The behavior of barbarians — by John Kaminski

Heartless depravity is the new American norm

 By John Kaminski
[email protected]

AbyssThe most remarkable — and disgusting — declaration I’ve heard in the past few weeks was the statement by the Ukraine’s new outlaw Jewish prime minister calling the Russian speaking residents of the eastern part of the country “subhuman”.

This not only went well with the policies of Ukraine’s criminal ex-president Iulia Timoshenko, who advised using nuclear weapons against these same Russian speaking residents of the eastern Ukraine, but was right in line with the Jewish preference of dealing with non Jews throughout the world.

Kill them, then steal their property and give it all to your friends who helped you do the killing.

This attitude reminded me very much of the so-called rebels who have plagued Syria for the last few years. The image that sticks in my head from this drama is of a young girl who had been raped by 20 or so of these outlaws, who photographed her ravaged and lifeless body with a crucifix jammed into her mouth, no doubt to send a message to the Christian infidels who are at great risk in this part of the world, or maybe everywhere in the world.

In this age of indifference to unspeakable atrocities that occur daily, the mere observing of these two events on their own made me sick enough just for being events that should never be committed by human beings.

But the thing that made me even sicker to my stomach was that the perpetrators of these psychopathic crimes were bought and paid for by the United States government, which in turn was executing the orders of the Jews from Israel who control the behavior of American politicians as well as the actions of the U.S. military, as well as the behavior of outlaws they hire to destabilize governments they try to ruin. Fortunately in Syria they have failed, thus far.

By its manipulations, America is committing horrific crimes that as Americans, we were always taught to fight countries that exhibited this kind of behavior. Now it is the U.S. exhibiting this kind of barbaric behavior, and if not doing it themselves, then hiring poverty stricken thugs from all of the world to do it for them. I know by now that this is kind of an old story, as by now anyone with a brain realizes that 9/11 was a fraudulent event that gave the madmen who control the levers of power the right to wage perpetual war against anybody who has anything America wanted to steal. And since the U.S. is utterly controlled by Jews, that means every country in the world.

This pattern of balls-to-the-wall brutality has been repeated a sickening number of times, especially since 9/11. Can Americans honestly admit their own atrocities? The drone murders at Afghan weddings. Fallujah. Benghazi. And now the people of eastern Ukraine being killed in their own homes by their own government, with the smug approval of Barack Obama’s government.

But what really sticks in my craw — and in the craws of everybody I know — is the sheer brutality, the sheer disregard for decency and propriety, that American presidents and their Congressional stooges display on a daily basis to the rest of the world. Americans are directly responsible for all these slaughters, but the average, run-of-the-mill American either pretends not to know about these crimes, or, even worse, because they are so distracted by their own meaningless trivia, really doesn’t know what his government is doing to all these innocent people.

If America ever lost its supremacy in the world, the rest of the world would slaughter us all without a second thought — and based on the way we have behaved as a nation, we would deserve to be slaughtered.

Now there is a third element to add into this unsavory equation, yet another angle from which, not only to question whether America is worth fighting for, but the unsettling observation that the people who are supposed to be protecting us are in fact facilitating our demise. Nothing could be clearer after this latest fiasco on the Mexican border, where a planned government program has delivered thousands of children without parents, who then have been promptly distributed all over the country by U.S. government-furnished bus tickets.

Since foreign parents are by law able to join their children in the U.S., this government sponsored plan guarantees an even more rapid inflation of the alien population, which already has destabilized all of America’s social services and educational systems. Therefore, this deliberate importation of unattached children has been aimed at totally overwhelming U.S. social systems, which are already overstressed to the max.

This is the greatest act of treasonous sabotage by the Obama administration since they distributed guns to Mexican drug gangs, who we now find out are hooked up with New York banks. <> The fact that no voice of protest has emerged from either mainstream media or the justice system means that the final act of the sabotage has begun, and we are all at risk from preplanned government sponsored mayhem.

But none of these things are the real news. None of these inhuman acts of atrocious behavior, obscene betrayal and bottom-of-the-barrel perversion are the real story.

No, the real story is the slime level to which the American populace has descended that permits American presidents to act like mob bosses and facilitate the wholesale slaughter of innocents for the purpose of enriching above-the-law Jewish pedophiles who are already obscenely wealthy. And the worst of it is, this is not a new phenomenon.

Throughout the 20th century and even before, the American people have put their heads in the sand and let their leaders conduct colossal atrocities, and then let them call themselves heroes and twist the facts to turn mass murder into noble self defense, to turn dastardly premeditated murder into valiant heroism. While innocent people are losing their lives and their property all over the world, Americans keep their heads tucked into their electronic devices and pretend that they cannot hear the screams of people who are being murdered every day.

These hollow people stage festive events for their soldiers who come home alive, and try to shut their minds to the high percentage of soldiers who kill themselves soon after they come home because the horrific and hypocritical events they have been made to endure have rendered them already dead inside.

The urgent events in Ukraine, Syria, and now Iraq again are just more of the same, a century old tradition of mass murder spun into heroic deeds that Americans pretend are not happening because their soccer matches and their tennis tournaments and the appointments they have to kept that make them totally artificial people are more important than the bleeding and screaming they are causing by their indifference.

For the slender percentage of Americans who are actually awake, it is impossible not to notice that this loss of respectability — the rapid slide of American culture into a sadistic self-mutilation of all its values — is the direct result of the Jewish takeover of every aspect of our lives, from school curricula that regurgitate falsified mainstream history to the twisted psychological jargon that values perversion over normalcy to the phony political stories that camouflage mass murder as national defense.

