Thank you, Jews

. . . by Pandora Pushkin

We are only too aware of how Jews have helped to make America the great nation it is. To take three examples:

(1) Blacks owe the Jews a big debt of gratitude, because it was the Jews who brought them to America in the first place, not even charging them a cent for their expensive voyage from Africa. They even fed the wretched blacks, at their own expense, during the long voyage to the slave plantations. For this, blacks owe the Jews big time. Unfortunately, blacks tend to be an ungrateful lot. I’ve never known a black man go up to a Jew and thank him for transporting his ancestors over from Africa — free of charge.

(2) Secondly, there’s lots of incredibly cheap labor in America right now, thanks to the millions of immigrants swarming into the country, many of them illegal immigrants prepared to work for peanuts. Since all the work is being done for us white folk by cheap labor from foreign countries, we whites are now free to live a life of leisure on welfare and food stamps. For this, we owe the Jews big time. Unfortunately, I’ve never known a white unemployed man go up to a rich Jew in Manhattan and thank him for his life of infinite idleness on the streets. Such ingratitude!

(2) Thirdly, the country is awash with pornography. Orgasms are  free on the internet. Porn is available in every drugstore. At last people are free from the tedious monotony of normal sexual intercourse, as between husband and wife, and can savor the endless delights of masturbation and sexual deviancy. For this, too, we have the Jews to thank, for the Jews have brought us the priceless gift of pornography. Our children need no longer be boringly innocent as they used to be in the bad old days, but now, thanks to the Jews, they can learn at an early age all about the pleasures of incest, bestiality, necrophilia, sado-masochism, sodomy and cannibalism. That’s progress for you.

We need to express our gratitude to the Jews for making our lives so much richer and exciting by saying all together now, in a loud voice, THANK YOU, JEWS! THANKS A BUNDLE!

Do watch see this thrilling 4-minute video now, THANKS JEWS, and never forget what you owe the Jews for making your life so magical, so magnificent, and so moronic.

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  1. Well done, Pandora! Very amusing. Glad to see you have a soft spot for the Jews. Yep, they’ve been a great help all round. G-d knows what we would have done without them! 🙂

  2. i spit on the jew, ask me why? because they are not jews at all, they are khazars, they are NOT JEWS, after studing history i am now convinced they should be wiped out.

    1. Jews were never a race of people. Jews are frauds all the way around. Judeans were never Jews.

      It is an incontestable fact that the word “Jew” did not come into existence until the year 1775. Prior to 1775 the word “Jew” did not exist in any language on earth. The word “Jew” was introduced into the English language for the first time in the 18th century when Sheridan used it in his play “The Rivals,” Chapter 2, p. 1, “She shall have a skin like a mummy, and the beard of a Jew.” Prior to this use of the word “Jew” the word “Jew” had not become a word.

      There was not even a letter “j” or “J” until the middle of the 18th century. Check any encyclopedia you wish for proof of this.

      The best known 18th century editions of the New Testament in English are the Rheims (Douai) Edition and the King James Authorized Edition. The Rheims (Douai) translation of the New Testament into English was first printed in 1582 but the word “Jew” DID NOT APPEAR IN IT.

      Likewise, the Chazars were forced to accept Talmudism, and became Khazar Jews. The race was practicing Judaism by the choice of their ruler.

      Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906 stated that the ‘heathen’ Chazars adopted Judaism between 620AD and 740AD.

