The war against ourselves – by John Kaminski


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WITHOUT religion, we remain in a war against ourselves, dissecting reality with a ruthless scalpel, disparaging hope, ridiculing love and insisting we can handle the burden of life and death all by ourselves, forever dissing the reassuring comfort of a true belief as delusional, manipulative thought control.

WITH religion, we trade truth for comfort, and can be certain of our every action, without bothering to wonder if it’s right or wrong . . .

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45 thoughts to “The war against ourselves – by John Kaminski”

  1. how can the words of Jesus be anything but Truth…


    vous desirez renseignements…

    ‘Allow both to grow together until the harvest;
    and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers,
    “First gather up the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them up;
    but gather the wheat into my barn.”‘”

    “So just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire,
    so shall it be at the end of the age.…

    The Son of Man will send forth His angels,
    and they will gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks,
    and those who commit lawlessness,
    and will throw them into the furnace of fire;
    in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    what an image…”gnashing of teeth”…n’est pas ?

    Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens,
    and those who lead many to righteousness,
    like the stars for ever and ever.

  2. Jesus has been used as a tool to serve the worldly interests of Synagogue and the Church. Both Jews and Christians have called Jesus “one of them” – but insulted him as “bastard”, “rebel” or even “God”.

    On Good Friday, Christians remember the Crucification of their Lord Jesus Christ. Why it happened, is a long story. Christian theologians blame Jews for the murder of Jesus while Jews claim Jesus was hanged by Romans because he, as a Palestinian, resisted the occupation forces.

    Contrary to that, the Muslim worshippers on Good Friday are reminded that prophet Jesus (as) never died on the Cross. Instead it was Judas Iscariot (Luke 22), a Jewish hero, who took Roman soldiers to the hiding place of Jesus. According to Gospel of Barnabas, when Judas entered the hiding place, God changed his face to “Jesus look-alike”, and when he came out to tell Roman soldiers that Jesus escaped – they took him as Jesus and hanged him.

  3. did Moses & Abraham have a copy of the Talmud & Hate Jesus…

    does anyone have a Kodak photo or a polaroid of an African
    American Dallas Cowboy at the Alamo snorting cocaine through
    a plastic McDonalds straw with an Israelite…”WHITE” whore ?
    the Old Testament {Bible} is not a “Jewish” narrative.

    The Ninth Commandment forbids “bearing False Witness”…

  4. True Religion is the helping of the widows, fatherless and poor.

    Spirituality is using one’s conscience to read beyond written word’s to get to the motive, the heart, the reasoning behind the truth that by definition is Jesus Christ.

    Jesus was of the ethnic stock that we call Caucasian, European, white today. All 3 eyewitness Roman Government records completely support this as does scriptures seeing that the Kingdom was taken from the usurper “Jews” of Esau/Edom/Idumea and transfered to the “gentiles” (means ethnic kinfolk of authentic Judaites) of the northern tribes of Israel (white Christendom for almost 2000 years).

    All history supports this in light of the many Christian Nations composing those tribes of European descent at the four corners of the earth today. It is supported in the fact that the Common Law Crown of England (that has been usurped) is none other than the modern day Davidic Throne that is to last forever.

    In Christ’s first coming the ruling authority of the tribes was to be in Levi and Judah’s tribal hands. This was usurped by Esau impostor “Jews” starting around 125 BC when they were absorbed into authentic Judaite populations. These fakes murdered the King and the Priesthood installing their ethnic cohorts in the ethnically authentic’s place as they removed Hebrewism replacing it with Babylonian Talmudism.

    At this time the younger branch of the House of David was in England, Scotland, Ireland with Jacob’s Stone (Stone of destiny and foot stood to the mercy seat-god’s throne- the Ark of the Covenant).

    Only some of the southern tribes of Israel remained in the land during Christ’s time. They were called Galileans. The rest of the tribes had already migrated to Greece, Italy etc, and as far east as India and China due to their removal from the land by way of the Assyrians. Most of these paganized tribes would break free, go through the Caucasian Mountains, flooding into Europe starting around 600BC.

    Around 650 BC the remnant of the southern tribes including the older line of the house of David were conquered and taken into Babylon for 70 years. When this happened the younger line would sail to what we call the UK today with the Stone of Destiny. The Ark would be buried just behind the containment wall outside Jerusalem during the Babylonian siege. The Ark was discovered in 1982 by Ron Wyatt and is being held in place by the reemergence of the impostor “Jews-Israelites” of Esau and Ashkenaz for their “messiah” to “sit where he ought not, exalting himself above all that is called God and Worshipped (the main anti Christ spoken of in scriptures).

    Not only must these impostors complete their JWO and have their anti Messiah rule it for a short time, but all of the tribes of authentic Israel (white/European/Christian Nations) must come together, unite, appoint a leader and take back the land, purging the impostors in conjunction with the second coming of the authentic Christ. Then the mercy seat, God’s seat and throne (The Ark) will be united with the foot stool (Stone of Destiny-Jacob’s Stone). These servants of the planet will rule the REAL NWO in a REAL new age.

