Ukraine crisis portends apocalypse, by Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Whither Ukraine? Will the attempt to steal Ukraine from Russia and incorporate it into Europe trigger World War Three?

Notes and Comments by Lasha Darkmoon


Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon

Ukraine has now fallen under the control of Right Sector, a group of violent “neo-Nazis” who hate Jews and Russians even more than they hate the US and Europe. The US has foolishly spent $5 billion helping to finance a coup d’état on behalf of people who essentially hate them. This is the sad and sober truth.

The Western media have presented a totally simplistic and distorted picture of the situation in Ukraine.

One half of the country (the east) is Russian-speaking and loyal to Putin’s Russia. This half of the country, as you might expect, is portrayed by Western media as the “bad half”. The other half of the country (the west) turns adoring eyes toward the US and Europe and longs to become part of the European community and have NATO defend them from Russia. Full of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young idealists, panting for the freedom and democracy purportedly enjoyed by all Americans and Europeans, this part of Ukraine is naturally presented as the “good half”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As the article below will make clear, Ukraine is now under the hegemony of armed thugs whose ideological roots go back to Hitler’s Germany. These were ordinary Ukrainians who had suffered horrendously under Stalin. Roughly 10 million of them had been starved to death in the Holodomor famine (1932-33), a premeditated act of genocidal mass murder for which they rightly blamed the Soviet Union.

Since the Russian commissars who confiscated Ukrainian corn and presided over the deliberate starvation of the Ukrainian peasants were mostly Jewish — and since Communism and the Bolshevik Revolution itself  (1917) had the mark of international Jewry written all over them — it is only natural that these Ukrainian nationalists should regard Jews with utter abhorrence.

When World War II broke out, these Ukrainian Jew haters naturally joined forces with Hitler’s Germany.  Hitler would protect them, they thought, from the filthy bastards who had  tried to starve them to death in the man-made Holodomor famine.

Right Sector, who now control Ukraine thanks to American “regime change”, are the ideological descendants of the Ukrainian victims of the Holodomor famine. They hate the Jews for starving their forefathers to death. They hate the Russians for letting the Jews take over Russia. And they hate the US — because not only did the US defeat their ally Hitler, but the US was also allied to Russia in WWII and was itself a disgusting puppet of international Jewry.

The hidden hand of international Jewry must be seen behind recent events in Ukraine. It must not be forgotten that Yulia Tymoshenko, the blonde-plaited darling of so many Western Ukrainians and a former Prime Minister of Ukraine, was known to have close business ties with crime boss Semyon Moglievich, head of the Jewish Russian mafia. I have written about this shady character before, billed as “the world’s most dangerous man”.  (See here).

It needs to be asked: how come the former Prime Minister of Ukraine was in cahoots with the head of Jewish Russian mafia? Who has helped to finance Right Sector? Were those Israeli snipers by any chance who shot and killed both sides in the recent conflict in Kiev, the protesters as well as the Ukrainian police?

These questions need answering.


Ukraine Crisis portends apocalypse

by Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Who’s in charge in Ukraine? Certainly not the bought-and-paid-for-moderates that Washington and the EU hoped to install as the new government of Ukraine. The agreement that the Washington and EU supported opposition concluded with President Yanukovich to end the crisis did not last an hour. Even the former boxing champion, Vitaly Klitschko, who was riding high as an opposition leader until a few hours ago has been booed by the rioters and shoved aside.

The newly appointed president by what is perhaps an irrelevant parliament, Oleksandr Turchynov, has no support base among those who overthrew the government. As the BBC reports, “like all of the mainstream opposition politicians, Mr. Turchynov is not entirely trusted or respected by the protesters in Kiev’s Independence Square.”

In western Ukraine the only organized and armed force is the ultra-nationalist Right Sector. From the way this group’s leaders speak, they assume that they are in charge. One of the group’s leaders, Aleksandr Muzychko, has pledged to fight against “Jews and Russians until I die.” Asserting the Right Sector’s authority over the situation, Muzychko declared that now that the democratically elected government has been overthrown, “there will be order and discipline” or “Right Sector squads will shoot the bastards on the spot.”

The bastards are any protesters who dare to protest the Right Sector’s control.

Muzychko declared, “The next president of Ukraine will be from Right Sector.”

Another Right Sector leader, Dmitry Yarosh, declared: “the Right Sector will not lay down its arms.” He declared the deal made between the opposition and the President to be “unacceptable” and demanded the liquidation of President Yanukovich’s political party.

The Right Sector’s roots go back to the Ukrainians who fought for Adolf Hitler against the Soviet Union during World War II. It was the Right Sector that introduced armed fighters and turned the tide of the protests in Kiev from peaceful protests in favor of joining the EU to violent attacks on police with the view of overthrowing the democratically elected government, which the Right Sector succeeded in doing.

The Right Sector did not overthrow the Ukraine government in order to deliver it into the hands of the Washington and EU paid “opposition.”

There is a tendency to discount the Right Sector as a small fringe group, but the Right Sector not only took control of the protests away from the Western supported moderates, as moderate leaders themselves admitted, but also the Right Sector has enough public support to destroy the national monument to the Red Army soldiers who died liberating Ukraine from Nazi Germany.

Unlike the US orchestrated toppling of the stature of Saddam Hussein, which was a PR event for the presstitutes in which Iraqis themselves were not involved, Ukrainian rightists’ destruction of the monument commemorating the Red Army’s liberation of the Ukraine had public support.

If the Right Sector hates Russians for defeating the Nazis, the Right Sector also hates the US, France, and England for the same reason. The Right Sector is an unlikely political party to take Ukraine into the EU.

Lasha Darkmoon comments:

As I indicated earlier, Right Sector has not forgotten the Holodomor genocide of 1932-33  and the savage cruelties inflicted on Ukrainian peasants by Stalin and his Jewish commissars.

Right Sector also remembers that the Red Army,  at the instigation of Russian Jew Ilya Ehrenberg, not only raped over 2 million German women in 1945 but also raped, tortured and killed thousands of women in Ukraine.

So these Ukrainian nationalists, portrayed by Western media as “neo-Nazi scum”,  have very good reason to be angry with Jews and Russians — especially Russian Jews like Ilya Ehrenberg and Trotsky who made the lives of their forefathers such a living hell.

It is highly significant that all over western Ukraine statues of Lenin, whose grandfather was Jewish, have been torn down and reduced to rubble.

It is also significant that “the chief rabbi of Ukraine has just  declared the country unsafe for Jews and is urging them to emigrate: he says the Israeli embassy is telling them not to leave their homes because Jews are not safe in the streets.” (See here)

The Russian parts of Ukraine clearly understand that the Right Sector’s destruction of the monument commemorating the stand of the Red Army against the German troops is a threat against the Russian population of Ukraine. Provincial governments in eastern and southern Ukraine that formerly were part of Russia are organizing militias against the ultra-nationalist threat unleashed by Washington’s stupidity and incompetence and by the naive and gullible Kiev protesters.

Having interfered in Ukraine’s internal affairs and lost control, Washington is now issuing ultimatums to Russia not to interfere in Ukraine.

Does the idiot Susan Rice, Obama’s neoconservative National Security Advisor, think Putin is going to pay any attention to her ultimatums or to any instruction from a government so militarily incompetent that it was unable to successfully occupy Baghdad after 8 years or to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban after 12 years?

In only took a few hours for Russian troops to destroy the American and Israeli trained and armed Georgian army that Washington sent to invade South Ossetia.

Where does Obama find morons like Susan Rice and Victoria Nuland? These two belong in a kindergarten for mentally handicapped children, not in the government of a superpower where their ignorance and arrogance can start World War III.

Lasha Darkmoon comments:

Obama has lost it. His appointees to important political posts often appear to be are as clueless as himself.  His ambassador to Sweden was recently found lying dead drunk in the snow. His current hotel chain owner nominee for Norway was unaware that Norway was a constitutional monarchy.  His TV soap opera producer pick for Hungary had no idea what the US was doing in Hungary or what its interests there were. “One Obama appointee,” we are told, “Seattle investor Cynthia Stroum, was forced to resign after running her embassy in Luxembourg into the ground, verbally abusing her staff and spending embassy funds on personal travel and alcohol.” (See here)

Ukraine is far more important to Russia than it is to the US or EU. If the situation in Ukraine spirals out of control and right-wing extremists seize control, Russian intervention is certain. The arrogant and stupid Obama regime has carelessly and recklessly created a direct strategic threat to the existence of Russia.

According to the Moscow Times, this is what a senior Russian official has to say: “If Ukraine breaks apart, it will trigger a war.” Ukraine “will lose Crimera first,” because Russia “will go in just as we did in Georgia.” Another Russian official said: “ We will not allow Europe and the US to take Ukraine from us. The states of the former Soviet Union, we are one family. They think Russia is still as weak as in the early 1990s but we are not.”

The Ukrainian right-wing is in a stronger position than Washington’s paid Ukrainian puppets, essentially weak and irrelevant persons who sold out their country for Washington’s money. The Right Sector is organized. It is armed. It is indigenous. It is not dependent on money funneled in from Washington and EU financed NGOs. It has an ideology, and it is focused. The Right Sector doesn’t have to pay its protesters to take to the streets like Washington had to do.

Most importantly, well-meaning but stupid protesters–especially the Kiev students–and an Ukrainian parliament playing to the protesters destroyed Ukrainian democracy. The opposition controlled parliament removed an elected president from office without an election, an obvious illegal and undemocratic action. The opposition controlled parliament issued illegal arrest warrants for members of the president’s government. The opposition controlled parliament illegally released criminals from prison. As the opposition has created a regime of illegality in place of law and constitutional procedures, the field is wide open for the Right Sector. Expect everything the opposition did to Yanukovich to be done to them by the Right Sector. By their own illegal and unconstitutional actions, the opposition has set the precedent for their own demise.

Just as the February 1917 revolution against the Russian Tsar set the stage for the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, surprising the stupid “reformers,” the overthrow of the Ukrainian political order has set the stage for the Right Sector. We can only hope that the Right Sector blows its chance.

The American media is a useless news source. It serves as a Ministry for Government Lies. The corrupt propagandists are portraying the undemocratic removal of Yanukovich as a victory for freedom and democracy. When it begins to leak out that everything has gone wrong, the presstitutes will blame it all on Russia and Putin. The Western media is a plague upon humanity.

Americans have no idea that the neoconservative regime of the White House Fool is leading them into a Great Power Confrontation that could end in destruction of life on earth.

Ironic, isn’t it. America’s “first black president,” the person liberals thought would restore justice, morality, and reason to Western civilization, is instead now positioned as the person who will have to accept humiliating defeat or risk the destruction of life on earth.

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  1. Only a complete idiot or a manipulated bastard can lump Jews and Russians as a common enemy.

    1. I agree; Putin has done his best to rid the Country of them…..hence the flight to the West and Israel when it all went ‘Pete Tong’ …….PCR seems to have difficulty naming the real benefactors of this purge….sure, he has a pop at Nuland and Rice……..but they are just the ‘useful idiots’.

    2. Mr Circassian
      Please explain to us all just what it is that you are on about because your message can be interpreted in more than just one way.

      Do you think that the Jews are good or bad people?
      Do you think that Russian people are good or bad people?

      If you answer those two simple questions then there will be no doubt as to what you really meant when you stated; “Only a complete idiot or a manipulated bastard can lump Jews and Russians as a common enemy”.

      1. Mr Adrian,

        Good/bad framework is a bad framework, which is not good enough even for analyzing the weather, much less people.

        Are Jews good or bad people? Well, it depends on your frame of reference of what is good and what is bad. If good for you – as for an American, for example – is to live for yourself in material comfort beyond your means without any regard for the future of your children, not to mention the future of your larger ethnic family, then Jews are your best friends and best bet . For only Jews, with their machinations, can deliver that kind of unnatural life to you … as long as it lasts.

        My guess is that there are millions and millions of such people in America. And that is the prime reason why America is not revolting against the Jews. By the time when the unnatural life comes to a natural end, I am afraid America will be way behind the point of no return.

    3. Your statement would be, on its face, logical however, politics and self-preservation make for strange bed fellows. Currently, Putin’s Russia, with its strong Christian values, threatens the West/Zionist agenda and, thus, the never-ending “Putin bashing” by the Zionist controlled media in the West. The Jews, attempting to ingratiate themselves to Stalin, were served as a “hand of the devil”, assisting in the genocide of millions of innocent Ukrainians during the Holodomor, aka the Ukrainian Holocaust. Jewry has been the source of the world’s misery for years and an awakening to this fact is taking place. As far as the “real benefactors of this purge” as asked by wiggins; there will be none. it will be a question of who suffers most. The US/EU/Israeli m.o. is to rape a country of it’s resources and wealth and to use it as a military outpost. There is no REAL benefit to Ukraine in an alliance with the EU as the EU is crumbling. The coming Russia/China/India trade agreement would benefit Ukraine far more and, Russia will never allow itself to fall victim to the deceit of America and its allies again. Bravo Putin!

      1. Good points, Jack.

        I would object only to the use of emotionally loaded, but otherwise useless and misleading, concept of genocide/holocaust. There was no holocaust/genocide of the Jews by the Germans, there was no holocaust/genocide of the Ukrainians by the Jews, there was no holocaust/genocide of Circassians by the Russians.

        All that is an emotional hogwash. There is a fight to dominate, and always will be. Either you win, or you lose. Even when you lose you have to have the clarity of thought if you wish to understand what happened and why did it happen that way. Resorting to the concepts like genocide and holocaust does not do it for you. It only clouds the reason hampering your ability to rectify the situation in the future.

  2. I don’t buy this “Right Sector” fiction at all.
    Do you really think that any political party that declares hatred of Jews publically would be recognized by the MSM as legit and be allowed to exist?
    No, you’ve all been successfully “duped”. This has been an Israeli mossad operation from the “get go”!
    This is Syria all over again, same script but with different characters.
    The “Right Sector” are nothing more than “goons for hire”.

    1. Yeah, the right wingers in Ukraine are being played. That is, of course, assuming that they’re even true right wingers to begin with.

      As for WWIII, I say bring it on, juden. Your little sandbox will be the first one to go up in a mushroom cloud.

      1. Tough talk; sounds like any number of “tough guys/girls” in US Government none of whom have ever served or experienced the smell of mass death. I expect you to be one of the first to enlist, inasmuch as you have no fear when you said, “bring it on”. I’ve done my service, including Ukraine, 2004-05 and Turkey several times, all covert, all terrible with innocent civilians killed, all deceitful. The demonstrations were US/EU/NGO backed and I have no doubt Mossad could have been involved. Israel seeks a World War with America doing the fighting, as usual, to delay the inevitable crash of the US Dollar long enough for the Zionists to complete the plundering of American wealth and the theft of the World’s gold. The USG is inhabited by psychopaths, retards, monkeys and blood thirsty Jews who seek world domination…even if they risk their own annihilation to achieve it!

        1. Hi, Jack,
          Could you explain, please:
          ‘I’ve done my service, including Ukraine, 2004-05 and Turkey several times, all covert, all terrible with innocent civilians killed, all deceitful.”

          What kind of service was it?

    2. Correct. Jews are behind it. Coup d’etat in Ukraine is made on jewish money (oligarch from 1990’s like Igor Kolomoiskiy – president of European Jewish Congress – main sponsor of “Oleg Tyagnibok “Svoboda” party, supported by jewish army officers on the ground, including snipers who, reportedly were shooting on both sides, same as in Moscow 1993, Bucharest 1989), covered by propaganda of jewish media- virtually all of TVchannels and other mass media in Ucraine are owned by jewish oligarkh). 2004 Orange Revolution was on paycheck from Boris Berezovskiy – jewish oligarch from Russia, who was forced by putin to leave the country as most of oligarch from 1990’s (Gusinskiy, Smolenskiy, etc.) Khodorkovkiy of course was in jail until recentely stripped of all billions of money he amassed during “privatisation of 1994-1997. ) So Ucranian oligarch are afraid of closer ties to Russia in general and Putin in particular. All their idustrial property is on Russian speaking East of the Ucraine, that never was part of “Ukraine” itself, but as Crimea is this is historic Russian territory that was “donated” to Ucraine by Lenin in 1920’s to reduce the possibility of restoring of the Russian Empire. So Ukranian ultra nationalists from Galitzina (western 6 regions, roughly 1/8 part of territory and 10% of population) should be grateful to Lenin, monuments of whome they toppled in almost every city that gave them so much lands and industrial resources. But irony is that ordinary members of ultra nationalists indeed are hating jews. They did hate them from huindreds years ago and not because of “Holodomor” – it was mostly on Eastern, and central Ucraine – Galitzina was part of Poland then (until 1939). So jews in Poland were “managers” of agricultural lands (owners was polish nobility who didnt bother to take care of their lands and peasants and were interested only to take money from the jews few times in year). Russophobic feelings in Galitzina starts at the end of 1930″ when this areas became part of USSR. In 1941 they gladly serve Hitler in divisions SS “Galitchina”, Nachtigal” and “Roland” . From 1944 to 1955 they wage cruel guarilla war against Soviet Army. This gurilla was supressed, however, starting 1991 Galitchina russophobic ideology became official in “independent Ukraine”. during 23 years of massive anti-Russian propaganda created that now country is split maybe 55% of Russian and 45% anti Russian, Russophobic parts. Generally speaking, Ukraine is never existed as a sovereign country, its existence in current borders started in 1991 (few years in 1920’s as a Western Ucranian Republic). Until 1991 roughly 3/4 of territory and population were essentially Russian part and Western 1/4 was “Ukranian”. Quarter of century of fierce anti Russian propaganda, education and forceful “Ukrainisation” made this part grow twice, but it is still less than half of total population. During this 24 years Ukraine is essentially failed state – despite enourmous industrial, agricultural, human resources it is only of republic of former USSR that GDP is still below of 1991 Ukranian Soviet Socialist Republic.

    3. So far as I am aware Hitler’s political party was a socialist political party.
      And aren’t socialist political parties meant to be described as being “on the left” or have I missed out on something which is very important and to the contrary?

      1. German National-Socialist Workers Party of Hitler (NSDAP) wasnt at all “Socialist” type of “internationalists”, “left wing” party. Rather it was political party for National Unity of German people. Party for United Working German Society. In this sense it was called “Socialist”

    4. Yes. They are used by you know whom. Some of them (quite possible many) are anti semitic. Doesnt matter. Now they are needed not because of that, but because they are rabid Russophobs, armed, violent and radical ones. THIS IS THEIR ROLE NOW. To be a battering ram against Putin. Later when they fulfill this role they will be dismissed or even eliminated.

  3. JohnG is absolutely right. All this talk about Right Sector and Civil War is bullshit. This is intervention. Pure and simple.

    Not worries. This encroachment in Russian affairs will backfire on fucked up, jew-run America – just like it did in South Ossetia in 2008.

  4. do not believe jewish lies about bandera and western ukraine … oun and ypa never hated polish or russians or hungarians … russians and ukrainians are the same people … ukraine was allied with poland and hungary for forever under the austro-lithuanian empire … there never were any wars (and if there were, like history lies, why was the alliance still in tact after the “war”)

    jews are just trying to create gentile vs gentile wars … whether it be usa vs russia, or russia vs ukraine, east ukraine vs west ukraine, eastern hemisphere vs western hemisphere, black vs whites, sunni vs shiite

  5. Hi Lasha.

    Thanks for posting this article and your comments. I’ve been too busy lately to focus in on all the plethora of msm bullshit surrounding the Ukraine in order to try and figure out who the players are and what the Jews are up to but this post seems to hone in on the basic players and delineate the characters quite well.

    For me the Right Sector appears to be the most difficult to figure out. If they’re the remnant of the those who suffered under the Holodomor then it’s easy to see why they’d have a hate-on for the Jews but surely they must know that the vast majority of Russians during the early 1930’s were also totally dominated and enslaved by the Bolsheviks Communist Jew cartel and so to try and equate present-day Russia under Putin with the earlier regime seems a bit strange.

    I can see the Right Sector aiming for an independent, pro-Ukrainian position with friendly ties with Russia and anti-Zionist forces around the world but for them to take a pig-headed, defiant position against Mother Russia is just asking to be annihilated if push comes to shove with Russia itself.

    Best they form an alliance with Putin than attempt to battle on two fronts.

    1. Right Sector is fiercely Russophobic. This explain why jews finance it and provide media coverage for “peaceful ukranian opposition” . They (jews ) think they will be able to control it after Right Sector fulfill its function of war against Russia and Russians/Russian speaking population of Ukraine. Same tactic as in Syria, for example. But this can backfire them severely. Or maybe not. Finally they did reach they goals in horrific wars between Russia and Germany in XX century.

  6. Great Britain and the USA have been on a conquering, destroying, colonizing , 400 year old rampage that has impoverished, if not enslaved most of the world with guns and banks, and, the scary part for those of us who have enjoyed their plunder is that it can’t go on much longer. Sooner or later their actions will destroy us all. Why can’t we quit when we are ahead?

  7. the main argument presented here is that the Right Sector controls the rebels.