The only way to begin to unravel these deceptions that have led the human species far down the road to mass suicide is to identify the real source of power that is deliberately leading us toward our graves. As long as it is kept secret and we are kept in the dark, we are doomed and there is no hope for our continued existence.

So powerful is the Jewish grip on American consciousness today that even the most popular writers are afraid to venture into that forbidden zone of attaching the names of Jewish criminals to the crimes that are being committed. The devastating crimes of derivatives and foreclosures, of course, all trace back to the Jewish owned Federal Reserve, which has plundered American fortunes for an entire century yet remained concealed behind the random names of various brokerage houses.

Failure to name these Jewish perps and treat them as they deserve to be treated means the bankruptcy of the country and the eventual pauperization and starvation of the vast majority of the American population.

If the American people are so vacuous that they can’t neutralize their own criminal leadership, then the American people themselves deserve whatever the rest of the world can throw at them to stop this sadistic abuse and immoral abuse of the world.

Unfortunately, before that can happen, most Americans will be eliminated by their own leaders over whom they have lost control, whether by deliberately created pandemics carried by uncountable alien shock troops eagerly admitted by politicians who want to dilute the American electorate, or by steroid-addled cops trained in Israel who murder average citizens who have committed no crime.

There is no appeal to the justice system. There is no longer any justice there. Only totalitarian greed remains there, so you don’t have to be guilty to be convicted (if they decide to try you instead of just kill you). The people appointed to protect you are all too willing to lie to put you in jail.

The only possible chance to reverse the world slide into absolute tyranny is to do to those who oppress us — Jews and their hired whores and killers — what they for hundreds of years have successfully done to us. No other policy will do.

Any other course will cost you your life.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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  1. An excellent article as usual by John Kaminski.

    I hope John doesn’t mind if I use this opportunity to make three brief off-topic announcements:

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    — John Scott Montecristo (Editor)

  2. John is correct. “Failure to name these Jewish perps and treat them as they deserve to be treated means the bankruptcy of the country and the eventual pauperization and starvation of the vast majority of the American population.”

  3. how this website could be improved

    dancing chickens
    lambs with puzzled looks
    cockroaches with gold watches looking down on eternity
    eternity’s curtain rising
    god holding a scythe

    1. hey lobro, how is project scion: escape from zion coming along

      and who’s winning, east or west? … sorry, rhetorical question, i know all the manufacturing has been moved to the east … just thought id let you kick west’s corpse again since johnny boy didnt do it enough … good thing the east is gonna win, since there’s no jews bad guys there … jews were nice enough to leave russian nukes in gentile hands … jews murdered 40 million just for fun, now they walked out because they lost a vote … gentlemanly cockroaches

  4. One of the best comments I have seen lately: The police enforce policy, not the laws of justice.

    This pretty much says it all in the American terror state modeled after the former Soviet terror state. Of course almost everywhere one looks these days, its virtually always the Nadzees, the evil Nadzee fascists, that are to blame for America’s problems. This blatant lie blithely overlooks seventy years of soviet terrorism that resulted in the slaughter of some sixty-six million indigenous Russians, versus the twelve years of National Socialist rule over Germany, where the only attempted “genocide” exists in Jewish mythology. More importantly, it overlooks the glaring fact that the National Socialists never engaged the wholesale slaughter of the indigenous population, as did the murderous, Jewish Bolshevist, aliens of communist Russia.

    However, such obvious truths are irrelevant in the modern age of Jewish programming and Orwellian re-framing of history. Germans claimed the Jews stabbed Germany in the back during WWI. One should read Richard M. Watt’s “The Kings Depart” for insight on the Jewish Bolshevist influence that resulted in mass mutinies of the German military before the Armistice. It was the influence of people like Rosa Luxemburg and Kurt Eisner that weakened the German military, driving a knife into what remained of the German monarchy. It was the reality of the neighboring soviet’s Red Terror that led to the formation of the Freikorps, reformed members of the German army who reestablished a military presence that kept communism at bay in Germany until the Versailles treaty slit the the German’s collective throat. While Watt puts the worst provisions of the onerous treaty on France, no doubt there were Jews working behind the scenes to influence the allied leadership’s decisions concerning the treaty’s provisions. This influence is patently obvious in the Balfour declaration of 1917, a full year before the end of the war. It is impossible to think the treaty provisions that eviscerated the Reich were not the product of the Jewish mind.

    In a few short years this led to the rise of National Socialism, a new form of socialism the Jews felt would be amenable to the Germans because of its virulently anti-communist platform. What they did not count on was the determination and genius of Adolf Hitler to rid his country of the influence that destroyed Germany after WWI, replacing the second Reich with the debauched Wiemar republic.

    The Jews learned their lesson well from Hitler. The debauched dilettantes comprising America’s “leadership,” the Clintons, Bushs and Obamas, all demonstrate how the Jews make sure their chosen sycophant leaders will never be smart enough or resolute enough to rise against them as did Hitler.

  5. But we Americuns are a smrt peeeple. Jus ask anyone who won last nighs Big GAme and theyl tell you! I knowed the last fiv winers of the NASCAR championshits, and who wond duh Superb Bowle so hoz zat, smarty pants?

    Wez knowd all about Paris and Kim K and Lady Gag Gag and watdch intel… knowd, shows like Bachlerorrtt and Sirvuvor and all dose reelity shows so wez can keep up with the ladest!

    And Iz teeching my kidz to folow my leed!

  6. After reading this essay, I emailed Mr. Kaminski and applauded it. He is an unusually gifted writer, and I have always gotten a lot out of reading him.

