The Enemy of Mankind — by Arch Stanton

What is mankind expected to do when faced with the “Enemy of Mankind”? Is this what it all boils down to in the end: kill or be killed?

Edited slightly, with a comment by Lasha Darkmoon


indexLest this account be difficult to accept, one should read Thomas Goodrich’s unforgettable exposé Hellstorm to see what Jews are capable of doing to a hated, conquered race.

What the Jews did to the Germans after World War II was far worse than any of the horrors inflicted on the nations of Europe by Genghiz Khan, or on the Jews themselves by Adolf Hitler — even if we accept the dubious premise that a holocaust of six million Jews in gas chambers actually took place.

Again, if we compare the Holocaust of 6 million Jews in Germany — assuming it was a real Holocaust and not an Elie Wiesel fantasia — “Some events do take place but are not true; others are, although they never occurred” — even if, as I say, the Holocaust of 6 million Jews actually took place in the real world rather than in the heated imagination of Elie Wiesel and his kind, it would still pale into insignificance if we compare it to the Secret Holocaust of 66 million Russian Christians at the hands of the Jewish Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union between 1917 and 1953.

For further understanding of the Jewish psyche, read the Old Testament. The story at the end of Genesis describing the massacre at Shechem is most enlightening, as is the story of Joseph. And to think of how Jews shed crocodile tears for unfortunate Negroes hung from trees for raping white women!

Next comes the “Anti-Humans,” a story of a Romanian Christian Iron Guard’s life in a Jewish-run communist camp. Orwell himself would have been hard pressed to describe such horrors.

Then there is the Polish movie “Katyn” about the Katyn forest massacre committed by Jewish commissars and then blamed on the Germans. This blatant lie was covered up by the Allies and their Jewish puppet masters for many decades after the event.

Of course there are a multitude of books about the horrors in the Russian gulag death camps designed by two Jews, Matvei Berman and Naftaly Frenkel. See also “The Prop Masters: Perpetrators of the holocaust against Christian Russia transform themselves into survivors of the Holocaust.”

For further insight on Jewish horror fixation, try Netflix. Surf though the endless listings of horror and murder movies. Watch the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series or the “Hell Raiser” series or the “Freddie Kruger” series or the “Chucky” series.  In fact spend a few weeks or months and watch as many Jewish horror films as possible before considering how many innocent children have been exposed to the dreck, the incredibly dark, endless fantasies of horror and bloodlust lurking within the Jew mind.

Lasha Darkmoon comments

In my late teens, when I was still an impressionable young girl, I was lured by a mentally unbalanced boyfriend into watching several of these horror movies with him over a six month period. Unaware at the time of the immense damage being done to my psyche by letting these horror porn images embed themselves in my mind, I went into severe depression and began to have regular nightmares. More than once I vomited after seeing such unmitigated evil gloatingly paraded before my eyes.

My boyfriend then began to read books on serial killers and one day asked me if I would like to join him in an act of gratuitous murder, followed by a suicide pact. That’s when when I finally realized my boyfriend had gone off his head completely. I walked out and never saw him again.

I learned a year later that he had hanged himself.

I regard this poor wretch, to whom I was much attached at that time, as a victim of Jewry. All this “horror porn” was produced in the San Fernando valley, California, by Jews. Most of the script writers were degenerate Jews who also wrote the scripts for porn movies. The same movie studios that produced the horror porn also produced thousands of hard porn sex addiction movies every year. In every single case, I was to learn, there was Jewish money behind this evil trade in pornographic mind filth.  

If you have any further doubts about the Jewish capacity for inflicting pain and misery on mankind, just take a look at what they have been doing to the Palestinians for the last 66 years. Having stolen an entire land, they have spent every single day since 1948 in a systematic campaign of genocide — shooting children in their faces, breaking their bones, and carting thousands of others off to their secret prisons where they starve and torture them in subterranean dungeons.

Take another look at those pictures of Rachel Corrie, run over by a Jew driving an American made bulldozer and think of how Americans reacted to her murder. “Stupid bitch, she deserved what she got!”

Look at the unspeakable horrors the Jew has wrought upon what is now the truly “dark continent” of Africa.

Yes, the Jews have said it time and again, they have written it in their holy books, shown it in their movies, demonstrated it during and after their wars and revolutions. They have spat in our faces for millennia. It’s either the white goyim race or the  Jews — only one will survive.

Like Rachel Corrie, our kith and kin, white Americans are about to get what Rachel got — instead of what she deserved.


"THE BEST OF THE GENTILES  DESERVES TO BE KILLED!" — Rabbi ben Yohai, the Talmud's most venerated sage
— Rabbi ben Yohai, the Talmud’s holiest sage

When Jews abuse gentiles and say they hate them, that’s cool; it’s freedom of speech. When gentiles abuse Jews and say they hate them, that’s anti-Semitism — the biggest crime you can commit after cannibalism and pedophilia.

Have you ever noticed how frequently people despise those characteristics in others that are most prevalent in themselves?

Have you ever noticed that the people who hate others most are precisely the ones who are the most vocal in accusing others of hatred?

The fact is, Jews really do hate non-Jews.

They have the same passionate hatred for Palestinians that they exhibit for Russians and Germans.

Their vitriolic hatred for other people is quite evident in their Torah. Only people who hate in so violent a manner could accuse others, who are merely pointing out facts, as “haters.” So when a non-jew says six million is an impossible figure to reconcile for the holocaust, they are “haters”. Yet when a Jew says that all gentiles are beasts, and that even the best of them should be killed, that is merely an astute observation on the part of the Jew.

Here is classic Jew hatred:

“There is a time to love and a time to hate; whoever does not hate when he should does not deserve to love when he should, does not deserve to love when he is able. Perhaps, had we learned to hate more during the years of ordeal, fate itself would have taken fright. The Germans did their best to teach us, but we were poor pupils in the discipline of hate.

Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead.”

—  Elie Wiesel, Legends of Our Time, 1968, pp.177-78

Set aside a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate? I don’t know what Jews think about this, but this sounds very hateful to me.

Healthy, effeminate hatred would probably be more in keeping with the Jewish male’s underlying transvestite traits. Nevertheless, I have never — ever — heard a non-Jew make such a hateful statement. I have heard a lot of hateful things in my day, but never have I heard the suggestion to actually set aside a zone of hate. Sounds like an awful thing to do to my soul, but apparently Jews like the Weasel don’t have a soul to worry about.

Such thoughts never occurred to me until I read what Jews like Weasel wrote. Leaves one wondering why they occur to such a loving person as the Weasel, but then Jews have a lot of thoughts I might never imagine in my wildest nightmares.

Do you note how, like the liar, thief and egotist, the Weasel thoughtfully exonerates himself from originating the hatred he now urges among his fellow tribesmen? If only the Jews could have learned to hate properly, the war would have gone better for them. So the Weasel reasons. Maybe if he’d read his Talmud more often, the Weasel would know just what excellent students Jews are in the “discipline of hate”.

There it is again! Funny thing, I never for a moment thought of hatred as a “discipline”. Maybe it is. Maybe it’s one of the things Jews must master before they can get an advanced degree in Judaism.

Then there is the unbelievable hatred of Ilya Ehrenberg. This Jew must have received a PhD in the “discipline of hatred.”

In one leaflet entitled “Kill,” Ehrenberg incited the simple Russian soldier to treat the Germans as subhuman. The final paragraph concludes:

“The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word ‘German’ strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day….

If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime….

If you have already killed a German, then kill another one — there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses.

Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed.


This is typical of the steady diet of pathological hate fed to millions of Soviet troops by this psychopathic Jew, safely ensconced far from the front.

“Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.”

about to die“Use force and break the racial pride of these German women.Take them as your lawful booty. KILL!” — Ilya Ehrenberg, Russian Jew, advocating the mass rape of German women


Consider this sad and undeniable fact carefully: the basic principle of existence is that killing and death are an integral part of life. Every breath taken results in the death of some living organism, as does every bite taken. One cannot survive without killing other living organisms. That’s the rule, whether one is eating a carrot or defending oneself from a hostile enemy. The object in this life is to reduce one’s participation in this panoply of death as much as possible.

