They Are Not Like Us — by Jack Harper

Roughly 6 percent of the world’s population consists of people with Neanderthal genes. Jews fall into this category. This is why Jews have always been a problem: because their Neanderthal genes make them twice as aggressive as the rest of the world’s Cro-Magnon derived races.

Edited and presented with pictures, captions, and an endnote by Lasha Darkmoon on the sexual proclivities of the Jews.

neandertable“Basically, I estimate that about seventy percent of the present crisis on this planet can be fairly attributed to the machinations of Neanderthal-Semitic elements of the human population against the Cro-Magnon majority.”  — Michael Bradley, Esau’s Empire

Quite independent of Arthur Koestler, whose work he had never read, Michael Bradley, a Canadian-based writer of Jewish origin, released his own 1978 work, The Iceman Inheritance, followed up by its sequel, Chosen People From the Caucusus. In both these books, Bradley put forth his thesis that the modern day people known as the Jews were descendants from the Khazars and that, indeed, the Khazars could trace their origins back to the Neanderthals.

Bradley’s website at describes Bradley’s findings in part: In Chosen People from the Caucasus, Bradley focuses on the two separate groups of people who came from the Caucasus Mountains of the Middle East: the Biblical Hebrews who emerged from the southern Caucasus between 3000-2000 BC to invade Palestine, and the northern Caucasus “Khazars” who were converted to Judaism about 740A.D.

The Khazars were pushed into Central and Eastern Europe by Mongol invasions, and their descendants comprise the vast majority of modern Jewry. Although these have no direct historical or genetic connections with the Semitic Jews of the Holy Land, both groups shared a Neanderthal origin in the Caucasus Mountains in the far distant pre-Judaic past.

Bradley contends that people and cultures emerging from the Caucasus Mountains — a known refuge of late lingering Neanderthal populations — in proto-historical and historical times, would have remained highly intelligent, highly aggressive and psychosexually maladapted, promoting a high level of in-group cohesion. These traits, Bradley contends, explain the survival of Biblical Hebrews against all odds and also the inordinate social influence of modern Western Jews.

Bradley contends that there is no mystique of “the chosen people.” Monotheism— a purely male and abstract Godhead— is merely a result of Neanderthal glacial physical and mental adaptations or “maladaptations.”

Proven Neanderthal in-group cohesion and extreme aggression together resulted in a fiercely parochial “chosen people” perspective.

The cultural fusion of the two separate streams of “Jews” has, since the 16th century, played an important role in the evolution of Western Civilization and thus in the molding of the entire world’s present cultural profile.

Bradley contends that a uniquely high level of lingering Neanderthal aggression, perpetuated by ethnic prohibitions against outside marriage, has been responsible for the major role played by those calling themselves Jews in the discovery and conquest of the Americas, the transatlantic trade in Black Africans as slaves and cultural colonization of non-Whites by the West. It has been a role too often distorted and disguised by loud lamentations of “anti-Semitism.”

Bradley writes further of his own research and the subsequent controversy that erupted when many media outlets (and Jewish sources) which had previously hailed his writing on the topic of the Neanderthals came to realize that his work pointed toward Neanderthal origins for the Jewish people:

The “Jewish” Ashkenazim had come from a region of known late-lingering Neanderthals, the Caucasus Mountains and the neighboring Russian steppes. Some typically “Jewish” physical traits were very obviously vestigial Neanderthal ones – generally a short stature and a plump physique, many very short wide-hipped and big- breasted women, extremely hairy men and a tendency toward beetling brows and large beaky “hooked” noses in both genders. Many Ashkenazim have crinkly-curly head hair tending toward dark reddish brown or mahogany in color.

Neanderthal-type male
Neanderthal-type male

Among Ashkenazi “Jews” there is also a genetic tendency toward beaky faces, not only just noses, and big mouths (in more ways than one) that “wrap around” the lower face.

Barbara Streisand and Julia Roberts provide two lovely and very well known examples of how attractive this genetic trait can be. But these are not “Semitic” physical traits. They are Neanderthal physical characteristics. And maybe some Neanderthal emotional and behavioral traits persisted among the Ashkenazim along with the physical ones.

Their “chosen people” pretension is a typical Neanderthal in-group obsession that is actually a genetic racist predisposition against all other humans. It is a genetically determined “us against them” mentality. Their higher level of known Neanderthal aggression against outsiders is responsible for their disproportional social influence wherever they have settled in the West. . . .

The Ashkenazi Jews, as a group, exhibit lingering Neanderthal traits most strongly among living Caucasians because of Jewish prohibitions against marriage with outsiders. Their Neanderthal genes have been kept “all in the family”, as it were. These Neanderthal genes were not diluted by intermarriage nearly as much as with most other Caucasians.

Neanderthal-type female. Note the same beaky nose and big mouth.
Neanderthal-type female.
Note the same beaky nose and big mouth.

This Russian steppe origin of today’s Ashkenazi “Jews” was not just a “theory” based on squibs by medieval Christian, Moslem and Jewish chroniclers. It was solid and objective historical reality based on linguistics and hard archaeological artifacts.

And, with The Iceman Inheritance, my unforgivable crime had been to add very persuasive anthropological data to all the other evidence. And this “data” was also something that anyone could actually see by simply taking a close look at many North American “Jews.”

According to Bradley, the Neanderthal heritage of modern-day Jewish people explains much about their ongoing problems with not only the native people of Palestine but with other people on the planet. He writes:

This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward emotional instability and hysteria when they feel nervous or threatened… which is all the time when they are not in absolute control. And they are arrogant, but uneasy, even then.

An ethnic symptom of this emotional instability is the Jewish tendency toward hypochondria. Even they cannot control death. This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward hysteria and emotional instability has proved to be a dangerous and tragic situation over the course of Western history.

Their aggression encourages continual Jewish attempts to control societies, while the emotional instability makes it difficult for most Jews to distinguish reasonably between justified social criticism by their non-Jewish neighbors and attacks.

Insensitive even to objective concerns about inordinate Jewish influence in societies, and reacting with hysterical aggression to any such supposed “attack” on their behavior and pleas from non-Jews to limit it, Jews have always provoked violence against themselves. And then they, with much emotional satisfaction, feel victimized and attribute the situation to innate “anti-Semitism” among their neighbors.

On his website, in an essay entitled “A frightening publication history of Jewish media suppression”, Bradley explores the amazingly negative reaction against his writings and the determined efforts to discredit his work.


Endnote: On the sexual proclivities of Jews
by Lasha Darkmoon

This is related tangentially to the above article. It poses the question: are the Jews’ Neanderthal genes, which account for their double-than-average rate of aggression,  also responsible for their high libido and sexual hyperactivity?

It has always been an “antisemitic canard”, or perception among anti-Semites, that Jews are given to excessive amounts of lechery compared to non-Jews. The “Jew as Lecher” featured frequently in Nazi Germany Der Stürmer cartoons showing the Jew lusting after young Aryan women. When the Jews took over Weimar Germany, they flooded the country with pornography and made it the most sexually decadent country in Europe. Today, Jews dominate the world porn industry and produce roughly 90 percent of American porn in the San Fernando Valley, California. (See here)

Again, the Talmud’s obsession with sex is well-known. I have dealt with this subject in great detail in my article, Secret Sex Life of the Jews.  Amazingly, the Talmud has to be the only religious text in the world to discuss and compare the penis size of its most venerated sages.  (See  The Passionate Talmud, Introduction, p. 1).

The Jewish appetite for non-Jewish women, especially blondes, is apparently insatiable. All these appear to be Neanderthal characteristics — a huge libido, excessive testosterone, seething aggression — with the hairy Neanderthal-type male lusting darkly after the Cro-Magnon type female with her regular features and honeyblond flesh.

“I have not yet met a Jewish guy who wasn’t a horny rabbit,” porn star Nina Hartley once revealed. Nina should know, being Jewish herself — and having kicked up her heels for endless legions of lecherous Jews during her lubricious life time.

Here is Jewish novelist Philip Roth, who would undoubtedly have Neanderthal genes, going into raptures over the physical charms of Cro-Magnon woman. This is his hymn to the Aryan Blond Goddess from Portnoy’s Complaint:

“But the shiksas, ah, the shiksas are something else…. I am so awed that I am in a state of desire beyond a hard-on. My circumcised little dong is simply shriveled up with veneration…. How do they get so gorgeous, so healthy, so blond?” 



To learn more about Bradley’s Neanderthal thesis and the far-reaching effects of Neanderthal genes on the Jewish psyche, see: Chapter 4. The Decline and Fall of Esau’s Empire.

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  1. I found Lasha’s endote about the sexual proclivities of the Jews as interesting in its own way as the article itself…. though Lasha admits it is only “related tangentially to the above article.” However, I think she is right to see a connection between the Jewish obsession with sex and their Neanderthal genes.

    “It [the endnote] poses the question: are the Jews’ Neanderthal genes, which account for their double-than-average rate of aggression, also responsible for their high libido and sexual hyperactivity?

    Of course it is.

    The high aggression rate (twice the average) means a high testosterone level, which in turn translates into a high libido and a tendency to sexual hyperactivity.

    1. If we accept the thesis that Jews are essentially Neanderthal in their genetic makeup, this would account in large part for that “eerie otherness” you get from the Jew after reading his Talmud and coming across sentences like “The best of the goyim deserve to be killed.” Only a race that is not quite human, or that comes from a different subspecies of humanity, could speak in this weird way.

    1. Anthony Clifton, you are wrong in your claims:
      1. “There are no “Semitic Jews” in the Old Testament.”
      2. “Hebrews are Israelite “White” Nations.”
      Terah was the first patriarch of the Old Testament.
      He felt the “urge” to leave the Sumerian city of Ur (at the mouth of the Euphrates River) and take his family on a long trip to Canaan. (Some 1,800 miles by foot!)
      You really should read The Bible!
      Abram/Avraham/Abraham was his son.
      Terah and his family first travelled to the country we now call Turkey. (the 750 mile mark) They lived at Charran or Haran.
      Terah was from Moabite/Amonite stock. These were typical Middle Eastern Semites, or Arabs. (“Wandering Amonites”)
      As Arabs and Indians are theoretically “Caucasian” peoples, they fit into the same category as your “whites.” They are not Asians or Negroid! Australian aborigines are Caucasian and quickly blend in, with intermarriage, to become “whites.” Hence the leftist politicians give so-called “abos”, who look whiter than me, all the social security benefits!
      Jesus would have looked like an Arab.
      Modern Jews are predominantly Ashkenazim – or European Jews. (the minority are Sephardim.)
      They refuse DNA testing but look like Neanderthals, as has been discussed, and have Khazar blood (Turkish warrior class) in their veins. They are highly multi-racial and can be a mixture of Caucasian, Asian, Negroid, Eskimo, Mongoloid, Gypsy, Alpines, dingo, hyena, etc, etc. You define RACE!
      Remember, the Jewesses screwed with all racial types on the great trade routes. Even Marco Polo had Jewesses by the truckload! Plenty of bastardry went on, just like now! Lord Balfour was also screwing a Jewish chick! (Read Margaret McMillan)
      “Hebrew” was just one of many Semitic languages that combined in the Sumerian civilization.
      Terah and his family were just one group of wandering Semites. Archeological studies indicate that many different Semitic tribes occupied Canaan/Palestine over 5,000 years!
      The TRUTH: The Abrahamic stories that have “captured” the whites are purely Middle-Eastern/Arab in content, as is your lettering and numbers.
      The Arabs make up great stories! “Flying carpets, Ali Baba, beautiful princesses, burning bushes, getting swallowed by a whale, etc.”
      It was the brilliance and creativity of Islam that kept classical studies alive and well during the insidious period of the Catholic/Roman-induced Dark Ages! The popes were philistine ass-holes, sexual deviants and criminals! The “holier than thou” Medicis fathered 1000’s of bastards!
      However, Islam is a great “boys’ toys” religion, but not so good for the lassies who are subjugated and made non-persons! My Muslim mates can take prostitutes, drive hotted-up cars and have a hell of a time!
      I would hate to see my idyllic vision of Lasha Darkmoon spoilt by her having to wear a burqa!
      And at the Balwyn (upper class) public swimming pool in Melbourne (Australia) the Jewish chicks have to wear wigs and never seem to ever have a swim! I would not like to see such ugly w**^*! in bikinis! As they get older they get big bottoms and their mouths spread around their faces!

      1. Max- Your comment ‘Terah was the first patriarch of the Old Testament. He felt the “urge” to leave the Sumerian city of Ur (at the mouth of the Euphrates River) and take his family on a long trip to Canaan. (Some 1,800 miles by foot!)”… is only true if you realize that there are TWO ‘Ur’ of the Chaldees-both on the ‘other side of the Euphrates.

        Here is my article from my now-defunct blog, that lays to rest your fallacious P.O.V.

        Ur of the Anglos?

        One of the problems being an American, who rarely travels outside of their own native land, is that we are indebted to others for our information regarding things of the Bible. We often assume that, since people are studying the locations and peoples of the Word of God, that those ‘scholars’ are also reverently disposed to speak the Truth, about the Truth of God.

