Slutty Jewess Defecates on Israeli Flag

Natali Cohen Vaxberg, Israel’s leading kaka artist,
faces criminal charges after defecating on the Israeli Flag.

. . . via Gilad Atzmon


NBC reports today that “A left-wing artist who posted a video of herself defecating on an Israeli flag, in order to protest the country’s treatment of Palestinians, appeared in court on Monday facing charges of desecrating a national symbol.”

In fact, this uniquely revolting young woman spread her crap on the flags of every possible country.

As we know, cosmopolitan Jews do not approve of national belonging. The video entitled <b>“S*** instead of blood”</b> was posted on Natali Cohen Vaxberg’s Facebook page on July 18 — and provoked outrage in Israel.

Vaxburg provides a devastating picture of Jewish cosmopolitanism as well as a glimpse into the clear chasm between Jewish Left “art” and any notion of beauty. Her act of disrespect may give a hint of the inspiration behind the murderous inclinations that made Bolshevik Jews into “Stalin’s willing murderers” .

It also reflects the spirit that made the Yiddish speaking International Brigade in Spain into an anti Catholic genocidial battalion.

The only positive aspect of this gross clip is that it provides us with an opportunity to witness where the current genitalia oriented solidarity movement (Queer International, LGBT for Palestine etc’) is leading. There’s a lot of “Poopoo Art” ahead, I guess.

If you are brave enough, you can watch this gross cosmopolitan art video here:


If you are repelled by the idea of watching a slutty Jewess
go down on her haunches, ass exposed,
and crap on the Israeli flag,
do not watch this disgusting 2.5 minute video!

Or have a barf bag ready, just in case . . .    

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I have now watched this nauseating video for the second time and the thought that springs to my mind is this: these are the people who took over Weimar Germany and killed over 66 million white Russian Christians between 1917 and 1957 . . . and they have now taken over America.

What does this say for the American people? 

How could the Americans have been so blind and stupid as to allow their great country to fall into the hands of these filthy perverts? (LD) 

115 thoughts to “Slutty Jewess Defecates on Israeli Flag”

  1. femen chicks coming home to roost.

    i would support her right of artistic freedom of expression, the medium is typical jew stuff, the essence of the soul shines somewhat brightly and should not be repressed.

    besides like any well mannered jewess, she knows the rules of poop & scoop.

    but what a nice 7 inch mouth, what do you say maxy?
    there was a girl in my high school classroom that looked like that one (2 inch thick glasses) that being a slavering beast at the time gave me some prurient thoughts … whew! so glad nothing came of the it, i think she was from orthotox family.

      1. Dear dog….please make it stop. I wouldn’t let my protuberance anywhere near that fanged orifice.

    1. Yeah lobro, before I even read your comment, I was going to point out to readers wot I mean by the Jewesses’ wrap-around mouth!
      I have transposed the young ladies mouth onto my Apple Mac graphics’ screen, and, sure enough, you are nearly correct 4.96 inches! This is the sort of Jewess I dated in my uni days!
      The JEWS lerv bodily functions, as in Piss Christ!
      But this Sheila is at least defecating on a lousy Israeli flag. Do not forget about that! She is shitting “on behalf of the Palestinian people” whom the Israelis are thoroughly genociding, with well over 2 million deaths/murders since 1932!

  2. USA=JewSA from the very start. The country is built on the founding fathers who were nearly all Freemasons.
    Freemasonry is Judaism for non-Jews. The upper echelons are only for Jews.

    The SHTF from the very start seen through the eyes of the Redskins.

    1. Zen –


      The Cohen-stitution was written in 1787 for WAR and DEBT… as directed by the Crown in the Treaty of Paris, 1783 version.

      In there it stated Americans got to fish off Nova Scotia….and pay ALL debts of war …. and before…. in SILVER ONLY!!

      Americans got the Fishing Banks. Crown Jews got the National Banks.

      1. The supposed ‘loser’ of the false flag rebellion in America, Britain, dictated the terms of the the treaty!!

        WINNERS do that… NOT LOSERS!!

  3. So I’ve watched it ten times on my large graphics’ screen! Taken over many days and she poos on a lot more than the vile Israeli flag! Actually, she is quite nice looking and has long legs right up to her croch. I’d rather watch her doing her act, than Sarah Siverstein licking a dog’s anus. A good HEALTH point: Her stools are neat and piled and indicate a vegetarian diet!
    Another “cosmopolitan Jew” known as PARVUS (Alexander Gelfant) was a Marxist thru and thru and carried on his father’s tradition of HATING Judaism. Parvus, “the Father Of Modernism” also was the first to expound the theory of permanent, ongoing warfare and is the inspiration for your Jewish dominated administration. Throw in Betty Friedan and her 5 inch mouth – used for sucking her clients’ penises in her vocation as a sex worker, who is also known as “the Mother of Modern Feminism” and you start to grasp the BIG PICTURE I talk about! Other Jewesses’ mouth sizes: Streisand 4.67 inches; Yellen 4.3 inches; Winehouse 5.3 inches; Midler 4.65 inches; ugly, bespectacled bitch on Big Bang 4.98 inches; my first girlfriend 6.9 inches on the stretch. THAT IS BIG!

    1. Good grief max, thats absolutely blimmin amazing you got those mouth sizes. I admire your dedication. Hilarious!!!

      1. max is a treasure trove of exotic information, i am seriously impressed.
        his observation of the waxmouth’s poop as being of healthy, vegetarian origin is also fascinating.

        as it happens, some unasked for email landed with me that teaches one how to self-diagnose through stool examination.
        surely not as useless as palm reading or the tea leaves.

        so, after reading maxy’s comment, i looked up “bristol stool chart” and there is tons (yeah, sort of pun) material out there.

      2. Yes, I was fascinated by the stool observation also. Max certainly is very perceptive, and makes valuable contributions on this site. Someone I know got bowel cancer, when I asked how she knew something was wrong, she told me she had seen blood in her stool, so she went to the doctor. That observation may have saved a lot of suffering. Certainly a worth while habit.
        I do tend to think of meat as second hand food, but sometimes I just need it, it seems. Well, want it, anyway.

      3. A man I used to know, simple soul, went to the doctor, who asked what colour his stools were, he replied that they used to be blue, but he`d painted them white..

    2. Maximum B – –

      TEN TIMES???….. TEN TIMES???

      You are SOOOO easily star-struck…MAN!! AND….by a ‘frog-headed’ Jew..NO LESS!!

      I knew I was RIGHT when I said no one would EVER knock YOU out of first place for the Outback Outhouse Award. YOUR ANUS fetish is greater than Woody Allen’s incest urges!!


    3. You forgot Julia Roberts. Hers looks to rival your 1st girlfriend’s mouth of, ahem, 6(ty).9 inches.

      Talk about wrap-around!

