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      1. I have Tor but it wont play the videos w/o flash

        Being really techno-challenged, as i already have flash, i am nervous about installing it again on my sytem

        Anyway – if you use firefox as a browser

        go to tools – addons – and search for proxmate

        that will work i think

  1. It’s insane to consider Jews Westerners in any sense. Jews are Asiatic through and through; their penchant for senseless cruelty in activities like infant genital mutilation and kosher slaughter prove this.

    Of course they blather about how it’s part of their “tradition” or whatever. Who gives a fuck? Keep that barbaric shit out of Western nations. Better yet, if we ever again attain mastery over Jews, we should change their laws and practices and outlaw it everywhere. Only a race of psychopaths could possibly believe that making babies and animals suffer is a tradition worth preserving.

    And these same baby-dick-chomping kikes are the first ones to talk about how “backwards” and “unenlightened” Whites are. LOL.

    Not nearly enough of these parasites died during WWII.

    1. Just reading your comment, SPQR, tells me there’s no way I’ll look at this video. God help the person I may witness abusing an animal. Which is why I have tremendous admiration for certain advocates who are out in the field dealing with this most despicable evil. Seems the only consolation I have is in knowing that when they’re gone from this hellhole there is no doubt in my mind that they go to a heavenly abode of complete spiritual protection, given the pure entities they are.

      More and more I find myself saying bring on that asteroid and finish this place off once and for all.

    2. You say Asiatic as if every Asian is Ming the merciless.

      How might people take you seriously when you very obviously exhibit and promote such very Jewish symptoms you decry and hate?
      And also the Aryan stuff. You think you’re Aryans!!? C’mon man!
      Aryan is earned by right living, not endowed by birth. There are plenty of white scum bags. They’re Aryans too? Hahaha! Yeah, right.

      You against the world is gonna get you, well, zero. You know where Aryan and zero and a whole lot of other original thoughts and realities originated, don’t you? Here’a hint. NOT west of the steppes.

      And once again, just like a Jew, if someone drops the proof on your foot you won’t even blink. One thing people like you did invent. The phrase “with friends like that..”

      1. @ hp

        Pay no attention to SPQR. He is a “racist” in the classic sense. All blacks are “niggers” in his parlance, all Asiatics are “scum”. The only people who matter are “Aryans” — white guys presumably like SPQR with a healthy contempt for all other races.

        Are Western skinheads “Aryans”? Are bikers “Aryans”? I guess they are. Yep, these are the guys who matter, the future movers and shakers of the world.

        I’d love to know what SPQR thinks of the Indian sages who produced the Vedas, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Upanishads. Are they “Asiatic scum” because of their brown skins?

        And if the White race is so damn superior, I wonder if SPQR could explain to me how the White race is now writhing under the Jewish heel.

        Will SPQR respond to this post? I’d like him to — preferably without using the F-word and calling me a “Jew”! 🙂

      2. I didn’t say all Asiatics are scum, I said Jews are Asiatics due to their genetics and behavior, and therefore are not a part of the Western tradition but historically OPPOSED to it.

        By “West” I mean the Spenglerian West, the civilization that existed between 1000 and 1945 AD (I know Spengler predicted that the West would go on for a few more centuries, but he didn’t live to see the disaster of 1945, so for all intents and purposes, I consider the West as being dead). Of course we could extend the definition of the “West” to include Greece and Rome, but they had fundamentally different values than us.

        As for the word nigger, who cares if we use it? The fact that so many Whites feel an inner sting when they use this word is proof that we lack autonomy. When other tribes insert their values and likes/dislikes into your tribe’s mindset, and when your tribe molds their behavior around what that other tribe desires, the first step towards reaffirming a sense of authority is to disregard the wishes of that other tribe.

        As for ni— sorry, Homo Africanus- as a race, I don’t see them as having value. That fact that rich White scumbags like Clinton and Buffett and Gates are trying to feed these useless and violent primates so they can procreate and then invade our lands should horrify any White person.

        Are there good blacks? It depends on how you define “good.” From my perspective a good black is someone who does not harm my people and culture. I don’t care if he is smart or dumb, just as long as he is not a threat. Unfortunately, many of them are threats, and not even just the violent ones, but the “nice” ones who want to mix with White women and genetically undermine us. They too are a threat. Only a sanctimonious moral lunatic in the vein of Thaddeus Stevens would say they aren’t a threat.

        Skinheads and bikers are simply low-value Whites. However, White leftists are negative-value Whites, i.e. Whites that actively harm their own people. I’m not sure what your point is in bringing them up, but you should know that I’ve never espoused the “White is right” viewpoint. In fact I’ve flat-out said that if low-value Whites and traitorous Whites go extinct and leave an ethnocentric White elite, it’d be a good thing.

        The Indians who produced the Vedas and Upanishads were nothing like today’s Indians, and it’s ludicrous to insinuate that they were. That’s like saying today’s Greeks (short, dark Turkic mongrels) are exactly like the inhabitants of Ancient Athens and Sparta. This is why I’m relatively uninterested in Golden Dawn.

        I have also never said that the White race is superior. I would say that, until about a century ago, we produced the greatest art, music, and culture in the world, but I never said we were supreme from a standpoint of raw power, and I don’t know where you got that idea. The Industrial Revolution, combined with a genetic predisposition for altruism and naivety (exacerbated by centuries of Christian-inspired breeding, where traits like aggression and ethnocentrism were bred out of us in favor of “moral” behavior), and jewish hyper-ethnocentrism produced the perfect storm that led to this current racial disaster.

      3. ruth, for once in a rare while i disagree with you.
        you must work on that knee-jerk instinct because it damages your intellectual output – try to approach every situation with an open mind and the profit is guaranteed to be higher.

        i too had similar thoughts about spqr at the outset, just as with lonnie, but i came around to conclusion that they are for real, without having to agree with everything they said.

        but, spqr’s arguments are well reasoned and therefore well worth considering, he is clearly an independent thinker, something i value above everything else (apart from compassion and honesty).

        what is wrong with the word nigger?
        it is a victim of jew-dictat, only to further humiliate and intimidate white jellyfish, when something goes out of fashion, it goes fascist, by the looks of it.
        the proper term used to be negro, as in “this negro is a credit to his race” one used to see in print in my youth, presidents used it without hesitation, there was a negro baseball league, negro advancement societies, etc, etc.
        states of niger, nigeria still exist today (couple of years ago a joint venture for piping liquid natural gas between russia and nigeria was called – are you ready – nigaz.
        negro means black in just about every latin language, so how do you tell them that “black” is correct but “negro” isn’t.

        just our wilful blindness, stupidity and cowardice that has been bred into our mother’s milk (still white i think) solely in order to prevent us from free thinking, which used to be the most precious of aryan characteristics.
        spqr, therefore is a breath of fresh air, i commend him without necessarily agreeing with every single statement he makes.
        originality is worth more than pedantic accuracy, much more, because it spurs your brain into action (or reaction).

        like freedom vs. jail.

      4. I say Asiatic because jews are Asiatics. That’s all. I don’t care if not all Asians are cruel and sadistic (I know they aren’t), I’m simply using a term to generalize.

        Where did you get the idea that I believe all Whites are good? I’ve flat-out said that I don’t give a shit about most Whites, who are indeed scumbags.

      5. Oh, I must have been reading between the lines, again.

        It’s become more than a habit, like breathing..

      6. @ lobro (re SPQR)

        “ruth, for once in a rare while i disagree with you…. i too had similar thoughts about spqr at the outset, just as with lonnie, but i came around to conclusion that… spqr’s arguments are well reasoned and therefore well worth considering, he is clearly an independent thinker, something i value above everything else …. what is wrong with the word nigger?”

        No need to defend SPQR to me, dear lobro. He’s his own best advocate. He has acquitted himself remarkably well explaining himself in his long post above. He is clearly a person of exceptional talents.

        However, I cannot for a moment accept your spurious arguments in defense of the word “nigger.” SPQR puts forward pretty much the same argument as you. Namely, that all this political correctness demanding a block on the word “nigger” is just “Jew indoctrination”. And, therefore, that we ought to use the word “nigger” deliberately just to spite the Jew! Just to show the Jew we don’t bow to his diktats!

        Sorry, I can’t accept this. Because it depends on the false assumption that ALL indoctrination is BAD indoctrination, especially if Jews are pushing it.

        Hasn’t it occurred to you that this is a rare example of GOOD indoctrination?

        Granted that Africans as a whole have a lower IQ than Whites, and granted that all races are NOT equal, how can it be right to regard ALL BLACKS with scorn and contempt by applying such a derogatory term to them as “niggers”?

        I mean, they can’t HELP being black, can they? That’s how they were born. Do you really think it’s right that blacks should be forced to sit at the back of the bus like in the 1950s?

        If so, you will have to justify apartheid in Israel where they segregate Arabs from Jews in a similar way.

        There is such a think as kindness. And consideration. Any indoctrination that teaches us to be kind and considerate to our inferiors — to the old and feeble, to cripples, to morons and imbeciles, to those in mental institutions and prisons, and to the so-called “inferior races” such as Blacks — is a GOOD indoctrination.

        Calling someone a “nigger”, would Jesus do it? Would Krishna do it?

        No, they would not!

