Ukraine in Turmoil: War May Come at any Time — by Israel Shamir


novorussiya-v1-400x275It is not much fun to be in Kiev these days. The revolutionary excitement is over, and hopes for new faces, the end of corruption and economic improvement have withered. The Maidan street revolt and the subsequent coup just reshuffled the same marked deck of cards, forever rotating in power.

The new acting President has been an acting Prime Minister, and a KGB (called “SBU” in Ukrainian) supremo. The new acting Prime Minister has been a Foreign Minister. The oligarch most likely to be “elected” President in a few days has been a Foreign Minister, the head of the state bank, and personal treasurer of two coups, in 2004 (installing Yushchenko) and in 2014 (installing himself). His main competitor, Mme Timoshenko, served as a Prime Minister for years, until electoral defeat in 2010.

 These people had brought Ukraine to its present abject state. In 1991, the Ukraine was richer than Russia, today it is three times poorer because of these people’s mismanagement and theft. Now they plan an old trick: to take loans in Ukraine’s name, pocket the cash and leave the country indebted. They sell state assets to Western companies and ask for NATO to come in and protect the investment.

 They play a hard game, brass knuckles and all. The Black Guard, a new SS-like armed force of the neo-nazi Right Sector, prowls the land. They arrest or kill dissidents, activists, journalists. Hundreds of American soldiers, belonging to the “private” company Academi (formerly Blackwater) are spread in Novorossia, the pro-Russian provinces in the East and South-East. IMF–dictated reforms slashed pensions by half and doubled the housing rents. In the market, US Army rations took the place of local food.

 The new Kiev regime had dropped the last pretence of democracy by expelling the Communists from the parliament. This should endear them to the US even more. Expel Communists, apply for NATO, condemn Russia, arrange a gay parade and you may do anything at all, even fry dozens of citizens alive. And so they did.

The harshest repressions were unleashed on industrial Novorossia, as its working class loathes the whole lot of oligarchs and ultra-nationalists. After the blazing inferno of Odessa and a wanton shooting on the streets of Melitopol the two rebellious provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk took up arms and declared their independence from the Kiev regime. They came under fire, but did not surrender. The other six Russian-speaking industrial provinces of Novorossia were quickly cowed. Russia did not interfere and did not support the rebellion, to the great distress of Russian nationalists in Ukraine and Russia who mutter about “betrayal”. So much for the warlike rhetoric of McCain and Brzezinski.


Putin’s respect for others’ sovereignty is exasperating. I understand this sounds like a joke, you heard so much of Putin as a new Hitler. As a matter of fact, Putin had legal training before joining the Secret Service. He is a stickler for international law. His Russia interfered with other states much less than France or England, let alone the US. I asked his senior adviser, Mr Alexei Pushkov, why Russia did not try to influence Ukrainian minds while Kiev buzzed with American and European officials. “We think it is wrong to interfere”, he replied like a good Sunday schoolboy. It is rather likely Putin advisors’ misjudged public sentiment. « The majority of Novorossia’s population does not like the new Kiev regime, but being politically passive and conservative, will submit to its rule”, they estimated. “The rebels are a small bunch of firebrands without mass support, and they can’t be relied upon”, was their view. Accordingly, Putin advised the rebels to postpone the referendum indefinitely, a polite way of saying “shove it”.

They disregarded his request with considerable sang froid and convincingly voted en masse for secession from a collapsing Ukraine. The turnout was much higher than expected, the support for the move near total. As I was told by a Kremlin insider, this development was not foreseen by Putin’s advisers.

Perhaps the advisors had read it right, but three developments had changed the voters’ minds and had sent this placid people to the barricades and the voting booths:

  1. The first one was the fiery holocaust of Odessa, where the peaceful and carelessly unarmed demonstrating workers were suddenly attacked by regime’s thugs (the Ukrainian equivalent of Iran’s basij) and corralled into the Trade Unions Headquarters. The building was set on fire, and the far-right pro-regime Black Guard positioned snipers to efficiently pick off would-be escapees. Some fifty, mainly elderly, Russian-speaking workers were burned alive or shot as they rushed for the windows and the doors. This dreadful event was turned into an occasion of merriment and joy for the Ukrainian nationalists who referred to their slain compatriots as “fried beetles”. It is being said that this auto-da-fé was organised by the shock troops of Jewish oligarch and strongman Kolomoysky, who coveted the port of Odessa.

2. The second was the Mariupol attack on May 9, 2014. This day is commemorated as V-day in Russia and Ukraine (while the West celebrates it on May 8). The Kiev regime forbade all V-day celebrations. In Mariupol, the Black Guard attacked the peaceful and weaponless town, burning down the police headquarters and killing local policemen who had refused to suppress the festive march. Afterwards, Black Guard thugs unleashed armoured vehicles on the streets, killing citizens and destroying property.

 The West did not voice any protest; Nuland and Merkel weren’t horrified by this mass murder, as they were by Yanukovich’s timid attempts to control crowds. The people of these two provinces felt abandoned; they understood that nobody was going to protect and save them but themselves, and went off to vote.

 3. The third development was, bizarrely, the Eurovision jury choice of Austrian transvestite Conchita Wurst for a winner of its song contest. The Novorossians decided they want no part of such a Europe.

