The Jews and their Ways — Ellie Katsnelson

Introductory note by editor

Ellie Katsnelson (aka Madame Rothschild)
Ellie Katsnelson
(aka Madame Rothschild)

Nothing is known about Ellie Katsnelson (pictured)  beyond what she has already told us about herself, and therefore all theories about this mysterious individual amount to no more than idle speculation. She claims to be an estranged member of the Rothschild family, fabulously rich and cosmopolitan, but she could equally well be a talented literary hoaxer or con artist.

Madame Rothschild — for we shall give her the benefit of the doubt and call her by the name she claims as her own —  has offered fantastic sums of money to my cousin Lasha Darkmoon, having more money than she knows what to do with, but Lasha has turned down all such tempting offers for reasons of her own which she wishes to keep strictly private.

If we publish Ms Katsnelson’s work here, it is only because she is a fascinating character with something to say — something, in her own words, of world-shattering importance telling of apocalyptic events soon to come.

On Madame Rothschild’s strict instructions, we are forbidden to edit her work or tamper with it in the slightest way. If Ms Darkmoon should dare to shorten Madame’s long paragraphs or her interminably long sentences with their profusion of subordinate clauses and commas, Madame’s faceless agents will track down Ms Darkmoon to her secluded cottage on Dartmoor, in the county of Devon, England,  and give her a damn good thrashing. So I am given to understand by my sensitive and highly imaginative young cousin.

So be it, Madame! We are not willing to take any risks. So here is your brilliant essay, unedited, exactly as you wrote it.

— John Scott Montecristo, Editor


The Jews and their Ways

. . . by Ellie Katsnelson


THE ETERNAL JEW (Anti-Semitc cartoon, date unknown)
(Anti-Semitc cartoon, c, 1938)

There are races in the world, like the Chewas, the Ovimbundus, the Zandes and many others in the former Sahelian Kingdoms of Africa, whose affinity of blood proscribes any racial mixing by their members, and whose stern natural racial laws equally prohibit any other transgression of their racial jurisdiction, and this without the good members of the said races having not so much as an inkling, let alone a knowledge, of what great impulse it was that set such severe injunctions in motion in the first place.

It might be imagined, as well as claimed, that they are the only races in the world who suffer under such seemingly cumbersome restrictions, but alas, this is not the case; for our sad world, which for four-thousand long years has struggled to maintain but a constant shaft of light, also contains yet another and different race, infinitely more malevolent and evil than The Chewas, and the Ovimbundus and all the Zandes put together, who also regard other races as inferior, though with them their hatred of others comes with powerful and as yet unheard of attractions, such as wanton murder, brutal rape, wholesale burning and outright theft. We speak, of course, of the Jews, and it is with the brief description of this awful race that we must now necessarily busy ourselves.

Of course, it will be charged by the modern critic and by those who are better acquainted with this unloved race, that any conclusion that we may draw herein will be not only wrong but also hateful and even anti-Semitic, but sadly, but a quick review of the ongoing events in Gaza will force their reluctant condescension to our view, and will make them accept our own conclusions as authentic and true, since however hard the Jews and their cohorts may attempt to conceal their heinous crimes from the common eyes, it cannot be denied, though it may be attempted, that if we examine the chronicles of crimes and misdeeds of the world, it becomes more than apparent that none has the Devil honoured more with his name than the Jews. Other races have, to be sure, in time placed themselves in similar horrid scales of murder, but none has done it with such gleeful and horrid relish as the Jews have; this painful exclusivity, fanatically maintained, but falsely denied by them, has been withheld from every other human species, since the Jews alone seem to have been ”blessed” with this dark distinction, or is it consolation? and it seems that murder to them really is what bread is to a man, and that it is no more possible for them to survive without killing, than it is possible for man to survive without eating.

The spiritual and mental excrescences which plague the Jews really are numberless, and countless productions of literature have arisen, both in our times and before our times, which have attempted to enumerate and explain these awful Judaic abnormalities; but if the limitations of space herein kindly provided forcefully confines one to the analysis of just a few of their mental and spiritual putrefactions, one instantaneously elects to speak of those characteristics and traits which have made the Jewish race world infamous, namely, Jewish Tears, Jewish Destructions, and, of course, Jewish Depravity, and it is with the first of these sad infelicities that we now begin our sketch.


Because tears lend human credit, it is not uncommon for the opportunistic weaklings who produce them to make use of them on every occasion, and if for reasons of State policy it is required by such cowards that tears be shed in torrential quantities, so much the better, since nothing more peculiarly exposes the weaknesses of others than the sight of a man with moist cheeks. Now, such sad productions of nature, which on occasion may even extend to the philosopher, do tend to decrease the enjoyment of life, and it is not uncommon for man to bewail such feelings with even more tears, but with the Jews, whose false lachrymal productions, having by long centuries of shedding been turned into a form of art, have managed to shape not only the opinion of others of them, but also the purpose of the world itself; for the unbounded compassion, as well as the material gifts bestowed upon them by the world on account of their tears, have forced it to feel shame for its own imaginary indignities, and thus have facilitated the Jews’ own diabolic visitations upon the world, visitations which, if honestly observed, and faithfully communicated, are more decaying that anything that nature herself may visit upon man. This passion for weeping, if well employed, with time becomes a mechanical performance, masterfully impressed, and if profitable, seldom is the shedder of such false tears willing to change anything that may affect his profit, since such a coward would reason that any other fair dealing wherewith he may enter into honourable engagement with other men, may actually be prejudicial and detrimental to his own interests, and thus on account of such unsuitable demands, he will exert them the more frequently the more easily they are believed. But weeping, being a feminine passion, ought to be assiduously evaded, since nothing enervates the body more inwardly, or shames the mind more outwardly, than them. But what do Jews know abut shame, eh? Listen to this. Elie Wiesel, when asked to recount his horrible, horrible escape from the infamous camp that was Buchenwald, told his gullible American hearers how he, the intrepid Elie, being pursued by two Nazi monsters, actually hid in a sooty toilet, but the two evil Nazis, furiously intending not to alleviate his malodorous inconvenience, actually broke into the putrid shed, whereupon Elie, oh, the ever-so-resourceful Elie, dived deep into shit, and held his breath for full four minutes, after which he calmly walked into a barber’s home, asked permission to take a bath, and quietly began to read Kant – in Yiddish! Ha-ha! I myself may be just an apprentice wordsmith, though unhappily exiled, to be sure, but I have five languages under my belt, have read Kant in Königsberg in German at the age of twenty-one, and have never come across any edition of his works in Yiddish, since I know for a fact that such gibberish is not even a language but a code speech, invented for and by the Jewish criminals in Germany, so as to better communicate amongst themselves their nefarious plots and schemes. Who shameful? Jews? No! Evil Jews. Evil evil Jews.


 It is reasonable to suppose that those who lash out in violence at the softest provocation are not quite right in the head, and if the genuine attempts by the more benevolent part of humanity to point out to such people the fatal errors of their conduct are met with hate, it also stands to reason that with such lot there is something seriously wrong with their souls too. Speaking of the soul, which with Jews of course is synonymous with destruction, the inimitable and great Houston Stewart Chamberlain has left us with this most memorable impression of it, for in his masterful Foundations Of The Nineteenth Century, the fine old-school gentleman says that, ”… In order to arrive at a better understanding of the Jewish soul, let the reader picture it as the bound feet of the Chinese ladies,” (known as the Lotus Feet), ”whereby lifelong binding has resulted in such hideous malformation, that even after releasing it from bondage it can never hope to attain to its former shape, its natural growth having been permanently arrested…” O-ho, how nicely he puts it, eh! And that really is how it is. The natural narrowness of the Jewish soul, having by long centuries been rendered narrower still, neither possesses, nor can it be induced to possess, genuine human feelings for other human beings, and if there are exceptions amongst Jews who genuinely admit the weakness of their racial curse, it must never be forgotten that such Jews are precisely that, an exception, for the rule amongst the fedor Judaicus is never to feel compassion for others, to wish to burn the world at the slightest censure, and that to consider all such human feelings as merely cumbersome and unwanted appendages of human nature. If anyone doubts these words, or if, at any rate, thinks of them as exaggerated inscriptions, let them consult the writings of those Russian and other brave gentile writers, whose credit in our eyes arises not from tears but solely from their factual recording of the Jewish deeds in revolutionary Russia, and they shall see for themselves that no reasoned subordination on our part could ever withstand the pressure which the facts bear on our judgement of them, for to slice the throat of a young son just so they could use it as a windpipe for making music in the presence of the still living father, to crucify and then to burn alive a girl of sixteen in the presence of her mother and immediately after to turn the sad and bleeding platform around in some macabre wheel of fortune, really does bespeak of more than simple cruelty; it bespeaks of a veritable lack of a regulating mechanism of life, such as is found in all the other human beings in the world, save the Jews, of course. Again, awful space restriction does not permit one to go into greater detail here, but suffice it to say that at every single opportunity, at every available avenue, and by whatever means possible, the diabolic deeds of the Jews must be exposed, they must be enumerated and they must be exhibited, for, by God, such are they, that no attempt on our part will ever palliate their cruelty, nor reconcile their thoughts with ours, since what we see in the Jews is not actually a people, nor a race, but, believe me, nothing other than the Devil personified! Evil Jews.


Of all the dangers which hourly threaten us, none ought to be more assiduously evaded, nor more frightfully dreaded, than Depravity, since from every corner of the world it threatens us, and by countless other subterfuges and tricks seeks to gain entry into our delicate minds. Of all the races of the world, none seem to be more infected with this dangerous disease than the Jews, and it is well known that in the lands of America, by purveying depraved monstrosities, untold sums of money are also being made by them, thus giving the Jews an easy entry not only into the minds of the world’s finest race, but into their pockets too, and so allowing them to attain by filth and violence what they could never hope to attain by high creation and simple hard work. It may be disputed that all the dead performers in all such dead performances as are the pornographic films are in fact gentiles and not Jews, but this is to give in to the barbed tongues of the critics and to overlook the real cause, for you may take it as a rule that will seldom deceive, that behind every such dark production the diabolic clutches of the Jews focus the lens, seeking by such Judaic evil as that to hurry partakers, as well as their enjoyers, into the dark abyss that is the Jewish mind. Obscene sex fills us with more than just dreadful inquietude; it offends us, it belittles the humanity in us, and I believe that with time it even makes our lives more impracticable and less worthy of living. Good and evil have been shown to be easily distinguishable and even easier separated in a healthy and lucid mind. The Jewish wickedness which seeks to create havoc in the minds of the people from the sheer spite that nature has denied them that which it has bestowed on others shall not succeed. Sooner or later the world shall rise against them and will say, enough! just as my dear murdered mother did, and when this happens, from all sides of the wounded and long-offended world, by any and every means available, men and women shall bring themselves to some serious contemplation, and shall finally decide to judge the Jewish race WHOLESALE, as it were, without distinction, maternity wards and all, for having propagated unbridled corruption in all the places, having caused more pain and grief than all the demons put together ever could, this time they shall not be able to escape, but shall, in equal manner as they march the poor Palestinians to death, themselves be done away with, and the sooner we bring ourselves to realizing just such necessary commissions, the more right shall have we to call ourselves real men and real women. Evil Jews.

