The Jewish Question: A problem without a solution (Part 2)

Part 1: The Jewish Problem in Historical Perspective

Part 2: Seven Drastic Remedies for the Jewish Problem

Francesco Hayez  —  The Fall of the Temple
“A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The blessing of the Jews is a curse for others. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else.”  —  Israel Shamir

. . . by Lasha Darkmoon

1.  What is good for the Jews is bad for everyone else

"World power belongs to Jewry. The twilight of the gods has come upon us: you, the Jews, are the masters, and we are the slaves." — Wilhelm Marr, 1979
“World power belongs to Jewry. The twilight of the gods has come upon us: you, the Jews, are the masters, and we are the slaves.”
— Wilhelm Marr, 1879

As things get better for the Jews, they get worse for everyone else — a pattern repeated in every single country where Jews have gained a foothold.

Take Germany, for example. Germany emancipated its Jews in 1871, making them equal citizens. By 1879, a mere eight years later, the Germans were complaining bitterly that they had been taken over by the Jews.

The very title of Wilhelm Marr’s 1879 treatise, The Victory of Judaism over Germanism, speaks volumes.

Listen to Marr’s passionate cri de coeur:

 “[My words] must be understood as a “scream of pain” coming from the oppressed. Resigned pessimism flows from my pen. I shall announce, loudly and without any attempt at irony, that Judaism has triumphed on a worldwide historical basis…. I am sure that I have said what millions of Jews are quietly thinking. World power belongs to Jewry. The twilight of the gods has come upon us: you, the Jews, are the masters, and we are the slaves. What is there left to us? Let us accept the inescapable, since we can’t change it. Its name is: Finis GermaniaeTHE END OF GERMANY!”

Today, white Americans are incomparably worse off than they were 50-60 years ago. Jews, on the other hand, are incomparably better off, owning a disproportionate amount of American wealth. Whether this is due to their own superior talents or to networking, banking and stock market manipulations, and financial scams à la Bernie Madoff, is another question.

Given that Jews make up 2 percent of the American population, the Forbes List of America’s 400 richest men ought properly to contain on it the names of eight Jews only. The last time we checked, there were 139 Jews ranked among America’s 400 richest men.

Most of America’s richest billionaires today are Jewish. Whites, Asians, Hispanics and Blacks are left far behind. (See graph)

The richer the Jews get, the more everyone else suffers, as Samuel Marr had argued as early as 1879 in the passage cited above. It’s the same in all other countries. There has been a massive transfer of wealth from non-Jewish into Jewish hands over the last 50 years.

According to Israel Shamir:

The Jewish universe is good for Jews. It is a curse for others.  In the US, as Jewish influence has grown steadily since 1968, the lives of ordinary people have worsened. A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The blessing of the Jews is a curse for others. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else.

The problem is compounded by the fact that right now elite international Jewry seems to have tightened its grip on North America and Europe to an unimaginable degree. The Jews call the shots everywhere in these increasingly “Jewified” continents, wielding disproportionate influence through their control of the media. They foment wars in foreign countries and sexual decadence wherever they manage to gain a foothold — as, for example, in Weimar Germany.

And then there’s the immigrant problem deliberately created by the Jews in order to weaken and destroy the White race — “the cancer of human history“, according to Jewish writer Susan Sontag.

Jews have been the ringleaders responsible for flooding the White man’s homelands with endless hordes of immigrants, creating in the process a multicultural menagerie which will eventually lead to the metamorphosis of Whites into “a mongrelized slave race of low-IQ, mud-colored runts.” (Anonymous correspondent, email).

Israel, however, remains resolutely mono-cultural and opposed to non-Jewish immigration, an apartheid society in which only Jews matter and where every other ethnic group is discriminated against and treated with barely disguised contempt.

There is an old Latin proverb that goes, Remedio amaro amaram bilem diluunt; literally, “With a bitter remedy they wash away the bitter bile.” Translated into elegant English, this gives us the wise adage: “Drastic remedies for drastic diseases.”

If we may venture to do so without giving offense, let’s now consider some drastic remedies for the Jewish problem.

2.  Seven drastic remedies for the Jewish problem

Among the various remedial measures for tackling the Jewish problem, the following seven may be mentioned as the most drastic and extreme. I would like to make it clear that I am not myself recommending these seven measures en bloc. I am simply reporting the suggestions put forward by other people at various times:

(1)  Mass extermination of the Jews.
(2)  Quarantine or sequestration of Jews in separate secure locations.
(3)  Mass sterilization of the Jews.
(4)  Confiscation (or nationalization) of all Jewish assets and property.
(5)  Emancipation of the media from Jewish monopoly control.
(6)  The immediate abolition of the state of Israel and the restoration of Palestine to the Arabs, with full reparations.
(7)  De-emancipation of Jews, i.e., the re-imposition of severe restrictions on Jews and their various fields of activity and areas of influence.

While all seven of these plans for dealing with the Jews can be described as “drastic”, some are more drastic than others. The solution calling for mass extermination is clearly the most drastic, closely followed by mass sterilization. Both these measures lead to the complete destruction of Jewry: one quickly and violently, the other slowly and gently. Both are genocide.

Quarantining of Jews, confiscation of their wealth, and the abolition of Israel are milder “solutions” to the Jewish problem because at least they allow the Jews to go on living, albeit with a severe curtailment of their liberties. Their ostensible aim is to put a stop to Jewish exploitation and criminality, and, above all, to prevent cultural contamination through the Jew-owned media.

It is inconceivable that the Jewish problem could ever be solved as long as Israel exists and as long as the mass media remains in Jewish hands. So these two preliminary steps are of paramount importance if the world is to be saved from Jewish encroachments: the abolition of Israel and the emancipation of the media from Jewish monopoly.

Finally, there is the de-emancipation of Jewry. This is the least draconian of the seven measures mentioned above: it not only allows the Jews to go on living, but it allows them to go on living in the midst of the gentiles. It is designed to ensure that Jewish influence is kept to a minimum. Jews are free to do what they want provided they keep out of public affairs and stop harming the surrounding non-Jewish population, e.g., by peddling sexual deviance to the masses through pornography.

What does de-emancipation of the Jews involve?  This consists in depriving Jews of full citizenship rights and of hemming them in with their former restrictions. It consists of sanctions, of making things tough for the Jews — in short, of “keeping them in their place” by denying them access to key professions.

Here is Eustace Mullins telling us how Ezra Pound would have solved the Jewish problem if he had been given the chance. What Pound is recommending is simply de-emancipation of the Jews, or the demotion of Jews to second-class citizens with limited rights. According to Pound, this was the technique the Byzantine Empire had used for twelve centuries to keep the Jews under control. And it had worked. So perhaps, as Mullins suggests, one should give it a try again:

“The answer to the Jewish problem is simple,” [Ezra Pound said, according to Mullins]  “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.

There is no need to kill the Jews. In fact, every pogrom in history has played into their hands, and has in many instances been cleverly instigated by them.

Get the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.

Get the Jews out of education and they cannot pervert the minds of the young to their subversive doctrines.

Get the Jews out of government and they cannot betray the nation.”  (See here)

And now the taboo topic of mass extermination, the most alarmingly anti-Semitic of the seven drastic solutions to the Jewish problem mentioned above.

A certain poster on the Darkmoon site, mysteriously known as “SPQR”, would not have been satisfied with my sober academic approach to the Jewish problem as outlined in Part 1 of this essay. “The only solution to the Jewish problem,” he insisted recently in one of his online comments, “is their wholesale extermination!”

Fearful of being branded “exterminationists” by association, we wondered initially  whether we should delete this inflammatory comment. We decided  to let it stand because it seemed to us unworkable and bordering on the absurd.

“To beat the Jews and free our lands,” this highly intelligent and articulate firebrand continued, “we will have to become the most merciless and bloodthirsty race the world has ever seen, because nothing less will stop them and their black and brown foot soldiers — what they call “immigrants”. Make no mistake, genocide IS THE ONLY ANSWER to the Jewish question! It’s not even a question anymore.”

For my part, I decided to maintain a prudent silence. Naturally, I could not agree with this armchair revolutionary that wiping out every single Jew in the world was a good idea. Apart from being morally repugnant to most people, it was a messy and impracticable scheme. In fact, it was physically impossible to carry out.

Let’s assume for argument’s sake that you are World Dictator and that you have decided to have a Jew-free planet. So tell me: what exactly is your modus operandi?

How do you round up all the Jews prior to their extermination? Do you draw up a list of individuals to be exterminated?  How do you know whose names to put on the list? Do you concentrate your homicidal energies on the world’s 13.8 million full Jews, or do you also go scalp hunting for the almost-Jews, half-Jews, and quadroon-Jews? And how about the crypto-Jews?  Do you start killing people off because you suspect they might be Jews? What if the Jews decide to take the obvious step of going underground and pretending to be non-Jews?

How do you exterminate the Jews
if you don’t know who the Jews are?

Thought Leader-resized-600.jpg

“I want to exterminate the Jews!
Will all Jews please identify themselves

by putting up their hands.”
— Imaginary Anti-Semitic World Dictator

That’s not going to work, is it?

My Canadian correspondent John Lobro, a retired mathematician and veteran political analyst, stops short of extermination, but he too is convinced that only drastic remedies will suffice to cure the age-old Jewish sickness. In a personal email to me, he says:

“I am telling you this privately: there can be no accommodation with the Jew without making plenty clear to him that he is a powerless cockroach in face of our overwhelming force and mastery.

Every ounce of Jewish material wealth must be nationalized and Judaism permanently banned on pain of capital punishment. Jewish meeting places (i.e., synagogues) must be demolished, this being the price for the physical continuation of the Jews.

Believe me, there is simply no other way forward, these people are so evil and implacable in their hatred of the goyim. Their burning wish is for our destruction and enslavement. We need to fight fire with fire, not with brotherly love.”

—  Personal email, May 28, 2014 9:05 AM.

The confiscation of Jewish wealth and property in nothing new. It has been tried in the past on a number of occasions without much success. Having had their property confiscated throughout history, Jews have managed to devise various ingenious methods to foil their oppressors and squirrel away their wealth in secret locations. The richer the Jew, the more his wealth is likely to be safely hidden away beyond the reach of vindictive confiscators.

Who knows where, in what subterranean vaults and Aladdin’s caves crammed with gold bullion and precious gems and priceless works of art, the fabulous wealth of the Rothschilds lies hidden?

The easiest way to hide Jewish wealth in a hostile, anti-Semitic environment is of course to cease to be openly Jewish: to go underground by becoming a crypto-Jew, thus camouflaging oneself within the surrounding gentile population.

As for the quarantining or sequestration of Jews in internment camps, this has as little chance of working as mass extermination. Jews are unlikely to volunteer for either option, and any attempts to implement such drastic steps against them would result in Israeli death squads wreaking bloody vengeance.

Now that the Jews have their own state, together with the Samson Option, pushing them around and devising schemes for their mass destruction is no longer advisable.

The same arguments apply to the other draconian measures listed above. De-emancipation and the mass sterilization of the Jews, accompanied by the immediate abolition of the state of Israel without consultation with the Israelis,  are not measures likely to win the approval of those who possess over 300 nuclear warheads and have already threatened to blow up the world if pushed too far.

israel-nuclear-strike“Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”
—  Israeli general Moshe Dayan.

3.  Anti-Semitism is increasing — why?

Before we leave this distasteful subject behind, it would be only fair to point out that Jews themselves have never been squeamish about mass extermination, provided it is non-Jews who are being exterminated. It was essentially a Jewish regime in the Soviet Union that between 1917 and 1953 managed to exterminate 66 million Russian Christians and destroy their churches. And indeed, the same genocidal policies by Jews are pursued today in Palestine against the Arabs.

It seems the Jews don’t like being killed, but they don’t mind killing other people in vast numbers. Provided they can get away with it and pin the blame on others. And so the 3000-year-old Jewish problem still rankles remorselessly, like a festering sore, with anti-Semitism as widespread and virulent as it ever was.

In Germany, a country now completely under the Jewish thumb, where a single whisper casting doubts on the Holocaust will get the dissident historian hauled off to prison, one out of four Germans (27%) are classified by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as “anti-Semites”. In France, more than one out of three people (37%) say they hate the Jews. In Greece, the figure is even more alarming: roughly two out of three Greeks (69%) confess to harboring anti-Semitic sentiments.

As for the Islamic world, it is here that anti-Semitism is most deeply entrenched. In the Islamic crescent, 74% of the people hate the Jews. In Iraq, it is 92%.  And in Gaza, 93%. (See here)

“We will have to kill and kill and kill!” a psychotic Jew with crazy eyes intones. “All day, every day!”

With Jews like this around,
is it any wonder that anti-Semitism is so prevalent?


4.  What lies ahead?

These are the questions that ought to be exercising every mind in America right now. They are questions of vital importance on which the lives of our children will one day depend:

Is a new Red Terror on its way, courtesy of the neo-Bolshevik cabal that controls America?

Will history repeat itself? Will the blood of Christians flow through the streets of American cities, as it once flowed through the streets of Moscow and St Petersburg when the Jews were in charge?

Will thousands of Christian churches in America be reduced to rubble one day, as they were  in the Soviet Union under the Bolshevik regime when Jews reached the peak of their power?

Will Christian nuns be raped and their breasts hacked off and red-hot pokers thrust up their vaginas, as in the Soviet killing fields and torture chambers of the twentieth century?

Will Christian monks and priests have their eyes gouged out and be boiled alive in cauldrons, as they once were in the Soviet Union when the Jews ran amok under Lenin and Trotsky and Stalin and Lazar Kaganovich and Ilya Ehrenberg and Beria the serial killer who liked burying his child victims in his basement?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. This is very important.

    The Jews are a sociological vermin that have destroyed much of society and polluted the rest of it. They need to be dealt with like you would a household pest — with ruthless efficiency. This examination of the problem offers some good suggestions. The fact is no one in the world can deal with anybody else honestly as long as the Jews control the money supply and coerce everyone into immoral and destructive acts. The Jews are the main obstacle to our healthy future and must be treated with extreme prejudice for the colossal crimes against humanity they have committed and continue to commit.

    1. “This is very important.”

      It is. Most important. This is Darkmoon at her best. She deals with all the issues in a methodical and objective manner, without getting too emotional. Except at the end where she lets herself go about the Bolshevik Revolution.

      I was delighted to read the long quotes from Lobro and SPQR, though I have to admit I was a bit jealous she didn’t quote me also! Well, too bad. Maybe next time.

      I enjoyed the quote from our friend SPQR who is without doubt one of the most intelligent and controversial posters on this site, though I have drawn swords with him on more than one occasion:

      “To beat the Jews and free our lands,” this highly intelligent and articulate firebrand continued, “we will have to become the most merciless and bloodthirsty race the world has ever seen, because nothing less will stop them and their black and brown foot soldiers — what they call “immigrants”. Make no mistake, genocide IS THE ONLY ANSWER to the Jewish question! It’s not even a question anymore.”

      Wow! Did SPQR really say that? What a devil! How can he get away with it? Thousands of readers must have read those inflammatory words on Veterans Today, a major site where this article was published originally a few days ago. They must be wondering what the hell is going on!

      SPQR, watch out! Your are now a notorious character with a price on your head. I bet some guy at the NSA has read those words and begun to keep a dossier on you!

      1. Lobro too. You want to careful, buddy. Now that Lasha has drawn attention to your equally inflammatory words, quoting your email, you are a marked man.

        “I am telling you this privately: there can be no accommodation with the Jew without making plenty clear to him that he is a powerless cockroach in face of our overwhelming force and mastery.

        Every ounce of Jewish material wealth must be nationalized and Judaism permanently banned on pain of capital punishment. Jewish meeting places (i.e., synagogues) must be demolished, this being the price for the physical continuation of the Jews.

        Believe me, there is simply no other way forward, these people are so evil and implacable in their hatred of the goyim. Their burning wish is for our destruction and enslavement. We need to fight fire with fire, not with brotherly love.”

        Hey man, that blows my mind! You certainly don’t pull any punches! Yep, I bet the spooks are building up a dossier on you too.

        Anyway, I bet Zakky is monitoring this site. We’re all being watched. By Big Brother Zakky.

        1. i wish lasha had prepended a qualifier to the quote.

          namely, i have no desire to enrich myself personally through any jew’s misfortune nor should any result of anyone’s honest labor ever be sequestered – this is thievery and looting pure and simple.

          however (and i don’t remember whether this was in my email or not), i claim that by and large every bit of the massive wealth globally accumulated by jews is stolen, that is, obtained by dishonest means, whether usury, graft, swindle or outright robbery, such as the satanic “holocaust reparations”.
          if ordinary thieves, when apprehended, are under normal judicial procedure required to repay the theft (just ask yourself how irs, in itself a jewish organization, operates or what is their modality when claiming that nazis stole their property), then why should jews get a different treatment?

          judaism should be outlawed and i don’t need to argue my case, those who have perused even a single of lasha’s threads are perfectly aware of the most reasons why.
          it is nothing but a blueprint for genocide and if genocide is against the law, so should be judaism.

          & cetera.

          every single statement i made is perfectly defensible from the moral standpoint.

          the fact that i hate jews (as a group, not individually – there is not a single jew whom i know personally and whom i hate) is a consequence of experience, not the cause of my position.
          i am neither ashamed nor fearful to admit to this hatred because it is well grounded in morality and logic.

          prove me wrong and the hatred vanishes instantly.

          so go on somebody, anybody, prove me wrong if you can.

        2. i wish lasha had prepended a qualifier to the quote.

          namely, i have no desire to enrich myself personally through any jew’s misfortune nor should any result of anyone’s honest labor ever be sequestered – this is thievery and looting pure and simple.”

          I don’t think Lasha needed to add a qualifier to your brilliant quote, Lobro. That’s because you yourself had made it quite clear that the wealth of the Jews would in no way benefit you personally. You did this by using the word “nationalize” rather than “confiscate”.

          Jewish wealth would be “nationalized”, you said, thus benefiting the nation as a whole. It could be used to compensate Jewry’s victims. For example, by making extensive reparations to the Palestinians. Also by helping to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, two other tragic victims of international Jewry.

          I don’t thnk your idea of confiscating Jewish wealth and putting it into a Benevolent Fund is in any way inappropriate. It’s only fair and just that stolen wealth should be fairly and justly redistributed.

      2. They have us all marked. It doesn’t matter if someone posts or not. Everyone who even browses sites like darkmoon, TOO, etc. most likely has their IPs logged. The Bolshevik Jews murdered anyone who owned a copy of the Protocols in the USSR, not just the people who openly spoke out against the Jews. Believe me, if the Jew-controlled governments of the West started openly imprisoning and executing their citizens, what’s to stop them from imprisoning and executing everyone who has visited this site?

        1. SPQR

          Very true and this why we must remain patient for the RIGHT TIME to act. The time to act will commence when the perfect storm of their hits us- their all out genocide plan starts in earnest. Then and only then will we be have the right conditions, support of most of the people inside every level of Government and the unquestionable moral right to fight and win.

        2. They want you and I to quiver with fear.

          No doubt there are files on us here – there are files on ANYONE who has a functioning brain at this point in time.

          So be it.

          I have a file on THEM.

          And my file contains proof of atrocities against both man and nature. My file proves they are not compatible with the human OR the animal population of this world.

          Their file on me? I’ve not murdered. I’ve not tortured, threatened, thieved, conned, raped or abused. No, their file shows that I THINK. Should I be afraid to THINK?

          I’m proud of my file.

          And I’d be ashamed – so ashamed in fact I’d do myself in tonight – if my file in any manner mirrored the file I have on THEM.

          Do not fear their files, their weapons, their ‘samson option’ or any of the rest of it. Truth is on my side. Creation is on my side. All that is good, noble, and true.

          Fuck ’em and their perverted files.

        3. “what’s to stop them…”?? Gee, man, but who is not aware by now, that Americans, some 148 Million of them, own some 328 Million guns, all calibers, and stock some 10 to 20 Billion (with B) bullets… It’s more like WHO can stop them? If the beastly creatures from Shinar (Babel-Babylon) could, they would have done it since Stalin times, when the jUSA was crammed with ashkenazi moles and implants, all the way to the top… and Americans had far less guns.

          The sewer rats are not sleeping easy. All their recent open moves, and uncovered ploys, are not the result of might, but of desperation. Their 2012 promised new 9-11, FAILED. Their imperative sought after World War 3, SIZZLED by Putin. Their ‘disarming’ of Americans, PATHETIC fail.

          It’s more like the 3 Ancient Prophecies for the Year 2012, the Mayan, Egyptian, and NT Christian (Revelation 20:7 to10) are brewing: “Beast to Abyss, for all Eternity.” And they KNOW it. As to how they will GO, let the chain of events make its own course. Push, but don’t be on the way…

          For a possible scenario here in the US, though the ‘chaotic end’ is not factual given the state government power in the USA, read the comments by ex-military, here:

          As for the NSA spies and other Letter Soup unconstitutional, treasonous, ashkenazi founded agencies, they may get to run at the end, however they won’t be able to HIDE. Americans surround them. Get it?

    2. Yes, control of the money supply is key which tells us it seems to have been a time eternal problem on this Planet as we know from Jesus throwing out the money changers from the Temple.

      Do read how they have traveled in time on the black right column of this site:

      They know how to deal in energy, so it is energy we will turn back on them here with the TRUTH:

      As they say, Love conquers all, and so we follow through with LOVE as you see on this site here:


      As Martin Luther King, Jr said, “A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.” And oh how Humanity has been ridden—and now to death it seems if we don’t COLLECTIVELY throw this parasitical entity off our backs—which the above site does.

      Also, a little known fact, the Muslims (Ottoman Empire) sided with Hitler’s Germany during World War II as it had refused the Jew gang’s (British Central Bankers) usurious global money system. Of course, history got re-written as to the real cause of this dastardly War of the Central Bankers which no doubt also recruited the Soviet Bolshevics into Germany to do their dirty work.

      We can NOW, through our common objective, COLLECTIVELY THROW OFF this dastardly entity eating America and all alive. To not do so, is to continue to give our CONSENT AND POWER to evil to continue its devastation upon our lives and the Planet itself.

      Join TOGETHER with us at:

  2. I’ve just read this comment by a guy called “Yo Hadrian” about Part 1 of this disgusting article. For some reason, it got my blood boiling:

    “i just wanted to say i love your articles. you’re a great writer and a beacon of hope for our kind. also there’s something sexy about “anti-semitic” women!”

    Here is a moron who mixes sex with literary criticism. What does Darkmoon’s so-called “sexiness” got to do with the crap she writes? Nothing! How can this anonymous female be “sexy” when no one knows what the hell she looks like?

    What annoys me in particular about this mindless comment is the suggestion that “there’s something sexy about anti-Semitic women.” I want to stamp on the face of the psychopath who wrote that. There is nothing sexy about anti-Semitic women. NOTHING!!!

    You find Eva Braun (Hitler’s wife) sexy? Take a look at this anti-Semitic bag of shit:

    Yuck! I find even her dog sexier. I’d rather screw her dog. Honestly.

      1. @ Zak
        Most Jewish women are ugly, bitchy and altogether unpleasant creatures. The few exceptions of good looking Jewish women such as Bar Rafaeli have to be ascribed to heavy admixture with Aryan blood. If you want realrepresentatives of Jewish womanhood, look at pictures of Golda Meir or Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If you don’t like them, you can always resort to dogs. Yahweh will be pleased.

        1. Zak

          Who one finds sexy says alot about who they are on the inside.

          What makes a women beautiful is measured by the amount of authentic womanly qualities, virtues etc they possess.

          I cannot tell you how many women I have seen that look sexy on the outside but when you get to know them, suddenly they visually look ugly.

          On the flip side, I cannot tell you how many ugly women I have seen where after I got to know them, suddenly they appear visually sexy.

          Franklin is right. Pound for pound, Jewish women as a whole are the ugliest women on the planet and not only on the outside, but on the inside, where true beauty is derived.

        2. X-cuse… “The few exceptions of good looking jew…” Bar?? Perhaps you did not seek either a close up, or a natural outdoor shot of Chicken Rib Rafa. Here:

          UGLY –
          SKINNY –

          Is this the reason ashkenazis went homosexual-deviant… their lesbo-ugly women? Who needs either one, anyway?

        3. re. barfa, the “beautiful jewess”

          franklyn, you are either needlessly generous or insufficiently discriminating.

          aside from the fact that she is a jew, consider my observations (just looked her up for the first time).

          i find her perfectly asexual like all jewesses, however hard they paint+photoshop themselves.

          her face is of a nasty predator, cat-like eyes and needle eyebrows, beefy cheekbones, big, snapping turtle mouth.

          body as hard and sinewy as the bodies of jew-men are pudgy, sweaty like scummy swamp surface (how many jews in pro sports? ok, klitchko brothers but they are 8 ft giants with reach like giraffes, untouchable and even so wladimir got iced couple of times by smaller guys before he learned to keep out of harm’s way).

          back to barfa.
          breasts – unleavened turkish flatbread,
          hips – cadaverously bony.

          she looks asexual, infertile, frozen – in a word, nasty.

          but then there are guys who thought amy winehouse was beautiful and sang beautifully.

        4. @ lobro (re Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaelli)

          It’s a wonder what extreme antisemitism can do. It can even make beautiful Jewish women look ugly!

          It can even make the sublimest truth and wisdom look like a vicious lie if it happens to be a Jew who produced the truth and wisdom.

          Thus the Old Testament, full of jeweled prose and pearls of wisdom, is presented by the extreme antisemite as a foul sewer of pornography and hate speech.

          And the sublime science of Einstein becomes the work of a mere second-rate plagiarist.

          You people are to be pitied. Truly. You wear blinkers, but think you can see clearly.