Pause awhile, reader, to consider my simple philosophy, which is no more than the wisdom of the ancients. Reject it if you will, but consider it first. It is where we are now.

We are here to suffer and overcome that suffering; that is the purpose of our existence on this earth. Everything in the universe is cyclical and what is happening at this moment is yet another cycle among the greater cycles. This will never end, it will simply cycle once again.

There is a great conundrum in this existence. We have but two choices in this life. We may serve ourselves or we may serve others. A choice must, and will, be made in this regard. Once the choice is made, once the path is taken, every action will thenceforth be toward that end. Good or bad, all efforts will be directed toward either serving others or serving one’s own materialistic ends. Serving others is the path towards spiritual growth and eventual reunification with the source. Serving one’s self, on the other hand, is the path to the continual recycling of the soul back to this type of miserable existence. It is to be caught up in the Wheel of Birth, back and forth endlessly — until one learns one’s lesson.

The conundrum? Consider this moral dilemma: would saving others by eliminating a deadly enemy help or hinder the soul’s progress? Do you need to kill in order to produce a greater good? Are you entitled to kill someone out of kindness, for his own good?

The answer lies in your motivation. Is this being done to benefit yourself, to further your own material progress? Or is it being done to help others to survive and live a better life? The Sufis provide some insight into this matter. Consider this little Sufi parable:

There was once a Sufi soldier fighting on the field of battle. At one point in the battle, the Sufi became locked in mortal combat with an enemy soldier. With a mighty blow, the Sufi disarmed his enemy and stood poised for the kill.

At that moment his enemy called out, “If I had but one last wish, it is that I had your sword in my hand at this moment.”

Instantly the Sufi stopped the attack and presented his sword to his enemy. Taking the sword in hand, the soldier was dumfounded by this turn of events.

He asked the Sufi, “Why would you do this? You had me for the kill, you were victorious, why would you stop at the moment of victory to give me your sword? Now I have the upper hand and stand ready to kill you.”

The Sufi replied, “It is the custom of my house to grant every request made.”

The enemy soldier returned the sword to the Sufi and became his disciple.

I advise that you spend some time contemplating this story. Such parables of wisdom can be quite sublime in their effects.

But here lies the final conundrum, and I leave it with you, dear reader. What is mankind to do when faced with the “Enemy of Mankind” — with a race clearly hell bent on destroying us and all our cherished values, with a race which has moreover made their undying hatred abundantly clear in the Talmud and their other rabbinical pronouncements — for example, “The best of the gentiles deserves to be killed” — what are we supposed to do in these circumstances? Lay our heads on the chopping block? Kill or be killed?

And what if were to take the noble path of the Sufi in the story above? What if we were to hand our implacable enemy, the Enemy of Mankind, the sword in our hand and say: “Here, take my sword — and kill me if you wish!”

What then? Would it be victory or defeat for us? Would the world be better off if we were dead?

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  1. I am told that this article is a synthesis of three separate comments made on our site by Arch Stanton. Lasha has edited it slightly and, in accordance with her editorial policy, added bits and pieces of her own to the text in the interests of connectivity and cohesion. We hope Arch Stanton doesn’t mind this.

    1. I don’t mind the editing, providing the original concepts and intent of the post is preserved. Many years ago, not long after Alex Linder started his website, I began submitting posts to VNN. One can still find those early postings on VNN under Arch Stanton. I liked Alex then and I like Alex now. I have always felt a certain kinship with Mr. Linder that goes beyond mere skin color. Perhaps it a matter of racial kinship, for we both have genes hailing from the same European cultural background. VNN had its ups and downs, but things changed considerably after Alex stepped down from the lead administrative position. I continued to post, but the new administrator began editing my posts, something Alex never did; funny thing though, I had always hoped he might clean up my rough literary act. Alex was, and is, a much better writer than I could ever hope to be. Initially, I did not object to the changes in my posts, but the as the editing became more pervasive, I felt my th0ugths were being altered in a manner that no longer expressed the essence of my own views and opinions. After a time, I felt some of the words put in my inkwell were inappropriate and beyond reasonable editing. Finally I saw a submission with my name on it, but I could hardly recognize the content. That was the last posting I ever submitted to VNN. VNN was indeed the the vanguard of these types of websites. I will always appreciate the chance Alex and his website provided for the expression of my views. For Alex it was always a matter of free speech, a freedom he has never infringed upon. Thanks Alex, Lasha and John. Keep up the good work, never has it been more desperately needed.

  2. saying the Old Testament belongs to the “Jews” is a “Jewish” lie…
    there are no so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament, and the Children of Israel
    in Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 don’t turn into “Jews”, either.

    Jews {so-called} manifest or better described as ooze from the Talmud…
    No Talmud,…. no “Jew”.

    When Jesus confronted the Economic TERRORIST “oral tradition”
    Money Changers & Pharisees ….
    He was not speaking Yiddish to Gog & Magog
    “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism from Khazaria…

    the word “Jew” is an Antonym to the word Israel.
    a “Jew” must Hate the “Deity” of the Children of Israel
    Jesus @ John 8:44.

    The Entire “Jewish” narrative is a Lie.

    1. Stop splitting hairs all the time, you nitpicking pedant! Your time would be better spent actually making a relevant comment on the article.

      1. Arch, this is brilliant! I must have missed the comments on which this is based, but Lasha has certainly cobbled them together in a very effective manner and made a great article out of it. I am going to send this to all my List — they’ll love it.

      2. Well, it IS a very pertinent consideration, Sardo! We need to know our enemy THOROUGHLY.

        1. Yeah Gilby you eternal bore!
          We don’t have to know all the pseudo-hitorical crap! As I keep saying to the ignorant Tyron P, etc, READ your Bible if you want to get all biblical and nit-picking(Sardonicus) on us!
          Shem out of Noah, Terah out of Shem, Abraham out of Terah. And then the Arabs’ wanderings and fairy tales commenced! The Bible is Middle Easter MYTHOLOGY, and highly confused rubbish at that!~
          Now GET Real – the mixed race, non-Semitic charlatans calling themselves JEWBOYS are fucking up the planet with their unbridled, satanic Mafioso activities!
          This is REALITY you FOOL, and it is good to see that readers are seeing threough you pitiful religious WACKOS! Get STUFFED THE LOT OF YOU. I know you are Jews!

      3. Well, the problem is people get put off the article by the mistakes in it at the beginning. Would you continue to read an article with mistakes in it?

        1. The Old Testament was not written by or about Jews.

        2. The massacre at Schechem was because a noble White woman was defiled by a tribe of mongrel half-breeds.

        3. Joseph saved Egypt and the surrounding countries from famine and certain death, as well as won the land back for his White Egyptian brothers, from the mongrel tribes who had stolen it from them. Does that sound like a Jew’s behaviour?

        If people are going to point out the Jew’s ideology, it would be far better to use the Jew’s own Talmud, rather than the Christian Bible, which is actually the only religious book to positively identify the Jew as the enemy and give instructions on how to defeat him.

    2. Anthony


      The entire Jew narrative is a lie.

      The so called Jews were of Esau- Canaanites of the nation of Edom to the south of Israel. The word “Jew” that has substituted Judaite and Israelite in the Greek original texts came from another word that is translated “those who resemble Judaites). The “Jews” when they captured the printing presses changed the words around making everyone from Adam to Jesus a “Jew” which is a bold face lie. This is how they started their identity theft of white Israelites- a theft that is being recongized today for what it is and from an identity that is now being returned to the TRUE HEIRS OF ZION (whites/Europeans-Christians)

      1. of course that is perfectly horrible anti-semitism
        and I barely know anything about that,
        but my boxcar load of tactical nukes is
        strategically placed and my trigger finger
        is getting mighty itchy…

  3. Great article. Great questions.
    One answer: Whether race or religion, fight Jews, at every level, when and where you can.
    Otherwise, someone will know, one day, if the world is better off without non-Jews.

