The Elderly are the Lucky Ones, By John Kaminski



How can anybody who calls themselves a decent person support what the United States is doing, not just to unsuspecting innocents overseas, but to well meaning people inside America who have only tried to be good citizens and raise happy families. What have those people done wrong to merit such abusive treatment by those who are supposed to protect them?

There can be only one answer.  The USA is no longer run by Americans.

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81 thoughts to “The Elderly are the Lucky Ones, By John Kaminski”

  1. Good article. What Kaminski says is true. The world gets scarier by the day.

    I remember life in the old days. It was great. Houses were affordable for most people, rent was cheap if you couldn’t afford a house, and there were lots of jobs to choose from.

    It’s a grim situation now. I wouldn’t like to be young. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. Employment situation terrible. Student debt crippling. Girls becoming strippers and telephone prostitutes to pay their way through college.

    Yep, the Jews have had several more decades to make the world a bigger shithole than it was before. They are to blame. They are the ones who are responsible for the economy. And they are the ones, because of their stranglehold on the media and Hollywood and their promotion of the filthiest pornography, who are to be held responsible for the moral decay of the nation.

        1. You misunderstand me, hp. I’m not saying every single American, including myself and you, are slaves of the Jews. There are obviously many exceptions — resistance fighters like you and lobro who are aware of the nature of the Enemy.

          When I say “We are a nation in chains. The Jews have made us their slaves” I am speaking of America collectively. Is America under the Jewish yolk? Yes, it is.

          This is not to say that every single American is under the Jewish yolk.

        2. I know that Sardo. It’s just a habit I have.
          It must be obvious by now I don’t much care for absolutism in speech. Way too prevalent these days.

          Absolutism in my view has very very few material realities. In fact, I can only think of four absolutes which apply to absolutely every living entity, bar none. (all bad)

        3. “In fact, I can only think of four absolutes which apply to absolutely every living entity, bar none. (all bad)”

          Well, aren’t you going to tell us what they are?

        4. I already have, more than once.
          But since your italics insist, here are the four absolute 100% iron clad guarantees (all bad) for the lucky 100%.

          1) Birth
          3) Disease

        5. @ hp

          You forgot to mention the fourth absolute. Which I assume is death.

          Birth, old age, sickness, death: the four painful realities as taught by Gautama Buddha.

          But you mention a fifth absolute evil. What could that be?

          Is it “craving”?

        6. Yes Ruth, of course it’s death.
          BTW, the Vedas precede Buddha by, well, by practically forever..

          #5 is your own free will’s bestest choice.

        7. It would be interesting, telling, to hear a few #5’s from some folks here.

          Sardonicus? #5? Ruth? Any pet constants?

          Remember, this is a free one, doesn’t have to be (haha) bad.

        8. Yes, a good one.

          Bahulāśva: Śrīla Prabhupāda, how is it that they describe the soul, the impersonalists?

          Prabhupāda: Because they have no eyes to see. They say that “The body is finished. Now…” Gatākāśa potakāśa. They give the example, just like within the pot there is sky, and outside the pot there is sky and when the pot is broken, the within sky mixes with the outside sky.

          Bahulāśva: So we say that within the pot, or the body, there is consciousness, and that remains eternally individual.

          Prabhupāda: Yes. That is said by Kṛṣṇa. It is not our imagination.

        9. Ruth’s ‘craving’ (desire) is also good.

          “Other desire means material desire. Because we are spirit soul, our desires should be spiritual. Just like human being should desire like a human being, not like a dog. The… To desire like the dog, that is other desire, and to desire like a human being, that is real desire.

          Our philosophy does not teach to become desireless. That is not possible. Desire must be there.”

  2. The Achilles heel of these devils is the truth about 9/11. Look how doggedly they work to keep what really happened and WHO DID 9/11 suppressed. This is their weakest (contemporary) narrative which becomes the Mother of all Lies once people realize that the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is a Jewish lie. The rest of Jewish lies are visible once the smokescreen of 9/11 is removed. also known as

  3. The elderly aren’t lucky, they’re just too stupid to know they are slaves as well.

    I once read an article about some American WW2 vet who was killed by a nigger. It was pretty recent, actually. I couldn’t help but think that he deserved what he got.

    Is that “wrong” from a moral perspective? Maybe. After all, the American and British soldiers were merely pawns in the war. They weren’t making decisions and they weren’t the ones who started the war.

    But look at how German soldiers were treated by these same American and British soldiers. The “allies” actually had the nerve to “condemn” German soldiers for following orders! German soldiers were condemned AS SOLDIERS fighting for their own country! Because in the minds of those Judaized “allies,” the government of Germany was “evil.”