        5. A plagiarist PERIOD, Zakky. But not of a sublime science, but one of a duplicitous cosmos.

          The one that can’t see skank when beholding Barf Rafa-ellie

    1. SeeLess Zakka, what flatulence! Jealous loser? Obvious. Your mighty empire of “hot air” and deceit is slowly but visibly crumbling, by the day. Bunch of ‘expert’ thieving punks.

      While there could be ‘anti-Semitic’ whatever, YOU and your tribe are NOT ‘Semitic’. Palestinians ARE. You are a simpleton, low IQ-70 retrofit ashkenazi. Usurper of biblical babble (the Yacobites and Yehudim wanderers-squatters of Canaan), and cunning rapacious thieves of humanity. There, you beat your ‘cousin’ Yacobites by a wide margin.

      And while there are all kinds and sorts in facial-physical features in all women in the world, your unwarranted abuse and fact-less remarks about child prodigy (she is barely 17 today) Lasha Darkmoon, only manifests your homosexual hate for women… even, young girls. Plus dog ‘lover’? Yooks!

      HOWEVER…. when WE ridicule ashkenazi yucky women, we are FACTUAL… Hillary, Napolitano, Pelosi, Kagan, Golda, Ginsburg, Goldman, ad nauseam…

      As for your ‘sexiest stick’ in the world, yes, Bar Rafa is ‘ideal’. Reminds me of those long, curvy, meatless, tasteless, chicken bones called ‘ribs’; besides being ugly as only her momma could spawn her… Real BAD taste, SeeLess, but then, your motivation is racist, not male-sexual.

      1. @ heroay

        “. . . your unwarranted abuse and fact-less remarks about child prodigy (she is barely 17 today) Lasha Darkmoon, only manifests your homosexual hate for women.”

        Ha ha, that made me laugh. For an extreme antisemite, you appear to have a very well-developed sense of humor. Almost Jewish, in fact.

        Are you sure you aren’t Jewish, you beast of Shinar?

        As for Ms Darkmoon being a 17-year-old child prodigy, you flatter her. This woman cloaks her basic lack of intelligence in an impressive prose style stolen from Roget’s Thesaurus. All her facts are made up and cobbled together with doctored quotations which she has stolen from Jewish writers. Only a fool would trust her.

        In a strange and almost perverted way, I have developed a sort of sadomasochistic obsession with her. Which is why I send in comments to this website. Drawn to it against my will, so to speak, and caught up in a dark addiction…

        She refuses to answer my personal emails, the heartless bitch.

  3. From being pirates on the high seas, to being the main players in the slavery business, which was declared illegal, but still continues, with the ‘white slavery’ business of kidnapping women from Europe and Russia to work in Israeli brothels, to making huge amounts of money off the illegal drug trade, like the Opium Wars against China, to instigating and then financing both sides in conflicts to robbing the GOYIM wealth using their central banks, the Jew has managed to either steal or control most of the planet’s wealth and will continue to do so until Gentiles are fighting each other over dumpster discards.

    Is this what you want for your children, to be paupers living on the streets?

  4. alas,

    it is what it is…

    the obvious solution is just as Jesus admonished

    Know the Truth.—and-jewier–/

    The entire “Jewish” narrative is a Lie. @ John 8:44

    Furthermore the word “Jew” didn’t exist 3000 years ago

    The enemies of the Children of Israel {Europeans} Then
    are the same enemies of the Children of Israel today…

    Axe yo’self…
    Which one of Joseph’s brothers was a “Jew”…?

    Moses was a Levite,
    how could he be a “Jew” without a Talmud & a “Jesus” to hate ?

    Ezra never Hated Jesus and didn’t have a copy of the Talmud, either…

    The simple solution is the MONEY CHANGERS & PHARISEES
    qualification protocol to determine real Hebrewness…!

    The ever faithful Shadrak, Meshak & Abednigo…fool proof method.

  5. disappointment, just disappointment, again you repeat yourself intellectual
    babbling, historic discourses we already know.

    Not one elaboration, precisely thought through about how to get, step by step elaborated, a how to step “manual “, to solve the problem, for instance for taking away their money-power etc. You don’t even propose a first step.

    you didn’t even mention ho the jew-wise people on this site should gather together to discuss these things private outside the internet, with all these jew-watchers on the internet.

    A waste, a deception.

    1. @ rev: disappointment, just disappointment, again you repeat yourself intellectual babbling, historic discourses we already know… A waste, a deception.

      I agree with you 100%. You are obviously on our side. You see this from the Jewish point of view, which is refreshing and gives me hope that not everyone on this site is a raving lunatic like Lobro and SPQR and Franklin Ryckaert and all the other crazies infesting this site like virulent bacteria. This article is more than a “disappointment” though, it’s a complete disaster. Every word is a vicious antisemitic lie! Darkmoon deserves gang rape.

      1. Stop that ‘rape’ and mayhem bullshit, Seymour. You know you don’t mean it. Lasha gives you a PURPOSE in life! 🙂

      2. What about mass expulsion? Let the jews take all the money they’ve stolen from us and go to Israel. I think that’s what we should be advocating, because when the jews refuse to do that it becomes apparent they’re whole existence is based on sucking off of us. Make them the most generous offer and they still won’t take it. Or promote the idea of jew-free white homelands within what used to be *our* lands and watch the jew squirm, then expose their hypocrisy to the masses. But jesus, let them keep Israel because that is the only place we can advocate putting them without being accused of ‘holocausting’ them. It’s even funny because some know that’s where things are going, and they’re actually trying to seek asylum from their own homeland’s ‘jewish supremacism.’ But that just makes our case for us.

        Expel the jew. That is the solution. We died for their homeland now they have to go to it. They are after all a nation unto themselves.

        1. “What about mass expulsion? Let the jews take all the money they’ve stolen from us and go to Israel.”

          Hey, that sounds like a good idea, Henrietta, but it’s not gonna work!

          (1) They won’t go to Israel even if we PAID them!
          (2) If they did go, under coercion, that would be heartlessly cruel to the Palestinians, wouldn’t it?

          There are roughly 6 million Jews in Israel right now. Add another 8 million Jews to the brew and there would hardly be any standing room! And life would be hell for the Palestinians, as more “illegal settlers” spread across their ancestral lands like a syphilitic rash.

        2. Whites have to choose what’s good for *us.* There is simply no other solution. Of course they won’t go voluntarily but they won’t voluntarily give up any power or position they have so who cares.

    2. You surprise me. First, notice there are no ‘leaders’ for the LAST revolt against the ashkenazi viral parasite of humanity. Can’t guess why not? Obtuse.

      ● Timeline of Punishment of ‘jews’ since 722 BC – (

      Second, all over the Net, and for several years already, i have come across postings by angry Americans demanding “open season”… No, not duck hunting, but neanderthal hunting. Understand English?

      Since these criminal creeps have on their score cards Millions upon Millions of victims of all sorts, would a few ‘error’ thousands of them, besides the recorded 14 Mil, make a dent on human consciousness, accustomed to ‘forgetting’ past incidents, after just 10 minutes later? Get the picture?

      Now, if you are a paid troll to ‘safeguard’ the future of the sub-species, and uncover ‘conspiracies’ leading to extermination, you failed the ‘test’ like a typical neo-thal IQ-70 troll.

  6. As for a solution to the Jewish problem, how would we react to a serial criminal? Wouldn’t we finally lock him up for good? Same with Jews, they are serial criminals collectively and that throughout history (already for more than 3000 years !), therefore we should lock them up collectively for good. Whether they ever can be “reeducated” morally or not shouldn’t bother us much. The least thing we can do is lock them up (of course all their ill gotten wealth should be confiscated, beginning with the Rothschild family).

    PS. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi was himself not a Jew. From his father’s side he was a European nobleman, his mother was Japanese, but he admired the Jews as the natural “aristocracy” of humanity and eagerly cooperated with their genocidal plans for Europe.

    1. how, please, tell us the steps, to take their wealth, it’s so vague, like the “essay”of Lasha.

      1. “how, please, tell us the steps, to take their wealth, it’s so vague, like the “essay”of Lasha.”

        You are clearly a fool and are wasting your time and everyone else’s on this site. Let me explain why. Lasha is under no obligation to explain every step of confiscating Jewish wealth for the simple reason that she did not suggest the confiscation of Jewish wealth.

        She made this quite clear when she said:

        “I would like to make it clear that I am not myself recommending these seven measures en bloc. I am simply reporting the suggestions put forward by other people at various times.”

        It was LOBRO who suggested confiscating Jewish wealth, not Lasha! So you must ask Lobro, not Lasha, to explain the step-by step process!

        Better still, just go away! Or ask your Jewish supporter Seymour Zak to explain to you how just how dreadful this “antisemitic” article is.

        1. Conclusion, Lasha is a fake jew ( a non-christian) as I
          have always said with as a monitoring site for Tel Aviv. Shalom.

          I have also decided not to contribute anymore to this obvious jewish (fake-jewish) site as only the christians are the chosen ones!!!

          Lastly the fake-jews know, I can assure you, KNOW that I am not a fake-jew and you all keep on talking intellectual bla, bla with of course no solutions, forbitten!

        2. @ rev

          “I have also decided not to contribute anymore to this obvious jewish (fake-jewish) site”

          Good riddance! You’ll find many other sites in Tel Aviv worth contributing to!

      2. All such solutions presuppose the possession of absolute political power. Absolute political power can only be acquired in stages, hence the solution can only be practised in stages, with accompagnying propaganda to have measures be accepted. The full agenda will have to be concealed until full power has been acquired. A “moderate” image for an alternative political party has to be cultivated. That such is possible the success of the Front National in France and UKIP in Britain proves. When political power has been acquired step by step measures can be taken to reduce Jewish power. In the mean time serious anti-Jewish propaganda should start until the public will accept the final solution. There is no quick and easy solution, but it is possible.

        1. Oh dear, do we have to wait so long? Is there no magician with a magic wand? You forget the Unexpected, Franklin. Our rescuer could suddenly emerge from the shadows after a military coup.

  7. I just finished reading the most recent Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) article included in Information Clearing House (ICH). It is about the idea of ‘economists’ and their idle chatter – mostly contrived to assuage the masses on their way to perdition.

    Many on this site often accuse PCR of describing problems without offering solutions. Same with Darkmoon, if you consider it in those terms. The fact is that there are no ‘solutions’ without a uniformity of ‘problems’ – and each of us has is own. It’s like a mish-mash of ‘Christian’ churches, of which, if one has visited different denominations, one finds them all arguing about ‘building funds’ or ‘bible groups’ or ‘missions works’, ad infinitum. It’s a mess. It’s why I don’t bother, anymore.

    To give Darkmoon credit over PCR, she has at least posted Mullins’ description of Pound’s ‘solution’. But that isn’t likely to happen, either; and I doubt you’d have any more tranquility of design than one finds among the various ‘church’ organizations. There’d always be fighting and malcontents, anyway.

    While I like to read PCR and Darkmoon and Kaminski, et. al., I don’t fool myself into believing that a ‘lockstep solution’ exists. If Jews created the money systems, we, ourselves (by virtue of our own superior numbers, if nothing else) have put the noose around our own necks by fact of our own malfeasances and misfeasances. All they’ve done is try to survive with what they’ve had available to them. Only ‘solution’, as far as I can tell, is to not participate – as much as one is able. Your choice. And best of all, you don’t need the consensus of a lot of ‘committees’ to do it.

    1. 12 men of good faith at the county level could physically & spiritually
      remove the gog & magog so-called “Jews” by not feeding the
      parasitical $$$ beast…
      then {White} Israelite people might find a renewed interest in Truth
      the solution is too simple for those who only know about the lies

      IT’s the money changers & Pharisees…
      100% of so-called “Jews”
      don’t have to be…

  8. let me quote a piece of an email for a change.
    montsignor bishop richard williamson, a fearless warrior of truth-in-christ, hounded and persecuted by church and state alike, always at jew’s behest.
    battling a so far losing, yet ultimately winning, for how can truth fail to win, it has the age of the universe at its disposal, it doesn’t rot like flesh and lie.

    excerpt (about cardinal Louis-Édouard-François-Desiré Pie, bishop of Poitiers):
    Cardinal Pie (1815–1880) was a great churchman of 19th century France, one of the great defenders of the Faith against that liberalism which was eating up the world from the French Revolution (1789) onwards.
    Pope Pius X kept his works by his bedside and read them constantly. No doubt the Cardinal’s profound grasp of the key ideas driving the modern world played a major part in enabling Pius X to obtain a 50-year reprieve, say from 1907 to 1958, for the doomed Catholic Church.

    do you see that? read between the lines if not obvious.
    jew trojan horse penetrated the church in earnest at the french (read: first in line of the talmudic) revolution 1789.
    things accelerated downhill since and it is one clue why church is central to european societies, part of the core family and why the jew must destroy it and the memory of christ along with it.
    destroy the church, destroy the family, destroy the individual, destroy society, enslave all, the corruption of hell rules, just like in tolkien’s trilogy.

    aside to rev … are you really that stupid or is it something else that drives your provocations?
    tell you what.
    why don’t you tell us precisely what you (the only certified non-jew here) are going to do, what concrete action you will take or have already taken and maybe we learn something by your shining example.

    1. @ lobro: do you see that? read between the lines if not obvious.
      jew trojan horse penetrated the church in earnest at the french (read: first in line of the talmudic) revolution 1789.
      things accelerated downhill since and it is one clue why church is central to european societies, part of the core family and why the jew must destroy it and the memory of christ along with it.
      destroy the church, destroy the family, destroy the individual, destroy society, enslave all, the corruption of hell rules, just like in tolkien’s trilogy.

      Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Couldn’t have put it better myself in a million years. So the rot began to set in at the time of the French Revolution? Whew, that’s a long time ago! (1789)

      And then came the revolution of 1848 and the daddy of all revolutions, the Bolshevik Revolution, which had the mark of Jewry stamped all over it.

      Finally, the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, a “quiet” revolution which came out of the soul factory of the Frankfurt School, which in turn derived from Bolshevism.

      The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s — it’s still continuing — had a trial run in Weimar Germany of course. See Lasha’s article on that, one of her best in my opinion, and most meticulousdly researched:

    2. Rev is just searching for answers like everyone else. He quotes Scripture a lot BECAUSE THERE IS NO BETTER VALIDATION (in my own opinion). If you have time, read the entire chapter of Hebrews 11 – or just the first verse, if brevity is at issue. There’s no explanation for it we can articulate – but it either IS, or it ISN’T. (I believe that it IS.)

      Daniel 7 more or less describes the continuity and culmination of events we all seem to feel. Yes, it’s all symbolic, but there have been volumes of ‘explanations’ produced about it – to no definitive conclusions. The best we can hope for is that there will be a ‘remnant’ – and that we may be included therein.

  9. There is a solution coming. It will not come from the surface of this planet.

    1. Commander Z

      Interesting comment. Are you referencing the inner world or outer space?

  10. The Bolshevik Khazar jews ran amok in Stalinist Russia because they had ALL the firepower.

    If it comes to it, the blood of Christians AND their attacking tyrants will be spilled – fertilizer for the tree of liberty and truth

    And make no mistake Lasha, real men will do their duty in protecting and defending the women, the children, and “all creatures great and small” in consecrating the tree’s sacred ground.

  11. This is an excellent article. Although none of the extreme solutions proposed has ever crossed my mind they do wake me up to the reality of the culture we lost. Once upon a time America was a very different place. Many of us who lived then are completely alienated by the current corporate fascist society in which lying is the norm and the populace is subjected to constant criminality. We have become objects to be exploited rather than humans with God given rights. I doubt our government needs to round us up against the wall to kill us when they already are killing and maiming us (especially the young) with lethal injections.

    Even though Germany might be under the thumb of Jewry it is still a fabulous country that has used the post war years to build infrastructure rather than fight wars. Russia, too, seems to be rising from the ashes. In the ancient world the word used in conquest was vanquish–that is leave all the men dead, all the women enslaved, and the cities smoldering heaps of rubble. Jewry was unable to vanquish Russia or Germany and they have not been able so far to completely vanquish Palestine. They probably won’t be able to vanquish the U.S. totally, just partially. Yet in no other society have children been so abandoned as in ours, turned over as young as 6 weeks to random caregivers and sickened with poisons. The deceptions of psychology and the Frankfurt school have replaced the inherent Christian order. We can’t exterminate the Jews because we in America now think and act like Jews. The legacy of conquest is like DNA passed down into the next generation. We won’t even be able to see how thorough the damage until this current generation of children fails to show up in the work force. Our government has begun to realize they have no new generation of workers and this might be why they are desperately sending kids from Central America to the border. We have become a society with no future and that will end the Jewish conquest of America—that is when we hit bottom. At least I hope it ends it but it might be worse than the bottom, who knows?

    Let’s see all the men dead (or maimed), all the women enslaved (to corporate America working 10 hour jobs for less pay while their few children suffer emotional deprivation), and cities smoldering heaps of rubble (think certain areas of the “rust belt”) The future conquest is now….

    1. Kapoore said:

      “We have become objects to be exploited rather than humans with God given rights.”

      Did you know young people (high school and college age) now believe their life is a ‘ brand’?

      I kid you not. They’ve been programmed to believe they must ‘grow their brand’ in order to make it in this judaic world. Twenty year olds who hope to play a sport professionally say things like: ‘Yeah, I hope to get drafted, but first it is important for my future for me to grow my brand. So I’ve got to get myself out there and be noticed. My value will increase with exposure.’

      Exposure = brand awareness. Increased brand awareness = monetary success. Monetary success supposedly =’s positive self-esteem.

      And there are plenty of role models for this mentality.

      That big-butted Kardashian chick. She was a nobody then out came a porno. Her family was proud because, thru the porno came ‘brand awareness’. Now she’s monetarily wealthy. There are many other examples.

      Human beings reduced to corn flakes.

  12. Excellent and brave part 2.

    This question is the burning, the top, most important question that faces whites/Christians and humanity as a whole.

    A thumbs up to Lobro for stating what is obviously true.

    Many on these boards have heard me speak about how this whole thing will pan out.

    I hope you come to see the truth of what I am saying here.

    When this Jew instigated WW3 goes full blown and the perfect storm hits America, the UK, colonies and Europe, our people will either fight or die due to their genocidal agenda. We will fight and we will win, this I know without a doubt and YOU SHOULD TOO!

    When whites/European- Christians in the Western World do win in their homelands, it will be at a massive cost. The cost we suffer will be directly proportional to how we allowed ourselves to be put in this disastrous position due to our apathetically permissive corruption of ourselves by the enemy.

    After we win the war in our homelands, we will have to re-group on a global scale and take over the JWO. Then we will have to round up the criminals in “Israel” and try them for crimes against humanity. Why? Listen very closely because as the author of this article rightly points out, most of the solutions put forth are unattainable right now, but believe me, they are ALL attainable, ALL viable if we choose, after the “Jews” complete their JWO. Why?

    Because ONLY THEN will all levers of power be in one place for us to do what WE MUST. What will be there for us to take over?

    1. The Vatican (religious belief control) City of London (financial control) and DC/US (Military control) will be in “Israel”.

    2. World Media will be in “Israel”.

    3. All of the “Jews” on the planet, especially in the west, will have run to “Israel” to escape the hell they unleashed on us and the world.

    4. The British Common Law Throne will either already be there or we must transfer it there to create the combination of a Monarchy and Republic for ourselves and the to the benefit of the planet.

    In short, all of the reigns of world power will be in one place with about 18 million “Jews” coveting it.

    THEN and ONLY then we can ACT against the “Jews” in mass, because all of this power they have stolen from us, and all of these destructive, mass murdering, thieving people will be in ONE PLACE– them no longer be decentralized yet interconnected. It and they will ALL be in one place, ripe for their FATE. All of it will be in one place for us to deal with this problem ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    When we do invade “Israel”, of course, the death penalty will be handed out to the most criminal among them, but what are we to do with the few innocents? Can we sit by and allow them to breed, scheme and organize a “counter coup”?

    No, we cannot, nor can we make ourselves into our enemy by adopting their criminal, unlawful ways. If we do, we are no batter than them as we will have lost the moral right to leave our destroyed homelands flooding “Israel” to have as our own.

    So, we must respect and establish the REAL LAW (Common/Natural/Paleo Christian), administer the death penalty for those who are tried and convicted and deserve it, but when it comes to the fate of the ethnic ‘Jews” who are innocent, they and their offsrping shall be forever banned from any participation in finance, media, education or government.

    As for the other races-nations on earth, we ought to give them proportional seats in the new world congress while we retain control over the Senate, Judiciary, Monarchy and everything else.

    Will this work? of course it will. Why? Because WE WILL HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD again as we then establish true law, peace, justice and semi autonomy to everyone else around the world who survives.

    1. What you are saying amounts to : “We will have total control when we will have total control”. In logic that’s called a tautology.
      The “only” problem of course is how to achieve total control.

      1. Franklin

        No, what I am saying is that when the planetary power control levers and the “Jews” are concentrated in one place in their bid to complete their JWO out of “Israel, then we can take it over because everything will be in one place to take over.

        It’s very simple, it is beyond simple, and if you cannot get that then frankly, I can’t help you.

        The common law British Throne is to operate under (Common/Natural/Paleo Christian) law. This is also the trumping law in America, the UK and Colonies.

        This law, this jurisdiction is OUTSIDE and SUPERIOR to the present babylonian, mercantile legal fiction code system that right now dominates the planet.

        This Jewish legal system is INFERIOR, de facto (unlawful control) IN THEIR OWN CODES to Common/Natural/Christian LAW that is DE JURE (by right to be established everywhere).

        For those who don’t understand legalities vs law, you won’t get this but basically, like the sun, like the light always rises over the the night, the darkness, so too does authentic law over legalities.

    2. @Tyron Parsons, OK, just for a while, will I refer to occupied Palestine as Israel, but I will ask that the Palestinians safety is ensured, and that once Palestine is re-claimed, that it be turned over, unconditionally, to it`s rightfull custodians, who will, hopefully, return Palestine to the beautiful land it once was..

      1. Ingrid

        The ONLY way to stop the “Jews” from doing what they are doing to the Palistinians is by way of invasion of that land and ronding up for trial the criminal “Jews” inside “Israel” for a massive Nurenburg type trial. The ONLY way they can get a fair trial is if it is administered through REAL LAW (Common/Natural/Christian law). The ONLY way that can happen is if the white/European former Christian Nation remnents that survive what is coming up come together and use real law as the trumping basis (admitted in their legal fictions) in which to penetrate their legal fictions.

        This will NOT happen until the impostor “Jews”/”Israelites” INVITE us into their State and this will happen ONLY after they have transfered all the world’s power levers there and the eastern powers (China/Arabs/Paks/India etc) make military moves to literally take them over. Then they will invite us and then we will “invade” and then we will arrest their criminals and free the remaining pals and then we will sentence the criminals and then we will take the reigns of power and then we will defeat the east and then we will administer justice, mercy to the planet.

        The pals (Christians and those who believe/come to believe) will be given their share of land but the land of (holy land) goes to whom the true Messiah decides for he is the Creator/Owner of the universe and this planet.

        He will decided to give the holy land back to the remnent of the tribes of TRUE Israel/Judah and then the authentic World Government under King Jesus will reign will representatives of the entire planet exorcising their position out of a NWO Congress set up specifically for them.

  13. It’s too late to do anything…since masses of christianized cattle wiped out Nazi Germany this is the society or world you get & deserve. Wallow & rot in it.

    1. I always find it curious when folks claim: “You get what you deserve” and then add, in a snide manner, something along the lines of ‘Wallow and rot in it’.

      No, ‘damien thorn’ (a curious name to choose, but I digress) not I nor my children nor my neighbors or my employees deserve this. Are many people stupid? Of course. But why are they stupid? Because they’ve been bathed in this judaic culture since birth, as have their parents and grandparents. There’s no one to personally share the Truth with them because their ancestors who did comprehend are now long since buried.

      As Kapoore touches on above, many children are born only to be stuffed into a ‘day care’ while their single moms work for peanuts. These children then graduate to ‘day care II’ which is school. If they attend church, odds are great that it is a judeochristian church. By the time they graduate high school their thinking is so distorted they are helpless putty to the jews.

      But do they deserve this fate? Do they deserve to wallow in the excrement that is modern culture? Deserve to serve their earthly ‘masters’ in any and every anti-human manner?

      Only a satanic minion could believe such nonsense, Damien Thorn.

  14. So basically Lasha’s objection to simply wiping them out is not a moral objection, but one of practicality.

    “How do you round up all the Jews prior to their extermination?”

    Military crackdown and martial law.

    ” Do you draw up a list of individuals to be exterminated? How do you know whose names to put on the list?”

    Start with ones who we know are Jews and go from there.

    “Do you concentrate your homicidal energies on the world’s 13.8 million full Jews, or do you also go scalp hunting for the almost-Jews, half-Jews, and quadroon-Jews? And how about the crypto-Jews?”

    Take it on a case-by-case basis.

    ” Do you start killing people off because you suspect they might be Jews?”


    ” What if the Jews decide to take the obvious step of going underground and pretending to be non-Jews?”

    What “underground?” This isn’t the 1st Century AD. There’s no underground anymore, nor is there any place for them to hide.

    Anyway the bigger problem is all the Judaized Whites who will fight for the Jews against their own people. They’ll see what’s going on and start pulling their hair and screaming, “OMG another Holocaust! We’re becoming evil again! We need to stop this!”

    “are not measures likely to win the approval of those who possess over 300 nuclear warheads and have already threatened to blow up the world if pushed too far.”

    A quick death in a nuclear holocaust is preferable to a life of slavery under the Jewish jackboot.