It is said of the Chewas, the Ovimbundus, the Zandes and of the many other races in the former Sahelian Kingdoms of Africa that they are savage killers, as removed from anything human as any human being ever could be, but what has been omitted from us by the English establishment historians is the indisputable fact that not even they killed unarmed intruders, let alone babies, and that for all the severe proscriptions of their racial genes, those who died in battle fighting them were always given a heartfelt and proper burial. One wonders who is more savage…

Evil Jews.

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133 thoughts on “The Jews and their Ways — Ellie Katsnelson

    1. “On Madame Rothschild’s strict instructions, we are forbidden to edit her work or tamper with it in the slightest way. If Ms Darkmoon should dare to shorten Madame’s long paragraphs or her interminably long sentences with their profusion of subordinate clauses and commas, Madame’s faceless agents will track down Ms Darkmoon to her secluded cottage on Dartmoor, in the county of Devon, England, and give her a damn good thrashing.”

      I’m sure Ellie did no such thing as threaten Lasha with “a damn good thrashing” if she tried to tamper with her exquisite prose. That’s Monty just pulling our leg. But I recollect reading a post on this site by Ellie (writing as 5/11) in which she stipulated that on no account was her article to be edited in any way. It was to be published exactly as she had written it.

      I am afraid that Ellie is a literary primadonna who is unaware that Lasha did her an enormous favor by editing Ellie’s previous 5300-word “comment” and more or less rewriting it, deleting entire paragraphs and substituting paragraphs of her own.

      By doing so, Lasha managed to get that article (“The Death Camps to Come”) republished on several top websites such as Veterans Today and Truthseeker. If Ellie had had her way on that occasion, her own 5300-word comment would have been published instead, exactly as she wrote it. And the result would have been that no top website would have touched it with a bargepole! Why? Because the whole thing needed editing badly. The sentences were far too long and hard to understand as a result. When sentences go on for 10 lines or more, one just gives up!

      By behaving like a literary primadonna and getting her way, Ellie has simply proved herself arrogant and unteachable. I doubt that her current article will be picked up by other websites for the simple reason that it lacks “the Darkmoon touch”, i.e., the skilled interventions of a seasoned writer and professional editor.

      There is another glaring fault with this article, apart from its wordy style and long sentences: it fails to deliver the goods.

      Monty writes: “If we publish Ms Katsnelson’s work here, it is only because she is a fascinating character with something to say — something, in her own words, of world-shattering importance telling of apocalyptic events soon to come.

      Yes, Ellie promised to tell us of important things that only she knew — as a privileged Rothschild. She has not done so! There is nothing “apocalyptic” about this article! There are no Nostradamus-like predictions of doom to come!

      Ellie has aroused our expectations without satisfying them. Her article consists of no more than her own opinions, unsupported by any facts or supportive quotations. A fancy literary style, with infinitely long sentences written in the style of a Victorian novelist — Henry James springs to mind — is no compensation for meaty substance.

      Where is the Apocalypse that was promised?

      1. She PORTENDS. She doesn’t PREDICT. There is an eloquent and subtle difference, as you should know, Dr. Green. Think about it.

  1. fedor Judaicus … can someone tell me what that means, tried online, failed.

    there is fetor, a new word that will open up many future venues, a veritable field day.

    The breath has a sweet, fecal smell to it.

    That heart-wrenching, nose-pinching, tear-and-earwax-inducing story of brave elie (pronounced eelie, like eels) schnorkeling in excrement begs a question – why didn’t the nazi monsters just light a match and let the flaming methane cook brave eelie in juices of his own literary artifice-fartifice?

    i certainly would have done it and i am a good nazi, not a bad one that goes sniffing in the jew shithouse: eelie-wheelie miny moe, catch the eliar by the toe.

    jewish lietrature, for sure.

    Oops, apologies to Gilbert, forgot to plug in Word, will do so futurewise.

    Fetor Judaicus assassinated my appetiticus.

    Ellie excepted, Ellie yes, Elie no.
    Great writeup, any time Lasha wants a vacation, disinherited Ellie can sub for $12/hr, hope she is not too snooty to turn down such a generous offer.
    Ring at the servants entrance, speak to majordomo Monty

    1. Anyhoodles, one of the finest, most motivating ones to date, you are Vince Lombardi of Anti-semitism, recommended reading to all my friends.

      Even enemies, especially enemies.

    2. Fedor means reserved or secretive. (a popular Russian name for boys)
      Of course, Judaicus means Jewish.

    3. “….my dear murdered mother…”

      the plot thickens

      As for “Fedor Judaicus”, considering wherever Ellie may be coming from, “Fedora” was written by the French playright, Victorien Sardou specifically with Sarah Bernhardt in mind. It was later adapted by Umberto Giordano into an opera with the same title.

      The play dealt with “nihilism”, which many know was coined from Ivan Turgenov’s “Fathers and Sons”.

      Maybe Ellie can shed more light as she carefully weens herself off the crypto-graphic tit

    4. She/he clearly meant to write “fetor judaicus” which means “Jewish stench” in Latin. Fetor is where we get fetid from.

      I knew those classes would pay off eventually.

      1. Good. Thanks for that.
        Now we can see where translations of James I and VI might have been flawed.

    5. aha, “fetid”, yes, as in “fetid foot fetish”.

      there is even a plant, a spice no less i think with such a name, asa foetida or something.


    Don’t want to sound pedantic, but FEDOR is simply a typo for FETOR (in classical Latin rendered as FOETOR).

    Foetor, fetor (noun) = bad smell, stink, stench
    Foetidus, fetidus (adj.) = stinky, malodorous, fetid.

    By “fetor Judaicus” Ellie simply meant “the Jewish stench”, which in fact fits her context.

  3. As for me, I am quite taken with Ellie. Beautiful (if that is she), as well as articulate and candid. Enjoy her presence, here. She and Lasha make quite a team, albeit unintentional. (Looking forward to hearing Maxy’s take on the matter! :))

    1. 🙂

      Ellie’s marketing savvy … come this way, do I have a perfume just for you … what’s it called? … ahem, lemme see … Fedora Iudaica, not sure what that means but the aroma will bowl you over.

  4. As prime an example of Fetor Iudaica as you can get, hold your nose at the sight of this beast from the Pit.
    I am sure you all heard of him, who he is and what he does, neatly fulfills the last two of Ellie’s categories and when he is finally caught and brought to account, he will fulfill the first one copiously, of that I have no doubt.
    His Lacrymae Iudaicorum (feel free to correct my grammar, SPQR/Lasha, can’t be bothered to look it up) will surely be wasted on me, wouldn’t use them to hose down the street.
    Here is a video of a young wounded mercenary of his, broke down in fear during interrogation by the DPR … while the venomous turd wallows among underage prostitutes along with his rabbinical buddies, free of prosecution by cowed German authorities.

    Partial text of interrogation:
    Captured Ukrainian soldier breaks down crying: “My commander is probably dead, I didn’t shoot anyone!” This short video brings you right inside the realities of war. This is the most intense reality show you have ever seen. Three captured Ukrainian soldiers look like they have just arrived from the battlefield. They look roughed up, but standing on their own feet. You can see the fear and desperation in their eyes. But their captors quickly tell them: “Relax, it’s over, no one will touch you, no one will kill you, put your hands down.” They are giving them first aid, while asking lots of questions about how they got there. It turns out this soldiers are from reconnaissance, originally from Krivoi Rog. The one in the middle is asked if he knows he looks like a famous Russian actor, and he says he gets it all the time. At the end of the video one soldier gets overwhelmed with emotion, gets on his knees, and starts weeping. He is asked, “Are you ashamed?” To which he keeps repeating “I haven’t shot anyone…”

    Fetor Talmudicus … need to purge the planet of it.

      1. yes, to this day jews fear him the most, say “he was the cruelest, most sadistic psychopath of all the nazis” 😀

        which tells you the truth, just turn that 180 degrees.

        maybe we can turn our maxie (surfer/philosopher/athlete, several sons named adolph, vercingetorix and othet teutonic names) into another heidrich, if ellie would contribute beer money to the project, i will help with speech writing (too many exclamations, keep it lowercase).

      2. That is a GREAT poem, Pat! I remember it, often. It reminds me of (my) position; though my very favorite Kipling ballad is The Ballad of East and West. So true!

      3. Yes Pat, the Anglo-Saxons and the Norsemen are starting to wake up! VENGEANCE upon the JEW! Watch out you nigrahs! Turn off your boom boxes NOW! Drop the jive talk, as Cosby told you to!

    1. here is how it works: while jew-kolomoisky shakes and bakes gaza,
      jew-kolomoisky recruits cretinous jihadi mercs to commit atrocities in crimea.

      meanwhile the crying game goes on, jew embassy in dublin repaints molly malone as muslim woman, even as barbara lerner spectre tells europe to get ready for “diversity” and jews are behind it.

      lying, hypocrisy, destruction and venom will never stop until we stop it.

      (sorry gilbert, forgot … when i am upset, i go lowercase)

  5. couple of choice beauty queens stumping for talmud.

    c’mon ellie say you don’t resemble them, i am a visual sort of guy.
    a pregnant warthog is ok but not those.

    1. Hilary keeps her mouth closed for concern over darting tongue

      Shamans say her tail can’t fit through but the widest of doorways

      A particularly nasty lizard that one. That wild eyed look of frenzy is probably due to the estrogen rush she’s getting from that Nuland broad

      Apologies for the visual

  6. Long, wordy prose, difficult to read. Got bogged down trying to get through it all.

    I really wish Ellie had allowed Lasha to edit this down for general consumption.

    Didn’t read anything profound.

