The child killers (1.5 min. video)



You are unlikely to see pictures like this on the mainstream media.

To watch a short (1.5 minute) video on the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians in Israel — the killers have been at it for 66 years now and cannot seem to stop — click HERE.

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    1. that was me, decided to use whats good for strike-the-kike jews as an alternative handle even though i avoid such disguises but it seemed like “good old fashioned fun”.

      and the picture does not square with my vegetarianism, so i assumed a cannibal identity.

    1. siljan, you think that is bad?

      here is how the satanic press reports it.

      those poor, poor, eternally persecuted, misunderstood jewies of this same sderot, die ewige juden that appear to be cheering are actually cringing in existential angst as they wait for the dreaded sound of gestapo hobnailed boots, so their annafrank ballpoints are scribbling furiously to record their last moments before forcible shipment in cattlecars.

      1. Isn’t there a Polish saying that goes something like this;
        ‘the jew cries out in angst, while he strikes you’

        On that note here is a jewish knesset member telling the Palestinians that they are bombing Gaza for their own sake.
        ‘The missiles we shoot into Gaza are not only to save lives in Tel Aviv and Ashkelon, but also to save lives in Gaza”.
        This lunatic starts his rant @ 5:50

      1. So far, no Israelis have been killed, although terrorists in Gaza have pounded the country with nearly 800 rockets since the fighting began

        am i seeing things or is that a black flag waving in front of me?
        maybe they meant rocks instead of rockets – errorists instead of terrorists who have pounded israel with 800 rocks – but even then, 800 rocks are bound to kill someone.

      2. @ Pat
        Now what is it going to take for ‘Joe six-pack’ and his buddies to do the same in the United States?

        1. @ Pat

          I think the ‘gub-ment’ is running low, very low.
          Or do we have more quantitative easing in the works?
          If that’s the case, we will have to wait for ‘joe’ a bit longer.

          But it seems to be stirring all over, even in Canada.

    2. You could add, “While this is happening the Jews’ Goyim-American cheer squads are applauding, just as they gave Bibi Netanyahu a standing ovation when he attended a meeting of your Congress in 2013!”
      And your Christian clergy are collecting donations for their beloved Israelis!
      And Bibi told them straight that he would go full steam ahead with his messianic settlement program … and they still applauded!
      Heil the Jews!!!!! “Kill all of the Arabs and turn them “into the dust and waste of the desert.” (Weizmann) KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL!!!!! “Give me that American-made missile and I’ll destroy that UN school full of Semitic kids!”
      The United States of Jewdom is an EVIL country, riddled with perniciousness, systemic corruption, filth and dumbed-down, slave-like yokels. Even your “radicals” on this site are tamed down, pedantic “pricks.”* (*biblical word)
      You have lost your republic to the Jews!
      The USA needs to be eliminated ASAP!
      A grassroots, guerilla war should be underway! Keep ditherers like Gilby out of it though! YOU ARE CLOSE TO FINISHED!

      1. Then stop your damn yapping and get your ass over here!

        Be a soldier in the “grassroots, guerrila war” where it’ll be fought and back up all your words of bravado.

        You, through all your smoke and fire are in effect a prick calling the kettle black.

        1. Brownhawk, dont be so agresive pleeze or i wont like u. buy the way, r u a REEL red injun? do u live in a wigwam and have a tommohork? and do u h8 cowboys? sorry, im onley 14 and i sufer from dicklecksia.

      2. Australia needs the USA:

        The United States is the ONLY country to have served alongside Australia in every major conflict since World War II.

        Bush signed the United States-Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act into law on August 3, 2004.

        The US Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act was passed in August 2004, and came into effect on January 1, 2005 in Australia.

        1. Oh yeah Pat, the voice of utter ignorance and dumbed-down, myopic vision! Most of us Aussies hate the yanks!
          Your as stupid as that pseudo “injun” character, Brownhawk! I’d like to meet this fool and show him what to do with his tomahawk!
          Australia needs the USA-Jewish pariah like a tooth cavity.
          Yes, us idiots have close war-involvement ties with the hegemonic Jews that “rule the USA” (Lasha) and Australia.
          Even the man Oz-Jewish author, Antony Loewenstein, named as one of Oz’s top Gentile-ZIONISTS, Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, said that the Zionist lobby controlled Oz’s foreign policy!!!!!! Ditto for the USA you idiot! “Foreign policy” includes WAR policy and love of Israel! (Check out David Icke headlines!)
          It never ceases to amaze me how you intellectual minnows can’t see the big picture; so all you repeat is a standard Jewish catch-phrase: “Australia needs the USA: The United States is the ONLY country to have served alongside Australia in every major conflict since World War II.” SO f**^#*! what?
          I would not live in the US Jewish state for $5 million! They are bigger SLAVES than us Aussies, as they’ve got obese, dumbed-down bubbas and good-ol-boys all around them! And as the Jap Emperor said a couple of years ago, the nigrahs, with very low IQ’s have dramatically dropped the IQ equation, which is why the USA ranks only 24th on the OPEC educational achievement standards listing.
          But this would be just too much lateral thinking for my dumbed-down critics (Gilby!) on this site!

        2. Hey Max

          You can blow as hard as you can. The house will still be standing.

          You won’t come over here and yet you find the time to go over to the south of France to be with one of your international women.

          You fraud. The least you can do is be a real man and stay at home to protect your waltzing matildas and their children down by the billibongs.

          Just as well. Not a pretty sight to be on the wrong end of a tomahawk chop. 😉

  1. And here in the USSA, the rabid ‘Christian Zionists,’ are cheering heartily, praying that Israel keeps killing in the hopes of setting off WW III, so their Lard will descend to Earth, using a pile of radioactive corpses to walk to Zion.

    1. @ Greg

      You can’t reason with Christian Zionists. They worship jews and israel in place of Jesus Christ.

      Few if any ever read the NT. They are crucifying JC yet again. The One Who said ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’. It’s not a physical place or land.

      1. The Kingdom is inside you is referencing his kinfolk who will comprise it’s inhabitance while other believers in him of other races will have their place of representation too.

  2. an exercise in metalogic or the esoteric discipline of tal-math-mud.

    the reason for criminalizing any inquiry into the facts of the so-called holocaust is that it is bound to engender a second holocaust.
    of course, if the “first” holocaust had been for real, any such inquiry would be welcomed and heartily encouraged and then there would have been absolutely no fear of the second holocaust.
    but since the first didn’t happen, the second is a clear and present danger.
    the number one is an unlucky one for jews, so they preemptively feed us number two.

    hey goys, how’s number two taste?
    um, very good, we mumble between mouthfuls, brown thumbs up.

  3. Child killing or sexual child abuse seems to be part of Zionist Jewish culture.

    Lord Janner was first accused of being involved in sexual abuse of young boys in 1991 but was not prosecuted under pressure from Jewish Lobby which controls both Labour and Conservative parties. The current leader of Labour party, Ed Miliband is a Zionist Jew, while Conservative leader David Cameron has boasted his family’s Jewish roots.

    Cardiff-born Janner took refuge in Canada during the WW II. He is former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, an Israeli Lobby, from 1978 to 1984. He has been a key international figure in efforts to suck billions of dollars in compensation and restitution for the ever-increasing Holocaust survivors from Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and Poland. The main beneficiary of this Holocaust loot have been Israel, while the Holocaust survivor families have received between $3,500 to $17,500 annually. UK’s EXPRESS reported on June 5, 2014 that in the long run, it will cost German taxpayers’ more than £275 billion to payoff WW II debt to the Jews.

  4. Israel: Only Nation that Systematically Arrests, Abuses, Tortures, Rapes, Kills Children

    “In Israel killing Palestinian, especially Palestinian children, is not only a Talmudic Rabbinical driven duty but it also serves as a sport to relieve boredom and enhance career opportunities. The 3.4 Million Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem are simply daily fodder for target practice, testing of new chemical and biological weapons, and as a menace that must be driven out or exterminated from Israel’s property. These human beings simply live as slave labor for Jews or targets for sniper practice.

    Israel is an artificially and illegally created country born out of extreme terrorism, violence, ethnic cleansing, a mass all out destruction of hundreds of historical Palestinian villages, murder, and rape of women and children.

    unlike every other nation does NOT HAVE;

    1. A Constitution.

    2. No Geo-Politically defined borders.

    3. No internationally recognized capitol.

    BUT, in fact it does have a Constitution. It’s called the Babylonian Talmud.”

    by Mohamed Khodr

    read the rest of the article here;

    1. Siljan

      Yes, that is the “Jews” common law and the outward manifestation of this Babylonian Talmud is their worldwide Babylonian Judaic economic/admiralty legal fiction code system that has all nations (except Syria and Iran) in it’s matrix. Syria and Iran will fall to it soon enough unfortunately.

      AGAIN, this is why we must be patient.

      as I told Igrid

      The Pals will be liberated when and only when the “Jews” invite the remnent of our kinfolk that survive these wars that are about to break out in our lands into “israel” to help defend them against the eastern military threat to take over their JWO in “Israel” (by China/India/Arab/Paki etc forces).

      Then and ONLY then can we use our trumping law source to penetrate their legal fiction code system as we arrest all the “Jewish” criminals that all ran to “Israel” when they collapsed and destroyed the western world and then we can have nurenburg type trials for them.

      The only way for them (The “Jews”) to get a fair trial (unlike the one they would never have never given us) is if we use our trumping law (admitted to be in their own codes)- Common/Natural/Christian law, to judge them.

      Then we will have control of the world’s levers of power because by this time the Vatican-London-DC/US Corporations will have transfered their power to “Israel” *includng their media power

      At this point we will have to take on the eastern powers, destroy them and establish the Lord’s kingdom on top of the JWO de facto abominion with the TRUE King Jesus ruling it as High Priest of a TRUE New World Religion (who’s basis is TRUE LAW).

      The land will go to those who Christ Jesus chooses and to whom he promised it to at the foundations of this world (12/13 authentic tribes of Israel).

      The World Government Sentate, Judiciary and Executive will go to our believing kinfolk (white/Europeans- the true Israelite/Judaite stock of Isaac).