    Nothing in the text supplies info on how this is true. As for PC Roberts, it is always, wolf, wolf, wolf.

    Joe Webb

  8. Some don’t trust Putin because he has jailed thousands of Nationalists for being Russian Nationalists. Tomatobubble’s Mike King believes Putin doesn’t like Nationalists in Russia or Ukraine because they are filled with US/DC, Jewish controlled “Nazis” who play a false opposition front against Putin’s Nationalist Russia, siding with the US–EUSSR.

    Ok, I buy part of this but then why doesn’t Putin define the difference between Western Jewish dupe false opposition “Nationalists” and true White Russian or Ukraine Nationalists, hence siding with the one’s who seek authentic self determination from those who are pushing Jewish Globalist objectives?

    This is why I don’t trust Putin because I believe he too is playing a false opposition front to the US–EUSSR to crush any real Nationalistic movements in favor of Russia or the West’s nations, who happened to have all their central banking structures controlled by the Jewish controlled City of London Corp.

    1. Hodgepodge of misconceptions and hearsay. Can you name a single Nationalist jailed by Putin for being Russian Nationalist?

      Russia is a home for over 100 ethnic groups all of whom live in their own lands, not Russian lands. Separating ethnic Russians from the rest is the surest way to obliterate the Russian statehood along with the Russian civilization once and for all.

      Putin does not have the power of God to do whatever he wants to do. He does not control the money system, he does not control the media. Today’s Russia is not yesterday’s USSR – it has lost most of its independence as the result of defeat in the cold war. Putin is doing whatever he can to restore that independence. He has no other option but tread with extreme caution in the situation where the balance of power is far from being on his side.

      1. Circassian
        “Can you name a single Nationalist jailed by Putin for being Russian Nationalist?”


        No, I have simply read on Nationalist sites where Putin has jailed thousands of Russian Nationalists and this is supported by RT bias depictions of Russian Nationalists who are jailed for protesting against immigration into Russia.

        I might also point out that I cannot name one single Nationalist Chinese murdered by the Chicoms but that doesn’t mean they didn’t slaughter over 80 million of their citizens.

        You misrepresent my statements further. I didn’t say Putin controlled Russia’s money system. Exactly the opposite. I said the City of London Jews do hence they indirectly control Russia and Putin. So in short, if Putin was actually opposing their globalist ambitions, common sense and all history shows that they would have him removed from the inside just as they do anyone who opposes them inside nations where they control the central bank.

        I stand by my statements until proven wrong. Show me how Russia’s money system is NOT controlled by the Jews and then you have a point. Until then, no dice…..

        1. >> I might also point out that I cannot name one single Nationalist Chinese murdered by the Chicoms but that doesn’t mean they didn’t slaughter over 80 million of their citizens.

          Tyron, you have problems with simple logic. If you cannot name one single Nationalist Chinese murdered by the Chicoms that doesn’t mean anything – one way or the other – with regard to a statement “they slaughtered over 80 million of their citizens” which you have simply read somewhere.

          >> So in short, if Putin was actually opposing their globalist ambitions, common sense and all history shows that they would have him removed from the inside just as they do anyone who opposes them inside nations where they control the central bank.

          If you want to know whether Putin is actually opposing Jewish globalist ambitions or not, you don’t have to guess what would have happened if so and so. Not to mention that you have very little chance of guessing right what would have happened if so and so. All one needs to do is to look closely what Putin is doing and observe whether globalists like that or not.

          The balance of power is on the side of globalists for the time being, there is little doubt about that. But this is a fight. In any fight, where the balance of power is not on your side, you have to compromise … if you are not John Kaminski that is.

          Only Johns Kaminskis can “expose, neutralize, and punish” the Jews by just playing it straight.

      2. Yes, Putin is in extremely difficult situations. All these years since 1999. Permanent problems, terror attacks, tasks to solve and tramps to avoid. He manage most of them brilliantely. International jewry are in war against him. He manage to out-maneuver them at home and outside and win again and again. In the “soft way”. “Ju-do” way. But pressure is stronger and attacks are fiercier all the time. Ukranian events are most recent example.

        1. “Tyron, you have problems with simple logic. “If you cannot name one single Nationalist Chinese murdered by the Chicoms that doesn’t mean anything”

          No, you have a problem with simple logic. Your point was that if I couldn’t name a Russian Nationalist jailed by Putin then it didn’t happen.”

          “one way or the other – with regard to a statement “they slaughtered over 80 million of their citizens” which you have simply read somewhere.”

          I am also something HERE authored by YOU hence by your logic, your own points MEAN ZERO- dolt.

          Furthermore, I DON’T have to guess about Putin’s role because Russia’s central bank is CONTROLLED by the the same JEWS who control America’s and almost every currency on the planet, bar 3 as of now.

          I am no John Kaminski and that fact makes me happy because I am secure in my myself and my knowledge, but one doesn’t have to be John Kaminski to READ through the obvious ploy being played in this false dichotomy between the West, Jewish controlled, and Russia, JEWISH controlled.

          For the last time, either you show how the Russian central banks are NOT controlled by the elite “Jews” who center their planetary financial control from the City of London Corporation or you’re just blowing more wind.

          Put up or shut up- in other-words.

        2. Correction

          “I am also something HERE authored by YOU hence by your logic, your own points MEAN ZERO- dolt.”

          Should read

          I am also READING something HERE authored by YOU hence by your logic, your own points MEAN ZERO- dolt.

        3. True, I have a problem with simple logic … with your simple logic.

          Perhaps you will agree that our exchange has deteriorated to the point where it cannot serve any useful purpose for you, for me, or for anybody else around here.

          Be well.

        4. Circassian

          The only disintegrating going on here is you and your statements. This is very useful for the people around here because the obvious logic employed against your stances has proved that you have nothing to counter it with hence showing that my position has enough merit to be considered by the readers here.

          If you would have tried reasoning instead of trying to marginalize me with false judgements you would have faired better.

          Still waiting for you to show everyone how the “Jews” of the City of London Corp don’t control Russia’s central banks thus indirectly control Russia and Putin, but don’t worry, I ain’t holding my breath cause we both know you can’t.

  9. Any country in which Jews “are not safe in the streets” has my unstinting support. They need to be repaid for their centuries of crimes. Ukraine would be a good place to start, although I’d rather see it happen in the U.S. Putin playing a duplicitous game with the Jews. He needs to ‘fess up and play it straight. Every country in the world needs to understand that the criminal Jews are nobody’s friends. They need to be exposed, neutralized, and punished.

    1. John, I do not believe for a second that Kaminski is as dumb as this comment suggests.

      Jews “need to be exposed, neutralized, and punished”. Well, do you have a master plan, John?

      Well yes, – says John, – Putin needs to ‘fess up and play it straight. Thank you, John, but I rather leave it to Putin as of what to do and how to do it.

    2. John

      The time for retribution and reckoning will come when the Jews have been pushed back to “israel” by authentic and false opposition forces. Then they will be in one place to deal with. Until then, they will pretty much have free reign into driving the planet to destruction. After the dust settles and the native inhabitance of the nations they destroyed look around to see who did it, they are finished, but not until then. The game is survival until our day of reckoning when they have no excuses and places left to hide.

    3. Fucking right. We need to make the entire Jewish race suffer. The voices of millions of dead Germans, Ukrainians, and Russians demand it.

    4. Dont be euphoric , John. Jews own all Ucranian industry, money, mass media, politics. If they are “not safe on the street of Kiev” now is because police non exist dismanteled and “peaceful protesters”from Galitchina in balaklavas with Kalashnikovs are loose on the streets. It will not last long. Maybe not even couple of weeks. Streets of Sainct-Petersburg also wasnt very safe place in October of 1917.

    5. Kaminski! You are a horrid anti-semite. Who is an anti-semite? Basically an inferior specie of mankind that is always bested by Jews in finacial struggles! Hence, the Jew hatred.

  10. The Ukrainian Right Sector sounds very much like the Golden Dawn in Greece, but on a more violent scale. The Jews are losing their grip around the planet as more people awaken to their political machinations. I have never read anything like this from Dr. Roberts. The questions is: Will the Jew’s have what it takes to invoke their “Samson Option”? When the world comes with torches and pitchforks to tear down their fortress door, will they unleash their golem?

  11. Reader’s, don’t waste your time chasing “ghosts” on this one. Paul Craig has already told you in this article it was Israelis that were firing shots from the tower at both parties to get this mayhem started.
    Do I have to draw a map here?

  12. The Jews win because they are willingly to die for a satanic lie while the goyim won’t even stand up to a “strong breeze” that might threaten his “comfort zone!.

  13. This is article so full of hatred and distorted facts, makes you sick to read it. Not one single positive or constructive thought. It’s like watching a bad horror movie. According to the article there is not one single positive development in Ukraine. It’s all about who hates whom more, isn’t it?

    1. Nationalism is good. Socialism is (supposed to be for the greater) good.
      So National Socialism is good.

      Maybe you prefer this type of propaganda (2 minutes):

      That “I am a Ukrainian” video was created by a Ben Moses working for the CIA… need I continue?… (8 minutes):

      Or maybe you have something positive of your own that you would like to contribute.

    2. Can you supply us with constructive criticism? And can you point out a positive development in the Ukraine in the past week? Just askin’…

    3. I regret to say you that, Torsten, but indeed there no single positive development in Ukraine during last couple of months.

    4. There are plenty of positive developments in the wake of the armed intervention of western powers into Ukraine.

      Not least of them is the ongoing consolidation of the Russian society. The illusion that, if not provoked, the Judised west would leave the Russian world to its own devices is rapidly waning off. Even the corrupt, filthy rich, oriented towards the west Russian “elites” are realizing slowly but surely that there is only one sure way to be rich and not to lose their riches overnight (at times along with their lives) as it did happen to Saddam Hussein, colonel Kaddafi, president Yanukovich and many others: to rally around Putin, regain country’s independence, roll up their sleeves, and get to the difficult work of rebuilding the fatherland.

      1. Well, maybe. I hope you are right, Circassian. I guess we need to be “wise as snakes and peaceful as doves” now. To see way forward, not over-react as primitive minds do. Hopefully, official Russia is mostly silent right now because of that. Waiting, analysing events, calculating short-, medium- and long-term options and preparing. I believe that any crisis brings new opportunity. As they told once in “The Stepford wives” :”I believe in Stepford, America and power of prayer”…

        So “I believe in Putin, Russia and Power of prayer” 🙂

  14. The picture is very much disturbed yet, as well on a – site and forum in German language. Just as in Germany, we have those, many of them, who are still indoctrinated by Marxism, who tell the lies as if Lenin and the Red army had been liberators from fascism. They should go to the Ukraine, I think there, no one there believes that except in the eastern, russian part perhaps.. Not only holodomor, the terrible starvation, done by commissars (often jewish, as Solshenitsyn wrote) under orders of Kaganovich and Stalin according to the plans of Lenin is still in bitter memory, also the ukrainian Cossaks fought against the Red hordes and for the Tsar, later the Ukrainians wellcomend the Wehrmacht, and the Cossaks joined the Wehrmacht against the Red army. In the end 1945, the british army extradited them from Austria to Stalin, were they were to be shot but then send to the Gulags to perish. Wasn’t it called operation keelhole? Many, also women and children committed suicide. Don’t know who gave the orders to the British.
    These historic thing are coming to the surface of time, of course. The boss of ukrainian jews, Wadym Rabynowytsch is saying at the moment, almost nothing has happened in antisemitic terms. Possible the jews have tried to be in a leading position at the Maidan, but lost it. Also the Western Media and the Marxists paint a picture of so much right wing influence, (brown battalions) , but it may be very much exaggerated. If the Ukrainians will follow Soros fraudulent money promises? I hope not.
    Putin, to me, appears not very much in charge. Since the Kremlin has often, even in Israel, celebrated the liberation through the Red Army, and has condemned revionism, even as Lawrow against Lattvia or Estonia, condem,ed irevision of soviet history,- they show themselves to be neo-bolshevics – of course in a more consumer-friendly outfit.
    The US-administration, Londom, the EU- all of them made failures, they believe with their money-fraud and media-lies they can dominate human soul.
    But in the course of time, history will reappear as it really was, and I hope until then, the German people will not have ceased to exist.

    1. operation Keelhaul it should read perhaps.
      I don’t know, to add, if the shots at and around Maidan square were fired by Israelis, but found in a forum, they claim to have got the original orders for the snipers, that were from the Interior Ministry under Sachartschenko the Spezialeinheit -unit-„SOKOL” led by Oberst S. Asavaljuk and others -(operation bumerang and wave)- and involved the Russian secret service, they say.

      1. Lies, in my opinion.
        Typical war propaganda I would say. Members of “Right Sector” and other “peaceful protesters” were trained during years in special NATO camps in Estonia, Lituania, Latvia, Karpats. In sabotage, diversion, ideological warfare, propaganda, use of internet and social media. Some of the members (Aleksander Musychko aka Sashko Biliy) became famouse for their cruelty toward Russian soldiers diring Chechen wars

    2. Hundreds of thousands Cossacks extradited them from Austria in 1945 were not from Ukraine, but part of Russian Imperial (White) Army mostly from Southern part of Russia (Don and Kuban). However ethnically they are practically the same: Don Cossacks originally were peasants/colonists from Voronezh and Kursk regions and Kuban Cossacks – peasants/colonists from Central/Eastern/Southern Malorossia (Little Russia, that now is called “Ucraine”)

  15. Obama is simply the figurehead patsy he’s been all along. It’s just that this manufactured ineptitude makes it all the more transparent. His “recklessness” represents his Satanic masters designed move in ratcheting up the stakes.

    As the eagle and lion poke the bear.

    WW2 was staged through the manipulation of its warring players for the purpose of CREATING Israel, thus activating the synagogue of Satan to soften up the World for a Totalitarian abomination. WW3 is staged to DESTROY it through another manipulation of warring players. It is to be sacrificed, with the symbolism of a destroyed Jerusalem that of slaying Christ again upon his return. This unleashes the demonic fury, and a New Babylon will be consecrated with the “blood of the jews”. The One-World State commences, and with it a great affliction.

    That’s THEIR end-game.

    But Christ still lives, known only by those who haven’t rejected Him, again, and given in to the beast. And the end-game for the Righteous Army will come soon thereafter.

    See you at Armageddon. The REAL Apocalypse. The final victory.

  16. Quote: Since the Russian commissars who confiscated Ukrainian
    Should be: Since the Russian Yiddish speaking commissars who confiscated Ukrainian !
    BTW Karma’s a bitch see: It is also significant that “the chief rabbi of Ukraine has just declared the country unsafe for Jews and is urging them to emigrate: he says the Israeli embassy is telling them not to leave their homes because Jews are not safe in the streets.”
    Never mind that the kommissars today are not speaking Yiddish but Hebrew it will be the same for the Ukrainian Right Sector!

    1. If grandsons of SS “Galitchina” will be free to do what they want – fulfill Hitler “Plan Ost” for Little Russia it is certainly thing to do now.
      By the way the same word “Ucraine” as it used now is the part of “new speak”. 75% of territory of so called modern “Ucraine” is a Little Russia, original Rissian land of Kievan Rus, Malorossia. Russian speaking, Russian or mixed Rusian/Malorussian ethnically, relgiously it is historic territory of Russian Orthodox Churche. By the way it is important moment. true division of “Ucraine” may be with more precision drawn on religious map. Western really small part (roughly 1/4, capital Lviv) are Greek or Roman Catholic – this is “Ucraine” of ultra nationalistic “Right Sector”. Rest is the “Little Russia” of Russian Orthodox Church. There is well known Russian proverb “Kiev – is the Mother of Russian cities”. Now it is capital of so called anti Russian “Ukraine” that never was even close in political or ideological sense to the Kiev.
      Please, see the maps below and be aware of that.

      Another good map showing less populated, rural, catholic, anti-Russian western part of Ucraine and more populated central and Eastern/Southern parts. Crimea of course if Russian territory “donated to Ukranian SSR by Khruschev in 1954

  17. If you let me I would like to make some correction to very well written introduction of Lasha. I think it is important to understand what is happening now and get through massive jewish propaganda of “brave ucranian freedom fighters of Maidan” . So here we go (excerpts of Lasha text and my commentaries) :

    “Ukraine has now fallen under the control of Right Sector, a group of violent “neo-Nazis” who hate Jews and Russians even more than they hate the US and Europe. The US has foolishly spent $5 billion helping to finance a coup d’état on behalf of people who essentially hate them. This is the sad and sober truth.” (May be foulishly or may be not. Syria terrorists who fight Governement also hate US and Istael, still Us and Israel are behind them. As McCain said:”it is damn good idea to make them fight each other!I wonder Why we didnt do it earlier?” Now same John “insane” McCain are very euphric of Maidan “freedom fighters” of “Right Sector”.)

    The Western media have presented a totally simplistic and distorted picture of the situation in Ukraine. (It is war propaganda in full force, mass media coverage of own side as “good guys” and opponent as “bad guys”)

    One half of the country (the east) is Russian-speaking and loyal to Putin’s Russia. This half of the country, as you might expect, is portrayed by Western media as the “bad half”. The other half of the country (the west) turns adoring eyes toward the US and Europe and longs to become part of the European community and have NATO defend them from Russia. Full of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young idealists, panting for the freedom and democracy purportedly enjoyed by all Americans and Europeans, this part of Ukraine is naturally presented as the “good half”.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.”

    (Correct, but… in my opinion the ratio is (or at least always was 1/3 (Anti-Russian, Russophobic) to 2/3 (Russian), not 50/50. However, after 24 years of rabid anti Russian propaganda in the “New independent Ukraine” this ratio could be different.

    See the map of Malorossia (Little Rusia) and Ukraine here. )

    “As the article below will make clear, Ukraine is now under the hegemony of armed thugs whose ideological roots go back to Hitler’s Germany. ” (Correct)

    “These were ordinary Ukrainians who had suffered horrendously under Stalin.” (Some way correct – Western part of Ukraine bacame part of USSR only starting late 1930’s. Holodomor was in Little Russia-Malorossia, not in Western (e.g. properly speaking) Ukraine)

    “Roughly 10 million of them had been starved to death in the Holodomor famine (1932-33), a premediated act of genocidal mass murder for which they rightly blamed the Soviet Union.” ( Again see this map 10 millions were starved to death in Eastern. Southern, Central parts of Ukraine as well as in Kuban, Central Russia, banks of the Volga River. Mass starvation in 1930’s in USSR never was just “exclusively Ukranian” event. However, fierce anti-Russian propaganda that became official ideology in the “new, independent Ukraine” since 1991 and is widely distributed in western mass media since then create this false image.)

    “Since the Russian commissars who confiscated Ukrainian corn (Wrong, Ukraine is not corn culture, it is “bread basket of Russia”. Corn was introduced just in 1960’s by Khruschev, after his visit to USA. Not good move, that created the need for USSR to buy bread from Canada and USA in 1970 and 1980’s. He also made traditionally Russian Crimea part of Ukranian SSR (from administrative point of view ) – until now nobody can explain why)

    …”and presided over the deliberate starvation of the Ukrainian peasants were mostly Jewish — and since Communism and the Bolshevik Revolution itself (1917) had the mark of international Jewry written all over them — it is only natural that these Ukrainian nationalists should regard Jews with utter abhorrence.” (Yes, and no, :Right Sector” hatred of jews has its roots in Galitchina, Lviv – lands that were polish. So this is jewish behaviour in Poland that produced this kind of feelings to them from Western Ukranians and the Poles as well.)

    “When World War II broke out, these Ukrainian Jew haters naturally joined forces with Hitler’s Germany.” (yes, but Hitler was also Russophobic. His “Plan Ost” meant to wage war of extermination of the Russian in Malorussia and Russia. Western Ukranians are fiercely Russophobic as well. Similar to Ustash (Catholic) who murdered Serbs (Orthodox) by thousands during WWII. Similarities are many. See

    “Right Sector, who now control Ukraine thanks to American “regime change”, are the ideological descendants of the Ukrainian victims of the Holodomor famine. (NOT QUITE SO, see my comments above)
    “They hate the Jews for starving their forefathers to death” (NOT QUITE SO, see my comments above)

    ” They hate the Russians for letting the Jews take over Russia.” (NOT QUITE SO, see my comments above.)

    ” And they hate the US — (NOT QUITE SO, THEY READY TO TACTICALLY ALLY WITH US against Russi. Hatred to Russia, rabid Russophoby is most prominent treat of Western Ukranians since Konovaletz, Bandera, Shukhevich. See more info (somewhat biased) here,,,,

    “The hidden hand of international Jewry must be seen behind recent events in Ukraine.” NOT HIDDEN ATT ALL. See my previous posts on

    It must not be forgotten that Yulia Tymoshenko, the blonde-plaited darling of so many Western Ukrainians and a former Prime Minister of Ukraine, was known to have close business ties with crime boss Semyon Moglievich, head of the Jewish Russian mafia. I have written about this shady character before, billed as “the world’s most dangerous man”. (See here).