        How utterly naïve, and how typically American, that attitude is!

        Almost all of the ‘standard’ reference works that American Evangelicals have used for study (Strong’s, Baker’s, etc.) are over 150 years old. These men also may – or may not have- visited the Ancient Near Eastern world, in forming their theses regarding the world of the Patriarchs, Prophets, and the New Testament. It’s a long way, for example, from the northern climes of Scotland to the Levant!

        Nevertheless, such trusting and naïve attitudes related to the Word of God, means that, if Professor ‘so-and-so’ has said something, it must be true- and, armed with that error, we go and teach it to our children, and they teach it to their children’s children, and a ‘tradition’ is built up, based on no fact whatever!

        Take the phrase ‘Ur of the Chaldees.’ Book after book recommended to me by my first Bishop, consistently placed Abram, the man that later became the Patriarch Abraham, somewhere near the Ur in the southeast Fertile Crescent. That was done, of course, to find a ‘link and tie’ to the Semitic peoples of the Levant, for it is naturally assumed that, if the ‘Jews’ of today are Semitic, then, therefore, their most famous Ancestor must be “semitic” as well…or is He?

        There is a discussion going on over at the Stormfront site. Yes, I know. The vast majority of the posts on this site, renowned as a ‘hate site’ by Judaic special interest groups, are filled with bile, stupidity, and a ‘know-nothingism’ that would make the most xenophobic nativist in America proud. But occasionally, something of light breaks through. This is one of those posts.

        (I am indebted to the SWB folk, for pointing out this entry. I have not ventured over to SF, for more than a year, due to the aforementioned narrow-mindedness)

        Anyway, one ‘Celtic Sicilian’ is commenting on another’s excellent post, entitled, “The Jews: Who are they Really?” which deserves a great deal of study in its’ own right, as a post.

        But what Celtic says, has much to commend it. I have transliterated (probably faultily, as I do not know Turkish) some of the names he notes, into English. For that, I apologize in advance!


        “There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the word “Hebrew”, its meaning, or just who exactly it refers to. The ‘bandit’ etymology is incorrect. ‘

        (This refers to another poster’s misuse of the word, “Hebrew.”)

        ‘The word “Hebrew” is a patronymic name, stemming from the name “Eber” or “Heber,” a man who lived c. 2303 BC. The name “Eber” means, “to cross over.” “Hebrew,” which is derived from it, is intended to denote the people who came “from the other side of the river” (i.e. the Euphrates), from Haran (Genesis 11:31), and were the descendants of Eber. ‘

        ‘The descendants of Eber, or Hebrews, were not Arabs nor did they originally come from the Iraqi city of what has been incorrectly identified as Ur Kashdim, or Ur of the Chaldees. The real Ur Kashdim is the modern Turkish city of ’Shan-lıurfa” or more commonly Urfa, which was known in antiquity as Edessa, near the ancient Armenian (Indo-European) kingdom of Urartu (see this video). Racially, the Hebrews and their Israelite descendants were Europid or White.’

        “The Hebrew Scriptures say that the Hebrews originated in Ur Kashdim (or “Ur of the Chaldees”). It never once says that this city in Iraq. The “Hebrew Oral Tradition” you refer to is actually “Jewish Oral Tradition” based upon the Jewish Mishna and Gemara. These “Traditions” are unrelated to those the Biblical Hebrews. So despite that you say that you say “Nearly all ‘Jews’ are not Hebrews” you are contradicting yourself by implying that Hebrews were indeed Jews, which is not the case.’

        ‘[This] is not “Jew double talk.” It is well-established fact. All one has to do is consult James Strong’s Hebrew Concordance, which I posted an image from in my previous post. Virtually, every source on the matter accepts that the word “Hebrew” is derived from the name “Eber” meaning “to cross over.”

        ‘Abraham was indeed from the city of Ur Kashdim according to Genesis 11:31. The problem is that there are several places called Ur. The sites of Urfa, Urkesh, Kutha, Uruk, and Urim have been identified, at one point or another, as the Biblical Ur Kashdim.’

        ‘In Genesis 12:1, after Abram (later Abraham) and his father Terah have left Ur Kaśdim for Haran in Aram-Naharaim, God instructs Abram to leave his native land (Hebrew: mowledeth). Similarly, in Genesis 24:4-10, Abraham instructs his servant to bring a wife for Isaac from his mowledeth, and the servant departs for Aram-Naharaim. ‘

        ‘Hence, Abraham’s birthplace is somewhere in Aram-Naharaim (literally “Aram of the Two Rivers). Based on the meaning of its name, we see that Aram-Naharaim was located in Aram (ancient Syria) between the two rivers (the Tigris and Euphrates). The Sumerian site of Urim (Tell el-Mukayyar) is not the Biblical city of Ur Kashdim. Here is a map of where the real Ur Kashdim (modern Urfa), where Abraham came from, is located:

        (INSERT MAP)

        ‘As you can see, Urfa (Ur Kashdim) is indeed located on the other side of the Euphrates River from Canaan, and is in the region of Aram-Naharaim. There is no debate over where Haran is located, 10 miles north of the Syrian border in Turkey along the Balikh River, a tributary of the Euphrates River. Haran was an important Hurrian center, mentioned in the Nuzi tablets. The moon god, Sin, was worshiped here. If Ur were located in Southern Iraq (as you believe), why would Abraham travel 60 miles way out of his way to go to Haran? ‘

        ‘Further, the names of several of Abraham’s relatives like Peleg, Serug, Nahor and Terah, appear as names of cities in the region of Haran (Harper’s Bible Dictionary, page 373). Abraham sent his servant back to the region of Haran to find a wife for Isaac (Genesis 24:10). After working for Laban, Jacob fled across the Euphrates River back to Canaan (Genesis 31:21). If Ur was located Southern Iraq, then Jacob would not need to cross the Euphrates. Laban lived in Paddan-Aram, which is in the region of Haran (Genesis 28:5-7), which seems to be the same area as Aram-Naharaim, Abraham’s homeland (Genesis 24:10). These facts prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Biblical city of Ur Kashdim was not located at the site of Tell el-Mukayyar in Southern Iraq but, at the city of Urfa (Edessa) in Southern Anatolia (“Turkey”), near the land of Haran.’

        ‘Once again, pure speculation based on this misidentification of Hebrews (and their Israelite descendants) as “Jews” and the desire to paint the Biblical Patriarchs and the Bible, itself, as “Jewish.” The facts, however, show otherwise.’


        Interesting conjectures, and quite compelling – if one is to understand that the ‘Hebrews’ that arose from Abraham’s loins are NOT the ‘dusky, hawk-nosed Semites’ we long have presumed.

        And, such a geographical origin of Abram as being derived from the Eastern end of the “Fertile Crescent” – i.e., from an area where there WERE such ‘race types,’ would only be necessary, if one were to ASSUME that today’s “Jews” are ETNICALLY RELATED to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel of O.T. story!

        Therefore, as I do not now believe such to be either factually, historically, or genetically true (thanks to Koestler, Davidy, et al.) I firmly believe that Celtic Sicilian is correct. Ur of the Chaldees being located in Anatolia, means that Abram is White – or at the very least, Europid.

        And if that is the case, then, as I have noted before of Gal. 3:29:’s-seed-gal-329/

        – any further attempts by lying ‘scholars’ to make the Hebrews’ ancestor ‘Semitic’ no longer make an impression on me.

        We should not bow to a bastard race and an idolatrous theology [i.e., Jews and Talmudism] simply because they ‘say they are Jews, and are not.’ [ Rev. 2:8,9]

        We need to state that while the Talmudics ‘may have Abraham for their father,’ [John, Chapter 8] it doesn’t really matter at all, if they are Esau’s seed thereby- and they are! [“Esau is Edom” – Genesis]

        And if they are of the race of Judas, then who is the Race of Christ? “To the law and the TESTIMONY!”

        “For He [Christ] shall save His People [Caucasians] from their sins.” [Matt. 1:21]

        ‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
        Praise Him all creatures here below,
        Praise Him above, ye heavenly host,
        Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”


  2. Some examples of neanderthal descendants “in disguise”:

    Hilary and Chelsea Clinton (the picture of the neanderthal-type female bears a resemblance to Chelsea)
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Audrey Hepburn
    Mick Jagger
    Jacqueline Bouvier
    Prince Charles (and sons)
    Prince Phillip
    George H.W. Bush
    Dwight Eisenhower
    Abraham Lincoln
    The Obamas

    To name a few..

      1. agreed … probably also the first time that i disagreed with b-hawk.

        she may have been used as a shiksa, witting or unwitting, willing or unwilling but she was no jewapess.

      2. sorry to burst your bubble. The little cuckoo bird is definitely jewish

        But that isn’t to say there haven’t been neanderthal and cro-magnon mixes along the way.

      3. On what do you base your assertion that Audrey Hepburn was a jewess?

        And also Jacqueline Bouvier?

        Thanks in advance.

      4. Intuition is what I base it on. As nebulous as that is. So call me a dreamer, which is what I am anyway, and I like that distinction. But hey, I just see something and then interpret it. Throw it out there. Maybe I’m wrong. I really don’t care.

        Besides, maybe Audrey is “half and half” like me. Maybe that basic affinity allows me to see this?

        God the Creator is sickened over the reality of darkness. Not “God” as an external Authority, but what sickens you in your own hearts. Where else will it be felt if not from you. So call it feeling God, also felt by those in the “higher realms” which is where many left to come

        It’s impossible for Creation to desert itself. It’s a battle for the heart. As disgustingly dumbed-down many humans are proving themselves to be, most are good-hearted. Which is all

      5. Forgot to leave out those last 3-paragraphs. Was thinking about discarding them altogether, but not for this post at least

        Please disregard

    1. None of those people have any Jewish ancestry that I’m aware of, and it’s pretty easy to find out these days with the internet.

      Audrey Hepburn’s father supported the Nazis for God’s sake.

      1. Means nothing at all.

        You’re too rigid, and don’t make distinctions in seeing nuances when it comes to the relationship of Germans with “their” jews.

    2. Brownhawk. Yes, we should be constantly naming and listing this scum! That way readers can get used to them and have faces in their memories. I would add the current messianic King of the Jews, the decrepit, hideously evil George Soros. Chelsea Clinton is an example of a Neanderthal throwback. Her mouth stretches around her face like the ugly Mick Jagger.

  3. Fredrick Toben sends me this email in response to the above article:

    “I know of Europeans who look like Neanderthalers. The Jewish lack of empathetic understanding is a result of circumcision on the 8th day.”

    Myself, I am not necessarily a believer in the Neanderthal thesis. I know too little about the subject to form a pronounced view on it. I’m simply republishing Jack Harper’s article and giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  4. I noticed my earlier comment was censored so I will restate and see if this is still the case. Talking about what Jews are and their origins and what they have done and are doing and will do is all good and well but it still begs the question: “What are you going to do about it?”
    Everyone thinks that they will be the hero or in some cases the New Future Fuhrer if they maintain a blog and hopefully they will garner enough attention to exhort untold millions to rally to their cause and thwart the Jews. Sadly the numbers will not accrue fast enough to stop the Jews from fomenting WWIII.
    All this is due to not thinking outside the box.
    The Jews have no doubt been working on their next big thing, a false flag which will hurl the world towards oblivion and leave the Jews in ultimate control.
    As yet no “Champion” has arisen to exhort the masses of apathetic people to rally to their own battle for survival. They have been dumbed down by their adopted failed systems of religion which did not envisage future events but instead let man think he could get a free pass and go to Heaven with little effort.
    If Jew WWIII ensues it most likely will cause all life on Earth to cease to exist not in the slow motion example of Jew caused Fukushima but in an ultimate fate of a huge Moonscape or even a Mars like surface. Take your pick.
    Thinking inside the box will not prevent this in the timeframe before us.
    The Jews were originally cultivated and mentored by Negative alien races which gave them an undue advantage over their Gentile competition. Clues were given by their stories of “The Burning Bush” and the “Ark of the Covenant” which were of close encounters with these space beings and their gifts of high technology. The negative aliens manipulated one group of humans to leverage ultimate control over the rest of humanity which scenario is has now come to fruition and impacts every facet of our lives.
    It has been said “As above so below.” There is a battle here on Earth for ultimate control.
    There are however alien races of a Positive nature that patrol our skies to this present day. They have been loathe to interfere since their protocols favor a natural progression of learning events for the humans in this dimension.
    It may come to pass that they have no other choice but to intervene to save life on this planet from becoming totally extinct. That day is quickly approaching.
    War can still be prevented but it apparently is close to or already has reached the point of no return. In any case life as you know it will forever change and in ways you do not expect.
    Religion has fooled men into thinking that they can escape their fate by certain genuflections and keeping the priests supplied with money. This is not your last life nor is it your first. Reincarnation is what happens and not Heaven or Hell.
    Ever action is balanced in eternity whether you are born on this Earth or into an existence on a planet far far away. You have to evolve in your own way and at your own speed. Ultimately you will evolve your soul back to perfection and return to the Source.
    Life is a game we play and the “sport of the Creator.” The Jews wish to burn the school house.
    In this they will ultimately fail for the Universe is biased in favor of life. Those who bring death to a world must be removed and held in abeyance to atone for their misdeeds or have their souls be forever lost until such time as the Universe collapses in reverse motion and returns to One perfect point.
    Time is short.
    Help may yet come.