    So one can put down “religion” all day but it matters not. Why? Wait and watch what transpires. The truth will make these bogus opinions of man obsolete and inconsequential as it does all evil again.

    1. @Tyron Parson

      Yes – as Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic Traditions command that fulfilling people’s rights over a Believer carry more rewards than his daily prayers.

      If someone believes that Jesus Christ was a White European – then he must prove to himself that the town of Nazareth where Jesus was born – was in Europe and not in Palestine. If one could distort the history that much, then he must also believe that all White European Jews are Semites and not Asiatic Khazarians.

      1. Remat,,

        You’re mistake is not understanding that Jesus was of one of 12 related tribes. The northern onces and most within the southern ones went to Europe and then spread to the 4 corners of the earth.

        I don’t need to prove anything. The fact that white/Europeans accepted Jesus Christ coming out of the paganism that got them booted from the land 2700 years ago is proof to anyone who can see.

        1. Or, say, there is Christ, and then there are the 12-“sisters”.

          One of which is White Buffalo Calf Woman of the Lakota Sioux

          Christ Consciousness around the World.

      2. Also, white European’s are not of the impostor Jews of the Khazars. The Khazars are from Japeth, not Shem, they are Asiatic, Turkish, mongrel mix.

        Look at Genesis 10:3 for collaboration.

    2. The Stone of Destiny had fuck all to do with the Jews or Old Testament myths. Like Newgrange and Stonehenge, it pre-dated even the Druids, but nothing in the Annals ties it to the Middle East.

      Beware anyone inserting Hebraic myths into the realms of the Celts.

  5. Awhile back I referred to an ancient native legend telling the story of intergalactic travelers who came to Earth long ago. One was comprised of a group whose home planet was on the verge of extinction due to the lack of a certain element determined to be necessary for doing infrastructural repair work.

    The element was gold

    The story goes that these Beings enlisted the help of natives to mine the mountains for it, and in exchange they would share their knowledge freely with them. The makings for a harmonious relationship was underway.

    And then, “they” came

    This other group had no home planet to call their own. They ruined it “in the beginning”. Ever since, they have been in a constant state of wandering from place to place and everywhere they went, they ruined.

    Sound familiar?

    One place they ruined was the home planet of the first travelers, whom they knew were off in search of another planet. So… they followed them.

    The rest is his story

    Fast forward to today and we see, as legend would have it, the present state of yet ANOTHER planet on the brink of ruination. The “current force” that runs the World which has created this jewish power structure, its primary tool for doing the job of subjugation and domination, ITS INVENTION, is what we call “money”.

    What one group properly saw as a natural substance of Creation necessary for maintaining the integrity of their physical domain, the other ‘turned’ into an illusion.

    “A malignant root which has spread its disease throughout the whole of humanity, producing materialistic blooms in a desecrated wasteland.”

    Some say the correct phrase is “the love of money is the root of all evil”. This is INCORRECT. The insertion of “love of” is a jewish feint. Although this would certainly imply an exacerbation of the problem, it changes the entire complexion of the thought, lending money credibility. This set in motion what would become a constant series of effects AS SYMPTOMS, stemming from what is in essence a malevolent seed – the CAUSE.

    Hail Moloch!

    Its existence can be rationalized till we’re blue in the face, but UNTIL this form of currency is abolished from the planet (remember, THEIR invention), there will be no peace – no “evolutionary leap” to a state of higher consciousness.

    1. We’ve been through it all before. More times than we care to remember. Which is why it’s good to take a break and talk about being in timeless, ahistoric places hangin out with parrots, monkeys, and baboons. Then we go back to living in history, and if intuition can only be defined by the nebulous “you know when you know”, aside from the Truth you know in your heart, which is all there is to know anyway, but here we are still living in “history”, so…

      It feels right to me that Cayce, when under his trances was really seeing people living lives at least as far back as Atlantis. And I suppose there would had to have been for many, a stream of lives going forward, and that the kind of thinker you were moving through those incarnations connects right up to this present moment.

      Many of us were probably in important positions of authority being all caught up in the Big Lie and now we finally had that lightbulb moment. It’s becoming transparent to more people now so it continues to be our responsibility to at least keep thinking of ways to bring more people out of denial, knowing many never will till it’s too late.

      So in craning my neck once more to look at the continuous train wreck in progress..

      “The U.S., Russia, China, India, Britain and Germany are all run by the same jewish power structure”.

      OK. But let’s not put all these country’s eggs in one power structure basket.