    1. “…judaized whites who will fight for the jews against their own people.”

      The aggregation of their cognitive dissonance puts them among the enemy – you’ve alluded to that yourself in previous posts. Let them scream and pull their hair out. Immaterial, given the premise that you’d now be engaged in total war

      And with another premise, this one of Tyron’s basic scenario somehow playing according to script, when you say, “start with ones we know are jews and go from there”, you must say “jews”, quote-unquote, meaning you understand the present state of jewification – “know them by their deeds”. And Tyron is dead-on about the proper process which could lead to their execution.

      As for the rest, given some ‘state-of-the-art’ genetic identification method, and in an aftermath of total victory – NO OFFSPRING. What do you suppose one of the NS plans was upon winning the war? MASS STERILIZATION, not mass extermination. The means for which were ready to go.

      The Stanley Cup celebration champagne was chillin on ice, never to be drunk.

  15. As I have previously written, Jews themselves point to the only viable solution to their presence; the very solution they have employed with varying success against other races – mass extermination. This Machiavellian solution is seen in the form of outright murder, i.e. bullet to the back of the head as was the case after immediately the Russian revolution and Katyn forest massacre. Starvation, another method for genocide, as was the case from Joseph’s ancient Egypt to the Jew engineered Russian “famine” at the beginning of the twentieth century. That same “solution is presently being applied to Palestine. Miscegenation is another form of genocide, In this case the purposeful mongrelizing of a people, is yet another method found in the Torah’s story of Nimrod’s “Babel” and again in reality in fifteenth century Portugal. By these examples, one finds Jews attacking their problem using a multiplicity of methods. Non-Jews should do likewise, consider a multiplicity of methods in dealing with the Jew.

    Like Susan Sontag’s Freudian comment about the “cancer” of the white race being a reversed reflection of the reality Jews represent to their host cultures, the Jew’s continuous whining and kvetching about the attempted genocide of their race is nothing more than a projection of their own methodology foisted upon on other races. Their Torah and Talmud repeatedly describe mass extermination as the solution to the Jew’s perceived persecution, this alone should be very alarming to ALL non-Jews. As the script runs in those cheesy, two dimensional, 1950s Hollywood westerns, the Jews have plainly stated: “This here planet hain’t big enough for the two of us!” Recently cheese monkey Bush rephrased this as “Either yur for us, or yur agin’ us!” Far from being an invention of the cheese monkey, this long standing platitude among America’s military minds provides a perfect summation of the Jewish mentality. Of course what is left unsaid is how everyone who isn’t Jewish is, by their very nature, agin’ the Jews. Furthermore if you’re agin’ the Jews, then you’re going to be slaughtered; you, your family, your nation, your race, your cattle etc., which is the case now being witnessed globally.

    As for Lasha’s question: “Is a new Red Terror on its way, courtesy of the neo-Bolshevik cabal that controls America? Will history repeat itself? Will the blood of Christians flow through the streets of American cities, as it once flowed through the streets of Moscow and St Petersburg when the Jews were in charge?”

    Look around, the emergence of the terrorist police state has already descended upon America. The blood of innocent Christians is already flowing down the drains of American cities. Cops are murdering people and their animals with utter impunity as banks confiscate property. Summery execution is becoming standard practice as police are legally appointed judge, jury and executioner. The intent is to kow the population into total submission by the use of abject terror. The presence of a firearm in a conflict now equates to immediate execution by police. The use of a firearm in self defense between citizens will most assuredly result in criminal charges accompanied by the usual draconian penalties far in excess warranted by any of the charges. Since Jews have failed to confiscate America’s firearms, they are making the possession and use of them a reason for unwarranted incarceration or instant execution.

    Conversely, police use their firearms with a cavalier disregard for life. Summary execution with almost no fear of investigation, discipline or retribution is now the norm for “law enforcement”. Clearly, the old “Red Terror” has fallen squarely upon America. With the arbitrary classification of “terrorist” being applied to anyone who counters the official government line, soon the fear of discussing of political matters will assume the same proportions it did under the Soviet terror state. One will soon live in fear of discussing certain subjects, as one never knows whom might be listening. This fear has been fostered by the “see something, say something” tattle tale, grade-school mentality engendered by Jewish propaganda.

    In the meantime, Jews and their media sycophants predictably point to the Nadzees as the problem. “America is becoming a Nadzee/fascist state” they cry in mock terror, and since the gullible goiym are wholly ignorant of their history, they never look at the reality. America has in fact has become a mirror image of the Jew’s soviet terror state, a terror state that murdered some sixty-six million indigenous Russian citizens.

    Finally, there is an interesting account I read years ago, one I unfortunately failed to save. It was an account of a Jewish commissar’s first attempts at implementing the “midnight knock” that resulted in the disappearance of countless citizens during the initial phase of the Jew’s Red Terror. The Jewish commissar relating the story told how he and his men were at first gripped by the fear that the citizenry might fight back. He told of the gut wrenching awareness of their weak position, how their minuscule forces might be easily overwhelmed had the neighbors come out with bludgeons and pitchforks to attack the small contingents of commissars and their thuggish henchmen. The account went on to tell how the leading commissars were utterly amazed at the fact they encountered no opposition at all, how neighbors would bolt their doors and close their shutters at the approach of the black vans, signaling the arrival of arresting Bolsheviks. Furthermore, as the realization dawned that they had nothing to fear from reprisals, they become increasingly emboldened in their tactics, using less men for the arrests, and openly beating and murdering arrestees. Of course by that time, the Jews had already confiscated the citizenry’s firearms.

    1. “the Jew’s continuous whining and kvetching about the attempted genocide of their race is nothing more than a projection of their own methodology foisted upon on other races. Their Torah and Talmud repeatedly describe mass extermination as the solution to the Jew’s perceived persecution, this alone should be very alarming to ALL non-Jews.”


      And yet very few Jew-wise Whites have the courage to admit what needs to be done to these unfathomably evil “people.”

      1. SPQR,

        You would be surprised how many are waking up to the ultimate reality of what must be done. Its not massive yet but it is growing.

        There are actions along these lines already being taken. Not going any further.

        Anyway, I suspect there must be more happening than we realize and I highly doubt they want to make it public lest they give the jew wise on the fence ideas.

        You know all the jew tricks but when its someone really dangerous to them they flat out ignore them not to draw unwanted attention to the ultimate realization… a la JB Campbell.

        JB is the hardest hitting dude on the scene yet the jews basically pretend he doesn’t exist.

        Think about that for a moment.

        1. I’m with you there Lonnie. People are waking up, and when push comes to shove those who still have their guns won’t relinquish them to the “commissars” who won’t come a knockin’ on THOSE doors. For that matter, for them there won’t be any doors to knock on anyway. By then they’ll all be mobile, once the war gets really crankin.

          Sorry lobro. I know what your saying about the scene in Boston after the bombings, but I just don’t see the WHOLE of America as being one “giant shivering retard”

        2. Do you know what I license is?

          I license is PERMISSION. In other words, when one gets a LICENSE they getting permission from the legal code de facto “authorities” to operate.

          One doesn’t have a right to anything they license and the Common/Natural/Christian law is NOT operated on legal codes nor can it “seek authority” from something that is de facto (Not legitimate) where it is De Jure (by right).

          Do you think you own your house, your car, your car or anything else? You DON’T. The de facto Corporate State does or at least this is what they argue because you sought permission from them to have and utilize “their property”.

          Do you think when you walk into one of these Merchentile/legal code courts that Natural/Common/Christian law applies to you?

          When you walk into court the court is operating under the position that you are your birth certificate Corporation name in all caps. This is a fictitious name that was applied to you when your parent obtained a LICENSE (Birth Cert). Hence, they assume you are under their jurisdiction as a dead entity with absolutely NO RIGHTS- only whatever, ONLY privileges they allow your corporation name to engage in at whim. Yes, YOU ARE LITERALLY A SLAVE to the “Jews” legal fiction babylonian mercantile system so if you are a slave, they are the master. Hence, if the ICLC were to get a license, they would not longer be operating BY LAWFUL RIGHT but would rather be not the Master over them but a SLAVE to the de facto babylonian legal fiction system.

          No unless you are operating your living soul under Common/Natural/Christian Law that is admitted in these legal fiction codes to TRUMP their codes, you are a SLAVE.

          Today, some 500 out of the about 3,500 counties in America have reseated their Common Law Grand Juries. Do you think these Grand Juries operate inside the Federal Corporation Court Houses? When the Articles of Confederation was drafted, do you think they sought legal permission, a license from the British to invoke their lawful authority? One must understand how REAL, De Jure (by right) law operates and how it is both lawfully and legal superior to the present de facto (not legit) legal fiction codes that now number 600 million and counting.

          Soon, I’m sure, the ICLC will make connections with the Common Law Grand Juries in America where we can enact the lawful 13th Amendment to oust all dual citizens and other traitors, reestablishing REAL law again in America and eventually, worldwide.

      2. SPQR

        One needs the power, the leverage to even contemplate any solution to the Jewish problem. They are the elite and they have usurped and enslaved us. We can talk, plan etc, but NOTHING will happen until 2 things transpire.

        1. Whites/European- Christians MUST awaken to their true enemy. This will NOT happen until the “Jews” hit us with their perfect storm designed to genocide us. Then and only then will whites everywhere awaken as we have now will have the people in place, within the Corp Gov, totally on our side.

        2. We need a leader that not only has international power, but has a lawful right that overrides their legal codes to save us in our own nations and to take control of their JWO after that.

        This person must also be able to attract white/Christians to their cause upon religious ground (demographically speaking) and only a Christian King can do this. Only ONE person can do this and this person MUST have a rightful, lawful claim to the British or Scottish Throne (were the Stone of Destiny- Jacob’s stone is located). Only such a person can unite whites/Christians worldwide and that is a plain fact.

        One can say “we need to exterminate the Jews”, but this is an immoral position adopting the same mindset of the murderous “Jews” toward us. One doesn’t beat evil and lies and lawlessness with evil and lies and lawlessness. One beats evil and lies lawlessness with good and truth and lawfulness.

        While I do not deny that the criminals among them need to be tried and when or if found guilty of the most heinous crimes, executed, the morally superior position and LAWFUL position dictates that we must be in a position of power with the LAW behind us in order to round up the guilty to try in a court of law.

        You have said we could “start with a list and work from there”. Ok, exactly how do we round them up when we don’t have the power to enforce lawful arrest warrants and they are right now practically all over the world? In the short term, the initial solution is Common/Natural/Christian law Grand Juries that are being set up all over America right now. The International Common law Court is in Brussels and they have issued arrest warrants for both Queen Elizabeth and the Pope(s) as they are training common law officers and sheriffs to carry this out in 135 nations as we speak.

        Once these two Jews (or Jew agents) are dealt with, someone among our ethnic kinfolk must make a LAWFUL claim to the British- Scottish Throne challenging Elizabeth’s usurper children who unlawfully stand in line to inherit it.

        When the SHTF fan in America, and no one can deny the “Jews” genocide plan against us, we can enact and enforce the real 13th Amendment via common law Grand Juries which would deal with every single dual citizen “Israeli” presently in power; not to mention their cohorts inside the BAR Association (British Accredited Registry) as well as every traitor in every level of Gov, Finance and Media.

        Now this will take care of the elite “Jews” in America but as these articles have pointed out, simply expulsion or even mass arrests in a nation or series nations doesn’t work and one MUST always remember, national Sovereignty was a reality in the OWO (Old World Order), but todays reality is Globalism.

        What will work will come when the all out war is against us is commenced and is won and this is why in “Israel” recently, they are talking about making all “Jews” worldwide, citizens of “Israel” in anticipation of their mass “get the f-uck” put of dodge” plan so they can all move back to their criminal headquarters to escape the wrath in our nations where they THINK they will be protected.

        I personally welcome this up and run strategy of theirs. Super, I say. Why? Because it was rightly noted they are all over the world thus our initial macro national solution must commence and facilitate the micro solution. The micro national solutions will create the conditions to enable the macro solution and this isn’t possible unless they are all in one place and we take over the world levels of power, their world gov they created, when they up and ran from our nations with all of our power and wealth.

        Again, once they “complete” their JWO, once they all run to “Israel” they will FINALLY be in ONE PLACE to deal with once and for all and if we take it over, not only can we deal with them, but we will have the worldwide levers of power to do so perpetually.

        The reason why we need a rightful heir to the Throne of England or Scotland (depending on where the real stone of destiny lies) is many fold.

        1. The throne of england (at least) owns 1/5th of the land surface of the planet and they also control 1/3rd of all food supplies the planet over.

        2. As I stated earlier, the British Throne, like the now vanquished Scottish Throne, operates on Common/Natural/Christian law. This is the complete antithesis to the Jewish legal code system that presently dominates the planet.

        3. With a rightful heir to the throne, acting upon actual law, we will now have a supreme leader of a lawful kind with the power and international prestige to act in our interests.

        4. When the SHTF, whites and Christians will have finally awakened to the now commenced genocide plan against them, and it is then we will finally have the right conditions to not only defeat our enemies in our homelands making them run “home”, but we will also have the ability to take over the JWO, solving the “Jewish question” forever because the British Throne has a rightful, lawful claim to the seat David which is a prerequisite of both Judaism (Satanism) and Paleo Christianity to finish a World Government.

        5. This rightful heir of the Throne from of OUR authentically true Israelite stock will HAVE TO call the “Jews” on their legal Zionist ethnic claim to the tribes of Israel and Judah in the land called Israel today. This will expose these ethnic, spiritual and unlawful impostors hence making it imperative to banish them from the land least they BOW to the truth and law that is being established on top of their JWO fraud.

        In summary, this means that our white/European-Christian survivors will not only inherit our destroyed lands to rebuild, they will also inherit a New World Government where the white race will forever be protected.

        1. Correction
          Because it was rightly noted they are all over the world thus our initial macro national solution must commence and facilitate the micro solution.

          I was meaning to say

          Because it was rightly noted they are all over the world thus our initial micro national solution must commence and facilitate the macro solution.

        2. “The ICLC is in Brussels … training law officers … 135 countries … as we speak.”

          Further investigation reveals, the ICLC has no address, no phone number or licence in Brussels. In fact, the ICLC web site is run by one Kevin Annett ‘out of his father’s basement in Toronto’ (needs verifying).

          Nice thought though.

        3. MachtNichts

          I accidently posted my reply to you above.

          Read the post where I say “Do to know what a license is?

        4. “Once these two Jews (or Jew agents) are dealt with, someone among our ethnic kinfolk must make a LAWFUL claim to the British- Scottish Throne challenging Elizabeth’s usurper children who unlawfully stand in line to inherit it.” : The UK royals are now well and truly jewish, since both Kate, and Wills had jewish mothers.. I`m half Scottish, and would suggest tracing the descendants of James first, and sixth, or bonnie prince Charlie..

    2. … leading commissars were utterly amazed at the fact they encountered no opposition at all, how neighbors would bolt their doors and close their shutters at the approach of the black vans, signaling the arrival of arresting Bolsheviks.

      witness the complete lockdown of boston and suburbs after the fake marathon bombing.
      not a peep of protest, people were even too scared of taking pictures of blackwater mercs prowling their neighborhoods.
      this is why america, for all its guns is a giant shivering retard and will be ground up in the agroprocessors kosher packing plant (of course, just about all mainstream links, eg, des moines register, have been scrubbed by the truth loving superior beings).

      if there is any hope for the humans anywhere, it must be novorossya and central european environs, where even today the neighborhoods are arming themselves and fighting the invading commissars as always directed by the elders of zion.

      1. Right. Americans think of self-defense in terms of gun ownership. Psychological self-defense is impossible for most of them.

        Americans are golems: soulless machines who do the jews’ bidding.

    3. I absolutely agree with your assessment of this disastrous situation that us ordinary Americans are being forced to endure.

      And history is repeating itself only because Americans have been so dumbed down and lied to about what really happened in Germany that they are non-aware and completely clueless.

      The Jews have been trying to kill out the white race for the past 60 years beginning with water fluoridation of city water supplies around 1949 due to the unbelievable fabricated lie they coerced the ADA into believing; that it would irradicate dental decay.

      Then in the early 1990s chemtrails began appearing in our skies. And of late I’ve actually seen the trails in movies from that time period, i.e., Terminator 2, the chemtrails are right there in the film. But they didn’t really ramp up that attack until around 1999 when they began appearing everwhere.

      So, Jews are responsible for poisoning our water, air, the entire environment; then they add GMOs in our food to the mix and it’s one huge murderous attempt to wipe us out sooner than ever imagined.

      But not one group of Americans will attempt to defy these evil, murderous people if they can even be referred to as “human.” Frankly, I don’t think they are human and I’m not being facetious. I am deadly serious.

      Our will to fight and defend ourselves has all but left American society, but more importantly what does one do when their bodies are invaded with a poison, pathogen, etc., i.e., cancer – YOU CUT THE DAMN THING OUT!

      One of my readers ask me what could be done and this was my response:

      We have to remove control of America from these Jewish psychopaths and finally gain our independence from Great Britain, and unincorporate the United States and return it to a representative, constitutional Republic. But only honest, decent, moral men and women, along with military force can accomplish that phenomenal feat. And right now it’s virtually impossible because these demons have complete control over us, the country – our very way of life.

      The first battle we have to overcome is provoking a dialogue among the common, ordinary people. It reminds me of the film INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. The American people are in a perpetual state of apathetic sleep. They have to be awakened to the truth no matter how terrible it is and it is horrific to even contemplate.

      Eventually, I believe there will be a military coup because there still are decent men and women in the service that know the truth. But like Rome once worried about we have to make sure that the military turns control of the government back to the people.

      But, the first attack that the people could accomplish if they had the willpower is to remove the money from the hands of these criminals. I’ve been saying for years; remove the money from the banks, pay off and close every credit card you own, refuse to buy high-end items like cars, boats, etc. There are enough wealthy people in the world to keep these criminals going, but the ordinary person working as a collective group could put quite a dent into their illegal financial empire.

      Why do you think they want to exterminate the white races? We’re the only ones that can get the world out of this mess. Just look at what Iceland did; they threw out the IMF and the Jewish bankers and said – no more. They refused their austerity plan and I commend that country. Why other countries are not following suit, I haven’t the vaguest idea.

      We need the real fighting American spirit to return because without it – it’s GAME OVER.

      Remember, the one thing that Jews love above all else is what? MONEY!

      Without our hard earned money in their pockets we can put a huge damn dent in their financial empire, along with boycotting every company that deals with Jews and Israel.

      The only other solution is to storm the military arm of their Masonic empire, Washington, D.C., and literally drag the criminals from their offices and hang them on the street lamps unless we decide to imprison them. But before that feat can be accomplished some type of guerilla warfare tactics will have to be taken against their Judaized police forces. They will have to be put down in every town and city in order to accomplish our goal of ridding Washington of their Jewish criminals and their shabbas goyim lackeys.

      But how much is enough before the American people FIGHT BACK?

      I believe it’s going to have to get a whole lot worse before it gets better though.

      The irony of this entire situation is that we are literally fighting a SPIRITUAL, RE-LEGION war based on a fabricated lie that initially came out of Egypt; using religion as a way to control the masses. And it’s been an ongoing fight ever since. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all are nothing but cults. If religion was removed from this situation, then the Jews wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Their whole reason for being and for raping the entire world would collapse into the abyss.

      How we ever got into this mess has been my eternal question of the ages. But without the masses understanding these facts, then making the decision to depend on themselves instead of some invisible entity, no show ‘god’ and take back their own divinity, then the world will be forever lost mainly due to ignorance.

      There are numerous solutions to the Jewish problem, but who among us is going to take the first step?

      1. Whitewraithe,

        Loved your interview with Charlie the other day, good job !

        Your are a bright woman and you’re correct, the males need to wake up, get real mad and break their damn necks.

        There is no other way and thats exactly why I’ve been saying it loud and clear for a long time despite the criticism from the jew wise themselves !

  16. wait fellas…ain’t this what i suggested 4 years ago? circa 2010? what about bio-genetic weaponry? would that do or not?

    1. Salman,

      How are ya man?

      Hope your staying safe.

      Who has the control over the bio labs needed to produce such a thing???

      Don’t see this being a viable option.

      1. thnx bud, but we don’t really need to create this weapon in the US or Canada…or any other JOG/ZOG country…

        we have a dozen other countries to start this op from – look at Venezuela, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia….

        the world is much bigger than the ZOG nations right now

      2. I’m doing great Lonnie…

        just killing my years outside of Canada right now as we speak…

  17. if we pump bio-genetic weapons into the water supply,wouldn’t it eliminate 70% of world jewry since they all tend to be carriers of specific (and large numbers of )genetic diseases or defects?

    would that work or not?

      1. Salman is hardcore.

        A true fighter who really understands the jewish problem AND the solution.

        1. Lonnie mate, I have the solution – bio-genetic warfare may the last viable option…and we can use the middle east as a testing ground…6 gazillion yids live in Israel now…we’ve got work to do mate

      2. thnx lobro…

        just killing my years outside of Canada as we speak…

        btw …do u believe the ADL survey which states only 9% of the Yanks and 14% of Canucks are jew-wise?

        or is it much bigger than that?!

        1. as a rule, when a jew opens his mouth i completely discount what comes out, he excrements at both ends.

          however, my feel is that depending on the ethnic group, the wisdom goes from a high of maybe 60% (central+eastern euros and middle easterners) to maybe less than 5% for anglos.

          their brains have been pounded and cornholed by the jew media steamroller for too long and they need a longer recovery time.

          this is changing and the time is on our side, when the move happens, it will be a sudden, irreversible landslide.

          ignorance is jews biggest friend, he is a farmer cultivating ignorance, this is where we must start our fight.

        2. Nice to see Salman here. I heard quite a lot about him while I was a visitor on the xymphora website many moons ago. I hope he continues to post here where he will find quite a few xymphora veterans, including the renowned word warrior Lobro and the mystical magus Homer.

          Sometimes we hear alarming stories that the Jews are not quite “human”, that they belong to a different species (Neanderthals) or arrived on earth several millennia ago from a different galaxy and are descended from a race of lizards (David Icke). Whatever.

          Take a look at this picture and tell me if you can detect anything weird and “non-human” in the appearance of the two Polish Jews presented here. They are Benjamin Netanyahu and his father:

        3. Then again, the shape of the pupils will tell the species tail, er, I mean tale 😉

        4. i think u’re right lobro..but overall, me thinks its close to 30% in Canada that hate them yids and 20% in the US (at the minimum)…time will tell us…

          good to know Xanadu…

          i’m still alive and kicking it…

          i’m planning on making a comeback in the future…but there’s no way out except without violence…

          speaking of which…what is you fellas takes on Justin Trudeau? is he jew wise? The French and Irish folks seem to be more jew-wise but his pops collaborated with them… with the lefty jews of course…does anyone in here think that Justin Trudeau will take down Sun Media, the CJC/CIJA, B’nai Brith and the Joo Bankers and Joo Media Moguls including the National Post and Sun Media if and once he takes charge? do we need Nationalist Fascists in Canada to get at the tribe?

        5. Xanadu, their souls are evil…

          but Bibi Netanyahu’s papa looks like the zombies from the old Quake and Doom games,,,

  18. “Whether this is due to THEIR OWN SUPERIOR TALENTS or to networking”….hahahahahahahah

  19. Apologies for delay is posting. Your comment went for automatic monitoring because you used three links. If you had used only two links, the comment would have appeared at once. (Monitor)

    Thx LSD. And quoting Wilhelm Marr, is an apt way to commemorate the tragic assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie 100 years ago today.
    Keep spreading the word and expose the evil for what it is.

    “The cause of WW1 was Jewish desire for world domination and establishment of New World Order controlled by Jewish bankers and end of all empires rules by Christians. in particular German, Austro Hungry and Russian empires through their secret society freemasons. Dr Custos a German National in his book ‘The Freemasons, the world vampire’ wrote that French and English Freemasons paid 5 million pound to the Serbs to murder Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo. The murder took place on 28th June 1914. A detailed research of this theory reveals as under:-

    Murder was committed by a secret society “Black Hand”. The relation of term ‘Black’ and ‘Hand’ with Masonry cannot be merely coincidental like many others facts. The murder was planned for 28th June when as many as seven teams of assassins were prepared by ‘Black Hand’ so that murder must take place on 28th June. The first six failed. Seventh was successful. It is commonly known that 24th June is Masonic brotherhood day. However only an informed mason knows that for calculating actual date the number 4 is added because of the Y L / A N . Hence it is correct that murder if planned for 28th June had special significance for Masons. World War one ended when treaty of Versailles was signed on 28th June, 1919 -Masonic day. The pay-up can never be always evidenced even with today’s technology.

    During the trial of Archduke Ferdinand’s killer, Gavrillo Princep testified that his colleague, Ciganovich, “told me he was a freemason” and “on another occasion told me that the Heir apparent had been condemned to death by a Freemason’s lodge.” Moreover, another of the accused assassins, Chabrinovitch, testified that Major Tankositch, one of the plotters, was a Freemason.”
    For more details see here:

    and for more details see here: :

      1. sutherland is a jew, works for goldman sachs and looks very jewish. The jews don’t give you such a job if they can’t trust you,
        being of their tribe.

  20. Bell media (Jewish owned?) has been working very hard to attacking Christians, CTV Toronto aired a Sikh dressed in white and publicly blamed all the wars on Christians and Muslims. He mentioned that same media cliche of “One for all..” including the homosexual lifestyle as part of God’s plan to make the world a better place. What he didn’t mention is how the jewish owned media and banks, the very ones who are selling and causing conflict are using idiots like him. One thing is for sure, the Hindu influence is growing in Canada, and since India is one of the most rascist countries in the world next to Isrial i think Canadians need to re-think where this country is headed.