  4. be specific…
    when did the 12 tribes turn into “Jews” from Gog & Magog land…?

    when you do {provide such evidence} you can share it with these
    blithering Idiots that worship
    the “Jews”…calling themselves “Israel”…
    not that actually being precise
    or SPOT ON as they say is of any concern for a professional Sardonicus
    A majority of Americans back “Israel’s” [MASS MURDER] actions in the –
    CONCENTRATION CAMP of “civilians”…
    Gaza Strip, according to a “JEW” contrived daily poll to prove the braindeadgoy
    approve of JEW lies…and MASS MURDER of defenseless people who are actually


    The CNN poll conducted from Friday to Sunday – just as TALMUDIA calling itself “Israel” was launching its ZIONIST SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN TERRORIST
    “ground operation”… in the ahem… conflict, which started July 8 –
    found that 57 percent of all BRAINDEADGOY Americans see
    “Israel’s” actions as justified,
    with only 12 percent among those respondents saying
    “Israel” is not using enough force. . . . seriously.

    CNN noted that the same percentage of braindeadgoy , 57 percent,
    believed “Israel” was justified in its use of force during the previous “conflict”
    with Hamas in Gaza in 2012, and 63 percent thought it was justified during the 2008-2009 Cast Lead “conflict”…..see any CONFLICT…there ?

    but hey whats a few 300 million in the last century…for the deity of the
    stool sculpture deity cult ….”TALMUDIC JUDAISM”…in “Israel”.

    kinda picky little thing, really.

    1. Picking aside….
      If they chant kol nidre every year…. oppose them at all levels. Pick you level.

    1. Rehmat, I wouldn’t consider the Jew Barry Chamish a reliable source, especially on Hitler or Germany.

        1. Rehmat, I merely made a common sense remark. Your reply was idiotic (since you’re not a child). I had a higher opinion of you. However, I doubt very much you’re an idiot, so the nature of the problem must be something else.

    2. The last deceptive argument used by the filthy Jews, is to accuse their opponent of being a Jew.
      We have seen this fruitless reasoning by them to defeat A.H. in decades.

        1. Pat, I agree. I think Rehmat’s work is very good. I just think he should not take the Jew Chamish’s word on the topic of Hitler or anything else.

        2. Yeah. Could be.
          It really takes decades of experience to sort thru all the dis-info out there. Then, there s no guarantee. I have had to make many differing decisions with my choices of fact promoters over the years.

          Figuring fact from fiction is the toughest task, since I was never on the scene, reporting first-hand.

  5. Porn movies have scripts?

    Thought it was mostly action and very little talking, since that orifice was usually engaged in some ritual sex exercise.

    1. “Porn movies have scripts? Thought it was mostly action and very little talking…”


      You are insulting the Guild of Jewish American Porn Movie Scriptwriters (GJAPMS), of which I and my three brothers used to be distinguished members in the 1980s. The name of the guild is no longer in use and was never officially recognized even while it was in operation. Hence you will find little reference to it on the internet… except perhaps in the deep web.

      Some examples:

      Deep Throat, 1973 porn movie starring Linda Lovelace.
      Script writer: Jerry Gerard

      Behind the Green Baize Door, 1972 porn movie staring Marilyn Chambers.
      Script writers: Eliot Wax & Artie Mitchell

      The Devil in Miss Jones, 1973 porn movie starring Georgia Spelvin
      Script writer and director: Gerard Damiano
      (followed by 8 sequels)

      Debbie Duz Dishes, 1986 feature length porn video starring Nina Hartley.
      Script writer: John Finegold

      I mention these earlier movies mostly because my family were closely involved in three of them. All the script writers were Jewish (or cryptos with non-Jewish names).

      I personally enjoyed the favors of three of the actresses, much to my everlasting regret, since I ended up with a horrendous sexually transmitted disease (STD). I am no longer the stud I used to be and can barely get it up now, thanks to one of these three poxy bitches…

      1. zak, i am pretty convinced that you are not a jew, you are just winding the rest of us up.

        your posts are too ridiculously over the top to be real and your language is not that of a real jew like avi, insufficient toxicity however much you try.

        c’mon, admit it.

        1. Do you really want Zaq to come clean, lobro?

          One the one hand, this recent “Ellie” hubbub put the tongue-in-cheek writers into overdrive, including our friend Zaq. And if the meta-comedians are gonna heal themselves they gotta keep up regular doses of humor. (and if a laugh a day ‘keeps the metaphysician away’ that sounds like healing)

          On the other hand, his act is getting old like alot of things are gettin old, as in, let’s get this show on the road and get some resolution.

          So Zaq, I’ll simply say this, if your repent, and get on your grubby knees for forgiveness before you master Jesus Christ, I’ll buy you a beer afterwards

        2. @ lobro

          “zak, i am pretty convinced that you are not a jew, you are just winding the rest of us up.

          your posts are too ridiculously over the top to be real and your language is not that of a real jew like avi, insufficient toxicity however much you try.

          c’mon, admit it.”

          I would have more confidence in your ability to tell the difference between a Jew and a non-Jew if you had acquitted yourself better in the Ellie Katsnelson affair. As it is is, that lady had you running round in circles. You still haven’t got a clue if Ellie is Jew or non-Jew, good person or bad person. So how on earth can you pronounce judgment on me?

        3. The idea that I am some sort of “spoof artist” (Pat) I also dismiss with contempt. I am too busy and serious a person to bother fooling around with my inferiors on a blatantly anti-Semitic website. If I were a “Zionist troll”, I wouldn’t have made it clear from the start that I was Jewish. I am a straight person. If I say I am a Jew, I am a Jew.

          As for your fatuous comment that I cannot be Jewish because of my “insufficient toxicity”, even a moron can see how idiotic that comment is.

          Tell me: isn’t Gilad Atzmon quite charming in his manner? According to your flawed logic, Gilad would have to be non-Jewish because of his “insufficient toxicity.”

          So would Israel Shamir, another relatively charming Jew.

          And so would Jesus Christ, eh? Too nice to be Jewish, no? “Insufficiently toxic” is Jesus Christ, “King of the Jews”.

        4. This is the paranoid, delusional world in which our illogical comrade Lobro moves:

          — Anyone NASTY (= “sufficiently toxic) = Jew or Jew suspect.

          — Anyone NICE (= “insufficiently toxic”) = goy or goy suspect.

          Apply this simple rule of logic and you end up with a world in which there are over 5 billion Jews — given that most of the world’s population are a nasty bunch, i.e., 5 billion people “sufficiently toxic” to qualify for Jewish DNA.

        5. Zak’s “simple rules of logic” are simply twisted

          A jew whose tongue-in-cheek caginess has preceded him?

          Until now?

      2. Zak, here is a condensed manuscript written specially for your kind:

        Talmud, Ketuboth 11b:
        When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (three years old), it is as if one puts the finger into the eye.

        Use your filthy imagination and fill in what is missing in your next movie.

  6. Arch

    I have concluded by way of much of the information you laid out, and other material I read including my own extensive personal experiences with the “Jews” that; they have given White/Europeans-Christians of America, the UK and Colonies a choice.

    That choice is oppose us and be murdered based on your race and majority belief system. Don’t oppose us as we murder you by way of the same criteria anyhow.

    So, what do we do with that? What does a Christian do in such circumstances?

    I say this:

    Murder is an unlawful taking of anothers life.
    Killing is a lawful taking of anothers life.

    Under Common/Natural-Christian Law, people, even racial collectives, have the right to self defense. This is lawful especially if an enemy is in the midst of genociding you and/or they have given an individual or collective the ultimatum listed above.

    Christians must understand that Christ ALLOWED himself to be murdered. He did so willingly. Christ prophesied the genocide of the Esau “Jews”- this was the will of the father I AM and it happened by way of the Romans between 65 and 135 AD.

    Ultimately it comes down to this and both ways are lawful although one way is superior to the other.

