The Eternal Temptress — An extract from the Old Testament

It is a common belief among Jew haters that the Old Testament is a wicked and pornographic book. Here is a favorite passage of mine from the Old Testament, Chapter 7 of the Book of Proverbs. It has more sexual content than most other passages in the Old Testament. If you find anything “wicked” or “pornographic” in it, please let me know in the Comments section. Frankly, I think the passage is beautiful. So I really can’t understand all this Old Testament bashing.  (LD)

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 The Ways of the Strange Woman

1 My son, keep my words, and lay up my commandments with thee.

2 Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.

3 Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart.

4 Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister; and call understanding thy kinswoman:

5 That they may keep thee from the strange woman, from the stranger which flattereth with her words.

6 For at the window of my house I looked through my casement,

7 And beheld among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths, a young man void of understanding,

8 Passing through the street near her corner; and he went the way to her house,

9 In the twilight, in the evening, in the black and dark night:

10 And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart.

11 (She is loud and stubborn; her feet abide not in her house:

12 Now is she without, now in the streets, and lieth in wait at every corner.)

13 So she caught him, and kissed him, and with an impudent face said unto him,

14 I have peace offerings with me; this day have I payed my vows.

15 Therefore came I forth to meet thee, diligently to seek thy face, and I have found thee.

16 I have decked my bed with coverings of tapestry, with carved works, with fine linen of Egypt.

17 I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.

18 Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning: let us solace ourselves with loves.

19 For the goodman [ = my husband ] is not at home, he is gone a long journey:

20 He hath taken a bag of money with him, and will come home at the day appointed.

21 With her much fair speech she caused him to yield, with the flattering of her lips she forced him.

22 He goeth after her straightway, as an ox goeth to the slaughter, or as a fool to the correction of the stocks;

23 Till a dart strike through his liver; as a bird hasteth to the snare, and knoweth not that it is for his life.

24 Hearken unto me now therefore, O ye children, and attend to the words of my mouth.

25 Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths.

26 For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her.

27 Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.

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  1. I can see the beauty of that passage. And yes, a Jew wrote it. So you must either believe that some Jews are capable of the highest literary genius


    that the Old Testament Semites belong to an entirely different genetic species to the Ashkenazi Jews or Khazars.

    Listen, the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Greek and Russian churches have their liturgies rooted in the Old Testament. The PSALMS OF DAVID, as Lasha has pointed out repeatedly, form the bedrock of religious services in the Catholic church. These psalms are chanted SEVEN times a day in all monasteries: at prime (first thing in he morning at dawn) , lauds, terce, sext, nones, vespers and compline (last thing at night before bedtime).

    If you say the Old Testament is EVIL, then you are basically driving a nail into the Catholic church and in fact all Christianity.

    1. The entire bible is a book full of contradictions, inconsistencies and anachronistic history. The bible is a book with allegorical stories in which many people have been taught to interpret literally.

      The OT, especially the first five books, were mostly mythological stories that were borrowed from the Egyptians and Sumerians (Mesopotamia).
      We’re taught that the Bible was the inspired word of THE God of the cosmos. One has to ask themselves, as I did, how did THE God of the cosmos inspire men to write “his word”? Did THE God of the cosmos spot some men he liked on planet earth from heaven above and cast his voice down from the sky above? Something like this, “Hey you, this is THE God of the cosmos and I want you to start writing down some of the things that I want humans to live and abide by”…or did the men that were allegedly inspired by THE God of the cosmos begin to hear voices in their head? How do the men that wrote the Bible claim that what they wrote is the THE word of THE God of the cosmos? How did they come to believe that what they wrote was from THE God of the cosmos and not a product of their wishful thinking and wild imaginations?

      Excerpts from:Hebrew Bible: Plagiarized Mythology and Defaced Monotheism

      Religion, with colossal temples and ziggurats and creation myths, first sprouted along the fertile banks of the Tigris and Euphrates in Mesopotamia and the river Nile in Egypt, how could we explain the dominance of Judaism, some tribal cult which supposedly originated (centuries later in time) amid the arid terrains of Canaan, over the Egyptian and Sumerian once thriving theologies?

      Actually Judaism didn’t, surpass the influence of the Egyptian nor the Sumerian theology; this was a formidably hard task for any nomadic community (desert wanderers) to aspire for, instead Judaism did it the easy way.

      As the antiquity era was approaching an end, and as the hieroglyphic and the cuneiform writings were getting extinct, the Hebrews simply stole the Egyptian and the Sumerian thunder. The Hebrew scribes, whom I presume knew what they were doing, copycatted the famous myths/epics of ancient Egypt and Sumer, in what could be the world’s first and yet the biggest copyright infringement, and stuffed their Bible with them.

      In an atmosphere of despair and rage, especially after the Romans ruthlessly crushed what was seen as the last Hebrew disobedience (66-70 CE) the Jewish religious megalomaniac Messianic fantasies prospered.

      The powerlessness of the Jews found an outlet in the myths and invented a glorious national history- something similar to what modern day Zionism did – avenging long years of ostracism and cruelty and dragging their enemy’s names through the dirt.

      In the Bible, the Hebrew scribes unleashed the dagger of malevolence and took a stab at the superpowers of the ancient world, namely Egypt, Sumer and Babylon.

      Everything the Israelites desperately longed for, namely a mythology with fascinating stories like that of the Sumerians, a religion with big temples like that of the Egyptians … and yes, a piece of land they could call home like everybody else, the Hebrew scribes made damn sure it was granted to them on the pages of THEIR bible.

      They (Hebrews) molded it into a tribal thing; the universal nature of the Egyptian gods, e.g., Amun, Aten, had been twisted and refashioned to function only as the Hebrews’ own exclusive god, and hence the Hebrews as his own chosen people. And in a way this dominating concept of favoritism/nepotism has, and for the first time in the history of mankind, introduced/nurtured the idea of religious extremism.

      As the Hebrew scribes were tramping over the history of the ancient Near East they rewrote/invented a mythical table of nations (sons of Noah) that, at the end, and through a long cycle of selective favoritism, came down and as expected to favoring the sons of Shem (founding myth of modern day Semitism)

      And hence, the world through the tribal lens of the Israelites was only conceivable as Jews vs. Gentiles, This lingering duality complex that denied the Jews, till this very day, the ability to assimilate anywhere outside the psychological orbit of the tribe.

      Contrary to what many may believe the Hebrew bible did not come up with the idea of monotheism, the Egyptian king Akhenaten did that and centuries before Judaism, and as a matter of fact YHWH, the Israelites’ one god had a consort by the name ‘Asherah’

      What Judaism actually added to the world’s religious thinking is something totally different and, at the same time, inherently harmful. Through their tribal and somehow shallow collective mentality, the Hebrews had planted the root of religious dogmatism and fanaticism when they allowed for the absurd idea of God’s chosen people to flourish and permeate the religious thinking from then on.

      Unfortunately that religious extremism passed on to Christianity, which was supposed to act as a counterbalance to Judaism’s tribal vulgarity, until it reached its worst case in Islam.

      Through a prism of total prejudice and deeply seated grudge the Hebrew scribes wrote, page up and page down, not what really happened in ancient times, but rather what they wished had happened.

      1. Correct. Good comment.

        And put, simply, people CHOOSE their own gods, the ones which suit them.

        1. incorrect and patently false,
          as the “Jewish” so-called narrative…

          there are not any so-called “Jews” in the OT.

          The Talmud makes a “Jew” …Jewish,
          and hating Jesus.

          The real issue is Truth and Justice,
          on the LAND,
          and who controls the money…

          one could spend a considerable amount of time
          listening to the rocks & trees, and reading all the
          sacred scrolls…to find the simple message

          Love one another

          who then is the enemy of all mankind

        2. There are NOT any jews in the OT… because… as Buster stated…

          “The bible is a book with allegorical stories in which many people have been taught to interpret literally.”

          It is a collection of myths.

  2. If you honestly hate the Old Testament and think it’s evil, please explain what you find evil about the beautiful passage that Lasha has just quoted.

    1. An inanimate object, like the OT, isn’t evil, it’s what men and women do in its name that can be evil.
      Like laying claim to a good chunk of the ME and then murdering, robbing, blackmailing, threatening, corrupting, lying constantly, more murdering, kidnapping and other assorted crimes that the impostor Jews, damn near all from Europe or Russia, do to the REAL Semites, the indigenous Palestinians–and Gentiles–all in the name of their G-d, who seems to be a bit vindictive and downright mean for some reason.
      Maybe he/she/it has gender identity issues?

      BTW, shouldn’t the line in the above that reads “.. It is a common belief among Jew haters…” read, ‘It is a common belief among Jews that hate?’

      Gotta be careful with that hate thing. If you dwell on it too much, it will turn against you and rot one from within, like a cancer, not unlike the Star of David cancer that has metastasized all over the planet and its creator is now threatening to use radiation therapy, in the form of nuclear weapons, against the entire planet to teach us uppity GOY a hellish lesson.

      If you let hate grow within you and burn, next thing you know you’ll be wearing a Wyatt Earp type hat, with a funny haircut and going around bobbing your head up and down like some autistic child.

  3. Nothing “wicked” or “pornographic” whatsoever in the passage.

    But that picture!

    I am a man. Men are visual. Some with vivid imaginations, and I could look at the most hard-core XXX-porn out there (and I don’t) and not get more aroused than by taking in that picture.

    You’re all woman, lasha

    The mysterious and provocative darkmoon

  4. ok, it is beautiful, the lord saith: “i know it sounds delicious but gotta obey the law, don’t go to a whorehouse because you’ll get a disease of liver and go to hell anyway, while the pimp takes off with all the cash”.

    i hope the christian monks can stay strong (i didn’t say firm) and avoid temptation.

    old testament, when at its best is all about law, just follow the rules and don’t ask questions.
    well, i like to ask questions, ok? (and that’s a question already)

    and this is how jews get off the hook, no need for questions if you follow the rules (which rules), they appointed the worst possible lawgivers, interpreters and advocates who approve every perfidy, thievery, swindle and vice imaginable.
    so they follow the law.
    just like (some kind of) l-rd commandeth.

    tho i admit, the passage is way more sensual and a turn-on than any modern day jew-porn.
    another question (sorry, can’t stop until i need glasses).
    is that good or bad?

  5. Lasha, your groupies, Lobro, brownhawk, etc. are very quick to react to your postings.
    Do they work for their living or are they working for israhell like you.

    Somebody, like you, who writes so much about the jews. it’s almost a declaration of love must be a jewess, especially for making propaganda for the jews by making reference to this psalm.

    You are caught, a real fucking jewess, you are.

    1. Ain’t that a hoot, kimosabe?

      An old indian like me who’s never been a groupie in all my many moons on this planet until now.

      I rather like the youthful IN-jection (gotta be careful there)

  6. This passage isn’t wicked or pornographic, but I don’t see how it’s beautiful or has any deep truth in it. Though it’s very exciting and raunchy, and that temptress is tempting me just reading it!

    I think the true heart of love offered in the New Testament is way more important than anything we can find in the Old Testament. I have not read the OT in a while, but with no heart of Jesus, why bother? Once you’ve met what Jesus represents, there’s not much use in going even further back in time and reading the OT. Some poster summed up what I believe is true religion a few weeks ago. They said that their Catholic grandma advised to keep Jesus in your heart at all times and let that be your guiding light, no need for anything else. That’s a saint who truly lives there. (And Anti-Jesus people, it’s not true that a saint wouldn’t defend the world from wrongdoing and just sit idle; he’d be fighting too. He doesn’t want to see the world completely go to hell.)

