THE DEATH CAMPS TO COME — Ellie Katsnelson

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A grim life for the goyim in the death camps of the future, and even worse to follow, is here predicted by Jewish writer Ellie Katsnelson.

Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon

This article is an edited abridgement  by myself of a long  comment  sent  in to the Darkmoon site on July 8, 2014 at 10:13 am. It was comment number 1 for a new article and immediately created a furor among our readers.
Completely ignoring the article itself, our angry readers savagely attacked the controversial 5300-word off-topic comment instead, accusing its author, Ellie Katsnelson, of being a “demonic” Jewish supremacist and the ultimate “icon of evil”.
Given the unprecedented interest caused by this outstanding comment, my editor-cousin John Scott Montecristo asked me if I could turn it into a feature article of roughly half the length. I agreed. So here it is now, with 2500 words lopped off but with substantial additions of my own to compensate for the cuts I was forced to make. I apologize to Ellie Katsnelson for these additions, but she has already given me full permission to do this, as and when needed, provided the final result is pleasing.  
I predict that this extraordinary article, a tour de force that rises to a chilling climax,  will one day achieve cult classic status.


The Death Camps to Come

. . . by Ellie Katsnelson,
edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon



A good Israeli friend of mine recently suggested to me that I should occupy my time in writing about the dark clouds of terror that are about  to descend upon America.

Not knowing where to begin, I thought I should start at that turning point in the coming age in America, namely, the herding of the masses, that is, you goyim, into concentration camps, colloquially known as FEMA.

I asked myself: where exactly in the camps do I begin? Just before or just after their establishment? Knowing that my friend Aaron would not grant me the privilege of picking his superior Jewish brain, I decided I would have to rely completely on my own limited intellectual resources: that is, on my little womanly self, sometimes tender and cosmopolitan, at other times fiercely Jewish. And so I began the description of life in the camps right in the middle of it, after the camps had been established and running for some time.

I shall now speak of the future: a future in which a rusty Judaic dagger is stabbed into the  hearts of all genuine lovers of freedom. After all, dear friends, the future I am about to describe shall be nothing less than the soon-to-come JEWISH RULE OF AMERICA.

Thus forewarned, and the preamble no longer detaining us, let me begin my sad task of outlining in broad detail the coming doom of the American masses, many of them anti-Semites who certainly need to be taught a salutary lesson.


FIRST DAY IN THE FEMA CAMP "Our race is the Master race. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." - Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister, (Click to expand)
“Our race is the Master race.
The masses will lick our feet
and serve us as our slaves.”
—  Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister.

And so, friends, here we now in the FEMA camp (pictured). Welcome to the  “charming” Communistic residences in which the inmates will be lulled into a state of semi-comatose stupor with the help of anti-depressant drugs, soothing muzac, and non-stop compulsory television in every room – smart TVs that will record all their conversations and spy on their most intimate moments.

Hope, that great deceiver, will be allowed you in the camps. But we Jews will never allow those hopes to develop into possibilities. We shall frustrate all efforts on your part to find a better future for yourself.

Beatings will be instituted, regular beatings to instil submission and maintain discipline. Spying will be encouraged. And every effort on the inmates’ part  to soften the severity of their lives or undermine our disciplinarian regime will result in swift and drastic punishment. Persistent offenders will be liquidated without mercy.

As time passes, most of the inmates will gradually get to love the camp and relish their daily humiliations in a masochistic kind of way, even missing the whip when it is applied insufficiently. And the camp in turn will love them back, rewarding informers and putting the cruelest  tyrants into positions of authority.

As in the outside world, so in the prison camps for the goyim, the most incompetent and corrupt human beings will be promoted to positions of power and will issue all the executive orders, while the best men and women  will be forced to bend the knee and obey.

The bully and the thug, the secret assassin, the sadist with a smile, these alone will be guaranteed high office in our New World Order.

KEEPING DISCIPLINE IN THE CAMPS The strong will rule and beat the weak into submission
The strong will rule
and beat the weak into submission

The rays of the sun may afford warmth and the fragrant scent of a rose may even cause a lover to love the more, but nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! that you goyim can do for us Jews shall ever cause us to feel for you.

Whilst the universal Creator may have forged the firmament and added life where no life lived before, He is yet to add the chambers of love and gratitude to our Jewish brain; for every single Jew, and here I include myself, EVERY SINGLE JEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION carries within himself such a chamberless brain — devoid of love, of nobility, of altruism, of idealism.

Oh, if only you really knew us! Evil, evil Jews! Evil beyond redemption, sparks in the raging furnace of Satan’s brain.

As in the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, when Jews came into absolute power under Lenin and Stalin, anti-Semitism will be the ultimate crime in our new world order.

Anyone caught reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in our brave new dystopia under Jewry will be put to death.

Indeed, those who criticize Israel in the slightest way or make disparaging remarks about Jews—referring disrespectfully to the Jewish nose, for example—will be dealt with in the FEMA camps with particular severity. Their mouths will be clamped in irons (see header picture above) or—WARNING! DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PICTURES IF YOU HAVE A DELICATE STOMACH!—their cheeks and tongues will be pierced with metal prongs, or pins and needles and barbed wire will be utilized to stitch up their lips.

In this way, and by other methods even more ingenious, the goyim will be soon learn the virtues of political correctness and the difficult art of keeping their mouths shut.


As you become inured to life in the camps, outside each and every enclosure there shall come into existence sights so horrific and strange as to make you wonder whether  there is any point in continuing to live.

Dug in a perfect straight line and stretching as far as the horizon permits, cold, black, mass graves will hungrily await all those whom we, the Jews, have deemed worthy of a bullet, that is, you goyim. The ”deposits”—for such will be your new designation and not “victims”—the deposits shall arrive in the dead of night and in trucks, a là Cheka: black trucks, unnumbered trucks, trucks carrying no sign.

On the side of each such truck, a giant tray shall appear with a conveyor belt attached, carrying dead American bodies in endless lines: the bodies of infants  who had just learned how to breathe, of little children who had just learned how to walk and skip, of gorgeous young girls and dashing young men in the sappy spring of their lives. The light in their eyes will be dead now, and the smiles on their lips will be frozen.

Slowly and mechanically, without a trace of human feeling, these bodies—and some will be still alive!—will be dumped into the ditch below, there to molder and feed the worms.


The trucks will then return in melancholy procession to the morgues of the city, the City of Dreadful Night that stretches all across the wastelands of neon America . . . like the mournful cemeteries of Time lost in the twinkling mists of Eternity.

At the point where the trucks of death have begun rolling, a Jew will watch. With his arms crossed and his vulturine eyes firmly fixed on the inhuman task being carried out in front of him, the coldhearted Jew will exhibit his approval or disapproval with a curt nod or shake of his head . . .  as the steel juggernauts move back and forth with their cargo of human cadavers.

THE PIT DIGGERS (Cleck to expand)
(Click to expand)

With the exception of the Jews, the zombie-like American drivers in the death trucks, and the drugged-up pit diggers (pictured), no one will have witnessed the silent genocide being carried out against the goyim.

Every trace of our crimes will be erased.

For we are naturally anxious to avoid the embarrassing slip-ups of the past, where our hidden hand was unfortunately revealed: such as the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty incident, and, alas, our most catastrophic botched operation to date, the false flag attack on America on September 11, 2001.

Here, I confess, we were almost caught  with our hands in the cookie jar!

To be sure, we would have been caught in flagrante delicto and held up to universal opprobrium as international war criminals, had we not been in full control of the official enquiry and the corporate media.

As it is, 95 percent of the American public still believe the Arabs did 9/11.

To this day, they believe the BIG 9/11 LIE. Just as they were conned by our Jew-owned media into believing that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And that Saddam Hussein was about to obliterate London in 45 minutes! — a trick pulled on them by British Prime Minister Tony Blair, our well-paid Zionist lackey and serial killer still at large!  (Mugshot) 

You’ve got to hand it to us. We’re smart. We know how to fashion the Big Lie. Yes, we can get the gullible goyim masses to believe just about anything!

That’s because we have the media, the means of mass hypnosis, at our command.


My old friend Dostoyevsky once said to his fellow Russians: “If the Jews ever gain power in Russia, they will skin the Russians alive.” They ignored him, to their bitter cost. The Jews came, the Jews saw, and the Jews skinned the Russians alive.

This is what happens to people who have ears to hear, but do not hear.

In France, the beautiful Charlotte Corday pointed out that it was the Jews who had poisoned the mind of Marat; and thus, by extension, that they would soon go on to poison the soul of France with their deadly moral toxins.

Within hours of the anti-Judaic bitch having pronounced these prophetic words, she was seized by her own countrymen and marched off to the guillotine, there to have her beautiful white neck severed  from her body.

More fools they, those easily duped Jacobin revolutionaries! They had eyes to see, but they saw not. And so they, too, in the course of time, would learn to grovel in the dust and eat the bread of humiliation under their Jewish masters.

And then there was my old friend Schopenhauer. He too was to lock horns with the Jews and come to grief by trusting them. Not for nothing did he refer to their hands as the “Devil’s clutches.” They had cheated the great German philosopher, in some now forgotten Mexican scam, out of two-thirds of his fortune.

Today, it’s Madoff and the Wall Street banksters, ripping off America and laughing up their sleeves at the gullible goyim, knowing only too well that the goyim are weak and contemptible wimps  who are helpless to stop the Jews skinning them alive.

Ah yes, then it was Schopenhauer and his kind, brought to grief and a crust of bread by the predatory Jew who NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO STOP!

Then, later,  it was Russia, with 66 million Christian corpses littering the landscape.

And now, my friends, it’s America. Your turn has come. Your time has come. The clock is ticking, and the alarm is about to go off.

Any minute now . . .  any second!


“It is far holier to shoot a Jew than to go to the church,” Schopenhauer once said, before adding the famous words that have now become a German proverb: ”After you shake the Jew’s hand, count your fingers.”

Let me tell you this, you pathetic Americans, you obese mountains of lard and lethargy: you may strongly believe in God the Father and love the Lord Jesus Christ with a love beyond compare—and though Christ may be able to save the soul and God move mountains, never forget this: in a world run by Jews, a loaded gun is a far better friend than both God the Father and God the Son put together!

If self-preservation is your aim, my friends, let me tell you this: all the prayers in the world are not going to help you once you have  given up your guns to the Jews of Police State America! Remember this: the Russian peasants had no guns—they were unarmed!—all they had was pitchforks and sticks and stones!—and that’s why they died in their millions at the hands of the Cheka Jews after the Bolshevik Revolution.

“God has punished us,” Solzhenitsyn said, “because we Russians have  forgotten him.” Not so, my friends! Solzhenistsyn was wrong. It would have been better had he said, “We Russians were killed in our millions because we were stupid enough to let our Jewish oppressors kill us — we should have killed them first!”

THE SECRET HOLOCAUST . . . 66 MILLION RUSSIANS DEAD “If the Jews ever gain power in Russia, they will skin the Russians alive." -- Dostoevsky
“If the Jews ever gain power in Russia,
they will skin the Russians alive.”
— Dostoevsky

Friends, listen to me. Pay heed to my words. Let them not be blown away like leaves in the wind. When the Jews come to kill you, as they once did the Russians, you won’t have any time to find God in those days—for God will have abandoned you long before the Jews arrive to put an end to your miserable existence!

Yes, God will have abandoned you because of your crass stupidity and cowardice and slave mentality!

For God loves the brave and the noble. He loves those who know how to defend their wives, their children, their honor. He loves those who are prepared to fight to the death for all they hold dear.

Why should God protect the cowering slave who offers his neck to the Jewish yoke? The man who lets his own wife and children go into bondage, into cruel bondage like beasts of burden, why should God protect such a pathetic  apology for a man?

The Russians told us all this. It is written in their hidden histories. It is there for all to see in the banned book of Solzhenitsyn which your Jewish masters will not let you read—since they own all the big publishing houses and have the power to punish all those who transgress by disseminating the Truth.

Ah, Holy Russia, it no longer bleeds! It seems to have recovered from its wounds, though the Jewish oligarchs only quite recently descended on it like a pack of vultures and tried to suck the lifeblood from it. The Judaic vultures fled with their loot, as you know, taking refuge mostly in Israel and in Israel’s two other slave colonies, the United States and Britain—two countries ever ready to jump through hoops for their Jewish masters.

Though Russia no longer bleeds, see America bleeding like the vampire’s victim, bleeding  slowly to death under the fangs of the raptor Jew!  Ah, how sweet it is to be a powerful Jew in America today!—like Count Dracula in full control of a blood bank, with a thousand white necks to choose from!


Here, far from the Russian steppes and the cold wastes of Siberia, across the azure Atlantic, in the great lands of the brave and free, there has recently been a stirring, an awakening, a burgeoning, yes, a rumbling of distant thunder, as it were, before the coming storm.

The sleeping giant, it seems, is no longer asleep. He is stirring. He is about to awake.

The scourge of the cosmos, we Jews, may own the presses, and we may proclaim loudly that the earth and man are here only to serve our needs, but let me tell you this, my friends: when the Americans, the world’s finest race, finally decide to act, no cavity on earth will exist that is big enough to hide and shelter the Jews.

No lying shrieks of anti-Semitism will avail the Jews in those days. No appeals to conscience, no cries for mercy, will keep them from the clawing hands of their Avengers. It will be too late for the Jews then. They will have pushed America too far. Having crossed all red lines, having put themselves beyond the pale, having driven America beyond its tether, the Jews will then have to face the Day of Reckoning.

That day will come, my friends.  Ah yes, it cannot help but come, like a thief in the night! It is already round the corner . . .

IS  THIS  TO  BE . . .




And so, my friends—my dear, dear friends!—when the clarion call to arms finally comes —and it shall come!—and when the beasts of prey have grown fat and are ready for the slaughter—let every long-suffering American mother hear, let every long-grieving American father take note, and let every long-offended American son and daughter prepare—let them gird their loins, all of them, and prepare for the bloodshed to come.

For the ultimate judges of the Jews, the masses, having once pronounced their verdict of “Guilty” on the Jews, the masses themselves will then become the executioners of the Jews.

The masses will storm into every wretched synagogue, they will break into every Jewish home, they will burst into the banks and the Judaic counting houses and the Holocaust museums, for the American soul will at long last have awakened from its catatonic slumbers, and, by God Almighty! they shall take the law into their own hands and cut down every living Jew on earth.

”There is no better purgative for the soul,” an arrogant Jew once remarked, ”than to watch those die who are unworthy of life.”

Those words will one day be turned against the arrogant Jew himself.

The Jew will then be swept away and convulsed in a new reign of terror. His time will have come to pay his karmic debt. And the blood of the Jews will then run in crimson rivulets through the streets of New Sodom, through the neon streets of the United States of Jewdom, in a pogrom to end all pogroms, in a holocaust to end all holocausts, world without end forever . . . 




Afterword by Lasha Darkmoon: I can now disclose that I always regarded this article as a kind of Swiftian satire. When I came to edit the article, adding and subtracting bits, I did so in the belief that I was working on a literary spoof.  The author of the article, however, knows best what her own intentions were and may well have a completely different viewpoint to me. The original, unedited comment  by Ellie K can be read here.  

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335 thoughts on “THE DEATH CAMPS TO COME — Ellie Katsnelson

  1. As a long-term aficionado of the works of darkness perpetrated by the mysterious Ms Darkmoon, I cannot help feeling that this is possibly her most extreme and enigmatic. It requires deconstruction.

    First of all, who wrote this article? This is not altogether clear. Is this the equally mysterious and enigmatic Ellie Katsnelson, or is it Ms Darkmoon moonlighting as Ellie Katsnelson? A close analysis of the two styles presented by Katsnelson and Darkmoon reveals that they cannot be the same person.

    Their styles are totally different. Katsnelson is full of interminable longueurs written in a quaint Victorian style modelled on the novels of Henry James — very long sentences stuffed with subordinate clauses and a rash of commas. Darkmoon’s style is modern, with relatively short, crisp sentences andf the whole thing is easier to read and follow.

    One thing I noted: Darkmoon’s version of the comment contains lots of material that just isn’t to be found anywhere in Katsnelson’s comment. Huge chunks have been spliced in, entire paragraphs, that Katsnelson never wrote. So it is totally wrong to call this article an “edited abridgement” of Katsnelson’s 5300-word comment. It is no such thing. It is a “literary adaption”.

    This is how we should view this article: it is Ellie Katsnelson’s inspired comment filtered through the dark caverns of the Darkmoonian imagination. It is Ellie hyped up, Ellie sexed up — in short, it is a brilliant caricature of Ellie’s original comment.

    1. god help jews be smarter stronger better looking, so that they no longer need to murder steal and lie

      1. The question is why the Jews psychopathic god created them as ugly liars, thieves and murderers from the beginning?

      2. Uhelp

        There are vassels for glory and destruction. You might as well be asking why it is Dolphins and Sharks. It’s immaterial and their God isn’t the Prime Creator/Savior, but the enemy of I AM and his people (plus all humanity)

      3. Tyron

        How many man-made gods are out there? Their god, your god, … all these needy gods of yours that demanding to be worshipped. 🙂

  2. Ellie Katsnelson = Lasha, living and working in Tel Aviv.

    Lasha, the jewish Esther, takes us as fools, but not me.

    1. Rubbish! Why don’t you creep back under your rock, you Zionist troll posting here under different names. If anyone comes from Tel Aviv, it’s you.

      This is the most outstanding article I have read for years. I can’t remember reading an article that is so utterly scathing in its Swiftian satire. Unless this article is undertstood as a satire, it is bound to be misunderstood.

      I absolutely agree with the assessment given in the introductory note above by Lasha Darkmoon:

      “I predict that this extraordinary article, a tour de force that rises to a chilling climax, will one day achieve cult classic status.”

      1. hans is right and if you sardonicus don’t understand that you must be a jew.

        it’s a jew-site promoted by the jews to monitor the jew-lovers

      2. Few people have done what Darkmoon has done to inform people concerning the Satanic “Jews”.

        The mind that speaks that Darkmoon is a “Jew” working out of “Israel” has the same “logic” as Pat’s who claimed that the “Jews” murdering 500 million Christians is proof that authentic Christianity, believers in Christ, are in cahoots with the Satanic “Jews”.

        I say, keep it up…we will then prove our “loyalty” to the “Jew” and those in league with them and this by way of their own criteria they used on us.

  3. Lasha, rein this Ellie slut in!
    I admit, she is good with words!
    A “tour de force”? You are kidding? The only REAL chocolate is up her ass-hole!
    Every time I tell the TRUTH on this site is a tour de force!
    The Jews know this!
    I am your most intelligent Goyim writer! I am Jew by marriage! “BILNEY” – apparently Jews out of Belgium. BIL = accounting.
    And then I have to put up with the crap of the injun, Gilby, lobro and such! What wankas! They are of the LOST!
    What this Jewish whore does not realiize is that the Anglo-Saxon is waking up! But what are these pricks waking up to? A JEWISH DAWN. Slaves in a land of milk an honey?
    Okay, the Jews see the stupid Goyim reining over a new SODOM! That is the Jewish way of the Western world!
    But catching your deep psychological drift, I realize that any MASS left to its own devices, without intelligent overseers, easily reverts to BARBARISM and BRUTALISM! They’ll fuck anything and any orifice! Yahoos!
    Every human being likes control and SEX!
    JEWS offer plenty of control and sex!
    IN the Bolshevik Soviet the female athletes used to bend over before competing. And they showered with their menfolk. And then they took the testerone drugs!
    Om my Jew-free commune in northern, tropical Queensland, Australia, I have fathered over 65 children by 18 wives.

    1. I am serious!
      I know the way of the Jews because, theoretically, I am one! … Matriarchal lineage.
      But I am a “Jew for Christ”!
      I have been awakened. I have many children and the litt’l rascals HATE JEWS!
      I have told them about the RED terror and the Jews that run America. And the litt’l bastards still want to watch Miley’s bum!
      What do I do?
      I see the Jews on TV exterminating the Arabs in the Gaza strip. TV’s “The View” is run by the Jewish bitch and the nigrah gollywog! That is all women listen to! As the Muslims said, “Put em in burqas!:
      Okay, I give up! Back to one of my wives to work off my frustation.!!!!
      And all this from a bloke of IQ 170 plus who is 170 plus IQ! Your nigrah scum average 76% and yet every CIA has themas “judges”!
      Sorry, I keep speaking Israeli!

      1. Better define “Jews for Christ!”
        The Bible should be burnt, except for knowledge of the man Jesus, who instructed us to tell the TRUTH at all times!
        He is the only one, apart from John Keats, who stressed this reality: “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty,”
        The TRUTH is that: The “sons of the abomination” rule in 2014 AD!
        That is my message to you!

      2. Max,

        There is NO SUCH THING as a “Jew” for Christ. If you drop your fictional, your FRAUD ethnic and religious label and you follow the true Jesus Christ who comes AFTER the “Jews” ficticious second coming impostor who SITS WHERE HE OUGHT NOT SIT proclaiming himself above all that is called God and Worshipped- if you REFUSE Satan’s Mark (world currency chip implant he will usher in) having the patience of the Saints- then you can be adopted into the fold and saved. This can only happen by way of the prime Creator/Savior’s grace-will.

        However, since you admit you have seed of the weed inside of you- since you are not of the Children of the Promise (Jacob/Israel)- the Wheat- then you will have to rely on Christ’s words (in the original Greek) against your genetic nature, as to not be fooled like the whole “world” will be.

      3. Ya know Tyron,

        I don’t dispute the genetic component in all this, contrary to what you may think. And in keeping with having an open mind, it’s not at all far-fetched to say that non-human genetic engineering is the work of what I’ve been referring to as “esoteric jew”.

      4. BrownHawk

        If you noticed, I do not exclude (because I don’t believe Christ does) others, of all races that overcome in Christ, being part of the Kingdom to come.

        Read the Lord’s prayer. You will see it is divided in sections- Praise- request-Praise.

        Also, it is a prayer for the Children of the Promise to have their World Government come into being that matches perfectly in pattern, spirit and will, the Prime Creator’s Kingdom- his home outside this dimension.

        This is the Kingdom that will take over by de jure, inherent authority- the fake Jews JWO out of “Israel”.

        I am not a “White Supremacist”. I believe I would be best described as a sinful (because I have not been totally delivered yet) true ethnic Israelite from Isaac-Jacob; a believer who has faith in the authentic Christ Jesus- I AM THAT AM-the prime Creator/Savior in the flesh (for the two are one in the same).

        Good to hear you don’t dispute the ethnicity side of our disputes. I am very glad to hear that.

        As to genetic tampering- I am most positive that at least most “Jews” have genetic “tampering” due to their ancestors of Esau’s, not of maternal genetics being mixed with Canaanite/Fallen angel hybreds. These people mixed with the Ashkenaz screwing them up as well.

        There also may be modern genetic tampering within their population due to abductions etc. One thing I know for sure, the flesh is wicked but Christ’s spirit, his will, can overcome anything and it is for this reason I hold out hope for the likes of Ellie and Max.

        Time will tell what the Creator/Savior decided to do with them. Let’s hope they don’t end up slated for the same fate as most of the rest of their ethnic ilk.

      5. Max,

        Ok then, if you claim you’re with the true Christ then refer to yourself from you true ethnic identity (Ashkenaz or Sephardic believer in the true Christ) and us white/European believers as to who we really are- Isaac-Jacob/Israel-Judah—-the Children of the Promise (Romans 9)

    2. “I am Jew by marriage! “BILNEY” – apparently Jews out of Belgium… And then I have to put up with the crap of the injun, Gilby, lobro and such! What wankas! They are of the LOST!

      JEWS offer plenty of control and sex!

      On my Jew-free commune in northern, tropical Queensland, Australia, I have fathered over 65 children by 18 wives.”

      Right, you’re a self-confessed Jew who’s into sex big time. You think Brownhawk, Gilbert Huntley and Lobro — all excellent posters noted for their anti-Zionist views — are “wankas”.

      You’ve made your position clear. So what are you doing on this site?

      1. the question is what are you doing on this jew-monitoring site with the pervert jewish
        “Lasha “?

      2. The person posting as “Robert”, “Hans” and “Rev” is the SAME person. We know this from his IP number (or numbers) and the numerous aliases he assumes.

        Watch out for this tricky character. He will be posting here under numerous sockpuppet names.

        I will alert you as to the presence of this Jewish troll whenever he posts here under a new moniker. He has already used at least SIX different names and assorted IP numbers to steal in under our radar. The sophisticated techniques he is using to do this proves he is a skilled hacker in the employment of the Israelis or some other Zionist outfit in America.

      3. Jewish by birthright, Ed Sallis, but I am NOT a Jew!
        MY mother was Jewish! My rels are Jewish!
        I hate em. But you Goyim are DUMB!
        If you read my contributions I give you an insight into the Jewish mindset, just as Makow does!
        It takes a Jew to know a Jew!
        I hope I tell you what the TRUTH is!
        Yes my sisterhood DO run the Superpower!
        And yes, we do have you stupid Goyim in awe of our POWERS!
        But my women on the commune are getting to me about what is happening to the Palestinians! They cr**p! me off and I have belted several of them!
        Yes I agree we should not murder!
        But us Jews are all that stands between the Shia and the Sunni and the rising Chinese POWERS! Sha salom!
        Jewish or Muslim. or Chinese slaves! Make your choice NOW!
        Your Christianity is DEAD! Perverted and DEAD! You are no hopers, dying in a swill of SEX!

      4. Deep stuff, Max. But you’ve kinda lost me. Are you saying we goyim have a choice of being under Jewish masters or Muslim ones or Chinese ones…?…so we might as well choose be under the Jews?