    If one opposes and exposes the “Jews” by way of truth in Christ’s name and/or in defense him and his people and is thusly murdered because of his opposition– this is the superior way to go.

    If whites/Europeans and/or Christians defend themselves against this genocide by way of physical means- this too is lawful and will not be held against them by the Creator/Savior just as he didn’t hold it against the Romans. After all, they were doing I AM his will, mostly for murdering his son.

    Now comes the question of timing. When should we act?

    One can say we are justified right now.

    Well, yes but this would be a mistake. We must continue awakening our kinfolk and even allowing ourselves to be murdered if need be so we might not only alert the majority (something that is quickly becoming realized) but so that we might fill up the cup of the wrath that will be brought against them when it is condoned, endorsed- backed by the prime Creator.

    When the time is right is when the SHTF in America and I am convinced we will have the full backing of I AM/Christ from after this event becomes a reality because only then will the “Jew” have absolutely no defense- none that anyone can muster to claim his usual cries of “I’m innocent”. They will be naked and obviously guility of destroying the majority of people inside a system that THEY BUILT in America, the UK and Colonies (The legal fiction Corporation Govs) with the express design to collapse it on purpose and murder us all.

    I don’t think there is anything we can do in the mean-time physically. All we can do is watch the evil elite Jews execute their plan, oppose it when it starts, survive and be part of those who are designated to RETURN UPON THEIR HEADS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID TO THEIR YOUNGER BROTHER JACOB- but this time, they will get a double dose of their own medicine.

      1. Ooops, sorry! Posted comment in wrong place! My barb was aimed at Seymour Zak.

  7. look, let’s not argue about holocaust anymore, ok?

    because however you look at it, true or not, it is the history’s most tragic event.

    anybody find it tragic that it did not happen? – see, i told you.

    all my pet unicorns, leprechauns, flying monkeys, banshees, long nosed pinocchio, goofy, breast plated valkyrie, tooth fairies, they all perished in that catastrophe.
    i gave up trick-and-treating after that, the grief of remembrance was too much.

    so there you go – tragic stuff – we sat down by the rivers of babi-yar and there we wept, for we forgot to say kol nidre (you know the tune by the wailers)

    1. How odd that there isn’t a day set aside each and every year for the celebration of the 2,5 million Jews resurrected from the ashes of Auschwitz.

      It’s right out front for the whole world to see.
      “1.5 million people died here” (was 4 million)

      Since Auschwitz is the pièce de résistance of the hollowco$t, and 2.5 million dead Jews were resurrected from the ashes (4 – 2.5 = 1.5) then why aren’t there celebrations and thanksgivings at least yearly, if not daily, at this miracle of God’s love for the Jews? Where is the Hava Nagila marathon?Such a unique in human history event and no miracle to boast of!!
      This certainly rivals any miracle from the Bible, etal. Why then aren’t daily prayers of thanks delivered? Hava Nagila thanks all day and all night.
      Not even a nod and a wink?
      Where are these neo-resurrected? 3 million+
      Are they all in The Yehuda Triangle? (NYC – London – Tel Aviv)

      Update – not only were 2.5 million Jews reconfigured from the ashes and delivered to the Yehuda Triangle, but this stupendous amazing miracle continues to this very day!

      Last I heard the 1.5 million Auschwitz number is undergoing further revision to 900,000 and possibly 750,000!
      Like lobro’s disintegrating zeroes, their #’s just keep on disintegrating..

      Can you see it now? YThe new sign at Auschwitz.
      10,000 Jews died here – Yaaaaawn.
      And here I thought Jewish lives were extra important. At least worthy of mention. Why no mention of these millions saved? No celebrations?
      Isn’t this odd?

      I wasn’t gassed therefore I am..

      1. one day the auschwitz plaque will say: “Zero jews died in this camp between 1942 and 1945, under inhumane circumstances, foreskins forcibly grafted on by evil Joseg Mengele, Lobro’s gradfather”.

        and the pope of the day (let me guess, from papua-new guinea) will beat his forehead against the ground zero, zero jews on swindler’s list, foundation shoah flush with cash, morally bankrupt.

        and the tears, weeping, rending of clothes, gnashing of teeth, rachel weeping for her aborted children goes on, even in sleep, there will be holograms like princess leila and avatars doing the honors on the graveyard shift, moaning beamed into cosmos, carried aboard space thingies.

        gonna spray some zyklon-b underarm/antijew protection.

      2. Elie Weasel’s mystic schtick:

        “Events take place, but don’t take place. Other events DO take place, yet they DIDN’T take place……………………………………….?

        I am that I AM, therefore I’m not that I’m NOT

  8. Anthony Clifton says:
    July 23, 2014 at 11:52 am

    “saying the Old Testament belongs to the “Jews” is a “Jewish” lie…
    there are no so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament, and the Children of Israel
    in Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 don’t turn into “Jews”, either.

    Jews {so-called} manifest or better described as ooze from the Talmud…
    No Talmud,…. no ‘Jew.'”

    I can see your point, but the fact remains that it’s a long-standing tradition among the Jews for them to kiss the holy torah scrolls every saturday morning in their synogogues. Jews regard the torah as their most holy of sacred literature. If the jews did away with the talmud, as you appear to be suggesting, the jews would continue to regard themselves as “chosen” because according to their most basic belief – which is enshrined in the holy torah – the jews were chosen by YHWH to exterminate the non-jewish population of the planet earth.

    1. while it may be so…
      that alleged so-called “Jews”
      revere the so-called Torah…
      That doesn’t mean they are actually
      Israelites, or Judahites, for even if they were they would still be
      conditionally subject to the text and not the revision or
      adulterated “leaven” of the pharisee “oral tradition”
      Talmud “text”…! you know, and ipso facto Its meaning.

      Nonetheless, let’s suppose that a small percentage of so-called “Jews”
      revere the first 5 books of the Old Testament and can ascertain the actual history of Israel and determine who the children of Israel actually are and
      who the Talmud “Gog & Magog” proselyte Khazars, and other assorted
      “proselytes” and worshippers…are,
      why continue to be a “Jew” {without a Talmud} when the original covenant with Abraham had nothing to do with anything “Jewish”…

      the Children of Israel are not “Jews”. See Genesis 49.

      1. Knowing the particulars of what embodies the truth of “Torah” is not unlike what would answer the myriad riddles of the Sphinx.

        Sort of like extracting ingredients from a jar of mayonaisse, or mixing a batch of spotted paint.

  9. The hatred and cruelty of the Jew is a result of his inborn sense of inferiority. Nothing else explains atrocities such as the firebombing of Dresden, Europe’s Jewel Box. It’s very important for Jews to not only kill their enemies, but also torture and humiliate them as much as possible. Of course they do these things while reassuring themselves of how good and righteous they are, like the Israeli ambassador who recently said that the IDF deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for their “restraint” in Gaza. That’s how crazy Jews are. Such a people cannot be reasoned with. They need to be destroyed.

    1. Dresden’s fate is a horrible story. It was SO unnecessary. Needless. It was the cultural center of the Saxons. Important original links to the past were lost. Proof was lost.

  10. Sven Longshanks says:
    July 23, 2014 at 5:29 pm

    “If people are going to point out the Jew’s ideology, it would be far better to use the Jew’s own Talmud, rather than the Christian Bible, which is actually the only religious book to positively identify the Jew as the enemy and give instructions on how to defeat him.”

    What you appear to be saying here is that the Old Testament represents the first half of the Christian Bible.

    I was always under the impression the Old Testament is the JEWISH part of the Bible and that the Christian part of the Bible commences with the Gospel according to Matthew.

    Silly me.

  11. The “chosen people” of the OT were engaging in some very un-Christian-like behavior.

    Like in the first book of Samuel when they performed sexual amputations on the decomposing bodies of dead Philistines. OOOPS …. I almost forgot to mention that the jews of today (who call themselves jews but really aren’t), simply aren’t the same as the “chosen” of the Old Testament. I’d like to thank all of you for pointing that out.