    @ loneranger

    That’s easy. People here are very serious about what’s going on and check this site all the time. That doesn’t mean they’re paid groupies. Obviously that’s not true if you read Brownhawk or Lobro’s postings.

    1. for a young guy you sure are catching on at an impressive pace, lspm.

      soon i’ll be ready to retire from lasha’s backup choir and go look up lone ranger downtown petah tikva and use his face to turn off every light in the unit 8200 building on sabbath night.

      1. you are stupid protecting a jewess you have never seen.
        go fuck yourself

        1. so i take it that YOU have seen her and ascertained that she is a JEWESS.

          thanks for invaluable info bud.

        2. I wish my old granny were still around, kimosabe. She’d have you down on the ground before you can say ” be careful my anus!” and wash that foul mouth with some nasty-ass soap.

          Oy vey!

    2. Mythology, like OT and NT, is evil when it is forced on those who reject it. It, mythology, can be as entertaining as any novel. Esther probably looked like the picture above in the novelist’s mind.

  7. stupid, you don’t understand. You must never trust someone you haven’t seen and whose identity is unclear, has been fabricated, as Darkmoon’s. Think, think, the jews have their sneaky ways.

    1. Attention! Hasbarat allert! Worn out trick of accusing an “anti-semite” of being a Jew him/herself!

  8. This proverb from the OT doesn’t strike me as extraordinarily pornographic or as having much literary merit.

    What does strike me as extraordinarily pornographic and cruel at the same time is the story of King David, that ancient Israelitic terrorist and war criminal, how he murdered 200 Philistines, took their foreskins and offered them as a dowry to Saul in order to marry his daughter Michal. Here is the story :

    1 Samuel 18 : 25-28 :

    “25 And Saul said, Thus shall ye say to David, The king desireth not any dowry, but an hundred foreskins of the Philistines, to be avenged of the king’s enemies. But Saul thought to make David fall by the hand of the Philistines.

    26 And when his servants told David these words, it pleased David well to be the king’s son in law: and the days were not expired.

    27 Wherefore David arose and went, he and his men, and slew of the Philistines two hundred men; and David brought their foreskins, and they gave them in full tale to the king, that he might be the king’s son in law. And Saul gave him Michal his daughter to wife.

    28 And Saul saw and knew that the LORD was with David, and that Michal Saul’s daughter loved him.”

    I wonder why this story of David taking the foreskins of the Philistines and offering them to Saul is never pictured in Western art. After all wasn’t David a “man after God’s own heart”?

    1. Mythology is great.

      Like in Hollywood, anything can be constructed.

      The myth of David is pretty funny. All that it lacks is special effects.

    2. franklin, tell it to lasha, she thinks old testament shouldn’t be shoved down the garburetor … oops! too late, mine is already gone.

      rarely do i disagree with her but her cherrypicking an entertaining sounding little verse from a heap of fly-ridden dung is like asking to let a pedophile walk free because of nice shoes he is wearing.

      it is easy for good to become bad and nearly impossible for bad to become good.
      one lie and a previously honest man falls down, how long before he reestablishes himself as a straight shooter?
      innocence does not grow back overnight.

      facilis descensus averno … bunch of latin stuff … hic opus, huius labor est.

      1. In defense of the Old Testament

        “franklin, tell it to lasha, she thinks old testament shouldn’t be shoved down the garburetor … oops! too late, mine is already gone. rarely do i disagree with her…etc etc….”

        Well, friend lobro, I’m so glad we get on so well and that you don’t suspect me of being a Zionist agent just because I put in a good word for the OT! We’ve discussed all this openly before and I’ve never hidden my admiration for certain texts in the OT.

        Some points that Loneranger would do well to consider, and you too:

        1. In our fight with the traditional Enemy, we simply cannot afford to alienate the world’s 2.1 billion Christians. This you are going to do if you reject the OT. Why? Because the Holy Book of the Christians is the Bible and the Bible consists of two equal parts: the OT and the NT. And no orthodox or traditional Christian I know can reject the OT and say, “I only accept the NT.” It CANNOT be done.

        2. When you went to Mass in Mexico, you must know that there must have been at least TWO Biblical readings during the service. The first of these is ALWAYS from the OT. If there is Gregorian chant, as in the Latin mass, this would be from the Psalms of David: OT.

        3. If Loneranger regards me as a “Jewess” just because I speak up for the OT, he must dismiss Dr E. Michael Jones as a Jew. Because Jones is a practicing Catholic and would therefore HAVE to accept the Psalms of David which are integral to the Latin mass. As I said earlier, and as Sardonicus pointed out in his post above, the Psalms of David are sung SEVEN TIMES A DAY in Catholic monasteries throughout the world. So you simply can’t reject the OT and remain a traditional Christian.

        4. You admire Jung. In that case, to be consistent, you should admire the depth and wisdom of the OT, since Jung did. Jung devoted a huge book to deconstructing the Book of Job which is about the age-old Problem of Pain. Jung’s great work is called “Answer to Job.”

        5. Franklin may not think much about the passage I’ve quoted from Proverbs. But there are other OT books that are incomparably superior. My favorites are the Book of Ecclesiastes (a work of consummate genius), the Book of Job (the deepest philosophy), the Book of Isaiah (brilliant prose and full of remarkable prophecies), and, finally, the Psalms of David (the bedrock of the liturgy of the Catholic church).

        6. In the Oxford Book of Quotations, there are more quotes from the the Bible than from any other source; and there are far more quotes from the OT than from the NT. Admittedly, this is because the OT is a far longer book than the NT which is among the world’s shortest scriptures.

        7. Having said this, I concede your point that the OT contains many shocking and offensive bits, but I assure you it’s not all bad. I would personally prefer it if the New Testament remained the ONLY Christian scripture. The NT is all the true Christian really needs.

        I hope this satisfies Loneranger’s doubts about me, though I don’t think it will.

        1. Your too kind, lasha

          To hell with the loneranger and his “doubts”.

          An idiot with either no sense of discernment to see you’re no more a jewess than I am, or just another tedious and transparent troublemaker whose insipidness alone should exclude him from these threads. An idiot either way.

          Up Up and away with him I say!

        2. I’m confused

          Franklin posts the story of a David who presents as a dowry gift to his future father-in-law the byproduct of mutilated penises.

          Lasha informs that the psalms of David are the liturgical bedrock of the Catholic Church. Why THIS as the bedrock?

          The former would serve as an apt reflection of a malevolent Star of David. Whereas it would be hoped the latter is one reflecting the Star’s TRUE state, as per e.g.; hp’s info of it being the abode of Krishna. This would form a common denominator of spiritual understandings.

          So what gives?

      2. –>xanadu,
        sorry for the late answer, i was at the little neighborhood pub last night watching the important news from brazil.

        you, 2.1 billion christians and an uncountable bunch of angels are dancing on a very small and slippery banana peel here, imo, i can’t help giving it a little yank.

        i wonder whether the passion of jesus would have been aroused just as intensely and for the same reasons by the quoted verse.

        if not, you may have to adjust your sights a bit or choose between 2.1 billion christians and the man who gave the movement his name if not the intellect.

        first, a disclaimer: i like the li’l pome too, specifically the part where rabbi goodman walks around wearing horns.

        i am sure the rest of o/t is a fine read, sadly unread by the religiously challenged likes of me, all proper stuff about slavery, amalek, yahweh’s thundering laws, fire, brimstone … sodom … but we won’t go there until you tell me about it.

        any idea why the monks chose to sing this particular piece x7 every day?
        would they pour the same religious zeal into it if it wasn’t sung in latin but their native vernacular, eg, the language of rap today?
        (yo bitch, lemme come to rescue while your dude is out dealing dope, or something like that)

        i can’t help but wonder what precisely all of you find so beautiful about the porno-psalms that they form the invincible shield protecting the sensitive tissues of old testament.

        yahweh seems to have really put his creative energy into it, if we are to credit him directly.
        if not, then some jews at the time of innocence before their interest in girls 3 years old plus a day (we are relativizing innocence here in order to pander to jews special sensibilities).

        btw, what happens when rabbi goodman returns to his marital bed strewn with incense and myrrh and finds it smelling a little ranky, does o/t extend into that theme?

        and really, the thing i find the most curious of all.
        it says that the rabbis wife made a habit of accosting strangers openly while he was away with his money bag, she would assault them in the street right in front of the house, kisses, flimsy dress, acting like a regular skank.
        surely the neighbors all knew, some may have dipped into the cookie jar available practically 24/7.
        are we to believe goodman was totally ignorant of the sweet realities swirling around his home and hearth?

        or is it just jew business as usual.
        and we are to applaud rapturously, 7 times a day.

        or is lobro to be kicked out of sunday school, also an expected occurrence, not the first time.

        1. “any idea why the monks chose to sing this particular piece x7 every day? would they pour the same religious zeal into it if it wasn’t sung in latin but their native vernacular, eg, the language of rap today?”

          I’m afraid you’re not paying attention, dear L! The passage quoted in NOT from the Book of Psalms by King David which is sung 7 times a day by Christian monks throughout the world.

          This is taken from an entirely different book in the OT: Chapter 7 from the Book of Proverbs by King Solomon. 🙂

        2. “btw, what happens when rabbi goodman returns to his marital bed strewn with incense and myrrh and finds it smelling a little ranky…?”

          You’re probably being ironical, I know, but there’s nothing in the text to suggest that the femme fatale’s husband is a “rabbi”. And he ain’t called “Rabbi Goodman”! The word “goodman” is an archaic English word for “husband” or “head of family”. When the woman says, “The goodman of the house is away,” she’s simply saying, “My husband’s not at home… so let’s play.”

          Situation: the man’s a cuckold, his wife’s a femme fatale adulteress who picks up men in the street. She’s not a “whore” because there’s nothing about her being PAID. No, she’s just your average milf temptress looking for a bit of racy sex outside marriage. 🙂

          Nothing new here. It’s still happening. Horny married women picking up strangers in bars and so on while their hubbies are away on business. Think of Sex and the City.

        3. maybe it should read

          the Book of Perverts by King Solomon.

          sorry for hate speech, off to my weekend reeducation camp

        4. George Buchanan accomplished most of the translation of Psalms from Hebrew to Latin. There is no telling what he left out or added, or embellished. It was added to KJV, as George was a cruel tutor of James.

          Buchanan was accused of Judaistic practices. He defended himself, admitting that some of the charges were true.

          About June 1551 he was sentenced to abjure his errors, and to be imprisoned in the monastery of São Bento in Lisbon. Here he listened to edifying discourses from the monks, whom he found “not unkind but ignorant.”

          In his leisure he began to translate the Psalms into Latin verse, completing the greater part of a magnificent work.

  9. It appears Christians feel they are the only goyim.

    Jews consider all non-jews goyim. Reading the OT or NT or Koran or Buddhist Bible will not change that.

    Jews are equal opportunity haters.

  10. the ot is an archeological, mythbook, invented by the jews, with stories which not even
    the greek ulysses could have invented, so bizarr. It is a warbook, about destruction, slaughter, baal-worship ecc. De bello gallico of cesar is a childish book in comparison.

    In that matter I would refer you to the writer Israel Finkelstein, the bible unearthed,
    which concludes that there is NO evidence for the myths of the jews.

    There is no evidence of the existence of salomo, david ecc. I keep on wondering how it is possible that the jews could live 40 years !! in a desert. Of course no evidence, nothing,as all the jew-stories.