  7. Example:

    It is reasonable to suppose that those who lash out in violence at the softest provocation are not quite right in the head, and if the genuine attempts by the more benevolent part of humanity to point out to such people the fatal errors of their conduct are met with hate, it also stands to reason that with such lot there is something seriously wrong with their souls too.

    The style is far too pedantic. Since this essay didn’t reveal anything we haven’t read before, I doubt I will take the time to muddle through another of Ellie’s commentaries.

    1. Editing is a thankless task. In my experience most writers are primadonnas and resent the slightest change in their prose. To do Ellie justice, her character is reflected in her prose style. As they say, “Style is the man.”

      There is therefore something to be said for allowing Ellie to speak with her own voice. If she is tough to read, so what? That’s her nature. She’s a dilatory creature who prefers to write in the leisurely prose of the 19th century, taking an entire paragraph to say what we moderns would say in a single terse sentence.

      To edit her work and make extensive cuts would be to falsify her nature. If Ernest Hemingway were to edit the prose of Charles Dickens and impose his style on Dickens, Dickens would cease to exist! His essence would have gone.

      Hemingway, by the way, believed in writing the most basic prose so that even an illiterate moron could figure out what he was saying. And so in Hemingway we end up with laughably banal sentences like “Paris was a nice town.”

      Imagine a guy like that editing Dickens or Henry James! It would be a complete disaster.

  8. Don’t any of you regular posters here ever step outside, look at the sun and the moon and the stars, sniff the air, revel in the wonderfulness of being alive?

    1. Yep, I do that every six weeks or so. How often do you do it?

      To tell you the truth, I prefer to sit in my musty room, breathing in the stale air of dirty bed linen and unwashed socks.

      The windows are shut to keep out the germ-laden fresh air. And the drapes are drawn tight to protect my pallid skin from the cancer-giving sun. You should try it. It’s great fun.

      1. I always imagined you as a myopic, stiff-necked nerd of a character! (Like Tyron, but not that fire-water, tomahawked Indian, Brownhawk!)
        If you were better looking, like me, you could live in the fresh air of the QLD mountains, drink fresh water and have lots of women to tend to your every need; inc washing your smelly socks.
        This is precisely what I am worried about with the IMPLOSION that will soon be here – those in the semi-know are nearly all weak nerd types whose only weapon is their computer- keyboard. The jocks and muscular nigrahs are on the Jews’ side, along with your estimated 50,000,000 Christian-Zionists.
        I as, Mad Max, do not want to lead an army of smelly, bespectacled nerds! I’d rather lead an army of street smart, tough women like all my sheilas! I have used my PE military training to breed a race of fighting Amazons who will spring into action at the hint of a Jew’s presence.
        They are skilled in the arts of castration and slow torture.

    2. Karen, you sound like the evil Jewess, Bette Midler singing “From a Distance”!
      Oh, how lovely the world looks from space, but my air is fouled and tainted by the Jewish airwaves! Even here on my farm in nthn QLD!
      You Jewish abominations are gobbling the planet up and reducing it to a charnel house!

  9. I’m starting to like this Ellie sheila!
    She is what I term a “cross-over” Jew. She can speak eloquently about the Jewish Red Terror and recognizes such that Jews are behind your mind-debilitating pornography industry, your filthy celebs, your gangsta, nigrah rappas (and the trailer trash, EMINEM) etc, BUT she is STILL a Jewess!
    Its like Henry Makow who is always describing vile Jewish excesses, but nevertheless remains a Jew! Noam Chomsky is the SAME!
    And I don’t have to tell you all about the POGROM of ALL pogroms that is soon to come. Jews will be totally proscribed or entirely eliminated for the good of humanity. It has to be, as this VERMIN cannot be allowed to further infest and implode the planet.
    It is like the Jewish produced Superman – soon Krypton will explode, unless the EVIL JEWS and their Masonic mates, the Catholic Church, the crazy evangelicals and Christian Zionists and the big Jewish financial house are eliminated.
    WE ARE BACK TO ADOLF HITLER”S PREDICAMENT (“Jews will turn our planet into a lifeless void floating through space for eternity.”); BUT THIS TIME LET”S MAKE IT GOOD! Finish the abominations from hell!
    Oh, I forgot, ALL European royalty must meet the sword as they are in it with the Jews! Put simply, the ILLUMINATI MUST be finally eliminated!
    On another subject, I now have the HOTS for both Lasha and Ellie! Never one to knock back yet another woman, I like Ellie’s red lipstick, beautiful, deep eyes and wrap around Jewish-looking mouth. She is dripping with sex! The ink work suits her and 3 of my wives, tattooed already, would like such facial work. I imagine she has a large stud on her tongue which I would enjoy.
    Good writing Ellie, although you still need a good f***!

      1. Brownhawk, take a really close look at that picture of Ellie. I have blown in up 50 times on my home theatre system. Her red-lipped, sumptuous, wet mouth is actually huge.
        It could easily be stretched over the sides of her chin. Her bottom lip is huge and bigger than Brad Pitt’s sheila, Angelina! No doubt she is a Jewess.
        Ellie is wrong about RACE though, confusing it with specifically derived, demographic-ethnic groupings. That is a Jewish trick – to promote FALSE concepts of RACISM, as in their RACE HATE laws. These African ethnic groupings of the south are all still nigrahs! Some are bigger and fatter than others and some teensy-weensy midgets, like the Congo pygmies, but they all carry an “out of Africa” genomic pattern.
        This genomic pattern only starts to alter north of the source of the Nile and you start to get the Middle Eastern influence in such as Libya/nth African nations. Several of my wives think the Moors attractive, but I think they are too play-boyey! Look at Gadaffi and all his women, inc Jewesses! They pop up everywhere! But the Ethiopian Jews of the highlands in particular are nigrahs, nevertheless! That is why the more whitish looking, out-of-the-Pale Jews, call them “blacks.” Bibi Netanyahu is known to call the Ethiopians and the Sephardics “BLACKS.” They have long had APARTHEID in Israel, but no one wants to talk about it!
        JEWS, meanwhile, as I keep TRUTHFULLY saying are a highly mixed-breed, mongrelized, polygamous, multifaceted, multi-dimensional, ETHNIC grouping of sorts. My wife, a USA geneticist, says the only dominant physical characteristic of the so-called Jews of today is the New York snozzle nose, with nasal gristle that extends up to and above the eye brows. As I’ve said, take a look at the ugly Jewish bitch with glasses on Big Bang and most of your Hollywood Jews. This is an example of a dominant gene, common to the rude, nasally-sounding, inter-bred, New York Jews. The psychopath, Leon Trotsky, out of New York, had the same nose! There is a strong likelihood that such an ugly hooked-nose as exhibited in Madeline Albright, is a dominant gene that may even go back to the ugly Turkish Khazars.
        All the religious hoo-ha she and lobro engage in is totally irrelevant in 2014 AD! The only “religion” involved-in by these basically irreligious people – the modern Jew – is Theodor Herzl’s lip service to some of his much hated and perverted religious rabbis, whom he recruited to get the Palestine occupation going. After that the pommy Lord Balfour was tricked into bed by a married Jewess and he was putty in her flexible hands and large mouth. Read Margaret McMillan’s account of Balfour and the grand whore Jewess! ( “X Days that Changed the World.”) And Balfour was an hermaphrodite who only liked anal cavity sex!
        So much of it is about SEX! Ellie drips sex and contrary to what I first said, I love her writing and honesty. It is just that I’d f****! her, but dump her soon after! NEVER TRUST A JEW and DO NOT ACCEPT GIFTS FROM JEWS! Even FREE SEX! I think Gilby would though!
        Do not even mortgage your house with them and keep your money under your pillow! THEY ARE OUT TO GET YOU!

    1. i too started drooling instantly at that picture and was the first poster to comment, before reading a word of the article.
      oops, let me plug in my Word for punctuation … here goes …

      A woman like that can easily turn the tables on you Maxie and scoop up 18 husbands on this thread alone though the parallel stops there, ahem, shoehorning 65 babies into a single woman is daunting task, not that it wouldn’t be tried.

      But, as LSPM quietly pointed out soon after my bugeyed reply, the woman in picture is actually plugging the domino mask. Of course it struck me that LSPM is a woman, it takes one to catch one, I guess.

      It only shows what a bunch of dumb beasts we men are, sure got me thinking with a few neurons left above the beltline.

      That lacy eye-mask sure looks mighty enticing, women love to pose in them when on the prowl and I figured out why.
      It looks like underwear, that’s why, men’s brains instantly stunned like fish poachers hunting with electrical shock.

      Sliding further out along that tangent, it also strikes me that Jews are actually degenerate, deformed women and it is a big reason for their success.

      Think about it: the crying game, truckloads of tears where none are warranted, fake victimhood, neverending passive aggression, wanton cruelty, lack of remorse, manipulative tactics, switching tracks whenever discussion doesn’t go their way, psychological games … they, I mean Jews, invented goddamned psychology, the concept never even existed prior to fraudulent fraulein Freud.

      I still think Ellie is pretty nice looking, surely between her and Lasha they agreed on a suitable avatar, she wouldn’t dare is she looked like Leona Helmsley or Madeleine Albright.

      But I don’t think Ellie is so impoverished after her excommunication from the counting house that she needs to plug facial underwear for living.

  10. EK- it is now 12:15 am August 5th

    That was a very good synopsis of the “Jews”. Dr Greene charged you were not giving the details of the horrible agenda the “Jews” have in store for the “best race in the world”.

    Allow me to put forth what I see. If I am correct 100%- I refuse to take credit because it isn’t “I” who did this but “I AM” who lives inside of me and all of those who believe- those who come from the authentic source.


    With the Jews fast tracking their transfer of our power to the Eastern Block BRICs whom they control as well, the Dollar is slated for destruction- a collapse. With that comes the collapse of the Corporation Governments- including Puerto Rico were our stolen assets in the form of the Corporation fiction names reside. This will leave only the United States of America Common Law Trust who’s law is Common/Natural/Christian law.

    American Military

    With the “Jews” positioning our military all over the planet we are in dire straights. If one tries to defend everything, he defends nothing- as others have noted. This was done intentional for a couple reasons.

    1. Our military is being set up for mass sacrifice at the hands of the eastern block.
    2. There will be no one in position overseas to help the United States of America (Not Corp fiction) when the SHTF.
    3. This will leave only the American State Citizenry along with the few loyal troops at home to defend our lives and property- our race- from the upcoming assault by Corporation mercantile mercenary forces (DHS-FEMA-BATF etc etc).