    Thus I condemn all “allied” soldiers for fighting for international jewry. They didn’t fight against their will, they signed up to go overseas and invade Europe and destroy Germany. If they themselves were not evil, then they were simply stupid, which is almost as bad.

    That WW2 vet helped destroy the Third Reich so decades down the road he could be killed by a nigger. I don’t call this poetic justice or anything, I call it nature taking its course.

    1. C’mon man. You actually saying there was no honor, individual and collective, at times between the Germans and American soldiers. No bravery, courage or patriotism.

      You’re full of baloney, dude.

      I know for a fact there was. And plenty of it. Yeah, the whole rotten war started and ended badly with a bunch of horror the entire time, but to say such a thing only shows what little you know.

      1. There was no patriotism on the part of the allied soldiers because they were fighting for international kikery, not their own people. Whether they thought they were fighting as patriots is irrelevant.

        Screw this moralizing bullshit. What the jews deserve is also what those who serve jews deserve. All those dead allied soldiers were just as guilty as the dead jews were.

        And this is the problem: if there’s ever going to be a revolution in the West (and there must be for Whites to take power back; the democratic system will NEVER allow a pro-White party to come to power, at least not a LEGITIMATE pro-White party) it’s going to involve the deaths of a lot of Judaized whites, namely liberals, socialists, antifa, communists, anarchists, etc.

        1. Who should I believe?
          Some big mouth kid or the Waffen SS themselves?

          There are plenty of German soldiers and Waffen SS, then and now, who would tell you you’re full of shit, sonny boy.

          I guess they’re all traitors and cowards, etc. as well.
          You gonna kill them too?

        2. @ hp

          I know what you’re saying and I agree with most of your posts, but I hope you don’t mind me saying that you have misunderstood SPQR.

          True, he uses crude language — throwing around words like “kike” and “nigger” unnecesarily — but I regard him an intelligent poster with a consistently coherent viewpoint to which I think you owe some tolerance and respect.

        1. He’s a rough diamond, hp, I’m sure he wouldn’t harm a fly. Unless it was a Jewish fly of course — then he’d swat it! 🙂

    2. German soldiers just happened to be fighting for the right side, but American soldiers thought the same thing. They were duped. Pawns as you say.

      But I take offense to your saying that that American vet deserved what he got. My 91-year old father is a ww2 vet and it chagrins me that he’ll never be able to accept the truth – like people I know that are utterly and indignantly outraged if you tell ’em 9/11 truth. These were fighting men first and foremost, no matter what the cause. Bravery, valor, is the bottom line, brother. Don’t forget it.

      You’re not distinguishing yourself well at all in my eyes, roman legionaire. And these eyes have seen alot. Consider YOUR self lucky not to be under MY command.

  4. As usual, Kaminski is worth the read. His eloquence is even readable for the relatively unlearned (like ME!) 🙂 One thing I have noticed, too, is that Jewry has cranked-up its
    holohoax whining – I even heard some wench named “Jacobson” (Anne??) being interviewed on NPR the other night concerning her new book about how “awful” it is/was that the U.S. employed former Nazi scientists, e.g., uncle Werner-the-Rocket-Scientist, after WW2. They keep on slingin’ the mud!

    Way to go, John Kaminski! You have plugged away at it until people are TAKING NOTICE!!!

  5. Folks,

    the achilles heal of the “Jews” and “Israelis” is the fact that they are not judah or Israel of the biblical fame.

    Demographics is reality.

    1.Today, America has around 300 million people. 200 million or so are white European.
    2. Out of that 200 million 80% (160 million) or more identify as one type of Christian or another.
    3. Of the 300 million of all races in America, some 240 million identify as one type of Christian or another.
    4. Of the 100 million non white European Christians and 140 million white European Christians, 20% are rabid Zionists, 60% are partially Judaized believing the “Jews” identity theft (god’s chosen etc), 20% don’t find “Jews” special (Church is Israel and “Jews” are not Chosen) and of that last 20%- about 5 million white Christians and non white Christians know what others and myself know about these racial and spiritual impostors.
    5. Only 55 million of all races that are Christian attend those Corporation Churches regularly. This leaves about 225 million not under direct control of the Churches who have mostly sold out to the “Jew”.
    6. Of the 300 million Americans, only some 60 million Americans are non Christian and if that number there are only about 2 million are Atheists.
    7. So, if one wants to target the “Jews” power structure and have the people turn against this tyranny, do we target the 60 million non Christian or the 240 million Christians?

