Treat Jews equally — by John Kaminski

The views expressed in this article are the views of its author and in no way reflect the views of anyone associated with this website. We do not condone violence in any form — except in self-defense. (See “General Disclaimer here).

By John Kaminski

Treat Jews equally: in the exact same way they treat the Palestinians and everyone else.

TREAT  JEWS  EQUALLY (Ain't  they cute?)

The time has come to stop asking, requesting, telling or ordering Jews to stop treating all the non Jewish people of the world like they were their slaves, or, as the Jewish holy literature tells it, like animals.

The time has come for all the non Jewish people of the world to respond to Jews’ barbaric and psychopathological behavior in kind, that is to say, to treat Jews the same way Jews treat everyone else — with ruthless efficiency: to terminate them all where they stand, with extreme prejudice, which is the same way Jews treat the rest of the world.

To put it in a simpler way, the Jewish holy book, called the Talmud, insists Jews may kill non Jews with no penalty, which they do by the thousands every single day. It’s time to reverse this directive, and eliminate all penalties for the killing of Jews by non Jews. Only in this way can the world escape the tyranny of a prison planet ruled by the Jews.

This harsh realization only reflects what is happening in the real world, as Jews, through their demented control of money, media and politics throughout the world, are basically in the process of strangling the life out of all those who are not Jewish. Jews have already gained control of all the world’s governments, educational institutions, public media, medical facilities, police agencies and military forces. Only a concerted effort by all those who are not Jews to eliminate Jews from the planet will prevent human civilization from being turned into a giant prison camp, which today it practically already is, thanks to the Department of Homeland Security and other totalitarian agencies run by Jews for Jews.

This extremely necessary practice applies not only to Jews themselves but also to those non Jews who aid Jews in their homicidal mania, and applies particularly to United States officials who through bribery and coercion assist the Jews in their destruction of existing governmental structures and the elimination of freedom and self determination for each and every person on this planet.

The current massacres of innocent people in Gaza, the false flag operations in Ukraine that have left the world teetering on the brink of World War 3, the unleashing of diseased undocumented aliens throughout the United States, and the deliberate release of the Ebola virus throughout the world prove beyond doubt that the Jews have declared themselves to be criminal pariahs on every level and in all circumstances who need to be prevented from every activity they undertake because of the clear and present danger and profound harm they cause to all the non Jews of the world.

The fact that through their control of media and creation of demented, insanity producing entertainment that has infected the entire population with a variety of self-destructive behaviors proves that Jews cannot be talked out of their harmful strategies, and their warped viewpoints and subtle techniques have shown beyond doubt that they cannot be reasoned with from the perspective of any kind of perception of compassionate human understanding.

Just ask the dead children of Gaza and their grieving parents if they would agree with this, and then ask members of the U.S. Congress who have near-unanimously approved of the Jewish mass murder of innocent Palestinians how they would like to be executed for voting the way they did.

Israel has outkilled Hamas 1410 to 59 in its latest invasion, according to the Huffington Post, all because of three Israeli teenagers who were probably killed by an Israeli to precipitate this latest slaughter. And every elected official in America applauds this kind of mass murder in order to keep their corrupt jobs.

The ruse that Hamas has antagonized Israel with its harmless firecracker missiles is just more evidence that it is a group created by Israel and still controlled by Israel for the purpose of providing a continuing excuse for the barbarian Israeli Jews to continue their extermination of the powerless and trapped Palestinians.

The fact that Jews entirely control the law enforcement apparatuses of most countries makes the undertaking of trying to eliminate them from the human equation an extremely hazardous task, and yet, failure to do so will result — and in fact has resulted — in the mental, social, political and physical castration of anyone who fails to see the effect Jewish pathological behaviors have inflicted upon the world.

False sciences, poison medicines, corrupt politicians, bogus economic strategies and deliberately perverse entertainment perverting our youth and poisoning our babies are just a few of the sadistic legacies warped Jews used to poison the minds of people everywhere.

The fact that Jews have totally captured all the major political structures of the United States through their time-tested formula of bribery, blackmail and murder means that all Americans who do not oppose this sabotage of Constitutional protections by the Jewish undermining of the U.S. government are now themselves liable to the same penalties that are certain to accrue to the Jews once the world figures out what they have done to take control of, plunder and enslave every country and every person on this planet.

Failure to follow this course of action will result in the loss of all your property, your freedom and your life in the very near future, much sooner than you can possibly imagine.

The fact that you have waited this long to take action against a concerted force that has plotted against your life and the lives of your friends and neighbors for hundreds of years means that the odds of your regaining the free society you always hoped to live in are very long indeed.

But the alternative choice of doing nothing and letting the present growing tyranny take its course means that you have no future at all, only a denatured and impotent passing of days in which you will have absolutely no say at all about how you will live your life, and no right to protest how short that remaining life will likely be.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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72 thoughts on “Treat Jews equally — by John Kaminski

  1. this is a deranged rant and this site does itself no favors by publishing it with the lame boilerplate disclaimer at the top. it basically says ‘jews are horrible monsters and we should be just like them.’
    if one wished to discredit criticism of israel, of jewish power and of the pathology associated with the ‘jewish identity syndrome’, this would be the ticket.

    1. ariadna –

      When I first started reading Kaminski, around five years ago, I thought the same as you. As I studied other writers (thanks in large part to having begun reading THIS site around three years ago), I started to realize that Jewry was, indeed, alive n’ kickin’ – and even more virulent than ever Henry Ford forwarned us. Let’s face it: Jewry has at its more-or-less disposal the most powerful war machine in man’s recorded history (American military), and seems to be using it to further a dark agenda throughout.

      Although I still earnestly believe the darkness has NOT permeated the hearts of every being who styles himself ‘Jew’, I understand how the Talmud lurks behind the whole idea. It certainly isn’t good for the rest of us; and, therefore, makes the radical rants more worthy of consideration. One thing about Kaminski – he certainly IS a good writer. It is no blemish on Darkmoon that this site (and some others) entertain these views – otherwise there’d be no ‘balance’, and we’d not have forums for eclectic and interesting discussions such as are here enjoyed. 🙂

      1. the flip side being of course that in fact the Talmud is not
        “holy” and is in fact NOT Holy, and is the source of BAD FAITH
        which is the lie and murder “religion”…De Facto. John 8:44

        and no one on Earth once they know the source of Talmudic Judaism, and that ipso facto so-called “Jews”…proselytes
        to Talmudic Judaism cannot be “Israel”…the Children of
        Israel in the Bible.

        nonetheless were the current so-called adherents to Talmudic Judaism to forsake the “Hate Jesus tenet” of being a “Jew” and
        simply walk away from the stool sculpture deity cult compound

        THAT IS THE “JEWISH” zionist terrorist “state” in Palestine

        given that the population of planet Earth is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 7 Billion….