    It certainly makes the idea of mass murder more palatable.

    Mass murder is wrong but ONLY when it’s being carried out by imposters.

    It would be just fine if all of these atrocities were being carried out by the White Man who is the “True Israelite.”

    Isn’t that right ??

    1. I’ll give you some MORE biblical TRUTHS! This will counter all the lies I am reading! Oh, I know many of you HATE the TRUTH!
      The “YHWH” of the Torah is a vengeful, murderous, Arabian god out of the sparse southern deserts.
      You know, where the Bedouin used to roam (Negev Desert etc) before the Israeli-Jews and American beneficiaries started their GENOCIDE a year or so ago!
      This YHWH gave the Israelites (the Hebrew-speaking Arab tribe out of Noah, Shem and Terah) directions to wipe out (“leave none breathing”) tens of thousands of people from other Arab Tribes. Just like ISIS is doing today! It is all so easy for Arabs with the Israeli pseudo Arabs breathing down their necks!
      And YHWH was described as an all-consuming POWER who wasted the peoples of the “cities of the plains.” No hope if you were an innocent child living in Sodom, as you were wasted along with the domestic animals! What a great god!!!!! A cruel, evil, Arab god! Maybe he was a sado-masochitic, paedophile who loved abusing small children!
      Did some idiot writer just say the genocide of the Canaanites was okay because they were ALL EVIL? Was it Tyron P, the nut case?
      THERE WERE NO WHITEYS, Tyron, (whoever they are!) in this sodid mythology! Just read the 5 Books of Moses/Torah!
      Today, the non-religious, mixed-race charlatans calling themselves “JEWS” use this Arab crap to justify their ongoing GENOCIDE and acquisition of huge swathes of FREE land. Netanyahu said it on TV yesterday.
      TODAY Christian impostors (mainly out of the American Superpower) totally support these murderous JEWS! (eg. American Congress 100% vote in favor of Israel)
      Thus I have crystallized the absolute TRUTH for you, but I know this is way above most of your brainwashed grey matter!
      Jesus, the MAN, simply told us to STOP all this SHIT and tell the TRUTH; and stop treating PEOPLE as pawns for your own use! Get that, oh you pedantic ones!

      1. Max

        You condem the white race from a Jew fraud books and interpretation thereof. You don’t have a CLUE what you are speaking about because ONLY in the JEWS Masoretic texts will you find YHWH.

        The original WHITE MAN TEXTS (Septuigant) which outdates the Jew frauds by over 1600 years called the prime creator “I AM” which is synonmus with Jesus in the flesh of which the “Jews” REJECT.

        Its the “Jews” who share your atheist view and its the duped white Christians (actually of many other races too) who have fallen for the Jew lies about the authentic scripture and narrative.

        Those exterminated by the true Israelites were human/alien HYBREDS. Those of Ephriam and Judah who scouted the land before the invasion began said that the size of people made the Israelites look like GRASSHOPPERS in comparison. White Israelites never even fought the Ishmaelites (called Arabs today) until Islam starting making claims on the land, also invading Europe to try and convert our peoples to their “Allah” which was designed for THEIR DNA, their RACE- not ours.

        If there were no whites in the ME, maybe you can explain Phonecians? Maybe you can explain the white Egyptians. Maybe you can explain the white tribes (Gomir) in Syria (northern Iraq) and Media (Iran)? You can still see their remnants there today.

        Shut up Max, your clownish comments are being exposed as such.

  12. When the jews sent ‘merkin mercenaries into Iraq for the purpose of slaughtering the Iraqs, I didn’t say anything because I’m not an Iraqi.

    When the jews sent their IDF cowards into the Gaza Strip for the purpose of slaughtering the Palestinians, I didn’t say anything because I’m not a Palestinian.

    When the jews finally send foreign mercenaries onto ‘merkin soil for the purpose of slaughtering us ‘merkins, nobody’s going to object because all of the likely objectors have already been massacred by the jews.

    1. ‘Saying’ would not have worked then, and won’t work.

      Kick out all Jewish office-holders while you can.

  13. Outcome of the story about the Sufi soldier and his enemy, requires not only existing of a dialogue between them, but also capability of understanding the argument put forward by the Sufi in addition to enemy being able to empathize with the Sufi.
    I can’t see any of those prerequisites fulfilled between the Mankind and its greatest enemy. It is either us or them to remain.

    1. yes.

      (the meaning of this particular “yes” for those who find the concept complicated …
      at what point does one determine that an enemy cannot ever be anything but enemy, ie, hostility intractable, incapable of conversion or redemption

      jew says kol nidre once a year

      the rest of us stupid goys should read it once a day, preferably at morning’s nature call to memorize it while the mind is clear

      sufism and white phosphorus cannot coexist, imo

      end of “yes”)

    2. ever wonder about all these kumbaya-jew-palestine peaceful dialogue leftist diarrhea groups proliferating like mold on corpse over there?

      the idea is to bog us down into pipe dreams of sufism, buddhism, coexistence and love while the water is brought to boil for the cannibal feast in the end.

      1. Every religion suggests giving earthy power to governments, and spiritual powers to an unseen entity.

        Unseen entity ok. Choose one. Don’t ask me.
        Governments NOT ok. Must move. But running out of good places.

  14. The enemy of mankind? Maybe. I realize not everyone believes in other dimensions. And why should they? Whatever can’t be seen or touched doesn’t exist now, does it? The materialistic worldview in all its beauty.

    According to one channel, Kryon of magnetic service, who said where the Jews go so goes earth. Being the seed of the Sheitan, they have to come out of Plato’s cave and prove to all of us peace is possible. Seems like they still have a long way to go and we have to bear with them. So, maybe, the more they are knocked on their heads the faster we can accomplish a peaceful resolution. Don’t be fooled, appearances are deceiving.

    And if you want to call me nuts, feel free.

      1. Yes Pat and these common law grand juries should start implimenting the authentic 13th Amendment right away which will take care of most all of them (dual citizen “Jews’) as well as the BAR attorneys (British Accredited Registry).

        Here is a synopsis of how America was taken over by the British Crown (City of London “Jews”) in conjunction with the Vatican City Corp. We are owed (like Germany and China are) many hundreds of trillions of dollars.

        Here are the lawful orders given by the Maine Grand Jury to resurrect the Grand Army of the Republic if General Ham and the Joint Chiefs believe they need to to protect us. If they don’t and the attack commenses against us, they will later be tried for high treason.

        Here is what has happened to us since 1933

      2. Went down your rabbit hole and came up with this: “The entire world will soon be using the Common Law system. There is no place for anything else on Spaceship Earth. It’s part of our social evolution.” John Darash. Noble thoughts.

        Where is Commander Z to elaborate?

        1. If using Common Law world-wide were the case, it would be good for people and bad for bankers. Common Law is being supplanted at every turn with Admiralty Law, the Law Merchant, Code, UCC.
          The US removed Federal Common Law in 1938, with the adoption of the the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. That action actually changed the US Constitution WITHOUT using the amendment process. It took the regulation of the courts from Congress(Art III, sec 2, cl 2) and gave it to the Supreme Court.

    1. Speakin’ for myself, it’s better to be called nuts and not be disproven, then to be called sane and proven nuts.

      Probably paraphrased somebody’s proverb with that one 😉

      1. Grand jury presentments, are needed to remove Jews from office. Jews are dual citizens and kol nidre allows them to nullify their oaths of office.

      2. Okay, Brownhawk, since it can’t be proven either way, does that mean I’m still nuts?

        1. Most channels of course Macht Nichts, inhabit treacherous, theosophic- inspired new-age minefields. This “Kryon of magnetic service” sounds like a variation on who the “jews” really are as homeless, wandering inter-galactic miscreants whose make-up can only mean trouble wherever they go.

          The way you describe Kryon’s message sounds to me like another controlled opposition pacifier where the goyim lobsters are comfortably numb in their slowly boiling pots of water.

