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  1. good one, sard 🙂

    now for a more in-depth treatment of ukraine as a subject for a professional historian, look at webster tarpley’s latest missive.

    now old webster is a comintern nut in my opinion but his academic cred is impeccable and he is far from stupid, just somewhat blinkered on the subject of the third reich, unsurprising given that he comes from lenin’s fold.

    basically, this demonstrates that ukraine is a german invention carved out of russia in the mold of kuwait vs. iraq today.

    1. So, a people with a thousand years of continuous occupancy, their own language, culture and even their own religion have no credibility?

      How very beneficent of you.
      By your criteria non of Europe would exist, or perhaps you have no comprehension of European history and the constant ebb and flow of history, like any other opinionated, uneducated American desperate to dispense his baseless opinions to validate himself.

      Yet I bet you think that the israeli state is legitimate?

  2. ok, watched almost 10 minutes of the faux-debate between an out an out talmudist liar weitz and the old geezer regressing into hibernation posture at every opportunity … “george kenan, george kennan, what a great guy, i met him, he’s a great guy”.

    as one commenter rightly pointed out, george kennan was a moron as is this dmitry character in washington, c’mon, washington debating new york on the subject of russia?

    and weitz was positively a-drool at the mention of west’s korean action, the proof of pudding that containment works at the limiting end, let’s bring korea to ruskies.

    rt is an interesting outfit in that they truly hang half way between moscow and washington.
    but given that russia is 100% rational and usa crazy as a dingbat, this places rt in an unenviable category.
    i only pick and choose from their offerings the ones that make sense within a larger frame.

    hudson institute, gimme a break … besides i can only take so much of that insistently nagging, bleating, lying jew weitz’s voice.
    watch his eyes: he is schooled in professional lying, so they don’t shift in an obvious way but look fixedly ahead, glazed and with rapid blinking as if under some kind of self-hypnosis, gnashing teeth while repeating to self “i am not lying, i am not lying”.

    sure weitzie, you are not lying, promise not to lie and we’ll take you at your word.

    1. Jews control all the think tanks in the West. They have conquered us in an intellectual way. We should copy their methods.

  3. The old guy (Russian) makes an important point, though: If the INSISTANCE that NATO had not been strengthened AFTER the ‘demise’ of the USSR had not continued, this mess would have likely never happend. (Which begs the question of whether or not it really IS a ‘mess’ – or are things going exactly as planned??..)

    If the latter, Putin is thereby indicted for complicity in the scam. If not, there will be a big war (meaning the EU/NATO and its jockeys will not throw the race, and neither will Putin).

  4. “Could escalation of tensions lead to WW3?”

    The ultimate goal of the Jewish-led, coordinated (via its media, control of UN, control of NATO (which should be renamed as ZATO), politicians around the world, the money systems, the major manufacturing capabilities of the world) attack and takeover of the Ukrainian government and nation is to spark the next, final, world war.

    It will be the “final global war”, to eliminate the last of the “goyim” who are the last barrier before creation of Jew World Order, that is Russia and the USA, with some collateral damage to EU (already mostly destroyed by Jewish instigated second global war.

    1. I don’t think a real war is the aim. The aim is to control the energy sources of the Middle East and Central Asia and by that to be able to blackmail China. China cannot be attacked directly (neither can Russia). The irony is that the same people who now want to “tame” China created China’s economical miracle in the first place (by outsourcing and free trade). Global Full Spectrum Dominance is the aim (read PNAC).

        1. How dare theUkrainians attend to their national integrity, which was promised them by the US, UK and Putin himself for handing over their nuclear weapons!!

          Obviously only israelis have any obligation to maintain territorial integrity, correct?