        Jesus said to “Put them in the ovens”. Matthew 13:39

        no one on Earth knowing the truth has to stay in the …

      2. ‘When I first started reading Kaminski, around five years ago, I thought the same as you….’

        on the contrary, when i first read K I liked some of his pieces [except for the misanthropic, unremittingly gloomy, quasi-suicidal ones]. I did not discover the global Jewish malfeasance or the roots of the Jewish identity syndrome through reading K.
        This piece does not ‘makes the radical rants more worthy of consideration.’
        NOTHING makes irrational rants– a more accurate description than ‘radical’– worthy of consideration for two powerful reasons, a moral one and a pragmatic one.
        I’ll deal with the pragmatic one first because it is simpler to lay out.
        — Organized Jewry may well share a demented, irrational tribal belief system but it does not act irrationally. NO matter how morally repugnant and irrational their actions are, they carry them out with cunning calculation and risk avoidance. Strategically speaking that’s rational. It is naive and wrong-headed to elect to fight them by matching their moral nadir rather adopting their coldly rational calculated cunning.
        — The moral rationale is even more important.
        If in the battle between ‘Athens” and “Jerusalem” in order to vanquish Jerusalem Athens proposes to replace it by becoming Jerusalem, then the latter has won.
        Athens pursues justice and freedom. Full, uncompromising justice, calling to account all the real, proven culprits.
        Jerusalem pursues blood baths of revenge for sometimes real but asymmetrically avenged (‘an eye for an eyelash’) wrongs and often imaginary ones cast in myths.
        To a Jew who claims that ‘genocide is permissible’ — as Gordon did — K’s article is nothing but a mirror response.

        ‘Athens’ should reclaim its humanistic core values (rejecting cultural marxism) like patriotism, national identity, spirituality and its nations, its sovereign states and its governance, its education system, etc. With civic maturity and intelligence and with cohesion this can be done.
        Israel has many lessons to teach. The one relevant here is that genocide is not a promising start.

      3. ariadna –

        “Organized Jewry may well share a demented, irrational tribal belief system but it does not act irrationally. NO matter how…. irrational their actions are..”

        ‘1984’ new-speak notwithstanding, I agree that Jews’ actions are irrational. That is caused by their fear. They must destroy everything. They are scared to death.

    2. @ Ariadna

      this is a deranged rant and this site does itself no favors by publishing it with the lame boilerplate disclaimer at the top. it basically says ‘jews are horrible monsters and we should be just like them.’

      Well said, Ariadna! — you with the sexy name and, doubtless, assorted female appendages which promise endless delight to the sex-starved male.

      Yes, I agree with you, dearest Ariadna! What you say is only too obvious. Kaminski deserves summary execution after a fair trial in Israel. He personifies all that is evil in this world. He is the dregs. He is the devil in disguise.

      That he should be allowed to post on this site means that the site condones what he says, that it is promoting incitement to violence and the mass extermination of Jews. Kaminski would like to see all Jews in gas ovens writhing in agony. And he is using the Darkmoon site, and the site headed by Australian terrorist Andrew Winkler, to promote his dark agenda of mass destruction and genocide.

      I condemn in the harshest terms all the deluded maniacs commenting on this site, apart fron the sexy Ariadna and myself of course, not excluding the few enlightened spirits who have written in complaining about the deplorable articles published here, all festooned with lurid pictures screaming with bloodlust.

      There is no doubt in my mind that Darkmoon herself is a female psychopath who has escaped from some mental institution and is now dedicating her life to chaos creation and satanic evil.

      Death to Kaminski! Death to Darkmoon! Death to all the evil posters on this crazy site!

      May these f***ing bastards all burn in hell . . .

      1. resident comedian violates sabbath in order to entertain, things getting slow and ponderous, cmon, bring some light unto nations zakee.

        and say “death to lobro!”, am i not a regular here?
        i must say i resent this uncalled for oversight, or is it intentional slight?

      2. ‘in order to entertain’?
        if that was the intent it failed miserably; I will not dignify it with a response and encourage more cacophanous irrelevancy.
        as for your envy, having read some of your comments here and elsewhere, I think you deserve better so you should aim higher, like inclusion on the ADL list of ‘enemies,’ or an attack by some representative of the chosen that has more than two neurons to rub together for a spark.

      3. ariadna-

        For decades Jews and Rothschilds have made me vomit.
        But….just today…. I MADE A ROTHSCHILD VOMIT!!
        Me – in fly over country!
        Me – a yahoo in the hustings!

        There is power in the keyboard(pen). I got even.
        It could only happen here. An open forum, for sure.

      4. I’m not quite sure how you really feel. Do tell.
        You must be mistaken!!
        The Jew Rothschild purportedly kinfolk known as Ellie-aka 5/11- other monikers coming – just loves Darkmoon!!
        If you keep this up, you might suffer the fate of penalty by pen and purse from the screenwriter, as she/he threatened me.
        (She/he even accused me of writing like a Jew.)

      5. @ Seymour Zak

        …it basically says “Jews are horrible monsters and we should be just like them…”

        “…Yes, I agree with you, dearest Ariadna!…”

        You agree with what? Ariadna implicitly assumes that Jews are horrible monsters but that we should not abase ourselves to their level. So you agree that Jews are indeed horrible monsters?

        If we don’t want to make our hands dirty, perhaps we could extradite the Jews into the hands of Hamas for a healthy dosis of Islamic justice.

      6. @Franklin Ryckaert
        would it be correct to infer that you believe on the whole — i.e., as a community — jews are admirable or even normal people?

      7. guided by Andrew Winkler, sounds like a jewish name to me. = controlled opposition??????????

      8. Hey Kike, what’s it like having a tiny, little, circumcised prick? I feel a bit sorry for you really, no wonder you freaks all grow up to be repulsive, perverted sociopaths

    3. Think so? Read this –

      and this:

      and this:

      What kind of people torture and the ritual murder children to satisfy their religious blood lust?