    It needs to be asked: how come the former Prime Minister of Ukraine was in cahoots with the head of Jewish Russian mafia? (She is part jewish herself and part of the mafia as well)

    Who has helped to finance Right Sector? (jewish oligarkh from Ukraine -Igor Kolomoitzev, Petro Poroshenko/Waltzman) etc.

    Were those Israeli snipers by any chance who shot and killed both sides in the recent conflict in Kiev, the protesters as well as the Ukrainian police? (Very possible so, as they did in many occasions (Moscow 1905, Sainct Petersburg 1917, Moscow 1993, Bucharest 1989, etc.)

    “These questions need answering.” (The answers are all there. Situation is very clear indeed)

    1. “Since the Russian commissars who confiscated Ukrainian corn (Wrong, Ukraine is not corn culture, it is “bread basket of Russia”. Corn was introduced just in 1960′s by Khruschev, after his visit to USA…)


      Thanks for your detailed commentary. You make many excellent points and show a vast knowledge by which I am truly humbled! However, you misunderstand my comment, “the Russian commissars who confiscated Ukrainian corn.”

      By “corn” i don’t mean American sweet corn, I mean WHEAT, out of which bread is made.

      The word “corn” is used in English for the principal cereal crop of the region. In England this is wheat, in Scotland it is oats. The poetic phrase “fields of golden corn” refers to wheat fields. This is made into bread.

      1. Agree, Lasha. Unfortunately, I am not so poetic and there are some differences between British and American English. Thanks for clarification.

  18. Some more corrections:

    “As I indicated earlier, Right Sector has not forgotten the Holodomor genocide of 1932-33 and the savage cruelties inflicted on Ukrainian peasants by Stalin and his Jewish commissars.” (Yes and no, Western Ukraine wasnt part of mass starvations in early 1930;s because it was part of poland then)

    Right Sector also remembers that the Red Army, at the instigation of Russian Jew Ilya Ehrenberg, not only raped over 2 million German women in 1945 but also raped, tortured and killed thousands of women in Ukraine. (NOT AGREE. THERE IS NO ANY FACTS of “raped, tortured and killed thousands of women in Ukraine” by Soviet Army. QUITE CONTRARY.)

    “So these Ukrainian nationalists, portrayed by Western media as “neo-Nazi scum”, have very good reason to be angry with Jews and Russians — especially Russian Jews like Ilya Ehrenberg and Trotsky who made the lives of their forefathers such a living hell.”

    (Now grandchildren of Erenburg and Trotzky are financists and propagandists for the “Right Sector. Propaganda mostly Russophobic, to create more possible confrontation between goyim from Russia and Ukraine, as they ancestors created confrontation between goyims social groups (workers and peasants against aristocracy and bourgoisie”, “German against Russian” etc). Or Sunni agains Shia for this matter.)

    “It is highly significant that all over western Ukraine statues of Lenin, whose grandfather was Jewish, have been torn down and reduced to rubble.” (They should put flowers to those statues, because Lenin and later Khruschev ( created Ukraine in modern borders. Without Lenin Ukraine would be reduced to rural area around Lviv, may be 1/3 part of actual territory of modern “Ukraine”, most of which is actually “Little Russia” or “Malorossia”

    “It is also significant that “the chief rabbi of Ukraine has just declared the country unsafe for Jews and is urging them to emigrate: he says the Israeli embassy is telling them not to leave their homes because Jews are not safe in the streets.” TEMPORAL MOVE. Jews virtually own “Ukraine, most of it riches are in eastern, Russian part of it. This why jewish oligarkh are afraid of Russia. Khodorkovskiy and Berezovskiy examples are very vivid for them. Jewish oligarkh are main sponsors of “anti-semitic” political parties in Ukraine (“Svoboda” of Tyagnibok etc;) Grandmother of Tyagnibok did have very proud but not at all ukranian last name of Frotman. So jewish oligarch tactic is simple: if you cant eliminate “anti-semitism” in the society completely – organize, dirige and therefore control it.

    1. Asthor,

      I am grateful to you for your detailed commentary. You show a stupendous knowledge of this subject by which I am truly awed. I have no hestitation in saying that you know infinitely more about this subject than I do.

  19. Do not forget Obongo also has a Jew grandfather. Pluto is squaring Uranus in the sky.
    Greater turmoil is coming. If things are not solved this year then next year around Oct 17, 2015, WWIII will commence when Mars is conjunct the Scepter (Jupiter).
    You have been warned. Plan accordingly.

    1. I can see your irony, Commander Z, and even might be able to understand your position.
      But I can see as well that you dont have any valid contr-argument.
      So resorting your position to use of foolish nonsenses is making discussion with you unproductive. Try to be serious if you would like to be accepted.

      1. Accepted by whom?

        The information you provide is impressive, Asthor, but who’s to say what is “foolish nonsenses?”So many erudite commenters on this site, but where does the bigger picture emerge?

        As I see it, all human experience on Earth in its temporal state emanates from the spiritual war of good vs. evil. The malignant growth that is now manifested in what we know as “Israel” had its inception as a bad seed that could be said to ‘precede antiquity’. Call it a seed that ‘captured’ Time and CREATED what we call “history”. But who is the “he” whose story it is? Is it the Great Deceiver his bad self who runs the synagogue?

        We can make all the brilliant observations of this and that throughout the puppet show in the illusion of Time we think of as Life, and that’s all fine and well. But however it all plays out, it won’t be until after it does that the experience of Life lived in Truth resumes.

        In the meantime we are in various degrees, spectators. Whether at a degree of being a major player on the geopolitical stage down to the meekest lamb in the little sisters of the poor, we are the witnesses who live for its Deliverance as we prepare for its Redemption. And my sense is that the most prominent of the redeemed in this temporal World will prove to be the Christian martyrs of Russia whose blood consecrated it.

        1. I see your point, Brownhawk. Perhaps, I sould not use the words I used. “Foolish nonsenses” etc. Didnt mean to offend anybody. “Accepted” I meant accepted for discussion. Nothing personal at all.

  20. One hears frequently resentful question: If Putin is against the drive of globalists to enslave the entire world by way of dehumanizing humans, why he is not extending his helping hand to the nationalists in Europe and around the world who stand for traditional and conservative values?

    The answer to that question seems obvious to me: There are no serious nationalist movements in the West to speak of. He cannot support a handful of misguided and disoriented bunch of wishful thinkers without seriously undermining his own fight.

    To support something, that something has to stand on its own. He cannot, for example, support ethnically Russian citizens of Ukraine who constitute the majority of the population in some regions like Crimea, including Sevastopol, if these Russians are not willing to fight for themselves.

    Paraphrasing John F. Kennedy, I would say this to those who call themselves nationalists: Don’t ask what Putin can do for you – ask what you can do for Putin.

  21. the previous post was a test, i am having problems posting today.

    thus apologies to hook-nosed octopuses, unless they said kol nidre.

  22. I’ve been having a few problems myself posting on this site recently. This is just a test to see if my comment is accepted.

  23. slow, but comments appearing (if this one works with its 2 links).
    Now one of the questions would be: is Ukraine bankrupt? how was the economy going recent years, under Yanukovich, under Yuschtenko? The role of the socalled red mafya. The governernments and also the Kremlin did have 20 years to clean up sovjet style economy. And the Kremlin is enforcing written history in bolshevic terms, why do they have to be afraid to enlighten the world about the Red Beast? and the Western “liberal” journalists did ignore the starvation by forced collectivisation then, early 30s like Duranti of the NYtimes.

  24. poor jews
    poor murdering, thieving, lying jews

    god help them
    god help jews be smarter, stronger, better looking, so that jews would no longer murder, steal and lie

    1. catholics have prayer for the dying,

      jews have prayer for the lying,
      kol nidre, the one time they are feeling “religious”

  25. The latest from Paul Craig Roberts:

    “Reality on the ground in Ukraine contradicts the incompetent and immoral Obama regime’s portrait of Ukrainian democracy on the march.

    To the extent that government exists in post-coup Ukraine, it is laws dictated by gun and threat wielding thugs of the neo-Nazi, Russophobic, ultra-nationalist, right-wing parties.

    Members of President Yanukovich’s ruling party, the Party of Regions, have been shot, had arrest warrants issued for them, have experienced home invasions and physical threats, and are resigning in droves in hopes of saving the lives of themselves and their families.

    Jewish synagogues and Eastern Orthodox Christian churches are being attacked…”


    Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Declare that Power Comes Out of the Barrels of their Guns

  26. By the way, someone has been posting comments in my name! Don’t do this again! It’s an invasion of my privacy!

    Lasha, please take action!

    1. Sardonicus,

      I have launched an investigation. But frankly, I can’t see how this is an invasion of your privacy. You should be flattered..

  27. now i’ve been a big and hopeful putin backer all along and can quite appreciate him running the rope-a-dope deal on the jew and his lobotomized western golem but i think that if he doesn’t move into crimean russia quite forcefully, he may be setting himself up for the destruction of free russia itself.

    he is walking a tightrope here, what can i do but watch and wait and refuse to have any contact with jews.

    1. Don’t fall into the gullibility trap, Lobro, I myself have quite a few reservations about Putin.

      1. How many LDs are here?
        I am looking for the one on the picture?
        Are Xanadu, Lasha Darkmoon, LD, Pandora Pushkin are still the same person on the picture (which one?) with shades of gray!

    2. Octo(pussies) of the world unite!
      Get up off your (eight) knees and show us your (four) quenelles!

      <a href=

    1. haha, they hacked zuckerman’s lovely mug and left a gaping hole.
      which of course is a great improvement.
      call it a nose job with a margin.

  28. Another thing to consider folks is the fact that Russia has thousands of Spetsnaz in America- most deployed to Colorado, thanks to the Jew (mother is Jewish) Obama,– the KGB trained infiltrator and pretender n chief. If western forces start to fight against Russian forces in Ukraine, what will be the response of the Spetsnaz in America?

    Me thinks this scenario would be a perfect ploy to “justify” military personnel being used in America “against them” and all who supposedly “side with them” (read rightists-Christians-whites). Also, consider that so called Al Queda was suppose to be at war with DC/US but “amazingly” they now side with Israel/US/DC forces against Syria (who protect Christians). Don’t think for a moment that Russian forces in the US will not do the same thing because as I said before, this whole US/DC vs Russia over Ukraine narrative is a simply a Hegelian dialectic to bring about the higher goals of the JWO that need a WW3 scenario to destroy all moral national forces (Read EU/UK-Colonies-America-China etc) that could oppose the completion of their anti Christ state in so called “Israel”.

    1. if everyone in the world was part jewish, no one would oppose international jewry

      the zionist plan may be worse than destroying all nationalists … it may be to kill all pure races

      1. flyingcossack

        Yes, the “Jews” main target has always been whites/Europeans–Christians. They target us on our race and our majority belief system (Social Christian Norms). Through Egalitarian principals, they divide our nations while pitting the minority races and belief systems against our majority.

        So while it is true they are against any pure races, they know they must destroy us if they are ever to finish constructing their JWO out of “Israel”.

        The reason they hate nationalism except for themselves and those they are using from non white nations against us is because only on a national level can a homogenous peoples unit to oppose their globalist objectives of ruling the planet based on their race.

        They have white nations (formerly known as Christendom) on the ropes. After we experience our total disaster, at their hands in this upcoming WW3, our peoples will finally awaken to who has been responsible. The “Jew” will brag about it because they can’t help it. Their uber hypocrisy and hubris is literally encoded in their genes. Then know that they are on the chopping block. Pride goes before the fall and the “Jews” are like a broken record in this area. Always in the end, when they think they have won it all do they stand up and boast and always, as in times past, does this quickly facilitate their utter destruction.

        1. Well said, Tyron.

          I would simply add that true followers of Christ will fight to the death their plans of affliction for all humanity. Whoever’s left will be their willing indentured slaves until that moment of Apocalypse that transfigures the World.

          Interpret “transfigure” to mean: revealing what the “World” as Divinely intended really is by restoring joy (joy to the world)

          Don’t ever stop believing it.

  29. Once again, you need just to see this map to understand that so called modern “Ukraine” is completely artificial entity, consisting of 1/3 properly speaking Ukraine (Western part) and 2/3 of Russia (Malorossia, Little Russia)

    Russian speaking population in modern “Ukraine”:

    Religious map of so called modern “Ukraine”:

    How modern “Ukraine” was created in XX century by taking off mostly (approx. 2/3 of all territory of modern “Ukraine”) parts of Russia and some small parts of Poland and Rumania. And many more quite intersting maps here:районирование-украины/

  30. jews run ukraine … why would jews coup d’etat themselves

    funny how jews refer to people who defend their own land as haters … and people who invade land as emancipators … ukraine and western ukraine has never invaded anyone

    catholics and orthodox live side by side in ukraine without any problems … we even go to each other’s churches, seeing them as our own … if there were attacks on churches, they would be jewish false flags … indeed, there are lots of jewish mafias operating in ukraine trying to get ukrainians to kill each other … also, the jewish media is trying to sell russophobia to the freedom fighters, much like this article and some commenters … every ukrainian i know sees russians as brothers

    krym belongs to russia? or to ukraine … i think lobro’s map is upside down … oh thats right, it all belongs to khazaria … why not rename it israel then … ukrainians will solve their zionist and jewish mafia problem themselves … they dont need usa or russia to move in … if either did move in, it would be to protect jewish control … and if russia wants to help, they need to clean up their own house first

    i agree with tyron parsons, this is a setup to get a russia-usa gentile bloodbath going … jews are controlling both sides

    dont buy any wars people, just defend your land … roberts, darkmoon, asthor, lobro, sardonicus are selling a pile of shit

  31. Some quotes on the topic:

    “In the Western Ukraine, the serpent eggs hatched: children of Nazi collaborators who had imbibed hatred towards the Russians with their mothers’ milk. Their fathers had formed a network under Reinhard Gehlen, the German spymaster. In 1945, as Germany was defeated, Gehlen swore allegiance to the US and delivered his networks to the CIA. They continued their guerrilla war against the Soviets until 1956. Their cruelty was legendary, for they aimed to terrify the population into full compliance to their command. Notoriously, they strangulated the Ukrainians suspected of being friendly to Russians with their bare hands.

    A horrifying confession of a participant tells of their activities in Volyn: “One night, we strangulated 84 men. We strangulated adults, as for little kids, we held their legs, swung and broke their heads at a doorpost. …Two nice kids, Stepa and Olya, 12 and 14 years old… we tore the younger one into two parts, and there was no need to strangulate her mother Julia, she died of a heart attack” and so on and so on. They slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Poles and Jews; even the dreadful Baby Yar massacre was done by them, with German connivance, somewhat similar to Israeli connivance in the Sabra and Chatila massacres of Palestinians by the Lebanese fascists of the Phalange.

    The children of these Bandera murderers were brought up to hate Communism, Soviets and Russians, and in adoration of their fathers’ deeds. They formed the spearhead of the pro-US anti-government rebels in the Ukraine, the Right Sector led by out-and-out fascist Dmytro Yarosh. They were ready to fight, to die and kill. Such units attract potential rebels of differing backgrounds: their spokesman is young Russian -turned -Ukrainian -nationalist Artem Skoropadsky, a journalist with the mainstream oligarch-owned Kommersant-UA daily. There are similar young Russians who join Salafi networks and become suicide-bombers in the Caucasus mountains – young people whose desire for action and sacrifice could not be satisfied in the consumer society. This is a Slav al-Qaeda — real neo-Nazi storm troopers, a natural ally of the US.

    And they did not fight only for association with EC and against joining a Russia-led TC. Their enemies were also the Russians in the Ukraine, and Russian-speaking ethnic Ukrainians. The difference between the twain is moot. Before independence in 1991, some three quarters of the population preferred to speak Russian. Since then, successive governments have tried to force people to use Ukrainian. For the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, anyone who speaks Russian is an enemy.

    The other nationalist group is affiliated with Svoboda:

    Behind the spearhead of the Right Sector, with its fervent anti-communist and anti-Russian fighters, a larger organisation could be counted on: the neo-Nazi Freedom (Svoboda), of Tyagnibok. Some years ago Tyagnibok called for a fight against Russians and Jews, now he has become more cautious regarding the Jews. He is still as anti-Russian as John Foster Dulles.

    So we have the specter of dueling nationalisms, plus a strong dose of liberals among the anti-Yanukovych forces, all aided by a large dose of U.S. intervention. Shamir:

    [The West was] extremely active: the US State Department representative Victoria “Fuck EC’’ Nuland [who has impeccable neocon credentials] had spent days and weeks in Kiev, feeding the insurgents with cookies, delivering millions of smuggled greenbacks to them, meeting with their leaders, planning and plotting the coup. Kiev is awash with the newest US dollars fresh from its mint (of a kind yet unseen in Moscow, I’ve been told by Russian friends). The US embassy spread money around like a tipsy Texan in a night club. Every able-bodied young man willing to fight received five hundred dollar a week, a qualified fighter – up to a thousand, a platoon commander had two thousand dollars – good money by Ukrainian standards.”

    “It is very difficult to see how a Ukrainian nationalist could be optimistic about the long-term effects of allying Ukraine with the EU. The very clear signs of discontent with the EU exactly because of the obliteration of national cultures should be a clear sign to the anti-Russian Ukrainian nationalists that the EU is not the answer.

    “A better solution would be to break up states like Ukraine with large ethnic divisions into ethnically homogeneous societies” (e.g. Western Ukranian Republic, Malorussia and Crimea), “but to also develop a consensus that the territorial wars fueled by nationalism should be a thing of the European past. Europeans must find unity in the face of the massive invasions of non-Europeans that have occurred throughout the West. That may be a tall order, but the way of the EU is suicide for all European peoples.”

    1. you are completely confused or a ziotroll hasbara sayanim

      tyanibok and yuschenko and svoboda party are ukrainian nationalists

      yanukovich was a jewish lackey

      you are selling wars between ukrainian provinces, between ukraine and russia … you are selling a pile of shit of disinformation

    2. the russian language is judaicized with hard pronunciations

      the ukrainian language is the true llanguage of the rus peoples … most speak russian because jewish communists tried to outlaw the ukrainian language … and ukraine is only making a rebound now

      there is no conflict between ukrainian-speaking and russian-speaking people … and if you want to live in ukraine, shouldnt the first language in schools be ukrainian … no one is forcing anyone out, you are trying to apply KKK over-the-cliff emotional juxtaposition to honest nationalists … a typical jewish tactic

    3. Asthor writes like an exterminalist, and these pictures of massacers may be copied and pasted from some propaganda either Israeli or bolshevic.

  32. After the fall of the pro-Russian government of the elected president Yanukovich, the leader of Right Sector, Aleksandr Muzychko, has pledged to fight against “Jews and Russians until I die.” The Right Sector is country’s most organized and militant political party. Russian press has accused some of party leaders being fighting along Muslim Chechen separatists against Russian army. On the other hand, Jewish-dominated western media has labeled the Right Sector, “Neo-Nazis”. Some of party’s supporters did volunteer to join Nazi party to liberate Ukraine from the Jewish-ruled Soviet Russia.

    In addition to Right Sector, the other major political parties behind the protests was the ultra-nationalist Svoboda, whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” Svoboda, which holds 37 seats in Ukrainian parliament and is a pro-Israel nationalist party. Israel First Sen. John McCain along with Tyahnybok addressed an EuroMaidan rally early this month. Victoria Nuland, the Jewish Assistant Secretary of State, also held a friendly meeting with the party leaders during first week of this month. In March 2013, Oleh Tyahnybok hosted Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Reuven Dinel. He told his Israeli guest: “I would like to ask Israelis to also respect our patriotic feelings. Probably each party in the Knesset is nationalist. With God’s help, let it be this way for us too.” One has to agree with Tyahnybok on this point – but then Svoboda party is not one of “G-d’s Chosen people” party like Israeli Knesset.

    Ukraine’s largest religious minority, 8 million Muslims are hoping that the US-EU-sponsored regime change doesn’t turn into a civil war. The great majority of Ukrainian Muslims are Tatars of Turkic descent. They have not forgotten how their Muslim ancestors suffered Holocaust at the hands of Josef Stalin and his Jewish thugs.

  33. Just see it for yourself – new “Ukranian authorities”. “Right sector” member Alaksadr Muzychko (aka Sashko Biliy) known for his cruel assasinations of many young (18-20 y.o.) Russian soldiers during Chechen war speaking to legitimate representative of the Governement.

  34. you see lobro how difficult it is with Ukraine, though you haven’t speculated too much, as far as I read. –This Asthor above, quoting Babi yar and horror stories is certainly believing desinforamtion, because there no trace of bones was found and layers of soil are not disturbed. It is claimed, the mazi-Einsatzgruppen had dug up all the remains of the victims and burned them in a short time while the Wehrmacht was going backwards.
    — What I just read, was that Yanukovich has collected millions of money lately and had become an Oligarch together with those others in the Ukraine.
    If that were so, then these patriots should be able to clean up gangsters and corruption. Even if the Russian, or the eastern part with its industries and Crimea, will separate, which is likely,- in the other half cleaned from corruption, economy will recover, farming culture revive – the corn-basket Ukraine will be cultivated in natural ways and they can exchange surplus of harvests for machines and other things needed.
    So they would not involve fraudulend bankers of international finance. Of course they will have to keep Monsanto out and jewish enterprises.. In other european countries patriots will cooperate then with Ukraine and the EU, build on the ruins of nations can go away.

