Society splitting at the seams

Ferguson, Missouri
Ferguson, Missouri

Is Ferguson, Missouri the shape of things to come?

America’s first black president Barack Obama has shown all people of color in the USA that he can break the law at will, so the message they hear is that they can break the law as well, and we see that happening now throughout the mean streets of the growing slums of America.

As Gary Webb wrote about the CIA’s role distributing heroin to the streets of Los Angeles, government sponsorship of street crime has actually been happening for decades, but now has been ramped up to a chaotic crescendo by Obama’s cynical delivery of automatic weapons to Mexican drug gangs followed by the deliberate and meticulously planned importation of Central American children who are fouling U.S. school systems and the health departments of every community into which these budding gangsters have been deployed.

Obama’s declaration that he can kill anyone he wants at any time certainly has filtered down into the black community and fueled a nationwide phenomenon of black violence on hapless whites. We see this black rebellion in ubiquitous gangs of black thugs playing the Knockout Game with unsuspecting white victims, laughing while their victims bleed, uncannily reflecting the behavior of vicious Jews slaughtering children in the bleeding rubble known as Gaza, and having the same humorous reaction, derisive laughter bordering on madness while stealing or destroying everything they can get their hands on.

Ditto on the streets of St. Louis, where fascist cops and raging anarchists who can’t get jobs because there are no jobs collide in a perfect storm of violent rage that presages the future of the disintegrating American republic.

If you conclude the whole world has gone insane and there is no one out there to help you, you’d be right. And the powers that be are only too happy that this is happening, so they can crack down and create the giant police state prison they wish society to be.

There are no simple solutions to any of this. The government has lied to far too many for far too long. Those rioting have no other way to express their rage and frustration over a system that offers no answers to their pointless misery and insoluble frustration over lives that have no meaning. Substandard education leaves them no path to expression except through violence and robbery as consolation prizes for their dead end lives in the form of cheap products from looted stores.

The two main developments since the decaying suburb of Ferguson erupted into nonstop violence have been (1) that police officer Darren Wilson fired his gun at a charging, 6-4, 290 pound subject who was the reason for the 9/11 call in the first place, and (2) that outside agitators were imported to St. Louis for the purpose of ratcheting up the level of violence.

So it seems like we have the construction of another Trayvon moment.

The dead black perpetrator who had robbed a convenience store of $50 worth of cigars was not running away from the cop, he was charging toward him, according to some anonymous witnesses. I don’t know that outside agitators would have been required to trigger episodes of looting since this is the way blacks consistently behave when they have the opportunity to riot over some social event, whether accidental or contrived.

On the other hand, perhaps all of these regrettable events are “seeded” by outside agitators.

But the real outside agitator is Obama, the president permanently on vacation or championing the rights of foreigners over the needs of existing, taxpaying, white American citizens.

As was the situation with Trayvon Martin, the black teenager who was killed in a scuffle with a man on Neighborhood Watch in Florida, the real quandary in this Ferguson debate is that there is no authentic avenue of communication between blacks and whites.

Whites are convinced that Michael Brown was an out-of-control black thug who roughed up a store owner, then charged a police officer, breaking a bone in his eye socket, before the shellshocked cop knocked him down for good with six shots in self-defense.

Blacks are convinced that Brown was an innocent victim who was kneeling down with his hands up when the vicious cop filled him full of holes. They don’t want to hear anything about stolen cigars.

It was the media who took the latter version and sent it over the wires and around the country, triggering sympathy protests and copycat episodes of gratuitous violence, and that in itself becomes probably the key issue in stoking the flames of disruption throughout the nation.

The media is wholly in league with the government in creating the conditions for the imposition of martial law. But the conditions are distinctly one sided.

Do you think massive groups of whites will hit the streets over the mugging and robbery of a young man by four black kids on mopeds?

The question in the minds of all white people is why do mainstream media sensationalize the occasional killing of blacks by whites when the criminal killings of white by blacks are seldom reported despite their much higher frequency.

The fact that the police in America are out of control is incontestable. But the most telling event in this whole spectacular sequence of street violence has been Attorney General Eric Holder’s criticism of local officials for releasing video of Michael Brown roughing up of a diminutive store owner from whom he stole the boxes of cigars.

This is not the first time Holder has broken the law, intimidated local officials to prove a false point, and assisted the enemies of American law enforcement.

Obama, Holder and their attack dogs Jackson and Sharpton wanted the situation in Ferguson to go up in flames, because it plays into their plan to deploy heavy military surplus weapons in American towns for the purpose of declaring martial law. The troublemakers they have assigned to trigger violence also work toward this goal, which is exactly what happened in Ferguson.

Late Tuesday night (Aug. 19), a Missouri rock radio station (KFNS, 100.7) reported that the key witness in the Michael Brown killing, who at first claimed the victim was on his knees with his hands up, had now changed his story and admitted Brown charged Officer Wilson, who shot him down in self defense.

And so the question that caused protests all over the country and riots in a St. Louis suburb remains unanswered. See Bill Whittle’s “Ferguson and the Real Race War” for an enlightening description of this current dilemma.

The legitimate answer to the question of whether blacks have a valid grievance over the killing of Michael Brown might well determine whether or not American cities continue to go up in flames. And if their grievance is proven to be mistaken, we might well ask who engineered the original false story that brought so many people into the streets, and why did they do it?

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

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  1. Former Israeli Soldier’s Message To Protesters In The US: ‘You’re Next’!

    A former Israeli soldier’s message to the people of the U.S. is a startling one. Eran Efrati says: “You guys should know: you are next in line.”

    Efrati, 28, was born and raised in Jerusalem, serving in the IDF as a combat soldier and company sergeant in Battalion 50 of the Nachal Division. Most of his military service was in Hebron and throughout the West Bank.

    In 2009, he was discharged and joined “Breaking the Silence”, an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers that is working to raise awareness about the daily reality in the Occupied Territories.

    Now Efrati is working as the chief investigator of the organization. He collects testimonies from IDF soldiers about their activities and guides political tours in the West Bank.

    His message for Americans about Palestine is a poignant one:

    “If you don’t care about Palestinians… You guys should know: you are next in line. The next one who will die from a tear gas canister into his chest will be in Zucotti Park, will be in Denver, will be in Oakland, in San Francisco.