  4. actually, i must retract some of the stuff i said.
    admission: i did not watch the video, nor am i going to, not because of squeamishness but because of complete lack of interest in someone’s private act or what should be private.

    so … i prejudged the girl, based on my antisemitic prejudice which normally stands me in good stead.
    yes, her looks don’t conform to my notions of female charm, yes she is a jewess and yes that her choice of art medium is not to my, ahem, taste.
    but she is a jew, dammit, how else can she express herself given the burden of her cultural immersion (“cultural” for the lack of better word, after all some microbiologist may look at fecal cultures on the slide, etc).

    the fact that she expresses a) solidarity with palestinians, b) contempt for israel, and c) compassion for animals
    makes her a heck of better person than majority of americans and canadians who share none of the listed positions.

    so, until further evidence, waxberg is ok, if only she could be housebroken and pick up some basic kinderstube manners.

    max’s remark on her likely vegetarianism swung the scale for me.

  5. This is one artistic movement I’d support. Some more ideas:

    Netanyapoo: a portrait of Benny in goat dung
    Turd Begin: a statue of Menachem Begin covered in human feces
    Golda Shower Meir: urine-soaked painting of Ms. Meir

    1. make it a group portrait of golda meir with her twin brother, lyndon johnson, both fixtures in the ugliness hall of fame.

      1. …and both were Jews! Did you know that? Johnson is a descendant of Sephardic Jews who fled to Texas from Mexico when the Spanish Inquisition also came there. In Texas many of them changed their names. Johnson’s wife “Lady Bird” was also Jewish. Johnson was also part of the conspiracy to murder JFK. In a way it was a Jewish coup d’état.

        For Johnson’s Jewish roots see :

        For a picture of Johnson’s with his clearly Jewish looking wife and mother, see :

      2. franklin, i need only look at him and it is clear as day.
        moreover, it is pretty clear to me that he was up to his elbows in the murders of both kennedy brothers, ie, in deep cahoots with mossad.
        as i speculated, one major reason for getting rid of gentile catholic policy makers was to pave the way for the 1967 assault on it arab neighbors by israel and the blatant war crimes that ensued.
        only a yid president would have condoned that and lbj was all the way behind israel on that.
        he also had no problem with the sinking of uss liberty and was hoping all the seamen would be wiped out in the attack, when even the lifeboats were machine gunned from the jew pt boats.

        anyway, thanks for the sturmer confirmation of my suspicion that bordered on certainty.

    2. Ghoulda Meir was a Ms.?

      I guess he, er I mean she did a better job of covering up that bulge in her, er I mean his dress than did Michael, er I mean Michelle Obama

  6. Yeah, and this Jewess, whilst gape-mouthed and rather pretty, was outdone by the beautiful femen chicks of Russia’s Pussy Rioters.
    Being a muso among other things, I lerved several of the songs put out by the Pussy Riot band. I watched them on youtube, etc. I learned to lerv Maria, Yekatarina , Nandezhda, etc. In part I could empathize with their naked protests and bending over in public to allow passer-by men to gaze at their genitalia and even perform doggie-style on them. I nearly caught a plane to Moscow! They gave it all up for their cause and when their trials came up they used good Jewish lawyers. I hear they were liked by their prison guards and most did not serve long, as most got pregnant.
    Yeah, Jews everywhere in anything that makes up their planetary newscasts!
    And don’t you pliebians worry about it – the Jewish media fully backed Natali Cohen Vaxberg’s shitting art-form. So they backed New Zealand’s popular atrist, Julia Morison, when she took over the Christchurch Art Gallery to display her kabalistically (JEWISH) inspired “Christian themes” which were painted in her various bodily fluids. Yeah, Jesus in menstrual fluid! In my local art scene (I am a recognized, award winning, neo-Rubenesque artist) one femo-Marxist woman is producing her long “Scarf of My Life” complete with reddish-brown patches, coloured by her monthly menstrual fluid! Such is MODERNIST ART, inspired by the likes of Parvus!
    So remember, dear unwashed pliebians, the world of our Jewish masters has no RIGHT and LEFT. It is, as Solzhenitsyn said, all a macbre creation, with JEWS in charge of both rollers (right and left) of the “steamroller that is about to flatten you.” DO THE DUMBED-DOWN AMONG YOU NEED A SIMPLER EXPLANATION?
    About to play the Pussy Rioters’ best song: “Vlad the Drac fucked me in Red Square.”

    1. “Vlad the Drac”, Max?

      Where did you get that? If you made it up then I think you need to be more circumspect.

      In all candor in revealing sober realities, we’d be naive to think that most figures in positions of national power are entirely human. I usually resist going into the whole reptillian thing when making comments, but sometimes you gotta put on your big-boy pants and tell it like it is. And sorry Pat, but this ain’t no guesswork, brother. For that matter, I’m surprised you don’t know this, given that you have some Choctaw in you. Maybe not much, but you don’t necessarily need much to have a good sense of the “aliens” among us.

      As for Putin? Let’s just say that even if we were to say he was a reptillian in human guise, this doesn’t infer that he’s “one of them”. My own sense is that given a premise of his reptillian reality, he’d be more of a renegade among them, which in turn must imply that he has enough of a heart (which some do, it all depends on what KIND of Reptillian) that influences a resistance to a JWO agenda if not a NWO agenda of a sort that in no way is on board with, and would be indifferent to a “hell on Earth” totalitarian world society.

      To put it succinctly – Putin is not a draconian – the heartless scum that drove the bolsheviks to do what they did in the great slaughter of Russian Christians in the early part of the 20th Century and which is seeking to have its way with goys again.

      Call it an internecine dispute. A family affair

      1. B-Hawk –

        I have totally missed out in this incarnation … I guess.

        I have never once been prompted by my inner self to get into a fly-eating contest with a chameleon or skink. Nor have I had the urge to slither in amongst the grass and hide under a log to answer my phone.

        Maybe after a couple more cycles…I’ll pick up some scales..huh??

        I do have a couple scabs now, from yard work. That count??
        How about my stay at Holiday Inn Express??

      2. What the hell are you talking about?

        I’m simply making the point that people with even an iota of indigenous background are more inclined to see things others cannot and thus have the potential for having a broader perspective on the ways of this world and the people (and other entities) that inhabit it.

        I’m perplexed. How is it that you surmised that potentially having an ability to see Reptillians can only occur if you are one yourself?

        SEEING one. Not BEING one

        How about this? I’m just trying to take some of the guesswork out of things. I’m tired of guessing. I want knowing.

      3. Putin did state in a recent speech that he believed international law should be based on morals. Bob each way, really.

    2. Yeah, but is it THAT Vlad Pussy Riot is referring to, and not the one presently in the Kremlin?

      If so, then it’s incidental to my “Reptillian” post above. That still stands.