    Military Invasion of America

    Right now, America has Chinese, Russia, German and other foreign troops controlled by the 3 city state Corporation inside our gates– as well as being positioned just outside of our borders (Mexico- for sure). With the onslaught of foreign alien invaders, ( “illegal aliens”) the inevitable outbreaks of ebola, etc are shedualed to give “justification” for arresting of American State Citizens whom are SUPPOSED to be regarded as equals Sovereigns with both the Pope and British Monarchy (per treaty of Paris). These aliens invaders are being used to soften up America, as shock troops, as well as a cover for the infiltration of foreign military and paramilitary forces charged with destruction of our infrastructures when the time comes.

    A false flag attack, either pandemic or military in nature is planned to give rise to lawlessness- cover for the genocide plot and the rounding up of whites- Christians.


    All of these events will happen around the same time in what others and I call “the perfect storm”. The idea is to trap whites/Christians inside America as we are attack internally and from external sources in an all out physical genocide attempt. This will commence soon due to the fact that the 160 year old Jewish charade is coming down. Their Corporation fictions are bankrupt and Americans are awakening to their unlawful stealth slavery and mass theft brought upon us so the “Jews” might construct their JWO on the backs of all of our stolen labor, property and denial of rights.Thus, this cannot be allowed from a “Jewish” perspective. The elite Jews whom Ellie says she has connections to have we are slated “we the people” as the next race to be slaughtered like so many other white Christians- our nations, before us.

    Let this song stand as an offer to the world as an apology- as an explanation of sorts and an admission; a metaphor for how many of us Americans feel toward our failure to rule rightly. A trust given to us by the Great I AM through Joseph’s promises.

    Johnny Cash- Hurt

    Let this one be a testament to our determination to make things right as best we can!

    What do you think Ellie? True or a False?

    1. Well written Tyron Parsons and up to the quality I used to read on Vets Today.
      You have summarised the situation very well and captured the present social reality, esp in the USA.
      What an impending DISASTER you and your children are about to face. And then, I know, your Jewish state of Australia is in for it!
      The USA cannot hold out in its current JEWISH-perverted form for much longer. The rest of the world has had you! The USA is BANKRUPT of money and MORALS! All the $$$$$’s are in Jewish hands! My repeated point!
      Tyron: “A false flag attack, either pandemic or military in nature is planned to give rise to lawlessness- cover for the genocide plot and the rounding up of whites- Christians!”
      I agree, the MOST LIKELY scenario = total LAWLESSNESS!; and remember that Solzhenitsyn estimated over 50,000,000 WHITE Christians were murdered in Russia!
      One century on and I think it is about to HAPPEN again, history repeating itself!
      Trouble is so many of your WHITE CHRISTIANS (and even your African Americans, etc), who are Christian-Zionists and evangelical pro-Israel will run around in the great slaughter like headless chickens, not knowing whether to fight the patriots or the Jews and their military, filled, as it will be by foreigners and many of you own boys! Read my White Russians versus Red Russians analogy!
      This is REALITY! The Jews’ POWER will, I suspect, dominate WAR-TECHNOLOGY and the MEDIA, unless you can get sections of the military to join your side. Vets Today is instrumental here.
      It will all HAPPEN in the next 5 years, I can assure you! The USA is ripe for implosion.
      Get OUR message out to as many as you can. C’mon Americans, get ready for the ride of your lives! I’m going bush! My sheilas can hold the home front!

  11. Dear Mr Tyron Parsons,

    Thank you for addressing me with respect. Kindness is something I have yearned for for exactly 25 years, to be precise. Twenty-five long years. I won’t say more about that year, though, for my saddest anniversary is fast approaching.

    If I were you I would pay no attention to the person presenting himself as Dr Green. He says he loves Lasha’s writings and yet calls her work ”perpetrations,” not knowing that to perpetrate means to commit crime! Some linguist he is! And you may take it as a rule that whenever someone appends a venerable title to their name, like Dr., (not Lasha), it is as if he commands his readers to forcefully respect him, under the sanction, of course, of earning his disrespect. He has shown himself to be simple, Dr Green has. Little wonder, then, that he wants everything to be simplified for him, you know, straight forward, no depth, on tap, right now, presto, etc..

    As for what you wish to know, good friend of the earth, yes, soon, in your time, your money will not be worth anything at all. Here are some facts for you, dear gentleman, for the voice in your writing tells me that you are indeed a fine creature.

    UNKNOWN FACT 1. Only 1/3 of the transfer has actually taken place. The rest 2/3 within six years. The dollar itself will instantly devaluate, which means that when people wake up one morning, (soon) they will not be able to exchange their money for anything at all. When this happens, naturally there will be disorder, and in order to restore order, brutal, brutal physical force will be used, thus achieving two things at once: total devaluation of money, and a physical clampdown on bodies. Would you be so kind as to simplify this to Dr Green? Say to him something like, ”DOCTOR, SOON DAYS BAD.” Better like this. Simplicius Simplicissimus! Actually, no, do not. For brutal Jewish force is in and by itself the simplest thing in the Universe, and I am sure that he shall have no difficulty understanding it when it finally comes. ”What!” he shall say, ”outright beating!” ”Yes,” my former brothers will say: ”simple things for simple people.”

    UNKNOWN FACT 2. Special money has already been printed, and part of it is sitting in Zurich; the greater part of it though, is in certain someone’s vaults! I have not seen this money, but I know it has been printed. It literally is called Special Money. The same will not be true for gold; for gold will be the real money, only it will not be used to buy anything, but only to prop up whatever value the remaining assets still have.

    UNKNOWN FACT 3. The catapult for all this havoc, though, is currently being talked about, albeit secretly. One part of those about whom I spoke earlier favours FIRE, as they did in 9/11, though this time much, much more combustible fire. The other half prefers something to which they refer as the ”silent mower.” Do tell Dr Green, ”DOCTOR, YOU SOON DEAD,” and afterwards, do inquire with the gentleman if he requires any further subtraction or addition from this awfully long sentence.

    UNKNOW FACT 4. No institution in America is more divided and can be relied less upon by the Jews than the Military. With the exception of the NRA, it is the only pillar not yet wholly corrupted. But those who stand as a bulwark between the chaos that is soon to come, will be removed. Overseas. And once there…

    May write some more, but I’m afraid for some it is already too long.


    Ellie K.

    1. but the numbers ellie, the numbers.

      if you, i mean they, they being the former yous, splinter the military and want to grab all the dr greens of the world by the throat all at once, who will do the job?

      jews? too funny, they have the hardest time in the world handling a bunch of malnourished, stunted, unarmed people of gaza despite all their jets, drones, cruises, armored columns, artillery, satellites, navy, american help.
      they don’t even dare touch hezbollah, let alone iran.

      is some yid going to walk up to me and start beating me up?
      i would pay to see that.
      and even if the yids were 9 feet tall and musclebound, not that i have seen too many such, there are only 20 million or less.
      and will be much less in no time as soon as lawh and awdah breaks down.

      yids could well find themselves on a holocauster ride of which they can’t get off.
      no way am i leaving planet without company.

      1. in the previous conflicts, the bloodshed to come was signaled by rats departing in big airlifts, eg, the balkans.

        but there are what, at least half a million in canada alone, the logistics don’t support them just scooping goy created artworks and lining up for the first class passenger section to tel aviv without someone noticing and taking a whack at the stragglers.

    2. Okay Ellie, you say you have yearned for kindness for 25 years. Come to my place in far northern QLD as I’ll treat you in KIND! You could be my 21st wifee!
      Really, as I’ve said, I like you since I read your latest and saw your picture! Like lobro I went weak at the knees and several of my wives asked me what was wrong. Then they saw your picture on my home movie screen and castigated me and said NO SEX for a week! They called you a painted up jezabel!

      1. @ Max, I just want to say you’re one of the most creative and ridiculous persons I’ve read on the internet. Thank you.

        @ Lobro, You too. And I’m a man. After going back to the picture a few times for repeated looks, I just noticed the green shipping bar and didn’t believe E.K. was in her 20s. E.K. is probably in her 4o-50s I would guess from her writings, and since she’s saying she hasn’t felt kindness for 25 years, presuming when her mother was murdered, it wouldn’t be possible for her to be that super model.

        Good luck to all!

      2. lspm,

        i stand doubly chastised which is still doubly short of requirement.

        i will take a month’s vow of silence to atone for sins, it should cover couple of minor ones anyway.

        “All vows, obligations, oaths, anathemas, whether called ‘konam,’ ‘konas,’ or by any other name …”

    3. Ellie, you are parroting too much from the likes of Gary North, Ben Fulford, George Green(Hatonn at four winds 10), Steve Quayle, Jeff Rense and Richard Hoagland and numerous others.

      SDRs have been used by USPS since 2010.

      Nothing in your ‘revelation’ is new!! Nada..!!

      This is the wrong site to use to try to fool the readers. There is an accumulation of experience here. And they are allowed to comment freely, unlike the BS sites.

      NOW… Tell us something we don’t know..WITHOUT criticizing or praising the commenters.

    4. Ostracized Ellie’s former cohorts retire to Rothschild parlor after sumptious multi-course dinner to discuss plans over brandy and cigars. And the occasion that many thought would be attended by the Master. Alas, he didn’t show, and little do they suspect that he will leave them stranded to their own devices, only to be hoisted on their own scaffolding and left to dangle in the wind.

      Heartless is as heartless does

      And as you’ll note Ellie dear, I use no doctorate affiliation in my name. Just look at me as the ghost of your worst nightmare.

      But I digress

      One planner has a particular fondness for the plan his greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgrandfather proposed, and the one which held sway- the one that wiped out the vast majority of MY mother’s ancestors. Bottle up all those vile concoctions of plague, smallpox, et al and release them into the North American air per the 1492 protocols. Call it a genocidal redux, only this time feature new and exciting virulent diseases like e-bola and the like.

      The “Silent mower”

      Yet the not-so-grand jury is out on making that decision. Still, in all fairness, you gotta give tribute to those tireless, crazed scientists working overtime in their laboratories of doom, eh? 😉

    5. Well written article. Written with thoughtful penetration and insight into the Problem. But in this reply, you show that you don’t really understand money or banking because you are not indicating where the fraud of it is located. These short animations will clear this up for you.
      Swindling the Goyim: The Basic Swindle

      Swindling the Goyim:Episode Two – The God of Israel Swindle

      Please keep writing. You have a thoughtful way of presenting difficult information.