      5. Max – I am glad you finally ‘came clean’ and admitted you are a Jew. Your filthy wording an constant berating others gave you away. You write like a Jew.

        And Jews have to brag about all they do. You brag too much to be of any character…just like the Jew you are.

        You said something of value. You said it takes a Jew to know how Jews think. That is what I assumed, and you just validated it. I have no idea how Jews think. They all seem to be bragging perverts to me.

        Now, when you write, I will know it is coming from a Jewish perspective, from a real admitted Jew.

        Good to know that, because you are sworn to lie. It is an innate characteristic of Jews. I can dismiss everything you say as a Jew lie. The good news is that the opposite of your claims will contain more truth.

        I ain’t choosin’ no Joos to rule over me. You can keep em…. Down Undah.

      6. Please. Reset your mind and regain control if u want to talk. Or everything will come out in a burst of bullshits.

      7. What’s the difference? The filthy back-stabbing Jews control China as well, and they are the ones who have brought the Muslims within our castle walls and corrupted our culture.

        A slave to the Jew? NEVER! I’ll fk’ing go STRAIGHT for the Jewiest of Jews the minute their Chinese Goyim slaves land.

        Even when a Jew speaks the “truth” he still lies. He ALWAYS has an angle, including this Max P.O.S.

    3. “….I am A jew by marriage! Bilney – apparently jews out of Belgium…….”

      Is that you Maxine, darling? Ol’ waltzing Matilda herself down by the Queen’s billibogs?

    4. That’s fine Max but just say “No” to drugs. I have heard they have a terrible effect on one’s judgement.

  4. @ Dr David Green

    . . . it is totally wrong to call this article an “edited abridgement” of Katsnelson’s 5300-word comment. It is no such thing. It is a “literary adaption”.

    I couldn’t care less if it’s an “abridgement” or an “adaption”. It’s a travesty. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

    I have been indulgent to Ms Darkmoon in previous comments, trying my best to be tolerant and not too rude, lest I be banned from posting here. But this article goes too far. It’s the limit.

    The choice of genuine Holocaust pictures, done by survivors of the Holocaust, to illustrate this horrendous hyped-up Lovecraftian nightmare vision of an imaginary holocaust to come, is an insult to the Jewish people and makes a mockery of their sufferings.

    I am not the only one to feel this. Many of the commenters on Veterans Today, where this article appeared a couple of days ago, have also been very vocal in expressing their loathing and contempt for this abominable article. Let me quote the comment that impressed me most:

    John B Lucas II • Top Commenter • Brick Computer Science Institute:

    “Truly, this anonymous coward has really scraped bottom. The nerve of this gutless piece of crap to use actual concentration camp art, drawings that came from the haunted memories of survivors……”

    The commenter breaks off at that point, as if too overcome by emotion to go on. I sympathize with him. Here is another reaction:

    Philip Dennany • Top Commenter • St. Philip’s High School, Dinajpur

    “This article is perverted. Folks that sell horrific garbage such as this piece and the holocaust myth trash definitely need psychiatric help.”

    I’ve always maintained that Darkmoon is a psychiatric case. She is not normal. Read her “poetry” if you doubt this. It is full of sadomasochistic fantasies and twisted, morbid imaginings.

    Believe me, this woman belongs in a mental institution. In a padded cell for dangerous maniacs.

    1. Thanks for referencing Lovecraft, Zak. One of my favorite authors.

      “Lurkers at the Threshold ” being perspicaciously telling of his genius.

      “Lurkers”, as in the non-human “esoteric jew”

  5. I love Miss Lasha!
    It is a privilege to write on this site.
    I love Lasha’s poetry.
    Some blackmoons have appeared on this site.
    What wankas!
    Lasha , a woman who “belongs in a mental institution; in a padded cell for dangerous maniacs”!
    “That is where you belong My Dear”, to quote Fagan.
    When WE achieve the RIGHTOUSNESS, yu mu dear, Mr Green, will be eliminated! Your Internet adress isnow n open cavity! WE are watching your every stroke!
    Mr Dean on VETS today is our plaything! This piece of crud lives in the nigrah state Alabama! That says it all!

    1. Well, before u and me will have time to see the elimination of the impure so called ‘ state of Israel’… strange no one of ur ‘ qabbalistic mates’ haven’t yet told u this.

  6. Good evening,

    … Me, Lasha? Let me be the first to contentedly acquiesce, since I cannot possibly evade it, that Lasha, who by the very virtue of appearing here mesmerises her followers, is certainly not me, and I most certainly am not her. I understand that those little ones who have been jolted from their common every day Judaic inanities and fulminate at my comment may unthinkingly and viciously attack Lasha and think her the author of the devastating piece, but, let me remind you that fairness itself demands that what was written by one is most unjust to be claimed by another. And this, not because Lasha lacks the literary qualification to do so, but, I believe she herself would not wish to be bestowed with such foul distinctions as I have been. Remember: I have been called a slut and a whore, a demon and a viper – and God knows what else not? Why would Lasha want such ugly appellations appended to her gorgeous name? No, friends: your thoughts of vengeance ought justly to be aimed at me and me only; and if you wish to intoxicate your rage still further and impute all your colourless charges and invectives to me, let me see how you do it intelligently, that is, in writing, but to me, Ellka, and not to Lasha.

    Know this: Lasha’s temper is pacific; when it comes to the Jews, mine is turbulent. She is propitious, benign, and combines good and clever information with even greater passion. I, being so rich as to be utterly hated not just by you but by all who eventually learn to which family I belong, am nothing of the kind. Numberless billions have made me vicious; the injunctions of religion and the suffering of the Jews having no effect at all on me. In fact, the more I think about them, the more vicious I become, and this lest they think that by joining them in everything that they do, they have also gained the possession of my heart. Never!

    It was here and only here, having found my other ATMA, that at last I felt sufficiently comfortable to give my buried literary impulses some justification for expression. But, friends, if you no longer wish to hear from me, why don’t you just say so? Why don’t you dismiss me altogether? Do this, and, believe me, for ever shall I disappear from your eyes, never, ever to disturb you again.

    I, Ellka, wrote this, and not Lasha! Upset now. Maybe it’s best if we part.

    Good evening

      1. the fact that jews are swarming the site means that miss ellie upended their noxious hive, they are out to cause some damage.

        just count ’em.

      1. Oh Ellie, please don’t go! We need your explanations. Are these death camps nearly ready? We need at least 10 in Australia. Some of the stupid Goyim are waking up!

    1. Ellie – Please stay. Everyone should stay. More should come here.

      Open comments and essays are the keys to knowledge. We should never agree with another 100%. That would strip away our unique personalities.

      We should all be able to rise above every criticism, as a learning experience.

      Few agree with me. I agree with few. Keep writing here.

    2. I for one would like you to stay Miss Ellka, but I’m dying to know, has your master EVER accepted your family’s most gracious and sublime invitation to dine at your elegant, yet overly ostentatious manse?

      Or is it simply a matter of “all things in their due time?”

      Which is to say, once you’ve used up your handmaiden jews?

    3. Miss Ellie (pardon me, I prefer that moniker to “Ellka”, if you don’t mind?),

      It has been quite a treat for me to read your letters and the word-storms they cause. (The speculation that you MIGHT be of “that” famous family certainly enhances your prose and satire and admonitions for us to consider!)

      I detect a certain duality of mind and purpose, here, which is in character with a higher being who contends with herself between two sides (in essence, “Good” and “Evil”) she would like to identify – or expose. Like all of us, though, you feel a time constraint, despite your alleged immense wealth. You are mortal. Whether Jew, or otherwise, all of us have a common point-of-departure and point-of-finality. We are born, and we die. The interim is, to a large degree, what we make of it. That I’d rather be friends than foe is, I think, a healthier and happier attitude than consigning myself to constant conflict. To be destructively criticized for that attitude (such as being called “stupid goy”) kindles the rancor which flips me to the opposite attitude. So, I believe, it effects others besides myself – and just so, it will determine whether what you predict comes to fruition, i.e., whether the “giant” does “awaken”, or not. Either way will be bloody – yessirree!

      Fear genders fortitude, sometimes. The most practical application of this article is to take it as one of the warnings that IF IT IS IMAGINABLE, IT IS POSSIBLE. Thank you for your “vicious” demeanor, Miss Ellie – and for YOUR imagination, Miss Lasha. My determination and fortitude are bolstered! 🙂

    4. This fascination about concentration camps – it somehow is beyond comprehension to me. The FEMA camps, the Russian experience having been guided mainly by (perhaps atheistic Jews or true believers??), the HC of which I am not allowed to question, the Palestinian Concentration Camp (perhaps the biggest which was ever there… but that, oh no…. is different, I know 😮 ). The idea of camps to create “hell in earth” is really not new. All the torture chambers near Cuba are another example of what is being done to people. All the quite torture chambers in hidden rooms are mini Camps… see “operation Artichoke.” How many places like this existed after the war – even today anywhere in the Wolrd and especially on occupied Germany (the country has no peace contract and never was allowed to look into their won history, like dig out the death at Rheinwiesenlager, were 1 1/2 million man, even children got starved to death by the Anglo-Saxons and American liberators, which only came into the war after the Russians almost run over Europe… they only stopped that, but they did not liberate anybody but bring hell on earth with the NWO and their master minds).

      What strikes me is the end of the story, reminding me o the Mahabharäta, the fight between extreme positions… Perhaps many of us do not want this fight, we do not want to commit and ethnically cleanse a population, we want to get along, love others (as naive that sounds), but it seems in our story above (which some take for real yet at this moment) that we are forced to do so and then, no matter how weak we are we may be forced resist.

      Perhaps many of us, non-intellectuals, we cannot ever think that way (which does not make us better…), that is because of how actions are stringed together bases on causes on conditions from the past… of of this it is not really known to us (history of victors lies since the beginning of times). In a way, we are all too often “blissfully ignorant” till something happens.

      It seems so strange to me that we can’t see the divinity in all life forms. How beautiful are people in all their differences, the genius as much as somebody who makes us a nice dinner (even the so called servant is important). I know very well how naive and non-intellectual that sounds….

      It seems there are forces out there who really want this earth to move towards hell. Hence, Vidya (true Wisdom) and Avidya (ignorance), will perhaps be in an eternal fight. How to overcome this separation? It is only possible for those who learn to see within…

      It seems that our future is dark.

      Still, perhaps our future will be bright again, nothing lasts forever… eventually change must come. There are true spiritualists on the planet and perhaps there will be a shift.

      The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.

      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

      Based on Wolfgang von Goethe’s quote, I cannot help but wonder, “how do the majority of Jews treat one another to develop such a contempt towards all life – but their own?” (…forgive the generalization and appreciate the point). What is it they really want from the people on earth, “admiration, even if some of the most powerful are suppressors?” How can that ever work?

      1. Fascination with camps is going on right now. N.Korea is an experiment in keeping a whole nation in a camp.

        There the camp wishers from around the world can see what the minimum sustainable food for the body and the mind is necessary to get the desired work accomplished. An efficiency factor can be established.

        The whole nation there suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome. Those who do not display the proper reverence are dealt with until they do so.

        They must worship Kim to eat and live.

      2. Animals too.

        These ghouls are going to save humanity from … what?
        The Jews!!? C’mon man, you’re damning yourselves every day with your own (how appropriate) selfishness.

        Tolstoy was the equal of 99.9% of every saint, priest, pope, sadhu and prophet who has ever lived.

        ‘Thou shalt not kill’ does not apply to murder of one’s own kind only, but to all living beings. This commandment was inscribed in the human breast long before it was proclaimed from Sinai. — Count Leo Tolstoy

  7. Solzhenistsyn was wrong. It would have been better had he said, “We Russians were killed in our millions because we were stupid enough to let our Jewish oppressors kill us — we should have killed them first!”

    “We march separately, but will strike together!” ~ Pastor Robert Miles

  8. things getting pretty hysterical …
    max, far from offending me, you are just hilarious although if a grade school teacher, a bit of a loose cannon.
    and i don’t really care much whether you are a jew or not, you didn’t create your own dna so you get neither the blame nor medals for it.

    but the caveat is that like most of jews, you are likely to be highly neurotic, just look at all the online screaming you do, entire sentences in uppercase, posts packed with exclamation marks, which, you will admit is again typical of the breed, swapping the persuasion by quality for the persuasion by quantity.

    so simmer down a bit because quite honestly, i don’t understand what you are babbling on about.
    funnily enough, i recall gilbert calling you a jew and resenting that – and it turns out, gil was right.

    thinking back and wondering about your hyperventilating about what a blond, teutonic stud you are who’s shagged hundreds of women, be they jewesses or shiksas, i always put it down to your being some crazy hippie surfer – this too needs reevaluating in light of what you just said.
    all this about who is a true biblical jew or hebrew and who is a fake impostor, again, totally irrelevant and mindless feces floating atop the busted flush in all these threads but it kind of makes sense in that you are freaked out about your own origins.

    so calm down dude and stop acting a clown with hair on fire.
    i accept that you are a jew who is down on your erstwhile tribe and hate them for their tribal evil, that you see value in christ and care about little kids – ok.
    i extend this benefit of doubt on the condition that you take your flute, sit down on your sunny backyard porch, blow a tune and just … simmer down.

    if i rub you the wrong way, spell it out.

    what’s lobro done wrong, didn’t brag about shooting a bunch of jews today?

    and all the rest of you whingeing on about legit jews versus pseudo-juden, neo-jews, religion sucks, versus atheism is great, so much nonsense, all of it absolutely useless to the task at hand, which is figuring out how to eliminate the rabbinical threat from the diseased planet.
    everyone should have the right to state their position and leave others alone.
    me, i keep it simple: bible is crock, christ is not, end of story.
    bible is riddled with easily demonstrable lies regarding its historical claims and for me, ready for burning.
    liar once, liar forever, don’t tell me that once in the blue moon the liar speaks the truth.
    as for the atheists, they are welcome to it, just don’t try ramming it down my throat unless you have a solid, incontrovertible proof – which you don’t and can’t ever.

    i am only back to express my support for miss ellie, albeit somewhat guardedly.
    first she is a jewess and that alone counts for some caution.
    secondly, she may or may not talk with tongue embedded in cheek.
    thirdly, as a jew, she may well suffer from bilney-blight, which is plain old craziness that strikes without warning like an epileptic seizure – sorry max, but that’s how it is, no offense, just like i wouldn’t hold it against an epileptic.

    but she strikes me as a truly concerned person, someone who smells apocalypse with ending unknown – is it ziorapture or triumphant coming of the savior and wrathful archangels whacking entire continents with flaming swords or the ultimate rule of the darkness that she describes, that extend the gulag archipelago into a gulag planet?

    i would personally much prefer that we, the people solve the problem ourselves rather than wait for divine cavalry riding to rescue.
    i was taught since childhood to look after myself in schoolyard, assess the situation for fight or flight potential and do the right thing.
    if i am alone, damn right i will flee, and i have a pretty good idea where.

    by the way, rev is lurking around, a true jewish jew who now masquerades as “spq” 🙂

    and no, ellie is not lasha, despite similarity in how they perceive things, their styles are very different, dr green is right.

    1. lobro

      Thanks for this brilliant post. You’ve helped to throw light on many things that were dark to me. And still are.

      Whew! So many Jews swarming around with different monikers. Yep, as you say, “spq” is the same troll as “rev” who is also posting as “hans” and “robert” and assorted monikers… as the site moniror (Lucy) has just pointed out.

      “spq” was a neat choice. The guy is smart. If the site had put a block on “spq”, then “SPQR” might also have been banned by the silly computer.

      1. Thank you for complimenting me. I for myself can’t compliment you for your stupidity
        in falling for the jew-trap.

        Ask yourself the important question which agency is capable to monitor all ip’s and make THE CONNECTION between the different names one person/people uses/use on this site.

        Only the NSA and the Mossad have this software. So the conclusion of Lucy Skipping can only mean that this site is a jewish site!!! Busted.

        The foregoing doesn’t mean that the NSA/Mossad is right in this case when this agencies state that the different names belong to a single/ same person.

        Mazzel tov jews

      2. It WAS a good comment.

        Just like you, I have fallen for the Jew-trap. I use the internet where all I write is permanent record, rather than snail-mails.
        Hopefully the a-holes reading it for evil will learn something.
        But I have no Facebook or Twitter…etc. Zuckerberg did not get me there.

      3. PS…lobro… This is a WordPress site. Everyone’s IP address shows up in the back-office….. it is called the Dashboard. NSA is NOT involved in that simple application.

        I have several WordPress sites which I ran for various campaigns involving voting issues in the last 10 years. They are over now…moot.

      4. pat.

        there is lobro – me.
        then there is lobr – jew troll

        there is spqr – legitimate and intelligent poster
        then there is spq – jew troll.

        lobr=spq=rev, their messages is just one message rehashed and reposted over and over again.

        you get it?
        when admin tries to block posts originating from spq or lobr, then the filter automatically trashes spqR and lobrO.

        either way, jews win, because either their obnoxious vomit gets posted or posts by me and spqr get blocked.
        at least it tells me that i am their least favorite poster, along with spqr, which makes my day.

      5. Thanks…I get it.

        I had several Fortran courses in college, along with COBOL. Card-reader and card-printer. Antiques. I have had only one BASIC course…. but I believe I can grasp it.;)

    2. Hey lobro, you “rub me the wrong way”, so “I’ll spell it out.”
      Your lower case-unpunctuated annoys me, as I’ve said.”
      This Ellie bitch is a TRUE Jew, practising the DIALECTIC on you pricks.
      You are her prey! (Notice the punctuation!)
      Your “bilney blight” is what the English hegemonic Catholics said of my ancestor, Thomas Bilney, the “Father of the English Reformation.”
      You are a condescending f***kwit who has a lot to learn.
      But you yankees are dumbed down cattle bearing the Jewish yoke!
      You, sir, are the type I would like to duel with!
      My father Brigadeer Bilney installed in me the hatred of the Yankee!

    3. But could they not be working together?

      Ellie has still not answered your “fair and genuine questions” from the previous article.

      There is no question of literary ability, but what value is it if it cannot convey truth?

      1. In reference to “and no, ellie is not lasha, despite similarity in how they perceive things, their styles are very different, dr green is right.”

      2. @ turtle

        In response to Lobro’s comment,

        “and no, ellie is not lasha, despite similarity in how they perceive things, their styles are very different, dr green is right.”

        you write:

        “But could they not be working together?

        Theoretically, Ellie and Lasha could indeed be working together in collusion. Disproving this is of course impossible. But I’d like to assure you that Ellie and Lasha are two entirely different individuals and that they are NOT working in collusion.

        As far as I’m concerned, these are the facts:

        1. There’s a 50% chance that Ellie is all she says she is: a “vicious” Jew from Israel who belongs to an elite and fabulously rich Jewish family, and that she has become a bit disillusioned with Big Jewry — hence her long comment to this site spilling the beans on them.

        There’s also a 50% chance that Ellie is NOT a Jew at all and is just pulling our legs. She could be “one of us”, a gentile of either sex, who has written a long comment that needs to be read as a satirical spoof.

        2. Lasha, needless to say, is not a Jew and would be described by most people as an “anti-Semite”. She decided, on my recommendation, to write an edited abridgement of Ellie’s original comment but did so on the premise that Ellie is “one of us”. She believes that Ellie is a satirist, a Swiftian satirist. Who could be either Jewish or non-Jewish.

        3. In “re-writing” Ellie’s comment as a feature article and putting in entire paragraphs of her own invention, Lasha did so as a satirist, aping Ellie’s style. In other words, Lasha went into Jonathan Swift mode.

      3. Finally, I ask you to understand this: “satire” in its true sense is NOT meant to be funny or tongue-in-cheek. It is not a “joke”. The driving force behind the best satire is not humor (or the wish to get laughs out of people) but ANGER or MORAL INDIGNATION.

        Lasha who is a classics expert always refers to Juvenal, the great Roman satirist, and his famous phrase SAEVA INDIGNATIO (= savage indignation). This is the motive force behind the best satire. One is driven to the use of trenchant irony to convey the bitterness one feels about a given situation.

        Thus Jonathan Swift, the great 18th century satirist, was motivated by “savage indignation” at the social conditions of his time — NOT by his sense of humor.

        Lasha herself employs trenchant irony in most of her articles, as in this “adaption” or “edited abridgement” of Ellie Katnelson’s comment.

        The force that drives Lasha is “saeva indignatio” and not the wish to get cheap laughs out of people.

        The same moral indignation is almost certainly the driving force that motivates Ellie Katsnelson. So Lasha and Ellie have something in common: a shared anger.

      4. Thank you for your sincere (I think) but unnecessarily long explanation (I am really not worthy). I hope this was not a result of your own saeva indignatio. By way of explanation, I will just say that I don’t think preaching to the converted is an effective use of one’s energy, but I should understand that some readers simply enjoy a good sermon. Fine.

      5. Your entire comment reeks of insolence and condescension. You obviously have severe personal problems. The next time you address me or Lasha in these terms will be the last time you post on this website.

      6. I agree that this guy has obvious personality problems.

        Given that what you said was scrupulously polite and not meant for him personally, the suggestion that what you had to say on your own website was an unnecessarily long-winded and tedious “sermon” he could personally do without, was certainly insolent and condescending.

        But this is what you have to put up with from these snotty-nosed sonofabitch losers who are so pissed off with the Jews that they take out their frustrations on everyone else — including you.

        I don’t thing “turtle” is the right name for him . . . he’s more like a “snapping turtle”.

  9. All the dumbed-down writers have missed my point!
    “A Jew by marriage” alone, does not make me a Jew!
    Anyway, I divorced the misclacitrant Jewess! She talked too much about social justice! But she was a beauty! No kids by here as she had herpes complications!
    Now I am saddled with 65 kids and 18 partners on a hippie commune near Byron Bay! … So much for my Nordic looks! (I was even wrote up in the Jewish press!)
    I told you, honestly, about all the Jewish whores I fucked in Caulfield, Melbourne Australia. I learnt to HATE them as they were all Germaine Greer/Betty Friedland feminists!
    I try to tell my wives about what is happening in the world, but they won’t listen.
    I resorted to this site as a last resort to keep me occupied of an evening! I get sick of the calls from the women!
    All I can say is that the “Jews rule” for your benfefit or not! Sorry, got to go!

    1. You are arguing with yourself. Here is what you said:

      “If you read my contributions I give you an insight into the Jewish mindset, just as Makow does!
      It takes a Jew to know a Jew!”

      Now, you say you are NOT a Jew….. that means you don’t know any more about Jews than all the non-Jews commenting here.

      You cannot have it both ways. Pick one.

      1. You have all MISSED my point, as I knew you ALL would!
        (By the way Pat, love reading your contributions!) Is that Aussie robustness!
        If you read my 100 or so comments on this site I have argued consistently the point made by the great Doris Lessing in “Prisons We Choose to Live Inside.” On Page 104 she states that “it is time for definitions.” and that without them “we remain helpless and without any choice.” Informed choice, of course, as opposed to irrational violence by word, sword or tomahawk. Informed choice instead of incessant pedantic wanderings, which is mainly what I read on this site.
        I have also said being Jewish is “a state of mind” or a self-declaration; no different to you calling yourself (for that particular time in your life) a Druid, Zoroastrian or a Mormon.
        The essential difference is that world Jewry is NOT a religion, and as Winston Churchill wrote in The Times of 1920, “these international Jews have long ago divorced themselves from the faith of their forefathers.”
        Put simply, over 85% of modern Jews are non-religious and/or atheists. Most are Marxist social revolutionaries or Bolsheviks in waiting for more raping and bloodspilling! They form a significant section of OUR SATANIC OVERLORDS> You know, the Masons, royal families, etc.
        The True Torah Jews Against Zionism are TRUE Jews and accept that pseudo-religious Jews (particularly the Messianic scum of the Jewish “settlers”) still have their YHWH’s face “turned away from them.” Read their site.
        So Jews WHO ARE NOT SEMITES, NOT A RACE, NOT A RELIGION AND NOT A MONOCULTURE; OR AN ETHNIC GROUP, are almost indefineable! They like it that way!
        You can call yourself a “Jew” in this age at the flick of a switch; no religious ceremonies are required. All you have to do is declare YOU HATE Christians and their boss-man, Jesus, the evil conjurer! You never have to read the crappy Talmud or the shithouse Old Testament.
        Thus they fool all you stupid Goyim, except for the great X 21 grandson of the great Thomas Bilney.So most of the religious articles on this site are pure crapology! As is the tendency to lump ALL Jews into a supposed RELIGION!
        I am like him: I hate Jewry as much as he hated the Roman Catholics! JEWS ARE DESTROYING MY WORLD!!!!!!
        Me a Jew? Of course not, you fools!
        But I do have 18 partners and more kids than my commune can handle. I guess I’ll have to go on a holiday to the south of France and get some more money.

  10. Sorry, just had to help with the kids!
    Wifee no 15 is driving me mad!
    Lobro, as I’ve said, luv ya writin’!
    I’m a Jew by marriage alone!
    I am NOT a Jew!
    I’m a hippie/commune person! Unashamedly! Former Oz surf champion. Beat all the yanks! I think Kelly was there , but I was on a reefa!
    I live off govt welfare!
    Now the govt is talking about reducing my welfare, and I don’t like it! $2790 per week is not enough! And then they took away the “baby bonus”!
    I hate Jews beacuse of Palestine.
    TODAY they killed the Arab kids!
    I am Nordic in appearance which is becoming a TREASURE in the New World of the “coffee colored man.”
    My Jewish rels do not like me! Churchill’s “envious malevolence”!
    I act smart on this site when the wives let me, but I caN ASSURE YOU i AM ANTI_JEWISH (just had some pomegrate wine!) and love reading you and Tyron; and even Gilby.