      1. B-Hawk –
        Too much Icke around here.

        He puts out ‘click-bait’ for eyeballs….and minds…and dollars.

      2. Healthy skepticism is one thing. Dismissing out of hand quite another.

        Granted, there’s a plethora of in-formation out there, with alot of shit to try and sort through (pardon the pun per the article), and never mind that Alex Jones snagged the title of “infowar”, or that Icke may have miscalculated early on with his “lizard” content instead of introducing the topic more gradually, it’s definitely a war that demands of right-thinking persons (goy) to develop their powers of discernment no matter how daunting the task.

        Be a lazy thinker and they gotcha right where they wancha

  7. The Jewess, Julia Roberts’ movie, Woman in Red, was the JEWISH way of legitimizing street prostitution. She gets her rich Goy fella (Richard Gere) who does not worry about the fact she might be carrying any number of “street-induced” STD’s! Or that her pussy, anus and 6.7 inch mouth might be filled with other men’s slag!
    Local whores here in nthn QLD just lerved Julia’s MESSAGE, as did the middle-class “ladies” who buy seats for Sarah Silverstein’s performances. SEE HOW JEWS CONTROL YOUR BUBBA MINDS?! It’s ALL Jewish manipulated: even most of your cocked-up grey matter you call brains!
    One street whore in Port Douglas (25 bucks a root; 15 bucks an oral; 7 bucks hand job) told me she went straight out and bought a Julia Roberts’ “red dress.” I escorted her to the local pub and boy did she get admiring glances from the men. But I offered a Nordic fist, from a great height, on any man/leach who was after my quarry on that day that I had paid for!
    But your ex-President, Billy-bob Clinton, preferred to ejaculate on BLUE dresses! Now Billy-bob is on the campaign trail for the O-bummer, and, inadvertently, his whore of a wife!
    YOU YANKS ARE SO DUMB! You fat, brainless bubbas!

    1. Maximum Bil-o-ney –

      You call yanks dumb while you and your mate perform so eloquently in concert.

      Your Aussie trio became a duo when the bloke wot swings the boat paddle on a string(bullroarer), while standing on one leg, was mauled by dingos. But…you keep clapping the sticks together like an idiot.

      Your rants are about as affecite as a fart in a whirlwind. The storm in the teapot has more gusto.

  8. Eat Shit! Billions of flies and the cultural marxists cannot be wrong

    One might think that after pornography became a global industry and after ‘live snuff’ productions like the massacre in Gaza became family entertainment there would be no taboos left to break.

    Wrong. Victoria Moser, a Jewish German porn star, boldly discovered a new territory where no one had gone before and where she was proud to be the first settler: coprophagia, or in plain language, eating shit.
    The video of the interview in which she describes with delight and professional pride her self-training to achieve coprophagic perfection is indescribably disgusting so a warning is in order: only those who are sure they have a cast iron stomach should watch this:

    The fact that she is not institutionalized and undergoing treatment but is interviewed as just a daring eccentric speaks volumes about the moral decay of Germany (shades of the Weimar Republic?) and of the Western world.

    Coprophagia, and a more general fecal fetish, is an aberrant compulsion that appears with disturbing frequency among certain Jews, as seen in the Israeli abhorrent practice of spraying Palestinian villages with refuse effluent (“skunk water”), or in one of the most grotesque manufactured tales of Holocaust horrors put out by a Holocaust survivor, i.e., Irene Zisblatt’s story as related in her autobiography The Fifth Diamond, endorsed on the back cover by the premier HHH (Hollywood Holocaust Hustler) Steven Spielberg with these words: “Irene Zisblatt eloquently speaks and inspires today’s generation with her personal story of remembrance and survival.” Zisblatt’s story starts at 14:25:

    1. It is unbelieveable to me that humanoids like this even EXIST. I have never heard of ‘scat porn’ until just now. I have to wonder just how VILE places can become. Seems there is no limit… Does anyone seriously CARE what happens to people like this????

  9. Oh Yeah, I juz read on Oz’s Larry Pickering Post that you crazy Yanks have to suffer a “lame-duck president for 2 more years” and that Jeb Bush might be your next JEWISH carbon copy!
    Wot do you expect, you bubba, child minds?
    Admit it, you and your cuntry are fucked! Ya LERV your JEWISH penetration! They are the SHITTERS and you are the ever-thankful AND OBSEQUIOUS SHITTEES!!!!
    Neil Young sings “No-one else has your part.” Yes, you brain-dead zombie Yanks have all played your collective part in bringing down your nation and preparing it for a much-deserved annihilation. Look at such an evil wanka as Pat -sy! He has no idea that he is a reactionary tool of the JEWS!
    As I’ve said to you YANKEES, think ouside of your JEWISH education and brainwashing! Read Dosteoevsky, Tolstoy (“What is Art?”), Solzhenitsyn, Muggeridge, Lessing and co and think outside the JEWISH paradigm.
    As for you, the vile Pat-sy, please read Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and buy Miley Cyrus paraphernalia! Get your hand off your gearstick, man-girl!

  10. Having said that, I’ve never actually seen a chicken or a pig that I’v wanted to eat. Lambs and cows, sometimes. In fact, sometimes my cat looks as tho it could be quite tastey. But chickens??? Very cheap and nasty.

    1. Aliceinwonderland! You state: “In fact, sometimes my cat looks as tho it could be quite tastey.”
      I stopped eating pussy after I saw the Jewess Sally Sprinkle piss in my mate’s face at the Melbourne Town Hall!
      When I was in the backstreets of Hong Kong last year I tried some glazed dog! Bit like roo meat! But no way would I eat dog’s balls and lick dog’s anuses like Sarah Silverstein.
      But I totally empathize with you when you say at times you need some meat! I have lots of it handy!

      1. Your tongue, Max, is a protuberance through your cheek. That would be the other cheek, the one topside on your head.

        Rastafarians (genuine ones, not these lame phoney bil-o-ney wannabes you see today) gave a heads-up on pussy-eating way back in the 60’s (if not before)

        They call it “bloodclot” or “bumbleclot”

        Ya mon

  11. Max, what are you actually contributing to the dialogue beyond insults and denigration? Your grammar is poor, your spelling not so much better. Writing as you speak is not really a great move to win people over to your argument. You are an Aussie; your country is a member of the British Commonwealth (a term all too easy to mock) like my own, Canada. Australians are just as screwed as the rest of us and fully in control of the Jew ~ scripts of Canada and Aus are written by the same people down to the syllable. We have not been primed as war machines as the Americans have been ~ our countries assigned secondary supportive NATO roles that are, nonetheless, just as vicious as Israel and America’s. Not all Americans are “bubbas” any more than all Aussie males are misogynistic footie fans. Just as not all Canadians are hockey maniacs….