      When Rothschild took over the Bank of England with fellow jew Cromwell leading the way, it set in motion the last mad dash towards completion of their precious little “All-seeing Great Work of the Ages”. But there’s a reason why these things take so long

      Sometimes the best laid plans…

      I’m convinced that the original 1492 protocols had to be revised due to the unforseen “monkey wrench” of the American Bill of Rights. This set a precedent of derailing the JWO express. But BOTH forces of dark and light are always going back to the drawing board as these things play out. For 350 years darkness has spread its evil root over the planet with the aim of this present time period being when they call in all the markers. However, who’s to say that not unlike 1787 with the constitutional convention in Philadelphia, the tail end of which produced the Bill of Rights, powers like China and Russia, as with Germany in the Nazi era don’t have their own versions of monkey wrenches to throw into the works?

      Of course NOW being the time for the mother of all battles

  6. Religion is a tool for organizing the mob and getting them to uphold certain values.

    Whether the religion is true or not is mostly irrelevant.

    1. I agree except that early hunter gatherers were not a mob. They were simple cultures that hunted, fished, and frolicked in the woods. It may have been a golden age. Some of these early cultures lasted for 10’s of thousands of years. (makes the jews boast of a 3500 yr old culture seem kind of pathetic) At some point a dark spirit came upon some of the peoples and civilization was born.

      The only reason there is such a thing as civilization is so that people can build monuments to deities.

      1. Religion always results from a world-feeling of a particular people. It’s not rational or intellectual, and it doesn’t have to be.

        The standard Marxist/liberal understanding of religion as “ignorant people inventing gods to explain what is natural” is completely wrong.

    2. the religion taken as a cluster is definitely false.
      which doesn’t make the underlying idea false as well.

      but irrelevant, no god will step in and save us from our stupidity, weakness and cowardice.
      i wouldn’t if i was god, why should i?
      subpar quality material that is stupid, weak and cowardly is of no use to god or nature and thus must go on the compost heap.

      in the end, the plan is like this: jews use the stratum of middling intelligence, the engineers, to kill off the brightest and the most independent ones on the promise that they will be made into plantation overseers for the dumbest substrate, those who guzzle up all the jewish bullshit straight from the hose, the slave biomass.

      1. Religion isn’t necessarily false.

        When the Greeks understood Achilles as being the son of a goddess they weren’t concerned with whether it was objectively/scientifically true or not, they merely accepted his divinity as something that inspired their arts, culture, way of living, etc.

        It wasn’t until the Jews invented monotheism- and thus, every form of tyranny- that people started believing in one god, one truth, one humanity, etc.

        Monotheism is ironically why we have scientists trying to discover “the theory of everything.”

      2. seems like what you mean by “not false” is “potentially useful” as a culture forming tool.

        what i mean by “false” is “failing to address its promise of spiritual redemption”.

        religion has a dual aspect in that it can inspire art and culture and it can also serve as a political tool, which was its primary use throughout history and most societies.

        the “primitive” shamanic ones don’t really have religion, to them spirit and nature are a single entity of which man is part, so they don’t need a priestly class to provide a two-way advocacy which is by definition false.

        one saving grace of pre-hellenic mythology is that they had no concept of omniscience or omnipotence, the gods slept, got drunk, yelled in pain and were often quite stupid, like people with super-mario powers.
        therefore greeks never wasted time on inane theosophical arguments.

        1. “therefore greeks never wasted time on inane theosophical arguments.”

          Until Socrates ruined everything.

  7. Peace be with the reader.

    Peace be with you,

    It is time to be prepared for the great division which is coming soon.

    Here is a link to download a book which will help all those who are born again
    to expose the corrupt world system, and participate in the gathering of the harvest.
    Make sure to give all fellow believers the link so that they can also download “One Book”.

    I am,
    The faithful witness
    My new name is ” Duke ”

    It is written:

    “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the
    days of the Son of man”.

    ” And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will
    return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may
    open unto him immediately.”

    Take heed.

  8. Dear John,
    I have written 3 books (first draft) and I am looking for an editor, here they are:
    (The Destructive Criminal Behavior from Genesis 12:1-3 to New York 911)
    (The Decayed Pillars that Collapsed)
    (No more excuses …… You Atheists!)
    English is a second language for me, but I could not ignore the menace which I have been watching since 1956,
    I have tried to get in touch with you, but I could not do it. Do you want to have a look at these book/books? I will email them to you. We may have been writing for the second generation. Thank you for your good work. I hope to get your answer very soon.

  9. One must understand that true science perfectly matches the authentic scriptures account of humanity. One must read the old greek OT and NT and then realize that micro “evolutionary” claims are truth (genetic changes for sub species to adapt to environments) but macro evolutionary claims are lies (Man came from fish or apes etc. One kind produces only the same kind and cannot produce another kind).

