The Psychos who aim to kill you

. . . by John Kaminski

“If you oppose the America’s worldwide warmaking tyranny and its demolition of domestic society within the United States itself, then President Barack Obama is planning to kill you…”


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2 thoughts on “The Psychos who aim to kill you

  1. The statement below is the result of a false assumption. The false assumption is that people voted for and elected the President. That is NOT the case. He was selected, not elected.

    Votes are not counted at the national level. They may never have been. No one knows when the ballot is secret.

    Here is the statement based on that false assumption:
    “As the only U.S. president to ever nullify the Constitution by claiming the right to imprison or kill anyone he chooses without a trial or even without any specific charges, how the brain damaged U.S populace cannot make the connection between his actions and his intentions is an indication not only of how retarded the average American has become…”

    When the assumption is false, the statement is incorrect.

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