rabbi_08cryingA correspondent who wishes to remain anonymous has sent us this Timeline of Jewish Persecutions and Pogroms “as a reminder of the unremitting and pathological antisemitism that has bedeviled mankind from the earliest times up to the present.”

He (or she) adds the grim warning: “Unless this pathological condition is stamped out at once, with all negative criticisms of Israel and Jews being criminalized and made subject to the severest penalties, a second Holocaust is inevitable. In addition, Holocaust denial should be made a capital crime in every single country in the world without delay and without exception.”

This individual of unknown sex and ethnicity (signed “SZ”) has challenged me to publish this Timeline of Jewish Persecutions and Pogroms “as an invaluable work of reference”, and adds: “If you don’t, a thousand curses on you and your antisemitic readers!”

—  John Scott Montecristo, Editor

1.  Pre-Christian Era

(Some significant dates have been emphasized in bold print)

580 B.C. Babylon/Judea “Nebuchadnezzar conquers Judea, burns Temple”

38 B.C. “Alexandria, Egypt” Mob Attacks

3 B.C. Egypt Expulsion

2.  The Roman Empire

66 C.E. “Alexandria, Egypt” Mob Attacks

70 C.E. Jerusalem Expulsion following revolt

250 C.E. Carthage Expulsion

224 C.E. Italy Forced Conversion

325 C.E. Jerusalem Expulsion renewed by Constantine

351 C.E Persia Book Burning

357 C.E. Italy Property Confiscation

379 C.E. Milan Synagogue Burning

415 C.E. Alexandria Expulsion

418 C.E. Minorca Forced Conversion

468 C.E. Babylon/Judea Expulsion

469 C.E. Ipahan Holocaust

470 C.E. Babylon/Judea Expulsion

489 C.E. Antioch Synagogue Burning

3.  The Dark Ages

506 C.E. Daphne Synagogue Burning

519 C.E. Ravenna Synagogue Burning

554 C.E. Diocese of Clement (France) Expulsion

561 C.E. Diocese of Uzes (France) Expulsion or Conversion

582 C.E Merovingia Forced Conversion

612 C.E. Visigoth Spain Expulsion

624 C.E. Hejaz Expulsion

628 C.E. Byzantium Forced Conversion

629 C.E. Merovingia Forced Conversion

633 C.E. Toledo Forced Conversion

638 C.E. Toledo Stake Burnings

642 C.E. Visigothic Empire Expulsion

653 C.E. Toledo Expulsion

681 C.E. Spain Forced Conversion

693 C.E. Toledo Jews Enslaved

722 C.E. Byzantium Judaism Outlawed

855 C.E. Italy Expulsion

876 C.E. Sens Expulsion

897 C.E. Narbonne Land Confiscation

945 C.E. Venice Ban on Sea Travel

4.  The Early Middle Ages

1009 C.E. Orleans Massacre

1012 C.E. “Rouen, Limoges & Rome” Massacre

1012 C.E. “Mayence, Germany” Expulsion

1021 C.E. Rome Jews Burned Alive

1063 C.E. Spain Massacre

1095 C.E. Lorraine Massacre

1096 C.E. Northern France & Germany 1/3 of Jewish Population Massacred as part of the First Crusade

1096 C.E. Hungary Massacre

1096 C.E. Ralisbon Massacre

1099 C.E. Jerusalem Jews Burned Alive

1100 C.E. Kiev Pogrom

1140 C.E. Germany Massacres

1142-1212 C.E. North Africa Massacres

1146 C.E. Rhine Valley Massacre as part of the Second Crusade

1147 C.E. Wurzburg Massacre

1147 C.E. Belitz (Germany) Jews Burned Alive

1147 C.E. “Carenton, Ramenu & Sully (France)” Massacres

1171 C.E. Blois Stake Burnings

1181 C.E. France Expulsion/Property Confiscation

1181 C.E. England Property Confiscation

1188 C.E. London & York Mob Attacks

1189 C.E. England Mob Attacks against Jews following coronation of Richard the Lionheart/ Property Confiscation.

1190 C.E. Norfolk Jews Burned Alive

1191 C.E. Bray (France) Jews Burned Alive

1195 C.E. France Property Confiscation

1209 C.E. Beziers Massacre

1215 C.E. Rome Jews Forced to Wear Badges

1215 C.E. Toulouse (France) Mass Arrests

1218 C.E. England Jews Forced to Wear Badges

1231 C.E. Rome Inquisition Established

1236 C.E. France Forced Conversion/Massacre

1239 C.E. London Massacre & Property Confiscation

1240 C.E. France Talmud Confiscated

1240 C.E. England Book Burning

1240 C.E. Spain Forced Conversion

1242 C.E. Paris Talmud Burned

1244 C.E. Oxford Mob Attacks

1255 C.E. England Public Hangings

1261 C.E. Canterbury Mob Attacks

1262 C.E. London Mob Attacks

1264 C.E. London Mob Attacks

1267 C.E. Vienna Jews Forced to Wear Horned Hats

1270 C.E. “Weissenberg, Magdeburg, Armstadt, Coblenz, Singzig, and Erfurt” Jews Burned Alive

1278 C.E. Genoa (Spain) Mob Attacks

1283 C.E. Mayence & Bacharach Mob Attacks

1285 C.E. Munich Jews Burned Alive

1290 C.E. England Expulsion

1298 C.E. “Franconia, Bavaria & Austria” “100,000 Jews slaughtered under command of German knight Rindfleisch”

5.  The Later Middle Ages

1306 C.E. France Expulsion by Philip the Fair (Same King who burned the Templars)