      The World Congress (traditionally the branch with the most power) will go to all other race’s and nation’s believers, worldwide toward their representation.

      Again, we must be patient because the things coming up cannot be stopped because these things must come to pass. Or as Christ put it “these things needs be”.

      The Sun doesn’t give it’s light until the night, the darkness has it’s time and then is broken.

      When this happens, when the night is completely over a NEW DAY will begin (A New Earth Age).

      1. @Tyron Parsons

        “The Land will go to those who Christ Jesus chooses…”

        Sorry Tyron, but I think one of the main reasons the world is in the trouble it is, is because of this ‘chosen’ heresy. We don’t need another one. ..’white European true Israelite’…variety.

        When Christ came, he fulfilled everything. “It is finished” He said.

        After the cross, ‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, (white European or Arab) but all are one in Christ…If you belong to Christ, then you are the descendants of Abraham and will receive what God has promised.” says St. Paul in his letter to the Galatians, 3:28-29

        1. The “Jews” idea of chosen is based on race exclusively but the chosen or elect from Christ is based both on race (all races are chosen to do certain things) and upon merit (faith/belief- deeds).

          So, don’t confuse Christ’s chosen and elect with what the “Jews” claim, say and do.

          Their’s is a lie but Christ’s is truth with reason.

          Christ said “its finished” meaning he had paid the price to redeem his ethnic kinfolk and all of every race and nation that believes.

          There is no “Jew” or “Greek” is speaking the breaking down the dividing way between white Judaites and Israelites. If you read the original greek scriptures, you would know this.

        2. Correction

          There is no “Jew” or “Greek” is speaking of the breaking down of the dividing wall between white Judaites and white Israelites. If you read the original greek scriptures, you would know this.

          This dividng wall was not only geographical, it was also inherient inside the the difference between the old contract and the new contract Christ paid for with his blood where true Israelites and Judaites responded to his message encoded in their hearts, minds, spirits – DNA and the impostors of Esau (today called the Sephardics) rejected him.

          Why did the impostors reject him? Because they are impostors who’s paternal genetics did go back to Isaac but their ancestors mixed with the Canaanites who had mixed with the fallen ones.

          Hence, Christ rightly said, your father may be of Abraham (Abraham, Isaac, Esau) but you are not Abraham’s children (the blessing dominion and fruitfulness mandates went through Isaac, Jacob- NOT Esau). And then Jesus Christ said, your father is the DEVIL (meaning their fallen genetics) and your father’s will.

        3. correction again

          * And then Jesus Christ said, your father is the DEVIL (meaning their fallen genetics) and you will do your father’s will- who was a liar and murderer from the beginning.

        4. Ingred

          Yes, you and those with you “harbor suspecions” but isn’t it funny that you can’t shoot down the logic while being incapable, it seems, of admiting that your opposition really lies in my belief in the prime creator/savior, or is it really because some people here are Jew agents in cagnito?

          I challenge you naysayers to answer this question; who it also seems, are people who are NOT white or if you are, you’re human secularists holding the majority belief system that “Jews” do…

          Since anyone who studies the “Jews” with an IQ over 100 can see that the power levers of the world are being transfered to that land “Israel”; if we could “poof” and make the “jews” disappear there, who should fill the void– take over those levers of planetary power?

          a. The Palistinians
          b. Muslims-Arabs
          c. Chinese
          d.. Other Asiatics
          e. Mixed race peoples
          f. Amerindians
          g.. Black people

          Or should it be whites/Europeans and all people of all racial catigories who not only believe in the true Christ (not the “Jews messiah who is Satan listerally) but also believe in the UNIVERSAL LAW that governs the Universe?

          So I hope you can see, your opposition to the unfolding true reality that will trump these “Jews” fictional reality is ONLY doing the “Jews” bidding!

        5. BrownHawk

          I am a warrior for my people, plus all people of any race who believe. I will not back down or change what I know as true to make a friend

          If you can accept that, we can smoke that peace pipe.

        6. On more thing- if you don’t want me speaking to you STOP RESPONDING TO MY POSTS or that outside your fairytale world too, where monkeys ride pigs and all is as it seems it should be?

      2. BrownHawk

        Some may choose Christ while he rejects them.

        Christ chooses us, not us who choose him. If one is of those truely chosen by Christ is was Christ inside that person who made the “choosing”.

        1. Parson Tyron,

          let’s boil it down to this:

          For the sake of making points you’ve already nailed down in YOUR chosen words,

          imagine “in the beginning” ( which in TRUE reality is always now – not “time” as we’ve known it as a pass-age), that you, Tyron, et al, upon that ‘moment’ of awakened consciousness KNOW you are of a Creation of all-embracing love.

          This “chooses” Christ

          Now imagine that in that moment of awakened consciousness, instead of knowing this, you felt a sense of abandonment. It didn’t dawn on you that this is what you are Divinely intended to be. Given the reality of this erroneous perception, in effect,

          You rejected Christ

          This is inexplicable, this misconstrual of the intent for free will to express Divinity through your singular Be-ing.

          Hence, the necessity for Correction

          What we’re coming to.

        2. BrownHawk

          Imagine you accepted the plain words of Paul, Christ’s Apostle to the Northern Israelites as you claim to speak for Jesus….

          Romans 9- My comments in brackets

          3 For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh: 4 Who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises; 5 Whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came, who is over all, God blessed for ever. Amen.

          Who gets the adoption, the glory, the covenants (contracts)? Who gives the law? Who does the service of God (Priests- Judges) Who has the promises? Who concerning the flesh did Christ come to redeem (although he saves all who believe)?


          My Kinfolk who believe

          Paul continues explaining WHO, what race, what people this is

          Romans 9

          …..In Isaac shall thy seed be called. 8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh (Esau), these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise (Jacob/Israel-Judah) are counted for the seed. 9 For this is the word of promise, At this time will I come, and Sarah shall have a son. 10 And not only this; but when Rebecca also had conceived by one, even by our father Isaac;

          …..12 It was said unto her, The elder shall serve the younger. 13 As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. 14 What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid.

          …Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? 21 Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?

          ..Behold, I lay in Sion a stumblingstone and rock of offence: and whosoever believeth on him (True Christ) shall not be ashamed.


          Those who reside with the real King and High Priest will do so inside his holy of holies. This will be those souls of all races who were murdered in his name per the resurrection of the just- these get their Adamic “angelic” bodies back that know no death or corruption from there on out.

          I already explained how all race’s believers will have representation of their race, nation inside the World Congress. I already explained that the Judiciary and Senate will go to my kinfolk believers from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I have already explained that the children of the flesh (‘Jews’) are not Judah or Israel physically or spiritual and that they are vessals of destruction. I have already explained that the Pals will be liberated and that their believers will get a portion for themselves. Read all of Obediah that details EXACTLY how this will bare out (The Invasion of “Israel”)

          In paticular…
          Obediah 1
          19 And they [that dwell] in the south (Gaza) shall inherit the mount of Esau…

          Or have you not read Revelation concerning my kinfolk coming back to their land promised to them?

        3. You have your take and I have mine, preacherman.

          a take of mine:

          Satan ‘invented’ the condition which enables what is called “prophecy” through the circumvention of “time”. “Circumvention” in this context meaning a manufactured illusion called “passages of time” which supplanted the Divine Aegis and replaced it with its own – the bogus life/death cycle.

          Passage: passing; passing away; passed; past (implying future)


        4. BrownHawk


          You CHOOSE what you want- I believe in what Christ and his chosen representatives have revealed to the planet.

          So, you believe in a fairytale disguised as “Christ’s will” while you accuse me of what you are actively engaged in

          Prophesy can be glimpsed by evil but the prime creator is OUTSIDE of space and time that were CREATED by him. This is why a true Prophet of the prime Creator is 100% correct and NOTHING less.

          In summary

          You believe in what YOU WANT as I believe in what has been proven to me as ALWAYS true.

          So please BrownHawk, stop trying to claim you represent the true Christ when you refuse to even subscribe to his plainly spoken and written words.

        5. Jesus certainly did not prattle on about DNA and other bodily material topics.

          The first lesson, spirituality 101 starts with –
          “are not the body”

          “The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision the learned and gentle brāhmaṇa, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater (outcaste).”

          Prabhupāda: Mm. Just read again.

          Devotee: “The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision…

          Prabhupāda: Equal vision.

          Jesuit: Equal vision.

          Prabhupāda: Equal vision.

          Jesuit: What does that mean, equal vision?

          Prabhupāda: Equal vision means that I don’t make any distinction between you and a dog.

          Jesuit: You make no distinction…

          Prabhupāda: No, this is spiritual vision because a paṇḍita, paṇḍita means learned man, his equal vision means he does not make any difference between the souls. The dog has got also soul and the learned scholar has got also soul. But the soul is covered by the dog’s body, and here the soul is covered by the learned scholar’s body. Actually both of them are souls, part and parcel of God.

          Jesuit: Would you think that their souls are of different value, the soul of the dog…?

          Prabhupāda: No, soul is of the same value.

          Jesuit: That I would find hard to accept.

          Prabhupāda: Huh?

        6. HP

          Christ didn’t speak about DNA huh?

          Christ spoke about the spirit and race of which both are intertwined.,

          Have you not heard of his parable of the seeds of the wheat and weeds? Read what happens to the seeds of the weeds (burnt up) and to the seeds of the Wheat) who are gathered together inside the barn (the land and world government).

          Who exactly are the SEEDS of the Wheat if not those who of his race (and also other races) who believe in him? Who are those of the weeds, if not the “jews” and those that believe, do as them?

          I get so tired of this egalitarian drivel! Each Seed produces it’s own KIND!

          Genesis 12:
          7 And the Lord appeared to Abram, and said to him, I will give this land to thy seed

          Genesis 17

          7 And I will establish my covenant between thee and thy seed after thee, to their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be thy God, and [the God] of thy seed after thee. 8 And I will give to thee and to thy seed after thee the land wherein thou sojournest, even all the land of Chanaan for an everlasting possession, and I will be to them a God. 9 And God said to Abraam, Thou also shalt fully keep my covenant, thou and thy seed after thee for their generations.

          now look at any geneology in scriptures and you will see a SEED (blood-race-ethnicity) line. Look at Christ’s seedline and you will see that his mother was a levite and his adopted father a Judaite. Under the law, the Pristhood rights would go to Jesus through his Mom while the earthly kingship right would go to him by way of adoption law, by way of his earthly adopted father.