    Remember also that all the myths from the ot, even the psalms, were invented for use by only the jews, the jew-eyes, not for the goy’s like me.

    Darkmoon, if you are a christian you should take more interest in the new testament and especially the letters of Paul who kept saying that the real jews are the christians
    and not the baal-worshippers, yahweh, their god who is a revengeful god, tribal god, which you should know with all your writing…

    Fuck the jews, hard and screw you too.

    1. @ Loneranger

      Yeah, yeah, so what’s new? Old Testament full of “myths”? Big deal. We all know that.

      No one with an ounce of intelligence goes around thinking that the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden is literally true! With the serpent tempting Eve and conning her into eating the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

      Myths are a way of conveying metaphysical truths which are beyond the reach of ordinary language. There’s nothing wrong with myths provided you know they ARE myths. Read your Jung and get yourself an education.

  11. i did read jung in my younger days and respect him a great deal to this day.
    however, that was before i had a clue what jews were all about, apart from being secretive, pitiful, laughable shriveled up pygmies.
    i don’t know whether jung had full access to talmud like we do, so in many ways we are more knowledgeable about the true nature and threat of jews than any generation in history.
    and here is a potentially important thought and catastrophical outcome for the jew.

    the race is simultaneously to the bottom, as the jews feverishly work to dumb the goyim down before the final culling and to the top where our likes want to break the surface to freedom and pull along our catatonic brethren.
    this was by no means anticipated nor foretold in the protocols, despite ellie katzenbaum’s airs of snide superiority, appearing relaxed yet with an underlying sense of near hysteria.
    these hollywood scribes are important, you understand?
    (thanks pat for smoking him out, the fake ellie)
    they are precisely the caiaphases of today’s deceit, the shapers of the popular imagination and mythos.
    the highly paid star actors are just dressed monkeys, clueless clooney and the bunch, rotated in and out of public consciousness, gossip mills whirring day and night to make sure our eye is focused on the wrong shell.

    but we few, we precious few, the band of brothers (etc, from st crispen’s day speech, from faulty memory … not important) … we are a grave threat, thanks to internet, as much as they listen and record every word, spoken and unspoken.
    as lucifer went to the dark side after a bright promise, we are the new light bringers, the new promethueses even as carrion birds gather to feast on our livers.
    because the damage we cause may be fatal in the longer run if the fuse is properly lit.

    i am thinking of that swede, sorensen or something who answered ellie kittykatz so succinctly.
    he-she must be worried, why we get such august drop-ins to this tiny site.
    so let’s crank up the organ grinder to the sound of the frisky psalms of king solomonder but also do some thinking in spare time.

    there is a job to be done.

    1. Then again, maybe this site ain’t so tiny anymore.

      According to info from article “Anti-Semitic and Racist Websites to Monitor for the year 2014” is listed among the 35 websites in the top 1% of web traffic in the WORLD.

      Chords are being struck because people hunger for the Truth, and given that we’re living in a time where its bubbling up to the surface, they’re sensing that on sites like this there’s a whole lotta thought-provoking going on, and they MISS that. They’ve had enough of their intelligence being insulted, and here you get a powerful combination where the intellect is presented with a heartfeltness, by many who genuinely care about Life.

      Can’t top that on the WWW.

  12. lobro – “(thanks pat for smoking him out, the fake ellie)”

    No hay problema, amigo. Lets point out these scumbags as well:

    Jews’ Quotes on Masonry from CDL Report in 1982:

    THE REALIZATION that masonry’s “public face” is a tissue of lies and distortions will cause many to wonder who is behind this foul organization. The simple answer, whether one like it or not, is the Jews. And in the past they have gleefully proclaimed that fact to the world. They cannot help themselves but to boast about what is their grand doing. Here are a few selected comments which support this contention to the hilt.

    “There were cabalistic Jews around the cradle of Freemasonry, as certain rites still in existence prove conclusively.” – Bernard Lazare in Anti-Semitism.

    “The most important duty of a freemason must be to glorify the Jewish race.” – Le Symbolisme (1928).

    “Freemasonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the masonic ritual and what is left?” – Jewish Tribune USA (1927).

    “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.” – Rabbi Isaak Wise (1855).

    “Jewish ritual is customary and valid in all freemasonic lodges of the world.” – Brother Rudolph Klien, Grand Lodge of Saxony.

    “The spirit of freemasonry is that of Judaism in its most fundamental beliefs; its ideas are Judaic, its language is Judaic, its very organization is almost Judaic.” – La Verite Israelite, Paris (1861).

    “The ideas pf freemasonry originated from the Jewish epoch. Words and designations were taken mostly from the Hebrew.” – Dr. Gustav Karpeles, B’nai B’rith (1902).

    “I have given sufficient illustrations to support the deduction that masonry, as a system of symbolism, rests entirely on a foundation which is essentially hebraic.” – B. Shillman, Hebraic Influences on Masonic Symbolism.

    Referring to the ‘coat of arms’ of the Grand Lodge of England, Lucien Wolf, the Jewish historian wrote:
    “The coat is entirely composed of Jewish symbols.” – Transaction of the Jewish Historical Society of England.

  13. This is the kind of thought-provoking feature which makes this site so interesting.

    The Bible is my favorite book in the world. It’s all there – every facet and consideration of life, in general. Of that, I agree with many others that Ecclesiastes is the KEY to comprehending the whole of it; and there is no fault I can find in the admonitions and advice delivered in the Proverbs (the same guy supposedly composed BOTH, which, in itself, is an almost superhuman accomplishment).

    Either one has a realization there is a Supreme Being/Entity/Creator – or one doesn’t. If the Laws of God are ‘written on one’s heart and mind’, one also understands Jesus’ words at Matthew 15:22 where He is quoted “I came not but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” If there is confusion about WHO is Israel, I suggest the best place to begin is an earnest investigation of that topic. Otherwise, don’t bother with the incessant babble about “Jews and goyim and chosen – oh my!”. It’s vain and fruitless.

    Of all the Bible characters, David is my favorite. He is manly, a king and prince, and does what needs to be done. He has faults – like any man – but knows his God and attempts to please Him. He takes his punishments, and dishes them out, when necessary. He does the ‘dirty work’ when he is called upon. What more could anyone ask of a man??? Whether myth or fact, there is relativity to all of life, somewhere in the Bible. I have little use for the narrow minds or skimpy souls who belittle it, no matter their academic accomplishments or writing skills.

    At Job 1:8, God carries on a sort of cordial conversation with Satan. Don’t we mortals do that, to some degree, at various times? The ‘duality of man’ is what that is. Everything in Scripture is an analogy of something pertinent to we who seek understanding.

    For those of you who seem stubbornly “atheist”, just consider this: From whence comes that SPARK of life which animates your flesh??

  14. These sophistical interpretations of the OT could be in the Talmud and some them are.

    This dryrun evolution of timid windbags has run it’s course. It’s stalled and it’s dying. It was never blessed by Yahweh. Internet bloggers are a disgusting turn-off. Only in the rationalization of a jew can the OT and NT be seen as contrary to eachother. They reveal their ignorance of the topic when they can’t identify Jesus’ words as being direct quotes of the OT prophets.

    There were never any Israelites named “Esther” (Easter, Ashtoreth, Astarte.. Lillith) or “Mordecai” (death). Arya, as in Aryan, means “mountain of God”, the same as Israel. In the book of Esther, you have a pimp and his whore subverting a nation. Hey, just like now! It was a capital crime in the land of the Aryans to whisper in a person’s ear when they were sleeping. So, why did she want in his bed? Alexander the Great called them Persians. They called themselves Aryans.

    The canon called the bible isn’t the only scriptures. Canon, as in the word “Canne”, as in the word “cannibal”. We’re talking baal priests here. When you make a human sacrifice, you eat it. DUH? I’ve noticed atheists and scoffers like to speak as if they’re God. If they had 1000 years, they couldn’t reason out the intelligence and fairness in YHVH’s laws. Their mental masturbations result in more Talmudic confusion and idiocy. Yahveh is satan? That’s what the Talmud says too, and it’s right. Satan meaning “adversary”.

    The whore comes out of the sea riding a beast, decked in scarlet and purple and gold, blasphemies written on her forehead and a cup of abominations in her hand. What could this ‘written on her forehead’ mean? It means they’re broadcasted everywhere, unabashed and up front. Homosexual priests? Homosexual marriages? Multiculturalism? Mingling of blood? These blasphemies and abominations are hallelujahed every Sunday in church. I guess He can’t be insulted, in His eternal wisdom. So, what does He say to this??? My people perish for lack of knowledge, for one thing. In less diplomatic terms, it means you’re a bunch of f$%^&*ing idiots demonstrating hypocrisy in everything you say. Your little revolution has fizzled, per design. You’re skanky philistines and canaanites. When Yahveh pours out his cup of wrath and brings that valley of dry bones to life, you fakes are going to be on the receiving end.

    Except for these mental masturbating windbags, like lobro, who admit they’ve never even studied those words and believing every jew fable served up since 1920, even basing their little arguments on those lies, I’m glad to see Lasha Darkmoon appreciating the OT.

    3o-fold 60-fold 100 fold is how that goes. You plant the seeds with study, and God brings the rain, or NOT…

    I know what you are. Your worthless fruit shows it. These internet blogs are the smoke from the pit.

    1. All religions are myth based. Myths abound.

      A wpman riding a beast from the sea was told three thousand years ago. Europe received the name from her. Later renditions told of her as the whore. Europe.

      In Greek mythology Europa was a Phoenician woman of high lineage, from whom the name of the continent Europe has ultimately been taken. The story of her abduction by Zeus in the form of a white bull was a Cretan story; as Kerényi points out “most of the love-stories concerning Zeus originated from more ancient tales describing his marriages with goddesses. This can especially be said of the story of Europa”.

      Europa’s earliest literary reference is in the Iliad, which is commonly dated to the 8th century B.C. Another early reference to her is in a fragment of the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women, discovered at Oxyrhynchus. The earliest vase-painting securely identifiable as Europa, dates from mid-7th century B.C

      See the pic:

    2. @Shirley Yewgeste

      I suggest we ALL cut the religious crap and boil everything down to one simple question:

      Who is Jesus Christ?

    3. “….Jesus’ words as being direct quotes of the OT prophets.”

      And your point is?

      They were prophets, prophesizing His coming. Nothing more. Nothing less. The nature of prophecy is all. Nothing is implied that the 2-Testaments AREN’T contrary. Quite the contrary.

      What it DOES imply is that they very well COULD be contrary, contrary to your intended implication because nothing is PROVEN to the contrary…..

      ……I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a ‘splitting’ headache, and I can’t quite tell which side of my head it’s coming from. 😉

  15. Like its much later relation, the Talmud, the Torah is a book of law. The “Pentateuch” – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy set forth legal precedence, such as the story of the tower of Babel describing the Lord God’s fear of advanced, homogeneous cultures. Or the story of Cain and Able setting forth the precedence of the meat sacrifice over the grain sacrifice. Issac and Abraham setting forth the animal sacrifice as acceptable sacrifice for the first born son. More than that however, the Torah is a book of recipes. A book describing the methods and techniques for cooking, not only the priesthood’s own people, but other cultures as well. These are methods for extracting wealth and power from others. The story of Joseph describes the power of the Jewish administrator over kings. The story of Abram’s “sister act” describes the method of extortion for extracting the wealth of kings. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah describes the harsh method for dealing with a culture refusing to yield their natural resources to religious authority.