    1. @ Commander Z

      “I noticed my earlier comment was censored so I will restate and see if this is still the case.”

      Your comment was not “censored”. It was deleted because (a) it was the very first comment, and (b) it was totally off-topic and irrelevant to the subject matter of the article.

      We don’t mind off-topic comments, but a long, off-topic comment right at the beginning of the Commentary, as Comment Number 1, is rude and discourteous to the writer of the article. Don’t do it again.

      1. Don’t go! I like your comments!

        But can’t you see, the very FIRST comment on the board needs to say something about the article. It should NOT be a long, off-topic, totally irrelevant comment!

        Surely common sense will tell you that?

      2. Right.
        Cave men who left no art in their caves.
        The Neanderthal is more apt to be a technocrat.

    2. @Commander Z

      Your comments are intriguing, and have convinced me to post my ‘way outside the box’ chapter on the “end of the world” soon.

      “The jews were originally cultivated and mentored by negative alien races…”

      I think it goes even deeper than that. I believe these races (“esoteric jew” – e.g.; Dr. Frankenstein) are in effect, genetic engineers whose ‘playing God’ science created the monster starting untold eons ago. The “cultivation and mentoring” would have proceeded from there.

      Although Shelley’s monster showed a heartfelt nature, my sense is that the Alien genetic manipulation somehow managed to put the heart on the ‘back burner’. (pardon the pun!) Perhaps the author wanted to make the point that no matter how much tampering is done to Creation, there has to be a heart in their somewhere.

      It’s BECAUSE of this genetic tampering that those who show a propensity to control have superceded those who want to simply live and let live

      live and let live=being

    3. In all comment sections it sounds as though humanity believes that they must await their final fate at the hands of the Jews. Why is this? As well, why does humanity believe that they must await their fate at the hands of the NWO?

      By and large, we know who these scum are, almost without exception. How many of THEM do you suppose there are? How many of US NORMAL HUMANS walk the face of this earth?

      In my estimation there must be at least 10,000 normal humans for every 1 of the above. Am I to believe that we are unable to rid this planet of these vile vermin and remove them from ever impacing humanity again? Are we unable, one by one, to do what needs to be done? We do not need to do this via war. We only need to find the courage to do what must be done. There are many men trained in this process. Where are they now? Why is it that these trained men will literally destroy a nation, including the innocent civillians of that nation…….look at IRAQ !!!!!! However, when it comes to each of these trained people doing what needs to be done AGAINST THE REAL ENEMIES, they are nowhere to be found, except cowering in fear, peeing themselves.
      What is it that these trained men fear? Why are they unwilling to sacrifice themselves in a manner that would REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THE WORLD?

  5. I was curious if there is any literature concerning a relationship between reported neanderthal cannibalism and diseases such as kuru; or if prion disease could have arisen from neanderthals and passed into the jewish genome where it remains as a resevoir for infectious transmission of any current medical/mental disorders into non-jew populations.

    1. I think Stanley Prusiner traced prions to New Guinea tribes that practiced cannibalism. But nothing would surprise me.

  6. This doesn’t make sense, because all non-black humans have Neanderthal genes. That’s partly why every race is more intelligent than Sub-Saharan Africans. Whites have the highest percentage of Neanderthal genes.

    Jews have kinky hair and negroid features because they’re part black themselves, and their “hyper-sexuality” also comes from this African ancestry. More importantly, Jewish behavior has been encoded into them from centuries of Talmud-inspired breeding.

    We need to be weary of Jews, even ones that pass themselves off as anti-Semitic or self-loathing in some way. Jews like Bradley could just be feeding people more disinformation.

    1. Don’t want to quarrel with you, SPQR, but I’m a bit troubled by your statement that “Jews have kinky hair and negroid features because they’re part black themselves, and their “hyper-sexuality” also comes from this African ancestry.”

      Take a look at this article here and run your eyes down the IQ column which tells you exactly what IQ each nation has. You’ll notice that most African nations have an extremely low IQ in the 60-80 range. Jews are at the OPPOSITE end of the IQ spectrum with the HIGHEST IQ in the world: 110-115 average.

      So how the hell can Jews be PARTLY AFRICAN?!? If they were, their IQs would be a damn sight lower — nearer the African IQ!

      1. Simple answer: Jews were bred from the smartest blacks, as it is with every race they interbreed with.

        When the West is dead and the Jews move their operations into China and Japan, they will selectively breed with the smarter elements of those races and take on their physical characteristics to blend into the respective populaces. They will, however, retain some of their core characteristics, and Jew-wise Asians will be able to tell them apart from actual Asians, just as Jew-wise Whites can easily tell them apart from actual Whites.

        As for the IQ hierarchy, I don’t put much stock into it. Some races are undoubtedly smarter than others on average, but I don’t think IQ tests can quantify something as nebulous as intellect.

      2. maybe blacks were bred from dumbest jews.
        which is why they are no threat.

        iq: how to blend in among jews, talk fast, think shallow, play mind games.

        the eye in the pyramid is myopic.

    2. Jews are not Semites. Caucasians are Semites. Jews deceive by calling themselves Semites, criticizing us saying that we are anti-Semitic if we don´t like what they do, thereby controlling masses of Caucasians.

      Sem is the Greek word for “Shem” who was a
      Caucasian, so if you are “anti-Semitic” you are
      “anti-White” rather than “anti-Jew.”
      Antichrist Jews did 9/11.

  7. “An ethnic symptom of this emotional instability is the Jewish tendency toward hypochondria” : never mind, jewish mama`s are there with the chicken soup..

  8. Anyone who accepts the neanderthal theory also believes in evolution, not in Creation. The human race is a fallen race, who either follows their Creator or their fallen nature, a rebellion against their Creator. It becomes self-evident, when those that follow the rebellion, are reprobates and cunningly deceitful to everything the Creator holds to be good and true. However, the Creator is patient but there will be a ‘tipping-point’ in time. We have now entered a danger zone at this point, when half the world (the west) follows their fallen nature, and the rest of the world is still struggling to abide by the Creator.

    1. BTW, the word ‘reprobate’ has been omitted in most NT translations. The word defines someone as ‘cast off or rejected by God’. The enemy has taken a control even of most publishing companies.

  9. dont know nothin bout iq tests
    set down before one 3rd grade
    circled straight down the line
    took no time at all
    given desk at the back of the class
    spent next 9 years in the 3rd grade suckin on ball point pens
    tongue blue
    partial to blue.

    1. lasha at one end of poetry range, 5ds at the other.

      i like both ends but nothing much in between.

    2. or maybe they are just better cheaters…

      “If we accept the thesis… ..they are not like us” is a circular argument.

      Without scientifically proven evidence of a specific genetic difference somewhere in the DNA it is still not certain for me whether the divide is cultural (talmudic) or genetic (neanderthal)… but I suspect it’s the former.

      If someone has a good source for the latter, a link would be much appreciated.

      1. Just say the neanderthal wiring lends itself to talmudic hatred with its genetic lacks. A lack as planned by the designers. And now the plan is in the final stages.

        This goes to the essence of the spiritual war. The battle for the heart of Mankind

  10. The Hebrew tribes which occupied historic Palestine in the first place – came from Egypt. A 2012 genetic study conducted by a Jewish historian Eran Elhaik and published in the British journal ‘Genome Biology and Evolution’ claims that European Jews (Ashkenazi) don’t belong to the so-called “Semite” tribes of Israel. Ashkenazi ancestry comes from Slav, Bulgar, Iranian and Turkic tribes which established the Khazar empire in that region – which at its peak stretched from Kiev in the West to the Aral Sea in the Southeast.

    The organized Jewry did provide propaganda and finance for most of Western wars against non-European nations, but they could not have achieved their agenda of Universal Holocaust without the active cooperation of the Church and Christian leaders – as we are witnessing these days in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, etc.

  11. There is a deeper source than genetics for the unhinged sexual proclivities of and widespread promotion of illicit and perverted sex by the jews. That deeper source is their hatred of Christ, of Christianity, and the of the Christian moral order, and on that account their being agents of Satan, their leaders being the “Synagogue of Satan”, as St John describes them in the Book of Revelation. This fact also leads them to all kinds of violence, continuous and destructive wars, and anything that harms or degrades the human person created in God’s image. They are doing the work of Satan in all areas of culture, and the rest of us pay the temporal and spiritual price, the latter being the harm to our souls when we allow ourselves to interiorize the categories and commands of our jewish masters and oppressors and to just go with the flow, which ultimately leads to the eternal fires of hell.

    1. Jews don’t hate Christians, they hate Whites. They don’t attack black or Hispanic Christians, they only attack White Christians. Everything is racial to the Jews, and they make sure their chief enemy- Whites- disregards the importance of race.

      1. You’re still missing the forest for the trees, legionnaire.

        Jews, as adherents of Satan HATE, period!

        “Races” are ultimately incidental because this is a war of essences. The members of Satan’s synagogue welcome recruits from every corner of the World. All comers are eagerly inducted into THIS non-discriminatory club

    2. oh yes, they do hate christ and his followers, witness the ritual murder of christain boys at purim (st. simon of trent and many others), a christian priest cannot walk in jerusalem without being spat on, many churches demolished throughout palestine, what about treatment of palestinians, are they white? yet a sizable christian minority among them, do they get preferential treatment?
      what about ethnic cleansing of christians in iraq and syria by mossad run death squads?
      what about incremental degradation of christian holidays and symbolism in usa, canada and ziowest?
      we can go on and on, from “piss christ art” to jew comedians having a field day, sarah silverman, larry david, seinfeld, the ones in israel depicting jesus on crucifix as a whimpering monkey.

      what about the mamilla pool massacre of tens of thousands of christians in palestine in 6th century …

      their hatred of christ through all the history actually trumps any other and it is not like they are short on hatred.

      “woe to you, pharisees, neanderthals”

      1. They attack Christianity because it’s the primary belief system of Whites. If history had been different and Whites had accepted Buddha as their savior, the Jews would be promoting Piss Buddha and stuff like that.

        Most of Europe was secular after WWII, but that didn’t stop the Jews from pursuing genocidal policies against Whites, did it?

        Ultimately, Jews hate all non-Jews, but they reserve a special hatred for Whites.

      2. Aye!….they are not like us. – “Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put a certain Andreas at their head, and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would eat the flesh of their victims, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood and wear their skins for clothing; many they sawed in two, from the head downwards; others they gave to wild beasts, and still others they forced to fight as gladiators. In all two hundred and twenty thousand persons perished. In Egypt, too, they perpetrated many similar outrages, and in Cyprus, under the leadership of a certain Artemion. There, also, two hundred and forty thousand perished, and for this reason no Jew may set foot on that island, but even if one of them is driven upon its shores by a storm he is put to death. Among others who subdued the Jews was Lusius, who was sent by Trajan.”
        Bloodthirsty lot………..

      3. i think i read this stuff in ariel toaff’s “bloody passover”.

        anyone who hasn’t taken a close look at this phenomenal work hasn’t done his essential study of the jew and can never claim to be jew-wise.

        who has seen this will never again claim that it is a simple racial struggle.
        religious or atheist, underestimate the devil at your own risk.

        hmm, i wonder.
        is it possible to be atheist, ie, don’t believe in god due to perfectly valid, if incomplete reasoning that he never intervenes and thus the question of his (its) existence is moot,
        believe in devil, since there is no shortage of evidence of his daily presence and close interest in the world.

        allow me to expand a bit to another observation, related to above.

        i don’t buy that the war between jews and gentiles is a simple product of competition of species, even if proven beyond doubt that his genetic material is easily distinguishable from homo sapiens.

        yes, animals compete in a restricted space where food is limited and uncertain.
        yet, when bred in a secure and bountiful environment, many animals of different species will bond and form tight friendships among themselves and with people.

        it doesn’t happen between people and jews, jews have hate, cruelty, deviance and hostility hard wired into them, a few exceptions aside, those who have by super-humanjewish willpower surmounted this structural handicap.

        ask yourselves what is going on and smell the sulphur.

  12. Reading Lasha’s endnotes as well as her poetry and many articles I can’t help but come to the conclusion that she is sex obsessed…Is she Neanderthal?

  13. Thank you Darkmoon for inviting me to read your post. It’s a lot to digest…I am not sure I agree with all of it….
    I think a lot of the ‘jew’ thing has more to do with a spiritual entity (‘them that say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of satan”) behind all kinds of people.
    I may be speaking from a lack of understanding regarding people and their origins. It doesn’t matter to me where people come from, I try to look/understand the heart.

    With that said, the notes on the sexual perversions was confirming as to what is going on right now in America. We’ve reached a point of real debasement coupled with a real lack of understanding. America has already been disarmed. This blog post may encourage your Christian readers (and others!).

    Peace and may GOD bless you in your searchings for Truth.