    Hence, if one wants to change public opinion concerning “Jewish” power:

    1. We know we cannot count on the nobel inclinations of the “Jews” when presented with the truth
    2. We cannot count of illegal invaders to come to our cause because the “Jews” control them.
    3. We cannot count on other minority Christians in America to stand up to the “Jews” because they are being advanced against White/European interests.
    4. We can only count on white/Europeans, especially the white Christians to push for this change and the only way that will happen is if we taylor our message about the jews identity theft toward them specifically, but not exclusively.

    So if you are white or not, Christian or not, we all have one thing in common, especially here in America- we must BREAK JEWISH POWER. The Jews stranglehold over this nation MUST BE BROKE because if it isn’t, we ALL go down.

    The solution then is this, tell everyone, especially Christian folks that the “Jews” are NOT Judah and Israel of biblical fame, for in doing so, you will awaken a sleeping giant who when in realization of his utter betrayal– his planned genocide by those he thought were his “best friends”, there will be NO stopping the righteous anger and total resolve in rectifying of the present situation.

    It matters not if you are Atheist, Secularist, Agnostic or something else. What matters is you know that claim of these Ashkenaz and Sephardics is a FRAUD and that you deliver these truths, especially to the majority stock and belief system in this nation.

  6. to my dearest friends and (elder) brothers jews:

    i’ve been called a holocaust denier so many times that i lost even the approximate count.

    so i want to do an about 180 degree turn and say the following:
    i got nothing against holocaust.

    happy now?

    1. I was a holocaust denier before it was cool. Before it was even deniable..
      Way before the majority of most of these neo-nationalists were even born.

      Too bad because they might have had the chance to talk with some real men.
      Men who were there, in lieu of second hand reporters, journalists, fantasists and the like..

      I get it about the Jews, Satanists, Talmudists, traitors, etc.
      What is it they don’t get about others who who are different, but the same?

      All holocaust deniers are created equally, but..

  7. Like Lasha’s great writings and their identification of us putridly ignorant, slave-like Goyim, existing ant-like “under Jewish rule”, John Kaminski is spot on! A brilliant piece.
    He says what I have been saying (alone) since the mid 1970’s: “The Jews have dominated and polluted every aspect of the life of the world.” Emphasis here should be upon the word EVERY; as the TOTAL Jewish PARADIGM OF HUMAN DESTRUCTION is how nearly all of us view and interpret the world. Doris Lessing was correct when she said of our Marx-inated (Jewish) world that: “To watch the daily news is to think you live in a lunatic asylum.” She explained that most of us now think like little children, controlled by the slogans, bleatings and false accusations of our Masters. One has only to watch the Ellen Degenerate (Degeneres) show to watch a lunatic, dancing lesbian lead her ladies’ audience up the aisles into feminist-lesso mysticism and debauchery and the inevitable destruction bequeathed by its typical Jewish producers/directors. Or, see any of the homosexual Jew, Darren Star’s filthy, perverted creations. eg. Good Christian Bitches, Sex and the City. And then you’ve got the whorish, filthy Jewess, Pink, getting f**^*d by her body double whilst keeping up the most abysmal of gyrating, lesbian LERV embraces. And the Jewish band, KISS, keeps coming back for more money, with its evil frontman, Gene Simmons, keeping up his boast that he has “bedded over 1,000 (Goyim) women.” And Madonna and the latest diabolical Hollywood creation, Miley Cyrus, lolling about centre-stage together, both with their tongues hanging out at full stretch. And then there is the evil stench of Obama and his nearly ALL JEWISH administration! These criminals bleed the ignorant taxpayers dry with their donations to themselves and their beloved Israel.
    The FULL PACKAGE offers the total surrender of the Goyim and the destruction of the WHITE race.
    I have no doubt that the Jew will soon combine with the Chinese and put the USA and its foreign tentacles in irons.
    And ye Americans, just like the Romans, ye have none other than yourselves to blame! You refused to heed the words of your Founding Fathers about the rise of the Jews and the imminent DEATH of your Republic!
    Perhaps all WHITIES should commence the retreat to the Norse countries; perhaps even Russia. Perhaps the recent revival of the National Front in France is an omen. Who knows? (Yes, I know of the Jewish oligarchs of Russia who rose during the 1917 Revolution and stiil control Russia today – so it is a world-wide problem.)

  8. How damn easy it is to picture all 16 of these evil crud strung up on gallows in Nuremburg. It does my heart good. These are the perfect examples of easily identifiable traitors to our country. We will do it the best way – Bring them up on charges. Try them. Convict them. And hang them.