1308 C.E. Strasbourg Jews Burned Alive

1320 C.E. Toulouse & Perpigon 120 Communities Massacred & Talmud Burned

1321 C.E. Teruel Public Executions

1328 C.E. Estella “5,000 Jews Slaughtered”

1348 C.E. France & Spain Jews Burned Alive

1348 C.E. Switzerland Expulsion

1349 C.E. “Worms, Strasbourg, Oppenheim, Mayence, Erfurt, Bavaria & Swabia” Jews Burned Alive

1349 C.E. Heilbronn (Germany) Expulsion

1349 C.E. Hungary Expulsion

1349 C.E. Saxony Expulsion

1354 C.E. Castile (Spain) “12,000 Jews Slaughtered”

1360 C.E. Hungary Banned

1368 C.E. Toledo “8,000 Jews Slaughtered”

1370 C.E. Belgium Expulsion

1370 C.E. “Majorca., Penignon & Barcelona” Mob Attack

1377 C.E. Huesca (Spain) Jews Burned Alive

1380 C.E. Paris Mob Attack

1384 C.E. Nordlingen Mass Murder

1388 C.E. Strasbourg Expulsion

1389 C.E. Prague Mass Slaughter & Book Burning

1391 C.E. “Castille, Toledo, Madrid, Seville, Cordova, Cuenca & Barcelona” Forced Conversions & Mass Murder

1394 C.E. Germany Expulsion

1394 C.E. France Expulsion

1399 C.E. Posen (Poland) Jews Burned Alive

6.  The Renaissance

1400 C.E. Prague Stake Burnings

1407 C.E. Cracow Mob Attack

1415 C.E. Rome Talmud Confiscated

1420 C.E. Austria Expelled by Albrecht V

1422 C.E. Austria Jews Burned Alive

1422 C.E. Austria Expulsion

1424 C.E. Fribourg & Zurich Expulsion

1426 C.E. Cologne Expulsion

1431 C.E. Southern Germany Jews Burned Alive

1432 C.E. Savory Expulsion

1438 C.E. Mainz Expulsion

1439 C.E. Augsburg Expulsion

1444 C.E. Netherlands Expulsion

1449 C.E. Toledo Public Torture &. Burnings

1453 C.E. Franconia Expulsion

1453 C.E. Breslau Expulsion

1453 C.E. Poland Citzenship revoked

1454 C.E. Wurzburg Expulsion

1456 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion

1463 C.E. Cracow Mob Attack

1473 C.E. Andalusia Mob Attack

1480 C.E. Venice Jews Burned Alive

1481 C.E. Seville Stake Burnings

1484 C.E. “Cuidad Real, Guadalupe, Saragossa & Teruel” Jews Burned Alive

1485 C.E. Vincenza (Italy) Expulsion

1486 C.E. Toledo Jews Burned Alive

1488 C.E. Toledo Stake Burnings

1490 C.E. Toledo Public Executions

1491 C.E. Astorga Public Torture & Execution

1492 C.E. Sicily Expulsion

1492 C.E. Spain Choice between Expulsion or Conversion (When the Rivero family became Catholic)

1495 C.E. Lithuania Expulsion by Grand Duke Alexander

1497 C.E. Portugal Expulsion

1499 C.E. Germany Expulsion

1506 C.E. Lisbon Mob Attack

1510 C.E. Berlin Public Torture & Execution

1510 C.E. Brandenberg Expulsion

1510 C.E. Prussia Expulsion

1514 C.E. Strasbourg Expulsion

1519 C.E. Regensburg Expulsion

1539 C.E. Cracow & Portugal Stake Burnings

1540 C.E. Naples and Sardinia Expulsion

1542 C.E. Bohemia Expulsion

1550 C.E. Genoa and Venice Expulsion

1551 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion

1553 C.E. Rome Talmud burned

1555 C.E. Pesaro Expulsion

1556 C.E. Sokhachev (Poland) Public Torture & Execution

1559 C.E. Austria Expulsion

1561 C.E. Prague Expulsion

1567 C.E. Wurzburg Expulsion

1569 C.E. Italy and Papal States Expulsion

1571 C.E. Brandenburg Expulsion

1582 C.E. Hungary Banned a second time

1582 C.E. Netherlands Expulsion

1593 C.E. Brunswick Expulsion

1593 C.E. “Brandenburg, Austria” Expulsion

1593 C.E. Italy Banned a second time

1597 C.E. “Cremona, Pavia & Lodi” Expulsion

1614 C.E. Frankfort Expulsion

1615 C.E. Worms Expulsion

1619 C.E. Kiev Expulsion

1635 C.E. Vilna Mob Attack

1637 C.E. Cracow Public Torture & Execution

1647 C.E. Lisbon Jews Burned Alive

1648 C.E. Poland 1/3 of Jewry Slaughtered

1649 C.E. Ukraine Expulsion

1649 C.E. Hamburg Expulsion

1652 C.E. Lisbon Stake Burnings

1654 C.E. New Amsterdam Expelled by Peter Stuyvesant (order later retracted)

1654 C.E. Little Russia Expulsion

1656 C.E. Lithuania Expulsion

1660 C.E. Seville Jews Burned Alive

1663 C.E Cracow Public Torture &. Execution

1664 C.E. Lemberg Mob Attack

1669 C.E. Oran (North Africa) Expulsion

1670 C.E. Vienna Expulsion

1671 C.E. Minsk Mob Attacks

1681 C.E. Vilna Mob Attacks

1682 C.E. Marseilles Expulsion

1682 C.E. Cracow Mob Attacks

1687 C.E. Posen Mob Attacks

7.  The Modern Age

1712 C.E. Sandomir Expulsion

1727 C.E. Russia Expulsion

1738 C.E. Wurtemburg Expulsion

1740 C.E. Liule Russia Expulsion

1744 C.E Hungary. Banned for the third time by Queen Maria Theresa, the satanic antisemite:

“Henceforth, no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverishes the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently, they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”