    He commented back and told me that he felt, sometimes (not is precise words) like he was chronicalling the downfall of America. I suppose he is, truly. He is a good American, and I believe he understands the downfall better than I. It is good to have access to his perspective. I hope it awakens a lot of people. Like Darkmoon. Pray for them.

  7. What is happening in Syria is what they did in Africa for half a century. Lots of lunatic fringes doing all type of heinous actions that break the spirit of men under their rule. Do all type of depravity to break their humanity and have the perfect sub-human soldier.

    Both Lord’s Resistance Army and Boko Haram hunt children. Boko Haram commits acts near barracks similar to what happened in Algeria, and there the Army was in control. Likewise the IRA was helped by SIS.

    ISIL does rape, crucifixion and cutting off of hands and I do not know what else. LRA does cutting of breasts, lips, hands and forced incestuous rape.

    In Ukraine it hasn’t gone to that level yet and most likely won’t as it will give Russia the full excuse to go all the way to Kiev if it happens. Just “normal” rape and killing of civilians.

    They break the spirit of humanity. Think of the sexual depravity of Germany after WWI or a thousand times worse, think of Judo-Bolshevism.

    1. Well said, Adam. And welcome to our site. What you say here is incredibly scary. Are you by any chance the same “Adam” who used to post comments on the Occidental Observer?

  8. Dear Mr. Kaminsky,

    I am sitting here this evening, beside the intimate warmth of my hearth, engaged in quietly deliberating your careful writing, writing which, apart from containing more truths than untruths, in and by itself deserves praise. However, after each and every meditation of it, every moment I grew more and more determined, though I seldom partake in such forums, to compose but a simple riposte to you, particularly since among the numberless ideas that are made mention of in cyberspace, none is worthier of deliberation to me than the ones which refers to us, Jews. I shall not needlessly distract you and your admirable legion of followers by way of a Preamble, but shall, instead, dig right in, as the common saying goes, and speak in outright plainness.

    Our designs against America, are, simply put, comprehensive; and whatever miscellany may temporarily shift our focus, is never really viewed by us as a great aggravation, since we know that whatever delays may prevent us from acting, they will not long postpone what is unavoidably to be done, and that every moment unspent in deed, will only serve to increase our energies for the final thrust.

    The charmingly mysterious owner of this nebulously colourful website recently suggested, though the person was exquisitely careful in avoiding personalness, that we, Jews, ought to be exterminated, meaning, presumably, that some greater force than us will cause us to disappear. How marvellously bizarre, I thought! A greater force! A greater force! Such a force, Mr Kaminsky, where? Where can such a force be found? On the ground? Underground? On the drawing board? On the Internet? No, in none of the above: I will tell you where: in the imagination, Sir, that’s where, that patriotic refuge of the faecal (or is it fickle?) American where much is determined and nothing ever is effected. I may sound offensive, indeed I know I am, Sir, and thus the genuine apology offered to you and the readers, but word is that these days young, wholesome, white Americans hold shitting parties, that is, defecating. Add to this the not-so-incredible rumour that this gross act is performed on bodies, in other words, Americans shitting on Americans, and, afterwards, engage in a Satyr-like feast on that offensive refuse, it does not take much effort to conclude that your people are as willing and ready to annihilate us as a cold corpse is ready and willing to annihilate a living body. I am sure you agree, Sir, for I know I am not mistaken in thinking you an honest man.

    The heartfelt instructions which you impart to your readers are in vain, I mean, IN VAIN. You have lost. You are not. America no longer is. (Remember: I did promise outright plainness.) We have made your women become worse than your men, and, as the wise Greeks warned humanity, that nation in which women become as bad as men, is doomed. The general apathy which has engulfed the Americans is not reversible: remember: no Jewish act ever is. The course charted for you by us cannot be escaped; and all the remonstrances of the patriots, and the screaming of the ”truthers” simply cannot withstand the reality, and for me, only one thing actually is: reality: not dreams, not wishes, not hopes: only that which actually exists.

    In saying this, though I really could go on for ever and would very much like to do so, since I now feel partially engaged, I must conclude, for my tomcat needs feeding, but I will add the following reminder: the time really will come when we, Jews, all of us, without exception, will no longer inhabit Earth, that is, will no longer be, but that will happen only when we decide to cause our own mass destruction, in other words, we by us and not we by you: of this I haven’t the slightest doubt. In the meantime, however, I suggest you take heed of that sad German who honestly said, accept the inescapable, since you can no longer change it.

    The future may belong to you, Sir, but the present is most certainly ours, and, remember: only that which is actually exists. How long shall the present last, we shall determine: it may well be for ever. Sharp pain is soon to be suffered, O dear Mister, sharp, sharp pain; pain so sharp in fact, that it will numb the long-dead American soul. And why not? Does not man, in this case, the American man, deserve what he allows?
    Good evening.

    1. Miss Ellie, before anyone else chimes-in and starts calling names, I will say you are a ‘class act’. I mean it.

      btw, do those ‘shitting parties’ REALLY exist???. Hard to believe. I hope not. I’d want to shoot them, myself!

      1. As you might know Jews themselves are pathologically fascinated with excrement, which shows in their “humor”, their acts of revenge (Israeli soldiers shitting in houses of Palestinians) and even in their religion ( there is a famous Jewish prayer to YAHWEH in which he is praised for the creation of the human anus. This prayer is recited during visits to the toilet). This idea of American “shitting parties” is probably a projection of that woman’s typical Jewish mind.

        For the rest her writing is the usual threatening with Jewish REVENGE, which is – besides excrement – another typical Jewish preoccupation.