          Since Christ was created just lower than the angels and was of the genetics of the Prime Creator (father), implaneted inside Mary by way of the SPIRIT, one can see Jesus also inherits the Kingship and High Priest title in heaven- as on earth. (listen closely to the Lord’s prayer).

          Galations 3

          16 Now to Abraham and his seed (Jesus in paticular were the promises made (Ishmael (Arabs)-Isaac-Esau (“Jews” )and Jacob (whites). He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ. 17 And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect. 18 For if the inheritance be of the law, it is no more of promise: but God gave it to Abraham by promise…..29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. (The Children of the Promise areof Isaac-Jacob-true Israelites/Judaites as I already proven in Roman’s 9 OVER AND OVER. Esau gets to rule by tyranny and blood yet get destroyed and the Arabs get 12 Kingdoms inside one Nation -Nation of Islam)

          Hence, the land will go by way of PROMISE to Jacob/Israel SEED (race) (Pals get Mount Esau to the south of the land) and the Kingdom/World Government inside that land will go to ALL WHO BELIEVE (as I explained) of any race upon the singular Seed– the real Christ, as King and High Priest of a NWO that planets His Kingdom on top of the “Jews” JWO – deposing their false messiah and those destined to destruction (The Jews, seeds of the Weeds)

        7. I refuse no such thing.

          You presume to know all there is to know about “plainly spoken and written words” and come across in a manner that reminds me of my ancestors who YOU claim with a dubious air of certainty came AFTER the “white/christians:

          “Since you are here as strangers, you should rather confine yourselves to the customs of our country than impose yours upon us.”

          Wicomesse leader, 1633

          “It is a strange thing, that since prayer has come into our cabins, our former customs are no longer of any service; and yet we shall all die because we give them up.”

          Algonquin sachem

          “We will dance when our laws command us to dance, we will feast when our hearts desire to feast. Do we ask the white man, “Do as the indian does?” No, we do not. Why then do you ask us, “Do as the white man does?”

          Kwakiutl elder

          “White people are children of thunder. Everything they do and everything they have is accompanied with noise.”

          Yupik shaman

          From the wonderful navajo:

          This covers it all, the Earth and the Most High Power whose ways are beautiful.
          All is beautiful before me
          All is beautiful behind me
          All is beautiful above me
          All is beautiful around me

          Tyron, I take it you’re in Maine, not far from where I am. It’s summer, the season is short, the mountains, they’re beautiful, the rivers, the lakes are beautiful. Speaking for myself this is the time to put down the books, climb down from the pulpit, get out of your head and into the heart of the natural world (what a cornball is Brownhawk – in a good way)

          I just finished carving an excellent pipe. Maybe our paths will cross canoeing down, say, down the beautiful Penobscot and we can share a smoke of peace 😉

        8. If you are not the body (DNA), as Christ said, then “you” cannot be the “race”.

          “Esoteric jew” is the perpetuator of “the thing which is not” – the lie – the exclusivity of the physical body, ie, at the EXCLUSION of what “physical” truly is – an orientation of SPIRIT.

        9. BrownHawk

          You’re making crap up for lack of intelligent retort.

          You can’t point out where Christ said you’re not your DNA! That’s stupid. He said the Body is the Temple for God’s sake and if the body is the temple (like in the old temple where on the inside, the holy of holies housed the spirit of God) then both the temple (race-body DNA) has it’s place as does the spirit in a perfect pattern of the temple which is patterned after mans body.

          Please refrain from all these insane notions there is no such thing as race, especially while you claim to be Indian.

          You only engage in massive hypocrisy

        10. Opps, I posted this on the wrong “reply”


          I am a warrior for my people, plus all people of any race who believe. I will not back down or change what I know as true to make a friend

          If you can accept that, we can smoke that peace pipe.

        11. Tyron

          Did I hit a nerve?

          Not sure of smoking that peace pipe when you come back at me with “lack of intelligent retort”.

          You leave no room for the imagination when it comes to pondering what MAY constitute the particulars of spiritual truth, which is all I’m doing.

          You read words on paper and go from there without allowing for reflection of other sources that kindle thought, and thought needs food, in limitless supply, if allowed for, which the enemy of Man is doing his damnest to deprive us of.

          You see?

          “We felt that all things were like us people, down to small animals like the mouse, and the things like wood. The wood is glad to the person who is using it, and the person is glad to the wood for being there to be used.”

          Joe Friday (and no, not the guy from “Dragnet”, he was a Yupik Eskimo of present-day western Alaska)

          “If you remember on waking that you have dreamed about things at a great distance, it is because your eyes have actually been there while you were asleep.”

          Copper Intuit -from present day Canadian Arctic

          As for “massive hypocrisy”?

          Believe what you will, Mr. Know-it-all, I am half-“indian”. Iroquois Mohawk on my mother’s side. I “claim” this as you “claim” your Scandinavian heritage. What is it, does my writing ability throw you off with some stereotyped notion of a native-american?

          Now, why did I use quotations for “indian”?

          You don’t listen very good. I never said there was no such thing as race. I only alluded to a questioning of what is responsible for it. You know, as in questioning EVERYTHING in this existence?

          There is “who” you THINK you are, and then there is what you TRULY are……in essence.

        12. brownhawk

          Who do you think you are? You’ve never been stumped by a question? You have never responded in the only way you know how because you lacked the knowledge or logic to do so? Well then you’re the first person I met as such cause God knows I have.

          Imagination is just that…IT ISN’T REAL.

          Just because I know something doesn’t mean I know it all. This is another one of your slanders for lack of intelligent retort.

          If you loved truth, you would humbly admit when you are wrong and adopt the truth to use it.

          See Brownhawk, this is what made us white true Israelites great. We follow truth, we don’t let our imagination override reality—we are humble enough to say “you know what? I don’t know it all but what I do know, I’ll defend with bravery.

          lastly, it’s you who doesn’t listen very good. You want to get in a pissing match OFF TOPIC as you always do when you’re stumped.

          Look brownhawk, we all fall short. We all have sin. We all screw up and there is ALWAYS SOMEONE who knows more than we do concerning paticular subjects.

          You’re pride will be your downfall least you humble yourself and stop your silly games

          Do so, we will smoke the peace pipe.

          Don’t and expect more of the same.

        13. Tyron

          Intelligent retort in eye of beholder, kimosabe

          Imagination isn’t real? Then whither reality?

          Truth IS imagination. Creation IS imagination. In God’s image.

          Beauty is Truth. I love beauty. Am I wrong in doing so?

          I will fall because of my pride because I don’t conform to your version of humility?

          You say I’m stumped. Why is that, because I don’t fall in line with the gist of your sermons?

          Sorry pastor, this is one indian who’s had enough of your proselytizing. Save it for your “white true Israelites”.

        14. Brownhawk

          More fairtale subjective imaginary claptrap that isn’t inline with the truth.

        15. One more thing- if you don’t want me speaking to you STOP RESPONDING TO MY POSTS or is that outside your imaginary fairytale world too,– the place where monkeys ride pigs and all is as it seems it should be?

  5. Jews have another reason for wars in Gaza to Ukraine and Kosovo. And even Haiti.

    Each human body has organs worth over $1million in all.


    Interpol hunts two Israelis for Kosovo organ trafficking
    Moshe Harel among seven indicted for membership of a criminal group trafficking people into Kosovo to remove human organs for transplant; another Israeli citizen, Zaki Shapira, identified as co-conspirator.

  6. What else might be expected from a people whose first Temple was built by a magic worm given to them by a demon?

    Solomon’s shamir

    In the Gemara the shamir (Hebrew: שמיר‎) is a worm that had the power to cut through or disintegrate stone, iron and diamond. King Solomon is said to have used it in the building of the First Temple in Jerusalem in the place of cutting tools. For the building of the Temple, which promoted peace, it was inappropriate to use tools that could also cause war and bloodshed.

    Referenced throughout the Talmud and the Midrashim, the Shamir was reputed to have existed in the time of Moses. Moses reputedly used the Shamir to engrave the Hoshen (Priestly breastplate) stones that were inserted into the breastplate. King Solomon, aware of the existence of the Shamir, but unaware of its location, commissioned a search that turned up a “grain of Shamir the size of a barley-corn.”

    Solomon’s artisans reputedly used the Shamir in the construction of Solomon’s Temple. The material to be worked, whether stone, wood or metal, was affected by being “shown to the Shamir.” Following this line of logic (anything that can be ‘shown’ something must have eyes to see), early Rabbinical scholars described the Shamir almost as a living being. Other early sources, however, describe it as a green stone. For storage, the Shamir was meant to have been always wrapped in wool and stored in a container made of lead; any other vessel would burst and disintegrate under the Shamir’s gaze. The Shamir was said to have been either lost or had lost its potency (along with the “dripping of the honeycomb”) by the time of the destruction of the First Temple at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C. According to the deutero-canonical Asmodeus legend, the shamir was given to Solomon as a gift from Asmodeus, the king of demons.

    Those noble Jews; always the lovers of peace, always striving so mightily to avoid bloodshed. No wonder they used demonic worms in the place of cutting tools. One can only wonder what new tools are being used by Jews in place of nuclear weapons. If you want to avoid those nasty hammers and saws, used so often as implements of war, right now Shamirs are on sale at Harbor Freight for 50% off. (Wool and leaden jars are extra) – Arch

    1. Shamie – sounds like a description mistranslated…. is the ‘worm’ type hoses connected to the cutting torches of today.

    2. there is no evidence, archeological evidence that solomon ever lived.

      Just a myth of the jews

  7. The fact is that Jews know how to wage war and Aryans don’t…unless of course the Aryans are being egged on by Jews like the Allies in WWII.

    The most remarkable thing about WWII was the leniency of the Germans, even on the Eastern Front. German soldiers who found themselves caught by communist partisans were often brutally mutilated yet the Germans never resorted to such animalistic tactics.

