The War Criminals Who Rule America Prepare To Genocide The Palestinians For The Jews


unanimous - 2

With psychopaths like this in charge,
what hope for America?


No dissenting vote was cast, and no mention was made of the hundreds of Palestinian civilians, most of whom are women and children, that have been killed by Israel in the past ten days.

Senate Resolution 498 was authored by Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), with additional support by Ben Cardin (D-MD) and son of former Republican party politician Ron Paul, Rand Paul (R-KY).

Paul is urging the Senate to pass his own bill, S. 2265, which would end all U.S. foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority until Hamas is barred from the new Palestinian unity government, among other stipulations.

The resolution was passed on the very same night Israel launched its current ground offensive into the Gaza Strip.

The United States and Israel, this past week, signed an agreement under which $429 million of American taxpayers’ money “will be transferred immediately to Israel” to further fund the Iron Dome missile system, which has recently come under scrutiny by prize winning Israeli defense and aerospace engineering expert Dr. Moti Shefer.


“Those who can make you believe absurdities
can make you commit atrocities.”
—  Voltaire

126 thoughts to “The War Criminals Who Rule America Prepare To Genocide The Palestinians For The Jews”

  1. there is nothing wrong with giving jews money to build completely useless protection devices.

    iron domes are actually trash containers stood on end from what i can see.

    until now i always thought they were yad vashem memorial sculptures made to resemble cattle (goy) cars that were used to shuttle jews to safety in wartime europe.

    my investment in “soapmaster defense industries” is paving the way to retirement.

    1. Yes there is something wrong with it. EVERYTHING is wrong with it. Why should impoverished, unemployed Americans continue to bankroll jews’ endless wars of obliteration against people who have not harmed us, and used to be our friends? Why should we allow an illegal foreign LOBBY that exploits us like their get-home-free card, to bribe our own Congress, who then launders OUR paychecks thru AIPAC for this kind of waste?

      EVERYTHING is fkkking wrong with it, and the VOTERS better wise up.

        1. Great advice. Voting only encourages them.
          Voting is to appease the people so they will take no further actions.
          The secret ballot is a ruse. It is a sytem of organized and legitimate theft.


          Many people still in power have yet to be held accountable for their role in aiding and abetting vote fraud. I’ll give you two important examples. Famous Miami lawyer Ellis Rubin brought the original Votescam evidence to the Florida assistant State Attorney at the time, Janet Reno. The evidence included the shaved wheels of lever voting machines, forged canvass sheets, and pre-printed vote tally sheets. Reno refused to prosecute, claiming falsely that the statue of limitations had run out on the crime. Years later, Rubin would tell my father that behind closed doors Reno had stated that she could not prosecute. Why? Because she would bring down many of the most powerful people in the state.

          Another notable Votescam criminal can now be found sitting on the bench of the highest court in the nation. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, while still a Federal Appeals Judge, single handedly destroyed what would have been an historic lawsuit filed against Justice Department lawyer Craig Donsanto, who had refused to prosecute the extensive vote fraud evidence brought to him by the Colliers. The evidence included videotape of the League of Women voters tampering with ballots in a close door vote “counting” session. The women were illegally punching holes in already cast ballots.

          I’d like to offer a brief list of important lessons learned from twenty-five years of fighting vote fraud in the trenches.

          1. Secret vote counting is illegal. Counting faster is not a justification for counting secretly.
          2. Lever machines were the first to appear, and they were riggable in a number of ways. One could rig the lever machine itself, or the electronic scanning machines that counted the ballots.
          3. Computerized voting machines are the easiest to rig. Their software is not open to public scrutiny, or the scrutiny of Election Supervisors. There are nearly infinite ways to program the machines to count votes fraudulently. Since they are accessible by modem, they can be controlled from a remote, centralized location.
          4. Voting machine companies operate with no federal oversight, certification process, standards or restrictions. Just two companies — Election Systems and Software (ES&S) and Diebold Voting Systems — now control about 80% of the vote count in the U.S.
          5. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have been complicit in vote rigging for decades, to their mutual benefit. Vote rigging is NOT a partisan issue.
          6. The corporate major media networks play a vital role in perpetrating and covering up vote fraud.
          7. Election Day media polls are untrustworthy at best.
          The gravest error of judgment these days comes from those vote reformers who honestly believe that the answer to the butterfly ballot and hanging chad problems in the 2000 election is to embrace the ballot-less computerized voting machine. With the ballot-less computer, there is no way to recount, no way to prove any discrepancy, inaccuracy or fraud. Just the fact that companies like ES&S and Diebold would even make a ballot-less machine should be cause for a Congressional investigation.
          (There are also many other reasons to investigate them. For a detailed examination of these sinister corporations, check out )

        2. Pat, many thanks for this invaluable post. This simply reinforces our belief that voting is a waste of time.

        3. Glad to help.

          The only vote which counts, in most cases is….
          ..THE JURY VOTE!!

          I said ‘most cases’ because judges have overruled juries, such as in the Waco defendants’ trial. Complete travesty there.

      1. you misunderstood my point, like i misunderstood your origin, ie, you are in fact anti-sayan.

        i am merely saying that if any money must be wasted on jews, if it is spent on making them vulnerable then it is a good investment, ie, i will gladly buy a jew a “bulletproof” vest that wouldn’t withstand a paintball, giving him a false sens of security.

        thus, i will contribute to the iron dome that is a soft target for iranian missiles and i will subsidize iron life vests for the israel navy.

