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paul craig robertsReading the Western Media, watching Western TV, and listening to Western radio, one is left with the propaganda that the Palestinians are to blame for the Israeli attack on Gaza, just as one is left with the propaganda that the Malaysian airliner deaths are Russia’s fault. There is no evidence, but propaganda does not require evidence. Just repetition.

The Gaza strip, a ghetto full of Palestinians evicted from their homes and villages in the West Bank, is one of the most densely populated areas on earth where life with scant resources is difficult. Israel is currently in the process of shrinking Gaza by 44 percent, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, is preparing another “emergency” aid package consisting of US tax dollars to finance Israel’s slaughter and compression of Palestinian lives.

One would think that the Great Moral West would be discussing sanctions on Israel and on Washington’s stooge government in Kiev, which is bombing civilian homes, apartment complexes, and infrastructure in provinces where the people object to the Russophobic government installed by Washington in place of the one that they elected. But the Great Moral West only aids the perpetrators of death and destruction, not the victims.

Palestinians are being dispossessed and exterminated exactly as were the native American Indians. On occasion Israeli officials have said that they are only following America’s lead in clearing the land of undesirables.

In America the success of Israeli propaganda, never challenged of course by the US media, exceeds the success of Washington’s own propaganda. Most Americans believe that Palestinian women and children are outfitted with explosive suicide belts and that “the snakes,” as they are described by Israeli politicians, walk into Israeli cafes and blow everyone up including themselves.

The fact of the matter is that Palestinians cannot get into Israel. Gaza is blockaded as are the few remaining Palestinian settlements in the West Bank. Israel has stolen almost all of Palestine. The few Palestinian settlements still permitted to exist are cut off by a massive wall from Israel and from each other by barbed wire and check points, cut off from hospitals and schools, from water, and from their fields and olive groves, which are being destroyed to make room for settlers‘ apartment blocks.

People this hemmed in are helpless, and the extreme right-wing Israeli settlers are moving into the few remaining Palestinian settlements evicting the Palestinians from their properties with the aid of US-provided Caterpillar tractors especially designed for uprooting Palestinian olive groves and demolishing Palestinian houses, just like the Caterpillar tractor that the Israelis ran over US citizen Rachel Corrie, murdering this protesting US citizen in cold blood. Yes, you are correct, the Great Moral US government did nothing about it. Israel learned when it murdered the crew of the USS Liberty in 1967 that Israel had carte blanche from Washington to murder US citizens.

What is another 1,200 murdered Palestinians? Who cares? Not Washington or the British PM in Whitehall and certainly not the Israelis. As far as Israel and the Great Moral West is concerned, 1,200 murdered Palestinians amount to nothing. They are not even chaff in the wind.

The last time Israel attacked the civilians in Gaza, a distinguished Israeli jurist, himself a Zionist, prepared a case for the UN that Israel had committed war crimes. On Israel’s orders the craven but very obedient US Congress passed a resolution denouncing the distinguished jurist for defaming the pure and innocent Israeli government. The pressure from Washington and Israel on the jurist broke his commitment to truth, and he retracted his findings.

This is what the Israel Lobby and the craven American presstitute media do to everyone who criticizes Israel’s crimes against humanity and Washington’s protection of Israel’s crimes. Anytime you see a person attacked by the Israel Lobby, you know for certain that the person under attack is the salt of the earth. The distinctive mark of a moral human being is to be attacked by the Israel Lobby and the presstitute American media.

David Ward, a member of the British Parliament, who has the right as a British citizen and member of Parliament to express his opinion, said that if he lived in Gaza under Israeli oppression, he would likely fire a rocket into Israel.

The British media and government is yet to criticize Israel for its crimes, but instantly attacked Ward for his “vile comments.” A Conservative member of Parliament, Nadhim Zahawi wrote the Metropolitan Police demanding an investigation into Ward’s statement “as a matter of urgency.” The Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps declared Ward’s statement to be an “incitement to violence,” a felony. The craven Labour Party declared Ward’s opinion to be “so vile and irresponsible” that “it defied belief.”

The Liberal Democrats of which Ward is a member “utterly condemned” Ward’s remarks and declared that Ward would be subject to disciplinary hearings and may permanently be expelled from the party.

There you have it. A member of Parliament in the country that invented freedom of speech expresses an honest opinion, and he is dead meat. Ward’s harmless remarks killed no one. The Israelis with weapons supplied by Washington have, at this time of writing murdered more than 1,200 people. But it is Ward who must be restrained, not Israel. Ward’s remarks are declared “vile and irresponsible” but not Israel’s murder of 1,200 people.

When you view the photos of Palestinians who have undergone an Israeli attack, what do you see? You see unarmed people crying, hugging dead children in their arms and one another. You never see a resolute armed people prepared to repel the next Israeli attack. You see devastated hospitals, schools, and apartment complexes and Palestinians in tears and no weapons.

What is striking about the success of Israeli propaganda is its success when all evidence is that Palestinians are pacifists, incapable of resistance. The bulk of the people in Gaza are refugees from the West Bank where their land and homes were stolen by the Great Democratic State of Israel. The Israeli destruction of Palestine has been going on for almost seven decades. And still Palestinians are not armed and have no effective military units.

After seven decades the Palestinian people remain unarmed. Hamas has a few ineffective weapons, but the people themselves are unarmed. Their response to the Israeli murders of their children, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, and friends is to cry. This is not the response of a warlike people.

In contrast, there are reports that Israeli civilians sit atop the hill overlooking Gaza on sofas that they bring along with their drinks and food and watch in glee, clapping and cheering as Israeli bombs destroy Palestinians in their homes, children in their schools, and the ill in hospitals. If this is the true face of “the only democracy in the Middle East,” it is the face of evil.

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  1. This is a brilliant new idea: edited extracts from the voluminous works of America’s most distinguished political dissident. Each extract is indeed a miniature gem.

    Darkmoon has selected only the most outstanding bits and pieces and arranged them in a collage. The extracts do not even come from the same article but from multiple sources. A highly original idea! I hope this column catches on and becomes a regular feature of this increasingly popular website.

    If I were PC Roberts, I would be pleased.

    1. Dr Green, you are always ready with the praise – “extracts from the voluminous works of America’s most distinguished political dissident. Each extract is indeed a miniature gem.” You loved Ellie too! What an obsequious wanka! Mr NOTHINGNESS! More concerned about style and trivialities than content – like Ty-GER!
      Personally, I speed-read the extracts, as I have read similar comments thousands of times before. Just read David Icke’s “headlines” for daily stories of the Jewish RED TERROR in operation. I realize that Monte’s and Lasha’s feature articles are giving you vivid perceptions of reality; which is particularly important for those of you who lack empathy and imagination.
      I have similar accounts galore going back to the brilliant works of the 1930’s.
      My point is, here we are nearly one century later and NOTHING has changed, other than the GENOCIDE is in its final stage. Put simply, there is little land left for the Palestinians to live on. Israel and the American government WANT the Arabs to become “the dust and waste of the desert.” (Chaim Weizmann) Harry Reid etc DO NOT CARE what they say in accepting the Marxist inevitability of the GENOCIDE. Obama would rather play golf than make a statement!
      The American government of the Great Satan DOES NOT CARE! BY association, the majority of Americans DO NOT CARE! For over 100 years the USA and its Jews have been setting the world alight and starting genocides. This is undeniable fact. Trotsky and his Jewish support team of Bolsheviks were out of New York!
      This is why I HATE THE USA so much! You have allowed yourselves to be “under Jewish rule.” At least Hitler fought against the Jewish hegemony, as he knew what was about to happen and what HAS happened to the USA. The Jewish canton of SLAVES! Bubbas and whores!
      Remember after WWII there was a common catch cry, “NEVER AGAIN.” But here we have GENOCIDE happening every day, much of it before our own eyes. We shouldn’t really need to see a Palestinian child with his head blown off, as similar atrocities are probably happening this VERY MINUTE!
      As Pat would say: “Go get ’em Ty-GER and Dr Green!” You are as week as piss as are MOST Americans! You are the curse of the planet! All EVIL is coming out of the USA!
      Tyron’s religious wackery and skullduggery is part of the American PROBLEM!