    1. Canada also just reclassified two semi auto battle rifles (Swiss Arms and CZ 858) to prohibited effectively taking them out of peoples hands. Several years ago they did same with AK47.

      Its very clear where this is heading.

      Don’t EVER give up your guns people but equally important NEVER lose your resolve to actually use them.

      1. resolution

        that’s the name of the game and what they are actually trying to prohibit.

        without it, all the guns in the world are just useless junk, cart without horse.

        this is the ball that i never take my eyes off of.

        if you have personal information that this is showing signs of progress, i will take your word for it, don’t need a proof.

        ojala! insha’allah!

  21. Keep usury and the eighth day circumcision forbidden, and in my opinion it will be enough. Read about the eighth day circumcision the Roger Doumergue Polacco de Ménasce’s books.This great man,born jewish, has demonstrated by researching the nocive effects of this practice on jewish baby boy’s future life as adult.I add that this courageous author did not believe in the myth of gas chambers.(Some rare videos still visible on You Tube.) He died last years in France at the age of 94.RIP.

  22. commercially available malware to infect someone’s pc, completely and invisibly take it over, including the camera and then via bluetooth link their cellphone as well, record their location in real time, all their communication, passwords, skype talk, camera turned on and sending images back to the monitor:
    How Government-Grade Spy Tech Used A Fake Scandal To Dupe Journalists

    just think of all these self-propelled idiots walking around blethering into their cellphones all the time, checking facebook, tweeting, taking selfies … invisible gulag, worst of all, volunteering for it, “here is my neck, please put the leash on it”.

    1. another, more technical link

      there was a world map showing where the concentrations of “hacking team” clients were, by far the most in the usa, lots in uk, then canada – for some reason, ecuador …
      can’t seem to find it now …

  23. The First Amendment does protect freedom of religion, which makes this debate about extreme options to the Jewish question even more surreal. On the other hand the Jewish dominated Supreme Court will soon get a chance to test how firm the First Amendment is, and we’ll see how they do. If they weaken the protection for free choice in matters of religion (and philosophy), then they’ll be making their own bed and they can sleep in it. Personally I value free choice in religion as one of the greatest of all our freedoms and I would not trade it in for anything. My solution to the Jewish problem is freedom of speech as is being exercised in this website. Plus, I don’t believe in collective punishment as a matter of principle and wouldn’t support any collective action against any group (Jewish or non Jewish) where most of the people would not have committed any crime other than being stupid and clueless.

    1. The First Amendment does protect freedom of religion

      does legality take precedence over morality?

      think about this – what constitutes a religion?
      picked the following up in an online dictionary:
      a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usu. involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code for the conduct of human affairs

      —i think you can easily guess where i am going with this, can’t you—

      should the first amendment cover judaism, which says among many similar statements:
      “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile.”
      Sepher ikkarim III c 25

      “It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.”
      Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5

      “A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands.”
      Talmud, Abodah Zara, 4b

      “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.”
      Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

      if so, every psychopath on earth, no matter how disgustingly twisted (and none can be more disgusting or twisted than the practitioners of judaism) has a sacred and unalienable right to pursue his depravities as long as he claims that they are part of his religious observance.

      And so in the Libyan fable it is told,
      That once an eagle, stricken with a dart,
      Said, when he saw the fashion of the shaft,
      “With our own feathers, not by others’ hands,
      Are we now stricken”.
      — Aeschylus[

      1. Lobro

        You said

        should the first amendment cover judaism, which says among many similar statements:
        “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile.”
        Sepher ikkarim III c 25

        The original Constitution, Bill of Rights was written for the free white man and no one else. Later, this changed with the advent of the civil war and creation of the Corporation Governments that turned natural rights into privledges for all free blacks (free as in owning property etc, but not free to serve in Gov.

        Later this slavery was extended to whites by way of the birth certificates, SS #s etc, that presuppose you’re a dead Corporation entity by way of license and contract and that you are no longer we the people a master, but a 14th Amendment citizen (slave) bound to the Corporation Constitution 1871 that almost perfectly mimics the original and lawful Constitution of 1789.

        You make a valid point but this is more the reason that we must not only boot the dual citizen “Jew” traitors under the lawful 13th Amendment, but that we must take over their JWO and establish a combination of a Monarchy/Republic where whites/European-Christians (real Israelites) shall exorcize their natural/common/Christian law rights inside every level of Government, except the Congress that will be reserve for all of the other races-nations on the planet.

        A Monarchy is the BEST defense against any subversion of a realm and a Republic is the most fair and prosperous for all peoples.

      2. I doubt that when the Bill of Rights was being drafted any of its writers were familiar with the particulars within that august body of work called Talmud.

        But just the thought of however many jews there are now on the U.S. Supreme Court is enough to give you the creeps.

      3. ‘What constitutes a religion?’

        Alexander Solzhenitsyn answered that question in this way:

        “Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts. This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years. And even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. And even in the best of all hearts, there remains … an unuprooted small corner of evil.

        Since then I have come to understand the truth of all the religions of the world: They struggle with the evil inside a human being (inside every human being). It is impossible to expel evil from the world in its entirety, but it is possible to constrict it within each person.”

        If he’s correct, that the truth of all religions is to help their adherents with the internal struggle against evil, then by his definition we can quite readily prove judaism does NOT meet either your dictionary definition or that of Solzhenitsyn.

        1. Well said! Brilliant! Thanks for the Solz quote. Oh, if only his banned book was in an English translation and we could all read it!

        2. Solzhenitsyn is one of the few Russian writers I admire (Lermontov is another) but even he doesn’t seem to realize that evil does not lurk within Jews; Jews themselves are the evil. When a Jew expels evil he must expel his own Jewishness, and most of them cannot do that.

          Solzhenitsyn was a lot like Dostoyevsky: Russian Christians who understood the Jewish problem but were impotent to combat it due to their beliefs in things like human rights and the dignity of all peoples. Another problem with Solzhenitsyn is that he refused to acknowledge the Holodomor as a genocide against Ukrainians, though he does admit that it happened.

          Ruth —

          Sixteen chapters of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Hundred Years Together can be read in English here:

          The idea of a Noble Prize-winning author not being able to get one of his works translated into English is absurd.

        3. @ SPQR

          Thanks for the Solz link. Invaluable. I’ve read a few chapters of Solz’s book here and there but never seen them all together in one place. Kevin MacDonald, as you probably know, has reviewed many of these chapters on TOO and provided many useful quotes.

        4. Here’s some more “esoterics” for ya, Max. 😉

          When we say “it comes straight from the heart”, “it” is very telling. “It” is love that comes “straight from”. “It” can BE only love.

          So I would say the “good/evil line” runs through the human brain, never the heart. Human beings possess what’s called the ancient reptillian brain, and tailbones. What is this? WHY is this? Who is responsible for this? How did this come to be?

          But this isn’t about “evolution”. I would say it’s more like interference. The “fall from Grace” resulted in the Reptillian, with “Satan”, or “Lucifer” as the prototype for this and which exists in the form it does because the “fall” is synonymous with a lost connection to the heart.

          lost= a mis-take as to why you came into being (are you still not getting that, Satan? Of course he’s not. Like asking a houyhnhnhm to comprehend the thing which is not, i.e.; the complete opposite)

          When the heart connection is unbroken, “the brain goes from where the heart knows”. But we all fell with him. He brought us down with him.

          Being in the human form indicates that we’re picking ourselves up. It’s been an ongoing battle since time immemorial – the true face of war

          Now, we either regress and stagnate (which Talmud is designed to maintain) or keep moving “forward”, or more precisely, BACK to the Light.

  24. In the book of Revelation verses 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus revealed several things about the so-called ‘Jews’, first, that they aren’t really Jews , second, that they’re demonically empowered, and third, that at some point he will subdue them and cause them to worship at the feet of the true Christians. Because of the demonic ingredient, no human solution against them will work (they couldn’t change their behavior even if the wanted to).

    Most people, through their selfishness and iniquity (that they do every day) give rights to the demons to have control over worldly power (who use the false Jews to enforce it), and then they complain about it and start talking about solutions that won’t work, because it isn’t a worldly problem it’s a spiritual problem. Jesus is the only person who can solve it, which he will do in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, nothing man can do will fix the mess we have made.

    Einstein got it right when he said: “Problems can not be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” (but most of the ‘awakened sheep’ ignore those words).

    Pogo got it right when he said: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

    Tertullian got it right when he said: “Truth engenders hatred of truth. As soon as it appears, it is the enemy.”

  25. Why is it that everyone ignores the one solution to the Jewish Problem that would actually work? Deny Jews the power to create money. This is the source of their power.

    I think talking about this ‘solution’ is more taboo than talking about exterminating or sterilizing Jews. Until you can free your mind of this form of Jewish mind control-(political correctness) there will never be an honest discussion about ‘The Jewish Problem’.

    1. Hatha Sunahara

      The “Jews” money power is centralized in the City of London Corporation that is apart from the Common Law British Crown.

      This Corporation owns the “Fed Reserve” and the IMF that controls all the central banks on the planet except Syria’s and Iran’s as of today.

      So we in America could round up and expel the “Jewish” bankers at the “Fed” and create our own money system but we would have to be completely self sufficient which is a huge task requiring a complete overhaul. All Corporation Governments would have to be replaced by Common/Natural/Christian law Governments under the original Constitutions.

      Does this solve the “Jewish” problem for everyone else? No, it doesn’t. Once England and American kick out the Banker “Jews” and retire their Corporation Governments with their fictitious legal codes, the banker “Jews” will transfer their financial power to “Israel” where they plan on implementing a computer chip implant money system for everyone on the planet.

      So, in order to deal with the “Jews” financial power once and for all, we must take over “Israel” and arrest these criminals there. Then we can erect a planetary money system (not sure which one yet) apart from a computer chip implant designed to basically robotize humanity.

    2. Correct Hatha Sunahara, however it can only be done by force and violence.

      So why is it you do not realize this little detail?

      1. Lobro

        Yes, you basically got it all right. Excellent for being a “novice”.

        De Jure means by lawful right and by lawful right every white American (or anyone who operates their living soul within this jurisdiction) has inherent/Sovereign rights not granted to them by any Government, person, Corporation etc. The “Jews” and their Mason Cohorts created without we the people’s authorization, knowledge or consent a Corporation Constitution out of DC that unlawfully extended it’s jurisdiction over America’s mainland. This Corporation is an unlawful usurper hence it is de facto in our mainland. DC is a separate jurisdiction from the American mainland who’s law of the land is natural/Common/Christian law. Theirs is a judaic/Babylonian/Mercantile fictitious legal system that numbers over 60 million codes and counting that not one single person on the planet could follow if their life depended on it. Thus, everyone is treated like a slave and a criminal except real criminals and those who should be slaves.

        We the people are the creators of our lawful organic Governments, the master Sovereigns of our Governments, and our Law trumps legalities thus if a legality, a code, an ordinance or statute is not in compliance with the Law (Common/Natural/Christian- Organic Constitutions, Bill of Rights etc) then it is NULL AND VOID.

        The adhesion contracts the “Jews” and their cohorts used to justify their slavery of the American people are under real law, null and void because the rights we native Americans possess can never be transfered, contracted, indebted away. Our rights come from our creator and they are UN-LIEN-ABLE.

        And besides, no contract can be lawful if one doesn’t understand what they are signing and not one parent of ours ever knew they were considered to have been trading all of their natural, inherent rights for a life of complete slavery.

        Lastly, they are all null and void because the “Jews” and their cohrts have created a system that makes not signing many of these document impossible if one is to even survive or get a kid out of the hospital. Thus, people are FORCED against their will and conscience to do these things under duress.

        If one knows the difference between their straw-man (corporation personality) and their living soul (lawful living being) they can still effectively exorcise their inherent rights denying jurisdiction to the Jews legal fiction system.

        In the end however, power comes from the barrel of a gun thus the time will come when we will have to defend ourselves against their physical genocide plan because these people are consciences-less and completely lawless.

  26. @ tyrone

    let me see whether i learned anything today.

    the us constitution sets out the natural law of the land (common law/christian law, ie, rooted in christian moral code) – this is what is meant by de jure.

    the judaic corporation known as the “usa inc.” overlays the natural law enshrined in the founding constitution with its own voodoo rules, which are nothing but “permissions” they manufactured out of their talmudic anus – de facto

    (“de facto” kind of translates into “might is right”, yes? they have the worldly, un-christian power and they use it, first having deceived the ignorant populace that thiers is the rightful rule)

    therefore, once someone signs any document produced by the judes, he has implicitly bound himself to their game rules and it starts with the birth event of his children, ie, they are judeo-legal talmudic chattels.

    is this what you meant? (i am a legal and constitutional simpleton but no worse than 99.999% of the population)

    1. in the folk tales, which contain almost unvarnished, though allegorical truth, a seduced victim must explicitly give the vampire permission to enter and ravage her.

      one must enter into a binding contract with the devil, signed in blood, in order to avail himself of the talmudic goodies.


      1. god’s law is de jure.
        devil’s rules are the facto.

        send me my legal license please, i just passed my bar exam.

        1. What is ‘constitutional’ and what is ‘lawful’ are not precise. Rather, an argument can be successfully made by demanding the ‘authorities’ give answer to what is THE LAW. A FedEx pilot did just that in 2003. Successfully.

          In U.S. District Court, Western District of Tennessee (at Memphis) #03-CR-20111, USA v. Kuglin (Vernice Kuglin, pilot), co-represented by attorney Larry Becraft, Ms. Kuglin contended SHOW ME THE LAW (which required her to pay income taxes. She had a jury trial. The IRS claimed she was guilty of evading income taxes on $920,000.

          She did not allow her argument to get side-tracked.

          Because the IRS could NOT present any law which
          REQUIRED payment of income taxes by citizens of the several states, the jury acquitted her. (She was facing up to thirty years in prison, and $1.5 million in fines.)

          She is a model of someone who is adamant in her position, and determination to abide by truth. She stuck to her guns.

          I attended the high-profile tax evasion trial of Larken Rose in Philadelphia. All they could hang on him after three days of litigation, was ‘willful failure to file’ – and they could ony do THAT because of a complicit judge.

          If you decide to fight in courts, be tenacious. If not, be prepared to fight in blood, or just go ahead and acquiesce.

        2. Gilbert

          What you said is basically true but what the legal code fiction system says is “law” almost always isn’t. They claim codes and statues or ordinance and other man made rules and legalities as “Law” when in truth, on the mainland, law is common/natural/Christian law and all of those rules they made up MUST comply with the actual law or it is null and void. This doesn’t stop them from breaking the law and simply throwing certain people into prison anyway, but facts are facts and truth is truth and law is law. Btw, common/natural law can be practiced denying jurisdiction to these legal fiction codes in practically every nation on earth.

          Have you ever noticed on the back of an IRS pamphlets they hand out that it says “Thanks for your voluntary compliance”?

          See, the Corporation US out of DC owns all of the State, muncipal and country Corporations just as it owns any Corporation that sought a license to operate in America.

          This Corporation is headquartered on the foothold (DC) that the Common Law Crown City of held onto in America after the revolution and this Corporation was created by the Jew agents of the City of London Corporation that is separate from the Crown-Throne.

          The “Fed Reserve” is a private Corporation registered inside the Corporation US and is in debt to the “Fed”, hence all strings of power go right back to the Jews at the City of London. The IRS is a Corporation too and they are the collection arm of the City of London “Jews”, hence, when a person is acting in their Corporation personality, their Judaic legal fiction system forces these people to part with rights of the fruits of their labor because these people don’t know the legal system or the fact that they are considered to be operating under their straw-man (Corporation name in all cap letters).

          This entire system need to be replaced by the de jure Constitutional Governments or even knew Common/Natural/Christian law Governments because only then can we survive and exorcise the power we need in America to kick out the usurper traitors and then make moves to invade “Israel” upon their future request when we are the only one’s that will come to their “rescue” from the Chinese Eastern powers who have their sights on taking over the JWO in “Israel” too.

    2. That’s the crazy part about it, lobro.

      When it comes to these matters there’s no need to be much more than a “simpleton” anyway. Such is the beauty of the human brain. When unfettered, what is referred to as common/natural law is understood through the simple faculty of common sense.

      But of course this simply will not do, for the duplicitous jew. His abject fear and loathing of actually producing anything has motivated the con-game of turning something so simple as a money concept into some profound science where he is legitimized as the one who is the best at it. Achieving a “mastery” over it and the sheeple say, “well, that’s their forte”, and thus seen as their important contribution to society.

      “De facto” therefore is more like just another form of cognitive dissonance. They are in effect blowing soapbubbles and convincing everyone that they’re solid (as in upstanding and dependable)

      The master hypnotist who hands you an onion and tells you to take a bite of this nice juicy apple

      mmmmmm, it’s oh so good!

      But what is truly good is to be an honorary Houyhnhnhm and see through these stunning illusions, ain’t it?

      Not saying the thing that is not

      1. BrownHawk

        Well said!

        Yes, Common/Natural/Christian law is exactly that- Common Sense.

        Why was this law established in the UK,Colonies and America as the law of the land? Because we recognized using our common sense that Christ put the law- his law, in our hearts, minds/DNA exactly like he said he would do in the Greek NT. Why is it in us? Because we whites/Europeans are the REAL Israelite stock and it is WE who are destined to take over the JWO per our promises from our creator/savior that extend from Adam to Noah to Shem to Eber to Abraham to Issac to Jacob to the 12/13 tribes of Israel. (who are NOT the so called “Jews”)

        Right now in this particular age, Joseph’s son’s (Manassah/Ephraim) who I would argue are America, UK, Colonies) have ruling authority over the other tribes.

        Before Christ came the first time this ruling authority was in the hands of Judah and Levi.

        As I understand, we are destined to pick a leader ( a King?) to rally around as our peoples will separate back into their easily recognizable tribal affiliation just before we “Invade” “Israel” to take back the land by de jure action that was promised to US (and others who believe) thereby pushing out de facto Esau/Ashkenaz “Jew” rule as we start the real new earth age.

        1. ” just before we “Invade” “Israel” to take back the land by de jure action that was promised to US ” : why do I get the feeling that you are a jew, advocating the continued occupation of Palestine?

        2. Ingrid

          You get that feeling because the “Jews” mimic scripture and prophesy. I do not advocate the continuing occupation of Palistine but Palistine dies not belong to all Arab/Muslim Palistinians and Christian Pals were purged from the land by both Muslims and Jews (only a few Christian believers remainining today).

          Palistine belongs to those whom the authentic Jesus Christ chooses (and it isn’t the so called “Jews” either) to give it to and he has already made clear whom he has chosen to give it to.

          Those who rule the REAL World Government that will be established on top of this de facto and criminal JWO being established will be those who believed/believe and had/have faith in authentic Jesus Christ from all over the planet.

          Palistine is becoming the world headquarters for a World Government is the reigns of that power cannot be transfered back. As I have stated before, I believe that the land (with Christian pals getting their portion) will go to the authentic tribes of Israel/Judah (white European believers in Christ) with the World Government Senate and Judiciary being exclusively in European/white believers hands with our literal Kinfolk King Jesus- ruling from the executive while heading up the priesthood as High Priest.

          The world congress (which traditional has the most power) will go to all of the other peoples/ races/nations of the world toward their representation inside of it.

    3. Crap, I did it again. I think I’m too tired today

      Lobro, look above your post and you will see my response.

      1. You are forgiven Tyron, eh Lobro? 🙂 I still maintain the ICLC is a bogus, one man operation set up for personal gain and meant to seduce people into thinking they can make a difference. Maybe the Common Law Grand Juries are different, I don’t know. Really depends on the enforcement arm, doesn’t it?

        That the “totalitarian tiptoe” has been at work forever, undermining natural law, is no secret. There is really no justice to be had for the common man anymore. Oops, person.

        I know full well that if I accept myself in all caps I’m hooped. Yep, part of the system and a good little slave. A system in the making for 2000 years or more. The vampires are very busy creatures operating under cover of the night. Right now, there is not enough garlic in the world to fend them off successfully.

        And we don’t need no stinking royals either. They have no more god given rights than the rest of us. Parasites, all of them, sucking on the public teat.

        1. Ditto that, MachtNichts

          I would say that if human society is to emulate a system that best reflects “natural/common law”, then it need look no further than to the Iroquois Confederation. The seed for which was planted by the Huron Seer Deganawidah, and whose cause was in collaboration with my own Mohawk ancestor Hiawatha.

          The White man’s Articles of Confederation were directly inspired from this, and began with the Albany Plan in the mid 19th Century.

          Tyron’s presentation is all fine and well, but let’s leave out this notion of a monarchy with its “Divine Right of Kings”. Trace it back far enough and we’re not even talking about human societies anymore.

        2. MachtNichts

          You have valid doubts but this is why I was giving more info to show that simply because Annet is operating out of his Dad’s basement, that this makes no difference to it’s legitimacy.

          In the reseated Maine Republic the Common Law Grand Jury operations were mainly voted on in a rented suite. Meetings can be done anywhere on the land. Voting can be done anywhere on the land because the LAW is written in our hearts, minds, DNA and not in some Fed Corporation building.

          People have been conditioned to think things are legit as long as it follows de facto norms. This is not true. If you go online and look up for example, the common law hand books for Maine, you will see the operating order (much of it being established by Roberts Rules of Order).

          Things in America have not be completely solved between the Corp and the De Jure common law folks but i am sure we will seeing that many good people in both jurisdictions are working day and night to solve these problems using our common sense (law).

          As to the ICLC, I have not met them but I do know there is info on joining them and places to be trained to be the enforcement arm– Sheriffs etc.(Sheriffs are to operate upon Common/Christian/Natural law- Police Officers are Corporation legal code enforcement officers)

          As i understand, but I cannot confirm at this point, there is wealth behind the ICLC as they are training enforcement in some 135 nations right now.

          Look at the early disciples, Apostles. They meet in basements and living rooms etc. Many didn’t own a single thing just like in truth 99% of American think they own cars and houses etc, when they own ZERO- the Corporation State and it’s owners do by way of de facto enforcement.

          As to the “Royal” I agree. What I am saying is that all we need to do is research and find out who it is that actually has a right to the British Throne (or whereever the Stone of Destiny is- Scotland?)

          The Common Law Crown (The real modern day Davidic Throne) was actually usurped (as I understand) about 400 years ago. So yes, Queen Elizabeth is a usurper just as were many before her.

          A researcher recently identified who should be the King of England today by going back 400 years and proving it was usurped. This guy was found in Australia as a lower middle class guy who immigrated there because he loved the weather and people. He favors a Republic as I do, but I also know the imperativeness of having a King with limited authority. This is why when we take over “Israel” we will establish a Republic/Monarchy.

          So what I am saying is that if we can find who the real King is to be and he could be practically anywhere inside America/the UK-Colonies, we might just find ourselves in a position to advance him and the common people under de jure Common/Natural/Christian law to take over the seat of David either in the UK or later when it (or the stone of destiny) is transfered to “Israel” at the end of the “Jews” JWO bid.

          Now there is a twist of sorts to this. The Davidic Throne of the Judaic House of David was usurped by Esau/Edomite “Jews” with the establishment of the Herodian rulers usurping King Hycranus’ Judaic, house of David line. When Jesus Christ, the REAL and ULTIMATE King of Israel, the world and Universe was murdered and when he died on the cross and the temple drapes were torn in two it showed everyone that that in the holy of holies, the Ark (God’s trumping actual earthly Throne) wasn’t there. The ruling authority of the Davidic Throne was then transfered to the Northern tribes line of the House of David.

          A little back story

          David has two lines. One was to rule for Judah (southern tribes of Israel) as I spoke of above, and the other was to rule out of Israel (the northern tribes) later to finish the next earth age. At the end of this the new earth age happens and Christ’s second coming commences.

          When the few remaining Judaites and their House of David were captured by the Babylonians in the land, they were taken to Babylon for 70 years prophesied to return and reestablish their Kingdom which they did. During the siege of Jerusalem the northern tribes Davidic line escaped through Egypt with the Stone of Destiny (Jacob’s stone which is the Davidic Throne’s Footstool). They sailed to what is now called the UK establishing their rule awaiting for the northern tribes that were pagans then, to start migrating in mass into Europe and England.

          This migration process lasted from 600 BC to about 100 BC as Pagan whites flooded into Europe proper. When Christ died, the Davidic northern tribes throne was officially commenced, enacted with de jure authority.

          Paul went to England, France, Italy and Greece explaining to the tribes who were already there at the moment, who they were, who was bringing them out of Paganism (jesus) and what their future was to be.

          All of these things I am speaking about are very important and who the next King of England is very important. Why? Because if the British Throne has another usurper next, we might be witnessing the main anti Christ spoken of.

          Or, he may be a usurper but we take it back by right with the true heir. What will the “Jews” do then?

          In 1982 Ron Wyatt reportedly found the actual Ark just inside the old containing wall of old Jerusalem (“coincidently” in a cave under the real place Christ was crucified) . H reportedly found blood on the Ark (Christ’s blood) that ran down the Cross and dripped on the mercy seat- Ark’s seat, in perfect fulfillment of prophesy.

          If this is true, i would expect the “Jews” to take that Ark and place their own “messiah” on it (the main anti Christ will sit where he ought not sit) claiming he is above all things called God and deserves the planet’s worship.

          If this happens and we have not taken back Israel (the land) and pushed out the usurpers yet, we will have to at this point thus unseating this impostor/usurper as we establish our own rightful King of Israel (not on the Ark).

          It is my understanding that then, the true second coming will happen or it will happen right in conjunction with us coming against the “Jews” and their fake Messiah who sits on the Ark.