        1. Here is the famous Jewish “anus-prayer” with some practical advice added :

          The Asher Yatzar, the prayer said after defecation & urination – Does it apply to draining a catheter?

          The purpose of the prayer is to thank God for good health. It expresses thanks having the ability to excrete, for without it, existence would be impossible.

          “Blessed are You Hashem our G-d the King of the Universe Who fashioned man with wisdom
          He created within man many openings And many cavities
          It is openly known before Your Throne of Glory
          That if one of the organs which is closed should open
          Or if one of the open ones should close
          It would be impossible to exist and stand before you
          Even for one hour
          Blessed are You Hashem who heals all flesh
          And acts wondrously.”


          A person suffering from incontinence should recite the blessing after urination, even if it is involuntary.

          One who has diarrhea should recite the blessing after each diarrhea.
          One who has taken a laxative should not recite the blessing until the laxative has done its work.

          So much for the “piety” of this wonderful people. And need I mention the role defecation and the anus (“anal stage”) plays in Freud’s bizarre “psycho-analysis”?

      2. Well Gil,

        There are jewish porno producers who see the excitement in excrement. So if such ‘parties’ exist outside of Tel Aviv, it is likely the ring leaders of such festivities are chosens.

    2. ‘Tokyo Rose’ sent thousands of similar public messages of fear over the airwaves in WWII. She was executed.

      1. hahaha

        We shall call her “Tel Aviv Ellie”

        She too will be executed.

        Are you salivating at the thought, darlin’?

      2. Glad I’m lazy, today, and just hanging around the house. This is interesting.

        Pat, wasn’t it recently learned or revealed that Toky0 Rose was in fact secretly disguising messages for America in her broadcasts? She was exonerated of the accusations against her, I heard. If so, her case is a prime example of mob confusion, and whipping-up by Walter Wenchel (sp?),

        As for Miss Ellie (above), it may be as Franklyn says (about the excrement) – but the rest of it is obviously true. Whoever wrote The Protocols pretty much nailed it. The plan has come to fruition, as far as I can tell. No escaping a bloodbath, now – or an acceleration of the totalitarian status. Either way, we lose before we win. (But I’m a “believer”. like Tyron Parsons, and I have read The Book. There IS a winner, bloodbath or not.)

    3. “The charmingly mysterious owner of this nebulously colourful website recently suggested, though the person was exquisitely careful in avoiding personalness, that we, Jews, ought to be exterminated, meaning, presumably, that some greater force than us will cause us to disappear. ”

      It will undoubtedly happen eventually. You cannot predict it and you cannot fight it. It may not be Whites who will introduce you to your end; it may be Asians, Arabs, or some other people you have betrayed. But sooner or later a race of people will bring Judaism to its inevitable end.

      And the reason why that will happen is because you Jews conjured up the idea of exterminating the Jews to begin with! Yes, it was you who put the idea of Jewish genocide into the minds of billions of people all over the world! The Romans never tried to exterminate you. Nor did the Persians or the Babylonians or the Egyptians. The thought of exterminating Jews never entered the minds of Hitler or Himmler.

      No, you Jews invented the Holocaust myth because you thought that the solution of Jewish genocide would sooner or later enter the minds of the goyim, and so you endeavored to immunize us against such thoughts. However, you are the only people in history to have ever committed actual genocides. No other race has ever tried to exterminate another race, only you Jews.

      It would never have occurred to Whites or any race, for that matter, to exterminate Jews. But you, in your foolishness, put this idea of Jewish extermination into our minds. Right now we react negatively to the idea. All we need to do is flip the switch to positive, and it will happen.

      So please, keep pumping out those fictional Holocaust movies. All you’re doing is putting images and ideas into the minds of the very people you routinely betray. By doing so, you only do two things: immortalize Hitler and the National Socialists, and ensure that the idea of Jewish extermination is in the minds of billions of people all over the world. Nice going.

      1. valid point.
        they preemptively play the victim card making us the bloodthirsty cannibals when in fact it is just a projection of their inhumanly evil brain, which realistically speaking cannot be human, not on such grand scale and so consistently.
        arguing that we too harbor evil minds only brings out the incredible disparity in prevalence of evil in jews and humans.

        i once read about these sheep out in orkneys or outer hebrides that due to some mineral deficiency routinely chew off feet off baby birds when they find them and there are lots of sea birds nesting out there.

        but for someone to say, you see, sheep are carnivores just like hyenas, that stretches the imagination and it is the argument i sometimes see around here (good jews and bad goys).

        ellie is an interesting case to study.
        he/she is clearly intelligent, articulate, highly literate and unremittingly, coldly evil, without the slightest saving grace.
        just like ilya ehrenburg, who was a highly sophisticated, pipe smoking, classical music listening monster worse than any horror movie might have imagined.

        study her and learn about non-terrestrially evil mind of the jew.
        this is not a troll but a real thing.

        hear the hissing of the viper as she drools at the thought of pain that her kind might visit upon john kaminski, whom she freely acknowledges to be right and therefore a danger to her species.

    4. Dear Ms. Ellie.

      I usually do not comment on sites like these. Actually this is my first visit to this website. I was fascinated by your comment, since you are absolutely right in almost everything that you write. It is like hearing the pure words from what I would call Djävulen.

      These words come to you not from a American, but a Swede. You could say that Europeans are becoming scared of the future. The Jewish mass media in our country are going bankrupt since the cattle are turning their attention to these small blogs, that then evolve into a new mass media force:

      nordfront dot se/forintelsen-ar-en-bluff.smr

      The above one is an article with the title “The ‘Holocaust’ is fake!”. You must read what the cattle is prating about.