Actually, the people of Europe do not want it either: it transpired that the majority of British viewers preferred a Polish duo, Donatan & Cleo, with its We Are Slavic. Donatan is half Russian, and has courted controversy in the past extolling the virtues of pan-Slavism and the achievements of the Red Army, says the Independent. The politically correct judges of the jury preferred to “celebrate tolerance”, the dominant paradigm imposed upon Europe. This is the second transvestite to win this very political contest; the first one was Israeli singer Dana International. Such obsession with re-gendering did not go down well with Russians and/or Ukrainians.

The Russians have readjusted their sights, but they do not intend to bring their troops into the two rebel republics, unless dramatic developments should force them.

 Russian plans

Imagine: you are dressed up for a night on Broadway, but your neighbours are involved in a vicious quarrel, and you have to gun up and deal with the trouble instead of enjoying a show, and a dinner, and perhaps a date. This was Putin’s position regarding the Ukrainian turmoil.

A few months ago, Russia had made a huge effort to become, and to be seen as, a very civilised European state of the first magnitude. This was the message of the Sochi Olympic games: to re-brand, even re-invent Russia, just as Peter the Great once had, as part of the First World; an amazing country of strong European tradition, of Leo Tolstoy and Malevich, of Tchaikovsky and Diaghilev, the land of arts, of daring social reform, of technical achievements, of modernity and beyond — the Russia of Natasha Rostova riding a Sikorsky ‘copter. Putin spent $60 b to broadcast this image.

  The old fox Henry Kissinger wisely said:

Putin spent $60 billion on the Olympics. They had opening and closing ceremonies, trying to show Russia as a normal progressive state. So it isn’t possible that he, three days later, would voluntarily start an assault on Ukraine. There is no doubt that… at all times he wanted Ukraine in a subordinate position. And at all times, every senior Russian that I’ve ever met, including dissidents like Solzhenitsyn and Brodsky, looked at Ukraine as part of the Russian heritage. But I don’t think he had planned to bring it to a head now.

However, Washington hawks decided to do whatever it takes to keep Russia out in the cold. They were afraid of this image of “a normal progressive state” as such Russia would render NATO irrelevant and undermine European dependence on the US. They were adamant about retaining their hegemony, shattered as it was by the Syrian confrontation. They attacked Russian positions in the Ukraine and arranged a violent coup, installing a viciously anti-Russian regime supported by football fans and neo-Nazis, paid for by Jewish oligarchs and American taxpayers. The victors banned the Russian language and prepared to void treaties with Russia regarding its Crimean naval base at Sebastopol on the Black Sea. This base was to become a great new NATO base, controlling the Black Sea and threatening Russia.

Putin had to deal quickly and so he did, by accepting the Crimean people’s request to join Russian Federation. This dealt with the immediate problem of the base, but the problem of Ukraine remained.

  The Ukraine is not a foreign entity to Russians, it is the western half of Russia. It was artificially separated from the rest in 1991, at the collapse of the USSR. The people of the two parts are interconnected by family, culture and blood ties; their economies are intricately connected. While a separate viable Ukrainian state is a possibility, an “independent” Ukrainian state hostile to Russia is not viable and can’t be tolerated by any Russian ruler. And this for military as well as for cultural reasons: if Hitler had begun the war against Russia from its present border, he would have taken Stalingrad in two days and would have destroyed Russia in a week.

A more pro-active Russian ruler would have sent troops to Kiev a long time ago. Thus did Czar Alexis when the Poles, Cossacks and Tatars argued for it in 17th century. So also did Czar Peter the Great, when the Swedes occupied it in the 18th century. So did Lenin, when the Germans set up the Protectorate of Ukraine (he called its establishment “the obscene peace”). So did Stalin, when the Germans occupied the Ukraine in 1941.

Putin still hopes to settle the problem by peaceful means, relying upon the popular support of the Ukrainian people. Actually, before the Crimean takeover, the majority of Ukrainians (and near all Novorossians) overwhelmingly supported some sort of union with Russia. Otherwise, the Kiev coup would not have been necessary. The forced Crimean takeover seriously undermined Russian appeal. The people of Ukraine did not like it. This was foreseen by the Kremlin, but they had to accept Crimea for a few reasons. Firstly, a loss of Sevastopol naval base to NATO was a too horrible of an alternative to contemplate. Secondly, the Russian people would not understand if Putin were to refuse the suit of the Crimeans.

 The Washington hawks still hope to force Putin to intervene militarily, as it would give them the opportunity to isolate Russia, turn it into a monster pariah state, beef up defence spending and set Europe and Russia against each other. They do not care about Ukraine and Ukrainians, but use them as pretext to attain geopolitical goals.

The Europeans would like to fleece Ukraine; to import its men as “illegal” workers and its women as prostitutes, to strip assets, to colonise. They did it with Moldova, a little sister of Ukraine, the most miserable ex-Soviet Republic. As for Russia, the EU would not mind taking it down a notch, so they would not act so grandly. But the EU is not fervent about it. Hence, the difference in attitudes.

Putin would prefer to continue with his modernisation of Russia. The country needs it badly. The infrastructure lags twenty or thirty years behind the West. Tired by this backwardness, young Russians often prefer to move to the West, and this brain drain causes much damage to Russia while enriching the West. Even Google is a result of this brain drain, for Sergey Brin is a Russian immigrant as well. So are hundreds of thousands of Russian scientists and artists manning every Western lab, theatre and orchestra. Political liberalisation is not enough: the young people want good roads, good schools and a quality of life comparable to the West. This is what Putin intends to deliver.