    1. thanks for good review, max.

      maybe i am going to start reading my posts when i get a chance 🙂

    2. Even ME, Maxy??? Well, thank you!

      I am also glad to learn that you have not deprived the world of your progeny of good Nordic features and incisive minds… Hey! I have an idea: Send a SASE (self-addressed-stamped-envelope) (for those of you who’ve forgotten snail mail lingo) to Lasha and Ellie, along with your photograph and an invitation to visit, and I’ll just BET they won’t be able to resist the journey! When they arrive, you can put the moves on them and, maybe, they’ll acquiesce to a tumble which will once again provide us with TWO more comely geniuses (then you can sue Ellie for enormous child support – equivalent to an amount which would provide a standard commensurate with the expectations of her trillionaire family, and, voila’ – your financial problems are SOLVED. (Of course, you should administer a beating or two so the girls would have a unique remembrance, as well as to demonstrate your high regard.)

      How ”bout that, Maxy? Money and fornication and power!! Should appeal to your high ideals, indeed… :))

      1. Gee that’s a good idea Gilbert Huntly! Do you reckon Ellie and Lasha would be in for a tumble. They could not resist me, as my wives have found out. Every time I leave the commune I meet more ready and able women. They all act like the homosexual Jew, Darren Star’s Sex and the City whores! I won’t let my women watch Star’s show any more (It is constantly repeated for good measure) as it gives them too many ideas. And yes, I do beat my women. We are currently courting our new Muslim arrivals and I have started to go their new mosque. They have great ideas on how to hide polygamy, by declaring your other wives as your sisters. And. of course, the wives do all the work and we keep them in the back room of the mosque so that they prepare the food. I like the idea of putting the fat, ugly ones in burqas. The Jewesses at the Malvern swimming pool (Melbourne) wear wigs. Thesae whorish hypocrites cannot get their fornicating eyes off me. Where does Lasha live? Going to Europe shortly.

      2. Max,

        I doubt Lasha will disclose her location, but you may be able to charm Miss Ellie into inviting her over to dinner with the two of you! Hopping the Channel is not too difficult, and it seems Ellie may have a chateau somewhere just across, in Normandy. (Good hunting there, too – which lends itself to outdoor exertion – which stimulates the breeding urge…)

        Soundly thrash each wife, leave one in charge, and go! They should behave until you get back (unless Ellie is so smitten she bribes you to stay in France).

    3. ‘nordic’ in appearance doesn’t mean nothing. DNA counts, and jews have negroes and asiatic markers… the usual bastards of all.

  11. a thought strikes me, if someone born into the bowels of diabolic power, wealth and privilege, some sort of elka rothschild was graced by epiphany, like paul wiping off his horse on the road to damascus, what are the repercussions from her cabal?

    i would suspect a cold blooded decision to eliminate the mutant, because you would be very dangerous to them, apart from their innate vindictiveness.

    where you gonna run, ellie?

    1. back in the good old days, maybe 8 or 9 centuries ago (can’t remember exactly), wealth was considered unclean, a vice and poverty was a prerequisite to honor, the only thing of lasting value.

      something that you could take with you.

      things have changed, any likely suspects?

      1. More excellent questions lobro, but will probably be assumed unfortunately again to be rhetorical. Maybe they will crucify her… but that is perhaps far too presumptuous.

      2. Until EK gives credentials, he is just another anonymous commenter to the most of us.

        I read it as a series of fables, some taken from hundreds of years ago.

        When I read what was written below and clicked on the pics, I was reminded of similar actions in 1590, the actions of James I &VI, the one who established the KJV bible.

        “Indeed, those who criticize Israel in the slightest way or make disparaging remarks about Jews—referring disrespectfully to the Jewish nose, for example—will be dealt with in the FEMA camps with particular severity. Their mouths will be clamped in irons (see header picture above) or—WARNING! DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PICTURES IF YOU HAVE A DELICATE STOMACH!—their cheeks and tongues will be pierced with metal prongs or pins and needles and barbed wire will be utilized to stitch up their lips.

        “In this way, and by other methods even more ingenious, the goyim will be soon learn the virtues of political correctness and the difficult art of keeping their mouths shut.”

        James tortured women he thought to be witches in this very manner. He did not want to hear their chants of spells, only their screams of pain.

        A witch’s bridle – scold’s bridle, sometimes called a brank’s bridle or simply branks – was an instrument of punishment used primarily on women, as a form of torture. The device was an iron muzzle in an iron framework that enclosed the head. A bridle-bit, about 2 inches long and 1 inch broad, projected into the mouth and pressed down on top of the tongue. The curb-plate was frequently STUDDED WITH SPIKES, so that if the offender moved her tongue, it inflicted pain and made speaking impossible. Women and wives who were seen as witches and gossipers were forced to wear the branks, locked onto their head.

        Many were strangled later and burned.

        He did not include that in the KJV of ‘revelations’ or in the footnotes.

        King James and witch persecutions. More than 100 women tortured:
        Same old story.

        Ellie stated, as NO female could ever admit a lie, much less a Big Lie: “You’ve got to hand it to us. We’re smart. We know how to fashion the Big Lie. Yes, we can get the gullible goyim masses to believe just about anything!” I’ll add… even the many myths in bibles.

        This script for TV…. IS the writing of a man, not a woman.

      3. @ Pat

        Ellie stated, as NO female could ever admit a lie, much less a Big Lie:

        “You’ve got to hand it to us. We’re smart. We know how to fashion the Big Lie. Yes, we can get the gullible goyim masses to believe just about anything!”

        Pat, I admire most of your fine observations … but, with all due respects, I must take you to task for your failure to read Ellie Katsnelson’s original comment.

        If you had done so, you would have realized that Ellie herself was NOT the author of the quote you ascribe to her above! Lasha wrote this, not Ellie. This is one of Lasha’s “additions”. 🙂

        Similarly, the long quote you give below and which you mistakenly ascribe to Ellie is nowhere to be found (!!!) in Ellie’s original comment:

        “Indeed, those who criticize Israel in the slightest way or make disparaging remarks about Jews — referring disrespectfully to the Jewish nose, for example — will be dealt with in the FEMA camps with particular severity. Their mouths will be clamped in irons (see header picture above) or — WARNING! DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PICTURES IF YOU HAVE A DELICATE STOMACH! — their cheeks and tongues will be pierced with metal prongs or pins and needles and barbed wire will be utilized to stitch up their lips.

        “In this way, and by other methods even more ingenious, the goyim will be soon learn the virtues of political correctness and the difficult art of keeping their mouths shut.”

        This entire passage, if you care to check, was not written by Ellie. It came out of the Lovecraftian mind factory of Lasha Darkmoon, every single word of it! 🙂

  12. Sorry to comment too much, so will shut up for a few days.
    Just want to say, lobro and Tyron and Lasha, love all your comments, and may God be with you! I enjoy reading Gilbert Huntly as well. Amen.

    1. Max,

      Like all Jews, you are an unabashed narcissist. You fail to realize that the point of this thread is to discuss the Ellie Katsnelson article. We are NOT here to discuss YOU. It is Ellie Katsnelson who ought to be the epicenter and focus of this thread. NOT YOU!

      Every comment you make, you blow your own trumpet and try and make yourself the focus of attention. You pathetic attention seeker, take a back seat! Fade out, will ya!

      I don’t want to spend all my time reading about you and your Nordic good looks and the countless “wives” you claim to “fuck” on some commune in the Australian outback where you live on welfare.

      Like all true Jews, you are a narcissistic attention seeker.

      1. If narcissist means braggart….YOU are correct, sir.

        It is a true characteristic of Juden. A give-away every time.

      1. “Narcissist”, that’s the word. Excessive drug taking with a lack of appreciation of the long term psychological effects creates that misjudged sense of omniscient omnipotence.

        I think…

  13. @ Ellie Katsnelson

    “I, being so rich as to be utterly hated not just by you but by all who eventually learn to which family I belong, am nothing of the kind. Numberless billions have made me vicious; the injunctions of religion and the suffering of the Jews having no effect at all on me. In fact, the more I think about them, the more vicious I become…

    Hi Ellie/Ellka,

    I enjoyed your article. It was brilliantly written. You fascinate me. I’d be interested to know why being fabulously rich has made you “vicious”. And what mysterious family, pray tell, do you belong to? Also, who is the “atma” (alter ego?) you say you have discovered on this site?

    There are three separate questions there for you.

  14. Dear Dr Green,

    First, and respectfully so, for someone who appends to his name the venerable title of ”Doctor,” one would inherently assume that you would know better than most, since ”Doctor” in Latin means to teach. ATMA, Sir, provided, that is, that you are a Sir, does not mean alter-ego, as you mistakenly say, but SOUL, more specifically, the realization of one’s soul with the Brahman.

    Second, your brief juggle with my name and nickname, i.e., Ellie/Ellka, –, that, Sir, I will charge to the effects of accident, involuntarily obtained, and so will not comment more.

    Third, I belong to that family which jealously and vehemently so proclaimed to the earth and man that they are here for them alone, forgetting, of course, that the eternal misery which they thought of inflicting on those two was, in turn, inflicted on all of us who belong to them. When we argue, as we very recently did when someone informed them about my piece, I always tell them that the gift of grace is inaccessible to them. You should see the Hebrew wrath then! Everything shakes! To know how to take a hint, Dr Green, is the height of cleverness, I say. Every single man, both here and everywhere, wishes for some distinction or another, but to want to be rich beyond measure and to actually be so, believe me, cannot, does not, compensate for the peace of mind which one loses, since one’s very being becomes wholly engrossed – imagine this! – by nothing else except money, and when you are Jewish, viciousness is not something you acquire, it is something you discover within you. Not the same. One thing more: I am not Max Billney. I was not born in a morgue. Your ”pray, tell us” though a polite request, does smack of elegant cynicism, (remember: subtly-subtly doesn’t work with us; we invented it), even if, strictly speaking, one should really apportion this to the liberty which Internet anonymity affords one, something which I hate, hence my full name. In reality, though, I do not think you a cynic, just a venerable Doctor with a briery wit which, if aimed properly, can cause some discomfort. But, then again, what have we the Doctors for if not to cure us, eh?

    Ellie K.

    1. In the interest of clarity, there is jivatma – (individual soul) – (you/me)
      and there is Paramatma – (Supersoul) – (God).

      Just as there is Brahman (impersonal manifestation) and
      Parambrahman (Supreme Transcendental Person).
      I’m sure you know this, dear, and are simply being polite, if incomplete, in the interest of brevity.

      “The Lord is the constant companion of the living entity as Paramatma, or the Supersoul, and therefore He can understand the desires of the individual soul, as one can smell the flavor of a flower by being near it.”
      (Bhagavad-gita 5:15 Purport)


      BG – 14.27

      1. Homer,

        Thanks for this succinct clarification. These fine distinctions reveal the philosophical sophistication of Vedanta relative to Christianity and Islam. But can you explain something to me?

        You sent me a long quote a few years ago that proved (to my satisfaction anyway) that the Supreme Deity could not possibly be an “impersonal” force, i.e., that the idea of Brahman as the Impersonal Absolute was untenable and indeed nonsensical.

        “God”, in other words, would have to be a Personal God — and there is no such thing as an “Impersonal God”.

        Why then make a distinction between BRAHMAN (impersonal Godhead) and PARAMBRAHMAN (Supreme Transcendental Person) when there is no such thing as an “impersonal God” or Brahman?

        In short, the very word or concept of “BRAHMAN” would seem to be redundant.

        Any comments on this . . . as I’m a bit confused? 🙂

      2. This reminds me a bit of the mindboggling logic of Buddhist metaphysics that distinguishes between BEING and NON-BEING and insists that NON-BEING is an actual state that exists, i.e., that NOTHING is actually SOMETHING, not just the absence of anything. 🙂

      3. Always thinking and thinking of your readers, Xanadu!
        Magnanimity is a very attractive quality.

        “As our own consciousness pervades our body, the consciousness of the Absolute is similarly manifest through His Brahman feature”

        Pata-tattva: Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan


        “We cannot accept the theory that the Buddhist philosophy is the only way, for there are so many defects in that philosophy”

        “However, Schopenhauer was wrong in thinking that you can become happy by extinguishing your will. Since you are a living being, you must always have desires”

        Nirvana – Annihilation or Devotion?

        Lord Caitanya Defeats the Buddhist Philosophy

      4. Many thanks, Homer. There is much to chew the cud on here.

        To tell you the truth, I would rather meditate on these vitally important matters than break my poor head thinking about Jews and death camps.

        Long after Jews and death camps have been swept away by the river of Time, Brahman will be! . . . and the infinite universes!

      5. I wouldn’t waste ANY efforts in consideration of associating Truth with Buddhism.

        Buddhism is a lure that perpetuates feelings of insignificance – as it would concern an erroneous notion of “non-being”. Talk about being distracted by the brain with its predilection for overthinking.

        But more than that, Buddha is an annihilator who would have you entering a false blissful state of “Oneness”, same as “Nothingness” with names like “Nirvana” or the “Promised Land”, but in a misleading context in opposition to Christ’s ‘land’.

        Buddha’s is a component of “esoteric jew”. (and with his false promise of rapture I’m reminded of Arch Stanton’s relating of that twilight zone episode: “To Serve Man”)

        Buddhism’s falsity of “rapture” could also be characterized as:

        “Melting like sugar in tea with a sweet surrender to an oblivious pot. The ultimate spectator neutering love’s power by whispering saccharine nothings in gullible ears like ‘there IS liberation, but YOU will never be liberated’.

        If there is “liberation”, and its state is to be attributed to some notion of God, then exactly what “God” is being referred to here, and why would you say it’s impossible to be liberated? Sounds like eternal slavery to me.

        Or, “there is no Being, no non-being”. This is the kind of thinking which gives “man” a bad name with its true definition as the actions of Consciousness, and whose actions ARE Being. To say there IS no non-being is just more nothingness of 0+0=0 where NOTHING adds up.

        It says there is only an ‘is-ness’, but where is MAN in the equation? IS-ness is the “non-being”. All the power is deferred from its true owner – Divinely intended man. Falling for a feint like this goes a long way towards understanding the ultimate metaphysical aspect of WHY this planet is in a state of spiritual war. It makes Man inconsequential. It’s malevolence is designed to extinguish the true self and make us prisoners of ruthless lords whose whole raison d’etre is to exert absolute control here AND beyond the grave.

        Meditating on these matters and thinking about the “jews” and their death camps (AND the one in the “afterlife” where we ‘camp out’) are inseparable.

        This way leads madness?

        But how can you be led there when you’re already there?

        But no despair necessary by all goyim. Come what come may so long as you hold on with dear life you Divine Will.

        Lalu-lalu. Cooma-si-ka

      6. Brownhawk, Lord Buddha did what He did, taught what He taught, for a divine purpose.
        And of course … this was successful.

        The Supreme Cheater – “Lord Buddha preached atheism so that the atheists would follow him and thus be tricked into devotional service to Lord Buddha (Krsna). By obeying Lord Buddha, they were actually following God.”

        “Lord Buddha appeared at a time when the so-called religionists were falsely using the Vedas to justify violent acts like meat-eating and animal sacrifice. It was the desire of the Supreme Personality of Godhead to end violence being committed in the name of the Vedas.”


        Comparison of Major Religions

      7. Even given what you say, hp, my sense is that in terms of his true colors, Buddha was an opportunist and not a man of true intentions. He saw this as a window of opportunity that gave him an “in” for developing a great and enduring following

        But in reality he was a supreme trickster who betrayed the “Supreme Personality of Godhead”

        This is not to say of course that examples of right behavior didn’t come from his emergence, but to him this was incidental in the long run, with the enduring QUESTION remaining:

        At what cost?

  15. This article is great writing. Asimov and Roddenberry would be jealous of this fiction. I noced many fictitious parts. Here are a couple, below.

    1-Here is a quote:
    “Not knowing where to begin, I thought I should start at that turning point in the coming age in America, namely, the herding of the masses, that is, you goyim, into concentration camps, colloquially known as FEMA.”

    Jews will never herd goyim ..CUSTOMERS.. into camps, unless it is a Walmart. They are addicted to money… the ‘money-changers’ come to mind.

    2-Another quote:
    “I shall now speak of the future: a future in which a rusty Judaic dagger is stabbed into the hearts of all genuine lovers of freedom. After all, dear friends, the future I am about to describe shall be nothing less than the soon-to-come JEWISH RULE OF AMERICA.”

    Jews already control and RULE America. They control the money. They care not who makes the laws. Jew Rothschild said so, several centuries ago.

    I say they want money too badly to destroy what the have here.

    Please keep writing. It is fun reading, even with the false premises. It reads like a Star Trek script. Send copies to your Hollywood friends.

    1. Absolutely, Pat! ‘Why’ they would want to disrupt a good thing?? I mean, without the know-how and efforts of we goyim, their world of affluence and ease would crumble. They’d have fewer against whom to measure the extent of their prowess in business and finance. Only other Jews – and that would be NO fun! 🙁

      What you say makes very good sense – except that it IS obvious that ‘tighter’ controls on we various nationalities of goy must be executed to maintain the status quo. Therein is where disruption will occur, if imposition of power becomes too obvious. Moreover, it is as Ellie says concerning her regard for her own tribe: She doesn’t care much for THEM, either (just as I, myself, am not enamoured with most of my own).

      1. Can’t say that I blame EK. I can’t even begin to imagine the stink at the wailing wall. Whew!!

  16. We non-Jews can start worrying when Israel’s brave and tough baby-killer Jews can control the weak UNARMED folks in Gaza. The prototype ‘FEMA Camp Gaza’ is a huge failure.

    Until then… NOT a problem.

    It can happen only in Hollywood, like Red Dawn. Too many deer hunters here.

  17. All you finger pointers ! Take some advice from a native American, on how to pray:

    Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds, and whose breath gives life to all the world – hear me – I come before you, one of your children. I am small and weak. I need your strength and wisdom. Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things you have made, my ears sharp to hear your voice. Make me wise, so that I may know the things you have taught my People, the lesson you have hidden in every leaf and rock. I seek strength not to be superior to my brothers, but to be able to fight my greatest enemy, myself. Make me ever ready to come to you, with clean hands and straight eyes, so when life fades as a fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame.

    Prayer by Yellow Hawk
    Sioux Chief

    The faithful one

  18. utterly fascinating, in fact, more fascinating than the article itself.

    not to diminish the article itself but it was written from a point of being duty bound to do so, like a school essay on the required theme, what did i do last summer type of thing, because ellie has kindly (don’t take me to task for sarcasm where there isn’t any) undertaken to taser the goyim with the cattle prod, if you it gave you a jump, you should all be grateful.

    but the reply to dr green, that is some rich, gravy laden fare.
    you see, i don’t see need to borrow from jewish arsenal and try to improve on it, without creativity the battle – every battle – is lost and the end defaults to fervent prayers for the redeemer who until recently was busy watching the soccer world cup (and refused to intercede on behalf of the faithful).
    so, one weapon that i polished to a high gloss is credulity, as in “be ye wise as serpents and innocent as doves”, one of the inexplicably deep sayings of christ.
    at least i got the latter part right, less sure about the former.

    because when you said and i quote, “I always tell them that the gift of grace is inaccessible to them”, it had a powerful smell of truth to me and truth is grace after all, isn’t it.
    this realization is beyond the faculties of a regular “genius jew”, of which there are dime-a-dozen, talented rats superbly able to navigate the mazes of yahweh’s laboratory.
    but not outside and it seems to me that you ellie, stepped outside.

    so welcome and hang onto your viciousness (so unlike lasha, am i the only one able to see this?) because we the bovines are in a dire need of it.
    because those who have it have retreated into the said maze, the talented shabbos, cows transformed into snakes.

    i think that in the linked reply to dr green you also gave an answer, at least partly, to one of my pointed questions.

    anyway, get used to detractors.
    i was one originally, now converted, maybe in future reverted but that’s just me, don’t worry.
    i calls ’em as i sees ’em, to borrow the high falutin’ prose of the high society.

    1. Gotta luv dem Katsnelsons in Hollywood.

      Good spy thriller stuff. Like ‘Chuck’ series. The series ended in 2012. Writers have spare time in 2014.

      Ellie on CHUCK series:
      Sarah Lancaster as Dr. Eleanor “Ellie” Bartowski Woodcomb (10 episodes)

      Alex Katsnelson wrote Episode 84:

      And…. He wrote about TORTURE techniques there.

      Episode 84 “Chuck Versus the Curse” December 16, 2011
      Michael Schultz
      Alex Katsnelson

      Chuck is framed for the crime of the century by a group of rogue CIA agents. One such agent is the cold and calculating Robin Cunnings (Rebecca Romijn), who is widely known for her TORTURE techniques. ELLIE and Awesome go on a date that quickly turns into a night full of action after a case of mistaken-identity.

      Alex Katsnelson career:

    2. I noticed that to – “I always tell them that the gift of grace is inaccessible to them”

      But of course I disagree, to a degree.. Perhaps I’m an eternal detractor?

      This inaccessibile death of the soul sentence might be true, if qualified by an ‘”at this time” “unless you change” etc., but to pronounce absolute inaccessibility to grace falls under the purvey of Paramatma, does it not?

      Ellie might be estimable, but she’s not Paramatma.

      i calls ‘em as i sees ‘em, as well. But you knew that..

      1. of course homer, what is ellie after all if not an escapee from the permafrost of the soul?

        grace it is inaccessible to those who see no need of access.

    3. There are shamans who relate that some demons express a desire to ‘come out of the cold’.

      Her reply to Dr. Green brought this to mind.

  19. Great comments especially about the literary style, and the language describing the gulag/fema camp gives us such graphic and dark vision. I guess I’m stuck in non-literary mode, maybe I skim too many articles and don’t read enough literature. In reading through Ellie’s vision I thought of a quote from St. Augustine something like ‘ as you sleep someone is rising up in the night to supplant you.’ It is the Jews and their upper middle class New York Times reading suburbanites who are the sleepers. Who will supplant the Jews? Those Israeli tourists who take the battle view excursion to watch (as entertainment) the ongoing siege of Gaza remind me of those who wanted to go out and see a real live battle at the beginning of WW I, and then ended up losing a generation of young males. The ghoulish Jon Stewart thinks everything in the news is funny from the vaccine injured to the IDF overkill of Palestinians–the audience roars with laughter when they should be walking out in disgust. How long will he stay funny and isn’t there some demon waiting in a dark alley for that dude. No… Judaism was a pent up force right before the French revolution and it dominated the 20th Century peaking in the nineties with the bravado of “Jews rule, Jews rule.” I’m not saying there won’t be gulags and Fema camps and people herded into horrific so called shelters but it might just be chaos taking over because the Jewish age has spent itself. That might be the last and final big lie. They still look young and vigorous but they are really old…all those guys are old now, so old, and the young are very weak and disorganized. Naught…

  20. Lest this account be difficult to accept, one should read “Hellstrom” to see what Jews are capable of doing to a hated, conquered race. What the Jews did to Germans AFTER the war was worse than the horror wrought upon the Chinese at Nanking by Japanese. Next read the Jew’s Torah, the story at the end of Genesis describing the massacre at Shechem is most enlightening, as is the story of Joseph. And to think of how Jews shed crocodile tears for unfortunate Negroes hung from trees for raping white women. Next comes the “Anti-Humans,” a story of Romania’s Christian Iron Guard’s life in a communist camp Orwell would be hard pressed to describe. Then there is the Polish movie “Katyn” about the Katyn forest massacre committed by Jewish commissars and then blamed on the Germans. This known lie was covered up by allied, Jewish proxies for many decades after the event.

    Of course there are a multitude of books about the horrors in the Russian gulag death camps designed by two Jews, Matvei Berman and Naftaly Frenkel:. For further insight on Jewish horror fixation, try Netflix. Surf though the endless listings of horror and murder movies. Watch the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series or the “Hell Raiser” series or the “Freddie Kruger” series or the “Chucky” series. In fact spend a few weeks or months and watch as many Jewish horror films as possible before considering how many innocent children have been exposed to the dreck, the incredibly dark, endless fantasies of horror and bloodlust lurking within the Jew mind.

    Those who know the history of the Jew will find everything in the above article to be, not only well within the realm of believability, but well within the past and present capability of the Jew. Just take a look at what they have been doing to the Palestinians over the decades. Take another look at those pictures of Rachel Corrie run over by a Jew driving an American made bulldozer and think of how Americans reacted to her murder. “Stupid bitch, she deserved what she got!” Look at the horror the Jew has wrought upon what is now the truly “dark continent” of Africa.

    The Jews have said it time and again, they have written it in their holy books, shown it in their movies, demonstrated it during and after their wars and revolutions. They have spit it in the goyim’s face for millennia, It’s either the (white) goyim race or us Jews – only one will survive. Like their kin Rachel Corrie, stupid, white Americans are about to get what she got – instead of what she deserved.