    1. They dont have any “corn basket” in Galitchina – just forests and marshes, fritz. But peaceful separation may be the ultimate way to solve the problem. Just like Czechoslovakia became Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the same way “Ukraine” could be separated from “Little Russia” or “Malorossia” and Crimea. This is most logical and peaceful way. Again see the map:

      1. I din’t know that about Galitchina, good. But in the other areas of the Ukraine is very fertile black soil, I think. Me i’m definitly for a peaceful solution. best would be to clean out gangsters and corruption. If a part goes to Poland, i don’t know the relations. But the Poles are dependent on Wallstreet, there is no real Poland i think, maybe it will dissolve in time.
        But to Babi Yar i found this original testimony ( and one will find others) also one can find the photos made by allied air-reconnaissons:
        “…Encouraged by the court decision, on March 19, 1997 the Kiev Evening News published a four-page story setting the record straight for the first time since the Allies condemned the phony “atrocity” during World War II.

        What is now coming to the fore is incontrovertible proof that no massacre took place at Babi Yar during the German occupation of Kiev; that the ravine was not used as a mass grave for Jews killed by the Germans. But it was a burial field between 1922-1935 for the victims of the Cheka/NKVD….”

        1. Mass killings of Kiev jews did happen in Babiy Yar in 1941 – this is documented fact. Western Ukranian collaborators of Hitler from Galitcina took big, maybe biggest part of execution squads – this is confirmed fact as well. However zionist propaganda and talmudic mindset greatly spread and exaggerated it in mass media with full force during last 75 years – no doubt about that as well. One example – you never heard about 10 millions of Germans and almost 30 millions of Russians perished during WWII, but idea of the “jewish sufferings” are all over the information sphere forcefully pushing it in the minds of the peoples of the whole world. All that during last 4 generations of humanity.

      2. there was a short video in tv some years ago, how Jews fron everywhre make pilgrimange to some village in Galicia, place of a wonder-rabbi, but i don’t find it anymore. They turn the village upside down with loudspeakers, even helicopters circling, Villagers are shown to lock their doors.
        Another one had a palace almost in Sadagora (Bukowina)
        here they write, he was more inclined to material things.

        1. Of course the whole thing is disputed to this day but here some findings: actually if you scroll down this page about 2/3

          then you come across a novel that says:
          …… In his legendary work Babi Yar: A Document in the Form of a Novel, purported eye-witness Anatoly Kuznetsov wrote:

          “On a bare stretch of land some distance from the [Syrets] camp they were putting up some mysterious installation, and some of the prisoners were directed to that. The building work was being carried on in great secrecy, and consequently all those who went to work there said good-bye to their friends. They knew they would not be coming back. (The secret was revealed only later: the Germans had set up in Babi Yar an experimental soap factory for the production of soap from human corpses, but they did not have time to complete it.)”
          A. Anatoli (Kuznetsov), Babi Yar: A Document in the Form of a Novel, New Complete Uncensored Version, New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1970, p.304.

  35. Thinking the possible scenarios out to their logical conclusions I think there are a couple things we might well be witnessing in the near future.

    If the Jewish controlled West continues to push the Jewish (via their central bank) controlled Russia over Jewish controlled Ukraine, Russia and Putin may well believe they must intervene militarily. If this happens, as I stated before, the Spetsnaz that KGB trained Obama (The Jew by his mother) brought into America may become the catalyst to employ the US military against its citizenry. Further more, one has to sit and think, what would Russia’s next move be? Since the 3 city states (Vatican City-City of London-DC/US Corporations) are increasingly taking orders directly from the ‘Jews” in so called Israel and since Russia has drawn a line in the sand concerning both Syria and Iran (two of the 3 central banks not controlled by the “Jews”), it would seem only logical that their next move would be to use their military to invade the Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan area. Why?

    Because if Russia physically takes the Ukraine back they will be in war mode against the West. Russia cannot afford to lose the Ukraine. To do so means that Putin himself is next on the hit list. Thus, if Russia is to survive and Putin is to remain in power, he would have to kick out the Jewish Bankers, taking full control of Russia’s currency and move his military into a position where they can put up a line of defense from the Ukraine to Azerbaijan which would allow Russia to link up with Iranian and Syrian forces, control both the Black and Caspian seas while being able to threaten direct military action against “Israel” via ground troops. Only these moves would put the “Jews” in check.

    I will put it this way. If I was him, this is what I would do.

  36. it’s a jewish setup between Obama and Putin to create the jew world order. To create
    finally the jew world order Obama and Putin must creat a war/confict. Only wars
    can change the status quo in the world. Both Obama and Putin get their instructions straight from Israhell! Putin is a JEW!

    1. Lucas

      Yes, he may very well be. So, if this is the case then the scenarios about Spetsnaz in America being the catalyst for the US military (controlled by Obama the “Jew”) to go after whites/Europeans-Christians, Patriots, Dissenters, has even more plausibility. If Putin is a “Jew”, don’t look for him to kick out the elite Jewish bankers. However, he will probably stick to the military scenario outlined above because remember, at the end of the day, the elite Jews want a WW3 scenario in order to destroy what is left of white/European majority stock nations (formerly Christendom) while nixing any national challenge to their JWO out of “Israel”. (This means China, Russia,EU and America must cancel each-other’s power out).

  37. Newly appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine and former central banker Arseniy Yatsenyuk
    …Yats will deliver Ukraine to the international bankers. “Ukraine is on the brink of bankruptcy and needs to be saved from collapse — Yatsenyuk has a strong economic background,” Ariel Cohen, senior fellow at the Washington-based Heritage Foundation, told Bloomberg on Wednesday. “Ukraine faces difficult reforms but without them there won’t be a successful future.”
    there also: The dismal trail of dead bankers continues. This brings the total of banker deaths in recent weeks to 9

  38. jews in russia will push e.ukraine for separatism
    jews in usa will push w.ukraine not to accept it

    jewish mafia will do false flags against east and west
    jewish media will blow everything out of proportion and try to raise temperatures

    jews in russia will troll russians to invade ukraine for its “protection” … jews in usa will pretend to side with w.ukraine, only to send in drones to finish what they started in 1932

  39. @ fritz
    @ flyingcossack

    fritz, i try to think in clear, simple terms and only accept convolution when there are no straightforward options.

    you are quite right that there is a lot of garbled misinfo out there, babi yar is simon wiesenthal pure crock of bitter shit, no need to go there.

    i also see many comments on how “russian banks and media are in jewish hands”, how putin hobnobs with chabad lubavitch verminous rabbis and that is somehow the proof of his being a closet jew, etc, etc.

    to flyingcossack and assorted ukrainian “freedom fighters”: well, all i need to do is look straight ahead and what do i see in plain sight? this faux-revolution is tightly planned, organized, financed and coordinated by the talmudic squid, from the word go.

    who is victoria nuland/nudelman, the revolution quarterback? who is yulia timoshenko?

    what about klitchko?

    whose side is pussy riot and their whip cracking master on?

    do i see this greatest international liberator of them all, the philosopher-warrior-king bernard henri-levy, fresh from having delivered democracy and freedom to libya and syria giving maidan speeches or do my lying eyes deceive me?

    what future do you have with imf, when russia shuts down the gas pipelines running through ukraine?

    the only pipeline will be the white slavery one taking your healthiest, most beautiful girls to israel for rabbinic breeding programs and your organs to mummified monsters like leona helmsley and larry silverstein aiming for physical immortality and in need of fresh goy meat replacement.

    enjoy your day of freedom, flyingcossack.

    but mark my words, when you wake up from your orange colored dream, when the scales come off your eyes, the reality will be the one of frying cossacks, boiled in a vat of talmudic excrement, like they desire for christ the savior and all the rest of us.

    1. haha, lobro, that I haden’t found yet Bernard henri-levi starring himself. But i read that Nudelman was there, distributing freshly printed paper-dollars and politicians send from various banks and cloning facilities appeared there… and most likely those snipers shot from the roofs at protesters and at the police on the road to the parliament. (not likely ordered from the ministry of interior then, as the Ukrainan Forum believed).
      We told already Cal Dalton years ago that he was wrong believing in the orange revolution- or that they had a good chance with that.. Wasn’t so or so. From then I know how difficult it is, to understand Ukrainian nationalists. He accused russians, jews and Putin, until he started to claim the great Ukrainians who contributed to the Soviet like e.g. Gen. Shukow. Shukow designed the plan to attack Germany in 1941, and i think it was signed by Stalin, ordered anyway, – and that together with Stalins speaches, and overhelming forces at the border later, is enough evidence for their attempt to attack. Suvorov and others have the evidence. Also Schukov and the commissars drove the russian soldiers merciless into the fire (finally at the Oder near Berlin they had double or 3x casualties then the last German army there) that is why Suvorov writes: Shukov standing in a pool of blood. Also the barbaric behavior of the Red Army. Later the Soviets painted that on to the German Wehrmacht (e.g. at codoh)
      For me the problem is, that at Gorbachev’s time the archives were opened and later Putin, it is said, held them more closed. The Kremlin and Lawrov condemmned revisionism and celebrate liberation by the red army. For that I think, only truth aill bring things further.
      If this applies to Ukraine? I don’t know- One can even doubt, that those “brown” nationalist protesters at Maidan were true patriots. Perhaps more like actors?
      Now we have 2 possibilities, either Putin is ruling in the true interest of Russian people, or secondly, he is playing good cop – bad cop.
      The gigantic debt-finance London-Wallstreet- EU needs economic growth or expansion, or it breaks down. Their strategy is to get Russia again. That’s clear.
      See still problems in this picture, because Yanukovich and the other Oligarchs of the U. were corrupted already.
      What i thought, was, Ukrainian patriots have a chance, theoretical, to become autonomous and clean their home from corruption. Likely this will not happen. But Putin could have told Yanucovich earlier to clean up there and then these gangsters didn’t have a chance like they have now. Also he can command the gas-pipeline, that i understand. I think most likely, the russians will secure the Crimea and Donez-area with the support of the people in this part.
      They just are reporting German chancellor Merkel, who is suspected to have originated from Galicia, has told the parliament in Lonson today, that Germany was be ready to wage war for the Ukraine. All ridiculous things.

      1. also to add: I read, Kissinger just said, regime-change in Ukreine is the example for regime-change in Moskow. If we observe all the orchestrated regime changes, revolutions and so in the M East and in South America there’s no doubt how false all that is.

    2. freedom … what freedom?

      we are already frying and boiling in a vat of talmudic excrement … atleast we arent eating from it

      we dont care about levies, noodles, poosy riots, or gay rights … your attempts to define by association has no effect on us, nor on any rational human being … you can call us haters, but we still never invade anyone

      if a bunch of peasant ukrainians, without money or resources, living in marshes and forests, can map out your ziotroupe 90210, just imagine what god can do … we will all answer to something greater after these 80 years, whether we believe in it or not

      1. dear Cossack, I understand what you wrote before and here, good that are able to keep it short and concentrated – and I was thinking about it.
        There is some book by Thorsten Mann in German (I think) about the Red World-October. Only very few articles also, that suspect with the breakdown of communism in 1990 was something wrong. It occured too easy. A few protests and it was over? <it could have been orchestrated like the color-revolutions now. Without much notice the EU is dominating from a central administration and even with commissars, not elected but directed by international finance. The mass-media are controlled by a few zionist oligarchs. I wonder how it is in Russia. Someone wrote: The EU is build on the ruins of nations.
        A nation I think, is not exciting because of the flags but is the necessary protection of the culture and heritage of a people.
        The different people are being mixed up by enforcet mass-immigration, nobody hase been allowed to vote about that, also not about finance. The old Bolshewism wanted to create the "New Soviet Man" – in the EU we have childrens sex-education, gender-idiocy, certain dogmas and false tolerance to make us defenseless. That is all people of european, white descend.
        Maybe, but not necessary that WW-3 will happen, it can be the EU- finance-monster will disown all, empoverish and force collectivisation.
        A nation shall protect people and culture. History is a part of it, and it's necessary for self-understanding, pride and to pass on what we have inherited, trusted into our hands.
        Now the problem is, the EU is lying and distoring history in a marxist way just as the jewish Hollywood is doing thaT and the Kremlin also. Even on Israel and opposed to Estonia and Lattvia Putin has condemned revisionism and celebrated the "liberation by the Red Army" – this means they are in the same track as the EU and deriding the millions of victims of the Red Beast and those to come.
        Of course, may lobro be right, hoping that Putin will withstand the NWO. If the russian army, and you will need military power, can throw it back, but I don't know.

        1. to add, I didn’t want to say that you or very many Ukrainians were not aware about the EU. But Germans, under the surface seem to have little confidence in themselves, many indoctrinated by marxist lies, or have become consumers. But some know what’s going on. More Hungarians have soon realized what the EU and IMF means. Greeks and others may be also..

      2. indeed fritz, the fall of communism is irrelevant because jews already had a huge spy and mafia network in most countries in the world … and most certainly in all rus countries

        mixing cultures is a way to kill cultures … mixing races is a way to kill races … is the world more interesting with one flavor or with many flavors … how do we preserve those flavors … jews would like to replace all cultures with a materialist culture, where all the languages, songs, and dances are the same … theyll even let you vote for which adjective to call it – liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, communist, left, right, east, west … but ultimately they want to kill all opposition to international jewry, and that means kill all pure races and breed everyone to be part jewish

        as for putin, he speaks for himself … an honest man doesnt need salesmen … but i dont care about putin, because i will not war against russians (or anyone for that matter) … and i hope russians dont get trolled into war either

        as for needing military power … technology has advanced to the point where one chemist and a group of teenagers can turn this jewish nightmare on its head … samson should be more interested in becoming a good boy, than trying to open up pandora’s box to meet barbara

  40. It is undeniable that America’s despicable Obama regime triggered the events in Ukraine. But that the actual putsch was conducted by National Socialists is likely mere Russian propaganda. Among the world’s billions of “anti-Semites” (so called), it is probable that scarcely a million have ever read Mein Kampf or have any actual understanding of 20th century history. Wearing a swastika doesn’t, of itself, make one a National Socialist — or even a Buddhist! — though it may well be a symbol of contempt for Khazars, or admiration of Sakyamuni.

    1. thats right. The program of the NS party was not meant to be exported or imposed on other nations. Every people and nation should be as much autonomous and rule and decide themselves.
      “The 25 points of the NSDAP (National socialist) Program were created by Adolf Hitler and Anton Drexler. They were publically annouced on 24 February 1920 in Munich, Germany to a crowd of 2000 approving NSDAP members. The program was summarized in 25 points. They were to give the people of Germany a picture of the Party’s aims. “

  41. Not how is it, but just HOW would they all have to be played so masterfully, if the final outcome is already etched in stone, as if all that’s being done is to bring out an ancient chess program that was made somewhere, someplace long ago. The master leads the whole game through to defeating its opponent.

    They know how it ends, but even if we rise to their level of knowing all the geo-political moves, what then?

    When we follow the last leader, who was also the first one, we’ll know how it ends when we see what comes after the dust finally settles at the apocalyptic other side of the ‘big bang of Time’

    Fighting and dreaming our way into Eternity are sympatico.

    1. I enjoy playing the game, but only with the faith reflecting the true spiritual perspective

  42. I believe Putin loves the Russian people. I could see it in his demeanor at the Sochi games. And I don’t think he, or Obama, or virtually any of the others, with the exception of the servants of the Satanic master knew coming into their jobs the magnitude of this bargaining with the devil and what it was going to entail. And even the psychopaths ‘on the ground’ are the soldiers of the Evil the next rung up, and at the very top driving it all.

    The late American comedian Bill Hicks did a bit where the first act of the newly elected President of the U.S., even before he was officially sworn in, was to be brought into a dark room where the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination was shown. And this was the unedited version, which clearly shows the final head shot to be fired by his Secret Service limo driver, Greer. At the end of the film a voice from the back of the room says, “any questions?”

    They’re all being led through it, but what’s leading it is not winning the final battle. So wouldn’t it be the Essences of those protected members of Christiandom cultures that survive? With”Essences” simply to mean who we truly are. Not so much the legacy we leave our children, but one that comes for all?

    This is the true legacy and what Christ meant by the end of death. And not the end of the World but only its transfiguration.

  43. thanks brownhawk, I’ll think about it, and excuse, though I’m not an expert or inclined to economic questions – here just a more materialistic perspective:
    …. may be from this article, written apparently before the Ukainian thing came into the news, by two different men:
    quote: “Russia’s Economic Development to Offset Terrorist Fervor?
    February 25, 2014
    By Jeffery Sommers & Michael Hudson
    The Sochi Olympics were the great success Russia hoped for. The opening ceremonies proved a radiant display drawing on Russia’s most compelling cultural assets. This artful look back to Russia’s past greatness proved both a reminder and challenge to its own people to reprise their historical greatness going forward. Meanwhile, its closing ceremonies reprised these themes, reminding the viewer of Russia’s continued vibrancy in the arts….”
    – Then the Ukrainian thing came into the focus. (Not for me, because i didn’t watch tv-Olympics) but here they speculate, if the media-directors used or tried to use the pussy-riots or other riots to paint Putin as the old Stalinist.
    So…., possible that those media-tycoons think with their mass-brainwashing they were godlike and had greed and envy about the successful Russia Olympic show. (with economic effects).
    And now they try it on another stage in the Ukraine, and that would be why Putin did nothing to prevent it ??
    Michael Hudson is really good, read one article about the history of finance and debt from Mesopotamia, Grece, Rom to Ireland today (but it was not in english, you may find it perhaps?) here the interview about Ireland today: quote:
    “Prof. H: Your unemployment is intentional policy by the Irish leadership, of both parties. None of this unemployment is necessary. It doesn’t have to be this way. The government was suckered in to paying the debts for its corrupt bankers.

    The problem is that even when you Irish did – as you should have done – and voted out the party in power, the incoming party has the same policy as the former one. It’s much like the United States, where we voted out Republican George Bush, and then got an even more Republican Democrat – Barack Obama. They all promise change, and then follow the financial sector’s directions.”…continued at:

  44. flyingcossack, to link me with jews is so base and unworthy of you that it does not merit a further response.
    you are not scoring any points with this readership who’ve known me over the years, so why bother.

    i see a very familiar pattern, so expertly exploited by jews, namely, that as soon as the game devolves to a local level, many people lose their bearings and forget to keep their eyes on the ball, focus entirely on the small stuff pertaining to their narrow personal vicinity, ready to brush all outsiders equally with the same xenophobic strokes.
    yes, ukraine is small stuff, whether you like it or not.
    so is every other country in the world with the exception of a handful players, russia, india, china, iran, germany and even they cannot do much on their own, without a cohesive alliance and strategy based on common interest of survival.
    jews have successfully isolated one sheep away from herd and made it dance to its tune on the way to the slaughterhouse while the rest look on in relief that it wasn’t their turn.

    you can dream of some mystical ancient glory of sun worshiping tribe of goths and scythians who at one time inhabited your forested land, how this “revolution” truly was spawned at the grass roots, planned and executed by peasants from all corners of ukraine bearing torches and pitchforks, how nudelman and her international cabal of jew think tanks, billions of dollars poured in to pay the gang leaders and street rabble, the sayaret matkal rooftop sniper psychos firing indiscriminately at both sides (all brother ukrainians) only came along for the ride, happy just to be there, led by a bunch of illiterate skinheads who all of a sudden all morphed into a tight general staff of skilled strategists, capable of pulling off such a grand ploy.

    and how they, as soon as freedom is won, will send the talmudic intruders packing, how they will shut themselves in, happy, self-sufficient and prosperous on their land, led by the same enlightened incorruptible patriots (btw, you can safely wager your bottom dollar that every single one of them is firmly in the jew’s pocket and will remain there until ditched, if they weren’t they wouldn’t be leading their backyard barbecue party let alone some national alliance).

    how they will repatriate hundred thousand or so grossly violated flowers of ukrainian womanhood who’ve spent the last decade or so on all fours in israel’s brothels.

    ok cossacks, believe me that my moral support is with you all the way.

    but not my money, i am not betting one dime on the above outcome, nor do i think any other of the 7 billion gentiles whom you declared redundant to your goal.
    because if that wasn’t the case, you’d be hanging onto mother russia (yes, the mother, along with iran of all aryans) with all your strength instead of ditching them with such abandon.
    and in case you haven’t noticed, these jackbooted gangsters never ceased venting their hatred of russia, way above and beyond the professed dislike of the jews.
    russian language is now decreed illegal in all the ukraine.
    no mention of the widespread use of the yiddish.

    maybe your first job then is to straighten out a few points of misunderstanding with your compatriots instead of lumping me with zios.

    1. brotherhood is the only solution to a high technology society … intimidation is lethal to everyone

  45. everything is unfolding according to the plan
    Gunmen from Kiev attempted to seize Crimea’s Interior Ministry overnight
    yeah but they are peaceful gunmen.