1744 C.E. Livonia Expulsion

1745 C.E. Moravia Expulsion by order of the King (to halt mob attacks on Jews)

1753 C.E. Kovad (Lithuania) Expulsion

1757 C.E. Kamenetz Talmud Burning

1761 C.E. Bordeaux Expulsion

1768 C.E. Kiev “3,000 Jews Slaughtered”

1772 C.E. Russia Expulsion to the Pale of Settlement

1775 C.E. Warsaw Expulsion

1789 C.E. Alsace Expulsion

1790 C.E. Morocco “Expulsion, villages destroyed”

1801 C.E. Bucharest Mob Attack

1804 C.E. Russian Villages Expulsion

1808 C.E. Russian Countryside Expulsion

1814 C.E. Norway Rescinds ban on Jews

1815 C.E. Lubeck & Bremen Expulsion

1815 C.E. “Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria” Expulsion

1820 C.E. Bremes Expulsion

1843 C.E. Austria & Prussia Expulsion

1850 C.E. New York City “500 People, Led by Police, Attacked &. Wrecked Jewish Synagogue”

1862 C.E. United States Expelled by Ulysses S. Grant (order later retracted)

1866 C.E Galatz (Romania) Expulsion

1871 C.E. Odena Mob Attack

1882 C.E. Russia “Laws banishing Jews relaxed under Alexander II. Following his assassination by a Jewish plot, expulsion of 1772 restored. ”

1887 C.E. Slovakia Mob Attacks

1897 C.E. Kantakuzenka (Russia) Mob Attacks

1898 C.E. Rennes (France) Mob Attack

1899 C.E. Nicholayev Mob Attack

1900 C.E. Konitz (Prussia) Mob Attack

1902 C.E. Poland Widespread Pogroms

1904 C.E. “Manchuria, Kiev & Volhynia” Widespread Pogroms

1905 C.E. Zhitomir (Yolhynia) Mob Attacks

1919 C.E Bavaria Expulsion

1915 C.E. Georgia (U.S.A.) Leo Frank Lynched

1919 C.E. Mongolia Pogrom

1919 C.E. Prague Wide Spread Pogroms

1920 C.E. Munich & Breslau Mob Attacks

1922 C.E. Boston, MA “Lawrence Lowell, President of Harvard, calls for Quota Restrictions on Jewish Admission”

1926 C.E. Uzbekistan Pogrom

1928 C.E. Hungary Widespread Anti-Semitic Riots on University Campuses

1929 C.E. Lemberg (Poland) Mob Attacks

1930 C.E. Berlin Mob Attack on Jews

1933 C.E. Bucharest Mob Attacks on Jews

1933 C.E. Europe Immigrant Jews banned from citizenship.

1935 C.E. Germany “Loss of citizenship, imprisonment in slave labor camps.”

1948 C.E. Libya Pogrom

1969 C.E. Iraq Executions


  1. the only group to have been expelled hundreds of times all over the world.

    completely unjustified.

    they are the world’s finest, the chosen by god himself who doesn’t give a shit about anyone else but jews whom he decreed the sole owners and masters of the world and its chattels, all goyim nothing but cattle to be enslaved.

    very, unjust, unjustified, racist, antisemitic, hateful.

    itemized reparation and restitution bills and invoices on the way, in the sequel.
    pay up promptly and on your knees, If you don’t, a thousand curses on you.

    right zakie?

  2. Do we owe a debt of gratitude to “SZ” in providing this list? (as opposed to phony debts of misery, his/her intent for it notwithstanding.) I counted no fewer than 84 expulsions! Is there potential in a widespread distribution of this list for even “dumbed-down cattle” to get the meaning of “EXPULSION”?

  3. I’m sure many jews consult this list to reinforce their hatred of Whites whenever they start to feel guilty about swindling and murdering us and wrecking our civilization.

    Maybe Whites should compile a list of atrocities committed against them by muds, going all the way back to the Mongol invasions.

  4. picture duplication, let’s switch to this one, secular jews crying too (a national talent: lie+cry), flooding rivers of babylon with copious tears of pain and poverty.

    call it tear calculus.

  5. I think that if you would study the reasons for all these persecutions, pogroms and expulsions you would find that most of them were justified. Anyway, the lynching of pervert murderer Leo Frank in 1915 was a case of popular justice.

    The words of “satanic” queen Maria Theresa seem apposite :

    “Henceforth, no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverishes the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently, they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”

    BTW, “SZ” = Seymour Zak?

  6. Lincoln and Grant and Sherman and Sheridan – all hooked in series – did worse than this from 1861 to 1865.

  7. Where’s yesterday’s crimes!!? Where are today’s? (yeah, the day isn’t over yet)

    Shouldn’t this anguishing hand wringer come with a link? A sort of ticker tape machine listing these pogroms (do insults and jokes count?) in real time!

    Somehow I feel cheated..

      1. A ‘real time’ (tongue in cheek) link, doc.
        You know, like the available national debt counter links.

        This way any anxiously anguished wanna be witnesses could keep up with the national debt tally with one eye and ongoing shoah simile with the other eye.

        This leaves both hands free for wringing, and all without ever having to leave home, no less!

  8. This article had me in tears. Three thousand years of unremitting percecutions! So sad. Why are we goyim such heartless bullies? Where is our humanitarian compassion? How can this cosmic hatred of a race of innocent victims be compatible with the Christianity we profess?

    Montecristo, thank you for publishing this. I’ve never visited a Holocaust museum before but I mean to do so at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately there are no Holocaust museums in my area. This is because every square inch where I live is taken up with movie houses showing Hollywood porn and such.

