”

    2. OK again, lobro

      But it would sadden me to think that my rebuttal that she seems to want to gloss over would in turn be glossed over by you, and others too

      That she “enlightened” you doesn’t necessarily mean that the “enlightenment” represents a truth that she and many others may not be seeing.

      I think one would be hard-pressed to find a more open-minded and thoughtful website than this one, but I hate to think in terms of rubbing sacred cows the wrong way, and it resulting in a dis-continuation of certain discourses.

      As a mathematician you know exactly what I’m talking about

      1. reincarnation represents a mechanism of control that runs contrary to being in the best interest of humanity in exercising their true actions of free-will.

        for me, this is difficult to conceptualize, bhawk.
        in particular, it begs for the definition or redefinition of “best interest”, “true action” and ‘free-will”, eg, how does “exercise of true free will” guarantee the welfare of humanity?
        it seems to me that there is a direct threat of the opposite.

        (“true free will” would be the free will exercised free of any responsibility – no need to pay, right?)

        anyway, i will let you explain, but it has to be done in terms plain enough even for me to understand (because i know max will refuse to “enlighten” me)

      2. we agree that there are good people and bad.

        are you restricting the right of exercising-true-free-will to just the good ones?
        in other words, eliminate the bad ones before they happen, thus the world of well designed automations.

        me no get it … i thought we covered this ground lots of times already, i can see max aiming his boomerang.

      3. Everyone gets whatever they want, forever.
        Perhaps not in this particular lifetime, not at the snap of a finger or in the nick of time, but eventually.

        “In my darkness . . . I could have wished for nothing better than a real, live guru, someone possessing superior knowledge and ability, who would have disentangled for me the involuntary creations of my imagination.”
        (Carl Gustav Jung)

        “Mathematics remained significant for me as the foundation of my entire efforts for knowledge. After all, mathematics offers a system of mental images and concepts built up independently of all external sensory experience. Nevertheless, I repeatedly told myself that it is precisely these mental images and concepts that allow one to approach sensory reality and discover its inherent laws. One comes to know the physical world through mathematics, but to do this one must first let mathematics emerge from the human soul.” (Rudolph Steiner)

      4. You only THOUGHT all this ground has been covered. It hasn’t. Sometimes I feel like I’m causing a disruption in the form of comfortably numb paradigms when I post some of this related stuff.

        Hold off on the boomerang Max, and hear me out.

        A common misapprehension is characterized by your post, lobro, saying that if the bad ones were prevented from exercising free will, then that would HAVE to infer that all that would be left are “well-designed automations”. But this is not NECESSARILY the case. This would seem to suggest that a lerving Creator is responsible for everything that occurs. But don’t you see how we’ve beaten ourselves up over this Giant Lie which has conditioned us to see “God” as what is essentially an arbitrary authority that causes us to subsequently RATIONALIZE everything under the sun? That causes us to feel small and hurl curses at the Divine and questioning its existence in an erroneous take in thinking that “He” ALLOWS evil to happen?

        This fraudulent notion of dualism is at the very heart of the Big Lie!

        It goes with the territory that conceptualizing the “metaphysical” is gonna be a bitch. But a motto that has served me well in my life, although its gotten me in plenty of trouble, including some serious jail time (imagine that, an Indian in jail. whoda thunk it?), is to ALWAYS question authority. ALL authority. This must include the “authority” of Buddha, of Krishna, and of Christ, in regarding all of what they were alleged to have said, thought, and taught

        Contrary to how it might look, I’m not trying to enlighten anyone on these deep topics, but simply to question whether or not it is enlightenment we are truly getting. Although I should probably be more mindful by inserting the key word “could” in certain passages. E.g.; “Reincarnation COULD represent a mechanism of control that COULD run contrary to being in the best interest of humanity in exercising what COULD reflect true actions of free will.”

        You ask, “how does exercise of ‘true’ free will guarantee the welfare of humanity when the direct threat of the opposite could be more the case? True free will would be the free will exercised free of any responsibility. No need to pay, right?”

        Your question misapprehends my take on “true”. This take sees the exercise of free will demonstrating a FULL responsibility of conscientiousness where there would be NO debt incurred in the FIRST place (1st place=the “moment” of the creation of your singular Consciousness; Origin) Only when an exercise of free will is accompanied by acts reflecting lack of conscience is the debt of wrong behavior incurred

        So it all goes back to this conscience-less pathology of “jew”, does it not? But are we to presume that an ultimate cause of this lack is never to be understood? Instead of nipping the parasitic demon in the bud, it has insinuated itself starting as a pebble thrown into a body of water 5,000 or so years ago to the point now where its concentric circles have spread out and cover the whole lake. Along the way, former desired intentions for sought-after solutions have been to establish and somehow eternally maintain a “pale of the settlement”. or containing thoughts of somehow “killing all the jews”