  14. The 8,000,000 pound pink Godzilla in the room is that most of the people who are in the choir listening to you preach about Jews are looking for a SOLUTION or at least the hope of a solution. Jew education is great but begs the solution
    There is one but it comes from being ready to accept it from beings who can travel galactic space faster than light and who are telepathic. They know your thoughts.
    Hitler failed. Jesus failed. Revisiting failed templates that produce more Christian soldiers bearing forth the cross in the Vanguard of more death and destruction will not
    be to any avail.
    We are in a “Unified Field” where everything is connected.
    Send forth your honest thoughts for a solution.
    Every thought you send forth is heard throughout the Universe because all time is now and space does not exist. (See quantum mechanics)
    We have all wanted to mass murder Jews at one time but this will only bring to us a Karma where we will most likely be born a Jew in our next life and the Jew may be born a Palestinian in his next life to balance the debt.
    There is help coming. As I said all time is now. That is why prophecies come true.
    We are selecting our future now.
    Select well.

    1. The one area of contention I have with you, Commander, is where you see humanity in its predicament as being in some “Earth School curriculum” constructed by Creator as schoolmaster, or taskmaster would be more like it, to “test our mettle”. We’ve gone through it for so long now, it’s predictable that its experiences would be rationalized to the hilt.

      This goes a long way towards explaining why so many are hung up on attributing everything that happens to some Divine edict. But this is no learning set-up intended by Divinity, let alone his “sport” as if the Creator is the one who organized these chariot/gladiator games. All this “earth school for learning life’s lessons” nonsense is a phony theosophy-inspired new-age con game! True learning is attained only in settings of Truth. Not on this planet as it presently exists in its commandeered and imprisoned state.

      You can’t give unto God what is Caesars. Or more precisely, what is Satan’s, whose word Caesar turned the wrong ear in listening to – thus succumbing as the false glory hound he proved to be. A golden opportunity squandered, and the rationalizations continue to pile up.

      Meanwhile, an infinite Universe awaits for true learning (defined as realizing potential, i.e.; making it real in one’s experience – the quintessence of Being, the reason OF existence) to commence, or is it RE-commence?

    2. Instead of saying “Jesus failed”, it should rather be said that even though Jesus the Son of God redeemed mankind and is “the way, the truth, and the life” and our only hope for eternal salvation, the “Prince of this world”, the devil, has a great control over the world, as well as over the church Christ founded, which has been greatly influenced as well as infiltrated by the “traditional enemies of the truth”, as historian David Irving likes to call the jews. History reveals that when the Catholic Church is strong the jews are kept in check, and when the Church is weak the jews subvert the moral order and wreak all kinds of havoc.

  15. Interesting articles and comments, the content forbidden from reasonable discussion, pro and con, in most other places because of- it must be said- jewish influence, which speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

  16. I love tales from the Ice Age. Did some hardy group of Neanderthals live in a remote mountain valley like those blue eyed remnants from Alexander the Great’s army living in the Hindu Kush surviving thousands of years or tens of thousands of years to become the distinctive khazars/Ashkenazi?

    My problem with Michael Bradly’s thesis is that he stretches it too far. I can see that there might be some remote settlement of Neanderthals and they may even have infiltrated into that group of people that became the Ashkenazi Jews or the Khazar nation. I doubt, though, that this same group also infiltrated the original Judaens and Israelites as well as those who composed the Babylonian Talmud while in exile in Babylon. I don’t see Middle Eastern people as especially violent compared to (let’s say) the cro-magnan gene pool of Americans who seem fairly capable of violence. And what about those Aztecs who sacrificed thousands of children to build their pyramids–every step soaked in blood. Amerindians were conquered partly because they would rather fight their enemy tribes then ever join forces and fight the Europeans… warfare was pretty standard although there were some more peaceful tribes like the Salish, and some more warlike like the Blackfoot. In general humans are warmongering: all of us. For example I believe it is only possible to trace the female genes because humans are so warlike that nearly all men died in battle and all women were raped. ( Oh and the part of the article about Obama keeping the Neanderthals in mind when he plans his war strategy is more than out of the mists of time, it is out of the mists of dream time. )

    That doesn’t mean there aren’t really bad tribes compared to relatively peaceful ones–like the tribes from the Caucasus mountains who were famous warriors and valued in the Islamic armies as slave soldiers–I’m thinking of the Alans (which by the way is a very common Jewish name)

    The part of this article that is interesting is that the Neanderthals did survive and we interbred with them or let’s just say there was interbreeding going on which basically means that when it comes to sex the cro-magnans weren’t too picky either. And doesn’t all this interbreeding and DNA mingling challenge the idea of chosen people who didn’t like to interbreed and kept their DNA pure for (hum) 20,000 years (?). But more hair, more testosterone, more all of that and preoccupation with sexuality does seem to be Jewish (agree with Darkmoon on that one).

    I also read the article in the Huffington Post about the risk taking Neanderthals who literally caused civilization to sprout from cro-magnan lethargy, and how the risk taking bipolar Neanderthals are more prone to these vaccine induced diseases like autism…but I’m not totally convinced. (Sorry–I added the vaccine part not the Huffington Post)

    There is truth in all this for sure but it’s mixed up like the DNA. Oh… if only we could stop the American war machine from bombing and destroying the ancient landscapes of the Middle East we might be able to trace some of those footprints and say for sure who trod there out of the Ice Age.

  17. Yeah, I reckon Barbara Streisand has a wrap-around mouth and beakish nose. And I never saw much in Julia Roberts as that prostitute in Woman in Red! What a typical “Jewess” whore masquerading in a state of pseudo-respectability, as they all do! She gave “sex workers” a good name.
    I’ve been out with them! They are over you like a rash!
    And they say Brad Pitt is Jewish; yet he is fantasized over by every woman on the planet! They reckon over one billion women have masturbated to a picture of him.
    But the Marx Brothers – there are your quintessential, Neanderthal Jews! One cannot even talk and they are always slapping each other over the head!
    Trouble is modern Jews are intent on intermarriage – particularly, short-statured ugly , rich, Jewish males with blonde, Nordic-like Goyim beauties. Sharon Stone married a Jew! What a waste!
    They suffer what Winson Churchill called “envious malevolence.”
    I notice that many of the offspring of these liaisons are quite attractive, as in Brad Pitt. Thus they have reduced their Neanderthal genes, but acknowledge they have a constant problem with throw-backs.
    Hence a Zeppo or a Groucho could be born again tomorrow! Is Harpo the dumb one?
    My cousin married a Jewess and have 4 children. He, like me, is from Nordic stock, so they have 2 blonde-strong children and 2 “Jewish” types i. e. Craftily clever but, f**^*#! ugly! I giggle when I see them.
    I think compulsory DNA testing should be brought in so that we can identify the Neanderthals amongst us. Some are constantly writing on this site. I can tell!
    Jews have refused any idea of mass-testing of them, as many know they have no Semitic blood in their veins. Hence, they know their “anti-Semitism” catch-cries would become a laughing stock. I believe they would, indeed, have Neanderthal origins in their systems, along with part lizard, part pig and part hyena. Certainly they act and look like Neanderthals.
    Re “sex”, a number of commentators have related their stories about over-sexed Jewish university students. Queen’s Freddie Mercury spoke about his Jewish mentors and publishers and thought about the Jewess when he wrote the line,”fat-bottomed girls; they make the rockin’ world go round.” The Jewish whore and prostitute, Betty Friedan, the “Licking Mother of Feminism” used top cosy up with Afro-Americans and many white boys. I would have avoided her though!

    1. Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt are obviously not Jewish.

      Also, Brian May wrote Fat-Bottomed Girls, not Freddie Mercury, who was, you know, gay.

  18. I would like to harshly criticise those few bitches – probably Neanderthals – who say Lasha is preoccupied with sex.
    Sex does make “the rockin’ world go round”, and everything else on the JEWTUBE.
    Every Jewish production is drowning in sex; from a little white dog humping a man’s leg in The Fockers, to the whores of Sex and the City.
    Ellen Degeneres, the most watched woman, is lesbian-sex itself – from her turn-on dancing into the all-female audience. Lsbian friends tell me they LUST over her. The Jewess, PINK, is a Versace-wearing, rich, sex maniac. Jewish producers use well-endowed, muscular African-Americans to be great lovers and wise judges.
    Sex, as others have said, is the OPIATE OF THE PEOPLE in 2014 AD
    I notice sublimated-sexuality in many writers in these columns; some wanted to cuddle Bethany. I might cuddle Bethany but not r**#* her! Some have obviously got their hand on the gear stick (Aussie term) as they type.
    In the long run, this sublimated sexual urge is transformed into aggression and self-destructive tendencies. Many rabbis have said that if they do not get their way they will turn the planet into a void. Neanderthals purposely graffitied their caves with crappy pictures and hit their girlfriends with huge clubs.
    We have to find a way to stop wanton Goyim females from constantly getting f**$#*! by ugly little Jews! Jewish males hate their own fat-bottomed women! I’d agree with that!

    1. a good one max 🙂
      you can be simultaneously as funny and truthful as 5 dancing shlomos

    2. Funny and true. I watched the Frozen movie everyone kept screaming about. Ridiculousness. People are blind! The subtle sexuality that is imposed on the little ones should be enough to raise the roof.

      And raise the roof, I believe the LORD is going to do. Pride and sin has reached it’s pinnacle.

  19. i’m sure the rothschilds and all the jewish-nazi popes appreciate whatever arguments people might make about the jews being different from everyone else. bear in mind that wws one and two were all about the creation of the jewish state, so that the jews would not become assimilated with the rest of us. because if they were assimilated it would mean one less big block in the pyramid power structure. the various religious philosophies, if you think they rate that, are actually disinformation programs kept in place to confuse the masses. politics will attach. religion being false to begin with, in fact it is only politics. mostly, jews are different because of all those centuries of ostracism; that and a pretty heavy cultural indoctrination program. the scofield crowd not withstanding, all those christian sects do seem to need an enemy. after all the jews did kill the jesus guy. isn’t that all part of the fairy tale? if suddenly there were no more jews in the world how much better would christianity survive? or not. without their indoctrination programs and a lot of this kind of rumor, religion and hopefully the politics it fosters would soon perish from the earth. good riddance. remember what brigham young had to say, roughly – “i fear the day when the finger of hate will no longer be pointed at the mormons’.

  20. I keep seeing these malicious speculations by insubstantial people about how Lasha is sex-obsessed. Whether true or not is none of their business but Lasha’s own private one. What is true is that Lasha is obsessed about destruction of white culture, which engages all of Jew’s energy, something that he sworn to achieve by any means available, the filthier, the better because filth is coded into his DNA.

    How do you sink a boat, besides holing the hull? You put all the weight on one side, then quickly shift it to the opposite, gaining momentum with each sudden change in cadence with the rocking rhythm until you flip it. It is this principle of ever increasing social pendulum swings, action-reaction resonating through the moral and cultural fibre that is calculated to bring the building down, the Samson option.

    Sex is simply one of weapons in Jew’s anti-goy arsenal.
    Jew is not hyper-sexed, quite the opposite, which is why he works so mightily to just maintain the current population around 15 million.
    As Max pointed out, Jewesses are abhorrently ugly, even the best among them are disgusting swine, Julia Roberts, Amy Winehouse, Barbara Streisand, I simply could never get turned on by any of them absent ½ a bottle of 70-proof something or other and I can be quite appreciative of other races, including black … I guess Whoopy Goldberg is the best looking Jewess ever. Maybe I sense that Neanderthal component at a subliminal level …

    But here is the outline of Jew’s sex war strategy: make white women into hyper-seductive shiksa hoes while maximally de-sexing and emasculating white man.

    The end result: Madonna and Conchita Wurst, the only acceptable representatives of the European race.

    Think about it, the process in motion, the giant python, Serpent of Eden defined as a time-worm, slithering from ancient days to the present one, devouring societies as it grows to its present bloated insensate self.

    In all the nature, females are considered ultimate commodity by males and I don’t use the term “commodity” in a derogatory sense, it can be a pleasurable one by both sexes, after all, show me a normal woman who does not want to be desired and fought over by lusting men.
    “Rape of Sabine women” (“raptio” actually means capture, as in raptor, rape is a misnomer) by Romans seeking to breed themselves into a bigger tribe and how these women were quite easily won over by manly Romans, beachmaster walruses and giant seals commanding herds of hundreds of females, all ready to bolt at the sight of a bigger suitor, tigers patrolling their turf jealously, letting females freely in but ready for death combat against male intruders, violent lovemaking by male sharks, and so on, all shows what a real male, the one appreciated and sought by females should be in the natural world.

    Enter the Jew-serpent. Gradually eroding the natural principles, poisoning the well with feminism, the mighty guilt pump working overtime, extolling homosexuality into the highest life form, midway freak shows of worldwide gay pride days and parades where these unfortunates are seduced into willingly turning themselves into circus clowns, the crowning glory of the Frankfurt School of moral pollution, where all women (especially the white ones) are hoes (can’t even be bothered to use the proper term, whore, because the African rapist’s one is so much better, isn’t it). Yes, because the white man is turned into a useless eunuch (just consider the daily puke out of Hollywood, all the perverted villains, the serial killers are twisted whites, usually quite good looking, while the rest of whites are castrated obese retards and clueless alcoholics), someone better qualified to do the job on starving shiksas, and who is better than an equally retarded black stud, uncouth, illiterate and violent avenger against white men.