      Jews are monsters beyond description, so monstrous that the non-Jewish mind cannot begin to comprehend their monstrousness in the same way the non-Jewish mind cannot comprehend the monstrous lies they tell. Find another race anywhere that tells a lie like the Hollowhoax and then keeps it alive against all empirical evidence simply by telling more lies. Find another culture that elevates torture, ritual murder and horror to an art form. Find another holy book, apart from the Talmud, that fully embraces the twisted principles of lying, cheating, extorting, stealing, and murder as virtuosity. Like many non-Jews, the problem you have Adriana is that you are ignorant of the Jews, their history and their culture, unless of course you are a Jewish troll. Talk to the Palestinians to see how they view these monsters. In fact talk to any of their victims or read their victim’s historical comments.

      So what is your resolution for these monsters?

  2. This site is doing great!!!
    I just checked Alexa, and it showed that the ranking has improved 49,876 places over the last reported quarter.
    Even the Greek Theos are reading it in Boeotia, according to my friend in Florida.
    People are responding to this site!!
    Keep it up.

  3. Great post! Since they won’t leave and settle in their jewtopia of israhell, and insist on spreading their vile filth in every country they i9nfest, they must be taught to behave. War is hell, but suffering a jew infestation is worse.

      1. and how about these 2 shining specimens of the most moral army in the world, the light unto nations.

        specimen 1, david ovadia doing his amalek duty

        specimen 2, mor ostrovski doing his amalek duty

      2. but they are in the tiny minority, let’s be fair.

        only about 98.87% of them are like that.

        the rest are worse.

      3. I thought that one was fake. I wouldn’t be surprised if most Jew females do feel that way though.

        If we ever conquer Israel, all the raghead harems of the Middle East will be filled with Jewish princesses that we’ve sold them.

  4. Jews in 1917: Russia must perish.

    Jews in 1932: Ukraine must perish.

    Jews in 1941: Germany must perish.

    Jews in 1965: America must perish.

    Jews in 2014: Palestine must perish.

    When will the world finally admit to itself, Jews must perish?

    1. These Talmudic Zionist Jews have consistently demonstrated that they cannot be good neighbors to Gentiles. The Israeli Jews’ inhumane treatment of the Muslims and Christinians in Palestinine stems from their ingrained racist ideology that they are the chosen people of their god and that they are superior to all non-Jews. From an early age they are indocrinated to believe that we Gentiles are subhuman and inferior to Jews. Young jews are taught that we Gentiles are beasts in human form whose sole purpose in life is to serve all jews. They have accomplished them this with all the kosher seals in the food and cleaning supplies that we have to buy and all the hard earned tax dollars our Jewish controlled govts steal from us each year which eventually goes to Israeli Jews, Rabbis in many countries, and ofcourse the Jewish central bankers. The Israeli Jews have consistently acted upon their ingrained hate for the Palestininians in Palestine via land and resource theft, organ theft, night raids, indefinite imprisonment and torture, rape, humiliation, bombing, sniping, shelling, and blowing to bits the heads, limbs, and bodies of as many Palestininians since 1947. But I as meek and loving Gentiles we must have hope, for one day these Seeds of Satan, will repent, do away with their sins toward the Palestininians and will finally demonstrate respect, compassion, and goodwill towards all of humanity especially the Palestininians in Palestine.

      1. Yeah maybe after another 3,000 years of nation-wrecking the Jew will finally see the error of his ways. Right.

      2. ” But I as meek and loving Gentiles we must have hope, for one day these Seeds of Satan, will repent, do away with their sins toward the Palestininians and will finally demonstrate respect, compassion, and goodwill towards all of humanity especially the Palestininians in Palestine.”

        Mary Grace, will Satan repent, ever? Yet you call out in hope that his creation (seeds of Satan) will one day turn over a new leaf and ‘demonstrate respect, compassion and goodwill towards all….’

        No genie will grant that wish, Mary Grace, as it is an impossibility to fulfill. As impossible as me looking at my Australian Cattle dog and hoping he becomes an American Paint horse.

  5. This will excuse some of us who have been criticized for claiming that the Talmud is the Jewish Law. Netanyahu claims what we have told in the past. The Talmud will officially be the rule of law in Israel:

    Netanyahu Promises Talmud Will Be Israeli Law!
    Netanyahu tells Likud hareidi leader Hebrew calendar will be official calendar of state in new Basic Law, Jewish law basis of legal system.

    The new law also would establish the Talmud, the core work of Jewish law, as an official basis for Israeli state law.

    “I’m going to personally be involved in the law defining the state of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people,” Netanyahu reportedly told Vider. “It’s a very important law that will influence how Israel will look in the future.”

    1. Since Natanyahu promises Talmud will be Israeli law, and we know the very evil nature of Talmudic teachings, thus I declare:

      ISRAEL MUST PERISH in order to save the world from falling into abyss !

  6. “Israel is strong, mighty, invincible. Israel has truckloads of nuclear weapons. Israel has cluster bombs, DIME munitions, white phosphorous, and other illegal or experimental weapons with which it can kill and maim as many Palestinian civilians as it likes.

    That, at least, is what the Israelis would have us believe.

    But it is just an illusion. Israel is not behaving like a confidently powerful nation. Instead, it is desperately lashing out like a cornered rat in the final throes of rabies.”

    What longer-range future? asks another legendary National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger. In a 2012 interview with the New York Post, Kissinger made the following blanket statement:

    “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

    Superb article by Kevin Barrett;

    Long live Palestine!!

    1. A reply to that unhelpful article from Barrett that probably won’t make it through to PTV:

      Contained within the article are memes that undermine the hopes of the writer, whether he knows it or not:

      — “When Genocide Is Permissible,” is far more extreme and revolting than anything Adolf Hitler ever wrote.

      — As Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said last week, “Those who condemn Hitler day and night have surpassed Hitler in barbarism.”

      — apartheid South Africa, a racist regime that was not nearly as vicious or genocidal as Israel, was erased from the pages of time by a changing current of global public opinion very similar to today’s rising tide of anti-Zionism.

      The moralizing of these questionable ideas, whether done by the Western MSM or the ‘alternative’ Barrett, prevent White Americans and Europeans from making a self/nonself distinction between ourselves and Jews. That is why Zionists, for example, so often deploy these weapons.

      This rhetoric is not going to help the Palestinians.