  5. The Jews are on the winners’ podium because they are brilliant people and many IQ points smarter than the lowly, enslaved Goyim, or “guys” (males and females) of our planet. They always win the gold medal!
    Their TEAM has been able to harness a beautifully-orchestrated, symphonically-composed, working-syncronisity, wherein they function like a magnificently composed melody towards their common goals. These goals are: Global control in terms of governance and finances; aggregation of all the planet’s real wealth (minerals, gold, natural resources, etc) into their hands; complete control of the hapless, non-Jews or Goyim, such that they are merely slave-like chattels dependent on their masters’ nod for life or death, pleasure or pain; and finally, the full, hedonistic use of this planet as a bountiful, Jewish, wordly paradise where every desire known to man is readily at their fingertips. The goyim are now a seething rabble of broken down, miscegenated people – full of drugs and illicit sexual fantasies; becoming homeless and more impoverished by the hour; glued to their filth-generating Jewtubes which teach them how to be anally-retentive slaves; primed to be driven into their final death throes. “Obese, poisoned, diseased, low-intelligence, unhygenic, tattooed and pierced, brainwashed gutter filth” are just some of the descriptors applicable to the Goyim rabble in our streets and shopping centres!
    The Jewish master plan is now nearly complete and what pitiful Goyim resistance that is being offered will easily be dealt with: The discontent, unruly, disorganized, futile, silly rebels who write on sites like this have had all their personal details recorded and will be eliminated very soon; probably turned to stone whilst sitting in front of their own computers.
    And should the Jewish planetary hegemony EVER receive any kind of serious threat to its existence the words of our great, instructive rabbi, the good Manfred Davidmann, will be activated: “There can never be defeat of the laws of the Torah; there can never be defeat of the kind of behaviour that is stated in the Torah. Defeat is unthinkable. In fact, the corruption that would result from defeat would be so utterly inhumane and monstrous, that it would be better to destroy the planet and Genesis staes so very clearly. We are the Chosen.” … All we do is follow YHWH’s master plan for our fruitful survival on this planet which offers us, and ONLY us, all the “milk and honey.”
    Goyim be damned!
    PS: Of course we control the stupid Ukraine, like everywhere else! Try to figure out our chicanery at your peril! You are being WATCHED!

    1. Whew, that was quite a tour de force Max! I wish I could disagree with you, but much of what you say strikes a chord.

      However, many here will be repelled by your defeatism and your total contempt for the brutalized goyim: “Obese, poisoned, diseased, low-intelligence, unhygenic, tattooed and pierced, brainwashed gutter filth goyim rabble in our streets and shopping centres!”

      Can’t say I recognize myself in that description!

      1. Is there any hope for the goyim?

        An interesting debate. Allow me to step in as a “referee”.

        Max Bilney is right in being pessimistic, but only up to a point. He sees America and Europe as Jew-dominated spheres in which the majority of non-Jews are moronic sheeple who don’t have a clue what’s going on.

        His conclusion: these wretched sheeple are heading for the slaughter house, and, when the time comes for the whirring blade to descend and sever their stupid heads from their bodies, so much the better. Good riddance! They deserve to end up in the dustbin of history because they are so damn stupid.

        Sardonicus bleats: Hey, I’m not a sheeple! And they’re many like me all over America and Europe who know what the Jews are up to — we are a Silent Army!”

        This is true. But to this, Max Bilney would reply with good reason: “Fool! Aren’t you aware that people like you and Lobro and so on are a pitifully small minority — not even 0.1 percent of the population!”

        To this I would reply:

        If everyone in a school of 1000 pupils believes that the Head Teacher is a paragon of virtue, then the Head Teacher’s position is secure. But it only takes ONE or TWO dissenting pupils to bring this Head teacher down if they start saying that the man is a pedophile, and if they keep offering proof that he is a sex pervert.

        So it is with the small minority of intelligent and clued-up goyim who keep spreading around the truth about the Jews — in regard to the Holohoax and 9/11 to start with — not to mention the Jewish role in subverting and enslaving entire nations. A few dissenting voices is all it takes.

        True, these dissenting voices have no access to the mainstream media. All they have is the internet. So, as long as the internet is relatively free, there is hope.

        Once the Jews take over the internet, effectively suppressing all free speech, that will be the time to give up hope.

        Or will it…?

        1. Which is why it so important, Ruth, for each man and woman to attain a higher resolve to resist – even if alone in so doing – in even all the little, mundane routines of life, e.g., use cash as much as possible – shun credit cards. Don’t EVER disclose your name on ‘discount’ cards, either (like grocery store ‘club cards’ and such).

          Yes, I know you can’t even buy a commercial airline ticket without a credit or debit card – but do it as little as possible. (Fortunately, I have been able to totally AVOID flying commercial since 9/11 – and have denied them the revenue!lol)

          Shop at retail or wholesale stores instead of ‘online’, etc.

          In short, just conduct your affairs in any way you can which will deny ‘Them’ access to your life. It becomes a habit.

        2. The masses will see(accept) truth as it affects their collective desires/fears/security/comfort. (psychosis)
          In many ways society is a sociopathic collective whose credo is very simply and effectively – “it ain’t a lie if we believe it”

          How else are the ugly vainglorious histories of the world created, maintained and destroyed; over and over again? Pathetically and predictably formulamatic..

          It’s a cosmic miniature, right here on this our own home sweet home planet and I suspect continues even into the atoms.
          (Lobro’s “spiraling disintegrating zeroes”)

          The proof is, after all, in the tasting of the pudding.
          Who really knows what peace tastes like?