  2. The recent Israeli bombardment of Gaza is the latest example of the lack of equilibrium in a conflict that has been intermittently fought since the establishment of Israel in 1948. Following the killing of 3 Israeli teenagers last month, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the 4th largest military on the planet to conduct air, land and sea attacks on the densely populated Gaza Strip, which has left over 340 Palestinians dead – 75% of which are civilians, compared to 5 Israelis killed.

    Netanyahu was quick to blame Hamas for the killings of the Israeli citizens that provided the sole justification for the military campaign. Yet Hamas has never taken responsibility for the attack – an anomaly for the group as most operations conducted are for political objectives – leading many to believe it was an Israeli false flag attack to justify further military occupation. The recent agreement reached between Hamas and Fatah is a deal that terrifies the Israeli establishment and is a major factor in the onslaught that has been seen on Gaza. Israel has been attempting to split and fragment the Palestinian population for decades, with the prospect of a unified people in the West Bank and Gaza unacceptable to the Israeli elite.!bi47ib

    1. If the three boys were hitching a ride on a road used frequently by Jewish youngsters to do the same, then the road was probably a Jewish access only road that is heavily controlled by IDF checkpoints. Access to these Jewish access only roads by Palestinians is very strongly forbidden (even Americans whose country helped fund the roads are not allowed to use them – I know from personal experience when using one of these roads by mistake.) In addition, Jewish license plates are yellow, while Palestinian plates are blue. No Israeli would hitch a ride in a blue plate car. In addition, the two men arrested for the murders of these boys are not members of Hamas. Something seems strange here.

  3. The JEWS in KIEV, UKRAINE, shot down that Malaysian plane deliberately to get the world’s focus OFF the Israeli JEW WAR in their GENOCIDE MURDERING all the Palestine People so they can STEAL the land and OIL of GAZA belonging to the Palestine people.

    1. Highly likely. Search ‘natural gas in Gaza’.

      Over 40 per cent of Israel’s electricity dependent on natural gas. The country has struggled to keep up with rising demand. A stable source of gas is in short supply for the Jews.

      Many wars are fought for one of these or all three… the three ‘O’s: oil – ore – opium.

        1. A just war
          a fair war
          civil war
          defensive strike
          humanitarian interventionism
          peaceful crusade
          peacekeeping force
          preemptive strike
          rules of war
          American culture
          journalistic integrity
          white lie
          legal ethics
          insane logic
          lesser evil
          limited incursion
          low intensity conflict

    2. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Jan. 23 with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting came as a prerequisite to officially sign an investment agreement aiming to develop the Gaza offshore gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. It is only logical to assume that this step will raise the ire of Israel. The latter does not appreciate the role Russia plays in the region, especially since Israel has never come to an agreement with Russia.

      Read more:

  4. What we are witnessing in Gaza ‘again’ is Talmudic Blood lust displayed by a psychotic people who need to slaughter Amalek on a regular bases, (They call it mowing the lawn) Western governments have been subverted by agents of this Zionist entity, hence the cowardly lack of condemnation by it’s representitives. The Rabbis forbid any mercy being shown, even to children. This Genocide will not cease until every non Jew is either killed or cleansed from the land. The joke is, Israelis are not Semites but are of Khazar stock, so no right to be anywhere near PALESTINE!….

    Example: “It is forbidden to be merciful to them, you must give them missiles, with relish – annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones.”
    — Ultra-Orthodox Shas Party spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, in a sermon, 8 April 2001. He has also called Arabs “snakes” whom “God regrets having created”.

    Or: Ayelet Shaked of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party called for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes.”

    “They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists,” Shaked said, adding, “They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”

    Personally, I have been a pacifist most of my life but would rip these Demons throats out and offer it to the slaughtered children of Gaza. The world is now completely sick!

    1. The history of the Zionist can be found in the study of this people.

      Rechabites- descendants of the same Kenite chief
      The descendants of Rechab through Jonadab or Jehonadab. They belonged to the Kenites, who accompanied the children of Israel into Palestine, and dwelt among them. Members of a family descended from Hammath, the progenitor of the house of Rechab; otherwise known as the Kenites (I Chron. ii. 55), They were commanded to lead always a nomad life. (vagabonds without a country)
      House of Rechab: One of the two “captains of bands” whom Ish-bosheth took into his service, and who conspired to murder him. ( 2 Samuel 4:2 ) (B.C. 1046.) (cain was the first murderer) these are the offspring of cain. Evil is in their dna.

  5. Imagine if you will, that you go into a coma and awake in the year 4014. The first headline you read is:
    ——– Persecuted, Peaceloving, NAZIS battle for their “God/Thor Given Homeland of Europe”. ——–
    You then read how their “Holy book, (Mien Kampf)” GAVE them the land and anyone who objects is an antiARYAN bigot.
    That is EXACTLY what is happening in PALESTINE.

    There is a REASON Jesus “closed” the OLD (WAR god) testament and opened the NEW (LOVE/FORGIVING god) testament.
    There is a REASON Jesus “closed” the OLD (WAR) covenant and opened the NEW (LOVE) covenant.
    The Canaanites/Amorites/Philistines/Midianites/PALESTINIANS were in PALESTINE long before Israel was even thought of. The PALESTINIAN’s ancestors were there when ABRAHAM passed through from Babylon/Ur …… How else could Moses/Israel BRAG about exterminating/”SHOAHing” them !?!?!?!
    Israel’s “claim” to Palestine is based entirely on War Crimes and GENOCIDE.
    It is UNFAIR and WRONG to compare Israel to the Nazis.
    The CORRECT comparison is Nazis to Israelis:
    The Nazis were only following BIBLICAL orders.
    Deuteronomy 15:6 “For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee.”
    Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”
    Israel EXONERATES the Nazis
    The Nazis copied the Jewish TORAH point by point
    Numbers c.5 v.2-4
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Where are THEIR “holocaust” Memorials!
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
    TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
    YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
    WHY is anyone surprised that the inventors of genocide, engage in genocide?