He is doing fine. Moscow now has free bikes and Wi-Fi in the parks like every Western European city. Trains have been upgraded. Hundreds of thousands of apartments are being built, even more than during the Soviet era. Salaries and pensions have increased seven-to-tenfold in the past decade. Russia is still shabby, but it is on the right track. Putin wants to continue with modernisation.

As for the Ukraine and other ex-Soviet states, Putin would prefer they retain their independence, be friendly and work at a leisurely pace towards integration a la the European Union. He does not dream of a new empire. He would reject such a proposal, as it would delay his modernisation plans.

If the beastly neocons would not have forced his hand by expelling the legitimate president of Ukraine and installing their puppets, the world might have enjoyed a long spell of peace. But then the western military alliance under the US leadership would fall into abeyance, the US military industries would lose out, and US hegemony would evaporate. Peace is not good for the US military and hegemony-creating media machine. So dreams of peace in our lifetime are likely to remain just dreams.

 What will Putin do?

Putin will try to avoid sending in troops as long as possible. He will have to protect the two splinter provinces, but this can be done with remote support, the way the US supports the rebels in Syria, without ‘boots on the ground’. Unless serious bloodshed on a large scale should occur, Russian troops will just stand by, staring down the Black Guard and other pro-regime forces.

Putin will try to find an arrangement with the West for sharing authority, influence and economic involvement in the failed state. This can be done through federalisation, or by means of coalition government, or even partition. The Russian-speaking provinces of Novorossia are those of Kharkov (industry), Nikolayev (ship-building), Odessa (harbour), Donetsk and Lugansk (mines and industry), Dnepropetrovsk (missiles and high-tech), Zaporozhe (steel), Kherson (water for Crimea and ship-building), all of them established, built and populated by Russians. They could secede from Ukraine and form an independent Novorossia, a mid-sized state, still bigger than all neighbouring states (but Russia proper). This state could join the Union State of Russia and Belarus, and/or the Customs Union led by Russia. The rump Ukraine could manage as it sees fit until it decides whether or not to join its Slavic sisters in the East. Such a set up would produce two rather cohesive and homogeneous states.

Another possibility (much less likely at this moment) is a three-way division of the failed Ukraine: Novorossia, Ukraine proper, and Galicia&Volyn. In such a case, Novorossia would be strongly pro-Russian, Ukraine would be neutral, and Galicia strongly pro-Western.

The EU could accept this, but the US probably would not agree to any power-sharing in the Ukraine. In the ensuing tug-of-war, one of two winners will emerge. If Europe and the US drift apart, Russia wins. If Russia accepts a pro-Western positioning of practically all of Ukraine, the US wins. The tug-of-war could snap and cause all-out war, with many participants and a possible use of nuclear weapons. This is a game of chicken; the one with stronger nerves and less imagination will remain on the track.

Pro and Contra

It is too early to predict who will win in the forthcoming confrontation. For the Russian president, it is extremely tempting to take all of Ukraine or at least Novorossia, but it is not an easy task, and one likely to cause much hostility from the Western powers.

With Ukraine incorporated, Russian recovery from 1991 would be completed, its strength doubled, its security ensured and a grave danger removed. Russia would become great again. People would venerate Putin as Gatherer of Russian Lands.

However, Russian efforts to appear as a modern peaceful progressive state would have been wasted; it would be seen as an aggressor, expelled from international bodies. Sanctions will bite; high tech imports may be banned, as in the Soviet days. The Russian elites are reluctant to jeopardise their good life. The Russian military just recently began its modernisation and is not keen to fight yet, perhaps not for another ten years. But if they feel cornered, if NATO moves into Eastern Ukraine, they will fight all the same.

Some Russian politicians and observers believe that Ukraine is a basket case; its problems would be too expensive to fix. This assessment has a ‘sour grapes’ aftertaste, but it is widespread. An interesting new voice on the web, The Saker, promotes this view. “Let the EU and the US provide for the Ukrainians, they will come back to Mother Russia when hungry”, he says. The problem is, they will not be allowed to reconsider. The junta did not seize power violently in order to lose it at the ballot.

Besides, Ukraine is not in such bad shape as some people claim. Yes, it would cost trillions to turn it into a Germany or France, but that’s not necessary. Ukraine can reach the Russian level of development very quickly –- in union with Russia. Under the EC-IMF-NATO, Ukraine will become a basket case, if it’s not already. The same is true for all East European ex-Soviet states: they can modestly prosper with Russia, as Belarus and Finland do, or suffer depopulation, unemployment, poverty with Europe and NATO and against Russia, vide Latvia, Hungary, Moldova, Georgia. It is in Ukrainian interests to join Russia in some framework; Ukrainians understand that; for this reason they will not be allowed to have democratic elections.

Simmering Novorossia has a potential to change the game. If Russian troops don’t come in, Novorossian rebels may beat off the Kiev offensive and embark on a counter-offensive to regain the whole of the country, despite Putin’s pacifying entreaties. Then, in a full-blown civil war, the Ukraine will hammer out its destiny.