    6. Dear Ellie

      I apologize if my initial posts to you in the past seemed rude. Sad to say my trust is earned, not given, especially when I am dealing with a race who’s goal is to rule the planet based on their race with the chief fallen one as their supreme leader. This especially true with this JWO is being built on the mass theft, destruction and murder of my people, not to mention that this would include, if possible, my family, my children and myself.

      I have extensive dealings in the past with “Jews” and learned early on that every word they uttered was a lie as every action taken has been immoral, unlawful and quite frankly, tyrannical *(A “Jewish” judge gave me a 870,000 “restitution” due to a competitors fraudulent advert in their own publication in the amount of 395 dollars- where i was forced by way of threat against my sibling to plead guilty to another businesses crime so the “Jews” could shut down my business that fought against AA/EEOC legal fictions that discriminate against my race, based on our race- majority belief system- gender- sexual orientation- health- native birth and Sovereign status).

      As everyone knows, the person who would have all the “rights” in the de facto Corporation US system would be a rich, black, Jewish, handicapped, lesbian, Marxist, Israeli dual 14th Amendment citizen.

      The only exception to this rule of not trusting any “Jews” has been my contacts with a couple “Jews” who have been honest enough to admit the truth concerning their race. Since I don’t know you personally (although I think I may have met you on FB before the elite made their own version for themselves), and because you have spoken honestly concerning your stated relatives, and by extension, your race, I’ve decided to give you the benefit of the doubt until such time as circumstances would change to order the opposite.

      Thank you for your response. As to the currency you speak of, I’m sure this will be a transitional brand to consolidate north America as a trading block Corporation under “Jew” rule until such time as the universal chip implant is employed (something that if one takes, doom is your fate).

      I tend to agree with you about Gold- all of ours, Germany’s and China’s has been stolen by the usual suspects. Barter and trade is what we must do to survive hence gold, silver will only have limited and temporary value that will soon disappear–real time resources for survival having the most value until our lawful Republics are resurrected and the regeneration process unfolds as our kin Jesus Christ foretold.

      I also agree that “those who stand in the way” will be taken out of the way, but this is only to allow for the completion of the JWO which will be overtaken in the very end by our kin (As Jacob always starts the next earth age).

      How are things with “the family”? Any more threats being issued against you?

      With kind regards,



      Thanks for the compliment. However, there are some 10-20 million believers in America who are not under the “Jews” control with another 160 million or so, starting to awaken. This is who you want to awaken if for any reason, demographic realities.

      Lobro and BrownHawk-

      Thanks for your vote of confidence on the other thread. I enjoy your posts even if I am critical. I even enjoy the lunatic ravings of Mad Max at times- just can’t stand by and watch people led into lawlessness as a solution.

      1. Mr. Parsons, you are one of very few people who leave me feeling as though I don’t have to write 10,000 words on rebuttals and/or on the filling-in of very large gaps (there are loads of partial “truth” speaking trolls out there). You get it, and I am happy to have found you again (you used to post on my old site, right?).

        And based on what I have read from Ellie thus far, she gets it too. Whether or not she is who she claims to be is a moot point. I can’t find anything in her writing that is in need of a rebuttal. Who gives a damn about grammar or her real identity (young, pretty, and Jew-ISH or old, ugly, and Chinese)? And it doesn’t matter if she is an outsider looking in or an insider who has suddenly gained a conscience. The truth stands alone.

        I look forward to hearing more from both of you, as well as “Darkmoon” herself. It’s a real relief to find out there are other knowledgeable people spreading the truth (we truly are in a race against time). A truth that is hard to swallow, but one that must be spoken nonetheless.

        Fact is, the situation is at least as bad as you, Ellie, and I have made it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always hope, but only realists have a realistic chance of defeating these “evil evil Jews”.

      2. I’ve got a couple comments below which are “awaiting moderation”. Anything to it, other than a mod simply overlooking them? As in, is this a censor-free site? I hope so, because I really enjoy the articles and would like to participate in the dialogue.

  12. Sorry, said too much today I know, BUT want to correct another misconception, this time from lobro, and several others. My point is, WE HAVE TO GET THINGS UTTERLY CORRECT TO FORM A VIABLE RESISTANCE!
    lobro says: “but the numbers … there are only 20 million or less.
    and will be much less in no time as soon as lawh and awdah breaks down.”
    TOTALLY FALSE CONFIDENCE! Who says ONE Jew will get shot! They will resort to such as Fortress New York, the doors will shut and the Goyim mayhem, butchery and raping will be OUTSIDE their gates! As with the JEWS who occupied fortress Kremlin!
    They have perfected their status as the protected species! Most of us, 99% are brainwashed! FACT!
    As a keen student of history and doctorate holder (and lots of sheilas!) NUMBERS mean nothing in Rahm Emanuel’s or Israel Gelfant’s (aka the dreaded PARVUS!) definition of working effectively in a CRISIS; as in Tyron’s state of total “lawlessness” enveloping the USA. This can happen literally in 24 hours once the power grid is turned OFF, etc!
    History shows that out of crises, such as in Russia, etc, POWER can be easily gained by a small group of highly dedicated individuals with a common aim! In Russia it was a small group of JEWS, including your Trotsky and other New Yorkers!
    I can assure you the Jewish DIASPORA already has this in place; as well as the NEW MONEY in Swiss vaults. (as Ellie told you!) My Swiss girlfriend of years ago is a leading bank exec in Zurich (I visited her last year for her fondus, fine wines and sexy body) and has told me of the Jewish gold that is amassing and the MONEY! The rest is in Tel Aviv! In huge tunnels, guarded by American made nuclear weapons!
    Gold and silver will be the only means of exchange in the coming lawlessness! Women can sell their bodies as well!
    So forget about suddenly AWARE Americans (some 320,000,000 of ’em) running around saying Lasha’s line: “It’s the joos!” As is NOW, MOST will not have a clue! The Jews have pictured the scenario in their end of civilization movies that are everywhere!
    You have to EDUCATE all your friends and like a good joke gets around in Oz, the word has to get out to the masses! Otherwise MASS genocide as in the rest of the 20th century world! That is why I support a site like this! But we have to tell the skeletal TRUTHS with no romantic visions attached. Phew, enuf for a few days! Got wives and kids to attend to! Will think a lot about my lerv for Ellie!

    1. all due respect max but let’s not go overboard on either respect for each other or especially the jews.

      it may be that you suffer from jew-induced blindness that you warn others against.
      it is to be expected and i am sure that on occasion i am victim too, overconfidence is no strength.

      in a previous post somewhere, i told ellie that one reason i take her for real is that a letter that she quoted let a cat out of the bag regarding what it is that worries jews about us, the goyums.

      instead of focusing on our perceived weakness and jew’s perceived strength, as he wishes it to be, how about the other way around?

      i believe that if you examine the logistics carefully, you will see that he has no clean extrication to sustainable safety.

      he is totally unable to survive without us, just as we cannot survive with him.

      think about that and related points that i have no time to raise now.
      like i promised, i am going to shut up for a bit and let the party go on without me.

      1. Correct. The parasite Jew needs a healthy host.

        NOT TO WORRY…!!
        Ellie is ‘catfishing’ for the minds of the readers, and their comments.

        Lasha already told us that EK’s grand design was a novel which would include our ‘ridiculous’ comments.

        Very early on… I said it was a plan for scripting for a screen-play. Same old – same old.

        Folks love to be scared… They love horror movies!

      2. Ultimately all humans are goyums. Including jews.

        Then there’s “jews”, who are not. Lots of them around, too. They’re everywhere. Ask any skywatchers how active it is up there. (Not sayin they’re all “jews”, though. There’s actually a myriad of entities. Creator has some imagination, I’ll tell ya.) Anyway, it used to be mostly satellites and the occasional odd flying pattern. Now….phew. Some nights it’s like an arcade game up there.

        It’s said alot of em are fighting each other, with the humans the potential spoils, so of course they’re not only watching, but directing things down here.

        Lobro, I gotta tell ya, the extent to which we’re duped you would hardly believe. We keep going on about “boots on the ground” making their own decisions. It ain’t like that at all.

        Anyway, summers are short enough as it is around here. Gotta go. Time for a brief sabbatical from the 21st Century

        I think I feel like Patton sometimes, when the old iconoclast said he hated the 20th Century. Most times I keep up with it, other times…

        Hence, a sabbatical


  13. EK used the term ‘Special Money’ as if it were something new. SDRs – ‘Special Drawing Rights’ – have been used for decades. Like I said, the USPS has used them officially since 2010 in International Money Orders.

    USPS Regulations:

    323.62 Accepting Clerk’s Responsibility
    The accepting clerk must do the following:
    a. Indicate on PS Form 2976-A the amount for which the parcel is insured. Write the amount in U.S. dollars in ink in the “Insured Amount (U.S.) block.”
    b. Convert the U.S. dollar amount to the special drawing right (SDR) value and enter it in the SDR value block. For example:
    $100.00 (U.S.)
    65.16 SDR
    c. See Exhibit 323.62 for a table showing the conversion of U.S. dollar values up to $600 to SDR equivalents. To determine SDR equivalents above $600, multiply the insured amount, rounded up to the next full dollar, by the conversion factor of 0.6516.
    Note: Use the following rates when converting between U.S. dollars and SDR values:
    1 U.S. $ = 0.6516 SDR
    1 SDR = $1.53 ($1.5346 U.S.)

  14. Rather long-winded commentary that could of easily be shortened to this:

    “It’s the Jews baby, It’s the Jews.”

    If you want to get across to American minds that are filled with toxic Hollywood slop, Paris Hilton fantasies and the Rapture, you need to condense what you want to say so their poisoned minds can understand this simple truth…

    “It’s the Jews baby, It’s the Jews.”

  15. @ Ellie K

    “If I were you I would pay no attention to the person presenting himself as Dr David Green.”

    Madame, you break my heart by this harsh comment. And by your other comments reflecting on my crass stupidity and my ineligibility for the human race. And all because I reflected on your difficult style of writing (in interminable sentences) and for providing so few hard facts in your essay. You promised to tell us of apocalyptic things to come, but failed, as I say, to deliver on your promise.

    Surely it is reasonable for me to say what so many other people are thinking?

    I note with amusement how Mad Max Binney is bowled over by your sexy appearance and is salivating to lure you into his Australian harem in the Back of Beyond!