    For one thing, restoring sight to the American blind has to continue to be the goal . But how do you tell people the’re about to be hit upside the head with a 2×4 without it actually happening? We need a miracle, and we have to believe in them, but not just waiting around for pie in the sky. I have faith that each of us will find a way that contributes to its destruction, and that can come in many forms.

    And don’t forget, as a needed booster to reading Kaminski, there are things going on in the subtle realms offering great encouragement, which of course is the key word.

    Embrace it all.

  9. Except for SPQR and maybe a couple others few of you seem to except what really must be done here to the jews.

    Ok, thats fine. Just so I know… what exactly is the plan to stop this again?

    What I’m getting so far is us jew wise are going to talk with each other online posting little tid bits of jewish history etc. and occasionally argue over it. I’m guessing the hope is the sheeple who might be waking up to this jewish problem may be searching around looking to confirm their suspicions and we will have done our bit by chatting away for them to hopefully find it and get on board to do same.

    Is that the plan? Just so I know and can with the program.

    1. 99% of WN/NS rhetoric on the web is venting, even if that venting is 100% true and accurate.

      It’s no different with me. The internet is basically just a ghetto for us. Let’s not fool ourselves.

      There’s no sense in looking at sites like this for a plan. There isn’t any, and there most likely won’t be any in the near future.

      I have no faith in the democratic process in any European nation. True nationalist parties will be outlawed by the jew-tools, leaving only the false opposition parties like Right Sector, National Front, and basically every English right-wing party.

      Make no mistake, for Whites to regain their freedom and self-determination, the streets of European cities are going to be flooded with blood. Ours and theirs. Don’t think for one moment any true nationalist party can peacefully come to power today.

      Do Whites have the balls to do this? Furthermore do we have anyone willing to lead to the way? Someone who had the intellect, charisma, oratory skills, and philosophical grounding that Hitler had? I don’t know.

      1. You speak of Hitler’s philosophical grounding and triumph of the will and that’s all well and good. His emergence on the World stage certainly marks the quintessence of what can be accomplished with the power of mind. But to what degree was Hitler’s true vision carried out? (notwithstanding decisions pertaining to military tactics – and I’m almost convinced Bormann was a traitor who mucked things up big time)

        You come on here with your “einsatzgruppen” comment, but this was no State Directive of NS policy (the “State” being Hitler himself. Although in criticism of der fuhrer, I always had a problem with some of his choices of delegation. Himmler comes to mind) When the war was forced on Germany, the power of will PER HIS VISION was of course put to its greatest test. It was inevitable that emotions would get the better of some SS men, especially seeing as they were outside the command of the Wehrmacht, whose impeccable sense of honor and discipline are unsurpassed in the annals of history.

        My advice to you is to purport yourself as one of them, soldier. Trust in the kind of leadership that comes from THOSE commanding officers. Not in that of renegades who take it upon themselves to administer their short-sighted brand of vigilante justice.

        1. make that “comport yourself as one of them”

          it bothers me when I miss a word check like that. Must come from my writing teacher’s emphasis on “mot juste”.

        2. Brownhawk, here I cannot help much to undertsand at the moment, but I think there are some revisionist book on “Einsatzgruppen”. In the East, there was a cruel war of partisans often driven by likely jewish commissars (at least they (NKVD) had been there before the Wehrmacht came) and I think military police units, SS and Einsatzgruppen were responsible for securing the back-areas and transport of supplies. Many of them were recruited in the Balics and former Soviet occupied areas, also Ukraine and Cossacks were mentioned.. One thing is Stalins order of torched earth, and “torch-men-order” or similar.

        3. I’ll admit to be maybe presuming too much of the particulars from those days. It’s just the way I express it is telling the reader, “ok, what about this?” in matters where NO ONE knows the full Truth. That’s the beauty of creative thinking. But I think I made the point I wanted to make with my use of the word “einsatzgruppen”

          You throw it out there, and sometimes I think we underestimate how much we know, but now we’re coming out from under this spell. It is breaking and now it’s starting to all break loose.

          These are the Times my friends. Brace for the storm with the truth you know you possess. The only power you need.

        4. Brownhawk,

          What religion were you brought up in? Do you believe in Something? Just curious.

        5. Yes Brownhawk, i just wanted to describe the other meaning of the word “Einsatzgruppen”. That is not all clear to me what really happened.
          As you mention “triumph of the will” – that must have been an important point, if i consider some speeches until Josef Goebbels declaring: we are going into the war like into a divine service (if that is translated correct) speaking of faith also. The mottoes of the Reichsparteitage (those big ceremonial days of the NS-party every year) sum up what the ideology was.