    1. So I’m guessing they play hockey in Canada yeah?

      “Writing as you speak is not really a great move to win people over to your argument.”
      Don’t go there. Trust me.

    2. nooralhaqiqa, far be it from me to defend or represent max, because he is perfectly capable of handling himself, he in fact relishes these mudwrestling matches and wins more than half.

      of course we are all of the same stock but owing to the length and intensity of viral infection, our countries present a bit different aspects to the world.
      they are all struggling (and some have stopped struggling, flatlining now) within the straitjacket of judaic repression and general acceptance of whatever scat jew chooses to shower upon us.

      as a canadian, no vociferous aussie can insult me and my society more than it insults itself.
      just look at the general level of passive, resigned acceptance of the tale of the “ottawa terrorist islamic shooter that the brave 70 yr old parliament sergeant-in-arms iced with a single shot”, ceremonial headdress and all.

      max has a perfect phrase for it:
      They are the SHITTERS and you are the ever-thankful AND OBSEQUIOUS SHITTEES!!!!

      is he insulting our great land, glorious and free?

      no, he is speaking the unvarnished truth (and actually, his spelling and grammar are excellent, just as james joyce’s were, all errors fully intended).
      and i don’t care whether aussies are better or worse, we shouldn’t be competing with them nor do we have right to be offended by outsiders if we are unable to sense the self-inflicted offense of timid acceptance of a talmud’s roadkill.

      as a canadian, i hang my head in shame and no amount of gentile expletives can add to the insult and injury suffered from the yid, it has long ago reached the saturation point.
      and americans should, if anything feel even worse.
      the stygian sties are right here in our homes, not in australia, let them worry about their own.

      herei s an example of what i mean by self-inflicted insult that cannot be topped (umm, yummy, another helping please, nothing tastier than kosher scat)

      1. in the linked article where prof hall analyzes the background of the ottawa shooting, there is also this line that i want to comment on separately:
        The violent events in Ottawa, including the death of Canadian soldier who was ceremonially protecting Canada’s main war memorial, are in my view deeply bound up with Harper’s very zealous efforts to follow the US example of putting Canadian Armed Forces primarily in the service of Israeli plans for expansion.

        anyone catch the symbolism, why harper’s false flag ministry decided on the death of this poor soldier?
        he was unarmed when killed by drooling muslims while protecting the memorial of heroes fallen overseas to preserve great canadian freedoms, therefore we must enlist every ounce of canadian fighting spirit to serve jew’s wishes, because that way lies salvation, we must fully arm our military with the latest, best, most expensive american technology, all provided by jew defense contractors and also we must march in lockstep and stand shoulder to shoulder with elder judaic brothers.
        fill unquestioning obedience and sacrifice is required in order to guarantee freedom, the two are synonymous, freedom to serve the jew is the only freedom that makes sense.

        so help me god and kol nidre, intones harper, whom canadians consider the best choice for the plantation supervisor.

        for shame, for shame.

      2. Hi lobro, yeah man you understand my purposes for spending time on this site almost perfectly: eg: The reasons I use SHOCK tactics in order to get the half-brained, partly-educated pliebians out of their comfort zones and introduce them to the ramifications of the REAL JEWISH WORLD THEY LIVE IN!
        And you captured me exactly: “no, he is speaking the unvarnished truth (and actually, his spelling and grammar are excellent, just as james joyce’s were, all errors fully intended).” Yeah, I write like an Oz occa because it allows me to make my points in shorthand. Right over stupid Pat-sy’s head! Wot (sp intended!) better way than to encapsulate JEWISH-LED decadence than to use Silverstein’s dog anus licking as a symbolic metaphor!~ And I lerv the symbolism of defecating on the Israeli flag!
        A point I often make is that so many good-intentioned comments’ people just cannot get out of their JEWISH, brainwashed, educational training and mass media indoctrination. Thus, I find myself arguing with idiots like that Nosawacksa bitch who are still firmly under the master pigs’ puppet strings! Basically her type, like the scoundrel Pat-sy, do not have independent brains. They argue Jewish furphies such as “we must not generalize” when the Jews do it all the time: Evil Arabs, stupid Goy, etc. If you cannot generalize you are captured within their Protocols/ Talmud false visions. Of course this will go over their air heads, as YOU CANNOT MAKE THE CHRONICALLY BRAINWASHED THINK, BECAUSE THEY ARE CHRONICALLY BRAINWASHED; and cannot think for themselves! Wot is that small yellow and blue thing the Jewish sheila is shitting on?

      3. @ lobro

        “nooralhaqiqa, far be it from me to defend or represent max, because he is perfectly capable of handling himself, he in fact relishes these mudwrestling matches and wins more than half.”

        Given my great devotion to you over many years and my admiration for your wisdom, this post of yours in which you defend Max Bilney leaves me sadly disappointed.

        First of all, it is Noor who has been insulted and dishonored by this foul-mouthed Australian clown who boasts about walking around “with my erect 10-inch cock” among his imaginary harem of “wives”, making them all ooh and aah over his purported manliness.

        Yes, he is amusing. Yes, he gets many a laugh. But tell me, would you continue laughing if he boasted about flashing his 10-inch cock to a group of nuns or underage schoolgirls? He is quite capable of doing that.

        Bear in mind, too, that the man has won you round to his side not only be his clownishness but by his DISHONEST anti-Semitism.

        We have many valid reasons for disliking the Jews, we don’t need spurious ones. Your friend Bilney provides many spurious reasons for hating the Jews. First and foremost among these is his constant refrain that all Jews are somehow represented by Sarah Silverman, a woman he personally wouldn’t mind f***ing with his “manly 10-inch cock”, if it were not for the fact that she is a “filthy Jewess” who likes licking dog’s anuses!

        Your clownish friend Bilney has repeated this canard about Sarah Silverman ten, twenty, thirty times. I have lost track. As you know, I am not a Jew and only adopted a Jewish name as a joke, so you know very well that I have no particular wish to defend Sarah Silverman. But fair is fair. Did Sarah Silverman ACTUALLY lick a dog’s anus? No, she did not. The camera never showed her licking a dog’s anus. That was a simulated lick, a pretend lick.

        Bilney knows this, but he pretends the lick actually took place. And he tries to whip up a spurious anti-Semitism by suggesting that all Jewish women are like this: filthy sluts who lick dogs’ anuses.

        You know, this sort of thing brings anti-Semitism into disrepute. It makes people veer the other way, creating sympathy for Jews.

        And this is the man you defend again Noor, a good and exemplary woman who never fails to criticize the Jews in a responsible way. This is the man who has now poured scorn on Lucy Skipping, a woman you know as Lalara and whom you professedly like and admire. He calls this a “girly site”, insulting Lasha in the process. And what do you do? You stick up for the clown, betraying Lasha in the process also.