      7. As for SPQR, I’d like to persuade him not to use the word “nigger” again for these reasons:

        [1] He is highly intelligent and literate and the use of such a word is actually counterproductive in his case, because it is a stylistic defect that mars and casts a shadow over the rest of what he has to say.

        Only lower-class louts and ill-educated slobs use such words as “kike” and “nigger” precisely because their vocabularies are so limited. And they also lack sensitivity and gentility.

        SPQR, being highly educated, only demeans himself by using such guttersnipe language.

        He does it, I believe, as an upper-class affectation. He is playing Colonel Blimp, keeping the niggers and kikes and wogs and slants and slopes in place!

        Immature. Counterproductive. Self-defeating.

        [2] Another reason people shouldn’t use such words on this site is that Lasha and Montecristo don’t like such language. It lowers the reputation of their site. It makes them cringe. And the casual reader goes away with a very bad impression: that darkmoon.me is some kind of neo-Nazi, skinhead site for low-brows.

        Which it is decidedly not.

        Posts sprinkled with words like “nigger” and “kike” would definitely be deleted on the Occidental Observer and all other White nationalist sites striving for a bare minimum of respectability.

        I don’t think Ms Darkmoon actually wants her site to be disreputable.

      8. the pejorative aspect is in beholder’s eye, ruth.
        the trick is to laugh it off instead of making a mountain of what assuredly is a molehill.
        does it not seem weird – no, not weird, characteristic of jew’s m/o that ‘black people” are free to use the word nigger, it is cool, it is funky, quentin tarantino, that ubershabbos can pack his sentences with it, everyone can say it,

        … except the whitey.

        whitey is only free to purchase their gawdawful garbage that passes for entertainment where 2 words out of 3 are “fuck you nigga, shoot da nigga bitch”, yeah, it’s fine, it is culture, just buy it, pay for it and remain on the sidelines, yours is to spend the money left over after holocaust payments.
        we jews determine what language constructs are suitable for you, yours is never to relax the guilt.
        tha’s what it is all about and i think that senatuspopulusqueromanus is saying it too.

        doesn’t matter whether n … blacks are the world’s smartest people or not, in fact, if they are not it clearly plays in jews hands by ratcheting up the guilt index, yes?
        oh, just because they are dumb doesn’t give you the right to insult them, because us, the mentally superior race are here to protect them from the wicked european that killed off 100 million indians according to avatar, who seems to be another salon revolutionary who thinks the white race has no place on the planet.

        ruth, you are a woman, your receptors for offense and intended malfeasance are much finer than mine.
        use them.

        even i can smell a very stale rat through my cigar smoke.

        … just like suddenly, kike is a bad word, very antisemitic and we all know who came up with it first, right?

        reminder: illiterate diseased christkillers alighting at coney island refusing to sign an “X” because of the chi-ro christogram emblem (widely used since constantine to this day in orthodox east where kikes originate), so they used “O” instead, kikel=circle in yiddish.
        thus kike, they used to call each other kike affectionately in tribal recognition, like paysan (in mexico i heard lubavichers call one another paysan, btw).
        but a very very bad word for you and me to use, surely denoting “another holocaust”.

        i would say, hypocrisy except that is a very bad word too because of its association with pharisees, the gd’s chosen.

      9. isn’t it tragic that H2O molecules are smart enough to discern between the brain damaging discordant racket that pumps out inchoate rage and hate composed by jews, performed by n’s and sublimely uplifting symphonic harmonies composed by the no-good, cruel, genocidal europeans?

        are we stupider than water molecules?
        clearly, the jew thinks so because he wouldn’t try to brainwash water, would he.

      10. Ruth:

        I’m not swayed by your moralizing.

        “Not all blacks are bad.”
        “It’s not their fault they’re black.”

        These kinds of statements only serve to weaken our resolve.

        Were the Romans saying “not all Carthaginians are bad” when they basically wiped them out in the Third Punic War and ended the Carthaginian threat forever?

        On the flipside, are Jews saying, “not all Whites are bad” when they flood EVERY White land with Arab goatfuckers and niggers with HIV? Did the Jews say “not all Ukrainians are bad” when they starved 1/4 of the nation to death during the Holodomor?

        Our tendency to look at people as individuals and not as MEMBERS OF A TRIBE is a trait that non-Whites DO NOT HAVE.

        Tens of thousands of White women are raped by niggers in America every year. I don’t know what the number is for Western Europe. 90% of interracial crimes are committed by Blacks against Whites.

        I don’t care if not all blacks are bad. THEIR RACE IS A PROBLEM NONETHELESS. Same with the kikes.

        Our dreams of exploring space and colonizing other worlds are now dead because we have to pay for millions of niggers and spics who leech off our tax dollars and then rape and murder us while complaining about “racism.”

        We’re only going to regain our autonomy when we look at blacks/non-Whites COLLECTIVELY and see them as a THREAT.

        We have to be strong and unyielding and have the iron will to collectively punish them for their crimes against us.

        Our problems are racial/collective problems, and they will only be solved racially/collectively. This “but not all of them are bad” attitude serves no purpose.

        There’s no reason why ANY White woman should be subjected to being raped by a nigger in Sweden, or ANY place in Europe or America. Yet it happens frequently. It’s due to our complacency and moral universalism.

        Question: if a few thousand blacks were spotted crossing the Mediterranean (with women and children) with the intention of settling in Europe, would you have the guts to order their boats to be sunk?

      11. @ SPQR

        Question: if a few thousand blacks were spotted crossing the Mediterranean (with women and children) with the intention of settling in Europe, would you have the guts to order their boats to be sunk?

        Probably not.

        But if I wanted to solve the problem effectively and avoid any guilt feelings for committing mass murder, I’d say, “I leave the decision to you.”

      12. kike, nigger, spic, chink, nip, wop, mic, hun, gook, brownie, spook, white trash, savage, whatever.

        You’re not seeing the forest for the trees, legionnaire. Know them (individuals, that is) by their deeds.

        Sure, many “kikes” and “niggers”, etc. are richly deserving of the appelations. Too far gone to have any realistic expectations for rehabilitating them. For everyone else I’ll bring out a quote from my favorite philosopher, Goethe:

        “help a man to be what he ought to be, and you help him to become what he’s capable of being.”

        Of course this presupposes that your help is predicated on having a proper understanding of right behavior in defining “ought to be”.

      13. “Our dreams of exploring space and colonizing other worlds are now dead because..”

        …because…. the thick soup of radiation in the electrically charged universe in and beyond the Van Allen Belts has affixed human life to this planet forever. It is a prison for all mankind. The solar wind is just one source, which cannot be diluted by human endeavors, even with endless resources, financially, or otherwise.

    3. Just reread the 5 Books of Moses to reunite myself with the utter tribalistic crap that so many Jews give mainly lip-service to on this very day.
      Of course, there is YHWH’s promise of the “land of milk and honey” and the plan to get rid of all the Semitic, tribal inhabitants of Canaan – “leave none breathing”, etc. This is the order, ZIO-JEWS say, to currently exterminate the Palestinian people! Then there are the 10 Commandments (Don’t kill, fornicate etc) and all the other miniscule rules that YHWH laid down, like NOT: committing usury, screwing unclean whores, laying with other menfolk, not eating a variety of animals including pigs, “creeping things” and things that “don’t chew the cud”, etc; making your food and eating place kosher and clean; not lying in the same bed as your menstruating wife for 7 days, etc, etc. And then there are the explicit details given to offerings/sacrifices of goats, bullocks and sheep and the command to touch their blood upon “the ears” of people and to “sprinkle the sacrificial blood around the altar”, etc.
      So humorous all this considering today’s JEWS are the masters and mistresses of FILTH, pornography, illicit fornications, grand usury and genocidal murder, etc!~ Rewatch the Jewish Focker/fucker familty movies! Watch Big Bang and endless repeats of Sex and the City! Watch alternative reports on Israelis’ mass slaughters in Gaza, etc.
      Gerry Seinfeld has had countless liaisons with wanton, unclean, Goyim women (as have most top-dog Jews) yet the filthy, hypocrical abomination insisted on a “kosher” kitchen in his Melbourne (Australia) hotel! At the Howqua Youth Camp (outside Melbourne) a group of holidaying Jews insisted on blow-torching the stainless steel kitchen benches (to make bloodless/kosher) and thus permanently marked them with burn-marks! I noted the Jewesses gave it out to the boys of an evening, when plenty of alcohol was consumed. Reread Lasha on the traditional roles of the Jewess!

      1. @ max the 10 commandments are not meant for the goy-people like us. They are meant for the jews. This means the commandment to not kill is only a command between jews. See also the Talmud, the divine message which stands above the Torah, see also, Hoffman, Judaism discovered, I can recomend you
        to read.

