Ukraine: A Jewish Takeover, by Rehmat



Since the Jewish Lobby and the Ukrainian Jewish oligarchs were caught with their pants down for engineering the recent regime change in Kiev, all the usual suspects are crying foul.

These include the Jewish propagandists Victoria Nuland, Max Blumenthal, Robert English, Abraham Foxman and Steve Weissman. They have labeled the nationalist parties like Svoboda, Right Sector and other far-right Ukrainian  organizations, as “Nazis”.

However, the truth is that Jewish elites — the ones who collaborated with Nazis and Russian communists — are in fact the real winners of the US-EU funded regime change coup d’état in Ukraine.

Israel Shamir, a Russian-Israeli Jewish writer said recently:

The oligarchs who financed the Maidan operation divided the spoils: the most generous supporter, multi-billionaire Igor “Benya” Kolomoysky, received the great Russian-speaking city of Dnepropetrovsk in fief. He was not required to give up his Israeli passport.

His brethren oligarchs took other Russian-speaking industrial cities, including Kharkov and Donetsk, the Ukrainian Chicago or Liverpool. Kolomoysky is not just an ‘oligarch of Jewish origin’: he is an active member of the Jewish community, a supporter of Israel and a donor of many synagogues, one of them the biggest in Europe. He had no problem supporting the neo-Nazis, even those whose entry to the US had been banned because of their declared antisemitism.

That is why the appeals to Jewish consciousness against the Brown putsch demonstrably failed.

My latest reading in this “Jewish blame game” is an article by Steve Weissman, a British Jewish writer living in Paris. The article is entitled, Ukraine: Will the Nazis and Jews Make Nice? I find this title very amusing, considering that Jews in Germany, Poland, Finland, Ukraine and elsewhere in fact collaborated with Nazis.

Weissman brings in the usual Jewish victimization card:

Hating Jews is nothing new in Ukraine. As far back as 1648-49, Cossacks and their allies in the Chmielnicki Massacres killed more than 100,000 Jews and destroyed some 300 Jewish communities. In 1920, as American, British, and French troops were intervening against the Soviet Revolution, Ukrainians waged a massive pogrom that killed some 60,000 Jews.

Robert English in a recent Op-Ed at the Jewish York Times wrote:

Svoboda, Right Sector and other Ukrainian far-right organizations are groups whose thuggish young legions still sport a swastika-like symbol, whose leaders have publicly praised many aspects of Nazism and who venerate the World War II nationalist leader Stepan Bandera, whose troops occasionally collaborated with Hitler’s and massacred thousands of Poles and Jews.

Of course you cannot expect Weissman or English to report the historic facts that Stalin’s Jews were responsible for the Holocaust of 7 million Ukrainian Christians and 3 million Muslims in USSR, while Jews and Zionist terrorist organizations did support Nazis.

Here is Weissman spouting more hatred toward the Ukrainians:

As a young Jew growing up in America, I regularly heard from my Eastern European elders that the Ukrainians were even nastier than the Nazis. No surprise, then, that Jew-baiting – and worse – now haunts the new Ukrainian government that Washington and the European Union helped bring to power. How could it be otherwise?

I must say, Weissman has a point there.

After all, how could it not be “antisemitism”  when someone opposes the new US-EU installed government of the Jew prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk? And one of his three deputy prime ministers is also Jewish, right?

Furthermore, has not Moscow accused Igor Kolomoisky of being a Jewish gangster? — one who secretly finances the Nazi Svoboda (Freedom) Party which has five cabinet ministers in the 22-member new interim government in Ukraine.

Weissman tries to balance the bizarre fact that the government contains many professed anti-Semites with the fact that the interim Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is Jewish.  “Other Jews,” he notes, “including a spokesman for the American Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC), laugh off any Fascist threat by insisting that Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is Jewish.”

While mentioning Victoria Nuland’s $5 billion price-tag to bring about a pro-US regime change in Kiev, Weissman also boasted about the financial (and propaganda) support given to the recent coup d’état in Ukraine by Jewish groups like Internews, Freedom House, the German Marshall Fund, the Omidyar Network, and George Soros’s Open Society Institute and its Ukrainian NGO, the International Renaissance Foundation.

Lasha Darkmoon comments:

So one thing is clear: Jews helped to finance this “revolution” in Ukraine and Jews mostly benefit from it — notably the wealthy Jewish oligarchs, the new Jewish Prime Minister, and various Jewish government officials  who have now sprung to positions of power.