        What sort of man are you? You are willing to betray Lasha. You are willing to betray Lucy. You are willing to betray Noor. And all for a what? For a clown who gives you a few cheap laughs and keeps boasting about his “10-inch cock”.

        I expected more from you. You are the best poster on this site. I don’t mind the other posters here for being so easily conned into liking a clownish sexual pervert, but from you I had expected more.

        Can’t you see that this pervert is bad for this site? that he brings it into disrepute? that there are intelligent and serious posters here like Franklin Ryckaert, SPQR, Circassian, Arch Stanton, and yes, the outspoken Pat, who have important things to say and whose posts are being sidetracked and in a sense denigrated by all this attention given to a perverted clown who has the talent to raise a few cheap laughs?

        Comic relief is fine. I am all for it. You give it to us yourself in the nicest possible way by your genuinely amusing posts. But do we need comic relief that involves images of macho Nordic males, 6’4″ tall, strutting around their harems with erect 10-inch cocks?

        How many more times are you going to let this purportedly Nordin perv tell you about Sarah Silverman licking the shit from the anus of a dog? — an event that that never took place except in the sick imagination of the same perv?

      4. Maximum Bil-o-ney – – Baloney… and full of it.

        Tell the rabbi standing behind you to stop breathing on your neck while directing you what to write. You are so excited that you make too many grammatical errors. Tell that Aussie Jew Murdock to leave the room also…and take Silverman and the licked dog with him too. Done on the set in your NYC ghetto basement.

      5. You’re right Ruth

        While “boys will be boys” I agree that Max Bil-o-ney crosses the line with his excessive vulgarity

        Clean it up Aussie pig-boy, lest we are forced to defend our women’s honor and go down under to thrash your bilibog ass!

      6. seems Ruth Bernstein is hung up on Max and his “10-inch cock”, she mentioned it no less than six times.. Isn`t it funny how some people take exception to something, by making a meal of it themselves..


        This insulting and defamatory comment has been deleted at the request of Pat. Pat claims he did not write the comment but that it was written by an imposter. Pat is correct. The comment was written by another poster using the same name.


  12. From your previous post on Manufacturing Satanism I just found the following quote. Interesting that I stumble across it after reading the above drek:

    Crowley was quite a character, it seems, but I found it hard to sympathize with his personal habits. They bordered on the grotesque. Thus when invited out to dinner at people’s houses, very posh houses indeed, Crowley would shock all the High Society guests by defecating openly on the drawing room carpet.

    If the Host should protest, Crowley would lecture the company on “silly bourgeois conventions”, such as visiting the bathroom, and end up quoting his famous motto, “DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW!”

  13. Nooralahakiki or whatever your crap epithet is, your mouth came up at 4.3 inches on my Apple Mac screen! You are a dirty, filthy Jewess!
    Your Joke of a nation – Canajewlanda – is overrun with you scum Jews!
    So don’t you start speakin’ you brain-dead, politically correct moron!


    MONITOR LUCY SKIPPING: The rest of your post has been deleted. It is unfit for publication. Noor is a highly respected Canadian bloggist who is in the front ranks of political activists opposed to the state of Israel and she has often been accused of anti-Semitism. She has also, for many years, posted Lasha’s best articles on her site and is highly supportive of Lasha’s work. For you to vilify Noor as a “Jew” is therefore just plain ignorant and stupid, apart from being insulting.

    By the war, the mouth you have measured is not Noor’s mouth. It is the mouth of another woman. It is the mouth of Noor’s AVATAR!

    Here is Noor’s website. Show her the respect she deserves and try in future to keep a civil tongue in your head when addressing such an acomplished and highly principled lady.

    Lucy Skipping
    (Acting monitor)

    1. Yeah Lucy,
      Think I better give this girly site a total miss! You say this Noor “is a highly respected Canadian bloggist who is in the front ranks of political activists.”
      Okay, so she comes in half-baked and says of me: “Max, what are you actually contributing to the dialogue beyond insults and denigration? Your grammar is poor, your spelling not so much better.”
      Many comments’ people, particualrly lobro, know my real meaning and the many TRUTHFUL and highly LEARNED comments I make. I cannot help noticing that my wisom actually leads to much worthwhile discussion. In the above this Noor charcter has insulted me!
      I would say she is a died in the wool left-winger, who cannot realize her own pitiful diatribes come from her reliance upon JEWISH created paradigms, via her radical left wing education. But I do not think you have the intelligence to understand MY and Solzhenitsyn’s point.
      If you don’t like this you can stuff your highly feminized left wing site up whatever place you see fit!
      Remember that the JEWS use the LEFT as one half of their ongoing dialectic and the current trendy thing for left wingers is to suddenly jump on the anti-Israel bandwagon. The JEWS control both rollers of “the steam roller that is about to flatten you, and the whole of the LEFT!
      Ova ya pitiful head again! GOODBYE, GIRLY-LEFT SITE! Pull your air head in Lucy!

      1. Max –

        You have a (valid!) POINT, mate! I’m sitting here, drinking an IPA, and I have to wonder how much I’ll miss your outspokenness and great insight, here – regardless of the insults or profanity… One of the things which made this site so memorable is your type-and-style of lingo combined with intellect. It certainly won’t be as much fun. Please don’t shun it. The girls are doing their best to balance the act! You’re really a GOOD ‘bloke’, IMO. 🙂

      2. Maximum Bil-o-ney –

        Just because lobro sucked up to you does not mean you actually have a clue.

        I saw you still standing on one leg twirling a boat paddle on a string… and calling it music to watch the clouds by. The roar was awful..!!

        Good grief..Get a grip!! Grab a roo by the tail…or slap a platypus!!

      3. There are those who contribute much to the site, and there are those who drift in from time to time and take pot shots, imho Max deserves an apology, Noor was pretty rude, and OK, Max too was rude, in retaliation, but I, thankfully, don`t decide. Tough choices for the owners of the website, who to choose?

      4. Long term reader, first time poster here.

        Max, I will truly miss your candor even though you tend to wander off the reservation but I wouldn’t want you to simply quit posting here.

        Lobro needs no praising from me. He’s the finest of the lot here. My hat tip to you.

        Gilbert Huntly, I had the privilege to read one of your finest exchanges here with Alan Merc on Beethoven’ ‘Ode to Joy’ that I actually copied the whole exchange and saved it in a Word format on my computer, which I read from time to time.