      2. Neither group has accomplished even one.

        “Say what you will about the Ten Commandments, you must always come back to the pleasant fact that there are only ten of them.” (H. L. Mencken)

  2. Brownhawk I watched the video but could not stop crying as I held my stomach.

    I have only in past decades become ‘aware’ of the full scope of human depravities and thank God that I live and breathe to keep going the ‘good fight’ when I might otherwise have succumbed, through illness and heartbreak….

    all children and animals are sacred

    Woe to the vipers

  3. Question: if a few thousand blacks were spotted crossing the Mediterranean (with women and children) with the intention of settling in Europe, would you have the guts to order their boats to be sunk?

    yes, provided i also had guts to kill every man, woman and child leaving my country in order to go to africa.

    bottom line: africa was presumably doing ok left to their own devices, they were welcome to kill and roast each other for food, without countless hordes of invaders, slavers, despoilers and thieving carpetbaggers bringing disease, slaughter, rapine, looting the resources, murdering millions of animals and humans for sport.
    just look at how that early prototype of mccain, the syphilitic monster teddy roosevelt spent his days in african hunts.
    bottom, bottom line: invaders and thieves have no right to complain about being invaded and robbed in return.
    a different paradigm must apply, namely, make africa a livable place again.
    how? beats me.

    triple bottom line: in all of this i smell the jew; it was he who incited all the violence and mayhem, military and cultural.
    therefore, jew must be eliminated from any equation unless he suddenly becomes human, ie, economically productive, morally and culturally docile.
    i see no chance of that, therefore other solutions must apply.

    why not put it to open referendum, those who love jews are welcome to live with them and those who don’t can live in their own, judenfrei tribal reserves with strict rules and legislation preventing any contact and interaction on person-person basis, all influences screened out.
    the migration from one camp to another is free: anyone homesick for jews is welcome to jump ship and head for the shtetl, anyone screened for non-jewish origin is welcome to join our land provided adherence to rules is observed – otherwise expulsion from the national socialist eden.
    i would jump on that chance.

    1. consider: jew “owns” and loots every single uranium, tantalum, diamond and precious metal mine and refinery in africa as well as any n … person within several hundered miles of vicinity.
      how could a jew, who in his entire history never lifted a finger to do a tiniest bit of honest work, hitler’s forced labor notwithstanding, own anything?

      a law should come into effect immediately dispossessing jews of every material good, they should not just be booted out but booted out naked, like adam and eve were chased naked out of eden.
      we are the jews eden and the time has come to put a stop to it, kick the damn snake out too for good measure.

      the problem is not the niggers, wops, dagos, turbanheads, camel jockeys, limeys, micks, spics, wogs, whatever swamp ninjas haunt your nightnmares.

      it’s the jews, gotta keep your eyes on the bouncing slimeball that tricks us all.

    2. continuing the thought train re. “nigs”.
      without jew poisoner twisting, forming and deforming both our laws and our perception of reality, don’t you think that these outsiders like niggers (as opposed to decent blacks, the distinction even recognized by their own thinkers from louis farrakhan to bing crosby) would be brought to heel in record time?
      their drug pushing, rapist kids want to cause mayhem in schools?
      there are lots of rock quarries where they can be chained and put to useful work for a few years with time to think and reconsider what it means to qualify as human.
      apes can be trained, so can they, i have no problem letting them stay – provided.

      like i said, just purify the jew poison out of the general human content.

    3. i think this is the crux that has been overlooked by everyone, starting with edward the confessor as well as isabella and ferdinand: they scrupulously allowed jews to leave with all the stolen gold, where they could set up usury shop anew and contaminate the ruling culture of holland and hanseatic cities, thereby preparing grounds for the vengeful return.

      strip the stolen wealth from jews and where is their power to make impotent and feebleminded beasts like obama, cameron and harper sit on haunches, beg for treats and perform genocidal tricks?

      in all their satanic tracts and private sayings, they never tire of asserting that the goy must be dispossessed of everything and just put to work for nothing, like a burro.
      time to turn that against them, IN FULL.
      no killing necessary, only simple, obvious justice.

      with just the rothschilds wealth africa can exceed switzerland in quality of life for everyone.

      1. @ lobro

        “with just the rothschilds wealth africa can exceed switzerland in quality of life for everyone.”

        True, but I can’t see a guy like SPQR allocating all the confiscated wealth of the Rothschilds to the Africans in order to make Africa a paradise, can you?

        After all, anyone who calls all Africans “niggers” is hardly likely to want to spend money on making Africans happy.

      2. well, no need to satisfy every whim of spqr, is there 🙂

        still, they need their fair shake, if they choose to waste it, it is their problem and our hands and consciences are clean.

        give them access to education, fair government (anticorruption laws), etc.

        tanzania is much more socially cohesive and advanced then the neighboring ones, you know why?

        german pre-ww2 colonizers.
        that’s right, the people still remember them with affection and respect, german bibles in all the hotels and safari outfits (in case ruth’s lion comes after me i can stick a german bible in his jaw).
        german officered askaris, huge underdogs against numerically superior, weaponized brits, easily beat the snot out of the uk rangers in the local bush warfare.

        they taught them essentials of civilization, also how to brew great beer, better than anything in america (canada+mexico included).

        so, it is not true that they are all morons.
        most morons are bred, not born and that clearly goes for the white ones too, just look at our own backyard.

      3. “feeble-minded beasts like Obama…”

        per my previous post I don’t hold out hope of him shaping his profile courageously, but that even someone as jaded as he’s become is repelled by the repugnancy of what he’s seeing is worth something. If only for the sake of his own soul.

      4. @lobro – where the hell you received your PhD on African history?

        Do you know, some African nations have civilized societies before Europe got out of it Dark Age?

        Begining in 711, and for some 700 years, Africans were rulers, academics, scholars, army commanders and sailors in Muslim Spain. Mixed marriages led to more than 25 generations of African Europeans. There is increasing evidence that Africans came to America long before Columbus (see professor Ivan Van Sertima’s classic They Came Before columbus).

        Before 1412, Africa was also heavily influenced by Asians, specially by the Arabs, before and after Islam, via Sinai, the Red Sea, and Indian Ocean. The relations were based on trade and culture exchange, rarely on wars. These marriages, which Islam accelerated, were a positive social integration factor in the advancement of both Africans and Arabs.

        Before Islam, the most famous Queen of Arabia, the Queen of Sheba (Bilqis), was an African and her son sat on the throne of Ethiopia.

        Islam teaches that a slave (Black or White) is a victim of circumstances who should be helped to be free and treated fairly in the meantime. Trading in slaves is a sin. This is in contrast to the teaching of the Bible, “Slaves obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling (Ephesians 5-6)”. (According to Talmud, every male Jew is required to recite in the daily prayer: “Thanks G-d for not making me a Gentile, a Woman, and a Slave……


      5. The great pyramids are in Africa. The Phoenicians gave the world the modern alphabet and navigation mathematics and maps.

      6. @asap,

        Rehmat suggests black Africans were creators of great civilizations. The builders of the pyramids and the Phoenicians however were Mediterranean Whites.

      7. “with just the rothschilds wealth africa can exceed switzerland in quality of life for everyone.”

        What happens when you give Africans money? The ones who aren’t 65-IQ retards horde it for themselves, build palaces, and raise private armies to rule over the masses, and then they either get overthrown by mobs of angry, starving Africans or the West bombs them in one of our “humanitarian interventions.”

        When has giving money to niggers EVER solved their problems?

        And since Rothschild wealth was built on European labor and European colonialism (run for the profit of international Jewry, who owned all the mines in South Africa and the dope trade in Asia), their money rightfully belongs in European hands if it were ever to be confiscated.

        I just love reading sites like Ynetnews and their endless articles about “Nazi-looted art” and “Nazi-looted gold” when those kikes are themselves the biggest thieves and looters in human history.

      8. That being said, if Lasha doesn’t want us calling blacks niggers or jews kikes, I’ll stop.

        But seriously, turn on MSNBC and listen to Toure (or any black MSNBC contributor) spew their White-hating bullshit and then tell me I’m wrong for calling them niggers.

        Stop caring about their goddamn feelings. We’re under no obligation to like these people. They are invaders in our lands and their presence lowers the aesthetic and cultural value of this country, or any White country.

        I don’t like having to go out and be among niggers, spics, kikes, etc. and I definitely don’t like having to endure being bombarded by their shit music and filthy cultural memes.

        Practically everyone in the media is now a nigger or kike, getting paid shitloads of cash to basically be professional niggers and kikes, and then using that money to chip away at the civilizations that WHITES built.

        It’s a crime that Whites are in lower positions of power than these parasites, especially in OUR lands. I assume it’s no different in Europe, where I recently read that a camel jockey has set his sights on becoming mayor of Berlin. And of course they teach the same bullshit in German schools; I actually saw one German comment saying that “Germany has always been a nation of immigrants.” Germany!

        But do we have anyone to blame but ourselves for this? Isn’t our complacency and greed to blame? Or better yet our lack of race loyalty and ethnocentrism that every other race has?

        It doesn’t matter at this point. Even only a century ago Westerners and Americans lived in organic communities where they knew everyone and behaved in a manner that was conducive to the greater good, because THEY WERE AMONG THOSE LIKE THEMSELVES.

        But today because of diversity and multicult we have to put up with spics and niggers who masturbate in public, spray graffiti everywhere, and blast jungle music at top volume. Notice how I didn’t mention the rapes and murders that they commit at hugely disproportionate rates.

        How are we supposed to have communities with these creatures who hate us and openly disrespect us and are only living there because some kikes and leftist White sell-outs in D.C. invited them in against our will?

        “duuhhh we all bleed red, we all want what’s best for our children, we all breathe the same air, duuuhhh”

        Fuck that race-denying bullshit. Third worlders can breathe air and bleed red IN THEIR OWN LANDS.

        Fucking Spaniards should have wiped out the Mezoamericans instead of race-mix with them. Jesus.