      1. They don’t really give a stuff about the MYTHS, as most creatures caled JEWS are atheists and/or non religious!
        You have to attack their vast MONEY POWER!
        It is all about MONEY and the POWER it bequeathes!
        Pat, Israel, as I’ve said is “all about the oil!” (To quote Alan Greenspan. Secondly Israel is the Jewish “moneylenders” CRIMINAL PARADISE, fully paid for by the obscenely dumb American taxpayer (as Noam Chomsky would say!)

        1. “You have to attack their vast MONEY POWER!”


          They holler loudest when kicked in the wallet..LOL!!!

    1. Those “Palistinians” are mixed breed of Arabs, whites, Jews and others who have populated the area after the deportation of northern Israel and then after real Judaites left the land between 65 and 135 AD to escape the genocide of the Esau fake “Jew” impostors by the Romans.

      The so called Jews claim to the land is based upon Abraham’s “blessing” to Esau where once he broke the yoke of his younger brother Jacob (Whites /Europeans from Isaac/Jacob) he will be given temporary tyrannical rule.

      This is called the controversy of Zion and it is between Esau and Jacob’s right to rule a World Government out of the Holyland (where ancient authentic Israel was). This controversy will be settled when Jacob- whites/European- authentic Israelite/Judaites are given massive restitution by the Esau “Jews” (Bankers etc) because they have stolen all of our material wealth while genociding us all over the planet, enslaving us unlawfully in order to create their JWO. When authentic Israel takes the land with the true messiah’s return, exposing the “Jews” impostor messiah, is when the new earth age of peace begins.

      The Canaanites were cursed people who mixed with the Esau “Jews”. They were cursed because they had mixed with the fallen one’s (Fallen Angels) and had their genetics in them. This is why the great I AM gave orders for the authentic Israelites to wipe them off the earth when they first repopulated the land that Shem (Melchizedek) had established after the flood.

      The great I AM is the prime creator savior of all that is and this planet is his. So by way of property rights, he has the right to give anything he wants to anyone. He has the right to kill whom he sees fit and in this case, it was Canaanites who had fallen angel genetics in them- those who conspired to take over this planet and destroy the authentic races that come from Adam to Noah to Abraham- Ishmael (Arabs)- Isaac- Jacob (whites).

    2. Dear Klarance, not all Jews are Zionists, not all Zionists are Jews. Zionism = state terrorism = Israel, and quite often the USA.

      The Talmud is not the Torah. Moses’ original Torah has been lost, thus the need for the Talmud. Moses’ religion is a beautiful religion.

      Don’t intermix Judaism with Zionism.

      1. StamfordCT

        The “Jews” read the “Torah” their 900 AD Masoretic rewrite of the Septuigant through the glasses of Talmud.

        So, there is separating to the two because the even if the “Jew” tries to take away Talmud, they still have a fraud rewrite and their entire culture, their genetic norms- their common law which interprets “torah” for them is still Talmud based.

        The only hope I can see for the “Jew” is to do this.

        1. STOP calling yourself Jews and Israelites. This is IDENTITY THEFT.
        2. Speak of yourself in terms of your true ethnic identity (Esau/Sephardic or Ashkenaz from Japeth).
        3. Separate yourself as much as you can from the synogogue of Satan and his “chosen”.
        4. Lastely, accept Jesus Christ- his words and ways are the LAW above all Law.

  6. War on humanity and killing of innocent people are nothing new. The filthy Jews are just replicating what westerners have been doing in centuries. While the onslaught on Gaza is ongoing, all we hear is a deafening silence from Western governments. Yes indeed, US is a government of the hypocrite, for the hypocrite and by the hypocrite.

    1. “War on humanity and killing of innocent people are nothing new. The filthy Jews are just replicating what westerners have been doing in centuries… ”

      The Jews have been doing this for at least *three thousand* years, and have been hiding behind most of those past “Western” regimes that you refer to.

      But I will duly note that has proven quite easy for them in their quest to enlist Shabbos Goy cowards to assist them in “poisoning the wells”. Shabbos Goy cowards who are inevitably dispensed with once their usefulness period has passed.

      1. And the Begin led thugs and terrorists of 1947 and 48, DID poison every well they came across in Palestine. They dumped the dead bodies there and urinated and defecated into them as well.

        Menachim Begin had a $25,000 reward on his head for terrorism at the time.

  7. “They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”

    Here is what the Mikdash kohanim shouted about their murder of Jesus: Matthew 27:25 “Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.”

    Wow! The blood liable stated openly in a modern Jewish sermon. This phrase makes American Jews like Abe Foxman froth at the mouth. In fact the ADL forced Mel Gibson to expunge the passage from his movie “The Passion”. One can only wonder how long it might be before they likewise try denying rabbi Shaked’s murderous curse of vengeance.

    America is the Jew’s Golem, with jackboots stomping about the Middle East on a murderous rampage to kill the Jew’s hated enemies. Should the Golem awaken to its true state, should it become conscious of its creator’s vicious hatred and malfeasance toward itself and the humanity it slaughters, then it shall turn upon the Jews with a wrath unknown even by Jews. The Jews overweening Chutzpah will be their undoing. When it comes, if it comes, if and when the sleeping goyim Golem awakens, not a Jew shall remain on this earth.

  8. The DC/US Government (UNITED STATES Corporation) is owned by the City of London Corporation and Vatican City Corporation- “Jews”. This is a FOREIGN nation and FOREIGN law source to the united States of America which is the mainland.