      Here are some ridiculous “conservatives” in my country, on a website that 10% of the population in Sweden read, according to some estimates:

      friatider dot se/birgitta-ohlsson-leder-eu-konferens-mot-nationalism

      You should read the comments, using a translation service, just to get an idea of what the “conservative” cattle is prating about. A critical mass of enlighten cattle have emerged indeed, that carry ideas that the unknowing cattle will adopt.

      And as Theodor Herzl stated in his diaries, the White misery will be splendid. I modified his quote:

      “It is essential that the sufferings of Whites…. become worse…. this will assist in realization of our plans…. I have an excellent idea…. I shall induce anti-Whites to liquidate White wealth…. The anti-Whites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Whites. The anti-Whites shall be our best friends.”

      You will get an applaud for your naturalistic view on things, and since you mention parties where Americans conduct sexual abnormalities with one another, you must also watch a short documentary called “Babylon before Hitler”.

      Regards Sven Sturesson.

    5. @ Ellie Katsnelson

      “The charmingly mysterious owner of this nebulously colourful website recently suggested, though the person was exquisitely careful in avoiding personalness, that we, Jews, ought to be exterminated, meaning, presumably, that some greater force than us will cause us to disappear.”

      I adore your exquisite prose, Ellie, but I would like to assure you that neither I nor the owner of this website, John Scott Montecristo, have ever suggested that “Jews ought to be exterminated.”

      In fact, this is what I wrote in my article:

      “Among the various remedial measures for tackling the Jewish problem, the following seven may be mentioned as the most drastic and extreme. I would like to make it clear that I am not myself recommending these seven measures en bloc. I am simply reporting the suggestions put forward by other people at various times.”

      I then quoted someone else (“SPQR”) who had recommended mass extermination and made a point of disagreeing with him. This is what I said:

      “Naturally, I could not agree with this armchair revolutionary that wiping out every single Jew in the world was a good idea. Apart from being morally repugnant to most people, it was a messy and impracticable scheme.

      1. Having ticked you off for your failure to be factually accurate, I must nevertheless praise you for writing one of the most outstanding comments I have ever read on this site. Your revelation that Americans are now holding depraved “shitting parties” I can well believe, but this information should come with a link. Let’s see what your source is.

        1. Lasha, on FOX here in Australia we have a program called “E.”
          It shows US college gals on a mid-semester break holidaying in Mexico. 4 girls on a bed, legs wide apart using dildos on each other. The voice over says: “Parents, your hard-earned money at work.”
          Hollywood productions play on this aberrant sexual humour and sense of the totally dangerous extreme. Everything for our youth has to be over the top and much more.
          Of course college kids shit on each other. They see it in the pornos. As do girls drink cups full of multiple males’ sperm! LA is producing pornos with up to 3 penises up one girls vagina, plus one up her anus, etc.
          I think it was Henry Makow who made the point that a new generation has arrived in the West who have been fed porn all their lives.
          A teacher, I see Yr 12 students skipping classes to go to one of their houses (parents at work) to watch porn and do their own. 2 male students who were sitting on A’s attended a drunken teenage party the night before their final exam and were so hung-over they forfeited the year’s work.
          This Ellie sheila tells it as it is! Jews don’t really care much about the lowly Goyim anymore, as they have won. The Goyim are so dumbed-down and addicted to drugs and porn that they are simpering idiot slaves. She is probablty correct on the concept of irreversability. We are STUFFED. As I have said we are so BROKEN that even if the CHAOS erupts, the Jews will stiill command the public communications’ systems. The cell-phone addicted kids will be allowed to keep up their mindless sexting and told to watch the prescribed NEWS!
          The Jews will achieve what Oscar Spengler explained: Their total command can send the masses out on the streets like raging hyenas, or instruct them to be docile and go home to watch porn!
          Absolutely nothing has changed since the mass hysteria of the French Revolution.
          And the Jewish Bolsheviks are waiting their call in the wings.
          Then we we feel Ellie’s “sharp points” – women raped and breasts cut off, mass torture and murder, etc.
          Ellie was also correct when she said women, of the Sex and the City variety are far worse than men! Nesta Webster said that the Revolution would empower the deranged kind of female with a ferocity far worse than that of men.
          Everyone should read her World Revolutions. It is happening NOW, and in its last stages.
          Only a million trained automatic guns can make any in-roads NOW! And then the stupid Goyim will shoot mostly the wrong people!
          For the Jews, and even me, it is all just a big joke, a sado-masochistic black comedy.
          Since 1969 we have gone from no bare breasts on TV to full sex and full genital displays.
          WE HAVE LOST OUR CHILDREN AND MOST FEMALES AND THIS IS “The Tragedy of Human Effort.” Who wrote that?

      2. @ Ellie

        Yes, Americans are depraved enough to shit on each other and then engage in coprophilia. This doesn’t make you Jews any better. You Jews are probably first in line at these shitting parties!

        Read Darkmoon’s article below. You will learn from this, and Lasha’s other articles on pornography, that the Jews have been the main corrupting force in America.


        Don’t forget Weimar Germany either. You Jews made that country a moral cesspool!

        In America right now, Jews produce 90% of US pornographic videos in the San Fernando Valley, California. It’s a Jewish colony known as “Porn Valley” and the Jews own it! You Jews are responsible for most of the world’s CHILD PORN, too, so you are in no position to lecture us on our depravity!

        “If a Jew wishes to do evil, let him go to a city where he is not known and do his evil there.” (Talmud)

        Any comment, Ellie?