          Individuals? Yes, I believe they might.
          Societies? Fleeting moments perhaps. The stuff of myths, legends and endless speculation, and then they die..

      2. I think defeatist is an understatement, Sardonicus. Max is giving way too much power to them . Or should I say FINAL power. Of course things look bleak and getting bleaker. But the way I choose to look at it harkens back to 1918 at the end of WWI. Germany had all but won the war on the battlefield and then came the fateful “stab in the back”. This time around the shoe will be on the other foot, and what delicious irony it would be to see who’ll be doin the “stabbin” THIS time.

        don’t know how (although we have our imaginations in backing our faith) don’t know when… (and who can know THAT timeline?)

      3. I think hp, that individuals know what peace tastes like. We’ve simply forgotten, and now we’re lost on what we call a planet and find ouselves stuck here in a state of amnesia.

        But we are eagles who fell out of our aeries and got adopted by a mother hen passing by and now we think we’re chickens. Cooped up in a societal barnyard, just cluckin around with our beaks to the ground and subjected to the vagaries of externally designed “histories”. Those ever-reigning champions of ultimate cognitive dissonance.

        When the whole time we’ve had the ability to fly. To soar over everything. Ruling over the illusions of “time and space”, in command and bearing the fierce countenances of our indomitable freedom.

        We will bring it to bear, and when we do, Being that suffers in the material erosion of “spiraling disintegrating zeroes” will end and a reintegration of spirit that dispels the illusion of a ‘tempo-reality’ (temporal) emerges….in permanence (with no interruptions)

        1. Here is a summary of sorts:

          What is to be ascribed as “jew to the Nth degree” is macrocosmic in its total implications. The greatest irony of all is that the ultimate “pale” is this world as it is constituted in its temporal state. The settlement being a microcosmic doll somewhere down below the top lid of the “Russian House”. The jew bust-out simply exacerbated a “metastasization” with the loosing of the devil back into the World at large.

          But the top lid of the Russian dollhouse encloses TRUE existence. Temporal reality enables a greater metastisis where under its auspices is the symptom called history.

          Call it a ‘cloak’ that has covered what only APPEARS to be a contradiction in terms, in that the TRUE state of Time is a-temporal, with the end-game of its malevolent overseers being to arrive at the pinnacle of its successful big-brother state where Life is reduced to being the “fish in a barrel”.

          Breaking out of THIS pale will see “time” spiraling back from its disintegrating pose of eroding “matter” and reorientating to its Truth.

          And where you don’t have to “die” to get there.

    2. yes this is a quality comment, worth reflecting on.
      there are couple of inherent flaws in this design, maybe fatal, maybe not … actually in the long run, yes, they are fatal and the pent up emotion of the oppressed subjects will wipe out every trace of judaism, it is an ultimately doomed system, paradoxically their demise lies in their success.
      they only need to slip up once and it is over for judas iscariot, the demons will come for him.

      the main weakness of the protocols is the strict linearity of their thinking, whereby they draw a segment from the past to current status and extend it into future.
      but think; did they foresee the rise of a deadly threat of internet?
      the number of people who got wise to their perfidy has risen exponentially, see again this result which if i was a jew would shake me up pretty good.
      or witness the roaring success dieudonne m’bala m’bala in france who is packing them in despite the best and harshest efforts of the shabbos authorities to shut him down, it actually fuels the power of quenelle.

      did they foresee the rise of putin, who they thought was their trained budgie?
      and now they face a sharp and fully informed enemy who is aware that it is a death duel and is patiently stockpiling his strengths and advantages without unnecessary fuss.

      finally, even if it all came to pass, what can this misbegotten cripple of a jew hope to accomplish without the willing labor and subservience of the goy?
      absolutely nothing except dry up like a slug in the desert and croak to applause of the universe.
      because jew destroys while incapable of creating anything, a robber and a cutthroat abandoned on a highway to nowhere.

      while his hoped for end of days approaches (consider the meaning of the expression: end-of-days means the coming of eternal night and the rule of his satanic lord), his destruction precedes it because he is useless to the grand creation in any event, except as an object lesson to all of us about the futility of parasitism and evil.

      1. “But think; did they foresee the rise of a deadly threat of internet? the number of people who got wise to their perfidy has risen exponentially.”

        Your comment is brilliantly on-target. But please note above my own comment on the internet:

        “. . . these dissenting voices have no access to the mainstream media. All they have is the internet. So, as long as the internet is relatively free, there is hope.

        Once the Jews take over the internet, effectively suppressing all free speech, that will be the time to give up hope.

        Or will it…?