    So I say this to my Jewish friends in all honesty: “Let’s have some more Holocaust museums please, to remind of us Auschwitz and your heroic sufferings throughout the ages — and fewer porn movie houses, strip clubs, lapdancing shows, peepshow arcades, sex and drug joints, and brothels run by Jewish madams.”

    1. Well said, Sardo! I wouldn’t mind some more Holocaust museums myself. Provided they were dedicated to the victims of a REAL Holocaust: i.e., the Holocaust of over 60 million innocent Christians put to death by Communist Jews and their goy camp followers after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

      The so-called “Holocaust” in Germany of six million Jews pales into insignificance, even if 100 percent true, when compared with the Soviet Holocaust of over sixty million Christians by a race of killer Asiatic Jews such as Lenin (quarter Jewish), Zinoviev, Kamenev, Trotsky, Lazar Kaganovich, Ilya Ehrenberg and their evil ilk.

      1. Add Beria to this list if Beria if Beria was Jewish — and I have recently received information that he was, and that his grandmother was Jewish.

        This information comes from Peter Myers who has documented this whole era very carefully. You won’t find this info in Wikipedia, but you will find it elsewhere in original Soviet documents which Myers quotes and which I have personally read.

        Beria was not only a Jewish mass murderer, he was a pedophile sex killer who buried dozens of children in his basement after subjecting them to the most horrendous violence. He would literally grab strange women off the streets, bundle them into his chauffeur-driven America car, and have them driven home to his de luxe mansion in Moscow where he would systematically rape and torture them to death.

        Guys like this belong in Madame Tussaud’s along with Jack the Ripper.

      2. ruthie, i want you to keep safe distance from jews, even the cool looking ones like this one.

        jack the ripper was a jew

        The Ripper murderer carved up women’s bodies, removed their cheap rings and cut off their noses and ears. In one case, a heart was reportedly missing, possibly thrown into a fire.

        Van Onselen believes the Ripper drew his inspiration from the Book of Ezekiel, which calls for the purging of whores:

        “And I will set my jealously against thee, and they shall deal furiously with thee: they shall take away thy nose and thine ears… thy residue shall be devoured by fire.

        “They shall also strip thee out of thy clothes, and take away thy fair jewels…. Thus will I make thy lewdness to cease from thee….”

        Most people at the time were more familiar with the Bible than they are today. But van Onselen believes that specific text would have been of interest to the syphilitic Silver, who was obsessed with Jewish ritual cleansing and saw women as “vendors of sexual pollution.”

  9. 97% of all pogroms of Jews have been by Christians.

    3% of all pogroms of Jews have been by Pagans.

    0% of all pogroms of Jews has been by Atheists.

    1. 0% of all pogroms of Jew have been by Satanists.

      a simple rubik’s cube for you to try your luck/skill on.

    2. Your suggestion is of course : you have to be a Christian to do such a good thing as a pogrom. There is however another explanation why there were so few pogroms by pagans or atheists. First of all, the Jews lived in the diaspora of the pagan world for a far shorter time than in Christian Europe. The Jewish diaspora in the pagan Mediterranean world started in earnest only in Hellenistic times, i.e. after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC. This period lasted to 313 AD when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Christian Europe lasted far longer. Secondly, both the Hellenistic Eastern Mediterranean world and the Roman Empire were multi-cultural societies. Jews were simply one of the many ethnic groups in that world. In Christian Europe they were the only minority.
      That would explain already a lot of the difference in frequency of ethnic conflicts. As for atheists, atheism is a result of the Enlightenment, the age when the ideas of secularism and universal rights became popular. Such an age would be less inclined to persecute the Jews as “Christ-killers”.
      This doesn’t negate the fact that often real reproaches were at play. In Medieval Europe Jews couldn’t become members of the guilds or own land. Therefore only few occupations were left to them : menial labor, trade or….usury. It is the latter practice that was time and again the cause of conflict.
      Usury became a Jewish speciality, it still is though nowadays it is called “central banking”. We should accuse the Jews only if they are guilty of real misconduct and not blame them for being “murderers of God”, perpetrators of “ritual murder of children”, or of being “descendants of Edomites”, as is popular among certain fringe groups.

      1. 1. Rome was only multicultural in that it was a global White empire ruling over non-Whites. The Romans certainly did not believe in racial equality, nor did they have niggers or jews running things (though jews did have some power).

        2. Racial egalitarianism and ideas of “human rights” didn’t emerge from the Enlightenment, they emerged from Judaism DURING the Enlightenment. Most Enlightenment thinkers would today be considered “racists” for their natural belief in the superiority of the West. No European intellectual in the 18th Century woke up one morning and thought to himself, “Niggers are just as good as I am.”

        3. Jews were never forced into usury by European laws, Jews had already practiced usury for centuries before the Middle Ages. From the beginning of their history they were a merchant people.

        4. Jewish ritual murder of children is not a myth. An Israeli historian wrote a book about it a few years ago that basically admitted that Jews did (and do) engage in such acts. The book caused such an uproar that the author had to have it pulled from the shelves.

        1. spqr: here is the link to toaff’s book.
          hurry and download it before it is shut out completely.
          talmudists crucified toaff for breaking the taboo on this subject central to judaism.

          read it carefully and you will pretty much catch onto what is at the bottom of it.

          in fact, take a close look at the woodcut on the:
          Cover: Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac. Woodcut from the Ritual Responsals (Sheelot w-teshuvot) of Asher b. Yechiel, Constantinople, 1517
          why is isaac trussed up like a hog (ok, sheep) on a pile of fire logs?
          this picture makes jews salivate in eager expectation of the feast of pesach.