  10. Scriptural truths or whatever, a true REALIST sees a world dominated by non-religious or atheistic persons calling themselves “Jews”!
    These Jews ONLY use religion as a ruse, claiming it gives them full justification to colonise Palestine.
    Perhaps the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE JEWS (i. e. the all-powerful, worldly ones) number as few as 500,000; with most Jews being shop-keepers, petty bureaucrats (teachers/educators/psychiatrists) and the like, or live out of the English-speaking nations.
    Irrespective of any origins, or claims of racial types (including Neanderthals) the PROBLEM is: JEWS RULE THE WORLD!
    The answer is simple: We have to get the above 500,000 completely out of the planetary POWER EQUATION.
    Most of them should be in gaol anyway, for any number of crimes against humanity: Every Jewish banker should have joined Bernie Madoff. They committed the same crime! The International Criminal Court would (if it was acting honestly) have gaoled 100’s of 1000’s of the Israeli regime and entered Palestine with the purpose of removing the invading, genocidal-bent Jews.
    It has to either be a POLITICAL solution or the BIGGEST POGROM in history.
    The price is 500,000 neutered Jews and complete banning by the majority of so-called Christians of a small religion (Judaism, with less than 1 million adherents) which HATES every Christian person and calls their founder “the son of a whore” … “a bastard born in menstrual blood” … an”evil conjurer/magician trained in Egypt” … “a vile impostor who teaches lewdness to men.”

  11. Max,

    You write: “Perhaps the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE JEWS (i. e. the all-powerful, worldly ones) number as few as 500,000; with most Jews being shop-keepers, petty bureaucrats (teachers/educators/psychiatrists) and the like, or live out of the English-speaking nations.
    Irrespective of any origins, or claims of racial types (including Neanderthals) the PROBLEM is: JEWS RULE THE WORLD!
    The answer is simple: We have to get the above 500,000 completely out of the planetary POWER EQUATION.”

    So, if indeed the world came to its senses and got the ‘500,000 completely out of the planetary POWER EQUATION’ what would become of the rest of the jews (those who are ‘shop-keepers, petty bureaucrats (teachers/educators/psychiatrists) and the like’?
    Would they rush in to fill that vacuum? Or to be more specific, are the remainder on the outside looking in today because 1) They are not power/money/blood mad like the other 500,000 OR are they 2) Just not smart enough to compete effectively with the current 500,000 in power and thus find themselves as little more than support staff for the ‘elite’?

    1. Very good questions KPR!
      One writer has suggested that if Jews were “better looking” they would not be such troublesome ass-holes. Maybe so! I hate their Neanderthal looks!
      I think the Jewish-Zionist, mainly non-religious and/or atheistic ELITE of say, 500,000, have little REAL connection to your everyday Jew – 80% of whom are also “non-religious.” Okay, their religious ones HATE Jesus with a vengeance! But most Jews are ugly, little, insignificant, sexually-motivated ass-holes! Most know nothing about the TORAH!
      Perhaps these are the less smart Jews, but this is not the case.
      Since the Venetians (and before) and esp. since Cromwell brought the Jewish bankers/financiers back into England, the ELITE of the Jewish Diaspora have been hob-nobbing it with the Goyim aristocracy. I think these are the “evil British royalty” LaRouche is on about. This ELITE has interbred with old European (perhaps Neanderthal) aristocracy. In 2014 AD USA, ugly little, rich Jews are breeding with American, apple-pie blondes! Hence, some of the TV Jews are starting to hide their funny noses and wrap-around mouths; and even use Goyim aliases! But the ugly Jews stand out on your TV sitcoms.
      Today this ELITE Jewry, because of its control of the planet’s monetary system, out of the Fed and Wall St, have become the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (Chomsky) over and above their Goyim aristocracy affiliates.
      These MASTERS are the DEATH FORCE that has taken over the planet.
      They use, as I have said, YHWH”S directions in the TORAH to justify their occupation of a vile, murderous home-base in Palestinian.
      They start and finance all the wars and have enslaved most of the Goyim in a spider’s web of filth, excessive consumerism and porn.
      The RESISTANCE has only to deal with the the ELITE of Jewry as they have been in POWER for over 300 years, as Washington predicted.
      I keep saying we should start a list of the top 1,000 of this vile ELITE, and thus put them on notice: I’ll start it: 1. George Soros 2. Alan Greenspan 3. Timothy Geithner 4. Janet Yellen 5. Rahm Emanuel 6. Larry Summers 7. Ben Bernanke 8. Geoffrey Immelt, etc, etc. These are the ones who urgently need treatment!
      The ELITE includes the filth producers of the American music, arts, academic, medical, entertainment, media, political and porn establishments. I’m talking about the Howard Sterns and the producer/directors, David Axelrod also, etc.

      1. i’ve already said (>once) how it might be setup:

        a site with a trusted, semi-capable sql db administrator.
        suggested db entries:
        surname, name, yr of birth, place of birth, then a bunch of fields, each with a hyperlink to documents detailing their crimes.

        site contributors to be screened for double agents, trolls, headcases, basically those who are peer-approved, details to be ironed out and modified as needed.

        the site would be mirrored globally.
        we should expect a big effort by the jew to hack the site, ban it, denial-of-service attacks, injection attacks and so on.

        thus, change semi-capable to capable, also someone familiar with bullet-proofing the db security.

        if just hundred people pledged ~$20-30/month for upkeep, we could have a professional administrator, since it is not even a full time job.

        and it would be a tremendously important step, almost the first shot fired by the so far completely passive goydom.

        i would entirely trust the darkmoon crew to handle this, ie, find an sql db manager, set up a donation page, vet the contributors and so on.
        in fact, $5,000/yr will get quite a competent person in places like philippines or indian subcontinent.