          Nonetheless, at least us “nuts” are trying to sort through all this mess as the smell of rats lingers

          The real nuts are the olfactory-less ones who are, or aspire to being well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

    1. Yes patriot, as I’ve said we need an electronic register complete with their pictures, ht, wt, background, etc.
      As I said, put George Soros as no 1, and then it goes Janet Yellen, Greenspan, Netanyahu, Emanuel, Axelrod, Cohen, Frank, etc etc. Include their chief Goyim henchmen: the Clintons, Bush, Obama, etc. Just add the US Congress!
      As I said, this will PUT THEM ON NOTICE and if their KILLING MACHINE STARTS we will have our TARGETS on a picture file.

  15. A always thought I knew what hatred is – opposite of love – wanting others out and away to the point of totally gone, etc. If I think deeply – I get unsure – emotions come and go, but one however sees it when it happens.

    One day I met a Jewish Rabbi, who is a very nice person actually, always sweet and kind and he helps a lot of people getting jobs in the community and I could only say good things about him at this time, etc… I asked him, “I don’t understand all the topics relating to the Holocaust and Jewish history well enough and sure would love to have his perspective on what ‘hatred’ is?” He said, “yes, there is so much hatred out there.” I said, “what hatred, I can’t see the hatred anywhere, I see a lot of compassion towards the Jewish suffering by the American public in general.” He said, “it’s out there, white supremacists are right around the corner.”

    Anyway, ever since then, I try to understand how people understand the term “hatred.”

    This article, of course, is also an one of the eye openers. I always thought that murderous mentally sick Ilja Ehrenburg is one of the most demonic beings who ever walked the planet earth. He is honored in Israel and in Germany “Streets” are named after him, which is nauseating and a humiliation of all people who suffered in wars. Imagine, if a German would speak the same words? No spiritual sane person would want to learn anything at all from such a person – except feel blessed to be different. How can an country be friend if they honor perverts like that? How can a country be a fiend anyway?

    Imagine, if Germans would have had a script like the Talmud or the Thorah which would talk so poorly about others, calling people “Cattle/animals” – wanting their destruction even to the end (hard to believe)? Te people surely would not exist anymore. The only reason Germans exist is because they adapted to survive (even they are not authentically themselves – for the last 2000 years perhaps – as Christianity abused them too – terribly). But… they are useful, hard workers and they can be humiliated as they can take a lot to avoid making their family suffer from the consequences of overblown reactions. They can and will be sacrificed at the next war to be sure.

    Recently there was an Anti Palestinian Demonstration in Berlin. The Muslims came to demonstrate and chanted: “”Jew, Jew, cowardly pig come out and fight alone!” With these slogans our lovely fellows enrich at present the German culture. Pigs, however, should be better to be touched.
    I must admit that this is “hatred” but then again and these words hurt inside – I have never heard is being said in German – children in Gaza are being murdered. Remember, the propaganda said that Germans murder Children during WW1 – which never happened and now the Jews murder Children in reality and get away with it.
    Imagine the Biong 777 got shot down and they blame Putin wanting to go to war over the Europeans (Indian victims seem to count less)… but if 500 Palestinians get murdered it is ok… no war (luckily they have the nuclear Samson option to take the whole World down if Israel falls.) – this is peace and self defense…

    Talking about double standard, all of this makes me sick. Germans suffer from psycho-war fare about things which never may have happened and the tragedies of Gaza, which happen today, are called self-defense, even if mothers and children die. How much sicker can it get, when Israelis watch it with camping chairs. Who invited these new true “Jew-haters” to come to Germany? Germans did not. It were the occupiers.

    Imagine a German would have said these horrible words it would have been a world wide outcry, but instead the police gave these Muslims loudspeakers prior so they could chant louder (and naively not remove the speakers after the AS remarks have been made). . The Germans are just very very nice people to put up with everything trying to survive this hatred and adapt in any way to get around the hatred not wanting really to be bothered for the most part (they prefer to keep sleeping – avoiding the trouble what is going on). Still, of course this did not compare to the times of 1938 where Synagogues were burnt in Berlin.

    There have been so many lies about every single war in history… the coming wars against Putin will be based on psycho-war fare. Germany was a victim of the media propaganda because as we never have seen Radio, Telegraph and Phones before, so they really could give the best to make them look worse. I am sure with the help of media, the past would have been more horrible.

    Yes, hatred? What is it? We see it when it happens? Gaza genocide is hatred. The Insider Jobs to get us to go to war comes from a place of hatred. Calling out to kill a population is hatred. Talking about hatred… “yes it is there?” Speaking the truth however should not be hatred.

    When it comes to Germany, the truth is they wanted to get rid of the intelligent mind of the inventors and people who like to work hard, which threatened the global balance of the British long before; already in 1850 there were plans on the table to get rid of the Germans all together. They still want to get rid of Germans. We are the so called Amalek in their eyes, and since 2000 years or so they only deserve to die in the eyes of the dogmatic religious people.

    So far Germans have successfully navigated our survival with many strategies – some of which are submission (or else they get killed) and hard work, yes and betrayal against their own fellow Germans, vial new social welfare-laws which help the immigrants more and Germans less. Immigrants even have their own layers, advice to offend Germans and when they fight back to make a “case” against them for racism (to make money this way and Germans had to pay a lot, as some do fight back – it is humiliating indeed and it is wanted that way). I am not sure how long they will last?

    I remember, last time I was in Germany a women attacked me on the street, ran into me and started “yelling what I do to her insulting her.” I was in a spiritual elevated mood from my mediation/prayer and held her and said, “sweet girl, why so unhappy, what can I do to help you?” She looked at me so utterly shocked that she ran away. I somehow reacted with calm, friendly authority and dignity. She could not take it. I believe the bliss in my prayer and mediation helped me.

    Anyway, what have the Palestinians done to deserve this?

    I read that the Versaille Contract was composed by Jews?

    Let say this statement is really true, and it very well may be? It is no wonder people started to think that some of the Jews wanted them dead. 1 1/2 million children. and adults died. They were winning the war 1916 (never had sanctions against the British in mind, never wanted them not to starve and suffer), the Zionists promised England to turn the wheel around by getting the US into the war but England must promise Palestine to them, which they had no right to do so in the first place ever.

    Yes, hatred what it is? Is it the addiction to greed and power?

    So we, the cattle, we are supposed to love our killers? Is that right and if not the FEMA cam waits? Hatred is when we want to live? hm…

    Why not simply leave each other alone. The jews have Israel, let them go there and teach us how to make an ideal state. So far they have failed utterly (without the Germans paying for Israel and their Banksters perhaps, Israel would have not much). Germany buid up Israel through reparations and they will do so forever. Still there are many poor Jews? I wonder, do the Zionists really care about their own poor.

    Once the Germans do not want to pay and demand reparations back for trickery and fraud, they will be destroyed also…

    So we are in the hand of gangsters…. who want us to love them. If we do not want to pay their way, sure that must be hatred too.

    Honestly, who wants to finance these people? We need our life force for ourselves and families. We would all do well without the bloodsucker oligarchs, psychos, exploiters and mind controllers. We want to help those who can learn to help themselves and have compassion for thsoe who can’t help themselves.

    We need a new society altogether – but not under them… but free. I want a society based on love, care and service to all life.

  16. Sorry for the spelling errors und punctuation frazzlements – as I am not native they overwhelm me when in a rush. I said some generalizations like “Jews” I mean o say “some of the Jews in there.”

    I was called to work and got pressured to finish up too fast..

  17. I am now convinced that only the ACTUAL DESCENDANTS of the ancient Israelites have the right to commit mass murder against the occupants of the Middle East and the rest of the planet earth. How dare the jews commit mass murder when they aren’t really jews !!! If they were only the true descendants of the actual Israelites, then it would be a different story, and, I suppose, even moral. The whole fiber of Western Morality hinges on the identity of the true Israelites, for it is they, and only they, who possess the YHWH-given right to deploy flechette rounds and white phosphorous munitions against goyim women and children. Amen.

    1. Save the Goyim

      First, YHWH is not the prime creator. I AM WHO I AM is.