  21. Quit letting Jews control the discussion.
    Quit pushing Fear Porn.
    There is a solution in the works.
    The different races were created by extraterrestrials from apes by gene splicing.
    These negative alien races caused the being known as man to be a slave from the beginning.
    There are benevolent alien races that patrol our skies and who have been loathe to intervene because they follow the protocols of non-intervention and allowing free progression of humans to find their own way. However, when it becomes self-evident that the Negative Alien creation, man, and more particularly Jews are at the point of destroying all life on the Earth then they will intervene. They in turn must answer to those above them.
    I know that this is true.
    I have found that anti-Jews are just as prone to censorship as Jews because they have reproached me about the only viable solution to the Jew problem that can be.
    Hitler failed and Jesus failed. The proof is in the puddin’ as they say.
    If you murder people, even Jews, you will incur karma and pay for it whether in this life or the next since reincarnation is what actually happens.
    You may call me crazy and silly and laugh. That was predicted long ago.
    We are all connected as part of One conscious thing. It takes millions of years and many incarnations both on Earth and on other planetary existences to evolve back to source.
    You will not listen unless you have evolved to that point.
    An answer is coming.

    1. Why shouldn’t Jews dominate this discussion, after all they control everything else. In fact, they have even given us their mind. You are quite correct, we are all connected and killing of any living thing is detrimental to the souls ultimate return to the source. However this life must be played out by the rules provided. The rules are killing and death are an integral part of life. Every breath taken results in the death of some living organism, as does every bite taken. One cannot survive without killing other living organisms. That’s the rule, whether one is eating a carrot or defending themselves from a hostile enemy. The object in this life is to reduce one’s participation in this panoply of death to the least extent possible.

      This life is the answer. We are here to suffer and overcome that suffering; that is the purpose of this existence, the “answer” for it if you will. Everything in the universe is cyclical and what is happening at this moment is yet another cycle among the greater cycles. This will never end, it will simply cycle once again. There is a great conundrum in this existence. We have but two choices in this life. We may serve ourselves or we may serve others. A choice must, and will, be made in this regard. Once the choice is made, once the path is taken, every action will thenceforth be toward that end. Good or bad, all efforts will be directed toward either serving others or serving one’s own materialistic ends. Serving others is the path towards spiritual growth and eventual reunification with the source, serving one’s self is the path to the continual recycling of the soul back to this type of incarnation so that may continuing its growth. The conundrum? Would saving others by eliminating a deadly enemy help or hinder the soul’s progress? The answer lies in one’s motivation, is this being done to benefit one’s material progress and comfort on this plane of existence or is it being done to help others to survive and progress? The Sufis provide some insight into this matter with the following miniature tale.

      There was once a Sufi soldier fighting on the field of battle. At one point in the battle, the Sufi became locked in mortal combat with an enemy soldier. With a mighty blow, the Sufi disarmed his enemy and stood poised for the kill.

      At that moment his enemy called out, “If I had but one last wish, it is that I had your sword in my hand at this moment.”

      Instantly the Sufi stopped the attack and presented his sword to his enemy. Taking the sword in hand, the soldier was dumfounded by this turn of events.

      He asked the Sufi, “Why would you do this? You had me for the kill, you were victorious, why would you stop at the moment of victory to give me your sword? Now I have the upper hand and stand ready to kill you.”

      The Sufi replied, “It is the custom of my house to grant every request made.”

      The enemy soldier returned the sword to the Sufi and became his disciple.

      I advise that one spends some time contemplating this story before making any assessment of object lessons or values. Such stories are quite sublime in their effect. Readers will invariably interpret them at the level of awareness on which they operate.

      1. I do not equate eating an apple with killing a human.
        With enough evolution you will survive on energy directly.
        In the meantime we are approaching WWIII as the Flt 17 crash in Ukraine is an Israeli false flag just like 911 and Fukushima.
        See for details.

      2. The day that a Jew tells me they own me or control e is a day they eat lead . Fucking vermin!

  22. This whole piece is written from a male perspective, not from a woman’s view.

    “For God loves the brave and the noble(man). He loves those who know how to defend their WIVES, their children, their honor. He loves those(men)who are prepared to fight to the DEATH for all they hold dear.

    “Why should God protect the cowering slave who offers HIS neck to the Jewish yoke? The MAN who lets his own wife and children go into bondage, into cruel bondage like beasts of burden, why should God protect such a pathetic apology for a MAN?”

    If “Ellie” is to be a woman, he needs to work on that in the future.

    1. I disagree with you entirely that only a man could have written the bits you quote. These quotes reflect my own viewpoint. Exactly. And I am a woman.

      1. I agree with Balthaza. Only a woman could have written these words.

        Women think like this…and write like this…in a highly emotive kind of way that often goes beyond logic.

        Pat knows nothing about female psychology, I’m afraid. How can he, being a man?

      2. How?? As an example, two men, Freud and Jung, invented clinical psychology.

        Of course, most women see male psychologists even today.

        Being male or female sex is not a requirement for becoming a psychology major, but the field is dominated by men.

        Men know that women need hugs and men need beer.

      3. Pat, you miss my point. I’m simply making the common sense observation that a woman knows more of what it feels like to be a woman than a man does!

        The things Ellie says are things I could have said myself. She expresses my viewpoint. So how can you say she’s a “man” when she reflects my female point of view?!?

      4. As for Freud being a first-class clinical psychologist who knew all about women, I would remind you that Papa Sigmund made the famous comment “What does Woman want?”

        He doesn’t have a clue “what women want” and you say he is the world’s foremost authority on female psychology?!?

        Get a life!!!

        Let me tell you this too, dear Pat, and you can put it in your pipe ansd smoke it! Freud also invented the famous theory of “penis envy”. I never heard anything so ridiculous!

        Believe me, buddy, I’ve never gone around envying men their penises or wept because I ain’t got a goddamn penis! Nor do I know a single woman who has ever cried out, “Oh God, why didn’t you give me a beautiful penis instead of an ugly old vagina?!?”

        Freud was an idiot and has long been discredited. Read Kevin MacDonald, Culture of Critique, Chapter 4.

      5. Believe me baby, you should have stated all this up front, and I might have known to just sit down and shut up while smoking my pipe!!

        And let me tell you this too, dear Balthaza, I really need a beer, now.

      6. Ruth, I have known women in their 100’s/1,000’s!!
        I agree with you: “Women think like this…and write like this…in a highly emotive kind of way that often goes beyond logic.”
        Ellie is a nut case! She is like a little girl playing with subterfuges and arty-farty literary CRAP! NO LOGIC! (I imagine a snozzle-nosed Jewess, who is not getting it!) No REAL MESSAGE! We all know about FEMA camps, etc! Her gruesome detail is common place in Tarantino!
        The more “girly”, male comments’ people seem to be in awe of her! A “cult classic”? Bullshit!
        My ancestor, Miss Susanne Minifie (See Thomas Gainsborough’s painting of her) was a far better writer, with much more romantic elements and classical literary traits. Your girly males like Dr Green would like her highly emotive works! ALL ABOUT ESSENTIALLY NOTHING!
        Yes, their emotion, mixed with petulant abrbitariness and tendency towards nepotism, is their weakness; and the reason I keep my wives under the thumb. This reaches its ultimate extension in placing a burqa on them and treating them as non-persons! I told you I might soon become a Shia! 2 weeks of being a “Jew” was a waste of time! They would not let me into their stock market secrets!
        Hillary Clinton and Oz’s crazy whore/criminal Julia Gillard, are all you get when you place “women of disordered imaginations and a ferocity far worse than the worst of men” (Nesta Webster 1920, “World Revolutions”) in positions of POWER, run of course by their Jewish MALE programmers and sponsors. Hillary is not a NEO-Con, but a traditional Progressive with a Marxist bent. In Obama’s case, he would bend over for anyone and anything! He was constructed by the Jews, as the Chicago Jewish Times etc have informed us!
        And being a man such as me, I know the psychology of women EXACTLY!- Women do not think and enquire like men. Women hardly listen to information and current affairs. They are easily led! They like a very strong, good looking man, like me to order them around and manage their days!
        The Jews know this, as does Islam, and thus they keep women away from their own POWER modules.
        Our Western women are currently on a lunatic rampage fuelled by the Jewish-initiated Goddess Syndrome. Mix with this Betty Friedan’s and Germaine Greer’s conceptions of Marxist-Jewish POWER (and the plain whorish behaviour of prostitute Friedan and pop groupie Greer) and you have Nesta’s mad women running rampant with POWER and SEX.
        But, of course, this will go right over most readers’ heads! To mucch for their human goo-goof-balls!
        PUT SIMPLY, THE JEWS RULE OUR WOMEN FOLK AND THEY ARE OUR ACHILLE”S HEEL! Ellen Degeneres is their role model; as was Oprah! Anyway the Jewish Bolsheviks and the Israeli Irgun liked cutting off women’s breasts and subjecting them to depraved sexual torture! Now that is gruesome! I have the eyewitness accounts; or you can simply go over and sit on a camping stool and watch the atrocities happening right NOW in Gaza!

  23. Ellie

    You will put us in the death camps and many of us will be beheaded as the supreme ruler of the Universe collects his own to then compensate these earthly victims of yours with their ADAMIC (superior “angelic”) bodies back. These VICTORS will RULE over you and your Satanic ilk in the next earth age as YOU take the same place of a living hell that you tried to reserve for us (The true Israelite-Judaite stock- believers of Jesus Christ).

    By the prime Creator/Savior’s grace, mercy and ultimate justice–We will win our war you started against us in 1776, against the American people–on the American homeland. We will ARREST and BANISH the criminals in your Corporation DC/US fraud. We will resurrect the lawful and organic Republics. We will resurrect the Grand Army of the Republic. We will defeat the mindless masses of “soulless” savages created out of the nations you control that you will throw against us. We will WIN the controversy of Zion dispute, as the World Government you are unwittingly making for US will be handed to US to control, as it is PROMISED TO US- NOT YOU ESAU!

    You have no idea the pure hell that is about to come back on your Satanic heads!! You are pawns of Satan and he is using you up as he seeks to bring to the place reserved for him and his fallen one’s. He knows his time is short and this is why the final battle between good and evil is about to commense.

    We are owed all of our labor since 1933, not to mention all of our property, possessions and trusts from 1789 and onward that YOU FAKE JEW, YOU FAKE ISRAELITES have STOLEN from us to build YOUR JWO with your prince Satan ruling as a false “God”.

    We are owed a price that cannot be paid to boot, shedding our blood all over the planet by way of your brainwashing, your poisonings, your trickery and mass fraud that fooled many of our beloved.

    We are OWED ALL OF THAT and not only will we get it back, we will hence forth set up Nurenburg type trials for the criminal “jews” after we are let into “Israel” and this event is coming up soon- right after we win our war at home.

    Then WE WILL HAND OUT JUSTICE upon the heads of all you criminal “Jews” as well as your lackies and cohorts; all of those who conspired with you against us and the planet.

    Then the Pals will be freed and given land to the south of TRUE Israel, as we true white/European ethnic and spiritual ISRAELITES will inhabit the land that is ours by RIGHT, by LAW, by way of RESTITUTION and by way of “I AM WHO AM’s” (the prime creator/savior’s) PROMISE TO US AND US ALONE!

    Then get ready fake Jew. The night will be broke and the son’s of light and life will RULE the next earth age with the true Jesus Christ as you take your rightful place in the HELL you brought upon YOURSELF!

    We are the Son’s of the Promise- You are the vessals created for DESTRUCTION and nothing you do can stop from happening what is written above!


    1. Man is not the most evolved being in the Universe.
      Beings 15 billion light years distant do not care about a man who was dumb enough to get caught by Jews and fake his own death to escape.
      Water and blood came out of the wound and his legs were not broken as was the Roman custom.

    2. tyron … tyron, please reread before you embarrass yourself.

      ellie is 4-square on our side.

      she is not a fake jew, because she is no longer any kind of jew.

      and to guard against all of us catching the jewitis, err on the side of magnanimity rather than narrow mindedness.

      it has been my formula throughout my life, i did get burned couple of times but i don’t feel like a turd inside.

      if she (and i do admit that at one time i too suspected her of being a “he”) does turn out to be false, so what, the ultimate joke will still be on her.

      are we men or rodents?

      1. Lobro

        Learn the definition of an opposition control agent. One letter, boasting about sadistic fantasies, exposing the elite Jews desire, is not enough to convince me- although I hold out hope as I have made clear in other posts.

      2. One last thing-

        I know they known damn well and use their true identity as well as ours. This is the crux of the reason who they so target the white/European peoples for destruction.

        So, if she comes out and starts admitting these things, it might go further in establishing “who’s side she is on”.

        I have suffered too many Con-Ops to buy into her claim at first glance and all of you should know better than to do so yourself.

      3. I have a bad habit of posting before proofing’


        I know they known damn well what their and our true ethnic/spiritual identity is.

  24. The Jewish elite are still dangerous even though they are weakening. Yet it would take a very big disaster to force the U.S. population into Fema camps and then up against the execution wall gulag style. Think of all the fires that the Jewish elite controlled government has to be put out: like the boots on the ground in Israel; like a faltering U.S. economy and a suspicious U.S. populace; like all those lies that are coming due like bad loans (Holocaust, Soviet Jewry’s role in Russian deaths, and so on); like indifference and inability among young Jews to carry on with the AIPAC/ADL style leadership as the old ducks die out. Maybe I’m pushing to hard to make a case…

    Still, the Jewish fire in the belly has gone out; they have grown soft. I generally dislike spectator sports but am forced to watch anyway at times and I have noticed in tennis matches that the young German and Eastern European women dominate. Look who just won the World Cup? Look at the German satellite that monitors the polar shift (I think it’s called Swarm or something like that) and we aren’t even paying attention. Blackmail, lies, and brute force can only work for so long and are expensive. We have urgent concerns that are covered up by media lies, and in fact the whole lie factory could be a terrific waste of time as we try to second guess them. In the meantime underneath these stories are other stories that should be front page. So, I’m not worried about the gulags yet. I’m more worried about a generation of sick kids and corporate fascism.

    1. Keep writing, friend. I find your comments among the very best on this outstanding website. They always give me food for thought.

  25. All you sons of Cain are suckers. Your father Satan has conned you all into believing you are someone you’re not. The Cainanites, Edomites, Khazars, or so-called Jews – the fake Israelites are not children of the Creator God of the Universe, the I Am and you will not “win”. Satan, your father, your god, has tricked you. He lies and you are all dumb enough to believe him. You all lose.

  26. I’ve a question for you, Ellka.

    You wrote:
    “A good Israeli friend of mine recently suggested to me that I should occupy my time in writing about the dark clouds of terror that are about to descend upon America.”

    Why did your ‘good Israeli friend’ make such a suggestion? What prompted her/his suggestion? Surely you asked at the time.
    Another question. Why did you, Ellie, agree to embark on such an adventure? Did/Do you derive pleasure from your ruminations? Is it a way to pass the time, being as wealthy as you claim?

    Finally, your ‘good Israeli friend’ clearly knows you are a writer. How about a link or two to some other works that have stemmed from your pen?

  27. “Is This To Be…..The Shape Of Things To Come?”

    One of the reasons I like the mysterious Darkmoon is her literary appreciation.

    E.g.; Joyce, James, Swift and now Dickens, with what could be a Scroogeian metaphor of humanity’s plight.

    I hope the excerpts I’ve chosen reflects this

    “The phantom slowly, gravely, silently approached. When it came near him, Scrooge bent down upon his knee; for in the very air through which this spirit moved it seemed to scatter gloom and mystery.

    It was shrouded in a deep black garment, which concealed its head, its face, its form, and left nothing of it visible save one outstretched hand. But for this, it would have been difficult to detach its figure from the night, and separate it from the darkness by which it was surrounded.”

    ‘I am in the spirit presence of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?’ said Scrooge

    The spirit answered not, but pointed onward with its hand.

    ‘You are about to show me shadows of the things that have not happened, but will happen in the time before us’, Scrooge pursued. ‘Is that so, spirit?’

    The upper portion of the garment was contracted for an instant in its folds, as if the spirit had inclined its head. That was the only answer he received.

    Although well used to ghostly company by this time, Scrooge feared the silent shape so much that his legs trembled beneath him, and he found that he could hardly stand when he prepared to follow it. The spirit paused for a moment, as observing his condition, and giving him time to recover.

    But Scrooge was all the worse for this. It thrilled him with a vague uncertain horror, to know that behind the dusky shroud, there were ghostly eyes intently fixed upon him, while he, though he stretched his own to the utmost, could see nothing but a spectral hand and one great heap of black.”


    “He recoiled in terror, for the scene had changed, and now he almost touched a bed: a bare uncurtained bed: on which, beneath a ragged sheet, there lay a something covered up, which, though it was dumb, announced itself in awful language.

    The room was very dark, too dark to be observed with any accuracy, though Scrooge glanced round it, in obedience to a secret impulse, anxious to know what kind of room it was. A pale light rising in the outer air, fell straight upon the bed; and on it, plundered and bereft, unwatched, unwept, uncared for, was the body of this man.

    Scrooge glanced towards the Phantom. Its steady hand was pointed to the head. The cover was so carelessly adjusted that the slightest raising of it, the motion of a finger upon Scrooges part, would have disclosed the face. He thought of it, felt how easy it would be to do, and longed to do it; but had no more power to withdraw the veil than to dismiss the spectre at his side.

    Oh cold, cold, rigid, dreadful Death, set up thine altar here, and dress it with such terrors as thou hast at thy command: for this is thy dominion! But of the loved, revered, and honored head, thou canst not turn one hair to thy dread purposes, or make one feature odious. It is not that the hand is heavy and will fall when released; it is not that the heart and pulse are still; but that the hand WAS open, generous, and true; the heart brave, warm, and tender; and the pulse a man’s. Strike Shadow, strike! And see his good deeds springing from the wound, to sow the world with life immortal!

    No voice pronounced these words in Scrooge’s ears, and yet he heard them when he looked upon the bed. He thought if this man could be raised up now, what would be his foremost thoughts? Avarice, hard-dealing, griping cares? They have brought him to a rich end, truly!

    He lay, in the dark, empty house, with a man, a woman, or a child, to say that he was kind to me in this and that, and for the memory of one kind word I will be kind to him. A cat was tearing at the door, and there was a sound of gnawing rats beneath the hearth-stone. What THEY wanted in the room of death, and why they were so restless and disturbed, Scrooge did not dare to think.

    ‘Spirit! he said, ‘this is a fearful place. In leaving it, I shall not leave its lesson, trust me. Let us go!’

    Still the ghost pointed with an unmoved finger to the head.

    ‘I understand you’, Scrooge returned, ‘and I would do it, if I could. But I have not the power, Spirit. I have not the power’.


    “A churchyard. Here, then, the wretched man whose name he had now to learn, lay underneath the ground. It was a worthy place. Walled in by houses; overrun by grass and weeds, the growth of vegetation’s death, not life; choked up with too much burying; fat with replete appetite; A worthy place!

    The spirit stood among the graves, and pointed down to One. He advanced towards it trembling. The phantom was exactly as it had been, but he dreaded that he saw new meaning in its solemn shape.

    ‘Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point’, said Scrooge, ‘answer me one question. Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only?’

    Still the ghost pointed downward to the grave by which it stood.

    ‘Men’s courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if perservered in, they must lead’, said Scrooge. ‘But if the course be departed from, the ends will change. Say it is thus with what you show me!’

    The spirit was immovable as ever

    Scrooge crept towards it, trembling as he went; and following the finger, read upon the stone of the neglected grave his own name, EBENEZER SCROOGE.

    ‘Am I that man who lay upon the bed?’ he cried, upon his knees.

    The finger pointed from the grave to him, and back again.

    ‘No Spirit! Oh no, no!’

    The finger still was there

    ‘Spirit!’ he cried, tight clutching at its robe, ‘hear me! I am not the man I was. I will not be the man I must have been but for this intercourse. Why show me this, if I am past all hope!’

    For the first time the hand appeared to shake

    ‘Good Spirit’, he pursued, as down upon the ground he fell before it: ‘Your nature intercedes for me, and pities me. Assure me that I yet may change these shadows you have shown me, by an altered life!’

    The kind hand trembled

    ‘I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach. Oh, tell me I may sponge away the writing on this stone!’

    In his agony, he caught the spectral hand. It sought to free itself but he was strong in his entreaty, and detained it. The Spirit, stronger yet, repulsed him.

    Holding up his hands in a last prayer to have his fate reversed, he saw an alteration in the Phantom’s hood and dress. It shrunk, collapsed, and dwindled down into a bedpost.

    1. @ Brownhawk

      “Is This To Be…..The Shape Of Things To Come?”

      One of the reasons I like the mysterious Darkmoon is her literary appreciation.

      E.g.; Joyce, James, Swift and now Dickens, with what could be a Scroogeian metaphor of humanity’s plight.”

      Good point, Brownhawk, about Darkmoon’s wide and frequent literary allusions, but what makes you think that the quote from the article “Is This To Be…..The Shape Of Things To Come?” is a reference to Dickens?

      As far as I know — I could be wrong — this is a literary allusion to HG Wells. Wells wrote a book about the future. It was called “The Shape of Things to Come.”

      1. Sardonicus

        You’re right about it alluding to H.G. Wells, word for word. I was simply reminded of the story of Scrooge revolving around his sentiment:

        “Before I draw nearer to that stone to which you point”, said Scrooge, “answer me one question, are these the shadows of things that WILL be, or are they the shadows of things that MAY be only?”

        All in keeping with a general theme where the old Scrooge represents what it looks like when Man has succumbed to The Lie. Reformed Scrooge when he has awakened to The Truth.

        This is all Ellie K. is doing. Her ilk is incapable of knowing Truth, and however it’s represented by goyim they of course hold in contempt.

        Their incapability stems from a simple heart-brain genetic disconnect.


        This is what he’s done to you, Ellie. You all right with that?

        It’s like their heart is a “billibog”, a body of water which was once a part of a river, with the river symbolizing the integration of the heart-brain connection. The ‘billibog brain’ became isolated from the wholeness (holy) of the moving-on river.

        What I refer to as “esoteric jew” from time to time produced this billibog. And as such what we call “jew” has become orphaned, believing it has been abandoned which in effect prevents it from knowing God. It feels that in order to survive it must use its wits in opposition to what it perceives as a world of hostility where everyone in it is hostile towards THEM.

        To counter this requires, within this defective state, an all-consuming need to control (ultimate control freak) in ways that can only reflect heartlessness – the only reality they know.

        In spite of it all, with Ellie in the role of its prototype, from some level they sense that something’s missing. As if to say, “this is a piece of cake, controlling you goyim. YOU’RE the ones who never lost your mother’s love, whatever THAT is, yet it is YOU who we’ve bent to our will in submission to us. So where is this power of what you call ‘love’? You claim it exists, so if this is so, why have you allowed yourselves to have been brought to the brink of OUR state of existence – the abyss?”

        But Ellie knows the old cliche, “the darkest hour is before the dawn”. She’s said it in not so many words. And this she braces for:


        You’ve come this far Ellie. Now come a little closer, tell them I’m right, and DAMN your fraudulent master. The one who feels no allegiance to you, so why be made a fool in misguided tribute to what is in effect an insolent child?

  28. Reading this article reminded me of the interview with the jew Harold Rosenthal (he was paid for it), in which he revealed too much about what he knew of the jewish agenda and ended up mysteriously killed soon after in a plane crash. This very revealing interview can be seen here, e.g.:

    It starts about half way down after the intro to it.

    Maybe Ellie will suffer the same fate unless she does a good job of disappearing.

    1. I probably should have mentioned that the jew Harold Rosenthal in the interview revealed that the god of the jews is Lucifer. He revealed too much of what the jews don’t want us to know about them and their plans and was killed as a warning to other jews not to say too much to non-jews about their diabolical agenda.

  29. Can anyone direct me to a good Jewish site that has a chat/comments format like this one? I’d like to stir them up!
    Write things like: “Gee we are doing well in Gaza in reclaiming our bequeathed Homeland of milk and honey”; or, “Gee we are hiding our insider trading better than ever! Keep handing out the free, newly printed $100 bills from the Fed!” or “Gee our Hate Laws are effective!” Or, “Gee, we have found another 15 Holocaust survivors to write feature articles about!”
    I’m tiring of this site and its repetitious religious writers, who cannot even define what a JEW is, or even know what a Semite is!
    I have told you the TRUTH in many guises but no one has the IQ to catch on. It is my extra 20-25 points that count!
    You have fake doctors, pretend injuns, pseudo-Jews, pseudo-Christians, Anti-Jewists (great new word for the fake terminology “anti-Semites”), End-Timers, religious bigots, pseudo intellectuals by the bus loads. Where is Lonnie?
    But where are your nigrah writers? Aren’t they now 10% of the USA’s population? I know they are mainly gangsta rappers and coke-sniffing Dallas Cowboys and their stupid fans! 20% of them are behind bars at any one time and single motherhood runs at 72% of nigrah sheilas!~ 45% of nigrahs have experienced STD’s. Their f**^**! like Jewish porn kings!
    But this idiot SCRIBE Ellie K has you all in thrall, just like the scribes of old, or your trashy, pornographic TV sitcoms. Her trumped up, decadent prose is computer generated. I have the programs. You’d be better off studying Hitler’s brilliant style in Mein Kampff! Hitler is finally starting to get applause around the world!
    Basically ELLIE is saying NOTHING, which is what Doris Lessing said of all Marxist-trained writers.
    I always skip that doctor Green chap as he is a quintessential pseudo-intellectual.
    You could read him for years and learn nuthin’.
    Now my writing is another story. As one critic said, “Max writes like an angel” and another said you get “commonsense from Max.” TRUE! 5 of my females told me so!