        While I choose to project for a positive outcome on this physical plane of Existence, through what could be reasonably characterized as a miracle at this point, from that I see the TRULY final solution coming from “outside the box” of this material reality as we presently experience it. A solution that fulfills the promise of Christ for eternal life that has NOTHING to do with an erroneous notion of “dying” and “going” to a heavenly abode of existence. Instead, “heaven will come to you”, so to speak, in making a distinction. The nature of transition being a kind of metamorphisis where instead of experiencing “death” resulting with the de-composition of the physical body, this transitional experience will be one where any change in the composite of manifestation will move as a TRANS-position of Being. Talk about “death” taking on a whole new meaning!

        In previous posts I’ve referred to what I call this state of “physical exclusivity”, which I believe is a reality that was never intended by a loving Creator to be inhabited by those possessing a conscience.

        The last chapter of my book is titled, “For the Grace of God”. And I challenge all to dream my dream. To “craft its art” when a liberating moment is upon us. And it’s ironic, given that I sometimes slam Krishna (mildly though), but hp’s observation of “Grace” being perhaps the “3rd alternative” may just be more portentous than we think, in keeping with all of what I’ve presented in this post.

        And btw, hp, could you kindly explain “catch 23” in your own inimitable style? 😉

      5. And speaking of bees, er I mean Shakespeare…

        “Everyone gets what they want, forever”

        A thought which I concur with. But I sense there are certain points along the way of “forever” that represent golden opportunities to move on from being subjugated to a habitation in a mortal coil. In other words, getting what you want, when you want it.

        We’re at one of those “points” now. And I wonder….

        I remember when I was a young man many many moons ago, lying out in the Arizona desert reading Steiner by one of those moonlights. 40 years later, and have the mathematics finally emerged from my soul?

        When I was even a younger man many many moons before that I was the typical little shithead American boy. If confession is truly good for an ever-emerging soul, then here goes –

        My cousin and I used to shoot birds with our BB guns. Then we would gather up their little bodies, put them in shoebox coffins, give them our blessings (I know, sick), and bury them.

        On my own, in continuing my little rascally shithead antics, I would walk along the sidewalk with big rocks and play bombadier over ant colonies, wreaking utter devastation and glorying in the whole wretched business.

        Fast forward more and more of the many moons and now, my emerging soul can only respect all Life to the point where once I would simply swat an unharmful insect that drifted into my house, now, I use old coffee cans to capture and then release them outdoors. I’m careful where I tread in retribution to anthills.

        Now, I simply feel Life around me and get emotional in praise of it.

        The arrived-at point I’m making is that being in this lightbulb moment brings all time to bear in that your penance is over. You’re in the place where you need to be in moving towards that place where every want is satiated but the one that simply wants to “feel Life”.

        And if you’re in this aforementioned 1st place and moving “for the grace of God”, then you’re ready for the “ship that’s sailing”, the “train that’s boarding”:

        To “craft the art” of the dream, where instead of experiencing “death” resulting with the de-com-position of the physical body, this transitional event will be one where any change in its composite will move as a trans-position of Being.

      6. @Brownhawk, I try to avoid stepping on snails, but in spring, and summer, they are all over the place, can`t avoid all of them, and it`s reminiscent of the impersonal drone strikes, poor little b`s.. Do you think dreams might be a forerunner of life beyond death, I have some really weird dreams..

      7. Don’t know about a forerunner, Ingrid

        But nighttime dreams in general? whew. Talk about, how does it go with the Russian doll house, riddles wrapped up inside an enigma inside a mystery? (I can never remember exact quotes)

        But Mad Max said something interesting about Indians and their aversion to the night (I hate the night myself). It really is the time of roaming demons and discarnate spirits in general. 3:00 A.M. being the peak of activity.

        This could help explain the wierdos in your dreams

      8. Round here Brownhawk, the only roaming demon and discarnate spirit out and about at 3:00 A.M. would be me..

  46. Thank you, Lucy Skipping. You certainly have not only more grace, but are also more gracious than me. I believe that, in so far as being understandable, you are also a better human being than me. Believe me, I don’t say this easily. Yes, I falsified the New Testament quote, but this was not in order to mislead anyone, but just so I could paint the Jews in as evil a light as possible. And why not?






    Haven’t the Jews falsified just about everything that has to do with the gentiles? I mean, why shouldn’t we try to use the same tactics as they? It works, doesn’t it? (Where is my youtube link in the last post?) Please don’t do that.

    However, I must clarify a few points. First, I did post under the name of Parapet, BUT, I SWEAR ON EVERYTHING THAT IS DEAR TO ME, I AM NOT ELLIE K.. The only reason I mentioned that exclusive club Morton’s, is simply because I have heard that that is where she hangs out when in London, that’s all.