      In 679 the Chazars subjugated the Bulgars and extended their sway farther west between the Don and the Dnieper, as faras the head-waters of the Donetz in the province of Lebedia…

      It was probably about that time that the chaghan(kagan=king) of the Chazars and his grandees, together with a large number of his heathen people, embraced the Jewish religion. According to A. Harkavy (“Meassef Niddaḥim,” i.), the conversion took place in 620; according to others, in 740. King Joeph, in his letter to Ḥasdai ibn Shaprut (about 960), gives the following account of the conversion:
      (see Harkavy, “Soobshchenija o Chazarakh,” in “Yevreiskaya Biblioteka,” vii. 153)

      “Some centuries ago King Bulan reigned over the Chazars. To him God appeared in a dream and promised him might and glory. Encouraged by this dream, Bulan went by the road of Darlan to the country of Ardebil, where he gained great victories [over the Arabs]. The Byzantine emperor and the calif of the Ishmaelites sent to him envoys with presents, and sages to convert him to their respective religions. Bulan invited also wise men of Israel, and proceeded to examine them all. As each of the champions believed his religion to be the best, Bulan separately questioned the Mohammedans and the Christians as to which of the other two religions they considered the better. When both gave preference to that of the Jews, that king perceived that it must be the true religion. He therefore adopted it”.

      ….. According to Mas’udi (“Les Prairies d’Or,” ii. 8), the king and the Chazars proper were Jews;

      1. C’mon Pat!

        Now it is not good for the Christian’s health to hustle the Aryan
        For the Christian riles, and the Aryan smiles and he weareth the
        Christian down;
        And the end of the fight is a tombstone white with the name of
        the late deceased,
        And the epitaph drear: “A Fool lies here who tried to hustle the

        Hebrews And Vedic Brahmins


        1. Thanks for this. The Jews are total frauds!! They stole their own name from Josephus….recently…
          Finkelstein knows it:

          “Among the innumerable misfortunes which have befallen…the most fatal in its consequences is the name Judaism…Worse still, the Jews themselves, who have gradually come to call their religion Judaism…Yet, neither in biblical nor post-biblical, neither in talmudic, nor in much later times, is the term Judaism ever heard…the Bible speaks of the religion…as “Torah Yahve”, the instruction, or the moral law revealed by Yahve…in other places…as “Yirath Yahve”, the fear and reverence of Yahve. These and other appellations CONTINUED FOR MANY AGES TO STAND FOR THE RELIGION…To distinguish it from Christianity and Islam, the Jewish philosophers sometimes designate it as the faith or belief of the Jews…IT WAS FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS, WRITING FOR THE INSTRUCTION OF GREEKS AND ROMANS, WHO COINED THE TERM JUDAISM, in order to pit it against Hellenism…by Hellenism was understood the civilization, comprising language, poetry, religion, art, science, manners, customs, institutions, which…had spread from Greece, its original home, over vast regions of Europe, Asia and Africa…The Christians eagerly seized upon the name…the Jews themselves, who intensely detested the traitor Josephus, refrained from reading his works…HENCE THE TERM JUDAISM COINED BY JOSEPHUS REMAINED ABSOLUTELY UN- KNOWN TO THEM…IT WAS ONLY IN COMPARATIVELY RECENT TIMES, AFTER THE JEWS BECAME FAMILIAR WITH MODERN CHRISTIAN LITERATURE, THAT THEY BEGAN TO NAME THEIR RELIGION JUDAISM.”

          Religious worship known and practiced today under the name of “Judaism” by so- called or self-styled “Jews” throughout the world was known and practiced in Judea in the time of Jesus under the name “Pharisaism” according to Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, and all the other most competent and qualified recognized authorities on the subject.

    2. No, not Turkish Khazars, but mixed-race people are Jews of the worldwide Diaspora!
      Sephardics, Ashkenazim, Ethiopian, Asiatic, American-Anglos, Slavs, mutiple breed, etc.
      Most of the very DANGEROUS JEWS – the elite of the American Congress, the controllers of the FED and the Hollywood/media moguls – are more of the Ashkenzim-Slavic kind like the criminal Bibi Netanyahu. Your EVIL war-mongering Senator Dianne Feinstein looks like an Anglo! Whereas the EVIL Chuck Schumer has the New York, in-bred nasal snout, probably coming from his Arabic ancestors!
      The Khazar-bit is a relatively insignificant factor in the overall Jewish, multi-racial make-up!
      All you need to know, as I keep repeating, is that Jews firmly control the English-speaking world and currently have you as a dumbed-down slave of bubba-like proportions.