      1. @nick dean
        Palestine not under apartheid. the blacks in SA were segregated in batustans and exploited but not marked for ethnic cleansing and genocide.
        the Hitler/fascism comparison is not only false but a Trojan horse. It invites the anti-zionist zionists’ noble hand wringing: “how can we who suffered so much, no, make that more than any other people in history, inflict suffering on others?’ and presto! the “holocaust’ is in as a backdrop.

  7. The solution to the “Jewish” problem must be tackled from a lawful perspective.

    The Jews are engaged in identity theft- taking the true ethnic and spiritual identity of whites/Europeans-Christians (tribes of Israel-Judah) and superimposing it on themselves while erasing the then well known white/Europeans- Christian identity with terms like “goy” and “gentile” (which really means ethnic kinsfolk nations of Israel) starting around 1860.

    Thus, charges must be filed in an International Common Law Court venue to bring relief, restitution and justice to these victims.

    The two charges as a damaged party must be Identity Fraud along with the ongoing Genocide against authentic Shemites (authentic Israelites from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; fixed to a counter claim to Zion (the land of Israel and the World Government they are erecting).

    Then when the remnant of Israel who survive the upcoming all out physical genocide attempt against us we will have the LAW on our side when we take back what is our by inherent right. Then and only then can the Palistinians be saved from their genocide.

    Vengence is mine sayith the Lord!

    My comments in brackets [ ]

    Revelation 18:1 AND after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. 2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,[Talmudic Babylonian Mechentile system- economic legal codes that cover the earth] and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. 3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication [Jewish Bankers], and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. 4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people [whites/Europeans- Christians worldwide), that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. 6 Reward her [when all the “Jews” run to “Israel to complete their anti Christ JWO) even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. 7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. 8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

  8. Don’t remember the last time I posted here, but certainly do recall my first one and the topic addressed back then. It’s been ten years since John wrote those extraordinary articles exposing in full the most worst sick abominable element humankind has suffered: RELIGIONS. Sure there have been thousands of them around for centuries. If we are to talk here about authentic trinities. Allow me. Of course is not the one with an old fart grey hair father, his hippie son and a pale colored bird. The heck no. No doubt a conglomerate of total criminal mayhem and chaos. Historically proven. The trinity here I refer to is this one:


    Let’s take a look.

    The first one. Babylonian scribes who spoke only Semitic Aramaic and had access to every sort of information in that Persian Library. In fact they had also access to extra material. Taken from the one at Nineveh after the Assyrian invasion there by the Babylonian Empire. Absolute complete fictional stories compiled there between 620 and 586 BCE.

    Now the second. Oh! The Roman Empire. The most criminal sociopath assassin
    organization ever. Yes, they were. Judean territory included there. If you thought I was not going to remind you of that one. Think again. The two neighbors to the north: SAMARIA & GALILEA. Yes. One undeniable fact. From now on think I am James Burke giving the information. As you may see the Samarians and Judeans were the first original Hatfield McCoy feud. The Romans had plenty information on that one. After all, they owned the place. The Samarians had a different shuffle when it came to Judaism and its southern counterparts. Mount Gerizim was the place and they had a Temple there. Yes, they did not liked each other one bit. Now with the other one also to the north. The section that never gave problems to the invaders. During the years 180-182 CE Roman writers in that area, revised all of Flavius Josephus’s works and writings. They came up with this idea and very clever indeed: let us the empire invent a savior with magic tricks and all other miracles included and avoid more problems. The empire behaved as such. Just for security measures. So no need to do anymore, what was done 50 years earlier. Yes, in 132-135 CE. 1,879 years to the date. Don’t forget that one fellows. And done under a pedophile emperor. Gladly General Severus did not suffered the disease of his boss. No question the empire was really sick. Everywhere and in everything they did. The big mistake was making the fairy tale in Greek language. Afro Asiatic Semitic languages should have been used. They were not. So since the Galilee region never gave them trouble, lo and behold let us make the new fictional created character what?: A Galilean. Wow. End of Burke’s impersonation.

    For more information on this fake, that never walked in Canaan the same as the ancestors of one tribe that I know very well. Look for Francesco Carotta’s book. In my opinion the best of all uncovering this vulgar farce. Folks, there you have it. The criminal Roman empire invented the long hair hippie. Honestly, if he had existed would have been a Grateful Dead fan.

    Now the third. This one is short and easy. Have some drunken fool walking around the Arabic dessert around 610 CE. In keeping around the Deadhead’s mentality a good acid trip was always the norm. Hallucinogens have existed for centuries and way before that one. So get inside a cave have a very good dose and eight minutes later you will be talking with Gabriel. I wonder why Michael did not also appeared in that acid mind voyage.

    Well, there you have it. The only one genuine Trinity in existence. Now a message to professionals of the Natural Sciences. What the hell are you waiting for? Scientific evidence and research do not lie. Is powerful and proven. This physical universe we inhabit was formed. It was not created by anyone or anything. Natural forces came to do the job. The facts are there. Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Brahe, Newton and many others who broke their brains on the process. Can forget the assault they went thru, with these outright criminals assassins hiding under concepts that are completely false: it is fact Yahweh, Allah and the fake Galilean are inventions. And criminals ones. Bar none.

    1. I agree that all three Abrahamic religions are criminal in nature, but no one did more than the Romans when it comes to combating the Jew. Unfortunately it just wasn’t enough.

    2. All three are ‘Johnny-come-latelys’ in the order of religions of the ages.
      The more sophisticated a society becomes, the greater the need to upgrade the religions within it. Religions have to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ also.
      Zeus and Jupiter and Saturn and the boys just won’t get it done anymore.

    3. Khazar Hunter, you are on a misguided quest!
      Yes, some Jews probably have some Turkish “Khazar” blood in their veins, but it has been found to be in the form of recessive genes, and of a very mutated-poorish quality!
      Do NOT make the HUGE MISTAKE of categorizing ALL Jews under the same definition!
      They are highly MIXED RACE- MIXED DNA!