    I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand we can take the perspective that the Germans did the noble thing and did not behave as mass murdering, animalistic monsters the way the Bolsheviks and Allies did (even though the Allies of course accused Germans of being monsters, always without evidence, and always to cover up their own crimes). This would mean that those Germans fought and died as knights, or in Nietzschean terms, did not become the monsters they were battling.

    But we could take a harsher view and say that the Germans were fools to fight in an honorable and noble way against enemies that showed no mercy and had no compunction about mass murdering civilians. We could say that the Germans lost the war because they didn’t kill enough people and did not do what was necessary to rid the world of the jewish menace.

    I’m not sure. Maybe in the end it’s due to innate race differences. This is an image of a knightly, aristocratic soldier:

    That’s Jochen Peiper. We’re supposed to believe that men with that kind of demeanor are soulless butchers?

    This, meanwhile, is an image of one of God’s precious chosen people on the “good side” in WWII:

    Shlomo Morel, the commander of the post-war Zgoda concentration camp, where he personally murdered German civilians with his bare hands. He later lived in Israel, where he died, protected by his fellow murderous criminals.

    Is that the image of a noble man from good stock? Or has he, like all Jews, been cursed by nature itself?

    Another of the chosen:

    Idel Jakobson, one of the most notorious executioners of the NKVD. He too lived a long life and died in old age, never being prosecuted for his many murders.

    Now that guy looks like a typically sick, world-hating jew. with the pursed lips, harsh and blank stare, and thick glasses.

    Going back to the good guys, here’s someone the Bolsheviks condemned as a “war criminal:”

    Erich Hartmann, the man (boy?) who shot down 352 enemy aircraft during WWII, making him the greatest combat pilot in history. After the war he spent a decade in the Soviet gulag until, luckily, he was released back to Germany (unlike many other Germans).

    When looking at WWII we need to ask ourselves, who are the Germans, and who are the Jews? The Jews are almost universally a sickly, ghastly people, and they’ve used their media power to take these facts and twist them so that the mob views them as “samll and cute” and “ugly but good-hearted.” Hence the high school comedy nerd stereotype, with curly hair, big glasses, skinny frame, fighting against the tall, blond Aryan jock.

    But those skinny, nerdy little jews were the ones running the “carnival of mass murder” that was the Soviet Union BECAUSE they were skinny, shrimpy little jews who so hated the Aryans that opposed them. And it was those skinny, shrimpy little jews who poured into conquered Germany to massacre disarmed soldiers and civilians, because Jews are only brave when their victims are helpless (there were hardly any Jews doing the actual fighting at Normandy, Carentan, etc. They were back home writing Hollywood movies and screwing the wives of White American men who were over in Europe doing the Jews’ bidding). We see this today in Gaza.

    The Aryan is different, and that’s his undoing. Aryans, whether we’re talking about the Spartans or the Germanics, believed that glory could only be achieved on the battlefield against a strong and worthy enemy. They honored their enemies. The Greeks wrote poems of the courageousness of the Trojans. The Romans made sculptures dedicated to their Gallic enemies. Tacitus dedicated a book to the noble Germanics.

    The Jews are different. All of their enemies, to them, are “evil.” And the slaves of the Jews, namely the Americans, see their enemies too as “evil.” This attitude is alien to us and is a result of the capturing of the Western mind by the Jew. And of course, the most gruesome atrocities are committed by those who view themselves as “the good” against those they see as “evil,” because after all, how can you commit an atrocity against someone that is “evil?” This is attitude that led to the ruthless incineration of Dresden, the Jewel Box of Europe.

    And all of this results from what the Jew is: an enemy of nature itself. They reject nature and reality. They fight against them. Their twisted, exaggerated physical features show this. Their poor breeding and false ideas nag at them but this only encourages them to become evermore fierce, hateful, and fanatical in their goals.

    This post was longer than I intended, but I think it’s a good summation of why Jews are what they are, why they can kill children without remorse, when it’s considerably more difficult for Aryans. We’re from two different worlds, and they can never be reconciled.

    1. Combat/war always bring out the best and worst in men. Every army in every conflict has had their psychopathic butchers. Watch “The War Lover” with Steve McQueen for an excellent portrayal of this anomaly. Note the reaction of his co-pilot (played by Robert Wagner). Therein lies the key, for white men the psychopath butcher reveling in mass murder and blood lust is the anomaly, whereas with Jews, this personae is the norm. I estimate the roles are just about reversed between the two races. There are just about the same number of psychopathic murderers in the white nation’s military as there are compassionate, empathetic Jews in the Israeli army and vice versa. Here is an interesting insight on white men at war. And here is a great movie about white men at war (Joyeux Noël) can anyone imagine anything like this happening between with Jews and Palestinians? Between Jews and any non-jew nation?

      1. I remember reading about the German pilot guiding the American pilot to safety. I don’t know if I would have done the same, given what American pilots were doing to Germany at that point in late 1943. If I had been in that situation I probably would have shot the guy down, but I can’t say for sure.

        There are loads of German WWII heroes that both Hollywood and “Germany” ignore. Franz Staudegger, who alone in his Tiger 1 faced off against 60 Soviet tanks, destroyed 22, and caused the rest to retreat in one day. Heinrich Ehrler, the jet ace who ended his career by running out of ammo and then ramming his jet into an American bomber. Heinrich Severloh, the machine gunner at Omaha Beach who killed 1,000 Americans from his machine gun nest. The Austrian snipers Hetzenauer and Allerberger, who racked up 345 and 257 kills, respectively (if I remember correctly from his book, Allerberger held off two Soviet platoons by himself). Hans Rudel, the highest-decorated German serviceman of the war, who destroyed hundreds of tanks and vehicles, including a battleship, who so infuriated Stalin that he put a 100,000 ruble bounty on his head. These men were true warriors, not the fake ones Hollywood gives us.

        I’m somewhat skeptical about the “brotherhood of soldiers” stuff. Not saying that I reject it, just that I’m skeptical of it. Of course, not all soldiers are alike. But I think if we adhered more to the mentality of Achilles (“no pacts between men and lions”) we would be better off when fighting our racial enemies. Maybe the Germans would have won WWII.

        1. SPQR

          I agree with you. The German military valor is always ignored in the Jews media and for good reason.

          I spent a lot of time in Germany and found them to be some of the smartest, logical, efficiant and naturally good people I have ever met.

          After I left Germany I vowed I would return but next time as a civilian. I have not been able to do so as of yet.

        2. Germans were great as warriors, as the last people in Europe to accept the Christian religion, and only after Charlemagne beheaded 10,000 Saxon families to do so.

          They were forced to accept the Jew myth religion, as instructed by the poop.

        3. Saxon= Isaac’s Sons. These Saxon’s whom I am part of, are of Isaac, Israel, destined to rule the planet with the Lord (of those of us believe in the true Christ).

          Saxon’s held to their pagan ways that got them booted from the holyland. Unfortunately, their mass deaths at the hands of Satan (RCC) made their resistance unto death almost meaningless.

          Had they (and many did) held to the teachings of Paul who told them their true ethnic identity, and who predated the RCC’s forced conversion into their twisted version of scriptures, they would have regained their adamic bodies in the resurrection having been victim of the RCC with the Pagans who were murdered too.

          BTW, it wasn’t Germania who last accepted Christ. That was my paticular kinfolk, the Scandinavians between 800 and 1200 AD.

        4. Tyrone – The RCC, Catholics, universalists, one world-religioners… are just as stubborn a you in their belief in mythology of Jesus and Mary and satan…etc.

        5. Pat

          Athiestic Jews whom you share a belief with are as stubborn as you yet they know what I know but you don’t. Plus, but difference between me and some Catholics who know the truth on this NWO issue is that some back Satan’x representatives while others oppose the Vatican City Corp that houses Satan’s representatives.

          All of us know a NWO is right around the corner, the fight is over who runs it. If you deny reality you can be sure you won’t even be in the fight thus losing all chance to share on our people’s glory bestowed on us by the prime creator .

          This doesn’t mean I will be in the World Gov- it means I fight for my people to be in. It isn’t up to me if i am there but if I am the dog catcher inside, I’d be happy.)

    2. quite so, spqr.

      the question is if, how and when is there a possibility of a jew being an actual human and when so, how does one recognize this humanity and spare the jew, when the ultimate happens.

      because one part of the formula has been explained by ellie katsnelson (just read it quickly in veterans today/today), namely the absolute subjugation and enslavement that they plan for us and have planned from the moment jews came into being 3000 years ago.
      of this there can be no doubt nor can there be any doubt that what they plan for us today is much worse than what russians lived and died through in the aftermath of october, 1917.

      the question is the other part of the formula – is there another part, do we act, when, how.

      it is time to either organize or at best provide symbolic, 1-man resistance when things are beyond obvious.

      where is there organized resistance to the jew serial killer?
      iran, syria, maybe russia.
      complete, absolute zero in the united states of the brain dead, despite 2 centuries of merciless exploitation and use as a despised beast of burden.
      and i count canada as just another of those united states, let’s not deceive ourselves.
      hell, throw in uk, australia, holland, benelux for what they are worth.

      a tiniest glimmer of hope in france, mostly due to north africans, sullen resentment in fermany, hungary, poland, croatia, greece.
      so little, so late …

      i thank ellie katsenleson not for having told me something i didn’t know but because and despite all her breathless, womanly outpouring (lasha can be like that too) of grief, she graphically paints the very near future and as a jewess will get wider scope of readership, more frenzied reaction and people (some people) may start shuffling a few leftover neurons back and forth to some effect.

      just being wildly optimistic while searching for cheap tehran flights.

      1. Folks like EK need to NOT write in code. Even admin did not know what SWIFT was, as only she knew which one she meant. None really know to this day. Stop the mumbo-jumbo and circuitousness.

      2. Pat

        So here I am, floating around on a lake with my laptop (can’t seem to break away from my darkmoon peeps. Gotta lot to say lately)

        I just wanted to say that lasha initiated “SWIFT” in referencing the British satirist. Ellie, in her reply was playing along in ‘spoof’ style while your initial thought was “S.W.I.F.T.”, which made me think of the pending financial meltdown and “goodbye physical money, hello microchip”.