        The problem is only compounded as time goes on. The average White today is completely used to being surrounded by niggers and muds on a daily basis and cannot even imagine an all-White country. Show them youtube clips of pre-60s America and they’d probably say “LOL it’s so boring and totally White and bland!”

        America is hopeless, as is Europe most likely. Hitler wasn’t perfect but he had a good idea at what was at stake in WWII, that’s why he knew he had to invade Stalinland and wipe out the rest of the communists for good. He failed, and now we’re living in a jewish science experiment.

        Enjoy the wafting stench of niggersweat, White man! Better get used to it, because they’re here to stay! After all, we were always a nation of immigrants!

      9. @ SPQR

        On the use of words like “niggers” and “kikes”.

        SPQR: “That being said, if Lasha doesn’t want us calling blacks niggers or jews kikes, I’ll stop.”

        I wish you’d stop using such words for my sake. And for Sardonicus’s sake. We are veteran posters on this site (of many years standing) and we enjoy the freedom of speech the site gives us. But this is an abuse of free speech and we will leave the site if this abuse continues.

        The overuse of such words as “nigger” and “kike”only lowers the entire tone of the site. It lowers standards by reducing intellectual discourse to a mere exercise in abuse. It also chases other good posters away who don’t wish to be associated with a site that seems to be encouraging a blatant, in-your-face racism and anti-Semitism.

        This site is discreetly called darkmoon.me. It is not called ratfacedjews. com or fuckallniggers.com.

      10. @ SPQR (continued)

        If you were to use such foul language on the Occidental Observer or any other reputable White Nationalist site, you know very well your post would be deleted.

        And rightly so.

        Because you would be lowering standards and giving the false impression that the owners of the site fully approve the use of such I-spit-in-your-face language.

        Lasha and Montecristo do NOT approve of such language. It makes them cringe. Lasha has told me so in a private email. She writes: “I hate people using such foul and abusive language, but I can’t ask them to stop — as I don’t own this website or have any control over what gets published here.”

        I’ll quote you again: “That being said, if Lasha doesn’t want us calling blacks niggers or jews kikes, I’ll stop.”

        Please do, SPQR. Please stop! If you’re a man of honor, keep your promise.

      11. @ Ruthie

        I second this. I think SPQR is a great poster, but his use of such “I-spit-in-your-face language” (as you eloquently put it) lets him down badly.

        I note that Max Bilney, another excellent poster, has recently begun to compete with SPQR in the nigger-and-kike verbal olympics. To see if he can beat SPQR in packing his posts with the maximum number of such childish spitballs.

        I also note with interest that my favorite poster here, the incomparable Lobro, appears to approve the use of such puerile language. I find this doubly curious if only for this reason: Lobro never uses such language himself. Not once have I known him to make use of the word “nigger” or “kike” in any of his previous posts.

        Why such double standards, my friend? If you approve of such I-spit-in-your-face language, why don’t you jump on the SPQR and Max Bilney bandwagon and follow in their ignoble footsteps?






        HAIL SATAN!

      13. I concur with Ruth and Sardonicus. Using this language only detracts from what would otherwise offer a more constructive discourse.

        For example, SPQR, consider that above all else the ancient Romans were mere administrators. But think of the golden opportunity they squandered concerning those under their rule because they didn’t back the right horse.

        When Jesus was speaking to an assemblage of people , legionnaires would be on the periphery within earshot. They couldn’t help but listen to his words. What were they hearing? Or Pilate, who spoke of being duly impressed with the man, but how? In one ear and out the other because he didn’t understand that Christ was talking to him as well? Instead, it was “those people’s problem”, not the mighty empire’s. How’d that work out for them, with the inevitable hubris setting in because they listened but didn’t hear?

        Then came the asteroid.

        To Max:

        “….would have to be heavily militarized in order to stop the entry of all the kikes, niggers, towel-heads, slopes and mixed breeds who would be seeking to escape their jewish-run hellhole.”

        Stop the entry Max? So in effect they’re now in a no-man’s land. But doesn’t their fleeing the jew bondage presume a mind-set of “show me the way”?

        It would be at this point where you have their attention and TEACH, not exclude.

    4. @ lobro

      “why not put it to open referendum, those who love jews are welcome to live with them and those who don’t can live in their own, judenfrei tribal reserves…”

      Not a good idea. Because it depends on the false assumption that a referendum is a good way of deciding an issue — and this in a so-called “democracy” where most people’s minds are already made up for them by the Jew-owned media.

      The masses are like children. They are easily swayed by the media. The Jews tell them what to believe and how to vote. So referenda are worthless.

      Question: would you hold a referendum in a class of 7-year-old children, asking the question, “Should children be allowed to skip their lessons and play instead, having access at all times to lots of ice cream and candy?”

      You know what answer you would get — and it would be the wrong answer!

      1. i guess a referendum requires certain qualifications from participants.
        again, if a referendum gives people the choice of where they want to end up, the ones who want to follow jews are welcome to do so and unwelcome in my neck of the woods, exactly as i planned.

        how do you filter out children with talent and ability?
        maybe offer them ice cream, cigarettes and drugs and the ones that are worth anything deal themselves out … i mean, i am not a child expert but my own turned out excellent in no small measure due to my minimalist interference, i was there when needed and when asked.
        maybe pure dumb luck, i’ll take it either way.
        even my dogs were special because of this policy of non-interference, smarter and more fun to be around than other dogs – they turned out the way they were meant to be, not some stunted bonsai creation of mine.

      2. in fact, i have held such a referendum and i know which way i voted, no need for the recount of 1 ballot.

        so, i am in my own protected zone … no stress.
        not much but like the chinese say, every journey starts with the first step.

    5. Of course the Jew-free retreat would have to have its own televiewers, as all US television is currently JEWTUBE vision! The GOYTUBE networks would be run by whites and feature stuff such as the Goyim NBA and super-bowl, which would feature only white Gentiles – most under 76 inches in height. The finance reports would come out of the Goyim-run central bank and all its associated people’s savings (not speculative) banks. The only trouble would be the Goyim reserves would have to be heavily militarised in order to stop the entry of all the kikes, niggers, towel-heads, slopes and mixed-breeds who would be seeking to escape their Jewish-run hell-hole! And the Jewish movies out of Hollywood would not have blonde, blue-eyed Aryans (as per Bruce Willis movies) to utilise as the evil criminals. And the kikes would soon get sick of casting wise niggers as judges/authority figures in their CSI’s etc.

      1. it can be done, max.
        all we’d have to do is quote the founding principles of israel, a jewish state for the jews, verbatim, except rplece every instance of “jew/ish” with “non-jew/ish” or “gentile”.
        let them complain, wonder about what … racisam, nah … holocaust? great idea!

        “we want to stay away from jews in order to dodge the temptation of holocausting them, because we are all extremely antisemitic and you never know what ideas we may get, so to ensure jews maximum safety we want to put the maximum distance between them and ourselves”

        as for money, i don’t base my life around it and don’t really understand it, so i will not unduly bloviate.
        sufficient that it be regarded as nothing more than a token of material exchange, a standardized index of a good’s intrinsic worth to avoid vouchers floating around that say things like “20 minutes of transvestite’s time for size 14 prada heels”.

  4. couple of more thoughts to chew on.

    jews run all the pro sports and participate in none due to physical debility.
    why are athletes, who are just performing monkeys, paid such extravagant sums?
    what about other entertainers, the actors and musicians, some who have become billionaires in process?

    answer: to establish parasitism as an honorable occupation, elevated above honest work, providing a protective screen for the jew who uses the monkeys as a moral buffer, while doling out treats and bling to the monkeys.

    next, how did jew wage campaigns of rapacious violence against people, societies, cultures and nations?
    answer: by hiring mercenaries to do the killing for him, he is unable to do it himself, being the most cowardly creature on the planet unless against an absolutely vulnerable victim, be it a palestinian toddler or a lamb in kosher slaughterhouse as per the video above.
    why do you think mercenaries and paid hitmen are accorded a supercool status in hollywood flicks?
    yes, that’s why again, just as with pro athletes.

    what is a mercenary?
    someone whose single skill is in killing people.
    is this a useful skill?
    is there a difference between a mercenary and a rabid dog?
    so the mercenary must be treated just like a rabid dog, shot without questions asked, another rug pulled from under jew’s power.

    us army, staffed by professional killers calls itself a defense force, when in its entire history did usa actually defend itself?
    therefore, what’s its purpose?
    do kill at jews behest, its one and sole purpose.

    1. “why are athletes, who are just performing monkeys, paid such extravagant sums?”

      My answer is: primarily to encourage race mixing, and then culture mixing, while promoting one-worldism, slyly, without using force. Sports and entertainment are examples of the non-military tools for those goals.

      ESPN= ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS ‘Programming’ Network

  5. “The Chosenites” is a deconstruction of some of the standard myths of Judaism such as Israel is a wonderful and brave little country, or circumcision is painless the way the rabbis do it, or Jews are the most ethical people on earth just because they are Jews–as one rabbi put it a thousand gentiles are not equal in virtue to the fingernail of one Jew. Yet that isn’t the only myth that is being deconstructed, there is also the Holocaust which at the very least is an exaggeration and some would say a “Big Lie.” Then, of course, we have other myths that relate contingently to the Chosen like 9 11 and various bankster rip offs. The movie doesn’t mention the slave trade, which did so much to turn Christians against the Chosen in such places as Eastern Europe where they played the role of middle men in collecting Slavic children to be military slaves in the Islamic armies, or in Spain where in the early middle ages to own a gold coin meant you had to have sold someone into slavery. Apparently the slave trade was so fierce that the coastal cities of western Europe were unsafe for habitation. So forget about the myth that Spain had a wonderful civilization before the coming of the reconquista and anyone who claims Jewish ancestry in Spain has to wonder if his ancestors were involved in the human cargo business.