        1. suppose they can shut down internet, which they simply can’t, maybe in western colonies but certainly not in russia and china or iran, in fact, the rise of parallel internet there will effectively shut them out completely, render them deaf and blind to what the enemies plot out of earshot.

          but if i have no access to internet, they have no access to me either and i am free to speak to lonnies, circassians, brownhawks, sardonicuses, spqr’s of my neighborhood and maybe get active
          and what then? 😉

        2. “suppose they can shut down internet, which they simply can’t, maybe in western colonies but certainly not in russia and china or iran, in fact, the rise of parallel internet there will effectively shut them out completely.

          Good point. But I’m talking about us English-speaking people in North America and Europe. We can hardly go to Russian or Chinese or Iranian sites for our news and comments unless they translate everything into English for us!

          They can do much to sabotage Western internet so as to make it Jew internet: i.e., charge for every site you go on, spread viruses and malware and spam like crazy, make sure your computer crashes all the time, and saturate the entire internet with pornography — creating a society of drooling sex addicts who are simply not interested in anything except the next orgasm.

          In fact, they’re busy doing all this right now…

      2. what makes future a force is the growth and creation, something jew is inherently incapable of comprehending and harnessing because of his demonic handicap – he can only destroy, nothing else, yet hopes to rest comfortably on the laurels of our creative work.
        meanwhile, if you rely on destruction to plot your future path, it is easy, just look backward into history and regress into it.
        the rabbinical retards dream of abrahamic days of slavery and oppression.

        like a jockey shooting his horse because he saw the temporary success of spurs and wants to escalate the encouragement.

      3. “. . . did they foresee the rise of putin, who they thought was their trained budgie?”

        As you know, I’m a Putin supporter . . . but I listen to dissenting voices on Putin that fill me with dread. I can’t trace the exact source — whether an article or a comment on this site — but it reveals that “Holocaust denial” is to be made a criminal offense in Russia any day now.

        If Putin himself is about to criminalize Faurisson and Zundel, including yourself for doubting the Holocaust, how can you support him a moment longer?

        1. window dressing ruthie, don’t fooled for a minute.
          russians know jews.
          orthodox faith knows jews – i posted an excerpt whereby any christian of eastern persuasion who participates in pesach celebration is to be excommunicated from the mother church.
          you really think putin is going to mess around with that, riding as he is the unprecedented wave of popularity and power at home against naked hostility and aggression from abroad?
          exactly what advantage would he hope to accrue from such an oppressive legislation?
          and what, write off alliance with iran where holocaust denial is practically a constitutional amendment?

          it was introduced by irena yarovleva, a likely jewess or femen shiksa and it will go nowhere.

          i’ve written about it elsewhere, these kind of non-news just seem to throw perennial putin and russia detractors into rapture.

          think, why was demjanjuk released after a tel aviv court brought down a guilty verdict and he was about to hang?
          why was the 4 million dead jew plaque swapped for 1.5 million at auschwitz-birkenau holo-pilgrimage?
          would you not term the release of international red cross documents from soviet archives a prime example of holocaust denial?
          what are they going to do now, recall the documents, replace the plaque with the old one?

          hehe … not so fast, irene, eat your diamonds and shut up.

          ruthie, you must start seeing the game at top levels using different lenses, like that informal poll by the independent indicates.
          this is the hard truth, not irene’s whining in duma.

          this is earthshaking, don’t you see ruth?
          these are not your 0.1% “lobro + sard” crowd of two anymore but the typical main streeters, 82% of them, and if you consider that a further 8% voted for very dangerous and tricky angela merkel, that makes it 90%.

          read again the misfortune of sisyphus, there is a cautionary tale for jews.

        2. Your knowledge and eloquence are formdable. You have persuaded me to shut up and see the world through different lenses. What you say is bracing … and I only hope you’re right!

        3. recall too, all the handwringing over the fate of poor, poor ukraine while noodelmania raged across kiev and putin was smirkingly munching popcorn at sochi olympics, seemingly totally unaware of the developments next door.
          look up the old threads.
          what was i saying back then, hm?

          and every time putin plays possum and keeps a liplock on, the same cryin and handwringin crowd comes out: “he is a jew, he is a jew”.

          but at any rate, he has nothing to do with it.
          he did not introduce the motion to ban h-deny.
          he cannot step in and personally crush jewess irene without bringing down the 1000 decibel (make that 6 million decibel) crescendo of yiddish lamentations by the rivers of babylon.
          so why bother?
          let it ride and it will end up nowhere, just like the maidan theater of mossad failure.
          understand that against a smart, disciplined and patient enemy like russia or iran or hezbollah, jews, idf and mossad suddenly don’t look so superhuman, do they.

          we, the emasculated westerners who cannot hold it back are forever jumping up and down, screaming and yelling because we’ve been bred into futility, frustration and impotence.
          easy, easy, keep your powder dry.