    2. We enjoy your posts, Lonnie. You have much to say that is true and that engages our emotions. Ditto with SPQR. The only thing that gets on our nerves slightly is the repitition.

      No point repeating the same thing again and again, is there? We get the message. Jews bad. We need to organize and take action. Point granted. No need to keep harping on about it.

      As for the organized action we need to take, you don’t spell it out, do you? What do you expect us to do? Go out and start shooting people in shopping malls?

      1. SPQR is right. All you can do on the internet is “chat”. Even chatting is reckless and stupid if you’re advocating violence. Because everything you say online is read by the spooks who, if necessary, can track you down and punish you severely for seditious speech and plotting revolution.

        1. The only way to mount a successful revolution is NOT to talk about it online.

        1. Some where along the way you closed off some of your mind. Just so you know, you’re gonna need as much of it as you can get your hands on if your thinking keeps you too trapped in this reality.

          The things you don’t know.

        2. Lonnie, I’ll tell you a story.

          My mother’s ancestors were Iroquois people from the Oneida Nation in present-day N. Central New York. They fought with the colonists in the Revolution. Other nations fought on the British side, and I was happy to learn that my people were on the right side of this conflict. So imagine the irony of my own father fighting in Patton’s army in WW2. But like I said in an earlier post, as misguided as soldiers can become, the fighting spirit is what counts for me.

          And you wanna know something? Guess who those ancestors of American colonists and Oneida Iroquois were the forerunners of? If you said the present-day militiamen then dingdingdingdingding, give that man a nice fat cigar!

          So in response to lobro’s entreaty to put internecine squabbles aside, it could be said that you and I are brothers in arms, OK? Yet, squabbles are inevitabe. and should be in the forms of constructive criticism.

          The bottom line is that we’re both doing our due diligence. But like my grandmother use to say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. (as in wildcat of course HA!)

  10. putting an end to jew terror requires discipline and starts with self-discipline, otherwise no point talking about it.
    some rules of restraint to follow:
    1. avoid all contact with jews, their products and influence, especially the latter, ie, entertainment, food (from manufacture to retail, nothing kosher nor owned by them, because i am sure they are poisoning supplies), pharmaceuticals, education, academic papers and advice, fake science of psychology,
    2. avoid all contact with anyone who does not heartily and healthily loathe jews and their works – otherwise they could be cryptos or shabbos,
    3. avoid debt, the slavery to shylock,
    4. never accept anyone’s opinion if you are too lazy to form your own, based on what your senses and sense tell you,
    5. avoid any involvement with politics and fake community initiatives, cancer marches, protests, #occupy bs, petitions, …
    6. sound out the likely prospects for small, tight knit rebel cells, constantly screening and checking for infiltrators, often the most gung ho are the ones to suspect first of either betrayal or stupidity, not much difference.

    in short, a judenfrei personal life to start.
    until then, no right preaching to others.

    1. well said, lobro.

      I agree, “politics” per se. But as I alluded to per Tyron Parson’s info, the existence of the grand jury system looks to be the one area where any political participation would be warranted. Granted, turning people’s minds around in efforts at showing them where their true power lies, and then acting on it with a base of strength in numbers represents a daunting challenge, but as the old refrain goes, “what have got to lose except everything you hold dear?”

        1. Don’t get caught up in the diction I use.

          All I meant was that you’d be choosing to involve yourself in actions whose intent is to work towards wresting power from its usurpers. Same thing you purport to be doing. You are simply misreading me.

    2. the computers we’re using right now are jewish, extremely difficult to get 100% away from them when they control just about everything.

      Jobs, Dell & Gates come to mind.

      Your points are well taken and applied as much as possible.

  11. Ruth,

    Repetition DOES work. Look around you.

    And I don’t believe for one second any of you are planning a damn thing whether talking about it online or not, or thinking about it or not.

    The only thing that gets on my nerves slightly is KNOWING few to little of you are planning on doing anything. Your not only making that clear to them, your making it clear to guys like me and SPQR.

    Are YOU getting the point yet?

    No one is saying you should talk about it, but you should damn well be seriously planning for it. I’d place money on ya Ruth. Not trying to offend you but I would. Its a hard truth to face isn’t it?

    1. No, you don’t offend me Lonnie, nor does anything you have to say. It’s just that I think you’re totally impractical.

      I’ve read JB Campbell and I think he’s an original and interesting writer, but nothing he’s ever said has made the slightest bit of difference in helping to change the world.