    When I think of “deconstruction” of culture I think of post-modernism and I have read very little of it but I did read an essay by Derrida who was Jewish north African, and so I associate the whole movement with Judaism–although that’s probably incorrect. Basically the idea is that humans are mere collected fragments of cultural images and language which can be deconstructed. Post-modernism soon had to be modified, though, because some things didn’t deconstruct so easily and apparently now the idea is that there is some kind of core there….dah. (At the very least the biological imperative–instinct for survival and reproduction)

    The alternative to post-modernism is the old fashioned idea of character, that we self-govern through core principles, and that there are universals such as truth, beauty, justice, that formulate the principles and the goals of a well led life. Someone with a good character doesn’t deconstruct so easily because the foundation is on solid ground. And I think this film shows that much of the cultural assumptions of modern Judaism is easily deconstructed because it is not based on solid ground. Remember that before political correctness there was that other thing called politeness and civility. That is what I mean by the difference between character and the post modern personality. Politeness is based on the idea that one should do unto others as you would have others do unto you–in other words principles of a higher nature. Political correctness is the requirement to conform to a media dictated norm in order not to be a social reject.

    Since I live in earthquake country I compare what deconstructs to what stands based on the type of ground. In our last big quake in 94 I watched the waves travel over the alluvial plane that liquified and crashed against the bedrock of the mountains like a wave on the shore and with the wave came massive deconstruction, but the bedrock didn’t budge–not even a glass fell off the shelf. Maybe Post Modernism wasn’t ever that Jewish although it seemed to be but in any event it is now deconstructing Judaism along with all the other religions as the waves roll over us…and it will be interesting to see what ends up standing.

  6. Ruth Bernstein, you ought to listen to the American Top 40 and you will notice scores of black rappa songs that repeatedly use thew word “nigger”!

  7. SPQR, you are spot on! One of the best writers and you are honest.
    I too don’t like having to walk around shopping centres etc with the niggers, kikes, Arabs and so on. The Muslims have taken over western Sydney and the few remaining whiteys are being forced out by a racist people who hate them as “Infidels”! Somalian niggers, brought here “for a better life” are the new centre of crime and the raping of white girls, many not even teens. Oz Zio-Jewish scumbag, Isi Liebler, used traitorous left wingers of the Australian Labor Party (and its Fabian Socialist affiliates) to bring in full bore multiculturalism, which means Oz is becoming a violent society of opposed ghettoes. Liebler then retreated to a life iof luxury in Israel and is now working with Bibi Netanyahu to enforce laws that will make Israel a state for “Jews only.”
    SPQR your following lines are the ultimate classic and should be read by every whitey who is suffering under the KIKE-NIGGER-Muslim ascendancy, as they are the TRUTH: “I don’t like having to go out and be among niggers, spics, kikes, etc. and I definitely don’t like having to endure being bombarded by their shit music and filthy cultural memes. Practically everyone in the media is now a nigger or kike, getting paid shitloads of cash to basically be professional niggers and kikes, and then using that money to chip away at the civilizations that WHITES built.” …

    1. The presence of non-Whites puts unneeded psychological stress on us. We have to walk down streets fearful for our safety and whenever we act in self-defense the jews accuse us of “racism” and “hate” do everything they can to destroy us.

      The fact that jews make countless movies and TV shows about their “holocaust” with the utmost confidence that Whites will devour this media and consider it to be an example of “evil” is proof that we’ve been conquered.

      In a healthy society that recognizes the jew as the destroyer, we’d watch those movies and applaud whenever some jew gets smoked.

      That’s my dream: a future where Whites sit down and watch Schindler’s List and laugh all the way through.

  8. i must now acknowledge the painful truth that putin has lost my respect and support with the signing into law an act that prohibits “holocaust denial”.

    this is a shameful betrayal of the ideals of democracy and freedom of speech as well as even more shameful sucking up to the jew.
    soon, the gates of the grain silo will be yanked open wide to the horde of the greedy rats bearing bubonic plague to the long suffering russian nation.

    a sad day for russia, for christianity, for the white man and for the world.

    so now i am an outlaw there as well but whie i have even one middle finger, it is reserved for the jew, maybe i should get it tattooed.

    1. I suppose my own mea culpa is in order here. At least to a degree. Seems that whole shaping your profile courageously is being seriously challenged.

      Insofar as losing respect for the man? Maybe not so fast if you were to imagine him being shown a picture of some sick pricks wearing black hoods and carrying guillotines hovering over his daughters.

    2. not only was putin morally wrong to have signed this bill forbidding any expression of doubt about king’s nakedness but he was politically wrong.
      he won nothing, he is a marked man no matter what, his daughters are marked for guillotine no matter what, just like the imperial family was marked for slaughter, and who did they offend?
      the worst is that russia lost, pussy riot won.
      it is ok to jiggle their tits in church during service, to spraypaint “kill kiril” (the aged patriarch), to chainsaw down crucifixes
      … freedom of (jew’s) speech.
      but ask questions about the cosmic lie and you violate
      … jew’s tender feelings.

      and to enshrine it into law is crime against humanity.
      think that jews will take it into kind consideration, that they will pause for a moment in their avaricious march to waste thousands of human, nonjewish lives for sport and profit?
      and russian people are surely demoralized by this new law that publicly announces the winner.
      ojala! that i am wrong and that somewhow this morphs into another judoka move but i seriously don’t see how.
      not only is the man on the street alienated but what about iranians?

      is this a prelude for a green light against them, the nation of holocaust deniers?

      and if putin is so scared for the welbeing of his daughters, what right does he have to lead the fight for survival of russia, christianity and european race and culture?

      he was supposed to be the last man standing, clint eastwood barring the way for the yahooing marauders invading the town to rape and pillage at will?
      so what does clint do?
      hey guys, how about joining me on for a drink in saloon, my daughters are serving.

      i am ready to change my mind again if shown a stronger line of reason, right now i see none.
      if he is so personally insecure that he believes that jews can get to him and his family right there in kremlin, what line of business is he in, exactly?

      ok, b-hawk?

      (and i read today that he ordered a pullback from the border, urging anti-kiev citizenry to be nice and say uncle … it gets me down, i tell you)

      1. reminds me of the disgraceful grovels by marlon brando, mel gibson and others who regardless of the fact that neither did it win them a reprieve from lifelong persecution nor did they have a need for crawling given their material security, lowered themselves needlessly and are in part remembered as such.
        in fact, there is one of canadian first nations chiefs who underwent a similar public humiliation, again for nothing gained in the end – name something like akhenaw(?).
        he gained nothing, lost respect, including self-respect, red man kneeling, head bowed before the kosher cowboy.

        why not show some cajooks like that 2.5 men dude who just doubled down after challenged for offending a slimy jew tv series partner and poured out a swagful of expletives, kike being the weakest form?
        this is how we must win this war, brother, instead of handing the candy over to the bully before he even demands it.

      2. I see your big picture as always lobro. If that speculation about his daughters is correct, then another mea culpa is in order on my part. Respect no longer being an operative word. I must be having a bad day and genuinely share your depression over the whole thing.

        We’re both fathers and understand the inherent protectiveness that goes with the territory. How powerful it is. And while Putin has certainly had no illusions about what they’re capable of, especially being ex-KGB, with push coming to shove maybe he’s in a total quandry as to how he can possibly prove successful in shaping his profile courageously. Remember though, even though he and his family (which I’m guessing includes grandkids by now. Not sure about that) are marked, I don’t see them suffering the same fate as the Imperial family. It would get back to his KGB experience in getting out of Dodge if it came to that. Smelling the rats moving in way in advance.

        It’s obviously hard to give any benefit of the doubt, especially when you look at the only thing that really matters at this point – all things political.

        But I could be all wet about this speculation concerning his family. Conjecture this, conjecture that ad infinitum. Maybe it all boils down to what it was going to be all along.


        Hitler faced it, and here I go conjecturing again, but he probably saw it coming since the 20’s with the writing of Mein Kampf. It’s like everything else pales in comparison to the inevitable showdown.


        We all know this, yet there’s just something about human nature that keeps us whistlin past the graveyard.

        Settle it on the fields of battle. Like always. Only now the game is nuclear. And we all know this, too.

  9. Putin’s Communist Party dictatorial past and iron-fisted KGB roots are showing through. He is a jew-lover to boot.

    Putin signed a law imposing fines for the use of expletives on television, radio and in films shown in theatres. Music and movies containing foul language will have to have a warning on the label, state-run RIA news agency said.

    Putin also signed a law imposing stricter rules on bloggers, which opponents say is aimed at suppressing criticism on the Internet.