    So, the white male is caught in a pincer maneuver of slithering mythologizing, Mandingo got cajones while the Jew got the brain, the white man gets his life substance squeezed out of him, women enslaved prostitutes, children are organ incubators after initiation by Jew pedophiles.

    Not that Lasha needs advocacy but I think that this is what bothers her.
    Me too.

    1. @ lobro

      Your comments get better and better. You are a phenomenon! This is as good as a published article!

      1. @ Karen: “Reading Lasha’s endnotes as well as her poetry and many articles I can’t help but come to the conclusion that she is sex obsessed…Is she Neanderthal?”

        @ Max Bilney: “I would like to harshly criticise those few bitches – probably Neanderthals – who say Lasha is preoccupied with sex.”

        @ Lobro: “I keep seeing these malicious speculations by insubstantial people about how Lasha is sex-obsessed. Whether true or not is none of their business but Lasha’s own private one. What is true is that Lasha is obsessed about destruction of white culture, which engages all of Jew’s energy, something that he has sworn to achieve by any means available. The filthier, the better. Because filth is coded into his DNA…..Sex is simply one of many weapons in the Jew’s anti-goy arsenal.”

        Lobro hits the nail on the head as usual. Lasha is more concerned with the sexual demoralization of the masses, engineered by the Jews, than she is with sex itself. Sex obsesses her to a certain extent, that’s true, but sexual demoralization as a political weapon obsesses her far more. What concerns her in particular are two things: (a) the sexualization of children, and (b) the attempt to homosexualize society and normalize sexual perversions of all types, especially compulsive masturbation to pornography which she maintains causes brain damage.

      2. By the way, Lasha admitted to me in a private email that her poetry shows a more-than-average preoccupation with sex. “Most of those poems were written a long time ago when I was young and hotblooded,” she said. “I dare not publish my sexiest poems. They remain unpublished and unpublishable.”

        Quite an admission.

        By the way, she now claims to live like a nun. “I haven’t had sex for years,” she told me.

      3. good of you to go to bat for lasha.

        she is so meek and yielding in face of naked aggression that i sometimes get angry and decide to intervene against my better counsel.

        even though i have no doubt that she could scratch and claw like a champion were she so disposed. 🙂

      4. I think corrupting sexuality is probably the ultimate weapon they’re using, so it’s great that Lasha researches into this and writes about it. Lasha’s writing about this topic doesn’t say that she’s sex obsessed; it shows that she has the insight that corrupting the sexual nature of man simply is the best way to make him an unfortunate moron – always chasing after the sensuous instead of ‘making a man’ out of himself.

        If you get a youngster obsessed with always masturbating and looking at pornography, then he’s never going to develop any kind of strength in himself. He’s mostly only going to care about sensual gratification and comfort, being a slave to his own lower nature. We need that friction between base desires and higher ideals to create strength in ourselves. That contrast of opposing forces is what can produce what’s called ‘character,’ someone that has some dignity and free-will. Also, it makes you in love with yourself in the wrong way! You’re sexually obsessed with yourself, hindering the possibility of actual intimacy with a beautiful lover.

        Anyways, I guess I am defending Lasha’s position also, and I think some of you that question her motives for her interest simply don’t see how, “If you control’s man’s sexuality, you control pretty much all of him. You make a beast out of him.” And a beast like that is easy to control, because they don’t think; they just react.

    2. Thankyou lobro. You write beautifully. I like you man!
      I like Lasha too, even though she exists in my dreams.
      Is it true that she is a beautiful Nordic type from an aristocratic English background, as one woman explained?
      I’ll bet Lasha has had scores of ugly, wrinkled, Jewish academics, of either sex, trying to bed her.
      I like to think she is pure and untouched by the Jews.
      Pop whore extraordinaire, Madonna, wrote a series of kabbalistic-themed books for children. She toyed with conversion to Jewry. Did she do it?
      Anyway, her books are full of sublimated sex for children and dialectical undertones. The Devil was her publisher.
      Any child hooked on Madonna books would end up a little, values neutral/morals relative “prick”. (The latter word is a biblical term)
      After all, Madonna was a diseased groupie before she bedded herself to fame. She recently appeared on stage with Miley Cyrus and both had their tongues hanging out! The Jew, Gene Simmons, in the audience, couldn’t get his KISS tongue out any further.
      As I say, little children watch this heinous, Jewish-produced crap! It is ALL about sexual perversion of the Goyim masses! Or, brutalizing them into the state of rutting animals! Malcolm Muggeridge explained all this in 1975!

  21. I agree with the above comments that Jewish obsession with sex is a real phenomena and Darkmoon has the courage to point this out. Whether it’s cultural or in the DNA or in the hormones, it’s real. Or maybe as Darkmoon says it’s part of a manipulation, a mind control. Or maybe it’s just that sex sales and the marketing dept. is Jewish.

    I haven’t read the books so maybe I shouldn’t say this but the whole Jewish/Neanderthal thesis seems incomplete. Jews are better at marketing than practically anything else so they market incomplete research and you have these half xxx theories out there that are more like trends. Maybe this is why Huffington Post picked up on the “stabilizer”/ “risk taker” thesis which reeks of Jewish bragging about how their DNA spiced up the pathetic homo sapien sapiens, and civilization of the world wouldn’t have happened if the Neanderthals hadn’t sexually transmitted their genes into the poor “homo saps”. Have to say, though, that Arthur Koestler’s book The Thirteenth Tribe is a really good book and well researched. For me the Bible part of the Jewish/Neanderthal thesis doesn’t work but the Caucasus part does. The “Chosen people” idea was a late arrival in Palestine, whose population (Phoenicians & Caananites) seem more like stabilizers than risk takers. Monotheism was exclusive to a tiny minority of Temple elites. (Archeologist have dug up Ashera statues that date almost to the time of Christ, and the Hebrew scriptures did not solidify until after the burning of the second temple 70 CE)

  22. SLAKHTAL- Chronically inbred: Slav, Khazar, and Neandertal. What we are witnessing geo-politically today, is the natural genetic outcome of over 12 centuries of turbo powered Darwinism which ensured the survival of the ‘shiftiest’! It is as simple as that. Never ever let the jew do the thinking for you!

  23. one observation re. alleged neanderthality.

    i remember hearing (reading) for years about how cromagnon wiped out poor neanderthals, lumbering giants with heart of gold, peacefully ugly, like gorillas in the sentimental mist.
    knowing what i know now about the jew’s meme factory 3 shifts working overtime to delude the wicked cro-magnon, i’d have to say that it was a preemptive defense because they sensed a certain kinship, you know, heart of gold and other golden objects.

    which comes in handy at some point when they sue for ancient victimization, you wiped us out so give us the rest of your gold, including oj simpson’s gold rolex.

  24. Since the topic has moved onto jewish sexuality, I’ll chime in.

    Jews project their neuroses onto Whites. They aim to demean White women by turning them into sex freaks because they know their own women are total sluts. Jews promote the black male/White female relationship because it’s well-known that Jewesses lust after black males; compile a list of female Jew porno actresses and you’ll find that practically all of them have done numerous videos with black males, with an emphasis on anal sex.

    Anal sex is big with Jews, especially their women. An author (was it Phillip Roth?) once said that you can’t make a Jewish girl orgasm unless you fuck her up the ass.

  25. wasn’t adl-b’nai brit result of jew leo frank’s anal rape and murder of little mary frank?

    the jew owned courts acquitted him but back then, when white men were still white and men, they took matters into own hands.

    for those with strong stomachs, the best-gore site has pretty factual story but the graphics are beyond horrible, i don’t understand why they don’t clean them up since the writing is ok.

    for example i didn’t know that frank had had previous convictions as a serial pedophile, yet his well earned lynching was another occasion for worldwide talmudic outrage (don’t ever touch a jew!), like dreyfuss affair and others.

    poor victimized child abusers and killers, protecting them gave abe foxmans of the world reason for existence.

      1. Apparently the White men who lynched the ugly little bug-eyed Jew rapist made him face the Phagan household when they did it. I can’t imagine today’s Whites having that same sense of ruthless justice against hostile non-Whites.

        No, if the Phagan case were to happen today you’d have all those faggot celebrities protesting against the “injustice” leveled against the poor Jew, you’d have that human bullfrog Abe Foxman and his ADL Jews marching through the halls of justice demanding Frank to be freed, and you’d have an army of crew-cutted, assault rifle-wielding ZOGbots (aka cops) defending Frank at all times against “vigilantes” and “racists.”

        Fucking pathetic.

        As much as I rag on American Whites, I fully admit that in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, Americans were the most racially-conscious Whites in the world, to the point of being militant. The Europeans were mostly degenerate at the time, particularly the French. Americans, meanwhile, were spearheading the eugenics movement.

        It just goes to show how the combined forces of television, radio, and cinema completely obliterated American racial identity in the mid-20th century. What a catastrophe.

  26. The “thal” that appears in some of the more common jewish names e.g. Rosenthal and Bloomenthal is apparently derived from the word “neander-thal.”

    1. Save: I was taught that it referred to the bank of the river Neander (where fossilized remains of “premodern” or at least non-Cro-Magnon man were found).

  27. Let me attempt to fill in some of the gaps so the different belief systems that make up the people posting here can see more clearly the truth of the matter.

    One must understand that true science perfectly matches the authentic scriptures account of humanity. One must read the old greek OT and NT and then realize that micro “evolutionary” claims are truth (genetic changes for sub species to adapt to environments) but macro evolutionary claims are lies (Man came from fish or apes etc. One kind produces only the same kind and cannot produce another kind).

    Having laid the basis of reality let’s also consider the Reality of Reality

    If one believes in reality and illusions they must believe there are truth and lies. If one believes this, then they must also believe in good and evil. Following this simple logic, and if one is still in agreement, they must believe there is an ultimate source to all the above, because after all, even the laws of thermodynamics dictate that all matter is in a continuing state of decay from an earlier pristine condition. What does this tell us? It shows us how certain people have beliefs that don’t conform to true reality, and since this is the case, not only do both sides exist, but both paradimes have original sources from where their power is derived.
    The writer laid out this string of logic to drive home specific points.

    One cannot deny the above without engaging in contradicting statements. One cannot say, “that is not true”, or “that is a lie” and then try to explain how there is no such thing as truth or a lie, good and bad, correct or incorrect, or ultimately, true reality and false realities with sources that correspond. One cannot claim truth is subjective when the word itself is not plural,but singular.

    Now to the claims about the Khazars, Europeans (western) the “Jews” and Neanderthal.

    Neanderthal man is a PRE FLOOD humanoid. When a forensic scientist comes upon a murder scene where there is a Skeleton they can easily determine the sex, race and age of this person by examining certain areas of growth and shape in that skeleton.

    Neanderthal man has been proven by Jack Cuozzo to have lived 300 plus years old. How you ask? Because people’s teeth have rings in them much like a tree does and by counting the rings inside a dissected neanderthal tooth one can see where they hit puberty and how long they lived. Neanderthal hit puberty at 40 and lived to be 300 which is also in agreement with his very large head, brain, eye brows etc because this is the only place on a human that continues growing. In other words, if we lived to be 300, we would look like neanderthal. This perfectly matches the authentic scriptural account that pre flood humans lived extremely long lives but are now stagnant dying off between 70 and 120.

    The Khazars are from Japeth not Shem (genesis 10:3) and this was admitted by their King just before he adopted Talmudic Judaism by way of the maternal remnant of Esau “Jews” called today the Sephardic (They are named after Mount Sephard in Edom-Idumea, which was their homogenous nation before they mass infiltrated authentic Judah stock peoples in Judea.

    At the time of Christ a 125 years long multicultural and diversity war was waged on authentic Judah stock people by the Esau “Jew” infiltrators (called Impostors in the Greek). By this time most all of 12 tribes of Israel had already mass migrated (by way of the Assyrians) all the way east as far as India and China (this is why we can still find European genetic inside these people). But these people broke of the Assyrians around 600 BC, flooded through the Caucasian Mountains and mass inhabited an almost empty Europe. Descendants of these Israelites (now with new identities based on their paganism) flowed into Europe and Greece establishing later the Caucasian based nations as we see them today in that region from Greece to the UK to Russia.

    Starting about 500 years ago we spread out colonizing the four corners of the earth (USA,SA,NZ,Australia, sections in Brazil, Canada etc).

    in short, the white man, the caucasian peoples of this earth is authentic Israelite stock (Hebrews) while the so called Jews are from Esau (that has some semite but not hebrew in them) and are mostly from Ashkenaz-Khazar stock that is a mixture of Asiatic (Japeth) Turk and Mongrel peoples.

    So if one wants to know why the impostor “Jews” are the destroyers they only need to look at the story of Esau (whom God hates) and Jacob (whom God loves). Why? Esau’s genetics are those of the destroyer, the liar, the usurper, the bloody war lover. Jacob (Israel) genetics are of the life givers, the builders, the creators, the inventors, the problem solvers and peace makers.