      1. actually knowing the truth about the source of Talmudic Judaism
        removes any so-called doubt as to their motivation.

        not knowing the truth about the synagogue of Satan “Talmudic”
        so-called “Jews” doesn’t change the IDENTITY of the
        Children of Israel or their ‘Heritage’…

        being PROUD of being STUPID never changes the Truth

  3. god help jews be smarter stronger better looking, so that they no longer need to murder steal and lie

    1. They murder, steal, and lie BECAUSE they are strong and powerful. If Whites had any power we’d be able to stop their criminality, wouldn’t we?

      1. I don’t see a necessary correlation between murdering, stealing and lieing and strong and powerful, they simply consider honorable behavior a weakness to exploit and operate a war in secret

      2. “If whites had any power…”

        Plenty of whites in powerful positions, but the majority corrupted by the thirty pieces of silver.

        ‘You don’t have to be a jew to be a zionist’
        Joe Biden

        Long ago given up on ‘whites only’ type movement to get us out of the mess we’re in. I’ve come to believe it will take a joint effort by a whole lot of different folks.

    2. Sorry KOJ, me know many Jooze, none am strong. Very few is gud lucking, neither. BTW, where you learn gud Ingleese?

    1. Wager on this. Over 80% of the world’s population is a result of procreation through first cousins.

  4. Jews should not be given all the credit. All their accomplishments could never have been without our help and cooperation, of course some of us helped them more than others and were compensated accordingly. So take a bow Whiteman and thank your leaders too.

    1. None. (depending on which Joseph)

      The Mishyna was written circa 200 AD, and the Gemara was finished circa 500 AD.

      There was NO Talmud during the time of Jesus.

  5. It is a nice idea (even though we’re still a few months away from Thanksgiving) to take a moment and consider all the benefits and free gifts granted us by our judeo christian brothers. Thank you Pandora Pushkin for the reminder.

    So a few more:

    1) All the wars of the 20th century and the incessant warfare that has defined the 21st century. Really cool of y’all to make men out of our boys on the battle field. That many never return home and many more come back as physical or mental shells of their former self, well, as you would say: “that’s just the cost of doing business” 😉 And speaking of the cost of doing business:

    2) The great wealth we’ve all made thanks to your efforts on Wall Street. The magic of compound interest has really worked out for us, and your control of our money supply has given us many lessons about economic cycles. Recessions, depressions and the like have taught us that good times never last, and the next good time is never as good as the last good time. There was a time not long ago where a blue collar union man could buy a house, raise a family, own a car or two outright and even take a vacation once a year. And, he had a pension to look forward to upon retirement. Happily those jobs are now long gone which gives our working men more time to drink in bars and spend what little money they have on your state lotteries. Hey, anyone can be a winner, right? And since I’m sure the majority of every state’s lotto dollars are promised to the local public and charter schools, I come to the next point:

    3) The fine education system we have in place in the USA. It’s been a real boon for ‘The Land of the Free’ to have a workforce trained to be compliant to all authority and unable to reason. This keeps America from becoming a 3rd world type country with revolutions every few decades. And it teaches Americans to be thankful for whatever miserable job they luck into finding. Another fine benefit is that our children are taught from an early age to trust what they read in textbooks (hey, if the info wasn’t true, it would never been in a textbook in the first place, right?) and trust that their government has their best interests at heart. They also are taught that we all get to choose a side in the great game of politics. You can be either a Democrat or a Republican. Choose Republican, let’s say, and then you can turn on Rush Limbo and Fox News once or twice a week to learn what Republicans like yourself support and what you reject. It is easy and one of the good reasons why no one needs to waste time learning how to think for themselves. Which leaves us with more free time in which to work which brings me to the next point:

    4) Oh, and, I mean it goes without saying but I’ll toss this out just to make a point: We all (black white yellow red and brown) know how highly intelligent your kind is, and thus we thank you for having the wisdom to take over the board of directors of publicly traded companies. This has allowed for more efficiencies in the marketplace whereby one company buys another, raids the pension fund, fires all employees and shutters operations. Really great. Thank you. Only you would be cleverly wise enough to come up with such plans. And, the rest of us, being not nearly as smart, likely would have enacted anti-trust laws and the like in vainglorious hopes of saving jobs and industry. Thankfully, however, your kind has taken over politics and now any democrat or republican who ‘serves’ in DC could also reasonably claim membership (at least philosophically ) in the Likud party. And that’s really important because like Reverend Globstein says at church: If America turns its back on Israel, God will turn HIS back on America.

    Geez, I could go on and on with my hymns of thanksgiving to you, our friends, our heroes, our Chosen Masters. I sincerely hope I have an opportunity to personally thank a good number of you when I make your acquaintance one of these fine days. Until then, a heartfelt Shout Out to the jews who make the world go round!

  6. Jews are successful lying and stealing because the average person can’t imagine anyone would do such things on such a scale. Schopenhauer said it and he understood the Jews’ criminal grasp of human nature.

    Margaret Meade pointed that out that a small group of organized people is the only group that can really bring about change. The Jews have that also.

    Luckily, history teaches that the rest of us eventually wake up and kick their miserable, low life asses. We’re almost there.

  7. Yeah, good stuff Pandora!
    Funny enuf, I was just explaining all our thoughts/TRUTHS to a group of dumbed down PhD’s and professors! I told ’em they were (to quote) brainwashed people of the Jewish DIALOGUE who thus “had to be taken by the hand and walked through it all, like retarded children.” Got into a fist fight and downed most of them with the help of 4 of my women. Scratches all over ’em!
    Anyways, left them some Lasha, Kaminski and Dr Barrett to read!
    Yeah Pandora, your BOX was really a Grecian urn, aka John Keats’ urn! “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty.”
    Originally EVIL was supposed to cum out of the urn (Pandora’s) but today ALL the EVIL is outside on constant show! Just watch your Congress or Oz’s parliament!
    So these days only GOOD/TRUTH emits from the BOX-cum-URN!
    It’s like Orwell said: “In a time of universal deceit to tell the TRUTH is a revolutionary act.”
    Yes, Jesus, the revolutionary said that FIRST! Jesus HATED THE JEWS! We HATE the JEWS!

  8. crawled out from underneath my styrofoam restaurant to pass on an important message to jews today

    congratulations, i knew we would win … also, don’t die, stay alive forever … you don’t want to be where i am, god have mercy, you don’t want to be where i am … o shhhhht, here comes a rat!! gotta run