      Second, no one has a right to murder. Murder is an unlawful taking of anothers life whereas killing is a lawful taking of another’s life. Big difference.

      Third, Whites/Europeans-Christians are the true ethnic and spiritual Israelites- if that is, they worship in truth the Great I AM who is synonomus with the authentic Jesus Christ.

      Fourth, The prime creator/savior has both the power of life and death where as
      Satan and his children only have the power of death and destruction.

      Fifth, you reach faulty conclusions when you insinuate that the real Israelites will genocide anyone or that because we are the authentics that we have some genocidal fantasies like the impostor Jews do. If we did, why is the holohoax a myth? If we did, why did the Jews mass murder over 66 million of us in Russia alone? Acting in self defense against the “Jews” genocide of us, is lawful whereas simply targeting them for some physical genocide based on their race isn’t. The reason the prime creator wanted the authentic Israelites to kill all of the Canaanites is because they were genetically polluted having mixed with the fallen ones (Aliens). Do you suppose he doesn’t have this right? Were the Romans wrong when they genocided the Esau “Jews” (raped all their women and killed all of their men severing their paternal line to Esau) after they murdered Jesus Christ- commiting Deicide?

      Sixth- the living and the dead will be given their day in court and as I have proposed, when we win our rightful and lawful claim to Zion, we erect Nuremburg type trials for all of the criminal “Jews” who will have run back to “israel” after they pull the plug on the Western World in their all out attempt to complete their genocide plot against us (whites/European-Christians folks) as well as the Palistinians.

      Seventh, the Palistinians will be given land to the south of Israel’s borders after we free them from the mass extermination plot by these Esau “Jew” impostors in so called “Israel”.

      So, my question is, why do you have a problem with this?

  18. Thanks for the clarification Mr. Parsons.

    Your world-view is just fine with me, except for the following statement :

    “The reason the prime creator wanted the authentic Israelites to kill all of the Canaanites is because they were genetically polluted having mixed with the fallen ones (Aliens) ….”

    Your statement is just a little bit “over the top” in my estimation, and to be completely honest with you, it’s hard for a rational person to go along with that kind of thing.

    1. Save the Goyim

      Well, you don’t have to believe it but if you read the Septuigant you will see that this was indeed the case. Remember David vs Goliath? Goliath was a literal Giant of Canaanite stock and this was due to the Canaanites mixing with the fallen angels, otherwise known as the “watchers” or what we call Aliens today– according to the authentic scriptural narrative.

      There is plenty of physical evidence to prove this narrative as true to a rational mind, but the elite who control the universities etc, refuse the masses to see this evidence because it would decimate their fairytale atheistic, human secularists, macro evolutionary religion they impose on everyone.

  19. Israeli rabbi; “It’s okay to kill innocent civilians and destroy Gaza”

    “On the evening of July 21, the israelis bombed an eight-story apartment building in down-town Gaza City – an area where israeli officials had urged Gazans to take shelter. The building collapsed as rescue crews were inside, killing more people. The death toll at least 13, were still being tallied.”

    The synagog of satan. There must come a day of reckoning – soon.

  20. Last year, Belgian Jewish groups have blasted Belgian Education Ministry for one of its website equating German Jews under Nazi rule with Palestinians under Jewish occupation. It’s part of an exercise for the trainee teachers drawing comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.

    The exercise included a cartoon featuring a Jew impaled on the fence of a Nazi concentration camp next to a Palestinian, their limbs arranged in the form of a Nazi swastika. The caption “never again” appears above the image of the Jew and the words “over again!” written at the Palestinian’s right foot. The cartoon was used as an example and the trainees were asked to identify the cartoon with one of the three quizzes: “Is this a Palestinian fleeing from the Jews? or “Do the Jews want to occupy the entire land of Palestine?” or “ Do the Jews call Palestine Israel?”

    The caricature is work of the world-famous pro-Palestine Brazilian artist Carlos Latuff. This was Latuff’s entry at the 2009 Holocaust Conference in Tehran. Latuff’s political caricatures have been posted in the past at several pro-Israel media outlets, such as, Guardian UK (in 2011), Huffington Post (in 2012) and The Sunday Times (2013). Watch some of Latuff’s artwork at a video below.

  21. Dr. Lasha, pornography is very effective tool to brainwash the western public and anyone who doesn’t believe a life after death. The organized Jewry knows this art of deception – and has applied it from marketing its new religion of Holocaust and to counter world condemnation of Zionist regime’s neoNazi activities.

    Last year, Daniel Pomerantz, a US-Israel dual citizen launched the Hebrew version of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine.

    “We went to hefner’s state with Israeli team to learn from the Playboy experts,” Pomerantz told TheMarker. “Hefner was very excited that there was a word (shfanfana) for bunny in Hebrew – it proved that there is cultural link between the Playboy brand and Israeli culture“.

  22. All you Old Testament Bible scholars (thumpers) make me ill. It doesn’t matter how many Christians I speak to, they all reference the Jewish bible, it escapes me. A Christian and a Jew are polar opposites in their beliefs. Yet and still, the majority of Christians have been bamboozled into believing we have the same God, the same ideals, the same moral code. What horseshit!! You’re all caught up in the Jewish bible instead of being caught up in the teachings of Christ. And that garbage about the Church of Rome being the author of all corruption, give me a break! The Jews infiltrated the Catholic church long before Christ was cold in his grave. There is nothing a Jew hates more than a Christian. Why the hell wouldn’t they try to subvert Christ’s teachings and blame it on anyone but THEM?
    I read this site often, but you bloggers?? you’re something else.

    1. Cindy

      The “Jewish” bible is the Talmud and their OT is a FRAUD written around 900 AD. It takes out all references to Jesus, changes definitions, subtracts and adds whole words and phrases including whole writings-books.

      Just because a believer references the OT (The Septuigant) does not mean they are referencing the “Jews” bible because it’s NOT theirs.

      Jesus Christ referenced the Septuigant and the NT even says that because people will become ignorant of the history in the past earth ages, concerning creation and what transpired afterwords, they will be blind to what is happening at the end of this paticular earth age- this one being much like it was in the days of Noah.

  23. Cidy, you are correct!
    As I keep warning, to use your words: “You’re all caught up in the Jewish bible instead of being caught up in the teachings of Christ.”
    This is exactly why I can’t believe the religious garbage and LIES I am reading! Tyron, etc “put a sock in it!” You are very EVIL people, either Jews or their devilish prototypes! SCUM!

    1. Max, you self admitted Jew- you have no authority over me thus I refuse all your commands and false judgments.

  24. We can argue till we’re blue in the face. There is a separation, self -imposed, between the so-called Jew and the non-Jew that defies explanation. That is if you base your argument on a false premise.
    DNA doesn’t lie. DNA studies over the last few years has shown that there is a strong Neanderthal DNA component, up to 4%, among certain human ethnics. Those that have shown to have the strongest Neanderthal component are most concentrated in and to have come from the Caucasus lateral region.
    Neanderthal DNA seems to weaken has one moves further East and West from the Caucasus. Khazars, some early Hebrews and Arabs seem to have a high percentage of Neanderthal DNA running through their veins.
    The treatment of their women folk, for example, is not so much a product of their religions but a natural tendency of their genetic makeup. Racial groups tend to create those religions that they are most comfortable with.
    There seems to be a deep seated antipathy between those whose ancestry comes from the Caucasus lateral, and those whose DNA is more pure Homo-Sapiens.
    Even the Western Europeans and Eastern Asiatic can have some, but less, Neanderthal DNA in their genetic makeup. This, the result of a general pan-mixing of the different subspecies of modern man.
    Bottom line: The actions and the attitudes of the Khazar dominated state of Israel and the actions and attitudes of Jews in general since the scribblings of the Old Testament writers starting about 6-700 BC simply defy rationality, morality and logic. Added to that, the mental gymnastics of the Talmudists and one finds an explosive combination of genetics and mental attitudes that has lead to so much bloodshed for so long.
    Is there in fact a deep seated hatred between certain ethnics and subspecies of modern man that can be traced back to a prehistoric time when the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon were contending for dominance that is still at play today?
    Is the ruthless treatment of the Palestinian by the Khazar Jew of Israel an example of the ages old conflict?