    The books of Moses contain the critical legal principals, the remaining books of t Old Testament are commentary on both the first five books and the people, both real and fiction, who administered “god’s” law. The Mishna is further commentary and the twenty volume Talmud is the most current commentary. These commentaries provide layers of meaning or explanation to the original laws laid forth in Torah law, they are what makes Jewish law “fluid”. Within these books and commentaries, one readily finds the Byzantine legal structure of modern law. While the law is written in stone for the common man – IT’S THE LAW! Immutable and sacrosanct – the law in fact provides a fluid medium for manipulating the policies of its administrators. As such, the law can be readily altered as required to pursue any given policy. Thus what is legal today is illegal tomorrow and vice versa.

    The Old Testament of the modern Bible was a creation of the Hasmonean, more commonly known as the “Maccabees,” a term meaning “Hammer”. One must reflect for a moment on the kind of religious authority that would refer to itself as “hammers.” The book first surfaced during the fifty odd years of “Babylonian Exile” when, as myth claims, Ezra “discovered” the scrolls buried among dusty, long forgotten, archival references. It is assumed that Ezra in fact wrote the laws to validate Hasmonaen religious authority in order to seize control of the Jewish religion. While is said Ezra introduced the law by reading it publicly, these stories were never intended for the common man any more than modern law is intended to be understood by the common man. Ezra’s scrolls were instead intended as a course of study for an elite priesthood.

    The scrolls were eventually transferred to the Temple in Jerusalem where they became the foundation of Temple law, the law of Judaism. Opposing groups, notably the Essene, claimed Ezra’s scrolls were forgeries, created specifically for the materialistic designs of the avaricious Hasmonean desiring the power and wealth imparted by their legal scrolls. The Essene claimed the Hasmonean laws were fiction, quite unrelated to the true religious principles of the original Israelites/Jews. The outline of the original tenets held by the Essene, are readily found in the teachings of the historical figure known as Yeshu or Jesus. In his story, one finds the same enmity directed towards the Essene principals one finds directed towards National Socialism. The reason is the same, both groups expose the lies used by the power mongers calling themselves “Jews”. These are the lies of the Torah, lies of legality used to enrich themselves and their in group.

    What follows is an introduction to a website I created a number of years ago, one that has now been reconstituted.

    The Twilight Zone of Reality – To Serve Man

    Over forty years ago there was a Twilight Zone episode titled: “To Serve Man.” It is an eerie story about an alien race known as Kanamits that comes to earth ostensibly to assist the human race. The Kanamit exude an angel-like presence. Dressed in long, flowing, robes with a high, domed, head they seem beneficent, but their sunken, sinister, eyes belie a hidden agenda. Yet when a Kanamit alien addresses the UN assembly telepathically they promise they come as friends.

    During an address to the UN, the Kanamit representative note the earth is plagued by both natural and un-natural calamities and that they only wish to help. They offer a new power source, an end to famine, and a force field to be used as a defense shield against attack. A Kanamit representative states, “We wish only that you simply trust us.” As he departs, he leaves behind a black volume with an alien inscription on the cover.

    A cryptologist for the U.S. government is assigned to translate the book, which turns out to be a daunting and difficult task. While discussing the difficulty of the translation with several army generals, the cryptologist’s assistant rushes into the room with news that the title of the book has just been deciphered, a title that reads, “To Serve Man.”

    As the story progresses, United Nations delegates are seen watching a film of several tests given to the Kanamit representative. These are essentially lie detector tests that prove the Kanamit are making truthful statements. Again the Kanamit repeats their motives for coming to earth, they only offer their help.

    In time earth’s deserts became gardens. Armies are disbanded and the various countries of the world offer their thanks for Kanamit assistance. The Kanamits now propose the people of earth begin reciporical visits to their planet to see how the Kanamits achieve their wonders. Before long people are standing in line to board Kanamit spaceships. Before boarding Kanamit ships, human travelers are weighed and while waiting in line they chat about the upcoming space voyage as if embarking on a grand vacation.

    In the meantime, the cryptologist and his assistant discuss recent events, noting there are no more codes to decipher and that nearly 2000 Kanamits are now on earth. He reflects on how easily man decides to go off to a strange planet. In fact, they are both on a waiting list to go. Although the cryptologist has long since given up on deciphering the book, his assistant states she is still working on the text and feels she is getting close to a translation.

    Finally, the cryptologist’s number is called and he begins boarding the Kanamit spaceship, but as he ascends the steps, his assistant rushes up, trying to push through the crowd, she desperately yells trying to get his attention. When finally restrained by a Kanamit, she screams out to the cryptologist, “Don’t get on the ship! The book – To Serve Man – IT’S A COOKBOOK!”

    This web site is about a similar book that comes from ancient times. Like the Kanamit’s book, the Bible seemingly promises great things for mankind, but has a much different meaning when properly deciphered. Like the Kanamit’s book, the esoteric language in which the Bible is written hides the true agenda of the book and like the people who board the spaceships embracing the Kanamit’s message without understanding the true motive, the Bible is embraced by people around the world as their salvation without properly decoding its meaning. Ironically those who most strongly profess their belief in this book and profess their salvation from it often know little or nothing of its history, nor anything of the people who wrote it.

    It should come as no surprise that Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone, was a Jew.

  16. I’ve gotta say here that I can’t help but agree with LD in her contention that the OT is simply chock-full of lovely verses that inspire love and goodwill between the “chosen” and their goy cattle.

    Please check out the following lovely verse from the jewish old testament ……

    Psalm 18 King James Version (KJV)

    37 I have pursued mine enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were consumed.

    38 I have wounded them that they were not able to rise: they are fallen under my feet.

    39 For thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle: thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me.

    40 Thou hast also given me the necks of mine enemies; that I might destroy them that hate me.

    41 They cried, but there was none to save them: even unto the Lord, but he answered them not.

    42 Then did I beat them small as the dust before the wind: I did cast them out as the dirt in the streets.

    43 Thou hast delivered me from the strivings of the people; and thou hast made me the head of the heathen: a people whom I have not known shall serve me.

    44 As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves unto me.

    45 The strangers shall fade away, and be afraid out of their close places.

    46 The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.

    47 It is God that avengeth me, and subdueth the people under me.

    48 He delivereth me from mine enemies: yea, thou liftest me up above those that rise up against me: thou hast delivered me from the violent man.

    49 Therefore will I give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and sing praises unto thy name.

    50 Great deliverance giveth he to his king; and sheweth mercy to his anointed, to David, and to his seed for evermore.

    King James Version (KJV)
    by Public Domain

    1. i was going to respond to the shirley, the great teacher and ask him for to demonstrate some solid bridgework between jesus and the o/t but you saved me from the loathsome drudgery of digging thru o/t.

      maybe a sprinkling of other germs would round out the effort:
      how there is absolutely zero historical or archeological evidence of the fabulous kings solomon and david and their grandiose palaces, nne of the otherwise meticulous recod keepers in egypt and mesopotamia have ever heard of these puffed up goatherds,
      ergo, o/t lies
      square that against i am the truth, etc said by jesus.
      what about all the incest and slavery that o/t is riddled with and countenanced by the great mono-god and creator of universe whose single eye is lovingly fixed on his chosen.

      and regarding the said fictitious (sorry gilbert, i fully know that you are a solid and righteous man and a proper gent, never would mean to slight you, but facts are facts) david, did he or didn’t he send his loyal and brave general uriah to die in battle so he could bone his wife in peace – as per o/t that never even takes him to task for the cowardly and amoral deed.
      if i am wrong, correct me, thanks in advance.

      is this what jesus preached on the mount?
      where did jesus copy his be ye wise as serpents and innocent as doves in o/t?
      where in o/t did he steal that the meek shall inherit the earth?
      that all men are equal, the kings and paupers, the heart of his ministry … that justice will be served, the final and ultimate one, the one that matters.
      how o/t preaches kindness and mercy of the good samaritan, yeah so typical, isn’t it, all jesus had to do was hide a little cheat sheet straight from torah and pretend these were his own, original words.

      show it to me and yes, i will pick up a copy of torah and give it a real careful read.

      shirley my man, surely you jest, i appreciate your sense of humor as well as dignified genteel manner, leslie nielsen applauds from grave.

      1. all of the new testament, every single word jesus uttered is rooted in this simple set of 26 letters:
        {a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z}

        i think that ends the debate.

        1. Pat

          Only 22 letters are known to exist in the Aramaic alphabet. What is also known is that the ancient Hebrews considered their vowel sounds sacred. It could be that four of these sounds are concealed

      2. Lobro,

        The time has come (so said Carroll’s Walrus) to speak of many things. David, whether or not fictitious, is a noble character who – though subjected to mortality like the rest of us – chooses his god (his idol??) and admirably strives to please Him. David’s shortcomings (like the Uriah tale) are chronicled, indeed; but so is his penance and punishment.

        Like one poster said awhile back: We choose our own gods. Or they choose us. Whatever. I choose the God of Jacob – and my hope is that He chooses me, too. I like the (KJV) Bible. It speaks to me, because I am of the people for whom it was written and by whom the version was translated.

        The first of the Ten Commandments is to have no other gods before Him, which implies there ARE other gods – but we (me) are to place none above HIM. That doesn’t mean we can’t fail; it means we have simple instructions. I am a simple man. One god-at-a-time is about all I can contemplate. 🙂 (and, like David, I often fail – but I’d truly love for Him to say I was a man after His own heart! I LIKE that story!)

        1. btw, I respect the choices of others to accept whatever religion or deity suits them – or not. Doesn’t mean I have to like them or be peaceful with them, but ‘to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven’. Sometimes to heal, sometimes to kill. Be prepared for all seasons. David was – and a man after God’s own heart.

        2. gilbert, no argument with you, ever.
          not because you are right but because you are an upright man as quick to see faults in himself as to see goodness in others.
          this is the measure of the man, not whether his momentary views are right or wrong.

          because your momentary views are wrong 🙂
          but that’s fine, stick by them, it is your right and as long as you feel they are right, it is in fact your duty to stick by them.

          let me conjecture a bit, if you don’t take offense.
          you are a hereditary, generational farmer, someone who observes and leaves in seasons and your classification system is informed by agricultural geometry, this is the part of my land that is fertile, this is fallow, here is the forest where i hunt game, i must rebuild fence here, this has been damaged by the last years drought and so on.

          you don’t suddenly jump up and call the realtor (jewish) to flip your land for another chunk that you think has better cabbage growing potential, because there are many factors at play, including that your ancestors invested sweat and blood in this particular ploy that you tend.

          ditto with the bible, it is likely a family bible, so you don’t use the pages to scoop dog poo just because lobro disses that bible.

          but lobro likewise can’t help being his nomadic self, sole t me diss it some more, you are welcome to laugh at it.

          as someone much better versed in its sorry history said further on up there in the thread, it is basically a wet dream of a worthless tribe of brigands in order to elevate their downtrodden self esteem, a peerless exercise of shameless self aggrandizement, every word ripped off from their more powerful neighbors sophisticated mythology, egyptians, sumerians, hashemites, minoans.
          they lived in foxholes, the rich ones could afford a scavenged camel hide to cover themselves with and they became davids, solomons and the eternal nobles of the holy book-shmook.
          there were no palaces, no water bearing viaducts, no conquests, triumphal processions nor arches, they looked in envy at roman grandeur and simply decided to write it into their pornotheism.
          made of whole cloth and pulled out of tribal an*s along with putrid yahweh and because theyr were uncouth savages, for all the talk of urban grandeur, their mores remained, thus incest, cheating, cruelty, cannibalism, sacrifices and other unclean and unholy practices.
          you can remove jew from the pit but you can’t remove the pit from the jew.

          and they became the cosmic masters of the lie as it mastered them, as in the beginning so in the end.

          no sense blaming khazars for contaminating the clean and pure hebrew because they were born of dirt in the first place, they live with it today and the two terms are inseparable.
          just look at their so-called art, be it visual, music or literary and it needs no debate.

          where did jesus come into this?
          he was nothing like the genesis i just described.
          well, maybe he really was one of them, a tribesman born and bred into filth.
          but then, he was what texans refer to as a turd blossom, there are always mutations like that over time.
          he was a miraculous mutant of character, a lie that turned on itself and became the truth.
          or maybe he was an aramaic speaking nabatean.
          i don’t know and i don’t really care.

          because he also said another thing (which shirley will no doubt retrieve from old testament).

          it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, it is what comes out of the mouth that defiles him.

          in that he referred in his typically elliptical way to the fact that blind adherence to the dead letter of the law is morally irrelevant, what matters is the living truth in the man.

          so my advice to all is don’t waste your time reading ancient tomes or even worse, books that have endured centuries of fiddling and mistranslations, intentional and unintentional.
          use the brain that god, if indeed there be such a thing, gave you.
          and don’t let the same lying scribes and scribblers fiddle with and mistranslate your own thoughts.