      5. pat,

        Just because lobro sucked up to you does not mean you actually have a clue.

        so sorry i hurt ya feeeeluns …

        but if you had more capacity for reflection than a lump of coal, you’d reflect on why i “suck up” to max.
        hint … not because i worry that he will beat me up otherwise or am hoping to be introduced to one of his leftover wives.

        but don’t worry about it, get on with being pat, it’s a full time job, however predictable the output.

        since i only suck up to those who don’t have a clue, it follows that you are the sacred custodian of the clue repository, so keep ’em coming, buddy.

        just a reminder of the clue list (in itself an important clue), use a fridge magnet to stick it somewhere visible:

        monday: christ is a jew construct
        tuesday: putin carries water for the jew
        wednesday: brother nathaniel is a talmudic operative
        thursday: ellie katsnelson is a male hollywood script writer
        friday to sunday: clue list getting thin, recycle above after scrambling the order to confuse lobro

      6. lobro –

        You did not hurt my feelings at all. That is impossible to do here, since all posting is done anonymously.

        BUT…I might have been hurt if the comment came from Zak. .)

        Besides… You already admitted your comments are spoofs. So, I took it as such, to Max, and to me.

        Remember what I said, “Good to know. Good to go.”

        I was just ‘hard-assing’ Maximum Bil-o-ney. He needs more of it. We are all behind on that ledger.

      7. “If you don’t like this you can stuff your highly feminized left wing site up whatever place you see fit! ….Ova ya pitiful head again! GOODBYE, GIRLY-LEFT SITE! Pull your air head in Lucy!”

        Good riddance, pervert. Take your Nordic, 10-inch cock elsewhere. Unlike other brain-dead posters on this site, I’m not going to suck you off just because you’re an entertaining clown.

  14. Very young kids, in their innocence, have been known to study their droppings out of curiosity but sooner or later outgrew that fascination.

    Seems like our friends, innocence long lost if they ever had it, are somewhat stuck in that phase of development. Not only that, but they also like to smear it all over the news, tv, magazines, arts for us to swallow. By pandering to their own most basic instincts and trying to sell it to the gentiles, they are dragging down society to the lowest level. But, I’m sure everyone on this blog already knows this.

    Reminds me of William Dudley Pelley and his ’45 Questions Most Frequently Asked About the Jews’ which could act as a crash course in Jew education, imo.

    And then there is my favourite Aussie, Croc Dundee aka Paul Hogan, saying, I forgot in what context:
    They have “Shit for brains!”

  15. What’s with this fixation on poop? Maybe these people have been ‘cosmopolitan’ for far too long. Any dog breeder or farmer sees it as a disagreeable but commonplace fact of life. No big deal.

  16. These ain’t normal people, Karen, they’re Jews. They’re into poop, big time. They’re the reigning poopocracy.

  17. Move over Sarah you’ve met your match.
    All you Rabbi out there wipe the shit eating grins off your faces.

  18. Global Outrage At Latest Terror Attack…

    Citizens around the world and from all sides of the poolitical spectrum are expressing horror at the actions of a woman who shat on an Israeli flag in an attempt to draw attention to the plight of something or other.

    Experts believe it was a relatively high quality shit. Respected shitologist, max baloney, confirms that the shit was of mostly vegetarian composition and well formed. “Her stools are neat and piled and indicate a vegetarian diet”. The shit has most likely not a very unpleasant odour.

    The woman in appears to be in fairly good health, although this has not yet been independently verified.

    The unprecedentent attack has drawn the wrath of various countries.

    “She crossed a brown line. Such a vile act cannot go unpunished”, US strongman, Poobama said, “We will bomb someones kids as soon as we see they are having a wedding or something.”

    World leaders from half a dozen or so countries have jumped on board the Coalition of the Smelling.

    “The international community must stand together to fight that %95 of the worlds poopulation who do not believe in democrapsy”, UK muppet, Crapperon said, “If you don’t me, your a terrorist.”

    Whitehouse spokespooson Tony Abbott said something, too.

    While most of the civilized community remain in a shocked and stunned stupor, others are claiming the right to free speech and fartistic expression outweighs any objections. “It should be illegal not to shit on it”, said a Canadian chick, “That’s just discrimination, that is.”

    In a completely uncontroversial move, new laws are being rushed through by western goverments to save us from the threat of something.

    99% of a local idiot polled agreed they believed whatever it was you were just told to.

    Protests in shit countries are being organized in support of shit everywhere, as concerned citizens hope this example of unparalleled barbarity will not encourage home-grown extremists to deface other bodily excretions with the Israeli flag.

    Latest updates…

    …US beefs up security around sewage treatment plants.

    …US terror threat raised to dark brown.

    …Honk Kong protests for right to worship shit.

    …”Brown” revolution in Scotland stools?

    …Claims that ‘shock out of slumber’ tactics linked to anti-poo website.

    …”Genocide is a normal human function”, say supporters. Cite Darwin, Bible.

    …Skid mark to replace menstrual stain on Canadian flag? Referendum polls open.

    …NZ PM shits on NZ flag. Re-elected.

    …Plot to infect internet with shit virus discovered near gold mine. US troops move in.

    …”I’m a re-incarnated shit”, claims space lizard.

    …ISIS weaponizing shit. West blames Pootin.

    …Shite muslims bombed because, well, who cares.

    It has yet to be confirmed whether anybody who didn’t already know about whatever she’s going on about has been enlightened.

    One things for sure, though, the many unpredictable results of this womans actions have been diverse as a Bristol Poo Chart and far greater than she could ever have imagined.


      1. Thank you for your compliment Brownhawk. It really means a lot to me. I couldn’t have done it without you, my friend, and quite honestly, the part where you come in is my favourite. You have humbled me no end . Thank You.

        Okay then, one more thing. I mean that your actual real living physical body (incarnation) is a directly perceptible reality. Would you agree it is so?

  19. ruth

    you raise many valid points, in fact, all of them and i will be hard put to answer any with any semblance of coherence, i am afraid.
    this points to the fact that i like max’s posts at some poorly defined level, like a gold prospector having a hunch that a motherlode might be lurking somewhere beneath.

    because without highlighting any particular topic that max had latched onto, apart from clownish insults, which may or may not have a therapeutic value, there is something important that underlies his rage and i will try to put it into my words.

    by the way, i did raise the issue of noor being needlessly maligned, given that she is a serious, somewhat schoolmarmy lady, someone’s mother in all likelihood and that he surely wouldn’t speak that way to his mother.

    but back to the core issue.
    excerpt from max had said:

    “reliance upon JEWISH created paradigms, via … radical left wing education”

    i don’t think you or anyone else has paid much attention to the fact that max has ranted and raved almost exclusively about this issue, everything else is secondary, all his jumping up and down and waving a brightly colored 5 foot dick with groucho glasses on it as he chases his panicked hijabed wives around the stage are just meant to draw your attention to this issue by shaking you out of that jew matrix.
    actually, i suspect that gilbert has caught on or is starting to catch on.