    It is happening here already. It is happening to different people, to people of color, to immigrants in this country, it is already happening. You guys are next in line. The next one will die out of brutality of the police will be one of your sons or your daughters–in a protest. Because they [U.S. police] are training together.

    Your police are training with our army. Our army is training them how to take care of the enemy. . . . But when they come back, you are their enemy.”

    Watch the video below and help spread Efrati’s message to anyone who you think needs to hear it:

  2. Kaminski

    Good article and you’re spot on. Black men rape white women (reported) some 46,000 times a year. White men rape black women less then 10 times a year- statistically ZERO. The crime rate among minorities (Esp blacks) is out of this world. They attack whites at random, they gang up on peaceful whites and murder them. They steal whenever they can and all because they have been programmed to think it’s ‘evil whitey’s fault” their life is crap hence they take NO responsibility for ANY of their choices nor their endless lawlessness.

    Blacks are out of control. They are out of control DIRECTLY due to the elite “Jews” and their leftist hypocrites deployed all over Academia. As far back as our founding, black people have been known for the lack of impulse control thus Christianity was a suitable venue to help them control themselves and when they were Christianized, they prospered in every way. Slave Blacks were supposedly freed in the civil war, but the truth is, slave and free blacks were enslaved again with the 14th Amendment fraud. This slavery was then extended to whites during 33 with the advent of ss/birth certs etc. But are we raping, murdering, pillaging and burring everything down where-ever we go? Of course not and the question is why?

    Look at Maine. 98% white and the poorest state in the nation yet we have about the lowest crime rate in America. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Now, if Maine were to allow massive amounts of minorities inside of her, we would have a massive crime explosion across the state. People would be divided everywhere based on basic belief systems, cultures, customs and race. How in the HELL is that a good thing yet this is exactly what the Jews have been forcing on America for some 50 years.

    Do blacks have a right to be pissed? Sure, but not at the white man- at the “JEWS” who have conspired to use them against whites in order to usurp control of America. And using them (and stupid white leftists) they are doing again in Ferguson.

    Obama was installed (who’s technically a Jew himself) by the “Jews” to facilitate the collapse of America. In order to justify militarizing the police forces, they need out of control, low IQ blacks to riot. Part of this is deflection too. They want you to concentrate on “white racists” at home so you don’t see what is happening in Ukraine, Palestine or on our own border.

    Why? Because they want to make America into Gaza II with whites/Christians taking the place of Palestinians. So, the more hell they create on earth, the more no one will want to come to our aid because they are being programmed that it’s “white Americas fault” everything is going to hell and this “racist” cop who “murdered a innocent colored person with their hands up” is more proof that it’s “evil whitey” fault and that white people need to go.

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again- whites/Christians are the ULTIMATE enemy of the “Jew” and every thing we see happening domestically and internationally, always proves this point.

    What is the solution? Well, first we MUST get prepared for the perfect storm. What is happening in Missouri will spread like a wildfire and when it does, the border will collapse, a physical military invasion will commence upon America as the value of their monopoly money they call the “dollar” continues to plummet. All of these factors will increase in a coordinated fashion until the all out physical genocide attempt is launched.

    Next, since the Corporation fiction Governments will collapse, we must stand on our ONLY lawful Governments, on the land. How do we do that? When the Corp fiction Gov collapse and are gone, only the lawful one(s) will remain (uS-US of America 1789). We need the LAW behind us (law only operates inside the lawful Gov and is to operate alone on the land). This means we must join with the Common Law Grand Juries and get ready for the fights to come.

    Here is link to the many “Americas” people are unaware of but MUST be aware of in order to operate intelligibly.

  3. Tyron, I agree this Kaminski article is spot-on, and relevant – as well as your comment (is insightful, relevant – and true). However, the/your ‘perfect storm’ will PRECEDE the ‘common law grand juries’ (and ‘common law’ is ALWAYS evolutionary – it is its nature and defining trait). The crux for us (people like most of the posters herein) is WHOSE (?) common law it will be AFTER the ‘perfect storm’.

    That there WILL be a perfect storm is inevitable. Endless dialogue about who’s to blame is just that – endless. No resolution will be found here – or in those grand juries, as they no exist (they have no ENFORCEMENT teeth!)(yet).

    Some years ago (back in the nineties), I helped sponsor a Liberty Lobby ad on the ENTIRE back page of USA TODAY, offering a $50,000 reward to anyone who could find the law that stated it compulsory to pay INDIVIDUAL income taxes in the several States. (I have the paper in my files, so if anyone challenges me on the date, I can find it another day for you.)

    NOTHING came of it. Likewise, nothing will come of all this talk unless some of us survive the ‘perfect storm’ and hold a place in governance (in thrall??) for awhile. That’s the way man’s government works. Always has, always will – until He comes again (if He does – or if that’s true). (For myself, I hope it is.)

  4. Gilbert –

    You are correct.

    I also helped in that ‘full page ad’ campaign. It was “We The People” who sponsored it. I was personal friends with Sherry Peale Jackson, who was a very sharp black IRS agent and CPA in Atlanta, where I lived, who claimed “there was no law.” Joe Bannister, a former agent, was the ‘poster boy’ of the movement. It had teeth until most of the leaders either died, gave up, or were thrown in prison. I believe Sherry served 4 years. Shameful.

  5. Gilbert,

    Said: ” – until He comes again (if He does – or if that’s true). (For myself, I hope it is.)”

    ……. well, at least this shows your making a LITTLE progress in the deprogramming process.

  6. Efrati: “It is happening to different people, to people of color, to immigrants in this country, it is already happening.” .

    The NWO agenda of divide & rule includes all races. Those being manipulated and targeted have been, and are, whites as well as people of color. Violent crimes, physical and mental, are committed against them too, as white children in public schools and poor neighborhoods can tell you. I don’t trust IDF-trained Efrati, but he repeats an important point apart from his slant — we-the-dispensable-people are next.

    Media coverage of the ongoing drama in Ferguson seems primarily focused on racial injustice against blacks and police brutality. Of course police should be well-trained and accountable, and citizens should demand this non-stop. Police are citizens too and I hope the white cop can get a fair trial, and if he’s acquitted that he won’t be persecuted. Mob rule (by media, lobbies or street) precludes social justice and mob tolerance of crime means no safety for anyone. The real problems need to be addressed, and the media has proven it will do the opposite.