        4. Well said, you’ve made a new convert! Hm, maybe it’s time I changed my name…

        5. did you see this?
          right sector gets a rousing farewell in donetsk, kharkov and eastern towns

          in like a lion, out like a … 😀

    3. I’m sure this is what kikes themselves think.

      The truth is, the jew is incapable of greatness because he is a low-quality specimen, a lifeless bag of chemicals who sees no point in aspiring to a higher mode of life, and feels threatened when others do. He then seeks to destroy those people, the superior men of Greece, Rome, NS Germany, etc.

      The jews have never sought greatness or perfection in anything, except perhaps their moral and financial swindles.

      Ludwig Klages:
      “The Jew is not a liar: he is the lie itself. From this vantage point, we can say that the Jew is not a man…He lives the pseudo-life of a ghoul whose fortunes are linked to Jahweh-Moloch. He employs deception as the weapon with which he will exterminate mankind. The Jew is the very incarnation of the unearthly power of destruction.”

  6. @ admin, please throw away my comment in moderation (because of 3-links) here it is in 2 pieces:
    lobro, Webster Tarpleys article, I just read, and admire what he knows about history it can explain us, how Ukrainians are feeling today, if they had an understanding of their history now after all the lies-fabrications of marxist bolshevism. Tarpley certainly is a marxist, as you say, and seen by that, what he chooses to believe about holodomor. Right, this was only to a part a politics against Ukrainian nationalism, because those farmers there resisted most the enforced collectivisation (that was already planned by Lenin). – maybe a draught has added to that, also in Kasachstan it was due to their politics to make the nomads settle. But that he denies the extent of the starvation, is typical as it was at the time, for the liberal marxist intellectuals and reporters who admired Stalins politics – like Duranti of the NYTimes. This is the classic Gareth Jones and he is trustworthy http://www.garethjones.org/soviet_articles/soviet_articles.htm
    Otherwise, the German Generalstab hoped to gain food-supplies from the Ukraine, sure but looting?, but maybe they would have payed for that, don’t know details myself, but they were a bitter necessity, in Germany hundred of thousands died due to the British hunger-blockade, that was enforced even after the truce until the dictate of Versailles was signed….

  7. In WW-2 the same idea was there as the Ukraine was occupied, but with similar results, although Germany invested a lot there to rebuild (don’t know details ).
    Bolshevism distorted knowledge of history as well as culture of peoples. So that today a Lithuanian wrote regarding that new promoted law against revisionism: Russians are so stupid, the have to be led by jews e.g. Irina Yarovaya at http://rt.com/politics/russia-nazi-ban-prison-293/
    But we have a long history together with Russia, Germans settled here and there, Wolga-republic and more East, in Moscow many Germans had worked, Katharina was German. Wasn’t it the prussian General York, who had been forced to fight for Napoleon up to Moscow, who then decided to join with the Russians, under General Diebitsch. also German. “The Convention of Tauroggen armistice, signed by Diebitsch and Yorck without consent of their king, declared the Prussian corps “neutral”. The news was received with the wildest enthusiasm, but the Prussian Court dared not yet throw off the mask, and… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_Yorck_von_Wartenburg
    But all that was destroyed by Bolshevism and also by Stalin by murder and deportation. Their politics was not to respect other or smaller people’s nations, like the Baltics.
    Regarding the Ukraine, myself not knowing much thought they were sort of Western Russians. But the Poles are for me a sort of an artificial people too, and originally Germanic.

  8. latest status on falling dominoes

    the beauty that not too many seem to appreciate is this:
    putin is doing almost nothing because he doesn’t have to.
    we have forgotten the meaning of democracy, it has become a term of derision and its own mockery in the west, good only kumbaya stoners.

    but consider that true democracy, namely when the ruler listens to the unalloyed voice of the volk, is a deadly danger to the jew.
    this is what happened in what? 1260 or something, when king eddie 1st issued edict of expulsion due to overwhelming popular demand to boot the sephardic juden out of england.
    this was a purely democracy based act, what the people wants, the people gets, goodbye jew.
    once they got back in with all-time ugliest goy traitor of all times, oliver cromwell, that was it for democracy in europe until the short-lived rise of hitler, it never showed up except as a perverted mockery of itself, because jew held the sway and steadily corroded the european social fabric.
    until now, it seems, putin is just such a throwback to the good times when the people ruled and the ruler acquiesced to their demand.

    so it goes … you want holocaust worship, you got holocaust worship, you want denial and freedom of speech, fine, you got it – what can i say, i just follow the orders of my people.
    eastern ukraine wants to secede and ascend to russia?
    why not, fine by me.
    and what can jew say, he and his demented press but to baselessly accuse him of manipulation, death squads, precisely things that they employ – lately with scant success as many nations are catching onto the color coded game.