        Then lasha told me to chill, in alluding to her intent for “SWIFT”. But of course the content of Ellie’s spoof in this regard has a ring of truth insofar as the moneymaster’s plan is concerned. Pending but not imminent. Although the way time is flying by I suppose EVERYTHING is imminent.

        So we wait
        in the bushes
        with our spots

        1. Floating is good.
          There is NO rush.
          No need to hurry.
          Stay dry.
          Don’t drop the laptop overboard.

    1. Why wouldn’t Putin Support “Israel”? If he is using it as a ploy, it is because he needs to keep the “Jews” off balance until Putin’s masters, the “Jews” of the City of London Corp–IMF tell him it’s time to invade east and south and put a gun to “Israels” head. This is part of the last chapters script.

      People have got to stop believing these silly narratives put out by media outlets. Putin is against the “Jews”, Putin is for the “Jews” etc. Russia, for the last time, is a Corporation and has it’s own “fed reserve” just like America does.

      He is an actor in a play just like everyone else on the world stage and all those silly stories they put out serve one people’s agenda- the elite “jews”.

      So, folks, just realize that every single nation on the globe (except Syria and Iran) is controlled by the elite “Jews” and proof of this is that all of them are corporations and everyone one of them have a central bank beholden to the “Jews” of the City of London Corp, IMF etc (Even BRICS).

      Once you come to realize this you won’t by their BS narratives. But there is a problem for those who don’t believe. What narrative will they believe since they reject the authentic Greek scriptural narrative that explains all of this well into the future?

      If you come to understand the present and future as it will unfold, as it was fortold, you will realize you have nothing to fear if you are a true believer.

      1. Fact is that Putin is a jew and is guided by the jews. The cold-war between the west
        and the east, is led by the jew-west, US, Israel and EU and the jew-east of Putin.

        Summary, it’s a quarrel between jews of which the jews of both sides try to become
        the all-encompassing leader jew of the NWO.

        The goyim will be sacrificed/is being sacrificed by this jew “game”.

  8. Until recent years I bought the crap story about the “poor Jews.” As far as I am concerned I would blow the entire country of Israel of the face of this earth. I am sick to death of their murdering bastardly behavior and all their false flags that harm tones as well as their own. These people are a scourge upon the earth. It is too bad that Hitler ran out of time. We might be free of these vicious parasites if hitler had been able to have 5 additional years .
    All your bullshit arguments and commentary re. Religion are pathetic people……..nothing but pathetic. They are worthless. You know nothing about what matters in this life. Religion DOES NOT MATTER. It is a man made construct. It is a method of control thru brainwashing. It has always been a method of control and it has always been used by people as a weapon against others. Grow the fuck up.

    1. Alice

      You rail against what you’re clueless of and error greatly. Do you actually suppose that the “Jews” JWO will not be based on talmud which is an OUTWARD expression of their inward SEED(race-genetics)? This is their law!

      Do you not suppose that there is a reason why the 12 Kingdoms of the Arabs is governed by their law- which is Koran inside one nation (Nation of Islam and is an outward expression of their seed/DNA-Spirit?

      Can you not see that human secularism is based upon Talmudic program consumption for the Goy and they don’t practice egalitarianism themselves, but rather Talmud which at it’s basis is exclusive rule for “Jews” based on their race?

      Finally, do you not see that Common/Natural/Christian law that is what we call common sense, is also written in OUR (white folks) seed- hearts, minds, spirit/DNA-race and that this UNIVERAL LAW is what will rightly rule the planet in the end?

      Why do you people spew hatred and venom for things you don’t even have a clue about? You do so toward you own destruction!

    2. Now Alice, you are my type of gal!
      “Grow the fuck up” the lot of you!
      Brownhawk, drop your tomahawk on your stupid, mixed-blood toe!
      I’m sick of all the “bullshit” religious arguments, too! Can Tyron and lobro, Arch, Gilby and co ever GET REAL? You are involved in stupid DIALECTICAL arguments! Jewish stuff! Maybe you are ALL Jews!
      Lasha told you you were “under Jewish rule.” Who cares what they did in the PAST! They have you NOW on puppet strings! Most of you even write like their SCRIBES! You are Jewish/Marxist educated in the USA!
      On David Icke’s site one writer goes into detail about the American made missiles that are currently flattening Palestinians in their homes. The bodies of young Arab (Semites) are everywhere. WHERE ARE YOUR PROTESTERS?
      The Israeli-American scum keep on KILLING indiscriminately.
      I have a story about New York office-working Jews going to Gaza to kill as maNY aRABS AS THEY CAN, BEFORE RETURNING HOME FROM THEIR VACATIONs. It is like the great “GAME” hunts of yore! How about a Palestinian head above the fire place?
      This is the bestial, Jewish world we live in! It is mostly issuing out of the USA!
      And to show how screwed up things are, today’s The Australian newspaper informs us that “Returning Australian jihadists pose a terror threat.” Like the filthy Jews these Ozzie welfare scumbags take a holiday to Syria and rape and murder for a couple of months and return home with IMPUNITY!
      We live in a Jewish-Islamic lunatic asylum and the Christian nutters are no better!
      They are ALL Abrahamic scum, born of tall stories and vicious MYTHOLOGY!

      1. I think you are right when you state that all or most of the people on this site are jews.

        It’s a jew-site. They never talk about real solutions, only talk about the jews.

        1. Correct. And christ crap and jew myths.

          Anyone who believes someone was dead three days and rose up and went into the sky, will be sucked into believing whatever Barnum & Bailey stories the Jews tell them.

      2. Max

        I remember you from VT. Nice to see you.

        FYI- I can argue from pretty much any position and still hold my core beliefs but what I won’t do Max, is bend my words and betray my beliefs to appease your twisted senses as to what should be heard or not- or do you think like the Jews in that you have some self derived authority to be imposed on other living souls to set the parameters of speech, controlling the narrative of those who disagree with you? Maybe its your emotionally misguided ilk that ought to “grow up”

        You have a choice Max, like everyone else here. You can focus your eyes on what you desire to read or not. Stop trying to control other’s eyes- they are not yours no matter how much you wish. So maybe you ought to take a good look in the mirror when you try and call me a “marxist” engaged in one of their dialectics.

        Without knowledge of true history, one doesn’t have a correct view of events in the past that shaped the present nor how they will pan out in the future. Simple truth and logic dude.

        The issue is Gaza on this thread and I am attempting to show what will come to pass- how they will be liberate which is fix to the big picture solution no one will stop. Now, you don’t have to believe it but the future will show it as true. Gaza survivors have a place set aside for them. You people who scream “where are your protestors”- “damn it, we need to do something now” “America’s at fault” etc, are blowing smoke with from your pipe dream because everyone, every people and nation are at fault.

        They laugh at protestors because that has now become a Hegelian dialectic. They laugh and rightly so as you who push for Tim McVeigh solutions.

        There is only ONE solution and I have been giving light to this endlessly. Let me give you an idea of what will NOT work.

        1. Protesting, yell and scream- they piss their pants laughing
        2. Trying to fix the legal system in place- it’s their system- NOT yours or ours
        3. Expelling the “jews” from your nation- how many times has this been done?
        4. Yelling and Screaming- it drives people away
        5. Imposing human secularist and/or athiestic solutions- using talmudic programming used by the jews in majority only succeeds in short measure in attacking the only belief system who’s record with a success record against them of 100%. This is why they ONLY fear it and you are their cannon fodder.
        6. A two state solution- their goal is a ONE world order- not a dual world order and they will achieve it
        7. Backing the arabs-muslims or eastern powers- you think they should rule over us? LOL
        8. Thinking that any Corporation Nation (which soon will be all nations) can solve the problem (like Putin and Russia). All of them are controlled by the elite financial Jews of the City of London Corp
        10. Attacking “religion”, because all belief systems are “religion” and the issue boils down to truth vs lies- lies being mutipal, truth being singular or can’t you see the word truth is neither plural or subjective.

        You people spin your wheels jumping from one of the above to the others while ignoring and attacking the only solution that will work. This solution requires faith belief in the prime creator savior awaiting for the time to act in unison when the window of opportunity is opened for us to act.

        It will happen in the western world as a result of the destruction of our nations (perfect storm) and it will open again after that when the impending destruction of “Israel” is on the table.

        Why will it work?

        1. There is a prime creator/savior and he exists and rules without your consent and there is nothing you can do about that
        2. Jewish globalism has won its war with national Sovereignty and there is no going back
        3. No one can attack “Israel” and expect to win because their people control all nations and will continue to do so until the very end of this age.
        4. All levers of world control are being transfered to “israel”
        5. False religions are being messed into one to control the “religious masses” who make up about 90% of the world’s population.
        6. The west will be destroyed- its inherient in the system they imposed upon us
        7. World Gov is a certainty thus the question becomes- who, what race, by what means and through what law can it be overcome.

        I have given you this answer/solution. Ignore it to your own blind peril……

        1. Max

          You said

          “The whole PROBLEM centres around the FACT that you yankees did not heed the words of your Founding Fathers regarding the execrable POWERS of the Jews, or RED TERROR!”


          Actually we and Russia were the ONLY ONE’S fighting against the “Jews” after the UK, their Colonies and Europe fell to them LONG AGO. So look in the mirror for God’s sake- every nation and people on this planet are as “guilty”, some a hell of alot more- whereas our ONLY crime was losing a COVERT WAR secretly declared against us since 1776.

          The Jew bankers in collusion with the Vatican City Corp divided us in the “civil war” and then in 1781 installed a fraudulent Corporation in place of our lawful Republic WITHOUT our knoweldge or consent. In 1913 they installed an illegal and unlawful private central bank and then in 1933, bankrupted their Corporation and our individual corporations (Our Birth Certificate Corporations) and THEN STOLD ALL OF OUR GOLD, OUR PROPERTY, OUR TRUSTS AND OUR LABOR THROUGH UNLAWFUL SLAVERY.

          The amount owned to the American people by these Jewish elite is well into the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

          THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON FRAUD and we the American people, born as State Citizens (along with Germany and China) are owed hundreds and hundreds of tons of Gold they have stolen from us too.