    So, it is any wonder that all of these usurpers/traitors are willing to genocide the Pals falsely in America’s name?

    They need the land to errect their JWO Government that is planned to be exclusively run by the “Jews” thus the power of the 3 city state corps has to be transferred there after they commense the perfect storm.

    When this hits, the “Jews” will unleash their all out military invasion of America and Gaza with the express intent to genocide both peoples (whites Christians (Jacob/Israel) in America and Arab/Muslims (Ishmael) in Gaza). Both of these peoples are actual Semites whereas the “Jews” are impostors.

  9. Hamas was set up as an Israeli ‘Strawman’ to challenge (notionally) the Palestinian Liberation Front………..who were also bought and paid for. There is much on this Planet of ours that the Rothshitess don’t control…………c’est la vie.

      1. wiggings

        You are right.

        Remember what Lenin said

        The best way to fight your enemy is to lead them.

    1. Hamas is an acronym for Harafat al-Muqawama Al-Islamiyya, or Islamic Resistance Movement.

      How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas
      Wall Street Journal Jan 24, 2009


      Moshav Tekuma, Israel

      “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel’s destruction.

    2. Your pathetic, parataxic, distortion and derailing attempt is not going to succeed.

  10. Dear old Rand Paul lost all credibility on this vote………….maybe he doesn’t care anymore and his eyes are black.

    1. Rand has been losing credibility for a long time.

      It boils down to thois.

      Either he and others are playing “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” or he is simply another control opposition operative.

      I think people might be surprised who turns on the “Jews” when the SHTF.

      1. If it’s the former, he’s like the rest of us, just waiting. Watching and waiting.

        If it’s the latter, then his would-be operative status would show this apple fallen far from the tree

        And I don’t think I’ll be surprised at who turns on them the most ,Tyron.

        What we long to see.

  11. So Rand Paul has officially sold his soul now, as well….
    Is anyone really surprised?
    A nation of cowards, indeed.

    Anyone still placing stock in the idea (read: myth) that anyone within the US ZOG complex will ever effect positive change in the nation (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter) is completely devoid of actively-firing neurons.

    1. Spot on, Shadowcaster! America is so brainwashed that there may be only a couple of 1,000 independent people with “actively-firing neurons”! Even the smarty panses on this site – the regulars – are brainwashed puppets! Pseudo-Christians and Jews everywhere! SWARMING!
      Americans suffer brain disease and their Congress just voted 100% to support Israel’s GENOCIDE in Palestine. At least in Australia and England a strong, united RESISTANCE is growing.
      Americans can’t find their way out of bed or off their beloved Jewtube! And all Tyron Parson worries about is pronouncing his unlearned reading of the Torah/Five Books of Moses! Noah begat about 12 or so patriarchs before Terah was born. These Arabs fooled around for a few thousand years before King Josiah suddenly found the scrolls of a supposed Deuteronomy in the desert. They then copied the Egyptians and made up YHWH. Okay, a radical man called Jesus told them to stop their CRAP and GET REAL! “Tell the TRUTH!” “Beauty is Truth, Truth is beauty!”

  12. The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) was founded by Israel’s Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks (Mossad) with the strategic purpose to prevent the creation of a Palestinian State.

    Notice the striking similarity with the creation over 50 years ago by the British MI5, the CIA and the same Mossad of what is now known as the “global terror.” Trained, armed and funded by the Global Elite, the fabled enemies are used as a smokescreen to hide who all these wars are really against: wherever you live, these wars are against your freedom, they are against you. — War Is Crime.

    1. I believe NOTHING the Zionist government prints, posts, or declare in their media

      1. That IS wise. The fighters on both sides are Mossad contrived and controlled.
        There is NO money in peace.

  13. I look at the pictures of your Zionist Jews and their Goyim henchmen and women and I feel sick! I could easily add thousands more American, dual citizen Jews to your gallery.
    These people are penultimate evil, but they all have the appearance of the soft-looking American tourists I see in Australia.
    I think you Americans are rapidly evolving into a new breed of humanity. You all look soft, weak and stupid!
    Too much Jewtube trash, Superbowl crap and fast food!
    All the Ozzie actors making it big in Hollywood have a raw masculinity about them, which juxtaposes against your obese, double-chinned softness!
    As such, you weaklings are easily kept in your slave confines by the likes of that soft weirdo, Harry Read, and sidekicks Dianne Feinstein, Summers, etc.
    Your politicians reflect you, the American people.
    The world is rapidly learning to loathe you!

    1. I might add, you Americans are sporting cheats and low-lifes!
      Every one of your great champions has proved a drug taking lowlife.
      Saw Marion Jones win the Olympic sprints in Sydney. Yeh, a lowlife, nigrah, drug cheat.
      Saw Lance Armstrong win 7 Tours de France. Yeh, a low-life, whitey drug cheat!
      Flo-Jo still holds the women’s sprint-running records from the 1980’s! Records that may never be beaten! Yes a drug-taking nigrah, as post motem examination proved!
      Saw the coke-sniffin’ Dallas Cowboys play your farcical game. Yeh, low-life, prostitite-addicted nigrahs! Rodman and his tattoos – PURE FILTH!
      I could go on and on!
      And then their managers are nearly always low-life, drug-promoting Jews. Mr Sterling did not want his latest whore to mix with coke-sniffin’ nigrah ball players!
      MOST SHIT happening in the world comes out of the United States of Jewdom! Your filthy weapons end up in the hands of murdering dual citizen “Israelis.”
      Your Jewish porn ends up in the hands of my teenage students!
      You ARE FILTH! Your BODY POLITIC stinks the world out!
      And all Tyron P. is concerned about “Whites /Europeans from Isaac/Jacob.”
      And that is crap! As I explained, the man/family that started the Abrahamic journey was Terah, an Arab/Semite from Jordan! (Moabite-Ammonite stock) That is all”ye need to know”! The WHITES were not encountered until you journeyed into the Germanic lands and to the Norse. I am a Norse! Very good looking and un-American! FAR more intelligent!
      Get REAL YOU WACKO JACKO, religious bigot!