      1. Max-
        Please keep in mind that all of this Jew control in the US was going to be stopped by ONE MAN who knew how and had the guts to do it – – -BUT he was murdered:

        GENERAL GEORGE PATTON’S MURDER on 21 December 1945 is one of the most concealed events in military history.
        Although Patton’s military file at the National Archives in St Louis has over 1300 pages of documents, only a handful of pages are devoted to the car crash. Strangely, the 5 on-the-scene military reports of the incident disappeared shortly after archived. Why?
        Patton’s end began on 9 December 1945 when after setting out on a pheasant hunting trip near Mannheim, Germany, a two-ton US Army truck collided into his Cadillac staff car.
        Patton suffered neck injuries either from a bullet or less likely from impact but was not seriously hurt. Yet his driver, Horace Woodring and his chief of staff, General Hap Gay, walked away with barely a scratch.
        On the way to the hospital, Patton’s rescue vehicle was struck again by another two-ton Army truck. This time he was injured more severely, but still clung to his life.
        Neither of the truck drivers were arrested nor had their names disclosed although Patton’s driver stated that the first truck was waiting for them on the side of the road as they’d started up from a railroad track stop.
        It was later reported by former intelligence agent Ladislas Farago, that the driver of the first truck, Robert L Thompson, (who was whisked away to London before he could be questioned), was not authorized to drive the vehicle and had two mysterious passengers with him “in violation of rules.”
        Ladislas also pointed out that although the crash occurred on a remote road on a quiet, no-work Sunday morning, a large crowd of mostly military personnel quickly descended on the scene.
        Once at the hospital, Patton was able to contact his wife in America urging her to remove him from the hospital because, “They’re going to kill me here.” And that they did.

      2. @ Max Bilney

        “Dr Green, you are always ready with the praise – “extracts from the voluminous works of America’s most distinguished political dissident. Each extract is indeed a miniature gem.” You loved Ellie too! What an obsequious wanka! Mr NOTHINGNESS!”

        Piss off, Maxy! I’m not going to quarrel with you because I actually like to read your comments and would be heartbroken to see you kicked off this site! And that’s the truth.

        So I am to be castigated for liking Ellie, eh? Well, Lobro likes her too, I believe. And I have deep respect for Lobro’s opinions. He is seldom wrong about anything, in my humble opinion.

        Yes, I liked Ellie, and was sad to see her go. But she hasn’t gone, you know. She has just made two posts under another name. Too bad you’re too dimwitted or drink-sozzled to spot her! 🙂

      3. Max

        You said

        My point is, here we are nearly one century later and NOTHING has changed, other than the GENOCIDE is in its final stage..This is why I HATE THE USA so much! You have allowed yourselves to be “under Jewish rule.”



        Nothing has changed because 400 some years ago the “Jews” took over City of London Corp first, then all of Europe’s central banks (need I remind you that Australia is under the Crown?). Then they moved on to trying to recapture America that broke away. Then they murdered the Czar, 66 million white Christians (who didn’t have 16 wives beating them and their kids sometimes daily like you admitted) and recaptured America via the “Fed”. From here they instigated WW1. The Cold War was next using this false conflict to make the majority of Nations of the world Corporations with a Jewish central Bank. In 1958 they took control of the Vatican City Corp and at this point, they controlled all 3 city states previously under white/Christian control and this brought us where we are all at today; only two nations left not under their control, in the middle of WW3 about to go full blown. So please, get your facts straight.

        Australia is UNDER Jewish control, has been longer and more so.

        America has a card to play under law (not their legal fictions that trump it) and I have described it many times.

        Max, polls show Americans hate the Corporation US. The UNITED STATES is in DC and this is a FOREIGN JURISDICTION to mainland America whom they have usurped.

        If you were really concerned about the Pals- if you were really not a Jew- if you were really not here to try to push people into lawless acts so your Jew buddies can “justify” rounding up people with charges of “terrorism”, I might just listen to you.

        But the fact remains Max, you’r a JEW AGENT pretending to be a goy who seeks to control the narrative (hence peoples minds and emotions) into thinking, then saying and hopefully enacting lawless violence so as to give your ethnic cohorts an excuse to round Americans up and put into concentration camps- further justifying their police state.

        You should be praising the American people for starting to awaken.

        You should be promoting lawful solutions to the Jewish lawlessness that has engulfed America and the planet.

        You should know where law is derived from- the difference between UCC legal codes and Law (Common/Natural/Christian Law).

        But as it stands, you ignore all of that- attack those who actually oppose the “Jews” with endless slanders, promote murdering all cops, all Jews, as you CELEBRATE the thought of the American people being genocided in Camps erected my the “Jews”.

        In short, you’re a Jew Agent CLOWN Max and I will say it again- anyone who can’t see through your claptrap is being a grade A FOOL!

        1. Ty

          You do not recognize Max’s entertainment when you read it.

          Max was not mentioned in the article.

          It is time to stop calling the commenters Jews if you do not know them, personally.

        2. See Tyron P, the REVERSE DIALECTIC actually worked on your Old Testament numbness!
          I got you away your normal SAFE topic and into the REAL WORD for your latest posting!
          I am, as you would put it, “controlling your narrative.” You will gradually become my tool, at my beck and call!
          Ty-GER I have researched the Jewish phenomenon for decades (I have a doctorate, but do not use an epithet from a corrupted Western academia which “serves the needs of those in POWER” – Noam Chomsky) and it is a FACT that the USA is the CENTRE of the vast Jewish spider web of POWER. Its citizens are slaves at the beck and call of the Axelrod’s, Feinstein’s, Emanuel’s, Yellen’s, Frank’s, Geithner’s, Immelt’s and comrades. Ty-GER, you are controlled by your false interpretations of the Torah, such as “white Semites are from Shem!” Utter CRAP! JEWISH taught illogic!
          The Superpower is the key to their “playing with my world like its their little toy.” (Bob Dylan)
          Note TY-GER, that your JUDICIAL system is so CORRUPTED that there are absolutely NO legal/judicial methods that can instal such as Common Law principles. Your utter CRAPOLOGY about “lawful solutions” are the words of a total NUTTER, which I know you are! A slave gal producing an Arab from Abraham, indeed!
          Similarly, with the way the JEWS have been allowed to create your sick politics of fanfare and sex, mixed with total CORRUPTION and BIG $$$$$$”S, there is NO WAY that there can be a “lawful” political solution. As Solzhenitsyn and Washington predicted you are at the BOTTOM!
          You are in a similar but FAR WORSE situation than you were with the British hegemony. At least most of your best anti-Crown leaders were actually British or the kids of the English.
          But you now have heartless, selfish, murdering, callous pseudo-JEWS, pretend “Semites” in charge of your everything – your Fed, your big banks, your Repubs and Democrats, Hollywood, publishing, the media, pornography, the celebs, etc. TOTAL RULE!!!
          In such a “far worse” situation what would Franklin and co have done? What did the original Tea Partiers have done?
          Brownhawk, stock up on tomahawks and confront your enemy! Ty-Ger, put sharp steel edges on your bibles! Dr Green, get a supply of lethal injections! Elect Yukon Jack as your leader and follow his ideas.
          Get rid of that Jewish-installed freak Obama and run a talent quest to find a STATESMAN in the USA! Trouble is you will probably have to find an Australian of raw masculinity, just like me. I give the Jews here hell! “Go get ’em Ty-GER!!!”

    2. As much as I appreciate a collage, in this case the above article, nothing beats the original.

      Do you really think we have developed such a short attention span, we cannot read a full article anymore and everything needs to be compressed for public consumption?

      If I were PCR I would not be pleased unless the goal is increased exposure.

      1. @ MachtNichts

        Well, the article has indeed resulted in increased exposure for Paul Craig Roberts. Here it is on Truthseeker, Rixon Stuart’s excellent website which gets far more readers than this website:

        You will notice that both Paul Craig Roberts and Darkmoon are columnists on Truthseeker, and that this article, though edited and presented by Darkmoon as a collage, is filed under Roberts’ name.

        That’s good. Roberts must be pleased. He has had yet another article filed under his name on Truthseeker. Nor has he written to Darkmoon complaining, I would imagine, since she has done him the honor of publicizing his work several times in the past.

        Yes, “nothing beats the original”, as you say. But readers do have a short attention span, though YOU may not! Arranging crucial paragraphs into a collage is in itself a creative work of art, given that the extracts do not come from just ONE article but from multiple articles. If there is added cohesion and readibility, so much the better!

        In any case, I liked the Darkmoon collage. I thought it a brilliant idea. Because it leaves out all Roberts’ longueurs and padding and God knows he has enough of that!