    Crimeans began protesting after the new self-proclaimed government in Kiev introduced a law abolishing the use of other languages in official circumstances in Ukraine. More than half the Crimean population are Russian and use only this language for their communication.
    i mean, other than a slight communication problem, everything is peaceful.

    1. umm, getting more delicious by the minute (but do hold your nose) … in the linked article, check this out
      interim President Arseny Yatsenyuk is telling russia what to do.

      the very same “yats” referred to by that disinterested diplomatic observer, victoria “fuck eu” nudelman who appointed yats (on interim basis until a more qualified israel passport holder is installed) despite klitch’s application for the same clerical duties.

      ooh, aah, the sweet smell of freedom.

      i am truly sorry having to say this, despite all my sarcasm, i would have dearly wished you to be right, flyingcossack, i am far from gloating, your preferred scenario coincides with my preferred scenario.
      unfortunately, “preferred” does not coincide with “realistic”.

      the line is drawn on dnieper, it seems, let’s see whether the bear has some teeth and claws to back all the fine diplomatic talk.
      this would be my scenario “b”, russia lays a long overdue whupping on nato’s generously larded ass.

  46. no stopping them now … this from the hook nosed horse’s (jewish telegraph agency) mouth
    In Kiev, an Israeli army vet led a street-fighting unit
    (Under his helmet, he also wears a kippah, jta proudly reports)

    look at his full idf gear, how did he just happen to have ended up there as a peaceful tourist?
    how did he get past all the airport security checkpoints?

    one wonders …

  47. When Putin came into power, he could no more avoid playin a cat n’ mouse game with the Devil than Hitler in the 192o’s moving forward. It looks to me like he is being set up to look like der fuhrer in the eyes of an unsuspecting World.

    Parallels of eerie similarity are coming into view. Instead of Poland in 1939, is it Ukraine in 2014?

    Is the die finally being cast?

    1. putin lacks hitler’s historical charisma and powerful human touch.
      moreover, hitler was a social and political philosopher of note.
      he was a visionary.

      but putin is a battleground wizard, pragmatic where hitler got lost in his valhalla mythologizing.

      i bet on putin versus the jews (what else is there, the only game in town).

      and once again, you got me wrong flyingcossack.
      i neither advocate goy-on-goy slaughter nor anticipate it eagerly.
      but if a nation of self-aware gentiles is beset by mindless hordes of shabbos ziobot zombies, i know where my sympathies lie.

      ukraine vs. russia?
      is this an attempt at humor?

      ukraine is no more, i already told you that, steamrolled flat by the same caterpillar that killed rachel corrie.
      russia had no claim on any of it until now when it is clear that jew has it rolling on the floor and begging for treats like a trained pet.

      let’s look at that idf dude proudly posing for jewish telegraph agency film crew in the middle of maidan square, surrounded by “virulently antisemitic neo-nazis” (you laughing with me yet?)
      what does this setup tell you?
      try dressing in fatigues and posing in solidarity with intifada in hebron, see where it gets you.
      how about russian spetznaz forces pulling the same stunt in the middle of kiev riot in front of pravda/novosty/rt crews?

      ukraine/russia war, russia/usa war, both wars wished for and fomented by lobro.
      wow, flyingcossack, left hook to the straw man’s jaw, i throw in the debate towel, tko.

      it’s the jews, brother.

      1. Of course my drawing a parallel between Hitler and Putin is only insofar as they are being used to accomplish an end, not in any particulars involving their respective make-ups. And I agree with you wholeheartedly in terms of how Putin’s pragmatism will serve Russia well militarily. But what exactly can we expect this service to accomplish?

        With Hitler and Putin seen in fundamentally identical roles as Crusaders pitted against the Satanic scourge, the hope for backers of both was/is in achieving a military victory that would defeat it. But does the reality of a nuclear World in 2014 preclude a reasonable possibility of their being ANY victors bearing ANY National stripe?

        For true followers of the quintessential Crusader, must not events play out in alignment with prophecy of the Tribulation? Contrary to some takes on this, I don’t think we’re there. Pardon the seeming gloom, but we ain’t seen nuthin yet. Darkest hour before the dawn and all that.

        I see a scenario of a pyrrhic victory for the ‘legions of doom’, where the appearance of total triumph will shortly thereafter be proven to have been one too costly to sustain.

        The cost?

        The one imposing a World-State of such utter moral turpitude that it prompts the Divine to ‘call in the marker’.

        Perhaps then, that next leap in Human Consciousness occuring through Russia will be validated through what Her heart’s intent was all along. An intent I might add that is also reflected by whatever Her military exploits prove to be.

    2. Brownhawk

      Good point and this is exactly what I am suspcious of. Hitler, I am sure, was an agent of the City of London Bankers having spent a lot of time at the Tavistock institute post WW1. In 1909, there is a famous picture of Hitler and Lenin playing chess in a Jewish family Masonic house. What are the chances that both of these revolutionaries would head up both east and west forces- effectively destroying Christendom from Germany to Russia?

      I don’t say this because I hate Germans or even the regular Nazi’s from back then. Exactly the opposite. I love these guys. They genuinely believed they were saving Europe and their home country but what they didn’t get was that they were being used for a far more sinister plan and this even though many of the middle to lower principals of truth, they fought for.

      One must have a good grasp of the big picture to not be used in this fashion and this can ONLY happen if a person has a good grasp of authentic Christianity, Greek scriptures, ancient and contemporary history combined with a knowledge of one’s enemy and their end goal(s). Without knowing these things, individuals are at the mercy of evil forces masquerading as agents of light and truth.

  48. yes lobro, jews are cooking a ukraine/russia war and a russia/usa war

    much like you are doing
    ” if he doesn’t move into crimean russia quite forcefully”
    “christian russia versus talmudic usa”

  49. i get deja-vu flashbacks of cal dalton some 6 years ago, exactly the same arguments marshaled.
    and i am saying the exact same thing, never wavered in my analysis by a single iota.
    because it is so crystal clear, it hurts.

    i remember either cal or some sidekick buddy of his speculating how putin is a jew, “those pouting lips”, something in his shifty eyes, kissing up to lubavitchers, tralalalala, just to make that avaricious and deceiving judaic slut yulia tymoshenko look real good on geopolitical fashion runway by comparison.
    well, we’ve come around 360 degrees but it is not a circle, it is an ever tightening spiral.

    putin stepped up to the plate by securing the south eastern sector, the fuse is lit.

  50. memory cells miraculously popping open … does anyone here remember (homer, fritz?) when nato zio-shabbos parked these missile shield batteries in eastern poland, ostensibly to counter possible missile launches from evil mullahs in iran, when was that also some 6/7 years back, when we all hung out at xymphora?
    and i did a trajectory calculation that showed if you wanted to fire a warhead along the shortest possible route from tehran to the us soil, it would fly across the north pole and greenland and nowhere near poland, thus better to have anti-missile shield in northern canada, along the old dew line … my post was even reprinted in some other blog.

    because it was clear to me that the ghouls of yahweh were creeping on to russia, it was as yet undeclared war that talmud needed in order for the open, unchallenged world domination, when israel is mighty
    … video no longer available, shut down, one of the most powerful insights ever.

    when israel is mighty/when the world grovels in dust

    and what are the goyim doing?
    “i am a catholic, i hate muslims”,
    “white power, don’t want negroes in my hood”,
    “i am a leftist, down with fascists”,
    “i am gay, i want equal marriage rights”,
    “i am bored, i want distractions”.

    1. Yes, I remember. The fledgling missile shield deployment in Poland.
      Before this it was the Pershing II.
      Russia responded both times with life and death diplomacy. Both times NATO chose life.

      Why now, even as they are at stalemate with Afghan hill people and dirt farmers do the NATO legends in their own minds promote their neo-death wish of taking on Russia?

      I’m sure ‘the troops’ are thrilled at the prospect..

  51. Me too, i remember that with the missile shield, lobro. In any case, Poland is directed by Washington (or Aipac without knowing) as the Poles were supportet by the british war-party and Roosevelt in the back in 1939 – not to get into any of the reasonable peace-proposals of Hitler. This is documented. Now polish foreign minister Sikorski:
    – Sikorski, 51 and married to an American journalist, raised his profile in 2011 with his impassioned plea to Germany to show leadership in pulling the EU out of its financial crisis.
    – Sikorski is eyeing the post of EU foreign policy chief, currently held by Briton Catherine Ashton, or the leadership of NATO, diplomats in Warsaw say
    – On Ukraine, he has championed a policy of engagement, even when other EU countries wanted to keep Kiev at arm’s length.
    – Poland was again in the vanguard of efforts to get an association agreement signed between Ukraine and the EU.
    — and now:
    Reuters) – Last Friday, as Ukrainian opposition leaders held out against signing an EU-brokered deal to end bloodshed on the streets, Poland’s foreign minister dug into his own history to break the deadlock.

    If they did not sign up to compromise with President Viktor Yanukovich, Radoslaw Sikorski told them, “you’ll all be dead”.

    1. next day forgotten.
      I just read comments by someone, writing broken German, but he’s reading Russian and probably near Kiew. He takes the Ukrainian view. Thinks Russia ist still contrilled by the jews, Oligarchs and the media totally in their claws. Ehat we see is a chessplay by the Superpower also comntrolling the West of course, he says. All wars are for it’s profit. Russian nationalism at the moment was fake, a jewish propaganda. Ukrainian players also. Sowiki are not Rus . they help the jwish exploitation of Russia. The military show of Russia was made to hide, that the Russia is constantly being robbed and exploitet. Normal Russians, we never get to hear. What we hear is the owerhelming noise of the chorus of jewish propaganda and the sowki (that must be the soviet agitation) and that was made by the crimila jewish gang and directed in first line against the Russian people.
      then he has a video in Russian where someone says (?) “Rus are guests at the Jews” and gets a decoration on the chest by Vladimir Putin
      that , he says, is the misfortune of Russia today and also of the Ukraine

      1. The game there is played with black and white figures. One are the Russian admin. the other the also by the jews controlled West. Ukrainians had nothing to say. And they arevery poor, so why shouldn’t they take the money given by the Western politicans. But then they didn’t do as was supposed. Didn’t set Kiew on fire. Outside the Maidan was normal live as usual. That made the investors angry.
        Now it looks like the players want to split up Ukraine in parts.

        1. at that time, Ukrainians on the Maidan not doing as paid for , he said, they had to spend money again and sent in special units to incite violence

  52. Once mor to Brownhawk and Tyron: If you studie his politics in detail, Hitler, as he had become chancellor of the Reich, was not intersed in starteing a major war. In 1937 (Hossbach-prorocol was a major evidence at the Nuernberg Tribunal, although disputed) he told the general staff, that his aim was to occupy Austria and Tchechia until 1944. Until then the army and economy should be ready. The Austrian parliament had vote with majority after 19198, 20 perhaps foe a union with Germany and that was forbidden by the powers od the Versailles dictate. Tschechia was austrian Bohemia, Boehmen, for hundreds of years.. and they had occupied th border regioons Sudetenland with 3,5 Mill.Germans. Nothing with selfdetermination allowed. Neither in newly polish areas. Hitler mentioned “Lebensraum” but only for these places. Poland and the USSR were noct mentioned. He made proposals at the conference at Geneva (according to the Versaille paper) for a disarmament of all greater powers. Germany had disarmed to a 100 000 men army since WW-1.
    He had a treaty with Poland and made reasonable peace proposals in 38-39. Then came the brirsch guarantee for the Poles.
    Objectivly, why should the German Kaiser, or chancellor Hitler should have wanted a war with two sides at least?
    In both cases Germany was socially and economically evolving in a very good way.

    1. I have to add, the Poles mistreated the new minorities there sverely, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Jews and Germans, so that around 1 Million Germans and 500 000 Jews had to flee from there since 1919. The Jews went through Germany probably to the US. Poland had started wars with all neighbors. So it was used, I believe, to incite WW-2. See Pat Buchanan’s book about Churchill, or some other like David Hoggan in the net.

    2. Fritz

      I know where you are coming from and I use to believe that too. But when I started looking at all that Hitler did, who funded him, who he refused to arrest and attack– and all of his moves from dealing with the Soviets early on and then of course Dunkirk to the end of the war (not the beginnings of the war), only a false opposition leader or a retard (which Hitler was not) would have done what he did.

      Hitler let 250,000 English troops go when he could have captured them and ended any war on the western front for many, many years to come. He could have probably ended the war in the west right there. I don’t buy the whole “it was a peace offering” excuse. No military strategist would have done this especially in light of the ability, right in one’s hands, to end any possible aggression. Even a buck private wouldn’t have done such a thing. He could have as easily negotiated their release and increased the bonds of Germans and England then letting practically the entire English Army at the time go.

      Hitler refused to make use of the French Navy. Who on God’s green earth would have done that? Any Admiral he could have put in charge of it and through it’s use, checked both the British and American Navy on the surface.

      Hitler refused to take Gibraltar which would have stopped any allied Naval moves into the Mediterranean. Who in the hell thinks like this? One doesn’t need to be John Paul Jones to realize how to bottleneck the Mediterranean.

      Hitler screwed Rommel. He gave him light infantry and armor and REFUSED him air-cover over and over. Rommel refused one order after another from Hitler and kept winning- against ALL ODDS. He was poised to take Palestine which would have ended the Zionist Jews support for the Allies against the Axis. Why? Because if Hitler had physical control over Palestine two things would have been accomplished.

      1. The Zionist Jews would have had to seriously negotiate with Germany like they did England during the Balifour Declaration during WW1. Palistine was always what they wanted for their world gov and if Germany controlled it, suddenly the “Jews” would have had to switch sides which would have had massive implications in the UK-Colonies and America. They wouldn’t have been able to hide it and they would have been exposed, probably putting an end to their world dominion plot right there and then.

      2. Taking Palestine would have given Germany the ability to hook up with Japanese forces. It would have split the world into two camps and affectively opened up a southern flank into Russia, thereby securing the oil fields, trapping the Russians. But wait, he wouldn’t have had all those excuses to do the retard thing then when he went after Oil Fields etc, instead of military strongholds and Capitals to crush them quickly.

      Hitler screwed Rommel at every turn and made damn sure he lost to Monty. it’s akin to being 1st and goal with 1 minute left of a football game with the ball on the 1 yard line only for your coach to instruct your star quarterback to down the ball 4 times in a row so you lose the game. Insanity!

      I could go on about Operation Torch and what Vatican City Controlled Italians and Hitler decided to to do to “stop the Americans”. Their solution? Relieve Rommel and instruct the French troops NOT to take the high ground but rather, remain sitting ducks on the beach. The French were so demoralized, they barely even put up resistance and I don’t blame them one bit.

      Hitler could have walked into Moscow with practically NO casualties before the winter. Instead, he decided to wait until spring knowing DAMN WELL, the Soviets would regroup and fortify the city making the battle for it almost impossible. Knowing that in doing so, it would be a literal bloodbath.

      The ME 262 had a kill ratio of 500 to 1. There was only one problem. Hitler refused to allow them to be produced for air combat. He relegated almost every single one to future bombing role as a Jet Bomber. A fleet of 100 262’s could have decimated practically any Allied Air force who even thought of raids over Germany. Not until a literal MUTINY by German Pilot’s at the end of the war did Hitler finally relent but by then it was too late.

      This is just a partial list. I could also get into his support for Jewish Zionism and their 38 transfer agreement; building the “Jews” infrastructure, training them in the concentration camps- flying their flag, loaning them money and the list goes on and on, but I hope this suffices.

      Many people believe Hitler was part Jewish and I am one of them.


      Rosenfeld (Roosevelt) Jew

      Churchill, half Jew

      Eisenhower- Swedish Jew

      Stalin (real name Jewman) Jew

      Hitler, part Jew

      Look at the world leaders today and one will see practically the exact same type thing-same types of scenarios.

      1. I cannot answer all that, don’t know everything, and it is another field to investigate. Then documents are needed. It would be too far of topic, but it was proven that he was not partially jewish at least by Werner Maser .

        What we have today, who is driving to wars, since so many years now, is clearly the neocons as thinktanks and propaganda outlets, 80% of them jewish and embedded in the zionist media. Also Nuland has this connection.
        Putin did stand back in the case of the Ukraine, he was not aggressive, and there can be no doubt, that politicians from the West have appeared in person but not to bring about a peaceful solution in Kiew.

        1. Fritz,

          I do agree with you about Putin. It calm, non agressive tactics have shown how aggressive the Jewish controlled West is being toward Jewish Controlled Russia (Indirectly through their central bank). Can’t help but see massive parallels to Hitler and the Allies in WW2.

          As for Hitler being Jewish, Maser made claims but until you have an authentic sample of Hitler’s genetics, it’s still a possibility that to me would answer a whole bunch of “Why in the world would he do that?” questions. It would also answer why his first act as chancellor was to send a team to gather his genealogical records from Austria too.

          Maser (Mazer) is a Jewish surname by the way, which raises even more questions that would support my contentions I don’t think I need to elaborate on.

          As to the info provided above, this is easily ascertained through simple searches. I am ex infantry and have studied as a novice, many military subjects foreign to that to which I trained. Much of what I related is a given. One doesn’t even need to study military tactics or be versed in geo-politics to get it and that really, is much of my point.

  53. the game is played behind the scenery presented to us and we can only guess at the reality behind the shadow play.

    this i know, though: there can be no deal, no accommodation with the jew.
    his task is simple, to maximize the misery inflicted on the goy and use all of his ingenuity, creativity and imagination to advance that goal.
    this will get him in good graces with his master.
    kol nidre is there with this express purpose, not only to justify lying, betrayal and deceit but to make it mandatory, a sacred obligation.

    so when i see people and countries trying to come to an understanding with them, i can only roll my eyes and shake my head at their bottomless gullibility, just how stupid can they get before the nature of the 3-card monty becomes clear?
    how many times must you get ripped off, 100, 200, 10,000?

    judas iscariot was the first known sayan and there have been many thousands since, taking perverse pride in their filth.

    so, when ukrainians think, jews are a necessary evil because they will help us get rid of hated russians … or how christians and jews are natural allies against muslims or blacks or chines, all the while the jews are also striking symmetrical deals wit the other side, i say, people wake up.
    you have one enemy and one only and until you have dealt with him, there will be no improvement in quality of life, society, culture, health and future, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

    this is my simple ministry, what i try to tell people at the risk of offending them.

    1. lobro, that was some comments from someone, I translated. I don’t know about Russia, cannot read Russian, but that was perhaps how some Ukrainians think. They are in the situation, not being asked, but the graet powers playing their game and threaten us and Russuan people also with war.
      Even that chancellor Merkel said in the parliament in London she was ready for war – after she and the cabinett had visited the Knesset.
      But I don’t see how a war should come, perhaps Putin securing the eastern Ukraine, but Nato has nothing ready. No their politics is to plunder, expropriate nations, ours and eastern perhaps. The ponci-sheme, pyramide game, demands growth or extention, or it will break down most likely.. so are their lies.

      1. i was searching, but all i found: Merkel said only, a war between EU-countries was inconcievable today, and that Germany would support the Ukraine or its freedom,- whatever that means. Some blogs had conclouded it was a threat.

        1. @ fritz – Angel Markel is known as “Whore of Zionism”.

          German Chancellor Angela Markel accompanied by her entire cabinet made a two-day visit to the Zionist entity early this week. In an interview she claimed that German-Israeli relations are at the peak. She also made an offer to Netanyahu that if Tel Aviv desired, Bonn would be more than happy to represent Israeli interests in over 47 countries which refuse to have diplomatic relation with the Zionist entity.

          However, Markel’s ‘Zionist yatra’ to the Zionist entity was spoiled on Friday when Munich newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung published German cartoonist Burkhard Mohr‘s latest caricature depicting Facebook Jewish owner Mark Zuckerberg as an octopus reaching with its tentacles to control social media after Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp. It also showed the Jewish man with a long nose and thick lips. Mohr was forced by several Jewish groups to remove Zuckerberg face from the caricature.

        2. It also showed the Jewish man with a long nose and thick lips. Mohr was forced by several Jewish groups to remove Zuckerberg face from the caricature.

          another holocaust planned in germany!!!

          um, why?

          because mohr gave zuckerman jewish features.

          so, the new caricature shows a dark pit where the face should be.
          well, that is a very jewish feature too.

        3. another thing i find interesting about jew’s extreme sensitivity in depiction of typically neanderthal characteristics such as hunched knuckledragging posture, meaty nose and lips, overhanging brows, greasy curly hair extending all over, flappy ears and heavy lidded eyes.

          it shows that he is quite aware of his physical ugliness as defined by homo sapiens, in a chimpanzee troop, such features would be considered attractive.
          thus mandatory rhinoplasty for the female rhinos, i guess it is the jewesses equivalent of circumcision.

          i mean, what would happen if the caricaturist had given some other ludicrous aspect, unconnected to judaica, eg, a gigantic toe or dorsal fin?
          nothing, just a degree of puzzlement but no outrage.
          it proves that the jew is perfectly aware of what he looks like and it is highly antisemitic to say that a jew looks like a jew.