On a personal level, Putin faces a hard choice. Russian nationalists will not forgive him if he surrenders Ukraine without a fight. The US and EU threaten the very life of the Russian president, as their sanctions are hurting Putin’s close associates, encouraging them to get rid or even assassinate the President and improve their relations with the mighty West. War may come at any time, as it came twice during the last century – though Russia tried to avoid it both times. Putin wants to postpone it, at the very least, but not at any price.

His is not an easy choice. As Russia procrastinates, as the US doubles risks, the world draws nearer to the nuclear abyss. Who will chicken out?


Israel Shamir can be reached at [email protected]

 (Language editing by Ken Freeland)

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  1. Turkey stands in the way of Russian forces linking up with both Syria and Iran to create a united front. This area and to its north is being prepped for a Russian invasion where they plan on doing the only thing they have left to do least they die- put a gun to “Israel’s” head.

    1. this islamic preacher, imran hossein who interprets qu’ran from the doomsday perspective thinks exactly this is going to happen.

      he berates turks for having humiliated christianity at the time when rome became a backwater and the center (real rome) was at constantinople.
      turks renamed constantinople istanbul and converted the magnificent hagia sophia, the primary basilica of christendom into a mosque.

      he says that russia is the heir of byzantium and the rightful carrier of the christian banner and will as such revert to ownership of constantinople (rome), according to the islamic prophecies.

      it was at the point of invading istanbul in the ww1 when the tsar was overthrown by rothschild cabal organized bolsheviks, tsar assassinated and russia’s armies stopped in their tracks, the new ussr having quit the war.

      imran khan says it was done for the purpose of ensuring safety of the new gangster state to-be, israel.
      ottomans were also overthrown by the ataturk’s colored revolution organized by the donmeh jews, financed by the same cabal in london and the door was open for the destruction of palestine, an ottoman protectorate that the sultan refused to cede to jews.

      but it may be that prophecy of qu’ran will not be denied by the protocols much longer … insha’allah.
      (бог мая предоставляет – tried this online translator, is it any good?)

      1. “but it may be that prophecy of qu’ran will not be denied by the protocols much longer…insha’allah.”

        Could you elaborate a little on this, lobro?

        The real seer for me is Cayce. For him to have said that the “next leap in human consciousness will come through Russia”, with his track record lends great credibility (not so much the time-lines, which is usually a tough call anyway)

        But of course the question remains, “what exactly did he see?” We can only imagine how we might understand this, as he himself didn’t see much in terms of the particulars.

        What shall be revealed? (Apocalypse)

        My sense is that it has to do with the Russian Orthodox AND work being done by the Russian physicists. Call it a spiritual tie-in with “unified field theory”.

        The cosmological intrigue simmers as the geopolitical plot thickens

      2. b-hawk, as i remember from that imran khan lecture, qu’ran says that in the “end days”, rome, after being conquered by muslims, will be retaken by its rightful owner, a christian army.
        kind of murky there, including my memory, but the short of it is:

        rome = constantinople (at the time qu’ran was handed down, the center of christianity was the city of constantine on bosphorus, rome having fallen to wichita falls status).

        the turkic conqueror of constantinople in the what? 15th century, only succeeded due to massive destruction by crusaders, incited by venetian bankers (jews).

        etc, etc.
        now is the payback time, khan says in his interpretation of the koranic prophesy.

    2. Good to see you back, Tyron

      Your elaborating on that a little bit would be interesting

      1. Brownhawk

        Thanks for the kind words. Lots on my plate lately- kids, volunteering and writing at blind light.

        Syria and Iran are the only two nations left who’s bank isn’t controlled by the City of London Corp and by extension their IMF. On the other side of this is BRICS but again, same folks incognito control that block as well. This is why so much of people’s analysis of these events are not quite on target. They will say its about oil, its about resources, its about gas etc. Things like this always have their part to play but these things are never the base root of the issue- the driving force.

        One can say Putin is the good guy and Communist America/”Israel” etc, is the bad guy. This is definitely how it appears but I don’t buy it. I believe they are all puppets, some more than others.

        We know that the JWO can’t be complete until WW3 is finished. All of the big boys must come down so the 3 city states can then transfer their power to “Israel”. This has been the plan all along by the 3 that sponsor their “King David” (Read main anti messiah).

        How convenient for Russia and China that Obama (front man for western “Jews”) to meddle in Ukraine while surrounding China. Now whatever enmity that existed due to Nixon’s divide and conquer tactic has been washed away. Both are closer than ever. With Obama’s executive order (that was to go in affect June 1) to force all trading partners to adopt a copy of the US tax code worldwide or not be traded with, more nations will be fleeing the dollar (the west) to join Brics. If one doesn’t see this as completely intentional, I have some prime oceanfront real estate in Arizona for sale. When this is complete, the chess board will be set for act 3 to commence in earnest, West vs East with mutually assured destruction as the goal.

        Never trust any leader who’s central bank is owned and controlled by the City of London Corp/IMF- such as Russia’s, China’s, the US’s, the EU’s and “Israel’s and so on. WW2, like WW1 was a set up controlled on all sides by the 3 city states. Like both act 1 and 2, act 3 is the same and the entire show is to bring about a completed JWO out of “Israel”.

        Russia will now be completely secure from an economic stand point since it has buddied up to China and their economies are 10 times more secure than anyone underpinned by the fiat dollar. However Russia does have a problem when it comes to military threats and this will be the force to push Putin into securing his eastern and southern flank. Why?