        1. You told me once I might be on to something, lobro. Now I return the observation.

          And I would say that regarding any potential problems from any of you mossad types reading these words, just say we throw down the gauntlet. And admit it, if you like your jobs then you’d welcome the challenge

          Besides, this is the reality we’re in, again, so to engage it is old hat where both sides have played the adversarial game time after time.

          Now it plays out in cyberspace.

        2. Thankyou lobro. Yes, you had already explained. I have said same/ditto 2 times previously.
          You, like me, see this as an important first step. To quote: “Almost the first shot fired by the so far completely passive goydom.”
          As I said, “It will put the Jewish elite on notice!” It will also be an excellent educational tool for the masses! It could be printed out as a pamphlet. Ordinary people could see the TRUTH in black and white!
          Many young people are searching for answers and are waking up to their Jewish professors and their Goyim lackeys! Many young people in OZ are reading David Icke!
          At present no one is documenting their ongoing, hideous crimes. How many people remember Begin’s Jewish terrorist group, the Irgun?
          Your idea of a site administrator is spot on! To quote: “I would entirely trust the darkmoon crew to handle this, ie, find an sql db manager, set up a donation page, vet the contributors and so on. In fact, $5,000/yr will get quite a competent person in places like philippines or indian subcontinent.”
          However you are also correct when you state the dangers: “The site would be mirrored globally.
          we should expect a big effort by the jew to hack the site, ban it, denial-of-service attacks, injection attacks and so on.”
          I would hate to see our little Indian “administrator ” suddenly have a drone-missile lobbed on him, or a nuclear injection stuck in his arm!
          Whether the darkmoon crew would be prepared to face the DANGER is the question for any brave soul, or group, that would do this important first step. At present the Jews allow such groups as darkmoon’s to operate as they have a tiny reading audience!
          You almost need a heavily armed constantly mobile group (drone avoidance) to operate this. Remember cell phones automatically provide your location, as does an internet connection.
          Research would have to proceed discreetly in libraries, etc. and then info tabulated on USB keys, etc and manually exchanged. Maybe the nation of Iran would help us! Any other anti-Jew demographic locations? I would willingly go!
          We don’t have any budding Paul Reveres running around on a horse screaming, “The Jews are already here!” George Washington’s nightmarish vision of an “ominous red cloud drifting across the Atlantic” (a cloud full of dangerous. life-sapping Jews) has arrived and settled over the USA. You are currently slaves!
          This cannot be done politically – that was lost over 75 yrs ago!
          It has to be a grass roots movement with and educational and recruitment aim. Our motto could be: “We do not want you to perish for want of knowledge.” OR: “THE JEWISH TERROR!”
          Maybe readers have ideas on how to do this; and maybe we might get a computer savvy, rather brilliant VOLUNTEER! The time is right for the courageous HERO to arrive.
          For the End-Timers: I would not bet on this HERO/SAVIOUR being Jesus in the next 1,000 years. He wants the passing parade of human foibles to continue on a lot longer yet. He would want modern day hero-disciples to put themselves on the line to defend the “way, the life and the truth”, just like the catacomb Christians.
          My brother and I get hell here in Australia from the Jews! My bro was physically attacked in the Stae Liby of Victoria for entering the Jewish section and requesting to read the Talmud. I get hairy gloves put on my pillow when I am out of my house and many threats. The Mossad is BIG in OZ!
          Once again, the list starts with the current Jewish MESSIAH, George Soros. Next is America’s most powerful person, the head of the FED, Janet Yellen…..
          My POINT: People like OZ’s Eric Butler wrote all the same things I am reading in these columns in the 40’s and 50’s. He was banned from journalism and went into enforced self-sufficiency on a farm. He died and nothing had changed. WE HAVE TO START SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND THE LISTING OF THE HUMAN PARIAHS IS SOMETHING CONCRETE AND NEW! The time for theory and rhetoric has slipped PAST!

        3. it must be a distributed, decentralized campaign, no one should be so valuable that his, her loss would impair the war effort.
          the jew will take the matter to his sanhedrin courts and try to attack the site as spreading hate agitprop.
          thus, we must assure the accuracy of information because their agents will undoubtedly attempt to slip in fake stories which if published will cast aspersion on the entire database.
          thus, the links, especially the jewish ones, if we quote from the horse’s mouth, we are safe because any bullet fired will hit him too.

          and i would not hesitate to expand the database to previous era because history is a great teacher and guide to the line separating truth from fiction.

          it is important for people to wake up to the fact that not only are they killing us today but have always done it and will continue.

          unless stopped.

          and who will stop them?

          us, you, me, everybody who sees that not only are we caught up in undeclared war (undeclared to those without eyes to see and ears to listen and brain to think) but have always been in war as have our ancestors.

          it is time to start winning for a change and roll them up.