      It’s the people who do, not the people who talk, who change the world. The people who talk revolution are just the eggers-on. That’s what you and Campbell are: eggers-on.

      1. The most the talkers can do is change perceptions. The Jews have always been the greatest talkers. Which is how they have changed the perceptions of the world and produced, in North America at any rate, an increasingly “Jewfied” world view. Most people in America and Canada now think like Jews, so persuading them to revolutionary action is going to be an uphill task.

        Ever tried to persuade a cow to be less bovine or a sheep to be less sheeplike?

      2. No, egger’s on are people who will not fight with you.

        You do not understand JB if you think the world is not one bit different because of what he says. Many people have realized from his writings the futility of just posting online. Many people from his writings have realized there is only one way to ultimately stop this.

        Many people from his writings ARE planning and some ARE acting.
        If you fully realized what he’s saying you would know that because you would be living it.

        1. Is that right? What kind of change do you think you’re effecting?

          You can’t presume that just because people like me talk alot on this site, and I’m a writer so that’s what I do, are not “effecting change” in ways you don’t understand. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and you act all high and mighty telling us that yours are special tactics that we all should be aspiring to, when in fact you’re clueless to how the battles are being fought all around you.

          Glad to hear you’re sticken around, because we ain’t SEEN nothin yet.

          That’s why they call it “apocalypse” (epoch ellipse)

          epoch: “a particular period of history, esp one that is characteristic or memorable” (Gk epokhe; pause)” That’s a no-brainer, but there’s that Greek, “pause” to consider. but here’s where it gets really interesting

          ellipse: “a plane curve formed by the locus of points the sum of the distances of each of which from two fixed points is the same constant”

          elliptic, or elliptical: “Of, pertaining to, or having the shape of an ellipse. (Gk elleiptikos; defective)”

          roll all that around for awhile and see what you come up with.

    2. Constant REPETITION is the very successful brainwashing tool of the Jews! Eg: Watch American Pie movies (with their Jewish Schmucks) long enough and you see all college girls as fair bait – to be creampied, photographed, videoed and abused.
      Such is the way of the Talmud which also legitimates paedophilia. And watch a Jewish produced series of programs on the FOX channel “E” (in Australia)and, as one Jewish voice-over said: “Parents, here are your little, darling college girls spending your savings in a holiday/student, term-break resort in Mexico.” … The picture scans to a resort bedroom where 4 college girls have their legs wide open using dildos, etc.
      Ruth Bernstein, etc are correct. What I am writing now is being scrutinised by the spooks! They control all communications.
      Any fools who try to plan a REVOLUTION on the Internet are being monitored; and the spooks are ready to eliminate you or gaol you for life should you go too far.
      You have become instantly, a TERRORIST. (Now that word draws immediate response from the spooks!)
      All contributors to darkmoon and such as Vets Today are being monitored.
      HOW TO DO IT?
      1. Simple things to shock the sheepies and spark debate: Tee-shirts (JEWS RULE!; THE FED IS JEWISH!; UNDER JEWISH RULE; ISRAEL IS EVIL, etc) … Pamphlets with very simplistic TRUTHS exposing the JEWISH HEGEMONY to the brainwashed masses. etc
      2. Mass rallies? But how do you do this without all your plans being eaves-dropped? A Paul Revere type racing around the country?
      3. The spooks will love this: Give up and become a Jew! Then undermine them from within as they do to us! eg: Vets Today
      4. Make it known that such and such a demographic/geographic location(s) is to be the centre of the new SAVE AMERICA “religion.” Encourage people to sell up and buy real estate in that area (maybe a couple of suitable areas) Thus set up a new “frontier spirit” and do what your forefathers did – escape their tyranny. Set up your own schools etc and build a strong network of self-defence. Get your geeks to set up your own, closed-network television communication system/radio systems. Invite veterans to invest in community facilities and in housing; as well as bringing all their knowledge, knowhow and essential equipment with them. Make of your new states a closed community – NO JEWS ALLOWED WHATSOEVER!
      5. If all else fails, get fit at your gym and get heavily armed for what is soon to come. Learn survival techniques. As SPQR identified: “Make no mistake, for Whites to regain their freedom and self-determination, the streets of European (American, Australian, etc) cities are going to be flooded with blood. Ours and theirs. Don’t think for one moment any true nationalist party can peacefully come to power today.”
      THE REALITY: I am 64 years of age and I have thought much the same since 1971, when I identified the Jewish hegemonic presence in Melbourne (Australia) anti-Vietnam rallies; and also noticed their pro-Vietnam War buddies on the media. I have witnessed the total obliteration of all our previous values and traditions. Unfortunately, people have been saying the same thing about the Jewish evil for 350 years, but they have still conqured over us! My opinion: When the Whites actually see chains and torture being delivered to their kind, then the brutal hand-to-hand fighting will commence. And then White Christian-Zionists will become your torturers and murderers and must be dealt with!