    1. My favorite curse – May you live forever.

      It is written that Alexander the Great once heard rumors of waters that would allow one to live forever. Reportedly, the waters existed somewhere deep in the desert. At once Alexander formed a party to search for the waters of immortality. Taking time out from his campaign of conquest, he led a party of his most loyal soldiers deep into the desert in search of the legendary waters. For days on end, they walked though drifting sand until one by one, members of the party fell by the wayside. Some became disgruntled and returned to camp, others simply passed on to remain entombed forever by the blowing sand. At last only Alexander remained to continue in dogged pursuit of the waters. Day after day he journeyed deeper and deeper into the desert until he too finally decided the waters were merely a myth. At last Alexander sat down beside a low outcropping of rock to rest in what little shade the small rise provided from the burning sun. Exasperated, he threw himself back upon the ground and closed his eyes, determined to return and continue his campaign of conquest, but the intense quiet of the desert heat had heightened his hearing . Suddenly he realized he could hear the faint sound of gurgling water. He rolled over to look where the sound emanated from to discover a small hole in the rock outcropping. Immediately he began pulling stones away from the hole to enlarge the opening. After a time the hole was big enough to push his head through and looking inside Alexander discovered a small cave, with a luminescent poll of water. It was the most beautiful pool Alexander had ever seen. The iridescent, aquamarine waters seemed to beckon him onward, pulling him into the cave filled with light inexplicably radiating from the pool. Eagerly he tore away the last of the stone blocking his progress until at last he stood in the cave beside the pool. A trickle of water streamed from the rock above into the pool, making the sound he had heard. Instantly he knew these were the waters he sought, the waters of immortality. Now Alexander the Great would live forever to rule over the earth. Kneeling down, he cupped his hands to scoop up a handful of the sparkling liquid, but as he drew the water to his lips, he heard the most awful voice cry out in horrid, raspy tone. “Stop! Don’t do it! Don’t drink the water!” Alexander looked up in disbelief to see a ghastly looking apparition perched high above him in the cave. It appeared to have once been a crow, but it was hardly recognizable in its present form. It had no feathers; one eye was missing while the other was white with blindness. The beak was worn to a mere nub and its legs had withered away until it could only rest on the rock of the cave. Again the crow admonished, ” Stop! Do not drink, you will regret your actions. I once flew high above the desert. Dying of thirst, I landed by the opening to the cave. I too heard the sweet sound of the waters and hopped through the opening to drink from the pool and now I cannot die. What you see above you is the result of drinking from the pool, you will live forever!” Without hesitation, Alexander opened his cupped hands allowing the water to slip away. He left the cave and returned to camp never to mention his encounter with the waters of immortality to a living soul. However, it is rumored that many years later, another discovered the cave.

      1. I was profoundly moved by this comment. Maybe immortality is a curse, but what we all seek instinctively is the elixir of eternal youth. To be young and carefree forever, like an innocent child living in the paradise gardens of the Now moment, that would be something worth having.

        1. This universe is cyclical. Nothing remains constant. Everything in this existence moves through the birth, life, death process, even the stars and their systems. One may extend their stay, but one cannot stand still. I recommend spending time with the elderly in a nursing home to fully grasp this concept.

          The wheel of life turns remorselessly onward and every soul turns with it. If one loves this life then they are in luck because they will return again and again until its lessons are fully learned. The soul must experience all levels of this existence, from king to pauper, slave to master, athlete to consumptive leper, every stage of life must and will be experienced.

          The Hindus describe it as a wheel, but other adepts describe it as an upward spiral. With every return, comes a small step of progress. There is no quick escape from the spiral. This is why suicide is useless, it provides no escape from suffering, only a return to the same level until it is understood that one must confront and deal with every obstacle life offers.

          Ultimately, when all lesson are learned, like a drop returning to the ocean, the soul returns to the source, the oneness. That return is the true goal of the soul and the purpose of this life, everything else is merely diversion resulting in endless misery and suffering. Once this fundamental process is understood and accepted, only then can true progress begin.

      2. Those lucky enough to harbor immortal cells should refer to them by their proper name, which is cancer.
        Might want to look up “Henrietta Lacks, whose pieces are not only immortal but spread world wide.
        Hmm, why am I tthinking of Jews again?
        Did their Father promise them iimmortality?

      3. I hoped that Alex would give some to his horse to see what the horse had to say about things as they rode around the world in the future.

      4. Arch, that reminds me of the famous story of the fisherman and his ring. He was fishing out of a small outboard and caught a huge trout. When he got home, cleaned the fish and cooked it, he realized he’d lost his school ring. He went through everything: the boat, the cooked fish, the offal therefrom—-no ring.

        The next year, he caught another monster trout, took it home, etc., and, when slicing in open, the knife struck something hard. It was his thumb. (Olde Lampoon story).