        If you don’t care for Darkmoon’s compression collage, it’s probably just your way of expressing disrespect and contempt for Darkmoon. That’s okay. She won’t mind! She’s used to people sneering at her. Your negativity is not going to make her commit suicide! 🙂

        1. Agreed.

          We all learned in high school to keep a business letter, especially a resume’, to one page. The person of importance has limited time and will throw away the lengthy correspondence.

          The most successful salesmen know that the decision makers are busy, and time is valuable. Keep it short. Learn to say a lot with fewer words. Bullet points.

          The Treaty of Paris, which placed a whole country under economic rule, was only two pages.

          There are plenty of novels available for entertainment.

        2. Dear Doctor, your diagnosis of my intent quite misses the mark. If I didn’t care for Darkmoon’s writings or other relevant articles I wouldn’t be here. I enjoy this website immensely, ramblings and all.

          What you guys are telling me is Mr. Roberts is okay but needs editing. Hmm.

          Well, maybe you should employ Stephen King’s ‘The Langoliers’ in order to get rid of the longeurs. Won’t be much left over though. 🙂

  2. Very moving. These extracts could not have been chosen better so to create an emotional impact. In a private email to me a few months ago, Lasha told me that Paul Craig Roberts was her favorite political writer. She said he was the modern equivalent of the great 19th century political firebrand William Cobbett, best known for his book Rural Rides (1830).

    “Only Roberts is much better,” she added. “because we live in far more interesting times. The world now stands on the brink of destruction and Roberts is a prophet of the end days.”

    1. that’s real sweet, any word on finding out exactly when the
      Children of Israel turned into so-called “Jews” from Khazaria…?

      specifically…like was it before Elijah or after..?

      how can so-called “Jews” be Israel if they are not even “Israelites”..?

      since the entire “Jewish” narrative is a lie, why not just call the FFFFING
      “Jewish” state what it is…instead of repeating the “Jewish” lie that they are

      “Israel”…. which they OBVIOUSLY are not.

      really hate to be too picky, er um pedantic, but like hey, people are being
      murdered WHOLSALE…by “Jews” claiming to be “Israel” and they are not even like, DUDE….”Hebrews”.
      So-called “Jews” from Poland…”Khazaria”,
      Brooklyn…are not…. “THE”… Children of Israel listed
      in Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32.

      Just sayin’

    2. Oh Sardonicus, not another END-TIMER! You say: “Roberts is a prophet of the end days.”
      What utter rubbish!
      Soon the GOYIM RESISTANCE will commence to fire up and it will probably come out of the world’s most brilliant nation of the greatest minds and greatest sportsmen. The GREAT NEW AUSTRALIA! “For we are young and free!” AND we watch our JEWS! They are SHIT SCARED!
      I am hoping that Germany is starting to get ready! Germany, like Australia, is a brilliant nation and the produces the cleverest people. You had most of their best minds on LOAN!
      They produced Adolf Hitler’s greatness and they can do it again! His legacy is finally getting applause from the people! Europe is again AWARE of the insidious, rampaging JEW!
      3 of my sons are called “Max” – Maximus, Maximillian and Maxwell ( I also have Adolph and Adophus!); and they are shaping up as great leaders of the coming RESISTANCE! They know all about guerilla warfare. They have the spirit of Mel Gibson’s Mad Max! I was in one of the cars in the original movie and said a line!
      I am both a brilliant academic and writer (under various non de plumes) and world class athlete of the 80’s! And I wasn’t on drugs like the yanks I raced over 400m/800m!
      My American wife (mother of 3 of my whelps) says that as a former cheer leader she used to date your jocks and sleezy academics. She made me watch Family Guy on TV and said: “See, that is what American men are like!” I take her word for it, as here in QLD we get many American Family Guys/bubbas! They are SOFT people! Under Jewish orchestration!
      You d**^*! are waiting for your END TIMES, because your family guys and your whorish, pseudo-lesbian Degeneres true-believers are brainwashed to the point of collective insanity. I see the way your women in the audience are “turned on” by Degeneres’ dancing at the start of her LA shows!
      I see it on this site – crazy injuns who’ve had too much fire water and myopic Tyron stuck in the Torah, etc!
      As explained on the Aussie site , we are getting ready, far more so than the “family guy” yankees.
      Meanwhile you yankees keep supporting the GREAT GENOCIDE and keep sending your Goys to fight miscellaneous and continuous wars! You just can’t help yourselves!
      Better that you totally implode and resort to the laws of the jungle! Your nigrahs will then have finally found their NEW nirvana! And your JEWS will continue with business as usual!

      1. END TIMES!! is nothing more than a play on words.
        Everyone born lives in END TIMES!! no matter when they were born. Their END cometh…SOON!
        No one commenting here, save none, will be here 100 year from now!!

        SO…We live in…END TIMES!! All of us!

        Fairly simple concept, used to put the fear in folks, so they will run fill the collection plates.

  3. Israelis dancing around the bombs before bombing Gaza
    Published on Jul 26, 2014
    This is disturbing are they not aware of what those bombs did? Please re-upload because it will be flagged by the JDF and I will get another strike against my account. Thanks.
    ….. for me the most disturbing facts are the censorship in all Western Media, concerning the slaughters in Gaza, (and the Ukraine being blamed on Putin).. censorship or better “one point of view allowed only” and that is the jewish-israeli view….

    1. only just found that video, similar the one from the other war against Gaza 2008/9.. but myself did’nt upload it.

  4. US Congress is following the instructions of Walter Rothschild, the Balfour Declaration:
    The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.

    “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that *nothing* shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing *non-Jewish* communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

    BUT, since the Jew bastards chant KOL NIDRE, they can ‘lawfully’ follow ONLY the parts they wish and discard the rest. ‘Lawfully’ is ‘talmudicly’ is ‘lawfully.’ They get to do as they please to the ‘non-Jewish community.’

  5. PCR has the fierce eyes of a righteous warrior.

    An honorary ‘rattlesnake’ brother to me and my Haudenosaunee brethren

    Anyone know whose portrait that is in the background?

    1. “Anyone know whose portrait that is in the background?”

      Young Jefferson. His hero.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with Paul Craig Roberts who is always direct and honest. I only wish his words could penetrate the propaganda. BROTHER… I can’t believe what idiots are mouthpieces for Israel these days–Jeffrey Goldberg, Sam Harris, and crowd. And the way Jewish people fawn over the neo-cons now who seem to be setting the agenda for the entire Jewish world. In addition to Paul Craig Roberts I also would recommend Paul Eisen’s essays. He has a brilliant analysis putting Judaism at the very center of Zionism–I paraphrase..Jewish nation, Jewish symbols on the bombs and the bombers, and supported by the Jewish world in general with few exceptions. This is a Jewish war, Jewish war crimes…Zionism is Judaism and Judaism is Zionism. So, I read on Facebook that being anti-Israel is being anti-semitic. And without doubt this latest Israeli war will fuel anti-semitism all the more which is what Israel wants so that more Jews will move to Israel. Only I doubt that most Jews want to move to that ravaged piece of real estate. In fact, it seems that Jews are leaving as soon as they can get out and coming HERE to Southern California. You hear so much Hebrew in my shopping mall it might as well be Jerusalem and the high school is full of Israelis. Roberts says that the Palestinians are pacifists but oh if given the chance do you really think they wouldn’t want to take revenge on that giant Jewish ghetto with walls and all. And where would the Israelis go but the sea because no place else in the Middle East would want them so I think part of this battle is really about the end game which is they can’t win. One day we’ll all watch (in our respective lawn chairs) as the settlers are picked off like fish in a barrel and at that point no one will care any more. But Darkmoon and others might be right–Israel will want to take us (America) with them because they don’t see the difference. Our wonderful Congress has probably made a mutual suicide pact. I could run on but I’m stopping myself. Why do I keep hoping the Germans will come up with a rational solution or make a move or do something…or anyone in Europe with some guts. Putin needs some muscle.

    1. there was a time, when Germans practized a rational solution – generally removing any sort of jewish influence from gentile society – to continue this, it would be called holocaust again.. but jewish influence would never be moderate. their character is domination until tyranny over all others, as shows their politics against Palestinians, isn’t that the basic explanation?.