      1. Max

        Look at the EU- UK, Colonies, same corruption of whites as we see in America.

        You try to pin everything on Americans when barely noone in America supports these Government fictions over us run by the “Jews”.

        You FIRST ADMITTED YOU’RE A JEW by way of mother and now you claim to be “norse” and not a “Jew”- that you were only “Kidding”.

        YOU’RE A JOKE MAX and you have no concern for whites in America, but then again why should you since you already ADMITTED YOU’RE A JEW by race, by Mom, as you go about dividing white people along political- national lines.

        Why don’t get your head out of the JEWTUBE and come to America to experience how we really are (most whites live in the suburbs, countrysides.

        Hell no, you’re too seething with hatred of white people who by the way ARE TRUE SEMITES FROM Jacob who are from Isaac who is from Abraham

        Arabs are from Ishmael you uneducated LYING Jew!

        Maz, know something and know it well. The day will dawn soon when you and your ilk will have to answer for every lie you told so do yourself a favor, shut your mouth and stop digging the hole you’re in.

        1. Tyron Parsons, you just cannot get through your American-Jewish brainwashing!
          Your thickness is not appealing. You know nothing of biblical history, can’t listen to common sense and are a total bore! Your ramblings are tainted crap! ARE YOU THERE FOR JEWISH DIVERSIONARY PURPOSES! Are you the JEW in the woodpile? ! I would ring your neck if I met you!
          Your story of us “whiteys” , you , f**#*!, goes as far as Abram or Avraham or “Abraham.” You say: “White people who by the way ARE TRUE SEMITES FROM Jacob who are from Isaac who is from Abraham!”
          D’oh, you just said it! Read your simple dictionary and it will tell you that a Semite is an Arab! Too hard?
          So get your Old Testament and read Genesis re Terah. Yeah, he took his family on a journey to the north west to Haran/Charran. Haran is near Santliurfa in modern Turkey. Here they lived for a time and this is where his Arab son, Abram, heard “the voice”. i.e. “Take your growing tribe of Semites to Canaan and kill all the tribes such as the Hittites, Jabusites, etc.
          AGAIN, for your thickness: Abraham’s son, according to pure biblical mythology/fairy tales was a Moabite-Ammonite cross, from Terah and his wife. They were Jordanian Arabs! They are closely related to the ME’s Sephardic Jews! Not WHITEYS of the north like me!
          AGAIN, for your thickness: The modern Jews of 2014 AD are, by vast majority, a highly mixed race, non-Semitic, non-religious, non-monocultural collection of people. They loosely subscribe to a belief in the idea that Canaan has been bequeathed to them, but have no idea why!
          So it is a complete waste of time mauling over supposed WHITEYS versus Ishmael’s “Arabs”! YOU HAVE BEEN CHECK-MATED!
          It is all total crap, and why I think you are a Jew! Hitler would say you write illogically, so typical of Jews or those trained by Jews.
          Get out of your suffocating one-dimensionality! Better still, define “WHITES”, “Arabs”, “Jews”, “Israelites”, Hebrews” etc in your own convoluted mind. Your SIMPLISTIC paranoia is not good enough!

        2. Max

          Last time I am addressing you, you Jewish DOLT

          The word Semite comes from Shem

          Do you know who Shem is oh “wise one”?

          Shem is Noah’s first born. The fruitfulness and dominion mandates were handed down from Adam to Noah to Shem, to Eber to Abraham. Egyptians were of Shem but didn’t get the blessings that went to Eber to Noah to whom went the mandates.

          Thus, white Egyptians were SEMITES
          Abraham was a SEMITE
          Ishmael who make up the Arabs were and are SEMITES
          Isaac, Abraham’s second son and first son from his lawful wife was a SEMITE
          Esau, Isaac’s first born was a SEMITE
          Jacob, second son of Isaac later called Israel, patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israael was a SEMITE and his offsrping are WHITES/Europeans today.

          Arabs admit they are from Ishmael.

          “Jews” admit they are from Esau and Ashkenaz

          Whites are the only people who forgot their ethnic identity (Jacob/Israel) that was WELL KNOWN in America and the UK, Colonies only 200 years ago. Their/our “losing their identity” was prophesied and our gaining it back at the end of this paticular earth was also prophesied.

          So listen up your incredible dunce and uber hypocrite accusing me of WHAT YOU ARE ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN; Arabs and whites are SEMITES but the “Jews” are NOT being that Esau/Sephardics only have a tiny portion of Esau left in them via maternal genetics, the rest of them being of blacks and asiatics.Ashkenaz are from Japeth (Asiatics) so whatever shem they have in them comes from their mixing with whites or arabs.

          In summary, i’ve had about enough of your ignorant claptrap and pathetic slanders for lack of intelligent retort. Keep this up pal and I promise you- I will make it my life mission to make you out to be the fake Jew hypocrite and ignoramus that you are in every single post you make henceforth.

      2. “MOST SHIT happening in the world comes out of the United States of Jewdom!”


        And THAT is what needs to BE KNOWN in order to be changed!!