        4. I’d say Yellen is #1, Max. Or more precisely, she is the present face of what is STILL the Rothschild control of money.

          This is at the heart of the battle, from which all others are its symptoms. The Fed system is the head of the snake, and the fruition of their plan for humanity all depends upon human beings continuing to lend credibility to this jew-generated illusion of value.

          With the ultimate aim being total central control of your life, the steady erosion of LOCAL controls is the aim for agenda-21 – also known as JWO. They’re one and the same. And the more we continue to prove our dependency on this jew funny money, the more bricks we mortar in completing the world prison we are building for ourselves.

          Don’t have the money to pay your property tax? Tough luck, and you’re “legally” removed from your home. To where? Some Govt. sanctioned high-rises to the moon while the planet is cordoned off as playgrounds for the Elite. Can’t pay the IRS the illusion you “owe”? Out you go!

          Popping these soapbubbles in the minds of human beings is their greatest fear and should be the main focus of true patriots.

          You want grassroots? My advice is to get involved in your own local communities and be a voice that will help break the spell of this onerous “grip”.

          After all, how can soapbubbles have ANY kind of grip over anything at ALL?

      2. Funny George Soros would be #1.

        I read recently (if my recollection is correct) of a jewish professor on the East Coast who wrote a book praising Soros as THE Mr. Moneybags behind the worldwide homosexualization agenda.

        Notwithstanding, it seems as if you believe eradication of the ones in positions of power will be all that is needed. And I can see that way of thinking in that: ‘All right! Finally we’ve awakened the masses and now we are able to clean house!’

        But here, as the Brits like to say, we come across a ‘sticky wicket’: So many of our fellow men have been judaicized that really they appear interchangeable, for all intent and purposes, with their jewish master. Is the Bush clan jewish? Not in a literal sense (or so I’ve read). But geez…. would I trust one of them any more than say, Diane Feinstein? Ah, let me think about that…. ahh… ahhhh….. nope, don’t think I would.

        So in fact ALL in positions of power must be put out to pasture, to graze away contentedly in their old age, together on a pleasant, bucolic meadow, somewhere north of planet jupiter. Because no one today gains true power in the West (maybe the entire world now) without functioning, literally or figuratively, as a chosenite. Their greed and/or lust for power and prestige knows no bounds. Let’s call these people the ChosenLites.

        And now, including the ChosenLites we’re up to, shall we say, 5 million?

        A daunting task.

        But you know what?

        The jew had a daunting task in front of him 2000 years ago, too. In rejecting the new covenant he became, as Christ said, of his father, Satan. The jew was left to be the revolutionary. He indeed revolted against the Romans and his temple was laid to waste. He again revolted against the Romans and the Romans took to the sword, killing most and enslaving the remnant. The jew was then left to high-tail it around Europe, getting run out of town whenever his revolutionary state became too much for the sane folk to bear. But…. his ‘teachers’ wrote the talmud, giving the revolutionary beast a new set of rules by which to wage revolt and usurp power and gain traction and then control. Lies, manipulation, intrigue, and usury. All tools to serve his communal interests.

        So, I guess it can be done. They did it. I just don’t know if we can accomplish our goals without becoming one of them. And that’s not a road I’m willing to travel. And it is at this juncture that melancholia begins to take hold of me……..

        1. George Soros is EVIL incarnate!
          Ultra rich and powerful big businessman (he broke the Bank of England and made $$$$squillions) and the world’s biggest supporter of the Progressive Left! He is mentoring Hilary Clinton and providing dildos, in the form of Cuban cigars, to Bill!
          The ultimate Jewish DIALECTICIAN! He creates total mayhem in the Goyim world in order to hasten Jerusalem becoming “the Supreme Court of Mankind.”
          He just HAS to be put down! He makes Ghengis Khan and Stalin look like choir boys.
          Janet Yellen and her FED keep printing unaudited cash in its countless $trillions and keeps handing it to her Zionist comrades!
          MONEY = JEWISH POWER!!!!!
          It is all as simple as that, Neanderthal, lizard, hyena, or whatever!
          The Goyims’ LIFE is currently hardly worth living, unless you just love Miley Cyrus”s shaved butt! Or, fantasizing oral sex with Ellen Degenerate. I have gone off Goy women as they all act like the whores on Sex and the City! If you don’t f**^*! ’em on the 1st date they dump you, no matter how handsome you are!

        2. He again revolted against the Romans and the Romans took to the sword, killing most and enslaving the remnant.

          got my doubts about that, maybe someone with in-depth idea like spqr can sound off on the subject.

          i think that .romans dropped the ball when they had the unique opportunity to drain the swamp once and for all.

          disease carriers dispersed and ended up right in rome where they set up their perversion shop, corrupting politicians and ganging up on detractors, which is why cicero, who was a lawyer complained about being constantly pestered and hounded by jews and the senators they bought off.

          sound familiar?

          any bets that were we to dig a little deeper into that era, it would immediately become clear who were the pimps, the slave merchants and the paid assassins?

          but to dig deeper is hate crime, what’s your problem holocaust denier, so i guess no historical research in that area gets any government grants.