      1. The Romans had the right idea. Jews excluded from all public offices and dignities in the Roman empire.

        1. The same rule of excluding Jews from all public offices and dignities was applied by the Byzantine Empire. Which it why it survived and flourished for six centuries intact.

      1. Better link:

        The Federal Republic of Germany, A Rothschildian … – the Rebel index.php?option=com_content &view=article &id=714011:the-federal-republic-of-germany-a-rothschildian-financial- agency &catid=135:news &Itemid=1229

  7. “The British media and government is yet to criticize Israel for its crimes, but instantly attacked Ward for his “vile comments.” A Conservative member of Parliament, Nadhim Zahawi wrote the Metropolitan Police demanding an investigation into Ward’s statement “as a matter of urgency.” The Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps declared Ward’s statement to be an “incitement to violence,” a felony. The craven Labour Party declared Ward’s opinion to be “so vile and irresponsible” that “it defied belief.””

    This highlights the value of politics and political parties throughout western civilization. I’ll say it again, there is only one valid statement remaining for the citizen – I do not vote! There is no real representation in this system. I do not support the political dog and pony shows trumped up to keep the public dancing to the government’s tune. Imagine what would happen if no one showed up at the polls. How would an illegal government justify its existence if everyone refused to validate its power?

    1. “I do not vote!”

      Good for you! Not voting is the best thing a political dissident can do without breaking the law. Though I hear that these dictatorial sonofabitches in the UK are actually thinking of making voting compulsory.

      If you don’t vote, you will be given a stiff fine. Maybe even sent to prison for “showing contempt for the democratic process.”

      By these high-handed and coercive practices they reveal what thugs they are.

      1. Not voting means you relinquish political power to those who do vote…for the wrong parties ! If real alternative parties do exist – no matter how small – vote for them. At least that gives a clear message, if not it is the beginning of the solution. Thinking that voting for a small party is a “waste of vote” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If everybody thinks that indeed nothing will happen.

        1. On the necessity of NOT voting

          @ Franklin Ryckaert


          I have always had the highest respect for your views since Occidental Observer days, so I hate to disagree with you now. You are entitled to your view on the necessity of voting, but I believe it is the wrong view.

          Voting for a minor party that doesn’t have a dog’s chance of getting into power is not a “wasted vote”, in your opinion, because it is a “protest vote” which you think will get the government worried and make them take steps to mollify dissidents like you with appropriate legislation.

          I question your assumption that the criminals in power — for they are no more than a criminal syndicate controlled by Jews — actually care enough to mollify the electorate by legislation.

          Yes, they do introduce new legislation all the time, seemingly to improve things, but (a) this is all done to create the illusion of democracy and (b) it has to be rubber-stamped, in any case, by Jews before it goes on the statute books. When was there ever a new law in America that was contrary to Jewish interests?

          Everyone knows that there are basically two main parties in America, as in the UK where I live, and that if you vote for one party and then decide to switch over to the other party, you are simply exchanging one set of scoundrels for another.

          Both parties are absolutely under the thumb of the Jews and will wage war if the Jews want war; and whatever these parties do, it will be to further the interests of the Jews and of Israel — in direct opposition to the interests of everyone else.

          By voting, you legitimize the incoming government, i.e. the criminal syndicate masquerading as a government. You have taken part in the charade known as “democracy”. And the evil regime you have legitimized, by casting your vote, is pleased that you voted because you helped to make a “big turnout”. Your vote has helped to foster the delusion that the country you live in (America) is a democratic country rather than the crypto-dictatorship that it actually is, i.e., an evil oligarchy/plutocracy dominated by Jews.

          I refuse to vote on principle because in the very act of voting lies the implicit assumption — the false assumption — that one is living in a democracy where each man’s vote actually counts.

          I haven’t even mentioned voter fraud and dodgy Diebold machines and rigged elections. Anyone who votes in a country which cannot even be relied upon to count the votes fairly has to be incredibly naive!

          I repeat, as JB Campbell does in a classic essay of that name, “DON’T VOTE!” Because by voting, you are legitimizing evil. You are playing the game of the evil sonofabitches who intend to tyrannize over you for another 4-5 years.

        2. @Lasha Darkmoon

          Voting for mainstream parties is indeed wrong, but voting for an alternative party might be useful. All new parties by necessity start small, but they can grow and become a serious challenge to the establishment, see for example the Front National in France or UKIP in the UK.

          As for vote fraud (Diebold!) and other dirty tricks of the establishment, one need not be helpless against them. People can vote at the polling-booth with its Diebold machine, but at the same time register one’s vote at a notary and then compare the results. If they differ, demand hand counting and if that is refused occupy the voting-booths or a public building with a mob. Of course you need a trained crowd for such a coordinated action, but without some rioting you can’t have a revolution.

          Another trick of the establishment is to ruin a new party financially by suing it on some trumped-up charges. A party can prevent that by deposing its money among several private persons, who give from time to time socalled “donations” to the party. The party officially has only a small amount of cash and can afford to let itself go “bankrupt”.

          For the US a national Third Party has little chance of success, but an alternative party in a small state could succeed in winning the majority. Once such a state has been won it could be used as a platform for further expansion. Ron Paul had too few followers to win the presidency, but enough to become governor of a state.

          We live under a system of “controlled democracy”, but in order to keep up appearances the establishment has to allow some minimum of real democracy which can be used in combination of street activity (demonstrations, “sit ins”, occupations etc) and counter measures against dirty tricks to grab power. What is needed is good leadership and a “rent-a-mob” for demonstrations.

        3. Franklin-

          The Jews shot the last guy who tried that:

          In 1968, the American Independent Party nominated Alabama Governor George C. Wallace as its presidential candidate and retired U.S. Air Force General Curtis E. LeMay as the vice-presidential candidate. Wallace ran on every state ballot in the 1968 presidential election, though he did not represent the American Independent Party in all fifty states: in Connecticut, for instance, he was listed on the ballot as representing the “George Wallace Party.” The Wallace/LeMay ticket received 13.5 percent of the popular vote and 46 electoral votes.

    2. I always shake my head when someone says something to the effect of “If you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain.”

      Nonsense. On the contrary. My reply is fairly simple:

      “If you are voting, you are merely giving the appearance of legitimacy to an illegitimate machine. Additionally, you are displaying to the machine’s operators your ignorance and voluntary servitude towards them.”

  8. Thanks Paul ehh ehh Craig ehh Mr Roberts, thanks for the great info, tell us more about dead kids, blood, gore, etc., just dont tell us who it is that’s doing it because if you do your days on this site are few. It’s best to just be a jewish reporter and not give any of your own expressions of the psychotic nutjobs that are right here all over everything jew money can buy.

  9. Paul Craig Roberts numbers among the few honest and fearless writers left in the Western world today, with all others being victims of Zionist threats and bribes.

  10. If I were Jewish what would worry me most is the soaring Arab birthrate within Israel. Many Jews in America support amnesty and are very liberal on the immigration issue in America, while supporting a stringent immigration policy in Israel to protect the “Jewish State.” Why do American Jews think a majority Black or Latino nation will be more conducive to Israel and Israeli needs than a majority white America? I would argue the oppose is true; a Latino majority America would be more concerned with the “Lost Colonies” in the America Southwest than they would be with the Holocaust, in much that same way that a majority Black America would be more concerned in rehashing the evils of slavery in hopes of reparations. Both cases bode ill for continued America support for Israel.

    1. Non-Whites naturally sympathize with the Palestinians in their conflict with the Israelis. They see that conflict in racial terms. It is the same attitude in the whole Third World. Jews make the fatal mistake to think that they will be accepted as “fellow victims of racism” by non-Whites because they have been victims of anti-Semitism. Non-Whites see Jews as Whites, and as racist Whites to boot in Palestine.