    read what you said ruth and ask yourself how much of it is shaped by jew-imposed neural patterns, because though everyone goes on about “jewish dialectics” and how “they play both sides of the field”, “owned opposition” and cetera, no one suspects that hey, maybe the entire sphere of western human experience is just a jew conceived matrix, your every thought and emotion carefully streamlined to swim painlessly in his fish pond, never suspecting that there may be something like an ocean out there.

    well, let me give some credit to tomahawk-brownhawk whose injun roots at least partly link him to extra-judaic forms of reality out there.

    i am not saying i am smarter or stronger than you, ruth, don’t get me wrong, when i go on about this paradigm trap that traps you as securely as an ant walking on the surface of a basketball.
    i suspect that it is my peculiar mental condition, dyslexia, adhd, call it whatever, more gay, bearded, bespectacled, baldheaded jew board certified, high charging shrink terminology, that forces me to think in non-verbal modes.
    it handicaps me on one hand in some directions but also liberates me in others, allows me to make seemingly puzzling connections and see beyond the bars of the verbal cage, the said cage also has its name:

    max has some of that curse/gift too and the fact that i recognize it has pat spouting his line about me “sucking up to max”.
    and now you too, ruth.

    if any of you think that we will fight jew with any measure of success by being predictable and sticking to his script, then good luck.
    i tell you, nothing wipes the smug smirk off his scaly face than facing an unreadable adversary, because how do you “own the opposition” if the said adversary refuses to play ball?

    take for example all these “support the palestine movement” do-gooders, the bds movement, occupy movement, boycott this and that, the sticker people.
    some may patronize them snidely, others are caught up, a bit higher level of consciousness than watching reality shows, but consider that your whole experience may be nothing but a jew designed reality show.

    if the jew owns the language and the language owns you, you are nothing but a puppet’s puppet.
    so don’t focus on the language so much and giving max the boot, seek the truth beyond the known linguistic boundaries, invent new words if necessary.

    didn’t max point out that the word “guy” is now just another husky in jew’s sled harness and several here, including gilbert (and maybe pat and b-hawk) agreed?
    keep searching your vocabulary, then common phrases, finally entire chapters of thought, belief and action and see how much of it comes from jew’s bargain basement shop of intellectual scrap.

    all this hurry to be offended, to consider somebody or something abusive, hurtful is false sensitization, feeling pain where you shouldn’t and ignoring it where you should, that nauseating culture of fake victimization and victimhood that creates and drives alternate moralities, manufactured crimes and criminals (hate law, shall we share a hearty laugh?), none rooted in what tyron parson called common law, none balanced by impartial, blinded modes of judgment, ie, skewed, unhinged, demented – in whose favor, may i ask.

    thank max for pointing it out.

    1. lobro –

      “…i recognize it has pat spouting his line about me “sucking up to max”.”

      Yep…. Just toss another waffle in the toaster. 😉

    2. another one of those niggling, half-thoughts.

      when max in his anger called the site a “girlie” one, there is a deeper issue, linked to my above diatribe on correctness as opposed to rectitude.

      namely, jew being a sick hermaphrodite, just like his beastly 6-breasted idols, eg, baphomet, has a very good insight into woman’s psychology and has fashioned it into a tool to destroy white man.
      feminism is just one manifestation of this newly developed weaponry.

      the fact is that he is riding women into war against men, white, european ones in particular, by manufacturing these false sensitivities to everything an old fashioned white male exuded in the past, including this machismo, crude at times but necessary for cultivating the fighting spirit.

      so while women now decry emasculation of the white male on one hand, they pussy-whip him into shame and isolation through the correctness-de-jour, because it is a natural law that males tend to be solitary rogues, while women tend toward herd behavior (smaller build, worry about offspring and so on), easily observed across the species.

      and watch jew take advantage of yet another opportunity to poison the well and wipe out the aryan race.

      max is the foul mouthed prophet but weren’t they all, and many executed for that unless hey acquired the status of sainted fools.

      1. “so while women now decry emasculation of the white male on one hand, they pussy-whip him into shame and isolation through the correctness-de-jour,”

        If one resists….they become as ‘hard-headed’ as Pat… Don’cha knowz??

        In person, I have always been selected by the rest to lead in times of emergencies. Every time. Without fail.

        Mainly because…. no waffling allowed here.

    3. @ lobro
      November 8, 2014 at 5:18 pm

      A sadly disappointing post, Lobro. It begins off well enough, with you admitting that Ruth has made several valid points, but then it ends up by dissing her by stating categorically — on no evidence whatever — that she, Ruth, has somehow been sucked into the “Jew matrix” which you, Lobro, have somehow managed to escape.

      How condescending can you get?

      What evidence is there that you alone — and Max Bilney of course whom you continue to defend regardless of the insults he has showered upon Noor and the owners of this website — what evidence is there that you alone and Max have “escaped the Jew matrix” and everyone else who deplores obscenity has become “Jewified” and is part of the Jew matrix?

      I am sorry if I hurt your feelings by saying this, but I see more Jewification in you than in the people you so arrogantly patronize.

      You have sexual decency on the one hand, as represented by Ruth and her supporters, and you have sexual indecency on the other hand, as represented by Max Bilney. And you choose the later. Just as a Jew would.

      It is you, my friend, who is part of the Jewish matrix in your romanticization of Filth. You defend Bilney for no other reason than that he is a strutting clown boasting about his harem and his 10-inch cock. It makes you look ever so modish and “advanced” to trample on traditional values and think the NEW JEW IDEAS are better than the OLD CHRISTIAN ONES.

      Modishness is Jewishness. Defending filth is Jewishness. And that’s what you do by defending the modish, foul-mouthed, obscene, Jewfied Max Bilney — a Jew in all but name.

      Thank you for making your position clear.

  20. @ alicesfriend

    “You can blame max for me being here, if you want, too.”

    Yes, I am sure Max is very entertaining and makes you smile. All clowns do. But I nevertheless find it strange that a nice woman like you who has spent such a lot of time praising the New Testament to Brownhawk — and who therefore, I assume, is a good Christian — should be so enamored of a man who has described his 10-inch cock for us in gory detail, regaling us with many fascinating stories of his sexual prowess among his alleged 60 “wives” (i.e., fornicating groupies), all living on welfare in the Australian Outback and fucking each other blind night and day.

    It’s nice to know that you are so “liberated” and “broad-minded” that you can admire the Sermon on the Mount on Friday and the obscene antics of the thoroughly Jewified Max Bilney on Saturday — with his erect 10-inch cock riding to victory! 🙂

    Wonders will never cease.

    1. @ sardinicus

      You may have misunderstood my post.

      You make many presumptions in your post that are incorrect ,not applicable, and arguable.