        3. some typos but i am not to blame they were handed to me on the original stone tablet.

        4. War IS the principle organizing endeavor of any society’s government.

          Even NT myth writers allowed that, “I come not to bring peace, but a sword.”

        5. What “myth writers”, Pat?

          Consider the intent behind “peace”. See it as code (allegorical) for “maintaining the status quo”.

          The “sword” slashes it to pieces.

        6. What “myth writers”, Pat?

          Ans: Those commissioned by James I and VI.

          And you changed the words to suit yourself, just as James instructed his hirelings to do when you wrote:

          Consider the intent behind “peace”. See it as code (allegorical) for “maintaining the status quo”.

          The “sword” slashes it to pieces.

        7. Pat

          Do you have a greater point?

          Why don’t you tell me in your own words why Christ came to Earth

        8. In my own words, “Christ is fictional. Just as Gaia and Uranus were from 3000 years ago.”

          Uranus was born with no father involved, just like Jesus.

          Uranus was the primal Greek god personifying the sky. His equivalent in Roman mythology was Caelus.

          In Ancient Greek literature, Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth.

          According to Hesiod’s Theogony, Uranus was conceived by Gaia alone, but other sources cite Aether as his father. Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Titans, and the ancestors of most of the Greek gods, but no cult addressed directly to Uranus survived into Classical times, and Uranus does not appear among the usual themes of Greek painted pottery. Elemental Earth, Sky and Styx might be joined, however, in a solemn invocation in Homeric epic.

        9. Sigh

          Here we go again with the “Christ is fiction” mumbo-jumbo.

          This reminds me of shortly after coming on this site last year, and I don’t have the energy to get into it again.

          I miss Sazzy lil smartass. Are you there girl?

      3. “…zero historical or archeological evidence of the fabulous king solomon…”


        the sun and the moon – part of the cosmological fairy tale called the Old Testament, with its only relevance being in the 1st Commandment, reflecting the living spirit of Christ.

        Look at THAT as being a presage to the NEW testament that pretty much renders the OT irrelevant for purposes of KNOWING (beautiful verses here and there notwithstanding 😉 )

        But in saying “fairy tale” is conveyed the idea that our experience of Life is symptomatic where a “Beginning” suggests something antithetical to the “alpha and the omega” of NO Beginning.

        “Time” is the ultimate face of the enemy. The satanic “adversary” (adverse: acting against, or in a contrary direction) in this context, cosmologically. And in every other way, “worldly”)

        Under its auspices we RATIONALIZE till we’re “blue in the face”, figuratively and literally into the grave. And what is Christ referring to when he speaks of “the end of death”?

        sniff sniff sniff. what’s that I smell? Could it be the waft of a duplicitous cosmos?

        “to every season there is a purpose under heaven”

        What “heaven” is being referred to here? What exactly is the nature of “purpose” in this context? Whose purpose is being served? (” To Serve Man” – hahaha, good one Arch Stanton. But no laughing matter really when you see all the ramifications of this through the course of “his – story”. Tie that Serling episode in with the one where the lost stranger who came upon a monastery lets loose the devil from the cell he was put in by the monks – can you say ending the Settlement of the Pale? Worldly AND cosmologically speaking)


        A “time” to kill and a “time” to heal

        Really? WHOSE “time”? How ’bout a “time” to heal only? We rationalize this in acceptance because after all, IT’S IN THE BIBLE!

        Where’s the TRUE perspective? Where is Christ TRULY in all of this?

  17. Xanadu says:

    July 4, 2014 at 9:49 pm
    “When you went to Mass in Mexico, you must know that there must have been at least TWO Biblical readings during the service. The first of these is ALWAYS from the OT.”

    I see this as evidence of jewish infiltration and kosher subversion of the Catholic Church. Why is the pope wearing a yarmulke, anyway ??

    1. All the missals in the backs of the pews in the Catholic Churches contain a special “Prayer for the Jews.” Go see one time.

  18. Use your brain ‘that God gave you’ (gotta throw in some school spirit). That’s just the kind of internet blog doublespeak I’ve been talking about. Would lobro have this advice for a brainwashed person? The brainwashed person would say “But, I HAVE been using my brain”. Lobro has a lot in common with a brainwashed person. he thinks he’s using his brain. Is there a test for that?

    Lobro needs to learn a little bit about brains (or maybe he knows more than he will say). The right brain is the one you’re born with. The left brain is developed and vulnerable to corruption. Did you ever see a little baby and the baby sees you and it’s ace lights up like “Hey!, I know YOU. They said I’d see you here!”. So, just what is that? The right brain thinks, but not with words. What is it thinking? How and why is a baby so secure and content being a baby. Being a baby would be cause for some severe anxiety in the left brain. So, what does the right brain know? So, left brains aren’t necessarily correct. Garbage in; garbage out applies here. I’m sure lobro’s tribe has done all the experiments on hot to totally f%^&ck up a brain, setting the right half and left half against eachother, resulting in the nonsense hypocrisy and contradictions on the internet.

    Is lobro afraid to make a decision? He seems to be waffling around in the neutral zone asking “Are you my daddy?” Firm decisiveness can bring the left and right brains into agreement.

    Don’t think I accept that we’re all the same. That’s a subtle bit of brainwashing that people speak from, without even realizing it. If we’re all the same, then we’re just all the same. But if we’re not all the same, then what are we. This is where the plot thickens. Keep that in mind when you think of assigning me with providing proof. Proof that you’ve already seen or ignored the first time around. I’ve been arguing with jews long before 9-11-01 and they care not on whit for proof, probably because they just don’t understand it. The truth is not in them. You’re not going to proselytize them or convince them of anything.

    This alternate MSM is dominated by the same tribe. Their object here is to depress and douse any potential revivals. It’s propaganda designed to make you feel helpless and tiny in the face of almighty and ubiquitous jew power. They control the weather, don’tcha know!! To kill it from the inside, like they do. They’ve done it. All of these words have only resulted in feckless doublespeak and confusion. It’s the explosion of knowledge of the last days and the smoke from the pit, both. His words keep coming up unwaveringly right. Take it or leave it. I don’t care.

  19. shirley says:
    Lobro has a lot in common with a brainwashed person. he thinks he’s using his brain. Is there a test for that?

    let’s see.
    a test of a functioning brain is that once certain assumptions are made, whether externally right or wrong, there must be no internal contradictions in what follows.

    so, it all started with me saying that the new testament (nt/jesus) has not just nothing to do with old restament (ot/yahweh) but it fact annuls ot.
    it was nt to shirley liking and he attacked me for ignorance and now stupidity as well on the following grounds:
    everything jesus said was rooted in ot (which therefore is a very valuable source from moral and other standpoints).
    moreover, god-knowledge is something a person is born with, you either got it or you don’t … semi-spoken assumption being, lobro you don’t – you sore loser and not too bright either – yet (in all likelihood) a jew (I know what you are. Your worthless fruit shows it)

    let’s briefly summarize and move on:
    if shirley is right, then you can only be born with god-knowledge (akin to baby recognizing you, a non-verbal blessing).
    therefore, you are chosen.
    aha, now we see where he is coming from, why ot resonates so strongly with him.
    do we bother mentioning a small and entirely insignificant thing called justice and equal opportunity for all or is that also a jewish artifact?

    am i the only one out to lunch here, with my tiny brainwashed chunk bouncing confusedly in my head?
    jesus comes along and clearly sounds the trumpet of free choice based on one’s personal code of ethics, no miraculous mumbo-jumbo, just stand on hind legs and be counted, regardless of origin or status.
    this is nt, the one that appeals to lobro and this, according to shirley makes him a jew.

    but if so, we have the following contingency table:
    ———right lobe—————left lobe
    ———non verbal————–verbal
    ——chosen at birth————free choice
    —–real deal people———sneaky doublespeak jew (elitist!!!)

    very impressive shirley, i admit i give up on trying to keep pace with your logic.

  20. am i done with this little episode?
    reason and modesty say yes, get it over with.

    but let me indulge in a bit of immodesty or even vanity, dammit.

    this guy shirley parachutes out of nowhere and calls me a masturbating windbag whose fruit is worthless.

    since i am working towards my beatification and sainthood and a long, long way from securing the laurels, still barely an acolyte, i have the luxury of response, if so inclined and yes, i am inclined.

    can i defend myself from the above charges?
    i don’t think so, what is more lame than “No I am not a masturbating windbag” or “On the contrary, my fruit is precious”.
    so, we choose the other way of self defense, which is to say, counterattack.

    what kind of person would land in a middle of discussion with charges and ad hominem like that, without need to justify it?
    either he was deeply offended by my slighting ot, but i (and others) listed numerous rationales for such opinion and he was perfectly welcome to provide counterarguments, facts, evidence to protect his precious ot, at least resort to the old talmudic defense: “you don’t know the context nor speak hebrew sufficiently to qualify as an advocate in rabbinical court”.

    i am unaware of any such reply, so i assume that the attack was motivated by malice.
    an interesting subject.
    to sandbag someone out of nowhere with “you masturbating windbag, your fruit is worthless” implies several things.

    the assailant has no problem delivering a judgement without due process, namely feels empowered – empowered by what grace? the divine grace, ie, one who is chosen (to the manor born as the saying went).

    unjustified malice (and he may well have had justification but never felt motivated to bring it forward) is an excess or hyperproduction of biliary glands, so i guess not really worth a response, like turette’s syndrome.
    karen has it in spades, cannot help getting in here once a month to shout incoherent invective at lasha and all the commentariat.

    of course, the ad hominem attack richly coated in ooze of malice is the favorite weapon of which species, remind me.

    now, whether i am a masturbating windbag and a fruit seller of worthless produce should be left to each individual’s gauge but shirley feels that the rest of you are incompetent and unqualified by the divine grace to make this judgement, so he performs his anointed duty.


    1. Best not to waste your time and energy on this guy. Like they say, “Save your powder.” Think of all the time Lasha has saved by simply ignoring her detractors.