    2. What an interesting point you make Grant! (GIGGLE,Giggle!)
      You talk of “the soaring Arab birthrate within Israel”; which just could be TRUE!
      FACT = The Arabs are the TRUE SEMITES and ONLY SEMITES!
      As I’ve explained, some of the planet’s 20,000,000 Jews actually carry some Semitic blood in their veins! That is because Noah, Shem and co were Middle-Easterners = Caucasians with a sun tan = Arabs. (That’s only IF you believe the Torah rubbish!)
      eg = Perhaps that fat shrew, Dianne Feinstein, has a skerrick of Semitic blood, but I doubt it! Same with Bibi Netanyahu!
      The elongated nasal gristle in many of your JEWs is because of inter-breeding in New York. eg = Barbara Streisand! Said it before, but that heinously ugly sheila with glasses on your Big Bang Theory is very typically yankee Jew! As was the litt’l prick I just saw in a typical Bruce Willis movie! They are everywhere on your TV! … SINFULLY UGLY PEOPLE!
      So your proposition reaches the lofty heights of pure IRONY:
      Netanyahu and his Jews = a “Jews only Israel” (Isi Liebler) = the Jews’ version of their “Semitic” nation = the REAL Semites (Grant’s Arabs) with a soaring birthrate.”
      ANSWER = Israel might, in time, become a majority SEMITIC nation, with Arabs in control! Similar logic says the USA might become a majority NIGRAH nation! Or Belgium a Muslim nation! (which is well on the way, incidentally!) You yankees might as well ALL be doing gangsta rap, combined with your world record drug intakes! You have to be sedated!
      Really, Grant, your comments ring of SIMPLISTIC ignorance!
      American nigrahs like illicit sex and gangsta rap far more than they would ever think about the ridiculous “slave trade”; run, as it was, by rich Jewish merchants! A hump or a “slave trade” doco? The nigrah would choose a good humpin’ any day!
      Jewish entrepreneur, Mr Sterling, told his whore not to associate with his nigrah ball players! Yeah, make ’em wise judges in your drama sitcoms, but don’t let your whore associate with them!
      I won’t let my wives talk to nigrahs, Muslims, Jews and good ‘ol boys! And especially American, bubba tourists!
      A little knowlege can be dangerous! Just look at Ty-Ger and co!

    3. The problem is the white man, specifically the thinking white man. Jews do not fear the brown races for they can out-think them with little effort. The problem is dealing with the white man’s intelligence, the only real threat remaining to the Jew’s global hegemony. Look at what Hitler did and the Jews literal Aryan holocaust to see what the Jews truly fear and how they react to awakened white culture. After the Jews finish with their tools of destruction, i.e. the brown axes and sledgehammers used to eviscerate and smash the white race, they will deal with the much less problematical brown issue in the same manner as their present Palestinian problem. Look at how the Jews dealt with Africa. The first step was the communist Jew Joe Slovo’s implementation of the bogus front ANC party to overthrow white rule. The second step was the wholesale slaughter of the former white ruling class. Now that the white man’s power is virtually extinct on that continent, Jews are scooping up the resources at fire sale prices for cheap ho’s and bling bling while African Negroes are murdering each other over petty tribal differences. The spread of Ebola looks like it will serve to assist the death toll in Africa. Strange how emerging information about the latest Ebola virus sounds very much the same as the once feared AIDS virus. As I said then, the most curious thing about AIDS is that, unlike any other disease in history, AIDS had a 100% morbidity rate. To this day, very few have survived the disease for any extended length of time. I have little doubt where these designer diseases are being developed, but here is a clue. The Jews are working hard at creating a disease that will target the Semitic tribes in the Middle East. The problem they have in these efforts is isolating a pathogen that does not attack Jews as well. Considering the Jews ownership and control of pharmaceutical and chemical companies like Lilly and Monsanto, and the goy brains they have working on genetics, no doubt its just a matter of time.

      1. Everything you say is correct.
        One of my best friends lost his farm in Rhodesia in a violent manner in 1980. Even the country name was changed from a white man’s name to Zimbabwe.
        Ebola is transferred through body fluids, just like AIDS. (Homos and druggies need to beware.) AIDS was manufactured by CDC at the request of the WHO in 1972.
        Words of war: White is bad. Tan is good. Black is beautiful.

        1. Black may be beautiful;
          Tan may be grand –
          But WHITE’S still de color of
          De big boss-man!

      2. 100% morbidity mortality rate.

        every disease has 100% morbidity rate, even sniffles.

        and let’s leave the incubation period question aside.

        according to evidence, life has 100% mortality rate.

  11. When it comes to Israeli propaganda lies, even Nazis look non-professionals.

    On July 29, 2014, The Irish Times reported that Israeli embassy in Dublin has superimposed several of its paintings including Mona Lisa and Molly Malone with weaponry and tradition Muslim headscarves to justify Israeli bloodshed in Gaza Strip.

    Mona Lisa’s photo shows wearing Muslim “hijab” while holding Hamas rocket with Israeli warning: “Israel Now, Paris Next“.

    Molly Malone was shown as a Palestinian scarf-wearing “jihadi” with warning “Israel Now, Dublin Next“.

    The other two Israeli Hasbara (propaganda in Hebrew) photos depicted Michaelangelo’s David, based on “David and Goliath” Jewish myth – wearing a skirt fashioned out of Palestinian explosives with warning “Israel Now, Italy Next“.

    Another photo depicted Copenhagen’s (Denmark) famous statue of the Little Mermaid holding Hamas enormous gun with the words “Israel Now, Denmark Next”.

    All four photos contained the caption “Israel is the last frontier of the free world”.

    The “Islamized photos” were posted on Israel’s Dublin embassy’s official twitter on Friday but later removed after Israeli embassy received online backlash from angry viewers.

  12. So much of the Jewish public persona is a charade. I know from personal experience that behind closed doors hatred of the goyim always comes up around tribal bonding, the same with the Holocaust. It’s almost as if no one has any other topics of conversation. Why do Jews always have to talk about the goyim or about the Holocaust? It’s a family thing, you know, around the table. (And I’m a goy and it feels so good for them to hate that they can’t contain themselves around me…it’s like a don’t exist) So it is funny when I see Jewish commentators trying to make it seem like racism isn’t a huge factor in Israel. Someone will say: those who support the Palestinian cause just don’t know the history. I know the history, though, and I have watched this hatred play out for years. In the midst of the Israeli war with Lebanon I listened while Israeli soldiers called Palestinians donkeys. There was no reason that the Israeli Jews couldn’t have gotten along with their neighbors but they were too racist–this is a fact. This war on the children of Gaza is an expression of hatred, a hatred that comes from a feeling of uneasiness if anyone who is a non-Jew so much as breathes on this planet. They say that the cockroaches will outlive us, and I can see a certain satisfaction in that for the Jews because they also want to survive all of us…so it will just be a world devoid of goyim but with cockroaches and Jews. And the Jews could rule over them…beautiful vision. Like everyone won’t end well.

  13. Peace be with the reader,

    The silence is broken, those who reject the Son of man, bring condemnation
    upon themselves. They shall surely pay the price.

    The faithful witness,

  14. 5/11


    Public lectures delivered by those born in a morgue, like Mad Max Bilney, though they do not present one with the possibility ever of learning much, ought to at least be given a hearing, for they show us, by various intonations, how awful it must be to be mad and yet truthful. For, though he may be a hopeless case, the Mad Max Bilney really does speak the truth, and if we wish to be better acquainted with facts, it would do us well to heed the words of those who are slightly unhinged, since Diogenes, too, was once thought mad, and yet, how much wisdom and knowledge was to be found in his head!

    In Australia, where gambling, prisons and pubs are the chief cultural achievements, and thus, indirectly, their heritage too, visitors tend to opine that the Sun breeds such types and such amusements; and, having seen the land, one such visitor cannot but concur.

    But, returning to Mad Max. It is as he says: ”Nothing has changed,” and truer still it is that nothing ever will change, though Americans will discourse and complain together, and, equally befitting perhaps, will soon suffer together. For, just as the morgue-born Antipodean screams: ” The American Government does not care,” so the other felicities which the American people themselves may enjoy whilst still free, will be granted them by the Jews only while they are asleep.

    From all parts of mankind one may arrive at the truth, and, still remaining with our quiet patient, so too must we remain with his words, when he says, ”The Jews have been setting the world alight for hundreds of years.” For here we see in a crystallized form in a mind such as Max’s, far removed from any semblance of normalcy though it may be, that the Jews have the power to leave impressions of their deeds long after the actual deeds have been committed, and those who wish to give themselves clearer and stronger conceptions of such deeds, may do well not to ignore someone’s future intimations, which, provided they are not heartlessly shunned, may well fly past this website, like a nightingale.

    If the delightful and convalescing creature that is the owner of this site, as well as her equally lovely cousin, sentinel and readers think themselves capable of obtaining better information than that which one may soon herein report, let them do so, though one can tell them without the shadow of a doubt that, no matter what they may know, or think they may know, it shall always be far, far narrower, both in scope and in breadth, than what someone else may know.