In essence, the Ukrainian coup d’état can be seen a Jewish takeover of Ukraine.

Many will see some parallels here, albeit on a far more minor scale, of the 1917 Jewish-led Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

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  1. Capitalism, Communism and Socialism are forms of Judaism. One of the inherent flaws of National Socialism was the violation of a sacred, time tested and true principal. One cannot become like the enemy to defeat an enemy.

    I have argued on many sites that NS Germany’s leaders (Hitler) was really a secret agent of the City of London Jews and this stance I still hold today. Furthermore, the collaboration of Jewish power and NS elements in Ukraine, using the scissor strategy (pressure from below and above) to squeeze out the only solution (ethnic, sovereign Christian Nationalists) to bring about overt Jewish rule only proves my point further.

    The good news to these events is that this coup was very open. It was obvious. It was unmasked as it was taking place. This can only serve to embolden true resisters success during future events like these.

    1. Almost every ISM (Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Zionism, Fascism, etc.) – has been created and maintained to serve the interests of a small rich minority and their not-so-rich collaborators. All these ISMs have been worshipped and protected like some divine religions. The high priests (mostly Jews), who conceived these ISMs, made sure that their doctrine is accepted blindly by the great majority of world’s middle-class and poor people.

      The rich and parasites, who have been the main beneficiary of capitalist system – also created wage-disparity, bankruptcy, loan, paper-money, credit cards, and world monetary organizations like World Bank, IMF, Frderal Reseve, etc. – to keep their grip over world monetary system, so much so, that during every recession – it’s the poor majority which suffers, while the rich become richer on the expense of their victims – the taxpayers.

      1. Communism embraces Capitalism, in that both systems need Capital. Communism is actually Capitalism, with different owners of the Capital in the limousines.

  2. If Ukrainians had any pride or motivation, the streets of Kiev and Lvov would be running red with the blood of jew murderes and criminals. Instead they just let Jews walk all over them despite centuries of jew criminality, murder, and enslavement.

  3. The irony of the assumption (made by some not so bright commentators on the pages of this blog) that Putin is working for the Jews is that when the jew world order ultimately collapses (and there is little doubt that it will: it is against the human nature and the nature itself, for that simple reason it cannot last much longer) Putin will be seeing by those very Jews as a man who can save their asses.

    It would be no surprise if the slickest Jews start aligning themselves with tide ridden by Putin while the stupid shabbos goys in US, UK and EU will continue flying in the wrong direction by inertia.

    Henry Kissinger seems one of those slick bastards who are ahead of the curve:

    Paul Craig Roberts is another good example.

    1. It’s not Russia “Israel” will look to save them, it will be the remnent of the western forces after we defeat the war that will commense soon in our own lands. They will have no other choice and it will be then, when we consolidate our remnant, that we will be let into “Israel” where all the Jews worldwide have run to, when we can clean house, take it over and then take on eastern forces whom I am sure will have broken from “Jewish” control at this time.

      Russia is controlled via their central bank just like America is by the city of London Jews and their offshoots (IMF etc). Putin was the prime force establishing synagogues all over Russia again. “ex” KGB Putin took in Snowden, sent to him by KGB trained Obama, to have the world internet controls turned over to the “international Community” (read elite Jews). Putin is playing the good cop role to Obama/EU/”Israel” bad cop role in act 3 (ww3) just like opposition control agent of the city of London Jews Hitler did in act 2 (WW2)

      1. Tyron- You are correct.

        And, more to the point on internet controls:

        U.S. to relinquish remaining control over the Internet
        By Craig Timberg, Published: March 14
        U.S. officials announced plans Friday to relinquish federal government control over the administration of the Internet, a move that pleased international critics but alarmed some business leaders and others who rely on the smooth functioning of the Web.
        Pressure to let go of the final vestiges of U.S. authority over the system of Web addresses and domain names that organize the Internet has been building for more than a decade and was supercharged by the backlash last year to revelations about National Security Agency surveillance.
        The change would end the long-running contract between the Commerce Department and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a California-based nonprofit group. That contract is set to expire next year but could be extended if the transition plan is not complete.
        “We look forward to ICANN convening stakeholders across the global Internet community to craft an appropriate transition plan,” Lawrence E. Strickling, assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information, said in a statement.
        The announcement received a passionate response, with some groups quickly embracing the change and others blasting it.