  9. what comprises a human as we envision the species?

    social responsibility,
    adherence to a moral code (only minor variations across the planet),
    expectation of justice, either here and now or an ultimate transcendental one,
    shame at own failings of character,
    protective love of innocence,
    appreciation of beauty and symmetry, as in nature so in art,
    willingness to endure hardship and sacrifice for the commonwealth,
    respect for wisdom and life’s experience,
    wonder at the outer world (sometimes referred to as spirituality),
    expectation of immortality of being and consciousness,
    sense of utopian egalitarianism and brotherhood of all living things

    … others that i couldn’t think of at a short notice.

    and the jew?
    i am hard put to see him absorbing any of the above characteristics and concerns.
    ingrained hate,
    ugliness in art,
    absence of remorse and guilt,
    absence of shame,
    defilement of innocence,
    perversion, love of filth,
    materialism, total and complete, love of money,
    parasitism and sloth,
    joy at misery of others,
    societal corruption,
    love of power.

    am i wrong in stating the above clusters as fundamentally inimical?
    the fact that jews can assume human-like form does not in any way make them human.

    in fact, animals are much more human than the jews, animals can love beyond their species, examples abound, dogs can assume a very guilty expression when they know they’ve done something wrong.

    i would think it is easier to instill a sense of duty in a bedbug than a jew.

    and yet, here we are agonizing endlessly about how not to hurt jew’s feelings, it might cause insomnia or something.
    and don’t they know how to push those buttons, they studied the human user’s manual to a “t”.

    1. consider holidays, mostly religious (at one time they were exclusively religious).
      in human species, holidays celebrate love, brotherhood a good and just divinity, compassion and forgiveness of sins, hope for an exalted, undying future.


      now look at jew’s holidays, of which there are plenty (interferes with all the hard labor he does, doesn’t it).
      each and every one celebrates a genocide, cannibalism, wiping out some enemy, real or imaginary, worship of lying, expectation of dominion over the worldy existence.

      no exceptions to this sickening hate, sadism and vindictiveness.

      so tell me again how we are cut from the same cloth, memory fails.

  10. it seems that you people misunderstand ellie and her intention.

    she is neither defending jews, their morality, actions or plans nor apologizing for anything.

    on the contrary, she says this is exactly what we are doing and there is sweet f*** all any one of you can do.

    you are powerless, cowardly deadbeats, all of you and you will be wiped out at the time of our choosing.

    read it again (and admire exquisite prose)

    1. Yep.

      Exquisite prose that says: YOU don’t have a chance in hell to defeat us. We’ve written the rule book, we’ve created the playing field and we’ve chosen the officials.

      Kinda sounds like that old jewish story – what was it again? Oh yeah, David V Goliath.

      And that brings to mind another old jewish story – the one about the mighty Samson. Apparently that cat had the world by the tail. But then a nice jewish girl with big breasts (redundant, I know) chopped off his hair. And his magical powers were for naught.

      Want to chop off the chosens hair?

      Ban/eliminate/make a capital crime out of usury.

      1. Worse than jew lies and fables is the confusion some of you have about WHO are characters like David (as in vs. Goliath). Hell, you wouldn’t even KNOW what a Jew is if it weren’t for Bible stories (ever think they’d have let you read their Talmud???).
        WHERE in the Bible does the story of Israel describe David as a Jew?? Nowhere. You can’t find it.

        Even the Apostle Paul warned to ‘[not give] heed to Jewish fables’ (Titus 1:14), but it seems a lot of you don’t know any better than to accuse the Bible of being a jew production. Your confusion just leads to more, and alienates those who know better – who’d be your allies if you weren’t so determined to bash God and Son.

        Usury is condemned in the Mosaic laws (yet you say the OT is jewish). Make up your minds. Figure out who YOU are before you categorize others. (At least the Jew doesn’t seem to be confused about his identity.)

        1. Gilbert,

          I thank you for your comment. There’s one reason I visit this website – that is to learn. Therefore it is good of you (and Anthony below) to point out my ignorance.

    2. ellie’s clear elation at the story of americans mutual defecation parties is worth noting separately.
      apart from the truth of the tale (because even if not, it does seem that the world is heading that way, according to conchita wurst, the defecators favorite fantasy element), it is meant to clearly demonstrate to us, the doubting thomases as it were, that jews (without bothering with semantics, biblical and otherwise of who is a jew, who is semite or lizard or neanderthal) have won, have won very big indeed if they can bring such ignominy to the world’s most powerful (goy) nation.

      so, it is all up to you.
      ellie counts on you shamefacedly admitting abject defeat, roll in the dust before the talmudic triumphal arch.
      or rise up in anger and grind the oppressor into that same dust.

      i know what is my choice.

  11. you are all pathetic, Darkmoon and all the losers who keep whining about the jews.

    when are you all going to act instead of whining behind your computer.

    btw i am fortunately no jew

  12. having determined with about 85% certainty (and i am being rather conservative here, erring on the side of caution) that yes indeed, jews are creatures of hell, having made a fast contract with the devil in return for easy life of material success in return for unremitting blackness of mind, heart and soul, i wonder how does this deal play out for them, beyond the profane pleasure.

    i have an idea, you listening ellie? tell me whether it makes sense to you and why not.

    jews hope that this is it, they live a good, short life and escape the punishment.
    what if not, what was the devil’s promise?
    you will be my cherished employees, fear not.

    the entrance to hell is spelled out in hebrew lettering: “arbeit macht frei”.
    your terms of labor contract will have you working shifts, alternately suffering the torments and inflicting them on those closest to you, which should give you that sadistic pleasure to which you have grown so fond of, an overriding addiction that characterizes the jew as something non-human.
    this will go for the eternity of “now” to which you sweetly referred to above ellie.

    you know when it will be over?
    when you learned the thing most foreign of all to the jew – compassion.
    when each time you stick a glowing fork into your victim, you scream as desperately as him/her.
    then you will start ascending the long, long ladder to humanity.

    give this idea a spin.