    But, in the end, a poignant question must now be asked. Should he who has been ever-so-inelegantly shunned force himself anew in whatever manner and by whatever sensible means at those whom he wishes to inform, as well as help, or should he retire and, like a spectator, from a distance note whatever sad remarkables may come across his eyes? This is a question which only one person can answer…

    5 & 11

    1. nice to hear from you again, ellie katsnelson (& rothschild to boot, no less).

      yes, max is a gem.

    2. I agree. There are more minds available.

      And knowing that, it is time for the ‘know somethings’ in countries other than the US to step up and tell the world how to shake off the Jew fleas.

      The great minds need to show us all just how great they are. Let France and Germany and Britain step up and each hit one out of the park. Show us it can be done!!

    3. Note the “remarkables” but keep postin, “5&11”

      “5&11”, eh? More Katsnelson cryptography

      Worth giving some thought to, though certainly not to the extent of taking over an entire comment thread like the last time

      As for “impressions left by the jews”?

      Wax as eloquently as you will, dear. As ever, those impressions will inexorably go the way of cloven hoofprints on an eternal shoreline

    4. 5/11, you are the total NUT CASE!
      You play the Jewish DIALECTIC, or the idiotic opposing of opposites to make your case or “NEW THESIS” and thus reveal a low-intelligence, slow-learner, Jewish-intoxicated and educated mind! My mind of over 170 IQ points has trouble accepting intellectual pygmies like you! YOU ARE A JOKE!
      5/11: “Mad Max Bilney really does speak the truth.”
      5/11: ” Mad Max Bilney does not present one with the possibility ever of learning much.”
      Oh yeah, you moron, I tell you the TRUTH in ways NO ONE else can explain (my “skeletal TRUTHS”) and yet you say you learn nothing!
      I purposely write in a style that shows my utter contempt for all the smallish, blinkered, one-channelled minds-of-sorts that scribble in these columns. I have to treat MOST OF YOU as a big yankee joke! I have told you endlessly what I think of you Jewish-led yanks! Family guys, bubbas, whores and lessos!
      Look at Tyron’s constant harping and repetition; look at murderous, horror-filled Ellie, or stupid, say NOTHING Dr Green!
      It is the only way I get get my points over to such morons and self-righteous pricks as you! I am gradually getting you to clear your minds of CRAP and GET REAL! What is happening RIGHT NOW in Palestine is REAL – the American-Jewish GENOCIDE! You are party to it! But, better still, knock Max Bilney!
      I have asked you, just like a ask my honors’ students, to DEFINE your terms, as most of you do not! Doris Lessing: “Without definitions we remain helpless and without choice.” (Prisons We Choose to Live Inside”)
      A while back you were all inadvertently referring to ALL Jews as SEMITES; as in your acceptance of “Anti-Semitism.” Lobro = “I am an anti-Semite.” As I said: “Does that mean you do not dislike Arabs, lobro, as, IN TRUTH, only Arabs are Semites.” Ignorant Tyron Parsons thinks “Arabs” came about when the biblical “Abraham” screwd “a slave gal of unknown race.” I can only laugh at such arrant stupidity and send off something to match, but which incorporates the TRUTH which most of you know NOTHING about!
      Some of you are learning NOT to put all Jews in the same basket!
      Some of you are starting to realize, thanks to my prompting, that JEWS are NOT a distinct race of the human species! Re Jews my repeated TRUTH is getting through to most, but not a half-wit like you. eg: “Jews are almost unidentifiable and want it so; NOT being Semites, NOT being a RACE, NOT being a monoculture, NOT being an identifiable ethnic group, NOT being a religion, as 83% are non=religious and/or atheistic, etc.” But such a grand TRUTH who waft over your brainless head!

      1. I’ll simply add:
        I am trying to wean MOST of you out of the Jewish taught narrative and literary STYLE (sans definitions) that has been deeple impressed into your pea-brains by American-Jewish educators!
        Most of you are imbued with the Jewish-dialectical STYLE! You write like Talmudic scholars, esp Ty-GER!
        Set your parameters outside the Jewish mindset. Eg: Jews are not SEMITES per se!
        I am talking to idiots who are adamant they are NOT brainwashed, but, in reality, show brainwashing with every touch of their keyboards!
        You stupid Yankees lost your freedom and independence well before your ridiculous, Jewish-orchestrated, genocidal, Civil War!
        Another TRUTH: Your Founding Fathers WARNED you, but what did you skanks do? The OPPOSITE of course! All ignorant VICTIMS of the Hegelian-Marxist-Jewish DIALECTIC!
        The USA is “under Jewish rule.” That is “all ye need to know”!

        1. One more:
          “Your ridiculous, Jewish-orchestrated, genocidal, Civil War”, “orchestrated by Jews” out of New York (again!), has let loose all your filthy, nigrah rappas and mass fornicators who are readily installing the “laws of the Jewish jungle.” As I once mentioned: The Japanese Emperor said America is being destroyed by their low-intelligence blacks. US blacks average 85 IQ ponts, which is barely enuf to do up your shoe laces or fornicate properly!

  15. Of all the characters herein appearing, none is more likeable than the cute dyslexic that is lobro, though with him, too, one must always guard against retractions, for he is not unknown for turning against one if indignation and doubt get the better of him.

    Soon, though not before first hearing from a certain someone, I will tell something on this website which will be of immense importance, and it is to lobro that credit for this inducement to tell must be given, since it was he who questioned my credentials in the first place, by enquiring whether indeed I can or cannot show something of real value or just sit pretty and write, and claim that I am this or that I am that.

    Of course, caution will perforce check my revelation, but I promise to pass this information to all of you as solemnly and as candidly as I can, and to those who are inclined to pass unjust or incredulous judgement on it, the actual happenings will soon force them to retract their mistake.

    Disbelief and doubt, constantly engaged in, are not without the power to obliterate all and any evidence presented to the doubters, and, believe me, it will require considerable intelligence and even more credulity such as is not found amongst many of the commenters here to take as fact that which soon will be told as coming. God knows how many awful and regular too such disbeliefs have been expressed towards those who had only wanted to apprise others of the growing dangers! And this, too, only just recently!

    1. Great ploy, Alex.
      Years ago carnival hawkers and promoters used highway road signs to keep the interest of the gullible public, who were more than happy to be fleeced in the side-shows.
      “It’s coming!!”
      “It’ll be here soon!!”
      “Don’t miss the one and only!!”

      When it never happened… the sign read…
      “It’s GONE!!”

    2. good stuff, ellie.

      but there is a difference between good disbelief and bad disbelief, just as with good jews and bad jews.
      this is an instance of good disbelief, where suspense is the turnon.

      i remember being a big fan of twin peaks, where even the director (david lynch) had no clue what the next episode would bring.

      what will it be, great wheels of fire, genocide naw, that’s old and busted, hindu god of chocolate, anti-dyslexia pills (will let jessel try them first, she is a forever young jewess and likes to volunteer for medical experiments) …

      okay, held my breath for a full minute, no revelations but hope springs eternal or something (whatever that means, a coiled spring going sprroingg! or a gushing spring like elie wiesel’s babski yarski bloodski ones).

      delicately balanced between gullibility and disbelief while pretending to be wise as dove, innocent as serpent or is it the other way around, about to hear stereo jeers from both types of crowd (c’mon max).

    3. @ 5/11

      Of all the characters herein appearing, none is more likeable than the cute dyslexic that is lobro

      hay, i’m the onely dyslexic on this sight! lobro aint gona mussel in on my monnopolly! 🙂

    4. “Disbelief and doubt, constantly engaged in..”

      These, like geese flying south for the winter, breathing in and out, colorful constants such as bad luck and trouble and laughter and tears hardly needs our engaging in, rather these engage us; (aka) life in this material prison house..

      There is only one escape, remedy, pardon, transcendent.
      This being another constant.. Our itsy bitsy wonderful free will begged as desire to do so..

      1. “…begged as desire to do so…”

        when the temporal soapbubble pops
        their sandcastles return
        to the ubiquitous sea

        their turret’s price to pay absolves
        and free will triumphs

        1. too hasty

          when the temporal soapbubble pops
          its sandcastles return
          to the ubiquitous sea

          their turret’s price to pay absolves
          and free will triumphs

        2. “A little Indian brave who before he was ten, played war games in
          the woods with his Indian friends, and he built a dream that when he
          grew up, he would be a fearless warrior Indian Chief.