          We the American people DEMAND that are inherent rights bestowed upon us by our creator/savior BE RECOGNIZED and that all that was stolen from us, is returned!

          We are owed all of our labor since 1933, not to mention all of our property, posessions and trusts from 1789 that they have STOLEN from us as well to build their JWO. We are owed a price that cannot be paid sheding our blood all of the planet by way of trickery and fraud.

          We are OWED ALL OF THAT and not only will we get it back, we will hence forth set up Nurenburg type trials for the criminal “jews” after we are let into “Israel”. Then WE WILL HAND OUT JUSTICE upon the heads of all “Jews” and their cohorts who conspired against us and the planet.

          Then the Pals will be freed and given land to the south of TRUE Israel, as we inhabit what is ours by RIGHT, by LAW, by way of RESTITUTION and by promise from the prime creator/savior!

          So Max, you listen up and you listen up good- You are preaching to the choir here and YOU ARE BLAMING THE VICTIM- so enough of your nonsense.

          Learn some true history and law because without it, you will continue being the elite Jews pawn as you continue to attack their ultimate enemy- those who will be the final judge of the “Jews” –White/Christian America and other believers (part of those who are of true israelite stock at the four corners of the earth).

      3. The whole PROBLEM centres around the FACT that you yankees did not heed the words of your Founding Fathers regarding the execrable POWERS of the Jews, or RED TERROR!
        God gave you the richest and most bountiful land mass on the planet Earth. And what did you idiots (Mark Twain: “The American is an idiot!”) do? … You let the RED Terror take over!
        You chose to let your Jews out of the chicken house! Or PIGGERY! (Orwell) Once out of the piggery, the yankee Jews have infested the globe. As I said, the evil TROTSKY was “out of New York”! Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s ex first man) was the son of an Irgun terrorist and served his murderous stint in the Israeli military. His reward? $9 million in 2 days to start his POWER BALLL rolling!
        Injuns like Brownhawk and Two Dogs threw a few tomahawks at the Jewish controlled troopers and had a good day with Custer; but they were subjugated and now form part of the coming GOYIM SLAVERY!
        Now you suffer the consequences because you did NOT heed the lessons of HISTORY! (Tyron P, take note!)
        Jesus said you were dealing with the “sons of an abomination”; Luther warned similarly; the medieval kings warned similarly; Henry Ford warned, Solzhenitsyn warned, Muggeridge warned etc etc etc.
        NO you big-mouthed bubbas took to the Jewish love affair and offered your sons to them for sacrifice in Jewish MONEY/TRADE WARS!
        Then you fukwits enabled Hollywood to glorify the Jewish GENOCIDE of the Palestinians! And now you love their porn and celebrities! And you eat their fast food CRAP and 67% of you suffer nutritional deprivation and obesity!
        GET REAL and forget about all the RELIGIOUS CRAP!
        MY POINT FOREVER: You are ruled by a non-religious, multiracial, non-Semitic group of Mafioso-like dons calling themselves (conveniently) “JEWS”! This organization is at its strongest in New York, followed by its MEDIA arm in LA. It is backed up by other members of the Jewish-Mafioso in London and Brussels. It has a significant branch in the hell-house called the Vatican City.
        This is current and past HISTORY! “Oh ye hypocrites!”

        1. Max

          You said

          “The whole PROBLEM centres around the FACT that you yankees did not heed the words of your Founding Fathers regarding the execrable POWERS of the Jews, or RED TERROR!”


          Actually we and Russia were the ONLY ONE’S fighting against the “Jews” after the UK, their Colonies and Europe fell to them LONG AGO. So look in the mirror for God’s sake- every nation and people on this planet are as “guilty”, some a hell of alot more- whereas our ONLY crime was losing a COVERT WAR secretly declared against us since 1776.

          The Jew bankers in collusion with the Vatican City Corp divided us in the “civil war” and then in 1781 installed a fraudulent Corporation in place of our lawful Republic WITHOUT our knoweldge or consent. In 1913 they installed an illegal and unlawful private central bank and then in 1933, bankrupted their Corporation and our individual corporations (Our Birth Certificate Corporations) and THEN STOLD ALL OF OUR GOLD, OUR PROPERTY, OUR TRUSTS AND OUR LABOR THROUGH UNLAWFUL SLAVERY.

          The amount owned to the American people by these Jewish elite is well into the hundreds of trillions of dollars.

          THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON FRAUD and we the American people, born as State Citizens (along with Germany and China) are owed hundreds and hundreds of tons of Gold they have stolen from us too.

          We the American people DEMAND that are inherent rights bestowed upon us by our creator/savior BE RECOGNIZED and that all that was stolen from us, is returned!

          We are owed all of our labor since 1933, not to mention all of our property, posessions and trusts from 1789 that they have STOLEN from us as well to build their JWO. We are owed a price that cannot be paid sheding our blood all of the planet by way of trickery and fraud.

          We are OWED ALL OF THAT and not only will we get it back, we will hence forth set up Nurenburg type trials for the criminal “jews” after we are let into “Israel”. Then WE WILL HAND OUT JUSTICE upon the heads of all “Jews” and their cohorts who conspired against us and the planet.

          Then the Pals will be freed and given land to the south of TRUE Israel, as we inhabit what is ours by RIGHT, by LAW, by way of RESTITUTION and by promise from the prime creator/savior!

          So Max, you listen up and you listen up good- You are preaching to the choir here and YOU ARE BLAMING THE VICTIM- so enough of your nonsense.

          Learn some true history and law because without it, you will continue being the elite Jews pawn as you continue to attack their ultimate enemy- those who will be the final judge of the “Jews” –White/Christians- America and other believers (part of those who are of true israelite stock at the four corners of the earth).

    3. … and all these memories of man-made gods who disappear if not frequently recalled.

  9. Child killers will continue.
    Every nation is ruled by man’s laws.
    There is NO such thing as god’s law on this planet.
    All laws are manufactured and enforced by men and women.
    There is no hope to overcome tyranny unless the ‘god-mania’ is defeated.

    1. Pat

      Yes, all nations are ruled by man’s legal fictions and THAT’S THE POINT.

      Thanks for proving me correct again.

      Hence, what law is not man’s law although man does have a place to administer it?

      Common/Natural/Paleo Christian law that TRUMPS the “Jews” worldwide matrix inside their own Babylonian/Economic Legal fiction codes.

      This law that used to be in every Court in the UK-Colonies and America is the KEY to victory.

      As to there being no such thing as a resurrection…

      1. Look at the world around you- look at nature. Ressurections are encoded everywhere. It is inherent in the seasons. It is inherent in the pattern of the sun and moon- day and night on earth and so on.

      2. Do you have any idea of how man cases there have been where a person was pronounced dead, with absolutely no pulse, no breathing- absolutely no electrical activity in the body for over an hour, only to come back to life with absolutely no side affects? It happens every day and just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or is it the case that your own brain doesn’t exist because after all, no one has “seen it”? I guess all those planets didn’t exist in the universe until athiestic “science” saw them for the first time too.

      It make me laugh when your ilk talks about myths and fairtales when that is ALL you push. Your response is a perfect example while your false religion (belief system) will NEVER rule the planet.

        1. Pat

          RELIGION= Belief system and Human secularism and Atheism are RELIGIONS.

          Or, does not your root belief system push as “true” things unseen in a controlled enviroment happening over and over?


          Yes it does. Doubt it? Show us one time that anyone has seen Macro Evolution take place.

          BUZZZZZ–times up. No one has

          Show us one time that anyone saw the earth being formed millions of years ago

          BUZZZ times up.

          You have a false religion based on misplaced faith with ZERO actual science (rules of science) to back it.

          And Pat, I am warning you. You keep pushing the Jews majority religion (atheism which is practiced by 95% of them) I WILL keep making you ought to be the jew dupe you are.

        2. You are duped by the Jew myth of Jesus Christ.

          You will ‘get it’ one day. It may take a few more decades.

      1. “Do you have any idea of how man cases there have been where a person was pronounced dead, with absolutely no pulse, no breathing- absolutely no electrical activity in the body for over an hour,”

        Give me an example of one for 3 days, not 1 hour. The where the person flew into the sky.

        I keep saying myth…because…that is what it is.

        1. Pat


          The issue was people cannot come back to life. Now you change the question and the rules. You now want proof of over 3 days as the litmus test and not the rules of science which asks for a controlled enviorment having seen an event happen over and over in order to establish as fact, people can and do come back to life.

          I proved my case using the rules of science (people can and do come back to life after being clinically dead)

          I have proved using the rules of science that against all known medicine, many have ZERO side affects even after an hour.

          Jesus Christ resurrection of 3 days later is a recorded event seen by many hundreds of people recorded in Rome as well as in the over 25,000 copies of these eyewitness records for all over the ME from 65 AD onward..

          Oh yea., before you say it- I don’t give a hoot if you reject my eyewitness evidence nor do I care if you reject the rules of science for what you believe.

          You’ve already proven you’re not scientific and hold to a crazy, lunatic religion based on ZERO, allowing yourself to believe whatever fairtale you desire (i’m sure for self justification reasons).

        2. Pat


          Have you never witnessed people flying into the sky? Have you never witnessed material objects being suspended in midair by sound waves?

          All of these things I have listed have been OBSERVED and fit the rules of science.

          Your logic suggests that even though observable events happen every day, they could “never” happen in sequence

          Talk about beliving in myths and fairytales


        3. Try to keep your ass. Excretion is more important from that end v the one you have been using here.

        4. Pat

          Do everyone a favor here. If you cannot debate the issues addessing the issues and must instead resort to childish crap, just be silent.

          For God’s sake, I have listed loads of stuff here and you dispute nothing but attack me as a person giving ZERO of what you demand from me and I do give.

  10. The dog has got also soul and the learned scholar has got also soul.

    does a rabbit have a soul? a mouse? a cockroach? a flower? a stone? … does everything or just some things?

    does prabhupada, hp, or anyone else have a take on this?

      1. I remember posting a while back suggesting that we humans have become so messed up that we never seem to see what is probably the only Divinely intended way of consuming food – taking from that which, after taking it will provide you with more.