        2. 1) The Roman Empire was mainly a Mediterranean Empire with Rome as its natural center. To the Romans the idea that their empire was a “white empire ruling over non-whites” would have seemed preposterous. The Romans didn’t think in terms of race but in terms of civilized versus barbarian and free men versus slaves. The Romans considered the Celts and Germans as barbarians (at that time rightly so). Roman citizenship was extended from Rome to Italy and beyond to certain cities and certain nobles. In 212 emperor Caracalla extended Roman citizenship to all free men in the Empire. The Jew Saul of Tarsus (in modern Turkey), later known as Paul the apostle, was a Roman citizen. The Romans had emperors from all parts of the empire, including Syria ( emperor Philippus Arabs).
          2) In the Enlightenment Jews were thought to deserve equal rights. There were no negroes in Europe at that time, so that was not the problem.
          3) I didn’t say Jews were “forced into usury”, I said Jews were forced into either menial labor, trade or …usury.
          4) Even if that ritual murder of children really happened, it would have been utterly rare. Jewish law forbids the consumption of blood, so if it happened it must have been done by Jewish antinomialists, like the “black mass” by Christian antinomialists. Most of the cases would have sprung from the fertile superstitious Christian mind, like the notorious belief in witches.

        3. The notion that the concept of human rights, or a universalist morality, came from within Judaism is absolutely false. Judaism is ethnocentric moralism par excellance… to the extent Jews, as a group, made efforts, ostensibly, to assist other minorities and immigrants, it was generally only on the theory it would be good for the jews, and fracture and divide the cohesiveness of the majority. The better to gain and maintain outsized media and banking power, and smear exposure of same as “hate.”

      2. A large fraction of the population of Roma were slaves..
        The vast % barbarians, pagans, wild men, Christians, Jews, etc.
        (but I repeat myself)

    3. The stats might be an indication of defense and retaliation in that:

      97% of all jew attacks have been on Christians.
      3% of all jew attacks have been on Pagans.
      0% of all jew attacks have been on Atheists.

  10. Perhaps the “SZ” has missed some out[sic], never,never,never trust the poor jew victims,not ever.

  11. The Jews were expelled from several European countries for 107 times – not because they’re Jews, but because they refused to assimilate and by their vast finacial resources, Jews were considered a national threat.

    The only two non-European countries, Iraq and Morocco, the Jewish exodus was not because of Muslim hatred, but because of Jewish terrorism and Israeli Mossad operations.

    In October 2013, Israeli historian professor Yigal Bin-Nun (Bar-Ilan University), in a study exposed Zionist lies about Jewish exodus from Morocco. Based on his study of Moroccan Jewish community, Bin-Nun has claimed that Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel, was behind the whole operation wherein about 160,000 Moroccan Jews left Morocco for the Zionist occupied Palestine.


  12. i still think some other races are worse than jews.
    lets imagine that the prime minister of the identity knows as “israel” was not benjamin netanhayu but bashar assad and that the palestinians started attacking his goverment with missiles and suicide bombings.
    How many palestinians will be left?
    but what about the
    white man.
    the americans killed and raped people in iraq. 1.5 million people were killed. 3 million more were made homeless.
    obama recently said this was good for iraquies.
    if the jews did september eleven it was with neo cons consent.
    who is worse a criminal?
    since day one america killed people.
    The American Indian Holocaust, known as the “500 year war” and the World’s Longest Holocaust In The History Of Mankind And Loss Of Human Lives.
    Death Toll: 95,000,000 to 114,000,000

    1. and yes i am a palestinian who should attack the jews but the truth must be always told. it will set us free said jesus whom they crucified.

      1. Bolshevik revolution already happened here. There were no Romanovs to slaughter. It was easy. The jews used the ‘secret ballot’ as their weapon of choice in America. They continue using it today. The jews have complete control. They control the money. That is all that is needed.

        1. turtle-neither of us, nor anyone, can trust any government today. Hell, govt leaders cannot trust each other!!! Major govts, east and west, are jew controlled by the currency. Look up the initials of HSBC. There’s a clue.

  13. Avatar,

    Indeed the Truth must be told. Thanks for this refreshing perspective. You have made a simple and persuasive point. Well done.

  14. If the Jews treated the people around them the way they treat the Palestinians today, I can see why they were expelled from many places.

      1. Good point: Israel has wiped 90% of Palestine off the map while complaining that Palestine wants to wipe it off the map.

  15. If you have such a timeline of persecution, then you should also mention that the wellspring of such persecution is the ethical guidelines contained in Babylonian/Jerusalem TALMUD.
    And remember what Martin Heidegger said about Jewish behaviour:

    “The Jews, with their marked gift for calculating, live, already for the longest time, according to the principle of race, which is why they are resisting its consistent application with utmost violence.”

    This exposes the underlying conceptual framework that holds Judaism together but that it denied to other peoples – and hence the use of the concept RACE as a weapon against cohesive societies.
    Didn’t Sweden recently develop a political policy that gives minorites full rights while there is now no majority?
    When will this nonsense end?

  16. a very impressive list, especially the documentation.. you know, all the photos, videos, you tubes, and such…who can doubt that these things didn’t happen, given all the staggering evidence presented? like the six million in gas chambers, ovens and , um, air conditioners , and the 20 or 30 million stalin killed ( he used a pen knife!) and the genocide of the ..um…
    you get my drift.

  17. wait up, i have a theory that clears everything up and shows that the huge majority, somewhere around 150% are GOOD jews, despite the evidence that no one can stand them.
    there is a tiny core of maybe 500 BAD jews out of 14 million (give or take 6, the holocaust error margin), which works out that only about 8 in every 100,000 are bad and they are responsible for everything.
    these 500 were chased out of carthage, ran to alexandria, were kicked out of there, went to ravenna, tried settling down in various dioceses in france but just couldn’t stop being bad and got the boot, tried england, bavaria, byzantium, hungary, switzerland, saxony, slovakia, austria, russia, poland, italy, lithuania, bohemia, papal states, arab countries … and somehow, they all figured them out, those very same 500 bad jews who gave 13,999,500 (give or take 6 million, remember the holomath) a bad name.

    so now, the bad jews are living happily in new york, canada, france, london, australia, ukraine, los angeles, chicago, moscow, there is at least 450 of them living in the white house … the story does have a happy end.

    the only question is what happened to good jews?
    all of them were gassed mistakenly, which is why you never get to meet any, except disguised as lampshades.