          Many moons passed and more the dream grew strong, until tomorrow
          He would sing his first war song,
          And fight his first battle, but something went wrong,
          surprise attack killed him in his sleep that night

          And so castles made of sand, melts into the sea eventually…”

        3. young brave gypped
          next life come
          him get revenge
          kill slumbering foe

          him ride off
          with severed head
          on blood-drenched spear

          him move down
          steep and winding canyon trail
          where viper’s rattle
          looms near
          and spooked horse rears

          him thrown down
          to far off floor below

          karma’s a silly bitch
          goin round and round and round

    1. Anthony. I’m sorry. I hurried.
      I meant to say I really liked your comments.

      Especially Burma Shave, akin to the carnival signs. We watched for them on trips.

  16. @ 5/11

    Didn’t you get my email addressed to your housekeeper Julie? I think I deserved the courtesy of a response. I thought to myself later: maybe my refusing to accept any money from you surprised you and did not fit in with the scenario you were planning in your mind. You expected me, I think, to be a mercenary moneygrabber. The fact that I could be totally indifferent to generous infusions of Rothschild money was something you had neither anticipated nor foreseen. Like I told you, I have nothing but am content with the bare necessities. Mens sana in corpore sano, that’s all I ask for in this life . . .

    1. and my email to the same housekeeper asking for more money, having spent the first batch has likewise gone unanswered … maybe the $printer ran out of ink.

  17. Jews at London’s world’s largest bank is shutting down ‘pro-Gaza’ banks accounts!!

    For its part, HSBC has said that the notices were “absolutely not based on the race or religion of a customer.” An HSBC spokesman said the bank does not “discuss individual customers, nor do we confirm whether an individual or business is, or has been a customer,” but that “for context” it was important to know that in 2012 the bank had to pay a $1.9 billion fine for facilitating transactions for customers operating money laundering and drug trafficking schemes in the U.S. The spokesman said that “the bank is applying a program of strategic assessments to all of its businesses.”
    But Nicholas Wilson, an HSBC whistle-blower of alleged fraud, doesn’t buy those claims.

    “HSBC has a bank in Tel Aviv and have held a license there since 2001,” he said. “They claim on their website to be the only foreign bank in Israel offering private banking. It could therefore be possible that they consider being seen to bank for pro-Palestinian organizations puts them in conflict with their ambitions in Israel.”
    Wilson said it’s “a mixture of political pressure” and a belief on the bank’s part that “assisting pro-Palestinian organizations would damage their reputation.” He also noted that Sir Jonathan Evans, the ex-head of MI5, is now a non-executive director at HSBC.

  18. Brit-aniya (Britain) == brit = testament + aniya = land in Hebrew
    Britain = land of testament = land of bible
    Bnai-brit == sons of testament

    1. I enjoy etymology. It explains much of history.
      I know nothing about Hebrew. So, I used Wiki.

      According to Wiki, ‘BRIT’ in Hebrew means male circumcision. It looks like the ‘t’ is silent in all usages. If the name Britain had a Hebrew origin, the damned Jews at Wiki would be shouting that out, for sure.

      The brit milah (Hebrew: בְּרִית מִילָה‎ [bʁit miˈla], Ashkenazi pronunciation [bʁis ˈmilə], “covenant of circumcision”; Yiddish pronunciation, bris [bʀɪs]) is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed on the eighth day of a male infant’s life by a mohel. The brit milah is followed by a celebratory meal (seudat mitzvah).

      Attendance at a brit milah (circumcision) and its subsequent seudah is of such great significance that Rabbi Moshe Isserles (“the Rama”) notes (Yoreh De’ah 265:12) that one who is invited but does not participate in the seudat brit milah is excommunicated from Hashem (God). (Babylonian Talmud tractate Pesachim 113b; Tosafot Pesachim 114a s.v. “Veein”).

      For this reason, people are generally not invited, but merely informed of the BRIT’s time and location (Pitchei Teshuva Y.D. 265:18; Arukh HaShulkhan 265:37). Talmudic sages have compared a BRIT to a Korban (Temple offering), and eating at a seudat brit milah to eating a Temple offering.

      Hasidic Jews generally insist on serving meat at a seudat brit milah since most Temple offerings were meat. Sharing a meal is considered a bonding experience celebrating the covenant between God and the Jewish people

    2. It appears that Britain had Graeco-Latin origins:

      The Latin name Britannia re-entered the language through the Old French Bretaigne. The use of Britons for the inhabitants of Great Britain is derived from the Old French bretun, the term for the people and language of Brittany, itself derived from Latin and Greek, e.g. the Βρίττωνες of Procopius.[26] It was introduced into Middle English as brutons in the late 13th century.

  19. i’ve sat on this thought now the whole day hoping that someone would point out what is pretty glaringly obvious but since there were no takers i must air it publicly, the logic is really not that far reaching, just needs couple of head cogs engaged is all …

    ellie is back, has portentous news, america done like dinner – in fact, overcooked, no news there as max, spqr and others have claimed already.

    turns out that she offers darkmoon some cash deal or help, which lasha in her saintly modesty turns down, possibly interpreted as cold shoulder by socially destitute ellie, who in her own words is now pariah in her tribe.

    i am thinking, either lasha is lying or ellie is for real (fake people don’t offer money just like that, according to my nigerian princess girlfriend who should know).
    and i am not ready to accept the possibility of lasha lying, have known her for too long.
    thus, ellie is real, not a hollywood hobbyist’s avatar, like diary of anne frank in reverse as pat seems to suspect.

    but if ellie is real and ellie is a rothschild, probably was at one time highly thought of in the family (no goobering inbreed she),
    and rothschilds are the original creators of the protocols of zion,
    and she says that something wicked comes this way …

    i say we better start getting ready and i mean not just back-up-your-hard-drive ready.

    of course, the above logic train is not bulletproof, couple of wonky links, eg, ellie tells the personal truth but is likewise a bit unhinged.

    myself, i have a notion of what ellie may divulge, given that the rothschilds are not the world’s worst informed people – see below.

    The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague found that Russia is liable to pay just under half of the $114 billion sought

    okaay, not good … but then this
    The Shocking Reason Putin Isn’t Worried About The $50 Billion Yukos Ruling
    (One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine.
    “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?

    Someone told me long ago
    There’s a calm before the storm,
    I know; it’s been comin’ for some time

    1. Since you mentioned me in the missive, I must admit that your thoughts are as good as mine.
      I saw your thinking in half a dozen spots, as you admitted you ‘sat on a thought all day’ and not the facts.
      All I had to go on was he/she did use the name Katsnelson and not Rothschild as claimed later.

      It is fuuun guessing, though.

    2. Methinks it doesn’t take too much imagination or intuition to perceive that Something Wicked This Way Comes.

      1. weeyl, i don’t know about that, gilbert.

        the prevalent ethnicity among my friends and family is ostrich and their view tastes like sand.

        don’t laugh, did you know they have a permanent seat on the un security council?

    3. If this is the calm…

      But I digress

      In the nothing new under the sun dept., with pheronomes running in high alert red (dragon) zone…

      “If my sons want war, there will be war.”

      Rothschild descending trail

  20. Hello,

    In candid conversation, we have this advantage, namely, of airing our thoughts and opinions freely, though sadly, some are freer than others. I now see clearly that to boast and utter loudly of a total, complete and absolute independence is utterly futile and untrue, since everything that is ours is at the mercy of some greater power, sometimes celestial, and, in some sad cases, human.

    Initially, I was to loath to admit it, since it reeked of most unbecoming condescension, but, having promised candidness, you cannot begin to imagine how happy I am to have begun writing back here. I am preparing a Character Sketch of the Jewish Race, and if you thought the Death Camps was something, wait till you see this one. It will be utterly gorgeous, just like Lasha in her melancholy moments, though this time no editing whatsoever shall be permitted, since the text is only 2,200 words long.

    PAT, you make me vomit! I am as far removed from the Hollywood that’s in your brain as I am from you, and, believe me, you and I are very, very, very far apart. Either speak maturely or do not utter Judaic inanities, else I shall put you in the same basket as ”Mad” Max. My pen can hurt, as can my purse, believe me.