    1. and this of course goes for all the shabbos yelling usa-usa while the phosphorus bombs rain on baghdad, damascus, slavyansk and other godforsaken places in the world powerless before the military juggernaut.

      because devil is an equal opportunity employer.

      happy fourth of july.

      1. The positive spin I’ll put on the 4th of July is in the founding document in and of itself. Simply as it pertains to Truth while simultaneously of course recognizing its undermining.

        And your relating the jew experience in hell sounds about right.

        The post from”Tel Aviv Ellie” is worthy of dissection.

        “Does not Man deserve what he allows?”

        “Deserve” in a manner of speaking. I would amend that to read:

        “Does not Man suffer the consequences of allowing us (the “jews”) to ply our evil trade through HIS own actions in complicity?” (Ellie: “see? you’re no different than us – see you in hell”)

        answer: yes, now….

        “….our own mass destruction, caused by us NOT by you”

        Maybe someone (Gilbert?) can exactly phrase the biblical quote pertaining to time, where it reads, “If it weren’t for (and this is where in the passage it alludes to the ramped-up ‘speed’ of time), there would be no flesh saved.”

        “no flesh saved” to me is to be seen in a context of the parasite having its way with the host FOR ONLY SO LONG.

        So now we come back to the ongoing question of how Man’s actions (and in the face of Ellie’s arrogance) WILL effect the mass destruction of jewry in ADDITION to that change in the time paradigm (Divine intervention)

        To me it boils down to a matter of what degree Mankind’s continuing experience in evil will be MITIGATED by its actions as we move through this ‘time-shift’

      2. “Does not Man deserve what he allows?”

        this is so correct that it bears no further discussion.

        ellie is as wise as serpent but by no means as innocent as dove and in that she fails to see the downfall of judea, the only world that makes sense to her.

        a wisdom of filth and darkness, unseeing and ultimately self-defeating, all ploys and stratagems but without bottom line, a vampire staring in the mirror and seeing no reflection.

        because their fate is indeed bottomless.

    2. It appears to me that there has been a writer named Katsnelson from Hollywood commenting on this site.

      Hollywood has been known as being a mecca for masochism since it was established. It is a place where perverts pay to have people defecate on them. The performers of the vile acts get wealthy. Performers and prostitutes are not cheap.

      The comment was well written because it was done by a professional writer, borrowing the first name of one of his favorite characters named ‘Ellie’ from the very popular TV series, ‘Chuck.’

      ‘Ellie’ is the nickname of Eleanor Faye Bartowski in the series:

      Alex Katsnelson is the writer:

      Writers enjoy revealing themselves in their pseudonyms, just to tease.

      1. OK, but before anyone says “gotcha” to ol’ Brownhawk, I still submit that “her” words reflect an uncanny resemblance to dark sorceresses.

        Good job, Alex Katsnelson. Although I have to wonder about you.

        e.g.; are you simply a guy with a splendid imagination, or one who can’t see their reflection in a mirror? 😉

    1. Ezra knew:

      When a Jew murders a gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

      –from the Talmud, Sanhedrin 57a.

  13. The “average American” doesn’t really know what’s going on. How would he? The news media, entertainment industry and the educational establishment are controlled propaganda and have been for years. He can’t conceive that his government and elected officials could possibly be so evil. He desperately wants to believe they are misguided or even stupid, but not evil. The Scriptures state that to the pure all things are pure, but to the wicked nothing is pure. It’s difficult for the ordinary person to wrap his mind around such pure evil. The conclusion here seems to be that Americans are some particularly awful folk, while implying that those overseas are somehow less so. Do you mean all these people throughout the world in other lands who have always interacted with one another in such admirably compassionate, restrained and rational ways throughout history? Were the Russian people at fault because they “allowed” Communism which killed multiplied millions or were they too victims? Are the Brits, Swedes, French, Dutch, Greeks and Germans deserving of what is happening to them in their lands today because they have “allowed” it and haven’t “neutralized their own criminal leadership” or are they too victims?
    The Jews have taken the best qualities of the white Goy world-wide and turned them against us: our compassion, sense of fair-play, kindness and generosity. Die Juden are consummate liars. It’s tough for a simple, honest soul to believe another would deliberately lie to him. A conman depends on this. Yes, Americans have been incredibly naive. They just can’t imagine that Jews could be so wicked. Loving an underdog, they naturally buy into the persecution mythos of Judentum. Many Americans still love what they believe America to be and want it to be. I don’t really know anybody who truly likes this “war on terror”. In fact one reason we haven’t attacked Iran and Syria as our overlords would like is because the American public doesn’t support this. And as for our allowing all this, what are we to do? It doesn’t matter who we vote for, nothing changes because the elections are a farce. So, short of drastic measures which would require real leadership, what’s the average Joe going to do? Blaming the ordinary white American for what Washington does, is a little like blaming a serf or peasant for what the lord of the manor is up to.
    The only solution to this mess is prayer. We need a leader. God is the answer but most Whites reject Him and so the Isaiah 1:7 scenario continues.

    1. Beth,

      no this or that

      We “allowed for it to happen” to be more precise about it. By not heeding Christ’s admonishment to KNOW EVIL. To recognize its face at every turn and keep it ostracized ALWAYS.