      2. Yes, Tyron! The good cop/bad cop routine, except that Putin’s counterpart is several and varied. An intel veteran pointed out the details to me, yesterday – after which it becomes convincing.

      3. Tyron

        I’m sorry, but I see these kind of takes just too seemingly obvious. I say Snowden is genuine. Now it’s about the usual dose of damage control.

        And I’ll reiterate that not ALL of these players on the World stage are mere automatons, MEREly doing their masters bidding. If it were that easy then the JWO would have been a done deal long ago, as Mark Glenn alluded to in his excellent article.

        As I’ve said, the American Bill of Rights put a major crimp in the protocols, and believe it that this pissed them off bigtime. (nothing like a Draco Reptile holding a grudge – Shaman stuff doncha know). We obviously know how it’s all gone down since. The most recent crimp was probably JFK throwing all caution to the wind and of course they put the kibosh on him.

        And now we have Putin. It took awhile but the gloves are off now.

        You say e.g.; “establishing synagogues all over Russia” So? And this proves? or indicates? Hey, remember, he’s the National Leader. He’s a politician first and foremost so it has to be all about appearances, doesn’t it? Of civility. Inclusion. Acceptance. Being pertinent. Making the jews feel important, and wanted (excuse me while I heave… there I feel much better now)

        You can say it’s all scripted if that’s your take. But I prefer to engage these times with enthusiasm because the script is boring for one thing, on top of its story showing utter hatred for humanity. And Putin is nobody’s stooge, like Hitler before him.

        Rad Vlad’s the name. Makin’ repugnant bullies squirm is my game.

        1. judoka vlad did not give oligarch usurers keys to russia, drunken boris did.
          once vlad took the steering wheel, russia was on par with benin in terms of per capita gdp and lifespan (~45 yrs for males, down from 70+ under stalin).

          what would you have done in vlad’s shoes?
          armed forces completely dissolved, hardware aged and rusting beyond slavage, had he gone openly against the jew, game over, nato invasion, occupation, vlad gets saddam-gaddafi rope+stick treatment, russia turns into a giant libya.
          yeah, give mighty jew a pretext to extend his gaza protocol, and vlad knew better than to do that, so let them raise menorahs on top of kremlin and bide your time.
          the time is now, or post-syria to be precise.
          and do it nice and well mannered, russia does it politely in line with european culture and democratic ideals, let the folks vote fairly and cleanly, minimum violence.
          while the west jew golem jumps up and down in mindless and impotent rage, g-dzilla who discovers the old woody lost virility.

          it is all there right in front of you folks, so why invent stuff, i mean this is conspiracy thinking where none is needed, all the visible facts add up to the grand and visible truth.
          use occam’s razor for a change.

      4. A great site is Darkmoon. … And great to see the likes of Tyron Parsons here too! … Jews are the ultimate users and opportunists. Their mastery of the DIALECTIC – thesis versus antithesis, in order to create the Jewish NEW THESIS, or END -keeps meaning they are playing 98% of the Goyim majority for absolute fools. Tyron is correct. They play both sides to their advantage, whether it be the supposed opposites Capitalism v Communism, or Right v Left. As Oz’s young “Red” Rupert Murdoch said in his university days: “Capitalism and Communism are complementary of each other.” A Left wing, Jewish, head honcho needs his supposed opposite – a hawkish right winger – to achieve their common objective. That Geoffrey Immelt is a clever boy: Green initatives via his company GE which has huge govt/Obummer support and big $$$$’s GE Finance. The perfect marriage for a top-dog, fiendish Jew. But they keep on winning, as France’s PM, Hollande (?) is a Zio-Jew and now Ukraine. US Jews said they made and installed puppet Obama, they made Cameron, Oz’s Pm and next Russia, etc.? They continue to laugh at us and our miniscule resistance. And it will remain “miniscule” while they hold the global purse and the 100% brainwashing media. Must go: “Two Broke Girls” is on TV, and I’m waiting for that leggy, blonde one to do a “trick”; like half the gals in Jewish-porno LA!

  4. I was surprised to see the YouTube video of Lasha Darkmoon’s poem “She Died For Palestine” published today on Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth site. Yesterday marked the 11th anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death under an Israeli bulldozer.