        1. “Most shit” comes out of that ignorant Tyron Parson’s mouth! And HIS Jewish Hollywood, US Congress!
          Noah was not WHITE you f**^**!
          Shem, from Noah, was an Arab – Middle Eastern born Caucasian!
          Terah was a Jordanian Arab!
          Do I need to put you in a straight jacket to accept simple biblical mythology? It’s alll crap anways!
          As I said, read your Bible and identify the Arabs of Genesis!
          Noah’s huge boat full of domestic animals and “creepy things” (Genesis) was inhabited with Arabs, who came from “Ur of the Chaldeans”, on the edge of the Persian Gulf! .
          Get a brain! You are obviously a Jew, trying to get everyone DIVERTED into your nothingness CRAP! Diversionary tactics are explained in the Protocols. I am a wake up to you, JEW!

        2. HEY FOLKS

          Can anyone tell these Jew dupes like Max why it is that KING TUT (white man) shares between 50 and 98.6% genetic match to the peoples of Western European Origin and why it is that the Arabs from Ishmael and “Jew” Esau impostors, don’t? Because Arabs may be related to us whites by way of Abraham, but they are neither from Isaac, Jacob nor Egyptian white stock!

          Let me answer this in detail for everyone. Abraham was a white man. His first son Ishmael was born of a slave women.

          Arabs ADMIT they are from Ishmael and to claim that everyone from Adam to Noah to Shem to Abraham were Arabs, is the same type of BS claim the “Jews” have when they say everyone from Adam to Jesus was a “Jew”.

          Abraham’s second born was from his lawful wife Sarah. His name was Isaac.

          Isaac’s first born was Esau (to whom the “jews”-Sephardics admit they are from).

          Isaac’s second born was Jacob who obtained all the dominion and fruitfulness mandates that came from Adam on down to Noah- to Shem (who founded Jerusalem and who’s children founded ancient Egypt). Shem transfered his dominion and fruitfulness blessings to Abraham. Abraham gave them to Isaac and Isaac to Jacob with Esau “Jews” having a token “blessing” to rule by way of murder, theft, terror and war toward the end of each earth age when they would break the yoke of their younger brother (white people of jacob) from off their neck.

          Jacob would have 10 sons. The youngest was named Joseph. Joseph’s brothers would sell their brother Joseph into slavery (sold him to Ishmaelites) who in turn would sell him to an Egyptian family. Joseph’s brothers were angry at him because he had a dream that he would rule over all of his brothers.

          When in Egypt Joseph would be thrown into prison for a crime he did not commit. He interpreted dreams correctly and did so for Pharoah which saved white Egypt as Pharoah would make white Joseph CO-RULER of all of Egypt with him.

          White Joseph would later take in his 10 brothers who repented of their sin against him, saving them. White Joseph would end up marrying a white Semite Priestess of Egyptian stock. She would bare him two children- Ephriam and Manassah. These two patriarches would father the 11th and 12th tribes of authentic Israel. These two tribes would be handed the ruling authority over all of the other tribes AFTER Christ’s first coming when this ruling authority would be transfered from Judah and Levi.

          Ok, so these half white Egyptian, half white Israelites would rule until the end of the earth age established after Christ’s first coming. They would also be usurped by Esau “Jews” at the end of that earth age when in the last hour, all 12 tribes are regenerated, taking control of the Esau “Jews” JWO Gov as Christ returns, exposing their false “messiah” world dictator.

          So if we were to find out whom would be of the tribes of Ephriam and Manassah, we would have to find those people in the world (that race or related races) that have matches to ancient white Egyptian DNA and also ruled the OWO (old world order) for the last 2000 or so years.

          Who are those people? Western European peoples is who and King Tut’s genetic match to us proves it, as does our history, ruling the planet in one form or another for the last 2000 years, until recently, when the Esau “Jews” broke our yoke from off their necks, usurping us as they are creating their JWO abomination out of “Israel”. This is in perfect harmony with all prophesy as well as the historical record.

          So enough of this Arab nonsense.

  14. Now Tyron and lobro, here is some very sound information for under-grads who are being put off by your senseless, pseudo-religious harpings:
    In 1935 the steamer Tel Aviv made its maiden voyage from Nazi Germany to Haifa with Hebrew letters on its bow and a Nazi flag fluttering from its mast. The Captain of the Zionist-owned ship was a member of the Nazi Party. On board were 70,000 highly educated German-Jews and 140 million Reichmarks worth of German industrial equipment. This laid the foundation of Israel’s infrastructure. … And those powerful, super-intelligent German-Jews had the means and know-how to make life hell for the unwanted Arabs! … Oh the corruption of the Zionists and their English soul mates! Little Lord Balfours remain everywhere in Great Britain!

    1. Max!

      You are quite an interesting fellow. I think I’d like to audit one of your classes. But your disdain for Americans, in general, is too caustic. We’re in big trouble, and a LOT of us know it, and are not asleep to it. Whether any redemption for ourselves lies therein, or not, only time will tell. But you cannot disqualify our status as trend-setters, because a bloodbath, here, will inspire the rest of you to some action.

      WHY, do you think, did we not hear of any Australians using lethal resistance to your draconian gun laws? WHY, do you think, did old England whimper the same cowardly surrender? I’m asking, because I don’t know, and would like to hear your own speculation. You talk boldly. Here is something to consider: In a Most Dangerous Game – you and I hunting each other in the mountains for the kill – I doubt you’d find me a pushover. Not fat. Not too stupid. Now multiply me by a few million, and you may get an idea of a formidable, ready army of resistance. What is your aim in constant ridicule?

      1. Max’s caustic words for Americans is NOT caustic enough! They do not nearly rise to the level of Jewness in America!!

        WAKE UP!! Know it first! Then..FIGHT THE JEWNESS!!