    Now, remember, there have been posters here who have said some really awful and filthy stuff about you and Lasha: why are their comments not being censored? Why only mine? And besides, you show us pictures here of Palestinian children being blown to pieces, and then you say, ”…Please do your best to make us love the Jews a bit more — as maybe they ought to be loved…” WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? You paint the Jews as evil, and then you ask your readers to show love towards them?! Unbelievable. Are you sure we are on the same wavelength here?


    1. my perfectly short bit, no links, no curses, only a bit of support to a merc was put on monitoring and that was maybe 2 hours ago … (?)

  47. When a Jew says “I SWEAR ON EVERYTHING THAT IS DEAR TO ME” it is nullified by ‘kol nidre’ chanting just a couple weeks ago, I believe.

    1. Well said, Pat. You never cease to surprise me. You can be pretty smart when you want!

    2. easy pat, there’s been enough mindless slagging without need for more.

      alan merc has explained his position pretty clearly and i don’t recall him reciting kol nidre in these threads.

      you should extend the same courtesy that you expect.

      i hate to act a cop but am sickened of round the clock bitching and bickering.
      let’s keep our powder dry for the right occasion, not in the middle of someone’s mea culpa.
      as some dude said, let those without any mea culpa whatsoever cast the first stone.

      1. Well lobro, he is an admitted Jew and an admitted liar.

        Kol nidre is not something recited in the comments section of a blogsite. You know that. Jews do not even want it known that it exists.

        Compromise is what allows the Talmudists to win. They know it. They expect it. It will, however, NOT come from me.

        There will be no mea culpa from me to them. They do too much harm for that. And I want none from them.

        There is no need to expose them if you are going to give them passes. They win. They keep sniping kids’ brains out.

        That’s is about as ‘easy’ as it gets from me.

      2. he recanted jewism.
        a person born into a jew family should be given the choice to renounce it.

        secondly, he is a half jew (i think)

        as far as i was told, the real deal jew is the one who did bar mitzvah, where he swears to follow talmudic program to a “t”, they are the ones who say kol nidre each yom kippur.
        the rest are semi-jews, sympathizers but not the inner circle ogres.

        and even those should have the right to see the error of their ways and try to extricate themselves from the swamp.
        prove their sincerity by damaging their previous tribe with either action or revelations.

        many ex-jews have done so in the past, they brought us valuable information that help us in our fight and having earned the wrath and enmity of jews and condemned to death (i think the term is “moser”).
        we need those and they need us.
        i think that merc and ellie and whoever else is in this SWIFT cohort belongs in that category.

        so far everything they said was on the ball, they are no less antisemitic in their speech than spqr, you or me.

        so now try to follow this reasoning:

        imagine if they had just joined the forum without divulging their (ex?) jewishness.

        we would have accepted them into our circle just like you were accepted, gilbert, lucy, hp, sardonicus or myself, no further questions asked.

        why didn’t they just do that, it would have made their lives so much simpler (and given that they hate jews as much as we do or even more having breathed their fumes for so long).

        the fact that they admitted to being refugees from that befouled group should commend them rather than condemn them.

        you got that?
        for that matter, there could be any number of jews here among us who are afraid to admit it and they get by, no hassle from the rest.
        SWIFTians owned up to it and should not be punished for their honesty.

        i get angry at unfairness and/or bullying, not in my nature, so unless they start spouting the talmudic line, i will stand up for them, even to lasha, one of the best friends i ever had.

        i just wish these hard punching ladies weren’t quite so passionate and ready to escalate every slight, real or perceived into a nuclear exchange.
        if nothing else, waste of a great blog.

    1. JEWS are non-human animals, or insults to animals, who lick dogs’ anuses and commit genocide on the Palestinian people. Nearly ALL JEWS support the Palestinian genocide and ALL lerv bestiality and stretched pussy-power, gold and money! GOYS should be attacking JEWRY like they did South African Apartheid. Oh yeah, it did a lot of good putting the ANC nigrahs in POWER. They have turned SA into a JEWISH-ruled charnel house, full of AIDS, violence and child raping! Ditto for ZIMBABWE! Much like many of your big cities of the USA where the nigrahs are runnin’ rampant! The JEWISH ghettoes of New York and LA should be the centres of white Goyim protest! Ya gotta make the JEWS start to feel real uncomfortable. And get MORMONS in control of ya FED, instead of the JEWS who own it!

    2. “Fuck” is a powerfully negative word that’s not nearly as inocuous as we may think.

      I’d advise being always mindful of not using it. It dissipates your power.

      1. My two and a half year old grandson just started kindergarten, and is using the F word constantly. I use it myself on occasion, it is just a form of expression, which derives it`s meaning from/for the individual..