  7. You are all so easily taken in, ready to believe things which have not been proven, because it is what you want to believe.. I don`t know the truth about what happened in either the Michael Brown case, or the Treyvon Martin case, I wasn`t there.. The way I heard it, the Brown boy paid for the cigars, and was facing away from the cop when he was shot. I don`t know which version is true, but I do know this, all you ever get out of the US these days, is racism, hatred, and lies..

    Oh! and btw Tyron, here in Norway a survey was conducted into the rape issue, and very few were down to non whites..

  8. Pat –

    Yes, it was “We the People” (but my $ was pledged through Liberty Lobby, I seem to remember).

    Dr. Spencer and I sat with Sherry Jackson at Larken Rose’s trial in Philadelphia. I believe she was incarcerated AFTER that period. I liked her. What has become of her?
    (Gotta go to the barn, now, so won’t read your reply for awhile, anyway.) 🙂

  9. Gilbert –
    As you know, Sherry is very nice, polite and aware. I have not seen here since her release.
    She may not be a CPA anymore.

  10. I think of Vendee, France.

    We have had the set up for years with the plummeting of morality. The possibility of people becoming monstrous and committing vial acts is very real.

  11. I haven’t really been following this story, as I’m far beyond giving a shit at this point. All I know is that some dumb nagger was wasted, and his fellow naggers are chimping out. Just another day in Amerikwa.

  12. Too many take my thoughts as an either or or scenario, i.e. be silent or stand up. However this is not my point. Whatever else one does, they would do well to keep their personal information, their ideas, attitudes, likes, dislikes to themselves. Don’t tell the enemy what you are thinking or planning. Participating in their contrived events, surveys, elections, polls etc. will eventually come back to haunt. As for active participation, imagine the reaction of the politicos if everyone refused to show up for their contrived voting party. Imagine their chagrin in finding out no one is willing to play their political game any longer because everyone rejects their lies. Would the system break down and stop functioning or would it continue on exactly as before? If it did continue on with no interruption (I surmise nothing would change in either government operation or policy) then would not the true impact of one’s “voice in government” become glaringly apparent?

    Whatever else one does, they would do better to keep the enemy uniformed and misdirected. This should not be taken as advice to sit down and shut up. View this more from a strategic point of view, what serves the best interest of the desired outcome? Does providing information that gives the enemy leverage against my position help or hinder my cause? Consider how the enemy handles their information, do they tell you upfront what they are doing, or do they omit, obfuscate and misdirect their information?

    Personal story: I once worked in a position that handled and dispensed toxic chemicals, “Hazmat” as they now call it. One day I got a call from a local TV station requesting an interview. They said they simply were doing a story on the various operations on the region. The request seemed totally innocuous, just a story about regional business. I told them I would have to clear the interview with the boss. I called him and he emphatically told me “no interviews with any media” – period. I pointed out the story might provide publicity for his operation, but he was adamant in his position so I called the station back and told them I could not do the interview. A few weeks later the story came out from one of our competitors, a complete hatchet job on the industry. The upshot was a story intimating that our chemicals operations were poisoning everyone in the region and this was being done intentionally and purposefully to the terrible detriment of the community. The story brought unwanted focus to our competitors operation, consisting of a lot of calls with questions that tied up his phone lines lines preventing his customers from getting through. There were some other minor incidents costing time and money that were also directly attributable to the “news” story. I was certainly glad that I had called to clear it with my boss as no doubt I would not have had a job the minute the story had broken. I later learned the reason for his intractable position, years before he had suffered the results of a similar interview and was well aware of the media’s duplicity concerning such matters. He understood how silence worked in his best interest.

  13. Imagine if….

    Imagine if…..

    Imagine if…..


    And just exactly what information are any of us giving them thats going to help them? That some of us want them buried? You think thats a surprise to them?

    Some of us have got to spell it out even to the informed because its pretty damn clear they ain’t getting it.

    There is NO specific operational information being posted here by anyone.

    There is a time to be silent and there are specific circumstances to be silent for operational reasons. The only envelope some push is they need to be dealt with in a very serious and real manner. Very obvious and predictable place to arrive at.

    As for your “voice in government” comment well, I’m just not taking you all that seriously if you think there is any reality in that even if “we don’t show up”.

  14. Dear Readers,
    You have to KNOW only ONE thing about the half whiteman, half blackman Barack Obama! He that is out of the genocides and charnel house of Kenya!
    The JEWS said:
    “Barack Obama is the first Jewish President.” ( Abver Mikvner, White House spokesman/chief Zionist)
    “Jews made Obama. Wherever you look there is a Jewish presence.” (Pauline Dubkin, Chicago Jewish News)
    Obama is the satanic puppet of the JEWS who is destroying your Republic!
    His “HOPE” strategy was couched in DIALECTICAL inflections and actually means NO HOPE, in the Jews’ highly codified, Talmudic language.
    The ignorant on this site should read the above 5 times! It is the TRUTH!
    Did YOU vote for the DEVIL?

  15. OBAMA the DEVIL, or that person Swedish academics referred to as the coming ANTI-CHRIST, is COMPLETING his final touches on your destruction! And Americans sit around waiting for their torturers and executioners!
    9/11 was orchestrated by your devils that you call Presidents and paid for by the JEWS and their British and Saudi partners in crime!
    BUT you sit and do NOTHING!
    I think Americans will only realize what is happening when their wives and children are torn away from them, and then the ONLY HOPE is that you have a gun to release the GOYIM TERROR upon the DEVIL’S CREATIONS, including your Christian-Zionists and pro-Israel/pro Jewish evangelical devils! Or maybe MOST of you would rather stay on your couches and watch Family Guy or Ellen Degeneres!
    The last RAPTURE they will hear is when you PLACE A BULLET IN THEIR HEADS!

  16. Pat,

    No kidding… they know exactly who we are.

    Be afraid, be afraid !!

    I’m making my own damn list…. of targets.

  17. @ Max Bilney, they`ll probably blame it on the blacks.. What they fail to see, or don`t want to see, is, they are playing into the hands of their oppressors, cementing the divide and rule tactic, of Sunni versus Shia, Hindu versus Muslim, Muslim versus Christian, (not the twisted zio variety,) and black versus white, if that`s what you guys want, enjoy it while it lasts.. America is well and truly F-d..