      For want of the sword of eternal vigilance we have all been made its victims

  14. The rwal problem is most all of you know sh[t about history and specifically about Ukraine.
    Most all your information such as it is hebraic in origin and purpose.
    They intend to steal Ukraine however Russia is no savior for Ukrainians or the world since it is run by the very ones you fear and any Christianity is illusory.
    Lest any of you fail to understand this simply assemble Christian principles in a list and compare them to Putin and his fellow hebrew oligarchs actions.
    The Russian church is a hollow deceptive shell that served the elites.
    There is no truth charity or self restraint in Russian behavior now or in tbe last thousand years and none should be expected given the culture.
    The true facts are that the chosen ones who have destroyed functional Christianity in Russia are attempting to do the same thing to Ukraine who had no tradition of a corrupt govt controlled official church.
    Mr Kaminski who is ignorant of these facts would have other fools thinking that there Russian saviors and not invaders instead of understanding that the Ukrainian public so long abused and abandoned by the west are being destroyed between the hammer or the Russian invader and the anvil of the nominally Ukrainian semite carpetbagger.
    If any of you knew Ukraine you’d know all they wish is to be free of the Russian yoke and centuries of invasion.
    Since you dont you need to busy yourselves with a false padadigm of a Christian Russia, of which there is no functioning evidence.

  15. John Kaminski, you have great courage and I totally identify with your writing. You tell the skeletal TRUTH.
    Your picture of an American people under total Jewish control has always been my point. Here In Australia it is the same!
    This is the HERE AND NOW REALITY; irrespective of history, “neanderthal origins”, etc.
    It is a very tangible, concrete and easily observable REALITY. All the INDICES of JEWISH POWER are easily identifiable. It is plain FACT!
    As Orwell said: “In a time of universal deceit to tell the TRUTH is a revolutionary act.”
    What do we do about it, as just as the Jewish-vermin problem is in front of your noses, so is the SOLUTION, or SIMPLE raft of SOLUTIONS?
    If a Martian was brought to Earth and told to look objectively and diagnose the human malaise, he would say:
    “Those people calling themselves Jews CONTROL your planet, as a very special class. They employ the great POWERS of the “P”: They control the PURSE (your banks, Fed, stock exchange); the POLITICS (Repubs and Democrats); the PRESS (all of the mass media); and the PUSSY (the LA porn industry, your licentious pop industry, your dirty celebs). The CONTROL of the P’s gives them unbridled POWER!!!!
    So you have to take the 4 X P’s from them, even if it leaves them squealing like pigs!

    Your non-Jews are the vast unwashed, brain-dead, obese, bubba-like MAJORITY!
    LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER! Get your guns together!
    Start to organize right now!
    Get your own bank started, your own television, radio stations, etc.
    Cut yourselves completely off their loud hailers, TV and radio.
    Designate a lovely part of northern USA as your meeting place and future state. Tell everyone to move there where you will soon have the numbers and the guns. GET TOGETHER. Your Republic as you once knew it is FINISHED!
    YES, things are that drastic for you.
    You have to think completely out of the Jewish SQUARE! COMPLETELY!!!!
    A new language/dialogue is required.
    Read the words of your prophets like John Kaminski and take his TRUTHS deep into your hearts. He tells you of your mental ILLNESS and APATHY!
    THIS IS YOUR ONLY HOPE FOR SURVIVAL. Your last CHANCE, before your planet explodes into oblivion!

    1. Bilney,

      Just worry about your own realm. Though I’d LOVE to have you in my foxhole, we are worlds away…

      There is nothing we can do about the way things are. Just get prepared for the downside, and enjoy the time we have! 🙂

      1. Thankyou, Gilbert. But I won’t take your advice and stick to “my realm.”
        As David Icke would say we live in a Universal realm, and when the USA sneezes we Aussies get pneumonia,
        We are subject to your Jewish Federal Reserve , Wall St, and their war-mongering banks!
        So we ALL need to get ready to fight and probably sacrifice our lives!

  16. Interesting math: 1947 (formalization of the foundation of Israel)
    +54 years of funding and arming the Jews
    2001 (9/11 the horror of fully-justified “assymetrical warfare” v.s.
    Israel’s sponsor)

    In other words—where’s the proof that 9/11 was an “inside job”. Love to read it. Otherwise, touting that theory brands one, in a way, of being a tad illogical and a tad paranoid, in a xenophobic way.

    No doubt about it, international Jewry is nothing more than a horde of termites. Since, however, Yurp did most assuredly NOT send the colonies their best and brightest, we are essentially armed only with myopic morons.

    Calls to arms are entertaining—I don’t see it happening, though. The Germans already tried a “solution” which, in essence got us Israel. Talk about unintended consequences.

    It all boils down to brains—and we Goy got second-best. Until we learn to identify and speak out about the purposeful destruction of America, we’re going to remain slow-cooking toast.

    Limbaugh, Beck and other puppets always praise Israel and THEN say “The American people are finally waking up….”. Sorry guys. Nope. The Great Unwashed are far and away too stupid and distractable to ever extract their heads from their recti. I love Ann Coulter, and she said it best and briefest: “Look therfe’s something shiny over there!” Nuf sed.

    The Dumbocrats decided long ago that morons vastly outnumber people like us, and they subsequently hitched their wagons to the masses of self-pitying slobs. The “politics of envy” indeed. We have re-elected a metrosexual, Marxist porch-monkey and will no doubt pick our next president from the Hobbson’s Choice of Hillary or .012% Hiawatha E. Warren!
    Any counter bets?

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