    The video (just over 3 minutes) is well worth listening to, if only because of Patrick Willis’ spinechilling voice.

    1. Montecristo;

      Last year I attended a speech by Rachel Corrie’s parents at the University in our city, to remember the 10th anniversary of her death.

      “Christ come back and save these children…”
      What a beautiful poem by Lasha Darkmoon.
      Very moving.

      1. And it’s important to know the strength and resiliency of children. I’m convinced that on some intrinsic level many knew what the score was gonna be coming into this World. As if to say they were sent by Christ to do battle. Call it doing prep work for His return.

        Remember the warrior Braves of my ancestors. Helplessness was never an option.

  5. This isn’t the first time that Jewish businessmen/bankers/industrialists have been positioned to loot a nation’s economy while “anti-semitic” forces were used to drive non-Zionist Jews into the waiting arms of Israel/Zionism. Even as the revolutionary forces in Ukraine were facilitated by “ex” members of IDF, rabbis were out creating fear of the “anti-semites” in the soon to be imposed government. The result is that more than a few Jewish families will leave Ukraine and move to Israel to take up residence in settlement housing built with US taxpayer funds on land that belongs to Palestine. It’s all good for Israel and certain Jews (Ashkenazi), and that’s all that ever matters to the “chosen.”

  6. Fredrik Hagbergs speech to the Ukrainian Revolution

    Nordisk Ungdom recently visited a Ukraine in revolution. In the city hall of Kyiv, witch has/had been occupied by the nationalists in Svoboda, NUs international contactperson gave a speech about the situation in Sweden and encouraged the crowd to choose their own freedom instead of choosing between the west or Russia.
    to download:
    I stand before your forces of revolution to tell you about what your future might be if you fail your glorious endeavour.
    I stand here as a Swede. However where I come from is no longer Sweden. My country has been transformed into an international territory; ruled by a totalitarian state which forces experimental progressive agendas on its inhabitants. Let me explain:
    In Sweden, you no longer need a citizenship to educate yourself in the Swedish school system. Every human being on Earth has a right to go to school in Sweden – for free. Only Swedes themselves have to pay for it.
    In Sweden, you no longer need a citizenship to enjoy free healthcare. Every human being on Earth has a right to free healthcare in Sweden. Only Swedes themselves have to pay for it.
    If you have a Swedish passport, you pay for your dental health care. If you don’t have a Swedish passport: it is free.
    The Swedish people is not defined in or protected by Swedish law. Only minorities are recognized on a collective scale. The Swedish people have no rights in its own state. In fact, Swedish law only recognises the Sami people as the true indigenous in Sweden.
    By law it is not my country anymore!
    The government, the politicians and the officials of the state has distanced themselves from the people and formed a new political class, similar to that of the Soviet union — where they rob the country and use our common resources to enrich themselves.
    The apparatjiks of the state has formed a mutual alliance with the monopoly-based mass media, to enforce their agenda, control the debate and persecute every form of opposition.
    The Swedish media in their turn officially co-operates with the violent communist and anarchist groups to identify and terrorise every opposition.
    When the radical left and immigrant groups riot, burn cars in the streets and throw molotows at police and ambulance personnel — they get government funding and a political career.
    When a dissident post an anonymous critical comment on the internet — his name and picture end up in the newspaper.
    The state enforces their experimental progressive agenda by starting early to shape it inhabitants. Today — as a part of the governmentally regulated school plan — a chief function of the public schools is to erase gender identity. They do this by forcing boys to play with dolls, and girls to play with cars and guns. Even calling a boy “boy” and a girl “girl” is viewed as obsolete.
    The state wants every schoolfunction to refer to every person with the made up and so called “gender neutral” word “hen”. Hen is made up by the radical feminist think tanks that are an influential part of the Swedish establishment. The use is similar to the praxis “citoienne” in revolutionary France, or “comrade” in the communist states.

    As a part of the progressive agenda, Swedish State Television shows information programs for the Swedish youth — 13 to 16 – on how to have sex with immigrants and disabled. These shows is also shown in school as a mandatory part of education.
    The progressive agenda is also evident in the states destruction of the normal, heterosexual family. Some politicians propose mandatory day care for two year olds. There is also propositions on dividing parental leave, forcing dads to stay home and women to work — or leaving the kids in the care of the state.
    No wonder we have 40 000 abortions every year. That is almost one percent of our total population. We kill our babies and import tens of thousands of immigrants instead.
    Officials in Sweden likes to calls us the most modern country in the world.
    I say to you, brothers, this is what awaits you if you choose to follow our example.
    You now have the opportunity to choose and create your own future. DO not accept the trap of choosing either the West or Russia.
    Europe needs free and sovereign nations, ready to unite in face of threat and danger, working together to strengthen our continent — not to work in the interests of the West or the East.
    Choose your own freedom. Choose our common European freedom.