  18. Same old, same old. Pat, HP, Sardonicus, Lobro, Ryckaert, Max Bilney. This old club is becoming somewhat stale I think. Tyron Parsons, who is one of the most intelligent posters I have seen come here, was recently nearly banned by Lucy, the acting monitor, who prefers it seems the repetitious ad nauseams of the individuals mentioned above rather than of those who can actually think. Alexa’s ratings may be high, but it only tells about the NUMBER of people visiting this site and commenting here, it does not say anything about the QUALITY of those people, and that I think is very low.

    As an aside, if you are Christian, how on earth can you ever hope to escape the Jewish bullets when your very religion is through and through Jewish IN SPIRIT, you black hopeless wretches. SALVATION IS FROM THE JEWS! John 4:22. You hopeless fools! The Jew is INSIDE you!

  19. Titus,


    “As an aside, if you are Christian, how on earth can you ever hope to escape the Jewish bullets when your very religion is through and through Jewish IN SPIRIT, you black hopeless wretches. SALVATION IS FROM THE JEWS! John 4:22. You hopeless fools! The Jew is INSIDE you!”

  20. Oh, and I forgot to mention Lonnie, who, apart from exemplifying the best and most practical solution to the evil disease that is the deadly Jews, was asked now to prove his credentials, now to swear his allegiance, that he is to prove that he is who he says he is. And what does he get for his straight thoughts? Cynicism! Belittling! Ignoring! I believe that those of you who say that this site is swarming with Mossad trolls may actually be you yourselves, for anyone who is the least acquainted with the Jews will tell you that knife, and ONLY KNIFE, will do for the Jews. But you have no heart to kill the Jew, you only have remote and untotal thoughts! The Jew, on the other hand, is total. The Hebrews are a total race. Keep wasting time and space in discussing whether Jews are a race, or a nation, or a people, or God knows what else not! He simply is, and you are not. What stupidity!

  21. I am fucking sick of blacks. I’m tired of seeing them in public, I’m tired of seeing them on television, and I’m tired of hearing their awful music on the radio. I’m tired of their violence, their criminality, their stupidity, their smell, their dumb manner of speaking, and the childish way they dress. I’m tired of their moronic opinions, their endless racial outrage, and their equally endless calls for what they call “justice.” I’m tired of their intellectuals and their proles alike.

    Blacks ruin the intellectual, moral, and aesthetic value of every White nation in which they find themselves, just like Jews and pretty much all non-Whites. I just want them fucking gone. I went them all to get the fuck out of every White nation, and to take their half-breeds with them. No White person should ever have to avoid certain parts of towns or police their own thoughts for fear of enraging some dirty, stupid naggers. Not in our lands, not in the civilizations our ancestors built.

    The sheer amount of stress, fear, and psychological harm that the presence of naggers and other non-Whites cause for us cannot be quantified. Being kind and tolerant to these fucking untermenschen means being unkind and intolerant to ourselves. Leftists say they have some kind of right to live in our lands, but they don’t. They in fact have no fucking right to live in our lands. Only WE have the right to live in our lands, and we have every fucking right to want to live among ourselves and ONLY ourselves. And finally, we have every right to do what’s necessary to get rid of them to ensure the survival and prosperity of our people.

  22. Wow, what a bunch of arrogant white supremacists posting about this article. Since I am not a whitey should I think of myself as inferior to whitey race? No wonder zionist jews and their goyim helpers are currently succeeding in destroying and creating misery for all goyim. The whiteys (not all whites) with supremacists views of themselves should give themselves a big hand for playing into the jews divide and conquer strategy. I hope you don’t claim yourselves to be Christians if you have this racists attitude towards towards black, brown, and other non-whites.

  23. @MaryGrace, no, you must not think you are inferior.. I was subjected to a ten year long witchhunt some years ago, but never once did I allow my tormentors to feel they were supereior, difficult though it was, the ratio being roughly 30 to 1. I survived, and now I can look them in the eye, and enjoy their reactions.. Yes, it`s little wonder that non-whites react the way they do, they`ve been putting up with whitey`s superior attitude since the days of slavery.. Blacks were shipped to the US in chains, but have never really been free..

  24. Arch Stanton you are truly a scribe – all about nothing; other than expressing dangerous ideas! What a load of CRAP! I hope some readers can see through you and your haughty, meaningless wordology!
    I suspect you are a Jewish agent or a toady of the current stinking Establishment!
    You have tried to perform the typical Talmudian/Protocols Do NOTHING trick!
    Oh yeah, you dangerous, mealy-mouthed fool – “Whatever else one does, they would do well to keep their personal information, their ideas, attitudes, likes, dislikes to themselves.”
    So we say nothing and DO NOTHING! Better NOT write in these columns!
    SILENCE will not work with the JEWS – they will laugh at you and exhibit “business as usual.!
    Oh yeah, just be SILENT, SECRETIVE SLAVES!
    What a moron!

  25. Greg Bacon, get out of the MYOPIC and into the REAL, WIDE world where children are being slaughtered by Jews wielding American-taxpayer-funded weapons and Larry Silverstein detonated his WTC7 building and collected $millions/billions in insurance!
    There will be 1000’s of small, murderous incidents in the near future, so get used to it! Deal with the BIG ISSUES – like the National Guard hoons who are about to assault your neighbourhoods!

  26. @ Max Binney

    “You have to KNOW only ONE thing about the half whiteman, half blackman Barack Obama! He that is out of the genocides and charnel house of Kenya! . . . . Did YOU vote for the DEVIL?”

    Not to worry, Max! I doubt if anyone on this site voted for Obama. Nor for any other party either — that is, if they have been reading the fiery prose of our Lasha Darkmoon!

    Here is what Lasha had to say in the run-up to the previous election. These are the opening paragraphs of an article called “Here Comes Evil”:

    “In a few weeks’ time, Americans will face the grim prospect of choosing a new government, either headed by the same president or by a new one. Why a grim prospect? Because the choice is between an aggressive war criminal and a draft dodging, chickenhawk warmonger, both of them puppets of organized Jewry. No matter who you vote for, you end up with dystopia. You end up with wickedness in high places.

    It’s only a matter of time before the masses are shaken from their slumber and realize that the world that awaits them is a world under the dominion of evil.