      1. It’s clear and proven this tribe never came out of Judea. Most likely no other ethnic group did either. When it comes to this tribe time to do DNA testing. This medical technique has been around for the past 25 years or so. 100% effective. Even more now today as we speak. Of one thing I am full certain. When the results are out on this ones, rest assured the Don, the Volga and the Caspian are gonna fully show up. Canaan. NO WAY. Almost nine centuries of extinction from the ones they pretend to be. Interesting situation. I saw it back in January of 2006. On CNN of all. DNA of two women results were of Ashkenazi DNA from the 11th century CE. Around the time Khazaria had vanished.What surprised me of that CNN story, is that the Sheridan false demonym did not even showed. Amazing. Must be informed that pertaining this religion the only to terms allowed are JUDAIC or JUDAIZANT. No need to use the 1775 fake. Don’t ask me. Ask Benjamin Freedman and his Facts are Facts article. It is there for everyone to read. Before that year it never existed. As I said before. I call all things by their authentic names. No exceptions.

  9. Actually Christianity has nothing to do with Judaism. Besides Abraham is just another fictitious character invented by those scribes in Babylon. And so are all the others in that boring novel of Semitic Aramaic-Hebrew writing. Most people know. The first text ahead of the one in Greek that follows in most editions. The Judeo-Christian concept is just another convenient commercial crap. Mostly directed to the christian side than to Judaizants. Besides the work of Carotta, another researcher Joseph Atwill came up with facts. Christianity is a full creation of the Roman Empire. People should ask themselves, why the hell its main headquarters are in Rome instead of the middle east where this so called Galilean lived. Plain and simple.They invented the whole thing. His book was originally titled “The Roman Origin of Christianity”. Later was released under the title Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus. Actually Carotta and Atwill are not the only ones on this. Go here to the website of Kenneth Humphreys: Welcome to the enlightenment indeed. Just in case and to take a well deserved break from this Ashkenazi Khazar manufactured mayhem going on in the stolen place, go here also:

    The artist goes by the name of DarkMatter2525
    Excellent animation and that character of Jeffery is a blast. Yes, about the fictional old fart father this time with white flowing hair. Be sure that your are gonna fall to the floor laughing. Lately being doing other things. Almost forgot this website existed. You know me. I call all things by their authentic names. No false fake Demonyms from 1775.

  10. Hello,
    Great writing. Much, much respect for Lasha and Mr. John Kaminsky.
    On another, and completely different note.

    He who does not acquaint himself with the mind gone horribly wrong, will also deny himself the untold advantages which such an acquaintance may bring, since theory shows, and practice confirms, that only when another’s mad mind has been exposed fully and in various lights, do its thoughtless vanities, as well as inanities, reveal themselves in full magnitude, magnitude which, provided one wishes to learn, can teach him more about madness and depravity than all the books of all the psychologists put together.

    A vigilant inquiry into the sick minds of Mad Max Bilney and his other co-patient and glaring non-entity that is Pat, show clear signs of trauma, such as that exhibited by children when they are hurt, and though such injuries may become less poignant when they have once been exposed to scrutiny and carefully attended to by the medics, it appears that one cannot always hope to make true one’s wish to improve, as in these two sad cases, since they have shown by their nasty invectives and silly little Judaic reproaches that what they actually suffer from is not so much a disease of the body, as that of the character, a disease which, it may justly be concluded, to have been purposely been sent by God himself, so as to hurt them the more.

    Let us take these two little Judaic invalids one by one, separately, as it were, and see if we can further elucidate the mysteries of their illness, though doubt must necessarily follow in our train, for what God himself could not remove, man cannot hope to improve.

    PAT, whom I sincerely think of being a girl, has difficulty expressing herself clearly in her own mother tongue, – imagine that!, only an American!–, and sinking under the great weight of the Jewish-produced Hollywood butcheries embedded deep inside her injured head, she seeks to belittle me who by honest lucubrations, and profound ruminations, only seek to inform and help. When soon Jews put the sickle around her thin neck, the girl will wish to know whatever it was that had made them boil in such anger, though they will be sorry to remind her that Jews had always really thought her ilk lost, though she could have avoided her awful fate, had she only paid heed to those who beautifully sought to warn her. Pat will be discarded quickly by the Jews, just as the carcasses of the Sahelian monkeys are discarded quickly after the Chewas have done their business. If she wishes to avoid this cruel fate, let the gentle girl be more amiable to me, beginning by way of an apology, and reserve her caprices and darts for someone else, like Max, for example, for in vindication of my claim to inform, I have much more information here to provide, information which, if enthusiastically dissembled, and intelligently absorbed, may well exempt her from the painful necessity of expiring under the sharp Judaic blade. We await her response.

    MAD MAX BILNEY. There are specimens in the world whose mental illnesses march together, and, impressing their common sick stamp through speech, set, as it were, before us what has long been concealed even to those learned in the field. Utterly incapable of corresponding intelligently, like, say, the good lobro, whom I tend to like, it is not difficult to surmise and even see that Max has been rejected by everyone who has ever come close to him, for his anger, hindering him from expressing his otherwise vapid and mangled thoughts, is equally tasteless to those also who may have even a modicum of respect for him. A perfect victim of the Revolution, Max will initially attempt to hide, reserving fates such as those meted out to Pat for his friends and family, like all cowards do, but the Jews, seized with the fanatical hatred of all things gentile, will seek him out, and finding him in a Pub, trembling like a leaf, shall quickly sink him under their black Judaic feet, proving, to the rest of Max’s fraternity, that this, too, could easily have been avoided, had only Max paid heed to those who all along had only wished to help. Before leaving, of course, Max will give his Jewish captors countless examples of the half-heartedness of his comments herein muttered, but Jews are the grown-ups in the art of lying, and it is no more easier to fool them than it is to doubt the chastity of a good nun. Trampled badly under the Judaic feet, his appetite for fight no longer alive, Max shall have a brief epitaph hewed on his tombstone, which, rendered in English, shall say something like this,


    E. K.

    1. Dear E.K.,

      If you are legitimate and wanted to help, why not just be straight and give good information? If you truly know of something dreadful and have any form of heart, you’d simply lay it out bare since your conscience wouldn’t allow otherwise. What purpose would there be in being cryptic in such a case? A reaction I’ve had from reading you over the weeks has been something like, “Look, this woman isn’t so bad, nor does her supposedly evil family seem so bad either,” thus giving me the impression that you all aren’t such a bad bunch after all, without you really giving any kind of pertinent information in my mind. (If I missed anything truly worthwhile, does anyone care to summarize?) So unless you say something solid, then I can only presume, one, this is some kind of emotive manipulation, or, two, you have a lot of fear in going “all out,” in which case I’d send you a hug, that all will be okay.