    1. all true max … hm, you could change your handle to “truemax” and i won’t claim copyright.

      in particular, i agree that there is no beating mein kampf for the goods it delivers.
      but don’t you see that ellie is a stepping stone to mein kampf?
      the great unwashed who have neither the time nor luxury of surfdom pogey must be electrocuted out of their somnolence and into stark raving terror before the real thing hits, the gulag tsunami.

      consider that only 5 of your own females appreciate your writing.
      what about the rest 61?
      maybe you are not beating them enough to earn respect.
      or let ellie do the man’s work and scare them into obedience.
      or else hire her to advise you on proper divorce procedure (she will soon need a job after she gets the boot from her perigord chateau, no more truffles, chocolate or real ones, how about nice crunchy doritos).

  30. A bizarre thread to say the least.

    A lot of Jews on it also, as others have noted.

    What I have to say is this: Ellie K., or whatever her name is, presuming that she is sincere in smugly warning us of our impending doom at the hands of the Jews with this horror fantasy story – which, by the way, she doesn’t provide much evidence for – shouldn’t be telling any of the readers of this site anything that they don’t already know.

    There is only two reasons why they haven’t slaughtered and/or tortured every single potential dissident alive wholesale already (that they would, as soon as they had half a chance I would hope is self-evident): 1. We still have 100s of millions of guns and 2. We still have freedom of speech and the means of mass communication, i.e., the internet.

    It would be too risky.

    Once they successfully take away either one of these two things away clearly it will be time to rise up against the Jews or the White race is finished, forever.

    But as it looks like now though they will probably try and just have us overwhelmed by the mud hordes. Either way, when the time comes, we either fight, or the scenario in the above article, or something just as horrible becomes our reality, and we perish.

    1. This is spot on:”…shouldn’t be telling any of the readers of this site anything that they don’t already know.”

      Including myself, the present day people have read and seen too many imaginative stories. Box office numbers prove our societies want more horror stories(even Poe knew that)…scary movies. So Jew Hollywood stepped up production.

      Jews invented the Holo-hoax in part to scare the world, for mind control. That has imbedded the pictures of ‘camps’ in our minds, to scare us with more stories of coming hoaxes.

      Ellie, EK, has invented scenarios we all want to hear. A scary movie.

  31. EK could have given us some new info. He just told us in flowery words in long sentences the rehashed events of the past.

    In short sentences, here is something new. Christ was NOT crucified. Paul was an IMPOSTER after all:

    The Vatican is deeply concerned over a 1500-year-old Bible which was found in Turkey and rejects the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

    Vatican authorities have called on the Turkish government to allow its experts to examine the content of the book, which was discovered and kept secret in Turkey in 2000.

    Reports say the Turkish government has transferred the book to the Ethnography Museum of Ankara with a police escort.

    Ankara said that the Bible had been snatched from a mob of smugglers in a Mediterranean region operation.

    The book contains the Gospel of Barnabas, a disciple of Christ, and says that Jesus had not been crucified but ascended to heaven alive. St. Barnabas was an early Christian and is traditionally identified as the founder of the Cypriot Church.

    It also says Jesus was not the son of God but a prophet who spoke the word of God, calling Apostle Paul “The Impostor.”

    The text maintains a vision similar to Islam, contradicting the New Testament’s teachings of Christianity. The ancient book also foresees the coming of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

    It is hand written in Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic, which is said to be the native language of Jesus Christ. Some experts and religious figures believe that the book is original, according to reports.

      1. Pat the “Jew” spiritually and/or spiritually.

        You bring up one of the oldest LIES the “Jews” have been using against the white man to date.

        Paul is an impostor and Jesus wasn’t crucified.

        Isnt’t it enough on these boards that you constantly try to attack the one law, the one belief system that has defeated the “Jews” 100% of the time? You bring up the pope. Well, I am no fan of the Vatican City Corp, the black Pope or the one visible.

        I do NOT believe in Vicarious Filii Dei- this is the Mark of the main anti Christ

        With that said, here is a summary of us Americans to date. FYI, I think Anna Von Reitz is a control opposition agent so keep in mind, their role is to provide absolutely truthful info up until crucial points where they will be directed to lead their followers in the wrong direction to bring about their defeat.

        Anna does a perfect job explaining the truth concerning our present situation.

        Anna responds to Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
        Archbishop of Chicago

  32. how are we going to fight back when they come for us?
    i keep hearing about tens of millions of guns, billions bullets …
    so what?

    organization is completely missing, tactical skills, communications, social cohesion that engenders any kind of loyalty, let alone true patriotism unless you count fans of oakland raiders kited out in pirate outfits or the green bay packers cheeseheads.

    and that’s only the start of what is missing, how about heavy weapons?

    look at the novorossya-donbass lands, with excellent military leadership, true patriotic spirit, men ready to lay down lives before the arms, tradition of excellence in war and all kinds of hardware (grad rockets that can level a city block with a single salvo, antitank manpads, buk anti-aircraft batteries, howitzers, armored transports) … and they are losing to jew-hired mercenaries, slowly but steadily.

    now picture a full-on coordinated assault by stealth bombers, fighter jets, gunships, paratroops, drones, tanks, hovercraft, satellites delivering your precise location to their command in real time, robotic nightmares out of terminator flicks, day and night never ending campaign just as you are seeing in gaza.
    and you don’t even know your neighbor’s name and are likely to loathe him for being a different chunk in jew’s melting pot, maybe somali or cambodian or pakistani muslim.

    just asking, you know.
    and don’t keep selling the hero stuff from the marvel comics unless you got the whole package.
    we need our armed forces to be our armed forces, to serve and defend our interests not the jew’s.
    without them forget it, google jim jones’s koolaid recipe.

    this is what i am trying to do here, sometimes it seems singlehandedly.
    while you all bicker about who is a jew, who is semite, how jacob took job’s wife’s upskirt pictures in old testament, i am hoping that the watchers and readers occasionally pay attention to the content of that which they are eavesdropping on.

    i want to put a flea in their ear.

    hey spooks out there.
    i hope that those who are still able to think independently, even for short bursts can start a conspiracy of freedom, first winks and double speak, spread it through the chain of command and once there is an act of organized mutiny, i suspect it will catch on pretty damn fast.

    what is sedition to one is sacred duty to homeland to another.

    1. The big and tough Jews and Israel cannot even handle Gaza, which would not make a decent city or town anywhere in the US.

      Afraid??? Of what???

      Hell… The Mississippi National Guard could take Israel in a flat-bedded wagon in three days or less. (I stole a ‘Brother’ Dave Gardner quote from 1963 about Cuba.)

    2. not talking about jews, pat but about our own hunting us down at the jews behest.

      i think all these staged scenes, dark knight, sandy hook, boston marathon and so on, the navy yard shooting, is to mentally prepare the home based attack dogs, the police, blackwater mercs, nat guard to treat americans just like any other target.

      66 million russians weren’t run down by israeli idf but by their own, organized and directed by jews.
      they are getting ready for the same here and we need to stop it if at all possible.

      when i write, i include them in the readership.

      1. You are correct. They instill within their lower ranks that people are the enemy.

        I have been writing for years for the butt-holes at lower levels to take notice… hoping to inform them of their folly of being on the wrong side. Some have turned… but not near enough to claim success.

        I have found that the rank and file grunts on the front lines will listen to coarse language more than milk-toast glossy words. JB gets their attention.

        Elite and upper echelon minds cannot be changed by any language, too much to lose.

        We were born in the middle of a continuum, and leave after a while. It only gets better when the folks in control make mistakes and can be taken advantage of. It happens a lot.

  33. My dearest Ellka,

    ‘Dina told me last night that of late you have been a little unhappy, and this made me sad. When bad news from England and France reaches us, we are always sad. Know that we feel for you, but know also that this does not mean that it is right for you to speak as you recently did in some wretched anti-semitic website without any regard to the feelings of the rest of us, and thus, indirectly, or perhaps directly so, blame all of us for the misconduct of the few. And besides, why reveal your feelings to some faceless others? Did you forget that after the first, shallow civilities are over, they will turn their back on you? They always do, Ellka, they always do.

    ‘Your great uncle E___ recently (yesterday, actually) described you in my presence in Rome as someone who has slightly deviated from the path. I disagreed, for though I haven’t seen you in years, I have known you since you were little: remember Chemin-de-fer? But, dear, careful analysis of your text, wonderfully written thought it may have been, does point one to some easily discoverable… burdensome thoughts, more specifically, some angry and irreconcilable feelings which seem to disturb you. You know, O___ and I earn 500,000 Forints in a month, and that’s for both of us, that’s it, no more! If we had but a milionth of what you have, our lives would be blissful, and yet, you unhappy? Listen to me: leave those anti Jewish remarks for others to make. I often think that that is the only reason why they have been sent into this world, to hate the Jews. You are not a deviant, despite E___ ‘s suspicions. You have simply strayed a little, and thus, unwillingly, censure and admonish those who have always looked after you.

    ‘I would never have written you these words had not your uncle E___ urged me, because I know how much you love your peace and tranquillity, and I would hate to be the one to disturb it. But I had to, because between us, there is always some hidden, indissoluble debt to one another, which we must repay. Uncle E___’s life and mine may be entirely unconnected, to be sure, but I simply could not decline his request to speak to you. V___ said that I should not waste my time in writing to you, as, in her own words, ”she won’t even bother to collect it, let alone read it or reply to it,” hence my email to you.

    ‘Ellka, listen. The sagacity of the gentiles will see them through, and not your or my writings. What you spoke of in your text will never happen: they may easily be amused, but they are not so easily conquered. And besides, who even wants to conquer them? Jews cannot conquer themselves and they want to conquer others. What folly! Do you think they, the rest of the world, have no skeletons in their closet? Find me a race that hasn’t, and both O___ and I will come and till your farm till the days end! (smile, please.)

    ‘Ellie, your domestic, inter-famillial criticism will pass, of that I am sure, and provided you take a daily sip of the wonderful Tokaji, in combination with the even more wonderful book which I will soon send you, (I know how you love books!) I have no doubt that you will recover, and re-direct your brilliant prose into some better, more profitable schemes. We care for you, you know that, don’t you?

    ‘With much, much love, and not a little concern, A___ & O___

    P.S. ‘By the way, did Schopenhauer really say that? Little dog! No matter, I still love him.’

    An extract from an email received by me today from a respected Philologist in Eastern Europe. I will speak. Nothing and no one will ever shut me up. NEVER!

    1. EK: “And besides, why reveal your feelings to some faceless others?”

      I say, if feelings are to be kept secret they, along with any advice, should NOT be posted here. Put it in a private e-mail.

      Watch for this tearful TV script episode to appear on “The Young And The Restless” real soon. (Tears) “Chuck” was taken off the air in 2012, so it could not appear there. Alex Katsnelson wrote Episode 84:

    2. either ellie is for real or she is a figment of some disinfo agency.
      my hunch is that she is real but i could be wrong and even if right, no need for anyone to pay attention to my hunches, everyone make their own minds.

      like her uncle said: “Did you forget that after the first, shallow civilities are over, they will turn their back on you? They always do, Ellka, they always do.”

      this has the ring of truth as a jew sees it, without recognizing the fact that the suspicion of goy is borne of centuries of betrayal – but it makes no difference to the weeping jew, always done badly by the cruel goy.

      well, i know lasha well enough to say with some confidence that come what may, if ellie stays true, so will lasha, as for me i will forever poke and prod but at least i won’t condemn someone without the proof of guilt.
      because i am no caiaphas, even my enemies don’t get amalek treatment.

      of course there are goys, always have been, who will turn their backs on a jew.
      and why not, since so many goyim turn their backs on their own kind in the first place, without enablers, where would be the talmud project today?

      but (again, on presumption of truthfulness), you crossed the rubicon and might as well keep going.

      i ask myself, if you are just a mossad sock puppet, what would be the point, what would such an agency hope to gain by such effort, because clearly it is a fine effort if that is what it is, why choose this particular tactic?
      does it blunt our spearpoint, does it detract from our goal, does it soften our loathing of the jew-thingie?

      frankly, i don’t see it, so i wonder if there is something i am missing.

      until i spot it, i say that ellie is for real.
      (just as putin is for real, just as real, call me gullible, it’s ok)

      and if a jew can be swung over to our cause why not our own people, the myopic servants toiling in the cubicles, underground spy centers, the guards and riot cops, the veterans who have seen the light of day, the officers sickened to death by greed, corruption and betrayal in the higher ranks.

    3. Ellie’s aunt says: ‘[and] … blame all of us for the misconduct of a few.’

      It seems that is what goes on all over the world. With everybody, of all races (which is a good argument for keeping each to himself – no confusion!). It seems the first thing people note is the race. I’m very prone to that, myself. It’s not entirely wrong – but it isn’t RIGHT, either. Examine ourselves FIRST, then, if no ‘mote’ is found in our own eye, begin to examine others. Try, anyway.

    4. Ellie

      Do you happen to know Anna Von Reitz?

      I did a little search on her. She was council to the Popes and is supposedly working for us. She has recently been corresponding with our lawful Republic/Grand Jury people in Maine. You know, a ressurected portion of our lawful Republics your ethnic cohorts so viciously destroyed while stealing our property, assets, trusts and gold and thus henceforth, enslaving us in complete and total breach of trust as the trustees. We are the Children of the Promise from Abraham, Isaac, Jacon-Israel/Judah stock. We have a lawful claim to Zion. We have a rock solid case for massive restitution. We have the Promises of the Great I AM and his physical manifestion Jesus Christ.

      The Popes, the Common Law Crown (modern throne of David usurped) at the treaty of Paris recognized us individual true white/European Israelites in America as equal Sovereigns. Even though they have unlawfully enslaved us, what happened to Joseph, our patriarical father from Isaac-Jacob will happen to us. What happened to Moses and the remnant delivered from Egypt will happen to us. What happened to the organized tribes of authentic Israel as they took the land promised to them, will happen to us.

      So, if you are really on our side know that the Grace of the Prime Creator/Savior will be upon you. If, however, you or Anna are control opposition ops ( and my spirit somehow seems to agree at this point), know that your end will be the same fate slated for Esau.

    5. damnation, but that letter from a scholarly hungarian jewish uncle sure sounds real – it simply has that ring of the true bill of goods.

      i remember reading the correspondence between dostoevsky and a similarly bookish jewish girl that defended her talmudic knuckledraggers – unsuccessfully of course, dostoevsky doesn’t make mistakes – in the “diary of a writer” (i paid over $200 to get my hands on that book, jews have put kibosh on its english distribution because of about 20 pages where he nails the jews and their cannibalistic practices in the pale of settlement region) – and anyway, she sounded very much like this uncle of ellie’s, the central european jewish intelligentsia.

      i couldn’t imitate it no matter how much i tried and i am not the worst, i could even do a PASSABLE IMITATION OF MAX BILNEY!!

      1. lobro

        I can’t help but also feel that something’s missing. Or that gullibility is running rampant and someone is cleverly funnin’ with us with some really brilliant satire.

        It’s like Ellie is always dropping these little hints. In the e-mail from the Eastern European philologist he refers to “E___” in several places.

        First there’s “your Great Uncle E___”, then a little farther down there’s “your Uncle E___”. In the first mention of “E___” he’s “Great Uncle”. Having established that, the next mention is simply “Uncle E___”, no need to necessarily say “Great Uncle E___” at this point of the e-mail. Then, farther down from that there’s this:

        “Uncle E___’s life and mine….”

        Here, he didn’t say “your Uncle E___”, only “Uncle E___”

        Is the writer of the e-mail Ellie’s father, and “Uncle E___ ” is his brother, Ellie’s Great Uncle?

        Another thing – the moment I read “E___”, I immediately thought of Evelyn du Rothschild.

        Also, when I go through her posts I get the sense that she’s getting some of her material from reading comments from these threads. I don’t mean only, say, when she referenced “Max Bilney”, but in getting an overall feel from the contents of her various comments.

        Like, what’s up with, I wanna say, maybe three references to Schopenhauer, who regulars on this site know is hp’s favorite German philosopher? And other potential clues here and there?

      1. Ben

        Their writing is elegant and educated, something that has been beaten out of us. If you read our fathers and mother’s writings to eachother generations back, they pretty much mirror Ellie and their ilks style.

  34. a sentence of vital advice wrapped in pages of historical truths and consequences … very good work

    1. I wish that were true. Modern “Germans” are legally obligated to love Jews and Muslims and hate themselves.

  35. Sock-puppets of any sort and nefarious endeavors notwithstanding…. this writing has proven to be damned good entertainment.

    I like it. Think about this, as new episodes roll out and into living rooms everywhere.

    Blog sites with a large traffic are a perfect place to ‘test-drive’ a script for future episodes of any TV series and get reviews and new ideas, for appropriate changes, to suit an audience. That could be done with one like “The Tomorrow People.” Here hope hinges on the action of a few who are awake to the threats from controllers. Sacrifices by many along the way help preserve what is looked at as a meaningful future.

    The series focuses on Stephen Jameson, a newly-emergent member of the Tomorrow People, as was his father who, as the most powerful of the Tomorrow People, disappeared years before the current events in the series, trying to find a place where they could live safely.

    The Tomorrow People are hunted by Ultra, an anti-telepath genetic cleansing organization that uses Tomorrow People to hunt down others and neutralize, or kill, them. Outside Ultra, their parents and loved ones, the existence of the Tomorrow People is unknown to the general public, as they fear greater persecution.

    Alex Katsnelson(AK) wrote several episodes.

    Here AK wrote “Things Fall Apart” in episode 13:
    Stephen is caught by the Founder after he attempts to investigate the room Cassie was experimented in. John goes against Cara’s orders and takes Cassie to Ultra in a bid to rescue Stephen and preserve the only hope of the Tomorrow People, which lies with him.

    AK also wrote “A Sort of Homecoming” where the ultimate sacrifice is the culmination of episode 20:
    Meanwhile, the Founder injects John with the psi-negating serum, and John suffers a massive telepathic feedback that surprises even the Founder. Hillary is shocked and horrified at the Founders actions and turns against him. Acting out of her love for Stephen, she makes the ultimate sacrifice and places herself in the middle of an explosion that she hopes will kill Bathory with her.

    More to come. See:

  36. when does everyone think that a total breakdown of society/violence world wide will take place?

    1. Please excuse my sorry-ass humor. I’m sure you were serious. Many have asked me that over the years.

      No one knows for sure. It might happen when government entitlement checks stop and when the food supplies are cut off.

      But, really, I don’t see a huge catastrophe in my lifetime. The folks in charge are winning without total chaos. That’s why I quipped…2975.

      Sorry for the brashness.

      1. No of course,

        There is no war slated for the American people- right Pat?

        I mean, that’s why it’s just an illusion that our entire southern border is wide open and our border patrol is basically in the midst of all out “mutiny”

        Thats why our military is fighting for the “Jews” all over the world, unable to help us in time of crisis.

        Thats why the elite Jews are not trying to destroy our ability to defend ourselves.

        That’s why the dollar isn’t about to collapse.

        Thats why we aren’t on the list of genocide by them from Russia to Germany to America/UK and Colonies.

        That’s why all of our bank accounts can and will be seized.

        That’s why there are no death camps errected all over America.

        Thats why whites and Christians are not being demonized, discriminated againt based on our race and belief system “legally”.

        Thats why Marxist paramilitary outfits have not infiltrated America having massive stashes of military grade weapons all over our land.

        Thats why they don’t outright admit their desire to physically genocide us from our own, formerly Christian Universities.

        Thats why our military isn’t being set up for an ambush in the ME.

        That’s why there isn’t a domestic military force being errected in it’s wake controlled by the elite Jews.

        That’s why Obama was never trained by the Jews of the KGB.

        Pat, you “not seeing” what is plainly written on the wall doesn’t surprise me, but your thought that somehow no one over the IQ of koko the guerrila not seeing through your BS, is.

      2. With your high IQ, you might want to learn the difference between a guerrilla and a gorilla. Koko is a gorilla. And you misspelled guerrilla, at that. Fourth-graders know that.

      3. Pat

        thanks for the lesson. I suppose that makes your arguments correct and mine, wrong

        Hey guys, check it out. We found out the method, the tactic, the secret weapon to put a stake in the heart of the elite Jews.

        All we need to do, according to the brilliant Pat, is find a typo or spelling mistake of theirs. Then, and get this because this is what we have overlooked all along- we just need to critque them, showing them their error and WHAMMO- POOF, all of their beliefs, their points, their positions magically become incorrect and WE WIN!!

        Thanks Pat for giving us the cryptonite to defeat the enemy…

        God knows without your insight, we would be lost 🙂

  37. Yossi Gurvitz,When Israel Is Mighty

    A video showing the beauty of the Talmudic Jews thinking. If it ever happens, I hope it starts with the Zionist Christians. No bigger traitors and filth than them. There’s no excuse for their willful ignorance.

    1. Adam

      They are brainwashed but if they come to the truth of how- with forgiveness when they realize, not only will you gain an friend willing to die for you, you will gain the most lethally focused enemy of the elite “Jews” every known on this planet.

      Keep that in mind when you speak of them.

  38. The first reading from today’s Mass relates well to this article. The jewish elite have always been this way:

    Woe to those who plan iniquity,
    and work out evil on their couches;
    In the morning light they accomplish it
    when it lies within their power.
    They covet fields, and seize them;
    houses, and they take them;
    They cheat an owner of his house,
    a man of his inheritance.
    Therefore thus says the LORD:
    Behold, I am planning against this race an evil
    from which you shall not withdraw your necks;
    Nor shall you walk with head high,
    for it will be a time of evil. (Micah 1:2-3)

    This is the time of the jew’s greatest triumph, but just as Jesus said to them, “This is your hour, and the power of darkness” when he allowed himself to be arrested in the Garden of Gesthemane, but triumphed over them by means of his resurrection, so today the consolidation of jewish control of the world will ultimately be neutralized miraculously, specifically when the pope consecrates Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary as requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Look it up. It’s not just some fanatical theory.

    1. @Darrell

      Don’t know where you got that translation, Darrell, but neither the KJV, the Septuagint, nor the New Catholic Edition of the Holy Bible (translated from the Latin Vulgate) sets down Micah 1:2-3 as you claim, here. I didn’t bother looking further.

      Your ‘catholic’ church has become the ‘great whore that sitteth on many waters’ (Revelation 17:1, KJV), and is extolled even in the Protestant (little whore) churches in their Nicene Creed. The land of Palistine-cum-Israel has been described to me as the ‘little horn’ of Daniel 7:8. It certainly fits, and seems quite credible given today’s circumstances. You should get-the-hell out from under that spell of the papists, and out of those whoredoms, altogether. THAT is what the hierarchy feared of the disclosures of Martin Luther (but I certainly don’t think even HE understood the implications, at the time).

      The flow of money/blood from America, thru City of London, to Vatican, should give you a hint like a sledgehammer banging your head.

      1. Sorry, it’s Micah 2:1-3.
        And even though the modern Catholic Church has largely apostasized and in its weakness has come under the heel and control of the jewish ruling elite, it’s still the church that Christ founded upon the apostles with Peter at the head, and is the ark of salvation, with its sacraments and the fullness of truth in its doctrinal and moral teachings. See, e.g. for more clarification on this difficult but extremely important matter.

      2. I should have looked further, and should have known it was such a simple mistake! Apologies, sir.

  39. So, which will it be Dr Moon/Katsnelson? Are the Jews going to exterminate the Americans, or will it be the other way around? Or does the story go round and round and round? It wasn’t clear from your long comment. Jews hate everybody, everybody hates the Jews–and it goes on forever and ever. Is there no happy ending to this story? Is it all soooooo dark?

  40. The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

  41. What i want to state here it’s important for u all, since this mad jewish woman has revealed herself.

    I won’t do greater discourses, cause Aryan Gods don’t talk much, and I am not american, so I don’t need long rethoric.

    You will watch the following events realizing during the short future, in response to the jewish bitch and her impure, bastard race.

    – There is a Mission in the Party of God’s future: calpesting and destroying all the Zionist Entity, without leaving a stone in that shitty Jerusalem: we waited for this so long, and we prepared it carefully- the Guardian there is ready to burn them all in a hell, the dismantling has already begun. You can see it easily on the newspapers.

    – Without that impure piece of land, they won’ t be able to establish their Jew World: they are making place for them robbing space to palestinians, but that is completely vane: next step is the falling of Wall Street, the jewish whore, along with the IMF and all the other jew abominations, thanks to Russia, Cina and the BRICS bank of agreement. We worked on this too.

    – Iran is the Hand of the Sun Gods in this Mission: americans won’t have to face pain as the russians did: all is already on his way, and u all will be alive to see these words coming for true. Keep a close look on Iran, on Hezbollah, which will erase all Jerusalem, and on Russia, the real Emperor Who is Coming. Can Christ bless all the Sun believers.

    – We are the Aryans. We are the Fire of the Sun. We are the Creators of Civilizations. We are the true enemies of the bitch that wrote. People in this world cannot see us, but we are alive, and all that I wrote will be Reality soon in front of ur Eyes.


    The Sun Gods

  42. ‘Depression, that’s what you are suffering from, Ellka, deep, deep depression. To only think that you are seeking to ameliorate it by depending on external circumstances, and that on people who openly hate your race! You can’t exempt yourself from us. Ni vitis pejora fovens, proprium deserat ortum! And besides, never forget this: those whose great fortune has let loose their tongue, are soon chained with the common dregs. Are you a common dreg, Ellie? Are you? Do you really want to become one? Your fortune can be narrowed, you know that, don’t you, and instantly too. Get a grip on yourself. Why aren’t you in France? Julie said you have gone far, very, very far. I almost threatened her, but she swore she doesn’t know. She said you left at night and unannounced. I hope it’s only to change the climate. Stop this infatuation with the Internet. Those to whom you speak are shadows, A___ was right. By the way, why did you publish A___’s email to you? Shame on you! Has your sense of decency so abandoned you as to treat as public what is confidential and private? A___ was hurt, as was O___. Wherever you are, come to London soon, or we will come to M___.
    Good bye

    A note, left yesterday by my cousin N___ with my housekeeper in M___. Too uninterested and too far to collect it personally. May not be able to write again. Only Death will stop me though, or some other complete incapacitation. Not afraid. NOT AFRAID! NOT AFRAID! NOT AFRAID! NOT AFRAID! JAMAIS!