    2. both of you are beautiful

      bible puts it something like: to keep your soul young and healthy, keep cutting off the parts that are evil and dead

  9. Pat and others, read Thomas Cahill’s “The Gifts of the Jews.” He says there are 2 kinds of existing “Judaism” i.e Out of Judaea! This seems fair to me.
    There is “Pharisaic-Judaism” practised by the 15% of the world’s 20,000,000 JEWS who still claim to be religious; and, “Christian-Judaism.” i.e. The Christian message emanating out of Judaea!
    Pharisaic-Judaism teaches the rule of the Chosen ones of YHWH! Like YHWH killing all the people of the cities “of the plain”, the Pharisaic-Judaists (A much needed word-descriptor) believe it is their God-given right, via YHWH, to “waste” the Palestinians. “Leave none breathing!” Kill all the litt’l kids!
    Christians are SUPPOSED to LERV all the people, but have been majority-taken-over by the insidious Christian-Zionists and the satanic evangelists, who are pro-Israel! These pseudo Christians are rotten to their EVIL core and are the JEWS’ willing lackeys!
    Islam simply says that if you are not Muslim you are the EVIL Infidel! But they have their major PROBLEM = Sunni versus Shiite, with a murderous vengeance! These bastards hate Infidels and other Muslims! Keep ’em out of your country!

    1. Max. It really doesn’t matter if there are 50 kinds of Jews. If they chant and squeak kol nidre…they gotsta go…PERIOD!!

      You Noachim better wise up.

      1. I agree, it is useless to argue how many “real” Jews dance atop the spindle of a dreedle. If it looks like a Jew, acts like a Jew, walks like a Jew, quacks like a Jew, then by gum – it must be a Jew! At this point the problem is not what is a Jew, but as Ms. Darkmoon earlier, what does one do with the Jew?

        1. Arch Stanton asks: “What does one do with the Jews?” The ETERNAL question on this and other sites!
          I’ve explained my SOLUTIONS in different forms, many times!
          Taking all the historical evidence into full consideration, one has to consider the mere 20 million lost souls of planetary JEWRY as one would an extensive forest of healthy redwood trees that has had the creeping and destroying Australian Paperback Melaleuca put in its midst. As for the Everglades of Florida, this tree is destroying the natural environment and clogging up the waterways. (They are fine in their native environment, Australia, where other native species keep them in check.) So what do intelligent foresters do to protect the formerly pristine redwood forest? They eliminate the Melaleuca!
          Ditto for the USA, Australia, Canada, Gt Brit, etc, where JEWS are running rampant with POWER; particularly the POWER that their control of MONEY bequeathes them. (in particular, the private banking consortium, called the FED)
          As Washington, Franklin and Jefferson warned, JEWS would destroy the American Republic of the free! Put simply, THEY HAVE!
          Like Melaleucas, they have destroyed the “forest” of the Republic and filled it with diseases, just as Pandora tells us!.
          What does a forester/rectifier do? He ELIMINATES the PROBLEM.
          As I’ve said, the American people need to understand this and LEARN, as a body, to HATE THE FILTHY, LIFE-SAPPING JEW and their criminal Goyim lackeys!
          So, it is a BIG PR exercise: Like Paul Revere, spread the word. Ask why it is the Melaleucas, or JEWS, that control every institution in your country! The TRUTH is staring you in the face! Organize constant and very noisy protests every time a devil, such as Dianne Feinstein, appears in a public place. Make anti-Jewry a popular catch-word! Forget about the Jewish installed furphies, such as their “anti-Semitism”, “Race HATE” and “Israelis” and only use the terminology ANTI-JEW; just like “anti-Melaleuca” for the American wilderness areas. ANTI-JEW!
          Be proud to say: “I am anti-JEW!”
          JEWS MUST be taken out of public office, just like Washington or Jesus would do! Their violent religion should be totally BANNED in all nations. Ditto for Islam (another life-sapping Melaleuca) in the West!
          The vile head honcho JEWS of the Fed, Congress etc should be jailed ASAP! Israel should be immediately abandoned by the US taxpayer. American Special Forces must make a quick entry into Israel to recoup all serious weaponry that had previously been supplied by totally corrupt, Jewish-run governments.
          The Bush Crime Cabel should be SMASHED and George and Barbara dragged out screaming and then hanged! Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc should also receive capital punishment after severe water boarding! I’M Serious about these mass murderers and satan’s whelps! Eliminate them and get your healthy forest back again.