    Our government is now controlled by a criminal cabal. Our country is a loony bin where the crazies are in charge. Our cities are crime factories. Our banks are run by bandits who steal from the poor. Our schools are production lines for the manufacture of morons. Our places of work are venues of legalized exploitation and servitude. Our news is horror fiction. Our courts are coin-operated machines that crank out injustice. Our laws are dirty jokes. Our heroes are villains. Our celebrities are abominations. Our politicians are psychopaths at large. We live in an America where torture has now been normalized and murder is legal—an Orwellian world too terrifying even for Orwell’s imagination.”

  27. @ SPQR, August 23, 2014 at 4:31 am

    Eloquently put . . . but I fear that what you want is most unlikely to be achieved in the real world. The repatriation or deportation of every black man to Africa? Just think: that’s 14% of the American population!

    To be consistent, you would also have to kick out every single Jew and Hispanic. A Herculean task! The cleansing of the Augean stables!

    Who could achieve these Quixotic reforms, SPQR, except a “Mad Dictator?”

    I’m afraid we are living with the consequences of karma, though the atheists will naturally reject karma, since a belief in karma is incompatible with atheism.

    The day America imported black slaves from Africa was when the seed was sown. Centuries later, what do you see? The harvest!

    What America sowed centuries ago — black slaves — that is what America is reaping now in the form of a relcalcitrant black population.

    This is the truth.

  28. MaryGrace-
    Everyone who posts a comment on blog sites is arrogant. It is just a matter of degree and style. They believe their opinion is better than others, or they would just read and not feel compelled.

    Since you placed yourself above the other commenters, as you judged them, you should know that.

    But.. ARROGANCE is a good thing when it goes your way.

  29. Gilbert

    You’re right about enforcement but remember, we have the largest army on the planet and that baby is armed to the teeth. Regardless if General Ham and/the Joint Chiefs resurrect the Grand Army of the Republic, every able bodied man (born in America), in fact the whole population of such IS the Militia (I would say around 100 million armed and the average armed white man has at least a kill ratio of 10 to 1 against armed illegal minorities in the field). With Plenary powers through the Grand Juries, lawful orders could be issued to the organized militia’s leaders to protect American State Citizens (those born on the land) and their property so right there you have enforcement, if it comes to that and it might just come to that.

    The white man is an organizer. He is efficient, deadly accurate and precise in his execution of his plans; this whether his plan is to kill or to foster life. If life, we fostor and protect it like no other. If it comes to killing, we are the masters of it; we are the bloodly butchers with no parallel and everyone the world over knows it. We will not be working on our home court least we have law and organization at our disposal and the Republics- Common law, provide exactly that with the moral high grround to boot


    I am sure you believe everything you said and to that all I can say is– put your money where your mouth is and move to Oslo SO THEN YOU’LL KNOW. Your Government is SO corrupt, full of Marxist crap, it makes the head spin. You think what is happening in America isn’t coming your way? You are on the chopping block as well.

    “Racist”? Do you even know who coined that orwellian term that basically has no meaning what-so-ever? TROTSKY for God’s sake. Yes, good old TROTSKY the mass murdering Marxist Jew who would if alive today salivate at your own gang rape and murder- all because you are a WHITE women. So you want to speak about “hate”? Those who control your Gov HATE YOU and that is why they LIE to you about the rape rate in Oslo which was already proved to be committed almost 100% exclusively by those precious “minorities” you defend. So please, stop being such an intolerant, hateful, hypocritically “racist”, brainwashed white women and go hang out with those you love so much. I’D BET 1000 Dollars in Vegas, they would rape and/or murder you too- give half the chance. If you refuse to “hang with the bros”, be silent because you are helping nothing since you have already conceded, if “I am not there, I don’t know because I didn’t see it”.

    See Ingrid, I’m not trying to be mean. I am trying to AWAKEN you to REALITY for your own good and my own people’s good from my maternal line’s own homeland. I have LIVED among the minorities. I have suffered heavily under their thumb. I have seen FIRST HAND how they operate, their MO, their mindset, their lawlessness, but like so many white women these days, they have not and so they buy this leftist Marxist bullsh-t. They buy their lies all day long because it makes them feel MORALLY superior (feeling is the key word) when in reality, you’re slowing committing SUICIDE.

    Oslo, Norway – ALL Sexual Assaults Involving Rape In Past 5 Years Committed By Non-Western Males

    Love Your Race


    I already told off a Jewish Federal Judge and they have my phone tapped, tracking me everywhere they can so I really don’t have anything to lose but my life and my life, they plan on taking anyway- just like they plan on taking yours no matter what you do.


    Thanks for the mind compliment. As to Christianity, about 25% is totally Judaized. 50% is partially judaized. Another 15% is barely judaized with about 10% unjudaized and this is whom the “Jews” hate most.

    John 4:22 is speaking about judaites (the tribe of Judah) where Christ came from. This sub race/tribe of the 12 tribes of Israel is almost certainly the Scots today who have NOTHING to do with the “Jews”- those commiting identity fraud from Esau and Ashkenaz. Also- Christians DO have the right to physical self defense as long as it is LAWFUL (Common/Natural/Christian Law).

  30. Sardonicus,

    I would say that Karma is evil, and that Creator is not.

    So whither “karma”?

    People need to understand that evil acts perpetrated in this world do not occur under auspices of the Divine, but from a state of Being that has BROKEN from said auspices.

    We aren’t tested the way we are by what created us, but by what has inter-‘feared’ with Beings (Us) in our unfettered Divine State.

    Bottom line: karma, indeed, all of mortal EXISTENCE, is a symptom, spawned from this interference and manufactured by dark forces that determine the fraudulence of “karmic debt”.

    And any true understanding of Christ has at its core the belief in a forthcoming Correction.

    In the meantime we self-defend our mortal selves when we must.

  31. “be silent because you are helping nothing since you have already conceded, if “I am not there, I don’t know because I didn’t see it”.” :
    OMG Tyron, were you present during every single rape in Oslo? or are you mouthing “facts” you picked up on you tube? facts which were refuted by an official survey. You are the stereotypical ass hole who judges people by the gossip he hears..

  32. GB, sometimes extreme fear can will bullets, even objects as large as planes to do such things.
    you know, change course, circle around, disappear, and much more.

  33. Let’s change the subject, sick of karma debate.

    Not sure if it is the question of morality or esthetics or health or hygiene …

    Would Earth look better with rhinoplasty?
    Would it breathe easier?


    Jews would all be dead by now if there were such thing.

    No debate to be had.