      1. EK or that bitch Ellie needs BIG help – the psychotic Jew!
        WE Aussies in the pub would say “she needs a good r**^!”
        But, as I’ve said (and lobro) Jewish sheilas are really ugly – big noses and large, lateral-aspect mouths that rap around their chins! I am genuinely sorry that I had sexual relations with so many Jewesses at university; but they were attracted like flies to a dunny to my fine Nordic looks! I used to encourage them to put large stud-balls in their tongues!
        This Ellie needs to be put in a padded cell prior to her execution!

    2. E.K. what utter cadswallop!
      Glad to see I get your dithering, embicilic attention: Pat and I are the sites’ BEST comments’ people and you know it you EVIL JEW!
      Here is the latest on you stupid yankees, who, as John Kaminsky says, “have waited this long to take action against a concerted force that has plotted against your life and the lives of your friends and neighbors for hundreds of years means that the odds of your regaining the free society you always hoped to live in are very long indeed.” You ignorant SLAVE yankees do not deserve FREEDOM! Go and eat another monster hamburger!
      All you’ve got is bubba wankas and whores like Ellie, Tyron, E.K., and co!
      You morons would not be able to understand Kaminsky whose words are almost the same as mine! I dress mine up and have some fun to grab your insane attentions! How can you take Tyron seriously?
      Reality for you dumbed-down yankees = Dennis Cimino: “As the US economy is now in unchecked full-blown collapse mode, with the potential for at least some cities to erupt into some form of violent outbursts due to the hardships, one has to wonder just how much time the power’s that be have left before they MUST take the initiative and stage another 911 style event to control the agenda and force MARTIAL LAW full implementing across the nation and maybe across the earth.”
      Get REAL you wankas! MARTIAL L:AW WILL SOON SOBER YOU UP! And piss off you Jews! This time round you will be entirely extinquished!

    3. E.K. I keep telling you all, I ONLY have 18 wives, with 2 more soon to be added – 2 mature (43 & 45 years) Chinese ladies; and I have 65 children with 4 on the way!
      It was Gilby who first said the spurious figure of 57 wives and I corrected him!
      Maybe you are really Gilby!

      1. Max and Pat

        Max and Pat hate that I use the written expression of the white man’s DNA- his law that is known as Common/Natural/Greek NT/OT law) when making my arguements. They do this while our law trumps the “Jews” legal codes admitted inside their own codes.

        The solution people is Common/Natural/Christian law upon which ALL law in our nations and lands is to be based.

        Everyone should know that the reason why the “Jews” love those like Pat and Max is because if their false flags don’t work to “justify” increasing the tyranny of their legal fiction Corporation police state- they will need to sucker the regular folks into total lawlessness in order to accomplish this goal. Pat works on your minds telling you that you have no hope and to give up while Max advocates the mass murder of Cops and Jews everywhere. That’s the ticket- keep following the likes of Max and Pat and you wil find yourself in a Jewish Gulag.

        Everyone knows forums like these are flooded with Jew agents.

        The following is the best way to identify Jew agents on the boards

        If someone is a legit threat to the “Jews”- they first ignore you to not help spread the truth you’re speaking. If that doesn’t work they will attack your character and if you have not done something wrong, they will slander you as if you did. If that doesn’t work they will gang up on you as they mass petition those in authority to silence you for them. If that doesn’t work they will then call for your execution and if they are in place to physically execute it themselves- they will and all the while claiming “I oppose the Jews”.

        BUT NEVER- EVER will they prove the information wrong!

      2. “Max and Pat hate that I use the written expression of the white man’s DNA-”

        That is a lie. I never even heard of it.

        You must tell the truth here, when mentioning me.

      3. Mat 7:6″Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

        You’re watering down your words and losing elegant simplicity in convoluted cryptic tangents. They have you where they want you.

        Proverbs 26:4
        Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.

        Proverbs 9:8
        Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you.

        Comparing your penis is the best way to get a comparable penis

        Come out of her, lest you partake in her plagues

        My people perish for lack of knowledge

        This internet is both the explosion of knowledge of the last days and the obscuring and confusing smoke from the pit.

        Neutered dogs will just never get it.

        Revelation 22:15
        Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

        Call it the DNA thing. You aren’t going to change it.

      4. Dear Tyron, I like Pat (below) deny that I used the expression “whiteman’s DNA.”
        I do understand part of what you are on about and in some ways you are correct. As I said in a previous posting, the Jews want to obliterate pure WHITE DNA such as my beautiful Nordic blood, complete with sculptured bodily features, blue eyes and blonde (going white!) hair!
        I know they are jealous of me and I know they lerv bedding Nordic-lookin’ white whores in the USA. You know, the sort of blonde, blue eyed bikini chicks they have around the pools in the LA/Hollywood gangsta movies. California, big-boobed, bottle blondes! Their pubics give them away!
        My first 4 daughters were from a Nordic blonde like me and they are brilliant gals, doctors, architects and so on. I encouraged them to marry Nordics and they have and I have pure Nordic grandchildren. But my other wives (even my USA Jane Fonda) have bred me lesser people – nowhere near as intelligent, resourceful or attractive. But I lerv ’em all!
        And I do recognize that it was the WHITES who installed the very BEST rules of law on our planet; with the nigrahs, half-white Arabs, eskimoes, etc, never having such as our great Common Law, created by such WHITEY heroes as Scotland’s Wallace! That is why American Jewish POWER has largely obliterated all Westminster statutes and our hard fought for Common Law principles. Short of a very violent revolution/insurrection, and as I have explained, there is NO LONGER any opportunity to bring back a fair, Common Law judicial system in the USA, or the kind of political system Common Law progenates! The Jew-led puppet-monkey, Obama, is laughing at you all the way to the bank! He, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are all you are left with!
        So you are left with YOUR JEWISH hegemony of POWER! Your Congress s run by its 83 Jewish members; your CFR is run by JEWS; your financial houses are run by Jews and the devilish, pornographic shit of Hollywood is run by JEWS!
        These Jews, who, as Churchill said in 1921, “have long lost the faith of their forefathers”, are money and porn-inducing machines straight from the great yang, or the devil’s side of mankind! Most WHITEYS feed from THEIR advice, via Orwell’s “televiewer.”
        And WHITEYS are not from Shem, are not SEMITES, and are simply the product of human beings living for 1,000’s of years in the colder, northern zones of the planet! Ignorance, stupidity and darkness of pigmentation increases as you move closer to the Equator; and so does lawlessness and bad govt. Mitchener made that point about the Carribbean!
        JEWS are merely half-latitudinal scum that wish, as one writer puts it so eloquently, they “were better looking” and more attractive to the chicks! I can’t stop thinkin’ about that photo of Ellie though, as she looks like a good subject for a one night stand!
        DNA, while its study is only beginning (or so my geneticist “Jane Fonda” tells me), is tending towards the definition and identification of latitudinal zones, with lontitudinal cross-mappings thrown in. My DNA is indicative of far northern European ancestry, focussed on the Scandinavian countries. It has NO gremlins in the wood-pile such as nigrah genes or Semitic genes. Whereas, MOST Tasmanians studied have revealed the introduction of indigenous genes into the typically northern European pattern.
        Brownhawk’s DNA would probably be like a patchwork quilt – part injun, part General Custer, part nigrah, part dog’s breakfast! All they can do is throw disparate tomahawks and chase social security benefits!
        Get ya DNA tested and work out your geographic/demographic locales. I am sure most of you yankees have nigrah in ya somewhere! Ya pretty dumb! Or JEW! JESUS was typically mixed race with a predominance of Semitic blood!