        3. Lobro,

          “got my doubts about that, maybe someone with in-depth idea like spqr can sound off on the subject.”

          I’m working with knowledge picked up over time. It very well could be more garbage that deserves to be jettisoned from my brain. But I used it in this case because it fit the narrative. The jews’ rise has been remarkable. The rabbis recognized it was essential to worm their way in to the Church. This was done, in part, thru Ignatius Loyola, the jew who founded the Jesuit order. And how did Loyola sell Rome on the Jesuits? ‘We’ll be your staunchest defenders’ was his answer. The very same way Rothschild and his offspring wormed their way into kingdoms and fiefdoms across Europe. The popes, greedy for more power and prestige and wealth succumbed just as the kings and/or their courts succumbed to promises of greater wealth, greater control, and greater power.

          And in the end the kingdoms, just like the Church, were decimated.

          They have provided the blueprint, which is, in small part:
          1) Unity to the tribe, unity to the goal of the tribe
          2) Subterfuge
          3) Willingness to sacrifice their own kind whenever warranted
          4) Comprehending and employing the black arts
          5) Flattery
          6) Apparent subservience, at least initially

          We must develop our own blueprint. We can only do that by first prodding and probing; working to find the soft spots in their armor. Where are they vulnerable? What are their fears? In what ways are they confident – perhaps over-confident?

          As you said before, (I’m paraphrasing here) this is the greatest game, and we get to play in this great game. That to me puts a whole new spin on things. We’re good at playing games. Much better than the jews. Maurice Samuel said as much in the quotes attributed to him in the new article up on this site. Of course (as Samuel explained) we like to play fairly and within the rules of the game. Gentleman – like. That has been a weakness in our gamesmanship. Should we change our behaviour then? Or, would to do so be so against our nature that to do so would turn us into them? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but do believe they deserve to be pondered.

        4. Jewish history is pretty obscure. That’s what you get with a race of pathological liars.

          That being said, I think it’s generally accepted that the Romans massacred and enslaved many Jews and cast the rest to the winds. Then again, the holohoax is also generally accepted.

  12. I have been thinking about the strategy of commencing a list of Jewish people who have committed crimes against humanity, as spoken about by myself and lobro.
    If you want to know what we are talking about read our other contributions under this particular article. Lobro suggested: “db entries: surname, name, yr of birth, place of birth, then a bunch of fields, each with a hyperlink to documents detailing their crimes. The average Joe does not read links!
    I suggest contact addresses for this scum.
    I think we can keep this fairly simple and to the point. 300-500 words about each of these scum is enough to relate their crimes. This is not an academic exercise and points must be kept simple, so that your average Joe can read them. There crimes are/were obvious and simple!
    At present, need I say that the head honcho Jews have had complete impunity from criminal conviction for over 100 years. (Now smart-arses do not try to one up me by citing individual cases like Madoff and isolated Jewish spies of the past! I get sick of small pic people!) The Goyim majority have let them get away scot free! That is why they RULE you!
    I’m talking about the big Jewish financiers, bankers, members of Congress, Hollywood, porn industry, CFR, etc. I’m talking about such as why Rahm Emanuel made $9 million in one day, etc. And the taxpayer funded bonuses and multi-Ponzi schemes! Also the vicious, murdering war criminals, and on this one we can go into present and former Israeli PM’s, many of whom were terrorists, assassins and mass murderers. Bibi Netantyahu is no different!
    I could write up 5 or 6 profiles of crime in a day. I have all the info.
    Here is info on your lovely, Zionist Jew, Dianne Feinstein (from my book): “Perhaps the Zionist-Jewish, senior Senator of California and Chairperson of the Select Committee on Intelligence (September 2010), Dianne Feinstein, could explain her hawkishnees on Iran (allied to her false claims that Iran already has uranium enrichment in place), if asked to comment on the words of Joshua Frank [108]: “According to The Centre for Public Integrity, Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum has racked in millions of dollars from Perini, a civil infrastructure construction company, of which the billionaire investor wheels 75 percent of the voting share. In April 2003 the US Army Corps of Engineers dived out $500 million to Perini to provide services for Iraq’s central command. A month earlier in March 2003, Perini was awarded $25 million to design and construct a facility to support the Afghan National Army near Kabul. And in March 2004, Perini was awarded a hefty contract worth up to $500 million for electrical power distribution and transmission in the southern Iraq. Senator Feinstein, who sits on the Appropriations Committee as well as the Select Committee on Intelligence, is reaping the benefits of her husband’s investments. This Democratic royal family recently purchased a 16.5 million dollar mansion in the flush Pacific Heights neighbourhood of San Francisco. It’s a disgusting display of war profiteering and the leading Democrat should be called out for her offence.”
    Can anyone provide an untraceable repository so that we can send them out?
    I would be prepared to compile them into a book format if need be.
    Maybe Lashe and Monte could collect them and compile them.
    As I said, they have to be ordered 1. onwards.
    At present all our wheels are spinning in one place and we have become a private little chat club with little relevance to the average blighted and enslaved Goyim!