      1. @ Alicesfriend

        No need to apologize, dear Alice. I love everything you say. Please continue to amuse and instruct us and give us the benefit of your unique brand of wisdom.

      2. I am happy to have supplied you with a sense of wonder and amusement.

        As for instruction… (wait for chuckles from gallery to subside) …I am at a loss for words! Oh, yeah. Stop presuming things!

      3. I am happy to have supplied you with a sense of wonder and amusement.

        That’s understandable, Alicia. You have captivated my heart. Your wit and charm have persuaded me to go on living another day. 🙂

  21. what goes round, comes round.

    ruth said that max detracts from the fact that
    there are intelligent and serious posters here like Franklin Ryckaert, SPQR, Circassian, Arch Stanton, and yes, the outspoken Pat, who have important things to say

    you will be pleased that outspoken pat has confirmed your assessment where he inserted his ever-nasty, unasked-for commentary (important, no doubt) to ingrid’s comment, which in no way concerned him, except as an opportunity to mark my ankle with his dentures:

    It’s just your way of sucking Lobro’s cock by dissing Ruth.

    as bizarrely clownish as max could be at times, pat is dripping venom, in the best tradition of gabreal jones, no doubt another serious, sadly missed commenter.

    balthaza: learn to distinguish between the container and the content.

    on the other hand, i am frustrated and bored from preaching to ears that only serve ornamental purpose, i need a break from an oxygen starved battle stage where the sound is the clash of fake 10 inch penises and equally contrived armor of moral outrage, while the remnants of tolerance gurgle down the drain.

    1. Lucy –

      Please check the IP address and see who posted under the name of ‘Pat’ that lobro referenced.

      It did not come from here.

      Probably a Bil-o-ney guy.

    2. BTW –
      The ‘imposter poster’ used the @ symbol to hail Ingrid. I never use @ because of lack of mobility in fingers.


      Maximus should know better….. so edumacated ya knowz… LOL!!

    3. lobro –

      You picked up and copied this in less than an hour/

      lobro… Are you the imposter poster from another’s wifi?

      There is another glitch in the imposter’s post. It was an oversight on his part. That’s my secret.

      And I have never used the word cock. I always say dick. Where I grew up cock was sometimes used for the female body part. Even though I know better, I never use it, to remove any doubt.

      1. well, you know how it is on sabbath, pat, nothing much else to do, so i can pick them up quickly, then run to another location (not allowed to use a powered vehicle) with a different isp.

        but you better make up your engineering mind whether pseudopat is me or max or go for trifecta, all 3 are 1.
        it would explain why i suck up to myself.
        another glitch in imposter’s post that you want to keep secret?
        maybe you never use the word “suck” …

        (hint: admin can actually geolocate the ip’s to at least within the country, why not ask them)

      2. Lobro –

        I did ask them above.

        I have 3 wordpress sites I manage, myself. I can easily locate to the city.

        No, ‘suck’ is not the secret key.

    4. @ lobro
      @ Pat

      “As bizarrely clownish as max could be at times, pat is dripping venom, in the best tradition of gabreal jones, no doubt another serious, sadly missed commenter.”

      Lobro: You do Pat an injustice. He did not write this venomous comment. The email address and IP number of “Pat 2” is totally different from the email address and IP number of “Pat 1”: i.e., the Pat we are familiar with.

      There are two possibilities: [1] This is a new poster whose user name is also “Pat”, an extremely common name, and maybe he has used the name without being aware that there’s another “Pat” on this site. [2] The other possibility is that this is an imposter/hoaxer belonging to the Ellie/Merc gang who are having their revenge on Pat for the way he attacked them previously.

      The IP number of this second “Pat” bears no resemblance to the IP numbers of the Merc/Ellie consortium, but that means nothing. These people have found a cunning way of generating an infinite number of IP numbers.

      I apologize sincerely to both Lobro and Pat for any distress caused by this unfortunate turn of events. Just let me know if either of you would like to see the vicious comment deleted… and it will be done.

      Be at peace, both of you, and realize that we face a formidable enemy who is trying to make life tough for us.

      1. MONITOR: Owing to time zone differences, this comment has been republished in its entirety as Comment No. 1 on the latest thread, entitled “Au Lecteur ~ To the Reader”.

        Er, sorry to disappoint you, beautiful Lasha……

      2. So glad it wasn`t “Pat 1″: i.e., the Pat we are familiar with. I confess to being wounded, for a while. I didn`t mean any offence to Ruth, or Noor, who are not alone in the concerted outcry over Max`s spectacular appendage. Much of the critic of Max probably stems from envy. I hope he returns, he made me laugh, laughter is healthy, and there isn`t much to laugh at these days..

  22. An enemy hath done this? . . . If you check the quotation, you’ll find that the “enemy” in question is the Devil.

    I like this Shakespeare quote better:

    As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods, they kill us for their sport.”

    1. And who do you suppose the “gods” are, Sardonicus?

      We are stuck between a “NWO” rock and a “JWO” hard place, or vice versa, whichever.

      As hp said to lobro, “you got it first guess”, pertaining to something else, but my guess is that lobro knows where I’m going in making this JWO/NWO distinction.

      A clue: Circassian alludes to it with what I think would be getting these threads back on point in quoting Putin’s “play time is over”

      For this commenter, “play time” of Mossad agents posing in native-american regalia and wielding tomahawks, or erudite scholars whose erudition has them knowing “ten times more about the jews and their ways” is too, over.

      Or as Michael Corleone put it, “OVAH!”

  23. …then hang it in a well ventilated area, like a barn if you have one, for a couple of months, this will increase the sugar content and reduce the harshness, then… whoops wrong thread!… GO PALISTINE!!! :-)… blaze it up!

    1. Ha, nice one.

      @ Whoever may be required to give a flying fish, I already know this person.

  24. Chopinesque coprology. General Patton knew all about the primeval inbred jew and their primitive ‘Caucasus Caves’ disgusting latrine habits!

  25. she is scary, not too palatable to my gentile taste (that hammock size mouth and hairy armpits will give me some night sweats) but hey, she is something else, starting to like her.

    here she does a number on yad vashem

    basically saying (very loudly) that once you shovel away innumerable tons of wicked bullshit, what’s at the bottom, the energizer – holocaust, the real secret of the extortion steamroller.

  26. I might consider it art if she then wiped herself with the Amerikan flag. Now that I might watch.
    Izrael, Amerika, and not so great Britain are about the only countries on the planet that would prosecute someone for desecrating a rather inexpensive, multicolored, polyester cloth that one usually exposes to the outside elements.
    Yet, they wreck havoc on the world… militarily and economically? Apparently someone has way too much time on their hands.
    As for the young demoniac… stupid move. You lost all credibility as an artist by attempting to pass a cheap porno act for actual art. You will live to regret that decision for years to come.

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