  35. In no mood to debate the concept further, like I said.
    Just one point: most Jews are dead by now.
    And the remainder soon to follow.

    They might have a story to tell … if they could talk … if we could hear.

    Call it spiritual placebo if you will but if someone’s life is improved by switching from prehumous pessimism to posthumous optimism, why deny them the morale boost?

    Our task and responsibility here and now remains unchanged.
    Just saying that that should be the focus.

    By the way, self defense is as useless and pernicious theory as the idiotic “peaceful resistance”.
    How does one defend against the Knockout Game except to anticipate it and strike first?

  36. “By the way, self defense is as useless and pernicious theory as the idiotic “peaceful resistance” idea.

    Of course I must ask – What about the bloke and the damsel and the cat and dog and beetle I protected/rescued from imminent danger/gulp!?
    So to counted are the neighbor’s cats, dogs, pets as well as assorted birds, bees, bats and beetles..

    Since I always try to answer your questions in high hope of at least amusing you because I like you, I’ll also answer this one. Oh, you already damn near did.

    My Black Belt at Feets Don’t Fail Me Now springs to mind as does (1st choice) don’t even go there – because you have a clue. Duh.

  37. Homer, it is mutual and reciprocal.
    Defending the otherwise defenseless is an inescapable element of karma, I just don’t want to open that can of worms.
    My point is that when knowingly dealing with aggressive, predatory psychos, make sure to land the first one or risk losing a lot more than just respect.

  38. Thanks for alerting me to that article about how cocaine was introduced into the Black Community in the 80s. Although I am not a native of Los Angles I have lived here for long enough to remember the different periods, and I remember well the gang wars between the Crips and the Bloods. In fact, we moved our family out of West L.A. after there was a gang shooting on our street–moved into the infamous San Fernando Valley.

    At one time Los Angeles had a hometown newspaper with real information about the City–as opposed to now where it is no different than the New York Times or any other big city newspaper, that is, a mouthpiece for the zionist and neocons with practically no real local news. But when it was providing news I read about what happened to the Black Community when the power elite decided to put a new freeway right through the center of a thriving black community where families grew their own food, raised chickens, and had a large in tact culture. With the freeway coming through whole blocks of houses were condemned and remained abandoned for nearly a decade. Packs of wild dogs began roaming the streets attacking people, gun battles broke out across the unfinished freeway, abandoned houses became infested with vermin. About this time as well the border was WIDE open. Women would walk across the border and give birth on the U.S. side. The schools were flooded with immigrants, many starving, and the parents would hang out eating off their children’s free school breakfast and lunches. In the Black Community immigrants from Asia stole family dogs and ate them. The City was awash with disease from every corner of the earth. All this happened partly because the Cold War ended and everyone on the wrong side moved to Los Angeles. (Rumor was that the CIA paid off its supporters by dumping them on the streets of L.A. For example, after the fall of the Shah of Iran: 600,000 Iranians moved into Santa Monica overnight–literally overnight)

    First there was the Rodney King trial followed by the L.A. riots. I was going to school in the Valley at the time but living in West L.A. I remember going over the Sepulveda Pass and seeing the entire L.A. basin in flames. The rioting went all the way to Beverly Hills. After that came the O.J. Simpson trial and there were no riots but tension. People were glued to their TV’s for months. School children reenacted the crime details–like the bloody glove, the chase, and so on. It seems that there are still questions whether O.J. really did it or not. Nothing was ever the same, though. Lawyers became super stars as in the case of the Khardashians.

    Now everything has calmed down. Housing is so expensive that upwardly mobile couples are moving into the minority neighborhoods. The City is much more integrated.
    It’s way more crowded then when I first moved here, then it was possible to cruise the lights on any of the big boulevards like Sunset or Santa Monica. Now gridlock is everywhere. And 300,000 people go to bed hungry every night. We have the biggest homeless population in the country. But apparently the CIA is leaving us alone for awhile because no news is almost good news. I guess I’m trying to say that I sympathize with the Black Community because the powerful treat them so poorly and decisions come down that destroy lives. I think Barack is kind of a mascot but I don’t see him as a real member of the oppressed. And by the way I hear he is moving to Los Angeles when he finishes his presidency. We’ll see…..

  39. Ingrid…

    You have no right to take sides. I do! You’re acting like a pathological hypocrite. Why? Follow this kindergarten level logic if you can. Since you put forth and stand upon the principal that one can only believe what one has witnessed first hand, then for you to take the side that those rapes were NOT committed by minorities, rapes you DID NOT WITNESS FIRST HAND, is breaking your own methodology- your own principal. Get it? Probably not…

    How can you support the Palestinians against the Jews holding that principal? Were you there when Gaza was bombed? Did you personally see any Palestinians murdered? So, you heard some reports and listened to some radio- you watched TV or read some internet article and believed what they said? According to the you Ingrid, you can’t do that- not if you don’t want to be a UBER HYPOCRITE– you MUST SEE THINGS FIRST HAND TO BELIEVE THEM- right?

    Need I continue on about how dumbed down my fellow Norwegians have become? Need I continue on about how absolutely and utterly lost most white women are today (especially Nordic women)? Need I continue to show that it is Jewish Marxism- Leftism, Egalitarianism and Feminism that has turned most of our once beautiful and bright white women into walking talking oxymoronic bimbos that are so full of hubris, so full of self righteousness and misplaced indignation that they are TOO prideful, to hateful and too hypocritical to even admit when they are obviously wrong?

    In England, America, Sweden and practically ALL white nations- rapes are committed almost exclusively, per captia, by minority groups. Are we to believe that Norway’s minorities are different? LOL

    Ferguson; The REAL race war

    On the contrary Ingrid, I have lived among minorities. I have suffered more horrors under them than you can imagine. I have cases pending out of a DC Appeals Courts RIGHT NOW concerning the PTSD I suffer from that is directly due to my experiences with these savages you so love. So when I hear stories, when I read reports and when those reports confirm my own observations and FIRST HAND EXPERIENCES, I can EASILY believe the validity of them especially since I know the JEWS OFFICIALLY control Norway- just as they do America and they to put out false reports contradicting anything that is reported against their agenda. Besides, they (Jews and their leftist dupes) LOVE to censor links like I posted for you out of Norway which is the ONLY one not censored on you-tube due to “multiple copy right violations”. I suppose you believe you-tubes “official reasoning” for censoring that report too?