      2. @ brownhawk

        “Fuck” is a powerfully negative word that’s not nearly as innocuous as we may think. I’d advise being always mindful of not using it. It dissipates your power.

        Why do you use it then? Why not say f**k instead and hold on to your power?

    1. “…Other special ones are also here for the common purpose of fusing love; the re-membering of Consciousness. Fellow Beings that many have an affinity with, among whom are creatures of the Oceans whose joie de vivre is as immeasurable as the Seas they patrol. And with the truth of love meaning no conditions upon it, the presence of man’s best friends, and its greatest sentinels, strengthens the resolve for it to be given freely.”

  48. All they’d have to do is swear off this ridiculous fictitious “RELIGION” and they wouldn’t be Jews any more. I gave up mine and I’m no longer catholic. Adhering to the torah and talmud is what makes them JEWS. It’s not a genetic trait it’s a BELIEF SYSTEM. PERIOD. I suspect there is a certain amount of genetics in them though du to all the inbreeding. But I don’t suppose we’ll be seeing anyone giving up this cash cow any time soon. The Kosher SCAM alone is worth billions. Then there’s the Federal Reserve….and Hollywood, and Chase, BOA, World Bank, IBOS and the ‘reparations game’. Nope, I doubt we’ll be seeing anyone giving up their buttered bread in exchange for reality…… fiction is so much more profitable

    1. Yes, I walked away from protestantism at age eighteen, even my mother turned her back on it, trouble was, she thought the Jehovah`s witnesses would be an improvement, maybe they were, for her..

      1. Dear Ingrid,
        Pure Protestantism is a great thing! My ggggggg-grand father, Thomas Bilney, was “the Father of the Protestant Church” in England. He got Latimer and Tyndale to create the first English-speaking Bibles, so that the commoners could read about “the way, the truth and the life.” Bilney got the sleazy, torturing European Catholics and their vile inquistions off the English people’s backs! Bilney, like his gggggggrandson warned of the “progeny of the devil” (the vile JEWS) in England! Henry VIII loved Bilney’s protesters and built them lervly churches! Henry had lots of wives like me, but I don’t behead them! The French with their guillotines and the Arabs with their swords are the principal beheaders! Thomas Bilney just lerved the German DR Martin Luther and was always raving about him and his hatred of Catholics and the filthy, life-sapping JEWS! When they burnt him at Lollard’s pit in Norfolk my gggggg-grand father spoke out of the flames and said: “I believe in Jesus’s words.” He is in the Book of Martyrs. I might be a lervly martyr one day, just like him! I reckon lobro will also be chosen for martyrdom! He is too smart for the JEWS and Catholics! THEY DON”T LIKE HIM!

      2. everything you said is on the ball, max, except that i am a most reluctant martyr.
        tickle my feet with a feather and i will recite deutoronomy backward.

        i would much prefer to die from overexertion in a whorehouse after a giant gastronomic meal, chomping on a cigar.

      3. yeah, “pure protestantism”

        like purity has a snowball’s chance in hell of staying that way before the contaminants swoop in, eh Max?

        My elderly parents are in the thrall of the Unitarian Universalists and live in a town where if they could, the townspeople would vote for Obama again in an overwhelming landslide. Obama happening to be the particular proselyte posturing with phony promises proceeding down a primrose path.( Hey, you got your excessive verbiage. I got mine 😉 )

        Classic sheep among the wolves in sheep’s clothing

  49. The fact of the matter is; the Jews ARE God’s chosen people. It’s merely the manner in which they are chosen that is not clearly understood by the world.

    What they are is a mechanism for God to help determine which souls are worthy of heaven. When one sees reptilian filth like Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowey raking billions from the deaths of the renters who trusted them, Jew fraudsters on Wall Street doing the same for cheating the world out of their hard earned money, Jew pornographers getting rich from debasing humanity, and Darjaal’s own seed in Israel indulging themselves in their evil passions of bloodlust and suffering…all done with seemingly no repercussions coming back onto them…one must realize they are fulfilling a pre-ordained role.

    The upshot is this: Become like the Jew and be damned to hell, resist what the Jew perpetrates in this world and find favor with God. That’s it. This malignant tribe of inbred aberrants serves no other purpose before God than this.

  50. Sarah Silverman… A whore has more standards. Where are the “Noahide Laws” enforcers when when they are desperately needed? As for the UnHoly Land. I have no desire to go there and this article cements it. Corruption is everywhere but Izrael is a pig stye all its own. Pork is no doubt illegal in the country, but genocide, bestiality, homosex, and God knows what else is (and He’d rather not). The land that gave the prophets and the Son of God now merchandises in sex trafficing and white slavery. The only democracy in the Middle East? That is like saying capitalism promotes a free market. Yeah right!

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