  10. @ sard but also ruth

    it is true that i never use terms like niggerkike.
    but you missed the points (x2) raised.

    point 1, a minor one.
    i would never run a person down based on perceived congenital debility, this is vile beyond discussion.
    when i call someone a retard, it is because i judge them to be a self made one, not born that way, i would never in life, not even dead drunk call a man with down syndrome a retard.
    for this reason, i wouldn’t call someone a nigger based on skin color but due to his behavior typified by self abasing proponents of that uncouth, subhuman style.

    point 2 is major.
    sard and ruth, without being aware of it, your knee jerk reaction forces you to genuflect to jew, the shaper and ruler of english language for the past 150 years and this is what i object to very strenuously.
    every decade or so, he sets these rules at whim, just to get you accustomed to his calling the shots.
    i said that just maybe 3 decades or so, the word “negro” was kosher-stamped as correct and had you called a negro black back then, it would have been considered an insult.
    then came afro, never euro.
    then african-american, never european-american.
    nigger is a no-no, so is spade, coon, blackie, darky, don’t call him negro anymore … but whitey is ok, because whitey is the designated jewish target.

    consider hollywood.
    black actor is cool, sexy, kung fu and weapons master, white bitch swoons for him and begs to be sodomized or whatever, because white bitches are everyone’s favorite shiksa, not getting enough from weak, stupid, impotent, fat, cowardly and dishonest white man.
    racist white man, drunk, unshaven and stinking in his wifebeater, using slurs like nigger, until shaft straightens him out before servicing his white bitch.
    and that’s ok.
    well, spqr doesn’t think it’s ok, not that i need to do advocacy for him, he is clearly bright enough (though white).

    but if i must take english lessons from jew, i will switch to some other language, the hell with that and with him.

    me entiende, carnal sardo y señorita ruth?
    porque yo no soy esclavo de pinche judio, chinga su madre.

    1. and when i take my obese rotweiler out for his afternoon shit, i’ll serve him couple of pints of lowenbrau (sounds like lobro, doesn’t it) so he can empty bladder on command at the synagogue, whether the kikes approve or not.

      it is the price tag for their defacement of christian churches in palestine and open spitting on priests on the streets of jerusalem.

  11. Lobro,

    Don’t get annoyed. I have no personal ax to grind against you. You know I like and respect you. So does Ruth, who clearly adores you. 🙂

    But look, buddy, you’re missing MY point! And Ruth’s. The bottom line is this: the overuse of such terms as “nigger” and “kike” either LOWERS standards on this website or it doesn’t. It certainly doesn’t ENHANCE standards, does it?

    All SPQR and Max Bilney posts using the words “nigger” and “kike” would have been deleted on Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer site. I know that for a fact. This is because KMD had set minumum standards for his site and didn’t want it to deteriorate into a disreputable dump for extremist racists and Jew haters.

    Nor does Lasha want her site to become a disreputable dump for extremist loonies.

    * * * * *

    Another point you fail to get is this: even before the Jew came along and told us not to use words like “nigger”, all decent Christians/Whites avoided the word ANYWAY!

    My parents never called black people “niggers”. I bet your parents didn’t use the word “nigger” either. And I bet your teachers in school would have ticked you off roundly if you’d used the word in the playground! This was long before the Jews decided to make the word “nigger” a big no-no word. It was ALREADY a no-no word!!!

    If you can’t see this, I give up.

    * * * * *

    Another significant point you miss is this. SPQR has given his word he will NOT use such words as “nigger” and “kike” again if Lasha doesn’t want him to. Yes or no? So what is the problem? Isn’t this Lasha’s website? Who calls the shots here?

    Do you want the use of such words to continue on this website IN OPEN DEFIANCE OF THOSE WHO RUN THIS WEBSITE, LASHA AND MONTECRISTO?

    Yes or no?

    1. Sardonicus is right. We can intellectualize till the cows come home about our usage of these words. The bottom line is the impact of their detracting from constructive thought which can potentially lead to right action.

    2. Sardonicus! Are you a nigger lover? … You had better write to the LA rap music producers and Hollywood producers, and get them to stop filling their movies and songs with the words: nigger, fuck, shit, and so on!
      You are being very hypocritical criticizing me and SPQR when you infer we are racists! Jews are not a “race” so criticising them is not racist!~ As another writer said, the word “nigger” is used worldwide as a synonym for black persons. The niggers of the USA currently love calling themselves niggers! You had better write something about the Jews constantly referring to us whites as Goyim, which is their derogatory terminology. And you better examine Lasha’s take on the word “Jewess” as she correctly links the word Jewess with whores and sluts. SARDONICUS, METHINKS YOU ARE A SMALL-MINDED FOOL, who thinks in limited spaces!

  12. oookaaay … my only act of defiance is against the jew and his noahide straitjacket.
    and his willing creatures.

    you know full well that i never used these abusive terms but the fact is when a jew shakes his hairy fat finger in my face and sprays at me that i can never, ever use these words, it is a red rag before the bull.

    1. Use them, but crafted in such a way that readers who don’t possess your level of intellectual prowess aren’t turned away from what can otherwise be a learning experience.

  13. by the way, b-hawk.
    far be it from me to accuse putin of being a jew or a jew-lover, that he is a sellout and not a true red russian patriot (just had a funny typo, caught by spellcheckers:
    apetriot, an excellent one for later use, not really credit to me but to my two index fingers whacking the keyboard)

    it is just that i think he made a bad mistake, one that he and all the honest people pulling for him and his project – if that be his project – will come to rue.
    we’ll see.

    here is an excellent little bio on putin by an american woman that has known him since he was just a faceless bureaucrat.

    1. lobro,

      I’m probably being renundant here, and this isn’t a specific post directed at you. Call this an elaboration on making a general point of ‘devil’s advocacy’, or hypothetically stating that even if it were proven that Putin was a jew, this would not ‘prove’ him to be on board with the JWO plan of international jewry. And that even any characterization of “internecine jew squabbling over the pie” COULD be totally off-base regarding Putin’s vision for the World.

      The jury is still out on EVERYTHING would be my greater point. But what what kind of jew would this make him? What definition of jew would we have to ascribe to him? A “Brother Kap” jew, whatever that could mean?

  14. When the word ‘nigger’ is used, the jew wins, because it is inflammatory as seen by blacks and promotes chaos.
    When the word ‘nigger’ is not used, the jew wins, because it promotes race mixing.
    I found, about 40 years ago, that if the ‘Negro’ were used instead of ‘nigger’ the jew loses, because:
    It is factual.
    It is not as inflammatory.
    It still promotes separation.
    I like to use it because… jews hate facts.

    1. asap, have you been hiding under a rock?
      To quote you: “When the word ‘nigger’ is used, the jew wins, because it is inflammatory as seen by blacks and promotes chaos.”
      Read the TRUTH in my other entries! To quote: “You had better write to the LA rap music producers and Hollywood producers (majority Jewish persons!) and get them to stop filling their movies and songs with the words: “nigger, fuck, shit, cum, root, suck” and so on! We do not want them to encourage “chaos” do we? The African-Americans might run riot if they hear anyone say “nigger”! And the 6 million Jewish-Americans (Your dual citizens) might run riot if they hear the word “kike”!
      As another writer said, the word “nigger” is used worldwide as a synonym for black persons. The niggers of the USA currently love calling themselves niggers!” Again, listen to their songs!
      In Australia, we were banned from using the word aboriginals, and told to use the word aborigine. Then we were told we had to call them kooris. Then we were told to stop using the word koori as it was area-specific and use the terminology indigenous persons. Then someone proved our indigenous persons came from India and Indonesia and brought the wild-life destroying dingo-dog with them!
      I went to Oz’s Northern Terrotory wilderness to work and the indigenous persons wanted me to call them blackfellas! I was a whitefella!
      As Orwell said: “He who captures the language controls the society.”
      And how can the Iaodaou of Judaea, now known as Jews in English-speaking countries, refer to themselves as the TRUE Israelites, when the New Testament extension (and “fulfilment”) of the Bible says that ALL the Christian people of the planet are now Israelites? You could exclude the USA’s 100 million Christian-ZIOS from this category as they are apostate/heretical to their own Christ!
      Their Jews use of the word “Israel” to describe their filthy, racist, corrupt, murderous, rogue, nuclear-armed, “Jews only” nation-stae is a linguistic ABOMINATION! I hope you can understands my point asap.

      1. max,

        depending how we frame discussion,

        you are totally right within your scope, which is a bunch of friends or at least like minded people sitting down with a pint at fireside.

        sard is totally right within his scope, which is that we are a guerilla army dodging gunships and drones in the bush while hoping to escalate the war for the peasants hearts and minds.

        i started this, on its own quite interesting topic of how jews are torturing the languages to fit into the mold of talmud as well as for cruel sport, something that is the crown jewel of orwell’s observations and he was the history’s most astute observer apart from dostoevsky.
        the actual niggerkike stuff is quite peripheral to this central notion.

        but let’s return to sard’s point.
        lasha’s blog is maybe the world’s finest, most penetrating in terms of delivering the message and not just due to her writing talent but also to the perspicacity, liveliness and passion of the commentators like ourselves, we are in full partnership with lasha and monty.
        lots of people are reading, wondering, reformulating, passing the word.

        and we need more.
        we need to escalate, go viral, because this is how guerilla movement wins in the long term.

        we are like the vietcong in ia drang valley when americans for the first time felt the real bite, f5s and hueys going down at a high daily rate.
        let’s do a tet, shall we?

        and if jews can counterattack by painting us as a bunch of foulmouthed “white power” goofs, unwashed right sectorians clumping over maidan in hobnailed boots, our position is seriously compromised, not to mention that yes, if this blog is perceived as a serious threat it will be shut down.

        nothing wrong with that, provided that we have caused much more serious damage, make sure their cause feels real pain and exposure, in which case the shut down is proof of success.

        and to do that, we need to bring the real stuff forward, not buckshot of vile and empty expletives.