    I’ll say it again, put your money where your mouth is and go live among those minorities in Oslo if you’re so confident of that”official survey” that contradicted the earlier reports. If you can’t get these simple- observable truths through your head, sit down- please and be quiet. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, we might even be able to save you from yourself- from the slaughter coming our way at the hands of those whom you protect.

    Wait- I was wrong about one thing. I assumed Ingrid is a Norwegian white women who lives in Norway. Ingrid, are you a white women or a minority? What race(s) are you? Can you please clear that up for us? Will you answer this simple question?

  40. Tyrone –

    Still at it. Still badgering people, against the rules.

    You are over your word count, again.

    You will learn to count when you grow up and follow the rules.

  41. Tyrone –

    Ingrid does not deserve to be treated that way.

    I goad you a little in fun. I don’t mind your attacks all that much.

    Your treatment of Ingrid is WAY out of line. She does not have to tell anyone her race.

    Ingrid is not the subject of this article.

  42. It was Jews who brought the naggers to America. Jews have been involved in slavery since the time of Rome. The church tried to outlaw their practices, always to no avail.

    As for who would kick our enemies out of our lands, I don’t know, but it sure wouldn’t require a “mad dictator,” just a benevolent and patriotic dictator who did what necessary for his people.

  43. Pat

    You slimy, spineless little snot! As I stated before, generally there are 10 words per line and I counted 41 which translates into approx 410 words. So, because you’re such a weak peice of sh-t, because you CAN’T defeat the logic I put forth which is damaging to the “Jews” agenda which you protect, you AGAIN try to silence me just like a typical Jew!

    Ingrid called me an “asshole” and that’s ok. That’s not “badgering”, but when I call her out and expose her hypocrisy, when I ask her if she is white or not, you call for me to be excluded from this site. People like you make me want to vomit. I hate to say it, but I look forward to the day your ilk get’s your just rewards (if you don’t repent).

    Ingrid said above to Mary Grace who admitted she’s “not a Whitey”…”I was subjected to a ten year long witchhunt some years ago, but never once did I allow my tormentors to feel they were supereior, difficult though it was, the ratio being roughly 30 to 1. I survived, and now I can look them in the eye, and enjoy their reactions.. Yes, it`s little wonder that non-whites react the way they do, they`ve been putting up with whitey`s superior attitude since the days of slavery.”

    These statements by her are highly suggestive that she ISN’T a white Norwegian living in Norway. This would also show a VERY strong motive why she slanders those who seek to protect white people from minority violence/lawlessness. It would show a VERY strong motive why she would claim obserdities about the rape rate in Norway and why she sides with the LAWLESS minorities, raping, murdering, looting, robbing and rioting their way across America.

    So listen up, I am a Swede/Norwegian (ohh that was so “hard”) and if she doesn’t come out and admit her race, everyone here will know why!

    In short (Pat and Ingrid) if you can’t stand the heat- GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

    I will say it again, Pat is a Agent Provocature- a Jew agent (whether he knows it or not) and if this was my site, I wouldn’t let OBVIOUS one’s like him have the time of day to post his endless hypocrisies, outright slanders, lies, deflections and destractions– which are ALL attempts to arrest the cognative processes of those seeking the truth (especially white folks).

    Kill The Blonds!!


    History repeats itself as terrified people with blonde and red hair are hunted to the mountain tops.
    View on
    Preview by Yahoo

    1. “You slimy, spineless little snot! ” : Pat, please print a pic of yourself, I`m dying to know what a ” slimy, spineless little snot! ” looks like..

  44. Tyrone –

    Once you learn to use the computer, you will find that Word and ODT will automatically count the words. It takes about 5 seconds. No charge for my tutoring.

    You will grow up one day. Most lose their juvenile tendencies at age 30 or so. You won’t vomit so much then, either. It will pass.

    You might want “Cousin Vinny” to help you with the law.

    Keep a-preacin’ and you will learn the truth in time.

  45. I agree with those who affirm their white identity and also despair over the propaganda against whites that makes young white people shed their origins to become politically correct.

    I also think it is thoroughly disgusting that blacks would attack white people and get away with it. And I know for a fact that much of the social agenda for eliminating discrimination has failed resulting in some all black bureaucracies where no one works at all or where firing someone is impossible because a discrimination lawsuit would be the result. As a consequence outside of government sometimes private companies are “afraid” to hire African Americans.

    OK all that said… I still think that those of us who are part of the old Americana have an ally in the African American people because they like us are the old school. They are thoroughly American and for generations have lived here and known nothing else. They are opposed to uncontrolled immigration, opposed to military dictatorship of the police, and are true patriots. This division between the African American and the whites is an artificial creation of a power elite that want to keep people divided. It’s like in the ancient world where to assert control the conquerers would deport the governing class ( as happened in the Babylonian exile) and import another group to be absorbed (which results in periods of chaos).

    Recently the CDC was caught covering up a study that showed African American male children were more prone to get autism if vaccinated by the MMR before 36 months. Are we going to say…. oh well, it’s only black males…or are we going to see that this is all of our children. I think it’s time to see what is under the surface a common purpose and end the black/white divide.

  46. You are wrong on every count.

    1. The store video shows Brown shoving the clerk who tries to stop him from leaving for non payment. Strong arm robbery – a felony.

    2. The autopsy of Brown shows he was shot front the front NOT the back.

    3. The Norwegian police have stated that virtually 100% of rapes in Norway in a recent year were Black/brown “immigrants” raping White native Norwegians.

    You must be jewish to get everything exactly backwards or to lie so shamelessly.

  47. I’m not Jewish. I’m female, blonde, and a shiksa…. I dislike the way white people have been demonized, and I grieve over the deaths of so many during the Russian revolution and World War II. I don’t buy into the politically correct agenda for a minute. And I don’t know what the race relations are like in Norway–I’m sure you are right.

    I’m talking about the United States and African Americans who were brought to this country against their will and have been a part of American culture since its founding. African Americans are more American in terms of having lived in this country a long time than many more recent immigrants. I think they share a nativism with many other Americans in terms of a common culture, religion, and language. We obviously have differences but I say let’s emphasize the commonality in hopes of fighting a real enemy–a power elite who wants to destroy our country, divide us, militarize our police, and who open our borders to ruin further what culture we have left. I don’t see why we can’t seek allies among other Americans with whom we have common cause. But you are welcome to have whatever opinion you want of me. I am not offended.