        As Obama and the EU are now flooding troops into Ukraine and other places for “exercises” so too is Russia in response. Before the west can build up its forces to be major threat to Russia’s external interests and their interior, Putin will be forced to invade Ukraine and probably Eastern Europe. When Russia is forced to make this move, Obama is sure to attack Syria.

        Russia can’t allow this to happen. Russia has major links to both Iran and Syria and has vowed to protect them at all costs. Hence, to secure it’s southern flank Russia must make moves through the Georgian region and either leapfrog over or push through Turkey to physically back up Iran and Syria. If this is done that theater will be secure while allowing Russia to also put a “gun” to “Israel” head by way of a direct threat of a physical invasion. This is the only thing “Israel” understands and it is the only thing Russia can do least they lose their entire stake in the ME.

        On a side note and just to give example that this is all a set up, while Obama is sending troops to the Ukraine region, he is also allowing 1,000 Spetznas troops into America every week while he eyes eliminating our southern border for all practical purposes- after, that is, he’s armed the Marxist Paramilitary outfits there and is ready to sign another executive order allowing 10’s of millions of ILLEGAL INVADERS to stay in America. These will be the front line shock troops used to soften up America for the physical military invasion planned to destroy the founding stock and belief system of this once great nation.

        So I ask, if Obama really opposed Putin and is for America, why would be allow the enemy to set up shop here? None of it makes sense but it does if one realized that Obama is a front man for the “Jews” and was trained by the KGB (Jews intelligence Service in Russia) long ago to do exactly what is he doing right now.

        1. Tyron

          Given a premise of ascribing validity to a seer of Edgar Cayce’s stature, for the sake of debate, how might you see Putin as being less of a so-called puppet in the “role” he would be playing?

          What could Cayce have meant when saying, “hope for the World will come through Russia?”

          It would be difficult for me to believe that “hope” in this context misreads it in being equated with the “new world order” of the antichrist.

          And besides, who can say for sure to what degree an installation of the antichrist rule may already be in place as we speak?

          Seems to me that “God working in mysterious ways” implies the human limitations in accurately interpreting what we’re seeing all across the worldly board.

        2. Brownhawk

          If I understand you correctly I would direct you to a couple facts about him and Russia. Is he “less of a Puppet” or more? Good question but a puppet he is.

          1. Putin is Ex KGB and it wouldn’t surprise me on one bit if Obama and Putin knew each other or of each-other, Obama being a lifelong, trained, groomed, KGB asset.
          2. Right before the collapse of the Soviet Union Gorby told the Politburo that what was happening was simply cosmetics. The same people would remain in charge of Russia. That this was all being done to get the west to drop their guard. Has not traditional America completely dropped it’s guard?
          3. Russia’s central Bank is controlled by the City of London Corp- just like America’s. This means THE ELITE JEWS still call the shots.
          4. Russia still has plenty of Jewish Oligarchs that exert their influence over the Nation
          5. Obama was overheard telling Dmitry Medvedev that “in my second term I will have more flexibility to” …. Flexibility to do what? Bring into America 10’s of thousands of Spetznas, elminate America’s border, hence make it cease to be a nation, destroy America’s economy using Marxist, KGB 101 tactics while making moves to give excuse for Russia and China to link up?
          6. Putin has VERY close ties with organized Jewry even helping to open up the country to hundreds of new Synagogues.
          7. KGB defector Bezmenov said that 80% of KGB activity is centered on undermining the culture, the law, etc inside America. 20% is directed at actual spying.

          So, with Putin playing the “goodguy Christian role” and Obama playing the Commie dictator role, where does this leave traditional stock Americans if a war breaks out between the two? Of course, traditional Americans will be seen as the enemy- identifying with Putin.

          What do you think all of those Spetznas are doing in America? Vacationing or as a wife of one them recently admitted, my husband is here to kill Americans?

          As to Casey, did he ever have a prophesy not come true? According to authentic scriptures, a prophet of God is 100% correct and nothing less.

          As to the Main Anti Christ, this is whom Paleo Christianity referred to as the “Jews King David” and Christ referred to as “you will accept the one who comes in his own name” – the one the Apostle Paul warned us about with tears telling us there is a false second coming before the true.

          Jewry’s Messiah is Anti Messiah to authentic Christianity as Christianity’s Messiah is the devil to Jewry.

  2. Literal Jew fudge-packer Poroshenko is poised to become president of Ukraine. Funny how everyone the “neo-Nazi” “nationalist” Ukrainian revolutionaries prop up to lead their country turns out to be a yarmulke-wearing semite with a mutilated dick.

    But anyone who knows anything about the US would realize that the State Department would never spend billions of dollars propping up legitimate nationalists in any country, particularly a European one.

    As for Putin, he doesn’t give a fuck. He’s a paper tiger, like all Russian leaders. He talks big and has a great PR team, but when it comes down to it he’s incapable of truly standing up to the JewSA, and he knows it.

    Ukraine will be economically strangled by the Jews and maybe a few years from now we’ll start seeing blacks and Arabs trickling into Ukrainian cities as part of the Jew’s plan to finish exterminating the Ukrainian people, a job they started back in 1932.