        1. Pat

          White American civlians comprise the LARGEST MILITARY FORCE ON THE PLANET TO DATE!

          Now that is FACT so keep laughing but we will have the last laugh cause we will win this fight but we will also lose a lot of people in the process.

      2. you can tell the day the surf sucks by counting the number of times the prefix “pseudo” appears in max’s posts.

        blame the pseudo-surf.

        just an aside maxy … since when am i in the religious crowd, that’s a new one, i’ve been called a jew (but so have you, so we are in the same congreg as far as that goes) but neither my best friends nor my worst enemies ever called me overly religious.

        i don’t even play lottery …

      3. Gilbert

        Excellent post and that is exactly the point. In America, we whites have some 500 million weapons and number around 200 million people. In short, we are the last bastion of liberty defenders on the planet while the UK and Colonies succumed BEFORE we have and we still haven’t.

        The key to victory over the “Jew” WILL BE IN OUR RESISTANCE IN AMERICA that will then (after victory) be our coming together from the 4 corners and then invading “Israel”.

        Yet here goes the Jew Max and his athiestic belief system buddy, Pat, cheering for our genocide.

        You people make me want to vomit.

      4. Pat

        keep on laughing it up- I almost wish you continue. Why? Because you Jew dupe atheists who share a watered down version of the Jews Talmudic belief system as you masturbate at the thought of whites being genocided, will pay such a heavy toll, you’ll wish you weren’t born and that I guarentee you.

        I hope this isn’t your fate but the more you act like some sophomoric clown pretending to oppose the Jews while applauding their satanically genocidal desires of murdering off all whites- Christians- the more I find it hard to not salavate the day when our rise, our redemption, comes on the heals of your utter oblivion.

        1. Tyron, why do you call all us brilliant, clever Aussies, “clowns”? We look from without and read your nonsensical ramblings~! Your American hell-hole has infested the planet!

      5. The USA is the heart of the Jewish disease that is blighting the planet!
        Your govts are 100% Jewish controlled.
        You are a curse upon humanity and obese to match!
        Your guns mean nothing with bubbas holding them!

        1. I didn’t call you an Aussie and I didn’t call Aussies clowns. I called YOU A CLOWN a person who already outted himself as a “Jew” by way of his Mom, only to turn around and then claim to be a “nordic”.

          A “nordic” who now claims that everyone from Adam to Jesus was an Arab which is a CLOWNISH claim that only a fake “Jew” would invent to try and deny white peoples their true identity since the “Jews” identity has been smashed as the fraud it is.

    2. I guess you meant 700 instead of ‘70,000 highly-educated German-Jews’…

        1. Thanks for that. You had made it sound as if you believed the 70,000 arrived on ONE SHIP! (I doubt I have to tell you that there is NO ship capable of that amount of cargo.)

    3. Max

      What’s your point Jew? That Jewish Ashkenaz are superior to the ethnic identity you now falsely claim as English?

      Anymore pathetic rabblings from the double speaking white hating hypocrite Jew are not encouraged.

  15. Everyone has their opinion, but Israel’s enemies have never or will ever defeat the Jews. God gave His word about that and hell is full of people who thought otherwise. Repent, Get Saved, Get Raptured. Jesus Christ is waiting and watching.

        1. @ Max Bilney

          Is this how Australian school teachers talk? Not setting a very good example to your pupils, r u?

    1. Oldtimer

      The so called Jews are NOT Judah or Israel of the scriptures. You have been fooled (like i once was) and I assume you’re white/European by race so listen to these admissions in their OWN encyclopedia.

      The 1925 Encyclopedia Judaica states “Edom (Esau) is modern Jewry”

      The Encyclopedia Judaica 1971, Volume 10:23 proclaims “The Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelis in 1860”

      The 1980 Jewish Almanac p.3 states “strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew”

      I believe in Jesus Christ oldtimer and Jesus was not a “Jew” as you think of him. In fact, all 3 eyewitness Roman records say he had white milky skin- blue/grey eyes and blond/red hair. The so called Jews back in Jesus time were of Esau- they were Edomites impostors of Judah both ethnically and religiously. I can explain all of this to you from the original greek if you are open to it.

      Read Rev 3:9 and explain to me please what is being said.

      Have a good day sir,, but know, you’re being fooled if you think the so called Jews are Judah and/or Israel.

      Btw, where do you think your people (race) comes from?

      1. @Tyron

        If I were you, I wouldn’t waste more energy trying to enlighten these twits. You’re right, and they’ll know it soon enough. Who cares about them, anyway?? It’s not as if you or I have to provide for their well-being.

        You’re a decent fellow, and I’ve enjoyed reading your informative posts. (Well, I enjoy Maxy’s too – for the dramatic effect :), and he really is no dummy, just mean.)

        1. Max

          Ya, I know. I just don’t like giving Max any room for his nonsense so he might mislead people.

  16. First they came and took another country and I did not speak out — because I was not of that country.

    Then they began taking more land, and I did not speak out again — because it was not my land.

    Then they began genociding Palestinians, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Palestinian.

    Then they began their genocide program in my own country and started killing my father, my mother, my children — but by then there was no one left … no one with any power who could lift a finger to help me.