  12. As for the spooks watching……. your thinking about it the entirely incorrect way.

    Take a note from JB Campbell:

    You must let them know you WILL fight back and you must be serious about it. Cowering to them on the keyboard is exactly what they want. They will win without you even really fighting back.

    They know exactly who all of us are, lets be real here. If they already KNOW your going to do nothing than whats the point of your participation?

    1. not so sure about this either lonnie, nor trying to shirk from my own participation.

      but consider the history of successful revolutions, all jew-engineered, something you gotta credit them with knowing how to pull off.
      all their history they’ve done nothing but developed a blueprint for revolutions.

      did marx or engels ever man the barricades?
      what about the rest of the jews who assumed post-revolutionary power, lenin and his bolshevik psycho kikes, trotsky, kamenov and others, right up to yesterdays kiev maidan coup where dumb skinheads did the dirty work and jews like kolomoisky, taruta, yatseniuk and groisman scooped up the power gravy?

      apart from an airtight nework of disciplined cells inaccessible to jews, there must be rabble-rousers and shit disturbers exhorting the groggy masses from soapboxes, they must become the standard feature in cities.
      and when they are thrown in jails, they must continue from within jails, a lot of organizational skill is picked up in jails, look at ira provos in ireland, look at the fuhrer himself and his closest circle.
      jails are a good place to turn jailers into allies, jews are very weak here, which is why they are forever fostering intolerance, misunderstanding and hatred between christians and muslims, whites and blacks, anglos and latinos.
      deny them this tactical opportunity of easy shake and bake among gentiles.
      no resource, actual or potential can be wasted.
      and especially not on internecine skirmishes.

    2. the interesting thing is that now that they themselves are the power, they also become vulnerable to own revolutionary medicine.

      we must make sure that if and when we are successful they can never be a threat to the world again.

      talmudic dissemination and gatherings must be the worst crime known to mankind, which it in fact is, worse than any crime against children and the vulnerable (which is their specialty anyway).
      lying, racketeering, corruption, crimes by those elected in public trust, oathbreaking, secret societies, all must be subject to the heaviest penalty available.

  13. continuing the development of the previous thought …

    another potentially game changing resource are the gentiles in service of the jew, the spook agencies, the military and the police, just like the jailers.
    if they can be turned to serve the truth, it’s game over, shylock.

    so yes, jb was right to counsel free speech but for a different reason.
    if our exchanges are read, let them be understood by those whose present work harms their own kind and civilizational interests.
    let them understand that they too, to an even greater extent are enslaved victims of the jew dog sled, that it is crucial that they start thinking how to help our work, not the work of the antichrist.

    we have one weapon that was forever out of jew’s reach and by hammering with it repeatedly, once it sinks in, it will never wear out.

    it is called the truth, the one and only.
    let them challenge it, like those mythical beings from greek mythology who could not be beaten so long as connected to earth, we cannot be beaten so long as connected to the truth – it s exactly the same thing.

    jew will lose.

  14. were they not the titans in Greek mythology, not shure., but years ago read Robert Ranke-Graves about Greek and Celtic-Irish myths.
    Whithout a definite plan myself, but what herr lobro says, is valuable for your own health, meaning the link to ancestors and nature and to the truth as Jesus told us, if we understand or so to say the link to earth and reality, where we get enery.
    Just one thought to Lonnie’s ideas; to put theory in practice, isn’t it difficult to find twenty people or better one or two, who don’t watch Tv daily or who at least follow their own true life not too much influenced by media. That was the good thing about the internet movements, they contribute to alternatives to the one-way propaganda, for example on 9-11 or irq-war.