  54. anyway, if i was putin, i’d know what to say to prevent the war that seems to be brewing rapidly.

    “we have a list of 5,000 prime warmongers and a database of their global whereabouts updated in real time with coordinates transferred into the flight plans for strike drones and cruise missiles for each of them.
    there is no way that we will let them sit in cozy think tanks and editorial offices counting the blood money while innocent people are massacred in battlefields and cities.
    they will individually pay the price of their treachery.”

    watch them say uncle real quick.

    1. yes lobro, what you wrote in the second last comment, i just read that it seems a strategy now, unfortunatly, of conservative or right- political parties in Europe that they want to drive muslim immigrants out with Isael as an ally, Gert Wilders for example. Not in Germany until now, the NPD is constantly attacked although they had only 0,2 % of the votes and 2% at most. (but perhaps with a new “Alternative” party. As Kevin MacDonald is saying, the strategy of Jews as an ethnic group wanting to control others, is, to undermine national groups, any patriotic group, or religious and also the traditional Family. The commissars of the EU want to educate children just as the Soviets were about to create the”new soviet man”.

  55. In drawing a parallel between Europe in 1939 and events happening now, I realized that Ukraine would be in the role of Czechoslavakia, not Poland as Iwrote in an earlier post.

    In making this reference, it is only in the interest of seeing the coincidence of events during the two time periods in reaching the tipping point of starting a World War. In this scenario, instead of Germany moving west towards Poland and Russia as they did in 1938-39, it is today’s equivalent of Britain/France in those years moving towards Russia NOW.

    After Czech. was completely taken over in 1939, that drew the line in the sand for the Allied Force(re: Zionists) Events happening now in Ukraine (re: neo-con aggresion-they’re getting the show on the road) have drawn the line in the sand for Putin and Russia.

  56. Let’s hope and pray that Obama goes the route of “humiliating defeat.” We don’t understand any of this enough to intervene. I couldn’t agree more with Paul Craig Roberts about the Western media. It’s hard for me to understand why the media seems to be on the wrong side of every issue–promoting war when we should be neutral, promoting corporate greed and idiot movie stars, and dropping the ball on every major news story without exception. Like when the New York Time announced war with Syria and of course that one didn’t happen. I know the American people do not want war with Russia–I know it beyond any doubt. Most Americans don’t understand the soft underbelly of all of this like the starvation of Ukraine by Stalin. Is it possible that there is no good reason for provoking Russia other than the fear the neocons have of what Russia knows? Russia does know too much and I imagine that this might pose a threat to certain elites who have things to cover up. We it seems are the bad guys allied with the even worse guys and maybe behind the scenes driving the whole chaotic mess are the baddest of the bad, and I won’t even bother to identify them because everyone knows what I mean. Hope for a humiliating defeat in this nasty round of games for the American team of jerks and liars.

  57. Putin calls the bluff of the Nigga. There is nothing the American пиндосы (derogatory Russian nickname for Americans meaning buggers) can do militarily. Now the Jude will attempt what it does best – economic isolation of Russia in a hope to spark social unrest of the population.

    This action will open a window of opportunity for Putin to crackdown on the filthy Jewish fifth column, like Stalin did in 37-38, and take control of the media and finances. People are tired of these mother fuckers and they will support Putin with great enthusiasm.

  58. One of the Russian senators at the emergency gathering have cited Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poem: Comrade mouser, you have the floor.

    It looks like Russia’s patience is wearing thin, and .

  59. Leader of the Right Sector Dmitry Yarosh is appealing to terrorist Doku Umarov to step up the struggle against Russia. The asshole is not even aware that he is pleading for help from a ghost: brother Doku is long dead

    That’s a shame.

    1. I feel no sorry for the fate of people willing to sell out at the slightest hint of danger. They sold out to the Nazis in the WWII, and they will sell out in the future.

      They want association with Europe and Europe wants to embrace them? Push the bastards not just out of Crimea, push them to the west of the borders of Ukraine, let Europe have them all.

      1. so the jewish propaganda machine to justify the genocide of western ukraine starts

  60. ok, let’s roll up the accounting sleeves, tally up the costs.
    Costs President Obama is about to pay in Ukraine

    yes, i am a big fan of chess, not only as a game but as a mode of conduct.
    i think it used to be taught as a subject in soviet public education system as a way to sharpen analytic skills and critical thought.
    of course for this very reason it was prohibited in the us schools, being a violation of noahide laws and affront to talmudic aristocracy which abhors the idea of the thinking cattle.

    this is working out even better than i expected, obama eats his very sizable personal crow, bon apetit monsier president, your legacy is assured.
    i propose an addition to the mt rushmore petroglyph showing a faux-pharaonic base relief of miniature obama in white gloves serving drinks to shimon perez (in my book, perez, along with kissinger and chomsky preside over the supreme council of the elders of zion – bhl doesn’t come close, the vainglorious clown).

    this is a worse defeat than vietnam because americans were able to just call it quits and pull out in a pell-mell fashion, freaked out rambos hanging onto the helicopter skids.
    but there is no getting out of (western) ukraine, this is the first domino that topples westward into the j-european entity.
    watch the fun now.

    1. the first order of zio-biz will be to disassociate themselves from obama and publicly sacrifice him, hm, may i suggest gaddafi-style, with hilary cackling in attendance, jihad freedom fighters behead him and eat his liver.

      1. thanks siljan, saw it coutersy of circassian, i think.
        karl “reMarks” is an interesting writer.
        not surprising that gorbachev had an aversion to chess, it can be seen from his own decision making.

  61. one more observation on the teaching value of chess, so obvious in the recent developments.
    it also instills the merit of patience, observing, waiting to pounce on the opponents mistakes, often as result of recklessly grabbing a sacrificial “opportunity”.

    dammit, even the animals are aware of these principles.
    a tiger does not run screaming through the woods or a crocodile splashing madly in the pond as they chase after a prey.
    they pick their spot of concealment and hunker down quietly until the victim has committed to an irrevocable error of proximity.
    yup, obama, your african ancestors would have known and warned you, had you paid heed to them instead of your jewish employers.

    1. consider the timing, maybe i am reading too much into this but it is a thought experiment in retrospective (predicting the history).

      the great jewish geniuses of the game theory see their “opportunity”,
      the sochi winter olympics when the attention of kremlin is supposedly averted from the events on the ground.
      nudelman revolution, the liberation of brain dead skinheads moves according to the plan carefully laid down in tel aviv and transmitted to washington, the riots, the burnings, the proud prancing of uniformed judaic heroes in front of adoring cameras, the works, the takeover by designated pawns (yats).
      what does kremlin do?
      eyes on ski hills, polite applause to medal winners, seemingly unaware of momentous events that threaten the very core of the russian nation and the remainder of the free world.
      and then, when the carved up pieces fell according to their inner gravity, an impassioned plea for help from crimean sector, the democratically elected president to save the people from the howling berserkers.

      okeedok, let’s see what we can do for our brethren in need … 🙂
      and guess who is left holding the bag.

      it just so happened, pure coincidence, move along folks and rewrite those history books you were already plugging on amazon extolling the wisdom of the heritage foundation.

    1. reposting link, hopefully with better result.

      questions keep suggesting themselves …
      He had to take a polygraph test to prove that he was not “a Russian sniper” … but whose existence was never proven.

      so what comes up here.

      the snipers were not ukrainian, certainly not part of the “right sector”.

      they would have loved to have been able to conclusively pin the blame on russians but were unable, despite best efforts.

      why would russians have bothered to inflame the riot clearly run by mossad, what’s the cui bono aspect here?

      and hey, where does the troglodyte mob get the polygraph and the ability to administer it and analyze the scores?

      and of course, in the background we have the usual dancing israelis:
      We are not your problem, the Russians are your problem

  62. Barry finds himself in a position worse than zugzwang: even passing and making no move deepens the disadvantage.

    Showing weakness, one after another, is not good for a bully. Soon, everyone on the block will be demanding his fair share of the fat ass of America.

    Making disoriented and jerky moves makes things worse. Taking the time to come up with a new and viable strategy is not an option either: in couple of years, with far enough Russian advancement in its reweaponing drive, she’ll be the one drawing the red lines.

  63. the political maneuvers are a masquerade to instigate separatism

    jews are trying to isolate western ukraine and genocide it

  64. keep laughing lobro, keep laughing

    i want you to enjoy these 80 years, i really do

    when we are choosing your next life form, what shall be our plea?

    1. you make me laugh even harder.

      first of all, if my observations get under your skin, it confirms that i am on the right track.

      so, let me continue observing …

      if an avowedly materialistic species like jews start to dabble in business of afterlife (being jews, they would surely try to monopolize the chokepoints of the non-material world, wouldn’t they, psst, hey, st. francis, what if we open a numbered offshore account for ya in the caymans and also, how much does it take to relegate lobro to a kfc-bound chicken in the next go?), it tells me that the top game analysts are revising the talmud and hedging their bets.

      well, your jewish majesty, if i were you, i’d spend less time worrying about lobro’s next life-form than whether you manage to retain the royal scepter.
      keeping the crown on is a slippery business, especially on a karmic basis.
      don’t believe me? ask your predecessor.
      ariel sharon, whom they all adulated as arik, the king of jews.

      oh you bet, he is entertained lavishly in his new home now.
      if i were to be reborn as a cockroach with spina bifida, my lot would be infinitely better than his.

      so sleep tight and nothing to worry about, karma surely operates along different principles for the chosenites.

      1. and sticking to your legal talmudic jargon, does your list of pleadings include boiling jesus christ in a vat of excrement?

        that would put me in a pretty good company …

      2. Yes, uneasy is he who wears the crown.

        Be uneasy your royal heinousness, be very uneasy

      1. 🙂
        you may have a point there, b-hawk.
        it kind of sounds like zaky’s diction …

        1. maybe

          it could be an imposter though.

          Zaky has that unmistakable flair for the abominable, doncha think?

    2. lobro, do you laugh as hard as original joe

      brownhawk, you got labelled on your first post … im surprised you still have a job … oh well, i guess the quantity that is now required means a reduction in quality

      we all know who zakie is … and i already revealed it if you were paying attention

      this game is a lot of fun isnt it, i will miss it … i love you even tho i hate you lobro … im sure most people think lobro is the jesus and i am the devil … in this world i would expect nothing else … of course, if you see who is telling the truth and who is lying, the answer is in front of your nose … but dont worry, cossacks have never told anyone that wasnt listening … and no one is listening

      1. Sorry King.

        wasn’t paying attention. am now though, weakness of my morbid curiosity I suppose. I always thought Zak was a consummate ham actor… Oh, so sorry.

        But why don’t you enlighten me and reveal his true identity. And I hope you won’t disappoint me. I’m pretty hard to impress.

  65. lobro, i am here to help you

    the sooner you realize that one day we will be friends, the sooner that day will be

    it doesnt have to be a billion lifetimes from now … and id hate to think i inadvertently stepped on you during one of them

  66. so … where do we go from here?

    do you hire me? would the pay lead me into temptation?
    do you shoot me?
    do i shoot you?
    do we release barbara from her box?
    do we nail me to a cross?

    or is there something more sophisticated planned … despite various educations and timeless understanding, im still a gullible hillbillly

  67. if i was a nasty deity, fully dedicated to sickness, cruelty, perversion and in short, destruction of a reasonable, harmonious and just universe and i was choosing my earthly avatars, who would i choose and on what basis?

    can’t be too arbitrary about it because of danger in ending up with an unsuitable candidate, eg, yossi gurvitz.

    my inclusion criteria would assuredly involve capacity for, you guessed it, sickness, cruelty, perversion and in short, destruction, ie, my chosen creatures would abide by this paradigm.

    so yeah, if it is true that they are chosen, they are chosen for a reason.
    well, jewboys, can’t have it both ways, either you are chosen or you aren’t, fish or cut bait.

    so zaky is sweating, has he made the right call?
    (while lobro laughs)

      1. our resident jewish phantom, says typically wicked jewish things, takes a shine to lasha.

        full name, seymour zak

        of course, it could be anyone, given the nature of this masked ball.

  68. oh, i get it.

    the flyingcossack.
    well, we all operate in the darkness of cyberspace, don’t we, it is all a black box experiment.
    yes, it is you, the flying cossack.
    and i am sure (or if not 100% sure, then sincerely hopeful) not one of chagall’s discombobulated flying abominations, crossed eyes, vacuous smiles.
    no, it cannot be.

    well, i don’t hate you or any other cossack.
    not even the majority of jews, it would overload my hate tank.

    i just hope that you end up seeing the tragic truth of what befell your country.
    because without seeing the truth, you can’t see the way out either.
    toss out the current crop of usurpers, the false messiahs and rejoin the gentile partners.
    is it not becoming ever more painfully obvious where the temptation has led your countrymen?
    clearer and clearer by the day.

    good poem, by the way.
    i am far from your enemy, i am in fact your friend, although in a spot of disagreement.
    you will see, insha’allah, the sooner the better.

  69. Is that you whistling, “King of the Jews”? As in “whistlin’ past the boneyard?”

    When they put you under the ground will you be standing? What a sad practice, that. Almost a pathos really. Even at this moment of departure you just can’t seem to get any rest. Always upright and poised in the perfect symmetry of your persecuted paranoia.

    Take a load off. Relax.

    Oh that’s right, then will be the time more than ever when you can’t.

  70. Ukraine to Russia is their security need, and Vladimir Putin will secure this for Russia to survive ! America has become a Sodomite Homosexual Nation of interest and concerns with a severe and extreme weak economy, some working Americans need Federal Government Food Stamps to stay alive ! America, my Nation has lost the Focus of Being on Track to be productive to promote growth in a real productive family with facts, truth, and reality! Ukraine, Russia, or America, who will control, rule, and have complete Powerful Power over Ukraine ? Who has the Authentic and Genuine Authority to take complete control of the Ukraine ? Who will win Ukraine in the next Real War ?

  71. Looks like there’ll be no shortages of articles to post comments on, not like there was before.

    Right now the Ukraine may be “the only game in town”, but you get the sense of the town lookin like the Vegas strip on a Sat. nite before all is said and done. It’s downright incredible, the thought of this whole Tribulation thing. And how can it not bother me when I use the term “etched in stone” when referring to the victory, albeit a temporary one, so we’re told and asked to believe in, and I do. But I suppose it doesn’t always get this bad.

    If you consider it reasonable that humans have been on this planet for not thousands, but millions of years, then doesn’t it also stand to reason that this sort of scenario we’re witnessing has played out many times before? Not to mention the mind-boggling thought of human, humanoids, etc.(and I do mean etc.) civilizations throughout an infinite universe experiencing the same sort of thing at on time or another through infinity? A concurrent theme of good vs. evil playing in a galaxy near you.

    Getting pretty world-weary. but when Christ comes a callin, we answer the bell.

    1. an interesting thought, brownhawk.

      you end up in a world thousands of light years away, the denizens have 5 legs, long tubular snouts, segmented bodies, radars swiveling atop their crenelated skulls, everyone looks pretty much the same … and then you spot them.

      the JEWS among them, something intrinsically different, spitting venom while moaning in fake pain.

  72. ok, here we go, this wraps up the debate re. glorious liberation of (western) ukraine by a wonderfully organized tattooed goons professing themselves to be real nazis, sworn haters of all things jewish, the torch bearers for the white russians, tec, etc.
    they were definitely going to kick judeo-russian butt outt ukraine, back to primeval purity of the founding scythians, break out the victorious trumpets of the archangels.


    One of the reasons for the Maidan protest was the influence the rich have on politics in the country.

    Dnepropetrovsk governor is Igor Kolomoysky J E W
    The new governor of Donetsk Region is Sergey Taruta J E W

    the appointments are recognized as salutary by (yes, some of you guessed it)
    The appointments will have “a positive effect on the regional aspect,” believes Vladimir GROISMAN, who was appointed vice-president for regional development in the self-installed government.

    orange groves are blooming early in western ukraine.

    1. so let’s hear about the spontaneous street parties celebrating the dawn of the new age …

      when they wake up the day after, cherry gone, kidneys gone, victoria nudelman gone in search of a new pasture ripe for a bit of democratic fertilization, maybe venezuela.

      but she’ll be back, because the yellow eye of zion is forever on russia … first let’s try iran again.

  73. The most amazing thing in all this unfolding tragicomedy is the stupidity of ordinary Ukrainians. The stupidity of gentiles in general is the ultimate source of Jewish power, not their cleverness.

    The ease with which they fall pray of Jewish cunning is breathtaking.

    1. is it the cleverness that renders the stupidity?

      Hegel would be proud, yet lamenting?

      1. But the middle part of Hegel’s equation is largely irrelevant. The creators of the problem are moving full-speed ahead towards the designed solution, and another crack at Iran has motivated this latest move on the board

      2. I believe it was Steve Jobs who said: Death is the best invention of life. Perhaps Jewish cunning is a nature’s way of stupid gentile’s evolution keep going forward.

        1. something of the sort, circassian.
          but i believe that it has to do with something greater than intelligence itself, gentile does not lack intelligence, witness the civilization he created, the one that jew destroyed.

          it has to do with binary pairing of intelligence and morality.
          when we have overcome the disease of jew, it will be through realization that morals and courage borne of morals are equal partners in this pairing, because without them, intelligence itself cannot resolve the conundrum the jew has posed it with generational noahide domestication (establish talmud’s supremacy, discourage free thinking), forced imposition the artificial guilt and abrogation of truth.

          so many answers await for those who pay attention …
          I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life
          this is the roadmap to strength and freedom.

        2. lobro, your formula “the gentile builds the civilization, while the jew destroys it” is not without merit, but it is missing an important detail. And, as we all know, the devil is in the detail.

          95 to 98% of gentile population built nothing, and the percentage of the jews actively and concisely participating in the destruction of civilization, one way or the another, is perhaps also around 95 to 98% of the jewish population.

          95 to 98% of the gentile population is not devious, but literally stupid creatures, while the 95 to 98% of the jewish population is cunning bastards. That’s the thing.

        3. your percentages are likely dead on correct, circassian.
          btw, circassian or something is it tatars or cossacs as well, somewhere in that transcacausian region? if i am off by only 2,000 miles, that’s close enough, it is russia after all, a different scale from vatican.
          (if i said vatican is somewhere close to ethiopia, that wouldn’t go over so well)

          be that as it may, the thing about european societies is that these once-in-a-blue-moon geniuses (genii, i hear sardonicus) are sufficient for the leaping advancement, because the rest got noses to the grindstone, the drawers of water, blacksmiths, farmers, masons, cabinetmakers, bakers and so on, all producing according to their temporal station and quite proud of it.

          jew poisoned that well quite thoroughly and everyone today wants millions/billions, like the vulgar tv hominids arrogantly prancing in their bling, something for nothing just like jew gets: everything for nothing, only the crime pays, dishonesty, lying, hypocrisy pay big time.

          this is the corrosive solvent that destroyed the human civilization.
          this is talmud.

        4. Your take on the jew phenomenon reminds me that of Dr William Pierce’s who, in my opinion, gave the most accurate diagnosis of the disease inflicting the entire humanity.

          As of Circassians, within the confines of the accuracy you referred to, the following digest will do just fine

        5. unfort, the video you recommended is unavailable (“currently”) but i hit upon this one.

          aha! sochi! cherkesia! abhkasia! nice music.
          so far i looked at couple of vids that speak the language, i think turkic but also sounding like farsi (had an iranian girlfriend once, she taught me according to my limited talent for absorption).
          also some references to armenia, a genocide on 21 may 1864, war against turkey … will dig in some more.

          btw, lots of videos indicating that israel is taking a pointed interest in the area, a possible next flashpoint as they poke and prod using proxies like georgia and chechnya.

          it shows where the hearts of ashkenazis is.
          wonder where that nudelbaum bitch is heading next.

        6. extending the thoughts on circassia.
          yes, jews are taking a predatory interest in this area and this may be precisely the reason putin selected sochi for the winter olympics, to stake his turf.

          and why saudis, who are jew’s water carriers were planting chechen self-bombing stoned broads in the city buses and what not.

          this story is not over, i think the western ukes will soon wake up groggily from their groggy delusion and their usefulness to the rabbi will diminish, the jewboys will plunder what there is to be plundered and the swarm moves on …
          on to caucasus, close to ancestral homeland ruled by kagan chertoff, lots of muslim misery, easily turned fanatic takfiri, ready to die … for whatever and wherever their brother adam gadahn aims them, suitably zombified drones in human form.

          i am impressed by putin, the more i watch him, the more he seems a long step ahead.

  74. good, for me also it is like Hegel’s dialectic, with the Ukraine: the two superpowersplaying conflict. Of course Russia would be justified to occupy the Crim or russians parts or the whole Ukraine. But then why these threats from Obama-Kerry-the EU-colonial administrations? May be that they create an war-like athmosphere so they can act against the national movements or sentiments in the European countries and also in Russia against oligarchs, finance-vultures, banksters and international corporations?
    Because the ponzi-sheme of the FED is at the end.
    At the moment I’m more interested in new developments in physics, other thoughts in culture and about gardening, than in these power-shows that can be fake as everything the media show.