    My favorite poster Lobro also appears to have lost his heart to you, babbling on about face masks that resemble lacy women’s underwear. Wow! that guy has an imagination! I saw no lacy underwear in sight, but if Lobro saw lingerie where I saw only a mask, maybe I need to get my eyesight tested!

    Madame, lighten up!

    I apologize sincerely if I have hurt your feelings. Do I respect you? Yes, I do! You write far better than I do and most other people on this website. I mentioned Henry James, didn’t I? I said your style resembled his. Is that an insult or a compliment? James is a great writer! His novels are set books in the universities! You ought to be pleased to be compared to one of America’s premier novelists!

    I was merely suggesting to you, dear Madame, that it might have been wiser to submit to the editing process. After all, Lasha Darkmoon is herself no mean writer. She is a highly talented wordsmith who helped to make your previous article acceptable to a vast audence on Veterans Today and Truthseeker. This is because she knows exactly what appeals to a mass audience. She is herself a populist writer, and, though she has a doctorate, does her best to avoid the fetor academicus — the rank odor of academia.

    You would beneft, it seems to me, by her kindly ministrations.

    Think on this, madame, and let me know if you agree that Ms Darkmoon is not a person whose good offices you ought to spurn. She has sent you hugs and kisses. You have given her, in return, the cold shoulder and the supercilious eyebrow.

    Shame on you!

    1. EK had no right to single you out for telling the facts.

      5/11 was miffed about the word ‘perpetrate’ since it presupposed a crime.
      Fraud IS a crime!! And there is NO statute of limitations on fraud.

      No one even knows the sex of EK – 5/11 – Ellie – Redshielder- Alex – ad nauseum, who may be the spittin’ image of J. Edgar Hoover. Picture that as sexy..Whoa..!!

      EK is ‘catfishing’ for info for a novel and TV show.

      Don’t get sucked in by a Hollywood wannabe.

      I appreciate your wisdom.

  16. ellie is wrong to have turned on dr green whom i know from way back as the poster of integrity.
    not only that, he was the first to have supported you.

    on the other hand, i would equally or more warn those who whether knowingly or not seek to tear ellie down in order to build up their own ego with rubble of destruction.

    for what’s it worth, i state that the above material is brand new and it passes my smell test.
    watch your back ellie, don’t go into dark alleys and hallways because you unfortunately made more enemies among your former tribe than made friends among strangers.

    but you did the right thing and that is the only thing that counts.

  17. I do not agree in any measure that what EK has presented is factual. And one instance is just plain wrong.

    The 4 UNKNOWN FACTS proposed by EK, are actually 3 GUESSES and 1 MISTAKE!!

    UNKNOWN FACT 1. Hearsay. Opinion. Guesses. No fact.
    UNKNOWN FACT 2. Is an opinion. The ‘printed’ money has never been seen. But, SDRs, as an accumulation of ledger entries, debts, have been used for decades, as established by Bretton Woods.

    UNKNOWN FACT 3. Is an opinion. No fact was presented or substantiated.

    With the exception of the NRA, it is the only pillar not yet wholly corrupted.

    This is actually a mistake – MISTAKE #4 – BECAUSE:
    The NRA is working with the UN to confiscate guns in America.

    NRA Supported the National Firearms Act of 1934!!

    In fact, they’ve supported gun rights infringements “since…1871.”

    by Angel Shamaya
    Founder/Executive Director
    March 29, 2002

    ***“The National Rifle Association has been in support of workable, enforceable gun control legislation since its very inception in 1871.” ****
    —NRA Executive Vice President Franklin L. Orth
    NRA’s American Rifleman Magazine, March 1968, P. 22


    This is a reason why 5/11 – EK – Alex – does not write in a MORE understandable fashion. We might catch on!!

    1. There happens to be SEVERAL different forms of scrip awaiting circulation. Do not be fooled into thinking ‘They’ have ‘put all their eggs in one basket’. Waaay too clever, They.

      As EK noted in her comment, above, there may be some discussion and debate on a fiery demise – or a ‘silent mowing’. The fiery demise, of course, will involve much self-annihilation in the form of chaotic violence and frantic survival, as well as an undesirable amount of infrastructure damage. I’d think They’d want it more orderly… which is why I believe the ‘silent mowing’ (already engaged) may accelerate noticeably, soon. It is less destructive in material loss – even though messy and stinking – and so many will be busy disposing of the dead, too, that a certain numbness of demeanor will be disarming, in itself. Sheep awaiting and resigned to the slaughter…

      These dire forebodings have been contemplated longer than Miss Ellie has been around. BUT, still: There’s many a slip ‘tween the cup and the lip! Stonewall Jackson is said to have emphatically observed that the BEST battle plans change when the first shot is fired. Likewise, all this is evolutionary and subject to
      change. There ARE no stone engravings of things-to-come. Don’t burden
      yourselves too much about whether Miss Ellie is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

      1. I won’t burden myself that much whether she(?) is right or wrong, ONLY when 5/11 -EK – stops with the ‘inside info’ claims of being in the ‘know’ as if we don’t have a clue. I never claimed to be an expert… he/she did.

  18. UNTOLD story: When Jew terrorist planned to bomb London.

    On Tuesday September 9, 1947, American newspaper The Argus reported the arrest of 16 members of Jewish terrorist groups Stern Gang and a US Army Air Force (USAAF) pilot Reginald Gilbert by the French police at the Toussus le-Noble airport near Versailles.

    The terrorist group was lead by a Ukrainian-born Rabbi Baruch Korff, chairman of the American Political Action Committee for Palestine and his private secretary Judith Rosenberger, a Hungarian-born US citizen. All of them were accused of trying to bomb the British Foreign Office building in London in order to force London to withdraw its forces from Palestine which the World Zionist movement had decided to turn into “for Jews only” Israel by armed terrorism.

    In 2003, the released British secret service MI5 documents also confirmed that there was a “Project for a air raid over London City, in the course of which leaflets were to be dropped in the name of Stern Gang, together with high-explosive bombs“.

  19. hypocrisy
    Hypocrisy is when someone judges someone and condemns him but the same law he used won’t apply to him.
    Some keep saying that the people that immigrated to Palestine weren’t real Jews that these came from khazaria who then emigrated to Eastern Europe then to Palestine at the end of the 29th century and after the holocaust but they are not Semitic.
    Are they or are they not Jews?
    I am a Palestinian and I don’t care if they are Jews or not I hate them the same for obvious reasons.
    And i just hope the day where one cooks plutonium and uranium in the microwave is near

  20. hypocrisy
    Hypocrisy is when someone judges someone and condemns him but the same law he used won’t apply to him.
    Some keep saying that the people that immigrated to Palestine weren’t real Jews that these came from khazaria who then emigrated to Eastern Europe then to Palestine at the end of the 19th century and after the holocaust but they are not Semitic.
    Are they or are they not Jews?
    I am a Palestinian and I don’t care if they are Jews or not I hate them the same for obvious reasons.
    And i just hope the day where one cooks plutonium and uranium in the microwave is near

  21. Forget to comment on John Scott Montecristo stating: “Madam Ellie’s faceless agents will track down Ms Darkmoon to her secluded cottage on Dartmoor, in the county of Devon, England, and give her a damn good thrashing.”
    Took a couple of my wives with me on a short sabbatical to the county of my ancestors last year, Devon, and spent a week walking the hills of Dartmoor.
    Now this is interesting: I noticed a number of very secluded cottages and actually spoke to some of my distant relatives, the Minifies. I am related to Susanne Minifie who wrote the very first gossip-type novella. Now was she a great, dark haired beauty from Dartmoor and she was the centre of the “Marquis Scandal.” Her portrait is in the London Gallery. “Miss Minifie.” She was also involved in political espionage. The Bilney side come from Norfolk.
    They told me of 2 women living alone in the wilderness – one an old crone who is supposed to be a witch and one a beautiful, mysterious, dark haired woman. I went in search but could not find either. Maybe the latter was Ellie! I conveniently left my wives in Broadhembury and went alone, hoping tp spin my handsome Nordic charm on Ellie. But alas I could not find her!
    So how are the goons of Jewdom going to find her? Perhaps they will global beam in on her computer. (GPS)
    What a pity if they were to give Lasha a good lashing/spanking! The thought of tears in her eyes makes me shake.
    I took my Ozzie stock whip with me, as I act like Indiana Jones and am very good with the whip! I would use it to drive the Jewish goons away. Maybe Lasha likes a good spanking, just as I do; but I can only dream of that.

  22. Nice language. As to Ellie, my gut feeling is that the name is a pun on a name which begins with the letter L. Get my drift?

  23. With all this pontificating I ask what’s to be done? It’s hard to believe that with all this commenting not one mention of Eustace Mullins and his many writings.
    He nailed Judah to the wall years ago with elegant prose. One of his most important little books was “The Biological Jew”. Get it. Read it. If you have, read it again.
    The text may be on line.
    While the commenters are flapping their lippy keyboards. True and elegant writers and spokesman are rotting in the American Gulag.
    Case in point, Edgar J. Steele waiting to die in Federal lockup framed by the dictators
    servants for a crime he didn’t commit. Then there is Bill White locked up under inhuman conditions in Florida awaiting trial for a crime that the dictatorship knows he didn’t commit.
    Bottom line: Whites in America will be less than 50% if the population by 2050.
    Sometime during the 22 century Whites will be extinct in America and Canada.
    This is a parasitic Jew wet dream. If the Blacks and browns think they have it bad now, wait till the Jew and the Chinese get their hands on them without the soft headed Whiteman to protect them.
    However, there is a plan and a program to save White civilization and culture in North America. It’s Called the Northwest Front. It’s a wee little movement watched over carefully by the dictator’s servants. Get and read the 5 NW Novels by Harold A. Covington. Learn what his vision of one of many possibilities awaits the future of the White race.
    Read thought crime to get started:

    PS: If that is a true picture of Ellie Katsnelson (aka Madame Rothschild) I’ll eat the local rabbi’s yarmulke. There’s been way to much inbreeding among the Rothschilds for that face of a Nordic/Celtic beauty. This Ellie may be writing in her turgid prose knowing nothing, so far, will be done about the rise of the parasite. She is pulling your collective leg so to speak.

    1. Most of the regular commenters here have referenced Mullins many, many times. He was one of the best. Some have written they followed him for decades and even knew him personally. Ezra Pound is mentioned quite a bit here also. Pound spawned Mullins.