    4. EK or 5/11or Ellie or Rothschild handmaiden or the handy name to use today. I detect quite a bit of personality confusion there. A possible psychosis based on great fear. You should have that checked. Billy would say, “Put some ice on it.”

      I am still convinced you are Alex the script-writer for TV ‘series and soaps.’ You protest too often. You would do better to just let it go. The pattern is obvious to me. Every good writer of TV ‘soaps and series’ knows that there must be a villain(Max) and a victim(Pat) to keep the interest of the audience until the next episode. ‘The Young and The Restless’ might appreciate your style. But you would have to leave off the Nostradamus type of predicting stuff.

      You conjured up a delightful image of me, but your lack of knowledge showed through. You were badly mistaken. But, it was prettier than my image of you. That would be an image of a bald Herbert Hoover with a face full of pimples from eating too much chocolate, walking a dog every day, energy waning.

      Your lack of knowledge showed again, still, when you tried to embarrass me about my writing style. That precise and concise style is a product of battlefield action in armed forces and sale forces where results DO matter. You would know nothing about either of those. I took that remark as a great compliment. Thanks.

      I want to thank you for all your time spent on me and Max. We both deserve it. But, I am NOT waiting with abated breath for the next episode of your bravo sierra about us. Good luck with this year’s episodes of The Tomorrow People. It’s been a real hoot-n-holler!!

  11. Kaminsky’s conclusion is only logical..and natural. It takes a while but eventually thinking and concerned people are forced to come to that unhappy conclusion. The analogies of excising a tumor from the body to save the life of the patient or removing a parasite before it kills the host come to mind. But individual Jews are always free to become ex-Jews and refute their sociopathic beliefs and evil ways and turn their backs to the tribe. Kaminsky is one of the most sensitive and best social observers and commentators out there. By the way….have Jews apologized for getting Jesus crucified? Just asking.

  12. ek,

    take a look at our world, and compare it to the rest of the world
    take a look at our time, and compare it to the rest of time
    does one’s fate in this world even matter
    how does one gain access to a bigger time and place?

    1. flying cossack questions: “how does one gain access to a bigger time and place?”
      ANSWER = Either come and live in Australia, get a grandfather clock or repent and go to the wide open spaces of Jesus’ Heaven, after the Jewish abominations slice your throat!
      As I keep saying, I get sick of the debilitated WANKAS on this site!

  13. How I see this squawkarama on the chicken farm (using Word, thus punctuation, not because I am worried about Max slugging me in the head, though I would worry if I was in Oz like him and Ellie).

    Let’s say that there are 20 of us blind chickens scattered around globe (timestamps tell me that Ellie and Max could be posting from the same pub).

    Not a single one has ever met another in person, so the true picture is of 20 keyboards clicking away at each other.

    I conclude that sensory deprivation leads to neurosis due to inflammatory processes in imagination, each frantically trying to guess who among the others is a Judaic spy or sympathizer, even I, in my omniscient 5 foot Napoleonic superiority, hand tucked inside my military overcoat can’t help to wonder on occasion.

    But at least I don’t concern myself overmuch with whoo-joo and whoo ain’t, who is of the true Klingonic stock of Shem, Yaphet, Prophet and so forth, though if I had to name one true religious belief of mine, it would be anti-Semitism.
    Because I have no way of verification due to above limitations and secondly, if I allow for a sizable body of gentile betrayal, then likewise I must allow for Jews who have morphed into their antithesis, praise be Lord Savior or spontaneous cure of some mental defect that precludes jews from experiencing morality.

    So I can only judge the other 19 keyboards by the quality of their clicks.

    Consider the combinatorics: 20 nodes produce 190 agonist-antagonist pairings but this is just with respect to a single topic, and how many major topics are raised here daily, maybe 6 or 7?
    So we are talking about 1,000 daily alliances and skirmishes, all pretty damn wasteful if you ask me, in absence of hard insight or data on the state of the world or practical guidelines for eliminating the planetary menace.

    Ellie – I choose to believe that you want to help us clueless goyim, this is my free choice that I don’t need to justify to anyone and will ignore little pokes from the side (brownhawk’s reference to pheromones did not escape me yesterday, he may be one crazy injun as max says but a damn sharp and subtle one, I would always rather have him on my side).

    But today Ellie, you have a voice of a man, showing some vindictive teeth, whereas yesterday you were meek and ladylike just like lasha.
    This voice also speaks in plural, using a very jewish “we” whereas I was led to believe that you are quite solitary by virtue of both self-imposed exile and ostracism by the former tribesmen.
    Could it be that you are keyboard sharing siblings? Just asking, makes no difference to me.

    But I will divulge a little secret: the reason I believe that you have truly drifted from the rabbinic fold is that letter sent to you by the former tutor in Hungary, the voice there cannot be faked. I was especially curious about how he described us goyums (b-hawk’s term, I like it) as (paraphrasing) “hardy and adaptable, don’t worry Ellie, goyums will survive, they always do”.
    This is a valuable insight into a Jew mind at a moment unguarded by kol nidre.

    1. Lobro! 🙂

      (It was so much more pleasant reading you with punctuation!)