  9. god help jews be smarter stronger better looking, so that they no longer have to murder steal and lie

      1. conciliar vatican is staffed with shabbos goys unworthy of christ’s name.
        all they care is appeasing the jew and have forgotten their moral roots.
        ever hear the words of jesus preached from the papal balcony on st. peter’s square these days?

        why can’t they speak the truth about what jews are doing to them, who do you killed father frans, why, why the timing?
        they’ve been doing it for decades and for decades the vatican elite kept backing off direct confrontation with the sworn enemy of christ, preferring instead to mollycoddle them to no avail.

        have the rabbis become any friendlier more accommodating?
        not a chance.
        and so the vatican has made its choice, to throw its lot in with those who would boil christ in a vat of excrement for all eternity.
        looking good …

        1. For the Catholic Church to act in any other way than it is acting right now would be be reckless and irresponsible.

          There is no other alternative.

          For the Church to resist the Jews defiantly, as you seem to expect, would lead to the mass rape of nuns by Israeli death squads, the torture and killing of monks and priests, and arson attacks on Catholic churches — all carried out by Jewish terrorists financed by the state of Israel.

          Even before the Jews got their state in 1948, they were carrying out such terrorist attacks on Christian clergy and property. They did this after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

          See “The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches”, by Lasha Darkmoon


          It was the same during the Spanish Civil War: the Commie Jews wiped out huge numbers of Catholic clergy in Spain, raping nuns in their thousands and setting fire to churches.

          Here is a passage from a little known article by Lasha Darkmoon that explains the situation. I found it only by chance last week.

          The Vatican itself is under siege.

          I once asked a Catholic priest, my personal friend, why the Church had turned its back on two thousand years of Catholic tradition and decided to make itself a branch of the synagogue.

          Why had they capitulated to the state of Israel and cravenly recognized its legitimacy, given that it had been built on stolen land?

          He looked stricken.

          “We had no choice,” he sighed. “If we hadn’t agreed to do what they say, they would have started burning down our churches and raping our nuns.”


        2. @ lobro

          I wrote: “For the Catholic Church to act in any other way than it is acting right now would be be reckless and irresponsible. There is no other alternative.”

          Apologies if this post gave offense, but it’s badly expressed. I didn’t mean to suggest that you yourself were being “reckless and irresponsible” in expecting the Catholic Church to take an openly hostile Rambo attitude to the Jews.

          My point is that the Church, with the inside knowledge it has at its disposal, knows it needs to behave with utmost caution and discretion. It can’t take the risk of having thousands of its nuns raped, its clergy massacred, its churches destroyed, and the wholesale confiscation of Church property.

          It lost all its property in England after the Reformation — which the Jews were behind. It lost its property in France after the French Revolution, another upheavel planned and partly financed by Big Jewry. The Russian Orthodox Christian Church suffered grievously after the Jew-led Bolshevik revolution. Christian clergy were tortured and put to death in the Soviet Union on the orders of Trotsky and other Jewish commissars.

          All this the Church remembers. It doesn’t forget its Jewish enemies. But the situation is infinitely worse now with the establishment of the state of Israel. The ancient Judaic enemy now has its armed forces, its sophisticated weaponry, its death squads, and great experience in carrying out assassinations and false flag attacks against mostly helpless targets.

          The Church is a helpless target. Nuns and priests are defenseless. So easy to rape and kill them.

          The Jews know this. And their atavistic hatred of Christianity is such that they are looking for any excuse to go on the rampage again. So the Church simply cannot afford to be recklessly confrontational. They need to be “as wise as serpents”.

        3. well sard, all fine and dandy and it makes survivalist sense.

          but was this the attitude of the savior himself, he whose example the clergy is sworn to uphold?
          were the early christians concerned about what the enemy might do to them, eg, the evil slut jewess wife of diocletian?

          yesterday …
          our church declared that those who tormented and murdered christ in cold blood are no longer guilty in hope of buying jew’s friendship.
          what did they get in return?

          today …
          christmas is as good as banned. fine.
          jesus is mocked openly by jew “comedians” and we laugh at gunpoint. great.
          our priests walk down via dolorosa covered in slime of judaic spit. no problem, we won’t complain, it’s because of holocaust and stuff, you know.
          our brave bishop williamson is as good as excommunicated, warrant for his arrest out in germany, could be extradited any time to rome’s assenting nod.