      No matter how valuable, there is only so much which can be repeated before interest is lost.

      Steele suffers needlessly. It is pathetic.

  24. Ellie is a wonderful writer, eloquent and knowledgeable, her style suggests a woman of leisure and learning, and her insight into the jewish character is remarkable.

  25. Visit and download john alan martinsons broadcasts from your mind will be totaly expanded and you will se reality. no illuminati bullshit no zionist crap just the truth about the problem unmasked and the promblem is the jewish race wich has been kicked out of 84 countries 104 times.

  26. Another example – the organized Jewry got the Christian West by its tail.

    On Wednesday, a senior official at the Dutch Justice Ministry in Twitter message claimed that the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” is a Zionist plot, funded by the US and Israel to demonize Islam.

    Yasmina Haifi, a project leader at the ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, posted on Twitter: “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionist who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name.”

    The message really pissed off the powerful pro-Israel lobby groups. MPs belonging to the anti-Islam and anti-immigration Geert Wilders Party for Freedom (PVV) demanded that the Justice Minister explain how a person with such anti-Semitic views reached such a prominent position in the Ministry.

    On August 8, 2014, MP Wilders on his personal blog posted: “We must unconditionally support Israel in battle (against Hamas). At a moment when Israel is the only democracy in the region and a bastion of the free West, we must stand firmly behind Israel.”

  27. Ravishingly good! The picture, though delectable, surely cannot be that of the writer! Have emailed the URL of the website to most people I know. Speaking of Jews, I believe the authoress of the above text has described them in a way unlike any I have ever come across. A professional writer, for sure, and one with an uncanny knowledge of the subject too. Keep up the good work.

  28. To Ellie Katsnelson,

    Bitch, rest assured that your articles have not gone without notice in the Jewish community here in Holland. We don’t like what we are reading, since in your JEWS AND THEIR WAYS you seem to lump all the Jews in one basket. If you have an axe to grind, go and grind it with those who have made your life miserable, you evil woman, and not with all of us. Your name too has been noted, and it may not be long before some accident or another befalls you. How would you like it if I put you in the same basket as your race, whatever that is, and said that you are no different from the worse of them? You wouldn’t, would you?
    I Implore all the Jews of the world who visit this toilet of a site to show solidarity with their race and hound this whore Ellie Katsnelson to death. I wouldn’t be surprised if this bitch is a Nazi! Hear, O Sons of Israel, hear!

    1. @ Esther

      Bitch, rest assured that your articles have not gone without notice in the Jewish community here in Holland. We don’t like what we are reading,… Your name has been noted, and it may not be long before some accident or another befalls you…. I Implore all the Jews of the world who visit this toilet of a site to show solidarity with their race and hound this whore Ellie Katsnelson to death….Hear, O Sons of Israel, hear!

      Esther, dear kindred spirit and fellow sufferer under gentile persecution, thank you for these courageous words of wisdom. Your passion and sincerity have moved me to join you here in execrating this “toilet of a site”, as you so aptly describe it.

      Remember that this bitch, as you call her, is half Jewish and so her apostasy and betrayal of our noble ancestors is all the more galling. I would advise you however, my dearest, to refrain from making death threats on this site. Incitement to violence is against the law and weakens your position.

      I can understand your anger. I feel it myself. I feel it in particular for the evil genius who presides over this website like a spider spinning her dark webs in the corner of some dungeon. This person is cunning and duplicitous. Never once does she utter anything overtly criminal or compromising. She is like a female poisoner who plans her crimes in secret, with many a charming smile, like Lucretia Borgia. How I hate this bitch incarnate who shall remain nameless. Even to repeat her name is enough to bring me to orgasm — an orgasm not of love but of pure sadistic hatred in which I dream of knives and garottes and instruments of torture.

      Farewell for now, dearest sister in suffering, flower of my race, ever adorable object of my veneration… accept from me now a chaste kiss on your noble brow.

      Your humble servant,

      Seymour Zak

  29. Isn’t that sweet? Be still my fluttering heart!

    Esther and Seymour. Now THERE’S a pair to beat a full house

    And one that will never be confused with Tristan and Isolde 😉

  30. Shalom, and Yasher koach, my Jewish brother, Seymor Zak,

    How glad I am to have come across you here, O human being! May my words find you in peace, and may your heart grow stronger still! I don’t come here often, but have been coming for the last month or so. I only returned here two hours ago to leave a comment, as many of us at our Van der Boechorststraat Synagogue talk about this rich evil woman who has angered so many of our hears with her hurtful words. Some of us say that we should just ignore her, but others have different thoughts. But I won’t say them, as you kindly asked me not to speak what shouldn’t be spoken. May your words always be golden!

    Who is she, Zak, my dearest brother in suffering? Is she really a Rothschild? Pray, tell me NO! I will never believe this! She can’t be! We don’t speak about ourselves like this! You know, my dear and holy brother, even if we disagree sharply, we always find some way of settling our differences, but to call each other evil, dirty, filthy! O, may black sorrow be all that her mother will see and hear of her, that’s all I will say. And I have just read her latest abomination too! O, may she grow a thorned tongue, O may she! May her own mother bury her!

    Do not worry, my dear brother Zak, do not. On us God will visit His blessings, but on the likes of her, may He visit all His curses! May He lose her sight! May she mourn in daytime and in night time! May she turn into a chandelier and hang by day and burn by night, O God, may she!

    I will have you constantly in my thoughts and prayers, my dear brother Zak, and you, may God bless you each and every time he dispenses a blessings, and may He gift you ten ships of gold, for He sees everything, O how He does!

    Keep well, my blood brother Zak, keep very, very well. For they who are friends with that accursed woman may as well be friends with lizards and adders! May that Ellie take poison at each awaking! May she not see her eyes in the mirror! May she grow cold!

    I will keep you in my heart for all my living days on earth, my brother Zak, and may God help you bear all your burdens! I have you in my heart, in my heart of hearts! We are God’s children, brother Zak. I leave you with my love now.

    Your sister, for today and for all eternity,
    Esther Oppelaar

  31. O Esther, may you and I live in interesting times!
    O Esther, may I spoon-feed your little ones with your own medulla oblongata!
    O Esther, may I be the one who turns every synagogue into a live chandelier!
    O Esther, may the day come when your Rabbis cross themselves six million times a day!
    O Esther, may you suffer today, and tomorrow, and forever after!
    O Esther, may all the Jews turn into monkeys!
    O Esther, may your Talmud stoke your own living fires!
    O Esther, may your Hebrew become the language of mutes!
    O Esther, may those ships of gold sink you and all your Jews!
    O Esther, may tomorrow Israel disappear! O Esther!

    Keep them coming. The more they curse Ellie, the more I love her and believe her.

  32. Seymour and Esther

    I say this to you not to be mean or cruel.

    it’s time you take a good long look in the mirror. You really need to do some self individual and group examinations. Why do I say this? Lets start with this- OK?

    Some 2250 years ago Esau/Edom was absorbed into Judah proper. The only conditions put on them was that they would assimilate into Judah, respecting their hebrew laws and customs. Instead, these people murdered the King (Hycranus) put one of their own (Herodian Dynasties), took over the priesthood-took over the banking, threw out authentic Hebraic law instituting the Babylonian Talmud. This is exactly what you’re doing again to the authentic 12 tribes so I want to ask you- you do know that you are both spiritual and racial impostors of Judah and Israel, right? And how did your little plan work out 2000 years ago?

    Before I recall this to you and your “rabbi’s” memory, allow me to prove my charge from your own authoritative sources.

    The 1925 Encyclopedia Judaica states “Edom (Esau) is modern Jewry”

    The Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Volume 10:23 proclaims “The Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelis in 1860”

    The 1980 Jewish Almanac p.3 states “strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew”

    Do you believe history repeats itself? Do you believe the authentic Creator/Savior is just? What does this say about your future since you have usurped your younger brother again (Jacob-whites) making the entire planet a hellhole thats on the verge of total extinction?

    You “Jews” have been ALLOWED by I AM to rebuild the land of Israel but you don’t get it- you’re not rebuilding it for your people. Your rebuilding it for our remnant that will win our claim to Zion.

    So here is what i suggest from a heart that doesn’t like to see anyone parish, especially those who have the maternal genetics left in them from Esau, our older brother, of our father Isaac.

    1. Drop your identity fraud and call yourself by your real ethnic titles (Esau or Ashkenaz)
    2. Defend your younger brother Jacob-Israel/Judah (Whites/Europeans- Authentic Christians).
    3. Oppose your fellow fake “Jews” in all of their frauds, mass murder etc
    4. REPENT of your crimes and follow I AM’s/Jesus law (Common/natural/Christian law) from the authentic Greek texts (not your Masoretic 900 AD rewrite texts with Satanic Talmud interpretations).
    5. Submit to I AM/Jesus’ rule because if you don’t, you won’t be able to co-rule with your brother or the other races of the planet who accept the living I AM.
    6. Denounce “YWHW”, the one who comes in his own name first and LEAVE “Israel” assimilating into whatever nation accepts you.
    7. Have faith that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is just and all merciful– that he will look highly upon you if you do so, giving you a seat at his table, at the wedding feast, when he comes back.
    8. If you don’t you can read your repeated fate as outlined in both Malachi and Obediah- a fate I believe will make what the Romans did to your people 2000 years ago look like child’s play this time around.

  33. Esther Oppelaar,

    It has come to my attention that you have succeeded in causing some unpleasant and rather unwelcome movement in the otherwise good mind of Lasha Darkmoon, and that, by way of your black Talmudic threats, you have also succeeded in causing her to doubt her own courage. Well, Jewess, let me tell you something.

    First, if you and your Amsterdam Yeshiva cohorts ever wonder about effecting those thoughts of yours on me, I am pleased to inform you that I can be found at the Louvre, Room 8, every day, between the hours of 10:00h and noon.

    Second, that when in Paris I live in Auteil, and that my favourite café is Le Beaujolais d’Auteuil, at 99 Boulevard Montmorency, where also I can be found unfailingly daily between the hours of 12:10h and 14:00h. That would be me, with long blonde hair, 170 cm in height, carrying a little Kooikerhondje Spaniel. You cannot mistake me, Esther Oppelaar, believe me, even if you tried. It were better if you expressed your thoughts about the article rather than resort to threats, as I am not Lasha Darkmoon, and so am not easily moved by your threatening words.