    The “Jews” are destined to go down and the true Israelites are destined to rule in their place to start the beginning of the real new earth age that is almost here.

  28. This is lies. Neanderthals were exterminated totally. Neanderthals were the native humanoids of the Earth while the white and all other present-day races arrived from other planets. The white race colonized the Earth about 0.6 – 1.5 millions years ago. All other races arrived in the Earth simultaneously about 40 000 years ago and were positioned in the climatic zones according to their antropoligical peculiarities.
    But it’s true that Jews and negroes are on lower level of evolutional development. Jews are a mix of the negroes (indian dravidans and nags) with the white race. Dravidans and nags were the followers of the bloody cult of Kali-Ma (black mother) and later were pushed out of Dravidia. Within 300 years they reach Egypt and invaded it under the name of the Giksosses. Part of Jews went to the Kush land (Ethiopia) where they were given new Judaism religion and later jews were spread to exterminate the humanity and the Earth itself.

    1. Anon

      Many Neanderthals (pre flood humans of Cain’s and some of Seth’s line) mixed with the fallen one’s- the watchers. Largely because of these acts genetically-bloodline pure Adamic peoples of Seth were being wiped out and due to this (violence, crime, immorality etc) the flood came upon the earth. Noah and the 7 others were saved and restarted Humanity into a new earth age. From this point out due to their not being a high oxygenated, high pressure environment sustained anymore by a water vapor canopy, radiation increased hence all of the species on the earth decreased in both size and longevity.

      This fallen one’s tainting with human DNA was started again post flood and is happening again at the end of this earth age. We are again in the days much like the days of Noah.

      Whites did not “come from another planet”. We were created, I believe, inside this planet as our entire make-up (building blocks that make us up) is found within elements of THIS world and our Sun.

      Originally, we were “angelic” like in our original state but due to Adam and Eve’s disobedience, we lost that estate and become creatures with animal flesh. This is one of the big reason’s why Christ came the first time. He provided the path in which we could die and be raised to life again inside our original angelic bodies that know no death, sorrow or age. This perfect body is greater than all other “angels” or “aliens” bodies and is the crux to why Lucifer (Satan) and his minion warred and do still war against both the prime creator and his creation (us).

      The inner earth has two realms. One is Paradise and the other, Hades- just like the human heart has two chambers and exhibits both good and evil. Satan and his minion’s headquarters is INSIDE the earth. If you don’t believe in the world wide flood then you will have to explain way every single people, race, religion and lore at every single corner of the earth, everywhere, all tell of it and on top of that you will have to explain why all real science and archeology support this narrative.

  29. This is probably not true. ‘Thals were the original good guys, sensitive, humane, hard working, culturally advanced, and extremely tough and resilient, also not at all ugly (as the posers that be would have us believe). Jews are a third group of would be masters, sometimes known as MelonHeads for their original elongated skulls. The apparently concocted the CroMags using (you’ll never guess) Africans. These were sent into Neanderthal territory to overcome by numbers. They interbred with captured ‘Thal women (who were better looking than their own females). You can read all about it at that Vault-co dot blogspot dot com guy’s website (as I’m sure many of you already have). I added his URL to my name here. His take on things seems convincing and a lot more believable than this story, nothing against the author.

  30. A brief one: That ugly Karen is back! “Ugly” because she is one nasty sheila! I’ve diagnosed her problem as lack of sex. With a personality like hers she would have tp buy it! Ugly Jewesses regularly buy sex in Australia.

  31. This is utter rubbish.
    Most Europeans have neanderthal genes.
    We are not all jews.
    Europeans have roughly 4%
    Asians about 1-2%
    Africans none.
    Its what makes us different in Europe and a very interesting field it is.
    You do no service to anyone to manipulate the facts like this.

    1. The jews are the proponent of this crap propaganda; we all have Neanderthal genes. Not!

      The jews want us all to be diluted so they can blend in. Typical.

  32. This is lies. Neanderthals were exterminated totally. Neanderthals were the native humanoids of the Earth while the white and all other present-day races arrived from other planets. The white race colonized the Earth about 0.6 – 1.5 millions years ago. All other races arrived in the Earth simultaneously about 40 000 years ago and were positioned in the climatic zones according to their antropoligical peculiarities.
    But it’s true that Jews and negroes are on lower level of evolutional development. Jews are a mix of the negroes (indian dravidans and nags) with the white race. Dravidans and nags were the followers of the bloody cult of Kali-Ma (black mother) and later were pushed out of Dravidia. Within 300 years they reached Egypt and invaded it under the name of the Giksosses. Part of Jews went to the Kush land (Ethiopia) where they were given new Judaism religion and later jews were spread to exterminate the humanity and the Earth itself.

  33. Ukraine was captured by Jew fascists:
    darkmoon . me/2014/ukraine-zionist-americas-new-jewish-colony-by-lasha-darkmoon/#more-19162
    Jew did this in Iraq: cdn . darkmoon . me/uploads/Iarqi-child-maimed-by-America-208×300.png
    Also: darkmoon . me/2014/who-are-the-real-killers-by-julius-sequerra/#more-19117
    The non-jew american: “If you think about it, America is hated globally because we fight for Jewry and nothing else. If Americans controlled America, we would never have fought in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, and we wouldn’t be flooding foreign cultures with rap music, porn, and Hollywood movies. I just wish that foreigners would understand that their quarrel is not with America, it’s with Jewry. Americans haven’t controlled America for over a century now.”
    Another american answers: “You’re in a very small minority of less than 1%. Most Americans don’t think like you. They are faithful slaves of Jewland, fighting and dying for a foreign people and only too happy to live under the Jewish yoke.”
    Jewland is the USA!
    “Hell, most Americans don’t even know they are slaves! They actually believe they live in a democratic country. Little do they know that they and their children are being led like lambs to the slaughter…” Law protects Jews ONLY; and sees the Gentiles as mindless slaves.
    In parts of Ukraine, Russia and Poland where the Jewish moneylender had long been an unmitigated scourge, peasants would often do the sign of the cross over themselves when they saw a party of Jews passing by. The Jew became shorthand for the Devil. In parts of Rumania, especially in Transylvania and the Carpathian mountains, it was the vampire that came to symbolize the predatory, bloodsucking Jew.
    For centuries, Ukraine has had a Jewish problem as acute, if not more acute, than most of the other European nations around it. This is partly due to the presence in Ukraine of a large number of Jews who were seen as ruthless exploiters of the peasantry. (See “The Jew and the Peasant”, here).
    Anti-Semitism in Ukraine reached its dizzy peak, however, in the 1930s and can be summed up in one word: Holodomor.
    Holodomor, the Ukrainian word for “famine genocide”, was the man-made famine that killed 7-10 million people in Ukraine in 1932-1933. This was a genocidal program of monstrous cruelty carried out at the behest of Stalin’s Jewish Bolshevik regime. The Ukrainians remember only too well that it was Jewish commissars, in particular the Jewish mass murderer Lazar Kaganovich, who stood by and watched gloatingly as the Ukrainians starved to death.
    Kaganovich, Stalin’s closest Jewish friend, set out to destroy family farms through starvation in pursuit of the Communist policy of “collectivization”, whereby peasants were made landless and then forced to work for the state as virtual slaves.
    While it is interesting to note that both Poroshenko-Walsmann and Yatsenuk have done their best, understandably, to hide their Jewish roots in Jew-hating Ukraine, it is even more interesting to see how their “secret” Jewish roots have been exposed by reputable Jewish sources including The Daily Forward and Israel’s Haaretz newspaper.

  34. ….or at least offer some observations from the paleogenetic viewpoint. For years, idiots in the sciences batted around utter nonsense about “race” etc. Some fools like Carleton Coon (in his epic and backassward “The Origins of Races”) felt that mankind was composed of several distinct color-coded subraces, or varieties. In the last part, he was right—human differences are SUBspecific—meaning we’re all of one race. But he thought these groups were separate but CONVERGING. Reproductiv e science says that’s impossible. Seals shall not eventually marry porpoises and have sealoises.

    “Race” means “species”. “Subrace” means “variety” and in the scheme of bifurcating speciation, once a bioform has achieved complete speciation (separation from parent stock), it can no longer reproduce. There is a time of infertile attempts during “threshold” speciation (horse+burro=mule [which, when rubbed against another mule does NOT produce more mules])—-but eventually the two groups avoid each other.

    Speciation starts to deepen its hold by means of “isolating mechanisms” (differing appearences) which then lead to “assortative mating”* patterns, genetic self-isolation and the like until the horse-donkey plateau is reached.

    *”racism” is therefore as NATURAL as can be. I’m white (see below), but if Beyonce happened by—out comes the club.

    So how does this fold in to the discussion above? Aside from such dithering folly of “African Eves” (which conveniently erases millenia of outside-of-Africa hominids), and such blather, there is a great swath of pseudo-science out there. The real scenario? Simple, in fact: somewhere during the hunter-gatherer (statistically, it was likely the other way around) wanderings, mankind evolved into a primitive, homo sapient type. Within this group, one population isolated itself in Pleistocene Yurp, (Homo Sapien Neanderthalensis) the other group (dubbed Neareastern Neanderthal), milled around other parts, including Asia. When the two subtypes DID end up competing (due to NENean’s or CroMagnon’s expansion into Yurp**) the increased intelligence and creativity (as shown by the tool horizons) of Cro Magnon allowed them to win the statistical superiority (Darwin’s numbers game). They THREW their spears, rather than shoving them into big Ice-Age beasts, and won the mating game.

    At some point, scientists eschewed any theory than outright, utter displacement of the poor old Neanderthal beasty boys. Extinction. This theory overlooked the (now proven) potential of interbreeding. Jean Aeul even had that right when she had Johndelorean (or whatever his name was) knock up a Flathead cutie. Their kid went on to get a full foobaw scholarship from FSU—no, wait, I’ve got that wrong.

    Anyway, there’s potential for there being Neanderthal genes among all of us. The rostrum of the nose (where it loops out from the face) is pronounced in Neanderthal skulls–but also Fwogs. Check out pix of Jacques Cousteau. BUT, the intense muscularity of Neanderthals was so inherent, that even infant skeletons have “runnels” or insertions for heavy muscles’ ligaments—how does that jibe with generally flaccid Jews? Now, where does that leave us? Well, living in Pleisotocene Yurp, promoted the selection towards braininess, etc. and material remains indicate that this was true (as Victorian “racialists” predicted). Ice Age temps tend to weed out the dumb. The Bwitish saw that Roland had to fight cave-bears etc., whereas in Afuccka, Shaniqua only had to reach over from her hammock to the fruit tree. Oh wait, Shaniqua didn’t have a hommock, did she?

    So, now the quandary. I yamma Border Scot WASP, and am squat (5’11”, 300 lbs.)*** heavily-muscled (although I never lifted a weight in me life) and preternaturally strong. ALL of my Jewish acquaintances in Kollitch were little slabs of gelatinous fat. How could they be the descendants of the brutally-strong Neanderthals? I think we’re all mixed together, but the Jews are doing themselves no favors by endogamic marriage, etc.

    BUTT, when you look at the vile, hairy-backed Hebes on New York’s beaches—OR Ed ASSner, or George Burns, you wonder. Well George looked more like a great leap from Chimps.

    ** I use “Yurp” for “Europe” to keep my carbon footprint small—oh wait, this footnote destroyed that attempt, didn’t it?

    *** Obviously, I was placed on this Earth to drive the wimmens MAD with lust!



    PS: Don’t worry….none of this will be on tomorrow’s quiz…..

    1. i like this post, so i am no longer ewige (eternity is good but all good things come to an end) and reverting to lobro.
      damn and i thought to sneak into the synagogue and apply for a wall street exec job or at least a cheap mortgage.
      it will teach me to be myself and throw away my thrusting spear.

  35. Oh, I forgot—re the “thrusting spear” horizon, vav the :throwing spear” one, ask me sometime about “TOASTER MAN”. He was a pur-sang Neanderthal, living in Spy, Belgium, who fought a Cave Bear. And lost.

    1. I have always found pure macro evolutionary claims funny when there isn’t one single time in all recorded history, one kind produced another kind.

      Having said that, the skeletal proofs that have been presented by Jack Cuozzo over 20 years show beyond a shadow of a doubt that Neanderthal hit puberty at 40 and lived to around 300.

      Why is this important? Because every belief system starts with unobservable assumptions-beliefs they often like to present as fact. So whenever you hear ” Man is 100s of millions of years old” or the earth is “billions of years old” know that without a doubt you’re hearing macro evolutionary nonsense that has absolutely no basis in actual science (observable repeated events).

      The Neanderthal proofs blow away the Macro Evolutionary narrative as having no basis in reality, at all. What does that leave besides fringe lunatic claims? It leaves creationism and this is why I brought this up in the first place.

      See, if you understand the true scriptural, creationist narrative (in the greek OT and NT) one will see that all of true science (observable repeated events which is the FIRST RULE of science) match perfectly.