    1. God bless and protect Fredrik Hagbergs!

      May his kind proliferate and prosper. A calling to many of us who know the score.

  7. Right on Rehmat! This Ukrainian business has nothing to do with the will of the Ukrainian people who seem to be ready to vote to join Russia. This is a neocon and oligarchic takeover and for some reason (which is the strange and mysterious part), the U.S. has jumped on the neocon train. I did have some hope left in my soul for Obama but now I don’t know what to think. We have to keep in mind that these neocons who cover themselves with the gloss of think tanks are in reality thugs and mafia. Who knows what they have on whom? Maybe they have Obama’s two daughters in the crosshairs. And Mr. Ketchup…. what a disappointment!. I actually voted for that man and cried when he lost. And when the neocons go down they are going to take the U.S. with them like some sort of femme fatal.

    You know I grew up on the Bible (would never say I was from a Bible thumper church but definitely Bible reader), and now with the rise of the Jewish patricians who come to power on the whirlwind of the Bible I am not sure how much of the great book I can take any more. Almost all of the O.T. is beginning to turn my stomach. So sorry…one more loss…

    1. I grew up in the same manner. I found this a few years back:
      The homosexual, King James I of England, personally supervised the torture of women accused of being witches He used a Witch’s Bridle, an iron cage for the head, with a prong that went over the tongue to prevent the prisoner from chanting spells. When not flaying females he gave the world his version of the bible.

    2. The Judeo-Christian claim that the current Old Testament (Torah) is the true Revelation received by Moses or other Biblical prophets – is debatable. The Old Testament was written between 1500-2000 years after the death of Moses, based on Hebrew forelocks. OT is certainly not the ‘Word of God’ as the RC Church teaches its followers.

      “The significance of the Book of Isaiah is that it is Part of the Old Testament; it begins on P. 529 of my Bible. The New Testament begins on P. 756; 227 pages after the Book of Isaiah. Yet Isaiah’s Book introduces the coming of Christ and the rise of Christianity in terms which often differ materially from the Gospels of the New Testament written one hundred years after the fact. The Christian leadership took the thread provided by Isaiah and wove it into the so-called Gospels to suit their wildest imaginations,” says Kenneth G. Ramey.

      1. The Christian leadership took the thread provided by Isaiah and wove it into the so-called Gospels to suit their wildest imaginations,” says Kenneth G. Ramey.


        You quote the above sentence with obvious approval in an attempt to abuse and make fun of Christianity. You have done this not once but repeatedly on this site: ridiculing Christianity and showing your contempt for it.

        I hope you are aware that the people who own this website and are happy to publish your articles are themselves Christians.

        Do you expect to go on spitting in their faces while they continue to publish your articles?

        1. Rehmat could also throw a dart at the (4 million) Bangalore phone book, et al and hit a member of Hindutva, every time..

        2. ed, he is useful: whatever opinion he expresses, i head the other way.
          saves me having to think which way is right (wrong).

      2. Rehmat-I agree. And ‘Judeo-Christian’ is the ultimate oxymoron. Christians should separate themselves from the fake Yahudi.

      3. Debatable is an understatement, Rehmat.

        The Archaeologist in me when I look at the OT does alot of digging. Supposedly the truth of Torah is in there somewhere. Good luck with finding it.

        I’ve developed my own thoughts and writings in seeing the Torah as being a series of expressions speaking of the true ways of the Cosmos before the “Fall from Grace”, or “Celestial error”, and “Original Sin”. Christ comes along to explain it all, but we’re still left with those digging expeditions.

        But I’m confident that sites are being found and that earnest digging has commenced.

        The beating of the drums goes on unabated.

        1. I hope no one took my previous comment to be disparaging in any way. I was mostly emphasizing thoughts on the cosmological. But I too see the ignorance and cheapness of that quote from Ramey. Just take the heart right out of everything why don’t you.