    1. I’d ad to your site photos of each individual – preferably multiple photos. Include photos of relations, if possible.

      As for the idea, I believe it is a good one. Others have produced similar sites but on a more micro level, for instance I came across one long ago that listed all the jews in the music business. All these famous bands with their jewish singers or guitarists or drummers. I admit it blew me away to realize how many musicians I had listened to without even giving a thought to their ‘heritage’.

      So a site devoted to the Criminal Class could work to open a few eyes (or blow a few minds) and would, in effect, put the individuals and those who associate with the individuals on notice that we’re aware of their crimes. And we offer no ‘statute of limitations’.

    2. in fact here might be a cool idea.
      no need to call the site “evil jew” or anything like that that would bring down the wrath of the us drone department and ministry of lawfare on us.

      just call it something generic, “evil people and shit they do” and let readers discover the truth by checking it out, namely how come that 2% of population is responsible for 98% of the most egregious crimes and just who those people might be.
      for that reason, we need a column indicating what the original family name was before they disguised as regular humans, eg. nudelman -> nuland, bronshteyn->trotsky, shabtai zvishitsky -> bob dylan or whatever.
      it is instructive to wonder why they are in such a hurry to change their “honest” jew names into something that screens them from scrutiny, like burglar pulling on a pantyhose over his head before b+e.

      when you look down the column and see them all, see the bolshevik commisars who to a man were jews, it speaks clearer than yelling “jew-jew!” each time.

      and then as a joke, might stick in some poor kid who gets nailed with lifetime for stealing an orange or something – hey, there are gentile criminals too, you see.

      on what basis can they prosecute us, that we didn’t list killers of 6 million jews?
      we’ll just say that we would love to add hitler+germans to the list but are still awaiting a proof that satisfies our standards as applied in the list.
      for example, we didn’t list judas iscariot because all we have is witness hearsay.
      line the ducks up in the row …

      1. You beat the Jews by unashamedly telling the TRUTH!
        If you know it is the truth then TELL it and so counteract our current world of total lies!
        In New Zealand a man accused of racism against a Jew was released without charge because he convinced the judge that the Jews do not comprise a distinct RACE of the human species, and are highly multi-racial across the Diaspora. He told the TRUTH!
        Winston Churchill said: “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there is the TRUTH!”
        I just watched a very good movie with Russel Crowe in it, “State of Play.” In it, the evil Goyim (they never cast Jews in this type of movie) who are profiteering from the wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc) and genociding such as the Iraqis, all get arrested and jailed at the end. The hero (Aussie’s Crowe!) rides into the sunset with the beautiful bird!
        Crowe’s former, duplicitious mate, the Congressman, faces jail for his evil.
        In this light, read what I said about the hawkish (“bomb Iran/bomb Syria”) Ms Feinstein and her hubby (above) and ask why they should not be in prison. No, the Jews don’t go to prison; they purchase $16.5 million mansions instead! They receive taxpayer funded pay rises from out of the global financial meltdown!
        Such is the state of justice in the USA!
        In reality, Jewish ANARCHY reigns, but you won’t understand this until you are living in Mumbi-like rubbish heap, shanty towns with chains around your necks.
        As for only dealing with such a huge issue (THE ISSUE!!!) at the local level, as one small-picture-viewing, rather stupid person suggests. Forget it! This has to happen in the Jews’ macro-sphere! A comprehensive list of Jewish criminals is important preparatory work; as then you have fully IDENTIFIED THE ENEMY, with up-to-date photos attached – That means if you happen to encounter a fleeing Jew in the chaos and violence that is to come, at least you can raise your shovel and do them a good turn!!!!

        1. “As for only dealing with such a huge issue at the local level, as one small-picture viewing rather stupid person suggests…”

          If you’re gonna quote me, dipshit, the least you can do is be accurate about it. I never said this was the ONLY way to deal with the problem. Just one way. And so what if it’s only on a local level. Better than doing nothing at all, on ANY level.

          You talk about your Aussie hero riding off in the sunset, eh? Dream on boy. Fantasize all you want. Your country feebly stood by only to be taken over and is now on the verge of becoming the new HQ of the Red Dragon. Talk about doing nothing. And now you exhort Americans to wake up because you didn’t and that’s all fine and well.

          But your country is gone, so why don’t you make your way over to these shores and fight the good fight in a place where there’s still some glimmer of hope for a desireable outcome, instead of regaling us with Miley Cyrus stories, or of jewess conquests and the like in all your boorish explicitness?

          First stop? The shores of Californicatia. Home of the wench Feinstein. Come on over and have at it!

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