      So, when this is taken into account we can match all known artifacts whether, archeological evidence etc, that be earth formations, dinos, neanderthal or Cro-Magnon or giant or miniature skeletal remains found on and in this earth with a narrative that explains it all PERFECTLY. The chances for this happen by chance are beyond the laws of probability.

      The problem we as people have today is the fact that a lot of evidence is hid from us much like the RCC use to do not so long ago to protect their false religious claims. Today, when macro evolutionary claims are proven to be outright frauds or in the case of neanderthal, to completely back up the true scriptural narrative, all we hear is crickets or slanders from the opposition just like the RCC treated their “heretics”.

      Let me tell you a huge truth right now. If one tries to defeat the “Jews” on atheistic macro evolutionary arguments one is engaging in acts of insanity. 95% of all “Jews” are atheistic and believe in the Evolutionary religion.5% of “Jews” believe in a creator yet the one they worship is admittedly Satan, the fallen one who sows confusion and discord among humanity so none can unite to defeat his lies.

      If people do unite and use lies and false narratives to try and beat lies and other false narratives, they remain enslaved and sad to say, this makes up the majority of the people on this site and in the “anti jew” movement in general. One cannot beat lies with lies. Only truth defeats the lie. This should be self evident.

      Truth by definition is Jesus Christ, the physical manifestation of the prime creator. One must use his TRUTHFUL narrative and REAL science and then we can overcome the enemy. Nothing else will succeed, that is guaranteed.

      So, as in regard to race, species and sub species it is better to use the terms kind or sub-kinds or race. Why? Because atheistic “science” loves to change their definitions of their invented words to maintain control over the masses while Jesus’ truthful narrative uses FIXED terms that do not change.

      So while one can see that all of humanity is of a kind, the human kind, this doesn’t account for other such things such as genetically tampered with humans and the fact that there are MASSIVE differences between the subkinds of humans (or racial groups). These differences are what makes all of the different human races and individuals unique and special in their own way. To try and lump them into one generic category as “the human race” STRIPS everyone of their humanity, their heritage, their history, their uniqueness and true specialness.

      Each group was originally created (evolved through micro “evolution”) to perform primarily certain tasks with certain superior traits that other human races don’t have in order to efficiently carry out the prime creator’s will.

      The enemy, the fallen one, has sown his seed (genetics) into humanities populations as well in order for these hybrids to carry out his will, too. How do we separate the seed of the prime creator from that of the seed of the enemy? It all hinges on the individuals faith and belief in either false “god(s)” or the true prime creator/savior. The spiritual seed, per say, identifies the physical seed (genetics) inside as to who it’s source is. This will be perfectly carried out in full before the real new earth age begins.

      So, until folks start recognizing this reality one will simply continue to spin their wheels while the enemy laughs at your insanity (doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result).

      1. “This will be perfectly carried out in the full before the real new Earth age begins.”

        Ahh, but how?

        Therein lies the rub

        Let the imaginative speculations begin!

      2. BrownHawk

        The separation process has already begun. The “wheat” and the “weeds” of the seeds (genetics) of both the prime creators and that of the enemy’s will be completely separated before the real new earth age begins. Then the wheat will be gathered “into the barn” as the weeds are burnt up.

        To understand these things means you must investigate and come to understand what I am referencing. If you do, you will come to comprehend it all. If you don’t you will continue to not understand and these events will overcome you without you seeing it coming.

        So, it is not my job to make you start by picking up the old greek OT and NT. I cannot force you seek, to read nor comprehend. All I can do is point you in the right direction and if I see someone who is actually doing those things, I can help them further. Otherwise, frankly, I’m not wasting my time.

      3. I know the process has begun. I am a great fan of imagination, so I like to imagine things as they may play out where it counts – in how we may experience it. If you’re sensitive enough you’re already feeling it with the sense of how time is ‘flying by’.

        Fill in the blanks “if it weren’t for _______, there would be no flesh saved”.

        One way to look at it:

        God is Love, and Love manifested as singular beings of Creation.

        Even Satan

        But for him the plug to Love was pulled. Inexplicably. But this happened.


        Nonetheless, Satan must find a way to exist. He needs a power source. He found it.


        But to tap it required a tool, invented “in the Beginning”


        An eroding power of spirit corruption that produces the vehicle of its perpetuation


        A power whose continuation corrupts


        For Divinity to prevail, as it will, must come a work of correction


        The plot thickens
        as time quickens
        and is running out
        of itself

      4. absolute: physics. a) pertaining to measurements or units of measurement derived from fundamental relationships of space, mass and time. [<Lat. absolvere, to free from]

        Call matter "energy, or spirit 'slowed down' " This slowing-down action invents time (implying an inventor of an enabling action – his story)

        absolve: 1) to clear of blame or guilt. 2)to relieve of a requirement or obligation (also from the Latin, absolvere)

        "to free from", eh?

        Just trying to connect some dots……

  36. Hair Loss,
    You’ve hit the jack-pot, or should I say “crack-pot”? Aliens, semitics, religious numb-nuttitude, Ask-a-Nazis, oh my. The godders are my favorite.

    I love this site. Can be really funny or kinda pathetic, more often than not BOFE! But it’s always fun. Especially the in flagrente delicto demonstrations that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”!


      1. Brownie,

        There is now proof positive that Neanderthal Man did NOT reach puberty at 40* and live to be 300—that was the Galloping-ass Tortoise—-Neanderthal is actually Goo-wad (aka “God”)!!!

        I learn more every day on this marvelous site, but I am still perplexed how fossil skeletal remains indicate puberty has been reached. P’raps the hairs get fossilized, too?!

      2. “Fearless”

        I can already tell the type of person you are. It doesn’t matter what evidence is submitted, your tactics remain the same- slander- belittle, BUT NEVER prove any information wrong.

        So, for those who want a detailed explanation of Neanderthals teeth, here is a link to start to get your answer. Remember, one must understand TRUE science and for God’s sake, at the least the FIRST RULE of science (that these naysayers break like it is some pathology) before they can understand the truth of these matters and it is for this very reason I won’t even deal with the Atheistic Marxist, Macro Evolutionist types who claim to be “against the jews” when they SHARE and EMPLOY their dominant belief system.

    1. “fearless freddy”

      And back to the same old tactic I said your ilk ALWAYS employes

      Did he challenge ONE SINGLE CONTENTION? No, of course not, so it’s back to slanders and demonizations, childish name calling for lack of intelligent retort.

      Thats ok though- we only seek those who can see- not those who demand to be blind.

      But lets see how “fearless” freddy is

      Here is a simple question

      Give one single example of people, scientists etc, have OBSERVED one kind procreating with another Kind and creating a new kind.

      (Example: male Dog and female Dog = Bird etc)

      1. Correction:
        Give one single example of people, scientists etc, have OBSERVED one kind procreating with their own kind and creating a new kind.

        (Example: male Dog and female Dog = Bird etc)

      1. We know you are planning a second holocaust every time you ask whether the first one happened, it is holocaust magic just like Harry Potter magic: ooga, booga, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Khazarstan means there must have been Harry Potter 1, right?
        My friend Stephen Spielberg, he of the athletic build and high forehead and clean features showed me the script for Holocaust III and IV, starring Mel Gibson but I can’t tell you anything more than that.

        Likewise, every time you accuse me of playing victim in order to cadge money from you, you cause me suffering and therefore owe me double.

        Tasty but stupid, fie, foo, fo, fum, my name is David Frum and I smell the blood of a 3 year old plus a day.

    1. Wow! I guess the Neanderthal Man theories are mostly proven wrong—-because it turns out that George Burns was actually a….a…..MINKEY*!!! Still wondering how macaroni evolved, though………..

      *”Return of the Pink Panther”, as in:
      Commisioner: “Why did you not apprehend the benk rob-BAIRS?”
      Clouseau: “I was talking to the Gypsy and his filthy MINKEY!”

      1. Thanks for again proving that you “fearless Freddy” are on the side of the “Jews” using Jewish Zionist tactics 101 in ALL of your replies.

        Jack Bernstien said of your ilk

        * First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution.
        * If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the persons giving the information.
        * If that doesn’t work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn’t been involved in sufficient scandal you are adept at fabricating scandal against the person or persons.
        * If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks.

        But, NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong.

      2. Arguing with youse guys is similar to using a pitchfork to reverse Niagara Falls. It’s always been interesting to see the religious viewpoint. Recall, that during T H Huxley’s time, farmers were practicing eugenic livestock breeding—yet they persisted that Goowad created Man to be superior, etc. and that humans were sacred, etc. as opposed to the “beasts”—whereas we procreate in the same manner of most “higher” bioforms.

        Above all, however, I enjoy the slings and darts sent my way by some of you. Pot calling kettle black ad adsurdium. I seem to recall that the most heinous wars have always traced to religious differences.

        Nonetheless, the track-record of Jews has led them to be universally despised and periodically purged. So that much will remain predictable.

        Me a “Zionist”?—you’re out of your microcephalic* minds! Zionism is accursed, as well it should be. And if you say I lack any “proof”—I look (as most objective people do) to the fossil record—for all bioforms.


        *I just had to throw at least one insult back in your faces! 😀

      3. Ty-rone,

        Who Jew? Me Jew? No, you Jew!
        Who knew? Bad Ju-Ju!

        Thus ends my entry in the ongoing doggerel contest.

      4. Fred

        How do you date the fossile record? By the sedimentary levels? Yes, that’s how you do it. Now, how do you date the sedimentary levels? By the fossiles? Yes, that is what you do and this is called CIRCULAR LOGIC which gives you the room you lunatics need to make up any crap you want.

        You show me ONE SINGLE OBSERVABLE EVENT where one kind breeding with it’s own kind and HAS EVER PRODUCED another kind and I will buy your atheistic, macro evolutionary narrative. Until then you are just spewing complete and utterly unscientific nonsense that is your false religion pushed by 95% of the so called Jewish population..

      5. “Fearless”

        You may not be ethnically a “Jew” but you sure push their BS, mirror their slander tactics and buy into their false atheistic, macro evolutionary religion.

        Nuff said…

    1. If I lived anywhere close to Cleveland I’d be buying all my gasoline at Biggies.

      Here’s an older story with a photo of another fantastic mural @ Biggies:

      Reading the above story I see, unfortunately, the Palestinian who owns the store still believes in American demonocracy, otherwise he’d never have programmed his sign to advertise Ron Paul… and (perhaps he’s being a bit PC here – after all, he’s in business in America and he’s already sticking his neck way out) he draws an imaginary distinction between zionists and average jews…. the same mindset I had a couple of years ago.

      Ahhh! But I see an older mural (here ) where it is written ‘EVERY JEW = ANTI-CHRIST’ and ‘JEWS STILL KILLING THE INNOCENT’ . Nevermind, Mr. Ayad gets it. Just like his family got it from the jewish invaders into his homeland.

      Some more mural pics on this jewish (or ziochristian) website:

      Notice how ‘the community’ is arguing that Mr. Ayad’s business is near a skool where the little innocent childr’n are forced to walk and ride busses past these murals. Why, ‘It is child pornography’ says one of the jew commenters…. Now that’s a subject on which they are well- acquainted.

    2. Ick! Missing the second “t” in “permitted”, but we get the point. (As does the vile rabbi).

  37. No Neanderthal Jew has ever been a Semite nor an Israelite and they tell you that in their own writings !!!

    “Strictly speaking it is INCORRECT to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary [modern] Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” ~ The Jewish Almanac, Compiled and Edited by Richard Siegel and Carl Rheins, New York: Bantam Books, 1980, pg.3

    “The Holy Bible (Old & New Testaments) is NOT a Jewish book and it is not about the Jews and the Jews did not write either one of them, the Jews wrote the filthy Talmud which is the Jews’ ‘bible’ !!! OUR Holy Bible is about us White Caucasian Real Israelites always having to fight off the Serpent’s literal offspring, the Jews, for 6,000 years” !!! ~ B C ~

  38. THE JEWS, IN THEIR OWN WRITINGS, state that they are a separate and completely DIFFERENT SPECIES FROM NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS !!!

    If the Jews are a different, seperate species from real humans, like these parasites say in their own writings, then we know for sure they came from the SERPENT & Eve through Cain, which would have made Cain half-Serpent (whatever the Serpent was) and half-Human (Eve) !!!

    “…although Jews are physically similar to all other men, yet they are endowed with a ‘second soul’ that renders them a SEPERATE SPECIES.” (Zimmer, Uriel, Torah- Judaism and the State of Israel, Congregation Kehillath Yaakov, Inc., NY, 5732 (1972), p. 12)

    “The Jewish people are a separate entity, a SPECIES UNIQUE in Creation, differing from nations in the same manner as man differs from the beast or the beast from the plant…” (Rabbi Judah Halevy (the famous medieval poet and philosopher) explains in his ‘Kuzari’)

    “The Jewish People constitutes a SPECIES OF THEIR OWN…i.e…a special, separate act of Creation by the Almighty. ‘The thought of creating the Jewish People preceded every other thought’ of the Almighty when creating the Universe according to the teaching of Rabbi Samuel bar Isaac.” (Bereshith Rabba 1,5) (the jews “Almighty” is Lucifer/Satan/the Devil, the Serpent of Genesis 3:14,15, that Old Red Dragon of )

    “The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather we have a case of ‘let us differentiate’ between TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT SPECIES” (Jew & Gentile). – Rabbi Menachem Mandel Schneerson, Allan C. Brownfield, “It Is Time to Confront the Exclusionary Ethnocentrism,” Issues of the American Council for Judaism, Winter 2000, cited in Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered, p.365-366.