        2. @Brownhawk

          I have met many “brainwashed” Judeo-Christians during my time at a Catholic Mission in Pakistan. They never claimed to read the OT or NT from cover to the last page – but like Dr. Robert Funk DDD, while believing that more than 80% of quotes referred to Jesus – were written in fact by people who never met Jesus – stilled believed Bible (with all the OT pornography) “Word of God”.

          If calling Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI being “Crypto Jews” is equal to insulting Christianity – then I’m guilty of the CRIME.

          Let American Commedian and Biblical “Prophetess”, Sarah Silverman, be the JUDGE!!

        3. Doh!

          I feel the need to apologize again for being a little muddled. Much like the Bible, whose interpretation often can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, finding SOMEthing, then wondering if it’s a needle at ALL.

          I should have described my vision of Torah as say, “having to do with the state of Being upon the occurence, or in the aftermath of what has been termed “celestial error”, or “fall from Grace”, and “Original Sin”. With Christ being the avatar that comes along to explain WHAT exactly happened to produce this state of “sin” we’ve been in through a cosmological accounting of it. Of WHY it happened, and WHO is responsible for it (i.e.; denizens of the sin-agogue)

          In other words, “torah” is the story of Life lived in sin where “sin” is what results as our common experience when TRUE Life (as Christ explains) has been cosmologically altered through what could be termed a ‘geometric sacrilige’ (represented by “jewish” physics”)

          So there is this general state of sin (this world having become the devil’s playground) which makes its commision even POSSIBLE.

          Commiting “venial” sins is inescapable because it just goes with the territory of being in this world as it has been constituted (per the cosmological altering)

          And in this world, “conscience” draws the line in the sand that worshippers in the synagogue have crossed over EGREGIOUSLY.

      4. The authentic OT is a collection of writings found mostly in the Septuagint. There are other books not included in the original canonization processes which are authentic as well such as the book of Enoch, the books of Adam and Eve, etc.

        The NT is found in the original Greek. They were penned, since they were letters, from the time of the Apostles. There are over 25,000 copies of the these letters traced back to that very period and all over the region.

        The Masoretic Text is a Jewish forgery of the OT. This was complied a full 800-900 years AFTER Christ. Most modern translations of the NT is full of errors that are used to turn the authentic narrative upside down as we see in many of the apostate Christian organizations. What else should one expect if one puts printing into the hands of the Jewish publishers?

        1. Tyron, I’ll share with you a finding from my ‘archaeological dig’ (and which I suppose could be construed as being elementary, except that the dig seeks to comprehensively define “sin”):

          I think the use of the pronoun “we” is legitimate in the sense that Christ, by “avataring” Himself here entered into a world OF sin by definition. Nothing to do with engaging in any particular commission of them (in the world not of it)

        2. so what’s a good NT that you recommend tyron, something that hasn’t been subjected to monsanto gm treatment?

          (ok, here we take the body of christ, igor and watch what happens when we insert the brain of the old rabbi who died of syphilitic dementia)

        3. Brownhawk

          Well, I can see that has truth to it. There are externally programmed incorrect ways, thoughts etc and then there is the internally programmed ways, thoughts, actions that are incorrect. This is the way of this world and the way of mankind in his fallen nature.

          Like scriptures says “he who says he has no sin (is perfect) has NO truth in them”.

        4. Loboro

          All I can say is one needs a Greek rendering translated directly into English word for word where one can trace even their English rendering of certain words for themselves cause even these direct translated versions have some mistakes.

          I use the NIV interlinear Greek- English and there are online versions translated directly as well that are helpful. The key to me is this; know that the law is written in your heart and mind and if one understands this and taps into their “god spirit” inside, many times you can figure out what is actually being said because it matches the truth you have inside yourself.

          Also, I suggest that one investigates other writings and letters not included in the canonization processes such as the books of Barnabus and Clement.

          Remember, there are reason why the early RCC included some books and excluded others and some of it was justified back then but I am also convinced there was a nefarious agenda afloat as well.

        5. Allow me to add one more thought to this because once I figured this out, my entire world view changed with what I knew inside as true but was suppressing due to the incorrect narratives of scriptures pushed today.

          Gentiles= Ethnic Kinsfolk- Nations (plural). Meaning primarily, Northern Tribal members of the 12-13 tribes of authentic Israel.

          “Jew”- is a word invented about 400 years ago. The greek words that are translated as “Jew” are 3 types.