          tomorrow …
          how about us genuflecting before piss christ, huh?
          how far is far enough and then what does the church say, having approved all these abominations, nostra culpa, we wuz lyin sons of bitches all along, we sold out our savior and our mission for the cozy comfort of a tiny corner in the judaic world?

          the priests and nuns of rome are celibate for precisely this reason, so they can offer themselves for the passion of christ, the fearless sacrifice of those with no family but the christian church, the bride of christ.

          well, the bride is now madonna in hot pants and stockings, lipstick grossly smeared all over, strutting the stage with jews and pimps and drug pushers under arm, everybody snort some and let the good times roll.

          the price of safety, but what next, do you think jew ever relents, haven’t you seen enough of their modus operandi to realize that no amount of shit and dust eaten will ever satisfy him, ever.
          the only reason they won’t be killed outright is for the humiliation to worsen and continue.

          what would jesus do? would he advocate this policy?

          this is why i stepped out of this bus hurtling itself over the precipice of perdition.

          how can anyone expect the common folk to make a stand when those tasked with guarding the flock are cavorting with wolves?

        4. “well sard, all fine and dandy and it makes survivalist sense. but was this the attitude of the savior himself, he whose example the clergy is sworn to uphold? …. what would jesus do? would he advocate this policy?…. how can anyone expect the common folk to make a stand when those tasked with guarding the flock are cavorting with wolves?”

          Very eloquent, lobro. Can’t disagree with anything you say. And yet what you are basically demanding is that the Catholic clergy should commit voluntary martyrdom. You are expecting them all to be like the early Christians and throw themselves joyously to the lions in the gladiatorial circus.

          The point is, to use your own phrase, “this is all very fine and dandy” — in a theoretical and abstract world of moral perfection, but it doesn’t work in the real world of flesh and blood and human weakness.

          If you had a son who was a Catholic priest, would you be quite so willing to urge him on to martyrdom?

          If you had a daughter who was a nun, would you say to her — “Go on, be brave! Be raped for Christ!”

          Just my thoughts, lobro. No offense intended.

        5. first of all,
          No offense intended.
          of course not, no need for qualifying statement, i know you well enough sard.

          If you had a son who was a Catholic priest, would you be quite so willing to urge him on to martyrdom?
          If you had a daughter who was a nun, would you say to her — “Go on, be brave! Be raped for Christ!”

          no and no.
          but this is beside the point, don’t you see?
          i would certainly prohibit my children to take vows unless they meant to keep them, the vow of poverty, celibacy and sacrifice.
          otherwise might as well say kol nidre, right?

          if you must serve something superhuman, you will serve the lord or you will serve the devil.

          a rabbi can make money, drive a rolls, spend his days in a brothel, deal dope and human organs, urge his followers to commit basest, vilest, most depraved acts and he is actually fulfilling his duty to the master with whom he entered into a pact.

          likewise a christian priest must renounce the world, his family and devote every atom of perishable flesh and every grain of imperishable psychic self to service of the holy spirit.
          he is no longer my son, she no longer my daughter and all my urging and exhortations to dress warm and stay safe must fall on deaf ears.
          this is the deal they enter into, otherwise quit the seminary, join the marines or become a legal secretary, whatever.

          the family of a priest or nun is the heavenly host, not lobro or sardonicus.

          of course, that’s the theory, fat jewelry wearing pedophiles notwithstanding, in which case they are even worse than rabbis.

          where do you think father frans van der lugt stood?
          he died in christ at the hands of the heirs of judas iscariot, while serving faithfully his flock.
          thus he died in christ and not in vain.

          or he could have died a few short years down the road, bedridden with cancer, crapping his sheets and driving nurses to vomit.

        6. Lobro,

          The bottom line is: the Catholic Church isn’t ready for martyrdom. The modern clergy are not cast in the same mold as the early Christians. I guess the Pope and his cardinals are more politicians than saints and they are ruled by pragmatism.

          “How can the Church help the people it is trying to serve?” they ask themselves, “if the Church is destroyed?”

          The Church has opted for survival, meanwhile perhaps hoping that the Jews will meet their match in the realm of physical force.

          The Church has no armies, but Putin has. And China has its nukes. They could decide to use them if pushed too far — and they could wipe out the Church’s enemies without the Vatican having to lift a finger.

  10. @ john G

    where was father frans killed this holy pesach?
    in homs, syria, catholic priest goes down to a jew murderer in a talmudic sacrifice.

    so if you haven’t and care even a bit, then read about ritual slaying at passover of father thomas al-capuci in damascus, syria, 1840.
    then as now, vatican labors to squeeze out a single croc tear and bury the event down the memory hole.