  43. Wowser! One article calls forth more lurid infighting, colossal amounts of nitpickitude, SO much religious gibberish! How’s this: this whole goddamned mess is based on religion. ALL of it. Most atheists leave others alone, never bothering to “push our creed down (others’) throats”. As in every other philosophy, it’s the rabid few who ruin it for the majority.

    As for people hopeful of a great awakening of the Amuccicun pipples—now you guys have a REAL sense of humor. Just take a look at the bovine goyim. Crashing malls, cars, diets, etc. and never once uttering anything that even remotely smacks of deliberate, cogetative thought. All most Americans can do is surge from pillar to post, wholly dependant upon which (pillar or post) has forwarded the most panic-provoking horsecrap on the almighty TV. Wake up? What happens when you wake up a cosmos full of morons? Yip-freakin’-eeeeeeeee.

    One of the core reasons that the Auld Planet is surging toward some ghastly Armagedden is population density. Period. Read Thomas Wolf’s essay “The Sink”. Contemplate a couple of easily-retrieved scenarios: a hieinously-overweight, middle-aged mother of many, leaving Walmaht with dozens of toys, hair bleached and hideous bulk stuffed into too-tight dungaree “shorts”, screeching maniacally at her brood, as she tries to ascend into a gigantic “SUV” which has never touched anything but dry pavement.

    Or, contemplate a pathetic “evangelical Christian” braying against the “crime” of aborting children who are: a) going to be raised as an avoidable nuisance, b) going to contribute to the clogged freeways in a decade or so, and, before that, c) be drug-laced gang members. Don’t believe me? Check the ethnicity of most abortions and then cross-reference that with the ivory-white Christians, bemoaning their elimination. Worse, and I mean FAR worse, are the evangelical dorks who worship Israel. Could you find a more pathelogically-warped example than that turgid fountain of tears, Glenn Beck?

    I doubt several things which many on this site seem to express hope or even certainty for, or about. One is (as I said above) anything like a Great Awakening and the other is any Nazi-like purge of the Jews. Just won’t happen.

    Chow all,

  44. Dear Ellie,

    ‘I was last night in intimate conversation with your housekeeper, Julie, and though she could not tell me the place where you had gone to, know that I have found out. You are in New Zealand, and did spend some days in Bora Bora and in Australia. We gave you the chance to return, but so far you have refused. I shall now break some news to you, which will not be good.

    ‘Seeing that you yourself have elected to live a life removed from ours, both in mind and in body, I have, as of midnight, charged N___ with the handling of your concerns, all of them. I decided to exercise this prerogative, because, as you know, no one except me can do this. I wish I could reserve for you more than we agreed in 2009. A___ R___ may have embarrassed us by leaving this world of his own will, but even he did not besmirch our name.

    ‘For the time being I wish to avoid your company, as does N___. Don’t be fretful, though, not a soul will lift their little finger on you. If in the very near future you give me sufficient proof of your improved conduct, that will give all of us hope for reconciliation. I myself want this to happen, although, strictly speaking, your very, very gloomy disagreeableness and disrespect for all of us gives me little hope that this will indeed happen.

    ‘I hate to say it, but no, for the time being do not come to London. L___ cried for two hours last night. She said you are mocking all of us, and, strange as it sounds, I agree, even if what you have done so far with the strangers on the Internet is nothing but a futile farce.

    ‘Remember: N___ will only be in charge of your affairs; he will not strip you of anything. Only I can do that, and I, though you have more than justified me, have not decided to do that. If you wish to go to Baden Baden, let me know, and I will leave the keys for you with Julie. In the mean time, I forbid you to speak on the Internet again. Do not ignore my warning.

    ‘Uncle E___’

    And that is that. Maybe I really am sick and I don’t know it. But uncle E___ has always been my favourite darling, and him I cannot offend. I know where I mistook: in being brutally honest and giving out my real name. But that’s just me, silly, silly, honest little me. Perhaps it would have been better to adopt some ”faceless, shadowy” pseudonym after all, like most of you. There is so, so much I want to say, but I do not want to commit any more injustices than I already have. Every attempt I have ever made in my life to make something good, has always come to an abrupt and unpleasant end. As I write this I have tears running down my face, because, honestly speaking, I don’t know if my farewell is to you or to me. Ignore everything I have said to you in the past weeks. I am utterly, utterly despicable, a total, total nothing. I am worth less than dirt. Uncle E___ and cousin N___ are right: treat my lines to you as nothing other than pathetic scribblings of an even more pathetic depressive. I thought I was bringing courage here. I thought I would embellish this space with fineness, but it seems to me that all I brought was offense and pain. But that’s probably because of what I have become: offensive and pained.

    In the end, though, I will say this. Be happy when you remember Him. You are good enough for Him. Don’t disown Him. And whenever your thoughts of Him come to you, do approach Him with slow steps and deep inwardly bows, for He died for you. Consider the suffering which He has made for you, and do not let His memory be turned upside down. Rob me, – please, please, please, please: ROB ME! – but do not rob your minds of a single thought of Him.

    From Lacepede Islands, with my will crushed,
    Ellie Dina Rothschild Katsnelson

    Goodbye. Goodbye.

    1. easy girl, easy … get a grip on yourself and how only 7 billion other people’s lives evolve on everyday basis.

      contact lasha, you two seem to be in some way birds of a feather.
      her friendship and support outweigh mountains of fiat paper, wills, titles, none valid, since for all its might humanity was only able to produce a couple of dozen subatomic particles in laboratory conditions.

      so how can anyone lay claim on chunks of cosmos?
      we don’t even own the air temporarily in our lungs.

      b-hawk’s ancestors had the right idea.
      and if there are jeers from detractors, ignore them, there is no replacement for doing the right thing.

      1. I agree lobro that the best of my ancestors had the right idea.

        What’s on my mind alot lately is the Great League of Peace brokered through the inspired efforts of Deganawidah and Hiawatha.

        For many years prior, because of their ferocity, outsiders called them the “iriakoiw”, an Algonquin word that meant “rattlesnakes”. You didn’t want to get on their bad side and NO ONE wanted to become one of their captives. Let’s just say that they could be as gruesome as shown by the worst of human behavior.

        But Peace finally came

        “A council fire for all the nations shall be kindled. It shall be lighted for the Cherokee and for the Wynadot. We will kindle it also for the seven nations living toward the sunrise, and for the nations that dwell toward the sunset. All shall receive the Great Law and labor together for the welfare of man

        Attributed to Deganawidah

        “Now we will speak again about him, Our Creator. He decided, ‘Above the world I have created . . . I will continue to look intently and to listen intently to the earth, when people direct their voices at me.’

        Let there be gratitude day and night for the happiness he has given us. He loves us, he who in the sky dwells. He gave us the means to set right that which divides us.”

        From Iroquois
        Thanksgiving ritual

        Soon thereafter came the Europeans. Timing’s a bitch.

        But the makings of right living planted a seed, if ever so briefly, and I like to think it’s one which can be planted again, when all the troubles are over.

        For spiritual well-being I favor a one-two punch of being in the wilderness and meditations on select NT Concordances. An unbeatable combo in my book.

        For physical well-being I’ll recommend smokin macanudos with Hezbollah fighters. Or any other true freedom fighters for that matter.

        Waku waku
        Alo kala

    2. Ellie, think in these terms:

      You have done enough to show your humanity and dispel doubts among many that your race is, comprehensively, out to destroy the world. (I, myself, never thought that, anyway; but many apparently do.)

      Listen to your uncle, E. You can do no good alienating yourself from your family as much as you can do good from within that situation to which you were born. Always, there will be those who envy and who are jealous of great wealth. Therefore, continue to act nobly, which doesn’t mean you must betray your family, for no one – neither Jew nor gentile – is hurt by noble character.

      Your relative who said ‘they will turn their backs on you’ was right, but that is not a circumstance peculiar to ANY race. Many of my own have turned their backs on the likes of myself, as well. The cohesive nature of your own race has been wrought from a will to survive, which is a will and need universally shared among all of us. So stick with your kind, and listen to the sage and caring advice of your dominant kinsman. You know in your heart who you are; and so does He who knows ALL hearts.

    3. @ Ellie Katsnelson

      Goodbye, Ellie! And take care. I wish you sincere luck in the novel you are writing and hope it will become an international bestseller when finally published.

      Allow me to say one thing in parting. Or rather, two things. First, that I like you very much as a person and feel we could have been good friends and kindred spirits, had we actually met in the so-called “real world”. (Actually, I’m not so sure it is real, but let that pass).

      Secondly, and more importantly, if we accept the major premise that you are who you claim to be, a fabulously rich member of the Rothschild family who is undergoing some kind of spiritual crisis brought on by ownership of excessive wealth, then be assured of one thing: that the Jews have won the 3000-year war against the bestial goyim and have now attained a position of absolute supremacy.

      You already knew this of course. But if you had any doubts before, they have been swept away by your short sojourn on this website. You have encountered here such incredible credulity, such infantile posturing, such paranoid impotence, that you need not fear that this degenerate race of semi-moronic apes without tails is ever going to get the better of you Jews! No way.

      Reflect, that the people you have been dealing with here are more intelligent and clued-up than the average member of the goyim lumpenproletariat. Many have graduated from universities. Some have doctorates. Yet even these, for all their superior knowledge, are mere children wandering in a maze of perplexities compared to the canny Jews.

      So you can rest assured that the rest of the goyim, the 99 percent who never read a book and believe everything they are told by the Jews in the Jew-owned media, haven’t the slightest chance of pogromizing the Jews or knocking them off their perch at any time in the foreseeable future.

      This is how I have finally come to see what the goyim are in relation to the Jews: they are like lambs being led to the slaughter. By and large, they are not even bleating. Because they remain blissfully unaware that they are Little Sheeple — or that any slaughterhouse awaits them.

      Listen to Aldous Huxley:

      “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

      Masters and Slaves. That’s what it all boils down to, Ellie. Oh, the exquisite irony! Here we have a world in which only our Jewish masters are fully aware of the fact that they are the masters … while their goyim slaves, the vast and spiritually myopic multitudes, remain chained to the delusion that it is they who are in control.

      The rest is silence.

      1. Whither credulity?

        “What I did on my summer vacation” 😉

        Lasha, you little devil’s advocate you. Nice job. From pillar to post, from stem to stern, you didn’t drop the ball.

        J. Swift’s got nuthin’ on you sistah. (Or whomever be the brilliant satirist. And don’t get me wrong. This is just me being tongue-in-cheek insofar as you being the author. I respect Dr. Green’s and others who’ve concluded it wasn’t you (hmmm, then again, you’re not biting your lip right about now, are you?) If I were the overseer of this site I would have welcomed with open arms a running script like this one, sent, say, via a personal e-mail)

        Yet all cleverness aside, and a work of ingenuity which passed the test in exceeding a lower echelon of “tongue-in-cheek” I might add, in the continuing awareness of our goyim predicament, crucial to the truth of our being God’s ACTUAL chosen considers what makes a cliche a cliche in their ability to stand the test of time. Specifically this, the one that withstands the test of faith:

        “The darkest hour is before the dawn”

      2. Lasha

        Their rule as “masters” is about to end. Ellie, if she is for real, ought to take the advise of Christ posted below. If what she presents here is true, she should go the whole way because her eternal soul is at stake while her physical presence is temporal.

        I hope you were not referencing me when you said we “are mere children wandering in a maze of perplexities compared to the canny Jews.” Or when you referred to all of us here as a “degenerate race of semi-moronic apes without tails” and then claiming the “Jews” as always superior. Are they crafty? Absolutely, but if this is the criteria one should use to measure nobility, then I want nothing to do with those who support his “Jew” world.

        The “Jew” is superior in selfishness- cruelty-destruction and theft.

        It is easy to put up a charade of nobility, of being nice and polite with good manners when one has wealth and comfort.

        It is difficult to keep ones nobility, manners and politeness when they are endlessly victimized by the crafty “Jew”.

        So, I reject your statements concerning the “Jews, and your judgments as it pertains to myself. Neither you or the elite Jews have the authority to judge my living soul because that is reserved for the great I AM or those appointed by him at the end of this age.

        With kind regards….

      3. “It is easy to put up a charade of nobility, of being nice and polite with good manners when one has wealth and comfort.”

        It’s far easier when you’re poor.
        As Jesus advised/instructed.

        That’s what religion really is, after all..
        The orders/instructions of God.

        No reshuffling, revising, rewriting, updating or accommodating so we might enjoy our tongues, genitals and vanity at the expense of other living beings.

      4. To clarify, because the quoted declaration is a bit confusing.

        Yes it is easier to put up a charade when rich rather than poor, but it is easier to not put up a charade when you’re poor.

        No need to explain why, is there?

      5. hp- no explanation needed. Same all over.

        Even the stories of Jesus were designed to keep the poor, who had a hard time being humble, from attacking and mutilating the rich.
        Render unto Caesar was wished by Caesar, and his writers….. not by the busted poor.

      6. Well look who they were, Pat.
        Look at who Jesus had to preach to, instruct!!

        Not exactly high school graduate equivalents, but I imagine they’d stack up well against the Huns, etc…

      7. HP

        Good points.

        When one is rich, they are a slave to their wealth-possessions. The more one has, the more a slave they become.

        When one is poor, it is much easier to not be attached to whatever possessions one has. Someone can steal something from them and it becomes easier to offer them more to steal-if they so wish.

        When one is rich, the charade of nobility is everywhere that acts as a mental shield against the desires of one’s conscience.

        When one is poor, all he or she has is his or her character that is bore through the fire of daily lifes tribulations.

        The rich hide their cruelty in polite company to keep up “appearences”.

        The poor must suffer the affects of those damaged, destroyed and demoralized around them.

        Thus, it is easy to live a temporal life of riches and not be mared by those around you- but the rewards that being poor offers outweigh all of the short lived comforts of wealth.

        If Ellie is being truthful, she is showing she still has a conscience and it bothers her- so I hold out hope for her.


        Believe it or not, the life of the poor is more rewarding than the life of the rich. When one does have wealth, they should use it to benefit those less fortunate. These people have the position and the power that goes with it to affect temporal change for the positive. Your relatives gained their wealth by way of murder, theft and destruction of their younger brother (whites/Europeans of Jacob). It will not last.

        If you want to maintain your wealth and conscience, you must do one of two things, the way I see it. You must use your position, your wealth, to help the victims of your relatives. If your relatives forbid it, take Christ’s advise and sell it all, give it to the victims and follow him (your conscience). You will always have food on the table and a roof over your head as you soon come to realize your new freedom is worth more than all of the gold on the planet.

      8. Pat

        You don’t have a clue.

        Render onto Caesar was speaking about the inscription on the coin. His coin. His money system, his jurisdiction for it was is seal of authority.

        So when Christ said, render onto Caesar was is Caesars and onto God’s what it God’s he was simply saying that if you’re under Ceasar’s jurisdiction, then give to him what is due him while also giving to God (the poor-widows, orphans etc) their due as well.

        It was a trap laid by the Esau “Jews” to see if they could catch Christ in his words and make him out to be an enemy of Rome but Christ saw through it and in typical fashion exposed their motives and stupidity in doing so.

      9. Correct. I do not have the clues. I threw the clues away in 1958.

        Clues are useless, not needed, once the facts are known.

        You still need the clues.

      10. Hi Lasha, jewish esther, and you still deny that you are a fucking tel aviv Jewess??

        Go screw yourself and your tribe and your ellies!

    4. Ellie

      Consider Luke 18:18

      18 And a certain ruler asked him, saying, Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? 19 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God. 20 Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother. 21 And he said, All these have I kept from my youth up. 22 Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me. 23 And when he heard this, he was very sorrowful: for he was very rich. 24 And when Jesus saw that he was very sorrowful, he said, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God! 25 For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

      Consider also

      Matthew 19:28

      28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. 30 But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.

      1. @Tryon Parsons That’s confusing… Whites/ Europeans of Jacob? Think you could enlighten me? Anyone? Preferably @Tyron

      2. AC

        Go through my posts. I have detailed this in responses to many people through the last 4 threads/articles especially. If you have any questions, give me your email and I will shoot you out an email to which you can send one back listing your questions and I will respond.

  45. @ Lasha Darkmoon: u really are pathetic like the jew bitch with mudblood. You made me smile, and it’s not easy for Gods to smile.

    Princess Elena De’ Giulio Claudii, Rome.

      1. HA!! With a handle like that, ya jus gotta smile.

        I’ll be Prince Caudius Patrick Julius de Aureleus Romulus Dionesius, the infamous profiteer, rather than prophet.

  46. @ Lasha Darkmoon

    ” . . . if you had any doubts before, they have been swept away by your short sojourn on this website. You have encountered here such incredible credulity, such infantile posturing, such paranoid impotence, that you need not fear that this degenerate race of semi-moronic apes without tails is ever going to get the better of you Jews!”

    I am disappointed with you, Ms Darkmoon. Am I to be included in this group of credulous and infantile posturers suffering from paranoid impotence that you claim is infesting your website? I thought you had a higher opinion of your posters. But here you are now stating that I belong to a “degenerate race of semi-moronic apes without tails”!

    This is unacceptable.

    1. Sorry if I upset you, Herr Doktor. Not intended. I value your input more than I can say. Your comments never fail to impress me by their wit and profundity.

    2. Dr Green – You are a great commenter.

      Most of the info here is satire, based on presumptions of facts.
      All information is buffered. No one here has flown to each reported location to tell us what actually happened. No one has actually sat in on the meetings of heads of states.
      All comments are opinions and interpretations and educated guesses.
      No one can insult me here. I have never met these folks personally, or had a beer with them. They don’t know me.
      Anything bad said about me here is a reflection on the commenter.

      You might want to consider that, and just have fun.

      1. No one can insult me here. I have never met these folks personally, or had a beer with them. They don’t know me.
        Anything bad said about me here is a reflection on the commenter.

        I detect a note of paranoia there. Have another beer!

      2. I must guzzle this one first, and pick up my shot glass. That’ll stave off the extreme paranoia.
        I appreciate the concern, though.
        Hugs, my dear. Seems you missed yours already today.

    3. I always have fun when i see people like her at 90 degree for the first jew who comes to bubble the paranoid demented ideas they have always caressed with Talmud… better for the unconscious to look at who is the real owner of the energy resources in a world that will need more and more energy in the next years

  47. how do i get unsatirized, google is no help.

    i must be the unfortunate chevalier who fell off his cheval into the vat of green froth in ellie wonka’s chocolate factory and got processed by oompa loompas, feeling unsteady …

    and i was going to ask miss ellie to swipe a few expensive cigars while packing her suitcase to exile.

    so is it all satire, your expellence, close but no cigar!?

    1. We can’t be SURE it’s “satire”. That’s only a THEORY. Pushed by Pat and a few others here. Most people take Ellie at FACE VALUE. They have no reason to doubt that Ellie is what she says she is.


      Talking of cigars, ask Montecristo. He’s named himself after a cigar! (Or maybe the cigar is named after him).

      Talking of cigars, I have a boyfriend who is into cigars. I’d like to buy him some cigars — the best in the world. If they’re expensive, I’ll buy him just one cigar. (It’s the thought that counts).

      So tell me, if you happen to know, what is the best and most expensive cigar in the world? — the Rolls Royce of cigars?

      1. not sure that the best is necessarily the most expensive.
        there is one rolled for english royalty, sold for something like 1400 pounds each.
        i was hoping ellie would steal a few for me and i could sell one to your boyfriend cheap, like gimme 5 bucks and a bottle of homemade hootch.

        me, i only like cohibas, the real deal from the partagas factories in cuba.
        cohiba siglo iv or v or vi, any one of those will do.
        there is one more expensive, called maduro v (cinquo), premium stuff, aged in honey for 5 years but i find it a tad overpowering.

        no disrespect to monty but montecristos are not quite up to cohiba quality.

        no there is a new monster called behika, top of the cohiba line, huge and very expensive, over $100 even in havana, somehow i don’t think it’s worth it, just a gimmick to lure in tourists.

        want to treat boyfriend right?
        take him to havana, give him tour of the old partagas factory, it is old havana magic, habana vieja.

        if you have connections, can buy factory stuff for about 3-5 dollars apiece, stolen from the rolling room (everyone from the top managers down are in on the scam – avoid street hawkers, selling total garbage), take him to the rooftop of hotel plaza where if lucky, a bartender named orlando (there are 2, i mean the mulatto guy) makes the world’s best mojitos and you can enjoy the view of the masonic architecture of the bacardi building across the street – doesn’t get spookier or more atmospheric than that.

        i am out of cigars and feeling distinctly grumpy, planning a quick trip there.
        havana may well be my favorite city, despite all discomforts and lack of civilized amenities, certainly in the top 3 on my list.

      2. there is this ancient tradition in the partagas rolling room, called “lectores de tabaco” (or something like that), goes back even to the days of slavery, just like the negro social clubs (eg, buenavista in havana).

        the rollers sit there, dreamily working their art while a reader delivers literary classics over the microphone.

        it is hot (no a/c), dusty/musty, smell of the world’s finest tobacco and wooden implements for pressing the puros into shape, big overhead fans … smoking allowed, naturally although most prefer cigarettes, would rather sell leftover cigars on the side.

        they say that by the retirement age, these rollers are among the most broadly educated people in the world, i guess on par with ellie’s hungarian philologist uncle.

      3. I always preferred Macanudo’s. A perfect touch of mildness without compromising tobacco integrity.

        Maybe it has to do with the tobacco aging in a cedar-lined room.

        I’ll look at it as being something about the “cedars of Lebanon” and Hezbollah.

        I hope those guys get to enjoy some fine cigars in between and during blowing away minions of the synagogue

      4. @ lobro

        Hey, thanks for all the cigar tips. Boy, you certainly know your cigars! Like I said to my boyfriend the other day, “A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.”

      5. On cigars. (Off topic)

        I know I shouldn’t reveal more about myself on this site than I ought to reveal, but I can’t resist, since the topic is cigars.

        I became quite an expert on cigars a few years ago when my then boyfriend, a billionaire cattle baron from Buenos Aires, first took me out for dinner to Claridges Hotel, one of the top 10 hotels in the world and London’s swankiest by far.

        After dinner we went to this bar in the hotel called the Mecanudo Fumoir that sold a vast array of the most expensive cigars in the world. My boyfriend purchased two cigars there that knocked him back a small fortune and I was allowed to smoke one later in the park. Splutter, splutter, cough, cough. Wasn’t used to it then!

        Yep, so I was groomed and corrupted to cigar smoking at that point by my evil Argentinian boyfriend. I used to smoke a cigar a week, rationing them strictly so as not to get addicted.

        Many rich Jews from New York would fly to London just to spend 1-2 weeks in Claridges. An older Jewish couple in their eighties were regular clients who used to visit every year and spend two weeks without ONCE stepping outside the hotel. I think they were called the Rubensteins but I can’t be sure. They would book one of the most exclusive suites on the top floor where the security was so tight that no street people could possibly find their way up there.

        I think the tariff at Claridges for the most expensive suites was £6000 a night each or £12000 for a couple (= $20,000). What would it cost these rich Jews to spend over 14 days if $20,000 was the basic rate per day, not including room service, extras, tips etc etc?

        You figure it out.

        Those were the days when I moved in high society. The Sultan of Brunei once complimented me on my hat in the lobby and asked me where he could buy a similar one for one of his wives.

        Now I am relatively poor and live a reclusive life in the country. I have stopped smoking cigars now … ah how I long for the depraved old days… the wine and the smoke and the all-night dancing! 🙂

        Alas, never again!

    2. ‘Ellie’ went away when I outed him as Alex Katsnelson(AK), a writer of The Tomorrow People. with the same plot as EK’s letters.

      We might even see some of our comments in the next season’s episodes.

      AK also wrote “A Sort of Homecoming” where the ultimate sacrifice is the culmination of episode 20:
      “Hillary is shocked and horrified at the Founders actions and turns against him. Acting out of her love for Stephen, she makes the ultimate sacrifice and places herself in the middle of an explosion that she hopes will kill Bathory with her.”

      All of us in the group for 3 decades or more could write the scripts and pick the characters by name.

      Uncle N____ was Nathan.
      Uncle E____ was Evelyn of the $700 trillion club fame.

      1. Well done Pat, for “outing” Ellie. Are you sure she was following the script of “The Tomorrow People” and was Alex Katsnelson? Couldn’t she just be another person, like yourself, who was familiar with the script?

      2. We shall never know that.
        But Asimov and Roddenberry and others could have done just as well.
        Also, if they could have written today, they could have used a software program to select a grade level of synonyms, say grade 30, not that they would need it, and have the more complicated words appear…voila!!

        It is fun, though.

      3. PS…

        Everyone chooses their own god and gods.

        For instance, this is true of all gods:
        The etymology of Brahman is uncertain. It is composed of legends, visions and numerous avatars.

        And no written records about Buddha have been found from his lifetime or some centuries thereafter.

      4. Thanks hp…

        Or…no god needed …if one is a Buddhist.
        The first Buddha wore out his welcome after 1000 years.
        The second Buddha became enlightened to the reasons for suffering in this world, and developed a godless way of becoming free from suffering. From that point he established the monist and godless philosophy of Buddhism, which became named after him.