  48. 🙂
    I’m sure Charles wasn’t addressing you.
    That said, I am finding my own predicament hilarious.
    Being a highly visual type, my brain instantly assigns an image to whichever poster I am reading. I had you down to mild mannered East Indian studious guy who suddenly morphs into a blond shiksa.
    Ending up cross eyed is the trade hazard for visually, rather than verbally oriented people.

    Irrelevant, so long as you keep up the output quality.

  49. Dr David Green, “We live in an America where torture has now been normalized and murder is legal—an Orwellian world too terrifying even for Orwell’s imagination.”
    Your last paragraph presents us with a brilliant encapsulation of the TRUTH. Well done!
    I can only hope that soon “the masses are woken from their slumber.”
    And I can only hope that many black people can also awaken to the JEWISH OBSCENITY that is perverting the very meaning of LIFE!
    When that ball-team owner, the Jew, Ferguson, told his young whore/partner “NOT to associate with blacks”, he spoke for the top echelons of the JEWISH monsters who “RULE THE USA!”
    But I can also agree with SPQR’s point: “I am fucking sick of blacks. I’m tired of seeing them in public, I’m tired of seeing them on television, and I’m tired of hearing their awful music on the radio. I’m tired of their violence, their criminality, their stupidity, their smell ….”
    As Bill Cosby said, it is up to the blacks to clean up their act, or perish!
    ME? I am sick of JEWISH-run television and Jewish actors emitting their filth!
    Regarding JEWISH RULE, I have said it largely comes from TOTAL CONTROL of the FED, or YOUR $$$$$’s! What is being DONE about alerting the Goyim masses to this obscenity?

  50. Thanks, Lobro and Pat for the supportive comments. I don’t generally take political criticism personally because as you might guess politics runs in my nature and it’s all conflict ridden. I save my loathing for those that Kevin Barrett identified as satanists–not sure what they are but they have earned my hatred for destroying the ancient world, for menacing beautiful Russia, for making such a mess of everything. We do have to focus on THEM as the enemy and not these other people and events, which almost never make sense because they are designed in false flag labs to fry our brains.

  51. Kapoore –

    Glad to do it.

    Your concern for beautiful Russia is the same as it was for a great freedom fighter, Elizabeth Dilling. Being very well off, she traveled widely, and in 1931 she and her husband visited the Soviet Union. They spent a month there, and filmed what they saw of the atrocious conditions. Especially alarming to Dilling was their Soviet guide’s proclaiming, “Our world revolution will start with China and end with the United States!

    When Dilling returned home to Illinois, she went on tour showing her movies and describing the Soviet “workers’ paradise” as anything but. From 1932 to 1934 she was associated with Edwin Marshall Hadley of Chicago, serving as secretary of his anti-Communist organization, the Paul Reveres. She broke with him in 1934 over Hadley’s anti-Jewish stance, and the organization was dissolved later that year. (Ironically, Dilling’s own views about Jews were soon to become much more extreme than Hadley’s.)

    The Soncino Talmud is available because of her disgust for the filth it contains.

  52. Meanwhile, back at meathead central..

    “If x is the population of the United States and y is the degree of imbecility of the average American, then democracy is the theory that
    X × y is less than y.”

    – H.L. Mencken

  53. Tyron Parsons. I could not agree more with what you say in your address to Ingrid!
    You state: “Need I continue to show that it is Jewish Marxism-Leftism, Egalitarianism and Feminism that has turned most of our once beautiful and bright white women into walking talking oxymoronic bimbos…”
    This is why I keep saying Jewish produced best-sellers like the filthy Sex and the City (Jewish homosexual, Darren Star’s production: Amanda (Ms Cantrell): “He was the guy with the strange tasting sperm.”) and the lesbian Ellen Degeneres, Big Bang, etc, are made expressly to prevert and corrupt our womanhood. I meet many women who act just like Star’s whores or who expel Ms Degeneres values neutralism and morals relativity! (Yes, with approx 30 women in my fold I cannot help using my Nordic looks to seek more!)
    Several white female writers are coming out with the JEWISH PC argument to be kind to blacks, which is sad! These women should try to strut their white wares in a nigrah neighbourhood and see jhow long they last before being abused, raped or murdered!!
    JEWISH-MARXISM intends to corrupt all women-folk and get them eating and SUCKING out of their hands!

  54. HP, as you would know, DEMOCRACY can be a very TOXIC thing when controlled by such as JEWISH politicians and JEWISH press/media moguls.
    With some 38% of Americans on food stamps, and over half of your population beholden to your JEWISH government for welfare assistance, the JEWISH MONSTROSITY of SHEER POWER and MONEY-CONTROL has a “captured”, voting audience. People will vote in their self interests! FACT!
    In other words, they have created a situation wherein the ignorant-dependent majority will always vote for their prescribed candidate; as in Obummer, the homosexual, criminal, half blackman-whiteman!
    This is why a political SOLUTION is now almost beyond anyone’s control. The JEWS control the increasingly impoverished, increasingly dumbed-down, increasing sexualised MAJORITY, just as with your typical MARXIST/COMMUNIST tyrants!
    Russia’s PRAVDA recently said the USA is “a tyrannical, 2-party, Marxist state.”
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn told Americans, in 1975, that this was their future (“Words of Warning to the Western World” address)
    The ONLY way out now is, firstly, societal collapse and then violent insurrection! The JEWS must be de-POWERED and basically eliminated for all time.

  55. Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
    – H. L. Mencken

  56. TITUS, you fool and complete idiot!
    It is half-wits like you who are dead wood in the coming Resistance. You are too dumb for words!
    You have the temerity to state: “The Hebrews are a total race.”
    You dumbed-down, dangerous fool!
    Since when did Hebrews become a RACE?
    I suppose you think Zoroastrians, Druids and Mormons are RACES!
    Go back and read my myriad descriptions of the terminology RACE and go and wash your mouth out!

  57. Society is still here…..and ‘splitting.’

    Here is a message from the CIA dis-info agent, George Green, in 1992, telling ‘preppers’ that the Russians would take over this society in 2000 and establish a NWO. He said the info came from Pliedians.

    Uhhhh…the Pliedians and Green missed it.

    (Lindsey Williams, the kook and fraudster, introduces him in Salty Lake City.)

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