  18. There are many lists such as this one, available on the internet. But never a list that includes the causes of these expulsions. Why Not ! Surely a list of events with no causes is not useful; it cannot be analysed. The causes are not hard to find :- Exodus 3:2, for instance, or the Edict of Expulsion 1290, or The Alhambra Decree. Why bother with a meaningless list of expulsions, when it is really the causes that are important; that we could learn from.

  19. The timeline has been complied by a jew (fake-jew must be).
    Question 1. where is the PROVE of all the socalled expulsions and pogroms?
    Question 2. what is the jew definition of expulsion and pogroms?
    Question 3. Could the expulsions and pogroms had something to do with the
    attitude and acting of the jew against the Goy?
    Question 4. How come that the jews were so many time times expelled and there
    were so many pogroms and that they were always in the possibility to
    keep on returning in the lands where they were expelled and
    pogrommed? Does this not mean that the jews have survived the socalled
    pogroms and does this not mean there were actually no pogroms? How
    can you come back if they kill You?
    Question 5. If the Goy were that bad why did you return to these lands? Nobody
    asked you to come. You were/are foreigners who were/are not invited?
    To consider as illegal immigrants nowadays! Go to Israhell.

    1. Great questions josefien.
      Same answer fits all of them. The jew claims are all false, fabricated, as in Hollywood scripts.

      1. Thank you for your compliment. Are there any jews who can answer my questions? Please only real answers from jews
        without their frequent use of fallacies. We have enough of their jewish retoric/fallacies.

        1. Why do you want a jew to answer your questions? What does it matter what they think?

          All that matters is what Europeans think, not jews. Jews were/are invaders in European lands, and Europeans had/have every right to defend their race from an alien people who is out to enslave and destroy them.

  20. Vatican jews torture over 18,000 children:

    Vatican Urges U.N. Not To Equate Sex Abuse With Torture As Hearings Get Underway

    May 2, 2014


    VATICAN CITY (RNS) As Vatican representatives prepare to testify before a United Nations inquiry into torture next week, a senior official warned investigators that it would be “deceptive” to link torture with the pedophilia scandals that have swept the Catholic Church.
    The Vatican’s chief spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said Friday (May 2) the Convention Against Torture, endorsed by the Vatican in 2002, was one of the most important in the U.N.’s ambit.
    But the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, which represents 18,000 victims, said Friday that hundreds of children and adults were still being “sexually violated, tortured and assaulted” by Catholic priests.

  21. “In all of recorded history, there was only one civilization which the Jews could not destroy. Because of this, they have given it the silent treatment. Few American college graduates with a Ph.D. degree could tell you what the Byzantine Empire was.

    It was the Empire of East Rome, set up by Roman leaders after the Jews had destroyed Rome. This empire functioned in Constantinople for twelve hundred years, The longest duration of any empire in the history of the world.

    Throughout the history of Byzantium, as it was known, by imperial edict, no Jew was allowed to hold any post in the Empire, nor was he allowed to educate the young. The Byzantine Empire finally fell to the Turks after twelve centuries of prosperity, and the Jews have attempted to wipe out all traces of its history.

    Yet its edicts against the Jews were not cruel; in fact, the Jews lived unmolested and prosperously in the empire throughout its history, but here alone the vicious cycle of host and parasite did not take place.

    It was a Christian civilization, and the Jews were not able to exercise any influence. Nor did the Orthodox priests bewilder their congregations with any vicious lies about Christ being a Jew.

    No wonder the Jews want to eradicate the memory of such a culture.

    It was Ezra Pound who launched upon a study of Byzantine civilization, and who reminded the world of this happily non-Jewish land.

    From the Byzantines, Pound derived his no-violent formula for controlling the Jews.

    “The answer to the Jewish problem is simple,” he said.

    “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.”

    And this is how simple it is.

    There is no need to kill the Jews. In fact, every pogrom in history has played into their hands, and has in many instances been cleverly instigated by them.

    Get the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.

    Get the Jews out of education and they can not pervert the minds of the young to their subversive doctrines.

    Get the Jews out of government and they cannot betray the nation.”

    Unknown post from an Ezra Pond site.

    1. this post by aj ties in with what you just said.
      i listened to the whole of that lecture by imran hossein and he bangs away at this topic repeatedly.
      sheikh hossein is a malasian based islamic scholar that specializes in eschatological perspective of koran – the so called study of end days.
      i always found him a very interesting and illuminative speaker, though sometimes overly rhetorical with irritating manners of snickering “meaningfully”.
      but there is no denying his force of original analysis.

      some of his main points to consider:
      turkish empire is an apostate entity,
      shame of renaming constantinople to istanbul, basilica of hagia sophia to mosque,
      constantinople is the spiritual rome and russians are its rightful inheritors and will retake it in the “end days” as per prophecy that seems to agree with similar prophecies of the orthodox faction.

      in particular, his analysis of the zionist plot that used ottomans, the french and the english to subdue russia, take crimea away from them (he rails against crimean tatars whose main line of business was kidnapping white christian women for sale in istanbul market) and how krushev (an ethnic ukrainian) summarily ceded crimea to ukraine in 1954 to please jewish masters and how the recent retaking of it by russia is the first real defeat the zionist program ever suffered … started ww1, bolshevik revolution took russia out of it just as they were about to retake constantinople, etc, etc.

      and he thinks the final act is upon us, as per qu’ran.