      5. Sure Pat, but … Wow! Wore out His welcome!!?
        Well, Parasurama, perhaps..

        “Or…no god needed …if one is a Buddhist.”

        Yes, but whether the Buddhists knew it or not, He came free of charge, needed or not.
        Have you ever heard of anything so merciful?

        And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch, eh?

  48. I thought Lasha’s most recent comment was valuable, parody or not. It explains the rabid and harmless venting on this site and also nods toward the very same conclusions at which I have arrived: to wit—-the present degenerate state of the goyim gene-mass more or less permanently assures their servitude to the manipulative genius of the Jew-masters. This site does, however, have a monochromatic focus in that it overlooks the good that the soaring Hebraic mind has done. For every murderous communist, socialist, totalitarian kike, there is a brilliant musician, scientist, author, doctor, etc. The social, political and economic performance of the Jews is execrable, to be sure, but they have also advanced civilization. I used to think that the Jews’ major contributions to modernity were socialism/communism, Freudianism and filthy popular culture. Still do, in fact. But I also have to recognize the good the Jew has done.

    When you get people on this site braying about religion and especially about the inevitability of the next great, worldwide pogrom, then the site suffers. Pragmatism is the only true solution to the Jewish Problem. Toward that, I recommend, as always, that we goyim REJECT Jewish cultural/political/economic sedition, etc., while “cherry-picking” those Jewish advances wh/ are beneficial. Boycot but benefit.

    Simple and less wigged-out. Uberchristianity is just as repugnant as other brands of the Great Delusion. Boycot the Hebe’s sewage, and drop the pontification. Above all, ORGANIZE—it’s what the Hebraic termites do. Let’s return serve with a passing shot. 😀

    1. Great comment. All correct.
      You will have to look elsewhere for organization for your vision.
      Constant personal attacks stifle any organization here.
      This site is used for musing and venting only.

    2. Fearless, you have hit the nail on the head. So has Pat. I wish I was as smart as you guys. Not much hope, I guess, since women have smaller brains than men. That why I’m against God. Because he has discriminated against women by making them dumber. He’s a patriarchal chauvunist and anti-feminist!

      1. HA!! Correct.
        I am mad at him for designing me to have to use toilet paper. He let the rest of the animals off the hook!!

      2. Balthaza,

        You have a perfectly good brain. My question is why people “of faith” refuse to realize that “God” is made by man and in man’s image. How does any person of the three “peoples of the book” explain why there are over 40 recognized (and organized?) religions worldwide which recognize or deify DIFFERENT ENTITIES? Don’cha just LOVE the almost incessant babbling about the “one true god”? Being a fairly intelligent person and one who majored in anthropology, you get a perspective that not only places religions in their proper places as PRE-scientific ways of figuring things out—you also gain present-day perspective on the endless squabbling. The Jews are the paradigmatic example—they view ALL other people as “goyim” or cattle (if I got the definition correct). Talk about condescension and mountainous hubris. Toward the end of preserving their traits (including great intelligence) they practive endogamy and other vile social practices. They are also, quite possibly, the world’s greatest hypocrites. This latter failing goes hand-in-hand with their socialist beliefs. Others should willingly part with their hard-earned wealth and property—but just ask a Jew to do so.

        They want ever-larger government and ever-higher taxes, but they herniate themselves trying to avoid both. Add to that their utterly dispicable sense of “we-they” morality.

        For years I thought this was a serious site. I lamented Lasha’s fate (which I share) of being blocked by Kosher art dealers and their wish to buy and sell only the most “modern”, avante guard and iconoclastic art. I paint representational pictures. Only recently have I met sufficient goy gallery owners to sell a few. Over the span of time, however, I realized this site almost always goes into paroxysms of vented, impotent anger and paranoia. I just calmly recommend that we non-Jews practice what the Jews do. Boycott their filth, shout out (and down) their hypocrisy and point out the endless array of Liberal/socialist damages done to this country by their philosophy and governance.

        And finally, let us pick up the banner of the SDS (which was at least 400% Hebe, back in the day and protest everything Isreal does to “defend” itself and all the land/homesites it has stolen over the past 60 years. Now there is the sheerest pragmatism. And let’s cease the competitive bible thumping, fer cry-yie!!!!

        Time to start doing something. My first proposal, but sadly I lack the know-how, is to produce a video game, showing Isreal’s 6-decade-long theft of others’ lands, and then showing the apartheid and blitzkreig tactics of Israel. I’m sure it could be made more lurid (and historically-accurate) than some deviate Jewish “Grand Theft Auto” crapolas. Turn the tidal wave of Jewish slime back on them!!! By Zeus, it would make the Hebes have collective heart failure. ;-O ;-D

      3. @ Fearless Freddie

        [To Balthaza] “You have a perfectly good brain. My question is why people “of faith” refuse to realize that “God” is made by man and in man’s image.”

        From this condescending remark, which implies you have a better brain than mine and are willing to concede that I at least have some brain, I can only conclude you are a very clever person in your own estimation.

        So tell me, do you have any scientific proof of God’s non-existence? If so, please do tell me how you have arrived at the bizarre conclusion that something cannot exist only because you personally have never experienced it?

        I’m afraid all your condescension and cleverness is wasted upon me. Your real object is not to convince me of God’s non-existence, I realize, but to reinforce your own disbelief.

        Tell me: why can’t you rest content with disbelieving and keep your disbelief modestly to yoursef? Why this pathological need to infect everyone else with your disbelief? Sign of incipient psychosis, it seems to me. 🙂

      4. This comment doesn’t just apply to you, but to all the pathetic God deniers and Christ bashers on this site. I can’t help feeling why can’t they shut up and disbelieve in private? Why this pathological need to infect others with their disease?

        I believe, but I keep my belief private, not wishing to impose my belief on others. Not wishing to ram my belief down other people’s throats. How different you Christ haters and God bashers are! You simply cannot keep your mouths shut. You have to impose your disbelief on others, to ram your atheism down other people’s throats.

        So sick. So pathological. How I pity you for being so desperately insecure that you need to convert others to your atheism with an almost evangelical zeal.

        I see this as an early symptom of nihilism psychosis. Many nihilists go on to become serial killers. After all, why not — since you believe in nothing of any value? nothing meaningful or life-enhancing.

        You haven’t even got the sense to take Pascal’s wager. I wonder if you even know what it is.

      5. Great post, Balthaza. You’re on to something. You can add to that “glommy” and “innate inability to conceive a superior intelligence”. An intelligence so superior, it’s beyond the imagination of man. Make no image. They worship images, no matter how it’s sliced.

        A video game is the answer! Little problem there. There’s a host and a parasite in this world. We can’t all make brainwashing propaganda any more than we can have an economy doing eachother’s laundry. He thinks with images again. Images and image rule. Ivory tower mental masturbators always have the solutions for others to execute. They have great plans for other people’s money too.

        They (who call themselves jews) have never attempted to defy Yahweh’s curse on them to be parasites on the goyim (nations), the mechanics of which are spelled out in Genesis 4. Indeed they made an art and a science of it. Worshipping images makes it impossible to see these things.

        Blaise Pascal was a genius who was cracking seemingly eternal math mysteries when he was 10 years old. He gave up science to write Christian books saying “science has it’s limits, faith has no limits”. The scoffers have no clue what those limits of science are and can’t know that, either.

        True religions? I never see them attacking the fig leaf temple religions. Maybe, they’re indicators of what that true religion is, in that signature bass ackwards kinda way.

        What IS this test Pascal devised? I’d sure like to know what he knew, in my heart of hearts. Isaac Newton, too.

        Some of us can’t believe what we want. We can try, but it just won’t work out.

      6. @ Shirley Yewgeste

        On Pascal’s Wager

        The great philosopher-mathematician ingeniously concluded, using sheer logic alone, that if one had to take a bet on whether God existed or not, and if there was a 50/50 chance that God existed, then the smart operator would bet on his existence.

        This is based on the simple idea that if you bet that God existed, you couldn’t lose the bet. Because even if you were wrong and God didn’t exist, you’d be dead and in the realm of complete Nothingness — so you wouldn’t have to pay your debt!

        However, if you bet that God didn’t exist and he did, you’d be in trouble, wouldn’t you? Because you would have lost your bet. And you would have to answer to God for doubting his existence.

        That is the essence of Pascal’s Wager.

      7. Pascal wouldn’t have bothered to argue the toss with all these atheists. This is because he KNEW God existed from direct personal experience. At some stage in his life, on a particular evening, Pascal experienced an overwhelmingly intense mystical experience that left him in a daze for months.

        The experience lasted for about an hour.

        Pascal had experienced God directly — he had come into God’s presence and bathed in God’s supernatural light — and so there was no question of doubting his existence any more.

        Pascal wrote his experience down quickly on a piece of parchment and sewed it into his coat. It lay there next to his heart the rest of his life. Only on his death was the parchment discovered when his relatives examined his coat.

        The words are there for all to read. I have read a complete transcript of these moving words in Evelyn Underhill’s book, Mysticism.

        Pascal never argued with atheists after that. He would just smile gently and say, “The heart has its reasons…”

        Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît pas.” Loosely translated, “The heart has its reasons which reason itself cannot fathom. “

      8. Thanks, Homer. I knew that you were one of the few people on this site who would appreciate that story about Pascal.

        You must also know something else that most people here would probably scoff at: that it is not we who choose to believe in God, but it is God who chooses to let us believe in him.

    3. The only real civilization we are able to face, is the one given by Greek and Roman culture.

      Sorry, but the ‘ jews’ aren’t able to create Beauty or Civilization.

      1. of course not.
        it is due to natural clustering, a cohort of siblings and relations.

        beauty, symmetry, logic, balance, fairness, light, justice – truth.

        ugliness, discord, cacophony, exceptionalism, darkness, iniquity – lie.

        lie- kol kindre- jew.
        never created a single worthwhile, lasting work of art, painting, sculpture, musical composition, literature or architecture.

        like ezra pound said in usura (paraphrasing, too lazy to look up the exact wording) – usura just wants to sell art and sell it quickly.

      2. And demand tribute to them (usura) when you pay in installments

        And send out repo goons when you don’t

  49. Would you have a reference for In France, the beautiful Charlotte Corday pointed out that it was the Jews who had poisoned the mind of Marat; and thus, by extension, that they would soon go on to poison the soul of France with their deadly moral toxins. It is certainly food for thought.

  50. @ ruthie 🙂

    ok, the gauntlet is dropped, everybody is revealing their cigars including your billionaire ex-boyfriend.
    so let me put out this article on cigars, including ones that ellie may smoke, “chevaliers de fumo”, i suppose.

    it is true that i am quite partial to cuba and cubans, such a special nation, totally unique, in no small measure thanks to the sadistic us embargo of over 50 years.
    the sad thing about cuba is that it is a century behind.
    the happy thing about cuba is that it is a century behind – which given the freefall of the civilization in the last 50 years puts cuba several centuries better than the west-by-ziowest.

    for many generations, the finest tobacco in the world has been grown in pinar del rio province, the n/w end of the long banana-shaped cuban island and the epicenter, the mecca and lourdes of pinar del rio is a small town of san juan y martinez, where weathered criollos wear stetson hats, ride horses and everyone has a ubiquitous cigar, including the horses.
    nothing else grows there, only tobacco on carefully guarded and tended plantations, each plant hand reared and graded by inspectors patrolling with clipboards, different plants earmarked for different cuts, some grown in shaded stalls to preserve the silky texture of the leaf – the outside wrapper.
    these people know nothing else, only tobacco, like their forefathers.
    some specialize in drying, eg, around a lovely, scenic village of viñales, covered wooden racks exposed to just right wind, temperature and humidity of the valley.
    a plant grows for some years before reaching maturity, another ~6 months of drying, then is tightly packed into bales and stored for a period of up to 5 years before shipment to one of the factories (there is one just for fidel and his buddies and diplomats, the entire factory run by women who are supposed to be the best at it).

    gauging the type, quality and color of the leaf and sorting it into appropriate piles destined for one of 64 types of cigars made in partagas is the most important job in the entire chain, these people, with specially fine noses and color perception are said to be the national treasure.
    a roller must pass a stringent 9-month course, only about 60% make the grade and are the best paid non-party workers in the land, way better than the doctors.
    a skilled tabacero is given a small pile of selected leaves and told to output some 30 cigars of the given type on the particular day.
    of those 30, 10 don’t pass the inspection (shape, firmness, overall feel, breathability), so there you have it – 20/day.

    and then it is said that the time to light them is after about 14 months in a proper thermidor to let it age.

    you tell me where such a culture can be replicated in today’s “diverse”, fast-moving world with child slavery sweat shops and people jumping jobs for a $1/hr raise, not to mention the overall mental pollution after having had the “people” of talmud voiding their bowels into our wide open skulls.

    i don’t think so either.

    1. Cuba is a century behind so it can still sell sugar to the US and Britain at 4 cents a pound.
      Sugar is in every processed food and beverage.
      That’s why the US military and others fly-over of Cuba to get to other ‘communist’ and ‘terrorist’ countries. We can hit Cuba with bottle rockets from Key West.
      The food and liquor makers are the same bunch of Jews in the oil and money business. They need their profits.
      Castro was the puppet put in to run the country as he saw fit if he would deliver cheap sugar. If not…off with his head too.
      As corn syrup uses increases, the need for the Castros decreases.
      They will be gone for good one day.

    2. We can hit Cuba with bottle rockets from Key West.

      who is “We”?
      i think the whole story of goy enslavement is in this little question …

      and if you ever go there, the first thing you notice is the air free of jew stink.
      i relish it just for that, diesel fumes from ancient north korean trucks smell roses by comparison.
      enjoy it while it lasts.

      1. Forgot to mention.
        When I went to Cuba it smelled just like the other Caribe islands. Much like Jamaica and Puerto Rico. St Thomas and St Croix smelled a little fresher.

  51. This is what the elite “Jews” have in store for them concerning the death camps, the perfect storm that is about to commense upon America, the UK-Colonies.

    My comments in brackets at it applies at the end of this age.


    Idumea (is referencing the Esau “Jews” nation)
    The Nations (white/European Nations at the four corners of the earth formerly known as Christendom)
    The Eagles (White/Europeans of America)
    The Stars (Israelites/Judaites of America)
    Esau (“Jews”)
    Jacob (White/Europeans)
    Gentiles (Ethnic kinfolk-Israelites)
    Foreigners (Foreign Military Forces)
    Strangers (Aliens, immigrants etc, of a foreign race)
    JerUSAlem (America)


    1 The vision of Obdias. Thus saith the Lord God to Idumea (Esau “Jews”); I have heard a report from the Lord, and he has sent forth a message to the nations (White/European Nations). 2 Arise ye, and let us rise up against her to war (The invasion of modern “Israel”). 3 Behold, I have made thee (‘Jews”) small among the Gentiles (Israelites): thou art greatly dishonoured. The pride of thine heart has elated thee, dwelling [as thou dost] in the holes of the rocks, [as one that] exalts his habitation, saying in is heart, Who will bring me down to the ground? 4 If thou shouldest mount up as the eagle (White/European Americans), and if thou shouldest make thy nest among the stars (White/Israelites/Judaites), thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord. 5 If thieves came in to thee, or robbers by night, where wouldest thou have been cast away? would they not have stolen [just] enough for themselves? and if grape-gatherers went in to thee, would they not leave a gleaning? 6 How has Esau (“Jews”) been searched out, and [how] have his hidden things been detected? 7 They sent thee to thy coasts (Coast of “Israel”): all the men of thy covenant (White/European true Israelite/Judaites) have withstood thee; thine allies (America-UK-Colonies-EU) have prevailed against thee, they have set snares under thee: they have no understanding. 8 In that day, saith the Lord, I will destroy the wise men out of Idumea (Elite “Jews”), and understanding out of the mount of Esau (“Babylonian-Talmudic-Judaism). 9 And thy warriors from Thaeman shall be dismayed, to the end that man may be cut off from the mount of Esau (Israeli Army will fail). 10 Because of the slaughter and the sin [committed against] thy brother Jacob (White/European peoples), shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever. 11 From the day that thou stoodest in opposition [to him],(1776) in the days when foreigners were taking captive his forces (Coming up soon in the ME and America), and strangers (Illegal Alien floods) entered into his gates, and cast lots on Jerusalem (Cast lots to steal our property), thou also wast as one of them. 12 And thou shouldest not have looked on the day of thy brother in the day of strangers; nor shouldest thou have rejoiced against the children of Juda in the day of their destruction; neither shouldest thou have boasted in the day of [their] affliction. 13 Neither shouldest thou have gone into the gates of the people in the day of their troubles; nor yet shouldest thou have looked upon their gathering in the day of their destruction, nor shouldest thou have attacked their host in the day of their perishing. 14 Neither shouldest thou have stood at the opening of their passages, to destroy utterly those of them that were escaping; neither shouldest thou have shut up his fugitives in the day of affliction. 15 For the day of the Lord is near upon all the Gentiles (White/Europeans): as thou (The “Jews”) have done (to White/Europeans), so shall it be [done] to thee: thy recompense shall be returned on thine [own] head.

    Read the rest

  52. Not sure why, but it seems my comments are disappearing.
    Try as they might, the jew will never become a race and will only ever remain a RELIGION; a CULT. A group of people who ‘think’ a certain way and ‘act’ a certain way. There is no genetic marker for ‘jew’ just as there is no genetic marker for catholic. The anti ‘semitic’ rant so often put forth is just a smoke screen because the vast majority of jews in the world today are not semitic. They are northern/northeastern European decent. They are ashkenazi and khaazar. A ‘jew’ is one who embraces judaism, PERIOD. Or more succinctly, a jew is one who embraces a religion of pure evil, centered around an invented god and an invented history.
    Jesus was a Palestinian.

    1. Amerikagulag

      A Jew is defined by the “Jews” by maternal lineage. It is a genetic/race criteria they use, not “religious”. This started after their paternal line to Isaac was genocided by the Romans between 65 and 135 AD.

      The Ashkenaz are not northern European nor are they eastern white European. Most of the white people in Eastern Europe- especially the Baltic nations, the white Russians and Ukrainians are descended from the Vikings who rule the area in the mid to late first Millennium.

      The Ashkenaz are a turk/mongrel mix from japeth and not Shem who adopted Judaism around 800 AD mixing with the Esau remnant and then later to a degree with white/Europeans.

      Jesus was not a Palestinian. He was not Arab or “Jewish” (Esau). He was a white man described by 3 eyewitnesses in the Roman records as having red/blond hair and blue/grey eyes. Jesus looked much like a typical full-blooded Scot would look like today.

      Right before the Romans destroyed the temple and genocided the impostor “Jews” the few authentic Judaites left in the land who had followed “the way” left the region traveling into Europe where their northern tribal kinsfolk had flooded into between 600 and 100 BC making the pagan tribes of the Goths, Vandels, Franks, Visagoths, Lombardis, Celts, Saxons, Jutes etc etc etc.

      1. @Tyron Parsons

        My Roman Fathers descended from Anatolian Aryans. People coming from Volga in Russia. In Neolithic the italic populations from Caucasus- Volga established in Italy, Greece, Anatolia, u can trace the roots easily. Trojans in Anatolia, Latin- Faliscus, Sabines and Etruscans in Italy, Iones and Dorians in Greece.

        Then, came Roma, the Republic and Empire. Sun Gods, Sun Worshippers, as Catholicism still is- thanks to you, oh My Father, Emperor Constantine, great Mithraist, and the Sun Cult still is in the Sun Imagine of Christ after Resurrection; the Cross is nothing more than the Indoaryan svastika of the Indian and Persian people following Sun Religion of Mitra and Zoroaster.

        Then, in Rome, still we are. You call us Catholics, the truth is we still are following our Roman Ancestors’ religion, that of Sol Invictus Lord Apollo. It is represented as Christ, the galilean, but in reality it is the Sun.

        At those times, Galilee wasn’t inhabited by jews, but by roman legions, celts, persians, drusians. So we can say Christ is not a jew. The manipulators of the jews who infiltered the Church told Jesus was a Jew.


        As someone pointed out, there were the Judites, or Israelites of the North. The Germans, or better, the Goths, with all of their tribes.

        They entered in Caesar’s army very soon. The link between Romans and those Goths, was deep.

        In reality, Aryans aren’t blond, but like average persians, the Iranians or real Aryans, with longish faces, finest features, green eyes, sometimes hazelnut or light honey, and an olive complex. A Medish Race

        In Herodotus, III Book of Persia, it is stated that the Medo- Persians were called Aryans before the Queen and Priestess Medea, from Cholchis ( actual russian Georgia ) named them after her, when she married Jason in Athens.

        It is also written ‘ I am Darius, Great King. A Persian, son of a Persian. An Aryan, son of Aryans.’

        Those people generated the anatolic strand that created the Greeks, and my Roman Fathers.

        The meeting between Aryans and the North Israelites was very important.

        The pretorian guard of Nero, for example, was germanic. Nero was in Naples building a temple when Rome was burnt. He returned with his followers after three days, and found the city destroyed. We know this from Tacitus.

        Only a part of Rome wasn’t in the fire: the regio XIV. It was the regio inhabited by the Jews.

        It is said Nero persecuted Christians. It is a lie. He persecuted the Jews.

        Because if in that time, u would have told to a Roman that someone is dead and resurrected after 3 days, the Roman would have answered u that u were talking about the legend of Romulus, who died and ascended after 3 days in Heaven, in front of the Priestess of Vesta. Or he would have told u that u were talking about the religion of Mitra, of Attis, of Dyonisos, of Adonis, of Zoroaster, of Horus.

        U can check, how many Gods die and resurrect in the ancient world: it was the Aryan tale of the Sun.

        Also the Goths of Germanic tribes followed this religion: they worshipped Baldur, which is like Apollo in Rome and Greece.

        True Israelites have never been unloyal to Rome, or against the Sun Cult inherited by Catholic Church.

        They were their legions.

        The book of Roman Catholicism is the Gospel, based on ancient Persian Avestic and Greek Orphic texts. We don’t follow the Bible of ur ‘ King James’, it is heresy for us in Rome.

        Great Britain has been a jewish land very soon, starting from the fact the british kings were all in debt with jewish usurers.

        And Martin Luther was financed by the Jews, along with Calvin, the religion in USA now.

        The Jews wanted to separate the Germanic tribes from the Roman Tradition, from centuries and centuries of loyal services under the Emperors.

        Still now, in Germans’ DNA remains a strange recall of the relationship between them and the Roman- Italic people, and that’s the reason why so many of them say they can complain all the year about Italians, but they hid a secret melancholy in coming in Italy… i don’t know how much long this feeeling, based on a very ancient memory, will resist, considering the fact Germany is becoming more and more mongrelized by Turks and Arabs, and that is because of the Jewish Propaganda of the ‘ Absolute Evil’, which whom the Jews keep in ethernal slavery the Germanic mind, and soul, and push them to ‘ mongrelize’ as the unique way to ‘ clean’ their evil genes.

        All of this was done to separate them from Rome, as America was separated from Europe by the Jewish idea, and that’s why Americans came to destroy Europe in WWII.

        The Jews polluted our world- and now u Americans, with Gothic blood in ur veins in a lot of cases, are the result of this pollution: u keep the Bible in hand, not the Gospel. You worhip the Serpent god of the Jews, Seth, and not anymore the Sun God of the Aryans, Horus.

        Protestantism is a Jewish heresy.

        A cloud went on the nordics Israelites, for this treacherous plan of the eternally envious Jew.

        Rome lost the long- idealized and beloved friend and knight- servant, and had to replace it with Russians. Now is Putin who claimed the legacy of the Third Rome, along with the Aryan Iran. You can check the visits of the ayatollahs and of Putin to the Pope, and the fact Franciscus I has substituted the catholic inthronation formula with the orthodox one.

        Orthodoxes, with their churches so full of the recall of the Byzantine Emperors, recalls the Immortal Sun in every moment. That’s what i call the True Master Race. Building Civilization, not enslaving. Serving the People for developing evolution, not trying to kill their souls. That’s the difference between Aryans and Jews, between my Father Titus and their talmudic satanists.

        You Americans call us Roman Catholics pagans. We are proud to be. We are porud to follow Constantine the Great, what he established in Nicea 325. He was the real creator of Christianity, after all.

        Of course, in the moment we speak, the Aryan Spirit of the Great Sun Gods is resurfacing, u now call Apollo as Saint Michael, and it’s good in any case.

        This is assuring us that the Jew won’t win.

        The empious ‘ Israel’, where they wanted to build a controinitiatic temple against Saint Peter in Rome ( better called as the Temple of Jupiter Stator… the Basilik has been built on that old temple ), will be the grave of the Jews- the iniquous Jerusalem will be destroyed by the Army of Hezbollah, the Sciite Party of God, trained by Iranians.

        Scii’a is not different from the Zoroastrian Cults, it is not like the talmudic Sunnah. Check by urself, u will find Shi’a is based on the Sun ascension of Prince Alì cousin of Muhammad, killed by his enemies, the Jews.

        The sense of the ‘ Killing of the Sun’, means the Jews perverted all of the harmonius Aryan world for their benefits.

        But this time is time for payback.

        learn and study the real root of Christianity- u will find there is NO Judeo- Christianity, but only the Mithraic Sun Cult of the Aryans at the base.

        Princess Elena De’ Giulio Claudii

      2. @Cassandra

        I really appreciate your dialogue. A lot is learned therefrom.

        Let me tell you that whatever you propose is in vain. You are not of the fold – but you COULD be.