    Come, then, Jewess, to any of those places, and we shall see which of us two shall atone for her defects: you, for being the Devil’s representative on earth, or me, a fighter for truth and justice, though if I were you I would not come alone, not that you Jews ever take the road alone! Centuries of beating tend to tech a man a lesson or two.

    In my country, Germany, every family is slowly reviving the long-dormant saying of DEUCHTUM!, and you, being a Jew, should know what that means. To the day, then, Esther Oppelaar, to the day!

    Ellie K
    Auteuil, Paris

    1. ellie, you are a fierce one, but don’t be caught alone or they’ll do a faurisson on you, you know the premium jew places on honor and chivalry.

      hope that that hoochikootchie pooch that accompanies you has a full set of teeth on him.

    2. and what is DEUCHTUM, sounds like something i’d like to say at the right moment (pronounced DOYHTUM?)

      is DEUCHTUM, DEUCHTUM uber alles ok?

    3. @ Ellie K

      You address these words to that fascinating creature “Esther”:

      “It has come to my attention that you have succeeded in causing some unpleasant and rather unwelcome movement in the otherwise good mind of Lasha Darkmoon, and that, by way of your black Talmudic threats, you have also succeeded in causing her to doubt her own courage. Well, Jewess, let me tell you something…. I am not Lasha Darkmoon, and so am not easily moved by your threatening words.”

      I find these words very strange. I have not communicated to you my thoughts about “Esther” at any time, nor have I ever indicated that I am moved by her “threatening words.” Moreover, my “otherwise good mind” has not been invaded by doubts of any kind, nor have I “begun to doubt my own courage.”

      These are foolish fantasies of your own, dear Ellie. They have nothing to do with me. I do not tremble in my boots at Esther’s threats. In fact, I am enormously amused by them, as I am by the fatuous effusions of the delightful Seymour Zak. They are birds of a feather, these two: spoof writers, satirists, practical jokers, clowns.

      As for you, darling, I regard you in the same way as before, with tender respect and undiminished admiration for your peculiar type of genius. Stars like you do not drop from the skies every night. I have not had time to read your most recent email to me — most of the emails in my inbox still lie unread — but I would like you to know this: I will do all I can to publish and promote your future work.

      Hugs and kisses,


  34. Ellie Katsnelson,

    May God forgive me for replying to you, and may everything I have uttered against you last night come true! I only wrote last night to raise my complaint about your evil description of the Jewish race, as well as to tell the owner of this site what I think of it and of her. It is a moral sewer, and creatures like you and her are the ones who pollute it. YOU ARE NOT A ROTH! A Roth does not speak about her own race in the way that you have spoken! Even if something is evil, it is better not to talk about it but to try and quietly to correct it. A person who engages her mind with the thoughts like yours, with time is no different from what passes through her head. Your evil German conception of the Jew is not only half formed, but is atrociously formed too. Haven’t you seen the 40,000 Jews that converged at the New York City Met in May 20, 2012, against pornography? Are you saying that we all went there simply to show our faces? You, who say that you know the Jews so well, haven’t you heard the Jewish saying that, ”To enjoy pornography is like sleeping with the dead?” Why don’t you mention these words but you go attacking the entire Jewish race like a Nazi hound that you are! Maybe it’s your wealth that has caused in you that mental sloth and arrogance which you spew here so passionately. I myself would rather be dead than ever be like that man in the cartoon who is trying to fool children with some candy. But obviously you and the owner of this putrid site share the same evil and filthy thoughts about the Jews, and so I think it’s highly unlikely that I will ever change either of you. Of this woman, Lasha Darkmoon, presuming she is a woman, I wish to hear nothing but the worst, and may she rot in her dark mysterious cocoon wherever that might be. But on you, EK (I can no loner bring myself to pronounce your name) I can only repeat the same curses I uttered last night.
    May the blackest sorrow be all that anyone ever sees and hears of you! May you grow a thorned tongue! May you lose your sight! May you mourn in daytime and in night time! May you turn into a chandelier and hang by day and burn by night! May God cause you to forget your own name, and may you not recognize yourself in the mirror!
    I have no wish whatsoever to meet you either in Paris or anywhere else. I only cursed you, I did not threaten you, as I do not threaten people. You are not that mysterious, you know! Arund Grossend, and Abraham Hopfstahl and Lev Moisei, they all have heard about you, and Lev said that he even knows your exact address, so what mystery really is there to you? My brother in suffering, Seymour Zak, was right: you have betrayed the blood of our noble ancestors, and for this God will punish you.

    Brother Zak: please pay no attention to the words of these two evil women, but instead concentrate your heart and soul on everything that is good and holy. Consider yourself CONSCIOUSLY as being special, as being different, as being better, and as being the chosen child of God. Our enemies do not have the same spirit as us, which is why most of them and their children have become so torpid and listless. We, on the other hand, must, brother Zak exercise our mind, and heart, and soul to the uttermost and not allow ourselves to be either frightened or coerced into doing anything which may prejudice our being, for God sees, he always does, and if God sees something that is not to His liking, he immediately punishes the wrongdoer, and we are not a nation of wrongdoers, brother Zak, but of do-gooders and believers. May you be blessed by God in everything that you do, and may I hear only beautiful words about you, my brother in suffering.

    Your sister, Esther Oppelaar

    1. Esther

      I noticed you tried to ignore the outright admissions of your peoples mass identity fraud. Hence, I call attention to it again.

      When one of your own race stands up to expose your elite’s evil plans, you would rather CURSE THEM than HELP them which is so typical of your kind.

      Why? Because your father is SATAN and SATAN is the enemy of mankind, the white race and the prime creator, plotting to destroy all (and you too but you’re too blind to see it). So, instead of rooting out those who commit evil among you, you ADMIT that the “right thing to do” in your mind is to cover it up and no, we don’t buy the “and silently correct it” nonsense because if that was your MO, your ranks wouldn’t be FULL of every kind of criminal pathology known to humanity.

      And it is for this VERY REASON the time is soon approaching when thinking it’s your salvation, you so called Jews will be hightailing it back to “israel” — your international criminal hideout. Then and ONLY then will the scales fall from your wicked eyes realizing that it was you yourselves who sealed your own doom.

      “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: ‘The words of the holy one, the true one, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, who shuts and no one opens.
      8 “‘I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. 9 Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you.

      I AM/Jesus is speaking of us, Jacob– whites/Europeans- Christians.

      Author unknown..

      If their lips move, they’re lying.
      If Quiet: they’re stealing.
      If sitting: they’re clipping coins.
      If standing: it’s in handcuffs.
      If running: it’s away from a crime scene.
      If driving: it’s a get away car.
      If flying: they’re bombing civilians.
      If sailing: it’s a slave ship.
      If banking: they’re banksters.
      If in a group: they’re gangsters.
      If with women: they’re pimps.
      If with kids: it’s to molest & ritually murder them.
      If standing over a corpse: it’s to harvest their organs.
      If marching: it’s in a gay parade.
      If on stage: it’s burlesque.
      If in a magazine: it’s smut.
      If doctoring: it’s an abortion.
      If in our military: it’s to kill Americans & blame others.
      If in the Gov’t: it’s to spy for Israel.
      If in court: it’s to bear false witness & condemn the innocent.
      If paranoid: it’s over the holohoax & imaginary gas chambers.
      If sad: it’s over lost change.
      If with immigration: it’s to open our borders to illegal beaners.
      If on the news: it’s to stir up another war.
      If in a church: it’s to corrupt & Judaize it
      If with the NAACP: it’s to create hatred for White people.
      If starting a business: it’s a scam.
      If in the 9-11 truth movement: it’s to steer questions away from Israel.
      jews are our misfortune

      And the genocide of the white race (Jacob) continues on led by the “Jews”

      Ellie, good for you….don’t ever lose your courage!

      1. Good post, Tyron. I especially liked the long quote about Jews (“Author Unknown”). Where did you find it? Can you give a link?

    2. @ Esther

      Peace and blessings on thee, dear sister in suffering and apple of mine eye! May thy days be long in the land that the Lord giveth to the sons and daughters of Israel.

      When Israel is mighty, there will be no more subterfuges then. We will dispense with smiles and blandishments and rule with a rod of iron, trampling down on the enemies of our G-d like withered grapes in the winepress of abominations.

      Ellie K will be subjected to the most exquisite tortures, as will the degenerate Darkmoon. Their eyes will be pecked out by ravens and their juicy vaginas will be ravished by an army of Israelites. I will myself gladly preside over those Dionysian rites of rape and murder.

      As for thee, chaste object of my adoration, I will steal with thee into the tents of the night and pour into the flawless shell of thine ear all the secrets of Eternity.

      Farewell for now, my Perfect One! I will speak with thee anon in the tabernacles of darkest Night.

    1. That’s Esther in the foreground

      Still interested in the “chaste object of your adoration”, Zakkie? (where’s my barf bag?) There was your chance to steal into those tents

      Tabernacles of darkest night, eh? You got that right

  35. Ashteroth and Seymour Zak punctuate what Ellie Katsnelson said with an exclamation point. Petri dish examples of jew minds. So uncanny, I gotta wonder if it isn’t staged. Ashteroth spews her fantasies of snuff porn and then calls herself ‘holy’. And Yahshua is boiling in dung and semen, in hell. He porked his donkey too, according to their holy book “the Talmud”. Ashteroth revels in the tortures she has designed for Ellie, and then boasts of 40,000 jews protesting pornography. What do they consider pornography? Did Ashteroth dare show her janus head at this event with all of her self-righteousness?

    They’re 64 crayola crayons melted in a crockpot. They’re a corruption of kinds and their non-existent culture proves it. Corruption of kind is an abomination. Yahshua never indicated that anything was negotiable with them. El Shaddai didn’t create them. One look at the sophistical contrivances in their Talmud and in their speaking, and it’s easy to see why. It is what it is and you can’t reason with it.

    Chronic blank shooters that inbreeds and mongrels always are, they adopt a lot of children and raise them as jews. The Catholics had that outlawed, once. Their dying gene pool always needs new infusions of life. There are people who think they’re jews and are not and there are people who are jews who think they’re not. “Know them by their fruit” is the wise way. That fruit is withered and desolate.

    The abomination of desolation is standing in the Holy Place. The fig tree that He withered has re blossomed. The tares are bearing their fruit. The tares are turning RED, and distinguishable from the wheat. His words keep proving to be chillingly true. Spooky times.

    1. brilliant post, shirley. you are unusually eloquent today. it is for posts like this that I come on this site.

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