          Either way, the stone of destiny (Jacob’s Stone and footstool to the throne of David(s) will be reunited with the Ark and the authentic people’s of Israel (plus all real believers) will rule in that land as the criminal among the “Jews” are tried and convicted starting the REAL new earth age.

          If you doubt what was said here, wait and watch.

        1. ingrid

          You speak nonsense and have concluded such beecause

          1. You are not a believer in our kinfolk- Jesus Christ.
          2. You are not educated in true law vs legalities or authentic scripture VS the frauds.
          3. You slander for lack of intelligent retort. I do not live in my Dad’s basement. My Dad died when I was almost four.

          I am half Swedish/Norwegian and my line goes all the way back to the King of the Goths before the establishment of the Scandinavian nations. I have NO “JEW” genetics inside of me.

  27. I’ve not had such a good laugh for ages. If our enemies are total dingbats like you lot then I know that we are safe.
    Anyway, keep going, it’s fantastic entertainment.
    Am Yisael Chai l’netsach.

    1. is the laugh sounding a bit hysterical?

      not to worry, more entertainment coming your way, guaranteed amusement.

  28. Sadly however I have to agree with Avi regarding the majority of you jew wise.

    WTF are you discussing law for? We should be doing nothing but hunting these pricks down. The REAL reason he’s laughing at you is he KNOWS your just going to talk about things like law instead of hunting assholes like him down.

    1. Well, go hunting, Lonnie! Can you use a Kabar and slide it into a man’s neck while you break it, then punch it out his throat? Can you spill his blood and smell his guts without turning green?? When his sphincter relaxes and he shits his britches, does it bother you? Or are you the kind of fellow who just sees some guy on T.V. fall down dead, without thrashing around and groaning and stammering-off the death rattle when his lungs fill and his breath fails – and thinks THAT is how men die. Bang! Bang! You’re dead! (?). Is that how you envision the deal?? Go out and shoot a cat, if you want a similar real result. They die hard. So do men (unless you just blow their damn heads off with the first shot). I don’t believe you know Jack Schitt about killing. You just talk a lot.

        1. Keep talking law and all the other bullshit.

          We know the problems, we know the solution.

          You cats just LOVE to hear yourselves talk, of that I’m convinced. Pathetic.

        2. Lonnie,

          it’s just that you never seem to elaborate on the solution, that’s all.

          And yeah, all we do is talk talk talk. Here at any rate. That’s cause it’s a comment thread you goof.

      1. Still think you’re going to talk yourself out of this don’t you?

        Just say no right?

        You do not really know the jew.

        1. Brownhawk,

          No kidding… its a comment thread.

          Problem is its pretty damn clear the vast majority on here will ONLY ever just talk. This is the point and you damn well know it.

        2. I don’t disagree with you Lonnie.

          I tend to think that Tyron P. is probably right in saying that the time for retribution will come when ALL hell breaks loose on the planet.

          And when it starts to crank up in earnest, with your emotions having arrived at a heightened state in recognizing that the moment has come when you can no longer stand idly by in being a passive witness, this will be the test to see how much you really care.

          Insofar as the reality of an actual physical battlefield is concerned, I’m reminded of Patton in one of his speeches to his troops:

          “….and when you look over, and you see that what was once your buddy’s face has turned into a pile of goo, you’ll know what to do.”

      2. good post gil.
        as for myself, i could never kill an animal, i just could not.
        nor any being who in my view has even 10% chance of being innocent of the crime in question (cold blooded murder and acts of psychotic depravity, sadism, treason and such).
        they deserve to be judged by the community and the community must share the responsibility for taking the life.

        but i can think of many people whom i could kill, smell their dying junk and sleep easy.
        just look at the dude in picture, the “kill and kill and kill, all day, every day”.
        yes him, no problem.
        those bolshevik commissars who gleefully spilled rivers of innocent blood, the 9-11 perps, the abu ghraib torturers, whatever their nationality or ethnicity.
        or the isis animals we read about today, the liver eaters.
        the cruel and cowardly killers roaming the donbass countryside and especially their taskmasters.

        it’s a long list and someone must deal with it.

        i am a vegetarian, just like adolph, if i am squeamish about twisting the head off a chicken or quail, then i have no desire for its meat.

        but there are men who well and fully deserve death and we must all acknowledge this.

        in that, lonnie is 100% right.

        the devil, as always is in details, where do we draw the line.
        i would err on the side of not so much mercy as caution.
        same cases are clear, some not so clear, dump them on some island in shark infested waters, like iles du salut off french guinea and everybody has lots of time to think.

        but as for the rest, the road is clear.
        judaism is worship of every evil and vice known to man and should be strictly prohibited, on the greatest penalties possible.
        every book, every mention of talmud, torah, kabbala must be destroyed, all their synagogues should become landfill sites, no rabbi should ever walk free, yeshiva students deprogrammed, voluntarily or forcibly or face the exile along with teachers.
        right of assembly for jews withdrawn, all government, judicial and academic appointments screened for them, banks run by government, deadly strict transparency and anti-corruption laws for the public decision makers of any kind.

        media lying should be prosecuted under racketeering laws, limits imposed against monopolistic practices.

        all children must be exposed to the full history of judaism as soon as old enough to learn anything about history.

        … just a partial list of essential remedies.

        1. Ooooh, I’m sooooo scared!
          Never mind, in the words of Debbie Harry (another member of the The WJC (World Jewish Conspiracy haha):

          We’ve survived the Egyptians, Romans, Crusaders, Poggroms, Inquisition and your friend, Mr sHitler so we can survive you loonies.

        2. Lobro said:

          “but there are men who well and fully deserve death and we must all acknowledge this.

          in that, lonnie is 100% right.”

          Thank you Lobro, thats all I’m trying to get people to understand.

        3. Iles du salut, eh?

          Didn’t stop Papillon, but then again, the movie ended before we saw the sharks get him

          Not saying he was one of “them” mind you 😉

        4. b-hawk, the book is way better as much as i always liked steve mcqueen.
          i read it when i was a teen and i might say it was a formative work.
          (btw, he swims to venezuela as i recall and continues the life on the outer edges of the law … hmm, maybe i got it wrong, that’s about 1200km, even steve mcqueen would break a sweat there)

          maybe not too philosophically deep but gets you in the gut.

          a step up from the count of monetcristo which i loved as a young boy, especially where he gets revenge on parisan jew betrayers and then goes on to set up a hard-hitting blog.

          and yes lonnie, i am only wondering what would happen if the punishment were decreed to be commensurate with the crime, would there be a single one left.
          almost as if the shlyme were begging for the amalek treatment …

          still, i am in favor of merely dejewing the good ones, ie, the ones merely involved in swindles, pornography, media/propaganda, the white collar criminal jews … not even sure if the other kind are a majority or what, kind of curious.

          and avi … it is coming, do you doubt it?
          just look at the level and mass of sentiment now and even 10 years ago.
          have you chosen a proper gentile surname to try and porpoise back under, stitch yarmulke into jockstrap or doggie scoop?
          these same nsa databases used to harass us now may well be turned to other uses when the occult house of accursed tarot cards collapses around your floppy, hairy ears.

          be nice while you still have a bit of a chance, all your bullshit yapping about samson option fools no one with half a brain.

    2. Lonnie

      Because two wrongs don’t make a right and might doesn’t make right. To simply hunt down all “Jews” is wrong, is incorrect, it’s unlawful and immoral. Without the law behind us is being just like our enemy which automatically invalidates are claims while vindicating their unlawful claims.


      1. You really don’t get it do you Tyron?

        The jews NEVER fight fair and clean. NEVER.

        We have the moral high ground no matter what we do to these people given their history and actions.

        Right and wrong?? Get your head out of your ass.

        Illegal and immoral?? You have no real understanding of the jew.

        1. Lonnie

          I get it but your a law illiterate, confused by the “Jew” thinking that one can beat them using their own game.

          The Jew is NEVER defeated using evil and lawlessness for he is the King of Evil AND lawlessness. The “Jew” is ONLY defeat by truth, lawfulness and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply being foolish.

          The “Jews” common law is Talmud and is written in their hearts, minds, DNA

          The white man (authentic Israelites) law is common/Natural/Christian law (God’s law) that is written in our hearts, minds, our DNA

          If we adopt the “Jews” tactics, we become a Jew and are destined to be ruled by him. If we source our own law that dictates self evident truths, right makes right and not might makes right- we will be VICTORIOUS!

    3. Hey Loonie! No the reason I’m laughing at you is because you are a bunch of impotent morons.

  29. Ever seen the movie 12 monkeys we just need someone like that, a nut, but have him target the Jew gene. Easy peasy

    1. A lone wolf, a nut a saviour. Maybe he’s working on it right now. Well friend if you are I would suggest also targeting the rape gene and that would probably knock out 90% of the nonwhites as well

      1. i seen 12 monkeys and loved it. also im pretty sure humanity is doomed now that crazy dirty evil jews own enough nukes to blow us to bits.

  30. The face of international Jewry, which wishes the utter destruction of the western European canon, is clear for all to see: it is Liberalism. We can (and should) sh*tcan all the puffery about mass extinction, etc. on this site, and focus on those things which will be pragmatic and effective. We could start by ditching ALL the textbooks written by commie Yids. Ever noticed (if you’re old enough) that about 99% of SDS and the Weathermen was Jewish? These people are relentless termites, and lethally effective ones, when it comes to the extermination of our culture. So, ditch the Yiddo-liberal textbooks for one. Next get some rich Christian conservatives together to foster and build a NON-Jewish movie/TV industry which puts out conservative movies and messages. Shouldn’t be hard. Of course there will be screaming and shouting, but we conservatives MUST stick to our guns. Once we get enough movies, magazines, etc. out there, the Great Unwashed may (just may) see what’s been done to them. Simply by telling the truth (such as Israel being a ricist apartheid state, will work miracles. The truth about all of this will free us. Tell your kids that 9/11 occured, not as some Jewish plot—it occured precisely because 65+ of American aid to Israel made it inevitable. It was “asymmetrical” warfare at its most effective. Such is honesty, and realistic honesty at that. It can move mountains. Does anyone hereon doubt that that single statement wouldn’t get people thinking? I tried to get by Limbaugh’s call-screener, but no luck. Tell some of your black friends that such ugly sites such as “Chimpout” are Jewish weapons. I made antisemitic comments on that site and got expelled. Guess that shows who’s behind anti-black sentiment.

    There can be no political solution until we garner enough influence to fight Liberalism, by whatever name it wishes to slither under. It’s the Jews other religion. The only way to get this influence is through media. Although I despise the Porch-Monkey-In-Chief and his harridan wife, you may detect the actions they have taken to isolate Israel. Yet, the anti-American Jewish Greenies are under the sway of radical progressivism, but, by denying the United States the possibility of achieving our energy independence, they are enriching Arabs who will work no end to stifle Israel. Talk about shooting themselves in their feet!

    So chin up—expunge Jewish influence from the education of our youngest scholars—or at least counter it around the dining-table at homework time. Then see if we can produce some Jew-free media institutions. Then try and grab REAL Americans, point out a list of what Liberalism has done to them and get the ball rolling. The pseudo-“conservatives” who are nothing more than Christian puppets are no help. Cheny and his ilk worship Israel.

    Then we should destroy the 1965 Immigration Law (suicide, if I’ve ever seen it). Finally, let us build a great wall, such as the one Israel built (with our funding). This one should stretch from San Diego to Jacksonville, fer cry-yie! See how the Yids bellow about that.

    Everyone with half a brain on this site knows that mass extinction idea is a pipe dream. But few of you would turn away from stealthy incremental steps to slough off the invidious, despicable coat of slime the Jews and their Liberal flying monkeys have visited upon us. Real Americans should start the ball rolling by not buying the Jew Nork Post and by helping their second-grade children or grandchildren understand that liberalism/socialism/progressivism has done to us what Lord North and GR III could never do! The minds of children are mightier than either the sword or the pen, if they are steered correctly. It all starts at home.

    1. Unfortunately, Fred, most people on this site don’t have a half a brain. Sorry about that.

      1. so why do you smelling the anus of the pagan peoples which we are ?

        Why you lurn to the cops to humiliate pagan citizen ?

        Son of the bitch I hope that Isis will invade your fucking nation and to kill you up to the last !!!

        Hebrew is defenately not a man I fuck your nation of Chimpanzies !!!

        Half brain jew !!!

        the good jew is the dead jew do you understant this murderer of the pagans nations !!!!

      2. You are only a nation if we can can call you like this a NATION of murderers do you understand ?

        Your Law (given by Moise there is 5777 years ago) permet you to kill since thousand of years.

        It’s easy every time you sin individually or collectively you have just to sacrifice in the Temple(situated at Jerusalem)to erase yours awfuls crimes,and you dare to say you are a great nation !!!

        You must to come back in your fucking country it’s an order we simply don’t want to support the sighting of your ugly face,the pagans nations are not for Hebrews murderes are you ok Jew son of Abraham ?

        If you are a man invade the country of Isis and kill them eat their blood or their excrements don’t forget to bring with you Hillary clinton the jewish imposter…

        So go away go in hell go whatever you want but disappear I hate forever you Jew for the very bad thing you inflictate to a lot of white people who probably had never put a foot in Israel may your God burn you forever and ever dirty nation why did spell the blood of miserable pagan creature our life on Earth is already passed away.

        “Nation” of liars you joyfullu lie all your life death on you yours ascendants and descendants.

        Who you are to judge Egypt (whgen they expell you you robbed like gangsters) you infiltrate the great greek/roman empire only to destroy it with your hipocrisy yours eternal lies and since then Israel a dirty nation rule on us for free we kill each over for this dirty nation.

        May the worms eat you trough your anus !!!

  31. Get a load of this Avi character…

    And I’m betting he’s an ordinary street level jew.

    You people starting it get it yet?


    1. only 10%? just flip the digits and insert a dot in the middle…

      that’s more like the correct figure…

      1. I was referring to Lobro’s comment above regarding not being able to kill someone if they are even 10% innocent.

        There is no such thing as an innocent jew.

        1. lolol…the only good jew is one that is 6 feet under…the only good jew…is a dead jew!

    2. i was given to understand, by an apostate jew, ie, repulsed by judaism, converted to christianity, no longer considers himself a jew (which means a jew can declare himself a non-jew, and this declaration is accepted by other jews – he is out, so it can’t be a race, a negro cannot decide not be a negro anymore), that it is analogous to italians and cosa nostra.
      all cosa nostra are italians but not all italians are cosa nostra.

      the dividing line is bar-mitzva at age of 13 (if i recall).
      we think it is a joke where jews party and get drunk and hang out.
      not so, this is propaganda.
      here a (male) jew solemnly voluntarily (recall what i said about vampires and contract with devil) pledges lifetime allegiance to the CAUSE (talmud, kabbalah, zion, protocols, the whole unholy and unclean cluster of evil).
      and then they got him and he gets his material rewards, he is networked into community of psychos and becomes everything they require of him, a sayan, a sniper, killer, liar, mossad accomplice – here comes the kol nidre, jews who weren’t bar mitzvaed don’t say kol nidre.

      eg, the guy said you can be sure zuckerberg (facebook) is in mossad because he did his bar-mitzva.
      so did all the worst ones, every single one.
      hence, i would not automatically pull a trigger on a jew who didn’t do the induction into the gang.

      how many of those?
      honestly, no clue.

      1. of course when the proverbial feces hit the fan, every one will swear he didn’t do bar mitzva, who me, no way buddy, i don’t even know what kol nidre is, right?

        show me a kol nidreist who admits to have said kol nidre and i will show you an honest liar.

        1. The Jewish men who betrayed Prophet Muhammad were of military age – and were shown to have grown pubic hair and were warriors…we need to get at those from early teen years…

      2. Hey, Mr. Ignorant, do a bit of basic research because you are showing what a total dickhead you are. Of course, the other crazies who read your nonsense probably have a combined IQ of 100 so they can all agree with your rantings.

        p.s. I’m still shaking in my shoes at your threats 🙂 LOL

        1. of course you can laught at the face of pagan peoples because the yellow and balck communities will protect you no ?

          No to say the others conspiracies…

          Go away comeback to Israel it’s an order God gave you only canaan land yes or no ?

          So you have nothing to do in America you have money factories in China,Corea,Japan,Malaysia,India,so go away fucking jew don’t forget Hollywood the jewish beast disappear for ever degenerated jew we are fed up with yours lies yours hypocrisies you spit onthe face of pagan nations all day alonf and you dare to open your mouth to diffamate us !!!

          Take with you Obama ah ah ah ah ah ah

  32. The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty — and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies. (HL Mencken)

  33. i’ve talked to a lotta Marines down here and some of them seem to know something about the tribe but turn a blind eye to it or are intuitively engaged in self-denial or cognitive dissonance…but yes, the USMC division down here does seem to know something about the tribe although they prefer not to talk about it and zip their lips if the subject is brought up…

    1. Salman

      There are plenty and I mean plenty inside the Officer class inside the American Militaries who know exactly what the problem is. In the NCO ranks, lessor know but they damn well know their oath to protect and defend the people, Bill of Rights, Constitutions (even if they don’t know about the fake and real Constitutions which are almost identical). Inside the common ranks some know, most are still heavily brainwashed (due to training) but one might be surprised how many of these common soldiers can read the writing on the well better than the average American citizen.

      When the SHTF and the perfect genocide storm hits America, we will see a massive split within the Military ranks and the Corporation Gov ranks along the lines of who will protect America, her authentic people, and who side with our enemies. These lines will be heavily developed along ethnic/racial/national and cultural lines meaning the good guys ranks will probably consist of above 90% of those of European/white stock.

      1. i’d say lotta blacks and hispanics will join u guys…givem a chance and lets see what happens…

        1. Probably the only blacks and hispanics who join us will be those who’s family goes back a ways in America- those who have been Americanized. Those who are not brainwashed and decent folks. Those who don’t hate whites/Christians.

          I hope you are right but I suspect by far the majority will join the enemy. Let’s hope I am wrong.

  34. whats up with wordpress…Darkmoon/Xanadu…please get a new CMS…I can’t seem to open another node to reply to Lobro’s and Xanadu’s post….

    i have to reply on the same node/branch, which just limits the layers in the thread…

  35. hey there…Xanadu/Darkmoon/Webmaster, can you please change the wordpress theme or get a new one…this one is a pain in the answer to respond to…thnx…i don’t like the GUI interface…sorry…

    i prefer something simpler and sexier

      1. say it ain’t so lobro!

        I imagine lasha to be hot, not “hot to trot”, if you get my drift 😉

  36. Tyron,

    Law illiterate? Evil and lawlessness? Complete rubbish

    This has NOTHING to do with legal or illegal, right or wrong, moral or immoral, or discussing the virtue or not of might makes right….. NOTHING.

    It has to so with only ONE thing…. and thats SURVIVAL.

    This notion of being afraid of becoming like the jews to defeat them is pure garbage. I’m not interested in raping their 3 year olds nor am I interested in harvesting their organs. I was not born into nor indoctrinated into the insanity of Judaism.

    Your a completely ignorant fool however if you do not understand we will have to become ruthless killers just like them in order to survive their aggression.

    Thats it right there……

    Like I said before, Christianity is being used today to PROTECT the jews, and thats EXACLY what your doing but just cannot see.

    If you choose to protect the jews whether its through ignorance or not we cannot be responsible for what happens to you in the crossfire. Your choice. Them or us.

    1. i’ve ALWAYS been thinking of survival when it comes to dealing with them jews!!!

    2. “This has NOTHING to do with legal or illegal, right or wrong, moral or immoral, or discussing the virtue or not of might makes right….. NOTHING.

      It has to so with only ONE thing…. and thats SURVIVAL.”

      Yes. Issues of morality and law can only come after Whites have secured nations of their own. As long as our survival is at stake, we cannot burden ourselves with questions about right or wrong, legal or illegal.

    3. Lonnie,

      Believe what thou wilt but you don’t understand timing, nor the self evident truths of law vs legalities and have proven yourself over and over to be cannon fodder for the “Jews”.

      Why don’t you simply take the route you keep advocating for? you know, go blow up some Fed building and be a Tim Mcveigh, killing hundreds of innocents?

      People like you are so easily identified if you were in any group I was associated with, I’d boot you myself from our presence, Why? Cause your words are synonymous with Gov infiltrators who’s job it is to infiltrate lawful movements, and be an agitator to give excuse for the Feds to come in and “protect the public” from “terrorists”.

      1. Tyron,

        Its not possible my words are of someone who’s simply had enough?? Just not possible right?

        I do understand the difference between legal vs lawful, but at this point we can no longer concern ourselves with things like that.

        Of course I understand timing. What you do not understand about it is your waiting for the perfect time. (well most people are, your no going to do a damn thing).

        The problem is while waiting for the perfect time you will have run out of time.

        As for your fed. agent comment you could’t tell the difference between a real fed agent and a real jew fighter who is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore if your life depended on it…

        … and it does.

        1. i’ve had about enough of your drivel

          Lonnie, SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LEAD BY EXAMPLE or be silent!

          We won’t run out time. I told you the time and it is right around the corner when we HAVE not only the right UNDER LAW but we also will be in a position to awaken the masses by our LAWFUL defensive actions.

  37. SPQR

    It has EVERYTHING to do with law vs legalities, right vs wrong, truth vs lies, our common law vs the “Jews” common law that is talmudism and is imprinted in their DNA.

    Why don’t you and Lonnie do what I suggested Lonnie do?

    Then we can watch you guys on TV as you give a REAL LIFE example of EXACTLY what NOT to do.

    Sheesh, sometime I feel this place is full of Jew agents.

    1. SPQR and Lonnie

      Why don’t you guys STOP advocating mass violence without physical in your face probable cause to act in self defense?

      The masses need to SEE what the game really is and that will happen soon enough when the “Jews” kick off their all out perfect storm, trying to genocide us through a collapse of the dollar, coupled with martial law and a physical foreign military invasion all at once.

      Once this happens is the time to act in self defense as we will be OBVIOUSLY in the right and EVERYONE will know it.

      To act before hand is almost like “pre crime” legislation. Not like we don’t know what they have done and are going to do but we need both the masses and the good folks in the corp gov and military to be on our side and THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN unless our timing is right.

      Right make might and that folks is a fact! Listening to you jew dupe’s might makes right doctrine is so asinine, I ask: so exactly what is it that separates your tactics from the “Jews”?

      Nuff said…

      1. Ok Tyron,

        Since your such a wealth of wisdom will you please let us know when the time is exactly right for you?

        Don’t forget now, we’re counting on you.

        1. Lonnie,

          Truly, I like you. I think we’d be friends around the camp. But you need to understand that men of all stripes can bicker without bloodshed. Bloodshed sucks. The best warriors try to avoid it before it must occur. Believe me. I know. No one – not even the big bad Jew – wants to have to endure the angst of battle. You don’t, either.

          APPEAL to his sense of duty to family. APPEAL to his sense of pride and security (he has it!). You cannot continually threaten him and expect anything other than what ANYONE would do who is so threatened. (I would kill you, pronto, were I a Jew, because I KNOW how to hunt men, and I am good at it.)

          I understand your feeling of urgency concerning this matter. We cannot correct overnite what has been so long in the making. Acquire patience. Allow the Darkmoons and Kaminskis to keep us informed, but just CHILL…

        2. Lonnie

          Ya, sure you obvious dunce…

          WHEN THEIR PERFECT STORM HITS as i have described about 30 times in 3 months alone.

          Nuff said

      2. Lonnie

        How can this not make sense to you? We need strength in numbers, and that won’t come until the 2×4 starts whacking people upside the head.

        In the meantime look on the bright side. There’s no way they’re gonna catch a break like the last time when the bolsheviks had all the guns. No way.

        I’m guessing you’re still a relatively young man. When it really starts to get hot and heavy you’ll get the chance to challenge yourself and be constantly on the move and engaging in some sharp and creative guerrilla tactics in outsmarting the enemy.

        I’m getting all nostalgic just thinking about it – is their a command post out there with an old indian fighter’s name on it?

    2. Oh shut up. People like you are the reason why the Jewish problem wasn’t dealt with thousands of years ago.

      1. The Jewish problem WILL be dealt with – in God’s time, legionnaire, not before.

        We are cruising half happily. You can still buy gasoline, you can still go to the grocery store, you still have electricity to run your computer. Hopefully, you still have water. Maybe you still have some revenues with which to buy things… It can be worse (and probably will), but in the meantime, count your blessings.

        1. today but not tomorrow,

          Israel want to build a new society ruled by them trough biometry Israel is preparing a disaster for pagan humanity tomorrow money cash will disappear for ever your car your house will obey Israel fisrt all your incomes will be controled by Israel (the maximum amount of money you can earn,what you will really purchase a terrible nightmare for the next generation).

          Israel want to forbade the production and selling of mercury for the whole pagan world, maybe the copper too a strategical metal which is important to produce electricty.

          With contactless paiement(smartphones all are equipped with new GSM chip ) and generalisation of biometry will anihilate us for ever our descendants will be “untermenchen” trues zombies,the jew hunt the pagans like beasts with his private cop and his armies all around the world.

          All the countries I said all the countries are ruled by Israel I speak about jewish settlments established all around the world(Europe is jewish since the fall of the roman empire).

          African peoples and some Yellow peoples are the allies of Israel at our expense !!!

          This is our disaster situation…

          We have no weaponry or army nor warrior leaders abslotly nothing this is why the Jew is always laughing at us with his jewish smilling .

          american soldier don’t fight abroad for your jewish governement you will get nothing in exchange you will spell your blood for a nation which disregard you let Israle fight alone if she is the so great nation which is described in the hebrew bible,don’t we read in their books that the Eternal will always be in their side and fight for Israel so why to waist our energy with these predators let’s God fight for Israel who you are us soldier to travel at your expense to the far side of the Earth for a nation wich hate you even before your birth ?