    1. NW Native!
      Oh no, not another ignorant cuss on this site! You need to read max bilney to learn the TRUTH!
      You, too, are perpetuating a lie! Your line, “Is the ruthless treatment of the Palestinian by the Khazar Jew of Israel an example of the ages old conflict? – is total CRAPOLOGY!
      Do you really know about the Turkish “warrior” class, called the Khazars? Yes some of them ended up in middle-estern Europe and converted to Judaism. Yes, they intermarried mainly with the native Slavs and gypsies, and many of this mixed-breed people became the “Jews of the Pale.”
      But to infer this scum are the modern Israelis is as stupid as saying the Jews are direct line descendants of Terah’s future Israelites!
      In Israel’s popof 6 million, there are mostly highly mixed race people, inc Russians, yankees, pure Slavs, some maybe with some Khazar genes, Sephardics, Ethiopians, golliwogs, etc.
      Site whores keep making the MISTAKE of giving the JEWS per se only ONE identity; and by doing this you have intellectually CASTRATED YOURSELF, like Tyron P or Gilby!
      Jews are only the people who have emasculated you, cotrol all your MONEY and your governments.
      You are BEHOLDEN to the Jew and are their SLAVE!
      Modern Christian idiots are the Jews leading supporters!
      Turn on your JEWTUBE and enter their world!

      1. Oh, Maxy! NOW I understand the problem that I’d been having (Tyron, too) as an ‘intellectually castrated’ man:

        I suppose I was born with my balls in my brain – rather than with my brain in my balls, like you?? 🙂 Tell me: Does it naturally function better down there (the brain)? We’ll be watching…

      2. This IS just one reason to remove ALL Jews from political offices at ALL levels.
        Oaths are not obligatory on them.

        KOL NIDRE (“all vows”):

        “In the tribunal of heaven and the tribunal of earth, by the permission of God—blessed be He—and by the permission of this holy congregation, we hold it lawful to pray with the transgressors.”

        Thereupon the cantor chants the Aramaic prayer beginning with the words “Kol Nidre,” with its marvelously plaintive and touching melody, and, gradually increasing in volume from pianissimo to fortissimo, repeats three times the following words:

        “All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called ‘ḳonam,’ ‘ḳonas,’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.”

  25. “As we forgive those who trespass against us.” Lord’s Prayer.
    The Jews don’t really mean to be so deceptive and cruel!
    They do not really wish to “trespass” against us!
    It is just that we think they are not handsome! Tell a Jew TODAY how lovely he/she looks. Do a good deed! I could even screw Barbara Streisand in my current mood, or Bette Midler!! Even Gene Simmons looks okay!
    Bibi Netanyahu and his comrades don’t want to “trespass” on Palestinian homes and villages, after all the US, majority “Christian” Congress just gave him its 100% support! Isn’t Congress reflecting the view of its subject people?
    The Jews tell us they “want PEACE”! Support their and Congress’s “PEACE PROCESS!” HOPE AND BELIEVE! TRUST!
    Let us all “forgive” them on this very day. SUPPORT YOUR DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED REPS IN CONGRESS! Be a patriot! Don’t be like Timothy McVeigh!
    Over on, Yukon Jack is whipping up CHAOS! He isn’t a nice, lervin Christian!
    My preacher once told me “a little forgiveness can go a long way.”
    Maybe if we forgive the Jews they will act kindly to us and give us some money and some free land in their rapidly expanding Israel. Maybe they’ll give us more FREE PORN or movie passes!
    Some people are worried that if we adopt the Ghandi-like “lie on your back” principles of non-resistance, the Jews will only further abuse us. Maybe they will use our prone state to rape us or commit bestial acts upon our persons!
    Some of the religio-fanatics on this site say DO NOTHING and wait for God’s vengeance on NASTY Jews! I think Tyron P believes this! Just wait for the rapture to arrive! The clouds will open up and a big white horse carrying Christ will ride down and smite the Jews and the Goyim sinners! Hang on, can I have 18 wives and 65 kids?
    So forgive this Israeli tourist operator and be a TRUE Christian. Get into your orgasmic RAPTURE and LOVE HIM/FORGIVE HIM! Bubbles are cummin out of my mouth, I am so enraptured! One of my wives thinks I have gone gaa-gaas!
    “Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya… Oh Lordy, Kumbaya.” Aren’t I being nice?
    “I am Amikam Yechezkely, an Israeli tourist operator. Palestine is not occupied territory. It is released territory. It is the Jewish biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, and Israel will never let it go. Israel is united and ready to fight for its land. We will release our territory, and will never give up on that land that God told us is ours to possess.” (As quoted in Brisbane’s The Courier Mail, 27/11/2001)
    And then there is the American Christian, the sugary as apple-pie, Mrs Nancy Olmi: “More power to the chosen people! … Many Christians like me have an instinctive and holy love for the people of Israel. … I feel sorry for those who have hatred in their hearts for Jews. They should be eternally loved! … We live in a Judeo-Christian world, not a Muslim world or solely a Christian world. … What am I saying? I guess I am saying that Jews are my loving brothers and sisters of the Bible! They should be protected!” (as recorded on the Bruce Feiler web entry)
    PLEASE TAKE THE PATH OF FORGIVENESS NOW! The Jews REALLY DO lerv you! …. “Lerv, lerv, lerv, that is all you need!” I think I’ve got herpes!

    1. Max

      ya right, “do nothin” Tyron and thats why we reseated our Maine Grand Juries, issued standing American Common Law orders to Gen Ham and Joint Chiefs to resurrect the Grand Army of the Republic to protect Americans from the 3 city states the “Jews” control. Do “nothing” Tyron is doing nothing like spreading the word on how to get all of the Counties in America reseated, so we might resurrect our lawful Republic, enforcing the real 13th Amendment which would boot all dual citizen “Jews” from Government. “Do nothing” Tyron is doing nothing as he educates white Americans as to the key to removing the impostor “Jews” from “Israel” by way of a Common Law Declaration, challenging the “Jews” claim to Zion- which would save the Pals from the “Jews” genocide plot. ” Do nothing” Tyron isn’t like Max and his buddy Yukon, spreading Chaos, admittedly, while advocating for everyone to rise up and shoot the Cops in America dead, as a way of “solving” the “Jewish” problem.

      YOU ARE A CLOWN and a Timothy Mcveigh wannabe and and no wonder, you having already ADMITTED your mother’s a “Jew”.

  26. Bradley Smith
    Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

    The Holocaust story serves as the Zionist Miracle Weapon that morally justifies the conquest and occupation of Palestinian land. It is an endless source of billions of dollars in reparations for Jews, and is a weapon that in the United States is used to prohibit adult behavior by congressmen, academics, and journalists alike (they all agree: you cannot “discuss” the Holocaust Question). I founded Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust to try to defuse this Miracle Weapon.

  27. Someone give me some feed back on the authenticity of this video. Watch especially to the end. Had a problem at the 36 minute mark (most important point in the video for me).
    Israeli soldier’s story. Taped in Denver March 8, 2014. Describes how Israel trains
    terrorists (under disguise of Law Enforcement duties) all over the world including the
    U.S. Warns at the end that whats happening in Gaza is coming soon to the U.S.
    Destablizing southern border. Diversion of kids while inflitrating OTM’s (other than
    mexican) Muslim; Russian; Chinese ect……….

  28. More White Nationalist fantasy talk. And references to Alex Linder. White Nationalism is the enemy of White people. They cannot see that they are the ones that protect the ‘enemy of mankind’ from any critique. They are the ones that ban, shout down, silence and ignore any real attempt at White cohesion. They are the trump card the Jews use when they are asked to be responsible for their crimes.

    White Nationalism needs to fucking die already. Our survival depends on it.

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