      2. As one who lived in the segregated America in 1940s and 50s and early 60s, I understand much more about your points than you might imagine, even before you wrote them. The only point with which I agreed was, “He who captures the language controls the society.” That point was brought out brilliantly by John Harland in his work entitled Word Controlled Humans.
        I have studied much of what you mentioned in depth since 1955 to now. I was convinced for many years that Herbert Armstrong, Sheldon Emry, Bertrand Comparet, Wesley Swift, Peter Peters and numerous others in the ‘Identity’ movement were correct. They could be still. I cannot prove it.

        I have learned that everyone has their own ‘truth.’
        No one has ever achieved liberty.
        There has never been an objective history written in all the ages.

        BTW-language of any type does not offend me. Since I spent almost a decade in the US Navy, I find it amusing and normal, and necessary as an attention grabber.

        I like your guesses. Opinions. We all have those.

  15. This is just another example of the ‘chosenite’ control of the world by hooking the Vatican, Great Britain, Christianity, Islam and banking in series with mafia and governments all around the world:

    Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security, as follows:

    Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security, as follows:

    S.I. (Statutory Instrument)1997 NO.1778 The Social Security ( United States of America) Order 1997 Made 22nd of July 1997 coming into force 1st September 1997. At the Court at Buckingham Palace the 22nd day of July 1997.

    Now, therefore Her Majesty in pursuance of section 179 (1) (a) and (2) of the Social Security Administration Act of 1992 and all other powers enabling Her in that behalf, is please, by and with advise of Her privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered as follows:

    “This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 and shall come into force on 1st September 1997.”

    Does this give a new meaning to Federal Judge William Wayne Justice
    stating in court that he takes his orders from England? This order goes on to redefine words in the Social Security Act and makes some changes in United States Law.


    UK Gov:


    1. Yeah. Win the war but lose the ‘peace’ by never cutting the financial umbilical cord from mother england.

      I blame the duplicitous Rothschild agent Alexander Hamilton for facilitating that. (and did Aaron Burr dispense a little karma by winning that duel, yet unaware of that aspect of killing him?)

      1. Yes. And…Hamilton’s enabler and biggest supporter was George Washington. The one who, at Hamilton’s wishes, gladly dispatched 13,000 troops to enforce a whiskey tax on poor farmers, to pay the debt owed jew bankers in London. (The farmers were lucky to make $20 a year.) The revolutionary skirmishes, some call them collectively a war, were total bullshit. Designed by jews. (War powers never came until 1789, six years after the treaty.) British troops never left all of their fortifications.

      2. There’s some cofusion I have about that whole period. Maybe you can share some input, asap.

        Hamilton was Washington’s aide -de-camp during the war, and I agree that there was duplicity involved in that relationship. I’m just not certain of the full nature of it. I’m sure this stems from my understanding that the protocols needed to be revised upon the rabble somehow defeating the mighty British army, yet this would seem to fly in the face of Washington’s position as General of the Armies.

        I feel there’s some gray area here we may not be seeing that would make it not so cut and dried as it certainly would appear.

      3. All this time it appears I’ve been wrong about the American Revolution. I was under the impression that the Americans shocked the world on the battlefield.

        It was a fix, goof! Will this string of mea culpas ever come to an end?!

        My rationalization had to do with the guerrilla tactics used by the Americans against the conventional style of European armies. These tactics being learned in the French-Indian War. (Inspired like so many other things by my illustrious ancestors I might add)

        Insofar as the protocols are concerned, they WERE revised, but this was due to the Constitutional inclusion, a lack of which is plaguing Max’s country Australia today

        A Bill of Rights

      4. Brownhawk- This is just the tip of the story:

        The Lost Story of the American Revolution

        In 1783, John Jay urged Thomson to write a history of the Revolution so that posterity might have a true account of it. Leave the military history to the “voluminous historians,” said Jay. “The political story of the Revolution will be most liable to misrepresentation, and future relations of it will probably be replete both with intentional and accidental errors.” (Page 362, emphasis added)

        By 1785, he claimed to have already written one thousand pages. (Page 363)

        Sadly, we will never know.

        If Thomson ever wrote such a history, it has been lost. There is only the barest beginning of a few pages labeled “History of the Confederation” in the Papers of the Continental Congress. (Page 363)


        The cynic in me is struggling with this. Given that I have come to learn that much of what I have been taught about American history is fable, my suspicion is that something is being hidden from public view. But what? And by whom?

        Thomson described his own political methods in a letter to Hon. J. Montgomery, August 22, 1784. He said:

        I have received your favor of the 2d in which you seem to think hard of your not receiving an answer to your letter on C.’s affair. I thought by this time your experience had taught you that there are mysteries in government which little folks are not to be permitted to pry into, and which are only to be communicated to such as are deeply skilled in what the wise King James used to call kingcraft. (emphasis added)

        Thomson seems to suggest that the story is not one to be made available to the general public. But why?

        From this short biography, some evidence comes forward in answer to the mystery:

        He made copious notes of the progress of the Revolution, and after retiring from public life, in 1789, he prepared a History of his own times. But his sense of justice and goodness of heart, would not permit him to publish it; and a short time before he died, he destroyed the manuscript. (emphasis added)

        The manuscript wasn’t lost; Thomson destroyed it! Because of justice and a good heart? What dastardly secrets did he hide?

        He gave as a reason, that he was unwilling to blast the reputation of families rising into reputation, whose progenitors were proved to be unworthy of the friendship of good men, because of their bad conduct during the war. (emphasis added)

        Thomson destroyed his history because the facts would have been damaging to the reputations of the descendants of the founding generation.

        The founding fathers were scoundrels!


      5. Scoundrels AND slaveowners, of course. Many of which had been Northeners, and many of THEM who only bowed to the pressure of the abolitionists. Nothing necessarily virtuous about them.

        I think, e.g.; Jefferson was an exception. Ironically enough, given that he was a Southerner, with him I think it was a simple matter of common sense. His very well-treated slaves being better off with him (re: Sally Hemmings, etc.) than to have been freed into a dangerous World. No matter how we may look at political expediency factors. They would have been moot.

        The mystery of “kingcraft” is intriguing. Euphemism for instructions to the English King from the protocols? And written by the ultimate slavers? And who might THEY be?

      6. Just a brief follow up, asap.

        George Mason of Virginia (also a slaveholder, as were virtually ALL of the Southern delegates to the Constitutional Convention), and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts led the way in insisting that amending the Constitution would be easy because as Mason stated, ” the plan now to be formed will certainly be defective.”

        They weren’t ALL scoundrels. Many had scoundrel in them in varying degrees, but there were a few like these two whose prescience was crucial in keeping the wolves from the door.

        So far.

      7. true, asap. But what little fruit it has borne is the difference between you and I conversing like this over an internet and, who knows? Toiling in the vacuous existence of a long-since ensconced Orwellian State or perhaps already executed as an “enemy of the state”.

        Just sayin…

      8. Brownhawk-We are conversing like this in spite of the CON-stitution, not because of it. The CON-stitution is a contract establishing war and debt. Then add the war amendments(13, 14, 15) which changed citizenship for all the states, and enslaved the free.

        It gets worse from there.

        Senate Report 93-549


      9. Disagree asap.

        The full nature of the con needs to be understood. While there’s no doubt of the con-job element that has created an illusion of freedom, and enabled the controllers to get americans to do all the heavy lifting in building the planetary prison, crucial amendments, chiefly the first two, DID force a revision of the protocols. Otherwise there wouldn’t have been anything remotely close to the level of technology we’re seeing now, let alone this military off-shoot called the internet. A JWO would have been a done deal long ago. But because it wasn’t, advances in technology were deemed necessary for the revised plan. The work of ‘corraling’ humanity wasn’t finished after all.

        The messages of men like Paine, Jefferson and Franklin weren’t lost on men like Mason and Gerry. (with the latter being heavily influenced by Shay’s rebellion in seeing TO WHAT EXTENT government cannot be trusted). Remember, alot of delegates who convened in Philadelphia that summer were anxious to go home, thinking their job of creating a Constitution was done, with the overseeing protocol “elders” figuring at that point everything was going according to plan. But Mason and a few others like Gerry and Rutledge said not so fast, and of course a Bill of Rights became the final order of business.

        This threw a monkey wrench into their “Great Work of the Ages”. It would be back to the drawing board, which has bought us time. The value of this purchase of course remains to be seen.

        How do I know all this you’re asking?

        ET told me.