      1. His ideas are interesting except when he lets himself be carried away by Islamic eschatological fantasies. Then he becomes as irrelevant as Christian eschatologists who think they can predict the immediate future from the Biblical books of Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation. Also, for some reason he seems to be stuck in the time of the first World War.

        1. Even when you take ALL the eschatological-related info into consideration, from sources involving Christian, Islamic and indigenous cultures, there’s no predicting an “immediate future”

          We’re already in the thick of “end-time”.

        2. @Brownhawk,

          If you mean to say that our generation lives in the “end time”, I’ll have to remind you that that is a permanent illusion among adherents of the Abrahamic religions. Jesus himself believed he lived in the end time. After his death his disciples believed in his speedy return and many Christians for 2000 years kept believing the same. Of course nothing happened. Hindus and Buddhists who believe in cyclical time don’t suffer from this illusion.

        3. When you say “it” didn’t happen, you must ask what is “it”? Not NECESSARILY the end of time meaning the end of existence on Earth. Although who can say what will chiefly characterize “it”, given that “it” means “an” end, as opposed to some notion of “the” end.

          “It” is the end of a particular epoch of time (apocalypse). A cycle you allude to when referencing Buddhism and Hinduism, one of which being roughly in length of 2,000 years. Christ didn’t THINK he was in an “end-time”. He knew.

      2. i am kind of religion-challenged, so i don’t pay much attention to these “revelatory” claims, whatever the source … i’ll come back to this in a moment.

        you know how there are objects that you can perceive better when not looking directly at them?
        it’s like that, as soon as i say “i am not religious”, it creeps up on me, as soon as i say “hey, i am feeling kind of religious today”, it starts to smell stale.
        so when i say i don’t pay attention to enddays tales, doubt seeps in, “but why are they so damn suggestive of what is happening?”

        universe is unpredictable by every conceivable method, otherwise it would be just a mechanical clockwork with cogs, gears and pendulums that click and knock and cannot be held responsible for either failure or success of the bottom line.
        i don’t like that idea and therefore i don’t like enddays much other than entertainment value.

        but dammit, they are entertaining 🙂

        1. “When all is said and done”……

          That’s just it though, “all” never is!

          Lately I find myself thinking about “Chinese wisdom” – related stuff. In addition to the pictures being worth thousands of words, I like the one about the two old guys nodding in unison when “in the end”, upon nearing the defining moment of shedding the old mortal coil, all you can do is laugh about the whole thing.

          Which is exactly where I think the “jew mindset” is lacking. It really believes (as ultimately “duped” also, I might add) in the possibility of an “eternal dirt nap”, whose shall we say, controlling “esoteric kabbalah black magic” (the mindset) has infected the general humanity with its mass hypnotic illusion of measured time. “It” makes us all run around at the end of strings that have been tugging since “time immemorial”. So instead of laughing in hysteria as we rumble through Life, we’ve become convinced of a reality that conditions us to run through gauntlets and we call it “normal”.

          Well, “that’s life”, we say. Acting as though “we” are mice scurrying around, clamorously “jewified” and believing in “systems”, or this “ism” or that “ism” when all there really is, is “is”.

          “jew mindset” fears death, which creates the relentless turmoil of restlessness which has made it think that achieving ultimate external control that subjugates the promise of eternal life by Christ that it CAN’T believe by definition, is therefore what’s required.

          This is the defining nature of its psychopathy.

    2. Very concise, Mr. Stophypocrisy. (The only part of Pound’s legacy we studied in college were some of his poems.)

      It was Byzantine refined (gold and silver) coin which provoked ‘Rome’ to send forth legions to enforce the exchange of Roman coin in lieu thereof. (Trans-Asiatic traders were inclined to the Byzantine stuff because the Roman coin. Had been altered – or ‘alloyed’ – and the Byzantine coin was meticulously minted. Gibbon covers it in his ‘Decline and Fall’ (of which I cannot boast to have read entirely – just certain volumes).

      Similarly, the United States sent forth its ‘legions’ to enforce Saddam Hussein’s infractions against the Dollar, when he violated the 1973 agreement between the U.S. (via Henry Kissinger) and the Emirates (speaking for ALL Middle Eastern oil). Ergo, since antiquity, some big-daddy Jew is BEHIND IT ALL!!

    3. “There is no need to kill the Jews. In fact, every pogrom in history has played into their hands, and has in many instances been cleverly instigated by them.
      Get the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.
      Get the Jews out of education and they can not pervert the minds of the young to their subversive doctrines.
      Get the Jews out of government and they cannot betray the nation.”

      This is bullshit, and Pound should have known better. Since the jews own the vast majority of the wealth in the world, they are in a position to pick and choose politicians and leaders who are friendly to them and who are willing to betray their own nations in favor of jewish interests. Due to the historical lack of White ethnocentrism, there will always be Whites willing to sell out their people to the jews if it gained them money and power. So the solution is simple: either get rid of the jews, or get rid of huge segments of the White populace who lack ethnocentrism and racial loyalty.

      1. You are correct and Pound was wrong. He did not have the advantage we have. We can look back on Bretton Woods, IMF and World bank, and other actions which have brought us to where we are today. He may not have made that statement today.

        “Predictions are really tough, especially about the future.”

      2. Shalom, SPQR, can you name the so many so called white politicians who are friendly for the jews? Start with the jewSA..
        All bull-shit from you. 95% or more of the jewSA politicians is jewish, SPQR!