          For them we are only ANUS mounted on 2 legs.

          American citizens all yours presidents are jewish,they are Hebrews !!! it’s an historical fact !!!

          All Hollywood stars are jewish actors,ALL the work HARD to destroy your judgment,your capcity to OBSERVE your capcaacity to THINK at your expense.

          they have for themselves the best parts of AMERICA rivers HARBOURS BIG FACTORIES etc…

          Ford was Hebrew unbeliveable ?

          Even your ELVIS PRESLEY a very good ACTOR.

          the american jewish settlers fucked you very well ah ah ah ah ah

          Do you think that POUtine is a Russian or the spanish King is a spaniard ?

          Why are you blinf Isreal fuck us day and night and there is no pagan revolt all around the world we can beat them for ever easily we are superior to them !!!

          Israel feed us, clothe us,furnish renting,it’s a shame we are the beggers of an uncivilsied barabeous tribes

          thank you Abraham for your nice gift thank you very much…

      2. spqr

        Then put your money where your mouth is for god’s sake! You’re ilk sits and pisses and moans about what we all know. You goad regular folks who just realize their predicament, you speak as if you’re some freakin leader, but the truth is, you’re an arm chair wannabe frustrated as we all are right now. I am not much unlike you but listen for Christ’s sake.

        Humble yourself and use your god given brain everyone here knows you have and stop this cowboys crap until we all see the whites of their eyes.

        Look dude, I am appealing to your other side now.

        We all GET IT and we are not wussies!

        Pissing people off more, agitating people, calling for the innocents to die with the guilty is so beyond doltish I fail to find a word to describe it.

        Let’s say you’re genuine…OK?

        BE PATIENT, the time will come and we will win- KNOW that.

        Present ideas, present scenarios, present possible tactics but for god’s sake keep the non thinking reactionary claptrap at home.

        Shoot, we all feel this way but we must be SMARTER than the enemy.

  38. Tyron,

    I have carried a rifle for a living and know what its like to have bullets fly past my head so your insight is not necessary on that front.

    All I’m trying to do here is get people to fully understand that ULTIMATELY we have to go to violence and I really don’t believe the majority of jew wise accept this.

    Also, I disagree that we have to just sit back and wait. Covert action must not be discounted even now.

    1. Lonnie

      I too have face imminent death many time. I too am ex military and I don’t want to alienate you but I almost feel lately like I have no choice.

      Listen dude. Cool it with all the reactionary stuff and consentrate on exactly what we do when the SHTF.

      Any other plan is stupid in my estimate and if I am wrong, I am more than willing to listen and conform if my conscience, my brain, my heart tell me I am.

      I don’t know you man, you don’t know me. All we know is what we have read of each other.

      Let’s be smart about this because God knows these f-ckers have been awake day and night to bring us to this point.

  39. lonnie, spqr

    believe me, we all share your frustration and want to see some concrete results success.
    none of us are jew agents, those are quite easily spotted and we’ve had our share, they are not a problem.
    the problem is this: one act of bravery does not yield a result, his martyrdom will be used by the corrupt rulers to demonstrate the uselessness of resistance and it will be spun into the “lone nut” trash can.
    ditto for two acts, three … at which point do people actually start waking up and thinking with own heads?

    this, imo, we must determine here.
    heroism of this nature has its place in palestine where the hate of the jew is palpable and universal, no one needs to preach to them about the evil of jew, they inhale it with every breath they take.
    and i am sure, no one here is fooled into thinking that they don’t plan exactly the same for us or even worse.
    actually, much worse.
    they are actually playing nice, relative to their diseased carcasses of spirit, because they still worry about the rest of the world watching and judging.
    when they have the full power, no 3 year old girl will be safe, to put it mildly.

    we must be brave but also smart, we cannot afford to lose this, it is not just a game nor divine comedy.

    several things:
    i think that we are being watched, every step, every word we speak is observed, listened to, recorded.
    can we use this to our advantage?
    i think we can, maybe this is our biggest advantage.
    salman mentioned that he feels quite a few of the us grunts he talks to are coming to their senses but keeping a low profile.
    FOR NOW.
    it is the purpose of this blog and many others to raise this profile.

    who are the watchers watching us?
    jews, certainly, mossad, 100% – the enemy.

    but also his minions, goyim “just doing their jobs”.
    here i come to an important yet overlooked point.
    these shabbos started out like regular people, thinking that jews are just great, very smart and indispensable to progress of the civilization, wronged and persecuted at every turn, yet they diligently and patiently strive to raise us up to a higher level of consciousness and compassion – look at how the jew suffers through the ages and yet he loves you despie everything, he brings you the science, the arts, medicine, good management (a few bad applebaums aside).
    so let’s work with the jew, for the jew, let’s get rid of these psychotic lunatics denying holocaust, glorifying hitler, jackbooted fascists, brutal nazis be they teutonic or arab.
    and so on.

    this is the heart of jew’s power, without these deluded shabbos he is nothing

    do you understand what i am saying – spqr, lonnie (maybe even rev), salman?

    do you understand what i am saying – you shabbos out there sitting in your cubicles with earphones and google maps and recording equipment, servers in utah?

    yes, i am talking to you, the second group.
    you are the problem but unlike the jew, you can become the solution to this animal farm from hell that we here are trying to liberate.
    open your eyes to the truth and freedom from the yoke of the evil ones.
    you are orcs’ helpers, your boss is in mordor and your job is to oppress your own kind, your human family.

    if you understand even 3% of what i am saying, what we are saying, then start thinking, start talking amongst yourselves, start questioning the given wisdom, the given “facts”, where is this world heading under the benevolent guidance of your aloof bosses.

    and ask yourselves who are the deluded raving lunatics here, why us, because we insist on the right to free thought, free speech, free and clear vision of what looms huge in front of our very eyes,
    “and what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward bethlehem to be born?”

    with you we will win.
    without you we go under.
    and without us, you go under.

    and who is “you”?
    the military service, the police, the intelligence services, the analysts.
    ask yourself, “”whom do i serve, what is my reward?”
    are you sure this reward is coming to you, is it because the jew made a promise … not to harm you, not to harm your family …
    … really.
    just look at the record if you have eyes to see, strength of will to open them and look without deeply ingrained prejudice born of generational programming, just look at things without hauling in ideological baggage.

    let’s go, get the job done.

    1. @ lobro

      This is a difficult one. I have to agree with you and Tyron Parsons and Gilbert Huntley on the need for infinite self-restraint and patience at this point. Above all, it would seem to be utter folly to use this forum as a platform to preach incitement to violence, lawlessness, and the mass murder of Jews.

      This site could be shut down right now if the authorities are reading this — which they probably are — and if they get the idea that Lasha and Monte are revolutionary hotheads who are all in favor of breaking the law. The fact is, they are not. They are letting Lonnie and SPQR have their say, but Lasha has made it quite clear in her articles and on this forum that she is NOT in favor of these grandiose schemes promoting anarchic violence and the mass murder of innocent people.

      Lonnie’s throwaway comment, for example, that no distinction should be made between “good Jews” and “bad Jews”, and that “all Jews are guilty” and should be exterminated without mercy, is a comment that 99.9% of the world is likely to reject.

      Tyron and Gilbert are perfectly within their rights to reject this inflammatory incitement to mass murder. This extremist rhetoric by Lonnie and SPQR only makes them look like agents provocateurs.

      I mean, Jews would talk like this in an attempt to stir up trouble and get this website shut down!

      Am I hostile to Lonnie and SPQR? I can honestly say I am not. Because much of what they say makes sense, except this hotheaded incitement to lawlessness and indiscriminate violence.

      In effect, they are saying: “We’ve had enough! We’re not going to hang around any longer like you wimps! Get your guns and start shooting! You’re either with us or against us!”

      Yes, I can understand their impatience. I sympathize with them. Truly I do. But some things cannot be said. You simply cannot go on a site and advise mass murder. If you do that, you put yourself beyond the pale.

      1. Sardonicus talks much sense. As monitor of this site, I feel extremely uncomfortable reading comments that advocate incitement to violence.

        I know for a fact that neither Monte nor Lasha even own a gun, and the last thing they could see themselves doing is joining a vigilante squad and taking the law into their own hands by going out in the streets and indulging in a crazy killing spree!

        The whole idea is ridiculous.

        Maybe I ought to delete comments advocating lawless violence and mass extermination. For some reason, I don’t. I think it’s because I would be distorting reality if I did that. I would be suppressing free speech. If people are actually thinking these thoughts, I reason to myself, maybe it’s best if the thoughts are openly acknowledged and published.

        How else are the authorities to know that people are at the end of their tethers unless we publish their thoughts?

        1. SPQR is an exceptional poster and has come up with many penetrating insights. I have no doubts about his sincerity. I am therefore pleased to learn that you are not going to censor his comments.

          Lonnie, too, seems very sincere but basically restricts himself to hammering home the same point repeatedly: the need to organize resistance and start fighting the Enemy without further delay. He is a supporter of JB Campbell and basically follows Campbell’s line faithfully.

          OK, so let him speak freely too. Where else on the internet would he or SPQR be allowed to speak their minds freely but here? I can’t see their comments being accepted on the Occidental Observer for example or any other dissident antip-Zionist website, even Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth.

          Both Lonnie and SPQR should know one thing: they come across as extreme extremists who are certain to alienate most moderates. And it is moderates who form the backbone of every movement.

          However, if I remember correctly, it was the Jacobin extremists — Robespierre and Danton — who made most of the heads roll under the guillotine during the French Revolution. And it was extremists again who launched the Bolshevik Revolution and were mainly responsible for the Red Terror.

          So it’s the extremists, it seems, who make history.

      2. so you agree with it, just that the time is wrong.
        you’re equally as evil as they are then.

        1. Avi,

          You are putting words into my mouth that I never uttered. Of course I am against the mass murder of Jews! One would have to be a lunatic to advocate killing every Jew in the world, the innocent as well as the guilty.

          Please re-read below what I wrote in my post:

          “Lonnie’s throwaway comment, for example, that no distinction should be made between “good Jews” and “bad Jews”, and that “all Jews are guilty” and should be exterminated without mercy, is a comment that 99.9% of the world is likely to reject.”

          I am part of that 99.9% majority and I absolutely reject such inflammatory rhetoric.

        2. @ lobro

          “as evil as they”

          mind translating this for us ignorant goyim, avi?

          I think I can explain. Avi is responding to MY post, not to Sardonicus’s post. He is saying that I am as evil as “they”.

          “They” = goyim

          He is under the false impression that I am a Jew, because of my name, and is taking me to task for agreeing with you lot, the goyim. He thinks that anyone with the name “Bernstein” should be backing him up. Understand?

        3. sard, whatever the case, don’t be intimidated by this prick.

          you see what he is really saying is that jews can say whatever they want and they do, not only is their rhetoric million times worse than anything lonnie and spqr can even dream of, their highest “religious” autorities are solidly on the record as having uttered these words, their ideologues, “spiritual” leaders, politicians, decision makers, writers, “philosophers”, “artists”.
          and not only have they said it, they have done it.
          they are doing it now, right this moment an innocent gentile life is gurgling its last under the kosher knife and we shiver in fetal bundle in the corner, afraid to speak up.

          i will tell lonnie and spqr to shut up after jews themselves have not only shut up but have quit these unspeakable atrocities they carry out with impunity and immunity.

          why impunity?
          because we let them get away with it, with our conciliatory talk, this “turning the other cheek”, let’s act civilly while all these horrors are perpetrated before our very eyes – do our eyes lie? jew would have you believe that they do, only the jew speaks the truth.
          yeah right.

          and they will keep doing it as long as we let them.

          this is the truth and no getting around it.

    2. Lobro, thankyou.. The reason why I am doubtful as to the agenda of Tyron is because he speaks not of the liberation of Palestine, but rather of the re-invasion of Palestine. He also speaks of monarchy as being the method of rule, which is, I believe, part of the jewish plan for world domination.. I may be wrong..

      1. Ingrid

        You have some points about me but you must understand what I am saying and the reason for me saying it.

        1. Palistinian believers in the true Christ will be totally liberated.
        2. Palistinian deniers of the true Christ Jesus as I AM WHO I AM in the flesh will not be part of the Kingdom that will rule over all nations to come.
        3. “Israeli/Jew” believers in the true Christ will be totally liberated .
        4. “Israeli/Jew” deniers of the true messiah, Jesus Christ, as the physical manifestion of I AM WHO I AM will not be a part of the Kingdom to come that rules over all the nations and peoples of this earth.
        5. This criteria can be applied equally to all race, all cultures, all peoples, all nations.
        6. There is absolutely NO STOPPING the “Jews” from bringing into being their abomination- JWO with their false “messiah”. This will come about.
        7. There is absolutely NO STOPPING whites/European-Christians of Jacob from taking it over, if for any reason, to stop our physical, cultural (from which the law is derived through) genocide the “Jews” have concocted that practically the entire planet approves of.
        8. There is absolutely no stopping a global government, the false messiah’s reign nor the true messiah’s reign that comes after the false.

        If you think I am incorrect, by all means do so, but the future will bare what I said as true.

        Yes, a monarchy is part of the “Jews” plan in their JWO and this is because they are engaged in mimicing the truth.

        Their Government they want to erect will be a monarchy within a Republic where the “Jews” based on their race(s) practice an exclusive right to rule every other race/nation on the planet by way of a top down tyranny.

        The Government Christ will establish will be a monarchy within a republic and I believe whites/Europeans-true Christians of Jacob will practice exclusive rule inside the judiciary and the senate. The congress (which traditionally has the most power) will be comprised of members of every race, of every nation among those who believed in the true Christ Jesus.

        The “Jews” “messiah”, their King, their high priest who comes in his own name will be Satan incarnate who boasts of being above all that is called God or worshipped and he will force practically everyone on the planet to do so by way of his chip implant that none in the “world” will be able to buy or sell without.

        The true messiah (Jesus Christ), the true King, the true High Priest will establish his kingdom on top of the apostasy the “Jews” will create. I AM WHO I AM’s Kingdom will be ruled by those who SERVE the rest of the peoples, races and nations on the planet. They will lead by example and follow the same law that everyone else does.

        The “Jews” messiah will bring about death and destruction worldwide

        The true Christ will bring about rightous judgment against these impostors and their Satanic leader. He will HEAL the planet. He will administer mercy and right rule by way of TRUTH ushering in the TRUE new earth age.

        I hope this helps.

        1. I forgot to mention something.

          In the true Kingdom, whites/Europeans of Jacob/Israel-Judah will comprise the REGULAR folk population in that land (comprising the 12/13 tribes as “States”.

          So adding to what I said about whites-Christian-Israelites/Judaites having exclusive rule inside the judiciary and sentate with our kinfolk Jesus Christ as the King and High Priest, we will also inhabite our land (that land) promised to us as at the foundation of the world.

          And as I said before, the congress which traditionally has the most power will be comprised of believers in Jesus of race, nation etc.

          Furthermore, outside of the Kingdom the Nations and Races of this planet will composed of mostly hemogenous societies, excorsizing limited autonmy under Common/Natual/Christian law. (not talmudic- babylonian, economic legalities like we have presently)

          So whether you or I or anyone else like’s it or not, this is pretty much how it will all pan out so the choice is yours.

          Do you want to be part of a lawless doomed to destruction world government or do you want to share the inheritence with the winners enjoying true peace, happiness, rightrule, justice, mercy where love for your neighbor is the basis of all national/racial groupings, societies and cultures?

  40. Sardonicus:

    Yes, I can understand their impatience. I sympathize with them. Truly I do. But some things cannot be said. You simply cannot go on a site and advise mass murder. If you do that, you put yourself beyond the pale.

    You reject the rhetoric on a tactical level although you agree with it.

    Ruth Bernstein – I read some of your rantings earlier and it is obvious you are not Jewish. Certifiable -yes, Jewish – no.

    1. “You reject the rhetoric on a tactical level although you agree with it.”

      *Sigh*. You willfully misunderstand. I couldn’t have made it clearer that I belong in the 99.9% group who totally reject all inflammatory rhetoric advocating the indiscriminate mass murder of Jews.

      However, this does not prevent me from sympathizing with the frustration and impatience of Lonnie and SPQR. They have a genuine grievance, understand? You’re surely not suggesting that they have worked themselves up into a froth of hatred against the Jews for no good reason? They have REASION TO BE ANGRY!

      This is what you fail to understand. You actually believe that ALL Jews are spotlessly innocent and should NEVER be attacked. That’s wrong. You Jews killed 1400 Palestinians in Gaza, using phosphorus bombs in breach of international law. Only 14 Israelis died in that conflict. You Jews are collectively guilty of war crimes! You expect us to be nice to you and play kissy-kissy with war criminals?

      Your most venerated Talmudic sage, Rabbi Simon ben Yohai, who is held in supreme honor in Israel today, said: “THE BEST OF THE GENTILES DERSERVES TO BE KILLED.”

      You approve of that? You call us goyim “loonies” and think your venerated Rabbi Simon ben Yohai is a saint? How come? Isn’t he preaching mass extermination of the goyim?

      You’re not thinking straight, Avi. There are two sides to every coin.

      1. For all intents and purposes “Avi” may as well be a computer program chip designed to throw out comments in vague responses to comments posted by genuine human beings.

        Kind of like playing a “quick-pick” lottery.

        Oh the (lack of) humanity!

      2. Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying, grinner. They have no reason to be angry apart from in the deepest labyrinthine and twisted caves in their minds.

        Show me the context of that quote and I will show you how you have been manipulated and fed random quotes to feed your conspiracies.

        1. typical bluffing, “show me the context”, knowing that most gentiles can’t read hebrew nor have access to talmud, which has been carefully hidden from the view.

          only a few academic libraries in the world outside israel possess copies of either babylonian or soncino edition and they are only available by permit to researchers.
          (wonder why is that, in fact any jew who translates the talmud is considered a traitor (moser) and executed … for giving away the context, no doubt)

          but speaking of context, why don’t you give us the context for moed kattan 17a that i linked

          (If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there)

          oh well, you know, that means a jew should go to a bathroom (“city” in yiddish slang, ya know …) and void his bowels, which is meant by “do evil”, in ancient hebrew, bodily functions were considered evil, ya know, unclean, ya know.

          sure, whisper the sweet nothings in the ears of goyim while the blade is being whetted.

          anything but straight talk – what is that, doesn’t exist in any context?

        2. @ avi

          “Show me the context of that quote and I will show you how you have been manipulated and fed random quotes to feed your conspiracies.”

          Here is a key site. Hoffman has written a monumental book on the Talmud, over 1000 pages long. He is considered an expert, though not by you Jews who are like ostriches and would rather bury your heads in the sand.

          Elizabeth Dilling is another authority on the Talmud. Her researches took decades. She is considered an “antisemite” for revealing the shocking contents of the Talmud.

          The quotes are there for all to see. Sex with three-year-old girls condoned andf recommended. Statements that gloat about Christ in hell forever, boiling in a cauldron of hot excrement. Then there’s that shocking quote Lasha has cited in one of her articles and which Lobro has requoted above somewhere:

          “If a Jew wants to do evil, let him go to a city where he is not known and do his evil there.”

          How can you say such a statement has been “quoted out of context”? It’s either there it or it isn’t. The antisemites are not being “manipulated”, their eyes are simply being opened to the truth.

        3. The above comment was written before I had read Lobro’s comment above.

    2. Avi

      The best thing you could do for your people is to tell them all to repent (stop doing your evil, apologize and start doing good). The day is coming fast when the “Jews” and “Israel” will find themselves before the judgment seat (and guess who will be sitting there?) and the “wheat will be separated from the chaff”.

      If you have any insight, any love for your people you would be doing everything in your power to change your majorities ways. Those who don’t will be BOWING at our feet stating truthfully that the prime creator/savior loved US and NOT you.

        1. Avi

          Yes, I know thats what you “think” and that’s the beauty of it.

  41. @ ruth

    the translation runs thus:
    If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.
    Moed Kattan 17a

    quoted straight from the satan’s mouth.

    this is what his holiest authority, jew-god and above (and below) counsels him.

    this is why they should be known everywhere.
    there should be no hiding place for him, the whole world should see the snake clearly, even as it tells us that we are the venomous ones, not to worry about him, he is just a harmless eternal victim of the evil goyim.

    (of course i follow your tongue-in-cheek too, ruthie)

  42. Ruth Bernstein says:
    July 1, 2014 at 10:39 am

    “So it’s the extremists, it seems, who make history.”

    I will say only two things to this comment:

    #1. that applies on both sides of the fence.

    It will be the “extremists” … read as: “extremely pissed off” that get it done on our side. Many people have had enough, yet there will always be people who have had enough just that much more. Some of us just reach a point of understanding the enemy above and beyond the average awake person. That is not to be an insult to you fine awake individuals, its really not. But the fact is there will always be those of us who who have dug deeper to understand the enemy. Sun Tzu art of war remember? Therefore the reaction is quite normal with this level of understanding.

    #2. NOTHING us awake “extremists” can ever say or do towards these people can even come close to being extreme compared to what they have endlessly done to us throughout history. Really think about that for a moment.

    one side note:
    I’m sure you all notice this Avi characters use of phrases like “our enemy” etc. We all know he has been indoctrinated since birth to view us in this manner.

    Since we were not indoctrinated into this insanity we were never taught to view them as “our enemy”. (all part of the plan as you know)

    Point is, this is STREET LEVEL Judaism. Only extreme thought and action will ever have a CHANCE of stopping these people. And if many …. as so many of you insistently refer to them as “innocent jews” get caught in the crossfire…. so be it.

    Collateral damage back at them.

    They chose not to speak and warn us. Everyone indoctrinated in Judaism and who never said a word to us goyim IS THE ENEMY. All of you must fully understand this.
    If you do not reach this level of understanding and acceptance your done.

    1. Lonnie, ask yourself this:

      Why isn’t the legionnaire advising patience along with the rest of us? After all, he has made it clear in numerous posts showing various degrees of despair, that too much “jew water” has passed over the “goyim dam” – the jews have won. Then in other posts along the way he comes out of it a little bit and shows that there’s some fight left in him.

      Well, they haven’t won a damn thing yet. And here’s another perspective that could apply to the present situation. And one to be seen only in the general sense where it SEEMS like all is lost, or in this example all is WON:

      In 1918 the German Army proved their mastery of warfare (speaking of Sun Tzu) by actually winning the war on the battlefield, only to be “stabbed in the back” by these cowardly “cheaters”. You want “exremely pissed off ?” What do you suppose served as the impetus for Hitler that propelled his power of will almost to the point of turning around all the history of the previous 2,000 or so years?

      This is what it’s coming down to AGAIN. Think of it as “3rd time’s the charm” and find your place in the mother of all battles to come.

      It’s like Churchill said when they made him prime minister in 1940. That he felt as though his whole life was but a preparation for this very moment, and, the truth of him aside, his was a life that had seen many a battle along the way in his previous 67 or so years.

      1. Brownhawk,

        Excellent reply and thank you for that.

        Look, I know we need numbers. I know we must be aware of timing. I know going at this emotionally charged is not smart. I know we must be intelligent, I know in some ways we must be reserved, patient and svn tolerant, I know just about any individual action will be painted as a “lone nut”. I know being a martyr is of no real use to us.

        I get and support all this and much more.

        However, we also must be pushed a bit to accept where this is going. Many jew wise do realize where its headed and it shows in their words even thought they try to hide it, consciously or not, but far far too many have not accepted it yet. If your honest with yourselves you have to admit this.

        As the mod above stated Darkmoon and Monte do not even own a gun (let alone any training etc.). For people professing to be very jew wise I find this hard to fathom. Guess they expect others to do it for them when the time comes.

        So, the entire point is nothing more than nudging the jew wise who have not accepted the full realization of exactly where this is heading. Many are reluctant for several reasons to face this and I understand that. None the less, this reluctance, ignorance, fear, cowardice, good human nature not wanting it to be this way…. whatever you want to label it as must be overcome or we will NEVER have the numbers.

        1. @ Lonnie: As the mod above stated Darkmoon and Monte do not even own a gun (let alone any training etc.). For people professing to be very jew wise I find this hard to fathom.”

          Gandhi didn’t own a gun either. Yet he was the main force to get the British out of India. Ever hear the expression “The pen is mightier than the sword”?

        2. Apart from which, Monte and Lasha live in a different country where gun control laws are strictly enforced. Very few people own guns in England. I doubt if one in a thousand (0.1% of the population) own guns in the UK. The only people who are licensed to own guns in this country are members of shooting clubs and farmers (for pest control).

          Lasha however is Anglo-American, I believe, and has an American as well as a British passport. Which is why she writes about America all the time and hardly ever mentions England. She regards England as a provincial backwater — and to quote the above article, she thinks of England as “America’s pet poodle.”

        3. i don’t know about monty but i know that lasha practices the passive resistance:
          neither truck nor trade with jew.

          it is a personal start, which if adopted by enough people (namely, the world) would also be the end.

          as far as i know, there is no law requiring me to have any contact with jews, i maintain a judenfrei personal space.

          best is to look at it in terms of disease and cure.
          no animal nor pathogen approaches the death and misery that jew has visited upon humanity, not vipers, rats, scorpions, mosquitoes, microbes, sharks, stingrays, bedbugs, cockroaches, leeches, spiders and assorted vermin out there.
          only by stretching the definition does jew qualify for human classification and definitely not an animal, because they are innocent in what they do by design.
          hmm, does jew do evil by design?
          in which case, yes, he is indeed chosen.

          chosen to bring the disease to us.

          in which case, we are the resistant ones, immune to the disease and our primary job is to spread this resistance to those still vulnerable, limit and eventually eliminate the parasite’s natural habitat.

          draining the swamp is more effective than swatting the mosquitoes, imo.