    2. you are more than right ruth and i am not too proud of myself for this uncontrolled outburst of vanity.
      but i asked myself, is vanity all there is to my motivation and outrage?
      and there is an undercurrent of something else.

      i guess i come from an older school, when speaking out of turn was considered unseemly and uncultured but of course, back then there was still a vestigial culture or a whiff of it in the air.

      today, i am rubbed the wrong way by this “new americanism”, which i consider a wholly jewish engendered phenomenon, something that an obviously young and disrespectful guy like shirley is unaware of even as he blethers about “brainwashing”, not that he would ever spot its effects on his own self (i guess it is not easy, is it).

      basically, it says that as an american, born on 4th of july, you can do and say as you please and never worry about repercussions, being of the exempt class.
      thus you have pro athletes, military, celebrities, comedians, politicians, diplomats (victoria nuland/nudelman with her fuck eu) talking trash performing atrocities of all sorts without any fear of justice so long as they avoid offending the jew.

      do you see that?

      american soldiers are exempt from answering for war crimes anywhere in the world, the us government (dod/state dep’t) have bilaterally arranged immunity with every client state, no international war crimes tribunal or other authority can ever touch them, even as they pursue “regime changes” by way of clandestinely armed and trained lynch mobs.

      not saying that shirley is one of these but he is probably quite unaware of the poison on his brain even as he accuses me (and likely others) of being prey to the insidious effects of the frankfurt school dark alchemistry.

      physician, heal thyself.

  21. The Old Testament is indeed full of pornography, anti-Semitism, racism and evilness of Usury. Who would know all this better than Israeli scholar Dr. Israel Shahak.

    Book of Deuteronomy preaches how to destroy other nations by Usury. That’s why world’s all great banking institutions are controlled by the Jewish elites. Jewish hate toward Black people needs no proof.

    “Zionists love to see themselves as revengeful and merciless. In Israel, Samson who is nothing less than a genocidal murderer is regarded as an eternal hero. He even managed to get an IDF battalion called after him. It is not a secret that the fantasy of retribution is deeply imbued within the Zionist psyche and Israeli politics,” says Israeli-born British writer, author and musician Gilad Atzmon.

    1. Rehmat, sometimes I wonder if I fit-the-bill of being ‘jewish’ in y’all’s eyes. There are a lot of things we (jews and me) have in common. A desire for peace is one ( as THEY express).

      I have no problem with a lot of things they desire. I cannot condemn ANYONE for trying to survive. While I am condemned for being a stupid ‘country bumpkin’, I have been around a lot, and I have encountered many Jews who are my friends (at least, I THINK so). What to do about that??? How should I continue my efforts at being righteous and just??

      Yes, I am a ‘farmer’ – as Lasha Darkmoon despises (but I am a poet, too). Also, I have been versed in all kinds of ops for killing enemies. It is an affront to consider killing those who may be innocent – and it bothers me to think that my own kind might despise me for my reluctance to commit murder on their behalf.

      What should I DO?? (I am asking rhetorically, hoping that lobro or some other learned scholar might answer, too.)

      1. Hey Gil,

        I think of jews in a matter of degrees. What they all have in common is a genetic defect that interferes with the heart connection in the spiritual sense, with the Khazars being the worst of the lot. We are given free-will and “they” abused the privilege.

        In general of course the whole damn world has been jewified, so there needs to be a correction. A reckoning. Obviously I don’t need to tell you this, and I figure we can act as ‘mitigators’ to soften the blow before we’re rid of the evil scourge. But we can’t do it all.

        Personally, this is the passage from the Bible that strikes the loudest chord:

        Matthew 24:22 – “If those days had not been cut short (time speeding by) there would be no flesh saved.

        I know I could use some rest. Somewhere.

        P.S. What’s lasha’s problem with you bein a farmer?

        1. Just blowin’ off some steam, Brownhawk… I check into this site more often than I really have time for, and sometimes I’m just ‘moody’ – know what I mean?? One woman told me recently that my mood swings were too ‘dramatic’ (but she’s a tuffy, and I think ENJOYS it, and likes to push my buttons). One of my old buddies told me a long time ago that I got ‘too close’ to my girlfriends – or let them get ‘too close’ to me. That thought has bothered me for YEARS. It’s bothering me right now, too. I’m having ‘girlfriend problems’ (nothing new, for me :)), and it’s just kinda nice to talk to you folks I DON’T know.
          Like you. Like Lasha (who I very much like!).

        2. Funny isn’t it Gilbert? Sometimes I feel like many of us knew each other in past lives and now we’re on this thing called an internet relating thoughts and observations that serve as a sort of continuum in trying to maintain our spiritual integrity

          I know you’re an ardent reader of the Bible, and I admire all who have an unquenchable thirst for learning. And if I may, I’ll use this post as a segue to another thought in keeping with an OT theme.

          That the psalms of David form the bedrock of the Catholic Church shows how weak the chuch is, and to what extent it has misread the man it claims to represent. It’s one thing to acknowledge the ways of fallen man in the name of doing penance, but c’mon, 200 foreskins as a dowry gift?!

          The least they can do is replace David with Job to have as a bedrock. Christ would give a nod of approval to THAT but certainly not to what it is now. But even THEN the church wouldn’t understand Christ if it thinks that the true Creator had anything directly to do with the travails of Job as in “putting him to the test.

          THIS IS HOGWASH!

          The true God, along with Christ weeps, and is pissed about what what he and what all “goyim” are going through. While Job’s story of endurance in the face of evil shows the triumph of faith and staying morally upright in beating down the devil, it is SATAN who is responsible for the nature of THESE kinds of “tests”.

          When are we going to wake up and realize that the Original intent of Divinity was CIRCUMVENTED by Darkness?

          This is what happened, and we need to wake up to this reality and put things in their proper perspective.

          Endurance may be a shining model, but to say God intended to test our faith in this manner represents a tarnished understanding

    2. Wars unite societies, from street gangs to whole nations.

      It is set in mythology, that Homer wrote of wars long before ‘Jews were invented’ in fairly recent mythology.

      The Iliad (sometimes referred to as the Song of Ilion or Song of Ilium) is an ancient Greek epic poem in dactylic hexameter, traditionally attributed to Homer. Set during the Trojan War, the ten-year siege of the city of Troy (Ilium) by a coalition of Greek states, it tells of the battles and events during the weeks of a quarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles.

  22. 80 years will be over soon
    when you are choosing a bigger piece of eternity
    what do you think the rest of everything will let you be

  23. Take it like a physics book. You learn the laws in the beginning and apply tose laws to the stories. Secrets are yielded. What about this turning the other cheek business? Applying the laws, you’ll see that your neighbor is to be your racial kinsmen. Your brother, your nation. The same as the laws for usury. It’s wholly NOT Christian to take shit from scoffers and mockers.

    I’ve heard about enough ignorant knee jerk conclusions about the OT from these DUHbulljew-N’s. Mock what’s true and real to me and you can expect a fight. My brother is the son of my father.

    You dolts don’t know the history of the Adamites and Canaanites. How did Urusalem become Jebus? Who is/was Jonadab who instigated the rape of Tamar, Absalom’s favorite sister, the beginning of the curse on David’s house. Why did Samuel only inspect 3 of David’s brothers as candidates for King, when he had 7 brothers? Who and what are these Rechabites, nethinim and sopherim? Who the hell is Shebna?

    You comment on things know nothing about and even admit you know nothing about it. That’s what I call ‘mental masturbation’!

    We all speak as it’s a given that we’re an improved model of our ancestors, no matter how much vegetable programming we’ve indulged in front of the tv and it’s blinking mesmerizing lights and living, breathing image (OF THE BEAST).

    You’re right about one thing: I have no business associating with any tricky DUHbulljew-N’s. If they ever succeeded in turning the tables, the same cabal will still be sitting there.

    Here’s another example of how stupid it is. Ben Klassen, author of the white man’s bible. He starts in his white man’s bible with a few token clichés about jews and then proceeds to bash Christianity with all the tired and ridiculous jew lies. Here we have a jew writing ‘the white man’s bible’ with all the serpent’s trickery in it, and all the DUHbulljew-N’s say “hallelujah! a savior!”. If they’re not jews, they’re just begging to be fooled again.

    I have better shit to worry about. So, see ya.

    But here’s another little thing. When you practice firm decisiveness and fierce loyalty, you find out that you have silent friends in high places ON THIS EARTH. Things aren’t as dismal as the alternative mainstream media will so subtlely have you believing.

    1. You are correct. And whining is a choice, not an addiction. It is a bad choice that defeats good, well meaning, people.

      They need to STOP!!

    2. whatever.
      it is not in my nature to pursue a feud or a vendetta because it neither gives me emotional satisfaction nor intellectual return on time invested.
      so long as we remain on civil terms, i am ok with just about anything you propose by way of a theory.

      what i see here is analogous to you taking me to task for not recognizing a ferrari when i observe that the thing has no wheels.

      old testament has found no purchase in reality and i mean none whatever, it talks of people that never lived, places that never existed and events that never happened according to pedantic contemporary note takers in well developed societies that surrounded this impoverished, benighted region, of no great interest to anyone, having neither agricultural, mineral nor geopolitical value.
      generally, at least one of these resources must be abundant in order to fuel birth and growth of a civilized society.
      and even if such resources had existed, these proto-jews, for the lack of an agreed on term, were parasites then just as they are parasites today, with neother skills nor work ethic, so all the talk of power and the glory is empty hasbara – anyone shocked by this revelation?

      so no matter how deviously tricky the occult symbolism of old testament, it says nothing to me whatsoever, because if it possessed any honesty and integrity it would have acknowledged right off the bat that it is a fanciful invention for teaching purposes, like aesop’s fables.

      it doesn’t do that, it bloviates about separation of red sea, raggedy bands of naked-ass yids defeating mighty pharaohs (i accept the ripoff as quite realistic though and true to character, so what, they stole silver cutlery of their generous hosts after their sluts infected them with std).
      maybe o/t has gems of hidden meaning if proved caerfully enough, i will yield this potential point to you, lasha, gilbert, sard and assorted non-catholics (lasha being a pious exemption to that too).

      but my time on earth is short, i gotta prioritize.
      on my to-read fiction list, karl may ranks higher because adolph hitler told me so in a dream (i dream of adolph all the time).

      so, old shatterhand slugs moses in his big snout and tosses him into a gas oven, can’t wait to get to that chapter.

  24. Ok folks, lets get this straight once and for all.

    1. The so called Jews/Israeli’s are NOT Judah or Israelite stock of biblical fame
    2. White/European stock peoples- true Christians are both physical and spiritual Judah/Israel.
    3. A “Jew” did not write the above passage.
    4. The first “Judaite” was Judah, 4th Son of Jacob who’s father was Isaac, who’s father was Abraham who’s line goes back to Shem who’s father was Noah who’s line goes all the way back to Adam. Judah doesn’t appear on the scene until well after the flood and his dependence don’t even have a role to play in the narrative until AFTER Egypt.
    5. Adam, Able, Seth, Noah, Abraham,. Isaac and Jacob plus 11 out of the 12 tribes are not “Jews”. The so called “Jews” claim everyone in the bible is a “Jew” when even THEY are not of Judaite or even Israelite stock.
    6The authentic OT is the Greek rendering of the authentic Hebrew called the Septuagint.
    7. The “Jews” do NOT speak Hebrew, rather an apostate 60 year old invented version they call “Hebrew” derived from Yiddish which is NOT hebrew.
    8.The “Jews” wrote the Masoretic texts which is an unauthorized fraudulently concocted 900 AD version of the authoritative Greek rendering of the OT.
    9. The “Jews” fraud texts leave out whole passages, books, and practically all references to Jesus the TRUE messiah while also adding in invented claptrap to bolster their Satanic Talmudic, Babylonian religion that is the POLAR opposite in spirit and truth of the authentic Greek OT narrative.