  22. All these expulsions and prosecutions against the poor, all-suffering, loving, justice-seeking Jew!~ Horribibilus anus! … It’s a wonder that there are still 20 million or so of the sods blighting our planet with their pseudo-religious insidiousness and love of money!
    But they have CONQUERED over ALL adversity and their superior teamwork in the face of adversity has to be admired.
    As I’ve said, the planet is now their oyster and they have the mind-boggingly stupid Goyim of the western nations in a state of total, slave-like subservience. Above all, we watch their Jewtube with a deep reverence (and their stars like the fanny-licking Ellen Degenerate) and basically accept the Jewish paradigm of insolent, violent, sexually-driven EVIL which it constantly sets into our minds. We pay constant homage to them by allowing them to be our bankers and we have given them total authority over the public purse. We are mostly stupid and highly dumbed-down, if not grossly obese through consuming their food sources. Is there a fit, thinnish American left?
    It is good to see the Sultan of Brunei has become so sick of sodomy growing rampant in his population, plus the spread of STD’s from mainly US tourists, that he has issued a decree that all “tail-pipers” will henceforth be stoned. We westerners need to realize that buggery/sodomy/tailpiping is a filthy, disease-filled pursuit that is like sticking your member up a highly diseased sewer outlet! The LA porn industry could be sanitised a lot more if the Jewish producers wer proscribed from forcing young Goyim girls from accepting tail-piping. The latest LA trend is attempting to fit 3 dicks up one anus!

    1. Max – All you have listed is correct and has been allowed to happen because of three brilliantly conceived words forming the greatest lie covering many centuries:


      A horrendous shame.

    2. I stalked the wild asparagus recently. Also leeks and baby fiddleheads.
      Made cream of asparagus soup with rice and leeks, herbs, Malabar pepper and sel gris. Grilled fiddleheads on the side with biscuits butter and honey.
      More to come, thanks be!

      Spring water, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt from Jersey cows whose ears I scratch and sneak cookies.. All those woods and meadows, creek banks and rises alive with food.

      an American hero

      1. A hearty thank you, hp.

        I needed that when going to bed last night sorrowfully after seeing only the headline and not even looking at the “Chosenite” video.

        And ditto with the fiddleheads. I’ll be heading to my secret spot for them pretty soon now. (shame it has to be a kept secret. Present reality dictating the need to keep the dunderheads away.)

        1. Yeah, the Lord helps those who help themselves and (P.S.) don’t be shy about it!

          Such a fine thing it is to have a spot to lay down and sleep awhile beside the creek..

  23. 6 million false curses upon the Jew who instigated this pathetic attempt to Guilt non-Jews into silence about their myriad crimes throughout history.
    Renounce your avowed supremacism over the rest of humanity. Return everything your race has stolen through Subterfuge,Corruption and off the backs of hard working non-Jews. Give up pushing the lie of the Holocaust.
    Maybe then we might think again about confronting you for all your myriad crimes throughout the millennia.
    Until then, you will reap what you sowed.

  24. This list serves to show just how much worse off the world would be today if these cleansings hadn’t taken place (JxJ=>P ; jews multiplied by more jews = less prosperity) but also reveals the unintended negative effects of not completing one’s job. Each line represents failure, a failure to free the humans, the world even, from the only plague thus uncured. Here’s to the future!

  25. Having some crazy thoughts lately about the swastika and the Star of David. Call it Brownhawk’s descent into esoteric madness. I can hear the shouting – “Don’t do it Brownhawk! Don’t go there!”

    It’s OK. I got this.

    When you swing around from left to right the tops of both “Z’s” in the swastika and connect them to their bottoms you end up with 2-triangles. With the triangles placed into the form of “David’s Star”, move them away from each other to perpendicullarly independent positions in such a way where each pinnacle is facing the other. The top triangle could be seen as representing a malevolent off-planet controlling force indicating “as above”. The lower triangle represents those subjugated by it – “so below”.

    This I believe is what we’re dealing with here, in this metaphysical consideration of it.

    Note that the triangle below is a pyramid, which would hypothetically signify the gridwork of an imprisoned planet. Join the 2-triangles together and they form an hourglass. ‘Dispensing’ Time where “time” is composed of grains of sand filling up the pyramid.

    “WHEN Israel is mighty”.

    They have a timeline for it and time is “running out” on them to complete the JWO pyramid in FULLY implementing the plan. But the pyramid cannot fill ALL the way to the top, as with an hourglass – the sand would otherwise get clogged in the middle. Hence, JWO incomplete, then gone altogether because the kali-yuga “sands of time” will have run out.

    1. “….swing around the tops of both “Z’s”of the swastika and connect them to their bottoms…”

      ‘put a lid on it’, or ‘flip the lid’.

      “it’ in this context signifying the ancient enemy of “esoteric jew”-and considering deeper ramifications of the ancient swastika symbolization

    2. “as with the hourglass, the sand would otherwise get clogged in the middle.”

      scratch that. that muddles up the metaphor. instead, a quiz:

      why is it that there is not enough sand to completely fill up the pyramid?

        1. I was thinking along the lines of, say, Prabhupada’s logic, whose progression sees in effect, humanity extinguishing itself before any JWO would become complete.

          What would be the ultimate contradiction is that this would actually serve as a self-preservation ‘mechanism’.

          total annihilation=self-preservation.

          Now THERE’S an idea whose “time has come”


        2. Or how about this:

          Love may take a hit and fall to the canvas, but it will never stay down for the count.

        3. That time is an “invention” of humans has as its primary attribute the particular cosmological arrangement which spawns it.

          From these arrays comes the manufactures of seconds, minutes, and hours on the ‘short end’. Decades, centuries, millenia and the like on the ‘longer’ end.

  26. I cannot believe what I have read. Do you all want people dead just because of their race or because they value education enough to become successful? No one’s perfect, but many world leaders, scientists, comedians, psychologists, and philosophers would disagree–because they too were and are Jewish! And those Jews– they’re often quite charitable, too. No need for jealousy and hatred or you are sounding like your own descriptions of what and who you think is wrong and needs to be expelled.

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