          1. Impostors or those who resemble the authentics (Esau-Edomites= Spehardics today and now also the Ashkneaz of Japeth and not Shem.

          2.Posterity of Judah (meaning the southern authentic tribes of Israel including one line of the house of David)

          3. One from the tribe of Judah (as in singular tribe).

          The “Jews” translate all of these terms as “Jews” and even “Israelites” which is total nonsense and part of their massive identity theft of whites/Europeans-Christians.

          The “Jews” also confuse people telling them that “gentile” means all non “Jews”. This is a half truth based upon a faulty definition of the impostor type of “Jew” translated. As I said before “Gentile” means ethnic Kinsfolk-Nations who are primarily the Northern 10 tribes of so called “lost Israel”. I say primarily because a large portion of the southern tribes of Judah went into captivity with the 10 northern tribes between 745 and 721 BC. These “lost Israelites” broke from the Assyrians and most went through the Caucasian Mountains (Darius or Israel’s pass) flooding into an almost completely empty Europe proper (around Vilsek, Germany) between 600 and 200 BC. They were the Goths, Angles, Jutes, Franks, Saxons, Lombaris, Vandels, Visagoths etc etc, pagan tribes.

        6. ‘Lost’ Israel is a Jewish fairy tale about descendants of Jacob, so Jews can claim as they wish. There were tribes, but none were ‘lost’ they just migrated.

          Neither Judeans(jews) nor Judah(jews) adopted the religion of pharisaism, which became rabbinism, and is Judaism today. Jews are members of a cult, not a race.

        7. Boeotian

          The tribes are real and were never lost. They are the white/European peoples and not the “Jews” who are impostors. If you want proof of this, go to and look up the Christianity section where I am publishing articles on this topic.

          The “Jews” are a race. Actually “races”. The Sephardic are named after Mount Sephard in Idumea (Edom). The name doesn’t come from the Spanish “Jews” although they were Sephardics of Esau/Edom/Idumea. They eventually were wiped out by the Romans by 135 AD as they killed all the men and raped the women. The survivors couldn’t claim a paternal lineage to Isaac anymore through Esau so they changed their abomination of a religion and said from then on “a jew is a jew by way of Mom” completely in contrast to all authentic scriptures. This myth still survives today. around 800 AD the maternal remnant of the “Jew” impostors incorporated the Ashkenaz of the Khazar Kingdom into the fold. These people are not from Shem at all but rather from Japeth as confirmed in Genesis 10:3.

          About 200 years before Christ, the nation of Idumea filled with Esau-Edomites that were a mixed with Canaanite breed, were conquered by King Hycranus who was the last ethnic Judaite King of Judea before Christ came on the scene. He absorbed them into the Nation and allowed them to stay as long as they assimilated. Immediately, these Esau/Edomites murdered the King, installed their own ethnic “King” usurping the throne. Then they captured the Priesthood and instituted the Babylonian Talmud over authentic Hebrewism, persecuting the authentic Judaites based on their race and religion. They also opened the borders, making the nation into a region as masses of foreigners with foreign religions and customs invaded the land reducing the ethnic Judaites to a minority status in their own country.

          Sound familiar? it should because they are doing the EXACT same thing today to white/European nations of former Christendom.

    3. …thats likely because the OT is the Jewish torah..the Gospel made the OT Christians..but not to the Pharisees. .the ‘Talmudists’ who “call themselves Jews but who are not. .”

  8. One doesn’t have to speak Russian to sense the historical significance of what is taking place right now in Kremlin:

    In the context of Russian history, it would be no exaggeration to compare this moment to the turning point of the Battle of Stalingrad.

    1. On February 6, 2014, MP Oleg Bolychev, member of Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party at the regional parliament in Kaliningrad accused Russian Jews for destroying Russia twice.

      During a debate, Bolychev called his detractors “Jews, mired in opposition,” adding: “You destroyed our country in 1917, and you destroyed our country in 1991.”

      The Russian Jewish Congress condemned Bolychev for making such antisemitic statement. Jewish MP Alexander Khinshtein said: “It is incredible that a public figure can make such extremist statements.”

      1. During a debate, Bolychev called his detractors “Jews, mired in opposition,” adding: “You destroyed our country in 1917, and you destroyed our country in 1991.”