    A certain somebody recently informed another certain somebody who in turn informed me of a certain scheme, not yet put in place but talked about freely amongst the you-know-who, which, if realized, may for ever alter everything in the world. There is sufficient arrogant pride in them to actually do it, but I believe that the more people are informed about this, the lesser are the chances of it actually occurring. The lack of privacy through the Internet utterly, utterly angers them, and it is my absolute, absolute darling satisfaction to speak and tell what I believe I alone know of all of you here. You know, when one writes one’s last will and testament, one fears nothing, though I can tell you that there is nothing more miserable and sadder than to write your will when you know that the best years are ahead of you. And in my distant exile, I have decided to obviate this sadness by writing and exposing, even at the pain of… how shall I put it… local, private inconvenience.

    Very well, then. Here it is. Will write again soon…

    Six dark men have decreed
    Each by tearing the garment of their upper robes
    That there where Lands are white
    And there too where they are not
    Shall soon be overturned by a whirlwind
    Such as never before witnessed
    And the faces of all those there
    Shall soon be tuned to crimson.

    They have adjudged that the time is ripe
    For a world to have a new King
    And many, many will be
    Who will have their souls tried
    Since no inch of land
    Shall escape untroubled.

    Far from those lands
    Separated by mighty waters
    Where many colours dwell
    Great hatred will be sown
    Amongst the heirs of the new arrivals
    Whose forefathers chose to separate
    And live in agreement amongst themselves.

    Carts will secretly be placed in certain parts
    Whose combustions twice have shaken earth
    Though they themselves shall sing songs and chants
    Heedless of those who are about to burn
    For to them, the time of repair is nearing
    And so the numbers must be lessened.

    No one will dare touch them
    Though everyone knows who they are
    And the New City will fall easily
    As foretold in deed less than a generation earlier.

    The new men are frightening
    Whose children touch the Wall
    And will approach the port of the New City
    Their heads covered, from the fear of their God
    And wearing gloves with an eye that sees
    Will soon begin their gruesome work with scythes…


    1. that poem was difficult reading for this dys-lector, so i saw stuff like
      “cats will secretly be placed in certain parks”
      which is an improbable samson scenario, imo.

      let me know the date, so i can at least go out swinging, bashing someone’s skull in with my heavy, outdated cellphone.
      it will finally find some purpose in its android life.

      ellie, re. money … ahem, shem and old testament saints … not asking for any, mind you, like lasha i guard my poverty jealously, not for sale.

      because it is a sale, see?
      when you give me money on account of my poverty, i become less poor, you, more so, not that we are ever likely to find ourselves in the same soup line.

      what you must come to see and it is so obvious that no one sees it, one of those cultural phenomena, is that a person’s uselessness to the world is measured in how much money he has, a direct, positive correlation.

      so when someone sighs, rolls eyes heavenward (at least that part of heaven where yahweh squats on stolen divine property) and wishes for money, he is actually praying to be even more useless.
      because rich people did not work for the money nor ever will.

      money is fiat and can only be exchanged for fiat stuff.

      stuff like friendship, honesty, truth are not fiat and money cannot buy them any more than a turd can buy cleanliness, since the act of exchange instantly destroys them: matter-antimatter, wass the mattah, cries the jew.

      in the days of yore, all this was known, i did not invent the above observations anymore than wonderbread and thus plan no patent application.

      even old testamentals knew it and eagerly exchanged any vestiges of honor for the chance to rip off pharaoh, the one with hitler mustache, forget his name and scramble to safety across suez canal because there was no extradition treaty with egypt.

    2. “PAT, you make me vomit!”

      How cathartic of you!! Please spew forth some credentials with it. Identify yourself with authority.
      And I want to know which synagogue you attend.
      Condescension is not taken seriously from secretive ‘deep throat’ wanna-bes on blog-sites.
      I want to know who it is which wants my unquestioning belief in them. I am not a follower.
      You brought my review upon yourself by using the pseudonym of a Katsnelson.
      And, in case you are new to weblogs, no one is who they say they are in cyberspace.

      Please remember…’vomit’ was your word. Not mine.

    3. Ellie(??)

      My valet just reminded me that I was threatened by you. I told her not to fall for that “FEAR THE PEN” jargon.

  21. I read somewhere, it may have been in the book War War War. or maybe The World Conquers, that wars are the Jews harvest.
    After reading “The Gods of Eden” by William Bramley I have had this sense and feeling in the back of my mind that there’s something going on in this world that can’t be simply explained. When Bramley set out to research his book on why man has been in almost continuous warfare throughout history he was startled as to the inescapable conclusions he came to. Religions have tried to explain that there is a good God and an evil god. And the evil god is the cause of all this bloodshed throughout history. Bramley’s conclusion was there is indeed an evil that holds sway over much of mankind. And that evil is an alien influence that uses humans as play things for whatever purpose.
    Question, are there certain peoples who this alien entity has used as witness the turkey shoot in Gaza, the chaos created in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc. of current vintage, the wars of the 20th century and going back into the dawn of known human history?
    Or is there some genetic defect in man that causes all these wars and bloodletting.
    Maybe. However, people left to themselves normally don’t go to war just for kicks.
    It seems that it is governments or the leaders of governments that go to war. It is said that resources are the cause of war. Or living space. Or tribalism. Or nationalism, which is tribalism writ large. There could be a million reasons and excuses.
    But I ask. What would make a people dance around with glee, set up chairs to watch the death and destruction as if it were some sort of tribal festival like watching a duck shoot at a carnival?

    1. primal cause: ancient reptillian brain

      enabling ability to “toy” with humans – through pher(fear)nome triggering

      Ellie/5&11 speaks of “repair”, i.e.; psychopath’s Gotterdamerung as their eons-long performing band called “Symptoms of Fear” sing their swansongs in final concert tour.

  22. I am concerned that the people of the USA are under complete Jewish rule; if anything because you sit atop the most capable and insidious weapons of war!
    And your Jewish-run government has its fingers on the war buttons! THE CRAZIES WILL LET THINGS FLY WITH ABANDON!
    Good to see Vets Today is at last getting REAL and is recognizing the gravity of the situation. Its not about the Old Testament Ty-GER, its all about the following:
    Dennis Cimino: “Let’s put it this way. Time is running out. Desperate men take desperate measures. It’s painfully clear that as that clock nears ‘zero hour’ with regard to a global financial implosion, the zionists who rule us have few cards left to deal now. As Gaza is plundered and destroyed and the U.S. implodes, one can only wonder how much time we have before the next 9/11 happens on a much grander and more deadly scale, given the fact that nobody is buying the war that Rothschilds/Goldman Sachs is selling them. It is apparent something will snap soon. This is not fear mongering. It is, unfortunately, the sad reality we face.”
    Get his words, “THE SAD REALITY!” That is what I deal with!
    Be ready with your guns to protect your families! Get ready for death, maybe/probably!
    The Jews have it all planned and it will come as “fire-bombs in the night”! Knocks on your doors – aka Jewish-Bolshevik controlled Russia.
    There will be no time for TYRON’s biblical musings or calls for judicial/Common Law solutions! This is NOT a time for pedantic, pathetic smart arses! BUBBAS!
    As I keep saying, the only solution at this late hour is the weapon you hold in your hands or a cyanide pill!
    STOP the useless rhetoric and in-fighting and be ready!
    It will be swift, full of blood and suffering, and hopefully Jesus is on your side. But I hope you slaughter many of your 50,000,000 Christian-Zionist PIGS who will fight for the Jews.
    RED Russians (Americans) versus WHITE Russians (Americans) all over again!
    Millions to be slaughtered in another civil war! The Jews will produce another Lincoln and run the media coverage of the atrocities!
    Please get Janet Yellen and Nancy Pelosi! And Harry Reid and Degeneres, and Gene Simmons, etc!
    I am with you, the good people of the USA, as you will FALL first! You have always been the JEWS’ major objective – the REAL land of “milk and honey”!
    Meanwhile, Australia will quickly JOIN the Chinese as they own most of our land anyway – they and our drunken Noble Savages! I can speak Cantonese and am about to invite some Chinese women into my patriarchal, extended family. Soon I will father some half Aussie-half Chinese. I knew this would happen!
    Just think of the POWER of the Sino-Aussies in the future BRIC Olympics! LIFE WILL GO ON POST THE USA!
    Just watched our Commonwealth Games and noticed that the Nigerian athletics team was wholly American nigrah imports. Some of the nigrahs are leaving your shores like rats deserting a sinking ship! In this they are SMART!

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