    “This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of TWO COMPLETLY DIFFERENT SPECIES.” ~ Rabbi Saadya Grama, Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut (“Jewish Superiority and the Question of Exile”) 2003.

    Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, a well known Jew, when writing in the Jewish publication, Liberal Judaism, January, 1949, about the newly created state of (fake) Israel declared: “FOR THE CURSE OF CAIN, the curse of being an outcast and a wanderer over the face of the earth has been removed…” !!! (He just told you ALL JEWS are from their father Cain which was fathered by the Serpent, Lucifer, Satan, the Devil of Genesis 3:14,15) !!!!!

    “ALL JEWS share a particular gene THAT MAKES THEM DIFFERENT FROM OTHER HUMANS.” (Thilo Sarrazin, a Jew and a member of the German Social Democratic party and a board member of the German central bank, from Sarrazin’s interview with the paper, Welt am Sonntag) (About 1963, I coined the term “Serpent-gene” which ALL JEWS have in their DNA, taken from Genesis 3:14,15) !!!!! ~ B C ~

    “Could Jews be a different species?”

    Jews are as unlike us as anything on this planet. We have more in common with ticks than with Jews, in that even ticks will drop off once they’ve had their fill, whereas Jews keep on sucking the life (wealth) out of their host nations until there’s nothing left, not even for themselves.

    “Once we [Jews] squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away” ~ (Netanyahu, [Nutsandpoopoo], Prime Minister of [fake] Israel !!!

    “Our major vice of old [ancient] as of today is PARASITISM. We are a people of vultures living on the labor [of the host nations] and good nature of the rest of the world.” ~ Samuel Roth [a Jew] “Jews Must Live,” page 18.

    “The fact is that Jews were known only as destroyers in ancient history, not creators. They claim to be the torchbearers of civilization, but through their PARASITIC habits they have deteriorated or destroyed every nation in which they have existed in large numbers.” (Charles A. Weisman, “Who is Esau/Edom?”, p. 28).

    “We are obliged to conceal our own particular character and mode of life so that we will be allowed to continue our existence as a PARASITE among the nations.” ~ Harold W. Rosenthal [a Jew] Interview by Walter White, Jr. 1976.

    “The German people has recognized that the Jew has crept in like a PARASITE not only into our people, but into all the peoples of the earth, and that it is attempting to corrupt the original racial characteristics of the peoples in order to destroy them both racially and as states, and thereby rule over them.” ~ Adolf Hitler

    Which actually makes them worse than most (other) parasites. With few exceptions, as the vast majority of parasites do not cause the death of their hosts, as doing so would make for a severely flawed evolutionary approach. Such lifeforms do not last very long, for obvious reasons (they can’t find a balance within their environment, and destroy their own source of life, so mother nature quickly moves on).

    Jews are like a virus. A bad one that have yet to go extinct (due to their own flawed approach) and we have yet to find a cure for them. (This is why some people think that Neanderthals did not go extinct but still walk among us today in the form of the Jew) !!!

    We cannot build up an immunity to them, and find that balance, unless we willingly submit to them, because that is what they demand (it’s ALL or none with them, they do not seek or desire balance). Those who adapt and do exactly as the Jew disease demands of them, are permitted to live (as slaves, for no other purpose than to provide them with life and excess).. Those who resist, are systematically eliminated (slowly, but surely).

    Think about it. When a pandemic occurs, it kills off those who are unable to adapt to it (sometimes targeting weak immune systems and believe it or not sometimes targeting strong ones). Anyone who lives through a major pandemic will have developed a resistance to that virus (adapting to it), even if that virus lives inside them indefinitely.

    The virus finds a balance within it’s host, those who can tolerate it, then the rest die off.

    The deceased were not necessarily “weak”, they may in fact have been the best of the best, but they just couldn’t adapt to their new, unwanted visitors, who tore them apart from the inside out.

    It’s as though the Jews are ridding the planet of all who resist them. Leaving behind only those with whom they are easily able to control. That’s their undying desire, to rule the world, so anyone who might resist this Jew “virus” is simply someone who cannot cope with being a mindless slave to them.

    Those who resist, are aggressively attacked and eliminated. Those who allow the virus to remain inside them, are permitted to live (not for themselves, but in the interests of the parasites themselves).

    Jews being a “different species” is putting it lightly…

    1. Money is the virus. And time being money being time. The 8,000,000 pound gorilla that never sleeps. The chief addiction. The 350 year-old Rothschild vampire. The pusher man. The vice-like hypnotic grip that has all humanity under its spell.

      Ask your selves, what would frighten them more that losing this grip?


  39. So… I’m warming up to the idea that the Jewish/Neanderthal genetic linkage might be real. I don’t think it’s real in the Biblical archeological sense as I have said but maybe in the sense of DNA, and facial characteristics–the wrap around mouth, the short neck, the sloping forehead, etc. Really this is the kind of thing that Jews privately obsess about ad nauseum and maybe why they love Waspy women who have small noses, straight foreheads, strong jaws, etc. This is adolescent angst played out in geopolitics in the stupidities we live with like our melt down foreign policy where neocons got us into a war that has lost a million lives and is now obviously lost. So what does a nose or chin have to do with neocon lies and manipulations? I can’t spell it out exactly because there are no citations and it’s not what they call evidence based but it is definitely intuitively real. It’s like the Napoleon being short having to do with conquering the world type thing–yah he was short and so he had to do it. They have a lot of Neanderthal gene pool so they have to prove something. Very dangerous…these high school cliques.. high school obsessions. Just think how many Hollywood movies have evil white/waspy cliques that get showed up by a group of loser nerds who also are very multi-cultural with an anti-hero that is … welll… neanderthalish but in the end wins the heart of the homo sapien sapien girl. You see these “ugly” and “horny” guys have to prove themselves… Stop right now. Rewind. No!! These deaths are real and these slaughters are not faked. We can’t have someone’s vanity problems dominating the decision making on a global scale, can we?
    It’s not the color of the skin but the quality of the character. What about interiority?
    What about humor..oops I forgot Woody Allen is an utter pervert.. Oh rewind again.

  40. I went to Michael Bradley’s site and he seems to have more intellectual respect for Jews than whites. Although, white himself he seems afraid of his own racial inheritance. Much of what he says rings very true, but I am leery of his seemingly wishy-washy attitude between Jews and the white races. He cannot seem to place blame where it truly belongs today. Nor, does he comment on the black against white crimes that are rampant in our American cities.

    For instance this describes his book THE ICEMAN INHERITANCE:
    Michael Bradley delves back into our glacial past during the last Ice Age in order to find the prehistoric sources of the white race’s aggression, racism and sexism. Relying on the researches of Alexander Marshack, Carleton Coon, Konrad Lorenz, S.L. Washburn, Ralph Solecki and others, Bradley offers a persuasive argument that the white race, the Neanderthal-Caucasoids, are more aggressive than other groups because of ancient sexual maladaptation. And, in tracing the effects of Caucasian aggression, Bradley offers an uncomfortable and all-too-plausible explanation for the pattern of human history.

    Then speaking about the political/social movement he wishes to form he has this to say about so-called white nationalists, etc.:
    I definitely do not look to White Nationalists, White Supremacists or Neo-Nazis for this leadership. Their outlook is too parochial, racist and navel-gazing about “white victimization”. Yeah, right, try talking very long to Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and American Native People about so-called “white victimization”.

    Well, I’m here to tell everyone there is “white victimization” – NOW! The only difference in this world is that the Jews have promoted the darker races and placed them on pedastals because they fear white ingenuity and our ability to acquire knowledge in order to better ourselves. Even their Talmud states that fact.

    At this point, I cannot endorse an academic like Bradley who appears to have little respect for his own race.

    1. In reading Bradley I seem to recall he’s 1/2 jewish.

      It is hopeless to focus SOLELY on White Victimization. ALL non jews are victims of the jewish fetish for revolution and control.

      So damn many ‘whites’ (God how I despise that term – it is wrong on so many levels, but I’ll just mention one – the term ‘whites’ allows the jew to blend in which is precisely what he has done – now most people, ‘whites’ included, believe jews are whites and therefore indistinguishable from Swedes and Russians and French, etc…. yet we still use the stupid word in an effort to define ourselves as different when the use of the word simply furthers the talmudic agenda-) allowed themselves to be purchased/used/sold out and Turned Out by the jew – and were perfectly OK with it as long as their subservience came with a promise of riches or power. The dumbasses never gave consideration to how their unity with the jew would affect their progeny. And now ‘whites’, nearly as a whole, are so fucking eager to embrace all things judaic that they often beat the jew to calling out the charge of ‘Anti-Semitism’ when anyone mentions anything that may be remotely ‘offensive’ to the poor downtrodden put-upon jew.

      So America now has its first official ‘black’ president… yet look who’s enriching themselves and continuing to sell out not only their own ‘white’ race but their own offspring as well…. Most in positions of power in America – those who are not jews – are ‘whites’. Congress is 95+% white/jewish. The sad fact of the matter is you and I have been sold out by our fellow ‘whites’ and yet I’m to focus my fury on the victimization of ‘whites’? The jew would have never come to power in the first place were it not for my fellow ‘whites’!

      If you think ‘brown’ and ‘red’ and yes, ‘black’ aren’t also victims of the jewish agenda/tamudic mindset, you are mistaken. And, for what it is worth, I’m damn proud of my ancestry. I just wonder how fucking miserable that cunt Oliver Cromwell and his ilk made Ireland that my lineage felt their best option was to leave behind the land of their ancestors and travel, hopelessly destitute, to America in hopes of something better. And I wonder if they today roll about in their graves in this foreign land as they’re untended, unloved, and unknown.

      Ghosts who can’t find their way back home.

      1. Yes as far as the term “white” goes I amused myself with googling “black albinos”. As a relatively handsome predominatly northern european myself, it is very interesting to see that it is really very much the COLOR of the skin which differs between me and an African.
        Let’s say that all people on the planet had the same COLOR of the skin, what is really significant, namely the STRUCTURE OF THE PHENOTYPE (which is a consequence of the genotype) would be even more obvious.

        Which is clearly demonstrated in this picture

        At least I thought it was a bit funny…

  41. Worried about the Jews? You people are mentally ill, and I’m not even Jewish. You’re trying to find scapegoats for your twisted reality, complaining about the mustard stain from your hot dog on your walmart tee shirt, and oblivious to the niggerishness taking over your corrupt and lost country, muslim and 3rd world refuse, the pig shit on the floor and in your bed in your room, forget about the mustard stain, clean up your shit filled room.

    1. You lost your cool. So you lost the argument.
      “‘Tis logic, sir, not anger, that convinces.” (Ben Jonson)

    2. And what makes you think, you insufferable little snob, that antisemites buy their tee shirts at Walmart?

      By the way, did you know that the obsession with “shit” which you exhibit is a noted Jewish trait? The typical Jew, I am told, can’t go 24 hours without referring to anuses and excrement.

  42. Having seen the lastest Planet of the Apes movie, I couldn’t help thinking of the collective conscious guilt trip about what happened to the Neanderthals. Were they discriminated against and killed off by the current human beings? Is this why the Planet of the Apes movies keep coming back into the theaters to haunt us? We know in our collective conscious what happened to them, but we can’t face what we did? So the Planet of the Apes stories are a metaphoric attempt to reconcile the guilt?

    So I googled to see what might come up on the subject, and this crud came up. Talk about hatred non-sense. Looking through the lense I started from it fits the bill. The Neanderthals were likely exterminated by the current human beings. And so many of you posters are not satisfied that all remnants of Neanderthals have been wiped out completely. So you feel there is still more work to be done. You guys just want to make sure the appointed peoples are fingered for future extermination. Very sick imaginations full of hatred and fears. Insanity is all I can say from reading these posts.
    We don’t have enough knowledge about Neanderthals to connect them to people of Jewish decent. Nor do we know conclusively what happened to the Neanderthals. My starting point was only what came to mind when I was watching the newest Planet of the Apes movie. Do we have a collective conscious guilt trip about what happened to the Neanderthals? Is the movie a metaphor? Sadly, from the lense many of you choose to view the world through, you may see it as more proof of Jewish Hollywood propaganda, going for pity for the last remnants, just wanting to survive in the same world as humans. Try a different lense, one with less fear and hatred. We are all human beings. Try thinking like one, instead of crazed animals. Jewish people aren’t out to get you, nor control your lives, nor your ideas. Your imaginations are getting the better of you. Your beliefs can propel your actions. Will it be for something good or for something bad? Are you out to rid the world of who? Why? It is not us versus them, it is us versus us. We are all human beings, even if we do carry some remnant of Neanderthal DNA genes.

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