      Anyhow, what you just wrote is GREAT food for thought. What a mind you have! Adding a comment which may bolster your surmise, I can tell you that I have hunted (literally) BOTH men and women – and the trail of a woman can be, by far, the most cunning and deceptive. In many cases, it is because [women who are attractive] women can more easily engage the sympathies of men, who seem abundantly ready to assist them. They can, in some cases, also arouse the compassion of the hunter. 🙂

      For what it’s worth, as for myself, I feel that Ellie is real; and that Max is a real anomaly of mankind.

    2. I recognized EK as a man the first time I read his lines. It was obvious to me. But, the baton swapping cafe scene could account for mood swings. The scene could also be a Jew screen-writing class at UC Berkeley. Each one would be graded, at the close of summer school. On second thought….it might be a middle school lit class.

      1. I think you are looking too deep, Pat. Experience and time have taught you to mistrust everything at face value; but I know that experience and time – enough of it – can ALSO cause one to ignore first impressions, to the point of costly purchase. (Since it costs nothing in blood or money to take Ellie and Max at face value, enjoy the ride! 🙂 )

    3. By the way, at no time did I question Max’s bona fides, though a superficial reading of my post might give that impression.
      Because he is sheer fun to read, even when offensive to some, in fact especially when offensive.

      And even Ellie admits that he oftentimes speaks the truth.
      Those whose brains have been soaking too long in Talmudic formaldehyde jars and quite unaware of the fact need to face that good, clean truth that Max delivers, it hurts in a cauterizing way, so we should all be thankful for it.

      Whatever the case, coming from a sheltered environment, Ellie had better get used to goyum rough and tumble.

      1. Thankyou again for the compliment lobro. Always like your comments and warming to Gilby!
        I can’t help being a bit funny, as I see the tragi-comedy of life!
        We, after all, are “but a candle in the wind,.”
        TROUBLE is my many grandchildren are going to be slaves of the Jews and their nevr-ending filth!
        In that understanding many of us are brothers and sisters.

  14. Although I oppose violence and collective punishment I don’t endorse giving Jews the special treatment they get. Why should their history of victimhood be off limits? Why should historians and scientists be put in jail for questioning the Holocaust? Why should the Congress have to support everything the lunatic Israeli right wing does like bombing hospitals and schools and then preventing the UN from investigating war crimes being committed? I am sick of this Jewish narrative that is mixed into almost every piece of published work like some nauseating sauce–so if someone doesn’t like Kabbalah, for example, the writer will quickly back step to assure the reader that they really are impressed with Judaism in general. Why are we so craven and cowardly about everything Jewish (excepting this blog). I suppose we don’t want to be called anti-semitic, which is becoming a kind of joke and yet the taboo holds sway. In my personal life I admit to staying silent and yet in my experience Jews are not smarter or more deserving than any other group. The special treatment problem has become so extreme that I am generally suspicious of any Jewish person in position of authority because I wonder if he has gotten there through nepotism: would this person have a published a book if she weren’t Jewish, or would this person be a TV talking head if he weren’t Jewish? In general, Jews are not exceptional and many are not even exceptionally rich. When it comes to the super rich blood line families I wouldn’t know directly but maybe Ellie has more to say on about that.

    In fact, the special treatment problem is going to bring about Jewish demise. Israel should immediately make peace with the Palestinians, pay reparations for stolen land and murdered relatives, take down the separation wall, establish a civil society. This will be the only way that Israel will survive as a place where Jews can live normal lives in the future. Remember the neo-con game plan was to fragment seven countries and foment war in order assure Israeli survival. Well, they only got their wish with Iraq, and Libya. Now they want war with Russia because Russia supports Iran and Syria who in turn support the Palestinians with small arms that are like mosquitos to the Israelis but mosquitos in large numbers can ruin Israel’s famous lifestyle. The problem is that the American people don’t want a war with Russia just as they didn’t want a war with Syria or Iran, and people are turning away from the mainstream media that pushes war. (And Israel can’t fight Russia or Iran or Syria or all of them combined alone) I suppose the neo-cons will have to resort to more and more false flags to try to coerce us into fatal, costly, and unwanted wars. I hope and pray they fail. In the meantime pan Arabism is growing and the threat of a united front against Israel will one day come into being, and then the mosquito bombs will rain down on Israel’s parade like there is no tomorrow and there won’t be a tomorrow. I think the irrational behavior we see now shows they have no plan, and in the end no future.

  15. When whites finally wake up after centuries of slumber to realize what terrible crimes the Jews have perpetrated against them, violence will be inevitable.

  16. After 2,000 years of Christians praying for the Jews, the Jews are worse today than they were in Jesus’ time.

    Kaminsky is finally seeing the light and focusing his brilliant intellect on actually solving the Jew Problem of the world.

    Jesus and Hitler told the Truth About the Jews; the Jews are Devils — real ones!

  17. The love and concern for the Palestinian people expressed here is touching. I do wonder though whether that care would survive direct contact or whether its backed up by more than furious keyboard play. But my cynicism is surely unwarranted, and must of course derive from my close proximity to so many Jews in the city in which I reside.

    It is famously comforting to have a demon to point at and blame for the world’s ills. Its deeply comforting to see such comfortable people being further comforted with easy truths. If there is one thing I’d add to the deeply spiritual universally humanitarian feelings engendered by perusal of the thoughts herein contained, it is that the project of making the world a perfected utopia is so easily within our grasp. The deserving genocide of the Jewish people, who number very few, should not be more than a trivial task once the rest of the world has gleaned the obvious wisdom you here bathe and immerse yourselves within. The final eradication of the one imperfect demon-spawn, the Jewish people, will surely bring a thousand years of brotherly love and peace to all the peoples of the earth. Want, poverty, ignorance, disease, jealousy, greed… they shall all surely die with the vanquishing of their true source: the Jew and his demonic sexual succubus the infernal Jewess. Hallelujah! Jesus has risen again in these pages, the wellspring of his wisdom in the Jewish bible, and fierce love for the Jewish people, such that he gave his life for them, so thoroughly ignored as to simply not exist. For Jesus invited all to follow him, demanding only that they give away their wealth to the needy, and in his deepest wisdom raised up that Jewess prostitute Mary Magdalene to be his most trusted confidante and adviser. But I digress. Kudos to you fearless fighters against tyranny!

  18. you obviously haven’t read a Bible . It says the True Israelites would go up against the )ews in the end times. Its called the Karma whats goes around comes around. Its time they received a big dose of their own B.S. Its been along time coming ..The last time they received a big ass whooping was when King David & Joshua did away with all but a few. … a few too many ,

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