    1. putin is a sissy, a jew, who is part of the jew world order we are living in

    2. As for Putin, he doesn’t give a fuck. He’s a paper tiger, like all Russian leaders. He talks big and has a great PR team, but when it comes down to it he’s incapable of truly standing up to the JewSA, and he knows it.

      let’s take a closer look at this.
      jewsa goes apeshit, big red ass aggressive posturing, spends countless billions on arming and supporting jihadis (or jewhadis if you prefer correct spelling) in syria, fake nazi-jihadis in ukraine in order to pull the rug from under russia, china and iran and overcome them by usual jew poison of corruption and assassination.

      after all, they’ve been doing it successfully since 1990 fall of the soviet, many regime changes, hey fellow jewboys, let’s pull another mosaddeq for fun and profit.

      putin talks like a girl, one ought to respect one’s written rules, our partners may not have considered the situation in proper legal right and everyone calls him a faggot.
      no money spent, no visible military support, apparently waffling on contractual obligation of existing weapon systems deliveries, so everyone figures, game over, jew wins another one by just showing up.

      so what’s the final score?

      syria: assad safe, no regime change, tens of thousands of dead takfiris, israel-usa-saudis lost

      ukraine: crimea (the one part russia coveted) part of russia, most of novorossya (s/e ukraine) fought off blackwater and fake nazis run by rothschild agents and ready to join russia.

      globally: world wakes up to the fact that mossad-cia can be beaten, white house loses face, authority and prestige
      russia-china-iran form a powerful military and economic union, dump dollar trade, india may soon join as well as brazil, argentina and venezuela.

      how’s that for mr. no-balls putin vs. tough netanyahu and his attack dog obama?

      1. So Syria is on base and Ukraine is still at-bat. They get on base too and move the Syrian runner along. With Turkey on deck.

        Mossad/CIA manager at the top step of the dugout throws his hat down in disgust as he hurls long stream of tobacco juice in the direction of the opposing team’s dugout

        interesting game baseball.

      2. in fact, interesting to watch and listen to jew monolith today.
        watch and listen? where are they, what are they saying, usually they just don’t shut up do they.
        invisible and silent.

        not a peep lately from netanyahu.
        i think it says something, in fact it speaks volumes.
        the tribal elders need to regroup.

        obama kebab will be served on sanctified skewers after the public sacrifice.

        1. Ah yes. Let’s pass the tainted buck.

          General Manager Benji’s boss, the club’s president Rothschild can’t be too pleased with him either.

          Who’s also catchin’ the heat as the owner of the soul-selling team fumes below

  3. I don’t know about the end of this statement, “War may come at any time, as it came twice during the last century – though Russia tried to avoid it both times.” I’ve heard that Stalin was planning to invade Germany 3 weeks after Germany invaded the USSR, which prevented Stalin from doing so. It’s somewhere in this great documentary:

    1. Like the mythical Hollowhoax, Hitler’s “unprovoked” attack on Russia was yet another Jewish historical lie. For many years I was puzzled by the claims that Hitler’s “madness” was the excuse for the attack on Russia. I knew Hitler was not only not insane, but was in fact quite knowledgeable about history and strategy. Surely he could not have missed the result of Napoleon’s attack on Russia. Even more curiously, he attacked in the very same time frame that brought the Napoleonic forces to their knees. Only a complete idiot could miss the implications of a late summer move into Russia and Hitler was no idiot. Then there is the horrendous strategic mistake of opening up a second front. Why would Hitler make such a stud mistake when he was gaining victory after victory across Europe? Only a complete idiot would fail to realize that a second front would only serve to divide and deplete his forces, but that was precisely Stalin’s plan. As with other Jewish lies, when examined at length, Operation Barbarossa made no sense.

      Not too many years ago I picked up a book by a Russian author called “Operation Icebreaker.” The story was about Stalin’s planned preemptive strike on Germany. Stalin had amassed numerous divisions of troop on the border while ordering the removal of five levels of defensive fortifications on the Russian borders so these divisions could move quickly into Germany and Romania. He ordered technical developments like tanks that could shed their treads and drive on paved roads, yet no paved roads of any length existed in Russia at the time. The idea behind Stalin’s Operation Icebreaker was a lightening strike on the Romanian oil fields at Ploesti to cut off Germany’s life blood while simultaneously putting the German Army on the defensive.

      Now the story of Operation Barbarossa made perfect sense. It wasn’t madness but necessity that made Hitler move into Russia, a move that force Hitler hand into dividing and depleting his own military strength. Like the two world wars and all the other hot and cold wars of the twentieth century, the situation in the east is yet another Jewish invention designed to serve their agenda. When will the gullible goyim finally wake up and realize the Jews are the psychopaths murdering their nations and their people?

  4. Putin is no friend of Muslims. A former KGB leader, he knows how to plot false-flag operations and blame Muslims for that. He is heading a Russia which is still holding to Muslim-majority lands occupied by Czarists and Jewish-controlled Soviet empire.

    Putin is very much friend and supporter of the Zionist entity. He has visited Israel and received Zionist Bustchers of Muslims like Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Both Russia and China are supporting Iran, Syria and Iraq in a bid to replace the waining influence of United States in the Middle East – and become new imperial power in that part of the Muslim world.

    An old Persian wisdom says:”a friend of your enemy cannot be friend of yours”.

    And Russia and China are those kind of friends.