    FYI is all…….

    1. Interesting.

      thanks for your information, but can you tell me the sources so I can look it up by myself.

      Thank you

      1. I am not aware of all the sources others use. I use official Jew sources such as the Jewish Encyclopedia and their own publications, such as the Forward, to defeat arguments. If they are lies, I beat them with their own lies.

        The Jews admit that Khazars were heathens until they ‘adopted’ Judaism. The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906 stated that the ‘heathen’ Chazars adopted Judaism between 620AD and 740AD.

        Their publication states that Ashkenazi are German Jews speaking Yiddish.

        In 679 the Chazars subjugated the Bulgars and extended their sway farther west between the Don and the Dnieper, as faras the head-waters of the Donetz in the province of Lebedia…

        It was probably about that time that the chaghan(kagan=king) of the Chazars and his grandees, together with a large number of his heathen people, embraced the Jewish religion. According to A. Harkavy (“Meassef Niddaḥim,” i.), the conversion took place in 620; according to others, in 740. King Joeph, in his letter to Ḥasdai ibn Shaprut (about 960), gives the following account of the conversion:
        (see Harkavy, “Soobshchenija o Chazarakh,” in “Yevreiskaya Biblioteka,” vii. 153)

        “Some centuries ago King Bulan reigned over the Chazars. To him God appeared in a dream and promised him might and glory. Encouraged by this dream, Bulan went by the road of Darlan to the country of Ardebil, where he gained great victories [over the Arabs]. The Byzantine emperor and the calif of the Ishmaelites sent to him envoys with presents, and sages to convert him to their respective religions. Bulan invited also wise men of Israel, and proceeded to examine them all. As each of the champions believed his religion to be the best, Bulan separately questioned the Mohammedans and the Christians as to which of the other two religions they considered the better. When both gave preference to that of the Jews, that king perceived that it must be the true religion. He therefore adopted it”.

        Ashkenaz and the Ashkenazi(Ashkenazim)
        By talmudic times, however, both the Scythians and the Cimmerians had disappeared from the world, swallowed up by other nations. Casting about for the location of Gomer, the rabbis of the talmudic period took it on the basis of phonetic resemblance to be Germania, as the Romans referred to the Teutonic areas west of the Rhine whose tribes they were constantly battling. “Gomer is Germamya [sic],” says the tractate of Yoma, while the tractate of Megillah tells us: “There are three hundred crown wearers [that is, petty kings] in Germamya and three-hundred-sixty-five lords in Rome, and every day they go forth and kill one another because they are too busy fighting to have time to unite under a single king.”
        This is no doubt the reason that Ashkenaz, the biblical son of Gomer, came to be associated with Germany, too. This association may have been strengthened further by the name Scandza, as Scandinavia, the Germanic-speaking north of Europe, was often referred to in medieval times. By the middle ages, we find Ashkenaz being widely used for Germany in Jewish sources (when the 11th-century Rashi, for example, translates a Hebrew word into German in his commentaries, he gives it to us in “the language of Ashkenaz”), and before long it became the standard term.

        Originally, therefore, an ashkenazi in Hebrew was a Jewish inhabitant of Germany. (It doesn’t appear in any Jewish source in the sense of Scythian.)

        Yet as Jews migrated eastward and northward to Slavic lands from German ones, taking with them “the language of Ashkenaz” (which gradually turned into Eastern European Yiddish), “Ashkenazi” came to denote any Yiddish-speaking Jew, and eventually — as it does today — any descendant of Yiddish-speaking Jews. Ashkenaz, on the other hand, continued to refer in Hebrew to Germany alone, until it was replaced in the 20th century by germanya so as to avoid the ambiguity of ashkenazim meaning both non-Jewish Germans and Jewish speakers of Yiddish. As for germamya, it is gone from the world, along with the Cimmerians and Scythians.

      2. Angel

        You must do your own research. “Jewish” encyclopedias admit their fake “Jew”- “Israelite”- “Hebrew” status over and over. Look up the genetic evidence of King Tut’s DNA for genetic proof of western European whites being of Ephriam and Manassah- Son’s of Joseph who’s wife was a white Egyptian Priestess.

        Look up Raymond Capt for archeological, historical, secular and linguistic evidence showing who whites/Europeans are.

        Read the Greek NT directly, translated word for word to get the correct narrative. “Gentile” means ethnic kinsfolk nations.

        The Greek NT also calls the Esau infiltrators of Judea’s land “those who resemble judaites.” These are those who ruled authentic Judah (southern tribes- house of david) at the end of that age and are those who Christ Jesus the white man railed against.

        Look up the Roman records for physical descriptions of Jesus from their secular records. He had Red/Blond hair, Blue/Grey eyes and milky white skin that tanned when exposed to the sun. The so called Jews were described (Esau “Jews”) as having black hair, black eyes and tawny skin.

        As to the Greek NT and other books left out, simply study the known history of it and the masoretic texts which everyone knows, and is admitted by the “Jews” is as I describe above.

        1. angel,

          This would never ever be offered by the Euro-centrics. Nonetheless, for your consideration and entertainment this offers, among other things, an explanation as to where this “chosen” concept arose. An explanation not quite as insidious as are most modern descriptions. Then again, these neo-Jews aren’t exactly Jews either. Are they?

          “the Greeks referred to the Jews as Judeos, or Jah deos or Yadavas, meaning people of Ya or descendants of Yadu, one of the sons of Yayati”

          yadav history – Jew-Yadav Connection

    2. Tyron

      “white/european stock peoples-true christians who are both physical and spiritual Judah/Israel”

      Aren’t you leaving someone out? I won’t tell you but I’ll give you a hint: they aren’t white nor are they european but they ARE one of the 12- TRIBES.

      Give up?

      1. Brownhawk,

        The tribes definition process is rooted in the authentic Greek narrative and dictates in order to determine such which is defined itself by the authentic scriptures who’s author is the prime creator/savior and no one else. One cannot claim who’s a red sock baseball player least they consult the head office who puts out a roster as to who it is who’s playing for them. They decide and they lay down the rules who do you ignore their process maybe?

        Give up?

        There are two intertwining definitions of what makes an Israelite-Judaite.

        1. Physical tribal affiliation- race, ethnicity-bloodline
        2. Belief in the prime creator/savior Jesus Christ

        The spiritual definition trumps the physical definition always but does not negate the physical definition for the prime creator/savior will always save a remnant and keep his promises made to these physical people even if they break theirs promises to him.

        So by scriptural definition whites/Europeans are true Israelite stock but the stranger (non physical Israelite/Judaite of the 12 tribes) can be grafted in just like in the end, true Israelite stock can be purged by way of none belief/faith.

        1. Who were the Judeans in the NT?

          The proof that the Jews are not of Judah is contained in the Book of Revelation:

          “I know the blasphemy of them that which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.” — Rev. 2:9.

          “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” — Rev. 3:9.

          In Revelation 3:9, Jesus Christ is addressing His faithful followers. These followers cannot possibly be Jews, because the Jews have always denied Him. Jesus is saying that He will eventually make these liars come and worship at the feet of the Christians who are true to Him.

          In both cases of this translation from the King James Version, the Greek word which is translated as ‘Jews’ is, in Strong’s Concordance, the word (2453) Ioudaios, meaning “belonging to the tribe of Judah,” and the word (2455) Ioudas, meaning the posterity of Judah. Interestingly, there is a related word, word number 2451, Ioudaikos, which is translated as “resembling a Judean, Jewish.” To “resemble” someone is not the same as being someone. One who resembles can easily impersonate the real thing. Since we must always distinguish between the real thing and something which resembles the real thing, we must have different words for these objects. Unfortunately, the word ‘Jews’ has been used for both groups.

          So, the accurate translation of Rev. 2:9 is this:

          “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” The Jews, who are in reality, Ioudaikos, not Ioudaios (impostors, not real), have been pretending to be Israelites since the Jewish Dispersion of 70 A.D.

          Here we see the beginning of the great deception that the religion of Judaism has performed for the last two thousand years of history. Judaism was not practiced by the Israelites. It was only practiced by the followers of the scribes and Pharisees. And the Pharisees were not ‘Ioudas’, Judah. They were, rather, ‘Ioudaikos’, only the resemblance of Judah. (John 8:44).

        2. Tyron,

          OK for technical clarification, yet……

          1)physical tribal affiliation – race, ethnicity, bloodline is immaterial

          2)Belief in the prime creator/savior Jesus Christ is all that matters.

          Prime Creator (Wakan Tanka):

          “Wahi-kalu Pa-u-ki” Your heart has chosen its own path

          “Lalu-lalu. Cooma-si-ka” Come gather around all my children

          “Waku-waku” Carry my love and blessings

          Alo kala

        3. BrownHawk

          You said

          1)physical tribal affiliation – race, ethnicity, bloodline is immaterial

          2)Belief in the prime creator/savior Jesus Christ is all that matters.


          Wrong! Race, ethnicity, bloodline does matter. What you promote is called Apostasy and egalitarianism.

          The prime creator/savior is “I am who I am” and his physical manifestation is known as Jesus Christ who does not say what you claim.

          The entire Greek NT and OT make absolutely clear that there are certain blessings and authority given to both believers of certain races (Ishmael-Esau and Jacob/Israel) as well as those in their fold who are believers. The stuff you’re peddling was NEVER believed by any inside paleo Christianity and is a “Jewish” concoction while they hold to their ethnic Esau promises of dominion at the very end of this age, based on their race . The Sephardics are ethnically Esau and those who spiritually joined them are the Ashkenaz from Japeth and not Shem.

          These fake “jews” do this to whites/European- Christians of Jacob/Israel because they want to maintain their tyranny over us as they seek to extinguish our ethnically based promises to over take these fake “jews” over by way of the same criteria given Esau as was given to Jacob/Israel and those who spiritually us throigh belief in Jesus Christ from othert races.

          Just because one believes in Christ doesn’t make them a new ethnicity- from say black to white. Or do you believe that some white guy from the mountains of Georgia can ethnically change into an Arab by way of belief in Allah?

        4. “Wahi-kalu Pa-u-ki”

          With this, the spirit of the living Christ is inherent to my ancestors.

          More than you think.

          No apostasy whatsoever

          A matter of essence

        5. BrownHawk

          Anyone who has truth in them will have that portion saved by the prime creator savior (I am who I am). When one promotes apostasy, this portion will be destroyed by the truth.

          All I am telling you is the truth to save the portion of you in error.

          The ultimate example of someone who has NO TRUTH in them are those who claim they are perfect, with no sin, in their flesh bodies.

          When I say this I think of the “Jews” who claim eternal sinlessness being kicked out of Christian white nations 109 times in 2000 years.

        6. Why am I thinking of missionaries who were sent to “fix” something that wasn’t broken to begin with?

          2-listening devices, and
          1-speaking device, sometimes best used for pie instead

        7. BrownHawk


          Are you saying the cannibals among the north American tribes- those who genocided each other or the Aztecs, etc, who slaughtered their own kind in human sacrifices- the remains in which they ate didn’t need correction?