    1. ..i meant:…”so they can act against the national movements or sentiments in the European countries and also in Russia against oligarchs,…”
      that the national ovements are against these international gangsters, finance and oligarchs. The more since the backside of the materialistc heaven (neo-communism) comes to light: unemployment, rescuing the bankers, social destruction by IMF…

    2. fritz,

      I have no idea what you mean by new developments in physics. Physics has reached dead end, in case if you haven’t noticed that. To revive physics we have to go all the way back to the dawn of the scientific era, i.e. to Galileo, and figure out where exactly things went wrong.

      I am a physicist by education. I have started off by showing that Newtonian mechanics can be inductively derived in its entirety from what I call extended relativity – Galilean relativity plus relativity of scale:
      Now we need to figure out where exactly Newton, Euler, Maxwell, and Einstein went wrong. That might sound like a crazy statement. Well, that is a crazy statement, but I am quite sure that Newtonian mechanics has a limitation of momentous proportions which lies in the fact that it has nothing to say when it comes to accelerations that take place with … acceleration. That is precisely the reason why the mechanical phenomenon of turbulence presents such a tough nut to crack for Newtonian mechanics; in fact, it simply cannot be cracked in the framework of Newtonian mechanics.

      Euler’s theory of rigid bodies is not adequate for describing the behavior of gyroscopes in general. The whole theory of gyrodynamics is still waiting to be discovered.

      Maxwell went wrong when his electrodynamics settled for vector analysis instead of quaternions of Hamilton (perhaps Oliver Heaviside is to be blamed for that blunder rather than Maxwell himself, but that is another matter).

      As of Einstein … he is probably the most guilty party for the dead-end in which physics finds itself today.

      1. hallo Circassian, much of that which You write, lets me understand in certain resonances. Forgive my English, but a long time ago myself was beginning to study physics but ran into too many obstacles and one of them was, we didn’t have English in school and the first thing were english physics-books, and in mathematics, were also other theories I had never heard of. Now, just came across a prof.Konstantin Meyl who’s website is also english
        and listened to some of his lectures. He is into field theory since about 1990 and meanwhile has success. Alwas he tells about the history of physics, what normal students know little. He said, Faraday’s equations were right und useful with the electric, magnetic and speed of light (?or time) set in a right angle. But in Maxwells four (?) equations he (or they) sets one of them to zero. Anyway this was too specialized and there he regards a failure. Farady’s were useful to discribe field theory. Today physics, quantum physics, is at a dead end, as you say, and splitted into various theories. Quarks and Higgs partikels, how were they explained to hold together? the same with the atom of an nucleus consisting of equally (positive) charged neutrons, positrons – anyway some glue is proposed as an assumption (strong and weak reciprocal effect or force or something) all the many postulates, without ever been proved. He explains it with the field and vortex.
        From the study of history he is much into the ideas of Tesla, who invented the alternate current, and 3-phase current., as all know. and into: Potential vortex, scalar waves & alternative energy. Of course others are also experimenting with neutrinos, and have build these huge detectors in the Italian mountains but with no sucecess (2 events a day) and he can explain why (wrong measuring detector). For me it is worth it to read more of his articles without going too much into mathematics.
        Can it be said, that field theory is the encompassing term and particles are more a narrow theory but are part of our modern materialism? I don’t know about ideas in Russia, are they more esotheric or on the same wrong highway..

        1. actually had the idea that materialism as in the theory is basically jewish, nbut Prof Meyl also has a bit about Einstein. I think it was also that scitific prices and magazins are owned by a certain direction. Today billions are poured into quantum physics (Cern) and almost nothing spend on field theory.

        2. thanks Circassian, I’ll look at it. I’ve heard something about corral castle, but forgou, – for me the phsical terms in engl. are not easy but they’ mostly Latin.

        3. please note: myself will not buy anything like his expensive sets for experiments (that can be made cheaper perhaps), but I’ll read articles and until now I find his theory interesting. Of course I should learn something about the mathematics of fields and vortex… and that will take time, if ever.
          also thanks for your links, Circassian.

        4. Fritz,

          Hitler sneered at “jewish physics”, as you may imagine. And for good reason.

          You queried about Russia being esoteric, or on the same wrong highway. I’m thinking their “esoteric” is the right highway BECAUSE jewish physics is the wrong one.

          This is giving me a better grasp of the prophecy of the next evolutionary leap coming through Russia (although I’d prefer a word to replace “evolutionary”. I don’t like the word association with Darwin’s preposterous “theory”, euphemism for “intentional lie”-more jewish physics.

          The key may be with Russian physics as it points in the direction of field theory. The esoteric could be interpreted to mean the TRUE physics which has been suppressed by the jewish physics, and whose understanding of its meaning will unfold once the enemy has been vanquished. At its core, jewish physics can only imply a reflection of everything we know as “jew”. It spews a false knowledge of matter. The “preter” is removed from the “preternatural”. Only when the head sees what the heart knows can the Truth be seen, and the jew is missing only what the Tinman THOUGHT he lacked.

          When lobro writes, “so many answers await for those who pay attention… I am the way, and the Truth, and the Life”, the “Life” referred to will be reflected by this new physics in ways antithetical to this experience we only CALL Life.

          The jewish curse has whacked Man upside the head and caused amnesia that has kept him from remembering true Life as represented in a vision from which a formula will derive:

          “the paradigm that perceives its science using terms like “electromagnetic” is transcended. In an integrated state of Being, “electro” translates to “energetic joyousness”. “Magnetic” is the intimate connection of all manifestation. This embodies the true, dynamic experience within the field of attraction – the ‘space of time’. Perception in awareness reflects a unity of Consciousness experiencing joyously, not one with the vicarious vision of a spectator, isolated from the intimacy of its unified field”.

      2. You bet Einstein was the most guilty party! A scoundrel in a pacifist’s clothing. It was his sick advice to Roosevelt to drop the A-bombs on Japan through his jewish emissary. Kinda speaks for itself. It was he who smashed the champagne bottle and launched the nuclear age.

        And to add insult to injury, E=mc2 is terribly flawed, and a TRUE formula will emerge after the troubles are over. Not only that, but it wasn’t even his brainstorm!

        total fraud

        1. E=mc^2 is terribly flawed, and a TRUE formula will emerge after the troubles are over.

          This is a profound statement, Brownhawk. I doubt that even you realize how prophetic it is.

          Just like the bogus theories of special and general relativity, E=mc^2 has a mystical appeal but it doesn’t have to. If one rewrites this formula in a slightly different but equivalent form c = √(E/m), with subsequent multiplication by volume the nominator and denominator of the expression under the square root, the mechanical meaning of the formula becomes obvious to the naked eye: it is simply a formula for the speed of acoustical wave propagation in luminiferous aether.

          Readers, who know some Russian, can find the details of mechanical interpretation of E=mc^2 here:

    1. thanks circassian, it is quite a read.
      never studied st. peterburg paradox much, just the basics, so now i am taking a closer look.
      now this strikes home for me,
      A player with superior memorization skills, who studied extensively all known chess openings, gets clear advantage over a more creative opponent not versed so well in chess opening theory
      because i don’t take competitive chess seriously enough, only as a life proxy, where opening moves are not that crucial, besides my memory is quite poor so right away i would be at a distinct disadvantage to the pros.
      in fact, it is the creative aspect that gives me the most pleasure, sort of like a free ranging discussion rather than a restricted one where you must stick to a prearranged topic.

      will take a look at the fractional idea too, just glancing it over …

      1. lobro,

        You just made a perfect description of jew vs. gentile. No wonder it strikes home with you!

        Poor memory ain’t so bad if you’re honest. Jews need excellent memories if they are to keep track of all their lies. And as for the creative aspect, it doesn’t comprehend with them and is all moot anyway. Because of their proficiency in the opening moves, they are the ones always at the attacking point getting you back on your heels in a defensive posture.

        I could go on and on but I’ll put the ball in your court.

  75. replacing one jewish government with another jewish government doesnt help ukraine … it was a trick to allow jews to take control of krym

    now that jews control krym, they are in position to inflict pain on western ukraine, hungary, poland, and other central euorpean countries that jews are losing control of

    1. flyingcossack

      I think you’re exactly right about Ukraine’s Jewish Government. What they need is for REAL white nationalists (not these fake Nazi/Nationalists who are really Israeli led) to come to power, oust the “Jews”, declare their sovereignty over specified majority ethnic Ukrainian population centers and DUMP the Jews IMF (which is an extension of the Jews City of London Corporation) Then they ought to erect a Sovereign currency, based on the average production of the Ukrianian worker and tell the EU and Russia (Indirectly controlled by the City of London Corp through their central bank) to take a hike (ceding ethnic Russian territory to Russia)

  76. Dr PC Roberts is not qualified to make any judgement on what is happening in Ukraine for a number of reasons.
    An overriding reason is that PC Roberts mentality is a product of 70 years -and counting- of Jewish myth propagated throughout via all means of communication (entertainment, academic, current events, etc.)and total brainwashing by same.
    He implies that Ukrainian “nationalism” is a negative (a 100% Jewish view for the gentiles; i.e. nationalism, ethnic, religious unity is good only for Jews (i.e. israel), no one else).
    He implies that the “nationalist” Ukrainians have some kind of connection with the “nazis” of Germany (a Jewish myth used as custom made brainwashing meme for non-jews and this is also some kind of negative?
    Regarding this view; firstly – it’s more apparent now than in the past 70 years, that Germany was battling for its survival and responded to its main enemies Judeo-Bloshevism-Freemasonry (which then as now has a joint stranglehold on the world) – that is – exercising self-defense against subtle attacks, by the Jewish World Order and revolution. Secondly – what were Ukrainians who joined forces with the Germans during the Second World War against the Jewish World Order supposed to do, but to defend themselves against a viscous adversary? As pointed out LD’s comments, they had 7-10 million of their fellow country women, children, men, lands, resources, destroyed by the Judeo-Bolshevic-Masonic cabal prior to arrival of the Germans – and likely saw the Germans as liberators from the Judeo-Bolshevic-Mansonic monsters…

    There are more points that could be made about what is wrong with Dr. PC Roberts article, but the above 2 are all that are needed to render his opinion useless and perhaps even side-stepping the number one problem the world faces today: Jewish-supremacist-racism, hatred for all people, things that are not Jewish, and the mass destruction of lives and resources by this unchecked force of evil.

    Resist jewish supremacist-racism!

    Resist the Jew World Order!

    (and time to some “credentialed” persons with the courage to name the problems and the perpetrators (at present, Dr PC Roberts is not one of them).

  77. By the way – it’s that time of year again – the only holiday that celebrates mass murder and destruction of an enemy of the moment – Purim…

    Ukraine destruction and revenge against Putin – is one more example (of many – do the research) of the Jewish supremacist-racists getting their Purim holiday gift – more death and destruction of their enemy – any and all non-jews.

  78. good point stubby, re. purim, the festival of lots when jews are baying for blood even more than throughout the rest of the year.
    looks like ukraine was the lamb sacrificed to satanyahu this time.

    couple of quick asides: every nationalism is good, internationalism bad, talmudism for dummies.
    building on this observation, a national socialism is the highest and best expression of society known to man, i doubt that there ever was a healthier, happier, more joyfully productive society than the 3rd Reich.
    and being judenfrei in sense of not being unduly influenced nor run by the infernal horde meant that policies benefited the common man rather than the perverted elite like today.

    sadly, i was right in everything i predicted: ukraine is a one-night stand for the jew, a shiksa used, soon to be asset stripped by the newly installed jew commissars and it no longer matters, the push is on to russia as it always was.
    let someone say now that it wasn’t all planned in israel, that the idf “volunteers” in full gear and the typically cowardly and psychotic rooftop assassins just happened to be there as tourists.
    and i repeat: all this is a clear statement of whom the jew considers his prime enemy.

    putin and the christian russia, where aryan makes his last stand.

    anyone who does not see this clearly is deluded by the mumbo jumbo tales of tavistock institute, jesuit-masonic conspiracies and other jew squid ink that darkens internet.

    1. its good to have a friend in a time like these … you tell me exactly the things i need to know

      people ask me, ukrainians arent attacking or threatening russians, so why did putin send warships to krym? … i tell em its because all ukrainians have the middlename fascist or hater … and the ships are there to create peace from this threat

      other people ask me why putin doesnt send cargo ships to palestine … i tell em, he is busy rope-a-dope … giving ropes to the dopes in palestine … they are confused what to do with them … putin smiles at them like mona lisa, the sooner the better

    2. doublespeak/gobbledygook, i can’t tell the difference either.
      somewhat disappointed in your refusal (i credit you that it is not inability) to think straight, flyingcossack.

      sending warships to palestine is a wet dream for the time being, maybe in future … neither russia nor china have what it takes to face off with the us that far off shore, they cannot project naval or airpower like the us can, don’t have hundreds of forward bases and airfields for doing business in the middle of the ring.
      surely you know that.
      or don’t you.

      no, all putin can do is protect his own backyard while biding time until the us idiot has bled himself out in his jew-induced imperialist hubris.
      ok, so far?

      let’s move on to the other points you raised.
      ukrainians arent attacking or threatening russians, so why did putin send warships to krym?
      first of all, for people so concerned with own freedom, they don’t seem to have much by way of qualms about taking it away from others.
      crimea is multi-ethnic, full of russians and tatars, ukrainian speaking ukrainians are a minority.
      yet ukrainians feel it is all theirs.
      why? just because stalin in a moment of magnanimity signed it over to them one day, just like that.
      historically, it has been part of russian territory since after byzantium crashed.
      in fact, until recently it seems to me, russians and ukrainians were practically indistinguishable, until eastern poland was ceded to ussr and became “west ukraine”.
      i suspect that it is these russian-hating pollacks who are at the root of unrest, not certain but that’s how it smells to me, zbignew brzezinski’s people.
      well, they got it now, the zbignistan.

      soviet and now russian black sea fleet always had their bases in crimea, russia entered into a long term lease agreement with ukraine on sebastopol naval facilities and now the retarded goons wanted to break that agreement, egged on no doubt by the pale nomadic jew pack.
      the same ones that presently squat in guantanamo bay, refusing to either honor the expired lease and leave or pay rent, now complaining about perfidious russians for simply playing ball.

      and on and on and on and somehow you keep harping that NOW crimea (your krym) is ruled by jews.
      what a laugh, crimea is jew owned and western ukraine is finally free.
      i guess we have a different notion of what a jew is.

      1. besides you seem to blame me for ukrainian misfortunes, if only lobro had kept his mouth shut everything would have been ok.

        you (ukrrainians) are makers of your own misfortune, in “orange revolution” you made your bed that you now find so uncomfortable, expecting that saint yulia will lead you to “western prosperity”, good by russian gulag.
        just what happened now all of a sudden, huh?
        real spontaneous stuff, a month before it got underway, nudelman chose your prime minister jew ‘yatz’ yatseniuk ahead of the other candidate, jew ‘klitch’ klitchko.
        and that is what you got today.
        so go ahead, blame putin.
        or me, same thing. 🙂

      2. No doubt.

        Ziggy ain’t getting any younger and would just hate to leave the game prematurely.

        He may be operating pretty high up in the perfidious cabal, but he is still a Satanic minion below the pyramidal apex in a “need to know only” position in overseeing its counterfeit grid of authority.

        The next move. Always the next move.

        1. Next move should be for US to back off on the rhetoric and give Putin a minute. He’s not going anywhere with this. That warm-water port is important to them – as it would be to US. Kerry should go home – only thing he’s doing is embarrassing the US. Obama should send a delegation to Moscow and ask for a clarification of intentions. If the message is not clear enough, by then his (Putin’s) actions will be. That ICBM test launch today was a real attention getter. Hope the Patriot system is up to the task of ten thousand.

    1. Geoffrey Pyatt (@3:18): I’m still trying to figure out in my mind why Yanukovich did that.

      Maidan for Dummies: How is it done? (

      gives straight answer to Geoffrey’s conundrum: Yanukovich didn’t get all the assurances he was demanding from his counterparts in terms of his 30 pieces of silver before the deal was sealed.

      The poor bastard entertained the idea that he can outsmart the devil.

  79. @Circassian

    Maybe “flaw” isn’t quite the appropriate word. “short-sighted” may be better. i.e.; the prophecy concerns a correction where “c” is the key in making it.

    Where “c” goes from here will address what is currently called a field “theory”, as it reflects the gist of “Revelation”; defining “apocalyptic” itself.

    Stay tuned. All are witness to it.

    And Ziggy hasn’t a clue.

  80. People ought to be aware that Putin’s masters at the City of London Corp via Russia’s central bank, raised interest rates 1.5% during this Ukrainian crisis. This move by the “Jews” crashed the Russian markets where the Ruble is now at its lowest value in decades.

    Why would the “Jews” do this? To keep a reign on Putin so he doesn’t start thinking to invade all of Ukraine, solidly in Jewish hands right now via their new prime minister who’s a DUAL citizen of “Israel” and by way of their currency linked to the IMF (extension of the City of London Corp).

    The Jews message to Putin is; “Don’t mess with us Jews as we now RAPE Ukraine via the IMF. If you do, know, we will do the same to Russia, AGAIN.

    If Putin was a real Nationalist he wouldn’t imprison Russian ethnic nationalists who oppose Russian multiculturalism forced on ethnic Russians by the “Jews”. If Putin was a REAL Christian and Nationalist, he wouldn’t go along with this nonsense and start by kicking out the Jewish Bankers who control Russia’s central bank, hence their entire economy, and this so Russia could actually be FREE of Jewish control.

    1. Hitler was always playin’ a cat n’ mouse game with the jews. He needed them, they needed him. They knew he was nobody’s stooge, and he knew they were setting him up for a fall and wanted to make it a moot point with victories on the battlefield.

      And as for the numerous military blunders, I’ve always suspected the mole Bormann was responsible for much of them.

      I see Putin in a similar boat. But when push comes to shove I don’t see him getting taken by a mole. Not with that KGB background.

      And he’s probably filling the potholes, too.

  81. there were two brothers, oleh and vladimir … they each had huge farms beside one another and access to a river full of life

    one day, oleh went to the river to get some water … but could not because validmir blocked it with cows … oleh asked him, brother, you have so much land, why did you block the river with your cows … vladimir said, its for our peace

  82. indeed lobro, ukrainians and russians always lived side by side in krym, each using it for various purposes … whereas before there were ukrainian and russian bases in krym, now there are only russian … russia now controls the pipelines into central europe and the shipping route into eastern europe … we will soon find out how russia’s “whites” will treat the whites in europe … truly, i hope putin has good intentions … but regardless who putin is, ukrainians and russians will remain brothers

    no, russia doesnt need to send warships to palestine … how bout a small cargo ship with minimal personnel, with some medical supplies … just trying to do so would unite the white and arab world – if indeed russia was white … unfortunately, your lies in the other thread are just that … it is russia and eastern ukraine that are mongrelized (pure whites constitute less than 50% of the population) … probably due to the genocides and mixings that jews inflicted there … and it is western ukraine, like poland hungary germany austria, that are still largely white

    im afraid jews are not trying to isolate russia … russia spans half the globe … its easier to isolate the fresh water in the world than isolate russia … jews have sinister plans for central europe (perhaps to leave it out in the cold next winter?) … and the blowhorning in the media between usa and russia is misdirection

  83. unfortunately, your lies in the other thread are just that
    so now i am a liar, huh?
    ok … this tells me that the further discussion is pointless, i mean why discuss anything with a liar, neither can you gain any worthwhile insight from him nor is he interested in the truth.

    but just a couple of contradictions (feel free to call me a liar when the plain sense fails).

    1. ukrainians and russians always lived side by side in krym
    so on what basis does “krym” suddenly belong to mindless mob organized by nuland, led by jew oligarch who under the flag of convenience call themselves ukrainians whereas even you tacitly admit that they are ethnic poles?
    after all, yanukovich was democratically elected (just like sadam, just like gaddafi) and overthrown by violence (or is in your view violence inherently more democratic, a true voice of the nation – nuland/yatz/klitch and other billionaire jews made sure that the authentic voice of ordinary ukrainians was respected).
    yet yanukovich appealed to putin to send in protection for krym.
    as a duly elected president, it is within his rights to do that.

    2. ukrainians and russians will remain brothers
    (right after accusing me of lying)
    it is russia and eastern ukraine that are mongrelized

    so what is it, mr. truth, russians and ukraininans are and will remain brothers but russian are mongrelized (pure whites constitute less than 50% of the population), so just who are these “neo-nazi” pure white ukrainian/pollacks peaceful brothers with?

    ok, so i am lying but you don’t make any sense.
    after all, if russians are your brothers, however mongrel-brown, why should you be concerned if they control krym, everything is cool and under control.

    but, oh i get it.
    putin, he is the devil.
    don’t give him krym, take it away from him and give it to nuland, yatseniuk, kolomoysky, tymoshenko, taruta, groisman, none of whom are mongrels, because israel does not hand out passports to mongrels (i know that kolomoysky has one, not sure about others except that they are certainly jews).
    and big supporters of palestinians (unlike putin).
    yup, i can see why you want putin to give krym to that bunch of philanthropists.
    well, you caught me lying, so i withdraw from further discussion, like i said, what’s the point.