  5. Invariably I can tell a Jewish piece simply by looking at the subject matter and then the length of the article. This seems like the typical Jewish rant with far more verbiage than necessary. But then lies need to be repeated, propped up and justified. First off the Ukrainian “Black Guard” thugs really are “Nazis,” How do I know this? (1) Like these Ukrainian rebels, “Nazis” are a Jewish invention as identified in the following article – These are “Nazis”, not National Socialist (2) National Socialist aims were to improve Germany, their slogan was Germany for Germans. In this case these “Nazi” thugs are working to destroy the Ukraine so the leeches can make it subservient to the Jew York bankers; all the better to suck it dry and feast upon the carcass. Hypocritically, they point the finger at the Russians as the problem, but the last time “Russians” were really the problem was when the murderous Jewish Bolshevist ran Russia. So how will it be better this time with American Jews running the show? Back and forth back and forth – the Jews debate both sides of the argument leaving little or no space for non-Jewish voices. If Jews like Shamir really wanted to help, they would shut up and let someone else do the talking.

  6. @ b-hawk

    i think that years of comment-irritating on lasha’s blog and couple of others have honed my political nose to perfection worthy of a wild animal that needs to survive day to day in the hostile bush.

    i have said several times that the keystone piece in the puzzle is germany, as it always has been, the unholy grail of g-dzilla monster to destroy forever, because it is the beating heart of the white culture, which seems to have shifted eastwards to slavic lands.
    i also said that both putin and merkel, as products of their respective intelligence services had both the smarts and the training to outwit the complacent jew at his own game of deceit and possum until the time is right for that special judoka maneuver, poker faced despite all the racket going on around them.

    maybe it was a good deal of wishful thinking, along the lines of “if only hitler and stalin had seen eye to eye on the jewish question, this question would have found an answer right there and then”.
    and found myself half-daydreaming, half-speculating that maybe, just maybe, this time something may be brewing beneath the surface between old-time warsaw pact colleagues, putin and merkel.

    germany is the only viable economy of the jew-ridden white world, unshakably vital because the german people are unshakably vital, though with heads suitably lowered and contrite.
    if they were to turn away from this decrepit shuffling corpse of europe and walk eastward, the earth could open up under the jew.

    could it happen?
    roberts is starting to see the glimmer of light in that direction too.

    Putin, who has demonstrated that he is not the typical dumb Western politician, sees in the conflict between Washington’s pressure on Germany and Germany’s real interests a chance to break up NATO and the EU.

    roberts sees merkel as a zio-puppet but many powerful german politicians are urging for re-analyzing the chessboard, steinmeier, schmidt, schroeder, gabriel, schueble and others.

    yet i think that merkel, like putin maneuvers these vectors in such a way that they seemingly act unwillingly and under duress as if their hand was forced by “unfortunate” external circumstances that they had in fact created beforehand.

    “so sorry, apologies to our jewish friends and partners but you see how things are turning out (ex-stasi/kgb agent gotta do what ex-stasi/kgb agent gotta do)”.

    1. Nonsense. The jew is never complacent. The jew is permanently at war with the world. To think that they don’t have a million and one contingencies to act upon in case some Western politician decides to rebel against them is utter foolishness.

      The jew thinks in terms of centuries while Whites only see the here and now. Why do you think Whites go around calling muds “minorities” when muds make up 92% of the earth’s human population? Whites are mostly dumb and infantile and incapable of thinking long-term.

      As for Putin and Merkel, don’t think for one moment that they aren’t shills for jewry, or even have minds of their own. Putin congratulates jews for giving communism to Russia and Merkel goes around chastising her own people for “starting” World War II.

      The West is dead and so is Europe. The Jew won. The sooner the planet is destroyed, the better.

      1. “the jew won”

        strange victory that allows gulag internet communication.

        You’re understanding of matters has been stunted. It’s as if after reading Spengler and co. that closed all the books for you.

        Do you really long for a World of eternally “giving unto Caesar what is Caesars?” As if to say Caesar’s might would serve as a permanent overseer of what is right?

        What crap! Rome showed their true colors when they didn’t intervene on BEHALF of Christ!

        Some might

        This is a spiritual war, not a worldly one. Rome didn’t get it and neither do you. This isn’t about the illusion of “race”. That is a great Satanic deception. It’s about humanity (i.e.; Beings whose hearts are in various stages of development; of warmth) vs. a breed of non-humans whose hearts are ice-cold because “the plug to Love was pulled”.

        Inexplicably so. But this happened.

    2. sorry to piss on your sense of defeat but i for one am not taking it lying down.
      the jew will not get this bit of satisfaction.

      yes he is smart and thinking long term but to imagine for a second he is better and superhuman is to relegate yourself to the true goy, a cow shuffling to his dinner table to offer the prime rib.

      and part of my arsenal, along with rubber bands and spitballs is the belief that there are others who not only hate the jew but are digging against him.
      after all, we are human and his status is questionable.

      his power derives from the devil, who is ever present whispering moves into his big, floppy, hairy ear.

      our god is either non-existent or non-interventionist.
      maybe there is a reason, for instance, we are strong enough to overthrow them without daddy’s help.
      my father never interfered when as a kid i got my nose bloodied in schoolyard scraps and he shouldn’t have.
      if being a happy go lucky bushy tailed polyanna makes me a more resilient target, so be it, i will take any help i can get.

      fellow antisemites, let’s roll.

    3. I often wonder if Merkel and others in the German gov’t are truly aware that the “Holocaust” is complete Jewish fantasy/subterfuge. ..?