        4. Gandhi couldn’t have done it without Bose. Haha.

          Who honestly believes the British could even be swayed, much less convinced to retreat from words of peace and love and compassion (aka) passive resistance!!? The British would promote the entire race to starve to death before they would budge an inch from their Britishness. You know what would budge and even break them? Yeah … 50 million armed men lead by a man they believe in. That’s what. A man (Bose) who, BTW, was also very much appreciative of Hitler. . Another miracle, eh?

          “Srila Prabhupada then told about Subhash Candra Bose. His was the real movement that gained Indian independence not Gandhi’s nonviolent movement. Only the clerks and some teachers took part with Gandhi, and the British saw it going on for thirty years. They thought, Let the old man go on with his philosophizing, but when Subhash Candra Bose organized the Indian National Army and his Gurkhas and Sikhs were joining against the British, then the British knew it was all over. Gandhi differed with Subhash and removed him as president of India. Then at one point, Subhash Candra was interned at home, but he disguised himself as a Muslim and escaped to Germany. He made a deal with Hitler and thus organized the INA. Indian soldiers would surrender to Hitler (this was World War II and the Indian soldiers were fighting as part of the British army) and be allowed to join the INA.”

          Gandhi’s fame and elevation to a Jesus like status is as tenuous as it was predictable. Both then and now.

          Srila Prabhupada says.. Krsna never said I will play magic and there will be no trouble. He never gave Arjuna a tablet. Krsna didn’t give as modern gurus do, a magic ash, but He said, Tolerate. Nor did Arjuna say, Why do You make me fight, Krsna? Give a magic ash. We have to face things as they are and go on with our duty. Do not expect any ash, any miracle or magic tablet.

        5. Homer,

          Thanks for this material on Bose. I had no idea. I value these new insights. I am learning a lot by being on this site.

          Question: But surely you’re not saying Gandhi was a dead loss or a fake? He was a strong moral force, right? (Though admittedly, a moral force on its own would not have got the British out.)

  43. It has only been within the past few years that I have acquired any significant knowledge of Jew sculduggery. Even often visiting with Eustace Mullins in the last decade of his life, we didn’t discuss it much. Mostly, it was just the ‘mechanics’ of the deal that we talked about – and our own, personal experiences with the alphabet agencies of various breed. Having said that, though, I have known Jews – both good and bad – as well as our own kind; and BELIEVE me, our own kind has just as many villains among them as the Jew (MORE, in fact, by virtue of numerical majority).

    When people talk about ‘mass extermination’, I can only guess it is out of a feeling of helplessness. Certainly, I doubt you’d ever find ME among a lynch mob of fat-bellied bubbas riding Harleys and out on a killing spree (except to hone my sniping skills into their fat flesh). That’s the kind of crap which never ends, and the blood-lust will vent on SOMETHING or SOMEONE if the mob can’t find a more obvious victim. Those of you who promote it should stifle that kind of talk. Learn from history for a change.

    Like the Tom T. Hall song says, the good things in life are ‘faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money’! Concentrate on the good things. (There are others, of course, it’s just that those are MY favorites…) 🙂

    1. BELIEVE me, our own kind has just as many villains among them as the Jew (MORE, in fact, by virtue of numerical majority).

      let’s do a little exercise in spotting them, for fun and future safety.
      a short list, say 20-30 of

      1. the most evil people alive (must be demonstrably factual)

      2. the most evil people who lived (cite sources and facts)

      3. the people likely to do the most harm in future (why, what is their potential and how likely are they to abuse it)

      eventually, these lists can bifurcate and spawn offspring according to some classification scheme.
      evil may be rated on some scale, maybe 0-1000 as an exercise, lists extended and so forth.
      like i said before, someone could set up an online relational database, it would be a great teaching and learning tool, for the world to see.

      i am afraid gilbert that you statistical expectation is a bit facile, sheer numbers don’t tell the story, if they did, jews power would not be so disproportionate.
      (good people are not into power, by the way).

      we can then do the following, there are easy tests of statistical hypothesis that the likelihood of evil among 100 jews is the same as the likelihood for evil among 100 goyim.
      not challenging you to a bet, not to worry 🙂

    2. I’m with you on the first three Gilbert.

      As for the money? Having more of it sure beats having less. But what will it say when the tender is truly legal without “federal reserve note” printed on top of the bills?

      1. 🙂 Brownhawk,

        Thanks. I wouldn’t have doubted it. You’re even more American than I (considering your lineage). But those Federal Reserve Notes STILL SPEND, and can still buy stuff. Money is whatever a society/regime accepts as uniform tender, which keeps us civilized so we don’t have to live in constant conflict for needful things. It is very rude to alloy/dilute a country’s scrip, and for that I DO blame Jewry – but they didn’t ALL do it! There are Jew victims as well as “goy” victims. That’s the main reason I can’t go for blanket condemnation. And disgusting, rude behavior is evident in ALL breeds (which is another reason I can’t bring myself to ally with just any old group or mob).

        If you believe in Jesus and the Father, you already know the Jew – rich or poor – is in for big trouble. But we Israelites should be merciful (see Micah 6:8), even so.

        Well, gotta go back out and bale some more hay this afternoon…

  44. I appreciate having access to these articles, an attempt to discuss an issue which is called irrational by the subjects of the question

    I wish you would edit that quote attributed to Mr Coudhove who was not a jew – already pointed out by F Ryecart –

    I came acros this article – The 12 Commandments of the Israel Lobby

    the article itself is longer but here are 12

    “1. The Israel Lobby does not exist. In those cases where it does exist, its conclusions cannot be questioned.

    2. All criticisms of Israel are false. They are invented by anti-Semites, self-hating Jews, and terrorists. Also by crypto-Nazis, apostates and liars.

    3. All critics of Israel must be punished by extracting a public apology. Some offenders may be required to apologize more than once, if they do not grovel sufficiently the first time around.

    4. Those who criticize Israel and do not publicly apologize must be endlessly harassed, and fired from their jobs if possible. In academia they must be denied tenure.

    5. Any Arab or Muslim that criticizes Israel is a terrorist, and deserves to die.

    6. To praise anybody who ever criticized Israel is the same thing as criticizing Israel. Just as all things Israeli are good, anybody that criticizes Israel is bad.

    7. In any conflict involving Israelis and Palestinians, the Israelis are always the victims. If an Israeli hurts a Palestinian, the Israeli is still the victim because the Palestinian is trying to make the Israeli feel bad.

    8. Israel/Palestine is never debated. That implies another side to the issue, and there is only one side. Therefore debate is suppressed or disrupted.

    9. The United Nations, the World Court, the various UN agencies, every human rights organization and non-governmental organization in the world that isn’t approved by the NGO Monitor [an Israeli screening operation] is anti-Semitic. That is because these organizations are likely to criticize Israel’s human rights record—and as any fool knows, that means they’re anti-Semitic.

    10. The interests of the US are exactly the same as the interests of Israel. If they aren’t, the interests of Israel take precedence.

    11. Any war that the US is likely to be involved in must be evaluated from the point of view of its helpfulness to the current government of Israel.

    12. Anybody who threatens to make sense while criticizing Israel must be immediately shouted down. If shouting doesn’t work, screaming and crying are recommended. As a last resort, one must declare that criticisms of Israel are making one feel “unsafe.” ”

    There are many intelligent and articulate posters here – thank all of you

  45. If Lasha doesn’t like extremist thoughts then why did she write an entire article on them and post it not only on here, but on a veterans website?

    I told her she’d be better off not posting it at all and now she’s worried that her site is going to get unwanted attention. Not very smart.

    Anyway if you ever go onto Jewish news sites you’ll find an abundance of average, every day Jews who advocate mass killings and genocidal behavior against their “enemies.” Pamela Geller once advocated nuking Europe. These are mainstream Jews, which should give you an idea of how extreme the extremist Jew is.

    1. pamela geller not only advocated nuking europe but gave breivik support and guidance for his mass slaughter of norwegian youth.

      the readers of ha’aretz and other jew papers creamed themselves in rapture after the event, wouldn’t stop gloating openly about it.

      but it is not hate speech, oh no …

      but understand spqr that lasha must do what she does or the blog goes under.
      let’s just stick to the path of facts until the stark truth is clear to the masses.
      facts and truth are darkmoon’s only protection, let passions develop where they might.

      we are winning, let’s not drop the ball now.

      1. No one’s dropping the ball. What I and others on here have said about Jews has been said by previous European thinkers like Fichte, Proudhon, etc.

        1. You may be taking the same line as Fichte and Proudhon on minor issues, but you go way beyond them in your extremist zeal. Neither Fichte nor Proudhon preached the mass extermination of the Jews.

          Anyone who gets this website shut down by his inability to observe a modicum of verbal restraint has certainly “dropped the ball”.

          You and Lonnie will not be satisfied, it seems, until you have landed Lasha and Monty in the deepest shit and this whole website goes down the tube.

          Since neither you nor Lonnie are capable of verbal restraint, at least try and exercise some common sense. Don’t you know that people who openly preach mass murder are asking for trouble?

        2. Sardonicus —

          “Neither Fichte nor Proudhon preached the mass extermination of the Jews. ”

          Proudhon: “The Jew is the enemy of humankind. They must be sent back to Asia or be exterminated. By steel or by fire or by expulsion the Jew must disappear.”

          “You and Lonnie will not be satisfied, it seems, until you have landed Lasha and Monty in the deepest shit and this whole website goes down the tube.”

          Again, Lasha was the one who devoted an article (two articles actually) and had them posted on here and another website.

          You still don’t get it. Jews do not discriminate in terms of people they see as enemies. The Bolshevik Jews did not just execute anyone who had a copy of the Protocols or anyone who supported the Czar. They killed anyone they wanted to, for any reason. Jews do not exercise restraint.

          Rabbi Manis Friedman: “The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle)…”

          When the next Red Terror comes, you can be sure that Jews will behave exactly as Rabbi Friedman commands them to.

        3. @ SPQR

          Proudhon: “The Jew is the enemy of humankind. They must be sent back to Asia or be exterminated. By steel or by fire or by expulsion the Jew must disappear.”

          Wow. That’s some quote! Okay, I take back what I said about Fichte and Proudhon.

        4. @ SPQR

          “You still don’t get it. Jews do not discriminate in terms of people they see as enemies. The Bolshevik Jews did not just execute anyone who had a copy of the Protocols or anyone who supported the Czar. They killed anyone they wanted to, for any reason. Jews do not exercise restraint.

          Yes, I get it now. You have explained it in terms that I can understand. I shudder every time I contemplate the heartless cruelties perpetrated by those Bolshevik Jews.

          Read “Crimes of the Bolsheviks” published on this site. Scroll down to section 7: “Fiendish tortures devised by the Jewish Cheka”.

      2. let me put it this way:
        because of “might is right” principle, we must acknowledge that there are double standards.

        until the balance of might is equalized and then, what is right for jews is equally right for us.

        it is called the justice, of which right now there is not a trace in evidence.

        when the formula of free speech and hate speech is applied blindly, without regard to who says and acts on it, the game will be played very differently, surely we all understand “the context” as avi puts it.

        but until then, until the plaing field is leveled, they will fight tooth and nail to preserve their advantage.

        this is why they stick maniacally to their miracle weapon, the grand lie of “holocaust”, it provides them with pretext to maximize the injustice.
        and which is why i insist that the bullshit of holocaust must be totally demolished in the light of truth.

        this is the shell under which the marble hides, the fraud of the ages that must be exposed.

        and that’s the end of the jew, because the next question is how about restitution, the rollback of grand ripoff.
        there goes israel, there goes the wealth, there goes the corrupt elite, the scam will turn to dust like dogshit drying in the sun.

        and we can do it, we are almost there, just keep the eye on that ball, don’t let the scammers sidetrack you with “context”.

        1. truth is our weapon against which there is no defense, it neither rusts nor loses its edge.

        2. Lobro

          Right now the lie rules. Darkness rules. Evil rules. It is this way because we are at the end of this particular earth age that has lasted almost 2000 years.

          Yes, truth is our weapon and truth is right, it is correct, it is moral and by definition is justice. While might make right when evil reigns, right makes might when good begins to reign.

          In the end, the lie is always defeated by the truth and in this particular instance, when it is defeated again, a new earth age will begin ushering in truth, light and good’s reign.

  46. god help jews be smarter stronger better looking, so that they no longer need to murder steal and lie

  47. Re: Gandhi:
    I don’t think at this point in history any of us are interested in a TEMPORARY and/or REGIONAL solution.

    Re: Lasha and Monte not owning firearms:
    EVERY family should own a couple firearms, lots of ammo and some basic training to protect themselves. It’s as essential as shelter, water, food, basic communications etc. I’m sure countless millions who have died at the hand of jews either directly or indirectly would agree. I would hazard a guess even when allow firearms in England they did not own any and that is simply irresponsible.

    Re: England passing laws disarming its people:
    What part of #1 lesson from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago of NEVER EVER give up your guns even if a law is passed is going by you?
    How many times in history do you have to witness the end result of this disarming to know where its leading?

    Re: passive resistance:
    This notion of “if huge amounts of people just said NO” is ultimately naive.
    I firmly believe at this point if say millions of people really stood passively and the jews viewed it as a serious threat it would be a massive slaughter.
    Picture the ending of the movie “V for Vendetta” but with the realistic ending of the military slaughtering all the people who stood unarmed, not the fantasy feel good ending it has.

    Re: extreme comments on this site:
    Do you seriously think this is the only site these type of words are written on? Do you seriously think SPQR and I are the only ones saying this?

    This is an EXTREME TOPIC. It will have some extreme solution comments whether you like it or not.

    If you live in that much fear get out of this game. Where exactly did you think this jewish problem was going? Do you really think we are going to defeat this once and for all passively by just saying no? Come on now, you can’t be serious…

    The ONLY thing that will beat this ultimately is not passive resistance… quite the opposite. It will be when enough people get vicious dog angry enough and smartly go about ripping all their heads off……and deep down inside you all know it.

    1. @ Lonnie
      @ SPQR
      @ Lobro

      I have no problem with many of the things you say and you have a right to say them if you sincerely believe in the things you say. However, it is time I made a few things clear:

      1. It is true that my cousin Monty and I don’t own any guns. This is because we belong to a peaceable academic family living in a sleepy rural backwater in a relatively stable country. We have never been personally threatened, mugged, robbed or physically attacked. Given that it is against the law to own guns in this country, we don’t find the need to be to armed to the teeth and take military training!

      2. However, it would be an entirely different matter if we lived in America. We are all for people owning guns in America and protecting themselves and their families from the violence of an Israelified police state. We are absolutely against gun control in America. People must be free to defend themselves in a country bordering on political anarchy.

      3. Please do not say things about me and Monty which are untrue. At no point have I or Monty made any statement in defense of Gandhian passive resistance. Lobro said this about me, but he was wrong. I have never preached passive resistance. Because I know damn well it won’t work against the inhuman scum who rule the world and have genocide hardwired into their rotten genes.

      4. Finally, I am not responsible for what is written in the Comments section of this website by people I would regard as “extremists”. They are entitled to their views, but they NOT entitled to impose their views on me or bully me into accepting their views.

      Let them keep their distance. Let them say what they wish, but let it be understood that I am not going to be their echo chamber or parrot their views on this website. I think for myself. I speak for myself. And that’s how it should be.

      Quot homines, tot opiniones. Literally, how many men, so many opinions.

      5. Finally, this is what I advise everyone: DON’T VOTE! If you think you can change the world by voting, you are a sadly deluded creature. We are not living in a democracy any more. We are living in a crypto-tyranny run by a satanic elite. We are under the governance of an evil oligarchy. Anyone who votes legitimizes tyranny. So don’t vote. Don’y vote ever again or take part in this pseudo-political charade.

      1. Lasha, I like these words of you: “Because I know damn well it won’t work against the inhuman scum who rule the world and have genocide hardwired into their rotten genes”.

        You made my day just simply saying that.

      2. Voting just encourages the criminal politicos, and lets them know THEY are still in control. The secret ballot guarantees their control.
        So, stop encouraging them. Stop voting.
        Right on point, Lasha.

        1. Thank you Lasha, figured you knew where exactly this is going.

          Now move to a different country and buy guns….. 🙂

  48. “Winning” is defined by successfully accomplishing a goal. The “goal” needs to be defined before deciding the methodologies to arrive at that goal. I feel all the proposed remedies to solve the “Jewish problem” (the goal) are in effect “methods” or “routes” by which to arrive at that goal, not “THE goal”. But the “goal” is not defined. Many have ended up assuming that the physical existence of the Jews is the problem. Aiming at the physical existence of the Jews is a declaration of lack of confidence in tackling the Jewish mental sophistication and capacity.

    I think more important question than “Jewish problem” is the “Gentiles’-ignorance-of-who-the-Jews-are problem”. As long as the Gentiles can be fooled, the Jews bear the lesser of the responsibilities of what Jews do thru the Gentiles. Easily 99% of Jewish atrocities are being carried out by Shabbath Goyim and/or brain washed goyim. Jews only plot. Its the ignorant Gentiles who carry out the plot. How did Hitler manage to kill 20 million Russians in a short period of time? Because the Jew Stalin had amassed 20 million invading gentile Russians on the border with Europe that their plan leaked to the Germans who took a preemptive raid on them in. Tens of thousands of Gentile Americans in IRS are being paid by tens of millions of other Gentile Americans to collect their Trillions of Dollars in illegal income taxes where not a penny of it goes back to the Gentile Americans. Hundreds of millions of Dollars are being annually extortioned off 98% non-Jewish Americans for selling them “kosher” labeled packaged foods. Remove this ignorance to defuse the evilness of the Jews. Barricade yourself against bacterias, as opposed to trying to decimate all the bacterias in the world. They put their best psychologists and strategists to plot against us in a span of generations in the most secret machination possible. We have no such centers. We feel shamed and guilt to do some thing like that. Gentiles moral sensitivities have been turned by Jews into a yoke of guilt to immobilize them.

    A few curious points in the article:
    -Why would someone at Lasha’s status (pretend?) not know that Jews are not Semites?
    -Why not one in 240 posts points at this out?
    -Why would someone at Lasha’s status (pretends) not know that the center of Jewish power is not Israel?
    -Why someone at Lasha’s status (pretend?) not know that Stalin was a Georgian Jew?
    – – – – – –

    1. @ art

      “Why would someone at Lasha’s status pretend not to know that Stalin was a Georgian Jew?”

      ANSWER: Because there is no convincing evidence that Stalin was a Georgian Jew.

      A few years ago, in the Comments section, Lasha used to wonder if Stalin could be Jewish. The line she took was that Georgia, where Stalin was born and brought up, had always been a hotbed of Jewry. Georgia was also contiguous or even partly coincided with ancient Khazaria.

      However, I believe Lasha later dismissed these speculations as groundless. She wrote me once that “Stalin might have had a bit of Jewish blood in him, but it’s only a possibility, not a certainty.”

      Bottom line: no proof that Stalin was Jewish.

      1. An additional fact showing that Stalin was probably NOT Jewish is that after 1946 he began to adopt distinctly anti-Jewish policies. There was a rumor that he was about to order the forced resettlement of all Russian Jews in Birobidjhan (in the early 1950s), but suddenly he was bumped off.

        In Part 1 of “The Jewish Question: A Problem without a solution”, Lasha says right at the end:

        “The one man [Stalin] who could have stopped international Jewry in its tracks, as it ran its rollercoaster ride to world domination with the United States as its battering ram, had been secretly poisoned to death — either by Beria, thought by many to be Jewish, or by another Jew in Stalin’s entourage.”

      2. //Because there is no convincing evidence that Stalin was a Georgian Jew.//

        I know this is not a good response to you, but I really do not feel like going back and dig out documents that convinced me many years ago. For now, let’s look at it this way: Is there more “convincing evidence”s that he is Gentile? If not, let’s leave it unspecified. Change gear: Why would Chelsea Clinton marry a Judaized Khazar? Coincidence? Maybe. But also maybe because her mother comes from a Polish Jewish (Rudonski) family and she knows marrying another Jew keeps her connected to the power apparatus. Why would prince William marry a Jewess? Coincidence? Maybe. But also maybe because his father is half Khazar (from mother side) and he knows that’s how to inherit the power and not be dumped like his Gentile mother. And why would Stalin marry three times to three Jewesses? Coincidence? And why would his daughter marry four times, three of them to three Jews? Still coincidence? Wasn’t Lazar Kaganovich a Khazar and Stalin’s brother-in-law whose kids married each other? Change gear: why would most Western languages spell the original Turkish Hussaria as Khazaria? The possible and plausible hypothesis is that the Khazars who ran away from Genghis Khan’s expansion towards west spread into European cities and in the following centuries penetrated into state and private libraries and archive vaults and stole all documents the West had on their origins. And the new generations in the West ended up knowing almost nothing about their origin except a few documents in Persian with the Khazar spelling. Could it be why so many people have difficult time believing the Judaized Khazars are Altaic and not Semitic? And Stalin a Gentile and not a Khazar?

      3. //An additional fact showing that Stalin was probably NOT Jewish is that after 1946 he began to adopt distinctly anti-Jewish policies.//

        Putin also have been meticulously purging Khazar oligarchs in Russia now. This does not make him “probably NOT Jewish”. It simply shows that he has been given a much bigger task of building the next empire (or the world plunderer for the bankers as America was given after Britain) than a few unruly rogue Jewish thugs who feel they can do what ever they want under the protective umbrella.

  49. How about the mass production of simple tee-shirts with the logos?
    1. Jews control America
    2. Jews own the Fed
    3. 139 of America’s richest 400 are Jews
    4. Jews start all the wars
    5. Jewish banks own America
    6. Jews are not a race
    7. Jews own Hollywood
    8. The mass media is Jewish
    9. Smile you have been Judaized
    10. Israeli Aparthied is worse than South Africa’s Apratheid

    i. e. SIMPLE CATCH CRIES which will have the same effect on the masses as the great Smiley Face tee-shirt and the ever-popular tee-shirt with the mass-murdering monster, Che Guevara’s face on the front.

    Lonnie is correct – the esoterics, semantics, pedantry and excessive rhetoric on this site has no connection whatsoever with the ordinary man and woman of the Goyim masses. Such high fallutin’ explanations were common place in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s and achieved NOTHING! A smart operator like Avi knows this, you dummies!

    But if the masses knew even the simplest facts about the Jewish hegemony (who controls the Fed and American finance, etc) then they might have a reason d’ etre when all hell breaks loose!

    As things stand, when all hell breaks loose the common citizen will run amok like headless chooks and end up listening to the orders the Jews are pumping out over the radio. 1984!!!!
    Yes, they will retain control of the popular communication channels. This is exactly what is now happening in the chaos of Syria!
    So unless people start to see strong Goyim leaders appear there is little hope. Lonnie and men like him will be the needed warriors.

    1. good idea, only the shirt must reflect the truth, so, you must say, “do you know that the vast majority of the jews owns/controls……, instead of just saying the jews, especially wearing these shirts in jew york, california, jew places etc

    2. Esoterics will no longer be “esoteric” when all this is over, Max.

      I wouldn’t be so dismissive of discussing these kinds of things. It doesn’t necessarily mean having your head ALL the way up your ass like some “new-age” drivel.

      Just keep it in perspective

    3. Don’t forget the ‘rabbi tax’ on items purchased. There are well over 100 rabbis with their own lettering. The most popular are the U and K. There are Kosher mops and Kosher bleach, and Kosher foils as well.

    4. Thank you Max Bilney.

      “Lonnie is correct – the esoterics, semantics, pedantry and excessive rhetoric on this site has no connection whatsoever with the ordinary man and woman of the Goyim masses. Such high fallutin’ explanations were common place in the 1920′s, 30′s and 40′s and achieved NOTHING! A smart operator like Avi knows this, you dummies!”

      This is exactly why I take a “knuckle dragger” approach without going full “truck driver” verbal.

      On an excellent site such as Lasha’s we appeal to each other, but its the masses that must be reached, we all know this.

      When I stumble upon someone who really knows whats going on I make a point of containing the conversation to both of us clearly acknowledging its the jews and the only option of what must be done.
      Much more than that between two people in the know quickly becomes distraction and entertainment at best.

      When I trip over sheeple in conversation no matter what length it ends up being I almost NEVER end without directly saying its the jews and ALWAYS interject something like “tell me its not reached the time to drag our politicians out in the street and beat them to death”.

      They will connect the two eventually.

      Like your very simple and direct T-shirt idea and have thought of similar approaches.
      I have no tattoos but have after joked if I were to it would say “anti-semite” on one arm and 175 gr. .308 round 1200 yard drop data on the other.

      I do not want to damage any beauty in this world however observing spray paint graffiti suggested simple messages like “jews did 911” etc. Easy to do for all to see.

      One thing I have really learned about jews is the only thing they respond to is violence. I have been face to face with many over the years. Have learned not to allow any debate and quickly get to it. They KNOW when you look them in the eyes that you KNOW. I have even leaned in close to several and told them if we were not in public I’d slit their throat right here. They KNOW when your serious and can’t get away from you fast enough. Yes many have that spit in your face boldness but when you face them like this they KNOW not to do that.
      Don’t believe me, try it.
      When it comes right down to it the ONLY thing they really understand is violence. EVERYTHING they do to us is a form of violence.

      Living in a country with “anti-hate” crime laws and a specific “calling for genocide law” I take massive risk. Far more than most of you.