  11. sard, a thought experiment: suppose rome discovered some cajones in some secret opus dei crypt and said, “those that killed our lord jesus christ are now killing our clergy, violating our nuns, demolishing our structures in palestine including the church of nativity and show no signs of remorse or abating”, what do you think would happen?

    the catholics of the world would lead the charge against the ancient enemy instead of cowering like a bunch of old women behind their muslim defenders who today demonstrate much greater reverence for jesus than majority of christians, especially the protestant ones do.
    let’s get the ball rolling i say.

    this is what lights the wick at the end of the dynamite stick and blows the jew to his airless underground abode.

    The dismal Situation waste and wilde,
    A Dungeon horrible, on all sides round
    As great Furnace flam’d, yet from those flames
    No light, but rather darkness visible
    Served only to discover sights of woe,
    Regions of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace
    And rest shall never dwell, hope never comes
    That comes to all; but torture without end
    Still urges, and a fiery deluge, fed
    With ever burning Sulphur unconsum’d

    Milton, Paradise Lost

    the blind poet saw it clearly, yet those with eyes to see are blind to the truth, this is the curse of the matrix spun by antichrist.
    and roman curia, feeble and emasculated grope in slime uselessly crawling before the snarling beast that slouches toward betlehem to be born, hoping for a pat on the tonsured head.
    66+ million christians damn them for servility and cowardice.

    1. Well said. Can’t beat you for eloquence! Loved your Milton quote. You have a point. The Muslims are leading the way and are closer to Christ and his Holy Mother than the craven rabble rattling their rosaries.

      And yet it’s not as simple as that. The clergy haven’t a clue of what is really going on. They are watching the BBC and CNN and believe everything they read in the Jew newspapers.If they were to read a transcript of our converstation, they would dismiss us as a couple of crazies. They are plugged into Jew world, accepting all its fairy tales on the Holocaust and 9/11.

      With raw material such as this, what can you expect?

      The Catholic clergy differ from the uneducated sheeple only in one way: they are educated sheeple. They are sheeple who have read their Bible and mastered a bit of Latin. The old priest who was killed in Syria, he’s a different kettle of fish. An exception to the rule. Not many heroes like this around.

      1. in fact, i wasn’t speaking of the rank and file sard.
        the few that i know are conservative, yet shrewd and perceptive old timers, who in all likelihood serve the original idea without paying much attention to the neutered sludge cascading down from the top.

        in havana i met one of the 2 bishops: he was just such a type described above and greatly beloved by cubans.
        the other one was described to me as a gay conniver out of touch with the common folk and guess who was elevated to archbishopric and thus the college of cardinals?

  12. I’d like to preface this post by saying that nothing I’ve written here can possibly predict any specific time-lines for what will play out. Something great and monstrous lurks at that threshold, and it is IT doing the time-line trip. Which is ironic, because the theme of this post has everything to DO with time.

    My contention is that the truth of any particular event can never come out where ALL see it because the way is barred by the disingenuous pose of time called history, and we’re all subjected in varying degrees to its total purview of cognitive dissonance.

    In expanding on what lobro says about earning truth, first there must be a l-earning prerequisite (learning being the REASON of existence – it is perfectly logical to exist. Truth is the reason FOR existence – seeking it through reasoning). A precondition accepts the premise that existence in a temporal reality PRECLUDES the ability to fully express living in ways that reflect the Truth of Life.

    What we think of as “living life” is in actuality ‘living death’ when stuck in the throes of a temporal reality. One that represents the subjugation of a death-culture we only CALL Life. What we call a “life-death cycle” is a bogus circumvention of Truth. Truth cannot be cyclic in its nature, nor is it in keeping with OUR true nature to be caught up in “cycles of time”.

    If this view is to be seen as that of a passive spectator who’s watchin it all go by like some fool on a hill, then I would say there’s no more fighting spirit than in he with a fierce countenance in command of his indomitable freedom. Yet the ultimate war ain’t a physical one, one that can only ever effect a temporary outcome.

    The Colonial victory in the American Revolution “bought” time in forestalling a fully installed JWO and fulfillment of the protocols which susequently had to be redrafted. Hitler and Germany tried to buy more. It looks to me like Putin and the Russians will give it a shot by being goaded into war like the aforementioned. But any continuation moving towards total implementation of JWO will stop dead in its tracks when there is no “time as we’ve known it” left. The real face of apocalypse-armageddon-revelation. Take your pick.

    Prediction: The sleeping giant in this when all is said and done, and the one whose role will be the pivotal one as the last physical battle on Planet Earth plays out, is China.

    All this obviously raises more questions than it answers. That’s the whole point.

    Life is eternal. Living a quest.

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