        There are many people on this site who keep saying that Jews control Russia and that even Putin is a Jewish stooge. The mere fact that a Russian politician can openly make the anti-Jewish statement that Rehmat quotes above surely proves that Jews do not control Russia.

        Remember that there are very few Jews left in Russia. Most of them have emigrated. 2.2 million Russian Jews left Russia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and settled in Israel.

        For the record, Jews now make up 0.16% of the Russian population — hardly enough to threaten the might of Russia! 🙂

        1. According to Jewish sources, there are only 276,000 Jews left in Russia. But as far Jewish threat to Russia or the rest of the world is concerned – remember that 12.7 million world Jewry controls over 40 governments in North America, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East through its monopoly over World Bank, IMF, Central Banks in the US, Britain, Canada, Germany France and Austria – while 96% of world media is controlled by six Jewish families.

          And let’s not forget – the Jewish minority still has its autonomous Jewish state of Birobidjan in Russia.

        2. Excellent point, Rehmat. It only takes a few Jews to control the entire world, given their extraordinary networking skills and their ability to dupe the brain-dead goyim into doing their dirty work for them.

          What would they do without people like John McCain, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton?

          And don’t forget the 60 million Christian Zionists who are Jews in all but name and march to a Jewish drum.

          One shepherd dog is enough to control a thousand sheep, Rehmat. Just as one smart Jew is enough to control a thousand non-Jewish sheeple.

          Solution to problem? Get smart! Learn to boost your IQ by reading the posts on the darkmoon site! 🙂

  9. Putin king of Russia, defender of christian values against the corrupt zionist west with their goym-lackeys

  10. If the Kiev murderous rioters and terrorists had done such a crime in America or in Orwell’s zionist UK, they would have been shot dead and I do not jest.

  11. “Zhidobandera” symbols-grafic expressions of union between Jews and radical ukranian nationalists (well known for their slogan “Lets drown jews in the blood of Russians” (or as they called “moskals”)

    Black and red colors are from UPA flag (Ukrainian Insurgent Army (Ukrainian: Українська Повстанська Армія (УПА), Ukrayins’ka Povstans’ka Armiya; UPA) )
    Ukranian trident made menora and trident with grown payor needs no explanations.

  12. Rev. Kevin D. Annett, secretary International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) has announced that criminal proceeding against Zionist Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio), Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon, and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby (with Jewish family roots) will go ahead on March 31, 2014. Watch a video below.

    Rev. Kevin D. Annett has claimed that these three along with the former Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) belong to the notorious child abuse cult known as the Corona Novem, or The Ninth Circle (or Crown).

    Last month, the UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC), slammed the Vatican for adopting policies allowing priests to rape and molest tens of thousands of children. However, like Israel, the Vatican too, ignored the UNHRC warning.

  13. In a leaked phone call, Ukraine’s former Jewish prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko is heard cursing Russians and calling for the Holocaust of the eight million Ukrainian Russians.

    “I’m ready to grab a machinegun and shoot that mother F****ker (Putin) in the head,” she said.

    “One has to take up arms and go wipe out these damn ‘katsaps’ (Russians) together with their leader,” the voice said in Russian, without mentioning Putin by name. Watch the video below.

  14. The ‘Ukraine Crisis’ is already getting pushed off the front pages. Most Americans haven’t the slightest idea of where Ukraine is, nor have they ever met a Ukrainian.

    Ukrainians are generally OK, and they serve as a link between the Poles and the Russians, being related to both. Unfortunately, many hate both Poles and Russians and they can be as paranoid as the Jews themselves.

    The current situation is one that repeats periodically the article mentioning the Chmielnicky rebellion, but one could go back farther to Sviatislav the Great, the Russian who put the final nail in the Khazarian empire’s coffin. This is tribal warfare.

    On the current situation, Christopher Bollyn has done the best background job on the Jewish angle, tracing the interference of the Jewish Kagan family in the US State Department, who Miss Nuland has married into.

    From another aspect, the crisis can be viewed as just another attempt by the Khazars to pit Russia and Germany against each other.

    Thank you.

  15. Stefan Kuzmyn, a Ukrainian Holocaust survivor, who was among the seven Canadians Jews honored by country’s Jewish groups in 2005, claimed that there was greater collaboration between Jews and Soviets than the Ukrainian and Russians. Jews who were 0nly 5% of Ukrainian population, occupied the upper and middle ranks in administration, security agencies and prison guards.

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