      10. Brownie…

        That’s what you get for listening to a Stephen jew-berg creation, ET…. a lie.
        Terrestrials, real people, know best. Extra terrestrials, fictions, know nothing, other than what jew writers in hollow-wood script for them.
        You should know that “We, the People of the United States” includes ONLY those 39 men, the ‘rogue’ delegates, who signed the Constitution on September 27, 1787. And their posterity was a reference to the delegates to be sent to serve in congress after them.
        Those 39 ‘rogue’ authors of the Constitution, resorted to virtually every editorial trick in the book to draft an instrument which would enable them, and their heirs, to enslave whoever would dare cross, or be born into, their private es-State, which they stole by force and fraud from the original inhabitants. Art. I, sec. 8, cl. 17 gave them the authority to govern over the ‘corporate’ areas to be expanded over time.
        Patrick Henry particularly fought Art. I, sec. 8, cl. 17 which gives the criminals of DC the exclusive power to do anything they wish on government lands and enclaves, which is the majority of America. He knew. He lost. They took all the Indians’ lands by war, imposing martial law proper, and ALL the states as well under reconstruction policies and legislation, including the Lieber Code. Alaska was purchased outright by the United States Government from Russia.
        NO! NO! The CON-stitution did not help men such as Tesla become free to create, rather, it helped capture them in patents and copyrights and trademarks and tie them into schemes designed by jews and jew agents to suck the life and substance out of a man’s inventive mind. As patents are applied for, the government is alerted to the ones to destroy or confiscate, or kill the inventor. Eisntein used that office to steal theories from the original inventors and claim them as his own. You know that.
        The US Constitution is a ruse, at best. Even the Declaration of Independence was taken, almost word for word from the Mecklenberg Declaration of 1775, which was written over a year earlier in North Carolina…. Sooo… I say…. Founding Fraudsters.

        The Treaty of Paris gave back to the British King and jew bankers everything gotten by the pitiful waste of lives, like in Nam, which the brain laundries, known as schools, call a revolutionary war. The debt to the jew bankers was not diminished, but guaranteed by the ‘Treacherous Treaty’ of 1783, signed by Franklin, Adams and Jay. Here is just part of the jew trick:

        Article 4:
        It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.
        That’s why, four years later, the CON-stitution mandated that only gold and silver to be used by the states to pay off debts. King’s demands.(I thought they lost??)
        See more:
        Constitutional Treason (WHITES WILL WIN)


        Why Was The Convention In Philadelphia Secret?
        The Painful Truth About The Writers Of The Constitution.

        Never taught and little known facts about the scam pulled on working class Americans.

        BTW- every one of the ‘bill of privileges’ has at least one qualifier in it.

      11. That ET reference was tongue-in-cheek, asap. My greater point having to do with uncovering the ENTIRE truth. My mea culpa a few days ago was in not seeing the war as being a total bag job. But this shouldn’t prompt you to school me in all this because otherwise I’m well acquainted in everything you are posting.

        You’re not addressing possible reasons of why JWO hasn’t already been FULLY implemented.

        And, e.g.; “who the hell knows?” won’t cut it. That’s the beauty of so many posters here. Alot of great thinkers.

      12. For all intents and purposes, what was left for them to subdue but the Americas?

        Europe was a done deal by the end of the 15th Century. Asia is full of people who think everything is illusion without much consideration of the particular nature of “illusion”.

        Where else was there?

      13. I knew your reply of ET was TIC…so was my reply to you in that regard.

        I do not agree with this portion of your response:
        “..crucial amendments, chiefly the first two, DID force a revision of the protocols. Otherwise there wouldn’t have been anything remotely close to the level of technology we’re seeing now, let alone this military off-shoot called the internet. A JWO would have been a done deal long ago.”

        Technology was stifled due to the CON-stitution.

        As I said, the amendments have qualifiers. The qualifier in the first is ‘peaceably’ and the second is twofold,’well regulates militia’ and ‘free state.’

      14. Actually I was thinking just the opposite with regards to the level of technology. Stifled, yes, in the sense of e.g.; how it would pertain to Tesla. But my reference has to do with reasons behind ramping it up insofar as how it pertains to the revised protocols and the changed plans for implementing total planetary control.

      15. The US CON-stitution was, and still is, part of the plan for ‘universal’ (world)control. It is manifest, especially in commerce.

  16. My final word on language: Henceforth I will use the words “Jew” and “Jewish-Americans.” If “African-Americans” is good enough for the niggers (sorry, I meant “blacks”, or more correctly “African-Americans”!) then “Jewish-Americans” for your kingpin, hegemonic, dual-citizen “Jews”!
    Hollywood must henceforth drop the word “nigger” and substitute “African Americans.” Any African-American using the disgraceful word “nigger” in his rappa songs should be arrested and charged. Doesn’t leave many gangsta-rappas left, does it?
    Then I would also demand: German-Americans, Puerta-Rican Americans, British-Americans, Congo-Americans, Mexican-Americans and so on!
    The minority Jewish-Americans have captured your language and turned you into a degenerate, multicultural hell-hole, where the “whiteys” (from European descent) are under full-scale attack.

    1. Your sarcasm is duly noted, Max. But this isn’t about decorum in adhering to the scourge of political correctness. It’s about being informative, as you’ve been with many of your excellent posts, by keeping what is hoped to be a growing audience on this website engaged in a learning process.

      If that means being more challenged as writers, than so be it. Come up to the challenge.

      1. Brownhawk –

        Inside, now, catching-up on y’all’s conversations (but still unwilling to address the Bilney Max), I suggest the patronizing term ‘darkee’ as a compromise. It has worked in the South for many years. My own father, and his father (who was a Klansman) never used the word ‘nigger’. They were kind to negroes. In fact, one old darkee, who used to work for my grandfather, once told me ‘When Mista Charlie was alive, ever’body knowed what they wuz supposed to do – and didn’t NOBODY go hongry… AND they knowed how to ACT.’

        I certainly understand how archaic this sounds, but understand that being constantly at odds with everyone just leads to BEING CONSTANTLY AT ODDS with everyone. Most of the big talkers don’t have the nerve to Take It To The Limit. They just talk.

      2. @Gilbert

        Funny how the brain works sometimes. When I read your comment it made me think of Muhammed Ali. In an interview with Howard Cosell, Howard said Ali was being truculent. Ali said “I don’t know what truculent is, but if it’s good, I’m it.”

        So if I’m at odds with everyone, the bottom line for me is that it’s not my intention to be. So I guess, “I’m that.”

  17. i got it, i got it.

    if i was putin, i would have done exactly the same thing, signed off on that mickeymouse holocaust liplock bill, with ludicrously low maximal fines and penalties.

    and a well known russian historian should step forward to challenge holocaust very publicly, to the predictable outrage of the sulphurous elites.

    a big time court production, nationally televised at prime time.

    both sides assemble choice witnesses and experts, germar rudolf, robert faurisson, david irving, david cole, fred toben, fred leuchter, … the truth team,

    irene zissblatt, elie wiesel, abe foxman, steven spielberg, treblinka barber, … the kolnidre team.

    and enjoy the show, globally syndicated.

    verdict: truth is guilty.
    penalty: pay irene zissblatt 100 rubles in small change but she must swallow them and retrieve them downstream in full view of the holo-porn addicts.

    1. i struck me that the problem is not the denial laws but the mutant courts behind closed doors, start (of david) chamber inquisition party, muzzling of defense witnesses, limitation of scope of evidence, injunctions against publication of proceedings and evidence.

      if the courts were what they were meant to be, namely vehicles of justice, fairness and transparency, then these “must love and obey the jew” laws would be quite welcome in order to clear the air, dispel the holocaust lie and knock the foundation posts from under israel and the whole rat palace collapses back into hell whence it came.

  18. @Brownhawk –

    I wasn’t referring to YOU, specifically, no sir. Just suggesting that if TPTB don’t like us using the word ‘nigger’ (or ‘kike’, etc.), just confound them with words like ‘darkee’. Surely, with all the talent among you who post, here, GREAT alternative words and names can be coined for the more ‘sensitive souls’ who pretend to ‘gentility’! 🙂

    1. Thanks for that clarification, Gilbert. I should have known better coming from you. There I go again being too sensitive! (and sometimes a little dumb – I don’t mind sayin’ it. I’ve noticed you yourself showing that admirable quality of self-reproach. When recognizing that’s what’s called for, of course.)

    2. Gilbert Huntly, what mindless crap, from your mouth ! … So you encourage us to develop our own in-house, PC correct language! How small is your mind? We, as lobro’s budding resistance, need to always perform and communicate with the mainstream; and if the mainstream is using “nigger” so must we; or else use stupid words like your suggested “darkee’ (of Klansmen vernacular) and become some sort of stupid, in-house ONLY, contived elite. How “ARCHAIC”!
      You are doing what the Jews do and trying to capture and contrive the common language for your own interests, but you cannot see such subtlety! Don’t try to sanitise the language in a “your-only” way! Instead of “darkees”, I am going to use “African Americans.” I agree that many people will be put off this fantastic site if we continually use “nigger.” … “Kike” does not worry me as they use “Goyim” (or “GUYS”) as a permanent insult to us! … Is it TRUE that your administration does not like the use of the word “negro”? Many Jews also state that lowly Goyim should not have the right to say the word “JEW.” In some quarters in Australia to use to word “JEW” is to be accused of racism! Here is a question: What is a practitioner of Judaism called? ans = Jew! That is an example of multi-faceted capturing of the English language; considering, also, that most “JEWS” are non-religious! Think about it! All the subtleties of the Marxian-Hegelian DIALECTIC are constantly at work upon us Whiteys! Most of us are fooled all of the time.

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