        If you take from animals it would be their milk, although some would wonder why take the weening fluid of another species when mammals are provided with their own?

        With plants it’s simpler, in keeping with the principle of say, an apple tree, which is to take the fruit without harming the spur which is needed for a new apple to form the following season.

  11. Miko Peled, the Israeli being interviewed is son of Israeli Gen. Matti Peled is Israel’s 1967 War hero. Disgusted by Zionist lies and warmongering, Matti turned into a peace-maker. He realized that both Palestinians and foreign Jews can co-exist peacefully in Palestine.

    Miko Peled is author of book, ‘General’s Son’ in which he debunks three major Israeli lies; i) country without people, ii) 1967 Israel’s existential threat and iii) Israel’s democracy.

  12. The problem with Christianity is the story has been grossly misinterpreted, and for good reason. What transpired, as related in the gospels, is a Jewish story that has been for two millennium overlaid with non-Jewish concepts and morals. Twenty-first century Christians overlay twenty-first century political, economic and moral concepts to these first century events. Doing so creates utter confusion preventing any understanding of how these events transpired and what they meant to the people of that era. Of course, this confusion benefits both the Jews and modern evangelical Christian leaders.

    To understand the history of this era, one must understand these stories in the same context as the people inhabiting that region in the first century. Like modern Americans, Jews of the first century saw their world revolving around them and their country. They had little or no concern for outsiders or even the massive empire that subsumed their tiny state.

    For first century Jews, their world revolved around the Mikdash (Temple). Separation of church and state is a distinctly eighteenth century American concept. For Jews of that era there was no separation of church and state, the Mikdash WAS the state. Religion was everything, encompassing legal, economic, political and cultural issues. For observant Jews, there was nothing outside the Mikdash. The kohanim (priests) ran the Mikdash; these were the administrators. The kohein gadol (high preist) was essentially the top administrator. The king was little more than a figurehead who ran his affairs though the auspices of the kohanim. The situation is analogous to Obama, Rahm Emanuel and other ensuing Jewish administrators. Like a modern American president that must listen to his administrators, the first century king had to align his policies and dictates with the wishes of the kohanim administration.

    The Mikdash itself was one of the largest structures of its day, much larger than any of the various royal palaces in the region. The power of the kohanim is clearly evident in this massive structure; in fact, that is exactly what it was built to represent, the power of the kohanim. Kings came and went, but the kohanim remained eternally present. Mikdash coffers were stuffed with massive amounts of wealth, so much wealth in fact that Roman administrators were recorded borrowing Mikdash funds from the kohanim for their construction projects. What was the source for this massive wealth? It was exactly the same source as the one currently funding the American government – the common people of the region. The Mikdash was essentially the IRS of its day, bleeding the Jewish inhabitants dry.

    This is the situation Yeshu (Jesus) addresses in his rant of Matthew 23 where he clearly states the kohanim was stealing the houses of widows. The kohanim used Levirate law, stipulated in their Torah, to effect this theft. Are the Jew’s modern IRS tactics any different? Multiply the sacrificial system America labors under today for a glimmer of the sacrificial system first century Jews labored under. Into this mix came a group of renegades called Essene. They claimed the Mikdash kohanim created a fictionalized version of the original Torah in order to take power and enrich themselves. The Hasmonean, nicknamed Maccabees or “hammers” arose during the Babylonian “captivity.” Their scribe Ezra claimed to have discovered ancient scrolls containing Torah law, much the same way Joseph Smith claimed to have discovered the “golden tablets” of the Mormons. From this law, the Maccabees assumed the power of Jewish religious law for their own purposes. For almost two hundred years the Hasmonean expanded on their law until an Essene rebel called Yeshu came along with the full authority of a kohein (priest) to call into question their version of Torah law that reduced the observant Jewish population to utter poverty. One must understand that the entire problem lay with the Mikdash. Those Jews rejecting the Mikdash and its sacrificial system, Jews like Samaritans and Canaanites, were not an issue because they were not being taxed by the sacrificial demands of the Mikdash. This is why Yeshu ignored these “gentile” people, a point made repeatedly during his ministry.

    From the Roman perspective, Judea and the surrounding region was the asshole of the planet. It was a violent place of unrest, constant insurrection and uprisings by the locals. Judea was a nightmare for any Roman administrator or soldier posted to the region. Little has changed in modern times. Like any good bureaucrat, Pilate wanted but one thing, to finish out his administration with no black marks against his record. However this was problematical in first century Judea. The issue of the Sanhedrin, a council comprised of kohanim, demanding the crucifixion of Yeshu presented just such a problem. It was a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. The kohanim threatened revolt if the renegade priest wasn’t dealt with in the manner they demanded. Yet, there was every likelihood that Yeshu’s followers would revolt if he was crucified. Pilate tried repeatedly to assuage Mikdash demands. First he told the kohanim, I can find no fault with this man requiring punishment. Then he tried scourging Yeshu in the hopes that the bloody spectacle would satisfy kohanim bloodlust. Finally he turned to the people in hopes that they would exonerate Yeshu, freeing him from the responsibility of making the decision. To this day politicians absolve themselves of responsibility with the hackneyed phrase “the people have spoken.” Pilate now offered the rabble a choice between an innocent man and a convicted murderer and criminal, but the kohanim had their agent provocateurs stir up the people to demand Barabbas be set free. In exasperation, Pilate finally gave in to Mikdash demands, literally washing his hands of the matter. This act sent an unmistakable signal to the kohanim that this was their choice – not his. At this point the kohanim crowed victoriously “His blood be upon us and our children.” Yeah boy! Once again the Jew’s chutzpah comes back to bite them in the tuchas.

    I have long wondered what Pilate did to deserve banishment to this asshole of the world. I experienced something similar to Pilate’s posting by turning up for an IG inspection in a uniform so dirty that it resulted in the cancellation of the inspection. When the IG got to me, he took one look and turned around to walk off the parade deck. For this unspeakable screwup, I was posted to the USMC’s version of first century Judea – Gitmo Bay Cuba, a place where they banished screw-ups so they would be out of sight and out of mind. Everyone in gitmo was the same, all of us were total screw-ups. Even the CO of the barracks was a drunken sot who quite literally, had to be propped up by the first shirt while administering office hours (punishment), lest he fall out of his chair. Funny thing was, this act probably saved my life, as the Corps actually canceled my pending orders to Vietnam. I suppose no one wants a screw-up of that magnitude next to them in combat.

    This then was the situation of the first century in the flyspeck known as Judea. A situation that has been magnified grossly out of proportion to what actually transpired.

    1. Arch, lots of truth, wrong in some areas but an informative post people ought to consider.

      BTW, Jesus name isn’t Yeshu, that is a Jewish invention to blaspheme Christ meaning “may his name be blotted out forever”.

      1. Thanks for that Tyron.

        Funny, I suppose I was being tongue-in-cheek in keeping with the context of my reply to Arch. It actually felt a little uncomfortable in using any appellation other than “Christ”

  13. “The problem with Christianity is the story has been grossly misinterpreted, and for good reason.”

    Yes. The ‘good reason’ is….

    The more sophisticated the society, the more sophisticated the god of choice needs to be, in order to garner believers.

      1. Hand – The statement on which you commented does not discriminate. It applies to all religions, including Jews, Muslims, Buddhists…etc… and Christians:

        “The more sophisticated the society, the more sophisticated the god of choice needs to be, in order to garner believers.”

        1. as a christian I believe/know that there is a great difference between christianity and the

          the way you talk sounds to me jewish, pan-theism, in all things like in rocks ecc.
          sounds jewish, cabbalistic to me

        2. I know there is no difference between the jew-dilusion, christian-delusion and judeo-christian delusion.
          You have chosen your god, as all people do, from Africa and Asia to Europe, and to the Americas.

        3. Hans

          Pantheism shmantheism

          What do you have against rocks? Don’t get all caught up in all the dialectics of these “ism’s”

          What we call “rocks”, like everything else are simply things of Creation.

          Nothing more, nothing less.

        4. Pat

          “I know there is no difference between the jew-dilusion, christian-delusion and judeo-christian delusion.”

          And that is why you will either duck the next question or make the most stupid comment ever when I ask you why it is Paleo Christianity is the number 1 enemy of the “Jews”- them having murdered over 500,000 of us in only the last couple centuries-66 million in Russia alone and why it is only those of their race(s) that lose their “Jew” status if they believe in Jesus

          People like you Pat are a JOKE and only when I read your asinine shit do I entertain a sin to myself– that being that I would be censoring your unintelligent, uninformed and retarded drivel from the boards if this was my place.

        5. I shall answer.
          If less than 20 million Jews have killed over 500 million Christians like you said…. god is clearly not on the side of Christians.
          Your peeps gut whupped.

        6. Pat

          Pat doesn’t address the question BUT DUCKS IT, making a statement OFF TOPIC like the jew dupe always does.

          The question was as I summerize “Since the “Jews” murdered over 500 million white-Christians- how can Pat claim that true Christianity is on the side of the “Jews” and not their enemy?

          You lose again Pat. But as to your STRAWMAN statement I will answer that as well.

          Those true Christians murdered by the “Jews” will have their incorruptable Adamic (superior “angelic”) bodies given back when the true Christ returns in compensation for their being murdered in their earthly flesh bodies. This will coincide with us remaining white Christians from the four corners of the earth (the true ethnic-spiritual Israel/Judah)- as we WIN our claim, under LAW, against the “Jews” over controversy of Zion (land of Israel) . Then we will take the reigns of control of the planet (with other believers of other races) by way of establishing the Lord’s Kingdom on top of their FRAUD JWO.

          Don’t believe me?

          I care not- wait and watch.

        7. Since you said you don’t care..PROVE it…. and stop your idiotic preaching. You are a typical Parson who wants me censored.

        8. Pat

          You little insolent jew-like lowlife!

          I don’t CARE if you believe it or not. “Proof” is in the eye of the beholder you imbecile and I am speaking concerning FUTURE (Got that?) events that will only be believed by your Jewish Aitheist beliefs when all has been done and you can’t ignore what is stairing you in the face- that what the whole PLANET acknoweldges.