  17. i just want everyone to book this priceless comment by Al-Z-Heimer.

    i wish max would do a big loud number on it, go real doomsday on it, won’t you maxy?

    because it totally encapsulates all that is wrong with the zio-demon fucked west, the brains deep fried in double hydrogenated last decade’s palm oil, smoked lovingly in chem trail exhaust.

    this is what he says, commit to memory before pronouncing america ready to unshackle the world from slavery of jew-idumean-fake-jew-good jew, whatever all the jew-masters and jew-experts wish to call them.

    he says, quote-unquote:
    Everyone has their opinion, but Israel’s enemies have never or will ever defeat the Jews. God gave His word about that and hell is full of people who thought otherwise. Repent, Get Saved, Get Raptured. Jesus Christ is waiting and watching.

    the best, most instructive post in 13.5 billion year history of the universe, give or take 4,000 years that bible endorses.
    because america has so many of these bipedal enraptured, ruptured bowels ready to void at the merest hint of divine chosen sadism that i can’t think of how many lonnies would it take to bring them under some sort of control.
    you listening lonnie?
    this is where you start, leave ellie for later – if ever.

    here is an example of what sends mold-timer into the frenzy of rapture.
    how many have the guts to watch this through?
    because old timer’s theory is that god and all his heavenly host and critters are going to send the kid in green shirt to hell while the sniper is feasted in heaven.

    he truly believes that jesus christ will condemn those who condemn those who condemned him (jesus) to be nailed to a cross.
    (i think the above is too complicated for old timer but wtf, neither is his personal god much brighter)

    1. since a number of regular posters have upped the ante and contributed entire articles, i vote that this one by Old Timer be made into an article by itself.

      short and sweet, all capitalized and bolded.

    2. Crumbling houses, disemboweled friends and neighbors is what to expect in neighborhoods in a land surrounded by Israel and the local kol nidre chanters, sniping the survivors. Begin would be proud. Sharon also. They, both, envisioned and planned for this.

      1. Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first president: “We will turn the Arabs into the dust and wate of the desert!” HOLLYWOOD APPLAUDED!
        Bibi Netanyahu: “It is against all Jewish morality to cease our settlement program.” THE US CONGRESS GAVE HIM A UNANIMOUS STANDING OVATION!”
        Kaminski: “They are not my government!”
        ANSWER = Some Goys don’t like the UNITED STATES OF JEWDOM!
        It’s YOUR GOVERNMENT that killed JFK, did 9/11, created a fake Sandy Hook, is financing worldwide GENOCIDE.
        The government is “of the people and by the people.”
        You Americans love your govt as much as you love Big Bang, Californication, Gene Symons, Bette Midler, PINK, Bob Dylan, Dianne Feinstein, and the half black whiteman Obama!
        Dylan: We have made your “sons and your daughters beyond your command.” Please “lend us a hand!” And the evil CRUD is about to tour Australia!

    1. It will be interesting to see if the “peacekeepers” wear blue berets of the jewN.

  18. Israel from the begining has intended to ehtnically cleanse Palestine, to make it safe for “God’s chosen” people. All peace negotiations have just been stalling tactics while Israel brings in more settlers and prepares more arms. If the world was not watching, Israel would murder every Palestinian.

    Those Americans that ignorantly support Israel are accepting their own eventual enslavment as second class citizens. Israel is the long term enemy of all the world’s people.

  19. Should read “Senate Unanimous Votes Genocide Blood Sacrifice to Molloch”. This vote takes the U.S. lower than the gutter.

  20. I have deep sympathy for the Palestinians, and their struggle against the landgrabbers from eastern europe. Ziofascists commit atrocity after atrocity with impunity. It appears Hamas is better prepared to resisist this time, that’s why the idf thugs prefer to slaughter unarmed civilians from a distance, with all manner of obscene weaponry designed to cause maximum carnage and destruction. A bunch of inhumane cowards, they have nothing to be proud of. Nut job yahoo seem’s to relish his work, a man without ethics or mercy, his ultimate goal is a greater israel and jewish supremacist state. To accomplish that all Palestinian resistance must be crushed by any means necessary. He deliberate sabotages any chance of peace, unashamedly using the death of 3 teenagers as an excuse to kick off the current round of violence. Even if more of the world is seeing this manipulative duplicitous creature for who he really is, the people in power are easily bought, and show little interest in any meaningfull fair resolutions to the current situation. A ceasefire will only postpone the slaughter for a later date, I think Hamas is aware of that and this may drag on until the ziowarmachine is exposed for what it really is an instrument of brutality and oppression

  21. Murderous and brutal Ashkenazi Zionist fake Jew Benjamin Netanyahu of the counterfeit State of Israel, and President of the United States of America is not only a war criminal, but he is also guilty of genocide against the men, women and children of Palestine. Hamas is working in unison with the beast in order to exterminate the Palestinian people so his demonic minions can take over the entire land of Palestine. Hence, the Zionist Ashkenazi fake Jews are the invaders since 1948, not the other way around.

    If it weren’t for the Zionist fake Jews Hamas wouldn’t exist. These Murderous and obnoxious Ashkenazi Zionist fake Jews are the blood suckers of the deceived American population controlled through the Zionist Jewish owned Mainstream News Media since 1913, when the Talmudic Zionist Jewish Bankers not only established the illegal Federal Reserve System, but they also established the illegal Federal Income Tax, and they also installed every Presidential puppet in the White House and their respective Ashkenazi Zionist Jewish Appointees.

    The only one that slipped through their fingers was President John F. Kennedy, which they killed like a dog in the sight of the whole world as an example to future Presidents for signing Executive Order No. 11110, granting back the power to the US Congress to issue currency as stated in the US Constitution in Article 1, Section 8, “The Congress shall have the sole power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures”. Which eventually would have done away with the usurious and privately owned bank, the Federal Reserve System.

    Here are some examples of how the Murderous Ashkenazi Zionist fake Jews control the presidency of the United States of America, using as examples the three previous administrations, starting with William J. Clinton, and continuing with George W. Bush, and Barrack H. Obama, in full view of the treasonous Christian Clergy of America Self Gagged under the 501 (c3) Tax-Exempt Code.

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