    1. ukrainians didnt push russia out of krym … russians are pushing ukrainians out of krym … just who exactly are the jew lackeys

      yet another lie

      1. so there are mass forced deportations and ethnic cleansing of ukrainian speakers from crimea?
        got some links, truthteller?

        1. if you can’t prove it, that “f” in your handle is redundant, i would think.

      2. as i recall, the first decree of the goon “gov’t” in kiev was to prohibit official use of russian anywhere in ukraine.

        yeah, brothers.

    2. everything was cool and under control

      just who sent the extra warships and soldiers to push the other out?

  84. it really is tragicomic.

    holomodor was planned, organized and executed by jew commissars and their murderous thugs.
    as result, ukrainians blame and hate russians (except those who consider them friends and brothers).

    the new ukraine which gained independence from the soviet grasp without any opposition from russia has now disintegrated, ripped apart by jewish connivance and false flag actions, snipers and all.
    as result, ukrainians blame and hate russians (except those who consider them friends and brothers).

    and @parsons: what’s this about how putin conspires with jew bankers who control russian finance sector and how it proves that putin is one of them, therefore he is to blame for today’s mess.
    was it putin who brought them in, was greatest friends with gusinsky, berezovsky, nevzhlin and khodorkovsky?
    putin asked summers, rubin and the harvard jews to write the script on how to rip off russsian resources?

    all i see is him clearing things up bit by bit.
    russia is getting back on its feet, regaining its pride after the average lifespan of a russian male plummeted to something like 45 years, their employment rate is better than american, armed forces rebuilding after looking like the worst of american rust belt (you couldn’t tell the difference between murmansk and flint, michigan, both victims of the protocols), restoring the nations pride and dignity – compare russian national debt with not just the us but any european country with possible exception of germany – who do you thank for this turnaround, yeltsin?

    so weird, for some people putin just can’t do right but they will never pause for a minute to compare his accomplishments to any western leader of the last 50 years.
    look where they started and where they are today.
    look where he started and where russia is today, see the sharply crossed graphs, one tanking the other rising?
    but no, nothing is good enough, there are some potholes near the lake baikal …

  85. and actually, nationalism is a red herring, a canard.
    it is respect for local tradition and culture that counts, folkloric arts, old time languages and dialects, the ways of life.
    the job of the state is to ensure this respect and protect inhabitants from predatory encroachment.
    the actual state entity is irrelevant, it can be prussia, napoleonic france, imperial rome, china, it does not matter, so long as at no time does one ethnic group dominate another, israel being the finest example of such abomination in the written history, much more so than south africa.
    as far as i can tell, russia values the various ethnicities and cultures within its domain, no one prohibits ossetians, daghestanis, samoyeds, etc/etc from practicing their ancient ways.
    and in fact hitler encouraged ethnic identities to remain strong in all the countries that were under the sway of the 3rd reich, hungary, croatia, romania, finland, norway, belarus, ukraine, they all marched to the front in their own units, singing their patriotic songs in their own languages.
    austr-hungarian empire was like that too and for this reason all the disparate chunks of it long for the old times today.
    this even goes for the ottomans, who were quite considerate to the conquered minorities, many of whom look back to their era with a degree of nostalgia, when things were ordered, ran smoothly and they were left to pursue their lives provided the taxes were paid.

    in fact, the early nationalistic tendencies were probably cooked up by jews.

  86. this tribal fragmentation is precisely what the protocol pushes for, just read the clean break document.
    this is iraq today, anbar, mesopotamia and kurdistan, each too weak to survive without israel’s approval, libya similarly chopped up and syria well on its way to dissolution.

    and where does the decay stop?
    when is enough enough?
    if i live in a city bock of drug addicts and acid heads, can we secede and call our country the republic of acidia?

    people, look behind the curtain.
    who do you see?
    a jew.
    yes, a jew.

    (but don’t believe me, flyingcossack found out that i am a liar)

    1. yes it’s true with these smaller nationalities, around 1850 they may have been encouraged to raise, but have not found the backgrounds, it may go back to the French revolution, freemasons.. there was a panslwaist congress
      It was wanted to break up the 3 empires and it had to do with the origin of the first worldwar. But then the bolshevist putsch was led by Trotzky and Lenin and there the jews from other countries dominated, clearly. This was anti-national (international-Comintern). What we can compare, ist the EU being on the same path to subjugate all different people under global finance and mixing them up to a new man? and. And America probably.
      Myself cannot compare or place Putin’s politics into the picture. It’s possibly a Heglian dialectic, because: is he supporting freedom of european nations, truth about Bolshevism and about German-Russian history?
      You see, lobro, it is difficult from outside to speculate about Russia’s inside. Perhaps we will see.

  87. oops … freudian slip?

    you got me all wrong friend … im not a truthteller, im an entertainer … in this world, putin and obama are the truthtellers … ive tried thinking straight and talking straight … but its gotten me as big an audience in my entire lifetime as you do around your cubicle during coffee break … so instead, im chomping on fruit loops and trix are for kids

    i can update your file on me … in there i can tell you when i found out and how i found out … has nothing to do with syntax, diction, ip, or mac … pretty sure you can learn a lot from me … almost as much as ive learned from you … your employer doesnt realize how valuable you are … we could make a pretty good team, surprised you havent tried to hire … im so demoralized id even negotiate with the devil … how bout as a job application, i submit a list of your handles

    1. ok bud, i am outta this conversation, totally pointless to continue.

      i am sorry that you are demoralized and if you feel better after blaming me for the fiasco of your country, be my guest, i am ok with it.
      maybe when all of ukraine figures out that lobro tripped them up from his cubicle in petah tikva, they will right the ship of state simply by ignoring me.
      their friends, whom i’ve partially enumerated will help, they have power, smarts, cash and a kind heart, of that i have no doubt.

      and if and when you regain use of your brain, we might someday continue a somewhat more constructive chat.

      so long, cubicle calls.

      on a parting note of universal love and brotherhood,
      Up to 10yrs’ jail for dual citizenship: Ukrainian bill targets tens of thousands

      israeli citizens like the governor of the dnepropetrovsk region, igor kolomoysky excepted.
      are you a us citizen by any chance, flyingcossack?
      that could land you in a different sort of cubicle, better stick with those whose superior brains engineered the new freedoms for overjoyed ukrainians.

  88. Paul Craig Roberts writes “The Russian parts of Ukraine clearly understand that the Right Sector’s destruction of the monument commemorating the stand of the Red Army against the German troops is a threat against the Russian population of Ukraine.”

    “Russian parts of Ukraine”?

    “The stand of the Red Army”? The Red Army were invaders just like Nazi Germany,

    Roberts doesn’t know history. The Soviet Union exported Russians into Crimea and eastern Ukraine to divide and rule — just like the U.K. sent Protestants into Northern Ireland to stir the pot. They also “resettled” the nomadic Tatars from Crimea into Asia — when they couldn’t slaughter enough of them.

    Then he writes “Provincial governments in eastern and southern Ukraine that formerly were part of Russia are organizing militias against the ultra-nationalist threat unleashed by Washington’s stupidity and incompetence and by the naive and gullible Kiev protesters.”

    They weren’t “part of Russia.” It was a Soviet colony and vassal state of the Soviet Empire. Ukraine has always been lusted after — by Poland, Russia, and Nazi Germany– for its fertile growing area.

    “Naive and gullible protesters”?

    People are just fed up with corruption. First it was Yulia Timoshenko’s Mafia, then Yanukovich’s Mafia and now the IMF’s Mafia led by the Jewish bankster Yatsenyuk.

    But for Roberts, who invented trickle-up economics under the Reagan-Bush Mafia, to write this drivel clearly indicates that Old Timer’s has set in for good…

    See Paul Craig Roberts: No Conspiracy for This Fool

  89. The devil is in the details all right. The “jewish physics” of e=mc^2 or any re-write of it isn’t “flawed”, per se, because to have a flaw implies the existence of a legitimate premise. Which it does not. It’s illegitimacy MUST align with the general jewish conspiracy against Life. This of course begs the question, “what is it in its cosmology that would reflect a conspiratorial intent?”

    In an earlier post my intention for “c” was in keeping with conventional wisdom of it signifying the “speed” of light. But this light is a psuedo-light. This means “c” may as well stand for “conspiracy” for all intents and purposes of the conspirators. In all fairness, Einstein was duped, but he was a fool nonetheless. “Genius” as useful idiot.

    I gotta bone up on whatever formulaic acumen I may have. If I do, I’ll throw my hat in the ring in coming up with something that expresses what will become a new reality for the World.

    And I AM intrigued by those Russian field theory physicists.

  90. never mind chess maneuvering, russians have nothing to match the american brain power, ukraine puzzle finally figured out, putin caught in the act, left speechless.

    It started with Benghazi. When you kill Americans and nobody pays a price, you invite this type of aggression. the twathead tweets.

    thank jews for promoting the brightest among goys into the decision making process.

    1. you’re right lobro. it ain’t chess, just the brutish force of the bully against those who would stand up to it.

      plain and simply that.

  91. Trying to reason with flyingcossack has as much sense as communicating with a brayingdonkey; finding the truth is not the aim of this lyingjew – his goal is to disrupt the conversation by making it meaningless.

    If he is a cossack, then I am a rabbi. By bet is that this засЛанный (или засРанный?) казачок, aka Trojan donkey, never even heard of ‘Tikhiy Don’.

  92. i was just reading up a bit on the history of that area and even in a fly-by mode, it seems like it is difficult to disengage russia from ukraine in these parts.
    in the 9th century, varangians (vikings) dominated it, having spread down from novgorod to kievan rus kingdom and were assimilated into the local slavic element.

    cossacks seem to have been a loose confederation of runaway serfs seeking freedom from overbearing landowners and settled in the steppes of the watershed of the don river in the 17th century.
    they weren’t defined by a particular ethnicity so much as the commonality of purpose, sort of like the pirates of the caribbean.

    anyway, for anyone to separate ukraine from russia, given their origin in kievan RUS entity is a sacrilege of sorts.
    at least i can thank flying cossack for having pushed me to do a bit of exploration of this quite interesting topic.
    in the 14th century, the old kingdom was invaded and chopped up by poland and lithuanians, so i guess they can all lay equal claim to it.
    so says flying lithuanian (they also hate russians, just like poles).

    1. and those interested might take note of the khazar presence along the don river at roughly the same time varangians were pushing down from the north.

      wonder at the intense interest the noodleman tribe has in the area, are these ancient semites, the biblical hebrews getting bored with their ancestral homeland?
      maybe yatseniuk, kolomoisky, tymoshenko, groisman, taruta, rabinovich, nudelman and all really are the rightful owners of krym, what say you, flyingcossack?
      and they certainly aren’t russian, just look at their folk dances by pussy riot, nothing like kazatchok.

      1. If (f)lying cossack had any sensibilities he’d leave this site with his donkey’s tail between his hind legs.

        you know the old saying:

        better to be silent and thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      1. Like lobro says, flying c, we’re all attending this cyberspace masquerade ball. And it’s hard enough to really know one’s own self let alone another.

        I truly believe that human beings who haven’t succumbed to the Satanic enemy of Man (and I include you) sometimes aren’t able to get and stay on top of the subterfuge this enemy has proven itself to be so adept at. And its greatest asset is fomenting goyim on goyim crime. That most ancient tactic of divide and conquer. The length and breadth of its corruption has insinuated itself so thoroughly that now humanity has reached the brink of the abyss; the magnitude of this time for the World indicates no less.

        It’s truly a time for all of us to get our houses in order for the great wrath to come. To know who your true brothers and sisters are and brace for the whirlwind; the furies’ gotterdamerung.

        Let ‘er rip I say.

        They’ve got their script and we’ve got ours

  93. >> the brightest among goys

    You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

    Asked about a rumour reported in Ukrainian media on Tuesday that Yanukovych had died from a heart attack, Putin denied it.

    “After he came to Russia, I saw him once, that was literally two days ago. He was alive and healthy. He will catch a cold yet — at the funerals of those who spread that information,” Putin added with characteristic black humour.

    1. “Do you sympathise with him?” one journalist asked.
      “No, I have completely different feelings,” Putin said.

      of course, yanukovich was the erstwhile shabbos goy who got uppity, sort of like saddam hussein and got the regime change treatment just like saddam and gaddafi did.
      the great “neonazi” liberators were undoubtedly polishing the gaddafi stick before yanukovich got away, the demented cackling slime eels hilary clinton and victoria nuland deprived of a bit of wholesome fun.

  94. Here comes another brain stormer, Jew Weseinthal

    Sergei Glazyev is not a minor figure in Putin’s cartridge clip. Kremlin denied that it authorized Glazyev to say what he said, but I can hear Putin’s chilling voice behind it:

    Barry, do not make stupid movements, you are on the thin ice here – the worst place to exercise jumping up and down posture for an angry monkey

  95. Wars are won not just by cannons and tanks, wars are won by spirit and faith in something that is much bigger than human existence.

    Outnumbered and outgunned tribes of the Caucasus proved that again and again in the struggle to preserve their way of life against the Russian empire for centuries.

    Today, the outnumbered and outgunned Russia is proving that in the struggle to preserve gentile’s way of life.

    That’s why ossetians, abkhasians, chechens, daghestanis, circassians, and all other tribes of Northern Caucasus are in the same tranches as slavs.

    1. “…wars are won by spirit and faith in something that is much bigger than human existence.”

      well said Circassian. well said indeed.

    1. i am glad they are coming to a head, let’s get this show on the road already.

      jews like to walk the fine edge, maintain tension, screaming, victimhood, accusations flying (the latest: holocaust was only the first in a string of genocides of jews in ww2), moaning, demands, writhing in faux-agony, all the while plotting our enslavement and/or demise.

      us grunts training by the idf book … lots of grunting in obama’s and ehud’s barracks by night.

  96. Brawnhawk,

    Qualifying contemporary orthodox physics as jewish is absolutely justified. Furthermore, the infectious disease has paralyzed modern mathematics as well.

    When I have recently come across a website with an exciting and absolutely novel way of seeing the whole subject of mathematics, I knew instantly that I have stumbled upon something of extraordinary importance. Check it out for yourself:

  97. Take me with you on this journey
    Where the boundaries of time are now tossed.
    In cathedrals of the forest
    In the words of the tongues now lost.

    Find the answers, ask the questions
    Find the roots of an ancient tree.
    Take me dancing, take me singing
    I’ll ride on till the moon meets the sea.

    To fully appreciate the magical beauty of these words of Anton Brejestovski, one ought to hear them – not just read them (@ 3:00):

    1. A great find, this poem Circassian. A synchronicity for me.

      “boundaries of time are now tossed”

      I see great irony in this passage suggesting the jews breaking out of their Pale after its Settlement. Call it an ironic microcosm. But until these boundaries ARE tossed, jewish physics will continue to accurately symbolize the macrocosmic “pale” the World has become – the World as we’ve experienced it through what we call the “passages” of time, which causes the ‘time-warp’ called history(with pales within pales within pales, ad infinitum like a Russian doll house) But it wasn’t always thus…

      “In the words of the tongues now lost”

      Implying what was once an entirely different cosmological array with “time” not experienced in its measured format where it “elapses”.

      “Find the roots of an ancient tree”

      Learn to recognize the signs indicating a return to the true reality of time

      “I’ll ride on till the moon meets the sea”

      My faith will carry me to when the array has altered

      1. Sorry if what I got from this poem seems unrelated. It’s just that these human tragedies never end.

        I suppose I’m simply envisioning an endless peace in which an ‘end’ of history would be a prerequisite

  98. Putin is a JEW. In Russia the jew rule. The so-called conflict between jewmerica en jew-Russia is staged by the jews. So the conflict is just about setting the jew-worldorder
    in which jewamerica and jew-putin must see the to settle the fusion between jewmerica and jew-russia.

    It’s like a merger between companies nothing else. For the rest we are ALREADY living in a jew-worldorder.

      1. stick around circassian, you will hear some real heavy stuff, deep enough that the braying of a donkey will sound like music to your ears.
        after all, the poor donkey is just feeling lonesome and calling his girlfriend or something, doesn’t mean any harm.

        jesus haters, hitler bashers, illuminati pushers, vaticanologists, atheists, satanists, muslim hunters … jew hate is just collateral damage to them, like “sorry ma’am i puked on your chihuahua, you know how it is”.
        this is more like unintelligible mumbling of a hibernating ogre stretched out in his cave
        “fee-fi-fo-fum, i shmelzh da blood of kh-hk-khxrischun”

        1. There is little doubt about that, lobro. Cyclops, a bit disoriented by a poke in his ass, is regrouping his marbles as we speak.

  99. let the good times roll in ukraine

    an epic disaster for the white man, an updated morgethau plan.
    like i said already, tragically true but whistling past this cemetery will not improve matters – ukraine is just a road kill as the jew juggernaut (see, i avoided the cheap pun of “jewggernaut”, however tempting) is blocked at krym, hyena pack running back to try another incursion via georgia, while other regime changes beckon elsewhere.
    overall, pepe’s analysis parallels mine of few days ago to a remarkable degree.

    but to me, of great interest is this bit and i quote:
    So any mediation now hinges on Germany. Berlin has no time for “sanctions” – the sacrosanct American exceptionalist mantra; Russia is a plush market for German industry.

    aha! germany … were angela to suddenly pull one of those “jawbunski sacrifice” type pivots and switch sides, the jews can use their protocols for toilet standby when they run out of talmud scrolls.
    the jewish century would be over and they’d be served with a long overdue invoice.

    1. “…a plush market for German industry”. They want to do business.

      maybe the plan is to appeal to the Russian people to support certain politicians in Russia who are already on board with it that will promise an economic boost from the International Fed (IMF and the like). The goal being to put the pressure on Putin.

      After all, it’s just the hallmark of ‘”westernization”. Call it living the Russian dream. Ply them with money so they can get the jobs and then buy stuff. And the jewish mafia got the goods. The good old American way. But not any more. Not here. We’re goin down. India, China, etc. Now Russia.

      I’d advise sending powerful thoughts Putin’s way. Maybe he needs to charm it up a little so he can help gain support and try to stay in power. He’s outwardly stoic, but deep down he cares, and it was good to see him at Sochi-some proud and happy moments, the best thing about sports. helped him to unwind a little and now his response to this whole mess is handled with his usual aplomb, and this time with a little flair.

      And hopes and prayers go to the budding theocratic movement. They need all the help they can get as the beast bears down.

  100. after reading the “Roving Eye” article you linked I thought I should have read it first and then responded by simply saying Putin is a thorn in their side. They need to find a way to get him out of power, period.


    It is highly satisfying to witness the helpless bubbling of this old fart – the self-proclaimed grand master of geopolitics.

    Putin has solved the problem of North Caucasus, which has being the Achilles’ heel for the Russian statehood for centuries. So, I would presume that solving the Crimean puzzle is kind of recreational math to him, i.e. taking well-deserved vacation and enjoying it.

  102. … and, yes, lobro, Germany gets a historical opportunity to set the record straight with Jude. I have this sad feeling though that no one is left in Germany with the cojones to seize the unprecedented opportunity.

  103. I wrote a post yesterday that was sophomoric, the one responding to lobro’s post having to do with Pepe Escobar’s article in the Roving Eye. This doesn’t characterize me, it was done in haste where obviously I wasn’t thinking things through very well. I can be pretty full of myself sometimes. Serves me right. Not to beat myself up too much over it, but constructive criticism is a good thing when it’s warranted.

    As long as you’re a sincere truthseeker who cherishes the truth you’ll be fine. I just need to inform myself better with things as they are (or may be) on the ground, in addition to being where I usually am, which is off in the clouds somewhere!

    One last thing I’ll say is that after watching Putin’s press conference the other day I came away thinking this guy is pretty much the goods. I may be ill-informed in some areas, but I know body language and speech inflection. I like to sometimes turn the sound off and just watch a person speaking. Looking at the eyes, head movements, the hands, shoulders, etc. Also, I was impressed with Putin speaking about all the various cultural entities in the region. I thought he showed a genuine respect in honoring their rights of self-determination.

    The lines look clearly drawn to me.

  104. more and more people are waking up to the obvious

    one no longer has to have the gift of sight to see, just a basic, functioning brain, accessible to most of the visually impaired.

    of course, the crackpots will persist in monomaniacally pursuing their schizoid phantasms, why bother with reason when irrational is so much more entertaining.

    how about listening to a phone call between the Estonian foreign minister Paet and the EU high representative Ashton.

    Ashton says “gosh” to the sniper revelation but then plays over it.
    (don’t touch that issue kathy lest you be hauled before the high magistrate of the sanhedrin for hate speech)

    of course, the bletherers who wouldn’t wake up if the brick of truth landed on their heads will continue down their bottom feeding groove.

    all i can say is, go-get-em putin, the millions of fed up gentiles across the world are with you.

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