          While the white man may have roam where he want and was sometimes ruthless, he was also merciful, promoted justice and carried the word of I am who I am on his back which GREATLY benefited not only American Indians, but everyone one the planet had they listened.

          The white Christian has been a massive blessing to this planet and our nations at the four corners are a testiment to that.

          However, we have our sin, or screw ups too and one doesn’t have to look any further than our mass apostasy to see how, in the end, with the “Jews” guidance, we (in mass) have left our abode, our protected by way of trickery and lies.

          Have you ever read the works of Bad Eagle?

          Boy do I love that man!

          He passed away about 2 months ago but was a great American Indian who told the truth to his people even though many didn’t want to hear it.

        8. Don’t jump to conclusions

          Of course some needed correction. Did those who did receive it from competent missionaries? Did those who maybe didn’t need it so much get some false notion of “correction” from Jesuit dickheads?

          Take it on a case by case basis.

          There are stories of the Kiowa Apache who got the message of Christ through a spirit and not some European missionary.

          Then there is the story of a Jesuit missionary named Pau Le Jeune who spent the winter of 1633-34 with a band of Montagnais hunters. Beset by illness much of the time, the Black Robe priest drew strength from his friendship with the chieftan Mestigoit.

          “Seeing that I was very weak and cast down”, Le Jeune wrote of a day at a lakeside camp, “he consoled me, saying, ‘Do not be sad; if you are sad, you will become still worse; if your sickness increases you will die. See what a beautiful country this is; if you love it and take pleasure in it you will become cheerful, and if you are cheerful you will recover”.

          So who’s saving who?

  25. PEACE IN…
    Of the three Abrahamic Faith traditions – Judaism, Christianity, and lastly Al Islam, there is only one with a truly pure and uncorrupted scriptural text, the Islamic text – Al Qur’an. First, Al Qur’an is written in Arabic not spoken or known to Arabs until revealed to Prophet Muhammad(peace upon him). Qur’anic Arabic is separate from any other Arabic because it’s the exact word of THE G-D ALONE – there was no such language known or used by Arabs. Second, The Qur’anic Arabic revealed and written in life time of Muhammad is the exact same as that in written Qur’an text used by all Muslims globally. Though translated into other languages, a Qur’an can only be authentic in the Qur’anic Arabic in which it was revealed and written. Any translation is exactly that, a translation from Qur’anic Arabic into that language. As to be expected, translations can not and do not fully convey the original message in exact words or context and therefore exactness of original is lost to a significant degree even though translation can do it’s best to accurately represent original. All legitimately accepted translations must have original Qur’anic Arabic along side the language translated into. Translations are witness to ability of translators in conveying as close as possible the original message; therefore, different translators may use different words in their translations, with such having impact on effectiveness of translated message being true to original.
    Third. The Qur’an is the best guide to and judge of scriptural text before it, both Torah and Christian Bible. Qur’an is the last and final revelation just as Muhammad(PBUH) was the last Prophet from THE G-D, both to serve as guide and example for human beings until forever. Direct revelations went to Prophet only. To be authentic, scriptures must be exactly what was revealed to those messengers of THE G-D. Sadly and unfortunately, the Torah and Christian Bible do not contain the wholly pure revelations as received by those honorable Prophets. Historically, Jewish Rabbis bear responsibility for changing original text and corrupting original and true message of the revealed scripture to Jewish Prophets, including that to Jesus, son of Mary.
    With Al-Qur’an, the full original text was completely written down under guiding mind of Prophet Muhammad during his life time as he received the revelations, even though he himself could not read nor write. The Qur’an gives correction to corruption in Torah and Christian Bible. Some classic and critically important examples (1) Qur’an refute original sin claim (2) Abraham was tried in his will to kill Ishmael and not Issac (3) Mecca houses the first shrine built by Abraham and Ishmael to worship THE G-D (4) Jesus was son of Mary and not Divine son of THE G-D, with Jesus existing in beginning and Jesus was not crucified for sin redemption (5) there is no triune g-d and no trinity (6) Jews were chosen to set example of believers living by word of THE G-D, but consistently and persistently failed whereby they were cursed for disobedience in continuously following satan’s influence and becoming satan’s earthly representative – the devil (7) Christians allowed themselves to be influenced by Jewish ways of thinking and behaving, falling into institutionalized sin and corruption by wide spread violations of Ten Commandments becoming the norm. Jews and Christians legitimize some sin and corruption and even make plenty of cash doing so. (8) usury forbidden scripturally but allowed by Jews and Christians (9) Believers have moral obligation to stand and fight against wrong doing at all times (10) Divine moral guidance of which the Ten Commandments
    are foundation must guide human beings in governing society, no separation in Divine and secular because THE G-D has given moral rules with which to live and govern, and if THE G-D is kept out than satan’s representative – the devil – will be let in. If not allowing prayer than satan fills void. (11) Qur’an says – ” no compulsion in religion”, that is, people are free to decide for themselves what to believe or not to believe. Religious intolerance has plagued Jews and Christians throughout their history and still isn’t settled accept by law and lip profession, while the heart is still not fully agreed. Thomas Jefferson had two Muslim slaves while at William and Mary College, a male and a female with whom he fathered her children – Sally Hemmings.
    His personal Qur’an is a national treasure that a Muslim Congressman took oath on to support the Constitution and the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    I could go on with this citation, but I think sufficient point has been made.
    We must keep in mind that the Torah/Old Testament has been corrupted by Rabbis, and full truth can not be determined by it because original text does not exist. We are left with man’s fallible understanding, and therefore the confusion and iconic disagreements. Jews and Christians criticize Muslims for working to live and love by the word of THE G-D in governance and in every day affairs. But how else can we

    1. Would Arabic-speaking, semitic, Muslims who fight against the wrong-doing of Jews be anti-semitic?

      1. Pat

        How could Arab’s from Ishmael who are Muslims be anti Semetic for defending themselves none Semites (“Jews/Israelite” of Esau and Ashkenaz?

        If Arab Muslims from Ishmael attack whites/Christians who are from Jacob/Israel-Judah then I suppose they could be considered anti semites and the reason for this is because that even though they are from shem, they are attacking true semetic Israelites-Judaites (white folks) in our own nations by way of being dupes of the “Jews” who are using them as cannon fodder against the “Jews” number 1 enemy in their bid toward their JWO bid.

        If Arab’s from Ishmael are content with their promises from Abraham (12 Kingdoms within one nation- nation of Islam) and do not attack white/Europeans-true ethnic Israelite-Judaites Christians but rather join those authentic Israelites/Judaites (white Christians) in their cause to destroy the usurper “Jews” power, then in no way can they be considered truely anti semetic.

        1. That was the point of my rhetorical question. A person speaking in a semitic language could not be anti-semitic.

      1. I will say this to you Muslim

        I do not wish war with you but promotion of your apostasy to my kinfolk is lawful grounds to destroy your nonsense.

        Abraham’s first born was Ishmael. Ishmael however, was born of a SLAVE women and not of Abraham’s lawful wife. Under the law, Ishmael would have normally received all of the blessings and fruitfulness mandates from Adam on down, but this was obviously NOT the case due to his bastard type status.

        Abraham’s lawful wife Sarah conceived in her very great age Isaac. Isaac, second born, is following the pattern (like we see again later) of Cain (first born) and Able (second born). Cain lost his rights to Able when he murdered him and those rights went onto Seth (third born) who’s genetics transfered them all the way down to Noah and his first born Shem onto Abraham.

        We see this transfer pattern with Isaac’s first and second born as well. Esau, Isaac’s first born was to have all of the blessings from Adam’s line but he lost them to his younger brother Jacob (due to mixing outside the race and by way of trickery condoned by the prime creator). Jacob would later be called Israel who’s the patriarch of the 12/13 tribes of authentic Israel.

        The “Jews” admit to being from Esau (physically) and they are who we call the Sephardic (mount Sephard in Idumea) now. Today, their majority spiritual ancestors include the Ashkenaz from Japeth and not Shem.

        Ishmael was given a blessing like Esau’s token blessing after losing or not qualifying for Adam’s dominion and fruitfulness mandates.

        Ishmael was to be given 12 kingdoms later within one “nation” (nation of Islam). Is this not EXACTLY what we see today in the ME?

        Look at Esau. These fake Jews have the right to rule over the tribes of authentic Israel (later the whole world) at the end of each earth age. Is this not exactly what we see concerning these impostors 2000 years ago as we see today at the end of this particular earth age?

        Now look at Jacob/Israel- the 12/13 tribes. Who has ruled the planet for the body of every earth age until the very end when “Jews” take over, only to end up ruling it all again at the beginning of the next earth age? Whites, period!

        From Adam to Noah it was whites who ruled. Cain and his mixed offspring ruled at the end of that age culminating in the flood. Then Shem and his ancestors (Egyptians) and later the Israelites, who made up all the white pagan tribes (Greeks-Romans etc) ruled all the way to the end of the next earth age with the Esau “Jews” usurping control at the end, murdering Jesus, to finish that period. Who ruled after that for the body of the next earth age? WHITES!
        What was Jacob’s blessings? To move from the ME, increase in number, rule the planet first from the North and West of Jerusalem (Europe to Russia) and then later from the 4 corners of the earth only to be gathered back to the land to take back control of the Esau “Jews” JWO, starting the next earth age.

        Can anyone deny that it has been whites/Europeans in one form or another (mostly Christians) who have ruled for the last 2000 years until these fake “Jews” of Esau usurped control, looking to rule the whole planet in their JWO out of “Israel”?

        Muslim, Arab, you have NO RIGHT to rule over us or the planet. Your promise is to have your 12 kingdoms inside a nation and you have that. Do not aspire to more. It will only lead to your utter destruction.

        Only whites/Europeans-Christians and those who are grafted into the fold through belief and faith have the right to rule the next earth age that is almost upon us. No one else has this lawful right and no one will stop it–period.

        True history bares what I wrote as true and true future reality will bare what I wrote as true as well.
        To fight against this factual reality is futile.

  26. The difference between Motherly words to that of a Harlots is as the difference between life & death & some are by the Harlot’s words so deluded, blinded to see this difference. Today comes mainly off the white man & woman & the complacency to Sodom come as the marker , the Abomination nothing to be proud about is to the Prophecy of what is Spiritually(Futuristically) called Sodom & Egypt – Sodom to the land of Anglo-Americanism(Babylon) by the beliefs of Ancient Egypt to the Prophecy of Zech 5 – The Flying scroll- Freemasonry & the wickedness in an Ephah that governs/drives it. Curtains

  27. “Ye be as gods” is but to be as the gods of human sacrifices & temple prostitutions . To the Prophecy “’cause they have not the love for the truth , God sends a strong delusion (To know that which comes from God is very difficult to avoid unless there be Genuine love for the TRUTH) so that they may believe THE LIE” , the lie for Eden unto the golden calf “O Israel thy gods that brought thee out of Egypt” to be as these gods, today denoted by the various alters figured in the British FREEMASONIC Israeli supreme court. The delusion come unto the whole world through a people gathered by freemasonry. Freemasonry off that ‘ole iniquity established in the modern at the time of QE 1 , the very Entity come off the Enmity from Eden. Even to the Prophecy of Zech Ch 5 , the flying scroll to freemasonry governed by the wickedness in an Ephah, even unto Feminism, inc. the sexual corruptions, the core of which is come the Sodom & its Agendas in the Complacency against the warning “Remember Lots wife” , come as The Clear Marker.

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