      3. Cassandra,

        My paternal lineage goes back to the King of the Goths when they had their Kingdom in Smolland, before the creation of the Scandinavian nations.

        All of the different racial and national groups you mention are descended from the northern tribes of Israel (with many of the southern tribes) who were captured by the Assyrians between 745 and 721 BC. Many of these tribes dispersed into Greece and later Rome, Carthage. Those of the tribe of Dan had left earlier into Europe and England during the civil war in Israel when it broke into two nations-Kingdom’s respectively (Israel and Judah).

        The reason the tribes were captured is because they were divorced due to their paganism they primarily adopted by way of the Canaanites who had fallen angel genetics in them and to whom they did not genocide when the great I AM told the Israelites to do so.

        I will not dispute the pagan nature of the RCC- this is obvious. Paganism is the worship of the fallen ones while Talmudism is worship of their chief.

        I do not dispute the sun of this solar system correspond to Christ for he is the physical manifestation of the Prime Creator and this solar system, earth and the adamic peoples are his creation in his image.

        The Sun travels through space with 12 planets (not 9, 8 or whatever they say today) spiraling behind her making the pattern of life behind it as everything in creation and in relation to itself and each-other is based on Pi. The Sun represents Christ as the 12 planets represent the 12 tribes of Israel/Jacob that literally represent life.

        The Prime Creator patterns all of physical reality, our body, our solar system, our earth, the seasons and even the universe after himself, his creation, his people and ultimately, his Kingdom come that is patterned after his Kingdom that is right now centered outside of this dimension.

        The pattern of life is a point with a circles around it. This is where the wedding ring tradition comes from as it is also is patterned after the penis and vagina that is used to make life here.

        We see this pattern in a DNA strand. We see this pattern in the Great Pyramid (that pointed to the time and place of the prime Creator’s coming). It is also the same pattern we see with Moses as he held the stick with a snake wrapped around it so if the Israelites looked at this symbol of life, they would be healed (shadowing Christ’s death on the Cross int he future).

        Here we see the image and pattern of Jesus Christ (the very definition of life) on the Cross, taking our sin upon himself as he was wrapped around the stick, the tree, the cross to redeem his people by way of his willful murder thus bring them (authentic Israelite stock) back into the fold by way of marrying his people again, after the resurrection, those whom he previously divorced.

        My ancestors when known later as the Vikings would extend their empire as far east and south as the Byzantine border, becoming their rulers personal guards.

        I agree with much of what you said about the heavy links between the Romans and Goths. I believe we are related, kinfolk and if you trace your lineage to the Aryans, I would say they were Semites, most likely left over from the northern tribes who went as far east as India before breaking away in mass, going through the Caucasian mountains and flooding into Europe proper (this branch) down the bowling ally that empties around Vilsek, Germany (where I was stationed years back).

        I agree with you about the basic genetic make up of the Khazar “Jews”- Ashkenaz, but they are from Japeth as proved in the Greek Septuagint (genesis 10:3) that was translated by pagan northern Israelites in Greece from Judaite priests of Levi, still in the land, just before they were taken away to Babylon for 70 years only to return and re-inhabit the land allowing Jesus to be born in accord with all prophesy (including the first given to Adam recorded in the Books of Eden that came out of Egypt with the Israelites.) Here is the first time in all history it is ever mentioned that the prime creator would come in man’s body and suffer all of the things Adam did at the hands of Satan and his fallen ones after his banishment from Eden (Where I believe is inside the earth.) Hence, the earth started with monotheism and then came paganism. After the flood there was a return to monotheism and then came paganism. Same in this earth age but this will change back again at the beginning of the next earth age when Christ returns to rule over the TRUE 12 tribes of Israel in Zion (Land of Israel).

        Asiatics are from Japeth. Blacks are from Ham. Whites are from Shem. (Egyptians- Israelites from Shem, Eber, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, that later making all of the Pagan white tribes and nations).

        Again, I agree with much of the history as you laid forth but I am neither Catholic or Protestant nor do I worship the “Jews” God or anyone elses false “Gods”.

        Whom I pray to is the great I AM/Jesus Christ (one in the same)- not “God”, not YHWH or Jehovah or any other false title or entity. He lives in me and his law is literally written in me and those related to me in our very hearts, minds, DNA- spirit/race.

        I do not pray to the Sun for that is simply patterned after Christ to bring one to the knowledge of the prime creator. It is a physical, material created thing of the creator and should not be worshiped as a “God” although if you do, that is your prerogative.

        The prime creator is who he is and I am his, being who I am, although I am in a pitiful-pathetic sinful state awaiting at the present, awaiting my day of deliverance and redemption.

        As for Rome (Vatican City Corp, the City of London Corp and DC/US Corp) all are slated for destruction and then their power will be transferred to “Israel” as they (the “Jews”) bring forth their Satanic “God” as if he is the prime Creator/Savior himself.

        My people with the backing of the prime creator’s power through the physical manifestation again of Jesus Christ will over take this apostasy as I AM WHO I AM planets his Kingdom on top of their fraud- thus every knee will bow and the “Jews” will bow to us, admitting that “God” loved us (Jacob) and not them (Esau),. This will mark the true beginning of the new earth age.

        Thank you for writing to me. I would like to keep an open dialog with you. Are you familiar with Anna Von Reitz by chance?

        With kind regards, Ty

    2. Amerikagulager

      wrong. Actual Jews are a turanic strang or tartaric- mongolids ( aka turkic, but NOT Khazars… Khazar is only the translation of the greek word Kaisares ( latin Caesares, german Kaiseren, russian Czar ), the name used by satrapies of Azerbaijan and Georgia loyal to the Byzantine Emperors… still today Atzeris call themselves Khazares ).

      The Ashkenazis come from Tartaria, and they served the Hittites, calling themselvs Avars or Ebers. Avars were a mongolic tribe.

      Going along the world, they collected genes from all the people in whch they needed to mimetize: they have also negroids markers.

      So they are asians, negroids, and semites, it is true. Mongrels, in a word. Not japhetingians, as Mr Parson said, because the japhetingians are the indoaryans or indoeuropeans.

      But for being aryan, u must be pure blood- and of course the jews are NOT.

      1. and of course this is why they want the unfamous Kalergy plan: they know that on pure races they cannot be accepted as ‘ masters’… pures don’t accept mongrels, simply.

        Trying to mongrelize the world is the only way they can build a world at their image.

  53. p.s: the title of Christ… King of the Kings… it is the ancient motto of the Roman Emperors of Orient, the Caesars of Constantinople.

    In greek it is ‘ basileus basileon basileuom basileuontos’. Translated is… ‘ king of king, emperor above the emperors’.

    This is the true root of Christianity. A Greek- Roman root.

  54. Two words about the relationship u ‘ protestants’ call ‘ the slavery of Rome’… just to show u why there was no slavery, but at the opposite…

    Prince Loewenstein published a marvellous work in 1934, “After Hitler’s Fall”.

    Here are some interesting extracts from the pages of this book — published in 1934:

    “This book deals with the idea and form of the coming Reich . . . For the New Germany for which we are fighting is founded on its mission of universal service . . . the beginning of the Reich . . . dates from the time when the Roman Empire united all the barbarous tribes . . . Hence the foundations are Roman and will remain so till the end of time . . . a unified worldwide Reich . . . those who fail to understand the real history of the Roman symbol are constantly misunderstanding its significance . . .the effects of which will appear anew in the future – “The Holy German-Roman Empire” . . . there is thus a fraternal relationship between the Roman and German state-ideas . . . young Germans enlisted in enormous numbers in the Roman legions . . . Even the Caesarean world empire was strongly participated by German forces; in Gaul, as well as in the East against Pompeius, Germans won the victories for the Roman eagles”.

    Note the direct link between Germany and Rome as Prince Loewenstein continues: “If only our voice could be joined with that of the Vatican and the nobility, which today forms the one point of stability in the general madness . . .not ‘Proletarians of all lands — unite!’ but ‘Catholics of all lands – unite!’ is the challenge that must precede the approaching Revolution in the West. This Protestantism was the real forerunner of atheism and is guilty of having forced millions out of the Christian community”.

    This was of course the vision of the German Prince Hubert Heinrich, a vision I, personally, cannot condivide, because it is NOT the sense of the Empire a Roman Prince can have. He needs balance, and he has not, and it’s the major problem with the Germans.

    But this can show u what i told u above- and confirm that Rome has never enslaved Israelites- the true ones, at least, but they were- and still they are- willing to live in the Roman System.

  55. Ellie the jewess has illusions of grandeur. Less than two generations ago she was living in a shtetl. The Jews are a band of Sheenies, rag pickers, and two bit con artists who lucked out at mid 1800’s but the Jewish Century is coming to an end and its a good thing the Israelis built that wall, so they can all go back to their shtetl. They’re glorified gypsies , you give them to much credit.

    1. Antisemitic bitch, shut up! u are Jew self-hater from Tel Aviv. It is u who are rag picker and sheenie. This is jew site and lasha is jew and u are help her making evil.

  56. Sorry …. but I’m simply not able to stand on line behind Lasha and all the rest of you in your eagerness to kiss Elka’s rear-end. Such a great writer, you say ?? BAH. Hajo Hermann (the Luftwaffe pilot) was a far greater writer with a much greater intellect, and he wasn’t even a writer !! Zane Grey and Louis Lamour and Victor Hugo and thousands of other goyim have put words together better than Ellka does or ever will. Jews like Elka have a pathological need to prove their superiority vis-a-vis the hated goyim, so it’s beyond me why you insist on feeding her foul jewish ego. Think of all the great future poets and writers that are being killed right now by the jews in their murderous Gaza rampage. Think of all the goyim that were starved and bombed and otherwise done to death by the jews and their war-mongering ways. How much potential was destroyed forever ??? Jews like Ellka have expressed their view that goyim aren’t fit to live, but that’s a rotten lie !! Rather it’s a sign of jewish inferiority that the only way that jews can prove their alleged superiority is by working incessantly for the extinction of goyim.

  57. This is a Jew wet dream. Think of all the schmucks beating off to this stupid porn fantasy. The matzoh head who wrote this can’t even keep the narrative voice straight because she wants to slobber over her torture porn from every angle.

    Americans – turn off the jewbox, get out of tvland and get real. More importantly, apply your chickenfat selves to acquiring the faith and morals of the Roman Catholic Church. Read the Roman Martyrology – pay particular attention to the young women in their teens (admittedly always the extreme element in any population).

  58. Pat, I like your line, “women need hugs and men need beer.”
    In the West Wyalong pub (NSW in Australia) they have a large framed copy of the original Carlton Draught advertisement. It explains that ugly women get “better looking” in proportion to the amount of beer you drink on any one night.
    The more beer I drink the better half my wives look and the better this Mistress Ellie appears! Instead of an ugly Jewish shrew, I started to see her as lustful and becoming!
    Does she whip you in the Death Camps? I keep thinking of lashings since Gilby gave me a suggestion to “tumble” Ellie and Lasha!
    She is a suitable diversion for the softer-minded of us and the pedantic-bound, pseudo-intellectuals who abound on this site.
    Meanwhile the filthy Jews are slaughtering Palestinians by the 100’s with their American-funded weapons and all our comments’ idots are thinking about is getting up Ellie’s skirt!
    Give the whorish bitch a rest! A long one!

    1. Carling will do for me. Drank a lot of it in Scotland.

      Mata Hari was very captivating when performing naked. She was executed fully clothed, like the criminal she was, looking more like Chaplin.

  59. well, i don’t have any nobility in my blood or anywhere else.
    all i know is that my grandpa joe (can’t say whether paternal or maternal or mossad will figure me out) was josef mengele, who as i was told as kid, worked as midnight porter at claridges hotel in london, where rich jewesses would book years in advance for $17,000 a night suites.
    to this day i have no idea why … wait, i just got an email from ellie, chat later.

    1. All in the very first glimpse of your Grandpa Joe it looked like he was filling a syringe. Contents of which are latest concoction developed by German genetic scientists in on-going research to find cure for that virulent disease known as “juditis”

      Reports are that among serum ingredients are extracts from the “wandering jew”, a plant discovered by pagan herbologists exploring in the hinterlands of territory “conquered” by German Wehrmacht.

      Hopes are for serum to act in manner similar to that of snake venim to be used as antidote for bite victims. Theory has it that equivalent treatment using “wandering jew” extracts will remove the “wandering” component and replace it with “stay-put” remedy.

      More news forthcoming from the hinterlands on mystical tie-in with mysterious Ark of the Covenant

      As ever, stay tuned

    1. does 85% qualify for “most” (iq<110)?

      Originally, “IQ” tests were created to be able to identify children who might need special education due to their retarded mental development (1). Binet’s test included varied questions and tasks. The tasks even included unwrapping a piece of candy and comparing the weights of different objects

      whatever the above means, i want my candy first …

    2. The Aussie Navy’s ‘anchor-clankers’ and ‘rope-chokers’ wear ‘top-siders’. Tennis shoes. Kids call ’em Nikes.

  60. Ellie Katsnelson,

    I, for one will not respond with words to your writings beyond this post. Most of the rest can wallow in their pseudo intellectualism while pleasuring their egos by listening to themselves speak.

    There will be no emotion given my being goyim by fate of birth and you being jew by fate of birth..

    There will be no compassion or distraction given you are female by fate of birth and my being male by fate of birth ..

    The only reaction will be an unemotional bullet through your jewish face splattering your brain out the back of your scull.

    Your army of private contractors at your employ and the assets you have provided them is not enough to protect you because we have been effectively trained to defeat them.

    My heart rate will barely rise for I have been trained at your expense in this unusual but now extremely useful skill set thus far wasted on innocent people. People who never threatened me or mine in any manner because I allowed myself to be duped by your lies. Far more of us with this training than your surveillance technology can glean have broken out of the programming to FINALLY know who the real target are. Far far far more. This is your biggest fear.

    Your stated Samson option is the only option available to you. We fully realize the risk with this threat, however the only other option you are forcing upon us is beyond acceptable. Deadly disgusting Jewish tyranny will end very soon and for good, one way or another.

    There will be no judgement of you for your history, there will be no judgement of me for my actions since all of that non-sense is a jewish created fraud to cause INACTION of the goyim and therefore protection of the jews..

    I will not even smile or rejoice at my accomplishment…. I will simply move on to the next jew, goyim minion protector, and goyim minion acting on your behalf. Our numbers are massive, your worst nightmare has already begun.

    1. they will never pull samson, too scared of instant payback and maybe not even able.

      no, they will scurry underground and reemerge with nose jobs and fake id’s preaching universal love and buddhism like all the longhairs from the 60s, reform and reformatted rabbis leading the love-in parades.

      judaism should be a capital offense because judaism is crime against humanity.

    2. @Lonnie

      What concerns me most about what you seem to believe is the ONLY (bloody) attitude to acquire is a consideration of the kind of society/world it begats. If I am consigned to live among those to whom I must constantly PROVE myself, I’m sure I’d quickly tire of it, and blood would flow – either theirs or mine. What pleasure would there be in living? What purpose? It would become a tyranny beside which the perceived (jew’s) tyranny would pale! Be careful in considering what you promote.

    3. gilbert, here lonnie makes the salient point:

      People who never threatened me or mine in any manner because I allowed myself to be duped by your lies. Far more of us with this training … have broken out of the programming to FINALLY know who the real target are.

      worth reflecting on.
      in fact, i have on more than one occasion said that if we can reach out to those on whom the jew relies to build, guard, maintain and run the gulag world, there goes jew’s power.

      i for one am willing to consider a world without war-mongers, war-profiteers, usurers and those who live the life of parasitic luxury fueled in its entirety by the human misery.
      yes, such a world does not appear as an utter catastrophe to me, pardon for disagreeing – or are we disagreeing?

      and consider the fat too, that you seem to live a somewhat sheltered life – for now – a farmer is as self sufficient as it is possible to be in today’s inter-connected and inter-dependent, mongrelized world, if you owe no debt to the usurer, you are currently untouchable – one of the very, very few non-jews who can afford the luxury of such aloofness.

      but also reflect on the use of “currently”, as in the old
      first they came for the dissenters and i said nothing because i am not a dissenter.

      yes, there are innocent jews and they by rights shouldn’t be calling themselves jews, anymore that there are innocent child rapists because to be jew is to be an evil-doer.
      BY DESIGN.
      and they know it and are making damn sure that we don’t.
      the time to jump out of the bus is before it flies off the cliff, not after.

      1. now it seems to me that ellie – and here i am only using the term ellie as a generic one, no idea whether she is a genuine article or a talented chameleon either way, jewess who renounces judaica or a goy pretending to be a jewess for dramatic effect, irrelevant – has decided to walk out on jewry.
        if this is the case, no way would i allow anyone to shoot her if i was in neighborhood.

        because this opens up the pandora’s box that you referred to gilbert.

      2. Duped into murdering innocents?
        Women, children, old men?

        “Duped” hardly seems sufficient..

      3. Lobro,

        The Pandora’s Box is perpetual murder. I don’t care whether it’s Jews or non-Jews, murder is murder. Yes, I am somewhat ‘sheltered’ (thank God!), but I haven’t been always. What a lot of people don’t seem to fathom is how much they can do without, i.e., how much they don’t NEED.

        Last night, I was watching a movie on television, and a commercial was aired for a new model Jaguar convertible. The price: $75,000. OR ‘only’ $799/mo. It amazes me that idiots would buy one, unless $75k is a non-issue. Once, about twenty years ago, I walked into the showroom of a Mercedes/Volvo dealer, to buy my wife a new car for her birthday. I commented to the salesman (who I knew) that the yellow 350SL ‘sure was a good-looking car!’ (I had an old ’72 250 SL which I had in college.). He told me he could ‘put me right in it’. (I think it was about $30,000 at the time.)

        He went on to say that Chase Manhattan FINANCED most of the ones he sold to doctors and lawyers, and they would finance it TEN YEARS. I was amazed at the stupidity of ‘professional’ goy, I didn’t buy one. I wouldn’t. But THAT kind of frivolity is what has gotten most of the [goy] in needless trouble – and they have no one to blame but THEMSELVES. (oh, btw, I went to another town and I bought her a new Honda Accord.)

        Yes, we CAN make a (peaceful!) difference. No use in all the talk of killing. Even if it were possible, it would never end, because it would do nothing but breed people addicted to slaughter.

    1. looking at this more carefully, an erratum is required.
      this was written by a hebrew speaking palestinian woman (i guess an israeli citizen) with sarcastic intent – hard to discern sometimes, especially for a complete outsider.

  61. @ Balthaza

    So it goes…I try and pay you a compliment and get it flung back in my face. So be it. No good deed goes unpunished. I don’t in any way condescend to anyone on this site. In most part, I agree with the feeling that international Jewry is reacting to its proven high(er?) intelligence by using it for evil. I also maintain, that we goyim have the power to stem this tsunami of pustulescent sludge. Don’t buy it or let our kids see it.

    Another point. Atheists as “pathetic”? Who’s condescending now? BTW, if people claim that there is a god, then upon whom lies the burden of proof?

    Anyway, all I’m really touting is a direct, pragmatic solution to the problems being caused by the Jews. Id est: boycott their published slime, support Palestine, call them out at every turn, and especially so their almost incessant hypocrisy. It’s a steep hill to climb, but one that is critical and nonetheless climbable.

    Nobody could really claim that Jews and their liberal cohorts have made it comfortable to see or proclaim conspiracies. To do so supposedly marks you as paranoid and naive. With the Jews, it’s neither—they do it all the time. It’s just when we point out the apparent solidarity and uniformity of the Left, that we catch Hell, being styled rubes and worse. So long have they inbued each other with their religious and worldly political aims, that for a Jew NOT to pursue these unspoken paths would be to set themselves up for any form of censure from their coreligionists. Examples abound: there’s a famous pre-schooler book by a Jewess entitled “Everyone Poops”. Even the Queen of England. Nice, eh? Then the great Cause goes on forever, in breeding a sense among goy children the need for cooperation, the unsurity of their day-to-day sense of well-being, feelings, etc. etc. etc. All the way up through the utterly destroyed, iconoclastic college courses, artwork, literature etc. It doesn’t seem coordinated, until you look at the ends toward which all these assaults on the Western canon are aimed. Goy liberals are the witting and willing handmaidens in this destruction.

    Darrel’s piece on Harold Rosenthal is absolutely critical. So, let’s not argue over various elements of Christianity; placing angels on the head of a pin does little, really. The Jews, after all, mock Christians as buffoons who have deified someone who may or may not, have been a rebbe, rabbi, or whatever. They deem us fools for this. It was either the gourd or the sandel, eh? 😀

    Let’s instead, give Hollywood a collective mooning, including all the extra-theatrical, computer-driven sewage. Boycott! Or sho¨ld I call it a “Goycott”?

    1. A boycott of anything would be a boycott of China, directly and by proxy. Nothing is made in Israel.

      1. Jews funded the communist revolution in China and they have not left their investment or handed it over to the Chinese. Nor did they relocate our entire manufacturing industry there OR sell them our military secrets “just for the hell of it”.

        In short, Jews run China too. Even Ray Charles can see that much.

    2. @ Fearless Freddie

      “Another point. Atheists as “pathetic”? Who’s condescending now? BTW, if people claim that there is a god, then upon whom lies the burden of proof?”

      No point arguing with you, FF. Since you miss my point. There is no burden of proof on the believer for the simple reason that the believer is not button-holing you and trying to ram his belief down your throat. The believer is quite unconcerned whether you believe or not.

      The burden of proof lies 100% with the disbeliever, since it is the disbeliever who is ranting and raving like a lunatic and is trying to impose his disbelief on the peaceable believer who would rather be left alone!

      It is the disbeliever, not the believer, who is the infernal PEST who refuses to SHUT UP!

      Can’t you get my point? I couldn’t care less whether you disbelieve or not. Nor am I anxious to convert you to belief. So why is the “burden” of proof on me to prove anything to you?

      There is no such obligation, since I am not concerned in proving to you or anyone else what cannot be proved and is beyond reason.

      Read Xanadu’s brilliant post about Pascal and try then, if you wish, to be be condescending to her! You pompous intellectuals certainly are pathetic! What are you arguing about in the first place?

      I believe. That’s it. And I am totally unconcerned if you’re an atheist. That’s your problem. Not mine.

      If it’s not a problem, why not shut up? Why keep squawking like a demented parrot, “THERE IS NO GOD! THERE IS NO GOD!”

      1. Balthaza,

        That is one of the best responses to these obnoxious fools I have read. You go, girl! 🙂

  62. There are NO ‘death’ camps coming to America. There is no proof of such action.

    The powers could not even do it to the Indians, and that was way before Twitter and cell cams. The best they could do is ‘life’ camps. Reservations.

    1. How can death camps be “coming” to America or anywhere else when we’re already campin out in a temporal world ANYWAY?

  63. Balthazar,

    Please note I’m not trying to ram anything down anyone’s throat. I do despair at all the religious postering hereon, because I believe it distracts the discussion from more timely or important things. I don’t believe you could tell me honestly, viewing the great arc of history that the “believers” have been harmless victims of the disbelievers. Did someone mention the Spanish Inquisition? 😀 It’s further to be noted that I don’t indulge in hysterics or name-calling. “SHUT UP” is liberalese for failing to make your point. Ask a lawyer, fer cryin’ out loud—if one claims there is a god—whichever one it is—and others say “prove it”, then THAT’S where the burden of proof lies. Simple enuff, I’d say (as would any lawyer worth their salt).

    As to boycotting China, Pat, it’s the revolting shyte pushed out of Hollywood—the vile media: movies and games alike, I’m talking about. Oh, and also the need for us to stand up and expose the lies of the “news” media. Although I am utterly repulsed by socialistas like Obama, the wacko Left has taken on something of a more realistic stance on Israel’s unending atrocities than buffoons like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, et al—-Christian Zionists to a man.

    Nuf sed.

    1. I knew what you meant. Sarcasm cannot be detected in my non-professional writings. Or anyone’s writing really. Inflections and intonations and sound volumes and smirks and winks are missing.

  64. Knowing Jews as I do, they always have an angle.

    So it would seem to me that the Jewess, Ellie Katsnelson, only cares about the backlash she fears on the back-end IF they fail to pull it (our genocide) off. And that’s why she’s speaking the truth, so those “good Jews” (who are non-existent, until their ship starts to sink) might be spared in the future. It would seem to me they have played this little act at least 109 times before.

    It’s a fair warning nonetheless, as they are clearly pushing us towards exactly what she describes.

      1. Perhaps, but he/she could have actually been the ever elusive “good” Jew. I say that now after having caught up on everything (I was late to the dance). I like to give the benefit of the doubt usually, but Jews have just about worn that out. Still, I would have been interested to hear more from “Ellie”, if we (and her Uncle) didn’t scare her away (giving that benefit of the doubt here for the moment). Otherwise, damn good writer, whoever it is!

      2. No one but the ‘real’ EK knows for sure.

        Even Francis Bacon wrote under the pseudonym of Shakespeare, because of politics.

      3. Scott

        Nice to see you again. You get your site up and running again? Have you given any thoughts toward creating a common law quorum where you live, reactivating Common Law Grand Juries? You know if you did, you could push for the real 13 Amendment to be enacted thus giving lawful grounds to arrest all dual citizens serving in Government (of which the elite Jews comprise about all of them).

        Here is a link to the Maine Grand Jury email alert site. Please make yourself familiar with the lawful orders to General Ham and the Hoint Chiefs (have to scroll down a bit), also the material given by Anna where she explains the mass restitution owed by the elite “Jews”, the British Crown, City of London “Jews” and the Vatican City Corp, to Americans.

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