          Prove to me YOU’RE NOT A Jew Pat

          Can you do that?

          Of course not because you don’t CARE about proof- you only care about being a TROLL, a SHILL on these boards!

          It is for this very reason I care NOT if you believe because you BELIEVE NOTHING but what justifies your immoral behavior!

        9. Like you said to Brownhawk…

          I musta hit a nerve..LOL!!!

          I luv that nice ‘Parson-speak’…

        10. For the record, and for whatever it’s worth, I never disagreed with Tyron’s basic message regarding Christ. Inevitable pissing contests aside, I simply disagree with certain premises as they pertain to all the ‘biblespeak’, hence my use of the word “proselytizing”.

          Earlier I drew Pat out with his take that Jesus Christ is a mythological figure to which I responded by saying, in effect, “been there, done that” in debating the authenticity of the man.

          To Pat I would only say that while I understand why he would have this take, given the reality of the great con of “Christianity”, just consider that all the “religious crap” aside, when you feel love in your heart, irregardless of what your head is telling you, this is Christ, brother. It’s really all you need to “know”.

          “We had no churches, no religious organizations, no sabbath day, no holidays, and yet we worshipped. Sometimes the whole tribe would assemble to sing or pray; sometimes in a small number, perhaps only two or three. Sometimes we prayed in silence, sometimes each one prayed aloud.”

          Geronimo, Apache war chief

          “All the mountains have their prayers and chants…as have the stars and markings in the sky and on the earth. It is their custom to keep the sky and the earth and the day and the night beautiful. The belief is that if this is done, living among the people of the earth will be good.”

          Sandoval, Navajo

          “The landscape is our church, a cathedral. It is like a sacred building to us.”

          Zuni saying

          And before you say something like “yeah, and look where it got ’em”, I’ll just say you’d be missing the point

        11. Pat

          Your comments only prove your nefarious intentions toward the jewise and if your white/European- toward their disunity as well.

          Thanks for proving me correct, yet again 🙂

        12. I should have added that that righteous hatred you feel towards the enemies of Life – that too is the Christ in you.

          Having both of these love/hate components in you is what Christ has in him. Do you consider yourself to be an actual Being? Of course you do.

          The only difference is that Christ is the exemplar for these components. He has the power of both ‘in spades’.

          That we aspire to.

  14. Let’s all GET REAL!
    Mark my words, for we have , in the downing of another Malaysian airliner, the commencement of a series of FALSE FLAG events!
    All are serving the enhancement of JEWISH POWER!!!!!!
    Just as Malaysian airlines flight MH370 disappeared (and will be used in a future false flag) so the Jews have orchestrated another mystery, with Joe Biden’s “blown out of the sky”, flight MH17; which their press slags can play upon.
    Remember, the Ukraine has a Jewish PM and is run by Jews!
    Obama’s Chief of Staff, the son of the Irgun terrorist, Rahm Emanuel, quoted out of the Protocols when he said: “Nothing like a good crisis for getting things done.”
    So just as the quest for the Israeli state and the Russian, Jewish-Revolutuion (RED TERROR!) were declared on the same day, in November 1917, so it is that the present false flag and the Israeli Gaza offensive were launched TODAY!
    Don’t worry say all the Christian sickos! “It is God’s will, being done on Earth!” “Nought to worry about!” “Obama said he’ll launch an investigation, so all is well!” “Gee I hate those Russians!” “We should nuke them”, Dianne Feinstein might say. EVIL INCARNATE! Obama offers HOPE! Gee I love im!
    EVIL is rampant in THE GREAT SATAN!
    OH, here comes MS Degeneres onto the screen! She is admitting she lied!
    Oh here is Alan Greenspan: “it’s all about the oil!”
    Oh here is Ms Midler: “From a distance ……!”

  15. Sardonicus!
    You inform us: “Israelis celebrate slaughter on Facebook.”
    Should read: “Jews celebrate Gaza slaughter and further genocide!”
    Should also read: “American dual citizens sit on camping chairs above Gaza, applauding every American missile that goes BANG.” (See pics on Icke and Radio/TV Islam)
    Yes, YOUR Jews are everywhere in Israel! They are in the Israeli murder squads! Okay, us Aussie pricks kow-tow and do everything their Jewish big sister does! Melbourne Jews are there too! We are little USA – your last state! We are growing FAT as well! Big Bang and Seinfeld are on every night!
    Absolute Jewish POWER started in 1913 when you signed the Federal currency over to the Jews who have run the FED and the world’s reserve ever since!
    This ultimate victory for the Jews gave them the confidence to fund the RUSSIAN REVOLUTION AND SEND THEIR TEAMS OF VIOLENT EMIGRES OVER THERE TO JOIN IN THE SLAUGHTER. Women with breasts cut off, etc.
    Simultaneously, they murdered Ferdinand and started and funded WWI!
    Then via their chief role at Versailles they set up WWII!
    Then they financed Hitler and the Allies! They then attempted the financial squeeze on Japan and Japan fought back, even though American reconaissance knew all about the Japanese fleet weeks before. A false flag! The Jap fleet grew bigger and then attacked Darwin Australia. One Oz citizen was killed in inland Katherine; a stupid abo/blackl who ran straight up the centre of the highway and was easy pickings! TRUE! He tried to hide in the Dog Rocks! TRUE!
    Then they financed the Soviet monster!
    Then they WON THE WAR and captured Eastern Europe in a slave-like grip.
    Then they hanged all the Germans at Nuremburg and let the Jewish Bolsheviks loose in Germany! Raping and pillaging! German officers slaughtered!
    OH, but OUR HOLOCAUST! CRY WITH US LOVELY PEOPLE YOU F**^^*! Christians! Fooled you all you ass-holes!
    Meanwhile the invasion of Palestine?Canaan continued in earnest as it still is! More women with their breasts cut off! Little children mudered by the 100’s! (27 kids murdered TODAY! – Radio Islam)
    Then Korea, Vietnam. Cambodia, South America, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, etc. MILLIONS DEAD! 60 million WHITES killed by the Jewish Bolsheviks! (Solzhenitsyn)
    Hi Lobro, this is relevant HISTORY!
    I have all the historical resources and info!
    Lie down and let the Jews run all over you, or start, like me since 1972, RESISTING!
    I have lost my career, family, etc thanks to the Jews! I have not lost my resistance, but have trouble explaining anything to Ozzie pricks dumbed-down by Big Bang, PINK, Kiss, Seinfeld, Kim Cantrell, Miley’s bum, Robyn Williams, etc.
    Your ENEMY IS SO EASY TO SEE! They are on your televiewers (Orwell) all the time!
    Ours keep more clandestine but run our ABC, politics and banks.

  16. Fianally!
    Obama’s/Bush’s imvestigation of 9/11 went real well!
    A big FALSE FLAG is coming very soon in the USA!
    I have been told this by reliable sources!

    1. Max

      Another false flag is indeed coming but it will culminate in the PERFECT STORM (collapse of the Jews dollar, unleashing Corp fiction agent forces (DHS etc) and alien mercenaries (Russian/Chinese/Blackwater etc) in conjunction a forein military invasion of America by China-Mexico and central American nations.

      Once we, the American people win this fight we will focus on the JWO to take it over as we have Nurengerg type trials for the criminal “Jews”.

  17. –Literature aside for a moment, we should not forget that the Patriot Act was a piece of legislation and there is no certainty that it will be indefinitely renewed. FEMA is funded through Congress and already there have been calls to eliminate it (Ron Paul) and questions about how the money is being spent. I say let’s nip the plot (if there is a plot) in the bud and get rid of both these menacing pieces of legislation.

    –Also, it’s amazing how few Americans think of Bolshevism as Jewish. You practically have to travel to Russia to know about the Jewish role in the coup or in the Cheka (secret police). The U.S. foreign policy toward Russia may reflect the fear the Neo-con controlled U.S. government’s has that the real story of Soviet Russia will get out into the intellectual world of America. Putin has the archives of the Russian revolution and also the archives that could destroy the Holocaust story because the Russians liberated the camps and took the paperwork. He has the power to destroy the edifice of Jewish victimhood. Recently the Russians apparently released information on the mini nukes in WTCs collapses on 9 11. A few years ago a Holocaust revisionist working in Russia reported he has information that could destroy the Holocaust story forever. Hmmm and that report never surfaced. .

    –Suppose the Neo-cons were responsible for the downing of the Malaysian airline over the Ukraine. Remember that the government of Malaysia tried Bush, Cheney, and Blair for war crimes in absentia in 2012. These disappearing/shot down planes might be a warning to other governments not to mess with the Neo-cons and their lying and violent ways. Nasty business crossing those neo-cons….

    –What if the highly evolved society of Germany manages to shrug off Zio-con control and join Russia, and China in one big Eurasian trading block? Already the rail system linking Europe to China through Russia is one of the busiest in the world. What if they decide to forgo the dollar? Then the elite are going to have to pay really big prices on their luxury German cars, won’t they? And how happy will Americans be with a leadership that has sold them out for a stupid idea.. like God gave Palestine to the Jews??

    What if this current war in Israel does not end in a ho hum as it has so often before. In this war there is no one to broker a peace because Egypt does not have relations with Hamas due to Muslim Brotherhood connection. The U.S. doesn’t have a relationship either. Who does??? How happy are U.S. Jewish parents going to be to send their kids on Birthright into a war zone? How many more Israelis will opt for California or Brooklyn?

    The more people know about the possibility that the Zionist might have mini nuked New York; that the Jewish Bolsheviks did the coup in Russia and mass murdered millions of Russian; and that the Holocaust is taken out of context, and may be just old war rumors and propaganda; the less power they will have over our lives. The more an informed population feels uneasy with the U.S. government who has lied to us; the more likely such nasty laws like the Patriot act and Fema will be questioned and trashed.

    1. A most excellent post, kapoore.

      You can bet the house that the Khazarian neo-con/mossad siamese twins are behind these Malaysian air crashes.

      And for reasons that you state, how desperate they are at this point to finish off Russia once and for all, exponentially moving through the centuries and stemming from their ancestor’s defeat at the hands of the Rus a thousand years ago.

      Talk about holding a grudge.

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