      2. when a psychopath is shooting up a theater, we all know what happens to him … just a question of how and when, and how much of the theater is left … unfortunately, most of that is up to the psychopath

        1. “unfortunately, most of that is up to the psychopath”…..
          ……where concealed carry is outlawed.

  10. Thanks Pandora for getting on the humorous side of a generally unfunny topic.

    I don’t know where Bible archeology fits whether funny or unfunny but I notice how often events like the presence of the Jewish state is attributed to “God giving the land” to “God’s chosen people.” Of course, most secular urban Jews practice a double speak here by insisting they don’t believe in such nonsense while at the same time providing support for those who do. What these secular Jews want more than anything else is to NOT TALK ABOUT THIS OK.. because I AM NOT RELIGIOUS…GET IT. Oh but we must talk about it a lot more before we are done because that horror show over there (Gaza/Israel) requires that we talk about it. And the horror show over here isn’t working either.

    This forced me to start rereading books on Bible archeology. The Old Testament is about as far down the rabbit hole as anyone can go when it comes to a topsy turvy world of who wrote what when. It does seem that this idea “God gave us the land.” is part of the Abrahamic Covenant most likely devised (yes edited into being) in the 6th Century Exile or later by priestly scribes called “P” by archeologist. They took chronicles of the kingship period, wisdom school literature, probably oral traditions, and who knows and edited these writings to fit into an historical and covenantal narrative. These writings did not come out of an historical or a covenantal narrative that ever existed independently (or as some would think from divine inspiration on a mountain top). So it’s possible this idea of “greater Israel” might have at one time been in the chronicles of a king (like Solomon) who through marriage contracts and other banal means stitched together a loose system of alliances only because the great imperial powers were in temporary abeyance. That chronicle somehow ended up being part of the covenant involving the gift of land. Based on archeology it’s very possible to say that God did NOT in any real sense set the boundaries for a greater Israel. Also, the idea of the Chosen people was a late invention as well once the Kingship/Prophetic/and old Priesthood was gone, abolished along with the first temple–why not start brand new with a brand new idea like the Chosen People and a more or less brand new religion. That brand new religion was edited into being from old material. Fact..funny or not. So the next time someone gets up and tries to be very authoritative about God giving the land and the Chosen People, imagine a scribe with a pen, and parchment, making dots and letters. Then imagine some (self chosen) priesthood going out into what appears to have been an unwilling public who had not gone into exile and didn’t like these returnees at all and force feeding this new religion by brute force (at times) and this went on up to the point the Romans burned the Second Temple down. Now a new set of returnees has picked up the same documents and they want to build a Third Temple using the same basic edited material. It’s almost funny.

  11. Thanks to Jews, as the Jew debt system spread, so did the need to exactly identify the debtor BY an exact NAME.
    AND a family name is a CORPORATION.

    The system was completed in Western cultures by 1850. Scandinavians were the last to hold out.

    One’s ‘Christian name’ is one’s given name. A servant of Christ does not have a last name. The last name, or family name, belongs to your family. It existed long before you were born. Therefore, it is not you and it does not describe you. It is not a ‘God-given name’, but a name designated by your family relating, usually, to a previous craft or commercial profession, or to a parent’s name, former master, or to a place of residence (i.e., “Davidson” from David’s son; “Smith” from a shortened trade, such as an ironsmith or blacksmith). In addition, since a family name is a common name, shared by two or more people, and not a proper name, it is considered an incorporated name under man’s law. Thus, a family name is a corporation, it’s an incorporated name, a family name is combining a group of people into a unit.

    1. True, ariadna. In fact, here on Olde Cape Codde, the Kochs are pretty well known as moderately anti-semitic. The could well be German by extraction.

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