  15. I believe in the regenerative power of nature, and I also believe that truth be prevail in the end. But I also basically agree with John Kaminski that things have gotten worse under the rule of the Jewish elite, and IT IS rule by the Jewish elite. I wish people would wake up en mass about 9 11, etc. but so many people still watch the mainstream media and don’t want to hear all the negative talk or conspiracy theorists. So…. pick your battle I guess. I’m grateful to all those who speak truth to power about 9 11, and I’m grateful for the reasoned voices of those who confront the lies of the Obama administration about Russia and the Ukraine. For me, though, the urgent issue of the day is the medical establishment that is destroying a generation of children by injecting toxins into their tiny bodies and a CDC that mandates this. And this is not necessarily caused by Jews although I’m sure those idiot bankers are promoting it for profit. Still, there are plenty of Jews fighting for children… and personally I believe that if we could just stop poisoning our children we might even have a chance of survival. Alas, the Russians are also poisoning their children… it’s a global issue. I know as my Russia contacts say it’s so… and maybe the Germans have woken up on this one and no wonder they are always ahead of the curve or so it seems.

    1. ‘For me, though, the urgent issue of the day is the medical establishment that is destroying a generation of children by injecting toxins into their tiny bodies and a CDC that mandates this. And this is not necessarily caused by Jews although I’m sure those idiot bankers are promoting it for profit. Still, there are plenty of Jews fighting for children… ‘

      It is not my intention to pick a fight with you, but I ask you – who else would be behind injecting toxins into babies bodies? The Greeks? Irish? Sudanese? Maybe those evil Chinese? C’mon. Who else would profit off the suffering of innocents?

      And, to the idea that there are plenty of jews fighting for children… do we not know there are jews on every side of every issue? Of course – always there to lead others in circles (and make money in the process).

      1. Hi… I won’t pick a fight with you either because I actually do not know who is behind this man made plague of vaccine injuries. My intuition says it’s not Jewish even though the mainstream media surely promotes vaccines and demonizes the poor parents who don’t want to poison their babies. And the media is Jewish. It’s just a hunch that it isn’t Jewish. This issue has a different feeling than 9 11 or Holocaustianity that seem zionist inspired–not too many Jews take up the cause for revisionists, for example. I think that this issue will destroy a generation of Jewish children, particularly males–50% of the children have some kind of autoimmune disorder, allergy, and the childhood rate of cancer is skyrocketing. A minority group can’t withstand that level of assault on children. And it does seem self-inflicted. Stupidity?… it’s a smart versus stupid thing after awhile. So you inject massive doses of viruses, heavy metals, human DNA, detergents, and sterilizing agents into your 2 month old and you know the autism rate is 1 in 68, and you believe the crazy lying government on this one?

  16. to readers here at darkmoon and elsewhere.

    understand the simple dynamics of the gentile liberation:
    once one has taken up the fight on behalf of the truth, there can be no going back because nothing is stronger than the truth.
    therefore, whatever our current numbers are, they can never decrease, only increase.
    therefore if you work for jew, beware of the future, convert while amnesty is in force.

    jew has never had to face this nor has he ever had the opportunity of wielding this weapon.
    he has had his day and now it is only downhill for him, the much hyped jewish century is as good as dead despite the media trumpets blaring day and night.

    jew has defined his existence on the misery of goy, which is the true meaning of “what is good for the jew”, therefore we must at all times consciously strive to do what is good for gentile … bad for the jew? so sorry …

      1. The pogrom will have to be global, otherwise jews will just move some place else and take up their nation-wrecking ways.

  17. My father’s side white protestant, but fortunately I caught on quick to more of my mother’s brand of christianity. The one that took me out of the pulpits and into the woods and lakes and streams and fields and mountains, and… you get the picture.

    My mother’s “religion” would be better called an “understanding of the spirits” whose teaching is directly related to the teaching of Christ. Because Christ is to be found FULLY in the natural world WHEN it is understood that its domain is no longer unfettered as a result of what has taken it over. This is comprised of the enemy we are starting to recognize, but one that has insinuated itself in ways that go far beyond a common understanding of what we call “jew”.

    We keep the vigil in the “natural” world, and my belief is that the fetters will be broken. This is Christ’s promise, and what exactly defines its fettered state is not one that’s unknown to us, only much forgotten, and living as close to nature as possible helps restore memory of it. Its adjuncts are in the concordances, and with a blending of the two you can’t go wrong. That and listening to Beethoven’s 6th every once in awhile. AHO!

    As you may or may not know, Iroquois women traditionally were/are very influential in tribal affairs. They are strong equal partners whose bond can serve as an exemplar for human relationships. An Iroquois woman of note you may want to look up is Kateri Tekakwitha. She paved the way to not what you would call a conversion to christianity, more of a “transversion” I guess you could call it. An incorporation.

  18. obviously like your website but you need to test the
    spelling on several of your posts. A number of
    them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to
    inform the reality then again I will certainly come again again.

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