  7. Lobro, I really like your summation: “globally: world wakes up to the fact that mossad-cia can be beaten, white house loses face, authority and prestige … russia-china-iran form a powerful military and economic union, dump dollar trade, india may soon join as well as brazil, argentina and venezuela.”
    The world is waking up to the fact the USA is really the “United States Of Israel”, and Israel itself is the nuclear-armed, belligerent, genocidally-inspired, client state that has been so placed as to put an irritable thorn in the side of the Middle East and Russia.
    The “dump the dollar” proposition is the greatest hope of the planet, as it will be then and only then, that the nations of our planet free themselves from the Jewish Federal Reserve of the USA.
    The USA has become the Great Satan – over-run by diabolical Jews. Your Founding Fathers’ worst nightmares have been realized.
    You are about to go “all the way to the bottom” of the scrapheap, as Solzhenitsyn predicted.
    I glimpse your American world on the crap that is shown on Australia’s mainline, Jewish-run channels. Your political commentators are old stooges, with apple pie dripping from their collars, your comedians are Jewish-Marxist abominations, your women are whores, and your men all have that soft, metrosexual, mothers’ boys, appearance. And then you are mostly very fat, ugly and big-mouthed. Goyim lackeys and dumbed-down fools!
    If the USA was snuffed out tomorrow the world would be a much better place. The United States of Israel would be no more.
    I do not care that Australia, with its 20 million people, will become an Islamic state in the near future. At least we will be able to stone that Bethany whore, place all the wanton tarts in burqas (after they have been de-sexed) and allow us blokes to get on with the job!
    Islam is a Man’s Man World, and will not restrict me in any way, as I will still be able to hot up my car, wear play-boy clothes, and f**^# the imported whores from what is left of the Americas! I will have 5 wives to cook and tend for me; and they had better do what I tell them to do!~
    Yes, the Jews out there, secure your final control of the USA and then collapse it! Then annexe its resources and function out of Tel Aviv!
    Then the rest of the world can launch the FINAL STRIKE on Israel’s heinous Jews!

    1. well, you are quite a nut max but at least you speak your personal truth with which i must agree for the most part.

      not the mysogynist one though, that woman bethany got my 95% sympathy and i would encourage her to keep posting.
      besides, we need every bullet, every body to man the trenches, no antisemite left behind.
      and that definitely includes women, blacks, muslims, basically non-jews.
      basically, humans.

      although north american, i cannot dispute a single thing you said about this compost heap, exceptions notwithstanding, of course.

      here by the way is how iran says thank you to its robber bankers.
      yes, islam has its charms, requirement to pay the dues being one of them.

      meanwhile in the moral latrine that is america, a jew-banker (is this redundancy?) who tears hundreds of billions off goy’s impoverished hide is rewarded with giant bonuses and buyouts whereas a pot smoking kid is liable for a lifetime sentence at another jew’s private prison, paid for by the same clueless taxpayer.

  8. @Brownhawk
    Exactly!!!! Perfectly articulated! This war is a war between Good vs Evil. The outcome of all Humanity will be measured by our hearts and our Faith in the Most high.

    Whatever you do DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!
    This life doesn’t mean anything as comfortable and real as it seems. What is promised in the afterlife is what matters.

  9. “Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!” … Lobro and Gilbert Huntly, I missed your point about having that Bethany sheila in our Resistance group! Every group – as in the 1970’s admin occupations at Latrobe Uni, Melbourne – needs a covern of whorish females to buoy it along! Therefore I agree that she would be an asset! There is nothing wrong with a bit of “slap and tickle” and I would be the first good-looking fella to comfort her. See Brad Pitt as Achilles in “Troy” and you will see that he loves bedding women before the fighting proper. Maybe OUR women could be encouraged to fight alongside us in traditional Celtic style: We could put paint all over our naked bodies and charge in with our weapons! We would scare the s**^#*! out of the Zionist, American-Jewish persons with dual passports and their close comrades the Christian-Zionists. I suggest that Bethany be put in my platoon as I will care for her!

    1. If you continue to insult me, I will move heaven and earth to get you evicted from this website. You are a blot on the landscape. Evil as they come . . . a viper in the long grass.

    2. max, do you have a sister or a daughter?
      surely you wouldn’t bestow this fate on them, would you.

      imagine them being subjected not just to jew’s depredation but also the heartless humiliation by her own kind who instead of being supportive add insult to injury.

      a man’s manhood should extend past the crotch buddy.

  10. Israel Shamir, you moron. You have just written a pile of crap. What are you trying to stir up, you of the Jewish name? What’s that? Israel has some special hidden meaning other than Jew? If you aint a Jew then change that fucking name or explain why you are using it. By the way, Putijn only wants Crimea so he has no hard decisions to make. At least your crap gets people talking, just not about what you write.
    Hey Darkmoon, pass this on to Israel Shamir. You were prepared to post his shit so you must be a fan.
    Max Bilney, you steaming pile of shit. Max is another common Jew name, dunno why. Anyway you sound like one. Why don’t you sit on those huge balls you think you have and shove that huge dick you think you have, right up your fat arse, which you do have. Do it in your mind’s eye of course, just like everything that has happened to a Jew. It only happens in their mind’s eye. Oh wait, you were just being funny. Why aint I laughing?

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