      Is that stupid or should you people with more apparent “freedom” take a cue??
      By not doing same the one thing you will never get around is your admission of fear.
      The jews are very bold people. We will NEVER win this unless we are VERY bold as well. Unfortunately we must take a few cue’s from them whether we like it or not.
      Being in fear will never win this war. You also must have an unbreakable resolve to shoot back or forget it.

      1. Lonnie

        Can you be just a tad more specific without giving the game away?

        “face to face” with jew who?

        1. God damn it Brownhawk…

          This is exactly the point Max is getting at. You guys want to discuss the semantics of every little detail.

          What does it matter exactly what jew, what their status in the chain is?

          Its not something I do everyday and its not every jew I see. Its been a handful of situations where a jew was being a particularly ugly jew and needed a slap. I ‘m not saying go out and do this all the time or anything like that. Reason I mentioned it is to try and get people to understand our enemy and our enemy only understands violence.

          The point is you have to have that blood thirsty look in your eye when dealing with these people and it has to be real. This applies from street level New York jews to top of chain.

          Its up to THEM to PROVE they are so called “good” or not wouldn’t you agree? You don’t want to get bogged down in a benefit of a doubt game with jews.

        2. Sounds like I hit a nerve.

          And this isn’t about semantics. This is about getting a comprehensive understanding of what epitomizes the enemy of mankind.

          Instead you come on these threads like some damn know-it-all one trick pony who has the only answer.

          Dude, we get it. You and Max and most others who come on the darkmoon site are aware individuals to begin with and offer valuable insight to “the jewish problem”

          But just remember this. There’s an important reason why you were born with one mouth and TWO ears.

  50. Is there any website out there that is like a catch-up/fast-track “class” about the history of the jews? Something like a “Jewish History 101: Its effects upon us all” or “Why the world is as it is” type online class/resource?

    Having multiple tabs of jewish corruption of governments, wars, religions, media, societal values and morals, art, music, so on and so forth, and full copies or .pdfs of the most comprehensive books that have been written about jewish crimes.

    I don’t think it exists, and it’s a humongous undertaking. However, I think such a place could be extremely effective.

    1. Yes LSPM. It is their encyclopedia or one, and their own newspapers for others. They will lay it all out for you, exposing themselves. Here are just two examples of their own expose’ as Khazars were NOT born as Jews, but were forced into acceptance of the perverted religion:


      Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906 stated that the ‘heathen’ Chazars adopted Judaism between 620AD and 740AD.

      In 679 the Chazars subjugated the Bulgars and extended their sway farther west between the Don and the Dnieper, as faras the head-waters of the Donetz in the province of Lebedia…

      It was probably about that time that the chaghan(kagan=king) of the Chazars and his grandees, together with a large number of his heathen people, embraced the Jewish religion. According to A. Harkavy (“Meassef Niddaḥim,” i.), the conversion took place in 620; according to others, in 740. King Joeph, in his letter to Ḥasdai ibn Shaprut (about 960), gives the following account of the conversion:
      (see Harkavy, “Soobshchenija o Chazarakh,” in “Yevreiskaya Biblioteka,” vii. 153)

      “Some centuries ago King Bulan reigned over the Chazars. To him God appeared in a dream and promised him might and glory. Encouraged by this dream, Bulan went by the road of Darlan to the country of Ardebil, where he gained great victories [over the Arabs]. The Byzantine emperor and the calif of the Ishmaelites sent to him envoys with presents, and sages to convert him to their respective religions. Bulan invited also wise men of Israel, and proceeded to examine them all. As each of the champions believed his religion to be the best, Bulan separately questioned the Mohammedans and the Christians as to which of the other two religions they considered the better. When both gave preference to that of the Jews, that king perceived that it must be the true religion. He therefore adopted it”.

      ….. According to Mas’udi (“Les Prairies d’Or,” ii. 8), the king and the Chazars proper were Jews;


      By talmudic times, however, both the Scythians and the Cimmerians had disappeared from the world, swallowed up by other nations. Casting about for the location of Gomer, the rabbis of the talmudic period took it on the basis of phonetic resemblance to be Germania, as the Romans referred to the Teutonic areas west of the Rhine whose tribes they were constantly battling. “Gomer is Germamya [sic],” says the tractate of Yoma, while the tractate of Megillah tells us: “There are three hundred crown wearers [that is, petty kings] in Germamya and three-hundred-sixty-five lords in Rome, and every day they go forth and kill one another because they are too busy fighting to have time to unite under a single king.”
      This is no doubt the reason that Ashkenaz, the biblical son of Gomer, came to be associated with Germany, too. This association may have been strengthened further by the name Scandza, as Scandinavia, the Germanic-speaking north of Europe, was often referred to in medieval times. By the middle ages, we find Ashkenaz being widely used for Germany in Jewish sources (when the 11th-century Rashi, for example, translates a Hebrew word into German in his commentaries, he gives it to us in “the language of Ashkenaz”), and before long it became the standard term.
      Originally, therefore, an ashkenazi in Hebrew was a Jewish inhabitant of Germany. (It doesn’t appear in any Jewish source in the sense of Scythian.) Yet as Jews migrated eastward and northward to Slavic lands from German ones, taking with them “the language of Ashkenaz” (which gradually turned into Eastern European Yiddish), “Ashkenazi” came to denote any Yiddish-speaking Jew, and eventually — as it does today — any descendant of Yiddish-speaking Jews. Ashkenaz, on the other hand, continued to refer in Hebrew to Germany alone, until it was replaced in the 20th century by germanya so as to avoid the ambiguity of ashkenazim meaning both non-Jewish Germans and Jewish speakers of Yiddish. As for germamya, it is gone from the world, along with the Cimmerians and Scythians.

  51. Brownhawk, Huntley and the pacifist, ever-so-clever, pseudo-Christian (“leave it up to God”) co! You are piss-weak bastards!
    “You do not get it”, as Lonnie would say!
    You are trying to be too cute/too smart for your own good.
    I have read your sort of sematic pedantry for 35 years! Achieved nothing, as Lasha’s Forbes List shows!
    The Jews are laughing at you! 35% of the richest and only 2% of population. Besides they own their own printing presses in the Fed and print as much $$$$’s as they like! Unaudited! (“How would you like $1 million, my son!”)
    Apply Jesus’ words in the New Testament to the modern Pharasaic-Jew!
    The ordinary people who will suffer the most when the Jewish gulag commences full throttle in America need SIMPLE information – called the essential and BASIC TRUTH!
    Otherwise they will simply be pushed into Mumbi-like slums and shanty towns on rubbish tips; or be sent for mass extermination, as in Bolshevik Russia.
    Above all, the ordinary American has TO KNOW THY ENEMY! Otherwise they will be controlled by the Jewish media. (Of course they will! Jewish peaceniks will appear everywhere talking about the vile. murderous resistance! The people en masse will hang people like lobro!)
    The ENEMY are the villains who have taken over the USA, as the Founding Fathers feared/warned!
    Get your heads out of the clouds and your ivory towers and get real!
    Otherwise you are damned and perish for want of the SIMPLE knowledge.
    So smarty-pantses, get a brain!
    Avi is correct: You are stupid and dumb cattle!

    1. I feel slighted. They’ll hang lobro but not me?

      Mad Max, Lonnie, SPQR, etc. are the only ‘Paul Revere’s’ among us to have them tell it. “Semantic pedantry” is all people like me, Gilbert, etc. have to offer.

      Hey Max, how you doin over there, where the jews are busy settin up shop for there new HQ? Kind of gives new meaning to being “down under”, eh? But why aren’t you over here yet in the good ol’ USA, where you’ve still got a fighting chance?

      Then you can REALLY put your money where your mouth is. And if you’re lucky maybe even grow another ear 😉

    2. Maxey,

      Whether I’m dumb cattle or not, it doesn’t change the state of affairs as they exist. How are you going to fight that enemy?? Hell, I doubt you could fight your way our of a barroom brawl – much less the determined Jew who fights for his own survival. Get real, boy.

      I am ‘pacifist’ because I have been the opposite. You haven’t. I know the downside of conflict. You do not want it, believe me. You may be strong and handsome, but you are not savvy. Don’t posture it. No one cares.

      1. ….Later (can’t get to sleep).

        Max, in all candor, it has occurred to me that the full-throttle attitude you and others have can best be compared to the idea of ‘charging Hell with a bucket of water’. We have to be smarter than that.

        It’s therapeutic to toss comments and insults back and forth; and, BETTER, it reminds The Watchers that they, too, are on OUR minds :). Things are brewing – it’s just too soon to drink, IMHO.
        (I already drank too much this evening, anyway!)

        1. How exactly are you being smarter?

          Maybe it isn’t the right time just yet, I get that. However you have to prepare peoples minds for what is coming and I don’t think your being smart about that at all by preaching pacifism.

          So what if you get a huge amount of people awake?

          Where exactly did you think this was heading?

          You got them awake and left them hanging. Thats irresponsible IMO.

      2. Couldn’t you say the exact same thing toward Lasha Darkmoon for living in a disarmed country?

        The reason he and others stay in such places is its HOME. A place that means something to them and where their loved ones are.

        If you want to point fingers on that front one could easily say American’s have all the guns in the world but no real courage to use them !! How many more reasons do you need?

        You have been disarmed MENTALLY.

        1. Lonnie, whether it’s being ‘smarter’, or whatever you want to call it – I know it is of little value to any of us (especially to you!) if you get whacked one night when you go outside to take a leak, or to your car. You’re making a target of yourself, as well as making a target of this site and our host and hostess. You shouldn’t do that (unless it”s intentional, God forbid!).

          If you are for real, I do believe you’ll probably score a point or two before they take you down. (I intend to, myself, if they bare their fangs at me.). There. That accounts for at least TWO of the bastards being eliminated – and if there are more of ‘us’ than there are of ‘them’, why, I reckon we’ll ‘win’… Bud what good will that have done for you and me??! 🙂

    3. “You are trying to be too cute/too smart for your own good.

      I have read your sort of sematic pedantry for 35 years! Achieved nothing, as Lasha’s Forbes List shows!”
      DEAD ON Max. This really says it all. (the rest of post is excellent as well).

  52. Brownhawk,

    Know it all? Hardly. What I am however is a cut through all the crap and get right to the point kind of guy.

    Maybe your the one who needs to take a cue.

    1. the above comment was in response to Brownhawk’s at:

      Brownhawk says:
      July 2, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    2. Lonnie, you are my kind of guy!
      Us Aussies are slim, muscular and tough.
      We continue to be a rich country and have no Detroits, etc. We are REAL men!
      The Jews remain shit-scared of us! Even Jews like Antony Loewenstein have joined us tough guys!
      There has been endless crap written for over 100 years on the “Jewish Question”, as Henry Ford and his Dearborn press writers called it.
      Solzhenitsyn told the TRUTH! Jewish slave-running is on the agenda!
      Meanwhile, the Jews have been let on the loose and have tidied up well!
      In fact, they OWN all your properties, your pay packets and your pensions.
      What sort of a country is it that allows the Jews ONLY to work the money-printing presses and control the banks and the stock exchange? Turn on the Jewtube and it is wall to wall Jes and their proxis.
      THINK ABOUT THIS you smarty-panses! Why didn’t your Jewish-run educators/programmers teach you what the Founding Fathers meant about the coming POWER of the insidious Jews? You were more interested in chasing skirt and becoming bubbas! Hence the appeal of some of you to that Bethany sheila!
      The years of wasted, mind-boggling ignoarance and apathy from stupid Goyim scum! The whole “neanderthals” crap WAS TYPICAL!
      I’ll tell you what it is: It is a country of stupid, dumbed-down SLAVES!
      SLAVES who are glued to the Jewtube for all their information and directions, as Orwell predicted.
      I also notice that most of the so-called “intelligent” comments’ people are Lessing’s “Marxists (Jewified) but they don’t know it.” You write within their parameters and pseudo-Christian guidelines!~
      The people in the USA are nearly all fat, bubba-lkike, ignorant red-necks – just like all the idiot comments people!
      Lonnie is a real man, like Mel Gibson in Brave Heart!
      I am Mad Max the coming road warrior and have the looks, fitness, strength and arms to go all the way into the sunset.
      Come join me, as it is better than being a pacifist, ghandi-like dilettante and slave.
      And Gilby Huntley, I have the military training and come from a lonng line of British and Australian military commanders and heroes.
      I may yet be your leader.

      1. Those Aussies are slim on firearms also. Those who are licensed to own pistols are not even allowed to carry their own guns. They must keep them at home unloaded and in a secured safe.

        At home, there are strict, police-supervised checks of storage and security of the firearms, and buyers must prove a “genuine reason” to the all powerful government to EVEN own a gun.

        Mel Gibson, born in the USA, had to apologize to the Jews for his remarks.

      2. I may add a little anecdote: Various comments’ people think they are smarter because they have served in the American military and seen human despoilation and horror.
        Well, you dip-stick bubbas served the Jewish industrial military complex so well that they probably pinned medals on your lapels! You morons!
        Young American idiots are still signing up for the Jewish IM complex inc. and are willing to die, lose limbs, go blind etc, for the CAUSE!
        Christian-Zionists especially like to sign their kids up for the JEWISH CAUSE! All the wasted flags on coffins!
        Willie McBride, the song goes, they “ne’er told you the CAUSE!”
        So some of you smarty-panses have grown up in your old age!
        A neighbour of mine did 4 stints in Vietnam with the American First Airborne out of (I think he said) Fort Bragg. When he is totally in an alcoholic oblivion, as on most evenings (grappling with his conscience), he sometimes talks about all the Vietnamese families he helped murder. He talks of slaughtering families by blindly throwing grenades down their tunnels. History shows that these Vietnamese were patriots, just trying to recapture their country from the French and then the evil allies! No different to Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, etc!
        Whilst you Yanks sign up to KILL and think you are heroes, the REAL ENEMY consolidated its POWER over your nation. You are now the Jewish flagship.
        Smile bubbas, you are now Judaized SLAVES!
        ps: The above 1st Airborne chappie recently got upset when I told him his USA was run by Jews. Just read Lasha’s article.(He has married a left wing, feminist, Aussie whore.) Him and his 3rd Dan karate tried to rough me up, so I picked him up and put him through his glass table. Us Aussies are tough! When he tried to get me arrested for assault the cops laughed at him!

      3. Jews control Australia’s increasing debt. Even greater rate than US.

        AUSTRALIA is addicted to public spending. Since the global ­financial crisis the government’s debt burden has nearly tripled whereas in Britain and Spain, which endured a full-blown economic disaster, it merely doubled.

        Unless the Senate passes the Coalition’s budget it will continue to rise. Real public spending is set to grow 16 per cent from 2012 to 2018, says the IMF, faster than 17 other rich countries, including France, the US, Sweden, and New Zealand. Without action Australia faces never-ending public deficits, even with healthy increases in tax revenue of 6 per cent a year.

      4. “I may yet be your leader”

        And where is your leadership gonna be based oh fearless one?

        I hear your piss-ant legislators over there have outlawed more than 3-bikers riding together at the same time – a pathetic little pussy parade. While over here at least there are still endless streams of them as far as the eye can see that’ll blow out your eardrums.

        And one little incident in Port Arthur and you Aussie pussies throw down all your guns

        We surrender! We surrender!

        Yet here we’ve been through mass shooting incidents too numerous to mention and STILL we hold on to our guns with our “cold, dead hands”

        I’d like to say something like “the pot calling the kettle black” but I can’t even do THAT!

        So put a sock in all your American-bashing, mate.

  53. one problem i see is that internet is a double edged sword.

    it puts minds together to teach each other and learn from one another.

    but once the minds have caught on, are up to speed, then the same internet keeps people physically apart so they cannot get together, form an actionable plan in privacy and without everpresent huge gastropodic jew ear sliming and crawling behind them, a traitor in every midst.

    this is the barrier on everyone’s mind lonnie, do you see?
    i have just said what lurks just below the surface of everyone’s consciousness.

    jew has all the trusted privacy he wants, his synagogues, yeshivas, summer camps, judaic sweat lodges where they pork young ones while plotting out downfall, everywhere the jew turns, he’s got privacy guaranteed by the father devil himself.

    what about us, we are numerous, yet in the end single individual units.
    this is one big reason why he wins, he is actually numerically vastly superior, 15 million jews against each one of us alone.

    how do we un-alone-nize ourselves, free of betrayers?

    give me some ideas, i am puking sick of these discussions about how is a real jew and who is a false jew and someone wants to grab a gun or puncture tires in jew’s fancy car while someone counsels retreat to holy book and peaceful contemplation of the inner divinity and so on.

    we don’t need to tell ourselves that the jew is bad, bad for the planet, the planet is in the rough shape and the society as good as gone down the tube.

    what is beyond internet?

    yes, those who are still ignorant and with iq over 75 need to get up to speed, but we are not ignorant, what is the next step for the suma cum laude graduates of jew-101?

    1. all these talking reminds me of the reactions of the hated Rev who many times reproached Lasha for not talking about solutions in detail. If we want to talk about solutions we must find a way to come fysically together and talk in private, organise secret meetings like the freemasons do for example.

      Why doesn’t Lasha talk about that? It’s all superficial, we have all heard so many times the jew-stories, and maybe Rev is right that Lasha is a jew???

      Sometimes you never know who a person, lasha, is and the jews disguise themselves always and lie always.

      1. Bullshit, maddie. Lasha has lent her intellect and labor to informing people – and has done it WELL. You should be grateful instead of being like some beedy-eyed white trash whiner.

        1. There are many Lasha groupies here, that’s for sure.
          But they must look to what has Lasha done by facts, in changing the jew-order.

          Never, ever, do the groupies
          respond on the facts you present and when they answer, the answers are full of fallacies.

          What has Lasha done, with facts, to alter the situation?
          How long does she have her site?

          You are all hopeloos fools and the jews are right with such fools, they have definitely won.

    2. how do we un-alone-nize ourselves, free of betrayers?
      give me some ideas
      Ok, here are some ideas you asked for. You need to recover from your addiction to fear and stop teaching other to fear.
      1-stop believing what you believe is what everyone else believes and fears
      2-learn what you can from the internet, then get off for a while
      3-when off, take what you learned to your circle of family and friends locally and plan offline
      4-use snail mail and UPS for important conversations

      It is just that easy.
      The Jew might be in YOUR consciousness so much that YOU cannot think critically anymore. All others might not be so afflicted with that disease.
      The Jew does not know what I told my friends yesterday face to face.
      Try it.

      1. Exactly what I say Pat! Another smart Aussie? The Jews have brainwashed us so much with their “education”, political correctness and their mass media that they are “in our consciousness”!
        Most comments’ people write within Jewish academic restraints and forced limitations. Only people like Lonnie are REAL and not pedantic smart-arses.
        Pat’s point is my point: There is nothing wrong in telling the plain skeletal TRUTH about the Jews of right now/today.
        They are committing a vile genocide in Palestine; they are a rogue nuclear state; they own world finance and continue to start and finance all the wars; their present identity is one big lie, etc, etc.
        Yes it is time anti-Zionist organizations, brandishing the term “anti-Zionism” sprang up everywhere. Zionism is far worse than Nazism, but our Jewtubes never let up on Hitler and the Nazis!
        We need to work from the simple grassroots to change, as David Icke would say, the public perception away from the Jewish “perception deception.”
        And Jewish “liberalism” in all its forms should be attacked unrelentingly.
        Look at that filthy, Jew-backed whore, Hillary Clinton. The way things are she will be your next President!
        Forget about the “history” in this case and deal only with proveable current realities. eg: No one can argue that the Jews don’t control your Fed! No one can argue that they are not over-represented in your government and its agencies!
        I do agree that us Aussies are under the Jewish curse! I really think they see Oz as their second Israel. Hence we continue to be the very lucky country; apart from all the Muslims the Jews, the Greens and Labor are bringing into our nation.

    3. This is THE question yesterday, today, tomorrow and beyond, lobro.

      Not that I’m necessarily taking everything he says verbatim, but I’m leaning towards Tyron P.’s general take of being on the brink of the mother of all battles, and mindful of probable specifics in keeping with how things are gonna go down in the U.S. where I am -the logistic and tactical considerations as events unfold. Acting in whatever capacity from where you are right now in your own personal space

      Whatever we say on this website in the name of contributing to awakening our fellow man in and of itself is creating alliances. When the S really starts HTF they will form organically as our roles become defined accordingly. And you’ll know who’s got your back.

      And always remember. Don’t ‘fire’ till you see the whites of their eyes.

      1. i agree in the main, b-hawk.

        i do hope that the organic growth will get the job done but my mindset is such that i want to do my share and it needs to be in accordance with some agreed on strategy – just my mindset.

        organic structures are as a rule designed in a very cunning way to be self sustaining and competitive against other such structures, not like a wild tumor.

        i watch beasts of the field as well as the urban ones with great interest and admiration, not a single cell of their body and brain misfires in daily struggle, they are supremely well designed and intelligent – everything serves a purpose.

        the trouble with humankind, as opposed to jews, is that we have lost the purpose.

        what the jew or jewess said earlier (ellie or something) is quite intelligent and should be read carefully by all.
        jews consider us a dead and lifeless corpse that is incapable of organized thought or action, let alone resistance, the fight is over before it ever started.

        in which case we need to grow a new organism, the one that will confront jews on fresh new terms.

        i have great respect for christ because he fearlessly told the truth without regard for protocol or consequences.
        but that doesn’t mean i must be “christian”.
        in fact, i doubt that he was “christian” or would be “christian” today.
        because the truth is not “christian”, it is what it is.

        for a bunch of people deluding themselves into thinking they are honest, right-thinking and righteously ethical and therefore no, we will not think about harming the most insidiously fatal enemy since the birth of the solar system while at the same time blithely consenting to carnivorous pleasure of killing wholly innocent animals is nothing but insane hypocrisy.

        and i don’t care “what would jesus do” in this regard, although i suspect he would reason the same way.
        this is what i mean by the meaning of truth is that it is what it is.

        we must strike doubt and fear into ellie and his cohorts and respect comes on heels of that doubt and fear.
        and if that happens to be too late for the interstellar parasite to reform, well, it is what it is.

        1. What I had in mind in that post, lobro, came specifically from picturing groups of guerrilla fighters with military training in keeping with Tyrone P.’s imagining of unfolding events. It struck a chord when he spoke of groups being pushed north into areas like Maine and northern New England where I am. This could very well come to pass, and it gets me all cranked up thinking about the early american revolutionaries in the 1770’s (there I go, waxing nostalgic again) 😉

          Having said that, as you and others are alluding to, this post by the jew “Ellie” offers an intriguing insight into “jew-mind”. There’s something in her writing that suggests a particularly close association with the Satanic, and that she’s come on this site at this particular time may contain some portent. But who can say? To me she comes across as a certain breed of sorceress that I’m familiar with in my own experience.(and virtually all Sorceresses like her have male cats as well.)

          She says, “the time really will come when we jews, all of us, without exception, will no longer inhabit Earth, that is, will no longer be, but that will happen only when we decide to cause our own mass destruction, in other words, we by us and not we by you.”

          These words are chilling, and reflect an utter possession and devotion to Satan. The words of a vampire speaking on behalf of her master, as indicated by the time-line references. My own understanding is that Satan invented “time” as human beings have experienced it ever since he commandeered its true reality. This is his ‘enabler’ for the harvesting of soul energy that he needs to caarry on elsewhere when his ‘time has run out’ here. A theme I’ve been relating on this site for the past couple of years or so.

          So she is correct in saying the time will come when all jews will no longer inhabit Earth. (and I’ll add here that the legionnaire shows acuity in his response to her – kudos to him.)

          For her to say “we by us and not we by you” is correct in a manner of speaking. You could say “we by us” is just pure arrogance talking. Satan may own time insofar as it is in this measured state, but he can’t dictate its measuring indefinitely. Whereas “not we by you” enters into a great mystery as to the dynamics of “you” in this context in terms of what finally eradicates them. And again, more arrogance on her part with “NOT we by you” indicating her lack of understanding a Divine input in these matters

          But the one thing we can’t deny is when she queries, “does not man deserve what he allows?”

          Sadly, through the “veil of tears” known as history, we all know too acutely her “reality which is”, the ramifications of relinquishing the sword of Christ.

          But the most telling

    4. Very intelligent, reflective stuff lobro!
      Yes, we need a next step. We need organization and leadership, but our ENEMY keeps us under close surveillance via THEIR Internet. Nothing escapes their attention on the Internet! NOTHING!!!!!!!
      As I’ve said before, maybe it is time for flooding the masses with pamphlets originating from our off-line, independent computers. Remember the days of the “pamphleteers”? BUT KEEP THE INFO SIMPLE AND TRUTHFUL.
      Maybe we need to commence a fighting FUND which would have to be coordinated out of a people’s, Goyim-only bank!
      Yes, we could set up the LASHMONTE BANK!
      We still have that right!
      I keep warning that at all times we have to be aware of the Jewish DIALECTIC at work: Jews can pretend to be anything they want; even if it means becoming the so-called anti-zionist, loving/caring “manager” of a Goyim bank/funds collection.
      One has to get REAL with this vermin in all its possible guises!~

  54. @ zakie

    so sorry zaky if i have hurt your feehluns, had i known i would have put in a good word for barafa, like how she is kind to palestinians, especially kids maimed by snipers, regularly delivers expired pet food to them and stuff.

    tell you what.
    how about each to his own, you don’t like lasha, while i cannot for the life of me take a shine on barafa.
    so you stick with barafa and i with lasha.

    are we cool now.

  55. Interesting stuff (I wish the people talking about licensing, people as corporations etc would be a bit clearer).

    I just wanted to say Israel (and anyone else) have no nuclear weapons. They are another Jewish fraud, designed to make them money, and later reinforced to keep the USSR from the prying eyes of people who might not like what they found.

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